The 2021 Predictions

Despite the uncertainty of the age, it is worth the time to think about what monsters are waiting for us in the new year. With The Pretender being installed in the White House, there will be new challenges on the political front. The people in charge will have a new bag of tricks to distract people from what they are doing. The media will now have to transform from their Trump hating to making Biden sound good. The world will look a lot different in just a few months.

The first thing the omens are tell us is the murder rate in Baltimore and other diverse cities will take off in 2021. An odd thing about Lagos on the Chesapeake is that the murder rate is much higher in odd number years. The locals seem to hate prime numbers for some reason. The number of murders for 2020 was higher than typical for even numbered years, which suggest we are seeing an upswing. This will be the year Baltimore becomes Bodymore Murderland again…

The Covidians will not back down. There will be reports of “vaccinated people” getting Covid and that will be enough to keep the panic rolling. Covid has now replaced climate change as the left-wing religion of fear. They need to feel they are part of a holy cause to give purpose to their lives. Some politicians will try to ratchet back the fear mongering, but they have unleashed forces they cannot control. Mask wearing and other gestures are now the uniform of the enlightened…

Retail economic pain will become obvious to everyone, as the damage done from the lockdowns starts to cut deep into local economies. The media will work hard to ignore it, because they will be running cover for The Pretender, but more and more people will start noticing the long lines at food banks and the shuttered businesses. The reality of two Americas will become more obvious and begin to creep into political conversations, especially on the fringes where taboo topics are allowed…

Joe Biden will be forced to resign by Labor Day. Starting in the spring, stories about his mental decline with start to turn up in the official media. His handlers will let him flail around in public, prepping the public for his eventual removal. Behind the scenes, the deal for him to resign will include his family getting a pass on their crimes. The Hunter Biden investigation will be broomed and that will pave the way for him to pass the baton to the new generation of vibrant leaders…

Trump will quickly fade from the scene. He will keep making noises, but his audience will dwindle quickly in 2021. One reason is he has fallen for the wrong advice at every turn, so there is no reason to think he changes now. He will be told that former presidents go away for a year and he’ll do it. Instead of holding a rally on inauguration day, which he has hinted at a few times, he will play his role in Biden’s inauguration show and say all the things he is told to say.

There’s also the fact that his fanbase is ready to move on from Trump. For many people who held their nose and voted for Trump in 2020, they started out hoping for a reformer, but ended up hoping for a revolutionary. Trump was neither of those. He was just an opportunist who rode popular discontent to office, but never really understood what was happening in the country. It was just another deal. The movement he started is ready to outgrow him now. He came in like a lion and will go out like a lamb…

This is the year we start to see some highbrow establishment characters embrace the populist cause, as they look for a way to remain relevant. The departure of Trump from the scene gives them cover to shed their old skin in favor of a new one. You can see this in the second rung of the commentariat. They are starting to talk about trade, the plight of the working and middle-class and even corporate abuse. They will take great care to avoid the demographic issues that drive most of this…

Once the pieces are on the board in Washington and a new round of looting can begin, look for the Republicans to work hard to share the blame for the coming economic troubles with the Democrats. The sinking of the Covid money by turtle man was a preview of what we can expect. Money for friends of government will sail right through, but things popular with the public will be blocked by whichever party did not promise it to their voters. It will be a game of bad cop – worse cop…

Expect the Republicans to make another push for amnesty in 2021. The cheap labor lobbies are salivating at the prospect of unlimited cheap labor. The GOP brain-trust is convinced that they can remove the troublesome immigration issue for good by pushing through an amnesty and expanded foreign worker visas. That way they never have to pretend to care about illegal immigration again, since they have effectively made all immigration legal. They are really that stupid…

Finally, we begin to see a changing of the guard in the dissident space. The old sort of white identity politics that started in the last century will continue to fade away. Similarly, the race aware civic nationalism of the previous generation will give way to a new class-demographic sensibility on the Right. This will be most obvious among the younger generation of activists. Their takeaway from the Trump years is that the system and the elites running it are the core problem.

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413 thoughts on “The 2021 Predictions

  1. Will pit bull Andrew Weismann be AG for Biden? Did Trump not choose his own aggressive AG because he was just pretending to take down the deep state?

  2. I ended up watching a few highlights of the Trump 2016 primary debates

    Rubio was bashing Cuba for jailing dissidents. Cuba this Cuba that. He was all fired up. I don’t believe he has said a word about the treatment of people like Rittenhouse. Or the double standards of cops letting antifa get away with destruction

    oh but bring up Cuba, and he gets all bent out of shape

  3. Biden will be confirmed POTUS.
    I predict that the alt right and rest of DR and Reaction will lose it’s shit on Jan 6, but Z will maintain course.
    So I can endorse Z man maintaining course.
    I might even start paying again, if I can get out from under bills.

  4. I predict in 4 days much of DR and AltR and reaction disappears when January 6 rolls in and Biden is certified. Vox will be institutionalized, Charlton will continue his journey as Ghostbusters Occult Malachi Martin Catholicism , most of the kids will disappear and get on with life, some will go Nazbol.

    I also predict that the people will not behave as expected in some way, they just saw their actual government for the first time.

    Z will maintain course.

    • Trump is such a big personality that people find it hard to believe he will simply disappear from the stage. It can t be over ? Can it?

      I get it why people think he’s going to prevail. It seem cosmically incongruous that he’s not going to be with us anymore. And it seems equally incongruous that Biden is his replacement.

      My heart says he’ll prevail. My head says the casting director and executive producers have made their decision. Biden is the new Bond.

    • Kinda humorous that in a market economy where guessing right on social trends could translate into $$$ in one’s pocket that everyone aspires to be a prognosticator

  5. Off comment, but thank goodness we have sensible Vizzinis and SamlAdamses to answer the sensible Compsci’s “what is the endgame?”

    My personal problem is that every face is a map of 10,000 years of lineage; I hear nothing but echoes. Makes it kind of hard to focus on the transient present- but dang, ya gotta eat, like, today.

    As a complement our Z-host, I offer Kunstler:

    Thanks for the discussions, all. What a great way to start the Year of Our Discontent.

    • Excellent article. I especially liked this line: ‘For the first time in decades Americans are going to have to pull their own weight and shut the fuck up about it.’ Lol. Lord make it so.
      His list of political predictions: Yes!
      His list of economic predictions: Yikes!
      Unfortunately I think we’ll get most of the economic carnage and none of the political satisfaction.

    • Good stuff, thanks!

      The arrogance of what we generically (and often incorrectly) term the “Left” is about to run smack dab into unblinking reality. Look for the real looting to accelerate as the Davos set foolishly thinks the helicopters will transport them from their hotel rooftops before the housing market craters and takes out the financial sector.

      It will be lit AF, and this guy, while wrong about many of the details, is spot on about the macro picture. The actual reset, not the ridiculous cosplay one pushed in Switzerland, will shake out in ways very painful for us but ultimately will accrue to our benefit. Surviving it should be everyone’s main focus.

      I know Exile could be monomaniacal at times but he offered solid, crucial and often brilliant advice. Distance yourselves from urban centers and be close to fresh water and food. Those are about to become essential parts of survival. Want to do something smart and productive today? Fill some milk jugs with municipal water. Buy some canned food products. Top off your propane tanks.

  6. Zman the podcast show on Fridays comes back next week right? January 8th? Definitely have missed it and look forward to it coming back.

    • We have to move past thinking in terms of Rule of Law. If these guys get a state acquittal, the feds will prosecute and their conviction will be assured.

      This is a police state now, a complete one, and needs to be treated as such.

  7. actually traitor GOP is smarter than average, they see that others can’t
    sinking ship, nation and tribes are defeated
    It’s time to sell out their people when they can
    most defeated people and nation are don’t know they are defeated until the crucial moment

    2021 will be the same as 2020
    The Jew is being a Jew, white elite busy to ass licking Jew, Burn Looting murder the White America continues
    the difference is now last election shows reality of white men, a despised minority

  8. Z, looks like Baltimore is going to get some tough competition in 2021 from Delta City:

    • Chicago Teachers Union Big Shot Says Unsafe To Teach Live… From Her Pool Side In Puerto Rico | ZeroHedge

      On average, they’re not having any children.

      So whilst they are all busying themselves with the self-extinction project, you just keep thrusting WHITE BUNZ -> WHITE OVENZ.

      To quote the j00, (((Mark Steyn))), the future belongs to the people who show up for it.

      • OK, reality check for the insanely anti-Semite—you!

        Mark Steyn was born and raised Catholic and was confirmed in the Anglican Church. Please try to get a grip on yourself, or post in another forum where folk are as stupid as yourself.

        • OK, reality check for the insanely anti-Semite—you! Mark Steyn was born and raised Catholic and was confirmed in the Anglican Church. Please try to get a grip on yourself, or post in another forum where folk are as stupid as yourself.

          Who the hell are you, (((Mencius Moldbug)))?


  9. Quite solid.

    To add a bit, the housing collapse near the end of 2021 will be lit AF and quite destabilizing. As you pointed out, the full impact of the lockdowns have not hit yet but will be quite apparent by the late second quarter. Someone I trust has predicted what is coming will make the 2007/2008 crash almost look small by comparison. The likely response will be printing more money to prop up the banks holding the notes. I think the US still isn’t facing immediate loss of the dollar’s reserve currency status but the fat lady is in the building.

    Closely related to the above, civil unrest will be off the charts as soon as it gets warm. This will not be, for the most part, astroturfed and directly related to the economic decline. If you are still in a urban area, GTFO. Antifa and BLM may have to engage in spectacular attacks if their handlers want to divert attention from the American Yellow Vests.

    Agreed about the GOP, but the economic collapse may slow the Democrats a bit with the open borders stuff. Biden already has dialed back some, likely because he has gotten word the economy is in SHTF territory.

    You are absolutely correct about the lockdowns. The only actual political tension will be over bailing out blue cities and states. I can see the Republicans actually winning that one because they want the money to go to the military/industrial complex.

    Trump may never admit it, but not sitting in the Oval Office in six or seven months may be the best thing to ever happen to him. People will have nostalgia for 2020 by the Fourth.

    • Trudeau has done the opposite, he’s ramping up immigration to record high levels of over 400,000 per year.

      I wish displaced white people would get mad instead of throwing their life away on drugs and becoming homeless (homeless crisis is developing in major cities here).

      • Is the homelessness outside the major cities, too? That is one thing that has really shocked me here, homelessness happening in suburbia and even rural areas.

        • I haven’t seen them in the suburbs. They congregate mostly in the urban centers of cities. Toronto has a big problem but they’re increasing in numbers in many second tier cities.

          It’s also not uncommon to see some whigger stumbling around high on dope in smaller towns these days. Probably on the way down. Generally once they get homeless they go to a city.

          • Thanks. I shop in a small city about thirty miles from a major city. There are new homeless each weekend panhandling in the parking lot.

    • Worse if President Trump decides the only way to keep his skin is to reverse the election mess and he succeeds a and if Lin Woods isn’t full of B.S. and he goes to “arrest them all” mode as Woods is claiming, every problem will be laid on his door.
      They are not all his fault but President Trump while I admire him in many ways and voted for him makes me think of the Peter Principle. He’s promoted a full degree about his capacity. He shoudl have been a small state governor
      In fairness no one can handle the amount of upcoming chaos not even the Great Reset Kooks who have yet to understand Hayek’s Curios Task of Economics

      • It’s not happening. It literally did not matter how many votes Trump received, the State was not going to allow him to remain in the White House. I knew that before the election and it is obvious now.

        Lin Wood puzzles me. I think he intends to destroy Biden/D.C. and actually is doing a good job.

      • Most here are now discounting Trump’s chances but I don’t think we should until the 6th. Even the mainstream news is now doing stories on the GOP plans to contest the election and block the electors on the 6th. Trump’s ego is certainly big enough for him to think doing one last “crazy” thing beats dying in a prison cell. We’ll know soon.

  10. Expect hall monitor passes to progress from proof of vaccine all the way to total social standing, in order to interact financially and socially with the rest of society. Eventually world-wide. But this will take longer than 2021, unless strong new bogeymen are rolled out.
    Next couple of weeks will be interesting as there is still a chance DJT will not budge.
    If Joe and Heels Up take over, who will be VP when Joe goes to bed? May be of small consequence but is a curiosity.

    • I think I know what you mean. Things have gotten way too “feminized” resulting in women acting like men and men being pussies.

    • Our society is motivated only by its fear today. This is what happens when the female perspective is applied to everything. The desire to avoid all traces of risk eventually leads only to paralysis and death. Ironic given that the purpose of fear was to preserve life by motivating constructive action.

    • Well somebody has to take charge when “pricks” (excuse the vulgarity, just using your synedoche technique) fail to assume leadership and responsibility. Things are too “feminized” and the “female perspective is applied to everything?” Gee, why is that? Read Barbara Ehrenreich’s book The Hearts of Men about the male revolt starting in the 50s/60s. Women didn’t start the fire, they are just trying to survive the consequences.
      40% of families(and rising) are now headed by a single woman, and of those only 43.5% receive any kind of (minimal) child support . If things go on at this rate, we will undoubtably be looking at communal alternatives to the nuclear family or a complete (civilizational) collapse in the birth rate.
      The data show that many women would like to have children, but there aren’t enough males who are willing (or able) to commit, and to try to raise a family on their own is simply too difficult in today’s economy.

  11. These predictions are a little disappointing and fail to capture the dizzying spiral into war, starvation, destruction, looting, burning, genocide and unrelenting chaos that lay ahead in 2021. The agents of horror that brought you 2020 have only just begun. President Biden has promised us a dark winter and his handlers will be delivering on that commitment.

    • Forewarned is forearmed. When a hurricane is approaching, the wise start boarding up windows and stockpile clean water and food stores. This is no different. Get out of the large liberal-run cities and find safe haven now, stock your larder, shed the fat and get fit, hone your contingency plans, etc. Act!

  12. Cameron Adkins, a 19 year old sophomore who is vice president of College Republicans at Columbia University says, “We should be attempting to expand our reaches, even if it does cost us some of the more traditional Republican voters. I guess I’m willing to lose as long as we’re doing the right thing.”

    One thing we can always count on as true in politics – Republicans, both now and in the future, will be cuckolds.

    • Well, their voter base ditching them is exactly what’s happening.

      The “halls of intelligentsia” on the “right” are cringe autistic principles conservatives jerking each other off about positions that nobody wants.

      The provincial conservative parties in canada are destroying themselves with the lockdowns too. Unless mass fraud occurs they will lose in a landslide next elections.

    • He’s gunning for a job at TPUSA (or Heritage/AEI/Cato/NRO.) He’s young enough to know better.

      • Of course they were. If you want to point to humiliation, then point to the women soldier—sans burka—mingling with the Taliban and giving them water. A women in control of a man would be the greatest humiliation in that photo.

  13. It seems highly unlikely that Trump will be leaving office on January 20th…He has the means to win “legally” with Pence not counting fraudulent electors, and the means to win, or enforce a new election without most of the fraud, through the military and the militia..i.e.very angry and well armed citizenry…Given that the globalist/commie party has promised to imprison him, where he would likely be murdered, and strip his family’s assets…I can’t see why he would ever allow China Joe and the Ho to enter office….

      • I’m with pyrrhus just because Trump can’t possibly be blind to his fate if he rolls over. The only alternative I can see is Trump hopping a jet to Israel but I doubt his ego can survive life in exile.

      • Pyrrus is right to expect Trump to be President for the next four years. Things seem to be snicking into place now with 11 (so far) GOP senators defying McConnell and demanding a special commission and 10-day vote audit (for which there is precedent), with state legislatures doing re-certifications in view of the findings. If that doesn’t work, Trump has other options, and may well exercise them. We’ll know more in about 96 hours.

    • I kind of wonder what the hardcore Q types will be like in late January or early February. Will they just give up on politics or will it be like the Dorothy Martin thing?

      Maybe they think there will be a secret unmasking in 2021 where the crown is rightfully restored to GEOTUS and if that doesn’t happen – some Qoomer, no doubt egged on by the FBI, tries to make the prophecy come true.

      • It is similar to the Seventh-day Adventists who kept resetting the world’s end with each missed prediction. The theory will be revised, with the Plan being cunningly delayed until all the goods on the Biden corruption become widespread knowledge or something another.

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  15. I was hearing about how Times Square is totally closed off. It’s been in the high 40s/low 50s all week in NY so it should be packed to the gills. Are Billy D and Cuomo really willing to pass on all the money that their city could be getting?

    • Do Blasio and Cuomo are still getting theirs and that is all they care about. If, after them, the deluge, that’s just fine with them. It is no doubt what their masters want.

      • I posted this at another blog, but i’ll excerpt it here:
        NYC has been utterly destroyed by the likes of mayor DeBlasio and governor Cuomo the Second.
        … I’ve done extensive walking from South Ferry up to Union Square, as well as walking through midtown east. I can report that the city is nearly empty, that Wall Street is populated by mostly homeless crazies and some construction workers ..nary a banker in sight. The restauranteurs I spoke to report an 85% decline in daily revenues, there is no traffic, and plenty of on street parking available.
        The restaurants don’t allow inside dining, but they’ve been allowed to set up outdoor dining which blocks the sidewalks, or takes up the first lane of the street next to the curb. Visually it looks like the shacks in any other third world S-hole.
        Tribeca, Soho and The West Village, usually full of young people and students, are desolate now; shops are closed, plywood and graffiti covers the windows and doors, even Washington Square park has been mostly abandoned.
        Uptown, on Lexington Ave in the 50s and 60s, there are shuttered hotels, closed movie theaters, empty office buildings, completely vacant apartment buildings. Grand Central Station, which I would travel through every day a decade ago, is an empty cavernous space.
        The Post Office reports that half a million people are having their mailed forwarded to their new abodes; apartment rents are dropping, co-op sales are plumetting.
        The subway no longer runs 24 hours a day, The trains don’t run as frequently, but it is kept clean. Nearly everybody is wearing face masks, they avoid me as I walk by maskless and unafraid…

  16. The murder rate in Lagos is a problem solving itself, from the perspective of our overlords.
    The dirt people gather in the fortress of the fossilized remains of 2020 dreaming of retribution for the ruins we are living in.

    According to the Babylon Bee (no longer considered satire) the dirt people are trading in their $600 guns for $2,000 guns. 2021 is going to be lit.

  17. We made it to the Future, folks!

    Big Sister

    Genetics Wars

    Google Youtube… by Disney(!)


    Twitterati Revolutions

    Space platforms

    Cannibis farmers

    Green Hive


    Big Screen

    Do ya really wanta go back to the ol’ outhouse? Happy New Year’s!

  18. Covid has now replaced climate change as the left-wing religion of fear. 

    But climate change legislation is going full speed while people are distracted. Bans on internal combustion engines, bans on gas heat in homes, poverty-creating home efficiency requirements. They are not letting this crisis go to waste.

    • Don’t these Green initiatives include mandatory energy efficiency assessments with the inspectors no doubt being SJWs drawn from the ranks of ANTIFA and BLM. I imagine going forward, the future recruits of our police departments will be drawn from the same talent pool.

    • I did see a fair amount of pushback from CA, when it was declared they could no longer have gas cooktops in their new builds. (There’s a business op for you renegade plumbers.)

  19. Predictions from y’all on when The Pretender will quit? Mine: May 20. That way, Harris can lead the Memorial Day festivities on May 31.

  20. The failure of the Yellow Vests movement is key to understanding the future, I believe. People forget how close it came to a revolution in France (Macron was ready to flee the Elysee Palace).

    Yet, the point is, ultimately it was crushed. No other country comes even close to having as potentially militant a population as France – yet they failed. And the French political process is rigged to stop political change.

    This indicates that things are just going to trundle on everywhere west of the Oder river. With one caveat – the very real possibility of a Meloni led coalition government in Italy. If that happens things could get interesting.

    • This is all true, and we can learn a lot from the French as they’re usually the first to throw the cobblestones when they perceive that the govt is screwing them. However the reason the yellow vest movement failed is because the French, like all western countries, including ours, is still satiated with all kinds of govt spending. Their budget on a percentage basis is practically as indebted as ours and nothing good will happen until these budgets are forced to crack through inflation. The yellow vest movement ended with another helping of welfare programs.

    • Every rebellion has a role for every type of participant. Some are best suited for the temper tantrum of a public march with screaming and placards. Others will turn their anger into property destruction, which mostly hurts the innocent but demands action nonetheless. Yet others will form into ad hoc militias and practice tactics in the deep woods. And a wise few will focus on the core problem and be creative. The first two types will keep the police very busy and distracted. And the militias will occupy the attention of the federal jackboots.

    • Points all taken but it wasn’t a complete failure. Macron rhetorically agreed to up the gibs for the middle class (this was a big point of contention and still hasn’t been enacted). The diesel tax was repealed. Macron’s mass migration policies have been curtailed (in fairness, he already had soured on them prior to the protests).

      But overall, yes. The Yellow Vests never found a way to make the ruling elite feel actual pain. That is the key, and realistically it has to be done in the economic arena. Like politicians here, Macron is an expensive whore for the ruling class and does what he is told.

      We need to look where to squeeze. I’m not a China destiny hawk–it is beset with many problems–but our political and economic leadership profit handsomely from the relationship. Find a way to create a real fissure between the countries, and it could be as simple as massive dockworker strikes.

  21. 2021 is a great year to be a dissident
    Opportunity abounds as long as you keep your head on a swivel and a finger to the wind.
    In my small part of the world where our herr leader has overplayed his hand, the amount of older millenial/genx awaking is giving me hope.
    Nature abhors the vacuum of leadership and virture we are seeing right now coming from the top. The crazies have truly overplayed their hand.
    Let everyone who has eyes see, ditch the mask and wear your dissident colors with honor.
    We get to bear witness to the global homos trying to direct course of one of the top 5 hoaxes in the history of mankind. We can’t waste this opportunity.
    Between the pretender and the knee pad hoe, We don’t need any water let the motherf’er burn!
    Happy New Year my friends!

  22. Me thinks you avoided the elephant in the room in your predictions post. As real pain descends upon the middle and lower classes of the actual citizens of the United States of America, rising anger will morph into tangible actions. And since the charade of voting has been revealed as cruel scam, politicians/pundits promising redemption at the ballot box will fall on deaf ears. Many people will start using their newly imposed “leisure” time for other forms of protest. And take it to the bank, the Federal Jackboots will over-react (hello Waco & Ruby Ridge redux) and that will pour fuel on the fire. Rocky road ahead. Happy New Year!

      • The time has come for hard truth to be spoken with clarity. We no longer have the luxury of endlessly debating trivialities and sleepwalking past the graveyard while sipping a latte. No rebellion was ever won from the couch or the keyboard. We were build to move and act. If you need to assuage your anxiety, go out back and chop a cord of wood. You’ll feel like a man again, and it’s never too late to start.

    • The two-tiered justice system is nothing more than a means of imposing tyranny on the narrative breachers.

    • Yes, the more I see, the more I’m thinking that you’re correct.

      Covert, small, do what you can. Sabotage. Lots of opportunities out there.

      To paraphrase your words: “time to shit or get knocked off the pot by a fucking 2×4”

      • The Soviet Union was ultimately brought down by a population that just quit supporting a corrupt system. They did this in ways small and large, some passive and some active; and all while pretending to be model citizens. It took them 80 years to get there, and tens of millions of dead bodies in the gulag, but they persisted nonetheless. I think it can be done much faster than that if people are given good training and guidance.

        • No- that is not what bought down the USSR. It was bought down by Reagan cutting the money off and Soviet leadership cutting loose the Warsaw pact, combined with Gorby blinking.
          the USSR at the end could not feed them through the winter.

          Or in short active leadership, not passive people bought down the USSR.

          • At the end of WWII, German tanks (although superior in design) were failing left and right because the slave labor that build them was intentionally doing poor workmanship. Now imagine an entire population doing that in some form or fashion. The Soviets lost their people in the wake of the 1930s purges, and that cancer finally brought them down in the early 90s.

          • TomA: I can’t give you an A in history. Sorry.
            Not on the USSR, not on Germany.
            Not on German tanks.
            BTW going through the purges and genocides in the hope of eventual exhaustion 60 years later isn’t an attractive or even viable option.
            Nor is being slave labor for anyone.
            JFC. Be a slave, just be a sneaking surly slave. You might even be a man again in 60 years if you survive.
            Jessus flocking christmas.

          • Whatever defects the German tanks had, you know what machine you wanted to be in at a confrontation with a Sherman, or four Shermans.

          • Most of the failures were related to the drivetrain and turret motors. The tank crew had a manual backup crank for the turret (slow, but it worked), but when the drivetrain failed, you were a sitting duck and many crews quickly abandoned the tank.

          • Agreed. The German tank problem was not enough tanks, their tanks even if a bit maintenance finicky with the Panther were superior at the end.
            I don’t think the Germans were having their machines sabotaged, as I said above. I don’t think the USSR was bought down lol by passivity.
            Which didn’t help the 30~40 million murdered now did it?
            The Germans invaded France and Russia with superior tactics and radios which made a difference, in truth the poor Germans especially in Russia were always outnumbered but better led to the end. The Germans got quite the shock in Russia when the T-34 showed up, never mind the KV. At the time the Russians were still reeling from the purges as well, which really hurt their logistics. Had they better logistics in 1941 Russia has a better war in 41. If you look at 1941 you don’t see them losing tank battles to tanks – you see them losing to running their tanks into the ground and abandoning them as broke down or out of fuel. Idiocy at Command.
            Moving arrows on maps…well, tanks need maintenance after so many miles or they break down.

            In France [sorry to skip around] the French Tanks were equal or better, and they had plenty. They also had a gerontocracy as Generals and didn’t use them wisely. They wanted them as Infantry breakthrough weapons.
            Like it’s always WW1. Then COL DeGaulle almost got fired in the 1930s for writing a pamphlet on the new tank tactics, the Germans loved it though and quite read him. Mind you they were reaching the same conclusions. He was lucky to make COL.
            COL Degaulle is one of the bright spots in 1940 in tank battles but he had too little tanks too late.
            American: this was in many ways a different philosophy. We wanted tanks that were fast, worked and could be easy maintenance and training to break through and drive into the enemy’s rear destroying his trains and command posts. USa weren’t thinking tank vs tank that much. Now once they got spanked they came up with a 76mm long barreled Sherman that could beat the Panther. We also bet heavy on tank destroyers – and air support, it worked. After 1944 we never had inferior tanks again, not on purpose.
            The Germans really get deep into better tanks after the shock of Russia in 1941. It may have been a mistake, they really should have concentrated on the the Luftwaffe – because if the enemy has air superiority your tanks are just target practice.
            Sorry, I can go on and did….

          • Should tyranny arise in the US, I can guarantee you that they will not ask your permission before implementing purges or genocide. IOW, it’s not something you can wish away; it either happens or it doesn’t. Ditto for being enslaved as forced labor. Those people fought back in the only way feasible, by doing shitty work on Nazi tanks. That’s neither cowardly nor dishonorable.

          • That’s fair Tom.
            We have other options.
            Moreover forced labor we can already see is not even an option.
            They want us gone, we’re not worth the risk.

  23. Don’t expect Jill Biden to take this sitting down. She’ll be mad as a wet hornet having to leave after barely getting the new drapes in. She’ll attempt to manage her husband through this.

  24. I suspect that they might try to get two full years out of Biden, so that Queen Kamala can run in both 2024 and 2028. It’s not clear that Biden can make it two years. I could, of course, be wrong about that and the real rulers might push him out much earlier. They may not need to push him very hard. Several times on the campaign trail Biden indicated that he would be content to serve as a mere placeholder. Even in his advancing senility, he seems aware that he is nothing more than a straw man.

  25. I don’t disagree with any of this. I would add that the left will see Trump as the primary 2024 contender, and the left wing voters want to drink his blood, so the Manhattan DA will indict him on a couple bank fraud charges (Deutsche Bank) maybe a wire fraud one too, and unlike other presidents not going to jail “to preserve the dignity of the office,”. Trump will go to jail sometime in 2022, before the midterm. It’ll backfire bigly on them, but they have a Captain Ahab complex chasing their orange whale. Trump is such as stupid man he won’t even understand what happened until the cell door clinks behind him because he’s had attorneys get him out of jams his entire life. It will also demonstrate conclusively, for the most dense, that the left plays for keeps.

    • Maybe @Jack will kick him off Twitter (but I doubt it.) He played nice with the people that wield real power. He took Adelson’s phone calls every week. Moved the Embassy to J’lem from Tel Aviv. (Adelson snapped up the old embassy in case you missed that.) Adelson also sent his private jet to convey traitor Jonathan Pollard to the country he betrayed the US for, and was met by Netanyahu on the Tarmac. It was a complete humiliation ritual. But Trump let him leave, so I have to assume he’s getting something in return.

      • I missed both those things but I’m not shocked in the least. I’ve always believed that the Venetian is just one big baccarat money laundering operation from Israel to our politicians.

        • Our elites launder money in every direction. For all the woke talk this is the script of a heist film.

          Look for Trump’s bans on Chip technology equipment being sent to China to be lifted soon.
          China can’t make the smaller 10nm or less IC chips themselves, in fact makes little of their own chips. That’s done by USA, Taiwan and Dutch. This is why the chip bans were crippling, Huawei is living off their stockpile and running on fumes. I don’t think China hacked the elections BTW, but Trump was actually really hurting them – so no doubt China was very generous to the Dems.

          War with anyone overseas is madness now – however – given Xi’s foolish militarism what Trump did was the equivalent of cutting off the shipment of rolls royce aircraft engines to Germany in the 1930s. What really happened is they shipped the Germans the engines, which then flew over London a few years later. Small chips are very key not just to consumer toys and Zoom meetings but to missiles and other small, deadly devices.

          Americans did the elections, Americans betrayed us.

          China will reap the benefits as much as anyone.

  26. Not sure why you think white identity politics are going anywhere. Yes, the controlled opposition and grifters both official and unofficial who are trying to co-opt and synthesize a fake populism will push it that way and you’re already seeing it with Bubblebath Marco and creepy android-looking Josh Hawley, but that doesn’t mean much anyone will take them seriously, certainly not as the chorus of kill whitey gets louder and louder from the j-left.

    The people who will be pushing an ironically classic Marxist-style dialectic on “the right” for lack of a better term are not dissidents. And just because they push that, it doesn’t magically make all of the core unfixable and terminal problems associated with multiracial societies go away. The problems will continue to get worse and the people that are in power will continue to blame the founding stock of America for these problems, or the founding stock in Canada, or the natives in respective European countries.

    • Z-man didn’t write that white identity politics are going away. He wrote, “The old sort of white identity politics that started in the last century will continue to fade away.” (italics mine.)
      The last century was the twentieth, and its white identity politics, even in the U.S., too often involved Hugo Boss uniforms and the man with the toothbrush mustache to be appealing to the mainstream. In other words, George Lincoln Rockwell has been dead for years, and his latter day imitators are headed for the graveyard of history. Get it?

      • The old sort of white identity politics will get far more popular before it goes away. Especially as noted above, the Josh Hawleys of the political world are just so awful and animatronic and the woke train isn’t slowing down.

      • Get this; YT s headed for literal graveyard. Justly for being passive. I’m white and while not self loathing I am disgusted.

        Form ranks or perish.
        Downvote away, its the truth.

        • Get this; YT s headed for literal graveyard. Justly for being passive. I’m white and while not self loathing I am disgusted. Form ranks or perish. Downvote away, its the truth.

          We’re certainly at a crossroads here: Continue playing the role of Mr Nice Guy Who Always Finishes Last, and dutifully vanish into extinction; else wake the phuck up and take off the gloves and get serious about securing a future for Our Race.

  27. A positive sign is many on the right have stopped blaming the decline in power directly to increases in Hispanics and Blacks. The demographics are bad, but they are not the core reason for the decline. They are starting to understand that minorities are just biological shock troops for woke whites and corporations to dilute Heritage American power.
    If whites realize they can push the accelerationist hate of the racial grievance class on their woke white masters things could get very entertaining. A conversation for a heavy wealth tax forced upon the Bezos of the country for reparations would be delicious.
    Another positive is the ‘socialism bad’ message is as stale as month old bread. If things proceed, the tired rhetoric of the Nikki Haleys will get curb stomped in the primaries, regardless of the money spent, just like Jeb.

    • If things proceed, the tired rhetoric of the Nikki Haleys will get curb stomped in the primaries

      How can you Normie-Cucks be so stoopid?

      If Dr Jill & (((Doug Emhoff))) are not stopped now [in the next five days], then all future election winners will be determined by Dominion/Scytel/CIA.

      Absent an uprising on Wednesday January 6th, there will never again be any authentic elections.

      • For all the gas they cannot think of anything but voting and posting. I am digesting Dominion manual.
        The Dominion software is so feature rich the fraud never needed all that paper ballot stuffing, but Dems too stupid and cowardly to use.

        Yet they won, and will now take every elected office too.

        The price of passivity is extinction – and it is just.

        • For all the gas they cannot think of anything but voting and posting.

          Normie-cucks just can’t seem to grok paradigm-altering sociological Black Swan events, such as the arrival & imposition & installing & institutionalizing of the Fake Election.

          • B-b-b-but muh GOP precinct chairmanship.
          • B-b-b-but muh GOP voter canvassing.
          • B-b-b-but muh GOP get-out-the-vote-effort.
          • B-b-b-but muh GOP charity softball game & barbeque.
          • B-b-b-but muh GOP yard signs & baseball caps & bumper stickers.
          • B-b-b-but muh GOP (((Facecock))) & (((Twatter))) discussion groups.
          • B-b-b-but muh GOP poll watchers.
          • B-b-b-but muh GOP National Convention every four years.
          • B-b-b-but muh autographed photograph of me & Dubyah at the White House.


    • Reparations should certainly be extracted from the corporations and billionaires to restore small businesses destroyed by the lockdown madness they supported. I don’t much care if the PoC get a cut of that pie too if it will bring them in as soldiers in the fight against the elite.

      • Reparations: They’ll be extracted from us, with the PoC continuing to serve as their paramilitary thug militia to get the Suburbs and cucks to pay up. Pay they will.

        The lockdown madness isn’t madness, it’s method.
        The madness was we submitted.

  28. The demise of the middle class has been going on for decades. The Trump regime was its last (political) gasp. This year: What remains of the deplorable middle class – particularly for whites – will be systematically outsourced and/or destroyed by Executive Orders for “equity” hiring practices. Trade deals will be made that eat out the remaining substance of American production. Spending will soar, particularly with the implementation of Kamala-Kare and enhanced Electronic Benefit Transfers to every American. Look for inflation in late 2021, particularly as China seeks to further destabilize the dollar. Critical theory (along with continued faggotry and feminization) will be accelerated in the armed forces and throughout the federal bureaucracy. Refugee resettlement plans will be dusted off rural areas in the heartland. The Coviets will reopen their education camps (i.e. public schools) in order to reignite their enstupidation program. Big international story – China makes its move on Taiwan … meanwhile American ships can’t intervene because of a fleet-wide COVID outbreak.

    But it will be a good year because what used to be the middle class will awaken. More young people will opt out of college and corporate careers in favor of entrepreneurial trades. Black markets will thrive in areas of gun/ammo restrictions. Productive whites (the people who always pick up the pieces after collapse) are going to find each other and forge stronger bonds.

    • I figure we’re due for our Suez crisis moment, and Taiwan seems like the best prospect of a national humiliation that quickly devolves into a national shrug of indifference, illustrating America’s departure from world dominance. We’re spending billions in DoD on GPC (great power competition) but most of our antibiotics come from China – so our “new” strategy might not be the most serious undertaking. And while frantic concerns about GPC are used to justify buying expensive weapons systems (that don’t really work, or are tactically irrelevant… looking at you LCS) what do we spend our precious training opportunities on? Damage control & fleet tactics? Nope … it’s FIAR compliance & cultural Marxism. I hope I’m wrong, but retirement can’t get here soon enough. I am very skeptical that the surface Navy & the nation at large have the toughness to deal with any real adversity.

      • Milestone – exactly right shipmate. Life on the other side of retirement is good, as long as you avoid the temptation to do the DoD civilian or corporate double-dip. Get thee to a community of like-minded men and plug-in with the vet community. Lots of warrior-minded men out here in the heartland.

      • The mere threat of unleashing a biological weapon somewhere on the Eastern seaboard will result in immediate surrender. Bank it. We haven’t been the only ones stunned by the utter feminization of our country”men”. China won’t have to fire a single shot. It also will present an opportunity to set up autonomous zones amid the chaos.

        Taiwan probably has nukes, too. The primary concern in D.C. will be what that does to their investments if a few cities on mainland China start to glow.

  29. Zman, should apostate GOPrs actively vote against any and all GOP candidates, to speed the demise of the party – or should they abstain from voting altogether?

    • would think abstain – that way it delegitimizes both the GOP and elections in general. Nothing says mandate like a 10% voter turnout.

  30. The farther we get from World War 2 the better chances we have of regaining some antibodies against the forces in the elite class that have essentially ran a psyc operation on our white population since the last disaster in Europe.
    When everyone is a Nazi, No one is a Nazi.
    When everyone is a racist, No one is a racist.
    Hopefully distance from the 20th century will provide a new outlook and means to fight back.
    As for predictions? I agree on all that was said but war was not mentioned so I will predict war somewhere. My guess? Syria.
    Not sure we are ready for war in Iran yet and I think the Chinese will wait a few more years to attack Taiwan.

  31. I see the US going the way of Yugoslavia. And that will be good for whites in general, as it will allow them to coalesce regionally. The centrifugal effect of this partitioning will send all the brown asses off to their own pieces of magic land (although the magic will not be working in their areas, for some unfathomable reason). And what exactly will all this cheap labor be doing, with the retail and service economy shut down?

    • Idk. In theory it’s a good thing for white people.

      In practice I’m not sure, when I look around at how clueless, liberal, and soft the vast majority of us are.

      At least 30% would get cleansed right out of the gate in a Yugoslavia type scenario.

      • My husband used to argue that once things went really bad here, all the enrichers would scurry home. He doesn’t claim that anymore. Sure, some of the small hats will make aliyah, but the Han and Pajeet are accustomed to living high among chaos, and even the Mestizoed ‘Murrica is still better than on the street in Lagos or Tegucigalpa. Most White suburbanites haven’t a clue or a chance.

        • I still think many if not most will slither off. It is somewhat heartening to see places like New Zealand getting nervous about potential American refugees but poorer places would welcome the coin.

      • The rest however will be “forged of fire”. No one will like it, but it is inevitable. Remember the Predo principle, most of the work in any entity is done by a small number of individuals, the rest come along for the ride.

      • It’s a given. Any suburb within 30 minutes or so of the vibrancy will be ablaze before the sun sets.

    • And what exactly will all this cheap labor be doing, with the retail and service economy shut down?

      They won’t be laboring, they will be consuming welfare gibs courtesy of the US Treasury. Legacy Americans, of course, will be on the hook when the bill comes due.

  32. 2021 is going to suck so bad it will make 2020 look like the good ol’ days.

    Expect the market to crash as people unemployed due to the 2020 COVID hoax can no longer afford to “invest” in overvalued equities. Expect mass bankruptcies from permanently shuttered small businesses.

    Expect inflation to get worse as the government money printing goes unabated. Already, the Dow is $30,000, middle-class people are paying $300-400,000 for housing and a pickup truck is fifty grand, yet the lying government tells us there is no inflation. Bullshit.

    Expect a big push for drastic, California and New York-style gun control on a national level. Kiss your ability to purchase 30-round magazines and ARs goodbye. Unlike the Clinton “assault weapons” and magazine ban this one will not sunset after 10 years.

    Expect turncoat Republicans to vote for it after a mass shooting conveniently occurs and the media plays it up 24-7 to work the soccer moms into a frenzy.

    Ammo will be unobtainable through 2021 as well.

    • The endgame of the ChiComs is to dislodge the dollar as the reserve/petro currency. If that happens the only things that will matter are beans, bullets and gold.

      • Yup.

        One of the most important purposes of the Belt and Road initiative is to drive demand for the yuan and an alternative transaction system that stands totally outside the petro-dollar and SWIFT systems that are owned by the US.

        It’s a global object lesson on the importance of building your own platforms rather than trying to bend the existing dominant platform to your own needs.

        China also does not export degeneracy, which is a huge advantage in resource-laden, socially conservative nations like those found in Africa and the Middle East.

      • A lot of folks, not just the ChiComs, want to dislodge the dollar. Shouldn’t take too much pushing. Despite the power of inertia, in view of the rapidity of change/decay/degradation over the past 5 years I’ll wager it happens before 2030, with all the attendant ills.

  33. A prediction of mine is that it was Biden that crossed the Rubicon, not Trump. As our esteemed blog host posits – he is just a puppet. An old corpse that can be trusted to parrot the company line – with occasional gaffes and malfunctions. He will tell the same tired pretty lies, he will sell out Americans, and it will be nonstop scandals and incompetence during his reign. Things will go great for the ruling class, but for the average American… this is just the START of your troubles. Small business is now impossible. Free speech and personal liberties are under real attack now. Joe Biden has made it impossible for Joe Sixpack to ignore the flames around him. Mr. Sixpack has lost his job or business, he may lose his house and cars, the mass media is meaningless propaganda written by people that hate him, and worst of all – Sportzball is now all about noggers and wahmen , and even Mr. Sixpack with his 105 IQ – is too smart to be entertained by it.
    Something is going to give soon. If things continue as they are, it will be when the foreclosures start and mass unemployment can no longer be financialized as an industry. Those guns are going to come out sooner or later.

      • People lack an awareness of what IQ numbers mean. 115, for example, is within the top one-sixth of whites (Whites). Even including East Asians that would be easily top ten percent of world populations.
        Among whites 2% are 130 plus, and that is more than enough. Even Tocqueville observed in that day that there were an exess of intelligent men without meaningul work or status and they are the ones who attacked the very societies that afforded them priviledge.
        IQ average is extremely important.

    • Biden is the real deal Manchurian candidate and the Chinese will manage his performances very carefully. He will be instructed to feign anti-Chicom rhetoric for a while in order to fool the masses, while working behind the scenes to undermine the US economy and military. Ideally, all of this will happen as a slow boil and no one notices the corrosive treason happening right under their noses. For this reason, patriotic insurgency is an existential duty of all true Americans.

        • No, the facts are readily ascertainable. In Feb 2014, Hunter Biden traveled to China to accept a bride on behalf of his father. He stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel where he was videoed having sex with underage girls while doing coke and heroin. As a result, the Chinese have all the Bidens by the short hairs and can dictate policy in DC as they wish. That is no trivial matter, and it won’t to away just because you wish to remain ignorant.

    • But will the scandals be recognized? Obama’s administration was one scandal after another. Usually several at the same time. But the media still promotes the myth of “remarkably scandal-free administration” as uncontroversial fact.

    • With all due respect, small business won’t be impossible, if one has capital that is not leveraged.
      i have a small foundry, lathe/machine shop, and forge coming online in the summer. I have customers lined up around the field,(it’s next to the farm), who want to do business with Americans and not Hans.
      Heres the thing. In the past, I failed at business because of a lack of experience and money to make a go of it.
      Downsize, get that small farm, and avoid government entanglements at all cost.
      use cash wherever possible and while you still can.
      Barter is also under appreciated and underused in my opinion. It’s tough, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

      • Outstanding. I’m seeing the same kinds of small production outfits popping up where I am, and have two adult children who’ve started their own successful artisan businesses. Every one of these operations – when run iaw your guidelines – is covered up with work. When the business is coupled with a small homesteading venture, the opportunities yield compound interest (food, water, fuel, etc). Couple anti-fragility with business sense and our people with thrive … as long as they’re located in communities of similarly-minded folk.

      • As long as you can stay under the radar you should be fine, in that case, assuming the Donks don’t crater the economy – which they will if they do half the stuff they are promising to do. No offense meant, I am just thinking hypothetically – the ROI on chasing small buisinessmen like you probably wouldn’t be worth it to the Donks as they try to tighten the screws. In their boots, I’d target your customers by casting a tax net as far as possible.
        That of course, is the second prediction for 2021 that we can take to the bank (before it closes) – the economy is going to tank.
        Best of luck to all you brave small businessmen in the coming year – I sincerely hope I am wrong about what I see transpiring…

      • where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

        The largest annual convention in Vegas is the second-hand sellers: equipment, inventory, sundry. Local or industry brokerages do as much trade than brand name corporations.

        The public is generally unaware of these quiet networks. The volume they conduct is huge.

        Barter or in-kind renumeration is very much possible, the Peruvian economist who studied third-world economies said most trade is simply off the the books.

        Perhaps we’ll do as was done before 1888, when the dollar was nationalized. The US had 10,000 currencies, small towns issuing local scrip.

    • when the foreclosures start and mass unemployment can no longer be financialized as an industry

      The next big crash will be the rental real estate industry.

      Even if the lower middle class gets a one time $2000 payment in the next few weeks, that will only pay the rent for at most about three months [and in much of suburbia, where the jobs used to be, $2000 would pay three months’ rent on only a very modest one bedroom apartment, with nothing left over for utilities or food or medicine].

      In 2020, pretty much every state in the union instituted BOTH a moratorium on evictions of renters, AND a shutdown of small claims courts.

      But the (((Landlord Class))) will be getting antzy, and they will want their revenue streams back.

      In the current economic environment of the greater Pandemic Hoax, you simply cannot please the (((Landlord Class))) and keep unemployed lower middle class folks housed in anything fancier than large cardboard boxes beneath highway overpasses.

      Dittoes for the more than 100,000 small bidnesses which had been renting commercial real estate in strip malls & shopping centers & mixed use developments – those now bankrupt small business people have no savings left with which to pay off the remainder of their commercial real estate contracts:

      Something’s gotta give, and sooner or later, the (((Landlord Class))) is gonna flex its political muscles, and demand that the evictions resume and the small claims courts reopen.

        • Treasury Sec’y (((Steve Mnuchin)))… Fun fact: It was Kamala Harris who chose not to prosecute!

          Kamala Harris, who just happened to be married to (((Doug Emhoff))).

      • A rentier class without renters.

        Yup, the smart guys ain’t thinking very far ahead.

        Or, as the Zman says, they may not be able to leash what they’ve unleashed.

        Edit: unless the government owning everything is what they had in mind in the first place!

  34. “He was just an opportunist who rode popular discontent to office, but never really understood what was happening in the country.”
    I don’t understand your logic. The reason Trump was so hated was because he did understand what is going on.Was he as effective as I wanted on immigration? No. But at his core trump knew either we have a country or we don’t.

    • The reason Trump was so hated was because he did understand what is going on.
      i think he was hated cause he was a republican who disrespected hillary and the interests that were backing her up.
      regular media goons are programmed to attack anyone who opposes the democrats, diversity and female empowerment.

    • Trump had no foothold in the bureaucracy. The system is designed to swallow lone actors in a web of regulations and procedures. Mr. Smith won’t work.

      The best that can be said for Trump is that we now have some idea of who we can work with in the Imperial Capital. I say some becuase its still not clear what are useful stones to build a populist foundation or dirt clods.

      • I’d agree. The most valuable gain in the last four years is that Trump forced these people out of their trench lines and into the open field. That may prove very useful in the future.

    • The hate Trump for two personal reasons.

      First, he’s an alpha male – caricaturlely so. Which is anachronistic in feminized America – and ridicules the beta male nonsense of the elites in contrast.

      Secondly, he openly mocked the national elites as idiots and incompetents and losers.

      Its the personal effrontery and the risk of exposure that motivates most of the hatred to him – not policy differences.

      A masculine unemotional elite would have quickly coopted Trump by flattering him, giving him some flashy symbol to brag about and then quietly doing what they wanted behind the scenes.

      instead, our elites are feminized and overly emotional. As the saying goes Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

      • I’ve never understood why they didn’t just give him the wall — and then make it pointless with vast, legal immigration. He and the CivNats would have been crowing about their “victory” for the next eight years while their neighborhoods were getting overwhelmed with Patels, Changs and Garcias.

        (Ugh. Why do autocorrect systems act like plural doesn’t exist? It inserted an apostrophe in front of the “s” at the end of each of those names and forced me to change them back. Ha ha. It did the same thing with “systems” in this parenthetical. FFS.)

    • Trump retained 95%+ approval from republicans during the entire duration of his first term. With the exception of Bush after 911, no president will ever have a super-majority of support. This meme that “he is hated” is excuse for his inability to meet even the lowest of expectations.

  35. i have a 2021 prediction
    media will blame anti-vaccine people for not helping out with the pandemic, they’ll say pandemic will be over if 90% get vaccinated, then you’ll see the corporations and the aoc bitches going after the dissidents.

    • Yup.

      It’s obvious the (((media))) are using masks and vax as a cudgel against resisters and to further confuse and divide the populace.

    • Oh, score. Major score. #1 prediction.

      Anti-maskers/vaxxers will the ‘wreckers’ causing the continued lockdowns. Witches!!

  36. Baltimore has been over 300 murders since the year of Freddie Gray. It’s prototypical for other cities that have their police backing down or getting defunded.

    • That’s a popular gag Sailer has been pushing, but that’s because he has a superficial understanding of places like Baltimore. The Freddy Gray situation was just another waypoint on the path to the present anarchy.

      • Our failing country is very reminiscent of how it was described in the beginning of Starship Troopers. The book not the movie. Mobs of rampaging “youths” making it impossible for normal whites.

      • …he [Sailer] has a superficial understanding of places like Baltimore. The Freddy Gray situation was just another waypoint on the path to the present anarchy.

        What is Sailer missing?

        • Sailer is stuck in a time warp, has been for years. He may crunch numbers but they never tell the whole story. He is a ’60s-’70s civnat at heart and is endlessly reliving the dead past.

          • He is a ’60s-’70s civnat at heart and is endlessly reliving the dead past.

            He’s an existential traitor who sold out his Ancestors’ bloodlines so that his filthy phucking wh0re of a wife could get a new dishwasher.


          • My deliriously anti-Trump best friend, too. His mother told him, “we’re all created equal, you treat everybody the same.” He hates the KKK and white “history”, while forever seeking to live like the KKK in “safe school” neighborhoods.

            My BFF and Sailer both absorbed their values in a 90% White country, and they keep trying to replicate their formative environment, what they knew- as does most everyone else.

          • My BFF and Sailer… keep trying to replicate their formative environment…

            That’s very typical of Northern Germans – they will dutifully take their formative indoctrination with them to their deathbeds, and no amount of empiricals or deductives or cajoling or begging or scaremongering will divorce them from that formative indoctrination.

            It’s not nearly so bad for the Southern Germans – Alpine Italians, Austrians, Czechs, Slovaks, Bavarians, but somewhere around [cough cough] FRANKFURT, the hive mind kicks in, and all the way north from there through to Sweden & the North Pole, it’s “Children of the Corn”.

  37. Anyone who comprises himself by working with the GOP is also part of the problem. Gullibility will no longer be an excuse going forward. Nice guys finish last.

    • We all know now that the GOP just carries water for the leftists. They exist solely for the purpose of keeping up appearances that we still have a two-party system. We all know that the dem voters will keep showing up to vote, multiple times, even if they are dead. I have a feeling that a lot of GOP voters are gonna quit voting for good now.
      The next election could very well turn the nation blue. They will then have to rig elections in favor of the GOP just to keep up appearances.

      • At some point they will have to pass a law requiring every citizen to vote. Otherwise, the appearance of legitimacy for the political class will be lost. They will never allow that.

        • Yeah, at that point they can generate whatever numbers they decide are needed to suit their facade of Republican democracy.

          • On the good side, it’s easier to print fake ballots than to deal with ascendant POC, so maybe the Sellout class will get a clue.

            (and to flash phony numbers! Wm. Briggs, I think, pointed out that more people voted than are registered, nationally, as voters.)

          • Yeah, that was not a surprise after revelations about the electronic tabulation shenanigans needed to push Biden past Trump. You really can’t dump a shitpile of ballots all for Biden, so you need to dump a percentage of Trump in those, hence more voters (votes) than registered.

    • The GOP must be destroyed.

      I dream of a day when uttering the words “I used to be a Republican” are met with the same scorn, derision, and disgust as 1960’s Germans who told their kids “I used to be a Nazi”.

      • “I am a Nationalist, though at one time I used to be a damned Conservative. What was I thinking?”

        • “What was i thinking”.

          Enlightenment. Who knew? Who knew our government was so corrupt? It was all so well hidden until a man named Trump tore down the entire facade. We once prayed in school said the pledge of allegiance, and admired Efflim Zimmerist Jr. That old America is dead.

      • Don’t worry the GOP is well on it’s way to dying. Trump exposed the GOP as a bunch of anti-American oligarchic puppets that they are. The Turtle is now busy giving America the middle-finger along with his RINO butt buddies. Everyone sees it, even the normies at BB and they hate it.
        Most whites never understood that the GOP hates the white middle and working classes as long as I can remember. Sure there were outliers like Reagan and Trump but since the 60’s the GOP worked against the average American..

    • In a natural and healthy ecosystem, the stupid die off first and foremost because they are otherwise a contagion upon the community.

      • TomA, if we prioritize a healthy ecosystem above all else, what happens when a significant number of the winners are the racial enemies of white people?

        This individualistic thinking leads to white individualists being picked off one by one by the ethnocentric groups.

        • The continental US mirrors the dominant environment of Europe, which is why European immigrants readily adapted and thrived here. Races and ethnic groups that have an ancestral adaptation in a different type environment are not well suited to thrive here, despite the interference of governments. As to your second point, most of the problems we face currently are traceable to the actions of a small cadre of powerful whites that fancy themselves as a benevolent oligarchy. The necessary remedy involves focusing on them as you describe. IOW, you have defined the solution, not the problem.

        • Why the collective left beat the individualist libertarian:

          Groups of three, four, or five perform better on complex problem solving than the best of an equivalent number of individuals, says a new study appearing in the April issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, published by the American Psychological Association (APA).

          The future belongs to those groups who can best work together and pool resources. That means the hyper individualist, do-gooder diversitarian European is probably out the door. China will rule this earth.

          • Psychology has always been one of the most ideological disciplines.
            If you believe that study…
            Individual talent does not matter therefore concentrate on creating diverse groups.Judge people by their emotional intelligence to better form the groups.Psychologists are already trying to find new forms of intelligence to justify more affirmative action.
            IQ does not stack too well when it comes to intellectually abstract tasks. Or it only really works if the average IQ of the group is high.

  38. After all the treason, corruption, fraud & lying etc., that has been laid bare in the sunlight for all to see, it’s hard to believe DC will just go back (or be allowed) to business as usual. Granted, there are millions of willfully blind and/or stupid people out there, but there are millions more who’ve had their eyes finally opened to what is happening and I can’t see many just quietly acquiescing to this “new normal “. The cat is out of the bag and there ain’t no getting it back in. There are many accounts that need settling and that day is closer than most of them think.

    • It will go on unabated. What are people supposed to do…vote for change and trust their institutions?

      The looting will continue there is nothing left to steal. “The people” have no say.

      • I still don’t get what the end goal is.

        What are they going to do when everything is stolen and totally gone to shit? I guess they want to be like indian billionaires living next to masses in slums?

        Seems like it was much nicer for a rich person to live in a safe, prosperous, and white country, instead of living in lockdown like Mexico or brazil.

        • living in lockdown like Mexico or brazil.

          Eh, there was a tweet today that noted how the SF technocrat class absolutely love virtual life during lockdown while essential workers scamper about delivering their every whim.

          • I admit that I (somewhat) resemble that remark (sorry, old joke). I’m fairly anti-social by nature anyway and tend to prefer inanimate things, systems, processes, and nature to people. Typical Asperger’s “male brain” type. I’m also a techie though I can’t seem to find work in the field due to a variety of factors, the largest of which is millions of Indians.

            I’ve found that oddly enough, my actual behavior during all this has been a lot like that of the SF technocrats and Covid-cowards. I basically just hate going anywhere anymore and wouldn’t mind getting groceries delivered if it were somewhat cheaper. In my case though it’s not fear of Coof but aversion to Coofians. Here in Oregon, the weather is shit right now, and thanks to our local tyrant, there’s nothing to do and nowhere to go anyway. You can still go to big box stores and a few stores are still open. Everywhere though, the Maskies are about. There’s nothing more creepy than being out on a dark foggy day here and seeing those things shambling out of the mist in their face diapers (they wear them outside now too). I’ve started to see the masks as giant gaping mouths frozen in a perpetual scream of fear and rage. It’s like living in Silent Hill or some other sci-fi horror game. Just makes you want to stay home and… play sci-fi horror games.

            So, I’ve started spending way too much a lot of time working on my website and some other coding projects. It keeps me sort of sane and the logic of the code reassures me that I haven’t lost touch with reason and reality completely.

        • Pretty much you’ve said what I’ve been trying to state. The niceties of life—all of them are White peoples’ inventions, not colored. Even in India and Brazil. Get rid of White people and progress in these areas stops, followed by maintenance and support. Yeah, it may take a century, but it will happen. Only wild card is China, Japan, Korea. They might keep the technological progress going as White contribution declines. But what will TPTB trade for such in the 22nd century?

          • They have enough, and need go no further.

            As They told you, it is THIS world that They desire. They can live in no other- only we, the whites, are made to break free of the nest.

            Even so in the East. Gatauma Buddha had blue eyes.


            PS- I mean this on a literally spiritual level as well.

          • No, the real wildcard will be Russia. As I’ve said here before, in the very near future the Amerika/China/Europe axis will attempt a concerted gang-bang of Russia. How Russia responds will dictate the future of this planet, perhaps it’s very existence. The axis would love nothing better than to sink its teeth into Russia’s vast natural resources. And just imagine the lebensraum for all the cheap third world labor to make it run! It’s just those pesky 2000+ nukes. Russia’s history is filled with repelling foreign invasions and the Russians don’t carry the baggage of white guilt that cripples Europe and Amerika which is why the TPTB hate Russia so. Needless to say this will be Russia’s biggest test yet. I’m firmly convinced that WCiv lives or dies as Russia goes.

          • Russia has enough of our classified information to destroy the country, if leaked.
            No one will provoke this.

          • The spiritualist Edgar Cayce did predict that Russia would eventually be, “the light of the world.”

        • Dunno’, except this:

          The purpose of power is power, and more of it.

          The purpose of great wealth is great wealth, and more of it.

          The aphorism of “I’ve never met a rich man who wouldn’t give it all away, for just a little bit more wealth” applies.

          • The purpose of power is power, and more of it.
            The purpose of great wealth is great wealth, and more of it.

            Yes. Once you’ve reached the point that you could never spend your money in ten lifetimes, “power” and “wealth” becomes indistinguishable.

            That’s why most people don’t understand bankers. It’s not about owning the money, it’s about controlling them – it matter little that the money you control are not your own.

        • Why they do what they do is irrelevant. Reality is reality, and you must deal with it as it is nonetheless. The key question is . . . what are YOU going to do about it? That is something you can control and should be your focus moving foward.

          • Why they do what they do is irrelevant.


            You never go on a hunt without first studying your prey.

          • OK, I’ll bite. How does knowing the “why” help you in your hunt planning? I’m open to learning new skills. Please enlighten me.

          • > I’m open to learning new skills.

            Start studying psychology like yesterday:

            In particular, learn your Clusters like the back of your hand:

            And to understand the nature of the NPC [the Non Playing Character, aka the sh!tlib], memorize this groundbreaking study:

            tl;dr == Psychology >>>>>>>>>>>>> Intellect


            PS: Note that “Sadistic Personality Disorder” was very briefly in the DSM during the Reagan Administration:

            That was just about exactly chronologically concurrent with the Meese Commission report on (((Pornography))):

            Point being that the mid-1980s were the last time we had elites who actually gave a damn about the mental [& spiritual] health of the populace.

            It’s been pure unadulterated satanism ever since.

          • All well and good, but how does this knowledge connect to a successful hunting outcome? Deer have notable behaviors that can help you predict their location at certain times of the day and also evasion techniques.

          • All well and good, but how does this knowledge connect to a successful hunting outcome?


            This is why we lose.

          • Your avoidance of my question speaks volumes. So I have another question for you. Have you ever actually hunted any type of game? And no, video game simulations don’t count.

          • “Have you ever actually hunted any type of game?”

            I believe he is referring to 2 legged game in which case knowing as much as possible about your target would be ideal since the critter has a rather much larger brain capacity (usually) than the 4 legged kind. More clear now?

          • Agreed, but why doesn’t really come into play. All living things are creatures of habit, and ascertaining habits is about WHAT behaviors they exhibit. It hard to hide a tangible habit, whereas many people are good at obfuscating their thoughts.

          • Agreed, but why doesn’t really come into play. All living things are creatures of habit, and ascertaining habits is about WHAT behaviors they exhibit. It hard to hide a tangible habit, whereas many people are good at obfuscating their thoughts.

            Jesus H Christ you are an utterly hopelessly obtuse sperg.


            This is why we lose.

          • No, my goal is education. You don’t hunt a deer by asking WHY it does what it does. You hunt by observing WHAT is does (i.e. reality) and using that knowledge to your benefit. Once upon a time, good men taught others how to hunt properly, not psychoanalyze the prey.

        • As I noted in a response to Compsci, hatred of YT drives so much of this. There need not be any end game other than punishing and subjugating white people. AINO is an anti-white fascist state.

          • Yes, as long as you live in an isolated compound with bulletproof windows and a mercenary guard force. Did I forget to mention the glass shards embedded in the top of perimeter wall and maybe some razor wire to boot?

          • Have you actually spent much time in Brazil? I have. The wealthy there don’t spend all their time under siege. They basically have an entire separate world they live in where the squalor of the underclasses is conveniently screened off and only occasionally impacts their existence.

          • Yes, and that works until it doesn’t. See, for example, the French and Russian Revolutions. As they say in the stock commercials, past performance is no guarantee of future success.

          • And based on the low white birthrate in brazil, we are about to see this in action.

            Dictatorship / apartheid – or “democratic” venezuela. That’s their and our future.

          • Brazil has been remarkably stable among South American countries since its independence in 1822. And it managed to end slavery without killing 3/4 of a million of its own people.

            The 1889 coup that changed it from a monarchy to a “republic” was in many senses “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

            The changes since then, such as the coup of 1930 were, again, just different elites scrambling for power. That seems to be the way it always is in South America and Brazil was somewhat less destructive about it than most nations there. Brazilians like their coups and revolutions, but are much more laid back about them than the French and Russians.

            The Brazilian model — small elite aristocracy supported by an administrative class ruling over a large but generally passive peasant class — is the dominant governance model of world history, with allowance for various flavors of that situation in different cultures at different times. The addition of pro forma representative democracy is another tool for keeping the peasants happy.

            Sure, there will be another coup someday and a different bunch of aristocrats will sit at the top of the “republic.” Same as it ever was.

          • Sure, but where do the ultra rich in Brazil get the niceties of life that their wealth buys them? Not from those living in the Favelas. They get such—or at least use to—from 1st world countries, White countries, like the USA and the EU.

            I can accept Ostei’s alternative explanation, but from my thinking, TPTB are killing the goose that laid the golden egg, exchanging a White population for current minorities. And I’m not sure one can separate “wealth” from the population/economic underpinnings of a White society which provided such riches to them.

          • I imagine they’re counting on a compliant Asian population to supply the world.

            Also, Brazil isn’t an unproductive country. It’s a nice sleepy underachiever with a number of large industries and extensive agriculture. For the elite and the administrative classes, it has most of the benefits of being first world without the annoyance of anyone expecting them to be policeman to the world.

          • And like many countries, they’ve exported their surplus labor to the US ( both legally and illegally) and have that hefty remittance income to rely upon.

          • I imagine they’re counting on a compliant Asian population to supply the world.

            The compliant Asian population has been doing it so far.

          • And labor is cheap and those security jobs give the guards a foot into the administrative state and the privileges that entails, so they do their jobs enthusiastically.

            But don’t make the mistake Europeans do when talking about America as if the whole thing is a dystopian wasteland, the worst block of inner city Detroit.

            Most of Brazil is perfectly lovely and safe to go about your life in with only minimal precautions.

            I’ve spent a lot of time there, months at a time, and was never robbed or mugged (which is more than I can say for my time in Mexico).

            I saw horrific poverty there, worst than anything in the US, and very dangerous neighborhoods, but Brazil is huge and the vast majority of most cities, suburban and rural areas are pretty safe.

          • They are also particular about who they let in to settle there, and are quick to move along those transitting through from Africa or Asia headed for the USA after the people traffickers take their cut.

        • The elites hate traditional white people. They will rest much easier when we are finally subdued, even if the country is significantly poorer.

        • Seems like it was much nicer for a rich person to live in a safe, prosperous, and white country

          They’ve done so for more than a century. It’s getting boring. Having a motorcades with a platoon of armed guards when they go shopping is much sexier.

        • There is no end game. They don’t propagate, they have no skin in the game, live for today, for tomorrow we die. Get while the getting’s good. Atheism and nihilism, the lessons preached by the University, Netflicks, the media, a spiritual deadend, and our Waterloo.

    • Agree. Once you have seen something, you can’t un-see it. And, what’s up with Lin Wood? He is spouting off like a crazy person but I have never heard that he is crazy. Maybe I just missed the news that day.

      • Mr Wood is claiming that Epstein is still alive?! How do you say that with a straight face?!

        • By moving your lips. Not saying one way or the other, but how do you know he’s dead, beyond speculation?

        • Since the beginning I’ve thought the possibility that he is alive was likely.
          Yes there were/are a lot of powerful people that want him to be dead.
          But don’t you think his equally powerful and likely far more capable enablers would rather keep him alive. First as a reward. Secondly for the next operator and lastly if I were epstine I would have had a insurance device set to go in the event of any double cross that would blow the lid off for all involved.

  39. My predictions for 2021.

    The republicans win both GA Senate seats – the unitary wants the illusion of divided government and they’ll get it.

    Harris resign before Biden does and is replaced with Hillary. The Queen won’t be denied her destiny with hurstory.

    Covid hysteria fades in the spring and disappears completely by the summer.

    War drums will begin beating by late spring. The US will be in another proxy war by this time next year. It won’t go well at all.

    The economy will muddle along. No depression and no boom. The stock market will do fine buoyed by QE to infinity, the lower class will survive thanx to federal spending and middle class will muddle along. Some doing well other not so much.

    Crime will increase, especially in vibrant areas. People will continue to move away from cities.

      • Agree. Also, the media has been covering up HRC’s bad health longer than they have Biden’s. Dino (and many on the right) continue to underestimate the political sway the vibrant have on the democrat party. Harris was not a random name drawn from a hat, she was chosen for this moment.

        • I feel like the South Asian money in Big Tech is what purchased Harris’ spot.

          The other Big Tech CEOs went along with it.

          There is no Puritanical element among the South Asians, so they see Harris’ past history as a perfect control mechanism.

        • Agree. Hillary remains the bete noir for older boomers/conservatards, but I believe her political aspirations are over. She will remain part of the older White and ((())) leftist power/money structure, which is under intense assault by the POC brigade. While there may be casualties on both sides (the more the merrier), I believe the POC will come out ascendant (whereupon Whites finally resist or die, sometime in the coming 3-10 years).

        • Harris was chosen primarily because she has the right color and an IQ above room temperature. She remains and becomes the first woman of color to be president—a twofer.

          Low IQ folk are too unpredictable to control and in that, too dangerous to elevate to power. Harris is conniving enough to have no scruples and will be happy to play the part for TPTB. To remove Harris and put any other non-Black in at this point would be suicidal politically.

          What I still can’t fantom is how open borders and unlimited illegal immigration of room temperature IQ mediocrities produces a society in TPTB’s ultimate best interests.

          • What I still can’t fantom is how open borders and unlimited illegal immigration of room temperature IQ mediocrities produces a society in TPTB’s ultimate best interests.”

            Compsci, you forget the second part of the equation: immiserating YT. Flooding AINO with PoC accomplishes that goal in spades, so to speak…

          • As usual, you come up with a fairly well supported alternative explanation—raw emotion and hate. My weakness in analysis is always assuming…”what would I do in their position”. That is a failure of mine.

          • Part of me is the same way. I sometimes pull myself up short and ask myself, “Is it really true that they hate whites that badly?” And invariably, I answer in the affirmative. Yes, they do.

          • My dad is a Brazilian immigrant. A simple minded man. Reads at a 6th grade level but yet, he managed a department at a textile factory for 20 years. My mother (American) would do any reading and writing for him. After 20 years though, the factory closed.

            The people who ran the factory were happy to have an obedient, anti union, no drug no drink immigrant who couldn’t read “run” the department. At the same time they could feel good about themselves.

            Immigration has always been about scab labor. My dad never talked back and did what he was told. Showed up, drug and drink free and enforced the company line on the locals in my small town. But he was NEVER going to be the heritage American who BUILT that factory. And that is part of why our institutions are dying. There’s no replacing the traditional population with lower IQ foreigners. Yes, the foreigners have positive traits..but this country was not built by just “hard work” a lot more (brains) went into the construction of this nation.

            But! Many whites are DEGRADED AS SHIT in small town America. Drunk, fat, drugged out. Many businesses don’t want to deal with the bullshit and that was where my dad was better.

          • See my comment below about the collapse.

            White libs are naive and self hating.
            There is a rapidly growing undercurrent of white trash.

            We can’t get anywhere societally until whites shape up again. And I don’t really know how to do that. For the moment all we can do is connect with like minded individuals.

          • The paradox of YT is that once he has the attitude that he can’t be replaced, or else “bad things will happen,” it becomes imperative to replace him for becoming complacent. Contra knee-grows, your specific melanin level doesn’t determine your worth. Your skills, accomplishments, contributions to society and moral behavior determine your value. If YT becomes fat and lazy and starts doing drugs, he becomes replaceable.

          • When I said YT can’t be replaced, I wasn’t clear. They actually mean to replace us. What I mean is it won’t work without YT.
            Guess who can’t build aircraft engines or silicon IC chips smaller than 14mm? China.
            And after us they’re the best coders out there. They just can’t build machines like we can. They never will.
            With YT gone especially American and European YT you can forget about a modern country, even to loot.
            They can loot us for raw materials when we’re dead, but the products?
            With YT gone there’s no America and no Europe. There are landmasses.
            With YT gone mankind can forget about space travel. Indeed- air travel will become again a exclusive luxury for the rich.
            Indeed all the modern world would be lucky to maintain wherever we stop in terms of technology, and most of it won’t including precious China.
            None of the rest have our ability, never mind ambition and drive.
            Not to mention the elites will simply hog all the wealth to their palaces, turn the world into a giant Dubai.
            Palaces and slums, watching it all rot away into decay.
            Dubai would and will sink into the sands in less than a century without us, doubt it not.
            And no there aren’t enough Japanese to make up for us, and they are not us. They are wonderful people and the closest match – not enough.
            That’s you as George Bailey having never existed – or no longer existing.
            And no fucking Clarence gets us out of this…wrong sort of angel.
            We need the other Angels.
            We need to become Demons.
            Or we perish. The next Hittites.

          • Room temperature IQ mediocrities are still needed in vast numbers for industrial work and will be for a very long time. The fully-automated AI factory is a grift to convince White working class people to accept their obsolescence even as millions of factory jobs exist in second and third-world countries.

          • Long enough to break Us that They may rule. Without Us, the colored cattle will starve, the problem solves itself.

            Automation replaces strong backs and marching armies- we are the bus that’s reached Their destination.

            (And, fewer of Us means our value as an asset goes up, enriching the Owners.)

            Since time immemorial They were herders, breeders, animal trainers, and slavetraders. Others with the same mindset adopted their refined ways, and are allies, so it’s birds of a feather flocking together.

          • I don’t know – the uber-elite in 3rd world countries seem to do pretty well. And there will always be Switzerland.

          • The Deep State runs the show. With Joe in dementia or without or with Kamela making faces, it’s all a Deep State show. No less than with Trump, well, just a little less, and they hated him for that. They stood in the way of that little shit Bernie for the same reason that Trump annoyed them–he might have wandered two degrees off the reservation. As the lady said, we don’t get to vote our way out of this. First the bankruptcies, fiscal and moral, then losing, as the Chinese say, the mandate of heaven. Until then the aware five or ten percent can only better prepare to run with opportunity and know what that is.

    • The war will boost a flagging economy with neoconbux. WW1 led to the Roaring Twenties, Iraq boosted mortgage financing to the skies.

      • I’m wondering if a shiny new war might be what They decide on simply because they’ll see it as the safer play than keeping the Covid train rolling. No one quite knows where the C19 train goes after all, especially if there are more lockdowns and attempts at mandatory vaccines. By contrast, the neocon-men know, or think they know, how to phony up a threat to Murrica, bomb the shit out of it, and then station troops there for the next 10,000 years who will need supplies from defense firms they all just happen to own stock in.

          • War inflation. NPV pricing, net present value, is based on continuing revenue streams.

            As Pozymandias says, their ill-gotten profits will buy up all the assets they’re currently deflating with Covid/Climate/Floyd claims.

  40. I dont think race awareness is going away. The class think Tucker is pushing is a poor substitute

  41. “The old sort of white identity politics that started in the last century will continue to fade away. Similarly, the race aware civic nationalism of the previous generation will give way to a new class-demographic sensibility on the Right.”

    If that’s true, we’re doomed. The only way white people can survive is by developing white identity. To save your group, you have to have it thinking of itself as a group.

    That’s why left-wing genocidaires push the “there’s no such thing as white people line” so hard. If we think of ourselves as just individuals, then we have nothing to fight for and it’s already over for us.

    Fighting for white identity has to be job one, no exceptions, no compromises. Of course, fighting for white countries is step two. But first things first.

    • Z does nothing to back up this claim, its kind of out of the blue, and I don’t understand it

    • You misunderstand. The new white identity politics will be more forward looking, rooted in present realty and less crude. The young are not interested in the costume stuff or in decorating themselves with references to German philosophy. They are moving away from the race aware civic nationalism.

      • There are a lot of cultural differences between the different nationalities of white people. The costumes and the decorations all point to a culture that is different from the culture of the white people currently living in the USA. You’re not going to get the majority of normal white people to align themselves around a fundamentally German ideology, even if they ever were to reject their funny-mustache-man bad pavlovian conditioning.
        If white people decided collectively to take their own side for once, since everyone else is, I’d call that a big win. Leave the costumes at home.

        • dont. You think. Allowing peopl to associate, and. Do business with, who they want to, will go a long way to solve a lot of problems?

        • In the great panorama of Western civilization, Nazism is an aberrant blip scarcely worthy of notice. We cannot jettison Western civilization as we marginalize Nazism.

          • As long as there are jews around who control the media, they will be yelling Nazi at the top of their lungs at the slightest hint of White identity politics. So the issue will remain relevant long after we are dead. I’m not speaking as a fan of nazi larpers or JQ centered podcasts either. Just trying to be realistic. I’m pretty sure at this point it is a conscious decision by some Jews to wind up the Nazis so they repel normal White people.

        • “their funny-mustache-man bad pavlovian conditioning”

          The very source of my own antisemitic zealotry. Our generation was the target of the Brainwash, German references will fade with our passing.

          The Zman is correct, the young are already adapting to a mixed world.

      • White identity without the baggage of Western civilization? This sounds like a recipe for failure. We are our glorious past as well as our repellent present and our uncertain future.

        • Culture is downstream from biology. If Whites survive, Western civilization survives.

          • True. But if we demolish our own past, both by physically abandoning it to the Other, and intellectually by neglecting or condemning it, we create an unnecessary Dark Age and gravely impoverish our future existence. We must preserve everything about our past as best as we can.

          • I know. This kowtowing to the absolute lowest denominator is both infuriating and depressing. It spells the doom of western civilization if serious changes aren’t made quick, fast & in a hurry.

      • On the few occasions that I’ve spoken with guys in their 20s who are probably on our side, what I’ve found interesting (good and bad) is how unencumbered they are by the past.

        WWII, the Cold War, even the United States being a free country simply don’t register in their brains. In their minds, you might as well be talking about Caesar’s campaign in Gaul. These are all just historical events or periods that they’ve never known.

        But they are very aware that they’re despised. They’ve been blamed for every ill since they hit kindergarten. In that environment, they either drink the cool-aid, or they get mad.

        The ones that I’ve met are mad, and they have no ties to the past. The GOP means nothing to them. Hell, the USA doesn’t mean much. It’ll be interesting to see them move forward.

        • These are all just historical events or periods that they’ve never known.

          The educational industrial complex had a lot to do with that. Whether it blows up in (((their))) faces or ours, is yet to be seen.

        • 9/10: drinks the kool aid, smokes more weed, becomes more cucked. Glumly accepts their fate.

          1/10: gets mad.

          I’m one of the 1/10. What’s interesting is to see how people react. It’s not always who you would expect. In fact many of our guys are people I would have had no interest in knowing prior to 5 years ago.

          • Some people just seem naturally insulated from Globohomo. I remember as a kid, the overt anti-white anti-male agenda hadn’t ramped up yet. But we were always hit with the latest moral panic in the classroom.

            Save the planet! Water bottles evil! Climate change! Penguins dying! Sad polar bear!

            Even as a 10 or 12 or 15 year old kid it struck me as bullshit, idk why. I was just never into it. Today that strain of leftist thought has morphed into hostile anti-white ideology. It would be good to research into what traits protect some of us so well.

          • We’re probably missing a muddy middle. Lot of White guys who grumble and just deal with it as best they can.

            But you are right that it can be surprising which men find their way to our side – and which drink the kool aid.

            I know a guy who is ex-Marine, very smart, very good with statistics. A no BS kind of guy. He voted for Biden (though he’s generally more a CivNat Republican but Trump was too loud and divisive for him), talks about lack of diversity in his industry, etc.

            He’s a true believer in colorblind Civic Nationalism. Anyone who believes in our values is an American type.

            It’s just bizarre. How can this guy not be on our side. Yet, he’s not. Then, there’s the comfortable dentist who wants to blow this country up and form various White ethno-states.

            You never know. It would be interesting to figure out what traits make some men immune and some susceptible.

          • These are the mostly stand up guys who raise their kids, pay taxes, coach little league, whom you want in your foxhole, and populate all the other roles that make up civic life. But they are GIs. Government Issue. Often times thay are vets and they have farmed out their views on race, and race alone, to Uncle Sam. Or they were high school athletes and swallowed whole the civil rights views of Coach Civnat who’s WL record was more important than your grandchildren’s future America. I have an Uncle; ex Military Intelligence, vaguely Republican, hates Trump, immigration booster, guilty about Americas role in the world, vocal booster of the equality of man-lives in whitest neighborhood he can afford. When I pointed out the latter he became so agitated I decided I could no longer talk politics with him out of concern for his heart. He seems much less concerned about me as he has ignored my occassional texts for several years. Undoubtedly has convinced himself I am raycis. Like Libertarianism, civnattery buys a pass, usually, from the charge of raycis. So your civnat buddy may be a great guy to have your six in a bar fight yet be a moral coward.

          • I do think that he was a Marine matters. I live in the DC area so I’ve known a fair amount of current or ex-military. They are a very, very colorblind CivNat bunch.

            I’d assume part of it was their training, but there seems to be something more. They seem to want to believe in our Magic Dirt. They definitely like belonging to a bigger cause, so perhaps colorblind CivNat is the way to let their mind convince itself that their beloved military (and country) don’t hate them.

            Regardless, it’s weird talking to them. The blinders in their brain are a sight to see in action.

          • Whitey are good team players. Of course, when the coach is a moral illiterate thats not an advantage.

          • Oh, I would have kept talking politics.

            Probably would have mentioned something about disgracing an oath as well.

        • One cannot connect with a past that his been denied to you. Our miseducation system has seen to it that young “Americans” are ignorant of Western and American history.

          • I regularly use this as an example of my “past being denied”

            I grew up in a small NH town. 97% white people. I was taught all about MLKjr. I said his speeches at a talent show. Constant Blackity blackity black in the media and education.

            All the while, I would drive down “Corbin Rd. , Drive by “corbin park” Big mansion on the hill owned by a guy named Corbin. “corbin covered bridge” never learned a damn thing about this guy named “Corbin.”

            Austin Corbin was the guy they should have been teaching me about. A railroad baron, made the first national bank, owned the largest private game preserve, an all around bad ass business man…FROM MY SMALL TOWN.

            Of course on his wikipedia it is sure to mention he was an “anti semite” but you’d think the youth of my small community could have gotten some good from learning his story…NOPE…BLACKITY BLACKITY BLACK BLACK.

          • No kidding. I went to the local public library to find a book on Martin Luther for my godson’s history project. the librarian promptly took me to the MLK section. When I told her that I was looking for books on Martin Luther, not MLK, she put on her “interested” face and asked sweetly, “Oh? And what did *he* do?” White heritage is being buried every day by these dopes.

          • Heritage Americans, Melting Pot Americans, and Diverse Americans. 3 nations with 3 histories, each born from war imo. Just throwing it out there

        • Ironically, the ties to the past are what defines them. If you don’t understand how you got here, you’re non existent, you’ll be crushed by those who cherish who they are. They want your fuckin head on a stick.

      • They are moving away from the race aware civic nationalism.

        From the essay: “Similarly, the race aware civic nationalism of the previous generation will give way to a new class-demographic sensibility on the Right.”

        How is “class-demographic sensibility” not just another form of civnat existential meta-cuckery?

        Race awareness is [by definition] the only psychological condition which is not [one form or another of] existential meta-cuckery.

        Or is that precisely your point – that the Frankfurt School will subtly & gently guide the race-aware away from the bother & uneasiness & worry of Truth and back home into the warm soothing peace of mind which is offered by Lies?

      • To dismiss the alt right as “costume stuff” is tendentious.

        It feels like Sisyphus forever pushing the stone up the hill. Each generation of optics-aware young whites think they are finally going to sneak up on our enemies by pretending to be their allies.

        It’s all so tiresome. We can’t sneak up on them.

          • Good point. I just can’t pretend that we’re going to save the country by being the most faithful Constitutionalists.

            I guess the kids can give it another try. Occasionally, doing the same thing over and over does yield different results. They’re just going to do it without me, which I am sure doesn’t trouble them.

          • The best optic for converting normies is giving orders to guys with guns and having them obeyed, as well as having your signature on the IRS refund check. It does not matter how you acquire political power, but that’s what normies respect. You don’t convert normies to acquire per, you acquire per to convert normies. If an antisemite started running the government tomorrow and started killing (((people))), normies would amazingly start becoming red-pilled JQ.

        • You don’t succeed by repeating the failed strategies of the past. Stop getting stuck on stupid: no one under 35 who can pass a NICS check and has an iq over room temperature wants anything to do with the swastica panties crowd. That crowd has never and will never achieve anything except sentencing enhancements.

      • Z – how do you know that?
        Other than more YT are vaguely aware something has happened and they hate us there is no white identity politics.

        A wish is not the real.

    • Yeah I mean it’s so obvious this is not about a virus anymore and destruction seems to be the goal. Because, you know, if you’re putting in a new kitchen you got to tear out the old one out first. I’m expecting a national lockdown also. I think all the governor’s will fold. I’m also expecting this phrase to become topical

      “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” 


        • Mark v1.0 – face diapers

          Mark v2.0 – subcutaneous chip/ fluorescent tattoo

          Mark v3.0 – injectable nanomachines

        • Actually, it will be proof of vaccination. It would simplify things if they just tattooed it on the inside of our wrists.

      • Spot on Whitney. Best wishes to all of you. Z—your star is in it’s ascendancy! Good for you. You are perfecting and your writing is excellent.
        Prediction: The Missing prediction is control of us through our food supply. The Commies have always known this and used this tool endlessly. No one here is apparently noticing this. The WEF is telling you what it is up to. Right in front of you. One of it’s tools is equating protein sources/cow farts with climate change. They’re serious. They want to get rid of animal agriculture. Why do you think Bill Gates invested in the CEO of Beyond Meat. Get ready to eat bugs. Not tomorrow-but soon, and pay attention. The WEF/Davos globalists are now linking Covid and Bird flus with chickens, mink and now pigs, and beef now linked to Covid, and set up to be the next big slaughter… save us! The slaughter of mink (mink here in Utah slaughtered) and chickens/ducks has already begun. Your food supply is under assault. The soybean crop is bought up by China and supply is shrinking. Soy is the main crop to feed these critters. As the brings to light:
        One clear thing about the globalist Commies, they tell us what they are up to.
        Z Folks… one here is blogging about the fragility of our food supply. For God’s sake prepare for this. THEY are linking the Bird Flu with critters, will roll out another pandemic, lock us down in it’s name and reduce your food supply. Please face this, think about it and prepare.

        Z—You have a subscription to Range Magazine. How about an occasional article about Western topics since the West feeds the world? Blogging about regenerative cattle ranching will benefit all of us and affects all of us. Or how the forests have been left to rot for 100 years by design, now forests are in decay/overgrowth and burning, and the Overlords claim it’s due to climate change. The drum beat of climate change.
        My beautiful Harvest Right just arrived. I can now freeze dry damn near anything. The cat is nervous. A years supply of beef in the freezer, canned, jerked and now freeze dried. Basic Husband will freeze dry some of his crummy vegetables. Phoo!
        Our Generac back up propane (not natural gas) whole house generator is on the way. THEY are warning us coal will be gone and electrical power is under assault and price will go up. Here in Utah, Rocky Mt. Power, if you drill through multiple layers to find, has an emergency webpage that states if the weather is hot and the wind blows, they can Californicate us and shut down power until the wind calms down. Over and over. All of Utah and parts of Wyoming. They will follow California’s lead. So get used to it. Notice how in California they are now shutting down power quite frequently. Should we go all Selco-Bosnia collapse, we’ll gather the neighbors together, figure out what needs to be done and delegate responsibilities. Until then, plan how to gather food supplies when supply chains are broken, identify your needs, plan water needs—we have, and prepare. Why aren’t we blogging and thinking about this. They are warning us!
        Sorry….no Happy New Year. This next year will be a dirty bitch. Otherwise, best wishes to each and every one of you.
         PS: Nomadland is set for release in February 2021. Frances McDormand as an out of work widow forced to abandon her home and hit the road in a van or trailer or skateboard. Movie release has been pushed back until 2021. As the nation’s food lines grow, will this movie rile dispossessed folks up against the Overlords or will people consider McDormand’s life on the road as a romantic option? A tough spin. But our Overlords are so good at this.

        • I’ve always been the distrustful sort and have a technical focus so I’ve wondered for a long time why more effort isn’t put into creating small scale self-enclosed life support technologies. Water and sewer, in particular, keeps a lot of people dependent on city utilities and the alternatives, wells and septic tanks, are costly and troublesome. Lots more of us could escape the hive if there was an easy way to make a closed-loop water system. Yes I know, drinking your own pee – yuck – ultimately that’s what you’re all doing anyway. All the water on earth has been through something’s digestive system quintillions of times.

          Ultimately, if your comforts or even your life, is dependent on some big centralized and socialized system you either need to find a way to get people you trust in control of it or detach from it. Big utilities and Big food are easy targets for authoritarians as a last resort tactic of control. The only reason our overlords haven’t pulled a Ukraine-style “famine” out of their hats yet is that we haven’t rebelled enough yet. Indeed blackouts and lockdowns might just be less drastic forms of this.

    • The end game of the “great reset” is global digitized currency, thus achieving total control over everything. Fitts is just one of those sounding the storm. The Corbett report is also excellent.

    • Big boxes are open because they are money printers for globalist billionaires, various unamed people, and the CCP.

      Mom and Pop shops aren’t.

    • Hate Twitter:

      “Can just imagine China building their maglev trains, experimenting with eugenics to create supermen, building up an actual space program, then looking at American Shaniquas twerking on cars and transgender children”

  42. Did not stay up to watch the ball drop, but shared some bubbly with my wife, and watched what passed for entertainment for a while.

    The USA is now an African country, totally negrified, coarsened, and enstupidated, without a trace of any European culture. There was virtually no music on any channel, just mindless chanting and writhing. Even the few whites present participated in the African tribalism.

    As Kersey says, Black Ruled America.

    Happy New Year, and may God save us one and all.

  43. “The murder rate in Baltimore and other diverse cities will take off in 202.”

    One of the first rules of leftism is: leftists don’t care about the things they pretend to care about.
    If they really cared about black people, they would obviously go in for no-nonsense policing. Of course, all they really care about is power, so they’re more than happy to throw away black lives, indeed anybody’s life, to get it.

    The best description I’ve heard of left-wing “policies” is that it’s bait–just a trick to give them power. And you end up broke and dead and they think it’s funny.

    • Not necessarily so.
      Leftists ARE capable of logic – provided it coincides with their emotions. Where it conflicts – emotion wins, every time, hands down. This in turn also drive secondary undesirable neoliberal traits like the virtue signaling that is part and parcel of their fake ideologies like feminism, homosexual/pervert acceptance, and multiculturalism – just to name three.
      However, your screed applies to their rulers in spades. They write and cast the morality plays that drive the rank and file shitlibs just as you say.
      Conservative Inc does it too, only with much less success.

    • I’d go step further and cynically suggest the Left sees this as an absolute feature over in the gun control wing. Troll through BoJ statistical database and the first thing that jumps out is that the US, once you take the vibrant major metro homicid element out, looks like…Europe.

    • The Left not actually caring about something is what makes the BLM grift so hilarious.

      Who else is ready to go tell a jogger,

      “Y’all got played by the unamed people!


    • Hard truth. As with welfare policies that force fathers out of the home and require single mothers to raise bastard children alone, and then add in abortion-on-demand; Democrat policy is a covert genocide for the Black race in America. Even more cruel, low IQ blacks are incapable of figuring out what is happening to them and slavishly keep voting D in exchange for a dollop of token gravy. Genocide in slow motion is the most heinous because the victims never wake up to the threat. Joe Biden is a friend of the Blacks just like Xi is a friend of the Uygurs.

      • The purported “covert geocide for the Black race in America” is extremely low on my list of major issues I’m concerned about.

        • I don’t know which is worse. The fact that we have a major political party committed to genocide, or a victim class that is rooting for them to be victorious. We live in strange times.

      • They’re doin genocide wrong. Black pop is increasing in the US. Also, nordic countries do a good bit of redistribution of wealth. Doesn’t seem to be “driving fathers out of the home”. To paraphrase an earlier commenter, we dont have a welfare problem normiecon, we have a black problem.

        • So when did you get to choose your parents? Do you really want to blame a newborn for a heritage they did not choose, then raised in an environment they did not choose, and bequeathed DNA better suited for sub-Saharan Africa than Detroit? Each of us has no choice but to play the hand we’re dealt in life, what that may be. And no, I don’t think government implemented genocide is justified just because you hate a particular race, ethnicity, or religion.

          • Whoa slow down there Rev Al. Your hypothesis doesn’t fit the facts. Further, if anyone is hating it is he who insists on the framing of black under achievement in moral terms; innocent blacks victimized by immoral whites. Stop the hate and explain how black underachievement is universal while whitey’s eeeeeville grasp is not.

          • Black people underachieving in our mid latitude seasonal environment is no different than Caucasians faring poorly trying to live in the Congo. There is a natural evolutionary explanation for why there are very few blacks living in Alaska.

          • I was schooled in this whole “blacks can do better if we fix families and educate them better” scenario by an acquaintance of mine who just happens to be a black guy raised in Detroit.
            He is an engineer and travels the world teaching customers to use the equipment his company sells.
            When education came up he told me there is nothing that can be done with most blacks. That the kids he grew up with never had a chance, not so much because of the circumstance, but because of IQ.
            Mark says he was fortunate because both of his parents were above average IQ and their marriage stayed in intact. The fact they were even married was a boost. Family helps with morals values and responsibility but not with educatable level.
            A black man then goes on to tell me there is no hope for blacks, why? The average IQ of blacks in the US is about 78 and for all those we are importing from Africa is about 70.
            You cannot educate your way out of that. A person with an IQ of 78 cannot function in todays technologically advanced society and the role for them will continue to diminish, even more rapidly than the past.
            I went home and looked up what he was talking about. The black guy schooled me good………
            Kinda explains why the really long wait at the atm all the time.

    • Actually, they do care about the negroes. The reason the AWRs oppose no-nonsense policing even though it means many more dead negroes, is because the negroes prefer killing one another to being policed by YT. The AWR policy is to allow negroes to be negroes, which, of course, means that their turf is nothing more than Angola with Nikes, sail foams and Lexuses.

      • Actually Angola is now nothing more than Angola with Nikes, sail foams, and Lexuses. The third world is like this. Overall you see poverty, ignorance, despair, filth, and violence. At the same time everyone is frantically thumbing their sail foams and having dreams filled with crass visions of owning (or carjacking) a Lexus someday.

        The globalist “plan” such as they even have a plan, seems to be for the entire planet to eventually resemble Angola, Baltimore, or Malmo. Only the weather and the form of pidgin being spoken by the natives will tell you where you are. It won’t matter because most of the vocabulary will be Eng-spanol and will consist of streams of brand names and profanities held together by some loose verb structure borrowed from whatever is left of the former nation’s main language and whatever the immivaders spoke in their homelands.

        Since this kind of social structure isn’t conducive to actually making or doing anything useful there will be protected high-tech city-states where neither freedom nor crime will be tolerated. These will manufacture the sail foams and Lexuses which the other 8.5 billion of us multi-hued niggers will murder each other over.

        • Same thing in Toronto.

          Bmw, mercedes and land rover (on credit) are all the rage for arab, paki and black yoofs with a little bit of money. Things like housing becoming unaffordable and crime going up? Sheeeeit.

          Theyve ruined the brand for me. But look at the fag and african commercials from these companies recently and it’s no great loss.

          Ooga booga.

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