Blessed Are The Covidians

Back when the Covid-19 panic started, a clever fellow pointed out that one possible way out of it would be a vaccine that did not work, but with enough effort could convince people it did work. The rulers could claim it is 80% effective at preventing infection and there would be no way to know it was a lie based on medical statistics. The vaccinated who got Covid would just be those for whom the vaccine did not work. If the producer could keep the secret, no one would be the wiser.

The reason for this is simple math. The claims about the infectiousness of this virus were always nonsense. A year of aggressive testing has resulted in about 10% of the public having tested positive. We know that the false positives are very high, but we also know many infected people never get tested. Either they have no idea they have been infected or their symptoms are so mild they ignore it. Like the flu, Covid can be expected to infect around 20% of the public in a year.

If your vaccine is 80% effective, then that 20% is miraculously accurate. A clever ruler could roll out a fake vaccine and claim it is doing as it claims. The gullible media and research community would fall for it completely. Unless someone in on the scam spilled the beans, no one would know. In the age where the media is just the marketing department for the corporate state, whistleblowers are ignored. Given the money involved, a fake vaccine program is not a bad bet.

One problem with this scheme is that Covid quickly went from genuine public health concern to lucrative racket. Billions are being made maintaining the panic. It turns out that reorganizing the economy around lock downs is hard to reverse. Then you have the celebrity Covidians. Guys like Dr. Fauci are never going to let go of this thing as it is making him famous and rich. Of course, Covid is now a stock part of the media, like the weather or the previous night’s sports scores.

Then you have the Covidian problem. The fervent, but mentally unstable, have gravitated to the Covid panic as a new religion. The people who used to carry their groceries in grimy canvas sacks in order to show their love of Gaia are now wearing eight masks when alone in their car. They really care and they really care most about making sure you know how much they care. Take away their masks and they have no way to tell you how much they care.

This has created a perfect storm. The racketeers are pushing the vaccine, but also saying that nothing changes. Once everyone is vaccinated, according to people like Fauci, everyone will still have to wear masks, stand an arbitrary distance from one another, and carry on like the atmosphere is poisonous. This pleases the Covidians no end, who arf like seals at this idea. Millions are rushing off to be vaccinated so they can keep wearing masks and staying home.

Since most of the media has now joined the Church of Covid, they are looking for proof that their plans for your future are science! This story from the New York Times says a member of the unclean caused a pandemic among the faithful, despite the fact they had performed the proper sacraments. They were vaccinated and they were wrapped in layers of shrink wrap. Despite that, the mere presence of an unclean made Covid angry and she took out her wrath on the nursing home.

A reasonable person would look at this and wonder why anyone is bothering to get vaccinated when you still get sick. In fact, many people are wondering why we bothered with the vaccine at all, given that everyone will have to keep pretending this is the zombie apocalypse. We stopped using the iron lung and lumbar punctures once the polio vaccine was created. That is the point of a vaccine. You get vaccinated so you are no longer at high risk of contracting the targeted disease.

Of course, the Covidians are never giving up on this new religion, so their take is that the vaccine only works when the sinners are forced to be vaccinated. Again, it is not science with these people, even though they are fond of telling us how much they trust science, peace be upon her. You see, this miracle of science only works when everyone believes in it. If just one heretic refuses the blessed sacrament of vaccination, the whole community, maybe the whole world, is at risk!

Those with a taste for history cannot help but notice the Puritan notion of communal salvation running through this panic. The idea that a community can be brought low by the presence of a lone sinner has been with us since the beginning. It was the justification for the witch trials. Today it is the justification for the media destroying the lives of people who donate money to the wrong sinner. Soon, the unvaccinated will be forced to wear a scarlet letter-C on their chest.

The Covid panic has revealed the real plague on American society. It is the plague of mentally unstable individuals searching for a purpose to their lives. These are people who would have been religious fanatics in another age. In this age, their disordered minds cause them to seek the order of ideology. Toting around grimy canvas sacks, displaying pronouns on their e-mail signature and wearing eight masks in the car are about the need for structure to give them a sense of order.

Does any of this mean the vaccine is fake? Probably not. The drug companies are craven enough to try it. The media is dumb enough and cynical enough to go along with what they are told, but none of these people are creative enough to think of it. The more likely scenario is the drug makers dummied up their studies knowing the FDA was under pressure to play along. These vaccines are probably not all that effective and probably less effective for the old than the young.

Allowing crazy people to call the shots is never a good idea. Time will tell if it was a good idea to vaccinate the public with a hastily conceived vaccine. It took about five years before the monstrous effects of thalidomide became clear. Five years from now the same people lecturing us about mask wearing could very well be lecturing us about the dangers of allowing untested drugs onto the market. The solution to their current panic will be the cause of their future panic.

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262 thoughts on “Blessed Are The Covidians

  1. Just finished watching the dvd version of the old made for tv movie called “Holocaust”, and at about the halfway mark, right before the Weiss family is taken away to a “family camp” for “resettlement” the main character says in exasperation “they’ve destroyed our businesses, made it impossible for us to make a living, they’ve burned our books, restricted our right to travel, we cannot practice our religion, we cannot send our children to schools, we have to wear identifying markers on our clothing to set us apart, why aren’t we fighting back?” His wife insisted “we are still valuable to them, if we just stay quiet and obedient, surely things will go back to normal, after all, we are no threat to them”. The vast majorities went obediently to their deaths, still believing the lies their captors told them. It was only after a few in the ghetto obtained guns that they realized their captors were in fact vulnerable to defeat and only had as much power as they were willingly given. It’s scary how close to the mark this movie was, especially the vain, cruel and stupid people who managed to rise to positions of power.

  2. As a site coordinator for a mining construction project, the covid policy was updated and passed down yesterday. The mines inspector visited one of the clients nearby sites and witnessed a few workers not wearing their face diaper, apparently one of them more or less flipped him the bird. This incensed the inspector to threaten the company with forced shutdown. The new policy is anyone now witnessed not wearing their diaper will be escorted from site and perma-banned… They skipped double and went right to triple dog dare. As the senior employee on site… Well, you know what my orders are.
    I was immediately struck by the fact that I am participating in a version of the Milgram experiment. I am being asked to remove a man’s ability to provide for his family for… reasons.
    We’ll see how this actually turns out. I have a good relationship with my team, I told them to not trust any strangers and to have an excuse at the ready. They already know that I will never report anyone. 700 workers rotate thru our camp, in spite of a few positive tests, there has been zero sickness over the past 6 months (dispite very low actual compliance), this is the thing that I have pointed out.
    We are being told to not trust our own eyes. I’ve actually had a bit of success with the believers when I point this out…. “where are all the bodies they keep telling us about”, not that they ever mention that nobody is dying from this anymore. They leave that blank in such a way as to have the recipient insert the correct answer.
    It seems to be a death of a thousand lashes, each of the believers are using different core reasons to believe. When they speak to each other, this “diversity of thought” confirms their bias.
    The crazy policy may be enough to prevent any shutdown, we shall see. The way the policy was rolled out, I was not tested for my level of devotion. The problem is that the site controller is a female and is therefore simply horrible wielding power. I don’t know how this will turn out but not caring has its advantages.

    • The UK still has a lock-down with “covid” deaths lower than road traffic fatalities.
      Canada has banned camping.
      Spain passed a law mandating masks while swimming in the ocean.

      Anybody who thinks this is about a disease is mentally diseased

    • The problem is that the site controller is a female

      If she is menopausal/post-menopausal [ergo no longer of any use to the White race], then her remains need to be most gently & thoughtfully & respectfully dumped in the nearest swamp.

      OTOH, if she’s still young & fertile, then she needs the Ang1in treatment: Locked up in a cage and be@ten whilst White bunz are being r@ped into her White 0ven.


      You can’t allow a menopausal/post-menopausal Karen to ruin Our White Brothers’ lives.

      All Karens must go to either the Cage or the Swamp.

      No. Exceptions.

      You MUST act on behalf of Our White Brothers.

      To remain docile [& do nothing] is to be an existential traitor to the White race.

      This is your occasion, my White brother.

      You must rise to it.

      • PS: I would add, “same thing for the m!n!ng !nspect0r”, but of course that would send the g10w n!ggerz to the nearest feder@1 judg3 to get a se@rch w@rrant on our IP @ddresses.

        So I won’t ackshually say, “same thing for the m!n!ng !nspect0r”.

        But this is your occasion.

        You must rise to it.

      • Z REALLY needs a report fed/antifa flag or at least to lock old comment threads.

        They may be just killing time before the gender affirmation surgery… or they may be making these posts late in already dead threads so they can later be used as evidence in some targeted op. It seems a little too stupid and transparent to do the usual honeypot/entrapment thing on anyone here

        Either way this stuff needs to be gone

      • Oh no Johnathan Greenblatt got into the manieschewitz and started doing garbage tier fedposts on z blog again

    • Great post!
      “Allowing crazy people to call the shots is never a good idea.”
      That’s what you tell everyone. It’s a great slap in their face on many levels.
      Every time we speak we should be slapping them.

  3. Random observations, TV is running commercials featuring Willie Nelson singing “All the Familiar Places” or sometimes Billie Holliday and featuring fans in stands, or family reunions. So there is a big push to get people vaccinated so things can open up.

    If the Covidians keep things locked down over the Summer there will be open revolts. Already Florida and Texas have said they will not obey any Biden lockdown orders. And both are angling for high income earners in NYC to move there.

    Second, BLM is now fighting with the Biden Admin, predictably. The BLM people are grifters, they always need a new outrage, so now they want an end to: transfer of military equipment to police departments, no hiring (and firing of all) military veterans, abolishment of policing for blacks and all blacks freed from prison/jail. They are tweeting they suffer more oppression under Biden than Trump. Biden’s people are weak and divided so they will just give in to most/all of these demands causing a LOT of conflict.

    Third the dog that hasn’t barked has started barking. It always puzzled me why the Minneapolis cops did not do stuff over Chauvin, well he was apparently disliked, had no allies/relatives, and the force is mostly non-White anyway. Columbus OH is a different story. I was shocked at the rapid defense of the officer there, the release of the body cam footage, and pushback. Turns out the officer is popular, a former HS wrestler and Air Force security vet, and his FATHER was the Senior trainer of the PD for over twenty years and was honored at some Ohio State football game.

    I’m figuring this will be interesting. It would not shock me to see Benjamin Crump down there suddenly arrested for molesting a (White) 13 year old child prostitute. Or the State Attorney General arrested with over a pound of cocaine in his trunk. Cops have all sorts of ways to make people miserable, if they want to. I’m sure the cops know all the dirty secrets of the Governor, AG, etc. with Columbus being the capitol and favors being traded. Moreover its my impression that the PD there is mostly White guys with a military background. If they allow one of their own to get bounced their next stop is working at Starbucks with some black dude yelling at them with a bullhorn (and some older Jewish lady screaming along). So there is that sense of all in it together.

    What will be interesting to see is what they do when not if the FBI is sent in. Will they arrest FBI agents for using prostitutes? Its possible. The FBI is just a political secret police and the prospect of working at Starbucks the rest of their lives is a great motivator for White PD officers.

    Its like demobilizing Saddam’s army. No thought was given to what those guys would do.

    • ” transfer of military equipment to police departments, no hiring (and firing of all) military veterans”
      These two make sense.

      We don’t need occupying armies.

      • So all a person who raises their right hand, VOLUNTARILY FORFEITS the protections of ALL the first 8 Amendments and serves the republic earns for their service is to be unemployable for life? That’s kinda harsh, don’t you think?

    • Any optimistic post from Whiskey? Who are you and where is the real Whiskey?!

      More seriously for any arrests to matter, it requires a willing prosecutor as the news won’t report on anything that doesn’t suit their narrative or serve their political class. You are correct in that they can hurt the elite but maybe not enough to matter.

      Also its not that hard for the to be rid of a troublesome police force. Fire every one of them and replace them with private security for important people.

      Normally this would never happen as the city would immediately be on fire but our elite are so insane they don’t seem to care at this point.

      Columbus might not be one of those cities and even have a cooperating prosecutor though so you may well be correct.

      What will count in the long game is death squads, L.A. under Darryl Gates was purported to have one and of course other third word countries have them, Left Right and just plain Criminal

      Once that starts though everyone and I mean everyone will want in on that action. The Right is way behind the doxxing and organizing curve but its learnable and the US is awash in weapons. Rumint says that military grade weapons are stating to show up all over the place and that demand is higher than for drugs.

      This would seem nuts but with domestic weed everywhere it may have filled that gap.

  4. Millions of the mask-wearing public don’t ascribe to any of this rigamarole. Being indoctrinated in the qualities of citizenship by the public school system they will wear masks because they’re told to do so, just as they use seat belts when behind the wheel. The voluntary use of both of these things is what the state wants, they want their subjects to simply go along with the program, no enforcement really needed. It would be a simple matter for the state to mandate that manufacturers place a little indicator light on the top of the auto to demonstrate that the driver and passengers are buckled in. But they don’t, they don’t want cops chasing down belt-less motorists, they want them to comply voluntarily. Even though the masks are more visible the same idea applies. A huge portion of the population carries and wears a mask simply because they can’t make a foray into the supermarket for a loaf of bread and some peanut butter without one. Observers can’t know if that person is part of the Covid congregation or a guy that only wants to make a sandwich and finds the entire affair ridiculous. It appears that there is universal compliance but it’s not genuine. Chances are that when one of these absurd directives is planned, consultants from the psychology wing of the bureaucracy are consulted on the best approach to use.

    • Here in Los Angeles, what jumped out at me at the start was how dutiful the illegals and foreigners were about wearing their masks. They can cheat and break laws all day long, but when it came to masks they were strangely obedient and compliant. Even the homeless made a show of it.

      As time winds on, and as certain white people are realizing the idiocy of it, you can see a schism developing that is taking on a socioeconomic and ethnic flavor. Basically goes like this, mask wearing is for the poor and uneducated illegals and foreigners and mask freedom is for the wealthier white natives and typically men. Yet more white privilege I guess. I can’t tell if the brown folk are resentful yet because of it, hiding behind those masks as they do, but I know the Asian Uber drivers and so forth get nasty if you dare free up your face in their car. So not sure if they are resentful of me, but I am resentful of them coming into my country thinking they can boss me around. And maybe that explains the anti-Asian thing we see going on with the blacks. If an Asian uber driver gives me grief, I can only imagine the nastiness expressed toward blacks. Because I know this, at the start the ones resisting the masking the most were white lone wolves life me along with Laquisha and Tavarius, and a casual unspoken kinship sort of grew. They’d see me walking into the 7-11 and think they had license to be extra anti-masking and belligerent about it because I guess I was showing them the lead. Not sure if it’s lasted. Haven’t tested it out lately.

      • You’re right about the foreigners. My explanation is that the governments of the countries from which they come are more obviously oppressive than the US. Defying the authorities in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, China, Japan or Korea can create real personal problems. Their citizens ordinarily do what they’re told.

        • Mexicans don’t care about laws. most of those countries listed are thoroughly corrupt

          the aliens can just tell that masks are a big deal to the people who let them into the country (ie. white liberals). they also don’t want to cause any trouble or else risk being deported. if you were in the country illegally, would you wear your mask or would you go around yelling that you’re mask exempt?

          • The legal system in corrupt countries is much more draconian than the US. It’s the cops there that in large part make it so. Ever been en la carcel in Mexico? It ain’t fun. Nobody wants to go to the joint in China or Korea either. How much did Carlos Ghosn spend to stay out of the Japanese criminal housing complex?

            The differences between those places and the US is that there are many more laws in Yankee land and many of the “immigrants” are guys that are being chased out of their homelands for being habitual criminals there.

          • @nailheadtom – Why remain in bliss ignorance when Google can do the heavy lifting for you? According to reports, Ghosn-san’s scampering off to Lebanon cost him between ~$15 million (mostly for his bail that was nulled when he fled). The actual operational costs to whisk the frog away were reportedly $1-2 million. Seems kind of cheap given the uniqueness of the whole thing. Japan isn’t the typical place people try to escape. Plus that kind of money was what extraction specialists were charging to move people, overland, out of the Soviet Union back in the 1980s (adjusting for inflation, of course). Yes, it’s a real job, and in the post-Cold War mostly involved recovering kidnapped children and persons from shitholes in South America and SE Asia.

      • Much different here in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. I live in an affluent mostly white and Asian suburb. True believers here. People walk around outside, alone, wearing masks. Everyone outside wears masks. I’m pretty much the only one that doesn’t. Very surprising I haven’t gotten a Karen to approach me.

    • “Observers can’t know if that person is part of the Covid congregation or a guy that only wants to make a sandwich and finds the entire affair ridiculous.”

      I make a habit of not putting my mask on until I reach the literal doorstep of the business in question, to prevent any observer from believing I am a voluntary participant, and I rip it off immediately upon leaving. Sometimes I block traffic in the process.

      Very few others do visible pushback like that.

      • Where I volunteer, mask compliance is spotty even by staff. At local veteranarian office today, they had a sign on door saying optional. 😊

      • I’m continually amazed at the idiots who don the rag as soon as they get out of the car (if not within) and wear it dutifully all the way back to load the groceries.

    • Being indoctrinated in the qualities of citizenship by the public school system they will wear masks because they’re told to do so

      Thirty years ago, John Taylor Gatto was screaming B100dy Murd3r about this:

      Gatto asserts the following regarding what school does to children in Dumbing Us Down:

      * It confuses the students. It presents an incoherent ensemble of information that the child needs to memorize to stay in school. Apart from the tests and trials, this programming is similar to the television; it fills almost all the “free” time of children. One sees and hears something, only to forget it again.
      * It teaches them to accept their class affiliation.
      * It makes them indifferent.
      * It makes them emotionally dependent.
      * It makes them intellectually dependent.
      * It teaches them a kind of self-confidence that requires constant confirmation by experts (provisional self-esteem).
      * It makes it clear to them that they cannot hide, because they are always supervised.

      According to Gatto, the purpose of public education can be boiled down to six functions:

      * The adjustive or adaptive function. Schools are designed to establish fixed habits of response to authority.
      * The integrating function. The purpose of this function is to make kids as like as possible.
      * The diagnostic and directive function. Schools determine each student’s proper social role.
      * The differentiating function. Students are trained no more than to meet the standards of determined social role.
      * The selective function. Unadopted students are treated like inferiors in order to prevent their reproduction.
      * The propaedeutic function. Small fraction of selected students is created in order to continue the schooling system.

      Dude was three decades ahead of the hurd.

      A lone voice crying out in the wilderness.

    • I have not worn a mask since Governor Abbot opened Texas up except on a Dr’s visit and even then only in the Dr’s office proper and only because the person at the desk for check-in advised me to mask up or be told to leave. Got a medical condition which REQUIRES monthly treatment or I WILL die – unpleasantly. Otherwise I WILL NOT wear a diaper. I have gone bare faced into multiple businesses where there were signs out front requiring diapers and all the employees were diapers and nobody said “boo” to me. Have only seen a couple of like minded whom I always smile at and ive a thumbs-up to.

      I figure the rank and file have drunk the cool-aide and masks are well and truly the new normal. Lots of touristy stuff to do and see around here. It was depressing last year to see the theme parks, water parks, swimming pools and parks closed despite it being summer in South Texas. Labor Day – i.e. the official start of the summer season – is only a few weeks away and San Antonio’s economy relies majorly on tourists. Guess we’ll see. Something ineffably sad about a – normally full – water park, where people ought to be out in the fresh air and sunshine enjoying themselves, sitting quietly shuttered and empty. Same for Fiesta Texas, Seaworld San Antonio, and all the tourist things down town. Shit load of people out of work.

      {shaking head} “Land of the free and home of the brave.” Says so right here on the label!

    • Wokeness makes east asian women go crazy.

      Plus, all the white guys who pumped and dumped her in her 20s are now marrying and settled down with white girls. The carousel is over and she no longer has a seat at the table.

    • “Mentally ill science writer at the Toronto Star complains about the horror of double-masking 24/7 indoors with the windows open during a snowstorm:”

      And this kind of stuff, ladies and gents, is why The Onion went out of business

  5. Germany is about to implement new Federal regulations. It will be interesting to see if there are any Constitutional legal challenges given the severity of the rules. Basically this means all 16 German States (e.g. Bavaria, Hesse, Saxony, etc.) must all comply and can no longer manage this as at the state level.

    Bundestag Approves National Coronavirus Rules

    Source: … a-57272234

    The law states that if cities or districts exceed a seven-day incidence rate of 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants over three consecutive days, then local authorities must:

    – Restrict personal contacts to one household and one other person, not counting children under 14. Exemptions include meetings of spouses and partners or the exercise of custody and access rights.

    – Implement a 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew with exceptions for walking and jogging alone until midnight, and exceptions for emergencies, professional practice, nursing and care, animal care, or other significant reasons.

    – Ensure nonessential shops only allow customers in with a negative COVID-19 test and an appointment. If the incidence rate exceeds 150, customers can only pick up preordered goods (also known as click & collect).

    – Close in-person teaching at schools if the incidence rate exceeds 165. Exceptions for graduating classes and special schools are possible.

    – Limit funerals to 30 mourners.

    The law would be in effect until June 30, with any further changes requiring parliamentary approval.

    • The only thing that surprises me in all of what you posted is that I didn’t know there were 16 German states.

    • I guess a state could bypass by not testing anyone. On the other hand, there are karens everywhere and of all nationalities, so the plan would undoubtedly get ratted out.

    • You boys better find yourselves a new Hitler. The old cat lady hag is driving your Benz into a ditch. What we need is a fuckin Ghengis Kahn, we’re jew owned, jew run, jew brainwashed, zombies, everywhere I look.

    • What about those who test positive but are asymptomatic? Are they permanently excluded from public spaces? Are they to be the 21st Century’s lepers? And we thought we had it bad over here! Recon Biden-Harris will try that? And how many states will push back. Our states are far more autonomous than the BRD equivalents. And German civil.rights are explicitly conferred by their constitution and can be revoked by legislative action!

    • “Escape from [all major urban areas]”

      ‘You are the Duke of Atlanta, you are A-number one!’

    • BTW, one of the people happy: “Cecilia Gentili, founder of Transgender Equity Consulting, lauded the new policy.”

      There’s a picture of him. It’s everything you imagine it would be.

      I feel as if I’m living in the film Brazil.

    • Rule by a Lee Van Cleef like leader would be a major improvement at this point. I would accept either the “Escape from New York” or “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” version.

      • It’s not Lee Van Cleef, but have you ever seen Lee Marvin as
        “Liberty Valance”?

        An yuge portion of our current dilemma is prophesied in that movie.

        Some chick wrote the story:

        Reading her wiki, my guess is that she never found a man who was sufficiently Alpha for her.

        Poor girl.

        Poor lonely girl.

        The movie is on the very short list of the best films ever made, and arguably the single greatest film period.

        OUTSTANDING performance by Jimmy Stewart as a bugman tormented by his conscience.

    • I didn’t notice at first, but though they’re declining to prosecute prostitutes for selling themselves, they’ll still be prosecuting men who patronize them. So the saintly “sex workers” are immune to legal consequences, but the dirty men who pay for them are still on the hook.

      This comports with my theory of the feminist view on “sex work:” it’s great and empowering as long as no man ever enjoys it in any way. Women are either heroes or victims in the story. Men are always the villains, unless they’re trans, maybe gay (but White gay men are falling out of favor pretty fast).

      I’m not quite sure how this works out economically for the “sex workers,” though.

      Just to be clear, I’m opposed to prostitution on all grounds, but the disparity in enforcement just makes me shake my head.

    • Actually, I have no.particular problem with not prosecuting prostitutes – or any other truly victimless crime. Selling/buying/drugs either so long as it is between consenting adults. “My body; my choice” and all that.

  6. This reminds me of something you mentioned the other day in comments, Z. There are several competing factions among the Covidians, and a lot of the shadows we see on the wall are a result of the infighting. To use my own terminology hopefully to describe what seems to be happening, there is an internecine struggle among the Permanent Health Crisis Complex, the Great Reset Crowd, the totalitarians, and their Puritan foot soldiers. Some of their interests overlap, in fact, some of the factions themselves overlap, but there seems to be different goals for these groups and sometimes those are adverse. It helps to explain why for once the Left is failing horribly at messaging, and the contradictions seems to arise from this competition.

    I’m pretty sure they have lost the public now and probably for good. Whether that matters or not is a separate issue, because for example after it became painfully obvious Trump-Russia was a total hoax, people more or less just shrugged. The propaganda organs literally have nothing to lose at this point because even those who like the affirmation realize most of the crap pumped out is, in fact, crap.

    I don’t have a clue where they want to go, or who wants to go where, but this is not a unified effort with no shared outcome preference.

    • “…I don’t have a clue where they want to go…but this is not a unified effort…”

      Never underestimate your opponent. Most of what is unfolding has been carefully scripted, including the “Event 201” pandemic exercise and the WEF “Future of Work” conference just prior to the real thing. Most of the actors just follow the script, without knowing what the directors have in mind for next season.

      Billionaires Larry Fink (BlackRock), David Rubenstein (CarlyleGrp) and Marc Benioff (Salesforce) are WEF trustees, promoting the “Great Reset”. Rubenstein and Fink are CFR directors. CFR member Benioff owns Time magazine. BlackRock owns $15B in Pfizer shares. The key players on the “Biden team” are CFR members, including the secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense, Commerce, Homeland Security and CIA.

      • JohnSmith: What I find remarkable about the CFR crowd is that they must feel some sense of superiority in belonging to the organization, yet, they most certainly experience all the usual annoyances, miseries, diseases, infirmaties, family problems and lousy marriages as everyone else, and, will most assuredly get old and die, (or have life altering or life ending accident) just like everyone else.

        Thus, what gives? Is hanging out with John Kerry really that much fun?

      • All degenerate filth, of course, and given their Jewishness batshit crazy as well. But, surely, they would realize that individuals would survive–whatever they survived, including people with intimacy with biological weapons far worse than Covid?

        If this is coordinated, which I doubt, it is the most coordinated clusterfuck in human history because Blackrock itself would be history and Fink dead this time next year if he/it coordinated this rapidly unraveling fiasco. I think your general premise likely was the original plan, of sorts, but there never was an agreed goal or end.

        The wheels are coming off.

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  8. The rise of the Covidians has been in concert with the Wokeling zombie horde. The two feed off each other’s energy in a quest for absolute power. To a certain extent the Covidian attack was an example of modern biological warfare that the entire planet was subjected to since it is obviously “public health” being used in the service of Political Power. If Klauswitz’s “war is politcs by other means” this is it.

    But what galls me is that while they all talk about “Justice” we haven’t actually witness a single example of where the Covidian-Wokelings chose mercy or kindness over the assertion of raw political force and coercion. In short, they talk a good game but they are pretty much right on the cusp of calling for the genocidal elimination of the white Western world and there really doesn’t seem to be a single one of their leaders who is pulling them back from the brink. So, excuse me if I don’t see these people as being all lovey-dovey nice.

    Someone or something has to rise up to defeat them. They clearly want to kill us all.

    • This is an ideological / spiritual conflict, and it will have to be won on that battlefield — not the streets, not the courts, not the voting booth. “Our side” has been losing badly on this front for decades, but maybe we can change that…

    • Here’s a crazy ass idea.
      The rules are if you want to enter the “autonomous zone”.
      Don’t go into the autonomous zone.

      • Was going to ask if you knew how to spell “virtue signallkng” but I figure you do.😉😁

        • While I have never gone out of my way to interact with blacks, over the past year I have made a few life changes specifically aimed at minimizing, and hopefully eliminating, vibrant contact. A big part of that was moving out of a big city to the rural Midwest. In the past 5 months, I haven’t had a single conversation or interaction with a black person, and have only seen a handful of those people when making infrequent trips to the medium sized >95% White city a ways up the road.

          I haven’t missed it a bit. It’s refreshing. In my previous neighborhood – Los Angeles area – I had to size up every person on the sidewalk as a potential threat. And the purple haired maskteria was endemic there.

          I feel like I can breathe now.

          Thinking about going to someplace like the Most Holy St. Fentanyl Memorial in Minneapolis is like considering jumping naked into a full dumpster behind a homeless shelter. I don’t need a list of rules from you, blacks – I already have a personal First General Order: “Avoid blacks”.

  9. Here is another example of medications that were later discovered to be detrimental to particular patient populations years and even decades after the medications were marketed and even authorized for over the counter use:

    In 2019 it was reported that there appears to be an increased risk of dementia and the long term use of certain strong anticholinergic drugs. I have pasted the link below.

    No one is suggesting that these drugs not be used even in the population that was found to be at risk. These drugs can be life savers for people with serious diseases. But the point is that the best scientists and doctors did not know any of this risk for years and years and were unable to factor this potential risk into their decision making in patient care.

    So when it comes to the COVID vaccines, what do we not know now that will be apparent two years down the road?

    If the scientists and epidemiologists really wanted to build faith in vaccines, it seems to me that they would be approaching this whole thing in a radically different approach.

    • Pfizer, Merck and the rest have paid billions in fines for fraudulent practices and medical damages over the years. It’s just a minor dent in their balance sheets. The shareholders (including BlackRock, etc) will reap hundreds billions off this government sponsored covid vax project, with *no liability* for any damages.

      • I know someone who works in a blood and organ lab at the project management level. Their company were recently contacted by J&J to do “timely” research on blood-clotting and the recent vaccines. This is a medium sized city, lab so J&J must be scared, and the problem is probably much bigger than what we are being told.

    • Every year “Prescription Drugs Taken as Indicated” appears among the top causes of death.

      • There must be some genetic component. Twins, triplets separated at birth have shown amazing similarities in personality, choices, etc.

      • fluoroquinolones, like Ciprofloxacin, can cause tendon rupture, especially in patients over 60. Usually the Achilles tendon, but any overstressed tendon could rupture.
        Then you’ll have to get surgical repair, and spend a year doing physical therapy.

    • We think we know our situation, but do we really? We are lost in the fog of continuous propaganda, deception, and confusion. If you think we can “do something” about “them”, what would actually be effective and how would we organize it?

      • This is a good point with respect to “lost in the fog.” Propaganda is in an advanced stage right now. Like the Soviets, our elites don’t even care whether or not the majority believe the obvious crap they are producing. If you are wise to the game, you only become more confused and demoralized with each passing year. And if you are stupid enough to believe all the contradictory, hypocritical nonsensical tripe, the more docile and exploitable you’ll be. Its a win-win at this point.

    • Exactly. That’s why I’d like to get together with other dissidents in the real world. Human interaction can and should be a mental salve for this side. I’d also prefer to discuss next steps away from the prying eyes and ears of the cloud.

  10. All of the manifestattions of Covid—the masking, the distancing, to vax or not to vax [that is the question], the unemployment cum concurrent loss in services, the whining, the virtue signaling, the further erosion [if this is even possible] in social capital—all of this makes Covid the latest and most onerous social tax yet imposed. I feel like a modern-day Jacob Marley, entwined with chains, dragging around strongboxes full of hidden social taxes heaped upon me, mostly unwillingly and sometimes unwittingly.
    Can I please have the ghost of America past do a visitation? Not sure if just the one spirit would work, but I already despise the ghost of America present and the specter of the future is too grim to contemplate.

    • Sorry, but, no, the Ghost of America Past will not be doing a visitation. Use the the memories of what America used to be like to fortify your position and secure lines of escape, should that become necessary.

  11. The ruling class is acting no different from a 2 year old. In many ways many people don’t really make pased that age anyway. They will push and push until they find your boundaries. If you don’t have clear boundaries they lose respect for you and really amp up the pushing.

    The most important lesson we should learn from Covid is that it is nearly impossible to push middle class people far enough to get them to rebel. Consequently we are just in the early stages of the Covid craziness

  12. What I’ve been telling people is call me in a few years when this has been properly tested (on you) and I’ll consider. It would be fitting if, five years now CIL (Covid Induced Lupus) clinics pop up everywhere and immunologists are booked three years out. My housekeeper had it and it was nothing. Practically a cold. This era will one day be seen as so crazy it will be beyond belief.

    • There is already research underway in Australia for therapies to, “help with the side effects of the vaccines.”

      You just can’t make this stuff up.

      • I’m from the land down under. Nobody I know wants it. Even medical professionals I’m in contact with. Australia is very skeptical.

    • But there is a method to the madness:

      Alteration through alterity; malfunction through dysfunction; subversion through perversion; destruction through diversity.

      It is the postmodern way. It is the program of the AWRs.

      • If what you said means “the vaxxed won’t listen to my criticisms because they’ve already taken it and fear to believe that it was the wrong, wrong choice” then I co-sign you.

  13. Since it’s Earth Day today (yay Nature!), I’m a bit mixed up about worship priorities.
    Is it Mother Earth (Gaia), Covidians, BLM, LGBTQ, or The Science?

    • The name of the “mother church” is Humanism / Socialism. See the original Humanist Manifesto (1933), it’s all in there:

      “Today man’s larger understanding of the universe, his scientific achievements, and deeper appreciation of brotherhood, have created a situation which requires a new statement of the means and purposes of religion. Such a vital, fearless, and frank religion capable of furnishing adequate *social goals* and personal satisfactions… must be shaped for the needs of this age. To *establish such a religion* is a major necessity of the present… We therefore affirm the following…”

      • Gary North sardonically noted the first example of the brotherhood of man was Cain killing Abel. 😠

      • JohnSmith, if you were in a non-socialist society and there was a legitimate plague rampaging through your society, would you defend people’s rights to abstain from measures to combat the plague?

        Socialism is not the issue. If you agree that a community has a right to compel that individuals take measures to combat the plague then you are in some sense a collectivist.

        You are being distracted by superficial details.

  14. We’re told life won’t go back to normal after the wonder shot performs its miracles— because it doesn’t actually work.

    The J&J vaccine is getting pulled because of ‘only a handful of isolated deaths’ that surely have nothing to do with the shot, but prudence dictates, etc.

    I have coworkers who are nervous about getting the second shot because they know people who took a standing 8 count after getting theirs.

    I’ll wear the scarlet C with pride. Something is rotten in Denmark.

    • At best the vaxes are inert placebos.

      At worst they are some kind of gene therapy that degrades the immune system.

      • I tend to believe they’re mostly the former. As a hedge against the immediate and long-term effects of mRNA “vaccines”, I believe they’re injecting people with a mostly harmless substance. Mind, I still won’t roll the dice on it. As this person described it in his article “18 Reasons Why I Won’t Be Getting A Covid Vaccine”:

        The typical pattern in the studies mentioned above is that the children and the animals produced beautiful antibody responses after being vaccinated.

        The manufacturers thought they hit the jackpot.

        The problem came when the children and animals were exposed to the wild version of the virus.

        When that happened, an unexplained phenomenon called Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) also known as Vaccine Enhanced Disease (VED) occurred where the immune system produced a “cytokine storm” (i.e. overwhelmingly attacked the body), and the children/animals died.

        Here’s the lingering issue…

        The vaccine makers have no data to suggest their rushed vaccines have overcome that problem.

        In other words, never before has any attempt to make a coronavirus vaccine been successful, nor has the gene-therapy technology that is mRNA “vaccines” been safely brought to market, but hey, since they had billions of dollars in government funding, I’m sure they figured that out.

        • In fairness to the vaccine designers, ADE was a well-known risk and given that they have been hundreds of millions vaccinations already would likely have shown as side effect.

    • For supporting documentation, see the vaccine section at the RFK Jr. website A brave guy who has bucked the system. His own kid was damaged by mercury loaded vaccines years ago.

  15. A former coworker of mine died from the Kung Flu late last year. Of course, the local obituary conveniently neglected to mention that he had advanced COPD from years of smoking and that his pulmonary system was already compromised to begin with.

    We wouldn’t have saw nearly as much panic about Covid 19 if it had appeared while Obama was in office.

  16. As far as I can tell, covid has become a reason and excuse not to work

    And I knew this would happen

    Two examples are my maid’s layabout son. He had some gig editing porn videos. That of course didn’t last. So he started collecting unemployment and living with mom. He is almost 50 btw. But now covid is his obsession and hobby. She was telling me how he recently had a job at FedEx but he got really scared because they weren’t following the covid mask rules and procedures. So he had to quit for his own health and safety. But he’s just a lazy bullshitter. Like nationalism was said to be the last bastion of the scoundrel, now we have covid.

    Second is the hotels. I wasn’t aware of this but you get no daily cleaning services at hotels now. Because covid. But the rates don’t go down btw. Now imagine trying to get those people working again. Try to get them to go into rooms to clean again daily. All of them will be claiming they’re scared. And if you fire them they can say it was because of covid and you didn’t care about their safety, and you lose that battle in court and in court of public opinion. Crying Mexican maids everywhere crying about the mean boss, all they want to do is live and be healthy for the children but he wants to stuff them into the furnace of covid. I bet you the unions get in on it. Just like mandatory sick leave, maternity leave, and other benefits there will be some covid thing where everyone gets to avoid certain tasks forever in the name of protecting their health. It may become part of permanent regulations affecting all business. I can see team Biden pushing it and everyone slobbering over him for it..

    • Good observation. Also paves the way for the long planned “universal basic income”for the soon-to-be-surplus masses. The peasants won’t be travelling anyway, and the Davos crowd can take their personal maids with them.

      • Yeah, UBI will be there just like social security and the 401(k).

        Be a hero, save the world, and take the shot!

      • JohnSmith: We already have universal basic income. We make as much as we can, the government takes away as much as they want, and what’s left is just enough for the basics. And there you have it. Universal basic income.

    • “nationalism … the last bastion of the scoundrel”

      That is just propaganda. (the original quote said “patriotism”, but it’s still stupid)

      • Whatever the case, the larger point is that a scumbag person can start spouting off the moral platitudes and performing the rituals and this way you can’t criticize him for having been a p.o.s. up until then. And now he’s got his gullible co-believers surrounding him and protecting him. And if you say something then you become the bad guy.

        Oldest trick in the book for a criminal trying to lose his scent.

        In this case, “Nationalism” is just the accepted expression to convey what otherwise takes a paragraph instead of a simple phrase. So there we go, you Huns making things needlessly complicated and causing others to expend otherwise valuable energy. You should be ashamed of yourself ! A man needs all the energy he can get in these days of covid !

    • “Second is the hotels. I wasn’t aware of this but you get no daily cleaning services at hotels now. Because covid. But the rates don’t go down btw.”
      I learned this the hard way a few weeks back. Room service? Nope. Weight room? Closed. Sauna? Closed. Price? Stable. They’re cutting money any way they can now.

      • Yeah for all these places they finally got an excuse to provide the bad service and support that they always dreamed of dolling out.

      • Learned the hard way too

        Was in New Orleans for 4 days and kept wondering why the room wasn’t clean lol

      • I was familiar with the local hotel that took the king’s shilling to house the homeless. After getting vetted by the local hospital, the State paid the hotel to put them up for weeks. As the money dried up and the bums began being released, I watched the disaster-restoration people handle the room-cleanings in their wake.

        Was never sure if that was because the maids were on Coof-strike or because the homeless did that much damage.

        While they were all supposed to be verified-clean, a couple times they arrived in ambulances with paramedics in full rabbit suits to roll them and their oxygen tanks into the room. Was never sure about that, either… I didn’t want to believe that they were seeding the plague in my very backyard like Cuomo did to the nursing homes, but the local infection rates never spiked so my video footage never got posted online.

        You bet I was watching them like a hawk.

    • Please do not take the name of the Layabout in vain 🙂

      Agreed that COVID is being exploited for all it’s worth by dubious factions, and they are legion. Here in my relatively podunk area of East Butt Plug™ FL, I have seen at least two restaurants that can’t get staff, presumably due to the generous incentives to not work. In my social circle, one friend, probably in his late 60s or early 70s and many years retired, was offered and accepted a full-time position, although he may have done it out of financial need.

      • Ha ha

        I knew that would get you !!!

        I was thinking should I or shouldn’t I say that word

    • I am in the construction/light industry sector. We cannot hire staff right now and are running on skeleton crews. Our median age is 50. Mostly white demographically. Young people dont want to work when they can stay home and play video games on Uncle Suckers dime. Covid will most certainly usher in UBI and an existence akin to American Indian reservation life for many.

  17. At this point just waiting for the CDC to put out guidelines on how to apply lamb’s blood on our front doors…

  18. I keep noticing at work how the atheist white liberals idolize foreign religions/cultures. They’re all so excited to learn about Ramadan! And our Muslim coworkers are happy to explain. They clamour to learn more about Sikhs. And the food! My goodness, without the Indian genius of throwing curry powder into their stew we might be eating rocks.

    COVID, Mother Gaia, George Floyd, trannies, Critical Race Theory are just more manifestations of this white liberal depression and emptiness. They need God, and are desperately looking for some purpose, and a group to fit in with. This desire comes out in mostly secular, wacky, and destructive ways.

    It would be so simple for them to just shut up about Ramadan and go to church, like their ancestors did for 1,500 years. Stop obsessing about some extra chili powder and make some meatloaf and gravy for the church potluck. But yet they have an outgroup preference and will not join their own side. So they wander through life lost and miserable.

    If somebody is miserable and doesn’t want to change, that’s fine with me. The problem is that they can’t just let normal people live normal and happy lives. Hence we get BLM riots, muslim refugees, kids turned into trannies, etc. They want to die, but instead of doing it quick they want to destroy our society too.

    • very cogent and completely accurate. they have a blind hate for their own. In the anti-smoking wars of the 80’s , I noticed that people who never smoked were mild in their opinion , but former smokers who had quit were absolutely rabid. It think it is also so with the rejectors of faith. Maybe it’s the men of my generations fault for not marrying them and giving them a family when they were young.

      • The seeds of the culture war were sown long before we were born, and the harvest is near. From Margaret Sanger to Gloria Steinem to Caitlyn Jenner to…what next?

      • My theory of what’s wrong with the world now goes like this: we made smoking off-limits and instead are eating ourselves to death. It took quite a while. I remember smoking in my room in college, mid-60s. You had to wash out your ashtray at least once a week when a classmate would dash through for a room check. I quit smoking when my husband got out of the Navy in ’71, as cheap cigs were no longer available. I don’t remember knowing any really obese people back then. Some guys were out of shape, but not grossly overweight like you see today. Women’s clothing did not permit sloppiness, i. e. miniskirts and fitted blouses. The scourge of bulimia/anorexia had not really taken hold yet. What started up in earnest were all the fast food joints ’cause Mom’s working, no time to make dinner and so on. But don’t you dare light up a cigarette and have a cup of coffee at the counter at Woolworth’s! Have a doughnut instead.

        Strolling thru Walmart is a real trip these days: huge females with camisole tops revealing lavish tattoo displays (mostly white women); waddling along alongside is her husband Tubby, in cargo shorts and shower sandals, with a darkish band of congealed blood under the skin around his “ankles,” meaning his circulatory system is not doing well. Gangrene much? Soft-looking kid brother with eleven y. o. sister, on the verge of early puberty b/c of overweight, is sitting in the shopping cart (really?) absolutely raptly looking at her phone. (Why are these children even in the store? Sad) No calories being burned there. No outdoor play or normal bike riding adventures either. Gotta wear a helmet AND a mask. Sheesh. What a life.

        • A trip to my local Walmart makes me wonder if the Eugenicists of a century ago were right 😠

        • The last serious flu pandemic we had was the 1968 Hong Kong flu. The death numbers were higher than average, but lower than the Holocough’s. But what would Covid’s numbers look like if we all had 1968 bodies? We’ve had one person pass away at my place of work, out of roughly 500 employees. He was in his early 60s but was probably 150 lbs. overweight, could barely walk because his knees were shredded, smoked, had high blood pressure and diabetes, etc.

    • If it was possible to agree more than 100% with those comments I surely would.

    • > But yet they have an outgroup preference and will not join their own side.

      They literally want their own genetic lines to become extinct. Apparently the Shakers didn’t do a well enough job with recruitment and not all of these dysgenic phenotypes died out.

      There’s a reason the Catholics massacred several cults that declared reproduction sinful and suicide a virtue in the middle ages.

    • Whenever I get in a discussion about immigration with some moonbat, I insist that the word “restaurant” can’t be used.

    • Right?

      If the Covidians are so afraid, why don’t they do a final mask up with a plastic bag and duct tape?

      Why don’t they go out to the garage, run a hose from the tailpipe to the driver’s side window and disinfect with the exhaust?

      That way, they’d never need to worry about masks, jabs, or Beer Flu ever again.

      • In studying those who have joined the Covid cult, I’ve noticed it’s frequently those who do not believe in traditional religions and an afterlife, and are thus terrified of death. *This* is all they have. Their Chicken Little existence explains how “safety” is effectively used to strip us of our rights and freedoms. The cult leaders in DC share the Covidians lack of traditional faith, and have elevated their self image to that of a deity – the blood sacrifice of the innocent and unborn bolsters their delusions of omnipotent grandeur. A study of the Talmud and the graves of ancient Carthage display an impressive stick-to-itiveness on their part.

        There’s also the <95 IQers who drive around alone in their personal vehicles wearing a mask, but they just believe everything CNN tells them, and do as they are told. They are DC's preferred slave class. Should DC accomplish ovening all of us, the useful idiot Covidians will be viewed as too much trouble to bother with and will be next to the gulag.

    • That’s the best summation of the sad fix we find ourselves in now. Spent last weekend out of state for first time since March 2020 with 55 y.o. niece who lives in NYC. We were visiting her disabled older sister who lives in another state. Far away for each of us to travel to, 700+ miles one-way in our case.

      COVID has made the younger niece insane. She has had an “outgroup preference” (great term!) since graduating from high school (private girls school) and went to the Big City to study art and found the man of her dreams from a totally different religious and cultural background. But at least he’s steady in his habits and is the “grown-up in the room.” They managed to produce one child who is now college age who took this year off as the fancy $$$ college she was due to attend, pretty much shut down in-person schooling and interaction among classmates, but did not reduce the price. So they made the intelligent decision not to send the kid there.

      I could go on about the niece’s issues, but I’m tired of her lousy decision-making which the pandemic only brought to the forefront. Yes, there is a religious quality to her fervor. We don’t talk about it, but she and her husband were huge Trump haters, too. It’s funny how quiet these folks are now that Biden’s “in charge.”

  19. A New Tomorrow (cont)
    Spontaneity in a Brave New World.

    The Stasi are very good hunters, but generally quite lazy. They much prefer that their victims self-identify & meekly stroll into custody. And they absolutely love entrapment because then they can get their manufactured “Bad Guy” without breaking a sweat. And one of the primary aids to an easy kill is predictability in both movement & behavior. IOW, the more predictable you are, the shorter your life expectancy. What to do? First is misdirection. Give them what they expect by developing some predictable & monotonous routines that are otherwise inconsequential. You can always find a deer in the public park everyday of the year except during hunting season. Second, save your spontaneity for when it matters most. And spontaneity as opportunism is the Holy Grail of unpredictable.

  20. Look how much easier it is now to start a new religion. I wonder how it was done in the primitive past? The cult leader had to wander from village to village speechifying to the locals. What a chore. Now, not very hard.

  21. “These are people who would have been religious fanatics in another age.”

    Actually, where I live some of the Branch Covidians are also religious fanatics. They seem drawn to one another.

    • I’ve probably mentioned it before but I keep turning over in my mind something the Finn character on Gab said some time ago: you don’t see this soft spot for cults anywhere else [in the western world]. If John Derbyshire’s theory that religiosity has a genetic component is correct then it would stand to reason that “cultishness” does do, and then how many people in the U.S. are descended from emigres who were chased out of their original country due to their wacked out religious/political views?

      One hang-up I have with the theory is that this would seen to put the 80/20 nature/nurture split on genetic potential at the low end instead of the high; like we’re 100% who our genes say we are but if we work really, really hard we might cram that down to 80%.

      • Your comment is very insightful. It ties in especially well with what Z often calls the Puritan (something) complex, the group of reformers that have been the bane of American politics since Colonial times. The flip side of our much-vaunted “freedom of religion” is that many of these early groups were “asked” to leave Europe, probably under pains of severe ostracism, imprisonment or even death. If crazy is partially genetic, then this would well explain abolition, the not-so-Civil War, women’s suffrage, alcohol and later drug prohibitions, international wars, and so on. The blame probably isn’t exclusively on the Yankees but it makes one wonder…

        • Half the colonies were full of busybodies, the other half couldn’t be bothered to pick cotton. The faceless masses of both just wanted to smoke meats and be left alone.

        • What would the *group* evolutionary advantage be of tossing your trash into someone else’s yard?

          Battering rams. They take territory.

          As a buffer.
          Less strife at home. They’re bored and restless, and will absorb the higher stimulation of danger and newness.

          The removal of a more reckless competitor.

          Israelis tossing Palestinian Arabs (both Semites) into Lebanese Beirut.

          Salvadorans tossing MS-13 into Mexican-taken territory in the USA.

          Turks tossing Syrians (often at gunpoint) into Greece.

          Barbara Spectre and her tribe’s NGOs.

  22. “It is the plague of mentally unstable individuals searching for a purpose to their lives. These are people who would have been religious fanatics in another age.”

    And they all have vaginas. Men let this happen. It will have to be men to put a stop to it.

    • Fauci has a vagina? The Cuomo brothers do? No, there is no shortage of male crooks and fanatics eager to ride this bandwagon to it eventual fiery destruction.

      • Darkness enters the world through women, and men call out to that darkness, inviting it into our midst. This was all outlined in the Genesis. We live in feminine times, Fauci and the Super Cuomo Bros. are one half of the equation.

      • Concur. There is no shortage of women who have fed the beast but the most unhinged person I encountered in a store during this whole debacle was a middle aged man. He reported to store management that people were ignoring the arrows on the floor and walking the wrong direction down the aisles.

        • In a sane society, that man would get the treatment people today get for using the N-Word.

        • Could be some normal guy just pissed about the stupid “rules” that weren’t being enforced by mgmt. He’s expected to obey, but everybody else isn’t? Same thing with the masks.

          • No. He was a believer. Masked and everything. I patiently explained to him that the chance of contracting Covid while passing someone in a seven foot wide grocery aisle while masked is literally zero but he was having none of it.

          • The beauty of this is you spot a shithead from 50 ft. No need to converse…banter about the whether .. No pretending, just mutual hatred.

        • Deana: Friend just recounted to me this morning her experience with some millenial guy wearing two facemasks and a face shield, with a Betty Boop tattoo on his ankle. He started a scene because she was initially only 4 feet behind him in a very long line. When all the people behind her started to grumble and asked her to move up as soon as he did, she very humorously shamed him for being so ‘rightfully’ terrified of a ‘disease’ he has a 99.9% chance of surviving. He complained to the store employees that they had a major issue with ‘customer compliance.’

          • It is stuff like this that makes me wonder how our people ever conquered continents and got to the moon. How is his behavior any different from that of a five year old?

      • Fauci and the Cumo’s are opportunists capitalizing on the estrogen legue’s panic

  23. Used to be a feature to sort comments from old to new, etc. Now it looks like just newest to oldest with no option to sort differently – did that change, or is the issue on my end?

  24. And many of the vaccines are mRNA vaccines which is a new technology. These are the FIRST EVER mRNA vaccines released for human use. Sure, mRNA vaccines are an elegant technology with some clear benefits (and they do not, to our best knowledge, alter ppl’s DNA, btw). But we do not know what their longterm side effects, if any, are nor how effective they are as a vaccine.

    I started out pretty much in the opposite corner on Covide from Z. I have no beef about saying he was far closer to the mark than I was. Yes there is a virus, yes it has killed people (how many is a very difficult question). But this is not the black death in a new microscopic avatar and it is completely INSANE to wreck the middle class’ entire economic foundation because of it. But, decisions are in the hands of people who think war with a power that has several thousands of nukes is a great idea. And who can’t tell a man from a woman. So rest assured, everything is in the best hands. I don’t worry about the virus now, I worry about the response of an insane elite.

    • Think about who was hurt most by the damn panic, i mean the pandemic:

      1. Small business owners, one of the last bastions of self-reliance
      2. The US economy
      3. Trump (he would have rolled to a second term easily)

      The NY Times said we need to develop a culture of mask wearing. Really? How about a unisex hijab?

      • Trump DID roll into a second term easily.

        I’m glad they stole it though. Wake up call for those who really believe “voting…but HARDER” is worth a warm bucket of spit.

      • I can’t entirely dismiss the idea that some thought it was a great idea to clear out the underbrush of small familiy businesses, leaving it ALL to the giant corporations. Sad to say, Im a regular customer of cheap mega corporations selling cheap stuff from China myself. I talk about the danger from China and stuff. But when I need an electric appliance or tool, I usually end up buying the far cheaper Made in PRC option instead of the pricy Made in Germany AEG or Bosch alternative. In the store, money, not geopolitics, talks….

    • Moran;
      I’m kinda’ on your trajectory. Vaccine probably makes sense for the old and medically vulnerable. For one thing, we’ll likely be mostly gone anyway before serious side effects start showing up. Covid mortality is about 4x – 5x flu mortality for those > 60. Immediate shot side effects, so far, are minuscule. All in all, getting the ‘jab’ is a reasonable bet an informed old person could make (or take a pass on), given their particular circumstances (BMI or lung issues being biggies).

      For the young, it’s another matter. Covid mortality is, apparently, no worse than flu mortality below 30. And both are pretty low. So, if they’re comfortable skipping the flu shot, skipping the covid shot is an even bet. But it *is* a bet.

      For the middle aged, pick your poison based on your medical circumstances (cough, ‘obesity’, cough) and risk tolerances. Once every granny that wants it is protected as best possible, (and we’re nearly there where I live) ‘the science’ says you’re objectively no longer a monster if you skip the shot and drop the mask.

      And don’t forget to take Vitamin D supplements. If you fear the shot or any side-effects later on, getting your BMI in range and taking D (3k units total/day is optimum; 5k = too much) will substantially reduce your Covid risk, even without taking said shot.

      • A friend of mine had the vaccine. I’m holding out thus far. It is a bet either way, we don’t have enough info to make a perfectly informed choice.

      • For the first time in my life, I started taking D supplements, 4K a day, last summer. This winter was the healthiest I’ve passed in many a year. I had one cold back in March, but it was easily the mildest symptoms I’ve had in a long, long time, and it was over in a couple days, instead of the lingering congestion/cough that usually affect me. It’s made me a believer.

    • “(and they do not, to our best knowledge, alter ppl’s DNA, btw)”

      It’s only a matter of time. Investigators at MIT and Harvard have now found SARS-CoV-2 sequences incorporated into human DNA. The established medical dogma is that SARS-CoV-2 and humans do not have reverse transcriptase, and therefore that it is impossible for SARS-CoV-2 RNA to be transcribed back into DNA.

      The established dogma has now been shown to be false. Humans do have a reverse transcriptase activity associated with human LINE-1 elements, and this activity has been shown to transcribe SARS-CoV-2 RNA into DNA. The newly produced copies of the viral sequences then are incorporated into human genomic DNA, and the genomic DNA later gets transcribed back into fresh SARS-CoV-2 RNA. This is the reason why people who have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 and who have completely recovered nevertheless continue to test positive for SARS-CoV-2 weeks and months after they have recovered.

      Now that we know that the reverse transcriptase dogma is false, it’s only a matter of time before vaccine injected SARS-CoV-2 spike protein RNA gets incorporated into human DNA. We’ve already vaccinated 200 million Americans, and worldwide there eventually will be more than a billion people vaccinated.

      Though it hasn’t been reported yet, it’s extremely unlikely that no one will transcribe the vaccine RNA into DNA. Every time they say something can’t happen, it does.

  25. The regime can’t let the Covid lockdowns go because they confer a measure of safety to a ruling class that is on the run. These people built a wall around Congress in January and still have troops there guarding the area. They even wanted to install machine guns to mow down protestors should they storm the building again, as crazy as that sounds.

    My guess: They’re scared of being overthrown. Just before Tsar Nicholas II was forced to abdicate, there had been a devastating winter in Russia that forced much of the population indoors, stabilizing the regime for little while. But just a few weeks after spring arrived and people were allowed to gather on the streets again, mob violence forced him to leave. The government was basically overthrown. I think the BLM riots and the Capitol Hill Protest scared the ruling class and they are looking for any excuse to keep you from organizing in public against them. Thus, all the talk about masks and lockdowns being forever even though that makes zero sense. It’s a form of control over the population.

    Even in Asia where mask wearing is common, they don’t do that (and people aren’t locked in their homes either). In that part of the world, only sick people wear masks, and they can still go out in public; major events aren’t cancelled. This is something different, so I don’t think attributing it to a literal fear of the virus is correct. Something else is going on here.

    Notice the difference between a secure, and popular, CCP and the Democratic Party. In China, everything is back to normal. People meet in public. Theaters are open. But in the USA, it’s a totally different story. One government is stable. The other is not. There’s your difference.

    • Yes, in China things are back to “normal”. With normal being treated like worker bees who are monitored and judged on many everyday activities. Exactly the same normal that our cloud people intend to impose on us.

      • So, China story for you. When I was there briefly I saw a small plot of land, maybe a 1/3 acre, that was just packed with fruit trees to the point that it was almost comical. When I inquired to my hosts said that the government is looking to acquire the land and part of the equation for figuring compensation is how much agriculture revenue it generates. Thus, if the small holder of this plot (land “ownership” being completely weird in China anyway) crams five acres worth of trees into a third of an acre then he gets five acres worth of revenue towards the land price.

        Now no doubt the assessor gets a kick-back and so forth up the line, but that’s the point: these people carry no delusions about their government, they have, and no doubt will, do worse, but in the meantime it’s just a scam to be milked at every level. Really considering that there’s a billion people who make it their business to throw sand in the gears every day it’s remarkable the place works at all, way better than this place will. Here, if every white person started doing something minor like marking something other than “white” on all of their questionnaires the system would freeze up.

    • To add to your point, Mr. Orange Man, the Yellow Vest uprising in France had to scare the people in charge a bit. A sneak preview of what might be coming.

    • People rebel against weakness. Assassination (and foreign invasion for completeness’ sake), by contrast, is the remedy for a genuinely strong leader. And our elites are weak. I too think they fear revolution.

    • The clown show in DC is not the ruling class, and “shutting down the Capitol” is a just theatrical device for the evening news.

    • Brilliant point. What if we all assembled in several remote areas to both protest the sad decline of America and to symbolize that DC doesn’t matter.

      1. Flags flown upside down, the symbol of distress
      2. Everyone dressed in white
      3. One slogan: stop killing us. The left is killing white people with opioids and destroying hope with suppression of speech, the destruction of the family and Christian religion, the outsourcing of jobs, etc. etc.

  26. “Soon, the unvaccinated will be forced to wear a scarlet letter-C on their chest.”

    You say this yet it is already coming true. We have a family friend who works for a local small town hospital. She has so far resisted the anointing of COVID, but the administration for the hospital has a new plan. Any blessed and anointed staff will get an ID/Name badge that is green indicating they are on the side of goodness, and the blasphemers will have a badge of another color (presumably red). When HIPPA concerns were brought up they were dismissed because the new “crisis” allow those rules to be ignored….

    • Well, the “vaccination card” is a joke.

      And since ID is now the most racist thing ever (and there’s NOTHING worse than the racisms), if proof of vax is required half the country will just sport fake cards.

      Alternatively, REAL cards from someone they know, but refuse to show ID.

      • The vax cards are an op to lever people into the tracking apps that are coming.

    • Weird how HIPAA suddenly is no big deal.

      I am a RN at a large hospital. What I have noticed:

      1. Until COVID, I would always hear doctors talk about the pros and cons of treatments, meds, etc. I once listened to two anesthesiologists debate whether to give a patient who had mild liver issues some Tylenol for pain. When the vaccines rolled out? If doctors discussed it, it was always in glowing terms. Not once have I heard a doctor say a peep about being concerned about unknown long term effects. It’s 100% positive or nothing is said. The one exception to this is that from the giddy-up our hospital management was adamant that pregnant women should take the vaccine. A few weeks later I listened to two doctors talking about the vaccine and one asked the other doctor who was pregnant when she was going to schedule her appointment and the pregnant one lowered her voice before replying she was going to hold off until after the baby was born. That was a tell for me. Before COVID, no one would have felt it necessary to lower their voice to say they would hold off getting a procedure or starting a med until after they had delivered a baby. Within weeks of the arrival of the vaccine, the shame of not rushing right out there to get the vaccine was so heavy that a physician felt like she had to be hush hush about it. She was pregnant for God’s sake.

      2. I listened to a podcast a few days ago in which Dr. Harvey Risch was interviewed. Risch is an epidemiologist at Yale. If I understand him correctly, the vaccines cut the TRANSMISSION rate of COVID down by roughly 50%. He said in some places half of the patients doctors are treating for COVID have had the vaccine. When the vaccines were rolled out, we were assured that the vaccines had >92% effectiveness. The public understood that to mean that transmission would be cut by at least 92% but instead it meant that the symptoms if you caught COVID would be reduced by 92% (which is still a wonderful thing if that turns out to be true). This is why the hospitals and public health people were insisting that even after you were vaccinated, nothing could change – you must wear those masks and stay at home. Now Risch is considered to be “very suspect.” I gather he is not invited to a lot of the cool parties. But he was calm, did not engage in spreading panic, and discussed the issues like issues used to be discussed: he talked about what we know, why we know it, what we don’t know, etc. But no one at my hospital is talking about any of this. It is just: get the vaccine or you are selfish and anti-science. There are no debates. None.

      3. I cannot recall a single time pre-COVID when a new treatment or medication was rolled out and the public told that is was safe for absolutely everyone right up front. Now we see the blood clot issues. Do people clot with COVID? Yes. They do. Badly? They can. But we are being told that 19 year old women must go get the vaccine but young women seem to be having a few issues with clotting after getting the vaccine. Is it due to the vaccine? Maybe. Are these young women smokers and on birth control? Maybe. But if you suggest that perhaps we should do some risk stratification for the time being and vaccinate only those with comorbidities who are at higher risk with contracting COVID, you are accused of being a fear monger and anti-science. What is the damn rush?

      I love being a nurse. But frankly this whole COVID thing has made me feel a fury with the medical community that I am struggling with. A lot. Now those of us who have questions or concerns talk quietly. We don’t talk in public. We approach each other in empty patient rooms or supply closets and discuss whatever the latest is. This was not happening before COVID. If someone had concerns about a med or treatment, people felt free to talk about it. Debate it. That is gone.

      • Good story. Compare that with the propaganda from the pharma-controlled media. How can anyone make an “informed consent” decision? How many realize that the vax is still an “experimental” product not approved by the FDA?

        For lots of supporting documentation, see the RFK Jr. website

        • Correct. Yes the FDA granted the vaccines emergency use authorization (EUA) but that is not the same thing as full FDA approval. That is a separate process.

          I am fully prepared to believe these vaccines really are as effective and beneficial as they claim IF we hold off and give this a few years and see what the studies say as we have always done before. This “shut up and take your medicine” approach is really off-putting and insulting.

          Also alarming.

      • On a similar note, and older gentleman we know was diagnosed with COVID early March.

        The story has issues on several levels, initially he is weak and can’t stand. Ambulance transports him to the hospital with a lady friend/neighbor following. He is coughing, running fever and very weak. The nurse attending gives him Tylenol. He is in the E-room for several hours, when he suggests they test him for COVID. They the “medical professionals” then tell him, “Well you’re not running much of a fever so we don’t think you have COVID”. When a lady friend who accompanied him to the E-room reminded them of the previously administered Tylenol. Eventually they test him, the test came back positive, then everyone was asked to leave the room, and all this extra PPE protocol was established.

        My wife talked with him (the patient) and the lady friend on the phone, and they were able to persuade the attending MD to prescribe Ivermectin (much to our surprise). We then tried to get that prescription filled. No pharmacy would fill that prescription because it was not approved for the treatment of COVID. My wife had to call the hospital, talk with an administrator, informed them one of their MDs wrote a script that no pharmacy would fill. Eventually the hospital’s contract pharmacy 40 miles away filled the script.

        • Not filling an rx for an off label use is practicing medicine…no bueno for the pharmacist…

          Ah ivermectin…if only the pharmaceutical industry could make billions off of you we’d be using it everyday for covid-19.

      • Thank you for the story.
        As I recall when the Pfizer jab came out they claimed it was “90% effective”, but 90% effective at what? Well it was 90% effective at getting people’s immune system to go along with it’s RNA replication scheme. Of course inquiring minds would like to know what impact that has on WuFlu, but the only answer we got was ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • My best friend is the director of medicine for a set of walk-in clinics. He is not getting the vaccine because it hasn’t been tested, the government exempted pharma from litigation, and the money involved would make a saint go bad.

        The best thing about the vaccines: the placebo effect.

        That said, all the behavior modification reminds my wife, who escaped from behind the iron curtain, of communism. The commies love group think.

  27. Most of those who were infected with the coronavirus despite being vaccinated did not develop symptoms or require hospitalization, but one vaccinated individual, who was a resident of the nursing home, died,

    I had to laugh at this line from the NY Times article. How long does the average nursing home go without a death? I bet it is well under 30 days. The state of Kentucky almost certainly counted this as a Covid death also. What a joke.

    • At a decent-sized nursing home multiple people die per week. These places are the last stop on the train for most people. They enter them with little time left. They wouldn’t be going there if they had any other choice, because they are terrible places.

      • I have talked to multiple families who were waiting to get a loved one into a nursing home. Meaning the nursing home was full but they were waiting for a resident to die so their family member could get a bed. The wait was never more than a couple of weeks and usually only a few days. These are usually smaller town nursing homes too with under 100 residents. This NY Times reporter is most likely such an indoctrinated cult member she didn’t even consider this part of the story. There is no indication she asked any follow up questions about the death.

      • what they are doing here in cali, is converting SFH residences into mini-assisted-care facilities. and they are not bad at all, with none of the problems and bad aspects of a larger facility.

        • “none of the problems and bad aspects of a larger facility.”


          Your Dominican nurse’s aid will change your diaper with extra special care, White meat sack.

          • Vizzini – Friend just placed her father into a care home which consists of various 4-8 person ‘houses’ depending on condition of the patient. Because she or a family member visits at least once a day, they’ve had multiple problems in just these first few weeks, because the largely non-White/non-American workforce is totally unaccustomed to anyone checking up on them. Friend is terribly torn over her decision but her father really requires 24/7 care now and it was killing her. She’s someone who is Christian to an extreme yet has already had several extremely sharp verbal and physical exchanges with the staff because she is fiercely loving and protective toward her father (and rightfully so). So hopefully the multiple daily visits, the calls to the director, and the surveillance cameras will make his stay tolerable.

          • She’s someone who is Christian to an extreme yet has already had several extremely sharp verbal and physical exchanges with the staff because she is fiercely loving and protective toward her father (and rightfully so).

            Rubber, meet Road.

            You either care about your Dad, else you dump him in a nursing home.

            There is no middle ground.

    • Didn’t a cop shoot a knife wielding “teen” in Columbus a couple of days ago?

      I understand the cause of death was Covid. With the racisms as a complicating factor. (Something like that. Dr. Lebron weighed in)

      • Yep. They’re protesting in Columbus. Black protestors are threatening to shoot cops. The White House has denounced the shooting.

        And the 220lb. knife-wielding girl was literally swinging her knife in a roundhouse stab at a cowering unarmed girl backed up against a car when the cop shot her. Caught on bodycam video.

        He’s now so fucked for saving that girl from being murdered.

    • Lol, a place I used to live was located in between a hospital and a larger nursing home and I joked to the missus that they should build a human-sized banking tube back and (more rarely) forth for all the ambulance runs between the two.

      As an aside, if you see the nursing home workers waiting by a bus stop outside the place you will pray for an early death that will keep from having to go into such a place.

      • I used to live across the street from an old folks home, with a view of their back entrance where the ambulances would pull up to. Ambulances were there daily to do pick ups. Me and the roommates called it “seizures palace”. Cruel, I know, but we drank heavily back then.

        • My first crummy apartment was directly across the street from an old folks home (“memory care” now since everything unpleasant has to be given a cleaned up name) and the vehicle that arrived once a week was a hearse. Classifying the cause of death anyone who comes out of those places feet first (and they all do mostly sooner than later) as something other than morbid despair is another obfuscation. The end stage cancer or Alzheimer’s may have landed them there, but even through the fog of impending death I think people can will their hastened demise rather than spend one extra hour surrounded by endless linoleum, blaring televisions, fluorescent lighting, and the smell of piss, decay, and indifference.

          But I guess covid is actually another word for morbid despair so it works on some level.

  28. The Great Awokening. Its disturbing the regularity in which Yankees fly off their rocker and declare a new religion. We can’t live with these people.

    • It’s clear that not all white people are “our people” either. That’s why I don’t necessarily get too bent out of shape about demographic percentages as we move forward. It’s more about having alot of kids and raising them in a strong community.

      The Scots-Irish people of the South seem to be the most “sane” of our people as a whole. I have heard the number of coal burners has increased down there so I’m not sure, but my experience there was they are much more mentally stable, religious, and tribal than other whites.

      I’ve never been so sure if Western mountain whites are actually our people either. They seem like misfit libertarians who like living alone in a mountain. Only reason they’re not diversified is because no diversity has reached that location yet.

      • That’s right, B125, some white people are not “our people”. So don’t become comfortable in your “sneaky” apartheid ecclesia. It’s only too easy to demonize it and to stigmatize it. Experience has shown that it’s easy also to divide your apartheid assembly against itself. A man within will be against his father; a daughter will be against her mother; and a daughter-in-law against her husband’s mother. You will have not peace but the sword. If your assembly is really special, it could get a Jericho walk organized by local Judiths. Even if not, your enemies will be members of the apartheid houses of your favorite Semitic idol, and you have no power to prevent the disintegration that can follow.

        (Do you see what I did there?)

    • “Its disturbing the regularity in which Yankees fly off their rocker and declare a new religion.”

      Nietzsche would say they have slave morality, I just call them cucks and faggots. Deep down we all know effemination is western world’s greatest problem. All those backwards makeup wearing ancient middle eastern city states had a tendency of inventing new cults: Gaia(global warming), Lilith(feminism), Carthage’s Chronos(abortion) etc. This is what happens when you’re ruled by middle eastern small hats.

      • Humanism / Socialism has been the state religion in this country for nearly a century, gradually displacing the moral virtues essential for a polite and stable society. This was created and promoted by design. “By their fruits, ye shall know them”.

      • Those middle easterners whom you mention are a remnant of Phonecia. Of Canaan, too, which is interesting given the hatred of the Canaanites expressed in tanakh. My guess is that the sons of Israel crystallized through a gang alliance of several Canaanite factions whose leaders arranged a truce.

        They agreed to divide the territory amongst theirselves, more or less as street gangs in the USA do now, and designated theirselves as masters over their fellow Canaanites. Then they assigned to their scribes the task of making a torah that most of the alliance’s leadership and influencers would accept. If I’m correct, this explains why, for example, the creation story of Genesis 1 (which is elohist) is so different from the story given in Genesis 2 (which is yahwist). Evidence of such syncretization can be found also in the tall tale about Noah and his boat.

        It so happened that their torah was not originally written in the square letter script but in “Paleo-Hebrew”, as Solomon Birnbaum, a Yiddish linguist, liked to call it. So called Paleo-Hebrew is virtually identical to the Phoenecian alphabet, and it appears that ancient spoken Hebrew was likewise virtually indistinguishable from Phoenecian.

        • canaanites, israelites, phoenicians, they’re all semite trash, romans fucked them all up with good reason. If you won’t dominate them, they’ll subvert your society and rule over you.

          Whether they preach elohim, yahweh, moloch, mohammed or science is irrelevant cause their behaviour stays the same, they’ll always be antagonistic towards whites.

          What’s the common characteristic that Carthage, berber pirates and algerian rape gangs have? They wanna fuck our women and enslave us. They always stay the same no matter the age, the political ideology or the religion,

          Race is primordial, nothing will ever change that.

          • sentry, few worthy enemies are discredited and humiliated by ranting and raving. The boys (and girls?) of the Frankfurter Schule understood this well enough, and the alternate strategy chosen by them has proven to be vastly superior against their enemies.

            I think that it’s fair to notice now that, like the Z man, you seek to reverse the relationship between a healthy, growing nationalism and the origins of such a nationalism. You want nationalism to be a point of departure and, perhaps, the single cause. Yet healthy nationalism is not a seed. Instead, it’s a fruit or, if you like, an emergent property. Your failure to understand and to accomodate yourself to this relationship between seeds and fruits leads you to neglect the ways and means without which no nationalism, unhealthy or otherwise, could long endure. Of course, seething hatred (with reasons!) is no good substitute for the difficult work of planning, plowing, planting, watering, fertilizing, and weeding.

            For practical purposes, such neglectfulness makes your nationalism into a species of nihilism, a problem which I’m sure at least one of you notices. Thus do we encounter the host’s connivance at and compromise with toxic influences such as Christianity, corporate capitalism, stock markets, etc. This problem is rampant on the so-called DR—most of which is comprised of malcontents, so I expect the “Dissident Right” to remain a therapeutic hobby until (i) its leading mouthpieces recognize their error and make appropriate changes, or (ii) the fake dissidents are wiped out by political action or old age.

          • Women with a time machine:
            “I’m your grandmother”

            Men with a time machine:
            “Titus, finish the job”


            The signal/storage medium- an eddy in the magnetic fluid- cannot be jammed, since it is bio-neurologicallygenerated.

            One must destroy the physical cell towers.

            What Neanderthals did to Erectus in Africa. See what happens if you don’t get them all?

        • I don’t see the desert gypsies as Canaanite, who were around 2000 years, as a civilization, before the disrupters. The semites were hired as mercenaries by Lamanayanna the Canaanite.

          Indeed, Abraham the Lucifer’s revolt may not’ve been against Emperor Hammurabi, but against the lesser Lamayanna. The semites are known for a bit of exaggeration.

          (In my opinion, they stole Genesis as well as the secret of literacy, giving us their revision and doing their damnedest to destroy anyone else’s libraries up through the present day. Even Hellenic Semites are attacked as “impure”, see the Maccabees or Hagarite Islam as as an example.)

          • Correction:

            The ‘uncle Laban’ of Jacob’s cousin-marriage to Leah and Rachel is likely a reference

  29. It’s gotten to the point where everyone (not strangers – yet) are asking whether I’ve gotten vaccinated. Up to this time, I’ve said no. But I’m thinking now of just saying yes so any conversation about the yeas or nays goes away. Everyone will take your word – for now. And of course you can’t argue with those that have taken the holy sacrament. Unfortunately, we’re not too far away from having to prove it. Papers please…

    • I expect widescale fraud on the vax card front. I think the CDC is fine with it, to be honest. They have made no effort to make the vax card difficult to produce. We also have laws about medical privacy, so business will need a waiver to require it. The end result will be a lot of people faking their vax status.

      • Am I the only one who thinks a lot of us are going to kinda like living in Brasil del Norte? I haven’t been vaccinated. I will never be vaccinated of my own free will. But I have several plans in the works to produce “proof of vaccination,” and several of them involve “my” “doctor” down at the local HMO’s quack-in-the-box, who was valedictorian of his class at Bangalore Upstairs Medical College. I’m pretty sure he’d be ok with pocketing the syringe (and my Franklin), the better to sell it out the back door to someone else.

        Learn to love the Third World, my brothers. Today’s vocab word is “baksheesh.”

        • I admire your, ahem, free market thinking. 😀

          “Please to not be disparaging those from Indian Subcontinent!”

          Is this our future: to be ruled over by the Small Hats and the Large Turbans?

      • You’re probably right, unless the whack jobs in charge conjure up some way to make draconian-ly illegal to do so – with a punishment to match the crime.

      • Best strategy at the moment is to simply refuse. The vax is still an “experimental” product, and not FDA approved. If you volunteer for it, that’s on you. If your H.R. nanny tries to force it on you, she’s breaking Federal law.

      • Yes, but the FBI has announced fake jabs cards will be aggressively prosecuted under the wire fraud laws.

        There have been lots of planted scare stories about what monsters people with fake vax cards are.

        • Yes, but surely such enforcement would not include a genuine ID card from a Quack who “accidentally” forgot to administer the vax? See the earlier comment. Ben Franklin may need to accompany you to certain medical appointments.

          • That’s my plan should I finally deem the possession of a passport as vital, but I don’t yet know of general practitioners who are providing the clip tip cocktail. It’s all done in relatively public settings, either temporary clinics or CVS-like outlets. Finding a vibrant doctor on whom to lavish baksheesh may take a while.

          • Yeah, it’s obvious they’re doing it through the big box pharmacies because they know those places will be very by the book to avoid liability.

          • That and the fact that you’re, at best, behind a curtain and not in the privacy of an examination room.

    • I just got a call from some bullshit consulting company in NYC for some possible work. All she wanted to talk about is Covid and vaccinations and hoping for normal.

      Everyone asks about vaccination. Hell I may even lie to my mother just to assure her.

      The phony vax card is probably the way to go. While I’m at it maybe I can load up on other fraudulent documents. I always wanted to be a M.I.T. graduate.

      • “While I’m at it maybe I can load up on other fraudulent documents. I always wanted to be a M.I.T. graduate.”

        I guess congratulations are in order. If you tip them maybe they’ll give you magna cumme laude honors as well.

        • Actually, I regret that the US has become a place where you CAN’T really fake educational “accomplishments”, and every little youthful indiscretion follows you for your entire life. No fresh starts.

          Case in point: my father-in-law was dirt poor southern white trash. Enlisted, got some skills, paid for civilian flight training, LIED ABOUT GOING TO COLLEGE, then became a very successful major airline pilot (for a now gone airline).

          What was the harm? We are what we do, not what we can parrot back to authority figures looking to tick a box.

          The Eye of Sauron is ruining everything.

          • I agree with you, bureaucracy is my kryptonite, I despise it with all my being, its whole purpose is to keep track of all our moves, we can’t make a move without a permit of some kind.

          • Do what you have to do I guess. I really got to stop doing heart bypasses, that GED of mine is going to get flagged some day.

          • Meh. The guy is dead and gone, and his airline is in the dustbin of airline history.

            Conservatives can’t grasp this:

            There are some rules you MUST follow.
            There are some rules you must BEND.
            There are some rules you must BREAK.

            No one in a man’s world gets to the top by being the most aggressive rules follower.

            The hyper-records of the modern era stifle a great many good things.

          • No one in a man’s world gets to the top by being the most aggressive rules follower.

            This is true, but it’s been 40 or 50 years* since the USA was a “Man’s World”.

            The Frankfurt School has spent the last several centuries deconstructing into existence an hyper-feminine world within which to enslave their goyische cattle [which cattle wait patiently & dutifully in line at the kosher s1aughterhouse, chewing their cud].

            *You could argue that Reagan defeated Carter & Mondale simply via greater masculinity, but by 1992, it was Revenge of the Sissy Boyz [& their bu11dyke wives].

      • It’s the new “weather”. People cannot talk about anything else going on outside their window so they bring up the WuFlu.

        • This is one of the most minor aspects of the hoax, but it may be the one I hate the most because normies have replaced weather talk with Beer Flu.

    • You could do what someone suggested on the Mercola blog: tell them you are part of the control group. Every legitimate experiment needs one.

    • usN;
      So vax is the new vegan_? Movin’ on up pole of intersectional privileges.

      Q: How can you tell a vaxen/vegan_?
      A: Don’t worry, she’ll tell you, …every 5 minutes. Dah dump.

    • I downloaded high resolution images of the front and back of the CDC vaccination card. Print it on 100# index card stock, fill it out with fake vaccine lot numbers and have it laminated (for free!) at Staples. Just in case.

  30. Whether all the talk about the science of FAUXVID is true or not, this ‘crisis’ is purely driven by politics. It will not end until it is politically expedient to do so. Right now, political gains come from reinforcing the crisis, and not ending it, so we’ll be in this for a long time.

    • The COVID overreaction—like any other audacious plan of the managerial class—is camouflage for failures in the core business of running the country. Having such a difficult, large magnitude ‘problem’ to solve is a golden opportunity, and it will be drawn out for as long as possible.

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