The Kakistocracy Is Real

An easily ignored aspect of the Tucker Carlson spying story is just how ham-fisted this caper was executed, regardless of the reason. Carlson is a relentless critic of the regime, but his audience is relative tiny. His average total audience is roughly 3 million people per night. Even if every night is a new crowd, that is an audience of 15 million in a country of 330 million people. He may be the biggest name in cable news, but the reality is, cable news is a low impact medium.

This was always the lesson of the Trump phenomenon. The entirety of the mass media, including the so-called conservatives, aligned against Trump but he was able to win the nomination and the general election. These are people who were sure they were the king makers in national politics. This TV carny comes along and walks right through their lines as if they were not there. Then he turned them into objects of ridicule and mockery by calling them childish names.

If the intelligence agencies were what they imagine themselves to be, they would see that Tucker is never going to be much of a problem. They could just ignore him, like most everyone does, or they could use him. Carlson is one of the few serious people on television, but he is still on TV. He wants ratings, so a shrewd intel operative could feed him some juicy tidbits that serve the interests of the regime. Instead, they are in a petty spat and making him the sympathetic victim.

These sorts of thumbless capers raise an important issue. Our managerial elite is rapidly getting dumber. This is plainly obvious in the military side. Sure, rural peasants armed with Russian surplus were able to defeat the US army in the 1960’s, but that theater negated the primary American advantage at the time. Armor and advanced transport are useless in a jungle. Air dominance is not terribly effective against guerilla tactics in urban and jungle conditions.

In Afghanistan and Iraq, the US military could exploit every technological advantage against a poorly equipped and trained opponent. In Afghanistan, the US faced off against a Bronze Age opponent. After two decades the white flag has gone up and the Taliban will take over this autumn. In Iraq, a ragtag force of insurgents led by a cleric came close to defeating the US army. The final peace looked more like a concession by the US, as Iraq is now an Iranian client.

The gross incompetency of the military is not unique. The entire managerial class is suffering from a rapid decline in intelligence. The truth is the system evolved for an adult population of the last century. It reflected the demographics of the population as a whole, but also the demographics of the ruling class. Over the last couple of generations, the people taking up positions in the system are significantly dumber, reflecting the changing demographics of the country.

This IQ decline will only become more acute in the next decade. The great Baby Boomer retirement will hit the civil service harder than the dreaded private sector, because the civil service is much older. The average age of the private workforce is roughly 35, depending upon who is doing the measuring. Similarly, the average age of the government workforce is 50. The leadership class is even older. In other words, the people running the system are geezers, not long for the world.

This is most stark in politics. Joe Biden is so old he has been in office longer than most people have been alive. The leadership of both parties is close behind. Pelosi, Schumer, McCarthy, Hoyer and McConnel reflect the sensibilities and the mating decisions of the disappearing past. Their replacements, Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Tim Scott, and so on, reflect the rapidly approaching future. Repeat this throughout the civil service and you can see the problem. The kakistocracy is real.

This decline in IQ is evident in the current upheaval. The great Progressive awakening of the 1950’s and 1960’s was driven by idealism. They really thought they were going to create a better world. It was also driven by the big change in the ruling class. Jews had taken up positions in the post-war ruling elite. They were making their mark by leading many of the cultural revolutions, like civil rights. Self-interest played a role, but social justice has always been a part of the Jewish cultural outlook.

Today, the revolts we see look like a cargo cult. They are reenactors playing parts they heard about in school. They think if they can replay the events of the past, the past will come alive and the great do-over begins. They are led by a carnival of simpletons and lunatics who mostly like smashing things and making noise. Antifa and BLM are the short bus passengers in the story of street activism. None of what we are seeing makes any sense or has any point. It is just mayhem for the sake of it.

The institutions of a society are the tools of the people running the society, designed for their use over the course of time. The institutions of America were made for people a full standard deviation smarter than today’s rulers. Those tools were also created with certain cultural assumptions missing from the current class. The next generation of rulers are the opening scenes of 2001: A Space Odyssey compared to the men who created the tools used to run the empire.

It will not end well.

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273 thoughts on “The Kakistocracy Is Real

  1. Pingback: This great interregnum or why are heavily weaponized squads of urban militants roaming the woods outside of rural white communities?

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    One extra big ass burrito wrapped taco chimachanga coming up comrade.
    You want a 66oz extra big ass sugar water with that? Aww yea!
    Si se puede!
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    Free underwear and tacos for all comrades of the glorious unity collective.
    Yes we cans!

  3. The Chinese do not have this problem of kakistocracy. Hence they will become the world leaders.

  4. “Over the last couple of generations, the people taking up positions in the system are significantly dumber, reflecting the changing demographics of the country.”

    That, and reflecting the policy preferences of a cuntified America in which life must be all bliss all the time and the truth is whatever I believe it to be.

  5. Off topic:

    If you’re in a lifeboat and your outcome is uncertain, what do you do if you have loved ones whose highest commitment is to creating new holes in the lifeboat?

      • I don’t think he’s supplied enough background information for us to be able to give any advice yet.

        Although I suppose it’s also possible that he’s speaking moar broadly & symbolically and his metaphor just went flying right over muh head.

    • depends if they live with you or not. if they don’t, well, not really a problem. if they do live with you, and you are renting, give up the lease and wish them good luck in their new abode (wherever it is); if you are buying, it’s a good time to sell. they aren’t family if they are dangerous to you..

  6. True this. I watched it happen in a company that had been around for almost a hundred years.

  7. I hope I’m still around when the “it will not end well” comes to fruition. I’m really
    getting to the point where I’m beginning to actively hate a lot, or most of these actors: the rulers, elite, joggers, noses, Illegals, fags, trannies, californians (and oregonians/washingtonians)* invading other states, dems, libs etc. I can’t stand any of these f****. Shoving their goddamn, perverted, insane agenda down our throats 24/7 and telling us it’s all for the best and/or our own good. F them!!
    *I do realize those state populations are not entirely monolithic…

    • The history of Leftism is the history of a small, fanatical minority imposing its will upon the naive majority, and to catastrophic effect.

    • I’m deep behind enemy lines in one of those hellhole states you mentioned no offense taken. I’m in agreement with everything you wrote. Everyday I pray for what is inevitable to kick off, I do not expect to see either victory or defeat. I swear on mother’s grave ill die with my boots on.

    • Well, if the worst case rumors about the gene jabs are true, just think of all the cool cars and guns that will be lying around for you to pick up in a few months.

    • I’m with ya, brah. I hear about “WBS” and I wish it would come. But I’m not holding my breath?

  8. All of my doubts about the seriousness and acumen of our overlords were confirmed when the CIA released those woke recruitment videos and the military did the same.

    There is nothing too absurd for me now. The mechanism of clown world is in full view. Nothing surprises me now, including blatant spying on Tucker Carlson by the NSA.

    • I have no doubt that half of the DC staff at FBI/CIA/NSA is currently engaged in a mole hunt for the Carlson whistleblower. Don’t be surprised if there’s another Epstein suicide announcement any day now. These people are playing for keeps and have no inhibitions when it comes to Arkanciding an enemy of the state.

      Henceforth, the Ashli Babbitt rule should apply whenever in the presence of a Fed. Unless you’re wearing a top-grade ballistic vest and face shield, stay out of pistol range.

      • A Team Wendy/Ops-Core/Galvion ballistic helmet runs almost $2k and there are no face shields that will stop a pistol round much less any of the common rifle cartridges. No soft armor will stop a rifle cartridge and even the big shields the swat teams kick doors with are only level iii and won’t stop rifle cartridges.

        If you go for rifle plates, make sure they are iii+. The FBI put in a large order for federal 62 grain tactical bonded 556 ammo (XM556FBIT3M) earlier this year. The above mentioned plate rating should be gtg for a few+ direct hits.

        The stuff you don’t want to be down range from iare m855a1 or the black hills 50 grain tsx, but it’s best to avoid catching lead of any varietal.

        The greatest equality we all share, even feds and .mil, is leaking when a hole is poked in our skin bags.

    • These people are deadly serious and will not hesitate to commit mass murder to keep us in our place. And there are plenty of men in the military who will carry out these mass killings.

      Remember Waco where they burned women and children alive. The Feds even brought in Delta team to do the dirty deed.

      Sure our boss class suffers from nepotism, inbreeding and literally buying their college degrees but they don’t even see us as human and that is the scary part.

      Stupid people with power are the most dangerous.

  9. At the gym this morning, the screens on the wall were simultaneously filled with images of morons spouting off while seated in front of giant bookcases loaded with books. Who knows what these “experts” were spewing: global warming, tranny rights, racial justice, evil insurgents, etc. The fact that they were all seated with books behind them was hilarious. They are brain dead imbeciles but they all find it necessary to spout off in front of hundreds of books while we wonder if they are even literate. “Wow, he must be brilliant! Look at all these books!”
    If the screens weren’t filled with the mouth breathers, there were commercials with black men and White women on camping trips.

    Buckley, Hitchens, Chomsky, etc. were all flawed but they seemed to be men of substance and intellect and were capable of interesting debates.
    As we watch and prepare for our infrastructure to collapse around us, our IQ levels are plummeting, as well.

    • Lest we become Kakistocrats ourselves, could someone with a j00gle account kindly go over to Vox Day’s place and tell all those Scofield-heretics that even the pagan Greeks understood Hubris to be heap big evil:

      There but for the Grace of Our Creator [in endowing us with functioning Amygdalae] go we.

      … whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.

    • The bookshelves of these, “experts,” are almost all fake.

      IIRC, there is actually a consultancy that will handpick, deliver, and install the proper tomes to create the air of gravitas required by those in DC and NYC.

      • Books By The Foot. They can help them LARP expertise for us rubes at reasonable prices.

      • No need for heavy dusty hard2understand books when you can just stand in front of a greenscreen of all the best vintage leatherbound tomes, or fashionable hardcovers like Tragedy & Hope, to let audiences with 4K screens see how smart and based you are.

        • I confess that most of the books I read are ebooks. But I really do read (or listen to them). And often quote from (or provide impromptu book reports) much to the chagrin of some readers, no doubt. Yet perhaps for the edification of others?

          As long as I am being pedantic, as is my wont, here is some admonishment: Why are some of us even bothering with TV news, or its internet equivalent? Decades ago, even in the pre-internet days, I recall reading (and believe it’s true) that TV news was ranked the lowest-quality source of information. I’ve never seen anything that would contradict that claim.

          • You’re the only person on a blog I know of who used the word “wont”. BTW, should the period in the above sentence fall within the quotation marks, or not?

    • American intellectual life was always a bit lacking, at least in my lifetime.

      Now it’s beyond ridiculous

      Look what passes for intelligent conversation. 57 genders? race is a social construct? CRT?

      But it’s more than that. That Gen Milley thing was really an eye opener. He’s one of the best they have and he’s probably not much more intelligent than Biden. One thing about Trump I used to say, he makes them all look very bad in comparison/juxtaposition, and they hated him for it. Like him or hate him or indifferent, he was more accosted than any of them could ever dream, and he’s pretty much your typical new york businessman. The best they had, the genius Ted Cruz, the up and coming plucky Rubio, the former great governor of Florida Jeb. He exposed them for the imbeciles they truly are. The Cruz undressing was really the most devastating to his reputation, the constitutional legal mind and debater extraordinaire. Kavanaugh proved a simpering fool. Gorsuch mealy mouthed chewing on his spit like Emma Stone, can’t even speak cleanly. They’re just not that good. Mediocrity through and through.

      • The military is only powerful as a wholistic fighting system and, anecdotally, anyone who doesn’t conform to a very specific role in the system is funneled out of the system. As such, the significance of Milley’s CRT rant is that his handlers directed him to take a very public position and to correlate it to the embarrassingly pathetic January 6th false flag performance art exhibition.

        Tranny Pritzker and his brother Thomas probably reviewed the talking points and had their CSIS minions read Milley in before his performance.

        ~20 years ago a friend who ran in the circle had a laugh telling me how this fundraiser gala he participated in had a raffle and they fixed it for Lies-el Pritzker to win. They try to rig everything they touch or they don’t play, so if you see their name anywhere, there is a game afoot.

        • they fixed it for Lies-el Pritzker to win

          Whitey Bulger [best pals with Robert Mueller & James Comey] won $14M in a 1991 Massachusetts lottery.

          The Tiny Hats made a movie about it, with Alec Baldwin as Mueller, Martin Sheen as Comey, and Jack Nicholson himself as Bulger.

          The movie won a bunch of academy awards.

          Bulger, of course, was subsequently murdered in prison, because dead men tell no tales.

          Jeffrey Epstein [best pals with Bill Clinton & John Roberts & Bill Gates & Alan Dershowitz & the rest of the gang] may or may not have won $41 Million in a 2008 Oklahoma lottery, via a shell company called “Zorro Trust”, but Epstein was also murdered in prison [or else a body double was removed from the morgue to play the part of Epstein, and Epstein himself is now relaxing on the beach in Haifa, sipping on Pina Coladas and watching the topless D-cupped chosen gals go strolling by].

          I rather doubt the Tiny Hats will ever approve a movie about Epstein, unless they can figure out how Epstein could grow & evolve into the True Victim of goysiche subterfuge.

          PS: When Meyer Lanksy died, the sanhedrin gathered one Passover weekend, to decide how to divvy up Lansky’s Las Vegas empire, and eventually they settled on the idea of dividing it more or less equally between the Pritzker & Adelson family crime syndicates.

          Then, as the final official act of Passover [just before the sanhedrin popped the corks on the very best vintages of adrenochrome, in celebration], the Pritzkers & the Adelsons drew straws.

          The Pritzkers drew the long straw, and were rewarded with playing the role of Democrats.

          The Adelsons, on the other hand, drew the short straw, and were cursed with having to play the role of Republicans.

  10. Here’s another example of regime incompetence. They are repeating the obvious lie that it was really the republicans who defunded the police. There’s no finesse to that lie, no care taken to make it sound plausible. Rather, they just repeat a simplistic, and easily debunked lie, over and over and hope people are dumb enough to buy it. I could produce a thousand links to all the local communities run by democrats, all the insane DPP comments and op-eds by far-leftists, but would it really do any good?

    Seattle City Council approves plan to defund police department, slashes jobs and salaries

    ‘Squad’ Dem Cori Bush praises St. Louis’ ‘historic’ vote to ‘defund’ police

    Minneapolis Cuts Millions From Police Budget Amid Crime Spike

    … and countless others.

  11. “If the intelligence agencies were what they imagine themselves to be, they would see that Tucker is never going to be much of a problem….”

    Ahhhhhh. What a fine lecture, Z. Nevertheless…

    Nonsense. I couldn’t disagree more. The Dissidents have to remember that although our leaders are morons and hopelessly corrupt – their creatures are not – or at least not always. This is why these guys aren’t hanging from lamp posts right now.

    Consider: The tall foreheads studied the famous soccer hooligan riots in Britain several years ago.. Sportzball in Kipperland is a powder keg for yobs, chavs, and pikies, There’s probably even a vibrant demographic to them nowadays.

    What they noticed was that the soccer riots spread exponentially and not geometrically. They found that the stadium-wide brawls always started with two guys – and once the fists started flying, the brawl spread like an explosive shockwave – within minutes, every yob was at the throat of his simian fellows and even the women and children would be throwing shots – stadium wide.

    Normie is not on the couch eating potato chips anymore. Even Lefty got pissed when Biden threatened the 2A guys with tanks and nukes. I am seeing all kinds of buyer’s remorse over on the other side of the great divide.

    Tucker is a fuse. Nick Fuentes is a fuse, and the Jan.6 insurrectionists are tinder. The swamp creatures know this. They know the bread and circuses don’t work anymore, and the gate keepers have been over run. They know what is coming, and they are frantically trying to head it off – while their leaders are telling them to pour gas on the fire to put it out.

    Order the US military to strike on a US population. I will bet 20% will flat out desert right there. A small percentage will start fragging their officers. Any number more will vapour lock as their duty and loyalty collide. The democrats hate the US military, and pretty much every rank and file squaddie knows it. Fuses are burning down in the military too. Those burning fuses aren’t hot heads either – they are serious, level headed men and women that are not easily frightened or given to radical lunacy or hysteria.

    We endlessly compare America to Rome, Imperial Britain and other historical empires but the comparisons are poor. Never before has a citizen based empire risen to such heights. British, Roman, Russian and European empires ran on the backs of their subjects. Americans are truly citizens – a situation never really seen in history before. Anything can happen.

    Prep now, dissidents. Food, supplies, ammo, beer, popcorn – because yes, it IS going to get that bad.

    • This is spot on, but go deeper. The collapse will be sudden. Like that condo building in Florida, the rot took several decades to reach a breaking point, and then it pancaked in about 30 seconds. The first wave of rage violence will be pleb-on-pleb (almost entirely in the big cities), but chaos is excellent camouflage and all LEOs everywhere will be on riot control 24/7. Smarter, not harder. 4S and focus.

      • I haven’t fired an M16 in nearly 40 years. Some months ago I bought an AR-15. Brand new in box. With maybe 100 rounds of indecently expensive ammo. While this goes against conventional wisdom, my plan is that I will never need to clean it. It’s quite likely a good long-term investment.

        Either it sits unused in its storage location or if it ever sees duty, I expect that cleaning my weapon would be the least of my concerns 😀

        Anyway, I wanted to say that if the balloon goes up, sure I will be rusty in my aiming, but I bet the old training isn’t entirely gone.

        Note the clever juxtaposition of 2A sympathy with sloth tendencies. I also don’t fear “decloaking” my 2A sympathies now. I may not be on the gun purchaser list but my activity here alone puts me on other databases. I have few illusions about that.

        • If you think you might have to use the AR then zero the weapon and at least do some dry fire. Unlike sidearms you can keep a good percent of your previous ability with a rifle. Not a good thing to rely on though.

        • That’s a bad idea. Train. These skills are not just like riding a bike. When was the last time you performed a reload?

        • At a minimum, you can find a Sig Sauer Romeo5 red dot for around $120+-. Torque it to spec, buy a bore site laser for $20-30 off amazon for at least a bore site at 25 yards.

          Midway has been selling quality small hat (IMI) m193 and has frequent free shipping offers to get you under 70cpr. I would add 200-300 rounds to your stash and send at least a 100 down range to zero and smooth out the action a bit. Zero at 50 yards on paper.

          The magpul D60 drum mags are an excellent way to store 60 rounds and have been to be found reliable in operator land. The D60 can be found cheap at arms unlimited. I’d load the rest into magpul 30 round magazines. Those go for about $10-15/mag. Magpul sling should run another $30-40 and you are as gtg as you can be for duty or selling as a complete kit down the road.

          If anyone is concerned about sidearm proficiency, buy a Glock or CZ that is optics ready and put a Holosun 509T on it and zero at 10 yards. The red dot optics get you on target much faster and the ones mentioned don’t break the bank while being much higher quality than the early Chinese-made products. The battery life is measured in years off of a single cr2320 battery, but make sure to put in your own lithium battery to avoid leaks.

          Target shooting ends up being calming activity due to the focusing on a single point and the fine control of your body and breathing.

          • On an iPad here, messaging in between competing tasks and distractions, so pardon me and damn the iOS autocomplete/correct.

    • So far the regime has had great success in making sure that everyone down to the part time postal worker is in on the POZ and thus a junior enforcer for “the plan”. However a lot of these worker bees, and police in particular, are, at best, ambivalent about “the plan” and, although it would still surprise me, it wouldn’t be unusual for it all to go sideways at once since the federalies are so dependent on local power support.

      Honestly I thought the blacks dragging the Puerto Ricans from their car and gunning them down in the street might have led to some…sauciness, but I suppose hispanic testosterone is in the crapper with everyone else’s…

      • Yeah, that’s a wild card. Was around in FL for the Liberty City riots when blacks tried take the shit into Cuban neighborhoods and the Cubans just started killing them. Something similar happened up here when the Floyd crap got into the Bronx. The Fordham Road looting crew tried to head into the adjacent Dominican neighborhood and got their asses beat. At the time my housekeeper said the same thing would happen in the Mexican neighborhoods here which are heavily “nortemexicano” cowboy types.

    • ” Americans are truly citizens ”

      I do like well done satire, please play again soon.

      • Dammit and blast!

        Is that you that keeps giving me the downvote, BJ?

        If it’s not you, it has to be that fag, Vox Day or one of his cellar dwelling fanbois…

  12. You’re wrong… The military I fought with “in the 60’s” was not “defeated”. I lived it with USMC Mike/3/3 and with others stopped hard the NVA infiltration across the DMZ over the trace west from Con Thien after they shot their load with Tet. Your congress lost it for us and all the boys who died up there and down south. Get your fkn facts straight for them at least.

    • I upvoted your comment in respect for your service, but not your opinion. Yes, we could have literally destroyed the VC and NV, but that wasn’t the advertised purpose of the war. It was all “hearts and minds” bs, remember?. That’s an unwinnable objective against a determined enemy. Next time we fight a war, we should clearly be in it to break sh*t and take some, no questions asked and no opinions solicited. Keep your hearts and minds, and we’ll keep your oil and gas.

      • Agreed. A little bit of unified political will (on our side) would have easily won that war.

      • I posted a comment about this in another place and can link to it if you’re interested, but if we (or anyone really) wants to win a war in a place like Afghanistan we need a different morality than what we have now.

        As long as we remain a liberal democracy with respect for individual rights, we will be incapable of putting the damage into the enemy required to achieve peace on our terms. Some of these places (Afghanistan for instance) have actually been conquered by outsiders. Tough to do, but possible. The people that did this (Tamerlane) were violet enough to achieve peace. But what he did 500 years ago we probably can’t do now for moral reasons.

        So we have three choices: 1. keep our current morality and continue to fight these insurgent type wars that we lose, 2. keep our morality but avoid fighting (and losing) these wars, 3. change our morality and possibly win these wars.

        Option 1 is what we do now, and we know it doesn’t work. In the near term Option 2 is more realistic (if we can’t win, don’t fight and don’t lose). Depending on circumstances (“break glass box in case of emergency”) Option 3 is always available but it requires changing the morality of how we deal with enemies and people.

        • To win a war in Afganistan, no Pashtun may remain alive inside the borders. The Soviets were almost going to win, until Charlie Wilson arranged for Saudi jihad with CIA and good weapons. Allllllmost.

          Why were Americans so stupid as to join in the festivities at the Graveyard of Empires?

          • surprised the soviets lost so badly there, as they tend not to have any limits on what they will do. even with US help they should have won easily. only thought i have is they were so poorly trained and organized that they couldn’t sustain any progress, didn’t bring their full weight to bear. i would have depopulated the country completely, as there is not one person there worth a small dog’s shit.

        • We are a liberal democracy with respect for individual rights? Beam me up, Scotty, to the planet this dude is living on.

          • Dennis, there is a difference between how we do things now and how conquerors did things in the past. When it comes to winning wars, this difference is more moral than technical.

            Looking at the past shows the difference.

            In his campaigns in Afghanistan if Tamerlane lost soldiers in a village, he would kill everyone in the village and stack their heads in a pyramid. Then he would do this to the village next door and so on until the people/tribe in this area submitted to his rule. In Afghanistan the villagers would submit by putting grass in their mouths and saying “I am your cow”. Often he would have his men kill the villagers anyway after surrender. He would do this to towns and cities too. Death toll was high. Tamerlane campaigned all over central Asia through his actions killing an estimated 5% of the world’s population, just in his theater of war (see link).


            So something like this would be the Option 3 I described in my post upthread. It requires an abandonment of an enlightenment morality and a return to something older to secure a win. Collective punishments against groups, violence against innocents etc. This runs counter to the individual rights we have (or are supposed to have in US) and that currently try to employ in military settings as well.

            Of course I agree with your that the rights of heritage Americans are getting eroded in the US. We are not yet being oppressed by a Tamerlane though.

        • acetone: So we have three choices: 1. keep our current morality and continue to fight these insurgent type wars that we lose, 2. keep our morality but avoid fighting (and losing) these wars, 3. change our morality and possibly win these wars.

          From the point of view of the two foreign powers jostling to be in charge of “our” gubmint [the two foreign powers being the unitardian boston brahmin sodomite paedophiles versus the tiny hat sodomite paedophiles], there are two other ways to look at this:

          1) unitardian boston brahmin: “these insurgent type wars” are just perfect for target practice & stress testing the new toys, with the added benefit that an experienced military always defeats an inexperienced military.

          2) tiny hats: “these insurgent type wars” are just perfect for destroying our enemies in greater Khazaria, with the added benefit that “these insurgent type wars” continue to demoralize the White Christian goyim into despair & hopelessness & despondency.

          Ergo “these insurgent type wars” are an yuge win/win/win for the only opinions which matter.

    • Often, myself included, say we lost the war in VN. But that is a poor use of language. We lost the political war. The men on the ground never lost it. The pol’s in Washington did. That being said, our concept of what we were trying to achieve was flawed, similar to our foray in the Middle East.

      Folks reading here will readily understand that we fought under an unfounded assumption—that the people we fought for were just like us and were longing for a capitalistic, democracy to live under—if we’d just give them the chance. Well, they were not. But that should never reflect on those who went over a fought with the best of intentions.

      • You put it nicely

        America was not all operating on the same page. The aims of the government and the aims of trying to win on the military front were galaxies apart

        Sure, certain (((people))) won the war they wanted to win, which was to undermine America’s power and to create a strong China and are enjoying the spoils of victory and have become richer than probably even they could ever imagine.

    • I’m sorry for your brothers in arms, my family served too, my son serves, but what can I say. You are talking about battles. This was always bigger than that, and the big picture was always to stall the progress of communism and to put a check on China.

      If you think we completed that objective then I have to disagree. Everything we buy is made in China now. They are hollowing us out, eating our entrails while we pay them to do it. What kind of “victor” does that? I’d say we not only lost but in embarrassing fashion, going by these metrics.

      And if we do get another bite at the apple, it won’t be hard ass marines fighting but phags and black women. Let’s see how that goes.

      • It was always hard and sad, understandably, to accept that the losses in Vietnam were a horrific mistake, but hindsight being what it is, at this point it’s hard to see an American war that wasn’t a waste from about 1860 on. Even if we had “won” Vietnam and ended up with a Korea type solution, it’s hard to see how the present would be any different, apart from a couple more giant, gay military bases to support.

        The soldiers that fought in Vietnam: amazing, and you have my deepest respect. The country that had sent you over there: absolute crap, sorry, but we didn’t know (and…I wasn’t born yet, but that’s besides the point).

    • A US colonel said to his NVA counterparts in 1975 during the final talks-

      “You know, you never defeated us on the battlefield.” Tu paused for a moment, then replied, “That may be so. But it is also irrelevant.”

      I fought my war with Charlie 1/11 in Iraq, and it didn’t matter one bit how many “battles” we “won” either.

      Ever feel like you’ve been cheated?

      • We won maybe 4 or 6 of the more physical demanding events that comprise a decathlon, but we didn’t win enough points overall to win the event

        One way to look at it I suppose

        • This is a very weird thing to type, but HR McMaster’s “Dereliction of Duty” was a fantastic study of the political clusterfuck of that war.

          The fact that when his turn in the big chair came, McMaster did **the exact same stupid shit** he so expertly analyzed in his book just goes to show the terrifying power of groupthink.

          • Ergo the only conclusion you can arrive at must necessarily be: Writing books about “stupid shit” pays an helluva lotta less than does organizing and implementing “the exact same stupid shit”.

            Somewhere there used to be a long since forgotten guy, from back in the old days, who was asking highly impertinent questions such as “What profit it a man to blah blah blah blah blah”, but who gives a damn about that old timey shiznat anyway?

    • 60gunuh, looking back, would you have preferred that we Dresdened Vietnam or just left the damn place alone?

      I have come to see the world outside our borders like a tar baby. You may be tempted to grab it, but it’s never worth it. The lives and resources that we expended on overseas missionary work would have been better spent on fortifying our defensive capacity, borders, and immigration enforcement.

      When a neocon exclaims in horror, “why, that’s Fortress America!” I reply, “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

    • I wholeheartedly agree that blaming the men who fought in Vietnam is the lowest form of human depravity and a stain upon our species, but that depravity is epidemic in our current culture and that is a much bigger problem then just being butt hurt by an insult. The time may soon come when even the “old breed” may once again need to step up and retake THIS country, not some foreign adversary that never attacked the USA. The next battles will not necessarily be fought with firearms, and being old & benign is excellent camouflage. Nothing makes you feel more alive than a knife fight in a ditch.

    • We still lost. After April of 1975, our opponents were in charge of the territory that you fought over.

      I was in the doctor’s office last week. They had an episode of House Hunters International on and it was in Danang, Vietnam. It looked nice. New buildings, lots of money floating around. All I could think of , what was the fn point of 55,000 Americans dying there. Just so stupid and pointless. Iraq was a close second.

      • At the rate things are deteriorating here in America, I wonder if an American would be more welcome in today’s Vietnam than in day-after-tomorrow’s USA? I imagine the culture shock would be major, but the food is quite good…

        • I spent a few weeks in Vietnam 20 years ago and Americans were extremely welcome then. I don’t think I ever came across a breed of humans more interested in selling something, anything. And don’t forget, they’re mortal enemies of the Chinese.

    • You were defeated. Take it on the Chin Boomer.

      Ho Chi Mihn sought to be a US Ally when they were fighting to remove the French from their country.

    • Fundamentally two types of war—punitive expedition and total. The USMC historically excelled at the come in quick, break shit, kill people, and leave with the warning that behavior will improve of the next time will be worse. If you want to fundamentally change a country you are war with, then they have to be so thoroughly beaten and broken that utter capitulation is the only alternative to annihilation. But that requires the application of LeMay’s “if you kill enough of them, they stop fighting” doctrine. So we fight these “straddle” wars. My old man and his brother (Irish twins) were Korea vets. I remember when my Dad finally blackpilled on Vietnam (we used to watch Huntley Brinkley together each night) He’d fought in a stalemate and could not see why the “Pentagon idiots” were bleeding us out, yet again.

      • He’d fought in a stalemate and could not see why the “Pentagon idiots” were bleeding us out, yet again.

        You’re making what just about amounts to a categorical error here.

        Vietnam was not a creation of the Pentagon; Vietnam was a Frankfurt School demoralization campaign.

        And it worked.

        Vietnam broke the will of the Insula-dominant Silent/Boomer goyim, and it was one of the greatest Psychological Warfare victories of the Frankfurt School in the last 5000 years.

        Once you understand how to read history, it all starts making sense.

    • And yet, who ruled Vietnam from 1973 to present? We lost. Why and how we lost is debatable; but the fact the commies won is just plain as day.
      I’m always amazed at the rugged individualism mental tic of my elders. You were on a team; the team lost. You may not have been the reason why your team lost, you may have even opposed what made you lose, but ya lost.

  13. For some amusement watch “Empire of Dust” on Youtube. Short documentary, probably from a decade or so old about a Chinese company trying to build a road in the Congo. One thing about the Chinese outside of the home society is they are *completely* unfiltered. The Chinese logistics engineer the film focuses on and his efforts to get simple things done…like purchase a truckload of gravel would be hilarious if it were not a glimpse into one of our probable futures.

    • It’s surprising that even the wily Chinese were blindsided by the reality of Africa.

    • Here’s another one: Dredd 2012. Ignoring the fantastical elements, it’s a pretty good guess at what the future US might look like towards the end of this century: majority non-white, obese, mean IQ 85, one giant slum that’s falling apart, drugs & crime everywhere and a police state run by the few remaining duty-bound Whites to keep it all together. It’s on Hulu. Forward to the interior of the Peach Trees building. That’s the United States in 2100. Imagine all those futurists from the 1960s and how wrong they were in their predictions.

    • It also spawned one of the best memes of all time. Some poor Chinese middle manager project lead attempting to explain the egregious & absurd levels of black dysfunction. Literally, nothing works, no accountability, no recourse for failure, etc etc. Everything you’d expect from a population barely out of the stone age after 3000 years of technical innovation. It is all encapsulated in a single frame grab and translated text capture:

  14. Z, in today’s analysis you miss a critical factor why we lost the “wars” in Vietnam, or Korea, Iraq or Afghanistan. In a similar way, there is a closely related reason why tens of millions of illegals have sneaked into our nation. The failing is not one of technology or war materiel. Of course having the hardware is essential to fight a war. Yet you overlook our key failing: We are too nice.

    The willingness to be brutal, to hurt, to harm, if necessary to kill, to use all force needed to achieve an end. To be unapologetic and resolute in its use. If you’re not willing to be a bloodthirsty bastard when necessary you have no business calling yourself a warrior.

    Now, there are of course self-imposed limitations. “We aren’t like that.” We have laws, treaties and other standards that guide our conduct, because we are “civilized.” These were certainly all noble intentions. Ah, but what is their downside? The downside, simply put, is that we are pussies, easy marks, pushovers for the enemy, whether he was a VC solider in the jungle, or a “coyote” leading the latest load of illegals into the Southwest.

    Leaving the overseas conflicts out of it, almost without exception, each person who enters our country illegally is an enemy. Of course, the vast majority of them don’t intend to maim or kill us. Some of them will steal or commit other crimes. But the lack of active malice doesn’t mean the parasite doesn’t take a toll on his host. They come here for the better life. That new life by definition cannot be obtained except at some expense of the host, which is collectively us. To further exacerbate matters, often the parasites are actually rewarded for their behavior, granted food, housing, medical care and so forth. At worst they’re escorted out of the country and all but told to “try again.”

    In nature, we don’t blame a tick, a leech or a mosquito for preying upon their victims. It’s simply their natures. But as a human, if we are their potential lunch, it is incumbent upon us to either prevent or remove the parasites and we should do so by any means necessary. Sure, we can tolerate a few of them, we might not even notice them. But beyond a certain point, they weaken the host. Eventually they kill it and everybody dies.

    Now, let’s imagine what the result would be if they were merely shot as they tried to infiltrate across guarded border regions. No need to pick up the corpses, let wild animals feast on the bones. What remains will serve as a warning to others who might take a mind to do the same.

    Disclaimer: I am not even advocating we do anything so barbaric. This is merely a thought experiment. My point is that a war will not be won, nor a border secured, nor a country be made safe, short of draconian actions. The time for being nice is long past, if it ever existed at all.

    The West’s sense of fair play, our “Midwestern nice,” is perhaps our greatest weakness. Our parasites and those who prey upon us sense this and exploit it to our disadvantage. You’ll note this weakness has been exploited by clever people in spheres far wider than mere border control. Our country has a whole growing population of bloodsuckers, many of them native citizens. The host weakens. If corrective measures aren’t taken, he will further sicken and eventually die.

    Countries guarding their borders is nothing new. In modern times, it was usually to keep residents from escaping (e.g. the old Soviet Union, East Berlin). Ages ago China built a wall to keep invaders out. I suspect the few who got through received a nasty welcome. Perhaps a spear through the abdomen.

    There’s even an analogy is classical literature, albeit an imperfect one. In Homer’s “The Odyssey”, Odysseus is away from home for twenty years. At some point he’s presumed dead, so suitors line up to woo the supposed widow Penelope. Now they simply didn’t send candy and flowers. Ancient Ithaca had odd customs by our standards: the suitors, neighboring nobles, all but lived in Odysseus’s palace, eating and drinking at ruinous expense to Odysseus’s estate. At long last Odysseus returns incognito, allies with a few friends and his son Telemachus, and has to slay all the suitors to reclaim his honor, his wife and his property.

    Actually, that’s not so bad an analogy: the suitors were long tolerated; the host family had no choice, they had to abide by their city’s custom and law. The freeloaders wouldn’t leave when they should have. Only one option remained. Nothing was resolved until a real man returned, one inured to bloodshed, who was willing to take all steps necessary to regain what was rightfully his.

    I fear parallels for the future of our continent, perhaps others.

    • My read on this is that if someone doesn’t physically attack you you will never have that killer instinct and blood lust to finish the job

      I can’t imagine how hard it is to motivate people to fight and die for something without that critical element

      • That’s what boot camp is for. Or at least it was.

        Now recruits are probably taught how to act “less white” & celebrate LQBTQFU month.

        • Oh for sure, getting them motivated to run out fo the gate with their hair on fire, yes that is do-able.

          But sustaining that level of energy and discipline and commitment throughout a war when the enemy hasn’t ever gone after your family at home or burned your house down, very hard. All of our recent wars are case in point.

    • Someone pointed out that Ghandi’s tactics of nonviolent resistance would only work against a moral opponent such as the British. Any other opponent — the old Soviets, certainly the Chinese — would have simply killed him.

      Same thing here: our opponents are using our morality against us.

    • Nice job, Ben. Odysseus. Good analogy.

      Achilles fought well, Odysseus fought smart. Odysseus was more successful.

    • Well written Ben.

      I’ve often wondered why we don’t have our military on the southern border.

  15. Just as they have no defense for the term “anti-white,” I have to think that calling Kamala “Que Mala” is really throwing them off balance. They have no way to respond. It works against them on various levels. Brilliant.

    • That means “How bad!” in Spanish right? I wish there were a ribald Tamil term that sounded like Kamala…

    • Excellent pun. I kick myself for not thinking it up first. So much for the worth of that Spanish degree 🙂

      Especially in line with comment below, has anyone considered the following: If (“when”?) Biden is removed, his replacement will be Kamala. If the unflattering tidbits of her past and present, er, “accomplishments” here and elsewhere are true, then the Powers that Be simply could not have chosen a more apt sample to represent many of the negative stereotypes against women and “people of color.”

      I mean look at the present situation. Even to be a puppet requires minimal functioning, and Biden can’t even seem to mouth the words. Perhaps the string-pullers above the curtain will be able to work the Kamala doll better, but her qualifications going in don’t give this observer much optimism.

      We are in for a rough ride. “Interesting times,” indeed.

  16. What’s interesting about or aspiring black and brown elite is that they think they can kick whitie out of the cockpit and just run the country without missing a beat. The same prosperity, just redirected to back and brown people. In reality all of this wealth was part and parcel of the very whiteness they hate. So even if they ran every lever of society, the place would quickly turn into a tomb and a ruin. We mock places like Detroit, but that city still gets massive injections of state and Federal money. What I’m talking about is a Detroit like environment but one in which there is no capital left for transfer payments. Places where the sewer system literally fails, backing up into houses and the traffic lights literally stop working, just blinking red lights, etc. Even the worst slums in America are to this day backed up by massive injections of money, when that ends you will see actual favelas like the poorest countries. And we will all see the greatness of their civilization.

    • The black elites care, but the people on the ground don’t

      the people of Detroit thrive in a concrete jungle. They’re at home. If America turns into a big Detroit, the blacks will adapt beautifully and welcome it. Hispanics may sweep the streets but will be content enough.

      In reality, the black elites have been completely spoiled by white people and have become addicted to the lifestyle and creature comforts and delicate and nice things the culture provides. They are too dense to realize any of it, of course, but without us all of that goes bye bye. So they will be the ones suffering the most. They will be the ones ultimately eaten and raped by their brothers and sisters on the ground. And wouldn’t that be just deserts.

      • One thing the northern cities have on their side is cold weather. The reason so many blacks can live there is because of welfare and heating subsidies. As those fail in this bankrupt country, I foresee a migration from the most northern cities to the southern tier. It sounds stupid to say that about 20% of blacks are so useless and stupid that they couldn’t pay a heating bill, but that’s where we are. They’ll pay late charges to Boost Mobile and splurge on Wing Street dipping sauces before they think of the roofs over their heads or their utilities. They will need a more African climate to survive.

        • Just saying, the ancestors of nearly all white people never had to contend with winters as nasty as even some place like Columbus, Ohio. If there are heating and power issues I’m sure some bumpkins will be able to fake it for a few years with their wood stoves (I still have to get one), but otherwise they won’t fair much better than browner neighbors.

      • You really think the Detroit Hutus will thrive without dey sail foams, Air Jordans, and 5K sound systems in their 500-dollar hoopties?

        • well said, many believe africans to be this highly adaptable creatures that can thrive in all sort of brutal conditions, when in fact they’re wellfare bound & will lose their marbles without their handouts. Let’s not forget europeans feed & offer medications to africans, that’s why they multiply like crazy.
          They’re nothing but a bunch of hunter gatherer primitive creatures which live off the land in small groups, by themselves they can’t.sustain an agricultural society, which they need in order to thrive & multiply.

        • I didn’t think about that

          I was thinking, or assuming, that they would thrive as long as their basic food needs were met, sort of like today.

          I can’t imagine what happens when the welfare money and EBT dries up. That’s whole other level of Ruh-Roh

    • The stupidity that allows these people to think they can thrive without whitey is precisely the stupidity that prevented them from creating anything resembling a civilization to begin with. Without massive white aid and investment, sub-Saharan Africa, Detroit and Jamaica go back to bush in less than half a century. Neolithic savages cannot sustain civilization. These are the sorts of obvious truths that the Power Structure suppresses with frenzied zeal.

      • I’d agree with that if ‘less than a half century’ means more like 2 decades.

        • Still FAR too optimistic. Clearly you’ve never watched any of those Survivor type shows where the wahmen attempt to build a sustainable living environment. Nogs are going to be about as effective. Two years MAX before you’d see something resembling a scene from The Road / Mad Max / (pick your post-apoc nightmare)

          That is the dark comedic element of Clown World. The thing they despite the most also incontrovertibly & paradoxically keeps them alive and functional. Imagine wanting to cut out your own beating heart for an idea of the low IQ irrationality of this. But these missing link hominids can only destroy, their time horizon is measured in weeks vs. Europeans who measure in decades.

    • A good illustration of the inability of blacks to maintain and rebuild is the comparison of what happened in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and what happened in Japan in the wake of the 2011 earthquake/tsunami. In Japan, debris and rubble was collected and carted away with rapidity, while in Haiti collapsed buildings sat there for years. The Japs did the work themselves, while the Haitians had the entire world ride to their rescue and still couldn’t pick up the pieces.

      • There is an Internet meme which juxtaposes southern Africa before and after the coming of the white man, and Detroit before and after the migration of the black man. The contrast is, shall we say, instructive.

      • ” The Japs did the work themselves, while the Haitians had the entire world ride to their rescue and still couldn’t pick up the pieces.”

        But the Haitian’s had the Clinton’s skimming 20% off the top.

        I think the best example is Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. The bread basket of Africa turned into a penurious begging bowl,

    • You want to see how Blacks and other POC will do running the US after they send most Whites to camps? Easy. Look at Africa. Look at the Americas from the Rio Bravo to Tierra del Fuego. Not a pretty sight.

  17. “It reflected … the demographics of the ruling class.”

    Our ruling elites are neither elite nor are they ours any longer. They all have to go back.

    “… social justice has always been a part of the Jewish cultural outlook.”

    No one wants these people coming into their little patch of the olam to tikun it. Civilizations are ecosystems. NOT ‘are like’ but ‘are’. We Americans are like little minnows swimming up and down a stream, happily nibbling on the vegetation. We invite others in to join us in doing the same, but like beavers they have built dams to modify their ecosystem in their favor, and the little minnows can now no longer swim up and down the stream happily nibbling. The minnows find themselves poorly adapted for the new ecosystem, while the beavers are now getting fat.

    Tikuning the olam is about modulating someone else’s civilizational ecosystem to better suit themselves. The original inhabitants (us) now get to live in the new ecosystem for which we are not well-adapted. Hence, the demographic ‘White Death.’

    All groups do this, not just Jews. Jews were just the first to systematize and label it: tikun the olam. Most other groups are and will make changes that are even worse, both for us and for the diaspora Jews in the FUSA. They were fools to think that only they could play that game.

    • But the major cause of our severely incompetent leadership is the disappearance of anything resembling a meritocracy…All of the plumb jobs and plumb educational admissions go to those who are connected to wealth or insiders..Hence Jared Kushner, termed an “indifferent”student by teachers in HS, gets accepted by Harvard (due to large donations by his father) while students two standard deviations smarter are rejected, and black or Jewish students even dumber than Jared get accepted for ethnicity reasons…And once the connected’s kids get some credentials, they are on the up escalator for life…I’ve seen this personally at the law firm level, and it always leads to collapse.

    • Otherness and expulsion are also part of the cultural outlook. Almost as if the two are related…

    • Perhaps it would be clearer if we translated tikkun olam as “terraforming”.

      • I was going to go with that analogy, but I figured it would be less rhetorically effective. Consider if there were sapient Martians living on Mars, well adapted to their low atmospheric pressure. Terrans ‘migrate’, fleeing the fouled mess they made of Terra (Earth). The Terrans terraform Mars to make its atmospheric pressure like that of old Terra, orders of magnitude higher than pre-invasion Mars. The Martians, like deep sea fish brought to the surface by bottom-trawling nets, are not well adapted and die.

        The primary lesson of the genomics revolution is that we ae all different on the inside. [Small differences matter: iirc subsapient chimpanzee 98.5%, banana 50%] The races and their constituent ethnic groups all have different preferences for how to organize themselves socially, politically, and economically, and these differences are deeply rooted in our biological variation. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to how we live on the Earth in peace, no matter how convenient it would be to our globalist would-be planetary aristocracy.

        America worked when it was federal rather than multicultural, allowing different groups to build their own little local ecosystems as they please. People make nice places to live for themselves and their posterity when they invest in commons, and no one will invest in commons that are going to be looted by foreigners. Unfortunately, our ancestors invited Africans into our federation, and they proved incapable of investing in their own commons when they had the chance.

        • There is no one-size-fits-all solution to how we live on the Earth in peace

          Seems freedom of association and a nation/land for each people would go a long way as a solution. Let people segregate into the whitest of Whitopias or blackest Heart of Africa and everything in between, letting chips fall where they may.

          • Worked for the Ottoman Empire. No reason it couldn’t work here. Problem is there are so many who are CERTAIN they know the best way to live and who believe that having that knowledge makes it their DUTY to impose THEIR “solutions” on YOU!

            Whenever I hear or read a out some starry eyed prog wanting to “change the world” I am SOOOOO/b> tempted to ask them
            1) What so sure the world
            NEEDS to be changed?
            2) What – aside from monstrous egomania – makes you have a freaking CLUE how to go about changing it?
            Who the hell do these bozos think they are, anyhow???

    • What idiot stores 2.5 tons of fireworks in a home? Presumably THEIR home?
      Must of been either an Asian or Mexican, but probably Asian.

      • Steve Sailer has said last 4th of July Mexicans were shooting off fireworks for 7 straight hours. He thought they were unhappy with the all the peaceful protesters and the lockdowns and were blowing off steam. This year it appears they weren’t planning on slowing down.

        • Not as bad this year, thankfully

          Last year those fireworks were going off every night for at least a month, maybe two before 4th of July

          I even called the police asking if they were going to put a stop it. The guy laughed and said about the same as they’re just blowing off steam. Perhaps, but it gave my dog the frights and she’d hide in the closet and eventually she had a heart attack and the kabooms killed her. The house would shake.

          On the night of the 4th, interesting, but my friend and I were on the front porch. And you could her one team advancing to our right with a few loud kabooms — that was their signature. Then in response we heard scattered smaller little explosions to our left, and that was their signature. The team on the right kept getting closer and closer, the team on the left retreating and getting quieter and quieter. It was obviously some kind of war game.

      • Lets see if two links work. To Tars question, looks like it was the based Mexican Taliban celebrating their annual 4th of July insurgency. Link below was from an accident earlier this week that references latino names.

        Also the bomb squad were the ones that messed up the more recent explosion (see link below), trying to do controlled detonation of 2.5 tons of fireworks. Does anyone know how to do math or read a user manual? I am sure that whoever manufactured the bomb squad truck said NOT to do this.

          • I re-read the second article. Looks like they tried to blow up a small amount of the IED materials seized from one of the Mexicans. Somehow the explosion was huge (destroying the truck, and some of the surrounding neighborhood). Assuming the bomb squad truck was working correctly, either the materials they attempted to destroy were more explosive than they expected or they put more of the materials in the detonation chamber than the cops are letting on. How can explosive materials be more explosive than expected? Shouldn’t the bomb squad truck should account for unknown explosive materials? Is there a better way of dealing with explosives than blowing them up? Can’t they drop them in the ocean or something?

            I guess its a mistake by the police, but perhaps not an egregious mistake (no, they didn’t intentionally detonate 2.5 tons of explosives as first thought).

            More interesting is that the Mexican kid with 5000 lbs of explosives and custom manufactured IEDs. This now reminds me of the virgin vs chad meme: virgin Jan 6th protester getting no pretrial bail and 60 year federal sentences for stepping foot in the capital with bear spray while the chad Mexicans are importing and constructing IEDs, leveling city blocks and out of jail before the ink is dry on the paperwork with a $500k bond.

            Feels like the chad Sinaloa man is the true heir to the white man’s legacy (e.g., hands on “can do” spirit crafting 4th of July IEDs in his living room, distain for constraints of rule of law importing tons of explosives from China without asking for permission from anyone, crafting of tools of war for purpose of merciless aggression — okay made that last part up but it fits the theme, etc).

          • I heard it was a woman. Obviously hired/promoted entirely for her prowess as a cop….

        • LMAO! They —-purposefully—- detonated it on the back of a semi-trailer rig.

          In the middle of the road.

          In broad daylight.

          On a public street.

          ZLOZLZOLZOL. I mean “what could go wrong?”. No need to just wait 30 min and drive it out into the desert which is mere blocks away.

          This is a link the LAPD’s most recent graduating class photo, see if you can make the connection…

          Kakistocracy indeed.

    • or in this case, honk honk boom!

      Give the media a few days though. I’m sure they’ll discover that White Supremacist Underpants Gnomes got into the truck and blew it up.

    • Hahaha, yeah, “Honk Honk!” Best quote was at the end of the article: “The LAPD, meanwhile, says it will prosecute anybody involved to the fullest extent of the law.” Bwahahhahahahahaha….gasp, hahahahaha, YOU were involved, morons, prosecute yourselves!

      • Quote – LA Mayor Eric Garcetti released a statement on Wednesday night saying he was “closely monitoring the situation” and was “”deeply concerned for those who were injured.” It’s actually to kind to state it, but that’s banal, trite, insipid, meaningless blather.
        Between him and the LAPD – these morons make the Keystone Cops appear to be MENSA material.

  18. It will not end well. That’s a tagline that could conclude every Z-Man article. Come to think of it, it does conclude more than a few.

      • Sign me up !!!

        I see Gab and a lot of other places selling merchandise. I would never even think to buy any of it. For a variety of reasons, namely that it’s ghey and paints you as a normie con doofus

        But a Z mug? Yep. I’d buy it

  19. Have any of the geniuses realized that going green will mean there won’t be power to serve the gazillion cameras and the surveillance state itself?

    I noted this before but someone like AOC, the only reason she is on anyone’s minds is because cheap energy allows her to use the internet to reach millions. If that energy gets too expensive, she’s at the bottom of the list of priorities and will be allocated no bandwidth or any of the limited resources.

    So much of the left and it’s stupid messaging depends on a world of very cheap and readily available energy. So I ask, maybe we should at least entertain the idea of promoting the green new deal.

    Oh the ironies, Miss Ocasio Cortez. Now no one can hear you. Didn’t you know what you were doing, ma’am?

    • Yup.

      The techno-medico-EV surveillance state requires a stable baseload with margin everywhere.

      Can’t do that with wind and solar. Hydro is limited geographically and doesn’t meet all the watermelons’ greenwashing criteria.

      • The first thing “conservative” Idaho Republican congressman Mike Simpson proposed after getting re-elected in 2020 was breaching four hydroelectric dams on the Snake River to “save the salmon”.This as the state’s population is growing dramatically. Those dams were built decades ago by a competent civilization that no longer exists. His proposal does not make a lot of sense for a leader concerned about the future of his nation but it does make sense for a crook politician on the take being paid under the table to sabotage the country.

        • Well, South Africa voluntatily deactivated its nukes before 1992. Maybe they are trying to controlled breach the dams so they don’t catastrophically fail in the coming decades from an inability to maintain them?

      • You gentlemen may be missing how the 3rd world actually ‘works’. Anything considered essential to regime (or elite) survival will not be denied electric power. You and I, on the other hand….

        So, AOC would only be out of juice if AOC were out of juice.

    • In the 50s and 60s, the average table radio used 30 watts and a small color TV used like 350 watts. 250 and 300 watt light bulbs were common. Today the whole house is lit by less than 1 of them. large color TVs use maybe 50 watts. Basically every appliance has gotten more energy efficient and especially lighting. Heavy industry is more or less gone. Yet we use more electricity than ever. Our grid was the envy of the world. Those days are gone.

    • No. I think Orwell had it right. Only about 15% of the population in 1984 were Party members who had to have the two-way TVs in their homes. The Proles (85%) didn’t matter enough to watch. The surveillance state of today is broad in its reach because the majority of the population has not yet been neutered by poverty. I think of the Green New Deal as the elite’s idea of a “controlled crash landing” for industrial civilization.

      They’ll scam the masses with promises of wind and solar for as long as possible. Electricity will rise in price gradually and eventually be unaffordable. Right here in Port-a-Potty (Portland, OR) you already what I think is their “housing plan”. Basically, you do nothing useful about rising rents but just let people set up tent cities everywhere. Eventually you’ll get to the typical third world pattern of a fairly prosperous urban core ringed by people living on garbage dumps running whatever gadgets they still have on electricity stolen from tangles of amateur hookups at the edge of the city. The elites will still have fossil and nuclear to run their little city-states and spy on each other though.

      Well that’s the plan anyway. I don’t actually think it’s workable. There’s a difference between people who moved from rural poverty to an urban favela and people who used to have a nice 3/2 split-level and 3 cars ending up there. The difference is anger. That ring of despair around the cities will be like the shell of high explosive around the core of an atom bomb. Implosion, then detonation follows.

      • It seems like the tent encampments still have to be close enough to the urban center for drugs and begging though. All the tents and graffiti along the freeways only start as you get near PSU from the south, and it all stops as soon as you cross the river into Vancouver.

        Plus all the murders seem to just be concentrated on the east side, which is where the veranda simians relocated after they got gentrified out of North Portland.


          Now, ZeroHedge may not be your most highly rated source, certainly not on par with integrity of a New York Times or Washington Post 😀 Still, the figures are not impossible. An earlier article for LA gave a figure maybe near $30K/year. These figures are of course outrageous, but probably reflect the realities of providing support services. Not just the port-o-potties. You need fire, medical, food, mental health, substance abuse, etc. For comparison, I’ a healthy male and my health insurance alone costs (without subsidy) about $10,000/year MOL. so just routine care plus a few ER visits burns up a good share of that $60K.

          Many moons ago, I did a most of a summer’s trip in Europe, much of it biking and camping. Even at today’s prices, I expect $60K would buy several summers’ worth of similar vacations, even with all
          airfare and all expenses included. A tent in Northern Europe in July is doable. I’m not sure I’d want to try it in January, however 😀

          As some author (Sylvia Porter, maybe) once said: “The High Cost of Being Poor” !

          Never mentioned in such articles, even on rebel sites like ZH are the incidental costs. It’s wonderful that vagrants are allowed to eat, shit and sleep most anywhere in public (at least in region of Ninth Circuit Court, it’s a protected right). But when that area is, say, a city park, it denies the usage the park was originally built for. No mothers enjoying the day with their children. No businessmen enjoying a walk on their lunch break. No students playing Frisbee on the lawn. Etc.

          Boy, times sure have changed since I was little 🙁

          • In the summer of 2002, I went from Urumqi (Xinjiang) across China and into Vietnam, overland. A distance analogous to going from Seattle to New Orleans. In 30 days I spent the night in 19 different locations. All included — food, drink, accommodations, transportation, etc. — I spent less than $500.

  20. Watching video of the collapse of the building in Miami – I can’t help but wonder if that’s an observable metaphor for the USof A.
    An older building has some cracks here and there but still functional. Engineers warn of danger. It’s fixable perhaps, but noone wants to pay for it. Any money that is spent is cosmetic and doesn’t actually address the structural problem. Everyone talks about it, but essentially ignore it. Slowly, the decay progresses, then picks up speed. Point of no return is reached. Then, in the middle of the night, a sudden, violent collapse. The fingers of some of those left alive will help clean up and rebuild. Other fingers will do what they did precollapse and point in any direction but at themselves.

    • Your analysis is true enough. I would suggest a different architectural analogy. I learnt of this one in “Erectus Walks Amongst Us” (page 218): the former Grande Hotel in Beira, Mozambique. The book is available online, or easier, perhaps, to just google the above term and look at the photos.

      The hotel, of course, was a luxury resort, one of many creations by the White Devils during their occupation, which in this edifice’s case, ended in 1975. Needless to say, the half-century since has not been kind to the structure, but apparently it remains standing.

      I’m not an engineer, but I suspect that most structures crumble, rather than collapse suddenly. Of course, with modern high-rises, which are designed and built within close limits of what physics allows, so to speak, there is little room for error. Sometimes errors take many decades to become apparent. But when they do, they may do so within days, minutes or even seconds. 🙁

      In fact, that’s a good parallel with how civilizations die: slowly, perhaps even imperceptible to those who lived there. With rare exceptions (natural catastrophe, military invasion and slaughter) these events happen very slowly. Another example is a stately old oak tree. It might have lived for a few centuries and all appears stable. Yet come a storm and it may topple over dead, decades of interior rot finally revealed, the old structure no longer enduring a crisis.

      Or the oft-quoted phrase from a Hemingway (?) character, about how he went bankrupt: Slowly at first, then all at once.

      Some of the ancient Roman buildings have endured for two milleinia or more. Alas, their days of glory were relatively short. But the former works of art provided building material for later, lesser buildings. Later, goats browsed among the ruins. Today, hairy tour guides sell overpriced junk to gawking tourists on the grounds.

      • The Hemingway quote did cross my mind (as I understand it – he was speaking of himself)

    • But where are the people—I understand there were some in official capacity—who inspect, but did not “notice/understand” the danger and condemn the building? Yesterday, It was argued corruption. I argued incompetence. There is a difference and it’s important. We can always ferret out corruption. Incompetence may now be baked into the system (for reasons I offered at the time).

  21. This is my prediction about the future:

    The Bad

    The future politicians of Amuhrica, meaning Ocasio & co will lead america into economic disaster, they’ll blame it on white people & demand all their remaining wealth & savings be taken away by the state & distribute it “evenly” to the non-whites.

    The Good

    The poor infrastructure & the incompetents in charge will make it impossible for a surveillance state to be sustained, it will make it easier for whites to create & maintain no go zones.
    The corrupt us army(j**uws will be the middlemen) will sell their weapons to foreign countries, they’ll be more interested in looting than stomping “white supremacy”.

    • For your predictions to come true, The Bad assumes that the cocktail waitress and brother-f*cker, and their minions, can organize such a thing and carry it out to completion. This can happen in a country with a small white minority (i.e. South Africa and Rhodesia) but probably not one with a white minority above 25%, many of which have guns and Breitbart News.

      The Good is much more feasible. But competent white areas won’t be competent for long, as internal migration would soon f*ck up a town like Boise, so the competent areas will be impermanent until no-go zones are able to be established. If it ever happens.

      • “The Bad assumes that the cocktail waitress and brother-f*cker, and their minions, can organize such a thing and carry it out to completion.”

        They’ll try & many whites will die cause of it, there’s a recent surge of savage ape attacks aimed at future white americans, meaning white children. That’s the bad of the situation, to see innocence crushed in such a brutal & disgusting manner.

        Personally I see it as a brutal right of passage for the white race. Once whites observe their camp kill count reaching a few million they’ll rethink the blessings of diversity & finally mature as a people.

        • “Mature” is certainly the mot juste. Right now, white people have a nursery school understanding of race and dieversity.

  22. Aww. Zman. Even though I am kind of in suspense waiting for how this will play out because I also believe it will not end well I come here for your Eternal optimism. Are you having a bad day? Buck up there fella😀

  23. Is the government managerial Elite getting dumber, or have they just bitten off more than they can chew? After all, government as a % of GDP has doubled during the lifetime of Zman and me (we’re about the same age). It’s possible they’re just trying to do too much.

    There are complexities – scope, goals and span of control – at this level of government ambition that are going to confound even the best and brightest. Scope/goals: Health/education/human services have dominated the budget – this stuff is utterly impervious to management by even the smartest White people, given the clientele being served. Span of control: trying to manage a global Empire on a war footing while civilizing Bronze Age domestic knuckleheads just overwhelms the Elite’s intellectual bandwidth.

    I’m not disputing that the government Elite are less capable than those of yore. But I would argue that their ambition nowadays is just too great.

    • Overextension is pretty typical of empires and other large corporate entities right before their demise. Typically, if leadership can’t recognize the limits of their resources and abilities, it also means they aren’t smart enough to manage things even if things went well. Or, to put it another way, becoming and remaining overextended is a result of stupidity, not exclusive of it.

      • Your point is clever, but it’s a circular argument. The leaders respond to systemic pressures. The rubes want more welfare. The corporate elite, pursuing globalism, socialize costs and privatize benefits. So the system in toto pushes the Government, be it smart or dumb, to do more than it can competently execute.

        It’s systemic stupidity manifesting itself primarily as Government stupidity. We cannot test the hypothesis that today’s elite couldn’t even manage a government 50% smaller. Maybe they couldn’t. But my only point is that they are trying to do too much. It shouldn’t be a controversial point.

    • It is government nature to continue expanding until some limit is reached. Being a slightly cynical student of human nature, I merely observe that such a limit is almost always externally imposed. Although they probably don’t have the monopoly, Leftists have been in power many decades. Have you ever heard one say, “Gee that didn’t work! Let’s stop wasting money and resources and leave things be.” Oh no. It’s onward to the next attempt to fix a problem, real or imagined. In all cases, note that ever-increasing budgets and personnel hiring is required. How convenient!

      (Almost) no person ever sampled an addictive substance, whether it was tobacco, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, etc. and said: “Boy! That makes me feel just great! I’d better stop right now, because I’m almost certain to really f**k up my life if I continue with this stuff.”

    • “Is the government managerial Elite getting dumber, or have they just bitten off more than they can chew?”

      Their intelligence and education is invested in manipulating people and seizing power. Once they conquer the Ivory Tower, well, you can’t be a specialist in everything.

      This is a well-known problem throughout history. The skillset to win at competitive politics is very different from the skillset to build a better world. Which is the real reason one wants to involve ordinary men in politics instead of ‘winner takes all’.

    • Presumably government expansion and dumbing down are the same process because while government employees have grown as a percentage of the population the smart fraction has not, the average manager can only be less intelligent. If you add to that the fact that in the West much of the really smart fraction now go into commerce or finance then, we probably are screwed. Still, it could be worse. You could have the Chuckle Brothers directing your naval manoeuvres same as us Brits.

  24. It’s all part of the cycle of birth, growth, maturity, decline and death. As with the individual, so with the nation and culture. Oswald Spengler was right. The great task for those of us on this side of the great divide is the preservation of essential knowledge, especially how to sort out the useful from the not so useful. Preserving the essentials of culture should be our aim. As for the rest, let nature take its course.

    • Stewardship of museums, libraries and historical sites should be paramount. Statue destruction is the thin edge of the wedge. Consider what happens when private and public funding for cultural institutions dries up or comes with strings attached that destroy cultural inheritance.

    • Yes, after the collapse, the rebirth will begin in the backcountry; but its not enough to just hide & wait it all out. Our society is infected with a cancer that must be treated or it will recur & spread even into these remote locations. Some will stay & keep the campfires burning. Others must venture forth as a remedy. We were built by evolution to move & prevail, not cower in fear. Throw away your TV & cell phone and your DNA will start talking to you again.

  25. 1. Put this in your book of apothegms: “The truth is the system evolved for an adult population of the last century.”

    2. I never liked Kissinger. But compare his intellect to Blinken’s.

    3. Or compare an issue of Foreign Affairs today with one from 1975.

    • 2A. I never liked Rumsfeld very much, but compare his intellect to Austin’s.

      (On the other hand, if things move toward insurrection would you rather have Austin in charge, or highly intelligent Rumsfeld?)

    • Minor punctuation clarifies.
      “The truth is; the system evolved for an adult population of the last century.”

  26. This follows on what I was writing about yesterday. Our rulers are very likely at their peak power. They’re inheriting still functioning (though much less so than in the past) institutions. They also can still tap a surprising amount of social capital. (There are still a lot of patriotic and gullible Whites out there.)

    But both the institutions and the social capital will erode over the next decade or so. Every reasonably competent Boomer or Gen Xer who retires or quits due to frustration will be replaced by an incompetent POC or truly deluded White. This will take its toll. The competent units within these institutions will get smaller and smaller.

    On a larger scale, fewer Whites means the general infrastructure will deteriorate, which will cause a loss of confidence in government, both big and small.

    The country is on its way to looking in many ways like Brazil. Whites wanting to create their communities will have a much easier time dealing with a Brazilian-level government than a (former) U.S.-level government.

    • Right, but the exact problem with Brazil is that the government is huge AND incompetent AND corrupt. As a % of GDP, it’s roughly the same size as ours. The problem in the US is that the ambition of government doesn’t shrink along with its ability to execute. Quite the reverse: the worse it does, the more it expands (more Cowbell!)

      • Yep, we’re going to get all of that over time, a large, corrupt and incompetent government. Can’t be helped. But if Whites want to carve out a place of their own, it will become more and more achievable.

        Now whether we’ll do that or not is another question.

  27. It seems like a big problem in this country is “educated women” (i know I sound like a taliban neanderthal) but paradoxically it seems they also tend to live more stable lives compared to women who didn’t go to university.

      • link still doesn’t work – just google “lionoftheblogosphere more edcuated women” and it’ll be the first article

    • I live in the belly of the beast for those types of women. Believe me, their beliefs are a mile wide and an inch deep. In fact, to call them “beliefs” is overstating it. They repeat what they’ve been told is the right way to think.

      Their true beliefs are being safe and having social standing in the dominant tribe – something ingrained in their biology for tens of thousands of years. The minute they sense that the dominant tribe can’t protect them or their kids, they’ll turn on a dime.

      • These are the type of women that populated my former neighborhood. I talked them into reading Brave New World for (what turned out to be) my last book club meeting. I offered up Huxley’s connection to the Fabian Society, its connection to the Frankfurt School and the subsequent march through the institutions as food for thought. My question was blueprint or warning. The reaction was not of curiously but something closer to blown circuitry. One of them simply changed the topic by asking what everyone thought the biggest challenge of the day was. I believe they decided on climate change. Today they would probably say white supremacy.

        They were mostly aging boomers so their gullibility and love affair with the dominant and socially safe narrative will not menace society much longer. Unfortunately in my personal experience young women are 10x worse. And entitled beyond belief.

        Low IQ, lack of standards, multiculturalism, and women in places where they can do some real damage will be our ruination. And to think it was all engineered to be exactly like this. What a world.

    • Because a job is a surrogate husband. Keeps the women in line and grounded.

      Especially a career. That s the husband. That’s where her loyalty lies.

      The uneducated women have neither job nor man. They are on their own spinning out of control.

      Doesn’t have to do with education but with having something to keep them in line.

      • Even worse: the less-fit women are the ones having the babies. And the government pays them for the trouble. For many of these people, it is literally the only paying work they are ever likely to obtain.

        To be fair, the unfit men don’t get away without blame, but all they do in this play is provide 23 of 46 required chromosomes and perhaps the occasional “date” or recreational drug experience to the woman.

        It goes without saying that the children of such an environment are all but doomed to a crappy life. Writ large, if this isn’t systematized child abuse, I don’t know what else to call it. And all this was created in the name of “helping the poor!”

  28. Good reference to the opening scenes of 2001: A Space Odyssey, although I’m going to nitpick. The apes in those scenes were just smart enough they could figure out how to use tools, with assistance. The current Kakistocracy would not be able to develop new tools, and if given new tools, would likely throw them away since they fail to recognize the intersectionality of the lived experiences of the tribe over the ridge.

    • “The current Kakistocracy would not be able to…”

      …. open the hood on their own high end cars.

      FIFY. From personal experience of no less than three ‘elites’ that I know, all highly place corporate types.

      • It’s getting so bad out there people can barely navigate traffic lights and the checkout line anymore.

  29. Stories like this seem to be popping up more often, especially among Democratic women. The candidate and her senior staff are incompetent and lazy. They overwork the young staffers and explode in fits of rage at them over the smallest mistakes. The staffers are very fragile mentally as they have been told they are special snowflakes and many were hired for diversity reasons. Some of them are also incompetent. Although I would guess one of the primary traits they look for when screening for grunt level staff is willingness to put up with verbal abuse these stories still leak out to the press. They could run ten of these a day if the public knew the names of the various people at high levels of the bureaucracy.

    • I recall Amy Klobuchar, who was supposed to be the epitome of Minnesota nice, blowing up at a staffer for delivering her salad without a fork. After berating her, she took out a hair comb and ate with that.

      • That was a classic I was thinking about when I wrote this comment. The women in the Congressional Black Caucus are typically in the top 10 for staff turnover rates in Congress for the same reason. Hillary had Huma Abedin interact with the staff for her, probably in part to avoid incidents like that.

        • There’s a reason those jobs in their listing have phrasing such as: This position is exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act.

          While it’s not a new problem, the very fact the government exempts itself* from many of the laws they impose on us peons shows that there is something rotten in the system. Yet one more thing to fix if/when the opportunity arises…

          *Even I will concede that there must be some cases where the government must have immunity. But I’m pretty sure they go far beyond that minimum.

          • A sane society would require that any new legal requirements.restrictions apply to legislatures for a couple of years first.

    • Barnard;
      The big question we ought to be asking ourselves is, Why is this story popping up now_? As the guys below note, these ‘bad bitch drama queen boss’ situations are pretty common in the Imperial Capital.

      And why Fox instead of one of the more regime-compliant media outlets_?

      My guess is ‘Whitehouse Catfight’. IOW, ‘Dr’ Jill has decided she likes the perks and has decided that Dementia Joe will not be playing the temporary part of his appointed role as temporary placeholder.

      • Your suspicion is tantalizing. Do we have, in “Dr.” Jill, another potential Ellen Wilson, who, by some accounts, was a de-facto President for five years, as she was Woodrow’s public voice, after he was stricken by stroke in 1919?

        Trashing Kamala certainly could have such aims. If the story leaked on CNN it’d have more credibility to being propaganda of a palace coup. But she’d remain the next in line and would have to be removed somehow. And 81-year-old Pelosi as 3rd in line would not necessarily improve matters 🙂

  30. Zman, this devolution has consequences at higher scale levels (anything above a single street). the progs are incapable of running a true police state, and really only care about graft. they are causing a sorting effect country wide where people who don’t want to live in a 3rd world shit hole are leaving the cities en masse. guess where house prices are going down, instead of up.

    this is all to the good. every single one of America’s large cities is a piece of shit, with ugly architecture, lots of dirt and decay, insane politics, etc, etc, etc. they need to die and they are.

    and the asians and latins will keep the nigs penned up in a way whites would never have countenanced.

    so to me, the sunset of white America is necessary and good, because white America has become so polluted and corrupted. mother nature has only one rule: compete or die. and white america has chose to withdraw from competition.

    still, individual whites will do just fine, according to their own abilities and good fortune…except whiskey, he’s still fukked.

    • How smart were Eastern European communist rulers? They were able to run their police states for several decades, with much less advanced technology.

  31. The talk of “The Great Reset” (see Time magazine cover story, November 2020) worries me a bit, for example seeing Blackrock and other asset manager behemoths buying up homes, including neighborhoods, where they promise a future where we’ll “own nothing and be happy.” But then I realize that they’re probably not that smart to successfully pull off their insidious plan, and maybe it’ll backfire on them in some way.

    • it will. they will never make enough rent to cover costs, political changes in rent control etc etc. they will end up barking all their properties back onto the market at once.

      • I suspect they (Blackrock) are betting on the come. If controls at the local levels against growth and new single family dwellings come o pass, their new assets will be priceless. Also will come in handy as an inflation hedge, but not a hyperinflation hedge as that will begger the country.

      • Yes. Being a landlord, especially of single family homes, is a lot tougher than it looks. Renters can do a lot of damage unless they are closely monitored.

    • The people at the top of finance and tech are actually very, very smart. Unfortunately, they are not smart enough to do the impossible which is to impose absolute equality on everyone regardless of human nature and biology.

      But they will surely make a hell of a mess trying. Brace for impact.

      • The Great Resest 666 panopticon dystopia hell world won’t work out and probably won’t last even a decade but that doesn’t mean they won’t cause a huge amount of damage trying. So yeah. Steel yourselves.

      • Intelligence is not virtue. Intelligence allows you to competently even brilliantly perform tasks.

        But virtue means courage moral and physical and only Virtue allows you to perform DUTIES. Yes we select for Intelligence and we’ve ended up with being run by those good at tasks- in particular those good at testing- a task, not a duty. That we have a distinct lack of courage in our leadership should not be controversial. That’s because they test well unless its a real life test that requires courage. This is simply beyond them.

        Tasks;?As that’s most of work and certainly modern work – oh and we’re all so bureaucratized that its the system- these people succeed at making more money so they’re “successful” as long as they comply.

        I could digress and now observe that if you comply or better yet are in “Compliance” basic literacy will also bring success as you only have to follow rote procedures. I could Further digress and note the cult of intelligence begins in WW1 when Intelligence tests were used to screen soldiers in America, and the Intelligent noticed a Intelligent way to either avoid conscription or land a safe birth. A trend accelerated by the 33 years of conscription from 1940 encompassing WW2, Korea, Vietnam and the certain discomfort and possible danger of military service. I can say in my own humble opinion that while we were selecting for Intelligence we cross bred it with cowardice and selfishness and therein bred our very own Khazars, but perhaps that is reaching. White Khazars – good old WASPS who are good at any test except the real ones- because they’re selfish cowards.

        Intelligence is for tasks, Duty requires Courage- and Intelligence is not courage.

        • I’m about 1/3 through “The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties” by Christopher Caldwell. Your comments and his jibe largely, especially post WW II. While it’s nothing new (e.g. you could buy your way out of the draft in Civil War), and exhortations to “duty” or “patriotism” aside, the average rational man probably prefers to avoid the risk of being bayoneted, shot, drowned, or merely be a slave by any other name for a few years, if he can possibly avoid it. Can you really blame him?

          Being rich and wealthy usually confer a survival advantage in civilization, and no less so here. For youth, the preferred way was the college deferment, which naturally selects for smarter, wealthier. For the less wealthy, there was the choice to enlist for better odds, say, to go into the Navy. That’s what two of my ancestors did.

          Caldwell notes that it’s mostly that demographic, the highly educated and typically scions of the rich, that make up the bulk of the federal government. This too has been true for ages. And, of course, they naturally skew very Left – Liberal, even radical. This trend was already apparent post-WW II, perhaps even earlier. How much more so now, two generations later?

    • They’re not.

      Wall Street, like a certain tribe, is an extraction machine, not a value creation machine. They can’t run anything.

      • True our test selection elites fail at their duties. But they are the performers of tasks.
        The first task being test well for “Intelligence.”

        To not steal requires Courage. A Virtue.

        Intelligence is no virtue.

        Of course they don’t do their duty, their understanding of “duty” is to comply. If they’re told to steal they do it.

        We select our elites based on a trait- Intelligence on tests – and wonder why they don’t do their duty? Because they don’t know what that means.
        Nor do they have the courage to say NO.

        We need queen bees, we picked drones.
        No Honey for us.

    • If they think they can rent to joggers and get back their rental properties in one piece, all I can do is laugh and say “go for it”

      There is nothing more useless than a stupid ((())))

      And my suspicion is that the ((())) at black rock are the sheltered naive Ivy leaguer types who never had to squeeze rent out of or deal with a regular black person. Never had to hear the million and one excuses as to why he don’t have da money dis week. And even if you get section 8, you still have to deal with them paying up like $100 a month.

      Couldn’t pay me enough to mange one let along a neighborhood of black rock rental homes. Couldn’t give them to me to own.

      Let them burn

      • Even the best of renters don’t invest in the social capital of their neighborhoods. Why would they? They’re not sticking around for the long haul.

        Minimal/ugly landscaping, roof lines that needed repairs years ago, crappy cars on the street, wind blown garbage in the yard forever, etc.

        A couple of renters in a residential neighborhood might be ok. But there’s a very small tipping point that is reached and the actual owners leave.

        • Whatever the flaws of the tenants are (and they are manifold), don’t forget the absentee landlords. These are the bane of HOA meetings. They rarely show up. They aren’t known for their property upkeep and timely payment of fees.

          I sometimes mention that my existing HOA has a modest anti-investor restriction (one year residency requirement) which I have tried, unsuccessfully, to expand into a blanket ban on rentals. These exist, but are rare. When I move from here, I will look for such a community, or at least one with de jure or de facto rental restrictions.

      • I’m no financial mastermind so maybe it’s just me, but I can’t understand what Black Rock is going to get from these houses they’re buying.

        Since they’re supposedly paying top dollar, it seems that they won’t be able to sell them at a profit.

        If they are going to rent the houses, how are they going to ensure that they actually get paid? Getting people to actually pay the rent is usually the biggest issue with rental properties.

        • I am sure they have some agreement with Biden that they will be receiving government-backed rent, as with Section 8 or rental assistance

          Add in the fact that with a rental property you get to write off depreciation and every capital expenditure and so you are effectively collecting rental income but paying no income taxes for years. Then I guess after 5-8 years they dump the properties and sell them to some second tier Sean Hannity type slumlord.

        • Suspect a government program will make BlackRock whole… This is all part of the de-whitening of the suburbs

          • Excuse the “black” humor…

            One thing Civil Rights allowed was for Blacks, who could, to move away from Blacks!

            Perversely, the only group who gained were the Talented Tenth. Formerly all-White communities were tainted, and the Untalented Nine-Tenths left behind, devoid of the stabilizing powers of their betters, slipped further down the pole back into savagery.

        • Let me help; its like the West Bank- its not about money.
          Its about LAND.

          (Really some of you need to stop being so pettily avaricious, or hide it better).

          Its no more about money than the West Bank is about “money”. I refer to Palestine.

          Mind you this is the West Bank of the Hudson and Potomac but it’s working, so its not crazy.

          As for the burbs, they were happy to take HUD money- petty, foolish greed as usual, they of course are happy to be refugees: so let them be Americas Palestinians.

          Because that’s what Blackrock is doing.

      • Blackrock is simply turning the West Bank of the Hudson into the West Bank of the Jordan (Palestine).
        Its been working a long time. What do you think the first colonists did in Palestine? They didn’t start shooting until the 1930s. No, they bought land.

        They don’t care if they burn, hell that’s the plan. As long as we’re gone what care they have for schvartz golems either way?
        And its not about money, they have plenty- and limitless with the Fed. This is the long game, not trifling rents!

        As for their putative incompetence as Landlords History from about 1200 BC to now disagrees.

        They’re a natural race of Landlords, as Glubb Pasha observed in his brief exposition of their history in the Middle East. Its their core competency.

    • The ongoing semiconductor shortage will also help implode their techno-narcissist dystopia.

  32. Quite right. The dumbing-down of America is less an overt agenda on the part of the magisterial class than it is a reflection on the diminished mental acuity of the generations that have assumed power since the mid-20th century. As a graduate instructor in the twenty-teens, I observe this first-hand. The background and intelligence of incoming college freshmen was woeful, at best.
    What was Joe Sobran’s famous quip? “In 100 years we have gone from teaching Latin and Greek in High School to teaching remedial English in college.”

    • well the thing is this dumbing down is happening to all levels of society. is this happening because mud people are driving the numbers down by their innate dumbness? or are the white people here also getting dumber?

      • I think all the chemicals in our food, water, and air are hugely damaging everyone’s intelligence.

        A sane society would be conducting intense studies on this topic.

      • Karl, it’s both. There are studies indicating the topping off and decline of the Flynn effect. This, plus the broken school system, is producing dumber Whites. And of course, the imports into the US after 1965 were always dumber. The Browns coming across the Southern border today are right off the farm. They have no education, or skills, and most often barely survive on subsistence farming back home. Here they can farm the welfare system. 😉

        • I believe the evidence for racial differences, including of IQ. But it’s not fair to say Whites are “getting dumber.” Genes don’t change that quickly. Most likely, everyone, Whites included, are not being well educated. As Mark Twain succinctly observed, the man who doesn’t read books has no advantage over the man who can’t read books.

          Now, that white student is more likly to be exposed to “Heather Has Two Mommies” than a McGuffy reader, but this reflects wider problems 🙁

        • The US has yet to regain the literacy rate of 1790. Ellis Island opened in 1892 in an attempt to screen who gets in, because the “old world” had adopted the practice of emptying its prisons, asylums, alms houses, and charity hospitals and sending their unwanteds here. That’s how we ended up w/ the anarchists Z spoke of in his podcast a couple weeks ago. They were committing bombings, arsons, kidnappings and we had no means to keep them out.

    • I’m told the rejoinder to the dumbing down of education is “Well, yeah, but kids can operate iPads and electronics, so the brainpower is focused there.”

      Jeebus wept.

      • Aside from the implied misunderstanding of intelligence in that statement, we see the majority of use by youngsters of such devices to pleasure themselves via social media, porn, and streaming of entertainment (once called TV). We are so screwed…

      • If they were actually programming or coding those devices, then they might have an argument. If they are just touching pictures (icons), then no.

      • I dumbing down of school *is* intentional. But the general decline in intelligence is generic and due to mutational load caused by bypassing evolutionary selection and to an extent, miscegenation.

        We now have a case of survival of the *unfittest*.

        • Yes and no. Evolution is totally impartial; it will just as happily select whether naturally or unnaturally. The same techniques that turned some grey wolves into the hundreds of dog breeds we have today, whether the teacup poodle or the Irish Wolfhound, are examples of (mostly) deliberate selection over thousands of years. The same principles of genetics are just as applicable to “breeding” a ghetto full of feral primates whose conduct is little different than a tribe of Baboons on the home continent. This latter population is probably not intentional, but its origin can be clearly traced to prior causes. People respond to incentives. The genes’ only “purpose” is to reproduce themselves, and they’ll gladly do so in any environment that promotes that.

  33. The GOP establishment is now getting behind Herschel Walker for a Georgia senate seat. I have nothing against Walker, one of the greatest running backs of all time, and as far as I know (and compared to other professional athletes) a very decent man. But when I heard the usual suspects were pushing Walker, my eyes rolled. If you’ve ever heard Herschel in an interview, you get the impression of someone who has very carefully learned his lines. But then you realize that there are any number of qualified white people whose IQs are considerably greater and whose ability to serve will be infinitely better for Georgia’s citizens. Naturally, the suspicion arises that TPTB no longer care about IQ. They want obediance. With Walker, that’s what they will get. White voters in Georgia are about to get shafted again. The Kakistocracy will roll on.

    • The good thing about Walker is that he could crush McDonnell’s head like a grape if he got out of line. Maybe Trump is hoping to use him as some sort of enforcer against the Senate Republicans.

    • That also speaks to the thesis of this article. The PTB figure they can stick a low IQ Herschel into the system and that the system is robust and resilient enough where he won’t cause anything to break

      Maybe he won’t cause things to break but things will, in fact, fall apart in the blackness of his wake. Just the fact that he’s there is a stress on the system because he doesn’t understand it. He’s a line of computer code that is rife with bugs. He’s an if-then statement with no then. Start overloading then system with herschels….. we have been doing that. We are starting to see the results and effects.

    • I don’t vote, but I might if I ever had the chance to vote for a “decent guy.” The last time I voted, I voted to oust an actual mobster, but the guy who replaced him couldn’t pass a 10th grade civics test (if such things still exist.)

  34. All true, and that is why collapse is both inevitable and ultimately curative. The combination of affluence-driven softening and massive illegal immigration has dramatically lowered the mean IQ of the population. And since productivity gain is closely linked to intelligence, eventually the bubble bursts.

    Enough about the problems, what are the solutions. Collapse, chaos, & fog come first. Cities will burn, riots will spread like wildfire, & civil order will evaporate. The elites that got us into this mess desperately prefer that the plebs turn on each other and the ensuing slaughter distracts everyone from seeing the disease for what it is.

    But it doesn’t have to play out that way. What if tens of thousands of antibodies arise from the backcountry and begin selectively purging the host of Master Parasites? Just a few and the exodus will become a stampede. Is not selective cleansing preferable to the mass slaughter of innocents?

    20th Century tyrants slaughtered over a 100 million of its citizens. There has to be a better way that just lay down and take it.

  35. Our managerial elite is rapidly getting dumber.

    That may very well be true but what’s even more important is that they have been mal-educated, as has the rest of the nation. The educational system operates in the same paradigm as that introduced by the Germans in the sixteenth century, despite advances in every form of technology. Of course a big reason for this is the interests of academia and the power they have to provide signals that enable career advancement.
    In the last few years education itself has become secondary, at least in college promotional literature, to leadership development, as if it’s possible for a university to actually change the foundational personality of its students. No parent wishes their precious child to become one of the mundane followers. The world belongs to the leaders. Unfortunately, as the US military academies have proven over the years, leadership can’t be taught. Leaders are born, not made.

    • Leaders used to be groomed with a thorough exposure to the now-tainted, liberal arts education. In other words, exposure to the Great Books and Minds of Western civilization, with the end not being a degree in English, Philosophy, or the Classics, but a strong inculcation in proper reasoning, and gasp, the ability to think independently. Sure, leaders are born, but many of the truly great ones had a strong background in the white way of doing things. Civic nationalism only works when the populace has the rudiments of such education. Perverted as the Academy has become, we truly see, “ye shall know a tree by its fruit” in full force. The harvest is gonna be rotten for decades to come. Time for some serious clear cutting.

  36. There is an excellent book called “The Idea Factory” about Bell Laboratories and the world changing innovations that emanated out of their company.

    The most interesting aspect was how aggressively Bell Labs and the elite universities recruited from Heartland America, finding promising talent in small rural communities and running them through a gauntlet to prove their worth. Our government used to do the same thing. The culture of the company was probably the closest to a meritocracy the world has ever seen. People stayed because it was also one of the most interesting companies to work for, and pride and devotion in their work.

    Now companies have no interest in long-term talent and being the most interesting company to work for, becoming a more mercenary operation that just imports already grown talent from all over the world. Now employees don’t blink about leaving large, important projects mid-stream, as corporations don’t blink about mass layoffs on a whim.

    It’s clear our government now has the same mentality, only taking people whose mercenary skills help them in the moment while ignoring priming long-term talent that can actually manage a complex society. They groom for a certain theology outside of practical affairs of statecraft, their ability to change their views without losing stride. Their skill as administrators is secondary, if it has any importance at all. Does anyone really think Kevin McCarthy got where he is because he’s clever? And the staff are just as mercenary as their leaders, seeing Washington D.C. as something to loot with no pride or roots to the people or institutions they serve.

    Even if clever and high IQ by nature, constant contact with idiocy is going to lower your practical intelligence dramatically. The people who are now required to read Ibram Kendi instead of Cicero are going to start thinking like Ibram Kendi.

    • I’d cite Bob Noyce, from Burlington, Iowa, as example numero uno of high achievers from the small-town US heartland.

      Now, the US’ elite institutions actively discriminate against this exact type of person and hand sinecures to worthless trash like the author of the 1619 Project.

    • In some Tom Wolfe book other than The Right Stuff (so I can’t remember which one it was) he wrote about Kennedy trying to sabotage NASA by replacing its genius Midwestern daredevils and rocket hobbyists with Ivy League professionals. Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan saved the Apollo project. Our royal family wouldn’t have let anyone from Ohio touch the moon, but only those hicks could do it.

    • “I tend to concur,” as the middle manager would say. I’m not sure how much of my view is nostalgia divorced from historical truth, but I don’t think I’m far wrong:

      In most spheres in the USA, meritocracy is long gone. Especially so in the most pozzed zones, I’d guess academia, government and big corporations, in descending order. Bell Labs turned into Lucent decades ago and, come to think of it, there haven’t been too many inventions from them. Does it even exist any more. And yet Bell gave us a highly reliable phone system, the transistor, Unix (innovative computer system, its descendants still in wide use if you have an Android phone or a Linux product…) and probably a thousand other products you and I don’t even know about.

      Our government, universities, and other corporations no doubt have similar stories of glory, or simply unsung competence, over a period of many decades.

      Let’s say America’s golden age was 1946-1970. That corresponds, roughly, with the peaks of its technical achievement, military prowess and so on. It’s been on the skids mostly, since then. 🙁

      In a very real sense, the men (it was mostly men) who built America are long dead, or retired at least. The ability and merit was fading even as the Boomer generation started. Today, the YOUNGEST Boomers are only a few years from retirement. I’m not saying younger generations don’t have talent. Of course they do. I’m just saying that equivalents of the old Bell Labs look damned rare.

      Hey, but at least there’s more women and “people of color” in those positions once controlled by the evil white male!

    • “Does anyone really think Kevin McCarthy got where he is because he’s clever?” They’re either bought-and-paid-for by lobbying groups (hoping for that seat on the board someday) or they’re featured on some video in the Epstein vault labelled “_____ with young X.”

  37. As I was saying yesterday, the country has already collapsed, we just don’t see it yet.

    What does that mean? I think it means whites have given up on saving the place. So now it’s only a matter of time before the collapse is plainly visible. Every broken water main here, fallen power line there, ruptured sewer, collapsed bridge. At some point it all spins out of control. Watching the POC and crying women with sewage on their faces and electrical lines zapping behind them trying to fix it but unable will become the lasting image of complete and total failure.

    • When your US “Housing Secretary”, a midwit pile of black fat in a muumuu who looks like a character from the “Hunger Games” and is literally named “Fudge” explains to you how free housing and “caregiving” and other gibs for blacks is what “infrastructure means TODAY”, you know the whole country will be falling down around our ears before long and we won’t have clean water to bathe, drink, or even flush away our own excrement, like in black-run Jackson, MS. Strap in folks, next stop Capetown.

      • The Whitehouse wisely disabled the comments for Secretary Fudge’s youtube.

        • The disabling of comments (for those sites that still allow them) should tell you something: they wouldn’t disable comments if they were going (or likely to go) their way.

    • Its not their country.

      Arson for the insurance money as policy doesn’t care about the plumbing. We’re NAZIS, Economics their Air Force, noggers ground raiders…etc.

      Maybe we need a Spielberg movie to explain this?

  38. I’m just a wee bit older than you, Z, and it seems that over my lifetime, since I can remember – from the mid-sixties forward – almost everything and everyone in public life and culture has gotten dumber and dumber. I’m not sure if it’s all rooted in Ed Dutton’s theory of declining IQs because evolutionary pressure is no longer strong or that our whole education system seems to have increasingly lowered standards to account for black underperformance and millions of immigrant children who barely – if at all – speak English. It seems to me Anglo intelligence and social, cultural, and technological advance crested right around the time I was born and it has been on a steady decline since 1965. It was a good run, but we let it slip away, maybe because we were not ruthless enough. Probably couldn’t have been avoided – all things ebb and flow.

    • I’d posit that lack of moral and mental restraint has contributed to the decline

      As with anything, the mind needs resistance, to push against some kind of something, to fight against something internally to build its strength and power. It has to be challenged or face something challenging in other words.

      Used to be, fighting against internal conflicts within a religion, or accepted ideas that you thought were wrong so you would test them and test them and test them.

      But now people have nothing to fight against. Everything is accepted. All’s good in the hood. So the minds become lazy and slowly deteriorate.

      Except, however, on the DR where we are fighting against the orthodoxy and why our brains are well exercised and stretched and resilient. We give ourselves a good workout. Why we are winning.

      • “Why we are winning.“

        I could follow you up to that point. I’m sure a small group of very smart and able Romans felt the same way…

        • You don’t think we’re wining the psyop game?

          They are throwing everything at us but we keep our focus and our discipline. We aren’t lining up to get vaxxed, saw the covid thing for the fraud that it was, know Biden is illegitimate, know that POC are useless despite decades of propaganda

          Weaker men would have succumbed by now.

          And a lot of us see that retreating to the rural areas and forming communities is the way to go, where did these ideas come from? Not like anywhere in the msm or educational system was this ever taught. We learned it on our own.

          I have faith in us. We’ve been through a lot, seen our world flipped on its head overnight, and we’re still fighting.

          • The dissident right isn’t winning anything.

            Its just another internet chat phenomenon.

            Impotent wailing as you grow old and fade away.

    • I’m convinced that the widespread introduction of calculators and computers has killed the development of math skills among US youth.

      • Maybe – there are different aspects – I know people who got through calculus by simply memorizing formulas. Others understood the concepts and what the relationships were, but struggled on tests. Is memorizing a formula a “skill”?

        On the other hand, learning to program requires you to understand cause/effect and logic (within the syntax of the particular language). Even using Excel spreadsheets “works out” your logic muscles to some degree (assuming you are not just plugging numbers form someone else’s template but are creating your own to solve a particular issue).

  39. IQ is largely inherited, but I believe stupidity is largely cultural. I mentioned the other day that I, the professor, might well have been the first person who ever told a drinking age kid “no.” I may well also have been the first grownup they’d ever heard utter the words “I don’t know” about anything of importance. Their reaction was instructive: first they were puzzled, then they got MAD. Why wouldn’t I just tell them the answer, so they could copy it down and spit it back on the test?

    It never occurred to them that I honestly didn’t know; they assumed I was screwing with them. They didn’t have the emotional toolkit to deal with that. They were trained from earliest childhood to copy down what teacher said and regurgitate it verbatim. Whatever their native IQ, that’s trained stupidity. It’s intentional, and the trainers are very good.

    • There has to be an interaction. Low IQ people do what we’d term “stupid” things. We may be training people in “stupid”, but we’ve never been able to train people in “smart”, as in bring a group’s performance to the level of another, e.g. Whits vs Blacks.

      I sense we need some better definitions to adequately discuss the phenomenon you so aptly point out.

      • I call it “ideological enstupidation.” It doesn’t really roll off the tongue, but it covers the intention and the result. Orwell just called it “crimestop:”

        “the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are inimical to Ingsoc, and of being bored or repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a heretical direction. CRIMESTOP, in short, means protective stupidity.”

        You can field test it for yourself. Try telling one of the teenagers in your life that a friend bred a chihuahua to a German Shepherd and was surprised at what an ugly, yappy little beast resulted. Have a good laugh, and then say “yeah, I mean, doesn’t he know that physical characteristics and behaviors are both heritable? I mean, when you get two different races together….”

        Watch the poor kid shut down at Mach 3. Seriously, it’s like someone pulled their plug. It’s bizarre and terrifying, but funny (if your teenager is an insufferable little snot).

    • Odd that all my life I have head that old “you can lead a horse to water . . .” but only recently have I come across the entire saying:

      You can lead a horse to water, but cannot make it drink;
      You can fill a man with knowledge, but cannot make him think.

      In over 5 decades of hearing that, I never heard the second part, which describes our state of “education” perfectly.

    • Intelligence has a large “g” factor. Ignorance is cultural. As the late, unlamented neocon stooge, Donald Rumsfeld once said “. . .we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns- the ones we don’t know we don’t know”

  40. Everybody has a story about the DMV or the IRS. I once worked in the realm of the State Department/DoD, and while there were smart people in the ranks, they were all being cockblocked by dumb people or status chasers. Incompetence in the civil service is nothing new. And nobody has thought highly of any congress-critter since…1789? My point is, things have been breaking down for a while, and have accelerated as the government has bloated up since WW2. I have a more positive view of the future…dealings with the fading empire will be scary at times, but mostly it’ll be contemptible and you can either laugh it off or ignore it. In some cities, you can pay it to go away. Eventually we’ll be in a zone where locality rules, and competence depends on the local demographics. There’s a good argument to be made that we’re headed toward a Soviet future, but in all likelihood it’s Brazilian.

    • I’d rather bribe people to get out of my hair anyway

      It’s clean and easy and makes sense

      As,long as I can afford it. But it beats the moralistic nastiness of our current bureaucrats and their ethos where if you can’t afford to pay your taxes this week or forget to file a certain form then it’s means you’re a bad bad person and irredeemable.

  41. So what you are saying is that you can’t fix stupid. Forget any hopes of fixing basic infrastructure let alone space missions. Instead of a world war Z with mindless zombies destroying everything we get world war R, retarded bureaucrats, military,
    and media.

    Like your analogy to the cargo cult, these morons keep pushing the buttons on the machines and re-enacting past leaders and managers in hope of keeping the system going. They don’t know or understand how it all works.

    • Sad, how fast we’ve devolved into Idiocracy. Even sadder: if we’re being honest, wouldn’t we all actually *prefer* President Dwayne Hector Elizondo Mountain Dew Camacho?

      • Camacho wasn’t a feminine cuck, and had the balls to get things done in light of a real crisis.

        Camacho 2024

        • If actor Terry Crews put on the wig and the Comacho persona he might have a legitimate chance in the 2024 election.

      • Yep. At least Camacho recognizes Joe’s superior intelligence and immediately tasks him with solving the problems of the nation.

        Camacho is ridiculous but he understands his role and his own limitations.

        He is king clown of clown world, but still wise enough to know clown world is not the real world.

        Our elites are insecure and arrogant. The idea that someone could usurp their status filters with raw intelligence or talent is a threat to the legitimacy of their credentialed system.

        Their fake and gay meritocracy cult is more like an inbred monarchy at this point. Pumping out mongoloids papered at the ivies but incapable of wisdom.

        Their cronyism demands conformity to the hierarchy, as ordained by those who rule a system that is by design one of self-reinforcing authority based on self-affirming status.

        Joe would never be allowed into their inner sanctum to call into question “the way things are”. For our betters its ‘toilet water’ vs ‘electrolytes’ till the end.

      • We had our Camacho, his name was Trump. Pure entertainment (and distraction) for 4 years. Hell, we may get him back for an encore, but whatever happens I predict we’ll still be posting here on the deteriorating conditions of society. New ideas are needed, or and least allowed to be seriously discussed in the political forum. I don’t see such happening between the two (one?) existing factions we are enslaved to.

        (Disclaimer, I voted for Trump—twice)

        • One thing Idiocracy was notably silent on was the various tentacles of globohomo power; Camacho and the clown car cabinet was actually in charge.

          Well technically it was entropy. The System ran itself. But at least they seemed to have the authority to make things happen and tinker with the machine.

          Orange man Camacho was kept in the ring wrestling the bear with the little whirly hat while the actual PTB continued to do their thing.

          Until the entropy grinds the world down to a nub and the elites evacuate to mars on elons tesla rocket we need to keep Joe in our communities building up our systems that serve our people.

          Sending our Joes to the Imperial City or even the Imperial College of Progress, is dysgenic and quite useless.

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