Taki Post: The New Regime

If you were to round up a random collection of people and lock them up in a school gymnasium, you would have a bunch of people locked in a gymnasium. It would not be a society or a movement or a religion. The reason is those people would have nothing in common, other than the fact that they had been lured to the gymnasium and were now being held against their will.

Now, round up a random collection of people and put them on an island far enough away from land that they could not chance making a swim for it. Maybe they do not even know where the island is in relation to a large, populated landmass. Further, they have no indication that they will be rescued. They are there possibly forever. Unlike the people locked in the gymnasium, this group will begin to change in character….

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15 thoughts on “Taki Post: The New Regime

  1. “This will not end well”
    Nor should it. The coming battles are the cure, not a crisis. We have passed a tipping point, much like in 1773. The current corruption and dysfunction of the Federal Government cannot continue because to do so will only lead to a lower bottom and the eventual genocide of the “others”. And yes, it can happen here. The January 6th protest in DC was the equivalent of the Boston Tea Party event. The Year of Living Dangerously is now upon us, and we stand on the shoulders of our Revolutionary Forefathers.

  2. The Biden regime in illegitimate and, like all illegitimate regimes throughout history, it will rule autocratically through the application of intimidation and force applied against the populace. This is already abundantly evident by the application of social and economic intimidation against anyone who dares to speak out about the blatant theft of the election. Next comes jail time for public dissidents or those who question the new order.

    Conservatives richly deserve this fate. The massive, coordianated election fraud in the 2020 election was an act of war by the political left against the political right. This was precisely the hill upon which conservatives had to choose to either fight or die. Not only did they fail to fight, most of the conservative establishment joined the opposing forces.

    Conservatives are now a conquered people, and like all conquered people throughout history they must live by the rules and customs imposed by their conquerors, until they find the fortitude to change their status. We will not vote our way out of this.

    • My 70 yr old mother visited my home yesterday. She was commenting on how people are getting really pissed off about the Biden Administration stopping the Keystone Pipeline.

      I said to her, “So what? What are these pissed off people going to do? Vote?”

      That opened her eyes.

  3. Even with the anointing of Mumbly Joe Biden as president, half the country still hates the other half, and that second half is working up a good hatred for the first half….”
    Hmmmmm. Tough call. It’s absolutely right, of course, but I think the fractions are off. What’s that quote? “A third of the country is ginning itself up to murder 1/3 of the rest, while the remaining 1/3 stands by idly watching…”
    People are saying that Joe will be the last POTUS. I am not so sure; he definitely will be the end of a coherent Democrat party and it will definitely go to war with itself as soon as the old bastard dies. After that, whites will be driven out and they can either form up on your side of the great divide – or go independent. The cucks may align with them as well.
    I am just shocked at all the cucks showing up on Gab these days. I hope they can be red pilled sooner rather than later…

    • The cucks will be among the 1/3 standing around watching the fight. Or they will go off somewhere and do missionary work.

  4. but the worst crime is noticing that nonwhites commit most of the crime. Not only has morality been turned on its head, but the underlying logic of human relations has been destroyed.

    In the next few years we can likely expect many new innovative double binds, but they always have the same substrate.

  5. Somehow, I’m reminded of that scene in Sierra Madre where Humphrey Bogart calls out to the banditos asking to see their badges. “Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!”

    Your government is laughing at you now. “Laws? We don’t need no stinking laws!”

  6. At least we can comment here.

    It makes absolute sense to link to the Monday Taki column rather than have to double down on Monday.

    As to the substance, not only is this unsustainable and destructive, there is an attempt to destabilize the entire world with this corporatist totalitarianism. I’ve always written the key is to making the lives of the ruling class (not their political/administrative state whores) miserable as hell. That remains true but damned if they might not inflict misery on themselves first. It soon enough will be a world where the rulers don’t want to live, either.

    • Yep. I gave up on Taki when they closed off the comments. I will read Z’s stuff – but the rest of it is just too monotonous without comments.

      • I agree with your frustration, brother, but you gotta admit that the comments during the comments-era-Taki’s were dominated by some high level alpha psychopaths. I’m sure that the mag’s legal team was constantly wondering if they would’ve (eventually) been held responsible for some crime that had been mooted in the com-box. I always had a good time there, but I followed the rules mentioned by the Z-man. Some of those guys were flat rotten.

    • A continuous destabilization campaign.

      I woke up thinking desegregation, school bussing, was a destabilization experiment of entire neighborhoods, time schedules, and community rhythms.

      Like covid, it was done at the behest of a few weirdos. The scary part is that, like covid, we all went along, even though the blacks started rioting on every campus from the get-go.

      (I second that upvote on linking to Taki’s. Thank you, Zman. Note to readers: Taki’s ‘High Life’, articles posted by Taki himself, are a delight, exuding Old World charm and veritably aristocratic class. Taki delivers delicious dish.)

  7. I now assume that everything the media says and everything the ruling classes publicly do, is the exact opposite of reality.

    • Yes, our awesome “ruling elite” have pretty much ruined everything, turned it on its head and our moral compass is whacked out. There’ll hell to pay at some point and it isn’t going to be pretty.

    • “Opposite” is a key word. The elites do the opposite of the lessons of history, the opposite of the warnings from literature like Brave New World, 1984, etc. Immigration policies are the opposite of human nature and observed reality. Trade policies are the opposite of what’s needed for strong communities and families. Truth and honesty from the elites? Nah, the opposite. Everything is fake and gay.

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