The Road Ahead

Up until this moment in time, the vast majority of right-wing people operated from the assumption that they were in the majority. They were part of the silent majority that did not make a racket in the streets. The Left and their associated riffraff went out into the street and bellowed like lunatics because they never had the numbers. They had to be loud and intimidating in order to get their way. When they went too far, then the great silent majority would awaken and put them in their place.

They also operated under the assumption that numbers still mattered. If the majority got motivated and turned up to vote, they would win the election and that would make a difference to the politicians. Right-wing politics was all about mobilizing the voters and winning a majority. They did not have to worry about changing minds. They had to focus on getting the word out so the majority would turnout. It was the Left that focused on convincing people into going along with their schemes.

This not only applied to elections, but to all areas of politics. The expression “go woke and go broke” is rooted in the assumption that business has to respect the customer or face the wrath of the marketplace. If management takes to Twitter pushing left-wing nonsense, it was assumed they would pay for it. A television program that decided to offend its viewers would see its ratings decline. Right-wingers were the majority, and they were operating in a political marketplace.

Whether this was ever true does not matter, as it is not true now. That silent majority is now a permanent minority. Further, the political marketplace no longer exists. You are not allowed to speak your mind to your fellow citizens, unless your opinions are approved by the managerial class. They are also making sure that your choices at the ballot box will be limited to their approved options. Even if you find a way around it, the magic of mail-in ballots will guarantee the outcome in advance.

What this means is the new age of managerial authoritarianism will require a new brand of politics that fits the age. All of the avenues of the old system have been closed off or corrupted, so they serve the ends of the regime. Mass censorship monopolizes the public space by the organs of the ruling class. Systematic ballot stuffing closes off the electoral route. Even the courts are a dead end. A court that claims the Founders wanted special rights for men in drag is no friend of the people.

From the perspective of white populism, all politics must now be irregular politics as conventional politics has been closed off to us. The Right has to move away from the mindset of the majority to the mindset of the put-upon minority. That means engaging in unconventional tactics. When you cannot participate in conventional politics in order to advance your interests, your choices are clear. You either submit and live the lie that is conventional politics, or you rebel and live outside the lie.

This is why boycotting elections and threatening the Republican Party from the Right must be part of the new political toolkit. In the old politics, it was always about the people running the system, not the system itself. The focus was on getting the right people elected. In the new politics, this is reversed. It is about the system, not the people running the system. The GOP is part of that system. Attacking them is part of weakening a system that makes war on us.

This has a strategic value, as well. The Left has always looked at the Republicans, along with their enablers from Conservative Inc., as an electric fence that keeps the white majority inside the system. Attacking the GOP forces them to choose their friends on the Left over their former constituents. It reframes politics as insiders versus outsiders, rather than one group of insiders versus another, with the white majority looking on like spectators, hoping for a good result.

The hardest part of this new mindset will be the idea of being ungovernable. This is the opposite of what most right-wing people have been conditioned to think. In the old way, the good citizen plays by the rules. In the new age, the good citizen is always looking for the chance to throw sand in the gears and undermine the rules. The dissident is always looking to drive up the costs to the managerial class by making them expend resources to compel compliance with their rules.

A simple example of this is the “It’s OK To Be White” flyers that create havoc from time to time. A few dollars’ worth of material and an hour of time results in a week of left-wing handwringing and the cops wasting resources on it. Someone adding “And neither do black people” to a yard sign that reads, “Hate Has No Home Here” does real psychological damage to the managerial class. It mocks their morality and their control over public attitudes. It is activism with a very high ROI.

The main point of politics for dissidents in any sort of authoritarian society is to develop and maintain an atmosphere of pressure on the regime. As ugly as it looks, those troops, barricades and razor wire fencing in Washington are a great result. A ruling class living inside an armed camp is one that will eventually burn through its emotional capital and begin to make mistakes. Ideally, the ruling class stays behind those barriers, fearing that the people on the other side are ungovernable.

Another thing we must do is abandon solution-based politics. For generations, the white majority has been conditioned to think in terms of solutions. In this new politics, there are no solutions. There are tactics that advance the interest of dissidents, which are primarily the weakening of the regime. The solutions in the demographic age can only come after the collapse the liberal democratic order. All politics now are about creating conditions in which rational politics can return.

This raises the thorniest of problems. The late Robert Novak used to say he loved his country but hated his government. In a post-national world ruled by a dictatorship of the managerial class, there is no country to love. Patriotism, like civic nationalism and clean elections, is a museum piece. Instead, you love your cause, you love your people, and you are willing to work with anyone that helps you fight the tyrants. In a world of “us versus them”, abstract concepts like patriotism have no place..

As a practical matter politics now must be a daily rebellion. Like Havel’s green grocer, being a dissident means living in the truth and every day is a war to pull a brother out of the lie that is modern America. It is defacing signs that say we are all in this together and littering managerial areas with reminders that they are surrounded. It means denying them your virtues by refusing to cooperate and only going along with their edicts after they have expended resources to compel you.

It is to live and let them know you live in a constant state of insurrection and that as long as you do, they can never rest. The people on the other side of those barriers live in fear of the people on this side of those barriers. They can no longer trust the men guarding them, as most of those men live on this side of those barriers. They are paranoid and afraid of the noises on the other side. The politics of this age are all about turning those institutions they control into prisons.

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467 thoughts on “The Road Ahead

  1. ‘Be Ungovernable’ really makes a nice slogan for the dissidents. Maybe use that the same way we used the “It’s OK to be White” stickers and posters. You could make some nice memes, I guess, to get the word out, but ultimately it has to distill down to action.

  2. Everyone always wants to know the end game, but that depends a lot on all the ugliness that is going to happen between now and then. Wishful thinking is not going to get you to a happy end state – there is a lot of work and nastiness that will take place that will shape the final outcome. Zman is correct in saying not to get ahead of ourselves and focus on the task at hand. If we lose focus now, you are really not going to like where things end up.

  3. This reminds me of back in the 1990’s, when I first got involved with Dr. Pierce’s National Alliance. The NatVan book store sold these “Earth’s Most Endangered Species: The White Race” stickers, other stickers, and various downloadable fliers. I would prowl around in the dead of night, affixing these things on objects in high pedestrian traffic areas where they would be sure to be seen the next day. What fun! The local news media would have fits! From the way they carried on, you’d think a million Nazi storm troopers, joined by a legion of Klansmen, were on the march, when in fact, it was only one guy slinking around in the dark. Did I win any hearts and minds in those days? Probably not. However, perhaps our people will be more receptive nowadays. I believed back then, and more so now, that political “monkey wrenching” is the way forward for our people.

  4. …but of course, never mention the (((Biden cabinet)))…chief of staff, Secretary of State, deputy Secretary of State, attorney general, treasury secretary, secretary of homeland security, director of national intelligence, deputy director of the CIA…and on and on and… Oh, and (((Robert Novak)))? Look the other way…nothing to see here…move along… Wait, what? Kabahlah is married to a….?

  5. Economically, American empire already reached a critical point 
    corporate powers knew this, they knew real, meaningful economic growth is not possible
    only thing they can do to secure their interests and satisfying their minority friends is looting white middle class

    good riddance, white middle class
    you chose poorly

  6. I’m planning on trying to bring more of my close friends and family over to “our side of the great divide,” as Zman like to say, but there are a couple of things that I worry about.

    First: I don’t want people to get people into this stuff and then have them lose their careers if they get doxxed. I’m kind of prepared for it myself — I mean I wouldn’t like it, but I at least understand the risks, and anybody I try to bring over ought to know the risks too. I wonder about how to have that conversation. “Here is the truth, but before I show it to you, understand that you could lose almost everything if you go down this path.”

    Second: I wonder about people I know in law enforcement and the military. A lot of those guys are fairly based already (at least the ones I know are), so it won’t be TOO hard to bring them the rest of the way home — and we probably want as many of them on our side as possible. Of course there’s always the problem with those guys of accidentally bringing in undercover spies, which I’m very well aware of. But the bigger problem for me is getting them past the civnat-style “institutional” mindset they have.

    Specifically, I’ve been trying to gently ease into this stuff with a close relative recently, and while I’ve had some success, there’s a lot of resistance when it comes to the specific institution he belongs to. He sees the problems everywhere else, but with his own outfit, it’s like he can’t see what’s right in front of his face. I sympathize with his plight, since I work in the mainstream media. Guys on “our side” tend to put a high value on being loyal to the team. If you work in an “enemy” profession, you sort of have to develop two ways of thinking about your job. That’s another conversation I don’t know how to have. I know a lot of people would just say, “well give up your job and find another profession,” but past a certain age, that’s hard to do, particularly when you have a lot invested in a particular career path.

    That, of course, is something we need to be passing on to the younger guys: There are certain professions you should absolutely avoid for the time being, unless you’re comfortable spending most of your life “behind enemy lines,” so to speak.

    Yeesh, I just read everything I wrote there. It’s insane we have to talk this way. Here I am sounding like a Soviet dissident under Stalin, and my only political crime is that I don’t want to live in a shitty country. Unbelievable.

  7. If freedom has been supplanted by tyranny, it is very tragic.
    How could a president, if he suspected democracy was being subverted by various entities, apparently quite passively vacate office for them rather than take charge of an investigation into the suspicions of such a profound occurrence (even _if_ much of the military had deserted) …
    If a president in office could not resist the tragedy, what hope would there be for a former president or anyone else to do so, after the suspected subverters are in office …

    Philosophy on cultural flaws here:

  8. Z is spot on about what needs to be done but only at most 5% are willing to be part of a monkey wrench gang.

    Central to Whites’ self identity is being a law abiding productive member of society. Whites pride themselves as supporting the police and troops, of always walking and coloring between the lines.

    Babylon Bee captured this mindset with their piece about “modern day rebel plans to grow up, get married, be productive member of society.”

    The most important thing we have to accomplish is spreading this mindset to other whites. Very visible acts help with that and that is why the fliers “it’s OK to be White” are so great. A completely innocuous statement that would be condemned for not being celebrious enough if about any other group yet drives panic among the good people

  9. ‘Bread and Circuses’ is the cancer of democracy, the fatal disease for which there is no cure. Democracy often works beautifully at first. But once a state extends the franchise to every warm body, be he producer or parasite, that day marks the beginning of the end of the state. For when the plebs discover that they can vote themselves bread and circuses without limit and that the productive members of the body politic cannot stop them, they will do so, until the state bleeds to death, or in its weakened condition the state succumbs to an invader—the barbarians enter Rome.” – Robert A. Heinlein

  10. Just reflecting on what’s happened over the past month. Republican voters deserve to have their noses rubbed in the dog shit (what’s happening now) to punish them for their years and years of naiveté and stupidity.

  11. And another: talk relentlessly about secession. Nothing scares them more than “divisiveness”.

  12. And another: DO vote in the national elections but vote Democrat. Try to hand them 100% of the vote. It will make not material difference to us because they’re in control anyway.

    But 98% – 100% of the vote is crushingly embarrassing.

    • Even 100% of the vote of only 25% of the electorate = illegitimacy in the eyes of the world


    • Don’t vote Dem. That only lends them legitimacy. If you want to make a point, vote third party at the very least.

  13. And another suggestion: gaslight them mercilessly. Accuse them of paranoia and peddling conspiracy-theories every single chance you get. And do it again and again and again and again. Never stop. Force them to pass a law “against gaslighting”.

    Break them emotionally and psychologically.

  14. A small idea for the video and gamer types: outlandish comedy bits, maybe even a game mocking the Wokeness.

    Here’s a sample of what the evil clowns are doing. Way above the lame crud put out by Fox’s Greg Gutfield. If they can output libel like this with such a thin thread, imagine what we can do with the abundant cornucopia that the Woked provide.

    MAGA “My Girl” Parody

  15. If fedposters can pose as patriot caricatures, then, by gum, I intend to outwoke the Woke.

    Just think of the people you’ll meet, the zany fun you’ll have!

    Networking works both ways. I aspire to full Sith Dark Lord status.

    • Alzaebo, I think you should make the ultimate sacrifice and find yourself an air-headed young woke gal with big tits and offer to convert in exchange for, let’s say, a few weeks of “indoctrination” services. Just imagine how much joy you can bring to her spirit when you “release” your evil dissidence in a Covidian ritual of convergence. Gaea will be pleased, and there’s no reason you cannot convert regularly, just like voting.

  16. Interesting about disrupting the system by posting stickers. Non-violent civil disobedience and disruption (like mailing turds and Confederate flags to people like AOC and Gavin Newsom) could work wonders.

  17. A little prison outreach is definitely in order. No, a lot, the state and weekend (child support, minor offences, probation) jails are full of us too.

  18. Zman, I have been a regular reader of and occasional commenter on this blog for quite a while and I believe this to be your very finest post to date, as well as the most significant. Bravo!

  19. By fuck this was a good one.

    I’m inspired to throw more spanners in the works. As I said the other day to someone, this is a great time to be a dissident and contrarian.

  20. Zman, in your opinion, why wasn’t the democratic party banned after 1865?

    Also, does anyone have a sense of how widespread the dem party was, in the north circa 1860?

    • Would it matter? Something would have replaced it and eventually been taken over by the progressive left by the early 20th Century.

  21. The normies truly believed that the Georgia senate elections could be salvaged by voting harder and were devastated by the 2×4 reality check that actually played out. Bongino has been in panic mode ever since and is now pushing for a resurrection in 2022 with an even bigger vote harder strategy. People who have awakened to the uselessness of voting would do well to proactively create a charade of GOP support (polling) and then either stay home or vote D. The shock effect of losing bid in ’22 might well be the final straw for the GOPe.

    • I now tune into Faux News when I want to have some hearty belly laughs. The panicking cucks are hilarious. Certainly funnier than Colbert.

    • I’ve been making a point to review the comments at Normiecon Civnat blogs like Powerline and Briebart. The Republican party is fooked as Trump voters are abandoning the party, and rightly so. At least a third of the comments are from Trump voters who are stating openly that they will never vote Republican again.

      There are twenty Republican seats open in the Senate in 2022. A few weeks ago I thought the Republicans would lose 5-6. Now I think it could be 10 or more. I can now see the Republicans losing 40 seats in the House in 2022.

      I’m now all in favor of giving Democrats a supermajority in both chambers. Time to burn it down.

  22. I heard Biden has already attempted to rid himself of the problems with conservatives using a few simple key strokes –


  23. “To be GOVERNED is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, checked, estimated, valued, censured, commanded, by creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so. To be GOVERNED is to be at every operation, at every transaction noted, registered, counted, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, authorized, admonished, prevented, forbidden, reformed, corrected, punished. It is, under pretext of public utility, and in the name of the general interest, to be placed under contribution, drilled, fleeced, exploited, monopolized, extorted from, squeezed, hoaxed, robbed; then, at the slightest resistance, the first word of complaint, to be repressed, fined, vilified, harassed, hunted down, abused, clubbed, disarmed, bound, choked, imprisoned, judged, condemned, shot, deported, sacrificed, sold, betrayed; and to crown all, mocked, ridiculed, derided, outraged, dishonored. That is government; that is its justice; that is its morality.”
    — P.J. Proudhon, General Idea of the Revolution in the Nineteenth Century

  24. The phrase “law abiding gun owners” must be expunged from our vocabulary. It is now revealed to be a submissive fetish.
    We have to give up on the idea that government exists to protect us, or that those in government work for us. Protection implies submission. Government exists for those in it. It is a structural problem, not a people problem.
    “The Most Admirable Insect”

  25. If you haven’t started to get healthy yet, begin today. If you’re continuing on the journey to health, keep going. Turn off the computer, put down your phone, and go outside for a walk. Enjoy Nature as she is the final arbiter.
    The greatest poke in the eye to progs is strength, health, and a life well lived outside of the garbage pit our culture has become. These blue-haired pasty maniacs are so angry because they are unhappy.
    As Zman says frequently, ‘life is for living’!

  26. A few thoughts after yesterday’s, and the last 10 months’ happenings.

    #1: Consider much more carefully what you donate to. In the past, my first donation priority would have been to my kids’ Catholic School. Going forward, if I donate excess to it, it would be for a scholarship which I have control over and can ensure it goes to a white kid in need, not some token jogger or beaner. Help get a white kid out of a completely pozzed, dangerous public school and given him/her a better future. Also, over the past 10 months, the most courageous organization I have seen in my area has been the youth hockey association. They have done everything possible, bend the rules, whatever, to get and keep the kids on the ice through all this COVID tyranny. Further, it is almost entirely white kids (a few push-starts in the mix), so you know any extra donation is benefitting almost entirely white kids. And while there are probably a few “Karen” parents mixed in, at least you know if they are letting their kid play hockey in all this, they are not full-bore Covidians.

    #2: Infiltrate and push the left over the edge and into fighting. For example, get into a conversation about the new tranny health secretary, but complain that it got the job just because it is a tranny when there are many well-qualified blacks out there. Connect with liberals and begin calling on Google, Facebook, Amazon to appoint POC executives and board members, especially blacks.

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  28. Excellent column, and perhaps the most overtly radical thing Z has written.

    Regarding the matter of choice in the marketplace–specifically the corporate marketplace–boycotting is almost impossible because virtually every corporation is part of the Power Structure. You may refuse to buy Nikes, but you can be sure that the corporate culture of Addidas is every bet as anti-white, although perhaps less visible.

    PS–Nice to see Z using “us” and “we.” Welcome to the party, mate!

    • just go to a woke city, go to a nike store, and take the shoes you want without paying. maybe wear a BLM t-shirt as cover

    • One of the biggest things I’ve noticed since being a regular Z reader is the frequency of the use of “I” for white people. It’s always me, me, me. I did this. YOU fucked up.

      But it is we. It’s always we, even for normiecons who bury their head in the sand.

  29. So Mr Z, you probably have read about how the IRA brought about change. And pretty sure the VC mostly avoided full on confrontation. I’m actually pretty ignorant.
    I wonder what tactics (without violence of course) people would /have used to fight the system. (Excuse me, I have a cough).
    Maybe a bit of judo thinking? Use opponents momentum to hasten their fall?
    I agree with you on one point for sure. The Constitution was a voluntary agreement (amongst states). Central govt had no choice, and indeed was created by that mutual agreement. It no longer exists.
    Now I’ve confused my self. If theres no legitimate federal gov, what does that mean??

    • The VC avoided big confrontations until the Tet Offensive. Then they came out in the open and were annihilated. After that it was nothing more than a guerilla wing of the NVA.

      • they were purposefully eliminated by the north. same kind of thing happened in the spanish civil war.

  30. Weaking the regime is a solution though, no matter how temporary. In fact, it always was. There was always a sweet spot between optics cucking, boog fedposting and honeytrap falling-into, and endless sterile isolated prepping and memeing. Flyers always were effective, for example. Even better with the faces of our increasing martyrs, provided we don’t all go out at the same time.

    May the Divine Assistance be always with us, specially in this coming struggle. And may the souls of our faithfully departed, like Cannon Hinnant and Ashli Babbit, rest in peace and inspire us further

  31. Another way to throw sand in gears is to take every opportunity exacerbate the tensions and hostilities between the identity groups that make up the coalition of aggrieved that support the regime. So many natural hostilities to exploit among groups that have only been encouraged their whole lives to nurture their sense of entitlement.

    • I think a great way for the people so inclined is to join the Dem party and agitate for things nominally “democrat” in spirit.

      Pushing for health labels and country of origin tags on EVERYTHING, like they do with foods now.

      Create a culture and mindset where people start demanding their foods be locally sourced

      The anti-chemical things are always good

      So much out there too and that is actually going to benefit us

      • Riiight. I have time to join some leftists —– watch out, they might rub off on you.

        Barely enough time for work and things that matter. My approach is let them stew in their own full diapers. Stay far enough away to not smell their stink.

      • GREAT idea, particularly in one-party Democratic jurisdictions. Add to the list opposition to foreign aid to Israel and normalizing relations with Iran, which should be policy as it is.

    • study negros, become antithetical to civilization like they are, this will collapse NWO.

      this is good advice imo

    • that will take a few hours

      then what?

      he he

      But seriously, there are a lot of white misfits out there who have been living lives similar to the blacks. These were the guys everyone thought were losers, misfits, sometimes even a little bit criminal. But they were just a precursor of what was coming for all of us

  32. We are the worm in the wood!
      We are the rot at the root!  
    We are the taint in the blood!
      We are the thorn in the foot!

    Mistletoe killing an oak—
      Rats gnawing cables in two—
    Moths making holes in a cloak—
      How they must love what they do!  
    Yes—and we Little Folk too,
      We are busy as they—
    Working our works out of view—
      Watch, and you’ll see it some day!

  33. I was a little surprised (but not a lot) that yesterday left-wing Antifa insurrectionists (protestors and rioters are such old, tired terms) in Portland OR attacked the DNC headquarters there, doing their usual vandalism and attacking police, carrying signs that read “We are ungovernable,” and “We don’t want Biden — we want revenge.”

    I thought it was fantastic.

    • How convenient to give swing GOP Senators cover for Patriot Act 2 (Bigger Longer Uncut). “You see, we have all kinds of domestic terrorists. We need a lid on this. This has no place in America.”

      • I don’t care. They’re squeezing Play-Doh. The harder they squeeze the more they’re going to show they have no ability to control things.

        • Especially once they get their wish and have open boarders and half the country is embroiled in drug cartel shootouts all the time. They will long for the days when a bunch of pasty skinny-armed anarchists where their biggest problem.

    • it’s all those people can do. honestly, what is the alternative for them? those losers can’t even work in a portland coffee shop, washing dishes. when you are a scorpion, you know only one thing.

      • What’s scary is that Portland is now trying to export its
        “good ideas” to my area. I just got the invite (because I have infiltrated the leftwing grifter industrial complex):

        I would like to invite you to the Dignity Village Town Hall hosted by the Zanesville Think Tank on Poverty on Wednesday, January 27 at 6pm. 

        Dignity Village is a membership-based community in NE Portland, providing shelter off the street for 60 people a night since 2000. It’s democratically self-governed with a mission to provide transitional housing that fosters community and self-empowerment – a radical experiment to end homelessness.

        Next Wednesday, the Zanesville Think Tank on Poverty will host residents from the village to discuss how the community came into being, their successes, challenges and how this project could be replicated in other places. The meeting is open to all to attend – you do not have to be part of the Zanesville Think Tank.

        Can you imagine how insane you have to be to take Portland’s advice on how to handle the homeless? Their policies have caused them to have among the largest populations of homeless in the nation.

        Either their policies fail to solve homelessness and/or they attract the homeless. Why would any sane city want either?

        • you do not have to be part of the Zanesville Think Tank.

          But it is imperative that you do think along exactly the same lines as the in-Zanesville Think Tank.

          • Oh, yeah. I’m thinking of joining the call and asking some uncomfortable questions.

            “You’ve been doing this for 20 years and Portland’s homelessness problem is worse than ever. Zanesville’s police chief said in 2019: ‘The more services you provide for the homeless, the more homeless you will attract.’ Replicating your model in Zanesville thus seems likely to attract even more homeless. That is not a benefit to the productive citizens of Zanesville who want a safe, clean city to live in.”

          • Yes, I know about those.

            That doesn’t even include “Homeless Hands of Zanesville.

            Zanesville is a small, very conservative city in a very red county. These wreckers are in every community making everyone else pay for their bleeding hearts.

            That’s one of the most eye-opening things I’ve learned from my infiltration of the Grifter Industrial Complex — it’s everywhere and it never stops. For every bad lefty idea, there’s some damn leftist in your community trying to get donations and grants to make it happen.

        • The day Dignity Village made its appearance in Portland was the day my once fair city began circling the drain. Nothing good will come of this.

  34. Serious question

    but wouldn’t our constant opposition to the system constitute for us a negative identity?

    Which is why I say, sure, throw some sand in the gears when you can, but don’t let it consume you. Drop out and do your own thing, and people WILL follow — if that’s what’s important to you. That’s my game plan, anyway. I am not going to let these people ruin my life and dictate to me what i can and can’t do. They’re not worth it.

    • i agree with this sentiment. don’t be John Brown. wait for opportunity to do damage to come to you. take what the road offers, and no more.

    • Exactly, this. Doing business with people I trust – my guys — nothing new there so no change needed. No arm waving, if you reveal yourself to be some leftist loon, I can’t trust you with a business relationship, unless you were, say, the last welder on earth. Which you are not, not that I have met any leftist loon welders but who knows.

  35. I’ll probably continue voting since I don’t have to go to the polling station to do it. But more often than not I suspect I’ll be writing in “mustache man” or something similar.

  36. “This has a strategic value, as well. The Left has always looked at the Republicans, along with their enablers from Conservative Inc., as an electric fence that keeps the white majority inside the system.” – So much damage has been done because of these people. Human sedatives like Rush Limbaugh (who literally had an addiction to sedatives). So much time has been wasted. In my case I started questioning the lies around 2000 and was off the reservation by 2005. I won’t use the term “boomer” but according to legend old people are supposed to weed this stuff out from “wisdom” and “life experience” and give “good advice” to the young people. Yet I sit here in my 40s completely disappointed that I had to learn every valuable truth in politics, and some other things, from scratch.

    • Same. I have a variety of excuses for my decades of ignorance, but it doesn’t make me feel all that better about the lost time and opportunities.

    • yes, our elders were giving advice in a functioning system run by people that didn’t completely hate us

    • Yes, five years ago I was a happy little CivNat living his life, wondering why people didn’t play by the rules, etc.
      Now I am planning my exit from this culture and its debased mindset, looking for alternatives…

  37. I can attest to where my “way forward” has already been underway for a while.

    Call it addition by subtraction. What do sportsballers, politicians, and Hollywood “stars” all have in common? They NEED – as in a narcissist’s fuel – NEED our eyeballs. Whether it be singing out our appreciation of their heroic efforts, or shaking our fists in the air.

    No consuming sportsball, the kabuki theater of TV or other forms of political theater. That includes pundits, yakkers, all of them. No consuming Hollywood product, from theaters to their streaming. No social media.

    Just the other night I was making an assessment of what the results have been in my life, one life, of the above choices. They are manifold, and evident. Less stress, more productivity. Better relationships in person.

    Bonding in real life. Building and fixing things. Creating things. To be continued.

  38. In 1968/1969 a border dispute between the CCP and the CCCP turned hot, and I have seen opinions that it nearly went nuclear. my understanding is the US said to russia, if you nuke bejing, we will respond in kind. in other words, the chins had slipped the leash and have never looked back. even in vietnam, i believe the two major commie powers supported different factions (the russian faction in the north won).

    this has implications for the relationship between the progs here, and the chin leadership. my sense is that the progs are going to turn on the chins, and hard. just another case of be careful of what you wish for.

    • I’d tell anyone who thinks they have put the drama of the Trump years behind them for the calm cool of an oligarchy dictatorship that they haven’t seen anything yet

  39. Helpful “We” tips:
    If you drink more than 10 days out of a month, february is a good month to not drink… the whole month, no excuses. After successfully completing your month, spend 60 minutes aside to assess the role alcohol has in your life.

    If you drink more than 20 days out of a month, reverse the above order.

    • i drink more than 10 days in a week! are you really going to give grown ass adults “advice” on their drinking?

      • Nothing wrong with his advice. If you’re talking about an after-dinner aperitif, that’s one thing, but even that can open the door to trouble. Sobriety will be a prerequisite if we’re to have any success.

        • that’s a very old prog hobby horse, so maybe you might want to reflect on where you really fit in.

      • “grown ass adults”

        Are you really going to play at being a dissident while using Nigger Babble in your everyday conversation?

      • I actually never had a problem with alcohol, but beer, oh man, it is the world’s greatest ‘carb milkshake’, which is why I stick to pricier stuff to make sure I can’t go all “Hofbräuhaus” on the waistline.

    • Be anti fragile and in good health.

      One day whitey will no longer be “eligible” for hospital services… And besides your Pajeet import doctor doesn’t really like you or care for you anyways.

    • Almost everyone I have ever met knows drinking is bad for you and aspires not to drink. Very very few people succeed. Stop drinking!

    • Heh. Just say this on the nephew’s tablet, in a zombie nerf shooter game: “Drink a Jugger-Nog”

  40. Man is bound to obey secular princes in so far as this is required by order of justice. Wherefore if the prince’s authority is not just but usurped, or if he commands what is unjust, his subjects are not bound to obey him. – St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa theologiae

  41. The right did get mobilized,

    Did vote in record numbers,

    And Trump got a record number of votes; and the whole act was disappeared by one of the greatest feat of election fraud ever. In addition, as far as I know, not a single person has been prosecuted.

    To all the good people out there who say the election system need reform, I say why? If my party could cheat on a spectacular level, and pay no consequences, while getting the result they want, there is no way in hell I would change one thing.

    At this particular time in history, voting, at least in the US, is meaningless.

    • well considering how pozzed the system is in its entirety (woke dog catchers type of granularity) where would any consequences (at least the direct kind) originate from? unless you consider fussy white gloved “conservatives” going tsk tsk tsk to be a ‘consequence’.

    • The important takeaway from the overt election fraud & theft is that the Deep State is now all-in, and has made the 2020 election a seminal moment in our history. They know they have triggered an awakening in tens of millions of hardcore Americans and the consequences will be real & tangible & persistent. This means they will now play for keeps at the existential level. Nothing is off-the-table, as DC tyrants like to boast, up to and including, detention camps, gulags, and extermination facilities. That is the lesson of the 20th Century; and yes, it can happen here.

  42. Education levels the playing field in the war against the new tech tyranny. Get smarter.
    Going Dark (Cont)
    Big Brother uses phone data in many nefarious ways, and one of these is “event” canvassing. Most 911 calls now trigger an Israeli-developed surveillance program that geolocates the event origin, pings & geolocates all smart phones in the vicinity, initiates tracking, and in some cases activates audio/video feeds from each phone. Depending on the “event”, dossiers on all owners can be summoned, and suspicious phone movements can also trigger immediate pursuit & apprehension.

      • The point of this exercise is for you to take the initiative and do the homework necessary to acquire the knowledge you will need in order to survive. It’s time to get off the couch and act, not whine that no one is doing your job for you.

    • Someone with a bit of experience in product manufacturing needs to get those phone/tablet Faraday cages made and marketed, stet.

  43.  As ugly as it looks, those troops, barricades and razor wire fencing in Washington are a great result. A ruling class living inside an armed camp is one that will eventually burn through its emotional capital and begin to make mistakes. Ideally, the ruling class stays behind those barriers, fearing that the people on the other side are ungovernable.

    That tableaux plays many roles. Importantly, it signals to the rest of the world the United States is a deeply troubled, dangerous empire. That is important to us because it restrains The State in its oppression. The Ruling Class does not want to receive opprobrium from the rest of the world–it is bad for business, mostly, and secondly it takes the buzz off the moral preening. The only restraint on the pending “Domestic Terrorism Patriot Act,” really isn’t so much concern about the reaction domestically from the White majority as it is about the perception internationally. As an aside, I think the reaction from the White majority is now being underestimated after being overestimated for years, but the State has yet to realize it.

    To summarize what you wrote and add a bit:

    *Withdraw consent and do not legitimize an illegitimate government in any way other than what it can compel by force.

    *Do not give anything to the State beyond what is necessary not to be arrested or killed.

    *Take anything you can from the State.

    *Humiliate the State by any means necessary other than those that will cause harm to you.

    *Make yourself as infrangible as possible. Small business was targeted in the last year, in no small part, because of the independence it represents. WHITE INFRANGIBILITY, if you will.
    The “IT’S OK TO BE WHITE” example is a perfect one. It shows how monstrous the State is, and it exhausts its resources. It also reveals the State’s intended end game.

    This will be a long struggle, but intelligent dissent can pay off handsomely.

  44. The biggest, most obvious demonstration of our system’s bankruptcy is to point out to people one of Sailer’s best ideas – total fertility. If an economic and cultural system is functional, it provides the economic structure to enable affordable family formation and the moral legitimacy for people believe it is right or have children. On both accounts, our present society is massively failing.

    We are experiencing a total fertility collapse. Particularly among the most liberal elements in our population. I’m a millennial and it’s rather clear from social media that many of my peers are neglecting parenthood. And those who are having kids tend to be more conservative.

    Every single time it is possible, point this out to people. A society that has no children has no future and liberalism has led us to massive infertility.

    • So I non-concur on this approach. It’s all logically sound … I completely agree with the conclusions. But logical arguments will not work on these people. It’s like arguing Protestant theology in a convent; no matter how good your argument might be, the audience is not going to listen when their identify is built on not-listening.
      Instead, I mock them. My mom’s Presbyterian church has gone down the SJW path, with the predictable result being everyone with children has left and the average congregant’s age is now well over 50. This particular church features a main building dated to the early 1800s. Instead of making a logical argument about birth-rates, I quipped to the SJW/closeted homosexual minister that his church is really a hospice and his prized historical sanctuary will in a few years make for some nice condos.

    • so you are saying you can reason people into seeing things your way? totally emotion driven people who have no acquaintance with rationality? if even a single person alive could do that, they would already be king of the world.

    • THanks to mainline protestants, we have had Whites in america accept contraception since the 30s. It was only a minor step to abortion and sodomy after that. Stray from the complete law one inch, and you get the whole whirlwind

  45. Was it Lenin or Bakunin who said “The worse, the better?” Since we’ll soon enough be compelled to vote, I plan on voting for the barmiest candidate on offer — give me a Negro trannie Maoist, please! And as for the COVID pass, I’m going to take a stand, my brothers, and I urge y’all to as well – no vaccine until ALL the minorities, worldwide, have had theirs. And so forth. You can drag me kicking and screaming from the public bus, but in doing so, you’re arguing that it’s more important for a White Dirt Person to have his vaccine than some underprivileged etc. Dat’s rayciss!!!

  46. Aliens are real. They must be. The Zman cannot possibly be a mere human.

    Just when you think he can’t top himself, he does- again, and again, then yet again.

    I made it through four paragraphs and thought, whatever he is, le Z is a credit to humanity, almost a gift to the human race. Certainly to the best part of it… ours truly.

    If anyone thinks such unabashed blowing sunshine is shameless, here’s part two:

    Alzaebo: (leans forward, eyes glittering)

    So tell us, Zman, have you always worn those shoes?

  47. One thing I’d add to make it explicit: anger is OK. All the love talk on the right the last few years makes me want to puke. It’s emasculated. Not only will love not fix this, it plays into their hands.

  48. Around the block from me there is a person with those “Hate Has No Home Here” and “Science is Real” signs in their yard. They also have one of those community library boxes in their front yard.

    I think I should deposit a copy of Mein Kampf in it, or even worse, The Art of the Deal.

    • go into the nearest nig neighborhood, and pass around flyers saying you are the owner of the house and you want to help a black family by providing them free lodging. as they say in England: light fuse and retire…

    • This made me laugh more than any comment I’ve ever read here and not just because we might be neighbors.

  49. This post really hyped me up!

    One of the benefits with a Biden presidency is now we can act as we truly are: dissidents, a minority with our backs against the ropes and a mighty struggle before us.

    Its hard to not think of solutions during a struggle, but sometimes you need to concentrate on just one punch at a time. When you’re exhausted and facing a fierce opponent, you can’t get ahead of yourself–its best to remain calm and reduce each moment to the basics. If you are gassed out during a race, you concentrate on form, and breathing; you break down the remaining distance into segments (“only 4 more 200m strides, I got this!”)

    I agree, we can’t get ahead of ourselves. We have to regain composure and hone our concentration.

      • What a great song, thanks for the reference, that’ll be on repeat! I definitely need to listen to more Jethro Tull. A buddy of mine used to like the song “Thick as a brick” but that’s about all I’ve heard of them.

  50. While we’re at it, it’s time to start voting for universal gibs, starting with universal health care. As it stands now, we’re the only group not getting it. If the treasury is to be looted, let’s get some of that money flowing our way. Same with anything the government is handing out. The response shouldn’t be “But muh deficits,” but rather, “Moar, moar, moar. And for our people too.” I, for one, am tired of being a sucker.

    • Absolutely. My “whiteness” always made me fall for those ideas that we need to save money and not have debt and the government should encourage self-sufficiency. Nobody else is following that program other than white people and our taxes pay for pretty much everything. Can you imagine the crushing impact it would have if we all just quit paying our credit cards and car payments and declared bankruptcy and voted for Yang Bux checks to be delivered monthly? I would crush the system. But unfortunately, we keep playing by the rules as we are slowly bled out.

    • My wife and I got divorced a year ago, so we pay lower taxes and get more college aid. We are also taking as much college debt as we can get, in case it is forgiven one day. Once the kids are graduated, we will remarry to max out our social security.

    • Critically important. It goes along with the ‘Sucker’ stamp written on the average whiteys head. Every minority laugh at Joe Normie for being so gullible and rule following. It is time to act mad n-ggerish and rake in the gibs, cheat on your taxes w/o getting caught, pay based white people under the table in cash as often as possible etc. Milk the gubmint tit like the browns do and starve the beast.

  51. Z Man calls it Managerial Authoritarianism. No need for a new name for it, it’s flat out Fascism!

    • True, but I won’t use the enemy’s terms. We build our own Thing, now. Words are how we (and they) secretly identify each other.

      Plus, those World War terms are rather… loose, I’d say. I’d rather have a lexicon of what papers they file, which bureau stamps them, on what server system they reside, and who signs off.

      Purely for purposes of curiosity, of course.

    • Yes, there is a need for a new name. Fascism is overused and most don’t know what it actually means. It makes people’s eyes glaze over. A more descriptive word that people haven’t heard before is much better. Managerial Authoritarianism is good. I’ve also had good success with Anti White. Nobody’s heard that one, and it’s accurate and changes the frame. Ya gotta jolt people out of the same old tired moral framework!

  52. An example of this kind of agitation is somebody recently painted a Pepe the Frog on a Bernie Sanders mural. Plenty of gasping and sputtering resulted, including the ADL declaring Pepe as an anti semitic symbol. On Fox News they showed a photo of it, but even blurred out Pepe, as if it’s a pornographic image. It’s funny to see the news anchors get all solemn and concerned about these kinds of pranks.

    • It is hilarious how they won’t even show you the subject of the story. I see this all the time in news articles. Someone said something offensive, but they won’t tell you what it was. For example, the horse trainer who was banned from the sport for giving one of his horses a “racist” name. I had to go through five different articles before some brave writer revealed the name was “Grape Soda.”

      • But did he dope the horse with cough syrup mixed with grape soda? I could see that getting him banned from the profession.

        But unless he named the horse Trayvon’s Purple Drank, getting banned for naming it Grape Soda is pretty sketchy. But of course, it was indeed seen as an oblique way of saying just that. Touchy, touchy.

  53. If you really want to throw some sand in the gears, get off the W-2 labor system. Make them come after the money they want to take from you and your family’s labor. Certain ethnic groups have a long history of this and there are easy and creative ways to “not be fair” and “take advantage of gov programs in ways they aren’t intended”. Plus you get another benefit in that you’ll never have to deal with the crazy radical in the HR department.

    • 26 USC sec 3401.
      You very likely are not a “wage earner”. a very specific defn according to code.

      I have refiled my last two years. (Hopefully get about 40K in taxes back.)

    • these days working in an office, or just for any big company, is the definition of a Faustian bargain.

      Note to the padawans here: if you have never read (or heard of) Faust, I strongly recommend you read the version by von Goethe. it’s a very good story, and accessible.

  54. Show me your new “system”, Z. How does it work? Be specific and show your work?
    Dont be preposterous. The guy in the sundress is a much bigger problem than the courts. How, exactly, will your courts protect the public from guys like that? If you put stupid people with stupid problems before the court, it stands to reason that you’ll get a stupid ruling.
    I predict that if you kneecap the republicans, all you will do is empower the Donks who are much worse. In essence you are trying to use the system against the cheaters who aren’t bound by it.

    • This is the trap conservatives always build for themselves. They waste their time conjuring theoretical alternatives and then have to spend their time defending that theoretical alternative. Meanwhile, the Left marches from victory to victory.

      • Then why do you keep doing it?
        Not trying to be a dink… but that system was the best one created by mankind. The left wins by undermining it. Your solution seems to be to not vote for conservative inc, and thereby lose faster and harder to them. Is this what is meant by accelerationism?
        Maybe I am missing something. I am not necessarily against accelerationism… but at the risk of fed poasting… I’d rather see lefties tried and executed for their treason and sedition and thereby act as a warning to the cucks.

        • You’re still in the Western Warfare mindset. Big battles between big, organized armies assembled by a big, organized single system with manuals and a bullet-list of final goals.

          Give that up. Small groups operating when and where they can, causing whatever trouble they can against whatever part of the system they can. No great battle. No bullet-list of specific goals. Just a simple, does this help move my general cause forward a bit.

        • Yes, I believe you have been missing something. The Left is installing their system. Your (mine too) system is dead—you just don’t realize it’s a corpse because it doesn’t smell enough—yet.

          Therefore, you fight by finding the current *new* system’s weaknesses and exploit them until they snap. In practice, you are adopting the Left’s successful tactics as your own. That’s the only way to fight your way out of this.

        • Yes. “The system is broken” is not a very helpful slogan. The system is one of the best ever devised by man, designed by people a lot better educated and a lot better versed in history than any politician alive today.

          And how do you know if it’s actually broken or just usurped by enemies, if you don’t try to use the tools the fathers of the Constitution gave you?Even among the non-Q right there has been a complacence, an expectation that Orange Man would do the heavy lifting and we’d cheer and wave the pom-poms.

          Democratic institutions are infiltrated from the bottom up. Putting a Trump poster in your back yard is not much better than tweeting memes. Acting politically starts by being elected to your local school board or whatever. With every political office comes opportunities to hurt your enemies and help your friends.

          • You really have been on fire today, Felix. Quite right. “The system is dead” is the reality. Whatever rhetoric best conveys that, rather than the ludicrous “the system is broken” should be employed.

          • Here’s a slogan: “Ten Good Men.”

            Because if you had ten guys committed to coup the school board, ready to put down six months of real effort and dedication, you’d waltz right in.

          • We need to use whatever tactic works. If we can get one of us on a school board, great, then I vote. If I can put a “It’s OK to be White” pamphlet in a library book and this causes TPTB to rail against whites, the I do that.

            Do what works, back off that which doesn’t. Don’t get too invested in any strategy. Be like water, my friend.

          • Of course. We must fight on all fronts where we are strong and they are weak.

            But there’s a risk of throwing out the baby with the bathwater if we discard the existing constitutional framework –

            The party system should be destroyed or severely reined in, but I’d think very long and very hard before I took an axe to the trunk of the fundamentals. Because if we had to build a new system from scratch, I suspect it would either look pretty much like the old one or be worse.

          • “The system” didn’t last thirty years. It was dead with Jefferson’s Louisiana purchase.Lincoln butchered the corpse. Wilson outdid Lincoln. FDR turned it into a Global Empire. etc etc,

    • One hint: since I wrote the Registrar of Voters by snail mail, requesting to be removed from the list of registered voters, I won’t receive summons to jury duty anymore.

      • That’s a good suggestion for most. I won’t bother though because they don’t let me serve on juries anyway once they find out where I grew up and what my interests are.

      • if i ever get called for jury duty, i am going to go dressed as a judge and bring my own gavel 😛

  55. Whites are also conditioned to look for the big, decisive battle. The Western way of war is gathering a lot of troops for on each side and having some major battles, maybe even just one, to decide the conflict.

    But that doesn’t work when you’re a dissident. We need to give up that idea and embrace the Eastern Way of War, which is built on guerrilla tactics and wearing out your enemy.

    Time to give up the fantasy of some grand uprising of deplorables. Time to stay low, throw sand in the gears when you can safely, build communities and wait for opportunities.

  56. I personally like pasting around town the following 8/12 x 11 poster with the meme “Everything You See Was Built By Men Supporting Their Families”

    But that’s just grenade tossing. It may be fun but takes a VERY long time to have an lasting effect much like the long march through the institutions of the left. What we need is either 1. targeted elimination (picking them off systematically one by one) so they get the Fear of God instilled in their Satanic bowels or 2. Nuke the whole shebang in a figurative sense.

    • Someone came up with replacing president with resident every time one refers to the old meat stick.

    • WLM

      Not My President

      America In Name Only

      War OF Domestic Terrorism

      You know, I save all the choice phrases I find. Post-It notes and better, sticky labels fit in a pocket…

      That ho is bold

      Hunter who?

      Diaper Joe

      the greater of two evils

      After me, you’re next

      All for nothing

      White Supremacist Ally

      this is a Show Of Force

      a Hunger Games vibe

      Schindler’s Cabinet

      You’re with us or against us

      the ruling junta

      dissent is terrorism

      You Have Been Couped

      Twerk on Washington

      Razor wire is ‘Free and Fair Election Wire’

      does it violate your tender feefees now redirects to

  57. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that a senile, corrupt old man and career politician has been installed as potus AND controlling all levers of power. This dirtbag government (as well as dirtbag companies) disdains us at the least, if not actively hates us. It’s going to be a long dreary slog, but chucking sand in the gears in one fashion or another may at least create some moments of joy – as well as interacting with those of a like mind.

    • A senile old man is not controlling all levers of power. The position never had that much to begin with. What power did Trump really have? I’ll admit his lack of cajones when it counted contributed to the little we got but as we have noticed, unseen forces exert much more power and influence.

    • They’re so brazen they’re not even paying lip service to cleaning up our elections and making them transparent and auditable.

      That right there really is the tell that they’re 100% certain this thing was stolen, everyone knows it, and they’re perfectly happy to do it again and again if you’re dumb enough to vote.

    • biden is the equivalent of caligula’s horse. calling the horse a senator didn’t make it true. biden is no more president than i am. but more people will go along with pretending he is, than will pretend for me likewise.

  58. Anyone who aspires to being ungovernable must start by purging the propaganda machine – the TV. It is the choke chain of population control.Anyone who aspires to being ungovernable must start by purging the propaganda machine – the TV. It is the choke chain of population control.

    It creates the perception of a perpetual state of crisis that blinds us to opportunities of breaking away from the state’s control of our reality – that of being hopelessly oppressed with no hope of freedom.

      • My step-daugher, age 20, reports that she knows no one in her dorm that owns a tv. Her dorm apartment has coax hook-ups, but no one knows to use them. For her age group, all media is consumed via IP services on a “device.” With that said … GloboHomo makes big dollars from cable tv subscriber fees. I keep telling my mom that she’s sending money to MSNBC regardless if she watches it or not. If you want to hurt the tv industry, you *must* cancel cable.

      • Not broadcast TV, but the kids watch a lot of Netflix and Hulu. It’s all cartoons like Family Guy, Ric and Morty, etc.

      • What do you think those people were going to do with the big screen tv’s they looted in the riots?

    • What Grumpy said. Teenagers don’t even know what a TV is, and mainstream media is in a 2G inverted spin with both engines flamed out and the pilot busy setting fire to his parachute.

      That is a won battle. Now we must do the same to the political system.

      • i’ve said a number of times here, the progs have won a Pyrrhic victory;; all their institutions are burned to the ground. and really, progs are a symptom of an already dying system. this is a self-correcting problem, eventually 🙂

      • Yup. Hollywood is basically dead in the US and has been since the DVD player killed the movie theater. China is the market for Hollywood, not the US.

        • Hollywood is basically dead in the US and has been since the DVD player killed the movie theater.

          This was already starting the moviebox, as it was called in Denmark. A handy little VHS-player in a hard plastic carry case that you could rent with three movies for the price of a theater ticket. They obliterated the market for afternoon features, where you could get a ticket to last year’s James Bond movie for a third of the price.

          With movie boxes, you could get shitfaced or stoned or whatever, you could put it on pause an nuke a pizza. Also, you could rent porn movies and watch them at home instead of going to some sleazy cubicle affair, where they looked at you strangely if you brought your wife.

          RIP Blockbuster!

          • i have read some about life in Denmark, but am very interested to hear your specific view of the place?

            Also, i caught shit for making a joke about the dutch; how do the Danes view the Dutch?

          • interested to hear your specific view of the place?

            That’s pretty nebulous. I’d love to tell you about Denmark but you’ll have to be a bit more specific if you want a specific opinion.

            As to the Dutch, your average Dane doesn’t really think about them very much, except for extending them a vague sympathy, like estranged cousins.

            Culturally, they (the Frisians) were a Scandinavian nation and part of the Viking world until they were conquered by Charlemagne. But if not for the language, the Dutch would be the people who resembled Danes the most, largely due to how similar our countries are.

    • Tv for boomers, yes get rid of it.

      Young people’s addictions are Netflix, porn, weed, and rap music.

      Get rid of them all if you’re young.

  59. Absolutely agree with this post. Society functions mainly because white people cooperate and follow the rules. It only takes a tiny number of us to completely flush it down the toilet. For example, in my city they stopped prosecuting shoplifting because it’s racist. Technically you don’t have to pay for anything and nobody is going to stop you if you just walk right out of the store with your items. Obviously this only works because most of us still pay. Just don’t pay. I know it seems like anathema to shoplift but that’s the whole point. Society is oriented around ending “whiteness” and “white supremacy”. Paying is “whiteness” which is why shoplifting ceased to be enforced. For the greater good and the destruction of this system of tyranny that is unfolding, we have to stop cooperating. We have to break the rules that now only exist in our heads. Urinate in public. Litter. Shoplift. Etc. It’s a kind of revolt. None of these laws are enforced or criminalized anymore anyway. Drive the “commons” into the garbage so that our overlords are forced to submit under mountains of trash.

    • this will in fact drive chain stores out of your community, which should be the goal. this is going on in SF right now; Rite-Aid has effectively abandoned the city (shutting its stores there). Soon you will have no pharmacies or grocery stores in that shit hole.

    • my neighborhood is already drowning in garbage/litter i hate it and don’t want to add to it, plus nobody would see my litter as making any kind of statement. would much prefer to create small, quiet pockets of order/tradition/beauty. Sort of like Orania. if Boers can sustain an Orania in a hostile place like South Africa, we ought to be able to create white-friendly havens here. They could be “intentional communities” organized around a filter like religion or philosophy, to keep out unfriendlies.

      • if Boers can sustain an Orania in a hostile place like South Africa, we ought to be able to create white-friendly havens here.

        Well said.

        The reports of America’s death are greatly exaggerated; heritage Americans constitute the largest white nation on earth by quite a margin.

        • Ultimately this is key. The reason the Left has engineered the intra-White civil war is because it wants to delay the day people realize they are a nation without a country.

      • Look at where Orania is located it’s not in the middle of Cape Town…You can’t have your cake and eat it to…You might have to sacrifice like they are doing…

        • Yes, but that sounds okay, actually, compared to being surrounded by libs and diversities and all their pathologies. White people have a genius for making almost anyplace into a functional, inviting home.

      • put up flyers saying that the mayor is paying $20 a bag for the garbage, and to bring it to city hall to get the $$ 😛 or to his house, for even more fun.

      • Agree. I had to drive through Portland today for the first time in about a year and was revolted. Trash, graffiti, and tent cities everywhere. I couldn’t live in those conditions even to own the leftards. Leave them to their filth.

    • I litter all the time. I throw my trash on the street or the sidewalk. I live in a diverse area.

      When I’m in a white area I am very tidy and respectful.

      I try to do my shopping at European specialty stores, or polish / Italian owned grocers. Shoplifting is not yet legal in Canada however I would have no moral issues doing it at Walmart, for instance. I would pay full price at the euro. grocers.

    • Another thing you can do is always cook at home, always price match and buy the flyer items (on sale) at the supermarket.

      The stores actually lose money on loss leading sale items. And their margins are lower on healthy fresh foods than the cereal aisle.

      By cooking at home you cut out your 3rd world Uber eats driver as well as the illegal alien kitchen staff, while also improving your health and saving money.

  60. The problem with ‘poking the bear’ with “It’s Okay to be White” signs and other pranks is the ruling class has the ability to destroy a person’s life and we do not have the resources or networking to ensure people doing this get good lawyers and money for when they inevitably lose their jobs and face jail.
    Literal terrorists in the left get a cushy job in Academia. Until we can get organization enough to ensure that whatever the powers that be throw at a person, their livelihood and family will be intact, making the ruling class’s threats ineffectual, it will just increase the fear from the right and the anti-white programs from the left.
    Running for the hills and regrouping, as unsexy as it sounds, is the name of the game now. Guerrilla warfare comes later.

    • If I wore a “I love Stalin” shirt to work, no one would dare say anything to me. But if I rolled in with a MAGA hat, I would face financial ruin. That’s real power, and as much as I hate it, we would do well to respect it. We should be under no delusions of the scope of Lefty’s Will to Power.

      • Agreed.

        If MAGA guy got fired, and the right hired a battalion of lawyers to go after the company while MAGA guy got six figures in crowdfunding for his troubles, we’re entering a new game.

        • Not happening. Most good lawyers wouldn’t touch such a case because of threats to them and their family.
          Crowdfuning is getting very hard now and will probably be forced underground for whites.

      • Wear things like the St Andrew’s cross of Scotland. It’s the confederate flag without the stars.
        You will get noticed and second glances.
        Most of the low Iq’s think it’s some symbol of the confederacy. And you have a legitimate explanation to normies.

        • Your belief that reason and logic will influence the Normies–at ALL– is touching and quaint.

    • i have given this some thought. the thing that would work — and be safe — is to join a prog group, then go into various neighborhoods putting up things saying how the white progs favor another group over the group in the neighborhood — because the other group are “better people”. if you get caught, why you are just an overzealous cadre. try and create paranoia between the various factions of the prog coalition.

      • Here is an idea start putting We want section 8 because black lives matter signs in all those neighborhoods that have the Hate Has No Home Here or We love Everyone Signs…Then post it across all social media with the name of the neighborhood…

        • already very upscale beach cities like Santa Monica and Beverly Hills have gangs of nogs swooping in for raids on the stores there. won’t be long before the nogs go into the residential neighborhoods. So it should be easy to “guide” the orcs into prog areas, with wonderful results.

          • Maps, we gotta print up some nice, innocent maps

            Judges, law firms (hello, St. Louis defenders of the downtrodden), corporate HR, teacher’s union bosses, government employees

            goddam this goan be fun

            I fully support public transport!

        • Hahahaha

          Heck let’s organize that as a Fair Housing nonprofit, and make some money off it too!

          I fully support Safe Sanctuary and Seperate Spaces! Housing for Racial Equity! And Public School Justice!

    • You are deluding yourself if you think the ruling class will allow us to develop any sort of protective organizations. And the courts are totally in the Left’s control. So legal recourse is out.
      The best we can do is adopt what the Irish Travelers do. Be tribal, be off the grid and treat outsiders like the enemy.

      • Overly blackpilled. They simply do not have the infrastructure or competence to take us all out. Even less with a decentralized blockchain solution.

  61. Another thing dissidents need to do it s figure out their first principles. Do you believe in equality or hierarchy? If the latter, do you believe that hierarchical society should be based on mutual duty between classes or mutual exploitation? Should religion or state be the foundation of moral order? If religion, which one? Should the formal order of government be monarchist, aristocratic or democratic? What issues should be a matter of public interest and which should be private?

    If you want equality, want a moral order based on state power with a democratic government, well you’ve got it. There’s no sense in complaining about the excesses of our system, or any system; they come with the territory.

    • Principles are for winners. We have won nothing. Once we win, then we can craft all the principles we like to justify our victory. Right now, we have demands. Free association. Free and open elections. Free speech. Access to the financial system. And so on.

        • Alec Baldwin LARPing as a real salesman. I hate anything that has Alec Baldwin in it.

          ETA: I’ve worked in sales, as a sales engineer. That rant was designed to make the men who heard it feel small, pressured and desperate. If I had ever had a manager talk to me like that, I would have said “Fuck you. I quit. There are a lot of places I can work where I don’t have to work for huge assholes.”

      • The regime has no incentive to accede to any of these demands. They need you as a boogeyman to organize against; this is what holds their diverse coalition together and keeps guys like Biden and Schumer in charge of the the growing minority masses: “We’re all on the same side against those evil bad whites, so there is no reason for you to come for me.” Thus, the racist “white supremacy” rhetoric in Biden’s inauguration day speech and his replacing of the Oval Office bust of Andrew Jackson with Caesar Chavez. This will grow worse for our people the more diverse and unwieldy the United States becomes.

        Compromise with you means endangering their interests. The democrat party can’t risk being seen as sympathetic to your plight when that might cost them their leadership roles in diverse America — and their social status, all-white neighborhoods, and bank accounts. An AOC might throw them out for disloyalty and raise their taxes, the horror.

        If you want those things, you’ll need to do as the Jews did and get your own nation. They spent generations dreaming about getting Israel back. They wrote books, pamphlets, held meetings, founded organizations, lobbied politicians, built communities, and created a mythos around that goal. It took time, but it worked; how many created the dream, but like Mosses never lived to see their holy land? Now, the Jews are in charge of their own destinies. That’s the way to go for our people. Because the US is well gone at this point. Having a military junta vetted for loyalty to the one party state guard a senile man who rambled about “white supremacy” in a terribly divisive inauguration speech should make that clear to all.

        After all, there can’t be racism against our kind if our kind has a homeland where we are the supermajority. They can’t deplatform us if our people control a government ready to come down on tech companies. They can’t close our bank accounts if that means shutting down all our bank accounts because we’re all the same.

      • Free and open elections? Let’s be careful about how that’s phrased. I’d like to see the franchise curtailed, and the casting of a ballot made troublesome in order to weed out the insincere.

      • Winning is my only principle.

        When a group hates me and wants to kill me. And exterminate my family, ancestors and descendants. Pardon me for putting principles on the backburner.

        I will survive, as God put me on this earth to do. Not stick to my “principles” that a dead guy wrote 300 years ago.

      • My point is simply that if you don’t actually have a fundamental complaint about how things are run, there’s little point in resisting the order of the day. If you like democrat, then you have to accept that cheating is going to happen, just as if you like monarchy, you accept that kings will be misled by bad advisors. If you believe in equality, what legitimate complaint do you have about the system? The question simply becomes: is your complaint a fundamental disagreement, or merely a matter of taste? For example, with trannies, do you want them to be prosecuted and removed from public space, or are just tired of them being the cause du jour? If the latter, just turn off the TV and wait for the beautiful people to pick another fad. Destroying a political economy because you’re not thrilled about a whim of fashion is a bit extreme, but destroying it because you think the whole thing is inhumane and evil is good. All I’m saying is know if your complaint is about the moral order or the current fashion, because only one if those merits warring over.

    • Our principles—or virtues—have been the single best weapon the Left has used against us. But, if you need an organizing principle to center your life, then let it be “by any means possible”.

    • Are you a regular commenter here or are you a troll? Everything you wrote is so crazy it’s actually hard to fathom

      • Semi regular commenter. Perhaps a different question would help clarify things: is the problem with the system its existence or it’s management? If it’s the former, then by all means burn it down, but remember that nature abhors a vacuum so something has to replace it. It’s a bit thick to argue for the destruction of the current order and not at least have a clue of what should replace it. I dislike the current order, but I just don’t see tribalistic anarchy as improving the situation. So, I ask, what do you have in mind once you’ve thrown the current system away?

  62. Better get to Building those Communities of your people and for your people…It’s amazing what a little discomfort can do to get people out of their slumber…

      • And then there were those who built and went on undetected. We can be those bugs who crawl under the carpet and multiply…

    • And there will be more discomfort to come. Diversity and Inclusion seminars forever. Refugee resettlements in your area. Blacks getting free houses down the street. News of people just like you getting fired and blackballed from ever working again because they got caught saying the wrong word. Etc. Etc.

      It’s coming – and faster than I would have thought. Colorblind CivNats can no longer hide. They are being forced to either grovel forever or begin thinking of how to resist. Sadly, many (hell, most) will choose to grovel, though like a drug addict the other side will demand higher and higher levels self flagellation from Normies. But some will be forced to wake up.

        • Blacks are the pet of white and Jewish Progressives. As their owners go, so go blacks.

          • and those pet owners have moved on, now that nigs have been used as a battering ram to get inside the walls of power. no one likes the nigs, and no system will ever get them to be productive and non-destructive. they are like mold that way…human mold.

        • I have a plan. Luckily for me, I have connections in far hinterland. But much work needs to be done there as well. The POZ is strong, even in rural whites, though people are waking up.

          • And realistically white flight has never stopped anything and never will. One day Soros will dump 10 million on a pro-crime DA or Sheriff (or Dominion gets a new code) and suddenly crime is legalized. Then they bring in 50,000 Somalians. What are you going to do?

            There is one idea, but so far nobody has resorted to it.

            Barring a shift to that mentality, I’m living in a diverse shithole because, as Z says, might as well live in the future (realistically it’s the present).

          • I’m a semi driver who lives on the road. I have seen this nation back and forth many times over.
            Most (not all) of the hinterlands are in a profound state of decay. Lots of old white people living out their last days and many young brown people everywhere doing a large portion of of the real work.
            I pickup vegetables and frozen meats from cooperate owned farms in “fly-over country” and deliver them to grocery store distribution centers in the urban areas. The farms in the “country” are staffed primarily by people who speak little English and don’t look like me at all.
            Let that sink in.

          • That’s one of the problems of small town (formerly) America, and has been for a few decades. Kids grow up and move away to the cities for better opportunities and most of what’s left are the geezers. Many of the young ones who stay are of a tradesman bent and like to work with their hands.

  63. It’s not meme-worthy, but my recent mantra has been: Showing up in Charlotesville didn’t scare our rulers (Hell, they used it to their advantage). Not showing up in Georgia did. Ditto with all the other “We the People” delusional marches. The Capitol Protest will probably be called the Capitol Genocide by the end of the month.

    Even though the Marie Antoinette movie is not so great, this scene beautifully encapsulates how not participating delegitimizes the enemy:

  64. My neighbor and I have taken down our American flags. In my case, because It could be an identifier of a Trump voter. For the same reason I have no NRA or Georgia State flag stickers on my Classic (old) Durango. When I mentioned taking the flag down to my wife, she said she’d been concerned for some time. My neighbor has put up a “Red Tide” flag instead, but that’s ok.

    • I have one also as well as a state flag that I used to put up on holidays etc. I’m now seriously considering burning both. They don’t represent anything to me anymore.

    • I’ve been telling friends and neighbors that I purposely won’t be voting anymore. Each one of them is a little shocked and ask why, sometimes laughing a bit (usually uncomfortably).

      I simply tell them that I no longer believe in the system and not just because of the election. I tell them one party hates me and the other party doesn’t care. I’m no longer wanted or represented in the government so why should I vote, which is a sign of legitimacy.

      I’ve be pleasantly surprised by their faces. They seem genuinely shaken up by my decision, which, like I said, caught me a bit off guard.

      • I still think voting locally makes sense. Part of the pushback against the federal tyranny will come from the states.

        • Agreed. And I will. But it’s easier to just say that I’m not voting. Granted, I live in what’s become a liberal area so not voting at all might still make sense.

    • Since May I’ve flown a 13-star Betsy Ross flag, as I decided the 50 star flag represents a corrupt, disgusting government and no longer represents freedom and liberty.

      The Betsy Ross flag represents freedom and liberty.

      • It represents the roots of an America that is dead and gone. There is no going back. No constitution or historical fervor will save you. We need a new model to move forward. Whatever else it may be, it needs to be White, and that is not synonymous with American.

    • If you want to cover your tracks, I suggest chipping in $10 or $20 dollars to the worst local democrat and voting in a couple of democrat primaries. Both are public record and can be used as a shield if anyone accuses you of wrong think. Future elections will be more about establishing loyalties. We may even see voter participation climb among Whites in the rush to avoid persecution. Best case scenario: the worst guy gets in and the voters get what they deserve while you skate on wrongthink charges.

      I’ve been predicting the dissolution of the republican party once the democrats achieve permanent majority status. I expect more people to leave the party for fear of persecution. In the future, there may be an exodus to the democrats by ex-republicans for protection purposes — don’t want to be on the wrong side of the new boss, do you? In fact, you could argue that has already happened in Virginia and Georgia. In the latter case, White suburbanites have switched dem now that Georgia’s demographics have changed to the point where the GOP is caput in that state and association with it is a liability. Ditto California’s ex-republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and most of NeverTrump, which was mostly an operation to get back into the good graces of the new boss by denouncing the old boss.

      • Oh for God’s sake, why can’t you people get it? Politics and voting and primaries and party affiliation is NOT building a White future. Let it go already!

      • That, Dr. Reverend Angelou, african supergenius extraordinaire, is what I do, registering as a Democrat since 2012.

        I deregister from the voter list the day after the election, and vote for the stupidest morons I can.

    • I have peckerwood license plates on the front of my 1985 K-5 Blazer and my 1997 Dodge Ram 2500 4×4 diesel. (I love old trucks.)

      Anyone who has been to prison knows what those license plates mean. Normies do not. If anyone asks, I just tell them I like badass looking woodpeckers.

        • Peckerwood is slang for whites who are not ashamed of their race and will fight to the death to avoid rape or robbery from negroes. It originated in prison, but it is used elsewhere in hard core redneck areas. The negroes actually came up with name because woodpeckers have red necks. Whites decided to own what was intended as an insult.

          Not all peckerwoods are AB members, they are just badass white guys who are proud of who they are and don’t take shit from negroes.

          It’s a fairly common term in rural Oklahoma, even outside of prison. It’s not usual for a man to greet another man by asking, What’s up, Wood?”

    • Dear Mr. Lee,

      I respectfully disagree with you taking your flag down.

      The US flag is a powerful symbol. Why give it to those who hate you? To those who would burn it on national television?

      If the flag was fine during the dark times of the Bad Orange Man tyranny, it is even better now under our glorious new Papa Biden.

      My church hides gays & pederasts and has a communist as the vicar of Christ on earth.
      But I don’t take down my cross.
      The symbol is more powerful than the men behind it.

      • Strongly disagree. The symbol is for a nation that is dead and gone. It will not be resurrected. We cannot build a White future by relying on old-style patriotism and muh magic constitution. We need new symbols. Go back and read today’s post again. And again. And again.

        • “The symbol is for a nation that is dead and gone. It will not be resurrected.” Agree!

          At The Range household, the flag is pulled down because 1) the old nation is dead and gone, and 2) don’t be a target for Whackamole. Build community where you are.

          The Constitution is long gone. For THEM, the ends justify the means. By any means possible. That’s what new-action Commies do. THEY lie-cheat-steal and make up the rules as they go along. There is no Rule of Law. Then THEY wave the Constitution in front of your face and scream Follow The Rules, and you turn into a bunch of dumb sheep. Bah! Bah! Muh Constitution! Bah! Mike Lee! Muh Constitution!

          Don’t be such hypnotized dumbshits! It’s gone.

          Be patient! Be still! Now is not the time. Universal Law: The walls of the old structure must come down. The form of the new structure is not visible yet. Only after the old is down, then can the new structure be designed and assembled. Right now, you don’t know what variables to build with as the variables will change. Put your energy toward “community.” You will know when the time to build anew is right. “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven.” Know that and be patient. You will know…..unless you’re too busy spinning in circles making mindless yapping noise infighting. Which only serves Their purpose. Be still. Gather your food and your friends. You will recognize the shift in reality and when it is time to build.

        • All those talking about adopting symbols. Make it something meaningful to your people. As someone that has Greek heritage, I’ve adopted Sparta’s lambda, and also the Athenian owl. A French person could adopt the fleur de lis. If you’re a mutt, take an ancestry DNA and pick the one with the highest percentage. Just a thought.

    • That’s “Roll Tide” but what do I know. This is UGA country. We let him live because he’s correct, politically.

  65. Don’t you think “Rules for Radicals” is now appropriate? It worked in getting Left wing radicals to be the norm, why wouldn’t work for us?

    • I’ve long recommended guys on our side read this book. You don’t need to adopt the spirit of the enemy but you should understand his motivations and tactics, and if necessary be willing to use them.
      You can enter a fight with gentlemanly honor, but if your opponent brings a knife, you’ll only get stabbed and bleed out a loser. If you somehow survive and find yourself in a rematch, your opponent might bring a gun this time. You and your honorable fists are dead.

      We need to learn from our losses. We need to understand the opposition so we can be prepared next time.

      • Yes to all of this, and I would add a white pill in that there is a strategy that is well suited to succeed in this Brave New (High Tech Tyranny) World. Evolution demands that we smarter & stronger in the face of a new environment with new threats. It has always been thus.

      • As for Education, there is opportunity in crisis.
        In NYC there are 370 schools (out of ~1100) that are closed due to CoronaVirus. Many elementary schools only have 10-20% of their students showing up each day.
        I know there are “underground Learning Pods”, because I see small groups of children entering/leaving residential buildings during the day.
        The school system in NYC is slowly collapsing, there is room for alternative systems to evolve. Once there are enough of them, the time will come for parents to demand school-vouchers, and then the slowly will become suddenly.

        • Still using the old mindset. You don’t need or want vouchers/permission and $ from the government to educate White children. Withdraw from the public school system. Don’t employ any teacher indoctrinated with an accredited ‘teaching degree.’ You need to secede emotionally and physically from the old paradigm. If you can simultaneously damage or harm the existing government system, do so, but first build your own parallel community.

          • The current “crisis” has allowed the first step to evolve: namely ad hoc learning pods;
            these pods are not requesting “permission” from the State, they’re just popping up.
            The second step is for them to become ubiquitous and accepted.
            Demanding vouchers at that point is how they become completely legitimized.. which corresponds to delegitimizing the existing School System.
            the evolution of this new system will be.. Ignore, Tolerate, Accept, Celebrate.
            Vouchers are just a way station, before having each family pay the education costs directly; but before that, we need to remind them that when Society at large pays for something, Society gets a say in what gets taught. If you don’t want Society/Gubbermint upside your bidnez*, then you can’t demand they pay for it. Pick your own damn cotton, raise your own damn kids.

            *leaned that expression from a black co-worker long ago. upside your bidnez is sticking their nose into your affairs.

          • 3G4me wrote:
            Don’t employ any teacher indoctrinated with an accredited ‘teaching degree.’ You need to secede emotionally and physically from the old paradigm

            I agree absolutely, but .. baby steps, baby steps.

        • Quite frankly, anyone remotely concerned about the issues raised here would never farm their child out to the state. Long, long term? Who knows. Short term? Educate your children yourself.

          I now have two potential converts in my circle to home schooling. One is seriously considering it, the other has began asking questions they never asked before.

        • that voucher money would be enough for mothers to stay home and handle their kids education. neighborhood schooling.

        • So, these pods are becoming one-room schoolhouses, like my mother went to. If a neighborhood house can be a nursery, it could be a school as well- and our ladies’ best skills would blossom with it. The childless, eager to associate with other women, would relieve the mothers’ burden, as kids are quite a trial.

          These pods should be encouraged. Maybe they’ll get the support that the showoff bimbos running Drag Queen Story Hour get, someday.

          Not likely in the near future, as the media has ignored the million March For Life in DC for 20 years– but still, we’ve got to give our girls something better than OnlyFans Cougar Edition.

          Side thought- are any churches doing this? Can a model be sold through the church branches, as that’s how they quietly do things?

      • It MUST start with keeping your children away from these things as much as humanly possible, at least until they do not believe in Santa anymore.
        The amount of propaganda children are bombarded with while still young enough to believe in Santa is absolutely amazing. Instead of plopping them in front of a media device, read an old book to them. Absolutely no daycare. Homeschool if at all possible.
        There is a reason anyone who is educated to work with or around children are the most mal-educated people. Just look at state license requirements and college class requirements for anything even remotely involving children.

        • The GF and I are planning on children within the next few years. We are definitely considering home-schooling as pretty much our only option.

          Would still like a community of likeminded people to raise a family within. This unfortunately seems like a difficult task.

          • We old fogies need to get involved again in promoting groups.

            I had a friend, she and her husband started something called “Fresno Friends”, for couples and seekers who wanted Saturday nights without the bar-hopping. It became quite a success, even getting sponsorships such as “Pringles Night”, dances and local bands, a sort of square dance or swing band circuit. I know this can be done. Prepper groups, even better.

            Thanks, folks, I need to reorient my goals back to getting in the networking game. We need replicable models to promote, and experiments to try. People are dying for fun and friends, that’s always been hard to do.

          • Pringles night sounds like fun, thanks for the ideas.

            We were seriously attempting to form some group through various means right before Covid shut everything down. We’re going to try renew our efforts as Spring approaches.

            I really hope the new administration doesn’t find a way to shut everything down again.

      • We will know we are succeeding when we no longer care what they think of us. Call us racist, or anything they want. Whoop-de-do!. We will see them with less credibility than the supermarket tabloids.

      • Hollywood? I can make my own movies now and spend my time on youtube. if you educate your kids on values before they get to school it will be hard for them to brainwash them. social media is not safe from change, when is the last time you went on myspace? they are not immortal. The weasels always think they can change A and B and C will just stay the same. C is now awake.

        • We indoctrinated our kids good and hard. They get pissed if their school shoves liberal crap in their faces. We have really good public schools, so we put up with some things. But the kids got a great vaccine for diversity when they had to deal with some inner city kids that were bussed in.

    • The main reason it doesn’t work for us is that we have nothing moral with which to shame the Leftists. Used to be that “Christianity” was the moral framework so you could get a little mileage out of calling them godless heathens but now, godless heathenism is the norm and they have no moral compunction. So we have no lever to move them the way they do us. The own public morality now.

      • They’re shameless and immoral, but proud. That’s why mocking them is so effective. Rub their noses in their inferiority.

        • Yes, perhaps mocking instead of making them live up to their own standard. I like to say, “well, i don’t live in an all black neighborhood like you do”. They don’t, so it makes them feel weird.

        • not according to Hoffer; in his thesis they are hyper aware of their own inferiority, and seek total negation of their individuality to escape the unrelenting shame they feel every minute of every day. if he is right, trying to shame them more only reinforces their sense of immense personal failure (driving them further into the mass movement)

          • Well, trying to play 5D chess so their shame stays at a certain levels is beyond our capabilities. Shame the hell out of them and let the chips fall where they may.

          • We stopped bullying nerds, they went mainstream, and now they rule over us. Once their marginalization is reestablished things will work themselves out.

            Obviously that’s the long game, meant to consolidate gains in the culture war. Just one tactic in whatever larger strategy.

            And for the record, being part nerd myself, I don’t have any particular animus against them. It’s just that they aren’t fit to run society. There’s a certain kind of emotional/social intelligence they lack, which, causing difficulties navigating life in society individually, might explain the collectivist impulse.

            Also, I’d guess it’s not shame but anger driving them. Hence not withdrawing but seeking to dominate and humiliate those they feel inferior to. Revenge of the Nerds.

            Sorry for the essay!

          • Big tech, bankers, apparatchiks, inbred royalty. Not the normal sorts.

            Winnie the Pooh is banned in China. It works!

        • Fully on board with this. We all need to master the art of delivering a droll zinger that causes their sphincter to pucker. They have a morality in which being seen praying is far more important than the supplication. Take away that avenue and they’re stung to the quick.

      • Just show them the lack of fertility amongst the liberals. Liberal morality will be as relevant tomorrow as that of the Shakers today if the present system goes on.

        Political disposition is genetic and influenced by parents. Liberals aren’t having children. Liberalism is a death cult.

        • They have solved that problem, look at the border and it’s effects.. Education then indoctrinates a new class of lower slave=manpower.

          • The Zman pointed out that dot Indians are becoming a power. The mixed are too.

            Whenever I see these unfortunates, my first thought is, “you stupid c*nt”

          • Those newcomers aren’t liberals. They are conservatives – they do things to conserve the culture of their people and pursue policies to benefit themselves. Liberals play on emotions and destroying their own people. Browns will act nothing like white liberals. It would be analogous to an India populated by Chinese people LARPing what they think india is – not Indian.

        • Short sighted and dangerous thinking. Liberalism grows by absorbing others. Protect White children by privately educating them, insulating them from degenerate influences. Don’t buy your daughter’s hooker clothes. Don’t give your toddler an iPad or your tween a cellphone. Be master of your own family.

          • slow clapping! I just went to a really emasculated 2a rally, and talked to a guy whose daughter went into college a conservative, and is now a BLM wack job. Guy is big 2a, owns a big truck, but HE let her go to college

        • Those who can’t or won’t reproduce the old-fashioned way do so by abusing children. In the case of liberals it’s done through education.

        • They reproduce through brainwashing your kids, and by opening the borders.

          No doubt they will eventually die off – but their goal is to make you die off too. The question is do we go down with the ship, or work to build something new and better.

      • In the past I have suggested adopting a virulent pro-life stance as part of the platform mostly due to its emotional potential but it is also demographically practical (for us.) The regime seems to have enjoyed great success instilling emotional fervor in its followers by characterizing its opponents as nazis. I think we could enjoy the same benefit characterizing them as baby killers. I want it to be one of the first words that come to mind when they think of the regime and its supporters. It also has the virtue of being accurate.

        • Because the right-to-life movement has had such immense political and social success over the past 45 years . . . not.

          • you are kidding right? Far more success than we’ve had even vying for freedom of speech or getting even one congressman elected that wouldn’t disavow our right to have identity interests.

          • Mebbe so, but this isn’t about making sense. I’m pro-white life and pro-black abortion, now.

            Wait, that’s another crack. I can’t attribute, but one of us had the brilliant idea of joining antifa. We should join pro-black Choice, too, how woke is that?!

            I fully support minority women’s reproductive rights, I really do!

        • “dems are the real racists!”

          “Libs are the real evil people! Baby killers!”

          They take pride in killing babies. Did you come here from National Review to spread bullshit?

          • My last day reading NR was when Derb was purged. Just pointing out how effective a moral and political motivator it is. Even in the face of everything the regime has invested in abortion there are a bunch of states where it is restricted and curtailed. Reading the abortion advocacy material on these states is like a mirror of 2nd amendment proponents complaints about states where that right is trampled. I don’t care if they take pride in killing babies. I care about finding effective means of eroding the power of those who would destroy us. This issue has a proven track record of motivating effective opposition.

          • I think tashtego is correct. We need moral arguments.
            But more than arguments, we need moral media. So much of our alleged morality comes from movies and the media. That’s why so much of what is called news is actually in the form of a narrative. As long as they control the narrative, they get to reframe being pro-life into hating women. They do this through popular culture and the press.

      • We’re not trying to change the mind of most whites, just a few. We don’t need 90% of whites. We need 10% or 20%.

        For them, use their sense of fairness to break them from the system:

        Why is moral to discriminate against whites and whites only?

        Civil Rights for Whites!

        Btw, I’m not saying to use such slogans to actually try and change the system. I’m saying use them to change a few minds. I couldn’t care less if Progressives believe those slogans or not. These are just tactics to win small battles.

      • So we have no lever to move them the way they do us.

        Sure we do. It’s called violence and in 2020 it became a legitimate form of political expression. If your idea of a lever is another 45000 word blog post or a podcast, you’re right, that won’t budge them.

        • I’m not so sure we are there yet. Any act of violence will get a Javert like response. They will stop looking for murderers to prosecute the smallest act of vandalism.

          • Weirdly enough I have to use violence to save my bacon about every six months: the last incident involved a Great Dane that tried to bite a member of my family. Gave it a concussion with a front kick. After about a dozen incidents like that with two and four-legged beasts I’ve decided that violence is a part of life and no big deal. You just have to be smart: don’t get angry, don’t try to talk to the other party (you’ll just say something actionable), don’t report it to the police, and just get on with your life.

          • Splitting hairs, but anger is fine as long as you can control it. And to point out the obvious, it’s also masculine. We were literally made to fight. Imo the world is so screwed up in no small part because of men not getting angry. Losing your head is what gets you in trouble.

          • One could put on a mask and burn down a SJW affiliated business in the middle of the night.

            Do it right and shut up about it, and there will be nobody for the powers to go after.

        • You have to be careful with that approach since it can attract the po po. We can achieve more with a box of roofing nails accidentally falling out a truck in a well known super zip code area and making life miserable for the Lefties living there. Think Malibu or some East coast watering hole like the Hamptons.
          Or if you got the balls take a bus load of homeless people into said neighborhood and tell them the people living there will give them money and booze, And as they leave the bus give each one a bottle of Night Train or Cisco to jack them up.
          Or put up flyers around town saying there will be a White Power meeting at a well known lefty community center or some such, SJW’s will swarm the place and demand scalps.

      • I don’t know, I think the racial aspect of all their claims gives us a morality that they otherwise wouldn’t let us have. Everything coming out of the system right now is all about being anti-white and they’re largely not even bothering with ideological pretenses which themselves are code for anti-white.  

        When an liberal acquaintance asked how I could think like that (I don’t recall what it was in regards to) I said that I just didn’t want my people to be a persecuted minority. I never got a response.

          • But we are a pluralist society sort of like the cantina at the end of the universe according to our oligarchy. We are not like Japan. We are a beautiful tapestry of peoples and ideas dangling in the wind. We are not, in other words, any particular people anymore. The whole world is American if they want to be! /s

      • You cannot shame those whose own conscience tells them they are good and moral for destroying evil notsee rayciss. We are not trying to move them. We want to destroy them before they destroy us. We must do that slowly and individually and consistently. Ignore ‘public morality’ and concentrate on your own family and White community morality.

        • Spot on analysis. These people won’t stop and can’t be negotiated with. They are incapable of simply allowing people to live and let live. Hence we have to destroy them before they do it to us.

      • This they have done well. Everything they want is framed as a moral issue. It is so bad that is practically a tautology that what they want is moral and what we want is immoral.
        I personally can’t wait until we are called pedophobes.

      • We have real morality up the wazoo.

        They’ve reverted to tribalism- morality only for their own. This is the norm, so we should indulge it.

        I’ll follow Boy Scout Law with my own and my customers who deserve it– and get everything I can from the rest.

        • Trustworthy,
        • Loyal,
        • Helpful,
        • Friendly,
        • Courteous,
        • Kind,
        • Obedient,
        • Cheerful,
        • Thrifty,
        • Brave,
        • Clean,
        • and Reverent.

        For fun, when bums approach (at a run en masse, in my case)- I ask them for money first. Hilarity enues!

      • We can shame them for their anti-white racism. For Leftists, racism is worse then murder. Imposing their own Great Sin upon themselves would harm them psychologically, which is one reason they have reacted so violently to the “It’s OK to be white” meme. That trope strongly implies that anti-white racism is a real phenomenon, which, of course, it is.

        I think the greatest tactical and possibly ideological failing of the American right was the refusal to condemn Leftist for their anti-white racism. Even Trump failed to do this.

        • When you’re accusing them of being a bigot, ditch the white and replace it with anti-European. You must get them to connect their bigotry with people.
          You will NEVER shame them for saying kill whites etc. To them, white is not a people, it is a political invention and an abstraction. They just do not view white in a way that connects with them to actual real life people. But there is no fake and gay definition for European. A European is most certainly a person and not some political abstraction.

    • The problem is that the Left has changed the rules now that they are in power. With the exception of a handful of truly violent groups like the Black Panthers and the Weathermen, the old “liberal” Establishment pretty much allowed the Left of the Sixties to engage in continuous challenges to the system — disrupting college classes, disrupting lectures, demonstrations, leafleting, picketing, etc. Over time, this evolved into a permanent subculture, and became the modus operandi of feminists, blacks, illegal immigrants, and gays. If the perpetrators got charged with anything at all, it wasn’t much more than “disorderly conduct” and the charges were immediately dropped in court.

      Now that the Left is the New Establishment, and controls the national security state and the state surveillance apparatus, they are not going to treat dissidents on the Right with kid gloves like the Old Establishment treated them. If you were to paste leaflets for the International Socialists calling for for the overthrow of capitalism on any college campus, bus station, or utility pole in a blue city, nobody would so much as bat an eye. Try pasting an “It’s OK to be White” flyer and see how fast the local police, the state police, and the FBI get on the case, review every frame of surveillance cam footage, track your cell phone GPS coordinates, your DNA, and your fingerprints, and try to get you thrown in prison for 20 years for hate crimes. Try storming and interrupting a lecture given by a left-wing tranny or a black on campus and see just how fast you end up doing actual hard time or bankrupted by legal defense fees.

      Beyond that, any arrest, no matter how bogus, even if you are acquitted or the charges are ACD, can bar you from employment and in some cases from owning a gun. I live in a very blue state where so ANY arrest, no matter how minor, can get your guns confiscated before a court appearance or a conviction.

      The way that TPTB went after the Capitol crowd, even the LARPers and doofuses like the “Buffalo Horn shaman” (who is being held without bail) after dropping the charges against thousands of blacks and Antifa this summer, is a harbinger of how bad they are going to fuck us over and how blatant the double standard will be.

      • For all intents we now live in a police state so act accordingly.
        This is why we need to be careful what we do. You want to be subversive and put out flyers? Well don’t carry a cell phone, wear gloves and a hoody, and don’t do it in your neighborhood. Park a good 3 blocks away or more.
        BTW if your car has On-Star or something like or Wifi connectivity. Your car is being tracked 7×24, so don’t use it for meet ups or anything that is subversive. This goes doubly for rentals that have tracking built in.
        Get a older car that doesn’t have the connectivity.or bicycle.
        If you are making up subversive literature and flyers, use a stand alone pc or Raspberry PI and printer. Handle all paper with latex gloves. You tell no one about what you do.
        Keep all files on a memory stick hidden away when not in use.

    • “why wouldn’t (Rules for Radicals) work for us?”

      Because deep down, we aren’t devil-worshiping terrorists like Alinsky. Never try to con a con man.

  66. Often times, someone here will say “best ever” to one of your posts. And I always (silently) disagree. Because I have read all of your posts, and compare each new post to the full corpus.

    This, in my un-humble opinion, is not only your absolute best post, but your most important. Bravo sir, bravo. Heading out to get some roses to throw on the stage 🙂

    • I’ve thought the same, but wondered “why is this post the best”, after all we said that yesterday, and the day before, etc. Then I realized that today’s post resonated so much because I literally could predict the next paragraph, and the next, and the next.

      In short, Z-man, you are replicating my thinking in your words. I believe others may experience the same. This is important. We are no longer confused and searching. Many thanks for your efforts here, they have born fruit.

    • Agreed. This should be mandatory reading for every dissident.

      No just dissidents. This is written in such a peaceful and rational way that dissaffected normiecons could easily be shown this too.

    • Beyond my post-it note project, I’m going to be placing dissident literature in those mini-libraries you see in people’s front yards. Usually the same yards with with the “We Believe…” signs. This essay will be going in.

    • I have been a faithful reader of this blog for many years and hail from the wild north of Alberta and look to this site as a harbor from the insanity of US politics and Good Lord, Canadian politics. I have to concur that this is the finest post I have ever read and am amazed how Z can articulate what I understand but can’t explain adequately. I hope Z realizes that this site is vitally important to preventing despair amongst the followers of our thing.

      • I hope Z realizes that this site is vitally important to preventing despair amongst the followers of our thing.”

        This also worries me…

  67. Ok, but what’s the end game? After the resistance has succeeded, what does the world look like?

      • There’s a theory that revolutions happen when enough people realize that by rolling the dice on where they end up in the new society, they’ve got a damn good chance of doing better. If you’re near the bottom, say bottom 5%, you’ve got a 95% chance of being higher up the totem pole assuming it’s just a random free for all and there’s a not-insignificant chance that you could end up near the top. Going by this thinking, our task might be as simple as getting enough people thinking “I can do better than this”.

      • Exactly. Everyone wants these grand plans and a very defined outcome. But that’s not the game that we’re playing.

        We know the general direction that we want to go. That’s good enough for now. As to tactics, don’t get caught up in big moves. Try a bunch of small moves, see which ones work and keep using them. Shelf the ones that don’t work.

        We’re in for a long, slow grind, not some epic one-time battle.

    • The end game is to create a place where it’s OK to be white. Better yet, a place where whites are privilaged.

      • A place where whites can live among ourselves–perhaps exclusively so–and in accordance with our history, customs and beliefs. Any white person who doesn’t agree with this concept would be unwelcome. And, effectively, “liberalism” would be marginalized if not outlawed.

      • Stop looking backwards and setting the bar so low. The roots of today’s clownworld were sown long before the 1950s and began to yield poisoned fruit even then. A White future will be something new, although with roots from thousands of years of history long predating post WWII 1950s ‘Murrica.

          • So did the Declaration of Independence, the fake Enlightenment, and the religion of Jesus. We reside in a dank, dark dungeon, and we won’t depart it by clinging to old habits of thought and to the old ideas about existence. This means that we must summon the will to do ourselves the hard work of ontology which our professional philosophers have largely avoided for centuries.

          • Ontology begins with questions. Here’s a bundle of examples with a segue into ethics at the end:

            (1) Is materialism true?
            (2.1) Is there a creative deity, like the one alleged in Bereshit 1, where we are told to believe in a rakia that never was?
            (2.2) Are both materialism and theism false??
            (3) Is presentism true? Or does reality work more like perdurantism or four-dimensionalism?
            (4) What are right ways to live if materialism is uncertain, if the Creator hypothesis is uneducated, and if physical reality is a great unity of moments past, present, and future? What are the wrong ways if not the ways most commonly encouraged by professional philosophers of “Western” civilization?

          • Right. But I hardly think philosophers have avoided ontological questions. Along with epistemology and metaphysics, it has been one of the field’s cornerstones.

          • Here are a few more questions:

            Is there a common law of existence which was never made or created, is subject to no willpower, and cannot be altered or abolished? If so, is it really prudent to allow the teaching of theism (a cult of willpower) to the young? Is it prudent to delay rigorous education in the one law of exisence until one is nearly 20 years old and polluted with humanism, democracy, and populist republicanism?

          • Sounds like you’re talking about natural law. And if such exists–and if we can know its contents–I certainly think it should be taught at the earliest possible time.

          • Hell, one could probably trace our predicament all the way back to Protagoras if one wanted to, but that’s not really useful or reasonable. For all intents and purposes, America’s downfall commenced in earnest ca. 1965.

          • I would argue the true cause of our situation is wealth. Once the West, and then America, became rich they had the leisure to indulge in nonsense like feminism, DIE, trannies, etc. The nonsense is always there, beneath the surface of every human culture, but when people have to concentrate on survival they don’t have time to indulge in fantasy.
            We need the US Empire, and all its constituent empires, to collapse. Then we’ll be back to surviving and the nutjobs will be dead or exiled. Maybe this will be the time we finally learn enough to arrest any future growth in wealth and power before it turns future whites back into fools, but history says we won’t.

          • I would like to see wealth repurposed rather than send everyone back to subsistence living. After all it was that from which came the desire for modern wealth. It isn’t necessary that wealth and technology be turned to producing distractions, drugs, and political fantasies (i.e feminism, DIE, etc…) to keep the masses asleep.

            Western civilization was on course, as recently as the 1960s, to reach the stars, extend human lifespan, and expand understanding and knowledge as far beyond our level as we are beyond the ancients. Then, gradually at first, that hopeful and expansive vision was shelved in favor of cheap thrills, sexual degeneracy, mass marketed political fantasies, and simple minded consumerism (my flatscreen is bigger than yours!).

            Economic thinking bifurcated into two simplistic doctrines; on the one hand that the goal of an economy was “equality” (essentially the communist/socialist view) or “free markets”, which implied dissolution of national borders, destruction of autonomous cultures, and a worship of efficiency. Ultimately this translated into a system that undermined the value of labor and caused wealth to flow upwards into fewer and fewer hands.

            I’m was planning a comment on the “1950s” thread above along somewhat parallel lines. To wit, rolling things back to some arbitrary prior point runs a large risk of getting us right back here. On top of that, a lot of the suggested reset points required now impossible pre-conditions. Let’s see, the 1950s eh? Well, the first thing we need to do is convince the Russians to re-invent the Soviet Union so we can have a big, convincing threat to unite against…

            I’m no fan of Marx but a lot of his ideas were adapted from Hegel and we shouldn’t poison that well. Hegel’s main idea was the notion of history working itself out through thesis, antithesis, and ultimate synthesis in which the two are resolved into a new thing. We desperately need to combine the West’s pursuit of knowledge and wealth with older understandings about human nature, and the imperfectability of society and human nature. Just because “progressives” have conflated dudes-in-drag with advances in physics doesn’t mean we should.

          • Time will tell, but I’m not sure just moving the wealth around will work. I suspect it’s a fundamental part of human psychology that when we have too much we go nuts.
            I also believe the breakpoint in Western civilization came earlier. It was no later than when women were given the vote. That was a suicidal mistake.

          • What would be smart is making a list of the white folks at the forefront of the insanity. And once the collapse happens, make sure that they can never cause such damage again.

            Also, we’ve sure gotten a (((helping hand))). That would be important to consider going forward.

            Not all white people go crazy in wealth.

          • I heartily agree with the list. In the case of those who’ve made it a family tradition to destroy the West, it may be wise to expand the list beyond those family members directly responsible.
            The ((())) will continue to be a problem, not only due to their own efforts, but because even if there’s a Whiteopia in the future there will be many whites who worship the parasitic tribe and insist they be included. Inevitably, if one portion of Whiteopia excludes Them, some other whites will (with encouragement) screech NAHTZEEEEEES and demand war against them.

      • It took only a tiny push for the Left to run that halcyon time, we need something more robust.
        This is a challenging thing to figure out though.

    • I’ll settle for a place where we’re not flooded with foreigners, where we have plenty of decent-paying jobs where a man can raise a family, and we don’t send our boys off to war in far away places that aren’t in America’s interest. How’s that for an end game?

      • Would you settle for a place where Rachael Levine is relegated to trolling for tricks in transgenderstan?

        • I’d prefer to see it behind bars in some sort of institution where it can play with dolls and dresses on its own time.

        • Leave him alone. That dude is a gift that will never stop giving. Every time that unprepossessing Jewish tranny makes a public appearance, you’ll hear the sound of another 10,000 red pills dropping.

          If our masters were as smart as they (and we to some extent) think they are, they would have installed some clean-cut WASP in the role. But they just can’t help themselves.

          I am convinced that their hubris and lack of self-awareness will be their undoing.

        • I know of a fat old tranny who claimed that he/she used to do this. I’m still not sure whether it’s more disturbing that xe was doing this or that there exist people who will actually pay for whatever bizarre acrobatics are involved in the process.

        • Yes to this. Raan into participant in this program (staffer/activist) while running a program interviewing vets. Son of “privileged ME immigrant”, student at local university in formerly red western state. Thisbis exactly what they were doing — Obama era program. We need to watch these ….

    • You raise a good question; if the tactics Z-man suggests succeed, the managerial class may simply decide that the deplorables are indeed ungovernable and concede significant autonomy to certain communities or even regions. Just pay the tribute and we’ll leave you alone. Those areas may eventually become their own countries as central authority breaks down.

        • Agree on No Go Zones. this already the case in Western NY in certain rural areas the Staties (seen as Cuomo Troopers) ask for Sheriffs escort. Its the difference between Duck Dynasty and Scotch Irish ~ no talking, just cold stares.

      • Unfortunately, it seems their spite and uncontrollable desire to sew chaos and inflict pain is the plan, at least in the short term. We’ll see if they grow weary of it in the long run – or are made to…

        • the thing is, as the novelty of hammering us dims, they will turn their venom on each other. ask Robespierre…

        • With various movements that Liberals Champion, for example my current area of Interest, climate change and green energy racket, I cannot decide whether it’s just misplaced idealism heedless of likely consequences of such programs, or if it  is really a deliberate plot to sabotage the West. Both, maybe. 

          • I think you are giving them too much credit.

            For the idoits in the general population, I think it is virtue signaling without any thought about the consequences of the success of causes they support.

            For the politicians, it is likely just a business transaction. If they can rake in some serious cash, they will support the cause.

      • That is my end goal. Thirty or so red states secede, and the cloud people are so disgusted, they simply let us go without firing a shot.

        • Stop thinking in terms of states or anything from the prior American nation. The only thing that matters is your people. Know who they are and do anything and everything toward bettering their future. Where or how large the ultimate territory is is undetermined; the priority is ensuring there is a future and it will not be determined within set state boundaries or the current governmental system.

          • I really think that this cannot be emphasized enough. It must be those few people who are reachable and decent. No matter for county boundaries, employment record and perhaps even criminal record. Do they have the same opinions? The same concerns? The same race?

            Indeed, if I were to consider those within the boundaries of my town of birth ‘My People’, we’d be talking 50% mystery meat and jogger at a minimum. You’re correct. If America, and by extension The Isles, are dead, then their mechanisms and entities should not be entertained as meaningful.

          • You get it, partly. Focus on people and territory, for each is utterly necessary. Yet there must be more than these. They don’t speak deeply enough to the human condition, esp. about the great questions of existence. A coherent, defensible worldview is necessary, and it must be teachable, at least in broad outline, by parents and elders to childen and the young. People who believe together breed together.

          • Just out of curiosity, what would be the barebones outline of this worldview were you in charge of forming it?

          • If you believe in an omnipotent god who exists necessarily, it would be a good idea to think through this theology to an obvious implication. The law of existence is in charge of the god, and the god is the prisoner of the law.

            Now, we can know that a law of existence holds us as its captives even if there is no such being as a god, but we can demonstate the existence of immutable law quite easliy. Take, as examples, the impossiblity of nihilism and the impossibility of expressing √2 as a ratio of two integers.

          • If God is imprisoned by law, he is not omnipotent. But what is a law of existence? Existence simply is. However, there may be laws in an extant reality that place limits on the possible. There may also be divine laws which place bounds on what is acceptable behavior and what is not.

            As far as nihilism goes, not only is it possible, it is very real. Most postmodern philosophers, for instance, propound nihilism. Now whether or not nihilism is remotely workable when put into practice is another question. And we may soon find out the answer.

          • This, madam, this, this and this again.

            We spend so much time and effort on Our enemies and Quislings.

            Let me hear what you do to help Our People. Bring forward any and all ideas to lift them up and bring them along.

            Our youths are being filled with self-hate and middle-aged men cast aside, both suffering increased levels of suicide. Our women seem driven to the point of madness, shrieking in the streets against their own kind.

            I don’t care if your effort is as simple as verbally encouraging white individuals or you sink loads of money into helping Our People, do something. I welcome hearing the stories.

            Our hate of our enemies should only be subservient to the love we bear Our Own.

      • Covington wrote novels about how the Pacific Northwest simply made it too painful and costly for Washington DC to enforce its claim.

        • I’m reading Brigade, I think it’s his first novel, and it’s quite well-written, a really entertaining read. I understand there was some controversy about Covington’s allegiances, but those books will outlast that.

      • The left will never, ever leave you alone. It is not in their nature. Part of the problem we are in is because we attribute to the left the same principles and morals that we have. It just ain’t so.

    • It’s a mistake to talk about the end game. Your critics can endlessly criticize your end state. After all, your end state doesn’t exist and so people are free to endlessly speculate all the ways in which your end state sucks. Invariably, whenever I am watching a pro-white argue with an anti-white, the conversation goes into a ditch talking about what do about based black man in the ethnostate and what we’re going to do with all those Walter Williamses and Thomas Sowels.

      Just drive up the cost of the status quo.

      • Not to mention there are far fewer Williamses and Sowells than most think, and even the few that exist will have friends and family and, most importantly children, who will never be magic based POC. Sowell has a White wife and has blamed dysfunctional nogger culture on the Scotts Irish. They are not our people and not our friends; they ought not to be our idols either.

      • I love Williams, Sowell and Clarence Thomas. However, ultimately, they are so rare that their occasional appearance cannot justify the presence of blacks, tout court, in the ethnostate.

        • Isn’t it interesting that over time, Thomas has become our best SCOTUS justice, by far the most consistent, the only one with a historically based philosophy.

    • A small community of like-minded where a single mother transgendered furry who “games” all day isn’t held up as the model of empowerment is a small workable goal.

    • What the world will look like is for White people to figure out amongst ourselves once a White future has been secured. Why so concerned with jumping ahead and determining a set ending? There will likely be multiple different polities with different policies, and as long as they are homogeneous with vigilantly-guarded borders, that is okay.

    • The only certain part of the scenario is that the powers that be are destroyed. What’s built in the aftermath is contingent on conditions, which can’t be known in advance.

      • Indeed. We have to remember everyone else gets a say, too. “The enemy gets a vote.” If the Empire falls, what will the PoCs do? If they all head back to their homelands, great. But they may try to concentrate within white countries and form their own ethnostates, or simply hunker down in place in smaller communities. Depending on the strength of whites, these will either have to be worked around, or forced to move. Of course, the USA also has the problem of millions of blacks to whom the African homelands no longer have any meaning, so they have nowhere else to go.
        Another problem is what to do with all the white Progs once the system that supports them collapses. Personally I’d say drive them into the sea and remove them from the gene pool, but once they start pretending to have seen the light and accepted reality there will be those wanting to take them into the fold. Hard decisions made at that point will pay great dividends in the future.

    • Focus on the here and now and what you can do personally to throw sand in the gears as Z says.
      That;s all we can do now and should be enough given how rickety the system has become.

    • Well, for starters, you can again buy mainstream books, attend school classes, watch TV mainstream movies, read the news, finding in all those places no anti-White racism, no anti-Christian bile, no misandry masked as will-for-justice. Or at least not only that, as it is now.

      Wouldn’t that be a good start?

    • What’s the end game?
      Survival, even Dignity and Sanity.

      What’s the end game my ass, fight to live and the winner decides.

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