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One of the struggles for those on this side of the great divide is maintaining a proper perspective with regards to dissident thought versus conventional thought. Most people are not on this side of the great divide. None of the people in politics or the media know that there is a great divide. For them, the two sides are the extreme far Left and the so-called conservatives struggling to keep pace with them. Reading the mass media from our perspective can cause you to question your sanity.

There is a site called Memeorandum, which used to be popular with bloggers back when copy and paste blogging was a thing. It is an aggregator of mainstream sites that tries to set the tone of daily conversation. The cable talkers rely on it to set their agenda for the day. It is why our media feels like an echo chamber. The site is a useful reminder that our mass media is highly coordinated. These people have daily scrums to decide what to make up and they direct the rest to follow their lead.

Anyway, when you look at this site, it often seems like the bulletin board in a dayroom of a mental hospital. Yesterday, this post was featured on the site along with some others on the same topic. This one was the most amusing. There is nothing about that story based in fact. It is pure fantasy, but a fantasy being played out in real time in front of people supposedly in charge of the country. The loons running the government really think there are insurrectionists plotting a coup.

As I pointed out in the podcast extra, the January 6th protest has become the centerpiece of a weird form of security theater. When they said it was their 9/11, most people rolled their eyes at the absurdity of the claim. The people inside the wire, on the other hand, they believe it and they are acting on it. They have convinced themselves there is an invisible army of Trump supporters plotting a coup. Even the running dog lackeys on the Left are getting into it.

It is a good reminder to our side that the security theater of the Bush and Obama years was also entirely fake. Al-Qaeda and ISIS were real things in the world, but the people the FBI arrested in the US were probably just dumb guys they could frame. The police state the neocons erected was just part of the theater. This is probably a useful tool in helping people adjust to this side of the great divide. Our rulers have been corrupt and degenerate for a long time. It’s just more obvious now.

Still, the FBI rounding up a few swarthy guys once in a while and framing them for imaginary crimes was small potatoes compared to what we see now. This is the sort of thing the Soviets would have thought was too much. The government is now officially at war with half the country. It is such an insane turn of events that a normal person can be forgiven for wondering if he is really seeing what he is seeing. No one reading this imagined anything like this happening in America.

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138 thoughts on “The Mailbag

  1. Our epigenetic memories are the unfinished evolutionary tasks of our ancestors. We ignore this at the peril of our race. We are here because they didn’t fail to win the war of polar opposites.

  2. Z-Man, thank you so much for addressing my letter! Appreciate it a lot.

    I am sorry it was too lengthy and had too many personal details.

    • Careful with that broad brush recommendation. Yes, you exercise power, but be cautious—if you are ratted on wrt breaking the judge’s instructions, the defendant goes free and you take his place in jail.

      • Rule at least in part based on your racial interest.
        If enough do so the white guy saved from being railroaded just might be you.

      • I’ve been on several juries and no one is required to give a reason for their voting choice. ” I have a ” reasonable doubt” is all you need to say.
        The judge may be able to remove you from the jury but locking you up ? You have any examples of that?

    • Had JD in 2020. Half the people failed to correctly fill out their questionnaires, so that took up alot of time. Some panelists (you can probably guess who) showed up not only after the questionnaires had been collected, but after the film (so they weren’t getting credit for showing up.) All the cases settled before trial so we were let go.

    • Maryland pulls jury duty summons from more than voter registration lists. My wife received a jury summons here in MD a few months ago and she definitely was not on the voter rolls as she wasn’t (yet) a US citizen (not that it would stop anyone) I’m pretty certain the clerk of the court can also look at MVA drivers license records. Similarly, I was summoned for jury duty when I lived in Georgia, even though I wasn’t registered to vote there (military member, so I maintain FL residency, for obvious reasons) at the time.

  3. Hey what happened to front range fault? Haven’t seen her in a while. Check out Myth 20th century guys. they interview guy that wrote that transexual industrial complex. Enraging. Day-of-the-rope sounds better and better.

  4. Absolutely loved the energy analogy in today’s podcast. Please allow me to extend it a little further. As noted, voting R is a fools errand & waste of energy, but also could apply as follows. Imagine we are all passengers on a huge ship at sea determinedly heading toward a major storm on the horizon. Some passengers are blissfully happy to stay the course, some want to organize a grassroots persuasion campaign to influence the captain’s actions, some want to take to the lifeboats immediately, some want to foment a mutiny and commandeer the ship. Everybody is diffusing energy in various ways. Or perhaps some very focused swabbie on the bridge throws the captain overboard and pushes the throttle into reverse.

  5. George Will, who’s supposed to be a conservative, in his usual stuffy, halting writing style: “The first of this century’s national traumas is denoted by two numbers: 9/11. One purpose of, and a sufficient justification for, the second impeachment of the 45th president was to inscribe this century’s second trauma in the nation’s memory as: 1/6.”

    • George Will has been a bitter old man since the party (GOP) rejected him and his ilk in selecting Trump. He used to be influential and longs for that spot again. So much so that he ostensibly buys into the 1/6 narrative. But the people have wised up to his role as coach of the Washington Generals.

  6. The current state of affairs is totally unsustainable

    It is hilarious to see so many mixed race commercials and diversity promotions. It’s clear what the white shit libs think the future is going to be. But even companies with mostly white audiences like NFL are going full anti-white. Even in an increasingly non white usa, whites are still the largest group and many have alot of money. I really can’t understand the business strategy.

    Another funny thing is that non-white societies place more value on whiteness than we do. Spanish commercials and tv features white looking people. Bollywood stars are mostly in the far right tail on the dark-to-pale curve. In asia skin whitening is common.

    I still think that white shit libs and (((friends))), as well as white morons like Gates, are the real issues. They are very stupid and very delusional.

    • “Bollywood stars are mostly in the far right tail on the dark-to-pale curve.”

      I was once told by an Indian man, wealthy and of high caste, that I should go to India for a woman. White guys clear up over there. Both him and his woman freely admitted the preference for light shades in the country.

      • In India I believe, whiteness is associated with higher castes, so I expect such to be preferable. Wife the other night tuned into a program featuring extravagant weddings (only daughter slated to be married next month). The show featured Indian weddings.

        Well Indians like to do it up, but they have quite a few similarities to American weddings all the same. So one gets the tour wrt brides maids, mother-in-laws, husband, and the like. I watched about 10 minutes and then made one remark: “Do any of these folk look anything other than White? Could you pick any one of them out if you saw them shopping in Macy’s?”

        • If it were me, religion would be a factor. You are correct though, I have seen a number of Indian women around where I work and many of them from the higher castes are remarkably beautiful.

    • Interesting comment on Asia. For recreation, I listen to or (infrequently) read the Pali Canon, considered the oldest original teachings of Buddha, ca. 500 BC. Comment is made on the caste system and different social status indicators including, yes, how dark or pale one’s skin is. You certainly didn’t want to be a dusky Brahmin 🙂 Buddha acknowledged the different castes. Of course, his teachings were quite egalitarian much in the same sense that later Christianity was. E.g. all are humans, subject to the same strengths and weaknesses, should behave the same way to achieve good ends, etc. One of his interesting worldly wisdoms was that a person is not fated to a certain existence merely by accident of birth, to a certain social state. In support, he noted that the Greeks had two classes, free and slave, and one could transition from one to the other.

    • because East and many other countries didn’t get diabolical Jewish influence yet
      and yes, Most East Asian women pursuit cosmetics that make their skin white
      Back there, beauty is beauty and ugly is ugly, nothing like a Jewish psychological subversion

      put it simply, lack of Jewish influence save some time for them, but Jew are disguise as intellectual and keep trying to penetrate Asia
      Japan is more vulnerable thanks to the White people who happened to be living in America
      but it seems the Han Chinese very aware what is happening to the West

      white liberal lived wealthy, educated gate community a whole life, basically they live in a bubble and won’t change their life attitude
      And Jew loves their people control everything, you won’t find any anti-Semitic Jew because of Semite parasitic instinct they have

    • The elite certainly think its sustainable. Their arguments as far as I understand them:

      1. Their wealth and position DEPEND on debasing ordinary White Americans as much as possible, both from shipping off America’s heritage and resources to China and fighting the klan/nazis which they view as 99% of White people.

      2. White people being both incompetent and evil, can easily and profitably be replaced by vibrant people of color on the lower end and imported Chinese and Indian technical servants on the middle end, with themselves comfortably in the driver’s seat.

      3. Wishing for something makes it true — green energy, Covid lockdown forever, a woke military that wins wars, etc.

      I think this place can run on imported labor. Just not very well and with massive revolts. I think we are about six months away from Biden either nuking Texas or sending in drone strikes to the Florida Governor and Legislature.

      • Yeah that has definitely been their current model for a long time. I’m just not sure it can continue into the future.

        There’s only so much wealth they can strip away, large parts of rural white America simply don’t have anything left to steal. The middle and upper middle classes have largely been complicit in the anti white schemes up until now.

        The foreign importation is probably true, that’s the scariest part. But again it depends on white people acting like we’ve always acted for decades – high trust, naive, and basically allowing it to happen. But, if I hire only white landscapers (even if it’s more), and rent out my rental property below market to a young family from church, there’s not much they can do. We need to change. There’s also the extremely low fertility rate of east Asians, and many are choosing to stay in China now. South Asians are a bigger concern. But again, as we’ve seen in Silicon valley, they end up pushing out all the whites.

        Wishing for something doesn’t make it true at all. Texans are freezing to death because it turns out farts and wind don’t keep the electrical grid running.

        So yes, the model *has* worked, with the help and logistics of a compliant middle class in a high trust society. We need to change.

      • One more thing, at least in canada, it seems like we’ve already burned through the talented tenth of immigrants through the 80s, 90s, and 00s.

        The new imports are extremely stupid, do not assimilate, largely live off of welfare and other system fraud, and hardly speak English. There is a marked change in the “quality” of immigrants since around 2015.

        I can see at work, the non whites who were here from before 2005 really aren’t bad, as we get closer to a 2020 arrival they get worse and worse and by 2018 they basically do no useful work at all. So no, unless they can make eugenic fertility come back even the foreign imports don’t seem capable.

  7. On the COVID and the “vaccines”…

    I think I have posted this here before, but beware of the jabs!

    My mother-in-law got the first dose of the moderna jab on 1/28. Less than 2 hours after the jab, she had a massive stroke. Then about a week later after being discharged to rehab she had another stroke in a different part of her brain. That was it, doctors and family decided to pull the plug, and she expired at her home on Monday this past week. She was 72 and did have underlying conditions (high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation).

    Her doctors of course will not admit any connection between the jab and the strokes – “just a coincidence”. Getting most healthcare professionals to denounce the “vaccines” would be the equivalent of getting a Priest to denounce Jesus. Personal friends of mine who are medical doctors assume that the “vaccine” contributed to the strokes, that she was obviously at risk of a stroke due to her underlying conditions, and an inflammatory reaction to the “vaccine” pushed her over the edge.

    Now, the amazing thing is that aside from my wife, her siblings and her father are COVID true believers and accept the doctor’s “coincidence” explanation with no questioning. And they are all still hellbent on getting the “vaccine” and shaming others who will not (like my wife). These are generally intelligent people, but obviously brainwashed by their consumption of media. Further, you should see how the funeral planning is going down and the discussions between my wife and her siblings on the COVID regulations and enforcement.

    Hence, this demonstrates that the COVID religion will not go away easily, if ever. Many reasonably intelligent people are brainwashed into believing their fellow humans are nothing more than disease vectors to be avoided and make mission #1 stopping potential “hugging” at their mother’s funeral. They have organized their life and their thinking around the worship of this virus, and chastise others as irresponsible who do hold these same convictions.

    We are all well and truly fucked. I hate us.

    • The vaxes turn your cells into spike protein factories.

      Spike proteins are known to cause acute responses in things like pulmonary tissue.

      I’d question the competence of any physician trying to talk around or deny this point.

      • I’m debating if this vaccine is going to cause harm… Or if another deadlier virus will be released which this vaccine protects against. As a way to kill off all the independant thinkers who chose not to be vaccinated.

        I’m not too sure at this point, but if in that scenario blacks and Hispanics would be disproportionately killed off. So maybe not.

        • “I’m debating if this vaccine is going to cause harm… Or if another deadlier virus will be released which this vaccine protects against. As a way to kill off all the independent thinkers who chose not to be vaccinated.”

          They’d be very disappointed when we deplorables defeat their supervirus with Vitamin D and handwashing.

        • Denninger points out that those who get the vaccine now have a unique genetic tag so to speak that is not found in nature. Worse. a country like China or NK will probably in time customize a virus to attack only those who have that marker.

          See for decades the biowar community was stymied in developing a bio weapon that would only target the enemy. It just couldn’t be done unless the enemy has a unique ID so to speak which until now did not exist.

          BTW China has not gone this route. They are developing a traditional vaccine based on a attenuated covid virus. We should be worried.

    • I should add, if this had happened to my wife or my mother, I would be pursuing any and all legal options available to me. The goal wouldn’t be to win some monetary settlement. The purpose would be to get some of these doctors and others on the record, under oath, answering some difficult questions.

      • It doesn’t have to be theoretical. Your wife has standing to sue right now. Fight back! It may just be a skirmish, but it’s a start nonetheless.

        • I agree that she does have standing, but since her family would be diametrically opposed to going that route, it would create a big mess at this point for her.

          Perhaps someday soon her father’s eyes will be opened, and that path can be pursued.

    • Sorry for your wife’s loss, but help her stand strong against her nutty father and siblings. Some of us can stand up to family members better than others, but lots of women seem to be particularly sensitive to disapproval by relatives. Don’t let her be shamed into taking an experimental vaccine that threatens her health far more than the flu. Be her bulwark.

      • Appreciate the sentiment.

        Not to worry about my wife. She is spunky and won’t be shamed into taking part in this medical experiment.

    • Well, coincidence or not, Norway (IIRC) has redone/altered its national health recommendations wrt the “jab”. After a couple dozen “coincidences”, frail, old people are no longer recommended to receive the vaccine.

      Further “news”—if you call it that—is that Pfizer is busting its butt developing a 4 month “booster” shot for Covid vaccinated folk. Seems they finally admit that the current vaccine is not as long lasting as one has come to expect from prior vaccines—and of course it always helps to bottom line to sell to repeat customers.

  8. Another fine show as usual Z.

    A quibble: sometimes you need to slow down for us slow kids. This idea of withdrawing consent and refusing to vote didn’t make sense until today. In the past, it sounded (to me) like the DR was just “taking it’s ball and going home to pout”. The good cop/bad cop analogy used to justify it was a poor one: like it or not, the good cop is always the better way to go.

    But doing it with a concrete list of grievances, formally prepared, and formally delivered and publicly presented to the repubs? THAT makes excellent sense. Demanding the removal of cucks and slobs like Jeb, Mitt, Mitchell, Liz Cheney and others… that changes the game.

    I would love to see the dissidents run with that and name the names, list the reasons, and present it in a way they cannot pretend to not hear.

    • People running for political office nowadays will say whatever they think we need to hear to get us to vote for them. Once elected they do what their paymasters tell them. This is almost invariably the opposite of what they promised, which stands to reason, since if they said what they were actually going to do almost no one would vote for them. Pity the few pols who might actually try to keep their promises, and have the security services and media competing with each other to ruin them. No surprise that most take the money and do what’s expected. Voting for a Democrat/Republican based on such promises is really rather pointless.

      • It’s theater to lend legitimacy to the system. Political junkies need only look at each party’s “conventions.” Ever changing rules to promote the Party’s preferred candidate and disqualify the voter from having any real say in the matter. Look at what the Republicans did to Ron Paul or the Democrats did to Tulsi Gabbard.

      • It’s a tv show. I have never met anyone in any political office or seen them in person. It’s all just aimed at getting eyeballs pointed in their direction mediated by video. Like the worst sort of Orwellian Big Brother screen but where there are thousands of Little Brothers all talking at you all day long too.

        I am getting better at just ignoring it entirely.

      • Most of us in the DR complain about this fact but it has also shielded us from some of the worst insanity that comes with real democracy (i.e. actually allowing morons to vote and then making it easy for them to do so). Democrat pols, for instance, have been promising the wammen for decades that they’ll take all those scary guns away from their men. They seldom even pretended to deliver though probably because their paymasters always told them that the inevitable civil war would interfere too much with profits. These people are certainly not on our side in any sense but they are at least intelligent enough to avoid giving the democratic mob what it wants. With Biden and especially the crazier acts in his travelling circus I’m not so sure the money men are still in charge as much as they used to be though.

        • With well-documented payoffs and a microphone in his ear, I’d say their control is almost total (“Nice son you’ve got there, Mr. President…”).

    • I’m wondering if there might not actually be enough heft on the dissident right to affect politics. Thirty million sign ups at Gab?

      The GOP did this nutty typical thing about getting black votes, I think it was “JustWalkAway” or some such nonsense. What about a “Republicans Walk Away?” There may not be enough votes to elect a candidate we like, but there may be enough to marginally affect races and out republicans in the general election.

  9. Sorry for my ignorance, but is “copy and paste “ blogging when a blogger just passes on videos or articles but provides little original content?

  10. Hey Z, what happened to the Number Stations? I can’t be the only person who enjoys a fun puzzle from time to time.

  11. The Road Back (cont)
    Clog the courts.

    The old-timey religion held that we were all sinners and redemption was self-actuated. But this has now been replaced by a new Progressive religion in which everyone is a perpetual victim (except Caucasians of course) and reparation is a birthright. And where better to redress this cruel injustice than the Courts of Common Pleas. For as little as 50 bucks and an internet form, you too can become the next civil justice courtroom warrior extraordinaire. It’s easy-peasy. So next time you’re passing the Federal Courthouse and slip & fall on that racist black ice patch, you can and must file your civil rights violation tort claim immediately. Be a good model citizen, ask for your day in court; and please, please bring along a few Karens to take the stand on your behalf.

  12. Silly question but as a Zoomer I almost never send letters. The correct way to address the envelope to Z is:

    Z Media LLC
    P.O. Box 432
    Cockeysville, MD 21030-0432.

    Right? I just write that on the front, put a stamp on then send it?

    • If it is your first time after sealing the envelope and addressing it with a stamp, they have these big metal boxes randomly dispersed around the city for you to drop the letter in. Door pulls down 🙂

      • Also, put the stamp in the upper right hand corner. I appreciate your initiative son, no sarcasm.

      • So you are saying those aren’t just trashcans? I thought that’s where people throw away used condoms, half drunk slurpees, half eaten slices of pizza and suchlike. I had no idea people were still putting mail in those. Very trusting of you. I wouldn’t expect anyone looks for mail in those where I live but you might live in a nicer part of town.

      • We have some trash cans around here with a door that pulls down too. I’ve been kicking myself because I didn’t go out the week before the election and write “YU-ES Male” in crayon on them. Might have saved America if I had.

    • Also a little heads up to those addicted to paying by plastic or through electronic fund transfers. They have these things at your Post Office called Postal Money Orders. A lot less attributable to your person than those other forms. You request a PMO in whatever amount you wish, they cut it for you, and you can pay for it in cash (if you use a credit/debit card to pay, your anonymity evaporates instantly). YOU fill in the recipient, and mail it yourself, no personal signature as with a check. Not totally trackless, but not bad. Requires getting to the PO, & dealing in the dreaded cash, that’s all. Another way to think about operational security in these vexed times.

  13. Good show as always. One quibble. I think you are missing something on Cuomo.

    Yes, he is an obnoxious scumbag so no one will defend him. But the black lady attorney general was the first to stick the shiv in. She wants his job. I think white male democrats are going to find out the the democrats are no party for white men.

    I wonder if that reptile Schumer has any skeletons in his closet. If so, will some lady BIPOC shiv him before his next primary? I certainly hope so.

    • Schumer has a force field around him. He cannot be touched. As far as Cuomo, it could be that he is just getting the white guy treatment. It ce3rtainly takes him out of play in 2024, which is what all the Dems are thinking about now that the vegetable is wandering around the White House.

      • Exactly . the Cuomo hit is inner party fighting . they are taking him out of contention for any run for the white house.

      • I have siblings that live in NY and from what they have told me, he turned into another Elliot – “I’ll fucking steamroll you!” – Spitzer. Typical of far too many in the ruling class and indicative of someone everyone knew in high school; dad had some juice and a lot of street smarts and apparently his kid thought this translated down to him. Which obviously, it didn’t. I grew up in NY and remember when his old man was governor and it was very similar to today, the only groups of people who liked him were the welfare leeches and the pseudo-intellectual class. Ironically, the old money crowd did not like him.
        Anyway, his old man got him the gig at HUD and he, along with Gillibrand, hatched the scheme that resulted in the housing meltdown in ’08. I remember listening to the late Bob Grant back in the late 90’s and he would always have a bit on his show about the Cuomos. One afternoon he had a caller who claimed that they had resigned from HUD because of Cuomo’s policy of sending teams to every last nice neighborhood in the lower 48 in order to create a map of where “diversity” was lacking so he could dump low-income housing in those neighborhoods.
        From what I’ve been told about this latest fiasco, yes, there are those who want to see him knocked out of the ’24 presidential race, but there are also just as many people who are doing this as a CYA move because they know the numbers are actually much worse than what has been told so far and they know the walls are closing in. The sexual harassment claims have been in the background for a while, it’s just now those women feel “safe” enough to air them. The other big thing is that most everyone in Albany thinks he’s a scumbag and are tired of walking around on eggshells around him.
        The really sad thing is that the worst that will come out of all of this is that his aspirations for higher office are now pretty much gone. You’re correct Z, he should be hauled off to the Hague, but he’ll never see the inside of a courtroom, much less a jail cell.

      • No, I think Schumer is done. First, he’s old. That means his staff is also old, and he offers due to his age and his staff’s age relatively little opportunity for patronage for the up and coming people of color. Second: he’s White. He’s Whiter than White. AOC wants his job, quite transparently, and she has an ocean of money coming in from Iran bundled through her former Chief of Staff Saikat Chakrabarti, running the New Democrats foundation. Third, Schumer does not offer that old time religion, Whitey hate, the way someone like AOC, or Ayanna Pressley, or the black AG in NYS offer. That Whitey hate is central to non-Whites and liberal Whites as it offers the comprehensive reason for living.

        Black dudes beat to death elderly Asians — and Asians are blaming Whitey. Its what they do. Because their identity is built upon hating Whitey.

        Within a few years, ALL of the political, cultural, economic, social, and entertainment leadership and visible people will be black. Warners is promoting a new Superman movie (he’s black), a new black Batman (or is it Blackman), and yes Harris is the obvious choice to succeed mumbly Joe.

        Big Tech runs the Democratic Party and they being mostly Indian now want their own in the White House. Imagine President Heels Up. Nothing like an aging, vengeful whore of color angry that people remember how she got there.

        • Jew, liberal, Christian, or conservative, the POC hate you for your white skin. They think you’re using every minute of spare time, cooking up a plot to use some white supremacy magic to hold back powerful Black women.

          Chinese and a large portion of Indian people are extremely resentful to whitey, contrary to idiot civnat belief that they are just white people in yellow skin. Ironically mexicans and other latinos are the least hostile to white people of all the POC groups.

          Over time the white dems will be pushed out and there’s nothing they can do about It, short of rigging elections.

    • Its really getting tiresome constantly relying on “sexual assault” allegations to destroy a man, Republican, Democrat, business mogul or otherwise. Why can’t we just get rid of Cuomo because he was a slimy incompetent moron? As it is, nothing ever happens until there is a #MeToo moment beit legitimate or not.

      • But it’s not always so-called “sexual assault.” Insensitivity toward PoX also works. The president of the Seattle Mariners, for instance, was recently defenestrated for criticizing the poor English skills of a player and staff member. All whites in positions of power are running scared. This is what happens when turn our civilization over to the Other.

    • There has been talk that AOC is planning to primary Schumer. At least that would be the end of her unless she is able to still run for her house seat while running for the Senate in New York. Some states don’t allow that, but I don’t know New York’s laws.

    • If the NY AG manages to get elected governor you can plan on camps for YT in NY state within 5 years.

  14. Regarding the fear these idiots have of a real coup coming reminds me of the biblical passage of , “the guilty flee where none pursueth”

  15. Southern Populism in 1880: “Yankees go home!”

    Southern Populism in 1920: “Yankees go home!”

    Southern Populism in 2020: “Yankees go home! And take your foreign pets with you!”

    • Foreigners ruin any kind of diversity within a country.

      Alberta is known as being conservative, the texas of canada, but it was only 69% white as of 2016 and dropping fast.

      The texas texas is like 40% white and will also be another blue globalist state by 2028.

      Everywhere you go is full of low-agency, ugly, rude, and leftist voting, paper americans.

  16. Z, I’d like to take your advice and limit my interactions with crazy lefties, but the problem is my father is one. So the practical advice of severing all ties with the crazies on the one hand is at odds with the “Honor thy Father” commandment that every decent human being feels compelled to follow. Yes, his beliefs in the Corona plague and the white supremacist terrorists is helping destroy small businesses and make his own grandson into a scapegoat for all society’s ills, and for that I hate him. But he did raise me, clothe me, do normal father stuff back when he was just a normal democrat during the eighties to mid-nineties. He’s old so I look at his consumption of MSNBC the way I look at another old person’s sending Google cards to some Indian in order to “fix” their computer. Cable news is a cruel phishing scam (Matt Taibbi’s “Bombholing” piece is worth a read). And if I see my father struggling on a patch of ice as he tries to navigate his way into the hospital for a medical appointment, I cannot not help him. That said, I have more sympathy for Isis than our rulers, and if the old man slipping on the ice was Schumer or Chris Matthews, I’d laugh and hope he got a concussion and froze to death.

    • Give your dad a break, and if you can, don’t stop trying to drag him to our side.

      It will be good practice for other lost souls.

      My ole man voted for Obummer;twice.

      After constant berating from me to open his eyes and mind, it finally did happen. We meet weekly to discuss the weeks news. I enjoy it because I don’t know how long we have, and it is a good feeling when he asks me,”so what’s happening in the real world today”. He genuinely is soaking up everything on our side, even Z. I’m glad I didn’t give up on him. He has several young white grandsons, so GE understands the stakes.

    • He’s raging at the dying of the light.
      Cheer him on. Laugh at the stupid parts, right in front of him, and just roll your eyes- really, he wants to go out fighting, as I hope you do some day.

    • I’m going to disagree with the guys. I come from a prog family, or more correctly, a prog hive… and walked away from the lot. Or maybe I was cancelled and banished. I started noticing things, asking the wrong questions, and forming the wrong opinions. If I slipped and fell on the ice, my family would shrug. If I got pounded by some passing joggers, they’d give it a thumbs up for diversity.

      I strive for Christianity now. My family, for whatever reason, is where it is as per God’s plan. My path is different. I escaped the hive with my wife and my sanity. It is enough. The men that remained behind are now walking on eggshells around their lunatic women, and a few got cleaned out in nasty divorces. My daughter is a bitter, angry SJW lesbian, and I haven’t seen her in years either. She is an adult and will answer for her own decisions.

      The bitterness fades, my faith heals. We live in divisive, evil times. It is not a time to share paths with sinful people, IMHO.

      • That must be tough. But there are ALOT of loonies out there.

        Even though my family are civnat normiecons, ranging from full cuck to barely based, it’s still frustrating, but very grateful that they’re not loony leftists.

        The leftist family members are mostly older, but pretty degenerate. They watch the idiot box almost 24/7, have no spark or energy for life, and have been decomposing while they hide from COVID.

      • I have to agree. It’s a waste of emotional energy. What we can do is focus on the young. Keep them out of college at all costs, as it has become a brainwashing machine. Even public schooling has become toxic for our young.

        People like Jordan Peterson and other ex-academics all state don’t send your kids to college, it will poison them. Young people don’t decide to grow up to be bitter Lesbians, Simps, Soyboys, Antifa pukes, etc. That was put into their minds by educators somewhere along the line.

        To me that is the most important thing our side can do to make a difference, Save the young from the poison being spewed by the education system.

    • Disagreements among family are only going to get worse as the breakup of the US gets closer. With immigration increasing, including probable amnesty, along with more of the woke agenda shoved into our faces, the divide will deepen with no compromise possible, other than segregating into different parts of the country. I’m at the point where it’s difficult to have friendly conversation with some family members or friends when the elephant (civilizational collapse) is in the room.

    • I used to try to convince my Mom about our issues. It was hard to resist. But it really upset her. She’s not political. She just wants to watch her imaginary black friend Oprah and the View. She worried that I would be ostracized or killed.

      I had to repeatedly ask myself, “What is gained if this old woman is converted or not? It changes nothing. Family harmony is more important.”

      Granted, my Mom is not extreme or proselytizing like GlenF’s family.

  17. “Yogananda Pittman.” Jesus wept. I don’t want to live in a world where the chief of DC Police is named “Yogananda Pittman” (and looks exactly like you’d think).

    On the other hand, if I must live in Clown World, perhaps the one in which a grossly obese Black woman (if that’s indeed how xzhey identify) named “Yogananda Pittman” is the chief of the DC police is the best of all possible Clown Worlds. Beria, Yagoda, et al were some evil sumbitches, but no one ever said they were incompetent. The Kinder, Gentler Great Terror will be conducted by Vibrant Diversity, so… you know… there’s that.

    • “…one in which a grossly obese Black woman…named ‘Yogananda Pittman’ is the chief of the DC police is the best of all possible Clown Worlds.”

      Historians from future societies won’t be able to accuse us of doing Clown World half-heartedly.

    • “Yogananda Pittman.” You have to admit that Mike Judge missed this one for his movie Idiocracy.

      • I’ve never even seen the movie, but I strongly suspect he gave the Ebonic basis of our idiocracy a clean miss. Gee, I wonder why? He knows whom we are not allowed to criticize.

    • She should change her surname to Wakanda. “Yogananda Wakanda” has an almost poetic quality to it.

      • Yogananda Wakanda is keeping the managerial and political classes safe from the white supremacists terrorists in middle america.

        Ever read turner diaries? It describes how the increasingly vibrant military / police state is also increasingly incompetent and easy to swindle and bribe.

      • “Yogananda” is actually a title in Sanskrit. One of the first popularizers of Vedic meditation in the US called himself “Parmahansa Yogananda;” Autobiography of a Yogi (published 1946) saw a lot of action in the Summer of Love. Also note that he was a dude, but it doesn’t matter — if the DC Police Chief can even spell “yoga” I’ll eat my hat.

  18. For somebody like me that doesn’t understand or know the background of the controversy discussed in the first segment, where can we find a basic write up?

  19. I was unaware that the FBI had a Twitter account, but of course it does not surprise me. In addition, I see that many of the replies to the request to identify the child are most eager to see ‘justice’ done. One woman even chides another respondent with ‘Do you you think you know more than the FBI’. These people truly think these organizations are sacred. They most probably work in large organizations, so surely have an understanding of how bloated, inefficient and corrupted they become.

    ” Al-Qaeda and ISIS were real things in the world, but the people the FBI arrested in the US were probably just dumb guys they could frame.”

    Indeed. It can be a refresher to recall how hopeless law enforcement can be when confronted with people who actually are good at being criminals. Often times, the ones hauled before the cameras are the clueless who gave into their tempers and did something foolish that either left many witnesses or was recorded. Perhaps words many a dissident ought to remember. I am always stunned when I watch one of those ‘Forensic Files’ type programs as to how easy it was to catch the killer, yet they string it out for an hour. The killer leaves boot prints, finger prints and bucket loads of blood but don’t worry… those genius detectives will find him!

    • “Do you you think you know more than the FBI?”

      Ask Steven Hatfill and Richard Jewell what the FBI knows.

      • Heh. Two cases demonstrating immense chicanery and incompetence. To be fair, most people get their information about the intelligence services from T.V. and they’re always the good guys.

        Many moons ago I had a job interview at GCHQ. They were pumping out the propaganda about diversity even then, and my interviewers were three: two unwashed males and a plain female. Quite frankly, they looked like trash. Who knows, maybe they were ace cryptographers, but they just looked like trash. I didn’t want to work there… they didn’t look as though you could take them seriously. I would be surprised if GCHQ is as competent as it was at it’s inception. Still, the fry up at the cafe opposite was worth it. Two eggs, two has browns, two bits o’ black pudding, mushrooms, tomato, two sausages and two rashers of bacon.

        • Today’s headline: FBI to investigate the theft of two of Lady Gaga’s Dogs. Apparently their jurisdiction with kidnapping cases now extends to celibrity dogs? I hope that CA state authorities are spending some time looking for the hoods that attempted to murder the dog walker…

          If the FBI really investigates such things, as well as a “noose” in a Black man’s NASCAR garage, it truly does not inspire confidence in our government. And these are the guys that are supposed to go after foreign spies in our land!

          • It is ludicrous. But I would imagine that the head honchos of ‘The Bureau’ are the most dedicated bureaucrats one can imagine. As Z has mentioned many times, these are people who just enjoy the process. Ends be damned.

            What is fascinating is that there surely must be some competent people lower down in the hierarchy, who are truly interested in solving actual federal crimes. I would have hoped. Perhaps the FBI has reached that stage that all large corporations/government offices reach: they are now so big that the only goal is preservation of the agency itself.

          • When exactly did nooses become associated with black people? When I was a kid and watched a lot of westerns on TV I thought cattle rustlers and horse thieves were the only people hanged by mobs. Remember Hang ’em High? Clint Eastwood was Lynched, almost died and spent the rest of the movie hunting down the lynch mobsters.

          • Their biggest most important and publicized case of the past couple of years was busting some rich people for paying extra money to get their dumb kids into college.

            Not even sure what the root crime was supposed to be. But the feebs got em – after spending millions investigating and prosecuting they even got the perps a couple weeks in jail.

    • “Al-Qaeda and ISIS were real things in the world”

      And neither would have existed without the aid of the US,

      • Don’t forget Our Greatest Ally, the one that if you ask anyone “What does the US get out of that relationship?” they look at you like a border collie.

        • Rumor is that Biden is refusing to sign the letter the promises he will ensure the secrecy of the nukes that don’t exist in the country that shall not be named.

          I wonder what the angle to this op is?

        • Don’t be silly. From Israel we get intelligence on Muslim countries that allow us to better protect Israel.

        • Even Israel’s former defense minister Moshe Yaalon admitted Israel was arming ISIS and al Nusra (al Qaeda in Syria). It’s a farce. We destroy countries which never attacked us and bankrupt ourselves for countries that have betrayed and attacked us repeatedly.

    • I like those type shows and have been recently watching the first 48. Most of the time, the detectives get phone calls from people and the crime is more or less solved by other people (public). Then the detectives bring the guy in for questioning and they basically either tell really dumb lies that contradicts what the cops already know and so they end up trying to tell a lie that explains the evidence while minimizing their involvement (incriminating themselves in the process) or they just flat out confess.
      The FBI files/New Detectives makes it seem like the cops are super-detectives using “science” to get the bad guy. Yes, that does happen, but it doesn’t seem that is the norm. National clearance rates of murders is way down. The clearance rate (solved) for murder is 61% in 2019 down from 90% in the 50s and 60s . That is an abysmal clearance rate considering that cameras are everywhere and people’s movements can be re-constructed through their personal tracking devices they carry and now, even their cars. Not to mention cop cars using license readers to fish for tickets. A murder in my area was recently solved because a Phila resident was driving in the surrounding county and he denied having driven in that county on that day. But a license plate reader used by a ticket-writer had scanned his plate while he was driving and kept a record of doing so.

      • “But a license plate reader used by a ticket-writer had scanned his plate while he was driving and kept a record of doing so.”

        How effective is the Optical Recognition of these things? Presumably is one had a muddy license plate, they’d do diddly squat. Such a muddy plate is always easy to mansplain away, too.

        • Had his license plate been unreadable because of mud or something, he would have been pulled over for not “properly displaying” the plate.

          This crap is the anarcho in anarcho-tyranny. If some guy sticks a gun in your face and takes you wallet, you can’t get a cop to come take a report. But let you allow your registration or insurance to expire…. A $500 ticket. In clownworld, everything including policing is a racket.

      • Agree, tarstarkas. I’m old enough to remember when the behavioral science group in the FBI was supposed to solve all those serial killer cases. There is a fascinating write up of a serial killing case in Virginia where the cops failed to follow up on good leads because they were looking for a white, clever, charming, sociopath with weird hang-ups. They didn’t have a concept that they should be looking for a black man with racial hatred for whites and asians. Whoopsie.

        My own experience with the FBI has been limited to a conference they offered on church security a couple years back. The morning session was about how to build a large binder establishing procedures for what to do if someone comes to shoot up the worshipers, complete with admonitions to make sure to include the disabled in the policy committee and to have a section on where you would put the memorial to the deceased. Afternoon session included an hour on the story of Emmett Till, I shit you not.

  20. It’s all a lie, but you have to start someplace, no? The Big Bang, a point and a line, the Divine Right of Kings, Zeus, the Oracle at Delphi, Natural Rights, all men are created equal, the Noble Savage, the Blank Slate, the Ghost in the Machine. A lie you accept is a lie you forget.

    So we pick one, try it out for a while, until we discover it’s not working so good, it’s a lie, so we choose another. Scientism? Gia? Progressivism? Black Divinity?

    • Big Bang theory is a curious entry among the things listed. What made you put it there? Not questioning you, just keeping apprised of trends in this thing of ours I might’ve missed.

      • Brcause The Big Bang just sounds like a lie. All of creation began with a tiny particle explosion 15 billion years ago? Come now.

        “We glibly talk of nature’s law
        But do things have a natural cause?

        Black earth to yellow crocus
        Is undiluted hocus pocus.”

        Sorry, a poem i remember but can’t think of the author. author.

      • “Big Bang theory is a curious entry among the things listed”

        Every nation, every people need an origin/creation story. Even with all our advancements in technology and science the Big Bang is yet another origin story. To pretend we can discern the very beginning of the universe with anything near absolute certainty is hubris of the highest order.

        “In the beginning there was void, a big nothing. But then a small little something appeared and exploded at random, for no reason at all, and then everything was born.”

        Now we have quantum physics were there are infinite universes with infinite potentialities, so no single action matters. Everything is meaningless. An atom is both here and there at the same time. Its fluid. A person is both a woman and a man at the same time. Its fluid.

        • They are already given up on one of their main astro facts. Dark matter is being questioned by the main priests of astronomy. Go figure. That and the exo-planet BS

          • “Dark matter is being questioned by the main priests of astronomy.”

            Much of theoretical physics seems like a modern form of “god of the gaps.”

            Its theoretical for a reason, as in there is no empirical evidence supporting most of it. Its like abstract chewing gum used as a glue for an imperfect structure, something ad hoc and inappropriate which we’re using to hold our model in place properly.

          • Hey man, I was just born this way. Chemicals in the brain randomly set differently for me. That and probably bad genetics somewhere down the line. Its a throw of the dice really…

        • I thought “Big Bang” was the title of one of the un-published RooshV books.

          Speaking of Roosh, highly recommend his new, “American Pilgrim.” Got the paperback and it is well worth the reading time. A well written story that has many touch points that speak on the state of the USA, circa right now.

          • My first “big bang” probably lasted about as long as the alleged original big bang, and could be described much the same way:

            “the entire universe suddenly expanded out of an infinitely white hot, infinitely dense singularity, a point where the laws of physics as we understand them simply break down”

          • My big bang ended with a whimper… Those nerves make it hard to get up.

            No worries, long past that now lol

        • No honest scientist would ever claim that the Big Bang, nor any other theory for that matter, was the final explanation of anything. When done properly, science provides the best, most complete, up-to-date, explanation (and often, prediction ability) of how the universe (or a subset) operates. It’ll never be perfect. Indeed, a critical part of the scientific process is to allow for new observation, hypothesis, tests, revise (or discard if necessary) existing theory. Repeat as needed.

          The time to be on red alert is when anyone, be he a scientist or other leader, claims to have the Final and Absolute Truth. You can be pretty sure they are lying.

          One of my favorite Einstein (?) quotes is: “Science is looking for the answer that is there, not the answer you want to be there.”

    • It’s not a lie if you don’t know it’s a falsehood. In general, what you’ve listed are–presumably–erroneous beliefs, not lies. And, to the extent the Archons of the Power Structure actually believe regiments of foaming white supremacist Frisii and Batavii are massing on the Potomac, their statements to that effect are not lies.

      But, the Archons may not actually believe this. It is possible that they are consciously confecting a fraudulent narrative in order to further inflame the crazies in Minneapolis, Seattle and Portland, and to justify further outrages against people like us. If this is true, it is the Big Lie Z-Man spoke of yesterday.

      • Fair points Ostei, but sometimes it is difficult to distinguish honest mistakes from dishonest convenient lies. No informed person believes in the Noble Savage, the Blank Slate, the Devine Right of Kings, or that all men are created equal.

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