The Great Challenge

Note: The weekly post is up at Taki. This week it is about the school system in Lagos and how it relates to right-wing politics. I had some additional thoughts on the subject, which are posted behind the green door on the form of song.

In the West, the state tends to reserve its harshest punishments for those who break the law on purpose, with malice of forethought. The murderer that carefully stalked and killed a guy who insulted him at the bar gets a longer sentence than the guy who flew off the handle and killed a guy in a bar fight. The underlying assumption is that the former will kill again, because he chose to kill, while the latter is unlikely to kill, because he did so only under unique conditions.

This seems obvious at first blush, but there is a counter argument. The guy who flew off the handle and killed another man is not a rational person. He killed for no reason, while the other guy thought about his crime. Would you rather be in a room full of people who can fly off the handle at any time and kill you or in a room full of men who kill under specific conditions? In other words, committing a crime on purpose may not always be worse than committing a crime through negligence or impulse.

This is why so much of a criminal trial is about the motivations and the circumstances of the crime versus the plain facts. The verdict and the punishment are about public morality, not the facts of the crime. The guy who thought about his crime before committing it may have had good reasons to commit the crime. While we do not want people taking the law into their own hands, we can understand it in the cases where the crime comports with the moral code of society.

This sort of moral puzzle turns up in our politics. Last week the House passed an election “reform” bill. The point of the bill is to nationalize the chaos and fraud we saw in many states during the last election. The game of “pallets of ballots” showing up in the middle of the night will become a 50-state phenomenon. The Democrats think that because they have anathematized any discussion of election fraud, they can now institutionalize it at the national level.

The motivation for this is the salient question. Some argue that it is so they can win every election. This will give the Democrats and presumably the institutional Left absolute power. Others argue that the Left already has absolute power over the institutions, so the better explanation is ideology. They truly believe they are in a twilight struggle against the enemies of democracy. These reforms are part of the battle against the dark forces that allegedly subverted the 2016 election.

For most right-leaning people, the first answer is more pleasant, so it is the default option, even though the latter answer is more logical. Right-leaning people have been conditioned to think about politics in practical terms, even though left-wing people view politics in partisan terms. Conservatives just cannot let go of the belief that people operate from material self-interest. This mode of thought also leaves open the possibility that the Left is correct or at least partially correct.

This conundrum gets to the heart of the problem with the political system. It has always been a trick played on the majority. By convincing the majority of white people that the Left is always acting from cynical self-interest, the implication is that there is a deal to be struck. If the facts are made clear, then the Democrats will be reasonable either to avoid being seen as acting from cynical self-interest or because they see their interests lay in a bargain. Deal making is the highest virtue of the Right.

This gets back to the moral question at the start, Conservatives have concluded that logical evil is better than illogical evil. Part of their reason to exist is to sell the claim that the Democrats and the Left are rational actors, rather than partisans. They can promise to cut a deal with the rational actor, no matter how cynical the motives. There is no deal to be had with the partisan. The only deal to be made with a partisan is one that he sees as advancing his partisan interests.

Just like the motivation question regarding murder, the morality of the choices is not always clear when you look at the whole picture. The default position in politics is that the Left knows it is acting in bad faith. This self-awareness can be used to cut a deal, but why would anyone want to cut a deal with them? At least with the partisan, there is some chance they can be tricked into thinking a deal advances their interests or maybe their interests actually have a positive outcome.

If you go back to the beginnings of conservatism, it started with the premise that the other side was irredeemably wicked. If you watch Reagan’s speech on behalf of Barry Goldwater in 1964, Reagan sounded like he was talking about pure evil when he describes the politics of the Left. It is partisanship from the Right, in which he reduces politics to good guys and bad guys. More important, he excoriates his audience to be the good guys and be a partisan. That is the point of the speech.

This is the great challenge in fashioning an alternative to conservatism. The starting point must be that the Left, however defined, is unreasonable. There can be no bargain with them, because bargains are between reasonable parties. The point of right-wing politics is not defending the established order from left-wing attacks. The point of right-wing politics is to dispense with the moral distinction made by conservatives and focus on removing left-wing politics from society.

It is tempting to dismiss the recent past, particular that of the conservative movement, but there is a lesson to their failure. Whether by choice or by subversion, they moved from the original partisan position to a bourgeois rationalist position. Dissident politics must return to the original position of the Right, armed with the knowledge that anything undermining that binary view of the Left is as evil as the Left itself. The solution to conservative obsequiousness is right-wing radicalism.

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140 thoughts on “The Great Challenge

  1. >Conservatives have concluded that logical evil is better than illogical evil.

    Bear with some dorkiness here: Have you ever seen the D&D good/evil/lawful/chaotic grid? (Here, if not:

    So the deal is, people like to align in columns. A lawful+good person who strongly identifies with “good” will prefer chaotic good to lawful evil. But a lawful+good person who strongly identifies will “lawful” will prefer lawful evil to chaotic good.

    Most republicans strongly identify with “lawful.” That’s why when the supreme court says “gay marriage is moral” suddenly everyone gets in line and says “welp, it’s been decided.” Because they all prefer lawful evil to chaotic good. A smaller minority prefers good to lawful and says “wtf, just because some legal losers declared it doesn’t mean anything, this is evil!”

    Those who align along the “good” axis better quake in their boots because the time is coming when pedophilia is declared “lawful” and when that happens there’s going to be a great deal of shock as you watch people you thought found “good” important actually find “lawful” important.

  2. Yes, the American Left is evil and insane it must be destroyed.

    Let that be the cry we match to.

  3. Z,
    Are you a Reaganite? I always thought he was the godfather of finklethink.

    As for the why of this legislation being passed – go to these twitter accounts. The overwhelming theme I get is that this may be the democrats last chance
    @davidshor (most of his hot takes are as replies, so be sure to hit T&R)

  4. The Spanish Civil War has some interesting lessons to be learned. They beat the Left in a war, then after the peace was signed the Left went right back to subverting and sneering. When Franco died in the 70s, the nation reverted back to leftism without a shot being fired.

    “They are evil” must be taken to its logical conclusion.

    • Is it the case that we have cause and effect backward? I wonder if these aren’t human beings motivated by a desire to tear down and divide, and it’s the case that in this era those instincts find an outlet in leftism, not that leftism is the driver of their destructive tendencies?

      I was thinking about this a couple hours ago. What if the impossible becomes true and we have our Miracle on Ice moment? We’d better have a damn good plan for eradicating permanently people of that mindset, or else they’ll spring up like weeds and overgrow whatever system comes next. I know, you concentrate on winning the war first and then figure out the aftermath, but this is a challenge that has the potential to undermine any victory.

      • I don’t think it’s possible to perfectly encapsulate human motivations in any 1 theory that could be understood by humans, but approximations can be made. One theory that seems to explain a lot of the inherent differences between left/right is the r/K selection strategy.

        I also think there is a subgroup of humans whose DNA and culture tends to push them towards a parasitic lifestyle that is often behind what currently manifests as Leftism.

  5. Z Man;
    So you propose a complete reversal of Charles Krauthammer’s famous aphorism that, ‘The way to understand American politics is that the Right thinks the Left is stupid and the Left thinks that the Right is evil.’

    Makes perfect sense if both views were/are projection. IOW, it’s the Right that is stupid and the Left that is evil.

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  7. The Left’s irrationality has a long and prestigious lineage. The Frankfurt School (Critical Theorists) believed that instrumental reason, primarily an innovation of the Enlightenment, had been coopted by the late capitalist status quo, and was being used to further immiserate the proletariat. Therefore, reason must be abandoned in favor of fantasy. The postmodernists (poststructuralists) believed that reason was a logocentric Western discourse, which was used to suppress “difference” domestically, and facilitate imperialist oppression of the Other abroad. Critical theory was eclipsed by poststructuralism around 1970 and is no longer a factor. Postmodernism, however, fully informs the aborning Leftist fascist state. These villains have been marinating in irrationality their entire lives.

    • The history you recount only appears to be irrational until you see that the goal of those people is to subjugate traditional whites. Then, all those strange irrational theories make perfect, rational sense.

  8. Z – it would be nice if you could created another blog entry on Mondays in which to comment on the Taki articles. They don’t allow commenting on their site, but your Taki posts are worth commenting on and this may be the only venue in which to do that.

  9. Yes, we are at a Schmittian point where recognition that the enemy is out to destroy us — the “way of life of a people,” as he put it in Concept of the Political — is necessary. It is important to use terms such as good and evil in this effort, but the fundamental fact sits nakedly before us, regardless of morality: they want to kill us.

  10. “The reason Jonquarious cannot read …”

    A quote like this is why Z gets the big bucks…

    • “The reason Jonquarious cannot read is because he spent four years finger-painting.”

      Only in America can this sentence apply to a high-school student. People who are not familiar with the American reality would assume that Jonquarious is 10 years old.
      (By the way, how is Jonquarious a real name? WTF?)

  11. It’s a question of how to radicalize a fraction of our elites to our side.
    Like it or not, no movement has gotten far without the participation of a motivated group of upper class, wealthy, university educated elites. The various successful left wing European revolutionaries, from the Puritan Parliamentarians of England, to the Jacobins, the Marxists, or the Communists, or in the American context, the Yankee Abolitionists, Prohibitionists, or the “Civil Rights” crowd, has always had one thing in common- they drew their political power (even if dressed in the disguise of populism) from the elites. Movements that fail to gain a fraction of elite support are stillborn, futile rebellion. Rebellion becomes revolutionary when a disaffected elite assumes leadership of the lower class grievances.

    So how do we begin to do that? The clown show that the Republicans have become, the left’s obedient little lapdogs, might create such an opportunity for us.

    • We at this show, of course, abhor violence at any time…..

      Why? Why is violence so wrong? Wasn’t the origins our our country violence?

      For me, this can all be traced back to wymens suffrage.

      • Rick is correct to observe that, “Like it or not, no movement has gotten far without the participation of a motivated group of upper class, wealthy, university educated elites.”

        The implications are grim because our elites are remarkably united in their desire to snuff out traditional whites, especially men.

        If we must appeal to elites, which I hope is not necessary, the only path that I see is to convince the elite whites that they and their children will not be spared from white dispossession. Sadly, it will be a very tough sell.

        • I am a motivated, upper class, university educated young white man.

          I can also tell you with certainty that I am the only white gentile in this group that I have EVER met who is even slightly based. MAGA Jews? They’re around. Race realist Chinese? They exist alot (but whitey is below them). But nope, no educated gentiles think this way and almost all are hopeless libtards.

          The only even moderate un-cucked whites are Christians and rural whites. The only group I’ve ever heard something like race realism from is from what is called “white trash” as Trudeau is moving ‘savages’ (their words) into project housing.

          How do we solve this? Honestly no idea.

          • Respect to you brother. I have had similar experiences and have similar qualms.

            Rick is correct to observe that previous revolutions required elite support, but I fear that that option is simply not available to us.

            Covington’s novels address this. Yeah, they’re fiction…

          • It’s the same with me. I have a professional degree, and the kids all mouth the same talking points. It’s a signifier of class, I think. They mindlessly repeat whatever they read in Jezebel, the Huffington Post, and Salon. They think it makes them sound smart, and therefore, superior to imagined proles at the bottom of society. Probably the only way to change this is to give the country a near death experience, perhaps a national humiliation over Taiwan or even Hawaii one day (or secession). Partition is an option I’ve advanced among my friends. Basically, you give the other side an ultimatum: reform or divorce. If they really care anything about this country, they’ll reform. If they don’t and they’re willing to let it come apart, then all civnat pretenses can be dropped and normies will finally be able to divorce this nightmare. It’s like that point in the marriage when your partner says “I don’t love you anymore.” It’s over at that point, and there’s no sense in trying to make it work. Giving people that choice would clarify things nicely. Either things will get better as one or they’ll get better as many.

            Alternatively, the young right will have to start small and slowly take over the culture through making non-PC content that appeals to some reachable non-self hating leftists. SJWs are making this easy with their culture war against videogames and movies. Over time, this could convert a lot of people. As awful as this sounds, the right is also getting better because the old guard (civnats like Rush Limbaugh) are hitting the dust.

          • I’m white trash you stupid, rich motherfucker. Not 1 of us would trust you ever, why would we? Pick up a shovel and learn how to dig a hole, shit for brains,

    • “It’s a question of how to radicalize a fraction of our elites to our side.
      Like it or not, no movement has gotten far without the participation of a motivated group of upper class, wealthy, university educated elites.”

      This is an interesting topic, many speculate the children of the globalists are not as smart or as devoted to the globalist ideology like their parents were.

      David Rockefeller’s children aren’t interesting in ruling over USA like their father was.
      mika brzezinski is a low ig twat who drools over russell brand.
      rotschild daughter dates black rappers.
      bill gates kids are jokes.
      i’m not sure about soros and kissinger kids.

      Point being if some of the elite heirs lose faith in globalism(when looking at how trashy the world they inherited is) maybe they get out of anti-white politics and focus on hedonism instead(i doubt they’ll help)

      The problem is there are so many israelite subverters, they’ll find someone to replace the old guard. Soros wasn’t even born when the Kalergi plan was introduced, globalism is beyond individuals.

      • The people you mention weren’t the 1st gen globalists. The 1st gen stretches back pretty far, depending on which theory you go with. The point is, they have never had a problem recruiting fresh blood to continue the Plan.

        • Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.

          – Woodrow Wilson, “The New Freedom”, 1912.

      • Soros has at least one son who seems fully committed to maintaining his evil empire.

        • He probably does, but he views it as his birthright, and thus his talent to stay there is precarious. We only have to look at the idiot children of a lot of leaders to see this. Stalin’s son was just as much of a drunken moron as Hunter Biden is today. Joe Kennedy was a shark, but his descendants are remoras, coasting on a name. What we need are hungry elites that are on the ladder, but not at the top. And we always must remind ourselves that they are never to be trusted.

  12. A New Tomorrow (cont)
    The essential conundrum.

    Do we cross our fingers and anxiously pray for an election miracle to save us? Easy to do when the couch is soft & the waistline large. But where does that lead? To a very high probability of disappointment and also a nagging doubt about being able to save yourself if the going really does get tough. Yes, you could invest your energy into seeking out the safety of the herd or just bury your head in the sand and hope that we muddle through yet again. But does any of that really improve the species? Is that the world you want to live in? We were built to move and prevail, not cower & whine. The choice is easy, but the path is hard. As it must be.

  13. Make sure to read Z’s Taki post for this among other nuggets: “For the American ruling class, society is just a Walmart in the middle of a ghetto riot. The winner is the one who manages to carry off the most stuff before the store burns down.”

    • Also, “Why is there an arts school in the ghetto?”

      It goes directly into the wicked heresy that all people are pink underneath.

      That heresy will be the death of us

  14. First step for Dissidents is to get petty and vindictive about everything. Then we can talk.

    • I was walking around downtown Celebration, FL. They have a mask rule during street fairs. I refused to wear one and said to my wife “I plan to be ungovernable for the next four years.” People turned and gaped at me as if I’d screamed Nuck Figgers.

  15. Ramz had a good way of framing this. He said they are simply not Americans, while we are. Whatever we think about the founding and John Marshal and Lincoln, nothing prevents us, the 40-75 million of us, to just say, “Enough” and, ahem, aggressively winning territory for ourselves. Separating those who are not us, from us, with “assertive” means.

  16. This is spot-on analysis. My late-dad could never take Leftism seriously, because he thought it was nuts. He was of the “just wait until they get jobs” mindset, a view that has obviously failed miserably, at least among the cultural elites.

    I participate in a chat board among naval officers, kinda/sorta anonymous, with topics that range from the political to the very technically obscure. A recent lament is that every discussion lately seems to devolve into political ranting – which isn’t entirely wrong. I’ve tried to point out that it’s impossible to Just Be Normal when Lefty is committed to the post-modernist “The Personal Is Political” but there’s a sizable portion of that chat board that still wants to labor under the delusion that there can be some bright delineation between the personal and political.

    My mom’s man-friend is the poster child of dorky, square CivNat-itude. He’s from old Virginia and I had to drive him through the NoVA area to show him that the Virginia he is from has been swamped by outsiders, and his Virginia isn’t coming back. But what sustains his CivNat-itude is his near pathological belief, I’d call it fantasy, that there exists some special rhetorical combination of words and hand-gestures where he convinces some Lib to see the error of his ways and converts him to CivNat-itude. It’s Prager Univeristy, writ small. But that fantasy *depends* on Lefty being reasonable, rational, willing to listen. Take that away, and the fantasy evaporates.

  17. “The Democrats think that because they have anathematized any discussion of election fraud, they can now institutionalize it at the national level.” An astute observation (among many) in today’s essay .

    At this point, Dems will simply do anything to accumulate more power (rational, needed, or not). Like when Rockefeller was asked: how much money is enough? The answer – just a little more (or words to that effect).
    When the need for more power gets down to the need to ban Dr. Suess, or Xe/Xer Potato head – the power is not needed, it’s just that it’s never enough.

    • Yeah, I think this is an important point. Normie conservative sees 2016 as part of the normal ebb and flow of politics. You win some and you lose some, and Trump got lucky then, and maybe not in 2020 but, hey … better luck next time. This entirely misses the Lefty mindset. Lefty truly believed that with Black Jesus, the final victory was at hand. The truth of the Russia Hoax story was not the details, but the underlying faith that only malevolent forces could explain HRC’s loss. So while Mr. Normie Con continues on talking about virtuous process, Lefty is ruthlessly utilitarian, convinced that his purpose is so holy and virtuous (and self-evidently obvious!) that any opposition to it can only be through evil motives. Normie Con, too busy at work or being normal or watching FNC, has no idea of depth of Lefty’s faith. Normie Cons will be droning on about “that’s not constitutional” and the Founding Fathers as they are dragged to the Killing Fields.

      willing to justify *anything* that produces its desired results, since in Lefty’s mind, their desires correspond with Ultimate Justice, Victory, etc. That’s why the Nazi imagery is so powerful for them – we’ve convinced ourselves as a society through a steady drumbeat of WW2 hagiography that the Great Crusade against evil justifies any means.

      • “Lefty truly believed that with Black Jesus, the final victory was at hand.”

        I thought that too, in 2016. I imagined Lefty thinking, “but we won we had that nice qlack man in the White House! We were moving toward our perfect society! Trump ruined everything This cant be happening!”

        I also remember an article back then about Brexit implying that the morons who voted for Brexit didn’t know what they were voting for.

        But with Trump, its worse. You see, Trump CREATES racists somehow.

        • An article? That was the crux of the Remainers entire argument. Those poor Saxon hooligans had no idea what was in the bill before they voted! At least we know the left is also capable of ascribing faulty motives to people when situations don’t conform to their expectations.

  18. As the ole saying goes “Intent is 9/10ths of the law”
    Well the moral core of the left INTENDs to destroy this nation from the inside out. They despise its history, its heritage, its traditions. They make no bones about it. They tore down statues of national icons this summer. They gratified government buildings, burned down private property. This was all done intentionally. It was well thought out. Yet it was not enough to wake up the normie.

    Let normie grill. Lets get around to Right-Wing Radicalism!

    • “They tore down statues of national icons this summer.”

      This was the last straw for me. This showed me that they are not us, they are our enemies, our mortal enemies that want us dead. They want THEIR peoples’ statues, their heros statues on our land. They are screaming to us, that they want us out, they want us dead.

      Normie will not accept this. They say its “hypocrisy” or they say, “Abe Lincoln helped the slaves those big sillies”…. or “If only they knew the brilliance of Calhoun”.

      As I said in the words that got me fired: it’s time for the sword and the cage.

      Hehe, totally worth it (sniff).

      • Normie will not accept this. They say its “hypocrisy” or they say, “Abe Lincoln helped the slaves those big sillies”…. or “If only they knew the brilliance of Calhoun”.

        That is the programming of Conservative Inc taking control. Guys like Limbaugh and Hannity, Ingraham, have been spewing it for decades. Even Trump still does it.(it’s also why I want Trump to go away)

        Except now Normie is getting a 2×4 to the noggin with the Left openly declaring war on him, his family and culture.
        Even Carlson is almost saying this openly. It’s that obvious.

      • “They want THEIR peoples’ statues, their heros statues on our land. They are screaming to us, that they want us out, they want us dead.”
        That’s a great way to frame it. They tear our statues down, so they can erect their own statues to replace us.

        Also, I’m sorry to hear you got fired. We need more men like you on our side.

  19. The country – and, really, whites – are like a married couple that is tired of arguing. We went to counseling, and it didn’t help because you realized that you simply don’t like each other anymore. You don’t have the same values, same hopes for the future, same anything.

    You just want out.

    The time for compromise is over. It’s either separate or dominate.

    • exactly. The divorce metaphor is what I use with normie and lefty. Its no biggie. Divorce happens all the time.

      • Yep. It’s planting a seed in people’s brain. Joe Normie has simply never considered the idea of a national divorce. It simply wasn’t a possible reality.

        This makes it a possible – if remote – reality, but what was once a remote possibility can become more and more real over time. But the seed has to be planted first.

    • This is an easy to understand analogy with the advantage of also being true which needs to be pounded into the head of every normiecon with the capacity for reason. There’s no judgment or malice in it. We have irreconcilable differences. The least destructive solution is obvious.

    • I disagree.

      It’s more like, your wife invited random brown and black people to live in your house, and over time they become increasingly threatening and are now trying to kick you out of the house – and you’re the sole breadwinner paying the mortgage.

      Kinda unprecedented.

      • The wife didn’t invite them. The usual suspects did.

        But the wife is playing along because 1) women are biologically programed to follow the tribe and right now, the dominant tribe is the Tribe and 2) it’s not overtly hurting them, at least not in a way that they can see and understand.

        However, your description is mostly correct, which is why separation – even if you start with baby steps – is the right path.

      • “It’s more like, your wife invited random brown and black people to live in your house, and over time they become increasingly threatening and are now trying to kick you out of the house – and you’re the sole breadwinner paying the mortgage.”

        Worse, your guests rationalize their actions by claiming they built the house just because one of them vacuumed the bedroom once. They condemn you for not letting them in sooner and point out that one of their friends died from exposure, meaning it’s all your fault.

        Every day you make dinner, and they sit around the table complaining about your legacy of home supremacy. They demand you pay them ever greater sums of money least they kick you out of the house or even burn the place down. It’s really there’s, after all. They vacuumed that room once without pay. Never mind all the free electricity and Netflix they’ve consumed, and you paid for.

        Half of your house is now off limits to you. The other half is falling apart. Fixing it means going deep into debt and fixing their side for them with no compensation or appreciation. When you do fix the toilet, you’re blamed for not fixing it sooner. They demand you fix the shower they broke, too.

        Every night they monopolize the television. You just want to watch Star Trek. Instead, it’s nonstop NBA and BET and movies like Antebellum and Green Book. They never share, only appropriate. Your old DVD collection was thrown away because someone found a Gone With the Wind disc. Same for your library: someone found an illicit Dr. Seuss book — “The Cat in the Hat supports home supremacy!” You explain the context, but your liberal daughter reminds you the New York Times told her that context doesn’t matter anymore.

        You live in constant fear one of them is going to get into a fight and harm your family. One day it happens. The police are called and one of them shoots a cop. The police are blamed, so they make it clear they’ll never come again. Violence soars in your household. Your guests blame “home supremacy”. Your failure to let them in sooner is the reason the house is always choked with weed smoke and roach spray fumes.

        They also remind you of that time you got mad and blamed them for all the household’s problems. They show you a news report of some Asian lady who was attacked by home supremacists on the other side of town. Your rhetoric caused that, they remind you. D’shawn would never have acted that way if he hadn’t heard from a friend of a friend of a cousin’s brother that you were a hater.

        Get ready for reparations honky. They haven’t forgotten about that vacuumed room. As compensation, they start selling off your stuff. Your libertarian son claims its just the free market in action and that better items will replace the furniture soon. You wonder how much longer you’ll have to sleep on the floor.

        Suddenly, there are twice as many people in your house because your guests invited their friends over. You protest but that’s condemned as hateful (Do you want people to die of exposure? They just want to live a better life for themselves … in your house).

        Then you come home one day and the wife and daughter both claim they’re pregnant. You’re not sure how. The son says not to call him John anymore, it’s Joan and his pronouns are they/it.

        Then you remember that time your neighbor told you he was moving away to start over because the whole neighborhood is like your house now. You scoffed at his separation plan and said all you needed to do was vote harder in household elections.

        “Raise your hands family if you want to invite in that shady ex-con named Gator who says he was wronged by the criminal justice system. Everyone does 200 in a school zone these days.”

        You somehow always lose these elections, but voting harder is the solution, even as your guests bragged about how they “fortified” the election: the voting slips (old Dollar General receipts) don’t always hold pencil lead so well. You suggest that you get to count the votes next time, but your guests remind you that elections are mostly fair. True, you point out. But that’s only when you were counting the votes. You’re shouted down as a conspiracy theorist. The New York Times sends a reporter to ask you about your incorrect claim that context matters.

        In the midst of the interview, the reporter asks you about the claim your household guests made that you once read a book with “the N word” in it (before they threw it away) — Huck Finn. You deny this, claiming ignorance about “The N word”. You don’t even know what it is. You don’t read books, only watch tv like a good boy. The reporter then says what it stands for. The next day he’s fired because context doesn’t matter. Sure, he called you a racist in the pages of the most prestigious “news”paper in the world, and maybe got you fired, but at least people know that you’re not a racist. You said you voted for Barack Obama — twice! And you can’t stand that mean ‘ol Orange Man.

        But that was then. This is now. You imagine the guy who moved away built a house on a beach somewhere and you cry inside, knowing you could have done the same — sold the house and moved away to a better life — back with there was still some value in it. You called him a blackpiller and a cuck. “Stay and fight!” “Have more children!” Now he’s drinking margaritas, and you’re just hoping someone didn’t scoop the last purple drink from the fridge.

    • Edit: and every time you threaten to leave, your wife threatens to sue you in court for false sex assault allegations, and the Browns and blacks block the door on her command.

    • Citizen, apologies for ignorance in advance, but I have some questions:


      Has any institution, in the last 50 years, seriously put the idea of separation to the public? Or has it always remained outside of the mainstream?


      At some point California was waffling on about breaking away, and it seemed to be the only state that was seriously entertaining it. Would you support such an initiative on the grounds that it may pave the way for other, redder, states to break away? Perhaps this would be a step toward some sort of separation?

      • One:

        No. Separation remains completely outside the mainstream; however, for the first time in my life, people are starting to talk about it in a not joking way, though not serious either. It’s beginning to creep into the deep, deep corner of possible realities, though still seen as an almost – the key word being “almost” – impossibility.

        But there’s a literal infinite difference between a 1% chance of something happening and a 0% chance. Once something becomes even remotely possible in a person’s mind, it can grow.


        California won’t break away. It’s mostly just silly talk from libs. However, I do like that they are talking at all. Again, anything that puts the idea of separation into the minds of people as something beyond fantasy is good for our side.

        We need to build communities that someday (someday long after we’re gone) begin to gain some autonomy and later independence. The less that’s seen as impossible – from both sides – the better.

        • The biggest problem with separation is the Military industrial complex. Who gets the ships of war, much less the nukes? TPTB will not give up that much power without a fight, perhaps a war to end all fights.

          • We’re so far away from that level of separation that we don’t need to worry about it.

            Right now, separation simply means finding some like-minded people IRL and getting together. The next step is forming community groups – groups that 100% are not political but that just happen to help our people.

            From there, we grab opportunities where we find them and move toward openly ethnic community and political groups.

            The last thing that we need to worry about at the moment is how to split the military. That’s not even in the ballpark of where we are. Baby steps.

      • Separatist movements have been around a long time. California and Vermont have bruited secession, and Texas is always toying with the idea. Unfortunately, these movements have never picked up enough steam to be taken very seriously. And that is why I think secession will occur in a territorial rather than a state-based format.

  20. This is one of your best articles. In particular, it should be emailed to Normie friends and regular conservatives.

  21. But first we must pry the normiecon away from the TV and the Oprah interview of Harry and Megan.
    The true right is up against a media complex more powerful than at anytime in history creating zombies of our people.
    Never the less we will prevail.

  22. The 1964 version of Reagan was dead on.

    The other terrifying thing about that speech is how terrible government waste and intrusion was back in what was a golden era in many ways.

    • Despite the wastefulness, US debt has been decreasing from the wartime highs of 106% all the way to low 20s. Now the debt is back to wartime levels, but the trend is opposite and the top priorities of your elites are looting and pushing degeneracy.

    • I know people on our side take issue with facets of Reagan’s rule, and I get it, but, like Trump to some degree, he was able to marshal forces on the right by painting our difference with the left in very direct, moral terms. It wasn’t that the Soviets were doing it all wrong, they were the “Evil Empire”. Bang. Conversation over. And you felt pride in being on the right side; you wanted another victory.

      Bin Laden’s strong horse analogy is one of those that I wanted to ignore at the time because of its provenance, but deep down I knew it to be true.

    • Reagan I feel was focusing on meaningless things. If he thought the America of Lyndon Johnson and Mike Mansfield was bad – is the America of Biden and Schumer better?

  23. This point was driven home in the first year of law school when two stories were contrasted: The first story was that of Roswell Gilbert, who carefully and meticulously planned the mercy killing of his wife of 50 years to end her horrible suffering on the one hand, and that of some lunatic who flew off the handle and tortured and then slaughtered a young couple in ways that would make Torquemada queasy on the other. The premeditation component never made much sense to me after that.

    • There is of course the fact that the careful, determined, patient – yet righteously raging – gentleman is a pain in the arse of any government. Far more of a threat to them, I’d wager, than some clueless oaf with a short fuse.

  24. “The solution to conservative obsequiousness is right-wing radicalism.”

    This is what, in not so literary terms, I have been telling close friends and family. Like most rightists, they like to at least be seen to ‘think logically’, but are probably just too afraid to embrace their partisanship. When discussing the issue of wokists – be they sitting MPs, film stars or TV ‘personalities’ – I have began asking people if they can imagine themselves having a conversation with said wokist. I then ask whether they think they’d like each other. Usually, they confess that there would be a mutual dislike; to which I then add: yes, but they really hate you.

    As so many often repeat here it is well worth remembering that, regardless of the public image these people may have, there is a sizeable chance they hate your rube-ass!

    “Would you rather be in a room full of people who can fly off the handle at any time and kill you or in a room full of men who kill under specific conditions? ”

    The latter my dear. The latter. Every single time.

    • Yeah it’s like being in a room of Blacks vs. Mexican cartel killers.

      The blacks are liable to attack you for the smallest perceived offense, or sometimes no reason at all. The cartel killers will most likely do absolutely nothing to you unless you’re a non-corrupt LEO or in a rival gang.

      Either way, in my society both groups would be deported ASAP.

      • “The blacks are liable to attack you for the smallest perceived offense, or sometimes no reason at all.”

        Indeed. I am not aware that Colin Flaherty has made any attempts to document Mexican-on-white mass attacks; presumably because there just are not that many of them.

        I have never felt safe around large paxx of blaxx, even if they’ve had the vaxx. I have seen a few, and heard of many, instances where such swarms just descended to cause chaos. You may find the late Lawrence Auster’s update of John Derbyshire’s rules rather interesting (though like me, you probably already knew ’em!):

        The great thing about Auster’s work here is that he specifically links to an article detailing where the corresponding rule was broken… with violent consequences. It is funny and terrifying.

        That said, the UK does have a black problem. But the US has it real bad. Does Canada have such an issue?

        • I learned this one the hard way:

          10(g) Be extremely guarded when expressing any negative views about blacks. These should only be shared with family members or close friends whom you know to be like-minded and trustworthy. Unless you are completely independent of mainstream career considerations, never post such views on the Internet under your real name.

          • Much discussion need not specifically use the word “Blacks” or refer even to race or minority status. The point can be made in the general—or at least avoid any specific racial identification—and the person being spoken to will known exactly who is under discussion.

            Yeah, as PK says, we shouldn’t have to do this, but for now that’s the way it is.

          • If you wish to know who has the power, ask whom you are not allowed to criticize. In AINO, we are not allowed to even scrutinize or question blacks, let alone criticize them. It’s a black supremacist state.

        • Interesting. My grand scope of obsession with blacks and minorities is two-fold:

          1) sociopathic guilt of Whites for perceived group sins against “minorities” which came about because:

          2) heresy and wickedness of Liberalism and Whites attempts to apply Liberalism to other races.

          • My daily interactions with POC’s are cordial and peaceful.
            I read the internet and see all the hatred and conflict.
            It seems to me if we just stay in our own lanes, conduct business, and react to each other as members of another tribe that just want to do business together for mutual benefit, then we can all get along. And go home at night. And when bad actors in our clans act out, we are responsible for culling them.
            Of course, I’m naive. But hopeful.

  25. The solution… right wing radicalism.

    The problem with that assessment is the Right has to admit it is being punched in the face, before they will do anything about it.

    Purposeful cognitive dissonance will prevent the rank and file righties from a sling action.

    I agree with you Z. The biggest problem is they won’t/can’t see/admit that they are getting smacked with a 2×4.

    • Correct. And in the next election, rather than relying on the courts, the fraudsters at the polling stations should be run down and lynched – in a peaceful demonstration similar to those of BLM and Antifa.

      The sad fact is that the courts are infested with lefties, and will never be fair and honest until they are removed. Until there is some deterrent, these guys are just going to keep getting worse.

      • Yes, I came to this conclusion as I watched the police in Minneapolis flee their building, and then as the mob was pushing into the White house.

        But I talk to normie. I say they are our mortal enemies. He says no, they can be reasoned with. I think this comes from some arrogance that the U.S. is the “greatest country in the world” instead of just our home that we have a right to.

        No, normie then started talking about election reform, and I tuned out.

        The only thing our enemies understand, for lack of a better analogy, is a knee on the neck.

      • By THE courts, you really mean THEIR courts. We don’t live in our country, we live in theirs.

      • Next election? What’s the point? At my various internet haunts I’ve been pushing the message that Con. Inc. is dead, finished, kaput. Boomer normie cons push back, but only weakly. Bannon and crew have begun to fire up the Trump 2024, china-bad talk. Ahem, good luck bois. I watch AF and NJP carefully. We will see. Interesting to contemplate how many fathers and sons have lost a son or father to opioid overdose. Wonder if anything happens when they become clued in on those responsible.

        • I’ve always been curious about the opioid epidemic. I don’t know any addicts, due to my SES.

          But it seems like in a small town, people know who the dealers are. And which doctors are prescribing it. How come no “action” has been taken against those community destroyers?

          Although I saw that medium sized metro has worse opioid problems than small town or rural areas. So maybe it’s too big and not tight knit enough.

          But it seems like in the past white people wouldn’t have tolerated this kind of destruction.

          • I recommend “the pharmacist” doc on netflix for understanding the pushback. Netflix, i know but even the blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally. The pushback has been significant, but non-lethal. I believe that public hangings are warranted. I don’t personally know anybody that has died from covid. I know several that have ODed. ~ 50k annually. Concentrated in white working class communities. Sackler family and purdue pharma main villains. Real Evil personified. Fuckers.

    • The problem is the average conservative has been a constant line of programming from people like Limbaugh, Hannity, etc going on for 40 plus years that the Left is merely misguided, stupid and not evil. Even Trump was selling that crap to his followers and still does. Even after the Left the dumb mofo out of office.

      The good news if you can call it that, is that the Lefts open declaration of war on Whites is waking normies up that the Left really, really hates them, their kids and culture. And that the Left cannot be bargained with.

      • My Trump-loving brother, like most Trump-lovers, puffs his chest out over Trump’s slightly better ballot performance with black and latino men, as a sign that these people can be appealed to with conservatism, which is the Limbaugh/Hannity falsehood.

        They all overlook Trump’s platinum plan, which was a billion+ dollars gibs-me-dat bride and his “We’ll build a big beautiful wall (which he didn’t do) with a big door.” Both of these promises were abject capitulations to the fact that these voters can only be bribed by surrendering to them. Conservatism had little to do with it.

        • It’s such a joke that I start laughing at BoomerCons more than leftists these days.

          Leftists are seriously driven and have a sick agenda that they’re successfully implementing. Meanwhile Trumpets are jerking off over losing by 95% with blacks instead of losing by 99% (as Georgia went blue thrice).

          Not a serious country.

  26. Good article. Those of us on the right have no interest in appearing on stage in a political production co-starring Lefty. We prefer to be the stage manager, the writer, and the director combined. And if Lefty and his brother Neocons don’t like it, tough shit.

  27. “The point of right-wing politics is to dispense with the moral distinction made by conservatives and focus on removing left-wing politics from society.”

    Globalists control all the institutions, kinda hard to initiate a night of the long knives under such circumstances.

    • Not if you get local. Not everything we do has to be some grand act on the world stage to matter.

      • “Not if you get local.”
        sure, it’s good to live among/move near neighbours who despise left wing politics, life becomes bearable again.

    • If Z-Man had it to write all over again, he’d probably say, “The point of right-wing politics is to dispense with the moral distinction made by conservatives, focus on creating a separate nation, and barring left-wing politics from its society.”

      • and how do you do that when institutions belong to the enemy?

        *voting is pointless
        *protesting is pointless

        is there any other option left outside of violence?

        • Sure. Build dense communities of huwhites, and then, when a critical population mass is achieved, begin making demands for sovereignty on pain of violence. Ideally, multiple white nodes do this simultaneously to increase pressure on the Power Structure and to make retaliation that much more difficult.

          • “Build dense communities of huwhites,
            then, when a critical population mass is achieved, begin making demands for sovereignty on pain of violence.”
            israelites played this game before.
            white communities will not be allowed to reach huge numbers, “foreigners” will be settled in those white areas, by force. Soviets called it russification, globalists will probably call it colorification.

    • Fictional character? You can do better. Here is Patton as a palate cleanser:

      “we’re not interested in holding [conserving] anything except the enemy’s balls. We’re going to hold him by his balls and we’re going to kick him in the ass; twist his balls and kick the living shit out of him all the time”

      • Except… as Patton pointed out rather too late- ‘We fought the wrong side’. So there’s that. Quoting any of the misguided fools that fought in the Brother Wars for Merchant Bankers throwing European countries against one another is probably not where you want be doing your quoting from. All sides lost as you can see from the evidence today.

        • Lol, Patton had the correct fighting spirit. It is up to the leaders to point these animals ( meant in the best possible way) in right direction.

  28. Despite the howling of the left, conservative white people, and especially American conservatives just want to grill. Evangelical Christians just want to preach. Cake bakers just want to bake without pressure from homos and trannys.

    So for people like us, it’s hard to understand where their hatred and motivation comes from. We (had) quite a nice society and yet they ruined it – not just (((them))), there are plenty of true believer, hateful gentiles. And we let it happen, because grilling is easier than action.

    You’re right, our first mistake is trying to find something rational behind it. They are evil, they are the devil.

    When somebody is coming at me with a knife, I don’t stand there naval gazing about what his motivations are – it’s fight or flight. It should be the same racially and civilizationally – when somebody tells me they hate me, my people, my heritage, and want me dead, we must take it at face value, neutralize the threat, and prepare for the future.

    • “Despite the howling of the left, conservative white people, and especially American conservatives just want to grill.”

      It’s a funny old thing, B125. At the weekend, and mindful to break all mickey mouse lockdown rules, I was at my parent’s abode for dinner. My father railed about people who had came to view their property, as they’re selling: “They’re all bloody pakis!”. He is well aware of the demographic change, yet he still reads ‘The Telegraph’. In fact, some months back he bought me copy. The front page story led with the lines ‘Following the tragic death of George Floyd…’. Still so much faith in the old institutions. We can but try, The Devil indeed.

      • Yes, the cognitive dissonance is massive. Even worse in Canada. And I see people complaining all the time.

        “Housing is so expensive!”
        “Why are there no good jobs?”
        “Why is it impossible to find a doctor?”
        “Why is my (white) son still living in the basement working minimum wage even though we paid for his degree?”

        And yet the only party who was against mass immigration (and wanted only a slight decrease), the People’s Party got just 1% of the vote in 2019. Theyll keep voting liberal because “immigrants are hard workers who come here for a better life” and “dude weed” and “CBC says X is rayciss”.

        For your parents, I’d say hold off until you find a white family and then sell at a below market price. But I also recall you saying it’s a declining area, probably only Pakis are going to be moving in anyways. Sad.

      • “B125” should catch up on some information before pointing its crooked finger at “RooshV”. Parroting the hated MSM, this “B125” fails to mention the conversion of Mr. V … his new book about said conversion.

        That makes “B125” a snake in the grass. A liar by omission. A troll at best and a (…) at worst.

        • I have to admit that I don’t know anything about Roosh since his site went quiet a couple years ago. Thus, like B125, if you asked me my impression of Roosh I’d say that he promoted a lifestyle that only contributed to our woes. All that talk about “game” did nothing but help create even more debased women.

          If that’s not longer what he espouses, then good for him. I too held views in my past that required divine forgiveness. And maybe I still do. But please calm down with the over-the-top rhetoric directed at B125. Circular firing squads are a direct path to defeat.

          • RooshV spent 15 years racking up hundreds of bodies doing PUA shit and then miraculously turned to Orthodox Christian as he started hitting the wall.

            And good for him, it’s never too late to be saved by Jesus Christ and repent.

            However it was simply an example, as in disgruntled right wing white men who, rather than fix the problem, become sleazy PUAs and fuck sluts here and in Asia. You can replace RooshV with any old PUA who is still up and running.

          • “Calm down” is Karen talk. B52 owns his attack on Roosh, lies by omission. Calm yourself down. You might be “his” sock puppet for all I know.

            Ok, sure. So “if I asked” and your fingers were all cut off so you could not take 5 seconds to “find” same same domain …. you would feel justified pointing your finger at another man. Please.

            Whether virtue signaling – a leftist ploy — or lazy … or ignorant … I will let someone else accEpt that approach.

            I agree on the “circular firing squad” comment and encourage YOU and this B52 person to stop shooting. At least stop shooting off your mouth and expecting others to accept the stupid/lazy laughable excuses you gave.

            Maybe before entering another man’s name into a conversation, you might take a few seconds to get some information, soy man.

            Bring it on — 1,000 more down smiley faces. I can give a shit. Lame soy like these guys need to be called out.

            It’s womanly to point to the sins of another man, from the past. Sorry, does not absolve you of a thing. His conversion and works accordingly don’t change the past – but they are the present. I could care even less if you accept that – but to lie by omission is on you.

            So EFF OFF with that shit.

          • My suspicion is that Roosh’s sister, while dying from cancer, asked him “Why do you treat women like this? Would you want a man to treat me that way?”

            And it broke him spiritually. I don’t know if his conversion is sincere or not and it’s not my place to judge. If people want to buy his books more power to them.

          • Roosh (half Iranian and half ?) pumped and dumped hundreds of White women during his PUA years. Now that he claims to be a Christian he’s some sinless icon who must not be criticized? 0 f&&ks to give.

          • From what I’ve heard he went from hedonist to ascetic. If that’s true, it sounds like someone who tends to get carried away. Hence stoicism.

            No horse in that race, just my two cents.

    • Anyone on the Right who has debated Lefties on issues like gun control and criminal punishment quickly realizes they were dealing with people who are as Reagan put it, irredeemably evil. I noticed back in the 80’s here in California. The buggers just hated white people for having the means to defend themselves and wanted to strip them of it. They coddled criminals so as to make live hell on ordinary whites.

      Look how the Left runs their cities – they run them the same a band a lunatics would. DeBlasio, Garcetti, etc. Have turned decent cities into utter hell holes.

      When the Left gains control of churches, they tear them apart and drive away the members.

      When they control a school, it’s turned into a shit hole for whites.

      We are not dealing with people with a difference of opinion, we are dealing with truly evil people who wish to tear civilization apart.

      • The Upper Middle Class White kids who went to university in places like Wisconsin and New York graduated in the late 60’s early 70’s as committed Marxists.
        They then moved to the Golden State and joined with California’s homegrown elites for lucrative jobs in Media and Government . These Ruling Class locusts destroyed the state and are now working on finishing off the rest of the country.

      • But where they bamboozle normies is in creating the illusion that their motives are pure. Even when their track record is so abysmal as to be a transparently deliberate attempt to destroy, there’s a nagging reservation against concluding that they’re anything but incompetent, a more forgivable offense.

        • That’s interesting. It’s not the rabid dog’s fault he has rabies, but you don’t take pity on him for it.

          Few want to judge other people, I’d guess, because they don’t want to be judged. Maybe we ascribe too much agency to ourselves. We modern men— so civilized, evolved, and free, lol. Or cowardly. It’s a lot easier to be lied to than to see the truth.

    • The DR must get more partisan now. Of course we’ll be immediately labeled as racists, White supremecists, anti- semites or whatever. The bottom line is there’s no compromising with the left in any way, shape or form. And as such, the organ grinding institutions of propaganda have to be retaken and purged – for starters.

    • “it’s hard to understand where their hatred and motivation comes from.”

      1. The SJW Left is uniquely defined by having a negative self-identity. In other words, they are the only major group on the planet that sees out groups more positively than their own in group. Thus, from a sense of deep seal-loathing, they project their internal hatreds onto others, namely White “others” because they are an acceptable target. They hate you because they pathologically hate their own.

      Hating you is like an alcoholic getting drunk — it dulls the pain. You can’t reason with a mental issue like that. Alcoholics, for example, can rarely be convinced to stop. They must, instead, hit rock bottom first and then decide to stop on their own. In that light, Leftists will probably have to first destroy civilization before they see the error of their ways. I guess the question is whether or not we want to let them do that.

      2. Pathological self-hate is also a useful means to manipulate others into following your lead. The assumption people make is that you won’t harm their interests if you hate yourself. It’s not a coincidence the far Left has become so racist against Whites as the country has changed demographically to become much less White than it was in recent memory: they are trying to maintain their authority over minorities they are afraid of by signalling their loyalty to them through attacking their own group; they are advertising that they should still be in charge of diverse America.

      Signalling hatred of “whites” really means “hatred of other Whites” in this context. Leftist Whites are signalling to the new coalition of the POC ascendant that they will harm their common racial enemies (you) if they are put in charge, and they will work on POC’s behalf, meaning POCs should keep them around and not take away their livelihoods once the new order comes. Thus, the tidal wave of anti-White racism in the media and Hollywood: the NYT hires black racists to threaten White women in their columns (Charles M. Blow) & and social media; late night “comedians” are all far-Left White guys with token minority side kicks –>

      Seth Myers has a black girl do a minstrel show for him every night; sassy black lady stereotype reads hateful propaganda attacking “republicans” and the “GOP” as a racist dog whistle against “other Whites”. Myers is an imbecile with barely a college education who somehow thinks he’s qualified to offer his opinion on complex subjects. Of course, he’s not really giving advice so much as he’s offering hate: Leftists get to feel morally superior and dull the self-loathing while POCs are whipped up into a racial frenzy against their common enemy (you). The point is to deflect away from himself in case the cancel mob comes for him one day.

      Jimmy Kimmel is a hack with a stupid Hispanic sidekick who they tacitly make fun of. But that’s okay because “muh Orange Man (TM)”. The guy got his start on The Man Show where he and his co-host watched girls jumping on trampolines and would feel up random women on the streets of LA. He also did blackface skits.

      Check it out, then check out his commentary on “republicans” and “Trump” — sexism, racism … The hypocrisy is overwhelming. Again, the point is to deflect the POC mob. The guy went into hiding this summer for months least BLM remember his blackface skits and get him fired. Then the guy comes back to his old shtick of relentlessly attacking “other Whites” like Trump and MTG. So brave.

      Steven Colbert is just a straight up government propagandist with another sassy black stereotype sidekick. In a normal world, someone would notice how offensive that is. He’s the hack who defended the Dr. Seuss book banning. I hope I get to live long enough to see the mob come for his precious The Lord of The Rings, the Whitest book ever written. It’s constantly attacked by the far-Left for — somehow — being racist against blacks (SJWs interpret green orcs in books, videogames, and tabletop RPGs as being racist against blacks … talk about projection).

      The point is that those Left-wingers are scared. They don’t want to be cancelled, so as the POC / White Leftist mob has grown larger, their rhetoric has grown more shrill in an effort to stay in charge and keep their positions. Otherwise, someone might ask why the Left seems exempt from diversity quotas. Three — no four … no FIVE — White male late night hosts in diversity America? Really? The mob can’t miss that forever. Some of those guys are getting cancelled one day.

      Countless other Hollywood celebrities do the same — divert the mob with virtue signalling against their own people. Remember recently cancelled Joss Whedon, director of those Avengers movies? He was running ads on YouTube endorsing Obama back in 2012. Now he’s been accused of racism by a black actor and sexism by a bunch of girls he slept with on the set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

      “our first mistake is trying to find something rational behind it. They are evil, they are the devil.”

      Trying to rationalize the behavior of the left is sometimes just an excuse against taking action. If you think they can be reasoned with, then that implies fighting them isn’t necessary. It’s just moving the goal posts so you don’t have to do anything in the present. It’s like those people who think they don’t have to do anything in the present because one day in the future there will be a collapse of the economy. It’s really just an excuse for cowardice.

      • Jimmy Kimmel has spent the last several years heaping hatred, scorn, and derision on Red State America but he recently purchased the South Fork Fly Fishing Lodge in Swan Valley. Idaho. The lefties hate our guts but they are streaming into our relatively peaceful and orderly communities to consume our social capital. The once cool little city of Boise is well on its way to being the next Portland. Just a couple of weeks ago they added direct flights from Boise to NYC.

    • Yes. Our men just want to grill. I have been thinking lately of the song Girls Just Want To Have Fun but changing the lyrics to Conservatives Just Want To Have Fun.

      Trump understood this and that is why his rallies were so popular. While the Left was busy stealing the election, the Right was having fun watching Trump dance to YMCA.

      Our side of the divide is comprised of largely well adjusted, optimistic people who just want to live their lives while their side is filled with religious zealots who derive their identity by their hatred of us.

      Our side is still a long way away from being able to be mobilized to fight back in any meaningful way. The Right still sees itself as being pillars of society not dissidents.

      For me this Babylon Bee headline captures where our side is at and why we won’t win.

      74 Million Trump Supporters Take To Streets To Drive To Work And Go About Their Lives As Normal

    • Yeah I don’t talk politics (except here). Everyone has chosen a side and team A won’t allow team B to live in peace. So what happens now is fate, karma, God’s Will, whatever you want to call it.

      • Nothing changes unless and until White women wake up to “Race Realism.” Don’t hold your breath.

        • Disagree, they will follow the men. Getting the men off their fat asses is the problematic task one faces.

          • Bingo. Asking women to lead is like asking men to breast feed.

            Women are biologically designed to follow the tribe’s rules because for tens of thousands of years, they needed the tribe to help raise their children and to protect them if their mate died.

            White men need to create an alternative tribes, a tribe powerful enough to protect its own. White women will then miraculously changed their political views overnight and join that tribe.

            The problem isn’t (mostly) White women; it’s White men.

          • Exactly.

            If every white man showed up jacked as fuck, highly racist and ready to wife up and put a baby in a white woman tommorow, white women would change right away.

            Sorry, to many obese, cuck, soy, and leftist white males. Not to mention the idiot pump and dump fuckboys coming from the other side like RooshV. It’s not surprisingly they don’t have the tingles anymore.

          • Obviously you haven’t looked at the massive female presence in leadership positions in government and education.

      • All we are saying, is give war a chance. All we are saying….

        Just “Imagine”.

        • Its not that anyone wants war. Its just thats the only way for us to survive. Maybe not. Maybe this will blow over, but I doubt it.

    • Things change slowly until they change very fast. And major changes are almost always driven by a change in environment. Real hardship is returning and it’s forcing awareness & action. Normie cannot remain on the fence when the house is on fire. And the hucksters selling vote-harder are losing their credibility as the Progressives push for Universal Election Fraud and 4,000 new “visiting” citizens cross the Southern Border every day. Now prognosticate. Jackboots are toe-tapping in the wings and getting ready to pounce. Do not become an easy target for them. Get into the shadows. Think, focus, & prepare. Spontaneity & opportunism is your friend. And keep it all within the confines of your cranium.

    • Sure.

      I believe its more than talk when it happens. I want it to happen, but magic doesn’t actually exist. Sure, we’ll stop talking to them, maybe.

      But silence is assent.

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