The Mob Rules

Every once in a while, you cannot help but notice that the people who rule over us are operating like primitives from another age. A great example is this video in which Susan Wojcicki, the head of YouTube, gives herself an award. The award in this case is for her support of free speech. While accepting the award, she brags about the efforts of YouTube to stifle the speech of anyone with whom she disagrees. You see, slavery is freedom, war is peace, and she is a hero of free speech.

The amazing bit is where she mentions that her family was chased out of Poland because they kept saying and doing things the Poles did not like. She says this experience that she did not actually experience, is what drives her now to drive people off the internet who say and do things she does not like. You see, back then it was bad, but now it is good because she is doing it. More important, she is justified in doing it because Hitler, which makes everything right.

This is, of course, a primitive mindset. When one band of savages sacked the village of another band of savages, they would erect their totem. The presence of their god in the form of that totem made it all good. Everything was seen in terms of the blood feud, so everything was justified. The people being savaged had it coming because somewhere in the past their ancestors did something to deserve it. Today the claim is the bad people are white, so they deserve whatever they get.

What makes the video amusing is she found a shiksa who is literally blind to present the award to her. First of all, a blind video maker is something from a bad script writer or a hacky comic. Putting that aside, the only person unable to see the absurdity of Wojcicki giving herself an award is a blind woman. This is Kim Jung-un giving himself “Humanitarian of the Year” or Nancy Pelosi, after a few jugs of wine, proclaiming herself the most sober person in Washington.

John Derbyshire used to say there is hope in the comments. This is where you see that people are not falling for the lies. This is why most sites have banished their comment sections now. YouTube is about to banish their down vote button for what you see in that video. There are 116 upvotes from YouTube lackeys and thirty thousand down votes from normal people. The comments tell the story. Primitive dirt-bags like Wojcicki can give herself awards, but she is not fooling anyone.

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194 thoughts on “The Mob Rules

  1. The annual Art Festival is this weekend. I went yesterday, huge crowds even at 10 AM. 99.9999% white crowd, very few masks. Even though it was a hot, humid Florida day, everyone preferred to wait in a long line to buy sodas and water from the white vendors rather than patronize the two blacks who were selling drinks.

    The whole planet has a bad case of Negro Fatigue. Rather than deal with someone who might try to punch, stab, or shoot you over a minor misunderstanding—or send a howling mob to your house—it’s easier just to spend your money somewhere else.

    It’s good to see the natives stand up for themselves.

    • Lately, when I’m shopping in a town that’s not completely pozzed, I like to enter a small business, rip off my mask, and ask, “Do you mind?” Every single person so far has said something to effect of “Thank God! I hate these f*cking things!” in response. And then it invariably turns into a conversation about our betters, and how we wish them and theirs all the prosperity (and safety!) that God could possibly bestow.

    • Ex-Pralite: “Everyone preferred to wait in a long line to buy sodas and water from the white vendors rather than patronize the two blacks who were selling drinks.” That sounds too good to be true. But because it’s Florida, we Elders of the House of Zman hereby grant you the benefit of the doubt. Carry on son.

  2. I know! Let’s go back to the poorhouse idea: End welfare, and every welfare recipient can live in a special built motel for free to the end of their lives. One requirement: They are sterilized.

    Benefits: They are stigmatized. Woo hoo!
    They can go work if they want, leaving the poor house, but they will never produce worthless offspring. Woo hoo!
    We can then imprison the homeless without guilt, they have a place to go, but refused. Woo hoo!
    If they want to get their sheite together, they can live on society. No more tent camps on Central Avenue. Woo effen Hoo!!

    • Yeah, race and ethnocentrism has nothing to do with our problems. Let’s just form a society of deracinated, high IQ achievers.

      You’ll be bewildered as your fellow high IQ j3ws, asians, and indians take you down.

      You may strongly wish it wash otherwise, but: race > IQ

      • “We are all Kosh”: libertarian foolishness!

        You must have a tribe that is rooted in biology! You can’t invent your own tribe. Biology and ethnocentrism win.

        You need your less intelligent brothers and sisters for protection and fellowship.

    • This is an ancient truism because it results in the slow death & extinction of any society that practices this policy long term.

      By this issue is subsidiary to a more fundamental & serious problem that must be addressed first before you can even begin to hope to remedy to institutionalized parasitism problem. Specifically, we now have a political system in which we-the-people routinely elect the most corrupt and degenerate among us go to DC and rule over us. And because vote fraud is now the law of the land, there can be no solution via traditional public education about the merits of electing good men to office. We need a new mechanism for selecting our leadership. The old one is fatally broken.

    • “It is immoral to pay people to breed who do nothing to support society,” says the guy who will be eliminated Saint-Domingue style because he insists on being an individualist.

      I don’t disagree with your statement, but if this is your highest priority then you are blind.

  3. It’s funny to me to think of people accidentally hearing the podcasts I listen to. This has happened before because when I start my car it automatically starts playing whatever I’d been listening to on my phone from earlier that day or whenever. It’s made for some awkward moments.

    Also I listen at bars and sometimes won’t immediately realize that my phone is broadcasting out loud, rather than on my earbuds.

    This part from the podcast at 15:10 would’ve gotten me in some fine trouble at the college bars I often frequent: “The dunking stool. That’s another popular one. We should bring this one back. You put the woman on there. You dunk her in the water. Hold her under for a little bit to gurgle. Then you bring her back up.”

    Awesome. But the patrons wouldn’t care that it was spoken in jest. So yeah, just make sure your phone has connected to your buds before you press play on anything. Though you’d have to think that even college kids would be cracking up at that gurgle line.

    • I’m not criticizing about you being careful. I’ve been afraid for decades.

      I’m just sick of it.

      Here is the reason we are careful. We don’t know their weak point. I thing I have discovered it. NEVER argue on policy. NEVER.

      They never stop lying about policy, so we can not win.

      Always Always Always argue on morality.
      #1 “You just like to hurt people.”
      This is the most profound sword I’ve ever seen. They can’t win against this, because every single solitary one of their policies hurt people. You can pin them down with this one thing alone. Say it over and over again. Say nothing else and you still win.
      #2 The ONLY thing the seek is Revenge for Being Born.
      Z-Man hates non-standard writing. I love it! Heh.
      This point is miles deep. Rationalism is bereft of meaning. It’s great for science, and some other useful thinking. But it is USELESS for living a life. And their lives are based on it. And so is yours, if you’re not very careful. Lives are based solely on the story you live. Story is told in metaphor. Metaphorical thinking is pre-printing press. I just covered about 3 hours of explanation.
      With regard to #2, just say to them your life has no meaning and it’s their fault. Their beliefs are bullshit.
      There is no way for them to win that argument.
      Never argue on policy.
      When you argue on policy, you are allowing their morality as valid.
      It is not.

  4. Odd that Sikhs would be so worried about guns. Of all the peoples of India they are reputed as making the best soldiers and the most steady in combat. A different religion than Hinduism or Islam. Every man is forbidden to cut his hair, hence the turban which can be quite substantial unlike the other “little hat”. A silver dagger is carried as a sign of his warrior status. Frankly, I prefer them to either Hindus or Muslims.

    • Now why they are in Indiana, I’ve no idea. Unless it’s part of the plutocracy’s tacit admission that our own native 13% are not exactly dependable workers, so they need to import traditionally hardworking and obedient foreigners.

    • come to Brampton, Ontario for a day and see if you still “prefer them to either Hindus or Muslims”.

      Don’t be fooled by their “niceness” and passiveness while they are small in numbers.

      None of those 3 groups belong in the USA, anyways.

  5. Friday’s podcast would be palatable for normie. Nice gateway podcast. Especially on how the countries most obvious problems can’t even be mentioned. Then illustrated by Sikhs making waves in Indiana.

    Since we’ve been kids all of us on this side have been at least latently far right. (In the basic sense of far-right meaning “I’m not so nice and I don’t believe you”). However, one of the things I’ve lagged on in my DR progression is the notion of exclusion.

    I’d always been somewhat sympathetic to mixed-race couples and foreigners (in small amounts) being in this country. Among other swaying factors, it was mostly Z who brought me further right on this.

    Books and reading are the most legitimate way of refining one’s thoughts. But there’s something about oratory that kickstarts like nothing else. It was the avuncular but strong way Z would say things like, “What are they DOING here? Why are there Bantus in Nebraska? It’s madness when you really think about it.” Causing you to actually REALLY think about it.

    There was also an exclusionary podcast segment about 3 years ago where Z posited that it was perfectly ok for the early 20th-century Harvards and Yales of the country to keep the Js out. The old boys built these institutions for THEIR kind and THEIR culture and to further THEIR mores and manners. Before I’d heard it put that way, and in that unabashed tone, it would have been way too far right for me to even consider.

    • Frip, I understand your sympathy for outsiders but my heart has hardened. Here’s my train of thought:

      Most non-Europeans are far more ethnocentric than we are. Almost any non-European in a mostly white environment is going to be resentful that they stand out and long for more of their people. At that point, we’ve just re-started the whole immigration problem again.

      I’m sure there are some non-European outliers who would be satisfied in a mostly white country. But what about when their offspring regress to the anti-white mean? We can see that any partially white person almost always identifies with their non-white side (Obama).

      The summary of my point is that there may be a small number of non-Europeans who could fit well in a mostly European society but it would be far too much work to identify them and we can’t afford the false positives. Kick ’em all out.

      • LineIn: Heart hardened as well. I agree with all you said. Not sure how we’d “kick ’em all out” though. You probably meant that figuratively.

        “Almost any non-European in a mostly white environment is going to be resentful.” Yes, and resentment takes so many forms and is so easily roused. I know POC foreigners that have terrible personalities so no one likes them. Almost every one of them is convinced it’s because of their race. I know POCs who’ve always been, and still are, “homophobic” reactionary conservatives of the Archie Bunker stereotype. Yet have somehow fallen in love with Don Lemon. Simply because he sticks it to whitey.

  6. “””… her family was chased out of Poland…..”””
    Well, do you know how is “buy more ammo” in Polish? Or how many guns they have?

    • “Kupić więcej amunicji”. We don’t have much firearms in the civilian market since the law is complicated and highly restrictive for self-defense use, while other permits (like sport-shooting) require membership in the shooting club and participating in tournaments. On top of that, a Shooting Patent is required to be obtained, before applying for gun permits. You need to pay for signing up and getting psychiatric assesment, then pass the exam (knowledge of the gun law and shooting test for weaponry of your choosing).

      As a result the gun culture in our country is quite underdeveloped, yet grass-roots activists work to change that. The biggest obstacle are the disinterested public and unfriendly administration.

      Btw, she declined to mention that her dad escaped because of the communist takeover in 1947. Apparenty mentioning the C-word in negative context is now taboo in America.

  7. “This is, of course, a primitive mindset.”

    To me, she has always seemed incredibly vapid, even stupid — believe it or not, in my experience this type of woman is not uncommon at certain levels of management, including higher ones — you see, she could just as easily be described as a real ‘team player’, which often just means easily led and manipulated — and the presence of such (what are essentially) female puppets in management helps keep the EEOC et al at bay.

  8. Zman: I am a regular reader (here and Takimag) and listener and mostly agree with you. I think your position is that the commies take the position they do because of a need for moral superiority.

    That is true for the mediocrities that vote Democrat and riot with Antifa. The useful idiots seem to have a need for moral superiority.

    That is most certainly NOT true for the Ruling Class (Soros et al) that fund them and give them their marching orders. The motivation of the Ruling Class is solely the acquisition and maintenance of power. Period.

    • “Period” or semi colon or ampersand?

      Revenge and jealousy and envy and anger work too. J@ws want revenge, blacks are jealous, envious and angry.

      • I think j*wa are envious too. They tagged along a European, White world. They are good at copying, and army stupid but they were the foil to white Europe, not a participant

  9. The Others’ good ones can’t outrun their bad, they have it even worse than we whites and always will; they’ll return to the mean, physically and spiritually, as they’re overwhelmed.

    This is why the shrieking over life sentences for “underage” nonwhite felons, over a 220 lb., 16 year old stabber and a 13 year old gangbanger. If they’re grown enough to kill, they’re grown enough to f**k. “Children” my azz.

    The Zman said 800 years of hangings led to the Industrial Revolution.
    Mexico’s problem? No death penalty.

    If we won’t do death penalty, then castration and sterilization. Violence drives breeding: we can’t let the bad seeds put out more copies of themselves.

    What’s more, eventually they reach the top of the tree and rule us… right into ruin. All the roads to the Washington DC should be lined with crosses.

  10. More surreal headlines: In today’s
    “Person in the news

    George Floyd: an ordinary man who became a global symbol.”

    I confess I don’t have his full resume at hand, but apparently being a convicted armed robber, passing counterfeit money, and having three illegal drugs in your system, one of them a fatal overdose counts as being an “ordinary man” these days?

    It’s also worth mentioning that at least once upon a time the Financial Times was considered a respectable news paper.

    • The FT was purchased by Japanese publisher Nikkei in 2015. The (new) editor is Roula Khalaf, a Lebanese woman educated at Columbia Univ, etc.

      • It is neither Japanese nor Lebanese controlled though, and I really hope you aren’t unaware of that 😉

      • Over the last five, six years the FT has purged a lot of their male White reporters who actually knew what they were doing in favor of young Women, mostly White, extremely woke. Much of their editorial comments are pure estrogen festivals. Nothing more.

        They do offer (for the careful reader) interesting information hard to get elsewhere. For example, Wirecard. The German fintech company that turned out to be a massive fraud and money laundering scheme. It was protected by German regulators because its CEO and founder shared all the information with the German security services about who was using the service for what. Duh. Or that Netflix has yet be cash flow positive for a quarter, let alone even turn a profit. Or the many nefarious third world doings of Israeli entrepreneur Benny Steinmetz, embroiled in one African dictator stealing the treasury scandal after another. Or the way various companies hide executive compensation — payment to shell companies controlled by the executive like Carlos Ghosn at Nissan which BLM used for its co-founder. For financial scandal, skullduggery, and corruption IF you read it carefully you can figure out what’s going on and the scale and scope of the looting. They broke the Wirecard story even under German legal pressure and threatened arrests of their reporter and editor. [All the serious reporting is still done by White men.]

    • When former super-duper-models become widows, and unleash the hypergamous s1ut-wh0re within:

      Right down to mudsharking herself with a j00.

      [ Stumbled upon that story by way of a JYC ch!mpette which murd3red its two little ch!mplets: ]

      Anyway, back in the day, I woulda walked over broken glass just to get close enough to Mrs Ocasek to smile & wink at her [I had her poaster on da wall over muh bed].

      But now?

      Post-menopausal nudity & mudsharkery with j00z?


        • Does anyone actually get paid to write these fedposts or is it all by algorithm now? Have they outsourced this to a warehouse of pajeets too?

          • LOL’ing @ third-rate retired SUNY professor of psychology trying to earn a few extra shekels trolling for Yossi Cohen & the gang.

    • “I confess I don’t have his full resume at hand”

      Five arrests for cocaine theft/possession/trafficking up to 2005. Also a charge of trespass.

      1998, convicted of armed robbery. Ten months’ prison sentence. Re-arrested within days of release for petty theft.

      2007, aggravated home-invasion armed robbery of a pregnant woman with lots of gang/drug connections. Five years.

      He moved to Minneapolis after finishing that sentence, either to “start a new life after seeing the error of his ways” or to escape revenge from the gang whose stash house he’d tried to rob.

      An ordinary man in the context of the self-cleaning ghetto.

  11. JooTube deleated my account for fake hate speech.

    Now links to their site from pretty much everywhere do not work for me..


    “My Nationalist Pony, Buttercup Dew’s Tumblr blog on the iconic children’s cartoon series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, is a masterpiece of culture-jamming. Buttercup analyzes My Little Pony from a White Nationalist, New Rightist, Traditionalist, and neo-pagan perspective. He pinpoints the show’s debts to European culture. He reads the stories as allegories teaching perennial truths about race, heredity, caste, sexual differences, self-actualization, virtue, and the divine. And he does it all without a hint of irony. Because if friendship is magic, ironic detachment is decadence. By collecting the best of the My Nationalist Pony blog and related texts, this volume once again demonstrates the New Right’s power to disclose hidden depths in popular culture.” -—Greg Johnson, author of The White Nationalist Manifesto

    “If the ideas of White Nationalism are indeed based on the way things are, then we should be able to find traces of them everywhere. Even in a TV series based on collectable, brushable ponies? Why not? Of course, it helps if you have a guide who’s a master of the paranoiac-critical method. So climb aboard Buttercup Dew’s guided tour of Equestria, the future white ethnostate—if we should be so lucky.” —James J. O’Meara, author of Mysticism After Modernism

    “Unquestionably the greatest blog of all time.” -—Max Read, Gawker

    • James, although the commenters here have some disagreements about whom to hate the most, I expect that there would be little disagreement about hating men who are sexually aroused by cartoons meant for little girls. And for those who sympathize with trannies.

      Why do you keep trying to graft yourself to our cause? I’ve watched you do this for at least a decade. People like you are hated here.

      • So, anyone who comments on some aspect of popular culture does so only because they are “sexually aroused” by it? You really should seek professional help.

        And you wonder why some people (i.e., everyone else ) thinks “[y]our cause” is made up of sexually obsessed philistines.

        • Weak. No man worth having on our side is going to build his identity around a cartoon for little girls or dressing like a woman.

  13. Welcome to the good person awards ceremony. Just a reminder that all awards will be presented by me to me. First off, the award for most tears shed during Selma…

  14. Watched a bit of the Wojcicki video. George Orwell would have blushed. “I had a scene like that in 1984, but it was too over-the-top, so I had to remove it.”

  15. Older Boomers are retiring or dying en mass and the younger Boomers and Gen-X are taking their place in the upper levels of the ruling class and in corporate America and this probably the reason we see everything picking up steam and moving faster. I predict things will only get worse and get worse faster for at least the next 10 years.

    • Um, that was supposed to be a reply to Ben the Layabout below, but it got divorced from the parent when I reposted because my original was too short.

  16. And you are right about Cam Newton (the current Patriots QB and former Panthers QB). I haven’t followed the NFL seriously since I was in high school, but being more or less local to NC, I was exposed to his antics on television. His public persona is clown-like and he dresses like a pimp. Without trying to sound racist, he looks like a character from Disney’s “Song of the South”.

    Knowing you are a metalhead, you might like Filter’s “Hey Man, Nice Shot” an ode to everyone’s favorite politician R. Budd Dwyer.

    • Tom Brady to Cam Newton–my how the Patriots have fallen. Not that I give a ruddy shit.

      • my how the Patriots have fallen

        (((Julian Edelman))) just retired last week.

        The collapse of the “Patriots” [LOL’ed] couldn’t have happened to a moar worthy & deserving j00 than creepy old pervert (((Robert Kraft))).

        • Four JIDF downvoats on (((Julian Edelman))) & (((Robert Kraft))).

          Jesus H Christ this board is vastly moar semitic than even I had suspected.

          Am I the only goyische bull in here right now?

          LOLing at JIDF.

    • On the eve of the Super Bowl between Newton and Peyton Manning, I recall a segment on local radio of a young woman (with a clearly white affect) first mocking Manning’s large forehead, and then getting positively lubricated while fawning over his dusky opponent.

      I stopped to try to imagine the outrage with the roles reversed. Idolizing Manning while ridiculing Newton’s physical appearance.

      • ridiculing Newton’s physical appearance

        Specifically, his noticeably TINY forehead.

  17. The only national politician I am aware of who has been willing to speak the bald truth was Rep. Steve King:

    “Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies. ”

    The left and right joined hands to destroy him utterly.

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  19. You know things are messed up when guys like Jim Kunstler, one of the people who shall remain unnamed, are dropping references to 13 (really 3) do 51 in their Friday columns.

    Holy crap.

      • Kunstler is one of us? You’re either new here or just speaking casually. The Dissident Right means being the bad guy on all the issues. It’s hard. Takes a certain constitution. Read Zman comment sections. Kunstler isn’t one of us. I’m not even one of us.

    • from peak oil to peak degeneracy in < 10 years.
      He got lost a little when the ridiculous oil prices of 2007-2008 sent tons of newly printed money into oil and gas back around 2009-2010 and raised oil production and sent prices falling. Though I haven't followed him in a while, from what I can recall, while always a bit more on the right, he was fairly progressive about race and gender. I'm pretty sure I have his post apocalyptic (post peak oil) fiction books somewhere on my hard disk, I'll have to give them a read and see where he stood back then. He always seemed to me as a bit of a grifter. He first came to my attention when writing about how much he hates suburbia

      • His early book, ‘Geography of Nowhere,’ was prescient and well-written.

        Then mocking the idea of eternal ‘Happy Motoring’ became his leitmotif.

        Lives in somewht liberal but non-diverse Saratoga NY. Paints mediocre landscapes.

        • In large part suburbia was a product of race. During the war there was massive labor shortages in the big cities in the North and blacks moved up from the South and began exerting their political power through the ballet box. Because they vote so reliably, they were able to elect anyone who courted them with whites being roughly split.

          Detroit is a perfect example of how race created suburbia. I’m sure there were other factors, but even today in my lifetime, every single member of my extended family on both sides fled the city either because of race or because of the problems created by race.
          He, like most critics of suburbia completely ignore race as an underlying cause.

          • It’s hard to say because there are some very…realistic…commenters on his blog these days, though I think he doesn’t spend much time moderating those.

          • “Kunstler, like most critics of suburbia completely ignore race as an underlying cause.”

            I could be wrong. But for a guy like Kunstler who’s fundamentally honest and writes about city/suburbia for a living, it’s hard for me to believe he’s “completely ignored race.”

  20. Caucasians will recover from their collective mob-induced Stockholm syndrome. What comes next is their collective perception that this is a problem without a solution.

  21. “A Jewish guy pretending to be Puerto Rican debating a black guy pretending to be Italian, over the evils of whiteness.”

    DAE italians are africans.

  22. We have plenty of Sikhs / Punjabis here. Despite being 2% of the Indian population they’re like 50% of the Indo-“Canadian” population. They committed the worst terror attack in Canadian history, taking down an Air Canada jet full of Hindus. They are extremely ethnocentric and are taking over the trucking industry here. In small numbers they pretend to be super nice, peaceful, wise people who spend all day at the Gurudwara, but be warned, they change as they get more numerous. They are an ultra-voter block, always voting for more welfare and open borders.

    Funnily enough, this happened this week. It was reported more in India than in Canada:

    Those fine Canadians arrested were:
    Rupinder Sharma (25), Vaughan
    Prabhsimran Kaur (25), Vaughan
    Parshotem Malhi (54), Brampton
    Rupinder Dhillon (37), Brampton
    Sanveer Singh (25), Brampton
    Haripal Nagra (45), Brampton
    Hassam Syed (30), Brampton
    Pritpal Singh (56), Brampton
    Harkiran Singh (33), Brampton
    Lakhpreet Brar (29), Brampton
    Didy Adansi (52), Toronto
    Sarbjit Singh (43), Woodstock
    Balwinder Dhaliwal (60), Brampton
    Rupinder Dhaliwal (39), Toronto
    Ranjit Singh (40), Toronto
    Sukhmanpreet Singh (23), Brampton
    Khushal Bhinder (36), Brampton
    Prabhjeet Mundian (34), Brampton
    Vansh Aurora (24), Brampton
    Simranjeet Narang (28), Brampton
    Harjinder Jhaj (28), Caledon
    Gaganpreet Gill (28), Brampton
    Sukhjit Dhaliwal (47), Brampton
    Imran Khan (33), Toronto
    Chinedu Ajoku (51), Brampton
    Harjot Singh (31), Brampton
    Sukhjit Dhugga (35), Brampton

    Police also seized 48 firearms:

    Disarming their ethnic competitors.

    • No chit.

      Z complains about blacks but really… these bloody packies are every bit as dumb and violent as the negro, and twice as arrogant. What they know about hygiene will fit on the head of a pin. You do not want to get in a yellow cab with these animals. In Canada, you ask for a white driver…. or can you even do that anymore? I used to tell those arseholes that I would have a clean white driver that can speak english AND use soap – or I wouldn’t get in the car or pay. Back then they understood and I had no problems. I wonder if it is still the same now?

    • I met some fun Torontonians on vacation in Aruba pre-coof. They referred to that once nice suburb as Bramladesh.

      By the by, B125, I think the truck driver who killed the 16 little league hockey players in a small prairie town a few years back was from the subcontinent. Shady trucking company owned by a subcontinental, and putting drivers on the road with very little training.

      Media covered this up as best they could, if I recall.

      • Yes he was also a Sikh. He killed 16 young white men. We were never told if he was an illegal alien or not. Most likely he was. All the trucking companies are like that.

        Not all the subcontinentals are the same, there’s Sikhs/Punjabis, Hindus, and Pakistanis. It’s somewhat of an important distinction; there are almost no Hindus driving trucks for instance. There’s not too much in common between the two groups.

        Of course I don’t care to live with any of them. But it’s good to be aware of the differences.

        • We get a lot of truck drivers from Ontario serving my place of work, most of them have the Sikh headdress.

  23. Despite the constant barrage of evidence, I’m still amazed at how fast we’re turning ourselves into the USSR (it’s Ludicrous Speed; we’ve gone straight to plaid). I can’t tell whether it feels more like December 1860 or July 1914 around here, but I do know that dumb people in power who only hear what they want to hear make catastrophic mistakes that get lots of people killed.

    What a fascinatingly stupid time to be alive.

    • We should be so lucky. When the USSR fell apart, the restored nations were still filled with their native populations.

      • G-d forbid. No envy of Russian native population. Destruction of their best genetics started in 1917 with Lenin’s “red terror”, when hundreds of thousands were shot without a trial, just for being against the revolution. The lucky ones escaped for Europe.
        Stalin continued with destroying everybody talented, not unlike Mao who said “cut the tallest poppies”.
        Most of the remaining population turned to alcohol as an escape. Alcoholism became a genetic problem.
        The reason this country still has a chance is because “they” can’t physically destroy the best.

        • “The reason this country still has a chance is because “they” can’t physically destroy the best.”

          Sure they can. They’re working on it right now.

          • One “Chevette” of the AR world (DPMS,) with a chinesium amazon sightmark optic, in the hands of a single teenager shutdown escalating Antifa and BLM violence in 2020. BLM and Antifa have been protected from demoralizing loss not just in the workplace, but also in the great reboot.

            What everyone is overlooking in their fatalism is that the zombies and orcs have been fluffed up in every imaginable way and this is the best they can do.

            There will be no great weapons surrender and this matters because small arms are what hold a territory. They empower the one against the mob of 100+.


            The DR/NR is full of anti-gun faggots who get off larping philosophy and shitting on their ideological own, but are very much not owners or promoters or self-defense tools. Anti2a is one thing the DR/NR votes strong left on while ignoring the fact they have not been cremated and daughters raped because the 2A community possesses the deterrent granting them the opportunity to be smug fatalists.

            Give it time.

          • “Anti2a is one thing the DR/NR votes strong left on”

            What? I don’t know any anti 2a people on the DR.

          • How many black rifles do you own, Viz?

            None of that faggy NRA stuff. All of the nostalgic gay for cowboys club is a part of the problem.

            If you want to support the second amendment, buy the good technology and support the industry organically. If that is not you, that is who I am talking about.

          • @viz

            More than two is a good answer! If you own at least two, because one is none, you can be as critical as you wish as the left is correct that while you can kill anything with the proper placement of a 556, they are well suited to feral two-legged critters and competent ownership should be one part of any voting architecture going forward.

            I do own several bolt action, to include an AXMC in 338lm/6.5cm/308 trimmings to a CZ AT1 22lr, but the enemy of freedom is the smug hunter and cowboy who cedes political power to the grabbers. Small arms are a fundamental component of a distributed resistance. Having said that, ideas matter and the politicians and businessmen have been frittering away the economy and the republic.

        • Anna, it was your fellow tribesman who ran the secret police, made the lists, and ensured the deaths of thousands upon thousands of Russians. And today it’s your fellow tribesmen who are coordinating the destruction of America and all White nations via mass immigration and suicidal ‘wokeness.’ Stop larping as a concerned right wing ‘murrican.

          • Agree. Anna’s points were valid- Stalin and Churchill killed off their own people’s best. They betrayed their own.

          • Those killed in the brother wars pale in comparision to high IQ white babies not born due to psychosocial subversion employed by a malicious subset of a certain ethnic. I wonder what the lost opportunity costs of feminism has been? Atomization?

          • I agree:ignorant people have a way of asserting “facts” which are largely emotional positions.
            How do you know all the good Russians , Germans or Britons were killed in a certain war? Bit like saying all the good Americans were killed in the civil war. Establish how you know your opinion is a fact. How do you know that war kills the best;especially mass industrial war? Maybe all the good Germans were killed in the 30 years war-it killed a bigger percentage than either WW2 or WW1.

    • Pre-Corona & St. Floyd I just happened to start reading about WWI because I realized what a glaring hole it was in my knowledge. I definitely have been relating the past year to the whole idea that the trains have already started moving towards the front so we can’t stop them now.

      • That’s a good metaphor. The mobilization order became the point of mostly no return because unwinding a mobilization order made you considerably more vulnerable to attack. Plus, the mobilization plans for Germany basically pushed the troops at the front toward Belgium.

        Shocking to hear Z speak of how close we are to a race war. It isn’t clear that the powers can back the blacks down, but we will see.

    • Imagine if it had been revealed during the Cold War that all of the American nukes didn’t work. You don’t think the Soviets wouldn’t have immediately taken advantage of that? The left is doing the same here in America.

      This situation was brought about by the far left realizing the right was all bark and no bite. When they didn’t receive massive, punishing push back, they took it as license to press their advantage. They incrementally did so until they felt they could get away with anything, even overthrowing the government with fake Russian conspiracy theories, censoring the media, and even packing the Supreme Court to overthrow the constitution itself.

      The Left now occupies the high ground with all the big guns while there is practically nothing we can do about it but wait for it to get worse, hoping maybe it will collapse like the USSR before it gets too bad. Congrats normies. Heckuva job.

  24. The YouTube pollack bitch giving herself an award is just the latest example of Clown World we are trapped in.If Z has reported the details accurately, giving yourself an award for not doing the very things you’re giving yourself the award for, as well as for implicitly denying your conduct is the same as your claimed enemies, is only slightly sillier than revoking long-ago given awards.

    Earlier in the week, I shared How the American Humanist Association revoked an award it had given to Richard Dawkins a quarter-century ago, because of some perceived insensitive comment he recently made. Now you might not like these groups, but you could easily find a similar case for someone closer to your ideology’s flavor. Not long before, some famous long-dead sports announcer (writer?), had some award revoked because of unflattering things he said half a century ago! (I can’t find the cite; details may be wrong.)

    Every time I think that matters can’t get more absurd, I’m proven wrong.

    • I’m thinking of Jimmy the Greek, but that was because he noticed some groups have bigger muscles

      • Or was it Howard Cosell for his propensity to describe athletes, black and white, as “monkeys”?

        • Howard Cosell got fired for calling Redskins WR Alvin Garrett a “little monkey.” Garrett was a little guy, and Howard used that term regularly to describe little players and his own grandchildren. There’s a video on youtube of Cosell describing White NFL running back, Mike Adamle, also a small player for his position, a “little monkey.” It was a term of endearment for him, not an attack.

          • Liberals know their little pets look and behave like monkeys, so it’s easy for them to take offense to the term. Some senator said ‘don’t monkey this up’ and liberals immediately assumed he was referring to voting for a black person. This is the X dimension we live in. Soon there will be signs at the primate exhibit in the zoo saying “these are not african americans and you’re racist for thinking about it.”

    • Ben, I saw your comment the other day and read all three AHA Humanist Manifestos. 1933, 1973, and 2003. Kinda interesting to see how the messages have changed.

      The ’33 was focused on how to think as a Humanist while staying with one’s religion. It was probably rough on Humanists back then. I don’t know much about them, but an atheist I sorta sympathize. They even refer to themselves as “Religous Humanists”. Besides the religious thing it’s an uncontroversial Manifesto by today’s standards.

      Manifesto II in ’73 was more complicated. It seems to have been written by some wordy old professor who likes to hear himself write. The ’33 was simpler, i.e. “Let us be free of the old restrictions. Life has SO much to offer. Reason will prevent wars. So no more wars, ok? Only world cooperation. Life’s purpose is discovering your true self.”

      The ’73 was “OK, life can be scary. Turns out, there are bad humans after all. (But remember, they weren’t born that way, The Culture did it.) Life’s purpose is to defend the defenseless. Including trees. But not unborn babies.

      1973 – “SIXTH: In the area of sexuality, we believe that intolerant attitudes, often cultivated by orthodox religions and puritanical cultures, unduly repress sexual conduct. The right to birth control, abortion, and divorce should be recognized.”

      Manifesto III from 2003 is much shorter, thank god. Science and ecology get big props. The whole thing is mostly fluffy “join-hands” stuff. Carefully vague. Like the board passed it off on their law department with instructions to “Keep it vague. Nothing they can pin us down on.” So Manifesto III has lots of awkward qualifications pretending to be stately. “We are committed to treating each person as having inherent worth and dignity, and to making informed choices in a context of freedom consonant with responsibility.”

      The III in 2003 doesn’t provide an overriding Life’s Purpose, but motivations. It’s less confident than I & II. You get the feeling the AHA is aware of and awed by looming Big Prog. It even says, “Values and ideals, however carefully wrought, are subject to change.” Boy that’s some weak soup for a MANIFESTO. They’re definitely not thought-leading anymore here in ‘03, but rather positioning themselves to quickly fall in line with wherever political action Prog wants to lead the world.

      The new manifesto hasn’t come out yet. But on their website the “About Us” section, they imply that philosophy still has its place, but Action is really where it’s at. “Pressing the public.” Hmmmm. So, their organization started out as anti-violence and anti-taboos. Now it’s low-key open to violence to enforce taboos.

      You can bet Manifesto IV is gonna be woke as hell and confrontational. None of this “Values are relative” crap from 2003. It’ll be, “We’ve finally discovered evil. And he’s white.”

      • The original Humanist Manifesto (1933) clearly states that their goal was to “establish a new religion” to based on “scientific materialism” to *replace* the outmoded spiritual traditions:

        “SIXTH: We are convinced that the time has passed for theism, deism, modernism, and the several varieties of “new thought”

        One of the prime sponsors was John Dewey, the “father of modern education” sponsored by the Rockefellers and head of the Columbia Teacher’s College. He openly stated that his goal was to establish Humanism / Socialism as the state religion via the public schools.

        • JohnSmith. True. I don’t have a problem with Manifesto 1 rejecting the supernatural, so I didn’t take in those sections with the focus that others would.

          Manifesto 1 did give us the following, which maybe we can agree from a DR perspective is a bright side of de-emphasizing Christianity: (*emphasis mine*)

          “ELEVENTH: Man will learn to face the crises of life in terms of his knowledge of their *naturalness and probability.* Reasonable and *manly attitudes* will be fostered by education and supported by custom. We assume that humanism will take the path of social and mental hygiene and *discourage sentimental and unreal hopes and wishful thinking.*

          • Fine sentiments, but look how it has worked out. The “unreal hopes and wishful thinking” of the Humanist / Socialists is why we are where we are today. And where are those “reasonable and manly attitudes” they promised to foster? A century of “mental hygiene” by the likes of Dewey and his “progressive” successors has morally gutted the the good ol’ USA.

          • A lot of the social changes of the last 100 years probably seemed beneficial initially due to a sort of “legacy effect”, what we here tend to call social capital. Even many of the old radicals themselves were products of conservative upbringings in a very strict no nonsense social order. They could jettison the common man’s “sentimental and unreal hopes and wishful thinking” while remaining relatively sane and often living very conventional bourgeois lives. What we seem to be seeing is what happens after 4 or 5 generations of popularized moral anarchy.

            It might have been nice if people had been able to become more secular while retaining “Reasonable and manly attitudes” but instead they turned into today’s promiscuous, pot-headed, gynocentric shitheads.

            There’s also the fact that many intellectuals don’t understand that ideas they can sort of cope with while staying out of jail and off the crack pipe might have entirely different effects when people of average or low intelligence adopt them.

            Shorter version of all this: when you pull the support columns out from under a very complex structure you don’t get to pick and choose which parts fall down and you might end up collapsing the whole thing.

    • I think it was the Major League Baseball Writers’ Association removing the name of J.G. Taylor Spink (the founder of The Sporting News over 100 years ago) from the annual award they give to one of their own.

      • Until recently, there existed some horror fiction award named after H.P. Lovecraft. Clearly, he had to be erased from that award and was.

        • Possibly because one of his stories had a pet cat named (rhymes with “chigger”), if memory serves.

        • The entire, “Lovecraft Country,” franchise is intended as a middle finger to HP.

    • > The YouTube pollack bitch
      She’s not a Pollack. If you think she is Polish just because her family emigrated from Poland, you have not been paying attention.

    • In recent years, seeing the wokesters coming on the horizon, my choices included:
      1. Nominated for an award in my industry, I declined.
      2. Invited to speak at a school, I declined.
      3. Told I would be featured in my college alumni magazine, I declined.

      My reasoning is and was simple. These super-duper awards, opportunities and accolades are a way others force you into their jurisdiction. The Dawkins thing is an example, with no reference to that nut or atheism in general.

      • This is gold or kryptonite depending upon your perspective. Thank you for sharing this wisdom.

    • After my above irreverent post, I just did watch the video. They make it sound all so reasonable. There is always going to be a “need” for censoring content. Of course, they will remove what they think is objectionable. “Public forum” my ass. 🙂

      It is quite amusing the vast negative votes vs. the few positives. You’d have thought they would have automated the bots to applaud Great Leader. But then, how do you send a piece of software to Sibereia? 😀

  25. Now you have done it, paint the Washington monument black? The nuts will probably run with this and might I suggest grabbing Detroit’s black Joe Louis fist to be at the top.

    Blackity black, black as Derbyshire says. Maybe someday this will reach critical mass and implode. Right now, the 13% are in 100% of the commercials and online advertising and mission statements.

    • I’m not sure where the ad agencies are finding all the genial, salt-and-pepper, short-haired “blackish” ladies without a weight problem to model in the commercials. I don’t watch much tv, but seem to see these ads mostly for health insurance, also in the printed pieces. The woman is usually joined by a jolly-looking grandpa with the same haircut as hers; they’re having a cup of coffee looking out into their very pleasant suburban back yard. Really?

        • Because the nuggras are known far and wide for their wise and judicious use of the money they acquire.

      • Used to be pretty a pretty funny show called wipeout a few years back. The announcing crew was all White as were most of the contestants. Well, it’s been resurrected now with a nappy headed sow as co-host and every other contestant was a jogger – unwatchable as is pretty much all fare these days. Jammed in our face from every direction 24/7/365.

        • Watch the Game Show Network. Every one of their shows features black contestants. And maybe it’s just my paranoia, but I swear the questions are tailored to the intellect of each team/contestant.

      • In the childish mind of the race traitor, inside every feral Hutu is a Stephen Colbert and a Joni Mitchell struggling to break out.

  26. Holy crap. The Wojcicki video is both hilarious and terrifying at the same time. This woman would order my death in a heartbeat if she could. As it is, she’d gladly order my life destroyed, hoping I take care of the death part myself.

    And she’d do it feeling ever so good about herself. Her complete and utter lack of self-awareness (a trait of the tribe) is stunning, but also shows there’s no mercy in that heart. We are evil and must be destroyed. Any and all action against us – no matter how cruel – is justified and good.

    It’s good to be reminded every once in a while what we’re up against.

    • Someone needs to pull her aside and remind her that rulers may be feared OR loved, not both.

      Not sure why our corporate class in the US isn’t content to merely be ruthless capitalist’s laughing as they take home god-levels of wealth.

      No, now they have to be beloved as well, hence their public genuflecting to celebrated causes.

      • Good point. It shows how feminized our society has become. Our rulers want total domination and for us to love them for it.

        As someone who has been forced to watch a few Nice White Lady movies and shows, I know what’s going on. In every NWL movie, the heroine wins out over the mean Whites to save the local blacks and, occasionally, women (never Hispanics or poor White men). She is then loved and praised by the blacks and Goodwhites.

        Because she can, Wojcicki made herself the star of her own NWL movie. Watch the video, she vanquished the evil Whites and is loved by the Goodwhites and POX.

      • “Someone needs to pull her aside and remind her that rulers may be feared OR loved, not both.”

        Come on, you seriously think she doesn’t understand exactly what she’s doing?

        The idea that these people just need to have things explained to them properly has been the right’s failing for decades.

    • I see there’s another instance of blacks getting preferential treatment with regards to vaccinations, this time in the state of Washington. Back o’ de bus, whitey! So let me get this straight, they get preferential treatment in schools, with admission to higher education, with hiring and retention on the job (there’s a black dude where I work who is on his 6th written final warning, a white person would have been pink slipped a long time ago), in the legal system, in media and entertainment, and are cultural gods, but we have to pretend they’re oppressed at every turn?

      It’s almost as if they’ve been taught by (((someone))) to cry out with pain as they strike us.

      • Learn to embrace it, comrade! It’s not all bad. For instance, it’s hilarious to torment Karen with “disparate impact” re: the “vaccine.” Hell no I haven’t been “vaccinated” — it’s being distributed in a rayciss manner. I’m refusing to get mine until all POC, everywhere, have gotten theirs… and anyone who doesn’t also heroically refuse to get theirs for the sake of our poor oppressed brethren is a monster.

        • That’s a cope. Look at the precedent they’re setting.

          Right now you’re last in line for the science juice. In 5 years, you’ll be last in line at the ER during a medical emergency because of “health equity disparities”. Or you might even be turned away if they’re full.

          I have a feeling “whites” will be automatically start with low credit in our new social credit score tyranny.

          • Last I checked only heart disease and cancer kill more than healthcare, so that might not be a bad thing.

            Time to get proactive about health and think about an alternative to the ER.

          • There should be a fourth step to the DR tango: 1. Bemoan the lack of real world action. 2. Shit on any suggestions for real world action. 3. GOTO 1. 4. Call any attempt to have any fun with the lunacy “a cope.”

            Yeah, everything sucks. Have a laugh anyway; it’s good for the soul. And if the laugh comes at Karen’s expense, that’s a bonus.

          • This is why I consider the DR a joke. You guys offer shit. Just lay around and mope. G-d almightly I can get that from the incels and simps.

            At this stage you hot shots ought to be be planning and implementing all sorts of actions to gum up the system and aggravate the Orcs and Karens. Not direct kinetic action but stuff from the Hayduke series and CIA grey actions manual(yes we made one for the Nicaraguans decades ago). It can be as simple as a box of roofing nails slowly spilling in the neighborhoods populated by SEAsians, putting out inflammatory flyers pitting Blacks against Hindus, releasing silver fish and roaches in ethnic eateries, doing the slip and fall at a Asian owned gas station and suing them. Key the cars of known leftists or just knock off some of the lead weights on the rims that keep them balanced.

            You guys need to get some real world experience in before things get lots worse. You need to learn the weaknesses of the system now not when they are rounding you people up for boxcar rides.

        • “I’m refusing to get mine until all POC, everywhere, have gotten theirs… and anyone who doesn’t also heroically refuse to get theirs for the sake of our poor oppressed brethren is a monster.”

          My line is that I’m waiting until they finish the animal testing.

    • White pill regarding that Wojcicki video: I’ve never seen a more lopsided like/dislike ratio. And the comments are 99 percent against.

  27. These people are sociopaths. They have gravitated toward so-called “blackness” because of its sociopathology. Want to know the reason so many Jews were involved in communist mass murder? Look no further than Wojcicki. Literally anything she/they do is justified solely because she/they do it.

    This was hilarious AND scary.

    • “These people are sociopaths. Want to know the reason so many Jews were involved in communist mass murder? Look no further than Wojcicki. Literally anything she/they do is justified solely because she/they do it.”

      It’s more nature than nurture.

      I know a christian woman who inseminated herself unknowingly with a semitic child, the kid is despicable, total sociopath. I can’t really explain it, but there’s definitely something wrong with their genetics.

      • 500 or more years of bankers intermarrying. Check out 10,000 year explosion for a great chapter on ashkenazi genetics.

        • “10,000 years explosion” is a great book. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED b/c well written, not in academese; Cochrane and Harpending

          Check out a planetary map of homozygosity (prevalence of having the same alleles in both chromosomes), which comes from incest. The entire human race are cousin-fuckers EXCEPT for the Christian-heritage white people. We actually have genetic diversity.

  28. In the case of Chauvin and the potentially drastic punishment imposed upon him, it’s important to note that regardless of how he died, George Floyd deserved that. This man was a violent and scummy individual. Who knows how many fake 20s won’t be passed now? Or how many people won’t be robbed and assaulted. He certainly appears to have been an awful person.

    When one considers both actors in the situation, it is clear that if Chauvin had responded to the call, scanned Floyd’s criminal history, and put a round in his head there and then; I would have thought it a thoroughly decent public service.

    Regarding your statements about barbarity and punishment, we have obviously passed the point where we could have been said to have struck a balance between barbarity and civilization. In the UK, I believe we abolished the death penalty at some point in the sixties. My grandfather, when told that ‘it is not a deterrent’ would respond with ‘it is a punishment that fits the bloody crime’ – quite right. The lack of will of the state to apply this penalty to it’s citizens in the most deserving of cases makes it obvious that we’ve weakened considerably. Mind you, when you look at the people who lie for the propaganda organs, is it any wonder? From my perspective it is getting increasingly harder to find people in middle class circles who support the death penalty. My old man used to say that it was one thing the government dare not put to the public vote back in the day, because it was probably still so popular.

    The stocks, and the mechanism for ‘restraining gossipy women’ should still be part of our repertoire. I have to say that your observing of the drunk drivers in pink still indicates that we have some semblance of punishments that fit the crime. Yet another example of how dirt world still gets things right whilst the cloud’s keep getting more and more hopelessly wrong.

    Half way through the show, and it’s a good ‘un.

    • Your comment is intriguing. Like the UK, I’m pretty sure the rest of Europe, and even the USA, largely moved away from capital punishment and severe penalties, gradually, beginning about the end of World War II. I speculate this was part of broad social changes, coupled with a perfectly understandable disgust with mass killing, the war recently having claimed enormous amount of lives.

      Of course here in the USA we do still execute people, but for all practical purposes the death penalty hasn’t existed for many decades.

      Point: a long-term low in crime rates was probably around the same time (1945); at least in USA, it’s drastically increased since then. I suspect the trend in other nations is largely the same. It’s surely a consequence of more liberal values and reflected legal and social changes. It’s probably not only coincidence that 1945 marked the beginning of the dismantling of European nations’ Africa colonial governments. By the 1970s, all were handed over to the natives, universally with disastrous results, to best of my knowledge. South Africa is a special case, finally caving to international pressure in 1990s.

      I’m sure historians have studied such long term trends. I know that centuries earlier in UK, maybe the 170ss, hanging was common for even what would be minor crimes today (theft). Hence the old saying “You might as well hang for a sheep as for a lamb.” But it was damned effective in cutting the crime rate, and argue some, perhaps culling problematic genes from the gene pool. Surely even earlier centuries were even more barbaric (burning witches, heretics and, I suspect, ordinary criminals.)

      Many social fashions come and go, some in generations-long periods. In the 19th century it was fashionable to free the slaves, perhaps with the hope that they might achieve levels of civilization equal to what their former masters enjoyed. We all know how those played out! Reform movements come and go.

      The point is that the authoritarian – permissive pendulum swings both ways, and here’s my fervent hope that it’ll swing back to the harsh punishment side soon. But at the rate stuff is happening here in the USA, I’m wondering if we still have further to descend into barbarism.

      • Harsh punishment? Depends what you exactly mean by that. Obviously, punishment in one sense has diminished from the Middle Ages, for example we don’t burn folks at the stake here days—that’s pretty rough. What I think most people would settle for is quick, sure, and frequent punishment for crimes committed. I bet that would also be a better deterrent, if deterrence is sought for by our readership. The justice system is a farce today—especially for minorities. Imprisonment is simply a last resort after a lifetime of increasingly serious criminal behavior.

      • Harsh punishment? Depends what you exactly mean by that. Obviously, punishment in one sense has diminished from the Middle Ages, for example we don’t burn folks at the stake here days—that’s pretty rough. What I think most people would settle for is quick, sure, and frequent punishment for crimes committed. I bet that would also be a better deterrent, if deterrence is sought for by our readership. The justice system is a farce today—especially for minorities. Imprisonment is simply a last resort after a lifetime of increasingly serious criminal behavior.

  29. Meme spotted-When have the people banning books, thoughts, speech, ever been on the right side of history.

  30. “…Susan Wojcicki, the head of YouTube, gives herself an award. The award in this case is for her support of free speech. While accepting the award, she brags about the efforts of YouTube to stifle the speech of anyone with whom she disagrees. You see, slavery is freedom, war is peace, and she is a hero of free speech.“

    And now, ladies and gentlemen, from the people who brought you “Chutzpah”…

  31. “King Lucius Tarquinius Superbus?” I know the BBC was making the false claim the Romans were black, but to be fair that name sounds like it should come with a basketball jersey and bail money.

    • Superbus… The mention of that name in a context having to do with blacks caused me to immediately picture a “super-bus” with chariot wheels and spinning rims full of black Romans on their way to the Superbowl.

  32. A New Tomorrow (cont)
    Citizen soldier.

    At the start of most every major war, old generals begin the fight by employing the previous war’s tactics until failure motivates their replacement. Blitzkrieg was the optimized solution to the problem of WWI static warfare that resulted in millions of wasteful combatant deaths over a span of 4 years. Blitzkrieg worked extremely effectively and the word remains in common usage today. So what is the optimized solution to the problem of tyrannous government arising in the modern technological era? And how do you determine it? Do you wait for a next Heinz Gudarian to show up, or do you take the bull by the horns yourself? Can an optimized solution by crowd-sourced or must it be developed in the shadows? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • >Guderian
      I know he wrote Achtung Panzer and all, but Erich von Manstein was the real virtuoso.

      • Manstein’s defensive battles along the southern front after the Stalingrad disaster were nothing short of masterful. Zhukov envisioned a “Super Stalingrad” by taking Rostov, thus bottling up the German armies then advancing in the Caucasus; Manstein – ever the wily fox – stopped him cold.

        • Agreed. Obviously Hitler and Manstein’s “Sichelschnitt” plan in France is one of the greatest military victories in history. Despite modern opinion Hitler wasn’t a bad strategist at all, at least when he had proper information and wasn’t constantly undermined by aristocratic generals trying to outsmart the “plebian tribune.”

          • Napoleon was a far better tactician and strategist than Hitler, and even he got his ass handed to him invading Russia. That should have been a clue.

      • It was Gudarian that pioneered the mobility tactics that enabled the Blitzkrieg strategy to evolve. And he did it at a time when WWI armistice limitations prevented the Germans from building many tanks, so they studied & trained using motorized farm equipment and modified autos. For centuries, cavalry had been used for quick strike and flanking maneuvers, but Gudarian proved that machines could do the same mission with more punch, durability, and range. It is often forgotten that in the Spring of 1940, France had more men in arms & fighting equipment than the Germans, plus the British reinforcements, and still it was a rout.

        The moral of this story is that the right idea/strategy can sometimes beat a leviathan, no matter how powerful it appears on paper. Should hard tyranny arise here in the US, we need not fight it the old way and get a lot of good men dead unnecessarily, but rather find the next Blitzkrieg equivalent. Smarter, not harder.

  33. People who deal with the JQ (outside of Kevin MacDonald) focus solely on the deception of others by the tribe. The self-deception to me is the most fascinating part. How can they not see that their actions to fight antisemitism create animus toward Jews where it didn’t even previously exist? I’ve spent quite a large amount of time around the types of normie white types that Jews fear and loathe, and for the most part their idea of Jews (before this internet age) was defined mostly by what they saw of comedians on television and twice yearly visits to the dentist. How does someone like the little kobold in charge of the ADL come out and say, “We’re going to tell you what you can say, and the Celtic Cross is a hate symbol” and not expect to be treated like a vampire raiding a village? I’m just in awe of how dumb and not self-aware this hyper-intelligent clique is. Maybe they’re worried that if they’re not persecuted, they’ll lose their identity, and so they’re trying to provoke pogroms. Their skin is white and the new arrivals don’t have the IQs to read Culture of Critique, so they’re screwed either way.

    • As a country boy who did just a little time in the big city as a young adult, I was mystified by urban types until I realized that, other than the careerist suburbanites, 90% of them are bullshitters.

      People need to wake up to the bullshitters and start treating them appropriately.

    • > Maybe they’re worried that if they’re not persecuted, they’ll lose their identity,
      That is a lot of it (just research sometime why the “Six Million Murdered Jews” existed as a concept in western media *before* WW2 if you want to understand Zionism and how it relates). The rest is just a natural result of a diaspora identity, and why it is dangerous to host populations even if the diaspora population is initially well-meaning. Over the course of many generations, the remaining diaspora population will be unreasonably paranoid and lacking in any objective self-awareness, as those individuals lacking those traits would’ve broken off and blended into the larger host populations over the course of decades and centuries.

    • It is true the Jew needs demonstrable enemies to maintain narrative, but power is only apex when it can impose its will on a party against their will. I am convinced that Jews talk a strong offense because it projects dominance as well as offense has a positive ROI in most scenarios. In the scenarios where offense fails, the ashkenazim have nurtured the cult of the scapegoat over thousands of years. The strong offense and scapegoat cover the bases 99/100 times.

      The essence of the scapegoat is a pure and naive sacrificial offering of sin atonement. The Jew doesn’t want their host to be aware of it and the host is busy making babies and farming. It takes a while for the cosmopolitan society to exhaust its credit, but, when it has, that is the moment when the conflict with the farmer emerges and both parties come to know each other very personally. It is no coincidence that marxists have a recurring beef with farmers. The marxists only win when they can kill the farmers.

      Ag tech is concerning and considerably so when you investigate the obesity and drug epidemic in rural America.

      • Here’s a re-recording they did of the song decades later. It sounds like they cut it live in the studio. One clue is the drummer Vinnie counts it off. The vocals aren’t quite as good because Dio was in his 60s, rather than 40 years old for the original Mob Rules back in 1983. But it’s hardly noticeable. What IS noticeable is the guitar work. Especially the “new” outro solo. Wicked stuff.

        The album as a whole is probably my favorite Sabbath album. But the production sound was always muddy and muted. Everything flattened.

        Compare the ending guitar solo on the new recording below, to the original. The guitar has clarity and separation this time. I wish they’d re-recorded the whole album, not just the song. The crystal clear guitar makes a big difference.

    • Another Black Sabbath fan, I see 😀 Here’s a link to the lyrics of the song. Many of them are strangely appropriate to politics of late, indeed, of any era.

      Trivia: another one of the few songs that Dio sang during his scant two albums with the band, is “Walk Away” (Album: Heaven and Hell) which is a true rarity in hard rock: counseling a young man to NOT have sex with a woman! Come to think of it, the much earlier (first album) Ozzy-sung “The Warning” was largely the same. In fact, unlike most rock bands, I can’t think of any “love song” worthy of the name for them. Gypsies and hookers yes, but anything resembling a healthy relationship? Nope.

    • The 2021 remaster of this just dropped, we’ll worth listening to.

      Dio might be the most underrated guy in hard rock and metal. The guy was extremely talented and had a five decade career.

      I think it’s because Dio was always very workmanlike and professional in his behavior, compared to guys like Ozzy and Cooper. Probably because he grew up in Main Street, USA.

        • Music fans that are only casually acquainted with the hard rock and metal genres.

          Dio never seemed to achieve that crossover appeal, not that it really matters.

          I like Dio because it just sounds like there’s more behind his voice than say, Ozzy.

          I prefer Brian Johnson over Bon Scott for the same basic reason.

          • Whatever the respective merits of their pipes, Bon Scott had “it” in a way that Brian Johnson didn’t.

      • Rainbow Rising, yep, widely understood to be a metal classic. And it is.

        Note though that the album’s greatness rests on only two songs. 2 out of 6. A Light in the Black and Stargazor. And 1 very good song, Tarot Woman. The rest are filler. Which is silly math of course. The two mammoth songs run 16 minutes total. Half the album-length. Stargazor was Blackmore’s admitted attempt to come close to the greatness of Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”. Both with the Egyptian scales and epic.

        I think of Zeppelin’s “Presence” album the same way. 2 great songs. Achilles’ Last Stand and Tea for One. 1 very good song “Nobody’s Fault but Mine”. The rest filler.

        Same math as Rainbow Rising. The two great songs taking up 20 minutes. Half the album. But Rainbow Rising gets hailed as a classic. While Presence is seen as a flop. It’s not fair.

        • I get your point about some songs being better than others, but I listened to the whole album straight through yesterday day (probably haven’t heard it in 40 years, I remember a good friend got it when it came out and we listened to it on his stereo) and I didn’t feel cheated or bored at any time. Maybe my expectations are not so high, but rocking guitar, killer vocals, big sound – what’s not to like?

          I also noted that the whole album is only 33 minutes long and recalled how bands used to put out a 30-40 minute album every year or two and tour the world like demons in between, and the albums were usually concise and easy to digest in a sitting. I’m not sure the 70-minute CD was really a great thing for a lot of pop and rock acts – most couldn’t really sustain a solid hour’s worth of new music.

          Though I was born in the heyday of the 45 single, my musical formative years were the LP era. So I still listen to music in full album chunks. I never got into the building of playlists from a bunch of single songs from various artists once the iPod came along, just didn’t take. I still download and play full albums almost all of the time.

          It was a great trip back to hear this album. We should all drop in our listening recommendations for Classic Albums of Anglo Rock instead of constant fretting about joggers and joos.

          I’ll go first: “Montrose” by Ronnie Montrose. Play at max volume.

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