The New And Improved GOP

If you have an idea for a new solution to an old problem, you have two ways to promote your new solution. One is you can try to convince people it is a novel solution that is not just a better version of old solutions. It is a compete departure from the old way of addressing the problem. The other option is to disguise the originality of your solution and pitch your new idea as an advance on the old idea. Your new solution is a new and improved way of solving this old problem.

For example, you have come up with a new home cleaning product. Instead of the normal kitchen cleaner that relies about chemicals, your new product relies on microorganisms that eat the typical kitchen grime. You could try to convince people that using an alien life form to keep the stove clean is better than the old way of getting rid of grease and grime. Alternatively, you could skip past the details and focus on the amazing ability of your new product to clean the stovetop.

One approach is about changing minds. In this case, you need to convince people that novel life forms are better than chemicals. The other approach is about positioning your product at largest point of agreement. In this case, most people hate cleaning their kitchen, so you focus on that as your rallying point. The choice comes down to how open minded people will be about the novel idea. If you think people are open to a new approach, then your novel idea is the better option.

It also depends upon your willingness to take risks. You could try and fail to change people’s minds about using invincible critters to clean the kitchen. They could be perfectly safe and better for the environment than the use of caustic chemicals, but people freak out over invisible critters. Your effort to change how people think about the use of microorganisms could fall on deaf ears. Even worse, they could think you are a crazy person promoting dangerous ideas.

This is always the dilemma of politics. The reason the parties sound like two metronomes is they think it is safer to focus on the established market. They eschew novelty because that runs the risk of catastrophic failure. Their donors could be offended, or some large segment of their voting base could oppose  it. The downside of the tried and true is a modest election loss. The downside of embracing a novel set of ideas is turning the party into a fringe party of weirdos.

This framing is what the Republicans now face. Most would like to go back to being the bland shadow of the Democrats. That was easy and fun. It required little risk, as all they had to do is wear little American flag lapel pins and be mean to Democrats. Until the 2016 debacle, being a Republican was simple. You waited for the Democrats to step on a rake, and then you talked about it on Fox News. Come the election you told your voters that they had to vote for you or the Democrats would win.

The one thing the Republicans seem to have figured out is the old approach is not going to work, even if the evil orange menace has been purged from their city. Maybe it is the threat of Trump running in 2024 or their own internal polling, but they seem to have figured out that the old product is not going to sell. They need a new product to take to their voters if they hope to win future elections. This is the gist of this memo circulated by the House GOP leadership last month.

In addition to it being leaked to the public, friendly media was told to promote it to the typical Republican readers. Here is James Pinkerton promoting the working class stuff in the context of British politics. That one off-year election is supposed to be a proof of concept for the new working-class conservative. Here is Fox News “reporting” on the origins of the memo and the person behind it. The “minuscule minority” bit seems to be coded language for the neoconservatives.

Given the timing and the ouster of Liz Cheney, the market testing of the new idea to win elections must have gone well. This summer the Republicans will have their regular meetings and strategy sessions to figure out how to take their new message to the market for the 2022 misterms. At least for now, they think sounding like a kinder gentler Donald Trump is the ticket to success. Look for them to stump in shirt sleeves or maybe blue jeans and flannel shirts this fall.

It is tempting to think they are going for the novel approach as outlined at the beginning, over the tried and true approach. In reality, they are not veering far from their standard approach to politics, which is a pure economic play. That has always been the GOP approach to politics, when you strip away the gingerbread. “Vote for us and you have more money and more cheap stuff.” They are now tailoring that message for the humans their analysists have identified as working class.

The trouble with this approach is the Trump phenomenon was not powered by economic anxiety. Immigration, for example, was never about money but about culture and demographics. Lots of people hate the changes they see in their communities and they were attracted to the TV carny-barker because he mentioned it. The same is true about trade policy. What people see is Walmart and Amazon obliterating small business and they associate it with global trade policy.

The other problem is there is an “own the libs” vibe to it. The people running the Republican Party are just as divorced from the dreaded private sector as the robots running the Democratic Party. Is anyone going to mistake Ben Sasse for a working class guy? Kevin McCarthy? Lyndsey Graham? There is a good chance they look like John Kerry dressed up as a hunter in the 1996 election. These Republicans talking like Huey Long will underscore their otherness to the voters.

On the other hand, homo economicus has always been a homunculus for white middle-class voters to crap into in order to avoid the culture war. In this regard, the Republican message, like the libertarianism on which is rests, has always been a form of political escapism for white people. Reducing everything to money means avoiding the debate about culture items, like race and sex. Reframing Trumpism to be nothing more than an economic play fit the conditioning of the typical white voter.

On the other other hand, the thing that sociopathic grifters always know is there is one last squeeze of even the oldest lemon. This could wring out one more good election for a party that no longer has a reason to exist. Baby Boomers, hoping to buy enough time will flock to the message. The struggling economy and the reality of the Biden administration will suck the life from the Left. The GOP will get one last shot to sucker white people into thinking this time will be different.

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162 thoughts on “The New And Improved GOP

  1. VOTE!! Prediction; all the Election races necessary to the system and the Dems will be won in the 72%~ range, indeed with massive overkill, just like 2020. This will genuinely shock Normie and especially Norma.

    It will then repeat complete with genuine shock again in 2024.

    So no, the vote doesn’t count and never will again. Indeed your vote is already counted and probably already printed, certainly the software already has counted it totals.

    Nothing new here, this is normal one party rule.

  2. Politics is Power.
    If this is True, then where is the Power?
    Is it in the elected?
    I say NO, especially now.

    So the GOP and talk of elections is all very entertaining and despairing at the same time in the gallows humor way, but as of Jan 20, 2021 Elections are no longer Power, and hence elections are no longer Political.

    In fairness Z has long recognized this is a show to distract the masses.

    But this all begs the questions of who has the power, do we want them to continue to having the power, and what do we do?

  3. My guess is pist-Trump, small donations dried up and the rubes have closed their pocketbooks. Despicable grifters like McCarthy and McConnell are indeed trying to squeeze the lemon one more time. My suspicion is although a sneeze could flip the House in a free and fair election, it would not be by a huge margin due to Whites exiting the system.
    Look at the tepid support for our Greatest Ally and Fox now, subtract some more, and there you have the state of the GOP.

  4. It was the 2004 election, not 1996, when John Kerry ran and revealed himself to be a complete dork.

  5. Nother awesome fargin’ article, Z. Anybody got their finger on the pulse of politics like Z? You da man, man!

  6. If the Republicans cared about the Working Class (they don’t) they’d slash immigration and non-immigrant work visas to create a labor market that works for
    the benefit of its own citizens. They’d do something about the appalling prices we pay for prescription drugs and healthcare. They’d be bringing critical manufacturing back here so we’re not beholden to China, etc. They hate us. They’re just not as open about it as the Democrats.

    • I don’t think they hate us, it’s just that they have such low regard for us. They have no respect for us, patriotism, nationalism, or national boundaries. The world is their oyster. The see us as little people. Beneath them. Fungible economic units, to be exploited for their own enrichment. Pay your taxes, shop at Amazon, watch your Netflix and sports, know your place, keep voting, put your mask on, keep your mouth shut!

  7. the nexus of power is in the bureacracy and pressure groups, and their world economic forum paymasters. It looks like things are motion that neither party will be able to get control of .

    • the supply chain issues seem to self perpetuating . sooner or later it will get out of hand a

      • I am starting to believe that the supply chain issues will ultimately serve to collapse this globalist Tower of Babel on itself.

  8. I’ve long argued that the Trump phenomenon was a lagging indicator of the wider-GOP base’s final realization of the GOP scam. I started hearing wide-spread skepticism in the GOP leadership in the run-up to the 2014 midterms. I’d hear GOP voters comments like “I got some email from (GOP Congressman) asking me for $ to ‘fight the Obama agenda’ and it’s all BS … they ain’t going to do a damn thing.” Trump’s either genius or dumb luck in 2016 was to figure out that the GOP rank and file were increasingly convinced that their politicians are willing losers. That’s why his initial 2015 comments about McCain being a loser, far from alienating his voters, made him more popular.

    • Trump was the first salvo in a changing of the guard. Larger political realignment as GOP becomes the ‘white’ party. Somebody (Sailer?) wrote about it.

    • McCain wasn’t a “loser”, he was an agent for the Corporatists and was a CFR member for 20 years. Somehow, Trump didn’t bother to point that out. The “McCain Institute” board included CFR members Lynn F. de Rothschild, David Petraeus, and Joe Lieberman.

    • Having worked in TV and watched the networks and cable die, I agree Trump is a lagging indicator. He was the last guy TV made famous.

      But I went to a Trump rally in Lynden WA, before he was nominated and it was one of the most stunning events I’ve ever witnessed. The energy was off the charts. Of course, the Libs chained themselves across bridges, etc, to stop Trump, which had the exact opposite of their intended effect. When Trump triumphed in spite of the always infuriating liberals, it was all he had to do. No one in the loudly cheering crowd ever sat down again because Trump showed up for us.

      I know you have all probably thought of this quote, but it does seem too apt not to cite. ” There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which, when taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;” Trump rode that tide, like a Zuma surfer dude. I do believe Great Caesar’s ghost portends the death of both political parties.

  9. Off Topic: real life reparations data point.

    Friend on the west coast who runs a team at an engineering company just had one of his reports leave to go to a professional grad school program at an Ivey. Its a non-STEM program (which means student typically pays) but in this case, since she is black, the grad school is covering 90% of cost. Over the course of the program, the kid will save 250k compared to the other students who pay full price. She is ordinary performer with mediocre undergrad and professional track record. No one thought that she was an Ivey admit prior to her acceptance.

    What does this mean?
    1. One of the fall outs of the summer of George Floyd is that admits across the board to all kinds of competitive university programs will skew heavily black. Any field that doesn’t have demographics with significant POC representation will be a particular target. Is this permanent moving forward?
    2. If you are in HR and default hiring because of the brand name of the school, there will be people graduating now that don’t have skills and abilities that older graduates once had. Trust in academic brand might diminish. Lost trust might emphasize growing importance of applicant screening and testing (think programmers coding interview). AFAIK, this isn’t done for most positions in hiring process today.
    3. If you are the white kid in one of these programs and you are paying full price, you are the sucker that is paying reparations. Your money is paying for a kid who shouldn’t be there to compete with you for the rest of your career. Typically, kids, parents, grandparents instinctively cough up the money when they get into prestige academic programs. Moving forward, middle class white people of modest means will need to carefully consider the pros and cons of being the stooge in this system.

    • This is easier said than done of course: If you are a White student, or the parents of a White student, contemplating paying big money (borrow or not) for such a university program, whether undergrad or advanced, STEM or not, based upon what’s just been said, you should think it over very carefully. No matter how good Junior’s actual skills and performance, the once-prestigious value of that diploma is already greatly diminished and liable to become even more dubious in the future. Can Junior possibly find a better use for his time and your money, an alternative career path? The trades? Other professions where what you really know or learn, not a piece of paper, gives your value? Now of course, if Junior’s (or parents’) goal is that, for career, he actually enter the Labyrinth (e.g. big corporate or government) where he needs the sheepskin, then your options are limited. But consider that even if he was top of his class, the fact the she’s White and even worse, if a “he”, he’s a male, will greatly reduce his career advancement.

    • Regarding your point #2, do you really think that the grifting bitches in HR are not going to embrace their kindred spirit grifters – unqualified and likely not intelligent enough to actually become qualified – when to do so would surely increase their entrenchment within their organizations?

      Come on, man. It’s tribal all the way down, and I do mean DOWN.

  10. Beautiful. I would only add one word “The GOP will get one last shot to sucker PUNCH white people into thinking this time will be different.”

  11. It’s still a long way from May 2021 to November 2022. We’ll see a lot of things. We’re entering one of those maelstroms that we haven’t seen since the 60’s and 70’s. With big events rocking the country once a month. The economic deterioration will be palpable in Nov 2022. Trump will be charged with criminal tax evasion by then. I see the far left gaining more traction as they get exasperated with the corpse. Keep in mind, with all this infrastructure spending what you’re not seeing from Congress, the holy grail Medicare for All, that the Democrats have been dangling in front of shit lib noses since 1988. Then they’ll cut back on the “stimmies” causing these people to freak. And by Nov 2022 even boomer-con will be dependent on the stimmy, as the GOP bows to their corporate masters and says no to that. The Democrats will say yes, and bribe the population once again into a majority, and possibly an expanded one. The Republicans could easily be looking around in Dec 2022 saying “what happened?”

    • Agreed for a different reason. White votes will decline not just due to demographics. You’ll have a large number just not vote, some because of what you wrote, others out of disgust.

      I give this much to Trump although irmt was inadvertent: he redpilled many Whites who don’t know tge definition of “redpill.”

  12. Reminds me of my buddy

    During our So Cal drought a few years back, everyone had to get “drought tolerant” plants (i.e. succulents and cactus, all the rage, along with “hardscape” which is bricks and pavers in place of grass).

    Plus the city water/power and state were threatening to impose water rationing, another story for another day

    But he was up on this newfangled watering system, little black tubes instead of sprinklers which wasted water and let it pour into the street. The tubes were instead specific to the plant and watered it with a tiny jet.

    Needless to say, weeds still found a way to grow and the tubes would all rise from buried in the soil and become a total eyesore, if they didn’t break first

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  14. Well said Z Man. Some good comments here too. The Democrats have fought back though in a spectacular fashion, if we are going to look upon it all as outsiders, which I do more and more lately. The thing the Republicans always had going for them with the economics stuff, at least as far I have experienced it in adulthood from the 90s to the present, was the fact that it was always super hard to get a job. Everything packed up and went away and people were desperate. This has happened several times in succession in a way that made life really really uncertain for big swaths of America. In and of itself that wouldn’t have motivated me to vote Republican other than I believed the standard story:

    Job losses and a lack of business innovation are caused by an unfavorable tax environment that derives from government spending, deficits, and regulation so if you vote Republican they will fix all that and then everyone will be back on track with money.

    Trump was the final Hurrah! of that ideology. He always pumped the stonk market and pointed to that as a proxy for success in general. People pretty much went along with it and agreed. The standard Republican story seemed to be vindicated except…

    The Democrats showed that communism works basically. They collapsed the economy, threw tens of millions of people into unemployment, mailed everyone checks, let everyone stop paying rent and… the stock market STILL went up. Because unlike the old Republican corporate overlords who loathe workers and labor costs and who would tank the economy to punish Democrats for social spending, the Democrats are now diversity and inclusion commissars at every corporation and they have succeeded in forcing big companies to keep the music playing or else be called out as racists. It’s a weird convergence of Social Spending with Corporate Culture.

    As Ice Cube said late last year: turns out money really does grow on trees.

    The Republicans don’t have an answer for that. If nobody has to do menial jobs and everyone gets a basic income regardless, then who really cares about any of those old Republican ideas about economics. All we want is enough money to live a decent life. The Republicans can’t provide that guarantee. The Democrats can.

    And now we all have to decide: can the Democrats really pull that off? Opinions vary.

    • Quote:

      “The Democrats showed that communism works basically…”

      You gotta be joking.

      • No. I am not joking. In my vibrant megacity, 100% democrat, they seem to think everything is working out fantastically so far as I can tell. Everyone likes the extra unemployment money and stimmy checks. To be honest I love getting my groceries delivered rather than shopping at the store. The Federal government is dumping billions and billions into infrastructure projects for the city and bailing out pensions and so forth. It’s all been a huge boon. Communism works great if you are on the side of the commisars.

        • Communism works great until it doesn’t work. What is happening now, is that such is becoming apparent—even to Wall Street—and stocks are tumbling/stumbling. This was predicted, but was thought to appear in 2022 and stocks continued to rise as it looked like looting could continue for another year. Everything depends upon the dollar as appearing sound.

          • Nah, they pumped Google almost 50 points on lame headlines about their shitty new retail gadget store in the dead and rotting city of New York.

          • The current policies strike me as a Cloward-Piven style exercise in turning the system up to 13 until it implodes so we can Build Back Better.

          • Ostei, you are technically correct. I used Communism as a poor descriptor of a concept of centralized command and control of the economy and the people within. On the other hand it does seem we are headed to a situation similar to today’s China and the CCP.

      • It works as long as the store isn’t empty. As a wise man once said of socialism: “The problem with socialism (communism, whatever) is eventually you run out of other people’s money (or goods to redistribute.)”

        The seed corn makes perfectly good corn bread, as long as there’s still some in the bin.

    • There’s alot of white Boomer and white middle class money to steal. I’m sure they can fund it for a time.

      As I said yesterday, the USA is still the top country in the world for attracting educated talent. Salaries are high and housing is cheap compared to the rest of the Anglosphere.

      Doesn’t take many whites to keep things “running”. South Africa is like 7% white and has been creaking along for 20 years.

      • SA is slowly collapsing. Just because they keep some of the mines going is not an indication of health or that 7% Whites can keep the corpse animated. Look at the infrastructure. Once great cities without water. Rolling blackouts for the nation. The Rand loses value on the market. SA is returning to Africa.

        Those Whites keeping the shitshow running have made a Faustian bargain by agreeing to be the last ones “eaten”.

        • And so you agree on the point B125 makes. Even SA can keep running for decades with a huge parasite class greatly larger than ours, much worse anti-white legal apartheid Jim Snow laws than we have here, and much more extensive socialism. Their level of prosperity is irrelevant and nonresponsive to the point: that antiwhite communist system can trundle on for decades, maybe centuries. “It’ll eventually collapse” is apparently true of every from of government in human history. The question is, will we be able to hold out until that happens naturally? Probably not.

          • I guess that depends upon what you mean by “running.” SA is a thoroughly dysfunctional husk of a nation state. The fact that it formally still exists doesn’t mean it’s running by any civilized standard.

          • There is “a lot of ruin in a great country” as has been said here. It won’t be centuries, but a few decades at most. First, the SA deal (1995) to end apartheid and turn over the reins of control stipulated a period of guaranteed White representation in the government. That is now over. So we are probably looking at a period of 20 years now that the lunatics have run the asylum.

            And of course, I disagree with your term “kept running”. As I said before, the infrastructure is badly neglected. The army, once the strongest in sub Saharan Africa, now a joke.

            I guess the Chinese could come in there and rescue them, but sans that, the remaining Whites with jobs are not cutting it. They live as despised Helots in their own country, and those are the ones not in shanty towns who once had jobs, which I understand is a large proportion of the 7-8% of Whites.

    • Call it “corporatism”, not “communism”. It’s a network of interlocking corporate entities, including the various government agencies. The Reps and Dems are a circus act, and only the “team players” are rewarded and retained.

      “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one perhaps of the Right, and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy…” — Carroll Quigley, CFR historian, “Tragedy and Hope” (1966)

      • Call it by it’s real name – Fascism. Mussolini would be proud of the Democrats. Heck, Hillary! even ran on a Fascist slogan – “Stronger Together”.

        • You join the pantheon of names Nunya. Along with Haywood Jablome and Johnny “\Drop Tables;”

        • Nunya, only fascism will save us in the short term. Perhaps we can evolve to something else later. But if you reject white fascism then you reject white survival.

  15. It strikes me that for most people, race is primary; even for those people who don’t realize it. Back when America was 90% White, no one thought about race; no one had to. America was a White country, run by Whites; everyone knew it, or unconsciously accepted it, so there was nothing to think about. Blacks were a minority, in a minority position; they hadn’t yet begun to challenge the predominance of Whites.

    Then the Civil Rights Movement came along, beginning in 1954 with the Brown vs. Board of Education decision de-segregating schools, and all the legislation that followed, including the “anti-discrimination” laws that removed White Americans’ freedom of association. The Democrat party saw the opportunity to make this their issue. They started the still-ongoing parade of giving away free stuff: welfare “entitlements”, food stamps, ADC, subsidized housing. “Affirmative action” programs to “make up for past discrimination”. Convincing Blacks to assume the mantle of aggrieved resentful victimhood and self-conscious race-consciousness, in which they were encouraged to think of themselves as primarily Black.

    One could make the case that that was the earliest beginnings of the “Racial Reckoning” that’s now in full swing.

    Suddenly the legitimacy of the fact that America was a White country was being challenged. With the urging of White and Jewish liberals, angry, dissatisfied Blacks developed a racial consciousness: “Black is beautiful”, the beginning of the monster that has grown into BLM. Hispanics too started to organize along racial lines: Cesar Chavez and La Raza.

    At that point, Whites— who had not needed to have an explicit racial consciousness, back when they were the ruling race— were the only group that wasn’t thinking racially. Blacks were voting racially, while Whites were not.

    And somewhere along the line, the Libs, Progs, and Dems managed to co-opt the narrative, and reframe White advocacy as “racist”— the same evil “racism” that had enslaved Blacks, and then kept them down under Jim Crow. It was fine for Blacks and Hispanics to express racial pride, but evil when Whites did it.

    The Trump phenomenon wasn’t overtly about race. But Trump hit on a variety of issues which a ‘silent majority’ of predominantly-White voters were concerned about, and which they felt no politician was representing them on: unrestricted immigration and “refugee” scams, endless futile and destructive overseas wars, the behind-the-scenes complicity of politics and big corporations, the threatened loss of their 2nd Amendment rights, politicians of both Parties who are more concerned about keeping themselves in the DC catbird seat than about representing their constituents. The emergence of Trump brought into focus many peoples’ realization that the “choice” between Democrat or Republican was in many ways meaningless; that both Parties were wings on the same bloated bird.

    Even then, race wasn’t a forefront issue. But the fact was, that the Trump-inspired “populist movement” was also a majority-White movement. Those were White issues he was talking about.

    So I think the full-blown anti-White rhetoric and policies of the “Racial Reckoning” may end up being the best thing that could have happened to White Americans; if it forces people to stop thinking in the obsolete meaningless categories of “Democrat vs. Republican”, and to start thinking in the much more meaningful category of race; if it brings people to the realization that what made America great was the fact that America was predominantly and unashamedly White; and that all that will be lost in a majority-minority America.

    • One of the “evils” of Trumpism is how it let the CivNats hide the racial aspect of their beliefs. “No, I believe in [some crap that doesn’t exist any more] for all peoples no matter what their race!” would be their pithy retort, but then when asked why they disliked immigration they’d get choked since they’d have to list their criteria for immigrants and it’d be apparent that they were only talking about whites (and maybe some other hangers-ons).

    • Good luck with that.
      Identity forms early in life. You aren’t going to get large numbers of 30 year olds to start thinking in racial terms unless they already think that way. Even when you can get adults to think that way, they do not legitimately internalize race.
      Christians and other religious people want to get to children because they want to instill a Christian identity in these children so that when they are adults, they will internalize criticism of Christianity as a criticism of them personally. If Christianity is wrong, you and your existence is wrong. (this is also the tranny and homo thing)
      Public schools and even churches and Boy Scouts instill “anti-racism” in children for the same reason. We now have 3 generations of adults raised in anti-racism. Anyone under 55 has been raised with this to at least some extent and anyone under 40 has been raised this way to a large extent. This is why Gen-X is so much worse than Boomers and why Millennials are so much worse than Gen-X. By the time I started school in the mid 70s, this stuff was everywhere in the world of kids. This stuff was already in TV shows in the 50s and by the 70s was in almost every show. By my teen years, Bill Cosby was ‘America’s dad’
      White people react emotionally to anything which has an even remote pro-white or even anti-‘anti-racist” scent. Getting over that hurdle in most people is just impossible. The more you explain it, the more emotional they become.
      We MUST raise children immune to this.

      • I understand this group’s concerns and impatience, but things *have* changed. Not a day goes by that I do not hear “local” morning talk radio discuss issues specifically wrt race. Always the same general gist, some Black (sometimes Hispanic or other colored) somewhere is blatantly targeting Whites and practicing “reverse” racism. And I live in a solidly democrat, Hispanic city. Of course, you don’t get such from the local TV or newspaper—those are in the employ of the democrats.

        Word is getting out. A few years ago, simply saying the words “White” or “Black” in the context of conflict between groups was unheard of. Now all such conflict is called for what it is. Baby steps I guess, but in the right direction!

      • I have a different take from “on the ground.” The millenials were raised believing the tabula rasa, all created equal thing up to high school Then we do college prep and applications, and what do you know, it’s all harder for white males, and blatantly so. Then we get out into the job market and see all the “white males need not apply” diversity signs – some of it now explicit. And we all know there’s no recourse for us in the equal hiring laws, white men don’t get to play that game.
        When we eventually get jobs, we see the anti-white anti-male power played out – promotions, assignments, sales, business contacts to bring in clients, lateral job moves, etc are all easier, faster, and better paid for anyone non-white-male. And that’s leaving aside the MRA sexual market & marriage issues.
        From all of this, there is a lot of below-the-surface understanding and resentment in the middle class and up white male millenials. We see Elizabeth Warren lying to escape her whiteness, and we know exactly what’s going on there (thus the widespread meming on that). We know the game is rigged against us, we just have no other options. Don’t confuse the Kulak’s mumbled oath of allegiance to avoid the gulag with actual, honest belief.

    • I’m not a racist. I wasn’t raised to.look down on anybody due to their color. Always had friends who today would be termed POC. I just get sick of having my face rubbed in holy negro everywhere I look! If I want to look at joggers being joggers, DirecTV carries BET. Otherwise, I would just rather watch TV series and movies featuring folks.who look like me. Is that such a crime?!?!

      • Bill Mullins: Translation: I really don’t want to be tagged with the evil super bad rayciss label, and muh best friends are not White, and I judge individually the way all the best people do. But at the same time I want to remain in my comfortable niche where America is always a majority White country and the media reflects this.

        If you aren’t racist, why are you here? Accepting the reality of HBD means, while you may prefer to judge people individually, racial averages matter and outliers are just that – non exemplars and mere anecdotes. Refusing to judge by race is what turned America into a multicultural hellhole. We’re all glad you’re happy in your multicultural family and Mestizo run city of San Antonio, but that is not a survivable future for the White race. And the future of the White race, not Homo Economicus Americanus, is what the dissident right is generally concerned with. If that is not your primary concern, because of your children or your friends or your early teaching to ‘not see color,’ then why are you uncomfortable with having racial awareness forced upon you by non-Whites? Why aren’t you protesting to them instead of here to White people?

        I think you are confused and in denial.

        • What’s your plan to correct the situation? We need some “action items”.

        • Damn, 3g, you psychoanalyse and profile me without ever having met me. If you were even half as intelligent you think you are you could spot Marilyn vos Savant 40 IQ points and still come out ahead!

          Please note that I boldly use the name by which I am known and refer to where I live while cravens such yourself hide behind cutesy noms de net. What are you afraid of?

  16. The GOP situation is a fascinating experiment posing the hypothesis: Does a national Party actually need a voter base in America today? By “voter base”, I mean actual Americans who support the bulk of a Party’s platform and will vote.

    It’s clear that the GOP today is just a “consumer brand” used by a Donor Class, as hardly anyone supports the actual GOP platform (open border, empire, capitulation in the Race War etc.). Like the Whigs of old, the GOP has become a loose coalition party fighting for Donor Class issues long after its actual voters have moved on to other concerns.

    Old CivNats (most of my buddies) will “vote harder” GOP, just like they used to buy Budweiser long after it stopped being good beer. It’s force of habit and shows the power of branding in America. Unfortunately, this gives the rotting corpse of the official GOP enough legitimacy to continue the charade while my poor slob buddies wait for the next Reagan to show up.

    So it could be argued that a DR/Trump boycott of the GOP would do more to alter the balance of power in the long run in the US than any interim GOP electoral “victories”. When Pelosi can, with a straight face, publicly urge her GOP “friends” to “take their Party back”, we’re getting close to the “legitimacy” endgame.

    • “t’s clear that the GOP today is just a “consumer brand” used by a Donor Class, as hardly anyone supports the actual GOP platform (open border, empire, capitulation in the Race War etc.). ”

      People who say clownworld is a natural outcome of Liberal Democracy need to explain this phenomenon. It is not the dirt-people who are the driving force of clownworld.

      • Because the highest value of liberal democracy is attention-getting public piety. There can be no legitimate opposition to what everyone accepts as morally good. The opposition will always be a coattail-hanging shadow.
        Because of the nature of democracy, the electorate will inexorably increase and thus the morality accepted by the public will always decend to the lowest common denominator.
        Thus necessarily must result in oppression olympics and gibsmedat due to the altruism, pity, and charity of white culture. Humans will act in accordance with their nature, so this cesspool is the result of that system.

      • There were several studies done after the Vietnam War looking into why the working class supported the war with less fervency than the educated class. Credentialed people whose success and prosperity are correlated with the success of ‘the system’ are more likely to have elements of their personal identity composed of ‘system’ culture. The system is their tribe.

        If the system is delegitimized, then their success is to some degree delegitimized, and they take it personally. If ‘the system’ slides into clownworld, then will slide into it, too, as long as the rate of change is slow enough. (frog boil)

        • “Credentialed people whose success and prosperity are correlated with the success of ‘the system’ are more likely to have elements of their personal identity composed of ‘system’ culture. The system is their tribe.”

          That’s a good point. You criticize the system and they take it, probably rightfully so, as a criticism of them.

      • People who say clownworld is a natural outcome of Liberal Democracy need to explain this phenomenon.

        1) Liberalism is a pseudo-religious ideology that prioritizes liberating people from some oppressive exogenous thing. Ultimately, it will turn to liberating people from reality and nature. Which is obviously impossible and leads to cultural and personal instability and insanity as it keeps pushing the impossible.

        2) Representative democracy has a number of fatal flaws, including:
        a) an agent- principle problem between the voters and representatives
        b) trends to mediocrity as elections are mere popularity contests and the skills that lead to popularity are different than those required for governing
        c) inherent instability as challengers have to promise something new or imagine a problem to fix to unseat an incumbent
        d) the people that seek office are psychologically flawed and not people that should be given power over others.
        e) political competition leads to an expansion of the electorate beyond its competence.

        3) Mass Media accelerates and exasperates the above issues and creates others because human cognition developed for small groups (Dunbar number). Mass media manipulates the public by focusing attention on trivialities and trivializing the important.

        It may be theoretically possible to separate liberalism from democracy, such as a liberal monarchy or dictatorship. Or a democratic theocracy. However, in modern history liberalism and democracy have been linked and progress together. To the point that it is very difficult to conceive of them as separable phenomenon.

        • Put it altogether and even if you start with a religious self reliant people who exercise a limited franchise – in that only intelligent and successful men vote for a government with limited goals. Within a very short period of time flawed people will seek election for their own purposes, and do so by promising to fix some real or imagined problem. In office they’ll do so to some extent and also take care of themselves. Which leads to the role and size of the government growing a little bit. Lather rinse and repeat for many generations and you wind up with clown world. The politicians have to concoct problems to run on and pay off their “supporters”.

          The payoffs lead to real grievances which obviously cannot be addressed, or even acknowledged as doing so is a threat to their supporters. So instead of dealing with immigration or corporate corruption they push tranny story hour which tikes up both sides. The system is corrupt and bad enough with merely venal pols. But there are also true believers and crusaders in there too, chasing the liberal ideal of liberating the next group from the next problem. Racing to a collision with reality.

  17. I doubt the next presidential election will be between milder versions of either Trump of Biden. The oscillation is increasing and we’re now due for Trump on steroids. Whether there will be another swing the other way after that depends on how much ruin is in this nation.

    My other prediction, for what it’s worth, is the mid-terms next year will be lit. Buy popcorn futures.

    • RE: proposition oscillation is increasing.
      There seems to be no end to the canditates on the Dem side who would oscillate further left. As for the GOP side being due for a Trump on steroids to oscillate in the other direction – got anyone in mind?

  18. Meanwhile, the conservative talk radio pundits in the D.C area are constantly repeating “the republicans are stronger than ever!” and raving about the wise and extraordinary Stefanik. Is it possible that they truly believe this drivel?
    It really has become the grift that keeps on grifting, lying and pillaging.

  19. Seeing Lindsey Graham dressed in a cowboy outfit or army fatigues would be pretty funny!

  20. Having money in a crappy overcrowded high crime nation is not happiness. The mayor of Chicago telling us she will not talk to white males should be a eye opener to the GOP goobers like McCarthy and Pence but they will just ignore that warning sign. The Christian Zionists can also be comforted that their politicians like Senator Tom Cotton seems to love Israel more than the citizens of Arkansas.
    Arkansas must have a large jewish population?
    The disconnect of Christian Zionists is amazing.
    The GOP has a long way to go before it comes around and awakens.
    If ever.

    • That’s the key. There are very few jews in Arkansas, so the locals have no reason to believe they are any different from other “white” folks.

      That’s the way it is here in Oklahoma. Most people are clueless about jews because there aren’t any around to annoy the shit out of everyone with their neurotic and ethonocentric behavior.

    • G Lordon Giddy: Key phrase is your first one: “Having money in a crappy overcrowded high crime nation is not happiness.” Not to Whites who are accustomed to something different, or whose ancestors strove to build something different. The whitish upper class of almost all of South America lives behind bars and walls and armed guards and armored cars. They have lots of money to attend parties with one another and buy high-end products. They aren’t particularly bothered that their nations are filled with a variety of brown people living in corrugated metal and cardboard shacks unless it directly affects them (kidnapping, armed robberies, etc.).

      I don’t know enough about Spanish history directly to attribute modern South America’s comfort with their economic model to Europe. I do know most Italians were landless peasants, which is why millions of them emigrated to the US where most became middle class, and South America, where they joined other European immigrants to become the whitish upper class.

      Perhaps the idea of the commons is just an Anglo-Saxon thing. Certainly there remained strong class and economic distinctions in England right up through WWII. Political attempts to somewhat level those differences ended in massive social dysfunction because, whether we like it or not, not all White people are the same. There will always be a bottom 15% who cannot function without paternalistic control, and a bottom 1-5% who really need to be eliminated to prevent their predation on the rest of society.

      America’s strange hybrid of cloud people appear to prefer the South American model. Their version of the whitish upper class is a mixture of Jevvs, Asians, Hindus, Mulattos, and woke Whites. The rest of us not only don’t see that working, but don’t agree with being written out of the future. It’s certainly not ‘working’ economically at present, but as American Citizen 2.0 commented earlier, his city’s inhabitants are just fine with endless printed money. It does seem that a majority of people can be bought off with very little.

      I have no real future predictions as to what will happen or when. I’d like to think it will all change someday and comport with reality, but clownworld warps all our perceptions. We live in an endless hall of funhouse mirrors, and are trying to find someway out.

      • Vastly over-simplifying. I do have a Spanish (Lit) degree, but not so heavy in history. Nonetheless, here goes! Latin America settled mostly by Spanish, adopted the culture of the Romans. This remains, up to the present day, in their systems of law. Economically, the ancient tradition of enormous Roman landowners remains. The main competitor, the Northern European or “English” system, deviated (when? Middle Ages) when changes were made to favor smaller landowners as opposed to giant royal grants. This is the legal/economic tradition that carried over most fruitfully into the English-speaking “New World.”

        Another distinction: the Latin tradition for wrought iron. This too dates back to (probably) Roman times. Metal gates, door and window coverings have a decorative as well as security function; an ancient cultural tradition in Southern Europe, so it’s no surprise it spread to the Latino New World too. I can’t get any more precise than that, but it’s a fact you’ll see if you travel much in the Latin nations: you’ll see wrought iron or its equivalent nearly everywhere, even where crime is very low. Contrast this with America at least, where normally you only see barred windows and doors in the ghetto (again, neglecting heavily Latino areas).

        Now, up until modern times, if you lived in the cold, damp North of Europe in a wooden cottage or in a thatched hut along with your livestock, wouldn’t wrought iron doors and windows have been rather stupid? 😀

        Of course, living in an armed compound is relatively new, in the Western world, but has ancient parallels in many places, including Northern Europe.

      • Thanks for the shout out! I like the fact that people write great comments on this blog.

      • “Whitish”? I live in South America, 17 years now, and I can assure you that we have whites who might even qualify by your standards. I’m u-m-c bordering on wealthy for here, and where I live (NOT in a city), we have none of your stereotyped “protection” systems. Not so many “rejas” (wrought iron grill work) in my neck of the woods either.

        South America is a large place with far more variety than North Am, a very homogenous and insipid place. There are parts where there exist a comfortable middle class and a very comfortable u-m-c, where we “whitish” folk live very well indeed, thanks. More joyous too, seeing as we have nearly no dreary puritans promoting multi-culti, tranny story hour, or whatever the holier-than-thou crowd is promoting this month.

        “Whitish”! I assume only NW Europeans can be thought of as “white”? I’m one, as it happens, 100%, but Norman Irish, which perhaps doesn’t quite cut it either? So be it. I’m guessing you haven’t spent much time here, so the stereotype is understandable, but believe me, many of even the mestizo folk (horrors!) are not Meso-American dwarves and/or maids and gardeners, are educated, and the women leave the NA “whites” in the dust when it comes to beauty and feminine elegance for many years after the best of the white women have reached their sell-by date, just as has the WASP’s day in the sun.

        Adaptation will be the watchword for the whites of the USA, that or “struggle” to purge non-whites from demographically overwhelming y’all. From here, looks like the former (adaptation) will prevail. It’s genuinely tragic that a once proud and accomplished and civilized culture has been surrendered, but complacency and a strange blindness to silly notions such as the egalitarian nonsense now in vogue, well, such thinking has a way of setting yourself up for defeat . Down here, at least where I am, one doesn’t hear anti-white talk; on the contrary, we are looked up to (literally in my case, being 6′ 3″) more often than not. The sad liklihood is that the worst of the Latin world is either headed your way or already there, and they won’t be expelled. Adapt or be embittered or worse will be the fate of the once-proud, now humiliated “heritage” Americans.

  21. They aren’t suckering the DR. I’m sure none of us will ever vote for the Gutless ol’ Party again. If you do, you’re really just a warmed over Griller.

    • Yes but there’s no lack of Pathos in watching my Griller buddies struggle with their existential plight. They worked hard and expected to retire/die in peace in the America in which they grew up. Was that such an unreasonable expectation? Half the duck blinds in America are filled with guys that think the ducks and Reagan will return if we’re just patient enough. I cannot bring myself to have contempt for them, but neither do I bullsh*t them. Some come around, slowly, and only one by one it seems.

      • Captain Willard: You seem to share my husband’s more merciful attitude toward your former peers. He, too, watches as those he left behind in one federal agency or another keep track of their 401ks and kids in various elite colleges while lamenting the inroads clownworld makes on their daily lives. They think my husband has gone a bit nuts with his political takes and good-natured ribbing about what will ultimately happen. He, too, does not hold them in contempt but rather pity. I am not nearly so charitable – if we ever get out of DFW and they leave their big cities when things go south and find us and come knocking, I will bar the door.

        • If I can convince one of my hunting buddies, he could end up saving a lot of people. I think it’s a mistake to give up on your friends. As far as barring my door, any friend with ammo will be welcome. My buddies are generally good shots haha..

    • I don’t intend to vote again period. Seems a.major waste of what little time I have left.

      • Bill – If I recall correctly, you will be 70 in a few months. I will be 63. I have no intention dying in the short term. Why are you giving up so early? Note I do not refer to voting; that is an utter waste of time. I’m referring to your overall fatalism. Why quit so young?

        • “Why quit so young?”
          Because my health is failing. If I live to my birthday in ’24 I will have outlived my mother. If I live to Thanksgiving ’28 I will have outlived my dad. There is already more shit going on than I want to live in. It hurts to see the republic to which I devoted a decade of my life going down the shitter. Prior to the founding of the church of Covid the cool-aide drinkers were not evident and so I could pretend I was not such an outlier. Now it is all too easy to see who swills and who does not. I fail to see the value of continuing to exist. After a while SOSDD simply gets old. I used to love to go to a state park nearby, pitch my tent and sit in my gravity lounger under 200 year old oaks and read a book. I was a big bruiser in my youth; able to one-arm loads most men could barely lift. Now I have neither the strength nor the stamina even to set up the tent. I’m just tired of putting up with the bullshit. I did my bit.for.king and country. I adopted and raised two children who were not mine. The house I had built is almost 25 years old, my son is 52 and the tiny, one-gallon Home Depot oak is as tall as my next door neighbor’s 2-story house. I have seen 2 of my grand children grow up and become parents on their own. What have I yet to do?

          • I’ll be 75 in a couple of months, have lived in my self-designed and custombuilt house for 17 years, the little oak is now mighty (“See the tree/how big it’s grown”), my three grandchildren live 60 yeards away on the same property and I still chase (and sometimes catch!) women considerably younger than I, have Sunday b-b-q (Argentine version) with family and friends, enjoy walks in our peaceful and lovely village…

            Trust me, sir, there’s more to do than meets the eye at first glance. Keep on truckin’!

    • Ostei: I stopped voting back in 2012 but regrettably lapsed and voted for Trump in 2016. My husband still thinks voting locally matters, or perhaps it’s just habit. But the guy who was initially our Texas state rep, and who is now our Congresscritter, initially claimed to mostly side with our interests when I challenged him personally when he first ran for state office (that was before he ascended into Congressional immunity from dirt people contact).

      I just learned he sided with the Dems on the Jan 6 inquiry. I’m going to hammer this home to my husband. Voting locally is still giving legitimacy to the damned system, and it ultimately makes no difference. Even if a few pretend to be different in the beginning, they all have the same ultimate goal – to join the cloud.

      • I voted for Trump twice, but ’20 was the last vote I’ll ever cast. I know that Reps and Dems are just different shades of evil. And I also know every single Rep, no matter what he might say, will betray white people when it gets down to the nitty gritty. They are all backstabbing liars. Every single one of them.

  22. The message I wish were conveyed to the Republican Party is the threat that unless they start fighting right now, today, in the same partisan manner we see from the most radical white-hating black-supremacists and aliens, for the rights and interests of the white population, whites are going to find people that will. That should be the bar for even having a chance of white voters showing up. Did you introduce a bill and fight for it that counters current anti-white apartheid? Did you fight to get the white political prisoners released? Did you work have reliable partisans installed in positions of power? Did you work to help organize social support systems for whites who are going to be un-personed by the apartheid system as this process gains steam? Create new organizations on the model of the ADL, SPLC, etc and shake down billionaires and businesses to funnel money into them to fund constant law-fare, in every state, every county. Part of the reason why conservatism is dead is that it is essentially a defensive posture. The biggest tell that nothing has changed and not to bother supporting a candidate is if they are on the offensive or not. We aren’t conservatives and conservatives can’t represent our interests.
    The anti-white regime has been establishing precedents that are ripe to be exploited. What NY has done with the NRA for example seems obvious. Get a few partisan AGs installed in various states and attack the pillars of our enemies in the same manner using the resources of the state. Attack the ADL, SPLC, Planned Parenthood, Ford Foundation, PBS, etc etc. Make them bleed money and never stop attacking. Never stop characterizing them in the most ugly terms possible.

    • Whoah there. You’re assuming they actually want to help out whitey, and not just golf, get paid from Israeli representatives, and have gay sex.

      Serious question: why would a homosexual like Kevin McCarthy want conservatism? He doesn’t want to go back in the closet. He wants to be a degenerate and feed his sexual desires. Specifically, he wants low taxes so he can keep more of his money to do degenerate stuff.

      • “He doesn’t want to go back in the closet. He wants to be a degenerate and feed his sexual desires. Specifically, he wants low taxes so he can keep more of his money to do degenerate stuff.”

        Exactly, that way he can counter inflation on butt plugs. And also inflation on inflatable butt plugs.

      • I agree, we can assume something like 90% of current Republican elected officials are just parasites, punch-clocks and traitors and would never engage in the kind of attacks I’m envisioning. But it can be demanded and their refusal can be punished. There are enough dissidents now to effect the process I believe. Even if they install pod-person Republicans in districts that demand true white-partisans they just erode the legitimacy and power of the system they are trying to perpetuate. It’s a litmus test that could start before next mid-terms. Did you fight to get political prisons released? Did you fight to bring the murderer of Babbit to justice? Did you even publicly speak in these terms to help normalize that framing of the situation? No? Goodbye.

        • “It’s a litmus test that could start before next mid-terms.” Agree with you. Republican Quislings must go. A good starting point is Republicans who voted for the Democrat Jan 6th Commission. I include list below:

          Rep. Don Bacon (NE)
          Rep. Cliff Bentz (OR)
          Rep. Stephanie Bice (OK)
          Rep. Liz Cheney (WY)
          Rep. John Curtis (UT)
          Rep. Rodney Davis (IL)
          Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (PA)
          Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (NE)
          Rep. Andrew Garbarino (NY).
          Rep. Carlos Gimenez (FL)
          Rep. Tony Gonzales (TX)
          Rep. Anthony Gonzalez (OH)
          Rep. Michael Guest (MS)
          Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA)
          Rep. French Hill (AR)
          Rep. Trey Hollingsworth (IN)
          Rep. Chris Jacobs (NY)
          Rep. Dusty Johnson (SD)
          Rep. David Joyce (OH)
          Rep. John Katko (NY)
          Rep. Adam Kinzinger (IL)
          Rep. David McKinley (WV)
          Rep. Peter Meijer (MI)
          Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (IA)
          Rep. Blake Moore (UT)
          Rep. Dan Newhouse (WA)
          Rep. Tom Reed (NY)
          Rep. Tom Rice (SC)
          Rep. Maria Salazar (FL)
          Rep. Mike Simpson (ID)
          Rep. Chris Smith (NJ)
          Rep. Van Taylor (TX)
          Rep. Fred Upton (MI)
          Rep. David Valadao (CA)
          Rep. Steve Womack (AR)

          • Not surprised to see Tom Reed on there. He was angling for a run at the governorship until a story broke about having an affair with a staffer. So now he’s going to hang it up at the end of this term. With no further need to play the game, he’s gone fully lame duck lib.

          • Response to KGB: Something similar with Dan Newhouse. He is in a conservative central WA district, was anti-Trump and now has people lining up to primary him in 2022.

            Interesting that the list is heavy with NY Republican representatives. The upstate districts here are rust belt, blue collar, demographically very white. They are mostly swing districts now but should move right as anti-white racism increases and blue collar interests continue to be sacrificed to neoliberal agenda. If the Republicans weren’t cowards, they should be dominating in these districts on cultural and economic issues. An American First type candidate should primary Chris Jacobs in NY 27.

          • They could dominate in these districts if they’d just touch the third rail. Outside of Ithaca, Tom Reed’s district is filled with people who would be very receptive to even a watered down DR platform. Hell, just talk about it — it worked for Trump. A politician with the guts to advocate for his constituency, i.e. whites, even in coded terms, would win in a cake walk.

  23. “The trouble with this approach is the Trump phenomenon was not powered by economic anxiety. Immigration, for example, was never about money but about culture and demographics. Lots of people hate the changes they see in their communities”

    This is a very pertinent point. I am a high earner for my age category and will likely be a true high earner as I enter my 40s and 50s. I do well financially. The point is not to brag, but to show that identity > money. What good is all the money if I can’t walk at night without fear of being attacked? If the country is some ultra dense shit hole like Hong Kong? If my kids will be brainwashed and bullied by violent apes into hating themselves (and me)? I don’t want to be served by some rude Indian when I just want a coffee. I don’t like that all public spaces are over crowded. I don’t like nightclubs being ruined by Arab and African males. Etc. Etc. Etc.

    I have almost 0 economic anxiety. Some of us are realizing that the money is no good when everything around you is a dump. Most likely will be seized at some point as reparations. Demographics are destiny.

    • There is a potential market for a smaller nation that would admit successful, stable Whites (and perhaps other races), people who could prove they were of good character and not savages. Of course, such a nation would be the source of all manner of boycotts by the “good” nations, if not at risk of military invasions.

      • Hmm sounds familiar. That sounds exactly like the promises they’ve been making to us for decades. “[Non white]Immigrants are hard workers who want a better life here”. “You’re not being replaced”. “They are the good ones”. “Hispanics are natural conservatives”.

        That ‘stable white country’ already existed everywhere.

      • The ethnostate that is not at least 85% white by its very charter is not a viable ethnostate. And of the 15% that could be non-white, there could be no sub-Saharans, Moslems or Jews.

      • Ben, I used to think like you—but now am not so sure. Has non-white admission of high achievers been shown to be “passed down” to their offspring at the same rate as with Whites. I’ve seen stat’s, at least with lower class working immigrants, that show increased welfare use by their children (2nd generation). This would also seem consistent with HBD concepts of regression towards the mean.

        I once sat down at a wedding with a pair of real “Africans” admitted to this country as refugees. Both ambitious and highly trained. They had a better “life plan” for themselves than some Whites and certainly most American Blacks. They had not been poisoned yet by the Left. But I couldn’t help but wonder, what about their children?

        • If not their children, their grandchildren will be African-“Americans” with all of the vice and dysfunction that entails.

      • It is not the responsibility of Whites to secure a future for the purported outliers of other races who are of ‘good character and not savages.’ That’s the same ‘high IQ’ fallacy all the fence shitters on Sailer like to parrot. And the lolbertarians.

        A White ethnostate means a WHITE ethnostate. Exceptions are just that, and should be very very rare, and much, much, much later.

    • I’m not totally sold on this theory. I think there are plenty of conservative voters who got screwed by NAFTA or by immigration (try to find a White drywall guy, for instance) or by Obamacare (a disaster for all working Whites).

      I’m not dismissive of the strong cultural issues, but neither can we ignore the significant economic dislocations since NAFTA/WTO that got Trump major traction.

      • Where I live it’s easy to find white drywall guys. They’re at home. They can’t find a contractor who’ll hire a white laborer. Non-whites hire their own (or whichever one-shade-darker race it’s their custom to abuse) and whites hire non-whites, claiming that whites are too lazy, “entitled,” etc.

        The great replacement started on your roof. Bush-style conservative anti-whiteness has dominated and distorted the “uneducated” labor market for decades—and it shows no sign of lifting its boot. Read any normie con (even Trumpist) site’s comment section re: states cutting off promised unemployment benefits. Normal Republican voters who benefit not one bit from yoinking those checks away are hand-rubbing with almost sexual relish.

        Remind them that the government, not the virus, caused the unemployment, and so at the very least it has an obligation to mitigate the damage it’s doing to John Q Toolbelt—and also he’s us, so we should want him to be OK. Get banned.

        The average “some college” Republican hates the average white guy more—and more openly—than The Squad™ does.

        • Hemid: We try hard to hire White, but every company seems to have a White front guy to deal with the consumer. Then their ‘work crew’ comes and it’s all Mestizos. They claim the same garbage – can’t find Whites willing to work, can’t afford White wages and remain competitive, ”their” Mexicans are really great and hard working guys, etc.

          If some of us knew where to find those out of work White guys we’d hire them in a heartbeat.

    • That’s why I feel like we are sort of being used as a kind of Machine Learning simulation for the Israeli government to test various strategies with integration and colonialism. They create the open borders problem here and the log all the different arguments and strategies people use to defend American culture. Which arguments worked. Which arguments were easily rebutted. And then they recast all of that knowledge into justifications for their own nationalism while at the same time sponsoring opponents to nationalism in other countries.

      The conversation about immigration has always been about culture and identity but mainstream media sources and political figures always ignore that or downplay it. When Trump came along and made it very explicitly about culture and everyone enthusiastically said “YES that is what we want”, the ruling oligarchs lost their minds and pushed civilization off a cliff. And then Israel just went to war because what difference does it make trying to talk to people about culture, identity, and national sovereignty. You either have the power to enforce it or you don’t.

      I think America is a petri dish now.

  24. Or it could be that the conductor for the dance band on the Titanic has noticed that there are very few couples out on the tilting floor, and in his panic he has convened a counsel of the usual suspects to participate in a hand-wringing session over what to do about it. But does it really matter what tune they play next? Either way, the Normies will convulse violently to the pulsing beat of a rousing jitterbug while the Progs laugh hysterically and swill their free champagne. And the wise have already retreated to the aft deck and been hard at work building their makeshift liferafts.

    And as to the current Republican charade, go fuck yourself, I’m not dancing.

    • It seem like the trot out that Magorie Green Taylor, or whatever her name is, on occasion solely to placate normie-idiots for a news cycle. Instead of her existence providing some cover, it merely stresses the foreignness of the GOP.

  25. “The trouble with this approach is the Trump phenomenon was not powered by economic anxiety. Immigration, for example, was never about money but about culture and demographics. Lots of people hate the changes they see in their communities and they were attracted to the TV carny-barker because he mentioned it. The same is true about trade policy. What people see is Walmart and Amazon obliterating small business and they associate it with global trade policy.”

    Pretty much the same with how many English felt about Brexit. But hardly any talking head ever mentioned it. Ever. The reasons that many loathe the European Union and propped up Farage in his many guises is really the same as for Trump. It’s not even that hard to analyse. Yet most peopler I met after Brump laid the reasons those two things happened squarely in the field of economics. Occasionally, some people picked up on the racial element/cultural change, never with sympathy, but with the familiar smug bleating that emits from an NPC when the accusation of ‘a racism’ is forthcoming.

    • > is approach is the Trump phenomenon was not powered by economic anxiety. Immigration, for example, was never about money but about culture and demographics. Lots of people hate the changes they see in their communities and they were attracted to the TV carny-barker because he mentioned it.

      Watched ‘Er ist Weider Da’ last night. One of the focal points of the movie was that the real reincarnated Hitler acting as a comedian was able to use modern media to talk about taboo topics like this and resonate to the masses while in an ironic camouflage.

      The reason who haven’t seen Republicans talk about culture since Buchanan is you can’t be a policy wonk and talk in graphs, but be able to strongly and passionately state your beliefs and vision for your people in a way that reaches the heart.

  26. until one of the major parties dies, or at least suffers a mortal wound in a national election, the current political system can safely be said to be in equilibrium. but the world is evolving away from centralized political control, and that is the model that defines the current political class, so a new political party isn’t really going to solve anything, but it will be a sign of change. the way to solve big problems is to change them into multiple small problems. break all the large countries into much smaller units and there are no more big problems in the world. one small unit cannot bully multiple other such units like a giant country can.

    • Can’t both parties die?

      Appallingly bad as (R) are, I can’t believe team (D) installed a senile old man as President with the most tone deaf woman in politics as VP. #3 will do anything to hold onto power, including using every means at her disposal to convince half the country that an actual insurrection attempt took place.

      Both parties are just awful, but if I had to put money on it, Team (D) will get it’s act back together first. In a terrifying direction, but mostly unified.

  27. The one primary plank of the Trumpism platform that is missing from this Republican memo is ending the forever wars in the Middle East. It seems clear that this is the red line that the “donor class” has drawn. I just can’t put my finger on, why they feel that way…

    • Perhaps it is a knee-jerk reaction to 70 years of reflexively siding with Israel. Maybe it is a quid pro quo avarice to receive the monetary beneifits associated with working for the Diaspora. It could even be simple bean counting for the Republicans… continuing to cash in the votes of the suicidally pro-Israel evangelicals and their Scofield bible derangement.

      In any case, don’t expect the Republicans to change their tune about meddling in the Sandbox. Even with the “Neocons” endlessly quiting and requiting the party. (How many times can Rubin and Krystal quit… my count is at least a dozen times each).

      Nope, eshew voting in anything but local elections. Build like or near like-minded community. Show the exit door to traitors amongst you. Help your people. Become as a hard of a target as you are able by preparing and keeping fit. Low profile.

    • Have you ever heard that Afghanistan is called the “Graveyard of empires?” I did a quick Wiki read. Ignoring earlier history, the British had a go there during much of the 19th century. But eventually they had to leave. You can choose your favourite date for Great Britain’s peak. I use 1914. Everything after that was very much downhill, and the sun set on the British Empire after all. Next came the Soviets in the 1970s. That didn’t do very well either. The Soviet Union officially dissolved in 1991. 20 years. Since the early 00s, of course, the USA has had troops there. I wonder how much time we have?

  28. Why is Tucker picking on Frank Luntz?

    If I were a Pub strategist, I’d have the Pubs match the Dems’ policies, platforms and election promises word for word and then try for candidates who are more telegenic than the Dem candidates as most folks seem to vote the candidate’s attractiveness not the party. Still, now that elections are unstoppably rigged, the Pubs ate toast anyway.

    Electoral politics is like pro wrestling, diversionary and sometimes enjoyable, but the day to day well being of most people depends not on voting for parties and candidates but on forging strong, healthy bonds of community far from the Madding crowd of political grifting.

  29. That the GOP would so misinterpret the Trump phenomenon is to be expected. The Bhramins of the modern political class are as divorced from.the reality of life for us as any Bhramins in India were ever divorced from the Dalits. They, for the most part are born, reared, educated and employed in separate, highly insular communities separate and apart from the hoi polloi of “deplorables” like us. While there are the occasional “mustangs” (to use the Navy term for a commissioned former enlisted) such as Willy Jeff or Ted Cruz, for the most part the Bhramin caste – elected and high “civil servant” – are well insulated from the concerns of every-day working people. How else to explain Nancy Pelosi showing off hundreds of dollars of frozen treats in a multi-thousand dollar refrigerator?! And even the mustangs, having ascended to bhraminhood in DC, quickly forget their lower caste roots; calling attention to them only when they wish to convey to us that they are still “one of us”.

    Really, we should not be surprised that, at its core, the memo’s call is merely SOSDD. SOSDD is all they know. You can put all the lipstick, mascara and rouge on the pig you want. You can dress it up in haute couture if you desire, but in the final analysis all you end up with is a dolled-up pig. If they were capable of coming up with new, real solutions they would be dalits like us and not bhramins. Unfortunately it is bhramins And kshatria who are, and always have been the ruling caste. It is simply a fact of human organizations.

  30. “Here is James Pinkerton promoting the working class stuff in the context of British politics.”

    Heh. I have tuned so thoroughly out of mainstream politics I miss these exciting happenings in my own lands. Funny, the author (Pinkerton) seems to think that there is something fundamentally different between the modern Labour and Conservative parties. That said, getting old Labourites to vote Conservative in some regions is impressive; I still maintain that there are some Tory and Labour older back-benchers who maintain a private grip on reality.

    I suppose I would care more if it felt as thought I could vote my way out of this.

    • I suppose I would care more if it felt as thought I could vote my way out of this.

      Very true. The first three boxes have well and truly been rendered useless. Only one left now and I’m not entirely sure that will work. The current standing army is so large and increasingly indoctrinated to trust the chain of command that I no longer trust the 4th box.

      • The standing army has a large “tail to tooth”. We had a hell of a time getting the troop strength needed just to invade Iraq and then end the resurgence toward the end of Bush II’s reign. Don’t look at a 1.4M active or .6M reserve as all fighters. I believe it’s about the tail is about 8 or 9 to 1.

        • “We had a hell of a time getting the troop strength needed just to invade Iraq, much less Appalachia”

          And then the troops kept going native and deserting. My gosh, they were like Prussians in North Dakota.

    • The tip-off comes when the party pundits start yammering on about republicans becoming a “multicultural working class party.”

      • To be fair, over here, the Labour party is now the de-facto party of immigrants; well, at least from my observations in London. Come election time, every single poster for Labour I see fawns over blacks and browns… but mainly blacks.

        I don’t know what the ‘traditional’ workers party was in the US, but Labour has (had) a solid working class history. In fact, out of my many discussions with oldster Labour voters (55+), almost all have been strong critics of multiculturalism who just liked the unions &c. If any pro-white party wanted to sweep up this support, it just needs to hit the right notes…

        Now just need to find a pro-white party. Oh wait.

    • I will accept this on one condition: that you call up your representatives and tell them WHY you aren’t voting. Or why you are voting for someone else.

      You have to remember: those guys need to play before they get paid. They will take any threat to their place at the trough seriously. If you write or call and foam at the mouth – they’ll just laugh and write you off as crazy. If you speak in calm, measured tones like our esteemed blog host – you will scare the living hell out of them. You can be excused for refusing to vote. You cannot be excused for refusing to use your voice. These guys need to hear us loud and clear, irregardless of election outcomes.

      The elderly boomer demographic will always show up to vote harder and lose honourably like gentlemen. The cutoff for that demographic seems to be 55~60. Older than that, and you get the geezers living in the past in the Glorious Reagan Years. Most younger conservatives are now fair game for dissident conversion.

      The next election is going to be a crapshoot.

      • The onus of communication is on the representative since they’re supposed to, you know, represent the voters. If their default attitude is, “I’m going to do what I want unless a voter screams at me,” then they’ve already failed at their role.

        • I have communicated my disgust with various elected Republicans who “represent” me in the past. Sometimes you get a form letter reply and always get added to email newsletter and solicitation lists. Given the nature of my comments the thought that a solicitation for a donation would be successful was comical, but some campaign person is trying to make a living.

          Simply not voting also has a very limited impact. We recently had a school board election where I live. I did not vote as I quit voting in school board elections about a decade ago when it dawned on me none of these people even came close to representing me. Turnout was about 5%, but they still proceed as they have a mandate to implement whatever agenda they want to push. Their decisions can still impact my property taxes. Driving voter turnout down to very low levels for Congressional elections isn’t going to change anything unless a group rises up to better represent us.

          • At the rate things are devolving, that group will probably be called the “neighborhood militia.” 🙁

      • A bit of outside the box thinking here.

        You’d make a better point by getting your community to take down ALL political signs in your area. Non-partisan. They just all come down… since they are the same bifurcated party anyway. That sends a much more sober message. These people in this area don’t even want to play the game anymore. They are openly hostile to TPTB. The parties thrive on manipulation and “incumbant fatigue”. Suckering in the population to “come on, vote one more time.. look how bad the other guys are… we’ve changed and are really going to fight for you this time.” If they see homemade signs telling Dems and Repubs to “Leave our community alone” and “Your not welcome here”… angry crowds greeting any traveling campaign tour bus… i just wonder.

      • An anecdote of republican apathy.

        I was registered ‘unaffiliated’. My county leans (R) but is going blue in a hurry. During the election I was hounded by phone, text, doorbells from Democrat agents compelling me to pull for D.

        I had ZERO contact from any (R).

        I wrote the R mayor several times over the past year. Nada.

        The only notable change was that the mayors office “redesigned” the mayors website such that it wad nearly impossible to find the contact point for the mayor.

        Now you have to register with some third-party service on the site in order to email him.

        F@uck the R fools, their “party” and all the rest.

        The don’t deserve “my reasons” for not voting. They have no interest in my “issues” or well-being or hearing “my voice.” If they don’t understand the voice of the people by now they are retarded or evil just like their fake enemies the Ds.

        They deserve to be ghosted like any other lying whore. I don’t tell whores why I won’t be their midweek backup dinner and a tease either.

        Let them wonder “what happened to my ‘base’l like we wonder “what happened to my People, my Nation?”

        Like the sheeple who blindly pull the lever and go back to sleep, it is long past the point where it is a matter of giving anyone well reasoned arguments and feedback as if it will (finally!) ignite some spark of courage, integrity, or mettle after decades of larping.

        I am only “voting with my dollars” and my feet. The rest of my energy is going toward cobbling together some sort of community.

      • Whenever I have expressed my concerns to any elected representative over the past 20 or so years, if I receive a reply at all it is a condescending lecture about why I’m wrong and the representative is going to keep doing whatever he was already set on doing.

      • To say that the next election is going to be a “crap shoot” is to implicitly state your believe in a “fair” election process. I no longer have that belief, nor do I see corrective measures being enacted in my home State—AZ.

        Indeed, everyday the reports circulate about the current forensic audit of the ballots and process from the 2020 election. The local Maricopa County Board of Supervisors resist this process at every step—even to the point of refusing to turn over subpoena evidence. Such is the case in a “blue” State I guess, but it sure doesn’t incline me to “vote harder” next election. Why should we believe that the “fix” won’t be in for the next Presidential race?

  31. Not this boomer. At least not in the national arena. After the last decade I see no reason to give a damn or waste my time voting for for any of the satanic aliens on offer from the national GOP.

    My money and time goes to our state gun rights organizations. At the state level I vote for verified pro 2A supporters only. That issue is my only litmus test now.

    • This boomer agrees 100%. But then again being from NJ the decision is pretty easy.

      • I wouldn’t wish New Jersey on anyone, but it’s not better here in flyover country.

        My current rep is in a safe Republican district, and he uses his position to agitate for bringing more Afghan refugees to the US — those brave translators and other personnel who’ve risked so much to support us. I forgot when Kabul became part of my district.

        Yeah, I guess it sure sucks to be them. Joining an invading force and taking up arms against your countrymen works out badly so often you wonder why anyone does it.

        They’ve had 20 years to deal with the wisdom of and fallout from their choice of allegiance. If after 20 years they still can’t keep control of their country, too bad.

        • Vizzini – Maybe somewhere there’s a small, rural district where voting for the school board or Sheriff makes a difference, but it’s not here in any city in Texas. I drive by all the campaign signs with all the alien names and I remember, back when I voted a decade ago, standing in line with all the alien people.

          Not my people. Not my party. Not my country.

  32. “McCarthy…emphasized that not a single incumbent Republican lost a House seat in 2020.”
    This is what McCarthy is really selling, and it is the only thing people on Capitol Hill actually care about.”

    • It isn’t entirely true, Steve King lost his primary, which is what the leadership wanted. He could say, no Republican incumbent we wanted here lost a seat in 2020.

      • The only guy in Congress who cared about Americans enough to risk his career to say the truth. Sigh.

  33. There are two opposite personality types,there’s the type of person who always wants something new and exciting, whether it’s a new product, new music, new relationships; then there’s the other type of personality that is only comforted by the old and familiar, whether it’s family and old friends, older unchanging products, childhood memories.
    Most advertising, even political advertising, is geared towards the first personality type; they’re selling something Fresh! and Exciting!, even when it’s the same old soap or the same old dull politics. I see very little in our culture (not just advertising, all cultural products) dedicated to promoting traditional products or ancient customs. Maybe it’s because the ad men self select for that personailty trait; traditionalists might not be interested in going into the advertising and promotional business.
    Local politicians are campaigning now, and I see them pushing “new” agendas; never pushing a return to older ways of governance. Andrew Yang wants to be mayor of New York, and he’s pushing extending voting to non-citizens (probably half of NY’s population) as well as sixteen year olds! He’s pushing a “living wage”, his version of universal basic income (where does that money come from? NYC doesn’t print its own money out of thin air). Yang promotes this crap as New! but it’s just the same old communist crap that’s been talked about for decades. A return to smaller, less invasive government would truly be something New! at this point.

    • It’s similar to the problem of psychopaths and grifters getting into politics; normal people aren’t interested in lording it over other people. politicians are self selected because of their personality type.
      Advertising and marketing people self select for that career because of their personality type.
      Once again genetics determines outcomes.

    • There are two opposite personality types,there’s the type of person who always wants something new and exciting, [snip] then there’s the other type of personality that is only comforted by the old and familiar

      Then there are the outliers like me who have no particular problem with “new” so long as it truly solves a problem. What I cannot abide is change purely for the sake of change. Unless the proposed change genuinely solves a problem.and unless the new “solution” is demonstrably unlikely to induce even more problems down the road, I prefer status quo. I may not know why the fence was built there but I trust that the property owners did not spend the time, money and effort to build it just for grins and giggles. I have seen enough of how the world works to know that not all change is for the better.

  34. One…interesting thing I suppose is that the GOP tools haven’t nagged the inner party to let all the dissidents out of the torturous DC dungeon. They can pretend a lot but when there are real people in real prison and not only are they not saying anything, but generally endorsing it, then the incongruity is too much to overcome for even the most deluded boomer.

    • Mr. Sandmich,
      If the past year is any evidence, Boomers and other US residents have an unlimited ability to pretend. They watch as their children/ grandchildren are tortured in order to BE SAFE ™. They are not waking up.
      Republicans will take the House in 2022 because our rulers want to keep up the facade.

        • I see children masked in public as prima facie evidence of CHILD ABUSE!!! Unfortunately both their parents and the bureaucrats in Child Protective Services are so filled with Democrat/progressive cool-aide that they cannot see it. The wife and I went out to eat a couple of weeks back and had to wait to be seated. There was a.young couple nearby with two small girls. I, as is my habit since the governor of Texas freed us from lockdown, was bare faced. The girls huddled under their mother’s (over??) protected wing and looked at me as if I were Freddy Kruger. I smiled my best granpa smile and assured the children that I could not possibly give them the disease. That only spurred the innocents to huddle closer to momma and the momma to glare balefully at me over her mask. Clearly that family is utterly beyond any hope of redemption. As, I strongly suspect, are the untold millions who willy nilly drive around – completely alone – masked in their automobiles. I don’t know for sure but I strongly suspect that such people were among the living, real people whose vote for Biden did not have .to be manufactured.

          • Went into the pharmacy yesterday, maskless of course. Druggist was masked, and given the plexiglass screen, I had a hard time hearing her. So she bent around glass, and removed mask and spoke to me. I noticed she had a runny nose—allergies or a cold I suspected. Took care of business, but couldn’t help but remark: “You have a cold—and you wear a mask all day?” Of course, I said this with a smile. Small talk. She replied: “Yeah, these masks are worthless!”

          • In California, a new mandate:

            You can move back to the office, but employers must report a list to the county.

            The unvaccinated must wear masks in the office. That list reports the employees wearing masks.

    • E.S.,thank you for making this glaringly obvious point. How can anyone of sound mind ignore this,as well as Ashley Babbitts murder still believe they still. Live in Reagan’s America?

      • I no longer refer to America. I call it “clown world”. It gets folk’s attention and focus. I used to call it “bizarro world”, but that often goes over the heads of folk not of my generation and not weaned on DC Comics.

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