The Blood Of Patriots

Yesterday, Ashli Babbitt was shot in the neck and died while protesting inside the Capitol with other protestors. A group of angry Trump supporters had got into the building and were making a racket. This is not an unusual occurrence. During the Kavanaugh hearings, Democrats organized mobs of screeching women to harass Republicans in the halls of the Capitol. Party media was there to celebrate it as the purest expression of democracy. It was power to the people time.

That was not the case yesterday, according to the media. Instead, it was a direct threat to “our” democracy. This is a bit ironic in that the protests are over the obvious corruption in the election system. The direct threat to democracy is the people demanding their elections be fair and honest. That’s why Ashli Babbitt was inside the Capitol making a racket. Her whole life she had been told this was how citizens angry at their government demand redress when the system fails.

That is how popular government is supposed to work. The people expect their government to be responsive to the will of the people. When they don’t like that they see, they vote for different people to hold office. If those politicians ignore the people, then the people go bang on their door and demand redress of their grievances. The politicians then come out and address their issues. That’s not it works now. Instead, they open fire on the people like they did yesterday.

Ashli Babbitt was not some drug-addled degenerate, like we saw last summer, when the ruling class unleashed their mobs on us. She was a veteran, serving 14 years in the US Air Force, and she was a high-level security official throughout her time in service. She was like most of the people at the protest, in that she had bought into what she was told about America. So much so she signed onto serve in the military and go overseas in various deployments.

Like most of the protestors, she was there because she had spent her life playing by the rules and defending those rules. She was there because the people in charge of maintaining the rules have been violating those rules. They ignored the official corruption in the 2016 election and they laughed about the grotesque fraud that was plainly obvious in the 2020 election. Like the rest of those protestors, she was angry that the politicians were not following the rules.

For her trouble, she died in a pool of her own blood inside what is supposed to be the people’s house in America. It is a bit ironic that a citizen exercising her rights would be murdered by an agent of a corrupt system that is now infringing on her rights. Murder is the right word here. The man who shot her was under no threat and was on the other side of a locked and barricaded door. The murderer was part of Vice President Pence’s security detail. The video, for those interested, is here.

There will be no charges against the murderer. Unlike the cops involved in the George Floyd case or any number of others, this coward will not be fired from his job or face criminal charges. He will probably get a medal. He will not have his face and address plastered all over the media, so that he can be attacked by mobs. There will be no media orchestrated campaign to defund the police over this. Most likely, the whole thing will be put on mute so that the public forgets it.

Of course, unlike George Floyd, Ashli Babbitt will not get three nationally televised funerals and be treated as a fallen hero. That honor goes to drug-addled criminals who overdose in police custody. In this America, patriots who served their country and exercise their rights get gunned down by agents of the state. This woman, this patriot, bleeding out in the halls of the Capitol, murdered by an agent of the state, is the perfect image of what has gone terribly wrong in America.

No doubt, millions of decent people who sympathized with her cause are saddened by this terrible tragedy. It did not have to come to this. This was not an accident. This was not a terrible misfortune. The people on the other side of that door, the people who celebrate the murderer of Ashli Babbitt now, they did this. They created this crisis that threatens to plunge to country into a death spiral. They had choices and they had plenty of warning, but they refused to listen and now Ashli Babbitt is dead.

Be angry, but also remember Ashli Babbitt. The Republican Party will not remember her or even mention her name. The media will work hard to make sure you forget her name and how she died yesterday. Dissidents need to remember her so we never forget why we are angry and why we are dissidents. We are angry with a system that thinks it is okay to murder citizens who play by the rules and exercise their rights as citizens to petition their government for redress.

The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. We have had 13 states independent for 11. years. There has been one rebellion. That comes to one rebellion in a century and a half for each state. What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure. 

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  1. Surely a powerful piece by Z Man. I for one will always remember Ashli.
    But you are having yourselves on if you believe there will be an effective fight back any time soon against the DC swamp and its allies.
    The enemy holds all the high ground – political posts, the big corporations, the media, the tech lords.
    Importantly, YOU will not be permitted to organize your OWN tribe – the hispanics can, the blacks can, the asians can. But you on the other will instantly be labelled white supremacists and domestic terrorists, sacked and cancelled. The Dems’ next move will be to confiscate your guns, deny your children advancement, punish your boys at university, and monitor your cells and computers even more closely.
    Perhaps eventual hope might arise following a general US collapse – maybe triggered by a military disaster, financial collapse due to insupportable US debt, energy poverty when fracking is restricted and gas powered cars are banned.
    In the mean time, watch your backs. Use encryption. Stay away from your enemies at twitter, netflix, facebook, google, hollywood, and all their subsidiaries.
    And the number one priority? You need a finance system that won’t cut you off on a whim. THAT is your real vulnerability. If they can confiscate your funds at a keystroke then you are completely powerless.

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  3. Just to be clear: The vast majority of the usurpers actually inside of the building were Antifa disguised as Trump supporters, easily identifiable through earlier arrests. The Washington PD was complicit in letting them into the building when they should have been restricting access to the proceedings. This was orchestrated and now the narrative has been set to paint EVERY Trump supporter with a bomb-throwing anarchist image.

  4. This is my first post on the net since 1998 or so. I don’t contribute, because I do not have orginal thoughts. I read. Everything, everywhere, always. Rich enough to afford the time. Been with this circus from before Yarvin went into that garage to assemble a wordview. I read him, you, everybody you ever heard of, and I thought along. I’m a natural as a passivist.
    This time though, nobody preempted my thoughs, so maybe it’s an original one. Maybe it’s even kind of true. Here it is, in a nutshell:
    What we witness here is bigger than The Rubicon or the Bastille or the Vikings or 9/11 or Moses or Hitler or whatver everybody employs as precendent. Is everybody blind to the elephant in the room?
    Thanks for opening the door. Have you heard about Jesus? Do you know how his followers love him? How he promised to clean the stables and end the corruption at the temple? How he overturned some tables but achieved little of substance? How he preaches non-violence and patience and integrity to those who want him to lead them a victory instead, a beaufiful dream. Have you seen the people on the hill that listen to his sermons, their delight? He even touched lepers and whores! Have you seen how he rode into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey? Have you head how he was betrayed? First by the priests and then by one of his closest associates? Aren’t you afraid for his life now, but he seems so detached and sure of some nebulous victory? What do you think happens next, and after that? What is “suceeding” anyway? Was any of this by design, and if so, who’s the designer? Is is even necessary for a designer to exist for the design to be successful? Have you heard about history repeating? Is it only as farce, always? Would you expect a movement of proles, whores and lepers that prides itself of its integrity and its martyrs to take over Rome? Did you see how afraid Pilates looked?
    Let’s think about the possibility of an elephant!

  5. This, Mr Z, is a powerful and direct message to everyone who values freedom and justice. It is an awesome piece of writing.
    I am English — and we have our own problems with corruption, lies and deceits over here — but I promise I will remember Ashli Babbit’s name as long as I live. I hope more do so, and may the good lady rest in peace.
    Amen, as we are allowed to say for now.

  6. “So, Grandma you say TV news these days makes you fearful, stressed out? It’s not interesting or helpful anymore?”

    –The next day –

    “I guess the transmitters are down, Grandma. There’s static on every channel. Should be down at least a week, considering how bad I…….uh, I mean, considering the outage is widespread.”

  7. It seems to me that would get the attention of the Washington Whores (suggested new name for a sportsball team) would be if, God forbid, there should be a series of unconnected attacks on the families rather than the sacred personages themselves.

  8. I believe this has already progressed beyond where the dems predicted/expected. I also believe those self same people operate based on TV reality. They were already twitchy; this is going to make them outright paranoid. Every little thing will be interpreted as purposeful sabotage/attacks. Panic will start to set in, and it will be very clear to the world that the dems have genuinely lost control of the country. They have power, but their incipient madness will render them incapable of wielding it coherently.

    The machine is breaking down right in front of our eyes, in RT!? One consequence of this new phase, is the cabal will not allow biden any grace period. he will be gone very soon, maybe harris too. harris is the canary in the coal mine; if she is pushed out first, look out below…

    • It will be impossible to govern 70 million people who believe the election illegitimate .we will simply not comply. When they come for the patriots from yesterday. We must not let them have them. Millions must shelter them and millions more will follow. The harder they go the more of us there will be.

  9. do you see the Biden years being sort of like the Ford/Carer era – i.e. a sort of hangover and an attempt to return to normal?

    • they may portray it that way, but not many people will buy it. the left tastes blood now and will amp things up, accelerate the process. and that’s when guys like rommney (much to his genuine suprise) get theirs.

  10. That was a moving post … could tell that it was from the heart … thanks for posting. We all feel the same way … I’ve been shaking my head ever since March, 2020 with all of this covid bullshit and election fraud. Secession is the only answer … I don’t know how, but that needs to happen. Lots of countries have gone through it .. now it’s our time.

  11. Luckily for me my copy of The Best Of C.M. kORNBLUTH showed up at the Los Angeles Library curbside pickup today. Read the post, not the comments. Looking for some insight from M.R. Barlow this evening. I’m sure the comments will be,Insightful and useful when I get to them in the morning.

    • This is important and central to why Trump failed as a leader. During the Italian campaign in the early days Napoleon was seen by his army storming across some bridge under fire from the Austrians. This earned the admiration and love of his soldiers and the stories would live on right until Waterloo. He shared their dangers or at least he was seen to. Here’s another general on something of the same streak:

      “Loyalty up is important but loyalty down is far more important”

      George S. Patton

  12. Pat Buchanon on VDARE called the protest at the Capitol “a disgrace” and called it a temple. Haha. Buchanon is just like all the other grifters. Called it. When courage was required he ran and hid. He’s no different than Romney.
    Apparently Trump gave a concession speech and Pence is now effectively the President. There is still a movement to 25th Trump or impeach him, might well happen. He will certainly be indicted and convicted, if he’s not extradited to Iran first. It would solve President Harris’s problems nicely.
    And in other good news, Jack Dorsey, Sundar Pinchai, and Mark Zuckerberg are reportedly telling Schumer and Romney and Grahamnesty that they can identify any Trump supporter let alone voter, and use that information to freeze bank accounts and turn off utilities. The Wisconsin AG is prosecuting anyone who traveled to DC, period, and Colorado is seizing guns of anyone who supported Trump as a “danger.” It is uniparty repression and I assume the camps are next. I am not joking.

    • The lady he picked for his VP is something I have never been able to simply forget. Despite his many fans on this side, I have largely held my tongue about him yet have always been skeptical.

  13. Retreat, rethink and regroup, then move again. This is just Round One in an actual internecine war nominally commenced yesterday but ancient in fact. You have just witnessed the adversaries’ coordinated effort to murder you one-by-one. Christiandom will succeed or fail, Christ cannot lose, He has given us a fresh opportunity. During the 1950’s, when we were deliberately being lined up like bowling pins, our folk were seduced that we were being rewarded for past loyal service and sacrifice. Today, more aware, we journey forward to extirpate them or else they shall certainly attempt, perhaps successfully, to rub us out until the end of time. Study the scrivenings of Vox Day and his commentariat. May G_d bless you an yours.

  14. It’s good when it’s an uncommon name and spelling like Ashli Babbitt. Anything with a ring to it. Babbit. Punchy. Rittenhouse was the same. Lyrical. Years from now all that needs be said in conversation is Babbitt. The recognition effect wouldn’t kick in the same if her name was Mary Johnson. Or Kyle Rittenhouse was something bland like Greg Oniforg.

    • To this day, the Rittenhouse thing is really the one thing, the one person, whose treatment has made my blood boil. I just like that kid and cannot for the life of me understand how anyone could truly hate him and want to hurt him. I can’t think about it too much though or I’ll go nuts. But if push ever comes to shove, the pent up anger will come out in a big way. As for this woman who was shot, similar thing. I can’t let myself think about it too much or I won’t be able to function. I can’t even bear to look at the videos. The anger will be too much. God bless both of them.

  15. Very powerful post. Maybe the best Zman has ever written and an excellent example of why Zman is indispensable in these insane times.

    What happened yesterday for me is the dividing line. Anyone who is not outraged by the murder, the demonization of the protestors and the dismissal of the voting fraud is dead to me. That includes almost every republican politician and commenter on the mainstream right.

    Sarah Hoyt was the only non traitor over at Instapundit, a site I sometimes go to see the current takes of a normie (Glenn Reynolds) and our fellow whites.

    Hoyt’s perspective was in sync with Zman’s and contained a nice summation of the Republican traitors and why the party is controlled opposition:

    “When Democratic Party leaders find excuses for left-wing violent protesters and condemn right-wing protesters, one can understand their motives. They see left-wing protesters as being “on their side” and the right-wing protesters as “the enemy.

    When Republican Party leaders find excuses for left-wing violent protesters and condemn right-wing protesters, it’s hard not to draw the conclusion that they, too, see the left-wing as “on their side” and the right-wing as “the enemy.””

  16. Let me add I remember the stuff around the Bush/Gore election. Lefties were bitter but it was mostly jokes about chads. Leno, a Lefty, thought it was funny on the Tonight Show. That guy with the bug eyes staring through a magnifying glass was a standard gag he played night after night. Not much really changed and had Gore been chosen things would have played out much the same including Iraq. Those two turd sandwiches were just about the same save which big business sector got the most tax breaks.
    Deplorables could probably accept an Obama third term, not a whole lot changed from Bush, but that’s not on the Agenda. Divine Right of Kangz (blacks able to do what they want to Whitey without consequence) and the Great Reset aka bugs and sewage water living in pods for people who owned their own home and cars. An immediate and dramatic reduction in personal safety and living standard, basically not much more than a cardboard box on the street. It is not and never has been about Trump. Its about solidifying the China Trade — we send ALL our agricultural output so Xi gets propped up as his people eat better and we eat bugs and eat weeds for their cheap plastic junk.

  17. The site was locked down for a while, non functioniing.
    Lindsey Grahamnesty is in Congress bellowing that all who were in the Capitol, and implying all Trump Supporters, be charged with Sedition. Mitt Romney is saying he’s in charge of the Republican Party. Pence has reportedly locked Trump out of any command and has taken over the White House. I think it highly likely that Biden will extradite Trump and some of his officials and low level military to Iran for execution and solving the “Trump Problem.” Twitter and Facebook have banned Trump for life, and the media is on full attack mode on Deplorables and Republicans.
    I think Team Biden is stupid enough to replay the Clinton/Obama playbook only with 73 million Trump voters and about 30 million Trump supporters instead of a few fringe characters. I don’t think you’ll see a storming of any Capitol building or public protest but likely a combination of actions seen in the Arab Spring and Vietnam War. Certainly its an easy prediction that ticked off people facing homelessness as 60% of small businesses fail forever are likely to at least sabotage power and fiber and water infrastructure.

    • Occam’s Razor. Everything you have described is consistent with a coup in progress. And you don’t do a coup half-assed. In for a penny, in for a pound. But the good news is that the mask has been dropped and everyone now knows that a soft tyranny has taken hold in the Good Ol’ US of A. I have previously commented that DC is a cesspool of corruption, but I can now modify that to state that DC is also the heartbeat of new tyranny that is descending upon us. Corruption won’t likely kill you, but tyranny sure as shit will. Just ask all the tens of millions of innocents that died under Stalin, Hitler, and Mao. Yes, it can happen here.

  18. I wanted to write obscene things about ‘go home’ Trump but why bother? He didn’t have it in him and never did. We’re on our own, against a diabolical system.

  19. Excellent, balanced article by seemingly non-partisan who concludes it is probable that the election was stolen. Here are a few frightening quotes:

    Yet what I have found to date gives me no choice but to conclude that in the 2020 election, there was major and organized vote fraud and that it probably stole the election.

    …if, indeed, there is nothing unusual about the election, then election observers from some international body ought to have been called in long ago. I’m afraid that what I have discovered confirms my general view that America keeps sliding into lawlessness.

    In our deteriorating society, ruthless operatives will take full advantage of all the “nice” Americans who think of themselves as civilized defenders of the best of America—the “nice” people who will (nobly they think) not lower themselves to that other level of demagoguery and shenanigans. They will tell themselves that America passes through ups and downs in cycles and that in time the country always returns to balance and normalcy. I find that view as superficial as it is common. In our current historical situation, in which the decline of traditional standards continues apace, the ruthless will rather easily outmaneuver the nice, which is why the young of today had better prepare for rough times.

  20. Thank you Z for one of the few articles paying tribute to a woman who both served her country in the military, and by taking action when injustice threatend the very fabric of our country – a true patriot. I am sincerely saddened by her sensless loss, and hope we do not forget her sacrafice.

  21. According to Machiavelli, a ruler must be respected, perhaps feared. Also, a ruler must take care not to be hated or despised.

    Our rulers are not respected.

    Our rulers are not feared.

    Our rulers are hated and/or despised.

    • Not if they have Big Data. That’s the argument of Jack Dorsey, who looks like a homeless bum not master of the universe. At least Elon Musk looks like Lex Luthor. Powerful and scary.
      And Dorsey does have a point, despised and hated rulers have a long history of ruing just fine, as long as they have the secret police and aristocracy or equivalent on their side. President Harris has them on her side as well as Big Data amplifying the reach of the secret police. Of course that assumes the power is on …
      Ceaucescu, the ruler in Tunisia, the Shah, Mubarak, all were despised but ruled for a long time before falling. Of course those were much smaller geographically and demographically speaking than the US.

      • This is still america and 70 million say so. Resolve to be ungovernable, you must help fellow patriots be ungovernable by any means necessary.
        Millions more will stand up.

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  23. I feel less alone reading this page. I’m on the verge of tears so frequently now. This beautiful country . . . it feels like it was all a dream now.

    What infuriates me most is that my elderly mother can’t process what she is seeing. She understands that because she supports traditional values, SHE is evil. Because she supports people having to show proof of address and US citizenship when they vote, SHE is guilty of denying people the right to vote. She can’t process the dissonance. And I can’t protect her from what is going to happen. It leaves me feeling a sorrowful rage.

  24. This officer is now sitting at a conference table with five union attorneys, repeating “I feared for me life.”…..”I feared for my life.”…..”I feared for my life.”…..”I don’t remember, it happened so fast.”….”I feared for my life.”…….and just like that 98% of them walk free.

    • The “bloody shirt” will only fail if we don’t waive it around and honor its memory in our future acts. They’re still invoking the talisman of “Charlottesville”; hell, they still whine about the Rosenbaums and Emmett Till. We just need the same memory and determination to keep the faith.
      Her name was Sarah Weaver.
      Her name was Ashli Babbitt.

  25. “You kick a dog until he bites, then you shoot him”, said someone. Bobbit was only barking, yet she was shot anyway. May as well skip the barking and do some biting, while we still have the first two ammendments.

    • i think I agree

      Yesterday was a wasted opportunity to do some biting

      Now the place will be fortified out the ass

      I’m just saying this from a tactical perspective — not taking sides

      • You win by being corrosive, not directly confrontational. Your public pretense should be that of a model citizen. Any act against the tyranny should occur only from the shadows. Use what you know. The engine of every corrupt government is a machine, and all machines can break. Some via overload, some via lack of maintenance, some via sand in the gears, etc. Be creative and stealthy. Tens of millions of US citizens know that this election was stolen and it was a coup. A grain of sand from each is a whole lotta problem. Jackboots can kill targets with ease, but they can’t fix a broken machine.

        • Methinks the Monkeywrench Movement is about to mobilize many new adherents.It could come to be a force for good in the land during reclamation.

  26. Given this woman’s role in the Air Farce, she likely would have looked at that “thin blue line” black and white flag, and felt pretty good. Especially as so many of them are waved at Trump events with shouts of “back the blue!.” If anything, I hope that at least a fraction of them will begin to understand that while policing (including security details) may be a necessary job, it’s not necessarily an honorable one. One of my visceral hatreds about Trump and his followers is this cop/military worship they have (Trump has this particular fetish because he’s not a real man so he likes the role of tough guy). Those are the institutions you hang your hat on as you lose faith in the others? No true lover of liberty would think highly of people in those roles. We have to understand that they best among the police are doing it for the pension and the benefits while biding time at donut shops.

  27. To all the Israel-Firsters out there:

    This is how the Palestinians feel every time the Zionists murder one of their warriors. It is a combination of fury and pride. We understand that exhilaration and hatred now.

    You won’t say her name.

    We will.

    • You bring up such a good point

      To all those “Christian” zionists, what makes you think (((they))) wouldn’t treat you the same and wall you in against the sea and treat you like rodents?

    • No, that is not how Palestinians feel. First they are two alien peoples fighting over who has the land, second they don’t speak the same language or have the same religion, third their entire way of life including marriage, child raising, concept of time, etc. are alien and incompatible. By contrast liberal elites and Deplorables hate each other because they are almost but not quite exactly the same. Only on the religion of Wokism do they differ. Better the Catholics/Protestants in Ireland during the Troubles.
      Yes, Israel often serves as an underground proxy for White Identity and pride. Which is why liberal US Jews HATE HATE HATE White support for Jews who fight Muslims seeing it for what it is — pride in the last White people to fight brown ones.
      But Israel itself if examined shows the power and limits of nationalism in the global age. Even with constant outside attacks by those who have demonstrated amply they want to kill them, Israelis can’t wait to get rid of Netanyahu and embrace open borders, liberalism, virtue signaling, etc. Bibi is the Israeli Trump (Orban of Hungary loves the guy and considers him his role model) but his political coalition is constantly breaking down as the desire to be loved for virtue among the educated professional classes is so great. Bibi is currently on trial and expected to be convicted by a class that hates him. The Israeli professional classes (the left) is openly allied with Palestinians in elections.

      • You make great points. I have to think, however, going by my own life experience and having some understanding of history, that we too are fairly alien to (((them))) and also have a different religion, culture, outlook on life, etc. they seem to hate us only somewhat less, but that may be changing? Look at how schumer wants the guy we voted for basically sent into exile. Does he also mean us by extension? Yes, plenty whites are on board with him, no doubt, but the fact remains that we and them aren’t exactly peas in a pod.

      • What is your evidence that the liberal elites and deplorables almost the same? Who exactly are the liberal elites. I don’t know how they are defined some nebulous mob the far right have in their heads? Who are the deplorables? The mob Trump hates, the white trash? His main supporters.

        When we have answers to this then we can begin to understand what you have written.

      • and why is that bad? Bibi is probably not being convicted because he is hated by a class it is probably because he has comiitted actual crimes.

      • You even contradict yourself in your own article. The only difference is money and then you go to say the difference is the religion of wokism. So we have one difference according to you then in the same article say there is a second. Is there one or two differences? Just dribble.

      • Do I detect a white supremacist here.

        “Which is why liberal US Jews HATE HATE HATE White support for Jews who fight Muslims seeing it for what it is — pride in the last White people to fight brown ones”.

        I think you have your own religion. You are not logical as I have shown below. Yet in the face of, your own internal contradictions of ideas, and that the facts do not back up your assertions, you cling to your beliefs. Why would white people fight brown ones? I don’t. My friends don’t. My colleagues don’t. Most people despise people that want that. Do you want that? There is only some existential fight of races in your head and the heads of other sad people like you who attempt academic rigour but just do not cut the mustard as you don not know how to do it or use it.
        The magnificent achievement of the enlightenment, from which the American constitution sprang and the values you hold dear (I assume) derive, represents a breakthrough by Western Civilisation. The core of which is reason.
        Your religion is the death of reason and the destruction of the major achievement of Western civilisation. Trump exemplifies this is in his disregard for the empirical evidence on many counts, assuming you share the religion. Highly likely. eg Climate change denial or that human races have large differences that count. The latter is empirically disproven ie by scientific evidence, genetics etc.
        You operate at the base tribal level as shown by your above statement. If you can rise above that you will have a much better life. Good luck.

    • And I will amplify, the only real significant difference between the Dirt People Deplorables and the Elites besides Wokism is income. Other than that — they eat the same food, don’t get married at the same rate, have illegitimate kids at mostly the same rate, watch mostly the same stuff, shop mostly at the same places, speak the same language, and are of the same general genetic stock.
      In Northern Ireland the Troubles were smothered with a blanket of money, mostly. The way Europe poured cash into Bosnia to cement the Dayton Accords. The Woke Elite are insulated completely from DIEversity and the Dirt people are not. The Woke can’t convert the Deplorables as being Woke can only play out if you don’t have to live among non-Whites. Two closely related peoples divided by religion can do horrible things (Thirty Years War). Even more when divided by class/status.
      If people were not facing economic annihilation and the prospect of living on the street on a cardboard box, maybe ten people would have showed up at the Capitol.

      • “Other than that — they eat the same food, don’t get married at the same rate, have illegitimate kids at mostly the same rate, watch mostly the same stuff, shop mostly at the same places, speak the same language, and are of the same general genetic stock”.

        Well. their wokishness (I had to check what it is) as you put it is a major major difference in its own right. The similarities you list as above are mere assertions by you that have no proof as back up. On examination these are logically unlikely. They almost certainly will not eat the same food.. You say they have rates of marriage and illegitimate kids. If this is the case so what? How does this compare to Right wing elite people’s rates? Is that the same? Do they all like to grab women’s pussies, the leader of the Right wing elite does. He boasts about it. Is this a value that lovers of the traditional nuclear family also hold like their leader? NO I doubt the liberal elites have the same rates of these things or for the same reasons as the deplorables. Logic says they certainly will not watch the same stuff. Do you really believe that? The same with the shops. They certainly will not eat the same food, that is why the deplorables have such terrible life expectancies in the US and getting worse. The liberal elites will much more likely speak several languages, which gives then a further advantage over the deplorables. There maybe a crossover of the same stock but people from ethnic stock are making up progressively more of the liberal elites but the liberal elites are far more diverse in that respect already.
        Even your facts do not stack up. The language you choose is one that attempts to demonise the groups you are talking about by making them appear deviant somehow. The way Nazis equate humans they do not like with vermin. You imply that the traditional stereotypical family is the pure ideal and any deviation from this is bad. Well, that sterotype never existed, eg as the pussy grabber shows.

        Obama shows that you can be a woke and be a non white.

        Your article is nonsense.

    • Eff the Palis, they’re as big a fraud as antifa. They’re there to legitimize Israel’s actions, and the leaders of the two countries split the UNRWA profits.

      Meanwhile the Bethlehem and West Bank Christians are being crushed, same as the Copts.

      A milk-and-bilk, just like Pakistan or any WOT fraud justifying weapons sales.

      I think Z is being hacked.
      Heck, probably all sites are, dammit.

    • Are you on drugs, you moron antisemite??
      What’s this got to do with Israel defending itself against jihad?

      Your country’s on fire and the first thing you think of is an Islamic lie?

  28. I’m starting to agree with those wanting to defund the police. That would even the playing field.

      • What exactly is worse between your forthcoming “Public Safety Officer of Equity” and current LEO’s? Point in fact: the hellspawn communist sheitstain that martered Ashli Babbett was an organization-man LEO, a sworn officer with a badge. They’re already murdering us in cold blood (:ahem: Lon Horiuchi :cough cough:) – I fail to see where there’s a downside to a wholesale disbandment and partial replacement of the ruling class’s muscle under a different aegis. If they are not “real police” anymore, the socially-ingrained deference will go away. Imagine if White people treated the Cloudpeople’s enforcers the way joggers treat patrol cops. Talk about emanantizing the eschaton there.

        • “What exactly is worse between your forthcoming “Public Safety Officer of Equity” and current LEO’s?”

          I grew up in gang territory Los Angeles. I know what the LEOs are holding back. Don’t believe for a moment that Nogger Cops would be no worse.
          Fact, cops screw us with VAWA and feminism. Fact also, if cops were the Left’s friends then the Left wouldn’t want to defund them.

          • Does that include all of the pigs that knelt down with Black Lies Matter or stood down while they burned businesses and attacked whites?

            There is no such thing as a good cop!
            Whether they shoot you 10 times or 20 makes no difference.

  29. This should be a warning to everyone via an execution. The state holds the upper hand on the use of deadly force and will use it as they see fit. Members of law enforcement are agents of the state, and always act as such. As a dissident you must be aware of this central fact. People in law enforcement are not your friends, they are not there to protect society, their primary goal is to protect the system.

    • He’s too rubbery

      I think De Santis has a bright future but dare I say he does look like he might be a boozer.

      • De Santis is an Israel-first who barely beat a gay black man for governor. As Florida goes blue in the next few years, he’ll find himself without a position. Ted Cruz is a slimy worm who accompanied Glen Beck to the border to hand out toys to illegal aliens. Also, the guy was responsible for planting a mole in the Trump administration. If these are the faces of the future republican leaders, you might as well leave that party and start a new one.

        • Is he an Israel Firster? I have to do more reading up on him.

          But I just think he is doing a good job as an executive of the state, and my home state at that. And since I will be spending more time there, and that he didn’t go overboard with masking, he looks great to me when compared against idiot boy Newsome

          But I am not a De Santis groupie. I just happen to admire executive level competence, and he seems to have it.

    • It’s funny you bring it up. Think back to the 2016 primary. The establishment started out with Bush. When that failed, they should have gone to Cruz, but instead it was Rubio and the other rodents. They just could not bring themselves to back Crus, which was the obvious play to stop Trump. If they had backed him when Bush collapsed. Trump never would have got the nomination. They just could not do it.

      Even now, the party treats Cruz more like Steve King than a party man.

      • Cruz is slippery

        He’s not a leader. I think he was exposed by Trump and can never recover

        And I do not know if you saw his wife and him asking for money in that one ad? As the young set says, it was total cringe.

    • Cruz is not as smart as people think. He doesn’t really understand what has driven America to ruin. And if he doesn’t understand the problems, he cannot be part of the solution.

    • Normie epitomized. Still looking for a ‘leader’ within the ‘system,’ and choosing a Canadian-born Cuban as such.

      • Normies have always been pieces of lazy, stagnant shit – which is why this country has been circling the crapper for decades!

        • being snarkey about normie ain’t going to get it. 70 million normies know they got screwed thats a big angry ungovernable beast.

  30. America as it was founded, as intended and as we grew up in is gone. It’s been destroyed and it’s not coming back. The American Communist Party nee Demonrats spent decades creating nthe machinery to steal elections. They have worked 24/7 since Trump beat Killary to steal THIS election. And they succeeded. They conspired with the CCP to release a virus. A virus that is harmless to 99% of us. They used the PLANNEDEMIC to destroy our rights, our freedom and our economy. The faux pandemic was created to justify the implementation of “mail in voting” which allowed them to commit what is arguably the crime of the century, vote fraud on an epic almost unprecedented scale.

    The left has infiltrated, subverted and suborned every meaningful institution in America. The media are nothing but the lefts propagandists. The legal system is now just a kangaroo court rubber stamp for them existing to give their crimes faux legitimacy and keep them safe from actual justice. Academia now is just a socialist cesspool and Big Tech is their willing criminal accomplice. They bribe, blackmail, intimidate and murder people to achieve their goals.

    Some fools believe Trump is now in some Super Seekrit bunker rallying his troops to come save America. He’s not. Right now Trump is being held incommunicado under house arrest somewhere. He is being told to shut up and play along or a family member(s) will have a “tragic accident”. Any “tweets” or other such posting from him are ghost written and curated by the left. He is President In name only. Traitor Pence in cahoots with the commie left is now running the show. If Trump won’t play along then Pence will oversee the coup’s completion on the 20th.
    Trump will be lucky if he isn’t jailed….or sent to Guantanamo. Being the incorrigible loose cannon he has always been he will always pose a threat to them and their plans. Odds are good we will NEVER see him again. He will suffer a “heart attack” or some other manufactured malady. His family will be bankrupted and hounded for the rest of their lives.
    The day Biden is sworn in he will sign the paperwork his handlers have already written to rescind all of Trump’s Executive Orders. Then Biden steps down/is removed and Kamala the Kommie takes over. Within months EVERYTHING of major value will be sold or transferred to the CCP as payment for helping the left seize power. After that the pogrom against patriots begins. The near future is going to be ugly, brutal and violent. Life as we knew it is over. NOBODY is coming to save us. It’s either 1776 or it will be 1984….. forever.

    • The American Communist Party nee Demonrats

      I stopped reading here. You are delusional if you think that a) Republicans are any better and b) any of the two ruling parties are Communists.

      • Not a fan of the cowardly RINO”s. The only thing they like more than winning is losing… they can continue getting rich and fat while blaming the other side for all the misery. But if you don’t believe the left are communists you are abject moron.

        • Yeah, communists whose first concern is to protect big corporations and help them make more billions. You are clueless.

          • Yeah, commies hate corporations. Like Aeroflot, Gazprom,Kazan Aircraft, CZ, and every corporate organ of the PLA/CCP that makes all the crap in Walmart. Oh wait, a corporation is just a tool to organize production of goods, used by communists, anti-communists, and everyone in between. Sheesh, you people with your concrete-bound thinking; do you think commies are “anti-gun” or “pro-gun?” Hint: they’re pro-whatever-works-for-them-at-that-moment. As we should be; if corporations are hurting us, we are anticorporation; if they are helping us, we are procorporation. Pretty frikkin simple.

          • Those were all state corporations during communism. You Americans are so embarrassingly clueless…

          • Explain the difference between American corporations funded, bailed out, subsidized and staffed with party / government officials — companies that carry out government edicts & and willingly lose money in service of promoting the approved party line — and any of those companies.

  31. The proper way to honor her memory is to learn from what has happened and then grow smarter & stronger as a result of this education paid for in blood. What should you have learned? Law & order is an illusion, just like truth in news reporting is an illusion. The police are not your friend and you cannot trust them. Do not paint a target on your back because they will shoot you dead. If you want to fight back, do it from the shadows. Police are neither omniscient nor omnipotent. They cannot be everywhere all the time watching everything. Withdraw your aid and cooperation. Pretend to be a model citizen just like they pretend to be honorable men. Deceit can be a two-way street. And this is not cynicism, it is true patriotism to refuse to support a corrupt regime. And if you learn nothing else, wake up to the reality that 1984 arrived in 2020.

    • Just a reminder, like our Nashville friend. You can make all manner of ‘energetic’ devices out of common household items, a trip to Home Depot, and a basic knowledge of chemistry which can be found on the internet. Including timers and remotely activated things—> In Minecraft! (just thinking out loud agent…)

      My point being, it would be trivially easy to conduct the type of asymmetric warfare that has plagued Afghanistan for a decade. If 90 IQ goat herds can do that imagine high IQ Europeans with access to 1st world supplies/electronics? (All theoretical of course for the Langley guys who I’m certain are scraping sites that allow badthink)

      Full frontal assaults like yesterday are a very bad idea even though that was one engineered by TPTB as I posted up thread (Anglin has an article up saying this very same thing, it was rather obvious). No actual ‘violence’ took place other than the groid SS Agent capping the white girl.
      That was a photo op and ‘unscheduled tour’ nothing more even though the hand-wringing and panic of MSM would have you believe otherwise. They could have literally lit the entire structure on fire and had it been Antifa, they WOULD have. So tell us all about the ‘terrorists’ from yesterday that basically wandered around, took some selfies, and left…

    • My take away is that these people were scared shitless

      That surprised me. I guess this is more of their total disconnect. But you mean none of these people have ever been in a situation like this ? Never seen a mob getting rowdy like at Mardi Gras or a new year’s eve celebration or a rock concert? Or a rap concert? Football game? They really don’t partake in these everyday things and live a life that insulated? I thought some of them them had seen combat?

      Their cowardice was a real eye opener. And it cannot be unseen. Now that the world can see them for the cowards they are, life and international relations for them will never be the same.

      • “My take away is that these people were scared shitless”
        Absolutely true. Another reason not to fear the Scam-demic virus. You damn well know if it was a deadly as these coward Politicians say they would all be wearing hazmat suits and hiding in containment bunkers. Instead they are at cocktail parties.

      • Louis XVI never left Paris, or even seriously tried to. If they could see the reality of the situation, there wouldn’t be a situation. The genesis of our social ills is the willful ignorance of our rulers to the actual feelings, facts, and sentiments of the people over whom they rule.
        Same as it ever was.

  32. 70 million patriots on the wrong side of the CCP two-tiered justice system will write history in Ashli Babbits blood.

    The “revolutionaries”, a combination of Antifa, crisis actors and FBI assets, were let in. This was engineered, but won’t end as originally scripted.

  33. I was wondering, is it important that the government employee who shot Ashli Babbitt, the unarmed, veteran, white, female protestor through the barricade was a B (capital “B” with sprinkles) Black man?

    • It is very important that the murderer who gunned down this unarmed patriot was a black man given the Left’s narrative of late.

    • I’m certain he took a special joy in being able to legally cap an attractive white female w/ no blowback since it happens so infrequently. They are -itching- for the day when the Eloi finally fully surrender and the Rwanda style purging of YT can begin. Notice that the guys also rushing the barricades who were being drawn down on by other (white) security magically managed to not catch one in the Ten Ring like she did. Funny that…

    • He was probably a soulless mormon in the mold of Mittens Romney. I heard J Edgar Hoover really had a hard-on for those people.

    • Not black btw. There is a guy’s cell footage who was literally looking through the door as the shot was fired. Was white older S.Service dude. Someone w/ bomb facial rec. tech could likely figure out who but w/ a mask on very difficult of course. Link:

    • All the more reason for the Power Structure to suppress this story. The last thing they want is coalescence of white identity and righteous hatred of the Hutu.

  34. FEEB types refer to Washington DC as SOG – “Seat of Government.” Who the DC crowd works for – not you or me – and what’s important to them – not you or me – is the story…

  35. You go! Fabulous article and the muses inspired!

    Read the Tale of Two Cities. They kept poking the bear, and eventually Madame Defarge hit the streets. Jesus, what a psyop setup.

    Ashli Babbitt….Ashli Babbitt….say it.

    Let’s see….a turd sandwich…..or a double turd sandwich with cheese.

  36. Watching the live stream yesterday when the patriots were moving towards and occupying the area on and around the capital had kind of a 9/11 vibe about it to me. Like I was watching something that had never happened before and something significant had shifted.
    Ashli’s death reminded me of the poignant scene in Les Miserables of Eponine’s passing. I hope her death will not be in vain, the fight will be carried on in her name and she will not be betrayed…

  37. What happened yesterday will be 2021’s Reichstag fire; it will be used to justify well-nigh totalitarian measures directed against Trump supporters and anyone outside the “mainstream.”

    • Repression was happening anyhow. This struck fear in their hearts and let them know repercussions are just a heartbeat away.

    • Calling yourself a Trump supporter is a bad idea when Trump won’t support you back. He’s over.

      Don’t let what happened yesterday be about him or any of his grifting family.

      • That’s true, but you guys will also need to find a new act. Being against Trump supporters only works when Trump is in power.

          • Eh, Zman has delved into the details with self-interested zest, but always stated that Trump was the Mule, the Breaker, and anything else was an accidental gift on top. Hope for more is not the same as trusting the plan that there will be more.

        • Being against the wignats only works when the wignats GAF. I don’t.

          I’ve never been against Trump supporters – just against supporting Trump – and that only after he showed me his true colors – Black, Brown & the White & Blue of Israel.

          I’ve consistently advocated a community-building 5th political theory strategy here. Trump has never been a part of that.

          If you want to vent your butt-hurt at Jazzhands McFeels or some other TRS personality, man up and comment to him about it – not my problem.

          All of this drama started with you white-knighting for Fuentes and Casey. Ask them to explain their reboot strategy post Trump. I don’t need one.

          Contra Apex above, it seems our problems are personal and very one-sided on your part. This is a pretty bad day to play e-girl drama games but personal slights seem very important to you and you don’t seem to drop grudges, ever.

      • Trump is now out of the picture. By standing for so-called “law and order,” he has rendered himself irrelevant. We are now beyond politics as usual and Marquess of Queensbury rules.

      • Its not and it never really was about President Trump but about what he stood albeit weakly for which is nationalism and traditional America.

    • I don’t give a shit. That was going to happen anyway. What’s important is that our side has taken the initiative and shown that it’s willing to put its life on the line. The next step is vengeance for Ashli.

  38. Good response. Sailer & others really missed the mark. Malkin got it right, Coulter punted as of last night/latest column.
    Trump himself did the usual – whip supporters into a frenzy, trigger their opposition, then cuck.
    No one in the Republican party is worth a damn. Democrats either, of course. We’re officially in post-America now.
    Listening to pious scumbags like Hannity & Erikson yesterday was riot-fuel in itself. Hopefully a few more people are learning to see through this process-worship of zombie democracy.
    To the extent any of the voices telling people that participating in this system is meaningful are heartfelt, they’re fools. The vast majority are grifters.
    To paraphrase Franklin, a sham republic – you can keep it.
    We’re moving on. There isn’t any better option. There is no 2A cop army waiting in the wings to take back America. They’re firing on us.
    In terms of soldiers, consider Tulsi, and Mattis. Only Ashli Babbitt was willing to stand up, however incoherently or misguidedly, for heartfelt patriotism and real “civic values.” She honored her uniform. Gabbard and Mattis are both cynical triangulating cowards
    The center got smaller yesterday.
    The Adelson-Soros-Saban axis of Jewish-led one-party money power called in their markers yesterday and demanded their clients toe a line. We need to do the same. You’re either with Whites or against them.
    There isn’t room for legitimate viable opposition that’s wedded to rule of law. When only one side plays by those rules, they lose. This is a rigged game. Walk away.

    • I believe the rarely wielded Mjolnir (AKA Z’s Ban Hammer) finally struck a resounding blow. He was actually a very funny contributor in the Heatiste days, Captain Obvious. Though he did even then have a bit of a hard on for throwing the j00 accusation around w/ little evidence. But now? He is f-cking mental just swinging at the fences basically so what use to be an entertaining stick with some comical piss takes has turned unhinged. My unsolicited .02…

  39. It looks like many normie conservatives are falling for the “It was Antifa infiltrators! Real patriots would never do anything to upset our rulers!” propaganda.

    It is obvious why, when the sleeping giant starts to stir, the ruling class says “No, it wasn’t that at all! It was Antifa! Bad people! Move along. Be good! Be quiet! Only bad people make a fuss!”

    It is sad that so many want to believe it.

    • But there is also going to be truth to it, objectively speaking, because we can see how ready the GOP was there to denounce the protests as soon as it got “spicy” as they say. And stands to reason antifa was hired to make it spicy.

      that said, I hope some regular people did also do their patriotic duty and piss on pelosi’s carpet

  40. Seizing the Capitol of the most powerful Empire on earth is serious business.

    Republicans are stupid enough to actually do that without rifles, military support, or even a Plan about what to do once inside.

    Trump invited his supporters for “a wild rally”. He bares responsibility for Ashli’s death.

    Ashli is also as responsible for her death as the Dindu who thinks he can fight Policemen without consequence is for his.

    The Alex Jones 1776 crap has consequences. It’s not a children’s game.

    • to actually do that without rifles, military support

      Successfully, it needs to be emphasized. Our rulers are paper tigers, men without chests. This was an important symbolic moment and you can take your black pill and fuck right off.

      Has anyone ever seen this guy post here before? “Hello, fellow dissidents!”

      Hello, Fedposter!

    • If what you’re really saying is that they needed to do some real damage, maybe set fires to the place lest they miss the golden opportunity, then I agree

  41. The media have been inciting violence for at least a year now with all kinds of triggering stories meant to stoke hatred and division. Our ruling oligarchs have been riding this lightening the whole time, making urgent pleas for cash donations and playing along with the narratives. And then all of the sudden… all of our oligarchs agree we need to stop this madness. We need to stop supporting GOP politicians completely. We are just getting played.

    • And not just the media. The intellectual and cultural classes have been fomenting hatred of whites since the 60s, and the corporate capitalists now fund anti-white terrorist organizations such as BLM.

    • And you’re just figuring that out . . . now? You’ve been getting played for decades. And be careful using the term ‘division.’ It’s a weasel word like ‘we’ and ‘ours.’ Anything that starts with the assumption there is an American people or any unity or commonweal starts with a lie and goes on from there.

      • Excellent point. But what is America now? It must be a new classification. There has never been an inter racial land mass like this.

          • True to some extent only because in Russia and mitteleuropa the ethnics still lived separately but in the same empire.

  42. 1) Activism only works if you hold the power. The NRx writers were right about that.
    2) If you decide to ignore rule 1, make sure your leader stands behind you and is willing to go all the way.

  43. One thing we did learn is that there is no way the capitol grounds are set up to keep a mass of people from storming it and getting inside

    my guess is that there will henceforth be travel restrictions to enter the capital city, perhaps even a physical wall. May have to sign up to enter and wait for a cooling off period.

    • perhaps even a physical wall.

      Like the US embassies all over the world, even in the most peaceful countries. Cowards.

    • I like the optics of these monsters cowering in their offices. I’ll like the optics even better if the Capitol has to be fortified like the Empire’s Embassy in Iraq.

      • Agreed. The optics of this would bring home they are an alien people held in power only through force.

    • Don’t believe everything you see. I think few people saw the initial part where the people approached the steps. I was watching it live. There was a line of cops and barricades, and magically, just like that, the cops parted like the Red Sea. Why?

      Because the people that truly control the government likely told someone, that told someone, that told the police commander to step aside. The Left is not stupid. Having MAGAs running around the Capitol is a nice narrative to show ‘dangerous domestic terrorists’ and why it was imperative Trump be removed. It is also justification for the facial recg that is going to be used to start the midnight raids scooping up high value targets like Baked Alaska in the Roger Stone style raids in the coming weeks. Thereby sending a clear message about ‘This is what you get, when you mess with us” (h/t Radiohead).

      • Yeah, I have to say that something about this whole thing is fishy. The guy with the horns. The police backing away. It just seems very convenient that they stormed the building and looked exactly the way you expected the Left would expect them to look.

        • That said, it may not matter. The GOP will condemn Trump, angering a huge portion of GOP voters and dooming the party. Works for me.

          The Left will use this as an excuse to enact even more draconian hate speech laws and law enforcement against domestic terrorists, such as yours truly. This will wake up even more people.

          More and more people will realize that it’s not their country anymore. Time to start thinking about what comes next.

      • I agree that is probably what happened, as Vizzini and I were debating above, but that doesn’t change the fact that if you have 1000 people you can plow into that building with some amount of ease. If you plan it and organize it like a series of football plays, it can be breached rather easily. One thing obvious to me is that the police were 100% concerned with not letting their lines break, and with a little planning and strategy that line could have been broken like nothing and then columns of people could pour in through the gaps.

      • Kill-box. They were allowed into the building. This was Charlottesville on steroids.

        I have a bad feeling low-value subhuman Faked Alaska will not suffer for this, FWIW.

      • Agreed. Get ready for Patriot Act II. This time there won’t be any pretense about “protecting America from foreign terrorists”. It’s going to be full on 1960’s German Stasi surveillance, imprisonment, and worse to protect the rulers from the ruled.

        If the summary execution of Ashli Babbitt demonstrated anything, it’s that all of the Democrats and half (or more) of the Republicans are more than ok with that.

        Because windows were broken, or something.

      • No. Just as with the BLM riots, American’s security forces don’t have the stones to face confrontation and combat. When faced with force, they retreat. When America was America, BLM would have gotten a whiff of grapeshot and the Hill never would have been breached.

        • Big-city Democratic mayors were big on law-and-order in the 1960s. A friend served in the National Guard during the 1967 Newark riots and said that the numbers killed were underestimated because the Guardsmen shot rioters and tossed their bodies under porches. Then there’s Mayor Dailey of Chicago sicced the cops on the anti-war protesters during the 1968 Democratic convention.

  44. I don’t know if the chill that went up my spine was from reading the truth of post itself, viewing an actual murder take place, or simply the raw fact that any semblance of this country as a democratic republic is gone. Probably all of it.

  45. We have been played by those elected and by not getting the truth from election results. Having attended a rally at my State Capitol we sang songs and enjoyed the people who takes pride being a honest hard working individual that believe in America but using computers made by China and so many other issues cause a serious doubt on who won. Unless we have Voter ID and in person with a paper trail our next election will be stolen again.

    • Elections have been being rigged for 50 years. Bringing in tens of millions of 3rd worlders who you know will vote 2-1 in your favor is the same thing ballot stuffing. Actually, it’s worse because we have to live with the brown horde after the election.

      Playing by the rules of those who hate you is suicidal.

      • The tarnished silver lining is that they no longer need to bring in voters, they can just print as many fictitious ones as they need.

        Maybe the arrogant Clueless might slacken the immivasion? Rulers preserving the assets for their kids?

        (Btw, they’re supposed to keep the ballots for 22 months, so of course many were shredded immediately. The shredder didn’t catch them all, the printer’s bill of shipping- in Chinese!- was found in one trash bin. Bless the brave efforts of those actually digging.)

  46. The elected Republicans aren’t going to be able to just sweep this one aside if they ever want to win another election. I was just reading comments on Powerline it is full of “I am done voting” and “I will never vote Republican again.” Newsweek posted a poll that 45% of Republicans supported storming the Capitol. They think they can sweep this all away with a couple of hearings, they are in for a rude awakening.

    • They’ll sure as hell try to sweep this under the rug. Actually, they’ll do the opposite. They try to use it to show how terrible Trump really was, hoping to bring the bulk of his supporters back into the fold.

      I don’t believe that it’ll work. The more the GOP trashes on Trump and this protest, the more they’ll cement the lose of around a third of their voters. No party can survive that. Let’s hope that’s what happens.

      • If the takeaway of our rulers is to lay this all on Trump, and Orange Man bad, they are once again missing the point as they have since 2015.

        At this point, Trump is nothing more than a mascot. Hell, he may have never been anything more than a mascot that symbolizes the grievances of much of the people.

        In fact, seeing that they are missing the point, whether obtusely or intentionally, gives me hope that they are marching themselves into oblivion.

      • Can you imagine them defending Trump? I dont think they could psychologically do it. THey are in a bind

        • They have never defended Trump before. Why would they start now? Remember, we’re talking about a uniparty here, not two separate and distinct entities.

      • I think I am, despite my peculiarities, a solid Republican. Or I used to be. If I am any indication, and again I think I am, of where the typical Republican voter has been heading and evolving then there is nothing the party can ever do to win me back.

        • We need to kill it, piss in its dead skull, and then takeover whatever is left of it. Thanks to everyone on this site for not letting me despair this morning.

      • That’s what all the party hacks and gatekeepers are for. They will try to suck people back in and use their hatred of the Democrats against them and get them back on the plantation.
        I really hope they aren’t successful.

    • I bet it is closer to 99 percent. The fact almost half answered honestly is amazing. Read Sarah Hoyt’s take over at Instacuck if they haven’t taken it down yet. She flat out states she will not condemn the storming of the House.

      • Streaming Glenn Cuck just for giggles and he is spouting junk as you would expect. The “horror of our capital being breached”!! It’s what you would expect from a fat rich normie.

        • Libertarians like Glen can’t be trusted in a crunch.
          Now Sarah might be a Portuguese immigrant here for economic opportunities but she’s become an American in my mind and has more stones than the entire Congress.

          • She still has to go back. Portugal needs her people back, especially right wing thought leaders.

          • I’m no fan though she’s a decent writer and she certainly does .
            However if it gets to that point and she chips in past thought leader, I’ll make an exception.
            Someone who gives more than words deserves it.

  47. My wife had on the news (yeah, I know), but it was interesting. They looked scared. They couldn’t stop babbling about democracy, but they were stunned and worried. For the first time maybe ever, they realized that the people they hate so much might – just might – punch back, and as I’ve said before, our betters can’t take a punch.

    Don’t expect them to take this lying down. The noose will tighten.

    • Rubio looked terrified in his interview with Tucker last night. There seems to be a genuine divide among elected Republicans whether or not to treat their own voters with any decency and respect.I will give little Marco a little credit for understanding they have to at least try to placate their own angry supporters. The McConnell/Romney crowd wants to openly tell us to go to hell.

      • I happened to see Romney talking though I wasn’t paying too much attention. What a whore. He was all-in on condemning the protesters and Trump. The GOP is insane if they trot this guy out.

        The GOP may have died yesterday. It was probably terminal anyway, but it’s possible that yesterday made it official. If it backs Trump and the protesters, the party will lose its backers. If it trashes them, it’ll lose a third of its voters.

        • Next to the murder of Ashli Babbitt the most disgusting and infuriating thing I saw on-line yesterday was that traitorous bastard Kevin McCarthy thundering spitefully meaningless platitudes through his face diaper surrounded by similarly clad RINOs. It made me physically ill. Who do these scumbags think they’re fooling?

        • Anything they try to do ends up insulting and attacking their own voters.

          The uniparty has become very exposed lately.

          The smarter ones, like Rubio and Hawley would probably have managed things better and fooled more people. Fortunately for us the true lunatics are running the show.

        • More than that.
          If it goes hot I figure there are seventy million Trump voters alone , 3% being willing to take up arms means 2.1 million insurgents plus whatever military units can be subverted.
          It might be higher, at 10% or a lower number with other non Trump guys means 7 million insurgents means an end game to the US and while the elite might keep DC, they’ll lose the rest
          That’s against about 10k Pedocrats and Elitists and 100K loyal security and who knows how much military.
          It also means immediate war with China too as they take Taiwan and maybe with Russia if they decide they want something. Hell maybe Mexico will join in and grab some land in the southwest
          Worse you can’t conscript more troops because you can trust anyone now.
          No wonder they are freaked out. I would be too.
          Problem is the elite won’t agree to a fix which is safe and fair elections which means the action/reaction calculus ends up in Civil War.
          I don’t want this and all the awful things that we can think of but its not in my hands now.

        • People need to STOP VOTING anyhow. Stop working ‘within’ the system and its rules. Ashli was a victim of that f&&king system. I’m sick to death of talk about political parties and electoral politics. F*&&k democracy and f&&k what’s left of America.

          • I believe you will get your wish. Bandaid-ripping-off for 4-6 years is now commencing. Buckle up.

      • Too late, li’l Marco. We are quits with the Republican party. It is finished as a governing presence in this country. It is a rump that will dwindle with every election.

    • This is why I’m optimistic. For the first time, the right wing, en masse, finally stood up and delivered a punch in the face to their opponents. What a difference from the Nutclutcher Patriots who have always sat down making noises about decency and deferring to “the Good of the Nation”.

      Now, the question is, is this just a one-off, or has the right wing finally grown a pair?

    • It was the first time I have seen these pigs truly afraid. They know full well what they have been doing and before yesterday it was with impunity.

    • Did you see how nervous romney was when some lady confronted him alone sitting by himself in an airport? At first he acted like a woman and demanded she put her mask on. He’s got to be a closet case.

      • Our elites showed, for all the world to see, what a bunch of limp-wristed fags they all are. From Romney whining at being confronted with the mask nonsense to the Congressmen huddled under the chairs in fear, i’s clear these are not men born to lead, but puppets in service of faceless overlords.
        At least Trump in 2016, for all his faults, when a guy dashed on the stage, stood strong and stared him down.

      • Nah, he’s just soft. He’s got 8 kids of his own and one adopted.
        Most wealthy people are soft and neurotic to a high degree unless they are combat vets. Good times breed weak men.

        • At one time, upper-class British and European men routinely served in the military. It was one of acceptable occupations for an upper-class male. Prince Andrew served in the Falklands and Harry in Afghanistan. For all their flaws, they weren’t cowards.
          Many congressmen were WWII vets during the Vietnam War days. They wouldn’t have cowered under their seats if the Capitol was stormed. It would been an interesting confrontation between the two groups.

          • Prince Charles of the UK also served his nation.

            Hell Queen Elizabeth once had an intruder in her royal bedroom who meant her harm and she didn’t flinch but talked him down. She was 59 at the time, about the same age as these so called men on capital hill were.
            As an aside I saw a special with Prince Charles out and about with the UK people taking part in some silly tradition. The thing I most took away from that is his attitude, its silly but its mine and these are my people and my traditions.
            That genuine love for his people made me for just a moment wish I was UK national since until President Trump not one of these people even came close.

  48. watch the video linked above
    here’s a direct link
    starting around the 37 second mark, watch the people on the right side..
    the guy with grey T’shirt and beard holding up his phone,the guy with the yellow flag worn as a cape, the guy with the Camp Auschwitz T-shirt…
    THEY ARE ALL ANTIFA, I’ve seen them in other videos with known Antifa people.
    I’ll bet they were exhorting Ashli Babbit to climb through that window, I’ll bet she didn’t know who they really were.

    • Stop trying to credit Antifa for what our patriots did. This was our greatest moment so far and we should own it with all due pride.

    • Who cares? We would get the blame anyway and the Left cannot be reasoned with anymore than zombies or demons in some video game.

  49. You smart computer people need to dox the shooter. They do it to our side all the time. Let’s do it to another government sponsored executioner.

    • And then go to his neighborhood and put flyers up let his neighbors know who they live next to

    • I’m so sick of the Tuckers and the Victor Davis Hansons telling us that “we are beter than that” and “thats not who we are”.

      I think its to keep us on our knees

      • Or to Z’s post the other day, they still trust a system that has been good to them and wouldn’t know how to survive without it.

      • Yes, and they should be served as Scrooge pointed out to those who go about with “merry christmas” on their lips: boiled in their own pudding and buried with a stake of holly through their heart. I’ll settle for a stake of any kind…

      • Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. If you haven’t rid yourself of the TV yet, do it now. Better yet, take all your TVs into the backyard and shoot them and burn them in a bonfire. Make it a statement of your rebirth.

      • Yes, very disappointed in both of them. I guess they just defined the difference between civnats and the DR for all of us and all the world to see.

      • Anyone regularly feature in the mainstream media is suspect no matter how much we welcome their message.

      • Anybody who says that can go straight to Hell. If you are not with us, you are against us. And if you cannot support protesting against the disenfranchisement of half the electorate in a so-called “democracy,” you are a pathetic coward and are most assuredly not with us.

      • One needs to “listen” to them—and take note of who they are. This is the *great* dividing line. They are signaling what side they are on!

        In the past days/weeks, they’ve bellowed like great bulls over the injustice of the last election, but now that the inevitable path of that fraud is revealed, they timidly retreat behind platitudes like “that’s not who we are”.

        These folk need to be abandoned and new “leaders” found.

      • Pissant Sailer called the patriots ‘larpers.’ All those who suddenly feel ‘something changed’ must have been asleep the past decade or so. I was raging back in 2008 (and I know there are others here who were red-pilled long before that). How much do you have to see to truly accept America has long been dead? How many ‘awakening’ moments must there be? And how many times must you be disappointed when normie condemns Ashli as a ‘criminal’ and goes back to voting?

    • Secret Service Agents are black box opaque, the only way you are getting that info is if one of their own were to release it basically. I know a couple agents should I text them and ask them which of their colleagues murdered that patriot yesterday? Anyone want to take bets on how many hours would pass before their agency would come scoop me up? (Again…)

  50. Like most of the protestors, she was there because she had spent her life playing by the rules and defending those rules

    I think this is the kicker for me. I thought there were rules, that things were mostly fair. That started to waiver after OJ, but not to this extent. We live in a managerial /corporate dictatorship. Im wondering what is going to happen with Lobby Day in RVA on the 18th

    • Reading around the normal True Con sites, I’ve been struck by the number of people who said they would disown their children and grandchildren if they joined the military.

      • ^^^ THIS ^^^
        The military is for suckers.
        Tge other day, I encountered a woman who volunteers at the VA hospital in Long Beach, CA. She mentioned that they have an entire wing or building devoted to what’s called Military Sexual Trauma victims, many of them male that they try to keep quiet. I said obviously, these men are not being raped by women to which she concurred.
        Either the military doesn’t screen its recruits very well or the military really screws up your mind. It’s probably both.

      • well it’s not like the military ever defends the constitution or anything. let the military shrivel up.

      • 100X yes! I would do everything in my power to keep my kids from fighting in some foreign shithole for people who hate us. Let the transgenders fight the Muslims for the Israelis and the military industrial comp[lex.

  51. BLACKEST of black pills dispensed. The people brought their grievances, “right of redress”, directly and the elected answered with how they feel about your grievances. Gurgling on your own blood you f-cking plebe that is what you get. What else needs to be said, really?
    As a reminder (I only bring it out in duress), YOU ARE HERE—->

  52. Excellent. Maybe your best ever.

    The State and its corrupt propaganda organs will not remember  Ashli Babbitt’s name, but we must. She follows in the footsteps of other martyrs of totalitarian hellholes such as this one. I had an inkling yesterday would be a turning point. It was. I don’t know where this ends or how this ends, but her murder at the hands of an agent of the State is the worst mistake the Left has made in four years.

    • And made all the more significant by the fact that her murderer wasn’t “defending” Pelosi or that PoS AOC, but the Republican Pence who ostensibly is outside the Power Structure. It’s not just the Democrats who are evil; it is the whole fetid lot of them.

      • It was Pence, not Trump, who called in the National Guard.

        To be technically correct, SecDef Miller, in consultation with Pence, Pelosi, and McConnell.

        • On 1-1-21, Lin Wood tweeted that Mike Pence was a traitor. I was surprised to read it at the time, but now I am not. Disappointed to find another traitor:
          (3) These groups aspire to the goals of Communism. A ruling elite & an oppressed class of people who exist to serve those in power.
          When arrests for treason begin, put Chief Justice John Roberts, VP Mike Pence @VP @Mike_Pence, & Mitch McConnell @senatemajldr at top of list.
          — Lin Wood (@LLinWood) January 1, 2021

    • Not quite.

      Zman’s best ever was “The Parable of Bob.” 11/07/2020, and Ashli Babbitt just lived/died it. (

      Zman, I’ve never agreed with you more than your gab today:

      “I did not think it was possible to hate the GOP than I did, but yesterday I found another gear.”

      A solid reminder that only your friends can betray you. That adversity does not build character, but reveals it.

    • This was like losing a family member. Somehow, you knew her. You felt the same anger she was feeling at the time she was shot. And now all of us feel an intense and growing hatred of government agents, feckless politicians, and their payroll masters. We’re no longer interested in debating or voting. We tried that. They kicked us to the curb and laughed. Very well.

  53. They have sowed the wind. They will reap the whirlwind. Millions of people now feel this cannot go on, these endless assaults on our freedoms, our beliefs, our race cannot go on, and cannot go unanswered. I feel like I felt when the Challenger blew up or on 9-11. Something has changed fundamentally, something has been irrevocably lost. I don’t know where we go from here, but we cannot let this pass. RIP Ashli, we won’t forget.

    • Something has changed fundamentally, something has been irrevocably lost. I don’t know where we go from here, but we cannot let this pass.

      Yes. The country is coming apart at the seams and I feel like I’m groping around in the darkness.

      Great post, Z.

    • You ask . . . where do we go from here? We can and should help educate others on how to effectively resist a tyranny. And there is ancient wisdom to guide us as we enter this Brave New World. First, go dark, get fit, and do all your dissident planning solely within the confines of your cranium. Become invisible to the Jackboots as best you can. Make them work very very hard to find and kill you, and ideally fail in their quest.

      • And yet, here you are. I cannot agree with operating solely within the confines of our own minds. What kind of dissident movement would that be?

        • I take TomA to mean, be smart, be cautious, don’t put a target on your back, do all that you can while staying within the law. We are all searching for ways to resist without putting ourselves in the cross-hairs. Reading about past dissident movements seems a good place to start. Slow and steady.

  54. Wonderfully put. I finally saw the video of the murder, it is horrific. We now know, that whatever we thought America, the USA, these US, whatever we thought it was, has been gone for a long time.

    We now know that. So thats somewhere to start. RIP, Ashili

  55. And you said her name seven times. Holy number. I enjoyed seeing our betters afraid I would like to see more of that

      • Had to go for a long drive today and decided to listen to the local news/talk station on the road. It’s an odd little spot on the local media map. Mostly right-wing talk radio guys including Lars Larson. Then interspersed with Lars’ usually excellent analysis are the canned news bits. It’s quite a contrast as their news feed is pretty much mainstream commie orthodoxy. The news bits today had a lot of sound bites of various politicos spouting off about “the attack on OUR democracy yesterday at the capitol.” For once, I thought, yeah I sort of agree with this spin. After all, it is THEIR democracy we need to get rid of.

        • And actually, it’s not even really a democracy for the Left. After all, their people will be installed regardless of whether or not they bother to vote. What we now have is a Soviet-style sham democracy.

          • We are not quite there yet, Stalin used to win elections with >98% of the votes the rest being invalid; just a matter of time before…

          • I suggest that the dynamic is a little different here. The globalist uniparty masters do not want overt widespread recognition that we live in a one-party state.
            They prefer to keep up the Republican vs. Democrat charade so people left and right can still believe they can affect their desired change at the ballot box. Always keep the peasants reaching for the cookie jar but never quite getting their hands on it … so they don’t notice that globohomo has already emptied it.

            It would not surprise me if there was cheating in favor of Republicans in some states in future elections just so they would appear to still be competitive. The complete implosion of the Republican Party would be the best possible outcome.

  56. Remember in Braveheart what ignited the rebellion? The slicing of Wallace’s wife’s throat. Isn’t it nice to think this would be the reactionary moment when many of us (and I don’t mean just right leaning dissidents) make this our point of rebellion.

      • There was the Storming of the Bastille. There was the Storming of the Hill. But that moment cannot quench our rage. Instead, it must inflame and sustain it. This must be only the beginning. The beginning of the end of the Power Structure.

    • Sorry to say but without a bunch of dead bodies even he best people can`t understand that there might be war. Comrade Stalin was very clever man but even he understood only in 3rd day of war, that this is actually a real war, not border conflict , provocation or some other localized crap for blackmailing.

    • Take heart. The wheels are turning. From this point forward, your motto should become . . . from the shadows, only from the shadows.

        • Ask anyone in today’s military and they will tell you that if you can be targeted, you can be killed. Consequently, the first rule of survival in our modern era is . . . DO NOT BECOME A TARGET. Camouflage is your best friend, and the best camouflage in any populous society is anonymity.

          • Whoever controls the narrative controls the perception of reality. Narrative breachers are silenced by censure, imprisonment or death.

            Thoughts seeded into the subconscious eventually become reality. TV watchers are programmed, then live out the trends. Women constantly try to clone themselves after mindless trendsetters.

            This is why we don’t recognize the world we live in anymore, but we will take it back.

          • We are in agreement about the memetic war that is raging, and Leftist propaganda/indoctrination will hit home with the weak of mind. But we are unlikely to win by fighting in an arena that they control and on ground of their choosing. Better to attack their weaknesses from the blindside.

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