La Gran Mentira

One of the selling points of liberal democracy is it is supposed to create a marketplace of ideas, where the proponents debate their proposals. Politicians get grilled by an adversarial media on their positions. Like the market for goods and services, the marketplace of politics is supposed to weed out the crackpots and zealots, so the people can choose between sane options. In practice, there is no marketplace of anything in liberal democracy, just approved positions.

This Breitbart story is a good example. It is an interview with Senator Marco Rubio, who has been assigned the job of selling an anti-populist message as Trumpian. It is the old Karl Rove big tent nonsense about needing to sell the party to nonwhites. Because of what happened in 2016 and 2020, they have retooled the message. Instead of focusing on Trump’s loss, they are focusing on their anomalous gains down ticket and crediting that with the Hispanic vote. It is the new Big Lie.

Now, Rubio is as dumb as a goldfish, so he is never going to question the script he has been provided by his handlers. He also plays the Hispanic role well enough for the white people being targeted with this trick. Of course, he has been reliably open borders and supports endless wars of choice. You would think the interviewer would mention his fierce opposition to Trump and his coziness with the neocons, but that never happens in the highly scripted media environment.

Another bit of nonsense the interviewer did not bother to mention is that Trump did not do all the well with Hispanics. In 2004, Bush the Minor got 44% of the Hispanic vote according to studies after the election. McCain got 31% in 2008 and Romney got 27% in the 2012 election. Trump also got 27% in 2016. In 2020 it bumped up to 31%, despite four years of pandering to Hispanics. His black support jumped more than his Hispanic support over the same time.

This is easily obtainable data. Rubio has been making this claim since Karl Rove stapled a new cover page on his 2012 GOP Autopsy last October, so there has been plenty of time to check the numbers. You would think a reporter would ask Rubio about the facts, but that is not how it works. Rubio is there to sell the Big Lie and so is any reporter granted an interview with him. The whole point of the Big Lie is to keep repeating it unchallenged until it seems like the truth.

Of course, the point of the Big Lie is to keep whites from noticing what is happening to their country. That was the real danger of Trump. His voters could see with their own eyes that everyone at his rallies was white. His voters were allowed to discuss immigration, trade, and the endless wars. Trump was a lousy President, but he was a dangerous catalyst. He got white people talking about and noticing things that threaten the ruling regime, which is why they hated him.

Another angle to the Big Lie in this case is that it is intended to separate Trump from the party voters. Taken at face value, the claim here is that Hispanics liked the Republicans running down ticket, but not Trump. You see, that is why Trump lost but the party clung to enough seats to avoid a blowout. The Georgia Senate run-off has been hurled down the memory hole. The point is to repeat the claim that Trump the person was the problem, so he has to go.

The fact is, Trump was always the white candidate. His support was over 90% white and he won in 2016 by tapping into disaffected white voters in states the Republican Party had abandoned decades ago. He was unable to build on that support in 2020, because he spent four years pandering to nonwhites. Putting aside the gross irregularities in the election, Trump failed to deliver to the people who gave him the improbable 2016 election and it hurt him in those key states.

That is the point of the Big Lie. The people behind it are only focused on one thing and that is preventing white people from noticing what is happening. The absurdity of having a neocon stooge like Rubio sell the lie is part of the magic. Whites are supposed to come away thinking Rubio was won over in the Trump years. After all, how else can you explain this rabid anti-Trump guy now praising Trump? Why would the pro-Trump site Breitbart be going along with it?

This is why the Republican Party must be destroyed. It serves no other purpose than to prevent whites from accepting demographic reality. That reality is this. About one percent of the GOP vote is black. Another 5% is Hispanic and another 2-3% is coming from other nonwhite groups. Generously, ten percent of the GOP vote is from nonwhites and this has been true for generations. No amount of outreach or wishful thinking is changing that mathematical reality.

The Democrat Party is the antiwhite party. About 27% of their vote is from whites, while the rest is from nonwhites. That number continues to drop. In 2008 whites were 32% of the Democratic Party base. In 2000 it was 34%. The combination of whites heading for minority status and the Democratic Party becoming viciously antiwhite is collapsing their white support. There is a chicken and egg debate here as to whether they are driving whites out of the party or responding to demographics.

This is ultimately what the Big Lie is intended to conceal. Despite the painting of Trump as a racist, his support with nonwhites improved. If he had been clear about whose interests he served, he not only would have won more white votes, but he would have won more nonwhite votes. Osama bin Laden was right. “When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature they will like the strong horse.” That is what the Big Lie seeks to conceal from the people who need to hear it the most.

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184 thoughts on “La Gran Mentira

  1. I don’t agree with your premise that the Republican Party must be destroyed, or yesterday’s view that the Regime has lost legitimacy.

    While yes Rubio is a liar, and the Hispanic Outreach strategy is a loser, the GOP at the State level has the ability to create pain and mischief for the Regime in so many ways: Florida allowing state residents to sue China for Covid damages. Imagine Biden having to openly side with China. Tennessee outlawing Critical Race Theory. Some other state banning Affirmative Action. These are all pain points that go away under total one party rule. Moreover, with State action costing money for the Feds (including hopefully at least one state simply ignoring/defying Federal orders on some issues) the way forward is clear:

    Deny the Regime the money it requires. This very much includes going after corporations very big time at the state level. Imagine say Florida allowing suits from state residents who were harmed by Covid 19 against China’s partner Disney. Which has deep pockets.

    The ruling regime has total legitimacy, as did the Soviet Union in 1990. What it lacks is the money to pay for everything, particularly at the corporate level where cash is being burned in Woke Piety Bonfires. Covid as you noted gives Covid Karens reasons for living, as does BLM. I saw none in 2016, but they are all over my neighborhood along with Pride stuff since May 2020. Blacks of course love the Regime, as they are sacred holy objects of worship and KANGZ! Since Woke women and blacks make up HR and most government workers, the Regime has total legitimacy. What it lacks is the ability to pay people to enforce its will without limits, again particularly at the corporate level where they can’t just print money and are not prepared for massive inflation coming our way.
    Again, at the State level GOP people will see that attacking Corporations (which are all in on Dems) is an easy play now that they won’t get that money and Dems are closed off to non-gay, non-black candidates anyway. DeSantis is no one’s idea of a heroic figure. He’s merely going where the action is. And even Rubio will likely have his turn at doing something useful, even if its only once in his life.
    With massive inflation its an attrition battle to deny particularly the Woke Corporations the ability to pay their people. Even the most brutal enforcer has to eat.

    • Frip: “Deny the Regime the money it requires.”

      What the 2008 crisis, and the QE infinity that is spawned, demonstrated is that as long as the USA has the most productive economy and the biggest military, it can literally generate as much new money as it wants without consequence.

      We need other avenues of attack besides starving the beast.

  2. Z Man;
    Alternative Hypothesis:Seeing that he was being mired by The Swamp, Trump pandered to Blacks and ‘Hispanics’ in order to *hold* the White vote. Don’t forget CivNat is still the predominant religion of the White middle class. They desperately want to believe because to contemplate the the Balkan alternative rapidly goes to very dark places nobody’d like think about, even me.*

    What is an alternative hopeful message_? If we can’t come up with one, then maybe it’s time to dust off ‘doing CivNat better’ one more time. Sure beats, ‘Sure the future sucks but with us in charge it’d suck less.’

  3. I read somewhere that Walmart is going bagless. I don’t shop at walmart much but that sounds punitive in a way. Like are we going to have to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bags)?

    • That’s already the case in the People’s Republic of New York. They have paper bags you can purchase, but other than that, yes, it’s BYOB.

      The interesting thing is that they initiated that policy in late 2019, then immediately allowed them back because of the Holocough, but after a year of that, they banned them again. By their logic, Mother Gaia’s life is more important than yours.

      • Isn’t it wonderful how environmentally conscious they are. I guess I will have to buy kitchen garbage bags, and first use them for shopping. That’s what I currently do, in the reverse order. 💩

      • Getting out of NY for a number of other reasons, but that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

        One solution: we bought a plastic storage tub to keep in the car trunk. When we check out at WalMart we move our purchases from one shopping cart to another to avoid confusion, missing or double-counting items. Take the cart to the car, load the storage tub, drive home, take the tub inside, unpack and replace in car trunk.

        Yes, it sucks to do all this, but it’s the least inconvenient solution to paying for paper bags or reusing grimy shopping bags.

        • I’ve kept a cheap cooler in my trunk for years – absolute necessity here in DFW. I use the very few grimy shopping bags I have for Aldi, and then immediately transfer what I buy to the plastic bags I have retained from other stores and sort things in the car. I make it a point on Earth Day to be as ungreen as possible. Don’t misunderstand; I believe in being a good steward, but f&&k the woke Gaia brigade.

    • I will be the biggest annoying *sshole to people at the local Walmart if that is true. We’re a conservative mostly rural area and we don’t pay lip service to stupid leftist pieties like plastic bag bans.

      I tend to avoid the Walmart when I can, not out of any principle, but just because you have to walk forever in the store to get to anything, and got forbid you forget anything in the pharmacy section and go over to the dairy section — you’ve got to walk a couple hundred yards back to pick up the thing you forgot. Also, while they have dozens of checkout stations up in front, inevitably only two or three are manned.

      • Huh. It just occurs to me … is there any law against filling cart after cart with frozen food, meat and dairy products, bringing them to the front and then … deciding not to buy them?

        • To express your principles in a positive way, you could simply boycott them and spend your money at local businesses instead. But intentionally ruining a cart full of food would only reduce you to the moral level of a POC looting a Nike store.

          • It’s called throwing sand in the gears. Conservative Inc. has let “muh principles” lead it to lose for generations now.”

            You are forced to bow down to the Nike looters or risk your job in corporate America. Whose strategy is working?

          • Anyway, they don’t have to let the food get ruined. They just have to rush it back to be restocked, using up more manpower. Not my problem.

          • The jogger looting the Nike store is taking money away from a company that is already 100% in his corner. The dissident who gums up the works at Walmart is sticking it to a business that has done much to make his life difficult. You don’t see the difference?

          • You could have just written “muh principles” and left it at that. Because they’ve served us all SO well.

          • Agree.

            I would have less scruples about picking up none perishables during my forced marches through the store and leaving them: That results in an employee having to retrace the steps they forced you to take.

        • But will people know your intentions when you sabotage Walmart? I don’t object; in fact, I think it’s kinda funny. If everyone knew that what you’re doing is retaliation for something (or at least suspected it) I bet you’d get resounding approval.

          • Tell an employee: “I’m sorry, I’ve decided not to buy all this stuff because I realized you are not going to provide me bags. Bye.”

          • Putting stuff in a cart, taking it to the front and not buying it is not “trashing it.” Otherwise, how would the food I buy be safe to eat? I’m forcing to reshelve, and by making it perishable stuff, I’m forcing them to reshelve right away, when it is least convenient for them. If they choose not to reshelve right away, that’s their own cost/benefit decision.

          • I dig it, then. I’ll do it, too, because I think it has the potential to gain steam. They will keep taking until we start making merciless demands en masse.

        • No, but what purpose would that serve? The plastic bag ban (at least in NY) was imposed by the state legislature, not the store. You’d be trashing stuff that someone else might need.

          If you want to take some “guerrila action” in that regard, just move a lot of non-perishable stuff around the store to locations where they don’t belong. Only cost there is to the store to replace them–but bear in mind that ultimately comes out of your pocket too.

          • The post I was replying to said “I read somewhere that Walmart is going bagless,” not that some state was going to impose it.

            If somebody needs that stuff, then Walmart should stop pissing people off with a worthless bag ban.

          • Putting stuff in a cart, taking it to the front and not buying it is not “trashing it.” Otherwise, how would the food I buy be safe to eat? I’m forcing to reshelve, and by making it perishable stuff, I’m forcing them to reshelve right away, when it is least convenient for them. If they choose not to reshelve right away, that’s their own cost/benefit decision.

            (sorry for the duplicate above)

      • i find the self checkout thing offensive. Yes you have to pay peoplemmore – but if it helps speed things up – people will like it and feel less deterred to shop there.

        Of course they could just get there groceries delivered via amazoge

        • I do like the way expensive bulk foods magically turn into cheap bulk foods when it’s up to the customer to type the number in. Chocolate-covered almonds turn into chocolate-covered raisins. A bag of five donuts out of the pastry case turns into one donut too.

          • And the ole false scan is a good one, too.”Hey, I dragged my TV over the scanner. I thought the machine caught it!”

          • Hahah 2 years ago I would have thought it madness to be stealing from a store. My local store has rainbow flags up everywhere.

            Well, as a good citizen I do not steal. But I do scan my items at the checkout fast. Can’t verify that every single item gets scanned correctly.

    • Here in CA, most big box stores and grocery chains were bagless for a few years before Covid. It did kinda suck when you’d forget to bring yours in, and have to walk back to your car to get them.

      But I didn’t mind it much overall because I do think all the plastic bags are a big waste and fill up landfills too much. They probably add to polution, and we have enough smog in SoCal as it is.

      I could be off base on the landfill-pollution thing. But still, think about how many billions of plastic bags are made each month, then trashed. It’s just wasteful.

      Another good thing about the law was it “forced” you to buy a few insulated easy-carry insulated bags. You throw an ice pack in them before you drive to store. Shop as long as you like, because your chicken is in your icy cooler bag in your cart.

      Also when you get home. If you’re tired and don’t want to put away the groceries, you can just leave the coolers on the counter and go relax on the couch for a few hours.

      Also, instead of dealing with 10 awkward plastic bags hanging from your fingers, you just have 2 cooler bags slung from your shoulders.

      Also, if you have to throw up in your car you can throw up in your cooler bag and zip it up and use it for a pillow.

      • “But I didn’t mind it much overall because I do think all the plastic bags are a big waste and fill up landfills too much”

        Lol. Good boy. Have a cookie.

        • I was thinking about the landfill issue earlier while I was entering my local Walmart. Is it really “unsustainable” to keep using plastic bags to shop?
          I honestly don’t know.

          • I’ve read analyses that indicate that the volume that plastic bags make up of both loose environmental trash and landfill contents is inconsequential. It’s pure virtue signaling.

            Also, we are never going to run out of space for landfills. Landfills are fine.

  4. Off Topic: Last time I read Readers Digest was in mid-1980s in high school detention. That’s all they had for us to read in that room. Bookshelves of Readers Digest. It leaned conservative back then, or at least traditional. Much different than what I ran across the other day. Now it’s a book of marching orders. Note how all-encompassing your duties are, as directed by the article.

    From Readers

    6 Ways to Be an LGBTQ+ Ally

    Author: Fat Pig

    Sub Headline: Being an ally to an LGBTQ friend, family member, co-worker, acquaintance, or the population as a whole, goes beyond acceptance.

    This constant policy tug-of-war is one of many reasons why it’s not enough to simply “accept” your gay nephew, gender nonconforming grandchild, or the transgender woman in your community; in order for further progress to be made, it’s important to be an LGBTQ ally.

    If this is a term you haven’t encountered before, the It Gets Better Project defines an ally as “someone who supports equal civil rights, gender equality, and LGBTQ+ social movements; advocates on behalf of others; and challenges fear and discrimination in all its forms.

    …being an ally means committing to lifelong learning. “The role of an ally is to listen, learn, and practice in service to others,” Villegas explains. “If allyship is a new concept for you, begin by seeking more information and building your skills so that you can reduce harm and uplift the LGBTQ community.”

    …As the dean of health and wellness at a Boston public school, part of Charmain F. Jackman, PhD’s job is to advocate on behalf of LGBTQ students—including speaking up when necessary. “When someone is being misgendered, be the one to speak and use the correct pronouns,” the Harvard-trained, licensed psychologist tells Reader’s Digest. “This happens quite a bit, and it is important that the LGBTQIA+ individual does not have to carry the emotional labor of correcting others.”


    “gender nonconforming grandchild” – Picturing Archie Bunker’s face as someone says those words to him. “What the hell are you talking about now little girl?” Or as the kids say today, “do what?”

    Seriously though, for some reason those three words make me want to leave this planet more than any other stupid gay-ass phrase out there. It just says it all. “Grandchild” is so wholesome. The phrase is like someone jumping up on the Thanksgiving table and pissing in grandma’s mashed potatoes.

    • “Readers Digest” … “Author: Fat Pig”

      This is not your grandma’s Readers Digest.

      Conquest’s Law #2: “Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.”

      Actually, I think Conquest was wrong. He wasn’t enough of a pessimist. I’ve seen too many “right-wing” organizations eager to reinforce yesterday’s left-wing victories.

      “The Conservative Case for Drag Queen Story Hour” and similar abominations.

      • Reader’s Digest is corrupted too? There really are no safe harbors of normalcy left.

  5. There are a plethora of gran mentiras. Reagan called Hispanics conservative at heart. Perhaps Reagan truly believed this. Whatever the case, so many have been swayed to believe it to be true even still.
    In the mid-90’s, I worked at a hospital in Northern VA. There was a massive number of pregnant Hispanics delivering babies at the time, all recent immigrants. The preliminary intake questions included: when did you learn you were pregnant and how long have you been in the US? The overwhelming majority of the women learned they were pregnant in their native countries of Central America and were in the US within the next month or two. Many had a 1st or 2nd grade education yet they made that journey and immediately, quite successfully plugged in to the welfare system. The number was astounding and I remember quietly calling attention to it with few of the doctors and nurses. “Isn’t it fantastic, such a dynamic group of people, we are such a melting pot!” were most of the responses. Anything less enthusiastic would have been racist; a death wish.
    In retrospect, it was suicide.
    I no longer live there but I do know it’s a different world now.

    • Where a lot of conservative analysts go wrong in evaluating Hispanics is in thinking that they are, by and large, ideologues. The truth is that they are Roman Catholic and working class, and therefore view family and religion as the point of existence, and politics is merely a tool for personal enrichment, or at the least a tool for avoiding impoverishment. They form into coalition with whatever group promises them the most. Dissidents should take note, and pursue coalitions with politicians who will give them money and reduce their taxes or regulatory burden. Treating politics like an ideological vanity project has been disastrous, so more practical goals should be pursued.

      • I’ve often thought Hispanics (the Mexicans anyway) were more culturally Catholic than actually devoted to the faith. In the country formerly known as the U.S., their illegitimacy rate is 65-70%. Some of them mix Santeria with their Catholicism, though I don’t know what percentage do that. I could be wrong…

        • Mexicans usually go with Santa Muerte (look that up), while Santeria is more Afro-Caribbean.

          The only Hispanics that vote Republican are either white like the Cubans, and/or Evangelical/Charismatic. Mexico itself, has for the most part been dominated by one faction of the political Left ever since Maximillian was assassinated.

          The idea that Mexican mestizos were “natural conservatives” was part of the Big Lie. I think it fools a certain type, because they confuse a stage of delayed modernization with being traditional or conservative. In their family patterns, they at best tend towards what Edward Banfield called amoral familism.

          Even before the 1960’s Mexico had illegitimacy rates around 20-25% which was higher than US Blacks at the time. To make matters worse, today they also have high divorce rates, as well as higher rates of homosexuality and child molestation, etc. “Natural Conservatives,” I think not.

      • Yeah, a lot of this stuff was commonplace in college towns in the mid 90s.

        People laughed it off.

        The economy was pretty good, so there was way too much grillin’ n chillin’ to do!

  6. Well Zman, congratulations are in order. You write a post using Rubio as an example of the GOP’s ‘big lie’ strategy to keep Whites engaged in pointless electoral politics while they are rapidly becoming a minority in their own country and . . . your brilliant readers decide that an electoral strategy that really causes Mestizos and Asians and Hindus and Han to ally with Whites will mean WINNING BIGLY. Some days I wonder why you bother. Most days I wonder why I bother. I’m going to the gym to listen to Sabaton and give the POX a dead-eyed glare. Have a nice day.😊

    • Yes, there is a huge divide those who see the non-negotiable, instinctive ethnocentrism of non-whites and those who don’t.

      I take no pleasure in saying this, but many Christians believe, either consciously or not, that Christ can transform all people into deracinated and civilized white people. I strongly doubt this claim and the consequences of them being wrong is that we never win.

      There’s a civnat whom I like a lot but I harangue him for his foolishness. Here is one of his latest tweets:

      “Oh — and church. Lots of church.”

      3g4me listens to Swedish power metal?

      • Line: I listen to Sabaton, Powerwolf, Hammerfall, and Pain – courtesy of my elder son. Didn’t care so much for Elutheria and some others. It really helps motivate me.

        My gripe with all the folks here inventing racial pandering strategies by which the GOP could theoretically win is even more basic. So the fark what if the GOP wins? How in the hell does that help White people? What sort of extra pandering would the GOP then have to do to attract all those magic Mestizos and Han voters? Merely being the ‘not-black party’ would be insufficient. And, in the event they then won, they’d attribute it all to their wonderful diverse voters and still screw over Whites.

        Why on earth waste any time on these fantasies? People are still heavily invested in electoral politics and the ‘democratic system’ and think they can manipulate it in their favor, and they think they’re more edgy than civnats? Madness.

  7. I’m reminded by this of the burial of Bin Laden:

    “Traditional procedures for Islamic burial was followed,” the May 2 email from Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette reads. “The deceased’s body was washed (ablution) then placed in a white sheet. The body was placed in a weighted bag. A military officer read prepared religious remarks, which were translated into Arabic by a native speaker. “After the words were complete, the body was placed on a prepared flat board, tipped up, whereupon the deceased’s body slid into the sea.”

    The funeral of a deposed head of state if you think about it. This was a murderer of 3000+ Americans and the boogey man who made us spend literally trillions. No head on a pike. No being buried in a vat of pig fat or something like that. The heads of the military/intel apparatus inadvertently gave him a reverent burial. Our politicians loved calling him a “coward.” He was pure evil, but I always mocked that word coming from them. And all the world by now, knows what weak horses lead us, including a President whose secret service code word is probably “glue factory.”

      • Not everything is a conspiracy. Only a retarded person would believe that. I can tell that it’s not a conspiracy because they crashed a helicopter in their incompetence while extracting him. If you look for the act of incompetence, and find it, you can ascertain whether a government action was true or false. Incompetence is the signature of a government action.

  8. It’s an interesting thought that US Whites might do better under a parliamentary system in the future. We may cease to be a majority, but we would be a sizable plurality and all other groups would have to work with us to get a majority coalition.

    Anyway, that’s just idle academic talk. There is no voting our way out of this.

  9. “Trump was a lousy President, but he was a dangerous catalyst. He got white people talking about and noticing things that threaten the ruling regime, which is why they hated him.”

    Good observation.

  10. I couldn’t read too much of that Rubio article. It was a 4,400-word Marco Rubio PR piece.

    I know the only thing I need to know about Rubio: He’d barely taken his seat as a freshman Senator when he betrayed his base with his involvement with the Gang of Eight immigration bill.

    I don’t give backstabbers two chances at my back.

    • Little Marco sold out for a little bag of money, because he is just a little man after all. Say what you want about Mitch McConnell (I do) but at least he sold out for several tens of millions of dollars. If McConnell is a rodent, Rubio is a cockroach.

  11. Aha! Every day a new delight!

    ‘La Mentira’ (‘The Liar’) was a popular Mexican TV show- and, since it was Mexican TV, that could mean only one thing: Catfights Galore!

    • Cat fights and grown overweight men in diapers and onesies with painted on freckles and giant pacifiers portraying toddlers.

  12. During one of the most important elections evars hype teevee showed a disco boots Rubio ad of him throwing the football around with a sibling and I laughed so hard.
    Maybe Marco could be the historic disco boots czar?
    Clown World is pure comedy gold and enjoy the controlled demolition of burning it all down by any means courtesy of the CPUSA/CCP.
    There is nothing left to save, Zimbabwe is now.

  13. The GOP is a dead man walking no matter what. The demographics are unstoppable at this point. You could end immigration tomorrow – which, of course, won’t happen – and the GOP would still be on track to never win the presidency or the Senate in a decade or so.

    The question is how the Dems will rule. Will they push the hate Whitey rhetoric and policies to point it impact upper-middle class Whites and Jews? That’s the real question.

    Either way, the GOP has no part of that future. Its donors will never allow it to become the White Party. Whites will either accept their enslavement or begin to form their own communities and political organizations.

  14. Marco Rubio is pretty irrelevant at this point. My wealthy right-wing Hispanic friends in Florida, mostly Cubans, prefer DeSantis and Tom Cotton to Rubio by miles. Rubio is just trying to stay relevant by staking out some “shelf space” – GOP Hispanic – like Tim Scott has established his brand.

    Meanwhile, I think it’s important to observe that the Hispanic population here is very diverse, so it’s a mistake to lump them together. The old Cubans are basically DRs. The Dominicans are liberal, but they really dislike the American Blacks, even though many DRs are black – it’s pretty weird. The Mexicans can be liberal, but they generally dislike Blacks too and there are lots of second/third generation Mexicans that lean right now. The PRs are hopelessly liberal, but Central and South Americans are a mixed bag, each with their own peculiarities.

    The point is, the Democrats are going to find it very difficult to maintain a coalition of Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Whites and small hats. It’s actually easier in the long run to maintain a right-wing coalition. Asians will resent affirmative action. Hispanics now outnumber Blacks and won’t defer to them indefinitely in party politics. The small hats will find it hard to deliver enough money to all these folks to keep them under control. Will liberal Whites accept being permanently sidelined to non-leadership roles in the future Democrat Party?

    The future of the DR is with disaffected young White men. That’s it. And the hope is that the center cannot hold for the Democrats and these disparate groups’ coalition ultimately loses cohesion and force.

    • Captain Willard: The old Cubans are more like ‘classical’ liberals. Muh freedumb and democracy boilerplate. They are also ethnonationalists at the same time they are immivaders. They may have changed their skies, but in no way their souls – and their progeny have most definitely reverted to the mean. In no way are any of them, of whatever generation, dissident right.

      Yes, there is tremendous variation amongst the people America labels ‘Hispanic,’ but that is based far more on race than nationality. Dominicans dislike American blacks because their entire identity is based on not being Haitian – although the average Dominican is 50% sub-Saharan ancestry. You may find some Mexicans whose ancestors were here pre-1900 who are genuinely American, but the constantly replenished and growing Mestizo presence in America and the ease of travel between the US and Mexico generally means none of them ever sever their ties to their ancestral homeland, leading to a perpetual loyalty. The various other Mestizos and Mixtecs are all about the gimmes.

      Your concluding paragraph is sound. Young, disaffected White mem are most definitely the future of the dissident right. While the hope is that the anti-White coalition’s diversity turns out to be greater than their hatred, I wouldn’t necessarily count on it. Having a visible scapegoat and avoiding self reflection is a pretty reliable human behavioral pattern.

      • Florida man here: Cubans hate blacks and Commies—their granddad made a raft out of plywood and spend several days floating in the Florida Strait to get away from Marxism.

        The current regime is pro-black and pro-Commie. Their victory won’t last long.

  15. “The fact is, Trump was always the white candidate. His support was over 90% white and he won in 2016 by tapping into disaffected white voters in states the Republican Party had abandoned decades ago. He was unable to build on that support in 2020, because he spent four years pandering to nonwhites. Putting aside the gross irregularities in the election, Trump failed to deliver to the people who gave him the improbable 2016 election and it hurt him in those key states.”

    He was unable to build on that support in 2020? How do you figure that? Admittedly, all the election results were fraudulent, but he had over 10 million more votes in 2020 than he had in 2016. Sure, Trump failed to deliver for his base, but that didn’t hurt him. Trump voters believed in him, despite the fact he was just part of the dialectic and wouldn’t even contest the election. No, we have reached another milestone in the collapse of this nation. All elections, at least federal, will be fixed and no one will be able to question them. Pretty much the way its been for decades, but now its official.

    • “He was unable to build on that support in 2020? How do you figure that?”

      Trump made practically no gains among Whites as a share of the voting population and even lost ground in some states with that demographic. He may have gotten 10 million more votes, but he didn’t get a much greater percentage of the vote total while the other candidate picked up even more popular votes than he did. To the extent that Donald Trump won a slightly greater number of Hispanics, it was mostly the result of a backlash against BLM, black crime, and the (false) perception that he’s a populist.

      Worse, Trump depressed his vote with both Hispanic and White demographics with his gaudy Platinum Plan and his antics with black rappers. His embrace of Paul Ryan and his unpopular economic plan in the early days of his administration lost him the Rust Belt, and with that the election.

      Trump lost because he focused too much on groups that will never vote republican. Well, not unless there is a radical change. The only real way republicans can get a greater share of the Hispanic vote is to ditch subservience to corporations, become more economically populist, oppose political correctness … and dog whistle against blacks, specifically by running against violent crime (most a black thing) and hate groups like BLM. Any takers on when that will happen, lol?

      P.S. Rubio made himself look like a fool by giving an interview to 60 Minutes where he talked about UFOs. The moment the current alien craze passes, his opponents will use that footage against him in the next campaign.

      P.P.S. It doesn’t matter what the neoclowns say. There is no longer a winning coalition for the free market crowd possible with these demographics, helped along by that same crowd due to their immigration policies. So, when the GOP loses yet another presidential election after they say all the approved things, as in 2012, the establishment will be further discredited and the base will go looking elsewhere for direction. Mitt Romney checking all the approved boxes in 2012 and still losing is what made Trump possible. Why bother checking approved narrative boxes if you still can’t win? At that point, you might as well embrace what you really want. That’s what happened in 2016.

      Marco isn’t tricking enough poor Mexicans into voting for his Wall Street donors to win a presidential election. Reality is going to hit the GOP hard in the coming years. Donald Trump wasn’t the cause, he was merely the symptom. Guys like Rubio don’t get that.

      • Well, that’s the narrative about Trump’s loss, isn’t it? I think we should be able to see past narratives, don’t you?

        • Just WTF is this supposed to mean other than “Trump never fails! He can only be failed!”

          Does it mean that you’re all in on the hacked voting machines narrative exclusively and won’t consider any other explanation or broke any criticism of Cheeto Jesus? You can believe that there was massive voting fraud and also acknowledge that Trump lost more White voters with his idiotic pandering to blacks than he gained in minority votes.

          Yeah, they cheated. But Trump didn’t do anything to increase his raw number of votes among Whites who sat out 2016 in places like Wisconsin and Michigan. Instead he tried to buy off the joggers with his Platinum plan, thinking that because a genuinely crazy person like Kanye West was repping for him that he could get the majority of the black vote.

          And then when it was over, he pardoned a bunch of black degenerate criminals and left his mostly White supporters who marched on the Capital to twist in the wind.

          My favorite Trump pardon is the anchor baby of a Haitian named Kodak Black, whose video for the “song” entitled “Tunnel Vision” features a jogger choking a MAGA hat wearing redneck with an American flag. That guy got a pardon on gun charges while Trump supporters are still being held in jail for trespassing and criminal mischief.

          Screw Trump and his apologists. He ain’t our guy.

          • ‘Just WTF is this supposed to mean other than “Trump never fails! He can only be failed!”’

            Trump was in on the scam from the beginning. No, what it means is that deriving facile explanations using data that is entirely fraudulent will give you fraudulent interpretations. Or, are you going to tell me that the results were completely legit and anyone who says otherwise is not as intelligent as I am?

    • I actually wish Trump lost legit, in other words having disaffected his base to the point they stayed home. Then, maybe he would go away. Nah, he’d probably still cry foul.

      The fact he increased his vote from 2016 is pretty sad considering how he betrayed them and pandered pathetically to people who hate him and his base.

      • Yeah he was a huge letdown, but, sorry, I really wanted four more years of that clown show.

  16. I’ve a rare disagreement with Zman, who wrote that Trump “failed to deliver to the people who gave him the improbable 2016 election and it hurt him in those key states” in the 2020 election. I don’t think so. Trump won all the key states handily, but his wins were reversed and obscured by what Biden accurately called “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” However, it ain’t over yet, as Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire currently demonstrate.

    • Probably was stolen.

      Doesn’t really matter though. If non whites actually turned out to vote they would swamp the white voters. The demographic cake has been baked and voting harder simply doesn’t work mathematically.

      • That’s why the multi-generational objective is to delegitimize and undermine the American Empire so that when it finally dies (and all empires die) future generations will have the possibility of carving a country of their own out of the land that used to be ours.

    • “However, it ain’t over yet, as Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire currently demonstrate.”

      ??? It is all over. Even if cheating is proved, who cares? Nothing changes. “So what? We cheated. Duh! Whatcha gonna do about it?”

      • Cheating can *not* change the election results, nor remove Biden, as the “States” all certified the electors and *they* voted and in essence elected Biden. The people do *not* elect the President. The is no recourse.

        What these audits can do is to show fraud/corruption and perhaps promote legislative changes to the process. This is why the push to Federalize elections. They now have a corrupt process in place that they wish to perpetuate.

    • Donald Trump stated several times leading up to the election that they were going to steal it, but the man also foolishly closed down the office charged with investigating voter fraud years before that! He had practically zero legal plan set to challenge the election and the democrat party worked for years to change voting laws under his nose. He did nothing as the media personalities that got him elected were banned from social media, a deliberate attempt to influence the vote. The election may have been stolen by nefarious entities, but Mr. Trump did little to prevent it, either because he didn’t really care and considered the whole thing an opportunity to grift or because he’s ignorant of politics.

      P.S. Despite what I’ve typed here, we may have no choice but to go with Donald Trump again in 2024 if we can’t find a replacement. I don’t see anyone on the GOP side at the moment.

      “However, it ain’t over yet”

      No, it’s definitely over. Let’s put down the hopium. There is no legal process to reverse the election at this point. I mean, how exactly do you imagine that going down anyway? The courts definitely aren’t going to tell Biden to leave office and let Trump be president again no matter what anyone says. In any case, the election has already been certified by congress. No state can overturn that, no matter what any audit says — even if they have solid evidence of voter fraud. Also, the military isn’t doing a coup and the congress is controlled by the other side.

      The people pushing this Q stuff never game out a plausible scenario because they can’t think of one. They’re hoping you won’t notice that. It’s all fantasy, so please stop repeating this nonsense. You’re not helping anyone with it. You’re only giving people a sense of false security and lulling them back into doing nothing, confident that someone else will come and save them instead of them having to do anything themselves, which grill-n-chill conservatives are famous for.

      • Wish I could up vote this a hundred times.

        My only quibble is that we may have no choice but to support Trump in 2024. Staying home is a choice.

        • Based5.0: TINVOWOOT. All this electoral strategizing infuriates me. The only way Whites ‘win’ is by choosing not to play.

          • No, elections are a tool: organizing, propaganda, overton window shoving, fundraising, lawfare, Long Marching into local institutions, etc. are all election-based or related tools that we can effectively use to advance against the Enemy. Just because you aren’t going to shoot your way out of the Raven Hill ambush doesn’t mean you just give up all your guns voluntarily. Use the tools we have, and elections are still-useful tool (but we won’t win solely by that one tool, anymore than those Threeper fools are going to win the day solely with their hobbyhorse).

    • It most certainly is over, no matter what the audits find. There is no legal mechanism to remove Biden other than impeachment. Impeachment won’t happen with a Dem majority in Congress. Even if it did, it just means that Harris is president. So then I guess there’s another magical impeachment of her and then Nancy Pelosi is POTUS. How is the situation improved by any of that?

      A Dem will hold the White House until at least 2024. There’s no way around that reality unless we’re ready to contemplate a “for real and for all the marbles” military coup or armed insurrection, not the Disgruntled Boomer BS that happened on January 6. The chances of either of those at this point are not zero, but it’s close. The actual time for that to have occurred with a slim chance of ultimate success was when Trump was still the POTUS between November and January. He either didn’t have the stones to try it or lacked the military support he would have needed. Either reason is pretty telling.

      Holding onto the fantasy that Trump is going to be restored to the presidency through magical means is a cope that needs to die.

    • still Biden won the popular vote by slightly over four points. Even if you remove the fraud – he probably still won the PV. The fact Trump was able to almost win the EC despite losing by seven million votes is the political equivalent of a “freak accident”.

  17. I’m pretty sure Bush 43’s share of the Hispanic vote in 2004 was closer to 38-40%, not 44%. The latter figure is to this day still quoted by loose borders GOP shills like Michael Medved to “prove” that Hispanics are reachable. Note that the only way Bush 43 got the relatively generous Hispanic vote that he did was by inflating a nasty housing bubble by way of debauched lending standards and pressuring lenders to make zero down loans.

    The geniuses running the Republican party are blind, intentionally or not, to the fact that poor people don’t vote for the GOP, no matter how often they go to church, dislike infanticide, or recoil at the thought of two men swapping bodily fluids on their “wedding night.” These same people also endlessly tout Hispanic small business formation, as though an illegal who cleans white peoples’ houses with her sister or a mow-and-blow service is a real business rather than an under the table hustle.

    • The give away to the political grift they’re running is when they start touting “multi-ethnic working class party.” Which means, we’re doing populism folks, just none of that icky Trump stuff!

      • Trump ran on a populist platform in 2016 but didn’t in 2020 when he came off as just another GOP pol with a loud mouth,.

        Gone from his 2020 platform was almost everything that got him elected in 2016. Not to mention his asskissing of black rappers, getting black criminals released early, Instead of focusing on bringing back American businesses and putting the screw to companies like Harley Davidson, Ford, Apple he did nothing.

        His reneging on deporting DACA, Visa overstays, etc bit him on the ass big time. His caving in to Ryan and McConnell along with killing Kobach’s voting fraud investigations pretty much doomed him and the GOP for 2018 and 2020.

        In regards to voter fraud. It was quite clear that most of the GOP pols hated Trump and wanted him gone. Hence they turned a blind eye to it happening at the state level and let him sink. Even his VP back stabbed him.

        Trump never understood he was a dead man walking(politically) the moment he won. Even after the entire establishment turned on him, he was oblivious to it.

        • I beleive that Donald J Trump’s political career has material evidence that could lead to the felony conviction of Hillary Clinton….

  18. I feel as though we’re making progress, though. More people than ever seem sick of what once seemed to be prevailing public sentiment. I hope we continue to become more forthright about stuff like this. Only the most diehard fans continue to support the regime. People were even speaking out against forced vaccination in a zoom meeting I was in the other day.

  19. The Dems actively foster demographic change, so there’s little doubt about the direction of the causality.

  20. One nit-pic—Breitbart was not a pro-Trump site, IMO. I distinctly remember it turning anti-Trump early in his presidency. So much so, I had to stop reading. I now believe this was due to Trump not towing the line and becoming a swamp creature—as all the upstart pol’s had before. Breitbart represents the swamp and is no friend of the DR.

    • Compsci – Breitbart was not a site I had frequented before the 2016 election, but I read and commented quite a bit there during Trump’s candidacy. Almost immediately after his win, there were a number of personnel changes at the site (I’m too lazy to look it up but I know the main editor changed) and they immediately banned anything even hinting at the slightest criticism of Jevvs. They became civnat to the extreme and hostile toward Trump’s purported anti-immigrant stance (although he took minimal action to actually stem the immigrant tide). I was banned there early in 2016 and haven’t been back. It’s now merely another gatekeeper for comfortable civnat boomer screeds.

      • Thanks 3g4me for the clarification and extension. I did not know the full story and it was confusing to me at the time. Now not so much. 😉

      • Top 10 articles that appear on Breitbart (and Faux News)

        1. Israel
        2. Based blacks
        3. Hunter Biden’s Laptop
        4. Covid
        5. DR3
        6. China
        7. Republican politician puff piece
        8. The democrats have done something bad
        9. “Antisemitism”
        10. Military

        Imagine the year is 2024. Ask yourself, does any of that stuff win the presidential election?

    • Breitbart is on the same level as the claremont people (AmGreatness, Hillsdale) and the Federalist. Basically all anti-Trump people who then did a 180 and would not shut up about FISA or what have you.

  21. From Zman’s June 6 article in Taki’s Magazine: “A white middle class that believes in the core values of America and trusts that the experts in science and technology can solve every problem, is the keystone of the empire.”

    OK, what, exactly, are the “core values of America”? An objective observer, perhaps from another galaxy, might say that the most core value of America is finding a parking spot as close as possible to the front door of whatever consumer emporium or workplace is that driver’s destination. A core value of America seems to be to spend as little time in upright motion as possible. In fact, regulations make this mandatory for individuals with handicaps unrelated to locomotion.

    In descending order the ranked core values of a normal American are these: 1. Comfort, 2. Convenience, 3. Entertainment, 4. Security.

    Nothing is as important as comfort for the typical American. The surrounding temperature and humidity must fit exact parameters. Noise levels must be low but total silence isn’t acceptable either. Any inconvenience is a serious negative. Waiting for just a short time for a service is considered torture. Walking across the street for a diet soda is too much to bear. Can it be delivered? The arrival of the smart phone has done wonders for the bored mind, where thoughts on various subjects can be replaced by cat videos and mindless internet social gossip. Lulls in the activity of sporting events are filled with obscenely loud music that eliminates discussions of the game between spectators. Security is a primary concern fed by fear of the other. Access to spaces is governed by electronic locks, CCTV continuously observes activity in almost every location. Security guards are a major part of the employment picture. This being the case, are the present American core values even worth defending? Should a patriotic, loyal American defend the idea that handicapped people don’t need any exercise and thus should be afforded parking at the front door of the supermarket? Or should he instead be upset that healthy people gravitate to the same spaces with no concern for their handicapped countrymen, which then requires legalities to make them behave as though they were civilized.

    If being “conservative” means adhering to values treasured in the past, and to a large extent it must, what are those values? For instance, most people abhor blood sports. The minority that see nothing wrong with cockfighting, an activity that has been popular for millennia and is still practiced in many parts of the world, are criminals all over the US, where it was once an everyday part of life. Nothing could be more conservative than cockfighting yet there’s no defense of it in the GOP platform or any other conservative literature.

    Isn’t more than likely that there actually are no core American values, but simply values embraced by the most influential Americans at some point in time?

    • I was with you for awhile there Tom and then you lost me. Is there some sarcasm that I missed?

    • Core values and what we practice are two different things. Your defined ones reflect examples of human weakness, the other lofty aspirations we sometimes fail to achieve, but never-the-less often motivate us in national policy—and of course make us feel good about ourselves.

      I am interested in the aspirational values. One (of many) would be that the US is a “propositional” nation, where it follows that all who buy into such can become “Americans” simply by acceptance and arrival upon our shores. This is the opposite of the time proven “blood and soil” definition, and the root of most of today’s problems.

    • Yes to all of this, now extrapolate. We have become predominantly a nation of soft fat lazy whiners who crave instant gratification and magic pill solutions to every problem. That cannot persist forever because someone has to produce the wealth that feeds the beast, and the parasites now outnumber the producers. So there will be a collapse at some point. And what is in your best interest in this scenario. First is survive the collapse. Then wait out the initial chaos & bloodletting. Then rise and react when the circumstances & timing are most favorable to your success in whatever remedy you pursue.

      Get out of the big city. Find a safe haven as your refuge. Stock up, arm up, and get fit now.

    • I followed you to the end, there, Tom. All, and I mean all of the ‘core values’ that ‘Americans’ embraced have now been deemed toxic. See, I did not want to use the ‘R’ word, and I don’t mean “Republican.”

      Scrimping today to plan for the future? Toxic.
      Considering the actions of this moment based on how they will play out in the future? Toxic.

      It goes on.

      What can you expect from a white middle class that embraced ruining their childrens’ lives with debt that cannot be escaped via bankruptcy … so they can have their Prius x 2, larger house and Disney cruise? Sure, a nice salute to our veterans at their fave fave sportsball event makes them feel a shiver of ‘patriotism’. Then right back to sucking the future out of their own offspring for comfort today and now.

      IMO you are describing what was once known as “the ugly American” abroad. Now they waddle around in masks, putting up with all manner of humiliations to get their latest geegaw. They should just be more honest and sell one of their daughters into prostitution, for a few bags of rice … as these ‘fathers’ are doing the same thing as their media betters praise Onlysluts daily, in their outlets. They might as well be more honest and sell another of their children into slavery, as helping their 18 year old ‘fill out the paperwork’ to get a six figure debt burden in order to attend bumper sticker U – perfect for the back of the Prius, his or hers … is the same thing.

      Sadly for these folks, they just are not having enough children statistically to sell one into prostitution and another into slavery to make their lives more comfortable.

      As for what makes an ‘American’ “influential” these days? Buying power, and according to those that investigate such things, that is being consolidated into the hands of unmarried, never married, never gonna be married women. Whatever passes for ‘men’ trailing behind these important decision makers are no longer seen as important.

    • Freedom of association.

      It’s the only core value that matters, and the 1964 Civil Rights Act killed it.

      • ProzNoV: I think that the most generous interpretation of the Bill of Rights and the overall founding documents can be summed up as three things:
        1. The Right to be an iconoclast
        2. The Right to be Left Alone
        3. The Right to try to make your fortune
        Those have been dead and gone for decades now, the first killed by the bankers around the turn of the 20th century and the other two killed by Johnson’s Great Society and demographic reality.

    • Nah.

      Uh-mericans only have two climate control settings:

      Arctic cold and Death Valley heat.

  22. The Republican Party must be destroyed but we should be prepared for the continued and escalating repression of any organized political movement that represents our interests. Clearly, any such political party providing a new home for former Republicans is going to be declared to be illegal, its members ‘gangsters’ or ‘terrorists’ etc. Unless of course it can be co-opted and nullified. The degree to which they bring to bear the various methods of coercion they have at their disposal will be a measure of both their fear of losing power but also their unshakable righteousness. One thing is certain, the regime will NEVER willingly tolerate a political movement that allows power to start to accrue in the hands of representatives of bad-whites.
    I think of our country as a colony, all of the institutions subverted and taken over by aliens who wield these levers of power with a remarkably single minded focus towards extracting all wealth and value from the unfortunate host while at the same doing all they can to degrade and annihilate the population that represents a challenge. We are the despised natives here to be exploited for as long as possible but ultimately completely dispossessed and eradicated. It is a useful and fairly accurate model to keep in mind for making predictions.

    • You are correct, but these two things are simultaneously true: what you describe is accurate and will take place, and it must happen.

      One subversive way to achieve our results are to join in with the Left in areas where there is common agreement. For example, the destruction of the Israeli state is a goal of the American Left and also would be good for White people. That’s just an obvious example. There are others, mostly on the economic front, and involve taxing the hell out of multinationals, among others.

      But the idea the Republican Party can be reformed is ludicrous. It would not exist if it did not serve the interests of the Left.

    • The machine that is keeping YT down is comprised of 95% White people. Whites are the only racial group that I know of that has half their population activiely trying to exterminate the whole group..

      • Indeed. It’s the white upper class and intellectuals leading the charge to genocide whites. White cops enforce the anti-white edicts of black robed Marxist lunatics and protect the violent predators who prey on whites. While the MSM cheers it on and Hollywood/Madison Ave erases Whites from advertising and television.

        That said, it’s rather amusing to see the white police take it in the teeth for being loyal to a bunch of over-educated, malignant cretins who hate their guts and want to see them dead. Yet they won’t speak up at all.against this war against their fellow whites. Guess the money is too good.

    • Tucker did a segment (I think last night. I watched it last night, but it might have been a little older) on all the anti-white hatred being spewed in the culture and how mainstream it has become and how it is causing the diverse (mostly black) dirt people to act on that hatred against white dirt people. He then brought on a black guy to talk about it. We’re not even allowed to be the ones that talk about it, even on the supposedly white supremacist Tucker show. Of course, the back guy brings up MLK and the KKK.

      • A guy who works the same job as me at one of our sister facilities shared a couple Faceborg screenshots of an office worker at his location. They were from just a few weeks ago. In one, the person is asked what the most difficult thing about his job is, and he replies, “whiteness”. In the second one, he remarks “Back from several days off and doing my first virtual meeting. Yep, everyone’s still white.”

        I understand that a steely resolve is most likely to produce victory, but I can’t explain how this has my blood boiling. We all know the “what if?” involved.

        It’s not what he said online, it’s the fact that I can’t escape daily lectures from our political, media, and corporate betters that I’m actually the one enjoying privilege while that benighted soul is struggling under the yoke of white oppression. I take it very personally when I’m told to deny reality — for my detriment, not my benefit!

        • It is difficult for me to believe that they don’t know what they are doing. Partisanship only explains so much. Framing can only explain so much. The literal opposite of what they say is happening is what is actually happening. Tucker knows he is cucking. The leftists know they are causing this kind of hatred. People like Ben Shapiru know too.

          They hate you and they want you and your children dead or better yet, mudsharking.
          That is the only thing you need to know about them.

        • I don’t know how much psychological truth, if any there is to this claim, but I’ve often heard if you label or treat people a certain way, they may eventually conform to said labels. While the Left’s current intention is to demonize Whites, perhaps calling us White Supremacists and Racists for long enough might just have positive effects in the end. 😀

      • Tucker Carlson, and most of the Right, still think they can shame the Left into behaving themselves or playing fair. A few weeks ago he was promoting a based black man who wants to bring policing back to NYC. Ben Shapiro just humiliated himself by encouraging his dimwitted followers into giving AOC’s family $100k to “expose her hypocrisy”, or some other such nonsense. I sure wish the Left would call me names, then give me 100 grand. That’d show me who’s who.

        Sigh. It’s all so embarrassing.

        What they don’t understand is that these politicians have been selected for because they don’t feel shame. The kind of person who runs for office in this environment is very different from your average normie.

        • Ben wants the approval of his co-ethnics.
          His “principles” say the “browning of America” is fine with him, meanwhile he supports genocide against brown people in Israel. He has written articles about it like “Transfer is not a dirty word”

          The guy was writing articles promoting sending our boys to Iraq from his Harvard dorm room. Most chickenhawks at least have the decency to wait until they are too old to start promoting wars.
          HE MUST GO BACK!!

  23. White, urban, liberals are on their way out, dying off in a generation due to low fertility. East Asians have very low fertility in Asia and in the USA. In a generation immigration from East Asia will probably slow to a trickle. There are billions of those Indian bastards and they will *all* come to the West if possible. They’re replacing J*ws in the ruling class. Blacks will always be blacks.

    In the future I could see fully Asian-ized cities with a heavy indian flavour, and black slums. Remaining US whites are largely rural, and Christian. Lower class Anglo-whites might slowly assimilate into Hispanic culture. White guy named Hernandez, brown guy named Smith.

    It would basically be a coalition of Asians, blacks, mulattoes, and remaining J*ws and their hatred of whitey, with rural whites as the rump of America plus a mixed castizo/mestizo/Anglo working class, tagging along by voting for Hispanic leaders who are not totally hateful of whites. Hispanics are resistant to woke. Will they continue as they get more assimilated and the woke culture ramps up? We’re going to find out.

    We may see a Hispanic strong man / dictator rise up. Would he be pro anglo white? Maybe, maybe not. But they might just end up doing the job white people won’t do and elect a based leader. This was a mess of a comment and full of conjecture but it’s kind of how I see the future playing out.

    • Sorry, off topic here, but I have gathered reading comments here that you are Canadian.

      Can you explain why and how Canadian hockey fans are accepting the bullshit being foisted upon them? Are they all pussies? I had in the past pictured Canadian whites as tough guys, lumberjacks, oilmen, hockey players, etc. But now I see them all happy that they finally get to have 2,500 fans at the Bell Centre, and not one of them will even consider removing the face diaper in the crowd.

      Conversely, in ultra-liberal Boston, MA, they are packing in capacity crowds almost completely diaper-free.

      It is quite a juxtaposition. Is Canada really that cucked now? I miss Don Cherry.

      • Yes.

        There’s some based ones around but it’s like 5% vs. 95% of liberal cucks and minorities. Our minorities are all indians (not the same kind of Brahmins the usa gets but Punjabis, disliked in India too), and muslims who hate hate hate whitey. The government encourages it too.

        Dude ran over 5 yesterday in his car. Get ready for months of white man bad in the media.

        • B125: I saw a headline about that at Daily Mail. Hey, he nailed 4 out of 5 (the boy wasn’t killed). Better than most White ‘mass killer’ media events, and certainly better than most black shooter events.

      • Just this morning I was watching the classic video of Bryan Trottier and Kevin Stevens heckling Brian Bellows during the 1991 Stanley Cup finals. As some of the commenters alluded to, if this kind of banter was captured in this era the NHL would have to issue a thorough condemnation of such “problematic” language.

        “Bellows, get off the fucking ice, you faggot!…Get off the ice, you pussy. Lay on the ice like a pansy. You lay on the ice like a broad, Bellows, you pussy! You fucking woman! You fucking got balls, you fucking tit fucker? Get up, you pussy!”

        (((Gary Bettman))), (((Elliott Friedman))), Ron MacLean, and all the pozzed vibrants on the CBC would cluck their tongues and assure the audience that stiff measures would take place to ensure such toxic masculinity never again rear its ugly head. They’d probably go to an all female announcers booth as penance.

        • To be fair, when Ulf Samuelsson is on your team, Trottier and Stevens could get away with talking a lot more shit.

          • Ulfie was not a tough guy. Just a dirty player who ended various good players’ careers by eye gouging, kneeing, you name it. Mondou, Neely, etc. He also injured Bellows in this series.

    • Looking for silver linings in the multicult of progress is bound to be messy.

      For my whole adult life I have been told any day now all those mexican invaders will turn out to be just like us family-minded, naturally conservative Christians.

      Meanwhile, my home town has gone from postcard rural Americana to third-world crime-ridden taqueria strip malls and litter strewn streets.

      As we all know, what survives importation and what adapts to the mall of American opportunity is often the worst of both worlds.

      Looking at what has happened in the trades is a useful indicator of what the rest of our nation of commerce will become.

      Nepotism and tribal favoritism. Shoddy work and regulatory ignorance. Grifting and leveraging off of “diversity” favoritism. Increasing hostility and disregard toward whites, management, clients, and inspectors. Minimal local reinvestment of labor, business profits; and minimal continuity of skills and pride in workmanship.

      Traveling to their homelands reveals a landscape where you cant tell what is being built or demolished. The constant scamming and fickle labor results in 50/50 attrition.

      Mexicans doing the jobs Whites “wont” do is a pyrrhic victory if there ever was one. As they say about our favorite pox, “we shoulda picked our own strawberries”. Slow learners I reckon.

    • I think the Mexican fans’ treatment of the US men’s soccer team in Denver the other night was instructive.

      • Perhaps for a few Howard. Every “home” game has had this element.

        In CA the crowds have been 75% mexican for years. Team USA gets booed and harassed regularly on their “home” fields.

        Mexican flags everywhere. Just like in the Trump era.

        From what I gathered from the news on at the gym is that the greatest offense was that some fans were chanting some anti-faggotry at a player. POZ is a religion. The USA is just a proposition.

        But maybe the thousand cuts like this are making a difference. Denver is full of hostile mexicans but the level of goodwhite there is off the scales.

      • Wild Geese – Thing is, though, that’s been happening for decades now – here as well as international competitions. The Mexicans in America hate Americans. Their loyalty is to their people – la raza. We should long since have demonstrated the same. That the idea of fair play transmogrified into never taking one’s own side is one of the more pernicious of today’s lies.

        • Yep,as a Californian I saw this first hand 40 years ago. Mexicans remain Mexicans. And a lot of them HATE gringos. Not all but a majority do The worst are the ones with a liberal college degree – those f**kers get supercharged with Marxism and La Raza. You can see that with Biden’s Mexican picks.

          But this was covered up by the Dems, MSM and business community who used the Mexican immigrants for their own purposes. So most whites never got a clear picture of these buggers.

          I had hoped that Trump would have deported a million or so but no he was too busy tweeting and reneging on all his immigration reform promises as Coulter pointed out.

    • you seem to be under the impression usa won’t break apart, which future doctrine or ideology will unite the races living in the usa? I really don’t see indians paying welfare to african & mestizo leeches, that would be hilarious to think about.

      Dysfunctional empires always lose territories, it’s just a fact.

      • Bingo. Without the welfare – police state, Blacks, Mexicans, Muzzies and SEAsians would be: Killing each other like mad over what table scraps that were left and settling some old racial scores as well.

        The fact is the elite in this country created one giant racial pressure cooker-prison and if it fails even for a little while blood will flow live rivers in this country.

        The country wouldn’t necessarily fragment but there would be some cities and large tracts rendered unlivable(mostly in the SouthWest due to infrastructure destruction and ecological reasons) as a result. Some ethnic groups here would either go extinct(Somalis) or migrate South(Hispanics).. Blacks being near universally despised will fare the worst as no one wants them near them.

    • Your demographic projections sound plausible. Somewhere in that transition will be the ineluctable deterioration of our nation’s average intellectual capital. That will have profound effects on everything from education, to governance, to corporations, to international business, and finally, I arrive at, the military’s preparedness. The bottom line is our nation will be increasingly unfit to hold on to current foreign assets or commitments. It will be easy (easier) prey for a stronger nation to take over as head honcho. I’d nominate China for that role.

      • White intellectual capital is mostly intact. What has happened is that the white ruling class has displaced our own native talent in favor low cost foreign brains(Chinese grinders and Brahmans),

        We also have to factor in that our corporations are very woke and have made it near impossible for smart whites to move up the ladder. I know two top aerospace firms that bend over backwards for female and ethnic engineers and putting them on the corporate fast track to higher positions. Ever wonder how Boeing ended up with so many Pajeets as managers? This is how. Now Boeing is going to purge some 20,000 white workers to make room for 20,000 black workers over the next five years.

        What is especially worrisome is that we have lost a tremendous amount of technical know-how from off-shoring and importing foreign workers. And don’t forget we make very little here in the U.S. compared to what we did in 1990.

  24. A winning strategy for the GOP would be to do everything they can to promote the Democrats as the party of blacks, the party of BLM, etc. Everything about the Dems should be blackety-black. Make Black Fatigue work for you. More Whites will come running to the GOP, along with more Hispanics and Asians, without even pandering to them (which they should never do.) Of course, that’s not going to happen, because the GOP is Cuck Central, but it would work.

    • Dems as black party (get support of Asians and Hispanics)

      Close the borders (get support from working class whites and many Hispanics – Cubans don’t want millions of Guatemalans moving in next door either).

      Stop forever wars (get support from everybody)

      Repubs are ignoring the $100 bill on the sidewalk because they know as they keep walking, $100,000 cheques are being put into their pockets.

      • Not a bad idea, Hispanics, Asians, and other minorities like the White by default and aspire to have a European quality of life. Even in Latin Am, whites are the preferred even by non-whites. A dating site a decade ago before it was politically incorrect found that in the dating market white females are the preferred group and among men whites also don’t do bad (bonus points if you are a >6ft tall white male).

        No minority wants to come to the USA to live the getto life and some of them enjoy being able to get out of their culture and enjoy being with born Americans and feel good that they can mix with whites. Even blacks, if they were not brain washed would enjoy mixing with whites in daily life. They even want to take away free association in practice to force their presence in white life.

        If some genius troll team could label the Dems the BLM party vs everybody else that would work. Today the Dems are the No Country for White Males party, but in reality they are closer to be the white hate party. And if immigrants had to pick, they know they came to the USA to live as wealthy whites live and not to live in George Floyd square where you may get robbed and shot in day time.

        • Curious Monkey: That’s some twisted version of the civnat fallacy you have going on. Hispanics and Asians do not ‘like Whites by default.’ The Asians consider themselves everyone else’s superior. Hispanics like White money and ape some of the lower class White behavior, which is actually aped black behavior. They do not ‘enjoy mixing with Whites in daily life.’ They envy and want to be White. Their ideal is their own cultural preferences and norms with fair skin and ‘good’ hair.

          No, they did not come here to live as ‘wealthy Whites.’ They came here to live as wealthier versions of themselves – to visit their villages as the big man, the caudillo. Their version of wealth involves bringing more of their compatriots and keeping a few as domestic slaves, same as back in their native land.

          This idea that if everyone openly accepts the Dems as the black party then every other race will rush to join with Whites on the opposite side is perverse, but I see it all the time. It’s based on assumptions about the other races that just are not true, but presented as so again and again. And the notion that Whites will somehow ‘win’ by allying with all those other not-black races that still came here in their millions to replace White people is especially bizarre. That’s not the future homeland I particularly envision, but YMMV.

          • Exactly. They want to live the way they always have but with more money and stuff.

            Nevermind that it’s not possible. Because money and stuff doesn’t just grow on trees. But nevertheless, that’s what they want.

    • Whitey not caring or being willing to listen to black grievance would also force blacks to actually care about their communities, as the oppression grift would dry up. They would at least try to build some sort of stability instead of just being bioweapons for the elite.

      Win for everyone.

    • Your last line is why not to waste time on the GOP. The strategy will work, though, outside of national electoral politics.

    • Steve Sailer proposed that strategy a few years ago. Don’t make the GOP the White party, make it the not Black party. Make the Dems the Black party by encouraging Blacks’ sense of entitlement and megalomania. The GOP could pick up a lot of Hispanic and Asian voters by default.

      • Examples of black unpopularity are all around us, like the now black-dominated Academy Awards historically-low abysmal ratings, and the BLM-worshipping NBA, which also now has their lowest ratings ever, and many others. You’d think the GOP could figure it out, but as Sam Francis used to say, they’re the Stupid Party.

        • Wolf – Blacks are unpopular, certainly, but that does NOT automatically translate to the other races wanting to see Whites win. Asians are constantly whining they don’t see enough people ‘who look like them.’ Hispanics have always backed their own. Why the hell can’t Whites merely take their own side rather than beseeching all the others to help us resist blacks? I just don’t understand that whole mindset – same as Conservative, Inc. proudly pointing out its various nonWhite meat puppets (Candace Owens, Dinesh D’Souza, Tim Scott, etc.).

          • To be clear, I’m not saying Asians and Hispanics necessarily want to be on Team Whitey, I’m saying they don’t want to be on the team that’s dominated by blacks.

            In China, black movies are unpopular. In Compton, CA, once a black town, Hispanics moved in and purged the blacks. Asians are getting attacked violently by black thugs.

            Asians and Hispanics might not want to see Whites win (some will), but they certainly don’t want to be a part of the dysfunctional blacksphere.

            Remember there are only two choices, Dem or Repub. If one is propagandized as the black party (not the party of color, but the BLACK party) and the other is known as the White party, more Asians and Hispanics will come over and join the GOP than there are currently. That would be more effective for the GOP in gaining votes than openly pandering to POC.

            The Dem party dominated by blacks will soon become very unappealing to a larger number of Whites, and an increasing number of Asians and Hispanics.

      • Zman’s moniker for the Democrat Party as “the anti-white party” is both more accurate and more effective tactically.

        • True, I have used and seen that used in real life with normal Republican people. I say Democrats are the party of Anti Whites. Or you could just say the Left, to be on the Left is hating Whites.

      • MikeCLT: Sailer’s proposed a lot of things, most of which are based upon his preferred vision of citizenism – i.e. essentially color-blind civnattery with a modest helping of meritocracy and a smattering of HBD honesty. This whole idea that Whites somehow WIN!! by getting non-Whites to join them in voting harder defies reality.

      • Except in pro sports and perhaps some entertainment fields, choosing “not Black” is almost always a winning move 😀

    • “Look, I think there *should* be a party that represents the interests of blacks, exclusively, and the Dems are great at that vital role in our pluralistic and vibrant society. For far too long, nobody represented the interests of African Americans and, while it’s not *my* party, I’m glad that it is theirs. That’s what democracy means, after all, and more power to ’em.”

  25. There is exactly ONE thing taking place, aka ‘democrat’ strategy. Whites are still the majority in the United States. What to do?

    Play a delaying game until demographic realities put whites in a minority. How? Separate white women from white men.

    How? Get them young, when their minds are vulnerable. Make sure they don’t have husbands, so they are more easily cut away from their own herd.

    Rinse. Repeat. Invite in the non white world. Throw everything against the wall that can keep your true target audience, white women, emotionally enflamed.

    Play this delaying game until the demographic shift is accomplished. This closeted Dondi is just part of the effort. A con man.

  26. I am a populist who doesn’t like most people. I guess I would be an elitist if I didn’t dislike the elite even more than the masses. I tend to suck as a white supremacist because I don’t like most white people just like I don’t like the majority of other races.

    I bring this up because I don’t really care that Rubio and the other actors are trying to divert most whites from reality because the reality is most whites will only think thoughts that make them feel good and make their lives easier.

    It doesn’t take much in the way of critical thinking skills to understand that diversity is no country’s greatest strength and that the future of whites in America is bleak and getting bleaker unless whites can somehow become race realists and act accordingly.

    That isn’t going to happen anytime soon. People want status and they want their lives to be easy. In organizations, if people have a choice between adopting a product or process that solves a problem or enables the company to meet goals but is difficult or a product or process that isn’t effective but is easy and can be passed off as effective, Option B will almost always be what is adopted. Anyone who has sold or marketed to corporations gets this.

    The problem is that our side of the divide can’t make people’s lives easier nor can we give them status. We accomplish just the opposite. If people embrace reality they run the risk of having their lives ruined: fired from jobs, lose their ability to process payments, get shunned from social groups, have the government arrest and torture them, and the list goes on. Even with the Covid lockdowns solitary fighters were punished.

    The only thing in the short term we can offer is reality and reality doesn’t pay the bills, give your status or make your life easier. Reality is going to have to get a lot worse before people openly embrace it and even though the thoughts will likely have dire short-term consequences.

    Trump understood this about people. That is why he tweeted but didn’t worry about acting. He turned his campaign into giant tailgate parties where people could bond and have a great time while the democrats were busy stealing the election.

    Will con artists like Rubio prevail? It doesn’t matter until the situation is so dire larger numbers of people are willing to risk it all to fight back. Covid has shown us we are a long way from that point. It has to get so bad that the masses start rebelling so individuals have some cover. If a thousand businesses in a town refused to close down it would be hard to have a lockdown.

    • Inflation.

      Maybe hyperinflation.

      You will see Whites at their most vicious then.

      • I don’t know about the inflation angle, especially in debased white urban settings. I’m in that setting, as a small businesses owner, and I notice the inflation every day from my suppliers (based fully not from this state).

        I have tried to engage the subject with the whites around me (inflation and shrinkflation), but all I get are meek rolls of the eyes or a simpering “well, it’s probably what we need to help pay for equity (etc ).”

        The debased soy whites around me seem to look at inflation as something that they must do, like wear the mask. It’s very odd. Mind you, we are still early in this, but that’s what I get on the street.

        • I will be surprised if this continues, even in the wretched place you describe. Actual inflation is around ten percent; when it starts getting into the teens, it is devastating. My guess is the dollar is being devalued to enable end stage looting, and possibly to punish, but it will lead to a flare-up.

      • Jack: Disagree. Whites are at their most vicious when it’s GoodWhite versus BadWhite. Those parents (not all Whites) in Loudon County, VA who are protesting the teaching of CRT – one woman was being interviewed and her ‘nice White neighbor’ gave her both fingers – proudly on camera. You want to see a ‘vicious’ nice White lady? Tell some non-White, in the presence of other Whites, that what they’re doing is rude or illegal or just not done in civilized White society. That’s when ‘vicious’ comes out. Inflation? Doesn’t matter to most of them, and won’t – until perhaps . . . only perhaps . . . their children are going hungry. We have a long way to go until then.

        • I’ll have to disagree with you here. We are about the same age and remember stagflation. That was a homogenous country, too, and became unstable enough to try a command economy in the form of wage and price controls.

          We’ll see, but when I-Phones and gaming get out of reach (I’m serious), it will be just as bad as hungry children.

          I don’t disagree with you about GoodWhites, but they will turn on a dime when things get rough economically in their lives. That’s coming.

          • Jack – I’ll hope you’re right and I’m wrong. Seriously. Yes, I recall stagflation and gas lines, but I expect the POX to get ‘vicious’ when there are serious shortages or massive price increases. I’d actually be happy to see Whites get agitated about something that matters.

    • Trump talked a lot about winning in ‘16. People will endure hardship to win. When there’s no sense of purpose they get lost in status and stuff. The big goal is still out there but nobody is talking about making it. Trump sounds like he might be gearing up again, but that’s it.

    • Collapse. Adapt. Kill the Zombies. Rebuild. Not complicated, very simple; but not easy, indeed extremely difficult. So harden yourselves. TINVOWOOT.

  27. Just a point of clarity , W was not “bush the minor” , he was “bush the stupid” , HW was “Bush the Evil” .
    as far as any of this goes , Elections going forward will be decided by the Dominion vote, not the white or Hispanic vote.

  28. Whites came out to vote for Trump in 2020.
    He lost through mail-in fraud and a coup.

    Speaking from my family experience, Trump got the vote in 2016 because he was running against Hillary Clinton. Along with the rest of the country, other than Mrs. Moe, no one in my group thought he had a chance and we only begrudgingly voted for him.

    Not that enthusiastic votes count for more, but in 2020, my family voted for Trump. Not against Biden, but FOR Trump.

    Regardless of the vote fraud, the 2020 election was simply a red pill. Elections are managed, we have rulers, shut up, wear the mask, take the jab and COMPLY.

    Protect you children, protect your family, make your own institutions and plan for something new.

    • We got the best possible outcome in ’20: a Trump win stolen by fraud. The next phase will be hyperinflation and pushes to strip assets to buy necessities. That will be where the rubber hits the road.

      • Judging from the headlines and weather forecasts, I wouldn’t rule out water shortages either. California is already in “exceptional” drought conditions and the summer hasn’t even begun yet.

        I just bought a pair of Lifestraws for my Dad and I.

      • I agree. Trump was a speed bump on where the left is taking us. I was hoping to replace Justice Breyer with a conservative, but now see it doesn’t matter much. Trump was never going to drain the swamp. Too many sellouts on the right to have any institutional bench strength. He could have slowed the brown wave for four more years, but longer term, we are going where we are going.

      • I agree, and I certainly got it wrong: I didn’t believe in financial collapse.

        Now, my other fave blog is talking about another “wargame scenario”, Cyber Polygon planned for July 9.

        It’s a simulated attack bringing down our financial system. They don’t game this crap to try to *prevent* it, as 9-11 and Covid have taught us.

        Great. Here comes Weimar. This time, I hope they’re just scaring the chicken to remind the monkey who’s boss.

        Maybe it’s another sheep-shearing like the Mortgage Meltdown was.

        If the lights go out, I’ve a mind to go full Tom A. Opportunity will knock, nay, pound that damn door right down.

  29. The 1850s analogies keep coming fast and furious. There was vicious factional fighting between the Dems, but they always rallied around a candidate who could sell the Big Lie that they were anything other than The Slavery Party. The Republicans killed off the Whigs in 1856 by pointing this out, but their candidate was a loon so they lost (Trump wishes he was John C. Fremont). By 1860 both sides were forced to admit what they *really* were (Lincoln and Douglas had famously gone head to head before), and… well, I forget what happened after that, but I’m sure it worked out ok. These things always do.

  30. Ironically, the GOP could raise both the Hispanic vote and white working class turnout by running unabashed strongman candidates. The thought that hispanic immigrants are terrified of the United States electing the same tyrants that plague South America is ridiculous. They love those guys. They also hate getting pushed around by blacks, same for asians.

    The winning implicit GOP landslide message would be “Vote for our strongman, and he’ll beat BLM’s head in, keep your communities safe, and eliminate the parasites making your life miserable, by any means necessary.”

    • They’d get more black men’s votes that way, too. Many of them are every-issue conservatives who vote D because Republican pols are repulsively “beta,” with Democrats laughing down at them from above the law. Weak men disgust everyone, but especially blacks. When they say a white man is a racist, they mean he’s a pussy.

      If the GOP wanted to win, it easily could. Not their job.

  31. Regular, subdivision whitey just loves the idea of minorities becoming Republican. I’ve heard it time and again.

    It’s a tough thing to talk about to most white people because you can’t (it’s hard to) say the word “white”. I say it as a brown guy myself, so maybe I get some leeway…

    I can’t image subdivision whitey talking amongst themselves and saying it though. I can’t even fathom it from the normie. That’s just not the framing they use. That’s been pushed out of them.

    I know it resides deep in their heart of hearts though. Because every time I bring up the dissident ideas (common sense) they shake their head and understand and maybe even agree a bit.

    But I know they revert back to the download as soon as I stop talking.

    • They are hesitant because you are brown. If White, you would hear a greatly different song than a mere decade ago.

      • I dunno. I am white and I hear more racially conscious comments coming from non-whites than from whiteys. You can basically espouse “white nationalist” ideas around non-whites and they have no problem with it. Because really it’s just common sense that all non white groups practice.

        Of course I run in upper middle class f*g circles in Canada. Can’t speak to how working class people are feeling.

        • It is a different message with upper middle class Whites. I am in both circles. As you pointed out elsewhere, the UMC will be extinct soon enough. As for Canada, I don’t think the difference is all that great now although that may be mistaken.

  32. “he won in 2016 by tapping into disaffected white voters in states the Republican Party had abandoned decades ago. He was unable to build on that support in 2020, because he spent four years pandering to nonwhites.”

    Ergo, it isn’t the perceived ability of a candidate to perform the duties of the office, it’s his ability to rally support among voters that counts. These are two very different things and obviously a fundamental failing of the faux democracy secular religion.

  33. The Big Lie is like gravity now, it’s everywhere, all the time, and it’s not going away. And yes, the Republican Party must die because the asshole that stabs you in the back is far, far worse than the asshole that punches you in the face. And Normie will not stop genuflecting before the God of civic nationalism until he can no longer afford to buy his Starbucks latte. But the real question is what can we do about it in the present. Kill your TV and stop rubbing feces into your eyes & ears. Ignore the MSM and all the Con Inc. websites. Tell your Normie friends that they’re looking especially pale these days and they had better watch their back as it’s now open season on whites. Finally, do what you can to hasten the collapse. And practice your aim to keep your spirits up.

    • As the fifth month of Black History month merges with the sodomite rainbow, which is now apparently a month-long “celebration” of everything unnatural, all corporate and media megaphones are jamming the tune.

      Normies and civnats are still trying to whistle along even though its their own funeral march.

      If watching your culture and heritage smolder on a pyre while invaders and suicide cultists throw glitter on your kids isn’t enough to pry you from the tubes, its not happening.

      I think the Republican party exists at this point only as one more megaphone to normalize white folks into being (literally) surrounded by pocs, invaders, and queers AND celebrating the pozz as their saviors of “our democracy”. Cue some black vice gov back in carolinas with his hard hitting rhetoric.

      Now “we” need the pozz, but our pozz, to defeat the soshalists. So don’t be raciss and get on board. Indeed like covid cutting the feed and letting your lying eyes guide you is a good start.

      • “As the fifth month of Black History month merges with the sodomite rainbow…” Now that’s funny.

  34. First off, a non-sequitur: Bin Laden not only was correct with his line about weak and strong horses, but ultimately he won and completed the transition of the United States into a morally and economically bankrupt and corrupted security state. Just as most of us realize the United States is a nauseating joke, so does the rest of the world.

    It is really important to collapse the Republican Party over the next cycle or two and to form a pro-White mass movement. Look at “politics” from a strictly local and state perspective. Get as many of our people into power as possible, and as many of theirs out and marginalized. This is a matter of both being aggressive where it works and generally waiting out the pending collapse. Quite frankly, the nations hostile to the Empire are doing this, and it is a wise strategy. The fly in the ointment is the psychopaths in charge might nuke them. They certainly would unleash a genocide on us if they were in a position to do so.

    Buffoons like Rubio are only white noise, no pun intended, at this juncture. Mock and ridicule them ruthlessly and use their lies and hypocrisy to foment a real political movement for our people, which does not entertain the nonsense and delusion that the current system could work for us let alone can survive whether or not we support it. Take everything from it you can get and give it nothing.

    • “Take everything from it you can get and give it nothing.”

      My strategy since 1990.

    • OBL was more correct than I knew back in 01. If New York and the Pentagon got a second helping from Hajji tomorrow, I’d laugh and smile happily.

    • When our oldest son applied to college. we could see we made just enough combined income to not qualify for any aid. So we legally divorced, but stayed married in the church. Now my wife gets an extra $6K deduction as head-of-household, Pell grants for the kids and full stimulus checks. All of those would have been just out of our reach, but for a simple legal maneuver. Of course, it helps if you trust your spouse.

      • I’m probably stating the obvious but: have you updated your will and trust? Did you even have one to begin with? This isn’t an idle question: about 60% of Americans lack even a basic will. It won’t cost much and in case of need, will prevent a lot of headaches for kids, family, friends, etc.

        • We roughly split the assets and name each other as beneficiaries. We will remarry when the kids are out of college if it benefits us for Social Security. This strategy is not without risk, but we estimate it will save us about $70K that would have been paid to the IRS and College, Inc.

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