Sad And Angry

Popular revolts in occidental countries tend to build slowly and then have a series of tremors before there is some clarifying event. The reason for this is people unhappy with their conditions tend to look for simple answers first and then apply themselves to getting relief from the system within the rules. They identify the problem or what they think is the problem and then go to the people in charge with it. In modern liberal democracy it means engaging in the political process.

Then either by serendipity or a confluence of events driven by various actors, there is an event that causes the scales to fall from the eyes of the people. In isolation, the attack on the Bastille was a non-event, but in the context of the historical moment, it was revelatory. The 1980 strike at Gdańsk Shipyard in Poland is a more modern example of a small event ushering in a paradigm shift. People thought one way before the event and they thought a different way after it.

Events this week will prove to be one of those times where people quickly went from one view of their world to another. There have been many left-wing and wingless protests in Washington. Just a few years ago the Left filled the Capitol with protestors over the Kavanaugh nomination. Those come and go and they are forgotten because they have no connection to larger trends under the surface. It is just part of the way the inner party torments the outer party in Washington.

The storming of the Capitol opened a lot of eyes. The people in the media demanding mass executions of Trump supporters were just six months ago gloating over left-wing mobs burning cities. Six months ago, official Washington was telling us the cops were a problem and now they are demanding they open fire on protestors. When a black criminal died in police custody, they demanded vengeance. When a white veteran is murdered by a cop on video, they think it great fun.

This week has been clarifying, because it has confirmed what people have been slowly realizing at a subconscious level. The manufactured outrage of George Floyd would have passed unnoticed, if it had not been followed by the orchestrated campaign by corporate America to promote hostility to white people. If that had passed, then people may have forgotten about it, but that was quickly followed by the Covid lock downs and then the election fraud. The road to epiphany now seems clear.

Many on this side of the great divide have predicted we would end up at this point eventually, but no one has every relished it. The events of this week were not just an epiphany for the MAGA-hat wearing normies. It has been an eye-opener for many on this side, as well. Unless you have something wrong with you, you held out some small hope that the prediction would turn out to be wrong. That hope is gone now and with it comes a bit of sadness over the finality of it.

There’s nothing wrong with that. In a way, it is like the passing of an old relation who has been sick for a long time. Long ago you reconciled yourself to the inevitable and in your own way said your goodbyes. The waiting, however, becomes part of your normal so when the time comes there is a hole. Into it flows the remaining sadness at the finality of it all. That’s where we are now. What comes next is getting on with the new tribal politics of the future, free of nostalgia and sentimentality.

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  • 02:00: Sad And Angry
  • 22:00: Strangers  (Link) (Link)
  • 37:00: The China Syndrome (Link)
  • 47:00: Reality Never Dies (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing  (Be Like Me)

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508 thoughts on “Sad And Angry

  1. The most comments I saw at least so far for a Zman post was 515 around a little past Memorial day this year on a Sunday. Maybe this one will reach that or a post soon even would get over 515 comments for Zman.

  2. I’ve listened to all of Z-man’s podcasts. But this is only the 2nd time I’ve intentionally re-listened to one of his podcasts. A first-rate performance!

  3. Quite off topic, but I’d thought I’d roll it over to 500 comments. 499 just doesn’t sit well with me.

  4. 482 comments proves Zman something is happening. I could picture soon 500 comments coming more and more. If people here just tell a Normie friend who supports Trump and is just a normal Republican to read this Blog. Ears would never be as a receptive as right now to this message.

    • A 20,000 page bill to combat “Domestic terrorism”, modeled on the Patriot Act, which ironically enough was co-authored by then Senator Joe Biden is reportedly going to be introduced ASAP.

      20,000 pages. They’ve had this thing ready to go for years. The right is FOOKED.

      Rest assured:
      every intemperate text,
      every frustrated Gmail sent to a friend,
      every “like” on naughty social media posts,
      every firearms background check/ammo/accessory purchase,
      every book purchase/library checkout,
      and every “questionable” website you’ve logged on your I.P.
      is about to be reviewed for the past 10 years by something akin to a FISA court.

      The Dems play for keeps. The R’s will cheer them on.

      • True and agree. But if our online activity from the last 10 years is going to be reviewed. Well, we’re already screwed. So, why change now? Kinda joking, but yeah…whatever. bastards. come get me now and get it over with then!

      • Sure lefty. Guvment can’t even fix potholes, let alone round up half the country. Go back to touching yourself and STF.

        • I don’t know. I tend to think the CIA can remotely turn on my lawn sprinklers right now if they want to. The high IQ slice of government put a man or woman on the moon FIFTY YEARS AGO. You don’t think they can read our emails in 2021?

        • Government can’t.

          Big tech can, and already does, build extensive profiles on every online interaction, and everything you do with your portable supercomputer. With your permission, I might add. Now team that up with government openly with a Domestic Terrorist Bill.

          It’s not about “rounding up half the country”. The CCP rules China with an iron fist in a velvet glove, and they’re less than 10% of the population.

          Actually wouldn’t mind, if only the left wasn’t so flipping crazy after Trump.

          • It is about rounding up half the country. Pelosi flat out said Whiteness is incompatible with democracy..
            it’s about camps and water boarding. Execution of Trump will be outsourced to the Iranians.

            Biden and co are stupid . They think 73 million people can be handled like that cult in Waco.

  5. That Moldbug guy has been writing a lot lately. He’s a kook, but kooks are not necessarily wrong about everything (see Ted Kaczinski).
    The Left/Elite holds the castle; we are on the outside, with no institutional power. Moldbug posits that each person’s position is binary: either you support the regime or you become a target for their negative energy – an example to be made of.
    I don’t doubt that’s it’s possible for the intelligence agencies, now fully controlled by the Left (object and be relieved of your sinecure) to ferret out all the online dissidents using pseudonyms to run blogs and comment on them, to dox them and ruin their lives. You can already hear the calls for revenge against any Trump “supporter” (anyone not parroting the orthodoxy) now that Trump is ousted.
    Maybe a good time to disappear into the crowd, like the 47 Ronin.ōnin

  6. Here’s my question on events of this week
    “If you are not allowed to protest at the National Whorehouse, where are you supposed to do it?”

    • The game is being played for keeps now, so protesting anywhere gets you dead. Evolution demands that you get smarter, which means recognizing the reality that the protest option is a literal dead-end. Use your God-given intelligence and think of another alternative that can be effective, but not put you in the crosshairs. That is where you should put your energy. And lamenting the demise of the protest option is a solution.

      • 2021 – “Liberals” find all kinds of “unlawful assembly” statutes on the books. Include that language in their new “domestic terrorism” law with zero sense of irony as they once belonged to Amnesty International in college. Mostly for easy access to pussy.

    • It’s not about Where, it’s about Who. BLM protests at that Little Whorsehouse, it doesn’t make the 6:00 news.

  7. How many wars has China been in over the past 70 yrs and how many has America been in? And China is supposed to be the bad guy now? We’ll be in another war as soon as Israel attacks Iran. It’ll start with some false-flag from Israel if Biden renegotiates the Iranian nuclear deal .. Obama 2.0.

  8. OK (again), it seems that Zman is in lockstep with the media and is jumping on the “China, China, China” bandwagon. This new fixation with China is simply a media ploy to shift focus from the election fraud (perpetuated by the Usual Suspects) to the Chinese menace. Did covid come from China? Dunno, it was in Italy in Sept 2019, which is before the China outbreak. But the consequences of that pale in comparison to our election being stolen. And talk about who’s on the payroll?? How about George Soros’ payroll and Sheldon Adelson’s payroll? Never forget that the (((media))) is directing this theater. Fake covid & fake election.

  9. Ok, Zman said that we’re increasing being ruled by “strangers” … what is this a euphemism for? Are they strangers by nationality, ethnicity, or culture? Why not just say who they are? Are they so abstract that the best we can do is “strangers”? To me, this seems to be a bit of intentional obfuscation … call a spade a spade … who are these “strangers”!

    • I can’t believe you’re pissed about that LOL. “We’re increasingly ruled by strangers” is a stylistic gem and profound truth.

      • Just listened to podcast. It’s actually: “We’re increasingly ruled over by an alien race of strangers.”

  10. Apparently, Wikileaks has just dumped all their files online.


    Wikileaks just dumped all of their files online. Everything from Hillary Clinton’s emails, McCain’s being guilty, Vegas shooting done by an FBI sniper, Steve Jobs HIV letter, PedoPodesta, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Bilderberg, CIA agents arrested for rape, WHO pandemic. Happy Digging! Here you go, please read and pass it on…..… These are Clinton’s emails:

    • Not this again.

      I love wikileaks. This is a very old “drop”, been around for months, if not years/decades, depending on the file you click. Nothing new here to see.

      Journalists are, by design, confidence men who betray people. Seriously, never, ever talk to a reporter. They get special protection because they let the world know the odious secrets that those in power don’t want you to know.

      At least they used to be. Now they’re mouthpieces of US Gov; Pravda couldn’t be more proud of US “journalists”.

      • I saw new stuff too. I guess they’re supposed to know when I last looked and only include later material.

  11. I’d like to see a show or blog on how to not add to ones internet presence in the future. Now that we are in a hostile country.

  12. I was listening to YouTube while doing stuff around the house. A live discussion with Keith Woods, Richard Spencer and some other guy. As I’m watching, YouTube blocks it. Side note: I didn’t know it was Spencer until after a while. I just knew someone sounded gay, and that I disagreed with everything he was saying. One of which was that the Capital protest was “buffoonish.”

    • While betrayal from Conservative Inc isn’t surprising, the reaction of the “5%er’s” aka the Richard Spencer clique has been absolutely despicable. Everyone from the AF crowd to Greg Johnson supporters to even the NJP have expressed a willingness to reach out to confused and angry MAGA people… that is everyone except the petty and vindictive 5%er clique.

      I’m barely paraphrasing when I say the 5%er’s have tweeted they’d rather shit on MAGA people than do anything to help them, and that they’d rather sit and wait for people to “come to them”. What an arrogant crop of self-ghettoizing losers. Most of them aren’t even from the US- one of the 5%er’s was discovered to be in Australia and others are from the UK or the Continent. The 5%er’s express all kinds of anti-white sympathies too, like one of them recently asserting that BLM is legitimately fighting “police brutality”.

      January 6th is becoming a clarifying event for seeing who is willing to stand with their fellow men, however much those men may need help and guidance in the years ahead, versus who is content to be a petty, vindictive social media contrarian. The 5%er’s will need to be excised and anathematized otherwise they’ll continue to be a cudgel against white positivity.

      • Agree, well said, especially the last paragraph.

        But they still have so much edge cred.
        Stop listening to “cool kids” a while ago, screeching rants of orange man bad got boring.

    • When leftists talk about “bashing the fash” they think that by assaulting white people they’ll beat them into becoming leftists. In the case of Richard Spencer it looks like this literally happened.

  13. Good episode, sir. Appreciated your commentary concerning the Ashli Babbitt murder. You’re absolutely right: that sumbitch ought to have that gun shoved so far up his ass he chokes on the muzzle for the rest of his miserable existence!

  14. Am I a complete dick for saying that watching Ashli Babbitt get shot didn’t surprise me in the least?

    When I hear people say they were all aghast at her being shot like that – I want to scream in their face that it’s THEIR phucking fault it happened in the first place.

    It happened because THEY have been sticking their head up their ass for decades now – and acting as if this kind of shit doesn’t happen CONSTANTLY.

    The list is so long I just can’t remember it all. Waco. Ruby Ridge. Levoy Finnicum. et. al.

    Not to defend the BLM – but this is pretty much what the blacks complain about – they *perceive* that they’re just shot down for the littlest infractions. Now this doesn’t take into account that blacks commit massive amounts of crime – therefore the reaction to them is inherently one of treating them as a criminal – but that is pretty much what just happened at the capitol.

    That woman was just shot down because the guy behind the doors had no respect for her life.

  15. “They’re not afraid enough to do anything about it”.

    That’s not really what’s going on.

    They CAN’T ‘do anything about it’ – because it’s not who they are. It’s like the man-o-sphere constantly talks about in relation to the nature of women – you simply can’t get around it. It will ALWAYS surface in response to the ‘right’ conditions.

    These politicians are friggin crooks and tyrants. THAT is what they are.

    The only way you fix that problem is the remove them – completely.

    The parable of the scorpion and the frog applies here.

    • Best thing is to walk away. Like Z says, it’s a negative identity.

      i know it has been somewhat fun making ourselves the objects of their hate, because we never took them seriously. But some never take a raccoon seriously either or a koala but they will mess you up. AOC has claws. Pelosi too. They aren’t totally life threatening but could give us serious injuries and rabies.

  16. The problem, though, is that a huge number of white people in Europe and America have been brainwashed into accepting their genocide and promoting it under the banner of anti-racism. So we are in for a vicious few years I think. Can’t wait to hear what you think of Trump’s being banned from Twitter next. We will be marched to death camps and nobody will be allowed to write a thing about it I fear. The people attacking us use the language of Rights and Freedom but they are in fact horrific power-mad sociopaths. These are dark, dark times.

    • yes, its been brilliant. I’m new to this, but it must have started with the “racism” discovered in WWII. Everyone in the US (all white at the time) were told that there is now this thing called racism, and our enemy, Germans, were really bad racists. And they were our enemies, and so racists are our enemies, and youre not racist are you, no, I’m not racist like Germans… etc.

      For me, embracing being a racist (and look it up in the dictionary, especially the OED, it includes,and I’m not kidding, “belief that your race is being targeted extermination”! Thats right. If you think that your race is being replaced or targeted for genocide, you are a racist.) anywho, I think all whites need to,well be racist again!

      Its not that big a leap.

  17. Sadness and anger are feelings that will mobilize the right, but they won’t figure out what happened to Ashli Babbitt.

    We will find out what happened to her and why, no matter how long it takes.

      • If it’s documented in a government file, it can be leaked or hacked, then shared.

        The black killer will likely be memory holed in the witness protection program.

        The day is long.

    • We already know what happened. An unarmed, White, female, US Military Veteran and Trump supporter was shot to death, point-blank, by a black mercenary of The Regime, on camera, in the capitol building of the former Republic of the United States of America.
      Nothing will happen to that murderous protector of the Elite. He sent an important message to BadWhites everywhere.

  18. Zuckerberg and Dorsey are going to wake up one morning to discover some black hat ripped the brakes out of their social media platforms, and they’re not smart enough to put Humpty back together again.

  19. Into it flows the remaining sadness at the finality of it all. 

    Interesting echo of the lyrics from Shadow of California on Blue Oyster Cult’s Revolution By Night album:

    Into the Darkness
    Must flow the brains…

  20. The anger is justified and deeply felt by all good men and women. Now turn that emotion into commitment and action. What can we do that may be shared on the internet? From this day forward, commit yourself to the wisdom that, even though some number of LEOs may be good men, many are not and you can never know which is which. Therefore, all must be suspect and no goodwill or cooperation should ever be forthcoming until sanity returns to our nation. Let them do their thing in isolation. And if forced to interact with one of them, be polite and then mute. It is a moral duty to shun evil in all it’s forms.

  21. Trump’s Final Gift

    Let us be Honest; Wednesday Trump led his forces to the Rubicon…said march to Capitol ….

    Then drove away. 


    The Americans advanced on their own, not without cost, and their would be masters ran …

    Americans are a remarkably self organizing society.

    Trump did many good things for America, perhaps his final gift was to show us we don’t need him, we need to be Americans.

  22. “The Russians were more forthcoming about Chernobyl than the Chinese were about the virus.”


    • Why blame the Chinese? The US funded the Lab to the tune of $1.3 million during the Barry the Kenyan Regime.
      Ask them.

      • Exactly and then the President with his excellent political acumen first says it is a hoax (I agreed) and then folds and sucks up to Fauci&Birx (I agreed until April 1), and now we have this self-induced political, economical and social catastrophe, there is no other word for it.

      • Bathhouse Barry tried to shut down gain-of-function research, probably after figuring out his haplotype was on the tip of the spear. That’s when Fauci moved the operation to Wuhan, with the added attraction of having lots of Uigher human test subjects (also the likely vector for the escape of the virus).

        Plausible deniability also a plus. Chimeric viruses can be replicated and stored anywhere, but who would doubt Chinese culpability at this stage.

  23. This isn’t the end, its the beginning. No one with any sense buys the bullshit, the jew narrative anymore. The cops opened the gates to let the retards in, a psy op, piled up on a 1000 psy ops going back to killing Kennedy. Fuck sadness and despondency,now is the time to wake the fuck up

    • i just can’t go with all this psy op stuff. This would imply that we can’t trust anything we see, and that there is a large segment of the population that is so evil, so lying, and so psychologically superior to us, that they can live without giving up these so called “staged events” or psy ops. I think Sandyhook happened, adn I think a bunch of pissed offf patriots stormed the capitol

      No believer in psy ops ever tells the back story. How to keep these massive conspiracies hidden.. THey only point to videos. “see, thats fake, see thats an actor, see thats a green screen.”

      Anyone can do that.. But I could be wrong. There is Sister Lucy….Thats a tough nut

  24. I have a strange feeling of deja vu. As if the storming of the capitol is Charlottesville II and Donald Trump has become Richard Spencer. That seems to be how the popular narrative is coalescing.

    • Well, Romney and Grahamnesty are angry at being shown as cowering cowards. So their vindictiveness is predictable as Ed Buck being found with a dead black male prostitute. [Buck is a big time Dem Donor and millionaire out here in LA]
      Bobby Jindal and Nikki Haley, not exactly profiles in courage, have decided to cautiously back Trump particularly Haley who without Trumps backers is just another Hindu Dindu in a sea of grifters. She’s not getting appointed to the board of Bain Capital or Coca Cola (who want you to know that they hate you and want you dead).
      The Dem grifters have pretty much scooped up all the opportunities. At the top are Big Guy and Son of Big Guy, the AOC and the squad, then blacktivists of pallor like Talcum X, then the minor leagues of Gavin Newsom. Haley has ambition, which can work for us.

  25. Your comments about how events have opened people’s eyes is probably why Twitter has begun purging anyone interesting from the platform, including president Trump himself (his account has been permanently suspended).
    It’s been dissidents reminding everyone of the left’s hypocrisy these past few days (I’d forgotten the storming of Kavanaugh’s office, for example) and, as I don’t read Twatter’s Blue Cheka, I was unaware of journalists screaming for Trump supporters to be gunned down. Obviously, I was aware of a lot, but not everything. This is where information is important.
    If you include the “don’t knows” only a plurality of Americans believe the presidential election wasn’t fraudulent. That’s right: less than 50% believe the election result was honest and above board.
    Something has changed all right. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re quite at either the fall of the Bastille or Boston Tea Party yet.
    Talk to me after Kamala Harris enters her third term though…

    • It is an information war, and has been a long time.

      Again, Trump’s greatest achievements were inadvertent. Biggest among them was the unmasking the propaganda organs as propaganda organs. Obviously they fool far, far less people now, but they also serve as feedback for confirmation bias. In a generation or two, people may be back to believing it on its face. But right now, most people know it is all lies.

      • Exactly so Jack. Information is more effective than bullets. Elections don’t matter on the national level but they do locally. Get on the local school board. Stop the Left wing indoctrination of our children. Support school choice and home schooling. Patronizing college sporting events is a big money maker for our corrupt college system. Whatever you do, don’t contribute money to your alma mater.

        • Yes, school boards, sheriffs, county commissioners, judges, any electable local office. And watch out for those useful idiots with the “love lives here” signs in their front yard who are slithering into any and all small towns that are still functional and safe.

      • That was it for me. More than the wall. The term “fake news” is now common and would have made his presidency worth it.

        Because, what comes along with it are a bunch of other fake things.

      • Seriously looking at a Pine Phone. Linux based. Maybe even the Librem with kill switches for things like radio etc.

        • I just reluctantly bought a new apple air. Im so use to apples. but the librem looks interesting, if you say there is privacy somehow built in, obviously, i don’t konw anything about computers, but want to be safe going forward

  26. Bowls and bowls of red pills for normies today. Now they get to feel how I’ve felt every day about politics for years.

  27. On a lighter/darker note:

    Might I suggest that the Zman ring (link in the summary, as promised) be tastefully inscribed with:

    TINVOWOOT (If you’re here, reading this blog, you know what it means)

    On a personal note: My wife had this inscribed on my actual wedding ring :PTBO (Put This Back On)

    • On a hunch, I did a whois search for It was registered today.

      Could the registrant be a true enemy of Columbia’s gangsters, not some enemy poseur or a sivnat clown who’s LARPing as a revolooshionary? If the registrant is unsecular, unabrahamic, and has a working knowledge of maths, ontology, and linguistics, then so much the better for cleansing the land of error. As you say, hope is the first stage of disappointment.,, and remain unregistered.

  28. You talk about women having comparable core strength to males, but when I went through Basic training they had a new physical test called the “Army Combat Fitness Test” that ditches sit-ups in favor of an exercise called the leg-tuck, where you hang parallel to a chin-up bar and raise your knees up to your elbows. The vast majority of the males could do more than one (I did 14, and 1 is the minimum) but most females struggled to meet knee to elbow even once. Most of them had the event waived.
    Besides the obvious, the reason men come out of Basic training so much stronger is because there’s no pornography. From my ship date to a couple days after graduation is my NoFap record, and I haven’t come close since. Our culture is fucking inundated with it.

  29. They’ve already started deplatforming conservatives on social media to shut down crowdsourcing. They’re coming for businesses and careers next.

    Grassroots and underground is where we’re heading.

    • You can’t let these people get to you (speaking rhetorically)

      they are just getting their jollies by declining you an invite to their party. Who wants to go their shitty party anyway. They suck. They’re boring. Stupid. Miserable.

      I just don’t get why people give a shit if they get “deplatformed”.

      does it really matter? Anyone who gives a crap about social media needs to step back and reassess his situation. Pronto.

      • They’re not actually getting to me. The unintended consequences coming their way include Nancy Pelosi’s laptop getting stolen (could explain why she’s in a hurry to impeach before it’s declassified) and Ted Wheeler getting punched by Antifa while he was dining out.

        The ungovernables coming their way will be different than the larpers at the capitol.

        • Point’s well taken

          I think and would love if everyone believed as I do that getting bounced off the social media platforms is no biggie. I mean, they didn’t exist when I was younger and somehow we all got wind of things like the Birch Society. My uncle I think belonged to them for a time; I never delved into it, but I get they were dissident right for their time. My point is somehow shit got around before the internet. If no one cared about social media, the tech guys lose there power. The solution seems to be sitting right there just within reach if we just stop caring about big tech, pelosi, politics, etc. If we slink into the shadows we become an entity, for lack of a better term, that can eventually come seemingly out of nowhere to really throw these people for a loop. They will never have seen it coming.

          • They believe rhetoric is reality and consequences are for the dirt people. We are witnessing a destruction/creation scenario. They are on the destruction end, we are on the emerging creation side. This is our world.

          • I agree with the fundamental truth of what you said. However, I will suggest that leftists elites don’t see it that way. Leftist manufacturers of cultural products especially television genuinely believe that fictionalizing their vision of a desired future reality and endlessly marinating normie in it will make it come true.

          • The new government, artificial intelligence, has already inaugurated itself. The vaccine is a control mechanism. The grifter and the ho are mere tokens.

  30. Looks like the balloon is going up kids. Doxing people for simply being at the Ellipse rally and getting them fired. The Twitter NKVD are in full purge mode

  31. Nancy ramming through an impeachment vote on Monday? Good….Good…. Behold! The country with the blue water navy and global reserve currency status is run by petulant five year olds…. But Shhhh.. Don’t tell Pat Buchanan, as he considers the Nations Capitol to be a “sacred temple of the Republic.”

    • She thinks people still marvel at her “audacity” and daring but everyone just thinks she’s an idiot

      ”Oh, what’s Nancy going to do today! She is such a hot pistol! No one wants to tangle with her. oh my god I can’t wait to see!”

      no one ever liked her. How they manufactured her into someone who is supposed to matter has been kinda brilliant, but it’s all marketing and packaging.

      • These people literally watch House of Cards and think they’re these characters in some thriller. No one understands how fragile it all is. That’s the main point to society in 2020. Everyone is breaking the system without even realizing it. And good riddance. Because once the system is broken the game pieces all change and so does the board. They don’t get that.

        • Exactly except for the conclusion. They do get that. It is why the frenzy is underway to censor everything.

        • not Knowing how fragile it all is is their greatest weakness. Generally speaking, women are allowed to have jobs because we say they can. It’s an artificial environment men have created for them, like Disneyland. They saw how vulnerable they were the day when there weren’t men around to protect them and they were hiding under their desks, I know in my gut that this shit is soon going to end. It all ends when men say No Mas, tired of carrying the load so you can waltz around in life like it’s a movie set. Make me a goddamn sandwich and do the laundry.

  32. The members of the jabbering classes are using the word “insurrection” about an event that took place in a city called “Washington.” So… yeah. Brainiac’s spawn they ain’t. Very self-unaware. As Zman and others have frequently pointed out.

    They are what ill-mannered, self-absorbed, super-intellectual cult leader Vox Day (a publisher of comic books) and his mesmerized coterie of girlishly vicious sycophants would call “midwits.” These folks would put the Charlie Manson’s girls in the shade when it comes to viciousness (when they take a break from quoting Scripture and praising Jesus or His current incarnation, “The God-Emperor,” because I don’t think they can spell Melchizedek).

    When, that is, they are not tittering about letters of the Greek alphabet and classifying the uninitiated according to some kind of arcane procedure that seems to have been inspired by one of those snazzy magazine covers at the grocery store that ask the midwit consumer “What’s your personality type?” and then urge the reader to “Take our exclusive quiz on page 112 in THIS issue.”

    But I digress. The jabbering classes don’t think it odd to denounce “insurrection” in a city called “Washington.”

  33. I have had the privilege of listening to many a Zman podcast but I cannot recall ever before hearing the barely-suppressed anger that I heard in his voice today.

  34. Reportedly McConnell and Graham are conspiring with Schumer to expel Cruz and Hawley. Graham got yelled at Traitor in Reagan National.

  35. Trump was only a Caesar-type in the Narrative sense, and he merely crossed the Rubicon rhetorically.

    Today, Brutus, the Senate, and the rest are mercilessly plunging their rhetorical daggers into Cheeto Hitler.

    GlobHom smells blood as a wave of reprisal threats, cancellations, and new states of emergency sweep the globe.

  36. Nothing is going to happen until MAGA people get to experience pain at the level of dispare. Then they will swing for the fence. It will start with a small conflict that will turn into a conflagration.

    • This is what’s going to happen.
      the left thinks Wednesday was it and that we’re all going to go hide away now in shame and fear.
      But they’ll keeping pushing different someones somewhere a little too far and it will happen more and more often until all of a sudden it’s not just a snap it’s an earthquake in response.
      I can’t say that I think they want that – maybe they do expect it and think they’ll be able to control it or keep their power – but it also seems strange that they’re going to try it against the people with vastly more guns and training than they have.
      At some point the pushers encounter pushing coming from the other direction.

  37. The hand wringing from Pat Buchanan today was sad and dumb. This guy needs to drop dead already. He made a lot of good points throughout the years, but anyone who sees the Capitol Hill as some “desecrated” temple and not just some antebellum era constructed whore house is naive and stupid. This is where my anti-Catholic bias comes in. Anyone who goes to mass every morning like Buchanan, to some corrupt whore of an institution like that, can look at the whore of government and think it’s a “sacred temple of the Republic.” Seeing evil and calling it sacred.

    • American government is set up like the RC Church, so people like Pat get all sentimental and confused

      Pope = Potus
      College of Cardinals = Congress / SCOTUS
      Bishops = governors
      Archbishops = Mayors
      Priests = City councilmen
      Altar boys = campaign volunteers
      Laity = voters

      Rome = DC

      And ALL belong to the same institution and are committed to its preservation. That makes us here on the DR the apostates and heretics. And they don’t like them no apostates and heretics!!!

        • We are all mostly allies here. Not a good idea to piss off someone over a minor point of disagreement. We need each other. I don’t know you but i dare say that Pat has done more for our side than you have. No need to wish him dead. Calm down.

          • Pat has done so very much and he deserves credit—but that was then, this is now. His call is to return to times long past—another day, another age, another people. In that he is a “gatekeeper”. He tells people what they *want* to hear—not what they *need* to hear.

            I respect Pat, and wish him a long life—long enough to see the error of his thinking and to change. This could be taken as a curse as well.

            As far as this group goes, Wciv’s point is well taken. Aside from the occasional troll, we are more similar, than different. We hang together or hang separately.

          • I am sorry now that I did not vote for PB when I could have just as I am embarrassed that voted for Romney against Silber. After so many years I still do not understand how could I ever vote for either of the Bushes and not once but four times; do I need to see a psychiatrist?

          • No psychiatrist. But for your penance, you need to tell your story to all those younger than yourself, such that they may learn and not make the same mistake.

      • He is old. The vast majority of old people live in a past inside their heads. I don’t get angry at them for it anymore. I just don’t take their advice.

    • yeah I haven’t visited the capitol building in quite a while. I forgot how much the public rooms look like a 19th century bordello.

  38. Re the Vengeance against Trump:

    (from elsewhere)

    “The Church of Woke is now in control.

    Heretics must be rooted out.

    Examples must be made.”

    Also, another asked, “Why is it so desperately essential to kick President Trump out of office now, when his term runs out in twelve days?”

    I say, before he can pardon Assange and declassify everything.

    They say, “Power, period. They want it known that they threw him out. They are sending a message to all of us,… you do not count, do not ever try to take our power away from us again.”

    • Alzaebo, agree with your show-of-power notion. And along with that, it’s to humiliate us. Throwing him out 12 days early is the modern equivalent of tarring and feathering him and parading him down the boulevard. “Look what we’ve done to your filthy leader you filth.”

      • Speaking of showing power, I was wondering who from today’s band of degenerate elites will be disinterred and his head stuck on a pike outside the new Capitol after the revolution?

      • That’s 100% what it is: humiliation.
        As was Pelosi’s “inquiry” to the Joint Chiefs about the launch codes.
        We always knew they were going to flex as soon as Trump was out of office but I didn’t necessarily expect them to beforehand. Lesson learned.

    • “Why is it so desperately essential to kick President Trump out of office now, when his term runs out in twelve days?”

      Trump’s departure will be followed by a purge. That’s how Communism works. Right now in D.C., everybody is either denouncing him as Hitler’s Uncle or resigning today to run very fast, very far.

    • When a leftard gets all indignant about how rape is not really about sex but about exerting power and domination, they are looking in the mirror

      pretty much 99% of everything the left does needs to be visualized with them with a bull whip in hand and deplorables naked and on all fours with a ball in their mouths. Sort of like Abu Ghraib. That must have been their instruction manual.

  39. A bit of whitepill, seen elsewhere:

    “(My union family had) the core OLD democrat values: anti-war, pro-environment, pro-worker”

    My, my. I think we have something to work with after all.

    • The closing song is Saga’s cover of Tomorrow Belongs to Me. Here it is on YouTube for now. This video gets regularly removed or put in YouTube jail for hate speech, because it is apparently a White Nationalist anthem and therefore horrifying. But people keep reposting it. This copy has actually been up for a long time and is apparently out of jail right now. Download a copy.

      The story behind the song is interesting. It was written for the musical Cabaret and in the play is sung by a young Nazi. Some White Nationalists claim it is based on an old folk song but there’s really no evidence of that. People try to mock the White Nationalists by reminding them that the song was written by a couple Jews, but I actually think that’s what pisses the anti-Whites off the most, that we have taken it away from them and owned it.

      Other famous covers are by Skrewdriver:

      It was featured in Man in the High Castle:

      Here’s the Cabaret version from the film:

      I wonder if this post is going in Zblog jail for posting so many links!

  40. I skimmed various conservative sites for their coverage and opinions on the recent unrest. Worst was, of course, National Review. Passionately bad. Zero opinion difference between it and Slate/The Nation/etc. “Remove Trump NOW” / “Protestors Weren’t Patriots!” stuff. The American Conservative, bad. The American Spector, bad. NewsMax tried it’s best not to have an opinion. The Daily Caller was middle of the road bad. Fox, pretty bad. Breitbart, no opinion found. All the brainy pro-Israel sites like The National Interest or Commentary were sedately bad (except for a few of their writers so in love with Trump’s loyalty to Israel that they defended him. Though not the protestors of course). PJ Media, Instapundit, not bad. Powerline, not terrible. American Greatness, ok. (All the above obviously awful compared to any true right site like The American Thinker)

    • PJ Media/Insta would really, really like to go back to 2004 politics, but as it is their middle of the road approach is starting to fall apart. They put on a show like they’re on our side, but then snap back when their paymasters send them a nastygram. They don’t have the weight and inertia of National Review to be able to sacrifice readers for paychecks though.

  41. There is no way to tell if the protest in the Capitol is the turning of some sort of corner or not. One can only determine that by looking back and seeing where it fit into the path that was taken.

    I suspect the real turn will be when Trump is gone, and the huge overreaction of the elites will result in a lot of good people losing their careers and livelihoods, because they were registered with the “wrong” party or made political contributions to the “wrong” people. That’s where things hit the fan, and how the Capitol protest fits into it will be figured out later on. It’s just as likely the whole thing will be airbrushed out as if it never happened. Ashli Babbitt will be a non-existent person.

  42. Since I breed livestock, I have a hard time regarding the “assigned male/female at birth” with anything other than stark, forthright contempt.

    I don’t “assign” some of my cattle as cows and others as bulls.

    Some of the bulls get castrated and are raised as steers, but they’re still male. Just males with no balls. The difference the lack of testosterone in cattle and goats makes is amazing and visible, but their sex remains the same.

    • I tried having a thoughtful conversation about a lot of this with a liberal and generally reasonable group of friends. I made some headway too.

      I said, “yeah, there are some guys who are very feminine and so forth and feel like women, and the same at the other end of the spectrum. And in between there are all sorts of things. No one disputes that.”

      Meanwhile what I learned was they confuse and conflate and substitute the word “gender” for “sexuality” Gender is either male or female. Sexuality is the entire spectrum of different things. But they have been taught to look at the two as being one in the same. Maybe there is a reason for “educators” to confuse them. I don’t know. But that’s pretty much what I came away with; to say there are only two genders, in their minds, means you are a mean person who believes that anything other than heterosexuality doesn’t exist or you’re saying it isn’t real and legitimate and thus you are being a homophobe and you don’t accept that there are many types of sexual expression and orientations.

      “Yes, but those orientations are sexuality, not gender.”

      “OH, we get it”

      • I’m a mean old man who thinks things besides heterosexuality exist, but aren’t “legitimate.”

        If I had a bull that would only mount males, he’d be hamburger (fortunately that doesn’t happen).

        Every time we play nice and try to be accepting they just take another mile. Being tolerant of gays soon meant mandatory celebration, and now I’m expected to call some guy in a dress “her.” Nope.

        • I hear ya. I’m just saying that I was able a glimpse into their heads and reporting what I saw. Then I took a long hot shower.

    • Reminds me of someone commenting (perhaps here) that he hopes the line about genetics not impacting behavior doesn’t get out in the open because his dog breeding business would be sunk!

      • I’m going to buy a couple Cocker Spaniels and start breeding Great Danes. Breeds are just a social construct.

  43. Everyone wants a cross to bear, but they always want the cross to be a papermache’ facsimile of a cross and not the real thing. These trannies want the appearance of a big, heavy, unwieldy cross without the burden bearing such a cross would actually be. Just like the handicapable.
    Is not being able to participate in sports such a gigantic sacrifice to make in order to get your way on getting people to call you your preferred gender that it is just unbearable? If so, maybe you can put off being a tranny till you age out of sports.
    Maybe, just maybe being a tranny place some minor limits on you? But that would be a real cross and nobody wants that.


    There’s not really a generational gap, only a racial one.

    The Indian Gov passing laws concerning state matters, from the centre has also had a half million or so blockading the capital.

    Longer commment yday didn’t go through, anyway:

    Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Press, Row, Dip, Pullup (stronglifts)
    Rucking & Running (3-5mi) (couch to 5k)

    Get a slingshot to protect shoulders in bench & dip.

    AlphaDestiny, Alan Thrall, Brian Alsruhe.


  45. Related to the story of the greengrocer, USA Today is soliciting people to help them identify people who were at the capital protest and corporations are already firing those who participated. They want to make sure that everyone who opposes them is shunned and humiliated at the very least.

    • If they get fired for their politics or exercising their rights to free speech then, BOOM, huge lawsuit for wrongful termination. Courts will never stand for that. Give me a break. Look at how Trump has gotten in all of his conservative court picks. Even the 9th Circuit tilts conservative now. Huge!!! And despite Roberts, SCOTUS now tilts 5-4 conservative. These corporations will be sued into oblivion, and after Corporation A gets bankrupted no one else will try it. I hate lawyers as much as the next guy, but they are a necessary evil in a democracy.

      (how’s that for an impersonation of a Breitbart commenter? Not bad, right?)

      • Yeah, Amy Coney Barrett is totally going to ride to our rescue.

        (how’s that for an impersonation of a Breitbart commenter? Not bad, right?)

        Lol, well-done.

        • She cried with her adopted black daughter, over the death of fentanyl Floyd. She will epphhh the right wing relentlessly over the next 30 years with a few scattered bones tossed out.

    • You bring up the greengrocer, so I’ll bring up again my label of the “Mask-erade” as being the 2020 version of the Greengrocers sign.
      Doesn’t accomplish anything, expected of all good citizens, and ultimately just a means of forcing humiliation upon dissenters.

  46. There’s nothing wrong with that. In a way, it is like the passing of an old relation who has been sick for a long time. Long ago you reconciled yourself to the inevitable and in your own way said your goodbyes.

    Pretty strong analogy ‘cept for one part. When you finally go to say ‘goodbye’ to your long suffering relative you find out you are unable to leave the hospital because men in body armor w/ guns are telling you that the person is actually recovering and going to be just fine. So no need to worry or attempt to move on, now go sit in the waiting room and stop talking so much…

  47. Events, almost weekly, serve to further radicalize Right and Left. We are driven ever further apart. The Storming of the Hill and Ashli’s martyring may be the most polarizing events of all. The Left is howling and gibbering like crazed baboons in support of their new tyranny and, in totalitarian fashion, is calling for the mass immiseration of its enemies. The Right–as opposed to the Republicans and conservative talking heads–has now finally abandoned the notion that America still exists, and is moving on to the formation of something new and different. And, for once, the Right is every bit as angry as the Left. Things are about to turn nasty.

    • I believe the ramifications of Jan 6 will be gradual. France was actually calm for about 2 yrs after Bastille. Russia was, more or less, calm between the first revolt of 1905 and then 1917. But yes, things will get nasty as it sinks in, on both sides, that there is NO common ground to compromise on. Not anymore.

      • The combination of the Kovid Kaptivity, the BLM riots, the Couplection and the Storming of the Hill will generate momentum that cannot be banked. The freight train is rolling down the tracks.

  48. As others have alluded to, but want another way to make them shit their pants?

    Pay off all credit cards. Not only do you get your freedom back, you make Schumer’s asshole burn like he ate 20 jalapeños the day before

    • Very solid. Everyone needs to pay off all debt as soon as possible, for reasons both economic and political.

    • Consumer debt is a bad thing.
      Leveraging 2.5% debt for 30 year loans in a 2-4% inflationary environment is a good thing.
      All major commercial real estate owners aim for a 10% cash flow above their debt. Any amount above a 1.10x debt service coverage ratio tells them to take the money and run (refi). No CRE investor ever puts down more than 10% equity in a purchase orvrefi.
      When the market falls 30-40 percent (like every single CBD office tower in the country will over the next 18 months) and your tenants move out, so what: the property owner already “sold the property to the bank”.

      • I’ll just add here that over at ZH someone asked how he, as a lowly shlep of few means, could short the dollar, to which another commentator said “take out a loan”

  49. I think that Paul Craig Roberts has it right in terms of what’s coming in latest column, so we better not mourn too long. He lays out the Establishment’s agenda now that Trump has been banished, and it’s not good.

    1. Prevent any political organization of deplorables
    2. Increase demonization of Whites via media, schools, gov, military, etc.
    3. Weaken the 2nd Amendment, i.e. start putting limitations on gun ownership
    4. Continue fomenting racial and gender divisions, something that would happen anyway so I don’t care
    5. Massive immigration to continue weakening Whites

    That sounds about right, and it’ll work – for a while. But the cracks in the system will show and we’ll see more events that push Whites closer to our side and to really joining and organizing. The medium term doesn’t look good, but the long-term is ours if we play our cards right.

    We talk about being dissidents, but I believe that’s going to become ever more true. We need to keep our heads down and organize very locally and very quietly. As this year has shown, our opportunities will come.

    • Yeah but that “paradigm” as it were presumes that people still consider them legitimate and that the media still matters

      We are in new open waters. We have finally made it off tranny island and have to get ourselves back home

      • True. Many a MAGA Normie is waking up to the fact that the establishment really hates them and that working through the system may not be the best path. It’ll take them a little while to fully digest that their country is gone, but, mentally, I believe that a barrier has been broken for millions of Whites.

        • I have made some headway with normie by comparing them getting dumped by a high school girlfriend or fired from a job to what is now happening with them and their country. Because emotionally and psychologically I think it’s all pretty much the same. And everyone can relate. And then you bring up things such as if your own family can abandon you, if your own parent or sibling can write you off , and it does happen to lots, why wouldn’t strangers in DC?

          Another thing is weird for me is I grew up in the south and I know the anti-yankee sentiments well an actually share them myself. So why can’t they take that next step and see that if they hate Yankees for all their reasons and for all the bad thing they have done, then why wouldn’t the government which is full of them? But for whatever reason they have this idea that people in government are different. That the moment a person enters into the halls of government a transformation takes place, some higher power anoints the politician. I guess that is part of the mystique of American government, that it exists outside of petty human nature and is almost a religious institution.

    • The Western World is dead.  It is now Mordor.  By the time white people wake up to their fate, violent revolution will be impossible.
      pcg is one of those few people who really gets it, the immense trouble whites are in.
      millions(as many as humanly possible) of americans need to grab their guns(as quickly as possible) and attack wall street and washington, all at once or else it’s all over.

        • Um, it’s not the Chinese pulling the main strings, though they do have influence. It’s the usual suspects.

          • Look, I acknowledge the unamed people have influence and are making bank on this mess, but I struggle with the idea the people running a nation of 1.4 billion and the world’s second largest economy have zero agency.

            The Han people have an enormous, “chosen people,” complex of their own.

      • Yep, PCG definitely is worth reading. The man understands how far we’ve fallen.

      • Well yes, but its only over if we return to passive.

        And we aren’t.

        March, but with justified hope.
        Let the enemy die despairing.

        And if you’re alive on the other side and I’m not, do see Babbit gets the MOH. She earned it.

        A few years ago there was a fellow running round afghanistan with a death letter that said “tell my wife I died for nothing.” I get it.

        Now that is past. Now, we die for something; our people.
        That’s what so many of you could never understand. We weren’t fighting for Afghanistan or Iraq or certainly not a check.
        We were fighting to be in the fight and hope for the day of clearer skies when the rest of you finally woke up. You have.

        Now we die for more than a wish and without despair.

        Babbit could see the gun you know, and the man who killed her. It was point blank range.
        But she died achieving a great victory.

        And you may trust, the veterans noticed. There’s millions of us.

        Go forward – because now its for something.

    • It’s amazing how Paul Craig Roberts and Pat Buchanan were both GOP, Washington insiders back in the day, but Mr. Roberts will go to his grave with a clear conscience. He’s red-pilled bordering on black.
      Is Pat Buchanan really this thick, or has he taken the ticket? Is it really so important to be invited on the respectable Sunday morning talk shows when you’re in your 80’s? Far better to go out like a boss. “Congress is a sacred temple”, sheesh.
      I’ve noticed that Mr. Roberts has stopped relating Reagan anecdotes. But I think Pat is still day-dreaming about those wonderful Nixon days. LOL

  50. Whiskey: “Pat Buchanon on VDARE called the protest at the Capitol “a disgrace” and called it a temple. Haha. Buchanon is just like all the other grifters.” He’s not just like them. But he’s been very disappointing. For a long time now. I tire of his straight talk on a calm days. Then on shit-hits-the-fan days…when the opportunity comes to back that straight talk…he goes establishment.

    • It’s telling how the Left flooded the Capitol 7 or 8 times during the Trump presidency with nary a peep.

      The Right does it once and suddenly all sides are crushing their pearls in a vice grip, autistically screeching about, “desecrating the sacred temple of Democracy!”

    • Pat’s entire adult life has been a yearning to go back to the Americana of his youth. It’s gone, and Pat will soon be gone along with it. Can’t be angry with the old man for wanting his last years be in peace instead of upheaval, but some of us have a much longer time here, with children who will have to continue the fight. We can just smile, nod, and finish what we started, what he will not be alive to see.
      Love you Pat, and your book The Unnecessary War is still in my top five reads.

      • Can’t be angry with the old man for wanting his last years be in peace instead of upheaval.” Nah. I’ve thought long on it. Fuck the guy named Pat. Could have backed us at this crossroads moment. His passion would have meant something. He chose not to. I don’t care how many great past and future columns he writes. Done with him.

    • I’ll give him a pass for being old school. He probably can’t grasp it any more than Paterno could wrap his head around a man and a boy.

  51. “Ashli Babbitt: Say Her Name” I suppose we’ll see dozens of sportsballers donning that slogan soon?

    • God I wish someone would put BABBITT on the helmet. The reaction would only send more people our way.

      • He’d be digitized during the live game. The halftime show would feature two fish lips, one broad, and a white simp apologizing profusely for triggering the audience, and in the second half they’d announce that said player had retired to spend more time with his family.

        • Joe Buck: “Well Troy I know that people can disagree, but what [white player] did was unacceptable and the NFL is about unity, not playing politics. It’s about time the country moved on and concentrate on dialogue and healing, wouldn’t you agree Troy?”

      • Marko,

        A consolation prize awaits you in American literature. Most of the old white left is sure to remember Babbitt (1922), “a satirical novel about American culture and society that critiques the vacuity of middle class life and the social pressure toward conformity”.


        By Sinclair Lewis

        Read Babbitt at Project Gutenberg. Its author wrote Elmer Gantry, too.

    • Stop worrying about what the enemy does or does not do. Stop living and acting by reference to the people who wants us dead.

  52. I saw the fitness level differences between men and women astounding when I was in the Marines. After Boot Camp and Infantry School, the difference was incredible – women Marines seemed helpless. Here’s a hilarious video of male versus female pugil sticks.
    The guys do a good job of treating them equally.

    • Same. Never had a wookie in my chain of command, and got to serve in an elite unit. Two minutes of a flexed arm hang versus twenty plus deadhangs is a big difference.
      It got even better when I got to see Army females at schools like Airborne. It was ridiculous in the 90’s and even worse now.

  53. Reiterating a comment I saw either here a little while back or on another dissident site… If you are a target you will be targeted. Its clear that the defense/intelligence establishment have both the means and interest in destroying any opposition to the system.
    The sensible thing to do now is stay in the shadows and organize.

    • Yep, and as hard as it is for me to keep my mouth shut, I am maturing and have come to realize that I am being strong not weak by just keeping my mouth shut and not letting myself be provoked into a hot-headed response. Not easy, but the more I do it the stronger I feel, the more manly I feel, which is counter-intuitive perhaps. But learning to control my fiery nature has been one of the more enjoyable and gratifying and edifying things of my life lately. It’s a whole new world, and it was always there just waiting to be discovered. Very cool

      • You have to channel it into something else though otherwise it will eat you alive…It has to be something with a purpose of winning so that everytime you held your tongue is a sweet victory later…

      • Read Solzhenitsyn. If things get bad enough they will come for you whether or not  you kept your mouth shut, or you were a good boy and played by the rules. It doesn’t make any difference at that point.

        • I’m. Glad. They stormed the.ncapitol. Maybe they will be in jail. At what point do we act? Ashli died on her feet.

      • When muslims do that they call it a sleeper cell just sayin’ 🙂

        In all seriousness, it’s amazing what can be accomplished when that pent up fire is focused to worthwhile ends.

  54. I was in DC Wednesday. I was with the million who would not back down. I saw the mayhem and glory, the day that everything changed. 

    I was there with two other men from Fernandina Beach, with no weapons but with unlimited courage. We had all missed the fall of the Berlin Wall, but somehow we knew that this would be an event of equal significance, a day when everything changes. 

    Don’t let them sway you with stories about how it was all staged by antifa. They’ve lost control of the narrative and are desperate to get it back. Just like how the riots cops lost control of the capitol building and fumbled, confused and uncertain. 

    I was there with that crowd of ordinary and fed up people, pushing our way through tear gas and confusion to get to the barricades. I saw the eyes of the cops. They were terrified. We weren’t playing by the rules. We were ready to rock and roll, scared and angry and not giving a damn. They felt fear and panic, not knowing what to do. 

    I was there when we broke the barricades on the stairs, and we reinforced each other, encouraging everyone to keep pushing forwards. Some fell back, but the great majority rallied and made themselves keep going. 

    In the struggle I got separated from my friends. One of them helped hold the right flank, not letting the police have any breathing room. 

    He took a full load of the strongest pepper spray to the face, blinded and gasping for air. Even as he fell, the sight enraged the others behind him and redoubled their resolve. 

    I remember how ordinary women, who the day before might have been cashiers or waitresses, were snarling and ready to fight for everyone back home. 

    I was there when the cops abandoned their posts, not knowing how to handle people who would not back down. They were expecting us to roll over and go away, and when we did not, they broke and ran. 

    We were terrified and exhilarated when we reached the upper level. This wasn’t playing anymore, this was real. I remember thinking we’d all get arrested, and that it didn’t matter. I was there when the windows broke and let us in, and I carried the colors. 

    I was among the first ten that made it in, as we scrambled over broken glass and into that building that had seemed so impregnable only an hour earlier. 

    I carried the first hostile flag to enter the capitol since the British army in 1812. 

    On Wednesday the Patriots took the seat of power and made congress, those masters of the universe, cower under their desks pissing their pants. 

    This was not a rally. This was not a riot. This is a Crusade, and the almighty did not let us go in alone. 

    I was there the day everything changed. 

    • I knew beforehand that this would be one of those things like Woodstock where there was always 100x the number of people who claimed to have gone than actually went. But even then, I couldn’t swing it as I’m essentially a cog in the system of my job. It’s good to be so invaluable in a way, but it’s also impossible to ever get a moment’s rest.
      Anyway, long story short, that’s why I depend on patriots like you to carry the torch. There were a few attendees in the comments of Instapundit and I’ll tell you what I told them: thank you for your service, actual service.

      • Thank you.

        My excuse for missing the Berlin Wall coming down was that I was three years old at the time, but I did manage to march with the yellow vests last year in Paris.

        With BLM the police knelt to them, but with this they were using every weapon they had. Luckily no one had issued live ammo.

        It was a massive white pill to break past serious crowd control measures and breach one of the most important buildings in the world armed with only a give em hell attitude.

    • Thanks for the field report. Thank you and all the patriots who were there that day. Yesterday a group of patriots raided the governor’s mansion in Washington State as well. Things are still moving quickly. I’ve been checking Gab TV a lot. They have the stuff you won’t find on YouTube and other enemy owner media. I’d say everyone should stay aware of the propaganda media line as well as the dissident sites for real video streams of all this stuff.

  55. This week… But, yeah, it was the end we all saw coming. But what’s on the way: our history is filled with these sorts of stories, from the Hot Gates to Covadonga to Vienna. That’s the thing to remember, fam: we are really good at this.

    And I was getting bored, anyway.

  56. On male/female differences. No amount of hormone therapy or suppression is going to make up the difference. Spouse and I were both elite athletes in the same sport and our competition weights were within 10lbs of each other. She was considered a physical “freak” in terms of strength testing and we were both subject to regular testing protocols including VO2 and lactate tolerance by the national governing body and USOC (including random piss testing). The gulf in results was insurmountable. Once lung/heart capacity, bone and connective tissue differences are established at puberty, those cannot be chemically changed. Only real difference would come in altering body fat % and thus in this instance power/weight ratios–which mattered since we were moving boats through water.

  57. It is perfectly clear that we are no longer a united people. No longer debatable. Divided by fundamental values that are not easily swayed or changed. There seems to be two parallel realities. One is the “Left” and the other the “Right”, spare me the labels. A geometric impossibility that is currently being forced into possibility. What happens when one attempts to break the stone cold laws of reality? Certainly nothing peaceful or joyful.

    I pray for the Will to endure.


    Maryland has the coolest flag.

    • I’d suggest studying up on the American Revolution in the southern theater and the northern frontiers—that is what we are in for. Albeit may be more digital and economic vs. kinetic. Good example when you have two populations completely intertwined with irreconcilable differences. It was brutal.

      • The British were actually far less domineering in the lives of the colonists than the Left is today. The Stamp Act was small beans compared to today’s tyranny and surveillance.

        • But the colonist v colonist fights with a few British officers and Indians in for plunder were brutal.

    • I have my own business but I used to work corporate. When I worked corporate it was multi-ethnic and multi-racial. As long as I was in that setting my brain trained itself to work in such a way as to never venture into “bad thoughts” that might surface by me blurting out something. Z alludes to it as an electric fence. You just train yourself not to venture beyond it.

      When I quit and went on my own, all those bad thoughts that were always there but dormant sprang to life immediately. Obviously it was liberating.

      Normie is forced to work with and interact with blacks and so forth so has trained himself to never venture outside that electric fence. Plus being around blacks and hearing their side of the story seeps into one’s thinking so you become susceptible to buying into things like BLM. Importantly, it is also next to impossible to harbor even the slightest “anti-semtic” thought because intuitively you now that somewhere along the line your livelihood depends on being subservient to them. Want to eat? Then you be a good boy and hold only respectable generic positions on life in general.

      Point being, the left gets away with so much of this crap because normie whitey has to buy into it to put food on the table. Even if whitey deep down knows it’s all horse shit, a survival instinct kicks in and overpowers it. It’s going to be something to watch for as more and more whitey normies lose access to corporate jobs or lose their jobs from Covid etc. Without that fence standing between them and food, all hell could break loose as far as the left is concerned. I do not think the left grasps this aspect of human nature and imagines they can always just cow whitey into submission through nothing but pressures from the media. Wrong. Those pressures are secondary or tertiary to the more basic needs of survival.

      • The Left has never been known for its knowledge of human nature nor physical reality for the matter, nor for incorporating such knowledge into its plans and proposals for society.

      • Received a notice of mandatory diversity training 2 days ago… Day before that was the increased enforcement of the mandatory mask policy. As the company rep on the construction site, I made it clear that I will not be enforcing the policy. Out of the 30 working night shift, only 2 always wear the face diaper. 600 healthy and active people employed, no Wuhan.
        I have the luxury of not needing to work but spend a good part of my time looking for one of our communities and plan to move when the window appears.

      • This is a great point.

        I left corporate life about 12 years ago and started working for myself and have now made more money (and will make more money) than I ever would have by pulling a paycheck. But it was very scary to step out on my own and a lot of people just can’t bear the thought of it. They’ll put up with indoctrination if it’s the price of putting food on the table.

        I like to joke that my favorite accomplishment at the old job was that I was able to avoid “diversity training” for an entire year before I quit. I rescheduled and no-showed and called in sick several times and by end I had received several warnings of “This is your last chance. Show up and be indoctrinated… OR ELSE!”

        It’s not just SJW control of the government, it’s control of most commerce, too.

  58. The section on education and the girl in Bali was striking. Make change? Dumb down to nonsense verbal pallliatives? Have a kid that has spent four grueling years earning two engineering degrees and currently works on LNG shipping. Making a difference? Half the shipments and offload facilities they are building are in third world countries where the LNG replaces oil, wood, charcoal and coal as a fuel. That is education that makes a difference. But is a lot harder than a gender studies degree or ranting about plastic bags.

  59. The bad guys have full spectrum dominance of the media. Even the football talk shows are carrying anti-Trumpster programs. They are bringing out all the big names in sports to bad mouth us. It appears to be the beginning of the mass arrests and probably eventual genocide. Unless.

  60. Just to clarify: The World Economic Forum hosts the Davos meeting, not just associated with them. For those who want to be truly terrified by the point of Covid lockdowns, see the WEF’s 10 predictions for 2030. The first one: you will have no private property, and you will be happy.

    • For the most part, you don’t have much private property right now. Your home is subject to property tax which equals a second mortgage payment so it is really on lease from the govt which can take it at any moment (oh yeah – the first mortgage payment means the bank owns it too). Your income is also subject to payment to the govt. For a large swath of Americans, the CC co’s. have a lien on your personal property as does GMAC or whoever financed your car. So “ownership” for most people is illusory.

      • For the most part, you don’t have much private property right now.
        schwab(who is an israelite btw, not a german) probably means a minimalist lifestyle with no cars, small house, no meat, no money to leave to your kids etc

          • as if a racist israelite like kissinger would take a german protege, how naive can you be
            the name is common among german israelites
            israelites have a long history of pretending they’re of a different nationality than they actually are

          • So now you’re claiming that Henry Kissinger took “a German protege” named Klaus? Is that what you’ve insinuated?

            Stop expecting readers to do your work for you, and start producing some evidence. For example, if a Jewish news service or other propaganda outfit quoted Schwab claiming to be Jewish, that would count in your favor. But you’ll need to present that here with a link to verify your quote.

      • Yeah I read that is “you”ll have the same crap that you do today, but the government will have a claim to all of it instead of just ‘most of it'”.

      • This is not only true, it is so glaringly obvious the fact that nobody talks about it much indicates the ‘dissidents’ are as hopelessly brainwashed as the ‘Libtards’ they love to decry.

  61. Let us dispense with histrionics and have a little truth and clarity here, Z.
    George Floyd was not murdered. Nor was that airforce veteran that was in the wrong place at the wrong time with a jittery cop facing an unruly mob. They were both accidents.

    • If that shooter was a beat cop from DC, sure, I’d accept that argument. He was a highly trained secret service agent assigned to the Vice President. That guy new what he was doing.

        • He is an older white guy, if you frame by frame that video it becomes clear when he briefly steps out from behind cover. Irrelevant really, your point stands it was intentional though he DID tell them if you breach the barrier I will fire. So probably not the best decision on her part.

          Not defending the action -whatsoever- but I also think it was calculated because he knew if he hit a woman everyone would stop to render aid and that is -exactly- what happened. Either he is a misogynist or makes strategically sound decisions?

          • he DID tell them if you breach the barrier I will fire.

            Reminds me of “stop resisting stop resisting!
            Other parts of the videos show people just strolling past security. Why the urgency?
            but you are right, its bad all around

          • Good job of minimizing Cold blooded murder. Yeah, Everyone was to blame. what can you do? isn’t that what they said about Hitler murder of 6 million too?

        • Given this past year, the races here are very important. The victim was white, the killer black. The propaganda organs want no part of this story, obviously.

      • Indeed. If the shooter had been you or I, we’d be charged and required to show in court how we were in “immediate” jeopardy of death or serious injury. I saw no breach of the barricade by the unfortunate victim, nor does it bode well that there were officers on the other side of the barricade—with shouldered assault rifles—who had no fear of the protesters all around them. They pointed no weapons, took no defensive stances among the crowd.

        This was no accident. Perhaps incompetence, exaggerated by fear—but not an “accident”. Of course, we’ll likely never know, since TPTB will hush this up. Only beat cops it seems are thrown to the crowd. We saw his at Ruby Ridge and Waco. Nothing new.

      • Z, this is probably one of your best presentations I’ve seen to date. For the record, I don’t like this any more than you and the fellas do. But on this one point… Hogwash. Please allow me to disagree:
        Murder implies intent, motive and means. That guy did not wake up in the morning and say, “I am going to murder a young lady with no criminal record and 14 years in with the air force…” and proceed to make the arrangements to do so. Unless you can prove otherwise, it’s NOT murder.
        If you have the morals and ethics of our adversaries, you might be able to trump something up on criminal negligence or maybe manslaughter. If this guy ‘knew exactly what he was doing, (and I might concede that point) – then the cops that kneeled on George Floyd’s neck did too. These guys were in the wrong place at the wrong time just as their victims were. Shit happens. They tried to do their jobs under impossible conditions. The way we treat them is going to define us and who we are. Didn’t your John Adams get egged for his stance on ‘unruly mobs’?
        If the dissidents want to be leaders, this is the kind of shite you will have to think about and deal with. As you said, we are here because our rulers are corrupt, they’ve fixed the game, and they don’t play by the rules. Are the dissidents going to be the same way? Here’s your first morality test, Dissidents.
        I’ll disagree with our esteemed blog host on one other point: Donald Trump was not America’s last hope for a peaceful reckoning. It’s you guys.
        Best of luck in the days ahead. When you win, I hope you lead with the wisdom of Solomon, and with the best of God’s grace.
        Have a great weekend.

        • That guy did not wake up in the morning and say, “I am going to murder a young lady with no criminal record and 14 years in with the air force…”

          He certainly woke up thinking that he wouldn’t care if he did. He probably spent more time that day worrying about the scores of the local sportsball team than the fact that he offed an enemy of his totalitarian paymasters.

        • Murder implies intent…That guy did not wake up in the morning and say, “I am going to murder a young lady…” and proceed to make the arrangements to do so.

          Wrong. It will vary by jurisdiction, but the requisite intent will be something along the lines of his having the intent to kill or inflict great bodily harm. (Which he certainly did). It is not necessary that he planned on killing someone when he woke up in the morning.
          P.S. Look up the felony murder rule if you want to see how relaxed the requirement of intent can really be.

        • And this is why this moment will be lost. This sort of BS would make Rich Lowry proud. I remember when everyone in the main stream and in my personal life was defending what happened to George Floyd. Oh wait. That did not actually happen. They went all in and it worked.

          Keep splitting hairs, which is what this amounts to doing. I’m sure that will be a great defense against a split head.

        • The problem is that US police in far too many jurisdictions are allowed to kill with impunity.
          The Left is correct on this. We need to end that impunity and a policeman kills another person, he’ll be investigated by outsiders so no blue line advantage. If they don’t like it? Quit and we’ll hire some other kids of cops. Have a calm temperament test and an IQ test , no upper IQ band , a calm non violent conscientious disposition required. No hereditary cops. no ex soldiers.
          Lots more cops but lost less armed cops. It might take some time to kick in or it might fail in which case we can go back to the old system but as I see it police should be held to a higher standard for taking life than you or I simply because they theoretically have training in deescalation and how to operate under stress.
          Hell maybe sentence reform should go with it along with trial reform too.
          And yes some shootings are justified, its ugly but understandable but the US doesn’t do violence management and we should.
          And note George Floyd died of an OD not the officers fault although knees on necks ought to be disallowed. The solution for that is better first aid training and awareness along with appropriate anti opiate injectors.

      • Z-Man,
        Thanks again for so much clarity of thought and the concise descriptions in your last two missives.
        “When a black criminal died in (police custody) they demanded vengeance.”
        ”When a white veteran is (murdered by a cop) on video they think it great fun,”
        i am just so tired of the media idiots telling us that we did not see what we damn well did just see.
        Please continue to tell it like it is!

      • The sickness of Twitter Leftists. I saw them cheering with happiness Ashli Babbitt was shot dead. It was not even an argument of maybe the shooting was justified. They just said oh good riddance or no sympathy for this terrorist.

    • I was texting a friend last night who justified the cop’s action by writing “what if someone was breaking into YOUR house I’d bet you’d shoot him”. I reckon lots of people are siding with the cop in this way, as if the capitol is hearth and home. God help us.

      • The gun-guy blogs are filled with people claiming good shoot. Ironic, because these same sites are always in a big hurry to condemn any white cop shooting a black criminal. The people who fit in at places like The Truth About Guns or Bearing Arms are worthless. Those gun guys are all Ben Shapiro.

        • Copsuckers are part & parcel of most ‘gun nut’ sites. They simply won’t get it until the party van arrives at 3am and the goon squad points select fire M4s at their head. Fudds gonna fudd and boomers gonna boom… *shrug*

          • I am not a cop-sucker. Not any more, not by a damnsight.
            You will either operate by rule of law, or you won’t If you don’t the difference between you and the pot bellied cops with M4’s is purely conversational

          • Its more complex than that but by and large he’s correct. Married working Black people commit far less crime than non married ones.
            Statistically more than Whites and Latinos but with a strong family and church along with harsh penalties for real crime it was fully manageable.
            The cheap labor/goods crowd would rather write off poor people Blacks and yes Whites too and gin up a genocidal race war than pay decent wages and employ people.
            Its not all money but lack of a buy in plus access to drugs is a huge chunk of it.

      • Your friend misses the point. A person breaking into your home is not an automatic target of opportunity. The situation always must be one of immediate danger of life and limb. A trained LEO will—in theory—be given even less leeway than a home owner in analyzing the situation and in using deadly force.

      • I argued online somewhere this week (really, a troll, because I knew who I was talking to) about the silly overwrought use of the word “insurrection” and that basically it was “a bunch of goons breaking into a building” and nothing near an actual true organized “insurrection”. (The dumb use of the word “coup” is also included here.)

        Anyway, you would have thought the people offended by that characterization were flag waving elderly disabled army veterans by the way they bowed up and took utter offense to it: “It wasn’t just a building, it was the CAPITOL!” as if there’s something holy and special about that place.

        Maybe at one time it was sacred and revered, but it has already been desecrated for a very long time by the actions of the “Americans” who work there. A mob of misfits barging in and breaking windows is the least of its problems.

    • Bullshit. The SS agent who are assigned to such details are the elite of the Secret Service and very well trained far beyond your typical beat cop.
      And that was no unruly mob compared to BLM or your typical SJWs on a rampage.
      Maybe you didn’t watch the video of her being executed, but a few steps behind Ashli were heavily armed SWAT guys,. No one was in danger. Least of all Pence.

      • Perhaps not. But the fact there was a perceived threat, he acted accordingly to his training. All bets are off as soon as you decide to B&E property which is not yours. Video shows that mob attempting to break those doors down and they did break the glass. Poor Ashli then decided it was a good idea to climb up thru that broken pane, that’s when she was shot. Had they assembled peacefully, a stronger message would have been sent. They behaved the way our other brethren behaved and are now down on their level unfortunately.

          • The other day I was ragging on a fella on Gab and made that quip as we swapped lame insults and jokes.
            But since you bring it up: who ARE you, then Carl?

        •  All bets are off as soon as you decide to B&E property which is not yours

          Take your apologist shill ass back to HuffPo or Reddit please. ALL SUMMER LONG there was B&E and destruction of property several orders of magnitude more damaging, violent, and costly going on not in a single building but in 1000s of buildings across all major cities. And all bets were ON because of complicit f-ggots like yourself giving one side a pass but hold the other side accountable. Virtually nobody was even prosecuted much less murdered by cops who stood aside and did nothing.
          Did I mention f-ck off back to HuffPo yet?

        • Correct. And if she was warned before she was fired upon as some are saying…? You are putting too much on the agent.
          The only thing that guy is guilty of is doing a good job for the wrong people. And when it comes down to that… many of us have been in that exact same position, albeit with less dire consequences.

          • The LEO mantra is “use the minimum force necessary to compel compliance.” Just because Pence, et al were wetting themselves doesn’t mean deadly force was warranted. It’s a tough sell to call this a “good shoot” … looked like a very, very premature shoot to me.

            But then we’ve known all along that ROE are for the peasants … different set of rules for the ruling class.

          • The only thing that guy is guilty of is doing a good job for the wrong people.”
            You’ve made your position crystal clear, Glen. A man of ‘principles,’ by golly. Your principles be damned. I stand behind the unarmed White patriots, and you with their keepers. Crystal clear.

          • You are entirely correct to do so. But you can’t do that not knowing that shit like this will happen. These guys are going to fight. There will be far more of this as the conflict widens. We have to do this right. Formally Declare war, secede or create an official party and movement with clearly stated objectives and principles. What you have now is a mob no better than BLM or ANTIFA.
            If hindsight is allowed, the proper response to that incident was for the officers involved, right at the scene – to be arrested, disarmed, and taken into custody or shooting them as they tried to resist. The dissidents don’t have the machinery or the organization for that, and until they do… they are only a mob.
            I don’t like it either.

        • Yea and I bet you would be right there condemning the SS if they shot one of those protesting who injured 60 Secret Service trying to storm the Whitehouse…You people who justify this make me sick…

          • Basic point here is that this conversation goes nowhere. That is why we have inquiries, courts, and trials. There is need for expert review and witnesses to judge the level of guilt involved. Will we get this? Did not at Waco and Ruby ridge.

            If those commenting were serious, the call would be for that process—above all else—all we have here is taking sides.

          • all we have here is taking sides.

            Correct. And it sure looks like some do not realize where they are at this point. All of 2020 and they’re still pretending. “Good shot,” “Breaking & Entering,” “LEO training.” Its incredible.
            Are you going to call for a formal investigation and for this to “work its way through the courts” next?

          • Lurker, you bring up a glaring weakness in my argument. I acknowledge it—in a lawless society, calls for calm inquiry and justice are meaningless. So what I ask for is not gonna happen.

            In that event, I too will chose sides when the time comes…and it won’t be for the side that demands sole use of force, but refuses to allow inquiry and justice when such is used improperly.

          • Not trying to be a dink, Lineman. And I get where you’re coming from. And the argument is there: maybe it’s time to go low the same way they have with us. Maybe it’s time to sacrifice their innocents on our political altars the way they do with us. Maybe it’s time to start shooting back, burning their shit, and breaking their toys. Maybe that means killing their cops.
            But we need to be crystal clear about what it is we’re doing and we need to be prepared when they use that to justify their attacks on us.
            And let me say this about that – if this is to be war, and these are to be the rules of engagement… I am just peachy with it. But we have to be fair and lawful first. We have to warn them formally and lawfully, we have to understand what our actions and reactions are going to be. Once that is all done – THEN you can throw down the gloves.
            If you go to war you have to do it right, the same way your forefathers did.

          • “Not trying to be a dink, Lineman.”

            No, the bulk of what you post on this site indicates it is an innate talent, like being double jointed or ambidextrous.

          • I correct myself here. Glass has plastic between sheeting I believe. Like an auto windshield, it breaks, but does not give way. This is common in such barriers for security.

        • “Property which is not yours”?

          whose property is it then?

          Its supposed to be “The Peoples House”.”

          Stop apologizing for the asshat. You’re embarrassing yourself.

        • If the State’s assassin perceived little Ashli as a threat, then his perception was far too poor for him to be at that post to begin with.

        • They behaved the way our other brethren behaved and are now down on their level unfortunately.

          This is hilarious. Wake the fuck up.

      • I saw that. Looks like she was being filmed by a known BLM/Antifa type, and the SWAT team was 5 seconds away from her.

        Unpopular take: She was a veteran, she knew the risks, and she got caught up in the moment; she paid for it with her life. She was used, and should have known better.

        What she didn’t know was who she was surrounded by, how the press would depict her, that there are different rules for LEFT v RIGHT protests, and how unbelievably cravenly Team R would respond.
        Something to consider in the future. I’d say her sacrifice at the very least revealed how badly the GOP must be destroyed…and I think it is.

        • I’d read somewhere that Ashli was taking some direction from the mob. There’s an element of “F around and find out” here but she certainly deserves better than george floyd. This is where our side struggles, where the left will martyr a pinata… And worse.

      • With all due respect Rwc, I call double bullshit. The word “elite” keeps getting thrown around. I do not think it means what you think it means. In any sort of “unit” that’s put together, one has to have juice, or clout, first.
        i wouldn’t be surprised if the shooter was the cousin of some guy who was a shot caller for blah blah blah. You get what I’m saying. No matter what, we will never get the true, full account of the events. As has been stated on this post quite a bit, avoid those kind of situations.

    • …not murdered. Nor was that airforce veteran that was in the wrong place at the wrong time with a jittery cop facing an unruly mob. 

      No offense, but if you watched the video and this is what you think, you’re either retarded or insane. The p-ssy cop wasn’t jittery in the least. It was a cold blooded execution at close range.

      • It sure was an execution. The deliberative shooter, who was in no great danger, carefully selected a target, waited briefly, advanced slightly, and fired. It follows that there was premeditation to injure, maim, or kill. Now, it looks as if the intended target was Ashli’s head. This is an inflammatory hypothesis, so why do I suspect that it’s true?

        Well, why was no warning shot fired first? The shooter had plenty of time to do that. And why did no warning shot strike Ashli Babbitt in the legs or abdomen? That would have been enough to throw her off balance, cripple her, and stop the breach. She had at least one foot on the window frame, and just about her whole body was exposed thanks to the shooter waiting for conditions of plausible deniability. Yet she was struck just below her head, far away from the large target area of her soft abdomen and even farther from her legs.

        Maybe the killer, who must have learned from an earpiece about the squad of copsoldiers coming up the stairwell, is a bad shot. Yet how many of the temple’s armed servants have not been trained to aim a gun well? And how many of those servants would aim their firearm at the neck of a white Caucasian woman who could have been deterred by a warning shot? It’s easy to figure out correct answers to these questions from the evidence at hand.

        It so happens that I find Babbitt’s death deeply ironic. She was a Constitution nut, and she was shot in a temple erected under the direction of other Constitution nuts. Perhaps the killer, too, is a nut. (Don’t they screen in favor of faith in their fake law?) For years she served and protected the seat of Columbian gangsters, and at times she was a security officer in the armed forces of the bipartisan party’s clients. Given her service record, it’s quite possible that Ashli has been behind the trigger during similar confrontations with civilians and would have behaved no better than the temple servant if their roles had been reversed.

        So here we are two days later. Official servants and protectors of the Constitution of no authority are already carrying out the task of tracking down Wednesday’s protestors. Many of them will die during the years to come by suicide or in prision, and some of these will be white Caucasian blockheads who will remain in love with the Constitution and “Mother of Exiles” until their deaths. Good riddance to all that corrupt, conniving rubbish.

        • It looks like an assassination. I have to wonder if she was one of the assets infiltrating the protesters and got too close to the truth.

    • If one of mine is shot, my compatriot was in the right. If one of theirs is shot, they were in the wrong.

      This isn’t hard—you support your ethnic group no matter what. You’re supposed to be loyal to your team, not be the referee.

      • People like him are why we are in this situation. Thye can never resist the urge to impress the neighbors with their learn-ed Know-It-All-ism.

        “Oh, look at me and all MY fair-minded principles!!”

  62. It’s like the pot on the stove, it’s boiling with the cover on and occasionally what your cooking bubbles out and slides down. You see it and hear the hiss as it slides down the pot, you can ignore it, but if you do, it will continue until enough leaks out and you have a fire on your hands.

    Our elites can ignore the the boiling pot at their own peril.

  63. The silver lining is that Trump’s post-presidential plans are dead in the water. Instead of shamelessly grifting and ripping off his fanbase, all that waits for him is the will they/won’t they game of the Southern District or New York pursuing the investigations they’ve drafted. Without his fans and without establishment support, I could see his final years fraught with legal issues.

    Another silver lining is that Ivanka really wanted to kickstart her political career and that is now dead in the water. Trump shut down the Bush and Clinton dynasties but he wanted to build his own. That’s all gone now. Ivanka and Don Jr can join George P. Bush and umpteen Kennedys in the kids and aspiring politicians of America’s failed dynasties.

    • Who knows? Maybe you guys will direct your anger at the enemy now, instead of at Trump and Trump voters. One can dream.

      • Trump gave up a charmed, very cushy life to take on an unbelievable onslaught of attacks from all directions. Whatever his shortcomings, he forced countless traitors out of the shadows and into the open. It is now time for others to pick up the ball and run with it.

          • He was a spanner in the works – a doorstop – but the regime have fixed the machine now – no openings for spanners nor doorstops now.

        • Wrong.

          He ran for personal glory and to secure a political future for his children. And he failed. Spectacularly.

          • In primate politics, the alpha serves as merely a flagpole around which the tribe members can organize themselves.

            Grumpy Cat said it best, even though what PaoloG said is true:

            “This ain’t about Trump– this is about us.”

          • PS- I just realized that “alpha flagpole” is why the woke defend their sigils so stridently as well. We’re into deep instinct territory here.

          • Funny then how his ego did him in. He served an important purpose anyway, as Judge Smails noted.

        • With all the tools and allies that Trump gave us? How is it a noble, hard-won accomplishment of Trump’s, that he was pathologically hated for “grabbing ’em by the pu$$y”?

          He did his part by being a sexy outsider, now I have to do my part and save my country unassisted? Maybe Trump could have, I don’t know, won a victory at some point?

          • Maybe Trump could have, I don’t know, won a victory at some point?
            this made me chuckle, I’ve said twice, i’ll say it thrice, Trump’s presidency was a fart in the wind, total shill.
            i still can’t believe how proud he presents himself despite all his many failed promises, he should at least admit the swamp got the better of him, instead he tries to calm people down, to not rebel, he says they do not represent the country, THAT THEY WILL PAY, when time is running short and that’s exactly what they should do.
            Total piece of shit.

          • Judging by the very small number of leftist women that I know, their chief, unstated, offense with Trump is that although he was a philanderer they knew that he would never cheat with them.

        • Yes, Trump served an important purpose. But, at the last ditch, he proved himself a betrayer of his own people. For that he can never be forgiven, only condemned.

      • There’s much to be learned from the sacrificial lamb whether I staked it or not, the jackals seemingly all came out to feed and I was watching. It does not matter Trump’s motivation as far as I’m concerned, it did at one time but doesn’t anymore. Train wrecks improve overall safety… Eventually.

      • I don’t spend any time hating on Trump. I supported him as much as I could and even tried to organize people for him (and us). I see him as a tragic figure. He betrayed his followers and was betrayed by everyone close to him too. Then again, as we’ve all noted he had a knack for surrounding himself with obvious traitors and grifters. His running mate proved to be the greatest betrayer of all. I hope Pence spends his 30 pieces of silver wisely.

      • This is a straw man, Z-man. The anti-Trumpers never regarded the MAGAs as the enemy, but rather merely as sad dupes. But all of us, the anti-Trumpers, the MAGAs and all points in between have understood and continue to understand that the great force for evil is the Left. I see no need to sow division where it doesn’t really exist to any significant degree.

    • Trump is now friendless in this world, beset by powerful enemies, and bereft of allies. Serves him right. He deserves to rot in a cell for his maltreatment of the MAGAs.

      • Ostei , your posts usually are great but seriously man, you are fucking out of line.
        You seem to think that a lecherous narcissistic 73 year old hotelier , flim flam artist real estate developer and entertainer who is only a mild alpha male and who expected quite reasonably to just be Bill Clinton 2 is suddenly going to become your Caesar.
        It never was going to happen. Everyone who voted for the guy knew that. He was flawed,
        If you are referring to the DC debacle he didn’t mistreat MAGA people he simply didn’t expect them to go ape shit in D.C. and he wasn’t pushing for a war, just a noisy protest.
        President Trump is damned smart but he’s made a ton of mistakes including misjudging peoples passions and not having anyone in his circle who was truly trustworthy but none of these including the rich Boomer instinct to keep it calm were betrayals.
        Its the exactly response you’d expect in any case you could name.
        President Trump did the best he could within his limits and deserves a decent retirement not the hell on earth it looks like is coming.
        I won’t like the mess we are going to be living in but truth to tell I won’t miss President Trump either as he simply was the walking example of the Peter Principle in action.
        Not qualified to run the US in ordinary times much less a crisis.

  64. It has been an eye-opener for many on this side, as well. Unless you have something wrong with you, you held out some small hope that the prediction would turn out to be wrong. That hope is gone now and with it comes a bit of sadness over the finality of it.

    You have to be soulless not to mourn today. If you are over 50 you feel the full gravity of the loss, and if younger are resigned to a bitter future that very well may involve a state of constant civil war; it certainly will involve a state of permanent cultural war.

    It was eye-opening only to the extent the rot had spread so widely. The termites had gnawed the wood so completely it just took a puff of wind.

    • Almost don’t want to admit it, but I feel alive. The conveyor belt existence I’ve never fit in and always rebelled against is breaking down.

      Sort of guilty knowing decent people are getting hurt. But this person wins, that one loses, and that’s life. It’s out of our hands for the most part. What a time to be alive.

    • For the 50-somethings here, it is one of those things you knew in your gut was true, but it still hurts you when it becomes confirmed beyond any doubt.

    • I was a young adult in the 90s. I used to hang out with conservative Christians and they were always talking about “the culture war”. I don’t think many knew that wars of any kind evolve towards greater violence and fanaticism if they don’t end decisively. I’m pretty sure the Cold War would have gone hot eventually if one of the players hadn’t essentially died of a heart attack.

      • How ironic that most Americans thought, after winning the Cold War, that the country had it made in the shade. Instead, the US rapidly descended into a mad maelstrom and is every bit as dead as if the Rooskies had nuked it into slag.
        The real enemy was always within.

        • The USSR was just enough of a threat to the ruling class that they needed us to protect them and their property, so they mostly behaved. Once the threat ended, we became a net liability.

  65. All it took was white guys to flex an itsty bitsy amount of muscle to cause DC to freak out

    and you know half of those women were turned on despite condemning it. Savannah Guthrie through her fake face of concern was probably wet as a puddle on that chair

    • It shows the ruling class is terrified of us when we get feisty, This is a good thing which we need to leverage,

    • and you know half of those women were turned on despite condemning it. Savannah Guthrie through her fake face of concern was probably wet as a puddle on that chair.

      I bet she really got excited by the Viking headdress guy. Deep down, they’re just waiting to be ravished by an alpha barbarian.

      • I could share many stories about that— and all the times I chickened out because Consent. Damned feminist brainwashing!

      • I’m not saying any of this was an “false flag” or “Antifa infiltration” or any nonsense like that, but it’s also clear that the most visible contingent of these clowns like Buffalo Headdress Tattoo Man weren’t necessarily MAGA normies, either, they were plain old rabble rousers who were just there for the excitement.

        And contra the narrative going around in conservative circles, Buffalo Guy’s documented presence at a BLM rally doesn’t necessarily prove he was Antifa either. If anything it just further illustrates he’s a weirdo drawn to spectacles.

        It just so happens that there indeed were some die-hard MAGA types in that mob, too, and the one person who was shot appears to have been one. Coincidence? No idea, but it sure helps the MSM narrative that the one person identified and “remembered” because she was killed is also a documented Trumpkin.

  66. I’m sad too because I’m mourning for my country. The Republic is truly dead and gone. The stages of grief are: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, then acceptance. Every like-minded person I know is somewhere between anger and depression. I’m trying to push myself and others to the acceptance stage.

    • The mourning I feel is similar to that of losing my dad to cancer. There is a kind of tide to mourning; acceptance then denial, hope then despair, as the inevitable moves from an idea to a reality.

      A great deal of my mourning has already happened. Yet the body of the nation still exists, kind of. The cancer has taken much already. Small, frail, almost hard to recognize. But it is still there.

      So I can’t mourn its death fully even though its terminal; everything on the chart points to that. But I also have to keep living, moving past the sadness toward the unknown future that will go on regardless of what I feel.

      The night brings dreams. Of that foreign country that is the past. Morning brings dread and reckoning: no, its still current year, the body still wasting away.

      And like my dad, I carry in my soul a part of that past, that story, that nation; it burns in me a light that is mine alone to shepherd into that unknown future.

      That is the lightness. In the thread above, a father passes that to his son through old books and deep conversations about who we are.

      Others reckon with the stories of grandparents and the harshness of life that is now eclipsed by our bounty. A bounty like a camel at the eye of a needle that seems to have vexingly eclipsed the joy of that past as well.

      Back to the suddenness of having to confront the reality of death as opposed to the idea of death. Some levity.

      Dr. Joseph Dolan:
      You know, it’s a shame about Ed.
      Oh, it was. Yeah, it was really a shame. To go so suddenly like that.
      Dr. Joseph Dolan:
      He was dying for years.
      Sure, but… the end was very… very sudden.
      Dr. Joseph Dolan:
      He was in intensive care for eight weeks.
      Yeah, but I mean the very end, when he died. That was extremely sudden.

      • There goes the Star Trek Future and the When Covid Ends my friend dreams about.

        His solution is to “hunt ’em all down, kill TrumpHitler” and then things will get back to Boomer Normal.

        (Yes, even me, brother against brother. He can’t understand why we cannot see Trump’s evil.)

        • “when Covid ends”. I should put this phrase on the tombstone of my abortive efforts locally at being a “community organizer” (thanks Obama!) I kept hearing it from (sadly it was usually Boomers) people I thought knew the score about what was going on. Astounding that so many people would nod in agreement with statements about how we need to defy tyranny – and then chicken out of in person meetings that probably weren’t even technically against our Governor’s insane diktats that were not being enforced in any case.

          I think a few of those people are probably coming to grips with what happened the last few days and casting a wistful glance at their grill, knowing they will never get to use it again…

        • Other than the Vietnam vets Boomers had it very easy and anything that upsets that apple cart makes the bunnies crazy.
          A great number can’t cope with real hardship and though its not true Trump represents getting back to brass tacks , hard work and all that.
          Worse they fear the upcoming crash, possible civil war , social security croaking and blame Trump for that. On top of that mess unlike aged people in the past (I’m assuming he’s over 50) so many lack any dignity and aren’t prepared to die.
          That said and we all know and you can’t tell your probably should find a better friend friend there never was going to be a Star Trek future not after the fertility crash of 1972 ,automation (no good jobs no babies) and especially after mass immigration.
          Only deeply religious and hype natal people have kids so you get the Duggars and the Amish future not Trek.

      • This was an extremely poetic post. Perhaps you could stylize it a bit for a blog submission to a site such as counter-currents

    • There is no acceptance stage for us. No new homeostasis, to use Z’s choice of word. Our leaders want us dead and gone and if we don’t push back against them… we’re dead and gone.

      For the dissident, the foreseeable future is one of endless, daily denial of very powerful cultural & economic forces.

      • They are telling 75 million people, the group largely responsible for maintaining the thin veneer of civilization and figuratively (and literally) keeping the lights on, that they will have no representation in government, no participation in popular culture, and limited access to economic resources and opportunity.

    • The fact that you recognize the country is gone is a healthy if perhaps painful thing. No longer will you spin your wheels trying to salvage something that no longer exists. And if you have had this epiphany, then so have a great many others. Turning loose of America is the first step toward creating something better from the rubble.

      • The Covid has been the last straw. It’s never going to end and any “rights” we think we might have are at best license from the ruling class that can be revoked at any time. Yes, the “rules” might persist for a while and things will seem “normal” most times, but the rule of law is now nothing more than the personal opinion of the highest level executive official who bothers to pay attention to the matter at hand.

  67. what I find interesting is that they haven’t released the identity of the guy who shot Babbitt. With the various cops who’ve shot various blacks, the media immediately doxxes them and we have all their personal info and image graven in our memories. Their prior transgressions and histories are minutely examined. With this shooter, it’s like they’re “just part of the system” or whatever.

    I apologize if this is discussed in the podcast, but I had the thought and wanted to say it right away.

    • They are going to protect him at all costs, but I think he was a secret service agent and that is part of the reason. To the inner party that is a different than just some city cop, they would never give up one of their members for shooting a deplorable.
      The guy who blogs under the name “Jim Treacher” got hit by a State Department goon in a van while walking on the D.C. streets ten years ago. The driver was clearly in the wrong, but not only faced no consequences, the D.C. police went to the hospital to give the victim a jaywalking ticket. The only reason he was able to get a settlement out of the government is that he was working at the Daily Caller and Tucker Carlson helped him. It took him several surgeries to recover from his injuries. If the inner party would do this 10 years ago, how much more brazen would they be now?

      • This is correct. Not in 10,000 years will you learn the identity of that man. I said it yesterday and wasn’t kidding I do know several agents being a DC local myself, and Secret Service is a black box org by design. Just call him Mr. Smith because he is a suit wearing G-Man with a license to kill, that is all you need to know civilian.
        Alphabet agencies run in the rarest of rarified air and have rules even MORE empowering than the cops who already have privilege you can only dream of.

    • I somewhat expect suicide will be the option selected for this shooter…. The bus stops for no one, it’s the handsoap of the left.

    • It was confirmed on local radio WMAL Chris Plante show the killer was black, but not identified.

  68. Hitler is the most influential man in human history … a constant part of the conversation

    Indeed. I wonder what his Instagram page would look like. Certainly his person looms so large in modern ‘make a difference/do gooder’ mythology, that even the toothbrush moustache is still frowned upon.

    The problem with all these young ‘change makers’ is that it is really all just one attention seeking grift. It will be alarming to see these people come of age, realise that they’ve made no difference, and then like clockwork blame some bogeyman (YT) and start the path toward tyranny.

    • If Hitler was alive on some island and had a Twitter account, it would the biggest account on the system. His timeline would be full of people desperate to show they hold the right opinion about Hitler.

    • You’re wrong about one thing: the toothbrush moustache. Michael Jordan rocked that bad boy and didn’t get cancelled.

    • There’s been so many “changemakers” and celebrate milestones: civil rights, obama’s Election, sodomy as the foundation of marriage, abortion. Non of these is good enough.

      If 65 years of civil rights is not enough for the black man to be what they think he should, can’t people tell that their weird utopia may need to be examined?

  69. Napoleon said to understand a man you have to know what was going on in the world when he was 20. We of the gray-hairs are saddened because we remember a far different America, and we saw it frittered away. But today’s 20-something? I can’t imagine a response other than cynical resignation.

    It’s a bitter pill recognizing that Mexico is a healthier nation-state than the USA.

    • “But today’s 20-something? I can’t imagine a response other than cynical resignation.”
      A very salient and sobering point. My oldest is 16 and for the last two years, he and I have been reading classics from ancient Greece and Rome together, for the simple reason is that I want him to understand how our people evolved to this point and that there were and could still be better times ahead. I explained to him that after the fall of Rome there were small communities here and there – mostly monasteries – who not only held on to and spread the word of the classics, but also painstakingly reprinted them for future generations as well. He asked if we were doing that now in light of the crap being taught in the government schools and I told him that yes, we too are playing our part to pass on the “light” of civilization. (FYI, for those interested in doing this, try to find copies of books on this subject from the 1950’s on back. Many current “revisions” are either re-written, or have many sections completely removed. For more info on why this is being done, there is a group out there – I believe they’re called “The Jolly Roger Society” – and they are waging a war against this very practice.)
      He understood and was neither happy, nor sad about his, to him it’s just one more thing that has to be done. I explained to him that things in this country weren’t always like this, but I have to be careful not to destroy his spirit because once I told him some stories his grandfather passed down to me about how things were when he was a kid and he was interested and loved the stories. Yet at the same time he realized that he would never live a world like that and I could see the sadness in his eyes. A tightrope to walk, so to speak.
      By the way Z Man, I would like to thank you for your last podcast of ’20. In it you mentioned the book “Heirs to forgotten kingdoms” and I had come across that book while searching for something else several years ago, but forgot about it and never ordered it. Many thanks for bringing that up.

      • You’re following in the footsteps of the late Charles Weyrich who, in the 90s, argued that America was an enemy of Western civilization, and that its partisans must go underground, create communities separate from American society, and preserve the best of the West for future generations. He also used the monasteries/Dark Ages analogy.

      • My parents both grew. Up in 1950s and 1960s America. Except for being drafted, which I admit must have been scary, they always seem to want me to konw how easy I have it and how great my life is and how tougher they had it.
        My mom lived in a town that was so replete with Catholics, that angelus bells went off all day. Now we have phone dings….

      • I’m going to quote this comment elsewhere and link back to this page. It provides an important vision on how to move forward.

      • A virus spreads with no cure to find
        God has had enough of our shit
        A nuclear war breaks out and that’s it
        To be on this planet living your life
        To see it all end would be alright
        You cant complain, you wouldn’t die alone
        You can die with loved ones and die at home
        And you’re not missing anything when you’re gone
        Plus seeing it all end and what goes on
        To see this great world come to an end
        Would be the next best to seeing it begin


    • these 20-somethings are jazzed and loving it

      I have always tended to gravitate toward youth, my nature always being ahead of the curve so what was always normal in my mind 30-40 years ago has taken root and has grown to be the basic norms of today’s young. So I’m kinda of loving it too. Normie considered me a weirdo when I was young but now the world sounds like me and normie is yesterday and laughed at. Yay! I have finally become normal !

    • When conditions change, and I think they will soon (currently are, really) that resignation will also change. Tptb have to go for it all, they know it and they are, and on some level they know they’ll fail.

      • I am surprised they have gone all in. It seems like they are invincible now. But wait until the debt bubble bursts.

        • Something tells me a bunch of bubbles will burst this year— and tptb won’t have a compliant public to trust their plan.

    • I’d rather deal with a Sinaloan cartel than the uniparty. The drug lords are savages, but at least they’re motivated by normal acquisitiveness rather than a perverse desire to torture their own people.

    • To get back up to the shining world from there
      My guide and I went into that hidden tunnel,

      And Following its path, we took no care
      To rest, but climbed: he first, then I-so far,
      through a round aperture I saw appear

      Some of the beautiful things that Heaven bears,
      Where we came forth, and once more saw the stars.

  70. The Nietzschean supermen of the alt-right always sneered at the normie drive toward homeostasis, but it’s natural for an organism to want things on an even keel, to continue going as they’ve gone. My dog knows what time it eats and goes out, and that I can’t pick her up when she’s gone to her little bed in the corner of my room. Our elites’ constantly shifting of the rules, their relishing of changing the rules based on nothing but their whims, caprice, and relieving their boredom, has made it clear to even the dullest normie: We are much, much lower in their eyes than dogs. Worth thinking about: in the aftermath of the greatest prison riot in American History (in New Mexico) there were a lot of postmortems where guards and staff had to stand on some pretty plush carpet and answer a battery of questions. At one point a guard acknowledged that staff treated the prisoners much, much worse than their dogs. Pelosi is lucky that guy who broke into her office isn’t currently using her skull as his ashtray.

    • i don’t think humanity had worse elites than what whites have right now.
      mongols – didn’t genocide you if you paid tribute
      islam – didn’t genocide you if you converted
      ISRAELITES – genocide you no matter what, in fact the more whites submit to their control the more they want to destroy us
      to be ruled by israelites is to be ruled by satan himself.

      • The Bible says being ruled by foreigners is a punishment from God.
        However bad leaders are common as flies.
        Some examples.
        The Thirty Years War ended up killing half the population of parts of Germany.
        Henry the 8th turned England into an abbatoir, ruined the holy relics and destroyed a centuries old highly functional welfare system and changed the faith so he could divorce.
        Stalin murdered on an massive scale for an insane ideology and out of paranoia.
        Oh and there was that Cromwell mess runing a fucntional monarch

  71. Yes, I feel the sadness too. The systems that the UK and the US have did to an extent work for the sorts of people who still defend them. In the UK, we hear constantly from many how there is ‘poverty’ everywhere, we also later learn that the way to fix this is by throwing more money at the problem. Most of the targets of said money have, materially at least, far more than my grandparents ever had… Yet they are not happy people, many are scroungers.

    My grandfather would fondly show me images of him and his ten siblings playing when they were younger. Happy times, it seemed. They actually had a community even in a North London suburb. Today, where could I find such a suburb where people knew almost 50 other families on a first name basis on their street? Or bartered vegetables, chickens, rabbits and eggs. Nowhere.

    Materially richer means next to nothing if you think your next door neighbour will shop you because you have held an ‘illegal children’s birthday party’.

    • Excellent point. Crass materialism ultimately is empty and soulless. Odd that rampant consumerism paved the way for totalitarianism. With no hint of irony the goods and services spigot will be turned off and along with the scarcity we will suffer full on dictatorship and deprivation.

      • Perhaps on of the best ways to prepare yourself mentally for the future is to start shedding luxuries and getting used to it.

          • Perhaps. With money printing, debt goes to zero. You can pay off your debt with toilet paper. Debt jubilees are coming.

          • I suspect student loan forgiveness is in the offing. If so, you’d be a fool to bust your ass to pay them off right now. Then again, it may turn out that forgiveness is only for PoC.

          • That will end up removing a huge chunk of the White Left.
            Leftists come in twp kinds , normal kids who were brainwashed into thinking that Leftism is normal (c.f Moldylocks) and Spiteful Mutants.
            The normies will leave or form some other Lefty group hell discover Democratic Workers Socialism or something and the mutants will stay.
            That won’t work.
            So if there is a jubilee which BTW would be good for everyone it will be for everyone. Even some of our guys will get some.

          • I just paid. Off 20K. I thought, instead of investing it, I should pay it back.

            Sucker born….

          • The $50k proposal takes care of 60% on the low end. The high end most likely contains the professional “White” class—and perhaps they don’t need complete forgiveness as much as they are going somewhere economically.

            What is necessary is that the scheme of “student” loans for worthless students and degree areas is reined in. But don’t count on it. We’ll forgive and then reinflate the bubble in a generation or so.

          • Yeah, two ways to look at debt. Sure, with hyperinflation you’re paying back your loan pennies on the dollar, but when a loaf of bread costs $25, those pennies will be needed.

          • Nothing pays a better return than eliminating debt and baring actual starvation, getting out of debt is always job one.
            Also hyperinflation even high inflation requires velocity of money and to get that the economy has to open fully for a period of time. Otherwise all the money printing just subsidizes a few businesses, This seems good but even the retreads in charge of our society are aware its not.
            So either open up or the money goes nowhere. Decisions, decisions.
            Also China isn’t ready to drop the dollar . Until they do , yperinflation will not be a thing as they will essential subsidize the destruction of the US manufacturing base till they no longer need it.

          • My point is that usually wages rise with inflation. 100 years ago a well-paid man earned $20 per week and could buy a suit or an ounce of gold. Today, he might earn $2000 per week and could buy a suit or an ounce of gold.

          • Automation plus a global surplus of labor ensures indefinite wage decline.
            In time all developed societies will shrink in population and collapse to a sustainable level.
            This includes China which is at 1.6 same as every other developed nation basically.
            Africa and such will probably die off to starvation, Africa always wins.
            2150 will look like 1910 or 19880 maybe.

          • Good lord. It’s not your debt they’ll inflate their way out of. Your chains are assets to them.

            Let me know when you get a shot at the latest primary offering at the Federal Reserve window. Sheesh.

          • Despite the USG minting 1/3 of the money its ever had in its history in a single year, yes in a stinking year the inflation has been mild.
            This is mostly do to lock downs but not entirely as we’ve been running the pressed and all that is going up is low margin necessities.
            We’ve impoverished our country and while yes the few looters at the top have benefited from it, even icons like Hollywood are now decayed post apocalypse zones.
            The grab for the remaining loot is going to be fierce as the last of US assets are sold off for a few dollars.
            I expect the next few years will be increasingly a police state more than it already is and I am told that the new powers allows someone to be held for 500 days on a charge of domestic terrorism no trial or legal access.
            This is the end game, no children being born, no economy and no new suckers to consume the surplus production. Problem is end games take a long damned time to end and a lot of people get ground up along the way.
            So be careful and as Cappy Cap is wan’t to say, enjoy the decline.

      • You keep losing until it stops bothering you. Or, the beatings will continue until morale improves.

      • This is what happens when the so-called “Right” reveres the GDP uber alles, and the Left hijacks capitalism and uses it to push black supremacy and anti-white racism. Tradition and beneficent social structures are bulldozed into a landfill and a cancerous fascism replaces them.

      • II Peter 3And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.:3

    • Same here. My Mom was one of 8 kids. They lived in a two bedroom house, including my Grandma’s sister. Eleven people in about 700 square feet. They have all had great, happy lives, and remain very close, to this day. No one in this country today knows that type of poverty, unless they are mentally ill homeless.

      • You have described to a T my upbringing, only 900 sq ft and 3 bedrooms. It wasnt poverty but dad was washer and dryer repairman, so very tight.

      • Not true. A lot of people in the US go hungry and poverty here is fairly endemic even among Whites.
        My family was smaller but I have known the joy of a welfare Christmas, EBT (Food Stamps back in the day) and food boxes as have millions of others many who still do.
        And yes we rarely have such large families though but no one can afford them anyway without massive sacrifices. People won’t make that sacrifice for a society of Mammon and Moloch.
        Beyond that sense should suggest you should limit the number of children you have to those you can afford. I’m glad people got the memo and in time it will self correct as the global developed worlds population will decline.
        If rapacious late stage capitalism can be quelled and wages/stability up- housing costs down occurs in a Conservative milieu, larger families can become the norm . Till then, decline is the norm for dying societies.
        Keep immigrants out and it will fix itself.

    • “Coming Apart”

      “Bowling Alone”

      There’s a reason the Amish are so happy. The bonds of community are the ultimate safety net.

      Freedom of association is gone, and with it, community.

      • Coming Apart resonated with me. One thing I recall from the book that I thought important was the unabashed licentiousness and double-standards of the elites. I think it was Murray who wrote this (he’ll think twice after getting clobbered in faux Poison Ivy: Middlebury), and he opined that the proles look at and mimic the elites and that in the past, the elites at least feigned decency and uprightness. Now their bed-hopping with the latest hip-hop stars, say, like Fiddy-Cent. Good book. I highly recommend it.

        • I’ve read it. Quite good if you can get a copy. The book to read now if you can get it as its apparently soft banned (out of print, no reprint) is the Fourth Turning by Strauss and Howe . It basically explains everything going on, with high accuracy and good detail even though the book is pre 2000.

    • I’m at that point with you, Mr. Wright. I’m surrounded by the enemy, and many of my oldest friends have turned coat. It’s an admirable way you speak of. I am wrestling with just holding my tongue, day by day (and I have to, being located deep, deep in enemy territory).

      • Same here. Been reordering life as much as possible to avoid unnecessary interactions. For day to day transactions, directing them to the like minded and away from the Left minded. Local charity included.

        • directing them to the like minded

          This. Bitcoin was the subject the other day on this site, and it naturally sprouted into the normal discussions of metals, gems, 401ks, bullets booze and beans as currency, etc.

          Differing opinions on the merits of each were discussed. I think we missed the ultimate prepper investment. People. Human capital. OUR people. The like-minded and awakening. Building friendships, alliances, comradeship. Recruitment. Forming community. Race aware white people helping to lift and sustain each other.

          I have guns to defend myself but I need to sleep at some point. I have skills but I can’t do everything. I trust in my God but I need friends I can trust in this transitory world.

          Brothers and Sisters, we need to steer Our time, efforts, and riches away from those that hate us and would betray us. But don’t let this world corner you into becoming a hermit. Reach out and help your people that can be helped. Build alliances and comradery. When you awaken a white person you save them from the self-hatred that our foes wish to envelop them in.

          Sorry for my usual over-lengthy comment. Just please… Be not afraid and be not alone. Ceaselessly find each other. That is the most powerful commodity you can horde.

          • Yes, but how to find those like-minded people? I don’t want to uproot myself to gain just one friend and what community can be trusted to reject the next wave of Chinaball lockdowns?

            I’m looking at a cross-country opportunity right now. Should I burn my connections right before Bolshevik Biden picks up the nuclear football? How does one predict the future?

            Commodities at least sit still.

          • You have to reach out and risk a little, or a lot. Isn’t that what investments and commodities are?

            Do you move or not? Dunno. Up to you. What can you find where you are? You won’t find a craigslist listing for “need healthy traditional white people for our town”. But you can look up demographics of an area you are considering moving to can’t you? How many churches are there? What is the culture like?

            The area I call home is 93% white. Churches are as thick as ticks on a coon dog. Equestrianism, hunting, shooting, boating and off-roading are the big cultural activities.

            I don’t show up and say hello fellow white identitarians! I go to where the white people are that reflect most closely reflect my views on life are. I make friends. I am reliable and honorable. Occasionally I throw a tester statement out and gauge reactions. Proselytize against the madness I’ve seen in the decadent cities.

            Find something that works for you and work on not being alone.

          • No. We can’t. But instead of wandering a battlefield on my own, I’m better off finding my shield wall brothers, my phalanx companions, my platoon’s foxholes… use whatever metaphor you like… it is a battlefield and don’t forget it. We aren’t quiting the field, we are rallying.

          • Amen my Brother…I think a lot of eyes were opened just in the past week and maybe just maybe people will finally realize that it’s who you live around that will determine what kind of future you have… Building Community is where it’s at and always has been…Hope you are well Brother and that God’s Blessings are upon you…

      • keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth closed. freefor needs intelligence from deep in enemy territory. good luck and god speed.

    • Forrester’s quote, that the essential American soul is hard, stoic, isolate, and a killer keeps popping up in my mind.

    • Stoicism ultimately means accepting you cannot control events, only your reaction to events. Much of life’s satisfaction is found in how you train your mind to react to things.

      “Hope is the first stage of disappointment”.

      (I am bitterly, bitterly disappointed; stoicism is a work in progress)

    • To echo what Kestrel said, I have been advising my adult children to be silent about the current events. One of mine posted a prayer after the Capitol incident. In my opinion, that just makes her a target. Pray silently. And for the love of God surround yourself with like minded family members, and grow your tribe.
      i never realized how difficult that is, but even dad, at 82, is seeing the light.

      • And for the love of God surround yourself with like minded family members, and grow your tribe.
        Amen on that I’m glad more and more see the light that you can’t do this on your own…You need good people to survive what’s coming…