The Endless War With Russia

Without formally announcing it and for reasons no one has bothered to explain, the American empire has declared war on Russia. That is the clear message the Biden administration is sending with the new round of sanctions. They have also kicked out some Russian diplomats. More importantly, the US is telling US banks they cannot have any dealings with companies working on Nord Stream 2, the big natural gas pipeline the Russians are building to supply gas to Europe.

In fairness, the war with Russia started before Biden was installed. You could argue it started back in the Bush years when they convinced the former Soviet republic of Georgia to annex parts of South Ossetia. The Bush people were making noises about adding Georgia to NATO, which did not sit well with Russia. From their perspective, this was a provocative act of aggression. It was correctly seen as an effort to surround Russian with states loyal to the American empire.

Team Obama promised to cool things down with the old enemy. They made a big show of the “big reset” with the Russians. Hillary Clinton did a photo-op with the Russian foreign minister in which they jointly held a big red button labeled “reset” on which each had their hand. Of course, administrations come and go, but the usual suspects that actually run imperial foreign policy never change. By the end of the Obama years, they were claiming the Russians rigged the presidential election.

Under Trump there was a real effort to call off the attacks on the Russians, but the usual suspects responded to that with two impeachment efforts. First there was the coup effort led by the FBI to get Trump removed. The claim was that he worked with the Russians to rig the election. Then there was the effort launched by the usual suspects in the State Department. It is easy to forget but pretty much everyone involved in the first impeachment trial had a connection to Ukraine.

Now of course, Ukraine is at the center of the Biden administration’s efforts to start a shooting war with the Russians. They have encouraged the Ukrainian president to declare his intention to return the Crimea to Ukraine, by force if necessary. Then they offered military guarantees in the event of war with Russia. The Russians have responded by putting their military on high alert. They have moved forces onto the border of Ukraine in preparation for a shooting war.

As if the guarantees to Ukraine are not enough, the Biden people immediately deployed long range nuclear bombers to Norway. They put bombers in Portugal as well and raised the strategic posture at the same time. Russian and NATO air forces are having regular incidents on the border of Russia. These are deliberate provocations. The hope is there is an incident that would warrant escalation. The fact that this happened as soon as Biden took office says it was not the doing of his people.

One obvious conclusion that can be drawn from this now two decade long effort to start a war with Russia is the President no longer controls foreign policy. Obama and Trump tried to normalize relations with Russia, but both were thwarted by the semi-permanent foreign policy establishment. Many of these people now have financial dealings with Ukraine, which goes ignored by Congress. Joe Biden is a vegetable and his family is literally on the payroll of the Ukrainians.

Of course, there is the madness of it all. Why is the American empire trying to start a war with Russia? One reason is money, of course. The usual suspects would like to raid Russia for natural resources. The parasitic financial system of the West is running out of domestic capital to burn, so Russia is seen as a new opportunity for plunder. There is also the grudge they have with Putin, who put an end to the looting. No one holds a grudge like the people running the American financial system.

There is also the fact that the foreign policy establishment is packed to the gills with people who were selected for their hatred of Russia. This goes back to the Cold War when foreign policy was simply about Russia. When the Cold War ended, those people did not retire. They did not stop selecting for people who shared their views on Russia and have the same cultural connections to the East. The maps have changed, but the people who see themselves as map makers has not changed.

One not so obvious reason is the need for liberal democracy to have an enemy. Like the Athenian Empire 2,000 years ago, the American empire is the result of conflict and as such it is designed to have an enemy. For half a century, the Russians were the enemy around which the empire was organized. They tried to replace Russia with Islam, but the Muslims proved to be a poor adversary. Cultural inertia has brought the American empire back to Russia as the enemy they need to survive.

Ironically, this new fight with Russia could turn out to be the disaster that seems to be the natural end of all empires. A shooting war with Russia will end in disaster for the empire because it would be a disaster for Europe. Russia would seize Ukraine in short order and this would result in an air war in the skies over Europe. Then Syria would unleash a million migrants from the south. It would be a catastrophe that would be blamed on Washington, one that would probably end NATO.

This is why the Germans are not rushing to support the empire on this. Germans have been dealing with the Russians for a very long time. they will be dealing with Russians long after the American empire is gone. Backing the yesterday men of Washington does not look like the best move for the Germans. America’s Varian Disaster may not be a military defeat, but instead be a diplomatic catastrophe. This attack on Russia could be what breaks the NATO coalition.

There is also the domestic situation. Despite the blaring from the regime propaganda organs, the Biden regime has limited support among Americans. Half the country thinks he is illegitimate, while the other half is instinctively dovish. They are also more focused on the domestic pogroms against their enemies. A war now would be a disaster domestically for the empire. Half the country would be rooting for the Russians, just because they hate the American government.

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347 thoughts on “The Endless War With Russia

  1. Besides being irresponsibly dangerous (wars always escalate) any conflict with Russia makes no sense from a practical strategic point of view. What if it turns out our invisible planes aren’t? The Japanese, Saudis, Israelis, Germans everyone suddenly feels naked. Our air force isn’t what they assumed. That would start a cascade that would destroy the American Empire right there and that’s the best case scenario. Our DOD and defense contractors have to know all this?

  2. hey Z man,

    ton of comments here, interesting stuff. my .02 on this? Well, if I go by two concepts, Occam’s Razor & Cui Bono, I would say that a war between US & Russia benefits China the most. They break the island chain to seaward and walk into Siberia.

    That’s the Cui Bono part. For Occam Razor, the above suggestion is supported by the thing which we all suppose is there and true, but which we never hear about, not one peep, in this Euro context. Oor foreign policy elites, our State department, is compromised by China — and the Chinese understand that the best way to keep those traitors working for them is to have them stirring up shit like US v Rus.

    that is all… roger, Out.

    the JG

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  4. We have 13% of the population dictating our domestic policy. Republicans need to do a better job shoring up the white vote, and making a real play for the Mexican-American vote, where they are making inroads. That way we can all tell the 13% to go fuck themselves.

    • Are you retarded? Since when do Republicans do anything for whites? Now wonder the US is descending towards South Africa, when white Americans keep trying the same failed thing over and over again.

  5. Putin and Xi are close strategic allies. Can’t imagine what the unintended consequences of ignoring this might be. The current kakistocracy makes us look like low hanging fruit.

    Sh😨t could happen fast.

  6. And in other news.
    Police put down a 15 year old female who was brandishing a knife in Ohio. The comments are hilarious. “She was only fighting with another girl, she wasn’t threatening the cop!”
    “Why didn’t they tase her?”

    White police officers need to pull out of vibrant areas ASAP, or they will be subject to regular ass reaming.

  7. Ashli Babbitt was an unarmed victim literally shot on camera by a “cop”
    (A Black Jamaican immigrant in a suit, hired as Capitol Police)

    We need to loot a Footlocker

    Air Jordans for Social Justice

  8. Mob rule is officially here. Everyone here knows there that there was at least one juror that didn’t agree on all charges given the evidence of the circumstances. However, they knew that if they didn’t go along, the media would have doxed them. Their homes would have been razed by the mob, they would have been fired, and they would have had to flee the country for the safety of their family. This is America 2021.

    • Not to mention their parents harassed, their spouses would lose their jobs, their kids would never go to college….

      What a GD mess.

    • The reason this goes on is the Right is now part of the Left.

      Let me explain, they value the individual or at most the nuclear family above all else and at its core that is a Leftist value.

      Conservatives value Tradition and the Community good not in the fake virtue signaling way the Left does to convince people to join the mob but in the real way.

      Public order, civic participation, be moral ,break the rules face the consequences.

      Its seems like the Right abandoned morality for money and the idiotic notion that Conservatism is an attitude,

      No its not, its policy enforced by law and by community standards.

      Its the notion that if you sell drugs, we’ll hang you in public for harming the community.

      Its the Amish notion that if you can’t live by Amish rules, leave and we will have nothing to do with you.

      Its tradition, we do these things, allow these things, forbid these things because that is who we are and Gods help you if you try and change them without a damned good reason

      Once we dumped the social conservatives, the anti abortion people and the paleocons for “reformed” Trostskyite Neo Cons Cheap Labor Globalists and Country Clubbers the people that would check the Left were now just part of it.

      Until the Right becomes actually Right and learns to organize to a common set of moral and social principles rapidly expelling any easy street grifters , globalists and money boys they’ll lose every fight

      Best case is collapse or chaos.

      Join or Die.

      Now as for this injustice, any police in any large city especially Minneapolis that doesn’t feel like the system will give them a fair trial or protect them from a mob and who isn’t super close to retirement ought to quit.

      No police, no problem. Understand the people in charge don’t care. They are as oblivious as Marie Antoinette but enough of the people that keeping voting in idiots may get the message to not do that. Maybe,

      If they don’t? So be it. Unless the Right is actually willing to embrace authority and use it , the US is doomed anyway. Just build a resilient small community somewhere and enjoy life as best you can.

      • abprosper: Fascinating, must read article at Couhter-Currents today by Nicholas Jeelvy, describing why normie conservatives literally cannot, neurologically, not work within the system. There is no betrayal the left could perform that would allow the conservative personality to accept the violence and chaos that would naturally occur by responding in kind. Those that can be redpilled have been redpilled. You fight with the army you have.

      • Good comment Prospier. A bit disjointed, but we all get that way don’t we. Only problem I have with your comment is that cops are working-class guys just trying to make a living. You’re asking them to quit. I don’t like them having to be just another jobless victim of the system. Guys need an income.

        • Good thing lots of places are hiring.

          More seriously, if cops quit en masse, they could simply start private security firms and provide private security to ritzy neighborhoods. This isn’t that far fetched, as cops do this anyway, at least in large cities, once they get their pension.

        • Fed Ex probably pays about the same in many areas.

          Its not prestigious but at least your boss thinks you have some value if only as a part of a line item.

    • Every mistake we’ve made the entire half century of my life can be summed into one word: Mercy.

      So No Mercy.

  9. There should be a dissident cartoon with Kyle Rittenhouse, James Fields and Derek Chauvin are all in one prison cell with a caption, “there may be a pattern here.”

  10. Guilty on all charges. Sick sick sick. But this was the perfect mirror of the O J Simpson trial. Black O J did kill (two) whites and got ‘not guilty’. White Chauvin (probably) did not kill Floyd and got ‘guilty’. Only way in which where these two cases are the same and not mirror images, is miscarriage of justice. On ‘the system failed’ they are very much the same. Now watching the scum celebrating live on TV. To hell with this, to hell with it.

    • I guess being a cop during a civilizational free fall is a dangerous proposition isn’t it. Maybe the nearly impenetrable psyche of cops will be penetrated by this. That voice in the back of their heads, “Is the pension worth it?” We’ll see how this affects our people in the next few years.

    • My Chauvinism;
      Heil Him.
      Whoever Him is Heil.

      Fuck ideology.
      What we need are leaders.

      • Without ideology there is no common goal and nothing for leaders to do.

        Ideology is everything.

        Now leaders need to be incredibly smart, charismatic that can’t be subverted or threatened and have a good sized power base to resist the permanent government are essential.

        President Trump tried but he was easily outmatched as he was lacking.

        Men like that are rare though and it its best to assume they aren’t there. Build local resilient communities , get off the grid when you can and just let the system do what its going to do.

        With reproductive rates he way they are in less time than from now to the War of 1812 much of the former US will be many nations, many Christian, White and Agrarian.

        Amish Paradise will never go to the moon but they’ll live moral if dull lives which is good enough.

    • Derek Chauvin, political prisoner of Black Run Amerika.

      And I say that despite being a cop-hater…

    • This is the future of justice in every red state once it goes blue. Remember that when someone tells you there’s a political solution within the system.

        • Yes the midterms. A couple of governorships also and we will be primed to make a good showing in 2024.

          This will be our decade I tell you. Ben Shapiro’s insights and leadership will be instrumental in all of this. Once we get this country back, firstly, tax breaks.
          Secondly, conservative people of color into high positions. We will show them.
          Finally we move to a more inclusive dialog with our mid-east adversaries. With Israel’s help that will cement Republican leadership for this country for decades.

        • We just need a couple more based black guys on Fox News telling people how the democrats are the real racists and that will fix everything. Before you know it, everyone will embrace the “legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King” and racism will be a thing of the past.

          Our 1.2 children will one day take a trip to Washington DC to see statues of Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro erected next to the statue of St. George Floyd, who like Dr. King would be a republican if he were alive today. The inscription at the bottom will read, “Race doesn’t matter. Ideology does.” Little black children will then sing hymns to the sacred constitution and recite the words for former slaveholders like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson — now that race is a thing of the past and no one ever thinks about that anymore, least of all African-Americans.

          The democrats may seem to be on a winning streak with this mass immigration, total control of the media, and full spectrum persecution of their enemies. But just you wait. That silent majority is going to show up in the polls any time now. Virginia and Georgia are going back to being red states and California, too! Woo hoo. Trust the plan. So say we all.

    • This verdict will cause a sea change in policing across the country.

      As Sailer predicted, we have entered the time when a black can only be arrested if he really feels like being arrested.

      • What goes through the midwit normie mind:

        That’s impossible. Stephen Pinker said the future was going to be great, that all we had to do was continue what we had already been doing. And he works at HARVARD. The New York Times agrees. So, obviously that can’t happen. Stephen Colbert and Seth Myers also say everything is the fault of the GOP — everything. My TV says blacks are hunted down by evil cops. Put it all together, and I don’t know what it means, but since I believe everything I hear, I’ll just wait for the next Jordan Peele movie to tell me what I should think about all of this.

        • “if I just debase myself & virtue signal a little harder, blacks, hispanics, and asians will finally see I’m not a racist and I’ll be one of the brothers…”

  11. War with Russia is the most insane act conceivable. While I haven’t had time to comment much I still read this blog and it seems true that we don’t actually know who’s calling the foreign policy shots in Washington. Considering that they are aggressively picking a fight with 5000 thermonuclear weapons that is actually rather scary. Russia could rip the continental United States to shreds if push came to shove. It is about as smart as jumping into a pit with a man-eating tiger swinging your razor sharp, glinting samurai sword. Sure, the tiger will probably die if you know how to use that thing. But, probably so would you.

    P.S. Just heard the jury is back in the Chauvin case and just saw Z’s comment on gab via WRSA. I think Chauvin will be put away. The jury is blacks and (presumably, given Minneapolis’ reputation) rather woke whites. They are not the place to look if you’re searching for ppl ready to do right come hell or high water. I think he will be convicted, possibly even of 2nd degree murder. I think a not guilty verdict would be the right one. If I’m wrong and they return ‘not guilty’, honker down and stay away from crowds. So tired of this nonsense. Stay safe guys.

  12. Chauvin verdict incoming. I really don’t know, in the long term, what verdict is best for our people. These sort of situations are like a butterfly flapping its wings, you don’t know what set of events is better until its already happened.

    • The police would likely be far more impacted by a guilty verdict. They are an apparatus of the state, so you have to think of that.

      • “The police would likely be far more impacted by a guilty verdict. They are an apparatus of the state, so you have to think of that.”

        Very true. I hope for a not guilty. But the police are the ones who would haul dissidents or their computers and drives and cell phones or guns, away. When it is no longer a free country, all sorts of unfamiliar things to take into consideration.

        • images of the police terrorizing churches in Canada who refused to follow the “social distancing rules” are seared into my head

          frankly, i don’t care

          but if the USA was still a nation of laws, Chauvin walks.

    • i would be shocked if the 6 blacks on the jury unanimously voted not guilty after 10 hours.

      Guilty on all counts

      let’s see if my prediction is right

  13. I think you also overlooked the fact that the Russians have worked out a practical alliance with the Chinese. Russia has supplied China with weaponry in recent years and they’ve held joint exercises. The Chinese are opportunists. If the US got in a shooting war with Russia over Crimea, I think it would be highly probable that they would use it as an opportunity to finally take Taiwan with the empire spread thin. Such a move against Russia would be beyond foolish. We’d be talking about a potential WW3.

    • All true. However, AINO is ruled by lunatics, which means you can’t rule anything out.

      • There is a feeling of use it or lose it in the air.

        Scuttlebutt most of our nuclear weapons no longer work.

        We’ll be recycling tritium in about 8 years or so since we can’t procure a new supply and other components including the launch code floppies may not work right now.

        Quite a few of bombers are running fumes or scavenged parts as well.

        Russia knows this its public information anyway , China knows this too.

        Between that and the internal issues, with a little patience the US which is near its Former USSR 1993 stage now will simply defang itself.

        • Question: where does one get tritium, anyways?

          From a certain ascendant power that has a lock on rare earth metals, perhaps?

          • We used to have plants in the US and Canada to make it but our society really isn’t capable of dealing with nuclear power .

            We can’t even figure out a solution to the waste issue.

  14. Z-Man, nice piece but I take issue with the military angle. First, I think war is highly likely because initially it would succeed wildly. No nation has ever had a solution to American Air Power. Since the Gulf War, Serbia, Iraq War, Libya, Syria, and various Israeli vs. Hezbollah & Iran actions/wars, American style air power has been supreme over anything Russian.

    Russian pilot training is a joke, very limited. Their airplanes are old, avionics inferior, and air defense systems easily destroyed in every single engagement. There is no reason to think given war that Russian air forces would not be wiped out in a day or two, air defenses a few days longer, and armored forces destroyed as in Syria a few years back. Even the Turks splashed Russian airplanes and had no comeback. The US could roll forward like a juggernaut — UNTIL …

    Dug in infantry and artillery. Which the US since Tarawa and Saipan have had no good answer for. Israel suffered fairly major (for them) casaulties against Hezbollah in their latest war, dug in troops with artillery and anti-tank weapons took a heavy toll. I think the US military is mostly behind this — the colonels want to be generals and one star generals want another star. Big Army and the Air Force have been left out in the War on Terror Special Forces Olympics and want action. They know they can succeed initially very well and simply are ignoring the danger from dug in forces.

    My guess is that it happens, gets bogged down in the Donbass, the Turks try an amphibious landing in Crimea and suffer their own Gallipoli, turn to Greece and the Balkans with US blessing, and someone in the US Army pivots and goes for Moscow “to settle the matter” and Putin goes tactical nuclear. Where it goes from there is anyone’s guess. There might also be a SEAL or Spec Ops team sent to Moscow to kidnap/kill Putin, he’s unlikely to be there of course.

    As for motivation, its mostly a group as you noted looking to loot Russia, the usual Wall Street suspects, along with gay/tranny people. The Pritzkers, etc. There is nothing more beserker than Tranny rage. Putin has limited gay/tranny depravity so he’s target #1. The Military wants action of course. And there are the great gamers angry at Russian help with Iran in Syria who also want (????) and Iranian nuclear arms deal (again ????) Yeah I know $$$$ but still.

    ALSO, War with Russia will be the excuse for the re-ordering of society that the Ruling Class has wanted since Bill Ayers. Camps for White people, with soldiers/sailors/marines told they must fight utmost for their family back home to get food (or not). The camps of course will never go away, at least that is the plan. War with Russia, the FBI/National Guard mobilized to round up White people with various Fed agencies in tow, a dead certainty and another major motivation. “Russian subversion” will be the fig leaf.

    One thing to note, Team Biden has threatened Israel over its actions sabotaging the Iran Deal. For some ($$$$$) reason the Biden Deep State has a total raging hard on for that deal, it would not shock me to see the SEALs sent to Israel to abduct Netanyahu and his cabinet and transfer them to Iran for execution just to send Israel’s military a message. People in Biden’s Admin seem that invested. Spec Ops seems to be the magic elixir for the Deep State these days.

    It seems power is fragmented into several different camps and this makes IMHO war more rather than less likely. As the Military and CIA can just act with no real president to stop them.

    • Russia’s air force did pretty well too in Syria. And the US air force has not faced post 1990s Russian air tech. Everyone’s talking about the Russian S-400 air to air missiles and the SU-30 and 35 fighters are pretty good. The Indian air force uses the SU-30 and they often beat F-15s in mock air battles in joint exercises. I don’t think the US will own the skies uncontested over Eastern Ukraine if ppl with more authority than brains are crazy enough to find out empirically.

    • Dude, it’s not 1989 anymore.

      The Russians have made immense progress and created the world’s best integrated air defense system.

      • I can’t upvote this enough! The balance of air power since ’89 has pretty much inverted, and you’d have to be pretty ignorant to not know that.

    • “Spec Ops seems to be the magic elixir for the Deep State these days.”

      Biden’s not pulling out of Afghanistan. He’s converting our presence there to private contractors.

      • Pardon, I meant to add, expect more of the same, everywhere, as our military becomes more corporate.

        Excellent prognostications as always, Whiskey.

      • Fine with me.

        Mercs know what they are getting into when they sign up and have no illusions about patriotism or national service or any other such hoo hah .

    • They cannot beat the US but the US can certainly lose a war.

      Any war the US wins against Russia too far into their territory will result in a nukes being used , not against CONUS at first but anyone stupid enough to base our aircraft or our carriers.

      They may also have hyperbaric missiles and other nasty tech capable of hurting us.

      The US hasn’t lost many planes to the foes we’ve fought but I’ll note that the Taliban destroyed more Marine aircraft in a ground op than the anyone else since WW2

      We share a border with Russia and unlike basically most any other nation can sneak people in easily and create untold havoc. Including killing pilots at home.

      They can also flood the US and Mexico with arms as an option.

      $50 AKM and Makarov pistol. $200 for an RPG

      Ultimately if the Russian Airforce isn’t up to the job Russia has asymmetrical options galore and a final doomsday option as well.

      • You can’t beat the Afghans or the Vietnamese, but now you want to fuck with the Russians, who put Napoleon and Hitler in the dirt? 30 trillion in debt? Owned and controlled by termite jews, destroying you from the inside out? Chicks and trannies in the ranks. Good luck with that..

    • Question: will white males in the military be willing to fight and die against the Russians on behalf of an Alzheimer’s patient and his racist “yeah, but white” VP, sec of defense, and the columnists of the Washington Post & MSNBC, the network that wanted to use drones on republicans here in America? Would you die on behalf of this country after all it has done against our people? Maybe there would be a mutiny. Didn’t the military already recall those ships headed to the Black Sea? Looked to me like somebody was overruled. Maybe Z’s idea of Biden not being fully in control is correct. Biden was forced to settle for sanctions when the military told him to take a hike. Maybe that’s not a bad thing.

      • I’m too old to be conscripted by far and have no kids.

        However if I were 25, no I would not.

        If the Russians end up in a war and decide to treat captives humanely, a lot of our guys would surrender. Done right , they might flip sides in enough numbers to serve as propaganda.

        Tear away the remaining Christians , you dull the spear,

      • I’ve been wanting a “Curragh Mutiny” (actually a comedy of hypotheticals) to push back against this Woke nonsense, but it seems that Four-Star Hill has been captured by the Woketarded, either by the uniformed or the polyester-suited bureaucracy. Or are they “just simple soldiers” and do what they’re told, even if it’s intended as a joke? As much as I hate (for much more than a mere Two Minutes) this regime, and as much as I respect (not admire) Putin, I won’t cheer on Mother Russia, and I hope that war can be avoided; The Ukraine is not worth a single paratrooper, let alone that of the proverbial Pomeranian Grenadier.

  15. Z;
    Don’t understand why nobody’s talking about the most obvious beneficiary of any US – Russia conflict: *China*.

    China has lots of people and few natural resources in a constricted (for that many people) geography. Russia has few people, lots of natural resources and a vast geography right next door. Siberia’s not going to strip-mine itself to send resources to keep those Chinese factories going, now is it.

    And we know China has Kompromat on *a lot* of our Swamp. And we know China has ‘unredeemed’ Han just off their coast that the CCP has staked a good bit of its claim to the Mandate of Heaven in redeeming by any means possible. And we know that causing the foreign devils to fight among themselves for the benefit of the Middle Kingdom has been a Chinese strategic staple for > 3,000 years.

    Compared to these solid interests, a thirst for revenge by the tiny hat folk for affronts committed 200 years ago seems a bit ephemeral by comparison, don’t you think_? Note: both motivations can be true and more besides.

    • If the US was run by rationel people, they would be scratching their heads how to lure Russia over to our side and away from China’s. Didn’t these idiots play risk or axis and allies as children?? But of course, these morons can’t tell the difference between a man and a woman so why would they have a 15 yr old’s understanding of grand strategy. And that’s assuming they are imbeciles and not (more likely) brilliantly crazy and astonishingly evil.

    • Quite so. 20 years ago China had maps showing Siberia and Khazakstan (Baikanour) as Chinese provinces. Lebenstraum makes sense, and the Mongoloid race is made for the cold.

      The question then becomes, is the Ukraine feint an attempt to pull Russia into a two-front war? A western front diverting military resources from an eastern advance?

      (Speaking of long memories, Vladistovok used to have a Chinese name, and until 740, China’s dominion extended to Turkish borders.

      On the other hand, the Rus remember the brutal Golden Horde, Mongol occupation, which made them the right mean b*stards they are.

      Me, I’d say the race war goes back to the Scythians and beyond- the white stock from whence the Uyghers come. It appears to me that two peoples with much the same chracteristics- including resentment of white invaders- have found a mutual interest.)

      • I imagine there are Russian strategists cursing the crazy psychos in charge in DC forcing them into the arms of their most obvious natural enemy.

    • By “tiny hat folks” you mean Jews but your summary completely misunderstands post diaspora Jewish history. Compared with Ukraine, yes Ukraine, Jews did not have much problem with Russia and/or Russians nor with Poland/Poles back then. The Khmelnitzky riot/uprising/revolution in the 17th Century (see for some details in was probably the greatest catastrophe in Jewish history before WWII, and pogroms were quite common in the following centuries in Ukraine/Belarus.
      It is a mystery why “liberal” political Jews have also completely turned against Russia in recent years but whatever the cause of that turn was it could not be historic reasons despite what the commenters in this blog believe. I for one would like to hear a rational explanation but I do not believe that neo-cons like Frum, Boot or Kristol, etc., are motivated by hatred of Russia for any historical reasons. My explanation is simpler, to quote the indomitable spirit of Bobbi Flekman “Money talks, bullshit walks” and the PRC has money, furthermore, it is a clear political advantage for the Chinese to make America hate Russia.
      Of course, one may legitimately think that it is a deep psychological problem for former Trotskyites or Stalinists but also lovers of Soviet Russia that is the underlying idiocy here compensating for a self-hate that one might feel for having supported such a murderous regime.

      • Ton;
        An amazing read that I knew almost nothing about_! Thanks. Obviously in retrospect, when world history was actually taught before Big U went Poz, it was very much W European centered.

        As to whether the events in Ukraine of 350 years ago matter to today’s motivations, I guess it matters if enough of the tiny hats think they do, regardless. In a sane world, they’d be told to get over it, if it were really true that they think this and that they run things here. Smdh.

  16. I think it is pretty obvious that the US empire would lose the war with Russia. Transgender sergeants just don’t command the respect of real men, and women just can’t cut the mustard. But, the elite have to know this as well. So, we have to ask: Why do they want us to lose this war? The answer is the same as why they’re pushing the pandemic lie. It’s about destroying all resistance in this country. This will determine if Americans have any backbone left. Given the past 4 years, the sheep-like response to giving up freedoms for safety, and the obvious stealing of the presidential election have pretty much already answered this. We’ll all be Lagos, soon.

    • A W Male;
      I’m not sure that the Cloud Folk of today actually *do*realize (or care) how much they’ve weakened the US Military of late.

      In my interactions with normies, even un-woke ones, it’s like Scott Adams says: “One screen, two movies.” That is, they have so convinced themselves of their worldview, that this is looked on as improvement. After all, the Universities are doing just fine and are really much better now, so why would it be different with the US Military. And the top brass has assured them that it’s all good.

      • The human capacity for self-delusion is nearly infinite. These dopes really believe this nonsense; that American power is limitless. They learned nothing from Iraq and Afghanistan. They are crazy.

    • We would probably win at least at first. Russian air defenses have been obliterated in every conflict US Airpower or allies have fought in since the early 1950s. That has not changed at all.

      There was a Russian armored column in Syria “accidentally on purpose” destroyed by a couple of US jets a few years ago. That sort of thing would happen repeatedly in the Donbass and in Crimea.

      After Russian jets and air defense missiles are wiped out in a day or two, any armor would be destroyed. If it tried to move during the day, at night, or even just stayed put it would be destroyed like Saddam’s forces.

      Where it gets dicey is advancing on enemies who spent the last few years digging in with concrete and mines and artillery and machine guns interlocked and prepared. Those can be taken but it would be heavy cost, like the Hedgerows before Patton’s breakout to the West. And the temptation would be to break away, go to Moscow to break the stalemate. We don’t have a massive conscript army any more and heavy casualties means the combat effectiveness of the US Army degrades rapidly. That is what happened to the Wehrmacht in 1941. By early 1942 they had lost so many experienced soldiers even as they advanced that they had half the combat effectiveness they did a year prior, which explains their serial failures in the East. They just did not have enough skilled manpower to successfully attack (and Soviet tactics and counter-offensives got a lot better over time). Combat Infantry attacking requires high skills. Defense far less so as the Israelis found out in Lebanon against Hezbollah and the Iranians. So the temptation to break out and fight a war of maneuver favoring US strengths would be nearly irresistible for the US Army as its irreplaceable manpower gets bled away against dug in conscripts.

      At that point I think Putin at least unleashes tactical nukes which he certainly has.

      Is our leadership willing to engage in total nuclear war annihilating most US cities to get Putin? My guess is no, but its only a guess. The Woke Military in Lloyd Austin could easily decide to go for it. Who would stop him? The situation is filled with danger.

      Hopefully other power centers in the Deep State will pull back from war.

      • “We would probably win at least at first. Russian air defenses have been obliterated in every conflict US Airpower or allies have fought in since the early 1950s. That has not changed at all.”

        Actually, it has changed, and there are a number of reasons. The quality of equipment has declined and has not been updated for several years. Russia has upgraded their equipment, in the meantime. Most of the personnel in the Armed Forces now are only in it for training and a paycheck. They have no loyalty to DC. The distance between the Ukraine and the United States is one of the reasons you “never engage in a land war in Asia”. Supply lines have to be overextended and easily sabotaged. Europe may pay lip service to US ambitions, but they hate us and won’t provide anymore help than they have to. Some may even tell Biden to go f*ck himself. Don’t forget, we are also placing men and supplies in position to engage China, so a two front war is possible, three if you count the Islamic Middle East. Germany had the best military in the world in 1939 but trying to take on war on three fronts was an impossibility, and will prove to be for the US. America is not what it was in 2001, much less 1950.

        • The border issue is weird. Alaska is very close to Russia but that region is inhospitable.

          Its 34 Fahrenheit right now in April so its rough going for aircraft. We used to have an airbase there called Marks Field but its long gone so we come in a bit behind. Russia is better at large scale cold weather ops though we are about equal in spec forces

          Also Europe may not allow us to base our aircraft there for fear of retaliation.

          A war would get really weird really fast.

      • No, Whiskey, your sense of the combat readiness and competence of Russia’s aerospatial forces is way, way off. With the rapid advances of recent years in fighters (pointed out by another poster who referred to how the Indian AF, flying contemporary Russian fighters, whipped the US forces asses in joint exercises…hmm), air defenses with their spectrum of missiles from Pantsirs to S-400s, phased array radar systems both on their aircraft, as well as their AD systems, and their recent extensive experience in ground attack in coordination with ground forces in Syria, does not augur well for the US forces should things get jiggy.

        That Russian armored column of which you spoke was a column of Russian military contractors, not the Russian military. Big difference in capabilities and equipment. The US was supposed to coordinate military actions with the Russian/Syrian forces, but they did not in that incidence. And you wonder why the Russians consider the US to be totally “non-agreement capable”? They know the US diplomatic and military command structure to be composed of liars to a very high degree. They didn’t like it, but the situation demanded restraint; but God help US forces if that imposed restraint is removed.

        The Turkish “splash” of a Russian ground attack aircraft was a carefully laid ambush by the border executed while the Russian craft was tightly manuevering to avoid crossing into Turkish airspace. Whether they had actually, for a few seconds, violated their airspace, is not even certain, but the attack was a scurilous, cowardly act. Russia cut all tourist travel to Turkey and trade, and Erdogan came crawling in short order, as Turkey was being bled white. When the Syrians and Russians were attacking jihadis in the north later, the Turks set up “observer positions” there, basically to shield their jihadi pals, but these positions were quickly made nonviable (i.e., nonsurvivable) when fire rained down danger close, and any and all resupply was cut off.

        If the US/NATO gets into it with the Russians over their “near abroad”, the rear echelon motherfuckers will find themselves in the front echelons, as cruise missile attacks on supply dumps and follow-on forces will be done by non-nuclear munitions and/or nasty, lingering submunitions. Trench warfare it will not be. And what leads you to believe that military GPS satellites, upon which so many offensive capabilities of US/NATO forces depend, will not be shot down. And if the US lobs anything into Russian territory, any launch facilities to replace destroyed GPS satellites will be history.

        These are not third world ragheads with beatup Kalashnikovs here. The Russians do not want war, but if the US littlehats want to throw some shitfit over some, likely apocryphal, supposed incidents involving their greatgrandfather in the Russian Empire days, the war will land on their doorstep, no matter where they are, US, Europe, Israel. The shotcallers will not be safe. Good.

    • Most of those in the upper reaches of our government do NOT know this as well. As z has noted, a weakness of our side is that those on our side expect some logical explanation. By and large, those espousing tranny and female equality ideologies are fanatics. That’s it. They are fanatical believers in an ideology rooted in fantasy land, and at some point, reality punches you in the face. That’s it.

      • Do you not understand the difference between the “upper reaches of our government” and the entities that actually rule us?

        • I do quite understand. Both have fanatics that truly believe these things. If I were to guess, I’d say there are fewer fanatics in the ruling class, but that will change with time as the propaganda permeates. It’s so rooted in fantasy land that our side can’t even comprehend there is a group of people running a world power that believes it. So we try and create reasons why they do it.

          • Not the first time. Half the guys that deserved and met the national razor during the French Revolution couldn’t understand why they were there.

            Prosperity is poison . This is kind of why post WW2 USA had absurd taxes on the very rich. The idea was that huge gaps lead to social detachment and lack of patriotism

            It failed as a policy but at its core policies that lead to CEO pay being say 20x worker pay are hella better than what we have now

          • Well, we’ll just have to agree to disagree. Might I remind you, you don’t know any of the people that make the decisions. They employ armies of people that have no problem selling themselves for 30 pieces. But, the Cloud People don’t interact with the peasantry. And they are not stupid, either. They’re evil, but not stupid. Look at what they have accomplished. They completely control the economy and make it stop or start at their command. They offed JFK almost 60 years ago and got away with it. They’re even more entrenched now. Why just last November they stole the presidential election in broad daylight, AND GOT AWAY WITH IT! No, none of them believe in the liberal agenda. Its just a useful tool to gain and retain power. And frankly, I don’t believe that people like Biden or Pelosi believe any of that nonsense, either. They’re just given the script and go with it. Now, there are some useful idiots that believe in Climatology, Cancel Culture, and Institutionalized Racism, but they’re just the shock troops and loud mouths that follow victimology because they want to be on the winning side.

  17. C’mon al of you big strong men, Uncle Sam needs your help again. Jews got us all in a terrible jam way down yonder in Ukraine. Put down your phones,pick up a gun, you’re gonna have a whole lotta fun!

  18. Actually, you somewhat hit on the truth with that previous post on Covid. The empire needs and external enemy and it’s a huge bonus if that enemy is white. The Chinese, who are our real rivals, get a pass on almost everything because they are non-white. This is how deep the white-hating racism goes through the system.

    • I think the fact that Russians are white plays in too. With the Germans and Brits being more pathetic than a squashed banana, last whites not tamed by the empire lol (smh)

  19. So I was stuck by how many phrases could be replaced by one four letter word beginning with “J”.

    “but the people who see themselves as map makers”
    “the usual suspects responded ”
    “Many of these people”
    “but the usual suspects that actually run imperial foreign policy”
    “semi-permanent foreign policy establishment”
    “the people running the American financial system.”
    “the usual suspects in the State”

  20. Treaty obligations or not, it’s hard to imagine the US getting into a war with Russia over the Ukraine, or with China over Taiwan.

    Like Obama’s ‘red line’ with Syria, and Trump’s empty ultimatums to North Korea, we’re all bark and no bite, and I expect our adversaries know it. While I’m sure there are people in our government and in the military-industrial complex who’d support it, it’s my impression that most Americans would not.

    It may make Biden look good and feel good to talk tough to the Russians and Chinese, but I doubt it will ever go beyond that.

    With the Dems focused on dividing Americans domestically, over ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’: with ‘systemic racism’ and ‘White privilege’ the boogeymen, and ‘White supremacists’ replacing ‘the red menace’ as the real threat to our way of life; why would they choose to muddy the waters by taking on another controversy?

    But if we did declare war on Russia: what are the chances that China and/or Iran would come in on the side of Russia? Which— as I understand it— would be a war we’d have zero chance of winning.

    • Nukes are no longer the sole “last argument of kings.”

      A savvy country like Russia or China could cripple the US with cyberwar attacks in a couple of days. Banking, power centers, GPS signals, telecommunications, internet, etc.

      That is, if they just don’t blackmail our politicians first. Maybe not possible? The Hunter Biden thing was unreal in how 1.) bad it was 2.) covered up by the media.

      • Yeah, and let’s not forget Jeffrey Epstein— who it seems almost certain was operating a classic ‘honey-trap’, collecting incriminating videos of powerful people— isn’t it odd how nothing came of that?

        Cyber war; an EMP attack that we may have no way of knowing where it came from, or who to retaliate against; a conventional war in which no nation goes nuclear; or an all-out nuclear war— I’m not an expert, but it’s my understanding that we likely wouldn’t come out well in any of those scenarios; certainly if China and/or Iran joined with Russia in opposing us.

        And if it does go nuclear: the Russians now have supersonic multi-warhead missiles that we apparently have no defense against. And didn’t the Obama administration adopt a ‘no launch on warning policy’, in which we wait until we’re actually hit by an adversary’s nukes before giving the order to our military to strike back?

        It may be that the US military has weapons— like satellite-based ones— they aren’t talking about; but I’m under the impression that we’re no longer the top dog when it comes to any sort of serious conflict.

      • Like JFK’s assignations and illnesses, or Martin Luther Kings habit of beating women into a pulp and having sex with underage White girls, the public would never hear of it.

        No big shot would be inconvenienced by internet outages.

        “White Christian Trash” shivering in the dark is a feature, not a bug, of modern Western Elites. [Per Disney talking about people they don’t want content for, about, or by].

        Its nukes and nukes alone that deters the Western Deep State. And it is a mighty deterrence. It can’t be spun, suppressed, Twitter stormed, or arrested. It means elites are DEAD in their mansions. Dirt people dying would be a plus. but themselves, never.

        *The FBI tried to ruin King by having media run its tapes of him beating the hell out of women and banging 13 year old White girls. Not a single outlet would run it. It would be the same today.

        • If there was an interregnum nothing would change. The Press will still serve the state.

          Difference is it will be your State.

          Anyway this information getting out is why the push for automated censorship. They think because they went to right schools, know the right people and got the right job they are entitled to decide what people know.

          Not gonna happen.

          Honestly the more I think about it the more I think Pol Pot and Mao had some good points. Most of our elite would be better off after five or ten years on a collective farm , you don’t work, you don’t eat.

          All that hard work might fix these defectives and make them realize they aren’t special and that reality is real even when it sucks,

    • “…it’s hard to imagine the US getting into a war with Russia over the Ukraine…”

      When I meet ppl who can’t tell the difference between men and women I am ready to believe they may do all sorts of things I personally couldn’t imagine. Just a rule of thumb, of course.

  21. Great article, Z!
    What a friggin mess we always make of this potentially beautiful earth.
    And, as usual, the average joe gets dragged through the feces, unwillingly or by hypnosis.

  22. No white kid, (or black kid for that matter) should be in the military making war against the Russians. Let Israel fight their own damn wars.

    • Educate yourself man (or are you a woman?). Israel enjoys the best relationship with Russia in their 73 years history.
      Putin is the best friend of Jews Russia ever had at the top (Alexander II comes close second).

      • Yeah but the ((())) in America hate all things Putin and Russia

        and they run this country and will have zero restraint in showing their Israeli brethren who runs the world show vis a vis Russia

        But you bring up a good point, the good cop bad cop routine could be in play. As always they play both sides of the fence.

        • Al;
          Done by anarchists where, like crime in the US by another minority, they were way over-represented but by no means exclusively the perps.

      • Israel doesn’t have allies, just friends of a feather. The Israelis were happy to screw the USA over Pollard, then later snitched on the Russians to the USA over hacking Kapersky. Israel does what benefits Israel.

  23. Z Man your promotions copy needs to be updated. The Alaska Chaga paragraph says:

    “It’s autumn here in Lagos, so it is my daily beverage now.”

    It’s Springtime for most of us.

  24. America has come to believe two basic, now foundational lies over its history. The first lie, is that a country can be “an idea,” without being “a people.” This is the post civil war era lie. A piece of rusty twine that held the post civil war era together with a civic religion. The second lie is the literal reinterpretation of “all men are created equal” to mean, “all humans should be equal.” The further we aggressively pursue the second lie, the more the likelihood of toppling both lies. These lies are foundational to “who we are” as Derbyshire would say. These lies exist in Europe as well, but when they topple over there the Europeans will rediscover the sub-basement containing their old cultures. We have no sub-basement. We have no ancient culture to fall back on. We will be alone, and angry, and looking for anything to cling to and find nothing but aliens among us. I strongly believe that our provocative, projecting foreign policy is an attempt to ignore our foundational lies. A long, psychological vacation for our ownership class.

    • “I strongly believe that our provocative, projecting foreign policy is an attempt to ignore our foundational lies. A long, psychological vacation for our ownership class.”

      There is no American exceptionalism and this has been a common endpoint throughout history. As Plato noted in REPUBLIC, all democracies become tyrannies and then resort to a state of permanent warfare to distract the masses.

    • When the likes of Hannity say we’re a nation of exceptionalism they never bring up the likes of a George Floyd or common gangbanger scum that is blight on all urban areas. Not a lot of exceptionalism there. In fact it’s the opposite in that it destroys the work of exceptional people.

      But they will bring up Thomas Edison and the Wright Bros. as if that means anything anymore

      Stuck in the past

      • So true. I’ll bet he never mentions Henry Ford though. That’s part of his broken record little diatribe. Every reference he makes is from pre-war America when The Charleston was popular. Old boomers love their baloney sandwiches though. He audience has to be 70+.

        • Very close. Median age is between 65-68 for Fox News.

          Younger Conservatives if they do news at all probably go to OAN or Newsmax or online.

  25. we might get to see US lose its superpower status & turn into a regional power under our very eyes. Not only cause this will be the nth international conflict they’ll fail at, but cause of europe losing its faith in america’s military prowess and sanity.

    I feel sorry for the ukrainians, not even a century has passed since they were g*n0cided by the j*uws and now the tribe is gonna bring ruin upon them once more.

    • The worst part? Jews are officially running the Ukraine now. Check out their leader, Volodymyr Zelensky. He is Jewish and was a stand-up comedian prior to the Zionists and their American puppets inserting him as president. Word is he helped set up Trump on the phone call that led to impeachment. He will flee to Zion as soon as the first shot is fired.

      Again, Russia would be well-advised to move quickly against Israel if war breaks out.

    • There’s chosenite chatter about pulling up tent stakes from their sandy Balfour squat and claiming Ukraine as their new divinely-mandated HQ. Arab fecundity and American’s hesitancy to sacrifice to the last drop of blood for our slavers’ Greater Israel remodeling project perhaps. The )))Ukrainians((( never seem to catch a break.

      • I believe Russia will occupy Ukraine at some point in the future so I don’t see that happening. Russia won’t risk having new Khazaria on their freaking border.

        Also, people might be understating Israel’s importance.
        I’m not referring to j*uws only, but also the neocons.
        There is this idea in lalaland christian anglo America that j*uws will convert to christianity and that the temple must be rebuilt in Jerusalem so that Christ might return.

        J*uwish elites have put much effort into creating Israel, the tribe didn’t even wanna move there initially, WW2 had to happen to make it happen, can’t see them giving up on it just cause muslims are better at reproducing.

      • Source for that?

        It would be nuts though, it would sure explain the hyper focus on getting russia out of ukraine. It’s basically a giant, empty country, with moderate weather, fertile soil, and certainly more “hospitable” neighbors than the current homeland. As well as a rapidly declining population.

      • Ukraine used to be known as the “Pale of Settlement” where the Tsar kept the Jewish troublemakers. It was also part of the historic territory of the Khazar kingdom. The radical Zionist leader Vladimir (Ze’ev) Jabotinsky was born and raised in Odessa. He was the founder of the Irgun terrorist group, and godfather of the Likud movement. Netanyahu’s father was Jabotinsky’s personal secretary.

  26. The war will probably not happen.

    If it did, half the country would not be rooting for the Russians, but they would be hating DC.

    The actual goal of any policy for Sane Americans should be to end NATO, for if you end NATO you end the Empire- for it was for the Empire and by the Empire that Trump was overthrown- and before him Nixon.
    The American Empire provides the Left and the Dems and the Uniparty with the Intelligence operatives who overthrew Nixon and Trump, as well as the entrenched interests. And money. Lots of money. It also buys the Generals and Admirals who commit and abet by negligence Treason. Going back further to FDR and Wilson the Left/Dems embraced war and then Imperial Cold War to gain the powers of the State. The best next move to be made is to collapse NATO, this requires a full court press and not DRs magical invisible hand of collapse. Nor is it fruitful to pursue “ending wars” or “cutting the military budget “ without ending the alliances that justify both.
    NATO is where it all centers on, if NATO is ended or reduced to a mere paper treaty instead of Imperial HQ in Brussels then all the rest is possible.
    It is the treaty that justifies all, that justifies the Empire, the rule by Intel, the occasional wars, the budget, the bases, the Empire and now this year the downfall of the Republic.
    Also Hegemonic Finance, and yes the Smol Hat Hofjude Imperialists.

    End NATO in peace and war, and much is possible, keep NATO and little is possible.

  27. I know Europe has the same problems that we have on so many levels. A lot of them are big problems. But Europe still has various in-tact cultural identities that they can fall back on during a disaster. We, on the other hand, have this vast continental nation of people increasingly alien to each other. This is why it’s always been about the “American dream” which is consumerist at its heart. But when that breaks down, eventually, a country needs more. At best we will peacefully go our separate ways. Couples, some who never should have married, can stay together, long after the love is gone, because they want the same things. Usually material things. When that’s obliterated the couples usually divorce. There could be a day, in the not so distant future, where our country is so broken and shattered that European countries will be accepting some American migrants, perhaps using ancestral tests.

    • Europe is also run by anti white lunatics and is getting BLACKED every year from arab and african migrants as well as suffering from low birth rates.

      • They have much further to fall than we do, even today. It will be bloody but they can still clean up the mess on most of that continent. Italians have been half African anyway. Our demographic impairment is far beyond salvage in many places.

        • JR Wirth: I must take issue with your characteristic of Italians as half African. While they have, unfortunately let far too many sub-Saharans sully their native land, my half-Italian husband is as pale hu-White as they come, with blue eyes (and blond hair as a young child). And his maternal ancestors are from southern Italy (albeit not Sicily, which is admittedly somewhat different genetically, but due to constant invasions rather than consensual miscegenation).

          • I was joking. I have a family member that married into an Italian family from Naples. I told one of them that she was actually north African. It was a big mistake.

          • Americans say that about Italians because they don’t realize that Italy and Sicily were “melting pots” before America existed

            Most of the dark varieties are “Italians” but not “of Italy” and came there for work. Their names were Latinized over time.

            Best example I can give is say that a million negroes from North Carolina moved to Poland. The Poles start to think all North Carloninians are black, they must be, look at these people here. Then you have a white guy from North Carolina go to Poland on vacation and the locals assume he must be part black somewhere in his lineage.

            There is also something of a caste system. The darkies in Italy are of mixed heritage, similar to Mestizos here, and are the ones who mostly came over through Ellis Island. America got Italy’s Mestizos. The real Italians stayed behind. Which is why when you meet an upper class or so forth Italian they look little like the typical “Italian” you see here. Again, it’s like comparing a Mestizo to a Spaniard upper class person from Mexico.

          • Romans were likely but another German tribe gone south, as were the Etruscans, who preceeded them. Lots of North Africans and Middle-east types migrated, or were enslaved, in Rome. Sub-Saharan Africans, no.

        • Correct, except for the nonsense about Wops being Halfricans. There is an Arab tincture in southern Italy–including Sicily–owing to periodic Islamic rule in the early and high middle ages, but on the whole, Italians are good and white.

    • That’s how got my Italian citizenship

      through ancestral tests. basically, if your grandfather was born there, you’re an automatic citizen but just have to go through the paperwork to make official

      I’m still torn on whether I should bail on this country and go to Italy. I just don’t see the point in living in a country in which blacks are so important and I’m a minority. That seems like a no-win situation, or actually that’s insanity. Who would ever want that? but my sentimental weaknesses want me to stay here to the bitter end.

      Knowing me, I’ll probably say screw it and leave. I love art and European culture too much to live in an Afro country. That’s really what it comes down to. It’s not about America anymore. It about Europe vs African cultures and which are you best fit for

      • Falcone: Yet Italy is filled with Africans and Chinese. We were watching a video of a celebration in my husband’s great-grandparents’ native village (sometime in the last 10 years) and there were a couple of Africans even there in that small mountain commune. And I know, from a frequent visitor there, that if we were to go and proclaim (however truthfully) that he is a distant cousin of all the natives, they’d shrug.

        That inter-relatedness is just part of life there, whereas for descendants here it frequently comes as a revelation – cannot tell you how many tearful/joyous/excited messages I’ve gotten on Ancestry from people who’ve discovered their ancestry through my translation/documentation of all of that village’s records back to the Napoleonic age.

        Perhaps because your family roots in America don’t go back as far, or because you still have closer relatives still in Italy, it would work for you. But I would argue that for most Americans, the connection is too old (and often too mixed) to return to one particular European nation That’s the whole definition of a White American, something new – and it’s definitely got its pros and cons.

        • Fwiw, hubby’s Irish and Italian great-grandparents arrived in the US in the 1880s – certainly not foundational Americans nor settlers, but at least in my husband’s case it’s old enough that he feels no particular connection to either nation.

        • Oh yes, for sure

          I still consider myself European — or enough — where I have a hard time letting go of the culture so that the idea of living for eternity among or alongside blacks and their culture is a complete non-starter, for example. That’s where me and the typical white Southerner or American part ways. Having lived here much longer, they have managed to find a way to live side by side with blacks. I do not think I ever can and not have a heart attack. That’s how much their garbage ghetto culture infuriates me b/c I can’t NOT see it juxtaposed to MY European culture. I can’t get out of my head the great paintings of Europe, for example. Or the music. They’re stuck there. And then I see the black crap put up next to them. Not even in the same league. It’s all so preposterous.

          I was born here and am second gen American but I can’t take it. And then all the lying you have to do so you don’t upset them. Even the other day i was talking to a friend about how I get the best suntans in march in the desert at the tennis tournament out here, and this black person gets up in a huff like we are trying to speak in code insult him. Can’t even talk about getting a suntan around them.

          Yes, life would be much easier and simpler for me if I were a little less European and a little more easygoing about the black situation, and the ((())) situation, and the brown and Asian situation, but that’s not my fate. My European-ness has not been bred out of me yet, and no sense fighting it. How you all manage to do it and not go crazy is beyond me.

          • I think the ability of southern whites and blacks to get along better is a residual cultural attribute to segregation in years past. I see this as fleeting. Atlanta is a great example. It’s careening into an African no man’s land and taking Georgia with it. I’m thankful to not have to fly there anymore. I actually see future white people fleeing from the black belt the way the French fled Haiti after the slave revolt. Sure the Chicago and Ohio ones are more aggressive and charmless, putting the capital N in the n word, but the gap is closing fast, and in the wrong direction.

          • JR – whites living in Atlanta are on borrowed time, that’s for sure. And frankly all the Asian imports too.

            I could see rural whites + Hispanics in Georgia carving out some space for themselves.

            We’re on borrowed time here in Toronto too – all it would take for the various non white groups to agree that they don’t want us, and we would be out. I imagine 2% or less of whites in Toronto have firearms, and 0.05% might be racially aware.

            The demographic situation is very dire for whites with an outgroup preference. At least the whites, in Brazil, Mexico, etc. are not totally self hating. Dixieland whites, rural Albertan whites, French-Canadians, and some rural ontario whites at least have a sense of in group preference. I don’t really see it anywhere else.

            Liberals will probably die, and it will be hell on earth for the more logical ones.

        • Unless white Americans show some sign of growing a pair–and they are not–I see no reason to remain wedded to this festering cesspit of a nation, regardless of how long ago your ancestors arrived. Matters are bad for whitey, and they’re getting worse by the day. No reason to be a martyr. I’d love nothing more than to fight for a separatist Whiteland in North America, but I seem to be a minority of not much more than one. That being the case, if I had a decent opportunity to blow this repulsive Afro-dump and relocate to Europe (including Russia), I’d do it in a New York minute.

          • Growing a pair means taking responsibility which would gain them nothing but contempt.

            Ultimately nowhere in the developed world hell soon all the world is above replacement fertility and childless people generally do not and frankly need not focus on the future.

            Why bother?

      • Falcone,

        Do you speak Italian? I also have Right of Jus Sanguinis if I want to bail to Italy but in the research I’ve done on it you have to actually pass an Italian language test not unlike the TOEFL exam foreigners used to have to take to get in the US before we just opened the floodgates.

        Did you take that exam or was it required or did they just hand you citizenship?

        • Yes, I speak Italian — but when I get back to America it fades in a few weeks.

          When I am back in Italy it comes back in a few weeks.

          The words are still there in my head but they go dormant when I am away.

          I did not have to take an Italian language test. My grandfather was born there and then my other three grandparents are one generation removed. So I have the right of citizenship by “blood” as you state. All I did was have some birth and marriage certificates authenticated by Italian officials and some other things, then I had to go to the consulate and give an interview. In summary, I had to prove my chain to the old country via my parents and grandparents so I had to prove they were in fact my relatives, etc. That’s all it is; proving the chain through documentation.

          Now if you are not a citizen by blood, I have no idea about the language test. I can ask my brother. He lives there permanently now and I think he knows a few British expats in Italy.

      • I’d be packin’ my bags. Whites have no future in AINO. In Italy, you’ve got more than a fighting chance.

    • I can’t see the Hindu’s running Ireland in any rush to take the Boston Irish “back”.

      • Ireland (Republic of) is one of those places that gives away citizenship to anyone who can claim at least one Irish grandparent–it’s called “citizenship by descent.” That’s why the Irish diaspora (measured by Irish passports in circulation) is more than double the current population of Ireland.

  28. In the Movie ‘Burn After Reading’, released a little over a decade ago, a couple of midwits steal a mid-level operative’s memoirs in the intelligence community and tried to sell it to the Russians.

    When the CIA gets wind, the director looks says, completely perplexed, “The Russians?”, as in, “don’t these knuckleheads know the Cold War is over?”

    Now it’s Russia again. Strange world.

  29. Apparently there is no such thing as peak war, even after the debacle of the Second Worldly one that was supposed to ensure the blessings of democracy for all and forever. That one after the One to end all wars. Jeez. To paraphrase, war, war, war-ity war.

    And the colored girls sing: “War! What is it good for, absolutely everything….say it again!”

  30. If the Russians nuke the big cities, they’ll kill mostly the blue half of the country – will that be how we’ll get our country back?

  31. America, and “America” have been in periodic conflict with Russia since the US put troops on the ground there to oppose the Bolsheviks during the Russian Civil War. Relations between the two have been icy ever since. That’s over a century of mutual mistrust and antagonism. And, I must say, the US may be more to blame than Russia.

    Now on a somewhat different topic, if AINO desires to destroy Russia in order to plunder her natural resources, why not simply pillage Africa instead? The Dark Continent would be a much less difficult nut to crack.

    • RE: the Dark Continent – Chicoms beat us to the punch. Also, given the vibrancy level this would, of course, make any pillaging a rayciss action and thus a nonstarter.

    • It has nothing to do with economics or resources and everything to do with an ethnic grudge and hatred against russians going back thousands of years

      • I upvoted this, but both are at play.

        Obviously the Ukraine (government) is a very nasty Jewish puppet state, and the Tribe’s old grudge against Russia is a key feature. But much of it is aimed at the fossil fuels and, especially, their European markets. Mind you, (((they))) are well-represented among those exploiters.

        Even Normie Con will shake off the warm fuzzies about Zion if this plays out the way it is going.

        • Learn some Ukrainian, go on Ukrainian websites and start reading comments.
          The love and support of everyday Ukrainians toward Zelensky is overwhelming. They are as sympathetic toward his impotence against their established burocracies as people were in the US during Trump presidency.

          • What does that mean? I could go on “American websites” and see unfettered love and affection for Sundown Joe, too. In the grand scheme of things, what does it signify?

        • “But much of it is aimed at the fossil fuels and, especially, their European markets.”

          Exquisite. I think that nails it quite precisely, thank you. Russia has a smaller working prototype of China’s One Belt already built, ready to be seized, and as a potential control point for Europa.

      • Thousands of years? Rus only came into existence in the mid-9th century. And I’m not aware of any conflict between the Rooskiis and the Jooskiis in those early days.

        • Russia sees itself partly as the direct descendant of the Byzantine (East Roman) Empire. That is why they call Moscow ‘The Third Rome’. This partly explains Russia’s obsession with the Balkans and Istanbul (aka Constantinoble and Byzantium) in particular. And, the Romans were pretty rough on Israel 1.0 which may partly explain the bizarre hatred for Russia among some Jews. That Hitler would have won his war without Russia doesn’t seem to count for much in the same circles. But I guess that’s a story for another time.

  32. In considerging the current state of affairs with the US and Russia, I can’t get Dr. Strangelove out of mind

    I just can’t determine if our current dullard in chief is President Merkin Muffley, General “Buck” (I’m not saying we wouldn’t get our hair mussed) Turgidson, General Ripper, or Dr. Stragelove. Appears he’s a composite of all.

    • “OUR” dullard in Chief most certainly is not in charge. He is a slow witted ,corrupt asshole that has sold his soul to the State Dept. and assorted slime of DC. May they rot in hell.

    • Stranger: Dullard in chief is a mere figurehead, while his mulatta sidekick is the public face of anti-White hatred and ascendancy. Those actually in charge of US domestic, financial, and particularly foreign policy are a different people whose ultimate goals are not in your interests. The movie was fun, albeit dated. The eternal anti-Russian foreign policy is ridiculous and dangerous.

      • If forced to choose – I’d opt for the Strangelove farce over the Dullard/Mullatta farce.

  33. The weird thing is that since the Cold War ended, China has absolutely replaced the Soviet Union as our mortal enemy. Nobody in the mainstream talks about because the Chinese bought them off.
    A sane foreign policy would have the U.S. getting closer to Russia (we have much in common) and pulling them away from China.

    • “Mortal Enemy™”*

      Uniting the People Since Always.

      * Role may be periodically recast. No refunds or quality guarantees provided.

      • “Oceania was at war with Eurasia and in alliance with Eastasia. In no public or private utterance was it ever
        admitted that the three powers had at any time been grouped along different lines… Oceania was at war with Eurasia: therefore Oceania had always been at war with Eurasia. The enemy of the moment always represented absolute evil, and it followed that any past or future agreement with him was impossible.” — George Orwell, 1984

      • In 2020 the Chinese killed more Americans than the Soviet Union during the entire Cold War – even if you include casualties from Korea and Vietnam.

          • Up yours. The Chinese own our media and nobody seems to notice. I don’t war with them, but also don’t want what they have planned for us.

    • It’s theater. Has to be. Who depends upon a “mortal enemy” for a massive share of its imported goods and raw materials? Who issues thousands of visas each year to their “mortal enemies” so they can study, work, and establish businesses here?

      • Aren’t you familiar with the old communist saying about the capitalists?

        “They will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

        Our Elites have sold them our industries, along with their established support industries, and all of these industries’ accumulated, hard won expertise, along with their intellectual property. And when they merely outsourced production, this resulted in not only loss of intellectual property, but the jobs of millions of US citizens, and the economic lifeblood of the communities in which they and their families lived. Economic and social havoc.

        Then Our Elites invited in thousand upon thousands of their students to our best scientific and technical universities (to the exclusion of our own US citizens) to glean their educations from our finest teachers along with with access to the facilities of the universities. Was what then eventuated a brotherhood of disinterested scientists? Not when many of these foreign scholars were answerable to the Peoples’ Liberation Army.

        And on and on in many other ways, burrowing into the underpinnings of our national institutions, and in turn, the wellsprings of national power.

  34. We had a War on Terror, now we have a War on Health. Covid has been the galvanizing event, thankfully not as strong as 9/11.

    Sure, the neocons are always sneaking around, looking to start a war, but they’re the only ones who want war with Russia, and if they press the issue to the point of capturing public attention, the effort will fail.

    They’d have to get the thing going white hot while few are looking. Let’s hope they don’t.

    Imo the empire will make the easy move and continue turning inward, not just into people’s minds, but also their bodies. If there’s any pride left in this nation, that’ll be the straw that breaks the empire’s back. Or the pain keeps increasing, searching for the bottom. Ugh.

    • They kind of flubbed that part of the Covaids op because there is no half-credible means of tying Russia to it to galvanize anti-Russia sentiment among the public.

  35. The American people are simply not cooperating with the approved script. There was supposed to be a hot civil war ongoing by now, driven by the increasing insanity out of DC. This would have been the optimum strategy for deflecting public attention away from the failures of the political class to manage the US government. But NOOOO! You had to stay calm instead of rioting in the streets, so now it becomes necessary to start a foreign war as the Plan B diversion. You just wait. A lot of innocent young men will now die needlessly and it will all be your fault!!!!! And then I’m stamp my feet and hold my breath until I pass out, and then you’ll be sorry.

    Signed, Joe Biden’s handler.

    • The real irony here is that the Wokelings and their Political Leadership doesn’t like the US Government anymore than we do. The Right wants out. The Left thinks its just a White Supremacist fascist state. Millions of migrants endlessly stream across our border for cash jobs that pay what most people would consider poverty wages but they couldn’t care less about “American Ideals”. It’s the money. We are all stuck dancing around to the tune of cold hard cash and our government is using that to play everyone off of everybody else.

      We all really need to band together with antifa, anarchists, communists, migrants, Mexican Cartels, the Russians and everyone else who wants to stick a fork in the Federalist experiment and bring it to an end. America as an idea sounded great on paper and then we ended up with a bunch of lunatics drunk on the power of spending trillions of dollars ruling over us. I think it’s really inevitable that happened in a “hindsight is 20/20” kind of way. It’s got to end.

      Between the US Government, which has explicitly declared all of us to be domestic terrorists for merely disagreeing with the political direction of the country, and Russia, I would say our biggest problem is the US Government.

    • Barry,

      We know you just bought that new house in Martha’s Vinyard.

      Why don’t you knock off from running ops in your DC bunker and go grill n’ chill with Big Mike for a while?


      Heritage America

  36. if you did a remake of Red Dawn today, it would have all the Wolverines helping the Russians hunt down members of the ruling cabal, here.

    • The Russians would be helping us as well as themselves by savaging our common enemies. The Trotskyite/Maoist School of Continual Revolution was no friend of their people and culture, anymore than it is a friend of our people and culture.

  37. As I wholeheartedly support our totally legitimate, not at all fraudulent President, I won’t say that I for one am actively rooting for a war with Russia…

    …so that our ghetto-faaaabulous “military” gets its ass kicked from here to Vladivostok. Aside from the off-the-charts comedy factor of the 43rd Mechanized Transsexual Hairdresser Battalion going toe to toe with the Spetsnaz, a big ol’ Pearl Harbor debacle — of “our” own making! — is just what this country needs to clarify a few issues. Or doesn’t need, because that’s of course “defeatism,” comrade, and once the aforesaid ass-kicking starts in earnest, they’ll be hanging people for it.

    So I say let slip the hogs of war, Joe! Or Kamala. Or whoever the hell gives the orders. We’re behind you! Way, way, way behind you.

    • The non snark move Severian is to end NATO, or reduce it to a paper treaty only. NATO is the core of the Empire- that overthrew the Republic.

      Also; the military, the actual military is not what you say it is, the actual military is basically that Drill Sgt who just got arrested for touching a magic black man causing trouble in his neighborhood.

      Worse, we’re unlikely to get our ass kicked.

      • We have not been in a major war since Korea. What’s been going on in the Sandbox for the last 20 years is low grade punishment strikes against 3rd world serfs living in mud huts. Nobody in their right mind would ever compare that to a full blown war.

        Our army is tiny and the Marine corps had been reduced to light infantry who couldn’t handle a single mechanized infantry division on it’s own, Worse we are so casualty adverse, if we start taking thousands of KIA and WIA in the first month. You;’ll watch morale plummet. Not to mention young men avoiding the military like the plague.

        Lets not forget Russia can rain down their Kaliber missiles on Europe at will. Take out a few major electrical centers and refineries and you send Europe back 100 years.

        But I doubt any of this enters in the mind of our military men who believes they are invincible even though they haven’t won a war since WWII.


      • …. causing trouble …”

        The trouble the “magic black man” caused was sexually assaulting a neighborhood woman then two days later trying kidnap a baby. The persecution of this soldier is howling barking mad.

        • Every time the State does this they get weaker.

          That does not mean we get stronger, since we refuse to organize. But the Left does get weaker with every lynching.

  38. Count me among those rooting for Russia. I never felt as surveilled in Russia as I do in the US (I can’t say the same for Bulgaria, when I usually had 2-6 cars following me everywhere I went, but that was just the job; it wasn’t personal). While re-evaluating everything I ever learned about history over the past 15-20 years, I’ve significantly altered my opinion of certain presidents. Theodore Roosevelt has dropped precipitously. Whatever one thinks of the original rationale, there’s no denying he began the empire. And his cousin Franklin dialed it up to 10.

    I’m tired of the world being defined by the fact that, although millions upon millions of people all over the world died in the 1940s, one particular group decided their lives mattered more than all others. Refugee policies are rooted in the aftermath of that conflict. Multiculturalism, citizenism, miscegenation – although the original roots of some were planted decades earlier by the same damned people, all saw full flowering after the war. That was also the true beginning of America as the world’s policeman (again, though, Teddy Roosevelt tried it first, damn his soul).

    When I first really delved into 18th and 19th century European history in grad school, I found the constant interplay of nations and balancing of powers unnecessary and. destructive. My instinctive ‘leave me alone small ‘l’ libertarian instincts coming out. Even acknowledging that life is a constant struggle for land and power and resources, it just seemed such an utter waste, and the jockeying for international position never, ever stops. Come the mid-20th century, what interest did the shopkeeper in England have with the average villager in Poland, that he would want to send his sons to die for him? And here we are, in 2021, where the average ‘murrican in rural Tennessee is supposed to be overwrought about Ukraine and Crimea .

    It’s fashionable (and unquestionably true) to claim Negro fatigue, but I also have international ennui. I don’t care what happens in Burundi. I’m not brokenhearted by Mestizo gangbanger deaths, and I don’t feel all warm and virtuous when I see a Ghanaian child dropped over the US/Mexican border fence to its father. I don’t care that one group in nation x harbors resentment against nation y. The big difference between me and many others on the dissident right, though, is that I no longer just want to be left alone. Because I recognize that will never, ever happen, I just want to kill them all. About 95% of the human race. Start over with about half of the White race worldwide which doesn’t hate itself, and the world will do just fine. As for the rest of so-called ‘humanity,’ frankly, I just don’t give a damn.

    • In Russia, one of the things that jumped out at me was the lack of police. Here in Lagos, cops are everywhere. Cameras are everywhere. In Saint Petersburg, I saw more sailors on leave than cops.

      • I was watching this young russian couple for a while on youtube. Smaller city, their version of working class. Always upbeat until he mentioned police. Don’t bother ever with them, the police are there to protect the rulers and politicians.

      • Cops in Russia are too busy shaking the businesses and investigating the cases they are personally paid to investigate.

      • When I was in China, there were police and military everywhere in Beijing. Also Hong Kong. FWIW. A lot more than here.

    • The UK didn’t fight Germany in WWII because of some villagers in Poland, nor is the US really concerned about the welfare of Ukrainians. It’s all just a show.

    • After your comment, I’m afraid you may have 2-6 cars following you again. But someone had to say it…

    • Theodore Roosevelt was pretty low in my Presidential ratings but has climbed recently as I now appreciate his willingness to smash overly large corporations into pieces. Franklin is irredeemably bad.

      • I’ve struggled for a few years to decide on an opinion regarding T. Roosevelt. If he could dial down the foreign meddling, he’d probably be a decent President for today’s times, but only if it was the Teddy of 1901-1908 and not the Bull Moose Roosevelt that ran in 1912. By that point, he’d jumped the social justice shark.

    • I was raised to regard Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln as two of our best Presidents. Now I think they’re two of the worst (though there’s a lot of competition). My education also included not a single bad word about Woodrow Wilson. I had to learn about his monstrous activities all on my own. Meanwhile there were Presidents I remember my (((social studies teacher in middle school))) thoroughly denouncing, such was Warren Harding, for whom I have newfound respect.

      • The one redeeming feature of Lincoln was his insatiable desire for victory. Damn him to hell for his cause, but if we had leaders similarly focused on preserving white, Christian, masculine culture, and not prevaricating grifters like DJT, we’d be in better hands than we are today.

        • You’re right on about Lincoln’s killer instinct. You can hate his cause, but you must admire his ruthlessness for total victory. We’ve got to re-learn that.

          As a depressed young man I read about Lincoln because of his alleged depression, the tragic death of his boy, and his insane wife. But in spite of all that, the man had the killer instinct.

          I wish the South had won but you can still learn from your enemy’s strengths.

  39. And here we go again. America plans to use Europe as it’s back yard for failed political policies which will have zero effect on the average American, but will devastate Europe if the proverbial balloon goes up.

    We all know this isn’t about freedom and democracy and the “potential communist threat” against Europe. This just just another convenient international distraction for failed US domestic policies. Something about – “Never let a good crisis go to waste”…?

    Will someone please wheel Dementia Joe back into his nursing home and take away his teleprompter.

      • Nearly every player on the “Biden team” including the secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense, Commerce, Agriculture, Homeland Security and CIA are members of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which has dominated US policy since WW2. The Trump admin was a minor interruption.

        • Article from a few months ago on the domination of Biden’s administration by the CFR.
          N.B.: This is an excerpt from an aggregator site. The original site responded with 404. Maybe hunt on the Wayback Machine might get full article, but this conveys the gist.

    • Joe ain’t calling the shots, so removing him won’t change a thing.

      This show is being run behind the curtain by the semi-permanent establishment. Oh, and after Russia, Germany is their top blood libel, so any war that kills Russians and Germans is a bonus.

      • It’s weird how they hate russia even more than germany, despite the events of the 1940s.

        Maybe they hate that putin kicked them out, but merkel is more controlled? Idk

      • who do you think is paying for it

        At this point in our mind-boggling debt build-up, I’d have to place it somewhere around my great-grandkids. My money, and all the money I will ever send in to Uncle Sam, is long spent.

  40. “One obvious conclusion which can be drawn from this … effort to start a war with Russia” is that FDR’s.protestations not withstanding, progs LOVE war.

    The Zman wrote of “a catastrophe that … would probably end NATO” Excellent! NATO NEEDS to end. It is long past time the U.S. stopped garrisoning Europe and let the ungrateful bastards unass the treasure to defend themselves! They don’t want us over there? Fine! Let’s bring our troops home. And while we’re at it we can.bring home all the troops currently serving in Japan, Okinawa, the Phillipines and the RoK. Let’s see how they like having so much of their GDP spent on defense. (Okay the Koreans would likely do just fine without us. They’re tough sons of bitches!)

    • Bill Mullins: I downvoted you because, while NATO definitely needs to end, I don’t agree with the resentment against Europe. Yes, each nation does need to finance its own needs, but their governments are just as corrupt and distinct from their actual people as ours.

      Absolutely we need to bring home all US troops – not merely from Europe and Japan, but every tiny atoll and every African village. The world is not our oyster. And I am personally TIRED hearing about so-called tough and easily-assimilated Koreans. I worked for a Korean company before most Americans had heard of any of them, and while I got along fine with my boss (in an office that had just the two of us for months), I fully recognized the cultural differences between us. No, they’re not my enemy, but they’re not my people.

        • My understanding (insofar as business concerned) is that Koreans speak very loudly and use a big stick.

    • Japan (repeatedly) and Iraq have held votes and they want the US military to leave. The US then presents them with an invoice, or requirements, that makes it impossible for the host country to kick them out.

  41. One obvious conclusion that can be drawn from this now two decade long effort to start a war with Russia is the President no longer controls foreign policy.

    This is reminiscent of Japan post WWI. The democratic government was very weak and the cabinet level bureaucracies acted as independent fiefdoms committing Japan to war on multiple fronts in an ad hoc and heater smelter way. From the outside, it appeared to be an aggressive unified imperial power. The reality was almost the opposite.

    Which, if that holds true here, we will see the US blundering into wars that it is unprepared for and simultaneously engaging in destructive internal “reforms”.

    • This is the tough thing for most to grasp. The “people in charge” are distributed over a network of power centers. Decisions are made through unofficial channels and then formalized though official channels, but not always through political channels. Mastercard maintaining a black list of groups and individuals banned from the financial system is a good example. These decisions are made in private, but implemented through policy at a single node.

      We got a glimpse of this in foreign policy when Trump zapped the Iranian general. Well out of official circles, the decision to do something was made by the people really in charge of foreign policy. They had their preferred course, which was killing the general. They knew Trump would go for the big move, so they inserted that into the list of options Trump’s adviser presented to him. Trump’s advisers never saw it coming.

      • Never even heard of general durka durka from Iran until trump started declaring on twitter that he killed some major “terrorist”

        I feel bad for muslim countries. Let the sand people live amongst their own, and on the other hand let’s stop importing them here too.

        • Suleimani deserved every bit of the hellfire targeted on his ass. Clean up what’s left of a 19 yo killed by an EFP made and supplied by Iran a few times you might think so too.
          Do I still think we should have been there. No I don’t but that doesn’t change the burning hate I will always carry for those that killed our sons and especially the ones wh o sent them to be killed.
          The same ones now that are trying their danmdest to provoke an incident with Russia. Research “Thunder Runs ” your hair will stand on end.

          • No one put a gun to their heads to go over there. We have NO BUSINESS in the middle east. They chose the military welfare check and being a splatter mark somewhere comes with the territory. I do feel sorry for the poor Americans who were drafted to the Nam, but that was half a century ago. This has been going on since Beirut.

          • Stay out of other people’s lands and keep them out of yours with a string military and mostly you’ll have peace.

            That poor kid killed by the EFP, OK maybe Suleimani ‘s guys set the thing.We set the stage and the moral weight is on us.

            Self and national defense works both ways.

      • We’re being run by a culture, then, not a kingpin or mastermind.

        A bureaucratic culture, at that. Is this an emergent, self-arising feature of bureaucracy?

        Seems to be, per any period in history. Does Empire arise from bureaucracy, then, not necessarily from conspiracy?

      • “Decisions are made through unofficial channels and then formalized though official channels, but not always through political channels. Mastercard maintaining a black list of groups and individuals banned from the financial system is a good example. These decisions are made in private, but implemented through policy at a single node.”

        Exactly right. Disrupting these channels should be a priority if any of our guys ever get power again (I know, big if).

      • This is why when subversion and dark networks are the rule revolutions get so destructive and ugly.

        The end situation is “known or suspected, everyone must go.” because if you fail, you’ll get a counterrevolution.

        Oftentimes its nits make lice too which is awful.

        This perhaps is one of the reasons Americans don’t want to start the thing. From watching everyone else , they know what will happen.

        Worse people who neither want nor are interested in power won’t try and take it. You break it, you won it and no sane person wants to run a dying empire if they understand what is at stake.

  42. One of the biggest redpills of the J tribe is their hatred of russia and russians. And putin. I’ve always assigned alot of blame for our current state on gentiles – I know so many insane self hating gentiles.

    But when it comes to russia, this is almost a purely J hysteria. Literally nobody wakes up outraged at russia except the certain few. The promotion of russian hatred is ENTIRELY coming from J’s. Russia is actually highly respected around the world – probably more than the usa in many places.

    So, while I’m agnostic on the theory that the Js are behind all our ills (and it’s our job to fix It no matter what), pay attention to the motivations behind saber rattling here. They would nuke all of russia in a heartbeat if they could get away with it. And, do not support the usa in a conflict.

    • Yeah. I worked for a psychotic Russian Jew for a while. I remember someone asking about whether she was a big fan of Putin and that person having to be set straight about how Russian Jews view Russia.

      At the time, the response surprised me. Shocking how little I understood about the world

    • Do a search for Putin and Berel Lazar, chief rabbi of Russia:

      “Born in Italy, educated in America and living in Russia for the past 30 years with his wife and 14 children, Lazar has developed a close relationship with Putin, who he says was the first Russian leader to treat Jews as equals and to fight antisemitism. Putin has also encouraged the opening of more synagogues.”

          • Yea I didn’t think they showed up yesterday..

            Putin is further embracing them.

            Happy now? Or are further semantical arguements required..

        • I don’t think Putin’s fooled by the fig leaf.

          That camouflaged threat was meant to mollify another audience.

          Next thing you know, we’ll hear (nee Iceland or Ireland), that the brave Rabbi has pushed through judicial legislation allowing Cossacks to be circumcised, and a year later they’ll be accepting Syrian refugees.

    • When Trump lobbed his first round of bombs into Syria to much media fanfare, I wanted gauge the temperature at Breitbart. The comment section was full of (((Hasbara))) “boomers” running a “We’re back! Let’s goooooo!” op. They transitioned to attempting to brainwash the authentic cuckservative commenters into supporting a nuclear war with Russia. I asked a couple of them, “Your nation has 200 or so nukes, why don’t you do it?” (((They))) went silent. All of my comments were then deleted, and my account banned.

    • Hatred for Putin??????? Putin goes to the Western Wall to pray when in Israel accompanied by his friend Chief Hasidic Rabbi of Russia.
      Putin bought an apartment in Tel Aviv for at least one of the teachers who used to work in his Leningrad high school.

  43. A weird aspect of the American Empire is its compulsion to retain the boundaries that existed before its rise. Most of those boundaries were created as a last hurrah of Anglo-French imperialism in the 1920s – but are now considered absolutely sacrosanct by Washington.

    Crimea and the Ukraine are another example as Crimea had been part of Russia since before the US Declaration of Independence and only moved to Ukranian jurisdiction in the 1950s by decree of the Communist dictator Kruschev. But now it must eternally be Ukrainian. Which itself had fluid boundaries for centuries – but now the divisions of the post WWII communist era must be eternal.

    • The usa is freaking out over a small island in Crimea and some shit hole provinces in eastern ukraine (filled with ethnic russians too !)

      Meanwhile like 1/6 of it’s landmass, the entire Southwest is majority hispanic and could secede back to Mexico at any time. Not to mention chinese colonies growing as well as black ethnostate groups in georgia and mississippi.

      • It makes sense once you fully accept the reality that the former USA is being run by glibalists who want to destroy all nations.

    • Very true. We did away with conscription some years ago and only the lowest social outcast volunteer for military service. There has been a push in advertising for military service, but everyone knows it’s a joke.

      Unlike the very professional USmilitary, the German military is more like the Boy Scouts with heavy equipment. But at least the Boy Scouts are well trained.

      • RE: “very professional USmilitary” – we’re working on a fix for that.

        • Real Men march in high heels. Wait, no, that’s not allowed anymore.

          Real Women Who Were Born With Penises And Assigned Male At Birth But Are Totally For-Reals Really Real Women march in high heels. If they want to, because don’t you dare tell them what to do!

    • Yet another reason the end NATO and stop garrisoning Germany. If “Deutschland ist fur de Deutschen” then us Auslanders damned well oughtta “rause”! See how they like bearing the burden of their own defense. Be a novel change.

        • Their governments sure the hell are. They hate us almost as much as our own government does..

          • Those are puppets, our puppets.

            They haven’t had an honest election in Germany since 1933.

            Nor France since 1939.

            Give them a break, especially since we’re now in the same boat.

          • FeinGul

            Give who a break?

            European governments who hate me?

            ‘We are in the same boat’ European governments??

            Your statement makes no sense, re-read my post

      • I have mixed feelings on US troops in Germany. First, I have had the privilege of knowing many of them for decades, and they are by far the most friendly and professional military on the planet. For me, they are always welcome.

        I don’t think the average German even thinks twice about it given how few Americans are still here since the reduction back in the late 90’s. But most have very good feelings towards a US presence. And not for protection, but because they military makes a point of integrating their personnel and families into the German community.

        On the other hand, with the social and public problems you are having in your own country, I question the expenditures of over seas bases and what it costs to keep it all going. And it’s not just the military over here that’s expensive, it’s dozens of contractors like Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon and others who are making billions in defense contracts.

        I’ll be the first to admit I do miss the sounds and sights of F-4’s, F-15’s and F-16’s and the occasional A-10. It’s been pretty quiet in the Hunsrück since they left. There’s nothing quite like being woken up in the wee hours when a group of Abrahams tanks and armored personnel carriers go clanking through your village during a Reforger.

        Good times! 🙂

        • Karl Horst: My late father-in-law served in Germany from 1958-1961, and my husband was born in Frankfurt. His godfather was a German American who served in the Germany army as a teen in the 1940s and later in the American military. My father-in-law said he was the “greatest soldier he had ever known.”

        • Karl, What would the impact be to Germany if the US cut its presence by, say, 50% in Germany? Would German people want this?

          • The immediate advantage of the US leaving is the availability of housing and commercial buildings.

            When the Air Force closed the hospital in Wiesbaden back in the mid 90’s, that entire building facility was converted into the Hessen State police headquarters. Lindsey Air Station, just up the street, converted nearly all of the buildings into apartments. This has been duplicated at almost every US military installation that has closed.

            Rhein Main air base, which used to be the other half of the Frankfurt airport, was turned over and now Frankfurt has two parallel runways. All of the older military facilities are used for commercial purposes. Hahn air bse was also repurposed for commercial use.

            For locations that are a bit more remote, like Grafenwöhr, there would be an economic impact on the local economy. But it would rebound in time.

            So any loss of US presence would have a benefit to the local communities. The pros and cons are often discussed every time a new US administration comes into office.

  44. Russia should not make a major announcement but should immediately expel all Jewish and/or Israeli-affiliated organizations. If things get hot, menace a small Israeli city by proxy, possibly using Hezbollah as surrogates

    The monsters who control the Empire will back down only if they realize the Zionist entity could be erased from the face of the planet. It is not due to a love of Jewish people, for the most part, but Israel is a major cash cow and one of their last big profit centers.

    As you point out, this also presents the Europeans with an opportunity to decouple from a dying Empire. While it’s largely unspoken except privately, most Europeans resent America’s occupation via military bases. This is true also in Korea and to a lesser extent Japan. So this could be a two-fer for Europe, at least. A month ago it seemed probable Germany would succumb to pressure over Nordstream but that has dissipated, in no small part due to the Empire’s heavy-handedness. Like most bullies, failure has produced an even angrier tantrum.

    Finally, the individual states would be well-advised to condemn the Empire’s Ukranian provocations and to highlight what a horriric garbage pit the Kiev puppet state is. Good relations with Europe and Russia will be needed if individual states can exploit the ensuing chaos to separate from the Empire.

    • It’s not a precise analogy, but the US is going to find itself in a position where, like the Aztecs, they’re suddenly fresh out of friends if the Deep State is dumb enough to start a shooting war in Ukraine.

      All they need to dump us is the right catalyst, like Cortes’ arrival, to mobilize the subjugated tribes.

      • We’re not the Aztecs.

        We’re the Romans. The question is at what point.

        Is Russia Carthage or Parthia or Pontus or Seleucid Persia or Bulgaria?

        IOW they’re not going to conquer us. But will we conquer them or be seriously weakened in attempting to do so.

        • Or is Russia Rome and we–the baby-slaughterers–the Carthaginians?

          Planned Parenthood delenda est.

      • It is actually a very good analogy as far as the broad picture. I disagree with some of the premise. “We” do not have friends now but co-dependents and one puppetmaster, which is the head of the snake. Lop it off and the snake dies.

    • That would trigger the war right there.

      America and Russia are allies. Our Jews work hand in glove with theirs. Something else is going on here. Perhaps our military industrial complex is underperforming and needs a shot in the arm? Wouldn’t be surprised given the diversity and vibrancy going on…

    • [M]ost Europeans resent America’s occupation via military bases. This is also tru in Korea and to a.lesser extent Japan.

      Agree completely except that my experience in Japan 79 – 82 would indicate they resented the living hell outta us “gaijins” polluting their country with our presence. We need to pull our troops outta pretty much everywhere outside our own borders. Let the Europeans, Japanese, Koreans and Filipinos defend themselves!

      • The rape tendency of Sacred Africans poisoned the well in Okinawa. I was there in a civilian capacity during Japan’s brief economic triumphalism in the 80’s. There was a lust for revenge and given their small footprint it was shocking how often Blacks were cited as a cause for much of the disgust. You can bet the farm a vibrant Defense Secretary has been met with thus-far unvoiced outrage.

      • See my comments. You are still welcome in Germany. At least West Germany. 🙂 But don’t listen to those Ossi’s – they still think living under the DDR was a good thing. Because now, even after the West paid for reunification, they have to work for a living!

        • Ha. I have relatives (civilians, half indigenous, half from here) in what once was West Germany and they express the same about the East. For the longest time some federal officials there explained away the bases as “social programs” more or less. I don’t know if that story is still trotted out.

          • American bases are required to hire “local nationals’ (Germans) to do much of the contracting work the military doesn’t do. Such as infrastructure maintenance (roads, power, water, etc) new building contracts, etc. They also hire local Germans to work in the base facilities like the base exchange, post office, theater, dining halls, bowling alley, libraries, etc. So there are economic opportunities and benefits to the local German communities as well.

    • It’s not only the American empire the current Euro-States might want to withdraw from. Recall not that long ago when you were Euro-Nations? Not quite so much these past few decades. The EU is a mixed blessing, and after much groaning and straining, I understand that the UK has withdrawn.

      As an American, of course I have nostalgia for our glorious days of empire. I “occupied” Germany in the early 80s 😀 But our empire is fading, and as such, we should withdraw our troops. This is not entirely a disappointment: There is a lot to be said to be able to visit a foreign country as a genuine guest, and not merely because you are part of a de-facto colonial government.

  45. A lot of typical handwringing already with only ~10 comments here thus far—

    “Bbbbuuuutttt, why would they… it doesn’t make any sense because… there will be nothing left but rubble… kvetch kvetch”

    The genetic memory of this monster is 2000+ years long. A couple trips around the “World War” column is no biggie. They threw all the Europeans in two meat grinders but didn’t get everyone. If it takes another WW3 or WW4 to completely eradicate all genetic memory of Europeans (read: Whites), so what?

    They are quite convinced that they will be safe as houses because so long as they control the propaganda arms we can have another SHOAH! in which any remaining survivors will be horrified by what was done in the Super Cereal Really Final We Truly Mean It This Time Solution v2.0. It will be even worse than before with at least 6 quadrillion killed and the useless eaters, Joe Six Packs, griller goy, catladies, soyboys, manlets, trannies, and whoever else is left will buy it hook, line, and sinker. It has kept the entire Western World asleep and paralyzed for 70 years, why not another 70?

    tl;dr- Stop thinking so hard, you are letting your inner Conservative shine through. They. Don’t. Care. They are tribal enough to survive it has worked for 2K years, you… are not. They know this. So another big Brother War should solve the “Caucasian Question” once and for all. Far faster than the slow boil of the ever increasing anti-White rhetoric. The useful idiot darkies are not going to be efficient enough for their timeline. Throwing apex predators (Whites) against one another will get the job done lickety split. More clear now? Or do we need more hand-wringing and agonizing? Here to help…

          • I guess you have not done an ‘early life’ search of most of the Russian (((oligarchs))). If you did, you’d understand my question…

      • Putin sends birthday greetings to his good buddy, chief rabbi Berel Lazar of the Chabad Lubavich in Russia. Trump’s daughter and her hubby pray at the tomb of Chabad leader Schneerson in New York. The Chabad sect was founded in Ukraine, homeland of the Ashkenazi Jews. The Bidens and Clintons are in bed with the Ukrainian oligarchs.

  46. Believe me, Putin wants no part of the torrent of transgendered fury that Biden is prepared to unleash on Russia

  47. Meanwhile, China consolidates its position as the global manufacturing hegemon.

    Green paper, 70 year old bombers, pregnant pilots and sailors who can’t steer ships must be really terrifying to them. I’m sure Chainman Xi would never exploit an enemy he perceives as weak.

  48. Not only the empire, but the US itself needs to disintegrate. The longer it stays as one unit, the worse things will get for whites.

    My guess is that the US as we know it will cease to exist in 2040, during AOC’s presidency.

    • 2040 is awfully generous. We don’t have longer than a decade.

      I’m shopping for emergency food packages.

      • Back in the late 90’s my prediction was 2025. I’d say I did pretty well, although reading Chittum’s book Civil War 2 helped me understand quite a few things.

        • You know? That’s what I find worrisome. But then my “threescore and ten” is just a couple of months away. To live another 10 years I’d have to outlive BOTH my folks AND all my grandparents! Not a good bet. The wife OTOH, is a good bet to see 39 so she, my children and grandchildren (and now great-grandchildren) are the ones who are going to see what is coming. I’ll be down the way from my folks at Ft Sam Houston national cemetery.

  49. Germany’s response is very interesting. They need that natural gas, but they’re unwillingness to side with the Americans likely is about more than that. If the Europeans begin to view the United States as no better or worse than Russia, we’ve entered a very different world.

    For the past 30 years, the United States has been pushing countries around needlessly. And there’s no end in sight. What has Russia done in that time? Nothing. The only fights that it’s been involved in were provoked by others. At some point, other countries start to notice.

    Germany and the other Europeans are under no illusions that Russia is their buddy. It is not. But is it really any worse than the United States. Seems to me that the Europeans might shift to being much more neutral, letting the U.S. and Russia balance each other out. Neither Russia nor the United States can afford to alienate the Europeans so neutrality is a smart bet.

    • The thing the Germans know is the Russians are predictable. They know what motivates Putin. America has become so erratic and reckless, no one can know who is in charge, much less what motivates them.

      • Yes, that’s a very important point. Putin is an old-school leader of Russia. He wants to secure its borders, have a few buffer states and maintain his internal control. Pretty straight-forward. You can ballpark his reaction to policies.

        The United States has become a fun house. What’s more, it’s a black box. Who’s in charge? It sure isn’t Biden. Who’s making the decisions? What’s their motivation? Is it factions with one side winning some of the time and another side winning some of the time? Is so, now you don’t know the motivations of several competing factions.

        We use Deep State as though it’s one operation, but that’s almost certainly not the case. State Dept, CIA, the military, FBI, etc., they all have power in the Deep State.

        It really is reminiscent of the Soviet Union near the end when they were installing old men as general secretary as a cabal ran the show.

        • “…We use Deep State as though it’s one operation, but that’s almost certainly not the case…”

          Nearly every key player on the Biden team is a member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), including the secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense, Commerce, Homeland Security and CIA. The CFR network has run the show since WW2.

      • What we know is Russians are corrupt, but they are not stupid. Fortunately they’re still impressed with Bosch refrigerators and S-Class Mercedes and are quite willing to provide us with all the natural gas we can buy. Despite all the think tanks in America trying to convince us Russia is a threat, we all know they have no interest in a European invasion and less in the idea of occupation of Germany or any part of Europe.

        • The idea that the Red Army is poised to plunge through the Fulda Gap in a 1940-style blitzkrieg to the English Channel is as outdated as a TRS-80. NATO is long past it’s sell buy date. Should’ve been scrapped years ago.

          FWIW – that meeting between Lavrov & the Hildabeast was a total embarrassment: some moron @ THE STATE DEPT ( have to use all caps – they’re very important don’t’cha know!) bungled the translation so instead of “Reset” it read “Overcharge” in Cyrillic. Remember Hillary cackling when Lavrov pointed it out?

          “If it did, half the country would not be rooting for the Russians, but they would be hating DC.”

          Place me in this category. Never understood all this hysteria about RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA! Seems we have more in common with them than not.

          Guess we can’t look @ the Chicoms as the real enemy. Guess that would be raycis.

        • Isn’t Germany somewhat, well, confused about energy policy? What we get here (USA) about you guys is that you have the Green faction which gained enough power to shut down Germany’s nuclear power program and start a rather ridiculous solar power effort. In the end this is why you guys buy electricity from Russian RBMK (Chernobyl) style reactors and Russian gas for everything else. What is the German mainstream thinking on energy? Does the German elite really believe in Biden’s Green New Deal actually producing any working technology or do they want to stick with things they know can work? – i.e. Russian nukes and gas

          I’m asking because we Murrikans honestly don’t know who is running our country at this point or exactly how crazy they really are.

          • Germany has been transitioning from fossil fuels to renewables for decdes and has done so before it was “a thing”. Stuttgart for example, has been burning it’s garbage to generate power and is one of the most efficient and clean burning plants in Germany.

            Here’s a breakdown of our energy sources –

            Gas 15%
            Solar 7.8%
            Hydro 3.3%
            Wind 20.8%
            Biomass 7.4% (from farms)
            Black and brown coal 27.2%
            Nuclear 12.4%

            As noted above, only 15% of our energy comes from gas, and of that, the Russians provide half only half of it. The other half comes from Norway and the Netherlands. So if something bad happens in Russia, it will hardly affect us at all in terms of energy reliance.

            At the end of the day, it’s cheaper for Germany to buy it form our neighbors than making it ourselves.

          • Most Germans who grew up around a US military base have very good memories of the Americans. They used to have “open house” days on base and would offer rides in some of their vehicles. Imagine being a small German kid getting to ride in a big American tank. Yes, very good memories indeed.

      • “America has become so erratic and reckless, no one can know who is in charge, much less what motivates them.”

        Exactly correct!

        For all our faults, German respect and appreciate consistency and predictability.

        Consider that when Emmanuel Macron starts to complain about the influence of American wokeness, you know it’s a problem.

      • Putin’s Russia also promotes the family and traditional values, mildly oppresses, or at least opposes, LTBG+++ and other nonsense that the shrinking crowd of independently thinking ppl instinctively abhor. What does the US and the broader West represent today?? Trans freaks with kids on their laps, sex altering treatment for minors, rabid hatred of whites. The West is increasingly a a freakish and very ugly monster to behold. If that’s the alternative, kinda hard not to have a little sympathy for a hard-nosed ex-KGB thug who wants to shake you down but feels natural revoltion for men in dresses asking kids ot hug their hairy legs. Putin may be a gangster but he’s no pervert.

      • The Russians have multiple times, and in multiple ways, indicated that they think that the U[sic]S is “not agreement capable”. Perfidious Albion has got nothing on the US.

        This is now their operational understanding, and they formulate their policies, and consider contingencies with this foremost in their minds.

    • “Germany and the other Europeans are under no illusions that Russia is their buddy. It is not. But is it really any worse than the United States.”

      Indeed. But the saddest thing is that even if the European powers choose a more neutral stance politically, we still have the American cancer. The cancer which manifests itself in American television shows, American celebrity, American corporations – more generally American culture. In fact, for that reason alone, Ivan, from this Englishman’s perspective is not as bad as the US. The US has almost compleat cultural dominance within The Isles; it poses an Internal threat if you will.

      “What has Russia done in that time? Nothing.”

      Yes. Compared to Others, she has not been busy at all. Still gets a whipping from every Tom, Dick & Harry though.
      My apologies to Americans of the correct colour and heritage, but perhaps much of Europe still firmly believes that the US is our friend. Almost all of our propaganda enforces this belief – except when Trump happened, because Trump was Hitler and therefore his government was bad. For all it’s bluster, and I am not sure how much of a physical threat The Bear is to The Isles, Russia is still external and a known historical problem. That said, plenty of Russian oligarchs, I say Russian but mean Jewish, appear to be buying up property in London.

      • No offense taken! I hope the individual states also can exploit the Empire’s misadventure. Europe certainly should. The cancer is only at Stage2 in some states even today.

      • When visiting spain and italy I saw young spanish / italian youths in groups, often with a negro or arab at the center, swaggering around, playing loud rap music.

        The cancer has already spread to europe I’m afraid.

      • The Russian oligarchs. A term that’s an example of the denotation/connotation dichotomy. Oligarch has a negative connotation, maybe because it’s a seldom used term. In the case of Russia, the demise of their “communist” state meant that publicly-owned property had to be distributed to private entities, people and institutions run by them. Was the once state-owned property supposed to be given to other collectives? No, inevitably the ownership of steel mills and immense farms had to be transferred to private hands, not phony collectives. It’s one of the problems of deconstructing socialism.
        In the case of the US itself, when real property was confiscated from the native Americans, the state assumed ownership and the methods of distribution. That smacks of socialism as a prelude to bandit capitalism. In fact, the US embraces socialism whole-heartedly through the public school system, an institution that couldn’t be more socialist.

      • OrangeFrog: Very important distinction. Whenever one reads about Russians outside of Russia, they’re most often Jevvs who happen to have Russian nationality.

      • I can’t speak for all Europeans, but the average German, Frenchman, Italian or Spaniard has no issues with Americans in general. Like all countries, we all smile when the tourists show up who haven’t a clue about what they’re looking at. But we forgiven them. We know most don’t know their own short history, let alone 2,000 years of ours. 😉

        The problem we have is the same one you have; it’s not the people we have issue with, it’s the people running the country we’re worried about. Because the decisions they make don’t affect themselves, but everyone else.

  50. Here’s one that would absolutely be rooting for the Ruskies. The idea that there is a parasitic element buried in the leviathan’s flesh agitating for war with a nuclear power is insane. How are the usual suspects going to rule over what’s left of the American empire with its awesome (and increasing) diversity when it’s a smoking ruin?
    Joggers are an intractable enough problem, but the usual suspects who can never be mentioned, really must be removed from all seats of power and influence.

    • I’ll say about the Russians what I said about the Chinese:

      Are the Russians filling my area with Central Americans and Indians?

      Are the Russians discriminating against me and my children?

      Are the Russians pushing joggers to riot throughout the country?

      Are the Russians manipulating the financial system?

      Are the Russians controlling the media and using it to spew hatred against Whites?

      Etc., etc., etc.

      I know who the real enemy is, and it ain’t the Russians.

      • No, and russia is the only nation in the world who has said anything about the mis treatment of Anglosphere whites. First the talk of South African farmers going to russia. Now Lavrov mentioning the anti white agenda.

        Putin wants the best for his fellow Europeans in distress. We are both european, christian derived peoples. However, he has his nation to run and people to manage, and white americans are not russians.

        Also, at this point it could be argued that importing NW-Euro prots is dangerous. Import the cuck world, become the cuck world? While it would be nice for Russia to save us, I think it’s up to us to stay and duke it out here.

        • “Import the cuck world, become the cuck world? ”

          Yep. This would be my first thought. Keep ’em away.

          “While it would be nice for Russia to save us, I think it’s up to us to stay and duke it out here.”

          Indeed. As terrifying and as despair inducing as it can be. At some point, You, Your Sons, Your Grand Sons will have to fight someone – most probably a representative of The Organs, so may as well do it in our own lands. Mind you, most of the books of The Bible seem to indicate far harsher and more brutal modes of existence; so there is that for encouragement (for the religiously inclined). Life is judgement and suffering too.

          I was explaining to my father at the weekend why I had yet to buy a house in my overpriced and rapidly declining area of London. After giving some reasons, I said to him that home ownership – whilst desirable for a mature and healthy society – was probably never the norm. It can be taken/taxed away at will, especially by people who have little understanding of the balance of these things. It only takes one SJW leader, backed by SJW MPs to reason that all that I have worked for was unfairly gained. Then whack up that property tax… and again, and again. We were both quiet for a moment, perhaps realizing that if humans had survived in the past we’ll survive in a future that resembles the past. Anyway, a sobering thought.

          On the plus side, I am hearing more and more on the grapevine in the UK about parents – usually Christians – deciding to home school their children.

          • OrangeFrog: Godspeed to you and yours. While my time in England made me better understand my own Americanness, I have always loved English history and culture, and that hasn’t changed. Nor has my memory of my many English friends and acquaintances. And my best friend’s English husband here in Texas (and his daughter/son-in-law/grandchildren in England who still visit and hope to emigrate) keep those feelings of warm commonality despite differences ever fresh.

          • What @3g4me said. You can’t explain to your dad how it’s practically impossible for a working- or middle- class kid to buy a home and raise a family in a world where mass immigration drives prices up exponentially, year after year.

    • I agree because it would be a war between Russia and and the evil Zog who hates us.

      Easy choice..

    • In Rocky IV, though I was sad Apollo Creed died, I was rooting for Ivan Drago to win the fight.

    • It feels good to write that, but my kids are draft age, and the people pushing the buttons will not be touched by their catastrophic decisions.

      That being said, the Official Government Party in the US consists of inept, weak, easily frightened cucks (see also: barbed wire fences around the Capitol because people yelled at them loudly). A good wrap across the beak by the Bear would probably cause the institutions to collapse.

      We have a few military bases in my city. This morning – for an INCH OF SNOW – the scrawl on the local news had 3-sentences of instructions ordering military personnel not to “depart your residence until 9:30am”. All the schools were like “D22, 2-hour delay” and so forth. Think about how feckless and stupid your Generals and Colonels have to be to put a 3-sentence order on the a.m. news crawl for one goddamned inch of snow….

      Our young men will be sent off to war overseen by leaders who care more about women’s issues, trannies, gays, and P.C. horsecrap than winning a decisive war against a country that is not our enemy.

  51. “Half the country would be rooting for the Russians, just because they hate the American government.” Ain’t that the truth.

    • I’m pretty sure Putin hates me less than Kamala Harris, Linda Thomas-Greenfield (US Ambassador to the UN) and Jen Psaki do,

      • Note that Thomas-Greenfield, Jen Psaki, and Max Boot are members of the CFR, along with nearly every other player on the “Biden team”, including Sullivan, Blinken, Yellen, Austin, Rice, Burns, etc.

      • Forgot to mention that Kamala Harris’ sister, Maya Harris, is a CFR member and VP for “Democracy, Rights and Justice” (sic) at the Ford Foundation, a CFR affiliate.

    • I don’t hear an endless stream of anti-white blood libel and race hate emanating from Moscow.

      I do from DC.

      • I was thinking yesterday how you could raise your white kids better in just about any country than the usa. They could be the only white kids in the class in the philippines and they still wouldn’t learn that they’re inherently evil and should hate themselves. Would they be outsiders? Yeah.

        But the usa is extremely anti white despite having a large white population.

        • “A large white population” is important. 200 million, and what happens when the tipping point is reached, when the anti-white agenda is obvious to all. I don’t know exactly what happens but I’m thankful I’m part of a very large group rather than a much smaller minority like in South Africa.

          • Yea not to get all white pilled or anything but the fact that there are still 200M people (of the same stock that built the modern world and put a man on the moon) running around loose, could pose a serious problem for the ZOG at some point..

          • I think this will be the endgame for the Zoggies here actually. They saw the shining bauble of Covid out there and thought it was the Philosopher’s Stone. – With this, we can get rid of Orangeman, permanently corrupt elections, wreck the small businesses that still prevent total corporate takeover of the economy, desensitize the population to totalitarian micromanagement of behavior…

            They forgot that they still need another 20 years or so to lock in the demographics for the Big Putsch though. I wonder if the historians will say that Covid was more like the One Ring to them, an irresistible temptation that eventually seduced and destroyed it’s possessor.

        • Great point, and, mind you, non-Hispanic Whites are still north of 60 percent of the country and this hostile anti-White environment exists. Things here eventually will explode and the irony is that will be a huge improvement.

  52. Honestly did I miss it? Everywhere between the lines you refer to entities that want this or have had their hands in this for a long time. We can’t even name them here?

    • Those of us who have made the journey to this side of the great divide know exactly whom Z is talking about. Joe Normie can only take so much of the truth at a time. Show him everything at once, and you’ll scare him away.

      Let him follow the threat of truth at his own pace. Z is writing for two different audiences, which requires deft.

        • Remember. No one is ever grateful to the person who provided that kick in the head. There will be plenty of head kicking coming real soon. No need to jump the line.

        • Focus on something more focused and also more neutral, like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and its affiliates (Trilateral, Atlantic Council, etc). Plenty of well known billionaires pulling the strings (Fink, Rubenstein, Benioff, Pritzker, Bloomberg, Sandberg, Soros, Rubin, Greenberg, etc) and lots of lesser players (Blinken, Yellen, Austin, Rice, Burns, Raimondo, Zients, Kerry, etc) who happen to hold top positions in the Biden admin.

          • “Naming the inner party” is a concise way to put it. One can rag about “da joos” all day, but what good has that ever done? Why not expose these interlocking syndicates instead?

      • Like the concept of esoteric writing described by Leo Strauss.

        Then again, (((Leo Strauss))). 😉

      • I’m still squishy on the JQ so as one of the guys who can’t keep the high pace about ‘the truth’ (if you’re right??) I honestly appreciate the restraint. And maybe you are right about the JQ but if you are I’d bet my last dollar it’s emergent behavior (ie instinct by a highly ethnocentric, smart and traumatized minority) far more than a deliberate plan or conspiracy. Anyone who’s ever run or administered anything involving more than 3 people knows how hard it is to keep things both quiet and on track. On a civilizational level I can’t see that happening.

        Btw, Tucker Carlson’s showdown w the ADL is pretty interesting, even for someone who generally prefers not to see it from the JQ angel. Like I said, maybe you are on to something??

        • Yes, there is likely more emergent behavior than explicit planning. Emergent behavior shaped by thousands of years of evolution. It’s fascinating that they don’t need to consciously coordinate.

          To return to the subject of Z’s post, hatred of Russia is probably more emergent behavior than conscious planning.

        • The enemy of my enemy is my friend? The alliance between a “ethnocentric, smart, traumatized minority” and a ethnocentric, dull, exulted minority, against a other-centric, naive, unsuspecting enemy. The Germans, Operation Barbarossa, turned on the Russians when they thought the time was ripe.

    • “They did not stop selecting for people who shared their views on Russia and have the same cultural connections to the East.”

      (((cultural connections)))

      Seems like everyone is afraid to name the Jews.

      • For an article that should probably have triple parenthesis around the whole thing, it still gets point across while remaining an easily consumable piece for normie. We can hit them over the head with the ‘j’ shaped crowbar later 😉

        • When is this crowbar ever going to come though?

          I keep a toe in normieland through fakebook and through IRL and the walls around the reservation regarding the JQ are as strong and impenetrable as ever..

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