The Projectionists

People often join mass movements as a way to replace their own hated identity with that of the group. They immerse themselves in the movement or cause, losing themselves in the identity of the group. Their sense of who they are gets blended with the cause so that they are one with it. It is why their life is quickly organized around the cause they are in at the moment. Not everyone does this, of course, but every mass movement has true believers, people who become one with it.

This is why the true believer reacts to all criticism of the movement as if it were a physical attack on their person. They treat all opposition to their cause as a violent threat, because from their perspective, it is an attack on their person. Once who they are is indistinguishable from the identity of the group, any criticism of the group becomes a threat to their very existence. It is why reasoning with a true believer makes them more belligerent and hostile.

Another consequence of this fusing of identities is that the true believer tends to project onto others the things he hates or fears about the group. Since the very nature of the true believer precludes self-examination, it also precludes a critical examination of the cause they have joined. For the same reason they look at criticism of the group as an attack on their person, they cannot criticize the group. Instead, they project these faults and fears onto some external entity.

A good example is this post from the neocon website the Bulwark. The neocons, of course, have been driven berserk by Trump and the rise of populism. They were sure their scaly tentacles were so tightly wrapped around the Republican Party that it was nothing more than their personal golem. Then Trump comes along and shatters that certainty by sweeping the primaries. Not only that, but he also pointed the finger at them as the reason for why things have gone wrong in America.

This is a good bit of evidence that whatever it was, neoconservatism had transformed into a weird political cult. The first generation had practical reasons for the transition from Trotskyists to Buckley conservatives. They saw that the American Left was getting cozy with the Soviet Union. It was not so much their flirtation with communism, but their friendliness with the ancient enemy in the East. The neocons dropped their own communism and became libertarian Cold War hawks.

The following generations, on the other hand, were not so clever. Bill Kristol, for example, has been wrong about everything for thirty years. He thought Dan Quayle would make a good second for Poppy Bush. He though Sarah Palin would make a good second for John McCain. Quayle and Palin were decent people trying to do the right thing, but their appeal to Kristol was that he believed he could outwit them, which meant they were not the sharpest tools in the toolshed.

Putting that aside, you really see the cult-like aspect in this post. It is pure projection of neoconservative defects onto their enemy. The post’s subhead says it all. “Claiming to love America while believing that it is broken and that many of your fellow citizens are your enemies.” These are people who spent the last six years claiming that Trump and his voters need to be exterminated on the grounds that they are evil. Bill Kristol wants to genocide the “lazy” white working class.

Later in the post we get this gem, “In his public addresses, President Biden has made a conscious effort to speak to all Americans. Donald Trump, by contrast, typically reverts to the language of us-versus-them…” This is the sort of thing you get from someone who is no longer engaged with reality. It is also the way a cult member projects the defects of his cult onto enemies. The hive-minded neocon is projecting the things he most despises about his cult onto the enemies of the cult.

The transformation of neoconservatism into this bizarre hyper-violent subculture raises an interesting set of questions. Was it always a blood-soaked political cult obsessed with bringing about the end times? On the other hand, is this what happens when a bespoke identity cult loses its primary purpose? After all, neoconservatism was built for the Cold War, so when that ended, their purpose ended. Like a hive who loses its queen, the remaining members of this cult buzz around in anger.

There is another angle here. The first generation of neoconservatives went through a period where they aggressively attacked their former host. It was as if they were trying to purge themselves of the old identity to make room for the new one. That could be what we are seeing here. The current neocons are shedding their old conservative skin in order to grow a neoliberal skin. This will allow them to attach themselves to what they think is the permanent new order in Washington.

Additional support for this the tone and language in their posts. Note that in the past they differentiated between “Trumpists” and conservatives. Increasingly they conflate the terms, using them as synonyms. Note also they are not trying to reconcile with their old allies in Conservative Inc. Instead, they have retreated into their own ghettos while they go through the transformation. The next chapter of neoconservatism will take place within the neoliberal order, they hope.

It is an interesting phenomenon to behold, if you can avoid being emotionally drawn in by their projection. Perhaps that is another reason that cults project their hatreds, fears, and insecurities onto others. It is a distraction. The endless feverish attacks on alleged enemies draw the eye away from what is happening in the cult. That old self-loathing, the desire for self-abnegation, at the root of the true believer, results in a group behavior that always seeks to distract from what is happening in the cult.

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125 thoughts on “The Projectionists

  1. Citizen of Silly County: “Now, the Jew-cons might have an issue being accepted by the new guard of the Dems, but that’s going to be a problem all around for American Jews, not just for the neocon types.”

    Barnard: “Their sphere of influence is down to almost nothing…”

    Not every Neocon is Richard Pearl or Bill Kristol or old. Meaning, only a few neocons are rejected by the Left. After all, the Jewish intelligentsia still runs journalism. Far from losing their influence in barely-alive NR type outlets, they are welcomed with open arms to influential Left mags. Such as the NYT of mags, The Atlantic. David “Axis of Evil” Frum, senior editor. Adrienne “Try Hard Goy Name” LeFrance, executive editor. Jeffery Goldberg, editor-in-chief. Look at the mastheads of any popular or influential outlet and about 7 of 10 will be J-Neocons. Sure they’ll be some friction amongst them and their Prog colleagues over Israel. But it won’t amount to much. Aside from that bit of tension, they both have the same goals. Hawkish globohomo world domination.

  2. @thezman, my comments are stuck in moderation. Please, could you have a look? Thanks!

    • I couldn’t do it. I just could not bring myself to vote for McStain. I voted for Bob Barr.

    • This guy has been spreading panic porn about airline flights cancelling due to “mysterious deaths” due to the vaccine.

      Trust me, he’s either an idiot or a do-anything-for-clicks loser (or both)

      He hasn’t the first idea what he’s pushing about airlines cancelling flights presumably due to pilot vaccination deaths; he’s so far from being right he’s not in the same galaxy, much less the same solar system.

      Extrapolating, he doesn’t know the first thing about much else either.

      “Trust the plan, the God-Emperor will save you!”

      • He makes about .25 great posts a day. Shame he posts about 10 times that much. Like all of us, he used to be better.

        The part of the flight cancellation thing that I understand is the part that’s fake, and maybe that’s the whole thing. I know that one airline is trying to make people who booked cheap flights back when nobody knew if corona restrictions were ever ending rebook on “new,” normal flights at normal prices. The passengers who call and bitch might get to keep their deals. The ones who rebook or don’t—free $$$. It’s probably industry-standard behavior.

      • Vox Day is a moron. He was on the Q train to the bitter end. Maybe still is, I don’t know…

        Apparently, Denninger, whom Vox quotes, is a moron too (or a liar). The chart he is talking about isn’t showing what he claims. It’s not showing 2.8 million more disabled people. What it is showing is the labor participation rate among disabled adults (16+ years olds). Plainly, it states that 19.6% of disabled adults worked in January 2021, while 21.3% of disabled adults worked in June 2021. That is all.

        Over long term, there is not much interesting in that data. See for yourself:

        • VD was never on the Q Train. What he said was that Q is more correct than the mainstream narrative. That Q was more than one person.

          Yes, he was a plan truster.

          Runs a comic book company: Arkhaven
          A book company Castalia House
          A social media company. Unauthorized TV and Social galactic.

          Say what you will about some of the dumber stuff, like ‘plan trusting’ but VD is doing great work. We need new stories that cannot be blackfaced or turned into LGBT propaganda.

          Nobody hits a home-run every swing.

          • Why don’t you address the facts I pointed out in my comment? Both Vox and Denninger are either lying about the rise in the number of disabled or they are stupid and don’t understand what they are talking about.

          • Apparently, De*****er or that other name is a banned word that puts my comments into moderation.

            Anyway, please address the concerns in my comment, before kneejerking in defense of VD.

          • The “I didn’t say it…someone ELSE said it, I just forwarded a link!” defense is a tiresome trick of the left.

            Lie down dogs, get up with fleas. VoxDay had a fun personal as a don’t GAF pickup artist wanna-be. His transition to “serious grown-up thought leader” never really took off; the incessant forwarding of Qanon.

            As to struggling airlines: Zman has alluded to how there would be consequences to shutting off a global economy like a light switch. The airline industry is a perfect example of this.

            For the airlines, currency and training requirements are extremely strict; without flying, pilots fall out of currency or are forced to change aircraft; there is a hard physical limit to spooling up a training pipeline due to hours in a day, number of $1+million flight simulators (which take years to build and months to assemble/certify for use), instructors, and government oversight.

          • I never understood VD’s popularity until a few months ago, when I learned that he was one of the first D.Right bloggers. So I’m guessing people who should know better, still follow him simply out of habit. And defend him out of loyalty to the early days.

          • I see that butthurt VDs fanboys are downvoting. None of them addressed his lying..

      • My comment is in moderation, because of a link to source.
        So, just an excerpt for now:

        Apparently, Denninger, whom Vox quotes, is a moron too (or a liar). The chart he is talking about isn’t showing what he claims. It’s not showing 2.8 million more disabled people. What it is showing is the labor participation rate among disabled adults (16+ years olds). Plainly, it states that 19.6% of disabled adults worked in January 2021, while 21.3% of disabled adults worked in June 2021. That is all.

  3. “Was it always a blood-soaked political cult obsessed with bringing about the end times? On the other hand, is this what happens when a bespoke identity cult loses its primary purpose? ”

    I can think of another Jewish cult that had its hope disappointed (crucified, in fact) and became a blood-soaked cult obsessed with bringing about the end times.”

    • Christianity rejects millennarianism as a heresy (except Calvinist protestants but who cares what they think) and only God the Father knows the exact end of days but Judaism encourages “Tikkun Olam” to bring about the end times. It often brings about their end indeed, for what it’s worth.

      Rejecting the perfection of your own being to glorify God (rejecting the sacraments), and instead encouraging instead a mortification of oneself and a demonizing of nature, seems to channel spiritual energy instead towards fulfilling fantastic prophecies and attempting to help troll the messiah back to Earth because he somehow can’t do anything without your help, at its most extreme working with the Jews to seize more land from Muslims. This doesn’t end well for anyone.

  4. Conservative Inc. and its affiliates continue to prattle on as if conditions remain the same as they were during the Reagan Era. They fail to realize the situation resembles the meme of the man in the burning house, repeating to himself that everything is fine.

    • Except the men in the house are we common whites and we’re listening to a voice on the Radio.

      They the voices on the radio are fine. We are the ones burning.

      We must accept we have no common cause with our purported leaders. They serve themselves, we are not their constituents or clients- we are a product- sheep that were shorn and are now to be mutton.

      We are leaderless, we have no team, we refuse any that could lead us, we mock or abandon all who strike on our behalf (anyone up for a riot for Kyle Rittenhouse? …? Thought not). And think of the OPTICS!

      We just want to be left alone, so we are. Alone.
      Easy meat for the smallest team. We refuse to have one.

      My God the Conservatives base are GOP wahmen and their Drone Hubby’s. Of course this goes nowhere.

      • Fear not, the sleeping giant that is normie is about to awaken and kick some commie ass.

        • “Fear not, the sleeping giant that is normie is about to awaken and kick some commie ass.” Funny.

          Normie at all-you-can-eat salad bar watching Fox overhead. “Holy crap Hannity looks mad as hell. Hold my tongs honey it’s goin’ down!”

      • For what it’s worth, my longtime Facebook account got permanently deleted last year because I posted so much in defense of Rittenhouse. Although I’ll admit I’m not mad I’m off that god forsaken website.

      • An important thing to remember I think is that despite all of their bullshit, destructiveness, degenerate aspects of their culture (these aspects rather than the positive ones always being conveniently pushed by the bosses of the music/ other entertainment industries and political leaders), and our questionable cultural compatibility in general in the American context we still have much more in common with the general population of “POC”, people of color, in this country than with our current elites and political “leadership” group. One problem the real right often has in this country is focusing too much on the failings of African Americans and other non white groups. It usually comes off as petty and vindictive, and ignorant of the degeneration and issues of American whites in the 21st century. These people need not be our enemies in this. The fact is our issues can be settled amicably and a positive change in leadership and focus would likely be to the mutual benefit of all ethnic/ cultural groups in the United States.

  5. This is why “Fat Pride” movements have always been a joke. Nobody wants the identity of being a disgusting blob. Now, you might not particularly mind that “identity” (more of a phase, in chemistry terms) but you’d surrender it in the blink of an eye if it were that simple. Anti-lard-o-phobia-proudists are actually militating for the exact opposite of what they say, i.e. compensatory ratcheting up of artificial shame blanketing their enemies among the mixed-mass others who have been (successfully) shaming them for being corpulent pigs.

    Incels were never a coherent movement, perhaps in backhanded tribute to the original incoherent/”entitled-to-change-her-mind” pseudo-ideology, feminism.

  6. Are the Kristolians and RINO’s Long Marchers in the burn it all down plan or just lovable jobbers (wrestling term for someone who is in it for the pay only and not to win), my bet is on Long March.
    Utopia is banished and the malignant stain thought up by comrade Karl Marx is all about nation destroying while fooling clueless useless idiots about some statist paradise just around the bend.

    • AOC Donates Casket She Was Buried In After Being Killed On January 6th To Smithsonian

      – Per Babylon Bee.

      The only religion I still have use for being the Babylon Bee.

    • what happened to the people in congress? Dick Gephardt or Tom Foley wouldn’t have acted like this.

  7. Unrelated, but speaking to another twisted cult, engendered by the same Spirit that lords over the Neocons: “…cults project their hatreds, fears, and insecurities…”

    A pink and blue fringe is included in the Pride flag as symbolic of the inclusion of the T, trannys.

    Fookin’ right they want your babies.

    It’s buried so deep they dare not admit it to themselves- yet, it is the only way they can reproduce, (procuring new vessels for their Lord.)

    • All colors blended together = WHITE.

      The republicans should adopt this as their flag and call it “inclusive”.

      (It’s also the universal symbol of “surrender”, so it really fits the R party nicely)

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  9. What happens when and I suppose If the Kristolism, having already seen Antifa Antiwhite Kristol-nacht in 2020 moves beyond to the next logical steps in the playbook?

    For there is nothing in their way…

  10. The Neocons will probably lose out, but if they’re clever enough there is “shelf space” available for them inside the Democrat Party. Where? Militant Globalism!

    Big Tech and Corporations wanting to bust some heads abroad may find these jokers pretty useful. But they will struggle to adapt and play nice.

    • The eye of militant globalization openly gazes at us…

      Oh there’s room for the bloodkin of Yagoda here…

      They are in fact auditioning for the job. Its far from an idle proposition.

    • I think they will be accepted pretty quickly by most of the neoliberal establishment/ true believers simply by adopting and espousing some of the “right positions” and expressing a “healthy” amount of vitriolic disdain and hate for some of the right bad guys.

  11. Alot of this is explained by the striver/deplorable dynamic. Elites create the values. Strivers accept the values in the hopes of joining the elite. Deplorables reject or are rejected by the elite values. Neo-cons are the free market side of the striver caste. The thing about strivers, esp white strivers is that their identity is lightly wound up in their status. And a big part of that is sense of superiority to the Deplorables. The biggest fear of the striver is losing status, and thus they cannot bear to be mistaken for Deplorables.

    The neocons hates Trump because Trump’s followers were often declasse. Having Trump leading the conservative side threatened the status and identity of the neo-con strivers. So the Neocons turned on Trump and his supporters to signal that they are high status people, not low status Deplorables.

    • “Neo-cons are the free market side of the striver caste.”

      War is a business.
      Neocon parasites use neo-libertarianism to claim that government must be hands off of, few limits to, government subsidized or sponsored business, such as Mockingbird media, multinational corporate charters, university research, or military contracts.

      But, our original government’s job was to protect our people, the citizen’s, rights and freedoms from all threats- including those from “private companies”.

    • this is why I never liked Elizabeth Warren. It wasnt that she was an elite law school professor. That misses the point. It’s that she’s nowhere near as smart as other ivy leaguelaw professsors and seems to be a striver. Same with Katie Porter who also seems like an obnoxios midwit.

    • True. This is why I think the covid scam broke many of the former normie strivers from their progressive trough.

      Suddenly they were non-essential like us dirt people. Their employment, while mostly intact, still demanded of them a level of submission and compliance normally reserved for the lower castes.

      Their precious striver spawn in the special school with highly papered teachers were sent home alongside the dirt kids and pocs to be minded (gasp!) by them! They felt betrayed.

      It is also why the new normal is becoming the normal normal.

      They are striving harder now. Moving to dirt states. Working remote. Freedom! While they line their kids up for the vax. Whatever it takes to keep reaching for the cloud. To live among the places and systems supported by dirt people but always working to not be mistaken as one of them.

      For most, their covid “red pill” experience will just be another crack from the whip of progress to get theirs while they can.

      I have a small sample of people I am watching digest this special year. Maybe they will break the house odds. Time will tell.

      • I have a small sample of people I am watching digest this special year.

        Keep us updated on the psychological states of the folks in your sampling.

        Because I have long since walked away from all Elitist and even Normie acquaintances, and I only ever talk to muh fellow Dirt Peeps anymoar.

        The thought of socializing with a Normie, and especially the thought of attempting to socialize with an Elitist, puts very very very bad thoughts in muh mind.

        [j00tube won’t let you see it, but if you move your mouse pointer over the bing search result, then you get to see moast of it.]

  12. Neoconservatism never got anywhere on its own two feet. They were always defended and promoted by the (((mass media))). They relied on top down Walter Cronkites telling us (((the way it is))). The media is now a bottom up world where bubble heads on TV read tweets. Where anyone can have a blog. Where information has been democratized. I thought they liked democracy. The doors of their hothouse are flung open, leaving a chill in the air. They’re trying to retreat into the Democratic Party, which retains both the mass media, what’s left of it, and the power institutions themselves, universities and government, The problem is, that party is like a town with very valuable real estate. Each property line is fought over. And now they have to make room for the AOCs and diaper heads in MN, etc. The neocons can count on (((deep pockets))) buying this real estate for them. But they still can’t control the HOA committee the way they could on the Republican side. Thy’ll be just anther squabbling appendage and will be expected to play nice with other Democrats when the party needs to be unified, something the Republicans never asked them to do. In a party that actually functions to exercise control over real things, they’ll be on a very short leash. So as Biden negotiates a deal with Iran they’re going to have to eat the plate of shit in silence. And once again they blew it. Trump was about to give them the world had they only flattered him. He even brought in clown-freak Bolton.

    • This is brilliant. Like ((they)) used to say about the Palestinians, the Neocons “never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity”. In the end, they will lose out for the reasons you, Zman and Dirtnapninja point out.

      But the essence of it is pure ideology; it’s never about real-life results. Guys like us would get fired for the same results Neocons have produced since 9/11. These jokers prattle on while the Taliban loot Bagram Air Base….you just can’t make this crap up….they learn absolutely nothing.

      • They learned we will let them get away with anything, because we do nothing but snark.

        You can’t make this stuff up and yet it is the truth. Stalin and Mao would have never dared toy with the masses this way.

  13. At the root, a true-believer is a human parasite who possesses strong feelings of guilt about being a useless & ultimately harmful freeloader. This sense of guilt will be persistently painful & debilitating if it is not masked by some form of psychic suppression; which is usually alcoholism or illicit drug addiction, but can also be achieved through manufactured faux fear. As described in today’s post, true-believers often delude themselves with a sense existential dread by conjuring up an enemy-at-the-gates as part of their daily routine. They care not about the specifics of the cause they have adopted, only that they see themselves as aggrieved victims in mortal peril.

    In our modern affluent times, becoming a parasite is rewarded because they make the most reliable voter cohort. And this is a non trivial societal pathology that will, if left unchecked, eventually kill the host.

  14. Or could it be that it’s the feelings that matter? The emotions of belonging; regardless of what it is you belong to?

    That the point of it all is feeling the emotions— of membership in an in-group, of superiority, of us-against-them, of disdain for your enemies and fear of what it would be like if they were in charge, of the camaraderie of agreement— and that the particulars (of what you stand for and who you stand against) are only secondary?

    Could it be that the disingenuousness and contradiction of switching sides is lost in the exhilaration of once again being among people whose views accord with and thus affirm your own?

    • The post modern era is dying of a lack of belonging, It turns out people need to belong of they go mad and die. No tribe no future,

      Post Modernity is nihilistic and wants interchangeable consumers.

      And paraphrase the Big Lebowski “Say what you want about Woke, at least it an ethos.”

    • TomA: true-believer

      Bill: could it be that it’s the feelings that matter

      Again, this is the moast important scientific paper since Watson & Crick:

      Red Brain, Blue Brain: Evaluative Processes Differ in Democrats and Republicans

      February 13, 2013

      “Democrats showed significantly greater activity in the left insula, while Republicans showed significantly greater activity in the right amygdala.”

      If the paper is correct & true, then the Insula is the source of delusion & fantasy & mesmeriz-a-bility & brainwash-a-bility & True Belief & the passionate Muh Feelz that fuel True Belief.

      Which in turn means the Insula was the existential anatomical weakness in the Inner Hajnalian that the Frankfurt School has been targetting for centuries now [e.g. the consensus amongst DR historians seems to be that the Frankfurt School created and funded the entirety of the French Revolution, and I’m convinced that about 225 years before that, the Frankfurt School was already funding the House of Orange to take on the Spanish Empire, in the Eighty Years’ War, as a means of exacting revenge for 1492, which in turn gets you to the question of whether Jehun Cauvin was really more of a Jacob Cohen].

  15. Pardon my lack of knowledge on the neocons, but weren’t/aren’t they a combination of libertarian-ish white goy chicken hawks like Cheney and Jews just doing what Jews do, which is hate Russia, work for Israel and push Jewish interests in the state?

    If so, then I can definitely see how the goy contingent lost its purpose after the Cold War, but I don’t see why Jewish neocons would have an identity crisis nor why they wouldn’t be accepted with open arms by the old guard of the Democratic Party, such as Biden, Schumer and Pelosi.

    Now, the Jew-cons might have an issue being accepted by the new guard of the Dems, but that’s going to be a problem all around for American Jews, not just for the neocon types.

    • People like Kristol and the other Jewish neocons don’t have much to offer the old guard Democrats other than their personal votes. Their sphere of influence is down to almost nothing outside a small group of aging suckers they have been grifting to keep up their lifestyle. I would imagine there is at least some acrimony left over from the Bush years between the two groups also. Plus the old guard is desperate to hold off the rising multicultural tide trying to take power from them within the party. These people hate the neocons, so it gives them another incentive to stay away from Kristol.

      • With White Cold War almost over (we lost), the next big fight will be between the Jew/Puritan faction and the POC.

        The Jew/Puritan faction has the money, the organization and a good amount of voters. The POC contingent has their team’s morality and a lot of votes. (The Indians are also starting to create their own money and organization.)

        Who get to rule?

        Hard to say. I’ve been surprised how the Jew/Puritans have managed to hold power on the Left. Even California has had white governors and until recently Jewish senators. But eventually, the Jew/Puritans will need to give up some leadership position, such as Harris and Padilla grabbing the senator spot.

        • The SubCons will succeed the Jews. They will play the “follow POC” card. They arent as cohesive or as smart as the old Jewish elite was though, and i dont think they can hold together the POX coalition.

          • I live in Northern Virginia. We have a lot of SubCons. They’re basically low-rent Jews, not as smart, not as smooth, not as cohesive, but close enough.

            And they’re hungry, far hungrier than the local Jews, who are rich and often times, only half Jewish anyway, i.e. their sociopath genepool is getting watered down.

            The rules don’t me shit to SubCons. Just make money. Buy things. Buy businesses. Work the system. Whatever.

            They’re going to give Jews a run for their money – literally.

            The problem for the SubCons is that no other group likes them and they can’t pretend to be white. Even liberal whites don’t like being preached at by Indians (or Asians for that matter). Jews with their Holocaust story and blacks with slavery give liberal whites that wonderful feeling of absolution, but other groups don’t give them the tingle.

            Indian can claim membership on Team POC but I have my doubts that other groups will want them running the show.

          • India’s tyrant, Modi, had the same solution for dealing with Covid that the Communist Chinese did: close the stores, lock people in their homes, and let them starve to death.

            By the millions. Yup, that’s why they had so few “covid deaths”- so at least we have that to look forward to under President Haley.

          • the thing about the subcons is that if you want them in power – you need subcon men. Subcon women seem downright psychopathic (Vanita Gupta, Neera Tanden)

          • The NY Times ran a story over the weekend about the (frankly amazing) SubCon dominance of spelling bees, insofar as these are prestigious and not completely destroyed by plandemic and/or lack of interest in proper spelling. If that is the kind of thing they are naturally drawn to focus on, I am hard pressed to believe they will take over anything… All the Bengal-tiger-mothering may wind up creating a new generation of SubAntifa though

          • More’s the pity, as (some) of the races native to India are, technically, Caucasian 🙂

        • One of the funniest aspects of the whole Neocon meltdown is that the younger Neocons were the ones most hysterically against Trump, and are also the ones most likely to shriek “Anti-Semitism!” when they are the Jews who are least likely to have ever experienced any. The older generation of 60’s-70’s Neocons, some of whom are still around, never really felt it. Sure, a few of them made pro forma anti-Trump pronouncements, but you could tell that they didn’t really get it. Say what you will, the earlier generation of Neocons were serious people, as much as you might disagree with them – the new breed, not so much. The Contrast between, for example, Norman and John Podhoretz is… striking.

          • Norman and his wife Gertrude Himmelfarb actually supported Trump, which was mildly surprising to me, even though they have always been obviously superior to their son, John.

        • Nobody likes indians. Not blacks, not east asians, not hispanics. Whites still pretend to be colorblind but don’t like them either. Even indians don’t like each other, especially from different castes/religions/ethnicities.

          I don’t see indians being able to run anything, except either as functionaries in a white/Jewish society, or their own narrow ethnic enclaves.

          It’s one thing to have a (((white))) governor issuing gun confiscation bills, but imagine if a greasy indian governor declared all guns illegal.

          The indian trick is to fool normie white conservatives with the “hello fellow conservative, I have conservative values too”. See Nikki Randhawa. Happening in Canada too, the turban heads get elected as conservatives but the only thing they promote is more benefits for other turban heads. I know we are smart enough to see this, but I cannot overstate the importance of extremely strong pushback once these indians start trying to get in on the GOP or even identitarian movements.

    • Much credit to our host for slyly pointing out the Trotskyite origin of our flag-waving neocons.

    • Yes, what I’ve seen is the Neocons reaching out to the Israel lobby. Israel wants their American golem to fight their wars and the Neocons want to fight ANY war, so it’s a more natural marriage than swimming Left.

      • “Reaching out” is the most sanitized way to put it. Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, and Paul Wolfowitz cooked up the fake WMD evidence, the fake “high tech caves in Tora Bora” and the lies about anthrax (which turned out to be from a US lab.) Thousands of US troops were killed and tens of thousands maimed because of those lying liars.

  16. Definitely a realignment going on. Bunker mentality taking hold of Dems. Joe hiding in his basement wasn’t just a joke. Populists moving into GOP. That’s chafing the pure nationalists.

    Others have said Dems are toast, and GOP will split to fill the void. I think that’s right, but the dinosaurs are rich. They’re abandoning the state in favor of corporate power, so they must be aware of what’s happening. The crackdown is a rear guard action methinks. Just needs to be endured for a short time.

    Where’s Teddy Roosevelt when you need him?

    • TR would be an unpredictable live wire if he was alive today, but I would love to see what he would do to Silicon Valley and the banks.

  17. If if helps, there’s a way to take politics out of the analysis. I had a buddy who really got into running marathons. I say “really got into,” but that’s redundant — you pretty much have to go all in to even think about running one. Soon that was his entire life. We’re no longer friends, because all he could talk about was running. We couldn’t do anything that might interfere with his training, which was basically everything normal humans do. Soon the only friends he had were fellow runners. He met his wife at a marathon; they got married on a track.

    But now he’s middle aged, like me, and though he’s got the cardiovascular capacity of a man half his age, he’s got the knees of a man twice his age. In a year or two, he simply won’t be able to run a marathon; his body can’t take it. What’s going to happen to him? In my black pill moments I wouldn’t put it past him to commit suicide.

    That’s the problem facing political cultists.

    • Cycling. All the cardio and more. You can torture yourself on a bike all you want. And it’s easy on the joints.

        • My experience: sore (perineum) for a couple of weeks, then my body got used to it. (Gonads) unaffected. Wears out the gym shorts and boxers, though. Damned if I wear tights 🙂

        • A good seat and padded shorts. I am 57 and do 8 hilly miles a day (which is nothing on a bike), and have never had a problem. It’s the only cardio I can enjoy.

      • That’s the point though – he’s not doing it for the cardio. He’s doing it because that’s his *identity.* “Marathon runner” is *who he is.* If he can’t run marathons, his entire world collapses.

        That’s the political cultist’s problem. It’s why they’re desperately pushing Covid “variants,” and why, if the vax side effects are half as bad and prevalent as they seem to be, there’s going to be a major problem *for the government*, just to use one example…

        • Yep. Where I live there are identity cultists hives around multiple adventury outdoors pursuits. Kayak, climb, triathlon, cycle, mountain bike, yoga, etc. its a constant consumption of selfies, go pro vidyas, apple watch stats, branded gear affiliations, and hookup sex swinging.

          Extremism is boring. Like addicts of any kind. Boring. The “healthy” lifestyle can mask a great deal of defects.

          Having done tours of duty among many of these cults it is very similar to the politik of progress.

          The holiness spirals, purity and commitment tests, and all encompassing “world view”. Everything is political a la “I am an ultra-marathoner”.

          Also, prolonged cardio such as marathoning is not so great for your heart or your testosterone. Better than being fat perhaps, but that jury may actually be out.

          • There’s solid medical evidence that excessive cardio (marathoning, bicycling) over time remodels the heart, leading to arrhythmia and, in some cases, sudden death. I see/know a bunch of running/cycling cultists, guys in their mid-50s, with disordered personalities who appear depleted and broken—poor posture and range of motion, bad skin and hair, skeletal frame evidencing loss of bone and muscle mass, etc.—yet they’re fully committed and out every day trying to escape death.


        • If he didn’t love it, he sounds like the sort who will find something else to glom onto. They’re survivors if nothing else.

      • Real men lift weights. Biking two days a week is sufficient. Neglect your upper body muscles at your own peril. If you’re over 65, take testosterone replacement therapy to preserve muscle mass. Do not go gently into that good night.

    • Endurance athletes always look unhealthy, almost like they have AIDS. A little cardio is fine, but nothing too extreme.

      • I agree, a body needs some balance. And some R & R. No worries about looking like an AIDS patient here lol.

    • Your friend’s story contains a moral. Consider my case. I really am to some extent, a layabout. I have enjoyed a decent life. I never lacked for anything. It’s true I never had a lot of ambition. Part of that is my psychology, of course. Why work hard for something if you’ve already got what you think is adequate? But more to the point: why take risks, including to your physical health, that are unnecessary? Today’s superstar athlete is tomorrow’s barely-functional man with chronic health issues. As is your ex-runner friend has found too. I’m in my declining years, but everything is factory original equipment, still in good condition, largely because it’s been used, rarely abused.

      • The reality is it does not require very much to keep your factory equipment running. Think a couple days a week of barbell lifting and pilates and a walk every day is all you need physically.

        Nutrition is far more important, and is also far more difficult in this age.

        • I agree. Moderation in everything. Even nutrition, beyond just moderation, is limited in effect. Your genes account for 80%+ of your health.

      • That makes two of us on a number of fronts: declining years, quite content with my financial/economic situation and perhaps most important, for the past 23 years, I’ve owned my time and own it still. God willing and the creek don’t rise, I’ll have completed 75 years in under two weeks with “factory original equipment” still in good condition, although I may learn this afternoon that I have arthrosis in one knee. Drag if true, but there are worse fates.

      • Sounds like you enjoy a life of the mind, as do i. 45 minute daily walk, 30 minute HIIT workout, 3 times a week. Fit as a fiddle. No aches, no pains.

        Life of the mind. Is good. Sit on the bank and watch the river flow. But pay some attention to the other 95% of the body or else mind goes soft.

    • “What’s going to happen to him?”

      Either new knees or he’ll transition to competitive swimming, which is much easier on the joints. He’ll be fine.

    • Swimming in summer, xcountry skiing in winter. Both easy on the joints and they don’t mess with the genitals like cycling does.

  18. If the neocons give up conservatism what will the other Jews in con inc do? Will Dennis Praeger and Ben Shapiro stay behind to continue managing the plantation or will those sorts try to wrangle their chattel toward a firmly neoliberal position? Will Jewish money dry up in right wing politics?

    No, I doubt it. It will be interesting to see how the dynamics change.

    • Jews won’t abandon the GOP because they want to hedge all bets. But, yeah, a populist GOP will be of far less use to Jews than a Conservative Inc. GOP, so it would get less money.

      Also, the GOP will soon become a permanent minority party so its usefulness will be limited anyway. But it’ll still have some utility and Jews have plenty of money so the GOP will continue to get (and need) the tribe’s dollars. Probably something similar will happen with Chinese money as well.

      • Even were the GOP to vanish today, and the Democrats were the only remaining party, that doesn’t prevent schisms and fights therein. Witness the curious New York City mayoral primaries. Eric Adams, a Black ex-cop, just won the Dem nomination, which I suppose means he’s all but guaranteed to win the November election. I know nothing else of the man, and wish him luck. Just the qualifier “ex-cop” gives him a lot of qualification to rule an unruly, dangerous city. As one of my now-long-dead older friends said of DC politics: “Every white liberal’s nightmare: a competent Black.” 🙂

        • There certainly must be competent “Blacks”, but where in the public sphere? Perhaps I’ve just turned off to all things “colored”, but I fail to bring even one to memory. Even for me, this seems highly unlikely. Could it be the competent ones shun the public, political limelight?

          • Compsci, with all the affirmative action and diversity agendas, it’s impossible to know if even the ones who seem competent are just verbally intelligent.

          • Even if they get a Black DeBlasio who cracks down on crime somewhat, it would seem a big win for NYC. If he has any integrity (rare, I know), he could go far. Just being a Melanic Hominid™ helps one go far in politics. Allow me to revise my late friend’s quip: Every white liberal’s worst nightmare: a competent, conservative Black!

      • “Also, the GOP will soon become a permanent minority party so its usefulness will be limited anyway.” That’s very likely true at the national level, where the GOP doesn’t have a good answer to ballot fixing. But at the House/Senate level, it’s harder to maintain a majority through cheating. I can see some percent of Hispanics turning against a blackety-black Dem party, if the GOP continues on the populist/working-class path. That feels too white pill, so I will add that we are still headed to a nicer version of Brazil, with enough whites to keep the lights on.

      • the problem for the dems is that all the demo changes are happening in already blue states. If WI, GA and AZ narrowly go R but dems win a million more votes in CA, it creates a situation where you win by 5 but lose the EC. I kind of wonder if that creates an 1876 type bargain (age limits for the SC maybe?)

  19. Hmmmmmmm. Joshua Tate almost reads as an odd, inverted Anti-Z Man. Like you, he seems to focus on conservative identity and dogma. In his eyes, we are the cult creatures. He needs a name for us… so we wear the Trumpist label…even though half the dissidents despise Trump. It’s an interesting read.

    It is my contention that there are two kinds of human stupidity. There is the innocent stupidity we all have – we don’t know what we don’t know. It’s forgivable for the most part. Then there is the deliberate, willful pig ignorance of the zealot or the partisan or the cultist.

    Sigh. There’s any numbers of hornet’s nest being poked and prodded daily, and Josh is just another tard with a stick.

    • “There is the innocent stupidity we all have – we don’t know what we don’t know.”

      Sorry for hair-splitting, but you’re describing ignorance. Stupidity is more along the lines of inability to learn and lack of interest in doing so.

      • Agreed. I’d add in Mark Twain’s observation (paraphrased) “The problem isn’t so much what one doesn’t know, it’s what you think you know, but is actually wrong.”

        This could be restated as:
        It is more assuredly NOT true that what you don’t know won’t hurt you. Ignorance can cause loss.
        But what you “know that ain’t so”, as Twain puts it, will probably lead to far worse disasters, because your premises are false at the outset, rather than merely unknowns.

  20. Do the (((neocons))), furiously shedding their skins really think they’ll be able to slither in, undetected by the current neoliberal order? While they’ve surely been outed as anything but “conservative”, will their parsel (sp) tongue truly be accepted by the hive? If so, I suppose it’ll make it easier to eradicate the whole group in one fell swoop – when the time comes.

    • Did a bunch of literal communists get accepted as conservatives overnight? Well there’s your answer!

      • Still baffling how a bunch of Trotskyites got elevated to being the voice of a generation of conservatives and people just accepted it.

        Looking back, the only one I can think of whose writing stands the test of time is Burnham, and he might have just been a fluke.

        • Familiar story. Eastern establishment GOP was being eclipsed by relatively populist “Western conservatism” (Goldwater, Reaganites, the not yet coopted libertarians, “women in tennis shoes,” etc.) and defended itself by bringing in mercenary immigrants who shared its hatreds.

          Remember when “women in tennis shoes”—Orange County housewives who in their new kitchen-machinery-assisted boredom became activist Republicans—were the domestic terrorists Buckley and Kristol were protecting us from? Good times. Palin was the last echo of that archetype, not the first Trumpist.

      • And the conservatives always get wet when one from the other side starts mouthing “conservative” platitudes. Especially magical negros such as Candice Owens, Allen West, Tim Scott etc. The leftards aren’t typically so easily duped.

    • Kristol isn’t being welcomed into the left with open arms. Some of the old guard might be friendly with them, but the people on the ascent are going to hate them as much as they always did. The neocons are attracting no young followers, eventually the movement will completely die out once this boomer generation of them does.

      • Yes the bootstrapping freemarket cultists of the neocon boomer generation will likely come to find much in common with their millennial spawn. Just not how either envisioned it.

        Boomercons mistakenly believe they can throw their heritage under the bus of progress incrementally and in the end they will have a place at the table because economics.

        Millennials have no such delusions for their economics are transitory, the pesky binds of a future or a past or progeny don’t exist beyond the latest conspicuous product to be consumed.

        For them their heritage is a sin already cast into the mold of progress; they are part of the bringers of equality and justice now.

        While their parents folly was worshipping the economic gods, their folly was the belief that their ritual self-sacrefice would satiate the beast.

        Their skin will seal their fate. E.g. “But were on your side bro!” shrieks as the bricks come through the windows of their urban bug lofts.

        When the boom lowers on boomers the sweet release for the rest of us will likely be pyrrhic. One of the many “x” factors will be the timing of the economic decline relative to the greatest potential transfer of wealth in human history.

        The question of pain as a function of awakening remains to be the other.

        • If and when times get really dicey, I suspect that those former White Urban Liberals, those who’ve survived such a violent disabusing by the non-Whites they viewed as allies, will make good, er, um, “expeditionary forces” in a future conflict.😎

          • Rod Serling’s “To Serve Man” comes to mind.

            Often said they think they will be eaten last. I think they are far more arrogant. They think they will always be voted a seat on the cloud council.

            Its “good white” after all. Not “better than other whites”. The moral high ground is obscured by the cloud. The view down to badwhite is clear but the view to the next peak not so much

      • I’ve heard Kristol gives a world-class blowjob, so maybe the ascendent left will make some accommodation with him. Plus, he brings his beard with him to service the few hetero leftists.

  21. “The current neocons are shedding their old conservative skin in order to grow a neoliberal skin.”

    Indeed. Seeing that these people always seemed to want leftism/wokeism/whatever-we-are-calling-it just a tad slower than actual leftists, this is natural to them. “Hmm”, they ponder, “I see reticulated pythons are going out of fashion now, perhaps I can use this as an opportunity to bring myself closer to my dream of becoming a king cobra.” and thusly they shed the python skin and move into that of a rattlesnake.

    Who knows when it’s time to move on from the rattler… but it’s what they do.

    Also Z, off-topic, but I wonder have you read M. Stanton Evans book about McCarthy Blacklisted by History?

  22. “Was it always a blood-soaked political cult?”

    Yes. As Ron Unz pointed out, the tribe were per capita the greatest mass murderers of the 20th century but through the magic of Hollywood they convinced people that they were the greatest victims.

    • And they are auditioning to do the blood letting here is 🇺🇸, to be the Bulwark against us.

      And they will, for there is nothing in their way.

  23. From the Washington Times article, quoted from the pasty, soft Kristol:

    “I don’t even see how you can talk yourself into thinking that an awful big influx of immigrants into southern Arizona and Texas and Southern California and pockets in North Carolina and other places really ruined your life,”

    Hmm… I wonder where Kristol lives? I wonder if Kristol has ever walked through a very, ahem, diverse, neighbourhood that used to be white and respectable. Hell, even white and a bit rough. Feeling like an alien? Check. Different smells and sounds? Check. Neighbours far louder? Check. Local politicians all far more dusky? Check. Said politicians exclusively rallying for their community – thus making you feel even more foreign? Check. And that’s before I even get to gangs and racially motivated comments.

    Kancel Kunty Kristol (KKK). I hope this acronym hasn’t been used before, I think it catchy.

    • That’s why I support the Open Borders for Israel movement.

      It is frighteningly pale, way too Jewish, and desperately needs some enrichment.

      I’m sure a good natured advocate for diversity like Mr. Kristol will be all for it.

      • Why yes! And they have so many sand countries at their borders, they’d never be short of applicants.

    • I believe the theory that Jews instinctually feel uneasy in a homogeneous society, especially one that’s white. It’s a genetic survival strategy to undermine the social cohesion of the host by throwing open the gates which then gives them an improved set of dynamics in which to practice parasitism and employ their tricks.

      There are lots of reasons they don’t like healthy white societies. Sure, they hate whites and fear them but they also seem to hate wholesomeness and cleanliness. Anyone who has spent time in middle or “working” (that term has a different meaning for Jews) class Jewish community knows the moral depravity and filth in which they thrive. So yeah, Kristol probably does prefer walking through your newly improved diverse and vibrant neighborhood.

      • Crazy talk. I intermarried into a very snobby WASP family and I could not possibly be happier. Especially when I enjoy amenities at certain country clubs which a perfect vision of the nation as the Founders intended. Let WASP racial purity continue forever.

        • Shnook. They were pissed because elite Jewish golf clubs wouldn’t let the Brooklyn Red Diapers in, knowing them for what they were.

          No WASP Republican clubs were involved, but rewriting history is what the Radical Judah faction does, seeking first to lift their tribe as First among the Tribe(s).

          That, by the way, is what the White tribes did, and are supposed to do. Leave others to their own squabbles.

          • (Oops- edit for clarity:

            I mean each people are to contend to be First amongst their own as nature’s forge, not rewrite the history of it.)

    • One of the inflection points in my racial awakening was going to a convenience store outside of the Bay Area in which I was the only person who spoke English. Everyone else glared at the only white person in the store.

      You feel that on a visceral level.

      • Zman refers to this as “a tax”, which it is.

        Instead of going into a store and buying a few items, you wind up standing in line as:

        An elderly Chinese couple argue for expired coupon discounts with an Indian cashier,

        The black lady behind the counter won’t take cash because she doesn’t want to ruin her nails,

        The one frazzled white guy “manager” is trying to do everything can’t do the one thing needed (hire/fire employees), but can’t because he’s the only one authorized to,

        Accept the cash from all the Mexicans who are using Transunion to send remittances back to the home country and..

        In certain parts of the country, the black guys just come in and fill up trash bags worth of inventory and walk out.

        Nobody asked for this. Nobody. But like the weather, everyone talks about it but nobody does anything.

        • never been sure why so many YT’s bust their ass to keep things running when foreigners with low mental capacity are all around them. i’ve mentioned before how I do not ever help a vibrant with anything at work.

          anyways, these examples are a small tax. a worse tax is being unable to go buy a soda because cartel thugs have taken over the 7-11.

          we all pay the tax, sometimes it’s a small payment, sometimes it’s a large payment. over time it adds up.

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