Rambling Man Vol 1

Whenever I go on a livestream or do the letters show, I get e-mail from people saying that the podcast should be more conversational. Instead of reading and commenting upon articles, it should be more freewheeling. These are probably a matter of taste, but there is some logic to the suggestion. Listening to someone on a show or podcast is like being in a conversation with them. The good interviewers are the voice of the audience, asking the questions the listener would ask the guest.

As an experiment this year, I thought I would do a show a month where I pick a few topics from the moment and say whatever comes to mind. No prep. No notes. No set up using a news article. All I did this week is take three topics that came up in my daily life and riff on them for the show. There is no editing, other than to remove weird noises that come up when you record from home. People may have noted the sirens from time to time in the background of shows. Welcome to Lagos.

The one topic of the three that I could probably talked about for hours is just how our rulers expect society to function under this new regime. One thing I did not mention is the fact that somehow things have not fallen apart already. It is going on a year now with the lock downs and riots. They say half of all restaurants are gone for good and the small retail sector is wiped out. The airlines are at 50% capacity and hotels are below that in terms of occupancy. How is the economy still standing?

Now that The Pretender is about to be installed, I am assuming the Democrats will start demanding everything open back up. They are that shameless. Still, they spent a year convincing their drones that Covid is the black death. Lots of people are now deeply invested in being afraid. Turning the economy back on will not come easy. That and the damage is mostly done at this point. If you are a business that survived this, then you can keep surviving. It will take years for the lost to recover.

The Pretender’s script writers say he will ask for a trillion dollar relief bill, but given the mess that is Congress, that will not happen easily. Mitch McConnell is a massive d-bag to everyone, not just his voters. He will use every trick he can to hamstring it. The Dems are a fractured party right now and we’ll see that clearly over this bill. Even if they pass it, you can run a country this way. Throw in their efforts to criminalize dissent and our rulers look like they are carelessly smoking on a powder keg.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. I am now on Deezer, for our European haters and Stitcher for the weirdos. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: An Albanian Communist Temptress
  • 22:00: Contemplation On The Madness
  • 42:00: The Number Of The Crazy
  • 57:00: Closing

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320 thoughts on “Rambling Man Vol 1

  1. Saw an editorial over the weekend titled…diversity over competence.
    It has been added to the lexicon and I’ll have to go back to the aggregator and find out the author to give credit where it is due.
    Burning Western Civ down by any means necessary is the plan and it started long before the 1960’s cultural rot.
    Sirens are a sign of diverse cultural enrichment and this is our strength, comrade.

  2. My plan is to respond I don’t celebrate Martin Luther King Day if anyone asks me about the holiday. They want a Descendant Of American Slaves Day, fine. Just don’t ask me to celebrate a man whose namesake was anti-Catholic.

  3. Just as a counterbalance to MOTHER’S (many on the heretical extreme right) dire economic outlook, (for example see Zcast above from 41:25 to 42:00 saying that we need to prepare because things are going to get worse rather quickly). Here is Goldman Sachs’ take, via Bloomberg this morning.

    –Goldman Lifts U.S. Forecast on Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Rescue Plan

    –Economists predict growth of 6.6% in 2021, up from 6.4%

    –Goldman sees ‘large spike’ in disposable income this year

    –More than 760,000 pounds of Hot Pockets recalled

    • Printer go brrrr

      “Now is the time the virus ceased its rise…” (Biden borrows Obama’s speech)

      The Hot Pocket ration is increased to 25 grams!

    • That’s Goldman Sa chs. They will do well. Food prices are up something like double 2018 on average. Inflation is out of control for housing and energy also. Wage growth will crash as the labor market is flooded with unlimited competition from India, China, and Latin America in all sectors and skill levels.

  4. The Albanian woman has us intrigued. Good story bro. Sounds like you two could’ve ended up in her dorm room having an angry good time. You should do a fiction segment on your podcast about your continuing escapades. “Zman & the Raven.” “Zman vs the Albanian Nightmare.” She assumed you were gonna be cowed by her looks into being just another head-nodding yes-man. You started talking and she thought, “Shit. An articulate aggressor. This isn’t in the script.”

    I looked up “Bunker Mentality” or “Seige Mentality”. A clip from Wiki: “…encouraged by both the government—to help justify their continuance in power—and the opposition—to help justify their overthrowing the government through violent means.” In other words the continuing battle for who gets to play Underdog.

    At the end Z says about getting older, “The struggle continues. Until I’m unable to struggle anymore.” That’s a bit too grimly Soviet for our man Z. How about something more American. “You ride the wave until it ends. And then you get off.”

  5. I very much enjoyed your more free-form presentation. And apropos of the pervasive hatred of white people that you discussed:
    Union City Officials Denounce ‘White Lives Matter’ Banner Found at Busy Intersection Saturday
    UNION CITY (CBS SF) — City officials denounced a “White Lives Matter” banner found Saturday morning near a busy Union City intersection and said that it was removed promptly.
    The banner was found on public property, at the corner of Smith and Dyer streets and a police report was filed after it was taken down, officials said.
    “The city is disgusted by this despicable act of vandalism that has occurred on the heels of the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol last week and on the weekend of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday that celebrates the life and achievements of this important civil rights leader,” a statement from the city read.
    Mayor Carol Dutra-Vernaci and Human Relations Commissioner Kashmir Singh Shahi released a video statement, which can be found on the city’s Facebook page.
    City staff “remain on heightened alert to make sure racist incidences like this do not happen again in our community,” officials said.
    The mayor had been in a meeting with the Human Relations Commission during its annual retreat when the banner was discovered, she said in the video. The panel was discussing its first priority for the year — to remain vigilant about the insurrection and division taking place at the national level and to prevent it from coming to Union City.
    “While some may believe what happened at the United States Capitol could not happen here, this incident unfortunately shows how divisiveness at the national level can permeate even our community,” the city’s statement read. “We are saddened, but this incident makes us want to work harder at promoting and reinforcing our community value of unity through diversity.”
    Union City is one of the more obscure East Bay enclaves, between larger Hayward and much larger Fremont and halfway between Oakland and San Jose. It’s very mixed demographically and definitely not a hip and/or upscale suburb.

      • my response to white privilege is:

        “White privilege? you want to see white privilege? Ok. You asked for it”

        And I just dress well, live well, smile in public, and figure if they are going to mythologize my people might as well play the part for them and tell them in so many words:

        no matter what you do, you are never going to have it

    • How stupid does one have to be to not understand hysterical reactions to such innocuous statements about Whites totally gives the game away? This is the year all but the most blind among us finally figure out there’s a huge target on our back.

  6. From Pat Buchanan’s article today:
    “Trump is hated because he will not play the role the left has assigned to him in its historic morality play, in which the left is always the triumphant star.
    Either Z is plagiarizing Buchanan or Buchanan is plagiarizing Z. Someone owes someone royalties.

    • My guess is Buchanan has a younger staff and they read Z and the DR sites in general

      Buchanan I doubt actually writes anything anymore. It’s a business and a brand.

  7. recently thinking about MAGA people bash to capital
    so many retired army guys involved and it was systematically organized movement yet nothing are achieved
    Some people bash into capital, get shot, and probably the rest of them will arrest by the FBI
    I suspect that was the plan all along

    Donald trump were Jewish candidate, exactly doing what Jewish wants
    whole incidents were maybe planed by some Jews to undermine possible future pro-white movement
    Now on, every white men organized movement will be framed as domestic terrorism

    • rednecks with guns will be far more an effective force than all the ex military

      the latter are effective as long as they have their orders

      If anyone has ever hired ex military you will know what I mean.

      Speaking in generalities, of course

  8. The jew flu’s whole intent was to exit orange man and crush the middle class, and they still had to rig the election. It’s backfiring, they are fucked, hated and despised. Most people see it, despite the constant gaslighting, more see it every day. Once you lose credibility, it’s gone forever.

    • is anyone in the media acting like Biden has a huge mandate?

      Because a huge mandate is when you get 80+ million people voting for you, the all time record by far, and you crush your opponent who happens to be an incumbent who himself got the 2nd most votes of all time

      No one is even pretending that Biden crushed it in the election and has a mandate

  9. Speaking of Albanian women, somewhat off topic, but interesting. Includes captivating pictures of Albanian women.
    “Deep in the secluded villages of the Albanian Alps, women and girls have long had to make an extreme choice if they wanted to receive the same privileges as men.
    It comes in the form of a binding pledge; a lifelong vow to live as a man, to work as a man, to socialize among men, and thereby to receive power as men do in their patriarchal society. But the oath only allows women to assume the roles reserved for men in northern Albania under one condition: To become a burnesha, one must take a lifelong vow of celibacy, typically in front of village elders (and at a young age). This tradition was born out of a set of restrictive 15th-century laws known as the Kanun, which stated that a woman’s role was to take care of her children and home, and that her life was worth half that of a man’s—unless she was celibate.”

    • It’s almost as if all those guys in ancient and medieval societies with alleged hangups about virgin brides and unclean women had some deep insights into the true nature of unrestrained female sexuality….

  10. Good show Z. While I like the free flow format, I am sure it is easier when you have other people to engage with.

  11. Zman, maybe adopting a black kid will help you kick the 55 blues? You probably could afford two of the delightful creatures.

    What I feel your show lacks, is a side kick. someone to affirm what you just said, and to set up the jokes. Again, a colored person will deliver tons of bang for the buck here.

      • Nice. I remember when he ran for president. He was sweet as a kid, but mean as an adult. I maintain to this day that nothing could ever be as funny as Gary Coleman as the President of the United States. Not just Coleman being funny (though he surely would be) but the fact in itself. I wanted that to happen so bad. “President Colemen to meet with the heads of the 5 largest banks on Monday.” Coleman meeting alone with Vladimir Putin. Putin trying to take him seriously without laughing. Some head of state attempting to low-key diss him at press conference, “Whatchu talkin’ ’bout Merkel?” There can be no greater thought than Gary Coleman as president. And the icing on the cake is he was a man of the Right. An angry little psycho black baby-man of the Right.

        • There is a sex tape out there, showing Tattoo and Gary tag teaming “Julie” from The Love Boat. searing stuff…

  12. Covid may have taught the powers that be the lesson that there is no downside to destroying the livelihoods of non blacks. If anything, unemployed lefties can be used to wage war on the normal people.

    Besides the capital brouhaha the bad white populace has been very docile. The black populace has been killing each other in increasing numbers which is a long term positive for wealthy people living in urban areas.

    • My sense of things it is a bit of a standoff

      No white person (professional class good white) wants to be the first to admit they are struggling.

      Even the ones who are will put on a big show of how everything is just fine, as they suck down booze and pills behind the scenes and their kids have to deal with it

  13. Hell, I didn’t even know D.C. even had a National Guard. I knew Puerto Rico did, of all places, but a city?

  14. The Prisoner’s Dilemma: Maintain the observer perspective until emotions subside. The right action should be illuminated by logic. Martyrdom is in the Darwin Award spectrum. There are 75 million of us. We can get this right, and we will rebuild this broken nation our way.

  15. One more thing. I was in China in the 1990s under a Clinton boondoggle that was typically Clinton — lots of money spent for nothing but connected consultants to make money. [I had a very minor and not well paid role involving energy investments].
    I met with a number of well respected Engineering professors at both Beijing universities. What I was told was that the Cultural Revolution essentially shattered Chinese society. That massive distrust left only two things standing: immediate family and whatever crookedness and could be done to advantage the family which was the only shelter from the fury of the Party/State, and the most grotesque Han Chinese Nationalism at its most crudest, expressing resentments and revenge constantly over all sorts of enemies. These were people who spent themselves years shoveling pig dung. They had not forgotten.
    China was corrupt I was told, to the bone, as the Cultural Revolution demonstrated there was no rule of law, or even consistent rules, and that the massive capriciousness of rulers meant that only the most corrupt and well connected weathered the storm. Those who were honest and dedicated at best shoveled pig manure in the boonies for 10-15 years.
    The Party’s “Red Detachment of Women” no longer worked after that, and all sorts of cults started to pop up to replace the old traditions and festivals and values that had previously cemented Chinese society together. Which explains the terrified reaction of the Party to Christians, various cults, labor activists, and environmental activists. They are all a threat as the Party is a joke after sending its best, most honest people to exile or worse for being precisely that.
    Team Biden/Harris also have Tiananmen Square as their model. They know the Party and the Army crushed that rebellion. They forgot at the time, income was rising not falling. People were not starving, indeed they went from starving to having enough food to eat finally. Xi is very careful to retain the Mandate of Heaven by increasing the amount of food Chinese people can eat and making it at least not a lot more expensive.

    • Xi is also all about Han racial superiority, exporting, “the China Model,” and revenge on the West for, “the Century of Humiliation.”

      Oddly enough, the expat project I made my bones on only got rolling because Hillary was running pay-for-play at State, and the country involved in that project paid.

    • no, he is not increasing the amount chinese people get, just the opposite. china is already having food supply problems; you can read of this for yourself.

      • Gates wants the West to eat bugs so he can get even richer selling crops from his farmland to his good buddy Xi.

  16. Reading Mark Bowden’s “the Finish” about killing bin Laden, I think they do have a plan. [Biden is portrayed as a braggart idiot and was the only adviser to say not do anything when bin Laden was identified as probable at the compound].
    There are about 6,000 drones in inventory, capable of producing about 75 CAP (air surveillance 24/7) for months if need be. Outside visible sight at around 35,000 feet or so with astonishing optics and computer aided recognition and tracking.
    Backing this are an army of remote and on-site data analysts in Iraq during 2003-2008. And backing that were about 200 special forces teams, from SEALS to Delta to Rangers to MARSOC to the Air Force and other units under JSOC. They were capable and did sortie out 4 times during a day. Sometimes night, sometimes day. They’d kill about five people average each sortie, pick up computers, hard drives, stuff in people’s pockets (receipts, notes etc) take DNA and fingerprints, then often cycle to the next target. About half the teams were on during a quarter, and half off (tempo was hard on men and equipment, needed constant repair and recuperation). Average age was 34, but with some in their forties and very highly trained.
    Doing the math, this meant each time would kill about 20 people a day, or about 2,000 a day for the teams in Iraq. This amounted to 180,000 a quarter, or about 720,000 a year. Considering the teams only really ramped up in 2006, that means between 2006-2008, inclusive, the teams killed about 2.16 million people. The advantage for the US was that it was massive, but not all in one go. The attrition level for Al Qaeda in Iraq was massive, as it was for their supporters.
    And THIS I think is the model for Biden/Harris. Deploy the teams. In the US. Supplemented by drone strikes. Kill 2,000 Deplorables a day, every day, for the next three years and no protest, just obedience and compliance, occurs. Iraq was far away, the logistical tail in the US is next to nothing. Its easy. Of course this will be a disaster even if the teams cooperate and comply either through hostages or other other threats. But reading the Bowden book its clear that Biden/Harris are applying the Iraq Insurgency model to the Deplorables at least in the planning stages if not actually started. But that is clearly the plan at some point.
    Of course, 720K dead a year, and dead not for behavior modified — don’t plant bombs on the road and teams don’t show up at your compound — but past actions, support for Trump, that cannot be taken back will cause certainly massive flight of about 73 million Trump voters plus 30 million friends and family. Likely to Mexico, with cross border targeting by the teams, with all that implies, and the Rockies where helicopters have a hard time. Infrastructure would simply collapse, immediately, Including war fighting ability. Mass starvation, regular troop mutinies, all sorts of other stuff is likely. And Biden is just stupid enough to do this. The book takes pains repeatedly to paint Biden as a complete idiot.
    Bowden makes clear the enormous advantage the US had over Al Qaeda. Massive resources. Massive data processing, Massive ability to project force with little footprint pretty much anywhere. The bin Laden raid was Desert One in Iran that worked. The fantasy clearly in the heads of Biden/Harris and the people around them is that this resource advantage can be continued with a population of empowered, super-heroic females and black dudes who are all super-geniuses. They really believe Hollywood. They really think White males are just a drag that can be eliminated.

    • There are plenty of well-trained and equipped vets among the Deplorables.

      If the teams can bring themselves to fire on those guys they won’t go easy.

      • They lack concentration of forces. Iraqi insurgents were better armed and had massive kin networks unlike atomized Americans . They still lost.

        the massive amount of resources the feds can muster is staggering.

        of course with no power or fuel they just sit there. But that stuff just comes through the power of diversity.

        • It won’t even come to that.

          If heritage Americans get too unruly Joemala will simply invite the PLA in under the guise of UN peacekeepers to murder the misbehaving heritage types.

          Game. Set. Match.

        • They didn’t lose. They are still there. We aren’t.

          If your numbers are correct, we mass murdered around 2 million people for nothing. If that is true then this country deserves what we will get.

          • 1. A training war with live targets to test urban counterinsurgency tactics.

            2. No more threat to the plucky Donmeh next door, the source of our military fuel.

            Note I didn’t say we control “our” Janissaries anymore.

        • All we did was kill Sunnis and allow the Shia to take over Iraq which is now a Iranian province today.
          BTW it got so bad for our troops in Iraq we had to resort to bribing Sunni leaders with suitcases full of cash every month. That is not winning.
          Same with Afghanistan. Another abject failure..

          • Afghanistan, the Diego Garcia staging base of Central Asian projection and all-important opium fields, as well as a ton of offshore money laundering (nee Enron)

            Our objectives don’t matter, that’s why these deployments seem to make no sense.

    • I hope you didn’t buy the Bowden book about OBL. It was an Obama fan boi piece for the most part. Mostly a piece of trash.

    • It’s doubtful Bin Laden was even alive when the mission happened. OBL was a dialysis patient way before 9/11 and his time in the mountains of Afghanistan being away from dialysis hammered his body which was already quite weak. I suspect he died when the AQ videos of him became voice only and then stopped altogether.
      What we killed in Pakistan was probably just a tall lanky body double we set up to take the fall.

    • The idiocy of Biden truly is staggering. Most presidents have been claimed to be dullards by their opponents, but in the case of Biden it is absolutely true. Add in his obvious insecurity and you have a very dangerous mediocrity.

      With that out of the way, no. The D.C. junta likes to maintain the pretense of democracy for the rest of the world. Set aside other nations have started to take notice of the reality of the United States, D.C. still wants to claim that image.

      I suspect there will be a triggering event, such as a Second Reconstruction aimed at White Southerners, to try to attain what you outlined. Such an outrage would in fact provoke a ferocious response outside the large cities in the South. There also would be a shitload more of Copperheads this time. That’s just one example of how a crackdown would and very well might happen.

      D.C. is an armed garrison, like a fort in the old American West, and will become increasingly isolated from the nation is ostensibly governs. It will lash out from time to time, and each time will further delegitimize it.

    • Jesus. That’s terrifying.

      Much of The Gulag Archipelago was possible because people had no idea of the amount of citizens it camps spread out all over the USSR.

      I’ve no doubt it’s technically feasible, but it’s massive overkill. The goal of the Bolsheviks and Mao’s China was not to kill people, but to control them. They felt they had to do one to achieve the other.

      With computers, social media, and banking control, a Chinese style Social Credit score is much more likely, less risky, and much more effective.

      Americans have been conditioned to worship their regular “credit score” for generations now. The sole purpose of which is to get into debt for crap you don’t need! They’re primed for a social credit score.

  17. I think you were vastly underestimated the repercussions from The Epiphany protest. An investment banker that lives near me with his wife and children shot himself in the chest and died a couple days ago after he was arrested for being there. There is a great chill descending and how is it going to work I don’t know. Did Stalin care how it worked in the Ukraine?

    • Thank you Whitney for this reality-check anecdote about the lethality of the coming storm. Most of the country is still sleepwalking into the future assuming that the worst that can happen is your stock portfolio takes a big hit. I believe that we are now transitioning from slow change to fast change, and things may get very bad very quickly. There is much deadfall in the forest, and it takes but one small match to ignite a firestorm.

  18. Re Numbers, we really are outnumbered I think. The word you are looking for in respect to crazies are “women.” Pretty much 100% of the Women I know are full on the crazy train. Hate Trump as the Devil in their lives, full on diversity, hate White men, love the Covid lockdowns and masks. That’s the shock troops. Strong Empowered women. Who are perfect because!

    • I hate to defend women but as a share, white women voted more for Trump in 2020 than 2016 and both times were in the majority. Women by biology are followers. I’ve met plenty of women “leaders” and the “good” ones are almost supported entirely by men. The train wrecks are the ones supported by women.

  19. Albanians are scum

    lots of them in Italy. Tourists sometimes think they’re Italians when they get robbed by them

  20. I was laughing so hard when you were talking about your Albanian acquantance. I used to work for a co. that employed a bunch of Albanians and all they did was compare The US unfavorably to Albania (the food, the weather, the housing). They also did the so-and-so was really Albanian thing, the way some Black people insist Beethoven, Shakespeare, etc., were really Black.

    • I wish more Americans were like that. If they were American women in Albania, they would be saying how great Albania is and how much America sucks.
      It is not at all uncommon for foreigners to come here and then trash everything about us. WTF are you doing here then? Pakis and Indians do this a lot.

    • You really can’t appreciate Shakespeare until you’ve seen it performed in the original Albanian!

    • Yes indeed. Excellent tip. First drop by the Goodwill to get your new wardrobe for $15. Take it out back and pee on it a few times and add a little cheap alcohol to the aroma. Now include 3 days of beard growth, a slouch, a shuffle step, a perpetual scowl on your face, and you’re ready to disappear in the big city.

      • Perhaps this is what Jack Dorsey is up to, hedging his bets in case the MAGA storm the offices of Twatter. He can just pee himself (probably won’t even have to try) and then roll down to the Mission district to hang out with the other bums.

  21. Pill boxes: At first I thought everyone was on tranquilizers, then I thought everyone was issued cyanide.

    • More than that. I was at the Target in Emeryville CA (small city at the foot of the Bay Bridge) and Black History Month attire and books were prominently displayed at the front of the store.

  22. Not only will the dems demand the economy reopen but the major patriotic holidays-Memorial Day and July 4th-will be celebrated by them in such a God Bless America manner so as to placate those who are very uneasy about the future. Of course it will all be BS.

  23. The reason Pelosi is impeaching Trump with a few days to go is not because she is crazy, though she is, but because she is writing the history of the future. Children born today will be entering public school in 6 years and be in 10th grade in 16 years. They will get to learn how “our democracy” was saved from the “orange would-be tyrant” by the brave women in the press and in Congress.

  24. My first aquaintance with Albanians:

    I walked through the wrong door of a building, upper Midwest. Chicago, maybe? Rochester?

    Anyhoo, I was suddenly surrounded by eight or so skinheads- boots, tight levis, white Tshirts, blonde- barking, “YOU! What you think Albania!! Albania OK?!!”

    Why, Albania was great, wonderful, though I’d never thought about Albania before.

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  26. The informal Z sounded much like the formal Z. Not much difference. If this is informal it’s like wearing a tuxedo to the beach. It’s okay to be formal..and white of course.

  27. You’ve got the ability to go free-form without sounding like a doofus. Some very good people can’t ad lib. You can. On the other hand, the news bits with commentary are also useful. Mixing it up would be fine.

  28. I’m at the anecdote about facemasks on conference calls now, and them pressuring the Zman to do the same. This is mass insanity. A society that is functioning at a level that stupid can’t survive.

    • One of the persyns I still sorta keep in touch with in academia works at a Small Private Liberal Arts College ™. For those who don’t know, those are the ones who charge almost as much as the Ivies, but have sub-junior high academics, because the nouveaux riches who send their kids there aren’t riche enough to get their kids accepted at the Ivies despite their drug problems… you know, the kind of place Brett Easton Ellis writes novels about, but I digress. The point is this: They actually mandated masks at all times, including on conference calls. Yeah, they really did that — you’ve got kids paying $60K in room and board alone, sitting in their dorm rooms taking classes online, while wearing masks. Truly ours is a culture too stupid to live.

      • Being very familiar with the environment that you speak of, I would say that the U’s Residence Life division with the Academic division would like nothing more than to install a Hall Director with Res. Assistants not only in their purview but in all residence communities nationwide.

        • It’s another illustration of the intimate link between Leftism and autism, if nothing else. They really are *literalists.* Masks keep you safe. Get it? Masks keep you safe, so you must always wear one, so that you can be safe. It’s the same way e.g. Obamacare lowered health care costs. It SAYS “Affordable Care” – it’s right there in the title! – therefore, care is affordable. The train is fine.

          • i disagree. leftists are noisy and never shut up. spergs aren’t like that. they aren’t ideological and don’t seek group membership.

          • Yes. It applies to organizational titles as well. Hence, Students for a Democratic Society and People for the American Way. Forget the fact that they have always been virulently anti-American and saw democracy only as a means to despotism.

        • insanity. at least that is the animating force. they are plenty stupid too, but this has a different quality from stupid stuff. the pace is too high; stupid is a slow process.

    • I just had a phone interview. I couldn’t tell if she was talking through a mask or if we had a crappy connection.

      • Landlines.

        Young people never experienced and older people forget the sound quality of a landline far exceeds the sound quality and reliability of a landline.

        Theres a reason business still use landlines. Plus, they’re cheap now, don’t require power, and are an alternate way to communicate when cell towers fail/are shut off.

  29. I just read the first paragraph. I listen to all your podcasts…they are fine, however, if you are incorporating suggestions how about the harp expressed in soothing chords in the background?

        • Too many years of loud guns, loud music and loud machines have left me with some hearing loss. Today this chatty cashier at the grocery store was babbling at me nonstop, but between the plexiglass barrier and that mask, I couldn’t understand a single goddamn word she said the whole time. This isn’t the first time, so by now, I just ignore her, pay and leave.

          This is exactly the social dysfunction they want.

  30. Speaking of food supply, currently local slaughterhouse capacity is absolutely maxed out. We’re having to make slaughter reservations more than a year in advance. The auctions are filled with fat cattle.

    I used to say regarding discussions of famine in Africa: “All modern famine is politically created.” Still true.

    • And like other places in the past we’ll probably get hit with the two big causes at the same time:

      1. Political malfeasance. This could be President Harris trying to carve up the agricultural sector for her and her buddies, weird restrictions (AOCs drive to ban beef for example), or environmental rules that (inevitably) backfire.
      2. Inflation.
  31. I think that you’re pretty much right about the vocal minority. I do deal daily with people who are careful about the virus; but I wouldn’t call them Branch Covidians. That said, my personal circle is very much like myself, after much cultivation and weeding out. The crazies, in real life, are not to me that numerous. I would say that the direction some normies take is troubling though.

    Today I was in the usual team catch up session. I never broach politics nor COVID, but a colleague brings it up. There are three of us in the meeting, myself and let us say ‘John’ and ‘Bill’:

    Jon: I heard that the police have pulled people over, making sure their journeys were essential. Apparently, some people were turning around when they saw them…
    Jon (mockingly): Perhaps the ‘police state’ is too much for them. I am really finding it hard to believe people think this is a hoax, with the hospitals full and all… like 1 million NHS workers will all lie and say that they are busy – just to scare people.
    Bill: Yeah, I suppose that the videos of people receiving the vaccine were all faked as well! Just setup some cameras, tell people how to look and what to say…

    Throughout this brief discourse, I shut my gob. But their faith in the MSM was very touching. It has not genuinely occurred to these two that everything from these organs must be treated with the utmost suspicion.

    These are not stupid men, all other things considered. But they strike me as far too trusting of establishment entities.

    • These people will still trust the system even after it comes after them, their families, and their friends. Although as we see, the biggest signalers are those with the most to hide.

    • The facts in the MSM are often correctly reported. It’s the narrative framework those facts are put into that’s a lie. In the case of “the hospitals are full”, this may well be true simply because certain ones are always full in the winter (cold and flu season). It may also be that media hysterics cause a lot of people who would have ignored that little sniffle a year ago to rush off to the hospital. The modern “journalist” does not want to understand what he sees and doesn’t care if you do. Indeed the fact that these people are often incurious and stupid is a strength in their profession.

  32. Excellent. My only feedback is that the ‘formal’ podcase enables those with limited windows of listening opportunity the ability to pick and choose. In this mode, once I started listening, I was hooked for the hour and left work unattended. Hmmmm, maybe there’s a message to self there?

  33. It occurs to me that maybe we should be thankful for ongoing mask mandates, and should, in fact, encourage the Kommissars to keep the lockdowns going. The Left — of all people– should understand the sour joys of conspiracy; the paranoid, us-vs-them, no-possible-compromise mentality. I can’t think of a better way of recruiting Joe Normie to that point of view than forcing him to go to the black market for simple, basic stuff like haircuts. Imagine whispering “I’ve got a guy” like the potheads do, but for barbers and plumbers and whatnot. Plus the inevitable return of speakeasies, where more than three people can have a drink without the Karen Kloth. And living your life on the sly can only be good practice for… you know… other stuff.

  34. I’ve had fun with civnats about how white people are told to go to the back of the line regarding vaccines. Some of them thump their chests about how it’s okay because COVID is BS but you burst their bubble by saying it’s because they want whitey to die first. Many of them are finally starting to get what has been said for a long while now. Some are lost causes saying they know civic nationalism doesn’t work but they’re still going to fight for it. A couple of them were gleefully sharing that NRO article about Reaganism too. Indoctrination runs deep in some people.

    • Yes, and they never really have an answer.

      They just shrug their shoulders, and say something like “yup”. And timidly back out. Stumping normiecons on race is very easy.

      • The reality of anti-whiteness is hitting your basic right-winger hard. Four years ago it would be taboo to state that your children will be second-class citizens because they are white. Now even people in the nominal right will nod their heads.

        • Basic right wingers are conformists. They get blasted this propaganda from all angles: the media, their children’s schools, and now their employers bang the drum of anti-whiteness. They lack the testicular fortitude to fight any of this because they’re so overleveraged and so comfortable that they’ll take the submissive role in society and hope that they won’t be the next victim of cancel culture. They may not be snitches who turn someone in for saying wrong and bad things but they’re not going to fight back either. They’re lost causes for all intents and purposes. If white people are going to be saved, it’s going to be 10-20 percent of the population who actively fights it.

        • It’s almost as if the indoctrination of television commercials is being noticed. Perhaps the effect it’s having is the opposite of what (((Madison Avenue))) hoped for.

    • Indoctrination runs deep in some people.

      Indeed. It really is about purging almost every main stream source of news and learning to think critically again. At this point, sadly, we must scrutinize everything.

      One might ponder on such questions as:

      1. Is there a pattern in the characters of the sorts of people that rise to the top of organizations?
      2. Is there a set of traits that all modern politicians have?
      3. How easy is it to verify anything that I have read in GloboNews Today?
      4. What can I see with my own eyes and reason about from direct experience?
      5. Am I prepared to accept how little I actually know about the so-called ‘important’ issues of the day.
      6. Are these ‘important’ issues actually important to me? Or do I just need to know about them because other people do?
      7. Do I have a brain that is prepared to be put to work?

      Please note that 4 requires… going outside!

  35. The thing that interests me most? Because we haven’t collapsed completely it’s obvious that a bunch of stuff has moved off the books. How much of it is going to come back?

    • it’s obvious that a bunch of stuff has moved off the books. How much of it is going to come back?
      nothing and more will be taken

      • They’re really doing us a solid there, actually. Forcing ordinary people to go to the black market for simple stuff like a haircut is guaranteed to piss them off… then make them feel like conspirators, and conspiracy, as the Left of all people should know, gets addictive. If you *really* want to give Joe Normie an oppositional, us-vs-them, no compromise mentality — just like the Left’s!! — creating a massive black market is perhaps the most efficient way.

        • If everyone uses the black market all the time, then it’s not really black anymore, is it?

          • sure it is. why not? do they suddenly start paying taxes and so forth? some countries have something like 40% of their overall real economy “underground”.

  36. I wonder how the Kung Flu thing is going to work. Like you, I expect they’re shameless enough — scratch that, I know they’re shameless enough — to simply decree that all is well. But unlike the Left’s other great hysterias, “climate change” and the “rape culture” on campus, which everyone always knew were bogus, germs are different. They’re like badthought — just when you think the Left can’t get any more #woke, they always take it to a new level, because thoughts are the Invisible Enemy. Just as they can’t simply order their minions to go about their business as if there is no such thing as “systemic racism,” they’re not going to be able to order Karen to go about her business as if there’s no such thing as germs. It’s going to be hilarious, if you’re a student of human folly.

    • COVID is just an excuse. Once the new PATRIOT Act comes out, all of a sudden you won’t hear much about germs anymore as the left starts ululating over the white right getting disenfranchised and handcuffed. The mask mandates themselves never go away but stop being enforced unless they want to crank up the hysteria as needed.

  37. Enjoy 55. It’s nothing. I had a son born when I was 54. It’s the big 6.0. that is physically and psychically worrying.

    • It’s the fives, not the zeroes. Reach sexual maturity round 15. Reach actual adulthood round 25. Enter middle age at 45. (Some say 35. Bah to that.) Enter retirement age at 65. Enter twilight years at 75.

    • You’ll feel the same at 60, except immeasurably more suave and mature.

      Some days, you might wake up, and he ain’t lookin’ back at you– but that’s o.k.

      He’s not dead. He’s restin’.

      And, if your legs get tired, you can still just whip out the ol’ tripod.

    • I turned 61 while backpacking, had a bad headache. A week later I was diagnosed with cancer. Still here though almost 4 years later.

  38. To be honest, if you had not told me this was a different format I would not have noticed it. I assumed your previous podcasts were rough outlines supplemented with material you read verbatim, but largely conversational and spontaneous.
    In reverse order to your latest podcast, which was quite good:

    You are exactly right that the numbers in D.C. were what terrified the ruling class. Looking back now, this is what always rattled it about Trump. No figure in modern political history and possibly ever in American history could draw crowds as he does. The crazy folks in leadership really believe they are a majority and the MAGA people are an outlier. Their delusion was shattered so it had to be labeled an insurrection. I think the rally and fallout will prove a very good thing for us in the long run. I did not think this last week. The implosion of the Republican Party is a joy to behold, along these lines.

    I thought about the Bonus Army as an analogy and decided to refresh myself about it. There were roughly 30,000 in D.C. as part of the Bonus Army and federal officials murdered two people. The population then was 132 million. Multiplying that by a factor of three to account for the present population, the MAGA people in D.C. were at least six times that number and possibly 10 times larger than the Bonus Army. The casualties then and now were roughly the same when the population increase is factored in.

    The propaganda organs largely have avoided showing the January 6 crowd scenes and focused on the violence. This is due to more than the newsworthiness of the “insurrection.” The scene of hundreds of thousands are remarkable and frightening if you think you have the ability to unleash a terror on these people without devastating consequences.

    I don’t know that I agree that only 20 percent of the population suffers from the Woke madness. This is because I view the Covid hysteria as part and parcel of it. But let’s stipulate it is 20 percent. Whether intentional or not, Covid will increase that number, at least initially.

    Good advice on preparation for hard economic times. I cannot get past what happened with the moratorium on evictions due to nonpayment of rent. This was done administratively, and shows how tenuous ownership and investment are in a police state. The right of contract is the basis of a free people, as you point out, and that is gone.

    Look for political officers to be inserted into military units. Our people should not subject themselves to military service, on the one hand, but as you note there are upsides. If you recall, fear of veterans emerged during the Obama Administration, labeling them as potential right-wing terrorists. It is horrible to have the lives of young whites sacrificed for Israel and other monied interests, but the training and skills attained are valuable, too. It is a tough call.

    Circling back to the current madness,, yes, it is a Virtue Signaling Cultural Revolution. I’m not certain Woke capital, though, is happy to burn itself to the ground. Woke capital used its political whores, many if not most of whom believe this insanity, to foment the riots and lockdowns. It is somewhat out of their control now. While small businesses were supposed to suffer along with the less controllable parts of the private sector, this is starting to hit Woke capital with some ferocity. They have created an environment in which Woke capital also has to pay indulgences lest it be targeted. This is a religion, a marriage of totalitarianism, corporatism, and lunatic beliefs. It will wreak tremendous damage before it is done.

    Good stuff, thought-provoking, and thanks.

    • I can’t read a script, so I just use bullet points. In the case of a news story, I’ll read it and then list a few things that come to mind. When I record, I read the text of the story, then work from the bullet points to supply the commentary. This week, I had no notes. Not a huge difference.

  39. Commit yourself to being part of the solution.
    New Skills & Habits (Cont)
    Become an information sponge. In times of high anxiety, stress requires relief and many people get this relief via unburdening themselves in conversation. You can easily become the receiving antenna for this information flow by recognizing the stress cues in others and providing a sounding board for their pain. Ask triggering questions (Is something wrong?), show concern, be a patient listener, provide acknowledging facial feedback, and go with the flow of the ensuing conversation.

  40. Re demanding that the economy open back up. The scene from Watership down where the door to the cage is opened for their escape.
    Unless big brother literally structures their day, the cages might just remain full….

    • Watership Down was an exceptional book. The interesting thing is, as a teen, because I loved Watership Down so much, I read several other books by Adams, and nothing came close to the level of insight and genius displayed in WD. It is as if it was uniquely inspired.

  41. We are about to enter into Soviet levels of government dysfunction, and Russian levels of corruption. I bought a small farm in 2019 as far north as I could get in the US and hope to ride this out and at least provide a refuge for my family. Hopefully I don’t just become another kulak.

    • Once they drop the PCR testing cycles from 45 to 30, the false positives will slow and Kameltoe will have saved us…maybe.

      Gems from yesterday:
      Why if you just get rid of Trump all the reasons people voted for him will go away. These people are almost too stupid to breathe.”

      “They have no idea. They think everything is going back to normal.”

      “Poor fools think their promised utopia is just around the corner. Their suffering is only beginning.”

      “There’s much retribution to be meted out.”
      “yah, and that is just what we are going to get.”

      “But don’t do that. It’s bad, and you are all horrible people.”

      Today: “The bailouts just kick the can down the road.”

      No idea. I have absolutely no idea what the golem is going to smash next, or what will be Built Back Better.

    • SO freaking shameless, but I can’t say I am surprised. Anyone with half a brain could see it was entirely fake and useless by the end of April.

      I thought the great rollback was going to happen after the election, but I was wrong. They were just waiting for the inauguration, which makes perfect sense.

    • My State California is going into a maximum lock down or so I hear. I don’t think anyone knows what they are doing and that the US is starting to become just another country in the Americas with all the insatiability and stupidity.
      Now in a few years or so when the US goes to to proportional GDP of Albania or the boog kicks off , that is when things get very interesting.
      A dose of ultra high inflation maybe hyperinflation is going to have interesting and unpleasant consequences and Uncle Sam may not make it through.

      • yah, i am in oc and don’t see any signs of this new locks down, other than not being able to get a hair cut.

      • I live in LA county and haven’t heard anything but then again I don’t watch local news anymore.

  42. What the US govt is doing now is very much like the Cultural Revolution in China. The biggest similarity is the revolution is from the top down – the most powerful people are initiating it, and there are a fair number of highly motivated people, usually young, willing to enforce it. The next biggest similarity is the wanton destruction of old cultural norms and attitudes. (All we’re missing is a little book, though I’m sure someone’s working on it.) The greatest difference is the Chinese CR wanted to swap the educated classes out and replace them with peasant know-how; our American CR wants the opposite – replace the peasant, the working man, salt-of-the-earth type with properly educated people.

  43. Marxists are talking up insurrection to pave the way for Joemala to invoke the Insurrection Act.

    I was reading several Breitbart comment threads and sadly there are still tons of normiecons who think voting harder in 2022 and 2024 will fix things.

    Hell, Whitmer just did her latest lockdown rug pull in Michigan. She knows Dominion won’t let her get voted out, and she knows Michiganders are too spineless to do anything else.

    Michigan has almost 10 million people, 1.5 million hunters, and 2000 sworn state troopers.

    • Normies won’t awaken en masse until real hardship arrives at their doorstep because the Comfort First Imperative is too strong and too ingrained after decades of credit-driven affluence. But the good news is that hardship is coming on like a freight train and DC & the Fed are powerless to stop it. Return to hardship is the cure for the insanity of perpetually kicking the can.

  44. Related: G. Gordan Liddy’s review and comment on the news was always my favorite part of his program; in fact that was often the only hour that I listened to,

      • I like the old format too. Theres more structure to hang onto. After reading, I know the commentary is next. Your podcast is different than the ramz/fuentes in that, those are not meant to be a beginning to end thing. Yours (old format) is meant to be listened to as a whole.
        My two cents. I’ll give it a try, Im just not use to change….

    • I too was a big fan of Review and Comment Upon the News. ‘Specially when G. Gordon declared that “Dancing Queen” made Abba the greatest rock band in the world!

  45. “How is the economy still standing?”

    The bailouts undoubtedly help, at least for now. The other factor is that the affected sectors are a relatively small portion of the economy.

  46. I might disagree on your assessment of our rulers, Z. They aren’t going crazy on the insurrection stuff because of their deal for a cause. (If any of those chitheads could commit to anything other than themselves, I’d be astonished).
    I think they’re scared chitless. Consider: they’ve always been separated from the stinking multitudes by body guards, police – and now, 30,000 Marines in Washington. To have the hoopleheads within halitosis range?!?! Shouting THEIR thoughts and opinions? Demonstrating for THEIR causes? Right in their own offices??? That’s not the way things are done! You rent your mobs, you set them loose among the dirt people and let THEM take the fall out and consequences!!!
    The other thing is that most of our leaders are doddering seniors. Shoot – Stretch Pelosi is what? 80 now? At that age people start losing their marbles. They fight about stupid things, they’re frightened by shadows, they start getting childish and needing care. Nance never had a good grip on reality to begin with. Most of these guys should be playing shuffleboard down at the senior’s centre and cheating at cards.
    As for the younger ones… you’re spot on. I’ve watched them destroy their families over wokeness and pat themselves on the back afterward…

    • I know a guardsman on duty in DC right now. He has done inaugurations in the past. He cannot believe what he is seeing. Apparently, the razor wire barriers will be permanent.

      • Well, there is no doubt that unless things change… they are going to need them. You asked how this is going to work and we both know that it can’t.
        I like the change in format, the presentation went smooth and well. You have a great weekend, you old fart! Happy Birthday.

      • These same people, apparently with a straight face, will keep referring to the Capitol as “the people’s house” as they construct barricades to keep them away. There’s definitely a sense that they’re scared/offended that their precious space was violated. The “people’s house” is about as serious as calling it the Volkskammer.

      • I had a feeling that after this servile insurrection that our Ruling Class would turn Washington into a modern Forbidden City. There the godlings and their eunuch bureaucrats would dwell safe from the malcontented and ungrateful serfs behind the walls.

      • Good. The more of this people see the faster it stops becoming the people’s city and becomes and occupying forces capital. It also makes them look weak and cowardly.
        And this is for both sides . A good chunk of the Left hates then as much as we do even though they are pandered too.
        In the end its all for naught, if a fight happened it would never be in DC anyway at least for the Right. It would destroy their history.
        The the only threat their they face is within as no amount of vetting or screening out Republicans can make it truly sure they their guards are trustworthy.
        And of course unless they all move to DC ,forever they are literally surrounded everywhere they go by people who hate them even the center is starting to hate.

      • Machine gun nests and turrets next. All good, I say. Let them cower behind their 6ft-thick concrete walls, bristling with cameras and guns. It will remind everyone of army bases in Iraq.

    • Funny bit by Yarvin: The reason you saw a bunch of pictures of old Congressmen cowering in the Capitol in terror is that at least half of them there have:

      1. Alzheimer’s
      2. Syphilis addled brains
      3. both.
    • I thought the “insurrection” was hilariously entertaining last week and I still think as much.

      Not so much because I agreed with the idea – it was dumb and impotent – but because it was just a perfect reaction to the dolts who put on the soap opera in that building.

      And their reaction in kind was gloriously funny too. They really were scared of those deplorables running through the halls and they really see themselves as royalty who shall not be sullied by proximity to those they purport to represent.

      That such a large portion of the population thinks those thieves and grifters deserve any kind of deference or respect is rather sad.

  47. The economy has tottered along because there were so many net zero or net negative jobs in the before time.

    The Pretender has proposed $1.9T and $1400 stimmy checks. No word on Paki trannies.

    The inauguration is being set up for a massive false flag that will lead to nationwide gun grabs.

    Joe Rogan might be the best interviewer going right now. If you can put up with his accent, Patrick over on Valuetainment has a good overall interviewing style.

      • You should check out Patrick at Valuetainment.

        Again, he has a strong accent, but his commentary is polite.

        That said, his mafioso and military guests tend to swear.

        • I can take the swearing in small doses, but when it MUST be part of every sentence, I its too grating

          • That is the reason I hate The Big Lebowski. And I say that as a huge fan of the Coen brothers.

      • Rogan has one value I’ve noticed in the few interviews I’ve seen. He seems to get interesting guests and puts them at ease. That, and his ability to not attempt to be the most interesting/smartest guy in the room often produces an interesting interview. I tend to give him a thumbs up.

        • he seems genuinely curious.

          just out of my curiosity, does anyone here not know Joe used to be in a sitcom?

          • I remember him as the gofer/mailroom guy on the Newsroom

            He was also on the Man Show with Adam Carolla.

            He also has a decent martial arts/MMA background, winning US Open and state championships.

            Definitely a guy that has lived life, which is probably why he’s an effective interviewer.

          • NEWSRADIO with Phil Hartmann. He was very good in it. He was the host of FEAR FACTOR before Tracy Morgan, too. Again, solid.

            Rogan is good because he doesn’t feel the need to one-up and try to be the smartest guy in the room. Bright, not an intellectual, and cool with that.

    • The Inauguration: Hate conspiracies, but 30,000 actual armed troops with checkpoints, lockdowns, razor wire, barriers; some kind of message is being sent. (Deep state back in charge, look what we can do?)

      Obama in 2008 had, what, 10,000 LEO’s? Mostly civilians, if memory serves. So this is a sea change.

      I think a big announcement about total and immediate firearm confiscation is as good a guess as any. Completely unnecessary, too, because the feds can just regulate them to death (fees, licenses, registration, annual safety training, qualifications, background checks, etc.)

      • but 30,000 actual armed troops with checkpoints, lockdowns, razor wire, barriers; some kind of message is being sent. (Deep state back in charge, look what we can do?)

        The only message I see from such absurd over reach is that ‘Yes we are indeed the spineless craven cowards you always knew we were that are deathly terrified of our own shadows’.
        People of courage and spine do not cower on the floor with bags over their heads because a bunch of corn fed dirt people wanted to take a few ‘unplanned’ selfies in the capitol.
        The message it sends is one of abject terror, fear, and hysteria. Or perhaps you are positing that is the ‘look’ they were going for??

        • Another reason for turning DC into a Potemkin Stalingrad is to whip up hysteria among the AWR masses. The Power Structure wants to convince them that, yes indeed, Panzer divisions commanded by the ghosts of Rommel and Guderian are in the thickets and hills around every lovely blue paradise in AINO. Bobby Joe Whompitt and Boleetus Hooten, Jr. are Hitler, Himmler, bin Laden and Abu Nidal all rolled into one pulsating, terorristic mass.

      • I have yet to hear a good argument as to why the government would confiscate pacifiers.

        The government could not care less about white guys with guns. That is not who they want to take the guns from. They cannot admit this, even to themselves, which is why they always bring up the occasional mad-with-antidepressants white guy. But the real target is the vibrants in the cities turning our cities into killing fields and the everyday school shootings. That is who they want to get the guns from.
        The right uses guns as pacifiers. It makes them feel all warm and fuzzy and safe to have lots of guns and ammunition.
        When I was younger, I used to hear the gun people say that the guns were to prevent tyranny. But that has shifted over the course of my life. Now the guns exist to protect the guns.
        Now the rot is pervasive and has infested every nook and cranny of the government and at all levels. There was a time when a few men with rifles and common firearms (in particular locales) could have actually accomplished something. That time has long passed. It would take a total dismantling of the federal government and all the state governments and a lot of the municipal governments. The entire thing is rotten from top to bottom. Every single bureaucracy in the US is infected with leftists who absolutely hate you and with cowards who will not defend you. When leftists in the states are ordered to do something, they answer “FU!” and dare the feds to enforce it. Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana laws along with sanctuary cities are all fine examples. But when some small town has a bunch of NYC lawyers using the courts to force a town to host a gay pride parade or something, they cave. They never call the bluff. They never say “OK, you got your ruling, now come enforce it!”

        A revolution absolutely cannot work without the support of at least a few of the states.

        • YES: Effective gun control means banning firearms from male “joggers” ages 15-30.

          YES: Bubbas with guns are no threat to state power, no matter how “assaulty” the weapon is. Without organization, they’re only a mountain of unused metal quietly rusting away in gun safes.

        • Yep. One of the benefits of the “insurrection” was how it showed the insular folks in D.C. what they face in raw numbers. It will cool the heels of the actual rulers a bit.

  48. I own a construction business. I say this about my business and the same goes for restaurants.
    During immigration debates ppl would say “if we lose the immigrants who will work in food and construction”
    I used to say…50% of construction and restaurants can go out and it wouldn’t matter!
    That’s what we are seeing. We don’t need as many construction companies or eateries. Most of them SUCK anyway.
    A good portion of my business is fixing fucked up work by other construction companies. please, shut them down.
    How many shitty sports bars to we need with their frozen chicken fingers?
    I know this is cold, but the excess of the modern world keeps bad businesses going, very often. the strong survive.

    • It does appear as though we have had far too much choice, for far too long. With the inevitable result that a huge portion of larger industries become grifts so vast, even Goering sitting behind his huge mahogany desk with his jewel-studded onyx ruler would be envious.

    • That was kind of my thought when reading Z’s outline of the podcast – maybe – to some extent, all the business closings show how “over served” we’ve been in so many areas and the culling was perhaps going to occur sooner or later. That being said, those business closings do represent real people losing jobs – in many cases, good paying jobs. And the government does nothing other than throw endless amounts of printed out of thin air money at it. A simple recipe for disaster, which has to be coming.

      • Most of that money is not going to unemployed construction workers or restaurant workers. It’s going to left wing hacks.
        Earlier this year some gang-banger was arrested for murder in my city. He was being paid by the city who got the money from the feds to be one of these “interrupter” type people where former jailbirds get big fat paychecks to go help people with beefs in the city work out their beefs. A total racket. But that guy was just the last person with the smallest check. The org gets money and it has all kinds of “college educated” people running it and working there for 6 figure salaries.
        This is just one example of a million of how tax money and funny money ends up financing leftists. That 5000 page abomination passed by Congress funds leftists. The stimulus bill passed back in March was loaded with left-wing financing. Feminist groups, “urban” groups, PBS and NPR, Indian (feather) groups, the very euphemistically named “family planning” organizations etc. They all suck the gov teat and provide employment for all of the mal-educated fools with degrees in various flavors of leftism.

        • Portland, OR basically would barely even exist if it weren’t for Lefty non-profits and do-good(bad) orgs. The typical “business” is either one of these or a faggy coffee or food place run by some trust fund brat as a way to make Daddy think Junior is “working”. When the Coof panic hit the non-profits just told their women (it does not seem that any biological males work for them) to “work” from home. The coffee houses just boarded up their windows with giant hideous BLM murals and their owners fucked off back to the Hamptons.

          Long before the Coof a lot of America’s middle to upper middle class “work” was LARPing in a Potemkin village of one kind or another. All of it really “non-essential” as they say nowadays. It was the Coof and then money-fer-nuthin that’s made it all really obvious though. Suddenly a lot of people who still do actual work realize just how useless many of their fellow citizens are (and were). These useless LARPers, though, are far from starving. In fact they’re still stuffing their 401ks, now sitting at home switching between their Zoom meeting and Pornhub or Facebook.

          It doesn’t take much imagination to realize how much richer the remaining productive people would be if the LARPers were all sent out to pick tomatoes. Hey, now there’s how we solve that problem of the “jobs Americans won’t do” without immigrants too. It’s a win-win! On top of all this, a lot of these people still have residual pride in their country and are not too happy that a zombie and a whore will be installed as national leaders in a few days.

        • Correct. As long as these programs can be skimmed, both Democrats and Republicans will fund them. Part of the hysteria over government “shutdowns” is because it interrupts the revenue streams that go directly into the pockets of members of Congress and senators.

      • Correct. The small business sector being destroyed employed those on the bottom of the SES—not to mention starter jobs for our youth and young adults. A job is the best welfare we can provide—even with increased subsidies. Now those people are 100% welfare recipients. So Ben’s company has less “hacks” to compete with, great. Does his employment expansion keep up with the rise in unemployment, no!

    • I asked similar questions about the deluge of vinyards that have popped up all over.

      I have to wonder if most of them aren’t some hobby business or tax shelter not intended to make profit.

      • The vineyards are a tax shelter or tax avoidance scheme. I’m starting one this spring for that very reason. Well that, and I like wine.

        • Ditto. A hobby vineyard (less than 200 gallons and you avoid the BS regulations) is a great way to corrode the Fed monster legally. Every little bit helps.

          • from victoryseeds.com
            is growing your own tobacco legal?
            “According to the U.S. Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, “The Tax and Trade Bureau does not license, or require a permit for, growing tobacco. In addition, the Tax and Trade Bureau does not regulate the sale of tobaccos that are not tobacco products. The U.S. Department of Agriculture may regulate the growing and sale of such tobacco. You may contact this department at their web site at http://www.usda.gov.
            Basically, it is hard to find anywhere where they come out and say that it is o.k. to grow your own, but they will admit that it is not illegal and that there are no regulations on amounts grown for personal use. Bartering or selling tobacco products is regulated and taxed.”

          • Horticulturalists often use tobacco as a raw material in producing their own natural organic herbicides and pesticides. A wholesale supplier could legitimately sell raw tobacco leaves to anyone for purposes that do not necessarily include personal consumption for smoking or chewing.

        • I have a hobby vineyard too. Made a 1000 bottles last year. Costs me a buck a bottle excluding my labor. I’m a big believer in starving the beast through your untaxed personal labor and barter with others that know how to do stuff.

          • Barter is making a comeback, as well as black and grey markets. Small shop manufacturing will also reemerge, particularly for firearms and custom ammunition.

    • Slow clapping, sir, slow clapping! What burns me up though is the restaurants at least, are being put to death. this isn’t the “voice of the market”, its the boot of tyrant.

      • I’m aware of at least two very good and unique mom-n-pop restaurants in my city that have died because of the Covid Captivity. Meanwhile, Applebee’s and McDonald’s sail merrily on.

        • Yeah, that’s what we need, more McDonalds. I just love their “efficient” food. I guess I’ve been spoiled patronizing all those local mom & pop small restaurants. Geez.

        • Your point is well taken though Applebees is actually dying off do to lack of demand both from COVID and market trends.
          Now if there is a future DR USA , it will be a fairly austere place anyway with little government spending and a smaller economy.
          Maybe the silver lining is that the hardships will prime a population for living in the much less money focused second tier economy of DR USA.

          • In the best case scenarios people go back to cooking their own food and women make food for their husbands to take to work instead of the “office gang” going out to eat everyday at lunch. A lot of our economy amounts to paying one group of people to move a pile of dirt from one side of a field to the another and then another crew to move it back. Yay! muh GDP is up!

    • I’ve often said that a large percentage of jobs are busy work. That said, they existed for a reason. Simply making them go away will have consequences.

      • Yes indeed. You now have a large cohort of pissed-off people (recruits) with lots of “leisure” time and a chip on their shoulder. If you channel that emotion, energy, and creativity properly, you get a motivated asset in the war against tyranny.

        • Not really. The DR isn’t offering them anything other than revenge. Now revenge ain’t nothing as the saying goes but even our side who thinks about these things doesn’t really do ideological foundations.
          Get that and its easier to get men to fight.

        • After that? They still have nothing to do and no hope. This is basically the conditions of the Middle East and its not pleasant at all.

        • No you don’t since the DR does a shitty job at recruiting. Selling revenge as Abprosper put isn’t enough. The DR will just get tuned out due to it’s refusal to even set out why people should side with them

      • David Graeber’s book, Bullshit Jobs does a good take on this. Many moons ago when I took a pleasant factory job at one of the auto engineering plants I thought to myself, we don’t need half of these people. Then a big layoff came and found out it was true. Then the economy got better and we brought them all back and then some.

        • I had a similar revelation in my youth. The bosses screwed up so a third of the workers were fired. All of the important work kept getting done. Once things picked up, they started hiring again. Rinse. Repeat.

          It’s one thing to do it to a company. Sacking a quarter of the nation’s workers, while Ocasio-Cortez lives like royalty on the arm is not going to work so smoothly.

          • Heh. One of my first ‘real’ jobs was working for a British transportation company. At the time, they were ‘sort of’ private but ‘sort of’ public. In any case, it dawned on me quite quickly that this huge entity could easily function with probably less than half the staff they had. But then again, as you mentioned above these make work jobs are there for a reason. Although many of the make work jobs were not seen as such by many, as what they were… pointless. I met more than my fair share of people claiming that the roles were important.

            For the future, however, I find myself considering how to prepare my children for one of the three following events:

            1. Permanent UBI. No job.
            2. Make work job that they know is make work.
            3. Make work job that they don’t know is make work.

            Naturally, I would advise them to find skills in sectors that will still command some employment prospects. But that failed, convincing someone to be able to find value in what is outside of work will be vital in the future. The person who can accept their make work position/UBI and still maintain interests and their sanity will at least have something to be proud of.

            The people hit hardest in the future will be those who lack skills, but also put too much faith in ‘doing something they love’, ‘having a career’ and the like. They will be crushed by redundancy, forced UBI, retirement and realizing how valueless their job is.

          • The techno-fantasy about tech causing mass layoffs and the need for UBI is nowhere near as direct as any of these techno-futurists (who are nearly always wrong) tend to believe.
            The big source of unemployment in the last 20-30 years is not technology, at least not as such. We are not being automated out of work. We are being outsourced (and in-sourced). It is the cheap cost of communications that has enabled so much of the outsourcing. Most of these manufacturers are lower tech than they were 20 years ago when they were in America. In the West, the high cost of employing someone makes automation and all the problems and expense that comes with automation somewhat worth it. But when they relocate to China or Vietnam or Mexico, the need for all that automation just doesn’t exist and so the factories just tend not to be as high tech as they were here.

            Of course, this arrangement where we import everything is contingent on the US printing real money with real purchasing power. The second this ability goes away, we are going to see unimaginable poverty.

          • A good portion of the reason for outsourcing is that a good number of products aren’t viable given the cost of compliance with American labor and environmental regulations. (I.e. a product can’t sell enough units at a price that covers the cost of production.) While reshoring production is a good thing, you definitely have to keep in mind that limiting or reducing imports will generally have the effect of raising prices and eliminating marginal products from the market.

          • They probably just won’t breed or have sex and will end up dying of drug overdoses in the rat utopia.
            This will accelerate the demand for immigrants but either they will destroy the system which is why you won’t see many Africans, too Christian and energetic and could take over which scares the establishment or will end up on the road the Latino’s are, being consumed by it.
            This accelerate Amish Paradise and in the end future USA will be a lot Whiter, a lot Righter, Christian and very alien to us.

        • There’s a limit to layoffs. Worked at a company that had a few rounds of layoffs. The first round culled about 10 percent. No big deal, basically nothing changed. The second round took out another ten percent, and many solid people got laid off because they could not play the political game rather than incompetence.
          There were still twenty percent of people working that were more or less parasites, but had enough push in the system where they were never in danger.

        • Accounting departments can pad themselves out to infinity (an extra person to do AR and AP->separate people to do AR and AP->separate people to do AR for customers A-K, etc.). It’s hard to know how many people are actually needed since 50% of their day is gossiping (these are all usually women), 25% web browsing and maybe 25% clicking next-next-next on whatever accounting package they use.

          • Much of that is for fraud control reasons. It takes three people to pay a vendor. One to set up the account in the system, one to process the bill, and one to make the payment. It seems unnecessary until someone sets up a fake vendor and processes the payment to their own bank account. Same thing can happen on receiving payments. You need one person to send out the invoice, one to receive the payment into the system and a third to deposit the check.

      • I always took job productivity seriously, and thought I was supposed to actually be working when at work.

        I was wrong about that. It’s been my unfortunate experience that your actual “job” at most places of employment is to suck up to the power structure and ingratiate yourself to the proper social clique. I’ve never been very good at that, so I’ve been shitcanned from a number of jobs despite often being the most productive and/or most qualified employee.

        The problem with being productive, independent and able to think for yourself is that you end up exposing all the incompetent morons, idiots and lackeys who get their paycheck solely because of their social status.

        Almost every employer out there would rather hire a moron or a fuck-up who does exactly what he’s told over an independent, critical thinker who can see right through all the bullshit.

      • For every 100 people idled by Coof madness probably 70 will just fuck off to live off EBT and Covid relief checks while slowly drinking and drugging themselves to death.

        Maybe 10 though, will finally try to start that business they’ve been dreaming about but the regular paychecks kept them slaving away at makework. Part of the Coof panic was certainly to crush small business but for every 10 old ones destroyed maybe 2 or 3 new ones will pop up, and who knows what they will be doing? Maybe something a lot more threatening to big business than a greasy spoon diner?

        Probably 10 more of these idled people will lack the smarts, drive, or self discipline to go into business. They will turn to the oldest form of entrepreneurship there is – crime.

        Then there’s the last 10, you know, the angry ones…

    • We have to find productive things for these people to do. Telling them to go home stuff their faces and stare and screens is not a solution. No one has a good solution for that problem either.

      • The women with children could stay home and actually raise them and the illegals/assorted work visa types could just go home. That would solve most of the problem.

        • This. I have genuine sympathy for legitimate American small businessmen, but (at least here in DFW) 90% of the workforce at restaurants is non-White/immigrants, and they all need to go home. Most female office workers are paid to be busybodies and gossipers, and they, too, need to go home and relearn how to be wives and mothers.

        • That’s been one silver lining of the lockdowns. We have kids coming over to our house from around the neighborhood, my kids are out with other kids on their bikes, it’s not quite like my childhood, but it’s closer than what we had. At first I couldn’t figure out why all my neighbors started feeling like it was now safe to let their children run around outside unsupervised, then it hit me–the moms are home. Moms being home makes an INCREDIBLE difference.

        • That’s part of the reason I’d sorry a UBI. It would take a lot of pressure boff women to work instead of raise kids.

          • you know what, some women have kids because they want kids. maybe the women who stop having kids because they have benes, are doing the world a favor…

      • Aysmmetric Warfare Training and Small Unit Tactics seems like it will be a ‘productive thing’ to do and a needed job skill soon. Did I say that out loud???
        Sure as f-ck beats being a corporate wageslave at Starbucks for 20 years but good look convincing our population of sheep & stupids to defend themselves.

    • I am seeing that in my business also. I’m a one-person shop but pre plague I got a lot of business from people that had messed up what I do and I know a lot of people in my industry are getting out right now but I’m flourishing and am getting plenty of new clients. That said, business is still significantly down

      • My side business completely disappeared by years end. No treated lumber for construction. I mean not a stick. The scuttlebutt is the mills in Canada shut down and that, as they say, is that. You can get treated now, but it’s 3-4 times as much as last year.
        a precut #2 stud that used to be $2.00 last year I priced at $6.05 last week.

          • Back story? Covid hysteria. Because standing in front of a table saw or running a fork lift puts one at risk. Last year I had 5 decks lined up for spring. And no lumber to build them. This year, the phone is dead. I think people are holding their breath waiting to see what Sleepy Joe has in store.

    • Yes! My business has too many competitors as well. Luckily the virus has made things much easier on me than them. In fact, my biz is killing it during these uncertain unprecedented times. I have also fixed countless problems created by other small businesses that really shouldn’t exist. Now if only I could convince more people to stop leaving their homes and going into whats left of their communities to shop and dine I think we could all be in this together, forever.

      Keep fighting the good fight. We are almost there. Peak efficiency.

      Also, for the record I don’t even need cheap mexican labor. These white kids work like donkeys for peanuts too. One world, one future!

      Jeff Bezos

    • I also work in the construction trades. If the bottom 20% of my competitors went out of business, is probably have less work to do. It really is remarkable what people will tolerate and pay for.

      Re: restaurants, I have to say that my experience during the initial shut down was that I spent less on for and had better quality good by cooking for myself. I haven’t gone out to eat since, even though most of the restrictions are no longer in effect. There’s just no point in paying someone to make lower quality meals.

      • I was shopping for beer and was put off by the upwards of $2 a beer price but then remembered that I’d be lucky to pay as little as $5 a beer at a bar where I’d pay for the privilege of non-stop Jogger-TV and Jogger-TV fans.

      • All while being served by some poor schlub who is forced to wear a muzzle in order for him to keep his job. Sorry, “for your safety”…

        • That’s just it- I took my GF out once during the lockdown, to support a local business, and it was depressing. The food wasn’t as good as I could make myself, the wait staff was hard to understand, and the general vibe was pretty depressing. I told my GF we weren’t going out again until all restrictions were lifted because it was just too unpleasant for me to pay that much extra for the “experience.”

      • Hard for me to disagree—except, I never go out for what I can easily make at home. Just ran through my mind any number of my former favorite restaurants and none I can immediately recall has dishes that I can prepare myself as good as theirs. Hell, even the keg beer on tap is not replicable. True, eating out is an expense one should keep track of if one is on a budget, but if not, it is one of the few pleasures in life left to us.

    • Yes, but will the fanatics in bureaucracy leave your business alone to work its niche? Or will their regulations that they are going to pile on what is left of a working economy make it impossible for even necessary businesses to function properly?

      • I suspect dieversity will soon become a law rather than a polite suggestion, even in private industry. Don’t have enough joggers on staff? Well, looks like your tax burden is about to go up. Catastrophically.

        • Than I shrink my staff to a lower number over time. This goes on all the time as some benefit is required at 50 l, go to 49. 25? I go to 24.Its easier now with COVID providing a ready made excuse
          Eventually you go lower and lower still and hire no one. If your business is big enough, strip mine it legally and quit.
          Its kind of getting to be this way in California. Its extraordinarily difficult to get any complex project done and even repairs can take longer than many 2nd and 3rd tier countries, corruption is endemic as well as the place looking like a failed state.
          The DR’s problem is that is rudderless , it has ideas but they are not coherent and if Pre Crisis Superman put it into power they’s be hard pressed to govern since they really don’t know how to do it or what to do with power.
          President Trump faced a similar problem, lack of skills and ideology not to mention the established DERP state issues.
          In the end the US is a goner anyway not matter what . Our goal is to avoid being smashed as leviathan topples. Don’t be the mammal caught under the dino as it falls, and see your opportunity and fill the niche.

    • From the airline word: Zman is spot on about the desperate straights most of the majors are in. One big one released Q4 earnings report yesterday –

      • lost 12 billion in 2020,
      • were supposed to be revenue neutral by last fall,
      • still losing 12-15 million per day.
      • hope to make a small Q4 2021 profit.

      CEO all but said that if the vaccine doesn’t work as advertised and is administered in 6 months, airlines are toast. Fact is, taxpayer bailouts, furloughs, voluntary leaves of absence, and negotiated pay cuts are the only thing keeping the majors afloat.

      They’re racking up huge debts to do this; even if “profitability” arrives in time, they’ll be servicing debt for a very long time. Not good in an already capital investment intensive business. Personally think all of the big 3 (American, Delta, and United) will all go Chapter 11 before the end of the year; wouldn’t surprise me if one (American) went Ch 7.

      Everyone loves to hate the airlines, but there’s a lot of great jobs that directly and indirectly are made by airlines. Plenty of specialized work in the airlines … people laid off from them won’t be working in their fields again anytime soon, if ever.

      We shall all “learn to code”, I guess.

      • The other day Delta kicked two women off of an airliner–it was still on the tarmac, thankfully–when they were overheard voicing their support for Orange Hitler. Eff Delta. May it crash and burn.

        • I stopped flying when being frisked and scanned by non-Whites became the law. Now, with the mask mandate, I’m amazed at how many are still willing to take Trailways of the skies. I read stories about Pajeets harassing women they’re seated next to, or people cutting toenails on the plane, or see noggers pulling each other’s weaves out in mid-air fights, and I have no regrets about not giving a penny to any of the airlines. Let them all fail, along with their angry old lady or fabulous young manlet steward(esses) and their increasingly feminized/colorized pilots.

          • In 2019 I logged just over 90k miles flying around the country for work.

            Last year I only got to about 8k before the Great Plague hit and I spent the rest of the year realizing how much I hated traveling, even if all of the flying part was in “first class” and I was mostly able to avoid the joggers in the back. It’s just so much nicer being at home with my family on a reliable basis.

            Now there is no way in hell I will ever get on a plane again as long as everyone is obligated to pretend they and everyone else on the plane are guilty sick. I can’t stand to wear a useless muzzle for 30 seconds, much less be strapped in a tube with one over my face. No freaking way.

            And when you get down to it, that’s probably my biggest complaint overall with this hysteria: the idea that EVERYONE has to participate on the nonsense. No opting out. No self-ownership. You MUST be scared and show that fear outwardly and obediently.

          • I know. It is the biggest shock I’ve had in my life, seeing so many people buy into this with gusto. Very disheartening.
            My question to normie is, when will you take off the mask? 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years? Is there any timeline when you get sick?

          • it doesn’t have to be disheartening. it isn’t for me. some people are always going to do dumb shit. let me introduce you to pet rocks.

          • I believe these brainless cattle are quite willing to wear the Karen Kloth for the rest of their miserable lives.

        • I was just going to mention that they also wanted to deny flying privileges to Trump supporters – at least those flying back from DC as well as the folks giving old mittens a rough time last week. Seems that virtue signaling, even if you’re losing $$$ hand over fist is ever so much more important.

          • I read yesterday that Delta put those on the flight from Salt Lake City to DC who gave Mittens that well deserved grief on their private no fly list. I wonder how many known ANTIFA and BLM activists are on that list. My guess is zero.

        • same for every major corporation, they are all pozzed. maybe a large corp is inherently pozzed…

          • The most significant societal transformation in the US since the conclusion of the Cold War is the AWR hijacking of capitalism. AFAIK, nobody foresaw this. And its impact has been colossal.

          • As an older baby boomer and heretofore reliable supporter of capitalism, I must say that the radicalization of Big Business is shocking. Last year’s Big Business’s near unanimous support of BLM was a real eye opener. Many world leaders, many of whom are no supporters of Trump, have expressed anger and concern about the big tech censorship.
            The Republican support of tax cuts for Big Business now appears to have been totally misguided. Someone needs to pay for the mushrooming mountain of public debt and why not the Woke Oligarchy.

        • Gell Mann effect.

          The media is not to be trusted, about anything. Especially true in customer service industries, where the #1 corporate goal is to make the story disappear immediately.

          I could tell you things about the United passenger/Asian “doctor” removal of 2017 that ended up in a multi-million dollar payout to a guy who really that would make your ears bleed. Suffice it to say, he was a bad egg, but won because of a media with an agenda that won’t let small things like facts get in the way.

          Plenty of copycats out there trying to get their million dollar payout as well.

          It’s Gell-Mann all the way down. The media is garbage. As they say, everything they write is a lie, including “the” and “and”. Try and remember that even when you see the video “evidence”.

    • Well, it’s certainly the case that a lot of our economy amounts to a big stupid circus that pays people to perform sideshows pounding nails into their heads. It seems like the solution to that was not to set the circus tent on fire though. I don’t think our rulers burned down the circus because they thought it was unseemly either. I think they didn’t like the fact that they didn’t own all the tents.

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