The New One True Faith

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Upon assuming the thrown in 568 AD, the Visigoth king Reccared converted from Arian to Chalcedonian Christianity. This led to some unrest in the kingdom, as the Visigoths had always been Arian. The Arians were mostly tolerant of other religions, including paganism, but the Chalcedonians were not so charitable. Reccared put down the unrest and then oversaw the Third Council of Toledo in 589, where he announced his faith in the Nicene creed and denounced Arianism.

The spiritual differences between Arians and Catholics may be of interest to those with an interest in theology, but what matters to us today is that the trinitarians were the winners in the theological debates within the early church. From that point forward, there was one true faith in the Visigoth kingdom. The people were expected to convert to the new faith. Those who refused could expect some form of repression, ranging from extra taxes to expulsion from the kingdom.

Why Reccared converted to Catholicism is not all that clear. The material benefits, if they existed, have been lost over the centuries. His conversion brought with it new conflicts, especially with the Jews of his kingdom. The Arian kings had been disinterested in the faith of their subjects, which meant they could get along with the Jews, who were quite powerful in parts of the kingdom. That ended with the conversion of Reccared, as the Catholics were not tolerant of Jews.

What happened in Spain under the Visigoths would be repeated many times over the centuries in Europe. The ruling class would convert, and the people were expected to convert along with them. In England, which was controlled by many different kings, the Church converted one at time, the same way they converted Reccared. Of course, the same pattern would remerge in the Reformation. The rulers would change religion and the people would be forced to change their religion as well.

If you wanted to pinpoint the birth of universalism and universal intolerance in the West, the early Middle Ages is probably a good place to start. The Romans persecuted a lot of Christians and Jews, but it was mostly because they saw these movements as a direct threat to their power. By the middle ages, persecution of heretics was no longer about threats to power, but about violation of a universal truth. The mere existence of doubters or skeptics was seen as a threat to the one true faith.

The thing is, from the perspective of the common people, these changes at the top probably made little sense. Imagine you are a proud Goth who has served in the king’s army and then one day you are told you have to change religions. The reason is that the old religion was all wrong. In the case of the Visigoths, this happened twice. Once when some guy created a bunch of squiggles he claimed was your language and everyone became Arians. Then again when Reccared renounced Arianism.

People today should be able to relate to this. Within living memory, the rulers made a point of showing they were faithful Christians. Jimmy Carter was an Evangelical who spoke openly about his faith. Reagan salted his language with Christian references and Bill Clinton carried a Bible around with him. Today our rulers worship black people and think men in dresses are the fullest expression of womanhood. The schools now teach us the evils of whiteness and white privilege.

As with the Christian era in the West, this new religion brings with it an extreme intolerance of skepticism and doubt. Men are being fired from their jobs because they are not enthusiastic enough for the new faith. Those who challenge the faith are anathematized in the same way the early Church would anathematize those who challenged them. Our rulers have not started breaking heretics on the wheel or decorating the streets with the crucified, but it is still early.

We also see the universalism of the new faith. The rulers who embrace this new religion are sure it is the only way any human society can live. All of those in the past, the people that made the present possible, we monstrous sinners. Those in the present, clinging to alternative faiths, are monsters that must be destroyed. The ruling class of America wants to have a nuclear war with Russia over homosexuality. The Crusaders were insanely tolerant compared to today’s crusaders.

There are differences obviously. The universal faith that emerged in the early middle ages provided a social structure in which the West could begin to advance materially and intellectually. Whatever its faults, the Church provided a complex moral and social order that eventually resulted in what we think of as Western Civilization. The faith emerging today among our rulers is a step back into barbarism. It is a reversion to some pre-modern mean, corresponding with the collapse of the West.

The other big difference is the rulers converting to or from the Church in the past did so mostly out of conviction. There were material interests, for sure, but most genuinely believed in what they were doing. They thought what they were doing was in the best interest of their people. Today the rulers are guided by what they imagine is in the worst interest of their people. This new religion is not about elevating them or their people, but about harming the people who make their rule possible.

The other big difference between now and past conversions is the people did not have much to lose by going along with the king’s new religion. Life in the early middle ages was not easy, so giving up the old gods for this new thing or changing from one form of Christ worship to another slightly different form was not a huge risk. The conversion we are seeing today threatens the very existence of the West. If our rulers are wrong, the ape historians of the future will puzzle over why we went along with it.

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317 thoughts on “The New One True Faith

  1. Z, thank you for treating a topic that I frequently comment upon. Not religion (or unbelief) per se, rather the downside(s) you mention: When the group in power (the in-group) persecutes the “other” (the out-group). This is a basic concept in sociology with far-reaching consequences. Now, humans have always been divided into factions. Sometimes they can get along more peaceably than at other times. What is truly insidious, and often overlooked, in differences of BELIEF, is simply this: How can one accurately determine if person X is truly of the faith? Of course, persecuting those who go to the wrong church, or no church at all, is easy. But no one is a mind reader. This is both a “bug” (You can’t possibly know what another person truly thinks, feels, or believes) but also for the aggressor, a “feature”: you can accuse your opponent of “believing” anything you like! How could it ever be proven or disproven?

    But what of the hidden enemy? History could provide many examples; here’s one. Students of Spain’s history will know of the “victory” of the Catholic church in the 15th century. The expulsion of the Moors and Jews (probably) made the country worse-off in most ways (e.g. culture, learning, business) , but religious and ideological purity was the aim. Also governmental control.

    Now comes one of my central criticisms: Ah, but what about the “converso,” the person who CLAIMED to have converted to the One Truth Faith, typically a Jew who converted? Was he still practicing the now-forbidden rites? Holding unapproved beliefs? How could one be sure he REALLY was faithful? For the ecclesiastical authorities, it was supremely convenient: Nearly anyone could be labeled a heretic and prosecuted, which usually meant some combination of shunning, banishment, expropriation of property or in stubborn cases, imprisonment, torture and death. In medieval Spain, the Jew, real or imagined, was the go-to scapegoat. From the Inquisitor’s point of view, virtually anyone could be found guilty, a great weapon when your purpose in life is to find evil and root it out.

    Only a feature of a theocracy, you say? Far from it. Just google “Article 58”. In the Soviet Union, you could be denounced and imprisoned (or worse) for years on the flimsiest evidence, or no evidence at all. This is a “feature” of virtually all repressive regimes, religious or not. Clearly, today’s Woke Pseudo-religion fits the latter category, even if its methods haven’t (“yet”) reached the horrors of the Soviets.

    England, and later the USA, were among the very few nations in modern times, indeed in ANY times, that put measures in place to protect freedom of religion, of conscience, of expression, and so on. These protections change over time.

    • Ben, I downvoted your comment because of your simplistic and stereotypical depiction of the Inquisition and conversos. There is ample evidence of a large number of conversos working to destroy the Catholic church from within (and I am not a Catholic and no fan of modern popes or buffet Catholics). There are now centuries of ethnic Jevvs within the Catholic church and their beliefs and actions speak for themselves (same goes for Anglicanism, with the Archbishop of Canterbury believing his mother’s Jewish husband to be his father until disproven by biological testing in 2016). While the most publicized crisis within Catholicism is now homosexuality and pedophilia, the Jevvish conversos laid the theological groundwork.

      • I don’t mind the down vote. My degree in Spanish was literature, so doubtless light in the history. Yet your comments would seem to be the very evidence for what I thought was the important point in my original post: Far better to judge the tree by what type of fruit it bears (if any), rather than what the little sign at the foot of the tree claims it should be.While your comments imply in-depth knowledge of the history of the Church, I could equally say that it is you being “simplistic.” By implication, you are saying a lot of “heritage Jews” infiltrated the Church and their influence persisted over many centuries. This could be, but is it not equally possible that what you see as a conspiracy (?) in the Church might be due to other causes? Even if were proven beyond reasonable doubt that Jews are the dark schemers of world history, they scarcely hold the monopoly on skullduggery.

  2. What is happening in the West now is not like what happened in the past.

    This new ‘religion’ was invented by a foreign parasitic tribe to destroy the West.

    • Wokism is a special kind of religion – a political, racist cult, like the KKK, whose target is white people. This cult is unusual in that the leaders of the cult are mostly ethno masochistic, cannibalistic, wealthy, white people whose religious zealotry is focused on black people, whom they avoid socially. They tithe generously to their religion, call it taxation, excuse aberrant and criminal behavior, and institute a alternative justice system – church law. How weird is all that?

  3. “The other big difference is the rulers converting to or from the Church in the past did so mostly out of conviction.”

    “The other big difference between now and past conversions is the people did not have much to lose by going along with the king’s new religion.”

    What’s hard for me is that the new religion is just so … insane. Its catechisms are so blatantly harmful to people and the nation. I said the other day that I feel like I’m living in the film Brazil. I don’t have any better explanation for how it feels than that. Every day, people going around doing bizarre, nonsensical things, actively harming themselves. People knowingly doing horrible things to other people who aren’t hurting them, aren’t hurting anyone, because that’s what the new religion tells them to do.

    Every intelligent person has to know that all real data argue against the idea that blacks are being disproportionately brutalized by police due to “systemic racism,” but nobody speaks out. If they don’t know, it’s because they don’t want to know. The ignorant shout the loudest and nobody shuts them up. On the contrary, if you dare try to correct the ignorant, you are met with anger and shaming.

    • Turning and turning in the widening gyre
      The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
      Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
      Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
      The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
      The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
      The best lack all conviction, while the worst
      Are full of passionate intensity.

  4. Forgive me for veering a bit off topic.

    Last week, were speaking with some family friends whose son is heading to Paris to be a missionary for their church. He has been informed that he will not be speaking very much French and to expect to learn quite a bit of Arabic. I told them how unfortunate that is and that you really can’t help but wonder what the native population of France must think.

    The troglodyte who committed the latest knife attack in Paris entered illegally but was later granted legal residential status (from Tunisia). Macron vows to “never surrender to Islamic terrorism.”. How about not allowing them into your country in the first place?

    • No offense, but I consider most missionary work young people do nowadays to be fancy vacations that fill the missionaries with feelings of virtue but do little actual good.

      A mission to Paris? Seriously? For centuries, Paris was one of the strongholds of Christendom. The young invaders conquering it are hardly open to being ministered to by the people they’ve conquered, or their allies.

      As Osama bin Laden said, “When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature they will like the strong horse.”

      First, be strong. I’ve never been a fan of the method of going among jackals like lambs.

      Probably the turning point in the survival of Christianity was the conversion of Constantine. Constantine’s conversion was not brought about by witness from the meek, and in its aftermath he did not become a pacifist. Indeed, there were many Christians fighting in his army both before and after his conversion. From that point on, Christianity spread from a position of strength.

      • Constantine converted to Christianity because everyone around him converted: his wife, his daughter, his slaves…Like a good politician he saw a parade and jumped in front of it and pretended to lead.

        • Hmm.

          “There are two accounts of Constantine’s conversion to Christianity. The first is by Lactantius, a tutor to Constantine’s son and a good authority. He states that in Gaul, before setting out towards Rome, Constantine and his army saw a great cross in the sky. Underneath were written the Greek words en toutoi nika, “In this sign, conquer.”

          “But the Bishop Eusebius of Caesarea, a Roman historian who would later write a favorable biography of Constantine, tells that he and his army experienced this vision just before the battle outside of Rome began.

          “Both accounts tell of Constantine not fully understanding the meaning of this vision and praying for an explanation. He dreams of a common Christian symbol, the Greek symbols chi and rho, an X with an R, which looks like a long P, drawn through the middle.

          “The emperor explains the heavenly dream to his army and tells them to make the battle standard that is described, placing the symbol of the “Highest God” on their shields.

          “Eusebius says that Constantine doesn’t know which god has given him this sign in the sky, but that he was so moved by his vision of the cross that he vowed to worship no other God than the one represented to him. So he begins to seek out others who might help him to learn more about what he has seen. It is known that Bishops regularly traveled with Constantine, Maternus from Cologne, Recticius from Autun, Marinus from Arles, and Ossius from Cordoba. It is likely that these Bishops affirmed to him that Jesus was the only begotten son of God and that the cross he had seen in his vision was a symbol of Jesus’ triumph over death.

          “Constantine devoted himself completely to God, and would from then on immerse himself in the reading of inspired writings. He made the priests of God his close advisers, and believed that it was his duty to honor the God who had appeared to him in his original vision.”

          But by all means, tell me by what exercise of mind-reading you know that your version is true.

          • Constantine doesn’t seem to have been a slave to the opinions of either of his wives, considering he set aside the first one, and had the second one executed along with his son by his first wife, possibly on suspicion of adultery.

          • “But by all means, tell me by what exercise of mind-reading you know that your version is true.”

            No need to be rude.

            From Dr. Rodney Stark’s “The Triumph of Christianity”: Constantine was not responsible for the triumph of Christianity. By the time he gained the throne, Christian growth already had become a tidal wave of exponential increase. If anything, Christianity played a leading role in the triumph of Constantine, providing him with substantial and well-organized urban support.

        • Notlong before his conversion, Christians in the Roman Empire were suffering under tremendous persecution.

          As four other sources of his conversion:

          ” Historians remain uncertain about Constantine’s reasons for favoring Christianity, and theologians and historians have often argued about which form of early Christianity he subscribed to. There is no consensus among scholars as to whether he adopted his mother Helena’s Christianity in his youth, or, as claimed by Eusebius of Caesarea, encouraged her to convert to the faith he had adopted himself.”

      • Vizzini, you very well may be correct in your assessment. It is often an extended vacation for these kids. It also could easily become a variation of “invade the world, invite the world” as they develop deep feelings of empathy and invite the third worlders back home with them.

        I am by no means an expert on Africa. But I would like to think that Africans do benefit from Christianity and those who convert are able to find a moral compass.

          • Optimist! You overlook the fact that a religion is little different from a culture: it is downstream from biology. This is not to say that all members of a given race are excluded from a given religion. But as Line observes, individuals and groups vary widely in their ability to adapt to new concepts.

            Alas, not everyone will be converted. There’s a good movie (fictional I assume) about a missionary’s attempt, and ultimate failure, to convert a barbarian (Amazon?) tribe. In not-so-fiction, just a few years ago, some Western missionary was killed by arrows from a stone age tribe that didn’t especially welcome him.

      • I’d give the young missionary some credit. If you are a Christian who proposes to prosletize Muslims, you truly are taking your life into your own hands. I hope young Mr. Idealist realizes that. Perhaps he thinks that France’s humanist, Western style laws will safeguard his life. Good luck with that!

      • Viz;
        Churches send missionaries to the unchurched and to lost people groups. Paris qualifies on both counts, as do Big University communities in this country. A previous church used to send missionaries the latter regularly. Talk about an unreached people group_!

        As to its being a fancy vacation, it might or might not be, depending on the stipend provided. A missionary needs to fit in with the people he seeks to reach, so this is a judgement call.

        It *is* true that much of missionary work can seem to be fruitless effort. Without The Holy Spirit’s intervention in the heart of the lost, human effort is in vain. Your accounts of Constantine’s conversion ratifies this point: Regardless of the disputed facts and circumstances, *something* changed in his heart and he was saved. Don’t forget, he converted *before* he became emperor, not after. He could easily have died that day.

    • The phrase “fakkak minni” or “fakkak min widni” will be of use to him. It means “f*ck off”

  5. On a live work zoom meeting with 70 people, i was just preached to by a blue eyed, tall, successful coworker with a masters degree about white privilege. He was even raised in the midwest. There are a lot more of these types whom I’ve met. So I do not believe any elites know what they’re doing. I don’t believe MOST of them are trying to destroy the world. I believe they truly have spent zero time researching crime rates by race, let alone race and IQ or government funding by math & reading scores or crime over time. They have simply swallowed the new religion due to propaganda and females in universities and media. Conservatives are natural skeptics, and it might be biological, so we’ve been immune. It doesn’t surprise us that tens of thousands of people are lying to us, but to the normies who are pussy-whipped by their liberal wives, girlfriends, or coworkers, they MUST trust the god’s of progressivism. Funny thing is I think their sons will be embarrassed of them one day.

    • My liberal brother admits that Blacks are disproportionately criminal, but blames it on the experience of being enslaved; in other words, it’s the White man’s fault.

      In a similar way, he acknowledges Africa’s backwardness, but blames it on the damage done by colonialism.

      • There has been colonialism the world over yet none do so awfully as the sub-Saharans. That dog don’t hunt.

        • Yeah, I simply pointed out to him that when we compare Africa with Europe in 1600— prior to any significant colonial influence— Africa was just as far behind as they are now. So colonialism couldn’t have made that much difference.

      • There’s always a way to blame the White man, isn’t there? I just want to slap people like that in the face and tell them “Stop making excuses.”

        Lots of places have experienced “colonialism,” but it’s only the black nations that for some reason suffer for it.

        • Yep! I’m slowly learning you can’t reason with such people, and you’re only wasting your time if you try.

          It’s an article of faith with them, and blasphemy to question it.

          Clearly, Africans are less evolved than other humans.

          Evolution occurs when people are pressured by their environments to adapt to new and challenging circumstances.

          Africans— who stayed where they were— didn’t face the same level of challenges as did those who moved out and populated the rest of the planet. Hence they’ve remained behind everybody else.

          But that’s terrible racist blasphemy to the woke Egalitarian Anti-racists.

          • Bill – Africans’ backwardness has far less to do with the environment than it does with genetics. Certainly their African environment did not require the planning ahead, delayed gratification, and cooperation that Whites in Europe employed to survive the harsh climate. However, environment can only optimize one’s inherent genetic potential. We were most definitely NOT all created equal, and even a few thousand years in a harsh and demanding environment would not alter sub-Saharan DNA. Don’t tell yourself comforting lies that it’s merely environmental factors underlying racial differences.

      • Of course environment affects development; therefore it’s plausible that (say) slavery or a harsh colonialism would impede a subjected population’s progress. But surely, there must have been times and places where the population was free of such oppression or adverse environment?

        It seems to me that these have been researched in the past, although for obvious reasons, such research would not be tolerated in the present environment.

  6. There are three things about religion that can be discovered with only natural reason and no need for faith. They are that there is a God, that Jesus Of Nazareth is God, and that he founded the Roman Catholic Church for the good of his creatures.

    Every other religion, including so called “orthodox “ (the name they give themselves), protestants, and musselmen, and jews and all manner Of paganism, and this strange wokeness, are all false wicked religions.. Those who, filled with pride, insist on adhering to them will find out, in short order, how foolish they were to prefer themselves over the religion God demands us to be a member of.

    I’m always amused when z lumps in Christianity with other religions. Its very Enlightened!.

    • What happens to those of us that can’t force themselves to believe?

      For me, I want to give you guys your own states to rule as you please. As long as you don’t start importing devout non-whites, which you probably will do, due to the universalism inherent in your religion. Oh well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

      • LineInThe Sand. Here, here. We need to prioritize. Squabbles at his level lose the *big* picture, which at this point is existential in nature.

      • Adopting faith is like taking the Red Pill. It’s actually hard work at times, LITS. I doubt any of us became full blown dissidents with a wave of the magic wand. We got over the great divide one step at a time, and may have stumbled here and there.
        It’s like that with the faith. You take it one lesson at a time, you digest it, and you move on to more difficult stuff. I stumble with it still myself.
        The bible is very specific about warning the faithful of the dire consequences of letting the wrong people into your cities and states. If you let the wrong people in, they will corrupt you with their idols, their gods, and their ideas. Christianity is not a suicide pact. Turning your nose up at faith and a solid moral code is like doing the same to a healthy diet and exercise.
        For myself, I will show mercy and compassion to my foes – AFTER they threat they pose to my society and I is dealt with, and they are in a position to appreciate it.

      • Nothing will ever be enough, they will never just leave you alone.
        Heretics will not be tolerated.
        There will be blood.

    • There’s something else that can be arrived-at by natural reason: the fact that there’s zero evidence in the historical or archaeological record for the events described in the Old Testament:

      the Hebrews’ 400 years of slavery in Egypt;

      Joseph’s ascension to second-in-command, second only to Pharaoh, and saving the entire country from famine;

      the entire Egyptian army, including swords and armor, chariots and horses, and Pharaoh being drowned in the Red Sea;

      millions of Hebrews (the Bible describes it as 600,000 men plus women and children) wandering for 40 years in a small area of desert;

      this same group crossing into the promised land and burning and destroying entire cities;

      the kingdom of Solomon, whose wisdom was supposedly known throughout the ancient world, inspiring the Queen of Sheba to visit him;

      What are the chances these things could have happened, yet left not a single trace on the historical and archaeological record?

      Because that’s the case….

      And if the events in the Old Testament—which the Biblical text describes as if they actually happened, and which the character of Jesus in the New Testament refers to as if they had actually happened— DIDN’T in fact happen; then what does that say about the credibility of the Christian narrative?

      • There are many Biblical accounts that have been found to have supporting evidence in the archaeological record. If you aren’t aware, you haven’t been looking. Place names and locations that were long thought to be myths or fables have come to light.

        For example, excavations show the destruction of the city of Jericho matche the Biblical account, although for a very long time this was disputed.

        • There is even climatological evidence of a massive flood in the Near East that accords with the biblical flood.

          • Yes, every ancient people had a flood story. The Biblical one strongly resembles the Babylonian one that came before it.

            That can reasonably be taken as evidence that a flood likely happened; but NOT that the Biblical flood story shows the Bible to be true.

        • OK, so we have evidence that someone sacked Jericho.

          But what about all the other examples I mentioned?

          How could they have happened without leaving a trace?

          Joseph elevated to second in command of Egypt, saving the country from famine— at a time when such things were memorialized by stone buildings and inscriptions— no contemporary historian thought it worthy of even a mention?

          An entire army, with armor and swords and chariots submerged in the Red Sea; but not a trace remains? Really?

          Solomon’s fame spread throughout the ancient world— at a time when records were being kept—!but no mention of him exists outside the Bible?

          The first generation of Mideast archaeologists were called Biblical archaeologists because they believed the Bible to be an accurate historical account: they arrived, Bibles in hand, expecting to use it as a guide. But that didn’t work out: all the things they expected to find— that they knew would have to be there if the Bible was true— they found no trace of. OK: except Jericho.

          How do you explain that?

          • Most of the ancient world is gone without a trace. We have only bits and fragments.

            Of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, only one still exists and only a couple have any archaeological remains, and these were both world-renowned and considerably more recent than the events recorded in Genesis, Exodus and most of the other early books of the Old Testament.

            Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

            Percy Bysshe Shelley put it well:

            I met a traveller from an antique land
            Who said: “Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
            Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
            Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
            And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
            Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
            Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
            The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed:
            And on the pedestal these words appear:
            ‘My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
            Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!’
            Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
            Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
            The lone and level sands stretch far away.”

          • I obviously can’t regurgitate an entire book on Biblical archaeology, but your positions are extremely one-sided. As I said, there is a ton of stuff out there to read about if you care to look.

          • It’s been decades since I read it, but if I remember correctly, Josh McDowells’s “More Evidence That Demands a Verdict” talks a lot about Old Testament historicity.

            His original “Evidence that Demands a Verdict” is more focused on the New Testament and the life of Christ.

            Both are available at all the big booksellers and, of course, Christian bookstores.

          • Yes, many things in The Bible are true; but that doesn’t mean that the Jews were actually enslaved. Could just as easily be a story made up to suit some purpose. I think it boils down to whether one has an emotional attatchment to The Bible or not.

    • I’d have to take issues with your characterization of Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy and Protestantism. It’s very hard to look at the church ruled by the commie, atheist Pope and corrupted from head to toe with homosexuals like termites in rotted wood, and conclude that it is the One True Church.

    • The Arians were right. Jesus is not God, and he rebuked anyone who said otherwise. Here’s one “proof text” which occurs in 3 of the gospel accounts:

      “And a certain ruler asked him, saying, Good Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life? And Jesus said unto him, ‘Why callest thou me good? None is good, save one, that is, God.’ ”

      Most of the Torah stories were fabricated by the priests several centuries before Jesus’ time. A good account of this is found in “The Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed, who describes the destructive history of the “chosen people” from 500 BC to the 1950s.

      • The Goths, who elected their kings since before Roman contact, apparently preferred Arian Christianity because they didn’t want a pharonic dynasty like the House of David- or the continual warring between Roman houses with aspirations of imperial royalty.

        I see the Trinity as a political compromise between the most powerful groups: Romans, Jewish traders, and the pagan populations, such as the Vikings who lusted after Semitic silver (the Jewish/proto-Muslim slave trade.)

  7. Zman, I’d take issue with the reason for conversions and who was converted, in England and Francia and Scandinavia at least.

    There, missionaries were sent to Kings. Who would convert either under pressure from a wife (the Church had to be relaxed for centuries re Monogamy) or generally for the huge advantage Catholicism gave: literate monks who would tally taxes and could in no way inherit the throne. This was huge — the pagans were illiterate mostly and had no tradition or ability to collect taxes while Catholics could help rulers who converted with tax collection: to build armies, fortifications, etc.

    Worship of black people brings only disadvantage. Increased crime, decreased ability — Sailer notes Harvard is admitting nearly 20% black Freshman, with goals to increase it steadily. None of them are likely to steer either endowments to Harvard or be heavy donors.

    I think the reason for worship of blacks is to destroy Western Civilization due to the White people don’t scale problem. Whites just don’t scale to Western Industrial levels and have been trying to destroy themselves for some time. Blacks are just the most certain way to do it.

    • What’s strange about all this is if the elites were so smart, they would know that replacing white people will only turn this country into the third world. If that’s their goal, then they should know it will only be temporary. Without white countries’ foreign aid and practically selfless global trade, widespread famine will kill off any brown civilization. They’ve forgotten how to hunt or farm. Whites will just rise again, somewhere, with the new knowledge that browns, on average, can’t be helped.

      • Your observations are absolutely on point unless you consider that replacing traditional white people is the entire point. If such a replacement results in a society that functions at a lower level, that is fine, in the service of the fundamental goal.

      • Maybe whites ought to move to an uninhabited part of Africa and start a new country?

        • I propose a swap. All Zairians move to the US and all DRs move to Zaire. It’ll be hot and sticky as hell, but my guess is that within 25 years the Caucazoid Congo would be one of the most prosperous and highly functional nations on the planet. And you know what? The AWRs and the nuggras know this, too.

          • South Africans were thrown under the bus by their own left (like us) and by GoodWhites in the rest of the world.

            One thing I can never resist mentioning regarding this topic is that “conservative” blogger Kim Du Toit, a South African emigrant, was an anti-Apartheid activist in the ’80s, and refuses to recant what he did. I have nothing but contempt for the man.

            I’ll never forget, I came across an anti-Apartheid demonstration at my University in the mid-80s and had the good fortune to bump into a couple nice foreign students — White South Africans. They were totally dismayed by the protest. “People don’t understand. It’s a lovely country. It’s not like they say.”

      • You don’t think Han and Brahmin imports can do the job?

        I think they would be able to replace the white, middle class corporate jobs just fine.

        • Surprising they can’t.

          As President Trump put it “They aren’t sending their best.”

          Anyone capable isn’t going to leave home these days and India and China are doing decently enough at home.

          Now from where the entire labor system seems to be collapsing right now.

          The cheap labor crowd is baying for more imported workers but there simply are no skilled workers to be had anywhere.

          In a way its the final revenge of the Boomers and to a degree Gen X. They got treated as disposable and were made to train replacement so they did a crap job and now the national skill base and work ethic is gone for good .

          Mass retirement is scaring big labor more than anything as the people can’t be replaced for love or money.

          I’ve seen this in all kinds of trades, truckers licensed to ship gas are simply not there for example and are creating serious shortages already

          I’m seeing signs for food service help and in more than a few areas wages went up.

          Another thing breathing down on them is the growing number of people pushing for minimalism and early retirement (like say 40!) These are almost always skilled labor too.

          Hell MSNBC reported that a lot of skilled people have gone YOLO and on adventure and while they may need to work later, aren’t coming back.

          Massive increases in turnover.

          The response will be to try and hire more immigrant labor to cut wages, it always is but since so many offices , malls and stores are closed for good it on’t be in any huge numbers.

          My preliminary guess subject to a high margin of error is that consumerism may have died or at least be seriously sick from COVID 19

    • Perhaps I am putting words into your mouth. We blame the Blacks (other religions, nations, etc.) for various failings. But to a large degree, the failures were of own making. It was our optimistic plans that turned out to be at odds with reality. It was not the Negro who freed the slaves (except in Haiti, where it hasn’t worked out very well). It wasn’t the Negro who gave, or attempted to give, equality of opportunity and outcome in more recent times. Nope, it was the white man. Sure, we can blame sub-factions within Whites, but at bottom, the problem was an unrealistic expectation that Blacks could be raised to White levels? Ah, what lofty ideals we had, thinking we could make 2+2=5 just by wishing it so!

  8. If Arianism had survived, they would have had their falling out with the Jews. The Jews were the accountants and tax collectors for the caliphates in North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula. When Christians (regardless of denomination) recovered what became Spain and Portugal, their tolerance of the Jews had expired centuries earlier.

    • In your estimation, is it possible to have a viable social reorganization without remedying the underlying financial architecture.

      That guy recently died from his China flu prophylactic poke and only yesterday did I visit his twitter to see that pinned at the top of his timeline.

      My belief is that culture is the abstraction and the underlying financial architecture is what precipitates a compatible culture. On top of the culture layer, we find the human resource architecture. The ((accountants)) and ((tax collectors)) launched the feminist movement, first, to tap into ~50% of the “idle” local population to manage wage inflation. When the local female population was as “tapped” as it could be, ((they)) could no longer attract the waves of european immigrants that we saw in previous centuries due to cost of living, so they went to the next most affordable pool of labor south of the border in Mexico. Being of a mostly Catholic heritage, the attitudes toward work and property were sufficiently compatible for the integration in low-skilled labor.

      Post-y2k, the technocracy was able to capitalize on cheap indian labor to suppress wage inflation until recently. The indian labor touched the economy through H1B as well as remote offshoring through telcom infotech.

      Post-2008, the Federal government is topping up real GDP to reach the mathematically ((Fed-calculated)) required nominal GDP number.

      Each action is the consequence of avoiding a debt default and deflationary phase-shift collapse. ((They)) have now squeezed all of the latent labor margins internationally, consolidated everything that can be consolidated and interest rates have fallen negative on a real basis, but are nominally held positive in the US$ due to the US Treasury producing increasingly insane quantities of more debt.

      econ 101
      supply up = price down
      supply down = price up

      interest rate = price of capital

  9. The amusing thing about Woke is that without the cops enforcing it at gunpoint it would cease to exist. The same with BLM and Antifa. The police protect and enable their doxxing, rioting and looting sprees across the country, And woe to anyone who resists them,.

    And how long would screaming Karens be tolerated without the police? Only as long as it takes for someone to punch the Karen in her piehole.

    Men in sundresses would go back to the closet or get exterminated without police protection. In the Black and Mexican communities they will kill these creatures outright if given the chance.

    How long would the MSM pull their race baiting white hating crap without police protecting their elitist asses.

    The point is these movements are not organic but artificial creations. Remove the police from the equation and society will quickly purge itself of these violent, unstable elements.

  10. Why did slaves go along with slavery? Someone bosses you around and tells you to go do something and everyone else is going along with it and you don’t really have a viable alternative suggestion that isn’t extremely anti-social and unlikely to succeed… so you end up picking cotton and eating dinner afterwards and waking up and doing it all over again.

    The Medieval church was incredibly influential because of money and armies. If you could get a free meal and not get killed by whoever’s army was wandering around your countryside, you would have gone along with “being Christian” too. I imagine it was a lot like voodoo is now. A kind of amalgam. That’s the impression you get from Beowulf, where everyone is nominally christian in the story but everyone still believes all the old pagan stuff is true too. Catholicism has the advantage that it adapts to whatever the local people believe. So now we have Biden, our second Catholic president, openly in support of Abortion. And so on and so forth. It’s about who is handing out the best freebies. The Christians always play it well in that they will hand out a ton of freebies to grow their numbers. They call this “Charity” rather than “buying votes” but the end result was basically always political. Which is why I think Christianity is complete hooey.

    • Mayhap it is also why Christianity has a future, and you and your do not. The Godless believe in nothing, not even themselves, and so they can create nothing. Even the Pagans and the Infidel still believe in something, even if it is inevitably futile. So they are still able to create, to build.

      Continue with your biteless barks. We will live forever while you and your are nothing more than dust in the wind.

      • Your exhibition of the Christian virtues of resentment and hostility to anything you don’t agree with is really persuasive. I think I am going to sacrifice a goat to the Goddess Maria in celebration of her god baby Osiris-Jesus now. Thank you for instructing me in the faith.

      • Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. Almost no one in the West even the US has anything close to a Christian world view.

        Because the Spam filter is set to 11, search World Net Daily plus Stunning number of Americans don’t hold a biblical worldview

        Its 94% BTW

        OTOH Amish fertility is really really high so maybe they get the future.

      • What a hateful butthurt A-hole.

        You thinking that God likes you better than other people is laughable.

        You are about as likable as anal cancer..

  11. Only in a Democracy can a group of inferiors subjugate and bind their superiors using raw power of electoral math. The real religion behind all of this is universal suffrage, which alone, is the dumbest thing humanity has ever believed, and could ONLY be conceived in a civilization that lives so abundantly that its offspring could walk the earth, living perpetually in some Disney fantasy, with reality never intruding on their thoughts. All of the current wokeness comes from the ridiculous idea that the sheep can elect their shepherds, when they wouldn’t know a shepherd from a butcher or a wolf.

    • To be fair, the voters didn’t get the vote wrong in 2020.

      The real religion is the worship and pursuit of tax tokens. The first commandment is, thy shall borrower richly. The second commandment is, thy shall consume richly. The third commandment is, thy shall covet my neighbor’s wife. The fourth commandment is, thy shall covet my neighbor’s property. The fifth commandment is, thy shall attack my betters.

      I will leave some room for others to contribute, but those were the first five that came to mind.

  12. A bit off topic.
    In the comments for Friday’s post, a few commenters talked about what kind of iron they owned.
    For anyone who wants to go about their business in relative peace, don’t do that. Especially an open board like this. The commenters here are first rate to be sure, but those kind of back and forths should stay private.

      • I stopped ironing my clothes when I realized that heterosexual men don’t do that anymore. Also, I lost my iron in a boating accident, which is odd because I didn’t even know I owned a boat…

        • You can’t not iron certain work clothes. Although in certain industries you can look homeless and be worth a billion (see Jack Dorsey).

          • Crikey, thought they were asking how I get from point A to point B. Told them, “I run.”

            Don’t you run?

            Maybe federales will flagg my account now because anyone who runs is not going along with the program of shuffling along, masked and paunchy, behind your yappy second wife?

        • You guys are killing me.

          Try the veal, and don’t forget to tip your waitress….

      • All other brand irons are broken out of the box, compared to the Rowenta. And I’m not even joking.

  13. I always have to go look up Arianism to remember why they were supposedly heretical. The differences always strike me as fairly mild.

    • Many of those early heresies were rooted in minute doctrinal differences. The Monophysites are another example of that. Their enunciation of the nature of Christ emphasized his divinity slightly more than the orthodoxy, which placed greater emphasis on his humanity.

      • Is Yahweh God, then?

        Is Yahweh’s brother, Allah, God? Huixtlipoctli of the Aztecs? Kali of the Thugees? Ogun and Legba of Haiti?

        Wouldst thou worship them, as well? Build their temples and provide sacrifices?

        Thou fools, thou knowest not what thou hast done.

        Thou hath allowed in the Wolf dressed in the Lamb’s clothing.

        Thy great general, Eisenhower, murdered his own race and placed this nation under Yahweh’s heavy hand- and from us, now, all the world. His Reign has begun, since before we were born.

    • Arianism was a pretty big deal, though. Jesus is either God or else a creation. There is a pretty big gap between those two claims, and not the sort of thing you can just agree to ignore, if you are religious.

      • As Carl Sagan pointed out, the more extraordinary the claim, the stronger the evidence that’s needed to corroborate it.

        Where’s the evidence backing up the Christian claim that Jesus died and then rose again— something which has never been seen before or since?

        ‘We know it’s true because God told us in the Bible’.

        How do you know the Bible is the word of God?

        ‘Because the Bible says so’.

        • “As Carl Sagan pointed out, the more extraordinary the claim, the stronger the evidence that’s needed to corroborate it.”

          I’ve come to believe Sagan was wrong about that. Extraordinary claims don’t need extraordinary evidence. That’s nonsense. They just need plain old evidence, like anything else. Holding one claim to a higher standard of evidence than another is just bias against that claim.

        • People dedicated their lives to that idea, were persecuted and died for it, for no personal gain. That’s some pretty strong evidence imo.

          • I don’t think so. I mean the Atheist and Communist Khmer Rouge are said to have invented the modern suicide bomber the Islamics used later.

          • Being willing to live and die for an ideal doesn’t prove the truth of said ideal. It DOES prove the zeal of the follower. Indeed, many beliefs are simply not subject to falsification (to prove them true or not). Since religion often claims to deal with other realities, by definition, those claims are off-limits to this world’s science.

            Words sometimes mean nothing. At best, they are symbols for the abstract (a thought) or the concrete (something in the real world.) Even Jesus makes this distinction. In one passage, he says to judge a tree by its fruits. In another, he says he true followers are those who do not merely mouth his words, but actually obey his commandments.

        • Eh, people die and come back to life all the time.

          The question is was if Jesus was a real person (which I think he was) did he return to life from actually being dead or not.

          Lots of choices, yes, no, lie, error.

          Frankly it doesn’t really matter in terms of society going forward. Modern society is post Christian and unlikely to return to it.

          Now in a couple of hundred years? Amish Paradise. Maybe.

  14. Just a few thoughts. First, there were sometimes material advantages to conversion: “Paris vaut une messe” (Paris is worth a mass), attributed to French King Henri IV, who converted from protestantism to catholicism in order to become king of France. One of the results of the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) was that a protestant could be considered to be the loyal subject of a catholic monarch, and a catholic could be considered to be the loyal subject of a protestant monarch. Heresy was considered especially dangerous in the Middle Ages; worse than murder. A murderer could only deprive a victim of his life in the world, but a prosletyzing heretic could lead someone to a belief that condemned their immortal soul to eternal damnation and torment. Tolerating such a person was itself considered a serious sin.

    Z-man is right: the present national religion of the United States is the veneration of Negroes. Given the dysfunction of the black community, that is a recipe for disaster.

    • “ Today the rulers are guided by what they imagine is in the worst interest of their people. This new religion is not about elevating them or their people, but about harming the people who make their rule possible.”

      I want to inject some nuance into this idea. The rulers believe we the people are a burden and they wish we would all die of any efficient cause be it a China flu, sugar addiction, food addiction, cancer, STD, gunshot or if all else fails, self-euthanize. “Whichever means is ok, but don’t damage the infrastructure. Thanks,”

      As fate would have it, telcom is useful, but it’s utility has no meaning apart from us. I can buy a lot of stamps and a really nice computer for the cost of a new smartphone.

  15. “By the middle ages, persecution of heretics was no longer about threats to power, but about violation of a universal truth. The mere existence of doubters or skeptics was seen as a threat to the one true faith.”

    A half-truth which trivializes the role that belief plays in holding societies together. Medieval Europe’s whole feudal social and political structure was based on oath-taking relationships. People outside the Faith could not be trusted to keep their oaths since they did not share the same sacred basis for commitment. Much as in non-insane 1950’s America, neither could Communists.

    • Isn’t it odd that in AINO, where professing fealty to diversity is a holy sacrament, toleration of dissent is nowhere to be found? The whole object is boundless cultural (racial, ethnic) diversity, but every single person is expect to adhere slavishly to orthodox dogma. This strikes me as ever so slightly antinomian.

      • I googled “antinomian.”
        Interesting results- and interesting to see the Puritan controversy from which it arose, itself occurring in the midst of the Thirty Years War, (thank you, Diversity Heretic).

        Contrast this with summaries of the term “Visigoth”, and their ever-shifting world.

        Those ape historians are going to be mighty busy.
        May the Great Primate save us!

    • Anyone claiming that ‘people of Faith’ can be trusted to keep their word is living in a different world than the one I’m familiar with. I’ve been lied to by both Believers and Pastors.

    • Not so vis a vis keeping one’s word

      Most heathens and pagans had honor codes and rules that precluded breaking one’s word.

      Being an oath breaker was a serious matter and could result in death.

  16. Do not send your daughter away to college under any circumstances. sorry to say it . AVE Maria university may be OK . . sent my daughter away to cath college over 10 yrs ago and it was a very different place when she left . the change was coming in then. If they go to college, commute. and start with community college. I know this sounds arrogant but I have sent 3 to college, and I have experience . the stakes couldn’t be higher.
    To paraphrase god , ” what good does it do her to gain the whole world if she loses her soul?”

  17. Disagree with parts of this.

    The Hispano-Romans over whom the Visigoths took rulership were Catholic, orthodox Christians. All of the barbarian tribes that ran over the Western Empire were Arians, having been converted by Arian bishops in the 4th century or thereabouts. So, the Vandals, Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Lombards, and Burgundians were all Arians. In effect, all these cases were Arian Christians ruling over Trinitarian Christians. This is why the conversion of Clovis to Catholicism was such a big deal – he was the first barbarian king to do so.

    As for the relations between these groups, it’s tough to say. Theoderic got along famously with the Papacy, despite the theological difference. Meanwhile, according to St. Gregory of Tours, when a granddaughter of Clovis’ was sent to be the wife of Hermengild, heir to the Visigoth kingship, her mother-in-law beat the hell out of her in an attempt to get her to renounce Catholicism and convert to Arianism. So, I’m not sure the generalization is apt.

    Finally, this idea that, in the Middle Ages, “persecution of heretics was no longer about threats to power, but about violation of a universal truth,” seems just mistaken. Sure, it’s a violation of universal truth, but the problem was always that everyone knew this sort of diversity was a problem for the unity of the people. More to the point, the mere existence of skeptics was never a real problem, so long as they did not preach it. The idea being that doubts are fine, it’s the division that’s the problem.

    If you’re looking for where to place the idea of genuine intolerance, I’d suggest Henry VIII, who didn’t merely insist that you keep your mouth shut about to whom he was or was not married. Instead, he insisted, under threat of a charge of treason, that you confess you agree wholeheartedly with the king’s assertion of truth. And that’s a hell of an innovation.

    • BTP;
      Re Henry Viii, there’s the small matter of the church lands. He seized them all to sell/gift them to his supporters when his treasury was dry and he was hock to the moneylenders. So if you denied his right to be head of the Church of England, you were also saying he was a thief and should repay the Pope, et al: True re thievery, but obviously highly dangerous politically. Such sentiments couldn’t be allowed to gain any traction.

      BTW, seizing the foundations’ and Big U endowments is my proposed solution for liquidating the US national debt. Wouldn’t have to do it outright, just make them pay out, say, 15% annually, taxable at corporate rates..

      • The Universities are the home of the cathedral of the modern religion, I’m informed. Since this is a religious war, I say we hit ’em where it hurts!

        • And Harvard. a Christian Seminary has somehow been converted into the prime source of accreditation for those dedicated to destroying it.
          Can’t think how that happened.

        • Nationalizing, liquidating and terminating ALL iterations of non-tax burdened entities is just the start. All of the stock market needs to be nationalized and all monopolistic elements converted into public utilities and all non-monopolistIc elements liquidated into private ownership in the form of a partnerships composed purely of full-time payroll employees with management bearing personal liability for criminal and fiduciary breeches.

          The creditors choke on their paper. The mortgagees and tenants gain free title to their personal dwelling and all business land transfers to the local government.

          This is the way. Who wants to join?

      • If nothing else, if they decide to cancel student loan debt they should go after the endowments first.

        • The bulk of student loan debt will be absorbed by the US Treasury not to bailout the students, but because the ((student loan CDO investors)) know the debt is a total lo$$ and ((they)) will not abide $wallowing any lo$$.

          The scaling up of the education industrial complex is one step down from a direct allowance like welfare. It ties up the zombies and orcs from destroying things, but now the education price inflation is too great to sustain and the zombies and orcs are being weaponized against the systemic threat.

      • Sadly Al, you could confiscate the entire Ivy League’s endowment and still not have enough to make two annual interest payments on the national debt.

        The mind boggles at the size of the national debt.

        • Next step: don’t pay “them” the interest- pay US, the citizens.

          The people who make the GDP happen in the first place. Tax us for communal infrastructure for us, because we own this here joint!

        • yep.

          It doesn’t really matter though if Klown Merica doesn’t default the new US will just default and foreign trade will not be a thing during any interregnum anyway.

          Many nations and any surviving bankers will be furious and I’d expect a massive amount of attempts to subvert the new state . Best to be one groups of nasty and resolute SOB’s.

        • Capn:
          True, but besides my real point. Uni endowments today, like the church lands of Henry VIII’s day are actively funding a highly destructive opposition (in his view then, YMMD).

          Every taking, however necessary, needs a rationale. Objectively no different from ‘tax the rich’ from the other side today.

      • The story of his rebellion doesn’t get enough play these days. One interesting thing about whatever histories you come across is that they are all intent on finding the “real” reason for the rebellion, when a religious dispute is plenty of reason for a fight. Sure, other things can help, but the possibility of genuine conversion & conviction is ignored these days.

        Hermangild saw his wife get beaten bloody by his mother, and the girl did not recant. I don’t know, that sort of thing might change a man.

    • please care for my gandkids. And I am sorry for your situation , it is very common. we were all deluded in the 60’s and 70’s . I just got lucky

    • What was it like the last time you were in your 80s? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

      Do you have childless children?

    • Lots of oldsters that have grandchildren do not give a shit about their futures either. Muh 3rd wife and I…. muh investments … muh VThe illages ….

  18. Joe Sobran quipped, “Bill Clinton carries a Bible because he’s looking for loopholes.”

  19. Materialism, unchecked by religion, doing its best to fill the spiritual void and failing as it must.

    Women, unsupported by men, doing their best to be the men they need and failing as they must.

    Blacks, set radically free, doing their best to spur the white man into reassuming his burden and making a huge mess of it.

    Foreigners, walking free into our territory and doing whatever they’re doing. That situation is just a free for all.

    This is the madness you get when your society is left to people who didn’t create it and consequently are competent to run it.

    The whole world hates white men especially, because we’ve abrogated our moral and material responsibilities. Turn off the porn, sportsball, and video games; put down the joystick, controller, and spatula; get to work.

    • The first step is the have the support system you need. your wife , (get one if you don’t have one, and no bitching , she will follow if you really lead.) your children (Fuck the money have the kids), friends(IRL , not on the TV, and in addition to any you have on the interwebz) . Faith – SPXX catholic , trad catholic, orthodox , trad evangelical. Your family need it . long hard road , but there is no other that doesn’t end in dissolution

      • DO NOT assume that if you lead, your wife will follow. Not in this day and age. Once the hooks of wokeness or social justice are in her… she’s gone. The best you can do is walk away. Even if she takes everything, walk away and be thankful for your escape.

      • miforest: Agree on the children and a shared faith and necessary leadership of men. Question whether many women today are able to comprehend what fidelity truly means, let alone practice it.

        I would preface all of your solid recommendations with another: Marry wisely.

        • Look into the divorce statistics for two practicing the same faith. Not “having” it, born to it …

          Somewhere south of 5%.

          Marry a godless wench that has been run through, the body by a horde, and run through the mind by academia … better off a lifelong bachelor. If you are a man whore, better to become a monk. Marrying your mirror image is doom.

          • Nietzsche said a great many things 🙂 Among these, he noted that many famous philosophers had never married. Nor did he. May I sardonically note that even Christianity’s namesake, as well as its first (best?) pitchman, Saul of Tarsus, also were lifelong bachelors?

    • 100 thumbs up!

      There will be no “going along” with these new zealots. They are going to destroy themselves. The only question is whether we will be taken with them.

      • Recognizing that history proves defense wins no wars, the short-term strategy is to avoid getting any of their viscera on us while they do there thing. Once they’ve self culled, it will be time to go scuba diving for all those tools lost in boating accidents.

        • The thing about debt bondage is that it collapses under its own math. The challenge is standing by and watching the last desperate phase when the ((accountants)) and ((taxman)) craft evil narratives to explain why ((their)) zealots are poor and then acting when they weaponize against them against the “systemic” threat to rebooting ((their)) financial architecture.

          The knowledge that Kyle Rittenhouse is not unique now haunts the ((system operators)) and they are at the stage where they are trying to trick the “systemic” threat into disarmament before ((their)) zombies and orcs discover the obvious truth.

          Hold the line and do not be dismayed. The ((operators)) are opposed to buying ARs, so that is your cue to buy ARs and encourage other fellow travelers to do the same. The floodgates are still wide open, albeit at a trivial price increase.

  20. Their religion is chaos. The order that is emerging from the chaos they created will destroy them. Don’t get entangled in their chaos.

  21. The Zman wrote

    This new religion is not about elevating [today’s rulers] or their people, but about harming the people who make their rule possible.

    I disagree. I do not see the effects of their rule upon the people who make their rule.possible as even entering into the calculus. They believe what they believe (although “feel” might be a more apt description) and that belief justifies any and all actions they may take.

    • By “people,” Z means whites. And the rulers most definitely seek to harm whites.

      • Yep, and I suspect they assume “not all Whites” as they are predominately White themselves. I think they will be happy with a remaining population of woke Whites keeping the shitshow running. Who can predict how big this “critical fraction” need be, or how it can be shored up with foreign imports when needed. Trick is to first get rid of the large amount of “dangerous” non-believers (unwoke Whites).

        • This is their folly. The Softwhites will not be able to keep their dusky pets on a leash. They will turn on them and devour them because the Darklings are not smart enough to see the necessity of retaining a competent white elite, and they are all engorged with such hatred for whitey that it will not dissipate with the disappearance of we Hardwhites. The Softwhites are constructing their own killing bottle.

      • The ruling class hates Middle Class White people since they are serious rivals , every bit as smart and capable and probably better prepared to run a high order society

        If they had class/race consciousness in the Marxist sense they could easily destroy the ruling elite.

        This is why its necessary to destroy them before they get it. After that the Elite can go back to their internal struggles and use less quality people of all races as pawns.

  22. “The ruling class of America wants to have a nuclear war with Russia over homosexuality.”

    Yeah scary isn’t it? And over Jewish hatred of Russia.

    • I mentioned awhile back that Globohomo preferentially hires their people into positions of wealth and power, now that they are free to identify themselves.

      That the Globohomo flag now flies beneath the American flag across the world at foreign embassies is the clearest symbol yet that we have been conquered from within.

      Russia is their enemy, as is anyone who has not accepted the true faith.

      • Yes, the alphabet soup crowd is yet another highly problematic faction.

        I’d also note that faction has significant overlap with the people who shall remain unnamed.

        • Aw, go ahead and name them. We seem to have pretty much free expression here.

          Our IP addresses and emails are (likely) already in the database(s), so you might as well speak freely. You’ve nothing to lose.

    • To this comment’s disliker which I’ll guess is one of our semitic friends. I would mention that Jewish dislike for Russia isn’t the only or even dominant force in American anti-Russianism. Plenty of decrepit cold-warriors left (plenty of gentile ones) and my best guess is Jewish anti-Russianism is fading, as is/will cold warrior anti-Russianism. Globohomo is probably the main reason we’ll be driven to nuclear war – humanity ends over the defense of fudgepackers marrying each other.

      And the size of our ruler’s egos. Their heads are the size of an Alaska pumpkin but most of that is bone.

      Now how many dislikes will this get for sucking up to semites.

      • Do we blame the dominoes, or the ones who set them up?

        In our time, they’ve set the stage. It’s when our people join the game, amongst shifting rule-sets by others, that the chaos and betrayal come in.

        (I’m thinking of Stalin, Churchill, and Eisenhower, of the OSS/CIA, the BIS and Federal Reserve, the IRS and FBI… By us? For us? Nein.)

  23. If there is no limiting principle and if the ruling classes are true believers, then the most likely outcome is total war, to annihilate or to be annihilated.

  24. Someone has already used Jaquarius on this blog but I am gonna steal it. It’s a great term.

    Our rulers thought that they were giving us the age of Aquarius when in actuality we are getting the age of Jaquarius.

    No better example than last nights Oscars
    Some ignorant low IQ black guy in a yellow outfit is lecturing us about the police that with all their faults we depend on the police as an institution for enforcing stability in western civilization.
    We now get Jaquarius on TV spouting nonsense.
    Welcome to the new religion of our elites.

    • We laugh at the foolishness, but that stuff gets through to the young. The media and the university system is poisoning the youth.

      Not a new story to anyone, but my neighbor, good guy, sent his daughter to a small, private Catholic college. Three years later she’s all about the climate and the racism. All I could tell him was there’s no point in arguing, simply tell her she’s been indoctrinated, and that you hope she will one day realize it.

      I don’t know the way out of this. When the ruling class commands the cultural high ground, I won’t says it’s a losing battle but it will be a long and difficult one. Alternate media is one way forward, but how you replace the educational system is tough.

      • Our own slow march through the institutions will take 100 years to restore any semblance of balance to the system. Any serious effort by the DR to build separate institutions will not be tolerated by the DS and will likely result in a hot civil war.

        • No 100 years is available. Current population models show 4 billion Africans by 2100 and it’s obvious that The Plan is for most of those to be exported to the rest of the world because Diversity. Western Civ is already groaning from its current burden of diversity. There’s no way it could endure such a tsunami of dysfunction. Add to that the many other wonderful things our rulers have planned for us like the medical security state, the Green New Deal, the Great Reset, etc… They are clearly going for total control inside of 20 years. Nothing wrong with a hot civil war anyway. With current demographics the wokesters still lose that contest and a lot of problems get solved quickly.

          • Nothing wrong with heat at all, Pozy! I love math. I suspect the sun is rising and it will be hay-making time soon enough. I’m ready for some pragmatic living….so my kids won’t have to.

          • African fertility seems to now be getting lower interestingly enough. It will sooner than later stabilize though of that will happen before the global famine we are facing is unknown. Probably not.

            Also the ruling elite aren’t quite that crazy. None of them want to be killed or eliminated and all of them know how bad Africa is and how tribal Africans are.

            Doesn’t mean they won’t try but AINO isn’t likely long for the world anyway.

          • “I tend to concur” as the career bureaucrat says. I can’t offer any studies to back me up, but as you note, long-range population forecasts alone posit dire problems for the globe. Of course, they aren’t accessible to me, but it’s certain that governments have commissioned studies and scenarios of various long-term futures. But how does one model, say, the long-term consequences of the Woke “religion”? Likely, you cannot make any reasonable forecasts. So conjecture reigns.

            The only prediction that, in my opinion, can be made with high certitude is simply that most major trends cannot possibly continue indefinitely. Absent the highly improbable (miracles of technology, the Second Coming, the big asteroid), the limits of a trend can be envisioned, even if many of its particulars cannot.

            If there’s any reason for optimism, I would hazard the guess that much of the present enabling global infrastructure will collapse drastically, perhaps within the 21st century. A hot civil war in the the former USA would only be one of a series of dire situations, worldwide. I often use the scenario (which I doubtless stole from elsewhere) of what happens to Africa if/when they lose outside aid. Ugly.

        • It will take a lot less time if we ended up going down the Victoria route.

          Fast fair trials for subverting youth and upon conviction , after a Short March through the Institution hang the bastard outside the school so all the students can see it . This tends to deter.

          If students don’t attend? They are banned from higher education.

          This wouldn’t be be the pleasant society we’ve trapped ourselves with. In fact it would be something akin to the Nightmare Authoritarian Right our foes fear but done well it works.

          Here are the rules, obey or else.

          However we aren’t those kind of people yet and lack the drive to dominate for a common purpose so it will probably take much longer, not that this post modern era will survive that long anyway

      • Homeschool. Contrary to the mass media and Globohomo, there is tons of support for homeschooling now – especially in church groups. They have more field trips, more intramural sport, and more special programs than public schools. And the students will wipe the academic mat with publicly schooled kids.
        If you have kids in public school get them out NOW.

        • My cousin went to drop off something her kid forgot to bring to school and (long story short) discovered that he was being used as a de facto aid/tutor for the slower kids. They told her to send him to private school or homeschool him because they didn’t have the resources or mandate to educate very bright kids. (Happy ending: full scholarship at Uni for engineering.)

          • This was pretty common. I was that kid in my school decades ago and was literally the classroom teacher and baby sitter .

            It was fine with me as the slow kids and I got along fine since I was weird.

            Funny enough I got docked a grade by my teacher for not being in class even against protest . This taught be a valuable lesson, do not trust authority.

      • Major Hoople: I’ve read similar stories countless times, yet the majority of self-described ‘conservatives’ continue to dutifully send their daughters off to finish their indoctrination, after raising them to consider themselves princesses and the equal of every male. Dissident blog after dissident blog, as well as many Conservative Inc. blogs, bemoan the dissolution of what used to be a true system of ‘higher education,’ yet they still beggar themselves to send their children as willing hostages to globohomo.

        My husband and I (both college graduates and, in my case, two incomplete masters) chose not to send either son to college, and if we had had a daughter she would never have seen the inside of a public school, let alone a university. Add ‘everyone must go to college’ as yet another reflexive boomerism that has infected all subsequent generations and just will not die.

        • Problem is there’s enormous pressure on kids to “get a degree.” Schools love to say they sent n% on to College. It’s a selling point for realtors too. Your kids were lucky to have parents who saw through the BS. Many don’t.

        • At the time of the Boomers coming of age, their experience was that of “college=success”. It was a confusion of cause and effect. As the colleges filled, and more and more, less able, candidates matriculated, we saw the fallacy of this assumption. Basically, the assumption of universal equality. Boomers are not to blame, they just were the first cohort to experience the opening of tertiary education to the masses under this false premise.

        • The democratization of values = the demeaning of values, and at its logical end, the abolition of values (nihilism). Perhaps. Like many institutions, education, from grammar to graduate, was poisoned by liberalism and egalitarian ideals. Making education available to more, not to say all, is surely a noble objective. But to claim that a piece of paper (diploma) magically confers knowledge and skills, that is is far closer to the magical thinking that is at the core of our societal rot. You might apply similar arguments to universal suffrage, etc.

      • There is no replacing the educational system. There is only replacing the country.

    • we will give the benefit of the doubt and will assume you watched the Oscars in the same spirit one would slow down to check out a wreck scene on the highway, attending a recent school board meeting, or even looking on in wonder as someone drives by alone in their car with a mask on.

      • The ‘show’ is a viable substitute for syrup of ipecac in case of an urgent need for inducement of vomiting.

    • Love it!

      ‘This is the dawning of the
      Age of Jaquarius,
      the Age of Jaquarius….

      Ignorance and superstition,
      Violence and lust abounding….’

  25. A New Tomorrow (cont)
    Keep them dancing.

    A healthy species teaches its young ancient wisdom so that they may be better able to survive & thrive in the environment of their birth. This is the primary benefit of religious practice, and it works because of message consistency & repetition. Spirituality is a necessary element because it effectively restrains the skepticism that would otherwise diminish adoption & commitment.

    None of this ancient functionality exists in the current & arbitrary lurching about by Elite Inc. with newfangled civic religions every few years. It is not, and was never intended to be, an actual transcendent moral philosophy. It’s purpose is far more insidious & debilitating. To conquer the masses, you must first break their spirit and then drive them down into chaos & dependency. And when they are broken & weak & spent, then throw them some alms and use their misery to gain leverage. That is the future if we do nothing to stop them.

    • That is the future if we do nothing to stop them.

      And what, precisely, is it that you think we CAN do to stop them??? Illumine me, oh fount of wisdom. From where I sit we are well and truly screwed, blued and tattooed.

          • TomA, I find nothing in your post to object to. I also want a path to salvation outlined, but I realize this is not so easily forthcoming. However, attacking the messenger seems counter productive.

          • You piss & moan about comments that you don’t like. You refuse to do the common sense alternative of passing over them rather than allow them to offend you. So instead you use snark & ad hominem to try to intimidate & ostracize. Which is really no different than SJW Cancel Culture. I guess that constitutes “doing something” in your world.

      • Well then Mr. Sunshine go get a copy of Final Exit and apply it to yourself.

        He’s been laying out what to do for a while, but many DR’s are so fatalistic they just tend to get triggered when anyone recommends anything other than intellectual masturbation.

      • I presume that you are new here, but there is an ongoing tutorial on at least one particular methodology that has the potential to be successful in this Brave New World of the modern technological era. Start working backwards in Z’s archive for more detailed expository, but the short version is . . . Simple, Secret, Solo, and Spontaneous. And if you’re expecting/demanding explicit rather than obtuse, then you are most likely a Fed and not a potential acolyte.

        • I’d like to blow up your acronym just a bit, TomA.
          Simple, Secret, Small (see Lineman’s post for, oh, a decade), and Spontaneous. Tack on Local. Maybe make it Hyper-Local. So SSSHL. Yea, not catchy. Still wise.

          • I have no objection to small, but remember, you’re betting your life on the trust & integrity of everyone in your group. And the Stasi will most definitely be trying to infiltrate every single group they can identify. Plus, it’s hard to be spontaneous in a group, and spontaneity is critical.

        • Although I find S4 inspiring and accurate, one caveat: the mafias, the Cartels, the governments- they’re way ahead of you, friend.

          Yet still I agree, this will get to baseline- what else can we do?
          The Warlord Period, 2030-2130 A.D.

        • Around December 2020, a local Florida judge found on his doorstep the severed head of a local accused child molester or some such. While I certainly do not approve of such barbarism, it is a dramatic example of what TomA highlights above.

          Less dramatic, and even legal (for now) methods exist, however. By careful conversation, you can provide red pill opportunities to Joe Normal. Rather than pass out handbills announcing the next community Klan or Aryan Nations chapter meeting, perhaps something more low-key might be indicated 😀

  26. People have evolved to follow the leader, that’s why they went along with it. Otherwise, their ancestors would have been excluded from the gene pool. Those personality types that have survived have done so by going along with the flow, keeping their heads down and saying “yes” to the next dear leader and his cult.

    Western populations foolishly let foreign populations become the ruling class of their countries — Americans & their obsession with diversity and a certain ethnocentric ethnic group — through finance and mass media, and that ruling class then told the masses what to think so as to make it easier to control them. They told them to think things that would harm their interests: mass immigration, wage slavery, diversity cults, worshiping foreigners, denigrating the past and culture of the native populations. & things that would benefit the ruling class: population replacement, low taxes, corporate monopolies, Middle Eastern Wars, social liberalism, democracy.

    How many derogatory jokes were told by the ruling class about –ists and –phobes over the years? How many movies featured Whites as the bad guys? Or portrayed rural people as cannibals or inbred monsters? How many movies like Mississippi Burning, Driving Miss Daisy, and A Time to Kill were made deriding “racist Whites”? But how many movies ever featured a bad guy who liked diversity or loved Israel? Lots of WASP bad guys. Few bad guys named Silver or Sha’Naquah, that’s for sure. Do you see the pattern?

    All of those efforts were aimed at destroying the solidarity and will of the subject population. The ruling class wanted them to feel like bad people for resisting. Instead of resisting, normies fell for the enemy’s propaganda. Things like “free speech.” The Left never believed any of that stuff. They promoted it because it benefited them on the whole. 9 out of 10 jokes were made at the expense of the ruling class’s enemies, and almost no truly conservative movie or television show ever got made (by the big studios) while “free speech” allowed conservatives’ enemies to run up the score on them.

    Notice how the Left turned on “free speech” the moment the Right learned to meme at their expense in 2016. The Left then banned their opposition, which is what the Right should have done to the Left back when they had the chance. Instead, like a person who doesn’t take all of her antibiotic, the disease multiplied until it overwhelmed the body’s immune system.

    Christians were taught by the ruling class not to pursue politics and smart Whites were taught not to foster group solidarity, so they adopted extreme individualism, which manifested in cults like Libertarianism and Compassionate Conservatism, which only further reduced the native population’s ability to fight back. Or diversity worship or various fringe cults or sportsball. Anything to distract them. It was done deliberately. The ruling class didn’t want competition.

    Now, native White Caucasians are the targets of a conquering force which tells them to convert or be destroyed. They’ll convert. Just like conservative normies converted over diversity back in the 1960s, it will happen again. These days, conservatives spend their time cheering on the based blacks of Faux News, assured any day now the ghost of St. Martin Luther King jr (real name: Michael King) will make blacks see the light about how the democrats are the real racists. Just one more Candace Owens video will do it; just one more segment defending Tim Scott, the black guy senator who cheered on Trump’s black outreach to predictably disastrous results. Meanwhile, the Left has moved beyond the equality propaganda they promoted back in the day, but never truly accepted, and have moved onto more oppressive “equity” dogma.

    Ten years from now, conservatives will be complaining that the Left has abandoned equity, which all good people support, in favor of something that violates equity — like simply stealing things from some and giving all of it to others so that they have none left for themselves. Conservatives in the year 2030:

    “Hey, you’re not being true to the spirit of George Floyd, liberals. Here, watch this Faux News video where this based black guy talks about how St. Floyd would have been a republican if he were alive today.”

    • Game of Thrones: Bitterly brilliant comment. Normies follow the leader. Normies do what they’re told. Normies don’t make waves. That’s what makes them normies. All dissident talk about ‘converting’ normies ignores that basic truth. I’m no leader, and I have no great understanding of strategy or tactics, but I am firmly convinced that if the dissident right thinks it will eventually win by ‘educating’ a sufficient number of normies, then we really are doomed.

      Focus on strengthening your own family and friends – psychologically, physically, socially, culturally, and financially. Be prepared to be a rock that the insanity will break against. It may wear away some of your sharpest edges but the globohomo storm is bound to break on reality before it has totally worn away all the rocks. It may go against my nature, but even I know that trying to go up against MRAPs with nothing but my beliefs (and muh guns) is a losing proposition. Build communities and raise and teach children. Teach them to love themselves and their people and their history, and do NOT neglect to teach them to equally hate degeneracy and globohomo. Tolerance is not a virtue, and hatred of evil is not a vice.

    • “Hey, you’re not being true to the spirit of George Floyd, liberals.”

      Holy smokes. They’re making that vicious, stupid criminal, Michal King, into the black Jesus Christ.

  27. While our leaders still see the need to give lip-service to their supposed Christian faith, it’s clear that’s all it is. Jimmy Carter May have been the last one who really believed what he was professing.

    And while I’m sure there are plenty of cynics among those espousing and mandating the New Religion of Anti-racist Egalitarianism, it’s my impression that there are also plenty of true believers: people who genuinely do feel righteous indignation at how poorly Sacred Blacks have been treated.

    There are emotions that are empowering: anger is one of them, and righteous indignation is another.

    And while Anti-racist Egalitarianism is the new religion which all GoodWhites must affirm— and virtue-signal the strength of their commitment by their fervent righteous indignation— witness Crazy-Nancy Pelosi directing a prayer upwards to the Egalitarian Jesus George Floyd, thanking him for dying for White peoples’ sins— the “Racial Reckoning” which accompanies it— our modern-day equivalent of the Crusades— seems— for Blacks at least— to be primarily about revenge: yet another empowering emotion.

    It’s clear that Blacks don’t simply want equality, or a level playing field; they want to get back at Whites, to get even with them— and, it would seem by the number of Black attacks on them, at Asians as well— to make them suffer all the indignities they feel they themselves suffered, in the bad old days of overt and legalized “prejudice” and “discrimination”.

    Understanding Black motivation as a seeking-after revenge rather than equality helps us understand why Blacks are never satisfied; why, no matter how much progress they’ve made— no matter how many laws guarantee them equal treatment, no matter how much they’re elevated and exalted in the media, no matter how many affirmative-action plans are put in place that guarantee them preferential treatment, no matter how often GoodWhites kneel and kowtow— they always want more. They won’t be satisfied until Whites have been completely subjugated, marginalized, and demonized. That’s their version of Heaven on Earth: not a place where all people are equal, but a 180-degree reversal, to a world where Blacks dominate while Whites cower and submit.

    Maybe all religions— in addition to having a set of mandatory beliefs— need an enemy to hate, and a narrative explaining why hating them is an act of righteousness. In the Middle Ages it was religious heretics whose doctrines concerning Christianity were not in sync with what the Church believed.

    Today, the heretics are those who refuse to affirm the doctrines of Anti-racist Egalitarianism, which tell us that since all groups are equal in every way, any disparity of outcome has got to be the result of “discrimination”, “systemic racism”, and “White privilege”. Blacks are gods, and the “White supremacists” who refuse to worship them are devils.

    • > Understanding Black motivation as a seeking-after revenge rather than equality helps us understand why Blacks are never satisfied;

      Getting tempted to just spam WorldStar HipHop videos of blacks beating the crap out of whites to colorblind normies instad of well-thought arguments. They need their lizard survival brain activated more than anything.

      • Chet – You don’t already do this? Seriously. I reason with a friend in person, but I also send emails about each new White slaughtered by the feral. I send videos. I encourage mockery, and I constantly remind that hatred of evil is a Christian virtue. The degeneracy is the sea in which we swim. Even the strongest, most independent thinker needs constant reminders that we’re swimming in a cesspit, and they need support knowing there are others working to find and/or build a small, clean puddle somewhere.

    • Blacks do not want a level playing field because they damned well KNOW in their heart of hearts that a “level playing field” will do them no good. They know that they CANNOT COMPETE with Eurasians on a level playing playing field because in almost all ways except the purely physical they are INFERIOR to Eurasians! Compared to Blacks, Eurasians are more intelligent, more creative, more artistic, more compassionate and even more rapacious/conquering. Deep in their heart of hearts Blacks are aware of their own primitive inferiority to Eurasians and for that they FEAR us. And what people fear they HATE! And what people hate they, inevitably, seek to destroy. It is as simple as that.

    • I think you guys are over estimating the complexity of their thought process.

      More like:

      “sheeit, whitey hav nice stuff. gibsmedat”

      They are told that whitey has nice stuff because hes racist and stole it from blacks. So then they think “ayo, whitey hav my stuff. gibsmedate. ooga booga [chimpout]”.

      Remember their average IQ is only 80 which is basically a child.

      • There’s a reason White people rule the world, they kicked the living shit out of every motherfucker who dared to confront them, never forget this, your heritage, your destiny. This is why jews constantly undermine you, why blacks hate you, why every mongrel motherfucker wants you dead. Embrace it, fuck em…bring the pain.

      • No, you vastly underestimate the problem. I recently posted on it here. The problem is the psychology of envy, in the old sense of the world (= “ill will”, enmity or a desire to destroy the successful, even at the cost of one’s own destruction). While your anti-Black arguments are valid, they are only a fraction of the issue. As a counter-example, consider this: the Bolshevik revolution was accomplished by people with IQ of far higher than 80. Even the average, uneducated Russian peasant must have had an IQ close to 100. Yet the Communists were driven by a nonsense ideology and their results little better than arbitrary theft, robbery, torture and murder on an industrialized scale.

    • Bill – Excellent comment but a quibble, if I might. Blacks don’t merely want revenge, and the word itself implies they have legitimate reasons to resent Whites. We all know who sold who to whom. We all know just how far back slavery originated, and all the people who practiced it, and all the different people who were victims of it. We all know segregation or apartheid or any redlining law or custom was in defense of White lives and communities, not motivated by mindless hate or a blatant assertion of power.

      Despite their insane self-esteem and public status as objects of worship, I believe the majority of blacks are motivated by envy. They know Whites are, overall, smarter. The black women know, overall, White women are prettier. They know White-built societies are more comfortable and prosperous. While there are plenty of Shaniquas who really think Wakanda will be born when all Whites die, the majority of the noggers are motivated by a deep and repressed knowledge of their own inadequacies and an insane and abiding envy and hatred of White attributes and accomplishments. The ‘revenge’ is not in response to past wrongs, either real or imagined, but an attempt to get ‘revenge’ against nature and God and the natural order. It’s why blacks’ very existence is primitive and dis-civilizational.

      • And, in keeping with this, blacks also know they are inferior to their African brethren. After all, the winning side of a tribal war is superior to the losing side, and it’s the winners who sold the losers. They can’t even get racial solidarity with their ancestral relatives…

        • Drew, true:

          Every African who ended up on a slave ship began his or her journey into slavery by being abducted by a fellow African of a different tribe and sold to a European slave trader.

          • Just because they were kicked out of Spain, doesn’t make the “traders” European.

            They wanted money, and kept their old Moorish contacts in Timbuktu in business, because the Irish and Indian slaves kept dying. They got a huge hand in the naval spice-and-drug trade, set up the slaves>sugar>rum triangle, the Mississipi delta and King Cotton, and went on from there.

            No, we didn’t build that. We abolished it.

      • True! Add envy to the list:
        Envy > resentment > desire for vengeance

        I think we can find common ground by recognizing that one can have a desire for vengeance even against ‘wrongs’ which are imaginary rather than real.

        And yes: one could posit that Blacks’ insanely-high self-esteem is in fact a reaction to knowing in their heart of hearts that the natural order has placed them on the lowest rung of the ladder: a fact borne out by history. Which is why Black women— situated as they are at the very bottom of the bottom rung— are so angry.

      • Black perniciousness is a function of both the desire to avenge past wrongs or “wrongs,” and by a blinding fury at the hand mother nature dealt them. It is ironic that, even though blacks live vastly better among whites than they ever could among black Africans, it is the ubiquity of whites in the West that stands as a constant reminder of their own inferiority and as a rebuke to their destructive dysfunctionality. It is, therefore, the mere presence of whites that deranges their psyche and serves to spur them to further outrages and atrocities. As long as whites and blacks are in propinquity, this horrendous phenomenon will persist.

    • I can’t recall the last time I listened to those guys. It was before the Covid when I stopped listening, so I really can’t say.

      • I’m a regular listener of McFeels and Allsup, but I’ve been re-thinking whether I should continue. They’re throwing a lot of guys under the bus. Yesterday I shut it off with an hour to go. Also, whatever happened to Ethnarch?

        • I have not heard from Ethnark in a while. I know he was a listener and reader, but I don’t know what he is doing now.

        • Whatever happened to Halberstram? He abruptly disappeared without an explanation and without a trace.

        • FTN used to be my favorite show on TRS. I’ve listened to them maybe 5 times in the last 3 years. I only made it about an hour in today and gave up. It’s really a shame, according to them everyone not part of the TRS network is a fed a shill or mossad

  28. Hopefully this is pertinent. I watched the 1965 film with Cornell Wilde, The Naked Prey last night. I recommend it highly. It is about a white man in Africa who is a Safari leader who due to the stupidity of his client is hunted down throughout the plains. Very well done and it pits two disparate men of different cultures against each other. The white man’s intellect and cunning do him well in this.

    The point I want to make is this. Going to IMDB’s reviews if you look at most from over 10 or 15 years ago they see it as beautifully shot with an excellent survival plot to be enjoyed and thought out. Newer ones invariably start with the racism and arrogance of the white man.

    For me it illustrates the cultural decline, indoctrination and brain washing of a good portion of our people. How easily they were manipulated. Negros have been sanctified and western white man demonized.

    • Yep: a great dumbing-down is occurring:

      Anytime you get people looking at the world through a lens that doesn’t comport with reality, they’re gonna be led to coming up with stupid conclusions.

    • I saw that flick back when it first came out and (like, I suspect, most of the audience of the time) cheered for Wilde’s character. That film.could not even be MADE in this day and time. The story could simply not be twisted sufficiently to fit current sensibilities.

      • Same with the 1964 classic “Zulu”; white colonialist soldiers shooting blacks with spears & the whites win?

        The fact that it’s a true story will enrage the “woke” crowd even more.

    • Check out this year’s Oscars if you want to see where the dumbing down of Western culture is going:


      The 2021 Oscars was a woke embarrassment filled with BLM virtue signalling and various poor design choices, almost like the people putting on the ceremony didn’t care (why would they?).

      Example: they moved the best actor Oscar to the last slot thinking the black guy from Black Panther would get it, topping off the evening of social justice, but they never considered the possibility he’d lose. He did. The Academy voters stuck it to the awards and gave the Oscar to Anthony Hopkins, who didn’t even bother showing up (he was asleep at the time).

      I usually don’t watch, but I knew this year would be a woke fest, so I couldn’t resist. Personally, I thought the show was gaudy, like something from the BET Awards or the Grammy’s. So disgusting. This ceremony used to have at least some class. This one was filled with uncomfortable black triumphalism and terrible wardrobe choices, like something from a rap video.

      Hollywood is dead. Seriously. I don’t see how an industry like this can ever go back to making good movies. No more Goodfellas or The Godfather, that’s for sure. Right now, the latest Hollywood tent poll, Mortal Kombat, is struggling to beat a Japanese cartoon at the theater. Pathetic.

      BTW, they removed the White male lead in Mortal Kombat specifically because he was White and replaced him with an unknown Asian male who can’t act. Cuz “karate” must always be done by stereotypical Asians, I guess. Lol. These people are so unintentionally racist.

      We’re in the phase of waiting for another player to take over the global market, probably China. That’ll certainly be the case when deep fake gets here and makes movies cheaper and faster to produce and translate to global audiences. Until then, get used to this nightmare. Switch to old movies, I guess.

      • One of the Breitbart writers has been doing a series of pieces on which films should have won Best Picture each year in a particular decade.

        One of the most interesting things about his pieces are the lists of, “See also…” films for each year.

        Those lists have 10 or 12 really good films right into the early 2000s, whereupon the lists of alternates shrinks to 2 or 3 titles.

      • If our technological world does not devolve first, it’s quite possible that in coming decades “deep fake” technology will become so democratized that nearly anyone will be able to (re)make movies to taste. Imagine being able to twist “Gone with the Wind” any way you’d like, but frankly, I don’t give a damn 😀

    • I watched it on mainstream TV.
      Back then.

      Imagine that today, on ABC, NBC, or CBS.

      (Unforgettable. One of the classics.)

    • >Shoots jogger to prevent other jogger from being stabbed
      *murderer! she was just a 250lb 16 year old kid looking to turn her life around!*

      >Doesn’t intervene
      *Do something! Don’t you know this is an airport??*

      As usual the modern woke mindset is totally a woman’s. The sucker tries to argue his way out of the trap. The smart one tells her to shut up and does something productive with his time

      • There are only two paths to victory:

        1) Remove oneself.
        2) Remove all opponents.

        • We already tried 1) in the 60s onward with white flight. Asians are taking over every outer suburb now and Joe/Kamala are going to pump Section 8 refugees into every small town.

          So… I’ll leave the reader to draw the conclusion

          • At least in the short term, the potential residents of those AFFH or whatever their name is, slums in White enclaves will have to contend with a mostly “red” (conservative White) local legal system. This might dissuade them. Also, such areas tend to be well-armed.

            But yes, in the long term, increasing population of blacks, browns makes the area go to shit, no argument there.

        • Passive resistance no longer works. We only option 2.

          One thing our side fails to understand, is that it is white males who are our main threat. Look how easily the police turn from protectors of society to attacking fellow whites. God help the white man who protects his family from the nogs. Those whites in blue will do everything they can to destroy you. The way they have acted during the lockdown should have warned us all.

          You think what happened to Chauvin will change their minds? It won’t. The elites know a fat paycheck and pension buys loyalty. Our fight will begin with them and end with either them or us being excised..

    • I guess LeBron was unavailable to advise the proper procedure as to how to handle a fist fight in an airport.

    • Anyone stupid enough to jump in to something like that gets what they deserve.

      If they do end up getting killed in the process, they will have inadvertently performed humanity a great service by improving the gene pool.

    • Meh, merely Blacks being Black.
      Propensity towards violence – check!
      Poor impulse control – check!
      Total lack of regard for future rewards or consequences – check!
      Anti-social/sociopathic behavior – check!

      As I wrote earlier. Merely Blacks being Black! Joggers gonna jog after all.

  29. Unless things change soon, this will be the end of the White/black dynamic and dominance in this (former) country. Neither libs nor blacks can apparently see the end game. As more power and influence is ceded to the orc cabal, the more our society spins out of control. In the meantime, the growing hoards of mocha colored pocs are not going to stand aside while everything implodes under black “leadership”. blacks will be tossed aside as the growing majority has no use for or sympathy for them.
    I guess it’s not a real surprise that they can’t see the writing on the wall – you know, future time orientation, impulse control, looks at muh, etc.

    • mexicanos aren’t a threat to the ruling class, they’re good at keeping joggers away though.

    • That’s what happened in alot of the Toronto area. The white fags keep doing their fag marches, blacks keep doing ooga booga, conservatives keep clinging muh guns. White upper middle class kids keep traveling to “find themselves” rather than get a job.

      Meanwhile the Chinese/Indian suburbs are growing rapidly. Indians are taking over corporations. Punjabis are taking over all the organized crime gangs and trucking industry. Chinese are spurring a massive construction spree. They don’t really care about culture war or whatever they just further their own group interests here.

      The sad part is that none of these people are particularly special – they just decide to work instead of follow self destructive paths. And that alone puts you above 60% of young blacks and young whites. The “old” north america was whites, blacks, Joos, and Natives. All of these are being pushed out by people from various parts of the Asian continent. All the “old” people’s fates are intertwined whether we like it, or even care to admit it, or not.

    • usNthem – Your comment, and the reply from B125, both point to a very important development. The traditional White/black dynamic has been diversified. Even though I don’t like giving Taki’s Mag any clicks, I went and read Zman’s post there today and then read one by David Cole. While I generally don’t agree with Cole on most things, he makes similar point to your comments – the old racial power dynamic in America is outdated. Cole notes that Jews using blacks as their anti-White foot soldiers is failing when confronted with Latinos and Persians and others.

      That’s really what worries me the most, and what a lot of dissident righters don’t really focus on. It’s not merely that blacks are the least capable or the most violent. Add in the industrious and ethnocentric Orientals who will under-live any White to get ahead. Add in the corrupt and wily subcons who are a darker and more visible version of the subversive Jevvs. Add in all the Polynesians and Puerto Ricans and Guatemalans. Whites are simply being swamped, and blacks will become irrelevant in time if/when the POX coalition truly comes to power (all depends on the moneymen and the various globohomo councils). It’s why we can’t win a mere numbers game and why directly confronting noggers is useless. We’re being challenged and undermined at every turn.

      We need to build our own communities and cultivate our own attributes among our own people. Let them infight. Let blacks attack Asians. Let Mestizos fight with blacks over turf or the drug trade. Let them destroy each other – we need to build ourselves (and creating hapas is not the way forward). What will we have ‘won’ if, instead of miscegenating with blacks or being slaughtered by them, Whites each marry their own special magic mystery meat? It’s still the end of a distinct race and its unique attributes.

      Separation. In all things, in all ways.

      • This Country was founded by Brits who got on ships, endured a hazardous trans-Atlantic journey and then cleared the land. Half of them died. Their descendants were explicit about why the Revolution was fought and for whom. Since then it’s been countries exporting their poverty to the US. Back in the day they had to make their own way. Now it’s remittances.

  30. “This new religion is not about elevating them or their people, but about harming the people who make their rule possible.”

    It’s unclear to me why the current rulers are taking this path. Since they don’t really believe in the new religion, as the Visigoth rulers did, and it will lead to the downfall of civilization, what is the benefit for them? They already have control of all the commanding heights. It would seem forced conversion to this wacky new faith could only undermine their power.

    • “It’s unclear to me why the current rulers are taking this path.”

      a session of random kabbalah videos should make it very clear.

    • They don’t really believe in their new religion? They could have fooled me. As Zman has pointed out, they’re firmly in the “feelings don’t care about your facts” camp.

    • It’s like a snowball that’s rolled down a hill. At a certain point it has so much momentum that it can’t be stopped until it hits the bottom and shatters. The ruling regime can’t stop things, so they figure they’ll ride it out in their hermetically sealed pods in the big cities and in the Hamptons. Since most are old and wealthy, it’s not like it’ll hurt them personally, so what do they care? It’s not like they really care anything for this nation’s culture or its people anyway. America is a shopping mall to them. If it goes out of business, they’ll just go elsewhere because they have no skin in the game. They don’t care if one particular business-nation survives because hedonism and novelty seeking is all they have left to define themselves.

  31. One of the internal contradictions of this new pseudo religion is that it constantly preaches the virtues of diversity even as it aggressively pushes uniformity of thought and crushes heresy.

    • Unfortunately, pointing out this contradiction yields no advantage. Sean Hannity’s whole career can summarized by saying, “Can you imagine if a Republican said that?” and his trophy case is empty.

      The reason that the left is untroubled by accusations of suppressing diversity is because their real motivation in anti-white. From the anti-white perspective, there is no contradiction.

      • Sean Hannity’s trophy case is empty because he is the stupidest *and* more narcissistic talk show host currently on the air nationally. His conversation with guests can never go more than 30 seconds before Hannity interrupts, inserts himself, and shows that he is devoid of original thought. And yes, Hannity never tired of complaining about the Left’s hypocrisy.

        • My gods, how Spawn just preaches at you, droning on and on, utterly shameless and completely unaware.

          Tell us more about those WMDs in Iraq, Spawn. Tell us about those barrel bombs in Syria.

          About what Right Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King said when he came down from the mountain. Really, we’ve never heard that before.

  32. Christians thought they were getting eternal salvation- a perfect unending 2nd life in heaven out of their beliefs.

    What do the woke think they’re going to get?

    That is the question..

    • And a great question it is. For the White Woke, a couple of images popped into my mind. One is the young urban Whites in the second story apartment cheering on the BLM/antifa marching below, as a brick was hurled through their window. Another is the storefront with the “hate has no home here” sign prominently displayed along with every window shattered. That’s just two of many….

      • The sad, even demented, part to videos and pictures like that is that they are variations on a theme going back to the 60’s.

        White guilt and empty moral posturing around race have been around for more than two generations.

        The last time our elites went soft on crime and implemented the welfare state, the late 60’s, crime exploded in urban areas around the country and initiated white flight on a massive scale.

        There has never been a true reckoning with the mass internal migration of whites out of cities and older, working class suburbs that took place in the late 60’s/early 70’s.

        Our elites are currently engaged in the same madness, except this time the hysteria is amplified by social media and a 24/7 news cycle, as well as the fact that many of our institutions are hollowed out and filled with incompetents after 2 generations of Affirmative Action.

        No where to go but down for most of this society.

    • The Woke believe they are making heaven on earth. What is more righteous, more honorable than that?

      And really who can be against that goal? We are assured by the woke that only evil people would be against using state and corporate power to perfect humanity. And that is convenient for them because opposing the betterment of humanity by the woke must be stopped at all costs.

      Personally, watching all of what is coming to pass, it has strengthened my Christian faith. Humans are too in love with themselves, too confident in their competence and ability to change human nature.

      • “Personally, watching all of what is coming to pass, it has strengthened my Christian faith. ”

        Yes. I find this in myself too, and my wife also. It’s also worth pointing out that throughout history, life has pretty much, for most people most of the time, been a struggle. And that was on a good day. The saddest thing, particularly for the US, is that it probably was the grandest nation to exist, yet it has fallen far and fast. That’s the thing… we had it. We’ve known it. Now we don’t got and we have to get used to it.

        “Humans are too in love with themselves, too confident in their competence and ability to change human nature.”

        This is actually now, for me, one of the most distressing things to witness. The absurdity of thinking life really will get any better than it was – I doubt it will. The daftness of tinkering with large system not easily understood. And above all, the compleat wont to avoid all lessons that reality teaches.

        I have a young family and my faith. When I was younger I thought about all the great things that may await me and any children I had. No, I spend my nights drawing up plans for homeschooling my kids, reminding my wife about the usefulness of a claw hammer in the event of a home invasion, coming to the realization that there is a strong possibility I will come into conflict with state actors over a matter of principle. It is terrifying; but it is faith solidifying and resolve strengthening.

        Yet, life still contains so much beauty all around. There are still so many places one can feel at ease, with the like minded. Trouble is, they know something is wrong but do not want to act on it – so I preach to the ones I care about. That’s the least I could do. But there is always more… always.

        • Judging by the crowds in the park where I trail jog, YTs are rediscovering the great outdoors.

          Plenty of superspreader gatherings with a few dozen people, no masks or social distancing.

          • Yeah, things have opened up again here in the UK. Pubs can only do outdoors service, and you may have to ‘book’ (I cannot fathom ‘booking’ to have a pint at my local pub) a table – but people were out in their multitudes. And yes, no distancing, no masks.

            In a way, travelling around The Isles during lockdown was something I shall miss. Empty motorways. Empty footpaths. The airports quiet.

          • We hit a restaurant Saturday that was jam packed inside and out. Pretty much the only mask wearers were the employees because they had to. Didn’t seem like too many were worried about the kung fru.

        • You know? I hadn’t thought about the utility of a claw hammer as a tool of self defense. The blunt side could.some serious damage to both hard and soft tissue alike and the claw side would make amwicked close-in melee weapon. I, for one, would not want to be on the receiving end of a well swung attack with the sharp (sharpened?) end of a claw hammer! I.would, want to have whomever was going to employ the thing to get in some time practicing with it to ensure maximum effectiveness. Swords into plowshares, indeed.

          • Bill;
            Big screwdriver might work well too. Carrying a 4 cell Maglight in your car might not be a bad idea either.

          • Another great close in melee weapon is one appropriated from the American Indians, the tomahawk. Like the claw hammer, it offers crushing force with one side of the head, cleaving force with the other, but it was specifically designed as a hand wielded weapon instead of as a carpentry tool. With a longer haft, a wider arc can be swung, affording more distance from an opponent, and the ability to say smash a kneecap without closing distance or bending down and exposing your head to a blow or cut. Both elegant and brutal.

          • The UK is rather more limited on the choice of legally available weapons around the home, as compared to here in The Colonies 😀

        • OrangeFrog –
          You hit on the thing that I struggle with the most. These people have no perspective on how awful, brutal, and unjust life has been for almost all of humanity until just recently. They damn our current situation because in their eyes, it is a spectacular failure compared to the utopia they have built in their mind. They have zero knowledge, appreciation or even curiosity about what real life was and is like for 99.9% of all people at any time in history.

          OrangeFrog, I am grieving. There is no other word for it. I keep thinking I am done grieving my beautiful country and western civilization but I find the scale of the disaster that is washing over us is so immense that the sorrow builds up in me again.

          Do I combat it? Yes. Do I try to encourage others to come to our side of the divide? Every day.

          Still, I feel like I am watching a bunch of monkeys or 3 year old children who have climbed aboard a nuclear submarine and they are having a field day, running wild, pushing buttons, pulling levers, shrieking with delight, all while blissfully unaware that doors and latches that should always remain closed are now gaping open, things that should remain off are now on, and the alarm bells we are all hearing actually mean something.

          These people are 100% confident they can manage the forces they are unleashing.

          I didn’t ask to be kidnapped by these people and yes I feel very much a hostage to all that is coming undone.

          Again, I thank everyone here for their comments. They help a lot of us, I think.

    • They believe, truly believe, in that Coke commercial from the late 60s. The one about teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony. I know because I have asked them this question and received variations on this basic childish, starry-eyed response. Modern life makes relatively stupid people seem more competent than they actually are.

      When reality comes a knockin these people will lose what’s left of their minds. I see a Naturopath who lives in the belly of the leftard beast in Portland and he told me the tale of a “very liberal” acquaintance of his who was accused of being a White Supremacist at the school she worked at. She and her husband were so confused (and probably shamed even though they had no idea what she’d done wrong) they moved to Ecuador! Having helped to make an entire country incoherent they are giving a new hemisphere a try. That’s not nuts at all.

      • > he told me the tale of a “very liberal” acquaintance of his who was accused of being a White Supremacist at the school she worked at. She and her husband were so confused (and probably shamed even though they had no idea what she’d done wrong) they moved to Ecuador!

        Sounds like we have a winning strategy going forward.

      • I’m sure the people of Ecuador are overjoyed at the arrival of such wonderful GoodWhites.

        • If the GWs bring capital, skills and a work ethic with them, they will be received with open arms by many.

      • ‘ a “very liberal” acquaintance of his who was accused of being a White Supremacist’

        Classic. Never learn. Always thinking if they just ‘Anti-Racist’ that bit harder, then they’ll be delivered. And where better place to AR harder than a foreign land.

      • They believeHey! I resemble that remark! Unfortunately, 50+years and many, many red pills later, I truly know better. The world can never be taught to sing in anything even resembling harmony, much less “perfect” harmony. But then, in many ways, the 60s were a time of cockeyed optimism if ever there was such a time. Then ensuing half century has stripped away any rose tint which was on my glasses. {sigh} Tis a pity.

    • I think it’s all just a way to keep us off balance

      Sure, some mid wits buy into the religion. Blacks of course.

      But ultimately it’s to keep us guessing and off balance. It is tactical. Not literal.

    • They probably don’t think about it much, but my guess is shoveling coal in a white hot furnace.

  33. The new religion of the ruling class isn’t a “religion” though. I don’t know much about Goths but I’m assuming it involved some kind of religion and coherent worldview. Christianity provides a book, a saviour, and a coherent worldview. So too does Islam, Buddhism, Greek religions, etc.

    It’s some kind of bizarre polytheism with constantly changing gods – George Floyd, Nipsey Hussle, Dr. Fauci, Barack Obama, etc. Its only worldview is one of constant chaos and destruction of white people, white social norms and Christian morality.

    Are the elites (real elites) actually true believers? I feel that this is being pushed from above by people who want a blank slate world over which they can rule. White, Christian society is what stands in their way. The true believers are lower down on the food chain, 110IQ managerial class white midwits who think they are too smart for the Bible and desperately search for “authenticity” – which explains their love for the foreign.

    • The motivating spring is some combination of:

      Self Loathing
      Social Conformity

      All of those factors effect the “elites” at least as much as non elites.

    • It is *very tempting* to ascribe some grand conspiracy of powerful sociopaths at the top running things. But the wealthy and powerful sometimes are the most fooled by crazy.

      • Yeah that’s very possible too. There is clearly movement going on at the upper echelons, ie. Soros, Gates, IMF, vaxxine pass, etc. Hard to say if they actually believe the BS or not.

        • Some of them believe the BS. Some others don’t

          Theranos was an example. Kissinger putting his money in this company reveals the belief that there is an untapped potential of female genius oppressed by the patriarchy and ready to replace the White men, improving the outcome.

          • It was the magic Black turtleneck. Holmes discovered “Holy shit! I just dress like female Steve Jobs and say vague inspirational smart-sou ding stuff and these guys will do literally anything for me!”

          • Have you ever seen the video of her onstage with Slick Willy? He was letching for her in the most obvious, cringe-inducing manner. She managed to purloin millions of dollars merely by being young and blonde.

          • imno;
            I think you are mistaken re Kissinger & Theranos. He was *selling his name* by accepting a (likely paid) board seat. And he was far from alone among our ‘best and brightest’ in lending (i.e. selling) their names. Prolly got ‘ground floor’ options.

            That nobody on the board had ever seriously worked in biotech was a great big clue.

          • I think George Shultz was also an old man taken in by the turtlenecked one. iirc, it was Shultz’s grandson who was a key whistleblower on the whole thing. Granddad didn’t believe him, such is the power of the kitteh

      • I disagree in good cheer and acknowledge that the world is complex. However, at the risk of being a crank, I suggest that you consider ethnocentrism and ancient ethnic hatreds as organizing principles for our enemies.

        These motivations are at least as much unconscious as conscious and often don’t require explicit coordination.

    • “It’s some kind of bizarre polytheism with constantly changing gods – George Floyd, Nipsey Hussle, Dr. Fauci, Barack Obama, etc. Its only worldview is one of constant chaos and destruction of white people, white social norms and Christian morality.”

      In my opinion today’s burgeoning religion shares a similar mono-polytheism as Catholicism. You have the triumvirate Goddess Lady Justice and her threefold nature Equality, Diversity, Inclusion (in its former masculine form: liberty, equality, and fraternity).

      What you deem to be “gods” can actually be considered saints or demigods.

    • “The new religion of the ruling class isn’t a “religion” though.”

      True, it’s more of a cult atm.

      But any cult can become a religion, you just have to invent some rituals and build a temple and now you have a religion.

      • Anybody can create a religion. The problem is that religion lasting millennia. Wokism won’t make it

      • I agree that cult would be a better term. I also agree that a cult can become a religion. But:

        “But any cult can become a religion, you just have to invent some rituals and build a temple and now you have a religion.”

        I think rather than just these things, and more importantly, one must let a large period of time elapse, preferably from a time when records where scarce – it adds to the mystery. It is for this reason that Scientology will probably always be considered a cult; it’s origins will never be mysterious. It’s books not yielding their original authors without great hardship of study.

        To be honest, you probably really know you’ve made it as a religion of great consequence when people start creating false parchments and claiming they are thousands of years old.

        But yes, the term ‘cult’ is a good one that I believe should displace that of ‘religion’.

    • Someone went to effort and expense to build and maintain the Georgia Guidestones and enscribe their plans for humanity on tons of granite. Given what has occurred over the decades since they were erected, I see no reason to doubt their sincerity.

  34. The Visigothic arrival from the North and their bloody conflicts with the Orthodox Byzantine Empire alienated the native peninsular native population to such an extent that when in the first half of the 8th century AD an Arab-Berber detachment crossed into Iberia from North Africa, they found little or no resistance from the inhabitants. It was not because the Hispanic Christians of the Celtic stock were weak or submissive. They were/are tough people. However, they also had long memories. They had some old scores to settle. And, hence, they let the Visigothic elite be humiliated by the invading armies of the south.

    • No ruling class survives without the loyalty of at least a capable portion of the ruled class. Multiculturalism among the ruled is bad for any civilization, but among the rulers it is a civilizational death sentence.

  35. ” The universal faith that emerged in the early middle ages provided a social structure in which the West could begin to advance materially and intellectually. ”

    Nobody can prove that. First, the faith wasn’t universal, there were major differences and power struggles in the universal church itself, the split with the Eastern Orthodox and the dual papacy among them. A social structure already existed in Europe during the Roman dominance and it wasn’t extinguished by the universal church. In fact much of it remains to this day. Medieval thinkers were more sophisticated than any current western frauds. Finally, material advances were, for good or ill, products of scientific advances tied to the Protestant Reformation and its focus on productivity and wealth accumulation. If anything, the universal church was a brake on this.

    • Hilare Belloc addresses much of this in detail in The Servile State which makes the strong case for the Church as a moderating factor in preventing the return of pagan slavery (which is where wealth accumulation leads).

      • Causation/correlation? When the Church took over the justification for hereditary monarchies in Europe did slavery cease to exist? Was Christian slavery somehow superior to pagan slavery or Roman slavery? If wealth accumulation leads to slavery we better get ready to don our shackles because there’s more wealth accumulation in suburban San Francisco than there was in the whole of the Roman empire.

        • Serfdom was superior to slavery as slaves did not reproduce mostly and tended to die out. Serfs were cheaper, produced more revenue, and could be impressed to form peasant army support to mounted warriors. It was markedly cheaper and markedly more wealth producing.

          • In the South (hat over heart), the indentured could be abused, worked to death, and replaced much more easily than slaves.
            The Genteel society had a complex social and legal structure that protected slaves more than most realize.

          • Reply to Moss below: The Lowry War in North Carolina circa the Civil War illustrates your point well.

    • How about the fact that the areas of the former Roman Empire that became Christian developed scientifically and materially while the areas that adopted Islam regressed and didn’t develop until they were colonized in the 19th century by Christian Europe?

      In 300ad “the East” meaning Syria, Anatolia and Egypt were the wealthiest, most densely populated and intellectually vigorous part of the Roman World. Follow shortly behind by Italy and Roman North Africa.

      That situation intensified over the next three centuries as the west and balkans were overwhelmed by the migration and conquest of non Christian “barbarians” who were brought into Christendom slowly.

      And then began to change with the Arabs defeating Byzantium at Yarmuk in 636.

      Three hundred years on from that the East was poor and depopulated and intellectually stunted. Roman North Africa was a wasteland and remained so for more than a millennia. And the Christianizing west was rebuilding.

      Further, the development of Eastern Europe lagged that as the west as did its adoption of Christianity. Which only began in the tenth century and became universal a couple centuries after that.

      Finally, Anatolia, long the wealthiest part of the Mediterranean basin sunk into poverty with conquest by the Islamic Turks in the eleventh century – long after Christian Europe was redeveloping.

  36. “They thought what they were doing was in the best interest of their people. Today the rulers are guided by what they imagine is in the worst interest of their people.”

    How did we get here!? That is THE question!

    ” If our rulers are wrong, the ape historians of the future will puzzle over why we went along with it.”

    This is something I always bring up in conversation. Imagine the dust has settled on our empire, and people 200 years hence read about the dissolution in history books. You read about “Self-loathing to the point of civilizational suicide” and “Tranny story hour” ; you see pictures of St. George Floyd and other such “martyrs”, etc. etc.
    And all this just 50 years since we stepped on the moon!

    You would have a hard time believing it. A rational person almost shouldn’t believe it. Maybe this is just some fabled morality tale, mere propaganda, a warning for our times, you might think. Because surely things couldn’t have AKSHUALLY occurred like this…

    • “How did we get here!? That is THE question”

      It is easy. The bourgeois wanted to replace the aristocrats as a ruling class. So they invented EQUALITY as a propaganda concept. Of course, they didn’t belief this: some of them had slaves and they ruled that only people with wealth could vote.

      However, since the burgeois won, EQUALITY was incorporated into the Enlightenment religion that replaced Christianity, first in the law, then in the people.

      Being equality the supreme good, there is not difference between natives and foreigners. And, since all men are equal, if some men have more (say, Americans) is because they oppress others. So trying to take from the Americans to give to the foreigners is only justice, restoring what is theirs to foreigners or blacks

  37. Obviously those here do not go along with the Cult of Anti-Racism, but the heretics also are found in much larger swathes of the population. Do a majority reject the New Faith? Quite possibly. The question is whether it matters in the short term. Egypt and the Levant remained Christian a long time after the Islamic conquests, but eventually conversion became too attractive due to the financial and societal benefits. The Christian population of Egypt today is roughly 10 percent and in the Levant in the single digits with higher numbers in Lebanon and Syria.

    But will the incentives to convert to Anti-Racism remain, as happened with Islam? As you pointed out, the clergy threatens nuclear war with Russia over gay marriage. Cities and livelihoods burn to honor patron saints such as George Floyd. Inflation and economic collapse have arrived.

    Recent converts are not adverse to change because their faith oftenis a matter of convenience. As our new faith starts to deliver more and more misery, it may follow past arcs and find its high priests and their temples put to the torch. As a matter of fact, this appears likely, and the new new faith may be one I can get behind

    • The main problem with this new religion is it lacks a limiting principle. Christianity had a hard limit on piety, because it imposed a binary state of grace. You were either in the cub or not in the club. The competition to be the most pious had quickly diminishing returns. Even Islam had natural limits to piety. This new religion is really just a malformed ideology filling the void where religion once existed. There is no limit to piety, so it will continue to rocket off into more extreme expressions. At some point it runs out of road. The question is whether we will live through it.

      • The new religion is scientism enabled by its correlative numerology. It has invaded every aspect of life and is visible everywhere. Many aspects of the universe can’t be defined with numbers yet scientism acolytes insist that science is all about numbers, when it’s actually about prediction. If the numbers don’t enable prediction it’s not science, it’s just fooling around with numbers.

        The social “sciences” have had an inferiority complex for many decades over the fact that their studies are unable to use numerology to the same extent as chemistry and physics in predictive analysis. Some things are just too complex for numbers, even when shoveled into a computer. That will probably always be the case. The religion of scientism has a shaky foundation.

      • The drive of the Woke to destroy everything comes largely from their own self loathing and feelings of inadequacy. Instead of trying to bring themselves up, they want to tear everything down in a blind fit of rage. The wokesters (including their vibrant pets – particularly their kids, the hyphen Americans) are generally miserable and nothing upsets them more than seeing happy, healthy, normal white folks, especially those with families.

        They don’t care that they die or that they are being demographically replaced. They just want to stick around long enough to make sure it happens to us, too.

        • I think there is much truth to this. I once thought the limiting principle for the Ruling Class was its wealth but noonger am certain. That’s actually a bad thing because it means no brakes. They are going down, too, and as you pointed out are determined to take us with them

          • Very determined, Jack. I concur with your summary. The whole idea of Spiritual Warfare rings true.
            Christians believe that humans are spiritual beings, designed to worship God. In His absence, they’ll fill the void with the darkest of idols, themselves being at the top.

      • I ran across this ditty which I found interesting and in a way profound. Unfortunately, I can’t get the link to work without going to bitchute and directly to the song. Try it, it’s worth the chase.


      • Exactly. There’s Woke Bible to let people know the rules, so we have a never-end competition to prove who is the most woke.

        It’s why why every woke victory leads to a new campaign. You can’t be more moral that others if they agree with your stance. For example, as soon as gay marriage was generally accepted, progressives started talking about transgender. It was a way to prove they were MORE pious than the masses.

        Same with race and diversity and inclusion. They’ll never stop pushing because they have to stay in front of the unholy masses.

        • Progs are like sharks.

          They die if they stop swimming Left.

          Cons are just the remoras along for the ride.

        • Agreed. I often see and (perhaps too often) share here some of the Woke one-upman-ship in virtue signalling, which has become so popular that it really should be considered for a future Olympics.

          I speak of the practice of “canceling” people who received an award long ago, or of some other obscure event from the past. Clearly, after the statue toppling of recent years, and the disgracing of academics and other figures for relatively trivial sins against the Church of Woke, they are running out of easy prey. They have been reduced to (perhaps literally) searching dusty attics, musty basements, pillaging the dustbin of history for increasingly arcane villains: something that once was perfectly acceptable but not violates The Received Wisdom. Recently I’ve shared about Dawkins losing some inconsequential award from the 1990s, of the sports announcer (writer? I forget), long dead, who was similarly demoted. We have long-retired professors who lose their “emeritus” designation. For sheer desperation for the Wokesters, my current “best-effort” award goes to the successful effort to rename a bird that had been named after a Confederate General.

          Compared to a lot of their antics, at least the above is relatively harmless, so far as I can tell, and provides endless amusement to me.

      • Would add that along with lack of a limiting principle, it is an “all in one” theology. Politics, economy and religion co-existed, often uneasily with each other, but provided checks against the “worst angels” of each. Roll them into one and bingo, no limiting principle.

      • I have often questioned how much of this insanity the Ruling Class actually believes. More and more I think “all of it ” They truly have no limiting principle. The heretics and soft believers do have the limiting principles of hunger, want, and security.

        While the hip Wokesters in their terrorized enclaves, and the Ruling Class in their secure castlrs, have an infinite amount of patience to achieve niverna, the masses do not. That is where the rubber will meet the road. Will we survive it? I don’t know.

      • The real problem with the new religion is that it denies the possibility of god and an afterlife.

        Ultimately, religion is true to believers because God says so, and will reward or punish them accordingly.

        But, since there’s no god, who says the tenets of Woke are true or sacrosanct. Anyone can make assertions – even us – which have the same validity as what they believe today. It’s all just the ver shifting whims of a mob.

      • That’s a feature not a bug. I’ve long thought that this religion of anti-Whiteism is just another in a long line of rejection of modern industrial scale, complexity, and alienation and a desire like the Shakers and Free Love Oneida and Mormons to create an alternate, lower scale society.

        From the hippies to environmentalism to feminism to new age mysticism to the fad for Indian peyote and shamans to Kaballah to the anti nuke movement to green global warming to St. George Floyd, its all one giant screaming by elites they want to destroy the Western world and live like the third world: where most are poor (and they are relatively much higher status), groveling servants are the norm, we have lots of violence, and life is much more simple, static, and less “big.”

        Elites hate the modern world: it creates churn among them reducing dynastic ability, allows ordinary people to be uppity, and enjoy life, and requires sophisticated, grey area judgment about trade offs rather than binary thinking. See: Greta Thunberg, any Kennedy, the Clintons. One does not travel the world screaming about Joe Average eating hamburgers or firing up his lawmower without large amounts of inherited wealth.

        This is why we have populism. The aim of elites is to make miserable then exterminate their populations. Full stop. Wokism brings no real benefits to the populace, unlike Christianity which ended human and animal sacrifice, brought stability, order, lessened violence, a way for talented peasants to advance (the Priesthood), and dignity even for the lowest peasant in some form.

        Wokism is an express train to Interamhamwe or Uighur style camps, or perhaps both. So will by definition be rejected increasingly hard by everyone neither black nor Woke.

      • Z Man;
        In addition to lacking any limiting principle, wokism lacks any coherent doctrine. This is why I’m somewhat reluctant to call it a religion, though it sure has a lot of religious aspects.

        Even paganism of the many varieties it come in, always had some hierarchy and loose set of usually non-contradictory doctrines. After all, in order to propitiate the gods one had to know who they were, what were their jurisdictions and what they specifically wanted from their worshipers (other than money for their priests). Wokism_?

        “This is just simple extortion by the usual suspects.”, is good anti-woke rhetoric, I’ve found.

  38. When Nietzsche declared that “God is dead” it wasn’t the joyous cry of an edgy 13 year old. He was merely pointing out that Christianity had run its course and something new would be developed. He had been thinking about it for a long time. The first thing Nietzsche studied as a professor was pre-socratic philosophers.

    Two centuries later, we’re seeing that Nietzsche was on to something. Every advancement we’ve made out of the muck is being sabotaged and Christian civilization is being up rooted. Its an obsession of the ruling class. The clock is being forcibly reset.

    • Western christianity is going to shit, vatican is a mess, the other christian denominations are just nonsensical, meaning they have a short expiry date compared to the original christian church that was formed in the byzantine empire.

      It only makes sense for christianity to go away, this was the religion of the old european royal families, after ww1 got rid of the royals there’s no one left to protect the chuch. Current rulers have made a mockery out of christianity, you can’t even look at it without vomiting, these modern churches have been turned into migrant centers that spew some bibical crap from time to time.

      • I’m sorry you feel that way. I agree that there are alot of shitty churches.

        But there are still millions of people attending Bible-believing churches. Some of it is BS, yes, but its the social fabric for millions of white families who are the only white group with an above replacement fertility. Drug rate, divorce rate, etc. is sky high among whites in general but low among religious whites.

        You can find one you just have to look a bit harder. No church is perfect; but I’ve realized that it’s the best we can have in terms of benefits for our people.. for now…

        • the thing about badly practiced religions is that if the church is trash the kids will become atheists.

          • A teacher at my parish school was fired for correctly stating the Church’s teaching in transgenderism.

            Our Catholic Colleges are just as bad as our Secular Colleges.

            Catholicism in the United States is going to collapse at a level even more terrifying than the previous generation. There’s a good chance the Latin Mass will become the most prevalent simply because every other Ordinary Form parish shuts its doors and only the most unapologetically Catholic will survive.

    • When Nietzsche declared that “God is dead” it was a cry of despair: The West, since Greece had been focused on those aspects of humanity that separated man from animals.The pursuit of those virtues that brought one closer to God. This was the crede of the ruling elite: It is what led the elites to have an honor based system. The death of God led, as Nietzsche foresaw, inevitably led to the collapse of that civilization. The central tenet: that all humanity contains a spark of the divine, is now as Z says, Anathema.

      • But what if Nietzsche was correct about God?

        This is a difficult question: Is it better to affirm a falsehood if it results in a more robust society?

        My empiricist instincts want to observe the truth but I admit that it is possible that observing the truth may lead to a less viable outcome. Such is our evolutionary biology.

        A jihadist, who believes in what we all would agree is false, has incredible dedication and perseverance, which a faithless person may not have.

        • Many people don’t know that while Nietzche did not like Christianity he liked Atheism even less. His Will to Power theory was a throwback to ancient civilization on what ought to fill that vacuum.

    • Yes. And, I’m pretty sure I’ve got this part right, at least in the generalities:

      “God is dead” was his money quote, but his broader thesis was that modern (19th century) Europe was already post-Christian, in terms of literal belief by the intelligentsia. Darwin was already well-known.

      What remained, he claimed, was Christian MORALITY. This, he said, would eventually decay too, into (I think) nihilism — the rejection of all values.

      Against such an outcome, the “something new” that Nietzsche hoped for was his Zarathustra, the superior man. As far as I can tell (and I just finished binge reading him), he never developed a coherent plan for this.

      I think that he’d disagree with Tykebomb on some details: he might claim that it was, in fact Christianity, a “slave religion,” that was impairing the independent mind, the creator, the rogue, his super-man.

      In my layman’s opinion, he got lots of things wrong, but many of his observations about human nature and perhaps, history (I don’t know enough of it to judge), were quite correct.

      If God and Christianity were truly passe, then why did the 20th century not provide the great leap forward (in Man’s morals, ethics, etc.) that Nietzsche apparently envisioned?

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