Religion in a liberal democracy is a funny thing, in that most everyone is sure they understand what it is, but few people recognize it all around them. The people who think of themselves as religious in the conventional sense think they live in a fallen world where most have abandoned their faith. On the other hand, those who are sure they have advanced beyond the primitive need for religion are sure society is full of religious fanatics, except in their social circles of course.

The reality is religion in liberal democracy is nothing like this. The people in charge of society are closer to fanatics on the belief scale, while the people embracing traditional religion are somewhere in the middle of the scale. Christianity no longer draws the fanatic like it used to. Instead, the fanatics are drawn to the secular faiths like the various forms of environmentalism or biological denialism. As a result, the managerial class functions more like a theocracy than a bureaucracy.

You see this in the Megan Markle – Prince Harry drama that has been foisted on us by the media -entertainment complex this week. There is no reason for Americans to care much about this story. Markle is an American, so the tabloids have a reason to cover her, as the Cinderella story still sells to women, especially feminist women. On the other hand, she is boring, and her prince is the booby prize of the family. There was never a lot to sell here on the fairytale front with Megan Merkle.

That was until she played the religion card. Megan Markle is an octoroon, apparently, so she gets to carry on as an oppressed woman of color, despite coming from a rich family and marrying into the British royal family. In the new American religion, all blacks, no matter how fortunate, are noble oppressed people. The big interview that set this drama in motion was conducted by Oprah Winfrey, a woman worth over a billion dollars, who regularly claims to be the victim of racism.

The absurdity of the premise should be enough to get the story laughed off the stage, but in our modern theatrocracy, facts are not important. What matter is how much the story stimulates the moral outrage of the true believers in the audience. Because the heroine ticks the right boxes and her nemesis ticks all of the right boxes, this story is To Kill A Mockingbird for our true believers. The audience is divided into those who support Markle, the good people, and those who doubt her.

This is not just an American thing. The great export of the American empire is the effluvia of Progressive cultural norms. This has settled on the Western world like a noxious fog, causing them to ape the moral preening of Americans. As a result, the Brits are having the same drama over this ridiculous woman and her claims to special status as a member of the oppressed. The odious carbuncle, Piers Morgan, has gotten himself in trouble for taking the wrong side on this.

Morgan is a vulgar carny with the IQ of a hamster, but he is well above average at getting attention. This is why he has had a long television career in two countries, despite being famously stupid. Success in theatrocracy is about getting the audience to focus on you as the center of the moral conflict, but only outraging the worst elements of the audience, so you get some sympathy from the rest. You see that here with the reaction to Morgan casting doubt on Markle tale of woe.

That Variety piece underscores the religious fanaticism at work. According to the story, 41,000 people complained to the official censor about Morgan. His crime was to doubt the story of the sacred black woman. For these people, and most people in Britain probably, not completely trusting a black person is no different than questioning the divinity of Christ in the medieval times. On its face it is a sin against the people and their faith, and the sinner must be sent to the tower, no questions asked.

Morgan is professional carny trash, so he no doubt plotted this whole thing as a way to get attention, but the fact that it works is what matters. The English speaking world has now descended to the point where the managerial class is animated by the worship of nonwhites, in the same way primitives would deify a shaman. The mere presence of well-behaved blacks is enough to cause orgiastic paroxysms among the beautiful people and those who emulate them in the lower classes.

American blacks, of course, are an ideal god for these people. No matter how wonderful the life of a black person, they are always complaining. American blacks are the most bitter and ungrateful people to ever walk the planet. Megan Markle is the full expression of that ungratefulness. She has lived the very definition of the charmed life, but she is a vinegar drinking shrew, living to make those around her miserable. She is the ideal black goddess for a people riddled with self-loathing.

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152 thoughts on “Theatrocracy

  1. One of these days a pundit will eschew the weaselly word “religion” and simply write “Christianity” when that is what they mean, and I’ll keel over from the shock of it.

  2. The negro worship is insane but they aren’t the problem. During Jim Crow, we lived reasonably peacefully with blacks. Their lives were more functional. They had real communities where they owned their own businesses and raised children in two parent households.

    Enter the tribe. They are the ones who pushed the policies that destroyed this harmony. They are the ones who convinced a dimwitted but narcissistic race that they would be kangz if it only wasn’t for whites and their racism. The tribe is the group that 24/7 stokes this delusion. The tribe coined the term racism. The tribe took the lead in convincing whites that to have status they had to hate bad whites and seek to destroy white societies.

    The people at the top are not insane. They are using the time tested strategy of pitting groups against each other while the elite amasses more power and riches.

    • Why do people do this?? Just because the Tribe is a bigger problem does Not mean blacks are not still a huge problem in there own right..

      • Simple. You can’t expect more from blacks. They are like children. If children are acting up and unruly, the fault lies with the parent even though you may need to discipline the kids.

        The big man of rawanda gets this. He has a zero tolerance policy towards black disfunction including the baggy pants hanging to their knees. Unless something has changed in the past few years Rawanda is more functional than most of the African Wakandas.

        The tribe knows this thus their policies to undermine the strict boundaries blacks need

    • From what I heard, civil rights and change in immigration in the 60s was mostly a J*w thing….Hard to argue with your points. Which makes people like Jared Taylor, a bit of a problem, no?

  3. Polls show the British people do not support sparkle and thats before the Royal family starts to fight back, my money is on Liz and Phil the greek.

    • The English do not appreciate uppity groids criticising the Queen.
      We can do that ourselves.
      Sparkle needs to get back to whoring and porno films and keep her gob shut – except when munching on a tool.

  4. American blacks are like my kids in the following way. On a road trip, the closer we get to Disneyland, the more frequent the ‘are we there yet?’ The more coddled blacks are, the more frequent the ‘more gibs!’

  5. Does Oprah ever sit up at night and ponder what her life might have been like if her ancestors had remained in the motherland?

    • She knows she is better off than if she was in the motherland because she hasn’t moved there. All the immigration between Africa and white countries is a one way street.

      What I don’t know is how much of that hypocrisy is something she can acknowledge in the dead of night. My guess is none.

  6. Vox Day correctly points out that Meghan’s disease is nothing but pure envy. She knows she will never truly be a Princess, an English rose, in the same way that a tranny knows he will never be a real woman.

    That’s why they use the media to beat the narrative into your head, so they can feel validated.

    • Blacks have such egos she probably thinks she should be queen and is frustrated she had to settle for princess

  7. “Oprah Winfrey, a woman worth over a billion dollars, who regularly claims to be the victim of racism.”

    Does anyone remember the Oprah “Swiss Handbag Store” racism scandal in 2013? She claimed she was denied a particular $38,000 handbag because the saleswomen said it was too expensive. I lived in Zurich for over 10 years and was there when this occurred. My wife and I know the store very well – Trois Pomme on Storchengasse as we would walk the city every night and look in the shop windows. The story is absolutely false as they left out one crucial tidbit about the store. The doors are locked and you need to be “buzzed in” – very common in Zurich. If they want to discriminate, for any reason, they just don’t let you in. The fact that she was in the store is proof of total BS from Oprah.

    We tried to contact some of the news outlets once we read the story to enlighten them on the missing truth. No one cared as it didn’t support the racist narrative.

    • Well, they could have done both. Let her in the store, and tell her the bag is too expensive. I like to believe the story is true if only to be able to salute a people who have no clue who Oprah Winfrey is.

  8. Yes, Markle looks like an octoroon, if she has even that much black blood. But her father looks like a typical American black and her mother is white. So, she’s really half, not eighth, if those are really her parents. But are they? They don’t look like it. And how about her baby? 1/4 black? Doesn’t look like it, at least so far. Whole thing is really weird.

  9. effluvia – A highly underrated word.

    She may be an octoroon, but the whites of the 1700’s were right, even one drop of African blood makes them niggers, And she’s just a fucking nigger. Charles should say, “you know what? He’s not even my son. He’s James Hewitt’s son.”

  10. Zman, just one tiny correction… Markle was never rich, but she was around people materially better off than herself, thanks to a very generous father. He indulged her to the tune of spending his last dime on her education and upbringing, as best he could. The mother was absent (don’t ask) during much of iMarkle’s upbringing, but imparted street smarts in the princess. She reappears on Markle’s arm during the preparatory stalking phase, when Markle began laying down the CV for Harry, mimicking Angelina Jolie and Diana, with various short term charity circuit stints. The mark was well-studied, and mommy issues were the MO. Unfortunately Dad was the wrong color for the intended narrative so he was left behind wondering why his little Frankenstein deserted him.

    Harry is also damaged goods. Always at his mother’s side, he was witness to her undermining Charles for sport and spite. (No comment.) Diana, sacred goddess, was also a canny player, but she did have respect for tradition.

    The UK is worn out with their freeloading and especially their cartoon-worthy trolling of the royal press corps, daring them to call her out for toying with them. An entire cottage industry sprung up in its place covering their bizarre antics.

    They may have the money-making titles yanked, but either way, they’re more ungrateful than the Obamas and Oprah combined, and determined to lead the Rich Revolution on the People Who Made Their Lifestyle Possible. They’re America’s entitled welfare queens now!

    • Did you see the tweet that had a photo comparing the eerie similarity between four of iMarkle’s outfits and Princess Di’s?

      Seriously creepy, and it seems to have worked perfectly for iMarkle’s purposes.

    • The “Windsors” are the nouveau riche carny folk compared to the Spencers, otherwise, spot on.

        • I saw a documentary a while back where someone tracked down a family in Australia who were proven to be legitimate Plantagenet descendants. The father was aware but had zero interest in making a claim. One has to wonder how much different England would be today if Richard III had won at Bosworth. Would there have been a Cromwell?

          • It might have made a difference, simply because Henry VIII only broke with the Catholic faith because he was refused an annulment (not a “divorce”). A Catholic England changes the whole trajectory of Western history.

        • Oh to have Longshanks stalking the world stage.
          We certainly wouldn’t have a tribe problem.

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  12. “ American blacks, of course, are an ideal god for these people. No matter how wonderful the life of a black person, they are always complaining. American blacks are the most bitter and ungrateful people to ever walk the planet. ”

    Throughout my long life, I never had any particular dislike of blacks. I grew up in proximity to them and understood from a young age that they presented a certain degree of danger. But over the past couple of decades, I’ve learned to dislike them and avoid any interaction.

    Their collective behavior has really accomplished something, turning a rather neutral person, into one with a very strong opinion. And whoever thinks that placing blacks in every conceivable advertisement will sell products, those people are insane.

    • When I was in my late teens, I lived right next to the black area. The thing that puzzled me was the boarded up houses in the black area. Why weren’t they being rented out? I think the reason is that, in order to collect rent from blacks, you’d have to be a gangster or have good connections so that you could use force.

      More recently (40 years later), I was thinking of buying another motel, or maybe an apartment house after selling my first motel. I found some real bargain sounding places, but a closer look (using city-data to get demographics) and google earth (to count collapsed roofs in the area) – revealed that rental properties in black areas are incredibly cheap.

      I think that method of searching for rental properties is very educational for teaching what is wrong with blacks, on average. They will not allow law enforcement to function in their areas, so they just can’t have nice things, nor can anyone else near them. Most are nice enough people, but any group of people that cannot use social pressure to restrain the haters and criminals among them is unfit for civil society – sorry.

  13. Meghan Markle is the epitome of the modern black woman, with a gigantic chip on her shoulder even though she has lived a charmed life devoid of achievement. She was also likely a “yacht girl” (high-class famous prostitute like Lindsey Lohan who were the playthings of Saudi princes and other megawealthy degenerates) and there are rumors that Harry’s uncle Andrew was tapping it before Meghan started dating the wayward prince.

    It seems like the House Windsor always has one idiot, such as Edward or Harry. Meghan is definitely the Wallis Simpson type and even wore a similar dress to her during the interview. Seeing pictures of her wearing Diana-like outfits is also disturbing.

    I’d imagine she has some weird sexual control over the weak prince.

    My wife was highly fascinated by all of this, but I told her I was heavily disappointed that the Queen’s response was “but, we’re not racissss…honest!” It fits with the fact that the UK is being colonized by the people who it once ruled and will be a minority white nation in our lifetimes.

    • “But we’re not racist, honest!” has to be stricken from our tongue. When the default response becomes, “I support my people first, go piss up a rope if you don’t like it,” then we’ll have made some progress. That day, however, is beyond the horizon.

      • I think everyone is more comfortable with those who are similar – thus racist. Evolutionary adaptation surely would have removed those who were too accepting of foreigners moving in. If evolution didn’t weed out such idiots very thoroughly, it is useless.

        And you can’t overcome your biases without first admitting them. Racism will plague us until the scolds who have weaponized it are ashamed of the vast stupidity they push.

        A seldom stated fact is that the (D)irtbags main reason for wanting more Mexicans is to replace the blacks.

        • God help me, but I just watched a bit of the kerfuffle between Morgan and the mystery meat weatherman. Morgan’s body language is deferential, while the demi-jogger is constantly leaning forward aggressively. The absolute nadir is when the mulatto claimed that he knew Piers wasn’t really a racist and Morgan just lapped it up, going to far as to say he’d “love it!” if his son married a groid.

  14. “Christianity no longer draws the fanatic like it used to.”

    Modern Christianity does witch hunts against its own fanatics. True love casts out Bible literalists, excuse me, fear.

  15. I’m rather tuned out of the pop “culture,” so perhaps somebody could wise me up on Markel’s remarks. I assume she claims white Christians are oppressing her in some way.

    At any rate, Hutu-adoration is very real and grows worse every day. In the world of sports, the University of Iowa’s Athletics Director just issued an apology to the family of former Iowa basketball great Roy Marble. That family claimed to be “hurt” (What else?) because the university elected to retire the number of Luka Garza, who is, without question the greatest player in the history of that program. Needless to say, Marble was black and Garza is white.

    No matter how idiotic a negro’s claim to “harm,” the Power Structure’s Hutuphiles stumble over themselves to kiss his booboo, which also happens, invariably, to be located on his enormous bootie. This Uncle Caleb behavior becomes ever more unctuous to the extent that a negro is “harmed” in relation to praise of a peckerwood. I wouldn’t be surprised if Marble’s number is now retired, too, even though, objectively speaking, he wasn’t near the player Garza is.

    If you can’t see “America” is now a black supremacist state…well…I don’t even want to say.

  16. at what point does this end? Like maybe the narcissism we are seeing is the tip of the iceberg? How long before this kind of thinking starts seeping into more important things like HVAC, Engineering or Aviation?

    In the 1950s, it wasn’t uncommon to have 5-10 fatal air crashes a year. What’s to say this doesn’t start happening again? Or what if events like the 1981 Hyatt collapse in KC start happening more? I feel like we are in the great regression.

    • Only a bit tongue in cheek, here…

      Make the bitches of HR subject to execution if one of their mascot hires can be traced as the epicenter of such a catastrophe. And then extend that penalty to the ones who signed off on the hiring and empowerment of said bitches, and thence on up the chain. This would make it unmistakably clear that PERSONNEL IS POLICY, and that a lack of seriousness here is when the rot begins, is subsequently enhanced, and ultimately brings any joint endeavor to ruin.

      • I’m convinced that attention to detail is the only thing that has separated the West, and to a lesser extent parts of Asia, from the rest of humanity.

        • And it’s white liberals who pay the most attention to detail, like it or not. Especially queers. White conservatives pay less attention to detail, and then white trash could have rusty truck frames and junk strewn all over their yards.

          I’ve always said that white , Anglo / Germanic libs are what drove white innovation and progress in previous generations. Today they’ve gone nuts and have stopped reproducing much over the past century.

  17. A: There’s absolutely no reason any normal person should pay any attention to the doings of any member or adjunct of the British royal family.

    B: ” . . .Oprah Winfrey, a woman worth over a billion dollars, who regularly claims to be the victim of racism. . . .” Typical Yankee thinking. Money is the measure of everything.

    C. “The English speaking world has now descended to the point where the managerial class is animated by the worship of nonwhites . . . .” No, it pays zero attention to native Americans, Karens, Hmongs, Samis, etc. It is only concerned with American blacks, and that is because the managerial class believes that the blacks can be brain-washed en masse into voting for a certain party and thus be the extra weight on the scales of democracy.

  18. A New Tomorrow (cont)
    From the shadows, only from the shadows.

    The American Stasi, & its Jackboot enforcers, are well equipped to fight & squash any identifiable target. Individuals get droned, teams get SWATed, & anything larger gets the tsunami treatment. What’s the common denominator? You must be identified as a target first. Yes, they have vast resources for intel gathering and targeting, but finding a needle in a haystack in harder than you think when nearly everybody, everywhere hates their guts. As such, everyone starts to look like a target, so be everyone and no one.

    • In the same vein, find myself using the old term “weaned-on-a-pickle” more and more often these days.

  19. The old gods, the first ones, were all Chthonic. Your sacrifices never curried favor with them, they only served to make them go away for a while. You were only ever focused on avoiding catastrophe, usually at the cost of a human sacrifice.

  20. The title says it all: Theatrocracy. I never believed anything about these two – that he willingly chose her (I’ve seen pics of his former girlfriends), that they like each other, that she had a baby, that the crew who showed up to make spectacles of themselves at the wedding were actual relatives. It’s all just another ‘in your face’ to Whitey. The only question is who’s calling the shots.

  21. It’s completely ridiculous for a person that’s 7/8th white and 1/8 black to be whining about oppression.

    Gotta gab onto that privilege wherever you can, I guess.

  22. When I first heard that Prince Harry was marrying “That Merkle woman” my first thought was; Dear God no! This can’t be happening. Once it became clear that “Miss Markle” was a second rate American actress of mixed race and a divorcee to boot, like most people I heaved a sigh of relief on Harry’s behalf and promptly forgot all about it. With the benefit of hindsight he may have been better off with the German Chancellor after all.

  23. The Black community needs well-behaved Blacks. The White Community needs a White Community. Total separation accomplish this.

  24. We should make some coin by creating our own cuck league for our fellow whites.
    LeBron James, Colin Kapernick could be our headliners.
    Megan Markle could be the cheerleader.
    The cuck western white would pay good coin to see this league.

  25. “Christianity no longer draws the fanatic like it used to. Instead, the fanatics are drawn to the secular faiths like the various forms of environmentalism or biological denialism.”

    luckily, this filthy secular religion does not get much traction despite mass media’s best efforts.

    still, this does not mean whites are are at a stage right now where they’re rational enough to support removing subspecies from white countries.

    • Eh, the flu hypochondria/mass forced vaccination fanatics seem to be doing just fine these days.

  26. If you were an Amren reader about fifteen-twenty years ago, you may remember Elizabeth Wright, a cantankerous little black woman who Jared Taylor used to occasionally quote favorably. I found an old statement of hers (from 2008) that, although a bit long, deserves to be posted here in full. It’s right up there with Dalrymple’s assertion about communism, and shows why the Goodwhites who helped lead us to this hell cannot admit they were wrong or change tact:

    It’s not about “social justice,” it’s about power. It’s not about doing what’s morally right for the underdog, it’s about power.

    Wherever two or more groups live in proximity to one another, the men are going to jockey and compete for power. The bunch on the bottom of the social-economic ladder will seek ways to usurp power from those at the top. The prevailing conditions will be unique in every instance, but it’s still the same old story.

    The less powerful men will work at devising whatever tools or methods they can, to defeat the dominant men, who usually are the ones with greater weaponry and manpower. For the black man in this country, it was unrealistic to think he could succeed against his opponents’ armaments, so other means had to be found. Beginning with a little help from his white Abolitionist friends, continuing onward with the help of his white Communist friends, and carried forward with the help of his white liberal friends, race, and the endless ramifications that could be derived from his degraded past history, became the weapon of choice.

    The pose of anger and indignation over past humiliations must be nurtured, since this has proven to be the most effective club in the black man’s arsenal. Whites, who have all but given away the store to blacks, in terms of the abandonment of constitutional principles, required nothing more than the threat of public disorder and mayhem. That blacks should be appeased, by granting the never-ending demands of their elites, was hardly questioned by the establishment whites.

    Once appeasement became the norm (a Federal holiday for a preacher?), the die was cast for the future. Those whites and blacks who protested many of the strategies of the civil rights movement, because they understood where it was leading, were marginalized, and are still exiled to the fringes of decent society.

    The initial reaction of blacks to Barack Obama, who seemed to come from nowhere, was a sense that power was being taken from the hands of “real” American blacks, those who could count many generations of black grandfathers and great grandfathers born here in the States. How could they bring themselves to support a semi-foreigner of dubious antecedents?

    This visceral objection did not last long, however, as black men quickly realized the benefits that can accrue from the presence of a black in the White House, who owes his very station in life primarily to his racial group. It dawned on them that no matter which black man got there first, it will not only mean power over Whitey, but ownership of the most prestigious base from which to expand that power. How can it get any better than that?

    Deborah Mathis, writing on BlackAmericaWeb, speaks for many blacks, when she obliquely references those “eyes on the prize.” She can hardly control her exuberance at the prospect of a black becoming “the most powerful being on the entire planet,” and declares, “This is the prize.”

    Obama’s “Great Speech” makes it clear that if he wins the Presidency, he will encourage blacks to continue wielding the same weapon of power that has served them so well, that is, the victim’s call for “social justice” and an “end to racism.” Because the nation’s institutions, for decades, have complied with the race game as established by blacks and their political compatriots, white men have nowhere to go — except to continue the pretense that the conflict with black men is a moral issue, not one of power. It’s embarrassing to admit that you’ve been complicit in your own dispossession.

    • Excellent post. Whites have indeed given away the store to Blacks. Perhaps the giving away of a few stores could even be justiifed as compensation for unquestionable past maltreatments. But the problem remains that the Blacks will be unable to run the store themselves. Indeed, the biggest “stores” (various African countries) slipped greatly in quality of life for everyone, save the ruling elites, after Europeans stepped down. In our own country, there are few, if any, examples of majority-Black cities or towns that have anything resembling White quality of living. In very realistic terms, the actual store, now under new melanic management, is all too often mismanaged, either through simple lack of knowledge, or pilfered, or subject to pilferage, armed robbery, looting and perhaps ultiamtely arson or just left to decay, a vacant derelict property. This describes large swathes of older US cities since the mid-20th century.

      I speak just as a race realist, or plain old “racist” if you prefer. I don’t know how bad things will get, whether non-Blacks will contineu to appease and retreat. But, based upon all evidence I’ve ever seen, the Negroid race will bring ruin upon itself in nearly all cases, and left to its own devices, doensn’t seem capable of a level of existence much about the Neolithic.

      • We all know where the Negriod race must inevitably head when left to its own devices in a 1st world society. What we don’t know is where a societal mixture of Negroid and other races will descend to. I suspect it won’t be pretty. Still following SA for such results.

        • “What we don’t know is where a societal mixture of Negroid and other races will descend to. I suspect it won’t be pretty. Still following SA for such results.”

          To be honest if not for international liberalism I’d say afrikaans would do just fine. If the whites living there start asserting themselves they would immediately get reprimanded by the international woke arbiter.

    • I guess that pretty much sums up our situation with the joggers. Every damn one living in this (former) country should be thanking the lord god almighty their ancestors were shipped over back in the day. Instead, no matter how much they have, no matter how successful or how much Whites collectively kiss their asses, it’ll never be enough – not until next they irrevocably wield the masa’s whip.

    • Eight paragraphs and not a single mention of that ‘other’ tribe of men strapping a rocket to the grievance mentality of blacks. I’d expect no less from someone Jared Taylor quotes because he avoids the JQ at all possible cost. Though the abolitionists and various other shitlib whites through history are certainly players there is a power player that goes unnamed. How can you defeat an enemy you cannot even name? Amren will straight up delete your post for touching the 3rd rail, they are just a hair above civ-nattery in their ‘race realism’. It is only in very recent times that you can talk about Juice there and be very careful how you broach it or the post will still get memory-holed.

      People who cannot name a thing cannot defeat a thing. Full stop.

      • She could have added “Jewish” to “communist” but that would have been as prolix as the phrase “young baby.”

  27. To be honest, the only time I wish to hear about the cretinous Pierced Organ is when I am informed that his home was accidentally strafed with a GAU-8. Some cause for happiness that would be.

    The female members of my family were all over the interview yesterday. Usually I chime in with my part, but even talking about it is wasted time. Even writing this line is a waste of time. Come to think of it, the only time I want to hear about Markle is when I am informed that her home was accidentally strafed with a GAU-8.

  28. In the highly diverse city in which I live, there are thousands of shootings, carjackings, and murders every year. Almost exclusively perpetrated by one particular group of Noble Victims of Oppression. The media presents a narrative that these Noble Victims are being represented by Democrats and BLM, i.e. these guys are being given a voice by current political events. So, now we here about how this oppressed carjacking murderer is really just acting out his oppression as a victim not a criminal. And so he should get a vaccine shot before everyone else and reparations, or at least a stimulus check. But here is the thing: Johndrell, Michaelious, and DeWayne are not actually paying attention to the political narratives at all. They never have. They can barely read, never watch cable news, and hardly ever had a job. Their average age is 27. In short, the idea that the left is speaking for these guys and finally voicing their concerns and aspirations is a lie that is propped up by the fact that our friends Johndrell, DeWayne, and Michaelious are stoned all day, committing felonies all night, and basically just unavailable for comment. So the media and the left can put whatever words they want into these guys mouths. Regardless, these guys are the farthest thing from being victims imaginable. They have just been taught this shuck and jive that whenever they talk to to white women they should act like oppressed victims. It works but anyone who has spent any time at all among the highly diverse knows that they know that all of this is just an act that is designed to extort things from white people. The only way to stop the whole charade is to stop being extorted. Just stop playing along with the race card. You are not the oppressor. You don’t have to play that narrative role. And they are not oppressed. They are violent criminals being used to terrorize and extort you with a mass crime wave.

    • Indeed. Many crime lovin’ jiggs just don’t care – why would they? They do the crime and then maybe do a grift on YT if they’ve got time. The whole political theater is dedicated to appeasing white liberal guilt mainly displayed by: white liberal women, white liberal men and an assortment of educated coloured people, for whom this is ‘sticking it to YT’.

      Much like the Climate Change Hysteria, which as Tim Newman said many times was ‘just a hobby for middle class white women’ (paraphrase).

    • Johndrell, Michaelious, and DeWayne

      I love learning about new exotic names. I imagine a 60 IQ oppressed woman overhearing a real name somewhere and then using it in a creative new way on her offspring. Later an 80 IQ oppressed woman on TV explains to ignorant white rednecks how the new name is really of ancient African origin.

      • I think it was in Freakonomics that I first became acquainted with Shitavious and Shithead, the latter pronounced shuh-TEED.

        • I believe it was. I recall be astonished when I first read it.

          I would not even be mildly surprised today.

      • In the late ’60s, when whites bowing to blacks expanded out of Greenwich Village and into the mainstream, Life magazine had a cover story on some “great” civilization in sub-Saharan Africa. I forget where it was … probably a very localized area of the continent.

        The story was lengthy for a popular magazine and handsomely art directed. Photographs of artifacts and I believe hand-drawn illustrations showed the wonders of the (half-fantasy?) past. In your face, white bigots!

        Intrigued, I read the article and studied the photos. Something seemed to be missing. What was supposed to be so impressive about a people whose talents appeared to consist mainly of pottery, basket weaving, and building structures out of dirt?

        Native Africans were doubtlessly exploited by the colonial powers, but without colonialism bringing some material progress their sub-85 IQs would still be spent on stringing beads and tom-tom orchestras.

    • And don’t forget… they are enjoying this new found permission from good whites to assault bad whites.

      I saw some footage of a clearly awkward and disturbed young white high schooler that wore a german uniform to school. A black student aped out on him and beat him badly. All approved by the administration. I doubt the black kid could spell fascist but he knew the white kid has made himself fair game for an approved beating.

      That was prior to the 2020 summer of love. Now it takes far less for the good whites to okay their pets to assault you. Stay frosty.

    • During the before times, the Chicago Tribune reported, week after week, the plight and travails of the poor, poor “Chicago Public School student (TM)”.

    • Exactly.

      They will usually leave you alone when they find out that you’re not interested in their bullshit. They are much closer to dogs than they are to white people, and I mean this seriously – if you are scared of a dog, he will sense it and kinda dominate you.

      White people have a hard time.believing how stupid these people are – it’s hard to imagine what it’s like to be operating with 80 IQ. They don’t give a shit about oppression or anything it’s just a script that makes whitey do what they want so they use it.

      • People who hate oppression don’t do things to get themselves thrown into jail all the time

        As you allude to, that blacks have a problem with oppression is preposterous on its face

        I doubt many even truly understand the concept

  29. Sometimes you just really step back and ponder how we got the retarded, inept and morally bankrupt leaders, media airheads and high plains grifters. It is remarkable to watch and seems the heavens cry out for some sort of justice. Some biblical metaphor is needed here.

    I could go into any union hall in America and randomly conscript far better replacements then we have in this shitshow world now.

    • It’s entirely befitting that the invaders at our southern “border” are now pouring in wearing colorful wrist bands as though they are entering a carnival or an amusement park.

      • Yes, aren’t they just so cute? They’ve even got T-shirts specially made for the occasion. This is so obviously a media psy-op it’s hard to think it isn’t some kind of informal test to see just how stupid Americans really are. A small army of gimmiegrants magically appears at the border wearing matching T-shirts and bracelets that I’m sure NO ONE organized any effort to buy for them. They all just went online on their sail foams and bought all that shit spontaneously so they could get into Disneyland, the Country. Well actually, that’s probably an insult to Disneyland, which I’m sure has better security measures in place than the FSA (Former States of America).

  30. Between unquestioned idolatry of joggers and unquestioned faith in the kung fru vax, western civilization is on the express highway to hell.

    • The fact there’s a highway to Hell but a stairway to Heaven should tell you all you need to know about anticipated traffic volume.

      • The road is narrow to heaven, the gate is wide open to hell…

        It’s in the Bible. I’m one of that first group Z described, lol.

        • This comment was in Metro 2033 and interestingly related in regards to immigration: The number of places in paradise is limited; only in hell is entry open to all.

  31. I am more interested in Harold. What in hell happened to him? As a tot he almost killed the entire Royal Family with a cabbage fart and laughed while the Queen retched. He went to a costume party dressed as a nazi and laughed while the faggotry clutched its pearls and shrieked in fear. He went to Afghanistan with his unit in direct defiance of the Royal family and served with distinction. When he came back, he made fun of his “his little pakie buddy”, and he and the squaddies laughed as the bedwetters erupted in outrage. Then he went back for a second tour – again defying the Family.

    This guy was alpha AF … and reduced to a bloody flimp by this octoroon. I would love to hear the theories of the manosphere guys to explain all this to me. “Burn the coal, pay the toll and classical mudshark theory don’t seem to cut it… or do they?

    • Yes.

      This is not legit. This guy has banged supermodels, he’s no incel. It’s hard to believe he falls head over heels with a washed-out, used-up wallbanger. I’m surprised she didn’t have a couple of niglets in tow.

      My theory is that he’s being kept hostage, blackmailed with Epstein-tapes.

      • Maybe he is a true believer. You never know. It’s a powerful mind virus and it would also explain his actions.

        • Even if he were a believer, why would he marry an old hag like Meghan? On the Princely Scale, she’s a 4 or 5. There are plenty of hot Commie whores to pick from, so why her? Greta Thunberg would make a better catch.

          • Every man has a weakness.

            Harry fell for an older woman. She played the right combination of notes to open the door to his skull. It happens

        • I think it’s a bit more complicated than that. I believe this is a complete charade by the Royals to ultimately get into the White House. They saw the writing on the wall with the women’s and black movements, so Markle was a great fit, an actor nonetheless. First they needed to disassociate themselves from the UK, so they could then make a run at the presidency with no American questioning the Royal tie. What better story than the rags to riches princess turning down the throne and in turn taking the presidency… you go gurl!!!

    • If I recall correctly, Hajji put a bounty on his head, so he’s not a coward. I think he’s got mommy and daddy issues. Diana mudsharked with a muslim to piss off the Queen and humiliate her literally cucked husband Charles. That’s got to mess up a not too bright kid.

    • Julius Ceaser fucked Cleopatra and was roundly mocked by the Roman world. There is a historical precedent. There is just something about being rejected by a woman that fucks up jacked alpha bros. I’m sure the octaroon knew how to play her cards on him.

      • i find it very liberal progressive of ancient egypt seeing how this great civilization reached its end with a woman at its helm, a woman of foreign descent, a woman who fucked the foreign invaders.

      • He fucked Cleo, not married. And the mockery was from his political opponents not the common folk. I believe. I read a lot of crap so I could be wrong.

    • No man too alpha to be brainwashed if he has the great misfortune of meeting the wrong woman. Simple as that.

      Worst thing that can happen to a man is meeting a woman who irresistibly drains him (in a bad way 🙂 ). Speaking from experience…

    • I hear that Harry has severe PTSD from his time as an Apache co-pilot/gunner. I was told that he’s killed over 200 Afghans/Taliban, and he’s a mess. I think Ms Markle came in at the right time and gave him the guilt/mother figure that he craved.

      • Wiki summarizes Harry’s military career:,_Duke_of_Sussex#Military_career

        Assuming the sources are accurate, he also spent time as a Forward Air Controller, went on patrols, and helped Gurkhas fight off a Taliban attack.

        His charity work for injured vets was inspired by his time in Afghanistan.

        Something went seriously wrong with this guy at some point, because he seemed like a pretty based dude until he met iMarkle.

        Either some wires in his mind became completely crossed or he’s under a heavy blackmail threat by the Davos gang.

    • Harry’s the bastard of James Guillfoyle, a family friend Diana was having an affair with.

      Our gracious Sovereign didn’t cuff him about the head and shoulders with it as a child, as it’s best kept private. Nonetheless, she has given him an out, with Hollywood fame and a substantial fortune from Netflix and Spotify. Harry has no claim to royal title, since he’s not of royal blood.

      This is a repeat of Prince Edward and Dolores Simpson, a divorced American actress prior to WWll.

  32. “Megan Markle is an octoroon, apparently, so she gets to carry on as an oppressed woman of color, despite coming from a rich family and marrying into the British royal family.”

    She’s literally a princess and she’s still bitching.

    • Yep. Blacks bitching, what’s new. What else can they do to excuse their lack of success? Markle is a failed second rate actress. She won the golden ticket with her princely rube and could not bring the act off with her limited abilities—sow’s ear into silk purse.

    • I did not know that there was a word “octoroon” and initially laughed at the absurdity. Then I looked up the definition and laughed even harder. Can you imagine what an actual black-as-night female negroid must think of this nonsense? A 1/8 black mixed race mulatto, who is married into one of the richest families on the planet, is playing the race card on national TV in order to affirm her street cred. What’s next, is Markle going to complain that her EBT card is no longer being accepted by her crack dealer?

      • I don’t know about the US, but sheboons in the UK think she’s great, if a “black” woman like Meghan can marry a prince then maybe we all can, the fact that half of them look like Gabourey Sidibe doesn’t dent their confidence, its amazing really

        And of course the most racist thing ever is to wonder how black Meghan and Harry’s future child might be, as if Megan never gave it a thought herself

        Will their children also be allowed to play the race card, at what point does the BS end, how long before an actual African with dark skins points out that its all a scam

        I think the part that annoys me the most is that I have an opinion on the whole thing, I’d love to ignore it, but for the last two days, the radio at work was set to a station whose DJ wouldn’t stop talking about it, all the callers were woman or fags

        • When you see her old lady, it’s obvious she won the anti-negroidal looks contest. If you didn’t know better, you’d figure she was just some run of the mill mystery meat.

      • How about quadroon? Regardless whether they’re a quarter, an eighth or one drop, they’ll always in the end consider themselves black and take advantage accordingly – at least as long as Whites slavishly kowtow.

      • You’re assuming they have the same mental capacity as white people…

        Blacks love to have lighter skin and they also love attacking whitey, most just think “sheeit qween liz’beth rayyciss” and ‘ayo we got a black womin in royalty’

  33. My way of handling people who claim to be oppressed by me is to remove them from my life which prevents further oppression. Done it to two family members. A wise fellow once said “Blessed are the peacemakers” and a good shunning definitely keeps the peace.

    • Ex-Pralite Monk: Good on you. As a commenter at another blog wisely noted yesterday, “You don’t make friends with weeds and keep your field.”

    • Bingo! What Progressives, feminists, Jews, SJWs, etc. fear the most is that we walk away. None of them can exist emotionally or practically on their own.

      We neither need them nor want them around. Indeed, our lives are made infinitely better without them.

      They literally can’t exist without us.

      • Blacks (and Arabs and other dark people) have a magic negro routine they do around white people. On 90% it works and seems to transfix them. They pull out the charming and magnetic bullshit.

        I’ve always been able to cut through bullshit with a figurative knife. I avoid any interaction with blacks unless at work or in a forced setting. It hurts their pride when I don’t play along with the routine

        When it comes to libs / progressives I do the same, I just don’t talk to them. If they start pulling out the wacky racist or sexist bullshit I walk away, I don’t have time for that. I never argue or try to prove why I’m not racist. Without a straight white male to rail against they’re just bitching at the clouds.

  34. I disagree that the Markle-gambit has paid off. It’s not working in Britain, at any rate, and my impression is that Americans aren’t very impressed either.

    Monarchy is one of the most important nationalist institutions in Old Europe, particularly in England, and the globalists would love to see it destroyed. My bet is that Prince Hairy is being blackmailed with Epstein-tapes, possibly by proxy with tapes of prince Andrew.

    It’s a direct attempt at the British monarchy. Unfortunately, royals tend to be a bunch of spoilt, useless degenerates, so they’re easy to entrap.

    • The British royal family are the most degenerate carny trash. The monarchy has been dead for a long time. There is nothing to save anymore.

      Britain is a monarchy just like East Germany was a democracy (They called themselves German Democratic Republic).

      • The British royal family are the most degenerate carny trash.

        That is irrelevant. The core of the popular devotion is not to the king, but to the throne. Europeans love their royal because they’re the embodiment of blood and soil nationalism, they’re tradition, history, continuity.

        And The Big E. herself is awesome. She served as a chauffeur during the war, much to the chagrin of the family. She could change tires and fix most engine problems. She was once visited by king Fadh of Saudi Arabia at Balmoral, her Scottish estate, where she offered him a tour of the grounds. The king was shown to the back seat of the Land Rover, looking around for the driver when Lizzie sat down behind the wheel, floored the pedal and proceeded to show the camel fucker what she thought of sharia law.

        Also, she’s an excellent queen.

        • Correct Felix. Whatever the actual state of affairs may be, the monarchy is one of our ultimate symbols. To see it destroyed would be the jewel in the limp, gluten & cruelty free crown of wokism.

          How Britons used to feel about it is captured in the book Coronation Everest by Jan Morris.

          • I am replying to myself, to reply to ‘nunnya bidnez, jr’:

            Yes. Jan Morris, formerly James Morris. The tranny. It is a good book, however.

        • I wouldn’t mind a return of the Habsburg Monarchy, but I wouldn’t call it nationalist. But the Habsburgs were Christian and European.

          • So, overwhelmingly, were the tens of millions who died in European wars of the 20th (and other) centuries 🙁 I say this because here we often grumble at other races or cultures. But historically, the White man is the White man’s worst enemy. Didn’t some famous Jew say a man’s worst enemies would be in his own home?

          • WWI wasn’t the fault of Austrians. It was supposed to be a small regional war to deal of the unreasonable Serbs. It went out of hand once everybody else decided to chime in.

            Frankly, the biggest criminals of WWI were the Americans who decided to spread democracy in Europe when the War was close to wrapping up in 1917.

            British, with their demonization of Germans didn’t help either.

        • According to biographies of Margaret Thatcher, Thatcher was inclined to back Ian Smith in Rhodesia until the Queen pressured her not to do it. Queen Elizabeth, Charles and her grandchildren have done everything they can to help pave the way for globohomo. She served her country honorably as a young woman, she is not an excellent queen.

          • she is not an excellent queen.

            Then you haven’t seen a bad monarch.

            The key to queening is shut up and wave to the crowds. It may sound trite, but it’s something most royals struggle with, but Elizabeth masters to perfection.

            Also, she slut patrolled Diana when she started baking the kebab, so there’s that.


          • Well said, Barnard. Elizabeth may well have been a capable young woman, but she has done nothing for England other than graciously accede to it being awash with third world flotsam and jetsam. She never touched upon the mass rapes of White girls, and she allowed her dimwitted grandson to marry a mulatto grifter.

            All that being said, however, Marko is right that the British monarchy is a prime target of the globalists What Marko didn’t specify, though, and should have, is that those globalists who particularly resent the English wear tiny hats. Check out Markle’s publicists, those who produced her tv vitriol, and those commenting online. They reserve immense hatred for White Englishman as the origin of the Whites who populated and then dominated the Western world, and are salivating at the possibility of their destruction. Elizabeth immediately caved under the accusation of racism rather than defend her culture and country. Her son Charles is even weaker. The genetic strength of Whites really is not what it was.

          • she has done nothing for England other than graciously accede to it being awash with third world flotsam and jetsam.

            You seem to think she could have done anything. Britain is a democracy.

            Politics is not her job, she’s not there to defend the nation or put things to right. She’s there to serve as a symbol of Britain and of British history.

            Even if she IS a Kraut.

          • Thank you. That was the second political involvement of Queen Lizzy’s that I couldn’t remember that was as appalling as her agitating against apartheid SA.

        • As an European I’m going to have to disagree… our “monarchies” are disgusting backstabbing degenerates and the devotion is not to the throne but nostalgia from better times, Christian tradition times. Many people want them back, no matter what the pamphlets say, I’ve started to see outright popular admiration for Franco in the comment sections of very popular Spanish media like El Mundo, which was unlikely and just a few years ago. And the more they push for satanic anti Gnon progressivisim the more people despise it.

          Besides, monarchies have never represented “blood and soil nationalism”, because blood and soil nationalism is actually liberal brainwashing started by Napoleon to bait a bunch of peasants into dying throughout Europe for his own ambitions, not unlike the US State Department dropping thousands of tons of explosives over the Middle East because they don’t like that muslims reject gay pride parades and teaching 9 year old girls to put condoms on bananas.

          Monarchs often didn’t have the same blood as their subjects, talking about England I’ll remind you they used to be Normans and spoke French in the royal court, English was “low class”. But these people had real skin on the game, the land was actually theirs and the aristocrats that followed them also had land and actually swore an oath. It wasn’t a theoretical empty concept that they are one people because they were born on magic dirt that made it so, but these people actually were one, under one monarch, under the same faith, under an oath, a real institution. That’s why they represented tradition, history and continuity, unlike the empty and dying modern nations.

          By the way Sharia law is actually objectively superior to what we have today, hence why Sharia law muslims are demographically replacing and conquering modern and progressive Frenchmen and Englishmen. How can anyone be considered a great monarch when they let all of this happen under their watch? But of course, it’s not that “Big E” herself isn’t doing anything against it, she is supporting it. Evil shrew, as much as the octoroon, they deserve each other.

          • “talking about England, I’ll remind you they used to be Normans and spoke French”

            well, I’d like to remind you that the “normans” weren’t really Fwench, they were Vikings.

        • This story should be named “how feminism destroyed the queen”
          A very “strong and empowered woman” indeed!

          • I sort of want to agree with Felix here but when it comes to symbols, I always ask if a given symbolic person or office “has legs”. Can you imagine building anything around the person or the office? Would there be a real role in a reinvigorated nationalist Britain for the King or Queen?

            Contrast this with Trump. Trump was (and is) a type of symbolic person. There’s Trump the man and Trump the symbol and both were (and may still be) useful to defeating the rot in our nation. Had Trump been more serious about what he was there for it’s easy to imagine that he might have become a sort of new Founder of a reinvigorated Maga-fied nation. I don’t see the same role having been possible even if Prince Harry had not been a moron married to an American twerker.

          • Trump was (and is) a type of symbolic person.

            Now, imagine that Trump had a steady 90% approval rating, were a descendant of George Washington and had been in office since before you were born.

        • She gave him purpose. He may have been alpha, but he also was reminded every minute of being the spare. But he has/had a wicked sense of humor!

          Apparently the purpose was to court division from the very beginning. Putting a potbelly prosthesis on and off to fuel speculation about there being a surrogate, calling private celebrity fotogs on herself while complaining about privacy, egging her family make fools of themselves, sending a letter to her dad which she then released and now sues the papers over, birth certificate games, birth announcement games, delivery date games, hide the kid games, photography photoshopping – every day a new gimmick.

          She couldn’t risk being around Trump, Ivanka, and Melania though – Trump would have pulled the cork on it just for fun.

        • Huzzah! Huzzah to our gracious and glorious sovereign, monarch to 50 countries and our mother land! (-since my paternal grandfather was born in London)

    • I think it’s the reverse and has been for a long time.

      Globalists need a human face on their faceless technocratic machine

      I have long remarked that globalism is the back door to the monarchy. And I think the parties work hand in glove.

      At some point as the people are getting restless the globalists will need spokespeople and endorsements to continue selling their unworkable mess to a skeptical public. The royals bring history, glamour, prestige, elegance to the table. What else could revolting schmucks like Bill gates and Jamie Dimon and some Epstein ask for? Yes, turning to the royals is a bit laughable, but I’m pretty that’s the deal that’s been struck. Not much else to choose from. At least in Europe. The pope is probably also lobbying hard.

    • RamzPaul just named constitutional monarchy as his preferred form of government. Dude, isn’t the British royal family a reductio ad absurdum of that form of government?

      • UK monarchy has ceded powers to the parliament and prime minister, basically assuming a benevolent ceremonial role. I find it hard to blame monarchy for bad political decisions of the last century.

        I do think UK monarchy is conservative institution with latent power to assume more active political leadership. As we saw with brexit debate, laws that govern UK politics are flexible and can be changed when required by parliament. Changes that increased democratic representation could be unwound if the circumstances require it.

    • I agree, the Brits aren’t that stupid they’d fall for MM “they’re racissst!!” tirades. Even before marriage, they saw MM’s family was a train wreck and she was a bitch and grifter. It was that obvious.

      As for Harry, he fell for a very manipulative grifter who read Harry like a book and wrapped him around her finger. It happens more often than we think. Catch a guy at a weak point in his life and viola!! y.

  35. Prince Harry is the most odious worm-on-a-leash I can imagine. He could have had ANY beautiful white woman he wanted…and he wanted Markle. It seems the degenerate culture in which Britain is awash has now seeped right into the royal palaces.

    • Maybe he likes being pegged and the Duchess of Antonia or whatever wasn’t interested in creepy bedroom games.

    • I saw someone had posted a picture collage of several times Markle was wearing an outfit almost identical to one Diana had worn. The fashion styles were updated, but otherwise it was the same look. She is taking advantage of the fact he is dimwitted and has issues related to his mother’s death. He made a statement during the interview that he was living off money Diana had left and thought, “she had seen this coming.” What an insanely stupid thing to say, he is so brainwashed he thinks his mother anticipated Harry getting cut off from the rest of the family before his 12th birthday. Your last point is a good one, the Royals are now imitating our degenerate society instead of society trying to imitate the Royals.

    • Grant him this: He’s loyal in public to his wife without exception. Marriage is hard; being married to a dingbat is harder.

      He may have erred by wanting to “marry his mommy”, but I’m with the Derb on this: “United front in public, even if you have to lie for them.”

      • Also, lets not forget the true degenerate.

        Her Majesty, the Queen. She’s watched her nation slid into ruin without a peep.

        Her only true power is the bully pulpit, and when the shadow minister Enoch Powel gave his seminal speech, she was silent.

        • Queen Lizzy has delved into politics exactly twice. Once was to blast apartheid. I forgot the other time, but I recall it was an equally appalling progressive anti-western position.

    • Well, Markel has only the faintest trace of coffee in her cream. Were she a criminal, she would be classed as white. Still, your point about Harry’s odiousness stands. He wouldn’t have given her a second glance unless he knew he could score virtue points by snagging her.

    • My guess is that being the “spare” in a royal arrangement is not a lot of fun. Lot of obligations but in Harry’s case, he’s 6th in line, which means barring a catastrophe, he’s no more likely to be monarch than I am. Since being married to a secondary royal is all duty, no crown, my guess is that more than one woman has turned him down. If he were a supremely confident guy, that wouldn’t be all that surprising – but for all his status, he appears to be hopelessly “beta” and as such, being turned down likely affected him greatly. That’s not offered to support the Octoroon … at all. She clearly has some sort of Personality Disorder – Narcissistic would be my guess, but Paranoid Personality Disorder seems in the running as well (the effort to alienate him from his family is a clear give-away). So her PD traits likely flattered him, at least initially, and now he’s being dragged down into her nuts world. My suspicion is that the Octoroon likely saw british royalty as nothing more than a celebrity racket, and when she got into the gig, found that it either involved some amount of effort, or worse … It involved a fair amount of deference to someone else, and there was Zero chance she’d ever get that same treatment, and she quickly grew tired of charade, using Proggy talking points to garner sympathy and justify status without obligation. (that sounds like a great feminist bumper sticker). Once Harry has outlived his usefulness, he’ll be cast aside, well and truly screwed after he threw away his entire family to maintain her attention. The author Rollo Tomossi has stated for years that he thinks Harry will eventually commit suicide – and while neither he nor I are eager for that outcome, I suspect he’s right.

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