Chinese Ethics

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One of the interesting side bars to the Covid panic is the extreme lack of interest in the origin of the virus. The story a year ago was that it sprung from so-called “wet markets” where provincials trade exotic meats. One version said it was from bats and another claimed it was the pangolin. Then the story shifted to the lab in Wuhan where the outbreak started. That was dropped as the Chinese Communist Party instructed the American media to stop talking about the lab in Wuhan.

Conventional wisdom says the wet market stuff was always just a way to divert attention from the fact that the Chinese have a bioweapons operation. The Biological Weapons Convention not only prohibits the use of biological agents, but it also prohibits the development of them as well. In light of the worldwide panic over the Covid virus, it is not hard to see why everyone is trying to shift the focus from the lab to exotic meat markets. This public health emergency could easily become a political crisis.

The thing is though, the lab itself and the work that is probably going on there is really just the tip of the iceberg. What the story has revealed thus far is that many Western researchers have had contact with that lab and several others in China. There have been a few arrests of researchers in the West on the grounds they were working on behalf of the Chinese or spying for the Chinese. In other words, there are a lot of Western scientist working in China for some reason.

The reason gets back to that lab in Wuhan. There is no doubt that most Western governments operate biological research facilities. The fact that China is doing the same is no surprise. The difference is Western governments have to worry about whistleblowers who will spill the beans on anything illegal. They also have to worry about anything unethical. The Chinese, in contrast, arrests whistleblowers and harvest their organs. Scandal is not a concern for the ChiComs.

Western bioethics are not a big concern either. Last week, a team of researchers working in China announced they took six-day-old macaque monkey embryos and injected 25 human cells into each of them. The researchers claimed they conducted this study as part of an effort to discover new methods of creating organs. The idea is to use the patient’s DNA to grow new parts. This would not only solve the organ shortage, it would also solve the challenge of finding suitable matches.

The ethics are the obvious concern. In the West, this type of research is considered unethical because it raises questions that we have yet to answer. What if such a hybrid was brought to term? Should a monkey with a significant number of human cells be treated as human or as an animal? Even if it is clearly an animal, deliberately creating monsters just to do it is also unethical. We use animals in lab experiments, but it is not just for the thrill of tormenting them. There needs to be reason.

Again, bioethics are not a concern for China. What matters most to the Chinese is acquiring as much technology as possible as quickly and cheaply as possible. This is why China has become the wild west of bio-research. Western researchers know they can do whatever they want in China. They will be free of Western ethics and get all the money they need. They just have to share their work with their new masters. For many Western scientists, this is not a difficult dilemma.

Of course, they cannot be blatant about it. When the world complained about the use of CRISPR to create the world’s first genetically altered baby, the Chinese arrested the researchers involved and sent them to prison. The message being sent was that the research is fine, but it needs to have a Western face attached. In other words, the imported researchers from the West are not just bringing technical skills, they are providing China with some public relations assistance.

What the Chinese have figured out is they can use the same methods on the Western scientific community as they used to lure Western manufacturers. The promise of cheap labor and loose environmental laws, along with subsidies from the Chinese government, lured business from the West. Sure, it often meant that local Chinese firms pirated the products they were making for Western companies, but that was just a cost of doing business in China. It was still good business.

The tech industry fell for the same deal. They were initially lured to China in order to build out the infrastructure. They got access to a pool of smart engineers, who worked for pennies on the dollar, relative to American engineers. They also got the sweet contracts from the government. The tech companies also got to learn the finer points of population control from the Chinese. This was good business for the Chinese, who were able to accelerate their tech sector.

Some would argue that China is simply freer now than most Western nations, which is why intellectual capital is flowing there. If the Chinese are fine with creating human-monkey hybrids in the lab, then so be it. After all, human medicine advanced to a great degree from grave robbers supply corpses for doctors to dissect. In the 19th century this was immoral, but today we think nothing of it. Bioethics are a social construct and as such they will evolve over time. China is just ahead of the curve.

Whether we like it or not, we will soon learn if those ethical limitations popular in the West are necessary. The Chinese will keep forging ahead, buying Western researchers so they can experiment in the East. Maybe Covid was the wake-up China needed to put some limits on this research. Maybe it was just viewed as the cost of becoming the dominant player in the field. Maybe that cost will be regular pandemics of man-made viruses leaking from Chinese labs.

Most important, what we are seeing is what happens when a society decides that the value of everything is what someone will pay for it. In America, everything has a price, so nothing has value. The elites are happy to trade technology to China, because the only thing that matters is short term profit. From the Chinese perspective, the American empire is not a competitor. It is just a big candy store that she can systematically pick clean until it finally collapses. This is the war China knows it can win.

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178 thoughts on “Chinese Ethics

  1. Well there’s a lot to say. It’s easily googe-able that Chinese military strategy, which they learned from being subjected to the Japanese Military’s Unit 731, revolves around biological warfare. They know they can’t win a traditional war with Western powers. But they can wipe out 3/4th of the planet with a biological attack and then waltz right in to the empty territories. The real ethical problem we face is that unlike with Germany after World War II, we never really did anything to the leadership of the more nefarious parts of the Japanese Imperial Army and in fact we left a lot of them in power in the post-war era because of our rabid anti-communism. So, the ethical issue doesn’t really stick. We deforested huge swaths of Asia with Chemical weapons too. I think that if you ponder it from the point of view of people who very much have been on the receiving end of American military power, we definitely aren’t the good guys here and they have every reason to wipe us off the face of the earth mercilessly. We aren’t going to win a moral argument. We can only win the way we have always won which is through the assiduous application of game theoretic tit-for-tat with a healthy dose of Mutually Assured Destruction thrown in. Let’s be honest, we threatened the entire planet with nuclear annihilation if we were attacked. And did so for decades.

    That being said, I think a big driver of the current response to the pandemic by our government comes from the fact that they know we have to prepare to fight and win a war based on biological weapons in the context of psychological and disinformation campaigns. In other words, the old “boot camp” model of drafting millions of men into the military has given way to the idea that you have to train the general population to resist a biological agent while also being fed lies through the media. If we can withstand this mini-attack, we are all trained to do what we need to do when the big one hits. A lot like how they used to have kids hide under their desks during nuclear war training drills at school.

  2. Are the ethically unencumbered Chinese our proxies in the speciation of chimps into humans as part of the research of speciating humans into trans humans? If so, what might become of the evolutionary dead ends that could threaten the existence of the new humans?

  3. The Titanic may be sinking, but damn those deck chairs are lined up nice!

    My state real estate investor’s association is pushing a bill in the state legislature to replace all references to “landlord” and “tenant” with “housing provider” and “resident.”

    I complained at the weekly legislative update meeting that this was both a colossal waste of time and a bad move strategically, as it tacitly endorses the idea that there’s something wrong with being a landlord, otherwise why would the term need to be obscured.

    I was met with very concerned patronization about the “connotation” — how the term was “from the time of kings and serfs” and “outdated” and that the new terms were more “modern” and “correct” and would give people a “pause” to better reflect upon all that landlo– uh, “housing providers” do.

    The only connotation I want is that I am the *lord* of my *land.* It’s mine, not theirs (the tenants or busybody government bureaucrats). I rule it and I want there to be no confusion about that.

  4. Today’s essay touches on so many issues that are essentially insoluble. They are variations of tragedy of the commons, race to the bottom, lowest bidder, call it what you like. These are intractable problems of human existence; they have no good solutions.

    In the West, we decided we wanted to pay higher wages and have a cleaner environment. Then we wonder why our factories and many jobs went overseas, to nations with lower wages and few or no environmental laws. Since we all know capitalism is a great thing, we gladly import the cheaper goods they make, which erodes what remaining industry we have at home. Now we wonder why we have a bunch of cheap stuff, closed factories, dead towns, and generations of people who essentially have no purpose in life.

    We are at least three generations into: a large fraction of our population has no realistic prospects of ever earning a living save by spreading their legs and/or engaging in various types of criminal activity. Needless to say, all the above have deleterious effects on the stability of society. As a result, entire sections of once-thriving cities resemble war zones. Some are abandoned entirely of human population.

    Z well covered the problems of medical, scientific, etc. ethics and how it is sidestepped by doing the research where difficult issues are not asked, or local laws don’t prohibit such activities.

    Lots of black pills out there. 🙁

    • Yeah, and automation is sure to make what you describe even worse.

      It seems clear that with the inevitable spread of automation, most jobs now held by the lower classes will disappear.

      Burgers and fries at McDonalds will be prepared and cooked by machines. The manager will no longer be required to spend half his time interviewing, hiring, overseeing and firing employees. A McDonalds will need 4 employees rather than 40, and be better run as well.

      Likewise most of the jobs uneducated people currently do: all gone, replaced by machines.

      There’s no doubt this is gonna happen, if only because it’s more profitable. The only question is how soon.

      So in the foreseeable future, it’s likely there will be huge numbers of unemployed and unemployable people, just hanging around, collecting welfare. And not feeling too happy about the whole thing.

      So what’s the government gonna do?

      Drugging them— sedating them with drugs that render them content and compliant— and making receiving their welfare benefits contingent on taking their drugs— seems like a likely possibility.

      And what better way to make sure everyone’s taking their mandatory happiness drugs, than periodic vaccinations? Call it ‘COVID PLUS’….

      “I’m took the shot, and I don’t mind telling you, I feel GREAT! Never felt better!
      The wife and I used to fight all the time; but that’s a thing of the past. Now we just sit around watching that widescreen TV the government gave us— free of charge! And the shows on all those free channels? We both find them absolutely fascinating, totally engrossing…. So I say, thank God for the vaccination. It’s brought us— and our neighbors— a wonderful new life…”

      It’s gonna either be something like that, or constant mayhem in the streets….

      • Concur with the blackpill.

        TPTB could put American unskilled citizens to work in WPA-type service targeting infrastructure, building monuments to coloreds and tribesmen, and community renewal. But that would make too much sense and undercut political donors.

        So the permanent underclass will likely be paid minimum basic income that incentivizes staying at home doped up on subsidized pot and breeding the imbecilic replacements. Automation will gradually and then suddenly sweep from the left of the gaussian curve through the right side, and the professional folks like powerplant operators will work under unbearable pressure and stress until they capitulate to a subordinate after only a few years for so long as it takes AI to catch up. 0.01% aristocracy versus the 99.99% serfs; a true dystopia for most, eventually even majority skilled.

        I actually believe the downhill slide is right around the corner. Relentless pressure to downsize personnel.

      • Automation causing rampant unemployment is a psyop intended to inculcate despair. In reality there are still massive amounts of non-automated jobs available, and will be for the foreseeable future.

        Headlines you’re likely to see back-to-back in the mainstream and conservative media:

        “The real minimum wage is zero: Automation eats away at low-end jobs”

        “Apple and Nike open new factories in Southeast Asia, employing tens of thousands of workers”

        “US White population declining. Below replacement birthrates”

        “More legal immigration needed to keep US economy growing”

        Do I really need to stitch all that together for you?

        There are plenty of jobs. They’re being shipped overseas.

        Automation is increasing, but the US heritage population growth is declining, so that’s about perfect.

        There’s no reason to support mass immigration, or the shipping of jobs overseas. There are no “jobs Americans won’t do.”

        If our population is declining, then pro-natalist policies would be a much better thing to try than importing a lot of foreigners.

    • The glass can also be half-full. Having a large & growing cohort of the population that is unhappy, underutilized, and pissed off at the world can also be viewed as an untapped resource. In the 20th Century, various wars, great and small, dispensed with tens of millions of surplus young men who were induced to kill each other off by “governments.”

      It does not have to be that way. If even a small fraction of this disaffected manpower were to be redirected & focused on eliminating the root of the problem, the impact could be quite substantial.

      Virtually none of the traditional educational institutions actually do education anymore, so the field is clear to re-introduce ancient forms of martial education as a first step in rehabilitating damaged youth. At the same time, instead of indoctrinating these youth in collectivism, one could choose to teach an alternate philosophy of life; one that emphasizes personal achievement, robustness, & self sufficiency. Assemble them, get them off their knees, and then give them a noble purpose. Did I mention the part about eliminating the root of the problem.

  5. :They’re getting the paperwork that shows they’ve had the vaccines.

    Took several of my former frat bros who are MDs out separately for dinner and drinks. Determined which ones refuse to take the covid shots. Drunkenly entertained the idea aloud whether hypothetically there’s anybody out there who can pour vials down the drain and fill out some paperwork for me and my wife thus entering our IDs into a database. You’d be surprised how easy that is if you would be willing to accept the very last dregs of a vial. In Minecraft you wouldn’t even need to pay for it. Obviously this could carry several risks including backfire via mandatory boosters for life. As new Minecraft players we’re still thinking about the hypothetical. Ethics, you know.

    • I was just thinking about this same scenario in minecraft, especially the potential for enforced “inoculation” upon my future progeny. Keep us abreast on your ventures in minecraft. I would love to see if those cheatcodes work.

  6. Huh. I guess his is a good a time as any to mention that so many efforts- trauma, pollutants, drugs, conditioning, signaling, crossbreeding, experimentation, mRNA alteration- seem to be turning us into vessels attuned to the Dread Influence.

    The Infection is like a spiritual rabies.
    Hell needs hosts.

  7. “After all, human medicine advanced to a great degree from grave robbers supply corpses for doctors to dissect. In the 19th century this was immoral, but today we think nothing of it”

    Um, you might want to rephrase that. I think you mean that today we just shrug our shoulders at how wacky history is and move on, but it sounds like you think grave robbing itself has actually become “no biggie” today. What’s changed of course is people’s attitudes to letting researchers have access to corpses, not our attitude to people just going out and digging them up for profit.

  8. The NIH (Fauci) was giving grant money to that very Wuhan lab for other research. Since money is fungible they may as well have been funding everything that was going on in there. This begs the question, what doesn’t the U.S. govt. fund? What corner of the earth aren’t we showering money on? What village in near Timbuktu doesn’t have some American or American funded installation of some kind? ALL OF THIS while Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the military, etc., are developing into ever larger sink holes with ever larger outlays. A place where Muhammad can chain migrate his grandma, get her citizenship, put her on Medicare and get her free dinners at the senior center. All of this is unsustainable. Trump’s most powerful 2016 line was “we will no longer be the stupid country.” Of course his presidency did absolutely nothing on that front. We have no future. The future belongs to people with brains in their heads.

    • Solution: we hire a liberal arts major to “write a grant” (can you believe that is a job?) to fund the “Benevelant Z-Man Foundation”.

      Our host will, of course, require an office, three assistants, a full time grant writer, a sustainably expert and a Senior Vice President (with sprinkles!) of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

      Figure Mr. Z can get a nice six figure sinecure with full benefits, cut back on his writing to once a week (unless he needs a 3 month paid sabbatical) and, most importantly, think about all of the good jobs which will created!

      • That large an operation will also require a full time Premier of Personnel (no males need apply).

    • As I understand it, Obama ended Gain of Function research. Before Trump lifted that ban and made it legal again, the NIH back-channeled $$$ to Wuhan to piggyback on their Gain of Function research.

      What crime, exactly, do you have to commit in the US Gov to go to prison, forever? Because apparently contributing to a massive worldwide pandemic and 20 trillion dollar shaved off the world economy doesn’t really mean much to those responsible.

      • Obama tried to impose a moratorium on GOF research, so Fauci moved the operation to Wuhan.

  9. “Should a monkey with a significant number of human cells be treated as human or as an animal?” – The writers of the Constitution had a 3/5 solution to that.

    • They were tactfully called “other Persons.” Article I, section 2. Gasp! Does that mean the Founders conceded them status as humans, at the outset???

      • Rightfully not recognized as full citizens, as slaves certainly weren’t. I’m guessing free blacks were counted. What’s the big deal?

    • Maybe we over-value intelligence? Evolution didn’t exclusively favor intelligence over all else.

      Do we even have free will? You can do what you want, but you can’t will what you want. What would you will to want even if you could?

      “Reason is, and should be, ruled by the passions”. -David Hume

    • Should a monkey with a significant number of human cells be flying your plane to your family vacation?

  10. One of the most consequential discoveries in genetic science is the astonishing interchangeability of genes; not just among mammals, but between plants, fish, and mammals.

    Scientists have taken the genes that keep a flounder from freezing in sub-zero-temperature ocean water, and spliced them into tomatoes, creating a freeze-resistant variety of tomatoes.

    They’ve taken the genes that cause certain jellyfish to fluoresce, and spliced them into rabbits, creating rabbits that glow under black light.

    One of the surprises coming out of the human genome project was that humans have way fewer genes than was predicted, only about 20,500. That was surprising because it’s much fewer than the number of proteins the genes code for.

    What scientists concluded was that genes do ‘double duty’: acting in concert with other genes to perform more than one function. This led scientists to speculate that complex traits like intelligence are probably coded-for by a variety of genes acting together: there’s probably no such thing as an ‘intelligence gene’.

    However: laboratory research has succeeded in creating much smarter mice by the substitution of just one gene. (How did they determine that they were smarter? After the substitution, none of them voted Democrat).

    But seriously: given that mice and humans share 97.5% of the same genes, it seems highly likely that a similar substitution is there to be discovered in human genes: a simple tweak in a fertilized human embryo that will render the person it grows into significantly smarter.

    Does anyone imagine that the ChiComs are not doing that, and much more? Figuring out how to enhance lung capacity, bone strength, physical endurance…. the possibilities are endless.

    And suppose such a tweak became available in the US; and parents had the choice of altering one gene in their developing child, thereby adding 30 IQ points? If every other young family on the block was opting for it; would you want your kid to be the dumbest one in his first grade class?

    No: you’d go for it….

    And— knowing that the ChiComs must surely be doing stuff like that, in labs no outsiders have access to— what will be the eventual result, if the US continues to refrain, out of ethical concerns, from keeping up with them?

    • I think you may have contradicted yourself. If a tweek to one gene caused a 30% increase in IQ, then indeed you have an “IQ gene”. This might be the Holy Grail in gene therapy, but last I read the science was discovering 100’s of gene variations, each with only mild effect. Smarter folk simply having many more of these switched on in the correct way.

      But I would agree, the Chicom’s will be the first to reach such a goal as the West foolishly allows their virtues to be used against themselves in this technological war/race.

      • In the end, complex traits like intelligence will be understood as set of genes. Like the old dip switch settings on hardware, each gene will not only control some minute characteristic, but influence how other switches express. Each gene will have other functions, so getting the right combination for high IQ could very well include mental illness.

        What is being done for rich people right now in America is a bunch of embryos are produced using the egg and sperm form the donors. These are then screened for the genes which have been found to correlate to high intelligence. While not a guarantee of a smart kid, it increases the odds. Twenty years from now expect school shootings at private academies to spike up.

        • Yeah, I’m sure you’re right: when they’ve figured it all out, the genetic underpinning of intelligence will no doubt turn out to be a complex set of interacting genes.

          OTOH: it seems to be the case— here in mice, but likely very similar in humans— that tweaking just one of them— in this case, the gene NR2B, which encodes the NMDA receptor— can cause a significant uptick in intelligence:

          “Perhaps most dramatic, the results show that it is possible to make animals more or less intelligent by tweaking their genes. Humans possess a corresponding gene, although its impact on behavior is as yet unexplored.”

        • I think we’re entering an era where the more the genome is understood, the more the naked truth is exposed, and the book “The Bell Curve” will be vindicated. This means that the left will change the conversation from “reparations”, to AIGPs, “adversely impacted genomic persons.” But this is for another era a hundred years from now. But by then we could one day have a gene therapy that will take the N out of the n word, and render them harmless persons.

    • Nature is one big but finite set of pieces or molecules or what have you

      Only so many pieces in the play set so of course there will overlap and repetition even as the genetic level.

      It is not so much the pieces but how they are put together that makes us very different than a dog despite sharing something like 90% of the same LEGO bricks

      • Yeah: it’s not the commonalities, but the dissimilarities, that account for the crucial differences.

        Estimates of the genes we have in common with chimps range from 96% to 98.5%. I’ve read that chimps share more genes in common with humans, than they do with bonobos, their closest primate ‘cousins’.

        But clearly, it’s the genes we DON’T have in common that are the ones that really matter: it’s those few genes that make all the difference.

        IIRC, those genes include the ones coding for our prefrontal cortex.

        • By the same token, the genetic differences between whites and negroes are comparatively minute. Nevertheless, it is bloody obvious that those minute differences express themselves dramatically in a modern, technocratic society. Furthermore, human consciousness is so acute that we readily pick up on group differences, although noticing them is nowadays discouraged on pain of unpersoning.

          • Indeed: it’s been suggested that that’s the trick to being a successful Prog: perfecting the art of not-noticing.

            Here’s a lengthy treatment of the known differences— genetic, physiological, and behavioral; the latter two of course also arising from genetics— between Africans and the rest of us:


    • Bill, while you make some valid biological, medical, and sociological points, your comment only addresses ‘is’, not ‘ought.’ How much reproductive technology is enough? How much ‘gene therapy’ is enough? What are our boundaries? Are they merely scientific, or is there a moral aspect to them? A lot of us have some very mixed feelings about a lot of complex issues. Some might even say these issues are not for mere humans to decide, that we think we have become as ‘gods.’

      While I have no desire to see the Han inherit the earth, I think their becoming genetic mutants is more likely than their becoming genetic giants. Sure, I could be wrong, but I would not commit to a ‘genetic race’ to rival our past ‘arms race.’ Certainly not with the cloud people in charge and with no solid moral basis.

      • Yes, I agree: it’s an ethical dilemma unlike any other we humans have faced.

        At what point do genetically altered humans cease being human, and become something else?

        Will the day ever come when ALL human babies are being genetically altered? Will we still be humans at that point?

        And what will be the effect on society when— as surely will be the case— these improvements are first available only to the super-wealthy? A phenomenon sure to exacerbate the already large divide between the super-wealthy and the rest of us.

        What would it be like if all our leaders were genetic supermen?

        And— and I don’t know the answer to this— has there ever been an advance in scientific knowledge and capability that we *didn’t* follow up on?

        Has there ever been something that we *could* do, but refrained from doing?

        And it’s an especially difficult question, when the proposed genetic alterations are those that lead to arguably better outcomes; like smarter people.

        And it no doubt will get worse. As I understand it, every human trait studied so far has been shown to have genetic underpinnings.

        So what happens when they isolate the gene(s) that code for empathy and compassion; which they almost certainly will? Or for calmness and peace of mind?

        I can hear it now: “Surely you can’t object to a painless, harmless procedure that results in more compassionate, empathetic, peaceful human beings? What could possibly be the harm in that? Wouldn’t society be better off, the more such people exist?”

        And on the flip side: what about harmful traits?

        It’s long been known that high impulsivity goes along with criminality. And they’ve already isolated genes that affect how impulsive a person is, and found specific alleles— found in families with a history of criminality— that make for greater impulsivity.

        So would it be ethical— “for the good of society”— to tweak those genes in embryos found to have them, so as to eliminate hyper-impulsive people?

        And what would be the result if other countries get way ahead of us in these sorts of capabilities?

        But yeah, I agree: no easy answers. And a dilemma we’re almost certain to be facing sooner or later. The science is already there….

        • All your speculations are valid. In the first place, our “oughts” won’t save us. Morality craps out the second one individual or group finds an “is” (or a “soon will be”) that will give him/them an advantage over the rest. Chillingly, it will be — perhaps — not much harder to engineer a virus to bump off a lot of your competitors. Like many baleful futures, these have been well explored in science fiction. Is the world overpopulated? Too many eaters? Some day, a rogue person or group may take it upon themselves to address such issues. 🙁

  11. China’s rise was completely dependent on globalization upheld by the US navy and our tax dollars. The minute we decide to stop protecting asian supply chains, china is done. Theyre surrounded by enemies on all sides via geography and have no substantial navy to guard their international shipments on their own. Japan always dominated their geopolitical standing before the american politicians decided otherwise.

    • That begs the question, if the US stops being the world’s policemen, who would be able, or want to block China trade routes—by sea or land? Answer, basically nobody else. The only power large enough to successfully attempt is Russia. I’m doubtful any combination of third-world entities would join together to tweek the giant panda’s nose. Everyone else at this point is weaker than China. China could easily build/expand a blue water fleet capable of protecting their sea routes as quickly as needed to match any threat from any other power. Again however, that also begs the question. War is not good for trade, so no one is doing to attack Chinese trade—except possible stupid US neocons.

    • Hmmmmmmm.

      The Chinese are moving to address their naval shortfalls are are moving forward in leaps and bounds. Conversely, for the first time in my life… I am seeing major rust on US ships of the line, and mothballed fleets. The boats that are moving are increasingly vibrant and diverse. That only ends one way.

      Given runaway missile technologies, navies may be obsolete anyways.

      • There are only submarines, and targets.

        Doubly so now that unmanned (no people, not ships full of wymens) underwater subs are a thing.

  12. Once upon a time, nature & evolutionary forces performed the culling function within all living things on the planet. Then Homo sapiens & civilization happened, and we began a transition to man-made artificial culling (war, political purges, and modern medicine as anti-culling being dominant forms). Long-term natural adaption is not being replaced with hyper-speed bioengineering in which DNA is being immediately re-written with design intent. Where this leads is, and will remain, an unknown. Nevertheless, anxiety builds & the prospect of colony collapse looms ever larger. And overlaying all of this is the persistent decline in population robustness driven by the extinction of natural culling. For example, the US is now forecast to become majority obese in just a few years.

    • Interesting observation, which doesn’t get talked about much: for most of human history— up until a few hundred years ago— the primary evolution driver of evolution was the natural world: a person’s ability to survive in it determined whether or not they lived long enough to produce offspring.

      Even when humans started settling in cities around 10,000 years ago, the natural world was still the primary environment to which humans had to adapt in order to survive.

      Then came the Industrial Revolution, and the gradual but relentless emergence of human culture and human-made environments. Today, very few people live primarily within the natural world: the primary environment for most of humankind is human-made. Cities, towns, and the Worldwide Web now comprise the environment most people inhabit, and to which they must adapt in order to survive.

      And now— for the first time in human history?— the western welfare states with their ‘safety nets’ have turned evolution on its head: the least-capable among us are not only surviving, they’re thriving: reproducing at a far faster rate than the rest of us.

      Not just domestically here in the US, but worldwide: the African nations with the highest birth rates are the ones least capable of sustaining themselves; yet with the help of aid from those same western welfare states, they’re out-reproducing the rest of the world.

      • It should be abundantly clear that our overly comfortable Western civilization is dysgenic in multiple facets.

          • Look at the pretty garden, the sunflower, the daisies. Wait! A weed? No matter. Diversity! Look, another. Another and another.

            Where have all the flowers gone?
            Long time passing.
            When will they ever learn…la dee dum…

      • At Our Witt’s End discusses this. Their was a welfare state in rome that increased the population of the least intelligent, contributing to collapse.

      • Well stated. I often make similar pessimist observations, here and elsewhere. People in general don’t appreciate how fragile and interconnected the world is. Long term, all this is unsustainable. I don’t know how it ends, but it will likely be horrific. In Africa, they are going to triple their population in just a few decades. They can’t all immigrate to Europe or America.

      • Yes, but when Atlas collapses (bled dry from the death of a thousand cuts) then Africa will experience a famine and “culling” unprecedented in human history. Muslim nations will also experience such a culling as none of them feeds itself either. The fall of our current globe-spanning culture and civilization will produce a massive die back but I see Caucasians and Asians less affected than Africans (black and Muslim). It won’t be pretty but I expect whites and yellows to come out on top.

    • If computers and Artificial intelligence are any guide, the “perfect humans” genetically modified will assume the traits of the person paying for the research, is my thinking

      So expect a bunch of clones of Bezos and Gates and government apparatchiks putting in their two cents as to the ideal person. Egad. A world of Hillary Clintons! But we already have a lot of that with the Karen phenomenon, for example. In fact what I’m seeing with an oversupply of humans is a lot of repetition — the same people over and over and over. What people are calling NPCs. “We are all a unique snowflake” my ass. We repeat, much like plants when there are enough of us. I guess there are only so many variations to the generic code when yo get down to it. So I doubt our genetic-modified future will be all that different qualitatively.

      There was a good short story, can’t remember the name of it unfortunately, but there was a clone of Bill Clinton at a bar who was a total f-up, but the story dealt with it well and wasn’t mean spirited.

      That said, I always think Nabokov said it well when he said what makes a person a person is 70% genetics, 25% environment, and 5% secret ingredient X. Or something along those lines in terms of percentages. But does everyone truly have that secret ingredient X in a world with billions of people? Hard to say anymore.

    • Animal husbandry. Biggest bull, best hunting dog thay you can trust with the kids ( think beagle).

  13. … and that’s why I have a BFA instead of a BS. All that inconvenient morality— and Atlas Shrugged, I have to admit.

    Let it burn! but make sure to quarantine China. It’s going to hell on earth over there.

    • Atlas will not have a chance to “shrug”. Instead he’ll collapse; bled dry from a thousand cuts.But take heart in the fact that no Black run or Muslim country in the world feeds itself. The die-off will be bad but far worse for Africans and Muslims.

      • Everybody is a teenager once 🙂 Still, I could see where Biology was going and there’s no way I could do it in good conscience. So I figured I’d still get to say I was the first college grad in my family, and artists are harmless (how little I knew!).

        I’m more optimistic long term. This country still belongs to Americans, especially white Americans. We’re absentee landlords, and that’s why things are out of control. The situation is bad mostly to the extent that we’ve checked out. And I’ve been part of that problem, but we’ll see what can be done about it.

  14. Where to begin?

    If you are going to seriously consider that Covid-19 is a product of a Chinese bioweapons lab in Wuhan, then you should consider the alternative. Covid-19 was prepared in the US Army Medical Research Institute in MD (near you), and planted in Wuhan by US soldiers during the 2019 World Military Games, which was held in Wuhan.

    Of course, this covid, like the others, and like influenza, is a product of the East Asian paddy ecology. Rice paddies mix intimately humans, pigs, chickens, buffalo, wild birds (especially migratory birds attracted to water), bats, and other wild animals. Human and animal excreta are part of the system. Viruses mutate, combine, recombine, jump from species to species. Every once in a while we get a bad flu, and last year a bad SARS.

    As to CRISPR, it is being actively promoted by a number of American scientists, most notably Steve Hsu at Michigan State. And it is promoted as a method of genetically altering human embryos, presumably to avert some genetic diseases. So, there is not much difference between US and China as regards human experimentation.

    As to bioethicists, they are a notoriously evil bunch everywhere. The Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics Peter Singer at Princeton operates at the level of Dr. Mengele. His views are regarded as paleo-nazi in Germany, and he is at Princeton, because no reputable German university will have him.

    Finally, indigenous Chinese science and engineering has fully caught up with US technology, and may surpass it in several areas (like my area of civil engineering). Moreover, Chinese nationals comprise somewhere between one-fourth and one-third of all US STEM graduate students, and they are the creators of the same proportion of science and engineering attributed to the US. Yes, they still steal everything not locked down, but our own IT people are too **** stupid and lazy and dishonest to lock down anything, even in military research labs. But then, the Soviets had the plans for both the uranium and plutonium bombs before they were detonated, as indicated by Stalin’s lack of response to Truman’s news at Yalta.

    • bob, I think you should meet a branch of science you have no exposure to , mathematical probability . The Odds of a random animal transfer to human event that JUST HAPPENS TO BE door to a bioweapons lab as a coincidence are infinitely small. What are the chances that a lab with a history of citations for standards failures during audits may have had an accident? a hell of a lot higher .

      There is also the fact that several people who worked at the lab came forward claiming exactly that. Of course much of the western media ignored them for the short time before they were “disappeared” .

      • Yes, patient zero has been identified as a woman technician who worked in the lab and accidentally exposed herself to the man-made virus while working with samples. She then infected others outside the lab before she became aware of the infection. She was then quarantined and later died of the illness (probably because she received a massive dose in the initial accidental infection). But by then, it was too late to contain the spread because of the high population density in Wuhan. At this point, herd immunity was the only viable mitigation, so China proactively spread the infection worldwide in order to make this happen as quickly as possible. Vaccines are a literal sick joke (pun intended) and have only delayed the natural herd immunity response, which was always the only real solution to the problem.

    • While a deliberate conspiracy* is possible, don’t you think it’s more likely that it was legitimate, if risky, gain of function (google it) research being done at Wuhan?

      A quick aside: everybody loves a story. The more sinister and spectacular, the more popular it’ll be. While the authorities would love everyone to believe the “wild virus” stories, that fails to explain all events at the outbreak. Absent hard facts, we speculate, but no more than necessary to explain everything. This is Occam’s Razor.

      The SARS virus was discovered about 2002, it was widely researched, Wuhan had/has the world’s largest collection of bat viruses. At least prior to late 2019, all this was out in the open. The (hypothetical) lab leak in late 2019 wasn’t even the first such release of a biological agent, or even of the SARS viruses. But it does hold the dubious distinction for being, by far, the deadliest to date.

      Here’s a link to an academic paper, one of many. As I’ve often said, COVID or something very like it could have started in North Carolina in 2015.

      *I love some of the more outlandish theories. For example, do you really think that COVID or something like it was the cause of supposedly, a rash of illnesses in a care facility, or the vaping deaths, of mid-2019? This doesn’t even pass elementary logic: here is a highly infectious virus, and it didn’t spread more widely? No one saved tissue samples from a never-before-seen disease? Give me a break.

  15. One reason I haven’t completely shut off the mainstream media is because they often reveal things about their controllers – like what topics are now forbidden.
    That the origin of the virus and it’s lethality towards different races is taboo is telling.

  16. Concerning the Covid being a bioweapon, if a bioweapon the release was accidental. Incidentally it is highly feasible to target a bioweapon to a particular race or ethnicity. For instance one could insert a toxin behind a promoter that controls melanin production. Simplistically this would create a virus that produces more toxin in darker skinned peoples. Other approaches at selectivity are myriad. In fact it is suspected that selective bioweapons have already been produced. How’s that for scary? In any case china reacted with alarm to covid, a fact that made me take it very seriously at first. It would also indicate that the release was accidental.
    The relationships between genetics and IQ is taboo in the west. Not in china. They appear to be pushing hard into the area of identifying polymorphisms and genes that confer higher IQ. It will be interesting to see what the response of the west when huge-headed chinese with 200 IQ start popping up.

    • how will white people react?

      “here is a heartbreaking photo of a 200IQ chang being bullied because he’s different.” *white woman tears*

      We can give them refugee status in the west! they’re just coming here for a better life, after all! And think of the food!

      • Nah, they will keep their genetically enhanced changs in china. For a long time china and india were nonchalant about brain drain. We got a ton of brains- who cares if we export some. China has been clamping down a bit and has even start recruiting scientists back recently. 20 yrs ago 95% of visiting scholars could be expected to stay permanently. That is starting to change.

    • The open research linked to by Z-man is terrifying, so I can only imagine the classified bioweapon stuff is the stuff of nightmares.

      Who the hell wouldn’t understand the risk of disease bridging posed by a chimera, and how dangerous introducing a species- novel infectious disease into a naive population could be? But then I remember how a decade or so ago some idiots dug up frozen bodies up north somewhere, to extract Spanish flu and genotype it, abd then they just published the sequence. The line from Jurassic Park remains as relevant as ever, “your scientists were too busy asking if they could, they didnt bother to ask if they should”

      • The appeal of science to a lot of people is that it promises the power of godhood without the responsibility. Doing things like rediscovering the Spanish Flu to be enjoyed by a new generation proves to the people who did it, that they are gods.

        Consequences are for Dirt People.

      • Recreating complex beings like dinosaurs remains the stuff of science fiction. But cutting and pasting viruses and bacteria has been done for decades. They can even synthesize a virus from its stored genetic sequence. My conjecture: if there is anything has has prevented horrible disasters to date, it is probably that while they cat “cut and paste” the “document” to taste, they really only know a tiny, tiny fraction of the “words” of the “language” of DNA/RNA.

        Think of modern genetics researchers, especially those unconstrained by those silly morals or ethics, as Mickey the sorceerr’s apprentice in “Fantasia.” Problem: the master (Sorcerer) doesn’t exist, nobody is going to stop the brooms carrying the water.

  17. ” The Biological Weapons Convention not only prohibits the use of biological agents, but it also prohibits the development of them as well.”

    That is exactly why the US moves its Bio-weapons development offshore as soon as it reaches the “Gain of function” stage. – Think of how the ban in the US on torture was simply made moot by shipping the Hadji (and assorted other poor fools) off to Gitmo so Cheyney could exercise his “dark arts” there. The US, under Barry the Kenyan’s regime funded research at Wuhan to the tune of about $3.7 million in 2014 that is readily discoverable and trump repeated it at the end of the initial 5 year program. I doubt if we’ll ever know how the virus arrived in public as every attempt I’ve seen at explanation ends up in a cross between a circular firing squad and a Chinese fire drill.The presence of 10,000 international military in Wuhan at the time doesn’t help.
    Here’s (an admittedly unreliable) couple of sources to get you started.

    • If If the CCP had wanted to distribute this virus worldwide, what better time for an ” accident” than when tens of thousands of carriers from around the world were there. kind of like haw they allowed international air travel for two weeks after they had locked down Wuhan and forbidden any domestic flights from that province.

      No matter how it got out, there is almost no chance it Didn’t come from that lab.

      • More important imo was the country should have NEVER shown the world our particular weakness.

        A matter of national security.

        The world seeing every American in a mask sends a very powerful signal that these people are scared easily and controllable and weak. Up until the Covid scare, it could only be speculated.

        If our government gave a care about us and this country they would have done their best not to announce to the world that we are a bunch of idiots. Cat’s out of the bag now.

        • The mask wearing not only shows weakness, but also stupidity. This morning I took an early morning flight from one of the Penal Colonies back to the free world in Florida. I was seated right behind the emergency row (ER). A couple wearing their masks below their nose wondered to their seats in the ER when a stewardess bee lined it to the couple and scolded them for the mask below the nose. The man said the mask was fogging his glasses and moved it down to find his seat. The stewardess said “if you can not perform the duties required for the ER with you mask on then I will need to reseat you.” I couldn’t resist and said excuse me, but I think we can all agree that the first priority is getting the door open in an emergency, not the stupid mask. Everyone around me started laughing and the stewardess warned me I was interfering with airline compliance. To which I said, “so, to be clear, what your saying is that in the case of an actual emergency exit the first priority is mask compliance – can you show me the written regulation stating that?”. She turned to the 2 ER passengers and said “put you masks up! ” and walked away.

          Sand in the gears whenever possible.

      • Funny how the Zika virus was spread in three counties north of Rio as part of a ‘mosquito control experiment’, a few weeks before the Olympic Games ibrought thousands of international travelers to Brazil.

  18. I will start taking Covid-19 seriously once I see millions dying in China. For now, all I see is a big scam, China laughing, and Western elites either hysterically overreacting or taking advantage of this manufactured crisis.

    Now to the point of the article – China is doing what is right for them. If I were the leader of China, I would do exactly the same. All blame for what is wrong in the West should be targeted at the Western elites and especially the American elites.

      • That is a weird meme, really. They have been screwing up things for several decades, but only after Biden won, everybody is suddenly sure that American elites are owned by the CCP. Interesting isn’t it?

        • Yeah, it’s a head fake much like the Russia stuff. Look over there! I remeber when tried to get us riled against japan in the 80s.

      • I lean towards them working together, CCP in a junior role but looking for their chance to make a move. China gets rich and makes a good straw man at home bAmoral capital and amoral commies would of course get along like the criminals they are.

      • “what if the american elites are just the ‘western face’ of the CCP?”

        After the fall of the USSR, who else would America’s Communists ally with but China?

        Many of America’s current leaders would betray us to China for free, just because of ideological solidarity. In fact, I remember they did just that. The manufacturing unions screamed bloody murder at the Leftist politicians they funded when free trade was gaining steam. But the politicians refused bushels of reelection money in order to gut American manufacturing on behalf of the PRC.

        Now the American manufacturing unions are dead.

    • American elites see themselves as post-nationalist. They assume the Chinese will see the wisdom of this approach and join them. They will be waiting a very long time.

      • reading a book called ” unrestricted Warfare ” written by two CCP military leaders in 1999. Just started it , but one thing is clear, they have been thinking about deposing the US for a very long time.

      • Unfortunately, the elites are not wrong in seeing themselves as post-nationalist. In their world, there is no mileage between Cambridge MA and Cambridge UK.

      • Yes, it got mainstreamed in the U.S. when Barack Obama used the line in Berlin from the 2008 campaign about being a “citizen of the world.” Most of the European elites were thinking that way already.

      • Even more of a reason to make the US/western elites the target of popular anger.

        In the EU, there is still a strong remnant of nationalist elites. They should take leadership, because the masses will never do anything useful by themselves.

        Whether there are any sane elites left in the US is less clear…

      • I think there are multiple problem factions among Western Cloud People.

        Yes, there is a Chicom faction.

        There is also a corporate globalist faction that loves hand-rubbing.

        Let’s not forget the Greenies, who are really watermelons.

        There is also a nationalist faction that wants the US to remain on top.

        All of these factions hate the Dirt People and the Constitution. They are enamored with the power and control built into the CCP social model and that is why they seek to implement it here.

    • No it is legal to research covid here. Probably a nightmare of precautions compared to china, however. Here there are prohibitions with fetal stem cells and fetuses due to moral considerations. Ex. It would be relatively easy to produce babies lacking brains with higher cognitive functions and using them for organ harvesting for boomers. Horrible stuff like that. I had a buddy (chinese, good guy) that was working with Ebola at NIH. He was stressed out so bad that he got a bleeding ulcer.

    • Philip;
      It was/is forbidden by executive fiat (not law) to do *gain of function* research on viruses (only _?) here. Covid is the likely *result* of ‘gain of function’ research in Wuhan partially paid for by none other than the great Dr Fauci’s institute (part of NIH).

      ‘Gain of function’ is the usual kind of deceptive bureaucratese. In this case, it’s a description of efforts to make animal viruses more potent in a non-native species, humans in this case. It would allow a virus to jump from one species to another after passing through a lab: E.g. bat > Wuhan Lab > Covid19 Pandemic.

      Why would anybody want to do that deliberately_? The usual rationalization is that it could (not would) allow time for preparation of an outbreak of a potentially dangerous animal-human viral jump. To be fair. there *have* been a few of these, e.g. Ebola. But the dangers of a lab leak from such work are obvious, and there are many scientists opposed. They believe that the risks far outweigh any possible benefits.

      Given that they are asset stripping Africa, the CCP might be concerned about bringing back Ebola or something like it, hence Wuhan Labs. That they conned Fauci and the rest of the Swamp into paying for it would be the cherry on the top.

      • Human migrants and epidemics work hand-in-hand. Early in the pandemic, Spring 2000, news source(s) (not MSM of course) alleged that certain cities in Italy had been hard-hit by COVID precisely because they were near centers of mufacturring of fine “Italian” goods (e.g. Gucci perhaps) that truly are “made in Italy,” but new (to me) is that much of the labor is done by Chinese! Aint capitalism great? All the benefits of being made in-county with the lower wages paid to foreigners. And now with a pandemic virus thrown in at no extra charge.

    • “Didnt the cdc send the virus to china
      Because it was illegal research it here.”

      This is the link you’re looking for. TL;DR CDC banned gain-of-function research after a few screwups in 2014 such as sending live anthrax through the mail. They did a safety stand-down for about five years but Fauci’s NIH didn’t wait, he offshored SARS-Cov-2 to Wuhan.

      And here’s why the Elites claimed COVID came from bats:

      h ttp://

      “In light of recent concerns regarding biosafety and biosecurity, effective immediately, the U.S. Government (USG) will pause new USG funding for gain-of-function research on influenza, MERS or SARS viruses, as defined below… Restrictions on new funding will apply as follows:

      New USG funding will not be released for gain-of-function research projects that may be reasonably anticipated to confer attributes to influenza, MERS, or SARS viruses such that the virus would have enhanced pathogenicity and/or transmissibility in mammals via the respiratory route. The research funding pause would not apply to characterization or testing of naturally occurring influenza, MERS, and SARS viruses…”

      By claiming the SARS-Cov-2 was sourced from animals, Fauci was able to continue using American taxpayer funding despite the project being run by a Chinese bioweapon lab while being banned in USA as a safety threat. Nice funding loophole, eh?

    • After Covid, this blog is more important than Sailer’s. it isn’t even very close.

        • I think most woke Rightists are working an angle for the benefit of our cause. Let’s let them do it their own way. (Of course, I’m not talking about fake Right gatekeepers like NR and the Shapiro’s of the world.)

  19. Cannot believe how greedy and selfish western elites are.

    I personally think the USA/Canadian governments have already collapsed and been taken over. By whom, I don’t know. I’m assuming China or an IMF shadow government. The leaders seem to have simply said “f you”, shut everything down and are now stealing everything possible while salting the land with hostile third world parasites. Most likely Western leaders today are just puppets, doing the bidding of whoever is in control. Kind of like that “Western face” Z was talking about.

    Our ancestors were right about the Chinese. The only good thing about them is their ultra low birth rate means their window for power is rapidly shrinking. It’s either white man colonizes space, or bust. China will destroy the planet no different than any other non-white group with too much power.

    • Reminds me of the investment bank about to go belly up due to the precarious holdings and market situation in the movie Margin Call.

      Their response with this foreknowledge? Sell everything to anybody, even your mother if she will buy. Screw everybody so we can survive.

    • “Our ancestors were right about China.”

      If by “ancestors” you mean MacArthur, I totally agree.

    • Our ancestors? Historically china was an insular kingdom. Our ancestors swiped resource rich Australia from under their noses, not to mention ruling india for a stretch. The Brits and small hats got up to 10% of china’s population hooked on opium. I think they are still legitimately wary of the west for that villainy. Incidentally, much the same people (sacklers) have foisted opium on the people here in Appalachia. That family has alot to answer for. Personally i don’t know anyone that died of covid, but several that have died from OD.

      • Thinking in particular about Canada’s first prime minister, Sir John A MacDonald who warned us about the Chinese and said never let them in.

        And yes, they should be wary about that. They also blame all white people for the opium trade, even though it was a) the british and b) the (((sassoons))), they don’t see a different between any person with white skin. So we are all guilty for it.

        • B125: Solid comment. While I am as irritated as anyone that the Brits infested every corner of the earth with Han and Indians, many of the historic ‘wrongs’ the empire is blamed for originated with and were controlled by the small hats.

          Actually, although Jevvs were invited back into England by Cromwell, their business interests began to impact the English economy and foreign policy in the second half of the 18th century. And they only began intermarrying with lower levels of the aristocracy and newly rich industrialists in the 19th century. All of which continues to heavily impact England today.

          Heck, while I have no personal interest in sportsball, much less soccer, I read today that four of England’s major soccer teams are owned by Jevvs, and now (((American))) banks are creating a new league and heavily monetizing the whole deal. Same old, same old.

          • Thank you, 3g, now we know who the CCP’s senior partners are-

            the very same bunch who created the CCP, lifting Mao out of obscurity, after breaking the Imperial nation and funding resistance with a century of opium.

            Gee, I wonder who ultimately funded the politics to outsource our production to Chinese slave labor?

            Riding another tiger, as they have always done.

    • Correct, but I don’t believe it is the Chinese. It is more a collection of Western and Jewish elites who run the world now. Everything is geared toward decreasing the power and influence of successful nations. I would hazard to guess the Security State that runs the United States, and has done so since at least 1989, answers only to these people.

    • The only way to save the world is through full blown white supremacy. White people are the only ones potentially capable of saving it so the only chance of it being saved is if they are in control-which is white supremacy.

      People love to say they are not white supremacists. But people need to ask themselves what they are willing to give up to maintain this made-up anti-racist principle?

      Say goodbye to every species of animal in Africa because without white people involved, they will be gone.

      And the living monstrosities the Chinese (who boil cat and dogs alive) are capable of creating, are the stuff of nightmares. Stand by and watch it happen?

      So if and when the choice becomes sit back and watch China and Africa destroy the planet or go full-on white supremacist and try to save the planet, what do you choose?

  20. America right now, with Biden at the helm (even as a figurehead) is like the Springfield Power Plant in that episode where Homer went into the office to ask Burns to write a check to finance his bowling league. “If you ever wanted a favor, now’s the time to ask. Burns is doped up, dying, or something.” Of course, the next guy who walked in Burns’ office, Hans Moleman, ended up getting a hole bored in his head with a drill when he merely asked his boss for a new push-broom, as Burns thought Moleman’s cranium was filled with treasure. To extend the metaphor White America is Hans Moleman.

  21. The C19 farce (and that’s exactly what it is) is simply a season flu variant that was politicized and weaponized by the US media to attack Trump, who they had been trying to unseat (unsuccessfully) since even before he took office (Stormy Daniels, Russia gate, tax returns, Ukraine gate impeachment). How about we manufacture a world-wide panic on a flu strain that happens every year? Brilliant. All the other pieces that brought down Trump just fell into place (quarantine, mask mandates, small biz destruction, stock mkt. crash, civil unrest, mail-in balloting, etc). Never let a crisis go to waste, as Raul Emanuel famously said. And the leftist media certainly didn’t. So all this being a Chinese conspiracy? Naw. Maybe they planted the seed through Western media and let them run with it. And run they did.

      • The juntas like it. Hence the “oh you’ve had it and have also been vaccinated” but still have to wear a face diaper” bullshit. Our beloved Gauleiter Cuomo loves it–he can operate under emergency orders, keep getting money off the Federal teat and everybody in govt. gets to feel important. Never mind his state is crumbling…but so far no state or local govt. employee has missed a paycheck.

        • Interestingly, a few countries are lashing out against bitcoin. People on Stocktwits on suicide watch.

      • B125 pretty much nailed it. Of course, that’s the multi-trillion dollar question: who is behind this continuing assault on W Civ, now that they have the keys and could in fact dial this back tomorrow? Again, a continuing crisis is not something they are willing to let go and NOT leverage it to their benefit.

      • You are stunningly naive to ask that, The Wu-Flue is far from finished,
        End game is:
        1. Universal personal ID electronically verifiable, real-time locatable and cancelable
        2. Basic end of cash. All transactions through a central bank system,
        3. Still haven’t finished off the White middle class: that’s were resistance to the Neo-Feudalism will come from.

        • Although my husband has been skeptical of Covid from the start and will not be tested or vaccinated, I was surprised to learn he firmly believes they will continue to push ‘variants’ and/or other supposed ailments until they ultimately introduce a mandatory chip.

        • (From Lew Rockwell)

          AI and ID2020

          “The European Commission is involved in a crucial but virtually unknown project, CREMA (Cloud Based Rapid Elastic Manufacturing) which aims to facilitate the widest possible implementation of AI in conjunction to the advent of a cashless One-World system.

          The end of cash necessarily implies a One-World government capable of dispensing – and controlling – UBI; a de facto full accomplishment of Foucault’s studies on biopolitics. Anyone is liable to be erased from the system if an algorithm equals this individual with dissent.

          It gets even sexier when absolute social control is promoted as an innocent vaccine.

          ID2020 is self-described as a benign alliance of “public-private partners”. Essentially, it is an electronic ID platform based on generalized vaccination. And its starts at birth; newborns will be provided with a “portable and persistent biometrically-linked digital identity.”

          GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, pledges to “protect people’s health “ and provide “immunization for all”. Top partners and sponsors, apart from the WHO, include, predictably, Big Pharma.

          At the ID2020 Alliance summit last September in New York, it was decided that the “Rising to the Good ID Challenge” program would be launched in 2020. That was confirmed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) this past January in Davos. The digital identity will be tested with the government of Bangladesh.

          That poses a serious question: was ID2020 timed to coincide with what a crucial sponsor, the WHO, qualified as a pandemic? Or was a pandemic absolutely crucial to justify the launch of ID2020?”

          (Also in the article)

          “Wall Street has turned the Fed into a hedge fund. The Fed is going to own at least two thirds of all U.S. Treasury bills wallowing in the market before the end of the year.

          …no questions are allowed on who gets the money, because the bill simply cancels the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for the Fed.

          The U.S. Treasury will be buying every security and loan in sight while the Fed will be the banker – financing the whole scheme.

          So essentially this is a Fed/ Treasury merger. A behemoth dispensing loads of helicopter money – with BlackRock as the undisputable winner.

          BlackRock is widely known as the biggest money manager on the planet. Their tentacles are everywhere.

          They will buy all these securities and manage those dodgy special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) on behalf of the Treasury.

          BlackRock not only is the top investor in Goldman Sachs. Better yet: Blackrock is bigger than Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank combined… Now, for all practical purposes, it will be the operating system – the Chrome, Firefox, Safari – of Fed/Treasury.

          This represents the definitive Wall Street-ization of the Fed – with no evidence whatsoever it will lead to any improvement in the lives of the average American.”

          • Larry Fink of BlackRock is a director at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and a trustee at the World Economic Forum (WEF), promoting the “Great Reset” agenda. David Rubenstein of Carlyle Group is the CFR chairman and also a WEF trustee. Fed chairman Powell is a CFR member and a former Carlyle partner. Nearly every player on the Biden team is a CFR member, including the secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense, Commerce, Homeland Security and CIA.

      • Why it has so many uses, why stop now? For instance, after dithering for almost a year congress has finally passed a relief bill for independent restaurants. It involves applying for grant money for which prioritization will be given to “women or veteran owned businesses, and socially and economically disadvantaged groups, including Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Asian Pacific Americans, and Subcontinent Asian Americans.” They should have made it easier by saying “White Males need not apply.”. And the SBA “for the first time” will provide applications entirely in Spanish. Yay!!

        The majority of restaurateurs in Portland are massive shitlibs so I can’t be sure if they included this information specifically because they think it’s just dandy (they are also mostly White males) or because some germ of awareness is finally sprouting in their lefty addled brains that they are being intentionally and blatantly destroyed.

        • It’s hard for me to work up much sympathy for all the ruined small businesses in Portland because of this. The vast majority cuck even louder than the big companies just so everyone knows they BELIEVE. Now, supposedly the rioting has begun again down there and if this summer is half as much fun as last, the only “small businessmen” left in Port-a-potty by the fall will be the drug dealers and hookers. Amazon is hiring guys! Your new career awaits! $100 sign on bonus!

      • Nailed it. This was and is far larger than the figurehead who runs the United States. This is going for the gold in the form of total control of the world economy.

    • Somebody is all in on the complete implosion of Western demographics, economies, and cultures. And they are *highly* organized behind the scenes, apparently controlling just about every single upper echelon person in the West, from corporations to media to government.

      Legalization of drugs, DA’s refusing to prosecute, full open borders, anti white racism, riots, small business shut down, etc. etc. etc.

      Conservatives always say “why would they do this, it doesn’t make sense!” But it makes perfect sense if your goal is to destroy a nation/people. Just like the cultural revolution did in China.

      I’m still not 100% sure that China is behind all of this… but it’s hard for me to see who else. I suppose the J’s could be. But I don’t even see them with this much precision and power. Plus, if you talk to them they are not really on board with this whole thing, other than the insane secular ones. They are getting nervous. Another possibility is the IMF or UN. Other than those 3 scenarios i don’t see any other entities with the ability or power to pull off a full scale demolition.

      • Don’t forget the globalists at the WEF and their ability to influence corporate stooges.

      • B125: Why not both? Israeli scientists are similarly unconstrained by ethics regarding biological research (I posted a link a few weeks ago re them working on artificial wombs and lab created fetuses to harvest for parts). While the Han have proven quite resistant to Jevvish infiltration politically and demographically, they would be more than happy to join forces if it reaps them profit or power. And there are plenty of Jevvish/Han power couples to help. Add in the Jevvs at the WEF and you have a winning trifecta.

      • Having no contact apart from what I see in the media with any factions of the elite I can’t really speculate here based on anything other than what they seem to be doing. It’s pretty hard to see how they could actually think that driving Western Civilization off a cliff is somehow going to benefit them. The only things I can come up with are that they are either true believers in the woke nonsense or that the paranoia about their “population control” agenda is more grounded in reality than I, personally, have given them credit for.

        In the latter view, you need to ask yourself “how would I, as a member of the global elite, go about killing billions of people?” Well, getting on TV and running for office under your newly formed Democratic Depopulation Party probably isn’t it. You might, though, encourage cult-like insanity in the masses (Covidism for example), and spread a disastrous new form of communism based on everything from Earth-worship to the dumbest form of racism (glorifying the least capable and most dysfunctional races while vilifying the most capable). The point is just to scramble everything from the global economy to, eventually, technological infrastructure causing economic disaster and eventually a collapse in the food supply. In this view, rioting, looting, chaos and crime, pointless panic, destroying the currency, even fomenting WWIII, can be seen as positives.

        It’s still pretty stupid of course, since it seems like these people are gambling big that they will be able to manage these crises at least well enough to come though them for themselves and the people they actually care about. Then again hubris and arrogance have always been the downfall of ruling classes throughout history. To me it makes more sense than the idea that all these guys are sincere wokists.

        • Your scenarios are centainly plausible. But don’t overlook the possibility that we might simply be living through the slow (hopefully?) collapse of the present world system. Ours would be far from the first such in world history. Of course there will always be powerful figures, with various amounts of real power, but it’s human nature to imagine there must be an overall ruler orchestrating things. For the faithful, he’s Satan, or his worldly representative(s). For the purely secular, it will be the CFR, the WEF, the Bilderbergers, or choose any shadowy group you like. But is such a cabal really necessary? Of course not. To the best of my knowledge, there was no international conspiracy that led to the end of Babylon, or the Greek city-states, or the Roman Empire. The Black Death and other plagues that took up to a third of Europe’s population, over a few centuries, was not the evil machination of some genius, unless you count early mercantile shipping companies and the ship’s crews.

          My point: Clearly many trends are unsustainable (e.g. population growth, runaway debt, etc.) Everything has a finite lifespan. Buddhism calls it the impermanence of things. And cultures, nations and civilizations are “things.” We might just be seeing the inevitable crumbling of our current world. We are, ultimately, subject to forces we can’t control.

          Note: none of this prevents you from taking whatever protective measures you think will best enhance the survival of you and those important to you.

  22. ” From the Chinese perspective, the American empire is not a competitor. It is just a big candy store that she can systematically pick clean until it finally collapses.”

    The objection is that the Chinese, and others, make use of American empire knowledge without paying up regularly. Ergo, knowledge itself is a component of the nation/state and its exclusive property. The individuals that acquire useful knowledge are subordinate to the state and their ideas become its property in the sense that income that they receive for its foreign use is shared by the state through taxes. How is this different than the Cuban government garnisheeing the salaries of their citizens playing major league baseball?

    • On the Cuba question–the funny thing is all that foreign investment in Cuba has to contract with the government and pay in hard currency. Government then pays the local employees in worthless pesos. But highly educated Cubans will take hotel maid and bartender jobs simply for the hard currency tips that dwarf the official salaries. Some system, eh? Engineers getting paid more to mix Cuba Libres as bartenders than building things…

      • What is “hard currency”? What is all that “foreign investment”? Why would the local employees be paid in anything but Cuban pesos? In the US can you have the option of your salary being paid in Swiss francs? In Mexico, restaurants and other businesses are happy to accept US dinero but my Mexican money won’t buy zilch north of the Rio Bravo. In Mexican cities Euros are also accepted for purchases. So what?

        • Kind of miss the point–here in Limo Leftist land everyone was harping to “open Cuba” during the Obamista years on the mistaken theory it would “help the Cuban people”. Instead the FDI and revenue is paid directly to the Cuban govt. to benefit the elites and employees get the same shitty wages. The saving grace is service employees can cadge some hard currency tips that go a very long way in the black market. BTW my old firm had a couple of businesses in Argentina during the hyperinflation years and actually went to USD limits and payments on policies to protect clients against inflation in the Argentine peso.

  23. “This is the war China knows it can win.”

    One. Anyone old enough remembers the ethical stain that came with funding the “next Zyclon-B.”

    Now the descendants of the Holy Six Million help tge Chinese develop surveillance technology and dealer agents of death. China has “won” only because the Fifth Column within the United States is even more evil. As an aside, does anyone remember in the early days of discussion of the Wuhan lab when it came to light the Chinese (and likely their American rent boys) had developed a virus aimed specifically at Whites?

    • The medical establishment has known how to target specific genes and alter them for decades.

      Take Humira, a gene therapy they market as a, “biological,” that targets a very specific protein in the human body in an attempt to limit the symptoms of autoimmune conditions like arthritis and psoriasis.

      Humira was available in 2002.

      That means they began the research in the mid-to-late ’90s.

      We’re a lot farther down the gene therapy road than big Pharma wants to admit.

      • The “vaccine” for the beer flu is admitted to be not a typical (inactivated or live/attenuated) vaccine, but an experimental mRNA gene modification procedure. So, were the pharmas able to produce this ‘vaccine” quickly because they already had it in waiting?

        It’s not a huge leap to link something like this to an end game through the Microsoft patent application wo-2020-060606 a1. Have a look at that if you’re not familiar.

        • I think it’s highly likely the big Pharma concerns had their mRNA projects ready to go well before the Beer Flu psyop.

          Except for Merck, who appear to have been caught completely flat-footed and are doing a bit of moaning in the press about the jabs.

        • One of Tucker’s recent scientist guests stated explicitly thar much of this was already in the hopper for years without a real reason to use yet.

  24. “Should a monkey with a significant number of human cells be treated as human or as an animal?”

    I could elaborate and answer but even this board might censor me.

    • ‘“Should a monkey with a significant number of human cells be treated as human or as an animal?”

      I could elaborate and answer but even this board might censor me.’

      My thoughts went down a similar track here, if I am guessing right…

      • I guess it mostly depends on whether the monkey belongs to your alma mater or your rival…

  25. Many Chinese researchers in the US either run or co-run ‘shadow labs’ back in China; the researchers funnel IP (NIH/NSF grant proposals, a western collaborator’s research, etc) back to China. The FBI has made a few arrests, and many of those people have been involved with the Thousand Talents Program.

  26. It really is breathtaking just how corrupt governments and institutions are everywhere. The vast majority of people just want to live their lives in peace and as much comfort as possible. But the “leaders” that are either voted in, slither in or forcibly take power won’t stand for that.
    The flood or asteroid can’t come soon enough.

    • It truly is weird how removing driving Christianity out of the public sphere has led to moral corruption and decay. It would appear that the post-Christian age will resemble the pre-Christian age, and is regressive instead of progressive.

  27. Chinese ethics – ZMan supplies the oxymoron of the week first thing Monday morning.

    • “The Chinese, in contrast, arrests whistleblowers and harvest their organs. Scandal is not a concern for the ChiComs.”

      Gods, I love this seedy juke joint.
      Full of shady characters and loose women- in other words, perfect.

      • Recalls the song “Spanish Moon” by (?) I like Little Feat’s cover:
        “There’s whiskey and bad cocaine
        Poison get you just the same
        And if that… that don’t… kill you soon
        The women will down at the Spanish Moon” 🙂

  28. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » Chinese Ethics

  29. Have said here before, an essential difference between Chinese culture and Western is fairly simple. Western ethics seek to prevent bad behavior before it occurs and are essential “guilt based”. Chinese are “shame based”, bad behavior is ok, just don’t get caught. If you do, there will be punishment. Combine “shame based” with profit motive and you get scandal like boosting the protein testing results by adding melamine, which ended up killing infants when someone got greedy and started adding a bit too much to boost profit margins. Monkey-people are a-ok under that guise, so long as they don’t go “Planet of the Apes” and start killing the population.

    • Clarification-melamine was added to powdered infant formula to produce acceptable lab testing results, while avoiding using expensive legitimate protein boosters

    • Agree with your summation of Chinese culture and the drivers behind it. In the Far East you’ll notice that every Chinese-based corporation loves to tout being compliant with ISO, HACCP, and GMP’s, when in reality they just pay off the certification/compliance auditors to give them the legal right to make those claims.

      I suspect the release of Covid was an accident and was the result of a lab technician or two cutting corners at the end of a shift. The recklessly driving teenager would refer to it as the “No cop, no stop” doctrine.

    • In the Planet of the Apes movies (and the novels, I assume), the first smart ape was natural*. But who’s to deny that a future gene engineered primate could not fill the same role. If I recall correctly, the apes gained a foothold as pets because dogs and cats were wiped out by a disease. Eventually, the apes battle mankind in a Mad Max type world. The films were modeled on race issues. Perhaps the most science fiction aspect is the “optimistic finale” of the fifth movie, where ape and man have finally made peace. (Wikipedia).

      *If two smart apes from the future can travel back in time to an earlier Earth is “natural” 😀

  30. The ethical limitations exist for a reason, a perfect example of Chesterton’s fence. Being able to grow a perfectly matched organ for organ replacement might seem wonderful, on the face of it, but has anyone thought about the consequences of extending human life? Advanced countries are facing looming budget crises because populations are aging (which is to say future government spending will increase while revenue decreases). It really is the oddest thing, because the powers that fund this research are also fond of legalizing Euthanasia. The driving motivation behind the ruling class seems to be a thorough hatred of the natural order, and this is unlikely to go well.

    • The scariest aspect is the fact the human brain only evolved to live 60 or so years. Anyone who knows extremely old people, even ones who do not have dementia, knows their capability of learning new things rapidly deteriorates. This probably isn’t a matter that simply giving newer cells can solve, as the brain goes through permanent changes in it’s structure that can’t just be circumvented by new cells.

      Imagine a person with a 150 year old brain in a 20 year old’s body.

        • No, all the VIP jab vids and photos are obvious staged fakes, some more sophisticated than others.

        • They’re getting something a lot more important and much safer than the vaccines. They’re getting the paperwork that shows they’ve had the vaccines.

        • Of course the elites are getting vaccinated. I know because I saw it on the TV, or was that on Twitter, maybe Facebook…I came across it while looking for selfies of the D.C. tribe getting tested with the anal swabs every day before entering their hallowed star chamber.

      • MST3K did an episode with a movie called Parts: The Clonus Horror, about a secret clone farm for political elites, whereby the clones served as part of an organ transplant program that would allow your Joe Biden types to extend their lives by decades. It was remade a few years back and I think they called it The Island. As bad as the movie is, it’s starting to seem quietly plausible in a general sense.

        • I remember a sci-story (Larry Niven, I think) about such a clone who manages to kill and replace the guy he was supposed to donate organs to.

      • This may be older than you think.

        If you read pseudo-apollodorus (1st century AD) he was wriiting about the bronze age myths and makes a small aside that Medea knew how to replace the blood in old people and rejuvenate them (and did this for Jason’s father).

        Makes one wonder of the echoes of the vampire legends and the massive drive for fetal cell availability through huge scale abortion, as the numbers of those to be maintained increases.

        Perhaps such a thing has always been knocking around in certain circles, we just identify it as something else.

    • Civilization, for all of its benefits, is actually a most UNNATURAL order. There is, of course, the state of Nature, but I can assure you it is utterly indifferent to Man’s needs or wants, and at its worst is very unpleasant indeed.

      I agree that things are “unlikely to go well.” People will disagree on solutions, but that fact doesn’t make the underlying problems any less dire, or make them go away. 🙁

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