It’s Not All Bad News

There are several remarkable things happening in response to the massive push back from Americans to the oligarchic coup we are seeing unfold. The one getting the most attention, of course, is the hysterical reaction by the political class. Their rhetoric is so out of sync with reality it suggests mental illness. One thing not getting noticed is how Conservative Inc. appears to collapsing right in front of us. Look at the flagship of that racket, National Review, and it should have tumbleweeds on it.

Their first big think piece in response to the epiphany protests was something so bizarre that it could have been from the Babylon Bee. Put aside for a second that most people in America have no memory of Reagan. These are people endlessly howling about the need to court nonwhites and that nonwhites are their future. The typical black is 27 years old and the typical Hispanic is 11 years old. Talking about Reagan to these people is like talking about Frederick the Great or Napoleon.

Look into that piece and the writer’s cure for what ails the country is the exact thing 75 million people voted against twice. Being the party of global enterprise at the expense of the culture and spiritual welfare of the people is why the Republican Party is headed to the dustbin of history. Tone? The GOP has been obsessed with tone policing everyone for generations now. The reason people voted for the loudmouth is they are sick of being told they cannot speak out against what is happening.

Of course, the slovenly Kevin Williamson has been pounding away at Trump and Trump voters in service to his paymasters in the uniparty. What you have to admire about Williamson is that he is loyal to his paymasters. Most pens-for-hire show a little reluctance, as their conscience tends to gnaw at them. Not old Kev. He was bought to be a foaming-at-the-mouth Trump-hater back in 2015 and he stays bought. The Iranians use guys like this to clear mine fields.

His most amusing post of the bunch thus far is this one, where he lays out his big strategy for the collection of rent boys and house slaves called the conservative movement. Down in the middle he writes, “The big technology companies are the most successful thing going economically in the United States; the Europeans, who have nothing to compare to a Facebook or a Google, resent them and fear them; Democrats hate them, blaming Facebook for the election of Trump in 2016.”

This is what most people used to call a bald-faced lie. The Democrats love the tech oligarchs every bit as much as National Review and for the same reason. They both get gobs of cash from the Silicon Valley oligarchs. The tech companies are systematically erasing anything resembling dissent to the official orthodoxy. They are even erasing people Williamson would call allies. For old Kev, the only allies are those who can keep his refrigerators stocked. He’s happy to be an organ grinder’s monkey.

Of course, you see nothing on National Review concerning the most relevant issue of the day, which is tech censorship. For a collection of people who amusingly insist they are a movement, you would think they would have something to say about the thing everyone is discussing. The one exception is the piece they get from Victor David Hanson, but he has no role in the editorial stance of the site. In fact, he is notable in being the last actual conservative writing for the site.

Of course, Conservative Inc. is not just National Review, but it has always been the canary in the coal mine. The more vibrant and active sites are shifting into the populist camp as they realize there is no future with the National Review types. The average age of a NRO reader is over 70 now. You’ll note that most of their stories get few comments and that is because many nursing homes no longer provide free internet access to their patients.

All of this is good news. The National Review type has always been a hindrance to the genuine right-wing, because they operate as the “good” conservative. That is, the Left anoints them as the opposition, so money and attention flow to them. Meanwhile, the genuine opposition to the Left is begging for scraps and attention. Stripped of that credibility, it is no longer possible for them to play that role. The money will continue to dry up and National Review will go the way of all legacy media.

All of this points to something much bigger. What has unfolded since the election has opened the eyes of millions of people. Despite the rhetoric from their cult leaders, even many lefties are getting nervous about what is happening. They live close enough to reality to know what lies ahead if we keep on this pace. For Conservative Inc., it means they no longer have an audience hoping that a settlement can be negotiated with their friends on the Left. Principled surrender is no longer an option.

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455 thoughts on “It’s Not All Bad News

  1. Ronald Reagan won California 2 times as Governor in the 1967 and 1971. No way he’d win even 40 percent of the vote running in California now. National Review was a big part of the 1986 amnesty, and Bush failed amnesty attempt in 2005. They wonder why their party lost the country while not looking in the mirror at all the endless Immigration they approved. America needs to break apart and hopefully some plans for the next 20 years are in the woodwork for that.

  2. In my mind, America is gone … so IT IS all bad news. You can try to spin that any way you want, but it doesn’t work for me.

  3. In their guts, most white people sense they are being set up for the kill, prepped and seasoned for a fuckin meatgrinder. The cells of their ancestors are waking up. Whitey was the King of Pain. Hell’s around the corner if that’s what they want.

    • We’ve talked about the “mental energy” white men have on here before.

      Yeah, our senses are pricking up whether we like it or not. Many of us just wanted to grill.

    • Not really. The reality of twenty years of continual warfare is that the Special Forces Olympics + Big Data is very, very good at killing select groups of people. Of course, the innumerate in charge figure 73 million plus is easy, but certainly Biden/Harris will have at their disposal about 30,000 very highly trained people able to remove forever about a million Deplorables without much effort. That’s reality: Predator Drones and Hellfire missiles used against jihadi wedding parties will be used against MAGA wedding parties.
      However, the Abwehr leading up to WWII was very clever in destroying much of the Soviet Military leadership — they found out who was talented and leaked info to Stalin’s NKVD that said officer was plotting against Stalin. That and the use of accusations as career enhancement helped make the Soviet Officer Corps in 1941 mostly a joke. Everyone with talent was executed by Stalin.
      There is a lesson here. There is more fun to be had for denouncing a talented mid-tier leader as secret MAGA than just about anything else. And those best to denounce are data analysts. Those guys are hard to replace.
      Open confrontation is over. Its attrition warfare from here on out. Boycotts, denunciations, pushing BLM/Green upon organizations that must be destroyed: Disney, Google, Apple, etc.
      Be like Water.

  4. Well kiddo, your distillation of vitriol is getting more highly refined by the day.
    You got Kev the Slob bang to rights.

  5. If I were to say “what has happened” it would be that my whole life I was taught/told to be friendly, and include other people who were “disadvantaged”, and to be open minded, etc etc and then the second “we” became a loathed minority of electorate, i.e. the moment the tables turned, the cultural ethos is so hostile and hate filled from the left that democracy itself is no longer tenable. They finally get a heaping helping of the pie and then they snatch all the pie away from everyone. And the Conservative Inc/New Republic/Republicans are somehow deluding themselves that in the context of that, as “we” become an ever smaller minority of the electorate, that they are going to convince some of the middle of the road leftists that they should take the deal we got and play fair and share and vote for lower taxes etc. The demographically correct leftists would be absolutely insane to fall for that now that everyone can see what is happening to us and how our Conservative Inc overlords have done nothing at all to stand up for Constitutional rights. Game over.

    • That’s how I was raised.

      Honestly it would have been possible if everybody believed in it. But I think only white people are capable of believing that.

      It wasn’t until I was surrounded by 3rd world aliens that I quickly snapped out of it.

      • It won’t be “game over” for everyone, until the Whites are gone or have simply dropped out. Western civilization has never been built or sustained by anyone except us. Yes, other cultures existed and exist, but no other “color” has matched what we have achieved. Without us, everything falls apart. Exhibits: Rhodesia, South Africa, etc.

      • Honestly it would have been possible if everybody believed in it.” that’s not how human nature works. we were not designed that way.

        there are two ways to learn human nature. one is to study chimps in the wild (and not the bonobos). the other is to watch children interact when unsupervised.

    • They tried to spin their failure and lack of will to repatriate the slaves into some half-baked tale of virtue

      What kind of people does that? You have to be pretty twisted to take that load of crap and repackage it as part of God’s plan

      They took it way too far.

  6. The quicker of the Republican Party dies the better off for True conservativism. This is probably the one issue that we and the Democrats can agree upon.

    • i think the dems didn’t actually plan on the gop killing itself. now they have to create an entirely new bogus opposition party – and that takes time!

  7. I would add that I’m trying to figure out how I can get involved with BLM. I figure Magic Johnson would make a far better leader of Apple than Tim Cook. And Kanye West by magic melanin is more equipped to lead Google than Sundar Pinchai. And lets not stop there: I think everyone in the FBI, CIA, Military, etc should be diverse, aka black. Black black black and black.
    Lets not forget Extinction Rebellion. Now there’s a degrade the electrical grid and fuel system I can get behind. I think all drones likely to fire hellfire missiles at weddings attended by MAGA should be battery powered, or at least using friendly bio fuel.
    Japan is facing blackouts as they shut down all their nukes and can’t get enough LNG to run their heating systems and power generation in a deep freeze. They’re in panic shut down systems mode now.
    Street protest is over. That thing in the Capitol was a one time shot. We have weapons. I’d rather have Kanye and Magic in charge of data teams hunting us, with the teams themselves comprised of friends/family of Pop Smoke and Nipsey Hustle, than what we have now.

    • The Federal government, indeed most State governments as well as much of The Dreaded Private Sector, is already probably as “diverse” as it can be without grinding to a halt. Generations ago, when it was mostly White, bureacracy was still bureacracy. Dumbing it down by 15-20 IQ points or the equivalent loss of educational attainment (roughly four years of school), needless to say doesn’t make the lumbering animal any wiser or capable.
      Sure, there are still competent people, even in the Gov. and military, but they are very much the minority, and they tend to not be minorities 😀

  8. Maybe its just because I’m reading “the Finish” by that Blackhawk Down guy, but I see no reason for the Establishment to fear. Indeed, they have the capacity to eliminate 73 Million Trump voters plus 30 million friends and family.
    So I would advocate “hugging the enemy” as the Soviets did in a good deal of WWII to negate the enemy advantages in tanks and artillery. Its one thing to drone a Wedding filled with MAGA types or shoot 65 Trump voters in Vegas. Its another to hit a Lesbian Vegan Free Trade Farmers Market in Seattle. Ironically those places if we pose as BLM/Anti-Fa are likely the safer places. [No place is safe].
    Other things — communication (don’t), movement (don’t), opinions (don’t). The power of the US military to kill enemies the President does not like is absolute and staggering. So expect the worst from Willie Brown’s ho and you will not be disappointed.

  9. The BRICS are making moves so it isn’t all bad news.
    When they pull the rug on the dollar Mordor on the Potomac will just be a stinky pile of cess ridden sulphur.
    Russia getting the Saudis to blink on production and price per barrel is just the intro.

    • Not happening. None of those countries are more trustworthy than Uncle Sugar even in his current state. Whenever a strong currency pokes it’s head up (Australia at one point, but more recently the Swiss Franc) they devalue it to the moon since otherwise they would not be able to export anything. Nope, it currently looks like everyone is in the car with Thelma and Louise.

  10. Zman, you are on fire! “Epiphany Protest” is a name I haven’t seen before (I call The Happening, more M Night than the Supremes) but sounds very Russian and hits the “moment of revelation” angle. I’m using it from now on. As for “rent boys and house slaves of Conservative Inc.”, genius!

  11. I have to laugh they still don’t get it, and these are supposed to be people nominally on our side. Why if you just get rid of Trump all the reasons people voted for him will go away. These people are almost too stupid to breathe. Reagan could be a rabble rouser with the best of them, and didn’t give a rat’s ass about what the left thought. The left hated Reagan. When your opponent hates your standard bearer you’ve probably made the right choice.

    • What do you see as Reagan’s greatest accomplishments?

      He seems like an earlier version of Trump in that his main attraction was that he was hated by our enemies. But what did he do?

      He “won the cold war” but he greatly increased the debt, in direct contradiction to his main creed, and began the amnesty avalanche.

      I’m not inclined to hold Reagan in high esteem. I guess he was the best option at the time.

      • he’s vastly over rated. had the exact same problems as Trump, re: staffing, and GOP treachery. second term he was invisible (with dementia). also gave us bush I.

        • For me, was set Reagan apart is his speaking ability from his acting background.

          To me, he could sound warm and grandfatherly or stern and Biblical.

          Heck, there were even times he was earnest, like when his voice cracked as he recited Martin Treptow’s pledge during his inaugural address.

          I also think Reagan had more talented speechwriters who understood his strengths as a speaker and had a better grasp of history.

          • oh yeah, he definitely was a world class orator. like 3 orders of magnitude better than obama or clinton. but he put the time in to develop that skill.

      • I’m not defending Reagan, that’s not really my point. His legacy is whatever anyone personally makes it out to be. There was very little honest deal making between the democrats and Reagan, just about every deal the democrats made they reneged on, the debt was just one of them. Tip O’Neill swore up and down he would enact Reagan’s cuts to other spending to pay for the defense increases. Never happened. Reagan got cornholed and was vilified to boot.

        The fact that these idiots don’t know this, or whitewash it, is proof that they shouldn’t have a damn thing to say about anything. “We need to be nice to the left when they rape us, so just lie back and think of Reagan.”

  12. The far left has a laundry list of hopes and dreams that they believe will be carried forward by Pelosi, Schumer and the Alzheimer’s patient with his Jamaican whore sidekick. Most of these hopes and dreams will be dashed, as Obama Term 3 unfolds. I generally interact with more left wingers than right wing people as I live in a Communist backwater (with great weather). There’s frustration building, let me tell you. It’s probably why they put Bernie on the Senate budget committee chair. As they screw them they can point to Bernie and say “well, he is your guy here…What? You don’t like him now?” Bernie will then give them a wink in the Senate cloak room before heading out to buy another vacation house. One thing about the left, they don’t have the patience and discipline to be Fuk-ed by the uni-party for decades like Republicans with nothing to show for it.

    • The Left/Democrat Socialists will be crushed like bugs. AOC and the Squad will sell out just as quickly as Sanders did, and the grassroots will freak out but be absolutely powerless.

      The Corporatist/Fascists now control the country, and will do so until it implodes. All I am watching for is when money stops being printed and markets are allowed to fully tank.

    • When Bernie was the mayor of Burlington he governed like a tightwad. They actually used to buy bus tickets for the bums harrassing people on Church Street and sending them south. Something happened when he went to DC.

      • That is an ancient vagrant management method 🙂 In many parts of the country, I expect they should (or already do) send such charity cases on long distance bus trips to such meccas as Lost Angeles, Portland, Seattle, etc. That’s why there’s so many of them there. Even for a small town, the $200 or whatever to send a bum on his way is a small price to pay for a relatively 1950s small town living experience 😀

      • Impeachment Yesterday Was To Prove Trump Was The Lone Gunman Of January 6th. But Have You Seen The Evidence Which Points To 4th Psych Ops Unit From Ft. Bragg? Twitter Won’t Let Me Upload My Two Minute Video, But Here Are Screenshots.

        Psyops playing the part of Antifa and Trump supporters. Nothing new. It’s probably why stand down orders are routine.


    • Ashli Babbit never existed? It was a fake shooting? A friend of mine is convinced that Newtown and El Paso were really little movies with actors and such. I find that hard to believe. But, if theres evidence….

  13. Lip smacking swamp donkey Williamson was the first person to block me on Twitter when I @’d him a meme regarding how many jewish gentlemen he could service simultaneously. He was so flustered that he hit “follow” by accident before correcting his mistake. Ah….you never forget your first.

  14. Talking about Reagan to these people is like talking about Frederick the Great or Napoleon.

    What? You think blacks aren’t familiar with Frederick the Great?

  15. Funny stuff. Conservative, Inc., reminds me of Marco Rubio during the GOP debates. The fat Jersey governor called Rubio out for repeating canned lines, and Rubio responded with the very same canned line, verbatim, he had just recited.

    I listened to conservative talk radio just the other day for the first time in a long time. Someone was guest hosting for Limbaugh (Ken Matthews, maybe?) and the dude was dumb as a rock. He spouted things that could have been lifted from a 1984 GOP political consultant’s playbook. It was so disconnected from the present age it was jarring: 30-year-old lines about Hillary Clinton, references to Martin Luther King that have been discredited for a generation, and so forth. I also got the impression not many people were calling into the show as the guy kept pitching the phone number.

    These are heady times, indeed. The Republican Party sans Trump is dead. As you pointed out in a responsive comment, Progs who live in the real world are hearing widespread anger and dissent among normal people. Unlike Con Inc., the Left does listen to its foot soldiers so that message is percolating upwards. The fortified Imperial Capitol looks like a Disneyfied version of a drug lord’s Latin American plaza. The circus impeachment, featuring elderly Jews and assorted grifters, is a second-rate vaudeville act.

    I don’t know whether the rather tame storming of the Capitol was planned or spontaneous but it is the most successful psyop in recent history, and the hysterical overreaction has made it a perfect thing. Viking Man is by far more popular than any other public figure in the Banana Empire.

    To borrow some from a similar time: the whole world is laughing.

    The ascendancy next week of a dementia patient and a vapid, slimy whore will prompt the Fat Lady to hit her first note. I had been sad. Increasingly I am amused.

      • So all aboard for the American tour,
        And maybe you’ll make it to the top.
        But mind how you go.
        I can tell you, ’cause I know.
        You may find it hard to get off.
        Pink Floyd, “Free Four”

        • more like: “drivin’ that train, high on cocaine, casey jones you better, watch your speed”

    • I figured they did the communist dictator thing and pulled a bunch of uniformed troops into the capital but gave them plastic weapons and no ammo; but now I’m wondering…maybe not. It would take a level of clueless unseen probably in the history of mankind to bring several battalions of fully armed soldiers in to guard the most unpopular government since the Civil War. I mean, I’m sure it will work out for them, but if it doesn’t? Well, that’s not the kind of mistake that you’re going to get a mulligan on.

      • Interesting post. Where is our Man in DC to comment on this? I can only give you second hand: in the Vietnam years, on post, even in war zones, soldiers routinely were denied ammo. My guess is the same for the current mess in DC. Some units armed yes, but the average soliders? You gotta be kidding. I’m of course not privy to current troop strengths, but I think it’d be a Herculean task to even get 2,000 combat trained soliders into DC on reasonably short notice. Yes there are many military bases in the neighboring areas, but combat infantry or equivalent? Not much. Giving a typist, a cook or a tactical radio technician an automatic weapon, when he last touched one in Basic? Rather unlikely. In fact, what does this say about the readiness of our military, domestically? Lots of you have been in the services, you know how it was. Most of our combat ready troops are overseas playing in deserts for, well we’re not sure exactly what for, but we have worldwide presence. And, based upon my peace time service decades ago, virtually all active duty military domestically are probably less qualified for anything resembling warfare than your average redneck who has hunted deer.

    • Perfect post. Out of curiosity was his MLK reference about the FBI audio tape from the 60’s where’s he’s laughing as his friend rapes a woman in a hotel room?

    • That Rubio performance remains one of the most jarring things I’ve ever witnessed. There was something sinister about it, something in the shadows that we weren’t able to see.

    • “Increasingly I am amused.”

      Me too. For some odd reason, our temporary fade from the world stage is reason for optimism. We are outnumbered, and our oppressors will turn their sights on each other.

      Whites will hunker down, quietly beavering away in the background while Clown World’s vaudeville consumes itself. Our value will only rise as Nature’s cull reduces the overpopulation.

      This is the social Black Death. Nature will not be foresaid. We will take heavy losses, yet rise from the ashes in greatness as we have done, again and again, since the Ice Ages. We are Heaven’s will.

    • Now that the insane left is in charge, Trump voters can now go on the offensive instead of constantly playing defense trying to defend voting for Trump. Big fat targets for ridicule. That is, if it’s still legal to do so.

  16. Irony of ironies: in the 70’s all the radical types published handbooks on making bombs and sabotaging stuff. guess they never thought their side would come to power…

      • Back in high schol days (c. 40 years ago) I had a copy of The Poor Man’s James Bond, supposed to be a succesor to the famous Anarchist’s Cookbook. The “unsusual” book seller that sold such titles is long gone, but probably it or worse is easily found on the Net. It’s an interesting read. Being just a teen, I didn’t try making bombs, zip guns, making counterfeit currency or poisoning people, but the napalm recipe works 🙂

  17. OT: I just had a look at VoxDay’s blog. He is still a plan truster! Do these people ever learn???

    This is what he wrote just yesterday:

    If you can’t trust the plan, trust the President. If you can’t trust the President because you’re feeling too anxious about events and the relentless demoralization campaign that is being performed for your benefit, remember, all the tea leaves in the world will determine absolutely nothing.

    So relax. There is no reason, none whatsoever, to believe things aren’t proceeding precisely as they are supposed to proceed. The double envelopment is taking place. The enemy legions are trapped and helpless. I won’t even think about worrying until 48 hours AFTER someone else is sworn in as POTUS. I am, quite frankly, more than a little excited to watch it all unfold. This is the sort of history about which we have only hitherto been able to read.


    I’ve never been more convinced that The Storm is approaching.

    • Remember not that long ago when Vox Day went after Jordan Peterson day after day and even published a book about him, depicting him as being a lunatic? I hope Vox Day is right, but he sounds crazy.

      • What, are you saying the guy who claimed to go 30 days without sleep, endorsed medically dangerous diet advice then shortly crashed and burned in a spectular drug-fueled meltdown (predicted by Vox, by the way) that destroyed his health and landed him in a medically induced coma in some shady Russian facility isn’t a crazy person?

        • Not at all. Just pointing out the irony of Vox Day (the pot) calling Jordan Peterson (the kettle) crazy. Although I’ll concede it’s not over yet (Jan. 20 isn’t here yet) so maybe Vox Day will be proven correct. But I’m not in that camp.

          • Wrong, even very wrong, isn’t the same thing as crazy. I sure wouldn’t be betting on The Plan, myself. But I think Vox is doing too many other sensible things to call him crazy for Plan-Trusting.

      • He had a post a couple of days ago noting that the boards were silent. I think a lot of what he does is spreading what’s on /pol/ and 8kun, or whatever. So yeah, take it with a grain of salt.

      • No. He is like a cult member that is still waiting for the alien space ship to take him after the previous 10 alien prophecies had failed.

      • At least he’s not a demoralizer.
        no one demoralizes more than false prophets.
        what do you think will happen when vox fanbois realize god emperor will go away not saving anyone.

        • I think he’s got more than enough going on to keep his fans occupied. He’s always careful to couch what he says with “I have no inside knowledge. I may be wrong” especially when you listen to his Darkstreams.

          Me, I just bought a set of Junior Classics reprinted from the early 20th-century editions before the poz hit, published by Castalia House. That’s real stuff my kids and grandkids can read, terrific moral and ethical lessons, an investment in their future. See the posts higher up about the state of the Barnes and Noble children’s section. Vox went to a lot of effort to put out something real and durable that can help train up a new generation. No mainstream publishing house is putting out stuff like that.

          He’s got a lot more going on than some probably-mistaken political prognostications.

    • I like Vox on a personal level but I do doubt a person who constantly has to remind you that he is smarter than you.

      • Yeah, I find his need to do that extremely off-putting.

        However, as I’ve said before, the correlation between “asshole” and “wrong” is almost non-existent.

        If Vox Day was merely a purveyor of meaningless Hopium, and merely an asshole, I’d have a problem with him.

        But the guy clearly fights and works his ass off. He’s doing more to provide actual alternatives to mainstream platforms than almost anyone I can think of.
        Unauthorized TV
        Castalia House

        Also, I like the way he talks to his fans and supporters. There’s nothing wrong with hope. He targets a lot of young, lost, disenfranchized people and presents Christianity to them in a way that speaks to them.

        He’s running media sites, producing content and taking a public stand daily. He’s not all hat, no cattle. He has skin in the game. While I’m sure he’s working to make sure that is lucrative for him, there’s certainly nothing wrong with making money.

        • Good points. There are certainly a lot of things admirable about Vox Day. His book SJW’s Always Lie is great and very useful. The dialectic vs. rhetoric thing is useful, along with “never apologize,” and plenty of other things. That’s what makes his commitment to the Q plan puzzling. Anyway, we’ll find out soon…

      • what is funny about vox, is he calls people midwits, while he spends his time making comic books.

    • didn’t vox go on alex jones two years back?
      just yesterday i saw Pieczenik on jones claim same things vox day does. trump having yuge 5d chess player iq, trump draining the swamp, arresting biden, pelosi, trump mastering art of war.

    • Hold, Hun. Vox’s commenters are saying “Jan 20th is St. Sebastian’s Day…”

      Thus, we have 20,000 troops in place for mass arrests. The cabalists tricked into creating their own killbox. Were that to happen, I might just darn well become a Christian!

  18. Someone may have pointed this out but I think Victor D Hanson moved on from National Review. I read his last column the other day. VDH was the only writer left worth reading there.
    Just like the TV version of conservative inc.
    Its one big clown show.

  19. What has unfolded since the election has opened the eyes of millions of people. Despite the rhetoric from their cult leaders, even many lefties are getting nervous about what is happening.

    Is there evidence of this?

    • I’d have to imagine that a lot of campaign consultants are worried about ever being employed since they’re no longer needed. As well, I’m not sure how responsive an oligarchical dictatorship is going to be in regards to their left wing desires since they’ve divorced themselves from any democratic feedback.

      • Those ballot boxes aren’t going to stuff themselves. Besides “consulting fees” are a way of political payoff, not for providing actual campaign strategy. Basically they are go-betweens for the donor class and the candidates.

      • “”… [oligarch] responsive … to their left wing desires …”

        Poor fools think their promised utopia is just around the corner. Their suffering is only beginning.

    • Yeah, good question. Someone point out a “good” Leftie these days. We remember the old days of Reagan where he’d pound down a few at the bar with Tip O’Neil. Those were the days of “Classical” Liberals, but I’m not sure I see that today.

      Certainly, the discipline shown for party line votes would not indicated any good Lefties exist. Perhaps they’re nervous as Z-man says, but that probably comes more from being the duplicitous liars that they are—living in a fantasy world in order to maintain their position at the public trough.

      • i’m not saying the left is not nervous,I just wonder what the evidence is that they ARE nervous. Serious question, not snark….

      • Jonathan Turley, Jonathan Haidt, Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, and Alan Dershowitz are all pretty decent. YMMV of course.

        • Except for Epstein’s bestie Dershowitz, I’d agree. Greenwald and Taibbi are taking heat for not jumping on the antifa bandwagon. They still do the thing once known as “journalism.”

      • One word, no, three: Woman, Soap Opera.

        You know, it might be a good thing women are in charge. They prefer fantasy violence, as opposed to the real thing of when men were in charge. The tradeoff is that the trains don’t quite run on time.

    • My lefty acquaintances are nervous about what happened to Portland. I don’t care enough to find out if they have any awareness of their part in it. There’s no discussion of the election so one could extrapolate a level of concern from that. Although it could just be that Cheeto Hitler has been dispatched so all their busybody tendencies are focused on the Covidian project.

      • That is interesting now that you mention it. I said at the time of CHAZ that blmfa would never be able to pull that off where I live and I live in a kinda-liberal area. To live in one of these True Believer places like Bolder-Denver, Ann Arbor, Portland, etc. is to live under constant threat of a hate-mob showing up and burning down your house and then the police arresting you for air pollution violations.

      • i would guess they would be much more likely things will start to get “better again” what ever that means. Except for the threat of White Supremesist violecne

    • By direct observation, I assure you, almonds are fully activated. A mild comment or two, and I get the hysterical fight/flight reaction.

      Heck, even when it’s just a raised eyebrow, or no look at all. Yanking my string just brings a laugh, my friend frantically tries to find a hook that he can pull.

      The louder he gets, the more I smirk. Since CNN’s hair is on fire all the time, I laugh loudly and often. Then I’m exiled to the porch, hahaha!

  20. There are two great lines in this post:

    1. (regarding KW) The Iranians use guys like this to clear mine fields

    2. You’ll note that most of their stories get few comments and that is because many nursing homes no longer provide free internet access to their patients.

    I suspect, however, that if Kevin W was Iranian, he would pay one of his beloved Afghani immigrants to run out into the minefield in his place. After all, he would assume that their role in Iran would be to do the work he doesn’t want to do

  21. “The reason people voted for the loudmouth is they are sick of being told they cannot speak out against what is happening.”

    This is a great one-liner, perfectly summing up the Trump phenomenon.

  22. Tone? The GOP has been obsessed with tone policing everyone for generations now.

    Did Z say in a pod cast that we had to dress nice and have a tight hair cut, and that we couldn’t get away the disheveled lefty-look? I’m not trying to be argumentative, but isn’t that under the banner of tone?
    I loved seeing the Confederate batttle flag in the capitol! That breaks the rules of normie optics, but I say, let our freak flag fly!

    • Haha. Seeing the rebel flag in the capitol really set off the Yankee (now black/Puerto Rican) dweebs.

      Gotta hand it to them, the MIGAtards did what Jeff Davis was never able to do.

    • It does fall under the banner of tone. The Confederate battle flag is good optics to our side of the normie divide.

  23. All the nimrods that are professional agitators are in for a rude surprise. Now that they have served their purpose, they will be discarded and penned up. they can’t do anything useful, and they are known trouble makers, so off to the camps for them! At least they can all get the best bunks.

  24. The pussies at American Thinker disabled comments today. Here’s what editor Thomas Lifson had to say:
    It is news to almost nobody who reads American Thinker that a political witch hunt is underway. Parties in and out of government are looking for excuses to suppress and destroy voices that oppose the left.
    Because AT lacks the ability to monitor comments in real time, and because our position that comments are a forum, not something that we publish, is being called into question, we can no longer publish comments.
    We take this action with a heavy heart

    • all that site does is hire shit writers to repackage actual articles. nothing original. i had already stopped going there even without being banned.

      i have no appetite for trimmers or collaborators, here are the few sites i now read:
      TheZman (of course)
      Voxday (mostly for rumours and so forth)
      Zerohedge (even though they have lots of bogus articles)
      Anonymous Conservative (mostly waiting for him to admit Q was bogus and he was a chump)

      Sites I have dropped since election:

      American Thinker
      the Gateway Pundit
      Unz/sailer (poor steve is living in a protective plastic bubble suit)

      I am kind of on the fence with Ace. He has good intentions, but at the end of the day he is a fat fraidy cat.

      Basically I have no appetite for people telling me about what needs fixing. I know that already. The only thing I am interested in now is a call to arms. Waiting for the true leader to become known…

      • You may want to give a free trial of Investors Business Daily, Financial Times, or Seeking Alpha. These are Financial periodicals but they have moderated comments sections. I’ve stated before that sometimes the comments are more interesting than the articles, in particular has a lot of political commentary articles and it’s fun to read both of UK and the US opinions and also offer your own comments.

  25. Piggy Williamson just can’t accept he is a prole. He was born a prole, and a prole he shall die as. It’s in his DNA.

    Here’s something the younger people here may not be aware of; in the 60’s and 70’s there were lots and lots of political assassinations, and not just the two biggies. And it was mostly dems killing other dems. Keep in mind the jacobins ended up getting the chop, by way of a historical precedent.

    China may be in for a suprise too, once they become the dems official scapegoat for the mess they are both making of things.

    Final word of advice: inflation is coming, lots and lots of inflation. Buy a house now, and be sure to get a fixed rate loan. You will have that baby paid off in 5 years! Also grow some food, even on a patio or balcony. And get a job that doesn’t take a ton of gas to get too.

    • The financial advice is solid. Let me add buy any expensive hard goods such as appliances and vehicles in the next year. Even a depreciating asset like a car will be a better investment than stocks and bonds.

      As for Williamson, like most people from humble backgrounds he pays undeserved respect to the elites because he has an idealized version of them. He should have realized at this point what unimpressive scum most of these types are, but he hasn’t or, to be charitable, fakes like he hasn’t.

    • My ex-wife suffers from the same unrealized dream of class elevation. She’s hopelessly prole but because she went to an Ivy League school, she could see all the upper class people she so desperately wanted to join. And she would ape their manners, and go to their parties, and out-perform them in school … and prole she remains. It was embarrassing really, bc no matter how much she mimicked them, she never fit in. So she’d dump on her own kind, thinking it would elevate her status. It never worked, though she still runs around with her nose in the air (and her arm in a KFC bucket).

      • yep, same phenomena at work. this condition was a staple of the movies, back in the olde days.

        • Paul Fussell referred to them as “Middle class strivers” (highly recommend Class: A Guide Through the American Status System by Paul Fussell) and mocked them endlessly.

      • And that’s why we need to atomize the government and not the people. After the revolution, after the cancer on the Potomac is razed and the earth salted, there should be no seat of government. Everything can be done electronically. You want to schmooze with the other elites? It’s on your dime.

  26. Between the Frederick the Great, clearing mine fields and nursing home remarks you owe me three keyboards and it’s not even 10 a.m. yet.

  27. The average age of a NRO reader is over 70 now. You’ll note that most of their stories get few comments and that is because many nursing homes no longer provide free internet access to their patients.

    And there’s why I’m one of the Z-man’s SubscribeStar guys — well, not the only reason, but would be sufficient even in the absence of the others. That is just excellent.

  28. We are ripe for a strong man, with all that entails both good and bad. It only takes a small fraction of a population to push an entire culture into madness or redemption. We stand on the edge of a knife, waiting for which way this is going to fall.
    They say there is a lot of ruin in a nation, but we Americans like to do everything fast. I’m guessing even us old farts are going to get to see what comes next.

    • Yep, no snow plowing back and forth across the green circle slope. It’s skis together poised over the telluride plunge – straight down. Let’s get this shit show going. There’s much retribution to be meted out.

    • That’s like the Crucifixion of the Trump. The left thinks a big clean finish will Solve Everything.

      I do tell my Biden besty that I want him to live long for two reasons. First, nobody else will get my jokes; second, I wish him to see all that he has wished for.

      Edit: on second thought, umm, maybe not

  29. From what I can tell, the conservative establishment is now just as respected among conservative people as CNN, NFL, and AOC. Just another annoying bleating cow to ignore.

    They have no idea. They think everything is going back to normal. I heard the NFL is dialing back the African and rap content on tv broadcasts – I don’t care if it’s true, I’m not checking – they figure out way too late.

    Former conservatives are either checking out, or going dissident. Keep redpilling.

    • I had been a lifelong football fan. Now I see it as black people giving each other brain damage chasing a ball. When they are not chasing it, they focus all the energy their 85 IQs will allow, to actively hate their customers.

      • Same here. I backed away from the NFL early this season, then turned on the Bears-Saints playoff game Sunday, because…well, I dunno, it’s the playoffs. I couldn’t sit through it. The commercials are all race-mixed, or depicting the white guy as soyboy/dumbass, etc, then “George Floyd” stamped on that white foam part sticking out of their helmets…I had to turn it off. I’m done.

      • Let’s lower the urban body count and Increase African-American Employment at the same time!

        Gladiator Games: ESPN Dispute Settlement

    • Battle Beagle (Hate Twatter):

      “There’s going to be the perfect tweet pointing out the hypocrisy of the Left…and then BAM, the Right wins it just like that! F-22s will fly over dumping chicken tenders and the credits will roll with awesome music.

      Some of you will even get a GF”

    • The final red pill is identity.

      The anti-identity gatekeepers will fight to their last check from our rulers to try and stop whites from viewing themselves as a people. Luckily, the Left will shove that pill down the throats of whites, and there’s nothing the National Review or others can do to stop that from happening because the GOP has lost power.

      It was always going to end this way. The Left gained power by being anti-white and importing non-whites into the country to demographically overwhelm us. The GOP had two choices: Fight that plan (in which case, the GOP would have become the White Party) or disappear because of that plan.

      The GOP shills choose disappearance because they got paid to do that, and it would take decades for that to happen. That’s fine. But they’ve run out of time. They no longer have power. They’re not going to get back into power.

      The GOP has no purpose anymore. The Left doesn’t need them to be the Washington Generals any longer. The Left has total control now. They don’t need to trick white people any longer.

      The GOP long ago purged anyone who would stand up for whites, so it can’t play that role. It’s over for them.

      • The limp dicks lost control of the radicals, the slavers got stomped, and a lot of innocent people got hurt, but the matter was settled. Different times, though.

        All I know is the radicals are in the driver’s seat.

      • Following widespread, brutal, and bloody repression no doubt. Thankfully hatreds don’t run that deep here.

        Reconstruction being the worst example of political violence. Yet few strongly supported it, and it lasted a decade or so I think. The stuff in Europe is in a different league.

          • This is all the echoes of that. It’s one reason why I think we’re at the end of an age. Old stuff isn’t new. If there’s to be another civil war it hasn’t happened yet, so jumping to Reconstruction is presumptuous. In fact, I think it’s meant to demoralize, intimidate, stall off a reaction.

            At any rate, I don’t think things will end up the way they look like they will right now. We’ve been heading this way longer than any of us have been alive. What strikes me about this moment is how out of control it feels. Much different than, say, 9/11, and that makes me think we won’t get more of the same at the end of it. But who knows.

  30. We have to let go. Williamson is going to do what he does – let him and the other media hacks do what they do in a vacuum. They succeed at what they do by trolling you. Walk away… you won’t regret it. I don’t have the time of day for shitlib/conservative cucks and loons. We have far, far bigger problems.
    We not only need our own platforms, we need our own banks, our own supply lines, our own communities with our own terms and conditions of service. Normie is off the couch. He might not be ready to pick up a gun, but he’ll be happy to pick up his tools and help out. Forget the mass media and platforms. It’s theirs, they can have it. Without you… they fail. Everything you do should be aimed at shafting them. Make it a hobby! 😊👍
    You can help too, Z: if you must quote from the rag sheets… archive it first!

      • Z’s piece was pure ridicule. Totalitarianism can withstand many things, but ridicule and humiliation wounds it. The Storming of the Capitol was hilarious. That’s one of the main reasons for the hysteria.

      • And it’s worked so well for … what? The last 20 years?

        These guys will not be shamed. If your ridicule becomes too effective and makes them feel bad or foolish, they’ll ban you, or silence you or unperson you. Why waste the time? Unless there is sport and merriment in it for us, on our side – you have no business Over There engaging with them. Those platforms are what they are because of guys like us. Without us, they become loony bins and viper pits that get old and boring fast.
        The dissidents are in danger of becoming a negative identity with Lefty the same way blacks are with Whitey.
        As we have seen – that is no way for good men to live.

    • If only the big money conservatives had spent their dollars developing alternate pay processors and media platforms instead of think tanks.

      That’s like China supplying US military electronics; Con Inc. is dependent on their “enemies.”

    • how to de-google. A few alternatives. There may be a real long term movement here.

      I’ve been asking people to do a google images search on
      “Happy Black Women”
      “Happy White Women”
      No-one has said they did it and it was fine. The usual expression was shock.
      A couple of obvious liar cat women “Didn’t have time for that nonsense”. To the obvious question “How do you know it’s nonsense”? they scuttle off.

  31. Surely you have noticed by now DC looks like a war zone. That’s because it is.

    Mr. Chao is owned by his in-laws who are owned by the CCP. Mitch McConnell’s Overton bubble and it’s invertebrate crew are on the wrong side of history, and have as much to lose as the other communists if a document dump occurs.

    This problem will solve itself in ways the GOP establishment never dreamed of.

    • I was there for the first stop the steal. I lived in DC, lived in NOVA, and was so disheartened by how it looked. There were roving antifa on bicycles that would block streets by riding really slow. I use to go to so many concerts and plays, not worth it anymore.

        • Grew up in the Md. burbs. Last visited with my sons 14 years ago – couldn’t pay me to go back. Nuke it from orbit.

        • Wouldn’t the appropriate expression for trips to Washington be
          “Haven’t been there in a coons age”?

          Asking for a friend.

    • Zman is right: forget the marches around the Capitol building. Waste of time.

      Much more effective would be 100,000+ people marching peacefully and patriotically through the swank neighborhoods on public streets where the cloud people gather together in the DC area.

      Seriously. Not one single word need be spoken, not one fist raised. I think that would be spooky effective.

      • 100% True but I also think Normie is not bright enough for this which is why it will be -really- hard to get a mass movement off its feet w/o literal ‘Directions for the Stupid’.
        100,000 people sauntering through Kalorama, Georgetown, K Street (lobbyists corridor) speaks volumes.
        ‘Congrats, you can defend the “Temple” but your homes and (((bartering centers))) are completely unprotected.’
        This would then put fear into these spineless p-ssies yet again that would then require another 25K troops thereby turning their city into a virtual prison with them constantly looking over their shoulder for Joe Six Pack with his Grilling Fork and broken Bud Light bottle.
        Sadly as I said, the stupids lack the conceptual reach of a psyop this subtle and effective. You can replicate this type of thing in any number of locations at smaller scale. Nice shitlib ‘hot’ restaurant. Have a few hundred MAGAs show up and wait for the flurry of panicked 911 calls about people simply walking down a public street.
        It is effortlessly easy to spook low IQ sheep & herding animals and it is a highly effective strategy, let’s see what bright bulb can master the concept while staying JUST on the edge of lawfulness.

        • you know what would work? put out on social media that there is a big block party with free booze and weed. make it look like a black event, and get it spreading in the ghetto. those fukkers will burn the targeted neighborhood to the ground!

      • The old me would agree with you – perhaps a decade or more ago. Now, I cannot. Nothing peaceful will achieve anything. Not advocating any specific action by any one person, just stating that no government change or populist revolution ever occurred peacefully. No voting, no silent marching, no signs, will change anything. They hate you and they want you dead and your children raped and they think it’s funny. Keep that in your mind at all times.

        • While, it would be “peaceful”, it would also be extremely menacing, particularly if everyone were openly carrying something legal like a baseball bat or broken bottle.

      • I live where you describe. It would Freak. These. People. Out.

        The fundamental problem with AWFL’s & ShitLib’s is that they think that they are immune from the consequences of their positions. Zone their kids into crappy schools and they’re suddenly their tune changes.
        A silent, polite, but confident march through Bethesda neighborhoods would be very effective.

  32. This is pretty reminiscent of the Mexican revolution when the oligarchs “silenced” Madero and began oppressing his supporters. After about a decade, the oligarchs were killed or deposed and the necessary reforms started being implemented. The critics of the oligarchs, at the time, were disgusted by Madero. Once Madero was elected, they became irrelevant because ultimately they really just supported the system, but not with a completely clean conscience. I guess the lesson is that you simply can’t serve two masters, so you might as well commit to one or the other.

  33. Anyone doing research on William Buckley should be advised to use only audio recordings of him. Watching videos of him crossing his legs like a woman are painful to watch if your a guy. How did he do that anyway?

    • Tiny dick and balls? No ‘man-bits’?

      I remember watching clips of him from Firing Line, and always found the most repulsive thing about him to be his ‘reptilian facial expressions’. I cannot really explain further. Of course, in those days I thought he was quite the devoted conservative. Oh well.

      • Well, no. Your cited ref’s for this? Of course, his marriage and family were just a ploy to keep from being outed I suppose.

        • i got that tidbit from Anonymous Conservative. haven’t seen anything of WFB to make me think differently.

          • Oh, well in that case, I’ll ignore his biography in publish, his writings, and of course his famous dustup with Gore Vidal—who called him a “crypto-NAZI” and in return, Bill called him a “little queer” and threatened to punch him in the face if he ever called him a NAZI on his show again. Of course, we all know those little spats fags are famous for.

      • I saw a couple of “debates” between him and his shirt-lifter pal Gore.
        Buckley was a shallow posing know-nothing moron.
        Without his CIA backing he’d have been a towel boy at some Turkish bath.

    • English boarding schools?? In CS. Lewis’’’ “Joy” book, forgot the title, which is autobiographical, he talks about the culture of homosexuality in the english prep schools.

  34. Just because one doesn’t have a living memory of some leading figure does not mean they can’t understand or even want to return to the politics of that time. Of course with Reagan I do remember and I don’t want to go back to that. Coolidge maybe.

    The level of control politically and culturally held by our idiot masters is still astounding. I went to a Barnes and Noble the other day (still there) and Obama’s book was prominent everywhere. I mean all over, laying flat one after another taking up three frickin tables, not stacked. It was as if nothing else had been written in years. Somewhere buried to the side was a small book titled to the effect, Stupid shit Trumps says.

    All said, this will not last. These people know the regime’s days are numbered. Doesn’t mean something good and righteous is replacing them but I welcome anything now.

    • I went to a Barnes and Noble the other day (still there) and Obama’s book was prominent everywhere. I mean all over, laying flat one after another taking up three frickin tables, not stacked. It was as if nothing else had been written in years. Somewhere buried to the side was a small book titled to the effect, Stupid shit Trumps says.

      It is a great shame that all large book stores now shove woke garbage in one’s face, regardless of where one may be. When I visited Boston a couple of years back, I went into the Barnes and Noble in a large shopping center (Prudential Building?)… I was stunned again by the woke-ness.

      Here on the Isles, if you observe carefully whilst you are in the queue at a Waterstones, you will find yourself assaulted by books with immensely sanctimonious titles by the likes of Eco-Cunt Greta Thunberg, token joggers and of course feminists. And that’s another thing whilst I have been triggered to ranting mode: the sanctimonious titles of today. It really speaks to the smug self-satisfaction of these people. In fact, it is one more reason not to take them seriously.

      If the titles are bad, we can only imagine what the contents are like. On the plus side, I am reading Hugh Trevor-Roper’s The Last Days of Hitler currently, and find it to be both very readable and full of solid reasoning. He writes without self-congratulation, and with very little over the top judgement to tell a fascinating story of The Most Influential Man of Our Time’s last days, as well as his own investigation into what happened to him in the aftermath. A good piece of popular scholarship.

      • I just saw yesterday that the number one bestseller on Amazon is George Orwell’s “1984.” When was that written, in the 1940’s? Another question I have, is it being read by concerned citizens as a warning, or by our enemies as an instruction manual?

        • Heh. Orwell’s book remains the most terrifying thing that I have ever read. I found it more terrifying than any of Solzhenitsyn’s works.

          I would wager that most people are purchasing it because both ‘left’ and ‘right’ claim that our world is heading toward just such a totalitarian position. That is one thing they can agree on, I suppose. So I am going with ‘concerned citizens’ on this one.

          • If you haven’t you should read Huxley’s Brave New World. Our future is an amalgam of Both Huxley and Orwell.

        • Orwell (Eric Blair was his real name) was originally going to title it ‘The Last Man in Europe’. He got the main idea from the Tehran conference where the world would be divided up into spheres of influence. I think his view of the govt statements/newspapers was taken from his experience in the UK in the run up to and during WW2. He mentions it a lot in his diaries.
          It was originally going to be called 1980 but was delayed for a few years as he had TB, so it changed to 1982 then 1984. He died soon after publication.

          • The book was originally entitled 1948, which was then current year. The publisher said they would not publish the book with that title, so he crossed it out and wrote 1984.

      • Regarding the smug self satisfaction these people display reminds me of Jim Goad’s description as the new church ladies.

      • the sanctimonious titles of today

        The. Worst. Its all about struggle and perseverance. Its almost 6th grader level

      • I’d love to study the H man., I don’t believe anything I was taught about him. I believe I have what my leftist enemies would call an “open mind” on the subject!

        • Well, The Last Days of Hitler is rather short, and very considered. There is no emotional wailing about the evils of the man. Just well reasoned judgement on one subject only: his last days and the author’s investigation of his whereabouts immediately after the fall of Berlin.

          Perhaps the most stunning thing about the book (who’s first edition was published in 1946) is the introduction to the 3rd edition, which was published in 1956. In this introduction the author details how many questions he had had about the Russian’s knowledge of Hitler’s demise were answered by a wave of German prisoners released in 1955, from the USSR. The shenanigans the Russians got up to make for interesting reading indeed.

          In addition, in this very same introduction the author details his investigation, as well as some of the dead ends he trod, in order to reason about Trump’s fate. To see his hard gained conclusion vindicated by the latter events of 1956 is very satisfying. But even then, no smugness. No boastfulness. Just a man doing the job he was assigned with the utmost rigour.

          I do not think my waffling has spoiled the book for you, if you choose to read it!

          • My. Understanding of the Hman and the nazi’s didn’t really become the villains we know today until almost the 80s. Although, I remember hearing a song from the 30s or 40s called “the man with the little mustache has got to go”.

            thanks for the suggestion!

          • that isn’t quite accurate. the holocaust wasn’t much mentioned in the media; see The Producers, for example. made in 1967, by a jewish writer/director, about a play named “Springtime For Hitler” played for laughs.

            nazis in the movies were shown in the context of the war, so they didn’t have to be made into “villians” as they were portrayed as “enemies”. the left was more likely then to call someone a fascist, than a nazi.

            i would say the 80’s were around the time when nazis were portrayed post-war, and made into plain evil doers.

        • David Irwin wrote a book about H that he researched for 10 years. I’ve not read it but I will do so within the next 6 months. DI tends to ski off-piste in his analysis so it may or may not be your thing.

        • The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, by Shirer is a good place to start. He was actually in Germany during the rise of the NSDAP.

    • I also welcome almost any alternative. We are long way down the road to China. The repression is not as violent…yet. But it’s coming. And as Z says, in 100 years China will still be full of Chinese.

      • maybe, maybe not. what are the chances they self-immolate? or set off a hot war they lose badly? pretty good i would say.

        • Perhaps, but I can’t foresee who would go to war with them. Most of the US leadership is bribed to look the other way. It’s pretty amazing what a cheap date our politicians have been. Trillions in gains for the CCP for a few million to the families of the DC kleptocracy. I also can’t see Europe having any will to fight them. As long as they play it smart, they can pretty much run the board.

          • yeah, but that was when they didn’t own the country. thinking of the hitler/stalin pact and how that worked out. i might be wrong, and we all end up working in a paddy. but i think the dems will fuck with china much more vigorously than trump ever did.

          • China’s history of internecine strife is longer and bloodier than that of the English speaking people. Just last year, as the Wuhan lockdown was ending, there was a conflict on a bridge that connects Hubei (Wuhan) and Jiangxi provinces, with the Jiangxi police teaming up with regular citizens to lay a beating on Hubei residents who tried to cross the bridge. There are linguistic differences throughout China that help fuel regionalism. too. I know that predicting the economic collapse of China is old hat, but someday the downturn will come and it remains to be seen if the residents hinterlands will take their pound of flesh from Party apparatchiks.

          • I’ve puzzled over China’s long history of civil wars, since they had no J**s to blame it on.

            Ethnic and urban divisions, of course!
            Thank you for solving this mystery.

            The Mandarin eunuchs took only 3 generations to reduce China to rubble. Academia does have its downside.

      • I always thought that too, but a lot of Chinese have dunk the multi-culti jungle juice (recall how many of their mid-tier elites went to American universities). While I was there for a brief stay I saw where the Han coasties imported labor from the non-Han hinterlands. Not a lot to be sure, but it’s a brief walk from that to importing a bunch of Afghans, etc under the guise that they’ve always been a Chinese province of sorts.

        • They are forcibly sterilizing and brainwashing their Uighers and bragging about it on Twitter. Jack Ma has been missing for months. Any government that can do that is under no pressure to go woke anytime soon. The CCP can import as much labor as they want without having any pressure to make them citizens. Even if they did, their citizens votes count for even less than ours.

          • what is a problem for china is their males are just as soyed up as our. they are all fap addicts and only interested in video games. plus many families only have one kid, so are loathe to give him up for a war.

          • what is a problem for china… are loathe to give him up for a war.

            That would be a strength, not a “problem”.

    • The Children’s section is somehow even worse. It’s mostly gay shit, girl power, and anti-racism. The ones directed at boys have some cucked titles like “A Good Boy doesn’t need to slay Dragons”.
      One of my favorite childhood memories was going to the book store, and they took that away from us.

      • I stumbled upon two womyn at the self improvement section. A quick glance revealed two big bookcases of witchcraft and astrology. They looked somewhat deranged. Witches are real.

      • When my wife and I went into a Barnes and Noble looking for kids books a couple of years ago that was stunning. They still had some good choices, but you had to go looking for them. Everything on display was woke propaganda. Based on how the shelves looked it doesn’t sell well either.

        • Go to antique malls and yard sales (I realize the latter may be few in the age of the Fauxdemic). Buy old Golden Books or anything published before 1965. Buy old books at, or anywhere else you can find them. Boycott modern, woke publishers and their propaganda.

          • That is mostly what we have done. We noticed as we have built our collection that the change to making sure children’s books had diversity in them started the late 60s to early 70s. Of course the problem with older copies is that most them are deteriorating, especially if you regularly read them to your kids. Updated editions of Little Golden Books will be edited to include diverse characters.

      • Disgusting. I went to a library. In Falls. Church and they. Had. Displayed “Two Boys Kissing”.. I complained but was told it was popular

    • Perhaps Barnes & Noble and the like are a great place to begin leaving post-it notes. Whether on the shelves or inside the most woke books.

      • I’m availing myself of TV while at my Biden besty’s place. The drum of visual wokedness is unrelenting.

        I swear North Koreans must run the media and marketing companies. Pretty soon they’ll make the ‘off’ button illegal.

        • That may not be a joke. I think it’s in Gulag Archipelago where was mentioned that you could end up going to prison for merely not listening to the appropriate radio broadcasts as well as for listening to the inappropriate ones.

        • The missing off button at all airport TV’s has now been found. CNN is pulling out of the deal and will no longer pay to be the sole broadcaster.
          Not enough travelers apparently.

  35. Hi Z,

    Very interesting article on your behalf but I think the comment regarding lefty to be a bit optimistic, notable exception being Glenn Greenwald notwithstanding. I agree that there is sense of hubristic triumphalism on steroids from the left regarding the latest round of de-platforming and a possible Auto de fe of the Orange Man. They do have they’re narrative, repulsive though it is and it’s being rammed into the public consciousness

    The rioting during the summer in the UK and USA has been memory holes.

    I come from one of the province’s of the Empire and the collective pearl clutching even amongst family members is shocking. It’s terrifying as you can forsee them being all in on censorship. I do hope you’re right and there can be a way out of it but to see people you respected gladly adopting a servile state doesn’t inspire confidence.

    • I’m not referring to establishment lefties. I mean back benchers who work in offices and mingle among the normal people. Many of them are getting worried.

      • Someone else here pointed out Merkel raising an eyebrow at the goings-on. The woman is arguably a European Communist and yet may be having second thoughts to hosting so many troops from what is turning out to be a hostile power.

        • Merkel originally East German, when the Stasi was in full force.

          She knows exactly what big tech is, and I don’t think she likes it, at all.

        • Don’t trust a single syllable that comes out of that “woman’s” mouth. Says this German.
          In related news, rumors are becoming louder over here that she is a lesbian, with her marriage all camouflage. Interestingly, her husband, an accomplished chemistry professor who used to appear with her in public quite a bit, hasn’t been seen with her more than a year. One wonders what kind of contract he has been made to sign.

    • US rioting was magnitudes worse(duration,scope,destruction) than anywhere else in the West.
      I wonder why?

    • If they had been black, they wouldn’t be “rioters,” they would have been “peaceful protestors” practicing “democracy”
      None of them would be on their way to jail.
      The murderer who shot a mother of 3 for no reason whatsoever would be in jail right now without bail.

    • I have been trying to make the best of my trial subscription at a UK Financial site that shall remain nameless, pointing out the abject hypocrisy of hysteria to damn and prosecute the so-called Insurrection, while the BLM and Antifa Riots of the past year that resulted in for more deaths and destruction, resulted in virtually no prosecutions.

  36. Here’s a great quote from Williamson in his “End of the GOP” column of Jan. 12, which sums up his and NR’s attitude: “I have met the people, I know them well. And if this country has any future, it is with the Establishment. The People are insane. Meet the People:…” There follows a picture of the Viking protester, Jacob Anthony Chansley, his face painted red, white and blue while holding an American flag.

    • Another advantage of having the panty-twisted overlords going full retard and waking up the proles is that once one recognizes the hate it becomes easier to see it. And it is everywhere. One needn’t dissect these wannabe ivory tower pieces, on the “right” or down the official NYT/NPR pipe alike, to find straight statements of hate.

      They still torture english and turn the truth into an inside-out pig, but they tell you quite plainly that they hate you. They can’t help it. Their own anxiety and insecurity over their tenuous status and economic position predicated on peddling lies bleeds out in plain view. Their greatest fear, falling back into the unwashed badwhite camps, has them raging.

      Like tech censorship, this has been going on with small turns for a long time. But now that they have gone to 11, even of they dial it back a great many of us have an ear for their tune that cannot be undone.

    • The GOPe has long been overrun with Fake Conservatism , Conservatism is an attitudes type like this guy.
      You know the sort “sure he does unspeakable things to children and robs his country blind but what lovely bow tie and suit , such a conservative at heart.”
      The reality is Actual Conservatism is policy, minimal foreign intervention, economic nationalism and social conservatism. The exact views run out of the party years ago. This is why almost no one under like 70 and who isn’t a Country Clubber pays any mind to these dorks and they exist by grifting and by patronage which makes them at best tools and that’s me being nice.

  37. The big technology companies are the most successful thing going economically in the United States; the Europeans, who have nothing to compare to a Facebook or a Google, resent them and fear them; Democrats hate them, blaming Facebook for the election of Trump in 2016.”

    Aughghgh! Facebook is not “technology” – it’s a shitty myspace clone written in a few weekends by a Harvard teen turned political sociopath once he had money rain down on him by the random hand of the network effect.
    The gas turbine is a technology. Optical tweezers are a technology. Photolithography – what makes all the chips that spin all the software, without which Dorsey, Bezos, and Zuckerberg would be banging rocks together cargo-cult style! – *that* is a technology.
    Our tech elite isn’t elite, and also isn’t technological. All the hard drives in all their server farms come from Thailand. The black boxes they plug together with no more understanding than a shaman for the weather are the fossil products of a class of people who no longer exist: Free, wealthy, respected engineers with lots of free time on their hands.

    • “Optical tweezers”
      Wow, haven’t heard anyone mention that in twenty years.
      Last I heard it was being used to manipulate DNA strands.
      Can you provide any interesting links??

    • it also doesn’t manufacture anything, so it doesn’t employ many people. funny enough, because of that, the big tech companies are now moving out of cali because there is no need to be close to suppliers (because there are no suppliers!).

    • I can see some…logic to being ruled by the likes of Microsoft and Apple since they have actual engineering staffs and release actual products. I’d still hate them, but at least there is a value proposition that be argued in what they do. Companies like Twitter, GoDaddy, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, etc. are just grift operations. Their products are no more than ‘roided up spreadsheets and to call them “tech companies” is like calling my house a “nuclear power concern” because that’s what powers my morning toaster.

          • Tend to agree,  but rather than big software I think it is the over-reach of the Green energy pseudo religion and its almost certain failure that will put a good part of the world into what I’d call on a soft Dark Age.

          • Uh, that’s basically the stated plan of the World Economic Forum’s, “Great Reset.”

        • It’s clear that they’re moving to Windows as a subscriber service where you don’t own any of it. That should raise some alarm bells among the Libertarians, and the CivNats.

          • That’s the Thing in investing, now, subscriber services such as Salesforce rather than buying and tweaking new releases.

          • that’s why i am sticking with Win7 😛 run linux on my home laptop, with a win7 VM. win10 should pay users to have it on their machine, as MS uses *your* machine to run ads to you.

    • Same for Twitter, Instagram, etc.
      And Google hasn’t really had a strong innovation in a long time. A good search engine is nothing special anymore, nor is Maps. They want to be an AI company, but are purposefully lobotomizing their algorithms in the name of social justice.
      As for web services with AWS and others, there’s nothing impressive about buying thousands of servers and putting them on a farm.
      They really don’t realize what a paper tiger our technology really is.

    • I just watched what I think is a Spielberg movie, called “Enter Player One”. I. Think. Anywho,,, the nerdy, socially dysfunctional tech wizard is held up almost like a saint. It reminds me of a dot-head, Demi-nogger that was a customer of mine telling me how she LOVED and admired and looked up to Zuckerberg. I never heard anyone say that about a tech guy. But Jobs had a few movies made about him

      My point is that there is a strange worship of these guys.

      • Musk is not as bad as Gates, Zuck, Dorsey et al, but their is a fanboi cult around him. At least Musk actually builds things that work, though they require subsidies.

        • Informal poll: How many of you have ever encountered a Tesla car in your day-to-day lives? I know some States are pretending to go ALL ELECTRIC (car-wise) by 20XX. But the infrastructure doesn’t exist. I do not get their stock valuation in the Casino.

          • I drive by an actual Tesla dealer 20 miles north of the home of the Z-man to get my back un-gefucked by my Chiropractor.
            See the occasional car on the roads.

          • In other words, you live within shouting distance of the gilded Imperial Capital. In Jesusland they’re as rare as hen’s teeth.

          • Tesla is a unicorn that farts rainbows to the scientism cult.

            It will have insane valuation until it doesn’t.

          • well, it’s a bit more than a unicorn. any particular reason some people here are down on Tesla?

    • You are ignoring that these technological marvels allow the US to lead the world in cat videos both quantitatively and qualitatively.

    • “Black boxes plugged in together, ” is the type of work that is often, but not always, disguised under the title, “Systems Engineer.”

    • I actually blame Microsoft for starting this trend and talking about all their shit ideas as “technology”. I think they started that in the 90s. Before that all technology could pass the “kick test”. If you can kick it, it’s technology. It was doubly infuriating to me because I knew that most of their “innovations” were just ideas other people had been doing for years which they renamed and sold to their moronic customers as something new. I still get angry when I think about how they hyped up the fact their new versions of Windows could multitask – 10 years after PC hardware supported it and other OSes like Linux had always had it.

      Ultimately, most of this new “technology” just boils down to various ways to expand the “Thot/Simp” economy. Sort of young, sort of attractive women need new ways to get sort of naked in slightly different ways on slightly different websites. This is the supply (thot) side. Then you have millions of testosterone challenged incel men, who need a way to pay these thots to keep producing jerking material. This is the demand (simp) side. Your novel web service is there to stand astride the flow of money and harvest a fee. The problem is that there’s simply a maximum speed that all this can move. How many boob shots can a thot take in a day? (10? 100?, surely it’s less than 10,000,000). How much masturbating can a typical simp do? Eventually the curve flattens, to use a recently popular phrase.

      • here’s how bad ms is. before they rolled out win 1.0, they owned a unix variant that was fully multi tasking and multi user. they could have put a gui on top of that very easily, and leap frogged apple. but billy g hated unix for some unfathomable sperg reason, so he made them put the gui (win 1) on top of ms-dos?!

  38. Conservative Inc, National Review, GOPe, etc: “We must stay true to our principles!” “That’s not who we are, we must do better!” “America is the greatest country on God’s green earth!” “We have to be inclusive!” Blah, blah, blah, blah…..Never any mention on actual immigration policy. The numbers, how many, who, etc. Never any plans on bringing jobs and industry back. Never specific talk ending the stupid wars or bringing troops back from all over the world. It’s all vague feel-good sentiments and nothing more.

    • They actually had a pretty strong anti-immigration writer awhile back named Krikorian, but I don’t want to give them a click to see if he is still there, or waste precious seconds of my life to see if he has cucked.

      • Didn’t see this comment before I posted. I very seldom give them a click, too, but I haven’t seen Krikorian there for years.

      • He still submits columns to them, although his output on National Review has dropped way off from what it was in the past. Nothing so far this year and only two columns since October 1st. In his case, he might have stopped submitting to them on his own. What does a genuine immigration restrictionist have to gain from writing for National Review? If anything it taints him with people who want to restrict immigration.

      • He’s with the Center for Immigration Studies. If you’re ever looking for immigration stats/news/articles or a portal to official gov’t stats, that’s the place to go.

    • Never any plans on bringing jobs and industry back.
      No, there aren’t. How would such a plan work when none of the common folk can visualize their offspring running a sheet metal break or a Bridgeport? Check out the dimensions of the student loan debt, an offering to the gods of higher education and the finance industry, and you’ll see that zillions of dollars are borrowed by non-thinkers that don’t want to spend 5 days of every week of their future getting tired and dirty trying to pay for cell phones, new cars and expensive mortgages. Their quest for white-collar “skilled” (glorified data entry) positions won’t make their mundane lives more satisfied but at least they won’t get filthy at work that immigrants and survivors of the justice system will accept. No true blue Americano wants to do spot welds on SUVs or even run a silicon disc tool.

      • the thing is, office work sucks donkey balls now. i tell all my kids to avoid a career in an office. and the pay aint that great for most that do work in an office.

    • He may still be there, but it seems based on increasingly rare visits to the fading Clownworld site that Mark Krikorian of the Center on Immigration Studies has lost his gig at National Review. He and his center are rock solid on reducing or eliminating immigration altogether. But, racist now. Also, as Z pointed out, immigration-reliant Big Tech throws the slop in the trough for National Review.

    • At this point, if you’re not aware that manufacturing jobs are being lost to tech instead more than outsourcing, you’re being deliberately ignorant.

      Talking about industrial production jobs like it’s a work program is misguided. You may as well bring FDR’s TVA back. The improvements in physics application, robotics and technology mean that the demand for human labor has been radically decreased. Reversing the trend means a lower standard of living and the working conditions of the 1950s (or earlier).

      • Consider two proposals: First, autarky, where a country tries to be as economically self reliant as possible. Second, that we have an economy to serve the people rather than a people to serve the economy.
        If we have a people who are more fulfilled by manufacturing jobs than service work then we structure our economy for that, even if it introduces economic inefficiencies.
        This means that the truck driver keeps his job even if driverless trucks are available and that a factory worker has a job even if robotics are available.
        We buy only the products of our country.

        • I completely agree that we should arrive for an autarky and providing meaningful jobs to citizens. I don’t think that onshoring all production is going to lead to as many new jobs as is believed, and I would bet that prices of common goods go up in this scenario, at least in the short-term. Furthermore, the incentive to automate probably intensifies because of domestic labor regulations.

          That said, the easiest way to increase domestic manufacturing jobs would be to impose a $10/gal. tax on diesel fuel and ban the production and use of eighteen-wheelers. The most natural consequence would be decentralized, redundant manufacturing with goods moving in small batches across short distances. When you think about it, it’s rather ridiculous that American manufacturing is so centralized and JIT given that the country has a relatively low population density. Redundancy is more useful than precision, yet government policy favors playing to our geographic weakness instead of strength.

          • with all the natural resources the US has, it could close its economy to the outside world completely, and everyone’s quality of life would immediately improve.

          • That would require a State that has the power to do so , inspectors everywhere and a huge system to prevent subversion by the globalist money boys.
            We’ve also exported a great deal of natural resources to China and they are gone for good so we may not have as much as we used to.

          • when you export food crops, you still have the farm 🙂 we have only begun to tap the natural resources of this continent. my point is still valid.

          • I’d second that. If everyone could be a software engineer, I’d go for that too—but they can’t. Drew’s insistence on inevitable off shoring would seem to accelerate the great class divide we are experiencing.

        • Drew is right and doesn’t deserve down voting. Automation is a huge cause of job loss.
          Amazon, Travelocity and Craigslist and the like are all job killers. Craigslist for example wiped out the entire newspaper classified industry, tens of thousands of jobs and replaced them with thirty in total.
          However you are also right, autraky will help though as stupid as our population has become and as deindustrialized as we’ve become hard would be hard to do.
          Also we have always been a trading nation other than a brief period a hundred years ago so it a painful cram down requiring a Goliath state to ensure that the “I’d rather burn it down than pay wages” and “1970 GM quality control ” crowds are handled.
          Over time though unless we do regulate work and labor, automation will continue to kill jobs that pay well.
          How we get back to the mod twentieth century ideal of one worker household 30 hour work week is challenging doubly so when most good wage jobs are done by machines.
          A nation of waiters and service people is fragile as we are about to see.
          If we can’t manage it, the best solution is to instead seal the borders and let nature take its course. The population will freefall for a century or so and will than stabilize.

      • Yet China still finds work for the Uighurs in their concentration camps and American corporations use millions of low-paid Asian workers.

        This idea of the radical decrease in the demand for human labor is a grift to get American workers to accept their obsolescence. There is vast need for human labor. But it’s all going offshore.

        • I agree with you. But if we’re talking about make-work jobs programs, let’s call them make-work jobs programs. And let’s also be honest about tradeoffs with this approach: if we’re concerned about preserving certain forms of labor, we’ll be at risk of being unable to pivot to improvements in tech and manufacturing because we’re trying to preserve the old ways of production.

          • It’s not makework, to have men instead of robots. I swear that all furniture these days is sized for “tiny Asian average”. If I want something Big & Tall then I have to make it myself because those efficient modern factories only do one-size-fits-most.

            When it’s men wielding the tools, custom orders don’t require retooling.

          • They also cost a lot more and have lower churn.
            Now despite what money boys think we aren’t poorer because we can’t change couches every few years but its a hefty trade off.
            Also while China doesn’t use it do to order sizes there is plenty if tech that allows retooling . You need 50 big guy couches, run up and order.
            We are not quite to full post industrial manufacturing yet but its there. If you doubt me go watch How Its Made or the like and see how few people are needed for most goods.

          • The corporate addiction to efficiency is, ironically, what prevents new technologies like 3D printing and desktop robotics from being used to produce goods in small, less centralized shops. Modern techniques can easily be adapted to make virtually every product a “one off”. Imagine shoes made to order based on a 3D scan of your feet just as one example.

            There’s another irony which is that “green” fanatics and DIE (diversity, inclusion, equity) fundamentalists absolutely love big corporations because it’s easy to control a few big choke points than many small ones. It’s also hard to argue that there are not economies of scale in everything from energy production to manufacturing. If one values things besides “efficiency” then there are other ways to do things. It’s the things our society values that are THE problem. Which brings me to…

            The problem, of course, isn’t technology or the desire for greater efficiency, or even international trade. It’s that virtually all decisions now in business and government are made by the same type of people. Basically, if you put a deracinated, over-socialized and feminized clique in control everywhere, this disaster of a nation is what you get.

          • It’s not make work. Apple and Nike, for example, depend on this labor to make real products.

            We don’t have to try to “preserve” this form of labor. It’s essential, and it exists. We just have to bring it home.

            If we weren’t importing millions of foreigners, the US population would be on track for a modest decrease, which would dovetail nicely with future improvements in automation.

            Haven’t you noticed how incoherent the uniparty’s enthusiasms are? “We need more immigration to do jobs Americans won’t do and increase the GDP. If we don’t have immigration America will fall behind!” “Automation is going to destroy millions of jobs (but apparently only for White Americans), so we need more UBI and government wealth redistribution!”

            You are being grifted.

          • From what evidence I’ve been able to find, American manufacturing output has increased and manufacturing jobs have decreased. What, besides automation, explains this?

            Furthermore, if manufacturing is reshored, is it likely that manufacturers are going to automate as much as they profitably can? Or are they going to suddenly reverse the automating trend to maintain or increase the labor item line on their balance sheet?

          • Certainly they’ll try to increase automation if labor costs rise. That’s fine. But lots of work simply cannot at this time be efficiently automated.

            This is not an argument for keeping that work offshore.

            Labor costs and the purchasing power of better-paid workers work toward equilibrium.

            I’d rather the work go to robots and machines built and maintained by Americans in American factories than Chinese and Mexican peasants.

            Onshoring won’t cause any fewer American jobs than offshoring. It will result in many more jobs, regardless of the level of automation.

            And, to repeat myself, a lack of immigration will cause a US population decline that dovetails nicely with future automation increases.

            It seems like you keep trying to argue against a mythical version of me that opposes automation.

          • Restricting immigration combined with “on-shoring” will at the very least cause labor markets to tighten and housing prices to fall which could actually lead to a baby-boom if a household could be supported on a single income.

          • Automation is going to destroy millions of jobs (but apparently only for White Americans), so we need more UBI and government wealth redistribution!”
            You are being grifted.
            i actually believe most videos of robots are cgi animations, no real skynet progress is being made.
            you tell me if this doesn’t look like hollywood bullshit.

          • As someone who has spent most of his adult life supporting manufacturing the whole automation thing seems ill grounded for a number of reasons. First, lets just get this out the way: there’s not a lot of people who can do it well. You’re going to be lucky enough to find someone who can feed material into a machine and push a button without blowing anything up. Second, it’s radically expensive; yes it can pay for itself if it replaces expensive labor but it’s almost never that clean cut because… Third, you can’t fire machines. If you’re an apple grower and frost destroyed your crop this year the bank is still going to be looking for the payments on your expensive automated harvesting solution (a solution which is inevitably always custom).

          • I’m in a similar role.

            They tried limited automation in the plant I support and they found the machines were simply not accurate or reliable enough to replace manual labor on our products at our production volumes.

            I know of a Swedish consultancy that are excellent at industrial automation. Everyone of their staff are super sharp.

            The one plant I have seen them operate is a very limited product mix.

          • Its highly scripted but quite real. I’m somewhat familiar with systems to do that kind of thing and its not that much harder than controls automation really.
            We have self driving cars on the road now and self driving trucks in Texas (made by Google) as well.
            This is why there is such a push against the deplorables. They just have had the last few rungs of the economic ladder kicked out from under them by lockdowns and soon more automation.
            Its moving too “socialism or death” and the deplorables do not want socialism.

          • Unless the work is bespoke deliberately choosing men over machines is make work unless its cheaper migrant labor which is essentially greed to the point of treason if you ask me.

          • I like your input here AB but I think you sometimes make the problems seem a bit bigger than they really are. Prefer men over women, Americans over foreigners, and sure, careful custom work over sloppy mass produced crap, stop subsidizing fake “higher” education for idiots, stop propping up housing costs with government loans, stop immigration – you’re 90% of the way to higher birthrates, affordable housing, and an end to the sex and class wars.

            Sadly, I think ol’ comrade Stalin had it right. Show me a problem and I’ll show you a man, no man, no problem. The problem is this crew of apparatchiks who run everything and circulate like diseased blood back and forth between industry and government.

          • I do not disagree with many of your solutions but I will remind you that the birth dearth began in 1972 when most of the negative conditions we face now were much smaller.
            A decent argument could be made that the natural low fertility was it in the 1930’s and that the after war boost was a bubble too.
            Planned obsolescence as a mainstream issue is a hundred years old at least.
            These aren’t issues you can fix with policy tweaks. They are integral to the culture,
            Beyond that a DR Republic will probably come after a civil war with massive ethnic and political cleansing on all sides.
            This will inflict generational damage far more than say Russia which in 30 years of efforts has yet to get to replacement fertility and is using Central Asian immigrants for growth.
            Simply society has to be allowed to fall to a level it can sustain which for the US is a lot lower, 1910 or 1920 at best.

          • Caveat, military tech I’m not sure having a dated manufacturing base matters all that much in a closed economy.
            Heck if we went isolationist we could even get by with a somewhat backward military as well.

          • Facing a rival nation with 4 times our population and advanced tech probably necessitates a standing army alas, though I’d like just a standing Navy and a string modernized nuclear deterrent.

        • In the last Farm Bill they included language preventing any aid from being used for automation. Cheap labor über alles.

        • Yeah the automation claim is way over exaggerated. China, india, and mexico comprise hundreds of millions of jobs that were born in the US. More importantly, our tax payer funded US navy is protecting the global transport and supply chain for these foreign competitors goods for FREE. Theres no way theyd travel safely across the world at a cost cheaper than our own products, without our own taxes paying our military to protect them. Its a godamn clown world trade network burning us at both ends.

      • It may be that automation has had a negative effect on the number of manufacturing jobs. However, allowing jobs to be moved offshore will clearly also have a negative effect on the number of manufacturing jobs. There is usually more than one reason for things happening in an economy.

  39. The one exception is the piece they get from Victor David Hanson, but he has no role in the editorial stance of the site. In fact, he is notable in being the last actual conservative writing for the site.

    Yes, I’m surprised that VDH is still there, to be honest. Even a couple of years back I recall reading one of his pieces there, nothing great, but it was in stark contrast to almost everything else presented at that site.

    What has unfolded since the election has opened the eyes of millions of people. Despite the rhetoric from their cult leaders, even many lefties are getting nervous about what is happening.

    It is always a good thing to remember that, no matter how down one may feel when scrolling through the news, much of it is just propaganda. Although sometimes it does feel as though there are few people with ‘traditional’ (don’t really know a better term to use) values left… that’s why it’s good to get out and talk to real people. Again, the shamdemic and the unbridled hatred of ‘The TruempenFuerher’ have allowed me to speak openly of things that many, even a year ago, would have thought horrid.

      • He believes in the “idea” or the “proposition” of the country, doesn’t he? He loves telling anacdotes about the Mexicans or Latinos in his area.

        • Most of those anecdotes are not favorable. He’s written many pieces relating how the Mestizos have, literally, trashed the Golden State.

      • And a very good academic at that. His knowledge in his field is matched by few. Why do you see such as a negative? I see it s a plus. Lots of commentators one reads—once anyway—are painfully ignorant of simple history. They check the wind and parrot others in the political sphere rather than create and disseminate new understanding. Please, do elaborate on VDH.

        • IMO, he’s too mainstream conservative civnat. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good writer and historian but he’s also kind of like Rush in that he longs for America as it was and never will be again. If we just vote harder and point out all the fallacies of the left, that’ll do the trick.

        • I have a memory. He was on board, big time, for the Global; War on Terror. Unless he’s publicly apologized for that, I have little interest in what he might have to say.

          • Yeah, well, so was I. At the time, many people thought the Muslims were the biggest threat to the West. We didn’t know we, ourselves, were the biggest threat to the West.

      • No, not enough said. VDH is not your typical academic. He is a very learned classicist, historian, Greek scholar and does not deserved to be lumped is with the others. Check out his history books, from the Greeks to WW II.

          • “Who Killed Homer?” A great defense of the importance of understanding the classics.

            “Carnage and Culture”, “Mexifornia”, a warning that what has happened in Ca. would spread to other states.

            “Why the West Has Won”

            “The End of Sparta”

            “The Second World Wars”, an amazingly well researched, thoughtful book.
            Probably more on my book shelves, but what I can recall without even much looking.

            DVH is a true scholar, reads Greek too.

    • VDH is only interesting in that he is a writer for NRO who does not openly hate the conservative movement. He pretends that he’s a man of the people, only his people are Mexicans.

      • I don’t read VDH a lot, but when I have I’ve noticed he’s been pretty open about the damage Mexicans have done to the area he lives in — the trash, the theft, the vandalism, the lawlessness and contempt for regulations and the welfare. I haven’t noticed much of what he writes be approving of Mexicans.

        • He wrote the book “Mexifornia.” (And it wasn’t promoting transforming California into North Mexico.)

        • His big point with Mexicans is that there hasn’t been enough intermarriage with White Americans.
          He also does the whole “as long as its legal” bit.
          VDH only looks good in comparison to the traitors at NRO. Put VDH’s writing against Z-Man or any dissident writer for that matter. To the extent that he is good, he drives traffic to NRO.
          I don’t deny he is good on some aspects of dissident politics. But he is NEVER going to say “Mexicans belong in Mexico. They are not us.” He will NEVER say Mexico is like Mexico because it’s full of Mexicans.
          He is a bow-tie wearing cuckservative on his best day.
          I think he’s either married to a Mexican or one of his kids are.

          • and these self same people also claim to support Zman’s thesis. i guess the word to reconcile these two mental positions is: LARPing.

      • VDH openly laments his state turning into a third-world Latin American dump. He regularly writes about the difference between coastal elite California and the neglected interior. I’m not sure your comment can be defended by the facts.

        • Milestone D: True, but also true that Hanson believes in race-blind civic nationalism – that many of those same Mestizos who’ve destroyed his home state can, by embracing ‘magic principles,’ become real ‘murricans. I don’t read civic nationalists. Hanson may know certain historic/military facts, but if he refuses to recognize the reality of race and ethnicity and the power of such, he’s ignoring a vital element of history.

          • YES! He rants about how there hasn’t been enough interracial marriage and a bunch of other stuff.
            This is precisely why I said VDH only looks good in comparison to the cucks and traitors at NRO.

            Sadly, I know this first hand. I read VDH regularly until I started reading Z, which was only about 2 years ago.

        • haha you are right! old fred quieted down a bit about the cultural superiority of mexico, when the cartel carnage started getting noticeable.

      • Nonsense. You obviously have never read or heard VDH speak. He loves Mexicans? Read Mexifornia. He has been driven off his farm by illegals. That he speaks in a softer tone perhaps than we here does does nothing to diminish his condemnation of the immigration situation.

        • Compsci – Strongly disagree. He fully believes in ‘legal immigration’ and the mythical ‘melting pot.’ He doesn’t believe race or ethnicity to be any hindrance to such, because only ‘culture’ matters, not genetics (from whence culture originates). He does not condemn the incoming hordes, only their technical status and the pace of their purported assimilation.

  40. From the looks of him, the slovenly Kevin Williamson has also been pounding down pints of Cherry Garcia.

  41. They have a lot of power but they’re also hysterical and panicking, which is a very, very bad combination. It could be bad for us but also for them. Taking part in most media consumption (and definitely financially supporting most media) at this point is like voting or public protest: you win (or at least hold them to a stalemate in this insane phase) by refusing to play at all. Don’t even comment on mainstream conservative sites since we should deny them so much as a barometer (they don’t care enough to listen but they are scared enough to eavesdrop).I’m not advocating doing nothing as a long-term strategy. But charging a battlefield this smoky is dumb. The results in Georgia scared the Establishment a hell of a lot more than Charlotesville. It was also more productive. Also support the Ocasio-Cortez faction in their efforts to soak Pelosi’s Nordstrom neck scarf in chloroform, like they dumped Feinstein’s wheelchair off a cliff, and also when Donkey Choppers and her ragtag socialists try to slow production in Bezos’s fulfillment gulags.

    • first off, why would anyone red pilled (or otherwise, really) spend even a second on sites known to be pozzed?! because they long for the old safe slave life.

      there is a way to have your cake and eat it too, kind of. share credentials. i know one set of credentials (for all premium OTA sites, like HBO+, etc) that over 50 people were sharing, for over 3 years – and the owner of the credentials didn’t even know it.

    • 25,000 troops in the Capital. They’re sleeping in the hallways of the Capitol, listening to ad hoc speeches by the Speaker thanking them for stopping “The Insurrection”.

      They’re literally insane.

      I never thought they’d be stupid enough to do something like start a war with China or Russia Russia Russia, but now I’m no longer sure.

      • We are not going to war with China, they own too many reps. War with Russia will end up in nuclear fire , EMP weapons or worse.
        It will be Iran although maybe not that as they are tight with Russia right now.
        They’d love to go all martial law before the Deplorables organize but that’s a low probability item as they can’t trust the enlisted troops. There are Deplorables even among the POC troops

        • (((They))) want war with Iran, but (((they))) need Iran to “start” the war, so far the Iranians have been very smart, and more or less refuse to take the bait, things will get interesting in a few months

  42. I’ve enjoyed the pushback instapundit is getting. Every one of his ridiculous articles or others articles just get hundreds of comments telling them pretty much to f off its great

    • I was thinking the same. The site’s strength has been a pretty generous tolerance for commentators who call them out. It even looked to me that after years of Ed Driscoll writing snark equating left wing government oppression to right wing memes someone finally reined him in as the reply comments were getting worse and worse (or in our case, better). It could also be that he wizened up which I doubt.
      Still, Reynolds doesn’t seem to want to run an operation like that, a normie punching bag operation where he stands in for the normie who dreams of going back to 2006.

        • Reynolds is incapable of differentiating between a Libertarian and a Libertine. Z-man seems to have this problem too, at times.
          Decent people have a self-directed morality independent of the fatwah’s of the State,

  43. The WSJ will hopefully be flushed down the same sewer as NRO. The time for negotiated settlements and peaceful coexistence is long gone.

    • Same for The American Conservative. I was a plank subscription owner back in 2002 mainly because I was always a fan of Buchanan (the co-founder) and (because of him) TAC was about the only mag on the right that opposed the Iraq war and dared call out the ((lobby)) behind it. They stayed pretty true to that course until the Obama admin. Then began a slow shift from paleo-con to the neo-con “can’t we all get along” camp. The last straw was round about 2014/15 when they cancelled Phillip Giraldi for daring to criticize ((the ones who shall not be criticized)) for attempting to assign blame for the chemical attacks in Syria in order to of course stoke another Mideast war. I immediately cancelled 13 yr subscription.

      • Dreher is the epitome of chucked Christianity, and the most obnoxious part is I lost count of how many times he wrote something to the effect of “it seems our only plausible conclusion is what is happening in reality is <badthought>, but that is evil to assume, and will force us to do unpleasant things and have unpleasant thoughts, so it must be rejected out of hand.”
        If you believe we are ruled by corrupt oligarchs who specifically hate white people, but are religiously unwilling do some very messy things, fine, we can still work with that. In order to work with someone they have to acknowledge political reality, and political reality doesn’t care about your moral compass, it just is.

        • lol, that’s Dreher. I recall he really liked WrathofGnon’s twitter posts until someone pointed out that this traditional, local, environmental, good urbanism guy was some sort of raciss. Then Dreher disavowed. Embarrassing.

        • The only answer the System offers to the JQ is to pretend that your fingers slipped while typing the name of that metrosexual men’s magazine. IOW, even saying that there is a JQ takes you a fair way down Red Pill Boulevard.

      • I believe it was ultimately to start a war with Russia using Syria as the excuse. Bonus points for a failed Syrian state.

    • Just canceled my subscription after many years. Looking for another credit card co. We can also play the cancel game.

  44. Scorning the nutjob grifters is one way to fight back. Another is to educate & train the few remaining sane.
    New Skills & Habits (Cont)
    Learn to travel sans auto. Spend a day riding the urban bus system, routes, and neighborhoods. Cash only, & correct change helps. Learn to look and smell like the regulars, and rush hour crowds are a plus. Hoodie up, head down. Ditto for the interstate bus lines. A tractor-trailer rig hauling the right flatbed load can be an interesting option after dark. If you’re fit, a good road bike can do 80 miles/day easy. And a motorcycle w/full-face helmet is the bomb, as the kids like to say today.

    • why travel at all? in these conditions. better to reorg your life so you don’t have to travel away from home base.

    • Some friends and I were discussing resistance techniques that one should never, ever use, because of the peace love and understanding that we’re all required to do now. But back in the 19th century, they used what they called a “work-to-rule” strike. Just… follow the rules. ALL the rules. To the letter. And watch the factory collapse. Imagine how quickly one could bring a major city to its knees, for instance, if sufficient numbers of people — maybe just a few thousand — obeyed ALL the traffic laws to the letter. But don’t do that. It’s bad, and you are all horrible people.

      • Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. None of this works unless the numbers get really large. 75 million real Americans voted for Trump. If even 1% get off the couch and act, the impact will be non trivial.

      • Navy calls this a White Mutiny I believe and its legal and incredibly destructive.
        Its also Alinski’s Rules for Radicals #4

      • I can’t speak for TomA, but mine are from 19th century history. Genius resisters, those old illegal union boys. A work “slowage” would do wonders too. You can’t, say, *refuse* to work on a Leftist’s car – “change the oil, bigot!” – but you CAN have a remarkably full schedule. Plus you’ve got to make sure you’re in full compliance with all EPA regs…. gosh, sorry, it could be three, four months before I can work you in….

        • Corrosion, not direct confrontation. The latter gets you dead, whereas the former is insidious and largely impractical to detect or inhibit. After decades of affluence making us incrementally stupider, we owe to posterity to reverse that trend. The stupid will die first on the firing line, but the Jackboots cannot kill that which they cannot find.

        • I learned this a while ago living in my extremely culturally enriched city. Sure, you might have to work for someone but there is no law at all that requires you to be “good” at what you do. You can actually be awful at what you do. Really stupid in fact. Like, make all of the worst choices when there is a choice to make etc etc. Oddly enough, working that way is actually very much in line with how our culturally enriched brethren work on their best days so they hardly ever even complain about it.

          • I like to turn over the mags/books that have the previous First Lady–or now Kamala-la-la, la-la-la-la on the cover when I am at my local bookstore or drug store mag rack. I pick one up, pretend to read it, and then replace it facing backwards. I do this for others, too. but she is so appalling and prevalent, that I really do a number on the b^#$h! I hope the publishers of Vogue, Elle, TIME etc. are losing their shirts. Serves ’em right.

          • i am going to go to the local B&N and do this, just for shits and giggles!

            maybe go full Project Mayhem, and slip some pics into the pages…

    • A bus? In the city? First rule of survival is avoid crowds. Now go stand in the corner and think of how foolish you sound….

      • Ask a beat cop how easy it is to pursue a suspect through a dense crowd. Now add in that the guy fleeing is probably operating on an adrenaline rush and the cop is laden with 15 pounds of auxiliary equipment. But that’s not the point. You always want to have multiple viable egress means. Predictability is death. Just ask a deer during hunting season.

    • Tom, where are you going and why go there? If things have gotten that bad then maybe it’s time to stand your ground and fight. If you’re escaping to the “safe zone” then getting through the checkpoints will be your biggest challenge.

      • Viable escape if but one component of how we can successfully beat a modern high-tech tyranny. Stand your ground is a last resort, and the odds are not good because Jackboots, by doctrine, only come in overwhelming force. Better to be invisible (or at least appear benign) and operate from the shadows.

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