Who Is Behind This?

Most Americans have always understood that their politicians are not really in charge of the government or even their own offices. The secret hand of “special interests” guide the daily functioning of the state. In the old days this meant rich guys from the world of business, local interest in the home state of the representative and powerful people with connections inside government. These days it is those things plus government unions and foreign powers like Israel and China.

Despite the role of special interests, people still participated in the democratic process on the assumption that everything has a limit. Those special interests manipulating the system would have to yield to popular will eventually. After all, those politicians have interests too. If they keep finking on their voters, they will find themselves on the losing end of the next election. Even the most craven politician would eventually have to draw the line with the money men telling him how to vote.

A regular plot in movies and television is the politician who has a crisis of conscience over some issue and he turns on the money men in support of the people. Alternatively, and now quite amusingly, a heroic member of the press exposes the shady backroom deals to the public. The public, having been informed of the shady dealings, turns on the participants. Sometimes it is a combination of these plots, but in the end the public will triumphs over the shady backroom dealers.

When you stop and think about it, the way in which politics and the media are presented in movies and television is a masterful bit of propaganda. On the one hand, it fully acknowledges the corruption of all democratic politics. The people in the system are always bad people. On the other hand, the bad guys always lose to the good guys, the voters, so it is proof that the system works. In other words, political corruption is turned into proof that the system works. That is some real 4-D chess.

If you want to take the 4-D chess idea further, you can add in the occasional arrest of a shady politician for political corruption. These scandals are always turned into morality tales by the authorities and the media. The FBI starts dishing dirt about the target to stenographers in the media. Then they coordinate with the media for the big day when the scoundrel is hauled away in chains. Often, the story is then forgotten, as it has served its purpose in reinforcing the narrative of democracy.

Of late, something seems to be broken with the system. It started with the governor of South Dakota, who vetoed a bill banning men from playing girls sports. Krisiti Noem, despite spelling her name like a stripper and looking like the antihero of a country music video, was being prepped for a national role. Then all of a sudden, for no clear reason, she decided to support men playing girls’ sports. She was forced to go on Tucker Carlson to humiliate herself in service to the “trans” agenda.

Just this week, this same bizarre pattern repeated itself. Asa Hutchinson, the neocon governor of Arkansas, vetoed a bill that would have banned the mutilation of children, whose hysterical mothers believed were another sex. Even if you think men should be allowed to mutilate themselves with sex change operations, subjecting children to things like chemical castration is monstrous. Yet, Hutchinson vetoed the bill and then went on Tucker to humiliate himself in service to the “trans” agenda.

It is not unreasonable to ask what in the hell is going on here? Normally this is the sort of issue that politicians love. They get to pretend to heroically oppose something without risking any political capital. After all, only deviants and sadists support the mutilation of children, so opposing it is risk-free. It is not as if there is a lot of votes in the transvestite community or some philosophical point here, like with drug legalization. Transvestites are few and most are poor due to their mental illness.

In the case of Noem, she was responding to demands from the NCAA, who threatened to pull their events from the state. One of Noem’s donors owns facilities that would profit from these events. That just leads to a further question. Why does the NCAA, which promotes the hell out of women’s sports, want to support the destruction of women’s sports by transvestites? What is their interest here? In a way, they are being put in the same humiliating position as the politicians.

The answer seems to be corporate America. In the interview with Asa Hutchinson, Tucker asked him repeatedly if the mega-corps in his state like Walmart had pressured him to support the mutilation of children. Hutchinson got very uncomfortable, as if he suspected Tucker knew the answer before he asked. The governor denied he talked to any of those companies, but the viewer was left with the impression that he was being forced to do what he was doing by those companies.

The trouble with blaming corporate America is they have less of a reason to support these monstrous policies than the politicians. The political class is largely insulated from the voters these days. Over 95% of incumbents win reelection. The number of contested seats in the House, for example, is 25-50, depending upon the election and who is in the White House. In other words, the pols can afford to embrace boutique ideas, like allowing men in drag to play girl’s field hockey.

Corporations, in theory at least, are not insulated from the public. A boycott of Walmart is not going to bankrupt them, but it can impact the business. Even if they are not worried about that, what is the point of embracing this madness? It is not going to increase business. Surely, they have to know it. The fact is though, it appears that the engine of revolutionary social change, like the ritual mutilation of children, is being driven by global corporations.

The motivations at work here are important, but the issue at the moment is that this naked display of power is breaking the old myth of democracy. Suddenly, those “special interests” are not a force to be checked by popular will. They are not operating in the shadows, fearing exposure. They are right out in front. Using these cases to tell the people their opinions do not matter. It does not matter what they think. The people in charge are the mega-corps and they will do as they please.

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276 thoughts on “Who Is Behind This?

  1. Bicameral like death cults have been defeated so far in the west as they arose, principally as Christina heresies like the Cathars etc.

    What was death-cultish about the Cathars?

  2. Z Man;
    Late but relevant: It appears that the DR are not the only ones wondering who is in charge and WTF is on their agenda. *Our enemies are wondering the same thing.*


    This well written article is worth a look, comments not so much. Author is a retired US Navy Intel officer with many interesting insights and apparently deep knowledge.

    TL/DR: Russia and China proposed a UN Security Council top 5 summit meeting to clarify the issue. It’s an unavoidable diplomatic trap for our beloved elite. The US must, eventually, either accept or reject. Each logic branch has vast diplomatic consequences.

    If we reject, then The Cloud admits that nobody’s actually in charge right now of the nuclear football in the Imperial Capital – a prospect that ought to scare anybody. For the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, etc., the obvious meaning is ‘game on’ everywhere. OTOH, if we accept, who do we send_? Mumbling Joe_? The Giggler_? The Inter-Agency Consensus_? A player to be named later_?

  3. From a real-world point of view. The NCAA knows that not enough weirdo men are going to change into women, to cause real disruption for womens’ sports. So the ideological goal of self-realization remains intact and is most important.

    • Teenage girls are the ones in true danger here (and some teenage boys). Transvestitieism is the new Anorexia.

  4. Mega corporations can’t be in charge. The NYT told us that they simply speak truth to power. The real power is white supremacist truck drivers

  5. “It is not unreasonable to ask what in the hell is going on here? Normally this is the sort of issue that politicians love. They get to pretend to heroically oppose something without risking any political capital. After all, only deviants and sadists support the mutilation of children, so opposing it is risk-free. It is not as if there is a lot of votes in the transvestite community or some philosophical point here, like with drug legalization. ”

    This is an EXCELLENT observation. I freely admit this aspect had not even crossed my mind. It is a reminder of why I read here whenever I can

    That out of the way, two points.

    First off, I’m actually seeing a silver lining here. Both Noem and Hutchinson probably are too toxic now for corporations to hire and this includes those who ordered them to board the castration train.

    Secondly, I don’t think you really answered the question your column headline raised. Yes, corporations run the government now. But, why these things? Actual belief? Maybe. Maybe not. There could be no rational basis, no endgame. Just madness. Madmen have ruled many times. We may be in such a time

    Anyhow, great stuff even if there may be no answers possible.

    • Today has been an interesting day.
      I listened to a discussion making the argument that social media is entirely postmodern. The point was that if you can create an avatar “presenting” as whatever you want, that your identity is malleable. And that means it is entirely meaningless. I’ll come back to this.

      Then there’s a book I’m in the middle of called “Becoming a Barbarian” by Jack Donovan. He is throwing new ideas at me about how our corporate rulers (of today’s ZMan post) desperately want us to be isolated individualists rather than an organized group of men “unsupervised by women”. I laughed at that one! So true!

      Then there is this which someone here posted a day ago. A must read!

      Take all of this together. Kids which have even moderate exposure to social media are easily turned into real-world sociopaths because their online identities take over their self image in the real world. Many are now in their 20’s and 30’s and are FUBAR. And they are getting jobs in corporations.

      The world is becoming/ has become post modern. It’s all completely meaningless. Their Nihilism has one joy: to hurt people for revenge.

      From the article above, a small intractable minority can run the world. Groups of men unsupervised by women who are unbending in their intent can run onto the beaches of this Operation Overlord. And win.

      For this to happen we need to have groups of men, unsupervised by women.

      • This is the concept of the mannerbund and is very powerful indeed. A lot of what was wrong with Evangelical Christianity was that it was just another matriarchal institution with women running most things and just sort of dragging the men along behind them. It’s not surprising that it went from being at least somewhat committed to fighting the culture war in the 90s to being pretty much just another facet of the Poz today. I’d say most of the young men I knew in the 90s who went to those churches were in it to get a reasonably non-slutty girlfriend that they could wife-up and also to socialize with other guys who could get them good jobs. It was just another country club and one that had pretty low dues and easy requirements to meet. It was your ticket to a boomer-ific life in suburbia and a fat 401K. No one in it ever had the fighting spirit to begin with and as it became more pozzed the guys just knuckled under and put up with it so they could stay in the club.

        • While the average catholic attends church once a year and, thanks to the pope, believes in aliens and supports mass immigration.

      • FWIW, I just read the medium article and found many, many dozens of errors, both untrue statements and logical errors in thinking. Thus I don’t think valid conclusions or inferences can be drawn from it, even if some of the arguments seem compelling on the surface of them.

        If I had not decided to make a special study of the finer details of both kosher and halal practices a decade ago out of curiosity, I would not have noticed most of the errors in the article. Anyway, I don’t see a comment section over at medium but I thought I’d at least say something over here.

        Although I don’t find the article useful TP, you make several good arguments. I agree that groups of men with unbending intent are part of the solution to most modern problems.

  6. The jews run this freakshow. Money. Media. Education Buy or compromise political whores. Cattle, they have plans for you, wake the fuck up.

  7. I dont often comment here. But today I feel I must

    Gays help each other. That’s it. They have outstripped Jews as the wealthiest self interested interest group in the US. Without children, they have tremendous financial resources, and they proactively promote gays within organizations.

    My wife’s good friends son has told me that he has stopped trying to get residency in places such as Stanford hospital. It seems that the younger staff are majority gay and climbing.

    A guest on Tucker late last year? Early this year? Mentioned that most male congressional staff members are gays. It’s an open secret.

    My friend living in one of the more toney locales in NJ tells me most of the ABC male staff are gay.

    The trannies are the gays little brother movement, and part of what they need to make gay grooming standard in the schools. Make no mistake, the gays know they grow by corrupting youth. Pedophilai is next. It has already basically been codified into law by eliminating charges of statutory rape for underage *gay only* relationships in California.

    As a Californian, I see the depravity they push into law on a monthly basis. And they have that in mind for the rest of the US.

    Don’t give in to accepting that gays are normal. A few might be. The rest are hell bent on grooming more for their movement.

    Ok. Now I will return to being a spectator.

    • You make some good points. But as far as “little brother” goes, don’t underestimate the degree to which the gays hate the trannies. Always have and still do.

    • When I left the USA 23 years ago, in part because I had “concerns” about the direction of the society, never in my wildest imaginings could I have foreseen it would come to this! Now I imagine it will only get worse, at least during my remaining lifetime (I’m 74 and hope to make 90) barring the unforeseen.

  8. As politics is downstream from culture, the decline of culture has opened up opportunities in politics for special interest groups to take advantage of a confused and morally disarmed citizenry. These groups claim the moral high-ground and project strength, attracting increasing numbers of people not understanding the dynamic. The outrageous displays are just muscle-flexing at the expense of the dying institutions. But nature always wins, these current freak-shows are sterile, spoiled and irresponsible – their numbers will dwindle but not before they do damage.

  9. We have to do something about these (((Amish))). They have gotten completely out of hand.

  10. The over-45s here will remember the media-generated “multiple-personality disorder” spike. Another syndrome with vanishingly small numbers diagnosed until the media decided it was a “thing.” Then diagnoses skyrocketed.

    • I always go back to the Tourette’s-like symptoms that a dozen girls in the same high school in upstate NY developed about a decade ago. The fact that all 12 were female and all developed their symptoms within a couple weeks of each other should have told the entire story. And when you watched them get interviewed by the mainstream media, they were always — always — accompanied by their mothers. Never the fathers.

      The girls very quietly all “got better” once the media narrative had run its course. Yet we continue to feminize our culture.


  11. The government’s stakeholders are calling the shots now. Big hint: they’re not the Citizens.

    When a company goes into bankruptcy its creditors take over its management. America is currently run by its creditors, and we are bankrupt.

    • I have an unusual job. I am a Bible teacher in a private high school in the “Bible belt” (lol). I am currently trying to teach the book of Daniel to a group of seniors. Daniel 7:25 says, “He shall speak words against the Most High, and shall wear out the saints of the Most High, and shall think to change the times and the law; and they shall be given into his hand for a time, times, and half a time.”

      I don’t want to get into an exegetical argument here. But I did remark in today’s 5th period class that “when I was your age, it would have been unthinkable for my classmates to argue for transgender rights. In fact, when I was a kid Bruce Jenner won the Olympic gold medal for the Decathlon, and today he calls himself Caitlyn Jenner. But he is not a woman; he will always be a man, no matter which pronouns he wishes to use.”

      I said this to illustrate what the phrase, “he will seek to change the times and the law” could possibly mean. I wanted to open up a discussion. And boy, did I get one. After I was denounced in my own classroom by the wokest of my “Christian” students, I then decided to go ahead and peel off the scab completely. In sixteen years of teaching I’d never previously had a student get up mid-class and check herself out of school–but it happened today! All I did was insist that truth is that which matches up with objective, external reality. Bruce Jenner was born a man, and a man he shall remain.

      The class was a disaster. I had every possible argument from emotion thrown at me, but I just had to eat it and stick to my guns. And I told the group of five students who were arguing with me that “look, when you go away to college you will never have another teacher who will confront you the way I have today. Your side has won. If I tried to say what I just said in any public school and in many ‘Christian’ schools, I would be fired. In my little ‘kingdom’ here in this classroom I can and will teach you this. But outside this school I am a dinosaur, your side has won, but still I had a duty to tell you what’s what.”

      I am willing to accept the fact that my “kingdom” is only as large as my grubby old classroom (and in whatever waning influence I have with my own children; one of which was in the group arguing against me, alas).

      My puny little attempt at integrity probably did no good. I didn’t even feel much of anything afterward. But in a very real sense I don’t care what happens. We’ll see.

      • It’s a sad state of affairs to realize that, to paraphrase (and reverse) Jane Fonda: The common sense of the Sixties has become the radicalism of the 2020s.

      • Hearing stories like this convince me that America deserves and will be conquered in the near future.

        Our civilization is nearing its end point.

      • God bless you

        Even if it’s just 5 who were on your side. Those 5 are the remnant, those who will go forward. They probably feel alone in their views and it’s important that they have positive reinforcement at such a critical age.

        This really goes for any person here. if you know any young person who’s questioning things even a bit, it’s important to talk to them.

      • Bravo for sticking to your guns. Some of those kids will remember what you said — most may never come around, but if it gets at least one of them thinking, or there was one kid in that class who realized “Hey, I’m not alone!” it was worth it. Even if it was just shouting into the darkness, Diogenes, it was worth it.

        • But contra Diogenes, I wouldn’t recommend spanking the plank in the classroom…

      • More likely you actually did some good – you just aren’t aware of it. At a minimum you were obedient to God.

      • Strike Three: Good for you for sticking to the truth. Hope you are not thrown under the bus by your school’s administrative churchians. But I must ask, why did your own child argue against you? Have you not insisted on teaching the truth to him/her since birth, or have you just entrusted his/her education to others and to popular media? My children went to Christian schools, but we still called them out where we saw falsehood and error, and our boys knew from the beginning that race and sex were real and mattered.

        • My own child argued against me because she, like her mother, has rejected the Christian faith. Her mother cheated on me repeatedly, rejected me, and then left us. I have raised my children the best I could, I did evening devotions with them until they hit the 15-16 age category, and when it was clear that they couldn’t stand listening to me anymore I stopped forcing them to have devotions with me. Though I am my daughter’s Bible teacher, she has chosen to receive her “catechesis” (if you will) from TikTok.

          So, yeah

          • My deepest sympathy. “How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have an ungrateful child.”

          • That’s heartbreaking. But it’s not unprecedented for youth to go through a period where they know more than their parent(s). That’s not very reassuring, but you’ve done the best you can to put roots down that will blossom into a healthy morality when the hormones die down.

          • You have to realize that you still provided them with something they can come back to when they are older.

          • The genetics guys would have a lot to say about this. No amount of good parenting or religion can overcome genes. The mother probably leans toward psychosis, having no sense of guilt.

        • “why did your own child argue against you?”


          Don’t you know the answer? My god, it’s grotesque of you to ask that to him. Do you actually not know that social media is designed explicitly to addict and indoctrinate sociopaths? No parent has the power to stop the incessant child rape that is corporatist America.

          Unless you can keep them miles away from the internet, Hollywood and public school.

          But I am just waking up to half of this myself. Some I knew for years, but no action plan.

          I can’t lay off the blame on any parent if they actually tried, regardless of what they didn’t know.

          • T P: I did not intend to imply blame in my comment, and if that is what it suggested to you and others, I can only apologize for not writing more clearly. I’m well aware of not merely the power of the secular world and media, but of the child’s own personality. I was genuinely curious because, from Strike Three’s initial comment, it seemed he was truthful and straight about vitally important issues, which indicated to me he would have been the same at home to his own children.

      • How big is your class? If only 5 argued against you that’s the mouse that roared. The rest stay quiet because they don’t see anyone standing up. You set the example today. Well done.

      • I feel ya. We are all put in that kind of absurd situation quite a bit lately. Sadly I think we are going to end up watching our friends and neighbors get sent to gulags to be worked to death and if we try to say anything about it we will be in the same situation you describe with trying to teach a point of view that is no longer socially acceptable. And that means that there is no way to stand up and speak the truth anymore, which is of course the end goal of boiling the frog slowly that our overlords have. We are all being forced to lie or hold our tongues to avoid social stigma all of the time about things we believe that are happening right before our very eyes. In the end, even if there are death camps, you would have to be a lunatic to talk about it.

      • I taught for fifteen years (2004 – 2019) at a charter school in that reddest of Red States, Oklahoma. For the first few years all seemed well enough. I had a Catholic Bible on my desk, students would ask in class or after about certain aspects of Biblical teaching, and my colleagues—who knew very well how I taught in my classroom—never raised a question about my methods. I answered as best I could, hopefully not embarrassing the Holy Ghost too much.

        Gradually, slowly, almost imperceptibly, all that changed. A few years before I retired (I am 67) more and more parents began to complain about my views on any number of things— homosexuality, fornication and so on—even though I never once gave my opinions of such things. I always used Scripture when classroom discussions veered in such a direction. I tried to be as balanced as my human nature would allow. One ultra-conservative parent even accused me of favoring Obama in the 2008 elections, even though I despised that vicious little creep.

        The final straw came in 2019, the year I said “goodbye to all that.” A board member no less told me that what I had said in the classroom the previous day would get me fired and involved in legal action. And what were those hideous words I had spoken? “Men and women are different.”

        Enough already. “No more students, no more books, no more parents’ dirty looks.”

        Since that magnificent day I have come to know a great peace and contentment.

        • Mike Austen: God bless you for your efforts. While most contend the main factor leading to poor education is the character of the students, I would have to give equal or greater weight to the character (or rather lack thereof) of the parents. And this transcends race. There are far too many White parents solely concerned with whether their child is popular, or makes the sportsball team, or becomes valedictorian. Outsourcing the education of one’s children is the root of tremendous evil.

  12. This great evil – where’s it come from?
    How’d it steal into the world?

    What seed, what root did it grow from?
    Who’s doing this?
    Who’s killing us?
    Robbing us of life and light; mocking us with the sight of what we mighta known?

    Does our ruin benefit the earth?
    Does it help the grass to grow or the sun to shine?
    Is this darkness in you, too?
    Have you passed through this night?


    • Actually there is a good chance we’ll destroy ourselves. The Earth would be better without Man’s depredations. Please, show me evidence I’m mistaken. 🙁

      • It’s from James Jones’ The Thin Red Line and has nothing to do with environmentalism.

        • To impress us with his vast knowledge of all those thrash/death metal band names no one else has heard of? (if that’s still a thing)

        • I had to stop reading his comments lol, they were too long, pointless, and rambling.

          Ben says below:

          “I probably only have one testosterone molecule in my body”


          • Probably blackpilled. Can’t say I blame him the way things are going. The future doesn’t seem so bright for our people.

      • Ben – Rather than pleading for an explanation or evidence of anything from Zman’s commentariat, perhaps you’d be better served if you prayed to God for a reason for living and valuing White society, outside of Nietzsche.

        • Maybe the fact that I prefer to live in a White society is proof enough that I prefer it to alternatives. I certainly have the power to live in non-White societies and to date, have opted not to.

          I note that in the responses, no one provided anything resembling an answer to my question, other than a vague insult.

          I do sometimes quote from music, but I think it’s another person with the Metal names. That is not me.

          As for any religious conversion, you guys will be the first to know!

  13. Who’s behind this? Well, it’s not any one person, or any one group. Rather, the current madness results from a positive feedback coming from popular media. People see the approved narrative in their communications, and they assume it’s the will of the times – the culture, the voters, the people with power and money, the party in power. The populace voluntarily regulates their behavior and beliefs (and those of others) based on these narratives in order to stay within accepted limits of belief, lest they be ostracized from society for having the wrong loyalties, which is what belief is really about — a means to signal who’s side you’re on … and nobody wants to be on the wrong side of the guy in charge.

    It’s similar to how the North Koreans control their population: they promote the myth of an omniscient state that can see their actions (and read their minds) no matter where they are; disloyalty will be detected by the divine leader and punished. Thus, the population mostly self-regulates. Some people enforce the will of the leader, thereby proving their loyalty and providing opportunities to advance. Others turn in heretics lest they be punished through association. Others do it because they are sadists, or maybe they see wrongthinkers as reprobates – similar to criminals. The rest ritualistically purge bad thoughts before they lead to detectable disloyalty. Thus, they attend struggle sessions asking forgiveness for past transgressions (so they won’t be punished), create public displays of loyalty (so they can advance), and consume approved literature (so they go undetected).

    In the West, it’s not an authoritarian leader who enforces the current madness. It’s the perception that such a leader exists in the first place. Tyranny is democratized. No one knows who this leader is, they just assume there is some entity, perhaps the majority public, who will punish them if they don’t accept the latest social trend. There is always a new trend – there has to be one if the middle echelons want to advance to the top – so there is always an excuse to out heretics and prove one’s loyalty to the rulers, whoever they are. The cycle iterates until we reach a point of national psychosis.

    In that sense, what we see in the United States is also similar to a religion: people regulate their behavior based on the threat of an all-watching overlord punishing them if they stray from the accepted path. The surveillance state, combined with social media and ubiquitous cell phone cameras, allows for one to be destroyed at the slightest slip of the tongue. The only way around this is to embrace the madness even harder, meaning the cycle grows stronger with each controversy.

    All entities in society, from small businesses to corporations, then regulate (and enforce) dogma lest they be fingered as a deviant. Corporations are not monolithic entities, they are amalgamations of people with individual interests. Say you’re a white male and you want to advance in a company, or move to another company. That’s increasingly difficult in this society. It’s impossible if you have the wrong views, or at least people think it is. Voicing the wrong opinion could publicly out you as a heretic (–ist, –phobe), meaning you’ll never work again; the internet is forever and white males aren’t forgiven. That provides a strong incentive to be seen on the right side of history. For some, there is an incentive to prove their loyalty through inquisitions.

    Everyone participates in the system precisely because no one knows who’s in charge, how much power they have, or what their opinions will be the next day. So, they always have to be ahead of the curve lest they be found a heretic themselves as the cultural winds change. That’s not (always) the case in authoritarian countries like China or ancient societies like Medieval Europe where the king today is the same as the king tomorrow. There is less fear in those societies, less cultural upheaval and less incentive to create one, because everyone knows who’s in charge. They know there is little chance the ruler-for-life will suddenly change his mind on something today, making everyone a heretic tomorrow.

    To some extent, this is also the case in ethnically homogeneous countries like Japan and South Korea, both of which lack the continual social upheaval of the West, especially since the 1960s immigration reforms.

    It’s probably also not a coincidence social upheavals tend to take place after a period where the old leadership has been overthrown and nobody is too sure who the new leader is or will be the next day (the French Terror, the Bolshevik purges of the 1920s, Stalin’s purges after he took over from Lenin, etc.). The social control mechanisms go haywire as the masses rush to pick the right side of history, which could be anything, lest they be found a heretic in the new order. The system short circuits when no one knows who’s in charge or who’ll be in charge tomorrow, which is why democracy always ends in tyranny — because no one person is in charge, so there is no point of stability. The madness grows with each generation until a conflagration is started that knocks things back down for a while.

  14. The unanswered question is, “why do our elites want trans acceptance so badly, because they clearly do?”

    There are no obvious answers so we are forced to speculate. I submit that one reasonable explanation, in the absence of others, is j3wish nature. j3ws are naturally more sexually perverse. For example, j3ws pioneered gender reassignment surgery in Weimar Germany, until the Hitler youth burned down their laboratory. They produce most of pornography. Our assistance secretary of health is a tranny j3w. This is their nature.

    When a group conquers a nation, one action that they take is to make that nation more comfortable to the conquerors. Hence, forced tranny acceptance.

    Of course, I am open to other explanations.

    • Another pozz-ibilty, other times broached: they are just heaping on the absurd, not because they necessarily want it or benefit, rather to sow more uncertainty, discord and fear. Not sure, but I think an unstable environment is often “desirable” for political prisoners. Also, keeping others guessing is a common passive aggressive move.

    • ‘The unanswered question is, “why do our elites want trans acceptance so badly, because they clearly do?”’

      God created us male and female. Therefore, His enemies want us to be anything except that. They aren’t constructing something new, they’re destructing something old.

      Substitute science for God if you like. The sex chromosome is either X or Y, not Z or Q.

    • I think the global powerhouse corporations benefit when most people believe it is meet and just to “create one’s own identity” (with the help of their line of products, of course).

      The idea that you may be burdened by unchosen identity elements threatens hypercapitalism.

      I think it’s just that simple.

  15. It’s remarkable how swiftly sentiments are changing as these issues are brought to light. If I were to have addressed the fact that there are political prisoners incarcerated throughout the United States only six months ago, eyes may have glazed over. Now, it has become a frequent topic of conversation with friends who are gradually moving closer to this side each day.
    Also, it is possible that Michael Sherwin is Satan’s prime henchman?

  16. business schools have been turned into indoctrination camps like the rest of university. I was in them maybe 15 years ago and it was there then. It has to have gotten worse. What that means is the people who go work for the megacorps, and I mean a lot of the people on the board and whatnot, are all adherents to the globohomo religioun. So that’s part of it.

    Unrelated: I think it was you who had the point, a few weeks back, that we should kinda be encouraging men to play girl sports because girl sports are globohomo anyway. That is a point I agree with, and we should (and I have no idea how) convince others of it’s merit.

    • I went to business school over 30 years ago and it was free of globohomo at that time. I notice the woke started to really rise during the dotcom Era when tech became cool.

      Bad whites tend to over think things. We lost the cultural war and people who want to be seen as good people simply buy into whatever narrative is being disseminated at the moment. In the world of MBA grads few are willing to dissent. There is simply too much at stake. Much easier to convince yourself you are on the side of the angels.

  17. ” Why does the NCAA, which promotes the hell out of women’s sports, want to support the destruction of women’s sports by transvestites?”

    Put that way, that’s the funniest thing I’ve read all year. I guess it must have been the secret plan behind the Stonewall Riot.

    “Get ’em, girls! He hit Bunny!” — Blazing Saddles

      • I probably only have one testosterone molecule in my body (a bit more in youth) but for some reason I enjoy Olympic women’s gymnastics and beach volleyball 😀

  18. The whole Tucker segment looked scripted. Very strange. And the gov insistence that its for limited goverment in the spirit of Reagan was creepy. Tucker then had blacks and gays after that.

    • “Limited government” is just an excuse to let the other side win. Republican conservatives and libertarians are born losers.

  19. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » Who Is Behind This?

  20. I’m shocked ZMan you don’t see it. Having listened to your take on Liberty Valence, I’d disagree — we treat our women better than ever by giving them what they want. And they are happier than ever. And who benefits from mutilating children for trannies and tranny stuff?

    Young, nubile, childless White women.

    The reason corporations are full square on eliminating Whiteness, trannies, and the like is young, nubile, childless White women. Who are either sleeping with the boss, or the boss wants to sleep with, or has ambitions to placate instinctively.

    Young White women HATE HATE HATE Whiteness, the White men around them, the nuclear family, pretty much everything save Social Media likes from trash celebrities and awful trends and fads. Unlike pet rocks and mood rings, these fads though are permanent. Trannies are in your face to the nuclear family, a John Waters movie that never ends, and thus catnip to young White women. They have power, transitory for them, but collectively a mighty one able to bend every straight man to their will.

    You can see the utopia for White women just over the horizon. Peeking out in every commercial. Gone is even the cool black husband, now its the black kids by the absent black sperm donor husband. The triumph not of the will but African model of families. Gillian Tett of the FT has taken to boasting of her two black daughters by absent black father, and you don’t get more elite than the Editor of the FT. Heck most of the columnists there now are youngish White women. The rest various subcontinental women or men.

    And the dirty little secret is corporations don’t care about making money. They are too big to fail. GM was in free-fall for thirty years. They didn’t care. Too big to fail = endless government bailouts. Wal-Mart is the same way, they can run operating losses for 100 years and no worries, the Fed is printing free money for them (but not you). So the virtue signaling with trannies, and anti-White stuff in Georgia, is cost free. MLB does not care if no one goes to the games or watches. They still get paid by sponsors who don’t care if no one buys their stuff as endless illegals pouring over the border with free Fed money certainly will.

    The good news is that voting reform is a matter of life or death for Republicans. They cooperated in the fraud to get rid of Trump, but the Biden proposals mean no Republican anywhere gets elected, and they all have to actually work for a living. No easy board memberships if its a one party state — those all go to Democrats. That’s why Georgia and Texas Republicans pushed back. Their retirement plan hinges on Republicans actually holding office and mattering. Not being an extinct party of no interest to corporate members. Indeed some can go far by making war on Woke Capital. Taxing them, regulating them, unionizing them, breaking them up, suing them.

    Woke Capital has a lot of money. They are a tempting target. Like the Knights Templar.

    • I don’t know where you see all these young white women who hate white men. They seem just as confused about the Globohomo anti white stuff. Even corporate power women still end up marrying a (white) guy and having one or two kids. Churches have plenty of white women with families.

      Have you dated in the past 15 years? White women still want kids. They just want to “have fun” first and have them at the “right time”. Which is stupid and naive, but it’s not the same as actively hating white society.

      Yeah, you see some white women dating black, asian, indian men. This is just a product of many groups living side by side. For every white woman with a POC man, I can point out two white men with a POC woman (especially asian). I think if white men stopped taking the easy way out, we would have more white kids and less mutt kids.

      • Your perspective is shaped by being in YYZ. Come down here to any rust belt town and the number of coal burners is as astounding as it is shameful. White men with colored women are like hen’s teeth.

        • Not just yyz but any large city, seattle, LA, nyc, etc.

          Is that because a large number of white men in the rust belt are drug addicts or wiggers? From what I’ve seen as long as there are decent white men they will get some kind of white woman. There’s just alot of loser/drug addict white guys

      • The question that Whiskey can never answer is: why do white women “HATE HATE HATE Whiteness, the White men around them…”?

        Whiskey implies that this hatred is innate to white women, that this hatred is part of their nature. Yet most people realize that no one is easier to manipulate than white women. (White women have many wonderful qualities but independence of thought is not one of them.)

        Who programs the white women is the question that Whiskey desperately does not want to answer. One can’t help but wonder why he resists this question so fervently.

    • I’d also say that white men are often manchildren. Or they follow the immoral sexual strategies of PUAs for a quick pump.

      I’d say both white men and white women act hedonistically and are throwing away their futures.

      If white men cut out the bullshit and just accepted sleeping alone some nights until they found a good woman, and wanking one out instead of pumping into a vagina, things would improve so much.

      Tinder has turned white men into clowns who perform dog tricks to desperately get a few thrusts into a 7.

      • Whiskey is describing the Basic College Girl, of whom I taught thousands over many years. They don’t “hate Whiteness.” They don’t hate anything, actually. They are mindless trend surfing herd animals who, paradoxically, are also near total solipsists. If it’s not in their Twitter feed, and not directly about them, it’s not real.

        They all think they’ll find a thirsty beta to wife them up after riding the cock carousel to partner at the law firm. Unfortunately they’re most likely right. But the good news is, all we have to do is take over Twitter – we could have them doing the Handmaid’s Tale for real if we up voted a few selfies of Kim Kardashian doing it.

        • Egad, I fancied myself the resident smartass and cynic here but gentlemen, you both are in the running! Bravo and well, if quite harshly, said!

      • Bingo. I noticed this among some the MGTOW types who have sizable youtube followings. These guys think women should have the same sex drive as them and should provide it on demand if they want to be good girl friends.

        Worse some of these guys are maybe 3 on the looks scale and think they are worthy of dating a woman who is a 9. Talk about delusional. Others have no problem encouraging their viewers to do a pump and dump.

        And yeah the whole PUA and Tinder thing does not help men one bit. The PUA is pure poison. FWIW I used to know Ross Jeffries who started the PUA movement and talk about a sociopath and grifter.

        • Wow! Ross Jeffries. That was pre-Mystery time. I saw a video of him once, and he came across as a completely creepy social retard.
          But in defence of PUA, I do think that pick up was a K selected response to an r selected sexual market place. Men who would have done really well 50 years ago (and still operating on the ‘type of guy who you’d take home to meet your mother’ mindset), who were completely confused and outplayed by the ‘live in the moment, sleeve tattoo, man-child’. The PUA scene seems to be on life support now as the ones who needed it (eventually) avoided game altogether and looked for LTRs.

    • My job is full of white women with few skills, and honorary brown employees with no skills, all popping off about diversity and inclusion while we’re losing money. Ive seen them force messages into our marketing that our customers have no interest in. Affirmative action has created a fetish for womens feelings in the workplace and they have the power over men’s careers via HR and their manipulative tactics with the bosses.

  21. “…the way in which politics and the media are presented in movies and television is a masterful bit of propaganda. On the one hand, it fully acknowledges the corruption of all democratic politics. The people in the system are always bad people. On the other hand, the bad guys always lose to the good guys, the voters, so it is proof that the system works. In other words, political corruption is turned into proof that the system works.”

    Funny. This reminds me of an early episode of The Simpsons. All of this stuff nicely condensed in just a couple of minutes. “I can’t believe it! The system works!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUJYXaS7J-Q

  22. There’s probably a simple explanation: not only does Hutchinson harbor no personal animus toward sexual deviants, google has his browser history to prove it.

  23. Like our esteemed host, I have no clue why this is the hill these two GOP governors would decide to make their stand. In the case of Hutchinson, any governor worth his salt can whip the votes in the statehouse to find out if their veto will stand and whether doing so will erode their political capital. My point is he knew the vote situation and vetoed this bill anyway, which makes no political sense. My feel is that Walmart weighed heavily against this. Walmart runs the entire NW corner of the so-called Natural State.

    I’m familiar with Arky since we used to have go up to Little Rock every year to play UALR in bouncy ball. My favorite place up there to heal basketball injuries in the offseason is Hot Springs. A bath in those mineral spring waters does miracles for old knees and other joints abused by a lifetime in sports. Also the town has great restaurants and hospitality since it’s a tourist town in the lovely Ouachita Mountains. My wife and I go up there every few years to soak in the baths and get some relief from our aches and pains of middle age.

    As for Noem, she’s a pretty face lacking in substance. Why not make a not-so-courageous stand that throws red meat to the people who voted you into office? It’s a no-brainer unless you are a slave to corporate interests, which is what I think happened to her and Hutchinson.

    I just don’t understand why the corporations are all-in with trannies. These people are mentally ill and need sympathy and treatment, not coddled and mutilated.

    I can understand the corporations’ stand on “racism” and POC, since they’re smart enough to see the demographic decline they’ve helped foster with their string pulling of politicians. They also want to import cheaper workers and more stupid customers who’ll believe any sales pitch they can send at them.

    Ever notice how Nissan builds all of their cars to a very cheap price point? Ever notice who mainly drives them? Nissan was once known for enthusiast cars like the 240Z, 300Z, Sentra SE-R and unkillable small trucks (the so-called Hardbody). Now it’s a budget automaker whose quality has declined below those of the Korean marques.

    The old saying “a sucker is born every minute” is true with POC clientele. Just look at the Beats headphones done by Dr. Dre. Those headphones are absolute rubbish, but the POC crowd pay overinflated prices to own these status symbols that give them ” street cred.”

    We really have no representation in Congress, but it’s even scarier to think the same mentality has slunk down to the state level as well.

    • Why all-in on the tranny thing? Once you start drinking that adrenochrome to wash down the pizza, the siren call of the trannies becomes irresistible. But don’t fret, Q has a triple-secret-probation plan to clean the Augean stables any day now.

    • Doc, you have the answer to your first question in your second. (And get out of the neocon ditch: money is not the point of life for anyone, our enemies included.) Status and symbolism. They want boys to be girls because normal, moral people want boys to be boys. They hate us and want to destroy us, and the way to victory is to have your enemy conceed their own defeat within their own hearts before battle ever starts. It doesn’t matter if it is only a couple dozen people in a country of 350 million, because the attack and the victory by Satan are symbolic, an “immorality play” for all to see. The warden in Cool Hand Luke doesn’t make him dig holes and fill them back in because he likes hole digging, there is a broader point for the whole population to witness and fear.

      • You are extremely close. Yes, they want to destroy us but from the outside would never be successful. It had to be from the inside out. First entertainment, then education then culture and then…. the family…. Destroys America’s family and you bring “her” down. This is the final play, the coup de grace, the nail in the coffin. Make America believe boys can be girls and girls can be boys. So f’n farcical it twists your mind but here we are, twisted f’n minds making a farce of our families… our nation

        • O’Brien’s 2+2=3 or 5 if the Party says so explains this phenomenon very well.

          Notice that, after he tortures Winston to the point that he cries out, “All right, 3, 5, 3, 5, whatever you want!” O’Brien rejects Winston’s plea, BECAUSE HE CAN SEE WINSTON DOES NOT BELIEVE IT.

          Conformity is not enough for the new overlords.

          Look at how many people who object to Noem and Hutchinson focus on subroutines: “Protecting women’s sports” and “Protecting children”.

          OF COURSE allowing children to be mutilated at will is evil. But so is allowing adults to be so mutilated.

          The idea that, if you are over 18, and you have a delusion that you are blind, engaging a surgeon to put your eyes out is a morally neutral act governed by the rules of capitalism (“do you have the money?”) or socialism (“Is it covered?”) is repulsive.

          But it is an example of how far gone we are that the age of the mutilated person, or the adverse effect on a frivolous activity, is the ditch “conservatives” choose to die in, rather on the high hill that, after all, 2+2=4.

          2+2=4. From that, everything else follows.

  24. Now I’m remembering the old movie thing where the good guys only need to fight their way to the NY or LA Times and get their story told. That will destroy the evil corporations and out-of-control government agencies and everyone will live happily ever after. “Firestarter” comes to mind but there are many others with this theme. That seems so quaint and outdated it’s funny.

      • Great film.

        I remember arguing with people that this film reveals some truths about the way the world really works.

      • Re Z’s earlier theme about how the traditonal movie plays out, here are some government conspiracies, admitted or highly plausible, that have happened in my (and probably your) lifetimes, that to the best of my knowledge, resulted in few or zero prosecutions. These are all from memory, and it’s likely I’m missed some, or details wrong.

        1960s: JFK assassinaion, Israel’s “mistaken” attack on U.S.S. Liberty (amazingly, disclosed by Washington Post over ten years later!).

        1970s Watergate break-in. OK, at least some prosecutions. And this was (perhaps) the last, great case of the media blowing the whistle on corrupt government — and a movie being made of it.

        1980s: Iran Contra. Pretty much beyond all doubt that CIA running guns into Latin America. Kind of hard to deny when American pilot gets caught. More shadowy but completely plausible is CIA was shipping drugs back to USA. This likely happened twenty years earlier with Air America and Heroin, so why not cociane from South America? Convictions? Hardly any.

        1990s: Hard to keep track: odd death of Foster in 1993.
        There were some very strange suicides too about some type of software, PROMIS.

        2000s: war against Iraq on fraudulent intelligence. 9-11: Conspiracy theories abut, take your choice. I’m pretty sure the classified part of the 9-11 report has never been released. Hillary file server (gross security violations, anyone else would be in prison.) Cabinet officials (NSA Director, perhaps more?) perjure themselves before Congress. Charges? Convictions? War in Afghanistan: ?

        2010s: Snowden leak, defection reveals extent of NSA spying against Americans.
        2016 — “Coup attempt” against Trump: U.S. government employees knowingly obtain fraudulent “evidence” to secure FISA action against Trump (“FISAgate”),

        2020: too much to count.

        • 1990s: Hard to keep track:

          The bulldykes Hillary Clinton & Janet Reno incinerating 75 or 80 utterly innocent deeply religious Christians at Waco for no reason other than that they could.

          [The scuttlebutt at the time held that Hillary was terrified about what Waco was doing to Bill’s poll numbers; she had always blamed the Mariel Boatlift riot at Fort Chaffee for Bill’s only election loss, and she was determined that he would never lose another race.]

          • Not too that (((the Tribe))) immediately went into historical revisionism concerning Waco, and tried to paint the Davidians as a child molestation cult.

            Remember, (((the Tribe))) always projects.

            ALWAYS PROJECTS.

  25. I share the same temptation to know who or what is responsible for the position in which we find ourselves. If we knew our enemy and how they are winning the war so to speak, it would be much easier to combat. But it seems its never that simple. In the old “flocks of bird and schools of fish” debate, I find myself depressingly on the that’s just what fish and birds do..its in their nature. This side of the aisle considers nature a foundational belief, why not here as well? Im not a religious guy, but fallen state and all that maybe?

    • It’s pretty obvious to me what is behind this: Ephesians 6 : 12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

      • 100% agree. Even if you’re not a believer, it’s easy to see there is obvious evil as the author of this madness.

      • Absolutely correct, TF.
        I ask people,”cui bono? If you think it all the way through, no earthly person/group/party can benefit from the complete destruction of civilization through the degradation of its (once held) standards.
        The prince of the earth is the only one who benefits, in the long run.

  26. Corporate motivations for embracing the destruction of white civilization are everything. Absent isolating those motivations, we must have some doubt about whether corporations really are the motive force behind the destruction. However, I think Z is largely correct here–corporations are largely to blame for the destruction of white civilization, but the motivation is really not far to seek. Essentially, the AWRs have taken over and coopted capitalism, just as they did mainstream Christianity. Whereas Leftists prior to the 60s spent most of their time railing against capitalism, now they simply use it as a weapon against white civilization. Corporate America, in other words, is nothing less than the moneyed wing of academia. And the motivations for both are the same–anti-white racism.

  27. We’re wondering why people with all the money, luxury goods, and free time in the world are trying to get more by doing this. I think we’re looking at it bassackwards. They don’t want more money, fame, etc. They want meaning. For them, the gold has lost its luster; the salt has lost its taste. They’ve indulged in every kind of personal excess and decadence, but they still feel hollow inside. The only thing that fills the void is meaning. They want to be remembered by posterity, like Renaissance princes. The problem is, they don’t know this about themselves, and anyway they don’t HAVE “posterity” of their own. Thus the only thing that gives their life meaning is “social change.” It doesn’t matter what the change is, so long as it lets them feel good about themselves for promoting it.

    • You mention “hollow”: = “empty” = “nothing”

      Nihilism has several meanings.

      “What does it profit a man to gain the world but lose his soul?” (there, I quoted someone besides, yeah, that German guy…)

      When you have enough money to last a thousand lifetimes, what can you find that’s fulfilling? Could it be that despite having vast wealth, these people yearn for spiritual, emotional, moral, other values, things that cannot be bought with money? Money brings great power, but it also takes away options from its owner: You’d have to trade security for freedom. You probably get paranoid because, even if you’re not at high risk of being kidnapped or robbed, you (rightly) would be suspicious of the motives of every person who approaches you.

      And the super-rich support of radical social values could be part of the search for meaning — or a form of destruction, deliberate or perhaps subconscious.

      I’m sure I’m not the only DR that has tried to figure out the motivations of the super-rich who overtly or covertly support these movements that would seem to be ultimately self-destructive or at the least harmful to the world that made them successful in the first place. Z mentioned this in today’s essay with the corporations and transgender issues. “Soros DA” or the prostration before BLM and Antifa are equally good examples. We often laugh at the obvious lack of logic of the Left’s arguments. Ultimately, perhaps there’s not SUPPOSED TO BE any. if the ultimate (unconscious) goal is nothingness, there won’t be any logic, because reason itself has been negated.

      What happens when these people can’t even find radical values that satisfy? Then the end game has begun: nihilism — the rejection of all values, and often the phsyical destruction of institutions, people, even oneself. Outer darkness and gnashing of teeth, indeed.

      Appropriate to history, (see definition 5 via link), succinctly describes what early Soviet Communism accomplished.

  28. Attorney here.

    Noem should have signed the bill and let the chips fall where they may, as the bill was an expression of the legitimate political will of the people of South Dakota. Having said that, she was not wrong about the legal implications of including college sports. The NCAA would have sued South Dakota in a left-leaning circuit, likely DC or NY, the courts would almost certainly grant jurisdiction in that circuit, and we all know how those courts would rule. She’ll finish her term in office, but I suspect her political career is over, and deservedly so. Good riddance.

    There’s no excuse for Hutchinson’s actions. He should be subject to an immediate recall campaign. He has to go. Now.

    Moving forward, one of the most useful things the dissident right can do is to make it clear that we will no longer vote for the Rockefeller Republican candidates offered up by the Chamber of Commerce. We don’t have the numbers to win elections, but we can certainly sit on the sidelines and let Democrats win elections they otherwise would lose. That’s influence.

    Politics is downstream of culture. Refusing to engage in the culture wars, as Hutchson did, is simply throwing away the future of the party and the country. Republicans have to fight and win in the culture wars if they want our votes.

    • Glorious defeat is not a winning strategy, and standing on the sidelines is just losing in slow motion. The hard truth is that the civil mechanisms for conflict resolution are becoming extinct at an accelerating pace and eventually it’s going to take hard men and hard methods to right the ship. Because of the Comfort First Imperative, no one is currently inclined to get their hands dirty with the “alternative” options. But that will change in a heartbeat if things go to Hell in a hurry. Are we there yet? No, but the storm clouds are clearly visible on the horizon.

      • TomA, do you see any value in demonstrating to the conservatives that the GOP is entirely bought off by their donors and hence deserve support from no one?

        The (good but dumb) Republicans who see Kristi Noem as the next Reagan need to be disabused (and abused). (“We’ll totally own the libs when we nominate a woman! They’ll never call us sexist or misogynist again!”)

        • First, Kristi Noem is very unlikely to leave South Dakota and shooting her down as a national candidate is a waste of political bullets. Second, the Republicans are, in fact, a big part of the problem and not a potential ally or savior. I would go further and say that the guy that stabs you in the back is a thousand times worse than the guy that punches you in the face head-on. And the longer we perpetuate the myth that we can talk or vote our way out of the mess we’re in, the deeper the hole gets and the more painful will be the eventual recovery.

          Times are getting exponentially more dire with each passing day and we do not have the luxury of wasting time on Republican repair efforts. Get your own house in order now, survive the collapse, and be alive to fight when the bugle sounds.

  29. All social change in the US is contingent on the participation of the legal community. When enough money is produced attorneys will be happy to support federal brain implants. Another group of ambulance chasers will take the other side. Everything that goes on in the US involves the secular Levites that emerge from law schools. They are the priesthood of “democracy”. They construct the laws that govern others’ lives, interpret their use and administer the punishment for their violation. Without them, and the system they control, American society would, of course, change over time but not in the bizarre form and astonishing rate we see today.

    • Lawyers are always at the forefront of social change – whether the General Assembly in paris or the Falange. There’s a mid-sized firm worth of esquires in Zman’s commentariat. Lawfare, corporations, and wrenches are simply tools that can be put to good or ill use, by the forces of good or those of the enemy. What the broad right lacks is the organizational opportunity to deploy them.
      Speaking of, donate to Freedom X law, Bill Becker does God’s work even if he’s a boomercon.

      • I’ve been wondering about that. Maybe the guest attorney will weigh in. If not, it’s up to our jail house lawyers…

        I say that it’s basically a myth that an attorney is the impartial representative of a client. Now I agree that a person deserves legal representation and at least in criminal cases, has that right, although it will be a public defender of unknown quality. My point is that, far from being disinterested, the cases an attorney takes influence his future career good or bad. Yes, they will chase the bucks, but I’m worried that they will shy away from certain cases. Here are a few hypothetical cases:

        Criminal: you’re a white man that’s been charged in the self-defense killing of a black man. The local BLM/Antifa entourage has taken notice and now is intent on making you the next poster child of White Supremacy.

        Civil: you are a business owner that has been discriminated against by one of the Woke businesses that decided to cancel you for political points.

        In both cases, a potential attorney would unavoidably be defending the evil white man. I’m not saying that representation can’t be had. Of course it can, for a (high) price. Attornies completely impartial? Not if they have career aspirations. Today’s junior partner wants to be tomorrow’s full partner. Those with an eye to a future judge or other government posting will pick and choose their clients accordingly.

      • You could say that the Devil is the personified form of the principle of scattering and division, or chaos and entropy. Progressives, of course, don’t believe in Satan. Rather, they only rely on him.

        • In a diverse society, the forces of disunity and anarchy are intrinsically latent. Satan, to the extent he is the author of our misery (and I wouldn’t bet against it), has simultaneously increased diversity and actuated those dormant forces. In short, I’m inclined to agree with you.

  30. One of the more logical explanations is that the GOP insiders, many of whom are homosexual (especially post Trump, he and his idiot daughter chased the rainbow harder than anything I’ve seen) strongly believe that this will not be in issue in 10 years. They believe that a decade from now every GOP politician will have to explain why they stood in the way of “trans rights.” They still think they have a future, if they can only tweak the electorate just enough. All the world is just a VALS marketing survey to them. There’s no underlying morality, just lifestyle choices, even among kids.

    • JR Wirth: “They believe that a decade from now every GOP politician will have to explain why they stood in the way of “trans rights.” They still think they have a future, if they can only tweak the electorate just enough.”

      Example A: See Guest’s comment above, i.e. “Republicans have to fight and win in the culture wars if they want our votes.” So does the proper moral posturing (particularly where there is no risk to the politician) demonstrate “fighting”? What constitutes winning the ‘culture wars’? Will you constantly monitor all of said politician’s employees, see who is hired and let go and for what purported offense? Does ‘Guest’ truly believe that mere politics can ‘win’ culture wars? How has that worked out so far?

      • The culture war was lost in the 70’s. Literally lost. Even the founding of the “Moral Majority” (an oxymoronic name) was far too late. It’s been a mop up operation ever since. And we’re so far down that road that they don’t even try anymore. Not even a governor of a southern state. We can learn from the Mennonites and Amish to just abandon the whole structure (without abandoning technology). We’ve reached a point where no loving parent should want their child to go to college (in the traditional sense) etc. The whole place will hit the wall anyway when we have our debt crisis in a few years. The parasites are killing the host.

        • Hell, I don’t even want to fly anymore after reading that United Tweet. Sadly, I’m usually on that shitty airline as it has the most convenient schedule for my work. not that the rest of them are better. A couple Shanequas piloting my plane, guided by Jamal, the new air traffic controller, the plane itself having software contracted out to pajeets, getting its million mile servicing in Mexico. It’s like a death wish.

        • The Mennonites and Amish immigrated as farmers and they’re farmers to this day. They didn’t “abandon” so much as they just never joined. You raise a good point, though. Why are some groups allowed to go their own way and others not? We know those buses and planes ferrying the border jumpers around the country aren’t placing them in Chinatown, or in the Ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods of NY/NJ, or Martha’s Vineyard.

          • It may simply be the old question of which house do the burglars hit. What I mean is that the important thing about the border jumpers from the point of view of the oligarchs is simply to get them into the country *somewhere*. Just as the burglar will probably avoid that small house with an old car parked in front in favor of the garish McMansion with the brand new SUV, especially if it looks like no one is ever home. When it comes to the Ultra-Orthodox Jews, the ultra-rich (Martha’s Vineyard), or tribally aware ethnics – they’re always “home” while Jimbo Indebt Whiteface spends so much time at work earning to make the payments on that SUV that he would barely notice if you built a refuge camp in his literal back yard. A lot of our problems as whites stem from this actually. We’ve spent generations trusting the social autopilot to take us to a glorious future and many still don’t realize it’s been reprogrammed to crash into a mountainside. Definitely time for a flight 93 approach even if it fails like that did.

    • I guess a whole can of worms has been opened by the 2020 Supreme Court decision. It’s not clear to me why the ruling would be limited to employees. Are we now at a point where a person can choose his sex, or change it at will? Today’s essay dealt with transsexuals in sports. Where is the line drawn, if at all? Does a man only have to dress like a woman? Or does he require surgery too?

      Conjecture: Just as with other civil rights, exceptions will have to be allowed when the simple nature of the work or other situation requires a certain sex. An obvious case would be a surrogate mother. We are going to see some very werid court cases in coming years.

    • Leaving aside the “morality” issue, one cannot evade the simple fact that there are only two sexes and anyone who chooses to try and fool Mother Nature, so to speak, is easily recognized by the rational and should be treated as mentally ill rather than put in any position of social authority.

  31. As I recall Asa was a long time Bush crony. I haven’t heard his name since that failure left office. Walmart has such a huge presence in that state it has to be them. Maybe some Walton has an effeminate 10 year old son who happens to be exploring alternative lifestyles. Or possibly as he eluded to during the interview, he got marching orders from the national party which is trying to woo the rainbow mafia any way they can, as they see evangelical christianity on the downswing.

  32. That IS a good question: what’s in it for them?

    Seeing as how trannies comprise a minuscule fraction of the voting population, and most Americans recognize them for the mentally-ill gender-dysphoric sadsacks that they are: why would any politician, or corporation, go out on a limb, and risk alienating voters, in order to support them?

    And related to that: why has the media fallen in line? Why did they suddenly decide to engage in their campaign to normalize ‘transgenders’? What’s in it for them? Who or what groups are behind the scenes, pressuring them to take this stance?

    You can see why they would find pandering to Blacks worth the effort: there are a sizable number of votes there. But gays? Transgenders?

    And it’s easy to see why, once an issue like that becomes popular, becomes the latest cause celebre, which ‘all right-thinking people support’, politicians and media celebrities would fall into line.

    They’re in the catbird seat, living the good life: they’re getting paid very well for doing little more than opinionating. And once they’re there, their egos quickly start loving the status and prestige of being the center of attention, the person at the party everyone wants to talk to, whose opinion everyone wants to hear. It’s easy to see how that would quickly become addictive: if suddenly becoming an advocate for ‘transgender rights’ is the cost of staying in the spotlight, “Hey, I’m there….”

    It appears to be similar to what happened with ‘gay rights’ and ‘gay marriage’. IIRC, 30-something States had had referendums on gay marriage; every one of which were defeated. Then, on the second or third go-round, voters in Maine narrowly approved it. But it was still clearly something that the majority of Americans were not in favor of.

    But then the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage was a Constitutionally protected right…. and the mainstream media began engaging in an ongoing campaign to normalize it: to convince Americans that everybody else was for it…. and if you’re not, you’re a bad person, a ‘homophobic bigot’. (It’s only recently that homophobia has become a bad thing, not that long ago it described how most normal people felt about two men having sex.)

    Again, you wonder: Why? With gays only compromising 3-5% of the population: why go to all that trouble? What’s the benefit?

    And trannies are a much smaller group…. How does it benefit politicians or their donor backers or corporations to hop on that bandwagon?

    Is it part of an effort to make Americans pliable in their opinions?

    To get Americans used to casting off tradition, and embracing whatever new belief the elite is pushing? So that whatever the elites want them to think, they’ll rush to comply?

    Could it be that the content— gay marriage, transgender rights— is not as important as the *process*: of training the public to go along willingly with the latest trend in belief?

    • They want to normalize the idea that small children are sexual beings who have feelings and desires and autonomy over their bodies.

      Once this is thoroughly normalized, the next big fight will be for the “sexual rights of children” and their alleged right to sexual autonomy. They want to do away with age of consent laws. If the child “consents,” then a 40yo buggering an 8yo is no longer a crime.

      Even clownworld has limits. Age of consent laws cannot be targeted by pedos so directly. Peoples’ desires to protect their children is too strong for this line of attack. But framing this as a right of a child to autonomy and control of their own bodies is likely to find sympathy in a way pedos just never could despite all those “virtuous pedos” out there being featured in mainstream publications. This is why stories about 18 or 19yo getting arrested for having sex with their 17yo GF/BF are so popular and also why teens getting arrested for distributing child porn for “sexting” inappropriate pictures of themselves are so popular in the press. We should do away with child porn laws and age of consent laws because we don’t want to be arresting kids doing dumb stuff, now do we?

      • tarstarkas: You’re directly over the target. I read a book at least 5 -10 years ago (cannot recall title – think I got in through interlibrary loan) about homosexuals infiltrating the Catholic church (I’m not Catholic). There was a long, well researched section on the media campaign to ‘normalize’ homosexuality and homosexual marriage. The people behind it, the money, the careful step-by-step campaign. It was mapped out and took a number of years, but because it was done subtly and gradually, most didn’t really take notice of it until it was all but won.

        That same campaign, but in a much more compressed timeline, has been utilized for trannies and is being introduced for pedophilia. The constant and positive media articles about ‘throuples’ or photos of F-M trannies with beards and pregnant bellies are all part of the campaign. There is more public resistance, but it’s ongoing – just look at all the mothers joyfully bringing their children to trannie story hour. Check out the themes in children’s books published since 2017 or 2018.

        There is literally no sexual degeneracy or deviancy that is off the table. There have always been broken, twisted, sinful people, but I strongly believe a brief historical review demonstrates a pattern of those who push this cause. What kind of human being would be prompted, on his own, to consider sexual mutilation a normal field to pursue? What motivated Magnus Hirschfeld? What motivated Freud?

        • ” I read a book at least 5 -10 years ago (cannot recall title – think I got in through interlibrary loan) about homosexuals infiltrating the Catholic church (I’m not Catholic).”

          You should read a more recent book, In the Closet of the Vatican, which reveals that the homosexuals were always in the Church, and they’re the ones who campaigned for the Church’s “conservative” policies, partly as cover (the lady doth protest) and partly due to their ignorance of and disinterest in normal family life. Hence, NO Divorce, NO birth control, NO sex education, etc.

          How many “conservatives” really support “traditional Catholic values”? It’s not just “no homo”. It’s an entire sick view of humans sexuality that holds celibacy (“I’m not a degenerate homo, I’m a spiritually superior celibate!”) as an ideal.

          Dirt poor, spouse-abusing drunks having 15 children is not “family values.”

          It’s ridiculous when “conservatives” in America promote Catholicism (and even Orthodoxy!) as some kind of solution. Real Americans have always opposed Popery and alien episcopal supremacy.


          • The Church was absolutely correct about “sex education”
            Just look at any modern “sex education” for small children (pre-school) and you will be forced to agree that the church was correct.

        • Another book to read is “The Last Closet” by Moria Greyland. Her parents were both pedos heavily involved in the science fiction scene of the 60s and 70s. Both of her parents were heavy into NAMBLA and pushed it via the alleged sexual rights of children. She has many other examples of writers, clubs and especially the arts and their connections to both homosexuality and pedophilia. They always justified their degeneracy by appealing to the alleged sexual rights of children.

          There was just a bruhaha around the “furries” and their penchant with pedophilia and zoo-philia. (Mister Metokur covered it. There are some good YT videos chronicling it too) There was a bunch of documents released showing some pretty popular furries doing horrible stuff with children and animals. Every single one of them identified as either gay or bi. All of these people in Greyland’s book were all “gay or bi” Every single time I find of these advocates for some degenerate abomination, you find that person is gay or bi.

        • The psychologist Jeanine Chasseguet-Smirgel believed that strong, stable societies contain and control perversion, deviance and transgression. Weak and unstable ones, on the other hand, indulge or even promote it. She also argued that societies normalizing deviance is a certain harbinger of disaster. If she’s right–and I think she is–it’s all going to hit the fan rather soon, and I’m perfectly fine with that.

    • “Could it be that the content— gay marriage, transgender rights— is not as important as the *process*: of training the public to go along willingly with the latest trend in belief?”

      I think this may be part of the answer to the question Z was asking about why the corporations do this if it alienates customers. It ties in with something I’ve long speculated about the change in the nature of global capitalism. In the past, when the Western nations had growing (native) populations and natural resources were abundant and mostly untapped, the recipe for success was simple. Find something a lot of people want or need. Find a supply of labor and raw materials to make it, and set about making lots of it. Population growth and the economies of scale in resource exploitation basically guaranteed success and growing profits. In more recent times, the focus has shifted to monetizing decadence and blowing through the “cultural capital” as a way of maintaining growth and profits with stagnant populations and harder to get natural resources. A big part of this is creating new markets by any means necessary, including convincing people who might otherwise have sought medical help for mental illness to think of themselves as endowed with one or more fantastical constructed identities. For a while at least, you can grow market share by simply further subdividing atomized people into new markets centered around these constructions.

      It’s also possible that this “process” has been rolled out frequently enough now that the corporations can predict and manage all phases of it including the initial backlash. So they may know that initially they’ll lose X amount of profits due to boycotts but eventually, after the conservatards have given up fighting the outrage du jour and gone back to grillin’ they will have a shiny new market of insecure and status seeking people to exploit in novel ways. Even the never ending Corona madness may be driven now by the desire of corporations to see just how many tertiary Coof-centered (and now essential) products and services they can generate and exploit before people get tired of the whole thing and stop spending money.

  33. So the idea in economics was that you need to have high-powered incentives to make executives focus on corporate profits instead of focusing on whatever makes them personally happy. Turns out our economic system allows the massive fortunes created by giant profits to be used for whatever wicked plans these souls bastards have.

    Dostoevsky had these guys figured out. We should have listened.

  34. Everyone is wondering why a profit motivated corporation would be behind such things.

    The tribal agenda at play is more important that the survival of any individual corp. The tribe is interested it wielding the power the corp has in service of their centuries long agenda.

    Secondly there is no consequence, do you all remember the Gillette ads a while back, any consequence come of that?

    The Transgender Industrial Complex is a good book, available from Antelope Hill Publishing.

    • “there is no consequence, do you all remember the Gillette ads a while back, any consequence come of that?”

      Yeah the “get woke, go broke” meme seems to be little more than a coping mechanism. Most companies are woke, and never seem to be anywhere near broke. I guess we should always do what little we can as individuals, but we still have to be realistic– small boycotts just aren’t very effective.

      • Reynard: I wholeheartedly agree that small boycotts are ineffective, but I feel equally strongly that individual boycotts are vitally important. No, your individual purchasing decisions will make no difference to various corporations. Even if all White nationalists joined you, the numbers are insufficient to make a difference.

        However, I believe each individual White nationalist ought to attempt, as much as possible, to make those decisions for his individual family. It’s not easy, and many times irrelevant (both Coke and Pepsi are anti-White). But if possible, buy from the less woke company. Whenever possible, buy local or no-name brands. If there is an item made by an older and established American company (not merely an American front whose workforce is entirely Mestizo), pay a bit extra. Otherwise buy older and used goods. I bought a number of pieces of furniture last year from local consignment stores – solid wood made by now out-of-business American companies.

        Everyone here has his individual bugaboo – yes, I know soda is not ‘good’ for me. Yes, I realize Jeff Bezos hates me, but so does the local big box store or grocery store, and if I can avoid going out among the diversity I will do so. I’m just saying that people here should try to be aware of what they buy and where it’s made and who’s advertising it. Again, there are often no good choices, just some slightly less bad ones, but merely being aware of the politics behind one’s purchases is an important first step. Prime example, I cannot believe how many women still buy Chobani yoghurt (darling of the Clintons and Obamas, infester of Idaho, promoter of Mohammedism and non- White immigrants into the heartland).

        Even baby steps can add up, and we can expand them to all aspects of our lives.

        • Why do you avoid diversity? I force myself to go out among my surroundings. Not hide from it. I want a clear picture of what’s going on.

          Part of what ails our people is that we withdraw to netflix and amazon to avoid seeing reality. My area is 30% white on paper; at the mall it’s 0% white because whites don’t like going out amongst aliens.

          A non pozzed white man really stands out among a mass of vibrants, btw.

          • B125: Because I hate the diversity and blind stupid White women no end. I wouldn’t say I’m hiding, I’m trying to avoid the waste of my time. I don’t want to argue with them, I don’t want to see them. I know full well how many of them are here (when I used to take my younger son to the mall indoor play area, 15-20 years ago, he was already a minority among the Han and pajeets). I have no problem not proclaiming my opinions with bumper stickers or stupid signs at my house, but I have a harder time controlling my mouth and my hatred for what’s been done to former America. I’m an old lady; my older son is aggressively non-pozzed. The younger is uncomfortable with confrontation but isn’t terribly different in his beliefs.

          • I think some of the difference is generational. The two of you are at least 3 decades apart in age. The grumpy man on his porch is a stereotype for a reason. As you age, you become more inclined to simply avoid aggravations.

        • 3g4me, you bring up great points, as always (I can relate with the soda/Dr.Pepper, and Amazon bugaboos as well. )

          “Even baby steps can add up, and we can expand them to all aspects of our lives.”

          “Baby steps” is my mantra and advice to new and aspiring gym goers or runners. You are right, I need to apply this more in my everyday life as a dissident.

        • Yes to the idea that, regardless of the “big picture” effects of your tiny, little actions, your resistance has value.

          After all, what’s their big picture? You, broken, isolated, defeated, and in the end, emotionally exhausted, falling into line. Do it for you, do it in consideration of the message that it sends to those around you, family and friends.

  35. Well, I agree with your overall point but this is one of those cases where knowing something very specific that the writer does not seem to know makes a huge difference so I feel compelled to mention it:

    It’s not just “corporations”. The Trans Agenda is being driven by JB Pritzker and his trans brother/sister. JB Pritzker is the governor of Illinois and one of the wealthiest people in the world. Google his sister and read a little bit about her. They are extremely influential in politics. You might even say he orchestrated Barack Obama’s rise to power, or at least helped it and sped it up tremendously.

    The reason that particular governor is essential to know about in this context is: why else do you think these other governors are all folding and capitulating besides the fact that he has direct access to them and can bring to bear a huge arsenal of tools to make their lives hell if they do not go along with what he wants.

    • JB the Hutt is also well known for his healthy lifestyle and medical actions which eliminated the Wuhan plague in this fair state.

    • Yup, the Pritz’ are one of the major power factors driving this mess.

      iSteve has done many pieces on them over the years.

  36. Mental illness, sin, whatever you want to call it. Unchecked greed for sure. Also, people without families, or with an unstable identity, make good consumers. No kids to invest in and a giant spiritual hole to fill with material things. Bow down and worship the market god.

    • Perhaps the Free Market like our Constitutional Republic was intended for a “moral and religious people. it is wholly inadequate for any other.” as John Adams wrote, and after 100 years of communist/fascist propaganda in our schools the people are now immoral and anti-religious.

      The Constitution has been shredded by the left and the so-called right allowed it. Without a Constitution we have no Republic. And now they pass laws to institutionalize voter fraud, anti-White racism and insane sexual proclivities. Lock and load or get on your knees. I can see no third alternative.

  37. Consumers don’t have any rights.
    The Branch Covidiocracy is the end of the line for the muh democracy smoke and mirrors.
    Enjoy the show as they try to prop up civnattery like some Humpty Dumpty.
    Be off good cheer because woketards won’t last very long when the law of the jungle replaces the rule of law.

  38. I saw part of the interview on Tucker. Allowing children to be chemically-castrated is part of Ronald Reagan’s legacy or something.

  39. Maybe America has been conquered by some foreign power, which is now enforcing its ideology onto America.

    I don’t think that’s actually happened. It’s a crazy idea.

    But the really crazy thing is that is a more rational explanation, that fits the fact pattern, than any other. Especially as Z noted that no one pushing this shit has an obvious reason for doing so.

    • “Maybe America has been conquered by some foreign power, which is now enforcing its ideology onto America.”

      I can think of a certain foreign power with a special wall at which US presidential candidates pray while wearing a small hat.

    • If the people — who thru organized patient action got control of the boards of the huge pension funds of the teachers’ and municipal employees’ unions — said as shareholders in Coca Cola or American Airlines or Delta that management should to do X, what do you think the CEOs would do?

      The Left organizes and complains while the other shareholders are silent and the customer base is unorganized for action.

      What do they say about the Squeaky Wheel?

      It’s very much like the governors’ relation to their donors and their base. One is organized and quietly exerts its influence; the other bitches on talk radio and waits to be distracted by the next outrage.

    • The old Invasion of the Body Snatchers film (1950s version) was a metaphor for the international Communist conspiracy. Now the movie is quaintly corny, but back in the day I’m sure it had the John Birch Society types pretty worked up.

      I know you’re right; we have been conquered by Something. It gets to determine what words mean, and has normally rational people affirming that 2 + 2 = 5. Whatever it takes to make it till retirement, and to keep that 401k percolating, people will do it.

      I don’t know where to draw the line, personally. I want to refuse the vaccine, and have not received it thus far. But what if, one year from now, they determine that only a few outliers are harmed by the vaxx and my boss says I have to take it in order to keep getting paid. I have two kids depending on me.

      What will I do then? Will I Live Not By Lies, as Solzhenitsyn challenged us to do, or will I cynically capitulate and collapse like a wet paper bag? Will I be absorbed into the Borg also? I’m tired of wondering about all this. Lord forgive me, but I wish people would just start shooting already and we could find another way to solve problems besides talking about stuff. Besides posting rambling comments on blogs and such.

      • The director himself said it was no such thing. This is a trope penned by the left wanting to classify it as a hysterical cold war reaction.

        Siegel said it was made due to the rise in what he called the pod people he was seeing around him. He said he was disturbed at the number of people who “have no feeling about cultural things, no feeling of pain, of sorrow”.

        IF that does not describe what we see now I am not sure what does. The domination in public of the hollowed out individual is like the last scene where the pods are being shipped all over the country and the guy trying to warn everyone looks like a nut.

    • “When you see the dopamine-dispensing treats of technocapital you might think you see a world of freedom and choices, but this is merely the IV drip of product to keep you medicated to the will of others. Ask yourself, what autonomy do you truly have to be outside of this system? None. You are living in a false reality. Remember, like anything else, liberalism seeks to dominate and being the flexible nothingness it must then dominate everything. Conquerors do not invade territory to do nice things to it and especially for the people that reside there.” — “The Feasts of Shame,” American Sun https://theamericansun.com/2020/01/01/the-feasts-of-shame/

      • IMO, networked tech, especially social media, is a new form of drug addiction – with all that implies.

        The drug being your own dopamine.

        • Spot on. Social Media is pure poison and the people at the top openly admit it. Heck they don’t even let their own kids near or have tablets until they are in their teens. Why? Because it stunts their emotional and intellectual growth.

          Secondly don’t forget to factor in rapidly declining testosterone and sperm counts in the West. By some accounts men of the West will be shooting blanks by 2045.

          We’re being poisoned, folks and put on the road to extinction. By who I don’t know. But we are the target.

  40. In thinking of ways to fight this we have to make it painful for our political leaders. How to do that? Well obviously they don’t seem to be bothered opposing their own people right now even on an issue that destroys their own peoples children and civilization.
    The only thing I can think of this morning is shunning. If they had a sense of shame for what they are doing and their own families are ashamed of them instead of living like nobles off their relatives political career.
    That is where organizations that might have value to the political leaders could come to play. If that organization whether a local Lions club or lodge or church that they care about would shun them publicly this could work.
    Churches used to do that.
    But now they are too busy having rock concerts and taking up contributions to convert Africans.

    • Whatever has gripped them, is immune to actual public opinion and self interest.

      It’s some weird pseudo religious movement, that like early Christianity, that causes the suffering of the faithful to increase the depth of their belief.

  41. By now, everyone is probably sick to death of that O’Brien quote from 1984, so I won’t cut and paste it here. But… he’s right for all that. It really does seem to be hubris, plain and simple. Just this morning I had a big fight with my Internet provider. My signal is terrible, it has been terrible, it has no prospect of getting better. Their customer service — when I finally got through all the robots — basically told me to go f*ck myself, they’ll get around to sending a technician when and if they feel like it, and whaddaya gonna do, peon? (Note that this was an obviously White customer service rep, so it wasn’t Sasquatcheeta freelancing some slavery reparations).

    The fact that I’m doing this via cellular was lost on them. The fact that people don’t NEED social media, or Walmart’s cheap Chinese crap, or sportsball, or what have you, is completely lost on them. They know, in some vague theoretical way, but they just don’t care, because f*ck you, that’s why. The point of torture is torture.

    • It’s weird right?

      We grew up with the paradigm that the customers always right and companies at least paid lip service to that. With the unstated premise that companies wanted to increase their sales – they’d chase the next transaction to ridiculous ends.

      But now, it’s like that don’t give a shit if people leave. They’re gonna do what the want and if the customers don’t like it and go away, we’ll who cares.

      I think it’s at least partially a consequence of the change in business over the last several decades. It used to be that businesses made money by selling something and keeping some fraction of the transaction. But now, it’s all about manipulating stock price. Companies like FB and Twitter have capitalizations of hundreds of billions of dollars despite having minimal or no actual income. And absolute ponzu bullshit like Bitcoin makes people rich overnight. It’s all about chasing and capturing some QE instead of sales.

      • In the case of the ISP, at least, de facto monopoly has something to do with it. They’re the landline company in my area. The “competition” is satellite… which, thanks to things like trees and buildings and whatnot, is only available in certain areas — if you’re not on the edge of town surrounded by fields, forget it. Actually cutting the cord would entail some actual “hardship” (if going without any electronic gizmo is a “hardship”), but it’s to that point. It’s like Winston Churchill said: This situation absolutely requires a really stupid, futile gesture be done on someone’s part.

        As for the rest of them, I actually used to use Faceborg as an example of “basic economics” (and why it’s wrong) when teaching the Industrial Revolution. No one could guess anything other than “selling your personal information” as Zuckerborg’s actual product. “But every company on earth already has your information,” I’d point out. “You give it out hundreds of times a month. What, you think it’s a coincidence that every time you buy something at the campus bookstore, you get fifteen robocalls and pieces of junk mail offering to fix your credit and lower your student loan rate?”

        Finally, if I’d done my job and explained properly what “stocks” were (back in the day), they’d conclude that Faceberg’s one and only business model was “manipulating Faceberg’s stock price.” I doubt the lesson stuck much past the midterm exam, but here’s hoping…

        • I half joke that Facebook is actually a CIA front whose real purpose is spying on people and that they accidentally found a way to get rich by manipulating the stock / a conduit for the FEDs money creation.

          It’s a completely crazy idea that I don’t actually believe.

          Except that it’s an explanation that better fits the facts of Facebook’s origination and growth and current practices a lot better than the “real” explanation of a tech startup by the genius Zuck.

        • Just weighing in on a strict tech question: cell (mobile data) vs. cable internet? I’ve tried both and it’s almost impossible to beat cable internet. In favor of the cell service, almost any phone today can turn into a wi-fi “hotspot.” The data speeds are acceptable but rarely match what cable delivers. But the killer is cost and/or data caps. Unless your use is extremely light: checking email and perhaps some web surfing, it’ll almost always be cheaper to have cable. Even if you’re that super-light user, a single Windows 10 upgrade will burn up your monthly data.

          Streaming music is doable, but will eat your data, and video is marginal or unfeasible.

          As with the above guy, I’ve had periodic crappy service, that even drove me to cancel in anger. But I always crawled back because the alternatives are worse.

      • I run a business, and can say that I’ve definitely reached a point where I don’t really care about customer complaints. I’ve been reflecting on it a lot, and I think it comes down to two things: there aren’t many competitors in my market that can offer the same product at a reasonably close price, and there is more demand for my product than in could ever hope to produce in five lifetimes. I would guess this is applicable to other businesses as well. If you can get stuff done and you’re competitors can’t, you can afford to slough off unprofitable customers with little issue.

  42. “The fact is though, it appears that the engine of revolutionary social change, like the ritual mutilation of children, is being driven by global corporations.”

    Of the 52 senior executives of the largest American asset management firms, private equity funds and hedge funds, 37 are J*uws, have J*uwish spouses or work directly towards Zionist interests. This is a numerical representation of 71%.

    those “investment management firms” have their tentacles in basically every major western corporation out there. Sure, one can say the other 29% have other agendas, chinese agendas or whatever, but I’m thinking the 29% have to play ball with the 71%.

    Point is there’s only one ethnic group in charge of the western corporate world. Chinese get a lot of benefits, but they’re not at the helm, I saw only two chinese dudes among those 52 execs.

  43. There is enormous money behind World War T.

    Good money is being paid to make this stuff happen.

    The new book, “The Transgender Industrial Complex,” has a pretty good run down on it.

    • Does it explain *why* though?

      To me the most accurate explanation is that somebody is trying to destroy the United States. Confused gender roles, legalized drugs and crime, open borders with the 3rd world, etc.

      DinoDixie mentions above that maybe we have been conquered by a foreign power. The only two possibilities are China or Israel. Maybe China actually has complete control and is trying to destroy the USA to weaken it?

      • Well, you got me since I’ve only listened to interviews with the author.

        That said, does the why matter? Does it really help us fight back and defeat these forces?

        I feel there are multiple foreign factions working to destroy the US, with the two you mentioned being the most prominent and powerful.

        Of those two, I couldn’t say which one is dominant. I have my strong opinion, though I understand many disagree with it.

        • The only thing foreign about America’s destruction is the French poststructuralist theory American academia imported in the 60s and has since used to sow every civilization-destroying force imaginable. The rot is overwhelmingly internal. Outside forces are only capitalizing on what we’ve done to ourselves.

      • The reason why is:

        Fuck you that is why.

        Each step is just picking the next grossly humiliating fuck you that everyone feels they have to pay lip service to or the eye of sauron will turn on them and they will be ablated from the earth.

        As Severian points out, it is the whole point. Its like the torture films with the guy keeping someone in a cell in his basement and tortures them day in day out. What is the point of that other than they can, and the more humiliation you have to swallow the better the ride for them is.

        That is the point.

        It does not seem too far fetched to think the ruling elites only pleasure is sitting around with a human skin face mask on, eating the remains of their last victim and day dreaming yet more humiliating sodomizing for you. Its a struggle to see any difference in the world direction if this was actually the case.

  44. But what are the CEOs of the corporations getting out of this?

    To quote one of my favorite movies (Miller’s Crossing) and characters, Tom: “You do things for a reason.”

    What’s their angle? Their getting something out of the personally or they wouldn’t do it. My guess is that the giant multi-nationals are so safe in their positions that the people running them can move up the “levels of needs” hierarchy to love and belonging and esteem.

    • If I could hazard a guess, it’s that today’s CEOs are the first ones to reach that position having spent nearly their entire career subjected to the DIE regime. If my place of work is any indication, you cannot get to even a local department manager position without being a publicly enthusiastic supporter of vibrancy and girl power. To become a plant manager requires even more ardent support. To reach the corporate office you have to be completely obeisant, as well as actively reinforce the same beliefs among the leaders below you. Anyone who makes it to CEO, President, or other corporate head position will now unquestioningly assume that the woke agenda is embraced by the entire organization.

      • That makes a lot of sense. There’s always a 20 to 30 year lag in all of this. The 55-year-old CEO started working his way up 30 years ago – 1990. Maybe some non-believers were moving up in the 1990s but after 2000, you had to be on board with globohomo.

        • My ceo is a white gentile man, in his 50s. As far as I can tell he’s a true believer in Globohomo. Not a dark triad guy saying all the right things. But a true believer.

          You would think a man would have more self respect than to constantly be debasing himself, and promoting blacks, women, trannies, whatever.

          The vibrants don’t like him anyways, not only is he white but they don’t respect his weakness. he still seems to view himself as a benevolent overseer.

    • It bears repeating:
      The BlackRock and State Street ETF’s own the stock market.
      Vote your 100 individal shares of Coke to determine the board of directors? Ha.
      These two institutions control every company in the S&P 500, DJIA and Nasdaq.
      Every two weeks, I give them my retirement funds to have even more power.
      My alternate investment strategy, copper and lead, is rational, but not conducive to a life of anything beyond “Lord of the Flies” or “Mad Max”.

      • It can’t hurt to diversify a bit. 10-20K in strategy 2 even right now results in a decent set of tools.

  45. The reason a business case for corporate woke-ism is hard to find is that it largely doesn’t exist. But corporations are clearly motivated to be seen on the “side of the angels” so someone is driving that trend. Tucker et. al. have suggested its an intentional mask to deflect public attention from their kleptocratic efforts. But that seems a bit too clever. That wouldn’t explain why, for example, the Boy Scouts would alienated their biggest supporters and 25% of their total membership (the mormons) to make common cause with people who would never associated themselves with something as retrograde and square as Scouting. Yet BSA did just that, in what appears to be stark contradiction not just to their mission, but to their financial health. My explanation is that this is driven by social pressures, especially among the wives of these executives. To be socially hip/cool/trendy is taken as granted in the posh residences of corporate leadership, including the BSA leadership. More importantly, to express reluctance to social fads risks social ostracism in that world, which is the stuff of horror movies among the fair sex. BTW … this explains why John Roberts has turned into a squish: he lives in Chevy Chase.

    • The only first level explanation I can come up with is the mega corps honesty believe they can maximize their demographic reach, and thus their profits, via the implementation of repressive tolerance.

      Still seems too simple.

        • When your company has a captive market, it doesn’t matter what the customer thinks. “Buy my stuff or don’t, somebody will.” Freemarketers should have thought of that before they let these companies take over everything. Corporate monopolies are so powerful now they can do whatever they want, including harming the customer, and get away with it. That’s why I’ve always said communism and libertarianism are two sides to the same coin. Both inevitably lead to tyranny when the logic of the philosophy is played out: communism leads to state monopolization of power, leading to fewer choices and reduced liberties; libertarianism leads to corporate monopolization of power, leading to fewer choices and reduced liberties.

      • Sure. To them more consumers=more profits. They are completely insulated from the social costs (which are passed along to the working- and middle- classes.)

      • One look at him was enough to raise my hackles and never trust the fucker.

        Same goes with Amy Comey Barrett.

    • Reference the Boy Scouts: Recall in the 90s the left’s fury at them opposing homosexual scoutmasters and openly gay scouts. They declared war and vowed to block longstanding community partnerships, take the national board, and permanently transform the organization. It was a matter for them of crushing Scouting. They did all that, and more, sealing the coffin with the opening the organization to girls. They effectively killed BSA.

      Read the original intent and charter of the organization — clearly BSA no longer remotely carries forward that mission.

      Looking closer, you can see the rot began in ‘59, when girls were admitted to Exploring; and was accelerated terminally with the opening of leadership positions to women in ‘71.

      I resigned my position at the troop level and said goodbye to a piece of our culture I loved.

  46. “What the hell is going on?”. It certainly seems like we’ve entered bizarro world, but that is only if you base it on what a logical and sane person would think. If history is to be believed, societies, tribes, families, any human grouping, often go mad and destroy themselves for what from our perspective looks like insane reasons. Perhaps it’s the fatal flaw in the evolutionary fitness of intelligence: that way leads to madness.

    Given the resources of the modern technological world and the depth of insanity we’re seeing, we may have only scratched the surface of were this goes. Think of your favorite apocalyptic thriller movie, with the cast all on acid. I’m thinking Firefly meets Wild In The Streets.

    • At this rate, we’re headed for the Hell dimension in the deleted scene from, “Event Horizon.”

      That film is definitely not on the AFI list.

    • “Dark Angel” but with with the lead actress (Jessica Alba debuts at peak freshness) replaced by Stacey Abrams or Oprah Winfrey. I’m sure more horrific visions can arise, but that’s what sprang to mind first.

  47. First, Kristi Noem will cut your balls off. She’s no pushover, despite the smear campaign being waged against her by the MSM & Conservative Inc. Second, she didn’t veto the bill, she sent it back to the legislature & asked for 3 small changes in it. Why? Because the bill as passed would fall prey to a diabolical legal strategy by Progressives who own the Eighth Circuit of the Court of Appeals (which includes South Dakota). The legislation (as passed) would have been tied up in court for many years, during which all high school sports in the state would have been forced by Court injunction to allow males to compete in women’s sports. This whole debacle was a trap meant to bring down a politician that scared the Left shitless. Yes, they are are playing 4D chess. But Kristi Noem is not the Bad Guy in this, and is not a patsy either. We best learn to fight like they do and not eat our own.

    • You’ve pointed out the major flaw in her plan: she is contorting her beliefs to exist inside the system instead of challenging the system itself. You see this with nominal conservatives (like her) exclaiming about protecting Title 9 when the basis for Title 9 means the eventual victory of the trans brigade since it’s whole basis of fact is ignoring sex differences.

      • Kristi Noem is a governor and only has influence over state law. She can feasibly obstruct the trans agenda for high school and younger girls in her state, who number in the tens of thousands. Title 9 is federal law, which can only be changed by a wholesale replacement of Congress. No governor can fix that. And there are only a few hundred women in South Dakota competing at the college level. Kristi Noem has been clear that she would like to see Title 9 changed, but that is not a battle she can win by herself, and she’s not going to sacrifice her grade school thru high school women athletes in a losing battle with the Federal Courts & Congressional insanity. Secession may be the only cure for the latter.

        • So rather than fighting and losing she elects to just lose with no fight.

          I get what you’re saying: within the existing paradigm she is powerless before globohomo. It is asking a lot of any politician, especially a lady politician, to challenge the existing paradigm, but that’s what people were looking for.

    • Kristi Noem, will betray you. She already has, and you are coming up with rationalizations as to why. I suspect you don’t want to confront the fact that you bought all of your stock in a politician who proceeded to sell you out yet again like all the others. The question becomes whether you will double down because of your ego, and sink along with her, or decide to cash in the chips while they are worth something.

      • You can find Kristi Noem’s public policy positions online and also the as-passed legislation wording, plus analysis by legal experts in South Dakota (not the national lapdogs of Left). Do your homework.

        Noem is tough as nails and not the typical DC corruptocrat that is being pitched in the media. South Dakota is 85% Caucasian, largely rural, and still very religious. She’s been elected to office 17 times in her home state. The people of South Dakota seem to think very well of her.

      • A lot of her supporters came from people mad about Covid-19 restrictions. I suspect this is true of several of the posters here. They invested a lot into anti-Covid commentary, so they feel an attachment to the figures involved in its opposition. The same is true of people who support other anti-Covid restriction politicians like Israel Firster Ron Desantis and neocon Tom Cotton … and both will similarly disappoint you one day. These politicians all follow the same playbook: use social issues to get elected, sign legislation benefiting themselves and their donors while ignoring the social issues that got them elected.

        • We discuss our political leaders here as if they actually stand on principles. Perhaps they do at times. I very rarely see any discussion of what the primary motive for a person seeking to gain (or hold) office likely is: money and political power. I get that we’d like to think that individuals and groups are motivated by high, lofty, noble ideals, and again, perhaps they are at times. How often are we (likely) deluded by the impression that “our” guy is “better” than “their” guy? I’m not saying that all men are equally good or evil, far from it. But I AM saying that we commit a fundamental error if we assume “our side” is not subject to the same character flaws that all humans are heir to.

          I often point out those baser, more craven motives in us humans, and as a reward I am spit upon.
          When someone drives the knife into your back, the net result will be the same whether it was a blood enemy or a trusted friend or relative.

    • Then why not put in her own bill?

      Or sign this bill and publicly fight the evil parts in court, every hearing a chance to get on camera and tell the world what the other side is trying to do.

    • TomA: Noem may look good posturing, but in many cases that’s all it is. She very carefully chose NOT to choose to opt out of refugee resettlement in South Dakota. I’m willing to be convinced otherwise, but am presently intensely suspicious of any politician being pushed as the next ‘genuine conservative’ savior. Most are civnats at best, and very few people have really looked into the money and forces behind them.

      • I fully support holding politicians feet to the fire and making them accountable for their decisions. And there are a gazillion RINOs that should be hanged in the public square for their treachery. But Kristi Noem is not one of them. She picks her battles carefully and plays to win, not engage in glorious defeats. South Dakota is experiencing a huge influx of businesses moving there from other states because of the favorable legislative environment, and these jobs are helping them keep their young people in-state rather than migrate to urban areas elsewhere. South Dakota is a bastion of old school Western (read Caucasian) culture and will likely become a refugee state for whites when we become a majority-minority nation. The Deep State wants to take her out for a reason, and it’s not because she’s soft on woke politics.

        • What is it with conservatives and making excuses for their leaders, whether it is Noem’s betrayal or Trump’s many failures and betrayals? They get scammed, then excuse the scam artist. Maybe that’s why they think you’re a convenient target?

          • Why don’t we leave the personal invective aside and talk about nuts & bolts facts. The South Dakota legislature passed a bill that includes college sports in their ban on transgender competition in women’s sports. This makes it a federal case because of Title 9 and guarantees a federal court legal challenge that will last years and likely lose due to Liberal judges. During this years-long delay, all women’s sports in SD (read high school & younger) would be subject to transgender competition during appeal. Noem asked the legislature to drop the college part, which keeps high school & under protected in the present tense. She then advocated for multiple states Attorneys General to file a class action challenge in Federal Court to Title 9, as a separate matter, thereby keeping HS sports protected NOW. Why is this wrong?

  48. Most likely blackmail and physical threats. Perhaps threats on their families. Gaetz seems to be a good example. Most likely he refused something to do with globohomo and boom, a career ending “scandal” comes out.

    • Gaetz strikes me as enough of a loose cannon that he would expose any attempted extortion. A better explanation is that he’s being sacrificed as a demonstration to someone else.

    • Its a fake scandal intended to set him up as a viable alternative.

      Look up his all in views on the climate change “green deal” BS https://gaetz.house.gov/media/in-the-news/matt-gaetz-addressing-climate-change-through-green-real-deal.

      Or the fact he lives with a now 19 year old cuban immigrant who is his “son”,as danced around by lots of carefully positioned puff pieces. Cause you know lots of 32 year old single guys house 12 year male immigrants but file no adoption papers. Not strange at all.

      Jeez you would think people could spot groomed opposition by now,

  49. There was a great article making the rounds a few years back, where I think they coined the term boutique belief, where the rich and powerful embraced all sorts of insane moral beliefs that separated them from your average Joe, but lived their lives like a White guy from the 1950’s. Z has made similar points.

    They will espouse integration while living in all white neighborhoods, trash talk the need of marriage while being in a stable marriage themselves, advocate propagandizing children to the gay agenda while insulating them from the Internet, etc.

    My personal favorite is a rich shitlib uncle of mine married to a Jewish woman who had a massive Debutante Ball for his daughter. The entire spectacle was something out of the Antebellum South or the old European aristocracy. Their basic behaviors would not make them out of place in the palaces of old.

    Instead of the rich beating down the lower classes with good old fashioned economic repression (though a lot of that goes on), they do it now by propagandizing them to horrible mind viruses.

  50. What about the possibility of classic blackmail; these corporations have something on these politicians that is so embarassing that they’ll publicly humiliate themselves to avoid the greater humilitation of the release of the blackmail material? In Robert Penn Warren’s All the King’s Men, the protagonist finally finds some dirt on a judge who is a problem for Willie Stark. There’s a line in the novel:

    “Man is conceived in sin and born in corruption and he passeth from the stink of the didie to the stench of the shroud. There is always something”

    I think that the quote goes on to give examples of evidence tending to prove guilt and how the “lovers of truth” find it, but I can’t seem to find it. With modern methods of communication monitoring, it might not be too difficult to find compromising material on anyone.

    • Blackmail is a time honored tradition that certainly still goes on, but the thoroughness of the cloud people’s psychotic break suggests something else is at play. If everyone was being blackmailed for the same thing, you’d think they’d all just throw their hands up and say, “fuck it, if everyone’s doing it then what’s the big deal?”

      • I’m so relieved to find out that everyone is doing Brony cosplay meetups.

        Wait. Everyone isn’t? Never mind. It’s just something I heard the young people talking about on the intertubes. Stop looking at me!

  51. In the end of the day, this is still moral issue. For example immigration is one of the most voted things last 50 years and voters all over West reject every last politician who is even remotely anti immigration. And politicians know this. You can be anti trans but one little defamation campaign and you are doomed.

    • Do they? Trump was the first national politician who made immigration a major campaign issue. Others on the left and right have carefully avoided putting it directly before the public.

      Both George W. Bush and Marco Rubio really wanted amnesty but were forced to back down from their sneaky attempts to impose it when their machinations became known to voters.

      Most polls show Americans opposed to illegal immigration by substantial margins. Most support legal immigration, but I believe that is declining and only due to a massive “nation of immigrants” propaganda campaign that’s been going on for at least 140 years, waged from the time children enter school

      The US public has not gotten to express its will regarding immigration in decades.

      • Heck, the big guy’s ratings are plunging over the current immivasion and his DHS is talking about restarting the Wall.

        The internal polling must be horrific for them to leak this.

        You just can’t make this stuff up anymore.

  52. It truly is bizarre.

    I saw one going round on Blab where some guy had divorced his wife – and was being forced to pay $5K/month to support his son’s gender change therapies. There was the usual outrage from the half dozen comments, but only one hit home – this was a prime case for a justifiable homicide – and the boy’s mother should be murdered. It could be successfully argued that the boy would be better off in a foster home with a deceased mother and a father in jail. But who knows, it all could have been fake news.

    Z… I am gagging on the 4D chess thing. The morons doing this are too dumb to play 2D chess or even checkers. It would take a world class genius to change a culture like this. You won’t see that kind of brain power in the guys running Walmart, Twatter, or what have you. Truth to tell, most of these oligarchs are as dumb as the politicians they pay for.

    The only marginally viable suspect would be the Russians or the Chinese, they have the expertise at blowing up old cultures and replacing them with new ones… but even they have limits and problems of their own.

    I think this thing is homegrown. America has deserted God, and now God will do the same to America. I think those politicos ARE “doing the will of the people”. Most shitlibs are right behind this kind of stuff. The cringe and pucker factor on it is so disagreeable most cucked conservatives don’t want to think about it. America is becoming a land of very shitty people, and no bones about it.

    Present company excepted of course.

    • > this was a prime case for a justifiable homicide – and the boy’s mother should be murdered.

      Always wondered what would happen if some older people with a terminal illness just decided to dispense some justice before going to the great beyond (in Minecraft).

    • Yep, God favors the Russians, Putin is rebuilding churches, in the US Christians are forced to take part in fag marriage

      The Taliban fight for Allah, the US fights for (((globohomo))), I know who I want to win, do you

    • Turning our backs on God, Nature, and the good in the world are exactly why America and the West now have their necks hung with the twin millstones of the Covid and BLM death cults.

    • In comments like this I always hear the implied assumption that there must be a conscious, malevolent person or group at work, insidiously working to foist some evil plan upon an unsuspecting victim. Those of a religious mind will conceive of Satan or other dark spiritual powers attacking. Another possibility is that it is just Hanlon’s Razor applied on a massive scale.

      Of course those ARE possible; probably there are conspiracies and such going on all the time. Stupid people, or equivalent in function, intelligent people who fail to think, are endemic in human civilization. But rarely is another cause considered.

      Perhaps things are just devolving, falling apart on their own. Or, at least for no discernable reasons. History provides a long list of cultures that rose to a peak and then faded. Sometimes quickly, sometimes gradually. Nothing lasts forever, and sadly that includes empires and nations.

      For all their grandeur, it seems unlikely to me that the Maya, the Inca, the Aztec, and the Toltec before them were felled by an international Jewish conspiracy. Nor the Minoans nor the ancient Greek city-states.

      I don’t know if it’s precisely what SamAdams had in mind below, but the reasoning might be the same.

  53. Fear not. Ben Shapiro said it is time to fight back against corporate America. In a nutshell he said if you don’t like Coca Cola’s fascism, start your own soft drink company. Or start your own baseball league. Hannity will explain it all tonight. Tick Tock…..

  54. You’ve answered your own question in past essays. Politics always had local grift, or as a politician friend put it, “honest graft”. The benefits were local and the local political class got a “taste”. Now it runs on a global scale and there are riches beyond the scale of getting in a few local land deals where the new interstate was going to go through. Why was the Washington crew so pissed off about Trump tanking the Iranian deal? Because peddling influence in the re-opening of Iran was going to be the big score for these people. Got a copy of the Hunter laptop courtesy of Jack Maxey, and just casually trolling the emails and texts in there, it is abundantly clear that this is the case. The local constituents, or for that matter the majority of Americans are simply an annoying afterthought to these people.

    • But where is the pay off with the trannies and queers, Sam? I can see those guys being motivated by money, but sexual perversion only appeals to lefties. The Repubs should be screaming bloody murder about it. If money is the root of all this evil… who is paying?

      • Look around. They get power and the ability to dictate how domestic society is run. Inflicting their own issues on the rest of society is their “high” See Eric Hoffer for reference.

      • It’s not about the money for the business leaders. Their businesses aren’t going anywhere. Now, it’s about moving up the prestige and respect ranks of their people, and their people are the country’s elite – media, academia, charity party throwers, etc.

        And the elite love trannies.

        Always ask the question: Who are your (or their) people?

        The answer to that question answer a lot of others.

        • Do they? Or are they afraid of them?

          Not trying to be a dink or a woman hater… but I see women driving the vast majority of globohomo…

          But whadda I know?

        • Citizen: At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I would agree but add that it’s specifically the wives of the elite who love trannies. While there is an abnormally large group of small hat wearers in charge, who undoubtedly have their own sexual perversions or homosexual brothers or sons, there are still a number of traitorous Whites up there with them who, I would argue, would be uncomfortable around flagrant homosexuality or trannies. It’s their wives who have homosexual best friends and their kids who’ve been propagandized, even in their expensive private schools, to love sexual perversion. Add in the dramatic drop in White testosterone levels and 2nd generation feminism, and there’s intense pressure on even the few sexually normal White men left.

          • It could be argued the English boarding school system was set up to promulgate homosexuality in the upper classes.

            Send your 7 year old son off to be ritually buggered during his formative years and you get a broken sociopathic adult. The trade off is he gets to be part of the ruling elite and be in those social circles.

            Rinse and repeat,as like all abused they end up repeating the pattern on the next generation.

            Perhaps its just the fruition of this system making its way into the wider academic institutions as their numbers increased in the post war era.

            Maybe the invasion of the body snatchers is not so far from the truth.

          • One thing the NDSAP did very effectively is “work the spouses” of the German industrial elite in the early 30s. Combine that with the offer of virtual monopolies in return for a “taste” going to party elite to the husbands and it was irresistible.

          • I’d agree with that. Get the wives and kids, and, generally, the men will follow.

            They’re already successful so it’s a lot of hassle and expense to tell the wife and the kids (and everyone at the club) that I’m going to go against all of you. That CEO might keep their job, but they’ll lose their wife, kids and friends. Easier to just go along.

      • I think perversion must have an appeal to pols on both sides of the aisle given how often they’re caught doing the naughty-naughty. Why only the “R” is called out on it (while the “D” gets a pass) is the more interesting question. Clinton, Menendez, Swalwell–nothing to see here!

    • Downvote?

      It’s not a big deal nor was it a criticism of Z. He writes these quickly, which is amazing. But Noem is, in fact, the governor of South Dakota, not North Dakota. I was simply pointing this out to Z so he could correct it, in part so no dipshits could come along and discredit the overall logic of the piece because he made a specific mistake.

      • That is an error of fact, so the correction is welcome. I don’t ant the good people of North Dakota made at me.

        • Ha. The funny part is that North Dakota is about the only state that South Dakotans look down upon as being backward.

          Actually, that’s not true, it’s the only state that eastern South Dakotans look down upon. Western South Dakotans look down on the entire planet – save a few western states – for its lack of beauty and freedom. And they’re right.

          • You are quite Dakota knowledgeable.

            It is -specifically – East River (Missouri ) vs. West River folks.
            With variations, identical sentiments in both North & South Dakota.
            Short take: West River is the cowboy way
            East River is much more midwestern
            It is a very distinct line.

          • Bingo. Ranchers vs farmers.

            Culturally, geographically and economically, eastern SD is basically Iowa or Minnesota. Cold, flat and full of the nicest super-cucks you’ll ever meet.

            Western SD, especially Rapid City and surrounding areas, are Wyoming or Montana. Drier, mountainous and full of extremely independent folks – who, sadly, hate the idea of identity politics.

            For a generally rural and ethnically-homogenous state, South Dakota’s Whites are remarkably different. Whites have a lot of diversity.

      • That may have been true, but clearly it is no longer true. Unless you can make the business case for mutilating children, something else is the business of America now.

        • Business does not care about profits. If they are large enough, they just come. Financial Repression means investors must dump money in stocks to chase even the tiniest return. The Fed prints free money for them. There are endless waves of third world people getting free money from the Fed to buy Doritos and Coke.

          White people and particularly White men are irrelevant and indeed obsolete and headed for “liquidation” in all senses of the word. So profits don’t matter because no big organization will ever be allowed to fail.

          Of course, globohomo has a lot of money, and eventually some Castro type will come for them like the King of France came for the Knights Templar. But that’s another decade off at least. Well, maybe two years.

          • I agree that you can explain white dispossession entirely by the hunger for cheap labor. (Of course, one has to overlook who orchestrated the 1964 immigration act. http://www.kevinmacdonald.net/CofCchap7.pdf)

            But why the push for homo rights and marriage? Why the demand for tranny acceptance? There is no economic benefit to be found. There’s more than economics going on here.

        • I have wondered a lot why global corporations are pursuing the diversity delusion, and the best answer I can come up with, writing from the north of San Francisco Bay, is that it’s a means of eliminating the competition. Small businesses, added up, are larger than the giant corporations, but they cannot compete with the diversity requirements of duplicate hiring and administrative overhead. My father tried that for a while, hiring blacks to just sit there and additionally hiring others to do the work, but he ran out of money.

  55. Doesn’t it on some level make many wonder why these politicians are so craven?

    Especially the older ones who have more money than God and should be retired to lavish in their ill gotten gains. Still they lie and plot and obfuscate into oblivion for keeping their present position and status.

    Some will sell their souls and destroy good families and their children just for a cabinet appointment.
    Maybe the long walk with the devil over all these years has them surrendering their souls and made them totally feckless in the face of a stronger force.

    • It is a strange thing. Noem is a dunce, so I can see how she could be easily manipulated. She is governor because the important corporate interests in her state put her in office. Hutchinson is 70 and has no future beyond this position. I guess he can hope for an ambassadorship in the coming years, but that’s a stretch. My impression watching hi is that a lifetime being a sock puppet has left him without agency. He no longer knows how to think for himself. He is a husk a man.

      • I viewed Hutchinson as trying to desperately cling to his hoped-for WalMart Board of Directors gig.

          • That was what surprised me about Hutchinson. Noem has future aspirations, but why wouldn’t Hutchinson just fight them and then retire with his dignity when his term ends? He also knew the legislature had the votes to override his veto, so he wasn’t able to do globohomo’s bidding in the first place. Could pressure from children or grandchildren be a factor here like it was with that Senator from Ohio who became a squish when his son came out as gay?

          • Wikipedia says the AR governor makes ~$148k/year. Bill Clinton was pulling in only $35k/year when he defiled the governor’s mansion. Regardless, in that world, that’s chump change. Unless he engorged himself with insider trading while in the Senate, the most likely explanation is that Hutchinson is not all that rich, and viewed political office as a stepping stone to corporate financial security.

          • Could be some kind of deal on offer for a younger family member. Can never really discount financial incentives of corruption with these small state Republican politicians. Their salaries are low compared to oligarch class. They can be bought cheaply.

            Look for example at Zuckerberg’s $300 election security donation. How much of that money would be required to buy control of GA election apparatus? I think if someone wanted to steal election in GA it would take something like $5 m to Sec. of State Raffensburger and then maybe another $5 m to jogger officials in Fulton County and you can win everything in a state wide election.


        • Sam Walton’s autobiography is titled Made in America. How is that for chutzpah from a corporate titan who was more instrumental than any other individual for the offsshoring of US manufacturing.

      • Noem also looks like an interesting character. She went to Northern State University. I’ve spent some time in SD and I’ve never even heard of that college, i.e. a no-name college in a no-name state.

        Not trying to trash NSU, but this woman obviously isn’t some rural scholar.

        She also beat much bigger names than herself to get into Congress. Could just be luck, but it’s interesting.

        SD is a small state from a population standpoint, so I’m sure there’s a relatively small number of big players, who likely don’t change much. That said, how many NCAA events are held in SD.

        • The city of Sioux Falls built an events center to attract bigger concerts, sporting events, etc. One of the goals was to get men’s NCAA tournament games. The NCAA came back and told them the city didn’t have good enough hotels to qualify. They are getting other concerts and events and have gotten some lower level NCAA events. The push to bring all this in is tied to Sanford Hospital which is the largest employer in the state. They have expanded into other states and are trying to be an accepted member of globohomo.

          Noem’s backstory is that her interest in politics came from having to dropped out of college when her father died to help run the family ranch and other businesses. She was shocked at the estate tax bill the family was hit with. I don’t know all the details, but since her mother is still alive, she has to be exaggerating somewhat. She eventually finished college when she ran for the House. Noem had built up a lot of good will with conservative voters due to her response to Covid. Like most South Dakota Republicans her primary focus is on attracting large employers and making them happy. They will not buck globohomo.

          • Sioux Falls. Should have figured.

            Eastern South Dakota might as well be Iowa or Minnesota, i.e. cuck central. Sioux Falls looks and acts like a Mpls suburb. I’ve heard about their push to be an event center, which I always found odd given the relatively low population of the area. SF only has ~175k. Sioux City is an hour and a half away. Mankato is a haul. Not sure how many people you can draw.

            Anyway, Sioux Falls also has been a banking/credit card hub for decades, so you can bet those guys are all in on globohomo.

            Also, like you said, SF is a major medical center. And doctors, nurses and health administrators love, love, love globohomo and all the interesting restaurants that it brings.

            Regarding Covid, Noem has been a champ. Whatever her intellectual chops, she seems to typical “good” South Dakotan. Conservative, loves personal freedom, which is great. But let’s hope that she’s doesn’t have the downside of those “good” South Dakotans, such as viewing identity politics as the worst thing ever and wanting to be respected by the big boys.

      • If I was at the negotiating table facing Noem, I’d be instantly enslaved by her seductive eyes and Linda Carter Wonder Woman sexiness.

    • Totally agree. Like mitch is 80. How much more money and power does he need? Diminishing returns. In the past rich and powerful people handed things off to their kids.

      Also wondered what benefit they see in destroying the usa. I guess the rich live ok in brazil. But what about south africa? Zimbabwe? Venezuela? Is it worth having a Ferrari when there are no roads to drive it on? Pretty much every first world country is getting ghettoized. Unless the current elites plan on jumping ship over to china I don’t see how even they will benefit in the long term, other than stacks of worthless shekels.

      • You gotta watch Chinatown, which is on the AFI list.

        The answer is,

        “The future, Mr. Gittes…the FUTURE!”

      • “Also wondered what benefit they see in destroying the usa. I guess the rich live ok in brazil. But what about south africa? Zimbabwe? Venezuela? Is it worth having a Ferrari when there are no roads to drive it on? Pretty much every first world country is getting ghettoized. ”

        They probably believe half-whites are easy to control and adequate enough to maintain some semblance of civilization.

        • Yes, the controllers have little to no idea how much effort, energy, money, and time is required to support their private jets, helos, and exotic cars.

          Jeeves won’t be driving them around in the Bentley after most bridges have collapsed in their glorious Woke future.

          • Perhaps, but it seems their fellow oligarchs in 3rd world crapholes do pretty well just hiring out the necessary work or importing the necessary goods. As we pass on, I’m sure they think (if they think at all) that there will be plenty of Chinese to hire and import from to take our place when the time comes.

        • I don’t believe they have thought that far ahead. I think it’s a variation on the South Park underpants gnomes business model (1. Steal underpants; 2. ?; 3. Profit). For the Left, it’s 1. Flood the zone with illegals; 2. Gain permanent power; 3. ?.

      • Do you think the Incas thought maybe sacrificing 10 thousand of their citizens at a time on a massive ziggurat was maybe not a good long term survival strategy. Or Pol pot killing 1/3 of the country might somehow not be good for the future generations.

        Bicameral like death cults have been defeated so far in the west as they arose, principally as Christina heresies like the Cathars etc. This time it looks like the secular bicamerals masquerading as the “left” will take the rest of the west with them as they try to eradicate the enemy that is consciousness.

        Its why so much of the propaganda is denying of reality. Its a way to break conscious thought in humans by getting people to mouth lies and lunacy as part of every day living minds become gradually unhinged and retreat back into a bicameral pre-conscious state like they are.

        A new bronze age with bicameral masses and a few conscious ruling families awaits.

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