The Show Goes On

One of the weird aspects of liberal democracy is that the state takes every opportunity to celebrate itself. Every public event has rituals before the event where members of the state are marched out to be cheered by the crowd. Sporting events have a weird North Korean vibe to them. July 4th has always been a chance for the office holders to celebrate themselves. This year, the F.B.I. decided to hold a parade in the city of Philadelphia to let us know they are always on the job.

Patriot Front is the latest carnival act to get a chance to perform on the big stage of democracy, at the direction of the usual suspects. They are based in Texas, but decided to hold a parade in Philadelphia over the long weekend. Allegedly, they got a permit from the city, but their event looked ad hoc. They showed up, danced around just long enough to get media attention and a reaction from locals. Then they got back in their vehicles and headed for parts unknown.

Some will no doubt say it is unfair to assume these guys are just another honeypot cooked up by the secret police, but that is the way to bet these days. The Oath Keepers are looking like they were created by the secret police a decade ago. This exhaustive deep dive by Darren Beatty into the origins of the group and the dodgy nature of the founder should cause everyone to rethink the authenticity of these groups. The best you can say about any of them is they are led by unstable people.

The Oath Keepers are not an outlier. The Proud Boys, which was started by Gavin McInnes, went from goofy fan club to paramilitary operation. Instead of drinking beer and celebrating western chauvinism, they were rolling around in the dirt with Antifa and other state-sponsored extremist groups. It turns out that the guy who took over the group was a “serial informer” for the secret police. This is  pattern with these groups that goes back a very long way. It is the default position.

The essential tool of all secret police operations is to use unstable informers to infiltrate the target group. The reason this works is outsider politics tends to attract people just looking for a home, many of whom are unstable. Go to a Libertarian Party event and it feels like the day room of a local insane asylum. One of the results is people organizing outside the system will encounter a lot of crazies. They get used to seeing them, so the one that is actually an informer slips through.

A good example of how this works is the Bolsheviks. A fellow named Roman Malinovsky was a prominent Bolshevik before the revolution. He was also an agent of the Okhrana, the Tsarist secret police. He was able to become close friends with Lenin and Stalin, two highly paranoid and suspicious men. Malinovsky even setup Stalin so he could be arrested at a social event. He was so good at his work that even when everyone was in jail but him, they still did not think he was a spy.

Malinovsky was always the most enthusiastic supporter of the cause. This is what won him notice from Bolshevik leaders. He was a guy who never deviated from the party line, however it was being expressed by the leaders. It was why Lenin could not accept that he was a spy, even when the evidence was clear. It is always hard to distrust the guy who is your most loyal supporter. Eventually he was betrayed by his ex-mistress and the Bolsheviks had him killed.

Another reason the secret police find it easy to infiltrate outsider groups, especially those claiming to be on the Right, is that they are usually run by stupid people who never learn from the past. Look at this Patriot Front outfit. The “flag and costume” act has been a failure in America going back to George Lincoln Rockwell. The general public find it weird and off-putting. The only thing these antics do is isolate the group from normal society, making them easy targets.

What did the Patriot Front people think they were doing? They already managed to get themselves put on the terror watchlist. If they were hoping for attention by the Feds, they need not worry. Was anyone in Philly going to be impressed with this stunt and say to themselves, “You know, I think I may consider becoming a fascist”? Was this event going to bring them positive coverage from the media? As Jason Köhne noted, the only thing it did was drag young men further into the abyss.

Politics in a liberal democracy is a drama run by the ruling class. Think of it as a big stage on which politics is acted out for the masses. In America, this means the Left opens the show by demanding action against some threat to “our democracy” or demanding action to defend a victim group. Their fluffers go into the crowd to get the audience excited for the next drama. The actors perform the familiar story, sometimes combining the two into a single story.

At this point, the so-called conservatives waddle onto the stage in their comfort-fit chinos and golf shirts. They dismiss the claims of the Left, either claiming they are  exaggerating or that the issue is just not important. The crowd is encouraged to boo and hiss at them, which causes their knees to shake. Before long, some of them break ranks and join the Left in jeering at their old colleagues. The crowd keeps booing and the conservative are eventually run off the stage.

Every once in a while, for reasons science has yet to explain, the conservatives do not start to shiver and quake. They hold their ground. This is when the the spotlight illuminates the right side of the stage and we see the Hitler outfit. Over the sound system comes, “Who in the crowd will perform this vital role?” Sure enough, some idiot from a group fond of weird flags runs up on stage, dons the costume and begins to strut around on stage as the crowd throws rotten vegetables.

This is what the Patriot Front did over the weekend. They also took credit for defacing the statue of the blessed George Floyd, peace be upon him. These guys are performing a vital role in the political drama. This is why the Feds are endlessly trying to coopt and create groups that will perform this role. It turns out that the supply of idiots willing to do this without prompting can never meet demand. The secret police make sure the supply is always there so the show can keep staggering on.

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196 thoughts on “The Show Goes On

  1. Malinovsky sounds like a hero. I read that he got the pig Sverdlov jailed also. Well, Sverdlov wasn’t his real name, most Bolsheviks changed them to sound Russian. Yakov Sverdlov, I believe, gave the orders for the Czar and his family to be executed.

  2. A great article describing exactly my thoughts on this event with PF.

    Also there is a typo in the last sentence of the 4th paragraph.

    “This is pattern with these groups that goes back a very long way. It is the default position.”

    Love your work and keep it up Mr. Z.

  3. “waddling onto the stage in their comfort fit chinos and golf shirts” Pure gold. The pen as a razor, God bless you brother.

    • km: opinion of the orthodox church

      Not Z, but Ang1in thinks they’ve been co-opted by the Frankfurt School; go to his site and look for an essay called “Holy Sacrament of the Sacred Needle”.

      Wikipedia says there are only about 400,000 Old Believers left in Mother Russia; apparently Putin offered for their ex-pats to come home from the United States, and many here in the United States took up Putin on his offer.

      But I don’t know whether a mere 400,000 is enough to turn the tide.

      In order to prevail over the Frankfurt School, they will have to be righteous White Men of iron will and much good fortune.

      • the orthodox church has several “centers”, was thinking primarily of the Greek orthodox church.

        • I believe that the bulk of the Greek Orthodox churches closed their doors because scary China virus. This puts them squarely in the camp of accomplices.

          That said, it did have a large number of dissenters – both at an individual and church level. But if you wish to practice a faith, you must really count on studying scripture yourself. The shamdemic has shown us who we can rely on.

          One more thing – the Greek Orthodox church has a large number of modern and near-modern holy figures who writings are very interesting; and of course prophesied much of the coming persecutions. But then persecution is pretty much standard Christian fare anyhow.

  4. Zman, Putin retakes Constantinople, then moves on Mecca…do Christians world wide join the final Crusade? What’s the smart move for Israel? [asking for a (white) friend…]

    • The British will fight and die to protect the Turk, they did it over a century ago when the Czar had designs on Constantinople. I would suspect the Americans would sent every jar head they had as well. You have to understand the Western governments are anti-White and anti-Christian. They will side with the Muslims.

      Lets be clear the Western governments have waged a 20 year war against secular ME governments.Libya, Egypt,, Syria and Iraq. 3 of the 4 are ruined states today thanks to American military intervention.And made sate for terrorists.

      • “The British will fight and die to protect the Turk”

        Of course we will… who else will staff the kebab shops we love so dearly and appear to celebrate as our own. ‘Spose any other dirt person could do it, mind.

  5. ” This year, the F.B.I. decided to hold a parade in the city of Philadelphia to let us know they are always on the job.”

    LMAO! This is lulzy AF and part of why I read this site. Just like Jan 6th just like Charlottesville the supply of low IQs ready to perform in the next ‘Buffalo Jump’ (h/t Bracken) seems rather endless which as you said just makes their job that much easier. Normie really does take a while to catch on which is shocking after the railroading and 3rd world treatment the Jan 6th people are –still– getting to this very day. (There are still active FBI raids taking place weekly)

    • Small group of white supremicists march in philadelphia, threatening the peace & tranquility of the city of Brotherly Love.

      Hundreds of shootings and murder in that same city this year, mostly by PO very dark C.

      Ipso facto, we need to struggle ever more to stamp out WS!

      A society wherein such retarded logic prevails can not long survive.

  6. And to amplify this, for those who want “action,” every move, every thought, every public appearance or parade, should be aimed at peeling off segments of the elite onto our side.

    Consider this: the Weekend FT had a hilarious article about how the wealthy hedge fund masters who sent their kids to pricey private boarding schools like Eton are now screwed for college. Those schools went from providing 50% of Oxford and Cambridge enrollment to less than 30%, and the 30% being mostly black scholarship kids. Oxford dons can no longer get their kids in. What happened was a BLM massive push for mostly black affirmative action admits. Which means the way in which the elites finds careers and spouses for their kids is over. Their work-around hack for Affirmative Action is dead. They’re as screwed as the working class denied education thirty years ago. Even second or third tier colleges are rejecting the elite kids, they prefer black kids as the higher ups have dictated thats the new elite.

    Covid ends the hack of sending their kids abroad to say Switzerland for college, so their kids will be working Starbucks asking if they want a blueberry muffin with that latte. That’s a revolutionary moment we should take advantage of — not fighting with anti-fa but targeted one-on-one outreach to these guys: your kid can get back into Oxford the way he was supposed to if we just deport all the black people and other foreigners. The dynastic impulse is the strongest one there is … there will be many takers for that approach.

    Fundamentally, our side needs to hit the hedge fund managers, lawyers, doctors, accountants, etc. — the high earning professionals who have not got a massive hereditary estate to pass on, that the globalization and mass immigration means THEIR KIDS work at Starbucks with ours. That their solution is nationalism and deportation of foreigners regardless of track record and length of stay.

    This will be a quiet process of one on one conversations, no public theatrics, no spectacle, no look-at-me attention whoring. But if we can pull it off we would have key people aligned with us. The ones who arrange things. They don’t decide (until they do). But they matter.

    The argument is: your kid can work at Starbucks and you be replaced by a black up and comer, or you can pass on your status/power/position to your kid by being with us.

    • Would be interested to hear more. Perhaps a future Z post or show topic? Opening lines and elevator speeches to surreptitiously spread the good news would be very interesting.

    • Those elites created this anti-white system. Let them and their children burn. They will never be on our side and can never be trusted.

    • The elites are already a step ahead of everyone else. That’s why they’re elite. They’ve already figured out that modern education only results in feminism and reduced fertility rates, but working at Starbucks and getting started investing early in life results in better “net present career earnings” than just about any supposedly prestigious formerly middle class career that requires college. They’re handing over obsolete institutions to black nationalist idiots who are better off not reproducing too much. And their elite status largely comes from a very high expected rate of return from their investments, high enough that they are paradoxically best suited to working next to nice dropouts rather than educated deviants. This is good for civilization.

      Trade school pays even better if you’re willing to put your health on the line, but elites know that isn’t worth it.

      I have a sense that there is a serious shadow aristocracy forming that’s going to seize the reigns of history from the clowns within a generation. Many of them will even speak English.

      • The control freaks have nothing to offer white working class Americans, so there is no latent pool of cannon fodder for them to tap into in that demographic. The same applies to Hispanics and that is why the Latino propaganda disappeared with the Bushes. The blacks, however, already “own nothing and love it” because they just cannibalize each other when they decide they want something someone else has.

        I don’t believe for a minute that the small hats are going to make blacks elite anywhere and that this is just a temporary alliance of potential opportunity. Eventually, the pit bull bites a friendly, if not the owner. I have tested this dynamic as a former close friend was represented by Rosenhaus throughout his career. The tenuous relationship between blacks and small hats is based upon a nurtured dependency. There is a disarmament play here.

        If you want a good listen about what happens when the small hats squeeze too much, look for Kanye west’s rant with “sway” where he goes completely sideways talking about how he was taken to the cleaners. There is a reason he went to MAGA and you will see it in his eyes, voice and body language in that sway session. Yeezy wants to hunt!

    • I didn’t read that piece (you can link it — hint hint). But it does sound like a bit of schadefreude for the Elite. The only flaw I see in your story is that even at a posh prep school, the white scions of the “elite” are probably getting a watered down, Woke curriculum, at least compared to what Daddy and Gran received. Ah, the irony of it all: The “nogs” get preferential treatment without merit and one’s own spawn are educated to nog-compatible level intellect.

    • Good observation Whiskey.

      I’ve seen this happen first hand, with my upper middle class peers from high school. These are not elite elites, but top 10% families – parents are senior accountants, long-time public servants (with that golden pension), senior sales, etc. Big house with a luxury car and frequent vacations, you get the picture.

      While the liberal parents are well off, the male children are doing quite badly. First of all, they were told to “follow their passion” – which usually meant going to party while getting a useless arts degree. Or, maybe a mediocre business degree. I decided to follow the money and grind in STEM, which is 80% filthy foreigners and one reason I got redpilled in the first place.

      Today, they are all under-employed in their 20s, and living in their parents basement. Most are smoking heavy amounts of weed. The families are still quite well off, which is masking the problem going on. Because that wealth will be squandered by lazy men. The average white guys who did the average business degrees were not able to get hired at an average job because those are all taken by POCs and other useless vibrants. All public service and arts administrative jobs are going to women and POCs. They still call me a racist for pointing out that immigration is too high and that affirmative action hurts white men.

      There’s an entire generation of upper middle class white men who are largely dropping out of society too. They’re not dying on drugs like the working class whites, but they’re done. Posting that “BLM” on Twitter won’t get you through the affirmative action wall. They will coast through life on their parents’ investments, and not leave a genetic or financial legacy. Who’s succeeding? The mean people like myself, who are angry, driven, and racist. The white men who do the opposite of what the media, education, and parents tell them to do.

      The only people succeeding from my UMC high school are Chinese, Jewish, and Christians. Then there’s the odd redpilled white gentile like myself who is for whatever reason immune to brainwashing. That’s it. The UMC strivers screwed themselves over.

      • the odd redpilled white gentile like myself who is for whatever reason immune to brainwashing

        Your Amygdala [source of Common Sense & the innate Inner Moral Compass] dominates your Insula [source of Fantasy, Delusion, True-Believer-ism, Mesmerizability & Brainwashability [note that it’s also likely to be the case that the Insula plays a strong role in substance addiction, such as the marijuana abuse you’ve described].

        If true [i.e. if not fabricated in its entirety], then the following is the single most important work in the biological sciences since at least Watson & Crick, and arguably since Mendel [I wouldn’t even put Darwin in this league] –

        Red Brain, Blue Brain: Evaluative Processes Differ in Democrats and Republicans

        February 13, 2013

        “Democrats showed significantly greater activity in the left insula, while Republicans showed significantly greater activity in the right amygdala.”

    • Good observation Whiskey.

      I’ve seen this happen first hand, with my upper middle class peers from high school. These are not elite elites, but top 10% families – parents are senior accountants, long-time public servants (with that golden pension), senior sales, etc. Big house with a luxury car and frequent vacations, you get the picture.

      While the liberal parents are well off, the male children are doing quite badly. First of all, they were told to “follow their passion” – which usually meant going to party while getting a useless arts degree. Or, maybe a mediocre business degree. I decided to follow the money and grind in STEM, which is 80% filthy foreigners and one reason I got redpilled in the first place.

      Today, they are all under-employed in their 20s, and living in their parents basement. Most are smoking heavy amounts of weed. The families are still quite well off, which is masking the problem going on. Because that wealth will be squandered by lazy men. The average white guys who did the average business degrees were not able to get hired at an average job because those are all taken by POCs and other useless vibrants. All public service and arts administrative jobs are going to women and POCs. They still call me a racist for pointing out that immigration is too high and that affirmative action hurts white men.

      There’s an entire generation of upper middle class white men who are largely dropping out of society too. They’re not dying on drugs like the working class whites, but they’re done. Posting that “BLM” on Twitter won’t get you through the affirmative action wall. They will coast through life on their parents’ investments, and not leave a genetic or financial legacy. Who’s succeeding? The mean people like myself, who are angry, driven, and racist. The white men who do the opposite of what the media, education, and parents tell them to do.

      The only people succeeding from my UMC high school are Chinese, J*wish, and Christians. Then there’s the odd redpilled white gentile like myself who is for whatever reason immune to brainwashing. That’s it. The UMC strivers screwed themselves over.

    • You raise a great issue of the elite betting frozen out of institutions they once dominated by the replacements. They thought the only people being replaced would be the bad whites.

      Unfortunately the left is, as Tom Wolfe pointed out in the 60s, a religious movement and throughout history people have been willing to martyr themselves and their families for their religions. Good whites did that in the 60s during the Jewish led surge in black crime. It was bad whites and other normies who rebelled.

      Worth a try but not sure that the good whites will be willing to be heretics even to salvage the future of their young

      • Worth a try but not sure that the good whites will be willing to be heretics even to salvage the future of their young

        Maybe VD could get on here and tell us the difference between a Goodwhite Boomer and a Badwhite Boomer [from the point of view VD & his fellow Xers].

  7. Agreed weird costumes are a loser. Instead, we need to put on a NEW SHOW.

    This show should have all the leftoid freaks, weirdos, and others … aiming at various factions of the ruling elite and their key people/organizations.

    How awesome would it be for the Rise of the Moors, or Nation of Islam, to picket the FBI every day and demand that all the White agents and leaders resign to be replaced by blacks, starting with Christopher Wray. It should not be too hard to stir those guys up for that, along with various GoodWhite Karens.

    Or marching freaks from their side demanding outside various prep schools like the one George W Bush went to (forgot the name) that all the White kids be replaced with inner city black kids. How awesome would that be?

    Or on our side, baiting weirdos into abolishing Old Glory and replacing it with the Gay Pride flag. The NYT has already endorsed this, on the Fourth, so we are pretty much there. No one will fight and die for the Gay Pride flag. We should bait lefty by a surprise march of clean cut kids, dads, and moms in say, the Hamptons, or Georgetown, or the Upper East side with American Flags belting out the National Anthem. Nothing more or less need be said to get them to abolish the flag and replace it with a Gay Pride one.

    • Every white employee of the NY Times needed to resign like yesterday. That Adolph Ochs’s parental units Julius and Bertha were slave-owners of some kind, I have seen, albeit in the NY Post — which is a reliable source here if not necessarily anywhere else or regarding Kamala Harris’s children books.

      A stopped Black Twitter is right twice a day.

  8. Z: “The essential tool of all secret police operations is to use unstable informers to infiltrate the target group.”

    Unstable? Or uber-stable.

    Imagine the titanium balls and equilibrium it takes to be a double agent. That feeling you get when you step to the edge of a cliff for the 5 second terror-thrill. They live every moment with this feeling, yet sleep like old basset hounds.

    Or perhaps them beating fear pacifies their inner psycho. More than a few guys I know, myself included, actually get calmer under duress. Well, men *should* be that way. But more specifically, getting calmer under interrogation when you’ve done something wrong and may be found out. I’m not talking anything serious. Just early on when you’re a kid the principal’s office. Or later being grilled by whatever officials.

    Men make the best salesmen, CEOs, lawyers, preachers and poker players. All robbing you with the calming assurance of Gary Cooper. Maybe we’re all psychopaths. Who can you trust? My pitiful answer: Guys you really trust.

    Being a double agent for the KGB back in the day. What kind of cold steel freak of nature would that take. Not only do you have to stay steady when the convo calls for steady, (keep that cigarette between your fingers nice and still), but also be loose and chummy the rest of the time. And not let anything slip after 20 vodkas with comrades Viktor and Vlad.

    That Malinovsky story was chilling. As if we weren’t distrustful enough already. Thanks Z.

  9. ’m very curious as to why the Feds are making it so public that they’ve infiltrated this group and that. Stewart Rhodes must be pissed now.

    Why leak your agents?
    That’s either madness, or fear.

    • His cover was blown and threw this turd to the sharks. All CI’s are disposable.Rule 1 of police work. No one likes snitches not even the Feeb.

      That said the FBI isn’t what it what it once was. For the last two decades they have been hiring Ivy Grads like crazy. This means they are larded up with Woke and Marxists, Not the bright bulbs in the package so to speak. Vicious, fanatical, yes. Smart, no.Look at Comey, Strzok and the rest of the clown posse from the 7th floor. None of them are impressive in the least. In real life they might make a shift manager at 7-11.
      If those are the elite imagine what the rank and file are like.

  10. No organization means nothing can be done. But if you organize there’s risk. Yes.

    Somehow Lenin and the rest triumphed anyway, despite traitors.
    They had an organization ready when the opportunity came. Same with everything in human history and commerce, the ISP carrying these words, even the small business man or lone tradesman needs other organizations to do commerce.

    What is desired of course is MAGIC.
    One day suddenly everyone will have had enough and will RISE.

    Now such risings DO happen- but they never work. Ever. They invite a backlash and matters are worse than ever, see Trump and his punt to the protestors to march on Jan 6. That’s what Romantic notions get you.

    Now even in business there is risk, and nothing happens by MAGIC.

    There is no survival for us by MAGIC, including Jesus, nor is there survival without risk.

    • This is called the motte-and-bailey fallacy. This is a form of argument where conflate two positions. One easy to defend – that’s the “motte” and other more difficult to defend – that’s the “bailey”. In this case, organizing is the motte, while marching around in weird costumes is the bailey.

      No one argues against organizing. We need to form local groups that provide social as well as a political support framework. What I oppose is the costume weirdo stuff, which is at best a feeding ground for the FBI.

      • We need a leader. There is great enthusiasm on our side, but but no place to channel it. T demonstrated how thirsty we are for a leader, even someone as imperfect as he. Think of the force we could muster if we had a strong, fearless, leader who just won’t back down.

        I won’t back down. You can stand me up at the gates of hell but i won’t back down…laa de dum…
        Well i won’t back down.

        • We need leadership, not a leader. A leader will be isolated, frozen, and brought down. Any identifiable target is a dead man walking, ask General Flynn. Their strategy has always been “you don’t have to kill all the injuns, just any injun that gets out front of the group.”

          A loosely assorted group of people with common interests, however, cannot be targeted by the state apparatus with any effectiveness.

        • Nope. No leaders.

          What you need is a clear ideology held by a group of capable men. That protects the movement against decapitation attacks and gives it strength “in depth”.

          Osama was a bogeyman for the U.S. but the triumph of radical Islam in the middle east has come about from an ideology, supported by a lots of capable local commanders, implementing the program in piecemeal fashion locally. Taking Osama out did not stop radical Islam.

          The core problem of the “Right” has been a lack of ideological purity. That’s why it’s been so able to be co-opted by the loonies and neo-Cons.

          • The core problem of the “Right” has been a lack of ideological purity.

            For Christ’s sake, the entirety of the professional “Right” is dutifully obedient to the ideology [i.e. the psychological warfare campaign] of Alisa Rosenbaum, as defined by the Frankfurt School’s Chamber of Commerce subsidiary.


            What we need is not ideology but rather character.

      • Who do I organize with? I know no one outside of work in my city that isn’t a foreigner or miscegenator.

      • Every group more complex than “me and some friends I’ve known for years and drink beer with” has been infiltrated and neutralized. Plan accordingly.

        • Every group more complex than “me and some friends I’ve known for years and drink beer with” has been infiltrated and neutralized. Plan accordingly.

          And if it suits the State’s needs, you can be damn sure they can find something on one of your beer-drinking buddies that will turn them into an informer.

    • Fear not. Keep organizing local and off the internet. Recruit only people who have established work histories and have roots in the community. No outsiders. No freaks, no hot heads or so-called ex-special ops.(the latter have their own networks)

      Start a club like for board gaming or ancient history book club. Or even turn a garage into a gym where your guys work out and meet up on Sundays to watch joggers playing ball. When you go to meet up leave your phones at home. No Alexis or Nest type gear in any home. All conversations are in meat space. Invest in a short range jammer just in case or learn sign language.

      BTW if you have a new or late model car with On-Star or Wifi and hands free celluar. Don’t say anything incriminating in the car because the feds can tap into it. Park that car a good couple of blocks where you do your meet ups or catch a ride in a older car with none of the internet, wireless shit in. BTW this applies to rentals. They are loaded with this crap.

      Burner phones. Do not buy them yourself. Have cut out do it. Why? Because of cameras. This allows the feds to attack a face to a burner phone and you are finished.

    • Miracles happen but if your plan requires a miracle in order to succeed, your plan SUCKS.

  11. Most of what passes for “demonstrations” at this point are orchestrated by and for the benefit of “The Media.” People looking to cash in on their fifteen minutes of fame stand/jump around in front of a TV camera crew, then go home (or to their homeless encampment, if left-wing) and turn on the TV news and wait to see themselves. I learned this first hand about thirty years ago, when the wife and I were spending a weekend in NYC, just about the time the Catholic Cardinal said something not entirely adulatory about gays. Sunday morning, a crowd dressed up as you might expect pranced and frolicked in front of St. Pat’s within the wooden traffic barricades set up earlier by the NYPD. The TV crews arrived, and right on cue, the “demonstration” began, lasted until the B roll was collected, then everybody split for parts unknown, while the road crew cleaned up the barricades and life returned to normal. I wouldn’t have believed it, but I witnessed it with my own eyes. Nothing much has changed, I figure, in the interim. On the other hand, we need to remember Solzhenitsyn’s admonition regarding the proper response to actual authoritarian ministrations. The trick is to know when to start shooting.

    • Lmao typical conservative attitude. You refuse to non-violently organize or raise a fuss now, but at some vague point in the future there will be a time, in your words, to “start shooting.”

      Shut the fuck up, you wont do shit. You’ll be waiting for the KGB with your dick in your hand like the rest of the them. The Turner Diaries was right that you conservative cowards will be the first in line to hand over your guns.

      Patriot Front’s march was not organized for the benefit of the media. The media has not covered the march beyond one or two local news stories. The media took the L on this one and just decided not to cover it because it makes Whites look good.

      • And we can see you leading the charge of the White Brigade where and when, exactly? What time does your imaginary revolution begin? I’m sure the rest of your Red (Pilled) Brigades will be right behind you.

  12. I’m not so quick to label Patriot Front as feds. From my perspective they have done lots of great work with their activism. They haven’t had any screw ups and no one has been doxxed as far as I can tell. It seems like a good way to engage “our guys” who are younger and need an outlet without sending them to another Charlottesville. That’s my nickels worth of free advice.

    • How on earth is that march, which is deliberately supposed to evoke the spectre of you-know-who, more productive than a private, fanfare-less range day and bbq? They are peacocking, playing a role, so Z has a valid question: who created that role, why, and who is the audience? None of those answers are good for us.

      • Because “fuck you, we’re here” is more invigorating than standing around at a BBQ? Because having balls means something? Because the rewards for broadcasting is better than the risks? Because who among us wouldn’t want to deface a George Floyd bust? (REAL MEN would deface an MLK statue though.) I understand Z’s argument that a fascist boys’ club is not exactly something that attracts the normie to dissident politics. Until recently PF has been on the down low, but maybe they are confident enough now to be a lightning rod. I don’t think they’re feds. Maybe they are aware of feds in their ranks, and maybe they are willing to put themselves out there nonetheless. At some point, you need to have faith and conviction and fearlessness. Some people pick the wrong points, and some people pick the right ones.

    • I am very sympathetic to Patriot Front, but as No White Guilt (Jason) pointed out, many of these guys got arrested and were forced to reveal their identities to the authorities. It is likely that these guys will lose jobs and wives over this, or have forfeited their ability to attain those things. I don’t see the upside.

      No one likes a fashy march more than me, but in this environment I don’t see how the gain outweighs the risk.

    • All public groups are compromised. Get in bed with them and you put a target on your back and if any big event happens you get a visit at 3AM by SWAT. Thats what happened after OKC when militia types were rounded up by the gross.

      Form your own local groups by invite only and only after screening the prospects. You keep the prospects on a leash so to speak for some time to observe their character for tells.

      You do nothing in public or on the internet. Everything is person to person. Right now is the time to build a network of like minded peeps who can back each other up, gather resources, intel, etc.

      • Counterpoint: don’t form a group. Instead form a three-man cell with guys you’ve known for years. Discuss operations only in person and only outdoors at a pre-arranged meeting place, not at your home, not at a bar or restaurant.

        Almost impossible to detect much less infiltrate.

  13. Often said here: lurk in the shadows. When opportunity avails, strike swiftly and silently. Don’t brag.

    Goes without saying: don’t organize.

    • Organizing is dangerous.
      But without organization nothing will happen.

      So nothing happens.
      Nothing happens favors the state.

      State wins.

      • Agree.

        Its not happening.

        And when I hear the word smart I walk away. When Smart is branded on anything…

        There’s no risk free path to survival. The Dems and Left for instance take enormous risks. So do the Elites. They win by forfeit- there’s no opposition, and the entire right works very hard to make sure there never will be.

        There’s no shadows dark or deep enough to hide any group that could accomplish anything.

        The State/Dems/Left win by default because they make sure there’s no other teams. Part of that is demoralizing any potential opposition by convincing them they’re riddled with Feds. It works.

        In truth I’m very curious as to why the Feds are making it so public that they’ve infiltrated this group and that. Stewart Rhodes must be pissed now.

        Why leak your agents?
        That’s either madness, or fear.

        • Just a few off-the-cuff “psychological” answers to your last question:

          Q: Why would the Feds leak their agents, or equivalently, want it known (or “open secret”) that they are actively infiltrating groups?

          A1: To instill fear in the opposition. But why?

          Conjecture 1: They really are that competent, they really have those agents in place. They will roll up the opposition whenever they want. Meanwhile, they are collecting good intel. That seems unlikely on a few counts: they have no recent history of competence; good poker skills (indeed, the rules) prohibit telling the truth. Usually, bragging about your advantages offers you no tactical gain.

          We can pretty safely dismiss Conjecture 1.

          Conjecture 2: They are actually quite incompetent, and in fact have hardly any infil-traitors, nor do they have reliable intel; they are dissembling, issuing confusing propaganda. That is standard operation of governments everywhere.

          Conjecture 3: They are cleverly feigning weakness, hoping the opposition will make an unforced error. This too, is a common gambit in game and war.

          Opinion: Have you ever had a friend or associate who had some form of depression or mental illness? In people with very low self-esteem, it’s common to tell others the most transparent lies, apparently in hopes to shore up the victim’s fragile ego. It’s really pathetic to hear these from someone you care about. I’m sure there’s a psychology term for this, delusion maybe?

          Appiy the same diagnosis to institutions, that suggests the authorities are paper tigers, trying to convince the public (and perhaps themselves) they are a force to be reckoned with.

          There may be more going on beneath the surface than we see at first glance.

          Remember, we deal with a government that has a long history of doing all manner of idiotic things. The competency of their employees declines by the day. But they aren’t totally inert yet.

          • The goal of this nonsense is to prevent organization by increasing the perceived risk.

            Look what happened after the selfie sixth. Some of this was of course narrative building, to make everyone afraid of White Right Terror but there was a real underlying core of utter panic.

            The economy is dying, the social fabric is unravelling. skilled workers leaving, water is running out in the West (Lake Mead is terrifyingly low right now) . On top of all that everyone is arming up every day and China is about ready to grab Taiwan and end the US military chip supply. Hell Russia may join in and grab some land too. Than of course it will spread into India and who knows where else.

            Throw in an insurrection or two at home yes two or more since the Left hates them as much as we do they just hate us more.

            You’d face WW3 in a nation wracked with civil war on political, religious and to a lesser degree ethnic grounds.

            Its end of the world stuff right there from people incapable of even trying to solve the issues at home.

            No wonder they are terrified.

  14. Politics, after all, is the art of persuasion; the political is that dimension of social life in which things really do become true if enough people believe in them. The problem is that in order to play the game effectively, one can never acknowledge this: it may be true that, if I could convince everyone in the world that I was the King of France, I would in fact become the King of France; but it would never work if I were to admit that this was the only basis of my claim. In this sense, politics is very similar to magic–one reason both politics and magic tend, just about everywhere, to be surrounded by a certain halo of fraud.

    Graeber, David, Debt, The First Five Thousand Years, Melville House Publishing, Brooklyn, London, 2014, pg. 342

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  16. The one lesson none of them ever learn is that street protest is for leftists. Street drama never accomplished anything the “elite” didn’t already want. It was just used as social proof that what they wanted was popular with the rubes.
    We have all grown up being told that the way you change the system is by playing at street theater.

    • I found this:

      “…they will never acknowledge what they did. Their audience wants to be lied to for partisan gain and emotional pleasure.”

      Gain and pleasure. Catchy!

    • Spot on! Don’t play on the home field/court of your opponents. They monopolize all the advantages there. Also, as you indicated, street theater almost always serves the purposes of elites. In the rare instances when it is does not serve their purposes — Charlottesville, January 6 “insurrection,” etc. — they crack down on it and quickly convert it into serving their purposes. It’s stupid to assist them in that.

      • Lol. Don’t play on the home field of your opponents.


        No one is playing.

    • “Street protest is for leftists” isn’t true in the oriental despotism model of society where cities are built on oases (or in the Slav sphere, are built compact to save on heating) and conservatives have no distant subdivisions to flee to. Western societies have deep blue islands in light pink oceans due to the automobile and the infrastructure built around it, and whenever conservatives try to perform street protests they always move to the blue island and try to put on a show in someone else’s territory. It fails catastrophically and predictably at this point. This explains Charlottesville as much as tame things like March for Life in DC.

      What street protests actually signal is that your side owns the local authorities. They’re essentially a lie, and a demonstration of power, and a demonstration that you are so powerful you can lie and get away with it. All textbook leftism. Conservatives who try the same thing are too stupid to figure it out, perfect controlled opposition. Mysteriously, they never seem to build their own cities. Or anything else for that matter.

      Conservatives who successfully win the streets are in very hot or cold climates where everyone lives in a city, due to sharing heat or water. They aren’t split apart like in the West. This little detail gets lost in news coverage that only wants to show the most sensational aspects of regime change, not how it actually happens.

      As far as real activism goes, it’s best to play the dual (at minimum) citizenship card like all elites do in merchant dominated imperial societies. Slave protests are infiltrated because there’s no risk of state conflict or civil war, at least not yet. Organizations with multinational trade ties and their associated “NGOs” are untouchable by trash tier fed bureaucrats. Work with what works. Throw the national flag in the trash because it’s worse than worthless in this context.

      • We Conservatives would love to build our own cities. The only problem is, at least here in the USA, we would have to be able to throw away a lot of law and court decisions made since, oh, 1947 or so (1859 for the uber-conservative) 😀

    • Oh man if only Adolf Hitler had taken your advice in 1928, he’d… actually he’d have never taken power because sitting inside at your desk accomplishes jack shit.

      Take Kotleiba in Slovakia, the Yellow Vests in France, ELAM/Golden Dawn in Cyprus, Forza Nuova and Casa Pound in Italy, and the Nordic Resistance Movement all the ascendant fascist movements in Europe have street presence. Having a public presence is a necessary condition to holding political power. Sorry there aren’t shortcuts when fighting an occupation government.

      People back the strong horse, and no one is going to grant power to a bunch of Paradox playing basement dwellers.

      • America has not been european for 300 years. Comparison therefore fails.
        The German people would not be self-genociding after slaughtering tens of millions of her own sons and daughters if The Corporal had sat at home behind his desk.

    • Someone up thread noted that most leftwing “protests” are actually little made for TV productions. They’re done exclusively for the cameras and then end when the footage is shot.

      A strategy for the alt right would be doing the same thing. Make little video productions that are over quickly before the authorities take notice or normies get annoyed with the inconvenience. Then distribute them via You Tube or any other video sharing service. Forced perspective, tight scripts and decent acting can create any impression you want to create for viewers.

  17. I assume the Rise of the Moors group that got arrested outside Wakefield, Massachusetts is not infiltrated by the FBI due to the gross incompetence of the organization. The funniest part of the whole story to me was that they were out of gas 60 miles from where started from in Rhode Island. They should send in some informants to control the operation just as general public safety precaution before one of these goons screws something up and does some real damage.

    • That whole story was asinine top to bottom

      Not the least of which is a group of guys who think they can change the world but then can’t even manage a short trip somewhere without running out of gas

      • They had thought it through to the point where they brought lots of gas with them, but didn’t fill the tanks before they left. They also thought filling up on the side of the interstate was less conspicuous than at a gas station. Also, where were they going in Maine that would allow them to conduct “training?” The whole thing is bizarre.

      • Check that;
        They put what’s left of the $5 in the tank after 2 Swishers and a grape pop.

  18. This is the first time I’ve seen this Jason Kohne. Was he right on the Philadelphia event? Yes. Was he obnoxious and trying to catch flies with vinegar? Also yes. It’s sort of haughty to put an umlaut over your last name on this side of the Atlantic. Just as it’s haughty to remind misguided kids who engaged in this parade that you’re a “real man” while they’re not…over and over. Way to win them over by being a dick! As a side note, no one really knows who is a real man until all the chips are down in some life event. Strike three for me is that he has a book with the word “patriot” in the title and American flag paraphernalia all over his office. Uh oh. Someone has a government hotline programmed in his phone.

    • I don’t know if Kohne is a fed or not, yet I agree with your basic point about the counter-productiveness of displaying an obnoxious or arrogant attitude. Seems that a lot of the younger kids on this side of the divide have a poor grasp of decorum. Think of our movement’s elder statesmen such as John Derbyshire, Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, etc.: the mainstream despises them, but they still manage to carry themselves with an air of dignity typically absent among our youth. Or maybe I’m just turning into more of a curmudgeon in my middle age. There is a place for humor and ridicule so long as they are tempered by other considerations. Nevertheless, a big part of “optics” is decorum, and some of these kids don’t appear to understand that.

      • I agree with you on optics. That’s very important. But I don’t think it’s a decorum issue. Decorum was left in the mud at Woodstock. None of our leaders have it. Schumer, Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Marjorie Taylor Crossfit-Whore Greene, none of them. What made Trump popular was not having it. I was just on a plane near a middle aged woman who was wearing her pajamas. Decorum won’t return to this country, or any country until the passing of late stage democracy.

        • I can’t disagree with you there. Perhaps I should have selected a more fitting word. Does “perspective” work?

      • “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It’s hard to counterattack ridicule, and it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.” Says Saul Alinsky, who heard it from Old Scratch. The ring of rhetorical power.

        In all seriousness, the younger lefty set they deal with don’t show, demand, or deserve decorum.

          • Once again, I can’t disagree. It’s a dirty game. My word choice was off. We need PERSPECTIVE — the ability to prioritize higher values over lower ones. Optics is part of that. Decorum, not so much.

          • Decorum is optics for sure, and powerful when deployed at the right time. I think I get what you’re saying.

    • Jason Kohn, besides having a Jewish last name, looks like a serial killer. His argument against Patriot Front was that their posters and marches “terrify” poor wickle non-White childrens.

      Aw, I didn’t think a man who looks like he skins cats alive would have such a soft heart. Weird faces go with weird politics I guess.

      • Yes, I recall that poor-little-brown-kids line. Even if it was true, it’s the ammunition of a left winger and speaks volumes. This from a guy concerned with optics.

      • Jason Kohn, besides having a Jewish last name, looks like a serial killer.

        Continue to work on your physiognomy skillz and you will start to see sadistic psychopathy EVERYWHERE.

        And moast especially in the aforementioned bloodlines.

  19. You betcha, done professionally by top talent, this industry no doubt has degree courses offered at elite collages.

    Since 1960, the year the ‘Mad Men’ ad agency is set in:

    The Mighty-Wurlitzer: How The CIA Played America- Hugh Wilford

    Wall Street attorney Frank Wisner, who would soon become the chief architect of the CIA’s Propaganda Assets Inventory, a “Mighty Wurlitzer” network of media assets and front companies, small organizations and magazines that the agency used to propagate its message during the Cold War against the Soviet Union.

    The director of the CIA expanded the program into “radical” groups on both the left and the right to provide media fodder, direct the moral narratives, and honeytrap ambitious risers with potential.

  20. Posts and comments got me thinking lately. The weapons of freedom, progress, and prosperity, having conquered communism, got turned inward. All the SJWs are indeed warriors. The boomer stereotype is SJW 1.0. GloboCap is a war machine. War is theater.

    People talk about civil war. One side is currently killing people with Covid drama, the other trying to figure out how to win the next election. Civil war is de facto. More war theater.

    Imo, it’s all settled with little if any additional bloodshed, albeit at great cost of impoverishment and discomfort. That’s the problem, though. Life is cheap, lifestyle dear. We are living in the strangest and most satanic times.

  21. Anything with the word “Patriot” in it, even before the Patriot Act was signed, is suspect. Patriot of what? Something that died in its sleep years ago? About the time Ford was President? The second problem is that they were waving American flags. Literally waving the flag of the oppressor that will put them on no fly lists and ruin them. When you look at that flag, at best you should see a vessel of emptiness that no longer has meaning, much like the word “patriot.” The “oath keepers” is another one. “I’m keepin’ muh oath!” Oath to what? The Constitution? That document hasn’t had any meaning since 1927. Oath to a government that hates you? To a country in which half the inhabitants are aliens? The “Proud Boys” have the dumbest and gayest name of all. I would never have trusted that media whore latino from day one. Just like no one should trust the media whore who started it. Chances are if an organization has a kitsch name and appeals to lost patriotism, or some kind of 1955 redux, it will be inauthentic and run by charlatans.

    • Too lazy to look but I thought “Oath Keepers” started as a group of men whose main concern was keeping an “oath” to their families (or kids, if the marriage didn’t work out), a kind of white version of the values supposedly espoused (and quickly forgotten) from the “(sub)million man march”. I thought it sort of interesting, but then figured them for loons when they showed up in Ferguson during the riots in the spirit of CivNattery B.S. (“blacks love law and order and yet the government will not help so we will!!”). The results were, of course, not surprising:

      • Fed will never let 100 let alone 1000+ white guys who own guns organize around anything — anything overly threatening

        As others have said, casual club around beer drinking or something

        My personal suggestion is that we should organize around ethnic groups or some kind of shared history because that gets people fired up, and these are things felt in the marrow of one’s bones, and from there it’s a short walk to getting all of these various groups united in a common cause against Prog and Poz

        • The New Jersey European Heritage Association basically does that and they’re still subject to all the same attacks. At a certain point you just have to stand up and organize on the basis of what your are being attacked for- your White racial heritage.

          • My grandfather belonged to the Italian American Club in Tampa. I used to hang out there as a boy, and across the street was the Cuban club. A quick aside, you go into the Italian club and it’s loud and boisterous and music playing, but you go into the Cuban one and it’s only guys playing cards and smoking cigars in the absolute quiet.

            …anyway. I do believe that at some point the Feds were watching these kinds of ethnic clubs and fraternities. But I doubt they would today because, for one, it would be more informal and we wouldn’t have our own building and there won’t be any affiliations with the mafia — real or perceived.

            I think things like this could be a great “on-ramp” as people say, bringing the less politically minded into a group that ultimately could serve some quasi-political function and purpose. In the south there could be Dixie clubs, or clubs around some shared hobby or interest.

            I mean, it’s a suggestion, and I think it could work because, like I say, it builds upon feelings of loyalty and emotional attachment that is already there in the people.

      • You need an oath to show loyalty and follow through with your family? That’s even more retarded. Even the most bloodthirsty savages still have familial loyalty. It sounds to me like prehistoric virtue signaling.

        • I think the original Idea was that they were all government types who had sworn an oath to the Constitution that they would keep regardless of orders from above. Primarily of course cops/military types.
          What would you expect from people whose day jobs require them to dress up?

      • I think you may be confusing the Oath Keepers with the Promise Keepers, unless the latter changed its name to the former. At any rate, the name is silly and is probably representative of its membership.

        • Thank you, I thought I had a wire crossed but made the mistake of thinking the group in Ferguson was one in the same (it was not).

      • It’s geared towards the military. They take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. Fundamentally CivNat.

    • The stars and stripes, when flown by whites–and who else has ever flown them?–is the Sign of the Cuck.

      As for patriotism, I’m patriotic for an America that no longer exists. I no longer have a country, therefore I cannot be patriotic.

    • “Literally waving the flag of the oppressor that will put them on no fly lists and ruin them.”

      Spot on. I have found this a tough nut to crack with the normie Fox News set of all ages/generation. There is a needed disengagement from the flag and the bunting and the Lee Greenberg soundtrack that they can’t let go of.

      I know this is a process, I did not wind up here overnight either. But even with some folk I thought I made really solid progress with this year, they recounted to me how moving it was this weekend when they all started singing along to Proud to be an American at their grilling session. I looked blankly back at them and ask if they remembered any of our discussions, most prominently since Jan 6 and what has subsequently come out. The general response was “Well yeah, but, but, but it still means something!” I feel very black pilled thinking about it.

      • “If tomorrow all things were gone I worked for all my life
        And I had to start again with just my children and my wife
        I’d thank my lucky stars to be living here today
        Cause the flag still stands for freedom and they can’t take that away”
        Lee Greenwood deserves a little bit of a pass on his over the top ode to patriotism. A lot has transpired since the song was released in 1984. Reading these lyrics today makes me want to puke.

        • My beef isn’t with Lee Greenwood (I erroneously called him ‘berg, whoops). I want to live in the country he believed in also. But that probably isn’t happening any time soon.

    • “The Euphemistically Named Act of 20XX”

      All laws are passed this way now. The more idealistic it sounds, the harder you need to hold onto your wallets. And guns.

    • Well, I nominate one good thing that has “Patriot” in its name: the Mel Gibson movie. I’m sure the story line is fictional, but still inspirational. Mel is gentleman in Colonial South Carolina. He’s a good British subject, loyal to the King and his men, until he gets a wake-up call that makes him question his allegiance. Very good flick, IMO.

      As is the (perhaps) film’s moral: we don’t make difficult choices until we have to.

  22. sending in their fluffers to get the crowd excited

    such a great line, and your observations never disappoint, Kudos Zman.

  23. Sh1tholedelphia is still around? I figured it would be a Chinese autonomous zone by now as a gift from the glorious peoples republic of Pennsylvania in honor of comrade chairman Beijing Biden and the Big Steal.
    Groups are always to be avoided unless you want to see stupidity and insanity multiplied.
    The only good democracy is an Irish Democracy.

  24. leftists, progressives, etc are parasites that infect anything involving more than one person; i.e. group, team, company, etc. but they are not concerned with running the group/company, they only care about increasing their control, and stripping the joint of anything of value. then the group/company dies. when they take over the entire country, it dies.

    the thing is, they are opportunistic, always waiting for the host to weaken so they can make their move. america got weak culturally, due to immigration, and took just over 100 years to sicken and die. and have no doubts, heritage america is gone. best one can do is try and capture and archive as much culture as you can, and maybe monkey wrench the system where opportunity permits.

  25. “They started engaging with citizens of Philadelphia, who were none too happy about what they were saying. These males felt threatened, and, at one point, somebody in their crowd threw a type of smoke bomb to cover their retreat, and they literally ran away from the people of Philadelphia,” said Philadelphia Police Officer Michael Crum.

    And then everybody clapped.

  26. I never get too involved with these groups. If they aren’t feds, they implode because the organizers are incompetent or power hungry. The only exception is Christian groups who seem to have higher quality human capital running them (of course most of the time you’ll be demonstrating to end black abortions or something).

    “Guys meeting up for beers” is a better strategy, imo.

    That said, there’s nothing wrong coming out to a demonstration like this. Cover your face (trust the science!) and get out early if things are turning sketchy. Keep an eye out for provocateurs and antifa.

    It’s a good place to meet some like minded guys to have beers with too.

    • OK, but be very, VERY careful. You might be having a beer with a Fed. I’d be willing to bet that at least one fourth to one third of the guys at that demo were infiltrators. Neighbors/co-workers that you have known for a while are a much better bet, IMHO. By all means network, but remember, this is not the United States you grew up in.

      • Also, don’t ignore the importance of family connections – a fed can pretend to be your fellow demonstrator, Christian, Muslim, or conservative, but he can’t pretend to be your brother or cousin. It’s not just a coincidence that the enemies that USG has had the hardest time breaking were family/clan based – Taliban, Somalis, organized crime families. The Left has always hated and feared the family, since the very, very beginning, and there’s a reason for that.

          • That’s how Hezbollah started during the Israeli occupation of Lebanon following their 1982 invasion. First, the Lebanese were not unhappy of the idea of the Israelis expelling the Palestinians, who had been unwelcome guests in their land for decades doing far more talking about liberating Palestine than actually liberating Palestine. Then the Lebanese realized that the Israelis had no intention of leaving.

            Resistance began with numerous family and clan groups, which eventually coalesced into larger and larger groups until they had a national organization. I’ve read that one membership criterion was a recommendation from a blood relative who was already a trusted member.

      • As someone joked on Gab, one thing to do is to loudly proclaim that you wish you had some explosives, and if someone says “they know a guy”, that guy is totally a Fed.

      • If we live in constant terror of the supposedly omnipotent/omnicompetent feds, we will never do anything. Rather, we will simply waste away having done nothing more substantive than make irritable Internet gestures. At some point, we must act. That doesn’t mean act recklessly, but it does mean taking some chances.

        • No one is saying that the feds are omnipotent/omnicompetent, they are not even all that good at infiltration, the “Greetings, Fellow (fill inthe blank)!” meme didn’t come from nowhere. That’s why it’s so infuriating to see righties falling into honeypot messes like the above. Attending a mass demonstration that almost by definition can accomplish nothing, carried out by an organization whom you know nothing about, with a name designed to suck normies in, in an enemy city, and striking up relationships with randos you meet at said demonstration in an attempt to overthrow the government is just about the stupidest thing you can do.

          Start with your known trusted circle, family and long-time friends, start small, and work outward. This is going to take a long time, and quality is more important than quantity at this point.

  27. Yes to all of this, but it’s not enough to just say . . . don’t be a stupid idiot and join a crazy club. It’s also imperative that we educate the sane with respect to what does work in our modern police state.

    Get fit, go dark, and then Simple, Secret, Solo, and Spontaneous. Get out of the city, mind you own business, stay in the shadows, improve your skills, learn to survive on your wits & local resources. If you have your heart set on being highly proactive in the present, then consider an occupation that may come in very handy someday, e.g. delivery driver, maintenance man, cable installer, EMT, etc. The people doing these jobs are effectively invisible and have extraordinary access and mobility. Think outside the box and use what you know best. Finally, anyone in our military will tell you that if you can be targeted, you can be killed in our modern high-tech world. So don’t become an easy target.

    • @TomA. If the world ever became peaceful and just I think you’d lose your mind and start agitating for disruption just so you could reignite your near adrenaline levels of action-thriller hysteria.

      • The most efficient killers in the history of the planet have all been totalitarian tyrants, and this efficiency was always enabled by a disarmed & compliant citizenry that lacked the will to fight back. Since you’re bringing up idealistic Neverland Utopian wishful thoughts, what if some brave soul chose to eliminate the tyrant before he fulfilled his bloodlust for murdering millions of innocents? Would not that be a desirable outcome? Would that not be a more humane act then playing the part-time badass at next Thursday’s militia confab and pretending it makes a difference.

        • eliminate the tyrant

          Okay, well fess up, who’s the tyrant?

          Cause it sure as he11 ain’t Tater Joe or Kamalatoe.

          The fact that we have no earthly idea as to the identity of the ackshual tyrant himself is all you need to know in order to understand the magnitude of our unpreparedness.

          • Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it. – Woodrow Wilson, “The New Freedom”, 1912.

  28. “At this point, the so-called conservatives waddle onto the stage in their comfort-fit chinos and golf shirts. They dismiss the claims of the Left, either claiming they are exaggerating or that the issue is just not important. The crowd is encouraged to boo and hiss at them, which causes their knees to shake. Before long, some of them break ranks and join the Left in jeering at their old colleagues. The crowd keeps booing and the conservative are eventually run off the stage.”

    This is too real.

    Serious question for Z. You don’t advocate for “voting our way out of this”. Yet you also don’t advocate for forming new political groups and movements. So you don’t think there is any solution to our current cultural and political crisis whatsoever?

    Is it your contention that we can only attempt to form our own communities within our atomized society, and then hope to rebuild whence it all crumbles decades, maybe generations from now?

    • I second this. In the last podcast he talked a bit about activism but it didn’t go beyond making niche content and making comments in blogs and livestreams. What else can we do that won’t get us a ride in an FBI party van?

    • Think of the current regime as a raging fire that’s just past the point of being able to be put out. You have four options: fight it even though you can’t put it out, throw accelerant on it so it burns out faster, move far away from the flames and do what you can to insulate yourself from them, or do nothing. Obviously, fighting the fire does nothing except increase the odds of you getting burned; this is akin to voting. Adding accelerant might be helpful, but basically guarantees you’ll be badly burned; this akin to undermining the regime. Doing nothing means you’ll just get carried away with the currents of inevitability.

      That just leaves running away and insulating yourself from the fire. This is akin to dropping out politics and pop culture, and reaching out to like minded people and building communities with them. This is pretty much what our esteemed host recommends, at least when he’s not in a “hoist the black flags and start slitting throats” sort of mood. Retreating and preparing is a grind, to be sure, but it’s also pretty effective.

    • Not to speak for him, but something else he has brought up from time to time is to perhaps focus on a single issue to push and own. Recently he’s brought up second amendment fights, but also in the past the legalization of freedom of association (something normie-cons doublethink in thinking it both exists, and should be illegal). Homeschooling rights is also something that is brought up by others. Except in the case of FoA there are already powerful organizations on those fronts that could always stand to be made more powerful. As far as FoA goes I keep trying to at least sell acquaintances on the idea but it’s a way harder sell than it should be.

  29. I have known several lower member Oath Keepers over the years, and they were good solid people. Something didn’t set right with me, so I didn’t join. I was asked to join the KKK, again, didn’t even think twice that time. To play the other side that is never mentioned. The NFAC’s Grandmaster Jay was indicted for things in the Breonna Taylor protests. Can’t forget an oldy but a goodie, Louis Farrakhan, and the nation of islam (NOI). They too have been quiet lately. I supposed they are letting the “crackers” do the damage to themselves. More groups on all sides, but only the “white supremacists seem to make “news.” I wonder why? (A rhetorical question that doesn’t need to be answered)

  30. The problem with this system is that it’s designed to preserve a status quo, but the very people tasked with maintaining it are fanatics… and none too bright to boot. Even if we the it as read that the Oath Keepers were an op, at least a decade in the making, I doubt the Feds have the competence to pull that off now… and more to the point, I doubt they have the brains to understand why they even need to bother. They obviously have no problem rigging false flags like the Four Hour Insurrection; pretty soon some dumb, ambitious SAIC is going to ask “why are we bothering with this penny ante stuff?”… and no one will have an answer.

    (one of the most enlightening books I’ve read was ” Black Mass,” about the FBI and Whitey Bulger, since made into a Johnny Depp movie. Just ludicrous incompetence all around, largely because of the Fed culture at the Boston Bureau. And that was the late 70s, and everyone involved was White. Do you think the Feds have gotten more or less competent since then? If Vegas put odds on the “spiciness” being kicked off by some blatantly bungled Fed op, I bet they’d be interesting).

    • The Frankfurt School made an even moar famous movie about Whitey Bulger & Robert Mueller & James Comey, called “The Departed”.

      Alec Guinness played Mueller, Martin Sheen played Comey, and Jack Nicholson himelf played Bulger.

      Just like Deep State asset Jeffrey Epstein, Deep State asset Whitey Bulger was also assassinated in prison.

      But Jeffrey Epstein won’t get his own movie until the Frankfurt School scriptwriters can figure out a way to make Epstein the true victim of goyische subterfuge.

  31. So it would seem even”normal” society is filled up with cranks, crazies, informants, fanatics and infiltrators. As Derbyshire said, we are evidently doomed, wandering around in this liberal democracy matrix with little to no hope it’s going to be seriously challenged, let alone collapse or implode. Man, welcome to the machine…

  32. Here in Denmark in 1972 we have a vote on becoming members of the “European Community” (which later became the EU). Back then there was only on television station run by the state. Many people was in doubt about what to vote. But, in the last news report on television prior to the election, they showed a clip of a demonstration against the “European community” with some very long haired hippies dancing and making very odd music on their instruments. After that those in doubt what to voted had not doubt about that anymore.

    • See also the Iraq Attaq: in the U.S. only the most absolute incoherent lunatics were allowed to voice opposition to the war. Level headed opponents (mostly paleos) were brushed off to the very bottom of the discussion.

  33. Not sure what you guys think of BAP, but he had an amusing thread where a bunch of anons took a picture of his dissident book next to their credentials as operators in the system. There were a bunch of military guys and even a California judge.

    He’s been big on avoiding open gatherings where it’s easy to get identified and doxxed, recommending instead to the infiltrate organizations and finding jolly renegades of like mind within these organizations as well as one’s personal life.

    Basically it’s the opposite mindset of groups like Patriot Front. Still of the opinion out institutions are too rotted for infiltration to be plausible, but at least it’s not capable of being openly detrimental, and it creates an amusing aura of paranoia of bad-thinkers in their own ranks that make it very hard to direct their energies at us.

    • Curtis Yarvin is wrong about a lot of things, but he is absolutely right that Leftist-style “demonstrations” don’t work for the Right, because for demonstrations to be successful, they have to have the support of at least a fraction of the power structure, which the Right does not have at the moment. As the Chinese will tell you, calling mobs into the streets is only a supportive adjunct to faction fights within the elite, where the real action is. At this point any right-wing group that encourages street theatre demonstrations must be assumed to be an op until proved otherwise. Contra Yarvin, this is not to be taken as an encouragement to passivist defeatism, but under today’s circumstances, this is counter productive. There may come a time for such demonstrations, but that time is not now.

      • Yeah, street demonstrations are demonstrations of power. Civil rights was an insider movement and the marches were PR.

        OTOH, I think there may be something to PF desecrating of the Floyd statue PBUH. Just look at the comments under the local news’ story on the event.

        • Agreed, but it would have been better done anonymously, under cover of night. For example, the tactic of distributing those “It’s OK to Be White” flyers everywhere secretly was highly successful, it made the Left even more paranoid, and it arguably set the stage for people calling CRT “anti-white” which is a moderate breakthrough. Never let the enemy know who we are, or exactly how many of us there are.

      • The relative status of the “sides” is probably the only thing he’s right about, but it’s the biggest thing and people refuse to believe it.

        I’ve been drilling it since “Read ‘Rules for Radicals!’ Know your enemy!” caught on back when Clinton was elected. Alinsky wrote only for the heirs to power—the ones already in the will. When anyone outside the family tries to “rule 13” (or whatever), nothing happens. When the favorite daughter cries, Dad hands her the keys.

        IIf you mention leftist theorists to actual leftists, they consider the names right-wing shibboleths. Though the books are only for them, they don’t have to read them, just like legacies don’t have to do their homework to get into Harvard.

        “Cultural Marxists” is a fun example, too. When I was a teenager, that’s what the proto-wokeists called themselves. It was in the titles of their own books…most noticeably, the one called “Cultural Marxism.” Now, those decades of academic signaling not only never happened, but the term is a right-wing conspiracy theory popularized by Anders Breivik. The encyclopedia says so. And leftists believe it.

        They don’t read the books! It’s “autodidactic,” autistic. It means you don’t know the right people. And you don’t.

        • One thing about Bronze Age Pervert, his suggestion that young righties infiltrate the military, intelligence, and security forces absolutely and utterly terrified the Left, it’s at least partially behind their clumsy and ham-handed purge of the military, which has been a huge red pill for a lot of normies. Whether or not this is a serious or reasonable suggestion (BAP is one part serious strategist, one part right-wing performance art) it goes a long way to show what the Left is really afraid of. As Orwell said “Dictators can survive ‘moral force’ (ie, demonstrations) till the cows come home. What they fear is physical force…'” See also gun control.

          • I was having similar thoughts. I’m sure this isn’t an original observation, but floated in mind past day or so. (Clearly, what I describe could happen to any group in power).

            As the Leftist get ever loonier in their goals, their demands and their actions, they will inevitably injure, insult or otherwise alienate many of the people who were in fact their most loyal supporters.

            I’m not sure this is precisely the meaning of “The Revolution eats its own.” But maybe it is, to some degree.

            An example I’ve used before: as the Woke-ists scramble ever harder to root out the next instance of racism or white supremacy, the list of targets grows ever shorter and more implausible. They already “cancelled” the formerly-named McCowan’s Longspur, a bird that someone discovered to their horror, was named after a Confederate General. Now, clearly the bird probably won’t take offense, but this shows you the activists are scraping the bottom of the barrel. When their next target is a soon-to-be-former supporter, however…

            I don’t know if it’s really true that the deputy who was the first to stop applauding Stalin’s speech got disappeared, but the principle is the same. When you get paranoid enough, everyone will start to look like your enemy.

    • Our host has named us the “Dissident Right” for a reason. We have to accept that we are now dissidents and need to start acting accordingly. If you understand this, you won’t be out in public waving your freak flag around.

      Now is the time for other tactics.

  34. Why is the left so much smarter than we are? Why do they relentlessly advance generation after generation? It’s not just one person, it’s a collection of people over decades and eras. I am baffled and frankly a little awed

    • Objectivism is no match for partisanship. Normal people look around and ask, “What is the best solution for this problem?” The partisan says, “How best can we exploit this to advance our side or harm our enemies?” It is why the only way out of this nightmare if for our side to embrace the partisan mindset. “This is who we are and these are our interests.”

      • That’s it. The average Leftist is NOT smart, and whatever native intelligence she might have had has been beaten out of her by ideology. They’re just ruthless. Same deal as the Mafia. “The Sopranos” did a great job with that. None of those guys were physically intimidating. I doubt any of them was particularly good in a fight. They won because they went straight to “beating you with a pipe wrench” before you even got out of the “we’re having a social chat” stage. That whole “let’s have a discussion” thing is just a ruse, to get within wrench swinging range.

      • To put a little color on what Z said, I used to live in one of the inner suburbs of DC. One of my neighbors worked for a conservative Christian NGO. He had worked earlier for some GOP politician.

        In the five or so years that we lived around them, he had his tires slashed once, his house egged once and people yelling outside his house at 2 a.m. once. And this was back in the early 2000s, long before BLM and the recent rise of the SJWs.

        Several liberal neighbors openly refused to talk to this family.

        The dad only asked me once if I went to church and that was when I first met him. (It was very much a general question, along with do I golf.) He never brought it up again. He rarely talked politics and even then was quiet about his beliefs and certainly never demanding that I tell him my views or that I change them.

        My liberal neighbors wouldn’t shut up about politics. They also wanted to know my views, and if my views were different that their views, which they always were, they didn’t let go. They more or less demanded that I agree with them or accepted that I was evil.

        To the Left, politics is part of their life. It’s every day, all day. They have no problem cutting off people who disagree with them, either socially or financially.

      • I prefer to use the term “tribalism” rather than the modern “partisanship.” This behavior exists because it’s in our DNA. We are descended from tribesmen and it became a trait of our species because it “worked” in the evolutionary sense. Higher order thinking (rational cognition) has only been with us for about ten thousand years, but the innate tribalism proclivity extends back into our predecessor species, i.e. perhaps a few million years. Last, a parasite doesn’t really need rational cognition in order to survive & thrive; just a host to latch onto.

        • “Our” tribalism, in this case Northern European tribalism, isn’t nearly as tribal as tribes from warmer parts of the world, where clannishness and in-group preference are everything.

          • Not so. Clannishness was (and is) a major feature of central European Celtic culture and also Scandinavian cultures further north. The tribalism trait will reawaken when things get gnarly again after the collapse.

      • Objectivism is no match for partisanship.

        Objectivism is precisely the psychological warfare campaign which was intentionally designed to castrate partisanship.

        All ideologies are psychological warfare campaigns.

    • “Why is the left so much smarter than we are? Why do they relentlessly advance generation after generation?”

      cause they have all the money, even the republicans need corporate money

      after they got rid of the monarchies the usual suspects control all of the west’s finances

    • They had their eyes on the prize. This goes way back. “The long march through the institutions.” (Gramsci), the Frankfort School, Post-Modernism, etc…

    • The left isn’t “smarter” so much as more “devious.” They’re a lot like movie critics, in that they are really good at pointing out flaws and failings of other men, but are incapable of greatness themselves. A critic can make astute observations about a movie, and point out subtle flaws in its story or filming, but is generally incapable of making any sort of film let alone a good one. Leftists are the same, in that they can agitate for a cause, even a worthy cause, but are incapable of thinking systematically which is why whenever they are in charge they either revert to the old method of administration or end up running a failed state in short order.

      • They also practice Taqiyya, the Muslim belief that it’s okay to lie and deceive if it gives you an upper hand on the enemy.

      • Your point about leftists is valid, but the movie critic analogy is a dud. It’s not the job of a movie critic to make movies (although Francois Truffaut did). His or her job is exactly what you suggest, making astute observations and expressing them with style. Generally people who evaluate things are not the kind who make them, but those who add value to them.

        • (((Who the he11))) watches any (((movie))) made in the last 15 or 20 years?

          The very fact that a person watches (((movies))) is all we need to know about their utter absence of character.

    • The left doesn’t consciously march through institutions. The average leftist is motivated by the hindbrain, sexual impulsivity, and this drives him to move to the most densely populated cities in the country with the most sexual opportunities available.

      Elites love dense cities because their time is so valuable and they cannot ever afford to lose time stuck in some subdivision packed full of traffic. Conservatives love low taxes and cheap infrastructure, so their long commute times are absolutely inappropriate for appealing to potential elites.

      Over time the elites and leftist sexual deviants merge in the cities, though their original motivations for living there were completely different. Conservatives are not sexual deviants, and their time isn’t too valuable, and family life gets in the way of the 80+ hour work weeks the elites require for the top professional positions.

      Basically the post 1950’s infrastructure paradigm put us where we are today. The 2050’s flying car and fusion power era if we don’t nuke ourselves by then might be completely different. This is the geopolitical model and the political process (republican) model increasingly fades into irrelevance.

    • Because as Conservatives, we represent(ed) the status quo, the way things were. A Leftist (in this context) is someone who wants to improve the world. Perhaps sometimes to good effect, but not always. To use an example (we’re all racists here, so no one will be offended, I assume?):

      Back in the days of rigid segregation, at some point a Liberal made the perfectly reasonable seeming observation that wasn’t it a shame that this honest, hard-working, chuchgoing family couldn’t rent an apartment in our building just because they were Negroes?

      Fast forward seventy years, and that apartment building is now 100% Black welfare mothers, feral children and absentee Dads who only visit on “Mother’s Day.” Meanwhile, teenage boys are dealing drugs in the back parking lot and shooting each other on the street in front.

      All due to good intentions, one tiny step at a time. 🙁

      • All due to good intentions, one tiny step at a time.

        Good intentions on the part of the Insula-dominant shabbos goyische slaves of the Frankfurt School.

        But the sanhedrin of the Frankfurt School knew PRECISELY what they were doing.

        PS: If somebody wants to make an outstanding rock-n-roll parody video, then rewrite the Beach Boy’s epic hit with lyrics which expound upon the theme of “Good, Good, Good, Good Intentions…”

  35. I think you’re right that the best thing to do would be (as usual) the opposite of what the republicans did, and rather than trying to stymie the January 6th show trials, they should have let it go, encouraged it, fanned the flames. Seeing hysterical women like Pelosi or Chuck Schumer or Ocasio Cortez talking about how they were almost murdered can only make the ridiculous system look even weirder. Plenty of people who hate Trump but aren’t crazy see this constant lawfare against his organizations as evidence that all the institutions that are supposed to be checks on lawlessness are lawless beyond repair. Everyone from the DHS to the FBI looks completely insane and vindictive. And even the silliest normie con finally understands that white rage and white supremacy and white people all mean the same thing now.

    • > and rather than trying to stymie the January 6th show trials, they should have let it go, encouraged it, fanned the flames.

      Sounds like the classic technique of Agree and Amplify when dealing with a ridiculous demand. It forces the other to either put the brakes on themselves or hit the accelerator into a wall. Either way, you win.

    • Mockery is a powerful weapon. If the GOP was anything other than a junior partner in politics, they could have easily mocked the Democrats for their hysteria. This strips them of their authority. Mockery says “you do not have the authority to dictate what I should take seriously.”

      • Good point. Shame is also a powerful weapon, but unusable against The Left as they are all quite obviously shameless. The Right could use a good Mocker in Chief. Someone like Twain, or Mencken – although their rapier wit would largely be useless as the average Lefty intellect is so subpar they would’nt know they were being mocked. Trump’s brand of mockery, though warranted, was too grade school-ish to be effective.

        • Like how the Babylon Bee keeps getting branded as a spreader of misinformation. But I disagree on Trump. His mockery was very effective. The way he could make a nickname stick was unbelievable. He knocked out Little Marco and Low Energy Jeb with ease. That is why they banned him from social media. His mockery was too effective.

      • There’s a reason why the footage from Jan 6 hasn’t been and probably never will be released to the general public. It’s in all probability filled with examples of Our Esteemed Representatives behaving like panicky cowards in the face of a giant fraternity prank.

        • That picture of the Congressionals ducking and hiding behind the seats, in terror for their lives?

          The full picture shows the rows behind them.

          The Congressmen there are bored, checking their phones, looking down with puzzled disdain at the front row playacting for the cameras.

      • If the GOP was anything other than a junior partner in politics, they could have easily mocked the Democrats for their hysteria. This strips them of their authority. Mockery says “you do not have the authority to dictate what I should take seriously.”

        Yeah, but instead you get ostensible Grand-Wizard Arch-N@zi Pat Buchanan of the GOP stabbing all the patriots directly in the back and calling the d.c. abomination a “sacred temple of the Republic”.

        There’s a special Place for you in the innermoast 9th Circle, Traitor Pat.

        A very Special Place for you.

    • Occam’s razor suggests that the national Republican politicians are fighting a show trial over Jan 6th because they’re stupid, or they’re hip deep in the fraudulent setup.

  36. Yesterday I came up with a good one

    Covid was the Blair Witch Project of pandemics, all meta and hype with nothing really scary happening inside

    • That is a good one. And this is an aside, has anyone else had the experience that DuckDuckGo has totally collapsed. It’s become almost unusable for me

      • Hannity couldn’t suck any worse if he tried. But even Hannity seems to have had some sort of minor epiphany. He seems maybe a little more aware lately.

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