The term “standing head” is a newspaper term that goes back to the days when the papers were printed by typesetters. It means regular or recurring content, such as the headline for a feature like “Box Scores” in the sports section or “aspiring rapper” in the crime blotter. The term is used to so often that the old typesetters would have it as a block ready to use when needed. It also came to be known as a trope, stereotype, or a euphemism that was commonly used in the news.

In the modern age, the word “hacked” has become a standing head, in that it is something like a catchall answer for all sorts of things. If a celebrity gets drunk and posts N-bombs on Twitter, she claims she was hacked. If a company loses customer information, they claim it was hackers. Whenever someone does not want to take responsibility for their own mistakes, they fob it off on hackers. Hackers are the digital version of Loki the trickster.

One reason for this is that the modern media seems to select for narcissistic dullards at all levels of the system. This is not just the airheads who read the teleprompter on television during news shows. Throughout the media, the system rewards those willing to fall for the most ridiculous nonsense if it comes from authority. The more gullible and naïve, the greater the access. The more willing a “reporter” is to repeat verbatim what he has been told, the greater the access.

When some official tells a “reporter” that the problem is due to hackers, the reporter never questions it. After all, they are selected for their obsequiousness, so they never question authority. They are also too stupid to see the hacking claim is ridiculous, so even if they were feeling rebellious, they would not know what to ask. That was a big part of the Russian hacking nonsense back in 2016. Even those who play the skeptic role in the media were too dumb to see the absurdity.

It appears we have another version of that involving the Colonial Pipeline shutdown form a couple of weeks ago. The company claimed they were hacked by wily Russians, probably the same Russians who were in league with Trump. They had no choice but to pay those hackers millions in Bitcoin to get unhacked. The story was obviously rather fishy, but no one in the media questioned it. After all, hackers are the universal hobgoblins of this age, so why question it?

Now the FBI is peddling a story that is so ridiculous that it should come with a laugh track, but it is being promoted by the media. Here is a tweet from a simpleton in the White House press team. claiming the FBI got the crypto back from the hackers by using their special James Bond skills. This is a follow up tweet from the same simpleton claiming the hackers used a server in California to store their ill-gotten loot from the Colonial Pipeline hack.

The absurdity of this is a good example of the credulity of the media. We have these super-villain hackers from Russia, who foolishly leave their crypto lying around on American servers for the FBI to locate. This is right out of the bad Hollywood script department where the villain always makes a rookie error, like leaving part of the Death Star easily accessible to the enemy. In this case, we have people expert at cracking security, but use no security in their own operation.

Then we have the claim the FBI recovered the exact same Bitcoin that was paid to the hackers by the company. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of how crypto works knows this is a nonsense claim. In order to know that the FBI would have to tie the address to a person and that person to the crime. If they have proof that the person is the culprit, then they can just arrest that person. There is no need for their dramatic caper where they seize the crypto from the server stash.

Probably the most laughable bit of the story is these super villain hackers from Russia were using a Coinbase account. Again, everyone with the slightest knowledge of crypto knows Coinbase is mobbed up by US security. In order for them to remain in existence and become a publicly traded company they had to give the FBI and NSA free access to their system. Yet these super-villain hackers from Russia decided to use the NSA’s preferred crypto vendor to fence their ransom money?

Of course, people who have used crypto exchanges like Coinbase know that they use multifactor authentication. That means you need more than just a user name and password to access your account. Typically it means entering a code that is texted to the phone registered with the account. That means the FBI had the phone number and user credentials of the hackers. That only makes complete sense if the hackers were located at Langley or the Hoover building.

Everything about this story from the FBI, DOJ and the company is utter nonsense, but none of it matters. In our precious democracy, no one in the media dares utter a discouraging word about anything from official circles. Even if one of the stooges in the media got rambunctious, they are too stupid to know who to ask about the claims made in these stories. The mass media is now fully staffed with toddlers, trusting everything they are told by the people in charge.

The old Hoffer line about mass movements become rackets in America gets overused, but it is amazingly accurate. Democracy in America is just a racket, an ongoing bust out enabled by an army of hacks in the administrative state. Real hackers are never caught, because they work for the people running the system, like the pirates working for the crown during the age of sail. Meanwhile, the hacks in the system are always ready to look the other way, as long as the paycheck clears.

In fairness, calling it a racket seems unfair. Most of the people involved are simply too stupid to run a racket. Most of the people involved are like Geoff Bennett, the guy from NBC in those tweets. He is a gullible doofus who checks the right boxes on the casting form, so he gets to play White House reporter. Anyone with something on the ball is boiled off or they are cast on the other side of the dynamic. They get to make up official whoppers for the media to report. This is the hack-a-rama.

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194 thoughts on “Hacks

  1. >Then we have the claim the FBI recovered the exact same Bitcoin that was paid to the hackers by the company. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of how crypto works knows this is a nonsense claim. In order to know that the FBI would have to tie the address to a person and that person to the crime. If they have proof that the person is the culprit, then they can just arrest that person. There is no need for their dramatic caper where they seize the crypto from the server stash.

    These are not mutually inclusive; they can seize the coins and still try to pursue the individual(s). If the hacker is in Russia, arrest may not be possible , but taking the coins may be possible.

    >Probably the most laughable bit of the story is these super villain hackers from Russia were using a Coinbase account. Again, everyone with the slightest knowledge of crypto knows Coinbase is mobbed up by US security. In order for them to remain in existence and become a publicly traded company they had to give the FBI and NSA free access to their system. Yet these super-villain hackers from Russia decided to use the NSA’s preferred crypto vendor to fence their ransom money?

    Coinbase denies involvement. Coinbase BTC addresses do not have bc1 prefix but the hacker addresses do.

    There is still a lot unanswered/unknown about how the coins were retrieved. for obvious reasons, the FBI is not going to say how they did it.

  2. We are past hacking Liberty, we will need shortly to hack survival.

    This will be done by groups larger than family. Just as being hacked to death by Hutus also done by groups larger than the family.

  3. Just some funny comments from earlier:

    Evil Sandwich: I had a very light association with a former tech spook and his claim was that the U.S. does hack Russia and China. Given that, it’s just that Russia and China don’t publicly wet their diaper every time something goes sideways.

    Billra: In Russia and China, there’s no way to tell the difference between when the supply chain is working and when it’s not working.

    LineIn: You’re like an African expressing an opinion on astronomy.

    James: Well, no one knows how this internet stuff works, so we can just make up what we need. And we’re gonna put in some of that bitcoin stuff to really mix it up.

    Kentucky Deluxe

  4. All I want is to underscore Z’s withering cynicism.

    “Everything about this story from the FBI, DOJ and the company is utter nonsense, but none of it matters. In our precious democracy, no one in the media dares utter a discouraging word about anything from official circles.”

    As a boy, I can remember all the conservatives castigating the USSR, saying, “We would never tolerate what they endure! We’re Americans!”

    I fart in the general direction of blowhard conservatives. I hate them.

  5. I work in technology. The legacy stuff mentioned is correct. What is even more clear though is that most technologists know nothing about good security practices, *especially* people with ‘cyber security’ degrees. I have worked places that should have highly secure systems, but the password space was ‘5 characters, all capitals, with 3 numbers at the end’ as the *required* password format. And no two factor authentication. Really, your money is probably safer in BitCoin.

    • My firm went from making people log in with 11 character alphanumeric passwords that had to include a capital letter, a number, and a special character to 8-digit numeric PINs because the PINs are more secure.


  6. On the vaxpartheid front, we now have multiple individuals in plant that have their green, “JABBED,” badge that still wear face diapers.

    The two guys I know are in their early 50s, neither in great shape. One of them is surprising to me, one is not.

    I think the one that surprised me is doing it because he has a teenage son with a lot of immune issues..

    The one that didn’t is a Latino immigrant who thinks the only real news is CNN and the BBC.

    • It’s almost funny how normies still think the news is unbiased. I was arguing about the Fauci-China link with a normie lady friend 3 or 4 months ago. She was saying “That’s insane. Stop watching Fox News”. I said, “How are YOU so confident. Because CNN?” She goes, “No, the ASSOCIATED PRESS directly! You can’t get more neutral than THAT!”

      • Living rooms all across America. 6:00 news.

        He’s soooo handsome! Nicely pressed suit, perfect coiffure, Ivy League education, so loquacious, and he is on TV. All the important people are on TV, no? And, he writes books! Best sellers. All the important people are on TV, no? He wouldn’t lie to me, would he? Pssst…Rumors say he’s gay but that he’s dating a cute little blond starlet. You think it’s true?

      • When someone starts yammering on about Fox News I immediately know that I am dealing with genuine useful idiot. They have been told that everyone who doesn’t spout the approved Narratives watches fox News and that all other news is unbiased and accurate.

        I enjoy telling them that I have never watched fox news but can tell they have and ask them which shows they watch so I can check them out. They usually stammer that they never watch Fox so I ask them how they know that Fox is saying X? They never fully recover from that and I make my exit

  7. Since the script is right out of Hollywood (Woke Division), the resulting pitch meeting would be a good target for the satire of that guy on YT who does those “pitch meeting” satires. He’s probably a shitlib himself, though.

    So, you have a caper script for me?
    Yes sir, it’s got those Russian hackers everyone’s afraid of.
    Oh, Russian hackers are TIGHT!
    And this time, they’re blackmailing a pipeline company.
    Uh, why?
    Don’t know.
    So, how are going show it on screen?
    Well, no one knows how this internet stuff works, so we can just make up what we need, and we’re gonna put in some of that bitcoin stuff to really mix it up.
    OK. So how are they caught, being master hackers?
    Surprisingly easy, barely an inconvenience.

    • This is the kind of thing Saturday Night Live was created to do. The giant Thanksgiving Day Parade prog balloon of holy self-righteousness is just waiting for someone to pop it. But the “bad boy” rebel jesters of the world cower in its shadow.

    • I could envision this little scenario being played out on that You Tube channel. I laughed. Gotta say, that is one of the funniest channels on YT. (BTW, is “Channel” the right word for these things? )

  8. I’m hardly one to defend the FBI, but the argument that this case is comprehensive proof of their dishonesty and incompetence is a bit of a stretch.

    First, it’s not exactly inconceivable, or necessarily unethical for the bureau to put out false information to the press during an ongoing investigation. LEOs are notoriously tight lipped, and occasionally offer fake leads as a strategy to making the culprit think they’ve pulled off their crime, with the hope of getting them to relax and make a mistake.

    Second, “the claim the FBI recovered the exact same Bitcoin that was paid to the hackers by the company” is extremely believable. To quote from the official bitcoin website:

    The block chain is a shared public ledger on which the entire Bitcoin network relies. All confirmed transactions are included in the block chain. It allows Bitcoin wallets to calculate their spendable balance so that new transactions can be verified thereby ensuring they’re actually owned by the spender. The integrity and the chronological order of the block chain are enforced with cryptography.

    It’s probably more accurate for the FBI to claim they reversed the payment hash, but their word choice is reasonably accurate in layman terms. Other crypto currencies may not be traceable (I don’t know, I haven’t looked into it) but bitcoin most certainly is. It’s basically like if every dollar bill scanned finger prints and recorded them chronologically so that anyone could see who touched a given bill just by entering the serial number.

    Again, there are a lot of reasons to dislike and distrust the FBI. This case isn’t one of them.

    • Don’t really care Drew. You and Z both tell a good story. Let’s just say you’re both right.

    • Drew is correct.

      Why any criminal who isn’t a drug addict (who isn’t looking past the next fix) would use blockchain escapes me.

      It’s literally a ledger of everyone who touches it.

      • Thanks for the heads up. I will continue relying on cash. Switch to silver and gold coins if/when inflation gets too bad. 🙂

    • I’m far from a tech genius but even I know how to transfer crypto from an exchange (coinbase) to a thumb drive, which I then toss into my sock drawer. Exactly how is anyone going to “recover” that ?

      • Because what matters is the P2P ledger, not your thumb drive. The ledger serves as the clearing house for transfers (similar to how the federal reserve used to clear checks before electronic clearance systems). The ledger is not a single unit on a central server, but rather multiple copies on lots of machines. It is updated much like a torrent is downloaded, and a transaction clears once enough peer files on the network are updated. This process can be reversed by sending out a new ledger entry that says so, and other peers accept that entry into their copy of the Bitcoin ledger.

  9. “ That means the FBI had the phone number and user credentials of the hackers. That only makes complete sense if the hackers were located at Langley or the Hoover building.“


  10. I agree with Z’s larger point that the Russia-did-it angle has no support, but the analysis of how btc transfers are visible is way off the mark; Z could have saved some credibility here by sticking to what he knows. Any layman can see exactly which btc addresses coin flows into. An exchange like coinbase, though, *could* generate new addresses for each receipt and not tell anyone; I think kraken actually does this.

    • Here is where you are missing the mark. If you are demanding crypto for ransom, you are not using an address at an exchange. You have a hardware wallet on a machine under your control. Then you move the crypto from there to some other wallets and then exchange it for a different crypto. No way in hell anyone is sorting that puzzle. If you have the skill to shutdown a pipeline, you have the skill to cover your crypto tracks.

      • “Here is where you are missing the mark.” Classy. I’ll have to remember that phrase next time I’m in an argument at the bar and want to say, “Listen dumbass.”

        • Lord what a sissy you are. You’d be better off elsewhere. Maybe find a safe space with a rainbow triangle affixed to the door.

          • Listen dumbass, I wasn’t taking a shot a Z. I love his phrases. His line is a good way to disagree with someone in diplomatic fashion.

      • Its just an op.
        Its about kicking the commoners in the wallet for Memorial Day.

        Frankly since they got their money back so fast …I question the ah hacking skills. Lol.

      • If the “hackers” were smart they would have demanded a less trackable crypto like Monero. Bitcoin is most definintely NOT a private cryptocurrency.

        I’m of the opinion that one angle of this false flag “hack” was to help discredit bitcoin.

        • I still think its about kicking the peasants in the stomach for Memorial Day.

          We’ll have more data as we have more Holidays.
          Christmas should be interesting.

        • I’ve been thinking about this lately. I have several crypto accounts and usually they put you on an email list for their crypto newsletter. These things are all written by the type of hipster libertarians Z and all right thinking people want to savagely beat. The latest trope these gaypedo swine have been pushing is “crypto (especially Bitcoin) is energy intensive and thus BAD in the sight of St. Greta of Thunberg”. Some crypto though is GOOD, maybe, if it’s Green enough – and we’ll tell you peasants when that is. Then again, one recent FUD piece I read called crypto an “existential threat” and applauded the Chinese government’s crackdown on mining. If crypto isn’t BAD for the planet, maybe it’s bad for gays, or wammen, or immigrants, or trannies… There are lots of ways to shame self-loathing Whites into hurting themselves (again).

          My interpretation of this stuff is that the usual suspects realize they can’t stop people from writing crypto apps and inventing new currencies so they’ll do the next best thing that makes use of their existing skill base. What is that skill base? Well, bullshitting (media) and bullying (heavy handed government) are basically all they’ve got left.

          I thus expect a two pronged ruling class attack. First, establishment media will work on consolidating ownership of any upstart crypto newsletters and periodicals and also feature more crypto content on Pravda (CNN). These will be features designed to stroke the egos of the sort of hipshit libshit dipshits who only buy “carbon offset” goods and drive Teslas. They will stampede one way and then the next exactly on cue so the insiders can go short or long at the most fortuitous and totally, completely coincidental times.

          The other tactic will just be using strong-arm tactics in places they control like the PRC and PRA (the last bit is “of America”) to ban, tax, and devalue it. Too many peasants got wise to Biden-omics and were looking for a hedge against the inflation that will result from all the free money. Needless to say they also read this blog (Hi Agent Smith) and know that a lot of us DR types would love to have a currency that we can use when they fire us all from our jobs at Pozco for misgendering the latest diverse whatsit they’ve hired to check the peasants’ vaccine status and run the rainbow flags up and down every day.

          Oh yeah, happy Pride Month.

          • M1 is up about 400% yoy and there is no hyperinflation. I find everything else you wrote to be spot on, but the price increases we are seeing yoy are not meaningful when you extend your time horizon to a longer term chart. Even on a yoy basis they are uninspiring. Oil is $70/bbl a third of the way into June which is about half of where we were at this time in 2008.

            The media machine is espousing inflation and everyone notices all of their other primed messages, but are we giving them a pass on their inflation meme?

            Deflation is the hydra and it is ever present and it will devour all. The only question is what narrative will prevail when it runs its course.

    • A sane society would never allow single family homes to be treated primarily as an investment product where we now have major financial entities buying 10s of thousands of houses a year. Single family homes are for raising kids and creating long term stability in communities.

      As the link you posted states, this an attack on the middle and lower classes with the intent of turning them into permanent renters, peasants in a new feudal system.

      Of course, this also dovetails with Resident Joe’s stated plans section 8 every White community in America. This story below is from the UK but will soon be even more common place in the USA than it already is:

      Somali asylum seeker family given £2m house… after complaining 5-bed London home was ‘in poor area’


      • Why do you think they will be white at all?

        Why the Hell does Blackrock rent to whites?

        Blackrock doesn’t need the money, BTW.
        Blackrock and the elites most assuredly do not need the money, or the headaches. They have the Federal Reserve for money.

        What they do need is whiteness erased.

        And I must confess; I don’t care about the financial prosperity of others, even with my skin color, if all they care about is Money.

        Or their own families exclusively, but not others. You have no chance alone, nor will the HOA defend you 😂.

        “ Single family homes are for raising kids and creating long term stability in communities.”

        Other than for their own the policies of the present and indeed of decades are directed at the destruction of kids, community, stability.
        However this is not insane; just conquest.
        And indeed this is essentially what we did to the Indians.

        The difference is the Indians put up a fight.

      • You raise an interesting point. What follows is mostly a dream, but hear me out.

        Imagine a subdivision, a community, maybe even a town where any rental properties are illegal. Let that sink in for a moment. Guess what? No Section 8. No absentee landlords. No tentants wrecking the neighborhood.

        Impossible you say? Maybe not. I think one is Celebration, Florida, originally a Disney community. If I recall, at least originally, their CCR (covenant) required owner to occupy the home at least 9 months of the year. My own HOA, also in FL, prohibits rentals unless the owner occupies the home for at least the first year. Clearly, this is to discourage investors. Last year I proposed a tigher amendment to the CCR that would have prohibited any rentals of any type. Alas, it failed. But the point is — it’s possible.

        While enforcement is spotty (and costly!), at least in theory, a violation can cost you $100 or $300 DAILY. Persist, and you’ll get taken to court, lose, and have a lien and risk a foreclosure on the property.

        Now, let’s amp up this idea a little bit! Imagine you are in a State where you can incorporate as a small town. Now you have some law making abilities. Why not make all rentals, short or long term illegal? Many localities have that power already. If someone chooses to violate such a law, even if renting out rooms on AirBnB, they are operating an illegal business. They can face anything from civil fines, to criminal charges, to losing them home in a civil forfeiture. Section 8 rentals? Sorry, no commercial properties permitted. Somebody want to build apartments for the poor? Ditto. Too bad.

        Of course, the Progs would scream. Many States probably already prohibit such (zoning override, etc.) But in theory it could exist. Best of all, note that in no conceivable way does it discriminate against anyone by race, creed, color, or national origin. Even in our late decadent democracy, I think that income or ownership of a home is one of the few things that the government hasn’t prohibited discriminating by.

    • That’s been going on since at least the ’08 housing crash. Matt Taibbi covered it extensively at the time, but it didn’t get any attention because he published in lefty journals. It’s how our former Sec’y of the Treasury went from being Goldman-Sachs-Bankster rich to being super-rich. Not for nothing, it was Trump who put BlackRock and Fink in charge of the “Recovery.”

    • Larry Fink won’t withstand a nanosecond of scrutiny. It was always a puzzle as to why Goy Powell was allowed to be chair of the Fed, until he in turn allowed this evil Tribesman to be the point man on snapping up securities and bonds. I was very lightly into a small Blackrock Fund, always shaky and with a high return. Since Powell put Fink into place at the start of the pandemic, the value has doubled.

      I would advise people to sell their houses and downsize outside of urban settings, but those houses’ value keep rising (the real reason to sell, even on the front end, is obvious). Blackrock, Vanguard, and the boys claim it is a hedge against inflation, but the author of the piece you linked is one hundred percent correct: this is the new feudalism.

      “You will own nothing and be happy.”

      Well, at least half of it is true.

      Additionally, this is why the Tribe has gotten onboard with a Sino-American war. They see their efforts to infiltrate China have failed spectacularly, and what the Tribe does not own it seeks to destroy. Of course, China will hit them where it hurts, and it won’t be on the United States mainland. These people have flashes of extreme brilliance but their default mode is batshit crazy.

    • I have a conspiracy theory about what may be going on there, assuming that the reports about BlackRock are true.


      The millions of migrants, i.e. replacement people, who are pouring into the USA need millions of homes, but they won’t have the good credit ratings needed to obtain loans on generous terms, so that they can buy homes at prices which they can afford.

      We know that the “federal” government stands ready to subsidize “BIPOC” farmers and restauranteurs with billions of dollars obtained by that government through taxation and borrowing. It’s clear, therefore, that that criminal organization would not hesitate to subsidize the rent payments of “BIPOC”, including criminal aliens.

      Republicans will trade horses with Democrats to obtain something for theirselves and their patrons in exchange for supporting the Democrats’ desire to subsidize “BIPOC” lessees in single family rentals (SFR). Libertarians and cuckservatards will cheer for this profitable success of corporate capitalism, which is sacrosanct. Because private property, growth, and freedom!


      Now, maybe that’s just a crazy conspiracy theory. Maybe most of those SFR’s will be inhabited by lightskinned Caucasians and their large families. Maybe typical American WASP’s and white Papists, aka “Heritage” Americans, won’t welcome the subsidized replacements into their communities and their churches, happily telling the replacements how much Jesus loves them. Maybe Normie WhiteNitwit isn’t as ridiculous as almost everyone knows that he is.

      • Thank you, that is what I was getting at.

        Its not a conspiracy theory either, its the pretty much published (in pieces) plan.

        The author at link is wrong, it isn’t feudalism its the great replacement.

        We’re not to be serfs.
        We’re to be evicted Kerns dying on the wayside ala Ireland 1847.

    • No one is dumber than “leave me alone” conservatives and libertarians. Dumber than blacks. No one is more deluded about the nature of the world than these fools.

    • Top comment: “This administration is so incompetent, they have to plant reporters pretending to be reporters!”

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  12. “Democracy in America is just a racket, an ongoing bust out enabled by an army of hacks in the administrative state.”

    Z, put that in a book of your best apothegms. Mencken did that a couple of times.

    • “ap•o•thegm”
      n. A terse, witty, instructive saying; a maxim.
      n. A short, pithy, instructive saying; a terse remark, conveying some important truth; a sententious precept or maxim. Also spelled apophthegm.
      n. Synonyms Aphorism, Axiom, Maxim, etc. See aphorism.

  13. It’s interesting that Z sees everyone in the media and the FBI as idiots, but at the same time thinks it’s totally out of the question that some hackers might have done something dumb. Because once that possibility is acknowledged his entire hand-waving argument falls apart, and the Colonial Pipeline story becomes perfectly plausible.

    • Sure, if you permit a highly-specious assumption to enter into your argument, then yeah, it changes your conclusion. If we’re told that an armless dwarf won the NBA slam dunk competition, are you the type of person who’ll question those who doubt its likelihood by saying, “What if an armless dwarf *did* win the slam dunk contest: then it’s a lot more plausible, isn’t it? Isn’t it?

        • “especially COVID-19 dogma as promoted by the CDC and WHO.”

          I’m not gonna get into what is and isn’t real about Covid19 “propaganda”. Just want to say I had it for 2 weeks back in November. My chest still feels a little tight and I still cough. I don’t cough a lot, but I never had a cough before my Covid19. I’m not a Covid hysteric. Just saying, there is something odd about Covid19. DisRight: “If you’re not old and you’re in fair health, it’s just the flu or a bad cold.” OK, then why am I still experiencing effects 7 months later? What did this thing do to my lungs? Damage? Or is it still in me.

          • Frip, what you are experiencing is called “Long Haul Covid”. It is not necessarily unique to SARS-Cov-2 virus and can occur with other viruses. It is a real syndrome and is treatable with Ivermectin or HCQ.

            My best friend, who was my best man at my wedding and I at his, got Covid back in the winter and just never felt fully recovered even weeks after getting over the initial infection. He called me, since I am a physician, and I told him he needs to get on short term Ivermenctin therapy. I told him to go to the America’s Frontline Doctor website (link below) and contact them for an over the phone interview.

            He did just that and was prescribed Ivermectin tablets which were mailed to his home. Whole process cost about $250 including the meds.

            Now he is back to his normal pre-Covid douchebag self!



          • Heh, I caught something like this on a ski trip to Chile in mid-2017. I figure 90 minutes on a damp, chilly ski bus back to Santiago with a bunch of Brazilians did it.

            I had a cough I couldn’t shake for months, and this bug ramped up again at the end of 2017 when I was traveling for Christmas.

            Eventually, I shook it off when spring rolled around.

          • Ray. Very much appreciated. Thank you.

            As a coincidence while reading your comment and talking about Covid19. I was listening to Dog Paddle by Modest Mouse. The song starts and ends with him couphing. More like weezing and gasping for breath. Somehow he makes it part of the rhythm of the song. Or maybe he just took a bong hit and it all just kinda worked out. The song has some good improvised nonsense vocals. “I can’t swim, so I dog paddle. I eat ketchup and burger inside it feels like murder”.


          • Listened to the Modest Mouse tune just a bit ago.

            Reminds me of college days 35 years ago when I went to a Monday night pro wrestling card in Ft. Worth. My pals and I polished off a bottle of Kentucky Deluxe rot gut whisky we snuck in and cheered for the villains and then celebrated with a lot of Swisher Sweet plastic tips.

            The next morning, my voice sounded a lot like the lead singer’s did in the video you linked.

            I haven’t thought of that in a long time…Thanks, man!

          • A friend had the flu in 2016 and since then has had pneumonia which he never had before. He doesn’t go around warning people about Covid-16. That’s the diff.

          • A friend and co-worker had the Chinese flu this past March. He’s not on board with the national psychotic break, so he found the Frontline Doctor’s website and had a cyber consultation. They overnghted him Ivermectin and he went from feeling pretty rough to mostly well in 48 hours.

    • You don’t need this example of the Colonial Pipeline story to know how corrupt the Stasi is. The evidence is overwhelming in many other recent examples (see 2016 campaign OP against Trump and subsequent coup attempt). The FBI morphed into a de facto criminal enterprise several decades ago and no one should trust them in the least. Yes, there may still be a few honest agents around in the hinterland field offices, but all the head honchos are made-men. That they have publicly come forward to crow about their “success” in this caper is clearly a PSYOP of some sort, and has nothing to do with actual law enforcement activity.

      • Ruby Ridge, the Branch Davidians at Waco, J Edgar wearing his dress….masonic cult shitheads, the whole lot.

  14. Speaking of hacks, the DC regime has just formed a blue-ribbon committee to study supply chain disruptions and offer solutions:


    These tards really do believe that goods are magically summoned via money printing.

    Hey tards, this is what happens when you shut down the global economy for no reason. Your middle school student council project won’t fix shit.

    I’m convinced the only reason the dollar hasn’t collapsed is that every other major economy is printing at least as fast as the US.

    Even so, it’s only a matter of time.

    • Alarm Bells; they are indeed studying supply chain disruptions.

      Thats to kill us, not help us.

      Ireland 1847 is instructive.

      • Certainly.

        The bright side is they are likely to mangle the semiconductor, electronics, and chemical pipelines to a point that makes it impossible roll out their digital contol spider web.

        • Hence supply chain disruptions.

          Dead people who die of starvation don’t need a web of control.

          The only supply chain disruption needed is to let the US Dollar meet price discovery. At that point 2 critical interrelated systems break;

          1. Food distribution system- it cannot function without money.

          2. Gasoline distribution- without which the food and any other truck borne essentials cannot move.

  15. If hacking is so easy to do why hasn’t the USA done it to Russia and bragged about it on CNN?

    • I had a very light association with a former tech spook and his claim was “they do”. Given that, it’s just that Russia and China don’t publicly wet their diaper every time something goes sideways.

      • In Russia and China, there’s no way to tell the difference betweeen when the the supply chain is working and when it’s not working.

    • Back in the early days of widespread public internet access (90s) hacking was ubiquitous (in minecraft, of course.) As a code monkey I can tell you that the private sector got their sh*t together well before the government for all sorts of reasons.

    • We do and a lot of it but it’s never spoken of. We even “hack”
      our “allies”.

      And yeah we hacked big time as well, because even the big DoD contractors are sloppy as s**t when it comes to InforSec. Or in some cases a executive or general doesn’t think the rules applies to them and send classified info via Exchange on a unclass line say from Langley to the Pentagon not realizing there are taps on those lines.

      In the private sector it’s a matter of the wounds being self-inflicted. Industrial outfits that instead of making sure their SCADA systems are only accessible from the plant itself, they set up access so their crybaby admins can work from, home using their own pc instead of one provided by the company that is locked down and tamper proof. So we get hacked that way. The other is on the administrative side like Colonial where their accounting side got encrypted because some idiot did something they were not supposed to do.

      What’s scary is that there has never been a national policy to protect vital infrastructure from computer based sabotage. We’ll spend a trillion on a useless F-35 but squat to make sure the lights stay on and we have drinkable water.

      • Ha! Next thing you’ll be claiming is that a recent Secretary of State transmitted classified documents over an unsecure email server 😀

  16. That’s all the FBI did. They got a warrant and confiscated the funds. ZeroHedge had the documents showing exactly what the FBI did. This wasn’t some super-hacker move by the FBI.

    • Gold dollar against a wooden nickle says they just framed someone (either intentionally or through ignorance, or just bamboozling a magistrate judge who didn’t understand any of it) and stole their crypto. “The guilty will be punished, regardless of their innocence.”

    • If you think that the FBI can get a warrant and confiscate the BTC funds, then you don’t understand enough about blockchain to comment.

      You’re like an African expressing an opinion on astronomy.

  17. I’m just curious: Were there ever any “good journalists”? I mean, the original print media was bought and paid for by the people with money to push whatever narrative they wanted to. I know that the concept of “ethics” in journalism (an oxymoron similar to “ethics” for lawyers) developed and was incorporated into the educational curriculum for journalists. But, when have journalists actually changed anything? At their best, they merely served as hatchet men for people with money/power. I’m sure many of you will say that so-and-so was a good journalist and did fill-in-the-blank. You might select Woodward and Bernstein or Walter Conkrite as your examples. But, they were really just fronts for rival factions’ warfare, or at least the appearance of it. With the exception of some people that are actually doing investigative journalism (and getting no coverage in this age of infinite information), there are only talking heads whose purpose is to keep the herd distracted. Change my mind.

      • You mean the guys who used 370mm telephoto lens on LA beaches last summer to make it look like Woodstock-by-the-surf in order to amp up coof rules.

    • “With the exception of some people that are actually doing investigative journalism (and getting no coverage in this age of infinite information), there are only talking heads whose purpose is to keep the herd distracted. Change my mind.”

      The ‘change my mind’ game doesn’t work when it comes frontloaded with exceptions.

      Joseph Farah of WND.com exposed Obama’s birth certificate forgery. Nobody cared, however. There’s Andy Ngo in Portland today, he’s a Lefty but done good reporting on Antifa at great risk to his own safety. Not a partisan hack; I suspect he’s particularly hated because he’s an “off the reservation” homo.

      Frankly, if you got rid of hack journalists then the sheeple would simply find other ways to be distracted. They don’t want to think. They don’t want to live. To judge by their wearing masks when alone in the car, they don’t even want to breathe.

      • “The ‘change my mind’ game doesn’t work when it comes frontloaded with exceptions.”

        Well, I’m not really sure that investigative journalists are actually “good journalists”. While I understand that painting an entire group of people with a single brush is not fair to a small percentage, are investigative journalists anything other than narcs that take enjoyment out of taking someone down with more power than they have?

      • “Buckhead” and the execrable Charles Johnson did the grunt work in revealing the Killian memos as forgeries.

        • “Charles Johnson”, there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. It’s interesting because a Stephen Den Beste, a writer from the same era, chose to walk away* while Johnson did everything but (I think) hit the gay-porn circuit to draw the cranks back in.

          *(Den Beste was probably the most eloquent writer at the time in favor of the Iraq Attaq, but he died before having to dine on the mountain of crow that many others did, including, alas, myself).

    • Whitney Webb was reporting on “Event 201” (where the WEF; Gates Foundation; and Johns Hopkins’ Heath Security center war-gamed a global coronavirus pandemic in Oct. 2019.) And yet no major media outlet seems interested.

  18. Ex- (and future) Eagles singer Don Henley certainly had the news industry pegged in his 1981 hit “Dirty Laundry”:

    In fairness to the announcers, writers and so on, for the most part, they are paid shills, they know that they’ll do what they’re told or their ass is out in the street, most likely unemployable for the rest of their lives.

    • Morrissey’s taken some great shots at the media over the years.

      “Reader Meet Author”

      You don’t know a thing about their lives
      They live where you wouldn’t dare to drive
      You shake as you think of how they sleep
      But you write as if you all lie side by side

      “Spent The Day In Bed”

      Stop watching the news!
      Because the news contrives to frighten you
      To make you feel small and alone
      To make you feel that your mind isn’t your own

  19. Karl Denninger also noticed this:


    Severian at Rotten Chestnuts (two links in a post would probably get me sent to moderation so its rottenchestnuts dot com) did a post yesterday called “If They Were Clever” not about this incident in general, but about our ruling class’s lies and propaganda in general.

    Well, they’re not clever.

  20. All the FBI had to do was subpoena Coinbase, which would have been fully cooperative. This reminds me of all the people who committed tax evasion using UBS and were caught. They chose a bank that happened to have a major footprint in the US and thus was a hostage to US laws. The whole point of doing that is that the bank should have no presence here. I couldn’t imagine a foreigner of any kind using Coinbase for something like this.

  21. I don’t own a TV. I don’t expose myself to the news. I don’t rub feces in my eyes & ears as a matter of habit. I don’t even bother ridiculing the idiots in the news media because I have better things to do with my time. I feel ashamed that I live in a world in which so many members of my species roll around in this shit everyday and then think well of themselves as “educated” in current affairs. What are you going to “do” with your newly acquired “information”? Change the world or just pick the dingle-berries out of your teeth?

  22. The Power Structure is running a racket, alright. And right now the purpose of the racket is to convince the idiotic masses that AINO is an angelic entity beset by demoniac forces from Gog. However, AINO is not only immaculate, it is also invincible.

    Methinks it doth protest too much.

    • Oh, the Father of Lies and his minions are obviously in control of the AINO power structure.

      For the life of me, I can’t figure out who the Antichrist is.

      • A culture, a people, an identity- a flag, rather than an entity.

        (Both technically and figuratively, none of the gods are entities, just as none of Aesop’s story characters are a specific individual.

        The Hebrew story style was pretty much universal in those times; if somebody told a story about Owl, they meant owls in general. Just as “Adam” does not mean all Mankind, but ancestors only of the Semitic tribes.)

        • Since I digress wildly offtopic anyways, let me offer my profound thanks to one of our Z-commentors for this:

          “We’ll have to package our thing into a narrative that meets the checklist of psychological needs that the Zman lists in the article.”

          I’m too far behind in keeping up with all the wonderful comments, and can’t find a name to thank in person- but you have helped me solve for a great vexation.

          Blame Geese for this, as his earlier mention of the Anti-Christ led me to consider further the chicken-or-egg question of the physical nature of the gods, and their effect on us.

          (Yes, I accept them as a phenomenon that can be measured… and made war upon.
          Most especially dread YHWH and all his ilk like him.

          It is not his fault what he is, nor his unfortunate people their fault for their irredeemably strange origin. It’s a tragedy.

          To lay fault would be like blaming a male pirhana for beholding a female pirhana, and finding her the most beautiful creature in the universe.)

          • Wew, lads. Sorry, Geese.

            The short answer is: YHWH.

            The contagion concentrated in, but far, far from isolated to, the people who wrote Revelations, the Plan.

            The spirit generated by and attractive to our ruling class. We’re in the active reign of that vision, and its physical manifestation. The World Wars feeding phase was far harsher, though, as were the eras before that worse still. None of this fits a calender or even human timescale. Think more of an ecology changing, advancing and receding.

            The primitive version only allows us to grasp some basics, as would a child or aborigine. It is as seductively powerful as a war chant or a hoary ritual.

            Thus my vexation, as it’s source code meant for a different neural framework, and thus warps our natural way of thinking. We’re wearing blinders, hearing too much of somebody else’s God.

  23. I had no problem swallowing the “hackers did it” with the pipeline last month. But when the story broke yesterday that the FBI got the money back, I said “Bullshit!”

    When they are not lying, they’re incompetent.

    But then I always go to the line “Never attribute that to stupidity which is adequately explained my malice” (the inverse is just way too convenient for them)
    If there is an obvious motive for some evil purpose, I always assume they are acting with malice.

    • Maybe there was a noose dangling from a dongle down at the pipeline HQ. As NASCAR found out, the crack FBI slipknot swat team are the best around at counting the coils in the rope around our necks.

  24. When the Weinerwagger said he’d been hacked the claim lost all its credibility with me.

  25. Janet Yellen, who should audition for a part in the next David Lynch movie, has been upset since her post at the Fed over low oil prices and the glut caused by a fracking industry that has slid down the tubes, creating an unhappy situation for the nation’s sacred banking sector. Regardless of the realities of the situation, if there are any, higher oil prices have been a godsend to companies needing to work on their debt obligations. The “hack” hasn’t made the banks unhappy.

  26. The reflexive Russia thing is an easy sell since a lot of old timers remember the days of the “Russian Business Network” and, in a bit of ironic “all-you-people-look-the-same-to-me”, often conflated them with highly disproportionate number of hacks that came from Romania. It’s still lazy though. The initial reports of the Exchange server hacks (themselves probably derived from the Solar Winds hack) pointed to command and control servers in China, but somehow the government decided it was just wily Russians using CnC servers in China, not the Chinese themselves. Part of it is “Russia Russia Russia” to be sure, but they’re able to do that since they actually don’t know.

    • Evil – It’s funny – although I grew up in the age of ‘communism’ and USSR bad, after having lived in a few ‘communist’ countries I learned to see them as people subjected to a hostile and/or incompetent government, just as we suffer today. I’ve been reading an old book, one of the early TEOTWAKI ones (Lucifer’s Hammer) written in 1977, and the first third was a real slog – America in the 1970s (it was bad enough the first time) and “Russia is our enemy.” At least that was before the worst of PC – while the authors have a magic black astronaut, they also include black gangbangers and civil rights grifters. FWIW, although I generally like Jerry Pournelle, I’ve found this book underwhelming – far too dated.

      • Disagree. Hammer was engaging, had novel ideas, and interesting twists (even for someone accustomed to the genre). I though it was pretty interesting that Pournelle & Niven had already realized the “not your cabin anymore, buddy” problem 1/2 a century ago, and Boomer Doomers and libertarians are still thinking their hideyhole will work. Maybe it’s a factor of you having lived it; the “contemporaneous times” exposition and siting in the cultural milieu is probably interesting to me as presenting new information (having not lived through it), whereas for you it’s “yeah, duh.” So, I’d recommend it.

        • Rebel – Yes, I also noted and found interesting that they introduced what are now standard tropes in that genre (Not Your Cabin Anymore, Towns Closed to Outsiders, Women as Sexual Barter, etc.). I think part of what I disliked about the beginning wasn’t just the rehash of the ’70s, but that it was set in California. All the wannabes and poseurs and newmoney types.

      • Also, the wife’s favorite part of Hammer is that the best thing that anyone grabbed on the way out of dodge was the woman grabbing one nice outfit and her makeup kit. The only thing rarer than potable water after a big disaster is femininity.

        • Rebel – And here I’ll disagree. I saw that as the final, simple summation of that tv documentary guy’s wife, the one he was killing himself to support in the style to which she’d become accustomed. On the one hand she was afraid and asked him to stay home; on the other she packs makeup for an end-of-the-world emergency. She wasn’t an evil character, just fairly stupid and conformist and status-seeking – like most women. The more feminine women in the book are the ones who reassess their future and become supportive partners to their men, and they are painted in a much more positive light. They realize the world has changed, that old patterns have reasserted themselves, and they appropriately adapt.

          • There’s a deeper point there, and I might just be not recalling the details enough (it’s been a while since I read that book). But my take on that aspect of the story is that beauty, especially feminine beauty, is a sublime and eternal ideal. Even after the people in the book have been violently and completely broken of modernism and its values, the genuine article of feminine beauty was still a lasting and significant value. Thus, the message there is that God really does love and encourage beauty (and truth and justice), and our people’s pursuit and lionizing of beauty is right, just, and Godly.

  27. I guess everyone forgot about Ali Watson, a reporter on the DC scene that was caught banging sources for info.

    I doubt she’s the only one.

  28. Male and female media journalists are more interested in their physique than an accurate story.
    Is my hair brushed well?
    How does my makeup look?
    Is my tie the right color?
    Good journalism mostly died with the newspaper industry and has been replaced by the on line Huffington Post.
    What remains of any decent journalism is coming from the right and from dissident content.

  29. this has me thinking about something that is slightly off topic. The left doesn’t want imbeciles in charge of things or at least not until they don’t have to worry about elections anymore. Schumer is 70 years old and it makes me wonder if he might indefinitely like Robert Byrd because he’s afraid of who might replace him. The only chosen in the NY congressional delegation is Nadler (who’s older than Schumer) and Zeldin (who’s a repub). The idea thatAOC, Mondaire Jones, Jamaal Bowman, Ritchie Torres or even Hakeem Jeffries replacing him is probably something he can’t stomach.

    • why can’t Hillary replace Schumer??
      surely she deserves it as some sort of consolation price, no?
      Besides, she has prior experience as a senator.

      • I heard that Chuck Schumer has credible information that could lead to the arrest and conviction of Hillary Clinton….
        OK, twice in two days is enough.

  30. Having hung around reporters in my youth, I can confirm that there definitely seemed to be a weeding out process. I didn’t work with them, but I heard the office stories.

    Anyone to right of Lenin was already feeling the cultural heat – and this was a long time ago. Can’t imagine what it’s like now. They also knew that their chances of moving up were very low. There was also the fact that the young reporters with anything on the ball started to realize that journalism was a dying industry and a low-paid one at that, so they started to head for the exits.

    That left only the hardcore true believers or the very lazy, usually both.

    • Most of the ones in the national press are trust fund morons who have never done any meaningful work in their lives. They don’t need adequate pay to cover their living expenses because they are getting covered by mommy and daddy. Their devotion to the cause and need for attention keep them in the job. Plus their willingness to repeat whatever idiotic line their feed by the deep state.

    • The press blames all of their problems on their customers. No matter how many readers they drive away, their answer to their ever dwindling readership is to become more left wing. It has been this way for as long as I can remember.

    • Pity the poor journalist sleeping in his car. They never were the sharpest knife in the harbour 😀 thus they choose the easy major (should have chosen business admin, damn!) Now doomed to a life stocking shelves at the local Wal*Mart.

      • Ben, they wouldn’t dirty their hands with plebeian Whites at Walmart. They’d work for Target. Much better virtue signaling/humble bragging status.

        • …and a Starbucks onsite! At least they can avoid the worst of the white trash at Wally World 😀

    • Or the ones Geraldo specializes in, technically known as “starf**kers” (that’s an actual quote from one of them who was banging him.)

  31. The MIC and the Security software folks have now invented the world’s largest self-licking ice cream cone.

    More hacks > more security software sales > bigger budget upgrades > employee shortage > more H1B imports > more incompetence > more hacks > more Russia Russia Russia > more need for cyber security experts……..an infinite “do loop”

    If you didn’t know any better, you’d think it was planned this way……

    • Well, the FBI has form, as the Brits say. They have been setting up patsies to do “terrorism” (or at least to hold “terrorist thoughts”) to gin up arrests to prove to all and sundry just how vigilant they are in “protecting” us, and how much we need to respect them for their efforts. Now that there is a self-licking ice cream cone if ever I saw one.

      So why not build on that scam and generate a new field of action while serving other “higher” interests at the same time?

  32. As with anything technology related, the contents of those tweets linked above had a signal-to-noise ratio of about zero.

    I’d suspect someone in the alphabet community was able to redirect the funds to their own account with Coinbase, having been insiders to the hack or simply having an informer. Maybe we’ll find out later that someone was offered immunity in exchange for returning the loot.

    The warrant to “seize” the coins was simply crossing the t’s to make the seizure legitimate.

    • At least we can smile with some satisfaction at the government snoops that are paid to monitor this and similar blogs, no doubt appaled by what they read, but stunned by at least occasional doses of truth their brains are unaccustomed to process 😀

      Hey you cheapshit bastards, at least send some money in to keep us on the air. How are you going to keep our files current if Zman folds?

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those readers didn’t get inadvertently red pilled reading this stuff. Facebook had a problem a few years back with its fact-checkers going nuts after reading conspiracy materials (prob why they hire far left ideologues now — fanatics can’t be talked down). This may be a contributing factor to the regime’s paranoia—they don’t know who they can trust anymore.

    • They only gave back half the money, so I’m entirely certain that the FBI has found a new and very lucrative sideline- and it’s all-American, no foreigners involved!

  33. Z,

    I’ll agree on your first part that “hacked” is the go to defense for any “celebrity” caught in a Kinsley Gaffe (inadvertently revealing a truth or opinion they didn’t want to be revealed). See: Hunter Biden laptop, numerous Twitter or Facebook posts mined and dredged up, etc.

    As for “If a company loses customer information, they claim it was hackers.”, I’m more likely to believe hackers DID do the deed. If you work down at the bits and bytes level of IT, you see some absolutely horrendous security breaches if you work anywhere long enough. Many of them are the equivalent of a bank keeping security cameras pointed everywhere except the one service door in the back of the building. That’s left unlocked. And propped open by a brick.

    I worked in IT Security for a while and it was eye opening some of the things we found. Unsecured servers, accounts and passwords in configuration files, etc. Updates were made once found.

    Left unsaid though is in the fetish to offshore work / bring in H-1Bs how much of these “breaches” are or could be inside jobs. Once at a MegaBank I worked for I had to fly out to our IT Department HQ with a hard drive in a sealed box for delivery to IT Security. Seems an H-1B needed data for testing an application. Did he go to our Development databases which had “sanitized” customer data? Nope, he knew better! He downloaded production customer data, which included names, addresses, SSNs, Mother’s Maiden Name, etc. onto his computer and whipped up a local copy of the system database. He slipped up when someone asked him where he was testing from and he admitted where he got the data. Not surprisingly he was fired and his PC was seized and the hard drive taken out.

    That’s just one story of one goofball. Imagine someone willing to sell data out of your company via a backdoor. Or real hackers (Foreign or Domestic) exploiting security breaches in older systems or software. There’s lots of old mainframe systems sitting out there that may not be 100% secure because people are focused on protecting customer facing systems (as they should).

    I await comments by other commenters who may work in IT.

    • I don’t recall if I commented here on the Colonial issue, but here it is again. These firms tend to rely on legacy systems. I’ve seen infrastructure companies using Cobol systems maintained by old guys. There is a ton of Cobol and Fox code in the older parts of the supply chain. The reason is there is no incentive to replace it with new technology. These companies operate as sanctioned monopolies. Heck, bank systems are antiquated.

      I don’t doubt that these system get brought down by ransomware. I’ve worked on enough of these to know it is more common than most realize. Even companies trying to be current are susceptible. What is utter nonsense is that it is being done by super-villains from Russia. That’s just fairytales fed to the gullible media. The notion that the FBI is catching any of these people or locating their crypto is even sillier.

      • Z,

        I agree that the “Us Brave and Smart Folks from the FBI Got ‘Em” angle is bunk.

        Part of the reason older systems stay around is frankly, they work. And they were paid off years ago. And nobody these days wants to work on a batch processing system when you can design Awesome Apps for Apple!

        Of course, now that nobody teaches COBOL or batch processing . . . . . . . . .

        (Ask me the story about the C# programmer who couldn’t figure out the concept of how to open, read, and process a flat file)

        • Flat file processing is a great example of legacy tech that is still dominant in banking. The same holds for the big payroll processors. There’s a firm that specializes in providing Cobol programmers, because there is so much demand http://cobolcowboys.com/

          I know a VFP guy who got rich when the wall came down. He went to the old Soviet bloc countries doing consulting and training, as they used VFP for everything.

          • The FBI got the same Bitcoin…

            They’re right, I don’t know anything about Crypto or Blockchain.

            Its like Time Travel!!!
            Sure, time doesn’t move, space does but if you’re in the GOV you have access to special tools and…

    • Between roughly 1986-1996, I worked on U.S. Government contract where dial-up diagnostic ports were routinely left unsecured. This was for staff’s convenience to be able to diagnose and (hopefully) fix problems from home. To be fair, there was little to no chance of actual data being comromised (it was “unclassified” government project, and we had no access to government’s systems), and any random hacker wouldn’t have gotten fair without knowing a few passwords, ID numbers, types of equiment etc. But the point is that, in principle, any person with knowledge could have knocked down sizeable portions of a major government agency’s communications network*, from any place in the world, with a PC and a modem. This was in the days before the Internet. I suspect the security holes are just as bad thirty years later, squared or cubed.

      *Which sometimes happened in the course of us doing our jobs 😀

  34. I mean you can look at the average Globocorp and scale up to the FBI & upper gov.

    Managers are all white woman Karens with few skills who really don’t know much about IT, project management, or anything nitty gritty. They are constantly shuffling departments around (with horrible planning) and always micromanage. They lie to your face non stop and think they’re cunning geniuses.

    The rest of the corporation is largely diversity hires, mystery meat. And these people have almost no skills. Most probably faked a resume and got hired because they’re dark. They can click a button when Karen tells them to without thinking too hard about it. Most effort goes into pursuing their ethnic agenda and getting their “group” recognition from HR.

    So in light of this dynamic it’s really no surprise that a) pipelines can’t stay operational and b) they cook up some obvious bullshit that sounds clever to them.

    Karens are slowly getting pushed out of management by the growing and more nepotistic alien class too. You get a country representative of it’s demographics. How often do things work in Mexico? In India? It takes a while, but we’re getting there.

    • From my experience staff in your average US Corporate IT department now works out to be:

      Roughly 50% Indian (H-1B or citizen onshore, or offshore in India back office. Some places it’s up to 2/3rds of the department)
      Roughly 25% Whites, which often can include Eastern Europeans (Russian)
      Roughly 15 – 20% Other Asians (Chinese, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese)
      Remainder beloved Diversity.

      Take that as you will.

    • How automatic traffic lights used to work versus how they work today, with computerization and code written by resident H-1bs. Stopped by a red light every block at 7 AM on a Sunday morning with almost zero traffic. Waiting up to two and a half minutes for a left turn signal. And I hate curry.

  35. First it was a fossil fuel pipeline, then it was a beef company.

    Yeah, I suspect we’re going to get the Green New Deal whether we like it or not.

    • Manica: Absolutely – cohencidences, or as my son responded, “Things which make you go ‘hmmmn.” I don’t really know whether we’ll have a long, hot summer of rioting – too much excess vibrancy could damage Cameltoe’s image, but I honestly do expect shenanigans with the grid in various locales. Whitey uses too much elektricity and AC is rayciss. But the damn electronic/solar generator (simple to use, silent, and no gas to store and stabilize) large enough to handle the initial power surge required by a window AC or full-size fridge averages $1200-$2000 and the whole-house one is far more than that. Can’t really justify it . . . yet.

      • I got four free solar home quotes for my hovel last December. It’s borderline economical. I don’t qualify for the tax credit, which would cut costs by about 25%. I am still skeptical. These systems usually come with perhaps a 20 year waranty, about the same as the payment plan. I’ve seen life expectancies anywhere from that on down to just ten years or even less. The panels also fail gradually in power generating ability. Add a battery storage system and your woes are multipled 😀

        Not discussed, and this is mostly speculation: If you are the firm selling these systems, a time honored way to get out of future commitments is to dissolve the corporation and/or declare bankruptcy after a few years. Unless times have greatly changed, this was a common practice in the home builder industry a few decades ago. Laws are passed to try and prevent such behavior. The problem is that attorneys can be hired to figure out new legal gambits. It’s all a game, but the consumer is the loser. Solar may make sense in some cases, but I think I’ll continue buying my power from Duke Energy for the time being.

  36. Or, the Russian government was pissed that their ransom scheme targeted a highly vulnerable US center of gravity without authorization. The attack, whoever was responsible, uncovered a massive strategic vulnerability in the US energy supply chain. Typically, nation-states don’t go after that because they want to save it for use in an actual war. (which also explains why so many people think it was an inside job by FBI or CIA)

    The punishment was the ransom was returned in a face saving way.

    • Of course, this is a cover for the fact Putin is in league with the space aliens behind the UFO’s.

      • I KNEW IT!

        We need to watch Putin even closer! Hell, he probably IS a space alien.

      • I can say I’m glad that Putin practices Judo and so temper control.
        I would have been taunted into fight by now.

  37. With all the dolts, imbeciles and low IQ grifters in power or those working with them, why hasn’t our side started to run the tables on these guys? Is having total control of the apparatus all that matters? Some kind of idiotic leviathan too large and intricate to usurp.

    Throw me a bone here, it’s all too much anymore.

    • The problem is that most people on our side of the divide are allergic to gaining and using power. Most just want to be left alone. Others see the necessary steps to gaining and maintaining power as being immoral.

      It is the fatal flaw of the right and it tells me that “our side” probably won’t be able to turn this around

      Our civilization was built through conquest and a lot of really ugly things that “our side” couldn’t stomach.

      All the men of action and power are on the left. Perhaps they are more closely alike to our ancestors who built this civilization than “we”, but corrupted in some strange way.

      The right seems to be made up of people who are very risk adverse and go along for the ride of wherever civilization is going, and try to make do the best they can with whatever circumstances they find themselves in.

      • Most upper middle class conservatives genuinely just want to grill and chill. They’re also more likely to give into social pressure. Hard to have dinner parties if your wife and all her friends shun you for your views (Citizen??)

        From what I understand the toughest frontier people got obese and are now dying from despair and opioids. There’s not necessarily a place for a tough, rugged white guy anymore. Instead of creating a place for themselves alot instead just give up and slowly and quietly kill themselves. Their grandmas or parents voted Trump. What else are they gonna do?

        Those are basically your two main conservative groups lol. I’m hoping dissident right charts another course, and we generally have combinations of traits that are more rare among whites.

        • Yes, but the frontier people would not have ever gotten to North America without the ambitious elite who chartered the voyages to the new world and financed the ships.

          Those kind of men in modern times are on the left because that is where the prestige and power are.

          That is the kind of men that matter now of where we are going as a civilization.

          • Yes, a good elite are important. “Ours” are insane (though the days of the WASP-only elite are long gone).

            There are a few solutions to this, but in general it’s at too grand of a scale.

            I’m not too worried about the future thought. Connect and grow with like minded people, have lots of kids and do you best to homeschool them.

            There’s not much else you can do (short of a french revolution – but that’s not a topic to put in writing).

          • The “frontier people”? What frontier? The place was already inhabited and had been for thousands of years. The frontier existed only in terms of culture, technology and susceptibility to disease. There was once a frontier between Sweden and Russia too, but nobody ever talks about that.
            Popular historians marvel at the agonies suffered by the 19th-century Lewis & Clark expedition trudging across a bounteous landscape that was also inhabited by socially sophisticated people, kind of a tourist event with ominous intentions. Since nobody in the world at that time had plumbing or refrigeration the Yankee adventurers gave up little but time in making their continental tour.

      • Yes. We are allergic to power, want to be left alone. Also allergic to risk.

        So we are alone, there is no we, we will die alone. Choices have consequences.

        • With all due respect Fein, we are not allergic to risk.
          Why would an old dude like me risk money and time trying to build a place for my family among like minded people?
          I can just sit on my ass and watch sports all.

          I think what is missed is not that we want to be left alone by everyone, we want to be left alone by the G.

          Planting trees, growing crops, meeting neighbors, fixing equipment, and what do you know, not a bit of it overseen by a government official,.

          How does that even happen?!

          Nah, I respectfully disagree with you. Unless you’re dead, there is always something that can be done to improve a situation.

          • “Want to be left alone by the government”

            The captains of history don’t want to be left alone by the government, they want to BE the government.

            Also risking money and time is very different from being willing to risk your neck.

          • “I just want to be left alone by the government”

            Ultimately that is the survival strategy of the dodo bird.

            I can work for a time, but is incapable of dealing with a force that refuses to leave you alone.

          • Do you see improvements?

            We want to be left alone by the G.

            Do you see any evidence they can or will?

            Planting orchids and raising kids…

            Fire and sword end that in a few moments.

            You don’t want to risk VIOLENCE and WAR to clarify the matter, yet it marches on you.

            This is why I say you’ll die alone. Because the steadfast redneck refusal to band together for the common defense.

            So yes – you’ll be left alone – until they come.

            Its a great life, except for the last part.

            Enjoy it.

          • Part of the issue is K-selection and kids. If you’re having kids, you’re going to avoid high risk political involvement for 2 decades – most of your young adulthood. I’ll be in my 50’s before I can stick my neck out again.
            The saving grace that I see is that it’s a long term versus short term strategy, but a successful long term strategy. The Enemy is eating their seed corn – the center, center-left, and normie left are using up their women of childbearing age in muh career go-grrlism, and having 1/2 or 1 kids. “Fur mommy,” look it up (it’s not a furry thing, it’s a AWFL thing). But yes, it sucks to be on the defense when the opposition’s self-consuming zerg rush is going on.

            OTOH, the religious right and far right women of childbearing age are having 3+ children and staying out of the spotlight to raise them safely. Take heart: we’re not kidding when we say culture is genetic, and politics is downstream of culture. In 20 years, once the “50/50” right/left boomer cohort is all gone, X’ers are in their dottage, and we Millenials have popped out all our rugrats, the white balance will not be the X-er+Boomer 70 right/30 left, it will be 90/10, or 95/5. And the white right then won’t be “muh friendz the globocorporation” Judeo-christians, they’re going to be the “abortion and sexual perversions are crimes against God,” kill-a-commie-for-mommie kind of right.
            From my perch in the UMC, I see it personally: the lefty woman who spends $40k on IVF and pops out a one-and-done (or the handful who won’t even get that far), versus the Christian right-wing members of my church, where most families are 3-4 kids, some with 7-8.
            So buck up, by their fruits you shall know them, and the only kind of fruits the Enemy has are the non-reproducing sorts.
            P.s. For the farming inclined- this is like getting IV fast broilers versus getting heritage meat birds. Sure, you get your slaughter in 6-8 weeks, but they can’t reproduce and once you put them in the cone, your flock is gone. With heritage meat birds, you can keep yourself in meat for 1/2 a decade with just one rooster and a few hens. The sterile IV crosses will make a lot of meat in 2 months, but that’s the end of the road. He who shows up at the end wins, and the end ain’t 2 months away.

          • Rebel, I appreciate your optimism, but why do you think the lefties are pumping in immigrants so fast and in such high numbers? To offset (or better) the very TFR imbalance you speak to.

            I’m sad to say their ‘artificial insemination technique’ is simply an open border; bypassing gestation and birth. They drop them in your town, and then they predominantly vote ‘D’. And they have no problem running 2-3 TFR for a generation or two. Way better than the ‘one and done’ wing of their coalition.

            So, in 15-20 years, most of your church isn’t speaking English, and with the continuing apostasy being visited upon the churches by said leftists, you probably won’t feel very welcome there then either. That said, I wish you God’s blesssings in that struggle; maybe you can beat the odds and the system.

          • Replying to Howard: Immigrants do not stay. Historically, even in boom times in the US (1890s, 1910s, 1980s), more than 50% of immigrants end up returning to their home country, with their families.
            Now in lean times (1970s), return rates were more like 70%. Then in outright bad times times, the mid-depression 1930’s, immigrants had something like a 85-90% return rate (often times, locally 100%).
            If that bares out and we actually have a full-on hyperinflationary-to-deflationary crash depression like 1930’s Weimar or USA, their 100 million “paper americans” to our 180 million becomes 10 million to our 180 million. It has happened several times before, and can happen again.

      • What it takes to acquire power in a zero-sum, defect-defect, inverted world of manufactured anti-reality is incompatible with those who still desire “normal” civilization.

        Opportunistically dark triad or extreme self-interest isn’t enough. You have to embrace anti-reality. Sips at first. But at some point you have to drink deeply.

        Power we speak of is vested in those who administer and curate alt-reality – or downstream of that, those useful idiots who are taken up by its black magic and do its bidding for crumbs of power like social status.

        Anti-reality is full of purity tests, “logic” and language traps, and rituals specifically designed to purge non-believers and to further indoctrinate those who even passively conform for incremental aggregate powers – or more often, merely preservation of status quo.

        But yes, courage is the most important virtue because the Truth must be lived.

        In our culture, where the big lie grows beneath fields of pretty lies, the Truth is costly and discomforting as it runs afoul of anti-reality.

        The weakness is in avoiding those costs. But avoiding going dark to gain power in alt-reality is not a weakness on its own accord.

        Which isnt to say our side could not use some mettle.

        But most people are status quo. The “men of action” of the left are running through fields of pretty lies eating low-hanging fruit. They are on borrowed time.

        All debts will be settled. Truth and reality will be restored.

        • “What it takes to acquire power in a zero-sum, defect-defect, inverted world of manufactured anti-reality is incompatible with those who still desire “normal” civilization.”

          Quoted for truth. It’s like watching divorced women get duped by Nigerian princes. I can see the grift working… repeatedly… and if I squint very hard then I can follow the psychology… but kissing a skank-ho’s ego in order to scam dollars out of her purse would be an out-of-body experience for a guy who can’t sit on a bus bench without getting shrieked at.

        • Very well put. Excuse a little tdlr (because it’s not): only clowns can rule clown world.

          • Aaaand, still no one has a remedy, save the black pills. I’ll take the good ideas from this blog and continue to implement them to have something for my heirs.
            The best thing I have done is find a like minded community that minds their own business, unless you ask for help. Then they all are more than helpful.

      • Our side(DR) doesn’t have a lot of fighty peeps. That seems to be bred out them,. I do know a lot of the folks who do have a bit of fight in them do stuff in meat space – which is about the only safe space for our side. Anything online should be considered compromised.

        Right now there isn’t much we can do because most whites are very fragmented politically and along class lines. In addition the government has become very anti-white and intrusive which makes organizing next to impossible outside of the local level.

    • Part of it might be the panopticon nature of current society?
      Somewhat on topic, when the Android “stagefright” vulnerability came out I waited for someone, anyone, to exploit it, to turn all unpatched ‘droid phones (which is always almost all of them) into their own zombie force. Imagine every Android phone suddenly blaring out the glories of the Chinese communist party! And yet, nothing. A whole planet worth of people and not one of them even thought to do it as a troll.

    • Reward your friends.

      Punish your enemies.

      Nancy Pelosi et al understands this and doesn’t apologize for it.

      Republicans give up the store trying to “heal the country” and “get along”. Mostly though, it’s that Republicans don’t believe the BS they push actually got them elected, much less that any “serious” person would want them to act on it.

    • “No more Stalins, no more Hitlers.”

      Anyone who grabbed the controls of the machine would find that they don’t function. When Tump did it freaked him out. He vacillated between telling the people the score, putting in panicked calls to the “experts,” and grasping at the dummy wheel again and again in case it’s real this time. We learned for sure that none of that works, that politics per se—what we’re allowed to think of as “power”—is fake.

      So, what do? Nothing obvious. Make known, softly, that you’re available. Know what’s real and point it out. Be right—so the world keeps proving you right, so you’re believed when you say something wild. Mean it if you say it. What’s possible will happen. Could be nothing, could be the thing.

    • That’s one reason why I’m optimistic- even though I’m still on a rather apocalyptic tear.

      It was the Cubans who convinced me- the ones going back to Cuba with their American Social Security in hand, the ones showing me Christmas pictures of big happy families.

      You can get pretty much all you need there- it’s all black market, or the Castros would’ve stolen it for resale. And who needs a car, really, on a tropical island?

      Medical supplies, well, you see where medicine here is going, so phooey. They still have a functional 1906 economy, though, not AD 486.

      The only thing you don’t do is criticize or talk about the government. That’s all.

      And that’s all our self-segregating Cloud set wants. They want to steal a lot, of course, but most of that “value” is Cloud crap anyways.

      I live, ahem, thriftily, but am not planning on any big changes. I’ll have projects and things to learn, a mission to follow, and preparing to do.

      The world was always wicked, the ruling crooks always crooks, but I found great comfort in those here who said, “Be in the world, but not of the world.”

      Not what we wanted or looked forward to, for sure, but a Big Win was not in our cards. Luck of the draw. So what- who are we to steal the glory that our descendants will win, if we inform them, as we’re trying to do here?

      (And you, you’ll be watching avidly from above, that or come back and join in the fun. I mean that, and know it to be true. Tain’t over, not by a long shot.)

  38. So what WAS the Colonial Pipeline “hack”? I’m going back and forth between ” an innovative new way to pass bribes ” and “they put Diversity in the control room and the inevitable happened.”

    • It was a pretext. Whether to do a number on Russia, fuel production/consumption, or on crytocurrency, it is hard to tell. Someone within Colonial, Coinbase or certainly Russia could humiliate the feds in a nanosecond but have elected not to do so, so maybe it is another scam.

      Regardless,this kind of laughably transparent propaganda is a hallmark of totalitarianism. Expect more of it.

      Also, Z: I can add a third character flaw to private sector propagandists: they are stunningly lazy.

    • That has been my question also, what really caused the pipeline to shutdown? Oil prices had been dropping before this happened was it as simple as someone cooked this up to make money on oil? There is video of Hawley asking the CEO of Colonial why they couldn’t operate the pipeline manually since it is 70 years old and was obviously operated manually before current tech existed. His response was that they were able to operate portions of it manually but everyone who knew how the whole thing worked is either retired or dead. They told him it would be faster to get their tech up and running again before they figured it out.

      • So then bring in the old ones — is their wisdom inaccessible just because they’re not on the company payroll anymore?
        If cyberattacks are to become commonplace in the globalist melodrama, doesn’t it behoove people to understand how to do things con la mano?
        They don’t want people to know how to run shit manually anymore, that’s why.

        • Lanky – I’ve read about similar circumstances in a LOT of industries. People are so utterly dependent on computers today that even one generation old tech is utterly alien to them, and since most of them are not White American they cannot reverse engineer anything. Add in entire industries offshored, and there’s a reason why we could not possibly pull of a moonshot or building the Empire State Building or the Hoover Dam today. We are not the same country, and those people are gone. Their descendants are deracinated, degenerate, and slated for death.

          Buy/download and preserve old (and I mean OLD – i.e. pre 1945) books on how to do anything and your grandchildren might have a shot at surviving. I didn’t grow up learning how to can or make soap, so I’m not certain if I’ll have any utility in our brave new world.

          • 3g I do worry about my baby son and my (not total) lack of survival skills. Hey, at least I’m good with a crossbow now!

      • Google Colonial pipeline leak.
        Infrastructure shakedown.
        Tobacco, asbestos, et al.
        Now meat and petroleum.

        Bustout farmland and small real estate complete and we all live by another’s leave.

    • “So what WAS the Colonial Pipeline “hack”?”

      Saddam has WMD! Saddam has WMD!

    • Sev this is a color Revolution, occupation and consolidation of power phase; and the enemy has A LOT OF WORK TO DO in this regard. This is just one confusion to your enemies (we are their enemies) operation of many, many more to come. The distrust being sowed is part of it. Its not that difficult to understand; Ukraine, Syria, Iraq…just our turn. Its like violence- only baffling the first time. If there’s a second time.

      Of course the immediate tactical effects are kicking the commons in the wallet for memorial day, distraction from Wuhan, and yes somebody’s getting paid.

      In a strategy of tension and conquest there are many such deceits. This is nothing new.

      And yes it is Conquest, because DC gives you only DC and the super ZIPS. The nation itself must be reduced.

      You ain’t seen nothing yet.

      I have, but sorry we can’t help you- because you want to be left alone. So be it; you’re alone.

    • Easy: solar and wind farms and pixie dust plants are impregnable fortresses. Oil and gas infrastructure: totally vulnerable.

    • Good question. In general most companies will never admit they got blackmailed unless it’s so bad they can’t cover it up. Whatever happened it shut off their pipeline and caused a lot of important people to a dump a grumpy.

      The MSM is was their payroll system that got hacked. That is not a show stopper. But I doubt it. Someone either got into the SCADA system(which controls the pipeline) or locked people out of it. Although I read there was a leak in their pipeline and that was the real problem. But I can’t find any proof of that.

      It’s all just weird. It’s all very soviet the way it’s being sold to the people.

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