The Year In Review

This year has been strange in many ways, but one bit of weirdness that has gone unnoticed is the paucity of predictions for the coming year. For as long as anyone reading this has been alive, this time of year has featured both year in review content and predictions content. This year both have been limited. Maybe the awfulness of 2020 is keeping people from thinking much about it. The wild unpredictability we have seen has probably made forecasters squeamish about predicting anything.

The Light of Lagos was pretty much a dud last year. The omens got some of the Democrat primary right, but not enough to claim a victory. Biden did struggle and Warren flamed out early. Buttigieg did better in Iowa than most expected, but Sanders was the story until the party rigged the system to install Biden. No one predicted Biden would win the nomination and no one ever imagined that buffoon as president, so the omens can be forgiven for missing that one.

The prediction about Conservative Inc. has been spot on, but that was easy money, so no victory lap there. It will be interesting to see how they try to pump air back into their thing, given the mood of most right-wing whites these days. On the other hand, as long as the money from rich people keeps flowing into their rackets, it probably does not matter all that much. The rich people pay them to play a role and they will play the role, even if the audience has walked out of the theater.

Then there is the fact that a lot of whites are so beaten down and desperate, they will cling to civic nationalism until their dying breath. Everyone should read the comments at Breitbart or National Review once in a while, just to be reminded of this. Granted, many of them move their lips when they read, but most are just frozen in time by a fear of what is happening all around them. Unless and until there is a credible alternative, in terms of organizations, Conservative Inc. will stagger on.

On the sporting front, the Premiere League did not have their first transgender player, but the whole league is gay now, so that’s close enough. The Light of Lagos really hates English soccer. So much so there will be no references to footie, football or the beautiful game in the future. That said, you have to wonder how the English soccer fans are making it through Covid without the ability to attend games or get plastered at the pub watching their team. Boris is playing with fire over there.

The predictions on Brexit were a swing and miss. It is hard to know what is in the deal Boris took from the Euros, but it is probably less than was promised. The deal sailed through Parliament with the support of Farage. He has been the most hawkish on this of all British politicians. He may simply be thinking a flawed deal is better than no deal. Half a loaf is better than no loaf. Still, the omens were wrong about how this would play out, so it goes in the loss column.

The impeachment fiasco played out as predicted, but that was easy money, so no victory lap there either. The real shocker is in how the whole thing was thrown down the memory hole so quickly. No one talks about it. It’s like how someone gets crazy drunk at a party and makes a fool of himself. The next day there is some ribbing from friends, but then it is forgotten. The Democrats danced around with a lampshade on their heads and after it was over, everyone forgot about it.

Now, the big hit was the Barr stuff. It is amazing how so many people thought something would happen with that charade for so long. When Trump brought Barr in it seemed like something would happen, but it quickly became clear that it was just another coverup. Barr was brought in to make sure the truth of the FBI corruption never saw the light of day. You have to wonder if Trump was too stupid to see what was happening or that he signed off on it, despite his tweets.

The omens were mostly wrong on the election. Net out the obvious fraud and the results would have been in line with what was predicted, but that is what is called a gratuitous assertion. The fact is, the result was nothing like what was predicted, so it goes in the loss column. The main takeaway is that most people went to bed on election night thinking Trump won another squeaker, only to learn the next day that mysterious ballots were found to snatch the victory away. Truly incredible.

Of course, the big miss was the Covid panic and how it has been used to turn much of America into a penal colony. No one predicted it, because such a thing seemed implausible just a year ago. It really is shocking to think about how much has changed in just 12 months. This time last year people were planning vacations, walking around with no curfew, having people over to their homes. If someone had predicted this, they would have been dismissed as a crazy person.

That’s probably why there has not been the usual flood of predictions. Usually, predictions are a projection of current trends. All the current trends are as ugly as the people who rule over us. Who wants to think about what comes next with the Covid stuff or how the empire with fare with a dementia patient in charge? Given how bad things got so quickly, who wants to think about what comes next? This has been an ugly year, made uglier by the thought that things will probably get worse.

That brings up something else. Every year the television networks spend forty-eight hours doing New Year’s celebrations. They have live shots from around the world and people reporting at various events. All of that will be cancelled this year. The bars will be empty in most of the country. One of the consequences of the Covid tyranny is that people will not even get to pretend that next year will bring better days. Instead of coming into the new year with hope, most people are pessimistic.

That said, the future will belong to those who keep their wits about them and their eyes trained on the horizon, as the world goes to pieces. Much of what is happening has been predicted for a long time on this side of the great divide. It is not coming about exactly as anyone expected, but the unravelling has begun. What comes next is the fight over who decides what comes next. We’re all alive, which means we can still fight and as long as we can fight, the future belongs to us.

Happy New Year.

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331 thoughts on “The Year In Review

  1. There’s alot of positives. Instead of constantly working, in reflection they can see their government hates them, rife with traitors anxious to jump to a NWO and a fatter paycheck. The shite fed to their kids as “education” is now painfully obvious. Big Sport is dead because no one gives a fuck anymore. No one believes the media. Trust is long gone, Americans are edgy and aware, it’s the dawn of a new day.

  2. @BlackPills; There exist among us those who would demoralize us, convince us all is lost, there is no hope. Do not listen.
    They are as impervious to facts and logic as a Prog.
    Don’t be demoralized and be of good cheer, show no fear, show no disgust, show nothing but smiles – or death stares.
    The only questions about these miserable black-turd-pills is whether they demoralize and denigrate others for personal reasons or professionally, and whether they are in fact Progs.
    The actual enemies are corrupt politicians nearly as old as Biden, hags, fat government women, noggers, soyboys and delusional tech billionaires who are in the main looters on a grand scale and the rest and all the drama are distractions. They don’t actually believe in anything. All the hyped freakish drama is just a distraction from the corruption and the looting.
    This freak show of the Ruling Class cannot stand a real challenge and it will come. When the challengers rise join them, and you’ll be shocked to find out how tiny and weak the enemy really was.
    Meanwhile ignore the demoralizers and the slanderers.
    We’ll win, all we have to do is fight.

  3. Prediction; This freakish Biden crew and their associated misfits will not hold. No, Trump isn’t the one to take it from them, he could not hold as President.

    Time to think ahead; can this collection of misfits and aging, low rent criminals about to take power hold it? Or does something worse but stronger and competent come along? 

    Ready? Unless you got a crew- no you aren’t. One man however fancy his weapons is nothing in war – except he’ll give the enemy a nice shiny rifle. 

    Fired or not, cold dead fingers pried or dropped in terror matters not.

  4. the mask of our elites is off. so to speak . they want us gone in some kind of dystopian way . It’s clear now that in February or march covid 21 will make an appearance just in time to make even more draconian measures “necessary” . the supply chains for almost everything should be near their breaking point by then.
    in my area even simple car parts are getting very hard to find .
    the ugliness our rulers will unleash next year will make us all pine for the ” good old lockdowns” .
    Work on your faith life, will will need the grace of god to get out of this in one piece .
    On that note have a happy new year!

  5. A prediction I’m comfortable making is the right will continue to do nothing effective or worthwhile. The goal will be to contain the right the best they can. The furthest right you will be able to go is Ben Shapiro and everything further to the right will be decimated.

  6. Here’s my prediction, though I’m not staking much on it: As reported in the news media, 2021 begins with Trump as the world’s greatest idiot and fraud and ends with him as President, with a few months of silence in between during which all the previous articles go 404.

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  8. When it comes to predictions, I try to read as much about geopolitics as I do the culture wars. Since China’s rise has been predicated on our tax payer-funded US navy protecting international supply chains for free, I don’t imagine their hegemony in the east remaining unchallenged forever. They’re surrounded by enemies, anxious to charge them for transporting goods through their waters, if it weren’t for the US. Both Trump and actually Biden have been making anti-china comments for a while, and the accusations around hunter biden’s enrichments in China aren’t helping their cause. Covid coming from china doesn’t help either. So I would predict a continuance of economic nationalist sentiment, anti-china sentiment geopolitically, more trade with Mexico and Canada.

    Culturally, if you look for it, the radical left and the far right are both disillusioned to capitalism/globalization. The left blame rich americans. The right blame globalists. We’ll probably see more right wing politicians talking about tariffs and jobs coming home since it worked so well for Trump. Leftists have already promised the kitchen sink, but that will probably escalate to “reparations for transgender communists” or whatever new special interest group they dream up.

    Regarding birth rates, latino catholics, mormons, amish, arab muslims and white evangelicals are dominating. Evangelical christian groups made a stronger stance for conservative politicians than I have ever seen this year. So we may see more socially conservative vernacular gaining steam in the next decade. The “conservative” supreme court might throw out some bones regarding religious freedom, gun rights or even later term abortion, but nothing drastic, since they want to separate themselves from the Trumpism that fed them apparently.

    Latino and black supremacy will probably continue to rise. Democrat politicians are talking about denying whites access to covid vaccines. Dumb boomers are saying “great, i dont want it anyway” but where does this end? Asians have the highest salaries, best healthcare, best degrees and are treated best by police, yet will we use whites as the whipping boys via denial of the smallpox, polio, and measles vaccines? It might even be smart of conservatives to persuade more latinos for a coalition against afrocentrism. Latinos do NOT fall for that in Latin America. Mexico didn’t even recognize black mexicans on the census until 2015. They definitely don’t want their jobs going to blacks.
    Mainstream news will become more irrelevant, and continue to lose ad revenue, which means it will become more anti-white and degenerate, for shock and awe impulse viewers. Watch for blatant racial slurs against whites, probably 75% black onscreen talent, endless all black movies and commercials. Christian competitors to netflix and hollywood might appear.

    Obviously the upper middle class are abandoning big cities and moving into conservative areas. It might take decades, but they’ll turn them blue, import “diversity” via government housing and immigrants. State republicans need to draw a line in the sand pretty soon. They can stop this, but most are too cowardly.

    Tech giants will probably continue to grow in revenue and power, but not unchallenged. Competitors are sprouting like wildflowers and dissidents, even civnat boomers are breaking off of youtube and facebook. Will Biden/Harris protect big tech? Pocahontas seemed to recommend breaking them up. Regardless, economic disparity will increase. Though I don’t believe that is proof of poverty, it certainly depresses the average american male to see the lifestyle of the elites shoved into his face on tv and instagram.

    And our favorite topic, if you’re active on telegram, discord, bitchute, entropy or dlive, the white majoritarian groups are really having a great time, and they’re YOUNG. They have the data, the arguments, and all the time in the world to red pill each other. The question is, when will their leaders arrive in politics? The environment is ripe. The iron is hot. There are several paths forward: Blacks and latinos are so exponentially over-represented on welfare and government housing, all it takes is ONE state to slash it, and it will be an ethnostate vacuum, as those minorities migrate to others. Another possibility is to promise reparations upon arrival in California. Banning abortion in one state, those minorities are also overrepresented in that area, may also send them packing.

    • Regarding birth rates, latino catholics, mormons, amish, arab muslims and white evangelicals are dominating. Evangelical christian groups made a stronger stance for conservative politicians than I have ever seen this year. 

      White libs are just as oblivious about the implications of the intra-white demographic shifts as they are about the non-white demographic growth.

      Only religious whites (and white trash) are reproducing in significant numbers. As cities become less attractive to young white folks (anti white hiring, violence, etc.) we may see even higher retention rates. Southern Baptists and other groups are pozzed but I don’t see that having much effect on the rank and file; in 2020, they are smarter than in the past

  9. I don’t have any predictions for 2021, other than that it will probably suck worse than 2020, but I do have a list of things I’m thankful for. Don’t ask why I feel compelled to write this now, rather than at Thanksgiving, but it’s what I’m feeling today. It’s very much a combination of George (family and friends) and Mr. Potter (funds) but I’m being honest here and am very thankful for both.
    I’m thankful for my wise and more-stubborn-than-me husband and maddening but loving sons. A new daughter-in-law, flawed as we all are, but who genuinely loves my son and who has already influenced him in positive ways. Friends who one can always count on . . . people who always brighten my day. Community matters – even the nascent digital one here at Zman. I appreciate the thoughts and life experiences of the commenters here, and how they help challenge or sharpen and refine my own beliefs.
    I’m thankful none of my family or close friends are unemployed. I’m thankful my older son has a new and better paying job with much more upward mobility. I’m truly grateful that, amidst so much privation for so many, my husband’s work has prospered so that we finally got a new roof and repaired/replaced the % of our home that isn’t brick (especially grateful for it today amidst the wind and rain and cold).
    I’m thankful for White Western Civilization and all its gifts – electricity, flushing toilets and hot showers, music and art and the written word executed so masterfully for centuries. The sense of trust and morality that existed when I was young, the ideals to aspire to.
    I’m thankful to God for all these gifts – He who created the world and uniquely gifted White people and, for a time, America-that-was. I’m thankful for God’s grace and mercy, utterly undeserved on my part, and equally thankful for His righteousness and justice, without which all else is meaningless sentiment and chaos.
    God bless you, Zman, and your White commenters and readers.

  10. Politely informed the meat suit we will soon be going on a gluten free diet, then segue slowly into keto to avoid keto flu. The meat suit found a pile of tortillas stored in the freezer it said we have to eat them first. Making burrito filling now. Can’t argue with the meat suit when it makes so much sense.

  11. A clear-eyed, no-nonsense and well-written piece, Z-Man. Thanks, and happy New Year to you, too.

    One prediction I will make–and it hardly requires great prescience–is that the Kovid Kaptivity will be with us throughout 2021. These hastily knocked together vaccines won’t do a dam’ bit of good, and the Power Structure profits too much from crushing small business and incinerating the Constitution, to let the Kaptivity lapse any time soon.

    The great imponderable is when, if at all, the people’s patience runs out. Are the masses really so stupid, cowardly, docile and slavish that they allow this health despotism to become the norm? Or, at a point of collective frustration that morphs into combined fury, do they rebel, raise hell, and put the Fraudulent Faucis to flight? This may be the biggest question of all for 2021.

  12. Welp, here, at least, is looking forward to more wacky Z-goodness, so Happy New Year’s as we watch together the thrill-kill cult ride!

  13. Thank you Zman. Thank you for keeping your wits about you and and keeping your eyes trained on the horizon this year. Some of that has rubbed off on my old lady and I. And thanks to a good portion of the folks that comment here. Someone recently mentioned one of the regulars not posting anymore. I forget his name, Z said he was over at TRS. I’d never checked that out before. I lasted about 2 hours and shut it off at the ass sniffing ( literally) portion of the show and hoped no one saw me listening to it. I’m off today,was going to walk down sunset for a cup of coffee made from beans picked by a shoeless virgin, but decided to stay in my cage and drink some tea instead. I think they don’t want me to run into Steve Sailor, and it’s working. Haven’t sent anything to the PO Box lately. I’m lazy and I don’t trust the joggers delivering the mail theses days. I am planning on opening the green door today. And encourage all to start the new year off by doing the same. Good new year to all.

  14. I am a lot more of a civnat that most people here and I am certainly more of a Trump supporter than most people here, but I will contend that 2020 was a fantastic year for the dissident movement. Between the COVID hysteria and the brazen theft of the presidential election, 2020 was the year in which America’s ruling class completely lost credibility among tens of millions of Americans, mostly on the political right. They have no moral authority and now hold power only by the raw exercise of political and legal power. This will now last.

    The utter and complete irrelevance of constitutional conservatism has been laid bare by the Trump presidency and particularly by the events of 2020. Tens of millions of Americans are standing at the river’s edge or have their feet in the water. Soon they will cross the river to our side.

    Jonathan Turley is a highly-respected center-right constitutional law professor. He is the embodiment what I would have aspired to be when I was in law school if I had had come from family money and didn’t have to claw my way into the middle class. I’ll end this comment with a link to his most recent column about the sitting federal judge in Iowa who, in a recent interview, referred Trump as a criminal, which in and of itself is cause for removal from the Bench. Turley hits all the right notes as a constitutional conservative civnat, but still comes off like a pathetic fool who fails to understand that the rule of law is dead in America, and he just can grasp the rules of the new game.

    • Turley: “What Pratt said publicly was wrong. It undermines not just his credibility but that of his court and his other colleagues.
      Unfortunately, you “Guest” is right: there is nothing left here to undermine.

    • I would agree 2020 was a fantastic year for eye-opening. The downside is that it was also a year that showed, for all the eye-opening, nothing will come of it.

    • Spot on. The ruling class had indeed lost all credibility as have most of the federal institutions such as the FBI, DOJ, etc. People now know they don’t work for us or the country..
      The ruling class now for all intents rules at the barrel of a gun via the police who do their bidding like trained seals. The endless fatwas from mayors and governors in regards to Rona have sickened people and turned them against the state like nothing else ever could.
      They are now realizing the state and it’s minions HATE THEM and want them crushed into nothing.

    • Followed your link and read it and somehow wound up with the story of Trump’s pardon of Stephanie Mohr. Incredible story of a female cop that let her police dog bite an illegal during an arrest and she wound up doing 10 years in prison. We have been pozzed for a long time.

  15. The only thing worse than soccer is American soccer fans. Urban white Patagonia t-shirt wearing liberals who want to belong to some sub culture as their white identities have been obliterated, yet they would never remotely think of that. While the British soccer fans at least get drunk watching a game so boring it’s like watching paint dry, the American ones will nurse a craft beer of some kind the entire game and go through it stone sober. They then ride their Trek carbon fiber bikes home.

  16. The circumcision of Jesus is an event from the life of Jesus, according to the Gospel of Luke chapter 2, which states in verse 21 that Jesus was circumcised eight days after his birth (traditionally January 1).

    The event is celebrated as the Feast of the Circumcision in the Eastern Orthodox Church on January 1 in whichever calendar is used, and is also celebrated on the same day by many Anglicans. It is celebrated by Roman Catholics as the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus, in recent years on January 3 as an Optional Memorial, though it was for long celebrated on January 1, as some other churches still do. A number of relics claiming to be the Holy Prepuce, the foreskin of Jesus, have surfaced

    Various miraculous powers have been ascribed to it.


    • The UnNamed created Mohammed, Mao, and P.A.K.I.stan, and now your homeland is surrounded- so you’d best start courting allies. Perhaps the British, or their colonies?

      And thank you for yesterday’s reply. I must speak to my neighbors, Singh, Sandhu, Khan, and Mustafa.

  17. The lack of predictions is a tell. Something is going on beneath the surface. Something is happening that wasn’t predicted, wasn’t expected. The dems went all in, with the election theft. Which was messy AF. Barr forced out, *after* the election!? Dems not behaving like they won anything, no riots, no parades. No one is making predictions, because the wheel is still spinning…

  18.           In God’s Providence

    No matter what life brings to you;
    No matter if things defy sense;
    No matter if grief clings to you,
         All’s in God’s providence.

    Whether good or ill shall find us,
    Let our prayers arise like incense
    To Heaven’s gate, and remind us
         All’s in God’s providence.

    Often evil will win success,
    And trample on pure innocence;
    Yet out of darkness we profess
        All’s in God’s providence.

    For He chastises those He loves;
    But He Himself paid recompense
    For our sins, as His shed blood proves
        All’s in God’s providence.

    And He broke free from death’s dark thrall,
    To bridge a gulf that was immense,
    And grew unbounded since our fall,
         All in God’s providence.

    In life you’ll find that gain is dross,
    While loss can bring a bliss intense;
    As rapture issues from the Cross,
         All in God’s providence.

    Praise be to He whose victory
    Transforms our tears into incense;
    And thankful may we always be
         All’s in God’s providence.

    • I have read from the top and this is the very best post. others are good and great , but this should not be forgotten or underestimated

  19. One real surprise of 2020 for me was the return of BLM and its becoming (possibly) a billion dollar organization.
    Back in 2014/2015, one day BLM was everywhere and the next day, poof, it was gone. The “spontaneous” breakout of “Black Lives Matter!” being chanted or screamed across the country at the slightest pretext leading to riots and fights and beat-downs of white guy military heroes at McDonald’s just disappeared.
    Some people at least partially on this side of the divide (like Colin Flaherty) thought BLM disappearing had to do with the then upcoming 2016 election. This made the reemergence of BLM in mid 2020 all the more unlikely in our minds. Our leaders decided to promote BLM so cities across the nation could go up in flames.

    • BLM was always asto-turf to goose the turnout of blacks for democrats. This year, an added dimension of graft was added. Billions of dollars were donated to BLM. Where’d the money go? Definitely not to helping black people. Nor to funding better attorneys for black defendents. Rumors have the money going straight to the DNC which is supported by the extent of spending by Biden and the Dems this year.

      • Yeah. BLM is definitely a grift and they could not care less about black people. The three women who founded BLM are major supporters of abortion and think the family is a patriarchal white-supremacist tool of oppression.
        If BLM actually cared about the safety of black men dealing with the cops, they would do PSAs about not running or fighting with cops. They certainly wouldn’t support throwing poor men, including black men into prison because they can’t afford a ridiculous child support payment. I know a few guys who were completely chewed up and spit out by that horrible system, including a black guy I worked with.

    • BLM is not getting its calls returned by the Biden campaign. I think the Biden campaign got much of the money donated to BLM.
      Go away boy, your starting to bother me!

  20. The key takeaway from 2020 is that the Deep State has now pushed all the chips into the pot and forced a showdown. They executed a coup, installed a real Manchurian Candidate, killed the rule of law, went full Nazi at DOJ/FBI, and used a manufactured flu crisis to enslave an entire population. At some point the bubble bursts and the people wake up. Hold onto your hats, the Year of Living Dangerously is upon us, ready or not.

  21. My prediction for 2021 and beyond, by way of Revelation: the world will continue towards one world government and the reign of the antichrist. All other insanities are a means to this end.

  22. I’ve been through much worse. Many of us have.

    If 2020 is supposed to be the worst time of life in the past 100 years, I’m feeling pretty good that I’ve taken the best shots life has to offer and am still standing strong.

    which tells me it’s not the worst time of life. Unless I’m Superman. So everyone be strong and be ready because life can get MUCH worse. Been there done that and lived to tell about it.

    • Personally 2020 has been a great year.

      Societally it has been shit. But it’s been one of my happiest years due to reasons unrelated to COVID-19.

      • It has been good for me too

        Been very happy for personal reasons myself, despite recent death of a friend.

        • Friendships, income, success with women, success with investing, personal fitness and lifting, reached new highs this year.

          Things that didn’t have as great of a year: hairline 😛

          God bless you and hope you have a great 2021 too.

    • For me, the only real drag during 2020 has been the social shutdown.

      I improved my diet and exercise to lose 20 lbs.

      Mostly through luck, and a tiny bit of skill, I’m up 40% in my brokerage account.

      I still have a job that is unaffected by the Covid mess.

      I try not to take these blessings for granted. I try to spend time sending positive thoughts and prayers to those less fortunate.

      Happy New Year!

  23. Well we do live in interesting times. I fear that the Democrats are going to get what they asked for. As for me I’m going to try to avoid coming to the attention of those in power. Funny how that is the “chinese curse”.

  24. All the Democrats did with the 2020 Presidential Elections is take their Primary Nominating Process to the General Election.
    That itself being the urban machine ‘elections’ going National at the Party Level.

    • Indeed, and it is up to us to take up that challenge or ignore it. This is our revolutionary times and this being an important (or most?) country it may turn out to be just as convulsing as the one wrecked Russia in 1917 or Germany in 1933 or China in 1949.

      • Well if you look at Biden’s crew of misfits and geriatric criminal broken down Clinton and Obama wise guys, and wise girls wanna be’s… backed really by nothing but the tech and finance looter lords, and a few thousand paid professional soyboys and noggers…
        ^This is not a crew that can withstand a real challenge^

        Now the problem we have is no leadership and no organization. Had we leaders the organization could rapidly form BTW – Americans are amazing at rapidly self organizing. The problem is American’s are only now since November for the first time seeing who really rules them, and that we don’t have Constitutional government, and that their vote doesn’t count…it isn’t even counted.
        Even people who have long known better are in shock over the election. They are stunned, and yes still waiting for some miracle. Regular people, not the Q and Vox Day God Emperor crossing the Rubicon types.

        The truth is of course the Progressives have just conquered Bedford Falls. And the Bedford Falls residents don’t quite know what to do.
        Based on past experience if someone comes to lead them, especially the young men then we’ll likely prevail.

  25. In general I think people are terrified to even try to imagine what next year will be like. 2020 wasn’t an anomaly, it was the opening salvo of something much worse, the beginning of the end as it were.

  26. What 911 showed is that loss of freedoms far outlasts the crisis

    2020 was great for investors, great for top 1-5%, not so great for everyone else. probably 2021 will be the same. These covid restrictions are not going away.

    • But we have the most powerful military on the planet protecting our freedoms. Why do you hate the troops?

    • Well, tonight will be interesting

      Half of Los Angeles it seems is heading to Vegas to party

      That will open up stupid Newsome’s eyes. Plus his possible recall. Once this California dam breaks, and the $$$$ this state is losing, rest of the country might follow

  27. Predictions:

    – Vaccine doesn’t end COVID-19 lockdowns. Just as we get the vaccine, the new strain from England (COVID-21) comes out.

    – ConInc is dead. Republicans will lose both seats in the GA election. Rather than being replaced by a dissident party, the usa will just speed up the transformation into the one party state

    – Joe and Kamala impose strict, nationwide, tyrannical lockdowns like we have in Canada. DeSantis holds out but ultimately folds.

    – Supreme Court is packed.

    Honestly hard to say what happens after this. We all know bad stuff is coming. Look for more financial looting and anarcho-tyranny.

    • John Roberts will go along with enough of what liberals want to keep them from packing the Supreme Court. Alito and Clarence Thomas are the only truly reliable Justices, Trump went 0 for 3, I don’t think he picked any David Souters, but they will take turns siding with the libs.

    • I hope DeSantis is able to stand up to DC and not allow them to turn FL into a total mess like the lockdown states. I have my doubts though that the public will support him, given how many covidiots over here continue to wear masks IN THEIR CARS even though we aren’t in a lockdown.

    • ..speed up the transformation into the one party state..
      New York City has been a one party city for decades..
      48 out of 50 City Council seats are Dems;
      New York State is fast becoming one party also, and might end up with a super-majority of Dems in both houses of the state legislature.
      You don’t want to live under a regime like that.

      • There will be one party, nationwide, to rule them all.

        Then the “other side” will figure out that election fraud and a fake and ineffectual court system is a two way street, and that it screws everyone, in time.

        I don’t know the timetable, but TPTB and that one party are going to lose control, and it will likely be all against all, but a lot of it will be everyone against them. Too many people have been too primed up to want to take down “the man”, once things get rolling, and TPTB are the man. Skynet vs. everyone.

    • Supreme court is packed already. Turns out Dems didn’t need to win an election to do it. Recent court decisions have been bitterly disappointing.

      • Many of Trumps appointees voted against him. His selection of people is so bad, it can’t possibly be an accident. One of those Magic Eight Balls would have done better.

        • Find some old random farmer in rural Alabama – I’m sure he would do a better job than most of Trump’s appointees.

          • Jeff Sessions is a puzzle. He was a reliable guy. Stuck his neck out and supported Trump before anyone else. I think he was sincere but perhaps naive in recusing himself.
            I still think Jeff Sessions has more character in one finger than Trump has in his entire body.

      • PR is one territory indisputably acquired as a result of a bogus war. PR independence was one of the Left’s causes up until about the 1980s. Truman was almost assassinated by PR terrorists.
        Try pitching PR independence to the Left today. You will be called a racist.

  28. Barr did end the Mueller Russian hoax investigation in 2019. That’s something he did at least. However, that was also probably a total scam. Everyone knew it was a fake scandal and they arranged for Barr to take the heat and end it without the Democrats looking too bad.

    • Yeah, Barr wound it down because the Russia hoax had become a liability. If there was anything positive from it other than waking up more normies to how corrupt and pathetic the United States government is, it also revealed what sniveling parasitic bastards compose The Tribe via their futile attempts to settle old scores with Russia. I am probably an outlier here, but Jewish influence has peaked and will implode over the next few years. This fraud accelerated that along with their obvious use of American children as pedo lures to blackmail the powerful on “our” own soil.

      • Ask anyone why the republicans and democrats still allow Russian Lobbyists to fly freshmen members of congress to Russia for orientation sessions and why the media does not investigate this.
        Then tell them “Oh, my mistake. It’s Israeli Lobbyists flying congressmen to Israel”.

    • It was obvious to any inquiring mind that Barr (and his daddy) were deep state operatives for decades. The issue then is Trump’s selection of the man.

      1. Trump knew.
      2. Trump didn’t know.
      3. Trump knew but thought that Barr was as good as he could get confirmed.

      I’d have Recess Appointed an asshole like Giuliani . In itself the refusal to go through the confirmation clown show would have been a poke in the to the establishment.

  29. I’ll make a bold prediction: this is the year that the game of Kick The Can comes to an end, and that the wheels fall off. Feminism, socialism and diversity are running on fumes now. Covid Karen is going to get kissed by a baseball bat, and with luck, maybe some politicos will get shot too. Things can’t go on like this much longer.

    • Also the fruits of our low birth rate + huge social welfare net are ripe to be harvested. The wheels might just completely fall off the bus.

      It was only running because of the number of older white men still in positions of power across institutions and corporations. They are retiring en masse now and the future will be ugly.

      • Toward the end of the year, the big shoe will drop as the foreclosure moratoriums near an end. They probably will be extended out some, but this cannot go on. We will look fondly on 2008 when this shoe drops, and drop it will.

    • We are in an endurance race between a system run by a hostile elite and the collapse of that system due to its false and insane foundations.

    • This is still a very rich country and there is an enormous amount of wealth that is waiting to be and can be stolen

      • It has already been stolen. Check out the distribution of wealth, and the national debt. All that waits is the realization and the inevitable collapse.

  30. This is the first year in our lifetimes where perhaps a majority of people anticipate the upcoming year will manage to be worse than the horrorshow that is drawing to a close. Maybe that is a good thing, too.

    Pretty well agree with most of what you wrote except:

    Unless and until there is a credible alternative, in terms of organizations, Conservative Inc. will stagger on.

    Con, Inc., is dead now and the shuffling zombie should not be mistaken for something alive. Those commenters to NR and Breitbart are about as representative of America as the leftists on Twitter. People are confused but throwing the dirt on Con, Inc. You see this in Georgia now, and hear it in conversations with others.

    • I dont know, I’ve emailed the pres of the virginia. Civil defense league about the election fraud. He says, “no party is perfect, andis promoting the latest round of republican candidates to protect our rights. Two women….

      • Dude probably is a Breitbart commenter. We can say for certain he’s a grifter. I think we also can say he’s more widely dismissed than ever.

  31.  Much of what is happening has been predicted for a long time on this side of the great divide. It is not coming about exactly as anyone expected, but the unravelling has begun.

    Really, by whom and what did they preidict?

  32. Even though I’ve made the long journey from practically a commie to whatever it is we are calling ourselves today- I spent a long time parked in the CivNat special handicapped space. (Full disclosure- I taught Z’s bete noir Jonah Goldberg in high school, so I’ve always had a soft spot for him)
    Fact is, I still have a hangover from my CivNat days, because, even though I now believe most if not all of the things discussed here- race realism, that IQ is real, that the people who rule us pretty much hate us, that, as Z says, we’re not voting our way out of this mess; I still don’t want believe that those things are true- I want to think that black (Black?) America can be saved, that my moonbat neighbors can be reasoned with. I know it’s nuts to believe it, but the feelz are still there

    • With all due respect, that soft spot you have for Goldberg wouldn’t happen to be located on your head would it?

      • None taken. In fact my road to realism began with him- granted, through the corner of CivNat Street and Neocon Blvd. I was a liberal (looney left) then, it was Jonah who suggested I read things like Modern Times and The Closing of the American Mind. Mind, you, part of my drift was related to working in NewYork at the heights of the Dinkins terror.

          • I passed through on the National Review bridge. Then the bridge collapsed and now leads people off a cliff.

        • A long, long time ago, Goldberg was actually respectable. Hell, he wrote a column declaring that Africans were incapable of governing themselves and creating a non-hellish society, and that it was the white man’s burden to conquer Africa and rule it for them. Now obviously none of us could sympathize with conquering and ruling Africa, but the fact that Goldberg stated such a race realist position is nothing short of amazing given where he now stands.

    • People have to believe in something and it’s pretty much impossible for someone at fifty or older to completely abandon a belief system they’ve held for decades. Even if they realize that it is irrational to keep believing. Or maybe hoping is a better word. FWIW the same phenomenon exists on the left as hope for real socialism emerging never dies no matter how irrational it is.

      • One of my favorite quips comes from W.C. Fields: If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again . . . then give up – there’s no point being a fool about it.

        If CivNattery, socialism, etc. doesn’t work after several tries, move on.

    • If you are in a room with Stalin, Hitler and Goldberg, and only have two bullets, do you shoot Jonah immediately twice or let Hitler do it twice, or do you guys take turns?

    • Ben the Layabout’s Predictions for 2021:

      COVID-19. I was fortunately very wrong: In spring, I feared that the pandemic would result in millions of serious illnesses or fatalities. Glad I was wrong. I hope I’m not so wrong with SOME of my projections, such as: A pandemic usually only lasts a couple years. We may be halfway through our current one. That’d suggest a levelling and perhaps even decline later in the year. Unfortunately, we will probably hit a peak around Feb. 1, the traditional flu peak times.
      The vaccines: they will continue to face resistance. I’d guess that only 1/3 of those offered are willing to take it, going by news reports. Continuing reports of severe reactions will pop up, further limiting enthusiasm. By mid-summer there will be more reports of serious side-effects to the vaccine. One or more of them will be withdrawn by Summer. Questions will remain about the efficacy as well as safety of the vaccines.
      Investing: the drop and rebound of this year was a complete surprise to me. I lost quite a bit shorting the indexes. At present, I’m heavy on Canadian natural gas & oil. Beyond that, I note that my predictions are often wrong, and have no idea what 2021 will bring.
      Poltics: only the vaguest ideas. Biden will quickly halt or bury whatever Trump programs were ongoing. (A Hunter Biden inqury? Really???) The laptop/Burisma scandal will continue to simmer; much of the information is probably already out there. Giuliani would do us a favor if he released everything via WikiLeaks or whatever. Pretty sure we won’t hear any more about this from the FBI 😀
      The Dem’s proposals will the expected claptrap: more “green” energy, more gibs for the favored minorities. Expect the usual money-spigot, propping up of industry, the economy and the usual pork barrel projects. His “diverse” appointments will be mediocre, his “white’ appoitees the usual suspects.
      If anything we can look forward to, it’ll be the bitter rift in the Dems, the fossil liberals vs. the Squad.

  33. The powers that be will use the promise of a return to normal to wring all kinds of concessions out of a desperate public. Bait and switch will be the modus operandi.
    Kamela Harris will be President before the end of 2021. Beware the Ides of March, Mr. Biden.

    • Biden could be gone soon but presidents really have lines in their script that they must not stray too far from. This used to be dealt with by executive action but there are too many cameras around. Now scandals and relentless media attacks are used.
      Does AIPAC really care whether it’s Biden or Harris that lets slip the goyim of war? Does the Fed care who runs calls for helicopter money?

      • I for one am kinda looking forward to the Media non-coverage of the “Biden” regime. Remember how silly the news was under Obama? “Today in Washington… nothing happened. Same as yesterday. Same as tomorrow. Now here’s Brynlee with the weather!” A whole bunch of “there’s nothing to see here, no siree!!” will be a refreshing change, and since Biden shits himself every time he opens his mouth, I suspect lots of people forget the US even has a “president.”

      • I find the Kamaltoe a curious oddity for the small hat crowd. Obviously, her loyalties are to the Hindunuthin persuasion (who, along with several mattresses, got her where she is today) which is poised to pull an Amsterdam diamond market move on the kosher crowd vis a vis the formerly US. But then she is married to a cheauxen. What to do?

  34. 2020 will become 2021
    2020 gets to its drinking age.
    With the nut jobs still driving the car.
    Could be an eventful year.
    Happy New Year to all!

  35. My prediction for 2021is that the CoVid hysteria will begin fading by the spring and be completely memory holed by late summer. All the anxiety over compelled vaccination will come to naught and be forgotten even sooner.

    All that will be replaced by a drumbeat for war and anti-war protests with the surprise twist that the anti-war activist will include large numbers of Trumpists. This time it will be the a United uniparty against a mostly United people.

    • The Gentry will try to keep the peasantry locked down as long as possible. It ends only when people revolt.

      • The Gentry will try to keep the peasantry locked down as long as possible. It ends only when people revolt.

        They certainly want the White middleclass and its Small Businesses to be Holodomor’ed.

        That’s simply undeniable at this point.

    • Not specifically for 2021:
      Biden will try to get Iran to agree to unacceptable conditions in return for US re-joining the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Iran’s refusal will be used as evidence of its intention to acquire a nuclear bomb. Enough time will have passed since Iraq that all the lies used then will be forgotten.
      War with Iran will come but Iranian proxies in Syria must be dealt with first since they would be a problem for our greatest ally. So look for the US to re-engage in Syria first.
      I see Jonathan Pollard has made Aliyah.

  36. PREDICTION? What the hell, here goes: At the risk of revealing myself to be a clueless old Civnat Boomer fool, I hereby make this prediction for the new year: Trump will be President for the next four years. Please downvote me for this foolishness. But remember, you heard it here first.

    • Won’t downvote you, because it’s still 2020. Actually, you’re hearing it everywhere in the crazy right wing grifter circles.

      Try to lay off the Copium in 2021, however; you’ll be healthier and saner for it. 100% serious.

      My Prediction: Biden won’t last more than 6 months into his first term before having to retire for health reasons.

      So Hillary won’t be the first female President. That makes me smile, a little.

      • So Hillary won’t be the first female President. That makes me smile, a little.”

        Actually me too, upvote +

        • Which means a woman who banged a married politician for her first job in politics, and was chosen as running mate simply because she was a female, will become the president of the most powerful country in history. Future historians are teaching the dangers of affirmative action with this as an example.

      • So Hillary won’t be the first female President. That makes me smile, a little.

        So you’re saying (((Doug Emhoff))) is transitioning?

      • The other day on another ZMan post, I asked if there is a photo of Pence at the Wailing Wall with a small hat deep in prayer. I had suggested that any US politician who does this is disqualified for public office.

        There is. What does that tell you?

        • Not a chance.

          They’re all cowards. They also have most likely seen some amount of great reset plans, and don’t want to be on the wrong side of it.

          Strong horse, and all that.

    • I upvoted that from Holiday cheer.
      Trump doesn’t have it in him.
      TBF he never promised anything but peace and prosperity, and a wall. He partially delivered on all of them until he got faced down. At least there is 500 miles of new wall that won’t be so easily effaced. Maybe.

    • Actually, your prediction—if come to pass—would be great. Not that we get 4 more years of Trump, but that the Left finally turns to rebellion, which it seems the right leaning civnat normie chucks don’t have the balls to engage in. Perhaps if forced into a survival situation, they’ll find a spine.

  37. Well I believe Skynet will finally be implemented. The bad is the almost total annihilation of humanity. The good, it solves our immigration and diversity problems.

    In reality, this and recent years will look like halcyon days compared to what’s coming. That could bode well in creating strong people capable of a decent resistance movement. On the other hand the docile and compliant masses will demonstrate once again their propensity to accept more strident and totalitarian rules as normal. Faith in the transcendent must return.

    • Amen. Without faith in a higher power evil people will attempt anything and normal people won’t have the balls to stand up to them.

      • Amen. Without faith in a higher power evil people will attempt anything and normal people won’t have the balls to stand up to them.

        LOL’ed @ the Christ Cuck.

        The Father of Lies is gonna break your precious “faith” more easily than I could snap a wooden toothpick between my fingers.

        He eats the souls of cucks like you for breakfast.


        • I hear that talk a lot, but I was a lot easier to break before I found faith. All that agency made my life seem too precious. Not that I’m at peace now, but the sense is that things are less important and my life is more like an asset to be spent for the right purpose, instead of a monument to my ego. Your milage may vary.

    • pretty much what I put in a post above. our elites have been screeching “over-population! ” . for decades , I hope that they have not actually started to do something about it

  38. Sir, I have enjoyed your content and podcast more and more over the last year. You really should be “Tucker” in a perfect world but we all know that isn’t really possible anymore. The audience definitely left the theater for Fox News but, as you said, their billionaire NeoCon slant will always allow them to present themselves as the televised voice of Conservatives.
    As for curfews and lockdown culture, I live (as you do) in one of America’s extremely enriched diverse cities, so prison culture and hip hop culture has always been extremely in-your-face for me. But even this time last year I would every once in a while wander out on the streets at 2 or 3 in morning and have a beer with my local barkeep in the dead of night just for the sake of it. Conversation, etc. That is over. I rarely venture more than a few blocks from my house now and I never go outside at night. You would simply have to have no regard at all for your well-being to do so anymore. I think that will change back to the way it was. We can’t all live like this forever or else there truly is no reason to live in large cities anymore.
    My only prediction is that we are obviously going to be focused on Syria and Iran and some kind of simmering conflict there, since our entire government is now oriented toward nothing but Swamp Topics, i.e. the Middle East. I will demur from expounding on that in more detail since I am sure your readership gets which Nation-Is-Really-First now that America First has been eviscerated as a political movement.
    I look forward to your podcast every Friday. Happy New Year. May 2021 be a great year for you and all of us in your audience.

    • Besides 2003, when my wife moved in with her boyfriend, this has been my worse year. Which is interesting, because in terms of scope and uniqueness, 2020 should have been worse.

      Goes to show you how evil no-fault divorce is,, I suppose!

      • Oddly enough, from a strictly personal standpoint, this hasn’t been a terrible year for me. I’ve certainly had worse–1977, 1983, and 2006, for example. Hell, I actually hard harder times in 2019 than 2020. But, from a macro perspective, 2020 has been the worst year of my life, outstripping 1968 and 2001.

  39. “This has been an ugly year, made uglier by the thought that things will probably get worse.”

    You’ll hit a home run with this prediction.

    Would anyone else agree that even this “ugly year” was predictable? Maybe not specifically for 2020 or COVID per se, but the fact that mainstream Americans have been systematically softened by their meds, their “education” and addiction to 7/24 propaganda. Seems that mainstream America is begging for totalitarianism, as long as their dear-leader wears the appropriate Red or Blue uniform.

    Weren’t eventual lockdowns, governmental fatwas, and woke-insanity baked in the democracy cake, long before we heard of COVID? Ours is not the generation of WW1, or the Depression, or WW2, or even Vietnam. Ours is the generation that is confused by the male/female binary and the mask-erade. When the sentence begins with “Experts say …” the majority of Americans go weak in the knees. Could we be any more obtuse? More gullible?

    How can things NOT get uglier in a vast land mass that used to be a Republic yet is no longer united, with no common morality to unite them?

    “The future belongs to our side.” That’s another home run prediction. Truth and reality always prevails.

    • Z has brought this up too, but the credit shocks from late 2019 were never resolved. The Fed and Congress continue to paper over horrible financial faults in the current system. I’d say that a reckoning is coming in that space, but this is just more furious plate spinning from the 2008 dustup so who knows.

    • Truth and reality always prevails.

      In the 5000 or 7500 years of recorded human history, “Truth” almost never prevails – the deification of Truth Itself was the signature accomplishment of Christianity – the concept is utterly unknown to all the other races and their religions in recorded human history.

      Reality, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to give much of a damn one way or the other.

      And Reality sure as hell isn’t laboring under any requirement [not even a fig leaf of a pretense of a requirement] to play by the Marquess of Queensberry Rules.

      • Why the quibble? Truth is analogous to gravity being measured at 32.2 ft per square second. Reality is what happens when you jump from a plane without a parachute. History teaches the observant man that both are self-attesting.

    • If this was 1960 instead of 2020 – what would have happened if we locked down like this? I feel society was more resilient back then that we could adapt and it wouldn’t be as corrosive.

      • Agreed. There wouldn’t have been a culture of fear because the susceptibility to propaganda was much less, and the populace was literate and productive. And most importantly, we were predominately one-people of Euro-whites, united by culture, tradition, and morals.

  40. The toughest thing about Kung Flu predictions is that sane people are very bad at predicting the behavior of the truly insane. You assume some motive, some connections, some *anything* to tether it to reality…and it never comes. I remember a buddy in college who started dating a borderline. This is like that. The look in that dude’s eyes when he realized that *nothing* was off the table — she could, and would, do absolutely *anything* — was probably my most beneficial lesson from undergrad.

      • The ones you date always are. That’s how they suck you in. The ugly ones are just coworkers who ambush you with trumped up workplace harassment complaints.

        • Lol, I wonder how the “muh harassment” attention whores are going to adapt to the New Normal where all the white collar guys they want to claim harassed her are Work From Home?

    • Perhaps an unintentional allusion, but yes, the type of crazy we’re experiencing is like living inside a woman’s head

      at least now we got an idea of how their brains work,

      throw in some ((())) paranoia and black superstition and we also get a hint as to what it is like inside of their heads.

      in sum, 2020 was the year that women, blacks and ((())) came into one to fashion a world made in their image.

      • We passed the tipping point.

        Everything, be it government, population, neighborhood, schools, churches, has one.

        Once the non-white, non-male population size grows, and power increases, that particular thing inevitably turns to shit. The usa and maybe the world is now past that stage.

      • in sum, 2020 was the year that women, blacks and ((())) came into one to fashion a world made in their image

        It’s difficult to misunderestimate the terrifyingly awesome fury of the Frankfurt School’s vast seething army of Stepford Karens.

        Either White men accept the challenge, and b!tch slap those battlecunts back into cages, or else the White race is gonna be in heap big doo-doo [to borrow a phrase from the Bush Family Crime Syndicate].

        As they used to say au Chateau, it’s just one great big giant psycho-sociological meta-shit-test.

        And so far, White men are failing it miserably.

    • borderline… he realized that *nothing* was off the table – she could, and would, do absolutely *anything*

      As we used to say au Chateau, the male equivalent of the Alpha Widow is the Borderline Widower.

      Once you’ve had rage sex with a Borderline, you can never go back to normal chicks – they’re like cold hard rubber sex dolls by comparison.

      • That was certainly the case here. This dude was messed up for *years* over it. It was then that I finally understood the wisdom my grandfather told me, back when I was a wee lad: “Never stick your dick in crazy.”

        The funny thing was, there was a group of five or six of us she hung around with. The realization hit me one day – it really could’ve been any one of us. Borderlines are a disease. The fact that she caught Gary, rather than Tim or Steve or me, was almost completely coincidental. This incident also gave me a much greater appreciation of life’s randomness.

      • Captain Obvious, glad to see you brother. I recognize that writing style anywhere. Where else you hanging your hate these days besides Z-Man’s house? Dunno where all the Chateau refuges finally landed after the Great Purge.

        Apex Predator AKA Jay in DC

    • Ah yes, dating the crazy bitch It’s a rockin’ song by Buckcherry, but the reality is at first attractive and fascinating, but as you note, you rapidly see that moderation and judgment are either tossed out the window or never present to begin with. Hurts to say it, but if you find yourself in an elective relationship (not merely but especially romance) with the seriously mentally ill, extricate yourself as soon as possible.
      Here’s an excellent article on the species:

    • My ex was borderline. I can speak to the great sex. But when that slowed down, it was not worth it anymore.

    • how much of BPD is an actual mental disorder and how much of it is another word for “fu–king asshole”.

    • they are the worst ones . there is some type of evolutionary adaption to the illness . it’s like their subconscious mind knows they are crazy, so it makes them copalite like a wild animal . Thier only way of keeping a mate arround.

  41. I had a premonition in the fall of 2019 that something bad was going to happen late winter early spring 2020. I was sure it was going to be world wide and very bad. I told others about it and they remember me telling them. Kind of scary.

    • Oh please. Anyone that didn’t know we were headed for disaster had their head buried in the sand. It was just a method and the scale that was a mystery

    • I feel that the time period from September 2019 to the present was one big op. The impeachment was one thing. It seems that COVID thing became an issue not long after the Trump acquittal. The riots happened after it seemed like the lockdown was getting lifted.

      I assumed all or most restrictions would end once the riots started but it seemed like they were able to fool us into wearing our masks and what not. School still being closed is what I find to be most aggravating. Like how are kids going to learn?

  42. 2020 has surely been one for the record books and I don’t look fondly towards this soon to be new year. One thing I will say is I don’t think this election hoax/fraud is an absolute done deal. More and more s*** is oozing out and this next week or two may tell the tale. No matter how it finally falls out, there are going to be tens of millions of pissed off people. As Z has said we may look back on this past year as not so bad after all.

    • The thing is hardly anybody in power wants to do anything about it. I’m guessing it’ll come down to civil unrest forcing the military to pick a side.

    • The events of 2020 haven’t been that bad, it’s our sheep-le reaction to them that has been stunning.

      WWII…Bad. WWI + pandemic….bad. Great Depression, really, really bad.

      • True enough. It irritates the hell out of me when this or that problem or situation is blamed on the “pandemic”. No, it’s not the pandemic/scamdemic, it’s the hysterical overreaction to it by a large swath of the general population and the planned overreaction by our ruling mediocrities. So I’d say at least in most of our lifetimes, this year has been fairly bad – maybe depressing is a better word – and not likely to improve when we say adios to 2020. But hey the market is up so what the heck…

        • True. Ironically, it’s closest analogy is also from medicine. When someone is massively allergic to something (let’s say nuts), upon contact, the nuts themselves do not kill the person. The person’s own body has a massive overreaction and sends them into anaphylactic shock. That sums up this whole covid response.

    • The situation reminds me of the mexican tortilla riots of ‘07.

      We now have such a large chunk of the population that is completely reliant upon government intervention – the same government intervention that causes the people to suffer such a fragile and dependent subsistence life. This, I fear, is the new normal the cloud is marketing.

      “Green” ideas spawned in ivory towers to line their pockets with rent and fees and arbitrage and jobs for their purple haired lezspawn flap their butterfly wings and the price of tortillas in Mexico go up by 50%.

      The “people” are pissed. They riot. Demand relief from the same “government” that invented the problem.

      But they have neither purchase power nor recourse to begin with; they are already living on lard and cornmeal.

      A polar bear in hudson bay is saved by ethanol poured into an suv in Phoenix. Private school girls in San Francisco rejoice, but more must be done! Suddenly and for reasons too sacred to dissect, ten million mexicans go hungry because tortillas are too expensive.

      The people are pissed. Government cares. Freezes cost of tortillas. The people sigh relief.

      Now doctor death is peering in your nannas window every night. So until there are no “cases” we are all in this together. People are pissed. About $600 vs $2000. About indoor vs outdoor dining. The crumbs from the table are bitter.

      Then sacred votes evaporate overnight. People are pissed. Now more must be done because reasons. Or else polar bears drown and wuhan v3.0 will be worse. Meanwhile stox go up and the drive thru at mcds is around the block.

      I agree. When tptb tell is the dark winter is coming its the most honest thing to come out of 2020.

    • Flagrant fraud from the election, even worse than what is already found, will be unraveled sometime in the future, but well after Biden is sworn in.
      Then our enemies will just point and laugh at us.
      The time for ballot-box reform is over.

    • I welcome the exposure of the fraud, but I doubt any change will occur. None-the-less, normie gets a bit more “woke”—our type of woke that is.

    • And the swearing in of our dementia patient President with his venal sidekick waiting in the wings with a pillow. Don’t forget them.

        • Transcript:

          “Listen, you dog-faced pony soldier, I do solmenally swear that I will faithfully, well, you know how it goes, the office of Senator, er, President of the United States … what? I know the words! Do you want to fight about it? I’ll wrestle you right here! To the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend like I stood up against Corn Pop. Did I ever tell you about Corn Pop? They all used to touch my leg hairs. I’ll show you my leg hairs — the Constitution of the United States. Hallelujah! Come here, little girl. You stand right next to me for the photo op, that’s right. What a pretty girl….”

        • Roberts is going to have to administer the oath one word at a time.

          With Barry Soebarkah in 2009, Roberts was so excited to be in the presence of a fellow sodomite that he completely botched the oath, and later that afternoon, they had to perform a second take, in the White House, in order to get it right.

          Or at least that’s what they claimed they did.

      • our dementia patient President with his venal sidekick

        It’s the husband, (((Doug Emhoff))), who will oversee Holodomor the Sequel.


    • No one with influence of any political persuasion has said anything about wrapping up this covid nonsense. Thats what is scary to me. There is no mainstream discussion of an end

      • if Gavin newsome is recalled, that will end it I think. But that has months to play out.

        but I think there will be increasingly too much public pressure on Fauci and government to end this nonsense.

        • We’re a minority. A really small minority. People are happy in their prisons they want more of it. In real life even amongst the conservatives I know they have in some part bought into this nonsense. I only know one other person that thinks like me

          • In real life even amongst the conservatives I know they have in some part bought into this nonsense.

            I’m amazed and disappointed how many 40-50 something engineering-types I work with have fallen for this mess hook, line, and sinker.

          • People are happy in their prisons ….”
            There is nothing good about any of this, as my sister says. But I think you overstate how many buy into the bullshit.
            For the past two weeks I’ve traveled up through the central plains states, and now across the the Northwest to over the continental divide. I’ve traveled interstate and back highway, through small cities, towns and forgotten hamlets. I’ve shopped, and visited. I can assure you, well less than half the people I see out shopping, eating and socializing are wearing the badge of belief and compliance.
            In the medium-sized city I’m now visiting, perhaps 1/4 to 1/3 of people in large stores are masked up. In the smaller stores, less than that.
            It’s easy to fall into blackness and despair. And that darkness is corrosive, and contagious. Better to prepare, remain calm, and await opportunities for action.

        • if Gavin newsome is recalled, that will end it I think.

          How do the voters recall Newsome if the CIA’s Scytel Subsidiary’s Dominion System’s software counts the votes?

          The CIA will do precisely the same thing for Newsome that they did for Biden – dial up a fake victory for him.

          [Unless the CIA were to break with its Frankfurt School masters and decide to end the fake pandemic themselves, but I can’t imagine the Frankfurt School losing control of the CIA.]

        • My wife hated Trump and would not vote for either Trump or Biden. But she is a CPA and the accountant in her abhors all the funny business surrounding the election. She has been on top of all the twists and turns in the election. I used to not even bring up the issue of wearing masks for the virus. Now she even thinks the virus is BS.
          She is now getting people to sign Recall Newsom petitions.
          Unfortunately, we might at best get another Schwarzenegger like we did when Gay Davis was recalled.

      • Light at the end of the tunnel, or an oncoming freight train? Optimistically, we are halfway through the pandemic.

    • I’ve been called a conspiracy nut many times. People are not so quick to dismiss me now. I continue to present the facts in a calm and rational manner.

      • I’ve noticed that too. All the people who thought I was crazy (even family) now look at me a tad different. They don’t think of me as Nostradamus mind you, but they ain’t so quick to wave their hand and laugh.

    • Well, that, and not much can happen with the entire country under lockdown. Making predictions would be like publishing a newspaper on the moon. How much could you possibly have to say?

    • Yeah “World War from President Scrambled Brains while the last of the great world empires shoots up on drugs” isn’t all that great from even a click-bait perspective.

    • At the start of the US Civil War, no one predicted the extent and severity of the carnage that was to follow. Ditto for WWI. When things go hot, the Elites want the peons to slaughter each other, significantly reduce the numbers of Alpha males, and grow weary of war. This leads to sheeple passivity and easy implementation of tyranny. That is their game, but we don’t have to play along.

        • Our side doesn’t need half. You only need numbers if you believe that you can talk or vote your way out of the mess we’re in. The overt presidential election theft should convince you that voting is a fools errand. The number of really bad guys causing this mess is few, so the remedy only requires a few good men.

  43. One thing is for sure. Things have become so stressful, people have forgotten about other things to worry about. How many times do we wake up in the middle of the night and worry about some aspect of current affairs?
    Here’s a prediction: alcohol sales will be brisk in the coming year.

    • Things have become so stressful, people have forgotten about other things to worry about.

      Like mass migration?

      How very conventient.

        • In Denmark, the lockdowns were temporarily rescinded during Ramadan. I’m quite certain the same will be the case next year, so we’ll have a month of summer freedom to look forward to.

          Eat your heart out if your country is not enriched mohammadanically!

          • It breaks my heart to see a place like Malmö ( large swaths of it, anyway) turned into a middle eastern slum in less than a generation.

          • do you think the mohamedans will stay there once the gimmes run out? fuck no they won’t. they aren’t complete idiots.

          • Agree. They hate it here, and if not for the freebies they’d be home in Kebabistan in a shot.

            That’s why I always insist that Mohammadanism is a feature, not a bug when it comes to mass immigration: they aggressively self-segregate, there are no nice pool boys, wonderful nannies or cheap roofers to miss, nobody has a charming Mohammadan cousin or in-law, everybody will cheer when they leave.

          • I’ve told this story many times; A few years ago I took a cab from Göteborg central station to my cousin’s house in Mölnlycke- the driver was an Iraqi, who told me, in broken Swedish, how much Sweden sucked. I thought, well, go home. And I was bemused by the fact that I spoke better Swedish than he did, and I’ve never lived there.
            Felix: have you seen the Swedish show “Kalifet”? I deals with middle eastern immigration, and what Derbyshire calls ‘absimilation’ in a way that I thought was forbidden.

          • In “America” the same thing has happened to many cities, Detroit chief among them. Once marvelous white locales have been Negrified and destroyed. No better than the Sand Hutus and Malmo.

          • kind of takes awhile to adapt to northern european winters. only reason new england didn’t have slaves, is the nigs couldn’t take the winters there.

          • Ha!

            Reminds me of a guy I worked with as a college kid way back in the early 80s. Stan was an older guy with a bunch of stories – most of which revolved around his time in the Army.

            He served his time out in the infantry and spent a number of years stationed in Germany – a lot of which apparently was spent freezing his butt off on maneuvers in the Fulda Gap region during the winter.

            I will never forget him saying how the “brothers” couldn’t stand the cold – and would walk around with 3 of those snorkel parkas on just to try and keep warm. It still cracks me up to this day just thinking about it.

      • immigration was shut down by covid. people are not worried about sports for example. no one i talk to anyway.

    • Alcohol sales will be brisk, and ammo will get harder to find. If the dollar collapses, then our currency will be a mixture of alcohol, ammo, and toilet paper rolls.

      • Ammo is gone already. You have to be on the lookout for reloading supplies. It’s unreal.

        Word to the wise: stock up on home winemaking supplies. Plant the orchard and the vineyard. Learn how to culture yeast.

        • that advice applies to those with land, in a temperate climate. to every one else, get a hydro setup in your basement.

      • I’ve never seen anything like it (ammo). What the heck do Americans think they’re going to do with all that ammo, exactly?

          • Kind of self fulfilling, but because of anticipated future restrictions. Either, as painter said, due to Californication, or if the forever wars expand again, another GWOT market tightening (dod bought up a couple billion rounds a year in 2003-2015 for the Sandbox, put a big squeeze on civilians market). As stated, shopping for ammo supplies has been like buying meat in a soviet store: if you can even find it, it is marked up 500%, rationed, and probably not what you were looking for.

          • No gun nut here (just an old .38 and box of ammo collecting dust in the closet)….Ammo may not be readily tradeable in normal times, but it does have shelf life of decades…

        • They think they are going to fight for their freedom in some kind of Red Dawn fantasy. They are too obese to engage in any strenuous military action. Their opponents are green-haired freaks domiciled in urban basements. The firearms will be useful for home defense but if you think there is a realistic chance you will need them for this, perhaps you should relocate. Anyways, buying a firearm allows one to think they’ve done their part. Widespread ownership of firearms does have a deterrent effect similar to MAD.

          • The green haired freaks aren’t the issue.

            The globohomo soldiers are “diverse” people in the military uniform. A black / mexican / arab would shoot a non-compliant white on sight – and with pleasure. They fantasize about it now, it’s just semi illegal.

            However, its still better to be armed than unarmed. Read turner diaries, which I believe gives an accurate depiction of the state of the “diverse” jackboot military.

          • The real problem are the woke, PC Bro-type whites in the military.

            There are more of them around than any of us would like to believe.

          • Not enough PC bros and not enough disloyal diverse to rise to the level of concern.

            The losers and the cowards are the common people, whites more than most, and I’m white.

            We can’t help you if you won’t help yourselves.

          • When these losers were deployed to the border by the orange tough guy, they whined about having to eat MREs when there was a Jack in the Box in town. They are fuckups.

          • You were there?
            I was not, I was somewhere else.
            So where were you?

            But if they’re such fuckups, why the worry about Jackboots?

            Truth is the precious people got beat by Antifa and noggers. Not the Army, not the Police. Nearly none stood against them. Where were the riots over Kyle Rittenhouse? Where were the counter-protest riots?
            Where are they now?
            Don’t blame others, others under draconian discipline, with Draconian consequences for the country’s failure, for the people’s failure, for white’s failure [I’m white].
            99.999% of you would be completely done if there was a threat to your job.
            Those under discipline are facing instant jail or worse for uttering smack talk. But of course they’re not talkers. Talk is nothing, annoying perhaps but nothing.
            Give the ‘losers’ a real leader, or a real people instead of sarcastic cringers on the internet and things may change.
            We’re not the enemy.
            We didn’t defeat you.
            You surrendered, America.
            What are we supposed to do for such people?

          • No, they’re not the issue except in Fantasy land.

            The issue is the People and their elected officials are cowards, so we can’t help you.
            This includes Coward in Chief, and yes he is.

          • No it’s the cops and military that people should fear. The illegal lock downs showed the cops will obey any order no matter how illegal as long as they get paid.And that should worry everyone.
            The military is well on it’s way to becoming a 3rd world para-military force for the elite to use as they see fit.They already seeded the officer corps with plenty of SJW types and now even occupy the inner ring in the Pentagon.
            No more Pattons, just creepy little men like Mattis and Kelly
            The good news is that most of the military is a now a welfare program for contractors. The bad news is that the DoD will probably employ thousands of Blackwater goons if things get spicy. They can do all the dirty work while the Pentagon just sits back.

          • I can’t tell you how many of the 3%/patriot types who simply cannot accept that the cops are not right wing and not on their side. The entire system of policing is designed to reject anyone who questions orders or questions enforcing the law and who is not a “team player”
            The cops will do what they are told. The police departments are also loaded with women and minorities, especially above the patrol level. Most of them are quota hires. They will do what they are told and make the foot soldiers below them do what they are told.
            Even if there are occasional cops who think more like us, those cops will do what they are told, they just won’t like it.
            Tommy Robinson is always saying how the cops were apologetic as they were taking him away in handcuffs and filing their arrest reports.

          • Then you’re finished, and should get off the internet before you rise to the level of the jackboots concern.
            This is like reverse-Q: there’s invisible jackboot armies coming to get you, the police and the military are woke…you’re doomed, you’re doomed !! 😀
            Nope, sorry. It wasn’t the police or the military morphing into the KGB.
            You’re just pussies, and you got beat by noggers and soyboys, and fat women at the election halls.

          • Ah, but this is not what happened.
            What happened was you were conquered by soyboys and joggers.
            True we did nothing.
            But how the Hell can we help such people as yourself?

        • Most of them like to shoot at gun clubs. You can really go through a lot of ammo shooting clays and stationary targets.

        • Guess you missed 2008 and 2012 ammo run, arms race really.

          There’s enough ammo.

          Esp while the guns are silent.

      • ammo will get harder to find

        At this point, is that even mathematically possible?

        And do I really want to know the answer to my first question?

        Sometime in the last day or two, I was reading a thread at Free Republic, and all the re-loaders were saying that the primers had already vanished from the supply chain six or nine months ago.

        • Can confirm re primers. And bullets. And powder. And black powder! And percussion caps!!! And if you want loaded factory 9/40/45, you better have your lipstick done and a short skirt, plus a wad of cash (to bribe the sales clerk, the bullets are at normal retail price).

    • When the Soviet Union collapsed, alcohol related deaths skyrocketed over the next decade.
      But we have Oxy, Fentanyl and dope.

      From the CDC
      Over 81,000 drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States in the 12 months ending in May 2020,”
      That’s a small city. It’s mostly opioids and mostly white.

  44. This year has been strange in many ways, but one bit of weirdness that has gone unnoticed is the paucity of predictions for the coming year.

    Hmm… Yes, same in Denmark. Good catch.

    We’re in uncharted territory now.

    • My exhilaration is tempered by the near-certainty it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

      • Yes, but worse for whom? Those who are unprepared for bad days will certainly have it worse, but those who are prepared should be more or less just fine. Of course it is those who are unprepared for bad days who stand in the way of change, so one they are prepared (or dead), change will come. If you’re prepared, life is finally looking good.

        • Drew, that sounds a bit smug, and you are wrong. Being prepared; a survivalist, homesteader style, will not help you in the long term unless we beat these people and don’t allow them to rule over us. Study up on the Great Reset; the plan is for your land and your belongings to be confiscated, then you’ll be moved off to a stack and pack in an urban location. This is their plan, look it up. As for me, I am prepared, been preparing for years, but I see what is on the horizon. Losing to these monsters isn’t an option.

        • It isn’t going to be like what you saw in the movies. You will not be the grizzled Survivor with the trendy beard fuzz and the perfect coif.
          Life is looking good, eh? The gods punish that kind of hubris harshly. Better re-evaluate your preps, Prepper.

      • And a happy new year to you too, Ganderson.

        Be duly warned: I’m in 2021 now and it’s still raining suck, so brace yourself.

    • Felix , the scariest part of where we are now is that someone has the power to lockdown the whole world . Africa, south and central America, and other countries are destroying their economies in ways that will cause unimagined human suffering .

      • Yes. It’s the global coordination that gets to me, the enormous extend of the collusion to enslave us and the blindness of my fellow men. No wonder our overlords despise us: they don’t even have to make an effort when they lie, the public will swallow anything, in fact, they’ll enthusiastically embrace their slavery.

        Now we know what it was like to live in the Soviet Union and why so many people loved Stalin, what it was like to hear your neighbor quote Pravda to you with bright-eyed zeal and total belief.

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