White Fragility

One of the strange things about living through a particular time is that things that define that age in the moment just seem to pop up from nothing. For example, one day two men getting married is a punchline to a joke. The next day you are in human resources signing your termination papers for mocking homosexual marriage. One day men in drag are something you recall your parents laughing at and the next day your kid’s teacher is in a frock demanding you call him “they” for some reason.

The reason these things feel like they have sprung from nowhere is most people are normal, living normal lives. They are too busy living those normal lives to look into who is plotting what over in the shadows of the managerial class. Most of us live outside the world of elite opinion, so we cannot see it evolving and embracing the latest boutique opinions to wear around like amulets. By the time we notice, the finished product has been imposed onto the culture.

That is what’s useful about looking into the people profiting from the new moral panic of whiteness and its related items, like white supremacy. Russ Travers is Mumbly Joe’s new antiwhite crusader. Before he was an antiwhite crusader, he was an anti-Muslim crusader in the now largely defunct War on Terror™. He got canned last spring as the Trump administration tried to purge these people from the system. He claims it was due to his demand to go after whites, instead of Muslims.

Of course, what was really going on is this guy was getting off the anti-Muslim bus and jumping on the anti-white bus. He saw that the former was a dying racket, but the former offered an ambitious career man like him many new opportunities. Rather than try his luck in the dreaded private sector, which is worse than death, he quickly became an evangelist against white supremacist terror. Again, yesterday the great threat was Islam and today the great threat is you. Just like that.

In reality, this antiwhite pogrom was in the works for years. You see that in the resume of Robin DiAngelo, the authoress of the book White Fragility. She started out trying to grift on the feminism stuff, but that was an overserved market, so she tried getting into the diversity rackets, but then she stumbled into the gold mine. She could be a life coach to guilty white liberals, in major corporations and government, helping them confront their white privilege and implicit racism.

Does Mx DiAngelo believe the nonsense she promotes? Probably not. Conmen believe in one thing. “You can’t cheat an honest man; never give a sucker an even break or smarten up a chump.” What she believes does not matter. It is what the chumps she is fleecing believe that matters. The managerial class, which has the money and power, believes white people are the problem, so grifters like Robin DiAngelo are there to tell them they are right. Russ Travers will protect them.

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  • 52:00: White Fragility (Link)

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218 thoughts on “White Fragility

  1. I don’t know why I listen to this blog podcast. I almost never feel better after I do lol.

    My best friend moved to the Yucatan Mexico 3 months ago. I thought it would not last.

    He is not coming back. No blacks, no Biden, no white leftists and, compared to cities in the US, no crime. Supposedly, and this is only hearsay on my part, but the cartels locate all their families into the region and keep the area crime free, in their own fashion. Too bad white people can’t do the same here.

    A haircut is 3 bucks. A full time maid is 5 bucks an hour. People work hard and they appreciate being treated well. They don’t act entitled.

    I was complaining his yard and pool people cost the same as they would here in the US at 250 a month, except he then told me they come 4 times a week…..

    Utilities have been solid, internet is perfect.

    The only thing that is more expensive than our Florida home base is electricity, but that is compared to my home in the south. If you live in CA or IL I doubt it is more.

    Ill give it a year. If he is still there incident free and as happy as he is now, I am following.

    The USA is dead to the real white man.

  2. There are 2 groups that men must stop listening to if they want to survive; Women, and Cowards.

  3. I just noticed Ramz Paul has a big spread on the SPLC website. Wonder why Z hasn’t made the SPLC, he’s far spicier?

  4. Here’s an interesting news item I’ve stumbled upon. An occasional theme with Zman is that the world is getting dumber, often citing that the US probably could not duplicate the Moon Shot of the 1960s even with half a century advances in tech. The theme of civilizations getting dumber is a thread woven through Asimov’s Foundation stories, including posthumous sequels by Greg Bear and Greg Benford. My knowledge of world history is sketchy, but since it’s the rule that Rome and lesser great civilizations crumbled slowly, so probably too did they get “stupider” by degrees. Note that this article doesn’t prove it’s lack of brainpower as the cause, but it is possible, especially given the slipping educational standards and “diverse is worse” demographics of recent decades..


    • We are probably getting dumber. But also, alot of the stuff we use is old and needs to be fixed and the guys and companies that made this stuff and can fix this stuff are long gone.

      I had a friend who worked at a national lab who told me a story about a calibration tool for an electrical standard that needed to be replaced. Two guys developed the tool and published papers on their work in the 60s. They are dead now and this one of a kind tool needs to be replaced. Its such an important tool that it sits in the corner of a basement and no one is allowed to move it to prevent breakage. No one at the lab now knows how the tool works. They are reading the papers the inventors wrote in the 60s and trying to replicate their work. Doing this will cost millions of dollars and the outcome is uncertain. We might be dumber, but also the old guys were really smart and also stuff gets lost after 50+ years.

      • Another historical example is the use of an incendiary weapon used by the Byzantine Empire, called “Greek Fire” in the early Middle Ages. Its use helped it survive attacks by the Muslim Arabs several time. But by the 13th Century the formula for making it seems to have been lost and Constantinople fell to the 4th Crusaders. You can read all about it here:

    • We’re making similar mistakes as Rome. They conquered foreigners and made them citizens. We skipped the conquering and simply declared the entire world to be potential US citizens.

      I hate the US government, regardless of the party.

    • OK, I read the referenced web article and then laughed out loud. The technology to be “reverse-engineered” is nothing more than a fancy customized & undoubtedly more expensive version of the same cooling system found in nearly all automobiles (think radiator, fan, pump & associated connections; and don’t forget the Prestone antifreeze). My God, how far we have fallen.

  5. Black uber woman picked me up at a bar the other night. Young, fit, well-spoken, community-college type…and confident. As she slowly drives through the parking lot she asks if Thermin is my real name. I say, “Nah it’s just my Uber name.” I tell her my real first name. She asks, “What do you think my real name is? I say “Shaniqua”. She stops the car. Turns around to look at me. “NO”. Then forthrightly, “Try AGAIN”. So I say, “OK…how about “Shawntelle”. “NO”. Me: “Alright, so Shaa…Shaaahhh…ummmm.” (I want to say ShaNayNay. But realize that’s a bridge too far. We’re still stopped and she’s glaring at me.) She cuts in, “Why would you think I’m any of those names? Cuz I’m black!?” I say “Yes”.

    Fortunately my affirmative response had a disarming effect on her. Probably because the tone of my “yes” was genial but firm. Which both stifled the fake outrage she was about to hit me with, and forced her back to her “just keepin’ it real” roots.

    There was a bit more charm-management involved to settle her. But settle her I had to–since this was not an old-school black woman who’d be satisfied with just yelling at you. This is millennial black girl. Composed but chomping at the bit to report you.

    (I can drive, but Uber is an undeniably great thing.)

    As to white fragility. One point is that had I normie-cucked and gone on a stammering apologetic denial-defense…she’d have gone for the kill. I’d be walking home and possibly banned from Uber because “abusive rider / racist / hate speech”.

    As it was, it turned into a friendly drive. She told me her real name is Barbara. We had a good laugh at that. She said her mom is conservative and wanted her to fit in with society…hence Barbara. (I’m betting her mom is a black Jehovah’s Witness). She now goes by “Trinity”. Can’t blame her.

    The fight we almost got into is what Big Prog wants. With white guy losing of course. Remarkable how these kids know their part and their power in this game. I mean, she stopped the effing car. Stopped taking me home. Because I said a name. (OK, I was pretty blatant I guess 🙂

    Anyway if she’d been over 45 the conversation would have been a loud good time from the start. She’s probably not going to report me since we became fast friends. But her next term paper is definitely going to be on the gigantic microaggression some white guy laid on her.

    As I got out of her car I said “Thanks for keeping me out of jail.” She said, “Thanks for keeping me employed!” Ahh, she’s alright. Just a kid.

    • Great story in many ways. First, none of us got to pick our parents, so you must play the hand you’re dealt in life no matter what, and Uber driver Barbara is no different. My point is that Barbara did not ask to be born on the North American continent (which is the wrong environment based on her ancestry) and blaming her for this is asinine. This mid latitude environment is not a good fit with her evolutionary history, so yes, she started out life in a deeper hole than those of us with European ancestors (think sickle cell anemia, which is protective if you live in the Congo, but sucks in Detroit). Our war is not against misplaced Black people, but the Caucasian psychopaths that are destroying our ancestral heritage and culture with a vengeance.

        • How is that helpful? The right kind of compassion can work miracles. I agree that everything about this place and situation their ancestors were brought to is wrong for them. Add the agitating element and you get what we’re dealing with today. Reintegration to their homeland is the sane path forward not these endless games at pretending to bend one to the others’ will. Can we, for once, be smarter than the true enemy here?

      • “First, none of us got to pick our parents…”

        Generally, only whites feel a reluctance to judge a person by a quality that the person did not choose.

        I predict with a high degree of confidence that Barbara is not burdened by this feeling.

        If you are in an army fighting an enemy you only weaken yourself by sympathizing with it.

        Only extend such feelings to those who reciprocate it.

        • At worst, Barbara is a useful idiot marionette whose strings are being pulled by powerful Progressive elitists who feign compassion for blacks from the comfort of their lily white gated compounds. And worst yet, Barbara has likely become crippled with respect to personal achievement and earned self-worth by the Uncle Tom psuedo-praise being heaped upon her by a fawning media machine that rewards the self-imposed slavery of liberal groupthink. Picking on her is like taking candy from a baby, but to fight the real power-brokers you’re going to need balls rather than snide criticisms.

          • TomA: “…Barbara has likely become crippled with respect to personal achievement.” Nice. Care to expand on that? I like the fairly recent counter ideal to Capitalistic striving. Summed up by: “It’s OK to be average.”

          • TomA: “And worst yet, Barbara has likely become crippled with respect to personal achievement and earned self-worth by the Uncle Tom psuedo-praise being heaped upon her by a fawning media machine that rewards the self-imposed slavery of liberal groupthink.”

            Your quote summarizes our difference. You believe the issue is culture and I believe that it is biological. I believe that even if Barbara was raised in your perfect assimilated, meritocratic system, Barbara would still resent white people and yearn to import more of her own kind.

            I don’t think I was snide.

          • Frip – Progressives love to set the bar extremely low for blacks and then heap copious praise upon them for trivial achievements. If you do that from a early age (hello elementary school), you get a mental cripple who thinks that learning addition & subtraction should earn you a PhD.

            LineInTheSand -If you’ve been reading my previous posts, you know that no one is a bigger proponent of biological realism than me. Nature (aka evolutionary biology) has equipped Barbara to thrive in the Congo, whereas you or I would fare very poorly in that environment. Education, training, or culture cannot delete sickle cell anemia from her DNA. Regardless, she was born here and must make the best of things with what God has given her, just like everyone else. And she’s not alone is these tribulations. Go to the beach sometime and watch how the Irish fare in the hot sun. It’s no picnic for them either.

          • TomA, the UI won’t allow me to reply to your 4:02 PM comment, so I do it here.

            TomA replied to me, “no one is a bigger proponent of biological realism than me.”

            Your references to biology that I have seen always involve individual fitness, not group dynamics. Here’s clarifying question I ask to you:

            Do you believe that as groups, j3ws or blacks are more ethnocentric than whites and that this is a result of their genetics?

          • DNA can and does encode behavioral traits (think proclivity or bias) that apply broadly to a group or subspecies. As an example from the animal kingdom, upland voles innately construct deep warrens for added protection against predators whereas as coastal voles only construct shallow warrens due to a locally high water table. IOW, if you move a coastal vole to an upland environment, it will still construct shallow warrens based on its DNA programming.

  6. As a single guy, I beseech the Almighty: Lord, give me strength to resist the asian women who are so much more feminine and treat me so better than white women.

    I won’t submit to the temptation but it’s not easy.

  7. Z: “A dying racket”. “An overserved market”. Good notions that remind us that things can change for the better through sheer boredom.

  8. I still fail to see what’s wrong with being a little anti-Muslim. Well, I guess that makes me a friend of the Chinese these days.

    • Islamaphobia is a contradiction of terms. A phobia, by definition, is an irrational fear of something, I.e. a bug that’s a lot smaller than you. Fear of Islam is wholly rational.

    • Islam has persisted for over a millennium because it has “worked” in the environments of the Middle East, and one of the core attributes of their religious practice is a strong patriarchy and ritual restraint on deviancy, promiscuity, and female wanton behaviors. To this day, their men will fight to the death to preserve those core values. The hairy male Jew in the sundress running a major Federal Department is abhorrent to them on many levels and Allah commands that they not let that travesty continue to infect their society. There can be common cause in a war against cultural suicide.

    • I dislike both Han and Mohammedans – when they colonize others’ countries. As far as their native culture and cuisine, I never developed the fascination with China or Asia that some do. Never found their history interesting (I did read Rumer Godden books about Japanese dolls as a kid, does that count?). While I wouldn’t want to live in a Moslem country as a White Christian, I do find their history interesting. Their cuisine is delightful, and their decorative arts outstanding. So I can actually respect their native culture more than that of the Han, despite the Han historically ‘inventing’ gunpowder, movable type, etc. Who I dislike more depends on which gimmigrant I’ve had more encounters with during any particular day. If you gave me a choice on which I’d instantly and forever remove from White lands with the snap of a finger, I’d be hard pressed to choose.

  9. Frederick, Colorado is a quaint little prairie town that is slowly being engulfed by the northern suburbs of Denver. If ever you find yourself in or near Frederick, do yourself a favor and swing by Georgia Boys BBQ for lunch or dinner. Excellent BBQ meats cooked low and slow, great selection of beer, authentically friendly servers and staff.


  10. In my opinion, the salient point in today’s broadcast is simple. Increasingly, we are a polarized society. There are of course many different factions, but for at least the past year, two factions are the Red and the Blue, or the Conservative and the Progressive. The Antifa and BLM riots of last year (and still continuing into the present!), or the less frequent examples of “right-wing’ violence (e.g. Jan. 6 “insurrection”) are symptoms. The mass media’s extremely biased coverage nearly all topics is a huge problem. But it’s protected by freedom of speech, even to spin the news into pretzel-like distorted images of reality. The MSM spouts such obvious falsehoods that most of the time, it’s painfully funny. While there may not be a way to legally regulate it, the hazard is that a large number of hearers will believe the Big Lie, and, perhaps, a large portion of the speakers of the Big Lie believe it too?

    But what is already gone, and far more dangerous in my opinion, is the increasing partisanship in government at all levels. It’s obvious to anyone with eyes to see, that much of the “progressive” activism was given free rein (more or less) especially by city and local governments. How many prosecutions, in fact, have there been from all those riots, lootings and worse? Damned few. Now we haven’t yet had mass round-ups of right-wingers, but the point is that the rhetoric of the mainstream increasingly leans that way, as Z’s coverage of the Fed’s pivot to “Domestic Terrorism” well illustrates.

    What worries me is that we are already well on the way to persecute, and perhaps increasingly, to prosecute, people solely by actual or perceived political affiliation. The White man is the enemy, especially the Coneverative. Much of that opprobrium is “legal”, deplatforming or canceling and such, by private corporate entities, be they Google, Facebook, Amazon or Ebay. Sure, you have a Constitutional right to sell “The Turner Diaries,” but not on Amazon. Meanwhile, Dr. Seuss’s children’s story books now are banned? Just how ludicrous are things going to get?

    We are not quite yet to the point of political denouncements, arrests, show trials or labor camps, but it sure feels like things are drifting that way. This country won’t work unless the laws are impartially applied to all. If BLM and Antifa get a pass for their violence , but lesser offenses of the other side get severe treatment, it’s only a matter of time until things escalate. Need I point out how dangerous such a trend is?

    • Forgive me for being blunt, but you’re 3 steps behind & very late in your assessment of the seminal problem. Future historians will likely mark the tipping point of our nation’s decline & fall as having occurred in the 90s, and what you see today that distresses you has been ongoing for at least 2 decades now. Yes, it’s accelerating, which is what has awakened your consciousness, but that’s like when Rush Limbaugh got his Stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis after three decades of smoking cigars heavily. You would be wise to start taking the problem very seriously in the present tense and not as some anxious anticipation & dread of a possible bad future.

      • No offense taken with bluntness. I’m that way too. I do take the problem seriously but it’s not clear what can be done about it. As for those future historians, I suspect they will either write what they’re told to write, or perhaps at best, they’ll have to do their research with archives that have been thoroughly purged, whitewashed, and airbrushed to a degree that would have done the censors of the early Soviet Union proud.

        • My guess is that there will be Aleksandr Solzeneizens in the future to ensue that the truth is told regardless of the propaganda industry that may exist. On the issue of what to do about the problems that we face, stay tuned, more to come.

        • No doubt civil rights, immigration, and, more related than most on this site will think, Vatican II…

    • We are now in the incipient phase of Maoism American style. Think of the BigTech/Cancel Culture/BLM/Anti-fa as the Red Guards and how they force people to repent, apologize, donate money, etc.

      And look how they are erasing out culture(books, statues, etc). The same happened in Mao’s China. Now we don’t have camps(yet), but we do have doxing and economical blackballing which keeps our side in line.

      Our colleges now are little more than factories turning decent white kids into Red Guards. Education has ceased and has been replaced with political dogma.

      • If you do not comment at UNZ, who is the z-man agreeing here?

        Présidente Le Pen: Can Marine Make It?
        Guillaume Durocher • March 3, 2021 • 126 Comments • Reply

        Anonymous[697] • Disclaimer says:
        March 3, 2021 at 7:13 pm GMT • 3.1 days ago ↑

        The problems that France (and Europe) has are not going to be solved with electoral politics. Even if le Pen takes the presidency, she will be cowed into submission worse than Trump was.
        • Agree: Nisbe, Z-man, White Elephant, Mike Tre, Ugetit, Realist, Alfred Muscaria, stevennonemaker88, SS-The Independent
        • Replies: @Ugetit, @Realist, @sally, @stevennonemaker88, @Incitatus

  11. I actually went and Googled “When you do it to me, it’s racism.”

    It’s literally all about how blacks deserve special treatment from White people. Our brave little jewess is eating lunch with Deborah, her black friend, who informs her that talking over her is racist. Robin argues that being from an “Italian” family, (I put quotation marks because it’s obvious what her parents were) talking over other people is just her culture. Deborah replies that “nah, when you talkin’ wit negroes an sheet das rayciss.” Robin was kind enough to translate this sheboonery into English. Apparently because Deborah has had White people talk over her all her life, that gives her a special pass for some reason.

    This is why I like to call these people Honorary Marleyans. They heap huge amounts of abuse on themselves in the hopes that their masters will tell them that “actually your race doesn’t count, you’re one of us now,” but because their true master is Satan, it will never happen.

  12. It is all a grift-driven collision of religious fanaticism with self-loathing. I’m sure the lily white Woke devotees, and their adjacent minority hangers-on, believe the bullshit, as did most of the witch burners and necromancers before them. But you can take it to the bank the Russell Tavers-type con artists don’t believe a single word of and as a direct result this parasitic trash is even more dangerous than the mindless drones who see them as oracles. Robin D’Angelo? She’s vaguely Jewish so she’s likely both a grifter and a psychotic true believer, traits shared by most of the Tribe (the hilarious ADL quote reeks of both a desire to profit and a childlike belief in demons). Subhuman, totalitarian monsters like them only will stop when their payday ends, and possibly when the rubes they duped catch on. I would not bank on the latter.

    • There’s no such thing as vaguely Jewish, one’s Jewishness results from genetics and culture. Robin is a full-on guidette. But then some people around here see Jews hiding behind every bush.

    • There’s no such thing as “vaguely Jewish.” One has 1) some degree of measurable Jewish DNA and/or 2) was raised in or chose to participate in the Jewish religion and/or culture. BTW Karl Marx has #1 but no #2. As far as Ms. DiAngelo goes, AFAIK she is 100% guidette, although more than one Jew-obsessed have tried to pin the triple parentheses on her.

  13. In the end, it doesn’t matter if they’re true believers or not. People that have earned fame and recognition (like Robin DiAngelo) off of hating whitey and hating Christianity aren’t going to change their tune even if someone or something managed to convince them they were wrong. For DiAngelo that would mean going to every single business and institutiidentity on that she’s coached and telling them to forget everything she told them, taking her book off the market, and issuing a public retraction to a huge number off people. “White fragility” is part of her identity now. It’s tied up into all her personal and professional relationships.

    You’re right to say that it’s like a religion, because I know for a fact that if someone somehow convinced me that God isn’t real I would keep living like a Christian, because I don’t know how to live otherwise. Christianity is a large part of my relationship with my parents, it’s a large part of my culture, and I try to make it part of who I am. Even if I didn’t believe, I would still pray and go to church. I would probably actually double down on it.

    • But your great great grandchildren wouldn’t! Thats how I view the protestant revolt. The protestants in the 16th century were close to Catholicms, but its hundreds of years later you get the Thomas Paines

    • Still no one knows how the CHAZ/CHOP thing really happened.

      Seattle Times didn’t cover it. People that know aren’t talking. Mayor/city council just gave away 6 blocks for like 3 months. Somehow zone was immediately occupied by anarchist security force (coordinated with the mayor’s approval?!?). Everyone masked up with ARs, 2 people killed. Security killed the second guy execution style but were never convicted let alone identified. Imagine taking over 6 square blocks of a city for 3 months, killing someone and not even getting IDed! One of the security people involved in the killing was some sort of anarchist out of the military and was posting on /k/ during the occupation.

      I know this is boomer take, but imagine if a conservative type had done this. The conservative, if he wasn’t executed by the police, would have a black bag over his head and a 20 year military sentence to gitmo. Guys are facing this type of prosecution for stepping foot on the capital unarmed.

      Situation was so weird I have hard time explaining it.
      1. Referencing Z’s bad data/information article from earlier in the week. We do not know how this happened, who can be blamed, and how it can we fixed. No hope for a democratic fix because there is no data and no information.
      2. IMO, political decisions are that allowed this to happen are so weird. Have to imagine the worst to rationalize it. Someone paid mayor/city council millions of dollars to setup autonomous zone? Who would do this and why? How did they coordinate all this with the anarchist groups (looks like three faction structure: BLM, white anarchist vet and trannies)? Was the police chief paid off too?

      • You should read about the Asturian Miners’ Strike. A very similar thing happened, except the government actually came in and stopped them that time. After they’d martyred nine priests and murdered dozens of other people, of course.

  14. “People on the Right believe in evidence for their beliefs” — Zman (paraphrased)

    Bad news for Fuentes and all those TradCaths. “Just bread and wine? What are you going to believe, the Church or your lying eyes?”

    • Its based on authority. If I God says ,this is my body, there’s no real other way to go. We can’t understand it, but it HAS to be true, because God, Truth itself, said so.

      Not that the N.O. Is the Catholic Church, so Fuentes is off on that.

  15. Houses in the town of Wayland, MA go for upwards of a million bucks. It’s mostly surrounded by ever wealthier towns like Lincoln, Sudbury, Weston, and Swellsley.
    They do share a border with the Sanctuary City of Framingham, but the illegals there seem to mostly prey upon each other. Fun fact: MA5 was a conservative stronghold until Tsongas was elected in the mid 70s. And he’d probably count as conservative by today’s standards.

  16. The House Bill about “police reform” has been sent to the Senate. It is expected to pass with support from Mitt, Collins, etc.

    It would require racial quotas for stops, arrests, etc. Essentially it makes all black crime legal. The Purge written as policy. Its probably a done deal, and the police are going to be in retreat for the next 100 years easily. Crime will go through the roof. We are already seeing it: Lady Gaga’s dogwalker being shot, her dogs held for ransom (until she called the FBI in to kick down doors in South Central) and the robbery in Beverly Hills of wealthy patrons at some restaurant.

    The wealthy will have the FBI as their bodyguards and the rest of us are going to be assaulted daily. My guess is that is not sustainable.

  17. Peer review is a total scam. Funny enough, but there is virtually no “peer-reviewed” studies showing peer review is any better than self-published. Ryan Faulk and Sean Last did a presentation on peer review some time ago. Of course, the vast majority of advancements come from industry and not academia. If progress were up to academics, we’d still be using vacuum tubes. But industry was kind enough to invent the P-N junction for us and not publish it in peer review before they started using it. (Bell Labs)

    The vast majority of peer-review is total crap, filler material. The only people paying for peer-reviewed journals is libraries who are required to pay for them. All of the make-work involved in the average peer-reviewed paper is paid for by tax-payers. It is one giant tax scam. Every BS field of “study” has associated peer-reviewed journals. From feminism to black studies to many areas of social-so-called-science has reams of the crap. Nobody reads them and nobody cares.

    • “Peer-reviewed” is sort of like the old “recommended by four out of five doctors,” a sales pitch. It has been a grift a long time but the recent publications of hoaxes and parodies has all but rendered the term meaningless.

    • One publishes in peer reviewed journals for the prestige earned from their colleagues. Not sure I’ve seen folk obtain position, promotion, and tenure via self publication—albeit there are some already established types that do such in order to get their research out to the world.

    • I’m a failed (actually, never “published” because I did it for “enrichment”…) academic. So I have some experience, around the edges so to speak. I’ve got some idea of peer review. It is mostly a joke. At best a paper might get a quick glance, but rigorous review? Most unlikely. Not wishing to offend one’s colleagues, is probably the best reason. Sounds silly, but academia is a very insular, clubby group and you don’t want to piss off the guy who might review your next paper. Publish or perish, and all that… Actually, the only “peer review” I give any credence to is a hypothesis/theory that is presented according to the scientific method. Ideally, independently tested and verified (or falsified) by a second investigator.

      • You speak of the topic of reproducible results. Such failure has been shown extensively—especially in the Social “Sciences”. But that’s different from peer review of studies we were talking about.

        Back in the day when I was submitting papers, they were indeed reviewed and commented upon. Some comments were of a mild sort and were passed on by the journal editor, but were not show stoppers. Other peer critiques were required to be addressed by the journal editor, or no publish. Finally, there is the last class, simple rejection with or without included comments, but little elaboration.

        There has been in the last few decades an explosion in the number of journals in publication—far more than justified by new disciplines being developed. Due to this, most academics I knew had their favorite journals and if you were not published in them, you simply were not published in their eyes.

        Yes, there is a clubbiness about academics, but that also has a purpose—it keeps the rif-raf out. It is not unheard of to have 100’s of applications for a tenure track position these days. Someone on the inside of the search process can get you an interview and a chance. Never heard of an interviewee who was not known and vouched for by a department member or a person who knew someone who could vouch for the applicant. And why not—one hire who is an “oddball” can cause havoc for years (6) before they can weed him out of the position.

        • You’re right, peer review quite different from validation of a theory. I recently wondered “How many academic papers are published worldwide, yearly?” And got an answer of a million or more. That’s a lot of papers to be reviewed! Even in the pre-internet days, there were tens of thousands of journals, magazines, etc. I’ve no idea how many hundreds of thousands of titles are published yearly. With most things digitized in recent decades, the numbers must have swollen even more.
          You’re right about the competition for positions. During my grad studies, around 2012, the university had a position for a Spanish professor and I think they had 50 to 100 applications for it. This is just an ordinary public university, not especially prestigious.

  18. Re Ireland: that Irish women and gays importing improved sex partners. That’s it. That’s all it is. The danger of prosperity.

    • Disagree

      Even the most liberal white women find the brown masses pouring into canada repulsive

      However european men are pretty faggy and need to a) hit the gym and b) become racist as fuck

      • Edit:

        Since becoming a full fledged hardcore racist and hitting the gym I’ve been getting way more attention from girls. Non white girls too. I’m just quiet about my views, but they love the testosterone, aggression and dgaf attitude.

        Nobody wants a soy male lol. North american white boys are pretty bad but euro males are a whole other level of cucked – I felt like I could beat up 6 german guys at once when I went. Imagine how an Arab feels.

        • In the 1980s I rarely felt like the toughest guy in the room. Now I almost always do. And it’s not because I’m suddenly 240 pounds of rock-solid muscle.

        • I’ve met a few German tourists here in So Cal and the men were all very wimpish. Decent sorts, but no fight in them.

          Yeah they need to hit the weight room, learn some boxing to man up. I guarantee if they did that in appreciable numbers their women would like them more.And the Muzzies would back off.

          The fact is a man who is fit, confident and even a bit martially competent radiates strength. Women notice it and predators back away from him.

          This is why liberals don’t want men pumping iron and learning martial skills. It makes them dangerous and unmanageable. .Hence their promoting the metro sexual male as the ideal role model for males.

          • I’ve never seriously gotten into weights or martial arts, but did dabble a few times. I will say, both in military and afterwards, while I was not in a combat specialty, I’ve met enough current or recent ex- military that were trained killers (e.g. SEAL). Without exception, these men were not anything like the Ah-nuld or Rambo Hollywood fantasy of a super-soldier. They were slim, sometimes wiry men, probably no more than 160-180 lbs, no fat at all on them. They were calm and unremarkable in civilian settings.

      • I stumbled across a Pegida rally several years back while visiting Dresden and saw no faggy men there. They were fierce and angry. They’ve had the boot on their neck all their lives but still appear to have their spirits intact. That may be more true of Eastern block men. It was wonderful to see in any case.

  19. Sorry I liked the Forward guy making reference to his article getting over….100 comments. Oh my, almost broke the Internet with that one!

  20. Hopkinton and the surrounding towns (Westborough, Southborough) in that part of MA are being taken over by high-earning Indians. The crime is really low, but they aren’t the old New England towns I grew up in.

    • There are 23 Hindu temples in MA now. All but a couple were incorporated in the last 15 years. Remember when the H-, F-, and M- visas were not considered to be immigrant visas?

    • I left the Boston area more than 25 years ago, I can hardly even picture these towns out in the I-495 belt being other than 98% white and semi-rural. Is Acton like that too? Harvard? Boxboro?

  21. I work for a global company that is infested with these HR-lite and social engineering grifters. Robin already was already a guest last year to highlight her insipid book. Her message is just part of the progressive chorus that the company would like us all to sing.

  22. Enjoyed the episode. You make the view I am scared to say loud sound sane and normal and for that I grateful.

    On the threat of right-wing extremism I am in agree with your comments regarding Antifa burning down cities but to play devil’s advocate here we had the kid who shot up some Mexicans and the Gabber who attacked the Synagogue. Dylan Roof perhaps?

    Not that I think the left are not a bigger problem, just that when the white guys get mad…well, you know.

    • At the very least, any ‘right wing extremism attack’ that the media endless hypes are in the event shown to be single cases. The perpetrators tend to be lone wolves. There is no unified network behind them, that I am aware of, that backs their moves. That plans their moves. And that may offer legal protection and counsel. I don’t recall any official either here or in the US defending the actions of these people.

      Antifa are an entity that is highly organized, championed by many MSM outlets as well as many politicians to boot. In most cases many people sympathize with them. They also commit acts of violence and intimidation that are far, far, far more likely to affect Joe Normie. It is true that there have been white shooters, and their numbers are impressive (Las Vegas, Tarrant &c) but it is more likely you’ll be a victim of Antifa’s violence than any of these.

      But it isn’t an issue because as we know, Antifa and the like have ‘friends in high places’.

      • Antifa, of course, is no threat to anybody because they’re white and therefore, can be destroyed at the drop of a hat. BLM is the threat because they are black and therefore untouchable. They can act with impunity, and there’s not thing one any of us can do about it.

    • I did post a longer reply to you, but it seems to have gotten lost.

      The gist was that whilst there are mass shootings committed by whites, the chance of Joe Normie being affected is small. Such actors also have no powerful backers and as far as I know, are all lone wolves.

      Now look at Antifa. Highly organized. Many MSM outlets and politicos openly sympathize (if not endorse) their activities. They have serious funding, as I hear. Joe Normie, especially in light of last summer’s events in the US, is very likely to get aggro from them. Violent aggro.

      • I get it, and I entirely agree. I have this awful habit of trying to see things from my enemies perspective so as I listened to Z dismissing right-wing terrorism as non-existent I imagined the libs bringing up the cases I mentioned in response, but yes between us we know that is comparing apples with oranges.

        Maybe I should stop doing that, I seems to get my down-voted, or maybe that was for my spelling, I’ll just pretend it was the spelling.

        • Nah, I agree with you

          There are internal, and external debates that need to be had.

          Internally we know it’s BS. But not Joe normicon.

          The external face is an important thing, part of optics. And whether we like it or not there are many incidents associated with “right wing terrorism”.

          • Ask them to define right-wing error is, then as for examples. Then listen to the crickets.

          • There are very, very few acts of supposed right wing terrorism. The only one the MSM uses is the OKC bombing – but when you dig into it, you get more questions than answers.

            That said what CompSci posts is the correct response when someone starts talking about it. Ask for examples and watch them go silent.

            When you do that, it forces them to think as opposed to regurgitating MSM agit-prop. Which is a novel experience for many.

    • If our goal is separation then the fact that we have some of own crazies is unimportant. Personally, I can sympathize with the guy who lost it when his town got demographically swamped, although I would not do what he did.

      If we separated, imagine how nice it would be to have harsh punishments (canings, perhaps?) and not have to hear anyone complain that it’s racist. We can start executing our mutants again and no one will call us racist.

      Reading my post, it sounds a bit bloodthirsty, but I’m in a good mood and wish everyone a good weekend.

  23. I see this morning that Mark Collett produced a short video about Great Britain planning on making criticism of demographic change illegal. At the rate we’re going, anything other than agreeing that all Whites are racist and benefit from privilege will not be allowed very soon. Talk like that will already get you banned from the usual social media places, but it looks like getting arrested isn’t that far off. This is moving frighteningly fast. Why are the people in charge so urgent?

    • I’ll answer my own question. They’re boxing us in. The Patriot Act put the tools in place, and now the speed and emphasis on rooting out White Supremacy is a preparation for what they see as an inevitable backlash coming once the slumbering White population has had enough of the attacks on Western Civilization and White people.

      • You nailed it. My perception, no doubt picked up from here and other similar places, is that the Left/Woke/Progressive element is escalating. Much as with BLM and Antifa running amok since at least 2020 riots, how can this NOT eventually lead to a backlash by normies/converrvatives/innocent bystanders? Perhaps at first a few isolated individuals, but once groups start to form, you have the makings of vigilante-ism and, by that point, the Woke will be able to finger point and cry “White Supremacists!” and it will have become truth.

        Clearly, the current legal regime is/will be stacked against Conservatives in such cases.

        An open question: is the ever-escalating insanity a bug or a feature? Accidental side effect of misdirected idealism, deliberate strategy, combination of both?

        What happens when a White group, or a neighborhood watch, kills another Ahmaud Aubrey, who was just innocently taking a piss on a construction site far from his neighborhood? When will the latest Antifa violence be met finally, with deadly response from an aggrieved white property owner or other victim?

        Just imagine how things might have played out if the the Jan. 6 DC “insurrection” had been much more violent, with authorities firing on and killing many of the crowd?

        Once it gets to the point where law enforcement starts killing whites, singly or in groups, we may be moving closer to outright rebellion, if not civil war. None of this is Fed posting; I really worry about where our country is heading.

    • Trump and Brexit scared them, and showed that given an actual choice, a majority of whites at least had some vague sense of ethnic identity and vaguely voted for their own interests.

      However in Canada we are seeing what the accelerated plan is – basically extremely insane immigration rates to just swamp whites out of any kind of power. We are now letting in 450,000/year, plus “students” and who knows how many illegal aliens. Over 1% of our popular per year is immigrating. (pop 38M, 24M whites). Btw a detached house in Toronto now has an avg. cost of 1.6M. This will now start up at the same rate under Biden.

      The only party who wanted to moderately lower immigration (People’s Party) got like 2% of the vote in 2019.

      Canadian whites are pathetic so we just let it happen. Will there be more resistance in uk / usa? Maybe. Unfortunately I’m not optimistic. Usa has many more badwhites though.

      • I can only speak from a UK perspective that it is out of our hands and depends on the PTB making a mistake.

        If they carry on keeping us comfortable enough with only minor inconveniences then we are going to be slow boiled. If they create conditions where enough young men feel disenfranchised and have nothing to lose, i.e. turning up the heat too quick, it could kick off.

        The anti-lockdown crowd are surprisingly militant and appear to be growing in number quickly through Telegram so there may be hope there.

          • He loves his brother
            But he’d sell him for a fistful of gold
            He needs a slave for his vision of the promised land
            No, I don’t believe a word

          • Ian is pretty close to musical genius. Cool dude. Stone Roses yep. His early solo stuff is great too.

        • The UK is not quite the armed camp that the US is, but push come to shove I bet it’s not only the Muzzies that know how to use a knife 🙂

    • Perhaps they are urgent because they know that the game _may_ be up. The island of Great Britain is still 85% white. Everywhere one goes, The Lake District, The Yorkshire Dales, Somerset, Devon, Surrey… even London, one can find dissenters. In Scotland too. You can see many people who are royally pissed off. So that’s one reason. I have seen it myself. Now, whether these people do anything is another matter, but we are here.

      Mark Collett has done good work with The Patriotic Alternative and while it is unlikely that voting will help us, it acts as a beacon to attract others. The website is modern looking and they’ve even engaged in some great propaganda (it could be genuine, of course) as they tackle issues classically considered leftist: littering, homelessness and the like. I know they hold a lot of events centered on families and this is where the right has always been strong. God bless them. Their plan:


      Gets a lot of things right. I hope that it is not co-opted. Their statement regarding the ‘The Family’ is pretty much bang on.

      • Thank you for that site, I have never heard of the movement before

        I find canada disgusting (being swamped with indians/arabs causes a similar reaction in me as finding a cockroach in the kitchen) and would gladly move to my ancestral land, England, if it wasn’t just the same thing but 20 years behind, as it now is.

        Right now it looks like I’ll be going down with the ship here. But God bless this movement and I hope they can make real change.

        • It is true England is in dire straits. But she _is_ still England and as good a place as any to mount a last stand. A gentleman such as yourself would be welcomed by many. Perhaps the best thing she has is a historically white populace – it is becoming very hard to pull the wool over people’s eyes here. The Canadians, to my knowledge, have no such history to fall back on. You’d probably be better off fighting for the cause (and breeding for it) here in The Isles, or in some redder redoubt of the USA.

          Does Canada have any political parties such as the one I linked above?

          • Thank you for the kind words. I think the lack of history does make it much easier to play the “nation of immigrants” card – everyone knows that Canadians are white but whites themselves are deluded into believing that anybody is Canadian.

            As an Anglo-saxon descended, “old stock” canadian I feel at home here, but it’s rare. Out in rural areas there are plenty of old stock Canadians – but given their small percentage of the population their votes are swamped by toronto / montreal, and the Conservative party is a joke, anyways. The toronto Anglo-saxon / jewish mix is the white hating kind and they have all the money and power.

            The only serious movement is called the People’s Party, run by a french-canadian maxime bernier. He wants to lower immigration, protect trade, un-restrict guns, etc. He got 2% of the vote in the 2019 election.

            The uk certainly seems attractive but the one thing about canada / usa is the prevalence of conservative, white, high fertility evangelical christian groups which seem to be a great place to meet a woman and raise kids in. As far as I know the UK is more secularized (the American style evangelical movement is growing in Canada).

        • I follow Mark Collett on Telegram. One of the last remaining uncensored news/chat sites left (excellent encryption and founded by a Russian, of course).

    • The problem is not privilege per se, but unearned privilege. When I’m feeling cantankerous I bring that point up—it really drives some folk crazy. Sort of an admission of their point, but a rejection of the unfairness they a trying to convince you of. 😉

  24. This new “fragility” thing is an attempt to psychologically make Whites feel weak. I mean who doesn’t stand up a little straighter and feel a little prouder to be called “supreme” – even if you would openly denounce White Supremacy? But to think of yourself as “fragile”…?

    It’s a little like “homophobic”. I remember the first time someone called me that years ago after I expressed my disgust for degenerate queer buggerers. I replied “phobic?” – I didn’t say I was afraid of them, just disgusted by them. But the “phobia” part is there to make you feel weak. If you were strong, you would not just tolerate but celebrate fags – that’s real strength, that’s true bravery.

    • Everyone thinks their own group is supreme because it largely is to members of that group. After all, nobody can be you as well as you can.
      White progressives make the mistake of thinking the diversity wants to come here and be like us. Of course, they don’t want to be like us, they just want to have our incomes.

    • Even the most virile hetero male, were he stranded on a desert island with only a gay comedian for company, might eventually find himself at his wit’s end 🤡

    • The weaker we are, both psychologically and physically, the less we are able to defend ourselves. The AWRs want white people to be helpless and defenseless. For obvious reasons…

  25. Norfolk Ma is not 10% Hispanic 5% black. Those stats are including MCI Norfolk state penitentiary. It’s a wealthy white flight suburb that probably 95% white.

  26. Z- and I got this info from the “Hail to You” site: when DiAngelo was a prof at Westfield State she and her family lived in Springfield, two towns to the east, which is extremely diverse. So at least, unlike many anti racists, she has a passing acquaintanceship with diversity. There are still a couple of non diverse neighborhoods in Springfield, dunno if she lived in one of them.

    Westfield is as you describe it- it’s probably on that “ safest towns” list- a community of modest, well kept homes; the two biggest sports in the high school are hockey and lacrosse… what does that tell one about the demographics? And unlike some towns in Western MA, it hasn’t been colonized by the “Rosie O’Donnell” types as rents and housing prices have skyrocketed in Northampton.

    • I can believe the Springfield thing. The game is to live in a safe area near a diverse area. I see that here in Lagos. That way, you can claim to be living the life, but in reality you are not. I’ve had Yale professors tall me they live in New Haven, so they understand diversity first hand. In reality, they live on the hill, while diversity is way down hill. DiAngelo probably lived in Forest Park, which is technically Springfield, but not really.

      For a point of comparison, Springfield has a murder rate of 12, while Lagos is 57. Detroit is 41. St. Louis is 69.

      • Forest Park or 16 Acres. Interestingly, Longmeadow, a first ring suburb of Springfield is one of the wealthiest towns in Massachusetts.

    • The newly cancelled Dr.Seuss was from Springfield, MA. Their newspaper was called “The Springfield Republican.” (LOL) It became the website “MassLive” which had a *robust* comment section that would have done your heart good before they shut it down. Then they went behind the paywall. Now they’re on death-watch.

  27. Step #6 A New Tomorrow
    First, common ground.

    Uncertainties, and its handmaiden probability, are a fact of life. It is possible, though highly improbable, that an epidemic of sanity may sweep over the USA and right the ship before we hit the iceberg. And a grifter cabal is feverously pursuing this goal with gusto and maniacal intensity. And there is a continuum of possible outcomes. They could fail utterly, fail slowly, have some half-assed temporary success, begin a gradual course change, start a stampede of change, or engineer an election catharsis that throws out nearly all the corruptocrats in DC. The latter is about as probable as winning a billion dollar lottery, but if it did happen, that would be a best-case outcome as it results in the least pain and harm overall.

  28. “Of course, what was really going on is this guy was getting off the anti-Muslim bus and jumping on the anti-white bus. He saw that the former was a dying racket“

    It’s weird how the govenrment/media anti-Islam propaganda of the last decades has become overnight an anti-White, anti-Russia and anti-China propagandas, “save those poor Chinese Muslims” or wathever.

    • Yeah, I don’t have any love for China. I sure wouldn’t want to live there, but I can’t seem to get myself worked up about what it does to its Muslim minority. As I’ve said before, in 100 years, China will still be Chinese. You can’t say in 100 years the US will still be full of White Americans.

      I suppose if it works as a talking point to get civnat normies to support sanctions against China when simple appeals to our own natural interest don’t work, then fine. They just get confused when I say “Screw the Uighurs. We’ve got plenty of reasons to oppose China that have nothing to do with that.”

      • The Red Chinese killing Uighurs (they need an Anglicized name) is as important to me as Iraqi’s killing Iranians.

          • Yes, Muslims look to expand their own group (Muslims) and Han look to protect their own group. Nothing wrong with either action. Even the dumbest africans in the jungles of Congo look out for their own tribe.

            As whites we can learn alot from this.

        • I think this is one of the reasons for coming conflict with China, the cloud people always assumed the Chinese once they got rich would have the same beliefs as the cloud people, its not going that way, this fills the SJW with dread, if you want to understand China, ignore Karl Marx, study Lee Kuan Yew

          Imagine trying to sell vegetarianism and negro worship in China, good luck with that

          • Chinese are much more alert about what’s happening to canada via mass immigration than (white) Canadians are. They also love meat and fish. Jared taylor says that in Hong Kong, the only thing with four legs they don’t eat is the table.

            They are not happy about living with the brown swarms pouring into our land formerly known as Canada and I have had frank discussions with them. Of course at the end of the day they are in it for the Han not for white Canadians and won’t do anything to stop the destruction.

            And we should not expect them to care – that’s our job.

          • Nah.

            The Big Guy in the White House getting 10% will be perfectly happy to use the US military as a cudgel against Russia on Xi’s orders.

          • For white wokists being a tool and useful idiot for other ethnic groups is the closest they ever get to having an actual identity. They initially mistook the Han for another group that would be happy to cuck right along with them, “marching for justice” and all that other stupid Portland-style shit. This would reinforce their belief that becoming a tool in the hand of the (((real elite))) had been the right thing to do after all.

            The Han didn’t play along though. The white wokist is essentially the “good girl” who allows the (((bad boy))) to tie her up and degrade her in 50 shades of grey debauchery. It’s all OK though, because she knows, just knows, that he really, really, really does love her – when he isn’t beating her with his riding crop… When she met that nice Chinese boy, she thought he was a nice beta guy that she could go and cry to when last night’s torture session had been just a little too intense. Instead he saw what she was – and started using her like a whore too.

            Will you cucked and Canadian (literally and spirtually) white girls ever get a break? No, you will not. Wait a minute… I hear a knock, drunken shouting, and rap music. It’s Schlomo. He’s brought some Hong Kong businessmen and a basketball team over to meet you.

        • i’m glad some people are finally waking up to the anti chinese propaganda. Hungarians for example are taking chinese vaccines.

      • Israel is 18% Muslim, surrounded by Muslims and they have been at war basically non stop. They keep them in check today with brutal repression and segregation (and a healthy dose of chutzpah and zionist-racial supremacy).

        Now I’m not a zionist apologist, but the amount of problems muslims cause them from a Jewish perspective at 18% is huge.

        It shows you how fucked europe and canada is – they are weak liberal countries with no chutzpah or cohesive ethnic identity. What’s the plan when germany hits 18%? Most likely genocide or forced conversion of germans .

        There are only a few options with mass islam – total separate states, death, or conversion.

        So I can’t blame china for getting ahead of the problem. Esp. when uyghur fertility rates are 3x han rates. It’s really a case of somebody acting sane in an insane world, and being called crazy.

      • Islam has shown it cannot play nice with non-Muslims. Inevitably they start killing non-believers. The only reason we haven’t had a spate of Muzzie attacks is because Syria drained a lot of the fanatics out of Europe and the U.S.

        Once that war ends. We get it.

        The Chinese are merely being proactive with a people’s whose faith makes them enemies of all mankind.

        • …to include other Muslims, but only because they are (or aren’t) Shiite, Sunni, Wasabi (or is it Wahhabi?), Sufi, or whatever. Or if they are, then they go to the “wrong” mosque and heed the wrong Imam…

          • It doesn’t matter. What matters is numbers. Once they have the numbers on their side, their relationships change with their host country and people. In general they become predatory. And the weaker the host population the more aggressive they become. We see that in Britain and Sweden where grooming gangs run amok and no one lifts a finger. You see that in France with No-Go-Zones/

            The thing is Islam commands this predatory behavior towards unbelievers. OBL was not a radical. He was a black letter Muslim. This is what scares people in the West who understand Islam.

    • Whoa, the War on Terror™ and Islamist terrororism is now “imaginary” and a “collective fantasy?” The following events-
      9/11, Boston Marathon, Draw Mohammed Garland, TX, Ft. Hood, Chattanooga Recruiting Station, San Bernardino, Pulse Nightclub Orlando-and many others
      (https://www.dailysignal.com/2015/09/10/a-timeline-of-73-islamist-terror-plots-since-911/) were not real, but only a devilishly concocted narrative?
      Are we all conspiracy theorists now?
      Incidentally, Bruce Charlton gave Zman a shout out yesterday. Maybe it all comes down to reverse Hanlon’s razor?

      • Well, let’s start with the easy one,

        The Official Version of 9/11 goes something like this…

        Directed by a beardy-guy from a cave in Afghanistan, nineteen hard-drinking, coke-snorting, devout Muslims enjoy lap dances before their mission to meet Allah…

        Using nothing more than craft knifes, they overpower cabin crew, passengers and pilots on four planes…

        And hangover or not, they manage to give the world’s most sophisticated air defense system the slip…

        Unphased by leaving their “How to Fly a Passenger Jet” guide in the car at the airport, they master the controls in no-time and score direct hits on two towers, causing THREE to collapse completely…

        Our masterminds even manage to overpower the odd law of physics or two… and the world watches in awe as steel-framed buildings fall symmetrically – through their own mass – at free-fall speed, for the first time in history.

        Despite all their dastardly cunning, they stupidly give their identity away by using explosion-proof passports, which survive the fireball undamaged and fall to the ground… only to be discovered by the incredible crime-fighting sleuths at the FBI…

        …Meanwhile down in Washington…

        Hani Hanjour, having previously flunked 2-man Cessna flying school, gets carried away with all the success of the day and suddenly finds incredible abilities behind the controls of a Boeing…
        Instead of flying straight down into the large roof area of the Pentagon, he decides to show off a little…
        Executing an incredible 270 degree downward spiral, he levels off to hit the low facade of the world’s most heavily defended building…
        …all without a single shot being fired…. or ruining the nicely mowed lawn… and all at a speed just too fast to capture on video…

        …Later, in the skies above Pennsylvania…

        So desperate to talk to loved ones before their death, some passengers use sheer willpower to connect mobile calls that otherwise would not be possible until several years later…

        And following a heroic attempt by some to retake control of Flight 93, it crashes into a Shankesville field leaving no trace of engines, fuselage or occupants… except for the standard issue Muslim terrorists bandana…

        …Further south in Florida…

        President Bush, our brave Commander-in-Chief continues to read “My Pet Goat” to a class full of primary school children… shrugging off the obvious possibility that his life could be in imminent danger…

        …In New York…

        World Trade Center leaseholder Larry Silverstein blesses his own foresight in insuring the buildings against terrorist attack only six weeks previously…

        While back in Washington, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz shake their heads in disbelief at their own luck in getting the ‘New Pearl Harbor’ catalyzing event they so desired to pursue their agenda of world domination…

        And finally, not to be disturbed too much by reports of their own deaths, at least seven of our nineteen suicide hijackers turn up alive and kicking in mainstream media reports…

        And if you don’t believe that, you’re a “conspiracy theorist”

          • And the opposite of a Truther is a Liar.

            Not even the heads of the commission that produced the government report believe it.

            And Joe Biden won the election.

        • Your version Bile, is of course fantastical. However, most—as in, all of it—is untrue, therefore not really a story to convince anyone. For example (just one of many): The hijackers took flying lessons for the large jet craft they selected. Yes, such services do exist as normal pilots need such lessons themselves. The training companies thought the request for simple steering lessons aside from take off and landing bizarre and reported such to authorities, who did nothing at the time.

      • I have a friend that thinks Ashli Babbit is an actress who is now a millionaire sipping margaritas with George Floyd in some island paradise.

        They get really pissy when you argue with them!

    • I’m with the Chinese. Muslims are problems everywhere they go. They are a problem in China and do the same shit there that they do everywhere else they go. “Behead those who insult the prophet” Anyone remember those signs?

      China putting these people in their place is just a sign that China is a young, healthy, energetic society. The Muslims should be thankful that the Chinese are not just outright slaughtering them or deporting them.

  29. Coincidentally, today my daily leftist insanity newsletter (aka the Medium Daily Digest) linked me to an interview with a creature calling itself Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, a half-Jewish, half-Black, agender queer theoretical physicist.


    I’ve encountered this creature once or twice before. She’s like a bad-tempered, rabid, poisonous viper tossed in among physicists. I’m unaware of any original contributions she’s made to physics as all her time seems to be taken up by ranting about homophobia, sexism, misogyny, the patriarchy, colonialism, etc.

    Her wikipedia page mentions her being attached to several actual physics projects, but almost all her awards tie in to her activism:


    I imagine the poor autistic physicists around her simply sitting as motionless as possible, terrified of being struck by her powerful and toxic combination of intersectional victim points. “Fire her? Good God, no! Anyone who dared would be destroyed!”

    • Isn’t a “theoretical physics” an tautology? The only guy in that field who’s made any sense to me was Michio Kaku and that was mostly cuz he was genuinely entertaining dude to read.

      • My favorite theoretical physicist is Sheldon Cooper. He makes more sense than all the rest.

    • These people are of course window dressing. Looking at her ‘achievements’ there seems to be a brief list of stuff relating to theoretical physics, and then onto the activism. Apparently, observers are too European.

      I also have a sneaking feeling that many theoretical physicists musings are about as daft as most wokist musings. Baffling theories, with no quick solid means of testing, that look and sound good. On that subject, ‘The World’s Smartest Man’ Christoper Langan, who himself has developed a theory of the universe off his own back, apparently has shown inappropriate support for his own kind… now his theory definitely won’t be considered.

    • I’ve seen even jewish commentors making fun of her nose. Try to find a profile pic of her for the full immersive experience

  30. In your neighborhood, Z. A Baltimore “youth” with a 0.13 GPA is incredibly right in the middle of his class standings, meaning half his class has a lower GPA.

    “Tiffany France thought her son would receive his diploma this coming June. But after four years of high school, France just learned, her 17-year-old must start over. He’s been moved back to ninth grade.“

    Of course, Tiffany asserts the school “failed” her blameless child.

    The article is one jawdropper after the next.

    No amount of hate whitey is gonna make these “youths” able to function in a literate, technological society.


    • Over 270 instances of truancy or tardiness, but if he buckles down at this new school her kee’d will get his diploma in just two years. Get the hell out of that insane asylum, Z!

      • And go where? Jump out of the nuthatch and into the loony bin? “America” is the Krayzee Train to Hell.

    • This is one of those stories that is so common here we just accept it as normal. The news could do one every day if they wanted, but they do these whenever we get a new mayor or the old mayor is about to go to jail. The new mayor, in this case, will go to Annapolis to get more money for the schools. If he gets it, it will be stolen by the teacher’s union and city officials. If he is denied, the Republican governor, a super-cuck, will be called racist. Rinse. Repeat.

      A dirty little secret is college sportsball programs will not recruit the city or the surrounding county public schools, because the transcripts are mostly fake. Private school kids get recruited, but the publics get ignored for the most part. You would think a city full of young black males would be producing gobs of NBA talent, but that is not the case.

      • I had high hopes for Larry Hogan, but he is undoubtedly a super-cuck, happy to be a slightly better administrator of the welfare state. His laughable campaign slogan was “Change Maryland” of which I’ve seen almost no evidence, other than some tweets to the tax code. As with all cucks, his instinct is always to punch right.

      • I hadn’t heard that about colleges ignoring players from Baltimore public schools, but it makes sense. There is no use is a college coach risking his job for a kid who is only going to be there a year or two. Was Carmelo Anthony the last star player to come out of Baltimore?

        • The issue is the kids will never get through admissions, as the admissions departments red flag based on the location. It’s one of those things that is not written down or openly discussed, but everyone knows it inside the system. Similar things happen in grad school admissions. There are toney private colleges that are known to inflate GPA’s and pass through their students. No one talks about publicly, but it is known in the business.

          • It’s hard to believe Baltimore is on the red flag list, as if Memphis, Philly or Chicago etc., etc. are any different. Same jogger idiocy and disfunction, different locale.

        • Given the one-and-done phenomenon and no-fault insta-transfer policies, one- and two-year players are now the rule rather than the exception. If the coaches are no longer recruiting the inner cities–and that would apply to all major metro areas, not just Bawlmer–it likely has more to do with the totally feral nature of the inmates rather than their academic deficiencies, although those two go hand-in-glove. At any rate, nowadays it is almost impossible for college players to wash out academically because on-campus tutors do all of their work for them.

      • I don’t really give a rip about sportsball, and anyway if they filled every college and professional team in the country with these morons (and I mean literal morons) it wouldn’t make a dent in the millions of dysfunctional criminal “youths” out there, just beginning their lifelong financial, criminal and intangible burdening of society. And if you don’t think there are millions of blacks out there who didn’t get sent back to the ninth grade – got passed through – who are walking around out there with a high school diploma (this is part of the reason White kids have to get a college degree now, since without one they have the same credentials on paper as Jamal from Baltimore).

        Also, this idea that “the school failed my son” – who is “the school” exactly? In Baltimore, I would assume it’s just more incompetent and corrupt blacks. But, just like all the recent attacks on Asians, we hear a lot about “whom” but very little about “who” – somebody did something to somebody let’s not look too hard at the doers…

        • Actually, it’s unfair to call them “morons.” By the old definition, a “moron” had an IQ in the range 51-70. The average Black IQ is about 85; dull, but much better than moron. Yes, the bell curves say that more Blacks will be mentally deficient, but a true moron would not make it into middle school, much less a university.

          Of course, objective measurement standards were found to be politically unpalatable and as such, were tossed out long ago in psychology, just as in race relations and education, and most other areas of human activity. So feel free to make up any standards you like, or better yet, call all objective measure “racist” or “white supremacist” and be done with it.

      • Bawlmer certainly used to produce huge quantities of NBA talent. A Baltimore Dunbar team from, I believe, 1984, had the following players on its roster: Reggie Williams, David Wingate, Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues and Reggie Lewis. Lewis, who later was taken in the first round of the NBA draft, didn’t even start for that Dunbar team.

      • I’m not sure Zman. The book recommended by “Paul Kersey” about Rick Neuheisel “Scoreboard, Baby” showed how easy it is to win by having a constant pipeline of talented thugs who show up, play one year, get suspended and / or expelled for abysmal grades, assaults, etc. The players and the students they victimize being both disposable in search of wins.

        A cynic might argue that the entire point of Wokeness is to make inner city recruiting safe for coaches like Neuheisel.

        Certainly we are rapidly moving to a point where any black criminal behavior is now legalized. Case in point, the high profile crimes in LA. Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker was shot in the chest and two of her dogs kidnapped. This was hardly random, they showed up right in front of the guy off Sunset Blvd. in some van. Later, after the FBI Swat Team went kicking down doors in South Central, the dogs were returned unharmed (the dog walker was shot in the chest but has so far survived). Now some big fancy restaurant in Beverly Hills was hit. A dude wearing a half million dollar Richard Milne watch had it taken from him and a woman was shot.

        Now obviously these were inside jobs. But since no arrests in either case have been made, my guess is that black criminals rightly figure their obvious inside info people are immune to even questioning by reason of black. Therefore these things can continue until all super-rich have Feds deputized to guard them and do whatever like Brazil, and thus will turn to prey on the middle and working class with any bit of wealth.

        • I’ve had the good fortune to visit and even better good fortune to not have to live in (“yet”) such places. Mexico is technically third world, yet one of the better countries (one of the richest of Latin America). But there are routinely military roadblocks and checkpoints with young men in uniform with automatic weapons.

          Panama is a beautiful country. But if you ever visit Colon, an historic city, you will be well advised to hire an armed English-speaking tour guide. That’s precisely what I and another American did in 2009. It’s very sobering to eat breakfast in, what in America, would be just an ordinary restaurant, but with a man standing at the front door wielding a shotgun. Colon was a high-crime area by Panama standards. The rest of the nation wasn’t quite as bad.

          Alas as Whiskey describes, in much of the world, the need is for armed camps and ever-present armed-escorts for the wealthy or even the middle class. As America and other countries continue to deteriorate, I fear it’s inevitable that violent crime will continue to escalate and eventually, other such “third world” security measures will be required.

          The real fireworks might begin when large groups of Whites (or others, for the matter) eventually realize that their governments are not going to protect them, their communities, or their property. In fact, the current drift of our government(s) is to protect the rights of the criminal at the expense of the greater community. Do I really need to point out how dangerous this is likely to be?

          As recent accounts of LA or Bevelry Hills can attest, there’s already a dire need for paramilitary-level security in many places. Alas, we’ll have to toss out the Civil Rights Act and many others “enabling” pieces of law, or else things are going to get very, very ugly…

          • I suspect the possibility of race riots harking back to those common in the early part of the 20th century and throughout the 19th. One too many drive bys and “bam” it starts. The location and duration dictated by the particular demographics of the area.

    • The only thing that surprised me about this story was that the schools actually have standards. They could have assigned the kid all B and C’s, for instance. That’s what a lot of places do. You usually have to rely on standardized tests to see how bad it really is. Of course they cheat on those two, see Atlanta.

      The diversity woke aratti recently plowed through my place of work. Consulting companies Etc. I am in Appalachia. Interestingly this carried a hell of a lot of weight with them. By the time we were finished with them they were recommending that we hire more native of hillbillies.

    • Thank you for the link. Piss your pants funny.
      But riddle me this. How is 62 in a class of 120 “near the top” of his class?

    • “No amount of hate whitey is gonna make these “youths” able to function in a literate, technological society.”

      I feel like you haven’t been paying attention. -They- do not have to function, –you– have to function. They ride on your back and have been doing so for 4 generations now. Baby mama on the gibs, baby mama mama on the gibs, baby mama mama mama on the gibs, in perpetuity back to the late 60s.

      And it is accelerating rapidly now. Before they were getting some gibs but the gibs floodgates are going to be opening soon so expect to see your already meager paycheck diminished even more because systemic racism costs big bucks. YOUR big bucks whitey! Open that wallet and stop complaining or you go on the terrorist watchlist. Wouldn’t want that would you? No flying, no bank account, possibly unemployable. So pay your Boon-Geld and like it.

      • Yes, yes, I know – White Man’s Burden getting more burdensome everyday…

      • Social justice basically means Hutus are above the law and that they have access to YT’s savings account.

        • Yeah, when they switched from wanting “equality” to demanding “equity”, I had a feeling what sense of the word they meant…

          • I looked up ‘equity” in the dictionary. In this context, it means fair, impatrial, just. But nowhere does it say “equality of outcome.” I think it’s just the latest word appropriated by the Left. Of course, the quest for equality is an age-old dream of the Egalitarian. America caved on “equality of opportunity” by the 1960s. When it became apparent that many groups (races) were unequal in abilities, even by race-blind standards, quotas, preferences, etc. entered in. Isn’t that a de-facto admission that groups are NOT equal? Also, they tended to ignore that troublesome verbiage in various laws, including the 14th Amendment, something the law applying equally to everyone.

            So the most recent gambit is “equality of outcome.” This is possible, but only by pulling down the higher achievers to the lowest standard. And sadly, that lowest common denominator is very low indeed.

            Carried to its (il-)logical extremes, this is the stuff that social disintegration and, eventually, revolution, is made of.

    • We definitely will never make them function until we accept that they can not function at an equal level to other races—and especially WHITES. Only when we rid ourselves of pathological egalitarianism, will we be able to attempt to provide some sort of appropriate accommodation for these people—other than prison or life-long welfare.

    • The only good part of that story is the very serious anchorwoman saying, “Good evening everybody. I’m Mary Booballa.” She’s speaking like an adult, then sounds like a baby when saying her last name. LOL

  31. I live among the wokesters- I think most of them really believe the nonsense they spew- Robin DiAngelo may just be a grifter, but my sense is she’s, in the words of that old Monkees’ song (written by Neil Diamond) “a believer”.

    The people I see walking alone, jogging alone, biking alone, DRIVING ALONE IN THEIR PRIUSSES, all masked up are true believers. The guys like Cuomo and Baker are the grifters.

  32. Normal people trying to live normal lives – hard to say that anymore in this day and age – better wake the f up pretty damn quick. Queer, trannie and jogger idolatry is one thing, but the anti-White animus that’s building momentum is a horse of a different color to say the least.

    • Right you are. This could get nasty for whites in a hurry…especially in the big, liberal/minority-dominated metro areas.

      • It has to get nasty for whites in order for whites to relearn how to fight back, and regain their self respect. The only thing that will discredit the propaganda of white guilt will be cold hard reality.

        Eventually, white people will tire of having their noses rubbed in shit by their elites.

      • I suspect Jogger-on-white violent crime has exploded since St. George’s Day. Not that it wasn’t stratospheric already, mark you…

  33. It could only have happened in the universities. No other class has the time or mental energy to create something like this.

    But all the philosophy or principles have been there for a long time, I suspect.

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  35. Z, you assertion that there are no good black mathematicians, or that the jiggaboos don’t do so well at it is clearly debunked by the following link to a list of African mathematicians, courtesy of the University of St Andrews:


    Did you know that Pappus, Euclid, Heron, Menalaus and many more were ‘African’ mathematicians based on the fact they were (probably) born in Alexandria? The summaries for each then proceed to call them Greek. In fact the only ‘black’ mathematicians here appear to be women. And women of zero consequence in the mathematical community. Ain’t know Emmy Noethers among ’em.

    The clown show goes on…

    • I’d be willing to bet that if you look up their pics they have a lot of white DNA, just like the real women behind the “Hidden Figures” movie.

    • I wonder if P.K. Botha and F.W. Declerq are on the list of great African statesmen?

    • Funny (odd, not ha, ha) that all these Black, genius, mathematicians are all ancient and dead—with no definitive ancestry determinative. Of course, it never puzzles the unthinking as to why such genius has not continued into the present day and that in the last 2,0000 years or so we don’t have copious historical records of modern “Black” mathematical geniuses. Perhaps that’s because in their drive to develop mathematics, Blacks (sub-Saharan at least) failed to develop a written language to go with it. 😉

    • Richard Dawkins, Albert Camus, Richard Leakey and many more famous or not, were born on the continent of Africa and are about as Negroid as a polar bear 🧐

  36. “Rather than try his luck in the dreaded private sector, which is worse than death”

    Heh. Come now, we have plenty of make-work over here in the private sector! I’m sure my company could find him meaningful employment as a Covid Compliance Commissar.

    • The old joke used to be that so-and-so was a mattress tester. Today, that same chump is probably a diversity officer. There is also a lot of dead weight in corporate HR and advertising departments. Corporations have been ingenious at creating work for 90-IQ employees.

      • During the recent Black History Month, my corporation, in its twice-weekly newsletter, had story after story from affirmative action hires about the imagined challenges they’d faced in life on their way to a cushy make-work job in the HR or Corporate Diversity departments. Each one was followed by a lengthy string of comments from upper management types saying “Thank you for sharing your lived experience!” or “What an inspiring, empowering message!” even though every one of these tales was copy and paste boilerplate from their racial grievances undergrad courses.

        • Yeah we had those struggle sessions too. One negress was talking about how a “white teacher made her feel negative” at school, that she wanted whiter skin, and that she felt uncomfortable about her hair growing up LOL. True story, I’m not making this up. Straight from Steve Sailer’s world war hair.

          But this all proved that white folks are evil and racist. Our lilly white senior management team was practically having an orgasm and thanked her profusely for sharing her experience.

          Of course the number of blacks at our company is vanishingly small as a % – mostly white south asian and chinese.

          • If one’s job, social circle, or person are not at risk, perhaps one could channel one’s inner Steve Sailer and blurt out something like: “You know, Blacks are just so oppressed by Whites. I agree it’s a chronic problem. Why don’t we just separate and keep to ourselves? Wouldn’t that solve all the race relations problems?”😛

          • The endless (and predictably identical) complaints of the immigrant that he/she/it “felt different.” What the f&&k did you expect, to come to a White-founded and primarily White country and fit in perfectly with the natives? It’s always the “I didn’t look like everyone else” or “My lunch food was different from everyone else.” And they’re right – their monotonous black hair/black eyes/dark skin is unattractive and their lack of personal hygiene means they stink like 2 week old socks. Never do they go back to their native sh*tholes where they fit in . . . they instead busy themselves turning their new squat into a copy of the original and then proclaim it all better. Started with Jevvs and just ramped up with their fetish to diversify White Christians out of existence.

        • Those strength thru diversity testimonials and letters make the Penthouse letters of yore read as the driest of nonfiction.

          • “I nevvr dreemed this cu’d hapen t me, butt I 2 sperienced whi suhprimussee…”

          • While I’ve not had the “good fortune” to experience a “struggle session” (being retired his its advantages!), it occurs to me that many participants perhaps do indeed view these presentations as a type of stand-up comedy but to which one isn’t supposed to laugh at.

            I get the comparison to Penthouse Forum “letters.” Even in my teens, I suspected there was just a bit of fiction in those teste-monials ☺

        • It seems, in the ongoing St. George deluge, Blak Hisree Mumpf has been extended to March. I covered a college basketball game last night in which, during the usual halftime onslaught anti-white agitprop, BHM was touted just as if it was February 4 instead of March 4. The Africanization proceeds apace.

          • Every month is “Black History” month, or as I think it better called—“Black Celebration” month. Look around you on every public media outlet—TV, Newspapers, Radio, and Novels—Blacks are inordinately featured and almost always exaggeratedly positively.

            No other race is so featured, and certainly not Whites. No need to restate what’s already be discussed here many times, just to say there is purpose to all this—and it’s not to the benefit of The White race, nor the Black race really.

          • Interesting that, with regards to the Morgan Freeman video, Mike Wallace says “I’m Jewish”. Implying he’s not white when asked about a white history month. He let the mask slip there a bit don’t you think?

    • Does your company provide a pension and bennies for retirees? That’s the real attraction of public-sector employment.

      • Yep, public sector workers don’t have to save a dime for retirement because after 20+ years, their pensions are valued at well over $1MM on average.

    • Z man is always talking about having things “linked up”, but I can never find them. Little help.

      • Also, this should have been an upper level comment, not a reply to anything else on this site. Maybe I don’t understand this whole Internet thing.

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