The Best Laid Plans

Anyone who has had to plan a project or organize an event knows that the plans never turn out as expected. Even the most cynical veterans know their plans will run into some unexpected snafu. In fact, the word “snafu” comes from the people who spend most of the time planning things, the military. The word “snafu” comes from the acronym SNAFU, which was popularized during the Second World War. It is why we have another military saying. “No plan survives contact with the enemy.”

This may be what we are about to witness with The Pretender. The people who rigged the election knew Biden was unlikely to last his entire term. He is an old man in poor health and the White House is not the place for an octogenarian. He would either drop dead, become incapacitated or, most likely, lose his marbles so bad that he would have to be removed. This is why Pelosi pushed a bill to form a 25th Amendment commission in the fall of last year. She was planning ahead.

The thing is though, the plan was for Biden to be well enough to sign off on whatever the Democrats could rush through the House and Senate. The rhythm of politics is the first year of a new administration is when things can get done. The people inside the Green Zone believe the public is as happy as they are to be rid of Trump, so they want to push through all of their schemes as fast as possible. It is why the people who really run things have had Biden sign close to 50 executive order.

They also need Biden to help sell these schemes. This was the lesson of Obama’s first term when Congress deadlocked on health care. Obama sat on the sidelines letting Pelosi run the show. The project quickly went sideways, took forever to get done and the result was an embarrassing mess. We are seeing the same thing with Biden, who is quickly becoming a vegetable. The White House is now forced to spend most of their time hiding this guy from the public because of his dementia.

Most people think the plan was to nurse Biden along for a couple of years, then use year three to remove him from office. The more cynical thought the plan was to dump him after the election and install Harris. It is hard to know, but the people around Biden seem determined to keep their man upright for as long as possible. So far, the media is going along with the scheme to shield the truth of Biden’s condition from the public, but how long the White House staff can keep this going is hard to know.

Of course, it is also possible that no one thought much about what happens after installing a dementia patient in the White House. They just hated Trump so much they did not care if Biden was a corpse. They are starting to think about it now though and that is going to be the story here in the coming months. If Biden’s own party no longer trusts him with the basics of his office, it will not be long before they start noticing that he is basically the Max Headroom presidency now.

The other part of the plan is also going sideways. The plan said that once Trump was gone, he was gone for good. The people would hold a triumph for the those who vanquished the monster and the monster would be gone. It turns out that the Left needed him more than he needed them. To continue the analogy, they continue to carry the corpse of Trump around, pretending it is still alive. Given the people involved, it is more than a bit ironic that they did not learn from Kritzinger’s story.

That’s another problem with the plan. It was always better to have Trump inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in. Trump is a gifted shit-talker. It is what got him the nomination. Now he gets to be the shadow president, mocking and jeering the Biden administration and his old enemies in the tent. Trump was not very good at being president, but he will be very good at mocking Biden’s mental decline. That will make it page one news going forward.

None of this should be a surprise. The people in the Green Zone are gifted schemers with a vermin-like rapacity. They live to undermine the rules and subvert the natural order, but they have never been very good at running things. They are not very good at thinking about downstream consequences. The fact that their grand plan to “restore our democracy” has sprung so many leaks is hardly a surprise. It’s why they are obsessed with the ridiculous Q hoax.

The lesson here is that politics is never about planning. It is about opportunity. This is true regardless of the political system. Politics is about human behavior and people are too irrational to fit into a plan. Good politics is always being prepared to take a bite out of the other side and boost your side. Sometimes, that means working with people you hate, which is what the Democrats should have done with Trump. It is a lesson dissidents should keep in mind as the Biden story unfolds this summer.

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181 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans

  1. It’s important to remember that NONE of this crap would be possible without a compliant, in-the-tank media.

  2. Just found you by referral from Bruce Charlton, I think i’ll be logging in every morning.

  3. The social climber Jill Biden should not be underestimated. She will fight like a wild animal to keep Joe in office.

  4. Z – THIS X1000

    “ Our goal should be to keep these people thinking an insurrection is ready to happen at any minute. Let them live in terror.”

    Easiest economy of force measure in history.

  5. They want to prop Biden up for at least two years so that Kamala can have two full terms after that. If she fills out more than half his term she can only get one more after that.

  6. Biden is a pitiable senior citizen with severe dementia and the victim of elder abuse. I doubt that he even remembers that he was selected to be president by the Deep State, who continue to use his animated corpse as a mascot for their successful coup.

    Biden is not the problem (much like Trump was never the problem nor the solution). The root problem is that we now have a charade masquerading as a federal government, and that is no trivial thing. The stooge in the Oval Office is nominally the pinnacle of a military command structure that controls the most powerful weapons on the planet. Since everyone knows that Biden can’t tie his shoes, let alone make a critical command decision, then WHO is calling the shots now? This is not a game of insults. This is life & death if some foreign tyrant decides that now is the best time to strike.

  7. What is the difference between a Joe Biden speech and a Donald Trump speech?

    When Biden is speaking you wonder when he’s going to have had a stroke.

    When Trump is speaking you wonder when you’re going to have a stroke. 🙂

  8. Biden’s dementia is a feature and not a bug for his puppeteer. They are looting as fast as they can, and don’t need to be slowed with questions. They fully expect to lose the House even with their fraud machine intact come 2022, and they are making hay while the sun shines.

    They’ll just slither off the second half of The Pretender’s term and could give a shit less who plays Max Headroom at that point. A full implosion is expected and considered irrelevant.

  9. Not that “rules” matter anymore, but I haven’t seen anyone speculate on the effect of WHEN Joe goes. IIRC, if Kamala serves less than 2 years, she can run again twice, totally 10 years (if she runs/wins), otherwise the first 2 years + 1day counts as a first term. Eg, Truman couldn’t run again in 1952, after replacing FDR in 1945. I believe this was discussed re: Ford/Nixon as well. The point being that Kamala would likely want to have Joe serve at least 2 full years to give her a chance at the maximum possible time in office, or else they’d have to sweeten the deal. If Joe goes sooner that might upset those plans.

    • They’d probably like to be able to prop up Joe through 2022, but I don’t think that will be doable. My curiosity is who gets the VP slot when Harris gets the big office?
      For a couple of reasons, the Dems must be seriously reviewing their shelf stock to see what “winners” they have that they can roll out. Good luck with that. But, they do have that great “election protection program” that Joe mentioned.

      • My early money would be on them going the sodomite route and choosing Mayor Buttplug.

        Last night I saw a pop up ad on my computer for P&G tampons (not sure what the brand name was) that featured (((Amy Schumer))) demonstrating on a jelly donut how to insert a tampon. As a punchline, she then ate the donut. So they actually get off on shoving their degeneracy in our faces. That’s why I think they’ll insist on the Veep being an ankle scratcher.

      • Rich;
        Or maybe TPTB plan to sell the office to the highest bidder. IIRC, after Nero offed himself, the Roman Senate decided to sell the office of Emperor. Worked twice until a general with some provincial legions ruined their game by marching on Rome, proclaimed himself Caesar and proscribed the ringleaders.

        Why should our Current Cloud People be any smarter_?

    • She bowed out after the first round of primaries w/o a single delegate. There is no demand for Kamala Harris. Both parties know this.

    • Actually, Truman could run again in 1952 since the 22nd Amendment specifically exempted anyone who was President at the time of its ratification from term limits.

    • Your speculation has been mentioned elsewhere and is as good as anyone’s, however, Kamala would then be running as a “two” or “three” term President essentially. Given the short favorability span of presidents after Clinton, a third term run might put her and the party at a disadvantage right off the bat. On the other hand, the flaw in that thought is that elections mean anything after the rigged last election.

      • The Power Structure can do whatever it likes because it has total power. There is no opposition. If it chooses to install Empress Kamaltoe as Dictator for Life, it will, and I don’t think the vast majority of “Americans” would even cavil overmuch.

    • First off no one likes Kamala. Secondly she is grossly incompetent and no world leader would take her seriously.She’s just a whore and that’s it.

      Look the elites made a terrible mistake, they thought Biden would be good for at least 3 years after holding his own with Trump in the debates. Problem is dementia progresses non linearly. So now we have a mumbling and stumbling half-wit just 2 months in office. At the current rate he’ll be gone by July.

      Kamala cannot be installed. She radiates weakness. Xi, Putin, Shortstack and the towel heads would just laugh at her and do as they please. I suspect she will resign after the elites pick another stooge. She is at best a placeholder. If they keep her as POTUS, it will be a disaster.

      The elites chose badly `and now they will pay for it.

      • Third in line of succession is Pelosi, who is experiencing age related cognitive issues of her own. We’re in for a bumpy ride.

  10. “You know the rest. In the books you have read,
    How the paid assassins fired and fled,
    How the patriots gave them ball for ball,
    From behind each tree and building tall,
    Blocking their trucks at the turn of the road,
    And only pausing to fire and reload,
    In the hour of darkness and peril and need,
    The citizens waken and listen to heed,
    A cry of defiance, and not of fear,
    The people are channeling Paul Revere”

    hat tip to Henry Wordsworth Longfellow, apropos of the upcoming celebration in April of original Paul Revere’s ride.

    • My ancestor fought in the battle of Lexington alarm. My family has been here for 400 years. And some dot head womxn who can’t speak English has an equal share as I do, more, even.

  11. “The lesson here is that politics is never about planning. It is about opportunity. This is true regardless of the political system. Politics is about human behavior and people are too irrational to fit into a plan. Good politics is always being prepared to take a bite out of the other side and boost your side. Sometimes, that means working with people you hate, which is what the Democrats should have done with Trump. It is a lesson dissidents should keep in mind as the Biden story unfolds this summer.”

    In other words, we should start working together with Antifa? I’m at the point now that I’d be willing to work with anyone to bring down the managerial state.

    • If we work with the management state, they will simply subvert our side and render it useless by virtue of their wealth and connections.. Just like they did with the TeaParty, Reform Party.

      Once people realize the system is totally corrupt and against them, they will be no mood to listen to the people who destroyed our country.

      They really deserve to be fed to feral hogs feet first.

      We need to start with a clean slate.

  12. They’re going to pump him full of drugs like they did Brezhnev and roll his walking corpse out to kiss babies. I guess, if anything, he’s finally paying for his life of corruption and greed, living a hell of being pumped full of drugs and not enjoying the twilight years of his life.

    • It doesn’t work on dementia patients. Biden will be gone by August.
      All they can do is pump him full of Ativan to keep him from going bananas on stage. But it also turns him into a zombie. As it progresses they will have to tie him down to a bed as he screams and moans until he dies.

      I’ve watched loved ones go this route and seen others in LTCF’s that are little more than screaming piles of flesh tied to a bed. You’re only hope is that they pass quickly before they reach that point.

      I really don’t wish this fate on anyone. It’s that awful.

  13. “They live to undermine the rules and subvert the natural order, but they have never been very good at running things.”

    This is so very true. Note that postmodernism (or, more accurately, poststructuralism) is the intellectual foundation of AWR ideology, and that pomo, first and foremost, is about subverting the western tradition of reasoned truth-seeking, undermining Christian morality, and advocating transgression in every sphere of human existence. To the extent this project succeeds, Western civilization goes up in smoke and ash. But what, pray tell, replaces it? Ah. In that area the pomos and their political catspaws are very vague. And they are vague because, in their dead souls, they believe in nothing.

    • I do wonder what “Dr.” Jill’s internal thoughts are. She must know of her husband’s situation, yet she does everything to prop him up.

      My guess is that she is a true believer in wokeness and sees herself as a soldier for the cause with a special mission: to do whatever is necessary for her side to win.

      I wish we had more of that attitude on our side.

      If the cause requires that she carry his corpse around while a ventriloquist speaks for dead Joe offstage, she will.

    • What are the odds that Hunter has already tapped Dr. Jill. I’m guessing high.

  14. Personally, I think the Q hoax was largely orchestrated by Google and Youtube. The conspiracy bloomed on Youtube especially for years. Seems to me that they were likely behind it. But still, I wonder who actually created all that Q content? It was vastly more developed and interactive than any other online conspiracy theory I have ever seen, which partly made it more credible. Tom Hanks even spoofed the conspiracy theory when he appeared on SNL last year and did skits about pizza with typewriters in the background suchlike. Doesn’t seem believable to me that so many people on the left were playing up their deep state satanic pedophile personalities without being “in on it”. Anyways… all of that is just by way of saying this: Gen. Mike Flynn should answer questions about this topic. Even a week before Jan 6th I watched a video where he said there was a 10 out of 10 chance that Trump would be inaugurated. Why would he say that when it turned out to be completely false? And why isn’t anyone holding his feet to the fire and making him explain what exactly he was thinking when he promoted the Q conspiracy stuff. Millions of people were deeply deceived by all of that to the point that we are now being called Terrorists. I feel like this was a set up meant to discredit white people as voters and it was orchestrated by the Democrats and Mike Flynn was in on it to. He should definitely have remained in jail because of all of this. I loathe him now.

    • It was an organic conspiracy theory promoted by grifters — certain gammas if you know who I’m referring to — and low IQ attention seekers on platforms with tremendous reach. No further conspiracy is required to explain it. Stupid people posted things that other stupid people saw and then believed on platforms with wide reach.

      Millions of people are simply imbeciles not capable of rational thought. A certain gamma claimed Trump’s concession speech was deepfake rather than give up the conspiracy. He spent years relating various “Q Proofs” uncritically taken from 4chan and Reddit. No matter how many times this guy was disproved, he kept it up. By the end, he was demanding Trump “Cross the Rubicon” as a last desperate move to save his conspiracy. He wasn’t alone. The Capitol Hill Protest was frequented with lots of deluded people in denial. Low IQ, but desperate people, have a tendency to see connections in things were there are none.

      These types of conspiracies have always existed and never before needed another conspiracy to explain them. Rapture cults were common in 19th century America and Millennial cults were prevalent in the run up to the year 2000 (Heaven’s Gate). Both were the result of simple-mined, fearful people who lacked the intellect or character to question charlatans in their midst.

      No one was tricked if they had a superior intellect and strength of character. People were tricked because they aren’t very smart or because they don’t have the character to withstand the ultimate black pill: America as you once knew it is over. Normies know something is wrong, but they can’t admit it or even address the problem if they did because they lack the requisite talent and psychology to change things. Thus, they embraced a salvation cult in a desperate attempt to believe the future will be okay for them.

      The left has millions of their own desperate morons. We saw that with Russiagate. White Leftists are scared of brown minorities taking away their money and neighborhoods. The brainwashing prevents them from seeing the real sources of their anxiety, so they project onto mythical Russian agents and “white supremacists” subverting their utopia, the thing that their flawed ideology was supposed to give us but somehow didn’t. This also explains cancel culture. These Leftists (formerly left-wing, now fascists — thus Leftist), can’t admit their ideology is flawed, so they have to go to ever greater lengths to square the circle: banning books, trigger warnings, mob attacks on fantasy counter revolutionaries, etc. This has already lead to violence, which I expect the left to continue escalating because they will never wound their egos by admitting they were wrong; like the Soviets, they will blame outside forces (and take extreme steps to combat these fantasy forces) rather than admit failure on their part.

      Remember, democracy is rule by these types. Maybe a separation is in order before they can do anything worse.

      • I had a friend who was into q early on. He’s not stupid but there are people that go for these things and no amount of logic can penetrate them.

        He said there were all these inditements waiting to be served. This was early in trumps presidency. As the years went on, I pointed out to him that nothing had happened. He can’t admit he was wrong. He just shrugs and it on to the next silly theory

        • I too believed there were a bunch of indictments forthcoming soon… for a couple of years. 🙂

          At the time, in the thick of the action, it all seemed completely true to me: Hilary was a superwitch in charge of a satanic coven where John Podesta routinely sacrificed children to Baal. I still think that’s all actually true honestly.

          But, why no indictments of higher level people for conspiring to smear trump with fake Russian intelligence and similar sorts of topics? It’s just mind boggling that the left/deep state has won, consolidated their control over the media, locked down the country and started pushing for tranny rights and socialism and literally no one stood up against it.

          In the context of that, why exactly did we need to fight a war in Vietnam or destroy the Soviet Union? We didn’t. It was all always a cash grab.

          The truth about the Q conspiracy should be exposed in more depth. I don’t buy that it was just a bunch rubes who got duped. Psychological warfare is real. We were subjected to it. We lost.

          • I suspect it was a hot button issue created by some PR outfit. Why? Because it distracted a lot of Trump supporters from real issues affecting them. Outsourcing, China dumping Fentanyl into the U.S. open borders, dying middle-class, banks and wall Street benefiting from QE while ordinary people went broke, etc.

            See after 2017 Trump stopped talking about these issues and the last thing TPTB wanted was those issues to be on the fore of public consciousness again. And what better way to keep people distracted than something like Qanon.

            Today no one talks about these issues outside of a few people like Jimmy Dore.

      • Yes, white libs are feeling the heat

        They are sure, though, that without bad white supremacists going around poisoning race relations, the saved POCs would drop to their knees and worship the white libs’ goodness. Who these white supremacists are, and where they come from, nobody really knows… but they’re out there. It’s the only explanation. You see, the POC are surely confused and mistook the woke whites for racists! Just a mix up!

        We are going to pay dearly for their madness, and our lethargy.

  15. What happens when an empire is essentially leaderless? Weak leadership usually portends fracturing / disintegration from my reading of history. Is there anyone at all on the left or right of the political spectrum that has even a hint of leadership potential? How can Putin or Xi take anyone representing the US seriously? It must be frightening to them, like seeing a cement truck driven by a cab full of drooling retards driving through your neighborhood. It would be more irresponsible not to act than to intervene.

    • They will sit back and watch those imbeciles destroy the empire and then collect the pieces.

      This is the end result of destroying the farm system used to bring up fresh talent for the parties. For the last 30 years the benches have been empty. It happens to parties when the current leadership decides to pull up the ladder so as to insure no competition for their seat.

      It started with the Clintons who turned the Dem party into their personal fiefdom until Trump put them out to pasture. By then the damage was done. The party had no one of gravitas just freaks and morons like AOC, Buttplugs and Beto. None of their mayors were worth a shit

      The GOP died long before that when it became a puppet for globalists under the Bush family who essentially ran the party until 2008. After that the GOP became irrelevant.

      • Is it safe to sit back and watch? I wish I knew more about what really happened as the USSR disintegrated with regard to how much the US interfered. They must have at least demanded verifiable reassurances about control of nuclear weapons. I remember some of the public interactions but I’m sure that was probably all pantomime. During the Clinton admin we paid them to decommission. Under the Obama admin the Clintons got paid to arrange for their importation of our uranium hahaha. It’s so crazy it is hard to believe. I think Z’s analogy to our situation being a gangster bust-out of the whole country is the best way to think of it all.

  16. I’m seeing 1/6 as a metaphor for Trump’s entire presidency. He and a deplorable mob were poised to force their way in. Those in charge threw up their hands, ‘welp, let him in’. He strutted in, was led politely between the velvet ropes, sat in an important chair, took selfies and posted on social media. When he had outworn his welcome, the zookeepers said, ‘Ok, it’s time to leave’, and he allowed himself to be ushered out. (Ashli and Kyle are the country in this scenario, btw.)

  17. Not to frighten ya’ll too much, but this guy has the launch codes. He says launch, we launch, no? The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming! Does anyone have veto power? Mrs. B?

    • I can’t imagine that is true. The Trump years showed that direct subordinates of the Executive can defy orders with no consequences. Whoever is actually running things would pat him on the head and send him back to his playroom to finish his watercoloring.

      • Don’t be so sure. In the old days this would have been considered treason. Have we really come to the point where the whole chain of command has been broken? Who does have the power to say launch? This secret cabal, with a wink, a nod, and a large money transfer could, without fear of retaliation, turn over Taiwan to the CCP. Anything is possible anymore.

        • Treason is now simply carrying out some act the regime deems to be in contravention of their immediate interests. Again, the Trump years alone demonstrate irrefutably that there is no objective definition of either Treason or Rioting or Insurrection. There is no law we have all agreed to governed by, there is no representative government to make the laws for that matter, there is only force. Force without legitimacy and government without the consent of the governed. They surround the capitol with soldiers because they fear the opposition will act as they have acted. Since they do not recognize the results of an “election” if they fail to prevail, they foresee the possibility of the same response.

        • Why should we give a shit about Taiwan, or care which set of autistic ant-people rule it? That kind of neocon thinking is why we’re sill tied up in Afghanistan and Iraq.

          We need to worry about fixing America and let Taiwan (and the rest of the world handle its own affairs).

          • Taiwan is the current home of bleeding edge semiconductor design and fabrication.

            Rehoming a semi fab takes years.

        • Have we really come to the point where the whole chain of command has been broken?

          Yes. Next question?

      • Some of the insubordination goes back to the Clinton administration. The Army slow-walked his order to supply transport and logistic to the Europeans in Kosovo. It took them weeks to find a place nearby where helicopters could land.

    • The President can’t just order a nuclear attack because he’s having a bad day. There has to be others to approve the decision. I learnt that from a Tom Clancy novel, but I certainly hope it’s true 🙂

  18. The more Trump attacks Biden,
    the more the Dems have to keep Biden in,
    lest they look like they are caving to Trump by retiring Biden. They will have to keep crowing about Biden, keep Kamala on the sidelines, for as long as Trump keeps mocking and ridiculing Biden. Can’t admit to anyone that their main man is a doddering old fool, especially when they just spent 4 years saying Trump was incompetant. Trump is in a strong position.

  19. That Trump is still on the sidelines sniping at them is the reason that they’re going to prosecute him and put him in prison.

  20. Spot-on! The grass is always greener. The court of the Pretender is finding out just how heavy that crown is, and equally, just how hard it is to govern from the far left.

    Though this house of cards will fall, I see a bad moon a-risin’ in the short-term.

  21. Think what it must be like to be Biden. You place all your hopes on one son, one day he’ll be president and continue your legacy, then he croaks. So all you are left with is tye crack addict you kept around as an after thought.

    So you become president, and wouldn’t you know it instead of being able to wield any power, you lose your mind and exist as a drooling corpse for your staff to parade around.

    What monkey paw did he find?

    • Someone should keep sending Hunter that bit at the end of There Will Be Blood:

      “I broke you and I beat you. It was Paul who told me about you. He’s the prophet. He’s the smart one. He knew what was there and he found me to take it out of the ground, and you know what the funny thing is? Listen… listen… listen… I paid him ten thousand dollars, cash in hand, just like that. He has his own company now. A prosperous little business. Three wells producing. Five thousand dollars a week. Stop crying, you sniveling ass! Stop your nonsense. You’re just the afterbirth, Eli. You slithered out of your mother’s filth. They should have put you in a glass jar on a mantlepiece. Where were you when Paul was suckling at his mother’s teat? Where were you? Who was nursing you, poor Eli? One of Bandy’s sows? That land has been had. Nothing you can do about it. It’s gone. It’s had.”

  22. Things aren’t going to get better for the people in charge here, because while Biden is a clown, he is sort of a bathetic, tragicomic type (outlived some of his children; one of his sons is a crackhead). He has some residual love from people who still want to believe the working class Irish-Catholic white democrat can return. The idea that the democrats have any interest in normal white people (or normalcy, period) is just the ghost of an echo at this point, but nostalgia is powerful stuff. But the woman coming in, whom Biden probably calls Vice Pina Colada Harris, is hated by too many people for even a very hard sell, Phillip Dick-style psy-op to convince anyone that she is popular. The polls and puff pieces will only work on the unhinged, and will disgust yellow dog democrats. Black women set the agenda for the black community, and they hate light-skinned bitches like Harris. Your average black dude looks at her and thinks she looks like the kind of high yellow who sat on the porch drinking mint julips and would warn Massa when one of the field hands was making a break for it from the cotton field. Black people are still at the bottom of society but they’re also still very important to the DNC coalition. Hispanics just don’t really get energized to vote once they’ve snuck in. Unlike blacks, they’re not content with someone who just sort of looks like them. And honestly if someone like Hugo Chavez was to run for president here I’d vote for him just to hear Ben Shapiro mewl about socialism.

    • They no longer need to convince the voters. They simply manufacture the votes that they need.

    • All that, plus she put away a lot of black men under dubious circumstances while AG in California. The black community is definitely unforgiving of this.

  23. I still wish Trump was inside the tent pissing out and pissing off the leftards. The downstream consequences of their idiotic and delusional policies and decisions are going to be a heavy weight for the rest of us and society to bear.

  24. I don’t think the Democrats’ attitude to government is in any way similar to that of the GOP. Sure, they’re a bunch of paranoid freaks out to rob us blind. But there’s a fundamental difference. The leftists who fund and direct the Democrats are out for REAL blood. They are looking for a final solution. Not the Stupid Party. Most Republicans treat the Democrats as the loyal opposition in the face of facts that are contrary to that assumption. For example, look at the Democrat voting legislation they just passed in the House. That legislation would lock in fraudulent elections into infinity. Instead of calling this wicked attempt at subversion what it really is, you have the usual GOP shills sounding off about its being “unconstitutional”. As if the Left gives a shit. So long as our side simply runs around smugly confident in its moral superiority and legal acumen, we stand no chance against an aggressive enemy that cares nothing for either morals or laws. We must level the playing field.

    • The weak conquer, the strong submit, America dies on the cross to save the world. Bad morals, bad conscience. No way out but a change of mind, no change of mind without a focusing pain, no pain without letting it burn. Like letting an addict hit bottom to see if he decides for himself to make a change. It’s sad and maddening to watch, but is there another way?

      • We have to destroy America in order to save it.
        A legacy from Viet Nam whose time has come round.

        • I’m gonna start printing shirts ‘Vote Harder’. I wonder if we can field a candidate named Harder, say Goode N. Harder, channeling Mencken.

      • Start punching back while you’re just getting jabbed. You don’t want to wait until the knockout punches start coming.

      • Your first three sentences sound like a summary of recent Nietzsche I’m reading (“Antichrist”, “The Genealogy of Morals”). Civilization, or Christianity in some places, was an attempt by the weak to subdue the wild, free man, his Ubermensch (I guess, I’m still new at this…). In fact, one of his main topics in “Genealogy” is the origin of “Bad conscience.” If I understand him, the bad conscience is the once-free man’s need for freedom (alas, the urge to hurt others often times), constrained by civilization (Christianity), turned inward, so that it causes internal problems.

        Now, speaking personally, I like civilization. I’m probably more a sheep than a wolf, except rhetorically perhaps. I understand (not from Nietzsche) that civilization has been defined as Man’s rebellion against Nature: we’d like some things to not be as harsh, pitiless, as final, as default existence will produce, so we try to devise structures to mitigate or alter them. I get that Nietzsche champions the superior man, who lives by his own code, free of the oppression of others. The maverick, the champion, the leader, certainly has a place in myth and even history. But what I still can’t see that he’s distinguished is: how does his hero, Zarathustra, differ from primitive man? If he is really running around doing as he pleases, the consequences to others be damned, is he actually any different than today’s criminal running around, stealing, robbing, raping, assaulting, murdering? I, as yet, have not seen him make any such distinction. Civilization was put in place, at least in part, to restrain the wild beast so that the sheep could graze in relative safety.

        But Nietzsche has a point. Civilization (and its partner, religion) can go too far in protecting the weak. If those who would have been the conquerors, the strong, in primitive times, are sufficiently hobbled, then yes, it is the victory of the weak over the strong.

        • Yep. Current events have had me remembering Nietzsche.

          He might’ve been as crazy as he sometimes sounds, idk, but I read him as an artist more so than a philosopher. Which is to say, his writing is a gut punch instead of a thesis. He wants people to embrace and affirm life. Also, he was a product of the Victorian age, so I can forgive him for being polemical, shocking, superficially dyscivilizational.

          Nut or not, there’s a lot in his writing that’s useful today.

    • Yeah, they want to kill all white men and hold white women as sex slaves. It’s really that simple.

      I’ve noticed the attitude of the average non white here in canada got extremely hostile and hateful towards whites in the past 5 years – for really no reason except they can sense weakness. they can smell blood and the sharks are circling.

      Anyways 95% of our people are in denial about this.

      • Reminds me of coastal California… Hang in there brother.

        My hope is that the cringing white allies will learn that they will not be exempted from the retribution.

      • Play the crazy white man card & they freeze up. Thing is you have to be willing to go all the way. They sense this in their lizard brain and BTFO.

    • Look at the GOP leadership and that says it all. Business as usual. McConnell is a Chinese stooge. McCarthy is owned by Big Tech and cheap labor.

      The GOP has no intention of really fighting that voting bill. Hence the wimpy noises from them. Trump is just lost. He never understood what he was up against.

  25. Great article, as always. however, SNAFU isn’t an acronym for “No plan survives contact with the enemy.”—the initials don’t match up. Webster’s says the origin is actually “Situation normal all fucked up.”

    • Also FUBAR: fucked up beyond all recognition. Captain Sisko told me so. Or maybe it was the Allstate Insurance guy I’m not sure.

      Mike Tyson had it best. “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

        • Actually the relevant Tyson quote today would be “everybody has a plan until they get punched”

          • He’s eminently quotable and I’ll furnish whichever of his quotes I damn well-please. Matter of fact, I think I’ll do so now.

            “I usually don’t do interviews with females unless I fornicate with them. So you should stop talking to me, unless you want to…you know.”

          • He’s one of the all-time pop culture gadfly douchebags, but “Sports Guy” Bill Simmons deserves our thanks for coming up with the concept of the “Tyson Zone.” That’s when a celebrity like Mike Tyson has such a long track record of bizarre behavior, you’re forced to at least momentarily consider if stories that would be obvious over-the-top parodies about anyone else just might be true (basically, Poe’s Law for celebrities). I think Joe Biden is maybe three attempted “press conferences” away from the Tyson Zone…

            …and this man is at least nominally the President of the United States. Help us, Comrade Xi, you’re our only hope. Just invade and put us out of our misery already.

          • Bill Simmons is the kind of twit you’d like to give a short, sharp, shock. Example 1A of a Gen X white guy who should have been resisting the take over of America but instead acted as a Pied Piper to other men who think it’s cute to devote every waking moment to sportsball and pop culture.

    • I think a closer reading of Z’s essay will reveal no correlation was imputed between SNAFU and that quote, which, by the way, is a maxim of the German field marshal, Helmuth von Moltke, who argued for flexibility and multiplicity in battle planning, saying: “No plan of operations extends with certainty beyond the first encounter with the enemy’s main strength.”

    • Euphemism: “Euphemism is a figure of speech commonly used to replace a word or phrase that is related to a concept which might make others uncomfortable.”

    • He didn’t say what it stands for. By the by, I remember SNAFU as a Trivial Pursuit question some 35 years ago, and I was surprised that the answer card had the f word instead of ‘fouled up’.

  26. They had a real conundrum. Could rig election laws enough to get Bernie in. The rest were zeros. I’m guessing the bad bet they made was assuming Alzheimers progression is linear…it’s not. The guy is a mess and can barely “grip” a teleprompter for a five minute canned speech. My bet is Jill (Edith Wilson in this reprise) is one of the barriers. But it explains the acceleration of EOs, fortifying the Capitol, moving immediately to persecution of the right. Their window is much narrower than Obama, who could at least talk his own book when he got off his ass. The Green Zone is not there for happened, it’s there for what will come.

    • His decline has been very rapid since the last debate with Trump. At this rate he’ll have to be kept in seclusion by June. After that it just gets increasingly ugly for Pelsoi and crew.

      Funny thing about the Green Zone. Is that D.C. hates the NG troops. Seems the vendors supplying them with food have been poisoning them with moldy bread, uncooked meat, etc. A bunch has to go to the hospital and now they are forced to eat MRE’s because they can’t trust the food suppliers. First they get treated like animals and put in a unheated garage, forced to sleep on the floor and only one bathroom for a battalion worth of men.

      WTF is wrong with the Pentagon and D.C. authorities that they are unable to provide the men with decent accommodations and food?

        • Maybe you haven’t figured it out, but the federal government is no longer functional. It cannot handle basic logistics or procurement. It’s a crippled organization staffed by dummies, which is why it can’t accomplish anything other than what the donor class pays it to pass as legislation. Most state governments are the same. They don’t hate the troops, per se, but are simply and completely incompetent.

          • “Maybe you haven’t figured it out, but the federal government is no longer functional.”
            I agree, but I wish it was non-functional enough to stop taking out taxes every month. That’s when I’ll know its truly broken.

            Biden says he doesn’t have Dementia, he just can’t remember when he started forgetting.

      • The plan is for normal white guys to kill the other normal white guys. Why would they treat them well?

      • they work for the enemy, therefore, the food suppliers will treat them like the enemy…spit checks optional

      • It’s likely just a combination of corruption and incompetence.

        Corruption in the sense that these companies skimp on things like cooking the food to save on the cost of making it, probably expecting to throw away most of it before the deception is discovered; probably 99% of many products are thrown away before use and upon reaching the expiration date, so there is little risk of being caught (and if you are, just claim it was an error and promise to fix it). It’s the equivalent of selling lower grade gasoline as a higher grade one: most people won’t notice and you’ll make lots of money by selling a lower cost item for a premium.

        Incompetence in the sense that the government requires diversity quotas in contracts, so the quality of items often depends upon meeting social engineering requirements.

        This is why I expect China to surprise us all one day and crush the US military. We’ll go to war and suddenly find a large fraction of missiles, sensitive technologies, and even basic things like MREs are defective. Think it can’t happen? It already has.

        Remember that story about UFOs being caught on camera by the US Navy? The truth is that there were no UFOs. The IR cameras were simply defective. The story that was floated to the public was just a cover to avoid potential prosecution of the executives involved and a decline in share price; selling expensive, but defective, equipment to the military could be criminal. This kind of thing happens all the time.

          • A senior NCO is in charge of that ammo. They run much more based than the officer caste.

        • Ive had the displeasure of dealing with people in the NG at my place of work. Most of them seem to be dumb as dirt and there would be more a chance of one them literally shooting themselves in the foot than shooting anybody else. Remember the NG were also used to help confiscate guns from citizens trying to protect their homes in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina

      • Proof (if needed) that the troops are there not to protect “our” leaders from some hostile forces (ISIS, etc.) but from US. It’s like the Berlin Wall, that supposedly protected East Berlin from capitalist forces, but obviously was to keep East Berliners inside.

      • More of that please. More young White men of the type that populate the National Guard need to have it shoved in their faces that the ruling class hates them.

        • Dino;
          Yeah, epic level stupidity on display in DC. More than a few kings and emperors met their deaths from abusing their bodyguards just because they could: Until one day they couldn’t.

          Just a preview of how DC Statehood will go. Used to be, a no-bid contract would go to a diversity-owned shell company who would sub-contract to somebody actually capable of doing the work. Apparently they are now so stupid and greedy that they have done away with Step 2.

          And why not_? After all, they’ll get re-elected anyway. But this ain’t the same as (not) paving the potholes.

      • The news report I read mentioned metal shavings. Now uncooked or spoiled food I can understand, but metal shavings is hard to accidentally get into food. I suspect deliberate sabotage. Yes, MREs or canned food they open themself will be safer. If I’m right, this actually works for our side: the military knows that even in the capital city, the citizenry hates them or more likely, is a bunch of incompetents, and the government they are sworn to serve isn’t much better. What could possibly go wrong? 😈

    • No State of the Union address is a pretty big tell. Also the lack of a press conference; Biden can’t even be propped up in front a room full of compliant lapdogs.

      Everyone knows the score and nobody can say anything. Yet.

    • The DNC went out of their way w/ constant rule changes to keep the likes of Bernie (also Tulsi) from getting anywhere near the nomination. (The RNC employed the same strategy w/ Ron Paul.) I just assume the eventual nominee of either party must pass muster w/ Wall Street, the CoC, the MIC, Silicon Valley, and the Security State.

  27. Okay, I don’t know who’s running the show right now I know it’s definitely not Biden but I doubt very much they’re going to get rid of him and put Harris in charge because as awful as she is she’s going to try to run the show and the people with power now or not going to voluntarily hand it to her

    • Harris is dumber than Biden was when he was in his prime. She’ll sign whatever they put in front of her.

      • I don’t think it is all that clear as to which camp she is in. Her campaign staff was all Clinton people. Her money was from Silicon Valley. Biden has a mix of Obama people and Washington careerists. I tend to think Harris was the choice because she was assumed to have no future of her own. Biden would stagger through his first term, maybe quit in year three and then there would be a big fight to see who is the 2024 nominee.

        That’s what will be fun to watch. As Biden fades, these people will be ripping each other’s throats out in public.

        • “As Biden fades, these people will be ripping each other’s throats out in public.”

          If there’s anything I can do to offer them some assistance…

          • We can chuckle with amusement, gentlemen, but a lot of bad stuff may well happen. Drunken sailor scale spending (of course it happened and would have happened the same if the prior tenant had extended his lease). But we will see additional crimps on freedom. National firearms registration a la California (Felony to not report ownership of arms?) or at least recording of all sales. Additional muzzles on law enforcement, free speech. No action taking against the tech oligarchy. Solar panels, wind mills, and electric cars for everybody.

        • She’s got a pretty low price. Young women who sleep with old men to get what they want are not to be trusted with anything. She has no morals or loyalty and will do whatever they tell her to do as long as she gets what she wants out of it. At least that is my impression of her.

      • She may be dumb, but she is cunning and ruthless. Anyone who has followed politics at all knows which of those attributes are most valuable to the professional politician.

        • I always though cunning implied intelligence, but I was wrong. Its definition only requires “shrewd, sly, deceiving, crafty”. Nietzsche agrees (Genealogy of Morals, essay 1, ch. 15):

          (“Injury makes a man cunning,” says a popular proverb: so far as it makes him cunning, it makes him also bad. Fortunately, often enough makes him stupid).

      • Nah. Biden was held back a grade in elementary school and had to repeat a semester in college to avoid flunking out. Then there’s his history of plagiarism . . . Kamala is probably of average intelligence. (Average intelligence and a complete lack of scruples is the sweet spot for politicians in the US.)

    • Nonsense. Kamala has made a career out of sucking up and sucking off the right people. If she weren’t pliable and flexible, she’d never have gotten the VP position…

      • She’s VP because she’s unlikeable and has zero institutional or popular support. Because she’s in line after Biden, it ensures insiders won’t undermine Biden’s claim to the presidency because the alternative is unworkable. Basically, party leaders are doing what they can to keep Biden propped up by making sure that lesser powers (Pelosi, Etc.) will cooperate with Biden so they don’t ever have to deal with Harris. Biden is the carrot; harris is the stick.

        • Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein did the same thing. He appointed some Christians to high level positions in his government knowing they couldn’t threaten him because they weren’t Muslim and the population would never accept them as leaders if they tried anything. The only choice they had, no matter how much they hated the guy, was to keep Saddam around because the alternatives were unacceptable. This kind of thing is common in history.

          • Nixon did the same thing by getting Agnew on the ticket with him in ’68. Unfortunately for Nixon, Agnew was forced out of office over a bribery case even before the Wastergate Scandal broke.

      • Next time you use “pliable and flexible” could you do it in conjunction with a more attractive woman?

        • Does such a thing exist? Given my experiences with the opposite sex in my breeding years, it’s amazing I didn’t become a homosexual 😎

    • If the Trump/Biden presidencies have accomplished anything, it’s that the President has virtually no control of the branch he supposedly is in charge of.

      There is no one “in charge”. Only temporary coalitions of powerful interests and massive bureaucracies.

      • That’s the conclusion I’ve reached.
        The commonality of most all these coalitions is they merge onto the Globohomo Memorial Expressway to Hell. Many on ramps. Off ramps are short, one lane, few, and far between.

      • That more or less been the case with presidents for decades.

        Obama was more a spiritual leader for the bureaucracy than an actual boss.

        Trump was continuously undermined from day one and never willing to go scorched earth on them. Ultimately, the beat him.

        Bush was a dope that they led around by the nose.

        Clinton seams to have had some limited control.

        Poppa Bush was figure head that presided over their expansion.

        Reagan was a sort of boss that cough them and that they hated and wanted to dump. But he was too smooth an operator for them to beat. He won on foreign policy but it was a draw domestically.

    • Something tells me that “Dr.” Jill Biden is going to have something to say about that.

  28. The Road Back (cont)
    Connect the dots.

    No borders, no unity, no social trust. Bribable low IQ voters, auto-elected corruptocrats, vicious cycle. Federal fiscal insanity, worthless fiat money, eventual economic collapse. More desperation, more crime, more police state repression. Chaos, martial law, rise of autocracy. More awareness of systemic malfunction, more Big Brother spying, more persecution of the sane. Rapidly growing parasitism, declining productive class, tipping point. City life, high mortality, panic-fueled exodus to safety. Well-planned refuge, survival, resurrection of the fit. Disease focus, antibodies, cure.

      • Funny thing is they did turn the fire into a raging conflagration as opposed to attempts at putting it out.

        • Yes. And contrary to what Billy sings, they pretty much DID start the fire. At least this particular conflagration.

    • I’ll take “What is the near-term fate of the republic that our ancestors built?” for $20, Alex. (I never watched that program, so I might have messed that up.)

    • Rapidly growing parasitism

      Everything is a racket and only suckers play by the *old* rules. Seems like only yesterday we were talking about a 5 trillion dollar debt. “The economy” has been largely stagnant since then and now it’s “28 trillion” Dollars.

      • Speaking of which, who do you like for the new 10 trillion dollar note? I’m torn between Obama and Biden. I think Fauci for the 100T bill definitely.

        • I’m fine with your choices, but not of bills. It should definitely be a 3 trillion dollar bill and a 103 trillion dollar bill, as in…’as phony as a 3 (trillion) dollar bill!’

          • My husband (a pretty sober minded individual not prone to ‘conspiracy theories’) is trying to make future financial plans based on a strong belief that, once they roll out the $20 with Harriet Tubman on it, they are going to start requiring the old $20s with Jackson to be turned in. Merely a first step to ‘exchanging’ all currency due to massive devaluation, and transfer to totally digital funds.

      • I remember posting some outraged rant to Usenet back in the late ’80s or early ’90s about the $3 trillion dollar national debt. How quaint.

        If I could go back to myself then, I’d tell myself. “Don’t bother. Just start the revolution.”

    • So then the more Pfizer is intentionally negligent, the more of Argentina they would own? Oof.

      • There was apparently a scene in one of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books (I’ve only had it relayed to me second hand) about a fellow who was innovating the concept of fire insurance in that fantasy universe, but hadn’t quite perfected it.

        Insurance Salesman: “Yes, he pays me a premium monthly and the policy pays him [some amount of money] should his tavern burn down!”

        Man: “So … you’re basically saying that you bet him [some amount of money] that his tavern won’t burn down?”

        Insurance Salesman: “[uncertainly] Well….”

        *plume of smoke rises in the distance*

    • Bilejones. Forgive me, sir, but something you mentioned about the CDC on yesterday’s thread piqued my interest. Your words were something to the effect (please clarify if I’m off base) of ‘the CDC had not isolated a sample of the virus’, what does this mean? Did you have any links to the statement that was made confirming this?

      This lunchtime, after strolling with the wife through a pleasant green wood with zero diversity, I thought I’d have a gander at the CDC’s website. I found an explanation of the two ways of testing for the ChinkyPox and both seemed likely to yield false positives. The first, seemingly more accurate, was called a Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) and apparently detects ‘virus genetic material’. The second, not very accurate is an antigen test which detects ‘viral proteins’. I wonder if it is this second test that is administered most frequently? If so, it appears that the number of false positives could be considerable.

      I suppose it was just another reminder, to this layman, how shrouded in mystery this whole business is. The Argentina article seems quite terrifying. There was a gentleman commenting here awhile back living as an expat in Argentina, I wonder what his thoughts are on this.

      • None of the so-called tests really appear to be able to identify specific virii.

        It’s all just stuff they’re throwing at the wall.

      • Here’s the damning paragraph
        Analytical Performance:
        Limit of Detection (LoD):
        LoD studies determine the lowest detectable concentration of 2019-nCoV at which approximately 95% of all (true positive) replicates test positive. The LoD was determined by limiting dilution studies using characterized samples.
        The analytical sensitivity of the rRT-PCR assays contained in the CDC 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel were determined in Limit of Detection studies. Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA (N gene; GenBank accession: MN908947.2) of known titer (RNA copies/μL) spiked into a diluent consisting of a suspension of human A549 cells and viral transport medium (VTM) to mimic clinical specimen. Samples were extracted using the QIAGEN EZ1 Advanced XL instrument and EZ1 DSP Virus Kit (Cat# 62724) and manually with the QIAGEN DSP Viral RNA Mini Kit (Cat# 61904). Real-Time RT-PCR assays were performed using the ThemoFisher Scientific TaqPath™ 1-Step RT-qPCR Master Mix, CG (Cat# A15299) on the Applied Biosystems™ 7500 Fast Dx Real-Time PCR Instrument according to the CDC 2019-nCoV Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel instructions for use.

        On page 39 of this document dated 7/13/2020

        CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)
        Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel
        For Emergency Use Only
        Instructions for Use
        Catalog # 2019-nCoVEUA-01
        1000 reactions
        For In-vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Use
        Rx Only

        Centered on the actual front page of course.
        It was updated/rewritten in December and that Para was gone but they nowhere claim to have samples.

        I took the precaution of downloading it and will happily send you the 50 odd page PDF.

        • Thanks. This is the sort of stuff I mean. If these people have no samples for there LoD tests, then Joe Bloggs is correct to ask questions. One such question is why a virus with so many cases reported is one that the premier research institute in AINO has no samples of.

          It’s also a great example of some worrying truths buried in plain sight, dressed up with some scientific terminology to scare people off. Works, I suppose.

          • Let’s not get too far into conspiracy land. Viruses exist. Yes, there is plenty of uncertainty and misinformation about SARS-Cov-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The pandemic has been exploited more, perhaps, than any other disease in modern history. Perhaps all history.

            But anyone who says “no one has ever proven that the virus exists” or some similar statement is not well informed and frankly, probably wears a tinfoil hat. Not only do viruses exist, but they can be bred, sequenced, sliced and diced, combined with unrelated viruses, in short, manipulated with almost the same ease as a document on a word processor. The gene sequences of viruses are routinely decoded and stored in publicly-available databases (and probably secret ones, too.)

            All these are routinely done for research purposes and have been for decades. There is a chance, perhaps a good one, that SARS-CoV-2 is a lab experiment that escaped. I have no opinion on whether SARS-CoV-2 has inserts from the HIV virus. But it’s certainly possible. I’ve seen academic research about doing such stuff (they call it a “pseudovirus”).

            It is even possible to synthesize a virus from its genetic code in the database, although I don’t think this is normally done, due to expense.

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