Lessons In Identity

One of the reasons conservatives preach against identity politics is they believe it contradicts republican virtue. In a republic, people are supposed to be supremely loyal to the institutions of the republic. The men that hold office are not what matters, but rather, the office itself. You are supposed to respect the office, even if the man in the office is not respectable. This is why preventing low character people from holding office is important, as it diminishes the respect for the office.

Identity politics, in the conservative formulation, is tribalism and that means the tribe comes before everything else. A person who puts his tribe ahead of all else will sacrifice the office he holds or the political system itself, if it is good for his tribe. This is why conservatives moan about identity politics. They think it is un-American. They are not entirely wrong on this point. This is clear with the Jonathan Pollard case. His primary loyalty is to his people, so he spied for Israel.

For obvious reasons, conservatives will never use a case like this when moaning about the dangers of identity politics. Instead, they direct their anger at the white people who have been supporting them for decades but getting ruined as a result. Alternatively, they will gently chastise the Left for firing-up the blacks with fantastical claims about supernatural racism. They are not directing their wrath at the blacks, of course, but at the white people they say are responsible for it.

The Pollard case, however, is an excellent example of identity politics, both the positive and negative manifestations. Pollard claims that “If you’re outside Israel, then you live in a society in which you are basically considered unreliable.” This is a version of, “if they are going to call you a Nazi, you may as well be a Nazi.” In other words, Pollard believes Jews have no choice but to be unreliable and subversive in their hosts countries, because that is the role carved out for them.

This is a great example of negative identity. Pollard thinks all diaspora Jews are defined in their opposition to their host population. This means a big part of who they are is controlled by exogenous forces. If they are in Asia, then their anti-Asian attitudes will come to define them, but if they are in America, it is un-Americanisms. Pollard is defining diaspora Judaism in the same way Woody Allen defined it in the movie Zelig, in which the main character was nothing more than a chameleon.

On the other hand, Pollard points out that to be a Jew is to first and foremost have a loyalty to the tribe and to Israel. In fact, it is this loyalty to Israel that defines the Jew wherever he may find himself. This is a positive identity. Loyalty to Israel and maintaining the cultural habits of the Jewish people, no matter the environment, is what defines the Jewish person. If all the non-Jews died tomorrow and there were only Jews left on the planet, this would still control Jewish identity.

This duality to identity points out something important. If all non-Jews did die off, then that positive Jewish identity would quickly weaken. After all, loyalty to Israel would not mean much when there is no longer a threat to Israel or the Jewish people. Without some comparison and competition, this identity would grow weak. As those familiar with the Hebrew Bible know, the great threat to Israel was always internal. Those secondary identities are what come to dominate in such a condition.

On the other side of the coin, a strong identity turns negative when the group is surrounded by an alien identity. For example, Pollard’s casual assumption that Jews must be seen as unreliable by host populations. Therefore, being a good Jew means working to undermine the host population. What he is suggesting, at least in the case of Jews, is that being a minority population is unhealthy. A minority group with a strong group identity will inevitably become self-destructive.

This duality of group identity is why Europe, despite massive efforts to the contrary, maintains national identity. Net out the tens of millions of alien immigrants and the majority of native people are strong nationalist. The reason for this is Europeans are close enough to one another to notice the differences. There is plenty of competition between European people to maintain the group identity. It is why immigration is important to the European project. It dilutes nationalism.

In North America, identity in the form of nationalism never gained a strong purpose until the 20th century and that was largely artificial. What it means to be American was never a topic of conversation until the 20th century, because it never needed to be. Your local identity was much more important. Even racial identity was never strong, because blacks were small in number and never a real threat. This is why white identity never developed in North America. Non-whites were never competition.

All of this is quickly changing. The invasion from the south will intensify nationalist identity in Europe to the point where whites preaching against it will be laughed off the stage by white Europeans. The weakening of the European consensus is clear when you look at what is happening in ruling class politics. Here and there the view of immigrants and their role in Europe is changing. Denmark and France are two recent examples of where the consensus is starting to shift toward nationalism.

In America, the white population is so beaten down by decades of anti-white agitation that the recovery is much slower. Whites have been conditioned to never take any side, especially their own, but that is changing. The latent sense of identity is flowing into proxy issues like populism and gun ownership. These issues lack an explicit white identity, but they have a strong implicit one. They are white identity with training wheels and in time these will become more explicitly white issues.

The truth is like a body. No matter how well you try to hide it, it eventually turns up, usually at an unexpected time. Ethnic and racial identity are truths of the human condition, so they can never be forgotten, no matter how well buried. That is the truth of the Pollard case now floating to the surface. Identity is about trust. A people can only trust their own people. As racial and ethnic distance grows, the trust declines, which is why peaceful separation is the natural order of mankind.

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151 thoughts on “Lessons In Identity

  1. Only sports team loyalties really matter, amirite? TV man sayeth so.

    Patriots delenda est.

    See how it works?

  2. There’s a sleight of intellectual hand in this piece.

    How did American “whites” come to be white? When the Irish showed up, were they “white?” Not according to the WASPS. What about the Eyeties, the Pollacks, the Ruskies? Now they’re white too. And lo and behold, there are now anti-white whites.

    Abe Cohen was the Jewish guy who ran the shoe store on Main Street. Now he’s the white guy who runs the shoe store on Main Street. Saturday night finds him at the bar with his pals at the Sons of Italy, not at the bar with his “co-religionists” at the Sons of Israel. American Jews are shrinking in number and will soon be gone except for the Orthodox no more numerous than the Amish and Mennonites and equally concentrated geographically.

    There’s nothing inherent in Jewish tribalism. You’ll have to exclude and start persecuting them to re-develop that tribal consciousness. Remove the threat to Israel and Israel will rather quickly become Palestine.

  3. A media practice I awakened to decades ago involves the word “Community.” While the terms “Black Community”, “Hispanic Community”, and “Asian-American Community” are used frequently, you never, ever hear of a “White Community!” This is not, and has never been, a mere oversight. Just like the supposedly-comedic Smart Black/Stupid White TV commercials I’ve been ranting about for decades, this media policy is a long term psyop against whites. And it has succeeded beyond their wildest dreams! They’ve psychologically castrated us!

  4. “Loyalty to Israel and maintaining the cultural habits of the Jewish people, no matter the environment, is what defines the Jewish person.”

    To wit: loyalty to the USA and maintaining the cultural habits of the American people, no matter the environment, is what defines and American person.

    This is the Great Secession going on in the country. I think a lot more people than we realize are deciding to behave like Americans because that explicitly defines them as anti-Globalist or anti-Communist or whatever term of art you like to use for the non-Americans who have infected our country.

    I watch that video of the 13 and 15 year old black girls in D.C. robbing some Privileged Minority out on an Uber Eats deliver, and I am reminded that there are places where Americans DO NOT LIVE.

  5. Not sure if this qualifies as a ‘quibble’, but: “…As racial and ethnic distance grows, the trust declines, which is why peaceful separation is the natural order of mankind”….

    ..peaceful separation? I wouldn’t put those two words together in the same sentence.

  6. Ein Volk.
    So simple even a jew can understand.
    Exactly WTF is wrong with white people, it totally evades them, in the name of political correctness imposed upon them by their (((tribal))) handlers.

  7. Robin “White Fragility” DeAngelo: NPR Interview 2000: “When you change your understanding of what it means to be racist, you will no longer be defensive. It’s actually liberating. It’s transformative. You know, you can stop defending, deflecting, denying, explaining away, giving all the evidence for why you are different and couldn’t possibly have been impacted by the society you live in.”

    That creepy therapeutic cult leader vibe. Reminds me of those old B-movies where the wicked doctor sticks a syringe in the troublesome patient and patient becomes limp and complaint and starts sobbing on the doctor’s chest saying how sorry his is.

    • To take from a hardcore band’s name. All Robin DeAngelo’s words add up to is War from a Harlots Mouth.

  8. “Pollard thinks all diaspora Jews are defined in their opposition to their host population.”
    Actually exactly the opposite……that Jews are defined by the opposition of their host population to them. How many countries have they been expelled from through the centuries?

    • What’s the difference? Either way they’re defined by not getting along with their hosts.

      • The Jews who killed both the Lord Jesus and the prophets and persecuted us; they displease God and are hostile to everyone… 1 Thess 2:14-15

        The most antisemitic book ever written is the New Testament.

  9. The doublethink of holding both positive and negative identity can be summed up by La Raza’s slogan:

    “For our Race- everything;
    For the others- nothing.”

    • “A people can only trust their own people.”

      Is that so? White anti-white racists have thrown out the rule books and especially that axiom.

      • That’s what keeps flipping me when it comes to white identity. We betray our own with such fierceness that there’s obviously an ulterior agenda at work.

        My current theory is that the Ivy League created a society and early life for our rulers completely separated from, and parasitic upon, their parent society.

        It’s very bad for a society when 1. it offers a reliable path to power over others and 2. it insulates those who travel that path from being peers with normal people.

      • Working class Whites hang tight. It’s the rich comfortable country club whites who ‘ve become traitors, fuck em, they’ll get their jab and be dead soon. No loss, the bright side of the jew fake plague, the mind fuck dystopia…is now we all know where we stand.

  10. White identitarians aren’t allowed to be public. Either vocally or visually. Making us an unseen nonentity-entity. Made invisible to our own side, so we’ll feel we’ve got no ranks. And definitely no critical mass. The Left signal their strength-in-numbers constantly. Through hipster, BoHo, or queer attire. Or just their POC skin color.

    We could convey a look too. Mostly to bat-signal fellow travelers. But partly to let Lefty know that THIS white guy was just rude, uncooperative, or belligerent, for a reason. Not because he’s Trumpy. But because he’s far worse than that. Maga hats, American flag t-shirts, etc. are useless and obvious CivNat stuff. We need a subculture look that builds a reputation (fearsome stigma) slow on the down-low.

    (And as a practical matter, during system breakdown, riots, urban chaos, we’ll need to identify each other. Friend or foe. A secret sartorial look.)

    I say we go metal. Metal band t-shirts. But not popular metal. You can’t just be another doofus in a Metallica t-shirt. No common metal. Only rare metals. Black metal. Such t-shirts are available on the net. Swedish death metal bands with darkly Nordic names would work. Amon Amarth. Marduk. Bathory. Necrony. Volturyon. Makrodex.

    • Hardcore band t-shirts would work too. At one time they were known for a certain rightwing ethos. Some options: Facebreaker. Mr. Death. Bad Brains. Matricide. The White Noise. Misery Index. Hatebeak. Toxic Reasons. Dance Club Massacre. Napalm Death. Jerry’s Kids. Chronic Disorder. Cerebral Ballzy. The Stalin. Vatican Commandos. The Proletariat. No Bragging Rights. Revenge of the Psychotronic Man.

      • Others: Pig Destroyer. 100 Demons. Vitamin X. Dahmer. Minor Threat. Unholy Grave. Septic Death. Leftover Crack. Leukemia. One King Down. General Surgery. Brutal Truth. Final Conflict. Cancer Bats. Ultimatum.

        • And lastly. Four hardcore bands that when read as a sentence could sum up our situation: Middle Class. Dead Milkmen. Made of Coal. Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire.

      • Dude, Napalm are hardcore Leftists. I even recall them having a supporting link to the SPLC’s website not too long ago.

    • I can’t stand metal. Can we accept Merle Haggard as an alternative for country boys on this side of the divide?

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  12. Hey, Zman. I just heard today that Baltimore will no longer be prosecuting “minor” crimes, including drug-dealing and public defecation.

    You should organize a shit-in. Have a whole bunch of White people show up in front of the mayor’s house and all take dumps right in front of her house.

    • I announced on Gab that I was opening the Z Man House of Narcotics and Prostitution. Of course, in this age of Covid and because we’re all in this together, we will be offering contactless delivery. Because science.

  13. Truth is over-rated. Special Operations Command now has a Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer. Who tweeted a photoshopped picture of Mustasche Man holding a bible like Trump. Diversity Uber Alles and the purge of White men from Spec Ops in preparation for the comprehensive solution to White men has begun.

    Macron in Paris is in panic mode. He’s introduced a series of measures clamping down on Islam and Social Justice … not out of fear of Le Pen who he can beat easily the way Biden beat Trump: phony ballots. But an Islamist/African coup. About 60% of males in France ages 15-30 are either African or Muslim or both. They have the manpower and dominate the security services and army to institute direct rule. Macron had been paying them off with taxes on the deplorables (hence the Yellow Vest tax revolts) but that’s gone now, and he’s run out of money to pay them not to overthrow him. Its likely in vain, an Islamic Republic is probably in the works for France within a few years, absent massive changes.

    And that will roll on to Italy, Spain, Portugal, the UK, Ireland, the low countries, Scandinavia, and Germany, all of which are likely to have African or Muslim led coups. And all of which will see most of the European men get Uighur treatment at best and their women handed over as sex slaves to the conquerors. The US under Harris will certainly send troops to back up the new conquerors.

    • Islamic Republic is probably in the works for France within a few years, absent massive changes.

      And that will roll on to Italy, Spain, Portugal, the UK, Ireland, the low countries, Scandinavia, and Germany, all of which are likely to have African or Muslim led coups.

      If only there were a leader who could conquer the continent and unite it for the White race….

      • “…Italy, Spain, Portugal, the UK, Ireland, the low countries, Scandinavia, and Germany, all of which are likely to have African or Muslim led coups.

        If only there were a leader who could conquer the continent and unite it for the White race….”

        out of all those countries scandinavians will be the lucky ones, Russia will occupy northern europe and cleanse it cause it wants its border countries(in the west) to be christian & white.

        Germany is 50/50 cause it’s close to eastern europe.

        the rest of the countries are fucked

    • It sure sucks being right all the time. I’ve been predicting for many years the future of Europe. It’s a no brainer, really. Demographics are destiny.

      Oh well. Better to be a white man in USA / Canada, large places with cold weather and plenty of guns. Than to be in an overpopulated shithole like France and have no guns.

      The new diverse military will be the ones confiscating your guns and protecting the ruling class. Disobedient white men will be shot on sight – and the vibrants with machine guns are more than happy to do the job.

      • Our demographics are worse in the sense of number of Whites, but Europe’s situation is worse in the sense of the types of non-Whites that they have.

        Mexicans and Guatemalans are one thing. Muslims and Africans are another.

    • Might want to lay off the whiskey, Whiskey. I’ve poked around the French numbers before. Births in France are probably ~25% Muslim and another 5-8% non-Muslim African. The sickle cell testing shows that it could be as high as 40% non-white.

      These are terrifying numbers, but they’re not 60% of men between age 15 and 30. That figure is probably between low 20s and 30 percent. There will no Islamic takeover of France anytime soon, much less the rest of Europe.

      That said, France probably has another decade or so before it’s cooked. By that point, 40% to 50% of births will be Muslim and/or African. And those kids will grow up. (I’d suspect that Belgium is in similar shape.)

      England is in better shape, though it’s heading down the same path so maybe it’s 25 years away from where France will be in ten. Sweden is also is bad shape, but they’re so pathetic that I just don’t care.

      • I will never understand why your standard issue Englishman didn’t cleanse his homeland of Pakis after Rotherham. Or die trying.

        • And where the feminists during Rotherham? They could gave nagged the Muslims into surrender as they have white males. Instead, they deserted those little girls.

      • It’s a good metaphor for whiskey’s posts in general… 60% of men aged 15-30 aren’t Muslim in France… But he’s not really that far off either and it will come to pass in the near future as you mentioned.

        He has slight exaggerations but I’m increasingly agreeing with his extreme blackpill takes.

        Oh well. I’m never giving up no matter how bad it seems.

    • We agree that there will be an Islamic republic/Islamic uprising in a European country in the next 15 years or so. However, I strongly disagree that it will roll on to other countries in Europe. Once that first country falls (very well might be France), whites in those other countries will wake up. Nothing less will do it. That will finally wake up the masses to the lie that Muslims wish to assimilate and embrace democracy.

  14. Hi IQ is associated with the ability to understand principles, universals, and disinterested and objective transcendent truths. *For some reason,* identity politics is the negation of this, rooted as it is in the concrete, local, anecdotal, and emotional.

  15. Great piece,
    You’ve probably burned a few bridges here but they were bridges you’d long since crossed and you’ve pissed a bunch of all the right people.
    It’s a keeper.

  16. Social trust is becoming extinct, and that is no trivial thing. The spring is winding tighter with each passing day and the accumulated deadfall is a conflagration waiting on a match. And DC is Hell-bent on crashing the economy with a vengeance and triggering Civil War 2.0. The hurricane is on the horizon and there is a reason why ammo is nearly impossible to find. Kill the TV, stock the larder, practice your aim.

    • Practicing your aim is getting harder for the Volksturm. Dollar a round add’s up quickly. Last time on the range, folks came to see me when they heard the firing. I’m used to it, most have never seen full-auto practice. However the question the time was, “…where’d you get the ammo…”? They were probably thinking, “damn Boomer”, but I’m used to that here. 😉

      • The range is the best place to build community in the DR. Most everyone you meet is rational, even-tempered, serious, and diligent.

          • If it is they’re running seriously deep cover. Waste of time anyway. People who frequent the range generally aren’t stupid hotheads who’d get caught up in fed games.

          • Nothing against the gun range. Just saying, if you’re the government and you want to infiltrate right-wing groups. You’re probably gonna send a few undercover agents to the gun range.

  17. “For example, Pollard’s casual assumption that Jews must be seen as unreliable by host populations. Therefore, being a good Jew means working to undermine the host population.”

    I reject that j*uw’s vomiting argument, j*uws don’t spread degeneracy in european countries to prevent anti-semitism, they do cause middle easterners in general, not only the israelites, are obssessed with the white races, they’re jealous of us and they want us enslaved to their filthy will.

    Their reasoning isn’t really that much different from that of a jogger’s.

  18. “This is why conservatives moan about identity politics. They think it is un-American.”

    That’s because they’ve been brainwashed. Like the nice Midwesterner who forgets that their “nice” town was created by hard men who killed or chased off the natives and who made sure that only Whites lived in the area, conservatives forget that American used to mean White Christian. The institution, in fact, did come after race and religion in priority.

    As I’ve often said, White Americans – but, particularly, White conservatives – are like trust fund kids who have no concept of what it took to let them live their privileged life. They forget or are ashamed of the ruthlessness of their forefathers. But nature – that merciless bitch – hates a pussy.

    • Conservatives are not so much brainwashed as bribed and intimidated by the Israel-first lobby…in many States, it is now illegal to criticize Israel…even the CCP doesn’t have that kind of power…

      • I think that it’s a little of both, at least for GOP politicians.

        As to White conservative voters, it’s almost completely brain-washing. 99% of White conservatives are all-in on Israel and wouldn’t dream of saying a bad word about our best ally in the world.

        • I’m consistently let down by supposedly conservative white men. They really do believe in the race blind ideology. Many “conservatives” churches are heavily promoting vibrant immigrants. Just because Juan from Guatemala wears a suit doesn’t mean he’s the same as us.

          Ironically white liberals might just have a better grasp on racial differences than conservatives do. They see the disparities clearly but their diagnosis of the racial cause, plus response is totally wonky.

    • I think it’s the White leftists who forget where they came from. It’s all those White leftist chicks in BLM/Antifa riots who hate there own, not Midwestern conservatives. It’s the silver spoon White women and their cuckold “male” counterparts that march against Whites and paint black lives matter on the streets Whites fought for and built.

      Conservatives, while conserving nothing at least don’t march with black communists and White fascists.

      • White women are happy getting railed by black dick. And if he beats her up every now and than, she’s still happy because at least she has a man who doesn’t take any shit.

        As for the white “men” on the Left, I still can’t figure out what they are getting out of this. Maybe they are perfectly fine with getting genocided, as long as the white men who bullied them in high school ends up in the ditch too?

  19. I’ve got to disagree slightly on the point that white identity was absent in the 19th century in America. In many places in the Cotton Belt, negroes were upwards of 80 percent of the population, and slave revolts were a perennial fear, and a real threat. It’s not a coincidence that a white Southern nationalist identity was shared not only by upper class planters but poor Southerners in what became the Confederacy. I had an ancestor who in 1812, named his daughter Unity. His grandson had a daughter born in 1850. He named her Southern.

    • My personal family favorite is “Hannibal Xenophon …..” followed by “Azro Amos”. There was an interesting burst of creativity in the first half of the 1800s.

    • I’ve got to disagree strongly.

      Z is an insightful and intelligent man, but he couldn’t be more wrong when he says “In North America, identity in the form of nationalism never gained a strong purpose until the 20th century and that was largely artificial. What it means to be American was never a topic of conversation until the 20th century…”

      In fact the Founders were ultra “white nationalists.” In his Farewell Address of 1796, Washington wrote:

      “The name of American, which belongs to you in your national capacity, must always exalt the just pride of patriotism more than any appellation derived from local discriminations. With slight shades of difference, you have the same religion, manners, habits, and political principles. You have in a common cause fought and triumphed together; the independence and liberty you possess are the work of joint counsels, and joint efforts of common dangers, sufferings, and successes”


      “Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence (I conjure you to believe me, fellow-citizens) the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake, since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government…”

      Americans were plenty “nationalist” right from the 1790s. What changed in the 20th century was that a now-unlimited Federal Leviathan defined “nationalism” came to be defined as “imperialism and militarism.” This was a reversal of 130 years of policy under the Monroe Doctrine, and a rejection of Madisonian federalism and agrarianism.

      True, the Federal Leviathan used modern technology and propaganda (along with arrests of draft evaders and dissidents like Debs) to artificially manipulate the masses into accepting the “New Nationalism.”

      But nationalism surely did exist before that…

  20. The Jews have their ancient but obsolete religion and the white Europeans have their ancestral Homeland. We are adrift. Race is not going to hold us together. We’re going to have to look to the New Covenant. This is going to be difficult for a lot of people that have been generationally programmed to treat it with disdain and contempt

    • The New Covenant? You must be joking.

      I’m not hostile to Christianity at all, but Christianity has been dead in Europe for decades and the US is following their lead.

      There has to be some unifying cultural force going forward, yes, but it’s not going to be something like this…which frankly people only believe because they were indoctrinated as children (which isn’t necessarily bad).

      The Religion of Woke is trying this now, but like communism before it will fail because it’s so contrary to society and human nature. Race, for better or worse, is a much more primal urge, and when/if a baseline is reset, it will start here.

      Even “woke” is dominated by race, and racial hierarchies.

      • Now I’m not kidding. This is where the strength is. It doesn’t seem that way now but it is. Jesus always chooses the weak to make his points.

        • I respect that immensely, and faith in Christ, particularly the old school, High Lutheran Protestant variant speaks to my soul.

          But so did Conservatism, republic forms of government, and Constitutional democracy. They are all failed gods.

      • You ain’t wrong, monarchies were always there to shield christian countries from foreign ideologies, without royals i can’t see this religion withstanding the Agenda.

        The most christian of all empires, the byzantine empire, abandoned christianity very quickly when turks took over. It ain’t hard to imagine people abandoning christianity if they’re forced to face persecution.

        • All the armies of Europe failed to halt Attila the Hun. It was Pope Leo I, without an army, that got him to retreat

        • In the early Middle-Ages yes. Later, no. By the time of the battle of Lepanto, European royalty was mostly butchering each other over strips of land while they let the Turk’s reach ever expand. France and Venice even tried to cut a deal with the Ottoman sultan by betraying all of Europe for a better trade deal.

          We came very close to losing Vienna in 1683 because most European royalty could not work together. So it came down to the Poles to step up.

          Lets not forget England who repeated came to the Ottoman’s aid as Czarist Russia was getting ready to kick them out of the Balkans.

          Christianity was the bulwark up until the Left and gays infiltrated it back in the 1950’s and poisoned many churches as a result. You know the same groups that now run the U.S.

          • The English were playing ‘The Great Game’ with Russia and my enemy’s enemy etc etc.
            I think we may still be playing it.

          • “We came very close to losing Vienna in 1683 because most European royalty could not work together. So it came down to the Poles to step up.”
            that’s irrelevant, i’m not talking about christian countries helping each other out or not, i’m talking about common folk being defended or being forced to convert to a certain religion by their elites. When elites changed in the eastern empire so did the religion of the commonfolk, pretty easy to understand.

          • There is one other group that besides the gays and the Leftists that have worked tirelessly to undermine and cuck Christendom.

        • the Turkish invasion was an invasion of a nomadic people over hundreds of years. the fall of Constantinople was a result of hundreds of years of migration, not a switch that was flipped.

    • Whitney, while I share your Christian belief, I strongly disagree that faith is stronger than race in holding people together. History demonstrates that race (or ethnicity or tribalism, take your pick) is a much more basic instinct. Trad Catholic E. Michael Jones argues, as you do, that shared Christianity is more important than race. But Nigerian ‘Christians’ share no history or culture and only minimal genetics with a White European Christian. Neither does a Korean ‘Christian.” The Christian faith has always accrued cultural nuances from various localities, and the faith as practiced by Europeans is not the same faith as practiced elsewhere; talk of Christian universalism is just that . . . talk. Try visiting a Chinese ‘Christian’ church in the US and see how far your unity in faith gets you. Same in a black church.

      The only part I can agree on is that those who treat Christianity with contempt will be a disruptive force. I can disagree with but respect those who don’t believe, or hold to various older folk beliefs, but who still recognize the enormous impact Christianity has had on Western Civilization. Those who sneer at “dead god on a stick” or disdain believers as needing a “sky daddy’ are hostile to White civilization, no matter their own skin color.

      • Masculine Christianity can have a place in white civilization. Not everyone has to believe the faith but it can have a beneficial role.
        Race will Trump Christianity in a war of tribes which is why tribes should live seperatly and peaceably the original Christian apostles never preached that pagan tribes should all mix together as the doctrine of Christ.
        I do not read that Paul encouraged the Gauls to crash Roman borders for the sake of “diversity”.
        Just because today’s progressives want men in sundresss, and open borders, and fly rainbow flags does not mean a true masculine form of Christianity cannot function and help a white civilization have meaning.

      • Nowhere in the any Catholic catechism (and I don’t consider anything written after 1958 Catholic) will you find the word ‘racism’ or White Supremecy. There is nothing in Catholic writing that says the separation of the races is evil. Catholic writers from the 19th cent and earlier, like Dom Prosper Geuranger, are always talking about the pride of race, and distinct peoples.

        The only difference is we don’t say that other races cannot be saved, or are not worthy of salvation. Thats all it means. I would suggest that it is evil to imply that there by moral law, be a disgusting blending of the races. How sick.

        Catholicsm is very earthy, it could not promote a racial program like the one that is being pushed on us Whites.

      • 3g, you have merely defined “White civilization” as a Christian civilization, but Christianity has problems which make it unfit for cultivating a durable, harmonious unity. For example, it was refuted by Greek science centuries BEFORE it was developed and promoted among the masses. Read about the works of Aristarchus of Samos and Eratosthenes of Cyrene, to give just two examples. Their scholarship, though not entirely accurate and surely not complete, was adequate to show that the cosomology of Genesis 1 is a hoax.

        We live on a rotating spheroid which revolves around another object, the Sun. The latter is far greater in size than both Earth and Moon and is located much farther away than the Moon. This was known long before the birth of Jesus, who was surely ignorant of his place even on his best days. We do not live, as alleged in Genesis 1, under a rakia (firmament) that was set in the midst of a great body of water to serve as a dome holding back water above the rakia. It’s not true, as claimed in Genesis, that the Moon, the Sun, and the other stars are attached to a firmament and, thus, located at the same distance from the Earth. Yet without Genesis’ firmament (i.e. shomayim, aka heaven), there can be no ascensions of Elijah and Jesus to the promised heaven. If ever those two people existed, their bodies remained on Earth in the midst of their ignorant, chauvinist relatives.

        Modern astronomy and cosmology have advanced so much since ancient times that we have abandoned also the heliocentric cosmology of Aristarchus and concluded that the cosmos has neither any center nor any edge. The alleged ascensions are strictly impossible, which is bad news also for fans of the Mahabarata, which has its own ascension myth.

        Another problem for Christianity is that it can’t bear any significant scrutiny from Jews who know that Christians rely upon a twisted, false interpretation of the maschiach prophesy. Christians have made several errors here. For example, the maschiach is required to be a biological descendant of David who is conceived in the regular way. Christians, however, openly contradict that prophesy with a story about Jesus’ father being not a human at all but the god of Genesis 1 (which, again, has been exposed as a lie). Since the foundational religion tests the building erected atop it, Christianity must be false. We could rely upon this conclusion even if we didn’t have astronomy and cosmology to guide us.

        So, if anyone is “hostile to White civilization”, it must be those people who demand that lightskinned Caucasians tolerate a recidivism to Christianity. Every such divider demands, in effect, that we take the side of ignorance, extreme delusion, and a crude Semitic superstition which, contrary to popular perception, is more secular and more sensualist than its promoters would care to admit when preaching bodily resurrection.

        • Z-man had this sort of argument in mind when he spoke disparagingly of the modern deference to expertise and the requirement to anchor one’s preferences to the received wisdom of others.

          • Vizzini, your cultish reply falls short of a coherent rebuttal. Try again, but leave out your childish demonization. In fact, don’t liken yourself to the fake maschiach. It’s unseemly.

            Instead of all that stuff, let’s have your explanation about how many lightyears the bodies of Elijah and Jesus traveled to get to the alleged rakia (the firmament). Since r=d/t, why not fill us in about the average velocity (in terms of net displacement) of each body during its voyage? If you want to give precise info about their place(s) of arrival, that’s cool. It would be interesting to many, many people. In this case, use the standard form of equatorial coordinates: declination and right ascension (or hour angle).

        • It’s pretty hilarious that you tell someone to read the works of ancient thinkers, whose thoughts were meticulously preserved by…Roman Catholic monks.

        • Bravo for the for the dissenting opinion. The fundamental problem in human civilization is the irreconcilable opposites of idealism against realism., religion vs science, Etc. Sometimes an abstract Theory works well, such as a math equation that closely models the real world. But much blood has been spilled over fanciful ideas, whether they were a religion or a political system poorly based on reality. Widespread experience shows that adjusting one’s thoughts to better emulate reality produce more successful results than trying to twist reality into shape to match one’s desire.

  21. The negative / positive identity is great stuff.

    Until that IRA article the other week I had never even considered it. But it all clicked after that and I’ve been thinking about that alot. We need both a negative and a positive identity.

    • As much as we kid about it, a sartorial similarity is a great idea for promoting a visually positive identity. We should always dress well.

  22. Given that all politics in America boils down to identity politics, one has to wonder why well funded voices in “conservatism” fight so hard to keep White people from being racially aware. Almost as if it is a coordinated effort to tie our hands behind our collective backs…..

    • It was White men who overthrew feudalism. They are the obstacle to it’s re-instatement.

      I believe it really is as simple as that.

    • That is so because there’s really very little difference between conservatives and “liberals.” Even less between Republicans and Democrats. At root, they’re all AWRs or fellow travelers.

      • Hoagie, with all due respect, that’s the “no true Scotsman fallacy. While I believe in holding onto our language as much as possible (why I choose to use forbidden words like ‘oriental’ or ‘niggardly’), persisting in using a current term by claiming it means what YOU believe it to mean merely adds to confusion. Sure, gay correctly means light-hearted fun, but if you use the word that way today no one will understand what you’re talking about. The term ‘conservative’ has been corrupted beyond redemption, and is too vague in any event. Very few people hold coherent political, economic, and social beliefs. You need a better identifier in the demographic age. Dump the term conservatard along with its larping practitioners.

    • Tucker thinks that the end of the country will come about when whites assert their identity. He’s got it wrong; that’s the only way the country will be saved.

    • Always is. Back when I was studying history, asked my adviser why he covered so little of Vietnam. Simple answer, most of what was in the public domain was written by journalists and these accounts rarely held up under scrutiny once primary documents were examined closely and these were still unavailable in the late 70s/early 80s in any quantity. Add in that most of journalism today is little more than “tweets for likes” and “clickbait headlines” for advertisers…and here we are.

      • True history cannot be written until at least one generation has elapsed since the period of study in question. Hence, the history of the Vietnam war didn’t begin until approximately 2000.

        • Yeah. I knew we were in for a world of shit when the children of the assholes who threw hot coffee in my face and burned my uniform with cigarettes as I walked through Philly’s 30th Street Station coming home in 1972 began walking up and shoving out their hand yelling “Thank you for your service”.

          Total bullshit.

      • The article misses the essential point—as have they all. In elections, as well as many other things, perception is everything. The election process/procedure has been changed over the decades since the voting rights act such that common sense precautions against fraud have been eliminated. Even in the best of situations, a country as closely divided as ours will have close elections which can turn on small votes changes—legitimate or fraudulent—and a corrupt voting process will never lend itself to credibility in such an atmosphere.

        2020 was simply the breaking point where enough people woke up to this fact. Everything said or printed since is simply an effort to put the genie back in the bottle and lull the populace back to sleep and forget about their lost “franchise”.

        Not content with their 2020 “victory” in the big race, the Leftists have crafted federal legislation to mandate a corrupt voting process in all States—not just the big ones—such that there will be no threat of even a divided Congress in 2022 and beyond.

        You can’t win, you can’t break even, but you can—at least at this point—quit the game.

        • I like to keep it simple. When Powell (and the rest of us) cried “fraud” we were told it was a lie, all efforts to produce evidence were blocked, and the Government which claims it ran free and fair elections proceeded to erect a razor wire fence around the US Capitol guarded by the military.

          I got all the proof I need.

    • Read her book “Licensed to Lie” about her experience of massive “legal” corruption in the federal prosecution rackets. I can see why she believed to worse about overt and coordinated election fraud.

      Zman’s onto something about the cult of minor celebrity though. It’s an intoxicating brew; she may well have succumbed to it.

      • That was the point. She got reckless because she got caught up in conservative celebrity. Now if this turns out to have been a honeytrap where she deliberately lured this company into suing here so she can present her evidence to support her claim, then I’ll herald her as the greatest 4-D chess master in human history. My guess is the case languishes in the court for a decade and then goes away.

      • I think it’s very possible Powell was lured into making her claims because of the minor celebrity narcotic.

        On the flip side, and yes, he is a limited hangout, Tucker was absolutely right to call out the claims she was making.

    • I thought I mentioned this in the show, but there are legal reasons for her pleading that have no bearing on fact. If I write that David French is a space alien sent to undermine white people, no one would believe it. If he sued me for making a false claim, the court would dismiss it, as the claim is not believable. I could believe it and stand by it, but it is not believable as a matter of law and therefore he has no claim against me.

      I plan to write about this later in the week, but it is probably something that should be changed. if anyone makes a false statement about someone in public, it should be actionable. The person may believe it and it may be ridiculous, but we can never know if people will believe it or how the false claim could harm the victim of it.

      • It’s the Rachael Maddow defense. When she was sued her defense was that no one would believe what she said was factual, it was merely her opinion,
        She won.

        • This is nothing new. In one book or another, I read that a tabloid (National Enquirer, Weekly World News, etc.) has used the similar tactic to successfully defend a libel or defamation claim: No reasonable person would believe what they’d printed. There may well be precedent(s) in US law.

      • Your take is a strong one, and probably right, but I’ll play devil’s advocate for Sid:
        Everyone wanted this to go away. SCOTUS punted. Trump himself tweeted and blustered but eventually buggered off after lighting a bag of dogshit on 1/6. Rudy turned out to be a burned out drunk. The GOPs in Congress enjoy the old status quo as basement gimps. Of all the states, only GA has made headway, which will be overturned in the next election cycle or two. 1B is a lot of money, and carries a message that the courts would be on their side, evidence be damned. CYA mode kicks in, like the mob just threatened a DA’s family.

      • To prove that she defamed them, Dominion Voting Systems would have to demonstrate that her claims they were a Venezuelan company formed to rig elections for Hugo Chavez are untrue (among other things). I’m not so sure DVS wants to go into a courtroom and explain their, um, “complicated” ownership and history.

        Because it most likely doesn’t go their way.

        I’m very surprised they sued her. They need this whole thing to just go away. If they go to court, they’re going to have to go on the record about how their voting machines work — such as claims that the devices are not networked and that the algorithms cannot manipulate vote counts. The problem is that you can go on YouTube and watch videos of people showing how easy it is to tamper with machines and manipulate votes.


        The longer this stays in the public consciousness, the more likely it is that all the red states in particular start dumping voting machines entirely and trying to come up with something else.

  23. I just posted this as a reply to a thread on the previous posts, but it seems apropos here:

    One flaw of libertarianism, out of many, is that it seems the state as an artificial construct that is illegitimately imposed on humanity. This is completely false. The state is an emergent expression of fundamental human psychology. That is why in every group of people larger than a family unit, everywhere in history, a state has arisen, and its forms is always familiar.

    Libertarianism is like any other loony Utopian cult. All its beliefs rest on the foundation of “First, imagine a type of man that has never existed.”

    This same delusion applies to the mainstream right and the egalitarian civnat belief system. I was watching Tucker Carlson the other day and he danced right up to the edge of awareness then put his hands over his eyes and said “Nope, nope. Nothing to see here ”

    He straight-up admitted that identity politics is an expression of fundamental human evolutionary biology. And then he said we have to abolish it.

    Any theory of societal organization that is at odds with fundamental human biology is madness.

    • “I was watching Tucker Carlson the other day and he danced right up to the edge of awareness then put his hands over his eyes and said “Nope, nope. Nothing to see here ”

      He straight-up admitted that identity politics is an expression of fundamental human evolutionary biology. And then he said we have to abolish it.”

      that dude’s owned and more leftist than the general public might think

      • Tucker is definitely a limited hangout, but he has a certain usefulness as a distributor of pink pills to normie, much like Sailer is useful as the guy who can ferry normies to the this side of the river.

      • He should be asked one simple question, again and again until he gets the answer right.
        If no-one else agrees to abandon identity politics, what should White people do?

        • Yup. Whites need to grow their claws back. Well, first they need to understand that they need claws. I guess that’s the process we’re in right now.

        • This. Tucker (and little Bennie Shapiro, and all the other small hat conservatards and no-borders Christians) will all claim that identity politics and race have no place in a democracy/republic. They insist that if all the world’s flotsam and jetsam would drop their entire culture and sense of identity to merge into civic nationalism, we’d all get along just great.

          But, of course, even during those years when we heavily pushed civic nationalism and superficial assimilation, we did not all get along, and those who were supposedly assimilated inwardly seethed with rage against White, Christian, European ‘cultural imperialists.’ Read any account by any non-White adopted here since the 1950s and it’s the same old whine – me so oppressed.

          So to acknowledge tribalism exists, and then to argue against it . . . for everyone EXCEPT White people . . . is deliberate falsehood designed to fail. And, in failing, to destroy the White race. Which is why I will not cut Tucker or Sailer any slack. They both know better, and they both continue to pretend to straddle the fence. Let them fall on that fence hard and painfully.

          • Damn I miss the edit button. My reply was to bilejones, and I meant “argue against tribalism ONLY for White people.”

        • We need our balls and our claws back. It is no solution not to be racist if everyone else is coming for your race.

          To the Feds everywhere crowd so hide ->Lay down and die- just leave those who haven’t alone.

    • Excellent points. Christianity would be a prime example, championing that type of man who has never existed (and couldn’t, if we are intellectually honest.) Even my current philosophical hero that I’ve been pimping here, Nietzsche, who was harshly critical of everything, including religions, envisions (you guessed it!) a superior type of man, his Zarathustra or Übermensch. He also trashed democracy, since such political systems would make all men equal, an equally unrealistic ideal. Now in fairness to Herr Fritz, I’ve not detected any supernatural requirements in his job description. However, to me it seems unlikley that a race of such men will arise, to rule over the “herd” of sheep. At best he champions the rare exceptional man.

  24. Hands always get overplayed. Having an insufficient supply of racism to meet current demand is forcing absurdities that I think even the non-pilled are asking “WTF?”. Look at the latest gin-up in the supremacist Thunderdome, “Supremacists v. Asians”. Except everything keeps coming up in media as “Jaquarious, out on no-bond from his latest violent excursion beats up Asian guy”. We had a huge rally down in the city after the rub’n tug shootings, but every Asian assault here since has been….good old reliable,Jaquarious. The latest excursion in DC is a great example. Boulder fizzled in a hurry and the notion of “white supremacist Syrian” just couldn’t get traction.

  25. When Adelson flew Pollard directly from prison back to Israel on his private 747, that was the symbolism that put Jewish sedition front and center. Adelson rewarded Pollard’s treachery while simultaneously proclaiming to the world that the rich and powerful among the Jewish community will always stand behind seditious Jews as long as their sedition is for the good of the Jews. Even the dumbest of Fundamentalist Christians must have seen the significance of that.

    • Even the dumbest of Fundamentalist Christians must have seen the significance of that.

      Not the ones I have known. They just cannot luv themselves enough of the juwce.

    • Nope. When Adelson died, they were still slobbering all over the “great” Republican donor.

      I tried to explain to them that his “donations” were actually bribes that encouraged Republican politicians to betray their base. Very little traction. They don’t want to hear it.

      • I periodically stir the pot at InstaPundit by making explicitly racist, identitarian comments. Did a lot of that today on one of the threads about the two little female joggers who murdered the Paki Uber Eats driver yesterday.

        On the bright side: I receive less and less pushback on anti-black and pro-White comments all the time (though I assume most of the real civnat fanatics have me blocked).

        On the downside, the level of vitriol I get for comments that are merely insufficiently enthusiastic about Judaism is quite remarkable.

        • Vizzini, what sort of responses did you get re the noggers/Paki? I wrote a short one that I doubt Sailer will print – i.e. we don’t need age 60+ alien immigrants to drive for Uber Eats (and utilize lots of social services and $) and the noggers cannot legitimately be called children after age 10 or 11.

          • Most countries don’t allow immigrants over a certain age (and it’s far lower than 60) or who have health issues etc., unless they’re bringing a load of $$$ with them (like when Woz moved to NZ.)

          • That’s the future USA that “they” (whoever that is) have in store for us.

            Random Muslims driving Uber for $6/hour (muh gig economy), and roaming gangs of feral Africans stealing, raping and murdering with no consequences. Diverse soldiers occupying DC, standing around doing nothing (on the lookout to shoot white trump supporters though).

            Just another day in Rio de J— oh, I mean USA, nation’s capital, 2021.

          • I got eight upvotes, no downvotes and no disagreeing replies to suggesting the two girls should have been beaten to death on the spot and that “Sometimes, lynching is good.”

          • I also got no downvotes for a post in which I called blacks a “scourge” that we “allowed among us.”

          • By contrast, there was a post the other day by a Christian (Mark Tapscott) about how Moses was underrepresented in the Jews’ official Passover celebration and a Jewish author had thought on how to correct that.

            I replied simply “I should care why?” and I discovered that I was a racist culture-appropriating, Jew-hating Dago jerk who also hated America and liberty. (I might have left a few things out. That’s a compilation of things posters said about me.)

        • Only Africans, with their incredible degree of savagery and brutality, could make me feel any sympathy for a P*ki. Well congrats, they did it yesterday.

          USA is just another third world shithole, as I mentioned below.

          • According to the current historical record, the only times the continent wasn’t a backwards sh*thole was when European whites killed or subjugated the non whites. It’s pretty fitting that as whites lose their grip, the continent devolves, as the only steps forward were the direct result of white rule.

        • I’ve definitely noted an uptick in Youtube commenters – particularly on the more based sports related videos – that aren’t shy about pointing out the racial sorting that’s going on. They rarely get pushback that goes further than “we all bleed red.”

      • Truly, when you look around, the number of little hats in positions of power and influence in this country is staggering – it’s everywhere – media, Hollywood, academia, politics, corporate world etc. It’s a group that collectively needs (and their working hard at it) a one way ticket back to Israel – sans all of their wealth.

        • I know. I have a friend who is obsessed with the ((())) thing. I don’t know what to say about it. (((They))) are the Church’s original mortal enemy.

          • You don’t have to be obsessed to notice. It’s all around for anyone with their eyes open. Of course it’s quite similar to jogger criminality – there for all (who pay attention) to see, but as usual nothing can be said or it’s racist or anti-semitic.

          • Even worse perhaps, the Jews created Christianity! Noted Jewish persectuor Saul of Tarsus, had a change of heart enroute to Damascus, changed his name to Saint Paul and penned several books that became much of the West’s New Testament. Paul and other early Christian writers mixed in new, non-Jewish concepts, eastern philosophies (Babyon) and Greek (Plato). In fairness, once the new religion had taken over the West (or been taken over by rulers who adjusted the new faith to suit their ends, as you choose) the Gentiles ran it. But the roots in Judaism are undeniable.

  26. “Identity is about trust.” A simple truism that hits like a bombshell when closely examined.


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