Another Martyr

The Derek Chauvin trial came to a speedy end yesterday with the jury finding him guilty on all counts. What this means is they thought he intentionally caused the death of George Floyd and unintentionally caused the death of George Floyd. To a normal person, this makes no sense, but it is another reminder that America stopped being a rational society a long time ago. In a sensible society, this trial never would have occurred, because George Floyd would never have existed.

Lots of people were jubilant over the result. They do not know why they are happy, as they lack the ability to reflect on their own actions. They just know that their tribe won and that means they should be happy. That is the nature of liberal democracy. It is always about “who” and “whom” because everything is partisan. Those people celebrating are not happy for themselves. They are happy because they believe their enemies, real and imagined, are unhappy at the result.

It is not a lot different than a blood feud. When one side kills a member of the other side, it is not about righting some wrong or solving some problem. It is about adding more blood to the feud. That is how the Left sees white America. It is the people they hate and anything they can do to harm a white person is automatically good. Most of those people celebrating know nothing about the law, policing, crime, or the people involved in the incident. They just know Chauvin is white.

Of course, the other side of this, the sensible white people trying to make sense of what is happening, are not happy. Many were willing to be reasonable and meet the other side halfway on this. Maybe Chauvin was wrong or made a mistake. Maybe he should face some sort of punishment. Maybe he needs to be made an example so other cops are more careful. They thought that was the point of the system. The jury would do the right thing and find a suitable compromise.

Those sensible white people are waking up to the terrible reality of America. The system they have spent their life trusting is now as irrational and deranged as those people celebrating in the streets. America is not the land of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and the other Founders. It is not the land of Abraham Lincoln. It is the land of Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and Ocasio-Cortez. They not only run the country, but the country also runs by the deranged logic of their minds.

For sure, many will rationalize what happened in order to stick to the old civic nationalist slogans they love so much. “This will be overturned on appeal” or “we have to take our country back from these Democrats” will get a lot of play. This is behavior of people in a cult when the tenets of the cult are disproven. Instead of accepting that beliefs were false, they internalize the disconfirmation into a justification for a more intense commitment. These people will decide to vote harder.

The parasites in Conservative Inc. will fund raise off this, telling those people desperate for answers that they will fight those liberals on their behalf. In a bankrupt society like America, every event is a chance for the grifters to grift a little bit more. You can be sure the conservative talk show hosts were popping champagne last night when the verdict was announced. There is nothing better for the conservative grift than losing, which is why they have been making sure to lose for generations.

Many though will let go of that last reed that was tethering them to the old America they grew up believing was real. Many will go through the stages of grief, maybe skipping to step three by this point. The realization that this is not their country and they are now second class citizens will not bring them comfort. It will free their mind of the frustration of believing in a myth. They will quit Red Team and start the process of looking for a new team, which will lead them to this side of the great divide.

This is the reality of a cultural revolution. The people smashing the system in the name of the revolution are beyond reason. It takes time for the rational, the people who make society function, to come to grips with it. Little by little, one martyr at a time, people do come to grips with this reality. You can be sure that every white cop in America is having the conversation with his wife right now. He may not know what to do, but he no longer sees himself and his job the way he did not so long ago.

It is frustrating, of course, for the people who have been on this side of the great divide for a long time. How is it that white people cannot see what is happening and where this must inevitably lead? The fact that no one was born on this side of the great divide, and we all made our own journey, is easily forgotten. For those on this side, this is the new normal and it is hard to imagine thinking any other way. The other side is a foreign country populated with people living a delusion.

That is the real test in these times. Those who have opened their eyes and see what is happening have to avoid being bitter about it. The job at hand is to wake up as many people as possible, ignore those who cannot open their eyes and help those staggering into the sunlight adjust to this new normal. There will be many more martyrs in the days ahead. Every war has them. The challenge is to give their martyrdom meaning so that one day, there are no more martyrs to our cause.

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370 thoughts on “Another Martyr

  1. A martyer? Are you kidding? You guys are crazy if you think kneeling on someone’s neck for ten minutes isn’t potentially lethal. That’s depraved – hence the lesser included offenses.

    Maybe the cops will think about bringing his suspects alive to trial before they whine about having an unfair trial themselves.

      • You’re thinking of this in terms of “trolling”, which shows how far this debate is removed from reality. A child can learn that putting pressure on someone’s neck is dangerous. Particularly when they’ve experienced it. Medical science bears this out: it is potentially lethal.

        There is a growing anti-white threat from the government and establishment. People like you who think I’m trolling have evidently not contemplated what happens practices you endorse this are paired with policies endorsed by the left. They will be.
        It’s just a matter of time

  2. Man, are you paying attention to what’s going on in residential real estate?! What are prices doing in Murder City? Ironically, prices seem to be going down in nyc and sf.

  3. Bitcoin fixes this. Seriously. At this point it is completely pointless to even engage in the political process. Ignore it all and get on with your life – move if you have to, and learn about bitcoin ( NOT Shitcoins ). Vast majority of true bitcoiners are on your side. Yes, there is a ton of scamming so take care and learn about it and don’t get sucked in by the get rich quick hype. Hold long term and help destroy this truly sad state of affairs from the ground up.

    • No up vote, no down vote. You may be right. There are good arguments on both sides, and you make a good case for the pro side. We live in very cynical dishonest time where trust is at a very low ebb.

      • Thanks! Bitcoiners are actually some of the most optimistic and the least cynical people that you can find. Lots of off-putting assholes and scammers as well of course, just avoid them.

    • Bitcoin will exists until the State decides its a liability or its “money laundering” and after a few people get a decade in prison in a nice public way it won’t buy squat.

      There is also the fact that bitcoin is infrastructure and energy intensive and our society is crumbling.

      It may have some short term benefits but its not going to be a solution.

      • Governments banning bitcoin and bitcoins energy use are two criticisms that have been debated endlessly within the crypto world. There are many others as well. ALL endlessly debated. For years now. Rather than me just adding my 2 cents here, can I ask you if you have honestly spent some good amount of time looking into THEIR answers to these questions or do you base your answers on mainstream media and experts? If you have had an honest look, then fine, bitcoin is not for you. But if not, why would you trust the very same people that are causing endless confusion and mistrust in every other aspect of our lives?

  4. I disagree with the Z Man on one minor point: the modern U.S. is definitely the country of Abraham Lincoln. It is his baby all the way.

    • You may disagree with Lincoln, but he was a man of great deliberation and patience. I am sure he would have been aghast to see what has become of America.

      Neither democrats nor republicans can muster anyone with half wisdom. Trump is every bit the bomb-thrower that anyone on the left is.

  5. Back in the ’90s I had a job where I read a lot of criminal court transcripts. The trials I went over were chosen in part because they were longer than average, so they weren’t really representative, but there are two things that I never once saw in a single one of those hundreds of cases: any prosecution proving any of its charges, and a “not guilty” verdict.

    We’ve been this uncivilized for a long time.

  6. What is interesting is how the BLM folks are tweeting out that Biden has been worse for them than Orange Man Bad. And are complaining about the Defense Dept. giving police departments various vehicles and equipment.

    Meanwhile LeBron James tweeted out a picture of the Columbus Ohio cop with “You’re next” and his identifying information before taking it down. Will said cop sue LeBron, the NBA, and Twitter? Possibly. It was interesting to see that Dept. release the body cam which makes the mother of the “teen” a total liar. [Which is par for the course.] It was also interesting to see it taken down in 30 minutes.

    But actions have consequences and Team Biden’s groveling before the Floyd family has led BLM to conclude that they can roll Team Biden endlessly. Meanwhile Florida, center of the Resistance, has passed a heavy penalty anti-rioting bill and has promised to crack down on it. Florida Latinos not being fond of black riots as in Liberty City.

    It will certainly be interesting to see the BLM vs. Biden spat continue. At this point his team has to give them full reparations with a White Tax and complete full on Rwandan style racial vengeance for BLM to be satisfied.

    Can America fight a war with Russia (and possibly China) while having Rwandan style violence at home? Stay tuned!

    • Bongo bongo was trying to stab the other negress with a knife, and in the negro justice code that doesn’t warrant her being shot

      As somebody else said, let bongo her a few good stabs in at least before pulling the trigger, that way there’s 2 future ebt users no longer burdening the system

      One thing is clear, we’re in the post facts and the get whitey phase.

      • “Bongo bongo was trying to stab the other negress with a knife, and in the negro justice code that doesn’t warrant her being shot.”

        It kinda does tho. There have been plenty of white cop–shoots at black person, where blacks as a whole “understood” and didn’t cause a national crisis. (Not saying they won’t go crazy over shot girl. Just saying it’s not always black & white.)

        LeBron James is pretty dumb. Smarter than you’re average LeBron but that’s not saying much. Living in LA we all have to watch his unhappy face every night as he’s interviewed after each game. King James literally looks down on us as the TVs are always above bars. He’s been made defacto head of blacks and it’s gone to his head but his head isn’t smart enough for it. (Or just-smart-enough, as his puppet masters prefer it).

        Same thing happened to Muhammed Ali when the Panthers and Black Muslims got hold of him. Naturally warm, happy men, forced to act grim and think above their ability.

        It was easier for guys like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Jim Brown. Those two were dark malcontents from birth. And fairly “intelligent”.

    • Well, we already know the Latinos have done a fine job pushing the brothers out of Compton and several other formerly black areas.

      This past summer, when the BLM clowns tried to roll up in Latino neighborhoods the cholos were having none of it.

      The combination of conquistador and Aztec/Maya heritage seems to be a potent antidote to obsolete farm equipment running amok.

      • yeah, seems great until they decide that gringo is also in the way and forcibly take over your area. you think whites can stand up to the cartel?

        the way things are going it’s going to be a free for all soon as rule of law collapses.

      • “The combination of conquistador and Aztec/Maya heritage seems to be a potent antidote to obsolete farm equipment running amok.” LOL.

        I also learned a new epithet today courtesy of this comment section. “Bongo-bongo”. God that’s great. How come I’m late to the party on these terms? Obviously I don’t spend near enough time on far-right forums.

        Re. Aztec/Maya. As they say in the boxing and MMA world, “He fights like a Mexican”. Means an aggressive strategy where the fighter pushes the action. As opposed to being a defensive boxer.

        On topic. Funny cool fight. Remember a few years ago when this Mexican nobody Ruiz Jr. beat black champ A.J?


  7. Z Man is right about the fundraising. I keep reading how the Republicans are raising all kinds of money. Some people never learn

    • Yeah, well…they’ll SAY they’re raising money even if they’re NOT. They don’t NEED our money. They never have.

      • Just my opinion: It’s wonderful to give to charity. I’m not sure that a political organization qualifies as that. In any case, unless you’re filthy rich (in which case you’d not likely be reading this), may I suggest you keep as much of your donations near home, where you can, so to speak, keep an eye on it? To use a hypothetical example, there is a universe of difference in how your funds would be used to support your local church, and by that I mean doing things that actually benefit the community: soup kitchen, food pantry, perhaps Sunday School; compare this with what happens if you send the money to the national organization: most of it will disappear into the “overhead,” including fancy buildings, jets, furniture, lavish salaries and funding to any number of things you’d probably dislike (African refugee resettlement? Anti-white organizations?). I volunteer my time and money at a local secular organization. You would have heard of it. It’s national. But I would never dream of sending money to the State or National levels. I guess I’ve made my point.

        • Americans of all stripes are too fat. The last thing we should do is set up soup kitchens and food pantries.

  8. “It is not the land of Abraham Lincoln. It is the land of Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and Ocasio-Cortez.”

    And what do those three have in common? Hmmm, let me think . . .

  9. Most normiecons are still hopelessly deluded. One on a thread elsewhere was informing us how all of this was due to Democratic policies. I challenged “Now do African blacks” and got what I expected. “African blacks think American blacks are lazy and stupid.”

    Yeah, that’s why Sub-Saharan Africa is such a paradise and Ilhan Omar is our bestest and brightest Congresswoman.

    • I once worked with a black Sudanese refugee named Mohammed (seriously). Good guy, hard worker, devout muslim. This was when I was still on the other side. He once asked me what was wrong with American blacks— the thugging, the drugs, the broken families. I about pissed my pants laughing.

      That was definitely one of the events that started changing my perspective.

      • And he didn’t want to be here. He wanted to be at home in Sudan with the rest of his family. I hope he’s made it back. At any rate, the whole experience went against everything I’d been told.

        • “didn’t want to be here”

          Yeah they always say that. When I start seeing the mass exodus of sudanese and other aliens back to their shithole of origin, I’ll let you know

          • I believed him. He said he didn’t ask to go to America. It’s a human trafficking operation as much as anything else. And yeah, I’m not a fan of refugee resettlement either.

          • And for the record, there was another refugee who went by the name Pete— a real piece of work. Supposedly he was one of those child soldiers or something. Very screwed up at any rate. Last I heard of him he was homeless. That’s why I’m against it.

    • Vizzini – You can read that sort of thing (and for African blacks, substitute Caribbean blacks) at Amren every single day. These are people who think they’re race realists and political dissidents, but essentially they’re espousing the “it’s culture not race” fallacy. They fall all over themselves to insist that if blacks behaved like Whites in blackface they’d just love to have their daughter marry one.

      I really hate people.

      • I’m not a fan of humans either, especially the Homo erectus sub-species we often kvetch about here. But we shouldn’t blame all on genetics. Yes, as a group “ours” may have IQ of 85 and, if some of the surveys are credible, much of Africa around 70. Yet by many reports, many of the tribe in Mother Africa do, in fact, lead quite civil, peaceful lives, compared to our increasingly feral domestic hybrids.Culture (environment) does play a role too; even the “hereditarians” say so.

        • Sooo, Ben, just curious, is it all life forms you’re “not a fan of” or just humans? What human traits would you change in order to become a fan?
          The universe is an amazing piece of work. What a terrible waste if there were no beings around with the awareness of it and as far as we know, it is only human beings who have that awareness.

      • It’s unreal how many cucks there are at Amren. And some of the anti-white or at least pro-nonwhite statements are surprising. I don’t understand why the moderators don’t delete them. It is supposed to be a white advocate site. Why would they allow that garbage there.

    • I just saw a normie-conette on fakebook claim that the election was stolen by China…

      No matter how blatantly the republi-frauds shit on these people, they still refuse to face reality.

  10. I’ve been talking with many of my neighbors, particularly those who fly American flags. Something tells me that if our community gets [[[visitors]]] they’ll show up before the cops.

      • IRS may get into the act too. Wouldn’t be the first time. They went after the Tea Party. Look for increased scrutiny from IRS to help in the redistribution effort.

      • Bilejones: I saw that earlier on the Revolver website, with a link to Yahoo News. The crazier sounding the purported ‘conspiracy theory,’ the more likely it is to be true. Funny how I never realized there was a ‘law enforcement arm of the U.S. Postal Service.” Perhaps that’s why they can’t manage to deliver the mail – they’re too busy monitoring everyone’s internet postings.

  11. Intersectionalists have a pecking order of ‘victims’ (their perserve term for status). Black trumps Jew, trans trumps gay and so on and so forth. This case taught me something sort of similar about my instinctive way of prioritizing. I distrust LE, they enforce the decisions of sick or evil (or, probably, both) regimes. In both America and Europe I know of dissidents who have been arrested, abused, harrassed and even persecuted by the police.

    But to me, on an instinctive level, the injustice of Chauvin’s situation, having to handle a huge, struggling man with heart disease and high as a kite who then happens to die and this then becoming a national obsession in a society trying to find an excuse for collective suicide. And, yes, that Chauvin’s white and looks like many guys I’ve known, all that trumps that this may make LE less zealous or that they have been doing the dirty work of a sick elite. The outcome of the trial, like the abominable ‘election’ in November, was emotionally uncomfortable. But probably good for our cause. Only tragedy will open the eyes of those who do not want to see.

    • After my morning postings here, I was having similar thoughts. Probably none of this is original, but here goes: The way Chauvin and similar cases are treated is perfect politics. Put yourself in the position of a local Democrat mayor, prosecutor, whatever. White Cop shoots bad black man. That alone fits the Black Victimization Narrative. If it’s a case where the suspect didn’t actually have a gun or was committing other violence, so much the better. You can fire the cop(s) immediately. You can issue statements condemning “police brutality” against the disadvantaged. Your electorate (minorities, white shitlibs) will eat this stuff up. You can give a huge pay-out to the relatives (oh, the attorneys too!) of the “victim.” No silly lawsuits needed. If the cop(s) go to trial and are convicted of something, so much the better. You can morailize even more after the verdict, either way it goes. The cops, especially if they’re White, are always the bad guys. Rarely, if ever, is there any mention of what the “victim” might have been doing wrong to have attracted the attention of law enforcement in the first place. From the politician’s perspective, everything is win-win. Therir power base is solidified, they get to support popular memes, and continue to demonize the bad guy (Whitey).

      • So, in essence, our hypothetical Democrat mayor is trading domestic tranquility for his own prosperity and future election success, a clear sign that he has given up on America and is just in the game to dine on it’s decaying carcass.
        Yet still others may be true believers and think that we can achieve that Marxist Utopia. Not sure which is worse although in the end it doesn’t really matter.

  12. Here’s a lengthy and detailed analysis of the legal issues of the Chauvin trial, by self-defense attorney (and race realist) Andrew Branca— who watched the entire trial— published prior to the verdict.

    He thoroughly examines all the charges against Chauvin, and all the relevant statutes of MN law, and the evidence that St George likely died due to his own behavior.

    Branca concludes that a correct reading of the law and the circumstances would lead to a verdict of not guilty on all counts; but acknowledges the possibility that something entirely different might happen, which of course it did:

    Imagine what it would be like, to have been a juror on that case, and realize that Chauvin was not guilty; but also realizing that at some point, your identity WOULD come out, and you WOULD have the Black lynch mob after you. Talk about a rock and a hard place….

    Still, the Whites who found him guilty were traitors of the worst sort.

    Ironic: after years of complaining about White lynch mobs, back in the bad old days— it turns out that Blacks make the best lynch mobbers of all!

    And yeah: I’m sure many, many cops are looking for other options; or deciding to bide their time until retirement, while avoiding contact with Blacks as much as possible.

    What also seems likely is that from this point forward, no sensible White person is going to choose to become a cop.

    So what will that mean for the makeup of police forces down the road? All people of color? Salvadoran immigrants might be a good option, prior gang affiliation a point in their favor….

    Bad times a’comin, folks….

    • Bill: “Imagine what it would be like, to have been a juror on that case, and realize that Chauvin was not guilty; but also realizing that at some point, your identity WOULD come out, and you WOULD have the Black lynch mob after you. Talk about a rock and a hard place….

      Still, the Whites who found him guilty were traitors of the worst sort.”

      That last opinion doesn’t jive with your “black lynch mob” bit above it. Words have to make sense, otherwise a person is just saying stuff for the drama of it. “Traitors of the worst sort.” ? ok…

      • Maybe strike a deal with the FBI where they promise to let you join the witness protection program and agree to give you a 24 hour head start before they leak your location.

    • If I were one of the jurors, I would certainly not vote for 2nd-degree murder; that’s brazenly retarded. However, if I had voted ng on all counts, I might as well kiss my life — and perhaps my family — goodbye. I don’t know.

      • By definition, the conviction on a count of premeditated murder is grounds for appeals against a conviction for un-premeditated murder and vice versa.

    • Avoiding POX’s? yes, absolutely. The problem is with your assertion with white cops avoiding blacks as much as possible. Human nature being what it is, those blacks will now begin venturing into areas they wouldn’t normally go to try and see what they can get away with.
      It’s simply part of their nature and depending where they go and what they try to get away with, they may find themselves on the short end of the stick. However, once an incident happens that get’s amplified, well, we’ll see what happens then. Until then, “Moscow Rules” everyone!

  13. If you are in an unpleasant situation your two best options are:
    1. Neutralize your opponent OR
    2 Walk away.

    If you try to negotiate or talk sense into the other person it just gives people time to get their phones out and record everything. Don’t say a word. Get it done quickly or leave, fast.

    I suspect cops will start doing the same.

    • From John Farnam’s Quips 4/19:

      “When in public:

      1) Be pleasant, polite, courteous, boring, invisible. Have a “normal,” but low-profile, appearance

      2) Take care of business quickly. Keep conversations short. Get to the point promptly. Don’t dawdle, dither.

      3) Stay in motion.

      4) Remain alert. Keep looking around.

      5) Go armed. Pistol(s), blades, OC discretely concealed. Heavy weapons, out of sight but always nearby

      6) Drive conservatively.

      7) Stay away from unsafe places, people, circumstances. When you must go there, get in and out quickly.

      8) Disengage and separate quickly from people who want to talk with you, but that you don’t know.

      9) Be always ready to react decisively to danger

      >When in private:

      1) Lock doors behind you!

      2) Pull-down window shades.

      3) Stay armed.

      4) Keep personal details off social media

      5) Stay current with local, world events

      6) Shred/delete/erase discarded documents containing names, addresses, account numbers, other private information

      7) Part company with unstable, injudicious, volatile friends and acquaintances

      8) Keep phone conversations short

      >Don’ts, while in public:

      1) Become voluntarily involved in other peoples’ business

      2) Answer questions from people you don’t know. Politely dismiss them.

      3) Be loud, argumentative, confrontational, disrespectful, accusatory, rude

      4) Use vulgar language. Racial epithets are to be particularly avoided.

      5) Display confrontational body-language

      6) Ride in cars displaying political or religious bumper stickers, decals, custom license plates

      7) Ride in junky cars with trashy interiors.

      8) Use your car’s horn for any other reason other than to prevent collisions

      9) Appear personally disheveled, dirty, unkempt

      10) Appear disorganized, confused, lost, distracted, aimless

      11) Wear flashy/expensive jewelry, watches.

      >Don’ts while in private:

      1) Don’t open the door to visitors you were not expecting

      2) Don’t answer phone calls from numbers/people you don’t recognize.

      3) Don’t respond in any way to spam email, conventional junk mail, text messages, phone messages. Just delete/erase/shred and forget!

      We’re living in extremely dangerous times, and many won’t live through it!

      Take reasonable precautions (see above)

      Many among the unprepared/clueless will be injured and/or die for stupid reasons.

      Don’t be one of them!”

  14. I would imagine there are a lot of white police officers rethinking their future career and whether or not it’s worth remaining in any police department.

    Frankly I don’t know why anyone would want to be a police officer in the US. They are, by the very nature of their work, required to deal with the lowest degenerates of society and disrespected by the people they serve on all levels.

    It’s not Mayberry anymore and Andy Griffith isn’t Sheriff.

    • I wouldn’t underestimate the power of white guilt. I had a conversation with a white cop at the grocery store in december. I managed to say “they give you guys a hard time for ‘over-sentencing’ certain groups for marijuana, but I know those are plea bargains from much more violent crimes because the judge wants the city to appear safe.” He agreed. He mentioned judges keep dropping gun charges down to marijuana charges, but a few minutes later he complained that white people in the suburbs are racist because they have no black friends. Fucking retard.

      • Every white guy has that one black friend who likes to grill. And therefore believes that all black people are grillers just like him.

        Used to be the same deal here, some Punjabi would like hockey and all the conservative white guys loved that. Of course now they basically outnumber us and most are actually not hockey loving white guys inside (imagine my shock) but it’s too late.

        • Used to be the same deal here, some Punjabi would like hockey and all the conservative white guys loved that.

          And that is the White man’s Achilles heel. Always looking for a way to approve.

  15. Makes one wonder what gliberal jew & whiggers are “thinking” when they want to screw over the whigger piglice that are the only thang that keeps them from being robbed, raped, then eaten while still alive by Muh Dikkk X3XXX and Tyrone LeRoi Jenkins wanting “whigger” the original white meat.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

        • he got 3 votes in the 2020 missouri gubernatorial race

          as much as he is a nut… that’s 3 more votes than anybody else on this blog have gotten… can anybody else here say they have run for office?

          • White people shouldn’t be a hated minority in their own country. This simple idea for some strange reason attracts malcontents who, if they aren’t actual government agents, will get your entire team WACOed because of their indiscretion and lack of sense.

  16. “…sensible white people are waking up to the terrible reality of America. The system…is now as irrational and deranged as those people celebrating in the streets…”

    All people who value the benefits of civilization, liberty and justice need to wake up very quickly. However, we should realize that the oligarchy is not “irrational”, is highly organized, and is rapidly advancing toward a totalitarian world government. Until we “know the enemy”, including the key players and their tactics, we will continue to lose the battle.

  17. Zman, your comparison to a blood feud is very apt. However, if one views all of recent American history as a racial blood feud, it is worthwhile considering how such feuds have ended historically. From a brief search, all I come up with are three possible solutions.

    1. The most recent (and arguably weakest) response is to form a committee of village elders to come to a compromise. They’re attempting this in Egypt. I see no evidence it’s working. White civil society and civil rights laws were, in themselves, the equivalent of trying to reach a civil compromise. They’ve failed.

    2. You marry the opposite tribe and create blood ties. This has also been tried (and is being heavily pushed) with miscegenation. Until and unless it’s society-wide (and those who think there won’t be mandates against Whites marrying and reproducing with other Whites are in for a surprise) you merely create alienated individuals who don’t fit in with either side. So this ‘solution’ still means the end of the White race.

    3. You kill all the other tribe. No comment needed.

    In all seriousness, do you or any other readers know of any other historical solution? Because I don’t see it.

    • We live in an unprecedented modern age in which technological change is occurring at warp speed, so history may not be a particularly useful guide; i.e. there has been life on Earth for a billion years, but civilization has only been around for a few millennia and the last century has really been an exercise in hyper-speed change.

      That said, there is a parallel model from biology that could be adapted to help solve this problem. Antibodies. Look it up and think outside the box.

      • The geography and logistics of separation not to mention the constitutionality, is hard to overcome but it is the best solution at least short to medium term. Like 3g4me’s points 1 and 2, it may be kicking the can down the road or a slower route to defeat though. The hard truth is, genocide not only ‘works’, it is perfectly Darwinian. But both ways. Humans are a terrifying beast.

        • I doubt we’ll be allowed to separate, so something more violent is more likely than not in the cards. Besides, there is some serious retribution that needs to be meted out to many in the power centers that have foisted this degeneracy on our land mass.

    • “White civil society and civil rights laws were, in themselves, the equivalent of trying to reach a civil compromise. They’ve failed.”

      A good way of seeing civil rights.

    • Brazil.

      It’s not so much a solution as a prediction.

      Just get used to having armed guards everywhere in the nice parts of town, along with 10 foot brick fences topped with razor wire and cameras.

      • The difference between the US and Brazil is the ruling elite in Brazil doesn’t seem to want to prevent people from protecting themselves. Ours wants the white people to suffer. The couple in St. Louis who tried to protect themselves by waving guns and were prosecuted is a foreshadowing of what will happen to all of us if we don’t let Tyrone or antifa have their way when they show up at our door .

    • He’s not white, and he’s an Obama / DNC shill

      He’s in on it. You think you can be nominated for supreme court and then become AG without being a true believer?

      He’s just putting on the new face that white presenting men put on these days. It’s one of grave concern, and uncertainty. You see CEOs, football coaches, etc. do this.

  18. The last vestige of the rule of law died yesterday. Welcome now to the Democratic People’s Republic of the United States of America; one nation, without any god, utterly divided; with liberty and justice for none. We have a city/county election coming up May 1st. The polling place is only a mile from my house but I see no reason to bother casting a vote. San Antonio is a Democrat stronghold so my vote.would be meaningless. I already know how the races will come out. Can you spell “clean sweep” boys and girls?

  19. Well the Liberian solution is not looking so unreasonable now is it?
    Poor ole Abe really screwed up.
    Should have let the south go.
    We have no place to run now.
    Get real with our identity here or find our own Liberia.

  20. ” America is not the land of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and the other Founders. It is not the land of Abraham Lincoln.”

    No, it’s not. The Founders weren’t deities. They had their own personal aspirations. George Washington, who would have been outraged at Asset Forfeiture laws, did this: Lincoln could have purchased every slave in the country and sent them back to Africa or Ireland or Barbados but he preferred that 600,000 men as young as 14 die an early death and half the country laid waste to preserve his precious union. Note also that the Founders never bothered to put the revolution to a popular vote in an age of burgeoning democracy.

  21. By “martyr” you mean Chauvin of course, but it’s more than ever apparent that in their own minds, this case gave the meta-Christians, as I call them (having abandoned the faith, their minds still run in Christian patterns) their dream: finally getting their hands on the hated Romans (the po-po) who killed their savior (St. George). Remember how that Jesuit immediately twitted a picture of St. George alongside Jesus on the cross? Imagine some Evangelical getting his hands on Pontius Pilate and you can grasp the mind of the Wokester.

  22. A very timely post for me:
    The big thing rattling around the empty space of my head for the past while has been

    “What do I know and how do I know it?”
    and its spiritual brother
    “What do I believe and why do I believe it?”

    For the first, I’ve been going back to original sources as much as possible in, for example, the covid scam there are huge gulfs between the CDC and what the media says they say.
    And the list of topics is endless.
    We live in an Empire of lies.

    The Civ-Nats final solution to the Three Witches problem will be (urged on by their Jewish Jockey’s) “Vote Harder.

  23. “You can be sure the conservative talk show hosts were popping champagne last night”

    I remember Jay Leno being the only conservative happy about Slick Willie Clinton getting reelected. He was honest about it; knew his place in society as a comedian and was comfortable with the fact; but today’s grifters are not so honest.

    • Not sure I agree that Jay Leno was all that conservative, but I will agree he was an honest broker wrt his trade—comedy. He went for the laugh regardless of political affiliation. He was he last of his kind. What followed were not only Leftist ideologues, they were not even funny.

  24. “Those who have opened their eyes and see what is happening have to avoid being bitter about it.”

    I’m certainly not bitter. How could I be? This verdict was a foregone conclusion. And it confirms what I’ve been saying for the past several months–we are in a post-political reality where voting is a fatuity and the Power Structure’s machinations and instantiations of evil (such as the Chauvin martyrdom) are largely irrelevant. We now dwell in an environment that is nakedly ideological and paramilitary. We need not convince the Grillers to vote based upon specific issues; we must convince them that voting legitimates the people who hate them, that the ideology of AINO is anti-white fascism, and that the only hope for whites on this landmass is separation from the rotting carcass of what was once America. We must inculcate in these people a pro-white ideology.

    • “We must inculcate in these people a pro-white ideology.”

      Distillation and Simplicity. These are the gifts granted to me this past year. I have found myself posting less these past few months. Arguing nuance of a proposed future homeland, purity spirals, and articulating rational arguments to underpin Our Cause have become uninteresting to me. Plugging away at Albion’s seed or sorting out the infighting between scions of White Identitarianism smacks of self-actualizing delay and stagnation.

      We were warned. If we accepted the other tribes’ appeals to Our better nature and lifted our foot from their necks, they would leap to our throats. This has come to pass.

      Y’all argue the finer points of Our Cause. I’ve come to realize it’s a waste of time… but I understand that it is in our people’s nature to agonize over reason and righteousness.

      For me it has become quite simple. Reach out and guide Our youth. Help those of us that need help and are salvageable. Identify traitors (and they are legion) and harm them subtlety. Sew dissent and confusion among them. Make myself as self-sufficient as I can; the first rule of being a rescuer is to not need rescuing yourself. Discard thoughts of the strategic in favor of the tactical. Search for allies in all places and don’t worry about what percentage their 23 And Me says they are European (I have more in common with a robust Texano than I do with the squealing blue-haired harridan from the East Village). Do the best I can to steer my monies away from the Jews (that comment will snag the filters on this site for a bit). Be as compassionate toward Ours that are asleep as I am unforgiving of Our traitors. Never doubt the righteousness of Our Cause.

      Thats a lot of words, I know, for someone talking about distillation and simplicity… but its sum total is quite easy to grok.

      Chauvin probably made poor decisions and was maybe even a poor excuse for a policeman. The verdict isn’t about that, it is about the howling and baying hordes burning a White man to ashes. Therefore I accept his martyrdom in its entirety. He can enter the pantheon of saints (past and future) of Our People sacrificed for their skin and heritage. Simplicity.

      To you my Brothers and Sisters, do what you want… y’all are adults. But do something. Help your people where you can. Harden your hearts, bodies and wallets. Damage those that would destroy us in every way, great and small, as you are able to safely do. Be stealthy, clever, and circumspect. Act as if any misstep can bring your demise, because it sure as shit can. So step carefully but do put one foot in front of the other and “step it out” as we’d say in the army.

      I will continue to read the comments here when time allows (I’ve come to love some of the minds I’ve encountered here). But please think about what you can be DOING and not just thinking about for Our People. Keep hope and faith alive in your breast. You are not alone and your race is worth your efforts.

      God bless and keep you.

        • Yes, teach—teach everyone. But teach, don’t grouse! Teaching is hard. In this fight, you can’t simply lecture. You must painstakingly create dissonance to allow the individual to overcome a lifetime of White “virtue” inculcation—rule of law, fairness, equality, equity, and the like—and come to the realization of the existential nature of the struggle we find ourselves in.

    • Being pro-white is simply a matter of practicality.

      That’s what normies need to realize..

  25. Blacks and their sympathizers are entirely correct: the White police are “brutal” to Blacks, even if nearly always they are breaking a law, or at least under suspicion. I agree this should stop. However there are daunting legal obstacles to this. Decades of statistics show that Blacks have crime, especially violent crime, rates at least six, and in some categories, ten times that of Whites. There is much enmity between our races; why deny it? It is as Thomas Jefferson said in a famous quote, that we are two peoples that cannot live under the same set of laws. Since you can’t have one country with two sets of laws, at least not with any integrity, the only solution will be two separate countries. Let the Blacks do unto themselves as they wish, and stay the hell away from us.

    In unrelated news, Power Line reports that Dr. Richard Dawkins, famous biochemist or godless atheist (take your pick), is the latest casualty of being “cancelled” because of statements that offended someone. So bye, bye his 1996 Humanism prize.

    • If white cops were as “brutal” to Hutu hoodlums as they deserve, what passes for America would be a much better place.

    • If a Black responds appropriately to a cop, the behavior will be returned. I have seen few instances where this precept has not proven true. The problem is that Blacks are trained to interpret any and all White behavior/interaction with them as racist in some fashion—undeserved, and certainly not how other Whites would be treated in a similar situation. In short, Blacks accept *no* responsibility for their condition in society and their go-to scapegoats are Whites, but in a pinch, any other race will do.

      • If Floyd had not gone berserk in the squad car he may or may not have been alive but because HE decided to go ape, the fine state of Minnesota decided to also throw away the life of Chauvin. The frustration I feel at this sh*tshow is the embers of naive civnat idealism been torn out.

  26. “In a sensible society, this trial never would have occurred, because George Floyd would never have existed.”

    Perfect precise statement. I had to read that multiple times, it’s all the collective madness in a nutshell. Coming of age during the late 90s, and seeing the predictive programming back then, the Maury and Jerry Springer degeneracy, the MTV groid glorifications, the COPS worshiping, I was in a constant battle with my inner voice telling me this will not end well. I said it’s not that bad…it’s just “mindless entertainment”…but deep down I knew those chickens were coming home to roost, and here we are.

    “Most of those people celebrating know nothing about the law, policing, crime, or the people involved in the incident. They just know Chauvin is white.”

    And this sentence is the perfect summarization of all that “programming” being completely successful, and why America as we knew it is never coming back.

    • The polarization by race and other traits is only going to accelerate. I’m a few decades older than you, one of the last of the Boomers. It’s really a disappointment how much this country has deteriorated in your time (thirty years) or mine (40-50 years.) I don’t see how things can do anything but continue to get worse. Likely, I fear, we are going to tribalize. Perhaps that is the normal state of affairs for man, very long term. Prosperous, relatively peaceful countries seem to be the exception rather than the rule in world history. I guess we’ll have the BadWhite tribe, the GoodWhites, etc. While I don’t count any among my few friends, the few Blacks (or other minorities) that I’d truly pity are the small fraction that actually live by successful values of civilization; dare I say it, they “act White”? In a real breakdown, it is the Talented Tenth that will suffer especially much: they will be hated by their own kind, the stupider, barbaric of their race, for being “oreos” or in any case, not being with the stone age culture program. They will be rightly looked upon with suspicion by others not of their race, because they will look like the trouble-makers. Ideally we would just a person by the “content of their character,” but increasingly, survival will dictate judging by skin color or other traits. It may be “prejudice” or “racist” but it’s also amply supported by experience 🙁

      • Tribalism is the natural state of man. Even homogeneous nation states are merely tribes writ large. Race is tribe writ larger. This ought not be viewed as some sort of civilizational setback, but a return to the natural order.

        Save your sympathy for the brutalized Whites. The talented of other races are always held up as more virtuous or more capable than they are precisely because they are so rare. And like anyone else, they have their own interests at heart, and those of their children. Decent or not, making any policy based on outliers is choosing to fail. Without a White society for them to miscegenate into and succeed in, they will be forced to work solely with their own people and succeed on their own merits.

        • Amen. The black community would be better off to some degree if its Clarence Thomas’s, Walter Williams’s, Thomas Sowells, hell, it’s Tommy Sotomoyers, were confined to its turf.

          • Absolutely, but the first thing that happens when a Black “outlier” like those cited become of age is they “get out of Dodge”. Who can blame them—even Blacks don’t want to live around Blacks.

        • Agreed. Typical boomer to say he feels bad for the top 10% of blacks, while white men make up the majority of suicides, homeless, drug overdoses, and unemployed. The few smart blacks are worshipped and paraded around as an example that ‘blacks are smart and safe guys!’ “Just look at niel de grass tyson! All they need is more welfare, less policing, reparations, and affirmative action and they’ll all be smart like Don Lemon guys!”

          • Good dig on the Boomers!

            I thought I’d add: you raise a valid point, that I will state from a slightly different viewpoint. People in general are shaped by their experiences. Those of us who worked or lived with Blacks, hopefully not in our neighborhoods 🙂 but perhaps at work or especially, the military, most likely have a distorted image of Reality! Why? Simple: selection bias. For example, unless your career was on a Georgia chain gang, anyone around you had to meet certain levels of professional certification. The rejects, at least the real rotten apples, were weeded out.
            In other words, you got a unrealistically optimistic sample of other races, or even of your own! You were most likely seeing the better (perhaps the much better, even exceptional) fraction of Blacks or other minorities, in your workplace..

      • I don’t fear tribalism at all, I welcome it.

        And I don’t care anymore about those few good blacks you mention, than they care about me.

  27. The people celebrating have no idea what they’re celebrating. I see mindless zombies cheering on instagram. They think it’s an attack on white america, or white men in particular.

    The funny thing is that most whites seem to support the conviction. It’s really strange to see white people screaming about tearing down white supremacy. They have never met one of the evil white supremacists yet are certain that they’re everywhere.

    I guess they’re attacking people like me. I’m such a tiny minority though. Most white liberals have never met somebody like me. Anyways, the end result is bad. Because biological differences between race are real, and will ALWAYS result in different outcomes between racial groups, the only solution to vanquish the phantom white supremacy is to wipe ALL of us off the face of the planet.

    • Oh, don’t worry about that — you’ll meet plenty of them soon enough. Ham-handed repression always creates more of the thing it’s trying to eliminate, and given the double-digit IQs, dubious sanity, and assorted other handicaps (like advanced dementia) of the people running the repression, how can they not royally screw it up?

      Every time a Normie experiences the full impact of the Zeroth Amendment, a “white nationalist” gets his wings.*

      *I think it was Sailer who coined it, and I’m sure all of you know it, but just in case: The Zeroth Amendment to the US Constitution is “No Black shall be arrested unless he really, really feels like being arrested.”

      • The Zeroth Amendment is merely a codicil to the Book of Social Justice, which argues that Hutus are above all of society’s rules, regulations and laws. Social justice, in turn, is simply the societal application of disparate impact theory. Laws, after all, affect negroes more than all other peoples because negroes are incapable of obeying laws.

        • All is not lost. Remember that Black homicide rate is at least six times ours. The vast majority of crime is intra-racial. But they do unto one another far more than any other race. Of course, there are some innocent victims, but equivalently, there are many victims completely deserving of what they get. All else being equal, guilty blacks receive vigilante justice from their own kind six times more often than White-only mob justice.

          I emphatically concur that Blacks are utterly incapable of living by anything resembling White European standards. In an optimal (not to say ideal) world, they and we would have our completely separate lands, where we could live by our laws and they by theirs. You’d think they would like this option: no more having to adhere to Whitey’s laws, or being hassled by The Man.

          Alas, we must live in the real world. Imperfect though it may be, those who wish for true separation get a wish in part: the vast majority of Black violent deaths are at the hands of other Blacks.

      • Sev, there’s nothing in the Lefts way. There is no right wing, there is no White wing.

        There’s zero opposition, bitching is not opposition.

        We can do the Tango now, hell its all over this page .

        I honestly think half the DR are Feds here to convince the rest that anyone who suggests common sense self defense is a Fed. It certainly works, whether it’s deliberate or simply cowards self policing.

        It is just possible and only just possible the Left will push an organization like the military or some sheriff too far, but then this comment page will fill up with denunciations.
        As will the GOP, FOX etc.

        One must judge only by results, and the results of all the Right including DR are nothing; nothing but urges to do nothing, convince Normies , and send money. Thats the Right. All RW results are captured and neutered opposition.

        That is the price of cowardice.

      • I don’t fear tribalism at all, I welcome it.

        And I don’t care anymore about those few good blacks you mention, than they care about me.

    • “It’s really strange to see white people screaming about tearing down white supremacy.”
      They want to tear it down while living in their Whitey White White gated communities where hate has no home…… and neither do Black people.

  28. Let’s see. From the Executive Communications group at a Fortune 500 company, headquartered in a deep red state:

    “While the verdict is encouraging, we know there’s more to be done and that other barriers to racial equality still exist. As such, we are paying attention to the various voting law changes happening across the United States…”

    A lot of white guys are thinking about this now.

    • Your (and B125’s comment directly above) are worth commenting upon. I’m just stating the obvious, but it bears repeating. Many of us believe that real and persistent differences exist between the races. The most relevant we discuss here are intelligence, poor self-control and the resultant increased crimine, and ability to play sports 🙂

      Of couse the Establishment would rather die than admit such differences exist (and they may get their wish!) However, since all, or almost all, of those darn statistics seem to completely support the racial differences hypothesis, what does this imply for any refofrm efforts?

      Quite simple: they are all doomed to fail, likely making matters even worse. Exhibit A: Public education. Exhibit B (in progress): the “reforms” of our criminal justice system. Changing voting laws won’t really do anything — you can’t make a corrupt system much more rotten than it already is.

      • Precisely. If inherent differences among the races are imagined/commanded to *not* exist, then the obvious racial discrepancies noted daily must be subscribed to nefarious undertakings by evil persons—in this case Whites. Since a goodly portion of Whites themselves are needed (at this point) to promote and maintain this illusion, they content themselves with describing the evil as “White Supremacists”. This sop allows them to keep the “useful idiot” Whites in the fold while awaiting their turn to enter the “showers” (right after us).

      • In latin america, the military police and private security with ak 47s protect the tourist areas. I feel that will be impossible in the US, because white liberals and the media would be calling it racist. But you can see that white liberals and the media do NOT care about kids in cages anymore. So maybe we’d be better off infiltrating the democratic party. White liberals and the media have no problem with warmongering, kids in cages, or a police state in washington, as long as a democrat calls the shots.

    • If any white guys haven’t comprehended what public-private Deep State is doing to Georgia over its sovereign voting laws then there’s really nothing left to be said. They are headsick and there is no cure.

      • Hey, don’t worry about those voting laws: Georgia will be just fine being run by Atlanta. Look how great Illinois has been doing now that Chicago and Cook County run everything.

    • The group of “black executives” who slammed the Georgia election integrity act in the NYT a few weeks ago is led by Kenneth Chenault (AmEx), Kenneth Frazier (Merck), Richard Parsons (TimeWarner), and Roger Ferguson (TIAA). All are members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Chenault is a CFR director. Ferguson is a member of the Trilateral Commission. Parsons is a trustee at the Rockefeller Foundation. Connect the dots…

  29. “The challenge is to give their martyrdom meaning so that one day, there are no more martyrs to our cause”.
    There was already a martyr on deck prior to Chauvin being called out on strikes. Rittenhouse coming to bat in November.

  30. Coming of age in the 70s, the seeds of corruption were already there, for those with eyes to see. There were so few good men and so many demagogic policies, even then, that voting for purported conservatives was merely a failsafe, the pick of a bad litter. I’ve been a cynic, ostensibly, a silent dissident for many years, having been raised to expect little of politicians, and even less from the government [this includes most cops]. The consecration of the magic negro was the straw that broke this camel’s back and opened his mouth. Yet this verdict, not unexpected, leaves me strangely indifferent. On the one hand, had the jury hung, or, unlikelier still, pronounced innocence, the subsequent summer of rioting and impotent responses might have precipitated the kind of sea changes we’ll now have to continue to take in dribs and drabs as, one-by-one, more whites cross the divide. On the other hand, it is easy to imagine Norm in his easy chair agreeing with the Pretender’s comment, “I hope they return the ‘right’ verdict,” and going along with the tide.
    Until, “what ya’ gonna do when then come for you,” becomes reality for the unthinking mass of whites, it’s only gonna get worse. It is unfortunate, but exciting nonetheless, to live in these times. Living, as most do, in the moment, this feels like bizzaro world; yet in the grand scheme of things, these times are preparatory to changes that must come as inevitably as the tide washes in, erasing the sand castles boomers so laboriously built during the summer of our content.
    Far from being bitter, igne natura renovatur integra. To borrow a phrase from our newly appointed saints, burn, baby burn!

    • It’s not over yet. Sentencing comes next. Smallish riots already occurring. Look for anything less than full penalty as an excuse to escalate.

      • They were rioting while the trial was underway. Or was that for the police woman who shot the latest protected species? It’s hard to keep track these days. Aw, what the hell, just have a riot, CNN will send somebody down to cover it.

  31. “There is nothing better for the conservative grift than losing, which is why they have been making sure to lose for generations.”

    Another great one-liner. The most concise and accurate description of the conservative movement that I’ve ever seen. The late Sam Francis would approve.

    • Fox News exemplifies this. Lately, they’ve featured a sea of based black men to tell their geriatric audience how “the democrats are the real racists.” It’s Diamond and Silk x1000. I’m sure any moment now the democrats will get the message to drop identity politics and embrace the “legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King jr.” Republicans will be back in no time and probably take the White House in 2024 with 70% of the black vote. Lol. Conservatives are born losers.

  32. The big cuckservative cope I’ve heard thus far has been that the jury was “intimidated” by the mobs outside of the courtroom and the ravings of Maxine Waters and Joe Biden. They just cannot accept the fact that the system is stacked against us.

    • This is probably true. I’d also bet the whites on the jury were thrilled by the chance to strike a blow for justice.

      • Literally minutes after verdict announced I had the wife check the FB page of one of her old college classmates, a true SJW.
        Predictably, “black lives matter, thank you jury,” was her commentary. These people have no freaking clue.

      • Hey Zman
        A few lawyers chimed in on AoS on the three verdicts. They are there so that if any of them are overturned the others will still exist.

        I know, it’s silly. I thought the same as you when I heard it.

        I enjoy lurking at your blog and have started listening to your podcasts. Keep up the good work!!!

        • A very scummy thing we do in our courts now is offer the jury a menu of options. The state does not have to prove the elements of any of the charges, just establish that the accused should be punished. The jury is left to figure out the formalities. In this case, the state assumed the jury would pick one. Instead, out of fear or loathing, they picked them all. The result being a rather weird contradiction.

          • I’m just a thick, aging boomer, but can any of the lawyers here explain to me how (and I mean the legal justification) one act, the “killing” of George Floyd can result in three separate charges of killing a human being?

            As an aside, the Twin Cities I (and my parents, too) grew up in was a wonderful place- all gone now.

          • Yes. The now nearly universal practice of charging “lesser included” crimes is an affront to justice that prosecutors use to coerce plea bargains by overcharging defendants. Prosecutors often are fully aware that they can’t prove the elements of the most severe charges, but they bring them anyway as a hammer to pound the defendant into copping a plea.

          • I was on such a case, but all the indictments were non-contradictory. The final sentencing was for the highest indictment, the rest were, as the judge put it “lessor includeds”, of which there was no added penalties as would be double jeopardy of a sort.

          • “A very scummy thing we do in our courts now is offer the jury a menu of options”

            Yes and this opens the way for ‘legal’ persecutions because, of the myriad thousands of federal and state laws, we have ALL violated some of them. This of course makes lawfare, ie perverting the legal system to go after dissidents or outcasts, far easier.

            As for possible remedies, one could imagine constitutional amendments (fat chance in the current climate though) demanding that no person be charged with ‘mutually exclusive charges’ but not only would that undermine the jury system but, it misses an important point which is sort of a correlary to the dictum that politics is downstream from culture which is downstream from biology, which is that you cannot compesate for cultural decay with legislation. Our culture is rotting away and that is our core problem.

        • I love women. They should not be on juries nor should they vote. If you think this is too reactionary I could point you to a number of different sources, from history to ‘pick up arts’ (which is EMPIRICAL psychology w applications far beyond human mating habits) but let me just mention one; John Glubb’s The Fate of Empires. Women in public life IS a symptom that the end is nigh for a civilizaton. Probably not directly b/c of the women but b/c it means men are too weak and too concerned with being nice and not right.

      • thezman: I don’t think there’s a need look deeply for juror motivations. Fact is, many of today’s jurors are simply too ignorant or too foreign to understand the law, and how jurors are instructed to interpret the evidence.

    • The system stacked against went all the way to the beginning of this trial, the picking of the jurors.

    • Agree it’s a cope. Equally, had I been on the jury, I’d be afraid of being doxxed — and I understand the names were released — and having my house burned down and family hurt or worse. In response, the massed ranks of the media would declare I deserved it because I was a racist and the perps would never be prosecuted, far less convicted.

      I’ve no doubt the Woke and the colorful people on the jury are primarily responsible, but never discount fear in human decision making.

      • If there be any justice in the world, I wish that there would be a mass exodus of police from formerly liveable cities such as Minne-ape-olis. Rather than defund the police, I say the police should say to hell it with all, leave town, perhaps work in a rural area instead, and let the Democrat city authorities administer Woke justice as they see fit. Clearly, the cops are an enemy, so why should they remain around? I can understand the pay and benefits, especially the need to stay on the job if nearing retirement, but these guys are just Chauvins-in-waiting. Can’t they understand that? At least, if they have any brains, they’ll stay in the donut shop or the cruiser, drinking their coffee and eating the second Bavarian Cream, if a call about a feral Negro comes across the radio.

        • Ben, many have addressed this same point. I don’t pretend to understand the mindset of the cop and I don’t believe they’re on the side of Whites in general. But how they cannot see that any of them will be sacrificed with equal alacrity upon policing a black body, I cannot understand. Mindset of a bully? Someone so accustomed to being the arm of the state he thinks it cannot happen to him? Who knows. As Zman has written, however, those who still refuse to see must be written off as choosing to be state enforcers of Jim Snow.

  33. If you are a white cop, there are two possible actions: 1) Quit, or 2) Stop trying to arrest black people. Once they see the perpetrator is black, they should politely ask him to get in the squad car. If he refuses, they should let him get away. If they see a black person committing a traffic violation, they should look the other way.

    I am getting to a point where I will no longer feel bad for white cops who get railroaded. If they stay in the job, they now know the risk they are taking.

    • This is where I am. They have all been warned. My sympathy will now be directed to white people who deserve it.

      • Ferguson was in 2014. Since then, the pattern has been pretty clear. White cops have been warned and have had time to get out.

        Sure, maybe some cops were a few years from retirement. Fine, but Ferguson was seven years ago, and white cops have seen several examples of what could happen to them.

        I realize that there aren’t a lot of opportunities for a lot white guys out there, so being a cop might seem like a decent job. Ok, but at least join a police force in a super white area. Why join the Baltimore or DC police? Even in the Twin Cities, you could join the police department of a white suburb in the Mpls police.

        White cops – especially white cops in heavily black areas – are just asking for it now.

        • Yeah, just look at what happened in Columbus OH yesterday afternoon. Looks like a pleasant enough neighborhood but how quickly the storm clouds gathered. Unreal that there are that many adults not working at that hour of the day and available to take pictures on their phones when there’s a ruckus — even a guy standing out of range of the cop’s pistol with his hands raised in a “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” posture.

        • Exactly. I can’t believe Chauvin didn’t have the awareness to consider the optics of him keeping his knee on St Floyd a second longer than absolutely necessary, when he knew he was being recorded. I say this purely from the veiwpoint of CYA on his part.

      • This is true. There are more than enough whites to concentrate on who didn’t have a union paid defense team. Too many cops have been cocky about getting to stay in some lake house while the union gets their jobs back. Notice to white cops…the union firewall has been breached. Your future is in your hands. And just wait until they change the liability laws that currently shield them (as they’re attempting to do) to clean these guys out personally because Shanequa’s hair braid lost its beads when she was arrested.

    • This latest shooting in Columbus is interesting in this regard. Bodycam footage makes it obvious that the black girl who got shot was literally in the act of plunging a knife in to the belly of this other black girl, with whom she was fighting in one of those typical black group rumbles.

      But my first thought was, “Why would anyone care?” What difference does it make if this one stabs that one? Why bother to break up a big black fight in a neighborhood? And then, “Why would anyone care if some black was passing fake $20s to some Korean?”

      Cops have to be thinking this way, yeah?

      • In Chicago, cops have already been looking the other way when confronted with gang violence…For example, two cops notoriously drove away rather than confront a gang beating another teenager to death with a baseball bat…

        • The Irish boys here have but three career paths. Dad buys them a bar. Municipal worker and ward money-collector then politician. Cop for twenty and out.

          I only see Irish twenty-and-out’s working as CPD cops anymore. No other white ethnicities — policing here is for females, shemales and minorities — which is why Putzker relies so heavily on the national guard. We just lost Second City Cop; we’re screwed.

      • No doubt. I think we will see a lot more instances of police not responding or deliberately ignoring violence in black neighborhoods. It will be the only way white cops can survive at this time.

        That said, I agree why should anyone care what these savages do to each other. They clearly think it’s normal to settle scores this way, And I say let the savages do so.

      • As a rational White, or at least one who so fancies himself most of the time, I am confused by how Blacks react to such examples of “police brutality.” I chalk a lot of it up to deliberate manipulation, especially these past few years (Antifa, BLM, and other groups.) Statistically, about 40% of police shootings are of Blacks (pre-2020 stats, so likely higher now). Virtually all of those are justified use of force — except, of course, to easily manipulated Blacks. I mean, just look at some of the “martyrs” that BLM championed. Usually, but not always, the suspect was resisting arrest, disregarding police orders, or actively brandishing a gun or other weapon. The recently disclosed case of Chicago cops shooting a 13-year old Mexican boy is an example. It sparked protests, but are the police really to blame? Why isn’t anybody asking what a 13-year-old boy is doing with a handgun at 3 AM on the streets? The point of this long rant is simple: I expect rational thought/behavior and I am foolish to so expect! We are seeing mass psychosis, delusional behavior, and it may only get worse.

      • Last summer saw the development of several “autonomous zones” in places like Seattle. These were often comical efforts and many of us enjoyed the memes about them (from a safe distance). In all seriousness though, we may not be far from formal acknowledgement of the fact that the most heavily black areas are not governable and that policing in these areas can only be done under and entirely black structure. Essentially, we will have our own Bantustans, in other words.

        Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go to the hardware store and buy a shovel so I can dig up George Wallace and apologize to him.

        • Wallace had a better understanding of the negro than the entire faculty of Harvard.

      • Really… the best sequence of events that could have occurred in the Columbus incident is that the shooting victim should have been allowed to plunge the knife into the other black girl multiple times… killing her. Then after that the cop opens up on the shooting victim and takes her out as well. Two “problems” solved and a good possibility that the cop doesn’t even get charged.

    • The purpose of the police isn’t to protect me from the bad guys but to protect the bad guys from me and my friends with a rope. Team Blue is allowed to engage in violence which means the system’s monopoly on violence isn’t a monopoly anymore and it’s every man for himself.

      Justice is important enough to humans to be included in the Four Virtues of Plato.

    • White cops are now going to be giving blacks a pass on everything. They’ll just sit in the donut shop counting the days to retirement and let the blacks run wild.

      But if a white man dares to defend himself, his property, his family or his neighborhood against a sacred Negro, the cops will be there in an instant and he will get Pentlanded.

    • I am 100% with you. No freaking WAY I would use any level of force beyond (polite, respectful) voice to apprehend a jogger suspect seeing as how anything more is likely to land me behind bars – IF NOT SIX FEET UNDER!!😯😮

    • You’re quite right, but the implications of what you say are frightening. What you are saying is that the nuggras must be allowed to do exactly as they please. And we know dam’ well what happens to whites who attempt to defend themselves against nuggras doing as they please…

  34. I hope more of those nursing home videos come out showing old whites being thrown around like rag dolls by porch monkeys. People, especially these soft old out of touch whites, need to see themselves in a vulnerable position while being attacked in some chimp-out that they can do nothing about. The constant drumbeat needs to be “It can happen to you.”

    • Which is why I don’t eat at restaurants where blacks prepare, touch, or serve my food.

      • If it’s not black, it’s illegal mestizos or indians/bangladeshis.

        I gave up on eating out. Cook my own stuff and it’s alot healthier. And I’m not funding my own dispossession.

        • I agree: every restaurant gets its ingredients from the same supplier and it’s the same rancid low-grade cooking oil they deep fry everything in.

          I live on the coast, and around here weirdly enough the restaurants that cater to surfers tend to have healthier food: good quality, easy to digest. Lots of beans and rice. Lean meat, chicken, and pork. Not too much sugar or salt.

  35. Z is right. It stinks, but every movement needs martyrs. Whites need to see other Whites badly mistreated. It’s the only thing that wakes them up.

    It’s why in a guerilla war, you purposely hit the other side in ways that will provoke them into brutalizing the local population. You need to bring the war to the people’s doorstep.

    Martyrs – especially martyrs that look like normal Whites such as Pentland – show Whites the reality of their situation.

  36. The defense should have used every strike it had to keep as many blacks off the jury as possible. They didn’t appear to do that as the jury had six of them. Half the jury was in the bag out of the gate. Chauvin would have been better off with a bench trial. If your own defense team doesn’t know demographic reality in a big city, you’re F-ckd. This also goes with choosing the county in which you live and work. You’re choosing your future potential jury pool.

    • The Judge, while not perfect, was the best we could have hoped for.
      He probably would have found Chauvin guilty of the one or two more minor ones.

      We wouldn’t have a martyr then though. As sad as it is he got railroaded, he helped his people.

      • A sitting Judge should be but is not immune to:
        Being doxxed. Being hounded by the Woke mob. Being physically assaulted/murdered (it has happened). Etc.

        Even short a mob reaction, most current Judges have career aspirations: appointment to a higher Judgeship, to serve in prestigious positions public or private, etc.

        My point: our impartial judiciary is anything but.

        Sadly, I think the rope and the nearest tree or lamp post will be a frequent thing in our continent’s (note I didn’t say “nation’s”) future.

    • “The defense should have used every strike it had to keep as many blacks off the jury as possible.”

      I didn’t follow the case, but the defense may have done this as much as they could get away with (which is not very much). They’re not allowed to use even peremptory strikes based on race.

      Even assuming that the jury pool wasn’t manipulated to be extra black (not a safe assumption), the available jurors are those who weren’t smart enough to figure out how to get out of jury duty. In other words, you would likely get a disproportionate number of blacks.

      • You don’t say you’re using your strike based on race. You say “she works at Target, and we just don’t want a Target employee on this jury. We have our reasons.”

      • The law of averages works on both a negative and positive level. Every open seat you get on a jury from getting rid of a black starts from a fresh combination of potential jurors. You wanted the white janitor/handyman at the public school, and you didn’t get him..because his seat was occupied by Shequana, BLM activist.

        • “Every open seat you get on a jury from getting rid of a black starts from a fresh combination of potential jurors.”

          Not exactly. You’re working your way down a list so you know who’s up next. You also have a limited number of peremptory challenges. It can be better to let a less than ideal juror pass so that you save a peremptory challenge for an even worse juror.

          • Wrong. The less than ideal juror IS the one who looks in the mirror and sees the same race/ethnicity as the supposed victim. This trumps everything. Some liberal white woman yoga instructor will just go with the crowd.

      • Yup If I’m ever caught eating the neighbor’s liver I’m going to insist they find a jury of widely read erudite native English speakers with an excellent knowledge of English Common Law.

        I demand a jury of my peers.

    • Good point! But defense lawyers seem to reflexively go for jury trials despite the fact that juries don’t acquit any more…It’s practically a cult…

      • True. On the other hand, your chances of having a verdict overturned on appeal and thereby getting a new trial and another chance at acquittal are much better following a jury trial.

      • I’ve been in a courtroom where the defense waived their right to trial by jury over an emotional charge.

        In hindsight, placing the decision in the hands of the judge was precisely the right thing to do.

  37. Even if you’re currently tied to a specific region of the country, as most are, you can usually still choose your county. The choice of the county in which you live will be increasingly important. The politics. The demographic makeup. We concentrate on D.C. when thinking about politics, but your interface with the law, if it happens, will likely be on the local level. There are certain counties, a lot of them, that should be out of the question for any thoughtful white person.

    • I don’t know that more whites on the jury would have done Chauvin any good. A lot of those BLM mostly-peaceful-protests have been surprisingly cracker.

      White guilt remains a powerful motivator.

      • Especially in Minnesota. Upper Midwestern whites are the worst of the worst. Them, and West Coast whites.

  38. I know we don’t really do “real world action” around here — this being the Dissident Right and all — but since this is all about precious, precious “opsec” I think it’ll fly: If you’re White, from now on be sure to obey all laws to the best of your ability, especially traffic laws. Since the cops quite reasonably won’t be confronting the folks who commit the vast majority of actual crime, they’ll have to justify their paychecks somehow. Obey all speed limits, come to a full three second stop at stop signs, etc — especially since felony writeups look so much sexier than traffic tickets, so they’ll be looking to jam you up bigtime whenever possible. Hell, they’ll probably start enforcing those stupid mask mandates with extreme prejudice now. What else are they gonna do, go after murderers and burglars and rapists? Anarcho-tyranny for the win.

    [Also, be on the lookout for Scandi-cucks fleeing the chaos they’ve created. If you see a Minnesotan, beat him — he’ll know the reason why].

    • And avoid blacks and other POC. I avoid or cut short short any interaction with blacks – and I don’t it in an obvious way.

      The truth is that they need us. They all need us. And we don’t need a thing from them; indeed, our world is dramatically better without POC and White liberals.

      • Sorry, meant to say that “I do it in an obvious way.”

        I want blacks to know that I want nothing to do with them. Separation. I won’t be friendly. I won’t chit chat. Blacks don’t get to have power over me and still be my buddy.

        Same goes for our friends with little hats. The time for friendly debate is over. You’re a little hat and I’m not. We’re not friends. Your people are trying to destroy and me and my people. Even if you as an individual aren’t on board with the plan, the team that you support is. Unless you’re openly working against that plan, don’t try to be my friend.

        • for every (( )) on that side there is a one Baptist, two Methodists, and three Episcopalians.

          • That’s like saying there are white criminals too when someone mentions the high crime rate of blacks. Don’t play that game.

            Baptists, Methodists and Episcopalians don’t run the banks, the media, the government and academia.

            I get that there are white traitors, but they’re not the head of the snake. Never forget that.

          • Baptists, Methodists and Episcopalians are the way they are now because they lost control over “banks, the media, the government and academia.” If you let people who hate your race’s very existence seize the control nodes of your civilization especially the manufacture of perception management products through which your culture is transmitted and perpetuated, then you can expect to vanish from the pages of time.

      • “Without POC and white liberals”

        It’s important to note that there’s a “chain of command” – well really a chain of dependency. When blacks need help they run to white shitlibs. Most of the latter though are rather useless people themselves and run to white conservatives to get practical work done. This applies to everything from handyman work to engineering and computer programming.

        Don’t be that guy. If you must be that guy, well, when you hear that whiny, sniveling uptalk from that guy you know who drives a BLM’ed Volvo, just make sure to charge him 3X what you would a fellow based white. It’s important to get shitlibs to understand that if they side with POC, they alone get to bear the burdens of them and will ultimately be forced to live with (and under) them. Do everything you can to isolate and hobble them.

      • “The truth is that they need us. They all need us. And we don’t need a thing ”

        This is the core issue: their continual need for access to Whites and their works.
        It is the reason why secession and the establishment of Honkiestan (I’d call it Albion myself) will be so difficult.

      • Another good one is to play dumb when some narcissistic minority is blabbing at you about their “culture” or religion or whatever. And then just replying “oh” or “ok” and then walking away.

        This moron was telling me all about Sikhs once and i said i didn’t know what that is and walked away.

        I’m highly cultured and knowledgeable about the planet but i don’t care for these parasites trying to shoveit in my face. i would be happy going to punjab at learning more about the religion, but i sure as hell don’t want to live with them every day.

    • Sev;
      So, if you’re right, and you well might be, the alternative will be to become really, really good friends with your landscaper. He knows people who are ruthless, armed, (semi) organized and have little love for the usual perps. They might protect you too for a price.

      Nature abhors a vacuum: People can’t and won’t live with chaos and anarchy. So if the cops keep vigilante action off the table, then rule by cartel it is. Unfortunately.

      Nobody expects the Sinaloa.

      • I was literally thinking about how to go about setting up a protection racket just the other day. Of course, the easiest ones are where the people are buying protection from you, but there should be a market for genuine vigilante protection. Probably need a focus group…

      • Can verify. The warehouse forklifters, on break here in LA, were watching ‘las noticias’, the news on a Spanish channel, when ‘el Chapo Chauvin’ came on.

        I looked at them, rolled my eyes and said, “so he swallowed his stash”-

        They all grinned and nodded, chuckling, and made sure to bid me a good night. They know which way the weather blows.

        • Yep, my short-term SHTF plan is to buddy-up with the Mexicans in my Commiefornia. They don’t feel threatened by whites… their racial concerns are blacks and now Asians muscling in.

      • There it is. A lot of people here talk about the need for an animating ideology. I don’t have one ready to hand, but I do know this: Every version of the “social contract” anyone has ever heard of ends when the government breaks the contract. Even Hobbes said that a government which can’t or won’t protect its people returns us to the state of nature.

        Hobbes said lots of interesting things about the state of nature, that we should all review.

      • In southern AZ, we already have implicit rule by the Cartel..murder rate is minute and things are very very quiet, with no chimping out…

        • Sounds like the next iteration of Mafia-controlled neighborhoods.

          Anyone who messed around in those areas got a free pair of cement shoes and a free trip to the bottom of the nearest river.

      • Al:

        In my travels to South America, I noticed the overt security measures in middle class on-up neighborhoods.
        8ft minimum, masonry walls, often topped with razor wire or electric wire. Bars in windows & doors.
        Lesser neighborhoods had walls topped with broken glass.
        Fortification is the norm.

        This is all well and good, but there were usually some guards around, too. One end of the street might be blocked off with a checkpoint. Or at least a couple guys hanging out by a car, watching the comings & goings.

        Is this where we are headed?
        The typical suburban home has a good-sized yard, but no fence. (Psychological “moat”) We don’t see any walls just yet.
        Imagine your neighborhood with razor topped walls. Idyllic within, but vibrant outside.

        • Crispin: From what I’ve read, that’s been South Africa’s reality for a few decades now, and yet they still hire black workers who still let in their friends and then rape, torture, and kill their White employers. No barrier will protect you from your own traitorous gullibility. A lot of American Whites will learn this the hard way.

          • I was going to say, I’ve seen street views of better SA neighborhoods and it looks like driving down a tunnel without a top on it.

        • I’ve seen much the same in my travels.

          People can get used to anything.

          In 50 years, no one alive will believe that at one time you could live in a city with your windows open and your doors unlocked.

        • In LA, smaller houses that never previously had fences (there was never any need) now get fences and motorized gates for the driveways. The cars parked in the driveways of these gated, overpriced McMansions are late-model Teslas, BMWs, Audi SUVs and Porches.

        • What you say is accurate. However, in part the tradition of walls and even barred doorways and windows goes way back (centuries), at least to Spain. What we North Americans think of as a “normal” home or community would be amazingly poor security by the viewpoints of Latin nations. Now clearly, razor wire, men with rifles and checkpoints is a more modern touch. But my point is that, to an extent, the wrought iron or its modern equivalents is traditional.

      • Oh, crap, that’s funny. One of the best bits ever by Monty Python: clang noise, then “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”

    • I know its the same old trope, but don’t blast all of us we didn’t all vote or support this. We out in the hinterlands do our best, my local state rep has an idea, and he has support of a good portion of rural Minnesotans, however the libtards here are worse than jilted borderline personality skank girlfriends, and would much rather have their meal ticket dead than lose their host.

      “A Minnesota lawmaker has introduced a bill that would merge over half the state with South Dakota.

      Republican State Representative Jeremy Munson of Lake Crystal has introduced HF-2423 to the state legislature. The bill would lay the groundwork for Minnesota counties to secede from the state and join South Dakota. Munson says he wants to join a state that “respects freedom and liberty.”

      Minnesota becomes more politically polarized every year and the metro politicians have shown us that rural Minnesotans are no longer represented by St. Paul. It’s time to leave.”

      Munson took to Twitter to gain support for the bill, and South Dakota Gov. Kristi retweeted his post saying “we roll out the red carpet for people who love personal responsibility and freedom.”

      We’ve been outgunned, out foxed and outmaneuvered by the Minnesota DFL libtard machine. The Cities and Burbs are a no go zone from here to the foreseeable future, but the hinterlands are still God’s country and a lot of us are proud of our homeland and aren’t of the mindset to flee.

        • I think that characterizing ALL conventional political action as “vote harder” is binary thinking. All political upheavals have a mixture of “parliamentarian/paramilitary” elements and people who float between them. Your Congress-critter might be a cuck and professional loser but there are lots of levels to the power structure. We should work with any of the ones we can while making clear that we don’t accept the civnat “process doctrine” that Z is always making fun of. In other words, we’re not OK with being oppressed or genocided just as long as it’s all done “legally”.

      • The Move Oregon’s Border organization recently had a hearing before the Idaho state legislature, where they received some support.They are trying to join a large portion of Oregon and a part of Northern California with Idaho which would create the third largest state, geographically, in the USA. One day, Idaho may have a Pacific coastline.

        • Years ago, I picked up a Catholic priest wandering in the Nevada desert, late at night.

          He was only wearing a shirt and slacks, out in the middle of nowhere. He had lost his faith. I’ve had any number of interesting conversations with the lost souls I pick up.

          He referred to OR, WA, and ID as ‘the Nazi Nations’- and wondering if he should settle there.

          (Yup, I still use it. Tickled my fancy, it did.)

      • Don’t join SD. Make a new state… Maybe call it Maxisota or something.

        Seems like this would be the logical counter to DC being a state…

  39. “What this means is they thought he intentionally caused the death of George Floyd and unintentionally caused the death of George Floyd.”

    Yes, the whole thing was a farce, starting with the nonsensical charges (if the verdict was nonsensical, so were the charges), no change of venue (not that it necessarily would have made a difference), no sequestration, the masks, etc, all topped off by the absurd verdict — the judge is responsible for nearly all of that, and as you suggest in a normal/rational society all but the the most serious (the ‘intentional’ part I presume) count would be tossed before sentencing — but I do not expect even that to happen.

    • Just like the James Fields case. These unfathomable trials and verdicts are meant for one thing: to declare open season on White males. Who even knows, like Epstein, what will actually happen to these two? It doesn’t matter; it only matters that YT and his predators get the message. We are living under a psychologically brutal regime and ignorance of its machinations is definitely not bliss.

      • Thanks for bringing up Fields; he should not be forgotten — he was also politically persecuted — in particular, the ‘evidence’ of premeditation introduced against him was laughable.

        In this context, several ‘Proud Boys’ members were sentenced to several years in prison for a brief street brawl in NYC with no known victims and no known injuries, i.e. no one came forward demanding they be prosecuted — a bystander sent a video the DA — this happened under Trump.

        • Trump has done nothing but shit on his supporters. And his reaction to the Capitol protest-specifically Ashley Babbitt was/is disgusting.

          Orange Man bad indeed..

    • G. Gordon Liddy, recently deceased, may he rest in peace, back in the 90s on his radio show said something very akin to that about convictions resulting from Waco or Ruby Ridge (can’t recall which.) Whoever the perp was, Liddy’s sardonic comment was basically he was found innocent of some of the charges, and then was found guilty of conspiracy to commit the charges he was found innocent of. 🙂 Moral: they can always get you for something. This is a “feature” not a “bug” of the criminal “justice” system.

      • My understanding is that the Feds can torture and twist things like the interstate commerce clause sufficiently to make any charge stick.

        • Ah, yes. The Commerce Clause, the hardest workin’ section of the Constitution over the last century. No medieval sapper was ever as effective in undermining inconvenient “walls” – prime example, States’ Rights – as that one little bit of verbiage when properly weaponized by feral government boosters, or corporatists (but I repeat myself). A radioactive camel’s nose under the tent. Designed to assure equitable treatment under the law between these “United” States and their citizens, ironically the rights of both States and citizens have been ground to powder through its actual, judicially-sanctioned application. Let’s all give a hearty golf clap for the Majestic Operation of Jurisprudence (operating free of pressure from politicians and monied interests, of course).

  40. The salience of the Chauvin verdict is that we are descending faster, and the speed of this descent is being driven by a vicious cycle. Cops across the US will now become hyper-cautious is every interaction with the public, which means that all real policing will grind down to near zero. Criminals will be largely free to run amok, and that impact will be felt tangibly in all communities except for the gated/guarded compounds of the elites. Firearm sales (already at record levels) will now go through the roof and many people will make it a priority to become armed & trained to defend themselves. Now would be a good time to open a firing range business and offer lessons. If you want to build community, that’s an ideal place to start.

    • An officer pulled a guy over next to my house while my kids were playing outside. He got done and asked if he could give my kids a sticker. While I don’t like cops, I’m not going to be nasty in front of my children towards one being civil to me and have no reasonable reason to think he’s out to get me.

      He gave them the stickers, and I asked what his name was. He muttered something I didn’t catch and said, “I need to get back to the car.” The look from friendliness to fear at the simple question shows the average psyche of officers in this time.

    • Amplification: “hyper-cautious in every interaction with the public” meaning only the minority public. It’s open season on whites.

    • It’s like we’re stuck in this time-warp where everyone forgets what happened last time while making a prediction.
      Cops are not going to change their behavior. Everyone warned that cops would stop interacting with black people after Rodney King and the LA Riots and subsequently when the cops were charged federally. After every new awful miscarriage of justice people make the same prediction (cops or other white people will do X) and then things immediately go back to what they always were.
      If the cops were going do anything differently, Ma’Khia Bryant would be alive right now and whoever it was she was attacking with the knife would either be in the hospital or the morgue.

      That Chauvin was brought up on charges at all was itself a travesty of justice. He should have never even been in that courtroom. He should have been driving around writing tickets and eating donuts. It is only in clownworld where the career criminal high on drugs fighting with the cops is the good guy.

      • You are wrong. If you follow Colin Flaherty’s work, you will see that cops have been kissing black ass for a long time. And they have had zero problem throwing white victims under the wheels to do it..

  41. I can’t imagine what keeps anyone in Policing. Living as I do in a highly diversely enriched mega-city wherein why pipo are a minority, I have had a lot of experience with our black brethren and I can say from experience that yes they definitely do “game the system” to harm white people whenever they can. It seems to be something they learned from being on welfare where they had legal aid services and would constantly use their situation to sue the government as a way of getting money. So, they would/do create truly ridiculous situations and then if the white person involved does anything at all to deviate from the exact letter of the rules, they have legal aid help them to file a lawsuit. This culture is practically universal among poor black people in my experience. If you are interacting with them at all, you are already in grave danger in a variety of ways some of which involve violence and some involve being set up to be attacked socially or legally.

    It should also be noted that the vast majority of the people reacting with glee on tv at the verdit are truly complete morons who really don’t have any abstract thoughts or complex reasoning ability. They are stoned constantly and just running on the emotions of the crowd around them. The white people who think that indulging this mob is good because of past oppression also fail the “veil of ignorance” test, viz. Imagine a social world where you could be put in any role from top to bottom in the hierarchy of your design but you don’t know in advance where you will be put. And now imagine that in the justice system you just created, you were Derek Chauvin. We are all Derek Chauvin in that we are forced to deal with these people and it’s only a matter of time until they put us in a horrifying situation. In short, you have to avoid them as much as possible.

    • Agreed. Luckily I’m already an introvert, but I simply don’t talk with non-whites, outside of work (work talk only) and things like interactions with cashiers, etc. I have never seen anything good come from it.

      • Hell I never speak to a woman unless spoken to unless:
        1. I have business with her OR
        2. she’s a member of my circle OR
        3. She sends a clear, unmistakable signal she wants to talk.

        NOTE: Everyone is entitled to basic courtesies (hello, nice day) until they prove otherwise.

      • At least with Blacks, when one speaks to me, I’m flattered if I can even understand what he be sayin 😀

    • >I can’t imagine what keeps anyone in Policing

      Money: salary and pension — most of these guys are not too bright and wouldn’t earn nearly as much doing something else — plus the benefits are excellent, especially the pension, which is normally available after (only) 20 years of employment (there may also be a minimum age requirement) — the Establishment buys the loyalty of its praetorian guard with money.

      • Ah yes, those ‘pension’ promises that Democrats relentlessly use to ‘buy’ support among public unions that make up much of the over $200 trillion unfunded liabilities that our children’s, children’s, children will never be able to pay?

        • Yes, exactly — do a quick search re the pension liability problem in Chicago and the state of Illinois; it is a shocking scandal, e.g. a large number of retired teachers and school administrators in Chicago (per performance metrics one of the worst public school districts in America, but then many of the students are are black and Hispanic) are getting pensions of greater than $100k/year, and this number is growing.

          • Au contraire Amigo… Joe Biden’s most recent stimulus package included grants to states and municipalities that solved the pension problem in Blue states. The Federal government can and always could just fork over several trillion dollars to make that problem of unfunded state pensions go away. This was the opportune moment to make that happen. It’s basically reparations if you look at who all these fantastic workers in blue cities getting pensions are.

    • Even if you are just a Normie, be on your guard. Last week’s lesson from South Carolina is important. I may have the details wrong, but it’s still a lesson. Mentally ill young black man wandering around white gated community. Local drill Sgt. (father?) takes it upon himself to be a vigilante, abuses and shoves black man. Since this was being videoed, implicitly I’m assuming a bystander, perhaps an accomplice? Black man remanded to mental health care, which means he’ll be released in hours/days, no charges. At least there was no violence worthy of the name. Meanwhile, Mr. Drill Sgt. faces a misdemeanor charge, but almost certain bad repercussions to his military NCO career. Meanwhile, the local BLM/Antifa organs mob his house the next night, breaking windows and causing the Sgt. and his family to flee. I read this all occurred in “gated community.” This means that in both the initial incident, and certainly the following mob, were trespassing on private property. Where were the cops? Why no arrests?

      Lesson: blacks and their enablers will try and entrap you any way they can. Beware.

      • Yup.

        Pentland was doing well in his career with more than a chance to reach the top echelon.

        That’s all over.

        His best career options now are getting a CDL or graveyard shift security at some warehouse.

    • “I can’t imagine what keeps anyone in Policing.”

      There are advantages to being on the inside of a System, especially if it hates you. Having a badge gives you options, privileges, sources and credentials.

      I got myself plugged into FEMA at a low level and it’s been interesting… front-row seat to face-diaper enforcement, then the real scoop on vaxxing. Suffice to say, those pop-up vaxx clinics are calling upon us trained emergency volunteers to monitor people for “adverse reactions” post-jab. It’s not just volunteers checking off a box on an insurance form–it’s us Search And Rescue people and yes, people are getting allergic reactions in significant numbers.

      I wouldn’t have known that without a FEMA membership card.

  42. Outside of police and their families, very few whites will have their eyes opened based on this verdict. Anytime you start to delude yourself that whites will finally wake up just take a moment to ponder Covid.

    Our side is compromised primarily of optimistic people who like to enjoy life. They loved watching Trump dance to YMCA. Getting red pilled over this trial won’t have the same appeal.

    • The fact that we exist proves you are incorrect. As I said, no one was born on this side of the divide. We all made our journey and many arrive every day.

      • Those on this side of the divide who are dissidents can be seen as the early adoptors. We are not ready and neither are most on our side of the divide for the early majority. Lot of things are going to have to happen first that drive reality into our people’s daily lives to a far greater extent than they are now. Most white people have too much to lose to become dissidents. It is still easier and more fun to cling to their illusions. Some day it won’t be

        • Yes, the movement is still young, but we’re growing with every rigged election, kangaroo court and White brutality.

        • I’m kind of coming to accept the idea that in some way I’ll be martyred. Maybe its the job, or something else, but its probably going to happen.

      • You only have to look to the American South. Whites there know the score and are much more race realistic than whites in the lily white enclaves on the coasts.

    • You can’t control what others may do, so lamenting a perception of how others may behave is just whining defeatism. IOW, you have actually become part of the problem because you have allowed despair to immobilize you.

      But you still control yourself, so act now in you own self-interest and stop waiting for someone else to save you. Here are some tangible options to consider. You can become a community organizer and try to build a herd of like-minded people in which to immerse yourself. You can move to a safer & more rural community and improve your robustness for whatever the future may bring. You can develop or hone skills that will help you to survive in a world gone mad. And you can train to fight back against the emerging tyranny, but on your terms & timing, not as sacrificial fodder in a fit of rage.

  43. Wow. On Tucker , Glenn beck is “asking if there are principles that we can share!”

    Guys like him will never give up the grift.

  44. You can’t even call America an oppressive society because an oppressive society has rules. After enough time in Iraq, I got close enough with some of the Iraqi interpreters to just flat out ask them, “Did you like it more under Saddam or under us?” This one terp summed it for the others. “Under Saddam, I go where I want, live how I want, just don’t talk s*** about Saddam.” We don’t have that in America, because the rules keep changing. There’s a difference between keeping quiet to be left alone on the one hand, versus making a concession only to be told you have to make more in order not to be destroyed that day. Alright, even Saddam would occasionally kill some random bigwigs for no reason just to keep people on their toes, but there were rules.

    • This highlights the difference between an authoritarian and a totalitarian state. The United States is the latter, Saddam’s Iraq the former.

      It is easier to thrive in an authoritarian state.

      • I spent over four years living in an authoritarian police state.

        I agree with the Iraqi fellows sentiment.

        The police I dealt with were generally pretty friendly and helpful, and not nearly as militarized as our police.

    • I don’t get the feeling Saddam was that interested in controlling your mind. Wouldn’t that be the difference?

    • Yes, I’ve also spent a few years in Iraq. I was most recently there in 2018 and the sentiment was the same. They said that under Saddam there was one thief in the country, now there are thousands. A girl I knew there in 2005 said under Saddam she could go to a nightclub in Baghdad and walk home alone at 4am without any fear. In 2005 she was essentially under house arrest due to the violence there. Well done Bush and Blair.

  45. Two things pretty much already known, just further solidified:

    1)Guilty till proven innocent (at least if a white male).

    2) Sick joke – common symbol on courthouses and in court rooms of Lady Justice – the blindfolded woman carrying a sword and a set of scales, reprresenting fair and equal administration of the law, without corruption, favor, greed, or prejudice.

  46. Are the “staggering into the sunlight” days not officially over? Pre-CV19 it was a potentially worthwhile exercise to engage sheeple, but the maskerade changed everything. The metamorphosis of teevee-watchers is complete, from sheeple to sheep, and there’s no going back for these folks.

    • Its a good point. I’ve been shocked how many “rebels” tattoos covering their body are masked up to “keep everyone safe”

      I’ll say too, that good ol boys are not there either. I did a lot of fire arms training and they are still chasing Mohamed. It was hilarious to see all these “get bin Ladin “ posters all over their grounds while antifa was running amok.

      ‘Murkah. The greatest country, ah forget it…

        • I’ve thought that it would be fun to make masks with company logos like Valvoline or Penzoil on them as a sort of spoof of what they do at NASCAR. It might add just a bit more Idiocracy flavor to things. Then again, maybe just go for a Brawndo mask. Brawndo – the Coof Mutilator!

      • Raging for the machine is apparently the hippest thing the youth can do now.

  47. Sensible White people are a huge problem. Just a few days ago they were complaining about MTG’s America First Caucus on grounds of sensible race neutrality. Then Maxine Waters tried to incite a race riot and the same sensible people in the Republican Party told the democrats to be sensible and censure her. The dems voted that down almost unanimously. The dems previously stripped MTG of her committee assignments for less than that and tried kicking her out of congress. Our side is weak, always trying to appeal to the conscience of a party that lacks any kind of ethical sensiblity at all. That’s why we lose. We’re like the spouse who keeps trying to make a relationship work when the other partner no longer cares.

    • At a 2A rally I was talking about Democratss as our “mortal enemies” they all denied it. “We just disagree about how to best move this country forward! “

      Sensible people are indeed a problem. We need a man of steel.

    • Change is going to come very slowly, particularly since the ruling class abandoned these people. Fumbling towards finding good leadership is going to take a long time.

  48. I wish I could share your optimism that events like these will redpill centrist and conservative whites.

    However, it’s not what I see. I see them afraid of reality. They seem quietly resigned to the state of things. It’s as if they think they get real quiet, and maybe virtue signal a little more, they can fly under the radar and won’t be one of the evil racist people.

    I’ve mentioned before that alot of whites – even liberal ones – often don’t disagree with what I’m saying regarding demographics, crime, etc. They simply look ashamed and basically say “shh, don’t let them hear”. They don’t want to think about it. Ask somebody “will whites get affirmative action once they are a minority?” and watch their response.

    The future is pretty grim and I could see why white people, particularly older ones, don’t want to admit that they are now strangers in their own country, which used to be the greatest in the world as a kid. Hard to admit that at least 30% of the people in your own country would murder you and feel no remorse, or even be happy about it – just because of your race. Not to mention the violence, discrimination, etc. that their grandkids will face (and at this rate Boomers will face it themselves). It’s alot of denial.

      • Hi-Ya: And even some of the purported race realists will be the first to criticize a White who turns to violence. “What he did was wrong, but . . . ” We have to take our own side first. Period. No justifications or qualifications. In a tribal era you defend your own above all else. Anything else can be settled internally, but you don’t ever give ground by publicly agreeing (with either a PoX or SJW) that what a White did was wrong.

        And the instant condemnation of violence is crippling. If having your children taught to hate themselves and their families and ancestors, knowing you’re a second class citizen and being socially and financially penalized for being White isn’t sufficient grounds for more than mere words or lawfare, what is? Whites are dying at the hands of PoX every day (the latest victim a 1 year old baby If we cannot justify violence in a genocidal war, then we no longer possess the human self preservation instinct or any reason to exist.

        • Most DR whites are not fighty or doer types in the least. Like most conservatives their main strategy is to run away when faced with tough issues.

          You would think by now the DR would have produced pamphlets and pdfs telling normie whites what they are about and how they can help. But no, we have nothing. DR have no concept of recruiting or PR. Classic spergies mentality at play.

          I remember when I posted some possible tactics for DR types – basically screwing with the Good whites though various means and was attacked for it.

          The gun nuts huffed and puffed that I should be putting time in on the range. Yeah like shooting from a bench rest simulates shooting in real life. I was shooting big bore rifles before most were born.

          Others said “it’s juvenile and better to do nothing”. Basically team sloth.

          Then you have the “Stop fedposting” screamers here., These clowns think by playing nice the Feds or their tools won’t come after them. On the contrary they will no matter how docile you are.

          If these layabouts existed during the Revolution we’d still be part of the Crown.

    • We all know that uncomfortable and squirming look from normie-con Whites when you bring up the racial issues. They’re not used to the way we talk around here. You have to stay with it, using the term anti-white often, and reminding them of the coming minority status and what it’ll mean for their kids and grandkids. Even when you think you haven’t reached your normie-con friend because of the troubled look you get, you never know how that seed you planted will grow. It’s about repetition. Eventually the stuff we say here will become normalized among a lot more patriotic Whites.

    • Situations like this trial are a good time to look for “fellow travelers.” If the TV is on at a gathering with friends, in-laws, acquaintances, look for cues and probe as innocently as you can with every one of them (honestly you might have better chances with women these days). Put a signal out, see what you get back.
      I was at the gym this morning. The trial was blasted on every TV.
      I got nothing.

      We’ll see how things develop in the coming days, weeks, months. I don’t have much hope for most normies in my immediate circle. But I am always on the lookout.

  49. Oddly upbeat, and even more oddly, I agree with it. The Dissident Right started to transition from a kooky fringe into a very small but dedicated sociopolitical movement in the aftermath of the OJ verdict, Waco, and Ruby Ridge. Most, even then, clung to the GOP and politics as a viable solution.

    What the stolen election did not accomplish the War on Whites will finish off: the attachment of Heritage America to the United States government is over. I expect direct action from our side also to begin this summer, and the draconian measures against it will serve as an accelerant.

    Also, wouldn’t you like to see actual ratings for cuck radio hosts and related Con, Inc. outlets? I expect them to plunge in contrast to what has happened in the past.

    Finally, quite a few of those White cops, particularly those far from retirement, will be telling their wives they are quitting. The same will be happening with military families.

    Urban streets soon will be far more violent. The Forever War against Russia and East Oceania will continue to be fought but without the support of Heritage America, and as a consequence it will be lost.

    Clingy spouses only divorce after their partner was out. The United States has walked out on Heritage America.

    • White pill a year ago: “We’ll win the election and maybe fix some stuff”
      White pill now: “The streets of any nearby joggerton will run red with their own blood as they kill each other over some sneakers”.

      • “haha silly libs! the joggers will roam around and kill them while eating their avocado toast. vote woke, go broke!

        me? pfft. I live 6 miles outside the city center, and have a gun. what are they gonna do to me?”

        conservatives’ denial is the massive elephant in the room. average hood blacks are capable of organizing almost nothing and wouldn’t even know why Goerge Floyd is. It’s the people above organizing them as the woke militia – and they will be out for every white man’s blood.

      • Paid advertising. You can pay to have Google advertise your links above search terms and in other areas. PraugerU does much the same. They spend gobs of money on Facebook ads to drive traffic to their channel. It’s not entirely organic. Leftists do the same, thus Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah recommended videos. I’m sure NR follows suit.

        They have some good content, but none of it is particularly based. If you take a look at their listed contributors, many seem to do it as a side job or a hobby. Many have appointments at various think tanks and foundations, so they aren’t going to do anything to offense the sensibilities of sensible republicans who pay the bills, guys like Kevin McCarthy, the guy who denounced MTG’s America First Caucus based on “racist dog whistling” only to then immediately get clowned by the democrats as they unanimously voted down a censure resolution against Maxine Waters and her racist rhetoric inciting a riot.

  50. I dunno that “our side” has the answers.

    When we DID have a leader that at least tried to address the issues in a political climate that wouldn’t even permit the issues to be discussed… we undermined him, claimed that it wasn’t enough, and let the bad guys replace him with a vegetable. Now they just made the courts and rule by law irrelevant.

    But don’t be bitter, boys!!! Maybe norm I’ve will finally wake up!!!

    I can’t help it. We need to do better than this. I am not wrestling with bitterness, I am fighting despair.

    • Even in 1952, our lot is the grave. Each of us, our own mortality, not even the mortality of out children or wives, should occupy some time every day our or remaining days or years.

      What will become of us when we die? There are two places, heaven or hell. Thats what I care about and it puts this revolution, just another in a long line of them, into proper perspective!

      Ironically, discovering the correct answers, the Roman Catholic Church, younunderstand whynour Race was so privileged and gifted.

      Because our race and nations were baptized!

    • You can fight despair by imagining a better future and fighting for it. 19th century Zionists came up with the dream of Israel as comfort for whatever imagined troubles they were experiencing. We can’t do the same? This America may be lost, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t another America out there waiting for us. We just have to go out there and create it. That’s what I do.

      Maybe I’m delusional, maybe this is just escapism, but it is comforting to imagine one day having your own country just for your people. I imagine what that place might look like, then imagine if I can make it happen for some future generation.

      Maybe hundreds of years from now somebody in future new America, somewhere out in the world, is looking back on this time right now and thanking those who made his world, one of our people — free and Western — possible.

      Seriously, give it a try. Makes me feel better. Future new America is free of all this madness. It’s a nice place. We’re celebrating White history month starting tomorrow and our 10000th day without a “mostly peaceful” riot or a racist show trial. All the greats of European history have statues that no one ever dares tear down. Leftists don’t exist at all and no one has ever heard of groups like BLM, ADL, or SPLC.

    • When you feel despair, drop and do pushups. Start a lifting routine.

      Then turn your despair into motivation for the future. You simply existing and not giving in mentally to Globohomo is already a great start and they hate to see that.

  51. I had come to the conclusion that Chauvin getting off would be a very good thing for white people; despite my lack of trust for modern policing outfits. I feel bad for the guy anyhow, the whole thing has been the most ridiculous circus although this catastrophic blunder will now trigger a whole new series of events. Perhaps they could work in whites favour? I don’t know. But I am far more angry at the outcome than I expected.

    Z, I sure hope your reasoning is right, and this is one great big push for people in this direction. God bless you and all your readers.

    • Chauvin was not the kind of cop who would necessarily stand up for whites. He had been married to an Asian who promptly divorced him after the incident occurred. If they wanted to throw the savages some red meat, they chose well, ironically.

      • Just to note again, the story I’d heard was that Chauvin told his wife to divorce him and left her everything in the hopes that BigPoz would not loot it all and leave her penniless. This is backed up by the fact that the judge had, at least initially (I haven’t looked back into it), disallowed the divorce.

        • Gag orders and now “disallowed the divorce”?

          Who da fudge are these bozos? King?

          Why didn’t the black robe just order BLM to burn the house down with her inside?

        • ES, yes, I heard that this was the reason, too. Can’t remember where but it was definitely not The Guardian.

        • Evil Sandmich: True, I also read about the reasons for the divorce, but what I am more concerned with would be the reasons for the marriage. Non-White wife and no White children. I agree, Chauvin was not the great White defendant, but you don’t give ground to the PoX on anything for any reason.

          • I have some mixed feelings on this, probably due to some admittedly Jared Taylor-level bias in regards to Asians. If I got in a time machine and hopped 200 years in the future, ideally the northern half of the North American landmass would look like 18th century Poland. If that ideal situation did not come to pass though, I know I would have two radically different reactions to a Not America that is Northeast Asian mutts and a Not America that looks like some hash of the Dominican Republic and Belize.

  52. With the Chauvin “verdict” we are officially in Stalinist territory. Show trials, political prisoners, mob rule… I have been on this side of the divide for a while, but even so, I am shocked by the final collapse of the rule of law that this represents. As Z-Man says, there will many more martyrs before we can climb out of the abyss. A new era has begun — may God defend the right.

    • Look up Pastor James Coates from Alberta, Canada.

      Held in jail for over a month on bogus charges because he was holding church services in contravention of “pandemic rules”. Once he got out, he went right back to the church and continued to hold unmasked, full capacity services. The police then raided the church and put up a fence around it.

      Next Sunday the congregation was outside the fence and tore it down, protesting. 200 heavily armed SWAT cops came and dispersed the crowd. The church is apparently now holding underground meetings.

      This is in the most conservative province btw, with a “conservative” government. The “conservative” health minister approved the raids directly.

      This is just the start. They will do anything to keep the bad people in line. First is physical intimidation by cop – next up is live ammunition / executions (like Babbitt). So yes, the rule of law is dead. I also have less sympathy for Chauvin or any white cop. I’ve seen what side they’re on at the end of the day.

      • “This is just the start.”

        You’re correct. Which is why I lay awake most nights wondering what is worth dying for. I don’t want an enforced vaccine. I don’t want to have my house space partitioned so it can be used to home ‘down and outs’ because some Karen feels their pain. Hell, I don’t even want to mask up- I have had some altercations already. But yes, it’s starting, I’m preaching, and I just pray that when the day comes I’ll start swinging – preferably surrounded by my fellows.

        Credit to that pastor, though. Courage on that lad. That’s impressive. Could you make your way to this locale? I know you’ve mentioned that you’d prefer to stay in the city, but is it something you’d consider? Even if the province is conservative, evidently it’s a good start – there must be some rumbling undercurrents there?

        • Plenty of Christian conservatives in Ontario. The church I attend has been more or less holding full capacity unmasked services non stop for the past year. They’re just alot more quiet (and sneaky) about it.

          I think your strategy of large family + homeschool + like minded community is the best we can do right now. But they’re going to come for that too.

          It’s a good question about what’s worth dying for. Certainly start looking into fake vax passports soon. I don’t think white flight from England is a good idea though. We can’t cede the homeland territory. And after seeing Chauvin, and other cases, if you end up doing something, get the hell away into hiding. If somebody comes to my door to forcibly vax me, if nothing else, there will be one less pig out there enforcing the state’s tyranny.

          • > Plenty of Christian conservatives in Ontario. The church I attend has been more or less holding full capacity unmasked services non stop for the past year.

            You’ll be surprised what you can get away with as long as you do not directly challenge those in power.

            A lesson for our side is not to antagonize unless you have the will and the numbers to win decisively. Make them find you, and make it painful.

        • I feel like vaxports for basic services are a red line.

          I can live without mega concerts and sportsball events pretty easily.

          The grocery store and farmer’s market, not so much.

          • Philadelphia, last week: the Black Information Network, radio 610 AM, was warning listeners that ‘thousands of internet sites have sprung up offering fake vaccination passports.’

            The feds just keep expanding their data collection honeypots, eh?

      • I don’t have any great love for cops as a group. As with any group there are good ‘uns and bad ‘uns. However, I DO have a great affection for the rule of law and the principle of equality before the law. The Chauvin verdict makes a mockery of both. Chauvin may or may not be a nice guy, but he deserves a fair trial, not a grotesque parody of justice. If he can be so obviously railroaded, so can we all. We kinda knew that already, but this proves it — and it is pretty scary.

  53. The conservative and libertarian cope is already moving along.
    Scott Adams says he is content with the verdict and Greg Guttfield
    thinks it is the best thing to happen to avoid riots and destruction.
    Much more to follow I’m sure.

    These big national issues which are just now black pilling many are just
    a culmination of all the small acts of moral and cultural failure committed
    by so called normies everyday. It is a freak show on some level in many homes
    and not just the crazy trannie, druggie dysfunction that we all know about.
    While dealing with that or believing nonsense that yesterday they would have called crazy, the West is being brought into chaos and submission by evil tyrants.

    As our host says, plan accordingly and try to help those worth it along also.

    • David Wright: Excellent point – where we are today represents the culmination of decades of moral and cultural failure. All the normies allowing integration of schools, importation of aliens, legalization of immorality. Some initially tried to protest (always carefully within legal grounds, of course) but when the state persisted, they did NOTHING. And again, today, we are told to do nothing.

      I’m not suggesting starting an insurrection over Chauvin of all people, but Whites have become very comfortable with moral cowardice. It’s an ingrained habit by now, and they train their children in the same manner from birth. Even just thinking in a dissident way is hard, I fully realize. And it’s harder for children – my younger son has trouble living this sort of bifurcated life, knowing he cannot ever discuss his views or what we say at home in public, being unfamiliar with all the normie social trivia because he didn’t see all the movies or the latest thing on social media. Despite all we’ve done to shelter him, he’s still grown up in a multicultural world, and cannot even imagine how different a truly White environment would be. To live without that constant underlying stress and wariness was his birthright and it’s been denied to him.

  54. It’s tough not to be bitter about what’s happening in this (former) country, top to bottom and to see so many of our kind blind to it, willfully or not.
    I was playing golf with a couple of friends yesterday – both originally came from the Midwest (Detroit & Cleveland). We were discussing how those cities, as well as Minneapolis used to be great places to get together for beers and brauts and having a good relaxing time or some such – and what happened?
    Now these guys both had a hell of a lot more exposure to joggers in their lives than I ever had, but I could have told them that joggers (and perhaps their (((enablers))) happened – I didn’t, but am hopeful that a ray of light was brightening.

    • Al fresco dining is definitely going to be a thing of the past.

      Future historians will marvel that patrons used to be able to sit at a nice outside table, enjoying the fresh air and the people walking by, without being under constant threat of being screamed at by a mob and having not just their meals but their lives ruined for not kowtowing fast enough.

      I’m really going to miss that.

      • Every White shitlib sitting outside at their favorite trendy ethnic restaurant deserves what’s coming to them. Zero fks given.

    • That’s the true pain of it all. I have been to the USA only once; but almost everything I saw and read was influenced by her in some way. The histories that I read, the sprawling geography, the tough frontier types (man and woman), the immense variety of distinct white cultures and stereotypes, the pleasant little villages and even the beating heart of mega industry in the cities. From books, from film, from word of mouth, and from my aunt’s ex husband (a Texan), his father, any many more – it truly did seem as though she was the grandest country ever to exist.

      In fact, it is the same, I am sure, absolutely everywhere. In every white country those who have seen the evil will become more and more fixated on their history, their myths… but it shall not come back. And for that I am grateful, I like looking into the past and reminiscing, but what comes next need not be burdened by our past. That of course is always the thing to remember; not to despair and to content yourself at least with a keen, truthful and honest mind.

      Still, it’s a bloody shame though. It really is.

      • It really is tragic. But while the overall demographics have changed, let’s not forget that the *white* people are different too. We have changed, for the worse.

        There is alot of romanticizing about “small town America” (in my case Canada) – all white, nice community, peaceful, high trust, etc. I don’t see that though. You see remnants of it, but small towns are pretty much dead. Lots of old people, and alot of the remaining young folks are trashy, on drugs, or obese. Obsolete economically and politically.

        Cities are full of insane, self hating, virtue signaling lunatics. Young white people are pretty wiggerized. Suburbs are full of under employed, over educated white men living in their parents basement.

        Alot of whites seem to have lost their will to live and exceed. The only place I see sane white people is at church. Maybe it is because we lost our Christian roots, or even any spiritual connection at all. Church attendance keeps declining anyways.

        My point isn’t to blackpill. I’m simply pointing out that you can’t save a people who have no reason to live and don’t care about their own future. Focus on building your own large family, connecting with like minded people. We need to stop romanticizing elements of the past that don’t exist anymore – and that includes the idea that the majority of white people will be on our side. The WuFlu has basically proven that a large majority of white people are simply not ever going to be on our side.

        • “The WuFlu has basically proven that a large majority of white people are simply not ever going to be on our side.”

          No doubt, mate. No doubt at all.

          My boss is off work again today. Reason: bad reaction to shamdemic vaccine. His wife also had a similar reaction the week before. Excluding his wife, he knew three people who had had it… two of them fell ill. What’s wrong with these folk? Not only do they have the suffering of the mentally ill that entails blindly following state propaganda, they now have hastily prepared, experimental goop shoved into their beings. We will have only a limited posse to work with, but may they be strong, may they be confident and hard-working and we might just survive.

          “Focus on building your own large family, connecting with like minded people.”

          Yes. Yes. Yes. If it is worth repeating, it is worth repeating again and again… and again. Your blood must come first, not a promotion A Googlex TechBook Inc.

        • “…maybe it is because we lost our Christian roots…”

          ” I sought for the key to the greatness and genius of America… Not until I went into the churches of America…did I understand the secret of her genius and power… America is great because America is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great. The safeguard of morality is religion, and morality is the best security of law as well as the surest pledge of freedom. ”

          Alexis de Toqueville, “Democracy in America” (1835)

          • Last week I listened to Andrea Bocelli and Alison Krauss sing Amazing Grace on Youtube. It sent shivers down my spine.

            And to think “WAP” was song of the year.

      • While not a precise analogy and certainly under far different circumstances, a friend’s grandfather in the UK, whom I had the pleasure to meet prior to his death, summed up his youth in the Twenties this way: we belonged and were happy. This was almost 40 years ago and has stayed with me.

        We need to belong and find a place and way to do so

        • “… summed up his youth in the Twenties this way: we belonged and were happy.”

          That, I think, is the most powerful, meaningful thing I’ve ever read.

        • The cultural systems that facilitated belonging (of real Americans who DO belong) have been systematically dismantled and destroyed. The white left is a coalition of broken people desperate to have a sense of belonging and purpose.

          This fundamental need is now exploited by a left intelligentsia who used to understand (correctly) that this atomization process was driven by corporate greed and that it (used to) mostly come from the Republican Party.

  55. The sheriff is the most important elected official in your county. If you live in a blue county that perpetually elects liberal sheriffs, your only option is to move. If you are a cop in such a county, bend over and grab your ankles. You may want to have a bar of soap handy.

  56. I thought many people predicted that there were going to be riots of celebration.

    Did these not occur or are they just not being reported?

    • I had my doubts that there were going to any riots regardless. I recall the same noise about the Trayvon trial, but then nothing, within a week or two the mob had moved on to their next McGuffin.

    • No major rioting because the virtual lynching achieved its goal and it’s not an election year.

      • The riots will arrive when the sentencing is announced. Like reparations, no amount of time in prison will be enough.

  57. > That is the nature of liberal democracy. It is always about “who” and “whom” because everything is partisan.

    “Tell me who your enemy is, and I will tell you who you are.” – Carl Schmitt

    • This show trial was a demonstration of Sovereign power right out of the Carl Schmitt playbook. In an emergency, you have zero rights and the Sovereign (now a cabal of Sh*tlibs) dictates the outcome. The ostentatious display of raw power is the whole point. The Chauvin treatment awaits any who dare to resist.


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