Lesson Of Trump #2

One of the ironies of the Trump phenomenon is that his most ardent supporters and his many opponents focused on the man, when it was never about the man. Ten years ago, no rational person would have picked Donald Trump as the face of populist discontent, much less the most consequential political figure in generations. When he ran, it was assumed it was a publicity stunt, as he had spent his life as an entertainment gadfly, finding ways to draw public attention to his real estate schemes.

Yet, as the Trump era draws to a close, both his supporters and his enemies have developed a political cult around the man. His supporters are sure he has some last trick up his sleeve to do something to save the country. His opponents are sure he has some trick up his sleeve to steal their democracy from them. So much so, in fact, they have turned the tiny internet fad called QAnon into a subversive conspiracy. There are more anti-Q fanatics now than genuine followers of it.

The thing is, Trump was always an opportunist. In fact, he is the extreme expression of the opportunist, which is how he went from Queens landlord to one of the most famous and successful real estate developers in the world. Real estate, especially the business of high-profile resort properties, is about opportunity. You find a deal before everyone else and cash in before the next big thing. Trump got rich finding the next big thing before everyone else realized that it was the next big thing.

Trump got into politics for all the same reasons everyone else runs for office in a modern liberal democracy. He wanted affirmation. Unlike the narcissistic robots that fill up both parties, Trump saw an opportunity outside the system. The swelling ranks of disaffected whites, unhappy with both parties, looked a lot like a neglected property with tremendous promise, if the right investor came along. Most important from Trump’s perspective, they were a motivated seller.

The first eager seller was Ann Coulter, who was one of the most prominent celebrities to get on the Trump train. Well before anyone thought Trump was a serious threat to the Republican nomination, she was saying he would not only win the nomination but win the general election. Queen Ann completely bought into Trump being the daddy she had been waiting for her whole political life. She went to war for Trump the man, believing he was the answer.

She was not alone in thinking Trump was the savior. The alt-right that had been forming up on-line in the Obama years also went all in on Trump. They convinced themselves he was the American Pinochet. Mike Enoch of The Right Stuff jumped on the Trump train with the same enthusiasm as Ann Coulter. Richard Spencer was a full-blown MAGA man. The alt-right went to war for Trump in the 2016 election, so much so that even Hillary Clinton felt the need to notice them.

The trouble is, Trump was never that man. He could never be that man. He could never have won the nomination and the general election if he was that man. Only an opportunist with no regard for what he was saying could have gamed the system the way he did in 2016. Unlike Pat Buchanan and Ross Perot who came before him, Donald Trump won because he was not constrained by the truth. Like every opportunist, he was only focused on exploiting the opportunity.

Of course, when this reality became too obvious to ignore, many people jumped off the Trump train and became droning critics. Like jilted lovers they could not stop talking about how the mean old orange man did them wrong. They were not wrong to point out Trump’s faults. Their error was in thinking he was their savior or that any man can be the savior in this political system. They were sure and remain sure that you can vote your way out of the defects of liberal democracy.

There are three lessons here. One is that Trump could never have existed without the realty of the masses that supported him. He was just a front runner, a guy who jumped to the head of a wave of people coming to terms with the fact that we are entering a new era of politics. With or without Trump, those people exist and will continue to exist with the same grievances and concerns. Just because the dull knight vanquished their champion, does not mean they cease to exist.

Another lesson is there is no way to reform this system. The sort of person who can win an election is either a careerist sellout like every member of the GOP or an outlandish outsider with no ability to govern. The only way forward for dissidents is to focus on building outside the system. A third of all adults and close to half of white people no longer think the system is legitimate. Every day the people in charge convert more people to this view with their authoritarian actions.

The final lesson here is that the old political labels are no longer relevant. That is what the Trump era demonstrated. It is no longer about conservative versus liberal or red team versus blue team. It is not socialism versus capitalism. It is about those who live in the lie of liberal democracy and those who live in the truth. If you live in the truth, you not only oppose the people running the system, but you also oppose the system that allows these criminal aliens to rule over us.

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478 thoughts on “Lesson Of Trump #2

  1. Regime Change Deluxe: The Capitol is now the Forbidden City replete with Republican eunuchs guarding the treasury. Social media provides the platform for the struggle sessions, and the firing squads are conveniently located in meat space. We will be trained to say America in Mandarin in the camps.

  2. Wonder if the techno insurgents will celebrate dementia Joe’s inauguration by taking down the grid. This could get interesting.

    • Unlikely. More likely is widespread BadWhite ignoring a six month lockdown by Xou Bai-Den. With a new FedForce hastily drawn up to enforce it, local cops have withdrawn to the donut shops for the duration. THAT will get … interesting.
      There will be mass firings of people, and a purge of all Whites in the military (particularly Special Forces). Already underway.
      If I had to guess the flashpoint it would a mob of say a million Hondurans almost entirely young men making its way to the Texas border being stopped by the Texas State Troopers and some elements of the National Guard while Xou Bai-Den sends in the Army to let them in by force and arrests the Governor and local officials.
      The mostly Mexican (like 90%) Hispanics of South Texas do not want say 5 million Hondurans running the place. They are not Honduran.

      • The 12 foot walls with razorwire, closed bridges and 25,000 troops have me thinking they’re expecting something out of the ordinary.

  3. Overheard Dems; its really smart and cool for Biden to put 200,000 flags on mall, for all the people who can’t come. 

    “No debating crowd size tomorrow.” Actually happy.

    I shall not and did not disillusion them. Cruelty like violence must be justified.

    The National Guard is guarding The Republic’s Literal Graveyard, festooned with flags.

  4. Sadly, its all jew scripted, like a shitty tv movie. Hope or despair? Hero or villian? While you watch, they rob you blind. Any distraction or absurdity to keep you from self awareness, the answers lie within you, not in the Potemkin village you’re staring at.

    • Don’t spoil our fun! I dont believe its all scripted. I have a friend who believes school shootings are all actors and directors and everyone’s in on the scam, but “us”?

      I don’t think people are that clever or far visioned, nor do I think they are so psychologically superior as to live their lives in a total lie. No, i think what you see is more or less real. Its not a TV show, there have always been these political adn cultural dramas, we are humans, drama making machines!

  5. Half of the people I know on the right of the divide are already moving on to 3 weeks from now Trump will rise from the darkness, insurgents in the military will overthrow and arrest the pretender and victory will be ours. This is the right’s cope counterpart to the Russian hoax.

    However, just like Q, the copes created for the right are meant to pacify us while those for the left are meant to energize them

  6. I voted for Trump in 2016 knowing that he was a fraud and a huckster. Elon Musk is a the same, but he still produces vehicles, even terribly flawed ones. My hope in 2016 was that Trump would keep about 10-20% of his promises. It was a terrible disappointment. But his presidency was all worth it in that he inadvertently and through his own rudeness, narcissism etc., exposed SO MANY other frauds in DC, in both parties. The damage he did was irreparable. They just don’t know it yet.

  7. Z has always been too critical of Trump as a politician and a president. Trump is only awful if you compare him to perfection, but if you compare him to Jeb or Hillary then he’s done much better than we could ever have hoped for.

  8. as an analogy – do you kind of wonder if Mar-a-lago is his ural mountain hideout, so to speak?

  9. Trump hired horribly incompetent people needed to dismantle the deep state. His rhetoric was good but his ability to hire and fire rendered him ineffective.

      • Bannon

        start here and let them find FBI, CIA, DOJ, personnel. Heck, DJT fired Flynn and then whined about Sessions being timid and recusing. Pinochet 2024 sounds right.

    • His record on personnel is so bad that:

      1. He is the worst judge of people in modern political history.
      2. He was not involved in the choices due to non-interest or he was under extreme pressure by forces in the background (financial interests, Israel Lobby etc.).
      3. Everyone is a swamp creature so it didn’t matter.

      I don’t know how you can explain a John Bolton or the fact that Trump’s track record did not improve as if he was learning from his mistakes. On the other hand, he did fire many of these people.
      I lean toward #2. Even if Mitch McConnell was a choke point, Trump could have pulled a Reagan and gone directly to his base to lean on their senators to approve his choices.

      • Trump even purged a highly regarded Ezra Cohen-Watkin. Don’t know who he is but he was supposed to be committed to MAGA.

        Then, someone in the WH convinced Trump to issue the executive order to combat election fraud as an attack on the country, roughly two years ago. He signed it, and people got excited about the possibility that he would crack down by now and save the constitution.

        Failure to follow up on wholesale arrests, in the name of actual law, and poor appointments to enforcement and intelligence positions says:

        Trump was in over his head or HE NEVER WAS SERIOUS about laying it all out for half of the country.

        I cannot support him any longer. Hopefully he won’t get Romanov’d by the killers running our country.

    • First off all the big appointments had to go through McConnell who hated Trump and he made sure only swamp creatures were approved.. He also prevented recess appointments.
      Secondly Pence’s staff was selecting most of the others and they approved nothing but skunks.
      Third, all the major agencies and branches refused to implement his policies. The DOJ and FBI flat out refused to obey him, the DoD routinely undercut his authority. All of the intel agencies worked against him as well.
      In short the entire establishment was against from day one.

      • You wanna run with the big dogs ya gotta be able to pee in the tall grass.

        Trump fired people who might have helped him against Cocaine China Mitch, Xi’s bitch.

        Executive Order 13848?

        And for God’s sake, he should have joined with the Left in discrediting Q Anon, the anti-middle class Bolshevik psyop.

    • None of the People Who Know Exactly What Trump Should Have Done ever paid much attention to reality.

      Trump had a hard time finding and keeping good people because it was obvious that anyone who worked for him would get themselves and their families hounded by mobs and prevented from working later. Many qualified people were simply too scared to go anywhere near him.

      • Bannon, Flynn and Gorka, and the wiz I mentioned above, were exactly the type of people needed to direct Trump. I voted for him confident that he would help American workers, was pleasantly surprised at his foreign policy successes, but knew he needed big time help just being president, coming in as an outsider. He should have found and kept more Bannon and Flynn’s. No excuse for caving in to Obama by firing the general. He has a middle finger and he should have used it.

    • I think someday history will have a lot to say about the influence of Jared Kushner. Did he save our “democracy” by keeping a dangerous dictator contained? Or did he sabotage our greatest chance of saving the republic?

  10. Here are some quotes from someone who seems like they had bought into Trump and his ability to reform the system:
    November 7, 2016:
    I’ll head off to vote for the last time in my life tomorrow and I will vote for Trump, even though he has no chance to win my state. It will be the last time we have a chance to vote for someone that is not a nut or a grifter. 
    November 9, 2016:
    What’s frightening about Trump is that he is the nullification of conventional politics…He rearranged a political map everyone said could not be changed…One reason Trump exists and is the next president is that the political class is long overdue for reform…Today is the start if the long war to try and save the nation and our culture.  

    • The Asst Secretary of Health’s cross dressing can be excused as Joe had run out of less offensive Jews to appoint to these positions.

      It should be clear to all that Biden and these other misfits, whether in politics, the media or big tech, are simply trying to provoke, hopefully enrage normal people. It’s a form of torture really.

      Expect Joe to appoint Jonathan Pollard to head the NSA in the weeks ahead.

    • The media is going to be so busy spinning and covering for this guy that they will have little time for anything else.

  11. Update: watching CNN, they’re already blaming the Bad Trump for everything 2020

    Update to the update: next, the purge of ‘wreckers and saboteurs’ on charges of Conspiracy

    • Its back to Putin who apparently put together the protest on the sixth.
      No seriously, that was Pelosi today,
      Honestly no one bought Muh Russia the first time, this is even dumber and even low information types can figure out anger political opportunism and a little agent provocateur ending up in civil disobedience.

    • “next, the purge of ‘wreckers and saboteurs’ on charges of Conspiracy”

      The Democrat party is busy turning the military into their Red Army enforcers. I guess absolute power really does corrupt absolutely. That was fast, even before the first day of the one party state.

      Where are all the patriots who spent years assuring me this couldn’t happen here?

      Report: FBI and U.S. Army Looking into links to NRA and Turning Point USA to Vet National Guard Members for Extremist Ties

      Reportedly, a number of “left wing, anarchist groups are also included on the watch list, but are not considered a top priority. “Leaders in both Army + FBI have directed to focus attention on groups with “strong conservative sentiments,” Posobiec reported.

      While the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command investigates potential ties of conservative members to domestic terrorism, it’s instructive to note that the Army has a history of feeding left-wing propaganda to its soldiers.

      In 2013, a US Army training instructor lumped Evangelical Christianity, Catholicism, Ultra-Orthodox Jews, and the Church of Latter Day Saints with Al Qaeda, Hamas, the Ku Klux Klan, and Nation of Islam as examples of religious extremism.

      The instructor of the Army Reserve Equal Opportunity training brief on religious extremism said she got her information from the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center.

      And just last year, the Army listed President Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again,” and innocuous words and phrases like “colorblind,” “all lives matter” as evidence of “white supremacy” in a graphic sent in an email to its military and civilian members.

      The graphic also listed “Celebration of Columbus Day,” the “Denial of White Privilege,” and “Talking about ‘American Exceptionalism’” as behaviors that were indicative of white supremacy.

      Meanwhile, the Biden administration is apparently planning to restore Obama’s espionage regime to spy on its domestic political opponents.


      There are reports that Biden’s campaign wanted the National Guard to look into which soldiers voted in Republican primaries, but that seems to have been scrubbed from the internet. In the future, I expect they’ll use campaign donations and voter lists (both public) to purge dissent from the military. In time, they’ll also use internet search histories, so get a VPN now … for what little it’ll be worth in this one party state.

      It should have been obvious this whole time that the military is no friend of yours. The leadership is deeply corrupt, vicious and — what really matters — they are mostly loyal to the democrat party. Apparently, General Milley had some kind of discussion with Nancy Pelosi about “restraining Trump.” She felt confident enough about his loyalty to brag about it publicly with no rebuke from him or other top brass.


      Wokeness Comes To West Point

      This is not an attempt by people currently in power to shut down debate by other academics. It is quite the opposite. It is an effort by young leaders in the United States Army to force the Academy to bow to the Woke Cult and make the Anti-Racism the central feature of the Academy’s curriculum. This policy statement was apparently drafted by a group of recent Academy graduates (classes of 2018 and 2019).  These graduates all came from the top tier of the ranks of the Academy’s cadet leaders. Two recent valedictorians and First Captains signed this manifesto. (Other past First Captains include Douglas MacArthur, John J. Pershing, and William C. Westmoreland.) The other cadets all held high-ranking positions within the Corps of Cadets. They are the cream of the crop of the Army’s future leaders, the guys and gals that will become generals one day and will be expected to lead America’s sons and daughters in combat.


      Their actions are akin to those of the Red Guards in Maoist China. They are agitating to tear the Academy apart from the ground up and reorient its mission around Anti-Racism. The fact that our country’s future leaders believe in this nonsense is a sign that our military is in trouble, and cannot be relied upon either to defend our country or to safeguard the interests of all Americans in the performance of their duties.

      The document is filled with concrete policy proposals to address what its authors see as a major problem at West Point. The effect of these policy proposals is to cede control of the Academy’s entire curriculum from the ground up to black cadets in the name of Anti-Racism.  It is replete with so-called ‘examples’ of racism at the Academy, but most fall apart on close inspection. Minimally they do not substantiate the charge that West Point needs to be fundamentally reformed to address it. I interpret most of these anecdotes as pure innuendo and hearsay, totally devoid of context, and not indicative of an institutional problem (they were nearly all sourced from an online anonymous survey). They would not pass muster for any journalist attempting to investigate them. It is filled with buzzwords about ‘heteronormativity’, ‘Protestants’, ‘imperialism’, ‘Christianity,’ ‘white supremacy’, ‘Black bodies,’ and the like.


      The American PLA is almost here.

  12. Brilliant and humorous insights

    “There are more anti-Q fanatics now than genuine followers of it.”
    “..looked a lot like a neglected property with tremendous promise, if the right investor came along. Most important from Trump’s perspective, they were a motivated seller.”

  13. If Trump really wants to help? Resign from the Republican Party and take his 75 million followers into the Constitution Party, thus finishing off the dying Elephant. Focus on the rural parts of red states to start with, working inwards towards the cities. With a view towards ultimate succession not taking America back.
    In the Cities or in the Blue States, all former Republicans vote Democratic for the most conservative candidate possible, hopefully altering the Party at least in some places.

    • The Constitution is how we got here. It needs to go. It has been wholly inadequate at restraining the federal government. Even the states cannot stop the feds. The feds is the sole arbiter of its own power. Even if the states got together and passed an amendment, the fed would “interpret” the meaning of the amendment. If the amendment said “The federal gov is prohibited from doing X,” the (federal) SCOTUS would rule that the federal government can do X despite what is written in the amendment.
      We need something more akin to the Articles of Confederation. There is no way to have a strong federal government and keep in check. The US should not be a roach motel where you can join, but get attacked if you try to leave.

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  15. I think it’s a mistake to bash Trump regardless of any truth or how it makes one feel. He should be painted as a tragic figure. He was certainly no Mr Smith goes to Washington, but that should be the narrative we push.
    The system is not done with him and will grind him into dust. The horrendous injustice is good for our thing.

    • Don was a tragic figure for one reason only: he gave 1/3rd of America hope. We see the end result of that today: record voter turnout, A.K.A. record validation of the state and its criminal proceedings.

    • I disagree about them grinding him to dust. I think they will leave him alone. I will be really surprised if they do anything serious to him, like this criminal investigation of him in New York.
      What I think is more likely is they will grind down his family and the Trump organization. They have too much respect for the office and Trump knows too much. I think it is just way too 3rd world for them to directly go after him and throw him in prison or bankrupt him. But investigating and throwing his children in jail is a whole different thing. They would probably present such a witch hunt as proof we’re not the 3rd world and we have rule of law and not “rule of men”

      But overall, I thought Trump was actually fairly good. I never had much hope that he could do all that much. I knew he wasn’t going to have the support of the GOP for a lot of things he wanted to do and that this would really limit him. However, I did not anticipate how nuts the system would go. They called him Hitler every day for 15 months and was going to throw people in concentration camps and all the rest and I wondered how in the heck they could walk that talk back after he got elected. I did not think they could maintain hysteria and histrionics for 4 straight years.

      The one thing I hope we can maintain is the loss of confidence in the system. We knew he was a bull in a china shop. Now Humpty Dumpty is lying in pieces and my biggest hope is that all the king’s xirls cannot put Humpty back together again.

  16. Exactly. Those were the roles of the right, we thought Trump was more than he actually was. But now for thinking that we will become “ domestic terrorists” in the minds of every loon controlling the Green Zone in DC behind those barb wires.

    • That’s fine. The domestic terrorism push can only work in our favor by focusing on Whites, when the obvious violence problem is with minorities, and Antifa and BLM in particular. The Lefties believe their MSM allies can carry the propaganda across the finish line. I’m betting not. In fact, I’m betting that the Lefties have decided to abandon all concept of “good-Whites” and “bad-Whites” in favor of all bad-Whites. The next four years will be even more *interesting* than the Trump years.

      • >>>The next four years will be even more *interesting* than the Trump years.
        True enough, especially if you consider unemployable middle-aged white men to be interesting.

      • They are done with the propaganda war and are focusing on implementation of the police state, This is not something to rejoice since it will result in people being killed by the state or disappeared or economically rendered destitute.
        As it stands we will be lucky if there is even a conservative blogosphere around by this time next year.
        This shit is no joke

  17. “Unlike the narcissistic robots that fill up both parties, Trump….”

    I stopped reading right there. As if there are not enough delusional rubes who think that Joe Biden is going to cure what ails America. Please….Donald Trump: NOT a malignant narcissist?

    As if yesterday’s rant where you parroted Tucker Carlson’s libertarian bashing (the Kock brothers? Libertarians? Please) wasn’t enough from the low-slopimg forehead crowd, now I have to read about how Don isn’t the exact same self-serving cvnt as the rest of them.

    Get real. Your lies will have to get a lot bigger if you expect to turn them into truths. Donnie Boy was an idea: a tapestry to paint your own picture of what he could be. He turned out to be a Democrat. What a shocker.

      • If I didn’t think that Joe Biteme and his mulatto hip monster was just another disaster-waiting-in-the-wings, I’d ask if you needed a tissue?

        Ah what the hell:


    • Friend, Zman may be off on things, or be wedded to a frame of mind that he really wants to be true (evolution, for example) but why would he lie? What does Z man gain by lying?

      • In context: the delusion = the big lie. Rest assured, those who believe that Don the Con is materially different than say Obozo or Joe Biteme, truly in their heart of hearts believe it to be so. So my term “lie” more referred to that old tactic called “The Big Lie” and far less a dig on ZMan’s character.

        I will, however, concede this much: Trump’s ability to woo the ignorant masses into believing he was some sort of patriot was unmatched. In that regard, his bamboozlery (H.T. HL Mencken) was without equal.

        • Don the Con wouldn’t have amnestied every illegal alien that was in the country prior to January 1. Don wouldn’t have ended the Remain in Mexico asylum process. He wouldn’t have essentially told the Border Patrol to stop enforcing immigration law.

          • Need I remind you that 3-4% of the population of Guatemala AND Honduras made its way to Merika during Don the Con’s watch? Need I remind you that the billions he appropriated to deal with the “border crisis” (you do remember the crisis of 3 years ago, right?) was used to feed and house and provide diaper service to the southern border crashers?

            But Muh Donnie is somehow different, right?

          • Hillary promised an amnesty in her first one hundred days.
            Would I rather have Kris Kobach as our president? Absolutely.
            The border fiasco is about to go into hyperdrive.

        • Feh, Don wouldn’t be deplatforming and making out every conservative white guy as a terrorist like your buddies Biden and cum dumpster.
          Sure Don didn’t fight much but when your entire party hates your guts you’re kind of limited. The DOJ and FBI refused to obey his orders and even the military did end runs around him. Your buddy McConnell made sure only swamp creatures would get confirmed.
          But don’t worry now, the Orange man is going away and you can watch Biden amnesty 20 million brownskins and import millions of Africans.

    • Libertarians obviously haven’t been bashed enough. Reminds of Libertarian extraordinaire Glenn Reynolds posting one of his old articles where he stated, simplifying, “if everyone thought like me there would be no issues”. Well guess what dipstick, it ain’t happening, ever.

      • I’m a conservative libertarian anarchocapitalist. Glenn was nothing but a shill for the Republican party. Hardly a true libertarian. Hey but then again why don’t I put all you republicans into one container and shake well, after all, there’s obviously ZERO LIGHT between you and Lindsey Graham. AMIRITE?

        • The paleo-libertarian response to the Church of Covid has been, ab initio, the best and most inspirational. See Messrs. DiLorenzo, Rockwell, Peters, and Woods.

    • He’s a narcissist, no doubt, but not a terribly malignant one. Like the corrupt official who gives his brother-in-law the street paving contract. Corrupt, but the street gets paved. And unlike the corrupt official who sells out to a foreign power so they can harm the country.

  18. Any system that says George Floyd has just as much a right to determine what happens in my life as say a next door neighbor is preposterous on its face

    • on the nose. Seeing Ilmar Omar or whatever her name is, dancing at the state of the Union is a sign we live in a degenerate society. ALl those women.

      That was moment when I realized, only women would do that. Only women , or blacks, would start dancing in Congress. White guys never would.
      Yet, it was White guys that made it possible, so thats when I just say to myself, “Your’e just along for the ride, cracker, try to merit heaven by the Grace of God…”

      • They take pleasure in destroying what white men created. They can’t help themselves.

        Just like a dog who will eat until it explodes of obesity, non-whites will drain away the lifeblood of white society until there’s nothing left and they starve.

        It’s biological and if they were able to see future consequences, well, Somalia would be Wakanda and Ms. Omar wouldn’t be in Minnesota in the first place.

    • I’m getting the sense that the people who defined themselves in opposition to the plan trusters will be in search of a new foil this week.

      • “The Plan” is never really defined. The originator of the term, Nick Fuentes, intended it to be this way, in my opinion. He views politics not as the way we’re going to change the system, but a vehicle to achieve what he really wants. “America First” (the name of his show and his mantra) really is about showing people an introductory version of dissident thinking without scaring them off with out-of-left-field words about “white nationalism” and “European super-states”.
        “Trust the Plan” imo, is more equivalent to “Keep the Faith”.

        Richard Spencer and Hunter Wallace are going to have a lot to answer for voting purposely for Biden, thinking that they were going to get Bill Clinton 2.0. Richard himself is already planning his next act.

        • Hunter Wallace wants nothing more than a chance to collect a welfare or UBI check. Quite a pathetic individual.

    • As I am writing this, Trump still has 24 hours as President to take action. What is about to transpire will be absolutely stupifying.

      • He calls in a nuke strike on his own position at the White House!!!! The absolute madman! That brilliant, sparkling, madman!

  19. To use the Talleyrand quote about the Bourbons, the people returning to power after Trump “learned nothing and forgotten nothing.” Trump’s greatest achievement was the conduits he constructed between himself and his supporters. It became extremely personalized, which is where we’ve been moving socially for decades. Going back to the traditional “formatted talking points” Presidency with Biden will be like going back to an analog TV from the 80’s when we were watching a state of the art high definition TV. “I can’t believe I used to watch this for hours and hours. It’s horrible.”

  20. The primary achievements of Trump have been inadvertent. Many if not most people now know the Rule of Law is a sham, and they have no or very little say in their governance. Every institution of the government, even the cuck-loved military and police, is increasingly viewed harshly.

    Trump’s primary achievement, which in fact was intentional, was forcing propaganda organs not to hide they are propaganda organs. In the long run, this is the most important thing Trump did. It will take generations, which the United States does not have, to fool a majority of people with state-sponsored information again.

    Trump leaves behind an environment made worse in reaction to him, and a population far more aware of the horrors of the State. On the whole, that is a yuge win.

    • Well put, I would also add awareness that all immigration must stop. This was not on my radar, but the fake news was, and that what initially attracted me to Trump: “Fake News”.
      But by focusing on illegal immigration, and his phrase, “if we don’t have borders, we don’t have a country” brought someone like me to ask, who are we as a nation? Are we a nation if 1 out of 9 people in my state are foreign born.

      i would not have come to see the immigration issue if it wasn’t for trump.
      And pro-life issues. He stopped forcing abortions on other countries as a prerequisite to aid. How evil is that? Do we want to live in a country that says your women have to be legally able to kill their children for us to give you aid….

  21. Useful to point out Aquinas’ distinctions on regimes. Three types, depending on whether rule is by one, a few, or many. Two divisions within each type, depending on whether that rule is just or unjust.

    Thus, rule by one man is either a king or a tyrant, depending on whether he is just or unjust. Rule by a few is either an aristocracy or else on oligarchy. Rule by many is either a republic or a democracy, based on the same question of whether it is just or not.

    Just regimes are those that rule to promote the common good, while unjust regimes rule to promote the interests of the rulers. We live under an oligarchy that is pretending to be a democracy.

    • We live under an oligarchy that is pretending to be a democracy.
      oligarchy can’t exist without democracy, it needs scapegoats(politicians)
      democracy can’t exist without oligarchy, democracy has to be introduced by force, through subversive means by oligarchs, cause no one wants it.

  22. For the normies I know, the surreal official overreaction to the 1/6 protest has increased their faith in the system. That’s because they’re forced to choose between accepting the official version, or admitting that the official version is an insane, childish lie. This began to be evident with the Russia hoax: It’s less terrifying to pretend the President is a Russian spy than to admit that the entire Democrat/media complex is either psychotic, or a gang of pathological liars. Or both.

    Trump is a problem that can be solved, if he’s the only problem. That’s a far more comforting thought than the truth.

    • I use Bongino as my barometer of the normie state-of-mind. In yesterday’s podcast, he had real panic in his voice and was desperately trying to find a ray of hope somewhere. His big solution still involves voting harder (more cowbell) and now boycotting Google and Amazon. I don’t think some normies will wake up until they’re standing in the ashes of their illusions.

    • I’m told “cutting off the head of the snake” will make all the reasons we voted for him in the first place go away.

      The Comfortably Screechy think he’s a personality cult. They understand nothing.

  23. Truth is just the accurate perception/conception of reality; but at the root, it is reality that matters. And the current reality is that a soft tyranny is descending upon us.
    Step #3 Going Dark
    We live in a high-tech surveillance state and Big Brother is a real & present danger to all freedom loving peoples. And lest there be any doubt, the purpose is not civil protection but control. And it will only get worse, and what cannot be controlled will eventually be incarcerated or killed. At its root, going dark is about staying alive as our nation descends into tyranny. You cannot fight back from the grave, so going dark should become your first & most critical imperative in this Brave New World.

      • only one thing is worth dying for: family. now if you mean “fighting for” then there is room for discussion.

        • Fighting often means dying in the real world.
          Now it saddens me it’s come to that. It shouldn’t have to if white men had a set of balls and could work together we could have prevented what is to come decades ago.
          Think about it. We have let a small group of crooks and monsters whose shot-callers number maybe 2000 in the whole country destroy our lives and that our children.

          • Yes. This knowledge is the key to success. The core problem is actually quite small in numbers and is also why focus must be a vital part of the solution.

    • My Biden bestie, along with the Boomerwaffen, is furious with the idea that we won’t vote. He demands that we participate in the system, indeed, that we celebrate it. I tell him- you wanted total power, you got it, the ball’s in your court, prove me wrong.

      From disregard, to tolerance, to acceptance, to celebration, to participation. Sorry- I’m out, I got some fortifying to do.

      Also, TomA reminds me of how Chinese families survived the Cultural Revolution. They “went small”, and survived to thrive after the Revo burned itself out. Christianity started that way, too.

      • Something similar happened with me an a black guy I know

        I said what does he think about a lot of whites deciding America is not for them anymore and they are leaving the country

        He lost it. His thinking is you must now endure and know what it’s like to be black, for lack of a better way of putting it

  24. Yeah. We’re in for a difficult Road. But on a lighter note I’m watching The Lord of the Rings for the first time. I’m halfway through the trilogy and I cannot believe a movie that white was made in 2001. I don’t think there any black people in it except for Orcs. Orcs! Wow I can’t believe it hasn’t been banned

    • They’re rectifying that ‘lack’ with new movies and tv adaptations. Just as with European history, any fiction/fantasy that is the product of a White mind based on White history or inventions has been blackened.
      There was a Twitter storm earlier this year when some decided all the descriptions of Orcs were too reminiscent of noggers so Tolkien and all fantasy is rayciss. There is not one thing you love, not one pastime or corner of your life, that they will not twist and destroy. There really is no escape.

      • men’s tennis tour is the only thing that hasn’t gone full woke, but they make half-hearted gestures to it. And US Open two main stadia named after Arthur Ashe and Louis Armstrong. But what you expect from NYC….. The Indian Wells tournament (it’s been cancelled again unfortunately) was like living in 1950’s America lol. You could count the poc in attendance on one hand

      • In the new Dune movie they replaced Liet Kines character who is male with a black female. Which really screws up the entire movie and turn Leto II into a mulato.
        AFAIK the new LOTR has been blackened and females get a bigger role as well.

    • The unspoken secret to Game of Thrones’ record-setting global popularity: All White People

      Ambitious opportunists might revile us, but we Elves are treasured, for good reason.

  25. She was not alone in thinking Trump was the savior…

    The trouble is, Trump was never that man. He could never be that man. He could never have won the nomination and the general election if he was that man.

    One of the troubles I had with the Trump crowd and the cult of Q, was their blind faith in Trump. They attributed to him qualities the man clearly did not have in the slightest.
    In these last months since the election these types are claiming that Trump is once again playing 4D chess, and like some Roman emperor, is sitting quiet behind his walls plotting a coup.

    But Trump is not now nor has he ever been a grand strategist. He is not a dictator who stands at the war-table engaged with his generals. He’s only sitting at a card table playing craps.

    I admit I let myself get excited about Trump in ’15. I looked at him as a big gamble. I didn’t expect him to win, much less pay off in the long run. But when he did win, I got greedy, and was swept up in the excitement. I may not have thought we could win every hand, but I really thought we could at least win a few. Like Z’s spurned lover, by ’18 I figured this thing was going nowhere, and now I’m surprised that I was so bitter over something I never thought I had invested in much in the first place.

    • Throwing rocks at Trump postmortem won’t keep the Jackboots at bay, and whining is not wisdom. The way forward is to see with clarity the real and present dangers that are coalescing in DC and then act accordingly. Being a couch potato or erudite debater is neither a survival strategy or competent problem solver. It’s time to man-up. Get smart, get fit, get ready.

      • Throwing rocks at Trump postmortem won’t keep the Jackboots at bay, and whining is not wisdom.

        I don’t think I’m throwing rocks at the man or whining. I’m trying to understand who the man really was. I’m trying to understand the circumstances before me, so that I can assess reality properly and act accordingly.

        The way forward is to see with clarity the real and present dangers that are coalescing in DC and then act accordingly.

        Again, I don’t think I’m insulting the man, I’m agreeing with Z’s general assessment in this very essay.

        It’s time to man-up. Get smart, get fit, get ready.

        I’m in the practice of these.
        I’m sorry did I offend you in some way? My last post got deleted for some reason.

        • Sorry for the misconception. I wasn’t criticizing you or your comment directly. I was trying to make the important point that we no longer have the luxury of endless analysis and debate about how we got here. The Huns are at the gate and they are not going to be talked into a time-out while we get our act together.

        • I don’t know what it is about “getting fit.” What do people think they are going to be called on to do? Run a lot?
          I think there are some practical things we should be doing. Staying reasonably in shape should be one of them, but hasn’t it always been?

          • …some practical things we should be doing. Staying reasonably in shape should be one of them, but hasn’t it always been?

            I agree with you. But for the record, as a former track and field and soccer athlete, if all I’m called on to do during le Revolution is run alot, I’m set!

          • i honestly believe about 90% of the population has 0 fitness. they would get winded if they had to stand up and go change the channel at the tv.
            although it sounds dramatic, being able to hop over the back fence and run a couple of blocks, might come in handy one day.

          • if you can do pull-ups and not got winded doing simple chores in the yard you are in good enough shape

          • You also want to minimize your contact with the sickness care system. Both from a cost and hazard avoidance perspective. That means sensible exercise, not triathlon training.

          • Cardio is unbelievably important for any kind of fighting or any other activity where there is an adrenaline dump. People vastly overestimate their abilities because they fail to anticipate the effects of an adrenaline dump.
            I have personally witnessed a lot of street fights and you see the same thing over and over and over. A lot of guys are really effective for about 90 seconds. All of your abilities are heightened. You are stronger, faster, can see better and much faster reactions, though far less generalized. But then you lose your coordination, your arms get heavy and you lose your breath and you shake.
            Adrenaline dumps are highly beneficial in certain scenarios, but only for a short time. you really have to be prepared for it.
            Even an in shape person will become weak quickly unless they have specifically trained for it. Running is pretty good conditioning for it, especially in bursts. Back when I used to run, I would do 2 minute bursts of flat out running and then slowing for a few minutes.
            But even conditioning won’t entirely undo the adrenaline dump come-down, especially the shakes, at least for me.

      • Wisdom comes from experience. Unless we want to waste energy and time we don’t have fixating on the next conman that grabs the spotlight there is value in examining the entire spectacle that was Trump. I think we can do that and prep for what’s coming too.

        • I guess I could have written my comment in a more conciliatory manner. I didn’t mean to insult Trump or any flavor of his supporters, but I can see where I may have done just that.

          I’m just trying to be honest about who the man really was, and what his presidency actually accomplished. We can disagree about what Trump’s intentions were and argue about the level of effort he put into achieving this or that goal, but at the end of the day we need to understand where we are left after these last 4 years and what we can do to better our position.

        • Given the current events in DC, I think it is wiser to prioritize immediate survival actions over recent history cogitation.

    • I think you are underestimating the size of the enemy he was up against. It reminds me of the ending to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

      • Agreed. Trump is neither the problem nor the solution. That obligation and responsibility resides with each of us as everyday American citizens.

    • Trump was the funnest candidate to root for. I don’t see what’s wrong with rooting for the guy. I never though he was going to single-handedly change America to what I wanted.

  26. It wasn’t his intention, but Trump managed to red-pill tens of millions of Americans. His fumbling attempts to restore some semblance of clean government forced the DC establishment to act against him openly and reveal themselves for all to see. Political discussions with like-minded people are dramatically different than they were 4 years ago.

    • I went to a 2A rally yesterday. Normie is thinking differently. No one is saying that we need to find the right guy for Congress in 2022. It was all about, do I send my kid to college? No one bought that Biden is a legally elected president.
      But, they still love the “all colors all creeds, men women, gays and straights”….The idea, that America is this proposition, or idea, is very deeply ingrained…

      • The mess in D.C. is garden variety election shenanigans, common as pea gravel in the Americas and not unknown in the US.
        What makes it weird is the 1860 feel to the whole thing and the emotional craziness on the part of the winners, the vast overreaction to civil disobedience.
        Questionable elections during a pandemic and economic crash were a volatile combination , Who could have known? Yes that was sarcasm
        Hell its so bonkers one the militia right bloggers N.C. Renegade got a visit from the FBI out. He’s not a war advocate but does have skills and is close but still. You have a full division there , enough to invade Western Canada . No one is doing anything
        Honestly the Swamp isn’t acting like they won. They are acting like Daenerys Targryen is flying dragons over the city and half the troops want to join her.
        On those grounds I can forgive Vox and the other Q belibers for thinking something is going on.

  27. His supporters are sure he has some last trick up his sleeve to do something to save the country.

    You inspired me to go check out Vox Day. Wow, he’s always been a bit odd, but he’s full-blown crazy now. It’s actually kind of sad. Indeed, Z might owe Vox an apology. A grifter wouldn’t act like this.

    Of course, cult members never seem to leave the cult with the aliens fail to materialize, but this doesn’t seem the best way to run a con.

    • yeah, VD is all in on the plan. of course, his usual MO is to deny he ever was for the plan (once it all blows up). he’s not really grifter as he has genuine businesses he makes money on. but he is a pathologically needy fellow…

      • Sorry but I am relatively new to all this – can some one explain Vox Day and the God Emperor nonsense?
        I am sure that when Biden runs into issues they will blame Trump – this is standard operating procedure – until they can’t. This is called a honeymoon. But this notion that Trump is an evil genius is absurd. Bumbling fool is more like it.

      • Yeah, grifter isn’t the right word. He has the book and comic book business, which, obviously, his blog help to promote and get customers, but he’s not running a con.

        And, yes, he does seem to have some emotional issues. That said, he introduced my to the phrase: They hate you and want you dead. It was a very clarifying moment. He’s also good about calling out gatekeepers, so he has his uses.

        But his talk of a secret coup just about to be sprung is really nuts. I’m sure that he’ll deny that he ever believed it, I’m not sure how he’s going to make that stick. But it does seem kind of cult-like over there, so I’d guess that his followers will simply blow it off.

      • as he has genuine businesses he makes money on. but he is a pathologically needy fellow…
        pretty sure he inherited his money from his daddy, yet he seems to hate boomers.
        his tv podcast site was/is a disaster
        his video game is laughable
        i think he crowdfunds his own comic books
        i’ve not read his books/don’t care to, so i can’t say whether they’re good or bad.
        he’s a gifted cult leader though

    • Vox is a late life Christian convert which makes him highly susceptible to “belief” related memes, leader following and ideas like Trust the Plan.
      He wants, no, needs that hit of dopamine to recapture the magic.
      The Q Anon crypto-puzzle B.S. also appeals to his high intelligence and known fondness for erudite stuff like Umberto Eco. Its feeds the ego, stimulates the mind.
      Smart people can be quite vulnerable if you know how to play them.
      Other than that vulnerability he’s a good and honest guy IMO with many good ideas not a grifter.

    • Incoming Q Drop. Authentication Code: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Voice Dies. India Quebec Eight Niner. Washington September 14, 1936. Over.

      They speak in symbols

      I’m no semiotician specializing in occultic esotericism, but the Turner Classic Movies schedule for January 20th does tend to cause one to raise an eyebrow. Notice a certain pattern?

      6:00 AM Ode To Billy Joe (1976)

      8:00 AM Polo Joe (1936)

      9:30 AM The Fabulous Joe (1947)

      10:45 AM The Story of G. I. Joe (1945)

      12:45 PM Joe Smith, American (1942)

      2:00 PM A Guy Named Joe (1943)

      4:15 PM Pal Joey (1957)

      6:15 PM Mighty Joe Young (1949)

      8:00 PM Murder She Said (1961)

      9:45 PM Murder at the Gallop (1963)

      11:15 PM Murder Most Foul (1964)

      Labels: film

      posted by VD @ 1/19/2021 09:04:00 PM Mailing List signup 106 comments


      Turner Classic Movies is hinting at a “political disturbance” on inauguration day.

      Top Comment:

      They don’t even try to hide it anymore.



  28. Due to our genetic limitations, maybe this is the best we can do. After centuries and centuries of experimentation, from freedom to tyranny, maybe this the best we can hope for. After all the history books, from Herodotus and Thucydides to Gibbons and Kenneth Clark, what have we learned? Like Sisyphus, we are doomed to continually watch that boulder fall back down hill again.

    • there’s a reason why greeks invented the cassandra metaphor. Not everyone is surprised when a civilization collapses, but no one can do anything about it, winter is coming no matter what.

    • The classic good times create soft men comes to mind. It’s both a dysgenic effect of people reproducing who would have died in harsher times and simple laziness from living off the past generation’s success. It seems the only way to avoid the cycle is for a ruling class to ensure times never get too good, and to force hardship on themselves and their people, even if for goals seemingly arbitrary and unnecessary.
      Of course, in a democracy, good luck selling that.

      • Some truth in the warning that good times may be dysgenic and cause soft men, the Spartans being an exception.

        • The Spartans lived, by choice, without walls around their city. It kept them on a constant wartime footing. By foregoing the safety of walls, they made their society mostly immune to the temptations of safety and softness.

          • The rest of the city states had similar kinds of homosexuality as well. It didn’t really matter that much.
            The real issue was simply that every society comes to an end, most a horrible one and Sparta however much we extol their past martial virtue was one such society.

      • Someone over a Gab pointed out that a flaw in our system was that it was long on “rights” and short on obligations. Not sure of the fix, and it doesn’t matter right now anyway as the system sure doesn’t want certain people involved in its administration and maintenance.

        • Obligations make sense in a big state. Ours was designed as near minrachy so obligations were all local and and mostly voluntary
          Federally it was roughly voting (assumed not required) militia duty and jury duty as there was not much else to do for a nation that wasn’t interventionist .
          Alternate models won’t have much to do either and claptrap like national service just ends up furthering Leftist goals.

      • that was always the angle the Church took, knowing that keeping people in a state of relative poverty but always longing and praying for something better was critical to their strength and survival

        A lot of wisdom there

  29. Even though he’s an opportunist, it’s still infuriating that he didn’t even try to keep any of his election promises. It’s just a question of basic honesty and morality.

    He said he’d do something about immigration, and we desperately needed something done, and he just didn’t do it.

    Plus the thing of throwing his supporters under the bus. I don’t have to right-wing TDS of the wignats, but make no mistake, I have come to hate Trump. He let us down, bad.

    • at least he should apologize for failing everyone, yet he still strolls around pretending he’s the god emperor.

      • …yet he still strolls around pretending he’s the god emperor.

        Alright, that’s quite a strut for someone who pussed out so fast.

    • Note how he was full of encomia for Sheldon Adelson and not a word about Ashli Babbitt. That is more than just scummy.

      Why do the Trumpists have such a hard time recognizing his history of prevarication, stiffing his creditors (particularly guys in the trades), and throwing his “friends,” loyalists, supporters, and toadies under the bus?

      • Babbitt is not the martyr we’re looking for. She was a D.C. insider then a frivorcing whore, then she got shot breaking & entering while protesters were being quietly allowed inside elsewhere.

        I got questions about her behavior that’ll never get answered.

          • Yes, she was an unarmed demonstrator murdered by a cop. That needs to be the official line. You don’t see the other side saying “well, George Floyd is not our perfect martyr. He was a convicted felon with a high amount of Fentanyl in his body”. The time of nuance is done.

        • She didn’t have to be shot. We could say the same thing about every pussy-hat wearer at Kavanaugh’s hearing. Its not even the point that a pussy hat would have been made into a saint by the media, its that the police would never have shot a pussy hat in the first place!

        • She can be wrong—but so can her killer. When her killer stands under inquiry, then let her actions and background be subject to the same scrutiny. Right now no effort in finding out the truth seems in the offing.

      • Sheldon flew Jonathan Pollard to Israel on his private jet after lifting the travel restrictions on poor Mr. Pollard.

    • He said he’d do something about immigration, and we desperately needed something done, and he just didn’t do it.” this is flat out wrong (or a deliberate lie on your part).

      • He was able to (temporarily) suppress refugee resettlement.
        Deporting the Dreamers on day 1 would have been a far more effective message than the wall. The Dreamers were not even a creation of an Obama Executive Order.
        Trump didn’t even issue an EO to challenge birth right citizenship like he boasted.

        • no one said trump wasn’t better than bush or obama, many who talk shit about trump did vote for him, that don’t mean he was a good president.

        • You had to pick Bush-the-elder as your benchmark? The Immigration Act of 1990 doubled legal immigration. Created “chain migration,” “Temporary [ha!] Protected Status,” introduced the H1-B, OPT and other anti-US worker visas. You’re setting the bar pretty low.

      • Trump is coming back in 2024 and the Patriots in the Intelligence Community are going to install him as God Emperor!

        • I think its wait 48 hours right now since the usual Q people got to hear his very Trump concession speech.
          No doubt the believers will keep up with the cult for a long time, I mean there are still two Millerite groups left with sizable membership after multiple abject failures but at least the amount will decline and maybe a certain Dark Lord will move on.

    • He didn’t even try to keep one of his promises…

      Perhaps you’d best study up on the issue before making such blanket statements. Trump did a masterful job of “building the wall” during his one term in office. And he never mislead people as to his stand on “general” (legal) immigration, which as a CivNat, he obviously promoted. He also did quite a good job barring “catch and release” at the Southern border and secured MX cooperation in doing so. I would note here that MX currently keeps several thousand *African* migrants from reaching the border—not just South Americans and other Hispanics.

      To deny this is simply to purposefully obscure his record. Best leave that to the Left.

    • Not doing anything to stop the summer of looting is what lost me

      I know “civics is your friend” arguments that he didn’t have jurisdiction. Like that would have stopped anyone else? Like he couldn’t have been on TV every day pointing out how bad these Dems were for letting it happen?

      Guess he was always an East Coaster and what happened out West didn’t register. So he was never an “American” president but a regional president. Tho he did care a little for CA. But then his son ends up dumping the mother of his kids for Gavin Newsome’s ex-wife?

  30. If it’s true that a man more honest than Trump couldn’t have been elected, then we were probably quite lucky that he came along to demonstrate that the percentage of the country under the sway of globohomo is not so great as to preclude their defeat. He was a necessary failure, cannon fodder who helped us take the first redoubt of the enemy.

    Just before the election, Z pointed out that an election that was quite nakedly stolen by TPTB was probably the best outcome in terms of bringing more people to our side. And that’s happened, too. The entire Trump saga has been, on balance, a positive step on our journey.

    • Agreed. Trump brought so much to the surface. Millions of whites now see the media, the Dems and the GOP more clearly, some whites even see them for exactly what they are.

      That was a huge plus for our side.

      The stealing of the election and now the persecution of anyone working with Trump or the Jan. 6 protesters also will turn out better for our side than Trump winning. Whites are beginning to see that the other side will come for them and that free speech is dead.

    • Agreed. He charged into battle with an army of unarmed troops, and no officers. In doing so, he exposed the true nature of the enemy.

  31. I want to share something with the Zcorps. Was watching some nature show on army ants in South America. they were swarming over an area of the jungle, and the camera man zoomed in on this one insect that was many times larger than an ant. at first it had no trouble dispatching ants by the dozen. but ants emit a chemical on attackers that causes the entire colony to attack that individual. and that is what happened, the big bug was over run and devoured.

    good lesson there.

    • There are insects that infect the brain of another insect to care for the eggs they implant. When the eggs hatch, their first meal is the host. There is a book about this featuring several instances of parasitism and behavior control in the insect world. Wish I could remember the title. It fed off (pardon the pun) the zombie craze of about 10 years ago.

    • I’m amazed enough by fungus

      It makes itself itch your skin so you scratch at it and in turn spread it around to make it bigger and badder

      pretty ingenious

  32. The best part about being a burgeoning third world country is that we now understand how democracy works for most of the world. You don’t vote on issues or ideology, you vote for your team to benefit yourselves at expense of the others – regardless of the issues.

    In this system, the losers pay and the winners collect from the losers while the corrupt mainstream party plays the role of “House” and collects its tax. Likewise, in this system, losing is a very big deal because it directly affects the course of your life. Which is why you see people in third world act so violently during the typical course of the political process.

    The people who still vote on issues and principles are white people – mainstream conservatives and liberals. As we progress further, it must be redundantly pointed out to normies that our new, duskier Americans vote for things that benefit themselves at our expense.

    The institutions we’ve built hold tremendous social capital. It will take a long time to chip away at them, but working to point out the new reality is a great start.

  33. “It is the essence of politics to be able to distinguish between different degrees of evil.” Paul Johnson.

    The thing is, Trump isn’t even evil at all. He’s just a scummy chancer–which is different from evil.

    The Biden team (including the “larger team” in the swamp & media), however, has a lot of people who are genuinely evil. It’s amazing that a lot of people, including a lot of white people, didn’t see it.

    It’s still kind of depressing, though, that the only two choices in your country’s election are scummy and evil.

    • Yeah the reason they seem to hate Trump is because he is NOT a Satanist pedophile. That is some bar placement they have there

    • I think everyone has experience dealing with scummy, uncouth individuals and many mistake it in their sheltered lives for “evil” or what they think passes as that. “Oh, he insulted a gold-star muslim family, what an evil man!” Easy to paint such a man as evil in these soft times. Most people cannot comprehend what real evil is on that basis, and willingly allow lots of it into their homes because it seems if not truly safe, then at least benign.

  34. Do you think trump really had no ability to govern? He had major faults, but he was a newcomer. He did get some immigration limits put up. There are other things too.

    • lots of other things. i think he hoped those accomplishments would peel off support from the inner party.

    • Exposing and banning the Critical Race Theory programs in federally-funded institutions was a plus for Trump. Another one of those things which opened the eyes of the normies.

      • And no one outside of the DR knew much about Critical Race theory! I forgot about that one, thats now a household term.

        I just think that to get those things done you do know how to govern.

    • Trump’s ability was in “ruling”, not “governing”. The difference is in getting people you do not control directly to work in your interests—or at least the general interest, not necessarily theirs. That was my one fear. Trump’s positive actions/accomplishments were of the executive order type—and even then he had pushback. Alas, those will all be rolled back in the first 100 days of the Biden administration.

    • The only immigration category that has decreased is refugees. Every other category increased until Cov-19 when he issued this loophole-filled proclamation https://tinyurl.com/yarebd8a made at the end of April which has to be renewed every 60 days or the doors are wide open again. (Southern Border incursions are already higher than they were in the record-setting FY19.)

  35. Disagree with the premise that Trump was merely an opportunist. I believe he was genuinely disturbed by the incompetence and unctuous political piety of establishment Republicans. But he was marinated in a civic liberalism and egalitarianism that is part of the atmosphere where he came to manhood. Trump is part and parcel of Queens and Long Island. And he is the grandson of immigrants. It’s not as though he were on fire to protect the Historic American Nation. And his sojourn in the media made him aware not only of its awesome power, but also of how deceptive and seditious this medium actually is. Trump was never on the side of the Dissident Right because he still used the language of liberalism (always a dead giveaway), but at the same time he was highly suspicious of the establishment figures who presumed to know what was best for the nation. Two could play that game, and he wanted to test his own ideas. Those ideas are still powerful: building a barrier to the invasion on our southern border, disengaging from endless wars, and stopping the offshoring of jobs that is destroying the white middle class. That got him elected. But the establishment is too powerful. They do not wish to share power. Trump has accomplished a minor miracle by showing normie that his government is not his friend. Half the country now knows who the enemy is. And that is the first step on the road to counter-revolution.

    • I agree. He desperately wanted to return to the 80’s and 90’s and thought the right President could do it. (A sentiment I shared 4 years ago) Repeated stabs in the back by the media, the deep state bureaucrats, and even his own party showed how wrong he was. Unfortunately there is no going back.

        • And that was a bitter brew to swallow. For us Boomers, Trump was a false Spring. I had hoped to at least reach my mid-eighties in calm political waters. Not going to happen. Implement Plan B.

          • This much worse than the 70’s in many ways.
            No serious person though the US could end up in a genocidal war at that time. Some violence, a bit of terror and the like but the US was fine, would be fine.
            Hell cities were grimy in the 70’s but not Mumbai 2.0 like L.A. is now
            On top of all that serious people are seriously freaking out and worried about a coats to coast Bosnia x Rwanda civil war in a very short time.

          • This is where the liberal’s tolerance of novelty, and disregard of history or consequences, gives them the edge.

            They’ll adapt to any new normal, focusing their efforts solely on grabbing the bag. They save nothing, since we are no longer kin.

            We’re the evil that must be erased that they might receive accolades. After all, white people have an evil strain in them, and might turn into Nazis or Klansmen at the drop of a hat.

            Funny how people on two sides believe the same things- only, about each other. In their inverted world, we’re the ones infested with demons.

    • Very well said. I don’t think he gets enough credit for trying to stand up to the tsunami of venom directed at him. Very few people could take that without buckling. He is also at great risk for vindictive IRS persecutions when he is out of office.

      • yes, his own personal risk is a big part of this. My dad is his age, and he just wants to squeak by, not put oneself into that much harm

    • God bless trump, he did more than any of us.

      But trump is trump. Seeing him as a god and saviour is wrong. He would never be that. Seeing him as a vile traitor is also wrong.

      He’s just another character in the play of life, strutting across the stage. Now his act is over.

      I think he legitimately likes and supports blue collar America. He wants a return to 80s or 90s america. He probably doesn’t understand why and is racially ignorant. The truth is that by 2016 it was far too late to turn things around anyways.

      • Ie. Imagine the blowhard construction worker at your local bar somehow got elevated to president.

        Sure he might complain about “damn mexicans” but he really has no clue about the bigger picture. He’s not a bad guy but he’s in way over his head as president and gets rolled.

        That’s basically Trump.

    • Trump’s main accomplishment was showing just how much the system was willing to do to stop what they perceived as the threat from him and his followers. The reaction to Covid and then the summer of burning, looting, and murdering was the big tell. The Establishment was clearly willing to destroy a lot of it’s own wealth and credibility to get rid of this threat. To top it off, they are now, exactly as many of us predicted, going to brazenly declare the problems solved and tell us to return to “normal” over the next few months.

      All of this suggests to me weakness, insecurity, complete lack of a sense of proportionality, hyper-focus on one particular enemy or threat, and just outright hysteria. In short, the ruling class is a typical deranged woman. Reliving such people of their last few shards of sanity should not be difficult for us.

  36. some of your criticism of trump is valid, but you always always always deny and discount his very real achievements. i will not enumerate them here, as they are well known. your diatribes would be so much better (maybe verging into useful analysis) if you covered both aspects of his tenure…

        1. Established an anti-semitism Czar.
        2. Restricted anti-Israeli activism on college campuses.
        3. Withdrew from the Iran Nuclear agreement.
        4. Increased US aid to Israel.
        5. Recognized Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights.
        6. Lifted the unjust restrictions on Jonathan Pollard, allowing him to emigrate to Israel.
        7. Didn’t make a fuss when Israel was caught in an electronic eavesdropping operation on the White House.
        8. Pardoned Shlomo Rubashkin (numerous crimes including animal cruelty, food safety, environmental safety, child labor, and hiring of undocumented immigrants), Charles Kushner and other unjustly convicted jewish Americans.

        And this is just for starters.

      • Sure, the wall rebuild and extension was a victory of sorts. That it could never address the entirety of the issue of IA’s in total was a failure, which seemed to not occur to Trump.

        Had Trump not been cheated out of reelection, the wall would be finished by the end of his second term. You will find no Border Patrol field agent who does not remark on the usefulness of the efforts Trump made in this area.

      • No new wars, actually building some wall, getting some OK trade deals. Most of all, taking dissident ideas mainstream in his catch-phrasey way.

    • Some of what Trump *didn’t* do could be considered good. Negative achievements, I suppose, but hey, he was the least warmongering president in…well, every since I’ve been alive (Carter aside).

      • I always say that his greatest achievement was in opening our eyes to just how widespread the corruption was, and how unworkable our current system of government is. Truly revelatory, at least to me.

        1. hammered china with tarifs
        2. brought manufacturing back on-shore
        3. shut down the border (read the stats before you rant)
        4. eliminated a bunch of regulatory shit
        5. blocked critical race theory from gov
        6. increased wages for regular folk (most in decades)
        7. middle east peace treaties
        8. hammered nato members to pay dues (not sure if they actually did or not)
        9. placed blame for wuhan virus square on china
        10. got the economy up and running after the obama depression
        • I agree with you,Karl

          but it’s a 60 minute game. Trump ran up the score in the first 3 quarters but then got steamrolled in the 4th by Fauci et al

          I mean, if GW had to take some blame for 9/11, as Trump said in the primaries, then he has to take some blame for the summer of riots, the Covid hysteria and associated loss of rights, and even the troops today patrolling DC like we live in North Korea

          That was all under his watch. BLM and antifa burning cities was under his watch. The mask wearing insanity under his watch.

          • yeah, i think he thought he could turn the riots to his advantage, and it all got away from him. maybe if he sent federal troops into say, philly, when there was rioting, they could have stayed there to monitor the election.

  37. And this is where you are flat out wrong, Z. There is nothing wrong with “the system”. The problem is the people running it. You forget: that system produced the most successful, prosperous nation in the history of mankind. The ideals it was founded on are as valid today as they were in 1776.
    Trump literally stood up to the swamp alone. I am a Trump fan, I’d hoped he’d have the courage to go all the way the same way the Alt-right did. Historically all kinds of good things start with one good man doing the right thing at the right time.
    But let us be clear – Trump didn’t sell you out… it could be argued that you are selling him out.

    • I appreciate your comments, Mr. Filthie, but you echo the argument that REAL communism/ REAL liberterianism has not been tried yet.
      Our host has pointed out the logical progression of liberal democracy into tyranny. Our founding fathers new their Greek, Roman, Venetian history and created a system to obviate that progression. Our founding fathers are dead and so is the republic they created.

      • uh, at least as far back as Plato there was knowledge of how democracies devolve into tyrannies. the entire life cycle of a society was discussed.

          • Monarchy/Tyranny
          • Oligarchy
          • Democracy

          That’s the classic Western Civ cycle (order may change a bit), and it is endless.

      • I take a dishonorable pleasure in pointing out that the fellows who say, “Well, what we’re seeing is Crony-Capitalism, not real Capitalism,” or, “We need to get back to the system the Founders intended,” are making the same excuse all those good-hearted commies used to make about how the Soviets weren’t practicing Real Communism and so on.

        Look. This is where the Enlightenment system devised by the Founders had to go. That’s the hurdle many on our side still need to jump.

        • I think it was George Santayana that said something along the lines of: pure capitalism has the workers living at subsistence level. i.e. you only feed them enough to work.

        • the thing about pure capitalism, pure communism, etc. is that they are like Plato’s forms – they only exist in the abstract. In actuality, the systems rely upon a million different people, each with their own understandings, motivations, abilities and agendas to carry it out over the course of billions of decisions and interactions. Good luck creating a system that can control that on a permanent basis.

          • Agree 100%. But alas, that wisdom won’t stop those in power from trying. The Soviet’s 5 year plan was a good idea, but outmoded now, by technology. So instead of primitive experts who work with paper and pencils, they think the solution is replacing the hardware with AI and computers, headed and programmed by the same idealistic dreamers (or cynical crony capitalists) whose ideas will never work in the real world…

      • No I do not. I speak in defense of Donald Trump.
        Trump is the only leader you’ve had in recent history that came to power and actually LOST money. He’s the only one that put his own money where his mouth is. The rest of those shitbirds are there to line their pockets and pay off their flunkies. He’s the only leader who has DARED to even speak about things the dissident right takes for granted as founding principles. The man isn’t perfect. But he tried to actually do something about the things many of us only talk about.
        I don’t think some of the dissidents really understand the power of the swamp Or the reality of the perfidy or degeneracy of man. No system you can devise is immune to vice, greed, or avarice. Wherever you have money, power or influence – you will find corruption. When it comes to that – compared to the others – Trump HAS been a veritable saint. America alone has fended off the depredations of those people better than any other nation in history. Obviously, the system works, or it did in the past. If any dissident whiz kid wants to propose a better system, that will, for the first time in the history of mankind – eliminate all corruption in govt – I am all ears. I remain correct – your system is as good as it gets – provided you have the balls to keep it.

        • The President without an established party is like a General without an army.

          Trump never stood a chance. Given the staffing of US Gov, NO Republican will ever stand a chance.

          Hence, TINVOWOOT

          • this is a very important point, i feel. he should have called for a 10 million person march, and allocated defense assets to support them when they reached dc.

          • He’s an aging baby boomer and a staunch civic nationalist? What did you expect?
            Being able to call out political opponents now and again and exploit an angry population does not make you a war leader or despite what the Left thinks a Caesar.
            Donald Trump is a well known commodity, has been for near 4 decades. Anyone who did the research would know he wouldn’t want that role for himself or his kids and he wouldn’t have reached for it if he could which be probably couldn’t.

          • Right. Still one thinks of the peaceful political pressure that could’ve been brought, but he waited until it was his power and prestige that was at stake, with an angry and desperate crowd.

            All that could’ve been accomplished by playing the outsider and being more politically aggressive when he had the initiative, instead of trying to play nice with DC— frustrating, better to not think about it.

          • NO Republican will ever stand a chance.
            50/50 cause israelites might still have some uses for the republicans, there’s some objectives they can’t achieve with the democrats.

        • I agree with your assessment of Trump. But your assessment of the system is faulty. The constitutional republic lasted ONE human lifespan. From 1789-1861, not a good record for a system of government

        • Trump used the legitimate and grave concerns of Whites to gain office and then never mentioned us again. In his final act of betrayal he pushed fed up and angry Whites to action with possible jail terms attached then disappeared. Unfortunately some things can only be seen clearly with hindsight. The things he said in 2015/16 were so bold and unusual it seemed impossible we were being played, but all things considered I think we were. He may be, as Joe Atwill frames it, a lifetime actor.

        • Hear, hear! Brave lad. We forget what our brothers up North are dealing with under Pierre Trudeau’s Charter (it replaced Canada’s Constitution.)

          I propose, then, that the Anglo Commonwealth and the EU are our immediate future, if or until we go full Bolshevik.

      • War. Revolution. Historically that is the only way, and those have inherent problems of their own.

        • a system with tens of millions of blacks is never going to work out for us

          t’s a human impossibility that we could ever exist within the same place

          One has to be oppressed

          We have to be realistic

      • Most of the time force or collapse gets them out.
        To prevent it in a stable state brain scans might work in some dystopia. There is plenty of evidence that various spectrums of thinking can be detected based on autonomic responses. Left/Right Gay/Straight I suspect greed, hunger for power and so can be more or less Voight-Kamph tested
        In order to have certain citizenship rights the A.I. would have to approve them.
        It shad better however be your guys in charge if you went down such a route and no doubt the Left is drooling for such a thing.

    • Well, that’s the issue, isn’t it? Let’s suppose the problem really is the people running the system, somehow as opposed to the system itself. But isn’t the whole point of any system simply that it finds ways to keep itself going? And isn’t it true that the way it keeps going is by finding people to run it?

      Our system is a creation of a particular place and time; all these children of the self-proclaimed Enlightenment really did think they had it all figured out. And it’s failed, if you accept something like the metric Aquinas and other figured should be the measure of failure or success: the cultural, spiritual, and physical health of the people. That system is the one we have, and it’s a goddamn failure. To Hell with it.

      • The purpose of any system is to protect it’s people and advance their interests. Whether it is communism, socialism, fascism or capitalism – the aim is the same. You can propose any system you want and erect any barriers you want to bar the corrupt from the halls of power… and the first thing they will do is find ways to subvert it. It is a story as old as mankind itself.
        All the dissidents bitch and moan about the system. Yeah – I get it – it doesn’t work anymore. Why is that?
        Ask yourself this: we used to have anti-monopoly laws. They’re still on the books. Why are the tech oligarchs still around? The are merely the bandits-de-jour too, there’s Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Media – everywhere, Big Brothers. Flourishing in broad daylight, in a system that has laws that specifically are in place to thwart them. How reasonable is it to expect one man like Trump to clean up decades of this kind of rot?

        • Not at all reasonable, I think. That’s not the issue. The issue is whether the situation we find ourself in these days is simply how a government built on Enlightenment principles had to be, eventually.

    • “The problem is the people running it”. Circular argument. Ok, sure, but it is the people who chose the people running it.

    • But then here is the rub, was the system that emerged from the 1860s more or less the same as the one before the war? Where each state was to be very independent, almost like its own country?
      What about the system that allowed women to be, well, part of the direct operations of the system? Or the system that allowed for civil rights and immigration changes?
      Where were our guys then?

      • Let there be no doubt – the system is going to change. Whether it is good or bad for us the question. I think the impending changes are going to eliminate any vestiges of the former United States. It’s all up in the air when the gloves come off.

      • IMO the real change, the ones that cracked the foundation of the country, came in the 1900’s:

        1. women voting
        2. income tax
        3. prohibition
        4. how senators were selected
        • Coincidentally, that was when the Democrats gave up their old Jefferson-Jackson orientation towards the “little guy”, and joined the Republicans as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Finance and Industry.

          • oh yeah, i was just thinking of legislation and amendments to the ..the..thingy. those wars led to a standing army and the MI complex.

    • Spooners’ quip is instructive here.

      Paraphrasing, if the system works you must love the current condition as it is the product of the system.

    • The system was beautiful, but could not withstand the demographic assault devised by the Left. Trying to save a system designed by whites, but over-run by browns, is like trying to install the same system in Iraq.

      • Money imo. Demographic assault driven by the desire for cheap labor, going back to before the founding.

        The American Experiment was/is an attempt to create a nation out of a business enterprise imo. The money men are stubborn.

        Hence a transactional nation (Civic Nationalism, melting pot, multiculturalism, etc.) instead of the more traditional blood-and-soil type. Take the oath— Welcome, fellow American!

        Selling out was baked into the cake.

        • The American Experiment was/is an attempt to create a nation out of a business enterprise imo

          That’s an interesting take. It would seem that the current drive is to extend that philosophy to the rest of the globe.

          • I was just thinking the other day that since the protections for intellectual property in Article 1, Section 8 are justified by the clause “To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts,” we could really use a board that grants copyrights based on how “useful” the art in question is. “You gave us another rap “song” about your primitive culture? Sorry, not useful.”

          • Fun though moot. Rapper M.C. D’Generate can still rap under such a system and make tons of money.
            To curtail it you’d have to bring back obscenity laws and enforce them which is not plausible as there is no moral basis in our libertine society to do that,

    • How does one separate the “system” from the people elevated and running the system. The “system” as you see it, can also be viewed as flawed in that it allowed such people to rise and rule within it.

      Now we see the ultimate fruit of this system; almost complete lawlessness and corruption. The only law and order we will be entitled to is that which suits the powers in control—or that we forcibly take.

      • the US used to have two separate systems running in parallel. one was the government, the other was society. now the two have merged.

    • If our current system is a result of the Constitution, I don’t want that system or the COTUS. If the current system is despite the Constitution and the Constitution was unable to stop it, I don;t want it.

    • >>>There is nothing wrong with “the system”. …You forget: that system produced the most successful, prosperous nation in the history of mankind.

      Not to denigrate the Founders, but even today all we really need for a successful, prosperous nation is a new empty mid-latitude continent.

    • Based on that reasoning, communism would be perfectly enjoyable if run by angels. But no system is. It does seem to be a bit of chicken/egg: do the people corrupt the system, or does the system corrupt the people? I think the answer to that is yes. Thus, no system is permanent and all must fall through the cycles. Great as this system’s achievements may have been, aristocracy gave us the Renaissance, Medieval feudalism gave us the scholastics, etc. So it seems systems can achieve great things, yet be destined to fall.

      • do the people corrupt the system, or does the system corrupt the people?” both. it’s a historical cycle.

        • I can attempt to answer that question philosophically: the correct answer is that humans exist before any possible political system. Therefore, the system’s origin is conditioned upon the existence of humans. So the system at least at its inception, is corrupted by people.

    • We don’t live under the same system as 1776. Daniel Shays, Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, FDR and LBJ have seen to that.

      This country would be so unrecognizable to the generation of 1776 that if they could come back from the grave and see it today, they would be shooting…

    • The system started with a vast continent populated by a few basically stone age tribes. Even Communists could have made something with all those resources.
      The truth is the system faltered by 1790 (Marbury vs Madison) and failed by 1861 , 85 years is not much time at all.
      The second republic lasted till 1933 , 68 years counting the civil war as an interregnum of sorts.
      The third arguably ended in 2002 with the patriot act so 69 years.
      Now we are in the fourth and it looks like it some will say it ends tomorrow so 19 years.
      Onto the fifth however long that last. If 4th turning theory is correct and its been a hell of a lot more bang on than Q Anon, that’s only 9 years.
      I wouldn’t call that a good system. I’d call it ideas unfit for purpose in a modern era.
      Largely the old system doesn’t work in the Internet age or when corporations can be used as stalking horses to ignore the Constitution.
      We need reform and while its good an fine to cling tot he idea of Rights being granted by God, a system that works needs to have more resistance to subversion or decay than counting on a population staying moral and religious much less homogeneous.

  38. The final lesson here is that the old political labels are no longer relevant.”

    As a child in the 80’s, I modeled my life after “Alex P. Keaton” from the TV show “Family Ties”. Work hard, look good, respect your country, mock hippies.

    I thought that made me a Republican, a conservative and a patriot.

    Now, I am a father with a wife, kids, private school tuition, a mortgage and a property tax mortgage.

    Am I a Republican? No.

    Am I a conservative? No: what would i conserve?

    Am I a patriot? After another one of my lost nephews joined the Army, I was proud. That he finally got a job…

    • I think we can still be patriotic in that we love, and weep for, the land we were born in. Which is what makes massive immigration from non white countries so awful.

      this past few years, few months, has made me really think about what patriotism means.

      i dont think Russians during the 40s would say they didn’t love Russia. But they knew they were in the grips of something that they could NOT love, nay, should not love.

      something like that must have been going on here.

      • The government is not the country, let alone the nation.

        France is on what, it’s tenth government of the last two centuries, but it’s always been France.

        The first delusion of America is that the federal government is the country and nation. It isn’t.

        • separating the government from the nation is going to be very hard for most Americans b/c it’s always been more or less one and the same

        • not necessarily disagreeing; IMO the US is somewhat unique in that it isn’t a 1:1 relationship between populace ethnicity and government.

        • The problem is America is not one nation, but several. The government, disgusting as it is, is the only point of unification.

    • Ha, my experience to a T! Now I feel like an emigrant to Mexico who is just trying to navigate being ruled by drug cartels.

      • I feel for you. I left coastal CA 4 years ago, for that reason, among others. Good luck in your navigation.

    • You should have sent your lost nephew your condolences. It would have been better if you had convinced him NOT to join the Israeli Foreign Legion.

    • After another one of my lost nephews joined the Army, I was proud. That he finally got a job…

      Question: Should we discourage the younger gens from enlisting in the U.S. military? Asking for a friend.

      • I did not discourage him. He was flopping around, living in his (rich, Boomer) parents basement.
        Pray for international peace and that he learns something.
        The sad thing is, what are the odds the beautiful, blonde haired, blue-eyed lass he is dating will stick around? I am sure the camp follower who he knocks up and who milks him for 18 years (and 1/2 his pension) will be worth it.

  39. I’d rather see the whole damn system with all of it’s vile inhabitants annihilated in one fell swoop where something new and righteous can arise from the ashes. Going through the tedious process of forming a new alternative to the present system will not likely allow for these criminals to be held to account for their seditious activities – which they must be.

    • I know

      Waiting and tinkering around the edges doesn’t feed the appetite for destruction

      Which is why I never bought into the “long game” strategy

      Our side, for better or worse, our ind of people, are too fiery to play that game. That’s for (((them)))

  40. My biggest concern about Trump at the beginning was that he obviously had never read a history book. It seemed unlikely then that he understood what was happening to the country, and his own situation. It is no surprise that he hired swamp critters to help him, and it’s no surprise that they did everything they could to make him fail.

    • what’s odd is that Trump never corrected for that. it almost seems like he was a front for some unseen faction, and was never actually in control personally.

      • I just think there was no one turn to. He should have stuck with Flynn, and fired everyone else on day one. All US attorneys, FBI leadership, Intelligence traitors, etc. But to be fair, it would be difficult to anticipate how traitorous they would be. And there just weren’t enough warm bodies outside the GOP swamp to turn to.

        • Every cabinet post or judge had to be approved by the corrupt Senate. Trump never got a chance to make a recess appointment because his own party kept the Senate officially open with pro forma sessions.

          • send the one cabinet candidate you want, and if they don’t approve him, just appoint him as “acting” and leave it t that for the entire 4 years. or leave it empty, it’s not like those guys ever do anything real.

        • He was the ultimate outsider yet staffed & surrounded with insiders ramming shivs in his back @ every opportunity. He exposed the rampant corruption in DC which – to them – is absolutely unforgivable, hence the rush to impeachment 2.0.
          “What can’t continue, won’t” & this can’t continue.

          Buckle up.

      • Makes you wonder. To hear him speak, though, it seems just as likely he believed he could make the sale.

    • That was a strength and a weakness. Appealing to voters who stopped showing up since the 1970s and 1980s required someone to cut through some ideology which was a strength that won him the election but it cost him when he kept making mistakes after the election. At the time in 2016, people were baffled that Trump often ran against Hillary from the left on economics and trade.

    • Trump assumed that Washington worked the same as business. You have enemies, sure, but at the end of the day everybody is trying to make money.

      In reality, Washington is nothing like that. Trump’s competitor, the Democrats, want to make his customer base extinct. Trump’s company, the Republicans, are full of people who’s job is to make sure they *lose money*.

      There is no art of the deal in this swamp. Trump proved that reform is not possible. Even if he wanted to, you can’t micromanage every aspect of the entire USG.

    • McConnell was dictating most of his appointments that required Senate approval.and understand that he HATED Trump. This is why Trump couldn’t do a recess appointment for AG and was forced to hire Barr.
      As for the others they were approved by Pence.s people.

  41. Made me flashback to Trump debating repubcucks during the 2015 primaries. Trump’s debate performance was good, not great, which shone just how badly the others were. I sat there thinking “I can’t believe they’re going to lose to this guy”, and I don’t mean that in a bad way, I was just impressed that it could be done at all! To the point of the post though, yeah, from here on out we’ll only get a slate of gray-men candidates that have been vetted and approved by the system.

    • Sixteen candidates and only one would say the Iraq war was a mistake. One of the main Trump attackers was a woman who as a failed tech CEO outsourced thousands of jobs. There is really no way Trump could have lost once he understood the anger the average voter felt towards the people running the party.

      • Very good point about Iraq. When the words “sadam” first came out of bush s mouth I remember thinking, where did that come from. But like a good “support the troops “ republican I got on board.
        for me personally, I had not been aware of all the outsourcing, and I just assumed immigration and white replacement was a natural phenomenon!

        • Among everyday folks I talk to about immigration, almost all have no idea of the specific history of immigration, the 1924 act, the 1790 act, Hart-Celler in 1965, the numbers of legal immigrants admitted annually, the ethnicities, etc. They just think immigration “happens” naturally, and as long as they’re legal, all is good. It’s similar to outsourcing. “Free trade is good,” is all they know.

          • We have the highest raw immigration in the world, about 1.5 million new americans per year! Youd think we would have had a say in the matter being a “democracy” and all. Its been a liberal tyranny for 60 years at least.

          • I posted a quote of William Vaile in the 1924 act, in a conservative leaning group, and they went nuts and eventually took it down.

            What I’m struck at is limiting Asian immigration to 100, thats right 100, per year is now seen as evil. We MUSt let in 10s of thousands because, well, they deserve to be here fro some reason.
            So what does that make every single on of our ancestors? Well, it makes them evil racist White supremists, doesn’t it?

            so, in this way, America IS systemically racist, and needs to be torn down. Thats what I don’t get about conservatives. They want it both ways, they want to “honor our heratige” but they also say its bad, just like lefty!

      • Good point. And more telling, only one stood up to defend Iraq War 2, even though nearly all of them promoted it back in the day. And the defender (Jeb) did so on account of his brother, not the war itself.

      • I was a vocal proponent of the Iraq adventure when I was in grad school in 2003. I was ready to invade the entire world to spread GWB’s freedom jihad. (cringe) Fast-forward a few years and I found myself in Iraq … what a shit-show! Catharsis is good for the soul, so I made a point to track down one professor from grad school and confess my mistake. That email coming from iraq.centcom.mil email address probably entertained him a bit. I guess all those other candidates had to keep up the lie that Iraq was anything other than an unmitigated disaster out of a sense of team loyalty, even from a team member as thoroughly discredited as GWB. But notice that team loyalty only went one way … when Trump needed team loyalty, he got nothing.

    • from here on out we’ll only get a slate of gray-men candidates that have been vetted and approved by the system.” and no one votes for, because voting is a synonym for LARP’g

      • Precisely. Trump stood out compared to the rest of the candidates. He stood out exactly because he was not of the vetted mode. About that time, I realized that all the others were of the same ilk that would accomplish nothing in office and reverse all their “positions” in short order.

        Of course voting for Trump was betting on the come, but I still do not regret it. Many concepts were formed for me during the Trump administration that would not have occurred if Trump had not been elected. In that his election was a victory of sorts for the DR.

        • Whats there to regret? Was there a better option? The left’s response to him, like fbi pleading guilty to falsifying evidence to spy on his campaign, russia investigation, impeachment over something biden did, election fraud, and second impeachment have woken up tens of milllions of people to how corrupt our institutions are. I still think its too late to save the US, but maybe more of us will take our families to eastern europe or a few states will secede one day.

    • You have to admit, watching Trump destroy Jeb Bush was one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched.

    • It was wild to see him go after John McCain’s war record. Sure, he was at the bottom of his class at the naval academy and had a history of crashing planes and other screwups, but still, that was out of the box thinking.

      • The thing is tho, that was what EVERY military vet I knew was saying about McCain

        They hated him

        One of Trump’s skills was knowing what regular vets were thinking

        • That was my understanding as well. His father was an admiral, and thus he could screw up and strut around like the rules didn’t apply to him. Perfect training for a career in politics. Even the legend about him demanding other POWs be released before him was likely fabricated.

          • I ask McCaine supporters to name one Vietnamese with more confirmed kills of Americans than their hero.
            Shock, horror, outrage, silence.
            “Why do you think they erected a statue to him? ”
            Ends the discussion.

    • Nature abhors a vacuum, somebody will rise. The danger is, politics having failed, he’ll be a man on a white horse, an Austrian corporal— a foreigner. But maybe we’ll get lucky.

    • Every single major US sponsored conflict in the past 55 years has begun with a US lie.

      • Vietnam – Gulf of Tonkin
      • Greneda – “Save the Medical Students!”
      • Gulf War I – (Babies in incubators dumped on the ground)
      • Gulf War II – Weapons of Mass Destruction!
      • WWIII/Civ War 2.0 – Putin backed the “Insurgents”!

      Millions of deaths, based on half-truths and lies. Yeah, love the troops, they are necessary and good men are among them. But they do what they’re told, no matter how bad it stinks.

      • Not to mention that we had no business jumping into the WWI stalemate, which inevitably led to WWII. It is also an open question if Pearl Harbor was known in advance.

          • Agreed, the Japs deserved what they got, 100%.

            The US really put the screws to them with trade embargos…steel and oil. Pressure to make them stop raping China, but let’s be honest…Japan threatened the US Pacific empire, the Philippines especially.

          • They certainly did come 1942. My Dad was on one of our subs in the Pacific in those years. He never had any war stories. One of his few was his Capitan saying: “Men, I can forgive mistakes, but the sea never does.” That one has stuck with me.

          • and what would those men have been doing, if they had survived the attack? say, 6 months later?

            why don’t you read up on the Coventry air raid in WWII.

        • Just listened to a fascinating interview about WW2 with Mark Weber on Guide to Kulchur. “The War that Destroyed the West”.

      • WW2 – We had an undeclared naval war with Germany, we were already giving Lend-Lease to the Soviets and actively poking tge Japanese to attack us (rather than the Soviets).
        WW1 – We were providing aid to the Entente. Then there is the matter of what exactly US zionists did to warrant the acknowledgement of the Balfour Declaration.

        • The USA’s aid to the Soviets pre-war is itself inexcusable. Long before the war (1920s) the USSR was already well into its Gulag Archipelago phase. Rumors and reports of that had leaked to the West, but (and note parallels in today’s world), liberal, social and communist sympathizers in the West said it was all falsehoods. The Reds tortured and murdered its own citizens on a scale rarely seen in history, only (probably — I’m not an expert on history) exceeded by the Nazi death toll 1930s-1945.

      • A soldier that thinks for himself isn’t a soldier, he’s an infiltrator. You cannot have a functional aren’t without the absolute discipline of the ranks. Consequently, it is the commander in chief, and only the commander in chief, who deserves criticism for bad wars and false pretenses.

      • Babies dumped out of incubators according to the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador who hadn’t been in Kuwait in 3 years. Also the US ambassador to Iraq April Glasbie telling Saddam that “the US has no interest in the conflict between Iraq and Kuwait”. Greenlighted US approval 3 weeks before the Aug 2 invasion.

          • PJB got into trouble during the run up when he called out the Amen Corner of special people in the establishment that wanted that war. Tom Lantos of Cali (holocaust survivor or something like that) told the Prime Minister of Israel “we are going to get that bastard” referring to Saddam.
            The crock of lies and manipulation that got us into PG 1 opened my eyes. However, to this day, even the people that hated PG 2 still consider Desert Storm to be a “good war”.

        • The lies (actually perjury-she was under oath I believe) told by “Nayirah” the fake nurse to Congress in October 1990 were orchestrated by a New York public relations firm- Hill and Knowlton who were paid by the Kuwaiti government.
          If conspiring to commit perjury to Congress to forment US involvement in a war doesn’t constitute treason, what does?
          This became known within a few weeks in late 1990 and there was no reaction from Washington- no-one was hanged. That was the point when I realized the US was a Commercial Empire not a serious Country.
          Hill and Knowlton recently won a contract with the World Health Organization to handle their Covid19 public relations.

    • In retrospect, my first indication of the Trump phenomenon came in 2014. My dad, poster child CivNat, Team Red, worked on GWB campaign, etc., commented that he was tired of getting campaign donation requests from the GOP. When I asked him about it, he got a bit angry … I think he was starting to realize he was being used. I remember him commenting that all of the donation requests made reference to needing money to “fight the Obama agenda” but him then stating “they’re not going to do a damn thing except bend over.” I also remember his saying something about DC Republicans will turn on their voters if that is what keeps them in Georgetown. He didn’t live to see the rise of Trump, but I’m confident that my dad was the indicator of a general sense of awakening by normy-con’s. I think he would have come to agree with Michael Anton’s view of the 2016 election and that the GOP establishment was “the Washington Generals.” And those people are not just going to suddenly re-subscribe to NR (or in my dad’s case – cringe- the now dead Weekly Standard) b/c Trump is in Florida. Trump has wholly destroyed the GOPe … and it’s not entirely clear yet what will form in its place.

    • I wonder if there might not be a real upheaval in the Republican Party. Mitch the betrayer was blaming trump in a senate speech for the so called riot, and the thought is he might support impeaching trump. I hope the gop senators do that. There would be hell to pay from the maga crowd. Might not change anything but it would be all the cannons on the deck rolling loose.

  42. Dr. William Pierce couldn’t have said it better! Oh wait! He did! Many decades ago. Watching the white working class slowly wake up to the truth is sorta like a parent watching his child, in stages, learn to talk, walk, read and write, ride a bike, etc. Dr. Pierce’s shortwave American Dissident Voices broadcasts opened my eyes way back in the 1990’s. Now, some of us are just standing there smiling, waiting for our toddlers to catch up!

    • What plans have you come up with all that time on your hands. Any ideas that the rest of the dopes missed?

      The white working class has probably been a little more based for a long time but leaders don’t usually come from there. So while you are smiling in self satisfaction, you’re not the only one knowing early where this was all going. People like Buchanan and even Perot were early bellwethers who actually put in on the line and tried.

      • The middle and upper middle class whites are in for a rude awakening too. Do you know how many soft UMC white kids are sitting in their parents’ basement with a useless degree? “Finding yourself” in your 20s was maybe ok in the Boomer days. Today, with intense 3rd world pressure, as well as anti-white affirmative action preventing hiring, these kids are screwed.

        They might live one generation off of inheritance but that’s it. They think that by selling out lower class whites they will be rewarded. They won’t be. However millenials are now sliding into poverty and seem woker than ever. So maybe it is too late for many.

        • However millenials are now sliding into poverty and seem woker than ever. 
          American University millenial: if you went broke then you need to get more woke, vote israelite bernie! Hurrah! That’s the solution everyone!

        • Sink or swim time when they have to fend for themselves. Many will swim. Society never had faith in millennials imo. Kept them on the conveyor belt, coddled them, corrupted them, made puppets of them.

          It’s hatred posing as love. Mama’s love, as JLP would say. The collapse will be the shove out of the nest they need.

        • This bazillion dollars that Bidens giving for covid release is just a transfer of wealth. The reason Democratic Governors are talking about opening up their states now is because they know they can get on the grift which is a transfer of money from white people to non-whites explicitly stated. I know a lot of these upper middle-class people and they’re extremely soft precious children. It’s going to be very difficult for them. Some of the young men are hard though. Not many but a few

          • Yes, I’m one of the hard ones from a privileged background. The true rich are fine, they actually don’t fuck around that much with their kids’ education, and there’s that nepotism too.

            The snooty, soft, and mediocre UMC strivers are in trouble. Most of them are doing well because their boomer parents were in the right place at the right time.

            Many from this group have a meme degree and are “travelling the world” to “find themselves”. Every year more hiring departments turn coloured and that’s one more place they won’t get a job.

          • I think that in the long-run, perhaps optimistically, that small and medium-sized businesses will be a great landing place for competent white males (and white females if necessary). As big globohomo corp pushes out competent, talented white men, they’ll land on their feet at these SMBs that cannot afford to play the diversity game and are scrappy and lean. They just want talent. They will help grow the shit out of them.

            As a Consultant, I see this with most of the clients we work with that are <$1B revenue, and definitely below the $500MM revenue level. Hardly a jogger anywhere near the middle management, let alone executive staff. Maybe some in the factory.

            Hell, Chinese companies have figured this out, they can hire white male American executives that have been shut out by big American corp and get talent and IP.

            Of course, all this assumes that globohomo won’t nefariously seek to regulate, tax, and hound these businesses into oblivion. Perhaps a naive assumption.

          • “Of course, all this assumes that globohomo won’t nefariously seek to regulate, tax, and hound these businesses into oblivion.”

            We are already seeing that with affirmative action sourcing in government and The Great Pretender announcing that he won’t bail out or give aid to small businesses run by white men

        • One hundred percent. It is happening now in tech, and of course middle class jobs associated with fossil fuels will be gone soon, management, engineering and sales along with extraction. Biden would probably like to expand vehicle manufacturing, particularly, electric, and those jobs are blue collar but pay middle class wages; his handlers will limit his ability to do so. Essentially any private sector industry job that has a large contingent of Whites and pays them sustainable wages will be devastated.

          While the POZ has been in government sector jobs for about three generations now, the anti-White pain will be stepped up. Those White kids who have not felt the full sting because they transitioned into government jobs soon will be shut out from entry or promotion. There will be obvious exceptions for political hacks but those, too, will be scaled back based on race.

          Those who have managed to have and contribute to 401ks soon will be hit. Initially there will be tinkering with the tax deferment aspects and then the contributions will become a thing of the past. Whether they are forcibly extracted remains to be seen.

          The end game is to have upper middle class and middle class Whites dependent on UBI and squeezed out of their lifestyles. When the moratoriums on mortgage foreclosures are lifted, there will be exemptions. Want to guess who will not be exempted? Most assume pensions will be bailed out. I do not totally agree. There will be caps placed on what someone can receive once their plan is saved.

          The full force of this will hit soon enough, and this list is very sketchy.

        • Funny, I’m a late Boomer and I never had the opportunity to “find myself.” I have held a job since I was 15 years old. I worked the entire time I was in college. Those jobs included laying asphalt in the hot summer, dishwasher, busboy, maintenance crew at an apartment complex … .

          My father was in Vietnam (career military) when I was in the second and third grade. I don’t remember it, but my mother told me later in life that I used to cry in school because I was worried about my father.

          I grew up on military bases, which tend to be pretty rough places. I went to a majority negro high school where racial violence against whites was normal.

          I never considered any of that as a reason to complain or feel sorry for myself. I actually had it better than a lot of my peers.

          But the notion that youngsters have these days that Boomers had it made is ridiculous.

          • Our host and many posters here still buy into the circular firing squad mentality of blaming their fellow lower class whites for all their woes. It’s stupid and counterproductive but that’s how they roll.
            The ruling class loves this shit because it takes the heat off them and their associates.

          • It wasn’t an attack on all boomers.

            I just know alot of them who were ski bums and hippies and travelled to South America or wherever during their 20s. Things worked out for them in the end.

            Things are not going to work out for gen z doing the same.

          • Im in this online book club and there are two boomers that are exactly that. Explored the world, thne went into big advertising and one just retired as an exec at amazon. Maybe he’s lyingtho

          • Everyone who is younger than boomers thinks all boomers grew up wealthy and were hippies. They find it unpleasant to believe that most of us were working class, head to pay or way through school and voted for Nixon not McGovern.

            Unfortunately, the right is nearly as historically illiterate as the left when it comes to American history especially the 20th century

          • Yes, as a late Boomer here, I find it amusing. It’s no doubt traditional to blame one’s elders for the state of the world one inherits. When someone wants to blame us for the wreckage from Civil Rights, all you need point out is that the last major brick in that wall was 1964 or 1965, when the oldest Boomers were not even of voting age (it was 21 back then). Nope, that credit goes to the Boomer’s parents, the “Greatest Generation.”

          • Also have worked since 15, now 66 and working for benefits for younger spouse. Too busy working to decide how other people should live/think. Homeschooled kids, so lived on one income and most wealth tied up in home and surrounding land, but that may be a good thing. Also shaking my head at where my white privilege is hiding.

        • At the very least, as a Millennial, I am grateful for the more honest prognosis found here–whether it ends up being poverty or making the turn around happen–that other older adults still refuse to give. They keep wanting to entice you with another silly fools’ errand or scam.

          It’s like when at an Optimist International convention, they aired a short documentary about a Type 1 Diabetic who succeeded in climbing Mount Everest without damaging his insulin pump. And don’t get me wrong–that’s an amazing, extraordinary feat… But what does that have to do with an average Joe with limited capacity for the extraordinary! Outliers don’t really provide much direction for the masses unless there’s a widespread tech or social change to follow. Please, something more realistic and attainable

      • “Any ideas that the rest of the dopes missed?”

        Here’s one: Local and regional organization, formal and informal, open and clandestine.

        Like the American Left. Better still, like Hezbullah.

        Unfortunately, the people comprising the American Right are ideologically-theologically compromised, leader/saviour-worshipping, short-sighted, greedy, and indolent.

        • Upvoted for the premise ending in “Like the American Left. Better still, like Hezbullah.” Excellent.

          The rest of it, though… when you can walk on water, run for President, ok?

        • The Hasidics in NYC are another example of strength in community. I’m not sure there’s been another group in the States that’s been more effective at thumbing their noses at the Covid Commissars.

          They also provide a counter-argument to the idea of going invisible. It seems like if you’ve got the community building correct, you can actually flaunt your membership.

        • Peoples War by Clausewitz, or capter 6 On War. Mao was just copying. Or the spanish guerrillas of the peninsular war.

          now note – safe lands, state or region sized, resources and money needed, and regular forces the guerrillas work with and for. Otherwise perish.

          let the enemy have the cities, yoked to them. They cannot have the run of the counties.

      • In fairness, what to do about the mass bred up to consume and obey but watch the thing come down and let nature take its course?

        I’ve wasted too much time and too many brain cells trying to make a difference, never realizing most people can’t be other than what they were made to be.

        Slavers and their slaves have been the fly in the American ointment since the beginning imo.

      • And now Buchanan has become just another Conservative Inc. mouthpiece, attacking the very Americans who supported him and oblivious to the threat that BLM/Antifa pose to the very existence of America…..

      • No, those two denied the importance of race. The hapless Buchanan actually picked a Black woman as his running mate – the ultimate bonehead pc move that sickened and confused everyone.

    • I listened to the first two, the guy is fiery. His beyond right and left to find the spiritual side of “our thing” is flat out pantheistic. Why is it so hard to just say “ we don’t want our daughters marrying blacks, and frankly we don’t want to be around blacks, because we said so, thats why”?
      The Cosmic Christ was stupid and heretical when it was cooked up by that French Peking man priest, and it remains so!

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