Lesson Of Trump #1

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As the military begins the process of installing The Pretender as the figurative leader of the American Empire, it is a good time to take stock of what has happened over the last five years. From the perspective of political psychology, the world all of us inhabit today is a vastly different one from the world of 2015. This includes the dissident right, which has been transformed by the Trump experience. In the before times, politics was all shades of gray, while today it is in black and white.

An obvious example is Conservative Inc. The Obama years were tough for those rackets, as it became clear to many conservative people that these guys cared more about how the Left thought of them than in advancing their issues. Compounding it was the refusal to address the failures of the Bush years. Even so, they really thought they could keep peddling hyper-violent Progressivism to conservatives, as long as they decorated it with pictures of Reagan.

That racket smashed onto the rocks of the Trump experience. Traffic for the old school neocon sites collapsed. The Weekly Standard folded. These people revealed themselves to be a blend of old school confidence men and petulant, nasty liars who hate the people they claim to represent. They still have an audience of chumps unable to smarten up, but otherwise Conservative Inc. has no audience. They exist because the Left thinks they are useful for now.

Further to that point, Libertarian Inc., a subsidiary of Conservative Inc., has also been exposed as a long con. The stripping of our ancient liberties by global enterprise should have been a great cause for libertarians. After all, systematically stripping people of their ability to exist is pretty much what libertarians claim to oppose, but the major organs were silent. A combination of graft and perfidy kept them focused on echoing Progressive talking points about the evil Donald Trump.

This has revealed something else. The dissident right is not ready to be the Dissident Right, despite the growing numbers. This is a problem that dates to the 1980’s when Conservative Inc. started to purge dissenters from their ranks. Instead of working to build new structures outside of and opposed to official structures, dissidents kept trying to get back inside the official tent. The result has been a ragtag army living on the land outside the walls of the city. It remains so.

Probably the biggest change, one we see evolving in front of our eyes as the military is called in to install The Pretender, is that the parties are a fiction. Until very recent, most dissidents thought the way forward was to work through the two-party system and get “our guys” into office. Again, this dates to the 1980’s. Buchanan tried and failed to unseat the neocon Bush. Perot tried and failed with his third-party to cleanse the land of the neocons. Trump tried and failed to reform the Republican Party.

The reason all these efforts failed is the party system is a fiction. The core of each party holds the same opinions on the important issues. They are bankrolled by the same collection of billionaires and international interests. The parties have tentacles that reach into various camps, but the main body of the system serves the people who bankroll American politics. A politician with close ties to the CCP can maintain his seat because the Chinese are a major backer of both parties.

This is the big change for dissidents. Trump was the last opportunity to keep dissidents engaged in the fiction of democracy. His own perfidy and his treatment by the political class has disabused dissidents of their faith in the system. The people in the streets at the Epiphany Uprising were not there because they still believe in the Republican Party, Donald Trump, or the system itself. They were there, being cheered by tens of millions from home, because dissidents lost their faith in the system.

Further to that, it is finally dawning on dissidents that what motivates the Cloud People is not what motivates the Dirt People. For generations, the Right insisted that the Left is driven by the same logic as everyone else. This was always false, and part of the long con played on the public. This is, in part, why conservatives lost every battle in the culture war. The people on the other side of the barricades, celebrating their victory over us, are not us and they do not think like us.

This is probably the most important lesson of the last five years that is finally sinking into the thick skulls of the dissident right. The Cloud People are not motivated by greed or a lust for power. They have those things. They are motivated by a sense of identity that starts with a hatred of the Dirt People. Their sense of self begins with not being anything like the people over whom they rule. This is why they hated Trump. He was an intruder from the other side injected into their world.

While many are disappointed with the Trump years and Donald Trump the man, the last five years have been a clarifying experience. The anger, emotion, disappointment, frustration, even the violence, are the result of a fog lifting. Five years ago, most people were sure about politics. Now that the fog has lifted, people are looking around and seeing it was always a big lie. The people who perpetrated these lies are on the other side of those barricades, giving the rest of us the finger.

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467 thoughts on “Lesson Of Trump #1

  1. Politicians, doctors, police officers, preachers, teachers all who perpetuated and partake in the lies of this world will be replaced by A.I.

  2. Anytime that Libertarian Inc. is a subsidiary of Conservative Inc., a con job is obvious to anyone who has taken The World’s Smallest Political Quiz.

  3. Excellent article . I am sure that most who read you agree with you. I would recommend to remove The Pretender as this will surly stop anyone that likes Pres Biden from reading any further . God Bless

  4. “… the main body of the system serves the people who bankroll American politics. A politician with close ties to the CCP can maintain his seat because the Chinese are a major backer of both parties.”

    Bwahahaha, the Chinese. Always the Chinese.

    Those darned Chinese and their lobby groups like the Chinese American Public Affairs Committee (CAPAC), the Chinese Institute for National Security Affairs (CHINSA), etc.

    Keep on pretending that the Chinese have been undermining the USA for the last 100 years, pushing radical feminism, gay rights, transgenderism, critical theory, and ‘white privilege’. The Frankfurt School was not Chinese, nor do the Chinese run Hollywood or the Wall Street Banks.

    If you haven’t figured it out, look at the names of the people in the Trump impeachment saga and the ‘resistance’ to investigating election fraud. Nessel, Shapiro, Frey, Boockvar, Wolfe, etc etc… It’s like a bar mitzvah invite list.

    But no, those Chinese are at fault. I suppose you will be blaming them for the Lavon affair and the USS Liberty attack next.

    PS: what % of funds for the Dems and Repubs comes from Chinese people. Now crunch the numbers for the Chosen People.

  5. This one is a mixed bag.

    They are motivated by a sense of identity that starts with a hatred of the Dirt People.

    You have to admit that there are some Dirt People who ought to be swept off the continent. There are lots of drunks and louts out there whom nobody needs anywhere on Earth, and who will never give up their savagery.

    The dissident right is not ready to be the Dissident Right, despite the growing numbers

    Actually, the so-called “dissident right” isn’t ready to be dissident. They are angry that things aren’t going their way with this system as it behaves today, but they are not much opposed in principle to it or to a system based on substantially similar premises. If this were 1986, they’d still be fast asleep when not scoffing and sneering at anyone who attempts to explain to them their precarious situtation. Talk of secession is almost always framed in terms of restoring the one true political creed, as the secessionists perceive it.

    For the time being, most so-called dissidents remain institutionalized and brainwashed to believe the stuff which lead to this grotesque display of imperial loyalty less than 120 yrs after adoption of the new company’s motto, e pluribus unum. In the USA, most potential dissidents remain convinced (I suspect) by the equality and Creator clauses of the Declaration of Independence and by the obvious lie about “We the People” in the Constitution. A large proportion are likewise brainwashed to believe superstition such as Exodus 19:5-6 and Romans 13:1. They would cheerfully play along with America 3.0 if the right charismatic figures (Elmer Gantry and Sharon Falconer?) appeared and spouted the usual claptrap, which the empire itself has done much to discredit by subsidizing astronomy and rocketry.

    Some communist mathematician once said that the Enlightenment was just a little scraping away of rust on chains which bind the mind. It appears to me, however, that the alleged dissidents of the “dissident right” are not even that far along yet. Moreover, they are ardent enthusiasts of 20th century gluttony. The risk of losing this experience is what most vexes them, not any deep religious or philosophical aversion to this empire or the civilization of gangsters and pests which spawned it.

    The reason all these efforts failed is the party system is a fiction. The core of each party holds the same opinions on the important issues.

    We ought to expect that homogeneity. The USA was established by day dreamers and go-getters who had nationalist empire and plunder on the mind. Egalitarian populism was adopted as an expedient device to overthrow the old regime of crown and altar, and for a time the replacement worked, in part, thanks to the vast riches which could be extracted from the land. Most immigrants were welcomed into the USA for their utility to the ruling class and, of course, to capital, not because of abstract humanist principles. Since that time, an influential portion of the ruling class has come to believe the propaganda about equality and is fanatical about exporting it to the other breeds, if necessary by mass immigration of browns. Anyone who gets in the way of their holy crusade is a heretic or infidel who, in the view of many Cloud People, ought to be burnt at the stake for impeding the upward progress of humanity.

    The people in the streets at the Epiphany Uprising…were there, being cheered by tens of millions from home, because dissidents lost their faith in the system.

    On the contrary, they were there because they still had faith in the system. They actually believed it was still possible to make the res publica work as a public thing of “the People”, not a private thing of the ruling class. If they had lost faith in the system, they’d have showed up for gunfights on Capitol Hill, at the courts, Foggy Bottom, the FRS building, Treasury, maybe even in the Pentagon. If they had lost faith in the system before showing up, the corpses of the mayor, DJT, and some Congressional racketeers would be in caskets.

    The Cloud People…Their sense of self begins with not being anything like the people over whom they rule. 

    Well, ok. They are the faction of Nancy Kerrigan and other skaters like her. The white masses are Tanya Harding, whose mere presence disgusts the skating judges. Brown people, on the other hand, get a free pass, even if they are lower than Tanya, as is often the case.

    • Romans 13:1. 
      First, if you don’t believe scripture is inerrant, then you could just as well believe Rousseau. ( Ironically, the 18th is the Feast of the Chair of St Peter, which asks Catholics to remember that God left an infallible authority on earth in terms of faith and morals. I would say being subject to the ruling authority is definitely a matter of morality. Not that i beleive Francis is a legitimate pope. )
      I would have to study more about the Cathlic teaching on authority, but, obviously, an unjust law such as abortion, cannot be legitimate. But the idea that power and authority crawls out of the swamp, from below, rather than descend from God is just as superstitious to me.
      Its not necessarily that a leader cannot be chosen by the people, its just that he does not then get his authority from the people.

      Its a little silly to think that the people are going to be a review board on every law passed and have the (yet another) right to rebel. Covid is a big challenge in this area, I will admit! If the idea of authority coming from God is a superstition, then authority coming from the mob is dangerous.

  6. Crucifying Trump is backfiring on them. Their mutant lab freak flu is backfiring on them. They’re scared shitless, desperate and vindictive, they’re fucked, no one’s buying the lies anymore. Money and status won’t protect them when the Unraveling cranks up the gears.

  7. So the Capitol protesters don’t care about Trump and TPTB do not care about wealth and power.
    Cool story..

  8. There are still people who think that despite 48 months of inaction, the next 48 hours will produce results.

    • From the National Guard no less.

      “One weekend a month,
      Two weeks a summer,
      And one coup every 250 years”.

    • already seeing these types talking about how *not* doing anything now, is really Trump’s plan for later. if you know what i am trying to say.

  9. Donald Trump has won, really. I’m not talking about any of this Q-drop nonsense. What I mean is that, regardless of what happens now, he will cast a gigantic shadow over America, and maybe the wider world, for at least the next decade and maybe even a generation.

    For a start, the usurpation government and their media lackeys have to blame him for everything that goes wrong for the next 4 years at least. So Trump’s name will be heard every hour of every day because lots of things are going to go wrong. Badly wrong. Love him or loathe him, everyone will be talking about Trump.

    The new political divide in the USA is between an establishment that will obsess about crushing Trumpism, repudiating Trump and ensuring that there can never be another Trump. On the other side will be a dissident movement that seeks a new and better Trump to lead them. Whatever, whoever, it’s all about Trump from hereon in.

  10. Does the author even know what a libertarian is? Get a clue. Trump is an abject failure on all levels. Not that Joe won’t be, because he’ll be precisely that. The ONLY difference between the two is that one of them doesn’t shower you with MAGA and then tell you it’s raining.

    • Libertarians (like me) only appeal to authority, not take their own.

      Power is based on fear, relief from fear is the proffered reward.

    • I think the Big Guy gets that he’s a figurehead. This bit of self awareness could make him effective. Trump on the other hand always assumed it was all about him.

    • If libertarianism expresses a universal desire for freedom, why are libertarian conventions whiter than AmRen conferences?

      Your understanding of reality could not be more fundamentally flawed.

  11. Why are you people so afraid? Have you given up so easily? It’s a war people. Biden will not be President.
    EO of 2018
    EO to stop investment in red china
    Miller appointed SecDef in Nov2020 – after the election “loss”
    SOCOM now reports directly to SecDef
    All NG in DC report to Commander of DC National Guard – that position is held by the President of the United States.
    Fog of War.
    We are living a special moment in history. I understand the doubts, but if you must cringe in fear do it privately.

  12. To JFK or MLK the Biden would be a perfect op to go after the deplorables.

    Why, that’s the New Pearl Harbor right there!

    (Today, on Milk Day, let us remember that MLK was shot by a Mafia hit man after a preachers’ orgy. His stolen fortune squandered, his usefulness declining, his handlers talked him into trying to organize a garbagehandler’s union on Mafia territory. The fictional Tony Soprano’s business was waste management…*ahem*.)

    “White Raycissisms!!” they still cry. Our first holiday of the year! That means you’ll have to pick a date after today in the Biden Drop betting pool.

  13. Many of the Dissident Right’s missteps in the past 5 years were out of simple ignorance of the recent past. If they had studied the dynamic of how opponents of Neocon hegemony were unpersoned since 1980 or of the experience of the Nationalist splinter parties in Europe since 1960, many errors would’ve been avoided. C’Ville was an obvious trap that the BNP or FN would never have endorsed. The Dissident Right didn’t screen its leaders for competence or have any backup plans. The went in naive and fragile. No discipline in messaging or conduct. Easy pickings for the wealthy SPLC/ADL lawfare team.

    • IMO it’s not so much a “failure” of the DR as it is simply a reflection of human nature to not want to be alone

      Being DR means to be outside and alone from the mass of humanity

      Why community is critical. And building up our ideas on a religious foundation wouldn’t hurt. But that’s a huge leap perhaps many are not willing to take. It basically means we’re the new Mormons. I can live with it. I think it’s kinda neat. But I have always been an oddball.

      • I don’t see how its a huge leap mentally, its just hard to do logistically after 50 years of being driven out of the cities into suburbs that have no city center.

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  15. one thing to keep in mind, is that the world is not linear. a lot of people assume the progs can do what they want, and the old world will keep on ticking over. things don’t work that way.

    the progs in venezuela were genuinely surprised when their entire economy collapsed due to their malfeasance. as the progs here start implementing their insane agenda, the system will start changing as well. and when they try to fix the initial damage, the system will change again.

    the khmer rouge took power. no problem, cambodia kept going…for awhile. then the killing fields started, and vietnam came into cambodia and took over from the KR. oops.

    • I have no doubt these elites will eventually fail and the system may collapse. All the better not to confront them now in their full hubris and get shot dead by a black praetorian, and miss picking up the pieces later after their fall.

  16. The Democrats never were the party of the people even though the permanent underclass kept up the faith and stayed on the plantation. Now they are the party of the fat cats—think Rockefellers, Morgans, etc.—even though their dirt people are waking up to years of promising but never solving problems for blacks, Latinos, etc.

    Well, the Republicans can do a Southern Strategy and welcome all those Democrat Dirt People, gain an electoral voter registration majority and make the Democrats the top hat and tails party, i.e., the new Republican Party in one big reversal of party members.

    But the present day Rockefellers, ROMNEY types, aren’t signing up for that shit, are they? Romney types don’t want to represent “those” dirt people!

    Shit, between Democrat and Republican dirt people, we have more than enough people to set up guillotines and sever heads. That’s where this is heading, or be heading.

  17. I’m going to give Madison

    Avenue the benefit of the doubt and guess they use blacks in commercials because it sells.

    • I remember in Business School there was a big debate going on.

      At the time there were ads for different demographics and different regions of the country. Wouldn’t it be great if we could save a lot of money and use the same ads everywhere!!!

      And they found out that whites didn’t care too much if a black was used to market a product to them. Blacks were a little more resistant to cross-racial marketing, but also a smaller subset. Voila, let’s just use blacks to sell to everyone.

      So much of this stuff around us to day began for reasons like this. Then they shoehorned what was a simple marketing gimmick into an overarching theory of everyone being interchangeable. Cause and effect? Perhaps, but the theory did end up taking on a life of its own.

      Incidentally, a debate was also going on at the time on how to sell an aging but wealthy demographic on the idea of “automatic” sports cars instead of manual. They didn’t want men feeling old because their reflexes were not sharp enough for a manual, and it tired them outworking the clutch. But we can’t say that!!! So Voila !!!! Tell them they are just like F1 drivers and give them those paddle shifters.

      • Interesting. I was thinking before you got to your point, “different regions of the country?” No ad does that! Well, not anymore!

  18. Taki Typo:

    Radicals in the Democrat Party are pushing legislation

    There is no Democrat Party.
    It is the Democratic Party.
    It labels you as the sort of Lush Rimblow mouth-breather who talks of Chicoms.

    Z-man blog typo: Absolutely none, Spot on, best piece in years.
    I will be squirting this to the few of my acquaintance who still acknowledge me.

    I am intrigued as to what the major organs of Libertarianism are.

  19. Been listening to Czeslaw Milosz’ “The Captive Mind”, written in the 1950s, focusing in large part on the post-WWII Soviet rule over Poland. A writer and diplomat at the time, Milosz describes the inner conflicts, thought processes and external behaviors of those who knew the Soviet system just didn’t live up to its utopian claims, actually couldn’t even provide minimum sustenance, but were restrained by the very real fear that they would lose their positions or livelihoods at best or be “disappeared” at worse. It was necessary to conceal one’s true thoughts and even to ensure one made the appropriate and public pronouncements in praise of The USSR, Russia, The Party, Marx, etc.

    Now we are in a different time – but people are being stripped of their jobs and positions and I don’t see things letting up now that the True Believers have control.

    I grew up in an America where expressing your thoughts and opinions was typically only restrained by a sense of decorum and courtesy, not by financial and social destruction. That America is gone. I think it may be the time for us to drop the freedom of speech and rule of law and due process expectations of yesteryear – that America is being washed away more and more every day. Some here indicate what I think is a good strategy. Don’t stick your head up out of the hole, it makes a much better target, especially during the current frenzy to purge and punish. Take care of yourself and your own. Exercise, eat well, read, learn practical skills, put something tangible away for the winter. This could be a long one.

  20. The Question Zman is why do the Cloud people hate us dirt people? Their lifestyle is kept up by us doing the dirty jobs they refuse to do.

      • Religion. And showing people publically, that they are really really pius. My parents say its “money’ but that cant explain how I may never be able to work in a job that requires a reputation because i said some impolite things online

    • Because Johnny, we cost too much. Profits. Why should i pay you $X to pick cotton when i can import ppl to pick cotton for $X/2? Thus, the big labor force replacement program. So many of the problems we face today are the result of our unwillingness to pick our own damn cotton. Now WE become the cotton pickers, all because in the beginning, we refused to pick our own damn cotton with our own cotton picking fingers.

  21. I think whether or not Trump pardons Assange will tell us who Trump really is

    A pardon will take a huge set of balls.

    • In 2017 Trump overrode the law requiring releasing some documents regarding the JFK assassination supposedly as a favor to the intelligence community. Given how Trump has been treated by the intelligence agencies, if he hasn’t released those documents by now, I wouldn’t count on any pardons extending beyond the usual jewish scam artists, negro drug dealers, rappers and Trump cronies.

      • No pardon for Assange tells me Trump is just a bullshitter

        I was always more along the lines that he was 50% bullshitter and 50% actually caring about regular people knowing the truth

        • I think he means well he’s just way in over his head and surrounded by snakes. The United States Government is not a thing that can be micro-managed by one guy at the top. Trump exposed how rotten it is.

  22. Trump has been a disaster! The only way forward for the dissident right is to take over the Republican Party. Any other approach is doomed to failure. Trump was in a position to do this — in fact to significant degree he did do this — but he did it while shitting all over the party and rendering it useless.

    Trump was never up to the task. He never understood what he had. Just about every insult his enemies have ever hurled at him — crude, ignorant, lazy, disloyal, narcissistic — is justified. (In fact about the only thing he isn’t is “racist”). The fact that such a man way able to get himself elected president is a testament to the power of the America First politics (jobs! immigration! foreign involvement!) he blundered into.

    A merely competent politician could have taken those issues and used them to strip away enough Democratic voters (many of whom aren’t fully invested in lefty weirdness) to crush the Democrats and push our agenda through Congress. A truly talented politician could have remade the world. So what did Trump do? He issued a bunch of easily reversed executive orders, and incited an army of fucking idiots (David Cole is exactly right about this) to invade the Capitol and give the Left a club that they will be hitting us with for years and years and years.

    At this point I am firmly convinced that it would have been better if Hillary had won in 2016. Nothing radical would have gotten through a Republican Congress. Instead of four years of Trump alienating persuadable voters it would have been Hillary alienating them. And inspired by Trump’s near miss, maybe, possibly, perhaps, someone worthwhile might have run in 2020 and won. Maybe. But whatever the odds of that happening were, what we have now is worse.

    • Ok, so by next election we take over the party. Then put up Trump II. Then the Dem’s put up Harris and get their election rigging geared up in those States judged “battleground”. Then what? Well, we lose.

      You don’t win by continuing to play a rigged game.

    • If you plan on taking over a political party you are most definitely not ready to be Dissident Right. Both parties need to FOAD. White people who value their culture and heritage need to abandon all electoral politics.

  23. another thing is that even the people who claim to be outsiders (powerline, the federalist, AmGreatness) are just the outer layers of conservative inc. The way to go is to reject the system wholesale. I recommend this website:

  24. The ruling classes have always feared and despised the working class. However, in the past, they needed those same working class whites to fight their wars for them, grow and harvest their food and to man the factories. So their contempt had to be kept muted.

    Now, wars are fought with robots and airpower, immigrants grow and harvest the food and the factories have been packed up and shipped to China and India. So the white working class are now surplus to requirements and may be safely disposed of for good.

    • And they deeply resent paying the white guy to fix what their cheap labor messed up. They don’t understand the concept of “you get what you pay for,” or “buy it nice or buy it twice.” That’s the key to this set of cloud people. They don’t understand the concept of opportunity cost. That will be their undoing. From Covid Lockdowns to capitol lockdowns, to buying an aircraft carrier that can’t launch aircraft, opportunity cost escapes them.

    • This all has been a feature of modern society for a long long time and you can see it in the arts

      The rejection and mockery and at times hatred of bourgeoisie mores and values and “aesthetic” as it were has been at the heart of the elite society since the fall of the aristocracy. I remember the thrust of the avant grade was such a rejection, as was Dada-ism and abstract art etc. The attack on normal standards of beauty, etc.

      A big stew of hatred. And being a man of the world to the extent that I am, I have always seen “socialism” and now “globalism” as the backdoor to the monarchy. Because when that global system is put into place, you are going to need a face for it and no better face than putting forward those old familar faces of old aristocratic families that give the restless masses a semblance of historical continuity and feeling they are part the larger whole. Globalism is the monarchy’s revenge. The Revolutions (i.e. rise the bourgeoisie) were unfortunate bumps in a long road.

        • that is part of the humiliation

          Because mile class people have a more conventional aesthetic, you could flip them the bird by telling them how stupid they are for not getting abstract art

    • also ruling class needed white middle class as mercenary
      gatekeeper to attack any effort of resistance of white working class
      thanks to feminism, immigration, anti-white propaganda that number of white people are diminished beyond expectation
      That’s why any form of civil-right movement purged white middle class kid 

      Jewish plutocrat need sex toy and work drone, not a partnership

  25. A vehicle exists for our way out of this.

    It’s religion, the eternal foil to the elites !

    Rather than take over the husk of a political party we should take over the husk of a religious organization.

    As an aside, we are one charismatic preacher or leader away from really turning the system on its head. Will not take much.

    • Yup

      Get a loudspeaker and start preaching the gospel.

      Alot of conservative churches aren’t pro-white. But they are anti anti-white, and provide a place for white people to flourish and grow.

      We need a multi-pronged approach, anti anti-white for some, “we are all gods children” while slowly building a pro-white identity too.

        • everything is a fairytale in its own right

          even “reality” is open to interpretation and viewpoint

          Just the way life is, so why fight it and use it to our advantage

        • I’m very open to other suggestions, if you know of any other anti anti-white institutions that also promote high fertility among white peoples please let me know.

    • We ARE in a spiritual war here. Communism is pagan state worship, and they are zealots, as bad as any fanatic of supernatural deities. Worse, actually, as communism has no Truth, no boundaries, no morality, only power and to “do as (they) wilt”. We see this with Gates’ “vaccine” entitled drug depopulation chicanery in the 3rd world, now starting in the US. So really, you are correct. It is Christianity the Cloud people hate because they are satanic. Whites, even if not Christian, generally buy into Christian canon based law and morality. That flies in the face of the Morlock Cloud people’s worldview, and must be eradicated. Get rid of us, and the smaller Christian cultures will be disposed of as well.

  26. Only in the last 30 years has a new generation of cloud people found nothing but contempt for the dirt people. They have endless memes about the People of Walmart, and how disgusting they are, but at no point do they take pity. They’re pitiless and cruel people. And they’re completely unaware of the boiling over contempt they’re fomenting. What bothers me most about this set of cloud people is that the ones in the “private” sector, or what’s left of it, are executives in companies with massive asset prices for very little earnings, if they have earnings at all. They’re being massively enriched for their talent. It’s all funny money from the Fed cycling into assets. A lot of these people would fall to earth if and when we let this bubble burst.

  27. Z I always thought this was somewhat true as Voter turnout in America was among the lowest of advanced Western Nations. A link below as to why “Trust in government and in politicians has decreased in many nations. However, the first signs of decreasing voter turnout occurred in the early 1960s, which was before the major upheavals of the late 1960s and 1970s. Robert D. Putnam argues that the collapse in civil engagement is due to the introduction of television. In the 1950s and 1960s, television quickly became the main leisure activity in developed nations. It replaced earlier more social entertainments such as bridge clubs, church groups, and bowling leagues. Putnam argues that as people retreated within their homes and general social participation declined, so too did voting” I think Zman would advocate putting away the TV and our side doing what used to happen, more social entertainments such as bridge clubs, church groups, and bowling leagues. That way our side might still be smaller but more engaged and connected and loyal to one another. Television has been the poison since 1960 when John F Kennedy won over Richard Nixon.

    • Putnam discovered that social trust declined with increasing diversity. This result was so disturbing to him that he refrained from publishing his discovery for years. When he did, he was obliged to point out where diversity was made to work. One of his examples was the US military. Which, I suppose is great, if you want to organize your society like Sparta..

    • Voter turnout in the US can not be compared to other democratic countries. We basically have a two party system. Winner take all. If you don’t like either twiddle-dee or twiddle-dum, you stay home.

  28. Q Anon marching orders: Something big is about to happen…trust the plan. It’ll be like the Voyager space probe sending out the same signal 40 years later from deep space.

  29. For generations, the Right insisted that the Left is driven by the same logic as everyone else. This was always false, and part of the long con played on the public. This is, in part, why conservatives lost every battle in the culture war. The people on the other side of the barricades, celebrating their victory over us, are not us and they do not think like us.

    The biggest hurtle for normie: realizing we are not one people bouncing ideas off eachother to get to a common good, but two different nations that need to separate, or, one needs to totally dominate the other.

  30. The lesson? Trump missed his opportunity when he failed to fire every single goddamn last fucking deep state apparatchik and suck up toady he could fire.

    • What I can’t process is that a guy like Trump, who spent decades in the NY/NJ cesspit never seemed to get that surrounding yourself with loyalists is job #1 in any political organization, let alone the US Executive Branch.

      Job #2 is treating those loyalists well and looking out for them, which he did not do well during his term.

        • I don’t think President Trump expected to win and just ran to improve his brand a bit, give flagging ratings a boost.
          His ego took over and he followed though. Alas r once he mounted the tiger of the Presidency he was ill prepared to ride it or to get off.
          No shadow cabinet and no understanding just how bad pour politics had become. He figured he was Clinton 2 and things would just work.
          They didn’t though no one could have handled COVID 19 and the crazed reactions to it.

  31. Witnessing the GOP commit suicide by hurling themselves off the precipice onto the rocks of wokeness was comforting.

    We have to think for ourselves now instead of allowing the predictive programming of the media to create our reality by infecting our subconscious minds as they have done since we were children.

    • Sounds like Lankford the Lesser, junior Senator from Oklahoma. Last Friday he apologized to the vibrants in north Tulsa for daring to question the election results.

      • He is on the former Race Riot Centennial Commission here in Tulsa – now called the Race Massacre Centennial Commission. All of 2021 here will be a white self-flagellation Chautauqua/Super Bowl. He can’t go to all of those meetings having ever asked a logical question. He has to have estrogen coursing through his body to the point of inflammation to even get in the door.

        • How was it that the negroes were able to create “The black Wall Street” in Tulsa during the racist 1920s and today, with all the civil right laws and money being thrown at them, can’t even run a small town?

          • Intact families.
            Black folks with strong family and church ties can manage a functioning community if Y/T stops helping and of some degree of separation according to custom is managed.

  32. I would say that hatred for the Dirt People is what motivates the Cloud People to accumulate money and power to use against the Dirt People.

    The hatred should be obvious now, as the Cloud People are using the language of the Khmer Rouge to speak about the Dirt People.

    • The hatred is very real, but money and power are the levers used and the means by which the cloud people differentiate themselves. Expect Mittens Romney to start flying only private flights, or expect to see larger physical barriers to first class on plans and separate entries to airports for special people.

    • They hate you and want you dead.

      Very simple, yet so ghastly that most normal white folks can’t grasp it.

      • it’s hard for everyone

        99% of the woketard nation is only buying into it because they think it makes the elites like them

      • Its getting there and in a time frame that is historically incredibly fast.
        Its trickled down to part of the Glen Reynolds Instapundit level, Kurt Schlicter level and part of the Tucker Conservative level which is close to Normie Con level . That’s huge.
        The looter cuck Republicans are twisting their proverbial bow ties over this but they’ve lost a lot of trust too and won’t have leadership much longer since everything they stand for is tied to an open economy. No stores open, less looter cucks.
        Making things even stranger politically active Latinos here in Cali at least seem to be starting to shift Right to a decent degree. Our ballot initiatives looked like straight ticket Republican mostly and we may well be recalling Newsom as well.
        This is not a Normie Con “Hispanics are natural Conservatives.” bleat mind you only a notice that in this fourth turning there is some weird crap going on.

  33. Many events have had people say “This is the end of the beginning” but I feel like this week, when Biden is inaugurated, is actually “The end of the beginning”.
    In a story, when the exposition ends, the rising action is where the uncertainty comes in. The following chapters will be very confusing for young people like me, and we have to be patient. Even Nick Fuentes admitted that “the path will reveal itself to us, I don’ know what to do next”.
    Z-Man is right, a lot of us in the dissident right aren’t ready to become The Dissident Right. A lot of us are still maturing and trying to get a sense of the world like a lot of young people, building assets and skills. Only when we become adults and have those things can we start building the institutions, it will be tedious and hard.
    One thing to be glad of, though, is the old Alt Right has really gone down in flames. Richard Spencer and Hunter Wallace have been recently getting lambasted on Twitter for voting for Biden because they thought they were getting Bill Clinton 2.0 with UBI and “Law and Order”, when really it’ll be wokeness and corporatism.

    • Nick Fuentes is a backwards idolator who hinted at Matthew 6:34 with that remark. Richard Spencer, too, clings to a refuted cult which ought never to have been tolerated among white Caucasians. Forget about them. They are yesterday men.

      Now, centuries ago, the right was where reactionaries sat and spewed the toxic fumes of the old regime of that time. So what sort of energetic dissidence could be implied now by the phrase “Dissident Right”? Is the so-called DR a defender of the contemporary system or not? If so, then its people are clownish fools who prop up a suicidal system which is defective, not broken. If the DR is not a defender of this old regime (egalitarian humanism, populist republicanism, democracy, corporate capitalism, and a smidgen of “God”) but a recidivist aiming, more or less, at restoration of the crown and altar, then the DR needs to be strangled in the cradle.

      If, however, the so-called DR is a healthy dissident, then it must repudiate the very concept of being on the right. Its proper course is the way of the revolutionary who is devoted to undermining the established religion, smashing its priesthood and institutions to pieces, and setting up a replacement system. This replacement, however, must be in accordance with a defensible ontology, not the bad ideas of Abraham, Jesus, Constantine, Martin Luther, the corporate capitalist, John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Karl Marx, and so on.

  34. just saw miss lyndsey on tv playing the same old game “we have to stop the radical left” but you could see in his eyes he knew the jig is up. my wife had the news on (i know, i know, don’t say it) and it almost made me laugh to see the disgusting pus bag doing his little monkey dance on tv.

    • It’s going to be a long wait, but let’s see if the South Carolina voters finally get rid of him. For over two decades, even in the wake of his most blatantly deceitful fibs and self-serving moments, they have swarmed to the polls to vote for him.
      What a shame the Constitution doesn’t provide for a recall process.

    • what I find humorous are two things:

      1. Normie con Inc is back to selling the same anti socialism stuff as if that is the real battle of our time
      2. Normie con Inc is now selling the “the liberals were the ones organizing the protests!!!” as if all we have to do is expose them as the real “traitors” (similar to them being the real “racists”)
      • i think if you shave the head of one of these guys, you would find a tag that said “Manufactured at Disney Automatronics”.

        • Methinks many a woketard went on the ride “It’s a Small World” and thought it was reality

          What subversive multi-culti agitprop if ever there was !!!

      • They are not completely wrong about “the socialisms”, as one writer put it, but there is an invidious plot twist to which they are blind. Socialism has become Communism, Inc.

  35. In the wider culture, it is clear the US’ national motto has changed to,

    “Give me comfort and convenience or give me death (but not painfully, kthxbye).”

    I was out running errands this weekend and I heard multiple YT normtards autistically screeching in excitement about, “Unca Joe gon’s gib us $1400 in stimmy! We’s rich!”

    • It is disheartening, but we need to encourage more gibs. I hope the Normtards demand oodles in UBI.

      • A positive development is normies changing from “give money to minorities to make me feel good” to “give me money or f*ck you”.
        Whites are also getting a taste of looting people who hate them, and they like it.

        • Well said. Whites are the vast majority of taxpayers (you would not believe just how much the fedgov took in taxes from my hubby last year) so Whites need to become entitlement whores like all the POCs. Get yours, and then get some more. If you don’t, Letitisha and FangFang and Rahju will. Do it for White children – yours and others’.

      • that will always be a double edge sword

        Once you get UBI, even if you do it personally for tactical purposes, you become dependent. Then next thing you know yo are lining up to vote when they play the good cop (keep the money flowing) / bad cop (curtail your benefits) in the election

        I saw it in Norway. Years ago. They pretty much had UBI over there and all it did was create a dependency class and mass immigration to do the “teenager” jobs. The muslims there serve the same role as illegals here.

        I think playing the UBI thing is being two cute by half and all always come back and bite you in the rear. The elites also have a plan n store fo when it happens. The best strategy for now is to become independent and drop out.

        • Disagree, except once people get gibs they should stay independent outside of cashing the check. Non-whites will get UBI, anyhow. Make it more costly for the State. It is going to happen anyway. Our people need to loot even more than others. If the check gets reduced or cut off, just yawn and/or raise hell.

          • I get your point, but I think the reality of life is that people (most) will sign up for it thinking it a good tactical move then get sucked into it and become dependent

            Human nature.

        • Disagree with ya, Falcone. This is where community comes in. All the other racial groups do it; when Tanshiskaba is pregnant, her extended family kicks in and her husband quits his job and they go on the dole. When benes are exhausted, suddenly his old job is back and the family gives them free family childcare. They pop in and out of the system to maximize their communal return, utilizing The System and Their System to their own gain. That does require a landowning grandparent class willing to give up their new Lexuses and European vacations to put a roof over their kids’ head whilst they are whelping out brats, and to help raise grandkids though, so once again boomerhate arises…

          • I get it, but I also know that people won’t be able to keep it from becoming a way of life and in turn become dependent and thus easy to manipulate

    • One of the deadfalls for Modern Monetary Theory (money machine go brrrr) is exhaustion of demand. There will be a contractionary event if people become glutted. If every Tom Dick & Harry have already bought all the vidjea and pron and the crap off of their amazon wishlist, we might actually see “muh reality catching up.” Happend to GM and Ford during the great recession: unable to sell millions of cars, even with no downpayment and 0% financing for 60 months. As long as people want more cash to buy more crap, the cycle continues and the ruling class stay in power. If that breaks (and UBI will go far to making that happen) and say, Amazon goes insolvent (they just have to lose enough revenue to not be able to service their debt, not actually going broke), we could see an economic triggering event.

  36. Even those of us who had suspicions prior to Trump underestimated how vicious the Cloud People really are. It is not empty rhetoric. They want Dirt People dead.

    This is the big change for dissidents. Trump was the last opportunity to keep dissidents engaged in the fiction of democracy. His own perfidy and his treatment by the political class has disabused dissidents of their faith in the system. The people in the streets at the Epiphany Uprising were not there because they still believe in the Republican Party, Donald Trump, or the system itself. They were there, being cheered by tens of millions from home, because dissidents lost their faith in the system.

    Historical analogies always fall short because factual patterns do not neatly resemble each other. With that caveat, the recent years remind me greatly of the Prague Spring and its aftermath. Dubcek and Co. really thought the communist system could be reformed and liberalized, and failed to appreciate how truly monstrous the Soviet Union was. It would take 30 years after the Warsaw Pact invaded for the Czechs to realize what started in 1968. This is the United States, in part, now.

  37. The stolen election protest at the Capital is the cherry on top of the “clarifying experience” of the last five years. The normie Trump voters are all talking about the hypocrisy of the left, comparing the “mostly peaceful” destruction of Minneapolis, Portland, etc. to the Capital incident. The fog is now lifting for a lot of them, and they’re understanding that the left doesn’t care about principles and fairness. This is about ruthless power, and they’re playing by different rules.

    • Not to be Pollyannaish, but everything since November 3 has been the best outcome for our people in the long run. It will be hell on earth for a number of years, and we will know horrible oppression and dispossession, but we are heading toward where we need to go. The fortified Imperial Capitol indicates the Cloud People know this is the final gasp of the empire, hence the accelerating looting.,

      • i agree with our main premise (“best outcome”) but not that it will be hell on earth. i think that the progs are like a virus that is too virulent – they are going to evoke such a strong counter action that the USG will collapse quickly. and then individual towns and cities will route around the crater left by the collapse of the USG.

        partly through people working to make it happen, but mostly because the dems will do things like fire all the non loyal people from the military – leaving it gutted. corporations will be forced to do the same thing. and the people they cut will be the ones who kept everything running. venezuela fired all the oil workers this way, and for some reason production collapsed.

        • A similar phenomenon could happen with the Mexicans they are trying to replace us with. It works for awhile to increase their vote share, but the imports are dirt people too. How wonderfully ironic it would be if their imports turn against them.

          • If we take the elites at their word, most of us here are still their imports. A nation of immigrants, and all.

            Despite the “assimilation,” most immigrant families from the Ellis Island never rose much above being a glorified renter class to this day. And now they are being replaced.

        • It would have to be sudden to avoid pain. Here’s to hoping you are right although I don’t think you are.

          • ironically, a the more backwards a society is, the better it can cope with post-collapse modernity. venezuela is a little smaller than cali, and has a little less population. it can survive collapse, as the people there are leaving for neighboring countries. what little oil they have can keep the shell going forever.

            the US as a coherent country, is not nearly that resilient. we are super interconnected with all the attendant fragility that entails. didn’t take much to empty the shelves last march, did it? what happens if 10 states go independent and kick out all fed employees and agents? nothing.

        • Would like to agree but cannot. At the end, the world will be populated by cockroachs, rats, noggers, and bureaucrats. They are constants and impossible to eradicate.

          • if those types truly take over the world, the population will drop by 90%. and that’s probably a conservative number.

          • They cannot help themselves.

            Just like a dog will eat until it gets obese and dies, a non-white will leech off of our productivity given the chance, until we die (and them too).

            They are not capable of doing anything else.

          • There are plenty of white leeches as well, only they spend their days conniving on how to starve and kill their host. Any gov’t agency, skool district, “healthcare” corp bureaucracies.

    • Billboards have appeared in NYC asking for snitches to call the FBI. Upcoming trials of cops, firemen, retired military, etc. who participated in the Capitol protest could prove unnerving for all involved.

  38. You may be giving these guys too much credit, Z?
    I don’t think those guys know we exist. Giving us the finger? We should be so lucky! They’ve been renting noggered mobs to loot and burn our cities. Dindus win the lottery when they shoot our cops. Moms and toddlers get gunned down in their own neighborhoods by them – and that’s just politics as usual. That’s dirt people life for them, they dismiss it all the way we dismiss nogger life in the ghetto… only the they can’t see their own actions driving it.
    The “Epiphany Riot” indeed. This is the first time in 5 decades that they have seen ANY resistance at ALL. And they are scared absolutely shitless. The press can’t cover anymore, the Dirts can’t speak, can’t vote, and they can’t watch sportzball. They are sitting on a powder keg… and unlike many dissidents… they know it. That’s why DC is under martial law and will probably have to remain so.
    The game is starting whether we like it or not. The question going forward in my mind is this: has any thought been given to prevent a mass dissident movement from turning into a grift, or a cult or a corporation?

      • You are a tough grader.

        Would that Boston University’s School of Theology had doctoral advisors who were tough on plagiarism back in the day.

        • Ha ha. Consistent with the spirit of our times, it was acknowledged ca. 1991, I think, that the great “Black” demagogue plagiarized significant portions of his thesis but the degree was not nullified.

    • They are not scared shitless. The hysterical reaction is theatre to support more tyrannical rules. In fact, they are filled with hubris and see no threat whatsoever. But that will change soon enough.

  39. Trump’s greatest achievement will have been the destruction of the GOP. I predict that Republicans will be revealed as creatures of the Donor Class instead of their claim that they are funded by the little guy just as soon as their money-raising schemes crash among the Dirt People. At that point, everyone will see who is keeping the Republican Party propped up.

    • Trump’s greatest achievement will have been the destruction of the GOP.
      i don’t think it was intentional on his part, the establishment was so pro-hillary they just couldn’t stand him after the 2016 election.

    • Can you even begin to imagine the ass-chewings those poor dumb kids who have to make the Republican Senatorial Committee’s fund-raising calls are getting? Mitch is going to run out of sweet young things, male and female, to do his dirty work.

      • Most of them are not ‘poor dumb kids.’ They are the nomenklatura in training, and they deserve opprobrium just as much as their masters. Andres Breivik was right to target the up and coming politicos.

        • I used “poor” to mean pitiful, which they are, because they’re dumber than hell and wouldn’t last one hour out in the real world of employment, let alone trying to fix a flat.

    • My prediction: Dan Crenshaw, Mitt Romney, or Nikki Haley gets the 2024 GOP nomination after the establishment changes the rules to prevent another Donald Trump. They then lose the general election in a landslide, and it’s realized demographic change (and democrat institutional control) has made it impossible for the republicans to ever win again. At that point, the party dissolves or splits, perhaps taking America with it. Maybe then secession will finally have its day, because it’s ultimately the only real solution.

      • The only thing the Democrats and the Republicans have going for them is that they are not the other guy. Once one goes, the other will soon follow. The danger is that the folks running things now will gather up the remnants into new political parties with the same agenda but without the baggage.

      •  At that point, the party dissolves or splits, perhaps taking America with it. Maybe then secession will finally have its day, because it’s ultimately the only real solution.

        Was with you until this part, that is when your speculative fiction went off the rail. The ‘vote again harder’ crowd will still be alive in 2028, though very old. The Con Grift will be able to squeeze one more pound of flesh before dissolution when 2 landslides in a row clearly demonstrate what is objectively true. “No Country For White Men”.
        Secession at that point will be nearly impossible because the egregious tyranny you are witnessing now will be an order of magnitude more entrenched.
        You are headed for South Africa, not Civil War 2, by all outwards indicators at this moment unless something earth shattering occurs in the next few months.

      • no, the damage is already done. there will be many state elections to see the effect occurring, plus mid terms in 2022. the gop will lose badly in every single one. how many voters have to stop voting to kill them? i think 10% would do it, and i know they have lost several times that number.

        • Yep, State level GOP still doesn’t get it. They assume business as usual. Legislature here back in session. Their agenda has been laid out. Two top issues missing. No vote slated restricting Governor’s State of Emergency powers, and no legislation wrt “fixing” our corrupt State-wide voting laws and practices.

          • 2022 will be very interesting from the standpoint of telling us how many former and reliable GOP voters have decided to abandon the voting process

            I know it will be the first time since 1992 that I have not voted. And I never intend to vote GOP again

      • Those people are so on the same page with the corporatists now running the show that one of them might be allowed to win, just for appearances’ sake and to give the stupid normies a reason to say, “See? See? There IS a two-party system,” thus keeping them complacent and reeled in.

      • If any Republicans are still out there and don’t realize that voting has been made irrelevant then they aren’t paying attention.

      • Stop paying attention to or caring about politics. There’s no future for White people in politics. Ignore them, ignore their words, and insulate yourself and your loved ones from their actions as much as possible. Don’t waste a breath or a thought on the D or R whore of the moment.

      • it’s realized demographic change (and democrat institutional control) has made it impossible for the republicans to ever win again

        Not true. There’s a huge cohort of zealous, young communists who will fanaticize the Democrats during the next 10 yrs. This means that milquetoast communists (so-called liberals) will be without a political home. They will be like Donald J. Trump, RINO-in-Chief, if they want to run for office or vote for someone who is not criminally insane. Surely you have heard the cliche, “I didn’t leave the Democrats, the Democrats left me.” Well, we’ll be hearing that alot in 2022, 2024, etc.

    • IIRC, the “Capitol Siege” took place on the Christian holiday of Epiphany, which means revelation or sudden understanding. I think we should take “Epiphany Uprising” and make it the name for what happened. In time, it will be remembered just as the storming of the Bastille is today.

    • It’s interesting because the harping on antifa/BLM is covering up the fact that lefties crossed over.

      That could be because they’re anarchists and all they want to do is make a mess. Or there could be a conversion of sorts going on who knows. But notice they didn’t attack the MAGA people.

      Meanwhile I’m hearing righty complain about corporations and police for the first time in my life. Could be the matrix is glitching, and tptb are trying to keep the division going.

      At any rate, it does look like an epiphany to me!

    • I saw a pillow fluffing interview with President Harris on CBS yesterday morning. She directly stated that we’ll remember January 6th the same way we remember December 7th. They’re ready to go to war, and we’re the enemy.

  40. They surely like to think, and maybe actually believe they’re nothing like the proles over whom they rule. But, as the old saying goes, we all put on our pants one leg at a time and now (or soon) they’re going to find out how little their smarmy political BS is going to get them. The worm has turned and there’s no putting back in the bottle what they’ve unleashed. In their blind hatred of and rage over Trump they fail to see what’s coming for them. Sure the deplatforming and banning of dissident thought will have some effect but the whirlwind is beginning to kick up. As Z mentioned in his Taki article, one big thing that can unite us is our hatred of them – and they’ve made sure of that.

  41. An interesting development on the right has been the massive planning and logistics networks that have sprung up without a clear center of control. They were mostly wasted on meaningless rallies, but it was a stark difference fro the Tea Party rallies, whose infrastructure was largely dependent on GOP networks and grifters, hence why that movement fell apart. Once a critical mass can get rallied to flout local, state, and federal ordinances, essentially creating mass mini-secessions from government, things will get interesting.
    Of course, they are learning the hard way with the deplatforming that freedom of speech is a dead letter, but this is just going to accelerate the required transition to more advanced decentralized platforms. Crowdfunding dissident causes is also going to have to go through the same process. At the end, we’re probably going to see normies starting to use Monero.
    You can see the change by how the average guy sees neocon hawks like Crenshaw. A lot of people on the right now wish the Taliban finished the job.

      • “Operation Trust” was a Bolshevik counterintelligence operation run from 1921 to 1926 aimed at neutralizing opposition by creating the false impression that a powerful group of military leaders had organized to stop the communists’ takeover. 

  42. The people on the other side of the wall made a (perhaps) fatal error that a lot of rulers make. They farmed out so much of their dirty work to underlings and pawns (we have a national holiday for one today) that they’re surrounded on both sides by people who hate them. The ascendant/Squad types may be too stupid to rule, but no one is too stupid to be destructive. The vibrants are starting to look at their handlers the way the replicant Roy Batty looked at Dr. Tyrell in “Bladerunner,” as a master who they despise. Our main “enemy in the gates” on the right is Conservative Inc., but even the dumbest normie is no longer willing to let Mitch McConnel or Romney do so much as fart or cough in public without being harassed. We shall see. I hope the normies don’t go back to the Fox/NRO hustle, but Proverbs 26:11 springs a little too readily to mind.

    • Speaking of “Dr. King”, has anyone heard from David Garrow since he publicized King’s indifference to rape a few years ago? It was probably not a career enhancing move.

      • It’s so darkly funny that the guy who is remembered for the insincere demand that people be judged by the content of their character had such an exceptionally poor character.

  43. The Cloud People are not motivated by greed or a lust for power. They have those things. They are motivated by a sense of identity that starts with a hatred of the Dirt People.

    I must remember this. Too often I have been explaining that the people over us crave power, possibly even more than money. Now maybe this is true for older generation politicians, but it has become far more stark in the younger generation.

    It seems that, here on The Isles, each year brings a younger ‘Baby of the House’ along with stronger beliefs that the ‘yoof’ will save us. But in my rounds of examining these types, they are all similar. I imagine myself conversing freely with them, and then realize that they are nothing like me. Worse, they would probably wish to make a public example out of me just to demonstrate their righteousness – most likely in an extreme way. They cannot be seen to be the same as the plebs. Heaven forbid.

    • For any conservative not to realize that the prosecution of the people who wandered around the capitol taking selfies is blood libel is beyond me. Cognitive dissonance or just straight-up delusion, I dont know, maybe they’re happy in that place

      • The Khmer Rouge loved photographing those they were about to torture and execute.

        Taking selfies is doing half the job for our homegrown version.

      • 100% true. Idiots never cease to amaze. The FBI is talking to anyone who was at the event. Not just the people who went inside the building, anyone who was nearby. When the FBI talks to anyone it is for the purpose of setting them up for charges.

        We will probably never know the number of rubes who spoke to them and talked themselves into BS charges.

      • Read Jim Goad over at Counter Currents today. He discusses the Epiphany Uprising and how the entire media/government axis has depicted it as White resentment. Those who keep harping it’s about class or merely money are dead wrong. Ultimately it all boils down to race in a multiracial empire. Only in homogeneous societies is it solely about religion or perhaps class. In this age and this place, it’s always about race. All Whites need to start thinking and acting with this in mind.

        • It’s MLK day.

          The plant parking lot is half-full.

          I bet you can tell me whom is in-plant and who is at home.

          • We have a sister plant that has already decided that the recently sanctified Jogger Day in June will be a paid holiday. As for the original unicorn messiah, it’s only corporate headquarters who take the day off.

        • How long have they been pushing that narrative? At least as far back as Peter Jennings classifying the election of 1994 as “temper tantrum” by angry white males.

        • Unfortunately, there are too damn many Whites taking the side against their own people – but that’s one of the problems – we just don’t seem to have the capacity or will to think a monolithic way for our own best interests.

          • When enough Whites get cast into the void that you know and work and live with, your views will change accordingly. If our new overlords are to be believed, they are gearing up for a generalized repression of Whites. I believe the (false) distinction between goodwhites and and badwhites will disappear during this administration.

          • LOL. White Caucasians have been taking an enemy’s side since, at latest, the time when we starting mouthing pabulum such as “Jesus is Lord”.

    • I would add that many people, not just elites, are motivated by tribalism, the desire to see their race or religion in power in our country.

      Sure, the elites want to be wealthy but after they achieve a satisfactory amount of wealth, they want their tribe to dominate. There is no better example of this than the American born, GOP mega-donor Sheldon Adelson, who just died and was buried in Israel.

      Unfortunately, white people are congenitally less likely to perceive these motivations.

      • “Tribe” and “tribalism” are as misused as the words democracy, liberty and freedom. In reality tribes are made up of people that are blood relatives and share almost all of their culture and values, not immense groups of people with similar political viewpoints.
        Tribes are one of the first things the nation/state tries to eliminate when it consolidates its power, which it has no intention of sharing with anyone else. The state demands allegiance before any tribe, clan, religion or even family. In fact, the state has consciously worked to destroy the family through its social programs. The state wants your affiliation with it to be stronger than that of your parents, siblings or offspring. It won’t be long before husbands and wives will required to testify against their spouses in court.
        The one so-called tribe that the state will accept is the fan base of professional and college sports teams. The national anthem is played before the performances, the air force flies jets over the field, veterans are honored on massive scoreboards. The sports tribes, generally apolitical, are OK, until they express a political opinion that’s contrary to the narrative, which doesn’t happen.

  44. I am only recently on this side, but if the dissident right is in fact not ready I have to believe a large part of the reason is that there is no readily discernable way forward, at least that I see. What are you able to attack without being destroyed yourself? They have all our institutions, and it seems there is only to once again fall back and again cede ground to the politicians, the oligarchs, higher and lower education, sports and entertainment, etc.

    Yes, there is an awakening and yes I detect it here in my little burgh. But beyond local networking and personally “collapsing early to avoid the rush” a la John Michael Greer, though, it is hard to see what is next except to dig in and wait for empire to blow over or dissipate, whether suddenly in a bang or gradually in a whimper. Maybe I don’t see the big picture yet but it’s not for lack of effort.

    • Maybe I don’t see the big picture yet but it’s not for lack of effort.

      I sympathize. It is hard to see a bigger picture. Of course, the simple advice it to skill up, move to more rural/conservative areas and network locally. A good question to ask yourself once you’ve relocated an made some allies is ‘how do I preserve what I have here?’. This requires strong bonds with the key players in said community and is no mean feat.

      Take for example the prevention of welfare housing in you locale. If you’ve have studied the mechanisms of local government, it may still be possible to prevent a downtown dollop of diversity. But there are other forms of resistance to preserve what you have. Of course, all these things are local.

      So that really leaves two options: the first, as you mention, is to just dig in and prepare and hope. The second would require a ‘long march’ of our own through the institutions – don’t forget, the rot we’re witnessing has been festering for over 100 years, I’d say. Or at least throwing sand in the gears of whichever crummy GloboJob you (or a comrade) may have.

      But then again, you never know what will happen. Events will continue to surprise us – and perhaps (I pray), in a good way. I also echo Drew’s advice above: don’t buy anything from the enemy.

      • One of the biggest humps to get over when one gets to our side of the divide is the acceptance that the current system has to go; to shed the notion that “if we only vote harder…” The next big hump to get over is that, as frustrating as it is, we’re likely not going to see the changes we want. I don’t think it will take the same 150 years it took the left to secure its victory, but our train is just now leaving the station. Make peace with the idea that your role is keeping the movement pointed in the right direction and helping to hash out realistic goals. And remember that of all the goals you want to see come to fruition, some may be scuppered by future leaders of the movement. Stick together anyway. Engage in purity struggles only when absolutely necessary.

    • You summed it up perfectly

      You could also move, If you prefer not to be in close proximity to the beast, impact of the fall will be felt worldwide, but american whites Will be hit very hard i think.

    • Withdrawal and boycott are the first steps, as I mentioned above. It’s best to think of this as a siege, so be patient, and understand that an attack is not necessarily the best strategy. Starving out the enemy is just as effective, and more peaceful. It requires less effort, to boot. The supporters of the left are not exactly society’s most productive go-getters, so withdrawing from left-supporting institutions means those institutions will be way less productive and liable to collapse (see the comics industry for a current example of this, and sports/movies industries for a future example of this). As long as you remain worsen from these money sucks and encourage others to do so, this will help bring about the changes needed as long as you’re patient.

      • Withdrawal and boycott are the first steps, as I mentioned above. It’s best to think of this as a siege, so be patient, and understand that an attack is not necessarily the best strategy. Starving out the enemy is just as effective, and more peaceful. It requires less effort, to boot.

        This is actually a brilliant way of looking at our current circumstances. I couldn’t agree more now that you’ve brought it up.
        Part of siege warfare is rebuilding of forces and improving long term strategy if possible i.e. “digging in” to an IRL community and working on improving diplomacy with allies long term.

        • The word “undermining” comes from siege warfare and refers to digging out the ground from underneath fortifications (in this context, walls and towers) to make their collapse easy, leading to the exposure of the enemies. Undermining is very slow work, but extremely effective once it’s complete. It’s also very asymetric, in that it’s low risk, high reward. It takes more patience than skill.

          • Great comment I’m saving this comment and keeping that factoid in my back pocket. Thanks. 🙂
            This is by far one of the greatest comment sections on the internet. So much information, knowledge, advice and experience from a wide range of men.

    • I think the clearest way forward is for the red states to start rocking the boat. Ban immigration at the state level or ban government housing. Restructure the welfare system so laqueesha isnt paid to breed anymore than once. Raise state tariffs on anything made in china or maybe even california. The democrats have a great strategy for ruining every conservative neighborhood in the country: immigration and government housing. Perhaps some genuine conservative politicians can see this and reverse it.

    • It’s sickening to listen to tv and radio conservatives (Hannity) still implying that we can vote our way out of this mess. I’m sure we can’t. But now what do we do besides learn to hide better? I don’t have a clue.

          • Have you been to a mall recently? They’re completely dead. In fact, they’re a good place to go to get away from it all.

          • no, i never go to malls any more. last time was maybe 10 years ago, and i was shocked at what i saw.

          • Malls have nothing to offer a straight, white male older than 30. Unless you need the battery in your watch or hearing aid changed. Even the 18-25 year old women aren’t hot anymore, mostly overweight, tatted, pierced with green hair and a muffin top.

          • that’s what i saw last time i went (see above) it was like a scene out of Idiocracy, even before that movie was released.

          • Our largest (and dying) mall has recent ad’s touting their latest store opening—a Goodwill Donation Center and store. It doesn’t get any worse than that.

          • things are different here in cali. in kansas, there are dead malls all over; just sitting there like ghost building. in cali if a mall died, it would be plowed under and made into more houses in a week. land here is incredibly expensive, if you’re even allowed to build on it.

            here’s an interesting cali tidbit: none of the coast is privately owned! every inch of beach is open to the public. in fact, the only part of socal that hasn’t changed since i was a boy (think early 60’s) is the beach – same damn bathrooms and snack bar 😛

    • Welcome to our side, brother!
      The d-right is full of alpha males and is by nature fractious and there is no definitive way forward. The consensus seems to be community- and network-building, and building parallel institutions. It’s vague, I know. But this is a long march.

    • You can and should become part of the solution, and you still have control over yourself. Your first obligation is to stay alive. While doing that, I recommend getting fit, move out of the city (if applicable), go dark, acquire modern day survival skills, and when ready, fight back intelligently. Focus. The core problem is actually quite few in numbers. 75 million people voted against the DC cesspool last November. We outnumber them by several orders of magnitude. Be patient and stay in the shadows for now. Do not let them beat you down with despair.

    • One thought I have is to consider the old time mafia as a model. Create alternative power structures in a community that have authority. You pay the local Don for protection and justice, and in return he keeps joggers away and either bribes or uses force to keep the minions of the state at bay. Create a black market economy protected by the outfit.

      For example, local health department fuckface looking to shut down someone’s business might have to answer to the alternative power structure. Perhaps he’d be put on the payroll. If he doesn’t play ball, he might find a bomb under his car. Make him think twice about shutting down someone’s livelihood.

    • “Maybe I don’t see the big picture yet but it’s not for lack of effort.”

      The big picture is the collapse of the American Empire. Our government’s top priority is exterminating the white male Christians that made the West a success. It’s not just suicidal, it’s autophagous.

      Don’t bother with plans of fixing or conquering the government. Just survive the next few years. That’ll be enough to keep you busy.

        • my stars yes. It may not work, but theres no way to send them without serious fault, to a governemtn school. Even a private school. I have an ed degree, they are maniacs in the ed schools

          • Yes, I have experience with both, and public AND private schools are full of subversion.

            I would also recommend learning a trade. Good for barter.

          • A trade isn’t just power tools. Food preservation, wild plants for foods and medicines, herbal medicine and first/home aid, small unit tactics, surveillance, CB/ham radio, blog/server hosting, video, water and power, car theft- all the prepper stuff are trades.

      • I don’t think they want to exterminate us. Just reduce us to a manageable level. They will still need some of us to create new gadgets for the corporations and keep things running.

        • Literally the point of the post above on which you commenting contradicts you, skeptic16. They don’t want your stuff, they want you dead. Greed is not their motivation: hatred is. White people are to the elite as social media is to dissidents: it is inconvenient to go without, but they absolutely will, and for an identical reason.

          • Well, if they are smart enough to get so much control over us, I think they are smart enough to know what keeps the system working. Don’t confuse the purple haired dyke screaming at you with the banker at the top. The negro, illegal alien, antifa thug is simply a tool.
            Where did you get your education?

        • I used to think that.

          But then you look at how high immigration rates are. They do actually want to wipe us all out, and the “thinking” parts can be done by Indians and a few east Asians.

          Canada is expected to be 10% white by 2100. It is genocide.

    • Working locally is powerful. Besides, look at DC. Things aren’t going well at the federal level. Putting too much energy in that mess is a waste of time at this point.

    • You’re not wrong. The DR doesn’t really have much organization or any kind of plan to speak of. It’s also still hampered by some oldschoolers who naively cling to outdated ideologies: “corporations only care about money, so they’ll never ban Trump” … lol.

    • The system is built on so many untenable foundations that it cannot work. Currently there is no organization, political party or even individual that can present any significant opposition. We are like the North Vietnamese and the system is like tge B-52s of the USAF. Actually worse, since the North Vietnamese received outside help.
      Our job is to survive without giving undue help to the system and not be caught in the collapsing buildings in order to be able to pickup the pieces.

    • As I’ve advocated on here before, I personally believe the move is a mass exodus of the dissident right. The path of Aeneas. The Greeks are inside the walls. Imagine if hundreds of thousands or a few million of us left for Poland, Hungary, or Argentina? We could create our own communities and bring invaluable knowledge and value to those countries. Meanwhile, we won’t be demonized as the evil white boogeyman. Furthermore, we’re the ones making this country run. If we leave, the beast collapses into chaos that much faster.

      • We don’t need to make Poland or Hungary a new melting pot. They have their own history and their own people, and do not need us setting up separate communities within their nations.

      • I think 500,000 of us moving to Virginia to right along DC would be a mind fuck of enormous proportions.

        Imagine trying to conduct normal business inside DC with a half million of us outside the gates. And we don’t have to be vocal. Just the fact that we’re there.

      • Wait, I thought guys on the right were opposed in principle to mass immigration, particularly of refugees. Don’t we expect people to clean up the mess instead of running away from it? Or are we self-serving hypocrites now?

      • Your remark reads like a variation of the plot in Atlas Shrugged with Poland, Hungary, or some other place as Galt’s Gulch. Another obvious problem is that you haven’t any reason to doubt that antiwhite enmity and hatred won’t be cultivated in those other places.

    • It’s all over. The first step was background checks that could cost a person his ability to travel, rent, get credit or a job. When someone failed at a background check they soon found that they would never be able to pass one. Yet they still needed a place to sleep out of the rain, food and clothing. Businesses are beginning to spring up to make use of their talents and accept them as consumers. A class analogous to the Indian untouchables has been created and will only grow larger.
      Now businesses are firing employees said to have any connection to the Trump phenomenon. People are going to have a choice, say what they think and face the unpleasant consequences or keep their mouth shut and toe the party line. It will no longer matter what your personal political opinion might be, you will, like almost everyone in the Soviet Union did, repeat the platitudes that the “Progressives” require. You will need to espouse their blather in order to graduate from high school, attend and graduate from college, get a decent job, travel, maybe even get season tickets to Cubs games. A dark, dark age is coming

    • Act locally, do what you can and work on building parallel communities. Which is a lot of work and takes a long time.

      The most important thing that everyone can do is stop avoiding jury duty. Get on them, dishonestly if necessary. And then vote guilt or innocence based on your own interests. You just might save YT whose being railroaded. Or send a jogger to the jail he deserves.

      You can also spread FUD – cynically – forward news stories of government and political incompetence – do it from a lefty POV – “can’t believe what those corporate tools have done now ….”

      The really brave can sabotage from behind enemy lines. Get job with the government, a non profit or political campaign. And then throw sand in the gears. But be patient. Think of it as free American during a foreign occupation. The hotheads may kill a couple occupiers before they are killed or captured. But the real damage is done from the inside when projects fail, or dirt is exposed to bring down a rival.

      The less brave can attack the system from the left – the left is a swirling mass of mutually hostile groups of dummies. Plenty of opportunity to engineer friendly fire in the circle,jerk.

  45. With all the security theatre going on in DC, I had the thought that maybe the progs are getting ready to make biden a martyr for the cause – and pop him during the inauguration.

    • I was pleased to see the state capital protests fell flat. Saw the flyers— lots of red and gold, doublespeak.

      It’s encouraging that nobody took the bait. Lefty is not a leader of men 🙂

      • Those flyers were the laziest false flag psyop in the history of the world. Couldn’t even change the Soviet/Maoist era coloring?

        • Right? Either we’re dealing with a bunch of Einsteins or somebody is just messing with us.

          Really, I think somebody wanted to lead competent people and didn’t have what it takes.

          • Good point. Still I can’t shake the feeling there are some anarchists out there fantasizing what they could do with people of that quality, but since they’ve spent years dismissing them as nazis they have no clue how to speak to them.

            Leftists treat each other like cannon fodder. It’s normal to them, but righty expects more. Now that I think about it, that might explain Trump throwing his supporters under the bus. His inner lefty.

          • It didn’t work since they were denounced as stupid and loudly without any denunciation of the core ideas of the DR.
            Those posters were an abject failure which is something of which to be grateful .

  46. Yes, it’s getting real faster and the sidelines are no longer a safe haven.
    New Skills & Habits (Cont)
    Practice-Practice-Practice. It’s time to hone your newly acquired skills and convert them into habits via self-planned training missions. Pick a target destination some distance away. Leave your cell phone behind. Dress to blend in, appear routine & innocuous. Choose a novel means of transit (dog walking, jogging, bike riding, bus system, etc). Improvise your route on the fly & be indirect; spontaneity is your friend. Ask directions, be friendly and chat with others. Carefully observe your surroundings in detail. Critique yourself when home. Repeat & learn & improve.

  47. This has revealed something else. The dissident right is not ready to be the Dissident Right, despite the growing numbers. “

    It the dissident right wants to go to the next level, it needs to start with understanding that the culture way needs to be fought in every theatre. In particular, the economic realm. Stop giving money to the enemy. No political donations to anyone. Ll so doing business with Amazon, Walmart, apple, Microsoft, etc. Get off social media and Google. Buy American, even if it means paying more and paying for shipping. We can’t win this war if we keep giving our enemies money for the ammo they use to fight us.

    • Another point: while the political theatre of cultural war can’t be effectively attacked from the right, it can be attacked from the left, at least for now. The right’s policy should be to weaken the government as much as possible. This means tax cuts, stimulus checks, bailouts, defunding LEOs and other entities that carry guns on behalf of the state. Anything that reduces government income, increases government expenditures, and reduces the efficacy of their fighting force is a good political goal. It’s easier to fight and/or control a weak government than a string one. Tactics matter way more than principles now, so support political causes that erode state and federal power.

      • The Old Right, libertarians, and “conservatives”, some way more than others, have been trying to weaken the government, reduce taxes, and reduce Washington’s income since the early 20th century. And now we are supposed to do that with the Left firmly in charge?

        • Stop thinking politically and act individually. Use cash whenever you can, or barter or trade – keep as much income under the table as you can (the way all the gimmigrants do). Be as dishonest on your taxes as you can without triggering attention – minor changes here and there each year. Claim any benefit you are ‘entitled’ to. Bleed it dry. Cloward-Piven can benefit the Right quite easily once you let go of the fictions of ‘muh constitution’ and ‘democracy.’

          • and if you have an old person in the family, drawing SS or other benes, stick them in the chest freezer when they pass (and keep on collecting).

        • If they propose a tax cut (any tax cut), yes. The left isn’t pro-tax per se, they just view it as a tool of social policy, so there are undoubtedly some groups whose tax burden they’re like to reduce. They play the loophole game, too. When it comes up, support it.

          • If they propose a tax cut (any tax cut) NO. Those tax cuts will mostly benefit our enemies. Deny the GOP any wins for their donor masters.

            They are financing their plans by borrowing from foreigners and generating new money. For the foreseeable future, there is an infinite supply of money. No one believes we will ever pay this back.

            I say make them send everyone checks for a million dollars.

        • You misread his suggestion. He suggested weakening of government by pushing ideas from the left, ie defunding the police, reparations, outrageous deficit spending. We know these will push inflation through the roof, tank the economy, wake up normies, and hasten conflict.

      • tl;dr: Starve the beast and feed off its carcass as much as possible (get any benny you can qualify for and even those you don’t) – abandon old White principles of “not taking a dime of aid.” You already paid it in multiple times; get out whatever $ you can.

    • “We can’t win this war if we keep giving our enemies money for the ammo they use to fight us.”

      They’re printing their own money now. Heck, they’re printing OUR own money. They don’t even need customers anymore. They can literally sell to themselves… at a profit!

      • Also they have imported a new populace. At least 60 million people in the U.S. are first generation immigrants. That figure is no doubt low and does not count the 2nd or third generations who bring the numbers up to around 140 million.

        Those people vote democrat, and buy the cheapest things they can from all of the usual suspects. The Amazons of the world don’t need us to buy their stuff anymore.

        • Without the post ’65 invasion and their progeny, we’d be an 88% White nation of perhaps 225 million people. Just a dream compared to today’s living nightmare.

        • You’re right, George, about the immigrants. We are going to be further inundated, and I’m guessing there will be hundreds of thousands from Africa, totally unable to adapt. I anticipate crime rates will go through the stratosphere with all the newcomers they are going to unleash unfiltered.
          Just to note, though – I was at the1/6 rally, and was amazed at the number of Asians I saw, some with banners warning about the Chinese communists (Chicom hijinks? Maybe, maybe not). There were also at least a dozen Vietnamese flags being waved around, I’m guessing to tell us that those holding them are well-acquainted with what’s coming.

          • Where are the Vikings: That is good to hear. I hope that your experience is a harbinger of the higher IQ Asians at least forming a mutual benefit alliance with us.

          • Your comment does not give me the warm fuzzies. Any alien – of whatever hue – waving his home nation’s flag on American soil – needs to go home. Asians are just as anxious to replace you as the others, just a bit more subtle about it. They’re not your friends or your countrymen.

    • This, a million times.

      Think Islam and their constant jihad.

      Think CCP and their political warfare, which is essentially secular, materialist jihad.

    • You can’t avoid using these tech companies in all circumstances. And most people aren’t willing to try, so that suggestion is a nonstarter. These companies are too big to ignore. Anti-monopoly laws are no longer enforced because the state wishes to concentrate power into the hands of a few loyalists who can then circumvent the constitution through technically legal means — which means you get the social media banhammer for questioning the election of their candidates and they get to use Facebook to organize “the Resistance” and claim your guy stole the election with the help of the Russians.

      The statement “Buy American, even if it means paying more and paying for shipping” is old school. It won’t work. Giving more money to converged “American” companies won’t do any good, and it will only make things worse; how many of these companies gave money to BLM? My advice: buy foreign, even if it costs more (your statement really should read “buy local” instead). There are overseas alternatives to Amazon, for example. I can order products from Japanese, Korean, and Chinese retailers and have them shipped here at reasonable cost. It would be better to make a list of these retailers and circulate a “how to” pamphlet on the subject than advocating people forego the convenience of online retail.

      Alternatively, we could pressure Red State governments to create an Amazon clone run through the state government (same with internet companies). With better AI and automation, it could be competitive — maybe to the point that others copy the model and put Amazon out of business. Think about the impact on our enemies if we used the Post Office to do what Amazon already does: Bye bye Jeff Bezos and his subsidized Washington Post. I’d pay an extra dollar in inefficiency costs if it nukes that guy’s business and bank account. Also, think about having state governments buy and operate servers, search engines (etc.) and payment processors. It would be next to impossible to deplatform our people outside of some kind of authoritarian hardblock of the website.

      State governments could create competitors in online retail and video hosting and, perhaps, make a profit doing so while putting left-wingers out of business. I’d pay an extra dollar for that.

      Additionally, Red States can legislate a Google / Microsoft ban by requiring all government computers use open source software and set default search engines to DuckDuckGo, among many other measures. Say goodbye to state money used on Microsoft Office licenses when the they can just use OpenOffice for free. The value of these measures is that they can be used as a springboard for wider adoption by the public, which would really hurt our enemies.

      Also, pressuring the government to rescind its Huawei ban, allowing China to take Silicon Valley to the woodshed, would do FAR more to hurt the Cloud People than any boycott civnats come up with. Why buy Apple products and support a company that bans our people from the internet when we could support a company that could possibly one day put Apple out of business? How many Apple employees are truly our people anyway? So, why are we telling our people to buy from them when we could buy from their competitors? Isn’t that what we should be telling our side?

      We need to be strategic about what we advise. The old ways of boycotts just can’t work on large enough scales to dethrone multi-hundred billion dollar companies in this day and age.

        • You: a drop in the ocean. Amazon customer base: the ocean.
          It won’t make a difference when they have a captive market of millions. What’s 0.1% off their bottom line?

          • No, I didn’t miss your point. You didn’t have one. You were claiming that you personally avoided the service, which was completely irrelevant to the point that was being made and the context of the comment that I was replying to.

          • Because it matters to YOU to not be lazy. Its outright unethical to give the enemy support.
            Every little bit helps and if you think it doesn’t, the NFL our greatest Civ Nat propaganda tool is dying because of enough people turning it off.
            So is cable TV, NBA and most of the other social control tools. This is why the frantic, crazed efforts, the system of control is slowly failing .
            And its because people stop caring and there is nothing anyone can do to change that.
            Not caring starts with you as does putting ideology before consumer convenience which is a mandate of being DR.

          • That will make zero difference in the end. As I correctly pointed out, they’ll get by fine without you while banning your competition to make up the difference. 90% of the population will still shop at Amazon and watch Netflix and cheer for sportsball because most people prioritize comfort and leisure over principle and self-sacrifice. If they did, we wouldn’t have an obesity crisis. The truth of my statement can be found in any of your local Walmarts.

            This kind of impractical thinking is why the left dominates the right politically and probably always will: while you focus on things that won’t work (boycotts), the other side goes for the jugular with policies that will (seizing the levers of power and using them to enact policy and change public opinion in accordance with said policies).

            Right: Imma boycott you.
            Left: Imma ban you, ban your competition, harass your employees, doxx your supporters and donors, and use the government to make sure no one like you can ever be successful again … and that’s for starters.

            Ask yourself, which of these two strategies is likely to prevail in a rapidly diversifying country where only half (or less) of Whites agree with you?

            Every little bit helps and if you think it doesn’t, the NFL our greatest Civ Nat propaganda tool

            The NFL is still one of the most watched television programs in the world. They’ll do fine without you because all sports are converged now and you don’t have a choice. A handful of people may turn away if the BLM rhetoric gets too extreme, but there will always be enough people in diverse America to keep the racket going.

            If the NFL is dying at all, it’s mostly due to market over saturation and declining interest due to rules aimed at preventing concussions. They’ll dial back the rhetoric a little and ratings will go back up just as they did after 2016; they’re still high compared to anything else on television as it is. Even if they don’t reach their peak, they’ll still be very high and the league will be very profitable. They see minorities — already a majority under 18 — as the future, so they aren’t worried about your boycotts.

            Not caring starts with you as does putting ideology before consumer convenience which is a mandate of being DR.

            Impractical suggestion that most consumers will readily ignore. That’s why you lose.

          • Sigh. It doesn’t matter if you can’t boycott the enemy into submission. What matters is that YOUR money isn’t being used by them.
            Cut back on spending to the minimum, spend with friends or at least neutrals and avoid the other side like the COVID.
            Simply never going to Starbucks again will help and there is a lot more you can do.
            Those actions matte on an ethical level more than any other thing you can do until its time.
            You want change? Live the change.
            Without that ideology forward approach you fail.
            Everything is ideology and adherence to that as best you can is the essence of fighting.
            If you can’t at least try to avoid giving YOUR money to YOUR enemy that you are defacto on their side.
            Also consumer society is deader than a door nail now and its not coming back. Airline traffic is down 85% in some sectors , 50% of restaurants are closed , all schools shut NFL in trouble and more
            Sure a few large companies are making bank. The overall pie is now much smaller, the population especially stressed and fertility in free fall.
            The consumer as citizen is goner.
            And if somehow they aren’t, they don’t matter at all. Your guys matter. You get some power, normie will follow.
            This society is oscillating so wildly its falling apart no matter what, can’t be saved and won’t be no matter what bailouts.
            Getting in the head space of that will help you and cutting back on spending, thinking about where you spend you funds helps.
            Being able to tell your normie friends ” I stopped shopping on line as much as possible and going to Walmart. Its not good for the economy or people” counts. So does “yeah, I’m buying a lot less and praying more.”
            Its called leading by example.
            And sure the economy being the way it is, is not really a functional market. Fixing that is a way off . So what you can.

      • Mmm, the sportsball boycott is hurting ad rates, which is going to have cascading effects for that segment of the economy.

        • They’re not in any danger of going out of business, and that’s not even the same thing. I can watch something else if I don’t want to watch the NBA. Try getting another social media website when the servers are pulled or an Amazon replacement when they ban your product.

          • There’s a gab and we really don’t need social media. You do realize it is a corrosive medium and shouldn’t be used period.

          • 1) Gab isn’t a viable replacement for Twitter because corporations, celebrities, and corporations won’t join the platform for fear being called names. The same happened to Parler. That platform was then banned. Twitter is far more influential. You suggestion is the equivalent of an authoritarian regime claiming people have freedom of speech … as long as they don’t talk around other people.
            2) Social media is hugely influential. You may not like it, but ignoring it sure as hell won’t do you any good when the other side has used it to brainwash the youth.

          • Social media is hi tech drug dependency. Everyone individually will be better off quitting it and society as a whole is better for every person that kicks the habit.

          • “Society would be better off if people stopped committing crimes.”

            “Obesity could be solved if people stopped eating junk food.”

            “Social media is hi tech drug dependency. Everyone individually will be better off quitting it and society as a whole is better for every person that kicks the habit.”

            All true statements, but how practical are these suggestions for most people, and is it wise to advocate policies based on the assumption that they are?

      • Brilliant suggestions. The US is too big and too corrupt to do anything about but plenty of states are still salvageable. The DR needs to start identifying, promoting, and encouraging non-pod people to move there. And quickly because they are no doubt already in the crosshairs. I’ll start: Idaho.

        • In Idaho, the RINOS are firmly in control. There are a lot of “return to civility” types here not to mention we are currently being inundated with Californians and ghetto dwellers from big cities who are being resettled here by NGOs/Uncle Sam.

      • If most people aren’t willing to even try to live without big tech, they ought to seriously consider if they are opposed to woke tech, or merely (temporarily) uncomfortable with it. FFS, humans lived social, organized lives for millions of years without cell phones or email, so it’s not like those things are necessary for human survival and well-being.

        I agree that I should have said buy local, or at least not multinational.

        Regarding political action: did you miss the news where the tech giants, globomedia and democrats successfully conspired to steal a presidential election? Do you still think that operating within the bound of political rules of procedures is a viable strategy? Or are you just a slow learner? Formal politics is dead, move on to something more useful. (Also, why do you believe that it will be easier for conservatives to convince state governments to start a state run alternative to Amazon than it would be to simply start using already-existing supply chains?)

      • It’s easy to ignore big tech and Amazon. Most folks are just too damn lazy to do so. They’d rather be tools for Big Tech and BelzeeBezos.

  48. among the lessons to be learned from the Trump epoch are that:

    Style trumps substance in America (and perhaps everywhere). The opposition to Trump was almost entirely driven by his style, his assholeishness, as opposed to the actual positions he took or policies he implemented.

    America’s culture is a thoroughly feminized with unabashed masculinity outside the Overton window of acceptable behavior. Part of Trump’s shtick was being a caricature of an Alpha male – which reflexively repulsed the beta and gamma males of our matriarchy.

    Any successful political movement for the foreseeable future is going to have to accept these realities, and use or counter them effectively.

    • So then are you part of the “optics matter” crowd? In my opinion optics not only matter, they are everything in today’s political theater. This is unfortunate, especially considering the opposition controls the screens and windows through which the masses view reality (i.e. the MSM, the University system, every major cultural institution etc.)
      I think we need to accept this, but what we do with that knowledge is another issue all together. To say “Fuck optics” is basically to bow out of the game completely. I’m not saying that’s the wrong conclusion, I just don’t see how you can create a new movement with the optics of the 6th. Maybe this is my own failure, shortsightedness?

        • yes, they are part of a whole that can lead to victory, ie our own country that is to be self determined by us

        • Where’s the beef?

          There has to be SOMETHING there you can sink your teeth into. But yes, optics or marketing are important, as long as you have something there

        • Our enemy controls the optics. Doing what must be done to win will never be “good optics.”

      • I never liked the term “optics.” Optics implies we have to seem to be one way no matter what we are. It just reminds me of window dressing.
        In politics as in theater, there has to be a good story. A good story does not involve the 1930s and other things the enemy has propagandizing us about since we were young enough to believe in Santa Clause.
        The people who love to say optics don’t matter will always counter this with “they’ll call you X anyway,” where X is something everyone is primed to respond with disgust.
        Trump is actually a perfect example of how appearance and stories do matter. From June 2015 onward, Trump was smeared with one label after another by the left. But it never stuck. No matter what they threw at him, it just did not stick. He should be called Teflon Don because nothing sticks to him. Trump short circuited all of the emotional priming.

        • “Optics implies we have to seem to be one way no matter what we are. It just reminds me of window dressing.
          In politics as in theater, there has to be a good story.”
          I totally agree. Control of the Narrative is essentially top priority for any political campaign. But right now, optics controls the story. We as the opposition won’t get a chance if they control the optics. We can have the best store in town, with the best products. But if our competition is allowed to slap warnings signs for poisonous gas and/or illegal practices all over your storefront window, good luck getting any customers!

          In my opinion, unfortunately, the image and the implicit social ramifications set the narrative.
          We can have our own perspective and story about the 6th. But normie wakes up the next morning, turns on the TV, looks at Twitter, or hears it from Greg in the office next door: the story has already been set. They see rural dudes with AR-15s and a larping pagan with horns screaming like a madman. And with slight dramatic music in the background and the concerned tones of the newspersons speaking about “threat to democracy” this and “domestic terrorism” that.

          The true meaning of the event, why it happened, the moitves of the people, aren’t even thought about. It just looks distasteful, and they don’t want to be associated with terrorism.

      • Agree entirely.

        I’d add that is reality whether we like it or not. And refusing to accept that reality is as foolish as refusing to admit the realities of a battlefield and enemy in wartime. It’s akin to people saying in WWII that they don’t like the tactics of the Germans, so they’re going to fight with dignity and respect – and lose badly, but at least they maintain their “principles” while losing.

        One of many weaknesses that white people have is pathological honesty. As the trope goes, the first casualty of war is truth. Every conflict includes deception – even before humans existed, animals used stealth and camouflage to catch and avoid becoming prey. But white dopes think The Truth will Win in the End or some equivalent bullshit.

        • they’re going to fight with dignity and respect – and lose badly, but at least they maintain their “principles” while losing.” –

          You just nailed the description of the Republican Party.

      • Leica, Swarovski, or Zeiss can make a difference from a distance in poor light. So, I guess good optics matter.

        • I own Swarovski and Zeiss binoculars, both okay but not great. A friend of mine says the best binoculars for the money are Vortex, made in Wisconsin.

    • Trump was a macho tough-guy in public but rather weak and ineffectual in private.
      The next right wing leader needs to talk nicely in meaningless platitudes in public while being an absolute barbarian and cleaning house in private.

      • This, with bells on it. Friendly and war and positive storefront with a ruthlessly efficient and brutal on the back end.

        • Great point, wouldn’t you rather have had a ron paul but who unilaterally stopped all immigration and deported every questionable resident?

          • Ron Paul was not anti-immigration, unfortunately. Neither is his son Rand. Don’t look back with rose-colored glasses.

        • This has been my main criticism of him from day one. Not only that he abandoned a lot of good people along the way. I honestly think he is happy to have lost. There is no other explanation for his complete lack of understanding of how he needed to handle to drain the swamp if he ever intended to do so.

      • I think Trump’s biggest problem wasn’t that he was weak or ineffectual, but that he never took his enemies seriously. Trump thought it was all a game. That he could talk a bit of crap, the media would attack him, he would eventually do something of a compromise and then the press would write nice things about him.
        He simply could not accept that they hated him and would rather die themselves than see him succeed.
        I don’t think he realized how much the government itself would fight him. He lived his life in business where the boss made the decisions and those decisions are followed.
        Given where we are now, I think Trump was mostly a success. Yes, we lost the battle, but 5 years ago, nobody even knew there was a war.

      • John Derbyshire calls this the SOB factor, necessary in an effective leader. Reagan was very affable in public, but a tough guy behind the scenes. Unfortunately, he had to focus on defeating the Commies abroad, and paid too little attention to the enemies within.

      • He needs to be an archetypal Norse berserker both publicly and privately. It is important that the next rightwing leader signals unabashedly that, not only is it okay to be white, but that it is praiseworthy to be so. In doing so, he punctures every AWR piety and provides energy and moral support to the DR rank and file that so desperately needs it.

      • Agreed.

        For all the bluster all around, the biggest problem with Trump was that he was too conventional and played by the rules – while his opponents did not.

        • I’d agree. One of Trump’s biggest wins was when he declared a state of emergency and took the funds he needed for the border wall. It was also, ironically, one of his losses in that he allowed the Dem’s to delay him for half his term. From this experience, he learned nothing.

      • You’re still thinking it’s 1985. You think the elite won’t see this angle you are fooling yourself. Because the first thing they do is infiltrate any right wing group with a leader whose not totally insane.
        After Trump the elite will be watching our side like a hawk and have people on the inside ready to derail it.

      • So, you’d like your President to be a deceitful, two-faced virtue signaller? Is that how you like your representatives? That’s a big part of the problem. We already live in enough of a lie.

        If your culture is that sick I’d suggest you’ve got bigger problems.

        Also, i doubt you have any idea what Trump is like in private. From what I’ve read he’s far from ineffectual.

    • More often than not, the first thing Trump haters say about Trump is “he’s an a-hole.” The things we like about him, such as exposing the media as “fake,” or pummeling ¡Jeb!, had the opposite effect on many. They were appalled.

      • Even worse, many of those haters can cite no other reason for their hate.

        There’s no rational debate with people in that mindset.

        • I think this was it for a lot of normies – Trump’s abrasive and brash personality. He just didn’t have the proper decorum and sullied the vaunted office of the presidency. For me, that’s exactly what I wanted to see – someone who didn’t speak with your typical political forked tongue – and fought back (at least to some degree) against the lies and the system. No one else in our current political class could have done or even tried a fraction of it.

          • Watching Trump interviews from the ’80s is seeing a totally different person.

            The brash confidence is there, but not so much the abrasiveness.

            With the current Trump it’s like he never stopped mugging for the cameras on the Apprentice.

            Too late to know if dialing that back would have helped his cause.

          • That was all I ever even knew of Trump. He was all over the news around 1990 in my area. A major celebrity. And then I never saw or heard anything about him until 2015.
            His total disrespect for the process and especially for the people involved is what sold me on him.
            Frankly, all the nice speeches and pomp and “dignity” and ceremony can never make up for the evil things our leaders do. Everything is now about nice words. Nice words matter more than action in modern globohomo.

          • Words matter more than actions because we live in a gynochracy. Women are all about words and structures and processes and rules, not action. Women need to be home and out of all public life.

          • nope. as an old marine captain once told me: shit in one hand, and talk into the other; see which fills up first.

          • As a woman, I tend to agree, except with very exceptional, intelligent and logical women. Women emote, manipulate, and are selfish and petty. You can learn all you need to know about most women by joining your local PTA. They think nothing of shafting someone’s kids to advance their own above the pack. Men tend to think more globally, are less petty and emotional as a rule. I would much prefer to work among men than women.

          • usNthem. I get that attitude form many of my normie friends. They talk about what a great guy Ronald Reagan was.
            I always tell them you mean Ronald Reagan: The first president after WWII that started blowing up the budget? You mean Reagan the initiator of massive gun control? You mean Reagan the president who signed the 1986 Amnesty bill that destroyed the U.S. at least 20 years sooner that it had to be?

          • yes, its what was attractive for me too. Especially rudely calling out jeb and co, and “fake news”.

            THis was a huge development, that Trump needs to be credited for…

          • Trump is like Colin Kaepernick: not good enough at his job to be indulged for his bad manners. If Trump actually deported all the third-worlders and had Hilary and the Biden crime syndicate sitting in federal prison, as well as fired Fauci and withheld federal funds to all states that chose to lockdown for the duration of the lockdown, then I’m sure plenty of people could dismiss his lack of manners, just like people could excuse Tom Brady if he knelt for the anthem. But when you’re thin on accomplishments and skills, you had at the very least be exceptionally well-mannered.

          • A web comment from the 7th:

            “Trump blew it yesterday. He had an opportunity to present his evidence and “Release the Kraken”, instead we got a rally speech.”

            So, the Rubicon was not crossed, not even with an army of loyalists- when the Kraken was the very subject of that day’s Congress.

          • Sorry, all due respect and all that rot, but I don’t particularly like a lot about Jared Taylor either – particularly his heavy moderation of Amren and his blindness on certain subjects. Manners are most definitely NOT everything.

          • A lot of people want the president to be a paterfamalas or pontifex maximus – an aspirational and ceremonial leader to be proud of – a good master of ceremonies. Those people don’t give a shit about what he accomplished or what his policies are. For better or worse, those people are a very large fraction of the public, maybe a majority – or close to it.

            I personally know a number of such people that just couldn’t get past Trump’s public personae, no matter what. The constant fighting with the media also repulsed such people.

        • The one thing the last 5 years (and especially the last year) has revealed is how irrational the average person is. We can build and grow stuff and raise children (mostly poorly) but the bulk of people couldn’t reason themselves out of a paper bag if their lives depended on it. Because it does and they’re not. Unfortunately our overlords understand this aspect of the human condition and have maneuvered us into a corner playing on fear and gullibility.

        • I sometimes wonder what the world would be like if we really were like the Left thinks we are, a terrifying army of technologically inspired of supremacists who always abided by the no more brother wars rules.

    • Sorry, but no. That is a smokescreen. The policies Trump espoused and the potential he had to reveal the endemic corruption were an existential threat to the Cloud People. The only reason he wasn’t murdered, and it may still happen, is because the populace rattled the State.

      • The only reason he wasn’t murdered, and it may still happen, is because the populace rattled the State.
        they’ll just ruin his businesses, maybe some jail time, they won’t kill him.

        • They won’t kill him due to the optics. Better a bum and loser down on his luck than a martyr to rally behind.

          • To say nothing of what they will do to his family. Just before he leaves office, he should issue a blanket pardon to himself and all family members, citing all the harassment he has endured over the past five years and how he does not expect it to end. His supporters will understand. Of course, his first tax return filed after he is no longer president will be used to hound him to the limits of human endurance, if not throw him into prison.

          • I didn’t think about his taxes, you are spot on. It’ll be interesting to see what they do these next few months.

          • Yes, and let’s see what he’ll have to do to get a building permit, let alone an FCC license for a broadcasting entity. Best to let the investors go do that, and THEN attach his name to it, although that would probably result in revocation.
            And with even my formerly conservative Tulsa going sickeningly woke, I wonder what town will welcome his presidential library? I hope he guts Trump Int’l in DC and puts it in that building right under their Maoist noses.
            I have puzzled and puzzed ’til my puzzler was sore regarding why he surrounded himself with the Deep State (Mitch McConnell having to approve his cabinet selections and court nominees probably explains some of it), but there is a lot to be grateful to him for as we move forward.

          • Remember how our attitudes changed about Bush and Blair?

            We might come to see that Trump was the real Trojan horse.

          • The Magatards aren’t ready to hear that theory and won’t be for quite some time.

            But if you wanted to totally discredit a populist- rightist movement in the eyes of moderates what would you do differently then the way Trump has behaved since the election?

          • Exactly. I have realized his main purpose was to utterly destroy populism. He has fled the scene and is allowing his people to be labeled enemies of the state. He showed only token fight. It was great theater.
            I think Trump will be treated fairly by the media now as sleepy creepy deals with one nightmare scenario after another. You could not have a worse situation going forward than he has.

          • Trump always disappoints. I’m disappointed he didn’t move from the White House to his hotel on Pennsylvania Ave. The Obamas never left DC.Trump probably figured it would be bad for business. GOOD RIDDANCE.

          • I believe that continuing to hound and harrass him and especially his family will be their big mistake. As they implement their economic policies and let millions of immigrants into the country, things will get worse and worse for normie. In a few years people will say “well,he really wasn’t that bad. At least I had a job and there was food in the grocery stores and I could afford to gas up my car”.

          • One of the least talked about aspects about Trump is that he has to have run the cleanest businesses on the planet.There have been hundreds (thousands?) of ardent leftists poring over every piece of paper with his name on for the past 60 months.
            They have found nothing. Quite remarkable really.

          • He probably made a deal. He doesn’t seem worried about it, Melania seemed thrilled to be getting out.

        • They don’t want him dead (need a live enemy to better focus hatred on); they want him humiliated. So they’ll go after his business and money and plan on jailing him and/or some of his kids.

          • The Lindsey Lohan (or a dozen others), the Fallen Girl of Mean Girl politics.

            Optics to counter Dirt macho azzholery and further vindicate the coalition of cat ladies, butch grrls, queens, soyboys, whipped hubbies, and pedocrats in their bitchery.

            With miscegenation- everybody should have hair like a dust mop!- we are literally splitting into separate ethnics with separate countries, languages, cultures, and economies. Being force-marched into it, really, the Bataan Death March of the West.

          • Dust-mop hair – excellent descriptive. That works for all the mystery meat models and mulatt0s now – I think I’ll start using this. Thanks!

          • I’ve noticed this in Toronto too. The dark people talk in harsh gutter sounds. They move threateningly. The Chinese people stay separate and increasingly “2nd” gen do the same. Indians are ugly on the inside and outside, many of them born here act like the dark people.

            White people are literally alien to the dark people. One low income apartment in an upper middle class white area might as well be from another planet.

            Same with rural whites, the suburbs are full of coloured people, cross the county road into farmland and it’s all white and conservative. We are splitting into alien peoples.

        • Maybe he should have paid more attention to what his base wanted than what Israel and the jews wanted.

          • If his remaining years will be spent in misery, best to spend them as some sort of revolutionary leader, the sort of figure we hoped we were getting when we elected him. He can either swing for the fences and possibly hit a grand slam, or he can take every pitch and retire to the dugout (dungeon).

          • This is one of the reasons I can’t believe he’ll just walk away from this mess of a former country. He’s been hounded from day 1 since elected and I seriously doubt he and his family will be allowed to quietly ride off into the sunset. Our ruling class on both sides of the aisle have incontrovertibly been shown to be a vile, corrupt, criminal treasonous group of mediocrities bent on destroying what’s left. The recent selection was fraudulent on a massive scale. He he walks away from us and whatever you want to call this land mass, I won’t shed a damn for what happens to him post 1/20. I’d want to make those bastards pay, and pay……and pay.

          • Unless there was some sort of deal cut behind the scenes, which is possible. Maybe something like we will not put you in jail if you disappear from the public stage. That would get rid of the “Trump problem” and at the same time dispirit his followers, which is also a goal.

          • It is hard to believe he will walk away. Seems he has instituted so many measures that would indicate he is going to invoke martial law. I imagine the only stumbling block has been the opposition of the top brass at the Pentagon – as David Hackworth called them, the Perfumed Princes. Perhaps their allegiance to the Deep State has been insurmountable for him.

          • I’d lay $$ on him NOT walking away; he never loses. He won this election & it was stolen from him & us…

            He ain’t gonna just walk away.

          • He needs to disappear. He was a fuckup whose last good deed was ending the Bush and Clinton dynasties.

        • Or break him and give him the Winston Smith treatment.

          He’s worth protecting for the good he did manage, and also to show you can fight and survive.

        • Interesting that Israel was just moved from the theater of European Command to that of Southern Command. I thought Biden would try to revive the Iran Nuclear agreement with extra conditions which Iran would reject and use the rejection as proof that Iran seeks a nuclear bomb. But maybe they don’t think they need to go through that charade.

          • Israel in Southern Command? Maybe the next step would be to make Israel a US state — balanced by Puerto Rico — and keeping DC a Federal District!

    • I’m not sure we’ll be talking politics or optics for much longer. We saw persuasion give way to will in the election and its aftermath— an ominous development. We see government retreating behind troops and barricades. Things are trending in that direction.

      Which in the abstract of masculine/feminine is encouraging, if you want things to get more masculine (I do, but not like this). It’s going to be an ugly ride, though, if things keep going this way (I expect they will).

      Historic times no doubt.

      • The troops are there purely for optics in my opinion. Its all political theater. It makes the normie tremble. It makes the (non-existent) threat of evil white “domestic terrorism” seem tangible to them. They are gearing up to instate more censorship and surveillance legislation.

        The Brits did this during WW2. They didn’t think the Germans would use chemical weapons at any point during ’39 or ’40. Germany showed no interest in a war with England up til then. But British parliament was pretty sure they wanted to enter war, and they needed public support. They made everyone in major cities carry around outdated gasmasks, as a way to get them worried. This made the threat of war more tangible. If citizens fear that they may be gassed while getting groceries, they’re more willing to sacrifice essentials, they are more willing for their government to go to war.

        • Depends on whether or not normie still identifies with the government. If you see your friend scared, you get scared. If your enemy, you’re emboldened. If indifferent, you wonder about it.

          • I agree with you, but I think the normie still identifies with the government, or at least whatever the TV/ CNN and the headlines are telling them. The Left fought hard for the culture war, and they were correct in doing so. In my experience, the number of normies brow beating the 6th far outweighs the people saying “about dang time!”

            The headline is still the most important battle in shaping public opinion. But that’s just like my opinion man.

          • TV is a dying medium and no one really trusts the press outside of the Leftist bubble.
            That’s the fatal flaw of socialism, you have to lie so much even dodos can manage to read between the lines.
            As the old Russian saying went “There is no Pravda in Izvestia, there is no Izvestia in Pravda.” applies here too.
            What does scare people is COVID 19.
            That will make a good control tool with caveats, entire industries are dying off , cities falling into ruin and the unhappiness level is so high it threatens the elite
            This fear is because younger people haven’t had an epidemic before but because a loot of them are drug addicts and this plague tends to come down a lot harder on dopers even more than old people.
            Now the current virus strains are not extremely dangerous to hardy people however its mutates rapidly and even recent strains are very different from before.
            Israeli scientists and some other suggest this is because its a rate of gain virus designed to do this for testing purposes.
            Problem is that it could easily pick up genes from something nasty like Hanta Virus and you’d have a civilization killing plague on your hands. I’ve read grain of salt its now airborne and maybe be zoonotic as well
            You can’t beat this, dubious vaccines won’t work with a rate of gain virus at all , shutdowns don’t seem to work and they also cripple society.
            In essence if this thing picks up the wrong DNA , we are all humped.

          • Righty just scored points with lefty, hence the need to maintain division. Same with blaming it on antifa for righty’s consumption.

          • Spot on, Our side really doesn’t get that the ruling class is gearing up for declaring war on whitey.
            And with most of the DR still stuck in 1985 mode most will be in for a surprise in the coming months.

        • im reading the myth of German Villainy to get a start on my re-education about the 20th cent. Now I see how easy it is to manipulate the populace, and look at covid!

          • Good book! There are a ton of books you can download as PDFs if you look hard enough. Another good one is “Germany’s War”
            I’m really getting into the nuts and bolts of WW2, e.g. logistics, diplomacy, trade, etc. There are alot of lessons to learn when you can study an event decades later, with all the information before you.

            You can draw parallels with the gasmasks in my example above and the current face-diapers we are forced to wear today. Anyone with a functioning brain cell understands how useless these pieces of cloth are in themselves. But they are effective psychologically. Even Fauci stated this initially, before the Covid-Narrative was set. A mass of masked faces make an “invisible enemy” more visible and real.

          • Indeed they will. This is why they let it happen in the first place. Our side still doesn’t get it. they are still worried about “optics’ when the other side has moved on to implementing PATRIOT ACT 2

        • Shame Germany’s appeasement policy for “England” didn’t work.
          That’s why Churchill was so powerful in 1930s “England” because he was constantly calling for war with pacifist Germany.
          It was “England” which was close to bankruptcy in 1938 because of its huge rearmament programme and it had an army of 600,000 men.
          Mind you once the English invaded Poland there was no going back.
          The material facts of that era do not support your lies.

          • I’m not getting into this argument here. You aren’t well read on this topic. I’m not trying to insult you.

            There was no imminent bankruptcy in ’38. If you look at the numbers, the pure numbers in total context, Germany’s rearmament program wasn’t as big as its made out to be, and it certainly wasn’t bankrupting Germany as a nation. I see this meme all the time in comment sections, and yet there is no evidence to back it up.

            The German economy was doing fine, on the contrary it was the Allied nations who were still in economic trouble.
            How did FDR eventually get the US out of the Great Depression again?

            You are looking at this through the prism of propaganda. The evil baddies vs the pure goodies. As I said earlier, I’m researching the nuts and bolts of the war and the time before it, and that includes economy, production numbers, trade, diplomacy etc. I want to understand it in an objective, non-emotional, propaganda-free manner.
            Have you ever tried to understand the war from any other perspective than what you were taught in school, or shown by Spielberg on the big screen?

            Have you even heard of the Balance of Power? Have you considered that Britain had an imperial empire which spanned the globe, its subjects included 1/5th of the Earth’s population? The Allies went to war over the Danzig Corridor and then gave all of Eastern Europe to the USSR anyway. In the process Churchill of course bankrolled his nation and lost the empire as well as Britain’s status on the world stage… but again, I’m not having this conversation here.

          • What made you so angry with my initial comments? The Allied nations practiced propaganda, I don’t think that should be shocking to you. The Allies basically established the practice during WW1.

            Also it is true that Germany, more specifically Hitler, wanted to avoid a protracted war with Britain at all costs. This isn’t even a controversial statement, but is well documented and largely accepted by even the most biased of scholars.

            I’m not making accusations as to who is ultimately “right or wrong” I’m just trying to learn from the event and apply this knowledge to modern circumstances.

      • Back when I was a kid, we’d have to give the DC tour to any relatives who came visiting. I must have gone into the Capitol dozens of times – wandering the halls, in the Senate chamber (when congress was not in session), hell, we even took the federal subway that runs between federal buildings (since my father had federal ID as a government employee). To see it behind wire-topped 12 foot fences is surreal. I realize it’s ominous, but it’s also rather comical to my old eyes.

      • I was telling the 7 and 11 year old niece and nephew that in 50 years, this will be their Moon landing, their Nixon, their 9-11.

    • Perception is reality.

      Fundamentally, Trump is a creature of the ’80s, which were all about style.

      • He never changed his hair style from that era which was ridiculous even then. I’ve thought for a while that if he just got a conventional do and retired the sun lamp it would have calmed some of the hysteria from the female side. From what I can make out their disdain doesn’t run much deeper than being revolted by his appearance and trophy wives.

        • Pandering to and appeasing the wimyn might be necessary to an extent in the present climate. Still this tactical requirement should never lead to forgetting the strategic goal, which is to push wimyn out of the political process as far as possible.

        • Women do not care about a man’s appearance. Women are attracted by one thing: Power. And Trump exudes it.

          Their disdain is entirely a matter of women’s Herd Animal nature, and taking their cue from the media that Trump is Awful. Women do not have opinions, they have strategies for winning popularity and wealth.

    • Not feminized but Anglicised. Malcolm Muggeridge noticed this in the Sixties. Being polite and well behaved is much more esteemed than being good.

      • I’d say it was more of an American flaw.US has traditionally had a much higher crime rate than the UK but they boast of their good nature. US people claim they are christians because they go to church but if you look at family breakdown, suicide,drug addiction,std rates, and abortion the US is much worse than England.

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