Three Crises

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Last week, in his weekly broadcast, the great John Derbyshire mentioned some of the looming threats to our peace and prosperity. I have been thinking about some of the same things and decided this week to take a swing at the topic as well. At the start of every year, I sit down and write out some goals and evaluate my finances, in order to have some structure for my activities. Like everyone, my plans are ambitious, but each new year brings hope, despite by dwindling years.

As a result, I am in the frame of mind to think about the monsters that may be lying in wait or the trillion-dollar bills that may lying on the ground, waiting for someone to come along and pick it up. With all the hubbub about the election and the response to it by our increasingly reactionary rulers, it is hard to think much about anything else. Still, you have to look ahead and what I see is not a pretty picture. This coming year could very well make 2020 look like the good old days.

To be perfectly honest, I am not sure it is such a bad thing that the collection of time-serving hacks and criminals that is the Biden administration will be charged with managing our way through the minefield of 2021. Much of what lies ahead is the creation of the ruling class. Maybe they can more easily undo what they have wrought than a Trump team facing constant opposition.  At the minimum, The Pretender can call off the BLM and Antifa mobs that have been running wild.

If they are unable to navigate their way through the minefield they created, then it clarifies things for us. The thing none of them seem to grasp at the moment is they own it all now. Prior to Trump they could play the good cop – worse cop routine with the GOP presenting themselves to us as the least bad option. The Democrats, of course, did the same to their coalition. Right now, that option is not available to them, as both parties have stopped pretending to be opponents.

Of course, when looking ahead you cannot see around corners or see the knock-on effects that will come from whatever they do to fix what they broke. Wise heads have been pointing out for a year, for example, that the economy is a very complicated system that no one really understands in full, much less detail. Smashing it with the Covid hammer will create lots of unknown unknowns. The same is true for immigration and trade, which they will smash this coming year.

If you read the writing of the new managerial regime, they like to talk about disrupting things and overturning stuff. They seem to have an unthinking belief that salvation can only come through chaos. One way of achieving this is the subversion of truth and order, so that perspective is all that matters. We are probably going to see what that looks like when applied to a society through public policy. We may be about to experience the first instance of recursive subversion.

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  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: The Demographic Crisis
  • 17:00: The Crime Wave
  • 32:00: The Crisis Of Legitimacy
  • 52:00: Housekeeping

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276 thoughts on “Three Crises

  1. I must point out that Detroit didn’t “always have its problems” unless by “always” you mean back to the 60s. But for most of the 20th century Detroit was the fourth largest city in the US, prosperous, filled with Beaux-Arts public architecture (“The Paris of the Midwest” — WSJ). It was a working class utopia, while next door Grosse Pointe was the wealthiest zip code in America. Then came the black uprising. Admittedly, most of the problem was self-inflicted: the auto industry brought in the blacks to work cheap, then ignored the rise of the Japanese compact car model (other than Romney at AMC), suburban housing and malls were promoted in the postwar era, and prosperous workers could afford to move to the ‘burbs, etc. But mostly, it was the blacks.

    • All that is cool and all, but “always has its problems” is an idiom that typically doesn’t take into account the entire existence of something. It’s a contextual truism that predicates itself on the chronological awareness of the person, rather than it’s actual history. i.e. for most people today Detroit has always been a toilet and thus the idiom is appropriate.

  2. Zman, great show but I’ll play Devil’s Advocate. Certainly the oligarchs feel no pressure or urgency. They control ALL of: media, the internet, corporations, bureaucracy, the military, police, and civic life. Through social media and very carefully addictive structures (basically affirmation through celebrities) White women are totally addicted and thoroughly pozzed. To the point where most HOPE their White sons turn gay, or better yet trannie.
    Demographic crisis? If 100 million show up at the border, it will never be seen on news or internet. The few sites that show it will be crushed, and viewing it will be treason/terrorism and grounds for rendition to Iran. Heck Trump is about a month away from being rendered to Iran along with SEALs for klling the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah or whatever.
    Same with Crime. Those lower levels of the inner party get hit with a crime wave? They’ll just be replaced by vibrant people of color. All the better. Ask Sundar Pinchai.
    Legitimacy? They don’t care. Like the “Hydra” villains on “Agents of SHIELD” they want your compliance. And will make you comply. On pain of your bank accounts, utilities, and job being canceled. Ultimately, “Structural Racism” demands nothing less than an “ultimate solution” to Whiteness. Manzanar here we come.

    • Yes, I don’t think the democrats have much to worry about, it’s trumos fault, it’s the Nazi, White supremists fault,

    • Trump is about a month away from being rendered to Iran along with SEALs for klling the Ayatollah…”

      What color is the sky on your planet?

      • Ridiculous black pill shiite is what he does. I will read his long post and think this guy is nuts and then I will look at the name and think “oh yeah, that explains it”.

        • No, you are naive about power. The purpose of power is power. Biden is desperate to get the Iran Deal back so his backers can launder Iranian money for big fees. The US and UK are intimately tied to corrupt regimes through money laundering and the fees are staggering (for those connected). Also Trump scares them. This is why impeachment is proceeding. To take away his Secret Service protection and make sure he can’t run again. He’ll still have money and fame though.
          The US in the War on Terror used Rendition to “black sites” to torture the heck out of jihadis. It helped pick up a name that led to bin Laden according to Mark Bowden. Its naive and foolish to think that it won’t be used against enemies of the Oligarchs.
          These are people who like Xi’s China. Of course they will do this. Who exactly will stop them?

      • The one where the FBI questioned the National Guard for their loyalties. The one where Senior Dems demanded the military be less White because White men voted 90% for Trump. The one where the National Guard was bunked in parking garages. The one where a black dude was brought in to run the Defense Dept.
        The one institution that Oligarchs don’t totally control is the military. Top brass, yes, and troops follow orders. BUT … the special forces generally don’t get micro managed. And per the Oligarchs China worship (Zuck is learning Mandarin and does whatever Xi says) “kill the chicken to scare the monkey.”
        White special forces are no longer needed. Both oligarchs and the special forces themselves realize this.
        Its also a leftist two-fer. Put the US into the ICC and let every two bit nation go after the military low level types and various political opponents when convenient. Rendition of political enemies not just jihadis.

        • White dudes are gonna avoid the military, the best fighters are gonna say goodbye, good luck with your empire when you got retards at the trigger. They turned their backs to Sockpuppet In Chief for a reason, they fuckin hate him.

          • You hit a nail on the head there. The military has seen a general downturn in the quality of pre-BCT recruits.

        • The one where the National Guard was bunked in parking garages.

          I remember spending some time at Camp Atterbury, Indiana on a TDS…around the early ’80s. What a dump back then. I’m sure it’s better now, but back then a parking garage would’ve been an upgrade.

        • Big money in the surveillance and suppression businesses. I think you’ve uncovered a new global market to supplement and expand the MIC.

          Institutional ‘investors’ only. Mexico’s Cartel economy and politics shows us the future.

      • No hyperbole too strong in the defense of liberty, or however that quote goes. Plus, I laughed.

        PS- T is being charged in absentia by Iran for Soleimani’s assassination, I figured it for a convenient setup by neocon advisors when it happened. I don’t see that scenario as far off at all.

        • Alzaebo, I respect your opinion. If you say it’s hyperbole, fine. That special ops people and Trump will be extradited to Iran seems way too bizarre to be taken seriously. It’s a shame, Whiskey has been having a pretty good run lately. I assumed he was becoming more rationale and therefore more persuasive.

    • If we are weak, and the system is strong, we must turn the system’s strength on itself. We preserve what little strength we have in trying to prepare, preserve, and survive.

      Parasitism is a low energy strategy- let us feed now off of what creaking structures they build, until we take them for ourselves, our hearts full of vengeance.

      We’ll know each other, that need be our only uniform.

  3. One thing I am doing now that the pretender is in the white house, is I subscribed to the white house channel on youtube. I check it for new videos every day and downvote every new video they post. I hope enough people start doing this. Little acts of spite like how those NG troops turned their backs on Biden are a good start in needling the managerial class.

  4. America is a jew dystopia, we’re all Palestinians now.. Satan’s at the wheel. Pray to your Christian God, or the Gods of your ancient ancestors, you’re shuffling to the abattoir , like the cattle they see you as. The fake virus, the fake election, this is all planned, you’re being set up.

    • the paranoid, sexually perverted hellscape of current America is like living inside (((their))) heads

      why they were always kept in the ghetto. Their minds are forever stuck in the gutter.

      Can take the ((())) out of the ghetto but….

      People will wise up. At some point. And give them a kick in the rear sending them back to their ghetto lifestyles

  5. The segment on how the parasites abroad know more about our immigration system than we do hit home. When business was slow over the decades, I have applied, and have always been rejected, for Medicaid. I could never figure out how to get it, even thought I defiantly made below poverty while the business got started

  6. Speaking of retards being in control check out our new Commander-in-Chief signing EOs all diapered up:
    The dislike to like ratio on all the White House videos featuring Potato Joe is also impressive. I feel safer already!

    • The reason Potato-man is always tightly masked is that he’s been dead for months and they’ve got a stand-in whose lower face doesn’t match well enough. Seriously, if he does die suddenly I wouldn’t put this past them.

  7. Speaking of chaos and destruction, Hilaire Belloc had it right:
    “The Barbarian hopes – and that is the mark of him – that he can have his cake and eat it too. He will consume what civilization has slowly produced after generations of selection and effort, but he will not be at pains to replace such goods, nor indeed has he a comprehension of the virtue that has brought them into being. Discipline seems to him irrational, on which account he is ever marveling that civilization should have offended him with priests and soldiers…. In a word, the Barbarian is discoverable everywhere in this, that he cannot make: that he can befog and destroy but that he cannot sustain; and of every Barbarian in the decline or peril of every civilization exactly that has been true.”

    • The barbarian is simply a “hunter-gatherer” that operates upon human civilization, rather than Nature. The rise of this entity came shortly after agriculture and cultivation became the “norm” and human beings for the first time were able to create abundance—foodstuff and stores beyond daily need.

      • you need a host before you can have parasites.

        operates upon human civilization, rather than Nature” is this your observation, or did you read it? bears discussing on it’s own.

        • Karl, I believe it’s my observation—but heck, I read a lot and perhaps this has been said by better minds and simply inculcated unknowingly into my world understanding. I try hard to cite ref’s whenever I can—plagiarism being the highest faux pas in academia.

  8. Being on my third DC tour, I often field questions from friends/contacts with orders to the Pentagon or Navy Yard about housing. Usually I’ll get a follow-up question a few days later … hey, there’s plenty of base housing at Bolling AFB? That looks pretty nice! And then I remind them that the road leading up to Bolling is Malcolm X Blvd, which is the road they would take to get to their kid’s school. And … Bolling AFB housing is off the list.

    • I been to (or worked) at all those places. Living on base should be safe enough but its the surroundings that are the problem. Technically, the Pentagon itself doesn’t have housing, although a GSA civilian managed to live undetected in a basement lair for many years before he was caught and fired 🙂

  9. Zman, please continue on the potential crises ahead. A mini series, perhaps? Charting the murky waters ahead is why I come here.

  10. Impeaching a guy who is not longer here while people are losing their livelihoods won’t be a good look

    • They have absolutely nothing in place to interrupt their feedback loop since they’ve destroyed it all. They’re funded almost entirely by oligarchs who don’t care, their “news” sources just parrot whatever they tell them to say, the polls are always cooked, they do not associate with anyone who would have a contrary opinion, and their security apparatus will put the smack down on anyone getting to uppity.

    • Impeachment has happened. Conviction in the Senate takes 2/3’s vote. In a 50/50 Senate, that means one must rip off about what, 17 Rep Senators? Now, whereas most all the Dem’s will stay together and probably suffer no political repercussions, the RINO Reps—as members of a split party—will suffer greatly. Some will undoubted vote for conviction, but 17? Doubtful.

      If conviction occurs, it is the final nail in the GOP coffin. I doubt it will happen. The GOP needs to win back the Trump voters, and they know it.

      • if they know that much (which i don’t believe) then they also know there is literally nothing they can do to win back the tribe of the failed…

        • I keep getting these panhandling emails from some woman RNC operative I’ve never heard of saying things like “we want you back!”. Apparently they inherited Trump’s email list. I know it would be pointless but I’d like to write back and say “I gave money to Trump, what is this GOP thing you speak about?”

        • Agree, but that won’t stop the GOP from trying. Several of the more notable entities in the party—not all office holders—are pretending all is as before Trump and it’s back to normal.

          I believe they are delusional as well, but that’s different from thinking that making Trump a martyr is a positive thing in moving ahead and leaving Trumpism behind.

    • With this bs they are starting to make the people that stormed the capital on January 6 look rational and justified.

  11. Speaking of crises, here’s Conservative Treehouse: “Here We Go – 10 Executive Orders To Federally Weaponize COVID Against Us”

    The short of it is that Covid, like white racism, will rewrite all of the departments’ agendas.

    • I am so tired of pseudo-intellectuals working their ass off studying and explicating all the endless ills coming out of DC, but nary a word about how to actually survive the coming storm (with the pathetic exception of voting harder). If you really wanted to help the untermenchen, you would do well to teach how to manufacture their own bullets and reload spent cartridges. That message spreads hope rather than despair.

      • That’s perhaps one step farther than now needed. What we should concentrate on is throwing sand in the gears. Molotov cocktails come later.

        • “Molotov cocktails come later.”
          That came out of your head. If you are a hunter and cannot buy ammunition due to the politics driven buying panic, your only alternative is to manufacture your own supply. This is what most rural hunters did two centuries ago and unfortunately has become a lost art. Food supply is not automatic during an economic crisis.

          • Food on he table takes few bullets and can be done with a black powder rifle. Reloading is fine, the art is not overly complicated. But unless you want to get real technical, making black or smokeless powder and reloading primers is. Seems a shortage of commercial ammo will entail a shortage of reloading components as well. At least this has in the past. And if ammo is registered or rationed, I suspect reloading supplies will be too.

            I admit however, to not having a personal ammo shortage as I have always kept a supply on hand for every firearm I intend to use in the future. It is unfortunate that at this late date, people have not learned that lesson and prepared.

      • Unless you have a supply of primers forget about reloading ammo as primers are next to impossible to get.
        Instead learn to practice Dry Firing and buy a air rifle and pistol for practice

  12. Great show, per usual

    Incidentally, a new video game came out on Wednesday. Hitman 3, which is truly a work of art and is broken down into different locations around the world.

    Each segment today fo Z’s show reminded me of these different locations. Each had its own character, style, etc.

    This is a high compliment, Z, whether you know or not !!!

  13. “One way of achieving this is the subversion of truth and order, so that perspective is all that matters.”

    The Power Structure, weaned since the 60s on postmodernism, has already subverted truth. They have undermined it as a philosophical concept, relativized culture and morality, and refashioned history (and even the present) into a shrieking anti-white philippic. But they have not done this in order to destroy order. Quite the contrary. The Power Structure believes–and may well be right–that through sowing epistemological chaos, it can recreate a new order that comports with its ideology. And that ideology is anti-white/black supremacist fascism. This is the brave new world in which we find ourselves.

    • Sharp comment.

      Just because something seemingly is ideologically driven doesn’t mean the motive or end point desired comports with the belief system expressed. Oligarchical totalitarianism, which really is the current power structure, likes its stuff and wants more. Whether the propositions expressed as the means to power actually are believed is irrelevant. In fact, truth is irrelevant.

      Objective reality almost is a vestige of the past. Truth is the first casualty of war however conducted. A transgendered HHS secretary illustrates this reality better than anything we could write. The visual is a stunning negation of everything true.

  14. I was a teller at Wells Fargo in my late teenage years and at least 25% of my job was sending remittances to Mexico & southest Asia. Another 50% was dealing with furious Somalis constantly overdrafting their accounts. I would always waive fees for whites but not once for the Somalis.

  15. When it comes to yesterday’s throwing sand in the gears, I think my earliest suspicions about our former President were correct.

    He wasn’t a betrayer. He was an accelerationist. The great Slap was as much as he could do, that’s why the “betrayals” were so over-the-top.

    Hebraic spies and black criminals? Any reforms would’ve been short-lived, you need a mass to be good and boiling mad. I want to give the system a dose of its own medicine myself…so today’s post is scary.

    • i was thinking that, when the failed one offered up $2,000 a head for covid benes. This of course makes the orcs upset when the progs try and offer less. And now the orcs (and all of us) are going to want that money given to us regularly. and at the same time the progs are busy crashing the productive part of the economy. failure is freedom.

      • It was a bit of a let down when Trump’s $2000 check bounced. I do hope Premier Zhao Bai Den (thanks to whoever came up with that) tops it as a fuck you to the GOP. The media will crow about how Bai Den was able to deliver the goods when Orange Man couldn’t. As long as that money hits my account soon, I’m happy… for a while. Keep them Yuan rolling Joemala!

  16. An ongoing manufactured crisis is climate change, or more precisely, the need to regulate and eliminate fossil fuels, as well as promote non-carbon power sources. Of course, the government must spend huge money to that end, and subsidize favored companies, hire people, etc. Clearly this will be a major spending issue. Already on Reddit is a news piece that the new administration, to no one’s suprise, blames climate change upon institutional racism 😀
    I wrote a piece on Reddit to this “crisis”:

    • I’m not a “climate skeptic” so much as a political skeptic. In other words, sure the climate is warming and it’s more likely than not that all those billions of tons of CO2 put out by industry have a lot to do with it. The Left’s bait-and-switch is to conflate the reality of climate change with a need for all their mad schemes to “deal with it”.

      This does seem to be the default way the American ruling class, both nominal “right-wing” (neo-cons) and nominal “left-wing” (wokists and climate kooks) operate. The idea is to identify some threat, which may or may not even exist but is surely not as large as made out to be, and then use the media to drum up support for some gigantic and unprecedented crusade against it.

      The commonality is that these schemes always support, at massive public expense, some network of scheming insiders who are chosen to supply the personnel and technology needed for the effort. The advantage of this way of doing things is that it’s a lot easier than trying to make money solving real problems. Why try to invent a new technology when you can just throw together a bunch of existing junk to make a Dr. Seuss machine that doesn’t even work for sale to your own cronies in government?

  17. The delegitimization of the federal government and the ruling class–particularly the controlled opposition in the GOP–is the best development in years for those who want the police state destroyed. Of course, the administrative state and its functionaries simply are whores controlled by Woke Capitol, but even Woke Capitol is starting to feel some heat. As you pointed out, Europe is starting to get worried about is relationship with the United States. Much has been tolerated because this country is and has been perceived as a hyperpower, but that image is fading rapidly.

    The Israel Firsters and the MIC just deployed troops to Syria again under the cover of night. Any war there will have no popular support here, obviously, and the Turks and Europeans probably are going to keep an arm’s distance from the United States. I know Derbyshire thinks America’s Suez Crisis will be when the PRC attacks Taiwan later this year, but this development may push up that moment.

    Similarly, Big Tech is about to hit some rough waters in Europe, and little-reported here but a big development was the EU trade pact, over American objections, with China. Mexico, of all places, loathes the Biden Administration because the deal between AMLO and Trump really caused the drug and human trafficking trade to dry up at the border, and Biden wants to reverse that. Canada is upset with Biden attacking its energy sector.

    And so on. The problem in the short-term is that as an empire implodes, and that is happening even now, it turns inwardly against its perceived enemies. Given half the country no longer feels the government is legitimate, and the other half doesn’t care, this will work to the people’s advantage.

    • The coming hardship is a blessing in disguise because a real awakening cannot occur until the normie comfort zone is battered down by crime, inflation, joblessness, and Fed raiding of the 401ks. It’s damn hard to remain on the couch or golf course when the house is literally on fire and the wife is shrieking like a banshee. Even the hardcore white Dems & second class jews are gonna start convulsing. I recommend getting out of the cities now, and no closer than a 100 miles.

      • As Exile used to caution everyone, have a source of fresh water and access to heating fuel. This applies outside of the cities or inside.

        There will be tanks on the streets this year.

        Mark it.

  18. You still control yourself, and if you do not act in self-preservation, then you only have yourself to blame when things get real.
    Going Dark (Cont)
    All large cities & highways, plus most medium-sized cities and major secondary roads, now incorporate extensive camera surveillance for monitoring civilian travel activity. This includes license plate tracking and facial recognition identification of drivers and passengers. Data is harvested routinely by both date stamp and GPS location, and contrary to government pronouncements, it is maintained in long-term archives for subsequent analysis and investigation. This technology compliments data now being covertly transmitted by on-board & integral auto transceivers.

  19. I’m going to say something controversial here because you have to understand the totality of the situation-

    I fully support Antifa & BLM and wish them complete success in tearing this rotting edifice down to the ground. And so should you. Why?

    Their goals and our goals are not so dissimilar. They despise the draconian police state and heavy hand of one-sided justice. They like destroying businesses, especially large corporate ones that happen to be their ‘sponsors’ trying to buy off their compliance like mafia protection money. Yet they still destroy Starbucks and Bank of Americas anyways. Keep at it boyos!
    They want to tear down everything and start over. Good idea! You needn’t look further than CHAZ/CHOP to see why this is a good idea. Their vision far outstrips their abilities. Once you create the power vacuum someone is going to step in. Probably the smartest, most well organized, most productive, and most willing to use violence if necessary will come out on top. Historically, one group of people fit this model very well, I’ll give you a cookie if you can figure out who…

    Let it all burn. And let them do it while you sit back, starve the beast, thrown sand in the gears, and pop some popcorn to eat while watching the flickering flames dance in all major cities. Let’s get 2021 started!

    • Not too controversial to me. There’s certainly an amount of useful overlap there, unless their puppeteers start pulling the strings differently.

      • It’s yet another half-baked scheme:

        1. Have BLMfa cause a system collapse
        2. ???
        3. Communism!

        That’s similar to the plan that the communists in Shah-era Iran had too, whoops!

    • Your assessment is prescient, but clarity is obtained with context. The Deep State has no easy solution for widespread firearm ownership, so they must implement false flag events in the hope of fostering a civil war between patriot militias & LEOs. The goal is mutual decimation of able white men (alpha males) in preparation for the unchallenged arrival of the Jackboots. To beat this gambit, it would be wise to alternately employ Antifa, inner city gangbangers, & the ragheads as the first wave in this manufactured hot war. Smarter beats braver.

      • Wise strategic thinking. Let the other side carry the fight. What have we to lose if Antifa and BLM make the Leftist cities unlivable. But if we do so…then we have much to lose.

        • The local police really are a thin blue line, and they critically need the support of the community in order to have any chance at maintaining order. And their ranks have been brutally decimated as a result of affirmative action hiring (small minority men and hefty woman), and the Left continues to vilify and ostracize them. If middle America also stands aside in their support, the police will forced to retreat and let crime skyrocket. This is an example of a truly successful corrosion tactic versus playing weekend soldier in the backwoods with the militia.

    • They were burning looting in Portland this week. Fine by me – makes it impossible to hide the hypocrisy of Democrats worrying about “domestic terrorists” while ignoring domestic terrorists. Burn Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco to the ground, I don’t care. I’ll shoot them if they show up in my neighborhood.

      • San Francisco has actually been remarkably free of Antifa/BLM violence. That kind of radicalism is centered in the East Bay. Downtown Oakland is burned and looted every few years for various reasons but in 2020 it was comparatively unscathed compared to Seattle, Portland, and Minneapolis.

    • Antifa/BLM support some form of secession as much as we do. Those people, combined with the DR, could conceivably tear what remains of the US apart from opposite ends.

    • Agree, but with a caution. Along the lines of Cankles’ “women have always been the primary victims of war” we must be ready to accept that the pitbulls of progress (so misunderstood!) slipping their leashes means white men (the greatest threat to our demagoguery!) will be the target of TPTB’s ire.

      The apes and commies flinging poo filled red flaming diapers into Starbucks and Chasebank will result in the kicking in of our doors and increasing levies upon our livelihoods in the name of hunting down the great white ghosts of yesterday men.

      They are coming regardless, but worth considering when contemplating the future falling fast upon us. So we are gonna run the picket fence; now just don’t get caught watchin the paint dry!

      Get busy building our own systems while the rest is aglow in cleansing fire so we can take care of our own as the agents of change come a knockin. And to be ready to step into the breech when that time comes. Much to be done tween now and then.

    • I’d like to build on this – aligned with these thoughts and throwing sand in the gears.

      We should all start getting behind reparations for blacks. I think there’s ~40MM blacks in this country, and say ~15MM-20MM black households. Use 20MM – if you sent $200k to each black household, there’s $4T. If we’re tossing around funny fed money left and right anyway, what the hell. And you know there would be a huge “Keynesian Multiplier” on reparations, since the blacks won’t save any of it. They’ll spend that loot real quick, and much if it would be back in white hands quickly (with significant portions ending up in Asian, Indian, and Jew hands too). I’d buy stock in General Motors (Cadillac) immediately.

      Plus, it would be hilarious watching the dog catch the car – they get their reparations and have no idea what to do next. Probably turn on each other and start stealing from each other even more. Hell, the white AWRs would have no idea what to do next either.

      Again, this assumes that it is structured as actual reparations, not as tribute, as Z-man has discussed previously.

      • Flipping wokeness back on the Woke.

        I am all in- because I want revenge for a desecrated past and a stolen future.

    • Your proposal is eerily similar to what Solzhenitsyn reported in Gulag Archipelago. In the Gulags (camps), there was a strange alliance between the rulers and the common criminals (“thieves”, although for other crimes too). The Thieves were considered friendly to the cause of communism, because they preyed upon the Bourgeoisie, that remnant of the old civilization the Commies were trying to finish off. In the camp system, the worst-off were the Politicals (like Solzhenitsyn) who were typically there on trumped-up charges. Their “crime” was often little more than the fact they were a successful professional, an intellectual and almost certainly a member of that Bourgeoisie. The Thieves got better treatment in the camps, in return for assuring the Politicals got worse treatment.
      I confess the analogy is weak: I don’t foresee the DR allying with Antifa for anything. But yes, they might serve a purpose if accelerationism is what is desired. I don’t know if Antifa/BLM are or were tools of the Swamp, but I think the Swamp already realizes it is in the same unhappy position as Mickey the apprentice found himself when he borrowed the Master’s wand and bewitched the brooms to carry water in Fantasia.

    • I saw a video thumbnail on my YouTube feed about Antifa. It was a shot of rally with them holding a big sign that said “we don’t want Biden, we want revenge” and a picture of a scary black rifle that seemed to be a hybrid of an AK and AR platform model. Hmm… revenge not Biden. Yeah, sounds like a pretty good agenda to me.

      Some lefties are salvageable and finding common ground (or at least common hatreds) with them could well provide the other half of the vise needed to crush the globalist system.

    • ANTIFA was a collection of useful idiots. Someone, somewhere was paying their bills. Now that Orangeman is gone, will the financial support continue?

  20. Z, you point out that a generic suburban lawyer can filter out, say, the ‘zirs’ now staffing the HHS, but not an uptick in suburban crime. But in your talk on the legitimacy of the regime, you point out that say, some Trump-hating Biden voter would look at the nomination of Levine and have second thoughts on their vote?
    You make good points on what will illegitimize the Biden regime. However, ultimately this regime is still supported by all of the legitimate institutions (the Ivies, big tech, media, State, intelligence agencies, etc); and, based on the last year, it seems people will gladly hide in their houses adorned with face masks while looking under the floor boards for ‘white domestic terrorists’ because the Harvard MD-PhDs at the CDC and the ‘intelligence experts’ tell them to do so.Does the right even possess a single institution?

    • At the outset of both the Clinton and Obama administrations they picked far left fights that, despite owning every institution and media outlet, left them fairly unpopular (healthcare being the big one in both cases, but Obama’s racial axe grinding and Clinton’s inept foreign policy were added in too). In both cases though there was at least the appearance of democratic feedback, that the administrations couldn’t just ignore their unpopularity. It’s all different now, and not in good ways for anyone, but one side is, as of yet, completely ignorant of this fact.

    • The psuedo-intellectual bullshit evaporates pretty quickly when you haven’t eaten anything in 3 days. Yes, change happens that fast. Hunger is a great motivator.

  21. Can you guys slow down a bit for the slow kid? I ask this in all sincerity – not trying to be a dink or a troll:
    The idea is to withhold votes for the republicans and thereby put them out of commission as punishment for their incompetence and and corruption. Fair enough, I get that. Cucks like Mitt and McCain should have been fired out of a cannon ages ago. So – you kill the ‘less worse’ cop. Congrats.
    What about the bad cop? How is this supposed to make things better the dissidents? The comparison of the uniparty to the good cop/bad cop is excellent… but the reality is that now you are left with the bad cop. Can somebody explain what the plan is for him?

    • “the reality is that now you are left with the bad cop”

      Exactly. The con that has allowed the Elites to marginalize USA is “the two-party system”. The one hand caught the people escaping the other hand.

      Post-election, there is no “other hand”. Democrats hate Trump supporters. Republicans hate Trump supporters. Both of them support blatant vote fraud. Normie runs away from NeverTrump and…

      …finds himself in uncharted territory. And so the mental choke-hold of “the two-party system” will be broken.

      • We used to live in a de facto one party state, where both parties that could win elections were owned by the transnational oligarchy. Now we live in a de jure one party state. No more illusions. No more fake democracy.

        We don’t have just one enemy. The ruling Dem Party now has two primary components: the establishment corporatists (Democrat-flavored globalists) who actually run the party and socialists of varying severity who provide the rank and file voters. I plan on voting as right wing as I can local/state but as batshit crazy socialist at the country level.

        The objective is to get as many of the latter type into power who want to confiscate the wealth of the oligarchs who are the primary enemy. We wouldn’t have a communism problem, a socialism problem, or even a substantial leftism problem if we didn’t have a cheap-labor over ALL else money-worshipping globalist problem first.

    • To get to the quarterback, first you have to get past the guy running interference.

      One punch, one step at a time. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

      That’s why I say the Failure was an accelerationist. When outnumbered, his strategy is to turn over the table and look for opportunities- something he learned from the Usual Suspects, I presume. We’re in the same place.

    • There is no saving the federal system from itself period. Might as well accelerate it along. If the system is having problems inside itself it will focus on those problems first.
      Republicans playing the role of loyal opposition and reaching across the aisle no longer works and only prolongs the system’s life.
      What they are trying to do is against nature in the morality area.
      Push them to do it even faster, they are gonna do it anyway. Better to get it over with.
      If a couple who has a druggie violent kid but they ignore his problems and let him in the house but call the police every 5 minutes on their neighbors who is your kid who got drunk and strolled around the capital with the Trumpists?
      Then encourage that couples kid which is AntiFa and BLM to be even more out of control.
      That kid will bring them down.
      The kid strolling around the Capital Building in a Viking uniform can’t and won’t.

      • “If the system is having problems inside itself it will focus on those problems first.”

        Much agree. Get the soap opera types to denounce each other. How?

        Using their tools- plant strawmen post-its and tags so they will snitch on each other, same strategy as cops planting drugs.

    • Today the less-worse cop aids and abets the bad cop. Annihilate the less-worse and that leaves the bad cop, in all his diabolical glory. This certainly doesn’t make short-term life easier for the dissident, but it does clarify the identification of enemy combatants. Two possibilities forward from that point, probably happening simultaneously: Marxist overreach and kinetic self-defense.

      And while meaningless to a lot of people, a lot of military minds will remember their lessons in just-war theory. My prediction is that the majority of warriors side with the dissidents, with senior officers siding with the Ruling Elite. If you know anything of the military you will like those odds.

      You know how people say “it’s going to get worse before it gets better” … this is my take on the cliche. Or that other cliche, “freedom isn’t free.” That’s what our generation is getting ready to learn, good and hard.

    • Thanks fellas. So accelerationism is now in the works then. I dunno where I am with that. At the risk of fedpoasting I am almost thinking I’d rather see them skip the preliminaries and go straight to the JFK option. It would save mountains of cash and rivers of blood to get that looming civil war over with…

      • I keep asking myself what’s the best of the terrible options. Then I observe the GOP grooming Nikki Haley. Things like that hone the mind.

        Remember when that sadistic college prof would ask, “So, are you ready for the test?” Despite all the prep work that question always made me wonder if I’d done enough. What’s coming at us is going to be a test like no other. I’m not ready … but I’m more ready than I was yesterday. If it scares the shite out of us – good. That’s where our side needs to be. Healthy anxiety spurs men to action-stations.

      • Here’s how I see it. Are we getting stronger or weaker in the present “lull” time? I see us getting stronger in converts and preparation. That signals waiting. If you see us as getting weaker, then you go all in and throw the dice.

      • I don’t want to give them any ideas, but this has probably appeared in a novel already. If The Swamp wanted a “Reichstag Fire” there are many options. Imagine if several military aircraft (or just their warheads) targeted the homes of several high-ranking officials. I know little of armaments, but from what I read that drones can do, I imagine they wouldn’t even have to leave base, and there are several around DC. It’s even possible a single operative could do all the dirty work. All the better: less loose ends to kill. Dead men tell no tales. Perhaps a few less-favored elected officals of either party. But for maximum authenticity at Democrats (the Socialists, perhaps? Might as well get them out of the way.) Viola! You now have a clear mutiny by “danerous right-wing extremists” in the active duty military who abused their trusted positions to “attack” the domcratically elected government. Clearly a mutiny or insurrection. This would certainly light a major fuse. Actually, no telling how it might play out. I don’t have figures of how many “real” conservatives there are active duty, more than the averag population, I’m sure. Even if they were ten percent, it’s not clear you could just round them up quickly. So it might backfire. I expect we’ll see something like this eventually. Alas, it’s standard fare in third world countries. In 1955, the Argentine military attacked a poltiical rally in their capital, killing over 300. This would be equivalent to an attack on a political rally outside the White House or Capitol. In the decades following, Argentina was the scene of the “dirty war,” the death of thousands of citizens for “poitical” crimes. It’s worth mentioning Argentina’s citizens are mostly of European ancestry.

        • The regular Army is mostly clock watchers and gibs chasers. Recruiters lure them in with promises of free money and schooling and assure them that their fancy technology will keep any real danger far away. I would pay special attention to elite units and the Marine corps. Those guys often actually believe in something they are willing to kill and die for. In any American civil war they might well drive off most of the regular Army with hardly a shot fired.

          OMG! the fookin’ Rangers are taking over the base, and they shot Corporal Tamika Sanchez-Oblongo when she told them they weren’t social distancing enough! Let’s get a Hum-V and go to Walmart.

    • What’s the point of a good cop if he lets the bad cop do whatever he wants? Even when the good cop has some wins, like low taxes, the beneficiaries turn around and call him evil. So let the bad cop tax the woke corporations and rick liberals to hell. Please defund the police. They don’t protect our tribe. Let the cities burn. Spend us into bankruptcy. It’s steaming that way anyway. Nationalize healthcare. We have been paying for the freeloaders anyway. Might as well get some ourselves. Put a regressive climate tax on the poor? Gut the military? Seriously, what is the downside? The system we fought for is gone. Let it go.

      • Again, the theory of good cop-bad cop, is not that there are two types of cop. It’s that there are either two good cops or two bad cops playing a scam on you. So saying that the good cop offsets the bad cop is always incorrect. Both cops have agreed as to the outcome they desire of the scam—and that is never to *your* benefit.

    • The GOP always acted a reasonable “face man” for whitey to keep him in place while the Left was busy gutting the nation, With the GOP dead all whitey will see is the unvarnished faces of hate, greed and insanity of our ruling and political class.
      Once that happens the spell of CivNat is broken and the ruling class loses their hold over them.
      What comes after that is anyone’s guess.

  22. The “legitimacy” question is the really interesting one. Unlike an EO or some supremely stupid piece of legislation that folks rally around, it is a silent killer. That is the one value of the last four years as the Left fully dropped the mask. People won’t march in the streets (yet) but they will accelerate the re-ordering of their lives. In my business have seen a dramatic acceleration in the number of wealthy people (.5% of income) re-domiciling to red states or making real estate purchases to facilitate later movement. Locally, where I know the politics, this is heavily weighted to the “right”.

    • A retired (and highly intelligent) colleague of mine now has houses in Florida, Colorado, and Oregon. He’s well positioned himself for whatever the future may bring, both politically and geographically.

        • East & western Oregon are two entirely different cultures. Ditto for Colorado Frontrange versus the rural & mountainous areas. And as for Florida, hurricanes will be trivial compared to the crazy coming out of DC over the next 4 years.

  23. Maybe our side concentrated too much attention on the globalist frontmen, e.g. Bush, Obama, Biden, and fellow toadies. These are the made-for-teevee sales staff – placating the seething masses with oily and senseless platitudes. If we’d been paying more attention to the shadow Ruling Class over the last 20 years – from academicians to globalists – we’d have heard them saying loud and clear that they seek to “burn it all down.” They write books, give interviews, even have Youtube videos. Capitalism and American currency has to go; the family unit needs to be destroyed. They’re not at all pro-tranny or pro-abortion; they’re rabidly anti-family. They don’t want to transform our culture, they systematically pursue a barbaric anti-culture. And forget about the Bill of Rights; thanks to language deconstructionists teamed up with black-robed twits, they’ve completely dismantled it. The Trump era revealed all this, bringing it out of the shadows. No more deer-in-the-headlight excuses … our side can move forward now.

    • Yeah, I agree that Lefty’s beliefs were all in front of us. But I think for most normies, they seemed too exotic to be believed. (Plenty of CivNats still can’t believe that their country is gone) I was first exposed to Proggy crazies in grad school … how was I *in 2003* supposed to take someone serious who describes himself as a marxist ?! Admittedly, I was taken in at the time by the whole Neo-Con/End of History crowd, but … Marxism ?!? Yet, these folks were completely serious, and completely devoid of any sense of irony or self-awareness or hypocrisy. I just assumed at some point these folks would either digest recent history, or come to terms with post-academia reality. Later, when I tried to explain postmodernist political philosophy to my dad, he just thought it was so ludicrous that no one would take it seriously. But plenty of people do take it seriously, and at a religious level that defies rational/logical argument. So, you’re absolutely right … when the likes of AOC publicly advocate for re-education camps, we need to take her as being entirely serious. And that’s probably just the leading edge of what they are really willing to do.

      • Spot-on. I’m one of the ones that used to dismiss the Marxists. Now I dismiss none of it. If AOC is airing out the idea of re-education camps that means the plan is already written.

      • Excellent, Milestone. In picking up women, a player ‘assumes the sale’; his confidence is irrational, totally detached from the reality before him. His target may very well observe his approach as absurd. After all he looks like a toad.

        And the toad may very well treat the whole routine as an absurd game. But as long as he holds to that game and maintains congruence with the illusion he projects, a communion of the absurd may form and the magic may very well manifest the absurd into reality.

        As they say “one thing led to another”.

        His power over her is not just what we observe in real time, which is after all a joke, I mean look at him! But it exists along a continuum that extends well before and well beyond both players in the game.

        The extent of his power over her cannot be known because it is just as much about her submission as his coercion. A dance, as it were.

        The feral female agents of the death cult clamming about “camps” illustrates some the depths of our delusions aroused by supreme feminization.

        But its power should not be underestimated based on what seems absurd today. After all, we may joke about the toads ruling over us, but it is our own instinct toward submission that will turn us into flies. And the band plays on.

      • It was suicidal to ignore the seemingly ridiculous embrace of insane notions. I even know of cases that sneered at this madness at the time and have seamlessly transitioned (heh) into full acceptance of Cultural Marxism.

        Cap S nailed it: the purpose behind the craziness is not belief but destruction on a scale without precedent.

  24. Good point about immigrants knowing how to work the system.

    Almost ALL non-whites are scamming the system. Fake documents, fake resume, cheat in university, fake identity, fake marriage, taxes, insurance, etc. The scale is actually astounding, when you spend time with them. (Asians too, by the way). They feel good about getting one up on whitey. It’s funny for them.

    They are parasites and it’s all they know how to do. I used to be mad at them but they are simply incapable of operating any other way, as Z said. Whitey really is a sucker.

    • Many come from low trust societies, so it’s simply business as usual. But with far better stuff.

      • Umm, they ARE the root cause. The system isn’t dying from a surplus of Europeans.

        Europeans are the most diverse people on earth, yet Europe, oddly, has a history reaching way, way back. Sure, the others do too, but it took Europeans to uncover what they all forgot, over and over again.

        As ol’ Remus said, “white man stick hut: Notre Dame, 1180 A.D.”

        • if the system where healthy, they would not have been allowed in. of course they are doing tremendous damage, just like an opportunistic infection.

    • Yeah. And we’re supposed to believe that the people that show up today on our borders and get free food Free Housing and free healthcare are just the same as the people show that showed up in the wilderness and carved a civilization out of it. No difference at all

        • The left-leaning, “democrats”, really, are civic nationalists on steroids. They think everybody can be an American.

          • Exhibit A refuting that view would be all the successes America had installing American-style governments in foreign lands. Close to zero, as far as I know. “No matter,” they said, “we’ll try the experiment at home, where we can control the inputs better.”

          • No they are nihilists with a patina of Po-Mo and Marxism.
            Their path leads to utter destruction of society and it’s people.

          • Well, it’s right there in the 0th Amendment. Every human being, sentient robot, or space octupus, has the right to American citizenship, Medicaid, and EBT card, and a job at the DMV. Murrica!

      • No, they are different. Thats part of the point. Paperwork Americans are Real Americans now. H/t Bathhouse Barry.

        Those ancestors who carved civilization out of the wilderness were thieves and racists who made their daughters learn to sew quilts and dress game instead of going to spring break back in Boston with her friends.

        The problem is that today’s Whites are not clannish frontiersmen who savagely cling to tradition as a sextant into the unknown future. They are progressive economic good schools migrants who cling to zinny ideas from their youth propelled by inertia and steered by polite submission to that more perfect future just out of reach.

        Whites are now a diaspora among the brown savage hordes and perfumed urban lords. Their principled progress inching them further away from those scrappy ancestors and closer to enslavement with every passing day.

        This is the reality of our present frontier that the invaders grasp while our brothers and sisters let slip both their legacy and their progeny. A paperwork nation is just that. Paper. Fiat. Gibs. A pinata to be struck at until it spills its spoils. A stolen election in a nation with no borders? A tree falls…

        Will Whites activate their dna and cut swaths of civilization out of the unknown once again or will they continue to sedate themselves with polite delusions while paperwork muds loot their larders and fill their daughters bellies with the future of those dark continents?

        • I’ll say it again, “My only regret is that I have but one upvote to give”.

          Poetry, especially that last paragraph…

    • It’s the same here in Germany. All those who are seeking social services are typically non-native, non-German speakers. For people who have no clue about Germany or the language, it’s amazing how well they understand our social system.

      • Your system wants to help them because they aren’t you. You have my sympathy as a Californian; we are all being replaced by our governments.

      • They operate on a subconscious level. They instinctively feel weakness and naiveté. Being book smart seems to be negatively correlated with this.

        3rd worlders never bother me or try anything on me because they can sense I won’t put up with it.

        I feel people’s energies out like this too despite being white. I must be on of the few because my instincts almost always say that white people are suckers who are ripe to be scammed.

  25. The Republicans are running a woman who thinks she’s a witch

    Women believing they’re witches.
    Men believing they’re women.
    Women believing they’re men.
    I’d love to say we’ve seen it all, but we haven’t.

  26. I am following the investor youtube channel “real vision” and what many points out is the enormous boble there is in the stock and bond market that has been building up post-2008. It can not be dismantled without putting the economy into a crisis. They expect it to get worse and the next step will be modern monetary theory with free money from the state that is financed by the FED buying up bonds. These policies with endless QE, low interest rates and properly free money will likely end in a dollar crisis and its erosion as a world reserve currency. It can become really “interesting” times.

    • I should probably do another post on this. I’ve done others from a system analysis perspective. Way back when the Fed started to artificially lower lending rates to stimulate economic growth they created a credit trap. They could not let interest rates return to market norms, as that would lead to a recession, so they committed to artificially low interest rates. With every economic downturn, they were forced to find new ways to inflate asset values through increases in credit and liquidity. There literally is no way out of this other than a massive world destabilizing depression.

      This is the thing that often gets missed in economic analysis. Dollars are not the currency of the word. Credit is the world reserve currency, mostly in the form of government debt issuance. This means issuing debt is a form of debasement. Instead of this showing up in retail and wholesale prices, it shows up home values, stock values and other assets. Look at the art market. They slipped in the old race horse depreciation stuff for this reason. The credit needs a home.

      • Yep. When people ask why there’s no inflation from the Fed injecting money into the system, I point to interest rates, the stock market and housing market.

        The Fed buys financial instruments so the inflation shows up in financial instruments and helps those who own the financial instruments in various ways – corporations can roll over debt, investors in stocks and bonds get appreciation and protection, hedge funds don’t get destroyed by margin calls, pension funds don’t watch their investment grade bonds turn to junk and thus are forced to sell at hugely discounted prices, etc.

        But the Fed has backed itself into a corner. The system is addicted to debt and thus absolutely needs interest rates to stay low. But the lowest rates in history (really, look it up) cause their own problems, not least of which savers are screwed.

        However, if rates were to go back to even close to normal, the whole system would collapse. The debt simply couldn’t be serviced with the income we have. Won’t happen.

        For example, federal debt is ~125% of GDP, but federal revenue is usually around 18% of GDP, so federal debt is very close to 7 times govt revenue. Therefore, every one percentage point of interest on treasury bonds equals 7% of govt revenue. Right now, treasury rates are ~1%, so 7% of govt revenue. If rates went to 3% or 4%, i.e. ~1% to 2% real interest rate plus ~2% inflation, interest on the debt would equal 21% to 28% of govt revenue. Congress would either need to dramatically cut the budget or borrow ever more to service the debt, which would force up rates and the death spiral would begin.

        Corporations are in the same boat. Too much debt, too little income.

        But here’s the thing. The Fed is still screwed because as the overall debt has risen, the impact of new debt via QE become less and less effective. The Fed is running out of bullets. Rates are already so low that lowering doesn’t help much and new debt/credit issued doesn’t impact the economy the way it used to.

        The Fed is praying that govts (state, local, federal) and corporations slowly pay down their debt during decent economic times so the Fed can 1) raise rates down the road and 2) their issuance of debt/credit is more effective. But that’s not going to happen.

        Interesting times ahead.

        • Interest rates have no function and are about as relevant to central control economies as the constitution.

          The Fed will move to electronic only money. Each year a percentage of the money will disappear back out of any cash repository. In order to stimulate circulation it is also probable it will be time limited at issuance.

          A percentage of all 401s will be mandated to be in new perpetual issuance debt that all existing debt can be rolled over into.
          Of course for a certain carve out there will be a different currency that acts like a bi-metallic standard. but this will be institutional/international only.
          One can come up with any number of schemes to prevent any form of accumulation and kick the can. No one is paying anything off. Why should they?.. they are making out like bandits.

          • Freedom is the accumulation of a larger claim on the public debt than the next guy. Sounds like slavery to me. Nothing could go wrong I’m sure.

            Or maybe it’s figuring out how to convince the next guy to take some of your chains.

            idk just spitballing here.

          • Farmland looks good. And no, I don’t you farm it. Own farmland that other people farm. But it’s kind of tough to buy. AcreTrader and FarmTogether allow you to buy farmland, but you need to be an accredited investors, i.e. a portfolio of $1 million.

          • but but but this is a new economy where brainpower is driving it and we are no longer in a world where land has much value

            Remember people always saying this? I do. Well, Gates obviously knows these people were fools. I think many of us do.

          • A lot of land out there that is affordable

            Like Ben says, buy it now while the dollar still has value

            When you can own a few acres for less than a new American car, it’s “affordable” and/or peoples’ priorities are so far out of whack you should take advantage while you can

          • Yes, but not all land is the same. I can buy over the internet large parcels of land in Wyoming for example. But this land is basically a windswept desert fit only for antelope to thrive in. Of course, there is always a political entity overseeing such that taxes your “ownership” yearly. Is buying such an “asset” a reasonable hedge against inflation, or a subscription to the “bigger fool” theory?

          • Solid advice re hard assets. The state-sponsored terror in the cities last year freed up a lot of real estate. This may have been the reason and the oligarchs may have exclusive dibs on the fire sales (literally and figuratively).

          • Sounds goofy, but trailer parks can be a great investment, though I don’t have any personal money in them.

            Something tells me that trailer parks are going to become more necessary in the future as the number of poor increase.

          • A much more prescient catch than you may realize, Citizen. RV camps, too. It’s already a wave. Trailer homes are a standard for seniors,

            RVs for people working, say, a construction job, who’ve lost the house, or retired. RV sales remained firm during the 2009 Meltdown. LA and metro areas host thousands of these street nomads, along with the ever growing homeless camps.

            Subletting parcels with communal water, power, and septic is becoming the new suburbia. People can’t afford or are too mobile for most anything else.

          • a bunch of people are living out of their RVs intentionally, and all are complaining about the rise in fees (and the increased demand) for RV park slots. at least according to yutube. the thing is, an RV park is a moneypot; tons of cash flow and almost no costs (once you buy the place).

          • The key is they make it uninsurable first- poisoning lakes in CA/OR because of northern pike, burning down towns because grid substations (gold country CA) or lost hard drives (Los Alamos), looting Gucci’s and Footlocker.

            Then the public-privates can swoop in for 3 cents on the dollar.

        • ”Praying that govt and corporations pay down their debt…”. That’s a good one. The Fed neither prays nor has an expectation that the debt will disappear in any way other than inflation.

          • True, but inflation creates its own issues. The 1970s were rough for stocks and bonds, which isn’t what the Fed wants.

            I’ll restate: The Fed hopes that corporations and govt grow their debt slower than revenues slowing bringing down their debt to income ratio. Keeping rates below inflation helps that process a lot. It’s called Financial Repression and it worked to bring govt debt to GDP down in the decades after WWII.

            However, it only works if corporations and govt hold down their spending and don’t increase their debt as fast or faster than revenue growth. I’d be surprised if that happend.

          • Government holding down spending when we are soon to be the free health insurer to the world is not possible.

          • Yeah, asking governments to be thrifty is kind of like expecting sailors on shore liberty to not frequent the bar or the house of ill repute 🙂

          • Hello, 18% VAT tax 18 and NHS employment rolls

            ‘Scuse me, Covid NHS and Big Pharma vaccine terrorism, too

      • I used to love the Enlightenment and its fruits, but more and more it looks like the biblical strong delusion.

        Lucifer, enlightenment. How naive I was to not make the connection!

      • According to the debt clock, the national debt will be roughly 200% of gdp at the end of the first Biden term and 300% of gdp eight years from now. We are going to find out whether the USA can duplicate the Japanese experiment with a polyglot population composed of millions of poc parasites demanding gibs.

        • I think you mean end of the first Harris term. Biden won’t last two years, even just drooling in the basement.

      • Additionally, the expansion of credit is good indicator of social trust (i.e. you only lend money if you trust the borrower to repay you). Contraction of credit, particularly by bankruptcy, means the collapse of social trust which is why economic contraction goes hand in hand with increased violence. Debt, the first 5000 by David Graeber provides a very fascinating look at this issue.

        • It’s also why there’s a huge push for inclusivity in society today. It’s an attempt to increase social trust and stabilize debt issuance (and, frankly, to find more suckers). The call for more unity is partly an attempt to maintain financial stability by maintaining a high trust society. Attempting to maintain social trust by using propaganda instead of rule of law certainly makes for an interesting experiment.

  27. If I understand “fundamental” correctly, it refers to activities and/or principles that are important or essential. These affect the basic nature of the most important elements upon which other things depend.
    Obama talked about “fundamentally changing America”. I wonder if Biden’s team will pick up where Obama left off.

    • Too bad we don’t have independent media anymore. I always wanted someone to ask Obama to explain what was so bad about America that he needed to fundamentally change it. Trump, to his credit, never fell into this trap. He happily listed the problems and promised to make America great again. Biden is no saying that American is a great country and he is determined to change it. It would be nice if someone asked him why he plans to ruin something he thinks is great.

      • We all know the answer that would have been pushed by Barry and The Pretender when asked this question. It’s racism of course, silly! Systemic racism (?), institutional racism (?), racism directed from whites to non-whites &c.

        Of course, if they’re really pushed perhaps we could get them to say that ‘just being white is racist’. Although I’d be surprised if this has not already been explicitly said by someone with clout already. Still, to hear it from Resident Biden’s lips would be, well, interesting to say the least.

      • When the American founding fathers wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the country had less than 3-million people. It’s hard to imagine they could have anticipated those same laws would one day be used to manage a country the size of all of Europe.

        Consider the US population today is roughly 330 million. All of the EU member states add up to around 440 million. But when you break that down into member states, Germany is around 83 million, France about 67. So for member states, they can still govern effectively by themselves with laws that work for their relative countries, based on their individual cultures, language and history.

        But trying to apply one set of laws equally across such a diverse population as the US may have finally reached it’s limits in very much the same way Europeans are pushing back against the EU.

        At least European countries can follow the UK with Brexit. I’m not sure US state succession is an option.

        • Agreed. The US Constitution wasn’t designed to be infinitely scaleable.

          It’s been patchwork, ad hoc workarounds for years; now it’s just a bureaucratic regulatory nightmare.

          • It was not designed to be scalable at all. The States were separate and supreme within their jurisdictions. It’s the Federal government that has grown beyond reasonable scale in its attempt to supplant the States logical boundaries and natural authority.

        • Theoretically trying to apply one set of laws is moot since the feds should only be protecting us and the states, like Europe, would be acting on their on behalf independently. “Theoretically” that is.

        • Once again your understanding of what the Founders created is completely backward; the original intent and application of the Constitution is exactly what is required to lightly rule a large and fully populated country–if in fact the desire is to be ruled through a democratic republic and not by other means. It is the next best thing to Swiss rule. The contitutional carcass that remains bears no resemblance to the original. It is however what we deserve. Every country has the rulers it deserves.

          • thank you for this answer. by having both the EU and AM POV’s, we get a wonderfully compact lesson, that I genuinely benefited from reading.

        • What you’ve outlined is the original intent and design of the Constitution. The States were independent countries united for some specific, limited, common goals—and as with the EU, that original purpose was subverted by clever men and the original intent lost. Difference being it took us a lot longer than it did the EU to get to the point of divorce and our first divorce attempt was defeated through force of arms. Hopefully, the EU can right itself before such estrangement.

        • Another thing to keep in mind is that the US federal government rules more tyrannically than the EU and the states being so ruled are more different from each other demographically and politically than any nation in Europe is from its neighbors.

          Think of it in terms of political “potential energy” available for separatist movements. That the EU has been closer to crack-up than the US should be a lesson for Americans. If Germans and Brits don’t want the same government, imagine how much Texans want to have a different government from Illinoisans.

          Compared to the EU and European states, the American federal government is basically a stronger vise being used to force the same poles of a lot of stronger magnets together. On top of that we just installed a mean old man and a hooker as Pres and VP who are pretty obviously taking orders from a shadow state and are going to try to tighten the vise. That’s what all the “unity” talk is really about. This isn’t looking good.

      • I always wanted someone to ask Obama to explain what was so bad about America that he needed to fundamentally change it.

        Yes. These days, screaming at the telly is 90% screaming at the journo to do his job, rather than screaming at the lying, scumbag criminal he’s slobbering over.

    • America has already been fundamentally changed to the point that it is no longer America. Where this dreadful shade of the US goes from here is anybody’s guess.

      • Maybe we should attribute the increase and popularity of Zombie TV shows in recent years to artistic anticipation.

      • Agreed. I’m 51. I am a foreigner in the country I was born in. I recognize nothing. I work in an institution that is controlled by the far left. My coworkers, most of them, speak the same language I do and that is about it. It takes way more than sharing a language to feel like a people. People like me can’t even chat about non-political issues because how we think, how we describe things, reveals that we are not in their group. The fact that we live in the same geographical area is meaningless. None of us, not even the elite, are rooted in this land anymore. I can’t believe how quickly it all happened.

  28. Re: the welfare queens, a Floridian I know says that all the black women had pictures of Janet Reno next to their MLK photos on the mantle in their houses because she was known for tracking down deadbeat dads and forcing them to pay support.

      • haven’t you ever seen videos of a murder of negresses (see what i did there :P) shrieking and fighting melee style in public? It’s best when two groups of them square off, and go at it. the funniest one i have seen (so far) was set in some public housing complex. two groups were battling it out, and all of a sudden from the left edge of the screen this old lady on a scooter (cause she’s obese) comes charging across the frame like cavalry, ramming a scrum of battling nig ladies. then she backs up a little and rams them again.

        i tell you, put in some secret cameras in the ghetto community, and record what actually goes on there, and you will have the best reality show EVAH!.

  29. Earlier you asked, “How do they expect to make this work?” The simple answer is, as you hinted here, they don’t. They’re deliberately breaking things for the great reset, the kind of ahistorical utopianism they’ve always pursued. Of course they hate Heritage America. They hate the past, they hate history, they hate everything except that which cannot be. Whether it was a literal plan to swallow small businesses in the devouring maw of Bezos or it’s “emergent behavior” hardly matters. It’s happening. I personally view it like quorum sensing, where bacteria decide to express certain genetic traits and inhibit or destroy others. They’ve decided whiteness is the disease and everything that isn’t white is the cure. Pray that the disease spreads and wins.

    • The managerial class is process oriented, not results oriented. If things are working now, they assume they will continue to work. The concept of diminishing returns and dynamic feedback is alien to them. They believe that if something works once, it works forever.

      • I don’t get this process oriented thing. If things are working, then that a result, not a process. Process seems to be about doing things the way they have always been done…

        • Process is about (the illusion) of predictability. If a truck gets stuck in the mud, a process oriented person calls a tow, or a friend with a tow strap, waits for them to arrive, follows their instructions, etc., until the truck is out. A results oriented person might do the same thing, it strap 2x4s to the wheels and drive out, or do something else altogether.

          A process process oriented person thinks results are due primarily or exclusively to effort, which is why they focus on doing things a certain way. A results oriented person knows that luck or randomness is always in play, and tries crazy things in an attempt to get lucky.

          At the meta level, both orientations are trying opposite variance strategies to get their desired outcome. Process is about minimizing variance, results is about maximizing variance. Process is robust but slow to respond. Results is fragile but quick to respond. Both orientations can succeed, so one isn’t better or worse than the other. Hope this helps.

        • in business, you want repeatability of result. uniformity. and that is a good thing, as it is efficient and hopefully heads off bad things happening. think of ‘process’ as a map through a minefield 🙂

          but when someone or something is characterized as /process driven’ or ‘process oriented’ it means they don’t care if the process is actually working or not, just that it was followed. in this case, imagine a map drawn randomly through a mine field (i.e. who knows if it is really safe or not)

          • Process is what dullards hide behind. You particularly find these type of folk in civil service and other government entities. They are protected by regulations that indemnify them from poor results—as long as the “process” was followed to the letter!

            Private business does not suffer as much from this miasma, but you do see it often where government regulation/law overlays private business operational procedure.

            One great example are discrimination laws handed down from Fed’s and State. These laws create much of the need for large and interfering corporate HR departments and the AA hires we all decry.

    • The fact that they would actually believe in such a thing is a sign of just how truly incompetent they are. That makes them more scary, not less, to be sure, but it will also limit the scope of whatever fanciful plan they think they’re implementing.

    • If you want a preview of what their agenda is apt to accomplish, look to the once-decent neighborhoods of America’s great old cities. Some are occupied by only the poorest, worst-off. Some of them are no longer occupied at all, even by squatters. As has been mentioned, parts of what was once downtown Detroit are now farmland or prarie.
      Or more graphically, any African nation post-colonialism after the Evil White Man finally left. Apparently he took his magic dust with him too, since everything goes to shit once Whitey’s no longer on the scene.

    • I couldn’t get past the opening sequence of the violent gang of young Jewish guys tearing up the neighborhood. The one that always stuck out to me was Live and Let Die, where instead of being the typical super-slick James Bond presentation it’s grimy, filthy and features probably the most believable bond villain (a black heroin dealer).

      • Well, it’s not for everybody, that’s for sure. It’s straight up revenge porn, done to a high degree of competence. IMO, this is the movie that put Bronson into superstar territory. Like Die Hard did for Willis.

        • I lived in NYC. The movie was particularly relevant in the pre-Gulliani days. Revenge porn it may be, but it was right on the money wrt the general mood of the city. In those days, 65-70% White. Today at 33% White, who knows.

    • Hollywood is trying to script a remake with a Black, lesbian, female, illegal immigrant lead 😀

  30. Nice of you to give credit to the Derb, Z. I have admired JD’s work for a long time, going back to his NR days. He is one of my favorite “bad whites”. Most of you guys too jolly, go buy his ” We Are Doomed”.

    • Thoroughly agree with your assessment of John Derbyshire’s “We are Doomed”. It was an early red-pill for me. I also loved his China novel “Fire from the Sun”. As good as “Gone with the Wind”.

  31. It’s hard to imagine things not getting immeasurably worse with demoncraps fully in charge and no pretext about it. That they own all of what comes is a small consolation, but not much. We’re still going to have navigate an ugly labyrinth.

  32. The thing none of them seem to grasp at the moment is they own it all now. This is my one hope for the upcoming year. Of course they will try to blame all their failures on the “legacy” of Bad Orange Man, and anything they can’t will be blamed on “structural racism” etc. That might’ve been just barely plausible for an exhausted, demoralized public to swallow in a “normal” Democratic administration, but not Zhou Bai-Den’s, where nothing approaching a Normal White Man could get appointed dogcatcher. It’s going to be Pox and Trannies as far as the eye can see. It has to be that way for them. “Not a virgin or a rupee left between Goa and Peshawar” used to be the crusty old reactionary’s prediction of what would happen if the British ever left India. That’s what we have now, and it’s all on them.

      • I dunno. They’re really going all-in right now. Every single sadistic sexual fantasy the Left has ever had is being aired right now behind the razor wire in the Imperial Capital. It’s going to be really, really obvious what they’re after, and who owns it.

      • By far the most gullible group in the managerial coalition are booshie white liberals. They are fanatics in constant need of a devil. Jews are shrewd and never lose sight of their interests. Biden will have the most Jewish administration in history, which is saying something give the Bush years.

        • Shrewd, yet 2% of the population seemingly all in on undermining the one demographic that reliably defends their interests and their ethnostate: white Christians, particularly gullible Evangelicals. The latter naively conflate the Israel and Judaism they read about in their Bibles with modern Talmudic and secular Judaism.
          Team Black has never liked them and the “ youth” enjoy knocking the Big Hats around in the streets: remember, that was the moral outrage du jour in NYC just before the Great Covid showed up.

          • They view charity as weakness to be exploited, not a kindness to be reciprocated. Their behavior makes perfect sense once you accept this fact.

          • Jews are hard wired to be predatory, as others have pointed they view charity as weakness which they prey upon. Combined with their xenophobia, aggressiveness and clannishness makes them very toxic to any host society they live in.

        • I was curious about this (so many hebes in the admin), as the media were constantly reporting how anti-jewish the dem party had become. how do those two things get reconciled? was it all a smokescreen?

          • that’s nonsense, kamala is married to a jew, ilhan is with a jew, point is non-white democrat bitches know who’s in charge, they ain’t there to rock the boat.

          • I am seeing a pattern here also with Ivanka. If only I knew to marry a jew way back then, my success rate would be way higher than it is now.

          • I suspect the one issue that people here and Ilhan Omar agree upon is our attitude towards Israel 😀

          • I was reading Dave Goldman this morning. He is a truly a smart guy, yet the frontrunning, smokescreen, and lack of self-awareness is so consistent it must be inbred cultural instinct.

            “Comes natural to that type,” that is, the politically minded. Being “‘politically minded” might be ahead of any specific demographic.

          • “as the media were constantly reporting how anti-jewish the dem party had become. how do those two things get reconciled?”

            The ((Establishment)) branch of the Democrat Party is losing ground to all the non-white Christians that it imported to replace us with.

            Hindu Pajeets and Han Chinese don’t have white race guilt or Judeo-Christ. Somehow, this is a surprise to the Chosen People.

          • Losing ground? He just said it was the most Jewish ever. More likely, Israel’s bread was buttered on both sides this election.

          • This is the last gasp of the old White liberal/Jewish alliance. That it ends with a liberal White Administration infested with Jews is ironic.

            The Left about to arrive will be as hostile to those groups as to us.

        • The local limo leftist women’s political group has “Activism is the antidote to despair” on the letterhead used to send all their crack headed proposals to the local government. Says it all.

      • They will for awhile, and the hardcore Progressives will never give up, of course. But at some point The Pretender will own the bad economy, any rising crime rates, and any foreign entanglements. There will also be completely new scenarios arise that we can’t imagine right now that will be Biden’s problem from the beginning.

        • I don’t think Biden can get away with the blame game like Obama did w Bush

          Blacks were always ready to forgive Obama and blame Bush. Biden won’t have that reservoir of deep black love.

          And he’s old and white and creepy and married to a Karen. At some point, the natural revulsion people have for a man like this s going to expose itself. In fact it will be people like me, most likely, with a kindness for an old catholic Irishman, who will be the least hateful.

    • One advantage they have is that they bring a high level of predictability, and consequently stability, to the current system. It may be bad, but it will be predictably bad. Under the orange man, things were unpredictably bad.

      • I think that was true for Obama, his appointees were all swamp monsters, basically making his first term the third Clinton term. It started to slip towards the end though and now Dementia Joe just seems to rubberstamp whatever woke cranks have fed to him in his earpiece.

        • The clinton machine, while dysfunctional, is at least predictable, and can therefore be functioned around. The end won’t be pleasant, but it can be prepared for.

    • And Pelosi, Schumer et al are intent on making Trump a martyr with this idiotic impeachment. Biden could try and stop it, I guess, if he weren’t a fucking rutabaga.

    • Scads of goodness packed into one medium-sized post. Hard to beat Zhou Bai-Den, Pox and rupees and virgins.

      • I have a bruise on my forehead from making obesience to “Not a virgin or a rupee left between Goa and Peshawar”.

      • I got “Zhou Bai-Den” from a post at Ace of Spades, of all places. What a frustrating shit show that blog is. Lots of good outrage, but the inevitable answer to everything is: VOTE HARDER!!! CivNat is a hell of a drug.

        • CivNats are at a philosophical and existential dead end: if they admit to themselves that voting is futile, they’re staring into an abyss where all their ethical codes and fundamental truths are rendered moot.

          I’ve been there myself – very scary for someone who used to consider enlightenment values the cornerstone of my moral framework.

    • Eight years of stagnation under Obama and everything was Bush-hitlers fault. Meanwhile, for 8 flubbing years, the propaganda ministry put out daily/ hourly “Economy at a 1/ 2 / 5 year high [from November 2008 50-year nadir]” and “unemployment continues to decline for x-number of months [from 50 year high]”.
      Kindly Uncle Joe will have the best bowel movement of his life and they will give him a Noble prize for it.

      • Obama could walk on water, as far as the media and crucial segments of the public were concerned. Uncle Joe, not so much. He will not be forgiven much, once the going gets rough.

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