Éireannach Diúltach

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, which is when people around the English speaking world celebrate having driven the Irish from their community. Businesses dust of the old “Irish Need Not Apply” signs and post them up. People mock the Irish by getting drunk and starting fights in public. Everyone wears green. Going out for corned beef and cabbage is a big thing, even during the pandemic. The meal is capped off by leaving a small tip in the tradition of the flintiest people on earth.

This is not true, of course, but it would probably be a better way to respect the Irish people than the current way of celebrating the day. St. Patrick’s Day in America is mostly just another version of Cinco de Mayo. That is, a reason for restaurants to roll out some themed specials and college kids to wear silly outfits. The difference is the college kids will not get in trouble for making fun of the Irish or for culturally appropriating them by wearing stereotypical Irish clothing.

The Irish are, however, a good topic for dissidents to study. Ireland struggled through a long and unpleasant occupation by a people who sounded a lot like them and looked like them but were not them at all. The Irish were ruled for a long time by clever, resourceful aliens. Crushing Irish resistance became an obsession with the British at times, even when it was not in their interest. This is, of course, the situation for white people in America now, just without an armed resistance yet.

How the Irish fought the British and how the British fought back is something highly relevant to modern America. The Irish eventually won their independence by driving up the cost of occupation. This came at a heavy cost to the Irish, as well. There are more people of Irish descent in America than in Ireland, because the long battle with the British made living anywhere else better for most Irish. There is also the fact that Ireland was never and will never fully united under the Irish flag.

Ireland is also a great example of how negative identity can destroy a people much faster than a conqueror. The Irish during the struggles became a people defined by their hatred of the British and their long history of oppression by the British. This made them wholly unequipped to go into the world as a full independent people. Ireland was immediately consumed by globalism. First it was the boom-bust of global economics and then it was the homogenization of global culture.

Starved of its ancient enemy, the Irish had no reason to exist, so the Irish ruling class joined the global ruling class, in spirit if not actuality. What that means for Europeans is embracing a plan of self-eradication. They elected a gay Indian as their ruler and set about importing as many nonwhites as they could find. Ireland’s Project 2040 promises to import a million Africans. If you do the math, they plan to make the Irish a minority in Ireland in this century. It is a plan for national suicide.

There is a popular meme where you see American soldiers disembarking on D-Day being told their kids will be trans or some other equally vulgar fad. The idea is that if our ancestors knew what defeating the fascists would lead to in a few generations, they would have refused to fight. One suspects that if Michael Collins could have seen Leo Varadkar, the gay Indian prime minister of Ireland, he and his compatriots would have turned their guns on their own people.

It is no surprise that the Irish have often called themselves the blacks of Europe, as they share the same sense of identity as American blacks. The Irish think the comparison works because they are both musical people, but it works better in the context of negative identity. Both the Irish and American blacks are defined by their long struggle, real and imagined, with another people. Without that struggle, the Irish have ceased to exist in a meaningful way. Like their memories, Irish is history.

There is a lesson here for dissidents across the West. It is not enough to hate the ruling class and hate the liberal democratic system that sustains them. Hatred is a powerful motivator and a powerful rallying cry. It can only be a tactic in the larger strategy for national independence.  It may feel good to hate a person or a group of people, but it can never come to define you or your people. By rooting identity in the relationship with another group, you become that group’s slave.

This is why Jews have survived as a tiny minority, often among people who hate them, without having to assimilate. Jewish identity is a positive one. It is largely the same in all times and all places. They adjust to the host population or in the case of Israel, the relative strength of her neighbors. Otherwise, Jewish identity in 19th century Russia is the same as in 21st century Manhattan. The people and places change, but Jews and the complaints about them remain the same.

This is why “Yes, But Is It Good for the Jews?” is an old punchline to jokes. Jews are famous for always thinking first about whether some situation, even a disaster, is good for them and their people. They joke about it among themselves. No one ever asked, is it good for the Irish, but plenty of Irish wondered if it was bad for the British. They were, in effect, putting the interest of the British ahead of their own. Because they have a positive identity, Jews never think this way.

If the pubs are open in your part of the hellscape that is Covidian America, enjoy a green beer and some inauthentic Irish culture. Everyone, even the Irish, are entitled to have some fun when the chance arrives. In between points of green beer, think about why Irish has been reduced to a trashy holiday and how best the fight for national sovereignty can avoid the fate of the Irish. If freedom means infinity Africans and gay Indian prime ministers, what is the point of the struggle?

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204 thoughts on “Éireannach Diúltach

  1. As one of your Jewish readers (Jewish in the way that Eamonn deValera was Jewish,) who, raised among Irish Catholics and who learned to say “Dia dhuit, go raibh ma’hagat” before I learned to say “shalom,” I suggest folks keep in mind that the value of racial or ethnic identity lies in the hope of its perpetuity. That’s not the case for observant Jews who see themselves as a temporary people whose purpose is to bear witness until Messiah comes. At that point, it’s time to go out of existence. (Who decides when Messiah comes is another question.) This is why Christian apologists has said to the Jews, going back to Augustine, “You’ve no reason to exist anymore. The Messiah had indeed come.”

    Other than in Israel, Jews are vanishing. Here in the States, the Jewish population, overwhelmingly secular, has gone from a postwar high of 2.1% to its current 0.9% and will be fazed out during this century. Jew haters will have to tag, as Jews, non-Jews whom they dislike as they did in Hungary fifteen years ago.

    As far as the BIPOC’s are concerned, Jews are white. As far as white Jew haters go, Jews are Jews. Is this good for the Jews? To be caught in the middle? No way. Meanwhile, the Jewish definition of an anti-semite is someone who dislikes Jews more than is necessary. You’ll have to evaluate yourself on that scale to determine if you’re truly an anti-semite.

    • Imbroglio, you made a couple of good points but some of your statements are not true.
      Observant Jews don’t see themselves as a temporary people, and definitely don’t plan to go out of existence once the Messiah comes.
      The Jewish definition of antisemite is someone who hates Jews, it has nothing to do with relative “necessity” or any other qualifier.

    • Why would anyone evaluate themselves based on some fake standards invented by evil parasites..

  2. Just read this at 8:00 pm west coast. Amazingly I’m not drunk, and the house doesn’t smell like corned beef. This is,I’m sorry to say, the first time in my adult life I didn’t indulge in the “ Irish cinco “ foolishness without having to think about it. Maybe your getting through my thick, scripted skull Zman & company. I’m part Irish and have been to Ireland, including Belfast. Better late than never. Forward to freedom! As they say over there on the emerald island.

  3. The fucking point of it is to stand straight and tall for the ghosts dead in the dirt behind you.

  4. Although I greatly enjoy your blog, as an ethnic Irishman I have to disagree with you here, Z. Sure, some Irish identity is negative, but the Irish upper classes have always tended to be exploitative. Most Irish identity is positive; hard-working, friendly (Ireland is the friendliest country in Europe, hands down), humorous (not taking ourselves too seriously – hence the plethora of Irish jokes), a bit ditzy sometimes, lovers of the countryside and sports, producers of great music (U2, Dubliners, Lennon/McCartney) as well as empire builders. Plus we’re willing to bury old grudges and move on – just look at Northern Ireland now – unlike, say, Jews and Arabs.
    Bitterness towards the English is not something I’ve encountered among the Irish – more the Scots and Welsh. And I get a kick about how we’re literally the only race in the world which has a day willingly celebrated in its honor!

    Drink up and enjoy the craic!

    • One side of my wife’s family is from Ireland (Derry, but Catholic) and I have to agree with you. Her family is refined and highly educated and friendly as can be along with being gracious hosts and so forth. They always made you feel welcome and would take time to get to know the person behind the social masks, a trait I share with them and something that is definitely becoming a rarity in our dumb, obnoxious and superficial society.

      But that’s them.

      Then I compare them to the typical Irish you find around America. And there you run into the pugnacious and trashy sorts. Even my Irish friends refer to them as the “shanty Irish” and look down their noses at them, even though I admit I find them interesting and fun to talk to. So there is a fairly wide gap in social classes that might not be well appreciated in America. There are also the phonies like William F Buckley whom I’ve heard referred to as “Castle Irish” — which i understand to mean as a pompous Irishman who apes the manners of the English upper crust.

      Anyway, great to hear from ya. And happy St Patrick’s !

    • You forget Thin Lizzy and Van Morrison when listing great Irish bands. And you try and steal Lennon. LOL

  5. Excellent post.

    In terms how whites need to think as a group emulating the Jews isn’t a bad thing nor is using the Irish Travelers – who are basically invisible yet have their own communities, laws, etc.

    We must however not ever emulate raging idiots like Ammon Bundy who goes around with a arrest me poster on his back.

    That said, the Jews and Irish Travelers groups keep a low profile and figured out ways to use the system to their advantage. One thing out side has to do is is to get practical and learn from their tradecraft. Because we are running out of time. We don’t have 30-50 years like our thought leaders pontificate. But a lot less.

  6. The Irish reublicans, both the IRA and the non-violent ones, are a good group to take notes on for how to run an effective dissident propaganda campaign (minus the actual acts of violence).

    They made sure every avenue of public space was either serving their ends or being subverted to serve their ends. You could say that’s what the American left always did but the American left have nothing on the Irish republicans. In the 1970s American leftist militant groups even tried aping the style of the IRA but didn’t do it very well.

    Their strategy was always about making their enemies feel surrounded even when they were winning. I quick Google Streetview tour of the Bogside district reveals that the people there will never, ever let you stop thinking about Bloody Sunday if you live there. Throughout all of Northern Ireland street/building signage and graffiti is just how people do political messaging, whatever camp they are in. Low-cost, direct, hard to repress, deniable if you do it on public property and a bold statement of defiance if you do it on your own building.

    They also mastered a brand of a sort of esoteric populism. Not true pure populism, since the message was always tightly managed by their movement’s elites, but not astro-turfing or faux-populism either because they managed to get their followers to internalize their messages as their own and be natural agents of spreading it. They made propaganda a genuine organic way of life.

    This approach could work for any underdog movement on the internet as well, but unfortunately the only rightwingers who have figured this out is the ugliest elements of the alt right. The Operation Pridefall thing could have been really effective but then some of them started hacking AIDS fundraisers and doing stupid shit and so, like the IRA and their pup bombings, they lost any high ground they had.

    • The IRA’s long campaign of violence failed, and only inflicted much unnecessary suffering. The same can be said about their Unionist equivalents.

      • You do realize the plight of the whites here in the U.S. cannot be resolved peacefully as both the elites along with the rank and file Lefties want to eradicate them..

        One thing the idiot right, the ones who run around with the little book on the Constitution, never understood was that our system only worked if people fought for it tooth and nail. We didn’t, we gave our power to crooks who repeatedly lied to us while they stripped the country and people of everything.

        • I view the constitution as a rule book of gentleman’s agreements. There’s really no teeth to enforcing any of it. It all depends on everyone just following the spirit of the document for the sake of decency.

          That’s the gist of Addam’s famous quote about our constitution only being for for a moral people.

          It worked pretty well with the founding stock and culture. And less well as America’s culture and people drifted away from that founding stock with immigration.

          Doesn’t work at all now, though.

      • I never said the IRA were a good group of people. I said they were effective at propaganda and this is hard to dispute.

        The fact that they did kill a bunch of innocent people and many people still think they were the good guys shows just how good they were at the propaganda side of their operation.

      • The police procedurals of Armagh’s Stuart Neville are works of fiction, but they give the reader a bloodshot-eye view of those espousing “Irish Freedom” as well as those in the “No Surrender” bunch. Nationalism, of the Irish or the Ulster kind, became rackets. One of the effects of the wonderful global economy was the import into Eire and Ulster of East European gangsters offering their blond, blue-eyed “wares.” For a British–not to say Loyalist–opinion on the post-Anglo-Irish Agreement situation, Peter Hitchens’s Mail on Sunday essays may are well worth reading. It may be a minority view, but he definitely believes that the IRA got the better of the deal.

    • Why is, ‘Epstein didn’t kill himself’ not scrawled on every surface in the Empire? What’s wrong with kids these days? Guess they’re not allowed to leave the house anymore.

  7. “That is, a reason for restaurants to roll out some themed specials and college kids to wear silly outfits.”

    Those holidays are the best holidays!

  8. “If freedom means infinity Africans and gay Indian prime ministers, what is the point of the struggle?”

    One recalls a line from David “Spengler” Goldman regarding collapse. “It’s not the end of everything, it’s just the end of you.” “You” in this case is the West. That is the point.

    • The end of White people means the end of Western civilization (spare me the spergs spewing about Han playing classical music). That would mean the end of everything I love, from architecture to literature to music to means of thought to modern conveniences to everyday mores and manners. Life would go on, but it would not be a life I would choose to live, or a society I would choose to subject my descendants to. So in personal terms, I would call it the end of everything.

  9. In between points of green beer, think about why Irish has been reduced to a trashy holiday

    And how the major media – such as Google – have completely removed St Patrick from his namesake holiday. Google’s doodle for today has absolutely no hint of St Patrick, Catholicism or Christianity. Sad fact but true.

    • The country was a lot better off with Blue Laws, strict enforcement of the MPAA rating system and displays of Christianity in the public space,

      Today we have secularism which promotes tramps like Cardi B who sell young girls on becoming whores and insane men in sun dresses who want to mutilate our children.

      Oh lets not forget the torture porn on TV, stuff that 20 years ago would have been rated x and only shown in backwater theaters.

      • Bullshit. It isn’t ‘secularism’ that promotes filthy ghetto trash. Have the balls to say who it is.

        Secularism is simply following the 1st Amendment. It doesn’t ‘promote’ anything.

  10. By 2100 with Project Ireland 2040, “St. Patrick’s Day” will be known as “Irish Remembrance Day.”

  11. For a more positive view of the Irish, consider Boston’s longtime mayor, Michael Curley. He was elected over and over, and the Boston Brahmins hated him (for obvious reasons) but could never figure out how he kept getting elected. The “secret” of course was the boatloads of immigrants coming over, right under the Brahmins’ noses. That and the massive vote fraud this enabled.

    Sound familiar? Oddly enough, Biden is the first Catholic president since…. JFK.

    “The Anglo Saxons are a strange and stupid race.” — Michael Curley

  12. Maybe the best way to deal with the jews is the celebrate purim by dressing up like rabbis, eating bad recreations of the seudat purim, getting drunk, and marching down the streets to the sound of graggers.

  13. I will add to my remarks above with a comment on yesterday’s FT column by one Iseult Fitzgerald, about having her jaw broken by a “teenage boy” in an “unprovoked attack” while walking home 7 months pregnant from work in South London.

    The police investigated but abandoned the case after a week. London is filled with surveillance cameras every five feet. She never identifies the assailant by race, but at the end of the article “wonders” about the assailant and wants to know more about him.

    I would submit that is the women of Ireland, no longer needing/wanting a beta male provider as they have their own means who are the source of the poz. As the position and power of women improved in Ireland they remade it into their own desires — gay foreigners of a different race, lots of Africans, etc. It is roughly the same story every place in the West where women have lots of political and social power. They get their way at the expense of their men the way the Managerial Class gets their way (and it is deeply feminized) at the expense of the nation and its people. Requiring super human morality is not a strategy for success — clearly a better society than post-industrial globalism is needed. Where normal human faults don’t lead to disaster.

    • Partly white men’s fault too. There are wayy too many white betas, porn addicts, stoners, and sticks. A buff, conservative, serious white man is more attractive than a negro any day of the week.

      White women have high standards too. Too high, they’re very entitled. I can sleep with a new asian / indian girl every day. But most modern white girls are entitled sluts and I don’t have interest in them outside the ones from the church community (and even then I’m very skeptical and verify closely).

      • Forgive me for being tiresome, but if we controlled the media then the white girls would love us within a year. It’s harsh to say, but women have little ability for independent thought.

        Whiskey blames the girls. I blame those who control the media, whom Whiskey wants to excuse.

        • Girls still love white guys – if they’re tall, strong, unpozzed and serious. They like bad boys. Especially asian girls. They have said things about race that rival comments on this board.

          Do the opposite of what the said media says.

          • No argument from me. But women, for the most part, 3g4me and Julie excepted of course, are literally programmed by those who control the media.

            We must face this reality and respond accordingly.

          • I believe one of the dating sites conducted a poll, or through some method found out which races were preferred by the opposite sex. White males and white females were the winners. (of course!) Black females were ranked at the bottom. I can’t recall the exact order.

          • I’ll have to defer on what turns on asian ladies

            But shouldn’t you be behaving in a way that white girls like? Decent white women don’t like guys who are “serious” ( I.e. boring). Perhaps I misunderstood what you mean but maybe not.

            And white girls, and I know this for a fact, do not like white guys who have been with Asian women, As with white men never wanting white girls who’ve been with blacks, white women don’t want white guys who have been with Asians (yellow fever)

            I guess the moral of the story is that making oneself attractive to asian women could amount to a death sentence with white women. Be careful, friend

    • “The police investigated but abandoned the case after a week. London is filled with surveillance cameras every five feet. ”

      I think last week the police found the body of a woman who was kidnapped from an area of South London. The woman in question lived in Brixton and the last confirmed sighting of her was, apparently, via CCTV walking down Clapham High Street. The report I read said that they could not confirm she had made it home before the event. Now, Brixton is right next to Clapham High Street, but even if the lady lived 500m as the crow flies from where she was last seen, I’d be very surprised if she was not caught on an additional camera – public or private. That said, the police probably need to fill out a lot of paperwork to get hold of private footage and perhaps Joe Bloggs may not wish to show it to them for other reasons.

      If she lived on the East side of Brixton, then this revelation is even more staggering. Perhaps she turned down a dark alley or side street. These things happen, and one of the most tragic things that can happen is that a woman believes she can ‘go anywhere and do anything’. Bollocks.

      A couple of years back we had a spate of robberies conducted by ‘youths’ on mopeds. The targets were bug people walking along the pavement staring at their phones. In addition, and to for me rather amusingly, they’d bust into a hipster/bug people on-trend coffee shop and literally steal the laptops from in front of their feminized (and often feminine) owners. I have walked all over London at all times, and have never fallen prey to this behaviour – because of luck, common sense, and a knowledge of how dangerous it really is.

      If you search for ‘Brixton’, you’ll see it defined using terms like ‘vibrant’ and ‘multicultural’ which tells you everything you need to know. For all you Americans who ever have the misfortune of spending time in London, the safest area is the South West: Twickenham, Richmond, Teddington. And maybe the posher parts like Parsons Green, Fulham and Chelsea. That said, you’ll still get trouble if you stray into the wrong estate on a Friday night. I could go on and on, but I don’t wish to bore… this comment is long enough already.

      • I should add that in the case of the kidnapped woman, the man accused is in fact a white police officer, which makes the case even more intriguing. I was not implying that vibrancy was responsible for the woman’s death.

        But it is responsible for a whole host of unsolved and forgotten crimes that ‘Whiskey’ alludes to above.

      • Or the whole assault was captured on video and the assailant was a sand jogger so the police wisely closed the case as “unsolved”. Daren’t prosecute a sand jogger for doing what comes.naturally.

        • I keep seeing european women posting all over social media, giving stern lectures to men about “not raping”. I’m sure that’s going to stop Ahmed 😂.

          But again, where are the men? You take one of ours, we take 5 of yours. It’s the only language savages speak. It’s not “fair” but that’s the only way to deal with it.

          • B125, you wrote that

            “You take one of ours, we take 5 of yours.”

            In other words, the policy is ‘Eyes For An Eyelash’. That’s thinking with your head screwed on right, with scant input from Jesus the Sado-Masochist. The theory and practice of operant conditioning come to mind now.

            “It’s not ‘fair’ but that’s the only way to deal with it.”

            Well, that was a rapid recidivism to humanist sentimentality. Wtf happened to you?

          • I have not seen anyone take 5 of anything in response to anything that’s happened over the last couple of years. Pure bluster. Nobody is fighting back. Just internet comments.

      • A great historical city destroyed by AWR and multi-culti. The same goes for virtually every major American city, although none of them have the historical importance of London, of course.

      • So the “Guns of Brixton” are a relic of the past.

        Reading Dickens can make me long for a London that, while it undoubtedly had its fill of squalor and crime, must have been a marvelously fascinating creation.

    • Whiskey blames the girls. I blame those who control the media, whom Whiskey wants to excuse.

      • Seriously, Whiskey is the best representative that I’ve ever seen of someone whose entire purpose is to redirect your anger from those who deserve it to those who are ignorant pawns.

        He’s been at this for at least a decade.

  14. Tremendous talent, this Z-man. Always insightful. Since ole Joe has promised me the grand sum of $1,400 genuine US currency, my contribution will be refreshed.

  15. As with the Irish, so go the Scots. Hatred of the English and a desire to go back the the EU plan of replacing themselves with blacks.
    I think the Irish and Scots hate the English as we still have a positive self image. Even if it is as arrogant, rampaging, drunken yobs. Thats the way to build an Empire!

      • The blood of William Wallace and Robert Roy MacGregor has gotten damned thin, sad to say. Makes one.wonder if all the Scotts with any gumption didn’t emigrate to the U.S. Damned sure made a name for themselves in the War Between The States.

    • The whole “hatred of the English” thing would resonate so much more if itwasn’t dependent on employment in England, remittances from those employed in England, etc. There’s a podcast called “Irishman Abroad” (it’s good) But the main sponsor is a money transfer company.

        • But why? (I am myself from a mixed family.) After the ’16 election Ireland sent an envoy to MA asking that they not deport the Irish working illegaly. If people can organize to that extent why can’t they make Ireland an economic hub? Seriously, Ireland should be giving Hong Kong a run.

    • These days few people in Ireland hate the English, there are 3 reasons for this, 1 peace in Northern Ireland, 2 once immigrants from Nigeria ect started arriving, the English or anyone from the UK no longer seemed very foreign, I work with a few English lads, most people like them, one of them is ex British army and everyone likes him, 3 most people in Ireland have cousins in England, Its not right to hate family

      It would be a little different in Northern Ireland, but maybe not that much, hating the ruling class in London is a little different to hating the average English person. I detest the government in DC but most Americans I meet are grand

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  17. As usual, a mostly good essay. You fail to mention one source of eternal conflict among the Irish: Religion. Ireland is one of the few, indeed perhaps the only, European Caucasian nations in modern times, up to the present, where competing religions openly discriminate against, and sometimes kill, each other over religious differences. No matter, mind ye I haven’t checked statistics, but I’d wager me hard-earned pay that “normal” violent crime, especially by imported filth, swamps any fratricidal casualties of the befreckled, whiskey-swilling, potato-eating natives.

    Agree that demographic change won’t improve Ireland, or any other once-white majority nation. A few generations ago “Black Irish” had a very different meaning; today it probably means a 2nd generation Mick of Negroid ancestry. 😡

    The Irish in America a century or so ago had the odd distinction of being the only White culture who tended live in squalid slums and being discriminated against by the natives. At least they’ve made good after a few generations. I’m not aware of any Irish ghetto in modern USA. If only the same could be said for a certain other minority who must not be named, whose ancestors here date back up to 400 years, yet who remain dead last in assimilation.

    I leave you today not with a quip from some godless German 19th century philosopher, but instead an irreverent (American) “Celtic” song appropriate to the day. Slainte!


    “So we are told, this is the golden age. And gold is reason for the wars we wage.” – U2

    • As an outsider, it has always been difficult to wrap my head around the idea that someone would pipe-bomb their neighbor because they are a different religion.
      Bizarre times, The Troubles were.

  18. An excellent and very wise piece. And how ironic is it that we must be more like Jews and less like the Irish?

  19. The Irish suffered more than most from the post-Vatican II madness. They used to be poor, priest-ridden and philoprogenitive. They sent so many priests to the USA, they took over the hierarchy from 1850 until recently. Now they are rich, have close to zero vocations and a birth rate of 1.71 per woman (even lower for native Irish). They need a new St. Patrick to cleanse the demons, beginning first in Rome.

  20. When the West was at least nominally Christian, it was healthy, despite internal wars and what have you. When it lost Christianity it was probably doomed, – that was its positive identity. (Jewish pornographers from the 60’s say that part of the reason they got into the business is because they knew it would corrode Christian morality.)

    • Jewish pornographers talk a lot of shit. By definition, they are not religious people, and they also knew it would corrode Jewish morality, which is very similar to Christian morality.

  21. Z-man …
    The clock setting on the comment system is still showing EST, not DST.
    All the time stamps are wrong.

    • I refuse to go along with the war on time. “Spring forward” is what got us in this mess.

      • Yes, it was all part of an Imperialist plot so that every town on the railroad line wouldn’t have its own local time 😛

      • Well, after the people demanded that we change our clocks twice a year (Science!), Congress voted on a law, it was vetted by the courts: if you don’t like the law (“rule” “mandatory guideline”), you can just make your own clocks.

      • I find it terribly ironic that, as last year, we are now “saving daylight” for activities either prohibited or at least curtailed by the lockdown. Reckon swimming pools and outdoor recreation areas will be open this year? It was downright depressing to drive by an empty water park last summer.

      • It’s all so dumb. Arizona doesn’t do EDT, but some Indian tribe within its borders does it to be in sync with their fellow tribesemen in a neighboring state. Another AZ tribe within that first tribe’s territory doesn’t do it. So one can go forward an hour and then back an hour travelling within the same state.

  22. The major goal of the Puritan Roundheads was the extermination of both the Irish and the native Americans. The survivors of these two populations weren’t members of the warrior class and in general only wanted enough to eat and a warm, dry place to sleep. This remains the case today. Events like St. Patrick’s Day, an anti-holiday in England, are celebrations of ethnicity buried in a bloody past. So there must be some statute of limitations on incomplete genocide. The IRA was a huge inconvenience to ostensibly normal Irishmen. No one today would accept a rebellion by the Chiricahua Apaches in Arizona, including the overwhelming majority of those natives themselves. So, at some point in time, patriots are converted to criminals. Such is likely to be the case for Americans that continue to think with an 18th, or even 19th century American world view. No invasion will be necessary. The conquerors have been living in the US for some time.

    • The path forward is not to try and push back the tide, but to rid the host of disease, whose infection cells are still quite few in number. The root problem is not insurmountable.

    • Of the 13 colonies only 3 NE (minus RI) had Puritan settlements. The other 10 were all “Cavaliers” and Maryland even had a RC settlement (Charles Carroll was the only RC signer of the Declaration.) Some Indian tribes aligned w/ the colonists (see King Philip’s War and later the French and Indian Wars.) TBH I doubt a single Puritan settler ever gave a thought to the Irish.

      • Oliver Cromwell, the “Lord Protector” of the Commonwealth, was a rabid Puritan and his New Model Army was made up of similar anti-Catholic, anti-Irish sociopaths who attempted to kill as many Irishmen as possible and send the survivors into slavery in the various British colonies and confiscate their land to award to English Puritan absentee landlords.

        Upon the return of Charles II in 1660, all combatants in the War of the Three Kingdoms were pardoned, with the exception of those that had signed Charles I’s death warrant. Two of them, Edward Whalley and his son-in-law William Goffe, had fled to Puritan Massachusetts where they lived the rest of their lives safely hidden among the populace.

        As time went by the citizens of the more southern colonies could see the advantages of treason and went along with the rebel New England Puritans who were the instigators of the Revolutionary War.

  23. A New Tomorrow (cont)
    Reflex reaction.

    When danger abounds & change is needed, the most common public contribution is the canary-in-the-coalmine shriek of warning. This is an attempt to induce a herd reflex reaction that will hopefully redirect everyone to safer ground. Voting is a variation on this theme and requires slightly more effort than public whining, but suffers the defect of the middleman. Now that vote fraud has been institutionalized, the latter has become a fool’s errand so the wailing & gnashing of teeth will only increase. There is a better path forward, but to take it, you must first put pouting aside.

  24. One of the best articles by Zman;
    clearly written, cogent analysis.
    excerpts need to be circulated far and wide,
    printed and pasted up in public areas.

    • Yes, very good indeed, a lot to unpack and think about here. It’s also interesting to note, in passing, that as American Jews have come more and more to prize hating the Goyim more than loving the Jews, their own numbers are plummeting due to assimilation, low fertility, and suicide, while in Israel, where a more positive identity holds sway, Jews are doing great. A “Light unto the Nations” indeed!

      • Bingo!

        The Holocaust story – which they believe 100% – changed American Jews. They went from a positive identity to a negative identity.

        Look at what they’re doing – with the help of far too many Whites – to the United States and Europe. Would any sane Jew think that importing millions of Muslims and Africans into Europe would be “Good for the Jews”?

        Is a 25% Muslim France better for the Jews than France of the 1970s? No.

        Are American Jews really better off sticking out like a sore thumb among the AOCs and Omar Ilhans than blending in with gentile Whites? Absolutely not.

        Jews are harming their own interests to hurt gentile Whites because they now embrace a negative identity.

        • I saw a talk by Eliot Abrams once where he spoke of “holocaust worship”, my term, can’t remember what he called it, becoming a substitute for traditional Jewish religious practice. He thought such shoah obsession was NOT good for the Jews.

        • “Look at what they’re doing – with the help of far too many Whites – to the United States and Europe. Would any sane Jew think that importing millions of Muslims and Africans into Europe would be “Good for the Jews”?”

          One might think, if a fanatical Zionist, that importing teeming masses of Muslims and Africans to the US and Europe might encourage them to ‘make Aliyah’.

          • But even thats a bad idea

            Take Germany as an example, German politicians always support Israel, no matter what, but in the next few decades you will see Muslim politicians emerge in Germany who refuse to support Israel, it will be the same in France, Belgium, the UK ect, Muslims have zero WW2 guilt

            Israel won’t last long without western support

      • If you divide the jews into two rough groups,
        the orthodox vs the seculars,
        you’ll find that the seculars >don’t< hate the goyim;
        they want to be goyim.
        The orthodox don't hate the goyim either, they only interact with them for business purposes, otherwise they're indifferent.
        The orthodox (all the many varieties, some of whom don't get along with the others) have a dozen kids per family, the seculars have less than replacement values of children.
        I don't think any of them "prize hating the goyim".

        • Seculars are the crazy and destructive ones.

          My experience is that conservative and orthodox j*ws are neutral to white gentiles. They are very aware that they are a different group, but the awareness doesn’t cause hatred. “We do what we gotta do, they can do whatever they wanna do” is their attitude.

          And frankly I have come across far more insane white gentiles (usually germanics) who hate whitey and promote BLM, transgenderism, etc. than J’s of any stripe.

          Ofc my word isn’t the Bible on this maybe others have had different experiences.

          • I think you’re right about the germanics. They tend to be protestant. Protestants don’t put Jesus on the cross. Why? Is it YOUR cross?

            Something I’ve wondered about as a non-self-loathing celtic-germanic mutt.

          • I’m an anglo prot. I think the problem is when the cross *goes away*. We have no moderation or middle ground. We’re either very conservative, and zealous for Christ, or pathological degenerates. The term “blondes have more fun” has some truth. Italians don’t seem to go so nuts after being secularized.

            Modern SJW self hatred is literally just a secular inversion of anglo evangelical teaching. Anglo evangelicals are big on talking about our brokenness and sin and evil. Of course we can overcome this through repentance. Therefore our natural self hatred is washed away. Modern Germanic SJW are also self hating and their repentance is negro worship and mass immigration. They must suffer because of their ancestral “sins”.

            There’s so many more parallels too. “Look at this picture of a starving african”. The prot response is to christianize (this will surely solve it), build, or send money to africa. A noble, if naive undertaking. The secular germanic sees the poor african and says we need to invite them in and give them welfare. The list is endless.

            There are also bad white and goodwhite prot churches. The good whites who are still christians are extremely uptight and serious. Classic anglos. The bad white rural churches are alot more demonstrative and dramatic, with alot more “sin” from it’s more impulsive and imperfect congregation… But they make up for it through their zealous repentance and religious fervour.

          • Idk it’s something I wonder about— the urge to be crucified for our ‘sins’. Something I’ve never felt, never gotten from reading the Bible.

            Never got it from my grandparents, either. Irish, Scottish, German; Catholic, Mennonite, Lutheran, but all more American and Christian than anything. Something changed, something introduced guilt, and in my experience Protestants have the zeal for it.

          • Actually I did feel it— in college. Then I decided to not spend time and money on advanced degrees, and the feeling subsided.

            Idk just my observations.

          • The Frankfurt School was a blatantly Jewish project, but its more fervent adherents are, as you write, Gernanic. Parenthetically, most Frankfurt School adherents, Jew and Gentile are blissfully ignorant about the roots of Woke. In one of the crowning ironies of all this, when Woke gets a total grip–it is near–it likely will turn Israel to glass and turn inwardly against Zionists.

            Woke is negative identity as ideology and has the potential for far more death and destruction than its Cultural Marxist daddy .

        • “I don’t think any of them “prize hating the goyim”.”

          Perhaps not, but the Goyim could certainly be forgiven for thinking that. What’s your explanation for the relentless hostility shown by some Jews towards Western Christian society? Most Jews obviously are not Goyim haters, but the general phenomenon has been noted by Jews as diverse as Stephen Steinlight, David Cole, and Larry Auster. And it’s also certainly possible to want to be something, while also hating it – see Blacks feelings about Whites for starters.

          • It seems that it is the Jewish leadership organizations who in essence “hate” White Christians. They make it clear that their objective is to oppose the White Christian majority, purportedly to make it safer for themselves, unlike early 20th century Europe.

            Maybe the average Jew does not hate White Christians, but their leadership does. And since they stay in silence, I’ll equate them to the Germans who stayed silent as the Nazis did their thing.

          • ” What’s your explanation for the relentless hostility shown by some Jews towards Western Christian society?”

            I think those secular jews are mostly communists, who hate Christianity not because of religious reasons, but because commies say “religion is the opiate of the masses”.
            Their hostility arises from their communism, not from any remnant of jewish culture or dogma they might still have.

        • nunnya: Beg to differ. STRONGLY differ. The orthodox DO hate the goyim. They routinely spit on them in their neighborhoods, here, in the UK, and in Israel. They will literally not touch/shake hands (even before the corona hysteria) and consider White Christians subhuman. People who label them ‘conservative’ are missing about 95% of the picture. They vote repuke more than dem because of the neocons and because the dem/pox coalition is, on the whole, antizionist (and because their cult leader/rebbe tells them to). They have multiple children, many of them with immediately identifiable physiognomy and less than stellar IQs – they follow their talmudic rules for marriage and those include many similarities with the Mohammedans (irrelevant who borrowed from whom). Finally, they are heavily involved in welfare and various types of white collar financial fraud. The epitome of the orthodox is the ‘pious scholar,’ who does nothing but study talmudry all day, which requires the goyim to pay for his multiple children.
          The secular are more like the blacks – they both hate and envy Whites. They want to be/claim to be ‘just like everyone else,’ but even better. Special but equal. That envy and hatred still results in the identical outcome – Whites miscegenated out of existence and their history and culture maligned and appropriated.

        • I used to think along similar lines. Alas, I no longer can. I’ve got a very good friend who is a prominent Jewish academic, and he has confided to me–unbidden, I hasten to add–that a high percentage of American Jews bear animosity to gentiles, and that, among other Jews, it is a not uncommon topic of discussion. My friend believes that the Jewish/gentile rivalry has been ongoing since antiquity, and that it continues to this day.

      • Come to think of it, that is one issue we should try and get Evangelicals on board with the DR. It’s no secret they have long supported Israel (the Nation-State.) Of course, the Zionist lobby is happy with that. We need to take the further step, help in bringing God’s kingdom, to assemble all the Jews back in Israel. We can’t do the whole world, but we could send all of America’s back! Hell, some of them already have citizenship and the rest can get it no problem! 😎

        • Ben, “and the rest can get it no problem” simply isn’t true. Despite being “eligible” for it, it is much harder for Jews to get Israeli citizenship than many folks realize, the application process can take years, and even once they have citizenship, it’s often hard to fit in and live there. American Jews have the highest failure rate of assimilation among Jewish immigrants to Israel. That’s one of the reasons for so many dual citizenships, many American Jews of all stripes went there in their idealistic youth, didn’t or couldn’t fit in, and soon left permanently to return to America. The dual citizenship is little more than an artifact. It’s a sore point for many American Jews, to know that they can visit but can’t really make a new life for themselves there.

  25. Positive identity formation usually starts with aesthetics. Commies and…. others…. were quite successful with their initial appeals because they had a distinctive, edgy “look.” It has degenerated into hipsterism and face tackle these days, but everyone still has a distinctive “look” in mind when calling someone an “intellectual” – that look was a deliberate creation of the Bolshies. Social proof gets you most of the rest of the say there – it you’re gonna *look* like a radical, you have to really BE a radical.

    Given that, a good place to start might be “I’m an American-American” or something like that. Look at pictures from 1948, and dress like they do. Listen to Benny Goodman or whatever. The look is the pride is the value system. I realize it can’t be totally backwards looking, but it’s an easy start. Most importantly, it gives people a meaningful excuse to turn off the tv and the smartphone, the two poz nozzles that do 95% of the daily damage.

    • Yes, kill your TV today. Stop rubbing feces in your eyes & ears. TV is not benign. It kills your soul in slow motion & really is that bad.

      • People are already doing exactly that. NFL: multiyear viewership lows; Golden Globes: 60% viewership decline; Grammys: catastrophic 51% ratings fall; NBA: record championship lows. The people are speaking. It’s hard for me to believe all of that is due to Covid-19 when so many people are stuck at home with nothing to do or watch. I mean, why wouldn’t Whites want to watch a Grammys award show where militant black singers win awards for “Juneteenth” albums, twerk like a stripper on stage, celebrate BLM with “hands up” gestures, and demand our people serve as their racial accomplices? /s … I think maybe we’re seeing some kind of cultural decoupling whereby normie Whites simply remove themselves from the presence of these people. I mean, I’m not that old, and I didn’t know any of these singers at the Grammys (nearly all black with a smattering of non-binary, gender fluid people), and what I heard from them was awful. Same with Hollywood. How could anyone in those industries really think they represent anyone outside LA? Even among non-Whites? I can promise you the average black guy cares nothing about the effeminate White guy who’s genderfluid and wears girl’s makeup.

        • Why would anybody watch to watch the grotesque obese mutt “rapping” about “wet ass pussy”.

        • I did see a headline that Beyonce won her 26th grammy. This compares to 7 for the Beatles, 3 of which came after their breakup. That pretty much tells you all you need to know about the current music scene.

      • Excellent treatment of the subject. It is worse than you may realize…
        “Four arguments for the elimination of television”
        by Jerry Mander
        Publication date  1978

    • So no pajamas bottoms in public, check. No flip flops, check.
      What about my backwards ball cap?

      • Today the NYC school system is promoting
        “pajama day”
        all the teachers and students are encouraged to wear pajamas to school.
        Meanwhile, we’re quarantined for a week because one student tested positive last week.

        Now I wonder if the timing of Pajama Day was deliberately chosen to deprecate St Patrick’s.

        • At the end of the day.

          If you’re white, you’re white, and you will be hated, mocked, and inundated into a minority.

          It’s kind of a strange position, everybody from irish to italian to english is now hated and called an oppressor.

          Well, sometimes siblings quarrel or even fight. Now the entire family of european christians are under attack, and it’s time to work as brothers and put aside any previous conflicts (for now) until the existential threat is dealt with.

        • Not sure how they’ll tell the difference. In the way-back days of when I went to high school in the early nineties girls wore whatever they woke up in to school.

    • Poz nozzles. I’m not the best judge of what’s good rhetoric, but I like that and will be using it. Thanks.

    • Agreed on personal aesthetics. I wear a flat-top straight out of 1961 and a fedora straight out of 1951, in no small measure, as a big FU to the aesthetic horror of the present and the egalitarianism that undergirds it. I tend to slightly overdress for the same reason. And I listen almost exclusively to classical music and the American Songbook. As a nice side-dividend, this is all a balm for the aesthetic contusions we experience daily living in this hideous society.

    • There’s a discreet ‘trad’ movement in men’s style. Most of the fellows would swear they aren’t part of Our Thing, but the fact that every trad site quickly starts discussing matters WASP and then generates its very own weeping communist concern-trolls tells you all you need to know. Check out “Ivy Style”, which has traditionally been pretty fun, and even though the former owner has sold on to a team that’s monetizing the site a little more blatantly, you will still find plenty of interest. The trad look is still with us; it’s just a matter of how hard a fellow wants to push it.

      p.s. if you can enable anonymous comments on your site, Severian, I’ll post. Of course, if the trolls are simply too many, well, I understand.

      • The comment policy was a group decision (the other guys don’t post much anymore, but Rotate Chestnuts is a group blog. I’ll bring up changing it the next time we all get together for drinks).

  26. I left Ireland for the US in 1995, when the power of the Church was visibly waning and the country was relatively poor and traditional by western European standards. The Celtic Tiger boom in the economy ushered in Ireland’s first encounter with mass prosperity and embrace of divorce, immigration, diversity etc. The media have completely embraced modern progressive thought, as have the leaders. A recent referendum that approved abortion for the first time was passed two to one and dancing in the streets was observed. On visits home, friends and family are concerned in case my incorrect thoughts are heard out loud. The health dictatorship currently in place rivals that of England. I believe that a majority of people are still normal but that a vocal minority with veto power has seized control as in the US. I do agree somewhat with the negative identity ascribed to the Irish by the Z-man, but like to think that it is not on a par with black Americans.

    • Do you think that changing the laws regarding taxes, corporate governance, residency and citizenship,
      would facilitate the departure of the globalist locusts?
      If the open invitation to multinational corporations disappeared,
      would the non-Irish leave for greener pastures?
      Could ordinary Irish be convinced to vote for those changes to law,
      or is it too far gone? Don’t they still have a majority of the population?

    • Always thought legal abortion is very damaging to society. It’s one of the most foundation underpinnings of modern feminism (which is one of the main pillars of Globohomo).

      Sleeping around is ok. She can always abort it, worst case. A baby would really stop her from being a strong career woman! It’s just not the right time now. She can also abort it, worst case. It gives women the ability to engage in the basest and most destructive impulses. She might not want to abort it but the option is always there. And she will use it if necessary.

      It also gives “Chad” the green light to engage is similarly destructive behaviors. He can sleep around with little risk.

      I’m actually not anti abortion due to the abortion itself; rather due to the can of worms it opens. Everybody knows abortions still happened on the down-low before 1973. But it was harder to get and made women, and especially men, think twice before engaging in sexual acts.

  27. Good post, I agree with most of it

    But just one point, Varadakar was never elected to be Prime minister, he became leader of his party, who at the time were the largest in the parliament, at the next election it took him 5 counts to be re elected, I don’t think that has ever happened. a sitting PM in Ireland will be elected on the first count and his vote will be large enough to elect 2 or 3 party members. he’s not popular and I doubt he will lead his party at the next election, I would bet he will end up working for the EU at some level

    The next new PM (Taoiseach) of Ireland will probably be the Sinn Fein leader, who I suspect will be worse than Varadakar

      • I’m pretty sure that there’s a joke in the combination of a gay Indian and a Cork man.

        • there was a young man from Kent
          whose pecker was twisted and bent
          ..something something…
          instead of coming he went

          • How about:
            There once was a young man from Kent
            Whose pecker was twisted and bent
            And though try as he may
            At the end of the day
            Instead of coming, he went!

            Admittedly the scansion in the 5th line isn’t perfect but over all it works. I did add a syllable/word to the first line because it needed it.

            Oh, and my ancestors got out in time to fight the French and Indians. Been fighting for the flag since before Betsy Ross sewed the first one.

          • I learned it as:

            There once was a man from Ft. Kent
            Whose d1ck was so long that it bent
            To avoid any trouble
            He folded it double
            So instead of coming he went

  28. My now deceased uncle made it his life’s mission to celebrate his irish heritage and all things Irish. He knew the songs, the traditions and certainly the drink. The panic washed over him after I did some family research that part of him may be Scottish. Of course the the two countries did a lot of fraternizing.

    I never got the same feeling being maybe only half, but I do celebrate their hardiness and resolve. Also, the treatment as slave labor (whatever term you like) in America. Other than their contribution of crooked politicians they thrived and contributed much to America.

    Don’t be too hard on their cultural and political surrender today, the U.K. isn’t much better.

  29. I saw Bono and U2 shortly after Trumps election.
    What a God awful political concert.
    After watching that fiasco I was thinking
    Cromwell should have stayed and leveled Ireland.
    But the regular Irish suffer the same as we dissidents here in America and we do need to seek out positive goals and a positive identity.
    Good essay.

    • Well Bono is a rock/pop star so of course he’s on the left, but not when doing his taxes

      • I once saw The Edge – which really has to be one of the worst, douchebag names of all time – mention in an interview that U2 being based in Ireland wasn’t “tax efficient.”

        Pretty Edgy there, David.

      • I had the privilege to see U2 in 1991, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall. USA was ten years into a Republican administration; was Thatcher still in UK power? The circus of Clinton was still two years in the future. Windows 3.1 was brand new. Life was great. Anyway, seemed like a nicer time. Certainly not as politicized as today. Back then, Bono and Co. jetted around trying to feed the teeming poor of Africa or some such errand. It was a drizzly summer day in DC, RFK Stadium (outdoors). A girl standing on her chair ahead of me slipped, falling backwards; I saw it coming, was able to jump into a position and catch her like some gentlemanly hero in a movie. Very likely, I did prevent her serious injury.

    • At a concert, Bono claps his hands during a song and tells the crowd, ‘with every clap, a child dies in Africa’. Somebody yells from the nosebleeds, ‘then stop bloody clapping, wanker!’

    • What the hell were you doing at a U2 concert? It would take a shit-pile of money to convince to sit through their trash.

      • I would have gone to see them pre-90s, and all that Achtung Europa trash. The intro to The Joshua Tree’s opening song, Where The Streets Have No Name is timeless. They recorded precisely one good song after 1988 and that was One, the only good song from Achtung.

        • “War” is a great album. But their music doesn’t justify their insipid political lectures.

  30. If hating your oppressors ends up taking your own people out, then blacks (at least our wondrous american version) should be gone soon – although probably not soon enough, but one can dream. And the majority of right thinking Whites better start thinking about what’s good for them and damn everyone else.

    • Eventually the progs will tire of them. Neither progs nor nogs have a plan for what to do when that happens.

  31. Negative identity is useful as a motivator to achieving your goals, but it can’t THE goal.

    Btw, I always thought that Ireland was a great candidate for stealth invasion. There’s only 5 million people in the country. A couple hundred thousand dissident right Americans who earn the right to vote could easily tip the scales.

    Alas, the Irish that I’ve met seem congenitally SJW. It’s bizarre. They’ve kept their Irish orneriness but have channeled that energy into being the most hardcore liberals that you’ll ever find.

    • Invasion is a terrific idea!
      Thing is, though, I wouldn’t want anything bad to hapen to the current inhabitants. Nevertheless, they are all terminally leftist, so out they must go.

      I propose moving them to Greenland. Lots of room for them & they can bray about global warming, etc. as they huddle in their new igloos.

      We will one day come to call this forced migration, “The Trail of Beers”.
      [apologies to any Cherokee readers ]

      • That’s pretty good. The trail of beers!
        I can see normie conservatives forced to march to re-education sleep overs by rabid SJW ‘s while carrying their big screen TV’s and wearing their football jerseys with jogger names on the back.

      • Or the Trail of Ale. Maybe the Route of Stout. For those with ancestors who were Wild Geese, Irish expats who fought for Napoleon, Le Rue de Brew. We could go on to invent a name for the smacked ass EU pussies who have adopted wine.

    • Puerto Rico might be a better candidate. Displace the natives who are migrating to the continental welfare states anyhow. Way better weather. They might preempt this strategy by turning it into a state though.

      • I’ve thought that a decent idea and it wouldn’t take that much of a migration to take over the place, but it’s short on natural resources, hosts a Navy base, and creating some sort of Singapore-style island that’s built solely on human capital isn’t really our thing.

        • Diego Garcia? In civilian life, one co-worker was ex-Air Force and had been stationed there. He said you could walk around the whole island in a short time. On duty there there were two options. Work. Drink. 😎

          • Please revise above “Work. Drink.” to “There were three activities available. Work, sleep, drink.”

            Latest anecdotal “evidence” on odd posting behavior: On Firefox, I cleared cache & cookies and it’s been much more successful.

  32. Z Man has been subtly promoting/mentioning Fascism lately. We are currently experiencing some kind of next gen Fascism with the merging of Corporations and the Government into one woke religious complex. Or maybe it’s communism.

    Who really knows. There are no leaders. It’s just a bunch people semi-promoting lone wolf attacks without trying to be too obvious.

    I think it’s time for me to move on from this type of content. It’s just the same thing over and over. No real changes. Not high-IQ material. Just pandering to white geezers.

    Maybe try to launch a satellite or cure a disease instead of griping. Lead by example.

    Bye all. Good luck.

    • Before you leave, please wipe the tears from your comment. Wouldn’t want it to smudge.

    • I get your point. Sooner or later, the time for complaining ends and the time for doing begins. Hell, Steve Sailer has been complaining/noticing for 25 years without ever telling anyone to do something.

      That said, there are a lot of newbies finding their way to our side, and they need help.

      But, yes, we all need to start doing things that can help. Personally, I’m at step one, trying to find like-minded people in my area so we can form small groups. I realize that sounds pretty mundane, but it’s a start.

      For others, action might be leaving the country or moving to more rural areas. Those are fine as well as long as we’re all moving from complaining to doing.

      Btw, you can accomplish normal goals in life while trying to help your people. Jews do that everyday.

      Good luck to you.

      • The “I’m tired of talking. We have to do something” stuff is ever followed with “So, here is what I’m doing to help our people.” That guy will respawn as a new character in a while and the cycle will start over again. Never mind that there is a lots of doing happening. So much doing that the FBI has arrested 200 people for doing stuff and they are just getting started.

        • “We just need to do something man” — signed, a guy who totally isn’t a fed.

          Funny how that comment came directly after that massage parlor shooting.

          >”Do what? What do we do?”

          >”Well, what do you think we should do, wink wink? Oh, and could you lean closer to that odd-looking clock when you say it. Enunciate and speak loudly.”

          PS. You should outright ban that guy for good measure. Back-stabbing drama should be an automatic purge. We don’t need trash like that hanging around.

        • True. I read his comment very quickly and upon review, it’s pretty damn douchey.

          But I get the desire of people to want to “do something” rather than just talk, though his comment now seems more like a way to get people to quit altogether. Whatever his motives, it’s good to remind people of what they can do in their own lives to help.

          Also, as you mentioned, the FBI wouldn’t be arresting people nor would Congress be getting ready to pass legislation to attack us if we weren’t getting under their skin.

          What they fear most is Whites is 1) viewing themselves as a people and 2) organizing, even in very small groups. You need the former before you consider the latter.

          Blogs such as this are a way to get Whites to view themselves as a team and to feel alright about rooting for their team. Once they reach that point, they’ll naturally start thinking about organizing, which leads to all kinds of good things.

          In addition to the blogs and podcasts and Gab, the comments also help Joe Normie find his way. The comments show Joe that many other “normal” people like himself – and not just the blog writer – think of themselves as a team and root for that team.

          Basically, what I’m saying is that blogs such as this and the commenters are “doing something.” They’re helping Joe Normie make his way across the great divide. Without that step, nothing else will happen.

          • Organize, but do so quietly. Don’t be stupid planning, or even saying, anything that might get you implicated.

            Meanwhile, in the very unlikely chance you genuinely find yourself in a position to “do something.” Keep your pans to yourself. Do it alone. Don’t leave tracks. And keep your big mouth shut. 🙂

      • It’s hard to meet those like minded people. So far I’ve only met a few guys who are actually on our side, and this was a few years ago before I was fully on our side. We’ve now lost touch.

        I meet some great people through the church groups and religious network. Unfortunately their identity is actually too positive. Their values for raising the next generation of (white) children are solid and they aren’t self hating. But they are weak on the topic of race. They currently seem to be gaining Brazilian mystery meat members – I dunno if they import them here directly or just recruit them once they’re already here. The Brazilians are mostly good people, but they’re not my people and should be in Brazil.

        What I’m also doing is improving my career, and saving money. Doing a personal long march through the institutions, which is valuable given my high iq. Working out alot. Of course this is all individual. Eventually will need the money to raise a large white family.

        And of course, normie urban whites are just insane and suicidal. Right now I’m a dissident team of 1. I’ve met more Jews and chinese who I agree with what I said than whites. But I’m never giving up or discouraging. The day I stop is the day I’m 6 feet under.

      • The main decision is whether to live your life according to agrarian tradition or industrial modernism. If the former, then you have to decide whether you will openly resist modernism or opportunistically subvert it. A lesson to draw from today’s post is that resistance is futile, which means subversion is the better tactic against the current order. However, there’s little point in going contrary to modern industrialism if you enjoy it’s conveniences, as you’ll always eventually surrender to keep your comforts.

      • You just gave me a horrible idea. But fortunately, I would be loathe to give up shellfish, pork, or the option of working on Saturday 🙂

      • The massive permanent vote fraud is the game changer, that hopefully creates a critical mass of normie conversions, since they can no longer claim we can vote our way out of it.

    • “It’s just the same thing over and over. No real changes.”

      Yes, I suppose it is. But as wokism is repetitive I suspect the counter to it must be, too. This is a good place to let of steam and to remind oneself of the eternal struggle – and all it’s repetition.

      “Not high-IQ material.”

      Need it be? Perhaps a year ago, Z posted an essay about jelly beans in relation to how a central bank operates. I sent that one around, it was a good point made in an engaging way.

      “Just pandering to white geezers.”

      Quite so. And all the wonderful things whites have done and will do. And why we ought to be proud of it.

      • It’s not just white geezers. A number of young white guys have a vague idea of what’s up. It’s hard not to be redpilled after sitting through an anti-white diversity seminar at work. Not to mention the white guys are increasingly gravitating towards each other socially.

        Unfortunately the response to the anti white stuff is one of despair or passive acceptance. “Oh well, I guess that’s just how it is…”. Plus with legal weed and tinder you don’t even need to think about it!

        • Absolutely.

          I must confess to interpreting the term ‘geezer’ in an English fashion. This need not apply to an old man, but also a man of any age. Or in fact a good, loyal man: “A diamond geezer” shortened to “A diamond”. I am unaware of how it is used outside London, however. It may well be that the Mancs, Geordies, Brummies and Scousers have their own understanding of it!

          I assume on the North American continent a ‘geezer’ is always an old man?

          • Orange, I’ve always wondered why Sabbath’s young bass player adopted the name “Geezer,” which in the USA means “broken down old man.” Surely, this wasn’t going to help him with the groupies.

            Does “Geezer” have a better connotation in the Old Country?

          • Line, yes ‘geezer’ does have, for a certain class of people, a better connotation in London. It is mainly used (or used to be used) to describe a lad, a man’s man, confident &c by the working classes of London.

            Upper and middle classes may use the term in a derogatory fashion: ‘Be careful, he’s a bit of a geezer’. Perhaps issued as a warning to their daughters that a) he is of lower class status and b) he is probably a womanizer.

            As I said above, the term ‘A diamond’ which is the shortened form of ‘A diamond geezer’ refers to a good bloke. But this would be used exclusively by working class London whites. Perhaps other races also use it this way, but I have not seen it.

    • I will suggest to you that the primary benefit of this blog is that it is educational. Secondarily, it is a safe place to vent, which can be therapeutic. Beyond that, it is not, and should not be, a place to promote ideas that will get you thrown in prison in a heartbeat. The latter is just plain stupid. So if you’re looking for maximum stupid; then yes, you should go elsewhere.

    • High IQ material? Please enlighten us all with the link to your forth coming think piece on blogs of the right that meet your discerning standards and those that do not. Remember to use lots of insider jargon.

  33. You mentioned Michael Collins, a favorite Irish rebel of mine. If for no other reason than as a cautionary tale, it is noteworthy to point out that the history of the Troubles was marked by constant infighting and splits within the IRA and the myriad other dissident groups struggling against the purported enemy, the Brits. Collins was able to negotiate this morass and won freedom for all but the six northern counties; for his trouble, deValera’s faction had him assassinated for selling out.

    • There is a good argument that the real reason he was killed is the IRA could never exist in peace. Anyone with a positive vision for the Irish, standing as equals with the rest of the European people, was more of a threat to the Irish “patriots” than the British. You see this today on our side. The negative identity crowd always attacks those who promote a positive idea.

      • Zman — objectively it is not true that the Irish then had a negative identity. The Gaelic Revival starting in the late 1800s led to the revival of Gaelic sports, the Gaelic language, world renowned playwrights and poets such as James M. Synge and Sean O Casey. Not to mention Yeats. The Irish government to this day supports Gaelic language, sports such as hurling (no jokes please) and the like.
        I would instead argue that what ruined Ireland was in no particular order:
        A. Managerial insecurity replacing ownership of land/business.
        B. The freedom of women to replace their menfolk with violent/sexy foreigners.
        C. Global finance supercharging both the power and insecurity of the managers A above.
        D. Mass media oriented towards women supercharging them into poz.

        It is notable that the places resistant to the Poz such as Hungary, Poland, Russia, Japan, to some minor extent Israel (though there it is an open question if they will have open borders) are relatively poor, or have language or other barriers to globalization, have lesser position of women, and don’t have a massive manager class.

    • Collins was killed in 1922, Ireland was split in 1925, Collins and others expected a much smaller Northern Ireland, 2 maybe 3 counties, I’m not sure if he would have agreed to the 6 county split

  34. At some point, the Irish Catholic began to identify with the universalism of his church more than with his own blood-and-soil ethnicity. I once heard an Irish radical from the Bay Area declare – speaking of the WASPS – that the reason they, the Irish, were hated was because of their catholicity. Essentially, he was admitting that the Irish Catholic possessed a negative identity. This Irishman was more concerned about why the Irish were hated than with why they could rarely assimilate effectively. It was an interesting version of the “race card” he was using. And indeed, you’ll find many Irish Catholics falling back on that old oppression canard. I sometimes think that the Irish will commit mass miscegenation before they will even THINK about joining forces with other whites to protect themselves from the coming diversity storm.

    • In what way did the Irish not assimilate effectively in the US? I’ve always thought of them as having done so at least as well any other people in terms of culturally integrating into the country they emigrated to.

      • Maybe that’s true today, but in colonial times most of the Irish came here as indentured servants or transported convicts which likely set up social barriers. (People forget that the reason the Brits started sending convicts to Oz was that the Americans prevailed in the Revolution.) Then you have to consider that pre- Vatican II RC’s were not really encouraged to assimilate to the then overwhelmingly Protestant culture. The parochial school system gained hold at least in part because they feared assimilation.

        • “People forget that the reason the Brits started sending convicts to Oz was that the Americans prevailed in the Revolution.”

          I’d give more upvotes for this if I could. There were a significant number of Irish carted over to Australia and Tasmania. I believe the first settlement on the coast of Western Australia was an effectively all Irish one.

    • Epaminonondas, as a little chap in protestant England, I don’t recall anyone being fussed about the Irish as such. But Catholics were definitely distrusted. ROMAN Catholics, was the expression. And while I never got any sense of hate for Catholics among the WASPS, just a mild sense of them not being Our Kind, I certainly remember some hate coming from the Appalachians. I suspect that goes back to the old Scots-Irish business. So perhaps your Bay Area radical was partly on the right track. Of course, plenty of people would hate him just for being a Bay Area radical, but where’s the victimhood in that?

  35. The flintiest people on earth are not the Irish, but the Scots. That’s how “scotch“ tape got its name.

    • Is Scrooge McDuck still a cartoon?

      Or is that a racist stereotype? God, I miss ethnic humor. Everyone is so damned offended all the time.

    • Yes, although in USA another ethnic group often is portrayed as the skinflints 🙂 I suppose it was a Scotsman who proposed making only one-sided tape or paper, as he duly noted that in common use, only one side of the two-sided material was actually used, therefore there was 50% waste. The proposal never got funding because they were too frugal 😀 While that’s a silly joke taking indecent liberties with topology, here’s some real history: In the early 1970s, the Federal government, at least DoD, somebody got the brilliant idea to save money by switching from 8.5×11″ standard letter size paper to 8×10″. Of couse, that required massive adjustments to copiers and numerous other mechanisms. The plan was abandoned pretty quickly, leaving plenty of now-useless 8×10″ blank paper to be taken home by employees so pre-teen children could scribble upon it 🙂

      • I wonder if it’s the underlying Calvinism that does it. The cheapest, greediest goyim I’ve ever known have been Scotsmen and Dutchmen. I used to be a member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (an American fundie denomination), and I’ve known immigrants from both countries that were disgracefully, shockingly, cheap. Fundamentalist, Sunday-sabbath keeping Calvinists. I had to get out of that church before my soul dried up 50 years before my body dies.

    • One day someone made fun of a kilt, and the Scot in question grew irate enough to invent the Caber Toss.

  36. Ireland’s Project 2040 promises to import a million Africans.

    I’ve started to wonder how much of this type of insanity is driven by American imperialism, direct and / or cultural.

      • I’m still befuddled by the lack of contrariness in our nominal allies. All the while I was growing up much of Europe made it a point to see what America wanted, and do the opposite; but now they all seem to want to scramble on board Uncle Sam’s Big Train of Poz.

      • America is the Great Satan. The Muslims were correct all along.

        The traditional white Americans are, of course, not the Great Satan, only those who conquered them and wore their skins.

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