The Game of Life

Note: There is a post up behind the green door on the movie Pulp Fiction, which clocks in at #95 on the top-100 list. There is a post up at Taki on the change we are seeing in the political climate.

What has gotten the most attention on this side this past week is the hypocrisy by the ruling class and their histrionic flunkies in the media over the peaceful protest in the Capitol last week. The first response of normal people is to note how the same people raging about these protests were celebrating violent riots in the summer. In what remains of the internet, people have been posting examples of people in politics or the media saying the exact opposite of what they said a few months ago.

Normal people have been programmed to think hypocrisy is important, even though it is clearly not important to the people in the ruling class. Normal people are taught that a civil society operates by a clear set of rules that apply to everyone. When the people in the ruling class have one set of rules for normal people and a different set of rules for themselves, normal people get mad. The ruling class, however, does not care, as there is one set of rules for them and another for the rest of us.

This focus on hypocrisy has left something unnoticed. That is the increasingly overwrought behavior of our rulers. They have become a collection of hysterical drama queens, who carry on like the world is about to end. This is the one thread connecting all of the insanity we have experienced from our rulers recently. Their reaction is wildly out of proportion from what is expected. The actual news, when you think about it, is always about their emotionally charged reaction to mostly normal events.

If we go way back to the 2016 election, the political class reacted as if the most important man in history had come out of his cryogenic chamber in Paraguay and seized control of the government. Instead of analyzing why it was there preferred option was rejected and making the normal adjustments, they concocted wild fantasies about invisible Russians and carried on like teenage girls for four years. It has already been forgotten, but they really believed that Russia stuff.

The Covid stuff is another great example. The local tyrants have used this minor public health issue to feature themselves in a drama of their own creation. In this story, they are heroically fighting the great virus enemy. They are rallying the people in a great cause to prevent the extinction of mankind. The media slavishly reports on their great deeds as if they are out slaying dragons or facing the Black Knight. The buffoonish governor of New York even had a book written about his heroism.

What should be a minor public health issue has been turned into a great drama acted out by emotionally unstable people. According to the CDC, over 250 million people have been tested with 22 million confirmed cases. Total deaths in 2020 were in line with what you would expect, given the country’s demographics. A little higher due to Covid and a little higher due to the reaction. Sober-minded people would have treated this as a very bad flu season. Our hysterical rulers treated it as the end times.

The most recent example of the overwrought behavior by our rulers is the reaction to the protest last Wednesday. The “storming of the Capitol” was really just a bunch of people walking past the cops and going inside the building. Sure, juvenile pranksters livestreamed themselves doing shenanigans, but other than the Pence aide murdering Ashli Babbitt, it was nothing more than a frat house prank. It was nothing like the Kavanaugh protests just a short time ago.

The reaction by the rulers is as if a rebel army laid siege to the Capitol and set fire to most of the city. The FBI has been tasked with hunting down, in the most dramatic way, all of the protestors. Their media lackeys are now calling the Capitol protestors “insurrectionists” and demanding they be destroyed. Instead of calling it a protest, they are calling it a siege. Again, the image is of a foreign army attacking the center of the empire, like the Gauls sacking Rome in 387 BC.

For the inauguration they have now deployed army and national guard units. The media lackeys are bragging that they will be prepared and enthusiastic about using lethal force if any protestors turn up that day. Pelosi has been trying to get the Army to remove Trump from office. She apparently thinks he could launch a nuclear attack. We have come a long way from the America where citizens were expected to petition their government for the redress of grievances.

What we are seeing is the reaction of people who are no longer engaged in normal life, but instead are playing the game of life. They are immersed in a live action role playing game operated by juvenile narcissists. The ruling class gets to imagine themselves as world historical figures and every event puts the world on a knife edge. Their actions will determine the outcome. The entire ruling class is swept up in these false dramas that they get to play, while the rest of the country suffers.

Another clue is how they echo one another in the use of dramatic language to describe mundane events. One uses some over-the-top language then the rest of them are repeating it, maybe adding on some more dramatic language. The “protest” went from “riot” to “insurrection” to “horrendous insurrection” in a few cycles. They are competing with one another to show their loyalty to the group. What matters to them in this game is the opinion of the people in the game, not the rest of us.

America has reached a point where the ruling class and its various support structures is no longer connected to the people over whom it rules. They are inside Versailles or the Winter Palace, imagining what is happening outside. Meanwhile, outside, the world is nothing like the rulers imagine. The people outside look at the palaces and try to understand what is happening inside, based on the noises and behavior they see from the organs of the state.

That really is the root of their anger. The outside broke though the wall and gently reminded them that life is not a game and they are not great men. In the game they are always the winners, but in real life they are judged by their actions. It may take a while, but they will be held accountable. This is what angers them. They hate this reality, which is why they cling to the alternative reality of their fantasy, but reality does not go away when you stop believing it.

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330 thoughts on “The Game of Life

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  2. ALERT: Someone is planning a false flag event this weekend. Either the 16th, 17th, or 19th at state capitols and DC (the date of the supposed patriot event varies). Poorly designed posters have been mailed out to conservatives and conservative groups. The FBI is in on it, since they are now making noises about “uncovering the plot”. (Sources, the Blaze, ABC, etc..)

    The president is being held incommunicado, and our normal modes of communication are recording the event are being shut down. This is (other than the sheer hell of it) so that we cannot shine a light on what really happens this weekend.

    The posters call for armed men to show up at the capitols for a march. This is a TRAP. Unfortunately, with a few million pissed off people, it’s almost inevitable that enough idiots will show to give them their set-piece Tiennemen square massacre. If by some miracle, everyone stays home, I’m sure antifa, or Hollywood CGI will fill in.

    What is planned next is a brutal crackdown on America in “response” to inaugurate the new regime. The capitol hill protest didn’t do what they want, so this is plan B. These liars will now make up reality to suit them, so that they have some bloody shirt to wave giving them moral authority for the rest of the evil they plan.

  3. The daily mail referred to the melees as “sacking the capital”.
    I suppose they wanted to give the impression that Trump supporters were the rough equivalent of Visigoths; raping, massacring and looting DC, leaving a smoldering ruin in their wake.

  4. Zman, I’ve been reading your stuff since almost the beginning. This is one of your best essays.

    Let the cultural secession accelerate. Cancel the subscriptions. Delete the social media accounts. Cut the cord. Homeschool your kids. Get out of debt.

    I saw Twitter was down 10% in the markets today before recovering slightly. They don’t care. They’re leftists. There’s no amount of money they won’t lose if it means they get to parade around and tell us they are the chosen ones. But that doesn’t mean we have to buy their crap.

  5. … what remains of the internet

    Methinks the internet will survive. It was designed as a distributed system to be resilient to attack. Social media, as managed by the current mega corporations, will of course not survive. Open speech will be found in blockchain and tor. Samizdat will take on new forms.

    • I am going to have to learn these things like blockchain

      My thoughts were always that a fair compromise, if it had to come to that, would be to organize the internet around a ratings system like with the movies. If adults want to have mature candid conversations, then create something like an X rating but without the porn. And porn can be segmented off to its own area with its own ratings. Stuff like basic shopping gets moved to a G rated section, etc.

      But that also assumes we have a ruling class that doesn’t hate us

  6. Biden and Pelosi are all in on Whiteness as evil. Pelosi said it was incompatible with democracy and Biden noted no Whites need apply for Covid relief. In addition, the 20,000 page bill they have defunds the police, removes Whites from cops and the military, allows for deportation to any nation even those without diplomatic relations (Iran) by Administrative Action, internal labor camps, no more Posse Commitatus. etc.
    We will see, guaranteed, removal of Trump by impeachment and extradition to Iran (he scares them with his ability to motivate crowds thus they must kill him without getting directly fingered). Also some special operators and low level drone operators. Next, wholesale purging of Whites from the military and police forces, Beto as Gun Seizing Czar and round ups of about 73 million Trump voters and about 30 million plus soft supporters and family/friends. These guys are stupid enough to think this will work — being innumerate and replaying Clinton’s 1994 moves after Oklahoma City. Its one thing to crush a few fringe weirdos the White middle/working class does not like. Another to do that that class, sheer numbers guarantee failure. But they are true believers in the Diversity = Strength, and the magical nature of black people. They really think they’re all that Black Panther character with super powers and super tech.

  7. I have spent a lot of time on Facebook lately just answering questions reasonably in a way that they can understand and without getting myself banned (yet)
    There is a tremendous opportunity here for those of us who can take it up and be good at it.
    The Trumpists are hurt, confused, and open.

    • There’s a difference between ranting/venting (which is where most normies are) and being red-pilled. You won’t see much actual red-pilling until real hardship hits home or the coming persecution gets personal. Small business owners that have been forced into bankruptcy by the COVID insanity is the most fertile ground for making the transition to the DR. On the plus side, lots of people are deeply worried about their future, and that means reality awareness is making a comeback.

  8. The only thing that can stop these people is inflation. Unmitigated inflation. Inflation that ravages every future universal basic income check before it’s even deposited. Minimally low double digit inflation. If the government was ever forced to live within its means, it would have to be cut by 50-60%. The problem isn’t the people in government but its size and scope. Inflation was given to humanity by God to punish regimes. Unfortunately it’s a base, collective punishment. The transmission mechanism of power is the purchasing power of its currency. Keep in mind that interest rates can never be increased at this point without causing a budget crisis on a 30T+ debt overhang. And bond prices will be surpassed by control of the yield curve. The dollar can no longer be protected from future shocks.

    • Life is too serious, ultimately, to have someone as middling in abilities and as petty as Pelosi and AOC running anything. Point being that human systems of governance as so forth are outcroppings of a far more intelligent set of people and in that sense take on the rules of nature in general which has a brutal selection process of who thrives and who doesn’t, which is why see their world collapsing. The first step to it is for us to stop caring about it. It’s beneath me, at least, and I am nothing that special, but if I find the whole thing ridiculous — and I know life will as well. And again, treat the establishment as one would treat a girlfriend one never intends to marry, and put her on ignore and let her wail against the wind in vain. With no one listening, does that tree make a sound?

    • If hyperinflation comes, malevolent mass media will shriek that it’s the fault of “white supremacy” and “white privilege”. It will be ironic given the fact that white Caucasians (and a miniscule number of Jews e.g. Rothbard) have been for decades the loudest critics of fiat currency, central banking, massive government borrowing, and so on. This brings me to what you claimed about the problem:

      The problem isn’t the people in government but its size and scope

      That’s a conservtive delusion insofar as the USA is concerned. A sufficient number of people in government demand and strive for unlimited (totalitarian) government. Even if the present system did not exist, those demented people would scratch and claw their way forward to establish something like it to satisfy their fears, their greed, and their thirst for power and control. They would have a huge proportion of the population, too, on their side. Mendacity, antilogicism, and connivance are rampant among these toxic folks, and this is a function of their low character.

      Now, Columbia, our sado-masochist monster, has at least five problems:

      1. bad ontology;
      2. bad legacy religions among the populace;
      3. a system with a bad form;
      4. spurious excuses for the foregoing; and
      5. millions and millions of demented people who support the badness and its excuses.

      The size and scope of the system are largely symptom of these problems, although I suppose the scope is partly bound up with the form.

      • There’s no such thing as “good government,” just transparent government that’s put on a short leash.

  9. I’m sure there were people in Russia on their knees muttering something about “all the hypocrisy” right before Stalin put a bullet into the back of their head. Lot of good it did them.

  10. So events of the past few weeks finally give the lie to Sinclair Lewis’ oft quoted line: “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

    Wrong by about 180 degrees or so.

    • The quote is actually correct but lacks context for 2021 America. It’s just that the real flag of America is either a Black Lives Matter flag or the gay pride flag that has the brown and black stripe added. The cross is just substituted with a bike lock or whatever weapon antifa or BLM uses against Trump voters or disarmed whites who are not allowed to fight back.

    • Disagree. I dislike Lewis. But he was right if he meant American fascism will be disguised in sentimentality (“who we are”) and underdog-holiness (browns and the virtuous whites who defend them).

    • I always knew that was nonsense. The aphorism was oft promoted by early generation progressives who wanted to see themselves as morally superior to the prole “other.” Turns out, they’re the bad guys — they always were. Reality: When fascism comes to America, it will not call itself fascism, it will call itself anti-fascism.

  11. Just want to re-post a comment from late last night from “some guy calling himself” Hi-Ya. “We have done nothing wrong. Racism is either made up to neuter Whitey, or it’s a good.” Not sure who came up with that originally (sounds like a Z-ism), but it’s a great line and concept.

    • I don’t even think the word “racism” existed before the 1930s. I think before that it was called “reality” and “human nature.”

    • “Racism” or “White Supremacy” appears in NO pre-1958 Catechism. The Catholic Church (not to be confused with whatever crawled out of the 1960s and is currently occupying the Vatican) is a sin-revealing machine. Thats its job. There are no new sins! If it didn’t exist since the beginning of time, it AINT WRONG! Let me quote a famous movie:
      “The point is, ladies and gentleman, that racism — for lack of a better word — is good.
      Racism is right.
      Racism works.
      Racism clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit.
      Racism, in all of its forms — discrimination for life, for money, for love, knowledge — has marked the upward surge of mankind.
      And racism — you mark my words — will not only save DC, but that other malfunctioning corporation called the USA.”

  12. Just listened (endured ) a live interview with FB COO Sheryl Sandberg with Reuters.
    It’s an article of faith that DJT, or essentially any entity not Liberal Inc. are a risk to democracy, is hate speech, and there are no plans to lift any FB ban. Women (particularlly women of color) good, white men bad. FB a guardian of, and is their responsibility, to protect democracy.
    It almost brought a tear to my eye.

  13. All the male politicians think they are Harrison Ford (“Get off my plane!”) or Liam Neeson (“I will find you and kill you!”). Not sure about the women; Judi “M” Dench? Gal “Wonder Woman” Gadot?

    • It was funny to watch them cower and scurry when some unarmed and fairly harmless protestors burst into their palace.

  14. This blog called it a few weeks back, when Z-Man predicted that 2021 might be so crazy that we look back in fondness to 2020. Remains to be seen of course, but if you take into account that our rulers need a Devil to rally against, and that they won’t have Trump to kick around any more, things could get really bad.
    Going after “Trumpism” or “whiteness” won’t be enough. They’re going to need actual people to demonize and point to as wreckers when the Glorious Future fails to arrive. They will run out of Demons very quickly and that’s when it’ll get interesting / dangerous. I’m guessing that an inflection point may be when someone who all of us currently think of as a totally corrupt swamp denizen gets the internal exile treatment for not parroting whatever the new orthodoxy becomes. (Some tech oligarch? Some established Dem?) When one of our tormentors becomes tormented himself, that may be the sign.

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  16. This is why actual elites (i.e. billionaires) in power is a better idea. It’s more honest and I also feel that guys like Gates, Bloomberg, Bezos are less hysterical.

    • Says a lot about a society that the people with a major hand in running it are the founders of a department store and newspaper. That’s a pretty low bar. Our society is ridiculous.

  17. I watched the original ‘Aliens’ movie and it tracks the Covidian plot extremely well. I particularly like how the Science Officer deliberately countermands the ship Captain’s effort to establish initial quarantines! The parallels are haunting.

    • Parler was an obvious fraud from the beginning, which is why I told everyone I know to stay away from it. At the very moment conservatives wanted to regulate CIA-Big Tech, in came an upstart promoted by CIA-Big Tech’s defenders in congress. That wasn’t a coincidence. It was a honeypot no different from Epstein; they were collecting dirt on dissidents for future blackmail ops. Parler even wanted your phone number and got users to verify their identity with pictures from their government-issued ids; their TOS allowed them to censor even more than Twitter does. Poor fools who fell for that now have a treasure trove of data on them waiting to be released by this police state.

  18. How much do you want to bet, that deeply imbedded in whatever horrifying bill comes out on Patriot Act 2, that it contains some sort of new FCC license to host servers? “Don’t worry, it’ll be very easy, like registering a drone with the FAA.”

  19. Three things happened. One a false flag operation for the CIA by the ANTIFA led the way. 2. Special operators using NSA intelligence about ANTIFA stole congressional computers with classified and perhaps incriminating information on them 3. MAGA people pushed their way iin some in almost a tourist like atmosphere 4. This is my fantasy of what happened

    • Why do you think the laptop theft was necessary, and was the staged “riot” a cover for the theft?

  20. “They have become a collection of hysterical drama queens, who carry on like the world is about to end.”

    Precisely and literally. This is the result of the cuntification of America, culminating in the positions of President of the Senate and Speaker of the House held simultaneously by radical cunts from San Francisco.

  21. It’s time to move from analysis/commentary to education/training. OK, what to do now?
    Step #1, The Rebirth Imperative
    TV news is a prime vector for mental disease and despair. It is a puss-filled chancre that rots the mind and soul. Kill your TV now. Do it with violence. Break a sweat. Improvise from your toolbox and garage. How small can you make the pieces? Relish the process & exult. You have now turned a page and been reborn.

  22. One footnote to this. The hysteria does serve a purpose in springing “Patriot Act 2” (bigger, longer, uncut). And every Romney and Graham will blow the trumpets upon its arrival. Wringing their hands over the “lack of civility and decency” in our society. It will also show why GW Bush was indeed, the worst President in modern history, or at least tying with LBJ. Including the thin gay man after him.

    • That’s actually in the works. The supposed target is “White supremacy,” but the definition now has expanded to MAGA rallies (no joke). It is almost as if they do want to spark a civil war.

    • Many normies supported the first Patriot Act. Any half wit could see that it could be turned against anyone at some point and not just M.E. terrorists. Their response – “if you have done nothing wrong then you have nothing to worry about”. A reminder of how we lost our minds almost 20 years ago.

      • The fact they had the entire 1000+ page Patriot Act sitting on a shelf ready to go is one of the giveaways that 9/11 was definitely an op.

        • It was a U.N. priority that all member nations needed a national security apparatus that has only one point of contact with the parent government. That way, if the U.N. implemented a peacekeeping operation then they could impose martial law by switching that one “point of contact” to U.N. loyalty instead if host country-loyalty. The Brahimi Report, IIRC. That was the core of the Patriot Act.

          In USA, that single point of contact is the Homeland Security Secretary, the only agency with military (Coast Guard), law enforcement (TSA, ICE), political (passports), and infrastructure (FEMA, power plants) authority… all in the hands of one unelected bureaucrat.

          Who did Biden pick for HS Secretary? The Cuba-born Alejandro Mayorkas who created DACA in the first place… served in both Clinton and Obama Presidencies… and has a ((Romanian)) mother and ((Cuban)) father… uh-oh.

      • Another one was ‘privatized’ prisons. They provide labor to the wokest corporations and to the states and DOD at 17 cents per hour. At least we will still have jobs and kapitalism!

    • The worst American President in history was Lincoln, followed by FDR. The rest are pikers. Incompetency is much to be valued compared to that. The country will continue to be run by the people who have actually seized it, and their children.

      • Don’t forget that bastard Wilson. The only slightly redeeming thing about him is he admitted to being disturbed by his treachery.

  23. 2021 is going to get interesting, especially after Jan. 21. I don’t have any magic advice other than to be as prepared as you can be for what I fear will be worsening, not improving social conditions.
    Fun (?) advice: I spend hours per day online, much of it on politcal forums such as this. I often visit busienss or investing web sites and where comments are allowed, argue within limits that moderation imposes, the case for what we mostly advocate here. Of course, I’m anonymous. I just act the reasonable skeptic, calling into question the often-idiotic government or business policies that are debated in the article(s). Since race realism is generally frowned upon
    [emoticons are getting odd!]
    you can couch a comment in more innocent terms. For example, if the discussion is about the latest UK plans for “diversity,” you might say “It seems to me that selecting people by their race, or sex, instead of their qualifications for the job, will likely hurt the organization’s ability to provide its stated services.” I’ve been sticking to tamer subjects, yet with plenty of room for skepticism: climate change and associated topics like electrtic cars, non-fossil fuel power production, etc.; the COVID pandemic too is fertile ground. You’d be amazed at how much the UK has bought into, and approves of, government lockdowns, the new vaccines, etc.
    The point is: you can help spread the message, plant seeds of doubt on the other side, without wearing a MAGA hat and waving a Confederate flag. At least until you get banned, or the free trial period runs out, whichever comes first.

  24. What are the men with guns who collect their pay from the government going to do? On the one hand many are sworn to constitutional loyalty and clearly, the current regime is a clear and present danger. On the other, by-and-large they get paid by people who want us all dead and report up the chain to political hacks installed during the obama purges. I think it is very likely they are going to be ordered to murder protesters and in the not too distant future round up wrong-thinkers. It’s all being telegraphed in the state propaganda mouth-pieces. The Soviet Union collapsed overnight when the army finally refused to murder the citizens protesting the regime but the fact that they did so also reflected the loss of will and vitality in the political leadership. In China they have yet to fail to answer the bell when called upon to crush dissent.
    As pathetic and weak as the political vermin discussed today are, it is important to identify the people that installed them. You have to grant they are pretty clever and long sighted to have slowly infiltrated all the pillars of power and influence in this once free country.
    Are the men with guns going to allow themselves to be the instruments that turn out the lights on the American Dream and be that boot stomping on the face of humanity forever?

    • They will do what they are told as long as they are paid. Unlike the old Soviet Union, where the military did not have Russian people, much of the United States officer corps hates historic Americans.

        • I do. 22+ years and counting of commissioned naval service. The officer corps at the senior levels should be seen as part of the managerial class. Every flag officer, regardless of service, has significant DC experience. Junior officers … most are products of their cult marx educations. Most military officers are process people … they follow established processes and cannot fathom deviating from procedure. If/when Trump or his subsequent supporters are painted as operating outside the established process, you should expect very little support from the military. There are plenty of people who I work with who will make comments about Trump no longer operating “in accordance with” and seem to be primarily loyal to the administrative process of the military. Additionally, most military officers are very susceptible to social cueing, and will happily side with establishment leaders (such as SecDef, flag officers, etc.) if they are seen as maintaining norms. Those who might think differently are held in check by the golden handcuffs of their retirement pensions. In short, the idea that there is going to be some reactionary Uprising of the Patriots among the officer corps is laughable – a CivNat fantasy.

          • Thanks. Most of my experience is with NCOs and they are mostly in my association a very based group. I know one particular Captain who is hard right, and a couple who are center right, but my association with the officer class is much less.

          • I only have one real data point on the subject and it was with a former marine, an older man from CA. He recalled being mustered and waiting to be flown to Boston to shoot busing protesters if the MA NG failed to carry out orders of that nature. I expect that will be repeated. It will require local NG units willing to prevent massacres of their neighbors by units drawn from other regions.

    • It’s my belief that the Soviet troops would have indeed open fired on the citizens had the Ruble not lost so much of its value. They were pretty much in the same boat. Anyone not in the Politburo wasn’t really doing well. The same for our troops. They’re paid to do a job. Sure, maybe 10% would leave out of solidarity, but they’ll open fire on anyone, any time if ordered to do so. And no one should kid themselves about that (same for the police). This is why MAGAs most dangerous rhetoric is “support the troops/support the police.” The same ones that will be enforcing the new domestic terrorism bill. Anyone looking at a Blackhawk should know that it’s there to mow you down one day.

    • If we grant that the most likely choice of the instruments of power in this regime will be to kill or imprison dissidents what then is logical course of actions for their intended victims?
      “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
      ― Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

      In Darkness at Noon Gletkin points out to Rubashov that his guilt in deed is very much beside the point, his guilt in thought justifies his humiliation and destruction. This is the exact attitude expressed daily by our rulers. We cannot say we haven’t been warned.

    • I tried to ingratiate myself to the Men With Guns as a volunteer firefighter, partly for inside info, partly for legit disaster prep and partly so they’d know to not shoot me if/when. It failed because the local coordinator went Branch Covidian with lockdown protocols.

      But you guys could try it in your area.

  25. I think the Washington folks are more worried about having their corruption exposed and losing the ability to get rich without working. And it looks to me like more than half of us think think scamming the system is a good idea.

  26. but reality does not go away when you stop believing it.

    Yeah, facts don’t care about your feelings! (sorry 😉 )

    I think they are now attempting a “Normalization“, like the communists did in Czechoslovakia after the Soviet intervention in 1968. Even if they are detached from reality, narcissistic, hysterical etc., they are going to inflict a lot of damage on their enemies – which is Trump’s people and the white population of the US. So, probably worse than the abovementioned Normalization…

  27. They have become a collection of hysterical drama queens, who carry on like the world is about to end

    While you didn’t outwardly say it in this essay, I take it as implied that this reflects the feminization of our ruling class and society in general, as you have discussed in previous essays.

    • the feminization of our ruling class and society in general

      Saw a great example of this on the micro scale yesterday whilst out walking with the wife. We had veered off a country footpath to the bank of a river, swollen with the rains, a pleasure to hear and see. All of a sudden a hysterical voice grows suddenly louder as a couple approach on the path we’ve left:

      Woman: Neil, let me see the map! Where is the pub? You’ve fucked up again haven’t you!?
      Woman again: Where is the pub? You said it was here? Where is it!?
      Woman for a third time: Look. I am tired. I am scared. And I’m cold. Where are we?

      It should be noted that if the lady had looked roughly due East, she would have seen the road about 400 yards away. The pub was about 1/4 mile from where her and the hapless Neil stood. This is not the Pine Barrens nor the Ituri Rainforest. The wife said that she sounded like she was having a go at poor old Neil for cheating, or doing something far more devilish that being a poor navigator. I said it she was just a typical drama queen… we both had to stifle our laughing as they walked past.

      Who knows, maybe Neil ditched her at the pub; although at the very least he held onto his nerve and didn’t let her see the map, then things may very well have gone South.

      After the incident I remarked to the wife that if you take any Labour/Conservative/Green/LibDem MP in the UK and put them in a slightly tricky situation, there is a good change they’ll behave like that.

      • I think it’s a safe bet that Neil is not particularly effective fulfilling his manly duties in the bedchamber.

      • Are you sure Neil wasn’t just “lost” and you happened to inadvertently thwart his true objective by your fortuitous presence? Swollen river you say . . . .

    • Derbyshire had a line years ago (I think in regards to a gay gov of New Jersey, whenever that was) that it’s “High school all the time for these people”. You can imagine high schoolers writing spirited articles about the cleaner used on the floor of the gym and whatnot and it just feels like the same thing: just absolute petty B.S. all the way down.

      • I’ve had the same thought at several points in my corporate life, that most folks cease developing mentally and emotionally at some point during middle or high school.

  28. Great article on Taki’s. I’ve often thought about how the permanent minority status plays out. I think for the next ten years, the KKKrazy Glue of the coalition of the fringes will hold but as whites continue to get marginalized, minorities are going to vie for those senior positions of power. Blacks are America’s Minority but hispanics are going to use their numbers to demand a seat at the table. Then you have the men in the little hats, asians (south and east), and other high functioning minorities.

    This isn’t saying that whites can sit back and let it all self destruct. I think 2020-2035 is going to be active and violent disenfranchisement of whites but after 2035 is going to be up in the air. These groups are not bright, feel emboldened, and want their turn in power. It’s easier to do when they’re 30% of the country but when they’re 60%, it’s going to be a different game.

  29. Let the Power Structure’s unhinged rhetoric about a “horrendous insurrection” become a self-fulfilling prophecy…

  30. The way you can tell America is on top of the world and begining is descent is that it’s leaders went from downplaying major problems to keep the populace calm to dramatizing mundane occurrences to get the populace excited. The letter is merely an indulgence that only the wealthiest of empires can afford. Of course, money that’s wasted on frivolities can’t be spent on necessities, so enjoy this party while it lasts. The hangover promises to be a real bitch.

  31. Good Taki post, too:

    The new permanent ruling party is a coalition of tribes united by their hatred of white people. 

    and specifically, men. And more specifically, “Christian” men. And more more specifically, those blessed with blonde hair and blue eyes! hehe

    • White women are having the heat turned up on them. There is also a rise of articles critical about straight black men. If you go on YouTube you can see videos of black people mad that BLM seems to focus on LGBTQ in the black community. The left’s hatred demands fresh blood. White men is old hat now. White women started being attacked in 2016 and it’s only amplifying from there. I think the powers that be liked keeping white women around to reduce fertility via feminism and encourage miscegenation but I think they’re tired of white people in general so now white women go into the proverbial wood chipper too.

        • And its treasurer is a pardoned yenta who literally set off a bomb in the Capitol building.

          35 lives and billions in damages during the BLM protests in DC, already being forcibly forgotten.

          (My violently antiTrump besty’s reply: “that’s the past.” 6 months ago, yet Hitler and KKK still live!)

      • The ruling class hates EVERYBODY who isn’t them

        They just move pieces around on a chessboard and for a while it was blacks they hated then whites, next it will be browns and asians. They do not like people. They never have. You can’t like people and in turn be willing to be the ones in charge who sends them off to die in wars or whatever the case may be.

        Part of the selection or hiring process is that question: “Would you have any problem with sending others off to war ?”

        Kamala was asked it, they all are.

  32. But it’s not just a temper tantrum by a few wackos. These people are deranged and extremely dangerous; and they’ve tasted blood. They will kill again, and genocide is a non trivial near-term probability. And they will soon be in complete control of the Federal Government. That is a real & present danger for the rest of the planet outside Washington DC. A novel form of tyranny is on the rise right here in River City. It is long passed time to start taking this problem seriously. We no longer have the luxury of endless erudite debate or hurling snark from the cheap seats.

    • The last 72 hours have made me assume they are (a) very violent and (b) close to declaring martial law. Also, I have moved stolen election from “probable” to “certain” now. Welcome to the police state.

      • They hate you and want you dead.

        In Quebec, there are now curfews in place. A $6000 fine to be out of your home after 8pm. Ontario might be adopting these soon. USA won’t be far behind. Is this still about fighting COVID? No way.

        Be ready. Things are moving fast.

        • Indeed they are moving fast.

          This is how a global communist revolution would have worked if that ruling class liked capitalism.

      • The deciding factor for me, without even seeing any data, was the Arab dude threatening the kids of a GOP election official in Michigan. People who have even done a good job at fraud wouldn’t feel the need to go that far.

        • What moved me from “possible” to “probable” was when a Pennsylvania state legislator told Trump people he knew the election was stolen but he was afraid his house would burn. The helluva is that is most likely true and a justified fear.

      • It’s easy to differentiate the liars from the honest.
        If they won honestly, they would be supporting every effort to investigate voter fraud – just to make people throwing out the allegations look bad. Instead it is just complete denial without acknowledging the least bit of evidence.

    • How quickly the republic goes to complete tyranny is now in the hands of Joe Manchin and the filibuster. Once Trump is gone, there will probably be 40 GOP senators that will pull out what’s left of their nutsack to mount a defense of the system. He recently said he will not vote to overturn it. We’ll see.

  33. Exactly. And reality will only be deferred for so long. On OyTube, Canadian media slobs are running with the approved narrative all the way. The result in the comments is derisive laughter, insults and threats. Whatever shitlibs appear are promptly pantsed and wedgied. The dislikes outnumber the likes by 200~300%.
    Twitter stock dived by 10%. Torba at Gab is drowning in new arrivals and Facebook refugees. I am hearing that 600,000 showed up yesterday. I predict more are on the way, and when Joe and Kamala start doing their thing… look for the numbers of new dissidents to sky rocket.
    Question, Z? You have your numbers. Normies are listening. Many are now red pilled dissidents ready to roll. The poseurs are being outed and called.
    What now?

    • What now?? There’s no stable religious foundation which enjoys widespread assent and upon which a new system can be erected. Christianity is a refuted cult. Egalitarian secularism and corporate capitalism pave a toxic path to totalitarianism. And the populist republicanism in which we in the USA were raised has failed us completely. The latter problem ought to surprise no one, for it’s obvious that it was built up with half-truths and lies.

      Consider, for example, the preamble of the USA’s Constitution. The claim that “We the People…do ordain and establish this Constitution” contradicts the fact that not even 2/3 of the populace was involved in writing and adopting the C. It’s a bold lie, but there are millions and millions who accept the lie as sacred.

      A second problem, one even more serious than the historical lie, is that the Constitution promotes an insidious idea about political authority.The preamble implants in our thoughts the notion that absolutely everyone who lives in some territory has the right and the authority to participate in the establishment of a government and the declaration of laws. Well, “People” include unqualified people such as children, drug addicts, Abrahamic theocrats, communists, and insatiable go-getters. Yet no one, not even a village idiot who claims to be a “transgender woman”, is excluded from the preamble. Considered together, the DoI and Constitution read almost like a manifesto for D.I.E. A defensible beginning for a republican constitution, on the other hand, would be shocking to the ruling class. For example, it could be written that ‘We the qualified Adults, acting for the general Welfare of the People,…’.

      What we need first, however, is a crash course in the liberal arts and ontology, but I’m quite certain that the so-called DR won’t like this much or the place to where we need to go:

      • Materialism is uncertain
      • The Creator hypothesis is uneducated
      • Cosmological presentism is false

      The third is known in academic circles by the vague name philosophical presentism, but it appears to be forced on us by discoveries of the last 115 years or so. Also, some very greedy reactionaries aren’t going to like another overdue idea: abolition of incorporation. We need to terminate rootless, irresponsible capitalism.

  34. I hate the self-described elected leaders. There’s not a single one that thinks differently than the herd they graze with. They are weaklings and cowards. Everyday people are struggling against crazy rules that have killed local culture through lockdowns and masks and much more. There seems to be no escape. My son and I both had covid. It was no big deal—a headache, loss of smell and being tired for a few days. For some reason, we are still expected to keep wearing a mask and get shamed for not doing so. You don’t get a straight answer whether you get an immunity (even though you supposedly have anti-bodies) to free you of all these ridiculous requirements. I’m thinking of making a button to wear on my coat that says: “I’m not wearing a mask because I’ve already had Covid”. Maybe I’ll put it next to a BLM sticker. 

    • You don’t get a straight answer whether you get an immunity (even though you supposedly have anti-bodies) to free you of all these ridiculous requirements.

      Of course not, my dear. Any serious scientific investigation of the virus is not important now. It has morphed into a political weapon (Stay in your homes!), a social weapon (Why aren’t you wearing your mask? It protects us all!) and an economic one (Shutter all business until The Nasty Yellow Terror subsides! If it saves one life, it’s worth it!).

      One need only witness the number of officials in the US as well as Europe who have preached one thing… and then practiced another to know what an epic overreaction it all is. But wear that mask, dammit!

      • Keeping people in their homes is a huge part of it. It lessens any possibility of resistance to whatever they are doing here in America. I know the UK is in bad shape, too, but people seriously need to keep a close watch on what is happening here.

        • As I advocated above, if you have the time, many of the comments on the “reputable” web sites like often have debate and quality content equal to a good day here (with more restraint on what you should say, of course). In my opinion, the comments are often superior to the article they appear beneath, and this is on a mainstream news site! In fact, if you had to choose between the two, I’d say read the comments. You’ll learn more than the slanted news piece at the top.

  35. This is an accurate observation of the reality in the echo chamber of the Overton bubble.

    Unanticipated is the moment vets, LEO’s, and various and sundry others with tactical training come out of their neighborhood platoons and do what they were trained to do.

    • Maybe, but what would trigger that?

      “Terrorist” is a unique word in that it allows the abandonment of normal due process and ROE that is expected even in wartime. The country cheered when Bush the II did all of this:

      • droning wedding parties,
      • water boarding,
      • extraordinary rendition,
      • secret prisons,
      • no judicial appeal rights in adjudication for prisoners,
      • assets seized from banks all over the globe,
      • even torture becomes permissible, even encouraged.

      Illegal treatment against “soldiers”, UNTHINKABLE against US civilians, but perfectly acceptable directed at “terrorists”.

      The rumored 20,000+ page Domestic Terrorism Act can probably reduced to one page, and that is this: Revocation of the Posse Comitatus Act.

      • We are getting what we deserve to an extent. Many normal conservatives cheered when we “took out Saddam” or when we overthrew Gaddafi or when we attacked the “animal Assad” or when we tortured and murdered all over the world. Or meddled in elections all over the world. Now our own devices like the CIA and big tech are turned against us. That doesn’t make it any easier to take though. I am as guilty as the rest. I knew the Iraq war was an atrocity before it happened but I did nothing more than talk to people about it.

      • For the 2A guys, gun owners, an Army captain from the Iraq pacification told me why their ROE meant they could not fire back at a militant as soon as he dropped his rifle, even though he’d been firing at them a moment before:

        The crowd was armed. They might ALL start shooting back.

        Even though there were confiscations in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, most of the populace remained armed. Yet still, they were occupied.

        I’d say defacto “terrorist” revocation of the Posse Comitatus is the most likely bypass of gun ownership- and much else, afterwards.

        Remember Obama’s trial runs of ‘urban tanks’ deployment in Portland and St. Louis? I’ve seen them cruising first hand.

    • i spent 2 weekends in rural Tennessee with these ex-military in tactical training, so I could bone up on of preparedness. I’m not optimistic on the quality of these guys. They were concerned about the law, and poor blacks being mistreated. Maybe now they are thinking different.
      Actually, on reflection, they still seemed focused on the jihad stuff. I remember remarking, “who cares about ISIS now!?” Its our government, our neighbors who are doing this!!

  36. Seems each time there is a global conflict – its armageddon, people freeze up waiting for the Lord to come save them. Yes things are beyond strange but we must continue living fruitful lives. We men need to step up, the militia have done little thus far. The only time positive visible action was taken – the Bundys were taking on the fed’s, They had organized militia – good guys. We’ve needed militia numerous times since that day but if you scan the news articles it’s us – small business owners, single mom’s, hungry families. We are the ones standing up, We are the ones taking action in the streets, taking heat in the courts, paying heavy fines and penalties. Muzzled, isolated waiting to be vaxxed – sterilized or euthanized. Trump put out a call – come to dc, big things happening. So the people put the last of the money into a journey to the capitol, with hope of T-man imparting wisdom leadership and direction, a way out of this nightmare.

    He was suppose to have had a plan, instead it was empty,..a farce. After spending the last of the discretionary money and traveling for days sleeping in the truck, the multitude were told “go home now”?!? Thousands of families were used to stage a false overrun of the capitol. americans died there. What is everyone suppose to do now? Be happy with 600.00?! Go home, wait for dotgov to determine who is “essential”, who is allowed to feed their family, to keep their home or business. Where are the militia?! What does it take to get you on the field. You bad boys can critique and criticize us all day but at least WE are doing something. You don’t like what we are doing? Step up and give some leadership, organization. There is an army of starving, unemployed misfits waiting to be cobbled together. GA 5:1 for my Brothers. American families need help today. Today – Today – Today

    • Corrosion not direct confrontation. Every militia will have at least one U/C Fed or CI in it, probably in a leading role. Every member will get a full FBI dossier, face photo, and likely DNA sample. You’ve now made their job quite easy for them. Better to go dark, disappear, and operate from the shadows. Be creative, unpredictable, and spontaneous. And live to fight another day. French men, women and children did real damage in the run-up to D Day.

    • The thing neglected is that “militias” need someone in the government to have proper standing. For instance, the local sheriff or mayor can have a militia that reports to them, and indeed, any politico on our side should have a ‘volunteer law enforcement organ’. A militia with no government backing at all will be rudderless, even without Fed infiltration.

  37. Z- what is your PACE plan? Once the big ones are down, they’ll start hitting the smaller ones.

  38. The Left and its client State are impulsive and irrational. That is a cause for hope. In the last few days, intimations have been made that any White military in D.C. should be presumed to be terrorists. This is good for us for two reasons. First, it tells young White men to avoid the military at all costs. Second, our people continue to be the majority of the military. Even with the diminished Woke officer ranks, the military still will do as told…until it won’t.

    The deplatforming of Normie Cons is another example. More people have been awakened to what a stupid, vicious State rules them. The impulsiveness and irrationality has been off the charts here, too.

    The same with he impeachment of Trump during his last days in office. This has highlighted how treacherous and pathetic the Republican Party is to its own voters as the Senate and House have either been silent or complicit.

    This is before they even begin the ludicrous reign of the dementia patient and the whore. It will be both scary and hilarious.

    • The military will be loyal to whoever pays their entitlements and retirement benefits. Flag officers are swamp creatures and will be loyal to their tribe.

  39. It is amazing.

    Peggy Noonan went off the deep end in the pages of the WSJ:

    Surprising? No, not really. Keep in mind, however, that PN presents herself as the high dame of the conservative movement and here she is calling for the rope on the very same people who have reliably voted for Republicans since the Reagan years.

    The ruling elite is old, demoralized, terrified of reality and barely able to keep their fingers on the levers of power. Doddering Joe is the perfect symbol for the last Boomer president. The steal will continue unabated until finally the next big shift in the economy craters our standard of living all the more…

    As for our side, the only conclusion we can come to with regards to the System is like the end of Starship Troopers:

    • Noonan went batshit crazy years ago. Even allowing for that, if Reagan were alive and in his mind he also would be falling into line.

      • They live in a world that does not exist anymore. The alternative is much more terrifying as we see, and they want no part. Same reason Boomer Dad is parroting that cuck line. Boomer Mom however thankfully sees it as it is.

        • Because a clear look into the future is so horrifying, most soft and wealthy white people choose to simply ignore it. They live in a fantasyland where it’s always 1980. Things are just gonna work out!

          However, as Ben Shapiro says facts don’t care about your feelings, and the 1980s are never coming back.

          Kudos to those on Zblog and elsewhere who see reality for what it is. We are the pioneers.

        • I dunno. Reagan had an ornery streak a mile wide.

          On [Aug. 11] in 1984, President Ronald Reagan said during a sound check for his Saturday radio address, “My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.”

          Though Reagan aides, pool reporters and technicians in the room chuckled, a tape soon leaked. The Soviets momentarily put forces on high alert. Embarrassed U.S. officials quickly assured the Kremlin that Reagan’s offhand remark did not reflect White House policies or U.S. military intentions.

        • The fact that she and her friends have always lived in NYC and the Hamptons should have been a warning decades ago that she was a larper, but since she was a Reaganite (on paper at least) she won the adulation of the White normies. No personal offense intended to those here who reside in that state, but I innately distrust anyone who still does, by choice.

    • PN has been a lefty for a long time. She campaigned for Obama. I saw some other WSJ twit recently on that Paul Gigot show. She was saying the big social media companies can do whatever they want because they are private and their product is free of charge. On the first point, she was not asked if they should also be allowed to discriminate against blacks. On the second point, she was not challenged by pointing out their product is anything but free. The cost is your personal information, which is very valuable.

      • Standard conservatard fare. If the government does it, it’s bad, but if corporate ‘Murrica does it, it’s magic private enterprise and sacred. Yet another shibboleth that must die, along with ‘muh democracy’ and ‘muh universal franchise.’

    • the economy craters our standard of living all the more…

      Yup, that would really get people to sit up…

  40. The Republicans don’t even know the first principle of right-wing politics: never apologize.

    She’s a nasty old bird, but one of Ayn Rand’s concepts is exactly right: the sanction of the victim.

    I.e., if you apologize, you have affirmed that the other guy’s moral values are the correct ones, and that your punishment by them is right. You’ve effectively handed the “moral government” over to them.

    Always double down and/or counterattack. Every statement in politics should be a paraphrase of the sentence “we’re good and our opponents are evil.”

    • Well the paraphrase for most GOP politicians is “I want good press and a path to a lucrative lobbying gig.” At least they are being outed now.

    • I’m willing to compromise — but only if the ruling elite has skin in the game (which they usually don’t wish to, for obvious reasons!)
      In ancient times, when there was a treaty between two kingdoms, often the other country’s royal family were “guests” in the other country’s capital. Of course they were very well treated but they were hostages for all practical purposes. That was the intent.
      But the purpose was served: if anything went wrong in the alliance, any treachery, the hostages were slaughtered without a second thought. In other times, any politician who proposed making war upon an enemy would command some of the troops and, if he was successful, return to tell the tale.
      Such an ideal of course doesn’t require homicide: The politician or adminstrator who insists our children must attend public schools should have his own extended family in the same wonderful systems (funny how rarely that happens!) Etc.
      The point is that ideas have consequences, and that those who would rule over us should, as far as is humanly possible, share in the rewards and bear the burdens just as the common man must.

    • Rand skewered also the idea of original sin, which has been resuscitated in the form of “whiteness”, “white privilege”, etc. If you read Atlas Shrugged, you may have noticed how she didn’t tie original sin overtly to the cult of Jesus. It was left for the reader to insert the word Christianity. So even though the hero of the book is like a caricature of the straight, white, male, secular go-getter, Rand’s condemnation of original sin remains politically relevant.

    • Z has said it before, the left is partisan, we think we are operating in a game that the left is also playing. We can’t think that way anymore. It has to be destroy, destroy, destroy. THats what the left wakes up thinking…

  41. “America has reached a point where the ruling class and its various support structures is no longer connected to the people over whom it rules.”

    This is been a refrain for a while. And the hypocrisy yeah they don’t care that they’re hypocrites. I think the best thing we have going for us as our Collective historical consciousness. No one in Russia or China ever said “Well this is a free country isn’t it?!”

  42. This is what terrifies me. What y’all are seeing now is just normal life as it is lived in the ivory tower. There’s angry, there’s incoherently angry, and there’s a lesbian whose cat just hunked a hairball onto her vintage vinyl Indigo Girls record. That’s the Capitol right now. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. These people can and will destroy you. Every single petty thing is the apocalypse to them, so there is nothing so small that it can’t be used as an excuse for murderous outrage. They will eat themselves eventually — Leftists gonna Leftist — but they will cause a LOT of pain before it happens.

    • They just want to eliminate the middle class. I’m OK with that, and this is why. The middle class is polite, takes it in the gut and asks “please, sir, may I have another?”. Once one leaves the middle class, in his head, it’s all about taking it out on one’s enemies, and getting what one wants, by any means necessary. If that’s the world they want, OK, let’s go.

    • None of this is unexpected, Z did a whole post about this. Gynarcho-Tyranny is your current system of government. Rule by literal vaginas and figurative manginas. Easily frightened estrogen infused hysterical herding animals are your rulers both male & female.

      It takes the best of Anarcho-Tyranny which is already a horrific system of oppression and adds that oh so awesome top layer of complete irrationality and lack of accountability which is a trait of large swaths of the current American Woman and wraps them into a package that would be darkly comical if it wouldn’t also land you 10 years in prison for even the smallest slight against the system. Be afraid, hard times a comin’…

    • That’s quite true. I lost my first job in academia almost 20 years ago, largely to a bunch of hysterical, left-wing, “woke” cunts.

      I was a canary in the coal mine. Now, the rest of the country is finally starting to experience — as official national and corporate policy — the same insanity that white, male, conservative academics were getting hit with with decades ago.

      • I listened to Rush Limbaugh up through the late 90s. I have a vague memory of his show opening playing a recording of a woman screeching “we’re here, we’re queer, we’re in your face!” She sounded so hysterical and unhinged. At the time, it was presented as being comical. Now 20 years later that same woman, whoever she was, is probably firmly ensconced somewhere in the government or corporate power structure. Not so funny now.

    • There’s angry, there’s incoherently angry, and there’s a lesbian whose cat just hunked a hairball onto her vintage vinyl Indigo Girls record.”
      Wonderfully vivid language. I’m stealing this.

  43. The buffoonish governor of New York even had a book written about his heroism.

    What? Oh come along now… Oh wait:

    Cuomo, Andrew. American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic, New York: Crown, 2020

    • Thanks. You just forced me to read 8 more words of that hagiography than I ever intended.

      It’s all for his 2024 run, should the opportunity arise.

  44. If we could only get the smashed-down MAGA people to see what happened through the lens of race, they would be a juggernaut.

    But the brainwashing runs deep. Credit to our greatest allies for keeping that up for decades.

    Also credit to the Q author(s) for leading them down a blind alley.

    It’s easy to criticize the Q-tards, but we should be criticizing ourselves for not coming up with a narrative that appeals to that IQ bracket. We have to translate our own thing into a movie/picturebook format that appeals to them. That’s on us.

      • Hutu fatigue is step one. White identitarianism is step two.

        This puts them in direct confrontation with the Power Structure, which is black supremacist and anti-white.

    • Race is only part of it. Class war is a much bigger part. For decades corporate America has been waging a war against the white blue collars and middle-class decimating them and small town America.
      The DR and HBD types obsessed with joggers and Jose didn’t notice corporate America and the political glass destroying upward mobility and herding entire generations into dead end jobs with no chance of ever retiring and drawing a pension.
      The lock down brought the class war front and center and still few notice it,. The big players have gotten fantastically wealthy while the lower classes have been crushed.

    • is the q thing that trump had all these indictments ready to go to arrest hundreds of deeps state operatives? Was Q mainly about the deep state?

  45. This focus on hypocrisy has left something unnoticed. 

    But that’s the thing. Our rulers aren’t being hypocrites. The riots this summer were by their thugs, so they approved. The demonstration at the Capitol building was by dissenting Whites, so they disapproved.

    Our rulers hate us. They are very consistent – and open – about that.

    • Not that long ago, we saw glimpses where our rulers showed their hate towards us. A couple of examples are when Obama talked about people clinging to their guns and bibles. Later on, even more explicit was Hillary’s remark about the basket of deplorables during a campaign speech. Those were just a couple leaks in the dam, which is currently broken and the hatred is all gushing out openly and with no hesitation.

      • Yeah, they’re not exactly hiding it anymore, see Pelosi’s whiteness statement.

        But the media will shield them. Joe Normie won’t be hearing what they say via the MSM. But it will leak out more and more.

        • I don’t live in the USA, so I don’t have the daily contact of someone who does, so I have to ask: Is Normie really as blinkered as a burro hauling a dray?

    • [From another web site’s debate, but probably relevenat here] Has anyone considered that, judging from the presidential vote (ex-fraud) the country is pretty evenly split left/right? Of course this is nothing new, but the level of polarization is. The other, more restrained web conversation posited that perhaps half the conservatives are “radical right.” As good an estimate as any. Point: if it comes to blows, this implies that the Establishment may be at war, perhaps literally, against 25% or more of the total population. This doesn’t bode well 🙁

    • There are differences that can explain the different reactions to the protests. The racial/ideological differences of the participants is one. The target of the voiced displeasure is another.

  46. Excellent – yes a lot of normal people are noticing the crazy disproportionate reaction to the protest last week. This is just tyrants seizing at any excuse.

    • Still, it’s enlightening to see how many GOP members are falling in line. The reptiles are being outed into the light.

    • So, in effect, the “coup” on Wednesay was like the Reichstag fire, but not for reasons believed by the most shrill faction of the bipartisan party.

  47. You give them too much credit. They know exactly what they’re doing, and they feel it’s time to go all in. The kind of people who are attracted to govt “service” are for the most part totalitarian, and once they get a real taste of it in their mouth nothing will stop them but buckets of blood.
    I suspect this blog wont be around for much longer, so we best enjoy it while we can.

    • this blog is the canary in the coal mine. when it goes, then they really are watching everyone, all the time.

      • But…but….my VPN! My fake email!

        Friendly reminder: if you do it online, it’s recorded, it’s traceable, and it’s forever.

        • And yet I’m unable to reliably find news stories that are more than three months old. I agree with your point, it just seems like the data they have aggregated is ‘flat’ rather than hierarchal.

      • Just like you should have an escape plan from your home, we really ought to have a plan for that eventuality. We need to know exactly how to contact each other that very day.

      • Let’s not stand around bird-watching though. Blogs are fine, but like most of the internet they are 90s tech and built on 90s assumptions, one of which is that hosting providers are just nice libertarian kids with a “T” line and rented warehouse full of rack-mount servers. Those guys didn’t care what you said on your site as long as your card payments went through every month.

        The word now should be “blockchain” and not just for currency but blogging and networking as well. Blockchains actually have nothing inherently to do with money. They are just a distributed database. You can build anything you want on top of that. It’s just that currency was the most obvious first use. Distributed systems with no one point of failure are the way to move forward. There are new ideas in computing too like Curtis Yarvin’s (Moldbug) Urbit. I’m NOT saying there’s some magic bullet by the way or making some lame cyber-libertarian argument that we can all be free again if we all just get a bunch of Bitcoin and use blockchain blogs (blogchains?). We need to have everything from old fashioned email lists, to phone trees, to blogs and fancy egghead stuff like Urbit.

        Almost forgot, learn about radio – old fashioned radio with everything from walkie-talkies to Ham equipment. Get a Ham licence.

    • One’s appetite for buckets of blood, will greatly diminish, I suspect, when the blood is one’s own.
      Humor (?) note: Zman might like this trivia for his movie reviews: The 1959 Roger Corman “horror/comedy” film A Bucket of Blood technically is misnamed. There is, if I recall correctly, indeed a container of blood, but it’s a saucepan. A “prediction” they got right is that hydogenated fats are bad after all.

  48.  They are immersed in a live action role playing game operated by juvenile narcissists. The ruling class gets to imagine themselves as world historical figures and every event puts the world on a knife edge. Their actions will determine the outcome. The entire ruling class is swept up in these false dramas that they get to play, while the rest of the country suffers.

    It is all part of their “right side of history” nonsense. They have talked about wanting future generations to think of them like they think of Civil Rights demonstrators or suffragettes. They also believe they are the smartest and most enlightened people to ever live while they produce nothing of lasting value.

    • Microdosing helps to create the perception that they are the smartest and most enlightened people to ever live. This cloud person trend insulates them from the energy forging the new narrative. When this problem solves itself, they will be stranded in an alien political landscape they are not equipped to survive.

  49. The past week was a good reminder of “gradual then sudden”. Because our rulers live in a LARP world, they will naturally overreach. Badly. But this will be won the same way the AmRev was, though through updated tactics. The partisan war in the interior and frontiers did not “beat” the British, but it hemmed them into cities with ports. Venturing outside was death, kinetic, by disease or by starvation. Remember, the tech oligarchs firms are valued most often by expectation of growth, not cash flow. Watch Twitter. The real economic action happens on the margins. Lop the expectation of growth off and things get different. Quickly. Re-order as much of your life to disconnect from them or anyone that is not one of us. You can do that today. Other things to organize sow FUD among the Leftists can follow. But the game is truly afoot now.

    • i don’t know if this is over reach. seems more like they kicked a hole in the wall, found the wall is rotted out, and are now kicking the entire wall down. what is the mechanism that stops them? which group of people?

    • Yes indeed. These incipient tyrants are as serious as a bullet to the brain, so evolution dictates that we, the victims, up our game commensurately. People are beginning to wake up to the threat, and that will only increase as hardship descends upon us. But many will need a training manual on how to proceed. Pitching a fit in a public protest just gets you dead, not victory.

    • False analogies aren’t always helpful.
      The “partisans” in the Revolution had the backing of major states some of which had larger populations than the UK.
      Then again Russia and China would benefit from a decades-long systemic fraying.

      • I’m dividing between the “set piece” regular forces and attached militia v British army and the irregulars operating away from the coasts. The British were always in a precarious supply position even when the French navy was not interdicting shipping. Most of these engagement were never even formally given battle names and usually between irregular patriot units and loyalist forces attempting to protect supply trains. One reason occupying NYC was so valuable as it provided the “garden” of Long Island. But the issue is find economic points to weaken and create havoc.

    • Watch Twitter. The real economic action happens on the margins. Lop the expectation of growth off and things get different.

      I’m pretty sure their stock took a considerable hit this morning.
      Trump’s move to alternative sites and the resultant boost in competition must be killing Twitter’s “growth” model.

    • Exactly. I’d love to find alternatives to Amazon, Netflix, etc. But it seems now those in power will deplatfrom them, as just happened to Parler. I agree that we should reduce, perhaps elimiante our reliance on Big Tech for our communciations and our entertainment. This is easier said than done of course. Elsewhere, I advocate a return to books, either printed or electronic, shared off line (I guess emailed is OK) but not cenralized. Do your own writing and spread it as the old pamphleteers did — off line (of course, with ususal risks to your reputation, etc.) But you probably are safer avoiding the Net at this point. You can fit a huge number of “politically incorrect” books or other documents onto a tiny flash drive. Literally, more than you could read in a lifetime. Lay off the videos, read and think for a change.

      • You don’t have to cease. But survey your current engagement with them and ask “can I easily reduce this 20%?” Then more. Remember the AmRev lasted 8 years, Lexington to Treaty of Paris. And if you are in job where you can help our side, even small things, do them.

        • I’ve been trying locally over the past year, and unfortunately with no success, to get people together to do things besides protests (which I think are overvalued). I’ve mentioned things like gardening, metalworking, carpentry,machine shop skills, and gunsmithing. I’ve suggested that we organize reloading parties at the homes of those who own reloading presses as a way to deal with the ammo shortage and invite others over to exercise if you have weights or a good treadmill. This is Oregon of course and we are under an extreme lockdown that may never really end. I suppose people are scared to “break the rules”. They’re not laws even, just the unconstitutional edicts of an insane governor. I get that people are wary of snitches but the total paralysis is dismaying.

          A lot of the power the system has over us now comes, not from the government, but from corporations. Freeing yourself from dependence on them, learning to make and do things for yourself and your people, is more valuable than staging protests in my opinion. Long before the madness of 2020 I was encouraging people I knew to get off the big social media platforms. These people cannot be trusted I said. I made attempts to lead people to other alternatives, granted some proved to be run by the same kinds of people but I could see that Facebook and Twitter were a menace even years ago. I think Big Tech though may have actually finally made a more convincing case against themselves than I ever did. If we can get people to walk away from Big Tech we may be able to encourage them to keep on walking, all the way out of the consumerist lifestyle that gives these corporate bastards so much power over us.

      • I tried Facebook back in 2009, became instantly bored, and gave up on social media right there. Kid Rock said it best, too gay.

    • Siddhartha lived in a hedonistic and illusory paradise until he went to the gates and stumbled into reality. Until then he spent his entire life coddled in a kingdom free of the grimness of the real world and the tragedies of life in general.
      He very well could have lived and died in such a state.
      Its the same with today’s modern Left and their Progressive over-lords. As long as they have the resources, the institutional backing of the entire culture ( the Media, the Schools, the government, Big Corporate) and the bigger guns, they can live pleasant and successful lives whilst entirely deluded. There is no consequence from delusion right now. You are rewarded for your delusions.

      The Truth might not necessarily will out in our lifetime. Siddhartha stumbled into reality by accident, and against all odds became Buddha. Many others before and after him died without witnessing reality. Many others saw it and jumped back into their pleasure beds.

      • What you say about Siddhartha (later, the Buddha) is quite accurate (per the stories). His fate was to either be a great King or a teacher (a Buddha). Fortunately he chose the latter. I find the following curious: in his youth, his father kept him isolated from the world’s troubles, so that he’d become a King. But he sneaked out and saw the suffering in the world, primarily sickness, old age and death (of course there are others). This, is what convinced him to leave home, become an ascetic and eventually became the Awakened, the Buddha.
        Now, Buddha left many fascinating teachings. His philosophy, at root, is to teach an end of suffering (better called “dissatisfaction”) as the root of all human unhappiness. To a large extent, this requires, at least for monks, to renounce the everyday world and live a mendicant’s life with no luxury, mostly on meditation. Buddhism’s ultimate goal is (I’m probably grossly distorting it!) is Nirvana — the absense of all suffering.
        Ironically, from a youth of being insulated from the world’s ills (by a parent), he matured into a spiritual leader advocating escape from the world’s ills via a different route!

        • You bring up a really interesting point, regarding the circular yet alternative journey to end all suffering. I never looked at it from that perspective before.

          I was just aping a segment of the story to make a point–namely that reality doesn’t always have to be encountered much less suffered by delusional people/modern Leftists. Today it seems that ignorance not only will not “catch up to you” but in fact its beneficial to live in ignorance and delusion. Certainly trying to fight ignorance is far from luxurious.

          I’m not calling for complete Nirvana, nor is the dissident right. Buddhism always kind of “scared” me as a kid to be honest. It was almost nihilistic to me. I remember my Dad became interested in it when they built a Buddhist Temple in the cornfields of suburbia. He had a little statuette of a dreamy Buddha medidating. Somehow that image disagreed with me more than the anguished Jesus on the cross.

          I guess I’d rather keep up the struggle, than sit in a secluded dreamy bliss?

          • I have a statuette of Ho Tei,the “laughing Buddha”, along with portraits of Han Shan and Shih Te, (taoist/Zen poets), Bodhidharma (“founder” of Zen), Huang Po (one mind doctrine) and Hui Neng tearing up the scriptures. Not a dreamy bliss sitter in the lot, although all did their share of meditation. Buddhism is not nihilistic. It is, however, atheistic.

          • A more rightwing interpretation of Buddhism, such as Julius Evola’s, might appeal to you more. Rather than a nihilistic escape from reality, the Evolian view sees Buddhist practice as the purest example of traditional self mastery. The ascetic does not give up the struggle to sit in dreamy bliss; he struggles to escape the blissful dream of conditioned existence because it is not enough for him.

  50. For God’s sake, Trump, just why?

    As a sign of respect for the service and sacrifice of United States Capitol Police Officers Brian D. Sicknick and Howard Liebengood, and all Capitol Police Officers and law enforcement across this great Nation, by the authority vested in me as President of the United States by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, I hereby order that the flag of the United States shall be flown at half-staff…

    Not a word about Ashli Babbitt.

    • simple, god emperor has been kidnapped, zuckie and dorsey are creating fake cgi trump videos to demoralize q followers.

    • Not a word about Ashli Babbitt.

      I probably gave Trump more credit than the average person on our side. But for this, Fuck Donald Trump.

    • Because Trump is a gutless blowhard who treats his base like shit. Remember San Jose where he didn’t say a word about his supporters being beaten to a pulp. All he did was flee the state.
      For 4 years he let Antifa run amok against MAGA peeps and he did nothing about it. When BigTech started deplatforming us he did nothing.
      Trump needs to go away, he’s becoming a serious drag on whites.

      • Trump is gone in ten days. Yes he disappointed a lot of people. But remember, he was elected as a big middle finger to the Swamp, a vote for “none of the above.” Yes, he could have done more in four years. But he was a figurehead. Now he is (likely) gone and faces an uncertain future. But give the man some credit: he was a rallying point for the DR. Very likely, he will be replaced by a different, hopefully more competent, leader. We will have our day.

        • I would’ve been cool with him having zero political accomplishments if he’d held the line. It wasn’t easy supporting him knowing his support for us was weak. Then to hear sycophants making excuses for why he couldn’t do that, Q people saying it was 4D chess as if exposing the bad guys was the same as defeating them… trying, to say the least of it.

          Rally around the king! OK, why? Simply so he can stay in power?

          With all of that said, no new wars. That is something I will always give the guy credit for. It’s a huge accomplishment. Wish he’d had the same resolve for everything else. He was the best we had at the time.

        • Our leader will not be a president, senator, governor or even a mayor. He will come from the shadows…

        • Thank you for this. I too, wish he had at least said her name. She deserves that and far more, and it would have gone a long way towards minimizing his lack of fortitude when the going got tough. Never thought we would be the side shouting say her name.

          Trump failed us in many ways, but the guy has a family to think about. It’s easy for those of us cloaked in anonymity to say that he should have put his foot down and trudged forward when in all likelihood his life is in grave danger from the deranged forces of the left. They will stop at nothing to eliminate him from history, and that’s a scary place to be as an individual, I imagine.

          Yes, he cucked at a crucial moment, but his purpose was never to take us into the trenches; he doesn’t have the grit to survive where this is all heading. He was simply the wild haymaker from the guy who is probably too drunk to even help in the bar brawl, but you’ll take it for what it’s worth. You wish he had at least caught a clean jaw. You wish he hadn’t tripped over a chair, fallen down and run out of the bar when the real punches started flying. But now people are taking sides, and some of the guys at the bar top who usually keep their heads down and their backs turned actually realize there’s a fight coming.

          We have to remember there will never be a political leader who fits our mold. If he did, he wouldn’t survive in politics, but at least Trump made swamp monsters on “both sides” show their cards and their lack of balls. He inspired many to wake up, and there’s something to be said for that. Our best hope is for someone who will simply leave us the hell alone. Onward we march.

    • One of the deceased cops was a Trump supporter, claims, and the other was the son of a regime servant on the Republican side who formed the lobbying firm “Gold and Liebengood with former Capitol Hill staffer, Martin Gold”.

      Brian Sicknick was a Trump-supporting U.S. Capitol Police officer and military veteran…

      Capitol Police officer Howard Liebengood, the second officer to die in the wake of the Capitol riots [sic], was remembered for his friendly demeanor as he protected Congress. He was the son of a powerful sergeant of arms in the Senate and lobbyist with ties to many prominent politicians.

      His death was confirmed by the Capitol Police in a news release, although they did not release a cause of death. However, Punchbowl News reported, via sources, that the cause of death was suicide.

      Martin B. Gold was named by The Washingtonian, as…

      “One the Top 50 Lobbyists (2007)”

      According to SourceWatch,

      Gold and Liebengood]] was a Washington DC lobbyfirm founded by two Senate aides, Howard S Liebengood and Martin B Gold. It was later purchased by Burson Marsteller and at a still later date it was a merged into Paul Manafort’s Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly to form BKSH & Associates

  51. the dem leadership is acting like they are in power for life now. threatening to jail people for being in the Trump admin. other like wise insane things. it’s like they want to provoke a genuinely violent spasm in society. just for its own sake.

    • Exactly. This the biggest reason why it’s hard to see Trump just walking away. With the demoncraps fully in charge of all levers of power, who doesn’t think/know they’ll be coming after him, his family and us?
      I see in WV of all places, thirty teachers of some school district have been put on notice they may face firing for simply attending the DC rally. That these lunatics must be held to account is the understatement of the century.

      • I see in WV of all places, thirty teachers of some school district have been put on notice they may face firing for simply attending the DC rally. That these lunatics must be held to account is the understatement of the century.


    • No they just want to eradicate a large part of the white population, that’s all. If you notice the Left is now pointing out the whiteness of the D.C. protests. Which is code for targeting whites.
      As to the extent of what they plan for us, well we’ll have to wait until after Biden gets sworn in. I get the impression they are keeping a lot of plans secret for the time being(which is a very bad sign).

  52. pretty sure politicians pretend to be fighting world ending pandemic cause it’s their job to convince dupes that it’s good to shut down economy and to take vaccine, i’m don’t think they actually believe themselves to be heroes. Also, they obviously don’t buy into the covid hoax, they only wear masks when on tv.

    they also exaggerrate the capitol riot cause they wanna go after dissidents, it’s theatre. Again, I don’t think she believes trump’ll nuke countries.

    • They’re holding on by their fingertips, and soon they’ll sink the ship with them in it rather than hand it off. And I say good because I don’t want what they have, never did.

    • I agree with everything you say except that they don’t believe themselves to be heroes. They can lie, and be as hypocritical and duplicitous as hell, but their narcissism will always make them the heroes.

  53. The amazing thing (as I and many others noticed) is the left doing the “imagine if it were the other way around, with black people doing the protesting” bit.

    When of course that actual reality happened just a few months ago, except a million times more violent and destructive. And of course the black people didn’t get gunned down–in fact the authorities kneeled to them, let them rampage, and either dropped the charges or didn’t even bother to bring any.

    The reddish-black pill is that this lack of self-awareness may be a source of strength for them. This way they don’t even need to worry about reality, or what they said last month, or even what they said earlier in the same sentence (e.g. “white genocide isn’t happening and it’s a good thing). A good con man believes his own lies.

    • A con man who believes his own lies has a special name: delusional.
      Crazy isn’t a super power. It’s actually a huge disadvantage. They have other advantages that compensate for that… for now.

      • Not the greatest reassurance. Delusional people caused decades of chaos in France, Russia, and China before finally steadying.

      • We don’t have to be delusional to take advantage of the reality that there are no rules any longer. Only what we can get away with. We have to be careful, but for the first time I feel morally okay with doing whatever advances our cause. There is a lot of freedom in that realization.

        • That is the next step for the Right. There must be mass realization that playing by the rulebook only gets us oppressed. That being the case, we burn the rulebook and begin fighting dirty as hell.

          • You’ll never win fighting an enemy as powerful as this one head on. If you want true freedom, fight for an independent state. That’s a clearly articulated, simple goal that anyone can understand and organize around. Anything else is merely senseless violence that will only serve to strengthen your opponent’s hand while turning the public against you. I mean, what exactly is your imagined end goal with that anyway? If you can’t think of one, then the outcome is likely to not be in your favor.

            Most successful rebellions in history have had a clear, achievable objective:

            French Resistance: get out of my country foreign occupier.
            Indian Resistance: get out of my country foreign occupier.
            Balkans: get out of my country foreign occupier.
            Eastern Europe: get out of my country foreign occupier.
            1776: get out of my country foreign occupier.

            Movements that lack these objectives are merely peasant revolts, and they usually fail.

    • It’s confirmation bias. Reality plays no role. It is why it is futile to try to reason with the Left.

    • “The amazing thing (as I and many others noticed) is the left doing the “imagine if it were the other way around, with black people doing the protesting” bit.”

      I was at the gym when I saw this commentary on ESPN. Its incredible really– I expect the worst, and I’m still shocked/disappointed. There is seemingly no limit to their cognitive dissonance!

      I think their delusion is a strength insofar as it is exploited by complete institutional backing, which is indeed the case. Currently, having an objective grasp on reality isn’t nearly as useful as believing and propagating le Narrative. The Leftist faithful are a well-fed infantry, the commanders need to feed them propaganda to keep them savage and ready for blood. If their foot-soldiers realized how things actually were, they’d be of no use.

      The Progressive ideology is built on a false grand narrative, it is simply not beneficial for either to give up the delusion at this point. As long as their is still loot and spoils to divy up, why would they?

    • this lack of self-awareness may be a source of strength for them. 

      Absolutely. Its a beautiful, blind single minded ness that, frankly, wins.
      I saw that comment by that negress. I just steamed and thought, “F U jogger, FU jogger!”

  54. At least the Roman Senate had the fortitude to sit stock still when the barbarians walked in.

    This does have the feel that we’ve a accelerated from a declining country to a careening one.

    Ironically, it may be Pelosi is the only one with any clarity on the protest, singling out its whiteness. I don’t think the maga folks in attendance have realized it yet.

    • The appeal to fairness has left the barn. Every normal person knows the rules aren’t fair, including most lefties.
      The entirety congress huddling in fear while forcing troops to stay overseas in desert hellholes and denying Americans financial aid is the new optics going forward. People need to realize the cops, military, and intelligence services only serve such snivelling cowards.
      Once that milestone is crossed, and it almost has, the snitches are dealt with.

      • No, the left thinks of Biden etc as being the right. The left views itself as the out of power opposition to power.
        It has almost reached a state of tautology, where the left is not in power by definition, that people with power are right wing and people without power are left wing. How else could they riot in cities that haven’t had a Republican government in decades?

        • Great point. This will be interesting when the right, which has always been the defender of the constitution, police/military and the institutions, combines with the radical left, which as you point out, always sees itself on the outside of those same entities. This goes for the media, major corporations and universities as well. We now see they are all woke as hell, but the right has always defended them on free speech and free market grounds. When most of the right sees there is nothing free about them, and the left sees them as right-wing, who will be left to defend them? Especially when the economy hits real turbulence.

        • Biden-Harris have gained control, but of what, exactly? POTUS (more precisely: the hidden string-pullers in the shadows) now have a difficult task ahead: they must appear to be “centrist” while yet somehow placating the more extreme Democrats/Social/Commuist wing of the party. Yes, there will be various assaults on us (the DR) and our stuff, but I think POTUS will be spending much effort on damage control within the Dems alone.

          • Why do they have to appear centrist? They never have to worry about winning a honest election again. The deep state can install anyone they want.

        • They riot in those cities because they know the left controls those cities, therefore they are “safe zones” where the rioters will not be prosecuted.

        • The Left never admits that tyranny and coercion are the core of their ideology. I recall that as the Eastern Bloc fell apart they would describe the more Stalinist people and parties in Russia and Eastern Europe as “right wing”. It was a hilarious inversion of reality that few seemed to notice then or now.

          • They still do that. They always describe despots, no matter what their ideology is/was as right wing.

    • Excellent point, Penitent Man. There’s a post up at Occidental Observer by a woman who was there on 6 Jan. She describes herself as a reformed leftist, and extolled how wonderfully multicultural all her previous Trump rallies were. She specifically noted that the Capitol protesters were almost all White, which she couldn’t understand or account for. That racial blindness is something normiecons share, and it is a dangerous and self-imposed handicap. Many of us have chosen Whiteness over democracy – that’s where people need to be, and it may be a bridge too far for too many.

  55. Maybe our rulers fear what all this portends for their future. The protests are just that but it signifies a greater force against them in the future. That scares the crap out of them because they know at some level they have it coming. I hope I live to see the day.

    • “I hope I live to see the day.”
      I’m running out of landing strip, but this is what keeps me interested.

    • Right-wing activism is definitely what scares them. The state is hoping to crush it before it gets out of hand. The hope is, enough people got red-pilled before the social media purges. I think there were. There is a lot of anger out there, but the question is: do people just detach and ignore (like non-violent resistance) or do they openly challenge and take back the system? Right now, the hysterical power of the state is making the open-rebels think twice. That’s why I welcome the Q types to some degree: they are willing to be the first out of the trenches. They will give more people permission to revolt, in their way.

      • My sense is that a large number of normies have forded the stream to our side in the past couple months. It’s a matter of now corralling them.

        • I not only agree with you, but I second that. Over the last few days I’ve been paying careful attention to what folks around me have been saying – if anything – about what happened last Wednesday. Specifically at the food and hardware stores, the one thing I keep hearing – albeit in hushed tones – is, “They murdered that woman.” (Ashli Babbit) “After letting a dozen, or so major cities burn for almost nine months, now they want to do something. The hell with them , we’re done.” There is one woman I see at the food store on a fairly regular basis who I know is a Biden supporter (They have the current campaign sticker on the rear of their car) and I heard her say to her husband while they were looking at the headlines in the paper while on line, “How could they shoot her, a veteran no less? I mean she was a mother of three, how could they do that? Have you seen the video on line? She didn’t appear to be really doing anything.” “I think a line has been crossed.”
          Weather or not it means anything in the long run, who knows, but we’re not the only ones talking about all of this. But I agree with you and many others here, I’m sickened by all of the talking heads everywhere citing the hypocrisy of all of these people. At this point, that’s all they can do is point it all out, either not realizing – or not caring – that the uniparty laughs whenever it is done. I’m not sure that they understand that a large part of this rubbing the noses of normie in the proverbial pile of shit and getting away with it.

      • The thing I keep thinking of is: has rule-by-council, such as what we have now, ever worked for any great length of time, especially in a multi-racial society? The closest I can think of is China after Deng Xiaoping and it looks like that was…twenty years? That’s not very good and that was under optimal circumstances.

        • Good point. They had Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, then Xi Jinping, and he decided to nuke the whole system rather than surrender power. It ties in with Jefferson’s belief that forms of government should be reevaluated every 20 years – roughly every generation.

    • You will. No one predicted the Dems would flip out this bad and go full police state on us so fast, least of all Team DR. And the Dems are just getting warmed up with their thuggery.
      They are going to punish us and harshly, make no mistake about it. And they will overstep it in the brutality and death dept. Count on that as well. That’s when the push back happens. It will be random at first then grow in number of events. The Dems will then resort to even more bloodyhanded responses which in turn will push even more whites over the edge.
      One last thing the DR will play no role in this.

      • Yep I thought they would wait another decade or two. Trump apparently set them off.

        I honestly have no idea why they hate us so much. I just wanted to get married and grill lol. I know there is a ((())) component but I come across many upper middle class white gentiles with the same hatred.

        They are vicious and bloodthirsty (not sure why), but when somebody tells me “i hate you and want to kill you and your entire race” I take heed and accept it at face value.

        • I’m actually very pleased with how things are going. I didn’t expect the insanity of the ruling class response to this. They’ve definitely topped their over-the-top response to Covid with the anti-Jan 6th stuff as hard as that was to do. As you say though, it’s at least 10 years too soon. The Great White Dragon is still too strong. I try to stay away from hopium but this could be our American Spring.

        • Inciting hatred against an approved target is fundamental to coalition building; us vs. them has been a facet of human interaction since prehistory. The ruling White left uses non-White groups as a racial battering ram against you, middle-class Whitey, and in the process they secure their leadership over groups that might threaten their interests (polls show racial minorities support higher taxes and redistributionist economic policies that threaten the ruling class’s pocketbook). By controlling the minority masses through constant incitement against “the other”, they prevent losing their socioeconomic status. This dynamic will continue and even strengthen in the future as America becomes more diverse and the White left ruling class becomes an ever smaller, ever more ensconced minority hiding behind gated walls as their communities shrink around them — the minority wave approaching their homes.

      • This may portend the end of the American Empire. Imagine you’re a foreigner watching all of this. Then imagine what’d you think looking across the street to that big American military base: “I wonder how long until they’re using that thing on us, too?” How many people around the world are now cooking up excuses to rid themselves of American military presence before it’s too late?

    • Remember that the elites are also atheist degenerates. What they fear most is death.

      What they fear second most are armed and pissed off, and organized white males.

      • Because death is part of life, and thus Nature.

        The elite are all about denying Nature.

        This is why we have birth control pills, breast implants, and Viagra.

      • The fear of death is an important driver of both their actions and their attempts to remake society. The more they can get the public to abandon Christian belief in an afterlife and a higher power, the easier it is to gain acquiescence for their restructuring of society. If death is the ultimate fear, you’ll accept any measures that are intended to keep you “safe”.

  56. The problem is that the bubble our political classes have constructed around themselves was actually the work of the oligarchs. If you have followed the news lately, you will have already learned that the Biden administration will be liberally sprinkled with powerful tech oligarchs. The looting and suppression will continue unabated.

    • More than that, they will be putting the boot to MAGA and Conservatives across the board.
      Expect the following.
      Patriot II Act targeting conservative whites and so-called “Hate Speech” Basically a copy of what is happening in England.
      Shutting down gun and ammunition manufacturers followed by mandatory gun confiscation.
      Economic deplatforming of whites(what was done to Porntube can easily be done any person as well).
      Public schools replacing all textbooks with woke ones. White male children will become targets of rage apes in the schools.
      Here’s the thing. There is NOTHING stopping the Dems from doing this since they have full control of the government.

      • No worries. The National Review, funded by Google, is now saying the cure for Trumpism is Reaganism. Fun fact: Trump got the same number of White votes in California as Reagan did in the 1980 presidential election but, unlike the Gipper, he lost in a landslide. Reagan couldn’t win his home state if he were alive and ran on the same platform today. He might even be banned from social media or called a racist by AOC. Funny how our gatekeepers never see the obvious writing on the wall. It’s almost like they are paid to lie.

  57. “Normal people have been programmed to think hypocrisy is important, even though it is clearly not important to the people in the ruling class.”

    I know that a lot of our guys are absolutely sick of pointing out hypocrisies, but the fact remains that a lot of people are way behind us on redpill road, and it’s a perfectly reasonable way to get them to take a few tentative baby steps.

    Propaganda is like any other job: you’ve got to plug away at it day after day, year after year. I know it offends the dignity of some people think that we don’t need to do it because the truth is on our side. But we’ve been thinking that way for years, and how did that turn out?

        • Exactly. What our side consistently fails to understand, however, is that the reason average people follow these hypocrite leaders is precisely because they’re powerful enough to get away with the hypocrisy. It’s okay if your governor is a lying bastard so long as he’s in a position to promise you a sheltered life in return for your devotion.

          With that assurance of a sheltered life, human nature devolves to grade school-level emotional maturity. The temper tantrum erupted when our infantile, sheltered leaders got touched with the reality stick.

    • I believe the hypocrisy is absolutely purposeful at this point. It is designed to humiliate and rub our faces in our lack of power.

      • Exactly. The hypocrisy is meant to demoralize. We, in turn, need to make everyone know St. Babbitt.

      • It’s hard to come up with anything the traitors in DC (and various governors) have done in the last year that wasn’t deliberately organized in a way to humiliate us. There are other vastly more destructive objectives to their actions, but the in your face aspect reveals a deadly animus. This has to wake up more of the walking dead to the danger we’re in. Pride comes before the fall. For all their cleverness they never learn.

    • Propaganda serves numerous purposes. One of the them is a feedback loop for confirmation bias. That is happening in the United States. Even the Left knows the propaganda organs pump out lies. They just like the message and go along with it. The ludicrous Trump-Russia collusion hoax was popular not because it was real but because some people liked the message.

      So, yes, we need propaganda and lots of it.

    • Propaganda is like any other job: you’ve got to plug away at it day after day, year after year. I know it offends the dignity of some people think that we don’t need to do it because the truth is on our side. But we’ve been thinking that way for years, and how did that turn out?

      Exactly. I think that this is one of the main mindsets that most traditionally minded (for want of a better term) men need to drop. Truth may not win out, especially if many are insulated from it, and in this world that is definitely possible for the average wokist.

      The trouble is that the traditional minded man does tend to be fairer. Does tend to be less prone to extreme violence and statue toppling. This makes it all the harder for him to drop his notion that truth is the most important thing.

      • Exactly why I’m leaving post-its with DR slogans all over town. The newspaper wouldn’t print them, nor do I, at this time and place, want my name associated with them. But they need exposure.

        One thing I’m picking up from like-minded friends around the country is a sense of despondency. There’s no feedback loop in public and they feel very alone and angry at humanity. I hope that some of my notes are found by others on our side, just so they feel a momentary flash of triumph.

        • Exactly why I’m leaving post-its with DR slogans all over town. The newspaper wouldn’t print them, nor do I, at this time and place, want my name associated with them. But they need exposure.

          Every little helps. It really does. Good on you.

          One thing I’m picking up from like-minded friends around the country is a sense of despondency.

          Then we need not make them feel more despondent. When I now meet with friends I talk about my wish for a large family and go into detail about how to home school them. Had another friend begin seriously thinking about it, asked if I had heard of John Taylor Gatto, so I figured he is off in the right direction.

          It is true that the times are bad. But it is also worth planning for the future and not falling into the depression/despondency trap. By all means spread the propaganda, but those on the cusp need to truth and a sprinkle of optimism. Once again, the traditional minded man is at a disadvantage as he hates to promise that which he cannot deliver… the leftist says ‘vote for me and FREE STUFF!’.

        • I think Ramz talked about this. I havn’t done it yet, frankly, because I’ve been doxed and am gun shy. Maybe its time for some bathroom graffiti, however…

          • As a reformed, ex-college bathroom graffitist, I can say that I’m glad it’s coming back.
            I was stunned at the power a few drawings and poems had on the (college) ruling class. They went crazy trying to catch me.
            Only big drawback now is the presence of cameras everywhere. Easy to establish a short list of who goes in & when.

          • I place my notes on items in stores and one thing I make sure to do is shift items around so that the ones bearing my notes are not the next ones to be purchased. If it takes a week or longer for that item to go out the door, no minimum wage hall monitor is going to spend the time going through hundreds of hours of footage to maybe, possibly figure out who put it there. If they can be bothered at all, they’ll work backward from the time of purchase and then give up or fixate on someone else who maybe made a suspicious movement.

          • Technology when it works is a great time saver, but when it doesn’t it’s a bottomless time-sink, and our ruling elites are quite dependent on using technology as a force multiplier

          • Ahhhh… but a mask is your friend now. Leave your cell phone at home and dont purchase anything on your runs with a card. Park your car out of sight and away from cameras. Leave non-threatening but thought provoking messages. “It’s okay to be white” for Our friends and confusing ones like that Canadian fellah left, “Islam was right about women.”

        • There are anecdotal reports from the UK that masking up in a WW2 era gas mask and staging a WuFlu panic attack in say, a bank lobby, works a treat.

        • A related suggestion: amass a collection of both print and ebook versions of “subversive” literature. It is already “banned” in the sense the biggies (Amazon) won’t sell “offensive” books. Encourage people to buy interesting works, support authors who promote our views. Many works are public domain and are free to print, trade, etc. If you have the time and inclination, write your own essays on a topic.Even an average high-school or college level essay is likely to be better argued and more coherent than the average social media debate over whatever. Until just a few decades ago, the primary way to persuade or be informed was by reading books, magazines, etc. TV and video is bad; social media is (IMO) even worse. Trade privately among those interested. Increasingly we are banned from common media. The flash drive may be our future.

          • I’ve thought of that, too, although I haven’t done it yet. My thought was that I would get some things printed up and put them in those mini-libraries that are popular with pseudo-intellectuals.

          • You could do worse than reading The Zman’s “Essential Knowledge” list located at the top of the page. Most of it not “banned”, all of it interesting.

      • And with respect to Z, thats his criticism of “doing something”. Pointing out hypocrisy is really doing nothing, which Z advocates.

        Creating a propaganda lexicon, would take doing.

      • A tiny post-it note with “Trump Won”, placed near the lunchroom microwaves, caused a special executive leadership meeting to occur here.

        • Funny how the least little thing sets them off. To wit, nothing provokes AWR outrage more than to claim that “it’s okay to be white,” because, for them, it’s not okay to be white.

        • Great. That would never happen at my place of work, as I would guess a good 75% of the workforce would agree. But, like Z-man points out, that executive meeting, and the corrective action it surely spawned, is just more sand in the gears. I’d like to clap that person on the back.

    • Yup just keep plugging away… I’ve been redpilled for a few years. Most people, including normiecon family, thought I was a crazy raving racist.

      Since COVID started they’re much more receptive to the truth about the NWO plans. And since the summer riots they are becoming vaguely racially aware.

      Start with cringe boomercon arguments and move forward slowly. Never waste time arguing with a leftist who is too far gone. There are many white guys in the mushy middle to talk to. Many of the have forbidden thoughts; thinking they are alone they keep it to themselves. Just have a calm and rational chat.

      • Precisely. Reasonable people are far more common than it may seem at times. There are many on our side who simply don’t know it yet. But they’re living in a fragile state. You can’t tell them the obvious end result of all the BS, but if you gently and consistently ask them how else it can be resolved they soon realize that the only resolution comes when a rusty axe finds its rightful home nestled between the head and body of every member in the political class. At the moment, we’re getting plenty of help from the political class through their blatant hypocrisy and totalitarian actions, but a full-on truth bomb can still make normies with potential shell up or go full ostrich.
        Like Z says, a “forbidden chat” with a few well-vetted buddies over a couple of cold beers can accomplish more than we sometimes believe. Part of me thinks the time for baby steps wanes every day, but the fact of the matter is many won’t finally take the plunge until the sh** fully hits the fan. If that’s the case, so be it. Better now when I’m in my early 30’s before I have kids to worry about. We may get lucky and catch the anointed ones walking a little too cocky and biting off more than they can chew with full control of the gumperment. The slow creep of tyranny is far scarier than a mad grab for power to stomp out the little guy overnight. Stealing an election seems like a good start to a mad grab.

    • Let’s not oversell the idea of hypocrisy though.

      Every working stiff punches the clock day in and day out knowing their management doesn’t follow the rules they have to follow but they do it anyway. For generations, Congress has dealt with record low approval with hypocrisy being one of the highest reasons on the list. Hypocrisy has been a part of modern society for decades.

      At the end of the day, people are going to pick comfort over fighting hypocrisy. 70+ million people are now considered terrorists but there’s steaks to be grilled and sportsball to be watched instead. I don’t think hypocrisy means as much to people as we might think. Society would have changed decades ago if that was the case.

      • “steaks to be grilled and sports ball to be watched instead”
        Sadly, so true. More reason the slow creep is even scarier. At least if the gumperment comes and kicks their door down they may fight back. Too many succumb to the distractions of entertainment, which is exactly their purpose. By the time they wake up, “whoops where’d all my rights go?”

  58. I am full blooded Sicilian….if you were told that Sicilian people represented less than 1.6% of the Western worlds population but controlled well over (maybe way over) 50% of the Federal and State Governments, Central and Regional banks, and major Corporations, and especially Main Stream Media, publishers, Colleges and Universities, etc. in not only United States but also Europe….wouldn’t you think (even a little without being anti-whatever or racist) that the Sicilians had an inside track or at least needed to be checked out to how or why this occurred??
    If a group of people popped into your mind, then you see it ,too……this must be looked at as rationally as possible.
    I’m an old man and have no dog in this fight…..but I keep my eyes open as much as possible even if it’s painful…
    P.S. I don’t automatically respect any authority…even if well intentioned…that’s why God gave me a brain

    • I dunno, I’m a bit wary of Sicilians. They are a minority immigrant population yet they managed to subvert & control a huge share of the restaurant business. Everywhere I drive I see an establishment somewhere that uses tomato sauce as a primary ingredient. My ancestors used gravy. You will not replace us!

    • Speaking of Sicilians…

      I watched The Godfather for the first time in a while over the weekend. Obviously a fantastic movie.

      But I had a terrifying thought. That movie of course no longer meets the current woke standards. Patriarchy. Use of racial epithets. Etc.

      How far are we from Paramount editing this great film to meet the new woke expectations? Could it be banned?

      • I watched the original Bad News Bears this weekend for the first time since 1976 when it came out. One character, the pugnacious Tanner, repeatedly laments that the Bears have “niggers, spics, Jews and booger-eating spazzes” on its roster. What’s more Tanner doesn’t pay a price–such as being removed from the team or possibly arrested–for his insensitivity and racism. Clearly, c’est tres problemaptique! The film was remade in 2005, but I dare not watch it because I don’t like to have my gag reflex triggered.

        • It was “Jews, Spics, Niggers, and a booger-eating moron!” In the following year’s sequel, The Bad News Bears: Breaking Training, he repeated the same line and added “a wop who throws air balls.”

      • Shouldn’t Al Pacino be black listed (can you still say that) and spurned from all polite society for having acted in it?

      • “In my city we would keep the traffic to the dark people, the coloreds. They’re animals anyway, so let them lose their souls”.

  59. A fraternity prank, exactly. It was a peaceful protest, with some goofy people. I’m proud that we finally did something, I know Z hates that, haha!

    I can’t imagine, normie buying into this stuff. I can’t imagine, normie, a sensible guy, who thought blacks should be somehow the same as Whites out of his goodwill, to not see that our leaders, the media, the government, are not total diabolical hypocrites…
    I guess instead of freedom fighters vs terrorists, now its peaceful protesters vs insurrectionists…

    • While Trump clearly is the fall guy in the Capitol “Siege” flap, rightly or wrongly, the media’s and government’s panic, overreaction to it show more of their hand, and is probably better optics to our side, than the buffoonery of “our” protestors, or if you prefer, “insurrectionists.”

    • That ‘fraternity prank’ has resulted in half a dozen arrests with dozens maybe hundreds, more to come, 100s of justice dept. agents / resources being allocated, and will also result in federal felonies and some serious jail time.
      Hurray we finally ‘did something’ you willing to give up the next 5-10 years of your life for a selfie? Will -you- Gobstopper, be at the jail protesting the incarceration of your ‘frat bros’? Will you attempt to spring them from custody? See, as someone who nearly did 10 years myself for similar ‘crimes’ (I was an early adopter of this State tyranny) it is fun to LARP online about ‘doing something’ until the 3 am knock at your door a week later.

      You know how many Z man readers or even close friends are going to come help those poor dummies that walked right into that Buffalo Jump of a trap? Zero. The same amount that came to my aid when I was looking down a decade for offending an aggressive minority who spun a real good story about ‘dangerous white guy’. What I got will be handed out DAILY once this ‘domestic terrorism’ bill gets ramrodded through.

      I’m fine with ‘doing something’ but don’t come here and add to the Joe Sixpack mindset that these people are playing for keeps for ANYTHING you do that they detect doesn’t jive w/ their agenda. Job loss, social status loss, incarceration, these are not really jokes, innit? Treat action with contingency plans and the proper ‘RE-action’ planned in advance or continue to fail badly since clearly no one on ‘your side’ (Repubs, ‘conservatives’, even people with your same world view) are coming to help you.

      • I don’t know of any other way they’re going to learn though. There were several of us with the vision of Charlottesville in out mind who told them “you might not want to do that”. They wouldn’t have it though, like Z said they felt that they were honest people carrying out an honest vision, which while true, also doesn’t matter.
        As for people going to prison today I can’t help but think of some of the IRA prisoners laughing at the British as they were hauled off to the clink since they knew that some day they would get an early release.

      • We’re at war. In war there are casualties. Very sad, but there it is. I look very much forward to the day we begin inflicting casualties on them.

        • A war where mass casualties are only on one side is also known as a massacre. Let me know when the -actual- war begins and not the lambs to the slaughter syndrome we are seeing now. Read what I said, have a PLAN. Action, Contingency, Reaction. The right seems to have -extreme- difficulty w/ this concept for some reason.

          • “Mass casualties” and “lambs to the slaughter” is quite the exaggeration. As for the war, the war against whites began ca. 1965. At first, it was largely rhetorical and ideological. Increasingly, it now involves physical violence, revocation of livelihood, and legal sanction resulting in jailtime. Belatedly, we are beginning to fight back by making our presence felt in the streets. And yes, ideally, these events would be planned out in the minutest detail, but in reality war is a messy thing. Regardless, the fact that our side is finally responding in a visible, tangible fashion is a positive development. I expect organization and planning will follow.

          • I’m not sure playing in the streets is a good idea. Its not something I’d do or recommend myself but who knows, Only time will tell.

          • A few hundred people in trouble for being stupid isn’t even bleeding Kansas level yet . And those riots last year ? All by the Left in places controlled by the Left,
            Granted they are expecting big handouts for repairs and they’ll probably get them and this feel the riots don’t matter but are they wrong. A cosmetic fix won’t matter, no one will do business there again and every US city will gradually fall further into disrepair.
            Things will get worse, much worse but the action/reaction calculus has just gotten started.
            I agree that the Right is way behind the 8 Ball on leadership and planning but this is because their own leaders oppose them.
            As good followers, which BTW are essential , a human society made entirely of leaders would fail, they expect to trust leaders. Its a mistake but the US is becoming a low trust society in rapid time counting on our aging oppression tech to keep us honest. This will fail.
            Now back in the day when the US was demographically sound and the economy was OK, Republicans didn’t react when the Neo Cons and Cheap Labor club kicked out the Paleo Conservatives and Social Conservatives tot he curb, They should have. Too much live and let grift and not enough do as i say poisoned the movement.
            Changing to a morally authoritarian populism won’t be easy but it will happen or the Right will be crushed and the US simply fall into ruin since the Left has no ability to maintain it, no one will want to move there (its what they have at home already) and no kids.

      • I didn’t go and I sure as hell am not doing illegal and stupid things like that nor recommending others do so however something like that was eventually going to happen at some point.
        All defense and no offense means a certain loss and even though this wasn’t great is was good for morale in ways Right needed. Besides waiting around for an aging entertainer to save you is stupid.
        As an aside this is why I hate Q Anon so much. Its clearly a psy-op anyone with a triple digit IQ can figure that out and it had the effect of keeping the Right complacent rather than out building tribes. Fucking idiots on our side.
        And yes in case their any believers here, you’ll be first to here me say I was wrong but there has been such an inundation with cryptic messages and tea leaf reading bullshit that a carny psychic would blanch. Its jack-shit .
        Now on topic since the government or its corporate stalking horses has decided to come down hard on the Right , DNS blocked AR15.Com for example and will probably deal out big punishment for the protesters we’ll they either crush The Right utterly which is unlikely or they end up making the same mistake we always make when dealing with similar problems and make it much worse.
        This idiocy is why the US never wins insurgencies. The harder and stupider you hit, the more insurgents you get. And while I know that the actions in DC do not technically qualify as such, this was a protest, the underlying situation is the same.
        And the funny thing is if there were adults in charge (and President Trump does not qualify, he’s a young teen like 14 or so in charge of a bunch of malicious preschool thru third graders basically) by simply managing the emotions , doing a few basic populist things and avoiding what the other side sees as extreme actions, you can calm everyone down. We won’t and this all but guarantees the worst results.
        God help us all.

        • This idiocy is why the US never wins insurgencies. The harder and stupider you hit, the more insurgents you get. 

          That was always the argument behind the accelerationists. I was never one myself, but it looks like the oligarchs aren’t giving us a choice.

      • That sounds difficult, I’m sorry to hear that. If its any consolation, I have been doxed, my reputation ruined and, while I’m trying, I may never be able to work in my field again.
        People die in war. People are maimed. We are at war right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if it killed me.

      • I’ll also say that the “frat party” line is good propaganda with lefty. We need to get as good as it as they have been for 60 years.

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