The Custodial State

One of the weirder aspects of the Covid panic was how every corporation decided they needed to do their duty with regards to panic. In many respects, they were the primary fear mongers, as people interface with corporations multiple times a day, while it is possible to tune out the government. For most people, the yammering meat sticks in the media are just the background noise of life. The corporation, on the other hand, is the safety rails of their life, guiding them as hey go about their business.

Shortly after the politicians declared mass panic, every retail chain was busy putting up signs, setting up social distancing protocols and training an army of harpies to lecture people about the need to be safe. The banal overhead music was replaced with endless chants about how much they cared and wanted you to be safe. Those declarations were followed by the robot voice telling you to obey the latest edicts from the CDC about social distancing and dousing yourself in alcohol gel.

The weird part about it was not that it was right out of dystopian science fiction movies where people live in high tech penal colonies. What was weird is no one noticed that we were suddenly thrust into high tech day care centers. The fact that corporations would take the lead was just expected. Something similar happened with the antiwhite pogroms launched after George Floyd. It was corporate America leading the war on white people through ads, TV shows, sporting events and movies.

Again, the remarkable thing about this is not that corporate America is hyper-political now, but that everyone just accepts it without notice. Here is a story by Matt Taibbi about YouTube censoring someone named Bret Weinstein. He walks through the travails of Mr. Weinstein and other Covid skeptics who have been harried by faceless censors on social media platforms. It is a weird blend of passive-aggressiveness and technological superficiality. It is Kafka meets Hal 9000.

The thing that Taibbi does not mention is why these companies suddenly think it is their duty to police what people say. All of the heads of these tech firms regular say they have a duty to police what people say on their platforms. The retail chains that decorated their stores with Covid stuff took the same stance. They were doing their duty by pushing you around in their stores. It was not profit or the satisfaction of their shareholders at the top of their list. It was your safety.

We have gone from a world where private companies should have the right to regulate what happens in their firms because property rights are essential, to a world where they must regulate what happens because the public good demands it. In the blink of an eye, all of corporate America is of one mind on all issues and they volunteer to be on the front lines of the fight over those issues. America is now a massive daycare center run by corporations acting like matronly old hens.

It turns out that C. S. Lewis got it exactly right when he said, “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

The custodial state turns out to be worse than the authoritarian state imagined by Orwell, because there is no face to the enemy. In 1984, it was Big Brother who ruled with an iron fist for his own sake. In the custodial state it is an invisible network of mother hens with unlimited resources. With one hand they dispense the pleasures of life and with the other hand they grab you by the scruff and make sure you eat your broccoli before leaving the table. All we see is the hand, never the face.

Because they are faceless, there is also no way to appeal to their humanity, their sense of fair play or the rules they claim to follow. When YouTube bans you from their platform, they issue a form of “Because I’m your mother and I say so” when you try to appeal their decision. When the bank shuts down your bank account, they make sure to inform you that this hurts them more than it hurts you. Declaring themselves a selfless nanny of the custodial state makes it all right.

The custodial state is the sensibilities of women armed with the weapons and power created by men. This is what lies behind the popular lunacies of Critical Race Theory, wokeness and white fragility. Every one of these is pushed by a thousand perfumed hands as a way to show how much they care for all of their children. Stripped of the Marxist jargon, it is nothing more than a mother standing over her children telling them to play nice and share their toys with one another.

In the Assemblywomen, the 4th century BC playwright Aristophanes described a world in which the women of Athens gained control of the government. Before long the city fell into a chaos that is familiar to us today. Men were wearing their wives’ clothing, ugly women were demanding that men see them as attractive and, of course, everyone was supposed to share their good with the community. In short order the normal rhythms of Athenian life give way to the chaos of female tyranny.

Aristophanes never explained how it ended, because it was just assumed that no such thing could last very long. That was what made the play a comedy. America will soon find out how a gynocratic custodial state ends. Maybe modern people are happy to sink quietly into the darkness of infantilization. Rather than take up their posts in the adult world, they prefer to live like children, a modern Eloi. The collapsing fertility rates and increasing dependency suggest the end of us is a form of crib death.

“‘It seemed to me that I had happened upon humanity upon the wane. The ruddy sunset set me thinking of the sunset of mankind. For the first time I began to realize an odd consequence of the social effort in which we are at present engaged. And yet, come to think, it is a logical consequence enough. Strength is the outcome of need; security sets a premium on feebleness. The work of ameliorating the conditions of life—the true civilizing process that makes life more and more secure— had gone steadily on to a climax. One triumph of a united humanity over Nature had followed another. Things that are now mere dreams had become projects deliberately put in hand and carried forward. And the harvest was what I saw!”

–The Time Machine

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267 thoughts on “The Custodial State

  1. Just turn your football game or “fill-in-the-blank” back on- everything will be fine- same as it ever was

    • Exactly. I know the JQ isn’t the preferred villain here, but it is more than coincidence that jews are a matrilineal people who fight in a feminized passive aggressive way with their preference for soft power and they have most of the power in this country.

      • They re-made society in their image, without question

        Our consolation prize is that we get to understand what it’s like living inside their heads.

        Can’t say I like it.

        • Yep,

          Money Grubbing.
          Values intellectual activity over physical activity.

          At least we didn’t get stuck with their crappy food – so there’s that.

          • And don’t forget paranoia and lack of trust of people around you

            I think Steve sailer is the one who noted the paranoia and idea that no one can be trusted, giving way to conspiracy minded thinking, was a hallmark of the Asiatic / Mid East mindset.

      • Good argument that the West’s weak spot isn’t our openness or universalism, but that we give our women too much power. Maybe the symptom is the disease.

        • The ragheads will fight to the death to maintain patriarchy as a cornerstone of their culture. Unfortunately, they believe that killing innocents is the best way to prevail, which speaks to their low IQ as well as moral depravity. One can hope that they will wise up and learn to focus.

          • You wouldn’t think it’d be so difficult to strike a balance between screaming harpies and hooded livestock.

    • And please, as if we cannot read the psy op that is crammed into the psyches daily – ‘I make $100 million per hour on Onlysloots’ and such. Where does that leave you white male – with your measly thousand a week take home?.

      Demoralized? You know you’ll be reading about the ‘not sooeyside’ of Belle something, once that bint is used up in terms of her role in the psy op.

      Please. Big yenta? Exploiting the psyches of the females of the species .. out of the kitchen … away from motherhood … fighting the ‘patriarchy’ by shoving one item after another into a hole. What kind of culture does this to its womenfolk?

    • Big brother isn’t the problem. It’s big sister. As women poured into the workforce after World War II, they ultimately flooded two areas, after they broke out of admin jobs:
      1. HR
      2. Marketing
      Those are perfect thought police functions. Marketing tells you what to do. HR make sure you do it. Today, especially in high tech, there are a lot of women in these roles, often heading the functions.

      This problem is compounded by armies of weak half men who go along with what women say in the hopes of being granted sexual access.

  2. Rich corporations and their governments that depend on them (or invert this if you think it matters, it doesn’t) are run by childless psychos who put in 80-100 hour work weeks. The “economic conservative” who keeps trying to pretend that capitalism is compatible with normal family and religious life, as opposed to communism, is an endangered species. Capitalism becomes a rat race and eventually “mouse utopia” (look this up) when it runs out of frontier.

    When housing becomes a target of speculators, and this becomes celebrated by boomers even as is sterilizes the already marginalized millennials who actually want to form families, you know the rot has set in for good. Less than 1% of the work force is actually needed to build homes. Their cost is only explainable by the power of finance/usury and the demographic engineering it imposes on society.

  3. late to this party and maybe I missed it, but someone needs to give props to ZMan for this pithy gem in todays installment:
    “The custodial state is the sensibilities of women armed with the weapons and power created by men”.

    • Yes, that is absolutely magnificent. I wish I was sharp enough to come up with such wisdom, but I’m not, so all I can say is: get rid of cunt in government and positions of power and you get rid of the problem.

  4. Let me add, there are signs major corporations are getting behind changing the flag from Old Glory to a Rainbow woke one. The NYT has run editorials on the Fourth calling for its removal, both BLM and Macy Gray have called for it to be replaced, and so has every campus radical. This movement is about where trannies in bathrooms and schools were last year. So yes, have woke capital Corporations declare the flag White and Racist and replace it with something gay and black. Like the Fourth will be replaced by Juneteenth. They have the power to do that.

    They don’t have the power to compel sacrifice. Or love. Or trust. Or devotion. On Youtube there is an analysis of the Soviet Red Army in the Winter War of 1939 by Military History Not Visualized. He drew different conclusions from Mustache Guy at the time. His conclusion was that while logistics and officer corps leadership were miserable, morale and army cohesion was quite high. When Red Army units were surrounded they fought and did not surrender. Soldiers went willingly into suicidal frontal assaults. When facing counter-attacks they did not panic and fought back. Morale was high. Corporations can force you to stay six feet apart to buy their overpriced toilet paper. Thats about it. When bad things happen, they can’t and won’t compel loyalty much less sacrifice.

    • Winter war perhaps. I’m not an expert there, but when Germany crossed the Russian border, the Russian Army folded like a cheap suit. The discipline you detail came basically from Stalin’s order of no surrender, no retreat—backed up by KGB machine gun squads who shot any soldier attempting to retreat. Indeed, the number of Russian soldiers who surrendered in the first months of the war numbered in the millions. Germany could not handle them. Many never made it to prison camps. And the “love” of Stalin was so “great” in these “hero’s of the Soviet Union” that the Germans recruited an entire army “Corp” (hundreds of thousands) which fought against the communists for the NAZI’s.

    • The reason the Russians did not run away is because they were in deep snow in the wilderness with nowhere to run. The Finns couldn’t offer terms of surrender because they lacked the logistics to feed and shelter them.

      His analysis is poor.

  5. Great points Z-Man. Let me add that corporations power is a mile wide and an inch deep. Nobody loves corporations. Or even like them. Not even Harley Davidson anymore. Not even Apple Computer (at one time in the early 2000s the computer of choice for the boho up and comer). Corporate is an insult. It means crummy blandness, incompetence, and phoniness. No one will die for a corporation. No one can feel love for a corporation. They can obey at force. That’s it.
    Even in SoCal now, no one wears masks anymore. If they force another lockdown, they will get widespread disobedience. Like Prohibition — it was wildly effective for about two years. Then fell apart completely.
    And the feminine nature guarantees male rebellion. That’s basic biology. There is an article on Revolver about some White comedian who can’t get acting or comedy gigs anymore because he’s White. Apparently Hollywood is now 100% black. Agencies won’t hire White writers, directors, actors, or producers. Even supposedly (from other sources) big names like Spielberg and Robert Downey Jr. have been turned down from projects due to their race.
    And that’s a good thing. It makes allies of convenience of even the crummiest Hollywood liberal to overturn the system. And it makes all entertainment actively repulsive to pretty much every White guy. There is nothing more radicalizing than having normal White guy’s entertainment: Video games (Gamergate spawned Trump), Star Wars, Star Trek, comic books and movies turn 100% black, gay and woke.
    On our side: the feminist wokeness of modern corporations. As naturally repulsive to ordinary White men as a pile of vomit.

    • “There is nothing more radicalizing than having normal White guy’s entertainment: Video games (Gamergate spawned Trump), Star Wars, Star Trek, comic books and movies turn 100% black, gay and woke.”

      Video games and comic books our “normal White guy’s” entertainment? God help us. We don’t need Woke to bury what’s left of civilization.

    • The (white, liberal, gentile) corporate masters at my GloboCorp are getting nuttier by the day. Seems like every day marks a new diversity initiative, or the mourning of a new most tragic event ever, or the celebration of a new milestone for diversity. The company itself of course does a very boring function that has nothing to do with politics.

      We are screwed (and so are they). I don’t know how long this insanity can on for. Maybe a long time. I would be happy if it all crashed right now. I certainly have no love for corporations, or government (that’s an understatement).

      Seems like the only people who buy into it are Muslims, anyways, and they kind of remind me of vegans at this point.

  6. Off topic: Devon Stack explores the idea that the conservative versus liberal divide is rooted in a biological disgust response. See 70 minutes into

    This analysis corroborates with rK theory. With regard to white people, the fundamental political divide is rooted in whether you find rotten meat and men kissing as disgusting.

    I don’t mean to minimize our concerns by reducing them to disgust, but I don’t want to live in a state that promotes what we find viscerally disgusting (probably for good reason).

    To put it even more plainly, I don’t want to live in a society that promotes men kissing because I find it so deeply disgusting. I guess that disgust with men kissing correlates with many deadly outcomes.

    • I suggest that one of the many fundamental differences between J3w$ and Europeans is that Euoropeans have a high disgust to rancid meat and men kissing while J3w$ do not. The disgust response in J3w$ is triggered by homogeneous white societies.

      • Nah. The Jews you know—the American blue-checks who’ve disproportionately destroyed our future—are almost entirely white European and white-European-minded. What differs is in-group preference, a mostly learned behavior that as a child I didn’t learn because I’m only a 25% Jew.

        As an old man I know that as a 25% Jew I can *say* I’m a Jew and get a cheap apartment in Brooklyn. If you say you’re not it’s $4000 and you can’t have it. I learned this but nobody told me, because I’m white.

        Octopuses are the smartest animals on earth, “inherently,” but they have no culture because their mothers don’t teach their children anything. So we eat them. Lesson.

        • Hemid, I appreciate your response but I want to ask you this directly:

          When you’re in a place with all Europeans do you find your DNA crying out for the addition of black or brown faces or people with funny looking lips?

          How do you think most people like you would respond?

          It’s not an accident that the 1964 Immigration Act was lobbied for decades by J3w$. I think the history is undeniable.

          • I’m 100% Jewish and for me the answer is an emphatic no.

            I’ve never thought of myself or my tribe as anything but a white ethnicity with an idiosyncratic pre-Christianity that some of us may follow in a number of ways or not at all.

    • devon stack is a real gift. after watching a few of his videos you come to an understanding of how film and video propaganda works. you will despise what you thought were great old movies , because you will see how trulyevil the programming was. sadly , as his videos get more visibility they will take him off everything , so watch them now .

      • His Simpsons video floored me. It’s not hard to find a few examples of that show taking the piss at various groups or beliefs, but the string of anti-Christian clips he found became staggering after a while. His conclusion was a hammer blow, too. I can’t wait for part 2.

  7. You know the Meraki/Cisco hotspot service (used by e.g. Krispy Kreme Dough-nots the better to avoid becoming three-thirds of the Klan) blocks your domain? What’s the point, by the way–free proxy/VPNs are ubiquitous now even on phones

  8. While rolling my eyes about mandatory masks in the airport this week, I was telling my kids how airlines used to harass and scold people over not turning off their cell phones. In 10 years I did tons of flying, everyone was told it was dangerous to have the phones on. It was all a b.s. lie. I never turned mine off, ever, and not one of my flights had issues. I remember getting yelled at more than once, though.

    Then, one day, the government basically announced “never mind”, and now the airlines only mention it in passing. I have no idea why they even say anything. It’s like they just can’t let go of lecturing everyone…even though cell phones on airplane s pose zero risk, and zero incidents reported in the 20 years since they first started screaming at passengers.

    A bunch of high school kids made news the other days for refusing to wear their masks. American Airlines cancelled the flight. All the passengers quoted went on and on and on “just obey the rules”, “just follow the rules,” and “well the rules say…”.

    All those quoted were women.

    • Going by memory here, but there were a few instances of sudden loss of control in 737s in the 90s. FAA couldn’t trace the incidents back to anything wrong with the plane. They guessed that maybe it had something to do with cell phones and regulated cell phones to be turned off in flight. Airlines didn’t object strenuously because they thought cell phones were often a point of conflict with passengers. Its a now a backdoor method of encouraging passengers to be civil towards each other and the airline attendants (no cell phone, fewer people talking loudly and playing music in the cabin etc).

      If we lived in more civil society, likely this regulation would have been repealed by now.

      • If they cared about passengers, we wouldn’t have to sit on spine destroying plastic benches with no knee room for anyone taller than a 15 year old girl. And they require bathing.

        The cell phone bans were based on junk science that was quickly disproved once the political furor faded and people weren’t terrorized into promoting the government b.s. story.

        It was always a lie.

        • The rare self quote: “If we lived in more civil society, likely this regulation would have been repealed by now.”

          To be more explicit, the reason that riding an airline feels like being in prison is because alot of the people (the black ones mostly) riding the plane are crazy and can’t be expected to act normally around other people. IMO, you don’t get to use your cell phone in the airplane because of black people. Look not at the letter of the law (i.e., FAA trying solve some ghost 737 problem) but the ancillary outcomes delivered by the law (i.e., passengers making fewer disturbances on their phone in a confined space). The FAA and the airlines are changing the public environment to account for certain people’s bad behavior.

          And, of course, we see this everywhere. This is why the DMV is so terrible. And the public transportation in most big cities. And schools in big cities. And now public universities. And slowly but surely the military. Etc, ad finitum. If you are surrounded by animals, organizations that work with the public will treat everyone like an animal.

          So sure the FAA made up a B.S. story to pass the cell phone ban based on some weird incident 30 years ago. Now though, the cell phone ban on planes exists to control the animals.

          • But cell phones aren’t banned on planes. That’s my point. They only request it. And they don’t allow WiFi calling because Facetime chews up bandwidth.

            I just visited the Myrtle Beach area for the holiday. We are well south near Pawley’s Island. But we went up to the boardwalk the other day to check it out. It’s a diversity craphole. The locals have 3-4 very nice malls well away from the beach because there’s just too many joggers on the boardwalk.

          • Was at the grocery store yesterday, and an African was playing rap music from his phone loudly, and jiving around while rapping to the song.

            Is he doing it on purpose to annoy whites? Is he really just a dumb savage? I’m not sure at this point. Seems like there’s fewer and fewer whites out and about to even impress, anyways.

            Either way, we aren’t the same as these people and can’t live together with these people.

          • A group of Hispanics – Puerto Ricans – held a car rally at the fairgrounds in my hometown a couple weeks ago. From morning until after dinner, they blasted music so loudly that it could be heard in most of the city. Our ineffectual constabulary tried a few times to get them to knock it off but kept getting the runaround when trying to locate the event organizer (why they didn’t physically shut the music down and threaten large fines for its recurrence is beyond me). At this week’s common council meeting, there was a steady stream of complaints, including one from a pair of newlyweds who’d been wed in the nearest church and had to put up with the demi-jogger music throbbing during their sacred ceremony. To their credit, the city council indicated that the same group had been granted a permit for another rally in August, but that they were rescinding that permit and the car show would not be allowed.

            Import the third world, you become the third world. They’re not compatible with our culture.

      • We need a new rule for women: Sit down and shut up.

        PRO-TIP: That’s what women ackshually want you to say in response to their sh!t-tests.

        And what they really really really want is to bend over the chair backwards, expose their hindquarters to you, and be spanked until the tears begin to well up in their eyes.

        If only you incels knew…

    • FWIW I never wore a mask outside. Ever. I got hassled all of three times in the 15 months and each time by older white males.

    • I thought banning cell phones on planes was about avoiding service disruption by a “truckload” of phones constantly changing cells in fast succession…

  9. It’s the inevitable results of women running society, among other things. It’s displaying a surprising lack of understanding about diplomacy, and power. It’s basically a mom scolding her toddler, “do this NOW because I say so!”

    It’s remarkable how quickly institutions burned through their social trust with various communities. The police, conservative government parties, and the rural Christian communities in Ontario and Alberta have a cordial, if not good, relationship going back hundreds of years. In just over a year that is completely gone. No question of looking the other way, meeting in the middle, or various other diplomatic tactics when Karens and cucks are running the show. The Health Leaders have a fit and order the noncompliant pastors arrested and the churches shut down. The media won’t talk about it of course but there has been a great split. Normie Conservative party is dead and so is trust in the system.

    Another example is passing COVID “laws” that nobody follows. They think that passing all these laws that nobody follows makes them powerful. Anybody who understands how power works knows that if you are making orders that are not followed, you’re not powerful – you’re a joke. Dems did finally seem to understand this. Here in Ontario we still don’t have indoor dining and are now graciously allowed to meet with 5 people indoors (assuming we are all vaxxed). This is so damaging to their credibility because nobody has EVER followed these rules, particularly not non white immigrants, the demographic future of the country.

    In short: female driven COVID hysteria has been good for waking some conservatives out of their slumber. It has been great for reducing the credibility of the ruling class. China knows the West is a total joke. They haven’t had lockdowns since May 2020. We have a great shot, time to build on it.

    • It’s the inevitable results of women running society…

      Women aren’t running anything.

      Never have, never will.

      Here chez Z, an essay or two back, someone was talking about a clown named “Dutton” whining about a relaxation in standards causing a collapse of IQ in academia.

      And I tried to point out [much to the chagrin of all the down-voaters in our friendly neighborhood JIDF contingent] that, to the contrary, there has been a draconian tightening of standards in academia, to make absolutely certain that no Amygdala-dominant free-thinking & Truth-speaking shegetz ever again holds a job [not even untenured] in academia.

      Of course, this phenomenon is true not just of academia, but of all modern virtue-snivelling careers: Allowed opposition GOP politicians [created by the Adelson family wing of Meyer Lansky Inc], corporate boardrooms [picked by the (((Hedge Funds))) which own the corporations], officerships in the military, residencies in surgery & medicine, internships & careers in the NGOs & Human Resource departments, access to (((fiat shekels))) via commercial investment on the part of the (((banksters))) [to include something as trivial as having a functioning goFundMe account], (((scrotial media))) channels which persist & flourish [rather than being cancelled & lifetime-banned], etc etc etc.

      What you are allowed to see of the modern world is exceptionally rigorously filtered to ensure that you see only precisely what you are permitted to see: dutifully submissive effete pantywaist cucksimp White males and vicious venomous brutally passive-aggressive ball-busting bulldykeish White females.

      And that means well over half of all the thinking & writing & creating & emoting & anguish & joy & despair & optimism of Our People is completely hidden from your purview of experiences.

      Unless you were to push away from the desktop computer, throw the cellphone in the trash, walk out of the house, into the fresh air of the real world, and strike up meatspace analog [not digital] conversations with your fellow Our People peeps.

    • “…the noncompliant pastors arrested and the churches shut down.”

      “…the noncompliant pastors arrested and the churches burnt down.”


      • So far none of the major churches who were fighting back have been burned down.

        That said I have no doubt the church burning is direct retaliation from the government. Leftists hate all forms of Christianity so they don’t care who they burn down.

  10. The simple answer?

    Corporate, bureaucratic, and academic types use social media too.

    Thus the emergent synchronization.

    • Just as the Industrial Revolution fed off of each other’s technologies, for example, coal and iron ore transported by steel rail lines.

      We’re seeing a tech revolution, but this one is our ladies’ forte- yapping, pointing, and shrieking.

          • “Plus shoving things into her orifices for cash and prizes.” Or brings home her new boyfriend. Some Devontay, scumbag or weirdo who the state mandates that I must not only tolerate but praise. I’d never make it as a dad. They hit 13 and start pulling this crap and I’m out. Not gonna waste my 20’s fighting with brainwashed wife and Proggy brats. I’d divorce and be outta there with fast-twitch quickness. Say goodbye to my screeching bitches and gay son and not give a damn if I ever see them again. Of course I’d send the monthly checks. Along with photos of me livin’ the good life without them.

        • Don’t forget they also have a legion of angry white men to kick you head in if you don’t obey. They are called police.

    • Corporate, bureaucratic, and academic types use social media too. Extensively. Thus the emergent synchronization.

      Only the Insula-dominant personalities are synchronizable.

      Ergo it must be the case that Amygdala-dominant personalities were long ago filtered out of careers in corporations, bureaucracies, academia and media – otherwise you’d see dis-synchrony in these rigidly sclerotic institutions.

      Point being that there are still free-thinkers out there somewhere, but you’re gonna hafta venture into meatspace in order to meet them, cause the Frankfurt School sure as hell ain’t gonna allow you to meet them here on teh t00bz.

  11. The following is mostly a black pill, yet over the very long term a white pill: Short of a total extinction, it’s likely that Mankind will survive. The current structure of insanity, cannot last. It must be reformed, or more likely, collapse of its own weight. Most of us are on the ride and can’t get off whether we want to or not. Like a runaway train, the ultimate end is predictable, but exactly on which turn it’ll be is not completely knowable.

    For me, the ultimate black pill is that, whatever nadir the remnant of humanity reaches, is that our descendants are doomed to repeat all our mistakes. It’s just a part of human nature 🙁

    • I do think we are in the early stages of a civilizational decline, similar to the Bronze Age collapse or Western Europe post-Roman Empire.

      We are a society and civilization that has been build by great men, but is showing it may be incapable of maintaining it, let alone continuing to build and expand. And we are allowing barbarians to overrun us.

    • Friendly reminder that Cyber Polygon is tomorrow, too.
      (That’s the “simulated national Internet hack attack.” )

      During the Mortgage Meltdown, all my lines of credit were cut down to the existing balance owed.

      All debt, no buffer. Those are my ‘critical lines of liquidity’- try borrowing $30k from your Uncle Bob over the weekend to rebuild a blown engine when you’re stuck in a junkyard in Salina, Kansas.

      (Or a Mafia shop in Yonkers! Five engines so far, gosh knows how many other things. Been stranded in blizzards, deserts, swamps, ghettos, but those credit lines/cards are absolutely necessary to get out and stay in business.

      That and envelopes of cash.
      Hitch-hiking? Yeah, been there too. Savoring the flavor of a cattle watering hole in New Mexico, we were.)

      • The Dream is to make a run with the Czech and the Bulgar from Spain to China, then loop down to Thailand, back up thru Tajikistan, and back in across the Bosphorus.
        Good golly I hope American money stays good.

      • $30k… over the weekend to rebuild a blown engine when you’re stuck in a junkyard in Salina, Kansas…

        WTF are you driving, muh brutha?


        Some volvo sh!t?

        I know Trashional has been working on new engines with VW.

        I hope we’re not talking ISX.

        Of course PACCAR is re-badging the ISX rejects…

      • Oh man, Cyber Polygon is tomorrow?

        We are on deck for some terrific weekend weather in this part of the US.


    • Yesterday Home Depot kept saying my Visa debit card was declined, but it was debiting my checking account at the same time it was declining me! The result was they overdrew my account and I must wait two days to get my money back.

      The manager blamed their “system.”

      This would be called theft in any normal world. But in America it’s called a “system problem.”

      HD was a big player in the COVID drama here in AZ. I trust them about as far as I can throw them.

      I am learning to dislike America’s corporate face.

      • Reminds me of the time I was at CVS. The cashier kept hitting me with BS and sales pitches. “Phone number? Paying with Rewards card? Would you like to sign-up for one? No? You sure? There’s no reason not to. You know if you buy 2 of those Cokes it’ll be cheaper. No, OK. You hit the wrong button. Hit clear and start over.”

        He’d been faggy and robotically ignoring my body language, my impatient “no’s”, and my fingers on the cash in my wallet”. Then I broke and kinda yelled, “LOOK! I’m done answering questions. I just want outta here! I want to give you these bills and YOU hand me the merchandise, OK? CAN WE STILL DO THAT!”

        There was a line of people behind me and the manager nearby. I probably came off as a Karen. But since I know I only get pissed like that rarely, I didn’t care. Hell the people in line were probably on my side.

      • Your anecdote reminded me of this line someone had in relation to a patch recently put out by Microsoft: Delpy described the issue as “weird from Microsoft” and was blunt about how the fix made it out in that form, opining that he believed: “They did not test it for real.”

        The rot continues.

      • 20 years ago I helped gut and rebuild the inside of a house. My boyfriend kept track of all the finances and every month he went over all his receipts and his credit card purchases and every month Home Depot double charged him at least once normally two or three times. Every single month.

    • Bank initiated credit line shutdown that’ll negatively affect customer credit scores… Wells is a joke – from an institution that was once gold standard. Well something has to kick off the s***show.

  12. The propaganda and cogdis from the now fully integrated ‘media arm’ (formerly the MSM) of the security state is so off the charts now it reads like farce. You literally cannot tell an actual article from a Babylon Bee piss-take article. Here we have Vice talking about the ‘PTSD’ journalists are still suffering from after the ‘insurrection.’ Title- “Reporters Who Survived the Capitol Riot Are Still Struggling”

    Survived…. survived! They survived Grandma Jones, Joe Sixpack, LARP Inc., and Chewbacca the Viking. LOLWUT. Meanwhile the past summer ACTUAL violence an order of magnitude higher, more widespread, and more lethal occurred countrywide. Strangely… no article about ‘surviving’ and the horrific PTSD / therapy requirements. It is so grotesque in nature you truly feel like you are reading Pravda or some Soviet Era news rag. Shameless warping of reality to a political end.

    The archive if you’d like to read this tale of ‘survival’ by a fucking former Navy vet no less. Which proves once again that leftists are soft AF and easily rattled snowflakes.

    • It’s not proving that they’re weak or that they’re snowflakes.

      They’re literally flexing on you. Being able to spout obvious bullshit with no repurcussions means they have power over you. What are you gonna do about it? Sit there silently and take it, go mad, or start to believe it. Some boomers laugh at it.

      Objective truth is a white person thing anyways. Math is racist. Vibrants have many solutions for counting 2+2 but as we saw with the collapsing building in the Florida section of Latin America, this doesn’t keep buildings standing up. Truth is dead in the new non white West.

      • They’re literally flexing on you.

        You have to remember that there are hyper-Insula-dominant personalities which thrive on this nonsense – they’re the descendants of the Unitardians, Quakers, Wesleyans, Jesuits, etc etc etc – without True Belief in their lives, they have NOTHING to fall back on.

        True Belief comprises the entirety of their Psyches.

    • I saw multiple videos of members of the press being violently attacked by BLM and ANTIFA last year. They had no issue with that.

      • They had no issue with that.

        It was martyrship in service of True-Belief.

        It sanctified them and offered them a path to canonization.

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  14. With all the problems of gynocracy, I guess that most women prefer this outcome. This is another problem for dissidents.

    My mother, who was raised in the 1950s, argues with me when I say that those olden days were better. She much prefers that woman today can live the “Sex in the City” Life.

    It may be that within a healthy society a significant proportion of women feel oppressed by the constraints placed on them.

    No you can’t have all the standards lowered for you in the name of equality.

    No you can’t dress in a revealing manner and then be outraged when someone ogles you.

    No you can’t divorce your husband because you’re bored and get half his money and the kids.

    No you can’t have a leadership role because women evolved to nurture children and so as leaders their non-judgmental compassion overrides their reason.

    • Sorry about your mother. Glad you seem to have overcome her tender maternal mercies. Good on you.

      • Thank you my friend. Still, she still loves me more than anyone else. I’m grateful for her love although I believe that she has very little capacity for independent thought.

        She accepts my heresies because she loves me so much. It’s a beautiful thing.

        When she’s gone, I will miss her forever.

        • Muh brutha, for the sake of your own personal salvation, I hope and pray that you didn’t ackshually talk about what the yentas & the bulldykes ackshually do in sex & the city.

          Like what literally transpires with their throats and birth canals and digestive tracts.

          You & your Mom seriously do not need to be visited by that topic of conversation.


    • LineIn: “No you can’t have a leadership role because women evolved to nurture children and so as leaders their non-judgmental compassion overrides their reason.”

      Nowhere is their leadership role more cringe awful as when they have to moderate debates. And I say “have to” because you know damn well that directing traffic is the last thing a woman wants to do. But our sick society forces them into it. CBS: “Oh Stephie, all you ever wanted was to read the telepromter every night and look pretty for America? Well, we’ve got other plans. Get between these 5 aggressive men and direct their sword fight.”

      • Nowhere is their leadership role more cringe awful as when they have to moderate debates.

        And yet the females are hand-selected to moderate all the debates.

        Which tells you (((what))) precisely about the hand-pickers?

    • I just sent my mother and a couple other family members this article where this white couple has gotten 33 combined years for waving a flag and pointed out that those two black girls that killed an Uber driver got probation. My mother responded and said she didn’t have time to read the article she was eating a BLT but surely they did more than wave flags and those girls were juveniles. I seriously feel like just cutting her out of my life completely

      • Do so. As soon as possible. My daughter-in-law only just started talking to her mother again after four years, and only on her own terms now. Honoring one’s parents doesn’t mean loving them, or allowing or enabling them to continue to believe in and propagate lies.

        • That’s what I did. She died four days after her 100th birthday, but I have no regrets, and I can’t say I miss her.

      • No one knows the name of the two black girls who MURDERED that man and at 21 their records will be sealed. In contrast, there have been endless young white people who have suffered serious real world consequences for a tweet or video they made when they were 12. Their names and location of residence are plastered all over the internet. They lose jobs and have college scholarship offers rescinded. A young man who was a favorite to when American Idol this year was forced off the show.

  15. I noticed right off. I feel like we are in the wold of THX-1138. The announcements at the grocery store. The ubiquitous porn and other vulgarities. The pop culture Jesus. Drugs a plenty. Prisons to rehabilitate. The most depressive movie I ever watched. Its now real.

  16. I wonder what degree of corporate virtue signaling whoredom is just verbiage to conceal the fact that the primary reason they are requiring masks, social distancing, force fields to block the delta variant, etc., is because their lawyes have told them it would be a good idea. I mean, how does it sound to say, “Well, the reason we are doing this is because we don’t want to be sued by idiots. Especially when government is doing every thing it can to make us a non-profit, defunct business.” You’ll get the Karens and the fearful sheep to patronize your business if you broadcast commercials that show how “socially concerned” you are about their health. The reason I mention this is because I attend a gym that shut down for about 3 months last year. In Texas. When they opened back up, they had all the familiar trappings of a “socially concerned” business. Signs, taking temperature at check-in, shut down the water fountains and made us carry our own water, ask people to use disinfectant to wipe down equipment before and after use, etc. But, the employees didn’t give a shit, really. It was a very short period before you didn’t have to wear masks while “exercising”. People got sloppy about disinfecting equipment and no one enforced it. Now, some of the employees don’t wear masks, or if they do, they’re not covering their nose or mouth. I guess part of this is because this is a local business (although run by a large corporation) and too many people know it is all bullshit, and are resisting in their own passive aggressive way. However, people that work out have a somewhat different view of their health than your average Karen or a man bunned soy boy.

    • Everything is about avoiding getting sued in today’s business climate. Take it from me, I know this from the inside. Why do you think every business, once it gets to the size it starts attracting attention, institutes a “risk control” department, whose job it is to construct strategies to deflect blame. It’s why you see “Warning” stickers and signs on every piece of mechanical equipment you buy and every product sold for consumer use, from toothpaste to hair dye. Once courts started applying the philosophy enunciated in Restatement, Torts, 2d, Section 402A, “liability without fault,” or “strict products liability” to all commerce, the concept spread and metastasized into every area of life. Basically, whenever an adverse event occurs to someone, there must, without question, be compensation, whether in the form of a financial payment or some other societal reward. I blame the lawyers, but there would not be predatory lawyers without a ready and willing clientele.

      • In the next constitution, there should be some type of tort reform. You can still bring a lawsuit, but plaintiff must post a large bond. And if you lose, you pay all the other side’s costs. All of them. And non-dischargeable in bankruptcy. Some (small) naitions already have many of these. And not surprisingly, very few lawsuits there. Ideally, there’d be some way to penalize attorneys and firms who file frivolous claims, but my crystal ball clouds at this point.

        • So all we need to do is convince the scam-artist lawyers in Congress to restrict their fellow lawyers’ ability to be scam artists.

        • You can have whatever las you want, won’t matter. It’s not the laws that count, but who interprets/applies them.

        • Most courts have sanctions for actually frivolous claims (FRCP 11) it’s just that “frivolous” is a very hard standard, and thus rarely applies. This “cure” already exists, yet the problem persists.
          To echo B125 and Zman, the problem is wahmen in power. Conventional analysis is any jury has women, and women will require some payment if anyone got seriously hurt regardless of those oppressive male “rules” or “justice.” If you end up with an all female panel, the plaintiff gets something regardless of fault or defenses. We have had civil jury nullification since 1919.

      • Yeah. I used to think that businessmen weren’t quite as low as lawyers, but then I realized that lawyers wouldn’t be as ubiquitous if it weren’t for businessmen.

      • The best one I ever saw was my poor ex-boss. On of the wahmen in the lab had a habit of coming in high as a kite and sneaking out for the odd joint. The boss fired her for substandard work, and potentially endangering other employees with her negligence and and irresponsibility.

        He got sued, and forced to re-hire the woman because the pot was supposedly medicinal, and the company was denying her access to medication.

        Nanny may be able to scold, bitch and whine… but she can’t run a serious business or fight a war, or defend her community or any of the other things a nation must do to survive. We will see the end of this nonsense in our lifetimes.

        • Been this way forever. And it‘s even worse. When the enemy roles into town to clean out the pantry of the feminized and decrepit society, the women spread their legs and the men get their throats slit. Their is genetic evidence to this kind of genocide in ancient populations.

    • There was something hollow about the whole exercise though with Big Name Grocery and Huge Big Box implementing all the WuFlu madness and then claiming “the state made them do it”. Really? The state is going to close down Walmarts and Krogers because they didn’t toe the line? The whole reasoning sounded exactly backwards.

      • There is no longer any substantive difference between the state and the corporations. They have, in classically fascistic fashion, converged.

        • If it were fascism, the interests of non-state non-managerial “workers” would be represented…anywhere, occasionally, if only by proxy and falsely. The system doesn’t even bother lying about including them anymore. It barks at them in lines and hails their demise.

          Fascism without people. What was the Roman word for “bundle of spreadsheet columns?”

          • It may be more accurate to call what we are seeing pure, “Corporatism.”

            In this type of system, people are simply so many fungible meatbags, easily replaced.

          • Holy crap. Compare to the English bundle of sticks. Talk about a cosmic joke!

          • What non-state, non-managerial workers? The days of the proletariat are long gone. And this Afrofascist variant of fascism meets the desires of the age.

    • The two aren’t mutually exclusive. Execs can fear lawsuits while simultaneously promulgating scamdemic ideology because it comports with their worldview.

    • @AWM. “The reason I mention this is because I attend a gym that shut down for about 3 months last year.” See, that was a perfect opportunity for rational paragraph separation and you missed it.

  17. Z: “The corporation, on the other hand, is the safety rails of their life, guiding them as they go about their business.”

    Great stuff. Pretty much every paragraph in today’s post is memorable.

    Another analogy than safety rails: Our daily lives are guided by the state’s consciousness in the form of the warm yet firm voice of Morgan Freeman. I lift this from a benevolent meme from a few years ago, intended as a mind-trick for how to go about your day in healthy and productive ways. You pretend Morgan Freeman is narrating your life, in that honeyed avuncular tone of his.

    “Annnnd there goes Frip again. Starting the day perusing the Zblog with his blueberry Poptart in one hand and a Diet Coke in the other. When he well knows he vowed to start every morning swimming laps.”

    Z: “Because they are faceless, there is also no way to appeal to their humanity.”

    I remember thinking along these lines as a teenager watching TV. Thinking, how can this filth be publically aired? And the thought occurred—because it’s nearly anonymous. It’s like someone snuck into the house in the middle of the night and planted a time-release stink bomb to go off in “prime time”. Then snuck out.

    The opposite would be: The head of NBC, or a show’s producer, or network public rep, coming to your home and saying, “I’m obligated to show the family what we made for you all. We placed it inside your TV box in your living room. Shall we have a look?” Then after whatever degeneracy and anti-white agitprop is shown, the family could berate the creator and shame him. Then dad could beat him to a bloody pulp.

    That’s small-town America before the invisible face of technology could rape your entire family without even blushing.

  18. I would love to make a chart that puts the level of corporate indebtedness on the X Axis and the level of corporate woke-ness on the Y Axis. I strongly believe that a pattern will emerge. Just as the most indebted states and municipalities, and of course the Federal Govt., have the most of this nonsense coming out. The thing about gyne-ocracy is that bankrupts itself. That’s the main reason why it would disappear. As a student of liberal women all my life, it’s the woman’s capacity for empathy, that becoming unchecked…by men of course….causes all kinds of silly expenses on stupid things. When an old woman religiously puts out the hummingbird feeder because the hummingbirds will die without the sugar water inside, its a fractal to how women, collectively, will sap all of society’s resources and feed them to dogs and cats….and homeless…..and illegal aliens….and low lives who pretend to have “back injuries.” We are already a technically insolvent society that will one day become de-facto insolvent.

  19. A powerful and provocative essay.

    If, as Z suggests, we are living in a gyno-despotate, dominated by feminine sensibilities, one wonders if those sensibilities will embargo mass state violence. All of us have contemplated the indiscriminate incarceration and even the wholesale slaughter of whites. But the feminine disposition is largely irenic. And that is why, up until the advent of pushbutton combat, men were the warriors and women the mourners of their lost men. Is it within the souls–if souls they have–of Big Mother’s constituents to do the things Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao did without batting an eye?

    • Ostei: You’d better believe Big Mother will commit unspeakable cruelty without batting an eye. Women are not merely stupid and emotionally incontinent, they are also vicious. To maintain their own heightened sense of morality and their position in the virtue pecking order, they will psychologically, culturally, and socially mutilate you. The final or physical acts they will leave to their non-White golems.

      Kipling (and other wise White men of old) warned that the female of the species are more dangerous than the men. And he wisely advised saving a last round for oneself rather than face their lengthy and morally-sanctioned cruelty.

      • The first thing an old bag that was heavily recruited to fix what was considered a rogue office did when brought in was get rid of anyone who could challenge her authority. That included one of the most competent and talented man I’d ever worked with and myself. The woman I worked for before that job (with her soon to be ex-husband) was such a notorious shrew she actually got written up in the WSJ for her behavior. That was back in the 90s – I’m surprised even then that article could be written. When I tried to tell the woman I worked for before shrew that her food product scheme didn’t pencil out she fired me. For that and calling her out on her unethical food handling practices. I read later she went bankrupt (after exhausting her soon to be ex-husband’s nest egg).

        Females in the workplace are the worst.

        • Peabody: Definitely. I’ve dealt with the shrews, the backstabbers, the corporate climbers, and the criers. I’ve dealt with a handful of backstabbing men, too, but most of them are far more reasonable and rational. And oftentimes the most obnoxious men are acting as proxies for their wives (saw that a lot in the Foreign Service). Or are reporting you for ‘x’ because you turned down their sexual proposition (after you’d had dinner with them and their wife and brought a gift for their newborn).
          Yet I was the outlier in preferring a husband and children to being a ‘career woman.’

    • “Is it within the souls–if souls they have–of Big Mother’s constituents to do the things Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao did without batting an eye?”

      It is within their crippled souls for SOMEONE ELSE to do the dirty work of punishing and killing others. Another factor you have to consider when evaluating women is this: They are afraid of everything. Go to war, bad. Go to war against some country you’ve been told will rape your cats and steal your cosmetics, good. As long as some man does it for you. Killing people is messy and icky!

    • Don’t count on it. Recall that in Amerind tribes, the women were sometimes put in charge of the torture of captured enemies, something that they did with gusto. Also, in one of Kipling’s poems concerning the lot of a British soldier likely to be captured by the tribals, he admonished the soldier, instead of being handed to the women for torture, that he roll on his rifle, blow out his brains, and go to his God like a soldier.

      This seems to be a particularly tribal thing; and now recall the direction in which we are heading societally, tribalism. Ingroup concern, outgroup savagery.

    • You ever seen a Jogger mom in public discipline her kids? If they will do that to their own flesh and blood, what will they do to you?
      Also, 3/4 of sexual abuse of children under 8 is by women. Just think about that a second, then reask what cruelty women are capable of.

      • Also, 3/4 of sexual abuse of children under 8 is by women.

        URLs, please.


        • I had heard that half of child abuse is women, mostly Munchausen.

          Sexual abuse not.

          • I had heard that half of child abuse is women, mostly Munchausen.

            Now for that I wouldn’t need an URL; I’d take it at face value and 110% believe it without doing any j00gling for references whatsoever.

            The dichotomy of “sex abuse” versus “child abuse” would certainly explain muh initial incredulity.

            I can see the dyke “married” couples [dom “husband”, sub “wife”] MAYBE torturing the children of the sub [the sub will always be the moar effeminate one, and the dom will always be the hypermasculine one], and one or both of them getting wet at the thought of it, so that they would be engaging in “sex abuse” rather than mere “child abuse”.

            G0d only knows what transpires in the mind & nether regions of a dyke.

            But for straight White women to sexually molest their own children would be getting out towards Andrea Yates levels of evil.

      • Well the injuns as well as other savages world wide often let their women deal with the wounded – the accounts are not pleasant reading…

  20. In any large complex social environment (think big city), social trust & voluntary compliance with laws is an essential element of maintaining public order and creating the conditions for high productivity. People don’t have to be looking over their shoulder constantly and crime is relatively rare. But when the institutions of society become diseased & corrupt, a slow death spiral begins & then gradually accelerates. That is where we find ourselves today.

    In the example of amorphous Youtube censorship in this post, there is no avenue of peaceful redress other than bend over & smile. Over time & in the extremis, all social trust dies & eventually so does the society itself. But what if the aggrieved were to turn into antibodies and surreptitiously destroy the infrastructure of the internet that gives Youtube it’s life? And do it slowly, amorphously, and persistently just like the censorship disease itself. There are a gazillion miles of fiber optic cables crisscrossing the country and not enough money or resources to guard every mile or the many critical nodes that interconnect them. What if instead of manufacturing more parasites, we instead create more antibodies?

    • I think it was inevitable for the “free” model of social media to lead to where we are now.
      I saw the first glimpse of this quite a while ago. There was a YT channel which, I want to say was called Dave’s Farm. It was an insane asylum of guys and kids screwing around with cars and doing crazy stunts on the guy’s land. There were some accusations about the guy and then all the advertisers of YT started bitching and he got shut down. Now all the corporations have social media accounts.

      Paying for stuff in full is the only way any of this can work without all of this crap. Corporations need to get off social media. Corporations need to ban employees from connecting their social media accounts to their corporate owner, uh, employer.

      • You can wish-upon-a-star for a body of elected politicians to suddenly become sane and enact laws that proscribe the EC monopolies that currently afflict us, or you can face the reality that modern politicians are effectively elected-for-life and owned lock, stock, & barrel by the oligarchs. The former is a fanciful daydream and the latter is call to action. At some point, we all must make the seminal choice. Are we destined to be part of the problem or the solution (parasite or problem solver)?

        • I don’t see how it is wishing to say that we need to pay money for social media, though I most certainly agree that our so-called leaders won’t do much of anything.

          If we paid money for social media, we would be the customers. I also think they would be a lot smaller if they had to have paying customers. I believe most people wouldn’t pay for multiple social media accounts.
          I don’t think this would ever come about by laws. I think you are absolutely correct in that our politicians aren’t going to do anything.
          Right now the price we pay for social media is enormous, it’s just not in money. But I am not sure they could ever make it pay only and not with ads too. That was a major problem with magazines and newspapers. They had 2 sets of customers and the actual earning of them was from the advertisers. I think that is a big part of the reason the news media has gotten so much worse since the 90s.

    • Everything is logistics. Break the supply chains and the system grinds to a halt. A backhoe in the right location can cut fiber to half the nation. Someone who knows how NG gets to power plants has leverage like you wouldn’t believe.

      The next battle will not be a shoot’em up but something composed of small strikes against the infrastructure that props up the tyrants and their stone age minions in the cities. Minions that are barely kept in check with gibs. No gibs and they start burning down the hives and eating the white upper classes in their gated communities.

      • A dream.

        The next war…

        I don’t think there’s a next war.

        The 2d American Civil war is over as of Jan 20, 2021.

        • So then we will plan for the 3rd “civil war”. If you draw breath and are free, you are living to fight another day in another way.

      • Think outside the box. Employers are begging for competent workers and there are many positions available in systems engineering, IT support, or even infrastructure maintenance. Go dark, get inside, and bide your time. If the Stasi is uninhibited about running doubles into dissident groups for the purpose of sabotage, why should they have a monopoly on deceit?

        Remember, the principle advantage of being a white guy is that they need at least a few of us around to keep the gears turning. And you don’t even have to do anything wrong, just stop doing things right at the right time. And even if you got caught, just assert that you are an aspiring gay, tranny, Leftist, cross-dresser with issues, and you’re home free.

  21. all this COVID stuff is at least nonviolent (i.e. no jackboots). But I feel this whole thing is a game of chicken or FAFO and eventually its going to end in violence.

    • The Elites want Covidia to end in violence. Always have. They just haven’t figured out how to get around mass ownership of firearms.

      They also have an interesting desire to not get caught, even when it doesn’t matter if they get caught, that slows them down. A proper despot would just send in the kill teams but the Deep State, they scream lies of justification even when nobody asked.

      Also, it’s hard to fill a mass grave when you’re compelled to take a selfie every two minutes. A selfie that proves you’re the good guy that everybody loves.

      • Except for ATF nominee Chipman, who bro’d out with his buddies in the selfies they took standing upon the charred remnants of the folks in the Waco compound.

      • they scream lies of justification even when nobody asked

        Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder.

        PAPD is the meta-sociological cancer of end stage civilizations.

        In any [even just] semi-formal pseudo-society, eventually all institutions will necessarily be overtaken and destroyed by the Passive-Aggressives.

        It is the Iron Law of all human social interaction.

        PAPD will destroy everything in its path.

      • The Elites and Dems took the risks and won, because the other side would not risk fielding a team.

        They won, this is consolidation.

  22. Let’s acknowledge that the lack of pushback to the gynotyranny of the Covid hoax demonstrates that there is going to be no significant pushback to the oppression period. No breakup of the country. No counter revolution. Just a continuous descent into madness, chaos and mediocrity until some change we can’t foresee now takes place or it simply runs its course.

    • It will be like the late stage Soviets – we pretend to work, the state pretends to pay us. Except they pretend to fix problems, we pretend to follow, until it all collapses of its own weight of stupidity.

      • This may be early stage Soviets.

        Or early stage Mao.

        Everyone wants to skip the hard parts…

  23. Excellent essay. One of the best!

    Also, maybe it shouldn’t be mentioned, but I’ve had this theory that homosexuality in men is the product of sexual abuse or an overbearing mother. Notice how the more feminized our culture, the more homosexual.

    Further, and at the risk of getting personal, the thought that (at least temporary) celibacy for duty or the truth’s sake should be respected again, or even revered. Can’t escape the feeling the culture fears and worships women because sex, and that’s half the problem. As if it’s the end all be all, as if manhood is in woman’s womb. Untrammeled female sexuality was probably not the best idea. Not advocating MGTOW but things are definitely out of balance.

    “I first became aware of it, Mandrake, during the physical act of love…Yes, a profound sense of fatigue, a feeling of emptiness followed. Luckily I was able to interpret these feelings correctly. Loss of essence. I can assure you it has not recurred, Mandrake. Women, er, women sense my power, and they seek the life essence. I do not avoid women, Mandrake…but I do deny them my essence.”

    Cue the mocking internet PUAs or point out that I’m quoting an insane movie character. Fair enough. Still seems to me there’s wisdom in it. Think I read somewhere the French call it the little death. Parlayed into the death of civilization, seems to me.

    Anyway, enough rambling!

      • Absolutely. Get the women, the kids follow. Then you have the next generation of men.

      • I saw where the ” ‘channers” are now cross-referencing the members w/ registered sex offenders. (I guess that’s public info in CA.)

        • What would we do without /pol/ ?

          G0d bless their little spergtarded hearts.

          G0d bless ’em one & all.

    • I’ve just started reading Plato. Even after just a few readings, it’s quite apparent that the ancient Greeks had, shall we say, rather open attitudes towards homosexuality. 😮 This, from what’s considered the cradle of Western Civilization! I know it’s unfair to project my culture’s standards on some ancient people, but… While I didn’t study the classics in school, virtually never was this mentioned.

      Monty Python joked “Aristotle, Aristotle was a bugger for the bottle…”; apparently a bugger for other things too!

      • I wonder if it was more prevalent back then. Thousands of years of limited passing on of gay genes should have diluted the percentage of the population.

        • If there was reliable data on the prevalence of homosexuality over time, I wonder what, if anything, it might say about the existence of a ‘gay’ gene.

          • We may be looking at a combination of factors producing a “true” male homosexual. Leave women out of the discussion for now. Leave “groomed” adolescents out as well.

            Perhaps there is a genetic proclivity that is activated by some fetal hormonal imbalance in utero during gestation? Such would be difficult to detect even in an environment of free inquiry—which of course, as with IQ, we do not have.

          • It’s very possible. All the same, experience has taught me abuse/trauma is almost always involved.

            Then again, as my handle says, my sample group might be skewed 🙂

      • Aristotle was a bugger

        Aristotle is known to have had at least two children, a son Nichomachus, and a daughter Pythias.

        One of them is believed to have been legitimate, and the other is believed to have been born by a slave girl.

        Furthermore, Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics is usually understood to have been written for his son, Nichomachus, who also was his student [and who was named for Aristotle’s father].

        In other words, Aristotle was a chad & a homeschooler & deeply respectful of his ancestors.

        The rot in Greece begins and ends with Plato.

        Plato was a monster.

    • celibacy

      White women want precisely the Incels to be celibate, and no other men.

      Everything White females throw at you is just one giant meta-sociological SHIT TEST, and deep down inside, women want to be r@ped by precisely the kinds of men they want to be r@ped* by: Are you or are you not sufficently chad to throw them down on the bed, beat them to within an inch of their lives, and force a White bun into their White ovenz?

      Because that’s what they all secretly want – a chad who understands it instinctually, and who acts on his instincts.

      PRO-TIP: There’s a bell curve to everything in life, and when it comes to the Great Bell Curve of female amorality & nihilism & viciousness, you definitely want to be targetting the chicks on the far Right end of the bell curve as Mother of Your Children material.

      Because the ones on the far Right end of the Great Bell Curve are gonna make an helluva lot better Mommies than will the sub-human serpents on the far Left end of the Great Bell Curve.

      *PS: As a White man – which is to say, as a moral creature – you also understand that if you break it, you own it.

  24. The IG Farben style cartel conglomerates fear the pitchforks and torches most of all?
    It sounds like Mussolini’s merger of corporate and state on the golden faculty lounge CCP serf colony utopia known as Wakandastan.

  25. Possibly the most frightening development of Covid was the very successful (and very feminine) rhetoric used by the other side: You’re not doing XYX to protect yourself; you’re doing it to protect other people.

    It was used primarily for the masks but could be applied to almost any capricious mandate. Thankfully, it wasn’t as successful with the vaccinations, but it’s utility was cemented.

    This reasoning that can be used to force people to do anything – all for the public good, of course. Freedom of speech, sorry it make POC and women feel bad. Can’t be allowed. Freedom of association, sorry it hurts blacks. Can’t be allowed.

    If the government and big business can force people to wear a mask on their face with no evidence that it actually helps other people (and even if it did, it’s my fucking face), they sure as hell as force you to do all kinds of things as long as they claim it protects other people.

    Tyranny in the name of protecting others allows our rulers to impose anything on us with a good conscience – and almost certainly, with the blessing of a huge majority of women. Genius.

    • Great comment, but you need to call where we are by the correct name. It isn’t genius, it is evil.

      • Not mutually exclusive.

        It’s definitely evil, but it’s also very clever. I try my best to look at my enemies objectively – at least when trying to figure out how to beat them. Now, once the day is won, I’ll let my heart take over.

    • Part of it is also the feminine “do something.” Had a convo with a female coworker about gun violence, etc. She was a gungrabber, of course. Asked her if studies showed that restrictive gun laws had no positive correlation with reduced gun violence, why would you support it? Didn’t care – something had to be done, whether it actually fixed the problem, had no effect, or even made it worse did not matter. Mask mandates are the same – it’s the old “boss is watching, look busy.”

      • From the movie, “As Good As It Gets” (IIRC):

        Infatuated woman to Jack Nicholson: “Tell me, how do you know women so well?”
        Nicholson: “I think of a man, then I take away all reason and responsibility.”


        • Cute line, but Jack was the heel in the movie and the happy ending came about when he was eventually clipped like a gelding.

  26. About that “sincerely,” Mr. Lewis…

    I’ve heard that the recent Amazon retcon of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest makes Nurse Ratched the hero(ine). So, if understood as “relevant,” the film version we know is “about” Nicholson’s character as Q Shaman and Nurse Ratched as AOC?—or, Ratched is Amazon and Nicholson is us. And/or.

    Nietzsche-Freud was right: In public life, there’s no such thing as “sincerely.”

    • I thought one flew over the cuckoo’s nest was considered a lefty or even subversive novel when it came out in 1962. Like “it’s not us that’s crazy, it’s society” with Nurse Ratched supposedly representing society.

      • I think it also played a part in the deinstitutionalization of the whackos that occurred over the next couple of decades. We can see how that’s worked out in many leftard cities. On one hand, it’s sad to see once beautiful places ruined, but on the other hand many, if not most of the people living there supported those kinds of policies or voted for politicians who put those kinds of policies in place. Dumbs****.

        • I doubt many of the hippies were people were people who had just been released from an asylum. But it seems there was a big overlap between the hippies and the homeless crazies (see Manson).

          It doesn’t seem like that much of a coincidence that around the same time the asylums were emptied out, parts of San francisco and the Laurel Canyon area in LA became weirdo magnets.

  27. Two things have shocked me since the start of this whole farce.

    The first is businesses taking it upon themselves to relay official propaganda on their own dime, however nonsensical and however fresh off the mouths of spokespeople. Large retail stores would play recorded PSAs on a loop with all the never-before-heard buzzwords from the week’s government line.
    Small businesses did as well, putting up signs in their window about how “we’re all in this together”, even as the prolonged shuttering was bankrupting them.
    That small businesses always ape the large ones is nothing new. If the megacorps claim to have a “diversity initiative” or “make a stand for trans rights” or have decided to “reduce plastic to save the oceans” for this Spring/Summer season, then Joe and Jane’s neighborhood boutique somehow must pretend to do the same and make noises in the same direction to stay relevant and in the happs. It’s cringe but we’re used to it. Still, the idea that they would expect their clientele to share in the panic as a matter of course was shocking.
    Equally as ominous was that corporate propaganda used to exist independently of official public policy. Even though they largely informed each other they were never in instantaneous unison. In the George Floyd case corporate marketing gave elected officials their marching orders. In the covid case it was corporate propaganda falling in line and amplifying the government’s message. This perfect adequation of messaging was eerie to watch.

    The second noticeable development is the complete disappearance of any distinction between a legal obligation, a suggestion and simple advice in the minds of both the public and the enforcers. “—Why do you care? It’s for your safety and that of others.” was the line shutting down any enquiry regarding distinctions between what was legally enforceable and what was merely counselled.

    We’re now being infantilized in an orchestrated manner instead of the mostly decentralized kindergarten we were used to.

    • Anon: Texas officially abolished mandated face masks months ago. Everyone at the gym even stopped wearing them, except for a few blacks and women. Yesterday I got my first mani/pedi in about 18 months. The Asian proprietress, although masked, made no comment about my aggressively bare face. But I was the only woman in there, employee or customer, who was maskless.

      It’s the modern security blanket. The same way so many women make a fetish about breast feeding toddlers or one sees 4 year olds walking around in public with a pacifier forever in their mouths. Or why women refuse to cut their little boys’ hair until it’s past their shoulders (I cut my older son’s curls at age one because everyone asked if he was a girl). Eternal infancy. Enforced helplessness. A feeble, dying society.

      • But the young kids! The 20 somethings are so committed to the masks!

        In the red state in which I live, no one is wearing masks anymore except the people on Social Security and the 20 somethings!

        For all my life I’ve heard about “youthful rebellion.” Sorry, I don’t see any evidence of that.

        “Kids these days!” No one is more comformist, I’m sorry.

      • 3g4me, this week I had to puppy-sit the daughter’s dog while she and new husband took their belated honeymoon. This dog is a female and whenever I approached her in less than a conciliatory manner, rolled on it’s back and pissed in the air.

        I tend to look a mask wearing like that. A great show of authority deference to a societal norm—meaningless and messy.

    • Jeebus. This must be the100th time I’ve heard to top of the hour ‘news’ that “most of the new cases /hospitalizations are amongst the unvaccinated”.

      That is the EXACT GODDAM OPPOSITE of what the charts show.
      Wherever they have a big vaxx push is where the “case”/ hospitalization rate goes vertical.

      My apologies to our host, as his excellent post today is about feminine synchronization-

      for example, the matriarchal Corporate State saying scary girly sh*t that is the exact opposite of true, so they can feel empowered by powerlessness, and force the rest of us to go along.

      • New cases will always be primarily among the unvaxxed because the CDC ordered that PCR tests shall have their sensitivity lowered by a factor of about a thousand for the vaxxed.

        Their thumbs are officially on the scale.

        • Yup. Biden gets in, the CDC lowers the PCR cycles from 45 to 28, and voila! plunging “case” counts. This is the moment the seas slow their rise…

      • So if the new cases are the great unvaxxed, why do the anointed vaxxed care? Just LUTFA.

        • Exactly. The unvaxxed are acquiring immunity the natural way, and the vaxxed are safe. What’s the problem? The response I get to that from the vaxxed is: “Well, I can still get it, but it won’t be as severe, so you should get vaxxed.” So if I spread it to you, it will be a mild cold or flu, and you will have even more future immunity? That ends the exchange.

          • DLS, I know you know this (summoning up my inner Dick Chaney), but perhaps some others don’t.

            There is no evidence that Covid-19 immunity after exposure to Covid-19–like in recovering from a bout of the disease—produces any less “immunity” from future exposure than the “jab”. Nor has it been shown that the immunity one derives is of shorter term than one might expect from the “jab”.

            There is however, mounting evidence of potential side effects of the current technology for “vaccination”.

            As I’ve stated before, decision is a matter of risk analysis and personal. I’ve had COVID-19 and it was no more than a mild cold—for me anyway. Even being old, I recovered before I even got the test results back!

            Why in the world would I risk destroying my innate immune response to prevent a disease I successfully overcame once. And of course, why would I not expect to be similarly fortunate the next COVID variant I contract?

            However, should my next encounter with Covid-19 come a cropper, I’ll post something from my hospital bed and you can adjust your outlooks accordingly. 😉

    • The reason for the eerie coordination is: Threat of lawsuits. Once the CDC has put out its recommendations, all businesses must comply with ALL of it – or they are vulnerable.

      If a business decided to say “fuck it, forget the masks,” then the very next time one of their employees came down with COVID, the business would implode under an avalanche of lawsuits for “unsafe work environment.”

      If the business is carefully following absolutely everything the CDC says, then they don’t have any liability. Any problems or questions? Go take it up with the CDC, this stuff wasn’t my idea.

      Also, management has to (internally) look like they are enthusiastic about all the anti-COVID measures. If execs roll their eyes on Zoom calls when COVID safety is discussed, the Zoom recording will soon appear on black Twitter along with breathless outrage and calls for the execs to be fired for not taking employee safety seriously.

      Businesses are held hostage on this stuff, both by small-hat lawyers and their own employees. Yes, I agree there’s a lot of true believers, but you mostly won’t be able to tell the true believers from the reluctant compliers.

      • By that same logic, companies are opening themselves up to lawsuits if they mandate experimental vaccines for their employees and there are adverse reactions. But seeing that the sniveling traitor Kavanaugh just extended the CDC power to govern landlord/tenant contracts, I’m sure the judicial tyranny will shut down the adverse reaction lawsuits.

    • Our embassies “were authorized”* to fly the BLM flag on the anniversary of St. George’s martyrdom (May 25). If this doesn’t represent the taking over of institutions, I’m not sure what does.

      *While I don’t have statistics on how many did so, anyone with a passing knowledge of how government works can translate “were authorized” to mean “do this if you value your career.”

    • The Chains bought in because they would be deemed “necessary” and watch their last remaining competition/public option squashed.
      Win/win for them. Juice the stock. More buybacks. The already rich become rich beyond their wildest dreams.

  28. i don’t see any difference between politics & corporations, they’re the same people, the same agenda, there’s no headbutting, it’s a perfect cooperation. BlackRock employees get hired by states, then after a couple of years they return to their masters. You get the usual suspects playing both sides, republicans pretend they’re opposition when a few of their senators talk shit about fauci & china(the establishment needs some scapegoats), it’s just a bunch of kabbalistic bullcrap meant to distract the common people while they pillage the west.

    • We forgive the Founders for not foreseeing this. Those guys had balls bigger than my cranium.

      But going forward, what can we about no “difference between politics & corporations?”

      I want to promote small government but honestly, small government only appeals to a very small number of whites and no one else.

      My admittedly simple minded answer is to explicitly state that the purpose of the state is to promote the flourishing of white families and nothing that contradicts this can be law.

      Any better ideas?

      • That requires power first.

        That’s not a better idea.
        Its the absolute sine non qua.

  29. Perhaps the fatal flaw of the evolution of intelligence is terminal narcissism. Once a species becomes self-aware it inevitably becomes self-obsessed. Even my writing these words: am I doing it for you to inform, or for me to stroke my ego.

    The answer to the Fermi Paradox is no intelligent species can stop looking at itself in the mirror long enough to move out into space.

    • Not the first time your thoughts have been made—but not in this forum to my knowledge. What you touch on is strikingly similar to Dutton’s recent commentary upon polarization in MSM and academia. Ego stroking taking back stage to information seeking/dissemination.

      The thought has crossed my mind in my postings more than once.

      • “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…”

        Hey Lady, your peasants are starving this winter, did you ever notice?

  30. I saw it all the time with college kids. Supposedly natural rebels, they’re now the most passive aggressive little conformists on the planet. That’s what told me I was dead wrong about Covid. Even 20 years ago, it would have been unenforceable on campus. Kids would have found inventive new ways to shotgun beers with their mandatory masks — not for any ideological reason, but just on general principles. Threaten them, and you’d see a whole bunch of masks being worn as do-rags, chin straps, and codpieces. And so on, because that’s just what kids do…

    Or, at least, that’s what they did. Now they’re all junior kommissars. They can’t wait to dime each other to the Thought Police. They love having “h8rz” on social media – that proves how special and fascinating they are – but any wrongthink and they’ll cheerfully burn you at the stake. That’s the future – imagine a teenage Mean Girl twerking on a human face, forever.

    • Kids are still rebellious, that has not changed. Kids still want to be hip, with it, anti social, transgressive. They are now just pushing the envelop.

      To be rebellious used to mean marijuana, bell bottoms, and rock & roll music. Squaresville. Now it means masks, looting, rap, black idolatry, and the war on bad whites.

      • Except that your second list is *exactly* the ideological program the corporate squares are pushing.

        Nothing hip or youthful about that.

        • That’s exactly it. It’s surreal: “This riot brought to you by Apple. Apple — the choice of Junior Volunteer Thought Police Everywhere.” And be sure to get your authentic North Face riot parka, hitting stores fall 2021.

      • I note there was a “news” report on an airline flight yesterday having to be cancelled and a large group of High Schoolers tossed off for refusal to wear “the mask”. This was some sort of school organized trip and given the large number of students seemed pre-planned as masks must have been wore to even gain access to the airport. Oddly enough the news report said that no charges had been brought by FAA.

        • Thanks for the tip. I checked and the protest was probably not pre-planned. It came after two hours of mechanical-repair delay, during which the air conditioning was off and the cabin became uncomfortably hot.

          The plane was bound for the Bahamas so I can’t see the kids defying mask protocols just for giggles. Not when it would delay their vacation rather than prolong it. But it does suggest that the kids have parents powerful/wealthy enough that the FAA didn’t want to charge them.

          • Even in our loony tunes world, I can’t see Federal charges of “interfering with a flight” in such a case by a 17-year-old getting very far in court. Even Kangaroos have their limits 🤪

      • I watched the movie “Dazed and Confused” over the weekend. Wasn’t born yet but assuming it’s accurate – what a world we lost!

        • I grew up in the 80s and that world still existed in almost its entirety. Of everything that happened in that movie, I have memories of a very similar experience/event in my life.

    • I’m really glad to read that, to the extent that I’m not the only one who’s observed how *compliant* this current crop of college kids is. My step-daughter is 21 and recently told me (seriously) that she hadn’t drank any beer in college bc she wasn’t yet 21. She and her friends wear their masks All The Time. It’s depressing.

      • A lot of kids today just turning 16 aren’t even in a hurry to get their drivers license. Back in the day, almost every kid took the drivers test right on their 16th birthday.

        I remember thinking about whether a communist regime could take over back when I was a young man, in the 80’s. I thought of all those rebellious heavy-metal rock and roll badass fans and thought, “no way.” Now it’s Soyboy Central, and that’s a problem.

        • When I started teaching, many decades ago, being the low man on the totem pole I got assigned the early morning freshman sections. Often I’d come in and the classroom lights wouldn’t be on, so I’d make some crack about “sitting in the dark, eh? You all must be hung over.”

          It wasn’t a very funny joke, but it got a few laughs, because a lot of them obviously *were* hung over. A decade later, and I didn’t even get a courtesy chuckle. A few years after that, and more than a few kids started looking at me with outright horror: “OMG, did he just imply that we were drinking???”

          It’s bizarre. They’re all on every benzo and SSRI known to man — Student Health hands them out like candy — but jokes about underage drinking are hate crimes. I could tell all of them they need to explore deviant sexualities and think about “transitioning” and the most I’d get is a bored “will this be on the test?,” but joke that they should go crack a Coors after class and they’re practically ratting me out to the dean. It was bizarre… and this was years ago. I can’t even imagine what it’s like now.

        • I remember thinking about whether a communist regime could take over back when I was a young man, in the 80’s. I thought of all those rebellious heavy-metal rock and roll badass fans and thought, “no way.” Now it’s Soyboy Central, and that’s a problem.

          Do you have any idea how much p00ntang a White chad can score in an environment with ZERO competition because all of his classmates are incels?

          We’re talking the Emperor’s Walled City filled a thousand virgins at his beck & call.

          Hello neo-polygamy.

  31. I got two robocalls yesterday, they were both from Rachel. It was a man’s voice, said its name is Rachel. Even the robots are transgender now. What is the point of that? Seriously what’s the point?

    Might be a good time to revisit George Lucas’s first movie THX-1138.

    • “What is the point of that? Seriously what’s the point?”

      To rub your face in it. To give it a good, long, automated rub.

      That said, what’s more enraging: tranny robot calls or ‘Michael’ from Bangalore calling and telling you that Microsoft knows your iPad is broken, and can fix it for you.

      It’s all so tiresome. I have been using this phrase a lot lately…

      • Orange Frog: Re face rubbing, good and hard (i.e. enforced infantilization and passivity): The surprisingly muscled and fit Asian male in the gym the other day, sporting a long, blonde ponytail and lip-synching and hip gyrating around the place to whatever music it was listening to. Demanding notice and daring anyone to make any verbal or even non-verbal protest.

        • It’s every difficult to spend any time around the average “Asian” and not come to the conclusion that beneath the various masks they all wear, there’s no actual there there.

    • No kidding. Saw some LGBTQ%@… ranting the other day that refusal to date trannies was a mortal sin of bigotry and hate.

      • So many haters. This individual should come to my neck of the woods. Here, in a desperate attempt to crush hatred and bigotry, the council have painted the road markings for our crossing points in the colours of one of the alphabet people’s flags. It’s not the usual one, but when I saw it I thought “Yeah, that’s for an alphabet person”.

        You see, all the haters in the world can’t un-paint those road markings, that’s what real acceptance – and love – is.

        It’s all so tiresome.

        • Get creative with aircraft paint stripper, small hole in your floorboard easily repaired.
          Monkey wrench hate. Lol.

      • MIC corporations are rolling out, “Allyship,” programs based on race, gender, and orientation.

        Just look at Raytheon’s new demand that employees sign a woke pledge.

        How long until you need to have 57 genders and orientations as, “allies,” the corp can verify through your social media to stay employed?

        How long until you need to confirm regular participation in deviant behavior with those, “allies,” to HR to stay employed?

        I hate this timeline.

      • You got to love the delusional narcissistic ignorance of those trannies—assuming they even believe what they are saying and not just virtue signaling to increase their victim status. Yet to my knowledge, no interviewer has asked the essential question of on of these delusional people, “what is the purpose of dating”.

        Dating is to find a life mate with which to procreate and raise offspring. Difficult to pass on your genes with a sterile “mate”—and barring that, I’m not into anal sex either.

        • Serious question: Do male trannies like Bruce Jenner date other men and become receivers? If so, they are just the woman in a gay relationship, but in a dress? Never mind, I’m not sure I want to know.

    • Turns out Cherry 2000 was actually a positive vision for the future. Who’d a-thunk it?

    • I dimly recall it from a late-night TV rerun. If you want to see a real bomb, find (rather, avoid if at all possible) Spielberg’s made-for-TV “Duel” (1971), not his first production, but seems, first feature-length production.

  32. The social media censorship phenomenon has an obvious explanation: Youtube, Facebook etc. are advertising media. They censor because their corporate advertising customers insist upon a “clean” medium through which to advertise their products. Corporations don’t want their deodorant ad next to Nick Fuentes’ video, or whatever….

    This is the “marketplace in action” (lol, trademarked by the Koch Foundation or David French): advertising is more important than free speech to our Corporate Overlords. In fact, advertising is possibly the only speech with which they are even remotely concerned.

    The limited liability, anonymous corporate form was invented to promote societal interests. We now have this upside-down; society exists to promote corporate interests. A pillar of the DR platform should be to limit the extent and purposes of the corporate form in a future rebuilt society.

    • Yes, I suspect that in these cases you’re right. It’s also why it is important to actually take stock of all the services you use, as well as the things you consume. It’s hard to boot stuff from your life, but I have personally found there is much that can be shed.

      Effectively, for any serious dissident, these corporations are a cancer to be removed. Even if it means you can’t have a Coke (Anti-white) anymore. Perhaps this is the next step from seceding mentally, and the step before real-life community building. But they’re a cancer to be sure.

      • Yeah until “my wife…on facebook…” and “my daughter…on her instagram…” are unheard of on our side all the pointing and shrieking over censorship, financialization, badcorp and badgov holding hands etc are pointless.

        The gynocracy globocorp of the custodial state happened while men watched in the corner while the bull serviced his wife, groomed his daughter, and gelded his son.

        The cucking at the kitchen table is where it begins and ends – and so must begin again. As long as the smallest form of politics is inverted, there is no hope for restoration.

        Our side seems forever chained to the diminishing utility of the product and services of our enemies. That utility also applying to social status being even more elastic than “free” next day delivery from Jeff.

        • “The cucking at the kitchen table is where it begins and ends – and so must begin again. As long as the smallest form of politics is inverted, there is no hope for restoration. ”

          This is a quote that I shall use, if you don’t mind. Very true. Family is the core. Blood and extended clan the answer – well, part of it.

      • The problem is that the corporations are so large as to be all inclusive in the average person’s life. If one gets down to the specifics of “boycotting”, then you wind up in a cave—or at best living like the Amish.

        Some people can do this, most not.

        • Compsci: Total separation from Corporatism is extraordinarily difficult, as you note. But Screwtape’s wisdom is timeless – men MUST resume family leadership. And do this knowing they then run the risk of losing that family. Young daughters need the guidance and loving limits of a father (you don’t date non-Whites, you don’t do social media, etc.). Wives must have the whip taken from their hands and learn to love, honor, and obey.
          We all do what we can re consumer purchases, avoiding those companies and stores we can and where it bothers us the most (I don’t buy rapefugee yoghurt, I haven’t shopped at Target in years, etc.). We do this not in the expectation that our individual acts of defiance will economically harm any given corporation, but that they will help solidify our will to defiance and accustom ourselves to lives outside of the hive.

          • When I got married, my wife and I wrote our own vows. I made sure that she pledged to “love, honor, and obey” instead of substituting “cherish” at the end. I could see my sister’s eyebrows raise at that moment. I just turned 50 and I remember “obey” being the default vow, but can’t remember exactly when it went out of style.

          • 3g4me, yes definitely well spoken. Screwtape’s wise words are not meant to be denigrated. My poor response lacks specificity, so I add this here.

      • Yes to those. Thus the rationale for at least some services to be paid by subscription. For example this site. Z does advertise but it’s very low-key. I’m unlikely to buy these products. I am a paying sub for value received.

  33. During this last winter of dire panic I noticed, almost every day, the “Mask-a-Boob” family parading down my residential street. The young husband and wife are both about the same height, and build: middling short, and pear shaped. The whole clan, husband, wife, two grade-school kids, and one in a stroller, are all masked up like zombies. I was out watering the lawn, the other day, when I saw them marching past. Since the mandate expired, they have become bold enough to wear their muzzles on the chin so that they can breathe real air. But as they drew close to my yard, the husband spotted me all maskless, and gave the command to his troops, “SHIELDS UP!” And his little star troopers quickly obeyed.
    Thank God for what little self control I am capable of.
    I was seriously thinkin’, “It gets the hose…”


    • They love the mask, they want the mask, they want to wear it forever. Come fall, with cold and flu season, mask mandates are going to come right back and that percentage of the population is primed and ready to go and is going to be happy to be a civilian Gestapo. I think last year is going to look like a cakewalk compared to what’s coming. Someone I know was told by her cardiologist that she can’t come and see him in person until she gets the vaccine. How is this not illegal? But I would imagine the FDA is going to approve by fall. Things are getting manifestly evil

      • They’re already starting to ramp up the fear mongering with the dreaded “delta variant” or lambda or whatever. Just as things seem to be getting back to a semblance of normalcy. Of course there are still plenty of mask tards and always will be no matter what. I guess it depends now on how the majority react to this next round of bulls***. If they fall for it again and allow corporations to force it down their throats, we can pretty much kiss it goodbye. This BS has got to end.

      • But I would imagine the FDA is going to approve by fall

        The official clinical trials are supposed to be finished by the end of 2022 / early 2023. If the FDA approves before that date, it will mean that they have given up the last pretense of following any rules, besides arbitrary orders from their corporate masters.

        • Clinical trials?

          The Pentagon has announced mandatory come September.

          Remember drug testing? First it was the military. Then, essential transport workers only… then…

          If your bladder isn’t private property not subject to fishing expeditions, why should anything else be?

        • Totally agree. Here’s a link to an Epoch Times interview with Dr. Robert Malone, involved in the invention of the mRNA vaccines. It’s a good interview. A bit long. One of the most telling points to me is his saying the medical establishment (WHO, CDC, etc.) is already very close to losing all credibility due to censorship, gaslighting, etc re:
          1. Ivermectin (and other “banned” treatments)
          2. The risks and rewards of the jabs (primarily, lack of fully informed consent due to the experimental nature of the treatments);
          3. The (former?) denial that the virus could have come from the lab;

          I can’t speak for everyone, but the events of the past nineteen months have pretty much destroyed my faith in the medical profession. I will still use doctors, but only with the utmost wariness.

          • I can’t speak for everyone, but the events of the past nineteen months have pretty much destroyed my faith in the medical profession.

            There’s a silver lining in every cloud.

            Like I say about Trump – he did about as much as could possibly have been expected of a Boomer Civnat – and my God what a beautiful thing he did.

            Thanks to Trump, we now know the TRUTH, we know the ENEMY, and we know precisely what will need to be done.

            Furthermore, COVID has taught us that finding an Old School [Pro-Life] doctor is maybe the second most important thing you can do in this life [after finding a wife who won’t cuckold you].

    • I have to admit, I’ve found myself taking a sour but real joy in screwing with those types. I’ll be in the same aisle with one in the store, and suddenly I’ll find whatever product they’re looking at to be irresistibly fascinating. “Oh, have you used that before? My regular brand is Brawndo, but I’ve heard great things about this brand. Tell me all about it.” All the while inching into their personal space like an Arabian rug merchant. My goal is to eventually chase one all the way down an aisle and into the crosswalk.

      • When you happen to get change for a cash purchase, rare as that might be, demand from the cashier that you be shown evidence that the coins and bills have been effectively sanitized.

        • I’m increasingly dismayed by the lack of ability to make change. If I ring up at $16.24 and I give the cashier $21.25, I’m often informed that I’ve made a mistake and they try to give me the dollar bill back. I can only imagine if we used the pre-decimal British coinage system.

          • That’s depressing. I was a cashier in college (1980s), and it was simple. Start with the $16.24 and count up to whatever the customer gave you. So take out a penny and add a five spot. Easy peasy. About two seconds in, I would think, “Oh, I see what you did.”

          • Our problem today may no longer be illiteracy, but it certainly is innumeracy. The daily coof scare stats are the most damning evidence of this. ‘They said 2% of covid deaths are under 50 years old. That means I, at 42 years of age, have a 2% chance of dying. Too risky! See you in the basement and don’t forget your mask.’

            Similar $16 gas bill scenario happened to my father in a Vermont town. College boy at the cash, dad gives him a double sawbuck and a dollar. Joe College returns $3. Dad: I didn’t give you a dollar to add to my debt, but to reduce it. You owe me $2. Joe College reluctantly gives another $2. Still scratching his head behind the till as we drive off. Dad could have told him you owe me $10 and the guy would have obliged with equal confusion.

  34. Now Abidin’ is talking about government officials going door-to-door to promote the “vaccines.”

    Needless to say, I checked to see if my state is a Castle Doctrine one.

    • I’ve got a big ass Rebel flag hanging on my front porch. We’ll see if Dementia Joe’s Health Gestapo wants to knock on my door…

    • Given Zman’s musings on the declining effectiveness of our “elites”, Millions, no, Billions of dollars will be spent and not one single door will be knocked. It’ll be a flourish of hiring for no show, no work jobs while our cell phones get spammed with reminders programmed and sent by H-1B contractors.

      From my old home state of Silly-nois, $230 mil for “Contact Tracing” and Goodness Knows where the money went:

      I mean, it’s not like it’s THEIR money, right?

      • Around here it will be like Dr Seuss’s “Bee Watcher Watchers”. 5 door knockers, 1 supervisor, 1 supervisor supervisor for every 5 supervisors and so on for 4 or 5 layers.

      • One small saving grace of our new gyno-communism is that all pretense of productivity has vanished in the new make-work jobs. Eventually the government-corpocracy will be so huge and larded with useless carbon blobs that it will get nothing done at all.

        Virtue signalling on FB and Instawhore, turning in your neighbors for not wearing the required number of masks, figuring out what the latest “correct” QWERTY term is for people who get off on wearing space suits and going to no-contact orgies… It’s all ultimately too much work. America may yet be saved by the sheer power of human laziness.

    • This will give modern day Americans some idea of what post Civil War Southerns felt like living with the carpet baggers. In the areas with the lowest vaccination rates there is no way they will find local people willing to go around knocking on doors to ask people to get vaccinated. They will be forced to ship in zealots from big cities and/or New England to do this job. You can imagine how that is going to go over in rural Missouri.

      • Love seeing Southeast Missouri on that nyt vaccination tracker. It’s like 20% vaccinated. Mostly whites too. Other states like Mississippi are lower because rural blacks are too ignorant/isolated to get vaccinated. With whites, it’s defiance.

        • They are getting real close to calling these areas “pockets of resistance”. Almost as if there is a war going on.

          Expect the “dangerous variants” to find their origins and super-spready ways in these pockets.

          For now they seem content to condition the drones to the disquieting hum of dissonance that their vax protects them (so get the vax!) but also that these variants may just slip through, so these pockets of badwhites are a threat to our democracy. Wait, i mean health. Not who we are. Where am I?

        • I only disagree on the “too ignorant /isolated’ part.

          They know that this is some mighty bad white juju, and want nothing to do with it.

      • There’s a lot of former America that is getting Reconstructed these days, in myriad ways. Same enemy, same tactics.

        At least the South had the excuse of being under imperial colonial military occupation. Redemption will be much harder this time, I fear.

      • I’ve often driven through that part of MO, in recent years, enroute to Kansas City, and I scarcely feel welcome, and I’m White! 😀

    • The only folk in memory who have knocked on my door have been Jehovah Witnesses from the meeting hall down the road. Actually pleasant people.

      Once two females showed up. We spoke, but I would not let them in as wife was not home. This impressed them greatly. They left after a brief conversion and the next week brought their husbands with them. 😉

      • Long ago and a few girlfriends back, the Jehovahs would visit me, to the point I was on a first-name basis with one. I would at least chat with them, and say “You’ve got your work cut out for you, a Jew and an Atheist.”(Which was really true). Finally, it worked. They haven’t been back in many years.

        • Similar with me, but we *do* discuss scripture. They have an interesting take on what we (Christians) consider (complete) scripture. They investigate the history of the formation of the Church, specifically wrt “books/writings” that were rejected from the Cannon most all Christians now are raised with. I’ve always wondered what the heck was left out during the early formation of the Church.

          Now, you can say what you will wrt this practice, but it did produce the most engaging conversations I’ve had in my home, or for that matter any conversations, since I left the University.

          • Ben, btw, the best lesson/interpretation I’ve ever heard on the story of Job (my favorite book) came from a Rabbi. 😉

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