A popular way to understand the problems of the present is to compare current times to the past. It is popular to say there is nothing new under the sun. That is certainly true regarding the human condition. The mix of people changes over time, but the types of people are fairly fixed. What changes is material progress. There are new things, and those new things are often very important. Those new things create new challenges for those old ways of thinking and acting.

For example, advances in weaponry changed how people related to the people in charge of their society. The crossbow suddenly made it very easy for one man to kill another man from a distance. Even a farmer could quickly learn to use the weapon and be deadly accurate with it. The traditional bow required training and was not as accurate as the new weapon. Suddenly, an angry peasant could take out the king, which changed how the king looked at the peasants.

An example in our age is how technology has made it nearly impossible to know who is making the laws. We have a labyrinth of laws regarding immigration, but no one knows who offered up these laws or when many were created. Exactly no one has ever heard their congressman or senator promise them to increase immigration from Somalia, but it happened. Someone in the law-making system tucked that provision into a bill that no one read, and we suddenly have infinite Somalis.

The truth is, the reason we have the open borders system we have is that a million rats in the system have been gnawing away at the borders for generations. A defense bill will have tucked within in it an obscure passage that removes some provision of a previous bill on immigration. In the farm bill some other gremlin will slip in a provision that replaces that one removed in the defense bill. The old bill that became law years ago is still there but amended over time to be the opposite.

The irony of this is that the argument in favor of liberal democracy is that it opens the law-making process to the public. Laws are proposed in a public forum by legislators, who are elected by the people. Those laws are then debated and voted on by those representatives of the people. If the people do not like how their representative voted they can vote him out of office. Unlike palace intrigue and laws passed by the whims of a king or dictator, it is all out in the open.

This would certainly be true a century ago. The reason is the bills were written by hand and read out loud. Legislators had private correspondence, but it was also written by hand and carried by horse. The only way to conduct business in a parliamentary body was in person and out loud. It also meant the bills were short, as no one was going to write a 6,000-page bill by hand. An American could sit in the gallery and literally watch the laws be written and debated in the Congress.

Today, we have no idea who is writing the bills. There is a vague sense that it is the army of squires in Washington, taking dictation from monied interests. The names of these people are unknown to us. In fact, they are unknown to the legislators who vote on the bills presented to them. None of the bills passed by Congress are read by the men and women voting on them. They simply get an executive summary and calls from their donors as to how they are supposed to vote.

It is not just law making where we see the democratic process overwhelmed by the technological progress of this age. Here is an example from the courts. A century ago, the Supreme Court ruled that the Fourth Amendment protections only apply to your immediate dwelling. They do not extend to your land. At the time, this meant that the government could walk onto your land and look around for crime. They could not go into your house, but they could walk all around it.

At the time, this seemed perfectly reasonable. You can’t reasonably ask someone to not look at something in plain sight. Modern technology, however, has now taken this bit of common sense and turned it into another tool of the police state. The government can install cameras on your property and record your comings and goings. A century ago, this outcome was impossible to imagine, so no one imagined it. Technology does not just make dreams come true. It makes the unimaginable into reality.

Here is the thing. We have no idea who decided that the court permitted this new intrusion on our privacy. Clearly, the court did not say it is okay for the government to install cameras on your property. Someone in the system looked for a way to do this and found that court ruling. No one knows who that person is because it is probably a collection of people. Like the rats eating away at the border, these rats gnaw away at other aspects of civil society.

A reason America is in crisis is that no one knows who is responsible. The left-wing rioters we saw in the summer were not acting irrationally. Sure, they were mostly rental mobs, but let us suppose they were motivated by legitimate grievances. Where can they go with them? To whom would they make their appeal? The Right is now facing the same dilemma. Where do they go for a redress of their grievances? Who can they blame for the censorship regime we have now?

Since aggrieved citizens cannot put a name to the problem, they are left with attacking the system itself. Technology plus liberal democracy has ended up with a war between the system and the people. Technology has made the democratic process a black box that even the legislators do not understand. It is a system in which no one is responsible for anything, so the system itself becomes responsible. The only option for the disgruntled is to smash the system.

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339 thoughts on “Techno-Democracy

  1. The key to problem is clearly:
    they don’t write the bill.
    they get paid extra to sign the bill
    Live in 20 mill beach front mansions- after decimating their constituents with global warming taxes…
    But, what is the solution?

  2. Strict voting requirements would solve a lot of problems..

    It’s amazing how many people don’t seem to understand this.

  3. Zman, you are on fire! “Epiphany Protest” is a name I haven’t seen before (I call The Happening, more M Night than the Supremes) but sounds very Russian and hits the “moment of revelation” angle. I’m using it from now on. As for “rent boys and house slaves of Conservative Inc.”, genius!

  4. Read all the conments and after reflection concluded that my long-ago (17 yrs) emigration from the USA was a wise move. I have my three grandchildren 60 yards away from my debt-free house and property, a 45-yr-old village beauty bouncing up and down on my thingee (I’m 74), no mask crap to deal with, abundant fruit and veggie production, loyal retainers for scut work, an acceptable local income in addition to investment income in dollars… Hell, even if the dollar income goes poof, I’ll manage, thanks to having invested in my son’s water well drilling biz. Think this would have been possible in the USA? Think again.

  5. To impeach and convict an old man who is a spent force is incompetence and madness.

    For wanna be tyrants they scare too easy, I guess Mitch was never in a scrap in his life.

    As for Trump, as he could not be Lincoln he is apparently to be Gorbachev, or Honnecker. ??

  6. It sounds as if you’re coming around to Ted Kaczynski’s point of view. I continue to see technology as our friend. One cure for the fake elections is to vote like Switzerland, in small groups, out loud and then recorded by a secretary in public. These local, indubitable votes are then sent to the regional headquarters, and so on up. No black box ballot machines, paper trail all the way. But I love the idea of making politicians write their bills by hand.

  7. I always appreciate the Z man’s prose. But, you know, instead of all these well chosen words, proper grammar and spelling, let’s simply agree that this system is corrupt beyond any possibility of reform.

  8. Belly; Watching Green Zone duplicated here every detail- Including ROE changes daily. Lawyers in effect Commanders, leaders and Big Army hiding on base, grunts hero or martyr or victim narratives all at once, etc.

    We’re here to be scapegoat or martyr depending on what happens. Optics matter!

    LOL this is Iraq all over again all the way down.

    Waiting on Bremer to re-emerge lol.

    Z is right, no one knows who is responsible – by design.

  9. Zman what again could be the silver lining in all of this? You were saying now there are plenty of fish to convince to our side from the 75 Million Trump voters now?? Has traffic to your site been off the charts since this all happened?

  10. “free thought is the best of all the safeguards against freedom. Managed in a modern style the emancipation of the slave’s mind is the best way of preventing the emancipation of the slave. Teach him to worry about whether he wants to be free, and he will not free himself. Again, it may be said that this instance is remote or extreme. But, again, it is exactly true of the men in the streets around us. It is true that the negro slave, being a debased barbarian, will probably have either a human affection of loyalty, or a human affection for liberty. But the man we see every day—the worker in Mr. Gradgrind’s factory, the little clerk in Mr. Gradgrind’s office—he is too mentally worried to believe in freedom. He is kept quiet with revolutionary literature. He is calmed and kept in his place by a constant succession of wild philosophies. He is a Marxian one day, a Nietzscheite the next day, a Superman (probably) the next day; and a slave every day. The only thing that remains after all the philosophies is the factory. The only man who gains by all the philosophies is Gradgrind. It would be worth his while to keep his commercial helotry supplied with sceptical literature. And now I come to think of it, of course, Gradgrind is famous for giving libraries. He shows his sense. All modern books are on his side. As long as the vision of heaven is always changing, the vision of earth will be exactly the same. No ideal will remain long enough to be realised, or even partly realised. The modern young man will never change his environment; for he will always change his mind.

    • This is the tyranny of Liberalism. Which is why the Catholic Church (not to be confused with the golem that dragged itself out of the 60s) has always condemned the principles of liberalism. Who is the quote from?

  11. OT: If there is to be a post on this absurd Impeachment 2.0, might I suggest as a title, “The Cadaver Synod”? They are simply insane.

    • I accidentally saw a bit of it trying to hear Gabs founder on Bannons site, I couldn’t believe it. Another impeachment, its absurd, and everyone in their faggy masks, what dweebs and losers. They are losers, sorry.

  12. Had an interesting thought. During the chaos at the capitol, were people seeding the area with chimeric bioweapons? Guess we’ll know in a couple of weeks. Probably nothing.

  13. If you saw game cameras installed on your posted property without your permission, wouldn’t you assume it was poachers or pot growers? I would. (I have friends w/ property in rural areas that have encountered such things.)

    • I remember that article. It was for poachers. Somehow simple trespassing laws are no longer functional in our society. The proper solution on things like that is to make them look stupid. Like setting up blow up dolls in sex positions in front of it and then call the local press. They need to be mocked.

      • Why a lot of people are buying property in Florida — stand your ground laws.

        When I was growing up in FL, if someone stepped foot on your property you could shoot them.

        A funny little story but my friend and I were maybe 4th or 5th grade collecting tadpoles from a guy’s pond and he shot my friend with salt shot lol.

  14. How much do you want to bet that Biden screws up his lines during the swearing in? “…and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect……you know……the thing.” A brain that damaged doesn’t remember more than three or four words in advance.

    • he looks so bad. Until Covid, I use to volutneer at a memory care facility 2x a month. He could have fit right in. Trump? no way!

      • My grandpa’s life ended just like Biden. In his last couple years, he was found wandering the I-5 in his bath robe by the CHP, not knowing where he was or how to get home (no joke). It was a sad decline.

        • Its cruel disease, dementia. There was this one guy there who couldn’t have been 55. He was so lucid on some things, but had no idea who he was.
          My gramma had it. Its hard to watch. God bless your family, brother.

    • silver lining is that the establishment owns this and the Biden admin is going to be a total joke no one here or internationally will end up taking seriously

  15. Reading foreign news aggregator pages and they are giddy over the “end of the empire” but you can see the CPUSA enemedia talking points here and there.
    The kabuki theater of the “siege on the capitol” Peach Mint 2.0 is in overdrive on teevee and family will probably watch until the evening teleprompter czar imaginary friend comes on.
    Wildly entertaining interesting times as our external enemies are locking and loading.

      • from our standpoint a weak USA = no one has to buy into our multi-culti agitprop

        We forced Europe to live by it, and I know more people there than here are sick of it. A weak America might give Europe a chance to save itself before going minority white.

  16. Problem is if you make this move they will counter with ‘ok, but what about the guns’. The fact that arms were less powerful at the time of writing the 2nd Amendment is a consistent argument of the left. So are we talking spirit or text?

    • Colonists had the same arms as the military. Latest available.
      In some cases, better (rifles, vs. smoothbore)

      We should all have M16s & TOW tubes. by that standard

      • Look, I won’t disagree, but do you think that’s how the argument would go? I’m talking about how the media would spin and challenge the argument, not truth.

  17. I’m serious withdrawal from Gab. I keep sending Torba money hoping he’ll fix it. I don’t really have anything else to say

    • It works at 4 in the morning when traffic is down. I too am gonna buy some tee shirts or something from Andrew Torba. Hope he survives.

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  19. I have to admit, I was laughing last Wednesday when I saw pictures of the protest on television and the clowns barging in. I thought it was hilarious and long overdue.

    Had I known what was coming in return, it would have made me just as mad as the statists who were seeing their cathedral overrun. These idiots took it seriously instead of as the performance art it was intended as and now they’re going to try and “crack down” on people who disagree with them.

    Well, all I can really say is that I am afraid it’s going to get MUCH worse. A truly powerful – truly mature – person would have said, “Ignore it. He’s leaving in two weeks. Make sure we have move physical security at the inauguration,” and left it at that and gotten back to measuring the drapes. Instead, they’re doubling down on tyranny and are practically begging for a fight.

  20. I was learning about Soviet Russia and came to the conclusion that it was literally hell on earth. Thats before you even look into the holodomor which was a nightmare of near unimaginable proportions. But day to day life was defined by a lack of trust, lack of civility, lack of charity/love, and you could reasonably say a hatred of citizens for one another. It was essentially the forceful, unavoidable death of the human spirit.

    We are well down that same path now.

    Political options have now dried up. It is the way of the powerful, or no way at all. Still I remain convinced that, at least for myself, use of force is not the answer.

    This may only resonate with the Christians here, but after learning what I have I am convinced that the best solution is to roll back the hellishness being imposed on society and build the kingdom of heaven in whatever small way. Be over the top, relentless, in charity/love for anyone you possibly can. Buy donuts and coffee for strangers like, say, the garbageman. Go out of your way to gratuitously help people in your community in whatever way. Not giving out money or donating food, but personally helping those around you face-to-face. Network with likeminded people and create even an informal alternative community of those who do the same.

    This was a physical and psychological battle but that was lost long ago, and the material realm may not be relevant for a long time again. Now it is primarily spiritual, and we should act accordingly.

    We were commanded to do it, and it has the knock on benefit of being an effective way to take action without selling your soul, losing your freedom, or losing your life.

    Imho, this is where our heads should be now until some opportunity presents itself.

    • Still I remain convinced that, at least for myself, use of force is not the answer.

       Be over the top, relentless, in charity/love for anyone you possibly can

      No and No. Force is -always- an answer, particularly when all other answers have been loudly and repeatedly rejected. And your ‘charity / love’ should be for YOUR people only. Full stop.
      Christ cuck in the house! tUrN tHe oThEr cHeEk Goyim! You all are the best thing that ever happened to Judaism in 2000 years, I despise each and every one of you for your continued lambs to the slaughter mentality in the face of withering fire.

      Pro Tip: Less ‘turn the other cheek violence solves nothing!1!’ and more this–,1000×1000,075,f.jpg

      • “no usury for goyim, that’s a sin, you don’t wanna sin, do you? What would Jesus say if you do that? Leave it to us, the chosen ones.”(that’s literally how rotschilds made their money)

    • “Still I remain convinced that, at least for myself, use of force is not the answer.”

      You might change your mind with you’re third in line at the gas chamber door. But that’s a little bit late don’t ya think.

  21. “The only option for the disgruntled is to smash the system.”
    Could this be taken as encouraging an insu–ection?
    I’ve heard someone was accused of this recently.

    • Anything and everything is ‘encouraging insurrection’. Find your f-cking balls or go hang out w/ Irishfarmer ‘turning the other cheek’ I have utter fatigue from cowards tip-toeing around language and walking on eggshells. May as well curl up and die now if you are going to police every line that comes out of your mouth. Maybe you can call the FBI tip line and see what their take is on Z’s post?

  22. ” Clearly, the court did not say it is okay for the government to install cameras on your property. Someone in the system looked for a way to do this and found that court ruling. No one knows who that person is because it is probably a collection of people.”
    There is a people dwelling among us, who supply most of our lawyers, judges, and increasingly politcians (Ossoff in GA, Cohen of TN who just introduced a bill to abolish the EC), and who are especially talented at sniffing out, or creating, loopholes in the “penumbras and emanations” of laws and decisions.

    As someone likes to say on the internet: it’s Every. Single. Time.

    • This was a curious event, especially at this point in time. Between changing demographics and the fact that millions of Trump voters are now exiting the Republican party, the Democrats have a dead lock on the Presidency, probably forever. It’s unlikely they will even need to commit serious electoral fraud in future presidential elections. But in the event they do, the 2020 election proves that it’s a tool available to them, the courts will do nothing to stop them, and that there will be no adverse consequences for stealing an election.

      I realize it’s probably just a fundraising ploy, but it’s a dumb move. The Republican party is in the midst of destroying itself. The last thing the Democrats should do is to give Republican voters an issue to rally around.

      • Yep, I agree that the R-party is dead meat going forward. No third party equates to no genuine representation. If Everyman doesn’t rally to hs own cause, well, he has no one to blame but himself.

    • This won’t happen. No Amendment can meet the 3/4 of states vote. Here’s what can happen—indeed has happened:

      States enter into compacts, or at least pass local laws, that their electors must vote for whomever is deemed the majority holder of the popular vote—regardless of the individual State’s popular vote.

      So far several States have passed such law. Usually with the proviso that it takes effect when enough States pass such law that they alone form a winning majority of electoral votes! That could be as small as a half dozen or so.

      At one time, I thought this end run process would be ruled un-Constitutional. But given our recent interaction with SCOTUS, I’m not sure it will be overturned should it go into effect.

    • The terrible, terrible optics of all those pictures of hundreds of troops sleeping on the floor of the Capitol, during impeachment is something. I can only imagine what a Soviet military parade the inaugural will look like. Whatever damaging optics a cave man at the Speakers chair were, it really did cause unforced errors in its wake. It just goes to show, sometimes a protest done right, while superficially achieving nothing, causes hundreds of unforced errors in overreaction. Saul Alinsky would nod his head in agreement.

      • Completely disagree. The pictures of armed soldiers on every corner in DC and sleeping on the floor of the capitol reveal perfectly that the election was stolen, the incoming Biden administration is, and will always be, an illegitimate administration, and like all illegitimate administrations, it holds power solely by virtue of applying the force of arms against its own citizens. These optics reflect perfectly that the US is now a police state.

        Illegitimate administrations always require the use of brutal repression to maintain power. We will see the full force of state and corporate repression against dissenting voices rolled out in 2021. I suspect many people here will be unemployable by the end of 2022.

        • No no no. What you said is correct except for the word “now” a police state. It has been for years, the mask slipped a little more today. The optics are absolutely perfect to reflect that reality. We should all celebrate mask slippage. It’s not pretty under that mask.

  23. We also have the problem that, to use your example of the cameras on your property, even if you found said cameras and even if you complained, it’s all an elaborate byzantine process that would take years and years to resolve and practically unlimited amounts of money. You would have to somehow sue for relief. Given that every government office is peopled by vast numbers of functionaries and every topic takes several approvals and committees and suchlike, you basically only have rights insofar as nobody has chosen to violate them yet. If your rights are violated, good luck getting anyone in government interested in helping you. So, it’s all a pantomime of freedom and rights. I think Kafka wrote about this topic and thus the term Kafka-esque was born although now people use the term only to mean “weird”. It originally was more oriented at “legally weird” situations. We live in a legally weird world now.

  24. Modern communication is the biggest chink in their armor. They need it to maintain legitimacy and they really need the lucre it produces. And yet, it seems that without a drop of blood shed, it’s one thing we could kick out from under them. The elites may have redundancy and firewalls built into their systems but if the firehose of globohomo propaganda somehow gets shut off from the greater public, their grip on us weakens considerably.

    Would your local school board have closed schools in the last 12 months if its members weren’t watching panic porn every night on the news? Would even the Minneapolis riots, much less the rest of the national thuggery, have happened if the mob didn’t get its cue from the talking heads? Do Shaniqua, Tyrone, and Zoe introduce countless fake votes into the tallying room if they’re not told “Orange Man Bad” at every turn?

    Is it really unthinkable that we can’t recruit people to develop the means to take these people off line? Even two weeks without their daily dose would probably be enough to, in the words of the Covidians, short circuit the spread of leftist oligarchy.

    • Karl Denninger had a write-up on the bomb that went off in Tennessee and noted that 911 service across three states was down for days even though it was supposedly “redundant”. “Many such cases” as someone might say. For instance there’s more than a few fiber field techs for Level 3 who could turn off the internet in entire regions without much effort.

    • Modern communication is super helpful for dissidents.

      The insane stuff that media/politicians/libs post on twitter helps identify people’s true positions. I think this stuff was much harder to figure out 30 or 40 years ago.

  25. The big problem is a government that’s too big to properly manage and fund. We now have a population of what? 330 million? Who knows, since citizenship is handed out like Coscto samples (at least pre-mask era). Every new census creates more populated districts, with one rep representing hundreds of thousands now (over 700k and soon to climb). But it gets worse than that. The population, for many years now, has been bribed with its own money to STFU. Liz Cheney is a perfect example as she perches herself on a at-large Wyoming district. If you’ve seen a picture of her, she looks like a 1980s Dick Cheney with a wig. Fate was not kind to her in the looks department. But this supposedly redder than red, freer than free district, re-elects this c*nt, in the primaries, every single time. Does anyone in that state have any illusions that this homely, craven woman would sell them down the river in a heartbeat? They don’t care, because they get to play cowboy on the ranch, far away from the putrification of the big cities. As long as their taxes are low and they can buy new chaps on Amazon so they can post dumb pictures of themselves on Facebook..

    • Do they actually get a choice? Even in my Podunk red Ohio district the GOP will run someone people kinda-sorta know and then stuff the ballot with three or four other choices that will split the vote to ensure their Man wins.

      • That’s my point. They absolutely do have a choice, during the primaries, but they always choose wrong, because “the base” of the party is big government Hannity like conserva-tards. Standard issue. These reps actually do represent their constituents. The Democrats are much more honest. They love and want more government. The Republicans go through a mental Rube Goldberg machine to get the same outcome.

  26. I think you’ve put the cart before the horse a bit in your example from the courts. The way the system has worked is that the government can do pretty much anything it chooses, and only after the fact can the courts say “you can’t do that.” In the past the various government agencies would have been leery of being slapped down by the courts so the various heads of agencies would be reluctant to take a course that was debatable. Now, all bets are off, the agencies see the people as the problem and consequently will do anything the want even if they know it is contrary to the spirit of people’s rights. Or as I should say, our privileges.

    • Yes to all of this, and most importantly, they will even kill you if necessary to maintain their supremacy. That is why everyone should take current events seriously. If you guess wrong and die (like Ashli Babbitt), there is no second chance. And does anyone really thing that Ashli Babbitt’s death will get any redress in the courts? Her death was not a tragedy, it was a harbinger.

      • I try to explain that the People’s Rally was a legitimate protest because we Trump voters never got our day in court.

        Every year, the March For Life gathers a million moms in the Capitol, why? Because they then go to Congress to present their case directly to their representatives, as is their right.

        “Show your evidence! 50 faked affidavits is mere hearsay!” is what I get. The ballots, our concrete evidence, are supposed to be held for 22 months, yet were shredded quickly in the suspect precincts.

        So, “we have no evidence”, nor any right to a trial to judge the evidence.

        (A few hooligans doesn’t abrogate the rights of the hundreds who simply went on a tour, either.)

  27. I heard a podcast last night that mentioned a conspiracy theory that the titanic was deliberately sunk to kill off a bunch of rich guys so that the federal income tax could be started without the opposition of the rich guys killed off, or something like that. I’m now starting to believe crazy crap like that.

  28. Happy New Year to our comrades in the USSA. 

    When Angela Merkel (and other European leaders) make public statements that they find it “problematic” that Trump’s Twitter and online social media accounts have been permanently suspended, you know your country has serious problems.

    Forget about 1984, you’re just days away from 1938.

    • I thought Stalin’s purges began in 1936, or were you referring to Krystallnacht. Either way, forewarned is forearmed. Not only is ammunition impossible to find now, but reloading equipment is in short supply. Our Gestapo/NKVD is not going to find it as easy to herd the sheeple as happened in the 30s.

  29. I disagree. That is the difference between influence and power. If Congress were properly motivated, they could put a stop to this over night. The President could put a stop to a lot of this over night. The donors phoning in their favors are just that, looking for favors from the people with power.
    People are not yet desperate enough to hold these people accountable. But they have names, they have addresses, they have children, they have wives and husbands and they live among us. Maybe in a different part of town, but they still live among us.
    The rot has been going on for over a hundred years and there are many guilty parties who do not hold power at this time. But that is one of the problems taken on by current power holders. They hold the current power. Past traitors are dead and living traitors who are no longer in power are powerless to change anything. But the people in power today can change if sufficiently motivated. We must motivate them.
    Just as you cannot put a corporation in prison, you cannot imprison or hang the system or do anything else to it. The system is like the corporation. It dindu nuffin. People did it.

  30. Spot on. Mu nieces husband is a lobbyist for a certain special interest group here in CA and has written bills that were signed into law. The assemblymen and state senators had no input, they just voted on said bill. From what I’ve been told is that most bills are now written by lobbyists and the pols just rubber stamp them.
    Look at the PATRIOT ACT, it was already written and ready to go before 9/11.
    NAFTA was never read by it’s supporters but was still voted into law. Oh yeah there was no debate on it either/ Clinton “fast tracked” it. BTW when Perot tried to buy air time for commercials opposing it, he was denied across almost all networks. Even the newspapers would not allow him to buy ad space. But it gets better, over 95% of the editorials were all pro NAFTA
    It was that point I realized the entire system was rigged by the elite for their well being. What you see today is just a extension of their control..

    • Perot tried to buy air time for commercials opposing it, he was denied across almost all networks. Even the newspapers would not allow him to buy ad space.


    • I remember Al Gore and Larry King ganging up on Perot in a NAFTA debate on Larry King Live in the fall of 93. Back in those days it was fashionable for regular conservatives to be pro free trade and pro NAFTA since they didn’t realize they were being mercilessly hosed by it yet.

    • It’s called “Model Legislation.” Written by Special Interests and handed off to bought-and-paid-for Legislators who incorporate it (often verbatim) into “Bills” which have to be “voted on before you know what’s in it.”

  31. seems like the left is doing a good job of smashing the system all on their own. these klowns have proven they cannot govern, so look for lots of finger pointing and internecine fighting, as it all grinds to a halt. one thing that will be fun is watching the covidians keep the pandemic thing going when the progs want to move past it.

  32. Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions was a giant question-beg that has done incalculable damage to our education system, but he’s got a point for all that. Every paradigm works until the “contradictions” pile up to the point where it’s unworkable, after which the entire system MUST collapse. Ptolemaic and Copernican astronomers don’t merely disagree; they literally can’t understand each other, and since the former owe their entire position within the system to the old paradigm, they defend it to the death…

  33. If you look at any bill’s statement of purpose, you will always find the term “… and for other things”, which allows a bill to be applied for reasons other than specifically prescribed.

  34. Then there were the Bush-Clinton wars in Somalia that wrecked the country 25-30 years ago. Who authorized that?

    • The globalist elites felt that they got a black eye from doing nothing in Rwanda. No one actually in America cared all that much, but I guess it’s hard to carry on being the world’s policeman if elites sit on the sidelines while some African dump goes to hell and a couple hundred thousand (black) people are slaughtered. With that in the back of their mind, the images of starving kids in Somalia gave them a cause with which they could find forgiveness for their imagined sins. The fact that we probably killed more people than we saved is not brought up in conversations I’m sure.

  35. Great essay.
    The question becomes what is the answer and the next step?
    I think we all here are thinking and looking for that and I hope those ideas that succeed come from this forum. It’s entirely possible and likely 50 years from now our descendants can read the Z blog and see the beginning of the new age.

  36. “The only option for the disgruntled is to smash the system.”

    And when you take away all the legal options, the only ones left are extra-legal. The fools in the Ruling Class have ordered up one hell of a mess for themselves.

  37. Speaking of using technology on the masses, the Stalin Junior Dating League will also flip on you if you aren’t wearing appropriate State Approved Garb on Tinder, Bumble, etc.

    Lefty White Women are by far the most dangerous thing for us because of their protected status and willingness to conform at all costs. They are literally calling the FBI on random men on Tinder, etc. that is so surreal I can barely conceptualize it. Orwell nailed this 100% about the young women being the ‘largest of slogan swallowers and rooting out of unorthodoxy’.
    Herding animals don’t know any other way to act than to protect the herd. If tomorrow the zeitgeist was to throw Roman salutes and sing N@zi hymns they’d be doing that. Modern woman is an NPC in the most real sense of the word, simply awaiting their programming routines.

    • There was an article that reported on a guy who said he was getting an insane amount of requests on a dating app since he was pictured storming the Capitol.
      Rest assured, even most of the women calling the FBI are turned on by stuff like that.

      • It’s the petty revenge thing again: it’s not the politics these harpies have an issue with, but the fact that the MAGA guy wouldn’t even think to give such a scold the time of day.

    • Lefty White Women are by far the most dangerous thing for us because of their protected status and willingness to conform at all costs.

      And their absolute ruthlessness and vindictiveness. There goes your White ethno-state

  38. The right wing naturally wants hierarchy, and a leader in the public who is responsible. Modern democracy wants the opposite, and will actively purge any movement around a leader. All of our laws are written in such a way that anyone who brings the attention of the State or corporations on them is going to have a bad time.
    The only control on the surveillance state is to act in a way as to not bring their attention upon you. Slip stuff in while prowling in the shadows. Do based things with plausible deniability. If rats want to act this way, act like the rats and work the exact way they do. Make society crumble in a way that benefits our guys and not theirs. Make the surveillance state ineffective and paranoid enough to allow our strongman who has not yet surfaced to plow his way through our current system.
    And, of course, make the powers that be commit fratricide by bringing doubt upon the commitment of the true believers. Agree and Amplify when in a shitlib bubble. Someone says they want anti-maskers go to jail? Tell them they should be shot on sight. Call them out when they squirm at the thought.

  39. In fact, Ashli Babbitt consecrated that ground, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what is said there, but it can never forget what she did there.  It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced.

  40. Technology has made the tax code incomprehensible as well. Congress can add as many complex provisions as it wishes, because most people, and every corporation, has software to fill out their returns. No one knows the details of their return. I have a friend who still tries to do his taxes with paper and a pen. He has a rental property, so the complexity is absurd. Last year I had to file an amended return for him (using TurboTax, of course) because he inevitably made some mistakes.

    • I do my own books, but by law, am required to file using my CPA. Not to do so is a huge red flag.

      Also, that’s why I subcontract to a general. The endless shifting demands from multiple directions means one will be married to the paperwork. Or drowned by it.

    • I did my own taxes until a few years ago, when I bought two rental properties in the same year. At that point I threw up my hands and started using a CPA.

  41. Normally The Federalist is worthless, but this report is a small bit of evidence of normies crossing over to the other side. A lawyer and his wife relocate from Austin, Texas to Maryville, TN thinking they are moving to an area safe from progressive madness. They quickly realize progressives control the local Presbyterian college and have infiltrated institutions throughout the county. The locals are too complacent to do anything about it because they think showing up and voting Republican takes care of their problems. People are waking up, but it may already be too late.

  42. Fight fire with fire.
    New Skills & Habits (Cont)
    Casual reconnaissance is your friend. Stroll through your town or city and observe carefully. Use what you know and add the new observations to your knowledge base. Memorize only and share nothing. Take occasional road trips and visit places of interest. Be a tourist or combine work and hobby. Study paper maps in your spare time. The library is a great source of augmenting information. Visit and learn. And do so solely in the first person, avoid internet searches like it was immediate death.

    • Probably how new Disney characters will be created – just don’t know the form when the “vaccine” really kicks in – it’ll be a surprise.

      • I believe there are multiple variants.

        Some cause sterility, some cause terminal cancer, some cause a cytokine storm, and some cause wasting autoimmune disorders.

    • Disney not content to corrupt only minds goes for the twofer. I have no sympathy for whatever happens to anyone who voluntarily submits to this.

    • wasn’t there a movie where teens go to a theme park, where they are randomly killed by the rides? as a kind of government program…

  43. Reminds me of the metaphor by Maurice Barcheche:

    “The anarchic freedom of democracy does not just permit the diversion of the popular will and its exploitation for private interests, it has still more serious consequences. It opens life on all sides to every inundation, to every miasma, to every foul wind, without barriers to decadence, exploitation, and above all mediocrity.

    It makes us live on a steppe that everyone can invade. There is a word for purely negative order: the defense of freedom. But this freedom is like a drug you try once, it is a chrism one receives, and then man is abandoned defenseless on the steppe. Monsters make their nests on this steppe: rats, toads, serpents turn it into a sewer. These swarms have a right to grow, like nettles and crabgrass.”

    Combining the open-steppe metaphor with Zman’s article, you could say that technology is like a fleet of lightning-fast stealth vehicles that allow you to invade the steppe fast and unseen.

    • One could say that when 11 Silicon Valley bubble billionaires pulled a groomed Barack Obama into a private meet in Palo Alto and told him, ” give us the surveillance state infrastructure contracts, and we’ll make you President”, both made good on their promises.

      The lower part of the iceberg occasionally heaves into view, thanks to the internet.

      • odd that it was bush II that actually built the surveillance state 7 years before obama was elected…

  44. No one knows who that person is because it is probably a collection of people. 

    This is very astute. Excellent post. I think it allows a lot of people to make decisions that don’t SEEM nefarious when they are making them, but combined with dozens or even hundred of other little decisions, it creates something that no one understands.
    I think the real result, is lawlessness. Can someone really violate an immigration law?
    But their are some people that are responsible. The SCOTUS is responsible for a lot, and we can point to those people. Casey vs Planned Parenthood, stuff like that.

  45. Exactly no one has ever heard their congressman or senator promise them to increase immigration from Somalia, but it happened. Someone in the law-making system tucked that provision into a bill that no one read, and we suddenly have infinite Somalis.
    I wonder at the behest of who was this written, such a mistery

    • “Huzzah, we have achieved INFINITE SOMALIS!!”

      “My god man…we wanted INFINITE SALAMIS! You’ve doomed us all!!!”

    • Someone.. ??

      The CIA
      After our involvement in Vietnam, we saw an uptick of Vietnamese immigrating to the USA.
      After Russia in Afghanistan in the 1980s, coupled with the CIA clandestinely fighting there, we saw an uptick of Afghanis immigrating to the USA.
      After Black Hawk Down, we saw an uptick in Somalis immigrating to the USA.
      In each case (there are many others) the CIA is helping their foreign allies come to the USA. How do you think Ilhan Omar, the daughter of a warlord, got here?
      If a few bad apples manage to sneak in at the same time, well them’s the breaks.

      • The parents or families of some of these notorious troublemakers were often local assets on the ground. The Tsarnov brothers and Ilhan are high profile examples. The father of the Pulse Nightclub shooter probably fell into this category too – not many farmers from the poppy growing regions immigrated here in the 70s. It’s almost impossible to find out about Ilhan’s first husband’s family, but wouldn’t be too wild to speculate his parents/grandparents were useful to Clinton’s NATO operations.

    • A couple years back, someone who headed up a rapefugee importation scheme ran for city council and was shaking hands at a county fair. Their platform bragged about it. Without telling them my name, I asked them if they should be bragging about leading something that destabilizes communities. Their face got red and started sputtering about how I must have my facts wrong. Pretty entertaining opportunity to see how they’d react.

  46. As with so many institutions, representative government breaks down once it reaches a certain level of size and complexity. The most raw power I’ve ever experienced was as a lobbyist to the state legislature. Zman is spot on. We wrote the bills and shopped them to pliable staff members, who are the folks that really sell the idea to the elected and their constituents. The electeds are driven by two needs: funds for reelection and approval from the voters, which in practice means avoiding disapproval. You may have promised voters gold, but you spend your time polishing turds and touting it as manure. Elected representatives have no time to read the laws they pass, let alone read and understand them in fine detail. They are utterly captive to their staff’s judgment, and every lobbyist knows who’s really greenlighting a bill. Quite frankly, the system needs to be destroyed.

    • I’ve seen Congress from the inside. It acts the same way. Lobbyists write sections of the bill. Staff decide whether to pitch it to the rep or senator.

      Later, staff and rep/senator go to work as lobbyists. Rinse and repeat.

        • Yeah. On top of that, you should see the types of people who become staffers and, particularly, who stick around and don’t just use their staff job as a stepping stone to law school.

          Watch the movie Election. The Hill is filled with Tracy Flick types on both sides of the isle. Lot of gay guys too, even on the GOP side. You have these 25-year-olds with zero accomplishments in life outside of being the annoying kid in class who sits up front and always raises her hand putting together legislation for the most powerful country in the world. It’s insane.

  47. To continue with that: Used to be when the king’s son shat his reputation – the parties involved could be quietly bought off, intimidated, or eliminated and the whole thing hushed up.
    Today we see Biden’s crackheaded son snorting coke off a 14 year old prostitute’s ass on video. We see Tyrone and Laquisha flipping votes during the electoral counts. We see Mitt cucking to his neoliberal masters in real-time. We have Hillary’s emails.
    The ruling class can no longer deal under the table, or in the back room behind closed doors. Regardless of their political stripe, the servants will rat them out.
    That’s what all the social media bans are about…clumsy, ham handed efforts at stifling the peasants.
    It’s a brave new world out there fore everyone.

    • The powers that be, who were funding Facebook and Google with billions of dollars of venture capital cash, only thought that a left wing revolution would emerge from this. They never anticipated the level of transparency we see now and even then it’s almost opaque. We’re likely only seeing 1% at best of all the awful stuff going on. As neoliberalism marches forward, they need to return to old media opacity. The 2020s are all about stuffing the genie back in the bottle while thrashing the peasantry for being so curious. The good old days of low literacy while priests held mass while speaking Latin is what this class of elites want us to be.

      • Yep. Our rulers want to go back to social arrangements similar to feudal times. A large middle class is a nightmare for these people. It’s dangerous and uppity.

    • Without going into whether tech/social media works for the State or the State works for tech/social media (more likely), it seems the deplatforming is precisely due to the concern the rot no longer can be concealed. And, in fact, the rot will not be concealed. Samizdat will emerge. The fools didn’t realize samizdat via Parler and so forth was their best bet because it could be monitored.

      The cracks in the empire are widening, hence the increased police state measures. The rest of the world is horrified, and should be. We should be as well, but also elated.

      • I wonder though. I closed my Bookface account back in 2006. Never signed up for Twatter… but got directed there by the links from time to time… how efficient is their censorship anyways? I actually saw plenty of crime-think going on, myself. These guys obviously can’t regulate their own platforms all that efficiently…
        Torba over at Gab is getting so swamped with new arrivals that he can’t keep up. The Streisand Effect is only amplifying the signal.
        There’s going to be lots of sport and merriment in the days ahead, bought and paid for by the shitlibs…

  48. Honestly I’ve been one of those who have thought and talked about the bad times coming but in the back of my mind I really didn’t think it would. Reality has reared it’s ugly head and put me back in my place and honestly the coming storm looks to make last centuries atrocities look like a boy scout get together.

    • Let this cup pass from me

      Everyone has their moment of fear. Gather your resources, friends and wits about you, Brother. The worst may befall you. We all suffer death in this place one way or another. It is, ultimately, how we bear it that solely counts.

    • Now that that realization has arrived, your obligation to yourself is to act. And not rashly, but intelligently. Chances are that both your mind and body are not yet well prepared to face the new future. Start there. Go dark, get fit, and start cogitating about how best to exert yourself in the coming months. You still control your mind and body. Hone those assets into something formidable.

      • An important reminder! Don’t worry about scale (of your influence, response, or actions against you) but instead focus on what you control right now. Don’t forget to stop funding those that want to enslave you (Pretty much the Fortune 500 brands).

  49. “You must pass the bill to find out what’s in it,” as the lady said.

    Technology plus liberal democracy has ended up with a war between the system and the people.

    But some technologies empowers the people more than they do the system. This, for instance, was the case with typeset print, without which neither the Reformation nor the French Revolution would have happened.

    The Internet is typeset on quatum stereoids, The Internet is on the side of the people and The Internet will prevail, just like the typeset press did.

    • Maybe. But the Internet also allows rulers to monitor their people in a way they never could in the past.

      • True.

        But the internet works both ways, as opposed to the Television Age, where the cameras only pointed in one direction. We see their hypocrisy now, their shallowness and their evil, and we see their agenda.

        • It used to work both ways. But the tech overlords have armies of SJWs pouring through every corner of the internet, scrubbing and deplatforming everything in their wake.

          • Good. They’re getting rid of the grifters and the deadwood, people who rail against tech monopoly from their pulpits on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

            The demand for right-wing political conversations is only going to grow in the future and where’s a market, there’s a supply.

            They tried the same with the printshops in 16th and 17th Europe but when every blacksmith can set up his own shop, you can’t stop the tide, as the greatest Danish king of all times noted.

          • Google, Apple, Amazon, FB, Twitter, GoDaddy, major banks and a handful of others can choke off just about anything from our side. Not to mention the ISP companies that are still allowing our content. I’m sure you are correct that supply will follow demand, but I just don’t see how at this point. Hopefully it’s water flowing downstream, that always finds its way somehow. Perhaps the more effective they are now, the harder the blowback will be. They are crating a vacuum, and we know what nature thinks of that.

          • Google, Apple, Amazon, FB, Twitter, GoDaddy, major banks and a handful of others can choke off just about anything from our side.

            They can cut off your revenue stream, that’s not the same as choking your freedom of speech. At the moment Gab is still open for business and when they close down Gab, there’s Minds and Rumble and so forth, ready to pick up the traffic.

            And if your utility bills are dependent on your income from your political activities, well, maybe you aren’t our guy.

          • They can also take away your url, like GoDaddy just did with that gun company. Or filter you out through browser virus filters. Chrome, Safari and Bing own almost all browser traffic. You can use a different browser like DuckDuckGo, but even that relies on the Bing search engine. Not to mention if Spectrum, AT&T, etc., just ban you from their ISPs. There are always workarounds, but they sap the critical mass we need. I’m up for whatever it takes. If Z is forced to send out a newsletter by snail mail, I will be the first to sign up.

          • If Z is forced to send out a newsletter by snail mail, I will be the first to sign up.

            Ayatollah Khomenei overthrew the CIA-backed king of Iran with nothing but cassette tapes.

          • “with the help of the US.”
            I love the way it’s always innocent Americans being tricked by those evil,all-powerful Europeans.
            In 1979 the Americans were the prime movers.

          • For what it’s worth, most all of my Hate Twatter feeds are still pumpin’ and pissed. The race is on.

        • We know how the equipment works, as well as they do. Such knowledge cannot be cancelled or deplatformed.

          They need us, still. Biggest white pill of the day.

          White Serf Slowdown!

    • (I’m not going to drop this copypasta in the top level, but here is my modest proposal to fix the legislative process and have every politician out in the street yelling, selling pencils from a paper cup; all neat and legal within the current constitutional and legal framework of most Western countries.)

      1) You establish a political party, get elected to the legislature.

      2) You establish a website where every item on the legislative agenda is put to a vote among the party members – comments enabled, of course. The result of this vote is transferred proportionally to your members of the legislative: if a vote returns a 70/30% yea-nay on your website, that is replicated by your seats in the legislature.

      So far, so good. Now you have direct democracy, but that’s unwieldy because nobody can be bothered to read everything that goes to the floor. So therefore:

      3) On your website, you allow the party members to transfer their voting franchise to a candidate of their own choice: he votes for you on the party website.

      That brought us full circle back to the old, representative democracy, but here’s the kicker:

      4) At any time can you rescind your permission to let your representative vote for you on the party website: so when your candidate decides to vote for more immigration, you click the “vote manually” button, and vote yourself on that particular issue. Or you could switch candidate with a left swipe – say you’ve got a promising candidate: he’s fiscally conservative, he’s anti immigration, but he’s pro abortion. Then you simply appoint a secondary candidate, that’ll vote for you on abortion issues.

      Now you have traditional, representative democracy with a veto option on individual bills, it didn’t require a constitutional amendment, and there’s nothing within the current legislation that could stop you.

      This would bring the social media effect into politics, do what the internet did to legacy media; you’d have tens of thousands of basement studio politicians, all offering you to let them handle the tedious business of day-to-day parliamentary business and do your voting for you, either in toto or – most likely – in detail.

      Say you’re a Normie Brit: you’d let the Tories handle the day-to-day voting parliament, except on immigration issues where you let Nigel Farage do your voting, and environmental issues where you let a nuclear lobby vote for you.

      Or at least that’s how I’d put together my basic vote package.

        • I had a similar idea although not quite as detailed as yours. Mine was simply that each bill was placed on the website of the parliamentarian and if over a certain % of constituents voted in the ‘constituency informal referendum’ – say 25%, the majority hold sway. If less then 25% the MP votes as he/she sees fit. I prefer your version though.
          I also had an idea re funding. No MP receives a salary or expenses to run their office but gets crowd funded by the constituency. There is a cap of say £500/year/constituent. The same for the party, no lobbyists or rich donors need apply. if you betray the constituents then they stop funding you. That takes the parties out of the grip of donors (unions for Labour and wealthy elites for Conservatives). It forces the parties to work for their voters. I do know that a donor can donate via proxy by say enlisting say 5,000 constituents to take the money and pass it on (although a % will simply take and not pass) but it does make it difficult for the donors and lobbyists to control the parties.

          • We’re on the exact same page!

            That takes the parties out of the grip of donors (unions for Labour and wealthy elites for Conservatives). It forces the parties to work for their voters. 

            Precisely! It’s no use bribing a guy if he could lose all his power the next day.

            And here’s how we get the vote, in my model: our party representatives – those guys we physically elect to the legislature – are basically just votebots doing as the website consensus tells them to. Everyone could do it, as long as you can operate a smart phone.

            So we simply put the job of Congrescritter or whatever, up for a lottery among the constituents. The more votes our party got, the more winning lottery winners there’d be.

            Of course, Pewdiepie would be president for life in at least five countries, but it’s better than what we’re suffering now.

          • You’ve just made me realise that most of our MPs are currently votebots – we are just changing who they represent with their votebotting!
            Your ideas are now in the manifesto I’m drafting. It will be ready in about 3 months.

          • I have sermonized about this for more than a decade, and I’m always surprised that people don’t seem to see the potential.

          • Another idea I had was that each constituency has a volunteer ‘pool of experts’. These will be local people who are or have worked in defence, health, education, tech etc,. They are there to advise the MP and constituents on technical matters such as a defence spending bill or health reform – comments, explanations and arguments (pointing out pros/cons and trade offs). The reason is that it gives an alternative voice or narrative for the electorate, whilst also being professional members of the local community – a sort of civic duty, that is a safety layer against corrupt central planning.
            It avoids narrative setting by captured parties and MSM, and takes policy making out of the monopoly of the donor/media class, and into the free market of constituents who are advised by local ‘experts’. I think we could fit all of these ideas into a sound ‘system’ and run on that platform.

        • Add in automatic length and sunset limits, and I vote King Krull for a constitutional monarchy.

          Who says we can’t come up with a better offer, eh. Kudos to the King!

          • Wise choice. I look positively dashing in ermine and red velvet; I think I might go for an old school scepter, from when they were designed to brain people with.

      • What’s interesting in this day and age is a complete lack of any effort to reform the system from within. In other ages even Louis 16 and Nicholas 2 tried their hand at salvaging their doomed systems.

      • Not bad, but who controls the technology/process such that it is not made corrupt as we have seen in our last election?

          • None. However, smarter people than I have for *decades* insisted that computer code used in voting/tabulation systems be made public—the thought being that the community of “white hats” would examine and post all security holes.

            My suspicion is that within these folk is a nucleus of expertise that could design and write the spec’s for such a system. It’s a challenge that I suspect these guys could not resist—if you can harness them.

            I note a lot of this voluntary creativeness was the very essence of the development of the internet in the early days. Leave the big tech firms out—if possible—otherwise the effort will be subsumed to the larger company interests, which are never the people’s interest.

      • It doesn’t matter what you vote for. The communists control the computers. Haven’t you learned anything in the last two months?

        • I wish I could disagree with you, because the above ideas are good ones assuming the voting system were invulnerable; sadly, it ain’t. Devolution seems the best answer, a system based on the principle of subsidiarity on steroids. Read chapter 81 of the Tao Te Ching (Daodejing), Red Pine translation. Charity (and everyrhing else) begins at home. To quote the mind-beamer blond kid in Village of the Damned or its sequel: “Leave us alone”. That’s what I’d put on my flag.

      • Felix, I like your proposal. But as far as I can discern, it ignores a big problem: big money donors determine who has the money to run a serious campaign. Money for advertising determines the candidates whose names you even recognize.

        I fear that it may be an impossible task, but is there a way to stop donors from pre-selecting our candidates?

        • It’s not a panacea, of course. You need someone to run the executive branch, for example.

          But I’m not that worried about advertising, we’ve seen how little that matter with the right candidate. My worry is that they’ll buy our candidates as fast as we can elect them.

    • Do you think? Thats encouraging… However, don’t you think the technology is there to have info on everyone? And know their whereabouts? Even listen to their conversations and video record them?

      it almost seems like the interweb is beter for the tyrants, than for (holding my nose) democracy….

      • <i>However, don’t you think the technology is there to have info on everyone? And know their whereabouts? Even listen to their conversations and video record them?</i>

        The key word is “everyone”. It goes for the elite too.

        And the internet brought Trump to the White House, so there’s that.

          • Lack of internet took him out.

            That’s why the 1st is the basis of liberty, not the 2nd. There’s a reason they’re put in that order.

          • Lack of internet took him out.

            Even if Trump legitimately lost the election, his political career is a testimony to the power of The Internet. They threw everything at him and still he nearly won.

            Imagine what the world would look like, if we’d had a level playing field.

        • Transparency. No “national security” or “private business” escape hatches while in office.

          No Secrets- if “we” are going to kill somebody over there, I want them to know it, and for us to give the o.k.

          All a pipe dream, but still

  50. I have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that 2020 will be looked back at as the “good year” compared to what’s coming this spring and summer and the following years. God help us!

    • It all depends on how much energy the angry MAGA right still has. Have they gotten snakebitten from the Capitol rush? I know protests at all 50 state capitals is being planned…will these be a show of force, or will they be a clown show? Will there be false flags or bad actors planted? If so, will the legitimate angry MAGA right keep up the pressure despite the inevitable state & media hammer brought down on them? If the angry MAGA right fizzles out, then 2021 will be calm. We’ll have more liberal authoritarianism for sure, but no real resistance to it. My money unfortunately is on this scenario.

      • Biden is openly discriminating agains Whites in government loans, while simultaneously saying its time to unite and heal. How could people not continue to be enraged…?

      • My anecdotal experience has been mixed. Some are angry at the protestors because they still think the left can be reasoned with and others, from unusual places were surprised it took this long. Millions of dissidents were created whether they show up next week or not. I think the rallies next week will be a litmus test to see how cowed the normiecons are.

        • I dont’ see the “thats not who we are,” or the ” we condemn all forms of violence” being viable for the right.

          We are in open war with a hostile enemy. We need to stop acting as if we are arguing with a family member. We are fighting for our lives!

          • My immediate response to the first “that’s not who we are” I read, I think it was Don Jr., was “No, that’s exactly who we are. The kind of people who cross a frozen river at night on Christmas Day to kill you in your sleep.”

            Hopefully there’s still enough of that spirit buried in us.

      • Once Trump is gone, things likely will calm down. As Covid vaccines get distributed, people will start going back to normal as well. Finally, the economy will continue to improve, although probably slower than expected but still getting better.

        So, yeah, 2021 could be fairly calm. But the seeds of future problems will be sewn. The Left will open the border, start the process of writing Hate Crime legislation, which will be coupled with 2nd Amendment restrictions, creating housing programs to give blacks houses in white neighborhoods, etc.

        The overt anti-white agenda will start to get put in place. Then, we’ll see what happens.

        As Z has noted, the collapse happens in spurts and stops. Nothing much happens for a while and then a bunch of stuff. We’ve just had a bunch of stuff, so we might be due for calm period.

        • I feel that the pandemic is not going to come to a close. I think the tyranny will be ramped up.

          Why go to so much trouble just to go back to normal quickly?

          • No sign of an end date, or end plan, is there? No one influential has said word one of a wrap up of this nonsense.

            People still wear their stupid masks!

          • They can reduce the number of cycles in the PCR tests in order to reduce the number of “new cases”, thereby claiming a victory for the new administration.
            There’s always time for more pandemics when needed.

        • Dude the lock downs are not going away. The Left now has a tool to control the people that is unparalleled
          And when has the Left cared about the economy? They are quite content in wrecking it if you had bothered to pay attention to what has happened over the last 9 months
          Sure if you’re some drone in a office, life is fine. But for those in the service industry and small businesses they are getting bent over.
          Commercial real estate is in bad way and no signs of it getting better.
          You don’t even notice the precedents that have been set by big business. They have made economic deplatforming possible now. This is very bad.
          Heck just being associated with the Trump campaign is getting people fired now.

          • Oh, it’s going to get worse, a lot worse. I’m just saying that 2021 might slow down a bit for them to give them a chance to start implementing the first steps of the pogrom against whites.

            All movements have to catch their breath every once in a while. But I wouldn’t be shocked if the rest of 2021 was fairly eventful.

            I just have a feel that with Trump gone, the Left will move to the legislative side of destroying us, which, on the surface, will seem calm.

      • Those planned state rallies are federal honey pots designed to sucker in MAGA types to discredit the movement and id potential leaders among the MAGA peeps and neutralize them.

        • Hell, Trump’s entire reign may just be a 4 year long put-up job by the CCP and the unamed people to get all the US bad thinkers to reveal themselves so they could be put on a list and rounded up later.

        • Yep. There’s no way MAGA people are organized enough to hold fifty simultaneous political rallies with their leader on the run, and no way the Deep State wouldn’t find out and take full advantage of the opportunity.

          It does mean we have one more week of breathing room, though.

      • I was watching CNN reinforce the lede planted by the FBI of “50 state capitals.” They were showing the few rowdies on the Capitol, with “THIS IS A DRILL” strangely pasted across the top.

        No headlines beyond Drudge, so I listened to radio for the latest, and found the Left powerhouses, Tom Hartmann (former SDS, 60s radical) and Joe Madison (BLM) also repeating the lede, “we’ve got to shoot first- Trumplicans are threatening our Republic!”

        They want the threat of a war. Rumour is that the National Guard will have live fire rounds for the duration of the ‘national emergency’ in DC.

        This is classic Cloward-Piven strategy, to overwhelm a government system on multiple fronts, while you quietly put your people in place to promise ‘restoring order’ when the false flag goes up.

        That’s what my lefty bestie wants. To take the head of the snake (Trumplicans) means a cancellation of 2016, with the promise of a return to ‘normal’: the quiet corruption before Trump roiled the calm surface of a scum-filled pond.

        The Right has no alternate system in place, in such depth. To them, all we promise is Bosnia x Rwanda, and for what? The same paltry criminals? Who will keep the lights on and the convenient Amazon/Walmart deliveries coming? Sure, it might be wicked, but what we have now is a damm sight better than Bangladesh.

        They intend to restore Order- with them securely on top, and full benefits for loyalists, of course.

        So wear your mask, you flag-waving killer! Celebrate Impeachment Day, or else!

        • The Lefties that think world music fests and the soy craft fair are coming back are in for a major letdown.

        • The USA is fast becoming No Place for Old Men (I’m 74) and I find myself channeling Tommy Lee Jones as Sherrif Jim Bob:stunned, preoccupied and backing away from the abyss, muttering as I go. Increasingly glad I no longer live there. My little Third World village has as its motto (translated): “There are still places like this!” Yep, and I keep insisting that we should keep it a secret.

    • I’m getting an equally sick feeling the real point of the past four years was getting the bad thinkers in the US to reveal themselves so an extremely detailed list could be assembled for a later population cull.

      WuFlu is the obvious cover for the cull.

  51. If you think National Socialism and Communism died ugly, wait until you see how Liberal Democracy dies. Something tells me it’s going to give it’s competitors a run for their money when it comes to body counts.

    • Communism actually died with a whimper. Once all the old Leninists and Maoists died off the nations that they were in, they switched to something else. Now the death of the monarchies was ugly and is probably closer to our situation as well.

      • Communism didn’t die, it just underwent a reorganization to implement a new business strategy to enhance shareholder value and give stakeholders a voice.

        • Yeah, but millions of soldiers’ lives for the vain glory of those “kings”. It really gutted the people. A perfect example of what Z-man spoke of today. The behavior of people failed to change with the advancement of technology and what would have been just another conflict turned into the “Great War”.

        • Well the First Treaty of Westphalia was 1648 so the Empires have only got another Century and a quarter or so to go.
          Any other piercingly sharp analysis from the zionist shit you’d care to share?

        • Steyn is based, and a fighter. The happy warrior, if you will. Scrappy as hell; would everyone here was the same.

          He’s holding back though. As are we all, here.

          For now.

  52. And smashed it needs to be. Someone somewhere once said the average person may break several “laws” a day just going around and minding their own business. There are probably, literally millions of laws and regulations on the books that have accumulated over time. The depth, breadth and myriad is most likely unfathomable. It ALL needs to be smashed, incinerated and restarted from square one.

    • We are all guilty at all times of committing some crime or another. And most people know this.

      In the past, this wasn’t a big deal because the govt wasn’t out to get us. As the Left solidifies control and begins to arbitrarily start destroying white lives, this “guilty at all times” situation will become much more serious.

          • It’s going to take the vast majority of whites a while to figure out that the country is no longer ours. They currently think that have a community – the government.

            They’ll learn. And when they do, they’ll start doing what peoples throughout history have done: Seek out their own and form their own communities.

      • I think many previously law abiding whites are learning a little bit about committing crimes with the new China flu restrictions. Only the true lunatics are following them closely.

        Maybe we can apply it to “other things”. But on the other side we are now truly guilty at all times, how many of us even know every China flu rule and reg.

    • It started with the tax code, actually. It was made so complex anyone likely could be charged with tax evasion even with the best accountant on earth. The USA has been a police state a long time. The emergence of the surveillance state along with political prisoners has just forced more people to realize it.

      • A brilliant point. I have spent much time trying to understand some aspects of the UK’s tax system, and I thought exactly as you did: if I was in charge, and I didn’t like someone, this would be a great pretext to charge them with something.

        • Thanks. The cliché here used to be the feds were not able to nail Al Capone for muder but got him for tax evasion. People who mouthed that didn’t think through the implications.

          Complex regulations of life and business have eclipsed the tax codes now as ways to criminalize people. Even best faith efforts will not avoid violations of law.

          • And the income tax codes lead us directly to the Interstate Commerce Clause and its abuses: the regulation of all human activity.

          • Problem is whether or not the process of punishment/enforcement is taken to a “criminal” sanction or a bureaucratic sanction. The two should not be conflated.

            Trial and jury of peers is still commonly required for criminal sanction. Bureaucratic sanction is mostly regarding fines and penalties with the appeals process being within and controlled by the sanctioning government body.

            In there lies the rub, the burocratic body is basically responsible to no one other than itself. So appeals to a controlling body are impossible—the infrequent bad publicity and retraction of the sanctions in an odd case not to the contrary.

            This is discussed in detail in Charles Murray’s book, “In Our Hands”. Lots of court cases and history of the origin of the bureaucratic monster we face today. A must read for anyone seriously interested in the problem of government regulation.

    • I’ve heard that literally no one knows how many federal laws and regulations exist. But really, does “the law” even matter any more?

      • GOod point, its to act unilaterally, or tyrannically, this mass of paperwork allows them to do just that. Then, after they railroad someone, or re-settle 10K El Salvadorians, they hire a legion of scribes to dig up the “law” that allowed them to do what they want.

      • Laws are perhaps countable, regulations are infinite—well almost. Congress passes an “enabling” law, which sets in motion (creates) a bureaucratic department. This department is now “empowered” with regulatory authority to create rules, and to enforce these rules through use of fines and penalties—all without further Congressional direct authorization/knowledge.

    • we should all use this time to disengage if you haven’t already. Do not watch their stupid blm league and other pro and college sports, their insipid anti-white tv shows, movies, and commercials. By all means stay out of the cities (or move if you live in one now – that includes you, Z) and try to keep your trade and dealings and relations as close to home as possible. We need to all lay low and be the sleeping giant that we collectively are. This is what they fear. They fear that tipping point, they fear our awakening. That’s why we must be smart and wait and prepare because that point is coming, maybe not this year or next, but most assuredly in the lifetime of everyone reading this. And if you have children they will need to know what’s coming, too, as they will need to be told in no uncertain terms that their lives will be a long struggle to recapture the country that we and our forefathers all grew up in. Disengage, prepare, stay close, wait.

      • The system they sold to their supporters cannot possibly work. In fact, their own voters are leaving the cities and states where it has been tried. They will either have to double down causing pain for everyone or they will have to renege on their program which will piss off their true believers. Regardless, their will be a honeymoon but it will be short lived. BLM is already complaining about being thrown under the bus.
        Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

        • BLM is a Hutu organization and it behaves like Hutus. In other words, it can never be appeased. The more that is undeservedly given to it, the more it will demand. And I see no will whatsoever among the AWRs to reject BLM’s demands. Outside of certain large corporations and elite institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton and the media behemoths, BLM will become the most powerful organization in AINO.

    • This is a trick used by tyrannical regimes. First, they make everything illegal. Then, when they come after you, they can point to the law. When they let their friends off, they can point to prosecutorial discretion.

      • We saw this shit in the obama years when a reporter was caught with a 30 round magazine in DC. Cops didn’t charge him because he was just a reporter showing how heinous these magazines can be. If any one of us had it, it would have been a 10 yr felony.

        • The “reporter” was the Jew David Gregory, and he blatantly waved the 30-round mag in Wayne LaPierre’s face live on national television on “Meet the Press” from a studio in D.C. where possession of such a magazine is a crime.

          No charges.

        • That’s might be a poor example. Aside from the obvious of pissing off a large MSM corporation, the essence of a criminal charge would be “malo animo”—evil intent. This would undoubtedly be brought up at any trial.

          • Wrong. Any “malum prohibitum” crime does not require any intent to prosecute. Something is illegal because the government says it is, period.

            If you are caught with two kilos of cocaine in the trunk of your car and you told the cops you were just taking it to the dumpster to keep it off the streets and keep children safe from drugs, you are going to be arrested and prosecuted anyway. You MIGHT be able to convince the judge to suspend the sentence, but I doubt it.

            That’s the way gun prohibition laws are prosecuted as well.

          • The magazine in question was purchased legally in another jurisdiction. It is prohibited solely by local ordinance. Your analogy falls down using large quantities of drugs unable to be obtained legally, and is silly anyway wrt rationale for possession.

            A better example is the enforcement of certain environmental rules, such as the endangered species act where killing an endangered pack rat had to specifically be outlawed—even though the offender had no knowledge of the endangerment of the species, that it existed, or even of killing it. In other words, the law specifically prohibits malo animo as a defense.

            Malo prohibition has nothing to do with the plea of innocence as the illegal possession of the magazine in question is not disputed, only the intent of the user in possessing such.

        • We also see it with lying to the FBI and Congress. All the Obama/Clinton crapweasels that lied with impunity, and they prosecute Flynn, when the original report even said the agents didn’t think he lied to them.


      That book speaks quite a bit about this. (Yes I linked to Amazon, a whole other topic…)

      Also, the #2 best seller on Amazon right now is 1984. LOL! Better late than never or sad and too little too late? Why the f-ck is normie always 10 years behind the curve at a minimum? It is incredibly frustrating. The writing has been on the wall for a LONG time. Too busy grilling & chilling & sportballing I suppose…

      • Speaking as a former Normie, we’re fighting generations of indoctrination. Z is right that it takes people time to reach our side of the great divide.

        Also, there are a lot of gatekeepers out there to misdirect us. Even some 90% on our side – such as Sailer – give hope to transforming Normies that there’s still a chance to talk/vote our way out.

        It’s hard to realize how bad things are and what’s needed to be done.

        • Sailer thinks everything goes back to normal once 150% of the population has been forcibly vaxxed with the thoroughly tested, super-safe jab.

          • Sailer’s a good guy and has done a tremendous amount for our side. I don’t mean to trash on him.

            That said, he’s unwilling to move forward. He continues to appeal to TPTB to back off the destruction of whites and the culture that built what was the USA. He correctly points out to them that they had it pretty good in an 85% white United States and that they’re playing with fire by turning the country in Brazil (at best).

            What Sailer can’t seem to accept is that the people running this powerful tribe (not all of them or even the majority but the ones that count) hate (or fear) us and thus want us powerless. They don’t think that turning the country into Brazil will be worse for them than an 85% white USA. To them, every gentile white is one economic downturn away from becoming a Nazi intent on recreating what they’ve been taught happened WWII.

            They are perfectly willing to drive this country into the ground if it means whites are powerless. In their minds, gentile whites are the most dangerous group to their tribe on the planet. No other group is evil, organized and capable enough to do what we supposedly did to them long ago in another country.

            Sailer doesn’t get that. He won’t accept their logic and what it means.

          • Citizen: All true, and well said, but then one could argue that Sailer is not, in fact, a “good guy.” He may mock the worst excesses of the woke, but he refuses to explicitly take the side of Whites. Whether intentional or not, he effectively acts as a gatekeeper.

          • Sailer is an unintentional gatekeeper. However, he does a good job of bringing people right to the riverbank where they can see the other side – our side.

            It’s our job to ferry them across.

          • The US will be worse for whites than brazil because 60 years of affirmative action has fetishized POCs into afrocentric and latino supremacist hysteria, put them into positions of power, and acclimated them to white peoples taxes. Theyll be very confused when whites are minorities and the gibs run out. And when a low IQ gets confused, it riot city. Latin america has an understood aristocracy with racial connotations that arent questioned. Castizos look down on mestizos, Mestizos look down on the indigenous, and they all look down on the africans. All of these groups are self aware of their place and responsibility.

          • I would add american sports, rap music, and media have added to afrocentrism that will be a monster to deal with when the gibs run out.

          • As one who lives in Latin America for 17 years consecutive years now (more with previous sporadic residence in two other countries), I find myself in agreement with you. It’s a subtle distinction, not “racist”. “Caste” is based partly on skin color, but more on education, social class and such. Then again, I live in a country with very few blacks.

          • Fauci just the other day said, yep, we could be back to “normal” by Fall if we all get vaccinated, but we’ll still have to wear masks in public gatherings.

            I don’t consider wearing submission “badges” normal behavior. Which brings up a question we—as DR adherents—need to consider. Do we go “gray” and wear the badge, signaling our submission, or do we make it easy for us to be identified to an increasingly totalitarian regime?

          • This is a question I contemplate rather often. I lean towards blending in. I have a similar philosophy to carrying a firearm. For the life of me, I can’t understand people that open carry. Any bad person that wants to do harm knows exactly who to go for first. They have the jump on you. With concealed carry, the element of surprise is far more on your side.

      • Library or buy used books instead and don’t use Amazon. There are alternatives. Free shipping when you spend $10.00.

        Added bonus from buying used books, you are not (directly) sending money to global publishing companies (who hate you).

    • “the average person may break several “laws” a day just going around and minding their own business.”

      I broke the law by celebrating Christmas with my family. A fitting end to Year 2020.

    • John Whitehead of the Rutherford institute. I believe his number was “Three felonies a day” were committed by the average American. Over 4,500 felonies on the Fed’s books.
      His commentary on the past week here:

      His published books here:

  53. Technology has made the democratic process a black box that even the legislators do not understand.

    Wait until whites figure out that not only is the democratic process a black box but that they’re even shut out of the democratic process itself. It’s one thing to have your own elected representatives not doing what you want; it’s quite another to have representatives who hate you voting for black box legislation.

    The system will have no moral authority over whites. What’s more, whites will have no hope of ever gaining back control of the system. That’s when things get interesting.

    • It’s sad to see so many normiecon and Christian whites thinking that voting harder for blue (Conservative party) means they will get change.

      It got us nothing before; now it’s clearly a fraud anyways, as they can stuff the ballots.

      Unfortunately whites are so clueless that poverty and disenfranchisement might be the only slap hard enough to make them wake up.

      • This has changed tremendously and poverty hit like a freight train but we don’t see it since Normies don’t talk about this stuff online very much.
        Normies just want the Old Republic , 1980 with less corruption back but its not happening
        Problem is that no one is presenting an alternative they can swallow as yet and the real one,a DR Interregnum of 2-4 decades followed by a Restrictive Franchise and New Constitution is still just a bit too far. Yet.
        COVID 19 and the election fracas jumped the inevitable crack up by around a decade it seems and the expected 2033 trouble may hit between 2021 and 2023 instead.
        Maybe its for the better since the US is a bit Whiter and better armed now than it would be in a decade.

  54. And why not smash the system? What legitimacy does it have? We just watched the spectacle of a more than 5000 page bill introduced and passed in a couple days. How could the interests of the people possibly be represented by such a farce? The fact that people do not realize that was a far worse desecration of the halls of Congress than the brief, frustrated scuffle on Jan. 6 makes me want to weep.

      • reforming the system might not even be worth it, i look at highly developed singapore and i see 1.14 births per woman, technology drains the vitality out of its people, yeah, they have zero crime, strong economy and good schools, but the strict corporate rules, the cameras, the robotic lifestyle leads to suicide. People and especially kids kill themselves like crazy over there, all due to techno democracy.

        • Reform is definitely not worth it. It’s possible, even feasible, but the needs of society and the way it functions now means that starting from scratch is most likely more cost- and time-effective. I just hope the new system bans advertising and ends limited liability.

        • Reform cannot work. All reform will do is set the clock back 20 years or some other number of years.
          Because the problem is not the system. The system is fine. The problem is the people in power.
          I heard someone the other day say that no set of rules will restrain evil people. Evil people will always find a way to lawyer the rules to do whatever they want. The Constitution specifically prevents the government from banning arms and we have entire classes of people who cannot own firearms and entire classes of firearms that cannot be owned by anyone other than extreme exceptions. The Constition does not mention healthcare at all, let alone abortion and abortion is a sacred constitutional right.
          We don’t need a new system. We need either new rulers or the existing ones need sufficient motivation to do the right thing.

          • Rules don’t exist to restrain evil, they exist for the retribution of evil. They form a framework for the process of soberly determining guilt (mens rea) or innocence fairly and accurately, and meting out effective retribution. Obviously, no system is corruption-proof, but some systems are better at determination and retribution than others.

          • No system can make bad or incompetent people good or competent. The people in a system are more consequential than the system.

            This is why putting the Constitution or the democratic process above the people who implement it is a mistake.

          • Yep. Just try to think of what you could change, if you could, in our founding documents. If something so simple as “shall not be infringed” means “whatever laws we deem necessary” and not mentioning at all means “inalienable right enshrined by the Constitution,” there really isn’t anything you could do to restrain evil people in the future.
            But this is why simple reform, even if we convince and motivate the leaders, wouldn’t work.

            The one thing which simply must be done is to keep foreigners out.
            America was never supposed to be a pan-European EU on the American continent. Foreigners always corrupt the system no matter what it is.

          • Yeah after i traveled through latin america, i now think ideas and politics are a waste of time. Biology explains all outcome disparity and no politician or social program can change that.

          • Ever notice that Costa Rica doesn’t have the usual problems of Central America? One never hears of refugees from CR even though it’s subject to the same volcanoes, hurricanes and climate change all the others are. The US doesn’t bother them even though it doesn’t have a military and should be ripe for a communist takeover.
            Of course it is something like 80% white but that must not have anything to do with it.

          • i referred to a techno-corporate world where the people currently in charge of western civ are gone.
            Is a techno-corporate society in general worth having?
            Can it be made benefic?

          • To your questions,
            No, its a actively harmful with a few exceptions mostly in the medical field
            And no it can’t, making things more complex, more efficient and happen faster does not make anything better.

          • Thomas Jefferson said it long ago: the system is made for a moral and just people.
            (And yt too, but who’s counting…)
            It cannot survive with a minority of moral and just people. Such as the people who visited town last week. They are the core demographic. But unfortunately are not organized (and appear to have no add’l plans to do so). This means that we are probably going to become Venezuela. Unless men with ballz get themselves organized in real life.
            Just sayin’.

        • I’d add the crazy cost of living and island fever as factors contributing to unhappiness in Singapore.

          • Singapore is a society without a purpose whose need to consume human capital renders it bereft of an organic culture.
            Its like living in a shopping mall basically, safe, clean, orderly, entirely fake and commercial
            Its sucks there, people stop having kids , more people get brought in to replace them this prevents the formation of organic culture, rinse repeat.

          • It’s a major ship refueling point and transhipment port for vessels carrying all the stuff moving round the globe. It’s a metaphor for the human population that exists there. 3 days on the island was enough to give me the heebie-jeebies.

          • Never wanted to go to be honest and a discussion of the place with some very nice Singaporean people along with a visit to the Social Development Unit made it abundantly clear.

          • Singapore is a Chinese city state. After living in China, Taiwan and the US (around a lot of chinese), I can tell that Chinese are most at home in highly competitive societies where they can game the system for money and status.

            Neither Singapore nor Taiwan provides Chinese with the cultural system to truly flourish. All have a low birthrate but there is far more energy among the Chinese in China and the US

          • The culture and society on Taiwan is almost shockingly “normal” in most respects. It’s worlds apart from that of Singapore. It helps that they’re free from having to support Malays and Indians like you would a ne’er-do-well brother-in-law. Cultural energy, like birth rates, are in the tank everywhere in the world where a level of affluence has been reached. The mainlanders will be just as enervated as the rest of us in short order and I’d rather be amongst the Taiwanese at that point. At least they haven’t sold their soul economically and politically.

          • The only thing that matters in a human society is birth rate and reaching reproductive age as baring genocide, more babies equals social continuance.
            Higher tech levels can matter but often societies that develop them stop having the will to use them and more important , stop caring about existing.
            If you doubt me? Pretty much every colonial effort in Africa has failed and Africans for good or ill run their own continent their own way.
            China is a new player to be sure but it won’t be that many years before Africa has a population on par with China and a far young more fertile population.
            Long run, China will get some resources and as always Africa will win.

        • Its not actually possible to reform modernity. Many many nations have tried and the best case scenario is a slight bump in the birth rate for a few years. This never seems to even reach replacement BTW.
          This has been the case in the West and the East and places in between. Once society reaches a certain development level, roughly color TV being ubiquitous and goes urban, the birth rate naturally declines. Computers make things even worse.
          Catabolic Collapse is part of the problem too many inputs required to sustain the system but its also because modernity grinds down the soul, its a purposeless life of hedonism that has to oppose the things that makes people truly well, family, faith, tradition, culture.
          This lack of meaning is why some of these youngsters are all about Leftism, Woke and Antifa and the like, its a system of meaning that demands action.
          The Right used to do that through churches but those got co-opted by the God Mammon and his modern consort Nice
          Its also why the pitiful action in DC created so much furor, it have hope of purpose to one side and terrified the other who had been accustomed to no resistance to their status whoring and looting.
          In a society starved for meaning, even a tiny thing matters a great deal.

          • Hungary and Israel were able to incentivize the population to breed through financial rewards. While the tribe feels encouraging pale skinned gentiles to breed makes the country a new version of Germany circa 1933, it is OK for their tribe to do it. The Hungarians didn’t listen and succeeded in raising their birthrate

          • Israel is the only example of above replacement fertility and it seems to be non participatory religious types and Palestinians that push it to maybe 2.1 TFR
            Hungary while they did raise the TFR something I’ve noted is possible it went from 1.3 to 1.5 and is lower than the White US TFR of 1.6

          • All the incentives used in programs I’ve seen are pretty mild, hence the results are mild.

            Here’s a thought. How about an incentive where one’s State pension is dependent upon the number of children you birth and successfully raise?

            Let’s go back to the pre-IR where you depended upon your children to care for you in old age. Right now, the two earner family with no children fares better than the 2 or 3 child family—they save more money, and their SSI benefits are often max’d out.

            Since the State is the biggest provider of pensions, how about no children, no pension? We of course, could modify that to establish criteria for producing successful off spring such as useful tax payers, while denying pension benefits for jail bird offspring.

          • This won’t work unless you ban investments of any kind and even than might not.
            Even the Middle Ages had a system to care for the childless. You would purchase an annuity with a monastery and be guaranteed the basics of life.
            Sure the State may give me 2K per month social security but not having kids saves 234K over 18 years each on average. Having one child instead of 3 while having more assets for that child and more discretionary spending would give you an investment pool of 400K for families with income enough for thee kids (roughly 40k for the three alone)
            Assuming normal interest rates which you need to prevent malinvestment and parasite industries like we have now you should get 1K a month with very stable investments.
            Another 18 years, this assumes say work started at 22, you are at 2K per month.
            If you assume low mobility of capital and 65 retirement you have an income of 2500 per month plus savings and a paid off house.
            That is just from forgoing 2 kids. I doubt strongly that any state is solvent enough to guarantee that and they’d have to tax money from working people to give to non working people thus cutting back funds for children.
            Ignoring ethical implications for second here, we can discuss that in a second.
            Either the State taxes young families to pay for the old thus cutting fertility.
            It runs a massive deficit thus raising the cost of living and cutting fertility
            Or it does nothing and allows the economy to cope with low monetary velocity. This will probably mean low fertility since modernity requires a smaller more skilled population the exact opposite of large families.
            Its a no win situation and one best left to nature, by banning immigration and letting the population fall to a sustainable level.

      • Reforming the system at this point would be like retrofitting a stagecoach for UPS deliveries.”

        More like retrofitting it for space flight.

    • And why not smash the system? What legitimacy does it have? 

      Mostly because they have the guns. Which is all the legitimacy anyone ever needed. Killing this beast will require a thousand cuts. Confronting it head on is a suicide mission.

      • Agreed. There’s a reason why the U.S. won the first Gulf War but will lose this time around in Iraq and Afghanistan.

        Whites might consider studying the Troubles in Ireland or the way Muslims carve out their neighborhoods in Europe today.

        The next war will be won by the side willing to grind it out day after day. It won’t be heroic. It’ll be messy and dirty.

        • I can now understand why the Taliban is willing to die for their way of life, and why our own soldiers are increasingly unwilling to.

          • current leaders don’t really get war, the reason alexander, romans, muslims and mongols were successful at conquering was cause the soldiers were promised booty and sex slaves, who da heck wants to go to war to bring women and homosexuals freedom and democracy. Also, they were allowed to wipe out people back then.
            That shit might’ve worked in the past when europe was much more technologically developed than the rest of the world, but those days are long gone.

          • About ten years go in a neighboring town from where I lived one of your classic good-ole boys joined the military because is ‘was the right thing to do’.
            He was killed in action, and practically the whole town went to the funeral.
            That patriotic sentiment in small town Americana of just a decade ago is already almost extinguished.

          • I certainly hope so. And I hope that patriotism has been converted into a raging hatred of this terrible thing that has replaced America.

          • Chet – My husband was noting this the other day, and it amazed him. Where previously he merely loathed them (and still does consider them primitive aliens with a demented belief system), he could actually understand and respect their willingness to die for their beliefs against the globohomo behemoth, because he now feels that way about the US government.

          • And there, the muzloids have one up on us.
            They may not be the brightest, but they are passionate and willing to “grind it out.”
            Imagine what yt could do, as during the first Civil War, where they were organized by regiments, states, etc…
            But nope.
            The typing continues….

          • “They are passionate and willing to grind it out”. Kind of like demoncrap leftards vs. hear, see, speak no evil republitards.

        • That version of the US also had a well-defined, “stomp the enemy, declare victory, leave,” approach to the First Gulf War.

          This is because the MICC had yet to realize how eternal war could be racketized.

      • Very true and very wise. Many of us now know WHAT the problem is, and more will awaken as real hardship spreads throughout the land. The near-term task is to educate others on HOW best to solve the problem. Education and training are vital at this stage. No military sends raw recruits directly into battle. There is always a boot camp, at minimum.

      • The biggest cut would be to encourage massive amounts of deficit spending. Demand massive bailouts for everyone and lots of stimulus checks. Heck, UBI would be good too. Once debt levels are high enough, bond issuance becomes impossible and the government’s choices are severe austerity (bankruptcy) or currency devaluation. At that point it’s done.

        • The US is a sovereign currency and can mint money till China is tired of it.
          We;ll collapse at that point possibly from hyperinflation but more probably from a systemic failure.
          Another scenario is a of vanriant of the one in J.M. Greens Twilight’s Last Gleaming which TL:DR the US loses a crucial fight during an economic collapse and basically falls apart. They had a Con/Con as well but that won’t happen.

      • Today the halls of Congress are lined with armed Guard troops, most of whom look to be young White men. We are so fooked.

        • LOL. You’d think the Mongols and the Huns were driving on the Potomac. These people are truly insane. Or more likely, they’re trying to whip up hysteria, just as they’ve done with Covid. And they’ll succeed. Americans have always been suckers for fear-mongering.

        • Question on that: why are they wearing camouflage uniforms to defend the Capitol?

          Note, these are not Iraq/Afghanistan desert camouflage unis, but as though they were fighting in the forest or jungle.

          • Green camo may simply be the issue for State guard duty. I suspect, an overseas deployment gets desert camo. I like desert camo myself.

      • I’d say it’s because they claim the monopoly on violence and the majority of the populace still assent to that idea.

    • In fact, Ashli Babbitt consecrated that ground, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what is said there, but it can never forget what she did there. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced.

    • I second that. The challenge is how, no longer whether, to smash the system. We don’t know how robust it is.

      • Odds are not very. A eco-freak in a horned hat and a few angry idiots taking selfies caused the entire Congress to evacuate in moral terror. That is not the sign of confidence.
        Once the real Troubles begins , the system may not be able to survive it for long.
        The problem is though, there isn’t a strong horse replacement with a key set of goals. This can cause Troubles to drag on and on and for them to be far worse than they need to be. It leads to chaos and war against the foundation rather than people vs people.
        Problem is are just too many factions,most exposed to one another in fundamental ways and that leads to nowhere good.

        • The thing that has stuck in my mind this last couple weeks with the Big Tech bans and outright breech of contract in the case of Amazon cutting off Parler is that all of these little shits are deeply scared – and rightly.

          After all, Rome, for all its cruelty and depravity, also had great accomplishments to point to. The current tech oligarchs and uniparty political whores, in their quest to stack their already obscene wealth even higher, have invited in representatives of practically every culture on earth. Almost every one of those cultures can arguably claim, at this point, to be nobler, more sublime, more moral, and more grounded in reality, than the endless depraved clown show offered by our ruling class. Hindus may not belong here, but they have the Vedas, while we have… Pride Day and the rainbow flag? 50 different rap acts all chanting the same thuggish gibberish? Revolting tattooed women with pink hair? City parks and squares turned into homeless encampments? Maybe it’s our bold and fearless people boldly cowering in their basements and behind masks from a bad cold?

          I have to admit that when I saw the rioters attacking Portland this summer I was more ambivalent than outraged and part of me wanted to see it all burn as much as they did.

          • Years I ago I nearly died from the common flu and I’m still not scared of COVID 19. Maybe its a steady diet of stoicism or my morbid nature who knows. All men die.
            This let it all burn gut feeling seems to be a common thing. I share it a bit and I used to live in Portland.
            Honestly no one really cares about this civilization any longer and there is nothing anyone currently in office can do about it.
            The US of A is held together by fed troops and inertia not ideals which makes it fragile indeed.
            Double scary is how much talk talk there is about systempunkt 4G warfare . That shit makes the 70% casualties some Russians think a US Civil war would produce entirely possible.
            Nobody wants that but we seem to be on a doomsday course.

    • a corrupt system can produce only one outcome – corruption. it is for this reason the system must be completely destroyed and replaced.

    • And what comes after the system is smashed?

      This is essentially the same mistake that Marxists have always made. Karl Marx had essentially no interest in how society would function once capitalism was overthrown, because he believed that capitalism was the whole of the problem. How did that work out?

      Today’s Cultural Marxists think the same way. Smash Capitalism! Smash Colonialism! Smash White Supremacy! Smash the Patriarchy! Smash Heteronormativity! Smash Smash Smash!!! What comes next isn’t really interesting to them, because they know without a shadow of a doubt that all the problems of the world are caused by bad people, and once the bad people are smashed everything will become good.

      So once we’ve smashed the system, how do we know that everything will be good, rather than getting much worse?

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