The Hindu Lebensraum

The word “colonialism” is like many useful words in the English language, in that it has been tortured by the Left to the point where it is unrecognizable. A generation ago the Left redefined colonialism to mean European success. The backwardness of the third world was the legacy of colonialism. Today colonialism is a synonym for the imaginary white privilege they see everywhere. Their project now is to decolonize everything, by which they mean drive off the white people.

Still, colonialism is a useful concept. Since the dawn of human civilization, those civilizations have been occupying land with settlers and taking control of settled lands in order to exploit them economically. The Egyptians, Phoenicians and Greeks spread throughout the ancient world by setting up colonies. Their people established settlements outside their home turf and used those settlements to establish trade routes and spread their cultural influence in the region.

In the modern day we see a different form of colonialism that reflects the fact that land is no longer the primary source of wealth. Instead of setting up camp in the non-white world to exploit their natural resources, the West now imports the useful portion of these populations for diversity purposes. Instead of importing ivory and exotic woods from Africa, Europe now imports the talented tenth from Africa, who contribute an exotic flair to the professional and university ranks of Europe.

The fastest growing population of the United States is South Asians, primarily people from the Indian subcontinent. The population tripled to six million over the last twenty years and the flow is increasing. Congress takes every opportunity to make it easier for the professional ranks of India to come to America. Much of it is under the guise of temporary worker programs, but like so many words in the English language, “temporary” means something different now.

Initially, the appetite for South Asian labor was driven by Silicon Valley. They wanted cheap labor to undermine domestic labor costs. When they were not colluding with one another to artificially suppress wages, they were colluding to import cheap labor from India, with the support of the Republican Party. Silicon Valley liked Indian labor because they spoke English and India was very accommodating. Chinese programmers are better, but the Chinese government is not easily exploited.

One result of this brain drain to the West is India has fallen behind China both politically and economically. The per capita GDP of China is five times higher than India, despite the fact India is far more open to Western investment. India has been happy to see their best and brightest head to the West, while the Chinese keep their smart people at home and force the West to come to China. Roughly half of India’s top talent now lives in Western countries. That is an enormous loss.

Another consequence of this is playing out in American politics. Indians have come to dominate the management layer in Silicon Valley. The people at the top may be from a different tribe, but the next layer down is getting very brown. One result is South Asians have the highest household income in America. Another is they have increasing influence in the political system. So much so that they essentially bought Kamala Harris a spot on the Democratic ticket. She is grateful.

These Indian colonies in the West have created a magnet for Indians back on the subcontinent, who want to escape their conditions. This opens the door for the Indians in the West to increase their status and power, by getting more and more of their people into their new colonies in the West. It is why both American political parties support unlimited visas for Indians. The flow of Indian money is now significant, so both parties are willing to sellout to this rising interest group.

The current population of India is 1.4 billion. If we assume the talented tenth is able to live and work in the West, that is 140 million people. If half of those think following their countrymen to Europe and America is the right thing to do, that is 70 million people ready to hop a steamer for the West. Of course, we are not just getting the talented tenth from India, so that is a very conservative number. Then you need to add in Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

South Asia has a lot of people living in small spaces. Overall, the countries of South Asia have a population density of 303 people per square kilometer. The United States has a population density of 36 per square kilometer. If you are a people jammed into tight quarters, looking for some elbow room, North America looks like heaven. If that wide open space is begging you to come and your best people are already there establishing thriving colonies, the result is obvious.

One irony of this is that for a generation now immigration patriots have been warning us that the American ruling class is importing a new people. They did not like ruling over the middle-class white people that made the country, so they were bringing in new brown people to break the back of the middle and working class. It also appears that they are importing a new ruling class too. The affluent Indian colonists are ready to take their place at the top of the empire now. Kamala Harris says hello.

This is the ideal moment for this new tribe to flex its muscle as no group on earth is better at playing identity politics than South Asians. South Asia has been nothing but identity politics since the Indo-Aryan invasion of the subcontinent. India has been one of the most diverse places on earth, meaning that Indian ruling class has literally been bred to play identity politics. They now find themselves in an empire convulsed by identity politics and headed to majority-minority status.

If one wants to look ahead to how the American empire finally starts to crack, it may very well be at the top, rather than between the top and the rest. One camp will be the ascendant South Asians, while another camp will be the remnant of the Judeo-Puritan ruling elite from the last century. The former will be rooted in their local economic strength, while the latter will be supported by the Chinese Communist Party. Maybe some oil money from the Middle East thrown in for flavor.

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263 thoughts on “The Hindu Lebensraum

  1. If race is a construct of the white male capitalist pig patriarchy then how can there be racism?

    • I think there some GOP types that would have liked to pick Nikki had Trump not happened. Post Trump, I don’t think she’s an attractive candidate anymore. Core Americans are becoming more sensitive to identity. She (and people like her) are going to have a harder time bluffing it through the primaries.

  2. Your articles are really starting to depress me lately Zman. Is there any hope to fight against this stuff? I just dont want our people to commit a mass suicide. We need a sports expression I remember once saying you need to celebrate even your half victories. Do we have any even half victories?

    • Most likely the majority of our people will commit mass suicide. However i also believe that the white people of 2100 will be far different than the white people of 2020.

    • A memetic war is raging, and the Elites/Progressives are intentionally trying to infect you with despair. Do NOT let them succeed. Turn off the TV and avoid the MSM like venereal disease. If you need a White Pill, know that there are over 200,000 skilled hunters in Wisconsin alone, and probably ten times that in Texas; now add in the rest of the country. When things go hot, your team will not be a pushover. This is not South Africa. And it’s never too late to learn to hunt.

  3. The glue of tradition holds the Hindu nuclear family together. I work with women who had their polarities flipped since moving here. They would prefer a western lifestyle. They are moving in the direction of becoming childless feminists.

    • Fewer brown people – whether here or in their homelands – can only be seen as a plus. However, even one is too many.

      • Once trapped inside the pink ghetto bell jar of feminist indoctrination, vulnerable foreign women have little hope of escape.

  4. They will be better and worse than the Jews, and this is because they are less savvy. Jews played the Fellow White People card, Indians will play the Fellow POC card. But they wont be as good at juggling the various factions.Under their leadership the Intersectional Coalition will begin to crumble.
    Unlike Jews who have some faint sense of ownership and kinship with our culture, the Brahmins as a whole have no sense of ownership whatsoever. They will vandalise and plunder everything with incredible arrogance and crudity.

  5. One thing I learned from working w/ S. Asian H-1Bs is that they self-sort into cliques based upon their state, language, class, and religion. And they bring their ancient quarrels and hatreds with them. One day I went out for a walk at lunch and came back to discover five of them had got into a massive brawl in the office and had been fired (charges were filed, but they were deported.) Another time I found out one of the teams had been conducting meetings in Kannada to sabotage the guy whose state language was Bengali or something else. And the Tamils seem to hate everybody. It’s all so tiresome.

    • It’s important to be mindful of why these behaviors exist. They exist and persist because that is what “worked” in the environments of their ancestral evolution. IOW, these are the behaviors that their ancestors needed to have in order to survive and thrive in the local communities in which they evolved over centuries, if not longer. These are likely to be DNA-based and therefore cannot be easily altered through force of will. It appears strange to you because your ancestors evolved in a different place and you innately perceive a foreigner in your midst.

    • This also happens with other immigrants. The last town I lived in NoVA had a sizeable Latin American population, largely Central American. Small communities pop up of those not just from the same country, but often same locality. Of course this is nothing new. If Jose found a good job, the rest of the family will come and often to live with Uncle Jose. I’ve read that in some areas (e.g. CA) entire apartments get rented not just to Mexicans, but Mexicans from the same towns. I guess it’s not racial discrimination as long as a White person isn’t doing the leasing 🙂

    • I gotta ask: is this IT consulting (Tata, Infosys)? The situations you describe are worse than the ones I have seen…

  6. For what it’s worth most of my interactions with Indians have been with Indian Christians. Most of whom with Portuguese or similar surnames. Goans, and Kerala-ites. Different people, more western in culture and attitudes.

  7. How were we navigated into the scapegoat zone on the race spectrum chart of the oligarch’s globalist slave market ticker symbol. Are the flying monkeys in our government orbiting globalist billionaires on the take? Why aren’t they being held accountable.

  8. Well yes, agree.
    Not that their crackup helps us.
    This is why we need a nation and why we must learn to hate and put hatred into action again. Make Americans Hate Again.
    Or we don’t make it and we shouldn’t.
    We must have someplace of our own.

    BTW the latest grift is sadly Localism.
    Now I am all for localism, I live in one of the many Bedford Falls in America. But now that the GOP and ConservaINC have picked it up you know for certain it’s a GRIFT.
    Having lost DC and any National Standing, having utterly failed and betrayed everyone they seek to run out the clock by distracting everyone into localism.
    No locality can withstand a nation.
    No town can hold off the horde of immigrants.
    BTW once the Indians feel confident their true colors will come out, and they’re still quite happy to burn people alive at any slight. They just haven’t been strong enough here yet.

    • If anyone is sitting at the local table, by virtue of writing a check, or is sniffing around to collect a check, your locality is being middlemanned and grifted.

    • Mostly agree but I think that in the case of America at least, many localities can hold off the flood of immigrants if their federal government will get out of their way and let them do what needs to be done. Remember a few years back when the Lefties were aghast that whites in Southern Arizona were daring to do armed patrols near the border? For a while Sheriff Joe Arpaio was right up there with Hitler for a lot of Lefties. A lot of the problems, at least in Red States, would “magically go away” if the locals were free of the feds.

  9. I want the white ethnostate. Nothing else will do.

    However, of all the PoC with which we are being inundated, Indians are probably the least disagreeable. They’re far more personable than East Asians, far more lawful than Africans and Latinos, and more congenial to whites than all of the above. They also assimilate to Western norms more readily than the other groups.

    • I, too, want a White ethnostate, but Strongly Disagree about subcons.. They operate and milk cash businesses just like East Asians. They are involved in high finance with just as many swindles as Jevvs. They have no concept of community or the commonweal. They are not congenial to Whites but are either at their feet or at their throats. They are the least likely to give their children White names, the least likely to be Christian or embrace Christian behavioral and moral norms. Their ‘assimilation’ is that of Jevvs – wearing jeans and eating pizza does not an American make.

      • Edit: should have responded to Ostei.


        In my experience Indians are pretty resistant to assimilation. They are also smart, have language skills that let them step out of STEM and alot of them are hard left. For instance, AOC is basically a sock puppet for a Indian kid from Harvard (her former chief of staff who ghost wrote the green new deal — see link below). Indian politicians are BTFOing normie white politicians in the WA state Democrat party. Subcontinal guys are formidable and deserve attention from us. For sure they will be a problem moving forward.

        • In my post above I mentioned a young Indian man who was running for US Senate in TN. In multiple campaign pieces and appearances he spoke of his Christian faith, which is commonly — and seemingly unselfconsciously done in Tennessee — something as a Yankee transplant I’m not really used to. How about Kamala? Is she going to put her hand on a bible when sworn in? What did she do when installed as CA AG? Interesting. Of course she’s married to a Jewish lawyer so I’m sure they’ll figure out something appropriate to handle the situation. Maybe keeping her toes crossed;-) When Biden goes down as Pres b/c dementia, I wonder what kind of Christmas celebration Kamala will put on. I’m looking forward to the New Year. Cheers, All!

    • I’ve had way bigger blow
      ups with pajeets than East Asians. Just my experience. Both have wrote cultures that lack imagination. The pajeet CEO of Microsoft, Nadella, can wear the same jeans as Steve Jobs, can emulate his mannerisms in public speaking, can wear the same t shirt, but he came into a company that was already built. Pajeets are only good in environments that are already built, which they spend years driving into the ground (see the Indian rail system).

    • Of all the imports, I’ll take the Latinos. They actually have a strong sense of family and local community, and often show respect when basic human respect is given (almost no other imported cultures ever do much of that). Most of them simply want to set up housekeeping and a shop. Still, they push the rest of us out in doing so…

  10. I’m skeptical of the Judeo-Puritan meme. Seems like Moldbugian deflection. The Puritans opposed FDRs plans, and the New Deal passed with the support of the Ellis Island crowd, despite opposition from heritage Americans. Similarly, the universities were fine when the Puritans ran them, and transformed only when they passed the batons to the little hats. Yes, Jews have their allies and fellow travelers, but these allies are acting like fellow travelers and not as representatives of Puritanism. BAP made the point, I think, that Moldbug pointing to the Puritans is like Marx arguing that everyone is driven by greed. Useful for deflection, but not quite true. The Cathedral should just be called the Synagogue.

    • it is evident. that Protestants and to a lesser extent Jews established much, if not all, the post-ww2 government-industrial complex . All of these 20th century institutions were founded and headed by Protestants who belong to the same secret societies and attended the same colleges. Until only recently Catholics and other non-Jewish minorities held little influence. Look what happened to the Kennedys, who are Catholic, when they tried to enter politics.

      • Why blame the protestants for the problems with the system that cropped up only in the 20th century? System worked okay in northern europe and USA for a long time.

    • BAP mentioned something like this in one of his recent podcasts.

      People these days love to dump on the puritans/WASPs so they don’t have to exclusively blame small hats for 20th century problems. If you have to apportion the blame for the mess we are in today, not much can be credited to puritans/WASPs.

      • Alternatively, anti-Semites obsess over Jews so they have created an alternative reality where Jews are behind every event in history. To say otherwise is a “cope” or a “deflection”.

        • Beam, meet mote- unfortunately true. I’m certainly guilty.

          Once, we were their Scourge- now, they are ours.

          But only now. Perhaps the last 5000 years is preparation for the next 5000.

  11. The usual sort of idiot says “look how hungry the Chinese are for NBA!” Not so much. A certain class of Chinese look at it as a place to park money where they think it’s outside the CCP’s grasp. Is it, actually? Maybe some nasty surprises ahead in that regard. In terms of Hollywierd movie remakes where Sam Spade is black, probably not so much not at all…

  12. Reality matters. No amount of analysis or voting is going to alter the trajectory of further legal and illegal immigration into the US. People are flooding here because of our gravy train of affluence. And as long as the gravy train is rolling, that will not change. If you really want to prognosticate, ask yourself what happens AFTER the gravy train runs out of gravy. That is the future you must prepare for.

    • When the gravy train runs out of gravy, a lot of problems will take care of themselves. People of various colors and heritages will be bailing out like the tech companies which are fleeing California today.

      The trick is to be locally selfish bastards, and don’t make it easy for anyone who is not like you to set up housekeeping near you, once people start searching for greener pastures.

      • That ten acres I have the womenfolk parked on in Missouri is still, and will remain, diversity free. Even though they are hillbilly trash, they’re trash I can understand.

        Every few years, a black family moves in. Nobody talks to or greets them, nobody. They never last, and move right back out. No unpleasantness involved, but hillbillies are kinda… strange.

        That, plus, the whole town virtually shuts down for the first week of deer season.

  13. here’s a novelty take – what if the problem isn’t with the billionaire class but with the “servant class” with someone like Gretchen Whitmer as there avatar. If Michigan had a billionaire democratic governor – they would at least be smarter.

    • Sorry Krusty,
      Money is not the key.
      Our Illinois billionaire, one man-mass gathering, is only smart enough to find the food trough. Makes the MI governess look like a pointy headed Mensa type.

    • Why not both? Whitmer is terrible, but her bad behaviors are supported by the people that give her money.

      Consider the Washington Post. Do the journalists that write terrible articles deserve blame or do the editors that publish the articles? Or does Jeff Bezos for owning the operation? The answer, I think, is they all do!

  14. I wish more people knew what shit jobs Indians do in tech. East Asians are far superior, but when the Indians come here they find a culture that responds favorably to pushiness and arrogance in place of talent. Any con man can reach the pinnacle of success in this country (see Donald Trump or Elon Musk). East Asians are actually hindered in the corporate structures, due to their deferential culture. So some Indian comes from a “prestigious” Indian University, which is the US equivalent of a JC in Mississippi, and through sheer arrogance bowls us over. Kamala is just such an Indian. No talent at all except a big mouth, that she sometimes uses for whoring to extract a job.

    • Rigorous admissions testing into Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) as well as Tsinghua and Peking Universities in China is why students from these schools are valued by grad schools and businesses in US. These kids are smart and work hard. The Indian kids speak english which allows them to work in management careers here in the US.

      In my experience, students from these schools are legit.

    • I find them to be a mixed bag, with most being average. I blame the staffing agencies that most of them come through. They lie like you read about.

  15. Every article the Z man writes is at least pretty good, has great points and presents relevant facts to back the arguments up, but the tone and long term outlooks are strikingly incongruent. The big bad thing that is about to destroy America changes so constantly and is so monolithic that it sounds like leftist rhetoric.

    One day it’s the Chi-coms controlling politicians, the next it’s the Brahmins, one day Bill Gates and Fauci are omnipotent overlords, the next it’s Obama, or Big Tech….. or is it all of them? What about Comey, Brennan and the Deep State, I thought they were in charge?

    Again, these people are all shitty, and working in concert to screw us. But Kamala Harris isn’t anything other than a whore on the TV. Not every article has to point towards some complete explanation of politics and the world, it’s fine just to point out some interesting things and let your body of work as a while point towards it’s clear implications.

    • If I have understood Z in the past, he is bearish on China. I certainly am, anyhow. It still doesn’t mean the PRC is a huge problem, primarily because it has a huge Fifth Column among the political and corporate sectors. But long term, it will fade faster than Japan in the Eighties.

      Single events and problems do not destroy a nation, necessarily, but all of them chip away at its fabric.

    • Not every article has to point towards some complete explanation of politics and the world, 

      No, but it needs sound that way! Dont spoil our fun!

  16. The thing about “high skilled” immigration is that it really isn’t. I mean look at Harris. She doesn’t strike me as overly smart.

  17. So this is the plan to defeat China? Steal the brain trust of India?

    To paraphrase Belloc:

    “What ever happens, we have got, lots of Hindus, and they have not?”

  18. Bingo. I’ve been writing for years that the big fight on the Left will be between Jews-Puritans and Indians. I live in the DC area, and there are a lot of Indians here. It’s eerie how they act like Jews.

    They are obsessed with owning a business. Any business. IT workers will buy any franchise they can find. It doesn’t have to be tech related. Oh, and they treat their workers like crap, like slaves, which, of course, is how they see them.

    They immediately get involved in local politics, not out of any love of community but as a means of controlling the purse strings which they simply assume (correctly) can use be used in their favor some day.

    (Oh, did I mention that Indians view poor Whites are Untouchables. They view blacks and Hispanics as wild animals and cattle, respectively.)

    The Jews have noticed. The local Jews were never big fans of the East Asians because they started competing with them in the class room, but they seemed to understand that Asians weren’t a threat due to their lacking the gift of the gab. But Indians are another matter.

    The Indians are also very aware of Jews, both admiring what they done (and copying their methods) and recognizing them as competition for ruling over those loser Whites. Indians won’t play second fiddle to the Jews like the Puritans. The Puritans really believe this idiocy. The Hindus don’t. They want to rule. So do the Jews. Something’s got to give.

    For the first time, Jews are coming up against a group similar to themselves. It’ll be interesting to see who wins. The diamond trade in Holland suggests it might not turn out well for them.

    For Whites, it doesn’t matter much. Much like Middle Age serfs, one foreign lord is pretty much the same as another foreign lord. Our daily life stays the same.

    • Jews also tried to suck up to the Han (Zuckerberg married one) and were slapped down. Whites just need to play the old Jew game of “you and him fight” and isolate from what is going to prove a very toxic stew.

    • Oh, did I mention that Indians view poor Whites are Untouchables. They view blacks and Hispanics as wild animals and cattle, respectively.

      R they wrong?
      Untouchable means socially dilapidated and unwelcome in polite society; although still part of the same society.
      That describes poor whites to a tee.
      For the others I’m sure you can figure it out. 🙂

      The only difference between now & 50 years ago, is poor whites can’t treat non-whites as untouchables. 🙂
      I’d offer an alternative and way out, but as of now you’ll only accept ideas from the west. You must fall before you can get up|| 🙂

      • Yeah, those Western ideas haven’t done anything for the world.

        But I’ll agree on the falling part, though for your sake, you better hope we don’t get back up. (Admittedly, it doesn’t seem likely at the moment, but history isn’t a straight line, things change.)

        • The Anglo-American empire does resemble Carthage more than Rome, but it didn’t start out that way, and Rome was no stranger to clerical oligarchy ether by its later years. And Christianity in Rome was leftist to begin with and only got lefter, though of course it never got nearly as bad as our state religion today. The leftward slide was halted by the fall of the Empire, when Catholicism was forcibly accommodated to the traditions of the barbarians, producing the warrior Christ of King Clovis. This was the basis for a good thousand years of Western Civilization, but the Church never really liked it and was always undermining it, for example trying to ban arranged marriage, making the emperor walk barefoot across the Alps in the winter, etc., and by the time of the Counter-Reformation warrior Catholicism was dead. The faith of the most devout traditionalist Catholic today is fundamentally that of Augustine, who would have been on the left of the aisle in Victorian England.

          This whole ooga booga white man & viewing all interaction as zero-sum is why you don’t already have a religiously sanctioned militia ready to go.

          Those western ideas are what has led to both Blacks & Muslims being 100mil each a century ago, to what they are today.

          A fragile ego, liberated women and individualist distrust of any tribal or governmental structures is what leads to small, inconsequential and ultimately feminine groups like Jews taking over.
          As for taking over or the near future; whites were 30% of the global pop in the 50s and 10% today.
          The entire colonial era from Columbus onwards was a demographic explosion.
          The near future is all of humanity defending itself from African population crisis.
          Your military planning is predicated upon each of your soldiers being worth a 1000 while your beliefs are apocalyptic.
          We plan assuming we’re insects while the Guru has declared us worth a 100,000.
          Humility is what the white man lacks||

      • I’d offer an alternative and way out, but as of now you’ll only accept ideas from the west. 

        “Take poo to the loo.” That’s a lesson “from the West” that your people can’t seem to learn.

        • Racialized tribal thinking is all you have left.
          You used to borrow ideas from abroad and consider being exposed to new opinions a virtue.

          Christian moralism has sadly made you little more than a technically skilled Nigerian.

          Al-Biruni said of the Hindus after Ghazni that they’ve been scattered like atoms and regard the ideas of foreigners with distrust, whereas their ancestors were open to them (engaging in debate & discourse).
          I’d rather have patriarchy & no toilets, although the white man (system) is the greatest feminizer of recent history.
          Much of the Anglo-French colonialism of the Near East was guised as being for the status of women, and much of your own societal destruction has been due to giving your women power outside the home (although it began in it)

          That’s your history that you have to grasp it.
          We Wuz Kangz we conquered the world isn’t gonna save you from the police state; having loyal daughters and sons, just might.

          You’re also a dumfuck, since you think I’m automatically your enemy beyond political interest.

           The Sikh concept of sarbat da bhala which means “blessings for everyone” or literally “may everyone prosper”.

          • Pointing out the West’s fall from grace from the mountain of fecal matter your people have accomplished. How many billions of indians suffer, starve, and prostitute themselves while their only hope, intelligent indians, abandon them to eventually be lost in the dna amalgam of the latino, white, african USA? Light skin is the result of 14,000 years of farming which controlled for higher average intelligence among europeans as well as the eventual chinese, korean and japanese. Bangkadeshi Razib Khan published that research in 2010.

            A few centuries of collapse might sting, but ANY group of isolated whites is enough to guarantee another rise to the top of the food chain, and that time will be the last, since we’ll know that subspecial differences are real, and brown hunter gatherers cant handle modern ideas. By then, even the smartest brown people will have regressed to their average IQ of 87 and it will be the whites and chinese left to compete again.

          • Yep, that is the incongruity I notice in Z-man’s posting. The talented tenth within the Indian subcontinent is not nearly the same as the talented tenth within the Chinese subcontinent. Indian national IQ estimated at 83 or so, Chinese at 105.

            Simply put, Chinese can field quadruple the intellectual resources that an India can. That we attract a significant number of the Indian “talented tenth” probably means little. India, simply can not compete. Even if no emigration had occurred from Indian, China would have double the intellectual power of India and would win the race in the end.

          • The others here have been quite hard on you, somewhat justifiably. I find your perspective interesting and you do seem to understand “the woman problem” which is more central than most even on the DR think. I also think feminized Christianity, the death of the Warrior Christ, is at the heart of the decline of the West. Your greatest problem is arrogance. Like the British in your own homeland you think that you deserve to rule. You do not, and like them you will be driven out.

            I don’t feel a need to denigrate your culture (though your posts at Unz seem to suggest you’re a Sikh, not Hindu) which has indeed contributed great things to the human race(s). I would just prefer to exchange ideas with distant people… from a distance. This, and not some mongrelized multiculturalism enforced at the barrel of globalist guns, is the best way to achieve your ideal – “may everyone prosper”.

          • Obviously, Brown Sikhs don’t have to rule the West.

            Sikhi or rather Indo Aryan Indo European w/e Paganism should.

            I’m anti Dr or w/e label you put on it because I don’t think it can save whites।।

            I recognize that Christianity has been the greatest race mixer ever and these dumfuck will be dragged back to their ancestors one way or another.

            You wouldn’t treat your brother any other way.

            We already have Punjab, the Guru told us (Jatts) to take lands elsewhere but we refused.

            When we can refuse God himself for taking these other lands what makes you think the Jews will convince us otherwise?

            The Singh says worship weapons, lift weights.

            Will the wignat go have gay sex & drink soy instead?
            The arrogance comes in thinking Khalsa doesn’t know anything.
            Khalsa already rules if racial homogeneity makes you happy you’ll get it।।


      • Interesting. Please portray that alternative way out- this is a salon.

        Teacher Nanak came back ten times to teach Punjab how to withstand the Islamic onslaught, that bested even the Mongols at the Yalu River. Teach us, our people must learn.


          ਖਤ੍ਰੀ ਸੁਭਾਵ ਬਰਨਨੰ ॥ ਸਵੈਯਾ ॥
          ਸੂਰਮਾ ਜੁਧ ਤੇ ਭਾਗੇ ਨਹੀਂ ਤੇਜ ਰੂਪ ਵਹੁ ਚਤੁਰ ਸੁਜਾਨ ॥
          ਧੀਰਜਵੰਤ ਦਾਨ ਮੈਂ ਦਾਤਾ ਈਸਰ ਬਿਖੈ ਨਿਤ ਅਰਪੈ ਪ੍ਰਾਨ ॥
          ਪਰ ਉਪਕਾਰੀ ਸੁਖ ਸਭ ਦੇਵੈ ਖਤ੍ਰੀ ਬਰਨ ਕੋ ਐਸਾ ਜਾਨ ॥
          ਆਤਮ ਧਰਮ ਮੈਂ ਨਿਤ ਦ੍ਰਿੜ ਰਹਤਾ ਐਸਾ ਪੁਰਖ ਜਾਨੋ ਪਰਧਾਨ ॥੬੪॥
          ਗੋਬਿੰਦ ਗੀਤਾ ਕ੍ਰਿਤ: ਗੁਰੂ ਗੋਬਿੰਦ ਸਿੰਘ ਜੀ

          The Description of the Nature of a Warrior.
          A warrior is one who never departs from the field of battle, with a splendorous form they are clever and intelligent.
          A possessor of resolve, a giver of charity, and always ready to donate their life for Ishvar.
          Giving happiness to all, they always serve others, recognize the class of warriors as such.

          As a constant practice they always instill within them the awareness of the Self, recognize
          such a person as supreme.
          Gobind Gita, author: Guru Gobind Singh

          Worship the Sword instead of the Government||
          Caeser has the right to rule only if he is righteous, if not it is sin to not overthrow him.

          As for identity, Kesh or unshorn hair esp on the head has been a mark of Warriors from ages past||

          Today, it is the stamp of the Guru||


    • They immediately get involved in local politics, 

      This is actually true, lots of weird names in Loudoun local politics.

  19. Diversity is a strength and India is the most diverse society on earth. Surely they must therefore be the most powerful nation on earth. Oh…

  20. On Gab, I have tried to paint strip-mining the talent of the 2nd and 3rd world as hopelessly racist. It got some traction. I’d love to see the Progs take this up and become “useful idiots” for the preservation of Heritage America.

    • If they are a great resource, aren’t they a great resource in their home country? And aren’t we unfairly exploiting this resource?

  21. One thing I’ve noticed about South Asians is that there are quite a few loquacious ones who speak excellent English that are adept at passing themselves off as White people who just happen to be brown.

    It’s a neat trick with terrifying implications.

    • Lol sounds alot like another group of fellow whites.

      Their numbers and age are a huge threat to white people alone. Indians literally ruin everything they do/join. Clubs at universities are now all indian because they all had the idea to “meet new people”. Alot of them legitimately want to meet non indian people but they are only surrounded by indian faces.

      They’re pretty miserable in Canada, on an individual level. We might also be importing a less dominant caste.

    • yes.I think they also are chameleons. One got a little nervous when I talked about persecution of Whites, which I found telling

  22. ” If half of those think following their countrymen to Europe and America is the right thing to do, that is 70 million people ready to hop a steamer for the West. “

    This has been foreseen. This is Camp of the Saints playing out in real time and not only are our leaders not preventing it, they are attempting to open the flood gates even wider. The fact that there isn’t armed insurrection in the streets of DC shows how pathetic we’ve become. The ‘Founding Fathers’ kicked it off for far less than a genocidal ethnological race replacement campaign. I’ll repeat what I said again a few days ago, our reality is a dystopian nightmare far worse than the future techno mess imagined in the 80s about the year 2020.
    Also this comical little gem from the first paragraph of the linked article re: Why Indians are in the upper echelons of Management but not East Asians:

    The leadership attainment gap between East Asians and South Asians was consistently explained by cultural differences in assertiveness, but not by prejudice or motivation.

    This is why modern academia is such a f-cking joke. You literally cannot even NAME the problem. No, the reason most definitely IS about prejudice because all these ethno-centric mud people will promote their own family and people that look like them at the expense of all others. There is no love loss between Chinese and Indians and the Indians are quite comfortable licking Western boots to get ahead for over a century. Of course once the bootlicking paid off it was going to be wall to wall curry eaters in upper management.

    If Whites can’t get this back soon we are truly doomed. Sorry to be all blackpill today but that is the dreadful and terrible reality of our situation.

    • This has been foreseen.

      Raspail’s foresight was incredible. He captured the attitudes and actions of the various groups so perfectly that I have to wonder if he had precognition or a time machine.

  23. If this immigrated labor force was oil, tropical hardwood, or some mineral that must be mined, the Left would be screaming about how we are using too much of the world’s resources and leaving the exporting nation impoverished.

    • This is sowing the seeds of the marginalization of the Left’s sugar daddy academia. Indians and to a lesser extent Chinese are educated in their homelands.

    • Unfortunately the teeming wretched masses are the world’s most abundant renewable resource!

  24. The Hindu Indian colonisation of Britain and Canada is more advanced than for most of the US. Not sure about Australia, New Zealand and Ireland, but they probably aren’t too far behind. Have noticed that Indians often like to run low end franchises as beachheads when arriving in a new place. They staff them with extended family to keep costs down. Eg. Super 8 motels, Subway sandwich shops, various gas station chains, 7-11s, Papa Johns pizza etc. Have yet to see one running a McDonalds or Chipotle. Maybe the barriers to entry are more arduous or mandatory franchise rules don’t leave any wiggle room to squeeze expenses. Have encountered some of the less talented 90% driving taxis. Personal hygiene is iffy.

    • Are you doing your part?

      Stop shopping at places full of indians. When I see all indian faces at a fast food restaurant I leave. There are a few white owned gas stations which I always frequent when possible.

      Only time I frequent indian-owned shops is when I’m eating indian food, which is like once a year.

      • Agreed. I preferentially support White owned businesses. When you’re on a long road trip, sometimes a gas station etc just turns out to be Hindu. It’s not as tho a Hindu-owned alert flashes on my smartphone map to warn me off.

        • We used to — before the corona virus — travel on road trips thru several states. Besides the frequently visited places where we know the owners, I have found that big truck stops are best for avoiding Hindu-operated service stations. It’s odd but the ones they took over were the Shell and Exxon stand-alones. I berated the check-out clerk at one of these outside of Columbus OH a few years ago. I told him that the women’s rest rooms in the NYC subway system were cleaner than his joint. I was p.o.d and am happy to report that the place has been bulldozed in the meantime.

    • Sidewalks of Vancouver were almost entirely filled with brown faces, and I’m not talking “First Nations”.

    • I mentioned in a post above that a “prestige” chain (3-4 stores) of liquor stores is run in my TN city by a family with a name that’s the Hindu equivalent of “Smith” or “Johnson” — and one of their relatives is a prominent local surgeon whose wife is on all the important ladies’ boards here, whose benefit parties the liquor stores are happy to contribute to in a big way, as long as they get recognition as commercial sponsors. Too funny. Their glowing eyes and flashing smiles are kind of creepy, and they practically rub their hands together like Uriah Heep (Dickens character) when you enter the shop to make a purchase. “Did Madam find everything to her satisfaction today? Very good. Thank you so very much. Have a wonderful day.” Yikes. Get me outta here!

      • If there is anything we can snicker about, it is that virtually all these recent arrivals will be thoroughly Americanized (e.g. corrupted beyond recall by our culture) within three generations 😀

  25. There is a Cold War hangover element to throw into the mix. The dreaded Russians were allied with the democratic Indians, and the Judeo-Puritans propped up China in response. Jews and to a lesser extent the Puritans have often found themselves frozen out by their former Chinese allies when it comes to significant ownership and control, and while obsequious, the Indians like neither ethnic element of the out group that controls them at the moment.
    There is a distinct possibility of direct conflict between India and China in the near future (it actually is underway but muted). The Jews will try to play their old “you and him fight” game and it will fall flat. The Puritans will do their old under the table BS and it, too, will fail. Meanwhile, heritage Americans will become further alienated from the Judeo-Puritans thrashing around waving their arms as they futilely try to calm the waters. There is no reason to think any clash abroad between India and China will not spill over into the United States. And like the ridiculous and lame score-settling the Jews tried with Russia, it will further render the Judeo-Puritans ridiculous and further removed from Greater America.
    Demographics is destiny, and my money is on India despite all the disparities of the moment. While Indians don’t give a single damn about heritage Americans, this will be a good thing for the latter because the former remains the group that will lower the hammer on the Judeo-Puritans when the opportunity arises. China would but still sees an opportunity to extract wealth from the United States. The Pajeets see scores of relatives who need jobs now. Neither Chinese nor Indians should be here, but when their antagonism distracts the Judeo-Puritans it will present an opportunity to isolate Washington and reach out to saner elements of the world.

    • Re: “saner elements”: Heritage America, Russia, Eastern Europe, and those in Western Europe** who hate Globohomia should be forging alliances now. This will be the new cold (and hot) war for the 21st century. India and China will vie with each other for the prize of being the main looter-polluter nations who will try to expand their control of the world through strategic immigration, nepotism, and IP theft and other white collar crime. The challenge we face is to build ties with each other, eject the Indians and Chinese, and get India and China to weaken each other.

      Yes, I’ve left out Latin America and Africa. Where are they in this scheme? It seems most Latin nations are a small and very European elite ruling a vast mullato-mestizo peasant class. Africa is, well, Africa. The best advice I think you can give anyone is – stay away. The worst advice would be – get involved there. It seems the Chinese are currently making that mistake with their oil and mineral extraction activities.

      ** What to call this alliance? Since recognized nations are downstream of tribe, the relevant tribes are Scotts-Irish, Slavs, some Germanics and Gauls… maybe Siroslavia? Heh, whatever, so long as we win.

  26. We’re getting a big influx to Australia, too.This is where the diversity argument falls apart. They drive out and dominate. Instead of the all the different types of retail outlets and services that once existed, there’s spice shops and curry houses everywhere.

    • My experience is that Sikhs are cut from a different cloth. They seem to be more respectable, not that I’d prefer to live around x-million of them

      • More or less, recognizing a good ideology doesn’t mean importing mass immigration.
        Sikhi is generally against inter-caste anyway,

        Worship is due first to the Guru and second to the sword. The right to rule is won and sustained by the sword,

        How is that as a religious/socio-political idea not better for any oppressed group of people (non-elite white males) than ghey republicanism.

        There’s a big difference between loving your own group and looking down upon others, used to be 80-20 is a good ratio; now we’ve shifted to 20-80 and chaos. :shrug:
        sustained by the sword.

      • That fiction of Sikh respectability comes from those who fought for the British crown. Read about the Sikhs who’ve ‘retired’ to England, destroying a number of White villages in the process. And Sikhs in Canada are heavily involved in crime, and many have become truckers bringing their criminal enterprises far and wide.

        • Sikhs are wannabe Arabs.

          Ghetto trash. Maybe the old guys are wise men who sit around the Gurdwara all day but in general Sikhs are much more assimilated into gang and thug culture like Noggers.

          Anyways, I’m tired of Idolizing x group because “at least x group is better than y”. None of them are *my* group and therefore are a threat.

          • Anyways, I’m tired of idolizing x group because “at least x grop is better than y.” None of them are *my* group and therefore are a threat.”
            Very well said. Strongly agree.

  27. White Americans are disarmed when it comes to fighting the imported new class of talent from SE Asia and China. In every place I’ve worked, the imported Indians favor hiring their own as do the Chinese. Eventually, the whites become a rump group because they are not allowed to openly hire their cousins by law (affirmative action) and morality (pleasing the diversity gods). It is a terrible system. The best plan is to opt out and do your own thing. Forget learning to code unless you want to fetch curry for the boss. Learn a trade and build something you own, employing your own community.  

    • Solid advice. We will see ethnic tensions between Chinese, Indians, and Judeo-Puritans escalate rapidly as the war in the Himalayas escalates, so there is one more reason not to play the game.

    • There was a Korean guy as plaintiff in a class action against Intel alleging race discrimination because the Indian management only hired Indians. Lower caste Indians are also suing for discrimination because upper caste only hire and promote upper caste.
      This country is going to be great!

    • As long as we are law abiding we are doomed. Don’t hate the invader, imitate them.

      And learn to use Fire and Flames for those pesky HR problems.

  28. I read something that some lowercaste Indian in Silicon Valley said that the Brahman Indian’s would pat them on the back to check for that string that all the brahmins wear and if they didn’t have it they would all of the sudden not be invited to any parties or anything. They lower caste Indian was lamenting this new development because he’d been treated so well by the native population. I have no sympathy

    • this was a fake news concocted by some Bangladeshi NGO or NGO which has ties to Bangladesh.

      it was later debunked.

      • i’m sure those “low caste” people didn’t mentioned how much reservation (affirmative action) they have in govt sector jobs and universities, so much that they can get to elite colleges (IITs) by getting only 20 marks in entrance exams.

        • They come out any time the topic of india/indians come up. Perhaps paid troll farms from the india lobby, who knows.

          From real life experience their games do not work as I discount anything and everything that an Indian says without even bothering to think about it or refute it.

          • Yes, I’ve noticed the same whenever any conservatard or DR site posts anything about Indians – they flood the comments with endless screeds about their bloodlines and history. They are a profoundly alien people who are increasingly marrying Whites, whom they both envy and resent. Miscegenation really is a crime against nature.

          • I know an alpha white guy who’s married to an Indian woman. They have 5 kids together.

            It’s very sad to see a high fertility, attractive white person throwing away their genes like that.

            Also your kids will hate you for being white, no matter what you do.

        • that is amazing! Do you think they read the blog all the time or just have an alert for every time something pertaining to India pops up?

          • I think they read. I think a lot of not-us read. I know people on “our side” that watch antifa sites… similar thing, I think.

      • What was debunked? That’s the caste systems that exist in India is not transplanted over here? That the calcified system of two thousand years just disappears here? Magic dirt indeed!

          • Let’s get more specific, shall we? You are hairy and often darker than N3groes. Your features are coarse. You smell of rancid body odor and curry. Your culture is inherently corrupt and filthy. You are as nepotistic and materialistic as Jevvs but cannot pass as White. You envy and resent White man and his civilization, which you will run into the ground. That you think your comments are welcomed at a DR forum speaks to your absurd ethnocentric self esteem. GO HOME.

          • We don’t envy or resent whites, and see the neo-liberal capitalism ravaging them as akin to the one foisted upon our lands.

            We’re the North Indian peasentry, not only will we prevent White genocide we will make them re-assert their pre-Christian Aryan Identity.

            We’re already home, we’ve been waiting for you to come home for 1500 years. 🙂


          • Chaiwalla, the last thing that goes through your mind once you fail the reeducation camp is very likely to be 3g4me’s boot heel. Or you can go back now. Learn from the decolonization of Africa: follow the English and get out before it collapses, or you get the exciting sawmill treatment the Portuguese got in northern Angola.

          • We only have one ocean to throw the Turks for you the Gods gave 2।।


  29. …colluding to import cheap labor from India, with the support of the Republican Party.

    When well-meaning but misguided civnat conservatives tell me how important it is to vote Republican (particularly in light of the Georgia Senate races), I cite the example of the current GOP majority Senate voting unanimously for legislation to “hugely benefit hundreds of thousands of Indian professionals in America.”

    • The ink had not even dried on the re-election certifications of Graham and Cornyn before they began to agitate for amnesty and Lee lobbied to greatly expand visas for India. If these were rational and intelligent men it would indicate they know their looting has to accelerate. As it is, these are stupid grifters unaware of how this has blown up in their faces.

      • I got a fund-raising email from Mike Lee yesterday, banging the cup for Georgia. It’ll probably never be read, but I returned some choice words for him, particularly as it relates to importing cut-rate labor. They really think we’re stupid.

      • Has it blown up, though? We just had a four-year object lesson in Voting Doesn’t Matter. These guys work for the donors and fear the blackmailers. Where does that leave average working- middle- class Americans?

    • Sponsored by my junior senator from Utah. This will directly put tens of thousands of great jobs out of reach of Americans in the “Silicon Slopes” south of Salt Lake City.

      The GOP must die.

  30. > One camp will be the ascendant South Asians, while another camp will be the remnant of the Judeo-Puritan ruling elite from the last century. 
    While working some late hours in India, some of the management went through the rounds making sure all the women left the office before it got too late, stating it was unseemly for a lady to be out late at night. When we went out to the bar the next day, the same dynamic was at work. It was daunting to have a culture that actually cared about the integrity of its women. The incredibly strong family bonds were also refreshingly wholesome. Their arranged marriages were almost universally happier than American marriages.

    That being said, India is absolutely disgusting when it comes to hygiene, and trash is everywhere. There is no innate sense of a public space or civic duty, but just small tribes within tribes trying to get by.

    The elites who come over here almost universally lose their positive social norms while keeping the aggressive nepotism and ladder climbing. If they don’t, their children do. So India loses their elites that can keep a functioning society, and we get smart sociopaths.

    The saddest part is we are exporting our degeneracy over there. About half wore traditional clothing, and the other half wore Americanized clothing. I believe they recently legalized and rest assured Big Gay is coming.

    • One of the strange things about Indians in America is they are oblivious to how our pubic spaces are trash free, relative to their public spaces at home. I watch them on their evening strolls sometimes. We have a mass of them near me. They throw their trash on the ground without thinking about it. They also love spitting. I’ve seen them spit right at the feet of someone walking past, which in Lagos is a very dangerous thing to do.

      • The spitting is the same with recently arrived Chinese, as is the littering to a lesser degree, but you don’t see it because unlike the Indians they seldom venture into the enclaves of other ethnics. While they don’t spit, Hispanics also litter like hell and you can observe it because they interact with other racial groups as do the Indians.

      • Here’s a bizarre yet truthful story. Some years ago I hired a Chinese PhD guy to write code. He ended up stealing all the company code. I fired him and went after him legally. One night, a car pulled up to the company office main entrance. His wife stepped out of the passenger side of the car, walked up to the front door, pulled her sweat pants down and squatted out a giant pile of digestively processed chop suey. It was all caught on the security camera. The local cops didn’t do anything because there was no property damage. The judge would not allow the video at the trial as it would bias the jury. I won anyway. They evaded jail and fines by changing names and running back to China. Now the guy is working for a major US financial company–from China.

        • Way back when I was starting out, I was working at a company with retail shops. One day some state police detectives arrived asking for some help on a case. No one was around, so I was the guy who tried to help them. They were working Chinese scammers who used a wide variety of name combinations to pass of fake credit cards and fake ID’s. A guy named Li Lin Wang would have aliases of Lin Li Wang, Wang Li Lin and so on. The cops had lists of credit card numbers and license numbers they were hoping we could match up. I got the impression that there was a lot going on, but they played it close to the vest.

          What left a lasting impression was just how impressed these detective were with the skill of these Chinese criminals.

        • I listened to a podcast where a PRC delegation went to the Netherlands for a demo of some highly-advanced flood control system they have. Upon returning from a lunch-break they discovered the demo laptop had been stolen. (A similar thing happened w/ a friend who did a demo for his company’s DNA sequencing tech–they didn’t even bother changing the dimensions or color of the machine. )

      • I can confirm this. There is an Indian cash & carry a few doors down from where I work. During the corona virus they mandated wearing gloves in the store, yes gloves. Then outside the store there were heaps of thin plastic gloves strewn about the parking lot and stuck in the bushes/landscaping. It was really sick. All they needed to do was have a garbage can outside the stop. Instead they made outside the shop the garbage can. Mind you, these are the so-called high-caste silicon valley Indians, not your average street shitters

      • ‘In Lagos’. The Brits imported an Indian managerial class to run Africa.

        Idi Amin’s solution: kill ’em all.

        2050 gonna be lit!

      • I don’t see a hair’s width of difference between libertarian and progressive goals. Now, let’s have a discussion on who Mitch McConnell would allow Trump to appoint, for all you in-the-know libertarians… between Jan. 2017 and current date how many times has McConnell recessed the Senate?

      • The event that ended my patronage of Pete’s Fresh Markets food bar was watching the Dots taking food from the steam tables with their hands, tasting it, and putting the uneaten portion back in the tray. What kind of creature does that with a complete lack of awareness?

      • Go to Japan. Trash free, graffiti free. Zero bike locks.

        No matter where you’re going, when you leave Japan, you’re going to a third world country by comparison.

        It is not a 3rd world shithole; I’d love to live there, but they don’t want me, and I respect the hell out of them for it.

        Ethnicity and culture matter.

        • They typically don’t speak English, and kanji is hard to learn. Real estate is available and cheaper now due to falling birth rates, though. They are allowing Asian immigrants in, but are having issues with the Vietnamese and Australians.

    • Bill collectors are eunuchs who find the late-pay and follow him around, lifting their robes to expose their mutilated genitals until he relents.

      Republicans: Import those guys!

    • think of the positive, some indian women can reach high levels of sexiness.
      also, i’ve just homemade some sausages, my home smells of pig shit right now, curry odor ain’t that bad.

      • I find indian women beautiful too – if I wasn’t race aware I would probably marry one.
        Indian women do have a thirst for the white cock – first hand experience can confirm.

        Of course this is a pyrrhic victory since it just distracts white men from procreating with a white woman instead.

        • women chase status, anti-racism will make white male status below that of livestock.
          I wouldn’t cheer your demographic displacement in the name of sexual degeneracy.

          • The future is white men being beheaded for looking at em so.. :shrug:

            Also preferring tits over ass is associated with depression and autism. 🙂

          • Sher Singh: Nonsense. The future is indian men enjoying pride parades and bathhouses once the poz gets to you. There’ll be a billion indians living, defecating, AND having gay sex in the streets then; whether the streets of Calcutta or San Francisco, who cares? Women will be the least of your concerns, and of no concern at all for the majority of your men. Then you’ll be replaced by the next group. Welcome to globohomo, it always gets more than it gives!

  31. A good book if you can still find it is Edward Duttons Making Sense of Race. In that book he touches on the Indo-Aryan influence and the resulting caste system in India.
    I bought the book on Amazon an interestingly as soon as I purchased the book it was unavailable for further purchase and I got several messages from Amazon telling me my delivery was delayed and offering me a refund.
    I finally got the book. The pink haired SJW Amazon and the ADL employed must have got a remote controlled dildo shock and woke up to the fact that this book was on Amazon.

      • It’s touchy because it attempts to foist all of Modern India’s problems on a ruling class which hasn’t ruled since 1000AD.
        Golden Age India ie Guptas had rigid caste yet was the freest, most prosperous society in the world – with the highest global GDP % ever recorded.
        The Euro-centric view of India is that it was always poor & backwards, economic & material data shows otherwise.
        Blaming Whites and Muslims for the current state of India would interfere with the strategy to contain Hindus within the sub-continent.
        British & Muslim strategists were concerned with Hindus making a play on the Suez & Istanbul post WW2.

        Normalcy bias is what you display when you forget the entire arc of history over the last millenia, however falsely equating your innate superiority with historic circumstance is part of your identity, BOOMER! 😛

        • Skin whitener sells very well in India even though some of it contains some rather scary chemicals. I think that there has been some controversy about its use in Miss India pageants.

  32. Personally, I’ve mostly had good relations with indians.

    But don’t be fooled, they are extremely tribal and having a mass of indians in your country is a disaster.

    Indians are the greatest threat to white people, unironically.

    • Genetically, they are Caucasian, and even more they are Indo-Europeans, just like the Germanic peoples. They are close cousins to native American Whites.

          • Did you know that “malodorous condition” is a reason for flight removal from US carriers?

            Indians and sub-Sarahan Africans. Oy. Vey. Cultural differences. I’m sure any Anglo-Saxon in 1066 would’ve been the same.

            It’s 2020, however.

      • If you’ve been around Indians, you’d know that they consider working-class Whites to be one small step above cattle.

        You may consider them to be your distant cousin, but I can assure you that they don’t feel the same way.

        • As a female I’ve had many negative interactions with Indian males in both work and university settings going back to the late 80s. They are an openly hostile bunch. I wonder how the current crop of lefty feminists square their love of diversity with this treatment as I’m sure it hasn’t changed one bit.

          • The indian influx into canadian campuses since Trudeau let them in, has caused almost complete segregation. The white minority (often leftist feminists) stick together. Poo and toilet paper are flung all around the curry-smelling bathrooms (no joke).

            Does the experience change them? It doesn’t seem to. They are lunatics and true believers. However, for more conservative white guys (ever rarer than white libs) it does cause an increase in ethno-centrism and racism.

          • There are some “well adjusted” indian-canadians usually born in canada but my guess is that this type will be decreasing as it is now literally impossible for them to integrate – there just aren’t enough white people left.

          • The dot-heads are now intermarrying with old family WASP offspring, with nary a squeak from the inlaws. The children are as dark as the mother, but bear ancient Yankee names. It’s happening in our family, too, w/ other outlier groups. Lots of Indian couple-doctors when my kids were growing up. Their kids do not spend a minute in public schools, but rather the best of the local private academies, then on to Harvard. The fact that these folks speak English, more or less, is hugely important, and gives them a leg up over the Chinese, who still do not quite measure up. Also, the Indian kids seem to be better athletes, at least at cricket and tennis!
            A recent example of them coming on strong was our 2020 US Senate primary here in TN. Dr. Manny Sethi, son of Indian doctors, and himself a trauma surgeon, almost beat the Trump choice, Bill Hagerty, whom I supported, and who ultimately won the seat. At an event I attended, young Sethi (c. 45 yrs old), who came up w/ lots of $$ to spend on this campaign, said he had been born in Cleveland OH before the family (parents were both doctors) moved to a medium sized, medically under-served town in TN. Manny also attended a local prep school for high school. Hearing the word CLE OH, I did a little research and learned that he is related to hugely wealthy Indians in CLE. Monte Ahuja now has a large hospital building, part of the University Hospital System, named for him which you can see on the interstate; the same thing with CLE State U. business college. Ahuja has also purchased at least one old-line WASP country club — says he adores golf! Maybe he’ll develop the property.
            So — these guys saw an opportunity and they are making the most of it, plus they stick together like other successful groups have done in this great land of opportunity! The old-timers fall away, muttering about all the new people (sarcasm alert) and head for their condos in Naples FL.
            It’s funny, here in my medium-sized TN city, that there are a fair number of Indian doctors and they are related to the owners of a chain of liquor stores!
            BTW why is not there a greater fuss about Kamala Harris’ high school graduation from a Canadian school. Is/was she a Canadian citizen? Anyone done any checking into this before the records are cleared with the onset of the Biden-Harris Administration?

          • Kind of nasty, honor killing fixes such issues but the christian white man doesn’t do it. killing both discourages any sort of nonsense, however America & christendom are founded upon inter-marriage.

            This sort of horsesh#t will stop once enough ethnic enclaves have popped up.

            Among the anthropologically defined 356 contemporary societies of Euro-Asia and Africa, there is a large and significant negative correlation between Christianization (for at least 500 years) and the absence of clans and lineages
            The welfare of the social order, according to St. Augustine (City of God XV.16) and St. Thomas (Suppl. Q. liii, a. 3), demanded the widest possible extension of friendship and love among all humankind, to which desirable aim the intermarriage

          • Lefty women are encouraged to immerse themselves directly in their culture. A lone woman is an invitation to gang rape for this haplotype.

          • You’re hostile because they’re viewed as low status.
            The same Germanics who today believe they rule the world, were not spit upon by Roman woman when they were slaves.

            The lefty women simply farm out shaming this group of men to converted Hindu feminists.
            Remember, women of colour are included in PoC so, feminism is just for white women.
            I’m sure you’ve read white fragility?

          • They already are.

            I’ve seen several Pajeet-White woman couple in recent months.

            Decent or better looking White women.

        • they’re all mostly caucasian and the genetic distance between a North Indian upper caste to an Anglo is about double what the Anglo-Italian one is.

          That’s also not a reason to let someone flood your sh#t.

          You don’t let your brother fuck your wife after all..

          • your magic spell doesn’t work.
            Ideology + Power = Politics
            Ideology w/o Power = Magic

            Scream till you go hoarse, not a single non-white is going anywhere.

            You yell how you’re Native Americans, you got your wish. 🙂

          • not a single non-white is going anywhere.

            This is why I support secession. I don’t want to live around these colonist racists anymore. Bye peet peet pajit. We should be going somewhere ourselves. … and we should work to destroy their system on the way out for good measure. Support China over India; refuse to fight over Tiawan; redistribute their wealth to ourselves in the form of social programs and higher taxes.

            Immigration is war. Immigration is colonization. This man’s comment proves that. Anything they say to the contrary is just a self-serving lie.

          • Not really, but it’s obvious people like you aren’t gonna let us peacefully make a living.
            We could go on but that’s really what it comes down to.

            You hate Jews, but you’re so Judaized you take defending yourself from threats of genocide as colonialism & warfare.
            I hope the people who change ur diapers ain’t black, boomer.

          • Why is it that the diverse POC flee from their Godforsaken shitholes to America, and then butch about Whitey when they get here? One would think that if they were all that, they would make their own corner of the world thrive. I guess we really do have magic dirt here.
            As a side note, what I’ve learned in over 30 years if construction,(you know, I’m one of those a step above cattle folk), when dealing with The Mighty Pajeet, I usually start WAY high when pricing projects. You have to let them think they, pardon the expression, Jew you down. They end up feeling good about themselves, and pay twice the normal cost for the pleasure. Everyone wins!!

      • The Sikh’s big aphorism is “death of the conscience is worse than death of the body.”

        Incidentally, they killed Indira and Ram Ghandi over the uncalled-for attack on the Sikh Golden Temple in 1984. 20,000 Sikh were killed in retaliation. The Ghandis are Hinduvata, Hindu supremacists.

        Fun politics that we’re importing.

        I ‘met’ some Indian-Indians (not-Sikh), and now I fully understand why we crossed the Himalayas just to genocide those arrogantly stupid, nasty, insufferable azzholes.

        (Btw, the original Dravidian Indians are the same stock as the cannibalistic Australian aborigines, and look just like them.)

        • Rajiv Ghandhi was killed by a Tamil Tiger separatist in a suicide bombing attacks. Indira was killed by her Sikh bodyguards for the reason you described. Superficially, much of the culture is pacifist but the political violence is quite real.

      • Oh. Ya mean “they’re just like us!” Tell me kind sir, are Indians NattyCons too? Do you know a guy named Patel or Singh who wears camo and drives a truck? Well by golly, that settles it! He’s one of us!

      • Genetically we’re 98% chimpanzee, all of us.

        Personally I prefer the real deal.
        Here’s bananas, now STFU.

      • “There is only one race….the human race.” (Rolls eyes, massive sarcasm).

        *Pretty sure Han Chinese don’t subscribe to this theory.

    • India is a shithole. Ask anyone who’s actually been there.

      Massive wealth on top of slums where innumerable impoverished people crap in the streets.

      (Or was that California?….wait a minute….)

      • India is a nation of extremes, which is exactly what one would expect from a society rigidly stratified by caste. At the lower end is stupidity, ignorance and filth at a sub-Saharan level. But at the apex are intelligence, culture and refinement that can compare with the West. In other words, a very interesting place to visit and study, but not one in which we’d want to live.

    • The Indians in the DC area act very similarly to Jews.

      The last thing Whites need is another tribal, merchant minority in our lands. (Though it will be fun watching those two groups battle to be our rulers.)

      • In the short run I’m putting better odds on the Jews. A lot of them look white and pass themselves off that way. Nobody mistakes a Hindu for a white guy. Innate and instinctual tribalism (raaay-cizm!) protects most whites from trusting Hindus while we’ve all had generations of propaganda about how even thinking a bad thought about a Jew is Nazism.

    • The Hindu is accustomed to running a nation of impoverished, ignorant, superstitious peasants. They will know exactly what to do with political power over here.

    • But don’t be fooled, they are extremely tribal and having a mass of indians in your country is a disaster.

      In his essay, ZMan linked to the following study at Science magazine:

      The formation of human populations in South and Central Asia

      Note the centrality of an area called “Yamnaya”:

      Here’s Yamnaya at Wikipedia:

      Now recall the opening passage from Solzhenitsyn:

      In this book the presence of the Jews in Russia prior to 1772 will not be discussed in detail. However, for a few pages we want to remember the older epochs. One could begin, that the paths of Russians and Jews first crossed in the wars between the Kiev Rus and the Khazars – but that isn’t completely right, since only the upper class of the Khazars were of Hebraic descent, the tribe itself being a branch of the Turks that had accepted the Jewish faith…

      Finally, here is Khazaria:

      tl;dr YAMNAYA == KHAZARIA

    • I work in the IT world and yes there are a zillion Indians but the truth is Americans are basically useless for anything other than shopping and getting stoned. Indians are white people in almost every way except for they are brown. In terms of conversation, hobbies, interests… you are going to be perfectly fine being around Indians. That being said: yes, they generally think Americans are morons but you have to keep in mind that they see us all as one group regardless of race.

  33. Makes one wonder if the whole Russia ruse in Trump’s first three years was a diversion to keep him and his DOJ from taking a deeper dive into the Silicon Valley monopolies and their Section 203 protection. And he and the GOP had both chambers of the house in his first two years to tear down that 203 wall. As we all know, they did nothing… oh wait – a tax break. And the SV Indians said (using best Indian sub continent accent), “Thank you. Come again!”

    • Did you not read the post? The GOP works for the Indians. “His DOJ”? The DOJ spent the last 4 years trying to get rid of Trump.

    • Trump wasn’t distracted. He was all talk from the beginning. Look at his pardons which are totally under his control – jewish scam artists, negro drug dealers and rapper. Even his attempts to fight obvious election fraud are a clown show.

      • “durr dur fake news. I am really mad . I am going to tweet about how mad i am” Pretty much sums up the past 4 years.

        Ppl who saw through the empty promises in 2017-2018 took a lot shit/hate but were right.

      • My last hope was that he would pardon Assange and Snowden, who exposed corruption and war crimes. Instead he’s been pardoning the war criminals they exposed and of course, the corrupt. And everyone that has Javanka’s ear.

        • One theory being floated is that Jared K has outsized influence because his money will save Trump’s “empire” in a couple of months. He has a personal net worth of $300 million +.

          Trump’s “fortune” has always been built on leveraged deals and mountains of debt. It is what it is, and the US economy is a shell game that Trump has been very successful at.

          Trump is going to need help when he leaves office in January. Jared will be one to watch.

    • the dems ran down the clock and succeeded in preventing trump from doing anything for the first 2.5 years of his term. After Trump was cleared of all collusion, this gave him abotu 2 years to tackle stuff like tech censorship or immigration, which he didn’t. According to Dilbert guy and others, this is ‘libs being owned’ and ‘winning’.

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