The Big Lie

The expression “the big lie” gets tossed around a lot in modern times, usually defined as the means with which the Nazis fooled the people. In reality, the expression was coined by the most significant man in history to explain how the people who tried to prevent the catastrophe of the Great War ended up being blamed for it. The big lie is a falsehood so big that no one would think it possible to state such a lie. In other words, it is believed because it is so outlandish it must be true.

One of the many ironies of this age is that the people the most significant man in history accused of employing the “the big lie” have spent generations since that time redefining it to mean Nazi propaganda. In popular culture, the Left will apply the expression to some inconvenient facts pointed out by their many enemies. They claim a famous propaganda minister associated with the most significant man in history is the guy who coined the expression to describe his own efforts.

That is the real trick of “the big lie” that gets missed. The audaciousness of it distracts the attention of people. Instead of focusing on the facts of something happening in society, their eye moves to some other related thing. It’s no different than how a magician uses distraction to get the audience looking one way while he some other sleight of hand. Even though you know he does not possess magical powers, you are amazed nonetheless.

We see this in how the term “fascist” is used in this age. The Left in the West has always accused their enemies of being fascists, even when there were no actual fascists vying for political power. For a period, fascists and communist were locked in a bitter struggle for the soul of socialism, so it makes sense. In America is never made much sense, as we never had fascists or a communist party of note, but for the Left everywhere, it is always monkey see, monkey do.

Even so, through the Cold War, a popular way to make sport of the Left in America was to mock their absurd use of the word “fascist.” It was only the hardcore cranks who used the term, so even the conventional Left would mock them for it. The left-wing crazy was the guy making his own clothes and growling his own food, so he was not a prisoner of the fascists running society. The joke relied on the fact that America was a bourgeois society, so we did not have fascists or communists.

Of course, the term is everywhere now, as the rulers and their loyalists wage jihad against our ancient liberties. The excuse for their excess is they are fighting fascists, so it is okay. They have internalized their mythology about themselves and the world around them to such a degree they really think Donald Trump was some sort of fascist dictator plotting to seize power. They are sure that the peaceful protest at the Capitol was their version of the Reichstag fire.

This is the modern version of “the big lie.” Look around at what is happening and it is as close as any western society has come to fascism in 80 years. The people stripping the rights of Americans are not government employees, but corporate powers. The vitriol from the politicians may be the signal to act, but the people trying to destroy Trump and his supporters are corporate actors, not the state. Corporatism is a foundation stone of fascism and that is what is usurping the authority of our system now.

In other words, the big lie here is that the people allegedly under assault are the people wielding power. That is a lie so big that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.” The people with a monopoly of power are crying out in agony as they crush their enemies. Their claims to be on defense are a lie to distract from the fact they have assumed total power. Amazon can offer murder for hire to prime members and no one can stop them.

This is the “the big lie” in neon. The people who are engaging in a modern version of fascism are claiming to be the great enemies of fascism. This leaves the genuine opponents of genuine fascism without a language they can use. Calling what is happening Marxism is so stupid only the dullards accept it. The communist would not have allowed the tech giants off the leash. They would not have been slavishly in support of the financialization of the economy.

Another part of this big lie is that over time the fans of the most significant man in history have accepted the premise of the big lie as their big truth. That is, fascism exclusively means opposition to nonwhites. The result is we have the self-proclaimed fascists reinforcing the premise put forward by the actual fascists that they cannot possible be fascists, because they are not white. In this version of the big lie, the fascists have created an enemy and put him to service in their cause.

The thing with a lie, big or small, is it is like trying to conceal a body. Like a body after a murder, no matter how well you hide the truth, no matter how many layers of lies you throw on it, its absence is noticed. This is the problem facing our new fascist overlords as they scramble to consolidate their power. Whatever this new system is, people know it is not democracy or constitutional government. No amount of lying can change that realty and eventually, there will be a word for it.

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417 thoughts on “The Big Lie

  1. Do you really think that The People would have took the path of non-violence if when they were cowering in their abodes waiting for the Bolsheviks to come for them. They realized that this was the end and these demons intended to kill them. They had nothing to lose why not try and kill them? Do any of you know that over the next 50 years the same Bolsheviks killed the Tsar and his family and 60 million of their fellow countrymen to prove that communism works through starvation and the Gun.
    I predict a long war there simply are not enough people to take us down if we fight. Just like the Maoists did in the cultural revolution .Instead of spreading Marxism we spread freedom block by block. By the means Provided by wisdom from above.
    I am not amused by any of this it is the sum of all my fears it is worse than any of you think. Most of you have never seen up close the destruction of these tyrants and the evil they represent. The Media has created a generation even 2 maybe that have no clue that governments since the turn of the 20th century have killed 250+million. These are worse than any Bolsheviks from the past these Demons are truly soulless individuals guided by Satan himself.
    DJT isn’t going to save us we are screwed! Unless… you people out there that seem to think this is just a short period of time and we will straighten it out in the next election get grip and realize that we just WON an election! and we had it stolen from us by switching 15 million votes! Start to come to terms with the fact they are coming for us and fast!!!! they will use everything we need to control us and they control it all think about it .They will get rid DJT before the end of this year they simply cannot allow him to live he is too dangerous to their plans. DJT in my opinion might just leave the country He said he would if he lost. I hope he survives….he really gave it his best…God bless him.
    I myself am outraged and furious at the lying cheating scum that succeeded to destroy our country. This will not go well either way it plays out . Scores will die and you out there that think all will be well are fools. You that think that doing the same thing over and over will eventually get it right …But since Marx , Engle’s and Trotsky first created the communist manifesto how many success stories have we had ????? (0) It always ends in Death for millions and poverty and despair for the unfortunate who survive.
    How many countries have achieved what we have in 246 years? none! We are the shining city on the hill where all who suffer what we are about to experience desire to be. Capitalism and the free republic has had great success everywhere it has been implemented as Law. And we for what Crazy insane reason going to abandon it and let the F’in Chinese take all we have worked for all our lives? Plunging the rest of the world into the same despair.
    Most of us out there have it better than the other 95 % of the world simply because of the freedoms provided to us by the bill of rights and the constitution. We as individuals are able to through hard work and abiding by the Law are able to create more wealth and have had a system out there that allows us the freedom to accumulate it and keep it. It is no accident it has created a lifestyles second to no where and future for many that choose to participate in the Civil society. Self determination for everyone , Work hard save your money don’t smoke crack and you too can succeed. I mean America is so great that you can be a complete idiot and get fabulously wealthy. Look at Gates , Styers ,Zuckerberg ETC…
    No one are angry you are not willing to fight for it? where is the outrage ? Do you think they will spare us? Do you want to wait till they come to your house take your kids and ship you off somewhere and kill you?
    No I’m not suggesting anything violent. When is your life ..My life all our lives worth fighting for ? Are you going to let them silence you is what I’m saying are you going to comply you had better start to think about civil disobedience in mass at the very least join a group get involve get mad …dam it!!! BUT at least don’t allow them to tell us this evil vile human being JOE won this election HE stole it!

  2. The Big Lie dates to (at least) 4th century AD:
    The early Church sometimes justified faith because the stated belief was impossible! Major religions make claims that are so absurd that it would place an impartial judge at risk of a laughing fit resulting in incontinence.
    In more secular (and modern) matters, we have The Big Lie in such uncontroversial (to our audience, not the wider public 😀 ) of racial differences, as well as the ongoing debate over man-caused climate change and what (if anything) can or should be done about it. Lies, lies, lies.
    It’s a fundamental human flaw: to believe in the pleasant untruth, while disregarding the unpleasant (and perhaps, much more important) reality.

    • I blame auto-correct. I’ve said it before, but I once repeatedly tried to correct a their/there/they’re and it kept reverting to the incorrect form. WTF? Sometimes you just have to let it go.

  3. The communist allowed himself to be on the leash though, in exchange for eternal tenure in their public institution or ngo or union board of choice, and the ability real or imagined to punch natsees. Whether from the left or right, and/or whether anarchist or bourgeois, materialism breeds comfort, then dysgenics.

    And I’d argue this is internationalist fascism you speak about, Z. The nationalist kind is okay, provided some popular representation and not just corporate.

  4. I think it’s time to just drop out of the political conversation and live life. It’s clear to me that we have been hurled into the ditch of history from the point of view of big political trends. I can live with that. There’s a lot more to life than getting involved in all of this stress. I am a listener to the podcast and I enjoy your blog posts. Do I ever see myself voting or donating to political candidate again? No. It’s like I just immigrated to a foreign country. I am not a part of this. I want to enjoy life and go for walks and cook good food and let it all drift by. I don’t even speak the language.

  5. It is Classic Hegelian dialectic … What is the difference between Anti -Tsarism And Anti-facism ..or Anti-capitalism. These people are against the Christian world and The civil society based on Christian law. They always have been it truly can be summed up as Good against Evil.

    • I would LOVE to have all these Congressmen on record for impeachment. This isn’t a bad thing. Trump appears to be more useful on the way out than he was as President. More red pills for all.

    • I hope McConnell does it. One of Trump’s greatest accomplishment is his discrediting of the Republican establishment. Love getting these senators votes on the record to understand where they stand.

      IMO, Republican senate is almost entire a rat’s nest. Cruz looking pretty good in Texas, otherwise alot of Quisling vibes.

    • Throw in a $5 “See-something, say-something” tip line, and the rats will crash the phone towers turning each other in.

      • With or without the five bucks, dissidents should be crashing the line. Find a way to flood the local constabulary and law-givers with enough phone calls that they have no time to do anything else.

    • Ferrer passed all the plausible lockdown rules before the arrival of flu season, I mean, Second Wave Mutated COVID Surge, so now she’s reduced to ridiculously unjustifiable mandates in order to look busy and competent.

      Real leaders don’t obsess over whether they’re perceived as leaders.

      Tune in next week when Health Director Barbie orders the masking of your dog in order to flatten the curve.

  6. Many years back, it was promoted with great concern that Google and YouTube’s recommendations led to greater radicalism. A viewer would watch a normiecon video, then he’d get a paleocon recommendation, then from that a more radical rightwing recommendation and next thing you know he’d be at American Renaissance.

    Of course, once that was realized, it was easy for YouTube to subvert, even reverse.

    I have noticed lately that all my recommendations nudge me back in the normiecon direction. I’ve never gotten a recommendation for the Zman’s Power Hour, but I get Uncommon Knowledge with John Robertson, hosting John Podhoretz; Dave Rubin hosting David Murray, Dave Rubin hosting Tulsi Gabbard and gushing about how he’d be excited to be a Democrat again if more Democrats were like her (Feminist, egalitarian, open borders globalists, apparently).

    • I got a recommendation to a “Worthy House” book review on youtube a year ago. I found Charles’s website (Z man has link to website on his homepage) I think after watching a Christopher Caldwell talk. I found Alt Hype on youtube as well (though he has moved most of his content to bitchute recently). There is still good stuff on youtube but most of the good stuff isn’t being watched much.

    • Before YouTube was bought by Google, Youtube was a free space. That’s how content creators built their networks and income. That’s unimaginable today.

  7. I’ll add that Democrats are supposed to be the party of party-hearty. Instead the third term of Obama will see:
    Bailouts to States and local governments, but not enough to replace every year the massive tax loss of business closed forever by Covid and George Floyd riots.
    Continued White baiting constantly from corporations and government as the only glue that holds each together internally.
    Nothing for White people, either workers or small business owners.
    Race-based rationing of food as the Green New Deal ships all food to China. Whites starving or widespread poaching.
    Race based rationing of health care. No Whites need apply.
    Mass firings of nearly every Trump voter or those friends/family with same — roughly 100 million in total.
    Mass adoption of black market (can be as simple as barbers operating in homes, backyards etc) and massive cash only transactions.
    Collapse in retail spending matched with active boycotts of big corp.
    Bailouts to BigCorp that fail to make them whole as China CCP Inc turns to internal demand for growth and the US is in deep depression.

  8. The point of the Big Lie as described by “that guy” is that it took the power of the state to suppress the truth and also implicit was that the state had to be powerful and admired for delivering results.
    Currently the state is despised by most everyone for lockdowns that make no sense, and are flouted routinely by the ruling class and privileged non-Whites. While the ruling class and state/corporations bait Whites. That’s difficult even for ruling class Whites larping as honorary non-Whites with good times: media, university, ngo, government types. For those out of work, gigging in the defacto black market economy, its an insult from a government that degrades not improves quality of life.
    One of the reasons FDR got popular in a hurry was abolishing Prohibition. We now have the modern equivalent … masks and lockdowns for another year plus at least.

    • Notice no one influential has said one word about when this might wind down. There’s no benchmarks anymore, either.

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  10. Calling what is happening Marxism is so stupid only the dullards accept it. 

    At the risk of being a dullard, I find there is a strong element of Marxism in the discourse on the left. What you’re really positing is that Marxism is opposed to corporatism, whereas the events of this past year might suggest they are allies.

    • I agree. It is an alliance based on shared hatred of their common enemy: us. The marxists have no problems being the handmaidens of corporatism as long as we are in the crosshairs.

      These young marxists are not going to get the loot and utopian end to spiritual suffering (absolution) they want from XiBiden/Ho regime.

    • perhaps its the principles of marxism with the structure of corporate fascism…? The oppressor/oppressed of marxism is a foundational philosophy of the left. They just use corporations to structure society, like fascism, and

      • Conservatives and dissident rightists are reluctantly adopting the oppressor/oppressed paradigm because they are the oppressed today.

        For decades we derided liberals for seeing most people as victims. Now, we’re doing it. But this time it is true.

  11. Jurgen Habermas once called the student radicals of the 1960s leftwing fascists. It’s hardly surprising that, once they ostensibly grew up and undeniably gained control of the US, they turned it into a fascist state.

  12. The Take It Back right is angry that our rulers are lying criminals.

    But- they always have been!

    The lies were told before we were ever born. Take it back? Take it back to what, then?

  13. “The result is we have the self-proclaimed fascists reinforcing the premise put forward by the actual fascists that they cannot possible be fascists, because they are not white.”
    This is starting to get confusing. I tend to fall back to Heinlein’s formulation:
    “Political tags – such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth – are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. The former are idealists acting from highest motives for the greatest good of the greatest number. The latter are surly curmudgeons, suspicious and lacking in altruism.  But they are more comfortable neighbors than the other sort.”

    • The problem that you will have with this “those who want people to be controlled” and those who don’t division is that almost all the people who don’t want to be controlled are white.

      But there will be some non-whites who satisfy this criterion. And then those non-whites, due to inherent racial tribalism, will loudly complain that they do not see enough people who look like them in this new group and that they feel oppressed, and the cycle in which we find ourselves begins again.

      Racial tribalism is deeper than ideology.

        • Exactly. We are all of us, one human race. God, with a variety of cans of spray paint, colored us as we were dropping down to earth, our insides remaining all the pink, our blood all red!

        • To expand: Tucker’s purpose isn’t to reassure leftists, it’s to keep those on the right, or who might move to the right, on their blank slate, civnat reservation.

    • wow, never heard the melanin thing! How does she explain the crappy performance of her ‘hood? How did Whites get the edge on qlacks? and where the hell is Wakanda?

      • The joy of being dumb and having a high time preference is never having to think about what you said five minutes ago or what’s going to happen in five minutes.

        Academia is organized to avoid asking blacks hard questions about blacks.

  14. “While the First Things people are at CPAC next month, they should consider swinging by AFPAC. Mr. Reno could sit down and have a chat with Fuentes. It can be arranged.”
    LOL. Scrub that.

  15. It seems bitterly appropriate that the Big Lie theory (great name for a sitcom!) has gotten the Big Lie treatment. As always, they accuse YOU of what THEY are doing.

    The Big Lie of course relies on their chief characteristic: chutzpah. The big dumb goy can’t believe someone could tell such a huge, obvious lie, because, of course, he couldn’t do such a thing and keep his self-esteem.

    Yes, America never had fascism or communism because both are ways to organize the lumpenproles, (grabastic amphibious shit, as Sgt Hartman would say) and America is a bourgeois society. Communism was clearly brought here by dirty immigrants (thanks, Europe) but fascism never really took off in response because even the poorest American thinks he could be middle class someday, or at least is just as good as any bourgeois (if he knows the term at all; remember “city slicker”?)

    What’s ironic is that “the New Right” featured costumed LARPers and keyboard commandos who are perfectly happy to laud the Little Corporal. Real thinkers of the Right, like Spengler and Evola, recognized fascism as utterly plebian (though understandable and perhaps useful), not something to emulate: eg., “Hailgate.” The normalization of communism and fascism points to the proletarization of American; even our ruling class are basically proles now.

    • I can feel the reports of the censorship intensifying

      No one has censored me yet. Or Z. Or us.

      That said, maybe if someone had something interesting to say and not just run of the mill pablum like we get from Conservative Inc they wouldn’t be censored. The greatness would refuse to be silenced.

      Bottom line, the people being censored are mediocrities and are being treated as such. And who cares? How many times do we have to read the same talking points and approved narratives? Like hearing Karl Rove speaking for years.

      I say shut them up. Make room for us 😉

      • I think there’s more to it than that. The rate and scope at which media is manipulating information have markedly increased — as has its proclivity for psychologically abusing the American public.

        Sure, they censor mediocrities now, but who’s to say that mediocrity will mean the same thing tomorrow as it does today? Also, I can think of more than a few intelligent critics of the system who have since been silenced — particularly those who opposed the jab and public health measures.

        It’s only a matter of time before this place goes down, too.

        • Perhaps it goes down, but the energy here on our side, the creativity and imagination, is an order of magnitude greater than what passes for “intellectual” or intelligent discourse in the mainstream.

          There is value here, and even the dumbest people can sense it.

  16. When that famous propaganda minister associated with the most significant man in history brought the truth about the Katyn massacre to light, no one believed him.

    • I like that term. Ironically, do you know where many samples of the viruses, including the one that very likely is the progenitor of SARS-CoV-2 were obtained? Yes indeed.

  17. My mother saw 40 state troopers stationed on the highway the other day. Good luck out there in this Craven New World.

    What do we do? And, more importantly, what will YOU do?

  18. Trump was actually wrong on Section 230. The repeal would have ended in more censorship not less. The BIG problem is the FAILURE of the FTC to break up big business since the mid 1980s. It’s been toothless, allowing rampant consolidation. And here we are. We look at tech today, but it’s with everything from airlines to banks to box stores. The financialization of the economy speeds it up even more. The transparent collusion in shutting down Parler (which happened to be overrated) shows ZERO fear of big business. Even Boeing shows NO fear as it’s shitty planes with Pajeet programmed software fall out of the sky. The future is duopolies pretending to compete. Do you want to fly United or American? Do you want to bank with Chase or B of A? Either way you lose.

  19. As for the name, I propose we cut straight to the chase: Vaginocracy. It even makes for a great national anthem: “Safety, safety, uber alles, uber alles in dem Welt”….

  20. Once again Z-man goes straight to the heart of what is happening, and shines an arc-light on it, exposing the truth.
    It’s a God-given talent.
    Bless you Z. Keep it up. Keep it up.

  21. It’s no different than how a magician uses distraction to get the audience looking one way while he some other sleight of hand. Even though you know he does not possess magical powers, you are amazed nonetheless.

    Devon Tracey pointed out the opposite phenomenon: how you try to get people focused on something, and they can’t help looking at the wrong hand. In his inimitable phrasing, “I’m pointing to the turd and like dogs, you’re looking at my finger.”

  22. I enjoyed it when Facebook took down Ron Paul yesterday and the libertarians started screaming. But, it is a private company after all. Suck it up.

      • If the camps and boxcars come it’s because whites were not capable of resisting. In essence the camps and boxcar rides only happen when the population has accepted defeat.
        TPTB wouldn’t dare do this to the Muzzies or Hispanics who would gut them like trout if they tried.
        Seriously our rulers are scared of them because they are tribal as hell and have organized crime elements that are very well armed and next to impossible to infiltrate. Heck the Hispanics already practice ethnic cleansing against the blacks and no one says a thing because they are afraid.

        • I’ve heard variations of that. If I ever do move to the Southwest, I think I’ll look for a Mexican barrio. Even though I’m an Anglo, se habla espanol, and the food is good.

    • I thought it was great when Trump was kicked off Twitter. We’ve been warning of this for years but he was too busy sending money to Israel and pardoning Kushner’s father. Is it your problem now, Donald?

  23. I took today’s essay as a bit of rebuke to those of us who emphasize the communistic aspect of our adversaries. I understand the objection on the one hand since the power elite at the helm of this version of totalitarian oppression are the immensely wealthy monopolists. On the other hand the methods and philosophical underpinnings they utilize to motivate the movement, the moral universe they promote, borrows significantly from ideas promoted by the Frankfurt cabal. To whatever degree the Frankfurt totalitarians were communist I think it is fair to attribute the same label to today’s oppressors. I believe it is useful to make that association explicitly, to associate in peoples minds the unparalleled scale of suffering and misery achieved by this ideology and attempt to evoke a response appropriate to the threat of such a calamity.

    • Its a good point. Did Fascists have an explaination for the world? No. But Communists did. They followed a world view, ideology, but fascism was a way to run society, not an all explaining philosphy. Good catch!

    • The Solid platform is worthless as an antidote to internet censorship. It could literally have the opposite effect, allowing for more efficient deplatforming.

      All your interactions on the Solid platform are based on your Solid ID. So, when a Solid social network decides that you are persona non grata they can ban you from all their apps efficiently and permanently, and, presumably, they can share their ban list with other Solid app creators.

      Solid is no more a friend of freedom than the people running the apps on its platforms, and there is no guarantee that those people will be more friendly to freedom than the internet at large.

      All Solid does is allow you to maintain control over your personal information. That’s not nothing, but it really isn’t the biggest problem dissident voices are facing. Plus, there will be numerous incentives for you to open your PoD to makers of apps you want to use, so in reality, your information will probably be little more private than it ever was.

      The Solid platform wouldn’t have kept the Solid equivalent of Twitter from banning tens of thousands of users for ideological reasons as Twitter just did.

  24. Time’s a wastin’. We can’t stay on the sidelines forever.
    Step #2 – New Skills & Habits
    Learn to disappear in public. Walk through downtown or a mall, and closely observe others. Who stands out and what draws your eye? Clothing, colors, behaviors, posture, stride, facial expression, etc? Now you know what should be avoided. So practice what you’ve learned. Acquire bland, colorless clothing. Avoid eye contact. Don’t loiter or wander. Always walk like you’re going somewhere, but slowly. Extra credit. Deliverymen, maintenance men, and cable installers are reflexively ignored.

      • Fighting wordsmiths with words. Doomed to lose until civilizational collapse leads to law of the jungle— or until people own the labels.

    • “Haven’t you heard? It’s a battle of words,
      And most of them are lies.”
      — Pink Floyd

  25. “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country….. If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing about it.”

    Edward Bernays

  26. Trump is getting cut off from banking if media reports are true. He has around $400 million in debt on his properties, which are probably worth $1 billion. If he cannot find a new lender he will have to sell some properties to make good on the debt. Passing a law requiring all Americans to have access to a bank account should have been an early priority for him. He truly must not have understood they would take it this far.

    • I think this is true. Trump was the ultimate Civic Nationalist and really could not accept how evil so many of his countrymen could be. Not going after Big Finance and Big Tech was a massive mistake. To be fair, I didn’t see how bad this could become, either.

    • Why he sucked up to Bezos and awarded him that huge government contract never made a lot of sense to me

      He had plenty of opportunities to rein these guys in

      • He had plenty of opportunities to rein these guys in
        that would have meant he wasn’t israelite puppet

        • I have to wonder sometimes if he wasn’t a puppet

          A big part of me simply likes the guy, but I wouldn’t put it past him.

          I said this before, probably not here lol, but Trump does in fact bear a resemblance to Sumner Redstone…

          • The possibility that the past four years were simply one enormous put-up job is one of the grimmest outcomes.

    • Rumored for years that the only reason Jared K had overwhelming influence was his $$$ (JK worth over $300 mil). Supposedly a hedge against the day Trump would need help in a situation like this.

      Time will tell.

      • Trump has plenty of assets, he has just been cut off by the banks. There is no reason to think is real estate portfolio is full of distressed properties, but he has to be able to roll over the debt on them. Kuschner isn’t going to pay off the Deutsche Bank business debt with cash from his checking account.

        • I have to wonder if all the lockdown damage being inflicted on NYC and Chicago is to kill the value of Trump’s properties there.

          These people are that insane and vindictive.

    • That’s the next big step, one that I thought was a decade or so away but maybe it’s closer than I thought.

      Denying people banking and credit card access if you have bad thoughts. Trump will find another bank. But how long is it until getting your name on a list means that Visa, Mastercard and, even, Discover, won’t do business with you. Or the banks will do business with you.

      That’s when the real cancel culture begins. These banks banning Trump just crossed a line.

  27. Clownworld fascism is the best I can come up with. Clownworld is the essence. Fascism is the word that normies have been conditioned to fear/hate.

  28. There was a really good article by Alexander Macris over at substack that showed how a lot of corporate tyranny is actually dictated — required — by government regulations. Basically, the government forces the private sector to engage in the repression and discrimination it isn’t allowed to do itself.

    Macris’ substack site has vanished, but it’s available at the wayback machine and it’s worth a read:

    • Whatever it is we have, it’s dependent on electricity. Lots of it

      I think the blockchain discussion the other was helpful for me. I wasn’t aware that it took so much electricity and processing power to generate a Bitcoin

      i think there is something similar in the petty tyranny we see today. Without electricity, what they gonna do? Can’t deplatform someone if their computer doesn’t work. Can’t dox someone. On and on.

      • “Mark-My-Words” and his propertarian fart-in-the-wind rebellion talked about taking out electrical grids.

        He assumed someone in the military would join him, organize an army, and create city-states from which qlacks and lefties were could not leave.

        Boy that whole thing disappeared quick, makes me wonder if it wasn’t a honey pot

        • Oh for sure, anyone taking about taking out a grid is retarded and/or a federal agent

          But what happens if we do go green? What happens if all of a sudden there isn’t the cheap electricity to power the devices and broadband i the way we were accustomed to?

          Would AOC even be a household name if not for the internet? How much of their “power” as it were is dependent on lots and lots of cheap electricity to get their faces out to us?

          • are you saying the elites trying to take us green, may backfire, and they will be left without the one thing that gets them to their fans? Cheap power?

          • Yes he is.

            Similarly, look at the Woke.

            This is a class of people that would not exist without the Internet and a large, well-funded academic environment.

            Look at what has happened to schools and universities in the last year. Weaker universities are going bankrupt. Homeschooling is way up.

            Parents are balking at the trash critical race/gender theory curriculum. They are also balking at mandatory WuFlu vax to return to school.

            These are all good things that reduce the influence of the Woke in the world.

          • People are pretty blissfully unaware of the fact that cheap, reliable power is perhaps the one, and only one, true competitive advantage of the territory of the American Empire and yes they’re clueless enough to ruin that too. It’s like “taking down the grid”, if someone is patient they can just wait ten years for when the brown horde is in charge of maintaining/stealing it all and the grid will be taken down all on it’s own.

          • The lunatic Left are well aware of this.

            The point of the Green New Deal is to make the Western power grid so expensive and unreliable that production has to move to China or similar cheap labor countries.

            Further punishing the Deplorables is simply a bonus.

            Saving the environment is the skinsuit disguising the real goal.

          • Reminds me of finding out last year that all our recycling was being sent to China. 40 years of separating trash, picking it up in separate trucks, and putting it on ships, so the Chinese could dump it, while we felt morally superior about it.

          • We were also shipping loads of trash to Canada.

            Recycling is an enormous waste of time and money for all but a very few items.

          • Well said. I routinely recycle aluminum. Everything else into the trash. I’m saving a step for the garbage company and/or county landfill.

          • Well yes wait until the Orcs take it down and take you DR types out at the same time,.
            You really think at that stage the Orcs are going to give you upscale whites a pass when they rule the streets?
            At best if it goes this way, we will end up like your typical Venezuelan. Impoverished and hungry,

          • I’ve been devoting more of my several hours per day reading and debating climate change and related topics, green energy (wind, solar) or electric vehicles. It’s the ideal balance of controversial without the highly caustic dangers of arguing race realism 😀
            Takeaway (remember, I’m a skeptic): the entire scheme has so many fatal flaws. Man-made climate change? Most of the claims are junk science. Green power or EVs are more interesting, because these actually exist and are being promoted, nay, mandated in some areas, and built out. The tech actually works, no one denies that. The bottom line is murky and hidden, and the promoters rarely, if ever, give reliable figures. In fact, you might think they were trying to hide some thing 🙂 I’m pretty sure the “Green” tech is, in the majority of cases, not competitive with existing power (fossil/nuke). The advocates for this stuff have enthusiasm that borders on the religious at times, including stating articles of faith that seem at odds with science.
            Europe is further down the rabbit hole than the USA, but we are close behind, and it’ll accelerate under the incoming regime. I can’t predict the future of course, but there is a reason most of my stock market money is in fossil fuels, and not Tesla and the Windmills and Solar Panel companies.
            I’m hoping the foolishness will halt some day, or else we’re all going to be a Woke-topia with people of color living in harmony, with all electrical power derived from sunshine and breezes, to power our homes and charge our EVs. What could possibly go wrong with such an idyllic vision?

          • Our power grid is quite frail as it is. Worse if we go “Green” it means taking NG, nuclear, oil and coal fired power plants off line which will gut our ability to maintain our current usage level. IOW we will get lots of rolling black outs across the U.S.
            Worse, the cost of electricity will skyrocket. and you folks with NG stoves and heating systems will have to scrap them and buy electric replacements.
            But wait it gets better. All consumer products and food will cost lots more as well.
            The good news is the BigTech server farms will still have all electricity they need.

      • Such a good catch. We’re a culture catching up to a new technology.

        Profound and significant. As significant as the screens they power- and the constant forced “focus, focus, focus” of TV that rewires our kids’ young brains.

        (Hint: No TV before age three!)

        • The BigTech titans won’t even let their kids have a tablet before age 10-12. As they know full well it interferes with the neurological development in young children.
          They even send their kids to schools where the devices are not allowed period.
          In short the BigTech peeps know full well what they are peddling is toxic to human beings and destructive as hell to the social fabric.

    • Excellent article. I watched an interview with Darren Beattie where he made a very similar point: that Big Tech is pretty much integrated into the security apparatus of the State – to the point where there’s a revolving door between NSC/State Dept and Silicon Valley. It’s why the Legislature never takes any meaningful steps against censorship.

  29. I think Jonathan Bowden called our situation “left-wing capitalism.”

    That’s not a bad summary. If you think about it, capitalism has never been right-wing or conservative according to any real definitions of those words.

    It doesn’t promote a sound mind or sound body for the individual. And as for groups, it absolutely shreds families, communities, races, and nations.

      • That’s why I use Kapitalism.

        My Cliff Notes understanding of Marx’s ‘Das Kapital’ is that some rich men soon discover that shifting resources from factory workers to lobbyists creates a far more exciting game.

        Edit: I just realized that “Liberal Fascism” is indeed entirely appropriate.

      • I think George has it. Take capital out of capitalism and you’re left with the things people defend, like (regulated) markets and private property. Capitalism = usury + a couple of things you like to make it palatable.

  30. No amount of lying can change that realty and eventually, there will be a word for it.

    Oh, there’s a word for it. Our rulers are using whatever parts of various “ism” movements of the past – fascism, communism, etc. – work to solidify their power and bring pain to their ancient enemy.

    There’s no word describing the current political philosophy because it’s not a philosophical movement. It’s an ethnic group ruling over other ethnic groups out of fear and hatred and a feeling of superiority. There’s nothing deeper to what going on.

    • Someone on Gab yesterday was comparing the perpetual war of Islam’s Jihad with the perpetual Jewish war on the rest of us, or “Jewhad,” which I thought was a pretty good term.

      • as far as the Chuckie Schumers of the world are concerned, we are all all Palestinians and deserve the same treatment and fate

        Normie will never grasp it and meanwhile slobber all over muh Israel

  31. OT: Sometimes I agree with David Cole over at Takis, but he swung and missed today. His column is an angry rant against the Capitol protest.

    “Look how leftists occupied the Wisconsin State Capitol during the 2011 anti–Scott Walker protests!” “Look how leftists occupied this park and that city hall and that bank lobby during the Occupy Wall Street protests!”

    And as I read those posts and DMs, all I could think of was the scene in Red Dawn (no, not the remake, which doesn’t exist in my universe) between Colonel Bella and General Bratchenko, and the three words Bratchenko used to shoot down Bella’s advocation of U.S. Vietnam War tactics:

    Y perdieron, Ernesto.

    “And they lost, Ernesto.”

    The anti-Kavanaugh occupiers lost. The 2011 anti-Walker occupiers lost. The Occupy Wall Street occupiers lost (in that their months-long exercise in poor hygiene and rape changed nothing regarding Wall Street). Smart humans would look at those losses and say, “That’s a tactic I shall not try.” But the right doesn’t have many smart humans. It has children who look at those unsuccessful tactics and say, “Weeeeee, that looks like a hoot! Let’s fail like them, knowing that we’ll be judged harsher for it!”

    Except, no, they didn’t lose. Who has the power now? The forces behind the Kavanaugh protests, the forces opposed to Scott Walker, the forces behind Occupy Wall Street. Only a fool thought that Occupy Wall Street was about actually making changes on Wall Street. The deluded fools camping in the street may have thought so, but the money and organization behind the scenes came from people who got rich off Wall Street. Those protests weren’t unsuccessful. They accomplished exactly what they set out to accomplish. Cole just doesn’t understand that what they were trying to accomplish was something besides the moment. His focus on “those unsuccessful tactics” belies the fact that he missed the strategy.

    If only we’d being playing with an equally effective strategy, using public demonstration and the ever-present whiff of street violence to intimidate and cow our enemies.

    • I think you are on to something. Those leaders, we don’t have, may emerge in a climate of permanent protest. BLM, ANTIFA won, because they did something, slow and steady month after month.

      Maybe we need to start doing that…. Monday is a date for me….Lobby Day…

    • I think he is trying to keep up with Z tbh

      I think Z being over there is stealing a little bit of his thunder and crowding out his niche he made for himself.

  32. The essence of it is anti-white/anti-normalcy fascism, but we need a better name. It’s closer to fascism than classical communism because it’s racialized and because of the cooperation between corporation and state. But it’s not classical fascism because of its inversion of values. Satanic fascism perhaps, except Satan doesn’t have the same ring today as it used to.

    • Fascism requires a charismatic.leader. The corporate leaders were always to be subordinate to the big man. It’s manly in that way

      what we have is sort of a non hierarchical bitchy petty and vindictive feminine vagina-ism that takes little effort

      • Another saving grace. Ever worked for a female boss? Even the most tyrannical queen bee wants meetings, endless meetings, that are total hen parties. Rule by a committee of menopausal cat ladies has never been tried, because no group in the history of the human race has been so stupid as to try it. Our “government” will soon be nothing more than a faculty meeting of the English Department at a third-rate junior college… and that’s GOOD, comrades.

        • I have a similar sense of things

          The feminine nature of it all and their inability to keep a focus on anything for too long is why I, unlike many here, don’t take this “totalitarianism” that seriously. I think it is very serious if you get caught in the crosshairs, sure, but what I mean is more its long-term viability. And the minute a serious world event occurs, whatever it may be, all of it will be forgotten or either subordinated to its rightful place at the bottom of the totem pole.

          Not to mention that it is built on electricity, perhaps superfluous electricity. Spare electricity. If there is ever a rationing of electricity, such as in a natural disaster or power outage, someone’s Twitter feed is going to be the last thing anyone cares about when you need to focus the electricity you have into necessities.

          Why going green may not be a bad idea after all lol. Like I was saying yesterday, there is a lot of internal contradictions in the liberal program where exploiting them and infiltrating the democratic party may be a path to consider. Obviously they are not aware of how dependent their schemes (doxing, etc) are on the abundance of cheap electricity to power all of these internet devices and the associated bandwidth. Try doing all of this when yo are getting your electricity from windmills.

          • I have to disagree. Stalin deliberately decimated his officer corps when they were most needed, but the Russians came together and fought like hell against the Germans anyhow. It helped that the Germans spurned the Ukrainians who initially welcomed them as liberators, but patriotism is a powerful force. Come a national crisis (losing a regional conflict to China, or whomever) and a lot of normies will snap into patriotard mode. They’re wired that way, and the smallhats and womyn count on that.

          • “… the Russians came together and fought like hell …”

            There was both carrot and stick involved.

            Soviet propaganda did a complete shift from repression of to acceptance of Russian nationalism and tolerance of Orthodox symbolism. This was a major retreat.

            Also, not to be underestimated is that it was an existential war and the Russians KNEW IT. If they lost, their fates were certain to be either slavery or (for most) death.

          • Have to disagree. What you say fits the Soviet national purpose DURING the war, but after the war the Soviets were brutal with the Ukranians, with anyone unfortunate enough to have been a POW or a civilian under German occupation. A lot of them ended up being accused of being a traitor etc., so shot or off to Gulag. In other words, no better, indeed worse, than were or would have been under the Germans, and that “reward” for being loyal to the Motherland. Stalin’s treachery is on a scale rarely equalled in world history. Things improved markedly after his death, early 1950s.

          • If the Green energy folks are successful with their agenda, widespread electricity rationing is more likely 🙂 Exhibit A: California

      • Fascism has a nationalistic aspect to it. Our current overlords have zero tolerance for the “bundle” part of that concept. The word has no place in our current conflagration. Oligarchic Tyranny works for me.

    • Good point, fascism in itself is not evil, thats what I got from Z’s podcast on the matter. Fascism was a political system invented to fill in the void left by the kiling off of monarchies..No?

      • My Italian grandfather summed it up thusly:

        Communism was Jewish, and Fascism was Catholic

        There was a significant religious battle to it that no one is allowed to mention anymore but that’s how people on the ground saw it and understood it. It was common knowledge.

        • Except that there were Jews in the Fascist movement in Italy and there was no anti-Jewish action in Fascist Italy until Benito allied with mustache man.

      • Fascism is a means, a type, a system. It may not be a completely neutral means, but to what end that system is put goes a long way towards determining its desirability.

  33. “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.”

    “Divide and conquer.”

    They are coming after us with a vengeance, that much is clear. It’s become very easy on their part, why? Because we are not unified. We may be “armed to the teeth” but until we use those arms in a unified way as any army would, we are atomized and when the Stasi show up at our doors at 3 AM, not even your neighbor will be able to come to your aid. The Left is counting on this.

    Until we have a Hannibal, Alexander, Frederick, Washington, Patton return to our midst to UNIFY us, we are toast. Even in your log cabin in the middle of Montana you are no longer safe.

    The Left knows you will comply. They bank on it. Oh, and now they control the banks too.

    • “A million people dropping nails in Amazon’s Food Dispensary parking lots will do more than a handful of armed soldiers”…or something like that.

    • I’d like to think I’d go down shooting. I have no family, so what do I have to lose? That Solzehnisyn quote about individuals standing up to those raids, stuck with me. Those citizens didn’t have guns either.

      He said if those police started thinking they might not live through their shift, they might start to drag their feet on rounding up their fellow Russians.

      • And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.
        Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

      • Agree, but even better to band together with others in a White community – and report your woke neighbors for some thought or speech crime right before you move. All it takes is an accusation, on the neighborhood website or to the local gossip.

    • We would play right into their hands if we did what you ask because our enforcement system is designed to prevent such men from rising in the first place. They got sloppy and missed Trump but the next man who tries to rally white Americans will get a bullet in the noggin real fast.

  34. Start small.

    Asking people with the attention span of a hummingbird to “read this book/ essay” or “watch this podcast” is a bridge to far. Try it on your basset hound. The results will be the same.

    Chilling and grilling is a real thing: people want to be left alone. Pointing out that they live in a one party dictatorship is not REAL to them. They have always voted and they think having a chance to vote again in the next election is the solution.

    Drop small hints for those who can be made aware, talk about the weather or something else harmless for those who would destroy you (“Did you see this week’s picture of Queen Kamahema on the latest cover of X magazine?”) and plan like your life depends on it.

    • chilling and grilling is the domain of people with a 110 IQ

      There are going to be way more of them than people like us. It takes quite a bit of brain power to see through the charade. Also takes intellectual courage, but you have to at least have an intellect. These other people simply don’t have the juice.

      People will find their role when the time comes, I have to think. Always seems to be the case.

      • “People will find their role when the time comes, …”

        This is good sense, not to stress because so many people cannot understand what is happening around them. It has always been thus. All empires die. We are not the first people to find ourselves as leaves in the hurricane of a collapsing society. I have no doubt it was the same for our predecessors.

        • All empires die. We are not the first people to find ourselves as leaves in the hurricane of a collapsing society. 
          when an empire dies, it’s usually replaced by another piece of shit empire. There’s never a period of pleb happiness and freedom:
          babylon/persia, byzantine/ottoman, tsarist/soviet
          others just change hq or name:
          rome/constantinopole, habsburg/austro-hungarian, london/washington
          others get conquered:
          aztec/spanish, mughal/british, muslims/mongols

    • They have always voted and they think having a chance to vote again in the next election is the solution

      If nothing else, I am hopeful that the current election shenanigans will disabuse at least a fair number of them of this delusion. Perhaps that is the best thing the Trump presidency has done for this country.

      110 IQ is more than enough to grasp the current farce that is this country. I think it has more to do with wishful thinking that it will all turn out OK in the end rather than an actual lack of sufficient mental chops, at least for the 110 crowd.
      In other words, it is more a matter of will than intellect.

      • Yes, but 110 or above includes 25% of the population? Even if all were willing, that’s a lot of clueless people to overcome in the remaining 75%.

  35. It’s pretty easy to get blackpilled with all this stuff. When you realize the state, corpacracy, academia, media etc., is one yuge hive minded blob that won’t accept any dissent, period. There’s virtually no place to turn – sure, we can have our own little communities, for now. But it’s like being on a life raft in a turbulent sea of madness. It’s going to take something significant to upend this apple cart – I just hope it’s a lot sooner than later. With the left going balls to the wall, it may very well be.

    • one yuge hive minded blob

      Its true, its like a mind virus, with common symptoms. People catch it, and can’t let it go.

      Which is why it can almost be compared to a religion, or a cult.

  36. Any thoughts on Curtis Yarvin’s latest screeds on power? His last post goes on about oligarchic power (i.e. the power structure in the US) and spontaneous coordination, and applies his base thesis that the madness we’re seeing is not being wielded by any particular person or group, but is an organic formation borne by predatory human instincts, or something. Therefore the likes of Jamie Dimon are not commanding corporate fascism, rather are subservient to the whims of the predatory ether. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this Talmudry.

    • Link to Yarvin’s article?

      I generally like Yarvin. He has his own biases of course, but someone on our side that is willing to put ideas into the public is doing us a service. Don’t let prefect be the enemy of good.

        • I’m not 100% sure I agree with Yavin, but I think his perspective on oligarchic power might make sense.

          I read the article, and this is my TLDR: founders don’t control the ideology of their companies. Rather they are controlled by the press or “cathedral”. There is no easy way to regulate this now (i.e., Section 230 repeal doesn’t offer clear solution).

          Yarvin has worked in tech and lived in the Bay Area for a long time, so when he talks about how tech companies operate I tend to think he might be right. His article discusses oligarchs/tech in the abstract, but I would imagine he knows people at the top of the big companies in the valley. For example, I would be surprised if he didn’t have some connection to Peter Thiel. And, of course, Thiel funded Zuckerberg, so if Yarvin knows Thiel at all he knows Zuckerberg as well — if not in person, then through Thiel. Now he can’t write an article that says “this is what Zuckerberg thinks” without disclosing personal information, but maybe he can describe Zuckerberg’s thought process in general in an article. So, basically, if we make a few reasonable assumptions about what Yarvin knows, we maybe get a valuable piece of correct information regarding how tech operates. Which is important at this moment as censorship descends on dissidents on the right.

          I also work in tech (but I much less connected than Yarvin). IMO, tech founders these days are introverted beta incels with STEM backgrounds. Once they get rich they have the freedom to be uninvolved in the day to day operation of their companies (Musk is exception here), which they are happy to do since they don’t like talking to people. So the people that push/make key decision regarding censorship might not the founders, but people a layer below them (e.g., Susan Wojcicki types). Big tech these days hire out of Ivey league and top international schools. For sure, these companies don’t look anything like the American demographic. And while the company founder might be a white dude, if we look at the company as a whole there are lots of ivory tower STEM people (again, most of these guys have never worked a blue collar type job), woke ladies, asian STEM types, LGTB/token minorities etc all having no connection to or sympathy for core Americans. So the structure is setup where the top guy is checked out and personnel in the org as a whole has no interest in representing tradition US citizen values or interests. This, IMO, is the origin of the bias.

  37. Debate about political semantics is, in my experience, a black hole. A lot goes in, and no light comes out.

    Instead of a forced repurposing of old words which carry many and contradictory old connotations, I just use “left-wing totalitarianism” for their thing.

  38. Fakeandgayism. Globohomo. Rainbow prison. Don’t sound good enough to stick, unfortunately, but we’ll find something.

    • Globohomo really is the best single word to capture the malignancy of their thing.

      But respectable historians might be too squeamish to use it.

      I did find it funny to hear the term, though, in a book review by one of the more respectable and genteel right-wing book reviewers, Charles of the Worthy House:

    • I never got the “globohomo” thing. People have told me its about how coorporations see the homosexual as the perfect person, worker adn consumer because they have no family possibility. Is that what the term means?

      • Picture and American embassy flying the rainbow flag in some Third World shithole. It’s the duty of the American empire to spread homosexuality to the further reaches of the globe, including Afghanistan.

        • I’ve seen a Hillary-esque US ambassador puff her chest out and proudly introduce a vibrant deputy chief of mission (#2 in the embassy) and his white, Swiss husband in a developing Islamic country.

          The local VIPs were not amused.

          The happy couple were the gay BFFs of a few dozen ambassadors’ wives.

          Our tax dollars at work.

        • I’ve always felt that both meanings of the second half serve the term simultaneously and equally well.

  39. Whatever the word is, what we have is lazy.

    you can sit on your butt playing with yourself and push a computer key to ruin someone’s life.

    wonder what would happen if these people actually had to exert themselves

      • I’ve seen many millennials in action.

        the totalitarian thing we are living through has a bug zapper quality to it. If they can’t zap away their enemies in a millisecond, they lose interest

        notice it too with the language. When they say so and so “destroys” so and so, it’s never a direct confrontation where someone wins an debate or argument or gets in the best put down leaving the other guy embarrassed. It’s always one guy saying something by himself and to himself and his followers about someone else and that someone else is nowhere to be found.

        very video gamey

        • > the totalitarian thing we are living through has a bug zapper quality to it. If they can’t zap away their enemies in a millisecond, they lose interest
          Vox Day noticed this in his book All SJWs Lie. For all his other faults, noticed that the woke mob was rapid in mobilization but slowed down in enthusiasm rapidly without easy victories.
          The woke institutions are much more patient, but standing firm and refusing to apologize may at least save your own hide.

        • I observed this, too, when statues were toppled last year and they gathered around them, blankly staring, and moved on to new things within minutes. The loss of art and history never even had time to register.

        • That’s going to be a major saving grace for us. I have lots of experience with college kids. To say they have the attention span of goldfish is an insult to goldfish, who are chess grand masters by comparison. I’m not saying everything’s going to be fine — everything is going to be shit, for a long time — but just keeping your head down lets you duck a lot, because they’re as lazy as they are arrogant.

          • People with short attention spans are also very easy to manipulate. If we can get a few people of our people with prestige and push a few good memes, their views will change to the point that they will forget about their shitlib views from just a few months ago.
            Pathetic way to life a life, but we’re not the cause of it.

          • True. Social media has really shortened attention spans, I think. The immediate gratification of meaningless “likes,” and moving on to get something else “liked,” is being played out off line now.

    • I’ve made that point many times. Our rulers are complete wimps compared to fascists, communists and dictators of the past. Those guys were willing to get their hands very dirty – and possibly lose their lives – to achieve and retain power. This group is unwilling to do either.

      The slightest on-the-ground push back and these guys fold.

      • I teach these people and they are soft. They have lots of hard men to fight for them as long as the money flows. But the top echelon ivy league kids will not be able to deal w any real violence. Its not like i am hard as nails but i boxed and i know that only a few of the athletes could take a punch.

    • Turn off their electricity and we will see how little power they really have.
      Really their strength is based on not sheer force of numbers or legions of hard men but on having control of communications. If they’re server farms go dark and the cell towers get no juice they become impotent,. Their few enforcers then become isolated and easily dealt with.

  40. We will not see true fascism or communism from either the politicos or the corporations. They may try, but they can only fail. Those people are so pathetic that real commies would purge cretins like Biden and Pelosi. The fascists would send them straight to the lime pits or the ovens.
    I think these guys are best defined by CH as “shitlibs”. They are morons that temporarily have the field. They’ll either break the country up, or they’ll be overthrown by the real commies, fascists… or Americans.

    • I often recommend Gottfried’s book Fascism, History of an Idea, because he covers all the flavors of fascism. The roots concept that holds them all together is the combination of absolute state power and corporate power. In theory, the other seat at the table was for labor, but in reality the state took it upon themselves to speak for labor. This is what we see in our age.

      • “the state took it upon themselves to speak for labor.”

        Labor, say hello to your new spokesman, Marty Walsh.

      • Not a particularly easy book to find in actual print, I might add. That’s usually a tell for “naughty think”.
        (Hard to find and no kindle version is heretical think)

      • I misspoke – I am referring to the players themselves. I simply cannot see a crone like pelosi, or a potato like Biden having the steel it would take to affect such changes. Nor flimps like Zuckerface or Dorsey.

        • They don’t need steel, their hatred of BadWhites is more than sufficient. They will send you or any BadWhite neighbor to camps or the guillotine on a whim, because life is entirely digital and anything which upsets their sense of ‘specialness’ must be banished. Give the eternally resentful nerds and fat cat ladies and browns/blacks/yellows trappings of power and office and high tech means to enforce their will, and it’s as simple as Wonderland’s Queen – “Off with their heads.”

          • Again… if they don’t have the steel themselves, they have to get it elsewhere. They’ve been crapping all over the police and military for five decades… I can’t see them going all in with their war on America… but we’ll see I guess.

      • The current regime lacks fundamental characteristics that make fascism a misleading descriptor. Most notably, fascism was nationalist movement mean to serve a specific race/ethnicity. The current regime denies the concept of race/ethnicity (but comically, not “racism”). They are dead set on marginalizing the founding stock of the country. Mass immigration was the exact opposite of fascist policy.
        Second, the fascist regimes of the last century used government power to improve the lot of the common man. Many progressives in the US were initially supportive of the fascist regimes — and back then the progressive movement was focused on the well being of working class families, trust busting, etc., not on b*tt sex and mentally ill men in skirts. Today’s regime hates the (white) working class and has deputized the tech monopolies to serve as the thought police and destroy the lives of bad thinkers and their families.
        Finally, the fascist regimes focused on building up the national economy. (One of the reasons for German expansion under the Nazis was to gain access to natural resources.) Today’s regime are hyper-globalists.

        • The current regime denies the concept of race/ethnicity (but comically, not “racism”).

          Putting aside the fact that the Left has no issue with contradiction, their logic, as I understand goes:

          1. There is no such thing as race/ethnicity, but
          2. Race/ethnicity can be, and is, socially constructed; therefore
          3. One can be racist by adhering to and acting upon socially constructed concepts of race/ethnicity.
          • They assume that white people are the ones who have manufactured and sustained a white identity.
            How do you know the race of the people who first began white identity?
            If your job is to represent the “other”, to whom are you representing?

          • (Corllary) 4 You can accuse or denounce someone as a racist whenever it is expedient to do so, to advance your side’s agenda.

        • A more fundamental question: All the social changes point to a deterioration, a weakening of the country (ours or others). Is this all actually part of an evil long range plan? Perhaps. If so, who is most likely to benefit? If it’s actually just rot caused (mostly) by unintended consequences of good intentions, similarly: What opportunistic outside powers are likely to mop up in the end?

  41. The rest of the world, particularly Europe, has noticed the United States has descended into totalitarian madness. This is a problem for the Empire, which has tried to import the same brand of anarcho-corporatism, for want of a better word, to the rest of the world. Chancellor Merkel’s muted criticism of the censorship of President Trump is something we never would have seen ten years ago.

    A name for the present regime will arrive. You will know it when there is an all-out campaign to suppress the label.

    The Woke/Anti-White insanity is a religion promoted as an opium of the madness. The primary purpose is to distract from the class-based nature of what is happening and to prevent a political and cultural movement to counter it. So far it has worked quite well.

    • Anarcho-corporatism is not a bad start. Corporate authoritarianism is another option. Sadly, a big liar already polluted the term “liberal fascism” as that would have been useful.

      • The word has to have a reference to “tech”

        and one of the qualities of it that I see is just how lazy it all is. No one has to work hard to ruin someone. Push a button, send an email.

        a video game quality to it where you can ruin someone in real life like killing them in an online shooter

        • Good point about tech. This type of technology is truly unique in history. While there are of course no new sins or a new moral system or new human nature, there are new things that allow for our human nature to run amok. The internet, and like you say, video game quality to ruining peoples lives.
          Gossiping and character defamation could never have happened like this in the age of newspapers and letters. The speed, the anonymity…

          i think you’re right, tech must be in there somewhere…

      • Ha.

        I’m not even certain that fits because “liberal” implies some beliefs antithetical to the present system. But even if it could have been shoehorned to work, yeah, that grifter already had ruined the term. Incidentally, I read he plagiarized much of his material from the Claremont Institute (I think), which is irrelevant in a way but quite funny.

        • Addition: In the irony of ironies, the LIBERAL FASCISM author has globbed onto the movement he described.

      • Edit: hadn’t read further, “Corporate authoritarianism” is even better.

        We need bumper stickers! No explanation needed, meme darts stick and seep in.

      • I will add, I have a very close relationship with a woman (well she sleeps with me) who works at a large corporation that builds undersea fiber links. Two companies buying intercontinental being built now are Google and Facebook, They are not just renting wavelengths but buying the entire active cable. One of the cool features in these modern-day links is the ability to not just recreate and amplify optical data but to have switches built into the undersea splitter nodes. They can shut-off or slow down the high-speed (as opposed to satellite data links) internet connectivity between whole continents. However, thinking about that, 100’s of thousands of deplorables pass innumerable aerial fiber nodes daily. I guess they too could be switches of sorts.

      • Cryptocorporate Totalitarianism. Communism is almost completely non-applicable because the major corporations own the gumperment and its feckless members rather than the other way around. We’ve officially hit all the tenets of totalitarianism. The political class always recites the script about hating the big corps and “making them pay their fair share” etc., but its all puppetry. And while the love affair between big tech and big gov is no secret, the continual usurpation on our basic freedoms and privacy takes place most effectively in the shadows of the webverse. Then, when the big tech corps want to avoid a temporary dip in their stock prices and require a little secrecy and plausible deniability, they unleash their army of nerd pawns with unlimited resources to quietly dox, silence, or de-platform anyone who dares criticize their moral (and total) authority with complete and unbridled support from the political class. The new “means of production” is information, and while the House of Hymen in DC may not own the techies, the techies are happy to do their bidding to continue the globalist back scratching cycle. Crazy that a movement can be so secretive and so overt simultaneously. If you don’t go quietly in the shadows they’ll cancel you publicly in the streets, and vice versa.

      • Globalism

        It’s short, elastic, and already out there.

        We can hammer out a clear definition after we win.

        Or not.

      • “Oligarchy”, anyone?
        According to Michels, all organizations eventually come to be run by a “leadership class”, who often function as paid administrators, executives, spokespersons or political strategists for the organization. Far from being “servants of the masses”, Michels argues this “leadership class,” rather than the organization’s membership, will inevitably grow to dominate the organization’s power structures. By controlling who has access to information, those in power can centralize their power successfully, often with little accountability, due to the apathy, indifference and non-participation most rank-and-file members have in relation to their organization’s decision-making processes. Michels argues that democratic attempts to hold leadership positions accountable are prone to fail, since with power comes the ability to reward loyalty, the ability to control information about the organization, and the ability to control what procedures the organization follows when making decisions. All of these mechanisms can be used to strongly influence the outcome of any decisions made ‘democratically’ by members.

    • No matter what is settled on as a ‘proper’ name at the end of the day there is one thing it is 100% as it has all the hallmarks of one. It is a Theocracy.

      The Islamic Republic of Iran most resembles the current leftist incarnation of the US government. Instead of Allah you simply swap Diversity and the rest of oppressive regimes edicts & customs fall into place neatly. Further, the dissenters are going to start getting treatment that is closer & closer in nature to what you’d see in a place like that.

    • “anarcho-corporatism”!

      By gum, I can’t stand the foggy abstract terms our enemies invented. People end up sounding like woke feminist undergrads arguing such vague idiocies as “socialism vs capitalism”.

      Give me terms that describe the means and method, such as ‘anarcho-corporatism.’

  42. Why not use the word communism ? One weird thing in our side is that we desperately try to invent beautiful words describing our enemies. Liberal left, snowflakes, anarchists, activists or whatever , just only it must sound beautiful and never associate with any bad thing.

    • Because communism has a meaning and a history. Calling our corporate masters communist is as rational as calling the leprechauns.

      • Calling our corporate masters communist is as rational as calling the leprechauns

        Well Z, our current masters are usually quite short, are experts of trickery and by God do they love that pot of shekl–erm, gold! Maybe Leprechauns is a good term for them afterall!

      • China CCP Inc? Aren’t our corporate masters all Jack Ma? Seems Communism is very compatible with corporations. Wal Mart and Apple are at this point owned one way or another by China CCP inc.
        It’s a good label. No one likes traitors allied with a nasty foreign power that can’t even make quality goods.

      • I know enough about politics that “Communist” regimes, at least USSR and later China, deviated wildly from the ideals, they were anything but Communist in practice. Sort of like comparing the Christianity propounded in the Gospels to what followed in execution.

    • Boomercon bromides like calling people they don’t like a communist is a waste of time. Google, a company nearly worth a trillion dollars, openly embraces those who call themselves communists. It’s one of those words now that works against you using it by default.

      • Cucks and Karen’s hate that they aren’t respected as much as dominant white males. People at work only talk and listen to Karen because they have to. Chad doesn’t need to say or do anything to prove himself because people already know who’s in charge.

        Karen thinks that cramming more words into the meeting will make people respect her. But it doesn’t and never will – because these people are ignorant of basic human biology.

      • And that’s why the USA is becoming a Nerd World country. I live in a Third World country and far prefer it to a Nerd World country.

    • I agree with those pointing out that “communist” is hackneyed and even a badge of honor with many, but the point remains that we need a continually evolving lexicon of insults and terms of derision. DESTROYING them with FACTS and REASON is a fool’s errand. They’re middling intellects, mediocrities of the highest order, who fancy themselves the best and the brightest. Every time you laugh at their pretensions, it cuts to the bone and puts them on the defensive. Every term that we use to tar them, like NPC, should be instantly recognizable as shining a spotlight on their shortcomings.

      • To add one thought, the reason NPC is more effective than commie, is that former pulls them out from the herd, paints them as an outsider, which they can’t stand. Calling them a commie allows them to believe they’re part of a team, which is reassuring to them. The insult has to be very personal.

    • Decrying “communism” is to be trapped in a 20th century paradigm. Communism is based on economics. Reality is based on racial tribalism.

  43. Since the last few years, but especially in the last 6 months, I have ceased to believe anything I’ve been taught to believe about the most significant man in (recent) history.
    Growing up “fascism” simply meant a kind of strong man government.

    Z’s podcast on fascism, lets talk about fascism, haha, was the first time I heard any serious discussion of the subject.
    We’re in a pickle, most people would have no idea about the corporate aspect of fascism. I’ve talked to these people they are not interested in learning anything.

    • Here’s always been my logic

      i know lots of Germans and I have never known one who was capable of the atrocities they assign to all Germans.

      I have known lots of Jewish people, and I’d say 95% of them would make up shit to hurt German people and everyone else

      • Maybe luck, I’ve had some great Jewish friends, including one guy who had my back when nobody else would and probably saved me from ruin.

        With that said, those guys would circle the wagons when zionism or related topics came up in conversation. Some self-policing would do them well.

        • I’ve always had great relationships with J*ws as well lol. I’m also not a sucker and I will call out bullshit if somebody is trying to pull a fast one on me.

          The lack of in-group awareness from the average white gentile is what’s putting us in such a dangerous position. You can be friendly/polite with each other while being aware of the racial boundaries and agendas.

          But yes when Zionism comes up they go mad.

          • Not being a sucker— I think that’s it. They all seemed to respect it. Especially the guy I was closest to, he opened up when I kept taking him on sports bets and forgiving the debt. Life is full of stereotypes lol.

            Yep, whites need to be more tribal these days. It’s the only way we’ll survive.

          • when you call them out, they will suck up to you

            From their POV, you have to think that here they are telling a gentile a load of b.s. but he just sits there nodding his head. Would you respect the person? Would you consider that person anything but a moron? Why I think they deeply loathe evangelicals with the muh Israel stuff. When I worked corporate among a number of them, the hatred they had for evangelicals was off the charts.

          • Like a couple of black guys I work with. I know part of them hates me, they know part of me is watching them. It’s understood and respected, even obliquely talked about, so we get along just fine.

          • Yeah.

            I know. They know I know. I know they know I know. The “blacker” the black, the better understanding we have. Mulattoes are nasty, and upper middle class blacks are pretty insecure too.

            It’s pretty funny. We’re almost smiling.

            Whites are the only group who don’t have that subconscious radar going on.

        • I have had good relationships with a few on a personal level.

          But money is involved here, and the moment that comes into play they change. It’s bizarre, but the person you think you know flips a switch. Destroying Germans had a huge financial incentive behind it. Not to mention their vindictive nature when they feel bested by a gentile.

          And I will say this. I think a lot of the Trump hatred is because Trump, for all intents and purposes, is the first Jewish president. At least in the popular mind. New Yorker. Big finance. And they are livid that he got there ahead of them.

          • True, but I don’t trust whites blindly either when it comes to money. Only a fool would imo. There’s plenty of us making blood money, too, sad to say.

      • That’s because you have exclusively cultivated ties with Aryan rapists that enable your hobby. You need to think outside of the box to understand those closest to you.

      • During WWII Russian Orthodox priests paradropped from German aircraft to blow up or photograph Soviet infrastructure. Why did they do it? Because they rightly surmised they would be allowed to practice their religion under the Nazi regime but not under Communism.

        from Rudel, Hans Ulrich. “Stuka Pilot.”

        Now I take up the file of photographs of the factories in question and study them with interest. I see that a high percentage of them are already underground and are therefore partly unassailable from the air. The photographs show the dam and the power station and some of the factory buildings; they have been taken during the war. How can this have been done? I think back to my time in the Crimea and put two and two together. When I was stationed at Sarabus and keeping myself fit by a little putting the weight and discus throwing after operations a black-painted aircraft often used to land on the airfield, and very mysteriously passengers alighted. One day one of the crew told me under the seal of secrecy what was going on. This aircraft carried Russian priests from the freedom-loving states of the Caucasus who volunteered for important missions for the German command. With flowing beards and dressed in clerical garb each of them carried a little packet on his chest, either a camera or explosives according to the nature of his mission. These priests regarded a German victory as the only chance of regaining their independence and with it their religious liberty. They were fanatical enemies of world Bolshevism and consequently our allies. I can still see them: often men with snow white hair and noble features as if chiselled out of wood.

        From the deep interior of Russia they brought back all kinds of photographs, were months en route and generally returned with their mission accomplished. If one of them disappeared he presumably gave his life for the sake of freedom, either in an unlucky parachute jump or caught in the act of carrying out his purpose or on his way back through the front. It made a profound impression on my mind when my informant described to me the way these holy men unhesitatingly jumped into the night, sustained by their faith in their great mission. At that time we were fighting in the Caucasus and they were dropped in different valleys in the mountains where they had relations with whose help they proceeded to organise resistance and sabotage. It all comes back to me as I puzzle over the origin of the photographs of these industrial plants. 

        • In his Gulag Archipelago, Solshenitsyn writes at length about the huge numbers of Russian defectors supporting or even fighting for the Germans.
          Also, he describes the joy in his home town of Rostov-on-Don when the local Orthodox cathedral was reopened for church services by the German occupational authorities after it had been closed, due to the communist regime, for years, if not decades.

          • Conversely, and just proves the above points, Sozhenitsyn also points out how loyal Soviets who’d fought against the Germans and had the bad luck to be taken captive, upon release, or even voluntarily returning from the free West after the war, often were charged as traitors and shot or sent to the gulags. For their part, the Germans were more apt to treat the invaded peoples quite barbarically. Their exploitation of these Orthodox priests was just that. If they’d treated the conquered lands a bit more humanely (was that even possible?) it is quite possible the war would have had a different outcome.

    • Is fascism “corporatism” or is fascism a government that is explicitly devoted to the founding stock of the country?

      The “most significant man in history” was not wrong.

      • Fascism is chauvinistic and racist. In its present form, it is black chauvinism combined with anti-white racism.

  44. This new thing is Totalitarianism^2. Why try to take over the economic functions of private industry when it will happily work hand in glove with the State?

  45. They’re not lying to be believed, in fact they want you to know they’re lying. This is a demonstration of raw power to show who is the master and who is the slave. Dominance and submission, a playbook as old as mankind.

    • And in this kind of political struggle, symbolism is everything. It’s why politics will always be downstream from culture. Culture is a raw commodity that can be the most potent weapon in a politician’s arsenal. It is the kinetic energy of politics. Too bad the Stupid Party can’t figure this out.

        • Assuming we mean the same stupid party here, they are dominated by the desire for money above all else .That desire was so overwhelming that they allowed the US to be destroyed.
          In fact they preferred to turn the US into Brazil meets Cuba rather than allow wages to go up and people to have better lives. The burned the US down to avoid the one wage, 30 hour work week America the 60’s assumed would happen.
          The Left now temporary allies will turn on them in time but it will be far too late by than.
          Until the DR realizes that the overly monied are as big an issue as the actual oligarchs as well that the the social fabric is more important than the rich, it will struggle.
          The working class we need, the middle class we need , the lower end of the upper deserve wealth. The rest are a menace. This sounds much like the old non Commie Left and the Populist Right believed but both were correct.
          A stable social fabric with high homogeneity and a balanced economy leads to a good society, if said society puts a boot on the necks of the mutants who destabilize the social fabric.

        • It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it. -Upton Sinclair

    • I’m not so sure about that. I interface with lots of these people and the the phrase “true believer” always comes to mind. The mistake we always make is to assume the other side shares our motivations.

      • No doubt. I’ve worked at all levels of government and it is well stocked with useful idiots. Those who rise to the top however are anything but, and I have no illusions they share my motivations. There is a particular type of human who wants to dominate everything (literally) and they frequently manage to assume power over the true believers, and we know how that ends.

      • Another mistake we make is sending out mixed signals. While it’s true that big tech companies need reined in by the government, we make it hard to do this when we continue to do business with them. We literally pay for the lobbyists they hire to suppress us. Boycotting them is a necessary precursor to returning them, yet few event try to make that measly sacrifice.

        • Not having Netflix is too much to ask for most dissidents.
          One dissident I used to follow got all butthurt because he got stuck in Disney World in Paris when the lockdowns first started.
          He had his single digit aged daughter in friggin Disney! This guy would do youtube videos on how Disney is pumping evil into children’s heads. He knows Disney is evil. Yet he cannot keep his daughter away from it. Perhaps he was just a shill, but then why do videos about how he and his daughter were stuck in Disney and advertise it?

          We’re always saying good times create weak men. This was a perfect example of a man so weak he could not stay away from Disney or Netflix.

          • To be honest, I’m not sure if it’s weakness, a lack of self-awareness, or just a surplus of stupidity that explains that behavior. Given what happened last Wednesday, I’m leaning towards stupidity. It’s like they have no mental to connect downstream consequences to present decisions.

      • Almost every white liberal that I meet truly believes everything that’s been thrown out over the past four years. Russia, Trump is Hitler, BLM, you name it.

        It’s hard to discern their motivations. It’s not fear of getting in trouble because they obviously believe the party line. They definitely hate rural (and, especially, Southern) whites, which is interesting because some of them are from the Midwest or South.

        I get the animosity of a certain tribe. They’re brought up on stories of how they narrowly escaped being wiped out by Badwhites. But the hatred – not dislike but hatred – of Goodwhites toward their own kin is a bit of a mystery to me.

        • NPCs really is a great term for them. No surprise they banned it. Too much truth. They always ban the truth.

          • From video games = Non Player Character. Essentially all the zombies and aliens you shoot, the random strangers in a bar, etc. In a film, they would just be called extras or some minor background character.

        • History is full of instances where elites massacred and sold out (in some cases literally) their own people for personal gain. There was just a brief period where that was discouraged but that discouragement was not due to brotherhood but the progressives wanting to seek power. First they undermined the old order by promising egalitarianism and then when they got power, erected their own form of elitism we see today. Poor and working class whites benefited from that brief stretch of egalitarianism but it was never meant to be.

          The middle class is a historical aberration and we are regressing to the mean. The only difference is who rules us but the disdain and sometimes hatred of the peasantry is different. Thanks to Marxism, there is a philosophical framework that has provided the legitimacy of the disenfranchisement of hundreds of millions of people. I know it’s a well worn talking point of saying state is the new religion but it is particularly applicable here.

          • Not only was it an aberration, but it was a 25-30 year aberration. Basically one generation hung onto it and that is despite the massive selling off of all that wealth.
            While the underclass never really truly went away, it was very small. But it has been steadily growing since the end of the 70s. It has been accelerating since the 90s.
            All those white men dying of opiate overdoses are the sons of factory workers getting paid good money and a good pension. All those starving cat women working at Buzzfeed and the like and “sex workers” are the daughters or grandaughters of the housewives those men should have had.
            The “elite” have overseen the dismantling of the wealthiest and happiest society that has ever been. There is no fate bad enough for them.

          • A great trick was fooling those cat ladies into thinking that lifestyle was “empowerment” when in reality it’s just a decline in living standards back to serfdom and poverty. Same thing with the bugman urban millenial – he think he’s living a cool and hip lifestyle but he’s actually a disposable wage slave.

            The non-urban lower class white men didn’t even get fooled I guess they just decided to die off.

            To be fair such a society could never be maintained with modern morals anyways, the levels of degeneracy and wealthy since the 1960s have always pointed to a decline.

          • EMPOWERMENT is the cheat code to reprogram a liberal, Western female to do whatever you want. She’ll happily participate in any depravity you can imagine—and some you can’t—if you convince her it will be empowering.

          • They want the “freedoms” of being a man without realizing that they are necessary because of the responsibility of providing for a family.
            At the core, society is simple
            Women are evolved, or created, take your pick, to do the single most important thing of any species, the bearing and nurturing of the next generation. Three billion years of success so far. Men are there to do all the other things necessary to make that successful. Two very different roles and competencies.

          • I’ve gotten in the habit of telling young women that brag about their careers that
            I too think its more important for you to shag my drinks than raise kids. Get to it.
            Which universally pisses them off – and also makes them think just exactly what they fuck their doing.

          • Tars: “The “elite” have overseen the dismantling of the wealthiest and happiest society that has ever been.”
            Very true. What too many (on both sides) often forget is that half of all White people have IQs below 100. These are not bad or evil or even exceptionally stupid people, but not everyone is born to be in damned STEM. A solid, functioning culture needs its truck drivers and factory workers who can earn a solid wage and raise a family from honest work. The jobs were deliberately exported and now men have no work and no family. A society of alien bugmen is no nation at all, merely a particular economic zone. Which, of course, is what they want, a world of varying economic zones all inhabited by the same mix of mystery meat, with a handful of leashed Whites to keep the lights on for the Davos/Bilderberg crowd.

          • Couldn’t agree more. That was my point. It is largely not the sons of the STEM workers killing themselves with dope. It is the sons of factory workers and other union men and men who worked hard.
            It’s not really even intelligence. A machinist, for example, generally does not need a college education, but you are just not going to meet a sub 95 IQ machinist.
            We have far too much “education” in America. It starts in Jr high school and just gets worse as you go forward. There are high schools in America where not a single “teen” can read, write or compute at grade level. None of these schools are in “rural” America.

          • Yep, why my own CivNat response to the world around us was to work with what you have and build an economy around it. We have lots of people of all races who simply don’t have what it takes to be in STEM or finance. So we need manufacturing and blue collar jobs. It’s our civic duty to create an economy that works for all.

          • Tractors destroyed more honest work than foreign trade did. While resenting foreigners is great fun, it’s good to remember that the Western war on menial jobs was a pincer attack, and one of the pincers is technology.

          • I don’t resent foreigners because it’s ‘great fun,’ but because they’re invading and colonizing my country. If you’re going to resent tractors you might as well resent the automobile because buggy whip makers lost their jobs. Anti-tech can, like anything else, be taken too far. There are still plenty of factory jobs in the world that will never entirely go away, they’ve just been offshored.

          • All of those jobs still exist, they just don’t exist in America because people decided that making a few extra dollars by putting a whole town out of work by off-shoring was a good thing.

          • Agree, except in motives. Of course humans are capable of great, deliberate evils. But I think, like the old expression, that much of what we think is malice is just stupidity, or even just innocent or even well-intentioned activity without regard for consequences. E.g. it wasn’t some evil Jewish/Communist plot to marginalize rural Whites by making them unemployed, it was driven by a capitalist desire for profits by minimizing costs (again, short term goals over long term costs.) A comparable, indeed worse in many ways, problem is that posed by our extant Negro population. Yes, they are a problem, but who brought them here? For what reasons?

          • True. In my reading of feudal Europe, what struck me the most was how deeply the nobility despised their own people.

            It does feel like we’re moving back to a feudal order where the elites control all of the wealth generating assets and the poor are basically slaves.

          • “You will own nothing and you will be happy”.

            I have been telling everyone who is willing to listen that what we face is not communism or even socialism but neo-feudalism.

          • Even our legacy populationof Melanic Hominids™ qualify; they were literally “sold” although most likley by a neighboring tribe, to European ships waiting in the harbor.

        • > It’s hard to discern their motivations. It’s not fear of getting in trouble because they obviously believe the party line. They definitely hate rural (and, especially, Southern) whites, which is interesting because some of them are from the Midwest or South.
          For a large portion of progressives, they believe what makes them feel powerful. They see in rural whites the sports jock who got all the girls, while nobody understood their moral and intellectual superiority. As our social structures break down and traitors are rewarded with social media accolades as opposed to rope, this is going to do nothing but accelerate.

        • It’s status signaling. Nothing deeper than that. I’m surrounded by these chowder heads and NPR is their Oracle. At least the older ones. The younger have been assaulted on all sides from birth and the ones with idiot or absentee parents get absorbed into the cult. One can read about the creatures telling the Big Lies in the Gospel of John.

        • If it helps, good whites aren’t actually kin to bad whites. There is real ethnic diversity among the melanin-challenged, so it’s a bit thick to believe that skin color alone is sufficient to inspire group loyalty in this instance. I recommend a book called the American nations for a more detailed analysis of the history of puritanical hatred of Southerners. The TL;DR is that it’s an extension of British class/ethnic strife from the 16th and 17th centuries.

          • if a white nationalistic movement were to emerge it would be sabotaged from the inside by other whites, mainly CHRISTIANS, who will attack other whites for being immoral(which means cucks).
            bad whites have always been plagued by the idea of fairness and morality, same shit can be seen in republicans, this is beyond politics, it’s the legacy of christianity on the white religious mind.
            Cleansing areas of blacks will be seen as evil, many whites will turn on each other if this were to happen.

          • “if”

            There’s the rub, isn’t it? It’s not Christianity that precluded white nationalism, it’s the fact that there is no “white” nation. The melanin-impaired in France don’t identify as white, or even European, they identify as French. Even in America, non-legacy whites identify themselves by their ancestral ethnicity (Irish, Italian, German, etc.) My ancestors fought the British in revolutionary war, and I still identify myself by my mixed ancestral ethnicity. The white identity doesn’t exist because there’s nothing to it beyond melanin content.

          • europeans are all cousins, that’s all that matters, a strong europe means a strong germany, a strong italy, a strong eastern europe, etc
            What would an irish gain if brits suffer? Do they realize they’re next?

          • makes me wonder if the aim of America with its “everyone is welcome” wasn’t some way to encourage mixing among the white tribes so they lose their sense of themselves and their real heritage, making them easier to manipulate.

          • Maybe. The catholic church has laws against consanguineous marriage, which helped eliminate small-scale intertribal conflict in Europe. Scaling away from tribalism seems to make cooperation more feasible on a large level, but as (((some))) have shown in recent times, the non-tribalistic can be dominated by the intensely tribalistic. I don’t know if I’d want constant tribal warfare like Africa, though, some I’m not sure if it’s best to encourage or discourage mixing.

          • It was a Jew in the 19 aughts who came up with the term “Melting pot”.
            Draw what conclusions you will from that.

          • In the 1970s, one of my high school history teachers wryly quipped that in the melting pot, it is the slag (waste) that rises to the top 🙂

          • What is the ethnicity of “legacy whites”?
            What was the ethnicity of the people who fought the British?
            Never really agreed with the well-used phrase: American colonists.
            American identity began with rejecting English identity.

          • White identity may not be a powerful reality, but the white race most assuredly exists. Russians and Portuguese, Icelanders and Bulgarians, share far more genetic material than they do with Asians, let alone sub-Saharan Africans. And the four nationalities I mentioned will be far more comfortable with one another than with anybody else because they share this little thing called Western civilization.

          • Alas, much of the history of Western Cvilization will show that most blood has been spilled between brothers. The story for non-white races is pretty much the same. Even the Old Testament offers us the first story of the “brotherhood of man”: Cain and Abel 🙁

          • At least we’ve reached the point where whites have some idea about what they want, though they’re still obstinate about what it would take to get there. The thought of automatically siding with some white person who is a stranger over a black guy who they might know, for instance, is completely foreign.

          • The thought of automatically siding with some white person who is a stranger over a black guy who they might know, for instance, is completely foreign.
            imagine if the black person starts crying and begging, I can’t imagine the cuckery that will unfold.

          • Yes, the study of the English civil war really opened my eyes to the history of conflict that came here pre made before the ships landed. The settlers in the North and in the South were from the beginning of different cultures.

        •  But the hatred – not dislike but hatred – of Goodwhites toward their own kin is a bit of a mystery to me.

          One of the most profound things Tucker Carlson has ever said was some unbridled RealTalk that he truth bombed last week. Watch from 7:00 to about 9:00 and you will get your answer.
          Many of them see shades of their roots in these people and where they ‘escaped’ from to get to Cloud City. The sheer thought of their prole upbringing fills them with utter hatred.
          It is also why they scream the loudest about RAYCISS! because those people have the financial means to keep diversity FAR away from themselves & their children. It fills them with intense guilt and anxiety which they then project onto everyone else who do not have the means to escape the bioweapon they want to deploy on everyone else. Watch & Learn:

          • There maybe be some truth to that. Are “nouveau riche” UMC and Upper Class whites a) more liberal and b) more likely to have actual poverty/trashy roots?

            I don’t see much hatred towards dirt people from wealthier white conservatives (people, not the idiots in the republican party). It’s more indifference. We are two separate groups.

            FWIW almost all the wealthier conservatives I know, their ancestors were doing fine back in the agrarian days too – either small farm owner or farm equipment mechanic etc. Over time the more intelligent moved to cities to do other work. Alot of liberals had ancestors doing shitty work as factory slaves etc.

          • The most annoying shitlib I know grew up in Alabama 70+ years ago and I suspect the family had a black mammy. Now she’s in constant signaling overdrive mode trying to wash clean her imaginary sins. The problem with these people in a nutshell is they have no standards. They just glide down the progressive river gathering up whatever flotsam and jetsam gets pushed out by the “enlightened” and incorporate it in to their incoherent world view.

          • I always wonder why people want into Cloud City, the land where everything is fake and mentally trashy. Is living among evil backstabbers that appealing?

          • They’re inclined toward being evil backstabbers themselves, so yes, it does appeal to them. Birds of a feather.

        • but hatred – of Goodwhites toward their own kin is a bit of a mystery to me.
          it pays for goodwhites to hate their own.
          if tables were reversed they’d love their own, they are pragmatic, they go with what the system tells them, hoping they get benefits from it.
          just look at media and entertainment, it’s filled with nobodies who got to that position only cause they are woke.

        • I see the hatred as social climbers hating and being ashamed of their roots

          The logical conclusion is that ambition and careerism selects for the type of people who would throw their own families under the bus to get ahead.

          The model is broken. Scouring the land for high SAT-scorers from the middle class and elevating them into prestigious universities and so forth has given us this hell. I’ll say what I believe knowing it may not be that popular, but if you don’t come from money and power you shouldn’t be given it or ever trusted with it. Yes, lots of rich people are garbage, but that can be said for every social class, but they are simply better equipped to run things — for better or for worse. People say “Trump took on the world and no one ever had to deal with the stuff he has.” In a word, that’s a crock. That’s only true if you lower your standards for what a great man is. Plenty of great men have faced FAR FAR worse and came out on top. That’s why they’re great and Trump, although I like him, was not and never will be.

          • I get your point here, but wonder how did those who are from “old” money get there in the first place and how do we replace those who drop out of that class, i.e., the end of such dynasties.

            Seems to me some societal mobility is a good thing.

          • Yes, this is covered in Charles Murray Coming Apart and no doubt other works. There has always (well, modern times) been a premium on high intelligence; it accelearted in the USA in the mid-20th century and is a dominant sorting mechanism today. Of course, it (inadvertently) sorts by race etc. since dim bulbs are more prevalent in some races than others.This has its downsides, not hte least of which is the intelligent are more apt to be removed from Spittoon County, where they might once have been locally successful. Instead, they are a mid-level grunt in a cubicle in a big city two thousand miles distant.

        • Pathological virtue signalling is one of the weaknesses of white people. Combined with out group preference it leads to whites fighting their neighbor and cousin and brother over outsiders. (The inverse of the old saw about Arabs)

          • Abolition is to the actual Civil War what BLM is to today’s cold civil war: a pretext for good whites killing bad whites.

        • Don’t forget that Green energy (Wind, Solar, etc.) and Electric Cars are already more economical than the fossil-fuelled tech they replace 😀

      • Something that struck me from the Capital protest was the left fervently running interference for…Mitch McConnell? Are they that stupid? Apparently the answer is yes. Anyone that dimwitted and unbalanced is prone to believe anything.

          • I get BigCorp shielding him, but even with the low opinion I have of the lefties in my wife’s social media timeline I’d think they’d remember what they were posting maybe a 100 hours earlier.

      • You’re both right: “To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies.”

        –Orwell on doublethink.

        (And for those people who complain that Orwell is quoted too much: nope, not having it. He was one of the greatest political psychologists of all time, and his truths, like those of any great thinker-writer, bear repeating.)

      • Oh, they really believe all right, to the bottom of their souls. Just to take a minor (in the grand scheme of things) example, the people I stay in touch with in academia are, to a persyn, convinced that COVID has killed millions, and that there are bodies rotting in the streets. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can convince them otherwise. They make the Q-tards look sane and reasonable. They remind me of nothing more than prisoners being led to the back room in the Lubyanka, yelling “wait until Comrade Stalin hears about this!”

        • A family member broke down and cried out of concern that I was going to die from COVID because I don’t follow lockdown rules. He is also destroying his mental health, and social life, by becoming a hermit to “fight COVID” – The virus has affected his health and life overall alot more than mine.

          The same person also said that Trump was “about equal to Hitler” which is quite a mind boggling claim… No these people don’t even deserve the right to vote.

          • There it is. I love pointing out to all the people in my mask-happy family that I, who refuse to wear the fucking thing and will urge retailers to throw me out and / or call the cops if they insist, am the only one who has been perfectly healthy all year. Not even a fucking sniffle. They, meanwhile, have had all sorts of problems, which of course send them into a tizzy every time. Is it COVID, ohmigod! No, darling, it’s just that you’re fucking up your own immune response by carrying around a germ-laden muzzle under your nose all the goddamn time.

          • Well, I guess it’s confession time.

            Shortly after Christmas, wife and I caught Covid. We don’t do masks and it looks like one of our friends got infected. That’s life.

            Wife had a runny nostril, I had a very slight cold. Kind of glad now. I freely admit to inculcating the 24/7 non-stop fear of agonizing death from this “scourge”—albeit I did not know how much until I got diagnosed.

            Folks, covid is not the end. Keep yourself strong and healthy—mentally and physically. You’ll do just fine.

          • How do you know you had COVID? The quick (PCR) test is close to worthless, and it’s unlikely you had the more detailed blood antibody tests done.

          • Same here. Wife and I are fervent anti-maskers and haven’t had so much as a cough since last March.

          • Working out, sleep, vit. D supplements , and a balanced diet including lots of red meat and fish will keep you much healthier than wearing the muzzle.

          • None of us have been sick, although younger son is forced to wear a mask at work. I always go on a cleaning binge after putting away the Christmas decorations, however, and I’m stirring up a ton of dust, which makes me sneeze repeatedly. If I do so in public, people are literally terrified and shy away.

      • The other side is feminine. They care about ends not means.

        Now that I think about it, that’s probably why everyone has been doing their damnedest to appease and avoid physical conflict. You can’t hit a woman after all!

      • Unfortunately Z, you are correct with the “true believer” description. My friend Henry retired from his PD job around twelve years ago after 25 years and walked away without a scratch. Five years ago he contracted MS and is now confined to a wheel chair. He has two daughters who he busted his ass for in terms of putting away money for their future and because of government school indoctrination, they now view him as the anti-Christ. I’ve witnessed both of them laying into him and the only thing missing is the frothing at the mouth.
        There is a maniacal gleam in their eyes while they do this and on a certain level, it is truly frightening. I spoke to him last week and he told me that he’s done. The wife won’t come to his defense because “They’re our daughters, what are we going to do?” “Bro.” he said, “If any of the scumbags you see on TV, or the web told them that they should turn in their parents, saying that the Utopia they want won’t be possible without it, they’d have that number on speed dial and they’d cheer as I was carted away.” he told me he will be moving in with his brother down in SC sometime this year and he will be selling his house and he’s going to tell the three of them that they’re on their own. I know it breaks his heart, I can hear it in his voice and I can recall a time when I would visit his home and his girls were very polite and well adjusted. He told me that there are two “teachers” in the local school to thank for it all and thanks to union rules, they can’t be fired.
        One thing he did mention to me was that if by some miracle he is still around after this is all over with, he says the worst punishment should be reserved for people like the two “teachers”. People who poison children against their parents/families and the country. That punishment should be long, slow and painful.

        • Steve: Truly sorry to read about your friend’s plight, but (even though this will be unpopular) he has to accept some blame for this. He didn’t teach his wife who was head of the family. He didn’t check what his girls were being taught, or teach them not to believe all that was pushed in school. I hope he does cut them all off – make certain his will is ironclad or everything he worked for will go to everyone that wants him dead.

          • You are correct. When he first told me of this, he said that he and his wife asked for a meeting with the teachers and complained, they did everything but laugh at them and I explained to him that he went about this all wrong.
            I told him that he should have spoken with the other parents of the kids that were in the class and then reached out to all of them in order to show up as a block. I told him that the two of you are easily dismissed, now if say almost a hundred pissed off parents show up at the school to complain, now that they can’t dismiss out of hand.
            As for prepping them for what they might encounter in the govt school, I’m not sure what he did, or didn’t do. I have asked him and he’s told me that he never went to college and that he used material from when he was in grade school back in the 70’s. He thought that would be enough.
            As I said, I wasn’t around 24/7 and therefore cannot really ascertain everything he did to prevent this. As for cutting them off, he did tell me that he has quietly contacted another friend at a law firm that specializes in this sort of thing and that it is being taken care of. We’ll see.

        • I guess I should be thankful that both my parents were teachers (conservative too, I mean not as ‘conservative’ as me, but then not many people are). It meant as a kid that it was impossible to pull one over on them, but it also meant that the school was never going to pull one over on them either.

    • For the first time in my life, I actually fear my own government.

      Because of the candidates I’ve sent $ to, the books I’ve read, donations to authors, even the party I nominally affiliated with. Legal activities all…but the wayback machine on life now has real world consequences that are progressively getting more and more harsh.

    • Classic rock tie-in (Z should like): “Dominance and Submission” is a rockin’ early 70s ballad by Blue Oyster Cult. As far as I can tell, it’s about some teens driving down to Times Square for New Years 1964.

    • Part of the problem, of course,is that what we are facing right now is Left-Wing Fascism, which is something of a new phenomenon in history. People tend to associate Fascism with physically fit marching white guys in cool uniforms, nationalism, and charismatic leaders, so when they see the crowd of autistic nebbishes, dysfunctional browns, grasping globalists, and hysterical wine aunts that are actually our ruling class, the last thing that they think of is Fascism, even though that is exactly what it is. Spandrell gets some things wrong, IMHO, but he’s absolutely right about Bioleninism – the rule of the least fit, because they are the least fit.

      • Wilson and the original Progressive movement was an iteration of what is happening now. The religion swapped racial aspects, but the common theme was improvement of man and salvation through agreeing with the tenets of the faith.

      • People tend to associate Fascism with physically fit marching white guys in cool uniforms, nationalism, and charismatic leaders,

        Which is why, perhaps, its so easy for the Left to use the F word on us

      • Thank gods for that. Getting booted from social media sucks. Getting sent to diversity training sucks. Loosing your job sucks worse. Getting sent to a gulag or a re-education camp sucks a whole lot worse.
        The real Maoists were truly evil. The cartoon copy of the Maoists running society today are far less dangerous.

        • The real Maoists were truly evil. The cartoon copy of the Maoists running society today are far less dangerous.

          You’re probably going to really regret underestimating them someday, unless wiser people don’t underestimate them.

          • Things are just getting started. Todays marxists have africans to do their killing now. These are people who are capable of committing genocide with farm implements. And most really hate White people.

          • We’re talking about now.
            The future is anyone’s guess. But I wouldn’t put re-education camps or anything else past them.

        • Maoism always spirals left if uninterrupted, the Bolsheviks and Pol Pot, both supported by Academia, being prime examples…America will be a wasteland if these people stay in power for very long..

        • Boy, aren’t you the trusting soul! Don’t you see how rapidly the situation is deteriorating? Don’t you see where this all ends? Hint: Mao would be licking his chop sticks.

        • So far. They haven’t yet got the political momentum to send you to camps though deep in their hearts nearly everyone of them wants to and is working on it.
          It will be voluntary after a fashion. You don’t go, you can’t work, get aid or have a bank account till your social credit score is high enough,
          Or they may just go full Kulak on you.
          And not its no inevitable, the one good thing to come of that idiocy in D.C. was a visual display of the power of organization and that was just civil disobedience and nothing else.
          It can get a lot more effective as needed if as I’ve been saying for years, the Right learns to organize in whatever size groups.
          Also if anyone is thinking of going to that armed protest on the 16th I think? Don’t. Even where legal its obviously a trap. Obvious trap is Obvious.
          Its one thing to go to a march when asked by your President and for things to get a bit put of hand and quite another to go do something 100% stupid and possibly illegal for who knows. Probably the FBI or some agent provocateur or some dumb as frack hothead. DO NOT DO THAT.

          • Don’t organize. Be in the shadows. Strike targets of opportunity. It worked in Vietnam (for the other side….) and they eventually won.

        • The best part is that tech only has to throw so few dollars in the pot. Today’s neo-fascist is largely subsidized by mommy while wapo/nyt pays some idiot to pen 600 words, picks the target of today’s violence and sits back… I’d like to think they have a good laugh but I think they believe in what they’re doing (not that they understand any of it)

      • The least fit fule for the simple reason they have a enforcer class of violent, physically able whites to enforce their edicts.

        • This is, without doubt, one of the weirdest tics of “conservative” cops: their compulsion to enforce laws their religious/political beliefs would deem immoral. It’s like they can’t grasp that its not a big deal to leave evil laws unenforced.

          • Most police are selected to obey orders not think. Its virtually a hereditary caste too (for example TV’s Blue Bloods) much as military service is in some families.
            This is why a DR might consider mandatory national service for all men and if needed occupational restriction on law enforcement as needed.
            Its also sadly why so many difficult cases go unsolved and so many American vanish each year. Some of this is resources but its also the LEO’s are more a peacekeeping meets brute squad for ghettos and poor neighborhoods than detectives and community police.
            Under DR regime I’d be very tempted to try some of the Leftists policing ideas actually and see if they work when combined with marriage reform.
            Contrary to the opinion here with strong churches and families , the jogger population is kept in check by local Blacks and community policing can work.
            It does require a stable economy and stable marriage though. The money boys were willing to destroy it rather than allow stable jobs and wages and nearly have and the Leftist rabble hate the later.
            Fix those, shoot or hang the worst, deport non assimilated and the US will be able to function at a higher level.

      • Its mostly forgotten today that Fascism was an anti-materialist philosophy. Which does not mean that they were ascetic but that they saw an animating spirit as more important to life an history than an accumulation of property and rejected the materialist determinism of marxism. The various flavors of fascism saw that spirit as the customs, culture and religion of their nations.

        Jump forward to today and the antifa fascists are also an anti-materialist movement. Except that they see the European spirit as evil instead of inspiring. In that way they are more of a mirror image to the fascists of a century ago than the marxist contemporaries were.

    • Absolutely central to the totalitarian project is the corruption of the meaning of words.

      I agree with you.This is one of the most effective tools of the Progressives today. How many of us have rolled our eyes upon hearing “No, actually People of Color can’t be racist towards whites, since whites have institutional power blah blah blah.”
      Racism is racism unless… its black on white?

      Labels have also become absurd and meaningless in themselves. There is no objective standard, only the trends of the day:
      “People of color is preferred.”
      “Colored People? Why you horrible racist bigot!”

      Another one of their tools is what I like to call “argumentum ad relativity”: everything is relative, everything is merely a social construct, nothing is sacred, there is no objective truth. When that’s the case, no change or desecration is every really a big deal, because it was only ever a social construct, and our new and progressive society is better and more politically correct anyway. Slowly we alter the definition of a word here, desecrate history there; which over time evolves into making absurd accusations and alterations to law and legislation there, tearing down a statue and setting fire to a building there….

      • Shooting up little Jimmy with hormone blockers because his mom wants to see him really rock that dress.

        • lol How much more absurd can it get? We’re at the point, where even biology and sex is merely a “social construct” subject to alteration.
          “Having a penis means you are a potential woman.”

          • We’re dealing with a class of people who have been trying to gaslight that Big Mike Obama and Bad Vodoo Mama Abrams are “sexy” and “stunning” so there is really no idea how much more absurd they can get beyond that.

        • It’s like that sign you see hanging in many bars: “There are no straights here. Just fags who haven’t sucked cock yet!”

  46. Georges Sorel, who had a few ideas worth looking at, might call it “anarcho-syndicalism.” There is a long tradition of anti-Marx critique *from the Left* that has some things to teach us – Proudhon was a hard core Socialist who predicted that Marxian socialism would end in tyranny and gulags, for instance. Bakunin was a psycho, but a perceptive one, and so on.

    • Everyone with a mind that could follow things to their logical conclusion predicted it would end in gulags and mass murder. There have been voices crying in the wilderness all the way along. What do you think Dostoevsky and Nietzsche were writing about when they said 100 million dead. they didn’t see it but they knew it was coming

      • And has a knowledge of human nature. And that is what the left throws out. They don’t believe that there is an inherent nature. Nature is something that can be shaped and this is universal among the left they all believe this and always have

        • Excellent point. That is a profound, perhaps the most profound, difference between left and right.

          Also, that progress is inevitable, and that there are new evils, and new goods.

          100 years ago, sodomy was seen universally, as a garment rending evil, now, its the foundation of marriage, something to be proud of, and celebrated.

          • And gonorrhea is officially incurable now—there is no antibiotic for some strains. Break the laws of nature at your peril.

          • I’m just glad at least every third commercial now offers a new prescription HIV medication. So inspiring.

          • Only Conservatives are dumb enough to allow someone with opposing values to program them or brainwash their kids in the name of tolerance.
            All right leaning people need to dump cable actually along with most media since the people their are opposed to your values and it puts money in their pockets.
            Go read old books, paint, whittle, draw or do anything else but watch cable.
            More importantly, be narrow minded, its good for you and good for society.

          • Only Conservatives are dumb enough to allow someone with opposing values to program them or brainwash their kids”

            Yes. And only conservatives are dumb enough to not understand the importance of controlling the school system. As long as conservatives can send their kids to private school or homeschool, they are willing to let the the people who hate them use their tax money to brainwash the vast majority of kids to hate whites and conservatives.

            Unless conservatives plan for their children to be survivalists with no contact with modern society, their children therefore will be seen as the enemy of most of society and will have virtual targets on their back. Conservatives aren’t able to unstand that. Liberals would never tolerate their tax money going to schools that teach conservative values and denounce BLM, men in dresses being women, etc

          • There should not be a ‘school system.’ American literacy was highest was children were taught by parents, dame schools, and then private schools for those who were capable of continuing. We don’t need to engage with ‘modern society;’ we need to construct our own, White society.

          • Yes. There shouldn’t be a school system but in the meantime conservatives and the dissident right pay taxes to a system that teaches students to hate them. You will go to jail if you don’t pay taxes so the next best thing is to fight back and gain control of that system in red areas. It is especially absurd that taxpayers in red areas are letting leftist schools run wild at taxpayer expense and not putting a stop to it. It is a variation of the capitalist selling you the rope to hang him

          • In the scientific sense, it is impossible to break the laws of nature. It is not impossible to make the attempt, but the result is typically a mess.

        • Which is why the nonsensical “blank slate” theory pushed by Academia and politicians is so important to the Left…They cannot acknowledge the differences in human nature…

          • They cannot accept the fact that their demented social engineering schemes and massive wealth transfers from whites to blacks solve nothing and only make matters worse. Biology is an irreducible ontological fact of which they will never admit.

          • Multi Ethnic Empires like the USA have to keep everyone under the Imperial flag and thus have to encourage absolute nonsense to keep the groups from each others throats.
            It still won’t work but a dying empire has no imperial dignity and will do or believe anything for one more day.

        • .The Tabula Rasa has been the defining belief of leftism for the last three-four hundred years.

          But now they are embracing the concept of original sin – being white – genetically European is inherently privileged and therefor sinful – with no redemption possible.

          Not sure how that internal contradiction will resolve or if it will tear their movement apart.

      • Goes unsaid that letting middling people run society is disastrous

        rule by bourgeoisie has been hell

          • The so called 9-11 hijackers spent more time in the strip clubs of Florida learning how not to fly Cessna’s than they ever did in Afghanistan. Why wassn’t Jeb Bush bombed for harboring terrorists?

          • Proles? More like a collection of the most deranged and dysfunctional people society has to offer.

          • It is 2 wolves and a sheep deciding on the dinner menu if done poorly. Voting is a skill not a right, letting everyone with a pulse vote isn’t Democracy it is the beginning of tribal warfare and mob rule. Gather up enough tribal alliances, temporary or not, to get a majority, and then vote to destroy the minority. Repeat.

    • Is there any other kind of socialism?
      Anarchosyndicalism is pretty much communes all over. Ukraine tried it, they had some of that noble-crazy Bakunin spirit, but was defeated and failed just the same. The experiences of Spanish anarchists were lamer even, as during the civil war most wouldn’t keep the needed discipline. Thus some societal cephalization is needed for logistics purposes, as long as it’s balanced to the local and traditional.

      I’d prefer Distributism (best), but you can call it nationalsyndicalism or guild socialism if you want the s-words that much. Really any more or less fancy third-way position name would work.

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