Lesson Of Trump #3

Note: I have a post up behind the green door on the 1997 movie The Devil’s Own, starting Brad Pitt and Harrison Ford.

Perhaps in the future, this day will be called day zero of year zero, signifying the official closing of one era and the start of a new one. The installation of Joe Biden as president marks the end of the old civic nationalist America and the beginning of the new managerial state. Competitive elections and open debate of the old era have been swept away in favor of ceremonial elections and speech codes. The managerial class has formally seized control of the country.

No one can look at what is going on in the country and think any of it is normal or that returning to normal is possible. Even if Washington wanted to return to normalcy, the last few months cannot be unseen. Joe Biden will take the oath of office behind layers of razor wire, guarded more than a full army division. The imperial capital looks like it is under occupation and it very well may remain this way. The new regime is extremely paranoid, convulsed by increasingly bizarre conspiracy theories.

This is the big lesson of the Trump years. The nature and psychology of the managerial class began to transform after the end of the Cold War. Little by little it was becoming a closed and insulated culture sitting atop of the general culture. The system looked the same from the outside, two parties competing for votes and the right to dispense the benefits of power, but inside it was changing. It was becoming a distinct culture and the people in that culture were becoming class aware.

Viewed in this context, the 2016 election of Donald Trump was the catalyst for the final phase of this process, the end of which is unfolding now.  The political system in America is now a closed shop, like a sports league. Just as you cannot buy a sports team without first being approved by the other owners, you can no longer win a federal election without first being vetted by the managerial class. The razor wire barriers are the manifestation of this closing of the managerial elite.

It is not just the political marketplace that has been closed off. America is no longer a market economy. This is another thing that has accelerated into plain sight during the Trump years. The shuttering of the social media site Parler is a great example of how the marketplace no longer exists in a conventional sense. All of its vendors gave up their business with the company, because the people running those firms are loyal to their class, not the abstract principles of the marketplace.

This will become increasingly clear as the new regime takes control. The big economic players like the banks or the tech giants are no longer subject to the marketplace in any meaningful way. For example, if angry consumers swore off Amazon, not much would change for Amazon as they control the logistics for the companies those angry consumers would use in place of Amazon. Mastercard can black list anyone because they are a part of a cartel that has no competition.

This will be the hardest lesson for people to accept. Every generation of Americans walking the earth right now has been conditioned to believe the marketplace is the final arbiter of all disputes. Despite all that has gone on, most people cannot accept that there is no marketplace in large swaths of the economy. They still respond to the bogeyman of socialism, despite the fact America has been a socialist country for close to a century now. We are now a command-and-control economy.

Of course, all of this is coming with something even more ominous. For example, the tech giants volunteered to work with the FBI to get the protestors they have now labeled insurrectionists, which is an important change in tone. This public-private partnership comes naturally, as the people involved see one another as members of the same class, at war with the same enemy. Silicon Valley is officially the signal intelligence arm of the surveillance state.

This year the regime will roll out the Covid passports, which will be required to get on public transport. Soon, they will be required to do anything. This is the beginning of the social credit system, where your internal passport is essentially a report card that is constantly updated based on your behavior. It starts with public health but will quickly moves to public safety. Surveillance capitalism will come into full bloom tarted up with the language of public safety and defending democracy.

In total, what the Trump phenomenon has revealed is the America most people thought was their country is gone. Politically, economically, demographically, and culturally, the old American has been replaced with this new society. The great reset, as the new regime bills it, is a dictatorship of the managerial class. That class is now largely closed off to the rest of us. Just as the nomenklatura had the house on the embankment, the managerial class has the walled institutions.

This is why the new regime is willing to bust up many of the institutions that had been instrumental in creating. Public distrust of the media is no longer important, as the new class is no longer subject to the voters. The media companies no longer worry about the audience, because what are you going to do, start your own Amazon? Create your own Hollywood? Mitch McConnell supports another impeachment, because he knows the party system is a farce. His loyalty to his class is what matters.

Michael Anton was right that Donald Trump was the Flight 93 president. Like that flight, the story was motivated by hope, but it was doomed from the start. Like that flight, it crashed and now can only serve as a warning and a rally point. For the new regime, it is a warning that their subjects will fight back if given the chance. For the rest of us, it is reminder that we can fight back, but success is not guaranteed. Resistance only works when no one has any illusions about what is being resisted.

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412 thoughts on “Lesson Of Trump #3

  1. Pure comedy gold at Always Bolshevik Communism (ABC) as they compared lovable ol’ Uncle Joe to Ape Lincoln and crowned him the national papa. Bwahaha!
    Our external enemies are laughing their asses off…oh wait they have already infiltrated everything down to the local council of wise enlightened Karens.
    There won’t be anything left in four years for preezy of the steezy Stacy Abrams as the Dominion shrinks down a steaming pile of cess ridden filth known as Mordor on the Potomac.

  2. Trump needs to leave the Republican Party and take his followers with him. Let it die as it deserves. It has betrayed us far too often. The new party needs to work in Red America only – in the rural parts to begin with. The ultimate goal should not be to take back America – which is impossible – but to leave it.

  3. Does any of what Z astutely spelled out in the post actually bother must people? I don’t think so.

    Democrat voters feel that they have saved democracy and kicked out a violent dictator who sold the country out to putin.

    The right side of the divide seems to be doing what it naturally does which is escape into fantasies so that they can feel good. Americans have traditionally never cared that much about politics and have mistrusted politicians. Americans have wanted to enjoy their lives, make money, have kids and own a home. It is worth noting that home sales are surging while commercial property sinks.

    Studies consistently show that our side of the divide is mentally healthier and happier and most of us seem to be determined to stay that way by escaping into one fantasy or the other.

    1. Don’t worry. There is a plan in place and in x weeks, there will be a coup

    2. Lol. Who cares? I will just buy more guns then citizens, the military and the police will take over the country if they push us anymore

    3. Give up on politics and focus on religion, mountain biking, exercise, making money or whatever else makes you feel good

    4. Vote for the third party when Trump forms one and vote republicans out of office.

    Those are the main ones I see every day

    • The Dems think they’ve saved the country.

      The Right thinks moar guns, and if they push us too far, a boundary that like the universe seems to expand infinitely in every direction, “we’ll take over the country.”

      The people just want it all to go away, and it won’t.

    • Yes it does matter, because of the profound changes wrought by the lockdowns and certain to be wrought by more lockdowns combined with mass third world immigration with huge job losses.
      First, the service sector as we know it, legal, above board, cashless, is mostly dead. A few people will gig as Uber Eats delivery people, but most of the barbers, restaurants, bars, nail salons, etc. are officially out of business. Unofficially I count in my own neighborhood and illegal workout studio, a backyard barbershop, a backyard nail salon, and what looks like a home meal delivery service in the neighborhood cash only for all of them. This black market will only grow as the Great Reset takes on “Big Food” and taxes meat, milk, poultry, eggs etc out of people’s reach.
      And Biden is old. Pelosi is old. Schumer is old. McConnell is old. Old leaders lacking legitimacy facing crises tend to get booted: Mubarak, Ghadaffi, Ben Ali, the Shah, etc.
      A million “migrants” mostly dangerous looking young men with scary Mayan tattoos scaring not just Whitey but “the other White meat” Mexicans is a widespread social revolt in the making.
      America is over, but the Republica Norte Mexico might be aborning. There are likely worse places to live.

      • Harris is young. Zuck, Bezos, that Rasputin guy, and AOC are young. The Cathedral keeps producing fresh news clones even more devoted than their predecessors. Who among the herd invading from our south will rise to become our Castro?

  4. How old is Joe Biden, relatively speaking? Oldest American President, older than Reagan when he left office everyone knows. If I’m right then Biden is also older than any American governor, and older than any head of state of a more or less developed country, though not as old as at least 10 members of Congress or the Queen of England.

  5. Today felt like turning off life support for the United States of America. Whatever they call the entity that just installed a chief grey banana after an election that would embarrass even Mugabe, it is not the United States anymore. It wasn’t a shock the way the election was. I admit I was thrown off balance by brazen and obvious it was and especially that they didn’t care to hide it (tells you something about how much in power they actually feel even if they must still be wondering if they went too far there). That was the ‘stroke’. Today was just turning off the damn ventilator. I guess 244 yrs is not a bad run as these things go.

  6. antifa.com now redirects to whitehouse.gov

    Just in case it wasn’t clear who won.

    It was active as an antifa site In June and July 2020. Starting in August 2020, it became a redirect to joebiden.com.

    Before that it was an idle domain, going back to 2002.

  7. “the official closing of one era and the start of a new one”
    Not a believer in any historical cycle theory, but if I were, I’d say the fabled “fourth turning” has arrived and Joe Biden turned out to be the “gray champion”, much to the horror of those who believed Trump would play that part. Many were blind to the fact that even if the theory were correct, there was no guarantee which side would usher in the “new era”. Well, now we know.
    Z’s analysis is spot on. The managerial class has done a bang-up job of herding while the complacent were busily painting themselves into a corner.
    I’m a long-time expat, but I believe eventually the show will play in a theatre near me, so to speak. There is no coordinated counterweight to the juggernaut of the managerial class: nerd world is here! Not likely to affect me much, but I pity my posterity.

  8. The final nail in the coffin of Constitutional Real Traditional Heritage America has been driven
    The dream of America died today.
    The world will now convulse that reality…..

    • Perhaps he could make them the same. Four digits each. Not too secure, but it’ll help him remember.

    • Fox News Chris Wallace:

      “Biden inaugural speech best i’ve ever heard.” Including Kennedy’s “Ask Not” speech evidently.

      To paraphrase: America, first a tragedy now a farce.

    • I don’t actually mind if he can’t remember that code. I’d rather have no deterrence and trust the Russians not to be completely insane than have them climbing the walls thinking an Alzheimer was fooling around w the American button

  9. Well Mr. Z-man, the US was like this 4, 8, and 12, and 16 years ago. This is nothing new. The difference now is that perhaps more people see it, hopefully from the vision of non-partisan spectacles (but I doubt it).
    In the end Trump changed nothing. I’d like to say that it’s because he tried his best and was stymied by the system, but from my vantage point as a libertarian anarchist (who has no dog in the fight) all I can say is that ole Don never went into a fight where he didn’t roll over and trickle a little urine on himself.
    But hey, just a reflection of the populace!

  10. “Customized fittings for chains and manacles will begin on 01 February 2021. Be at your local municipal headquarters before noon. DON’T be late!”…your loyal Comrade Commissar of the Ministry of Unity and Love

  11. Hey Zman, I have been swamped with work this week, but wanted to jump on real quick and wish you a happy birthday. Been reading your blog for 5 years now. Thank you for sharing your voice and perspective through these changing times.

  12. Excellent essay/assessment. But we all know who in (((the managerial class))) really have the power. They’ll be sitting front-and-center in Biden’s cabinet.

  13. Ramzpaul has a pithy normie friendly short video up I watched yesterday. Sent it to a few family members on the other side of the great divide. Got a positive responses back. Thanks again Z for another fine post. See ya at the bread and water Buffet .

  14. The Zman is absolutely right to call this a class revolution. Perhaps revolutions are led by religious-identity groups.

    The Freemasons who designed the city of the District of Columbia led our American Revolution.

    Today, I think the Usual UnNamed Suspects led this managerial revolution, since we’ll have a Triumvirate of Emhoff, Schumer, and Sephardic Ocasio-Cortez. The majority of Biden’s highest profile appointments could also serve in the Israeli government, being dual citizens.

    Our economy is better called Debt Kapitalism, aka “Finance Capitalism”. I see the merger of public-private being more along the lines of Islamic than National Socialist.

  15. A very sobering piece. AINO will be a miserable place for everybody to the right of Trotsky. And we will live lives akin to Soviet dissidents. The time will soon come for our Sakharovs, Mandelshtams, and Solzhenitsyns to arise. Who will they be? Right now, that is hardly clear. But they will be critical for the creation of a better, and probably separate place.

    PS–Z, you state that AINO is a socialist state and that it is hallmarked by “surveillance capitalism.” Something of a contradiction there. I think the latter is closer to reality. What we are experiencing is monopolistic surveillance capitalism.

    • you’ll note the dissidents in the cccp didn’t happen until stalin died, and the party leaders went soft (in their terms)

      • Yep. I’m not convinced Biden is willing to murder millions, but I wouldn’t necessarily put it past Kamaltoe. And there are certainly many in the Power Structure–and many of them black–who would only be too happy to go Stalin on us.

  16. Will Biden go into full savior mode, raise his hands to the sky and heal the world of covid, declaring lockdowns ended with people throwing their masks in the air?

    As always, halos will be photoshopped on all images of leftists.

    • I hope so. But I don’t think “Americans” are sick of masks, I think they like them, and the lockdowns. Its like a snuggle from the government and science…

    • I’m fairly sure that claiming himself as “the chosen one” was reserved for Don the Con, but then again I’m certain that the role of POTUS will go to Joe the Turnip’s alzheimers riddled head sooner rather than later.

    • POTUS is not the cause of lock downs, never was—albeit he has a “bully pulpit”. Best he can do—except talk—he has done. Face masks are required in all Federal installations, as per his first executive order.

      Now as to a magical defeat/elimination of Covid, he will jaw bone the situation and ride the current “decline” in covid cases while taking credit for such occurrence—while the real cause of the decline has been the seasonality of the disease as has been predicted. He will probably go with the hew and cry of the populace and support a role back of covid prevention precautions as per State discretion.

      It is unknown what he will do when Fall roles around and cases pick up as is natural and predicted. He may ignore, or call for a redo of failed prevention measures. More important will be the potential call for mandatory vaccination. Currently being fought in this State for school children—for whom, ironically enough, are specifically not recommended by the pharmaceutical companies as they were not in their testing group in preliminary safety evaluation.

  17. Great article! I like your term “ceremonial elections”. It’s hard to communicate to others when having to use long phrases, or even whole sentences, to describe a phenomenon. The “managerial class” is another short term that conveys the idea. Am going to start using both of these in daily discourse along with some of your others such as “cloud people”.

  18. In my opinion, the best thing long term to strive for is having a whole bunch of towns like Orania in the US. Orania seems to be doing well for itself despite being an extreme minority.

    • From polluted puddles and tin shacks to sturdy, tidy brick homes in a few years.

      I love our people. We can do anything.

      Africa will never get its schmidt together enough to organize a purge against whites like Idi Amin did to the Indian Coloureds. That means we’d best be prepared for continued low level gang attacks like South African farmers.

      As to our rulers going full Bolshevik gulags, I expect it, but they’ll have to finish their war at the top, so this may buy us time.

  19. The Italians, for obvious reasons, have some really decent movies dealing with fascism.

    My #1 favorite is “The Conformist” about a party apparatchik that is assigned to assassinate one his old professors. But the main story line is about his own life, and never feeling like he fit in.

    #2 favorite is Amacord by Fellini. Story is set in the small town he grew up in, during the war years (under Fascist rue).

    For a different take on things, check out Salvador by Oliver Stone; starring James woods. shows the absolute horror of the oligarchy and leftist rebels squaring off.

    And finally, maybe the best of all (if not my favorite), Missing, by costas gravas, with jack lemon and sissy spacek. Set during the aborted communist takeover of Chile, even though they never mention Pinochet directly. If you only watch one of these movies, make it this one 🙂

  20. I wouldn’t use the analogy to Flight 93. That would require a President who at least leaves first class and bangs on the cockpit door once elected. It’s more like Benedict Arnold, who died a penniless drunk in England. Not really respected by anyone.

  21. This is the best of the series thus far. I assume there may be another installment. If not, then this is the best of the series.

    The United States suffered the same fate as Flight 93 in the end, obviously. The only question is whether the former went down long before it was widely know. I suspect so but don’t know so. The police state antics of the last 5 years indicate the republic died long ago, so probably.

    The regime will consolidate power and oppress its opponents, which largely means Whites with a memory of the before times. We have that terror baked into the cake. Where it will get nasty, and resistance will become a real thing because it will be a necessary thing, is after the regime suffers a military loss or economic collapse. Both of those are real possibilities. When either or both occur, like every tyranny before it, the United States junta will blame its subjects, brand them “wreckers,” and it will be on. If it happened today, the State would be bloodied but victorious. It won’t happen today, though.

    I don’t know how this ends or when it ends, but it will end. It always will be Year Zero until there is a resolution, whatever form it takes.

  22. It’s almost difficult to imagine that Biden isn’t actually calling the shots. These enormously under qualified mouth breathers and transvestites who have been selected are ridiculously absurd. Only a true dementia patient could’ve handpicked these clowns. As much as I’ve been trying to disconnect, it’ll be fun to tune in now and then just for the comedic value.

    • The freaks are supposed to demoralize us. Of course, they amuse us. The Dictatorship of the Managerial Class has gotten lazy and sometimes stupid in recent years.

    • Someone had posted that bit from the dissident KGB agent who said that one of the firsts signs that the revolution has succeeded is when the useful idiots are purged. I wonder then if it’s even more “successful” in the case that the useful idiots are put in charge?

    • Joe is more than qualified to be your new master. All he needs is a whip and an overseer or two.

  23. You know who I am, those here who have bothered. Surprisingly, I am very gray, note the ‘r’ please, in public life. Most likely nothing will happen to me and mine. Stay gray, with the ‘r’ and try to remain ‘essential’ like my household does. Prepare regardless for the worst possibilities and keep your heads down while blending in gray. At this point, it must collapse on its own weight and feed itself to itself before we can affect material positive change. Good luck.

  24. We’re now entering the “Dark Time.”

    The managerial class will be at or near its peak powers, inheriting reasonably functioning institutions and an economy. The collaboration of the government and corporate America will truly make us dissidents.

    But we can fight back. This fascist state – and that’s what it is – is both incompetent and basis its policies on falsehoods, either of which guarantee eventual failure. Stay low, build communities and wait for opportunities because they will come.

  25. you can no longer win a federal election without first being vetted by the managerial class

    That’s been true for decades. It’s been true since 1789 for various predecessors of the managerial class. 2016 panicked them because it was the only year in our history when that was not true.

    You’re right, obviously, that the means of enforcement have suddenly turned much more crude and blatant. We’ve entered a new era.

  26. We live in a bizarre female dictatorship where they have weaponized black people. They allow no dissent and use every organ of state power together with street violence to stifle opposition. Obviously, this female dictatorship has no particular allegiance to “america” since they can just get boyfriends elsewhere. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Nancy Pelosi and AOC seem truly unhinged with their constant talk of “deprogramming” everyone. Just visiting this blog probably has most of us on a government list already.

  27. Hmmmmmmm .
    What is it now? Something like 78 million Americans that are now on the managerial class chit list?
    Guys you could build a country on a quarter of that many people! So yeah. Parler isn’t quite dead yet. Gab is going great guns. Twatter has to employ legions of emotionally unstable scolds and censors. Torba just has to step aside and let people talk. Do the math and compare the business models.
    So yeah. Our own banks, our own schools, our own media… our own managers and our own govt. With that many people it could be done easily… IF there is a collective will to do so.

    • And Telegram growth is off the charts

      I keep getting notifications that the most benign normie people on my contact list just joined.
      Not that that is a good thing for people who have used Telegram for a long time. All my channels are getting banned.

      • Love Telegram. Get all my international news that way – direct feeds. My son and his friends/political allies all moved there a few years ago after getting banned elsewhere. I’ve never done social media and have zero interest in Gab or any other version of Twitter, but I like the uncensored news I get on Telegram.

    • But the key is banking. As long as they can shut off your financial activity, they will still hold the whip hand.

  28. I agree with the managerial class (and with any ruling class) that democracy cannot work because the mass of people are stupid and a ruling class is just as natural as any other hierarchical system we see in nature or in society. I just disagree that they’re “elite” in most measurable ways. Formal education and wealth are their two main barometers but both collapse under closer scrutiny. People like the blogger Whiskey have been showing for years that second tier/state schools clean the clocks of the Ivies on all kinds of measures. Wealth might be indicator of skill or industry if the stuff about the free market were true, but, just like Pablo Escobar or Al Capone happened to be in the right place at the right time for cocaine and whiskey respectively, someone like Bezos or Gates or Zuckerberg just got lucky, as much as someone who discovered an oil patch on their land or had rich parents. Okay, you’re saying, they have a monopoly on force (and if they want to burn a city at a moment’s notice, it’s as easy as Jeff Zucker having an incident between a black man and a white cop misreported on CNN). And sure, they’ve got drones, but a lot of soldiers and cops, hell, almost all the competent ones, are white males, ones who really don’t want to fire where some Tranny with a bunch of campaign ribbons tells them to shoot. A hysteric with a big gun is as likely to shoot themselves or get stripped of their weapon as to use it. Maybe they’ve got us checkmated, and this is really it. Maybe not, though.

    • but a lot of soldiers and cops, hell, almost all the competent ones, are white males, ones who really don’t want to fire where some Tranny with a bunch of campaign ribbons tells them to shoot

      I don’t know, they hate White Supremecy and Nazis and Racists. The think gays are just fine…. I don’t trust them.

      • The remnant that would be troublesome is about to be purged. The United States military will resemble the public school system in a matter of years.

  29. When I was in Grade 9 the student I was sitting next to would at times turn around and spontaneously blurt out:

    “Adolf, komm zurueck! Es gehoert geputzt!”
    “Adolf, come back! It’s time to clean things up!”

    Back then (in the 1990s) this statement struck me as bizarre. Now of course I recognize its prescience and enduring relevance.

    Adolf Hitler was the Occidental Race’s messiah. In the truest sense, he died for our sins. No one has been more demonized than him. And no one fought harder for all of our common interests.

    Leon DeGrelle understood this even if many inside and outside of Germany still don’t. Hitler might have started out as a German nationalist but he evolved into a full-blown warrior for the preservation of the Occident.

    • I have been enjoying The Myth of German Villainy on bitchute, although they havn’t gotten to the H-Man. I don’t believe one word I we have all been taught about Germany or H. I’m not ready to call him the savior of the West, but I’m open to hearing his side, thats for damn sure…

      • Who was this kid?
        Oh, he was just some random guy. Not really a very smart individual, to be honest. More like the class clown.

        The thing is, though, it’s often the less educated that get things instinctively right whereas the intellectuals are lost in ideology.

        This is because a smart guy is susceptible to brainwashing in ways that a simpleton isn’t. Because a simpleton can’t escape his instinctual nature. And this keeps him aligned with reality.

    • Hitler worship is the old-and-busted version of Trump worship — also now busted. It doesn’t even matter if what you say is correct. Looking backwards won’t do you any good.

      • I disagree. I think there are still valid lessons to be learned from studying the 3rd Reich, and in particular, its societal and economic organization.
        And to me personally, it is also deeply inspiring. I see the magnificence and splendor of that time, the courageous, noble spirit of those men and it makes me want to fight harder in the here and now.
        For me, it is thus a source of strength. Those men never quit, and rightly so. They didn’t surrender because they understood the consequences of surrender.
        And looking at what happened to Germany after “Stunde Null” they were entirely right in this.

        • “They didn’t surrender because they understood the consequences of surrender.

          And looking at what happened to Germany after “Stunde Null” they were entirely right in this.”

          May our gods smile upon you for this!

          For cripes’ sake, real history is our guide. The Enemy, whether human nature or a specific subset, doesn’t stray far from the playbook. History is their guide too.

        • The third reich is what happened because Metternich wasn’t reined in. The way “Germany” (as part of the Austrian empire) treated France in the attempt to corral France in the aftermath of the French empire and mid-19th century revolutions pretty much ensured France would seek retribution after WWI. Hitler wouldn’t have to power if the Europeans either didn’t meddle in France’s affairs or showed the French mercy when they meddled. The early 20th century of continental history is simply a pent-up blood reckoning and thankfully the American military leaders had the sense to learn from history and force the French and English to practice mercy

    • Ja aber Hitler hat so viele weiße Leute umgebracht, und hat sogar seine Soldaten befohlen, die Deutsche zu vernichten, weil sie in dem Krieg versagten. Er hat teils rechts aber ist keineswegs ein Vorbild. Für mich, zumindest.

      • Ja aber Hitler hat so viele weiße Leute umgebracht, und hat sogar seine Soldaten befohlen, die Deutsche zu vernichten, weil sie in dem Krieg versagten.”

        I don’t see how Hitler had a lot of choice in this though. From what I have read about WWII (and its run-up) my perception is he was essentially forced into a war that was deliberately planned to take him down.

        He attacked Poland in 1939 because Poles were massacring Volksdeutsche (ethnic German) civilians. Having been elected on a platform of restoring dignity and self-respect to the German people he could not simply sit by and let these atrocities happen.

        And the Polish government refused any and all negotiations (at the instigation of Chamberlain). Hitler then offered peace to the UK and France repeatedly, even going so far as to offer a withdrawal of German forces from occupied Poland (except for the corridor (the area around Danzig mostly populated by ethnic Germans)- hardly the actions of a man deadset on torching the world. No, this caricature of the warmonger Hitler simply does not hold up to scrutiny at all.

        The same can be said about Operation Barbarossa. Hitler didn’t just launch an attack on the USSR because he lusted for land. There is an interesting recording of him talking to Mannerheim (the Finnish leader) about the awesome power of the Soviet Union and how amazed he was at the colossal number of tanks and airplanes the Soviets had at their disposal.

        Hitler attacked the USSR because Stalin was planning to overrun Europe. Victor Suvorov writes about this extensively in “Ice Breaker” and provides extensive evidence.

        Bottom line: almost everything written about Hitler is a lie or a gross distortion of what really happened. Just as everything else that has been published by (((TPTB))) is a lie.

        We exist in a hideous hegemony of plastic and have done so since 9/5/1945. Thus I say: embrace monstrosity because these are monstrous times.

        • Hitler made a lot of unforced errors. It may have been that early success may have made him more confident than was warranted, or he suffered from “dictator deafness” from eliminating anyone who could serve criticism, or possibly, as a Gab commenter pointed out, he was a creature of the past and stuck in WWI world (or probably a combination of all three). A case study though in what not to do in a lot of ways which is why people look favorably on Franco and Pinochet instead.

        • Reading that book by Suvarov now; one of the reasons the Soviets lost about 3 million men in the first 3 months of Operation Barbarossa is that so much of their strength was in the western part of Russia/Ukraine. The German operational princip of “sichelschnitt” worked amazingly well.

      • (Lawsy would I love to see a barroom brawl twixt Junger, BTP, and Kesselfieber. In English, that is!

        It might help heal the wounds from seeing a bit of America’s ridiculous new White House poet, Maya Angelou’s retarded clone.)

  30. America is no longer a market economy.

    The US is “imperial economy”, this more obvious looking from the outside in the last few years, the Neocons of the Trump administration increased the sanctions on foreign economies, Nordstream 2 pipeline is under threat because go against the American empire interests.
    The weaponization of the dollar will have future consequences that can be catastrophic for all Americans.

      • it gives russian oil (maybe natural gas) direct delivery into EU. US sells a shiton of LNG on the world market.

    • maybe, it will turn out to be catastrophic to the world, more. maybe the Imperial State will start demanding tribute, and lots of it. maybe china has signed up for the role of carthage…

      • The federal government gets tribute from the world via inflation – ie creating dollars to “buy” foreign property. That’s the real reason for our persistent “trade deficit”.

    • Israel is at the center if the belt and road along with China and Russia.
      One Belt, One Road, One-World Government

  31. Yes, things really are that bad. And if you can’t see it, then your DNA has failed you.
    Going Dark (Cont)
    The primary tool of the surveillance state is the ubiquitous smart phone. This device can and does monitor location, audio, & video feeds on a real-time basis and transmits that info anywhere on the planet in microseconds. It can communicate surreptitiously with other nearby devices via Bluetooth to harvest even more info. And don’t forget that it has a camera on both sides. Finally, the illusion of the rule of law is not a protection against covert surveillance. Your phone is not your friend.

      • Anything cellular will be tracked by the telecom grid because that’s how the grid knows where to send an incoming phone call.

        A flip phone with no data plan might only give your general location–nearest cell tower/repeater–but that’s the most privacy that you should expect.

    • Your lurid depiction is quite correct. But we are willing victims, if often unconsciously. We can tame the monster by powering it off, keeping in a box, whatever.In theory there are permissions to what data it can collect, but yes they could be bypassed.

  32. The mask is off so anyone who is willing to see it knows the truth. Slaves aren’t known for working hard and it takes a lot of beating (police force) to get them into the field each morning. The system is destined to fail because it is going to turn anyone with any talent, into a clever compliant-looking grifter.  

  33. Like Rome – the Republic has collapsed but the institutions will live on to administer the country for our new overlords.
    I was amazed to learn that the Roman Senate not only survived the fall of the Republic but also the Empire. They were appointing Popes and running the place for Gothic kings until at least 603 AD.

        • me too. they are finding out more and more that the dark ages wasn’t some centuries long hobbesian struggle. for the average ex-roman-citizen (I read) their standard of living went up after the fall, due to the onerous tax burdens being lifted. and many every day Romans actually helped the barbarians take over.

          • I know little history, but as a student of Spanish lit, I can say the Romans to an extent took over the barbarians. That is why a large fraction of the world speaks direct descendants of Latin and has other inheritance from them.

          • the romans civilized the barbarians to an extent, but they didn’t take them over. and that was all before the fall.

      • St. Gregory of Tours, who wrote the history of the Franks – basically the history of the Merovingians – was the nephew of a Senator. And he was writing around 590 or so. Clovis was very happy to be named Consul by the Roman Emperor – the one who lived in Constantinople.

        On a related note, St. Bede was writing the Church history of England before 730. All of his dates he mentions are the regnal dates of Roman emperors – who all lived in Constantinople. Just goes to show a) how our mental historical map gets the period wrong, and b) how persistent powerful institutions are.

        • On a related note, St. Bede was writing the Church history of England before 730. All of his dates he mentions are the regnal dates of Roman emperors – who all lived in Constantinople.
          churches back then recognized byzantine emperors as the only rulers over the christian world, this lasted until Charlemagne decided he should become the new roman emperor instead and not the byzantines, nothing strange about those writings.
          Just goes to show a) how our mental historical map gets the period wrong, and b) how persistent powerful institutions are.
          these are tartarian conspiracy ideas, which is another subversive bullshit, like flat earth.

    • i watched it, he makes some great points about how this is fascism, not communism. i hope he’s right because fascism is a lot less blood thirsty (and not as incompetent). so i am thinking we are going to see the same street battles as in the 30’s, as the prog alliance comes unglued.

      • The “fascism” is a USSR 2.0 firmware upgrade who’s purpose is to give goyim rage no easy targets – globohomo’s power is diffused behind a gauze of tech oligarchy TOS, unseen bankers, the managerial Nomenklatura, and shady tax dollar funded NGOs.
        The politicians are merely actors who compete to see who can market jewish preferences most effectively to the cattle.

          • But that “no easy targets” bit is critical. We’re so heavily armed that direct confrontation is no-go for the tyrants. Everything we’re seeing from fascism to weaponized migration is a workaround to that.

            Going after Karens and Door Nazis would be short-term satisfying but where are the scumbags who are actually responsible? They aren’t going to run out of bullet-sponge intermediaries.

  34. RamZPaul has a good video out there called:
    America is not becoming Communist.
    Its a video that normies might get some understanding from if they don’t read this board.

    • Agreed. It cracks me up that Normie conservatives think that we’re heading toward socialism. Same with Antifa.

      Hey, people, look around. We’re a Fascist state, not Communist. A one-party state where the ruling party works hand in glove with big business, each protecting the other.

      I guess both side feel more comfortable thinking that the Dems are socialists. Most Dems love socialism. Most conservatives were raised to hate socialism. It works for both sides mentally.

      • Fascism is inaccurate too. There is no strong leader, no unifying grand idea and big-business doesn’t submit to the state (the opposite is true).

  35. What the management class wants and what they think of Dirt People is increasingly out in the open now. The Time magazine cover story from November about “The Great Reset,” is one example. Another is AOC and others calling for Trump voters to be deprogrammed. “Build Back Better” is explained by Biden as making sure new businesses are owned and run by minorities. Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” remark four years ago was just a sneak preview of what will be the new normal.

    • It didnt strike me at the time she said it. But I think that remark is one of the most important in our lifetimes. Calling 1/3 of American adults, not those who just arrived here, but the stock that built the country, deplorable, is so wildly inappropriate and disgraceful. Not only that, but reckless and proud. Thats how confident they are in their power.

  36. A reminder that Oswald Spengler said that the final phase of any civilization is not rule by Caesars, but what he called the “Rule of Mandarins” – or what we would call the “managerial class”.
    Old and broke: Q predicted this.
    New hotness: Oswald Spengler predicted this.

    • Spengler deduced that Western man was Faustian, and eventually would be destroyed by the technology that allowed him to conquer the globe when other races start employing them as we become more and more materialist and degenerate.
      Yup, he predicted that too.

    • So did Black Sabbath (In a way):
      “I’ve seen the dogs of war enjoying their feast,
      I’ve seen the Western world go down in the East”
      Not a bad prediction from 47 years ago.

  37. I suppose at this point in particular, more people are coming to see what must be resisted. As the managerial class pushes harder and harder, theoretically the resistance should grow firmer. Unlike Russia or China where the bulk of the population through out their history were basically controlled serfs or peasants, this country at least had the idea of freedom and self rule. In our comfort and ease over the last few decades, those ideas have receded from our memories, but they can be resurrected. I seriously doubt a large % of this population will just roll over and take it. Then we’ll see how real things will get.

    • I went to a (neutered) 2A rally on Monday, and talked to some to f the guys. They seemed to beleive the election was stolen, although they could just be being polite.

      But I mentioned that there is no reasoning or debating the democrats or our obvious foes, that they were our mortal enemies.

      The guy came back at me and disagreed. They can still be reasoned with and we can negotiate.

      There is a real senes that our institutions and the people that run them just need a good talking to, and everything will be right as rain.

      I don’t share that view.

      • Anybody who believes the leftards can be reasoned with or will respond positively with a good “talking to” needs to be slapped upside the head good and hard. Jesus, anyone who hasn’t had their eyes opened by now is purely hopeless.

      • Many 2A guys are myopic. Many seem to believe that as long as they can cradle their guns then all is right in the world.

        I always ask them, “What has changed in the last few decades that has made 2A more unpopular?” Answer: massive immigration has got to be one of those factors. They just shut down.

        • And they are just tickled pink when noggers get guns ‘legally.’ They literally cheer arming those who want them dead.

        • Today I ran into an acquantance, 50-60-ish married woman, who complained she was going to get the vaccine shot but the supply ran out. I told her that I wished her well, and that I was not about to let anybody inject me with an emergency-waivered experimental vaccine against a disease with a 99.9% survival rate. I wonder if I overplayed my hand 😀

  38. Every 60 seconds NPR is “reporting” on the “INSURRECTION!!,” and “coup attempt” with a straight-man tone that is culturally quite difficult for the worshipers of globohomo to pull off.

    After a decade of reporting on gay/transgender/BLM every 60 seconds, maybe they’re just happy to learn new words.

    They really, truly believe this stuff. They own it all now, and are going to behave accordingly. We’re about to experience a US East German style Stasi, only much, much more intrusive. Our ruling class has gone completely insane.

    • and just how long can they maintain the modern high-tech society that sort of tyranny depends on? answer is not even for a day.

      • I stick to the case that “peak tech” was with the release of the iPhone 4 in 2013. Sure stuff is bigger and faster today, but not dramatically so, and tech generally is less reliable and certainly less trustworthy. Case in point was an AWS talk I sat through yesterday where they were pumping the fact that they put dedicated VPN connections into their cloud solution last year. Yay for you Bezos for finally replicating tech from the mid-2000s, only now the new version of the old tech can be canceled for crimethink.

        • buddy, peak tech was the Saturn V rocket – and we cannot build that machine today.

          people will argue with me, but computer science stalled out in the late 1960’s. everything we have now (computer wise) was available then, just slower and more expensive. most computer languages now use a variant of the Algol 68 syntax.

          • I think that there is a lot of truth to that statement, Karl. Indeed, many computer languages are based on a handful of predecessors – Michael L. Scott’s Programming Language Pragmatics details this quite well. There just aren’t that many new ideas and many languages still have the same fundamental structure.

            Perhaps worse than the technology, I am not sure we even have the management ability for projects as grand as those in the past. Unless we get that black woman from NASA wot did all the math… yeah, that’ll fix it.

            In the field of sound Project Management I see many children demanding more and more things in shorter and shorter time frames. Perhaps it was always like this? In the field of Computer Science Donald Knuth published his The Art of Computer Programming volumes in the late 60s and early 70s. People may say this text is dated but the fundamentals are solid. Regarding computer architecture? Well, Moore’s Law and what else is there to say? Now we just parallelize… just add more stuff and that’s that. I think CPU dies are reaching (or have reached) the limit of transistor densities.

            Of course their are hard problems on the horizon, AI and Machine Learning, but I hope for humanities sake they turn out to be damp squibs.

          • oh, and that’s another thing, every CPU based computer is using an architecture invented by John von Neumann in the 1950’s!

            and yes, trace widths are just about at the limits of physics.

            here’s what it takes to make new chips (i worked at the company that makes 67% of the chip making equipment in the world). to get a bright enough light, micro drops of tin are produced at the rate of 50k a second (or 20 millionths of a second!) and a 256K watt laser — which is an ungodly monster in size and power — is used to vaporize the tin drops..in free space — producing plasma that emits light at the correct frequency to produce traces of the desired size.

          • Solzhenitzyn did more than his famous Gulag Arhipelago. I just finished his spy/thriller novel In the First Circle. Part of the plot is set in a c. 1950 shiraska (a sort of upscale prison camp/secret projet factory that relatively speaking, coddles the prisoners, who are brilliant engineers) In this narrative, the Soviets are trying to develop a voice scrambler. Now, relevant to your post (yes, I’m gradually coming around to it…) the mid-level aparachiks have promised the big boss delivery within two years,when pressed, claim it’ll be ready in a month. The Big Boss, cyncial, summons two of the engineer/prisoners. In a hilarious pair of interviews, he learns the project isn’t even past the design stage and there’s no telling when if ever it’ll be ready. There’s a certain justice in the novel, where one of the engineers learns he’s to be transferred (to a worse prison) and he takes the opportunity to burn years of his own work notes, that will cripple the evil empire’s project.

          • last invention worth a damn was the freezer and the air conditioning unit

            I mean at least that was something that actually benefitted dirt people

            Seems like inventions of today are meant to harm dirt people or make their lives worse

          • how about a 1960’s diet 😛

            just out of curiosity, i looked up life expectancy for american males:
            1965 70.1
            1975 72.6
            1985 74.56
            1995 75.62
            2005 77.49
            2015 78.67

            but actually, your comment about medicine strengthens my point, in that we still cannot cure viruses like we can bacterial based diseases.

          • Longer lifespan is good, but what are the quality of those added years? Not great for everybody 🙁 As the old saying has it: “It’s not the years in your life, but the life in your years.” I prefer Ben Franklin’s (he probably stole it): “A long life may not be good enough, but a good life is long enough.”

          • that was what my “diet” comment was addressing. people are kept alive longer, but often in a state of absolute misery. operation after operation, medication upon medication.

    • My wife used to listen to NPR and CNN religiously. Didn’t vote for Biden but wouldn’t vote for Trump either. She was able to see that there was something seriously wrong with the election. She has turned off NPR and CNN and now even declare all the virus stuff nonsense. She has gone so far the other way that I have to warn here that outlets like The Epoch Times have their own agenda mixed in with the truth.

        • Yes, they’ve slipped in some sneaky laws. You’re not allowed to beat them anymore either 🙂

      • Same here. My wife voted for Obama the first time, and I have to admit McCain wasn’t much better. After that, she went full CivNat and Trump worship 24/7. Now she is just a pissed dissident looking to buy her first gun, and she is ready to start using it.

    • You would be wise to tune out NPR and other “news” sources. That they are engaging in overt and continuous propaganda is not new and will not change. And it’s not actionable intelligence either. It is simply a disease vector and instrument of inserting despair into your subconscious mind.

      • very few people are willing to give up feeding the enemy, if it means they don’t get their dopamine fix. same thing with their health; they lose a limb to diabetes but don’t change their diet.

      • Haven’t listened to NPR for years. The globohomo was off the charts a decade ago.

        But it’s been interesting to listen to the past few days. I don’t know how anyone can call 2 dozens weirdos walking between velvet banners in a public building an “insurrection/coup attempt”.. but they do and they mean it.

        They’re very much the narrative keepers of the 105 IQ crowd that pulls the levers of power. You may not be interested in them, but they’re very interested in you.

        • I tuned out back in the 80s when I realized it was all Israel all the time. I guess I should be grateful I found it boring and inconsequential since it prevented my brain from becoming permanently calcified.

        • Agreed. But NPR is a useful idiot and not the actual enemy. The ones calling the shots and doing real damage are the treasonous bastards at the top of the power pyramid. That is where the focus should be, not the cucks and Karens of NPR.

    • Every 60 seconds NPR is “reporting” on the “INSURRECTION!!,” and “coup attempt”.

      They’ve lost Donald Trump and are starting to turkey for a new fix.

      As Nixon said to the press corps when he left The White House: “Now you’ll no longer have Nixon to kick around.”

    • I just wonder if they seriously believe stuff like that. How can you possibly compare this summer with the Epiphany protests? Its not possible to rationally do it, unless, unless, you think White people are bad because they are White and qlacks are good because they are qlack.

      • I think you’ve nailed it: that’s a plausible description of the mind-set of the American Liberal, the SJW, whatever this entity is currently termed. Based upon my, er, “field research” on ft.com (novel-length post above), the Left, including in EU, really and truly believe the American melanic hominid™ can do no wrong, is a constant victim, the plaything of an uncaring, malevolent white supremacist police state intent on nothing less than wiping him from the face of the Earth.

  39. In all seriousness, I find myself wishing we could go back to installing the likes of an Al Gore or John Kerry. The days when international climate accords and just the right amount of diversity in high places that kept them happy and left us relatively alone. I know what we are getting is what we do need though if any meaningful change is to occur but it is still painful.

    On a side note, no Assange pardon due to the total opposition from all sides. We did get the corrupt and murderous former mayor of Detroit Kwamee Kilpatrick and a few more rappers pardoned. See how the plan is working?

    • I sometimes get blasted as a cuck for mentioning such thoughts, but I was a teenager in the mid-nineties and although the decisions that doomed us happened earlier, we hadn’t quite been forced to sit down to the “banquet of consequences,” as Robert Louis Stevenson once called it. In 1995 you weren’t assaulted every time you turned on the radio or the TV (sometimes, sure, but every second wasn’t a racial war). Computers and the internet were still sort of novel and seemed to have all the potential in the world, rather than being alienating, soul-crushing machines where people went to argue at each other and avoid meaningful relations with the opposite sex. It wasn’t perfect but it worked. America doesn’t work anymore.

      • Nothing works anymore. My older son is constantly noticing this. Diversitards at his new job can’t input his social security # correctly, screwing up background checks and tax records. He can’t get an appointment for yet another set of fingerprints to renew his CC license. Any process that should be simple and routine is now complex and ripe for dystopian consequences.

        • True. The inability of HR types/Accounts people to get things correct has always astounded me at any place I’ve been employed. Pot holes in the roads that take ages to repair. The memories of many younger people appear to be getting worse, I am losing count of the times I have heard ‘I just forgot’.

          Currently dealing with an Indian contractor who appears to also be technically incompetent, or at least unwilling. Perhaps I have been unfair to him, but simple tasks seem to take an age.

          It is sad. But if your son is sane and competent they’ll hopefully be opportunity. Crushing as the current decline is.

          Any process that should be simple and routine is now complex and ripe for dystopian consequences.

          The first of those is make-work for POC and those who toe the party line.

        • Heh. I rather enjoyed hearing about my Biden besties’ latest visit to doctor. The nurse kept missing the vein, eight painful jabs to get it in… and after sitting there for two hours, she took it back out, having used it for nothing.

          He’s going to love Biden America!

          • When my younger son was born, nogger nurse couldn’t get blood from his foot to check his bilirubin level. After about 5 tries and a screaming newborn, I grabbed my child and told her to leave. Her White supervisor managed in one try.

    • If I had known the gutting of any vestige of traditional America, deliberate demolition of the economy and installation of a “woke” technocratic police state with social credit would be the result of all this I would have told you the status quo under Hillary would be better. Just as Gore would have been better than the Bush disaster.

      The really shocking part is just how visceral and insane the ruling class reaction to Trump has been.

      It broke their brains and they destroyed the whole system to get rid of him.

      And now it can’t be fixed though they will try using brute force from a “Year Zero” framework.

  40. The DSA wanted to destroy the GOP, and they did. Most of the republicans have finally figured this out. Trump is already talking about starting the Patriot Party.

    The techno insurgents are holding the wild card, the delete key. Unlike the CIA insurgents in the current regime change deluxe, they will not be wearing special beanies to identify them as assets to collaborating law enforcement.

    Good times.

      • This was baked into the predictive programming injected by the media.

        The punchline is embedded in the unintended consequences, providing us with a jolly old time here at the Z blog virtual pub.


      • Since the election Trump destroyed his brand so that the only people who want to stay in a Trump hotel or condo are people who can’t afford to stay or live there. He will go hard into the political fundraising and give it to family members like he did this past election. I hope they put Jared in jail. https://amgreatness.com/2021/01/11/grifting-on-a-dream/

        Trump did a lot of good for the country but he threw it away because of his lack of self control. He is toxic to 70% of the country so he cannot be part of our movement.

      • Could be so. I’ve been thinking it’s better for him to not be destroyed, but then maybe he becomes an Emmanuel Goldstein character.

        In other words, is it better to hold on or let the thing collapse under its own weight? Guess I’ll be pondering that question today…

      • Six months after Pearl Harbor, Midway happened and it was a major victory. If Trump forms a third party, it can siphon off a huge chunk of voters in 2022, crush the GOPe, and thereby destroy the illusion of a 2-party system. That is no trivial thing and no one else has the resources or following to accomplish such a thing.

          • Trump has more influence than Ross Perot. Also, we are going to have at least 8 years of Biden/Harris or Harris/Someone. What’s the difference. And, in reality Bill Clinton’s years weren’t at all bad

          • I’d rather be confronted by a known enemy face-to-face than stabbed in the back by someone pretending to be a “friend.” What McConnell, Ryan, Sessions, and Barr did to Trump was treachery and evil of the worst sort. What goes unpunished never goes away. Ancient wisdom.

      • So many seem to be unable to let go of old delusions. Antidem wrote a fine post over on his site about denial. Putting any energy into a resurgent Trump or Trumpist party smacks of the denial of reality that Antidem discusses.
        Until maybe 6 years ago I spent a lot of time posting at Ace of Spades, so I still visit occasionally. Even after all that has happened, the vast majority over there remains determined to live in denial. They still cling to their DR3 memes and “vote harder in the mid-terms” wishcasting. Many expect this chimerical Trump comeback while squeezing their Constitutions so hard they ooze ink. Daring to notice or mention the racial aspect of our new demographic age will get you banned over there. You may say someone is anti-white, but to say whites should or could be pro-white is considered a sin unforgivable. You can be pro-nonwhite, naturally.
        Perhaps the lesson here is that civnattery is a drug nearly impossible to kick.

        • ace is a fat pussy who is chronically ill. he disgusts me with his constant descriptions of bodily failure.

          • I won’t bother with casting epithets, however it is disappointing when one reads the handful of commenters who step so close to the honest truth, but never cross the line. One commenter using the handle rhomboid always has something interesting to say but you can sense he is unable to cross the great divide.

  41. Sad, but true.

    Welcome to the CCP, but where the elites hate you and are are determined to *decrease* your living standards rather than bring it up.

  42. The ultimate failing of the managerial class will be it’s lack of vision and introspection. These are people who are obsessed with how best to do things, but never really question why something should be done, or continued. They are process oriented to the degree that process doesn’t merely supersede results, process and results are one and the same. Thus, they are taken aback by the dirt people’s rage because, in the managerial mind, they have done everything right. Their processes were correctly performed, so people’s dissatisfaction with the results is because those who are dissatisfied have some sort of mental disorder that precluded them from understanding reality.

    • The ultimate failing of the managerial class will be it’s lack of vision and introspection.

      This is a great observation. Lack of vision and introspection–the perfect drone!

      • Yes, I dont know about process, they just think that Trump voters are Nazi’s, and Nazi’s were bad right? Right?

        • Given that there’s some overlap between people with swastika tattoos and people who voted for Trump, it’s not exactly a stretch to reach that conclusion. This is a problem that various dissidents, including our esteemed host, have noted numerous times over the years. Dissident politics have tended to attract people who think it’s appropriate or wise to (pick any of the following) say, “Hitler was right” in public, wear Nazi paraphernalia in public, wear confederate paraphernalia in public, defend race-based systems of slavery, or talk about how terrible the Jews are. Now, this isn’t to say that everything about the third reich or confederacy was wrong, nor is it say certain racial groups are beyond reproach. However, publicly taboo things simply for the sake of irking those above you in social standing is simply foolish, and worthy of dismissal. It’s liking calling someone fat, to their face. Even if it’s true, it’s the behavior of someone who’s making a good-faith criticism of the system, and it’s only ever going to trigger a defensive dismissal. The old saying is you catch more flies with honey then vinegar. Nazi and confederate paraphernalia is proverbial insecticide.

          • I added some antisemitic stuff, now I’m glad it didn’t go through. I approve of the Z-emphasis on class, while fully aware of who brought us to where we are now.

          • It’s important to remember that the people warning about the certain immigrants way back when were tsk-tsked by their ethnic compatriots. The current state of affairs is multicultural in the distribution of guilt, so getting hung up on one particular culture is mostly counterproductive.

          • That connection is put under a magnifying glass by the media, and assumes a lot of it is not false flag ops. As we do with asking ourselves how many people we know personally who died directly from Covid, ask yourself how many people you know personally who identify with Nazis.

      • It’s genuinely hard to say if they hate us. Most of my clientele are managerial, and they mostly seem oblivious to the white lower class except when they can’t help it (like the last five years). They mostly seem frustrated by dumb white people (the sort that think covid vaccines are chip implants). It’s like they can’t grasp how bizarre modernity looks to sub-90 IQ white people. I don’t think they want them dead as much as they want them to comply with their vision of smoothly-run technocracy. They definitely don’t like the mess and squalor of the lower class, but seem to be incapable of empathizing with it or solving it, so they tend to push it aside. The reason why they mess with black problems is because racism provides a good explanation for their problem. Lower class white people don’t have a similar explanation for their state, so it’s chalked up to personal ineptitude and can thus be ignored or looked down on.

        • Yet those whites mainstain the power grid, water works,repair their cars, fix their plumbing and run a hundred other dirty jobs that allow those squishy managerial whites to have the soft life they have.

          • disagree. drew is talking about (i think) the white part of the underclass, while you are talking about (i think) the white part of the working class.

          • I’ve never seen a grid worker with a stars and bars shirt or a swastika tattoo…and I live in rural Kentucky.

      • Basically that is their plan. And they tend to get upset when the lower class whites don’t go along with their genocidal agenda. Hence their collective rage at the Trump supporters whom they now consider as the new AQ or ISIS.

        • Liberal whites feel morally and intelectually superior to working class whites and feel that they have the right to rule them. They became furious in 2016 when the working class didn’t know their place. They just can’t admit to themselves that they feel that way even when admitting it

  43. Zman, how do the whites promoting anti-whiteness think they are going prosper under the new america? I know the same sorts signed their death warrants in South Africa, but my question still stands.

    Also, once the country fragments, and whites are no longer present in an area, that area will crash and revert to nature. so as long as new whites don’t let the race traitors back into their area, we will be the last group standing. ideally the anti-white-whites will all perish in their bantu strongholds.

    • I don’t know what they’re thinking. It’s a human limitation perhaps, we cause our own self destruction before we can achieve too much.

      To be honest only the most racist of whites are going to survive into the future. I’d say fewer than 1/10 Canadian whites have what it takes. Perhaps more in certain regions of the USA.

      • i think it’s more than 10% 🙂 but not a lot more, maybe 20%. still, the brown asses will fall into squabbling over spoils, and so forth, leading to the death of all cities. maybe the dark ages were actually a golden age of non-government?

        • I actually think that there’s a fair likelihood, especially if they start a war, that our elite may never get around to their glorious White Purge and instead spend all their time trying to hold the country (and the empire) together and fend off crisis after crisis including perhaps even spectacular attacks on the mainland that haven’t been seen since the War of 1812.

          I’m sure Dopey-gropey thinks he’s going to play the Chinese like saps and then toss them aside like a bunch of Ukranian hookers after all the blow is gone. I think he will find it’s them playing him.

      • I fear even 1/10 may be optimistic for Canada. I work with lots of blue-collar white guys, and as long as they get a new truck every couple of years and have something for the grill while they watch hockey, most of them won’t care if their sons become trannies and their daughters ride the carousel of pajeets, mohammeds, and daquariuses.
        It’s made even worse by the tiresome canuck habit of writing off everything that happens in the USA as being due to crazy, dumb Muricans just being crazy and dumb. Moral superiority makes for great blinders. They won’t even see the onrushing train until it’s much too late.

        • My favorite Canadian is Buckin’ Billy Ray Smith. He has a very popular youtube channel about his life as an arborist. He tells his viewers to be kind and love one another and to be humble and hard working.

    • I always ask them if they expect as a minority to get set asides and affirmative action for themselves and their children or will we be strictly a meritocracy. I never get an answer.

    • Anti-white whites don’t seem to like living in diverse areas. I can’t remember who, maybe Joe Sobran, made the comment about the left’s “mating and migratory habits” being the same as the KKK. They’re currently flocking to areas like Tennessee and Texas.

      • Way back when “conservative” sites allowed comments, I would mock many of them for talking like MLK and living like the KKK. It really stung, which brought me happiness.

          • I wish I could give this 100 up votes. So true. But that is changing rapidly and these malignant status signalers will waste no time catching the first train out of Dodge when the inevitable break-ins, assaults, and vagrancy start in earnest.

        • I got into it with a guy promoting some black Antigone play in this discussion group. I wrote: “Yeah, but we can’t all live in an all black neighborhood like you”
          he never responded….

        • 100%… always more BLM signs in the gated communities and gentrified neighborhoods with private police forces than anywhere else.

        • Glad you limited this to “conservative” sites. If spoken by a white person, everything MLK said would be considered racist by modern liberals.

        • Some sites still do. I’m having fun with a free trial at such respectable sites like ft.com. Even on this respectable conservative (?) business site, the poz is seeping in. Fortunately they still allow comments, although moderated. Frankly, I’m surprised they’ve allowed all my comments so far, and I’m not the only one. No need to sound like a refugee from Unz, American Renaissance or whatever 🙂
          When someone comments on those horrid Trump insurrectionists attempting to overthrow the government on Jan. 6, merely point out the much worse burning, looting and murdering BLM and Antifa riots did in the year prior. Or (relevant to the article I link), if police are racist, merely note the wide disparitites between Black and White arrest rates, and link to a U.S. Government web site’s crime statistics to back up your case. If Blacks are violent criminals at 8 or more times the rate of Whites, isn’t it logical that the police will have more interactions? And cite the police shooting statistics. “Yes, unfortunately it’s true that Blacks are shot by police at about triple the rate their share of the population would suggest, but again, isn’t that a much lower rate than you’d expect, given their higher offending rate?”
          “By the way, why is it only an issue when Blacks are shot by police? They’re not even the majority of such shootings.” or
          “How can white supremacy or racism possibly be a factor in the vast majority of Black homicides. which are intra-racial?”
          Such claims, especially when data is provided, or otherwise undeniable, make Liberals foam at the mouth 😀
          So far I’ve been accused of nothing worse than “thinly vieled racism.” Use the opportunity to suggest we stop calling each other names, and actually look at the facts. Great fun to be had! Not only race, it’s fun to bait Euro-liberals on matters like climate change etc. (UK is way down the rabbit hole with that!)
          [paywalled] http://www.ft.com
          “US Capitol riot raises questions over racial ‘double standard’ in policing”

    • Zman, how do the whites promoting anti-whiteness think they are going prosper under the new america? I know the same sorts signed their death warrants in South Africa, but my question still stands.

      They will expect to prosper in the usual way that the arse kisser does. Recall, for these people, simply promoting anti-whiteness is an epic virtue signal, many get a thrill from having someone to shit on. Naturally, this leads to greater ‘woke capital’ for that individual to cash in… right until a murder of wokists hacks them to bits for their lack of acceptance of the next fashionable fad.

    • Mr. McHungus,
      The good whites will not sign THEIR death warrant: just their children’s and grand children. They don’t NEED to prosper (boot-straps and all).
      From what I have heard, Cape Town is as lovely a place there is on this earth, with a Mediterranian climate and beautiful Eloi playing in the surf. They have gay parades and everything in their ever shrinking green zones.
      Do they thrive? Of course not. Like all small towns without a future, the self aware leave for the US, Britain, Australia, Cayman Islands or turn to drugs, depression and death.
      In an environment perfect for northern Erupeans, the whites in SA are shrinking.
      But the Morlocks are not shrinking and they are hungry.

    • Revert to nature, haha, too funny! Yes, don’t you think the Good Whites are short sighted, they can only bend the knee ceremonially to the qlack man so much, before it looks fake.
      I don’t see Whites promoting anti-Whitness lasting 5 years, before it becoming absurd.

      • people are farming in what was once downtown detroit (although i suppose that area is still technically downtown). all prog run cities are regressing and decaying – now.

    • Easy,, most of the whites spewing this shit are upper class whites already economically and socially isolated from the poison they spew. They figure with their wealth they will be left alone and the Orcs won’t come for them in their super zip code watering holes.
      What they don’t get that outside of their little bubble the world will be turning to shit and become much more dangerous.

      • You’ve just illustrated a prime cognitive error: to think that all people think, act, behave, have the same values, etc. as you do.

    • Most of the anti white whites refuse to contemplate the downside of hate against whites. They want the virtue of being anti white while never admitting that they are anti white or that they are ruining the future of their descendents. The idea that hate against whitey even exists is viewed as crazy talk by conspiracy theorists.

      Most of the anti white whites refuse to contemplate the downside of hate against whites. They want the virtue of being anti white while never admitting that they are anti white or that they are ruining the future of their descendents. The idea that there hate against whitey even exists is viewed as crazy talk by conspiracy theorists.

    • Leave that for the professionals. What our new overlords are proposing has already been tried and failed. Their choices are to double down or change the program. Either way, their supporters will be pissed. Just wait until they move on Iran. That may be coming sooner rather than later.

      • Fight Iran with what. That black ape who is to become SecDef gas promised to purge the military of racists and insurrectionists. IOW White men.
        What is more likely is that Bidet will turn the military on us.Because he has made it clear, white males are the new AQ and ISIS. Which the military leadership agrees with.

        • yes, army is to be turned against white race, this is the actual purpose of immigration.

          • bring non white males into white countries
          • have them replace white soldiers/cops/doctors etc
          • some whites become second class citizens in their own countries, others get killed

          “The goal of abolishing the white race is, on its face, so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists… Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed.”
          Israelite Noel Saul Ignatiev 2002

  44. A half dozen years ago or so I had occasion to drive from Florida to Colorado and back. I hadn’t driven across the country since my youth and had completely forgotten how vast it is. I don’t see how they can control it if it doesn’t want to be controlled.

    That, plus remembering these people are not competent and ruin everything they touch, gives me hope.

    • We really don’t have go too far out of our way to to actively oppose it. Just don’t cooperate or subsidize it.
      The tranny appointed as some kind of health czar alone is worth 5 million new white nationalists.

      • Well, you can’t spell ‘tyranny’ without ‘tranny’.

        It is now very important to take of the things that you need, and things that are luxuries. You’d be surprised what you can get shot of and still be OK. Giving as little money to those that hate you is a good step in the right direction.

      • I like the siege warfare concept. We aren’t strong enough for outright battle right now. We need to retreat, dig in, grow our own resources whilst trying to restrict theirs; rejuvenate our community and reach out for more alliances.

          • I’ve been advocating a “sand in the gears” approach for well over a year. Look around every day for easy ways to grind government’s gears to a slow stop. These Democrats aren’t really that bright to begin with, and the AOC types coming up behind them make Cameltoe look like a freaking genius.

      • Can start with a giant finger to the Biden “100 day mask challenge “.

        Not wearing a mask is going to be like wearing a big yellow star soon. As is not owning a smartphone so you can have your mandatory digital passport.

          • If you connect to a cell tower—and they all must—you are traceable is my understanding. There is discussion as to whether turning off the phone is a solution, but just black bag it and be done with it.

          • Hello, fellow flip-phoner!

            They’re still traceable, but the data you generate for silicon valley is negligible. This makes me happy.

          • I was just thinking: there must be ways to make it harder to be traced. Use might not be user transparent, but why couldn’t one have a central phone number (landline, even), with some type of call forwarding NOT KNOWN TO THE NETWORK, that would signal the phone of your choice, perhaps a disposable number? This is certainly possible, but not by me 🙂

      • Hate Twitter: “…Levine got this position because he delivered deaths & crisis in PA to help sell the scamdemic to the country. This is his compensation.”

    • the progs will concentrate in the cities, leaving the countryside alone (they are afraid of nature).

    • They are buying up all the land. The Federal government owns most of it and billionaires like Ted Turner, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are buying up as much as they can of what is privately held. Look at a list of the largest private landowners. It is a who’s who of globohomo.

        • 10 Squat Routine
          20 If (race.equals(‘white’))
          30 then System.out.println(“You are under arrest terrorist!”)
          40 else System.out.println(“You are oppressed, enjoy your free house!”)
          50 End

          Any questions? You post a LOT here and much of it is noise with not so much signal. Could I recommend some hobbies for you besides sh-tting up every thread with your hot takes? Your names appears in 49 out of 180 posts (either your post or a reply) as of me writing this response. Surely you have SOMETHING else to do? Perhaps start an underground movement since you have copious amounts of free time? Here to help…

    • Problem is we’re in the matrix, and it’s a small world. Even here we’re communicating through screens about things the screens tell us about.

    • That hasn’t been my impression. The whole country is being turned into one long franchise ghetto that’s indistinguishable from any other part.
      Now the people are different. For instance I never understood why liberals in Massachusetts liked being told what to do by thug blacks in Illinois but I suppose delusion #1 of any dictatorship is selling people on the idea that they are the one’s who are really in charge.

    • But don’t you think the technolgy shrinks everything? Most people are giving the government so much info online, with phone records, IP addresses, and all people are recorded somewhere. I guess there could be Amish that have escaped notice…

    • And when more and more virtue-signaling white promoters of the white supremacy nonsense increasingly get stalked and clocked in the back of the head due to the color of their skin, dissonance might become harmony.

  45. What an impressive final list of presidential pardons and commutations. Not.
    The usual jewish scam artists, negro grifters, drug dealers. Even an accomplice of Jonathan Pollard.
    Assange and Snowden should have released all their documents to Israel. They’d have been more likely to be pardoned.
    Trump needs to just disappear. For good.

    • He needs to start the Patriot party, just so we can watch it get smothered in infancy by getting blacklisted by all financial services and infiltrated by feds.
      Some white people still haven’t gotten the message and need a few more whacks over the head.

        • maybe they have nothing better to do? i never go there so i only have a surface level understanding of the culture of that site. get the feeling i wouldn’t like many of the people there…

        • Free Republic -what an f-ing disaster. I fully understand why these people were no obstacle for any opposition.

          • Posted pretty religiously there in the Bush years, the issue was that even then, the intelligent posters who roamed outside acceptable GOP discourse with regards to race, military, or economics were banned with impunity.

          • FREEpers think that the USA may have its faults, but it’s still the Greatest Country on God’s Green Earth.
            That may have been true – when Pat Buchanan was born, in 1938.

          • It still is-only because every other Western country is going down the toilet right along with this one..

      • Trump serves the same purpose as Nigel Farage does in Britain: a pied piper for the malcontents, corralling them into a safe venue.

        The Patriot Party is meant to take oxygen from any actual patriotic party that may rise to challenge the globalists.

        • Farage actually got something done. The hard core guys don’t like him because he does not talk about their issues, but that’s why Brexit actually happened. Farage stuck to the topic and did not allow his allies to derail him. A good lesson for us. Trump, in contrast, never really had a goal, other than winning the election.

          • Farage actually got something done. 

            I disagree. I’m in a very small minority I admit, but my take is that Brexit happened in spite of Farage.

            Like Trump, Farage broke every rule in How To Be Electable. Rules number one and two in politics are 1) don’t be caught on camera with alcohol in your hand, and 2) don’t get caught with a cigarette.

            Farage gleefully flaunted both. He treated UKIP as his personal press agency, staffing it with incompetents, yes men and Tory traitors. He did not even try building a real party out of his huge public support, he did nothing that could threaten the balance of power in Westminster, nothing to try to gain real political power for his voters.

            Farage let the mask slip right after the referendum when he abandoned ship on the night of his greatest political triumph and immediately started pissing into the house he built himself, successfully wrecking it for almost a decade. When UKIP was starting to get back on it’s feet, he launched the Brexit Party.

            Farage was launched by the globalist to counter the rising popularity of Nick Griffin and Britain First. He had to be good enough to take punters away from Griffin, but not good enough to win the referendum. After he had gracefully lost, the EU question would’ve been put to bed for the next 30 years, and the globalists could put the pedal to the metal.

            He failed his globalist masters on the second point, and that’s why he’s not employed by Goldman Sachs today, but working for some rinky-dink radio station.

          • The difference is that I believe Trump was legit from the start, that he really wanted to help America but that he drowned in the Swamp

            I’m quite convinced Farage was bent from the get-go. He has all the marks of a con man.

          • Trump was Boomer Civ Nat and believed the Mr. Smith shit to the end. Still does I’m sure.

            Also he had no stomach for blood. Even to make arrests. He called his lawyers, and tweeted. In inability to order the use of force is disqualifying in the Executive from President to Mayor.

            He had only to command, he could not. So much for businessmen in charge.

          • Where’d you get those rules from?

            A Danish government minister that I once interviewed. Mind you, he only mentioned the alcohol, this being back in the nineties when smoking was still perfectly normal in Denmark; the cigarette bit I added myself. (As an aside, this was back when both politicians and top level civil servants still drank like fish.)

            You’d think politicians would embrace the folksy appeal of knocking back a few cold ones with Joe Voter, especially since a litmus test for a politician used to be “would you have a beer with this man.” But if you study how politicians behave in public, you will find it is almost always true: they never drink when the camera is on.

            As for Farage, his clownish ways may appeal to people who’re already in full fuck-the-establisment mode, but British Normies like their politicians to be serious people.

          • I honestly doubt it works. A lot of ppl seem to say ‘who’d I’d rather have a beer with…’

          • I honestly doubt it works. 

            But politicians believe it does. As I said, see how many photos you can find of them with a drink in their hand.

        • Agreed, but I still think that it may be useful for us as it will guarantee the quick destruction of the GOP.

          But, yes, its ultimate goal is as a gatekeeper. However, sometimes, these movements get out of control of their handlers. The Germans couldn’t have foreseen the nightmare of what bringing Lenin to Russia would eventual mean for Germany.

          • !?? Voting is over.
            movements are over.

            You being governed by Green Zone wiggaz , best get with the program. Iraq and Syria are helpful successful examples of GZ governance.

          • Iraq and Syria are helpful successful examples of GZ governance.

            Youtuber Syrian Girl made the point recently that the mass media portraying violent rioters as peaceful, progressive humanitarians, and normie protesters as terrorist and insurrectionists, is exactly what Washington has done in the Middle East for decades.

            Slightly tangentially, I remember reading Ray McGovern long ago explaining why it was a threat to America when CIA used black ops methods in the Third World. He said those methods would inevitably return to the US and be used against American citizens.

            I didn’t understand then why that would “inevitably” be the case, but we see now that it’s true. America is having its very own Color Revolution.

      • Yes to people still needing multiple whacks to the head; no to a Trumpian patriotard party. He sucks all the energy out of every endeavor with his ego and petty disputes, and he carries unacceptable family baggage.

          • As opposed to the rampant successes that the liberty/patriot minded had been enjoying previously? Sadly, the American Right is pretty much Austria-Hungary: all it has done is slowly collapse, with defeat following defeat.

          • that’s a straw man. plenty of room between “trump failed” and “rampant successes that the liberty/patriot minded”

        • Exactly.

          the ultimate problem for and with a Trumpian Patriot Party is that it’s only reason for existence would be the aggrandizement of Trump.

          Frankly, no one should give a shit about that.

        • He needs to lead his followers to a new party but not run again. If he wants to help, start some new media platforms.

      • It won’t even get that far. The GOP moles will infiltrate it and blow it up like they to the Reform Party.

      • Trump benefited from Assange’s Wiki dump.

        What did the Donald do for Assange?

        What did the Donald do for Snowden?

        What did the Donald do for Ashli Babbitt?

        What did he do for Kyle Rittenhouse? Note, the constitution does not prevent the President from pardoning a person charged with state crimes as the term “United States” was not limited to the federal beast at the time of the founding. The point is he could have pardoned Rittenhouse in September and ordered the U.S. Marshalls to effect the manumission of Rittenhouse.

        What did the Donald do for all of the small businesses which were shuttered by the likes of creepy Cuomo, noxious Newsome, and lady-boy Levine?

        • Seems some people never learn, like yourself. Rittenhouse has State law troubles. I’m not aware he is under charges from Fed’s. Trump has no State law pardon power.

          • Agreed he is facing only state charges.

            However, read the pardon power. In pertinent part it provides, “he shall have the Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States…”

            At the time of the founding, the term “United States” was plural. The meaning of the term was not exclusive to the federal entity.

            At a bare minimum, Orange man could have pardoned the kid from any prospective federal charges.

        • …constitution does not prevent the President from pardoning a person charged with state crimes as the term “United States” was not limited to the federal beast at the time of the founding. …could have pardoned Rittenhouse in September…

          Absolutely not. This is an interesting interpretation but it would never stand up. Trump could not pardon Rittenhouse.

          • What would have been the downside to have acted?

            No downside. I wouldn’t have been opposed to Trump doing this. I’m just pointing out that although Trump is rightly criticized for many reasons, this is not one of them.
            Your larger point is correct that Trump failed to do what he could in many instances, particularly with respect to pardons.

          • Downside is as with most blanket and premature pardons—it circumvents the system. If Trump could wave a magic pardon and Rittenhouse walked free of any trial and presentation of the facts, we’d have no insight into the matter of his behavior and of the facts in his case—pro and con.

            In short, the trial is for the people as much as Rittenhouse. I’m not aware of many pardons that happen before a trial and conviction. And that is probably a good thing—even if you or I claim to have all the facts in such accusations, we do not and can not, nor can we claim to voice the concerns of all society in this matter.

            The above being said, I freely admit that we are now in a lawless period and perhaps have been for a long time. The above was the way it was in a far off time and a far off land.

            The courts and judicial system may be reasonably seen as a politicized arm (witness recent SCOTUS rejection of cases involving election corruption) of the ruling junta, so there indeed may be new rules of procedure—like might makes right—we should appeal to.

          • Yes, I think you are right about most pardons being issued after conviction, though the language of the pardon power does not require conviction before it can be used.

            You make a good point about not knowing all of the facts. I would submit, however, that we know enough to recognize that the kid’s life was in imminent danger of being taken and that he acted in self-defense.

            We also know that he handled himself with aplomb.

          • if you wait until after conviction to pardon, they can’t go after them again because of double jeopardy. that’s just a guess BTW.

      • So are the Kushners. Apparently the GOP legislators told Trump they’d vote for impeachment if he pardoned Assange/Snowden/Kiriakou.

    • Have you guys settled on a new object of hate yet? Or are you going to milk Trump for a few more weeks and seek what develops?

      • it’s a 5 step process you know 🙂

        1. denial
        2. anger
        3. bargaining
        4. depression
        5. acceptance

        so we are at step#2 right now, some are at step#3 (Trump is going to start a new party sort of thing). personally, I jumped to #5 the day after the election.

      • Why shouldn’t we hate a man who has deliberately deceived millions of well meaning followers right up to the very end?
        Any good that grifter has done has been incidental.

          • That’s fine. People will come to realize Trump is now a non-character in the game and will look for other viable leadership. If Trump keeps folk agitated, that’s probably a positive as well.

            The folk who are problematic are the ones who are buying into the managerial narrative that everything is as it was “pre-Trump” and the game is/was not rigged, their vote continues to count, they need to get back to “normal” and try again next election cycle. They are as I would say being “gaslighted”.

          • The ironic thing is, the vote of AWRs doesn’t count either inasmuch as their people will be installed regardless of electoral results. Not that this will cause them to lose a wink of sleep, mind you; they’ve always wanted a totalitarian Leftist state; now they’ve got it.

          • I’d say it is better than nothing that “…If Trump keeps folk agitated, that’s probably a positive as well….” Trump has proven he can be a daily and entertaining thorn in this country’s managerial class. He should move to GAB asap. And if Gab should move its hosting to Russia-with, say Snowden at the helm-irony and censorship forestalled is achieved.

            Trump crashed the gates annoying the engorged clerisy, and I think this could be one vector of discord and distraction.

            To further the chaos and perhaps change, support Antifa. This nihilistic hardcore group is insatiable and growing. For the past couple of generations, anyways, the govt has, if not directly, promoted a culture that broke up their families, “taught” them with feminist and/or feminized 3rd rate moronic public school teachers while shoving every existing and new pharmaceutical they concoct down their throats. These kids are a fucking mess; they hate their families, their lives, the color of their skin, but mostly themselves and you. They are not going away. They are a product of and built into the system. 

            Manage that M’fers.

          • “Support Antifa… Manage that, M’fers.”

            What remarkably good camouflage, sand in the gears, a bit of fun, and venting personal protest as well!

          • everything is as it was “pre-Trump”

            To me, Nov 3, 2020 is the watershed day. That made it real on another, how serious this is, to me at least.

          • Regarding the Church of Covid, Mr. Johnson’s genuflection to the same revealed that he thought more of that principle than the livelihoods of millions of white people.

          • Chill.

            His presidency JUST ended. We are allowed to pounce, analyze, and hate on him for at least a little bit.

          • His Presidency ended early Nov. A new President took his place today. Since the election, Trump talk has exceeded Biden talk here. How is that productive? I’d say it’s a distraction.

            Talk about the President by all means, he and his administration are important to the movement. The President is Joe Biden.

          • I don’t hate Trump, I won’t make excuses for him either. The pardon list was a disappointment.
            However I do hate biden and every thing behind him. He is not legitimate. There will be no “healing the dead do not heal. America is dead, is past resurrection.
            Rivers of blood will birth what is next.

        • Because any cause is never about one man. We were never going to be “saved” by Trump or anyone else. We have a long, slow grind ahead of us, a time where we rebuild personal connections leading to communities, leading to carving out a place for our people, a place where we can live among our own and be free.

          No one man will make that happen nor will it happen fast.

          • Agreed. The American Empire has been evil since at least Woodrow Wilson. We’ve just been marinated in so much WWII era patriotic propaganda we accepted the lie. Now we know because of Trump. They did us a favor stealing the election in broad daylight. If Trump had beat the cheat, or eked out a couple states in court, we would have remained blissfully/unaware, still under the illusion that the system still sorta works.

        • I don’t feel deceived. I was all in for Trump. The Deep State won. I can accept that. I think that was our last shot at anything like national sovereignty. It’s all corporate-globalist-neo-fascism from here on out. They are going to pick the winners and losers until something comes along that wipes it all out.

          • He did mobilize more people to vote for a sitting president than anyone else. And we all made it clear what issues were motivating us to vote for him. So, I think it’s a little off base to buy into the mainstream media narrative that nobody knows why all these people voted for Trump and he was just lying to us all along to dupe us. He lost. He used every tool he had to try to win so far I am concerned.

          • I ain’t buying into any mainstream narrative.

            I am buying into the humongous gap between Trump’s blowharding and his results.

          • Part of the issue there is that Trump felt that blowharding was a result in and of itself. It was fun, sure, but no terribly effective (quite the opposite, in fact, most of the time).

          • To a certain extent he was rejecting the imposed submissiveness that white men are supposed to have now in the face of Wokeness. He was trolling bigly as part of the culture wars. I am all ears if anyone has any other suggestions for how we could actually win the culture wars because as it stands now, the “Left” owns the media, the government, and every major corporation. So point me to the unisex bathroom and I will just sit too pee from now on I guess. Sheesh.

          • In this age of tens of millions of Alan Aldas, Trump showed young men how to act manly. He was fierce but playful at times. Unafraid. Full of swagger. I was so starved for an alpha male in that office. Now it looks like I am going to be hungry again.

        • Because, as Z-man points out, you lose focus on the big picture—and that’s aside from self serving pettiness. The movers on this blog have no time for such diversions.

      • Yeah, don’t think that all the morose, whiny blackpillers who spent the last two years saying that nothing could be worse than Trump aren’t on my shitlist, too.
        They’re all about to find out just how very wrong they are.

      • Trump became a politician.

        Perhaps he was a bullsh*tter who talked his way into a job.

        Perhaps he was aquiring Secret Service protection for his kids for the rest of his life.

        Played, a pied piper, or paid, a trojan horse.

        Perhaps a remorseful Wilson, or a discount Reagan.

        I dunno. Good advice, Zman, on leaving him behind- because I still nourished that tiny, secret spark that the 82nd Marines would show up today. Growing up is hard to do.

      • We got bigger issues, folks. Biden specifically calls out confronting white supremacy inauguration speech.
        It will be a two-pronged attack against us. Govt taking away 2nd amendment via hate speech laws, while big tech takes away our 1st amendment right via deplatforming.

        Then comes the big tech/finance blacklisting so you can’t get a job or start a business.

        Forgot Trump. We have real problems.

      • Look, my MAGAtard friends have been stuck in Stage 1- Denial for two and half months due to Qanon crap. As recently as 36 hours ago they were texting each other “intel” that there was still A Plan That Was About to Unfold to keep Biden from being sworn in.

        Because they’re my friends of decades in some cases, I’ve bit my tongue for four years and let their madness for Cheeto Jesus go without (much) comment. But, in the spirit of a belated Festivus, it’s now time for the Airing of Grievances. I got a lotta problems with Trump and they’re all gonna hear about it.

        So a couple of days of “I told you MAGATARDS about that orange- haired narcissist!” is to be understood.

        • Today as a joke I made a fakebook post that said ‘Trump is moving to Bavaria where he and the Guy From Austria’s grandson were going to operate a shadow government and finally arrest obama and hillary’, and people thought it was true! Gadzooks..

      • I have to admit I still feel sore over ‘go home’ on Jan. 6. But, true, he’s out of the game now.

      • I didn’t start actually hating him until the ‘platinum plan’, so it might still be a little while yet. If he doesn’t just STFU and go away though, I will probably never stop..

      • Yes, and on the day the Republic fell the mighty dissident right is debating pardons lost…like tears in rain…

    • He could dominate the news the next 4 years if he wanted to. Did he really pardon Snoop Dog or whatever?

    • I watched a snipped part of Tucker last night spreading a rumor that the reason Trump won’t pardon Assange is because McConnell threatened to make good on the impeachment if he did.
      There isn’t any part of this that isn’t disgusting on every and any possible level.

      • Including Trump’s submission to Mitch’s threat.

        A man of courage, a man of principle, would have told that jaw line challenged China consort to FOAD.

        • So says the man behind the keyboard. Maybe you should show us how to sacrifice yourself and family for some “principal”

          • All of which goes to show why Trump could not and cannot lead our movement. Our leaders must be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, and so too must we. Am I yet to that point? I don’t know, but I do know I’m moving that direction.

      • this is what i mean about people being unwilling to give up *anything* in order to effect change. Peabody is supporting FOX with his viewership, then spreading toxin here by sharing his experience.

        • I said I saw a snippet. It was on someone’s Bitchute channel (I think Blackpilled?). Can you read?

      • a rumor that the reason Trump won’t pardon Assange is because McConnell threatened to make good on the impeachment if he did.

        Why would it matter to Trump if the Senate votes for conviction in an impeachment trial? There is no real penalty.
        His real problem is that he and his children will probably be indicted and tried in court(s). In that event, they will be bankrupted and imprisoned. I can understand Trump cutting a deal to save himself and his children, but his enemies won’t honor the agreement and there is no way to enforce it.

    • The Kwame Kilpatrick pardon is horrific.

      This is a guy that screwed up as mayor of Detroit so badly and pissed off so many people they elected a WHITE guy to replace him and clean up the mess.

    • Don described himself as a statist on many occasions. Not in those words, but to that effect. Him pardoning America’s “finest” was baked into the cake!

    • I agree, he is garbage. If he does stick around he’ll just serve to keep the magatards on the reservation..

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