The Secret Police

Most everyone is familiar with the concept of the panopticon, which is a type of prison designed by the English philosopher Jeremy Bentham. The system allows all prisoners to be observed by a single security guard, without the inmates being able to tell whether they are being watched. The image that comes to mind is of a single eyeball in the sky that is always scanning for rule breakers. The key is the uncertainty. You never know if you are being watched by the guards of the prison.

This is a powerful image that always comes to mind when people realize that their rulers are spying on them. It is the wrong image. America is not a panopticon, but a synopticon. This is a concept conceived by Norwegian sociologist Thomas Mathiesen that means surveillance of the few by the many. Mathiesen belonged to the prison abolition movement which advocated for the elimination of prisons and prisons systems in favor of anarchist inspired alternatives.

The world in which we live today is one where everyone is spying on everyone, except the rulers, all the time. The local business installs cameras outside the warehouse to prevent vandals from defacing the walls with graffiti. Those cameras record everything and store it on the cloud. The owner is told the video stays on the cloud for seven days, but in reality, it is there forever. It just gets moved to a different database, accessible by the security state whenever they think to use it.

All around us, the vast network of recording devises uploads data to various databases that are harvested by the secret police and stored in their systems. Americans don’t think we have secret police, but Americans also think their votes count. The main feature of liberal democracy is it keeps the people living in a fog of self-delusion about who is really in charge of society. That is what we see with the secret police. They have no name and no location, so they do not exist for most people.

One of those people is not Tucker Carlson, however. His organization was visited by someone claiming to be a whistleblower. This person provided information to them from their texts and e-mails that could only be known by Team Tucker. The claim was that the NSA was using its super-duper spying tools to harvest their data. The idea was to find something they could use to get Tucker fired and then place it in the media. This is something the FBI does when framing people.

Like most Americans, Tucker takes his rulers at face value. If the government is spying on someone, it is in an official capacity from an official office. That is not how the secret police work in the American synopticon. The secret police are instead a loose network of fellow travelers that occupy positions inside the large institutions, both private and public. It is a secret society in which the membership is informal and rooted in shared beliefs and access to information.

In the case of Tucker, it is unlikely that the NSA was using its super-duper listening tools to gather up his e-mails. Whether such a thing exists is debatable. This data exists in databases both private and public. There is no need to sniff every packet on the internet in real time when millions of people volunteer to capture, collate and store the data on private systems. When those systems are maintained by people in the loose network that makes up the secret police, getting access is never difficult.

A good example is the insurrection hoax. The banks and mobile carriers were quick to volunteer their services to the hoaxers in the inner party. They provided mobile phone data and credit card data without being asked. All of a sudden, within hours of the event, the FBI and DOJ were getting waves of information about people who may or may not have been at the event. In the synopticon, the FBI is reduced to errand boys when it comes to framing enemies of the system.

In the case of Tucker, this is probably an operation not aimed at Tucker, but at his fans out there in flyover country. The secret police send this guy to tell Team Tucker that they are spying on him. They probably got some stuff from Google or Apple to use as a prop in this little drama. It is entirely possible the operation is being run out of Silicon Valley and the FBI official they are using is just a fellow traveler. His credentials as a high-ranking government agent adds authenticity to the caper.

Of course, Tucker ran straight to the camera to report on what happened, because that is what you do if you are a journalist in a democracy. There is the value of the self-delusion maintained by liberal democracy. If Tucker saw himself as a subject in an authoritarian surveillance state, he would have evaluated this event from that perspective and kept quiet about it. He would have assumed they were targeting him, hoping he would blab about it on television.

Now, if this operation is not about spying on Tucker in order to get him fired, then what is the point of it? The primary tool of control in both the panopticon and synopticon is psychological, not informational. The theory is that the uncertainty and lack of privacy instills submissiveness. The prisoner, never sure when he is being watched and what is being watched, begins to assume his captors are always watching and know everything about him, even his innermost thoughts.

This has always been a key feature of the secret police. They want their targets to think everyone and anyone could be a spy. Since the ruling class sees every white person in America as a potential threat, the secret police are trying to make sure every white person knows they are being watched. Getting Tucker, a guy who thinks UFOs are real, to play along in this drama is not terribly difficult. Millions of white people who watch Tucker are now thinking they are under surveillance.

In every corrupt regime, the secret police are a symptom of the rot, but they also reflect the nature of the ruling class. The KGB in post-war Russia was highly bureaucratized, reflecting the nature of the regime. They slowly began to ignore organized crime, as that was hard to address, and focused on trivial crime. On the other hand, the Okhrana, which was the Tsars secret police, was a highly personal operation. It was ad hoc and relied on individuals to infiltrate enemies of the Tsar.

In a liberal democracy like America, no one really knows who is actually in charge, so no one knows the nature of the secret police. There are formal institutions, just as we see in politics, but those institutions never do what the people want, which is what you see with elected officials. Just as with elected officials, there always seems to be a hidden agenda with the security forces. It is as if there is an invisible hand on the levers of power that is only known by what it does.

Just as the secret police reflects the nature of the system, it also gives us a sense of the system’s overall health. The more threatened the ruler, the more willing he is to use explicit force to intimidate his opponents. The confident ruler is willing to play cat and mouse, often for his own amusement. We saw this with he Tsar as century ago, where he was willing to be more explicit in the use of violence. The less secure he was in his position, the more willing he was to shoot people.

What we are seeing today is an effort to public intimidate opponents. Torturing political prisoners in secret DC jails and now advertising a domestic spying operation suggest genuine fear in the system. They really do believe that Trump was put in office by a secret conspiracy against them. This paranoia and fear is driving the explicit use of force by the rulers. That invisible hand is moving from the shadows, into the open and becoming more obvious in order to intimidate the enemy.

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204 thoughts on “The Secret Police

  1. “They really do believe that Trump was put in office by a secret conspiracy against them.”

    I’m not sure the concluding paragraph follows from the rest of the piece. What could the amorphous ruling class have to fear from some Trumpster secret conspiracy assuming it might exist?

    Anyhow, Tucker would have known that his correspondence was available to prying eyes. He even had Glen Greenwald come to tell him so. If Tucker’s message is, “If they’re spying on me, they’re spying on you,” the message is redundant; Carter Page redux. In any event, the Geheime Staatspolize likely spends a lot of its time and energy spying on each other.

  2. I haven’t scrolled through all the replies in this thread, so perhaps someone already posted along this line, but for what it’s worth, I recall some sage advice:
    Sometimes you’re just being paranoid, but sometimes they really are out to get you.
    My belief, based on personal and professional experience is that, given that the official surveillance state (i.e., NSA, FBI, CIA, ad nauseum) is so large, with thousands upon thousands of employees having access to all the data the government hoovers up, it is possible that a person or group of persons decided, without instructions from his/her/their superiors to see what they could get on Carlson, because he said something that got their knickers in a twist. It didn’t have to be a sanctioned hit. On the other hand, it is equally likely that the powers that be decided they really did not appreciate Carlson’s frequent criticisms of their fiefdom, so it was company policy to try to take him down. Either way, I think he did the only reasonable thing, trying to get ahead of the curve and preempt the shitstorm they were planning to unleash on him. I recall that it was not so long ago that Antifa (or was it BLM, I forget) massed outside his home. How did they get his personal information? Probably leaked to them from someone inside the government, ranging from IRS to HHS through the state DOT or even his the local post office. Everybody knows everything about each and every one of us, or can find out with a little effort. Thus, I am of the opinion that the panopticon analogy is the more accurate one, except that there is not one man in the observation post, but many, too many to count and all anonymous and unaccountable.

  3. Your White pill of the day. Zerohedge is reporting that Harris’s staff is the usual black dysfunctional mess you’d expect. She has a black chief of staff (a woman) and another as a chief subordinate. The one ran Clinton’s post-Presidential staff and froze out all his old friends as Clinton did not use email. Thus no one could contact him and tell him things were going wrong, or ask for favors, or offer help.

    Harris has had 50 staffers resign, they are all angry and leaking. Its as stupid as the Houston Astros stealing signs and banging on trash cans. As soon as the first position player was traded, everything would come out. And they used an INTERN to devise the electronic method for stealing signs and relaying the info to the clubhouse. This was a team that had been fined for hacking into the St. Louis Cardinals scouting system. So they were already on notice and widely suspected. The core of politics is power and patronage. The powerful dispense patronage to create a loyal following who owe their bread to the patron. Harris can’t even do that.

    • Since this is not just figuratively or metaphorically but ackshually LITerally “The Secret Police” essay, check this out:

      Ashli Babbitt’s Killer Reportedly Was Member Of VP Pence’s Secret Service Security Detail

      Would that not be the perfect bookend to the Trump/Pence legacy – that not only did Pence stab Trump in the back, but he ackshually LITerally oversaw the assassination of a Trump loyalist?

      Obviously it’s all just rumor at this point, but the pattern of the data points would align perfectly with all other known patterns of all other data points which we’ve ever witnessed coming out of Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac.

      PS: Rhetorical question time.

      Assuming that anything he poasts is ackshually LITerally true, how in the name of Phuck Almighty does WhisKeY get any of this information unless it’s coming directly from either the King himself, or else from someone within Barnea’s kingdom belonging to a faction loyal to, say, Yossi Cohen, or Tamir Pardo, rather than being loyal to King David the Magnificent?

      Even if WhisKeY is just seeding misinformation in the DR, he ain’t writing it all himself – someone’s emailing it to him, whilst he sits there before dawn, refreshing his screen every five seconds, until Z finally poasts the essay du jour.

      Or maybe “WhisKey” is a code name for a group of 15 or 20 different JIDF specialists? And they take turns working the night shift, just sitting there hitting “F5” for refresh, at $50hr an hour?

      That would make for some serious carpal tunnel syndrome.

      Maybe they’ve got it all coded in software now.

      Heck, at this point, I suppose maybe even WhisKeY himself might be an AI bot.


    • She’s more expendable than Biden.

      And those are not our actual politics, if you mean power.
      My God the Dems publicly said take the nuke codes away from POTUS and of course they’re thinking of her. I suspect that’s probably happened just quietly.

      Her only core supporters are her ancestral village in India probably only because they’ve never met her.

    • For an even whiter, lighter pill, Whiskey, consider. The neo Nero’s backup is that Harlot Harris, and for an even whiter shade of pale pill, know that her backup is Perilous Pelosi! Isn’t Democracy fun?!

  4. Let me add to the stupidity of our ruling class.

    They could have installed Tulsi Gabbard. Or that White guy from Baltimore. Or some actor out of left field: Tom Hanks, that guy from NCIS. Someone who looked well, not a reject from “Weekend at Bernies.” Instead we get doddering old Biden with a faction ridden Regency that is sure to shake itself to death with the infighting.

    Never underestimate some factional enemy of the faction using the NSA to spy on Carlson being the Whistleblower. That is a feature not a bug of a Regency. Its why most Monarchies and barons of Kingdoms abhorred them. One never knew which faction could gain power over the other, and for how long. The monarch was at least the monarch. Give good service as a fief holder and the monarch would reward you. A lord needed only to please the King and God. No one else.

  5. I rather think the NSA did spy on Tucker Carlson and there was a Whistleblower. And I think the elites are very, very stupid.
    Exhibit A: Son of Big Guy, how stupid do you have to be to leave … evidence lying around?
    Exhibit B: the editorial by Janan Ganesh (easily the most stupid of their writers). He thinks that the ruling elite want unity, and want to fight China. Hahahahahah. “Nike is a Chinese Company for the Chinese people!” Not a bit of pushback. Meanwhile Reparations moves forward, as does changing the US Flag to the Rainbow one (not kidding, this will be the last Fourth with Old Glory) and Biden endorsing US Olympic Athletes turning their back to the Anthem when played. Expect a lot of that in the Tokyo Olympics assuming they are played.
    As for Gen Woke Milley, I assume he is a true believer. He knows the US military would be quickly defeated by China. Not that China is not shoddy in every way, from its Sinovac vaccines that are WORSE than doing nothing (countries that took it are having raging epidemics) to its road system to its nuclear power plants (there is a mini Chernobyl there presumably). Bu the fighting black Trannies of the 105th Diversity Division are worse even than them. However Milley figures he can beat Whitey. We are right here, he figures enough trust the military for him to round us all up.
    I expect the Biden Regency (Dr. Jill maybe) to declare Martial Law based on something: the Delta Variant infections, some random event, and then act on the Bill Ayers camp plan.
    They are that stupid.

    • Optimist. We’re not even ten years away from 100,000,000 of us going up in woke-smoke. The average D voter is at least 10x as genocidal as Hitler.

      Doubt at yr peril, sane men.

    • Milley is a creature, he is the average DMV clerk.

      The last general we had was Petraus, he’s also the first one we had in a while. At the first sign of being actual Generals – they are done.

      If the wind changes Milley will change with it.
      He’s after the biggest board seat and most money he can get.
      It’s well known in the Army our Generals never do anything except for money. Let me quote a Colonel: ‘if this idea has no money in it, no General will talk to you. Perhaps you should write a book’. This is a West Pointer, after I explained an innovation that cost no money and needed no money.

      That’s Milley.

    • I’m expecting a major false flag on or around the 4th or 9/11, or possibly even both.

      The controllers just love holidays and anniversaries.

  6. Or you could go with Occam’s Razor, and that would have it that someone is actually spying on Tucker to get him fired, and that some NSA or FBI affiliated person had a moment of conscience and risked their own safety for the higher purpose of protecting ideals of privacy and freedom.

    I am not sure I agree with Z Man’s hot take this time.

    • The surveillance state is not the three letter agencies, but the FAANG stocks and other fellow travelers in the nasdaq100 and F1000, writ large.

      Once people wrap their heads around the fact that Snowden-Greenwald was a technomarxist, 0 admin operation, to eliminate the NSA DoD overlord, it should all fall into place.

      Just like smart cars are a bad idea, calling a phone smart should automatically set off alarms.

    • I hadn’t considered that one. I prefer my own thesis (ego alert!) stated elsewhere: that Tucker could have made the whole thing up, presumably for publicity purposes.

      If I may be so brash, I find just one flaw in the “secret patriot whistleblower” scenario: These types of surveillance ops are highly classified and have various “need to know” access controls. The list of anyone who’d have had access to such information would be a very short list, and unless he were a dunce, he’d know that passing info to probably anyone, especially someone already under surveillance, would be a very tall order 😀

      The above scenario is very similar to one that occurs in Solzhenitzyn’s excellent “In the First Circle” Spy novel.

      • I prefer my own thesis (ego alert!) stated elsewhere: that Tucker could have made the whole thing up, presumably for publicity purposes.

        Of course he did, Ben bin Ben.

        No one can never trust a preppy blue-eyed shegetz like Tucker.

      • Apparently the Gov agency in question has copped to spying on Tucker, so I guess that answers that question.

  7. Keep in mind that none of the equipment used by the secret police has been developed by them. They are supplied with the fruits of private enterprise, license plate readers, GPS systems, rifle silencers, every thing you can imagine was developed by psychotic inventors with only one market, the government. Nobody needs computer ballot machines or blood alcohol measurement equipment unless they’re a bureaucrat.

    • True. Retired FBI agents will frequently become security experts for hire based on their knowledge of technology and their ability to stay in touch with the latest hi-tech developments. And guess who hires them? Yep…the oligarchs and their minions. Got to protect that yacht and that hunting plantation.

  8. Miami building collapse…slowly I turned…sensing…a presence..


    I’m glad Israel rescuers have jumped in to clean up behind the Polish Canadians who made the mess.

    On a lighter note this means DeSantis is done as a threat to the system ✔️.
    Watch. They will pin this on him.

    Like the 1911 Triangle Shirt Fire (arson for the insurance money) this will be about *more progressive needed* …fire, building codes my ass.

    • Desantis is a diet generic Trump, at best, and Trump couldn’t get the job done. Mrs. Desantis (née Schwartz) can tickle him this way and that for the love of nation, but it isn’t our nation.

      Bon voyage.

      • (née Schwartz)

        THANK YOU.

        This is why I cum to Z & VD.

        The wealth of information.

        Thanks again!!!

    • Agree. Sending a message to Heavy D with a surprise “controlled demolition”.

  9. Tucker does not take our rulers at face value if you listen to him. He knows full well they do spy on Americans. As to the mechanisms it varies, but I would not make a joke of it.

    As to why, it’s obvious, to rattle his cage and to let other prospective Fox hosts to stay in their lane. Don’t copy Tucker.

    You may think Tucker is some sort of joke or idiot but he is about the only person that does bring important news to normies about what TPTB are doing to this country. And there are those in DC who do not like it one bit. I suspect that Tuckers open mocking of their serious people like Miley drives them crazy.

    Does TPTB fear us? No. They know the . What fight we had died out in the WWII generation.

    • Z: If Tucker saw himself as a subject in an authoritarian surveillance state, he would have evaluated this event from that perspective and kept quiet about it… The primary tool of control… is psychological, not informational… uncertainty and lack of privacy instills submissiveness. The prisoner… begins to assume his captors are always watching and know everything about him, even his innermost thoughts.

      Rwc1963: As to the mechanisms it varies, but I would not make a joke of it… What fight we had died out in the WWII generation.

      Whew – Nature or Nurture?

      You & Z are largely describing the same thing, namely surveillance and demoralization.

      NURTURE: Did the Frankfurt School’s usurpation of the culture s/p WWII allow them to acculturate the children of the WWII generation into submissiveness?

      NATURE: Or were all our best fighters lost in WWII [and WWI and the 1861 to 1865 War of Anti-Constitutional Nihilism], and we simply no longer possess the genes necessary for fighting?

      You wouldn’t happen to be descended maybe from Lutheran stock of the Upper Midwest, or from Episcopalian stock of the Mid-Atlantic, would you?

      PS: I’m in complete agreement with you that we mustn’t think that any aspect of this surveillance state is a joke. On the other hand, being a descendant of Presbyterians [which is to say, being a filthy stinking redneck], I ain’t real crazy about defeatism, either.

      PPS: For the mentally ill [the THOTs and the Land Whales and the Trannies & the Dykes & whatnot], the surveillance state [f@cec0ck, tw@tter, insta-ho, tik-tok, etc], with its endless opportunities for self-aggrandizement – the surveillance state massages & warms & heats & enflames the Cluster B [narcissism & histrionics] of the mentally ill like friggin crack cocaine or crystal meth.

      The mentally ill have never been as NOT-demoralized as they are now.

      They’re all on Cloud 9.

      In retrospect, the second greatest mistake [just behind Simpson-Mazzoli] in Ronald Reagan’s career might have been allowing the Frankfurt School to trick him into signing the legislation which began emptying the sanitariums in California.

      The Frankfurt School certainly knew what they were doing, that’s for d@mned sure.

  10. What difference does it make if the story is true or not? We know it’s possible, even likely and that there will be no repercussions, no punishment, only rewards. No one on the Left is ever punished. The State is now at a point where it can do just about anything it wants. Who are we going to complain to? Merrick Garland?
    John Roberts?
    Growing crime wave until we become a police state. Whites jailed, harassed, stolen from and driven into poverty. The suburbs are being over run by third world invaders. What’s to stop this Marxist take over? Nothing. Our adversaries are licking their chops. Prepare your hideaway now.

    • Hiding won’t work. Whites will either learn to resist in a smart manner or slowly be excised by the state.

      • Hideaway is good. You don’t want to be among the first pickings. Buys you time to “resist in a smart way.” Animals in the wild use camouflage. Be the gray man.

        • Yes, Dennis! Remember the Alamo! 200. 100 fewer than what Leonidas had at Thermopylea. Molan Lava.

          -John Wayne, Davy Crockett

          • Now this is a fascinating subthread.

            The Duke: “Be the gray man.”

            Dennis the Menace: “Follow President Lincolns lead.”

            How about a synthesis of the two?

            Train yourself to become a psychopath & a pathological liar, just like Lincoln, but keep your d@mned mouth shut about it, and stay back deep in the shadows, where you’re working with all your Wh!te Br0z to train yourselves [as best you can] to be psychopaths & pathological liars?

            Cause Mr Nice Guy, playing by the Marquess of Queensberry Rules, ain’t gonna defeat the Frankfurt School.

            Mr Nice Guy’s always gonna finish last.


  11. So, Zman, this will become a tug-of-war between secret societies, theirs, ours, everybody’s.

    (Buddy, you just can’t help keep making more work for yourself, can ya?

    I mean, who can define the rules of the covert game in this Age of Fog?
    This, right here, is a masterful beginning, along with all the continuing Z-efforts.)

  12. We continue to place to instrument of our execution gently into the hand of our executioner . This has been going on since 1965. The right wanted cheaper labor, the left wanted voters. Just last week I parked under a lamppost with a camera on a swivel actually swiveling 360 degrees. I asked several people walking their dog, “ what’s up with the camera?” They all looked at me like I was crazy and maladjusted. All of them had earbuds in and were annoyed I was interrupting the robot music or were starring at a phone and never noticed it or didn’t care. The poll was 15’ high.

    • We are not helpless
      That’s why the bastards behind the curtain are getting nervous.
      Tic toc motherfuckers.

      • I’m mad enough to kill at this point. Am I the only one? When I hear Biden say the biggest threat are white nationalist’s I think to myself “you’re damned right!”

        • When I hear Biden say the biggest threat are white nationalist’s I think to myself “you’re damned right!”

          Once you learn to decode their language, you realize that the Left are often being entirely honest with you.

          You just gotta hang around long enough to learn how to decode their Frankfurt School gibberish.

          For instance, “Our Democracy” means the Frankfurt School’s near monopoly on world finance, world media, and [what for the next year or two is] the world’s moast powerful military. [Although at current rates of deterioration, the Chinese will be able to whoop our posteriors in the not-too-distant future.]

          So when a U.S. politician walks up to the microphone, and reads from the script given to him by his personal Frankfurt School handler, and states, “White Nationalism is the greatest threat to OUR DEMOCRACY”, it’s 110% literally ackshually the God’s Honest Truth.

          Now here’s an idea: Get all Mixed-Martial-Arts with your language-fu, and learn to leverage that rhetorical trick and flip it right back on them with a vengeance.

          For instance, the other day, when I saw a picture of the newly unveiled statue of Saint George the Pious, my immediate thought was, “My G0d, it’s absolutely PERFECT!!!”:

          Artistically speaking, it’s an exquisitely justifiable & utterly appropriate bookend to sit opposite the Barry & Michael portraits:

          Like hand in glove.


          But the hand slides seamlessly into the glove.

          Simply perfect.

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  14. I’m sure Carlson is correct. The entire affair has a ring of truth to it. Probably they were conducting an investigation (illegally) into Jan. 6th protesters, then allowed some politically-motivated persons in the NSA to go a bit further under false justification to ensnare Carlson. The NSA has access to all the raw communications data of the country, and they have search tools to allow anyone to target anyone else. This stuff is also accessible to about half a dozen other countries, too. So, there is plenty of potential for leaking. There have been dozens of reported abuses of this practice in IG reports over the years — guys spying on girlfriends, wive on husbands, etc.

    This sounds true — sounds like a whistleblower warned him in advance. There are a few good people left in these agencies. If you’ll remember, the military has been lowkey warning Biden for weeks to get his crazies under control. Some in the ruling class must think this kind of abuse is a possibility from these people.

    The NSAs’ denial all but confirms it for me. It’s non-denial denial using weasel words like “intelligence target.” Of course, they could still leak his texts without him ever having been a target of investigation. They just tried something similar with rep. Gaetz, a vocal critic of the uniparty, so there is a pattern here. If you’ll also remember, the democrat political party (DPP is the new CCP) was running its fat mouth a few days ago about this Trump nothingburger story about him wanting congressional records or something. Leftists often project what they are doing themselves. Some of them knew and were preempting their misbehavior by rationalizing with a fantasy of misbehavior on the other side.

    This kind of thing with the NSA happens all the time. It’s common knowledge they illegally read texts and emails of criminals, then forward to the authorities with instructions on how they can cover the agency’s involvement. I believe Robert Muller himself acknowledge this practice and defended it.* This happened. You live in a police state now. Remember that when someone claims you’re voting your way out of this.

    *I can’t find the link right now, but this is a real story should anyone want to track it down. There is a specific name for this practice. I believe this may have been revealed during the initial Wikileaks reporting.

    • “preempting their misbehavior by rationalizing with a fantasy of misbehavior on the other side.”

      That is the most perfect description of “projection” I’ve ever seen.

      Rather than some strange Freudian quirk, it’s only somebody intending to be a little sh*t.

      Somebody wanting to win the approval of his peers, whose loyalties are to themselves and not some official version of ‘unity’, as well. Yeah, we’re all Murricans defending our democracy, you betcha.

  15. From Z’s essay: “In the case of Tucker, it is unlikely that the NSA was using its super-duper listening tools to gather up his e-mails.”

    Watching Tucker’s segment linked in the essay, it seems clear that that the NSA issued a nondenial to Tucker’s accusation that “NSA has read Tucker’s private e-mails without his permission.” Instead NSA responded with a press release that reframed his accusation as “monitoring our [Tucker’s] electronic communications in an attempt to take his show off the air,” and responding that “Tucker Carlson has never been an intelligence target of the Agency and the NSA has no plans to take his show off the air.”

    Here we see the NSA (1) reinterpret Tucker’s accusation into something they can truthfully deny (i.e., intent to take show off air) and (2) issue their stock response that admits that information that may have been collected from Tucker but that this information was bycatch from surveillance of another target (i.e., “not an intelligence target”). The bycatch rule interpretation is what allows the NSA to surveil American citizens in the America. Here the surveillance bycatch were the e-mails the Tucker’s informant said that NSA had.

    IMO, weak NSA nondenial is a confirmation of Tucker’s accusation. Tucker is to be commended in aggressively forcing the issue with NSA, putting them in a spot where their lawyers felt required to issue the stupid memo of clarification.

    This isn’t to say that there is also willing surveillance and disclosure of communication from private companies of American citizens. We live in an era where both government agencies and private companies have freedom to violate US citizen right to privacy. Both public and private entities are now hostile in this regard. And congressional oversight of intelligence entities is ineffective.

    • “And congressional oversight of intelligence entities is ineffective.”

      Wanna know something that will blow your mind? Not only is congressional oversight ineffective, it is run by people who deliberately make abuse possible. Your internet search history, for instance, is now available for private entities to purchase. The morons of the GOP, back when they controlled congress and the FCC, allowed this practice to go through. In the near future, perhaps even now, it will be possible for private entities to buy this data and disclose your internet history — all done legally. Have you ever gone to p*ornhub and searched “interracial” or “stepmother xxx”. Yeah, well if you’re doing that now without a vpn some Leftist group could purchase that data, sift through it, and connect it back to you and release it through a third party or even through themselves. Hackers did something like this to the Ashley Madison website a few years ago. Turns out one of your favorite pastors was trying to hook up with someone else’s wife. This difference is that its going to be legalized in the future. The regime will institute practices making it much easier for the proles to snitch on each other.

  16. A little-known fact is that illegally obtained evidence may be admissible in court, or used to obtain a warrant, etc. IF such information was made available by a third party (At least so I’ve read.) Note the symmetry with intel sharing by the spooks. It’s illegal for the USA to spy on you in most cases. But if they ask the Brits to do so, and they share the intel with the USA, the USA hasn’t broken the law.

    In the Carlson case, or the January 6 “Insurrection” case, it doesn’t even matter. Using the latter as an example, it’s possible that (say) the credit card banks broke laws in providing customer data to the Feds, but the point is that the Feds broke no laws, unless it could be proven that they illegally demanded such data. In fact, it’s quite possible the corporations broke no laws. Just read your service agreements sometime. It’s dismaying how little rights or privacy you actually have. A contract where one party can change terms and conditions at any time? Cancel without notice? Etc. Thus your credit card or bank account gets cancelled, just because somebody in management gets wind that you might be a conservative with unapproved views or opinions.

    I generally agree with Z’s reasoning today. No one today rationally expects an honest statement from the NSA. Indeed, I’m skeptical of most anything I hear from any official or media source. I suspect many of you here are similar. Sad commentary on our times, but isn’t it true? Presented with a news item, the best we can really do is try to tease out the likely kernels of truth, weigh probabilities, spin, and so on.

    What’s missing in today’s analysis? The possibility that Carlson may have made the whole thing up. It’s a good story for ratings, whether or not it’s true. Now, you are welcome to hate me for such a comment. He’s “on our side.” Indeed he may be. But all statements should be questioned, from ally or otherwise.

    • Why would a guy with already high ratings make up a story like this when he didn’t need to? His claim sounds plausible to me.

      The only way out of it, assuming he didn’t make the story up, is to assume a third party like the Russians hacked his stuff, then sent it to him claiming to be an insider source knowing he’d report it as the NSA’s doing. Sneaky sneaky. I guess you’ll have to choose between the two options. Are the Russians that competent? I don’t know. They have a history of bumbling these kinds of things in recent years. But maybe 4chan has leveled them up since 2016.

      Remember, CNN was already investigating his staff and got one of them fired for making edgy internet comments. You really think this fascist regime wouldn’t give them a little help to try it again?

  17. It now appears that right-wing paramilitary type organizations are actually run by the Feds as honeypots to entrap people drawn to them, and to justify the vast surveillance state.


    • And one of the leaders of the Proud Boys (Enrique Tarrio) was a confidential informant too:

      Possible lessons:
      1. If you are in any nominally right organization with a name, likely it is shot through with government agents.
      2. Never trust anyone that attended an ivy league school (Oath Keepers). They are likely a CI.
      3. Never trust a POC. They are likely a CI.

      Its somewhat ironic that rightist organizations keep getting caught off guard by POC CIs. I don’t know what to make of that.

      • Why would a CI infiltrating a right-wing group or recruiting to create a right-wing group let it be known they attended an ivy league school? Furthermore, why would an ivy league graduate waste their time being a CI when they could have an administrative position?

        • I never liked the “Oath Keepers” just like I never liked the “Proud Boys.” If the name of the organization sounds faggotty, it’s a good clue. These groups prove the quote about everything in America starting as a movement and becoming a con. I don’t know about the 3%ers but that sounds faggotty too. A good rule of thumb is knowing that this is a country entirely without honor. Therefore everyone will turn in their closest friends to save their tract house and their 100″ TV. Only religious zealots even have the capacity for honor these days. Mostly muslim. You have to be comfortable with losing everything to stand by your beliefs, hence the 12 apostles not exactly having villas on the Med. Mostly, those are people who see greater glory in the afterlife.

        • “Why would a CI infiltrating a right-wing group or recruiting to create a right-wing group let it be known they attended an ivy league school?”

          Everyone wants to hire people that graduate from Yale Law. Even the Oath Keepers. Steward Rhodes promoted himself as a Yale Law grad to buff his resume.

          “Furthermore, why would an ivy league graduate waste their time being a CI when they could have an administrative position?”

          Because Steward Rhodes is a vindictive psychopath of a hands on and practical nature. Most vindictive psychopaths that graduate from Yale Law have a theoretical and administrative mindset and end up in the DOJ or Supreme Court. The ones that are practical get disbarred, become CIs and start militias to create false flag events.

        • Power, intrigue.

          Why did Woodward agree to be a cub reporter?

          Naval Officer
          Nuclear cleared
          Aide to a powerful Admiral
          Most important of all: Served on WHICA-White House Communications Agency. That’s Signals, not PR. That’s how the President stays in touch.
          This is absolutely the highest level clearance and trust.

          After the service Bob Woodward is offered a full scholarship to Harvard Law. Set for life.

          But no…he wants to be a cub crime beat reporter on a 2d string newspaper…then WAPO, then he’s handed the biggest story in history…and this cub reporter [that’s less than meter maid at the time in DC] gets unparalleled sources and access, including DDFBI.

          The intelligence agencies and FBI have been infiltrating the media for decades, Bloomberg practically is the FBI [former FBI of course].

          Why? you’d have to ask them, but espionage has been attracting the best and the brightest for centuries.

      • Same as it ever was, just dialed up. The running joke about 90s era KKK or WN groups was if there were 3 people in attendance it was 2 alphabet agency guys and the mark was the 3rd. Same sh-t different decade.

        Meanwhile Antifa and BLM can commit arson, grand theft, & murder with impunity and gov’t / media run interference. Enjoying that Anarcho-Tyranny form of gubmint yet? You are starting to get a taste of it ‘good & hard’ and it hasn’t even gotten started.

        • Perhaps some of us should join Antifa or BLM type organizations, if you get my drift 🙂

      • acetone-

        They get caught off guard by the POC CIs because the civnattery programming runs that deep among most of them.

    • Isn’t this straight from their lord and savior Lenin’s playbook?

      I think the quote is something like’ “The best way to control the opposition is to run it ourselves!”

    • Also one other fun possibility:
      1. Deep state ran fake Jan 6 insurrection

      I had always thought that Jan 6 folk were over enthusiastic “our guys”. But if the leaders of all these groups (Proud Boys, Oath Keepers etc) were CIs, how much direct guidance did they get to run this operation from the dems/intelligence services? Its looking increasingly likely that the entire Jan 6th thing was a setup from the top. If congress ever got their act together and started conducting oversight on the intelligence agencies again, investigating role of CIs and intelligence could be a powerful tool for reforming these agencies.

      • “If congress ever got their act together and started conducting oversight on the intelligence agencies again”


        The intelligence agencies are doing Congress’ bidding.

        • I think it’s the other way around. And has been since J. Edgar started making nice with the National Crime Syndicate.

          • Dunno. But a priceless scene in the movie “J. Edgar” (2011) is when brand-new President Nixon summons Hoover.
            Nixon: “What have you got on me?”
            Hoover: (smiles) “Mr. President…”
            Nixon: “What do you want?”

            Hoover just wants to run his agency unmolested.

    • All of them are either compromised or honey pots. The fact is the FBI had infiltrated the militia movement back in the 80’s to such a extent they ran it.

      The Oath Keepers were a modern example of this.

      Any real groups will be small – cell based and have no on line presence whatsoever. and probably be familial based like the old Mafia.

  18. Using geofencing over the period of a few days, it is fairly easy to figure out who is normally there and who was there from out of town and during no other days of the last 30 days. If you are going somewhere where there is a remote possibility something will go wrong, leave the cell phone and credit card at home. But, even if nothing goes wrong, you can still be identified if you are carrying a phone.

    This is the essential problem of the spy state. Everything is written down somewhere. They probably collect way too much information to make any sense of it just by looking at it. But buried in there is all the useful information they need which can be selectively examined after the fact.

  19. I don’t know what to think about this Tucker thing. He said they had his e-mail and texts. That could imply two different companies, so this was likely pulled on a government level. They get around it by having one of the overseas agencies pull the info and then give it to them. “Oh, we never ran one query on this.” – No, you called your British counterpart and had them do it, and they gave it to you. Just as I’m sure we’re pulling info on British dissidents. The theory that this is to spoof Tucker’s audience is, I think, above the IQ level of those in charge. These are petty, petty, thin skinned people. They’re dim witted and entitled. Tucker goes after a different one each night and they find it appalling that someone would viciously mock them on prime time TV. They really would bend the rules to destroy him. They are the rules. What these people hate the most is mockery.

    • And it begs the question. Does Milley really believe he didn’t come off as a buffoon on national TV? The bubble they all live in has to be pretty thick for them to have not even an inkling at how stupid they appear to people on the outside. It’s not even a bubble, more like a planet in a different galaxy. And now with their UFO b.s., maybe they’re the UFO.

      • Consider the following options and choose between them: he’s a true believer, meaning we’re all in a lot of trouble; he’s only saying what he has to because he’s in it for the paycheck and wants to retire with a nice pension and later lobbying gig (impossible if he gets fired for wrongthink); he’s saying what he needs to so he can keep his job and also be there to watch over that slobbering Alzheimer’s brain and his Millennial underlings.

        As a “very” slight nod to option three, the Biden regime almost started WWIII with Russia a few weeks back. Biden declared a state of emergency and then gave a bizarre speech about it. My read of the situation is that the military countermanded his staff’s orders and he had to slap sanctions on the Russians as a face saving measure. They turned those ships right around as soon as it looked like Russia was going to attack and invade Ukraine. Who really blinked there? The military or Biden’s Russophobic Gen X and Millennial staff that thinks Russia is just a gas station that can easily be pushed around — the people raring for revenge for the “stolen 2016 election”?

        • I’m not a fan of Q-tards but I do still think there’s a (fairly remote) possibility that at some point Biden will simply be removed from office by a Junta of some sort. This won’t be due to some genius 5D chess moves by the Q but simply Biden making some key blunder that (finally) crashes the dollar or gets us to Cuban Missile Crisis level trouble with Russia. Kamala was a good political play to the retarded PoC and wammen base of the dems but is too stupid and unpredictable to be a viable replacement for Biden.

        • That was kind of odd now that you mention it. They went from “we’re totally f’ing doing this, unlimited military assistance to the Ukraine!” to “umm, Putin who?” all in the course of day.

      • You’re a super sharp guy. And you are not their audience. Milley is just a pitchman introducing their new brand called “White Rage” to the CNN-watching rubes.

        Expect to see “White Rage” in supermarkets near you very soon. It joins the powerful product lineup of “Equity”, “Diversity”, “Democracy”, “Inclusion” and “Voter Rights”. They market this stuff like it’s detergent, Don Draper style.

      • Guys like Miley are thin skinned and ego maniacs. You have to know the breed. He spent his entire career attending the right schools and kissing the right ass and saying the right things to the Senate to get his star.

        And they HATE being mocked like all pols and elites. Understand at his level he is surrounded by sycophants 7×24 who kiss his ass. He has full time aides who prepare his clothes, drive him around town, deliver him his food etc.

        He is royalty.

        • It’s also because he’s an officer and flag rank at that. My nephew plays hockey and his head coach was an O-4 in the army (That’s the rank of Major for the uninitiated.)
          I attended one of his games and it didn’t go well, not the least of which was the fact that all the guy did was scream at everyone like they were his underlings and these kids are only eleven. They lost and after the game the coach was berating everyone in the locker room. My brother politely, but firmly asked him to stop screaming, as this wasn’t the army and they aren’t his troops. Well this guy got pissy and said, “If you served, you’d understand why I scream, it’s not my problem if your son can’t take it.”
          Instead of getting in his face, my brother cooly begins asking him game -related questions as to why he didn’t capitalize on events and mistakes the other team made during the game and now a number of the other parents begin questioning him as well. This guy gets even more enraged and before he says anything I tell him his behavior is typical of most officers I’ve encountered in the army and he asks me who the hell I am. I just smile and tell him, “No one in particular, but if you were a Top (First Sgt.) or a Sgt Major, you’d have a better understanding of how to motivate people. Typical officer attitude, because I said so”.
          Well this guy glared at me with unbridled hate and if he thought he could get away with it, he would have taken a swing at me. No matter, but that’s most officers, they like barking orders at others, but hate having to answer ANY questions.

          • Brings to mind my son and his service.

            I wanted him to get his Officer rank, or at least apply to OCS. This was years ago btw wen I was still patriotic (how times have changed)…

            He told me no one respects the officers and the best thing is to rise up the enlisted ranks and then you pretty much own the ship except for the captain; the lower ranking officers will often defer to the top enlisted guy.

          • That entire scream ethos comes from being trapped in a bureaucracy that steals your competence and your soul.

            I hate to tell you but now that we have the identical personnel system the NCOs are beginning to change into Officers, worst of all they don’t know it.

      • Falcone- did Milley know he came off as a buffoon?

        Falcone Milley is an American General.

        So NO.

        Falcone if Milley had an instant of self awareness he’d commit suicide.

        So NO.

    • They are so isolated from us it’s not even funny. Try to get near the top dogs and you will find yourself face down on the ground with a gun at your back.

      The sad fact is there are plenty of white guys who will fight and die to protect them.

      • Will they?

        The only problem we have is we’re afraid and we’re especially afraid to organize. The only reason they’re burning their CI’s and agents in public is to spread that fear.

        “the secret police are everywhere”

        No they’re not, and they may not be all that fond of the current circus themselves. But there’s no alternative to turn to …you can’t ask people to defect to ‘principles’ or ‘ideas’ or a blog page.

  20. At the end of the day, someone still has to be charged with something. How many of those people sitting in the DC gulag for their “insurrection” actually talked, and attempted to “explain” themselves to these people? Even the dumbest career criminals know, never never never talk to these people. Never indulge them. Never give them the time of day. Never open the door for them without a warrant. Even then never say a word. They’re not there to “discern the truth.” They’re there to “make a case.” Only a scumbag could be in a job where it’s all about “making the case”, right or wrong, and they are scumbags. Theres a time and place to explain yourself and its never in front of any type of police, from Federal agent to the local beat cop.

    • I admit I haven’t really followed up on the “insurrection,” but given the initial news reports, I suspect that the closest evidence of a “conspiracy” that occurred would be that a bunch of rednecks said “Let’s go protest in Washington.” As such, even if those now in custody “talk,” against their interests of course, what are they going to “confess” to? Having agreed with Jim Bob to go visit the Capitol?

      None of this is to say the Feds can’t find something to charge them with. There are laws aplenty to entrap the unwary.

      • I know a guy who was always sort of a conspiracy guy but he left L.A. and moved his family to Texas. I hear he was buying into the Q stuff and that Pence was going to invalidate the election and all that and he and his wife were going to go to the Capitol to protest. Some of this, I think, was to prove to his new Texas neighbors that he wasn’t a liberal from L.A., but “one of them” as if all Texans are of the anti-government variety. Now this guy is paranoid and seeing cops everywhere and thinking he’s going to be arrested. Reading between the lines, I take it the paranoia is not part of their overall identity. And that’s a shame that the “new normal” for lots of Trump supporters is living a life of paranoia. How can the country survive when so many are thinking like this? Things are only going to get worse.

        • Another one who ran to TX to “be free.” If you’re looking over your shoulder, you’re not free. All he got was cheaper food at HEB instead of a dirty Vons in CA. Maybe fewer shoplifting bums. TX is following the same exact demographic catastrophe as CA. This is why I always say “California, it’s coming to a state near you!”

          • I’d agree that TX is getting Californicated at an appalling rate but I think, more than any other state, they also have the size, wealth, industry, and attitude to become their own successful nation and perhaps gobble some of the nearby states up in the process as the former USA falls apart. The high percentage of Mexicans is a problem but if they can actually close the border they may prevent further Mexicanization.

            There have got to be elite and wealthy Texans who understand exactly what kind of disaster is coming unless – unless democracy can be rolled back a bit and the border shuttered for good. The current mix of people is quite productive and skilled and even many of the Mexicans are 3rd or more generation and don’t think or vote like illiterate Guatemalans.

            Democracy is AIDS. Floods of useless immigrants and “legalize crime” campaigns are just the exotic cancers that take hold once the society’s immune system is destroyed.

  21. “The primary tool of control in both the panopticon and synopticon is psychological, not informational. The theory is that the uncertainty and lack of privacy instills submissiveness.”

    This is key. You have to ask yourself why there are these ideas that everything is a social construct, or that there’s no meaning beyond language. Why are there people who believe these things?

    Is psychology the study of the mind, or does it become a manipulation of the mind when people submit to it? Are tptb using the internet to observe mass movements and predict the future, or are they creating the future by manipulation? Has the public become so submissive that the manipulators start believing their own bs?

    There is a greater power in all of us that we’ve been turned away from by being convinced we are our thoughts, words, browsing history, etc— the material things. But to get in touch with it, one has to embrace mystery and uncertainty. One has to have faith, in other words.

    • Boiled down, the question is this: If the Power Structure really is afraid–and I grant it appears to be so–why is it doing everything it can to provoke its erstwhile enemies? Why is it simultaneously attempting to intimidate and enrage? If the idea is to flush its quarry from the bush, it is running one helluva risk. The far wiser course would be to simply suppress without antagonizing. As is, the Power Structure is doing everything in its power to create a self-fulfilling prophecy of violent, white counter-revolution.

        • That’s my take. At bottom, all Leftists are shit-flinging nihilists who hate themselves, and therefore hate the world for not being as miserable as they are. (The shit-flinging is just frantic displacement activity against the nihilism).

          I had a Leftie buddy once, back when that was possible. He was fond of saying “it’s time to do something, even if it’s wrong!” whenever there was a crisis (for “stupid intra-office squabbles” values of “crisis”). That’s the Leftist mindset in a phrase. They can’t sit still, ever, because they’re like sharks — if they stop moving, they die, because in the silence of stillness all they’ll hear is the emptiness of their own souls.

          We’ve all remarked on how bafflingly obtuse the Left are. If they could just sit still, they’d get everything they want. Hell, Orange Man could’ve been the most Liberal president we’ve ever had, if only they’d been smart and “helped” him to “grow in office” like they used to do to any Republican official or conservative Supreme Court justice. But they can’t do that, because stillness is silence and silence is death. They have to do something, damn it, even if it’s wrong!

          And because they’re so very, very stupid — I don’t care how clever they are, or what their IQs are, they’re functionally Simple Jack — the something they just have to do ends up being idiotic.

          • “I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part.”

            Senator Blutarski: “and we’re just the guys to do it!”

          • Wasn’t it Pascal who said that all of man’s problems arise from his inability to sit still and alone for long?

          • “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”–Blaise Pascal

            Which means, all of the people who create general misery are Leftists.

          • I just finished Pascal’s “Pensees.” (Audio version). But perhaps I nodded off before that passage. He did have some pithy quotes.

            “Alcoholics Anonymous” (page 62) has similar wisdom: “So our troubles, we think, are basically of our own making.”

            I can attest that most of mine fit the bill 🙂

          • The leftists are street and university rabble, HR ladies. At the top you have pyschopaths without belief. If Hitler had won Soros would have done business with him…in fact child Soros did. Honestly it’s not even the noses at the top, it’s still mostly Ivy League WASPS and their fetching spawn. Sure some Asians, HofJude like Soros and Eisen, some meaningless noggers for comic relief but it really is mostly at the core the WASP Ivy Leaguers at State, et al.

            They don’t believe in ANYTHING.
            They are simply taking power back, and ridding themselves of their rivals the common whites.

            You have to not keep making the American mistake of taking people’s word at face value.
            This is by the way an American mistake.
            The Iraqis shook their heads at us, and those were the ones that liked us.

      • The last 18 months have been quite full of surprises of all types. Not least of them is the Establishment’s apparent attempt to write and then follow a top secret handbook called “How to Recruit Apathetic Whites to Join a White Nationalist Movement”. It really is baffling and makes you wonder if this is some 26th dimensional chess on their part or if they’re just monkeys partying in a minefield. Not that I’m interested in stopping them from handing this to us of course. Never interrupt your enemy while he’s making a mistake and all that.

        • Never interrupt your enemy of he’s making a mistake

          However, they are in fact interrupting us. Ergo maybe we are NOT making a mistake but truly getting to them

          I know that our ignoring them is driving them crazy. Many of these people somehow can read the mood of people. A good pol doesn’t even need a pollster, he can just feel how they’re thinking and what to say. It’s a gift. Maybe some nerds are running algorithms showing how there is a huge drop off in internet interest in anything Biden has to say. Where the Trump headlines used to get X clicks, now Biden gets x/15 and the seconds a person stays on a particular webpage are reduced tremendously meaning people are not even reading the articles to the end. They are just flying through if they aren’t ignoring it altogether. No one cares. They know it. Either through some sort of quantifiable methods or just political instincts.

          So Biden then comes out and suggests we need to nuke conservatives. A few years ago, attention grabbing stuff like that would have been all conservative commentators would be screaming about, getting normie cons agitated. Today, however, no one cares. It’s “Whatever you say dude. Zzzzzz”

          Even Biden whispering into the microphone like a moron doesn’t get anyone bothered. His advisors probably were thinking “This will rile up the conservatives. Woo hoo. We are so clever!”

          Instead the audience snores.

          Pelosi made her career saying things designed just to piss people off. No one cares what she has to say. Her tricks aren’t working. Same with AOC. She tried that same thing, say things you know will get the normie cons in a lather, and it worked up until 2021.

          They are out of tricks and weapons. They know no one takes them seriously. People are tuning them out, which strikes at the very heart of their legitimacy. I think it is safe to surmise that they’re freaking out.

        • It’s a Color Revolution. They’re not making a mistake, and we are now inert since MAGA folded…oh and the Republic has fallen.
          Inert people don’t make mistakes, they’re just inert and we’re not interrupting anything.

          America is in the early stages of a Color Revolution.
          It isn’t as if they didn’t publish this in 2020.
          (they feel some need to publish their plans and always have, at least since Cloward-Piven in 1966).
          What the Ruling Powers are doing is their long and practiced policy of turning countries inside out into Civil War Zones ala Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Libya and we can go on.

          They built the Green Zone in DC because…that’s all they know how to do and they’re actually very good at it. I don’t think they’ll dislike the results here – and it will be the same results – appreciably less than they disliked them overseas. Please understand also these wars made them and their legions of business and contractor retainers rich; there really is no down side if they’re safe, and they are… no neoconservatives died fighting jihad.

          Now they can’t count on the army or police…which is fine. They’re not useful so they’ll be allowed to dissolve ala Iraq 2003 into different factions.
          The racial strife they stir is simply the biggest shit pot they can stir, in Iraq it was Sunni/Shia, in Syria even more factions to stir [Kurds, Yazdis, Alawites, Christians]. This mischief is nothing new, its an ancient formula of paying your enemies – all sides actually – to kill each other and you by sitting back with a small force come out on top. All Eisen did was slap ‘democracy’ on an ancient formula of mischief.

          The perfection of this type of war – and it’s very economical – was reached in Syria. We backed nearly every single side and we allowed Russia to back Assad. It’s very manpower low and isn’t even that much money.

          Have no doubt that once it gets going in America any white ethnic militias or right wing groups will have mysterious benefactors with money, intelligence and even good media! They just have a little problem…. you know those other groups? Can you help us with that? >those same groups will get the same package.

          If the Deep State can back Al Qaeda in Syria and they did, I don’t think any RW group that can deliver will lack funding, etc.

          Now as far as the carnage: please understand that they want what the forefathers want- America and it’s vast store of resources guarded by matchless geography without those pesky ‘native Americans’ that means us this time.

          We’re going to be the next stuffed animals in the Smithsonian rather like the Indians are now.

          Now yes we could fight our way out of this, but that would involve risk…and of course it’s rude to interrupt your enemy…. so…

          • Let me add that I think all of Plan Syria aka Color Revolution in America, America becoming Syria is evil and insane.

            I’m just telling you it works and they’re good at it.

          • This is an interesting idea but I think of those Color Revolutions as something they manipulate from afar so they can steal a county’s wealth. The problem with dissolving America into a beautiful rainbow of savagery and murder isn’t the morality (what morality?) of the thing. The problem is that America is the bank you take the loot to. You probably don’t want Color Revolution chaos in the “back office” if you like. A successful CR in the USA would need green zones everywhere to keep the elite safe and the elite is so bloated numerous I don’t think there would be room for them all. Remember that movie where they crammed them all into giant boats? I just don’t see that as workable.

      • Tthe jew assumes the gentile cattle will follow, Like Kennedy or 911…put the propaganda on jewtube, spoonfeeed em shit, bit by bit, Those days are over. Whitey wakes up slowly, but when he does, look the fuck out.

        • dude,

          I’d love for that to happen but it isn’t.
          it may, but waking up ain’t enough.

          My God who isn’t awake at this point?

    • for 500 years, the mind of the Westerner, as it get further and further from the Catholic Faith, has become dark and murky.

      • Nicholas Wade (I just finished “A Troublesome Inheritance”) would very much agree: We can all agree that “white” civilizations gave Western Civilization much of what came to be called, well, Western Civilization (e.g. Greeks, later the Romans). Nevertheless, Wade makes clear that Europe was really just a backwater until more or less 1500. China and even the Ottoman Empire, he says, were more advanced, stable, technologically advanced. But they lacked the culture and other factors for these to truly take off. Whether by luck or other cause, the coalescing nation-states and (more or less) unified religion of Europe would lead it to become the world leader for several centuries.

        Granted, my world history is rather skimpy, but truth is you’d have to look pretty damned hard to find anything truly momentous that Europeans did before about the Middle Ages. Sack Rome for the tenth time, perhaps? 😀

        • The awakening of Europe and it’s arrival on the world stage was the first Crusade 1099. They defeated the worlds premier powers doing it [the Turks for instance].

          The world’s known powers – well there was China but they keep to themselves.

  22. I’m not so sure about this. Countries that are slipping and sliding into Third Worldism tend to get simultaneously more oppressive and more incompetent, and this theory may give the powers-that-be more credit for being smart and Machiavellian than they really deserve. I wouldn’t put it past them to genuinely be so ham-fisted that they’re really just spying on Tucker Carlson to try to dig up dirt to smear him with in some hit piece in the friendly media. It would be sloppy and amateurish, but so was the Steele Dossier, and they pinned their whole impeachment plot on that.

    Maybe I’m wrong on this, but I’m increasingly thinking that it’s a mistake to either underestimate our enemies’ malice or to overestimate their intelligence.

    • Less than 50% white amongst under 18s. White people always seem to be surprised at this type of tyranny, and offended by gross incompetence, but as you said, it’s just part and parcel of living in a shithole country.

      I was walking home from the store the other day and there were a bunch of noggers ooga booga-ing in the middle of the sidewalk, and a chinaman raced past at 100km/h in a 40 zone in a loud Mercedes. This old white guy looked so confused, like “what the hell is going on??” I was not surprised at all, because demographics are destiny and race is also destiny.

      Expect the tyranny is just getting started, as there are still plenty of competent white Boomers and even Xers that haven’t retired yet in government, management, and law.

      • I’ve said for awhile that our rulers are likely at their peak power. They’re inheriting still functioning institutions and a good deal of social capital.

        (Yes, those institutions aren’t as effective as they were before AA and wokism starting worming their way into them, but the FBI, CIA, NSA, even local police still have a lot of reasonably competent Gen Xers and even some leftover Boomers.)

        But the number of competent Whites in those institutions will slowly (maybe quickly) erode. The social capital is getting burned away day by day.

        In ten years, those institutions will be far less effective. They will have a few specialized units where the last remaining competent Whites are housed to be used for jobs that actually have to be done right. But the rest of the institution will be a clown show.

        Trust in the government will fall as it become more and more incompetent and openly anti-White.

        Our job will be far easier over time, which is why it’s stupid to take on our rulers now when they are their strongest. Build quietly and wait for opportunities.

        • Reminds me of the pedestrian bridge collapsing in D.C. – why act when they’re doing all the really hard work for you? The best to hope for at this point is that their suicidal violent incompetence doesn’t take us down with them.

        • In 10 years most of the U.S. will be like CA, a extension of Central America replete with cartels running entire cities.

    • Pontificating upon your last sentence:

      Anyone who’s ever worked in the military, the Federal government, or contracting, even thirty or forty years ago, will be able to readily attest that what I might call just average competence, is most certainly NOT a feature of the entire apparatus.

      Levels of competence you see displayed on your favorite TV show or movie, even one of decades ago, simply doesn’t exist. Ladies and gentlemen, this government is not the one of eighty years ago that won a major war, nor the one of sixty years ago that put men on the Moon. Those days are long, long gone. And, of course, there was plenty of bureaucracy and ossification then too, but the present state is multiple times worse.

      All levels of society, but government most especially, has been the subject of various Socialist experimentation for at least 70 years (equal opportunity, quotas, etc. etc.)

      I can assure you that in the 1960s, pregnant sailors didn’t have to be sent back to port from deployed ship or submarine. Personnel choices were made with greater emphasis on ability, instead of race, sexual preference or what university one attended.

      Of course, small pockets of competence must still exist. Otherwise the entire system would seize up and collapse. But the average bureaucrat is more concerned about Xer social standing with co-workers, the value of Xer retirement plan, than they are with their agency’s mission, if they even have the slightest inkling of what it is supposed to be.

      In sum: yes, we have enemies, who no doubt have some malice towards us, but they are at best a tiny few in the Oligarchy. They are hamstrung by the above-cited apparatus. The vast majority of those workers are indifferent to us; they are just drones doing their plodding job. Sure, the Evil Boss may use them for ill purposes against us but the drones are just tools, nothing more.

      I’ve already made my case for the overall competence of the system.

  23. It’s interesting to see the ruling class change from passive aggressive suggestion into full on thuggery, intimidation, and force. I’m still trying to figure out why the sudden change.

    a) the ruling class is increasingly composed of low IQ vibrants like AOC and Ilhan Omar. They aren’t very bright they just really hate whitey and have masses of low IQ foreigners to vote them in. I bet the FBI is full of your typical resentful Indians. these people don’t understand tact and their hatred of whitey is too strong.
    b) the Jewish influence is not what it used to be. Nobody race-mixes more than Jews, they have a very low birth rate and full blooded ones are basically extinct in millennial generations. They’re losing the smart fraction too.
    c) they are getting scared. internal polling is showing that white Americans are more race aware, anti establishment, etc. They don’t know how to handle this shift in public opinion and, like typical women, are freaking out.
    d) the general populace is becoming ungovernable. the low IQ non white masses they’ve imported just don’t follow any rules at all that are put forth by the Karen and J class in Washington. They are so belligerent towards China and Russia now too. We saw this play out in Canada, basically all the COVID cases were blacks and Indians spreading it. elites are trying to bring back a common enemy to unite the foreign masses. They turned around and arrested white Christian preachers.

    Or it’s a combination of all the above. I don’t really know what escalating a war on your own population is meant to achieve though. Do they really think that people like us are going to back down because Biden threatened to bring out the nukes? One good thing about a third world shit hole is that the police & intelligence agencies are also third world. I’m actually less scared of law enforcement with each passing year. Corruption levels are so high and it is easily done these days.

    I think it’s a good thing to see overall though. I’m not an accelerationist, and I don’t think this is acceleration. It seems to be the result an increasingly dysfunctional and stupid regime grasping at straws for relevance. People are just ignoring the ruling class now.

    • B125-

      Any insight as to why the province of Alberta seems to be the hotspot for arresting Christians these days?

    • I’ve always thought that the war on one’s “own population”—which is White—was because the remaining “bad Whites” are the only true threat to their (TPTB) power. But that could just be narcissistic arrogance on my own part.

      As to “smart fraction”, it may well be gone. The current collapse of the condo high rise in Florida was commented upon briefly by Dutton. It is precisely as he expects intelligence decline to occur/manifest. It will first present itself as an inability to maintain current technology and infrastructure. In the case of the collapsed condo, the deteriorated supports were know for months—if not years.

      Pictures taken not three days before the collapse show horrendous deterioration—yet no one who was evaluating the structure over a lengthy time period was able to understand the criticality of what they were looking at. In another day and time, the condo structure would have been immediately condemned and the people evacuated.

      Coincidently, another Florida structure (bridge) collapsed—and in similar circumstances—a few years back. The prefab bridge was installed (we are told) incorrectly, causing a large structural crack—visible, and so wide you could stick your fingers in it. The crack was ignored because no one doing the install recognized the structural integrity loss such a crack entailed. They were simply not up to the task.

      • How strange to take grim satisfaction in collapsed condos and bridges. Obviously, I take no pleasure in the loss of life. Quite the opposite. However, seeing one’s dire predictions come to pass provides a measure of “I-told-you-so” frisson.

        • It’s not so much (for me anyway) an I told you so smugness–I hate those people–but rather a confirmation of the theory involved.

          We have two theories of current concern in HBD science: Diminishing IQ due to mutational load (Flynn effect has come to a halt, and we are awash in “spiteful mutants”), and the “Smart Fraction”. Both of these affect the future of our country and our children.

          Since great social upheavals are not testable via ordinary scientific method, the best we can do is make predictions based upon the hypotheses and logical reasoning, then catalog the evidence as it occurs.

          Yes, I realize it’s a Sisyphus undertaking of sorts–and perhaps too late to have any effect on the situation.

      • My guess would be that a decent number of people working on the bridge probably recognized there was a problem on the install. The reason a bad install happened was probably because a key decision maker (maybe the owner or project manager of the installation firm) decided that the delay and/or additional costs that fixing the install weren’t worth it to them personally. There’s lots of competence in the trades, but a lot of the guys at the top are miserly sociopaths with no concern for other people.

        • Drew. No one has admitted to your alternative explanation to my knowledge–which indeed might be true. The bridge defect was made known to those in power (last I read, but could be incorrect) and was deemed acceptable/repairable. They never got the chance to repair and the collapse came immediately, or close to it when the bridge was attached.

          Here’s the dilemma as I see it. You are logically implying that a higher up *knew* the bridge would collapse, but said “screw it, I’m in it for the Benjamins”. A decision which of course ruined the firm, its reputation, and cost infinitely more $$$ than could possibly be saved.

          My alternative explanation is pretty much the same, except that the person(s) making the call could not have had an adequate understanding of the situation as the risk/reward ratio was never in their favor. That still supports my take on this as one of incompetence which is predicted to be a more frequent occurrence as IQ declines among those in such fields.

      • It’s called corruption. The inspectors were bribed as usual. The same thing happens in Los Angeles county were entire housing tracts were built on directly on the San Andreas fault even though there are laws against that.

        In Los Angeles there are high rises built on soil that is extremely prone to liquefaction during a earthquake yet they get approved.

        • Rwc1963. We shall see as investigation progresses. However, corruption is also endemic in third world countries of low functioning IQ individuals. I’d argue there is a correlation (SA comes to mind as well as most of South America).

        • If these fears of unreliable building inspectors in the USA are true, pity the poor SOBs downstream from the Three Gorges Dam. This was in the news perhaps a year ago but seems to have faded. Still, if that sucker ever goes, it will be one hell of a mess. Now I have no particular animus against China. They are a world power. But they also are an authoritarian government with little accountability. Based on my few world history readings, this is, in fact, their “default” culture and government for all their history. Thousands of years!

    • Your first point is an underappreciated one. The average person doesn’t understand the younger wave of elites simply aren’t very smart. It isn’t just vibrants, many of the young elite educated whites are true believers who even though they spent decades in education, learned nothing useful there and have no skills whatsoever. They believe the garbage they were taught and follow it blindly.

      • Stupid people often follow rules/procedure explicitly—at least until they reach very low levels of intelligence. It’s the only way they can approach the world and still play some productive role in it with their level of understanding.

        In another time, when I was younger, I viewed such in a jobs training program for the mentally “challenged”. If you were willing to spend the time and could find a menial job that could be broken down into simple, repetitive tasks, you could train these people for employment. For instance bus-boy in restaurants.

        • There it is. I taught a lot of college students over many years, and y’all, there’s simply no kind way to put this: They are DUMB. Dumb as fence posts. Dumber than a sack of hammers. Dumber than a concussed goldfish, and with the attention span of same, providing you pumped it full of coffee and meth.

          But they are aces at following directions… if you make the directions simple enough, and you check in on them constantly to ensure compliance, and if they feel like working.

          Yeah yeah, I know, they’re not ALL like that, and of course I don’t mean any of your kids, but I do mean every blessed one of the rest of them. There was a time, very early in my career, where even though I’d lay long money that I was the best-educated guy in the room (pretty much comes with the territory), I wouldn’t take the bet that I was the smartest. Lots of sharp kids out there, even then. Nowadays? Sure. Double or nothin’. Whether or not actual IQ has dropped over the last few decades, ideology has enstupidated them far more thoroughly than even a lead paint diet could.

          N.b. I’m only talking about White kids here.

          • “…even though I’d lay long money that I was the best-educated guy in the room (pretty much comes with the territory), I wouldn’t take the bet that I was the smartest…”

            If you’re the smartest guy in the room, you’re in the wrong room. 😉 You learn nothing from people dumber than yourself.

            Totally agree wrt Whites, we are raising up a bunch behind the curve and catch up will most likely never occur. I’ve yet to talk to any successful White–regardless of age cohort–that does not lament the quality of graduates.

            That being said, I believe this all begins in the primary and secondary school system. Wherever we have minorities in numbers (and how can we not when 50% of children under 18 are now non-White) we have deficient education.

            The reason is simple, school systems need to dumb themselves down in order to accommodate their new “vibrancy”. The brighter students suffer from such lower expectations and curricula. And yes, there is a lot of modern stuff “taught” that has more to do with “indoctrination” than “education”.

            In support of this assertion, we need only compare our inner city schools with large minority attendance with rural and private schools not so blessed with diversity.

            Best book on this is: “Bad Students, Not Bad Schools, , Weissberg, Robert”

    • Does anyone really believe AOC and Omar are the “ruling class?”
      I doubt it. They’re figureheads. Apart from their salaries and patronage what do they have? They’re the camoflage the “real” ruling class hides behind.

  24. It isn’t just secret police as they are ordinarily considered. The country is over-run with enforcement officials that we can’t recognize, like this guy.
    And, every retired agent remains an agent, licensed to carry firearms.

    The most unusual sight in the country? A guy in a bar wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with “IRS Softball Team”.

    • My awakening occurred twenty years ago at a fancy party. We couldn’t find my expensive camera the host requested I bring and use. After literally searching everybody else a group of us surrounded a woman and found my camera at the bottom of her hand bag. She instantly whipped out her badge and asserted “FBI” and then threatened us. I am sure she would have kept the camera as loot, but her professional interest was who consorts with whom among very important people. Now they don’t even have to steal your hardware.

  25. The same has always been true re the Snowden revelations. It was obvious even in 2012 that TPTB wanted every American to understand that the government could spy on them through every electronic device, even e our webcams weren’t safe. The news media was covering the story wall to wall for several days so clearly they wanted to get the message out there. The whole thing was a PR project to disclose something they couldn’t just come out and say.

    • I remember seeing that photo of Zuck, where even he had tape over his laptop’s camera. That should have told us something.

  26. Becoming anonymous is a skill that can be learned, and should be taught to all who wish to live lives independent of our maliciously sick culture & society. It’s also worthwhile survival training and a fun hobby. Here’s a few hints to get you started. Kill your TV. Get off social media. Leave your cell phone at home whenever you wish to be left alone. Buy a few changes of clothes at the Goodwill (shoes too) and pay cash. Learn to wear hats & sunglasses frequently. Grow a full beard if you’re male. Learn to use public transportation, again pay cash. Bicycles & motorcycles are a good alternative. Put a pebble in your shoe to change your stride when the circumstances warrant. Observe others and note which imagery & behaviors stand out & then avoid them. Some occupations, like delivery driver & maintenance men, are effectively invisible. If you have a good friend who is a cop, ask what tells they typically look for when surveilling the public. Learn by doing. It could save your life someday.

    • When I was a kid and watched “Minority Report” my takeaway was that I really couldn’t be bothered with all that effort. Now that the world is rather close to those conditions I still feel the same way. Still, thanks for the tips, especially about the pebble.

      • Paying cash is always a good practice whenever possible. Keeping your phone “black bagged” is also wise. Think about just these two precautions and how easy it is to track you and compile a dossier of your daily activities with such info. Why make it easy.

        • Who knew? A potato chip bag, lined with metal foil, works as a Faraday cage for the phone.

    • While I have no reason to hide my activities (“yet”?) I agree with the above. Most of us are not operatives. Even so, it’s possible that some day these might become survival skills. I don’t have any title suggestions, but stories about how lives were lived in the Communist countries would be helpful. Of course today we already have “1984” levels of potential surveillance, much of it already installed in our homes by us! Witness the cell phone, perhaps an Alexa, etc.

      Like the shoe pebble, many low-tech opportunities exist. For example, you can instantly reduce Sauron’s ability to track you by phone by merely pretending you have a 1970 phone — e.g. it stay at home. Yes, you give up some convenience, but somehow we lived without mobile phones, as recently as 40 years ago.

      A sometimes mentioned disadvantage of attempting to evade monitoring is that the very attempt may draw attention to one. Despite that, I’m sure creative individuals will always find ways to work around the system.

      “The Chinese watch will be ready at midnight.” — Monty Python

  27. What I don’t understand is why people are talking about how the Imperial State is spying on its own citizens. Mr. Snowden and Mr. Assange gave us loads of details on that back in 2013. If anyone had cared about it then, Assange wouldn’t be rotting in a British Shithole and Snowden wouldn’t be living in defacto exile in Russia.
    So, why the concern now?

    • Timing is everything in life. People were not ready to believe the worst about the system back then. Today, people are much more willing. That and Assange and Snowden were less than ideal messengers. Presentation counts for a lot.

      • Assange was initially celebrated by the official left because he had those revelations about Bush’s war crimes at the height of Obama mania just before those leftists quietly joined the neocons and regime change became acceptable foreign policy for progs. Wikileaks didn’t really make more big waves until they released that stuff that hurt Hillary and CNN had to villainize Assange and WL. He could have hung out in that embassy the rest of his life if he hadn’t embarrassed Hillary.

        Snowden is just an ugly nerd with no charisma or anything that interesting to say. I looked at a recent interview with him and it was like watching a high school teacher explain how the internet works.

        • On the other hand, Snowden was smart enough to go to Russia. Would he still be alive today had he not gone there?

      • Perhaps also, everything we see today are manifestations of the incompetence and arrogance typical of any society in the final stages of imperial collapse.

        • The country has already collapsed and is unraveling

          This is something I realized the other day. My guess is that people outside of the USA already see it. Because it is very hard to make the case that we aren’t more or less in a similar situation as the USSR was before the Berlin Wall made their demise official. Our roads and bridges and infrastructure are already as bad I can imagine things were in the USSR. Nothing can be fixed. We don’t have the will or the competency for it.

          We just do not have a symbol like a wall being torn down to drive the point home. And I don’t think the Miami condo is our version of the Berlin Wall, the crystallization of things, but just one in a running tally of misfortunes and mishaps that when viewed in total tell the world that the country is kaput. I expect there to be many more things like condo buildings collapsing that will keep piling up (no pun intended) and eventually shake people out of their daze that the country is kaput.

          I am already acting on the premise that the country is finished. I am just ahead of the curve.

          • I dunno. The tearing down/replacement of our historical statues and burning of major cities seems to be a collective sequential Berlin Wall moment for us.

          • We didn’t even have the political will to build wall. A hundred miles of slat fences doesn’t count.

          • Oh, we will eventually have our event akin to the Soviet Coup of late August, 1991.

            I suspect soon that the Imperial State will orchestrate some kind of false flag mass killing using firearms, after which Biden will get on TV and order the people to turn in all of their guns.
            That will be our awakening event after which no one alive can deny the true condition of the United States.

            The People will refuse to abide to their orders, and many states will use the forces of their own laws to refuse to comply. The fun part begins in places like Illinois, when the 100 normal counties tell the other 2 Bolshevik counties who run the whole state to go to hell, and that they no longer will be a part of Illinois. That is when the shooting starts.

      • ” People were not ready to believe the worst about the system back then. Today, people are much more willing.”

        That is Trump’s greatest achievement.Entirely unintentionally he forced Deep State/GloboHomo/LeftishDipshit perpetrators to reveal the breadth and depth of their presence and operations.

        (And we really do need a name for these filth)

      • Assange and Snowden risked everything, paid the price and continue to do so. When exactly would the “optics” have been right? Genuinely asking.

        • When the Medicare only pays for cyanide capsules and the Social Security only pays for a can of soup. We believe in the lies because as a society we’re paid to do so. Not all of us, but it’s a majority taker country right now. Broken, lazy people on disability don’t really care about these things, they just pretend to care.

          • By the time that occurs, many Americans will ask themselves this question: Why kill yourself when you can kill someone else?
            That is when an American nature comes out that once was described as something so terrible and awful that there are few words that can describe the viciousness and barbarity of it all..

    • For all the good work that Snowden did, he was not a sympathetic character. He ran to Russia when both the Left and the Right hated Putin and could too easily be dismissed as a foreign asset.

      Assange poked his finger in the eye of both the Left and the Right, so there was not as much of a who/whom partisan existential threat people saw from the government. When Trump failed to pardon him, a lot more the right tail of the political spectrum started to accept that that ballot box would not save us.

      It’s turning into a few incidents snowballing and escalating to clear pattern, and is now blatantly partisan.

      • No one else would take him, so he didn’t have a choice. He tried other places first — Hong Kong, I believe. IIRC, he had a Chinese gf. That led to speculation the Chinese set the whole thing up as a preemption to Obama’s push to condemn China for spying on the United States.

      • There is no effective “whistleblower” route. (see: William Binney). Snowden’s choices were to either remain silent, run to Russia, or be renditioned to a black site and tortured for years for information about what he knew.

        I think Snowden showed it’s possible to be both a traitor AND a hero.

        Fat lot of good it did him. The collective elected leadership YAWNED, which pretty much tells you they were in on it from the get go.

        • Among his other accomplishments, Snowden also showed that Clapper (then NSA Director) perjured himself in Congressional testimony. Was he ever punished? Really? You need to ask??? 😀

  28. That would be like waving a red flag in front of the 2A crowd. I know the dissidents aren’t very impressed by them… but eventually those guys will push back and it will be a sporting event for them.

    I am not worried about the deep state spying on my emails and cell phone. If these guys take a notion to, manufacturing evidence is child’s play. With Tucker… expect some sobbing harridan to come out of the closet 30 years after being raped by him. A gaggle of others will follow. Maybe he’ll get caught with a computer full of kiddie porn. These guys don’t have to spy anymore, Z. They kill in broad daylight and in cold blood inside the synopticon as they did with Epstein. They might not even bother with a frame up. You’ll wake up and some lone wolf crazy will have bumped Tucker off. Or he gets hit by the random diversity truck.

    If our leaders are out to intimidate us… oh boy… we will see who intimidates who when the retaliations start. We are in for interesting times.

    • They already took the sexual misconduct shot at Tucker with some lunatic who claims he propositioned her on the set and invited her back to his hotel. It didn’t work. Someone in the establishment has to see at least some value in having Tucker on TV as a pressure release valve for normies.

      • That is another problem. They’ve pulled that con so many times nobody believes it anymore. Hillary Clinton lost the election by telling men they must believe all women…except when it comes to her rapist “husband”.

        The other one is the race hoax. When some nogger claims to have crosses burning on his lawn with cone heads capering around the flames… you instantly know it’s a lie and a hoax. Funnily enough – the perps never get punished.

        It’s going to take a Pinochet or Duterte style President to fix this, and probably a civil war.

        • Nothing can fix our problems. The Dissolution of the United States, a.k.a. imperial collapse, is the only way out now.

        • You’re probably right about a Pinochet or Duterte style President to fix this via some type a civil war.

          Meantime, in the race hoax sweepstakes – although I can’t say I much care what happened to Smullett and the guys that robbed him o’ his Subway sammich on a cold winters night not long ago – at this point I’m almost disappointed some jogger hasn’t ginned up an even more entertaining story of a how the noble poc fought back against the debil white rayciss.

          • Who knew that Trump had such strong support among the homosexual Nigerian bodybuilder demographic.

        • The comment section, probably. Aren’t they all? The blog and Z-man’s writings—nope. Keep reading, you’ll view the world differently after a while if you pay attention.

        • You have that slightly wrong. This blog is a pressure release valve for dissidents, not normies. Nevertheless, Z’s writings are always interesting and thought-provoking.

          • I disagree. On Jan. 6 the Normies turned off the sportzball, put away the beer and potato chips, and went out to protest their gubbimint.

            Dissidents often mock the cloud people and the managerial elite for being craven cowards but I disagree. Those chitheads know they are in deep, deep trouble. The antics of the ANTIFA mutts and the BLM noggers is just so much entertainment – they can turn those idiots off just by cutting the funding and redirecting the press.

            A factual, well spoken dissident, though? Or even the mildly dissatisfied normie? You pick a fight with those guys and you had better hit them hard and fast. They are not the push overs that Dissidents think they are. We are watching history unfold. Enjoy it, because these are the good ol’ days.

  29. Why do the Stasi work together in groups of three? You need one who can read, one who can write, and a third to keep an eye on the two intellectuals.

    • And the original Stasi were ethnic Germans! Our present “Stasi” is not of comparable intellectual acumen, to put it dryly 🙂

  30. Why do Stasi officers make such good taxi drivers? You get in the car and they already know your name and where you live.

    • HA! I love these. Keep them coming.

      (BTW, who is the a$$-hat who’s puts a single downvote on the best comments of the day on the Zblog?)

      • ProZNoV. Obviously one of us (or a troll) is humor impaired. Karl not only lightened the day, but reminded us of the humor that folks under communist control used to keep their spirits up in some of the darkest times they experienced. There remained a glimpse of resistance in their humor. A lesson to us all.

        • JIDF.

          Likely one of 15 or 20 different JIDF agents which poast under the name of “WhisKeY”.

  31. This Tucker thing is an interesting dovetail to Biden’s quip that Molon Labe types don’t stand a chance to nukes and F-15s. People that follow Tucker (and right wing media in general) are, however, not willing to submit to tyranny, and have a healthy “fuck you” attitude to the establishment. (Even Libertarians!) Maybe right-wingers fantasize about taking up arms against authoritarianism but won’t do anything in actuality, but I suspect there’s a significant amount that would. These people won’t respond to calls for white racial consciousness, but they will respond to calls for liberty. So Tuckergate will just serve to rile up the right-wingers even more; I don’t see it cowering them. Ask any Fox News Uncle if he will stay quiet because of the NSA, and I’ll bet he’ll say something like “fuck them”.

    • Well, that is the other can of worms. Consider: you are a legacy patriot American squaddie in the services. You are literally forced to hold your nose when the brass orders you to march in high heels, watch tranny indoctrination films, and answer to queer lunatic officers and wahmen.

      You are ordered now to fire on American citizens. I dunno about you… but I can see a LOT of fraggings in the future of the American military.

      Dissidents have problems seeing it – but Normie is getting mightily pissed. He no longer dozes on the couch in front of the big game on TV with a six pack and a bag of potato chips. He’s not watching sportzball despite their best efforts to make it vibrant and diverse – he’s so damned mad, on January 6th he actually went out to protest. Pay attention, Dissidents – that is HUGE. Nick Fuentes is mocking those shitty old fossils in gov’t the way they did when they were kids.

      We are watching history and a gathering storm, fellas.

    • The tyranny of this age is not violence, it’s financial. A normie con farmer in the corn belt might be willing to strap up with guns and take a crack at some feds, but not a single one of them will risk having their lines of credit dried up. That’s why spying and violence are mostly irrelevant. Its a meaningless flex, both sides are bluffing AND know the bluff will never be called. But you will never see a normie con go into a bank and ask for a straight white Christian clerk or banker, or threaten to boycott over globohomo agendas being pushed by their bank. That’s a bluff they don’t want called.

      • The reports I’m hearing is that the Trump family is essentially penniless* at this point.

        They threw everything they had at combatting the Deep State.

        *Well, other than the Kushner wing of the family, obviously.

    • “I am already on the List”. Form 4473, class 3 Tax Stamp. Trump ballot. IP logged across multiple wrongthink addresses. Donations to GOA and other “extreme far right groups”, religious orgs, and wrongthink publishers logged by IRS. Credit card purchases at gun shops, Cabellas, “prepper” websites, and online bulk ammo sellers. Demographic data (white male) logged across multiple dotgov databases. Social media posts full of “hate” and “anti-government” sentiment, including b-roll stock of handling “assault rifles” while smiling ready for 6’oclock news to seal narrative.

      TPTB have used all of these sources and methods time and again. The “anti-terror” infrastructure is all right there to cntrl-P a “dossier”.

      The passive patriot has already been painted into the corner. And any race consciousness at all means the skinsuit indicts regardless. Its easy to see how the point of laying low is losing purchase.

      The question is how and when the game becomes all too real. Or even if it ever does. The f-15’s and nukes stuff is just old potato stuck in the ‘80’s. The nuke is economic. Covid was a limited tactical deployment. The ICBMs have yet to fly.

    • If a man is willing to die, taking two FBI agents with him, rather than face child porn charges, I suspect that casualties on both sides will be similarly grave if/when the Swamp ever tries a real gun grab or dissident round-up in earnest. If things reach that point, I think a large minority of the targets know that going out with rifle blazing would probably be the best option, as a fair trial by an impartial jury of one’s peers will no longer be a realistic prospect 🙁

      While I’m not an advocate of violence, if Solzhenitsyn’s “Black Maria” (midnight round-ups) example comes to pass, I want to be one of the guys in the bushes with whatever weapons are at hand, rather than the sheep cowering in the apartment waiting for the knock on the door.

      • one of the guys in the bushes with whatever weapons are at hand, rather than the sheep cowering

        The guys in the bushes are called the WOLVES.

        And wolves travel in PACKS.

        Apex Predators, indeed…

    • “What ought one to say then as each hardship comes?

      I was practicing for this

      I was training for this”

      – Epictetus

  32. Have you seen the movie “The Death of Stalin”? I recommend it for everyone on this side of the aisle. *That’s* the world our rulers live in – hubris, humiliation, and paranoia in equal measure.

    I suggest we’re currently experiencing the scene where The Boss has clearly keeled over, but no one dares to enter the room until morning. The guards fear for their lives if they do and Stalin is still alive. Some party guys fear for their lives if they do and he’s dead. The top Party men won’t go in, because ONE of them has to open the door first, and since that guy controls the narrative, they can’t allow a rival to do it… but are too scared to do it themselves. The blackest of black comedy.

    • After Stalin died, it was Beria who first took control. He was the head of the foreign intelligence. Beria was also the first to see Stalin in a coma and was the one who prevented doctors from ministering to Stalin at the end.

      What our regime seems to lack is a Khrushchev.

      • That’s true (obviously they took some liberties for the movie).

        I’ve written a lot about Khruschhev. He was, in a way, the ultimate Commie. He came up hard — you don’t survive the civil war and the Great Patriotic War (both as an army kommissar) and the Great Purge without being one seriously clever reptile. Not only do we not have anyone like that, we’re probably three generations removed from it at this point.

        The current generation of Leftist leadership, being Boomers, were convinced they were going to live forever; they haven’t paid any attention to their farm system since the 1970s. (In a sane party, even a sane Bolshevik party, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would still be stuffing envelopes under the supervision of a junior ward captain’s third assistant, and if she got anywhere near a smartphone, the kommissar would have her fingers broken. Instead, that idiot is going to be La Presidenta por Vida in a few years)…

        …so, yeah, thinking it through, I was wrong. Not “The Death of Stalin,” more “The Abdication of Yeltsin,” but not nearly as funny as either. Steve Buscemi as Khrushchev is still hilarious, though.

  33. An equally plausible explanation for these phenomena is the idea that the People in Charge are flaunting their power, not displaying their fear. Message: “if we can mess with TuCa, just imagine what we can do to you.”

    • In the last century, the truly powerful countersignaled. They did not display their wealth and power. You still see this in Washington politics, where the powerful politicians are never seen carrying a briefcase and rarely seen chatting on the mobile. They have people for that. Down stream from them, the type of briefcase signals status. The thin style will be a lobbyist, high status. A bulging soft-sided style is staffer, low status.

    • It does show a possible propaganda shift from gentle psychological manipulation to fear and intimidation. It used to be they would use heavy-handedness sparingly, usually in wartime.

      I do believe that this is more likely to be a genuine whistleblower, as I really don’t think the Deep State is willing yet to completely throw away the naive patriotism of your average American that is needed to keep society going.

      • I’m coming around to the idea that our ruling class has exactly zero competent, rational people left in it. Up until maybe two decades ago they were our enemies and plotted against us—while taking the reality of our minds and lives into account, if only to better injure us. Now they’re just wildly insane and retarded.

        They’re not sending us any message. They don’t know how. They batter us with idiot noise and any signal we perceive is our own desperate hallucination, our last hope, that they’re still merely evil. But they’re not even human.

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