The False Choice Society

The false dichotomy, sometimes called the false choice, is one of the most popular rhetoric tricks used in liberal democracy. The point is to frame the debate in such a way as to either avoid some unpleasant topic or narrow the scope to the benefit of one party in the debate. “We either do X or we allow this terrible thing to continue” is an effective way to compel action. After all, everyone knows that doing nothing in never an acceptable action. Only monsters choose that option.

It is fair to say that our political system is built upon the false choice. Every election we are asked to choose between the two offerings put forward by the parties. In most cases, one option is ridiculous. That is why over 90% of incumbents win reelection. In races with real competition, the options put forward are nearly identical. Both parties offer up a plank of wood spouting whatever slogans are popular at the moment. The voters select between two robots programmed by the same people.

The reason this is a false choice is there is at least one other option. The voters could stage a boycott of the election. Maybe demand some reforms as a condition of rejoining the charade of democracy. Of course, the voters could riot at the polling stations, hurl the voting machines into the river and burn the ballots. They could vote for a third party candidate as a protest. Picking from one of the two options offered up from the uniparty is a false choice, because there are other options.

Of course, people do not select the other options because they are constantly reminded that those are all bad options. No rational person votes third-party. Even the most cynical critics of democracy say the third party option is a waste of time. Similarly, boycotts are dismissed as pointless. Rebellion, of course, is dismissed out of hand, despite the fact the country was literally founded on rebellion. The one thing everyone seems to agree upon is you have no choice but to pick from the two parties.

Another example of where the false choice is the foundation of liberal democracy is in the current Covid panic. The reason the rulers took a wrecking ball to society is they were sure they had just two options. It was either the wrecking ball or do nothing and we all know that doing nothing is never an option. They had to do something, and all of the choices were bad, so they happily went with the bad option. When you eliminate the best option, you are always left with the worst options.

The false choice plays out in more subtle ways too. Unwilling to leave well enough alone, the rulers are now trying to impose a vaccine passport. The idea is to require this for travel or to attend public gatherings. Given that liberal democracy looks a lot like fascism, businesses and banks are making noises about requiring the vaccine in order to have a job or use the financial system. You can get the vaccine, the choice is yours, but you may not be able live in society.

People are rightly upset about this turn of events. House broken conservatives are banging on about how the vaccine passport if just like when their grandparents made the Jews wear gold stars. The point of the yes/no debate on the vaccine passport is to distract from the real problem. The people in charge of public health are incompetent and have turned a minor public health problem into a disaster. Worse yet, they seem to take some pleasure in being incompetent at it.

Not so long ago, proof of vaccination was a common requirement for travel. People were given a card that showed their vaccinations. This was before computers when the people in charge were somewhat competent at their jobs. People went along with it because they understood it was for public health. They could trust the people in charge enough to go along with it. The people who cured things like polio and smallpox were proud of it and the policies that made it possible.

Today, of course, no one trusts anyone. There can be no public pride in collective accomplishment because we have accomplished nothing, other than putting men in dresses and desecrating some statues. This is why half the public is skeptical of the vaccine and the passport business. Instead of dealing with that reality, we choose to have a debate about the passport itself. The false choice here is whether to get the vaccine or not. Whether to have a proof of vaccine or not.

The promise of democracy is that public policy is no longer set according to the narrow interests of a small ruling class. Instead, the marketplace of democracy will set the priorities and select the polices based on majority will. In reality, democracy is a mass delusion where the public debates pointless issues and selects from identical options, all in order to avoid facing reality. Say what you will about aristocracy, at least everyone knows who is in charge and who is to blame.

The Covid hysteria underscores how the false choice society staggers on through inertia and dumb luck. Faced with a real crisis, the current regime would collapse in a pile, with the people bickering with one another over how best to celebrate the pile once the dust settles. The false choice society is a society built on lies the people tell one another in order to avoid reality. The trouble is reality is the thing that does not go away when you stop believing in it.

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162 thoughts on “The False Choice Society

  1. Of course, people do not select the other options because they are constantly reminded that those are all bad options.

    Reminded, by reality.

    I voted libertarian. My husband voted Perot. And thus the Clinton crime syndicate was born.

    “If wishes were horses, then beggers would ride”

    Political institutions are not logical or rhetorical constructs.

  2. Good column but two false systems :

    1. ” The reason the rulers took a wrecking ball to society is they were sure they had just two options. It was either the wrecking ball or do nothing and we all know that doing nothing is never an option.”
    That is the reason the 2nd and 3rd tiers of the managerial class acted the way they did. The true rulers used the manufactured crisis to loot the people and gain more power while teaching us to finally completely submit. We have to quit saying they are crazy and incompetent. Their rules are crazy but that is the point. They are shrewd and win every fight.

    2. No one trusts anyone. The more we distrust our rulers and their Narratives, the more good people trust them. They take pride in blindly believing what they are told. After all, blind beliefs are what it means to follow science and be an informed voter.

    • Yeah, I agree. The implication is, “Darn it, if we could only get rid of this liberal democracy, then we’d be fine,” which is clearly false. Liberal democracy, while a problem, is not among our top five problems.

      My guess is that Z sees himself as a bridge for older men who are waking up to reality and he knows that if he only talks about race and ethnic hostility, the real issues, that he will be dismissed. If my guess is correct, it’s not a bad idea.

      • He’s pretty much said that before.

        He sees himself as ferry man taking people on the waters edge across the great divide. Where they go from there is up to them.

        • “Where they go is up to them” I was on the staten Island ferry this morning, when I got to lower Manhattan I didn’t need the captain to tell me how to get to work, I just needed him to get me In the proximity of where I wanted to go.This guy next to me named Dino wasn’t smart enough to disembark and ended up riding back to back and forth all day. He might still be there for all I know.

    • “Liberal democracy” is the foundational problem, which leads to all others, for a number of reasons. Among them:

      1). The dynamic in democracies and republics is for competing factions to expand the electorate for temporary advantage. That’s been happening in the US from the very beginning and also happened in the Roman Republic and was a cause of its demise.

      2). There is an irresolvable agent-principle problem between the politicians and the people that elect them. Politicians will always act in ways they see as their enhancing their own interests… public be damned. Those ways include stealing public funds, setting bad policy and expanding the electorate.

      3) Accountability is limited to begin with and shed overtime. The ability to vote someone out of office in two or four or six years or whatever is almost completely inconsequential. The politician can betray even his own voters or piss off everyone and then act differently a few months before the election.

      4). Which is a false binary choice. The choice offered always comes down to that between tweedledum and tweedledummer. Because both are competing for the same narrow slice that is open changing their team support.

  3. As far as the vaccine passports, my wife and I were just discussing the subject over the weekend. Her side of the family are gun-ho for the vaccine, they send us pics of themselves getting it, they send Christmas cards of their family wearing masks and shirts that say V-O-T-E… they might not be willing to be around non vaccinated people. That is a win win situation for my non vaccinated self. I’ve been around the planet once already so no need to get on a plane ever again. I work for a company that doesn’t have a diversity department and haven’t worn mask in the office or shop yet. This might be a problem for younger folks. I hope they don’t cave in. It might be inconvenient for them. Good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good. Sailer Jerry.

  4. This is off topic but I was watching Tucker talk about that thing at Williams College in 2018 where you had an entitled student making a big deal about things. My question is if it’s possible that this type of stuff could eventually become cost prohibitive? At what point do whiny students cause the unis to go bankrupt.

    • All of the Ivies and most of the “prestigious” Liberal Arts colleges are sitting on endowments that rival some of the biggest hedge funds. Tax free. They can be woke af as long as the money managers know which side their bread is buttered on.

  5. You give them far too much credit when you imply it is accident or incompetence. It’s not a coincidence that all the “accidents” and “incompetence” just happen to enrich those making the decisions as well as their masters.

  6. I see the Covid reaction as being “never let a crisis go to waste.” Check out these screen grabs defining covid “herd immunity” from the WHO website in June 2020 compared with November 2020.
    TBH, I can’t find it in myself to blame folks who never studied immunology or epidemiology at any level for believing what they’re told. I think the blame lies with the peopleexploiting and profitting from the scam.

  7. OT: I recently ordered some soap products from Havamal Soap Works for me and the wife, and I have to say that its a really great product. The wife is particularly happy with the various soaps. I just canceled my subscription to Dr Squatch and will be ordering from Havamal again. Thanks for the quality endorsement, Mr. Z-man!

  8. “Instead of dealing with that reality, we choose to have a debate about the passport itself.“

    That’s a really good point. It occurred to me that all of the posturing and virtue signaling about the March 2019 Christchurch NZ mosque shootings was designed to prevent people asking the reasonable question “why is there a mosque in a city called Christchurch?”

  9. Off topic, but may be of interest to Z readers: White bugman Youtuber with over a million subscribers learns that there is no defense when falsely accused by a black woman. His pleadings that he is not racist are especially fun because they are futile.

    • It does appear that he plans to take this to court, but the groveling is tough to take. That said, it may be useful if it gets to court. That said, the only way this stops is when the small fries in these smear machines get hit with big judgements. Sargon sued one of them and won, but it will take more to send the message that these morality spirals can bankrupt you. It looks like this guy has Twitter employees in his sights.

      • I’d like to wish him good luck, but if he gets any legal satisfaction it will only give him false hope.

  10. “Faced with a real crisis, the current regime would collapse in a pile, with the people bickering with one another over how best to celebrate the pile once the dust settles”.
    For me, that fact was demonstrated and on full display in New Orleans after Katrina – which was over 15 years ago. I have no doubt that given some other act of God, or more likely some man made disaster – the response and result will be worse by several orders of magnitude.

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  12. The Universalist faith is Catholic (Catholic means universal).

    Catholics fall hard.

    Lets help our fellow whites fall hard.

  13. The Church of Universalism is a universal i.e “Catholic” Faith.
    Catholics who fall from the faith fall hard. Let’s help our fellow whites fall hard from that faith.

    For then the fury will be unleashed, and all the pent up rage at gritting your teeth all our lives let loose.
    This is our path to survival.

    Forget the white elites and chatterers however, they chose against us.

  14. “Boycotting” not enough. It will just be described as “low voter turnout/enthusiasm.”


    Imagine the R party seeing 20-30% of their voting livestock deregistering. Or 90%. Goodbye, government legitimacy.

    • They want to erase us from the earth, their battle cry is ERASE WHITENESS.

      So from that POV your plan makes sense.

  15. A New Tomorrow (cont)
    Endless criticism is not a solution to anything.

    Yes, it’s cathartic and venting can also be therapeutic, but at some point you have to shit or get off the pot. And for the Normie addicted to the Comfort First Imperative, it’s often an excuse to whine rather than tangibly fight back against the insanity. But human nature is habitual; so when the SHTF, the sequence of Normie reactions will likely consist of whine harder, vote harder, panic, join a militia, play army in the woods, get arrested by the Jackboots, and then start whining all over again in a detention camp. There is a better way, but it requires hard work, dedication, and intelligence.

    • So you are telling me that my “Red Dawn” plan won’t work?


      I was really hoping for the Patrick Swayze role (as played by a middle aged suburban dad).

  16. Now we have all these self-evident things that you’re not allowed to say out loud. Self delusion. Like if we don’t say it, then we don’t have to acknowledge it and therefor it is not real.

  17. Posting from England.
    How could these incompetent fools set up and run an efficient vaccine passport?
    They couldn’t sort a functioning tracking app, with god knows how much money.
    The are vaccinating away. No passport in site. How will it work retrospctively?
    It would be like setting up a proper passport system from scratch with passports having to be renewed every 6 months or whenever the new variant scare kicked off.
    Anything other than a biometric chip is rife for forgery.
    I think it is all a bluff to scare 90% to have constant jabs.

    • And if the third world “citizens” are good at one thing it’s grift and deceit… They will be a good model to learn how to get out of the stupid passport.

      • Vaccines are typically administered by a nurse, prior to your doctor coming in the room. I’m looking around for any nurses I might know who will just squirt the juice into the garbage can.

        • Given the number of healthcare professionals refusing the vaccines, it shouldn’t pose a problem.

  18. This post reminded me of something I used to say to be provocative: During the Cold War Americans used to mock the communist countries because their elections only offered one choice, the communist party nominee, whereas our system offered TWO choices. I used to ask, “Is two infinitely better than one, or just one better than one.” Now, of course, since we have canceled white supremacist arithmetic, we know that two equals one…

  19. Speaking of false choices, no place on the internet is more hostile to the concept of Rebellion, if you read the comment boards. “ Rebellion, of course, is dismissed out of hand, despite the fact the country was literally founded on rebellion. ”

    If you mean here, you are fishing in an arid desert wadi.

    You all can start pointing the Fedpoast finger now. Actually the only people saying Fedpoast being Feds, but a tautology of suicide aligns with our cultural norms.

  20. “Rebellion is dismissed out of hand despite the fact the country was literally founded on rebellion.”

    This I think is why the rulers flip out more about white normies holding signs than dindus and tranny baristas literally burning buildings and killing people. Those normies might mostly be a dysgenic echo of the people who founded this country, but they at least know to glance at the matador rather than always running directly into the cape. Like Trump, they may be dumb but they did our side a service. People like Pelosi and Schumer who sneer at Americans not wanting bags of heads to turn up on the El Paso side of the border all of a sudden need walls and “assault weapons” because a couple paperweights went missing from their offices.

  21. The guy “sitting in” for Rush on Monday listened as a caller complained about the republicans all bark no bite behavior and said he wasn’t going to vote for them anymore. I cheered but the host chastised him and warned him to continue to vote for republicans. Just who is the biggest lying big talking republican? It’s a trick question, They all are exactly the same size.

    • At least the topic’s getting some traction in mainstream conservative circles. Baby steps.

      • No time for baby steps now. You gotta pick that baby up and send him sliding across the floor.

    • My brother is a big fan of the host who did Rush’s show on Monday, Todd H. Here’s the email I wrote to my brother yesterday, which did not please him:

      Todd H was ending the Rush show and he trumpeting the inalienable rights that we receive from God, which the government can’t take away.

      I wish that I could have asked him, “How is that working out for you buddy? Tell me again what the government can’t take away from you.”

      These people refuse to learn.

    • Rush is on a rather extended vacation. How long do they plan to have guest hosts?

      • Symbolic act to pander to morons – like banging pots and pans at 7pm to honour the “front line” China flu responders.

        • They’re still using that sobriquet, aren’t they? At least my local Aldi finally took down the “Heroes Work Here” placards that festooned the entrance.

    • The only importance of federal politics to us is the degree to which the Republican party can troll the Left, slow down their plans, and entertain us. The only politics of importance now is local and state.

  22. Right now the vaccine passport is down the road, only being talked about. I fear and I’m almost certain that it’s going to happen. What happens when businesses you need to function in society demand it? Will there be a mass rebellion? I don’t think so. Almost everyone will end up getting the jab. Add “my body my choice” to the pile of leftist hypocrisy. They don’t care.

    • Your post sums up nicely why, as it has been stated so many times on this forum, folks need to build communities of like minded people.
      While it’s much harder than it sounds, ultimately it will be the only way to survive the current and coming shit show.
      It is truly amazing how blind people are to what’s right in front of them.

    • It’s about “what is most destructive to white society”.

      Abortions are; so it’s my body my choice. Vaccine passports are as well; so it’s you have no bodily autonomy.

      • The abortion mantra “my body my choice” works because of exactly what it says. MY body. If you’ve got a transmittable disease it not just “my” body anymore, but YOUR body too.

    • It’s coming.

      I took the J&J jab yesterday (yeah, yeah)

      Was given a CDC vax card and was told in no uncertain terms not to lose it. That it would be very important in the near future.

      Make if that what you will.

      • Here in Lagos, the vax card is a scrap of paper with some scribbling on it. The fraud with these things will be epic. Frankly, I’m skeptical they pull it off. This thing is quickly running out of steam. This year we see the first wave of law suits from the usual suspects claiming all sorts of things about the vaccines. We’ll see, but I will not be shocked if this whole affair is memory holed by next year.

      • Dude, with a little creativity and elbow grease you could have rolled your own!

    • The vaccine passport will mutate into an electronic document that stores your social credit information (in the Chinese sense), just like how the social security number mutated from an ID used by one branch of the government into universal personal ID.

      Your social credit will include any bad thinking that you did on the internet or in real life. If you post on Z’s blog, you may be denied the ability to purchase an airline ticket, for example.

      The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades!

  23. Z Man;
    It’s worse than you state re Covid: They *could* have gone with 1,000 years of historical precedent, namely ban all travel from affected areas and locked down the sick, only (i.e. strict home quarantine). But this would have inconvenienced the Cloud People.

    So they constructed other false choices that didn’t inconvenience them or that they could ignore. Hence the current mistrust of even necessary and useful measures.

    • I’ve had COVID: got the sniffles two months ago. Thought it was allergies and took a Benadryl. That’s it. Got tested and it came back positive. It was a big nothing for me but then again I don’t weigh 300 pounds.

    • It’s not about convenience, the reaction is part of a Plan. It’s not a coincidence that many of the decision-makers are making tons of money, and that the mega-donor class is benefiting greatly. Hopefully its only about money…

  24. “They could trust the people in charge enough to go along with it.”

    I know a couple who had not left their house in a year, everything was delivered, she actually started a local mask campaign, and then they got the vaccine. Two weeks later, she’s getting pedicures, they’re going out to dinner, they’ve started traveling again. I’m absolutely gobsmacked because, unlike most people that have not left their house in a year, they are not paralyzed by the year of fear-mongering because they have absolute trust in the authority. These are not stupid people but that is incredible isn’t it?

    • Many of the Covidians are just big toddlers. They want mommy state to kiss the boo-boo. I know people like this too. There is a guy who comments here from time to time who trusts everything the government says about Covid. It’s incredible.

      • “Many of the Covidians are just big toddlers.”

        I got a first-hand view of these “toddlers” today. One of the golf leagues I play (in FL) had a lunch meeting to discuss what to do with a returning player from the Northern Penal colonies. Should he quarantine before being allowed to play again in the league. I asked them why? Since they all (except me) have gotten the jab, including the returning player. They were outraged that I would even question a required quarantine since the “science” and the government says you should. So with a vote of 18 to 1 they agreed on quarantine. They are never going back to normal, they love the drama and the angelic purpose of “saving lives”.

        Gotta find new golf league.

    • Of course they did, Whitney: SCIENCE!

      Do not underestimate peoples ability to justify their actions. In the movie they are watching, they are always the hero, the star and the underdog. You, nasty Whitney, are the bad guy, the extra and the evil dictator.

      Trump was a stupid evil dictator genius. Loyal government forces bravely fought (and beat back!) a violent coup attempt. Little children have to cover their faces with cloth and sit behind plexiglass or they will kill their teachers.

      Whitney, these people are the good guys. Don’t you CARE? Do you WANT to destroy the earth?

    • I beg to differ about the “not stupid” part. I’ve come to realize that people in a mostly intact society that actual smart people conceived and built can appear to be highly functional but still be as dumb as a bag of hammers. They can show up for work and push paper around and buy some frozen food at the grocery for dinner but they can’t reason their way out of a paper bag if their life depended on it . Because it does and they don’t. Next time around, the golden rule should be Eternal Vigilance Before All Else as the age of mass media has revealed us to be a species way too easy to manipulate.

      • Everything about the cognitive functions of man really does suggest the use it or lose axiom.

      • You are of course correct. Thinking deeply about something, and challenging it requires three things: curiosity, work and courage. In our current state where nobody trusts anybody else, it is all too easy to think ‘I cannot be bothered’. Thinking is hard and besides, for many, life is good. No need to rock the boat.

        I suspect there is still the residue of trust in the media, constantly reinforced because it is omnipresent. The more the critical mind thinks about it, there is very little to be taken at face value – yet it is just easier to do so. This is OK when the state is just talking about more public spending being a ‘way out of recession’, for example; but when it starts openly declaring it’s dislike for whites, people need to shift up a gear. But that trust is a hard old thing to budge.

    • Most people want the authorities to do their thinking for them. It’s so much easier than having to actually think for one’s self.

  25. “Faced with a real crisis, the current regime would collapse in a pile…”

    And trust me, that is our best option at the moment.

    • The scene that comes to mind is the beginning of The Road Warrior where the word’s elite endlessly puzzled over a crisis that they couldn’t solve (and probably caused) and while they did so the framework they ruled over dissolved away.

  26. There is no fixing all of this just so you live your own life firmly rooted in reality. Just watching the shitshow run it’s course which does not have a beginning and an end but a long curving graph line. We are nearing the nadir of that line but it will trend upwards at some point . Stoicism is all I know now.

    • You should attempt to isolate yourself from this rotten culture. Find friends and neighbors who agree with you and stay in touch. Keep away from the degeneracy and idiotic consumerism.

      • You should have figured that I am already doing this. You should meet all my progeny, I am quite proud of them.
        As for degeneracy, sure I avoid that but if you click on a new article or even read Gab or Twitter, there it is in your face.

        Good advice Epamiondas but for anyone frequenting this forum, not needed.

        • I’m now old enough to give anyone advice, whether they want it or not. Age does have some privileges.

    • There’s a lot of ruin in a nation. I’m not sure i buy into a catastrophic cognitive collapse scenario. Compare and contrast the US to south africa. They had 1st world infrastructure before black rule. They still crippling along, against all my expectations, today. I work in a high IQ field and i am continually amazed what stupid ideas these yahoos have. Of course, we have an subversive element commanding the heights. That accounts for alot of the dumb ideas. High IQ just means one can processes information with efficiency. Garbage in, garbage out applies.

  27. Carrol Quigley, who documented the history and attitudes of our ruling class, summed it up this way:
    The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can throw the rascals out at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party, which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies.

  28. The last time American electoral politics offered something other than the binary parties was in 1860. That year, four choices were on offer. We all know how that went.

    With the Vichy Republicans finally looking to Joe Normiecons as a useless dead end, will one half of the party system collapse again?

  29. “In reality, democracy is a mass delusion where the public debates pointless issues and selects from identical options, all in order to avoid facing reality. Say what you will about aristocracy, at least everyone knows who is in charge and who is to blame.”

    The plebians are locked in pointless battles. We fight eachother, getting lost in the brambles, whilst the root of the problem grows. There are two corporations selling us the same product. One has a blue donkey logo, the other one is a red elephant. If there’s a donkey or elephant logo on it, loyal consumers will buy it come hell or high water. You hardly have to market a product at all, its all about brand loyalty. At this point, you can slap a donkey logo on a can of gasoline and call it fruit juice, and brand loyalists will guzzle it down and tell you how great it is.

    However, the problem is more complicated than “Pepsi or Coke?” There are moral narratives behind the corporate competitors, and they have marketed this competition well.

    “If you like Coke, go ahead and drink it. But you aren’t just drinking a sugary treat that will kill you, you are financing an evil corporation that enslaves minority populations and exploits its resources! And I can’t just stand by and let you do that! It is my moral obligation to punch a coke drinker! No, I’ve never even thought about how Pepsi makes its product. I don’t need to apply my analysis consistently. They tell me they are “green” and “free trade” whatever that means. Therefore Pepsi, its good, not evil like Coke!

    What choice is there now but to get rid of the brand all together?

  30. “Faced with a real crisis…” Those are the key words. This garbage is going to continue until it can’t. Then we will find out if there is any remnant in this society that can regenerate itself.

  31. The political system (along with everything else seemingly) is so corrupt, there is no one worth voting for regardless of party affiliation – including 3rd, 4th or 5th. It has to be eliminated for something new and different – whatever that is – to take its place. Here’s hoping for a real(ity) crisis that forces everyone to start dealing with it (reality) in a sober, logical and intelligent fashion as opposed to endless vaporings of our currently structured society.

    • The Seattle CHAZ autonimous zone with its warlord Razz Simone was a portent of things to come.

    • A couple of random signs of the complete corruption of our economic system happened this last week. First, it came out that Cuomo was advanced ~ $3mn for the book he “wrote” last spring. Which works out to something like $70 per actual copy sold. Then it came out that the royal whiners were paid $7mn for giving an interview to Oprah, where they regaled the public with their tales of woe and oppression at the hands of Harry’s racist family.

      Both are examples of blatant agenda pushing political corruption that absolutely no sense as commercial transactions

  32. The last time American politics didn’t offer the binary false choice was 1860. That year, there were four choices. We all know how that worked out.

    With the Vichy Republicans looking to the average Joe Normiecons as a dead end, will they go the way of the Whig Party?

  33. “Instead of dealing with that reality, we choose to have a debate about the passport itself.“

    Its a great point, z. Its a slight of hand. Its a tough thing to accept, that democracy and liberalism, is a scam and always has been. I’ve started to think of democracy as a type of alchemy. We stir in the slime of everyone’s vote, and out comes the philosophers gold, our leaders….

    Same thing to with liberal trade

    • Democracy wasn’t always a scam. It’s modern incarnation traces back to the notion that the ruling elites (monarch and lords) would be better served by making sure that their policies had broad support asking the commoners before trying to implement them, so as to spare everyone unnecessary bloodshed and political insecurity. Ironically, it started as a realist solution to the coordination problem. Today it’s an ideal that inhibits broad coalitions.

      • We had a functioning democracy until the banking and commerce sector decided to effect a takeover back in the 19th century. Representative government has been a sham ever since. When they want cheap labor, they bring them in by the millions. When they need wars of conquest, they draft us by the millions. When they want to inflate their way out of their wildly reckless political spending, they print dollars by the trillions. This will continue until it doesn’t…or until something stops it.

        • Was talking to a friend about this the other day. Imo it’s simple: worship the almighty dollar, be ruled by bankers. Don’t like being ruled by bankers? Worship something else. Problem is that takes willpower, a rare thing these days.

        • We had a functioning democracy—of a sort—until we began to replace the White population with minorities and allowed/encouraged those minorities full participation the political process. As has been studied, there are no functional democracies where the nation IQ is in the low 90’s or below—but that seems to be exactly who we are catering to in our immigration policies.

          • And who wanted these foreigners? It was business that’s who. First they brought women into the workplace to flat line wages, but that wasn’t enough. When they needed more cheap labor they rigged the laws to have them come in.

            To this day the business community is one of the biggest promoters of importing foreigners to replace Americans.

        • Quite so.

          When Rockefeller, Morgan and Carnegie came on the scene and bought a president that’s when Democracy died. Our failure in the DR is our refusal to admit those with money buy influence and own politicians.

          That said, the monied class drove all the wars since the Spanish American war to the current war in Syria. They repeatedly ignored the will of the people on foreign wars, toppling governments, etc.

          It’s the same monied class that tells us to eat crap food, to wallow in vices and mindlessly consume. Now they even promote pot so as to keep us so sedate we’d nap in a burning house. Even worse they used a viral outbreak to destroy hundreds of thousands of small businesses while they made trillions and we got poorer.

      • Drew: Yes, but only up to a point. As Carl Schmidt so wisely observed, notwithstanding the democracy “fig leaf”, there was no mistake about whom was sovereign. The small-scale coordination problem you described was overshadowed by the large-scale sovereignty of the People in Charge. In a crisis, we see the true nature of things.

        • You might be misunderstanding me. My point is simply that the spread of democracy was, in it’s infancy, simply a means for coalition building for the elites. No one was under any illusion about who is in charge. Now, most people believe that “the people” should run things. They believe in the myth of democracy, not it’s reality. Democracy, when used by rulers to ensure they won’t inadvertently foment rebellion is a good and useful, albeit limited, tool. As a practical base of government, it’s useless.

          • My point is simply that the spread of democracy was, in it’s infancy, simply a means for coalition building for the elites

            That was true in Western Europe, but not in the US.

      • Democracy was always a scam, that’s why our Founders set up a constitutional republic. I hate it when people get pedantic about the distinction, but in this case it fits. Letting everyone vote when 1/2 the population is of below average intelligence is not a good idea…

        • A republic is just a democracy without a 4th or higher gear.

          It’s Inevitably going off a cliff, just a bit slower.

  34. The mere fact that the false dichotomies on offer from our political system keep getting dumber and dumber reflects how little our overlords think of us. It’s like we are trapped in a perpetual special olympics where everyone around us is a low-IQ moron who can barely manage to deliver groceries for income and our political system decided that those are precisely the people who they want to pitch their false dichotomies too. So, we are left feeling like this is just so unbelievably stupid that America is truly doomed. One thing that makes me laugh though is that the government is encouraging millions of people to stream across the southern border while at the same time collapsing the economy and taking on huge amounts of debt. Those people streaming across the border don’t seem to realize that they are going to either have to fight a war with China for us or pay astronomical taxes in the future. Either way, they aren’t getting the free lunch they all seem to think they are getting. Unfortunately these people are so dumb that they will not be able to form an effective fighting force against China. And they will gladly live in slums once the economy collapses.

    • They either think little of us or are so freaking stupid they can’t help themselves – probably a combination of both.

      • When you consider that of all the white tribes to settle America prior to the 18th century, only two of them came willingly: the puritans and Quakers. They came to build their ideal societies from scratch in a land that wasn’t tainted with the scourge of hypocritical traditions (i.e. papism). Both Quakers and Puritans were primarily trade class religious affiliations, and they came to dominate the new world’s political order. Consequently, the leadership of America, with some notable exceptions, has been dominated by the type of people who are binary thinkers, hostile to traditional wisdom, and generally unconcerned externalities because that was the founding order. These are the type of people who try to reduce decision-making to a simple analytical framework, and they are still with us and still in charge. Their undying flaws are that they lack the ability to leave things alone and that they have no awareness of the limits of knowledge. Thus, they always feel compelled to do something in response to a crisis, and to do it with such confidence that they never analyze whether they have made a mistake. In short, they always set a course, and never deviate from it.

      • 20 million “Americans” watched a very wealthy, fat black female interview two “royal” grifters on their teevees last weekend.
        America is getting what it deserves.

    • I think the dumbing down of options is a sign of a rapid cognitive collapse. Our rulers are getting increasing stupid. We literally have a dementia patient in control of the nuclear launch codes. I’m old enough to remember when we did not let dementia patients drive cars.

      • I’m reminded of Dennis Miller’s joke on Reagan questioning this old man (early 70’s?) having the nuclear codes. ” My grandfather is that age and we won’t let him have control of the tv remote”.
        Now this.

        • Some Dems suggested it, but nothing came of it. In fairness, there is a process involving multiple people, so Biden can’t accidentally launch the missiles thinking he is making coffee. Still, this should not be a topic in a sane society.

        • Remember the scene in Dead Zone, “put your hand on the scanner or I will cut if off…” . Something like that 🙂

        • I have an acquaintance who spent two tours at the bottom of a concrete silo in Wyoming as the final link in the chain of command. If people knew what the technology is like that actually (hopefully) operates when the key is turned, they would be shocked beyond belief. It is still 1950s vintage and the manual is on microfische.

          • Based and red pilled! Ancient 1950s solid state technology BTFOs Chinese hackers! As an aggression against the modern world we should return all elements of our society to this era.

          • Maybe having them is like having a home security sign on you lawn and windows. Most will assume you have a working system.

          • Jokes on you guys, you keep talking about it like it’s “old and obsolete” but if it wasn’t “old and obsolete” it wouldn’t work at all. Well, assuming it does work anymore, real engineers are too white and pay attention to reality so not very progressive either, they haven’t been hiring them for a long time. Instead Shaniqua is keeping it up and running to demonstrate the holiness of progressivism.

            Technological decline has been ongoing for decades and now it’s getting even steeper, a good example of this is NASA. Egalitarianism and diversity are not very good for competence and improvement.

          • That tech is bullet proof and easy to repair. Plus you are not dependent on IC’s made in China. Plus we have companies with foundries here in the U.S. that still produce a lot of that old tech.

            Even in our military aircraft the electronics are from the 70’s(when they were initially designed). This includes those found in black aircraft. It’s old but it gets the job done. The fact is if you code correctly you don’t need gigabytes of memory and a quad processor to do real world work.

            For example the terrain following computer on of one of our bombers is the equivalent of a 8 MHZ 68000 with 128k of RAM and core memory. Yeah core memory.

            Our space probes are equally retro tech. Why? Because older can handle cosmic ray damage better and you really don’t need crazy processing power(which also consume serious power) The Mars Rovers had a 8080 CPU(which is older than me)

      • I’ve often wondered if it was the case eons ago that licenses were taken away from older people for public safety reasons. It hasn’t been the case for awhile, as I remember riding with my grandpa about eight years ago, in the early stages of dementia for him, and watching him run a red light because he got the gas and brake pedals mixed up. I thought to myself then that there a healthy, functional society ought to require annual driving tests for license renewal once people reach a certain age (say, 65). I guess it’s par for the course that our country is being run by idiots who are declining from their peak.

        • I think driving tests for older people are fair.

          The aging process is something that affects every single human being.

          It is also true that the process affects each individual differently.

          Vehicles are two ton lethal weapons.

          People likely to be negatively affected by the aging process need to be verified safe to drive.

      • “I think the dumbing down of options is a sign of a rapid cognitive collapse.”

        This is true. On the other hand, facts, logic and reason are highly correlated to whiteness. And in this new American future these attributes are not desired or necessary.

        • You do realize that public schools do not teach the basics of Aristotlean logic and how to do inductive and deductive reasoning. Or how to spot elements of propaganda in a person’s speech.

          This is done because the people who developed the education curriculum did not want citizens who were capable of thinking for themselves but worker drones who just knew enough to read the instruction manual and follow orders.

      • Thursday, assuming it actually happens, could be a real eye opener/ laugh-fest to see if gibbering Joe can get through some sort of major speech. I never watch political blathering, but I think I’ll sit down for this one.

      • I don’t mind being ruled by my betters but I expect them to be better than me in some way.

    • It is pretty funny:
      “Quarantine. Socially distance. Shut down the economy. Mask up. We have to stop the virus.”

      At the same time. “Welcome refugees. Open the borders.”

      (It’s not like mass population movements ever spread viruses.)

      • Yes, whoever heard of a native population of people succumbing to diseases brought by foreigners? In north america no less?

    • Never understood why somebody would choose to come to Canada these days except the “top” educated and managerial classes…

      But we have hordes of 3rd worlders pouring in (legally!) who are going to be debt slaves for life. They will lose their traditional values and then complain that Canada has no culture. Their daughters will become whores and sons will think being like Drake and dealing drugs are the highest aspirations. In exchange they get cleaner, nicer living conditions and more stuff (sail foams, mer-say-deez). I’d take the agrarian poverty of my ancestors over this.

      I’ve realized that they are just low agency people, and will think whatever they are told to by the ruling class. Society will badly degrade because these people are best at a) rapping b) selling drugs or c) delivering food via Uber. But so far the ruling class doesn’t care, or knows this and it makes them happy.

      • They care doubly less than a white Canadian, on account of the fact they have no connection to the lands. It is just one giant teat to be milked. Your point on the children of such immigrants is an interesting one; certainly I see many 20-30 year old immigrant children going woke, no doubt. I don’t think any of them care about tradition in the slightest. Not the traditions of Canada, not the traditions of Bangladesh &c. They are also alarmingly stupid, you just cannot maintain a country like this.

      • “I’d take the agrarian poverty of my ancestors over this.”

        Easy to say from the comfort of our modern lives.
        This most certainly should not be the choice. It should not be clownworld vs poverty.

        We’re never paying this money back. This debt will all be repudiated.
        When the teat runs dry, a lot of them will go home. So there’s that, at least.

        • Don’t mistake tight cash flow for lack of net worth. I own a farm worth a couple hundred thousand, and am the poorest person on my rural road. Cash flow is tight because of operational expenses, but my net worth is pretty significant. As a general rule, people who own productive things don’t spend much on consumption, but that’s because they spend their money on production. In essence, they trade comfort for fulfilment, and that’s not nothing.

          • Owning productive assets is a good thing, but the value of your farm is in direct relationship to the food it can produce and at what cost. The sky-high price of farmland is artificial, just like the McMansions littering the EXCELLENT former farmlands of the areas around metropolitan areas. What they ultimately will be worth is anyone’s guess.

      • There are two reasons to come to Canada: (1) for the purpose of money laundering — see, for example, all economic activity since 2000 in Vancouver BC or (2) for welfare.

        Unfortunately for the US we get your managerial class. The lily pad immigrant that has jumped from Hong Kong, New Dehli and Tehran to Toronto and then to the US. The sons and daughters of Canadian immigrants in the 80s and 90s always end up in the US in graduate school. And they stay here for the UMC jobs and money. The immigrants stay in Canada, as you say, are the drug dealers and delivery food drivers. The NAFTA treaty has created a 5th column of Canadian immigrants here on TN visas. They did not much care for Canada and they don’t like the US either.

        • Yeah they usually hop the border to the racist, white supremacist USA as soon as they can.

          The pattern is usually: they blow smoke up the cuck white Canadians ass about how great and tolerant Canada is and then dip immediately once they get the chance.

          Of course most end up not being able to go. And that’s where I question the idea to come here. They do get alot of welfare but they are still hollowed out shells devoid of their history and culture. And there is no update mobility here anymore. I guess they don’t really care and prefer the gibs.

          • Problem I have, the way immigration works now is that the arrival never really integrates (and how could they if they are different from the heritage peoples) and thus always feels like an alienated outsider (even the child of the immigrant born in the new country) and thus seeks to change the politics of the country to accommodate their situation. And so the system breaks.

            Democracy as it exists now in the US (and maybe your country too) is a sham.

          • Exactly. And as “diversity” increases they are more and more likely to have only foreign classmates… The white population is shrinking numerically now while foreign born skyrockets. In many schools there are actually just no white kids.

            Their solutions to feeling more at home always invariable end up being more or less “more of their own kind” in the country. Of course by then they are foreign to both Canadian whites and people from ‘back home’.

            The actual solution would be to “assimilate” them inside a white supermajority – but that ship sailed long ago.

        • The only place I have been to in Canada is the Vancouver area and I haven’t been back in over 10 years. Even then it was striking to see how Vancouver was becoming Asia west.

          The difference between the whites and Asians was very striking. The whites still had that easy going, friendly demeanor that I enjoyed. The Chinese all had that stern and stressed Chinese look of “I have to work hard and save money so I can buy more real estate.”

          It was clear that the white real Canadians were simply deer in the Chinese headlights.

          • Vancouver has been hit with two big waves. First were the folk from Hong Kong leaving prior to handover back to China in 1997. These first generation immigrants were middle class. Their kids are the ones I often ran into in the US (lawyer, professor, scientist) starting in 2000s. These immigrants expose a fault line between normie con and dissident right. Normie con likes them because they make money and pay taxes, contribute financially to the country etc. But they also compete for UMC jobs with natives, buy property and compete for political power. I side with dissidents here; what they cost is not worth what they contribute .

            Second big wave is rich Chinese from mainland seeking a place to hide money away from CCP. These guys (from my experience) are rich and tend to maintain work connections back to China. Residency in Vancouver is a store of value and back up plan in case things go bad in the homeland, but China is where they continue to work (running businesses) and earn money. They are killing the property market for natives in BC but complete less with natives for jobs in Canada and US. I don’t know where the children of these immigrants are going at this point (US/Canada vs China).

      • What is the Canada’s white population by percentage? Do you recommend any of the cities? Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver are probably all majority minority.

      • My mother came from Eastern Poland from such a background and life was more brutal than you can imagine. Your house would have a dirt floor, the walls made out of sod. The lights were provided by candle and oil lamps. The food you grew was the food that would sustain your family throughout the year. If you f**ked up you starved to death.
        Retirement if you were lucky was dying in bed otherwise you ended up dead in the field.

        The only thing that made it work was that families stuck together, It was common to have grand parents, parents, their children and even adult siblings living under one roof. Your aunts and uncles and their SO’s would also be living in the same village or a town that was nearby. This extended social network helped people to survive.

        White Americans being mostly anti-social bozos can’t do that. They throw their kids out at 18 after 12 years of being educated by strangers who teach them nothing; throw their grand parents in a LTC and then ignore them until they die. They hate their extended family members. There are exceptions but they are getting fewer as modernity poisons what remains.

    • “Those people streaming across the border don’t seem to realize that they are going to either have to fight a war with China for us or pay astronomical taxes in the future.”

      No. They aren’t streaming across the border to fight a war against China. The illegals and the refugees and the H1Bs — all of them — are here to destroy you. Heritage americans need to understand that they won’t be a neutral party in this fight. You are the target. They are the soldiers. And the usual suspects are leading them in this endeavor.

      • My response to that line was going to be “Locusts don’t contribute, they only consume.”

    • More to the direct point, it is the people who are getting dumber and TPTB are recognizing it and pandering to it. First, we have evidence that the Flynn effect has plateaued. Everyone is getting stupider.

      Second, within the last three generations, we have taken the White population down from 90% to 60% of the American population, while replacing that population with 90 IQ minorities. Compare the achievement levels in any inner city school system (majority minority) with any suburban White school system. This is reflective of what the entire economic system of the country is experiencing—and I’ve not even delved into the behavioral proclivities of our new minorities.

      What we are witnessing is the theory of the “critical fraction” being demonstrated/proven in our lifetime. We no longer have the human capital to maintain a first world technological, democratic society. The only question now is how far we will sink before bottoming out.

      • TPTB aren’t reacting to it, they caused it. They brought in hordes of low IQ immigrants starting in 1965, and they have intentionally dumbed-down education.

        • No disagreement, however wrt “dumbed down” schools, that goes hand in hand with dumber students. We can’t afford PC-wise to have standards that would reveal unequivocally the disparity of our new minority population and the old White population of yesteryear. Since equality of the races is a false belief and we can’t bring those students to White levels, we must bring White students down to the minority levels to mask the discrepancy and keep the lie alive. Still seems to work with at least half the population of Whites.

          • Don’t blame everything on the Orcs.

            You do realize TPTB hates a educated lower class because they are a threat so they worked hard to make sure the lower classes stayed ignorant. They reduced PE to produce laborers who knew just enough to read the instruction manual and obedient enough to follow orders.

            Why do you think basic Aristotlean logic was not taught nor various forms of critical thinking. Let alone aspects of General Semantics so as to teach kids how to detect manipulation.

            Of course there are other elements at play like mainstreaming retards and doing away with the track system(upper middle class white parents hated that) didn’t help either.

            For example Bill Gates helped give us “Common Core” which is a abject disaster and now anti-racist Math.

            Gates wants to destroy education period.

    • On the local TV today in celebration of women’s month I observed a bunch of women smiling on camera about the refugee program that occupies most of their time. Bringing in third world brown people to get on our welfare programs is their life long pursuit.
      The progressive era and all its eglatarinism must end before our civilization can right itself.
      We are living in its twilight years, I just wish the sun would hurry up and go down on this era.

      • men in the middle ages discriminated against women for doing far less evil than what they’re doing right now, in fact they could not even imagine women reaching such low levels.

        • It’s almost if all those patriarchal societies in history obsessed with virgin brides and unclean women knew a thing or two.

          • Some divorced Gen Xer men will readily admit they were duped… They were brought up being told love conquers all and that women like nice guys.

            Anyways. I would fully support Islamic – style sharia law for women. It protects women too. Sometimes those who “unlock” the keys to getting laid are the ones who see things most clearly – at least for me it just made me realize unironically that we need Sharia. (Or the Christian equivalent but good look finding a church saying that, these days).

        • All those weird historical customs I sneered at in my youth are making a lot more sense to me. Like witch burnings and Inquisitions.

          • Careful, the Covid cultists are chomping at the bit to burn Beer Flu deniers and vax refusers at the stake.

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