The Bad Faith Society

Note: The weekly Taki post is up here. It somewhat ties into the post below. Behind the green door is a new post on the 1960 classic, The Apartment. This was my first viewing, so I was surprised to like it, even thought I did not get any of the jokes.

When two parties attempt to negotiate a deal, the starting assumption is both sides actually want a deal. That is not always the case, but if one side thinks the other side is not coming to the table in good faith, they are wise to break off negotiations. For starters, they are wasting their time, since there is no deal to be had. Second, a party that starts a negotiation with a lie is going to keep lying. If you cannot trust anything they are saying, or their intentions, you cannot reason with them.

A simple example of this is car buying. When a person walks onto the lot, the salesman is trained to look for the signs that the person is just a tire kicker. He may profile him based on his appearance. A young guy looking at expensive sedans is probably not a serious buyer, for example. He will ask questions to determine if the person is serious about buying a car and willing to entertain an offer. The point is, he is determining if the other side is open to reason and ready to bargain in good faith.

This is the heart of any negotiation. Both sides have to start with the belief that the other side is amenable to reason and is bargaining in good faith. They may have different goals and very different ways of negotiating, but both sides have to be open to reason and come to the table in good faith. In other words, both sides want to find a deal that satisfies both sides. Otherwise, both sides are just wasting their time and perhaps harming their own interests in the process.

This is also the basis for popular government, which is nothing more than a long public negotiation. The various interests in a society have their goals regarding the issues they see as important and they work the process that is setup for hashing out the particulars and promoting their case. The public is both the referee and a counterparty. They make their voice heard throughout the process. The politicians are the hired negotiators, tasked with hashing out a compromise that satisfies the majority.

Like the simple deal between two parties, the democratic process relies on all sides being reasonable and operating in good faith. Sure, there are always bad actors trying to fool the public or game the process. The system, through elections, debates, public hearings, and investigations, is supposed to flush out the bad actors or at least correct what they have done after it is discovered. It may not be pretty, but the point is for reasonable people acting in good faith to reach a compromise.

What happens when the parties are not open to reason and they are not operating in good faith when they bargain? In a business negotiation, this often results in one side or the other breaking of negotiations. One side sees that the other is lying or up to shenanigans, so they stop wasting their time. This happens a lot, so firms train their people to look for the signs, so they do not waste their time. The most valuable commodity is time so you cannot waste it on bad deals.

In a democratic system of government, there are supposed to be rules to punish those who do not argue in good faith. Politicians who take bribes, for example, are removed from office and sent to prison. Interests that misrepresent themselves or defraud the public see their interests destroyed as a way to discourage the practice. There are laws that allow the media and the public to examine the claims of the various parties in order to root out corruption and deception. That is the theory, leastways.

That is clearly not where America is right now. Liberal democracy has evolved into one giant game of liar’s poker. Much like the financial markets, the big players in the system no longer have respect for the spirit of the rules. They never come to any deal in good faith and they are never open to reason. They want to “win” the deal by getting all of what they want at the expense of the other parties. In modern liberal democracy, no one is acting in good faith and no one is open to reason.

It is not just the big interests gaming the system. The system itself has been gamed to the point where only a sucker operates in good faith. The politicians, instead of operating as brokers and negotiators, are middlemen facilitating the looting of the system by the big players. Public debate is now a game of shadows, because the mass media lies about everything and is always pushing an agenda on behalf of the big players or their politicians working on their behalf.

Of course, the old adage about always knowing who the sucker in the room is when in a room full of sharps applies here. In the great hall that is where negotiations happen in a liberal democracy, the monied interests, the politicians, the media, and the shadowy players of the permanent ruling class put on a negotiating show. The public, until very recent, was never sure who was being conned by the grifters. As the saying goes, they were always the sucker in the system.

This is the heart of the current crisis. The reason the financial markets keep needing bailouts is because everyone inside that system is a liar. No one comes to a deal in good faith and no one is willing to reason with the other side. Everyone is trying to take advantage of everyone else. In a system of zero social trust, entropy is inevitable, which in human systems means collapse. This is why the financial markets careen from crisis to crisis, needing bailouts from the public.

Liberal democracy is mirroring the financial markets. This makes perfect sense, as the entire culture has been financialized. Republican virtue was removed from the official system long ago. What remained of it with the general public went away with the events of the last few years. America now finds itself in a world where no one acts in good faith and no one is open to reason. We have reached the point where we need a bailout, but there is no bailout for a liberal democracy that fails.

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248 thoughts on “The Bad Faith Society

  1. Great article on Taki’s. I’ve mentioned in past comments that I know civnats who know it’s dead but want to keep dancing with the corpse. They were big fans of NR’s pathetic appeal to return to Reaganism. They know it’s dead but will go down swinging to defend it and wax nostalgia about it. These guys are in their 50s and 60s. I’m in my 30s and they will fabricate stories about how great Ronaldus Magnus was. They don’t really know what I know which is good because they would toss me overboard if HR wanted to root out wrongthinkers.

  2. Biden “winning”, woke up a lot of suckers. Turning off tv’s, ditching phones, buying silver, homeschooling, growing food….a whole lot of little fuckyous can add up to a big Fuckyou. The satanic death cult can rant and rave from DC, so what, ignore and disobey. Having no honor, they deserve contempt.

    • An irony there is that Crowder wants to preserve a system which cultivates effects that he loathes. His frustration is well earned, same as anyone who is dull enough to identify as conservative.

  3. When a person walks onto the lot, the salesman is trained to look for the signs that the person is just a tire kicker”

    A loser salesman, you mean. Another view:
    A guy don’t walk on the lot lest he wants to buy. They’re sitting out there waiting to give you their money! Are you gonna take it? Are you man enough to take it?” — Glengarry Glen Ross

    Remember, ABC: Always Be Closing.

    • Alec Baldwin might just be the biggest horse’s ass that ever walked the earth, but his performance in GGR is riveting, right up there with George C Scott in the opening scene of Patton.

      • I’m old enough to remember Lee J. Cobb in “Death of a Salesman”. In those days, the best drama to be found on Earth was in the theater and not the movies.You could actually smell the emotion coming from the stage. Ditto for “12 Angry Men.”

    • Reminds me of a car buying experience. I wandered around a Chevy dealership, was ignored (young woman at the time) for about 20 min., finally a young guy of apparent Indian ethnicity approached me and I ended up ordering a new Blazer (S-10, the first yr they came out, I was the first SUV owner that I knew of in my area) at STICKER PRICE.

  4. Rush Limbaugh is on the radio today telling his Civ Nat audience that Civ Nat ideology is dying of terminal cancer too.
    Interesting to hear Rush lay it on the line about what a predicament civic nationalism has found itself in 2021.

    • I wonder if the magnitude of the corruption so prevalent in our government will ever become widely known. At the rate that the evidence, the monuments and the books are being cleansed or removed, how will future generations learn the truth? It is the victors who write it. America or Rush? Which is failing faster? At least Rush is fighting his illness. Who will provide the autopsy for America? Covid? White people? Our racist founders? Store Zman’s essays in a hermetically sealed lock box for posterity’s sake.

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  6. One thing I never understood is why pelosi never took the shutdown deal in early 2018. If I remember right trump promised a dream act on condition that his wall was built. Yet pelosi could never explain why she rejected it. Especially since the dream act was always a huge priority for the dems

    Edit: it seems when I post via phone I have a pepe trump Avi while when I post on my desktop I don’t

    • Mandatory E-verify (with penalties) would have been much cheaper and more effective than a wall. And instead of giving a discount for preferentially hiring foreigners over citizens (as H-1B and OPT do) there should be a surcharge.

      • E-verify with penalties would never have been enforced, just like any other immigration law on the books. Illegals would at least have been slowed up by having to climb over or tunnel under a wall.

        • Wall was half the problem, especially if we were talking about illegals just hopping over the Southern border. 2nd part of the problem was to sour the milk: no job, no welfare, and no remittances sent out of country. Of course, both parties connived to kill anything resembling a sound policy. How anyone could not figure this out is amazing. This had to be the best, most obvious example of the corruption of our government and the scorn our elected leaders hold us in.

    • Perhaps if tens of millions of illegals are naturalized, her corporate sponsors will have to pay more in wages and taxes.

  7. Tend to agree. What is the logical endgame of a zero trust society? Read Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago for a taste of like in the Soviet prison camps. Or Primo Levi’s Survival at Auschwitz. These, perhaps, show the desperate morality that survival pressures force a “society” into. Not relevant today? I guess you’ve never read any accounts of life in our prison system. It’s not a pleasant picture. But yes, I concur with Z’s notes today.
    The cronyism will continue, the bailouts will continue, until they no longer work. Likely, that’ll be when the dollar is worthless and the government is finally bankrupt and has lost all credibility.
    The insiders, the 1%, are like ticks on a dog, they are enjoying their feast, they are gorging themselves and have no incentive to leave. Indeed, they will stay and reproduce until the host is dead. Then they will be dead too.
    Our nation, to all appearances, is on a slow (?) decline towards an uncertain, but very likely, a horrific finale.

  8. What’s next on the mask front? Certified masks. No more homemade masks. Made in China masks provided by manufacturers who bribe the regulators. $29.95 at Target, discounted to $27.77 online. Next month the standard is upgraded and your current mask goes the way the one your wife made went. Rinse, repeat, Rinse, repeat.

    • Yep they use the excuse that so many of the conservatives had of this mask does nothing against them…Which goes to show you if you don’t push back at what really matters then they will just keep squeezing you…

    • Betty: “Did you SEE that Karen’s kids were only wearing a paper mask at the park while playing in the sun? She is SO inconsiderate. My co-workers 85 year old dad DIED the other day. MY kids only wear official Fauci-masks. I’m so afraid and my husband agrees.”

      • Logistics Brother they didn’t have enough of them yet when they do from companies they have an investment in they will require them…

  9. A brief White Pill to fend off the inclination for despair or defeatism. The collapse is the cure because it forces awareness and action. The bad actors are relatively few and the number of hard men still in existence is very, very large by comparison. The bad guys have cunning, but little else in the realm of robustness. Many of the remaining hard men are natural hunters and embrace hardship and challenge.
    Let the games begin. Welcome to the Year of Living Dangerously USA Style.

    • That thought though of When evil men work together good men must associate/band together or evil will flourish comes to mind…So it really doesn’t matter if there is a lot of hard men if they keep being isolated…They will just be picked off one by one and with each one that falls in makes the rest lose a percentage of those wanting to stand up until they get to you…

      • That’s defeatist and dishonors our forebears who fought (and yes, many died) to create and preserve our freedoms. Cast aside your doubts and despair, and focus instead on how you can contribute and not be easily “picked off.” Here’s a suggestion. Don’t join a militia because the guy sitting next to you could the U/C Fed that ultimately “picks you off.”

        • Your hiding plan is defeatism my plan of banding together with like-minded men is the only way we have of winning…Our forefathers let’s see that’s plural isn’t it…Oh and when have I ever said join a militia…


    “The knowledge is gone. The cultural capital is gone; the society that produced those kinds of productive people hasn’t existed in decades.

    The human material who would actually do the building is gone: dimwit MBAs destroyed the skilled working classes, atomized their communities, continue to demonize and demoralize them and utterly destroyed the kind of basic low level education and social cohesion required to have a productive workforce.”

  11. Great article in Taki! Z is a 21st century “pamphleteer”!

    In fact, there is growing suspicion that civic nationalism was always a lie. It was a way to keep middle-class whites from seeing who was subverting their society and corrupting their culture.

    Reading about immigration legislation at the turn of the century proves that “Civic Nationalism” of the Ben Shapiro variety, was indeed an invasive ideology.
    White identity was integral to “the system” at one time. Then the system changed to exclude the biological identity of the West, somehow. Its a real (bloody) head scratcher.

    • “…suspicion that civic nationalism was always a lie…”

      That there is the biggest problem TPTB faces. What happens when no one buys, “we need you to send your sons off to some fly-blown place to get their legs blown off”, or “we need you to throw away perfectly good TVs (phones, etc.) and “upgrade” to these here new ones” … or…

      Whatever it may be that benefits someone not named YOU.

      And for kicks, while expecting, demanding these things of you, they demonize you.

      Sure, how they gonna put that genie back in the bottle? Create more willing “Gold Star Mothers”?

      • Force is the last option of Tyranny…We know it’s coming but people still yet are dallying like they just can’t bring themselves to let go of the illusions…

      • Imagine this happens:

        Jose, Pajeet, and Banjooo from Somalia start calling white Americans un-patriotic and traitors for not wanting to fight America’s wars while they gladly agree to be sent off. Assuming they win whatever war it is, they return and for the next two generations the talk on the street is that white people are traitors and deserve everything that has come down on them.

        And that becomes the official position of the government too.

        • That’s a plausible theory of demonization, and we ought to expect it. A weakness of the unwhites’ accusation, however, appears when we consider motivations for U.S. militarism, esp. Zionism and MIC revenues. Unwhite bigots will need to answer for their collaboration. They will cry tu quoque, of course, to which the rebuttal will be ‘not anymore’.

        • There is no way Jose, Pajeet, and Banjoo (or, more aptly, Abdi Mohammed) from Somalia can win any war they fight. Before they even get ambushed and blown up by the enemy, they will cut each other’s throats at camp in an argument over which meat is kosher or not to eat.

  12. Sulla tried to bail out the Roman Republic by arriving with an army, forcing a bunch of reforms (which were actually quite well thought out and might have stabilized the republic for centuries to come) down their throats against their will, then giving up power and retiring. Then one day he died, and once they were no longer afraid of his sword, the Senate undid every single one of the reforms he had forced on them, and went right back to business as usual.

    • Reminds me of post-Franco Spain and, to an extent, Ireland. It’s like the first chance they got at an honest election it was a vote for ‘Debauchery Now!”

  13. Representative government works only as long as the constituent groups want to achieve the same ends but disagree on the means. Once these groups want incompatible ends, the good faith that representative government requires vanishes.

    If you’re sharing a car with another person and you agree on the destination, you may disagree about the best route to take and there is no serious problem. If the two occupants of the car want to go to different destinations, there can be no cooperation.

    The homogeneity of your country matters much more than the economic system.

  14. The republic itself was a mistake, a colossal historical blunder. Republics are never sustainable because of the requirements outlined in this article.

    Good faith is unsustainable when thugs and goblins abound and barbarians are *inside* the gate. Republics thus slowly devolve into, at first, tyrannical democracies and with the J*wish Circus fully established it all collapses into a dystopian nightmare.

    (((They))) love these kinds of systems because money is the chief arbiter of public discourse and egalitarianism enables the inversion of justice, beauty, and honor.

    It’s ironic to say this but true regardless: we need a totalitarian, right-wing dictatorship or maybe a monarchy to break our shackles and set us free.

    Catch 2021: we can save freedom only by utterly torching “democracy”. May its bonfire be our beacon!

      • Just look at history. There’s an obvious & oft-repeated pattern:

        republics are transient whereas monarchies endure & withstand the test of time.

        Monarchies are ultimately superior because they are honor-based, not fueled by the greed of crass plutocracy.

        A dictatorship is essentially a monarchy that hasn’t consolidated itself (yet).

        And so I tell you all: from the ashes of Weimerica shall arise…the Aryan Reich!

        It is a tidal and inevitable force. It is the writing on the wall. It is the ghost rhyme of the wall shadows of Dresden.

        • Monarchs do not loot out their own kingdoms and weaken them. Some may be cruel, but they don’t import savages and barbarian hordes.

      • Carl, or anyone else who disagrees, please elaborate on your disagreements, especially if you take issue with Kesselfieber’s “we need a totalitarian, right-wing dictatorship or maybe a monarchy…”

        I’d like to hear your counter-arguments. Of course, Kesselfieber’s proposed solution has perils, but are they greater or more likely than the perils we presently face?

  15. “The Markets” realized at some point that the best way to get money was to force the US government to give them billions of dollars to keep everyone from sinking into destitution. So, it’s more like a hostage negotiation where the hostage is in on it more than anything.

    • Yes, due to so many Americans holding stock as part of their retirement plan and just the general financialization of the economy, the markets hold all the cards. The Fed and Congress have to do what the markets want.

      That said, the Fed is running out of bullets. Lowering interest rates is no longer effective. Debt is generating less and less economic activity. The real fear is what happens if the Fed and Congress inject all kinds of money into the system, but the markets don’t care.

      • I used to think that the Fed was running out of bullets, but the Obama-era “largest stock market bull run in history” changed my mind.

        Until our military dominance and our petrodollar advantage fail, the USA has infinite money. QE infinity.

        • Oh yeah, I talking very long term, not investment advice.

          Personally, I like a mix of buy-and-hold with cheap index funds (VT and AGG or VGIT) and an ensemble dual momentum TAA strategy such as AllocateSmartly’s Meta Strategy. B&H bonds for guaranteed safety (for now), B&H stocks in case the market keeps rising and TAA for some flexibility. Keep a bit in gold. Buy some land if you can. That combo should work for just about anything.

          • My “play money” is mostly in Natural Gas and a few Coal companies. Lately I’ve taken up options and have some cheap puts against various “alternative energy” firms. If you’ve guessed I think green new deal is a big fraud doomed to fail, you’d be right 😀 Fortunately perhaps for me, my “retirement” money is not mine to control.

          • It will fail when the gov. fails and not until then…Better divest yourself from coal because it is being phased out faster than you can imagine…Gas is still ok and they will be needing more of that in the future until someone decides the peasants don’t need reliable power anymore and then Gas will go down as well…

      • There is (apparently) a Dollar shortage all over the world. Any excess dollars printed by the Fed are being soaked up overseas, so it doesn’t have much effect on inflation here. Therefore our markets don’t care.
        BTW, for quite a while, overseas corporations have been issuing their stock denominated in Dollars rather than the local currency (issuing new shares of stock is similar to Fiat money, there’s not much behind it, other than the Faith and Credit of .. wait for it .. The USA). That’s one reason why there is a Dollar shortage around the world. I’ve read about this and commented on it for the last 12-14 months. Back in November-December 2019, the FED was printing $billions every week; where did it go? overseas.

        • The Milkshake Theory. Could be right. Certainly, a lot of dollars get soaked up to be used around the world. That said, the dollar is down more than ~10% against other currencies since March, so apparently the Fed is printing enough.

          The other issue is that the velocity of money has collapsed.

          Anyway, I’m not one of those guys saying the market or the dollar are going to come crashing down anytime soon – or ever. I’m just saying that the Fed and Congress are playing a dangerous game by being the backstop to the market every time it has the slightest problem.

          They should be the last ditch, “now we big out the big guns” option so investors have confidence in them. The more often the Fed and Congress are the backstop, the less allure that they have. They’re no longer this special option that can’t fail. They’re just the Fed and Congress doing what they always do. If people lose faith that they can fix the problem, there’s nothing left. Then, things really could get ugly.

          • An investing guru, Jim Dines I think, famously noted that “A trend, once in motion, tends to continue until it ends.” 🙂 Applied to our financial house of prostitution, yes, the looting will almost certainly continue until the dollar (and perhaps the issuing government) is totally worthless. 🙁

        • Just wait til they need money to finance the $15/hr minimum wage

          Where are all those dollars going to come from? Why banking interests like the min wage increase. It becomes the pretext for more money printing.

    • The S&P 509 is up 250% since the last recession (10 years). A 10 frigging year bull market with a +13.5% return per annum.

      Nobody can time the market, but what is more likely during the next 12 months: the market goes up 30% or down 30%?

      Meanwhile, the price of ammo has tripled / quadrupled, assuming you can find it. What does that tell you about future expectations?

  16. Mr. Z: I shared your latest Taki’s article with a number of friends and family … and it really resonated. I expected a fair amount of push back, especially from older family members who are (or were) the poster children for CivNat-ism. I received nothing but strong approval for the ideas in your article. So, while it’s just an anecdote, my sense is that (once again) you’re right on the money. GOP Inc is at best a hospice patient. One response I got: “no one can fail so spectacularly for so long without meaning to lose.”

  17. Money may not be the root of all evil, but greed very nearly is. The damage it causes is comprehensive and profound. But, if you had tried to tell me that 20 years ago, I would have laughed in your face and called you a pinko. It seems the farther right I moved culturally, the farther left I moved fiscally, although I’m still nobody’s socialist.

    • Socialism does nothing to prevent anyone living under it from becoming greedy. Particularly the people who get to decide how the distribution goes.

    • Culture is bad for business. People without a strong sense of identity usually try to fill the hole with money and stuff.

      Like you, I went culturally right, fiscally left. I think it’s because money and all that means less to me now. As long as people are expected to be reasonably self-sufficient, the rest is negotiable imo.

      • I wonder how much we have lost on the social scale because of what we have been forced to do by the government…I know I would be a lot more giving than I am now if I knew my giving was actually helping my people and I wasn’t forced to give so much bro the government…

        • So much I doubt those of us today can fathom it. I can hardly imagine the local church and social clubs providing welfare in more than a superficial way, or even communities governing themselves without looking over their shoulders for the state and the feds, taking grants from them, etc. It’s tragic.

    • But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that. People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. 1 Timothy 6:6-10 (NIV)

  18. Yes, things really have gotten that bad.
    Waking Up To Reality (cont)
    For 200 years, the USA was a frontier nation, and hard times & a hard environment made for hard men. That, and abundant resources, propelled us to the top of the heap. But those days are long gone and we now live in soft times, with an extinction of real hardship, and the era of Couch Potato Man is upon us. That is why we elect Corruptocrats and mortgage our future for added comfort in the present. And it cannot last, should not last, and will not last. The bubble will eventually burst and the correction will be harsh, cruel, and violent. The unprepared will whine and thrash, while the strong & smart swing an aimed axe. You must choose a side.

      • Bongino is laughing all the way to the bank. All the couch potato civnat’s are flocking to his neo-neoconservative shtick in which snark substitutes for courage and outrage substitutes for action. He can’t say 3 words without hurling invective at the Bad Guys, which is the key plank of his political counteroffensive. He notes that half the GOP are backstabbing traitors, but vote harder anyway because the Ds are somehow worse than a backstabber on your own team.

        • Once they say “vote harder”, I’m gone. Even Rush no longer says that. He basically lays it out on the line that the Dems/Leftists want to make voting ceremonial and impossible to use to change the situation.

          In short, they want to assume absolute power from now on by undermining any institutions that may potentially stand in the way of their assuming and maintaining absolute power. As he discusses elections, he also mentions SCOTUS as In the crosshairs and the shenanigans of creating more States and doing away with the Electoral College.

          Nothing we’ve not discussed here previously, but is a real Black pill coming from Rush. Rush is not pulling many punches these days.

  19. Slightly OT: I found something fascinating over the weekend.

    The New Yorker ran a long article about the Maoist Revolution and it’s awful similarity to where we are headed as a country with the arbitrary and every shifting laws. The struggle sessions, cancel culture, marginalizing of people w/ traditional values, etc.

    It was this long well researched article and the whole time I was thinking, “Wow, I’m surprised the New Yorker would allow such unfiltered honesty out into the world”. Because they wouldn’t. I’ll save you a lot of time. In the last few paragraphs after pages and pages of setup the analogy to our modern dilemma isn’t where we ARE, it is where we WERE. Yes, folks, Trump and his minions are the new Maoists!

    Can you imagine the levels of cogdis and pure alternate reality you have to live in to craft such a thorough article which parallels nearly every facet of where we are headed and then to twist yourself into the logic pretzels required to pin it on Trump? It is important to understand for us because it shows how absurdly deep into alternate reality these people have descended. The total fucking irony is they spend much of the article saying how it is so hard to imagine how family, neighbors, co-workers could turn into snitches, enforcers, torturers, and executioners. They say this without even the remotest hint of the dripping irony of pinning these behaviors on Trump supporters vs. the massive State, media, academia, hollywood, etc. apparatus currently propping up our own similar system.
    These are very dangerous people, treat them as such…

    Article if you care to read:

    • There is a bit of a Don Quixote vibe to whole thing, but with us as the targets instead of windmills, and instead of Don Quixote being an unknown loon he is dictator of the land.

    • Probably they are trying to plant firmly in people’s minds that Maoists have been identified and are Trumpists, therefore people who oppose Trump are not Maoists. Anti-maoists by definition cannot be Maoists, cannot be totalitarian.
      It’s the same technique used by Antifa to hide their fascism by loudly accusing their opponents of fascism, and by Antiracists to hide their racism by loudly accusing their opponents of racism.
      Their alternative reality is only knee-deep and they know it, but they are hoping we don’t realize we can just stand up and not drown.

  20. It is a shame Leon Cooperman doesn’t have anyone working for him who is willing to explain what is happening to him. The Will Rogers joke and Churchill quotes are beyond parody. He joined the giving pledge and started a scholarship program for “children of color” in Essex county. Plus he is willing to pay a 50% tax rate. Please don’t hate him.

    • Problem with raising the tax rate is that no matter where it goes to, it is never enough. That is why I don’t support such—even for the rich.

  21. The grifting seems to correlate perfectly with the rate of money creation. Since our financial masters are hooked on easy money like a heroin addict, I think we are beginning to see the endgame. Stay debt free, keep some gold and silver around, and put a lot of distance between you and big cities.

  22. The description of our republic as one big ongoing negotiation is an apt one. Of course, the democratic negotiation is simply a proxy for a much older negotiation. Namely: the power sharing negotiation between the elites and the commoners.
    The elites seem to have forgotten this, and that is bad news for them. Because if the commoners walk away from that table, things will get very ugly very fast.

  23. If one were to conjure an image that represented the conservative movement, it would be a group of middle-aged white guys grinning like chimps while standing in front of an empty trophy case.

    The image that always occurs to me is a bunch of old geezers huffing and puffing as they’re trying to haul a casket through a cemetery.

  24. I repeat: the system is not broken. All the laws and procedures to deal with today’s problems and issues are in place and codified right into law. Gift wrapped, on a silver platter – complete with precedents. Show me any current beef the dissident right has – and I can probably show you a legal remedy codified into law. A constitutional scholar will be able to cite chapters and verses – I have seen them do it. Your founding fathers knew what they were doing.
    We have a PEOPLE problem. You dissidents can dream up any system you want – regardless of how good it is – if you put a corpse like Joe Biden in charge of it, and infest it with perverts, clowns, and low IQ ethnic mystery meat… they will run it into the ground.
    If you want to change things, the first things that gotta go are the clowns.

    • Blame the people if you must, but don’t ever speak ill of the system! The system is rock solid. The system is sound.

        • At some point you will need a plan… and I have not seen one yet. The dissidents might want to think about this.

          • At some point you will need a plan…and I have not seen one yet.

            That plan has been offered for years: secession. You just haven’t been listening.

          • I am always happy to listen to the crime thinkers and dissidents. But peaceful secession is not in the works. Sure – you guys would be pleased as punch with it (as would I) – but the joggers, the welfare class, the imported masses of third world trash… they won’t feed themselves.
            They will start to starve within 30 days of your secession with out you to feed them. When they get hungry, they are going to go hunting.
            You may laugh at me and call me a crackpot, but I believe a nasty war is now on our plate, and it will come to every locale that has been diversified and culturally enriched.

      • Well, that’s the other thing, isn’t it? Everyone is bitching but nobody is proposing anything better.

      • I don’t want to words in Glenfilthie’s mouth, but his point appears to be that good institutions run by evil men will perpetuate evil. Not because the institutions are intrinsically evil, but because evil people are skilled are perpetrating evil. Couple that with the blog post, and it should be obvious to even you that railing about laws and institutions instead of officials and administrators means you’re the sucker in the room. Good and evil are terms that apply to moral agents. People are moral agents, institutions are not. Direct your ire at evildoers, not their tools.

        • Be that as it may, certain institutions more readily facilitate evil than others. The history of the USA–particularly from the 60s on–is the history of ever increasing institutional transmogrification. And we are now at the point that those institutions–along with the country–are no longer salvageable.

          • b b b but… if you tell three people to go vote and those three people each go tell three people and those people go tell…

            Glen Glen Glen… NO. we cannot fix the system. The system is already fixed… against the people.
            If the system is so sound then how did it become bastardized into the slimy remnant we see today? The laws are codified… but when the little people are powerless to utilize those laws against the ruling class then wtf good do the greatest fairest laws in all the land do? Even when the little guy finds a microscopic crack to wiggle into in hopes to crawl through to the other side, those lovely arbiters of justice within “The Great System” either squash them with outlandish interpretations of the rules or just outright change the damn rules. See Gamestop saga and watch what ensues.
            All the legal scholars in the world can tell you that continued restrictions leading to gun grabs are unconstitutional based on the “codified laws” but when we’ve established a system of executive fiat and the crony arms of big gov like ATF and FBI are all happy to enforce illegitimate laws and restrictions, the whole “system is not broken” bs implodes pretty majestically.
            Meanwhile, the political class abuses the system for the world to see and nothing happens. Are you drawing up the paperwork for your citizen’s arrest of Hillary Clinton for the grab bag of felonies she flaunts? What about the FBI attorney who falsified documents and got probation? The IRS targeting specific political groups? You wanted gripes. I gave you three, please enlighten us with your legal remedy for that level of systematic breakdown and corruption Glen. With any luck it’ll be a smashing success like the legal remedy to the joke of an election we just witnessed.
            As for the plan you so demand, the plan should be 1 slash 6 dot 20 twenty one done properly, simultaneously, everywhere. At some point the liberty tree will demand its thirst be quenched. My guess is that legal scholars and attorneys don’t have the juice.

          • Partially correct. We cannot fix things because now, fully 50% of Americans are trying to destroy the laws and checks and balances that have sustained your republic for over 200 years.
            Tell you what: stretch some necks. Start with Pelosi, the Clintons and maybe a Bush. Rinse and repeat for other high profile unelected swamp creatures. The message goes out that any others in the Swamp that are caught doing what they did – will get the same treatment. To drain the swamp – you actually have to move water.
            The first round of executions would effectively serve to reboot the system… and the real work of cleaning up would be in the ensuing civil war.

          • The institutions have been allowed too much power, and have been destroying alternate social support systems, and attacking masculinity and males with very little pushback….cuz “science” and “secular”, neither of which are…meanwhile importing “toxic masculinity” and high testosterone 3rd worlders. It’s ALL religion, humans will worship, whether it is government “experts”, or themselves (“I believe in me”). Laugh if you want, but satan is real, and there is little on earth more provable than Original Sin.

          • what you just wrote does not prove original sin, all it shows is that the force/s which manipulates this world is evil.

    • Good reminder that the Liberian Constitution was modeled after the US Constitution, complete with a Bill of Rights and everything. And look how they turned out. Even the most well thought out system in the world is useless if you have idiots running it.

      • Even the most well thought out system in the world is useless if you have idiots running it.

        And that’s your problem, right there.
        The idiots that you see are not running the system.

      • It wasn’t just modelled after the US Constitution (IIRC,) it was virtually verbatim. Derb did a podcast a while back where he mentioned all the countries that had adopted the US constitution in whole or in part. I wish I had bookmarked it.

      • A future ethnostate spinning off of the US will incorporate the hard lessons of American history into its fiber. Chief among them is that the franchise must be permanently and narrowly restricted.

          • I’d like to see women being barred from voting and politics too. They are just too emotional for the most part.

          • We discuss this every few weeks, but don’t get very far. One thing we could do, is at least raise the voting age to something that approaches maturity in the 21st century, say 25 or 30.

          • Another possibility is weighting the vote of certain groups more heavily than other groups. Perhaps women are allowed to vote, but their vote counts considerably less than that of most men.

      • They did pretty good actually, but your point is a good one. If you look at any flyblown, desolate third world chit hole banana republic – most of them will have flowery constitutions and bills of rights and freedoms with even loftier and more noble rhetoric than the American one.
        Your Constitution is nothing more than a piece of paper. Contrary to the pot headed libertarians, it is NOT a suicide pact, or a license to commit “victimless crimes”.

    • Yes, there is a people problem. But unfortunately a system is a function of its people.

      Africa Addio is an example which demonstrates this dependence.

      • I just read the Wikipedia entry for the film. What’s most striking is the blurb for the American version. It is a happy-face propaganda piece of the bright future awaiting Africa, now that the evil white man is routed. Woke progressivism was alive and well even fifty years ago! Heavily sanitized, 40 minutes cut out.

          • Yes, but I’d argue we had the excuse of naivety in the 60’s. We no longer have that excuse. If you still believe in the same utopia from the 60’s being implemented as you thought would work then, you are simply a brain dead ideologue.

      • A system is a function of it’s designers, not it’s users. An automobile is a system. It’s functional ability is predicated on its design. However, it’s ongoing operation is a function of the driver and maintenance person. Skilled, intelligent drivers can make nearly any car go anywhere, but some cars are definitely easier to operate and maintain while others are difficult. The main thing is to note the difference between design/designer and operation/operator. Sometimes they’re the same but most times are different.

        • Fair point: any system that receives no feedback from its users has no dependence on them by definition. In your example, the functional ability of a automobile is the system (presumably the theoretical ability, or while it’s still on the lot), which is dependent upon the design, hence the designers. Having no user, it has no dependence on them.
          However, if instead your system was the current functional ability of your automobile (which is a definition more relevant to these discussions), then it now becomes a function of its users.

        • The American vehicle was originally designed to transport only white people. Alas, it has been modified into an unrecognizable monstrosity that now automatically ejects whites and puts negroes in the driver’s seat.

    • The idea that we can be governed by impersonal laws, and not by men, has been the bullshit idea at the heart of liberalism since at least the 18th century. Any system based on it is doomed to… well, to what’s going on now.

      • The premise is Judaic. That the law exists outside the men existin under it. That premise was inherited to a lesser degree by Christianity.

      • Excellent. This is the crux of the problem. WE let this happen. We The People. The fact that Donald Trump is the best leader we have been able to produce in the western world in over 30 years… should tell you something.
        And this is not the fault of you younger guys, the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of men like me. Buckley would mouth off and we’d take it. The left was already showing signs of lunacy and we shrugged and let them get away with it. At the time, we Paleocons and other Yesterday Men were shouted down by morons and dunces… and we just sat there and took that too. And now we’re being ordered to lock down for a fake pandemic buy men in dresses, and taking orders from geriatrics that should be in an old folks home cheating at cards.
        Bill Clinton should have been jailed. The Bush crime family should never have been allowed near the Whitehouse. Obama should have been shining shoes and emptying spittoons in a cat house. These people won’t stop; they have to BE stopped.
        It’s not enough to bitch about all this; we have to fix it in a lawful and respectable manner that is fair to people.

        • I disagreed with your earlier statement regarding legal remedies but this is spot on until the last sentence. I’m a millennial and it frustrates me to no end when people on our side decry my generation as if it sprung out of thin air. I didn’t create my generation, YOU ALL did. It’s like Dr. Frankenstein being pissed that the monster he created runs amuck and screws everything up.

          When I selectively tell people I voted for Trump they often ask why I’m “so republican” bc most millennials lack the acumen to understand political concepts or positions outside RED TEAM MEAN, ME LIKE BLUE TEAM CUZ FREE STUFF. I always respond the same way. I voted for him to crater the GOP. One can’t be mad at the enemy for being the enemy. One MUST be livid at the people supposedly on one’s side who let the enemy gain so much power that one can no longer fight back within the confines of the system.

          The generations before me allowed the House of Hymen to balloon into the swamp hydra we see today but somehow my generation gets the blame? Sure most people my age perpetuate the stupidity, but they’ve been blinded by distractions like diversity and the alphabet soup of genders while the cronies at the top chisel away at our basic rights unchecked.

          In defense of previous generations, I understand that everyone assumed normalcy would surely win out, but here we are. I have a feeling that asking nicely and finishing with a “pretty please” isn’t going to do the trick. They know they are breaking the rules, telling them they’re doing it won’t change anything.

    • It IS a people problem in that the people running the system aren’t suited to the nation. So you have to ask how they got to be in that position, and if the answer is that the system didn’t prohibit it… it’s a systemic problem.

      Or to put it more plainly, we were a Christian nation with secular laws. What could go wrong?

        • It was the Enlightenment and everybody was caught up in it. There’s nothing intrinsically Christian about killing your brother, or un-Christian about prohibiting it.

          There larger point is keeping outsiders on the outside.

      • I think you miss a key point of the Founders: they explicitly set up a secular government, with secular laws, that was at least at first, neutral to religion, neither favoring nor restricting various faiths.

        • John Adams had wise words about that: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

        • As a practical matter, they imposed a second religion upon “the People” in whose name they set up their system, and scarcely a word of it is entailed by the trinitarians’ cult of Jesus. Hence the FF expected the populace to accept two false religions. No one ought to be surprised that it’s all turned out so badly.

        • Secular is a myth. We currently have a nation full of communists, pagan state worshippers, full of zealotry and eager to kill infidels. Convincing Christians that government was a neutral “secular” referee was a trojan horse. Claiming that “science” (controlled by corporations and government) is rational and God is a “spaghetti monster in the sky” superstition, while at the same time pushing the superstition that scientific people management (by human “experts”)and child rearing will result in a magical utopia of sinless (by the humanists ever changing standards) humans is the real lie.

        • You can’t escape your environment, as in you see the world through it. “Other faiths” really meant, a rare/occasional Jew, some Catholic papists, an a whole shit pile of reform Christian sects. That’s pretty homogenous in my thinking—and at that we had quite a few problems among them.

      • Don’t be preposterous.
        We have anti-monopoly laws that were put specifically in place to prevent the crap coming out of the tech oligarchs. They should have been broken up long ago under that legislation. The problem is that people will not enforce existing law.

        • I’m not saying Christian laws are the only solution to our problems, but it is a (so to speak) off-the-shelf solution for us westerners, with a long moral and economic tradition that suits us and served our ancestors well.

          What puzzles me is why so many (not saying you) are repulsed by the idea when the vast majority would have little trouble adapting to laws that reflect the ethics they’re inured to. Especially when the loss of those ethics is what troubles so many of us.

          • I’m not saying Christian laws are the only solution to our problems…
            debating the benefits of christianity is like beating a dead horse, christian europe is no more, it was imposed on europeans by the rulers of those days and now it’s being removed by the rulers of our days.
            but don’t worry, the israelites are working hard to come up with a new israelite messiah for europeans to worship.
            Anti Christ basically means the new Christ or Christ’s replacement.

          • Yep it’s antichrist alright. Or judeo-christianity as they say these days. But 60 years of cultural revolution can’t undo 1500 years of culture.

            I’m a Christian, and I know others aren’t, and that’s OK. It’s a workable solution, though. It seems to be doing Russia good, and they’ve been through far worse.

          • Imposed by the rulers of the day as in the ruler converted, so the people followed. But that was exchanging one religion and doctrine for another. Today was are abandoning a God base belief system, for an atheistic/humanistic alternative. I think that’s something entirely different—but that’s about the limit of my ability to explain.

          • Whatever it is, people act like lawmakers are God. Terrified to break the rules even when they know the rules are BS. A higher power is necessary.

    • I repeat: the system is not broken.

      Correct. The system is not broken, but you refuse to see its defective design, which favored totalitarians and Judean tapeworms all along. So Lord Macaulay was somewhat on the right path when when he wrote hyperbolically that “Your Constitution is all sail and no anchor”. You’re oblivious also to the weakness of soothing humanist lies such as “all Men are created equal” and “We the People”. These serve as rivets, bolts, and linchpins of the system and stimulate tolerance for “perverts, clowns, and low IQ ethnic mystery meat”. A properly conceived system would not have such fragile components holding it together.

      A constitutional scholar will be able to cite chapters and verse

      A dupe is a pseudoscholar, but I’m sure that there are some aware knaves among Con law propagandists, esp. those who were law school students during their 20’s.

      if you put a corpse like Joe Biden in charge of it

      How can you be serious about Biden being in charge when he utters ridiculous nonsense like his claim that he entered the Senate 180 years ago? He’s a useful puppet who had scarcely anything to do with sifting and sorting the mishmash of ideas which animate his mouth.

      If you want to change things, the first things that gotta go are the clowns.

      What must go first are bad ideas which perverted the thoughts of the ruled and which emboldened a new ruling class to promote clowns, perverts, and so on. If you doubt me, consider how Christian organizations were made wobbly by inserting skepticism and, on occasion, truth into the thoughts of the faithful over a period of centuries. Nowadays, absurdities like the ascension are defended sheepishly by mediocrites and enthusiastically by obvious kooks.

      • I think someone had quipped here that if the current system exists within the confines of the constitution, then the constitution has to go; if not and the constitution was just unable to stop the lurch into the current madness then there’s no point going back to it since we’ll just wind up in the same mess again and again.

        • I first encountered that line of thinking about the C. in No Treason by Lysander Spooner (1808-1887), who grounded part of his criticism of the C on the fact that it wasn’t the product of consent of the people. He was badly bent out of shape by this preoccupation and by his abolitionism, and I think that this interferred with popularization of the main point of the three No Treason essays: The Constitution is fake law. Of course, most people are unfit for participation in government by virtue of low intelligence, poor character, abundant vices, bad temperament, or lack of energy. So consent hardly matters.

        • If communists use the constitution to get the power of the guns of gov’t, but refuse to abide by it, that is a pretty obvious FLAW. The bst recourse is minimal gov’t, no “administrative agencies”, etc.

      • It probably would. Unfortunately, it does nothing to account for real human nature, and makes ludicrous assumptions about the altruism of the human animal.
        Capitalism does a better job of it, but not always.

    • It bears repeating: what we call “Law” is arbitrarily interpreted and selectively applied based upon the characteristics of the persons involved.

  25. Everyone is trying to take advantage of everyone else.

    It’s the “Jewification” of society. Jews, more or less, have taken control of the country, or, at the very least, haven taken enough control that the old, high-trust system can no longer function.

    When it was just a few Jews taking advantage of a few goys here and there, the overall system could still function, but when the grifters become the system, it can’t work. You saw that on Wall Street last month. Jews were playing the system, and the Reddit spergs started playing the Jews. The system starts to crack.

    The same is becoming true of politics. Jews are in charge, but grifters aren’t built to run things, just to take advantage of people. People start to notice. What’s more, other grifter groups, such as Indians and Chinese, are entering the game. Much like the Reddit crew, the Indians and Chinese will disrupt Jewish cons.

    And, of course, whites are also beginning to wake up to the game. We’re not naturally good grifters, but we can at least walk away from the con, leaving the grifters trying to grift each other, which, of course, producing nothing.

    • Dershowitz nominates Kushner for a peace prize. Thanks for my daily laugh Mr. Porn-is-free-speech!

      • Dershowitz, whom I respect—is a Jew. They all support Israel for the most part. Payback I guess to a fellow Jew who serves the interests of Israel well, even if not the USA.

    • Yeah. When you analyze the current situation and leave out the JQ you are just skirting around the edges. Not acting in good faith, scamming high trust people, and gaming the system are all historical characteristics of a certain tribe. After all, 9 of the top 10 ponzi schemes have been run by the tribe.

      Wall Street scams, impeachment (both the first and second), claims of white privilege, backing of BLM and race hoaxes, our international villain du jour, on and on it is all being led by the tribe. To not acknowledge that is to ignore reality which is how we got into this mess to begin with.

      These short selling scams have to be the quintessential Jewish collaboration. You get Jewish Hedge funds angry that gentiles are messing with their scam. A Jewish secretary of the treasury reportedly springs into action and calls the investment house to shut down the trading. The Jewish press condemns the renegade goys. Jewish regulators in the SEC must be ready to punish the gentiles for not knowing their place

      • One upside to the death of civic nationalism is that it will be much easier to question the antics of the levantines. In many circles, guys will foam at the mouth and go into conniption fits if you mention them. Israel First has been rapidly deflating these last few weeks.

    • This ties a lot in with Z’s article on the death of civic nationalism. Without it, the grifter class no longer has the cover to operate. It will either shrink or rely more on brute force and even the latter has a short shelf life. The chosenites at the top wanted to accelerate their schemes but they moved too fast. When OWS and the tea party happened, they hit the pedal to the metal on anti-whiteness. It was a bold gamble but it’s created too many cracks in the system.

      They have no choice but to keep accelerating. They had the option to pump the brakes but January ruined that. It’s all or nothing for these guys. The system is going to accelerate their plans decades ahead of schedule. They have no escape plan other than to keep doubling down. That’s why Biden has been furiously signing EOs. They can’t evaluate or take measured approaches, it’s full speed ahead. They have no choice but to go 100 mph, not knowing if there is a cliff over the horizon.

  26. The root (the rot?) of our breakdown is diversity, and the resulting disintegration of social trust. The worst effect of diversity is not that Whites don’t trust the non-Whites thrust upon them, but that they no longer trust each other. It’s not going to get better.
    From Robert Putnam’s “E Pluribus Unum”:
    “Diversity does not produce ‘bad race relations’ or ethnically-defined group hostility, our findings suggest. Rather, inhabitants of diverse communities tend to withdraw from collective life, to distrust their neighbours, regardless of the colour of their skin, to withdraw even from close friends, to expect the worst from their community and its leaders, to volunteer less, give less to charity and work on community projects less often, to register to vote less, to agitate for social reform more , but have less faith that they can actually make a difference, and to huddle unhappily in front of the television. Note that this pattern encompasses attitudes and behavior, bridging and bonding social capital, public and private connections. Diversity, at least in the short run, seems to bring out the turtle in all of us.”

    • I’m currently watching a Russian made production of the rise of Catherine the Great (Ekaterina). So far it’s mostly about her dealing with her weirdo husband and his psychopathic aunt, the Russian Empress (Elizabeth). It’s set in the mid-1700s and a European war is about to break out. It struck me – why are these people always in conflict with one another as they are all essentially Germanic? Is it the inbreading and subsequent pathology of the ruling class, some other unnamed irritant, or an unholy combination of the two? Even though we’re not fighting physical wars with each other today we’ve still been suicidally divided. In any case, when people so genetically similar can’t even get along it’s madness to think diversity can work on any level.

      • War is the health of the state. The people see you as a father, with all that entails. The nobles are would-be rebels and usurpers. The church has everybody’s soul. It’s a lot to manage.

      • Agreed that we Whites inflicted more damage on ourselves in the 20th Century than any outside race could have – especially in Europe..

      • It has ever been thus. Competition for land and resources is the warp and weft of history, and that competition frequently comes in the form of war. And it’s all against all, too–brother wars, imperial conquest, barbarians against civilizations and civilizations against barbarians. It’s what we are as a species.

  27. Perhaps unnecessary, but an ebellishment (in CAPS) to one of the statements in the article.
    “Of course, the old adage about always knowing who the sucker in the room is (INSERT PICTURE OF REPUBLICAN CONGRESSPERSON HERE) when in a room full of sharps applies here”.

    • Are you implying that republican congressmen are the suckers? If yes, please look again, a little harder, maybe use a mirror too.

        • Republican congressmen are not the suckers. They are part of the con. People who vote for them are the suckers.

          • And just like that, Cruz is suddenly throwing Trump (most importantly, his base) under the bus and chumming up to AOC. You’d think these RINOs get whiplash.

          • Funny enough I saw a bunch of magapedes hoping Cruz or Hawley will bail them out in 2024. It’s a sad state of affairs. I wonder what will happen when they realize they have nobody who will help them out.

          • Republicans have always served as the pressure release valve. No matter how bad things got, one side could blame the other, and the system survived. When we stop voting, let’s see how long the elite can survive when the dirt people all know who is responsible.

  28. This, yesterday’s “Dissolution” piece, and your Taki column today are about as good of an explanation as I’ve read for the current state of affairs. I had assumed it would take a humiliating military defeat and/or another financial crisis to turn Americans against their government but neither of those were needed in the end. What brings about disintegration, since reform no longer is possible, remains to be seen but the State is on increasingly thin ice. Last week’s ludicrous arrest of a political prisoner and intensified censorship regime, coupled with the revelation of American markets as manipulated and fraudulent, marked the beginning of the end of the United States.

    I don’t think we are necessarily talking about a multi-generational dissolution any longer, either. The immediate problem is dying empires turn their fury inward after military campaigns go south. So we have a weird situation where imperial subjects find themselves in the same boat as the Russians, Chinese and Iranians, all knowing an attack will come at some point. To live in these borders and reject the transparently false narratives is to be somewhere between Soviet dissidents and Armenians under the final stages of Ottoman rule. Let’s hope it is more the former rather than the latter, but acknowledge pain and misery will be inflicted as revenge either way. The Gray Man Option is the best choice at the moment.

    • I think we all recognize the Gray Man Option but I never had a name for it before now, nice. I’ll be using that one in the future (the name and the option itself). I do hope however that all of the conscientious hard-working whites taking that option will someday get the opportunity to band together explicitly in their own common interest. Perhaps sometime after the inevitable collapse and Balkanization / Brazilification. I hope I live long enough to see it..

      • Where there’s a will, there’s a way. People in the past have gotten the jackboot good and hard, and now it’s our turn to have our jacobs in the vise. Twas ever thus.

        But learning new skills (in either a new field, or your existing one) and looking out for your immediate community are of course the most important things to do immediately. Having children and educating them yourself if possible is also a must.

        Now more than ever it is time to use your eyes and your brain.

    • Yea I wonder how many kulaks thought the same thing…If we just stay quiet and hide in our homes maybe they won’t get to us…I will let you in on a little secret if you’re white you can’t hide…If we don’t band together we deserve everything and we will for damn sure burn in the camps…This is why they are doing this shit to us because no one has banded together to be a stop against it…

    • H.R. 127 will be the one to watch. Gun grabbing at it’s absolute finest. Registration, psych evals, 24 hours of training, large portions of commonly held firearms to be designated “military style” with punitive $$/registration requirements.

      Can we just make handguns illegal for 15-35 year old black men and take suicides out of the “gun deaths” stats? That would pretty much do the trick.

      Not the point, of course.

      • I read through that thing – typical political gobbledegook, but pretty draconian. I wonder how they think they’ll enforce compliance and if they realistically can? That’d be a YUGE nut to crack and I doubt it can be anywhere near accomplished. I guess they figure if they can get away with 1st amendment type crap, they can ride roughshod here as well – I don’t think so.
        However, you’re totally correct about blacks. Frankly, it should be illegal for any of them to own a firearm, but of course the vast majority used in their never ending shootings are illegal anyway. If the penalties for possession and/or use of such firearms was strict enough and strictly enforced, it might have an effect, but in our current times, it ain’t never gonna happen.

      • I used to say “no way”, but today who knows. What I find “interesting” is how punitive the bill is. You look at the penalties and you realize—if you’ve half a brain—that we do not punish capital crimes such as murder and rape as harshly. And by that, I mean that the minimal, mandatory penalties are greater than the typical penalties for most capital crimes. It’s like a law that mandates summary execution for running a red light. Gun owners are used to harsh penalties, but this?

  29. This former country has become a complete joke, both internally and internationally. Why any country worldwide would show any respect or deference to this dump is a mystery – well I guess we still have nukes and bluster. If only we had the integrity of Myanmar.

    • Myanmar is China furthering its BRI project.

      The tough talk out of Potato Joe is to maintain kayfabe.

  30. OT, but, I saw The Apartment years ago and there is a scene in it you often saw in movies and tv back then. It’s the overdose on pills by the heroine who is brought back from certain death by a lone doctor carrying his black doctors bag. He goes into the bedroom and closes the door and comes out after he’s done and announces that it was close but she’s going to pull through. Zero explanation offered as to how this miracle was performed except his sleeves are usually rolled up and he never seems to need to wash his hands.

    • Ah, the M.D. (more divine) with his little black case. See (or hear) Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” for the answer to your medical mystery. It’s Black History Month ya’all, let the celebrations of wokeness commence…

    • Must be a common plot device. This was used in the Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut, except woman ODing on heroin. Also on at least one 70s/80s cop show, where they were trying to catch a killer who deliberately gave his female victim an OD of pills.

      • Another variation on the theme is a woman about to give birth has her baby delivered by the star of the show, who goes into the expectant moms bedroom and closes the door and after a while you hear a baby crying and you know the rest.

  31. Nice analogy to financial markets, and by not having any form of bailout we’ll have a ‘legitimacy crisis’, as you’ve pointed out before.
    In this case, I think we’ll see more of something that could be called an institutional arbitrage, where the managerial class takes an idea from one institution and sells it through another. For instance, the idea of ‘systemic racism’ gets sold as a public health crisis that needs to be addressed by the CDC, e.g., vaccine roll-outs, or perhaps it’s sold as a fiscal crisis that will need to be addressed by the Fed.

  32. There was a saying in the Eastern-European commie countries: “He who does not steal is robbing his family”, meaning, in a broader sense, that rules are for suckers.
    People realized that and over time found thousands of little ways how to game the oppressive system to make relatively normal life possible.
    It’s time for Heritage-Americans to learn to do the same.

    • I think it has started. The very last segment of the populace, and the largest, was the last to resist social welfare programs and other government gibs. Now that the country stands naked and is exposed as fake and gay, that resistance has started to disappear. This happened over the course of a single generation.

      • One of the core principles of the normie right has been fiscal responsibility. It stems from families that always tried to responsibly make ends meet. They expected the same behavior from their Government. Now that most people realize it’s impossible to be fiscally responsible in the current system, and they are just suckers, they want their portion of the loot.

        • Western Europeans are not such a weasels as we are. Your people refusing even to call communism a communism. What resistance can be there, when people do not even understand what the problem is. There was no theft in the Lenin and Stalin era, when true believers were in charge. Your AOC and The Squad are not friendly Brezhnev who did not care and let the people have some stuff.

          • The founding problem with America imo, is that many of the colonists came to get rich, not to find a new home. That looter mentality is still with us.

      • Yep. I’ve always opposed student loan forgiveness on principle alone. But if it happens, I will take advantage to the hilt. Why stand on principle when the Power Structure is a consistory of grifters who have been grifting at the expense of me and my people all along?

        • Yes, the last great gift from our rulers and betters. The degradation of our culture and society is virtually complete and the corrupters and their tactics are out in open for all to see. Now that segment of the population that’s always tried to play by rules sees the lay of the land and begins to figure, wtf – might as well get some while there’s still some to get. Well, it was a decent run (until recently) while it lasted.

          • Hud to his honorable father: “Better dip your bread into the gravy while it’s still hot”, or something to that effect.

          • I bet nullification catches on soon. Maybe natural law would be a good starting point. As in we have a natural right to disobey unjust laws.

          • Hopefully, or they can alter things like they did in Oregon for dealing wirh their sovereign citizen “problem”… require a two person minimum to hang a jury. They will always change the rules until they win or the time of rules is a quaint thing of the past.

          • In Missouri, some Repubs are trying to nullify federal gun laws. This probably won’t work unless they go full on sanctuary mode, like liberal states have done on immigration. Bring it on!

          • Then Ostei, my Brother, if this is your hope then hopefully you are doing what you need to do now. Preparations done in the darkness during peace will make your successes during the time of open rebellion that much more practical and survivable.

        • Student loans used to be able to be discharged in bankruptcy. It ended because of massive abuse and the beginning of the “everybody goes to college” phenomena. (For fun search colleges and/or universities with the lowest graduation rates.)

          • Fallacy. There were other ways to fix that problem such as minimum grade requirements.
            The Student Loans became a reliable source of collateral that could then be rehypothecated to crap by Wall Street.

    • You’re not only seeing this with the Government, but with every institution that has become semi-cucked. It isn’t even a matter of protesting and getting angry, but just people rolling their eyes with contempt, ignoring it, and doing their own thing. They aren’t even bothering to argue anymore.
      My Diocese in consolidating parishes into ‘families’ to deal with a Priest shortage, and like most Dioceses the top is littered with either SJWs or nice boomer civnats. There hasn’t been a whole lot of protest, but what there has been are a lot of parishes and people planning on just ignoring what the Diocese says.
      Instead of ineffectual Tea Party protests, we’re going to see a massive eroding of all structures of official Authority and a much more ambiguous,fluid, and tribal system taking its place.

      • Which makes you wonder. If it’s order out of chaos, where does the order come from? Corporations, like the church did after Rome?

        I don’t get it— maybe I’m dense. If commerce is the new religion, how does it maintain itself when everyone is broke? At least the commies came into it saying it was all for all. I don’t see the mindset that sustains the effort— the legitimacy, in other words.

        My guess is things get very hard, and something new comes from the emerging tribalism.

          • It’s built-in where I’m at. The problem I’m having is convincing people to stay. We have great strength in numbers, yet some still think they’d fare better by scattering.

          • They think there’s some Idaho or West Virginia where they’ll be left alone. I think it’s post-election shock that’ll pass soon enough.

          • Well it’s that or they see that maybe where you are at is vulnerable even if you have tribe because of different factors like geography, demographics, climate, resources, etc…

          • People here have been fighting off encroachment for generations, so it’s part of the culture. Honestly I think it’s that the current crop has been demoralized and the other side emboldened. A lot of people on both sides think this is the decisive moment.

        • Order comes from success. Whoever strikes first at an organizational principle that takes the chaos and provides leverage over others will find lots of imitators quite quickly.

        • Done and done.
          There’s an ICKSP Parish we just went to a few weeks back. Packed, with maybe three people wearing masks after only opening five years ago. Sure, they *recommend masks out of respect for the Bishop’s mask mandate*, but really LOL.
          In a sane society, they would take that model and reproduce it for every struggling Parish, but instead we get a lot of ra-ra writings and ineffective programs straight from the eighties.
          Our Bishop is your typical milquetoast man who you can work with but can never expect to stick his neck out in danger. Hoping we create any Oasis parishes like this that if we ever get an SJW Bishop, they will be too powerful for him to terrorize.

    • DC is a cesspool of corruption and degeneracy. It must fall before there can be any redemption. And a fast collapse means a higher bottom and less pain for everyone over the long run. And as was demonstrated on Jan 6th, the Jackboots will kill any direct confrontation, so corrosion must be the default. And the first & best form of corrosion is to suck the Treasury dry as fast as possible.

    • Tom Baugh’s “Starving the Monkeys” is the healthy application of this concept. Excellent book. We may be beyond “healthy” being possible though.

      • Yea that book would of worked if everyone did it when it first came out but now that monkey is well fed and coming for you…You can figure out what comes next if we are to survive…

    • Great point, very interesting. A govenment, or society, that forces its citizens to be criminals needs to be overthrown

    • Good point on bad faith making impossible any dealings or compromise. The other day Ted Cruz and the odious AOC managed to find a subject they agreed upon. (Can’t remember what it was, I’ve moved beyond paying much attention to what my oppressors do).

      AOC managrd to insert that Ted Cruz tried to have her killed. Given, she is a Motard (motivated retard for her causes) but even the most tentative of agreements are now beyond attainement for these vermin. Ridiculous.

  33. There are suckers all around these days. The mask lets me know. Seeing these simpletons walking around, wishing others safe, carrying on as if we’re really facing extinction… I wonder, have we ever had quite so many suckers who are so sure of themselves?

    I suppose that’s the good thing about adopting what some may call a ‘criminal mindset’. You see the sheep. You don’t sympathize with them, and you can use them to your advantage. Bad as it sounds, that’s where we’re at these days. Still, life is struggle so it goes.

    • Sadly, it emboldens the worst of our ruling class to see these mind-numbed robots deciding whether to wear two or three masks today since shopping will be involved.

    • Adopting such a mindset might be fine for someone with adult (or maybe even teen) children. But with young kids, the last thing you want is mom or dad to lose their job, be locked up, or worse, CPS shows up at your house because you weren’t wearing a mask and were reported by some Stasi Karen.

      • That’s why I’ve been shouting from the rooftop that Community matters and if you don’t have it then build it if you can where you are at or move if you can’t…

      • If we have any Karens in my small Argentine village, they know to keep their heads down, but somehow I doubt any exist, much less one who would call CPS, the local version of which would be loath to take such a call over masking. The local consensus is that masking is done only to protect local biz folks from being fined. Signals are given to steady customers if there’s an inspector around, but if there isn’t, it’s a pretty lax “requirement”: just have one hanging around your neck, please. Pedestrians rarely bother with them. That’s how it should be, assuming it has to be at all.

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