The New Religion

A common scene in the early medieval period was the whole village being rounded up and brought down to the nearest river to be baptized. Their lord had recently converted to the new religion, so his people would be converted. The primary vector for spreading the new religion was through the ruling class. Missionaries from the Church would meet with the local ruler and attempt to win him over. Maybe money would change hands or promises would be made for support against a rival.

It was not the only way the new religion spread, but it was essential that the rulers be converted if the new religion was going to make it. Read about the early days of Christianity in England and it does not sound very Christian. Monasteries were more like frat houses and the nunneries were their sororities. The Church looked past it because this was what was needed to keep the ruling class on board. They needed the rulers to impose the new faith on the people.

The most famous account we have is from the Venerable Bede, who tells us of the first meeting between St. Augustine and King Æthelberht of Kent. The king would not meet with him indoors, as he thought Augustine could be a sorcerer. The king did not convert to Christianity right away, but he did give Augustine freedom to preach and invited him to reside in Canterbury. The king’s wife was a Frank and probably a Christian already, so we see how women are always a potential exploit.

We seem to be experiencing something similar. Those medieval peasants must have thought the world was going mad at times. One day some men with weird haircuts show up and before long the lord is forcing them to be baptized in a new religion that makes no sense to them. Today the boss goes off to a conference and when he returns, he is babbling about white fragility and structural racism. The whole department is then marched off to be trained in how to hate their ancestors.

Of course, we do not have to go back to the sixth century for examples. It must have felt similar to the peasants of Russia when beady-eyed urbanites with foreign surnames arrived from the city saying that the landlord is dead, and they are now part of a Bolshevik Soviet. The whole language of life was changed in just one generation, which is what we are experiencing today. Our ancestors would be baffled by things like “systemic racism” and pronoun declarations.

The thing is, Christianity stuck around for a long time for two main reasons. One is it adapted to the people and culture. From the start, English Christianity was different from Frankish Christianity. Second, there was an inherent logic to Christianity that made it suitable as an organizing ethos for a people. If you followed the rules, you were just as likely to make it to heaven as everyone else who followed the rules. In other words, there was a limiting principle to keep fanaticism on a tight leash.

The new religion, like various forms of Marxism, is riddled with internal contradictions that inhibit social cohesion. It needs conflict or as the Marxists call it, perpetual revolution, in order to justify itself. Christianity was the lifelong search for God, while these secular faiths are the endless search for the Devil. Of course, these secular religions have no limiting principle. Every believer is in a race to see who can be the most fanatical in their devotion to the one true faith.

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  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Reductionism
  • 17:00: The Managerial Class
  • 32:00: The Tenets of The Faith
  • 57:00: Closing (Be Like Me)

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288 thoughts on “The New Religion

  1. And then in the same podcast “The New Religion” (July 9, 2021) you seem to suggest that humans evolved from apes in Africa – “the out of Africa hypothesis”. So you’re a materialist just like RamzPaul? At least you don’t say you’re a Christian. But how on Earth are we supposed to value the white race if we are really no more than sophisticated monkeys that came from the dark continent? Christian, pagan, or atheist, this is a ridiculous position to maintain. The science for Darwinism is ridiculous and the philosophy even worse. Natural selection occurs but fish do not become lizards, bears do not become whales, and apes certainly do not become humans. This is science fiction fantasy and I wish you and RamzPaul would snap out of it. RamzPaul calls himself a Christian, so the onus is on him.

  2. In your podcast from July 9, 2021, you mentioned that Christianity “started from the top and was imposed on the population”. This is incorrect. Constantine legalized Christianity in 313 – several centuries after Christ. Before this, the minority of Christians had suffered various persecutions. After 313, it took hundreds of years more for Europe to be converted. Some evidence of forced conversions yes, but not everywhere. The pagan system was so empty by that time, many people flocked to the new faith. Saying that Christianity started from Rome – I assume that’s what you meant – also completely ignores the other half of Christendom which was Byzantium. This was not a rigid top down control system, it was rule by patriarchs who consulted with each other. The patriarchs could be brought down by the common folk if they went against tradition, as happened when they tried to abolish icons.

    • “Novak Djokovic wins Wimbledon.
      Djokovic has now won 20 Grand Slam titles, equal with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in the all-time winners’ list.”

      Grand Slam titles are: Aussie, French, U.S. Opens, and Wimbledon. Each one is like a super bowl. They guy who ends up with the most, is considered the best of all time. Just like with an NFL team or quarterback.

      I’m glad. Joker’s been my favorite player going on 15 years now.

      The establishment elite loves Roger Federer. He’s a classy guy. He’s Swiss. He speaks well. I like him ok. He holds charity events at NY art galleries. Fully-in with high society. Has classic, elegant, beautiful tennis game. He truly is the greatest as far as athleticism…but he too often chokes. I had to abandon him a long time ago because I got so sick of it. Lost respect.

      Most tennis fans, upper middle class and higher, do not like AT ALL to see his Grand Slam record threatened. Especially by who they not-so-secretly see as a dirt-person in Djokovic. It’s up there with Babe Ruth fans being deeply disturbed by Hank Aaron surpassing his home run title in ’74. (With the tennis thing, it’s about class consciousness and who will represent the cocktail set as greatest of all time. Federer they hope. With baseball it was about race and more innocently a decades-long crown and legendary character in Babe Ruth).

      Djokovic is the outsider Serb. He’s gotten in trouble for making “anti-women” comments about equal tennis pay. And other Right-leaning comments. Also, he accidently beaned a woman linesman last year. She went down as if he threw a brick at her. His apology was good example of Eastern Euro / Serb blunt honesty. “It may happen again. I hope it doesn’t. I need to work on my anger”. He does have anger. He’s tough as sh*t. As tough as Connors or Rafael Nadal.

      Anyway, Federer has choked so many times that he really started to bug me. He should have 4 more Grand Slam titles (24) than he does…but for freezing up in big points or entire games.

      Djoker also has an original personality. Likes dancing to techno music like me. And actually has a sense of humor unlike most grim tennis champs.

      Not that I take it too seriously, but for an “anti-establishment” player, Djokovic should be our guy. I’d like to see The Cloud People get upset with their man Federer losing his crown to…to a dirty Serb of all people. As they surely think of it. Good.

      It’s going to be an interesting 5~ more years as 3 guys fight for the Grand Slam titles now in “the autumn of their years”.

      (For Grand Slam perspective: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic 20. Sampras had 14. Bjorn Borg 11. Jimmy Connors, Fred Perry, Agassi, Ken Rosewall, Ivan Lendl: 8. McEnroe 7. Tony Trabert 5. Stan Smith 2.) I grew up watching all these guys play in person.

      Except for Trabert, Rosewall and Perry, of course. (Sat next to Trabert at Davis Cup in Tampa. Dude was cool. Call a spade a spade Right winger. Didn’t take crap from the WTA. And one of the most perceptive tennis commentators ever.

      Trabert used to work the booth at the U.S. Open with Pat Summerall for CBS. I remember them arguing on air. Pat was a dry drunk in the booth, and very ornery. People forget this. He usually kept his cool, but Trabert being opinionated could rub him wrong. Summerall is a God, don’t get me wrong. He knew better than to pull any ornery crap on Madden for the NFL games. Madden was mean as hell Irish too. People don’t know this, but if you’re a longtime Raider fan you would.)

      Sniper takes out line judge.

      • I respect him but don’t like his play style.

        And I am an old one-hander backhander so seeing a two hander win all these tournaments is something like a challenge to my assumptions about life


        But for some reason Nadal as a two-hander doesn’t bother me as much

        • Falcone. Agree. I grew up one-handed backhand and forehand. Most boys, and all the girls, had the two-handed backhand because weak sissies. hah. My dad would rage like John Malcovich if our strokes weren’t perfect. You could hear him three quarters of a mile away. My older brothers never mentally recovered, no joke. He took it a bit easier on me.

          Anyway, yeah, so two-handed backhand was faggot blasphemy to him. And he didn’t allow the exaggerated gonzo top-spin like today’s guy’s do with their high-tech cannon racquets. He was old school. Played in U.S. Open as an amateur. Captain of tennis team at major university. I must admit, mastering the backhand is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in sports.

          I still haven’t gotten it down quite consistently. It’s no wonder that Federer…even having one of the top 3 greatest backhand ever, and THE most beautiful backhand ever…STILL bangs the ball off the racquet frame and into the crowd much of the time. And as I said early, usually at key, high pressure moments.

          Agree on your observation that Rafael Nadal’s two-handed backhand doesn’t annoy. The savage Spaniard could look badass riding a tricycle with training wheels.

    • This is for all of our Peeps chez Z, who are new to The Game, and who have little or no prior experience with Pattern Recognition.

      Check out the following official public relations article from the Royal Family, written as a tribute to the Duke of Kent, who has been handing out the Wimbledon trophies since 1969, and who will be retiring after Wimbledon this summer:

      “The Duke of Kent and Wimbledon, in photos”
      By Lydia Starbuck
      10th July 2021

      Now look very closely at the first two photographs chosen by “Royal Central” to be the leads in the essay.

      Notice a pattern there?

      This is clearly the work of what KingOfAllNads calls “gl0b0h0m0”, what Anonymous Conservative calls “Cabal”, and what VD calls the “Ticket Takers”.

      And in the bidness of Pattern Recognition, this is what we call a “cohenincidence” [not to be confused with a “coincidence”, which is precisely the antonym of “cohenincidence”].

      Of all the Wimbledon champions they could have chosen, from the last FIVE DECADES, “Royal Central” chose Billie Jean King & Arthur Ashe as the lead pictures for their tribute to the Prince of Kent.


      They’re just laughing at the Dirt People Breeders now, and, who knows, maybe they’ve always simply laughed at the Dirt People Breeders?

      Which, in turn, would force you to conclude that the ancient & most honorable tradition of Droit de Seigneur was not so much for the purpose of deflowering the lasses of the village, but rather for deflowering the lads.

      Recall that when the Frankfurt School ordered the House of Rothschild to order its MI6 subsidiary to liquidate Saint Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin, they chose the MI6 sodomite, Oswald Rayner, to “touch base” with his old BFF from Oxford, the royal sodomite Prince Felix Yusupov, in order to do the “dirty deed”.

      Saint Grigori, of course, had a documented history of speaking out publicly against the s0d0my being practiced in the seminaries of the Russian Orthodox church at that time.

      And a couple of days ago, VD had a forum piece titled, “The destruction of literature”, which linked to a MM essay, titled “The Stolen Century”.

      The tl;dr was that Ernest Hemingway had been surprisingly good friends with the s0d0mite s@tanist, Aleister Crowley, who, in turn, was an agent of MI6.

      I wonder if Queen Elizabeth was crying at the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh because he was the only man in the entire kingdom who was able to at least shield her [if not actually protect her] from all of this Evil?

      Meaning that for the first time in her life, the Queen was actually TERRIFIED?

  3. “Christianity was the lifelong search for God, while these secular faiths are the endless search for the Devil. Of course, these secular religions have no limiting principle. Every believer is in a race to see who can be the most fanatical in their devotion to the one true faith.”

    The reasons Christianity continues to persist are many, but IMO one of the primary ones is that *anyone who goes around sincerely doing their best to be selfless, charitable, forgiving, patient, kind, and longsuffering— as the New Testament commands believers to do— is going to do well in life*. Their neighbors are going to like them, and people will enjoy having them around; even those who don’t share their faith.

    That puts Christianity in a very different category from the new religion of egalitarian anti-racist wokeness; which as Z points out, is founded on hatred, division, accusation, and the endless seeking for heretics to persecute. Adherents are inherently *unlikeable* and unpleasant for unwoke people to be around.

    • Woke is like a highly bitchy version of Calvinism with a dose of JJeww spitefulness thrown in for good measure

      • a dose of JJeww spitefulness

        It turns out that right around the time the Sopranos premiered on HBO, in 1999, James Gandolfini’s wife bore him a son, named Michael.

        Fast forward a couple of decades, past James Gandolfini’s death in 2013, and suddenly little Michael is starting to bear an eery resemblance to his old man.

        So much so that David Chase was lured out of retirement to team up with a priestly caste Chosen, named Konner, in order to write & film the Young Adventures of Indiana Jones -er- Tony Soprano, replete with uncountable acts of underaged licentious & lascivious & felonious & murderous misdoings of ostensible minors [in the eyes of the law].

        The Many Saints of Newark
        Official Trailer

        This is why AT&T lusted after Time Warner so badly that they were willing to spin off Time Warner Cable [with a vastly better communications network infrastructure than AT&T] to podunk nobody, Spectrum Cable, in order to satisfy the anti-trust regulators.

        Because AT&T wanted in on the Adrenochrome.

        Poor Alexander Graham Bell must be rolling over in his grave.

  4. I misheard a line from song today. It would make a good Z post title. I seriously don’t know if I heard it right. But I heard it as this: “Victims of Savage Truth”

    I’ll try and find the whole song lyric tomorrow. How come everyone here goes to bed at 4pm?

  5. This podcast gave me new understanding. Thank you Zman.

    Here in South Africa this religion still runs strong amongst rich urban whites. Even as black nationalism rises and things fall apart. A key tenant of the faith is the belief that you will never be personally affected because of your divinity.

    • So much of this depends on rich women looking good. If they are ever made to look embarrassed and ugly, say beaten to a pulp by a mob, no one there to save them, and all of a sudden reality sets in, things will change on a dime — at least in America and Europe

  6. The Left knows the magical formula to turn the public into flock of birds. Z puts the approaches in either-or fashion. But I think it’s just one approach leading to another, i.e, Top-down directives, leading to near instinctual group signaling and group protection. They know the obstacle to their magic is a nationalistic dictatorship. So as we all know they push for democracy.

    The latest Zcast reminds me of an interview I saw last week with Lefty hawk Leon Wieseltier. Long-time editor of The New Republic. Foreign interviews are good because the interviewee will be more straightforward, and not couch his opinions in subtlety and PC complexity.

    From Ukrain crisis 2014. No need to watch all of it, unless you’re a glutton for bagel-hawk sophistry.

    4:55 to 5:40 Essentially tells us that Democracy is the only moral way. Russia has no right to do it any other way. Why? Because I used the golden word “pluralism”. It rhymes with “orgasm”. What kind of person would be against it? Russia is blocking us from weaseling our way in and working our magic. How dare they.

    And 21:00 to 22:00. The mask falls a bit and he puts it in frank societal brainwashing terms. Essentially, no one has a nation. Let the world in…to what you wrongly consider home. And we’ll work our magic from there. To make this easier for us…so it all appears organic, a people must first “acquire democratic psychological habits.”

    Funny aside. The pretty model interviewer, for Soros type Ukraine channel, introduces him with: “I’m very glad to present here, the editor of a very public magazine. Actually not only that; but a writer, critic, philosopher, and editor. All that, just in one person. Leon ummmm Wieseltier.” She’s never heard of him.

    Philosopher? Who sees Wieseltier as a philospher? I wonder who wrote that intro. If you know ol’ Leon like I do, he probably insisted on every word. I like how she takes him down a notch (as women will do when a man gets too full of himself) with, “All that, just in one person.” hehe. You go girl.

    • Dude wrote a book called “Against Identity”. What a prick.

      NYT: “Mr. Wieseltier often commented on what women wore to the office. Telling them that their dresses were not tight enough. One woman said he left a note on her desk thanking her for the miniskirt she wore to the office that day. She said she never wore a skirt to the office again.”

      ok, a prick with a sense of humor.

  7. Lincoln was a progressive, just like all good Republicans.

    The credo of all progressives is “we know better how you should live than you do yourself.”

    And if you don’t agree, we will destroy you.

    • James Henry Thornwell in the Southern Literary Messenger July 1851 (hat-tip Timothy Duskin in the Abbeville Institution):

      “The parties in this conflict are not merely Abolitionists and Slaveholders; they are Atheists, Socialists, Communists, Red Republicans, Jacobins on the one side, and the friends of order and regulated freedom on the other. In one word, the world is the battle ground, Christianity and Atheism the combatants, and the progress of humanity the stake. One party seems to regard society, with all its complicated interests, its divisions and subdivisions, as the machinery of man, which, as it has been invented and arranged by his ingenuity and skill, may be taken to pieces, reconstructed, altered or repaired, as experience shall indicate defects or confusion in the original plan. The other party beholds in it the ordinance of God; and contemplates ‘this little scene of human life’ as placed in the middle of a scheme, whose beginnings must be traced to the unfathomable depths of the past, and whose development and completion must be sought in the still more unfathomable depths of the future – a scheme, as Butler expresses it, ‘not fixed, but progressive, in every way incomprehensible;’ in which, consequently, irregularity is the confession of our ignorance, disorder the proof of our blindness, and with which it is as awful temerity to tamper as to sport with the name of God.”

  8. Congratulations to Nick Fuentes. I was never one his bandwagon. Particularly the trad-Cath stuff. But let me tell you, nothing brings be around into someone’s camp like the remarks on his twitter banning from that FUCKING PAJEET con artist Dinesh D’Souza and that little kike Shapiro.

  9. That mRNA vaccine is not a placebo.

    Its a killer.

    Do a search on duck duck with Brave, young people are dropping like flies.

    Get the vax, pay the tax.

    To the ferryman.

  10. A shout-out to Paintersforms for this:

    “Just think, the freshly-woke military is slowly coming home. They’ll need a new mission to justify their budget.”

    I See
    A Bad

    • The actual military- not seen on TV – has been exposed to this sort of propaganda for decades. Generally units filter this shit at every level. Its at worst another slide deck.

      The military function now is to be the Force in Being that has real limits facing Americans, as opposed to the Swalwell crowd.

      No one would dare give the orders , they’d be ignored at best, dead at worst.

      The real wild card is the Oath is no longer operative, that was to the Republic. They can’t really us the military, and foreign war not a wise idea either.

        • “No one would dare give the orders , they’d be ignored at best, dead at worst.”

          That’s just a cope. The Bolsheviks turned the Czar’s army against the people, and so can this CRT crowd turn the US military against White Caucasians. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t understand the American military: a majority of the officer core voted for Hillary Clinton; the joint chiefs spent years undermining Trump (sometimes for good reasons, sometimes not); West Point is basically a CRT indoctrination center now. When the time comes, they won’t be on your side. Anyone who resists in the military will get the punishment you describe.

          “Meanwhile, we await an enterprising colonel in charge of a combat unit…”

          I wouldn’t count on that:

          • I think you’re correct about the military not being turned on the people is a cope.

            It appears there are plenty of PC Bros out there and they are just fine with living and enforcing that worldview.

          • On balance though, proletarian revolution was probably a lot easier to sell to the troops (especially WWI Russian troops) than woke is to today’s American troops. I like it’s chances of failure, but it’s still a pretty unsettling prospect.

  11. Haiti — what’s the deal with that? Is it CIA again? It sort of smells like it. Is the idea to smash up Haiti so we can get a wave of Haitians into Florida and tip it blue? That will be fun, Cubans get along so well with Haitians. Its the only thing I can figure for now. That’s mostly because I can’t think of an idea so stupid and evil that the Regency has not already tried it.

    I mean, first prize is a plane ticket out of Haiti to Miami. Second prize is a plane ticket to Mexico City. Third Prize is President of Haiti.

    • Huh. Just in time for the scads of money that will pour into Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s district to prevent any more condos collapsing as if they were a controlled demolition.

        • Blog abuse alert!

          Now this is fun:
          (Comment from another blog)

          “In Cuba a therapy to treat small cell lung cancer has been developed and is coming on shore here for trial volunteers.
          Google Cimevax.”

          We’re not just gonna get Haitian voodoo, we’re getting I Am Legend zombisi too!

      • Not particularly well insured. My guess is the limit is off to rebuild to current standards. However land value has appreciated way above original. Hunch is once this gets out of litigation, property is sold, much larger building goes up. May sell into escrow pending settlement. But the litigation here will be epic.

    • We have the answers on Haiti;

      “ Haitian authorities have asked US military forces to help stabilize the country”

      Via msn news


  12. Most of the time when you mention its going to be a substandard show, I really like it. This was one of my favorites. Do more of this Z.

  13. If Custodial State isn’t catching on perhaps ‘Rubber Room State’ will.

    • Custodial is a stodgy old word. Also reminds people of the school janitor. The custodian of the toilets. Good luck with that one.

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  15. Whitney Webb’s latest is a tour de force illustrating how the Cloud People all travel in the same circles:

    It is also a terrifying expose of the transhumanist agenda that is facing mankind.

    My favorite section is the one that discusses their plans for treating human depression that interferes with work productivity via, “total surveillance.”

    We slaves are going to be happy, like it or not.

      • Ditto. I shun mainstream media and most of the internet news sites as well, but Whitney is the real deal when it comes to old school journalism. She lives in Chile with her husband and reports from the fringe, which is probably why she hasn’t been doxxed yet.

        • I agree. I hadn’t thought about but over on Sailer’s blog some-one mentioned female podcasters and it occurred to me that Webb is the only one I listen to.
          It seems to me that there’s no-one suffering from a shortage of female opinion.
          It’s about 6-8 k words a day from men v 18-20k from women.
          Whitney Webb is a treasure.

  16. I thought the suicide bomber is led to believe he gets an endless supply of virgins . That sounds like a personal motivation to some extent. I would entertain the assignment for a good nights sleep without getting up to pee every 2 hours.

    • And yet, as Ang1in has so doggedly documented, the Frankfurt School now pwns their semitic kissing cousins over in Riyadh.

      Saudi Arabia has Completely Abandoned Traditional Islam, Now Throwing Celebrity Rave Parties
      December 24, 2019
      Hoax Watch

      All shall bow down in obeisance to Neo-Khazaria.

      • Heh. Always did. It wasn’t a treacherous epileptic who created Islam to kill off the Mideast Christian majority, and the Gulf Royals are Donmeh from Thessalonia. (Other Donmeh attempted branches, such as the Turkish, didn’t make it.)

      • Don’t deceive yourself. The House of Saud hangs by a thread. First, there is disunity as dwindling resources has led MBS to hang his cousins upside down in the Marriott hotel a few years ago and subject them to torture until they coughed up their wealth. This has not been an acclaimed policy inside the extended royal family. Secondly he has purged many cousins from positions to install his own low-born loyalists. Third, he has largely failed to even maintain the social spending and handouts to the young mostly urban poor who have seen subsidies cut. Fourth, his military is incompetent and unmotivated. Fifth he is in a spat with Dubai over oil production levels (Dubai wants to exceed its quota). Sixth, there is no shortage of lean and hungry men who are fanatics, charismatic, and offer those outside a chance to be insiders.

  17. “The primary vector for spreading the new religion was through the ruling class.”

    I stopped at the third sentence, to interject:

    Lenin, Mao, Che, Ayers, AOC, that twat running Buying Lotsa Mansions: all were comfortably upper-middle class children.

    Will Dissidence be an appeal to moral populism or ambitious wannabes?
    I opt for the former, is there any way to reach the latter?

    Or, will we let the sociopaths have all the kids- it’s Nature’s way to reach the top of the branches, but then we’re reduced to being animals who tell shifting stories and nothing more.


    (Perhaps, yet, this is Creation’s way of segregating that tail of the animal curve and forcing the making of a moral class: the class that opened a gate to Heaven, the Seeding layer.

    I’d say let them fight their silly battles over transient things. Unfortunately, the WEF and their Masked legions put a whole new meaning to “the meek shall inherit the earth” .)

  18. Even extreme polarities on left and right of the ruling class argue over different degrees of the SAME shared values. Thus: “Democrats are the real racists”. So it IS possible to reduce the managerial hive-mind to a system of these shared values.

  19. Well it wasn’t a bad show, Z. It was perfect for me; I did a run of bullet casting in the shade of the tree while I listened to the podcast. Probably got enough done for the rest of the summer.

    Go easy on objectivists, they aren’t retards like, say, libertarians. They are quite correct when they say all wars are about money and power – sometimes, but very rarely sex, maybe. The moslem blowing himself up in a pizzeria may do so for islam and his 72 raisins…but for the mullahs and imams, the guy is just an expendable weapon and a means to an end.

  20. The Deep State doesn’t exist?
    My understanding, and granted I could be totally wrong, but my understanding is the Deep State is it’s the people who never go home. The upper management right under the appointees of the many agencies of the federal government. The lifelong “civil servants” and the lobbyists who live in DC and other people of this “managerial class.” Guys like former CIA director John Brennan who threaten people on Twitter. Or the federal prosecutors who selectively enforce the law and round up the Jan 6th crowd and stick them in solitary for trespassing.

    • I thought that was weird too. Zman seems he’ll bent on dismantling this “bourgeois objectivism” but he doesn’t make a convincing case. In fact he often lays out examples that make the opposite case. Powerful and influential people get together to extend and protect their power and influence. This is just a truism that can hardly be argued against.

      It’s also strange that in the long segment where he describes all the things in common you’ll find amongst the cloud people he never mentions early life. It’s almost startling he didn’t go there as Zman usually throws us noticers a bone. One could suspect that his project involves leading the right away from that subject but browsing the comments on any post will demonstrate that isn’t working and I don’t think Mr. ZBlogman is one to pursue a failing endeavor.

    • Pathetic. When Muellar was fronting for gangster Whitey Bulger, the state Senator’s brother, at least the guys in the office got real dames.

    • “On November 20, 2020, Bennett sent Plaintiff in a text message on her bureau-issued cell phone, a photograph with a rainbow-colored dildo between his legs” the suit states, adding that Veltri believed he was trying to confirm her sexuality due to the color of the sex toy. ”

      Really all you need to know. It perfectly captures the essence of clownworld.

  21. For a so-called nation of immigrants, notice how ZERO presidents come from the Ellis Island immigrant wave

    • Wasn’t Obutthole supposed to be a Kenyan or something? I heard he was an Oreo too so who knows. That guy and his boon came right outta the political woodpile, I suppose…

      • Barry was and is a Kenyan. His putative father ( You may recall Barry “wrote” a book about him) was born there and a glimpse at the Kenyan Constitution confirms that it confers citizenship upon their spawn with no other qualification.
        There is no provision for renunciation, at least there wasn’t when I looked at it in about 2006.

        At its core. this is what the whole “birther” thing was all about, somebody noticed this and the left deftly, as so often, spun it into something that could be described as a wild conspiracy.
        Barry was the first dual nationality President, afaik.

        • His grandma in Kenya claims to have the actual birth cert.
          Hawaii gave four (4) different excuses to why the originals were lost.

          Even the Kenyan hospital records were mere cover for failed infiltrator Obama Senior, for Agency spy games in Independence-Era Africa.

          Groomed by the Agency, in more sick ways than one.
          No wonder he hates America.

          Honestly, when I realized he was one of their ‘pizza kid’ assets, I see that terrified, lonely little face in the middle of the Agency’s Indonesian civil war, and my heart almost breaks.

          The “intelligence” agencies are f*cking monsters and rule the world. There’s our target, they must be destroyed.

          • (PS, I also agree he’s most likely Commie Frank’s kid, molested by him too for “access” by the Agency.)

      • When he first tried to become a politician he claimed to be Kenyan to win white women’s votes. They love them some safe “exotica.” This was the birth of Birtherism.

        Turns out, in Chicago that doesn’t work because the city’s full of unsafe non-exotic black people who hate Africans. So he rushed (ahem) to become merely black, to procure a cred-enhancing mega-black local Sanford Wife, etc.

        What’s true? Maybe none of his stories. He looks like his mother. Same boobs, even. Every black guy lighter than Clarence Thomas is a wigger anyway.

    • Well, Ellis Island didn’t open until 1892 but the Kennedy and Biden were, respectively, the descendants of an earlier wave of Irish immigrants.

  22. Z-man, good points, but let me add that Christianity offered real power advantages to the ruler and other real advantages to the peasants and lower ranked nobility.

    For the ruler, it gave a LITERATE class of clerks who could never, ever challenge for the throne, as they were monks. Monks were always up to something — brewing beer, making wool, that increased the prosperity of the kingdom. And being Christian, the King could ask the Pope to declare that other Christian Kings had to aid him in wars against Pagans. Who had no literate class and thus could never tell who owed the king how many sheep last year for tithing.

    For the nobility and peasants, Christianity was a general improvement. The local gods mostly became Saints, with the same feast days. Second and third sons of the nobility were not battling for the throne or inheritance, they became Archbishops and such, improving peace all around. Talented peasants could become monks and rise quite high, higher than under paganism. Christianity established order and limits on abuses of peasants and their animals.

    With wokism, the must crucial and able of the worker class is excluded from everything. There is a hard limit to what H1Bs and overseas contract remote workers can accomplish. There is nothing for White males in wokism, and their rebellion is guranteed. Moreover with wokism all former holidays, traditions, symbols, heroes, are thrown out for brand new ones that are repulsive. No White male really likes George Floyd much less respects him. All this does is crash society downwards. Destroying social cohesion in favor of rule of Kangz.

    If the Biden Regency really does escalate under Media pressure against Putin, we will see how that operates.

    • Christianity offered hope for the peasants and losers, even of only in the next life. Wokism doesn’t offer anyone hope. – just revenge for some.

      Christianity also set standards for the powerful. Which could be used to reign in their pest impulses. Wokism does no such thing.

    • Its interesting no one asks is Christianity true, but only, does it work… my stars

      • I consider ‘working’ a precondition to being true. Why would God bequeath to his children a set of rules to live by that would make likely their own eventual extinction?

        That is why I would prefer, if I had no other choice, Islam to white wokism. Islam is a complete and utter failure when it comes to advancing humanity (no matter what standard you use to measure whether something is an advance) but it works very well to perpetuate itself. Wokism is just slow motion civilizational extinction.

      • Its interesting no one asks is Christianity true, but only, does it work… my stars

        Muh brutha, you do realize that this is the JIDF we’re talking about here, right?

        Muh brutha?

      • The early Church fathers were quite worldly and “wise as serpents, and gentle as doves.” Simply proclaiming a faith as true does not work to gain converts. The lack of Christian assimilation among the English in North America by Indians vs. Catholic Spain in its possessions is startling. And like the Early Fathers, Catholic priests and monks sought a syncretic approach. Indians could keep their Goddesses, just surprise surprise as Gomer Pyle used to say, those Goddesses were actually Saints. And guess what, their feast days were the same exact days (more or less) as the Goddesses feast days! See how that works?
        Going from Paganism to Christianity was not an all/nothing proposition, and people could keep their folkways and symbols along the way. That’s why the much poorer West, post fall of the Empire in the West, which was also much more Pagan, converted fairly quickly save the Saxons (Charlemagne maybe killed 1 million of them in the Saxon War) and the Finns (there was a crusade there lasting until the late 1400s against their Pagan kingdoms).
        Again, I can’t stress this enough — literacy and thus competency was the key material advantage of Christians over illiterate Pagans.
        There is a notable example of a failed top down religious impulse. Ahkenaton, the monotheist Pharoah. Who after his death was reviled and all his monuments taken down as the Egyptians went back to their old ways. The woke religion works well for corporate advancement in the flock of the Managerial Class but it absolutely generates rebellion among everyone else.

        • Absolutely stellar, Whiskey. That’s what I gleaned from it too- that literacy was as powerful a leap as agriculture.

          Your exposition isn’t a mere semester in political and social science, heck, it’s a PhD.

          • Dang it, sorry, folks. I must add a big thumbs up for the mention of Ahkenaton, and the revolutionary chaos that Joseph’s people and their invention, monotheism, brought.

            Another item to be included with literacy and agriculture for its impact.

    • Almost feel bad for the Japs and the other USA aligned slants. While I don’t think they should be living amongst Europeans I still respect other high IQ populations.

      They have no idea what kind of effed up Globohomo is coming their way. What took 70 years to do in the West will happen overnight in East Asia.

      South Korea fertility rate will be 0.7 something children per women in 2021. Congo and Somalia are still producing a robust 6 children per woman though.

      • Taiwan has been pretty pozzed up for a while. They’re down with the whole alphabet soup thing.

        South Korea is getting the poz via K-pop, which has deep ties to pozzed Korean-Americans and the orange juice farmers. They have the casting couch stuff in that industry, just like in Hollyweird.

        Also note that the US embassy in SK began flying some of the largest alphabet soup and Burn, Loot, Murder flags of any US embassies.

        Things are slightly better in Japan, where their unique, much stronger and deeper culture (bushido, tea ceremony, geisha, samurai, ninja, anime, sumo, yazuka, Mt. Fuji, sushi, etc.) has held up far better against the GlobHom assault.

        Japan does have a serious demographic issue, but if any nation can save themselves via automation and robotics, it is the Japanese. They also need to get to work on domestic nuclear weapons and vertical farming.

        • Yeah I keep seeing on asian subreddits, they’re saying how K-Pops popularity in the West means they’re all gonna get a white girlfriend or something. In reality a) it’s still not happened outside of rare cases and b) in 20 years they just won’t exist anymore. Western living does immense damage on the East Asian psyche.

          Would be great if Japan holds out, but I fear that white (and black) emigration to Japan will increase as the west declines further and the importation of Globohomo is inevitable. Only white nationalists like Jared Taylor can assimilate there (LOL).

          China is the wild card. If they go full commie on birth rates they might be saved. (((They))) haven’t been able to subvert china like they thought and this seems to be a factor in the sudden anti china shift in western media.

          • Families in Taiwan went from having a half dozen kids to one or two in the space of a generation, and it happened without any prodding from tue State Planners. It was wholly by choice. They’ve taken some mild steps to stop the slide – register your new child in the hukou system and your local ward will hand you about a hundred bucks in cash – but nothing that will ultimately make a difference. The Chinese will follow that same example. They relaxed the One Child policy but no way is a princeling going to voluntarily divide the family fortune.

          • THE DON: Turns out Israel Tourism is considering becoming a client, and I’m having a hard time getting a handle on it.

            YENTA: And I’m the only j00 you know in New York City?

            THE DON: You’re my favorite…

            YENTA: Don, crack a book once in a while.

            THE DON: I have. It’s all sentimental World War Two trivia, ORANGES, kids in blue & white hats. They’re doing a movie of Exodus with Paul Newman…


      • I spend 5-9 hours a day with the Chinese. The women are all feminists. they want to work far more than they want to be mothers. Its pathetic. They are a pathetic people, they worship the West.

        • I wouldn’t call Chinese women feminists. The problem is neither are they the fictional shy, submissive, and feminine women White men with yellow fever imagine. Asian women, in general, are ruthlessly practical They will assess a man’s economic and social potential based on height, overall appearance, college attended, and just a bit on lineage. If they feel he will help them socially or financially, they will strive to match their behavior to said Western man’s expectations.
          They will also have a child as soon as possible to cement the union and ensure a long-term financial binding; they do this not merely in marriages but in affairs as well. Traditionally, Asian women handle the household finances and hold tight to the purse strings. It is also traditional, in most Asian cultures, for the mother-in-law to rule the roost (in many cases newlyweds reside with the groom’s parents). This tradition engenders a cyclic payback when Asian sons marry and their mothers extract belated revenge for the hell they submitted to. The ‘tiger mother’ syndrome is already well known, and it is no myth, at least regarding East Asians.
          All the above observations generally apply to Han Chinese from whatever nation, and Vietnamese. Koreans tend to be a bit bolder personality wise, and Thais are a wholly different set of strange.

          • lolz you know chinese women. Most ruthlessly practical creatures i’ve dealt with. I’ve had several chinese women graduate students. Maybe just the strivers that come over?

          • As the Playahz will tell you, “China Girl have cash register for soul.”

      • Austrailia. What’s gonna happen to Australia?

        I’m not gonna pull through, Blue;
        I’m not gonna pull through.
        I’m not gonna pull through, Blue,
        So this you gotta do …

        Tie me kangaroo down, sport
        Tie me kangaroo down.
        Tie me kangaroo down, sport
        Tie me kangaroo down.

        Watch me wallabies feed, Reed,
        Watch me wallabies feed.
        They’re a dangerous breed, Reed
        So, watch me wallabies feed.

        Let me wombats go loose, Bruce,
        Let me wombats go loose.
        They’re of no further use, Bruce.
        So let me wombats go lose.

        • I believe that the original lyrics of the last verse read:
          Let me abos [aborigenes] go loose, Bruce
          Let me abos go loose
          They’re of no further use, Bruce
          Let me abos go loose.L

          • No, it was this:

            Tan me hide when I die Clyde
            Tan me hide when I die

            So they tanned his hide when he’s dead Fred
            And that’s it hangin’ on the shed.

    • The new religion is all about inverting social reality. The program is to subvert through perversion, to transform through transgression, to alter through alterity, and to sow malfunction through dysfunction. All hinges upon heterology, which is the study and valorization of the Other. The enemy of the Other is the straight, white, Christian male, although all white people fall within the target zone.

  23. ZMan, your discussion of Reductionism was well thought out and appreciated. It reminded me of one of my favorite jokes that I tell my economist friends as frequently as I can.

    A physicist, a chemist and an economist were stranded on a deserted island after a ship wreck. A pallet of canned beans floated up to shore as part of the flotsam. The three began to discuss ways that they might open the cans to eat the beans while they awaited rescue.

    The physicist proposed that he climb one of the palm trees that lined the beach and hurl a can down onto the rocks below. “The impact will rupture the can and we can get to the beans,” he explained.

    “That is a good idea,” answered the chemist, “but it runs the risk of losing too many beans. I propose we build a fire and suspend a can over the flames. Internal pressures will build until such time that the can is ruptured and we can partake of the beans.”

    “That is still too messy a solution,” replied the economist. “I have a process whereby we can open each can and not lose a single bean.”

    The physicist and chemist were astounded, and replied, “really? that is great! what is your solution?”

    “Easy,” replied the economist. “First, assume we have a can opener…”

    • And then the physicist and chemist had an epiphany and proceeded to eat the economist with some fava beans & a nice Chianti.

      • We had a version of that joke about college majors back in the days. Why did the chicken cross the road? Each major had its own stereotypical answer, e.g. the Philosophy majors answered something about “how do we know there is a chicken?” The engineers’ answer was “First, assume a spherical chicken…”

  24. Enlightenment thinkers, perhaps the economists or philosophers of pragmatism, would have us believe that people always operate in their own self-interest. That sounds good. It is “rational.” As such. many sciences took it as a tenet. Economics, for example, studies the choices of countless individuals and tries to make predictions. They assume(d) agents always act rationally. Problem: people aren’t entirely rational. This encouraged investigations. Occasionally, odd results, like a psychologist winning a Nobel prize for Economics (Kahnemann for his research with Tversky).

    As such, I revise that wisdom as follows: “People act in what they THINK is their own self-interest.” I wish I could take credit for this insight but chances are I read it elsewhere. There really isn’t much new under the sun.

    See how well this new rule works: that Islamic man killing himself and random Jews, or perhaps heretic Muslims (they followed the wrong Imam) presumably is being suicidal because he truly believes that he’s going to end up in Islamic Heaven with the wine and women that his religion promises to warriors who die in battle. Of course, we can only make informed guesses as to his motives, we can only infer, from what is known of his background and behavior. This remains true even if he leaves behind a written statement.

    We underestimate the role that irrationality, madness, insanity, imagination, call it what you will, play in our civilization. These ideas permeate even the foundations of our philosophy. Plato valued the “real” world of intellect, of Forms (Ideas) over the “apparent” (the everyday, exterior world). Of course none of that is to deny that dreams, imagination, fantasy, fiction and the like don’t have a role in human existence. Of course they do. Those things add richness to life, and perhaps sometimes even utility. But to create an inner world to suit one’s own whims, label it the “Good” or the “True Reality”, while calling the “apparent” world, which many of us note is the real world, the physical universe, “evil” or even “illusion,” is bound to create all manner of conflicts. And so it has.

    I love your quote that in, say, economics, they often mistake the model for what is modeled. This malady is hardly limited to economics. Witness the current mess that is climate “science.” It’s fun to play with our models, since they are more malleable, unlike the reality they purport to emulate.

    Another key psychological point: your comments about Progressives preaching “diversity” yet they work and live in nearly-pure White environments. It’s called “hypocrisy.” This, too, is a nearly universal human failing. “Do as I say, not as I do.” Or looked at another way, isn’t this play-acting or make-believe, in so many words? Just like the way most people play at religion, they mouth the words, sing the songs, show up at communal gatherings and so on. But when it comes to actually practicing what they preach? Very rarely do the actions match the words.
    Like the joke (dating apparently to WW II years) of the mythical Wombat (not to be confused with real animal of same name) who, when cornered, accomplished the topological miracle of escaping by running away up his own rectum, humans have always had the problem of mixing up the world as they wish it to be with what it truly is.

    • “I love your quote that in, say, economics, they often mistake the model for what is modeled. This malady is hardly limited to economics. Witness the current mess that is climate “science.” It’s fun to play with our models, since they are more malleable, unlike the reality they purport to emulate. ”

      The Branch Covdians are a more pressing example of a Cult of Fallacy.

      • And the ultimate proof that people are something other than rational is the behavior of the modelers. That Neil Ferguson guy predicted something like five million deaths from COVID. He recommended draconian lockdowns. And then, not a week after this, he got busted for violating his own lockdown rules — which he said weren’t stringent enough!! — to go bang his side-piece…

        ….who was married…

        …to a guy that was in quarantine for a COVID exposure…

        …who was living with her.

        That alone should’ve ended the COVID panic, via a pitchfork-wielding mob, a lamppost, and some rope.

        • “And the ultimate proof that people are something other than rational is the behavior of the modelers. ”

          Ferguson was perfectly rational, he was just lying.

    • We run scenarios. Constantly, that’s what we do- even in our dreams.

      Even “God” is a model- a social probability model, a useful archetype, a Face people can understand as they try to order and predict their day.

    • As such, I revise that wisdom as follows: “People act in what they THINK is their own self-interest.”

      If the Frankfurt School has taught us poor stoopid mouth-breathing shkotzim anything whatsoever, it is that the Insula-dominant will act in whatever manner will maximize the Muh Feelz emanating from their Insulae.

      And that means fighting tooth & nail with one another to become the first to be canonized in whichever is the New Religion du jour that the Frankfurt School is pushing at any particular moment in time.

      To be supplanted the day-after-tomorrow with an entirely different & incongruent & disconsonant & utterly contradictory New New Religion du surlendemain.

      Red Brain, Blue Brain: Evaluative Processes Differ in Democrats and Republicans

      February 13, 2013

      “Democrats showed significantly greater activity in the left insula, while Republicans showed significantly greater activity in the right amygdala.”

  25. The conversion of the Saxon kings to Christianity was an interesting story. (From your recommendation, I listened to the British History Podcast, which is quite good though its creator is an SJW loon.)

    But as you note, Christianity stuck because it offered something for everyone and did push people to become better versions of themselves. But as you note, Wokism only benefits a few at the top, offers no salvation for whites and pushes people to become ever more insane.

    It’s simply not a religion that can last. The only thing holding it up is Goodwhites who haven’t caught on that there’s no such thing as “Goodwhites” in this religion. You’re seeing that now, as the circle of non-attacked whites gets smaller and smaller. (The Karen memes are explicitly anti-white. Amazingly, the Karens don’t understand that but as the attacks continue and get more pointed, they will.)

    Wokism is designed to burn out. As you say, there’s no limiting principle. It’s a car that can only accelerate. Sooner or later, it’ll crash. How long that will take and how much damage it will cause is hard to say, but it will crash – unless it can morph into a more mature religion.

    • Karen will never get it. Not even when the mob shows up with the rope. Karen is just the slightly older version of what I call the BCG, the Basic College Girl. The BCG can’t — simply can NOT — distinguish between Twitter and the real world. BCGs like having “h8rz” on social media, because that confirms how unique and special they are — if you’re h8ing on her, that means you’re thinking about her, and she’s not thinking about you, which means she wins. The “Karen” memes are just h8rz h8ing, which means the targets are actually proud of being targeted.

      • Severian: Add to that their utter solipsism – the h8rz are targeting those other White women, who aren’t as virtuous and don’t adhere as closely to Wokism’s tenets. Each BCG/Karen is absolutely certain she is a Goodwhite and legitimate POX ally, therefore the anti-White hate couldn’t possibly be directed towards her.

        I saw a young, slender, blonde coal burner in the gym this morning with her dindu. Her grandparents must be so proud.

      • Well, a lot of working class white women has gotten the message, but then, they didn’t go to college.

        But you’re likely right. I mentioned to a Karen that the Karen memes were anti-white and that white suburban women were next on the hit list. She just stared at me. She truly couldn’t comprehend what I was saying. She simply couldn’t conceive that she wasn’t a part of the good team.

        In the Karens’ defense, the media – chat shows, Netflix series geared toward white women, etc. – always show them on the side of angels and fully accepted by the program’s sainted non-whites. The only whites chastised on those shows are grown-up frat boy types, i.e. cocking white guy executives who belittle their much more competent blacks, brown, gay and women underlings, and rednecks (both men and women). Occasionally, a Goodwhite women catches a bit of grief for not listening enough to non-whites, but she acknowledges her sin – unlike those Badwhites who continue to be jerks even after being told how terrible they are – and is forgiven.

        The media is very careful to stroke the egos of white women, at least for now.

        And, yes, I know far too much about these shows. I don’t watch them, but they’re around my life so I catch glimpses of them. They’re astonishingly stupid, and I mean that literally. You will stare in disbelief at the writing and the lies. Marvel movies are more realistic. Yet, white women eat them up, which should tell us something.

        But there will come a time when the Left doesn’t need white women, just as there came a time when they didn’t need working class whites. That will be an interesting time.

        • Citizen of a Silly Country: In the Karens’ defense, the media – chat shows, Netflix series geared toward white women, etc. – always show them on the side of angels and fully accepted by the program’s sainted non-whites… The media is very careful to stroke the egos of white women, at least for now.

          Question #1: Why would the Frankfurt School target White women as the recipients of its propaganda in the first place?

          Question #2: When did the Frankfurt School ever NOT target White women as the recipients of its propaganda?

      • You ever dump/divorce a psycho? That’s what this reminds me of. If you survive with only your freedom and dignity, you’ve won. I wonder if it’s the only way to win, really.

        • Paintersforms: You ever dump/divorce a psycho? That’s what this reminds me of. If you survive with only your freedom and dignity, you’ve won. I wonder if it’s the only way to win, really.

          All women are psychos.

          The only order in their utterly primitive & carnal existence comes from being pregnant and pushing out live births.

          If your woman isn’t actively pregnant, and/or tending to her own toddler children, and/or tending to her toddler grandchildren [or greatgrandchildren], then her mind will quickly revert to a state of innate psychosis.

          Which means you have to keep your woman permanently pregnant, and your sons & sons-in-law must keep their wives in permanent pregnancy, and your grandsons & grandsons-in-law must keep their wives in permanent pregnancy, etc etc etc, else the entire system collapses, and all women revert to their innate psychosis.

          PRO-TIP: If you wanna get mischievous and liven up a dying marriage, then learn Dread Game.


    • Again, is Chirstianity true? Was there a guy named Jesus? Did he perform miracles? Did his apostles perform miracles? did he found a church?

      I don’t understand this focus on whether Christianity works or sticks outside that the claims are true.

      To me, boiling this down to somethign working or not or being popular or not, has brought us this current tyranny

  26. Don’t be alarmed by the faculty lounge and their Long March to burn it all down.
    The second Bolshevik Revolution in Chiquitastan will also result in a mountain of skulls and no utopia for the poor downtrodden Red Guards who are stopped from utopia by the whitey crackas and their capitalist pig imperialism.
    The comrades aren’t rated too big to fail and when their usefulness expires they will experience the equality of results for all firing squad wall.
    Luckily for the controllers the replacements aren’t all that smart and it never occurs to them that if whitey is thrown overboard then they will be as will.
    Manboons is not a learning animal and there is nothing new under the sun.

  27. Just think, the freshly-woke military is slowly coming home. They’ll need a new mission to justify their budget.

    The good news: the central tenet of this new religion is self destruction. To fight the zealots as if they intend to conquer is foolish. That’ll only make things worse. They want to be conquered.

    BECAUSE IT’S FEMININE. Pure chaos and head games. There’s a reason why the serpent chose to tempt Eve, a reason why Baphomet has tits (and a strap on).

    • The first apparent target of the woke military is their own. The purged might end up with a chip on their collective shoulders, to go along with all their training and experience.

        • In terms of the Oath we are already Ronin, and dishonored from above, by our Superiors.

          I don’t think many people, certainly the many cynics here appreciate the implications of destroying the Republic officially in January.

          Nor as many tell themselves is this about a paycheck, or this or that benefit. That might seem a motive from the outside but it is not true.

          Were there an alternative, if one arises the system will find itself alone. The alternative would have Legions.

          Moreover the test has yet to arise of the new, post Constitutional sworn to…nothing…military. I think the system will not like the results.

          They built the Green Zone in DC, I think they’ll find they have the Iraqi or Afghan army work ethic;

          Stand around- sure. Fight?


          Let them fight.
          Show us.

  28. Once our species acquired complex language skill, we used it to program our offspring postpartum, which is nurturing on steroids. Programming kids with hard-earned ancient wisdom helped them to survive & thrive. Religion, of all flavors, is an effective means of passing wisdom down to each succeeding generation because it affords uniformity of message, repetition into habit, and group reinforcement via the reward/stigma feedback mechanism.

    But this only “works” if the message is based upon ancient wisdom that evolved over time via the gauntlet of hard knocks in a local environment. Inventing a new religion that is not based upon local ancient wisdom is just throwing the dice and hoping for the best.

    Moral of this story. We are being lead by corrupt & incompetent egomaniacs (read Master Parasites) that exercise power solely to feed on an endless free lunch. If we allow that to continue, we become part of the problem and will have earned our fate.

  29. “Christianity was the lifelong search for God, while these secular faiths are the endless search for the Devil.”

    Eminently quotable

  30. I want the new religion to be about stopping immigration.

    How does that happen?

    Why is it that immigration has been so hard to stop? Only a small handful of countries have done so and only for a short period of time. Japan falters now, Israel falters now, Hungary and Poland are hanging on by a thread. The Western previously Anglo countries are on the edge of dissolution.

    Why is stopping immigration so hard?

    More importantly, what to do about it now?

    • I don’t know why either. I think as countries get wealthy people lose their zeal and instinctive guarding attitude towards their own “stuff”.

      From a financial perspective immigration offers massive gains. You basically take a person from India, drop them into San Francisco. Suddenly they buy a house and 1 million $ of “value” have been created. They are consoomers for life. It’s an illusion of basically infinite growth. For the people back home it means remittances. Basically welfare from white countries to poor ones.

      Wealthy countries also have overly generous social security but no enough children to pay for it. Immigration is a quick fix.

      Then of course there is the anti white perspective too. It dilutes the often volatile Western population with a compliant slave class. They won’t revolt. They don’t want to be sent home so they won’t cause trouble.

      Long term it is foolish and will result in Africa & India spread out across the whole planet. South Korea is still 99% Korean but their birth rates are shockingly low and will likely collapse in a few decades. Spain + Italy are almost as low and also face African migration – these countries are finished, sadly.

    • The only way to stop immigration is to create an ethnostate founded upon the idea of white homogeneity and exclusivity. This must be the very basis of the ethnostate.

      • This is a project we should start working on before it’s too late. Thankfully, I see that several prominent dissident right thinkers have recently come around to this concept. Separation is the only viable solution now.

        We can’t talk down PMC leftists because their beliefs are religious tenets, not the end product of logical reasoning. They’ll never be a moment when we can prove them wrong and change their minds because they associate their beliefs with being moral. Changing their minds means renouncing their faith and accepting the devil. They’ll never to that.

        And they’ll never be a time when we can make them stop by appealing to their own self-interest. That’s not how religious fanatics work. Feelings don’t care about your facts, and cults are all about how they make people feel and not how they make them think.

        Example: It was obvious very early on during the Soviet Union that Marxist economic policies were disastrous, but they kept going until famine was so widespread that their hold on power was being threatened. They let countless people starve, wrecked the industries, and ruined millions of lives in the mean time. That’s the power of cult thinking. The same people now run American society. You can’t appeal to their good sense because sense doesn’t motivate them. Their religious faith does.

        The far-left will do something like that here one day. Consider what they have already done and tell me when it stops. Black trans lives matter. BLM flags flown on our embassies. Critical Race Theory. Destroying our monuments like a conquering power. Mass censorship. Weaponizing the secret police against journalists. Pravdadizing the press. Jailing and torturing protestors. These things are just the beginning, and they are light years beyond where we were just twenty years ago. Do you think it will stop, really? How?

        Was it not obvious to us non-fanatics that defunding the police would end disastrously? The left missed something that obvious because they didn’t care, because that virtuous feeling of being warm and fuzzy on the inside easily trumped common sense, self-preservation, and societal concern. You can’t negotiate with people like that. They don’t care.

        Leftists will get ever more extreme until society collapses into an October Revolution and we end up like the Kulak masses — eliminated in a fit of madness. It’s time to separate.

        I’m hoping to see the day when Z opens up a weekend thread on the topic. I have several thoughts on the idea and how to make it happen that sadly have no place outside of my own blog, which I can’t really have without the risk of being doxxed by the government or their leftists proxies.

        An open weekend thread on the subject, announced in advance, would solicit lots of interesting commentary and new perspectives. So why not do it instead of the same old same old? I’m sensing the time may be right to discuss. Enough people are now blackpilled on the old order to make thinking about a new order palatable.

    • Uh… because the powers that be favor massive immigration, and The Great Replacement?

      Its policy.

      They’re doing it, not stopping it. They are stopping us, by drowning us in wogs.

  31. You know, every religious conversion in history has just about been basically a political scam forced upon the dirty people by their beautiful superiors. The beautiful people always made it clear, like everything else, that if you don’t do this, I’ll have you killed.

    Now the problem today is that our Elites and their Wokester coteries appear just as nasty as can be, but this time the filthy white people they’re tasked to lay low are armed to the teeth to the extent of 450 million to 600 million firearms, plus trillions of rounds of ammunition. Just how do people think this is all going to turn out?

    I love the industrial age we’ve been living in. It has made expensive items cheap and available to the dirty people. That has to do with what someone back in the 19th century, perhaps even the man himself, had to say by penning this little saying: “God made man both big and small, and Sam Colt made them all equal.”

    • I don’t know. The gun crowd hasn’t done anything yet. I love that American Whites have guns, but I wonder sometimes if it gives a false sense of security: We don’t have to fight all the little battles because we have guns.

      Maybe. But will people really start pushing back. What if the government just imposes a $500 a month fee on owning a gun? If you don’t pay it, you’re fired from your job and lose your bank account.

      Nobody comes to your door to take your gun. You just go broke. The power is shut off to your house. You wife leaves you. Etc. Who are you going to fight against in that situation?

      Again, I really like that we have guns, but I’m not so sure that they’re effective in this type of fight.

      • It must be comforting thought to the rulers that all these ‘white men with guns will do nothing’ because, erm, they’ve done nothing. The fear behind that thought is projected by how hard they’re coming down on the tourists that happened to wander into DC on 6 Jan.

        Problem is, based on your scenario, another saying might just kick in, “a cornered rat is a dangerous rat…” and that one just waits for the pressure, the heat getting higher … higher … to boil. Then, what was ‘not done’ in the past might be out the window as the rat bares its teeth.

        • Solzhenitsyn had it right when talked about what would have happened if when Soviet police went out to arrest people if they weren’t sure that they would come home.

          Those nice salaries, fringe benefits and pensions of the state security officers don’t mean much if you’re dead. But, of course, I’m only talking about a hideous regime like the Soviets, not our righteous government.

          • Other women may fantasize about marrying a wrinkled old millionaire or raking in the bucks by stripping on Only Fans. I dream of being reincarnated as the world’s first invisible never-misses sniper.

          • It’s worth keeping a copy around.
            I usually find it useful about once a year,

            And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling in terror
            at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand. The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst; the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!”
            – The Gulag Archipelago, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

          • Dang it. I can’t find the name of one of Russia’s most celebrated snipers, she never missed in a 20 year career.

            Perhaps, you’re already reincarnated…as an American drawn to Foreign Service…

        • Good post

          I think the short version is;

          When you give a man nothing to lose,
          He acts like he has nothing to lose.

      • I’d rather be a white population doing nothing – with guns – than a white population doing nothing – without guns.

        Drones and nukes are not useful in a guerilla warfare situation. Of course it’s entire possible that you’re right and they just ramp up the backdoor measures.

        One mistake they’ve made is excluding white males from the system though. If you’re a lower class or unattractive white male today you’re basically screwed for life anyways, so does it really matter if you become a pariah? (The cutoff is creeping higher every year too). A gainfully employed man with a wife and kids is far less likely to revolt.

        Even for myself and others still invested in the system – it would probably be better for my mental health to be fired from my job and live in the woods. I don’t particularly feel I have alot to lose as spiritual and demographic conditions are now taking precedence over financial ones.

        Of course – porn, weed, and videogames are also a powerful draw for these guys. I deny myself these “pleasures” and am always considerably more pissed off than the men who do get high and bust a nut every day.

        • The problem with white men with guns is that its equal odds whether those guns will be used to destroy the evil overlords or to take that last box of cereal from a neighboring pantry.

          There is no castle to storm. Breaking the grip of the cloud means breaking those things that feed us and keep us in comforts.

          Comfort and food will be the front lines which means “sides” get blurred quickly.

          Ordering disorder in real time necessitates a community that is already operating in parallel with what will be broken regardless of who is doing the breaking.

          So in that context, I want my community to be full of gun “nuts” because the community itself will quickly reveal to be an asset in a scarce world where the new frontier is 360 degrees.

          • ” There is no castle to storm. Breaking the grip of the cloud means breaking those things that feed us and keep us in comforts. ”

            We don’t have to do much but lay low, keep quiet, and watch the shit storm unfold. This is what they call an imperial collapse, and the things that keep us in comfort will disappear off the shelves as soon as China refuses to take our Dollars for payment.

      • Actually, perhaps you should compare how Americans are treated by their government compared to those of Canada or Great Britain. Those leaders for the Queen treat their own people like the tyrants they have become, but we’re certainly not there yet. I can imagine that our leaders think about our state of being well armed all the time, and that is the only reason it hasn’t happened here.

        As far as the government proving how you have a gun, at this point that is largely impossible. Oh, they may have the papers that show you bought it, but in most places it’s perfectly legal to sell it to whomever and wherever and whenever you feel like it, sans records. When they do enact gun control, then everyone will have sold their guns to unknowns prior to it being illegal, and there will be no way to prove it, Shutting off someone’s life and bank account isn’t practical, unless you already live in one of the Democratic Shithole states that do keep records on guns for both buying and selling.

        • I’m close to a lake where the bottom must be 3 feet deep in boat accidented guns n gold.

          • I don’t have to lie. I would simply say that they were all sold in a local flea market for cash. Here in the Mid-Ohio Valley, there’s flea markets everywhere. They always bring top dollar when sold like that, cash on the barrel head.

        • Treating the UK and Canada as the same is silly.
          Canada is more tyrannical than the UK or the US but the US is more oppressive than the UK. CRT is mandatory in US schools,not in the UK. You still have functioning elections in the UK eg Brexit but in the US ,well, Biden is the president
          On a cruder level: which country is more diverse?

      • The raising of the costs of legal gun ownership aren’t a hypothetical, its the Leftist open policy for some years.

        This will work, raising the costs has always worked for them. See college, diverse neighborhoods, health care… running a business, we can’t forget home mortgages.

        So yes that’s what they’re working on.

        The NRA you know is an insurance company, that’s their main business for years, selling firearms liability insurance. > soooo…
        What are the NRAs precious “incentives “ in this matter?
        As for the guns themselves, useless as pitchforks in the fat peasants hands holding them.

        • The cost of an AR-15 at palmetto state armory is about $600. 30 round pmags that soared as high as $75+ in early 2013 can be had $100/10. Midwayusa is selling small hat m193 for 55cpr with free shipping.

          The cost was only cheaper in 2018-2019 and there has never been a time like these past few years when normies could buy quality milspec, or better, hardware and at prices affordable to anyone with a pulse.

          Only a fool hasn’t bought already. In the absolute worst-case scenario, private ownership is a real deterrent and, as you suggest, forces the cloud to attempt work-arounds. What I know is that the cost of ownership trick, the NFA, hasn’t stemmed any tide and we have almost a century to back that up.

          Let your nuts drop and go buy an evil black rifle, if not anything else, you should do it just because the cloud hates it.

    • Guns are no impediment to Leftists. They can take those from you just as easily as they opened up the girls bathroom. What’s to stop them when they pack the courts and declare them illegal? “From my cold, dead hands”? I don’t think so.

      Two weeks after the democrats tilt the judiciary and their commissars ban them, the National Review will be declaring that the democrats are the real racists because they haven’t gone far enough in banning all guns in urban areas where they are mainly used to kill blacks. Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin, and the based blacks of Faux News will agree, then attack Nick Fuentes for being anti-Semitic and racist for supporting gun rights.

      What resistance has the right put up so far? I don’t see anything significant. In fact, I can’t name a single real victory the right has claimed over the left since the end of the Cold War. I see no reason why guns won’t eventually be the next domino to fall.

      The real impediment to the far-left is the lack of benefits their CRT cult conveys onto the White prole masses. Being a woke AWR only benefits a tiny minority of the upper-class. Working class and poor Whites not only don’t benefit from AWR/CRT, but they may suffer greatly from it. Christianity was different in that it promised real benefits (salvation) to everyone — rich and poor, young and old. This new cult does not offer benefits to enough people to be stable in the long-term. That’s where it will fail.

      • In fact, I can’t name a single real victory the right has claimed over the left since the end of the Cold War.

        Ang1in has been simply outstanding on the broader question here: THE LEFT WON THE COLD WAR.

        What resistance has the right put up so far?

        None whatsoever.

        I see no reason why guns won’t eventually be the next domino to fall.

        Instead of “post hoc, ergo propter hoc”, this would be moar akin to something like “pre [prae] hoc ergo post hoc” – in this case, you would be arguing that because there was nothing before, necessarily there will be nothing after.

        The Right has been silent since The j00 of WestPoint, (((Dwight Eisenhower))), sent the 101st Airborne into Little Rock.

        But, again, I would urge all y’all Yankees & JIDF agents not to invest too much hope in “pre hoc ergo post hoc”.

        PS: 0.75 centimeter = 0.29527559055 inch

        WTF caliber is that supposed to be?

        295 Rook?

        • “But, again, I would urge all y’all Yankees & JIDF agents not to invest too much hope in “pre hoc ergo post hoc”.”

          Nothing you typed made any sense. It reminds me of Ben Shapiro’s habit of talking fast and hoping people take him as intelligent because he presented himself that way. Same with this Latin business. It serves only to obfuscate the fact that the poster can’t make a cogent point.

          “WTF caliber is that supposed to be?”

          Nice of you to make an assumption that wasn’t warranted by anything that was typed. Stultus Est Sicut Stultus Facit.

          • The predilections of the crowd here chez Z run highly deductivistic – there is very little appeal to inductivism [empiricism] in these parts.

            Now deductivistically speaking, the line of thought here seems to be something along the lines of “Nothing happened before this point in time, therefore necessarily nothing will happen after this point in time.”

            In Latin, that might look something like “Nihil pre hoc, ergo nihil post hoc.”

            But an empiricist would look at an assertion like that and simply roll his eyes and shake his head.

            Because an empiricist understands that just because you can’t know the unknown unknowns doesn’t mean that the unknown unknowns cannot exist.

            For instance, just because all swans in the entirety of recorded history were white doesn’t mean that black swans necessarily cannot exist.

            So, again, just because Whites have been silent since the j00 of West Point, (((Dwight Eisenhower))), sent the 101st Airborne into Little Rock Arkansas, does not necessarily mean that Whites will always remain silent.

            Or getting back to the deductivistics: Just because nothing happened before this point of time does NOT necessarily mean that nothing will happen after this point in time.

            I.e. Nothingness before this point in time does not necessarily preclude the possibility of SOMETHINGNESS after this point in time.

            PS: If “Ex-Arms” means that you have an history somewhere in the DOD, then you simply have to learn about how the j00z created Eisenhower’s career, and how Ike [as the errand boy of the Frankfurt School] oversaw the liquidation of the Truth Speaker par excellence, Saint George S Patton.

      • It will fail …

        What do you see failing?

        Them, or us?

        And you misunderstand their motives, grossly. The motive is Power.
        It works.

        Its actually the most competent thing they’ve done since 1965. They have overturned all the laws.
        That was the true old religion. They needed a replacement and they’ve got one; and it superseded the old laws that died with the Constitution and Republic. Woke is simply their new legitimacy, it replaces the old order they destroyed.

        And as far as hurting the commons; thats the second core feature after POWER, unbridled POWER with Woke as its Legitimacy.

        Hurt the ordinary man?
        They want us ERASED.

        So yes, it will work for them and harm us, perhaps finally finish us off.

      • Two and only two:

        1) Defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment

        2) Confirmation of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court.

  32. Z-

    Your comments about laying out a framework of the current managerial class have me wonder if you’ve noted Wesley Yang’s, “Successor Ideology,” concept and some of the discussions around it.

    Yang is by no means on this side of the divide. At best he’s an old-school centrist. Personally, I think his term is too generic, a touch too bugman-ish.

    That said, a lot of what he conceptualizes in his framework parallels points made here and elsewhere on this side of the divide.

    Another reason Yang may have some value is that he is drawing flak from some of the folks considered to be the right targets on this side of the divide.

    • It is a good example of how the system invents its own convenient opponents. Instead of addressing actual opponents of this new religion, they promote this banal nothing of a phase, “successor ideology” and then wail away at it. Since it is an official safe zone, the usual cowards pile into so they can pretend to be in opposition.

      • Podcast was great it confirmed, and synthesized my observations from within the belly of the Beast. PS I think you were too hard on the Patriot boys. The comments on the ABC news story we’re a hundred to one pro floyd statue defacement. I think we underestimate how pissed off normies are with this bullshit. Getting White’s riled up is half the battle.

    • To white women and (((elites))), east asians are supposed to be quiet, compliant, good at math, and provide some sushi for when the fancy strikes.

      To blacks they are just strange aliens who make ching chong noises.

      The power structure has no interest in East Asian leaders. Authoritarian, centrist, technocratic leadership like Singapore has would probably benefit most white people, and improve society in general. Certainly would put a crimp on the immense grift that the current ruling class gets out of inner city black slums. So Yang is out.

  33. thezman has painted himself into a corner.

    By conflating religion, with anti-religion; Christianity, with Antichrist; God and creation, with purposeless and meaningless materialism; a life aiming at eternal Heaven, with a life aiming at here-and-now comfort and pain-avoidance; a life so faith-motivated that it inspires courage unto death, with a life so drained of significance that it embraces nihilistic despair and seeks annihilation in suicide…

    If thezman cannot see the vast Gulf that lies between Jesus Christ and Leftism – then he is blinded to what matters most – the Only thing that ultimately matters.

    I am sorry to see the thezman stubbornly consuming himself by such errors – but only he bears responsibility for his spiritual choices. As things stand, he has nowhere to go and nothing substantive to say – just quibbles and quips until the lights go out.

    • Tell me, how many preachers have you heard of that told their little peon flocks to put their masks on, and go get their “It’s Not a Real Vaccine” vaccine shots? I’ll help you out here if you’re going “But, but…..”, for it’s nearly every one of them. Do you think that set gives a damn if someone’s lights go out before they should?

      • Ouch, some people didn’t like what I had to say about some preachers and their peons. If your church shut their doors during the “pandemic”, and you don’t have a problem with that, then believe me, you really do have a problem.Before you complain about the splinter in my eye, you need to pay attention to that plank in your eye.

        • Dude have some resiliency. It’s downvotes on a comment thread. It’s just north of meaningless

          • Actually my beef is with the people who believe what their government tells them. Somehow some church people think they’re exempt from criticism on this issue.

    • Not everyone can type bitchy, preachy comments. Some people are so untalented they have to write multiple essays and produce a podcast every week.

      • To be fair, Bruce Charlton’s blog is pretty good. With a lot of great religious insights as they relate to the evil of Leftism. Don’t take my word, however, just click his username and have a gander.

        As it turns out, he also writes multiple essays.

    • Yes indeed. I never assumed that the Z Man was a Christian but he does not at all act as enemy of Christianity.

      The philosophical incoherence you mentioned that the Z Man exhibits from time to time is because he is not a believer. Thus his understanding of things material and Eternal can only go so far.

    • The Z Man is not hostile to true Christianity.
      Christianity has perverted itself and been perverted by external forces and Christianity has contributed to the current condition of western civilization.
      The Z has insights into mankind’s nature that if 1/10 of the preachers and priests had in the past we would not be in this mess today.
      I say all this as a Christian myself.

      • Yep. As the Carpenter said, “Whoever is not against us is for us.”—Mark 9:40

      • The church today has long since devolved into something indistinguishable from a left wing lesbian liberal arts college.

        The church (Protestants completely, Catholics not quite as much but the trend is undeniable) has failed to conserve much of anything.

        Now que the “No true Scotsman” rebuttal.

        • The Catholic Church is literally a gay pedo real estate hoarding operation. What cave are you crawling out of?

    • While you aren’t necessarily wrong, Christianity has been so debased by its own clergy that anybody thinking there’s no difference between Christ and any other religious figure is only believing what their eyeballs show them.

      That will need to be corrected with a mass persecution of genuine Christianity. As an inevitable victim of that, I am p*ssed at the Church’s so-called, self-appointed lead-duhs, who courageously recite government guidelines in false harmony with Scripture.

      • The people who will seek out to destroy the real Christians will be those who call themselves Christians.

    • Bruce, its possible for Z to see parallels between current woke culture and Christianity, while distinguishing between the good in Christianity and evil in woke culture. I see nothing in Z’s analysis that is contrary to a historic Catholic understanding of the world.

      Yes, “historic” is key word in the previous sentence. I am optimistic and believe that Christianity offers the spiritual and moral tools to address the difficult challenges we face today.

    • I want to be sympathetic to Christians because I am grateful that I grew up in a culturally Christian environment. However, I believe the wholesomeness of that culturally Christian environment was a result of white people imbuing their goodness into Christianity and not the other way around.

      Christians argue about whether Christ was the alpha trad warrior or the original “love everyone without judgement” hippie.

      Christ drives the money changers out of the temple. Yet, “turn the other cheek.”

      Christ judges sinners. Yet, “Let he without sin cast the first stone.”

      Christianity is malleable to anything and people who think there is a knowable fixed meaning must understand if we aren’t convinced with their reasoning.

    • I thought you were dead Brucie.

      He’s correctly analyzed Woke as a Religio; Bonds.

      Shouda picked up the sword when you were young, instead of the pen.

      When your plan is pray for the Second Coming…

  34. Sure, what happens after death is supposedly a concern of most religions but their main purpose, Christianity included, is the regulation of sexual activity in the here and now. As with all living organisms, the two most important concerns of humans are food and sex, both the focus of taboos and prohibitions. Everything else is just a complication. Sex is the most significant because successfully passing along one’s genes is the real life after death. The rich and powerful either make the rules for sex or allow the priests to do so, justifying hereditary monarchies, even minor ones, like the Kennedys, Bushes, Cuomos, etc. The primary beneficiaries of organized religions are the priests and the elites, who are rewarded on earth, everybody else gets theirs at some time in the future if they follow orders.

    • where do you get this from? Could one’s behavior surrounding sex affect your ability to go to Heaven? The 6th commandment is a tough one, but there are others! My oh my

  35. tolkien society members appear to be a disastrous combination of porn addicted freaks & fantasy nerds.

    i assume the only reason they’re lotr fans is cause tolkien invented hobbits & these degenerates get off to elves fucking hobbits in their fanfic porn.

    • wonder what would tolkien say if he met them, I would pay to watch a still alive tolkien talk to his ‘fanbase’

      • I suspect his reaction may be the same as any perhaps still sane man when confronted with people who just idolized him. People for whom he (and more so his work) was their life, and that is with a measure a reserve and dignity – but with inner revulsion and a want to be as far from them as possible.

        Perhaps pity, also.

      • Tolkien, as well as his colleague, C. S. Lewis, were serious Christians as well as serious scholars of Norse and Celtic mythology. The current autists and weirdos were not for them. I see the Tolkien Society corruption, i.e. literary analysis with a slant toward the current societal perversions as indeed self interest. These people want to be published and hope to be hired by universities. I’m sure they have convinced themselves they are true believers, and I’m equally sure their PhD programs have been steeped in the “religion” for which there must be no dissent. On the other hand, there are amazingly few tenure track positions left and those that are will be filled by diversity candidates. I see this as a good thing. The universities must now fail.

        • ” I see the Tolkien Society corruption, i.e. literary analysis with a slant toward the current societal perversions as indeed self interest.”

          That’s true, I actually recall watching a university lecture online about Jane Eyre(was really bored that day).
          Her entire speech was all about white patriarchy, sexism & racism, that’s all that useless feminist lecturer could understand from that story.
          I assume when these fuckers read Lotr all they can think about is orcs being discriminated upon by hobbits & hobbit porn ofc.

      • Tolkien probably would have said something like what William Shatner said on Saturday Night Live to the Star Trek convention:

        Do you live in your parent’s basement?
        Have you ever kissed a girl?

      • WWTD

        What would Tolkien Do?

        J.R.R. Tolkien Returns With Army Of The Dead To Destroy Everyone Trying To Make ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Woke

    • All those people that go to Renaissance Fairs are having orgies, it’s a total pervert satanist show when you get to the Inner Circle. Seems to be really common among inner circles. Which is how you know that gnosticism is just another word for satanism

      • I have never read anything by Tolkien, but hear good things about him. He seems to me, as many would who compose great works, like a man who wants to see others enjoy his works the way he does. Talking about the finer points; crossovers from the fictional world into the real world… intellectual, if you like.

        Not dress-up, role-play and being roasted by a Furry and a butch LGBT+ dressed as a pixie. Satanism indeed. Evil for sure.

        • Even if you are not a fiction reader, “The Hobbitt” is short and easy to read.

          -Moe, Some Random Guy From The Internet

        • Check out Peter Jackson’s movies. They’re fantastic and 100% white. Amazing. I watched them all recently and enjoyed them so much that I decided to read the trilogy again, the first time since high school. It was really pleasurable. It’s a wonderful escape

          • It just dawned on me that that was the Brilliance of Peter Jackson making those movies simultaneously. Even though they were released years apart no one could start clamoring for a more diverse cast in the sequels because they had already been made

          • I have seen the movies and thought them excellent. And because of your comment, I may watch them again tonight, as I have the trilogy on DVD – some old steam powered technology.

          • I just recently read The Hobbit, also the first time since HS, and the Trilogy as well. Enjoyed all four.

      • It’s pretty well known that the workers and actors in Ren Fairs are basically conducting summer-long swinger’s parties on their off hours.

    • Tolkien is an interesting case study in Christian restraint.

      He stands in stark contrast to modern fantasy, sci-fi, and comic book writers, a disturbingly high percentage of which are freakish perverts.

      • Indeed. Take a look at the bloke who wrote Game of Thrones and tell me, if you can with a straight face, that when his pornographic novels were made into a series, he wasn’t bashing his bishop all the merry night over the re-runs.

        That said, I don’t know much about the chap, he could be a decent guy…

        • George Martin is an odd dude, but he seems to have a normal-ish personal life that has involved multiple marriages to women with no kids.

          Examples of freak shows I can cite off the top of my head are the guy who created the Wonder Woman character and the Marion Bradley, author of, “The Mists of Avalon,” who was married to a guy that needed a millstone necklace and one-way diving excursion.

        • to be honest, i believe martin stopped writing his novels cause they’re too raunchy for modern audiences, he’ll definitely get cancelled & called a racist.

          “A woman raped!? HOW DARE YOU!??”

          “Why are there no transvestite knights!? HOW DARE YOU!? ”

          RIP western civilization

          • Depends who is doing the raping

            If the perp is from certain groups, it’s a-ok with western feminists.

            Of course if it’s an ugly beta male asking a white woman for coffee, then that’s also rape and is not okay under any circumstances.

        • GOTW- the most popular show planetwide, because the characters and themes were- you damn betcha- All White!

          Curse us or copy us, they will always look up to the Elves.

  36. One distinguishing feature of Christianity that put it over other elite-centric creeds was its affordability. No one, least of all the missionaries, assumed that all would be equal in the new Christian community (despite whatever that “Jesus” guy said; we’ve been ignoring him for 2000 years now). However, the *startup costs* are the same for everyone. That puts heaven within everyone’s reach — unlike, say, Gnosticism, which was theoretically for everyone but practically needed the kind of free time and cash only the Late Antique elite had.

    That’s where the new woke religion will break down. They can hold out a long time — all my poor grad student friends would hold their noses and shop at Wal-Mart rather than go without — but woke seems explicitly designed to be unaffordable to the masses… and thanks to the woke running everything, more and more of the wannabe woke are being pushed back into “the masses.”

    Revolutions don’t start from the bottom; they start from the middle. Robespierre, Lenin, Mao, Marx himself — all were bourgeois who saw only two options: getting pushed out of the bourgeoisie, or overthrowing the whole system.

    • Sev,

      Its the replacement legitimacy for the Constitutional and so legal order they overthrew.
      Its the most competent thing they’ve done since 1965.
      It Sanctifies their policy.
      It is the religion of POWER, or politics if you prefer.

      As far as breaking down… who do you see is breaking down? Or is broken?
      Them? Or us?

      As far as failing the masses that is hilarious. The best they want for the masses is the Favelas, the worst extinction.

      Yes, Woke would be a bad religion to seek comfort or redemption from…

      They seek no such things.
      The opposite is sought- and gained along with wealth.

      The religion of politics has become an actual religion.

      And the idea that this new Church of America will fail when it controls all the gates and roads to success…sure, the way Islam and The Church of England failed.

  37. Last week a pro golfer and two other men were shot down at a suburban Atlanta country club. I held off on judgment, as it was kind of a weird situation, but it turns out that the shooter (initially misidentified as one of Bill Kristol’s hard workers from Latin America) turned out to be a jogger. I went to YouTube to see the reaction. Basically everyone who would have had a bald eagle avatar ten years ago now has a Pepe the Frog. The media is claiming the motive is unknown. I hazard that after they get to the bottom of it, they’ll write the killing off as white rage or a result of the Covid Delta variant. I’m honestly not sure how much longer this can go on. Maybe as Buckhead goes, so goes the nation (assuming they secede).

    • It is becoming clear that many young blacks are consuming the antiwhite messages from our rulers and believing they have a license to kill white people.

      • It takes a while for a new, weird, idea to sink in. Like a timid squirrel who learns to eat out of your hand. “You mean to say that I can kill white people and go unpunished, maybe even honored for it?

        What happens when a thousand squirrels surround you and you run out of walnuts?

      • They do have a license to Kill. And then they can get off by saying the person they killed said Niger. Voice text changed that btw

        • ‘Niger’ has always been an immense source of amusement for me, I cannot think why…

          In many areas I’ve worked there have been many Nigers. Perhaps there are many Nigers in Niger herself. Niger please!

        • Twenty years ago I had a heated argument over the sacred ‘niger’ word with a longtime friend who was then principal of a private catholic boys high school.

          A “scholarship” football-american student had given a savage beating to an opposing player after a game for reasons.

          The white kid had apparently laid a few too many tackles on him preventing his usual yardage.

          But the truth evaporated because poc kid said white kid had called him niger in one of the scrums.

          Nobody else heard anything. No other taunts or misbehavior by white kid was noted.

          In this 95% white wealthy school in the middle of diverse LA most of the parents and kids – and my friend included, felt the poc was totally justified in laying down the hurt because ‘niger’. So the usual ‘zero tolerance’ for violence resulting in expulsion was not applied. His D1 football career preserved.

          This self-issued license to justify BonW violence has been around a long time. Ok to punch a nazi being the WonW equivalent. Where one sacred poc goes, so go the rest. Fear of “racism” has had Whites on their knees for so long kids today were born bowing toward wakanda.

      • So I have a close friend that’s black. I won’t get super into his details, but suffice it to say he makes good money and has mostly white friends. On the political spectrum he was never in the lefty camp. He recently made an insightful comment to me that, “Recently, I feel like I’ve grown to hate white people.” When I asked, “why do you think that is?” He wasn’t able to really articulate it, but media did come up.

        This truly frightened me. By every measure, this is is a moderate middle class black person. The antiwhite rhetoric isn’t just reaching the inner city welfare blacks, but it’s also reaching the moderates.

        • I am sorry to hear of this predicament; but for me it has always been inevitable. It is also why I cannot (and any sane white ought not) to have close friends that are black. When race comes up, and it will, their loyalty will slide to their people.

          It should also frighten you. Your observation that it “isn’t just reaching the inner city welfare blacks, but it’s also reaching the moderates.” is akin to the revelation Lawrence Auster had. In Auster’s case, he was astounded that educated blacks bought into this too.

          • The reason it’s frightening is for two reasons. As I mentioned before, moderate blacks are buying it, but also think of it this way. Think of it as a sliding “hate whitey” scale of 1-10. If the rhetoric is sliding moderates from 2 to 6. What’s it doing to the blacks that were already at 7 or above?

          • Five star comment.
            Eventually this will also reach beyond the moderate to the conservative / evangelical blacks. For that miniscule demographic slice, they’ll have to decide between the ‘courage of their convictions’ or martyrdom. (My guess is not many bullets will be required to accomplish that task).

          • South Africa and Rhodesia are also 99% evangelical Christian.

            I don’t think it’s any mystery which side they choose.

          • I got a black buddy that runs a tight ship. He is worried about the eventual reactions of whites.

        • Watch your back. But to be fair I’m coming to hate us too. We are the ones that are pushing all this Insanity around the world. We castrated our men, turned our women into whores turned baby killing into an industry and now we’re mutilating our children.

        • And over the years, I have grown to hate joggers. If they want a war many of us are willing to give them one.

        • Outsiders have their own worlds that barely interact with the “real” one. Criminal-class blacks are as separate from globohomo as the Amish are. They’re not really getting the message. They’ve heard from their friends that nobody’s staying in jail anymore, a text goes out when there’s a riot to do, and they know “racist” is the password. Not good, but not much of a factor in everyday life.

          Moderate middle class people are extremely dangerous. They’re mentally empty, fully susceptible and constantly subject to official messaging. They don’t resist or doubt or ever really think anything. They’re in obedience school for life. One day they find themselves boiling with an unexamined (unexaminable!) hatred. And so many others are feeling it too! What to do, what to do…

          • Heh, look how middle class moderates reacted to the Beer Flu agitprop.

        • If one is ever to feel pity for a Melanic Hominid™ you have given a perfect example. Just imagine: You are one of the Talented Tenth, an Oreo who at least most of the time thinks, acts, holds similar values, to most Whites. You may even have the privilege to live and work among us. But you can never truly be White. Meanwhile, your racial brethren, the untalented 9/10, hate your guts. You are an Uncle Tom or whatever. You rationally hesitate to be with your own Tribe because you are acutely aware of all their dysfunction — and you are their primary target just by being there. Yet you cannot avoid being lumped in with the miscreants.

          Meanwhile, in White society, unless you are personally known to a certain group, you are always going to be assumed to just be Black, with all the statistical disadvantages that come with that. As society continues to polarize, your existence becomes ever more difficult.

          • Ben, not sure I agree with your analysis completely. Why should a successful Black man not retain his heightened impulsivity, emotionality, and other behaviors that separate—in general—Blacks from Whites—and makes them more dangerous? Because he has a higher IQ or is successful?

            Let’s see some counter examples. How about O J Simpson? Or LeBron James?

        • Greek, no disrespect meant here with my comment.

          As I read/interpret you made friends with one of the “talented tenth” and then found out there is no escaping his generic, behavioral proclivities. Not much different than that clown awhile back who thought he had a *special* relationship to the bears on Vancouver island. Of course, such misguided thinking got him and his dumb girlfriend eaten. A bear is a bear is a bear. That he didn’t eat him was because he wasn’t hungry enough to make him a worthwhile meal.

          Sounds like your bear is getting hungry—aren’t they all?

          • Compsci: Solid comment. Reminds me what I said to my then high-school-aged son regarding his sub-con ‘friend.’ He soon learned I was right, because ultimately, as you note, A bear is a bear is a bear. Sooner or later, but always, genetics will out.

          • CompSci: Your criticism seems misplaced. But consider that my example was meant to show an atypical Black: while they’re a statistical rarity, the law of large numbers means there will be a certain (small) percentage of Black men that are the “equal” of the average White not only in terms of IQ, but also self-control, time preference and so on.

            While IQ is not everything, it’s a lot. I lack detailed data, but I speculate that regardless of race, from IQ >= 100, crime of any type gets rare as the IQ goes up. It’s quite possible that when Nature selects for high intelligence, it also selects for better self-control, less impulsiveness and other desirable traits.

            I found your list of candidate Blacks amusing. Both are famous athletes. Aren’t they known for that? James I’m not as familiar with; from his Wiki bio it’s obvious he’s a successful basketball player, got a lot of money, and everything else notable followed from fame and wealth. Also no violent crime mentioned, unlike OJ. Neither has the slightest indication of being anything beyond average (“for them” 😀 ) intelligence.

          • With all due respect as well. I think you’re not understanding the basics race realism. As constantly pointed out by Z, or Jared Taylor, or Dutton, the aggregate group differences doesn’t mean there aren’t high performing individuals. There are blacks that are of high IQ or have favorable behavioral traits. I always frame it this way to people: think of a baseball team. Yankees vs Pirates. The Yankees are a way better team with a better batting average. Even though the Pirates are a bad team, there could be a few all stars in there.

            His being manipulated by the media to hate whites is the scary part. Even young whites are being brainwashed to hate whites. Bad times indeed.

          • Greek—this comment refers back to your last comment wrt my understanding of RR or HBD science. Nothing you stated contradicts what I’ve said. The very description of your “friendship” with your Black friend supports this assertion wrt his and your relationship.

            You lament a brief lapse on his part where he admits to “hating Whites”, but you lament this because you like him and do not hate *all* Blacks, but can and do discern good ones from bad ones—and you consider him a good one.

            You see the difference here? You claim sorrow that he has been brainwashed by the MSM. So my question is, “why have you not been brain washed by the folks on this blog and AmRen and Dutton?”

            The reason is that your friend is of a different intellect and behavioral proclivity and is not the same as the typical White of the same SES. And since you refer to Dutton, also read his writings on in-group vs out-group preferences (behavioral tendencies) that underly/follow race.

        • That is sad, because when they are friends, they are very good friends indeed.

          I meet far too many good, solid blacks.
          I still find their voices and rhythms familiar and comforting.
          There are too many good people of all kinds who will be swept away.

          • This I agree and I would not promote going out of my way to make anyone’s life harder—regardless of race. We live in a mixed race society. Follow the “rules” of appropriate, civil interaction and hope for the best.

            My posting is one of caution wrt such “deep”friendships between races. The example brought up is a good one to take note of when you think you’ve got a race blind minority “friend”—also known as a “good one”. You most likely are fooling yourself. Whites are the only known race to have such out-group preferences a whole.

        • I hear ya

          Luckily my black friends aren’t like that. Well maybe one is susceptible to it. But he’s younger. Blacks my age want nothing to do with woke. I know they have pondered it all, but their inner goodness keeps them stable, as does my inner goodness. I can be here all day talking shit about blacks, but in real life I am a loving soul, and they all know it.

          A good test is whether they listen to rap or blues, a signifier of age. The rappers are always angry and looking to start shit with whites, even strangers.

          Rap has been a poison. And the government sanctions it, it is really state sponsored music. I am sure the CIA or DoD has a lot to do with it.

      • And with their low impulsivity and disregard for the consequences of their abominations, as well as the unwillingness to deal with these creatures as they should be dealt with, it’s open season on Whitey.
        If you live anyplace that substantial numbers of joggers have infested, your head better be on a swivel and you’d be best ready to defend yourself with whatever it takes.
        Christ, if you can’t even hang out on a golf course without worrying about it, no where is truly safe.

        • It has come to the point that I do not ever leave my apartment—not even to check the mail—without a firearm openly carried. I have had potential joggers avoid me for that reason. I am known around my neighborhood as “that crazy long haired old man who carries a gun.”

        • Somewhere in the valley in the hot July sunshine, Steve Sailer just got the chills.

          • LOL, he lives down the street from me

            In fact, if I do not end up watching the Italy / England soccer match I may go play tennis at the courts by his house.

      • It looks like the young blacks are right that they have been given the right to kill whites as long as they are the right whites. I imagine that more and more bad whites will be McCloskeyed by the DA and Feds if they fight back

        • For what it’s worth blacks will generally leave you alone if you look

          a) destitute (nothing to steal)
          b) angry, savage (or crazy?) enough to fight back

          I’ve never had a jogger bother me directly. They pick on the weak or cucked. I am neither and don’t believe in fighting fair when fighting a savage. If a black is within swinging distance he will swing first before you are ready, so the only option is to sucker him first.

          Of course we aren’t as heavily infested with them (yet) as the US, nor are they as propagandized.

          • One thing nice about LA, is that if you live here you 9 times out of 10 have to have your stuff together because otherwise it is too expensive and chaotic and you won’t make it. And there are all different breeds here, so you have to have a little bit of sophistication to navigate it. Goes for all races. So even the blacks around here are a notch above the rabble you get in the small town south, etc. Or Atlanta or NOLA. There you get the low IQ mixed in with city anger and all hell breaks loose.

            Not saying, of course, that there is little danger out here. There is, especially with younger blacks living in white areas where they are all mentally fucked in the head and don’t know who they are, etc. So they gravitate to black unity messages and the ones calling for violence. Strange but the hood rat blacks, they are easier to deal with. But maybe not so strange. If blacks are in charge and they know they are, say in a black community and you are there for a legitimate reason and not up to no good, they can be quite gracious.

            Again goes back to people being comfortable when they know they are in charge and the majority and anyone from outside the group, arriving in small numbers, is not a threat.

      • Yep. That’s the point. It matters not at all that many of these joggers might understand that they will be imprisoned for a while—maybe–but their stay in the Big House will be among their own kind. Free food, housing, television, movies (perhaps “Django Unchained” will be shown), weight rooms, library—admittedly not really relevant to them—and many kudus for murdering a racist.

        • Its often more subtle and pervasive. White mans rules, morality, decorum, everything, are just ghost protocols of a foreign land. Written rules are just wingdings.

          Pocs carry a kind of diplomatic immunity to the most benign and extreme rules guiding western civ. alike.

          Like the broken window theories they encroach constantly until a conflict is forced, full knowing their skin immunes them from reproach and licenses them toward any response they see fit.

          They are at once exempt from half our rules and protected by the other half.

          At my gym they ignore all the neatly placed signs – of which there are many, about not dragging their bags and gear into common areas. Yet every single one has his his kit littering the area.

          From backing into parking spaces to casual intimidation of their pack, there is no domain that can contain them that does not rely upon the universal laws of nature: power, numbers, force, and ultimately violence. Whites will (re)learn this soon enough.

          • In the book on his journey through Africa, Richard Grant wrote about how Rwanda was by far the most functional country in he traveled through in Sub-Saharan Africa. The strong man had his own version of broken windows. No baggy pants, litter and messy yards were allowed. The blacks flourished far more under that strict control than in the type of loser control in which whites can still function. Being a liberal he couldn’t allow himself to draw too many conclusions related to the US but this was before the era of BLM and Summer of Floyd so he could at least notice

      • It’s hard for average, 100 IQ whites to understand what is, or what isn’t, going through an 80 IQ black criminal’s head.

        They basically have none of the same restraints as white people. Totally different thought patterns.

        “Sheeit, we free from jail”.
        “Ayo, whitey evil [media said so]”
        “White man enslaved us! Payback!”
        “Dat white girl looking fine, muh dick hard”.

        Part of the problem is the feminized society, who naturally think that being “nicer” will be reciprocated. When in reality to tame a wild beast it needs to know who’s in control and which overstepped boundaries result in punishment.

        • Speaking as one who doesn’t live (or ever has) in a jogger infested locale, it would seem you’d want to treat their low IQ impulsivity, and whatever may be swirling around in the vacuum of their skull, the same way you’d treat a wild animal – with an abundance of caution – particularly these days. Don’t want to become another White casualty in what is becoming an increasingly one sided hot war.

        • So true. Blacks are not like whites. What we call “Western Civilization” is a creation of white men. Asian civilization has produced nothing but hundreds of millions of—as Aristotle would say—“natural slaves”. Not one Hobbes or Jefferson or Brahe among them. And black…umm…”civilization”—well, name one—just one—thing it has contributed to the betterment of man.

          Take your time.

          • For a period, manual labor. It seemed like a good idea at the time. However, in the end it was a Devil’s bargain, and both parties have ended up much the worse for that. 🙁

          • Ben, It was the devil’s bargain as you put it because the Whites of the North forgot what the slave of the South was. Even in those times, we had SJW’s who were quite happy to free slaves, endow rights, and unearned privileges to a people with child-like minds.

            For a time, it worked since the South suffered the consequences and the North did not. Now everyone suffers the consequences and there is no end in sight.

      • Yep. Foxnews let it slip that blacks overwhelmingly support CRT which is real bad for us. Get your preps now people.

        The big question for me is what will the cops do. Woll the cops and feds back up blacks when whites fight back or just vanish.

    • You’re getting the Delta variant, eh? Over here, we’ve got the Lambda variant now. Wait, which one comes first? Who the hell knows. I was informed the other day that certain educational establishments in the UK were very upset that the Delta variant was still being called the Indian variant. That’s bigotry, you see.

      Indeed, whilst Covid has given so much terror and comedy, one thing to note is how even the truest of true believers never hammer on China. Where the ‘WuFlu’ first began. That’s bigotry, you see. Mind you, so is gunning down crackers at the country club.

      • Hearing about the Lambda variant, or C.37 here too.

        Looks like another year of lockdowns because black and brown people don’t wash their hands, live in cramped quarters, are not genetically meant to live in northern latitudes, and have generally poor hygiene.

        I’m basically as worried about COVID-19 and its variants as white person, as I am about AIDS as a straight person. Obviously be cautious and practice basic hygiene/safety. Basically I’m not gonna get it with minimal precautions.

        From the province of Manitoba (not sure what a “South-East Asian Manitoban” is anyways but that’s another story”:

        “the infection rate among southeast Asians — including ethnic Vietnamese, Lao, Thai and Cambodian people — was a staggering 21.7 times greater than the rate for white people from March 31 to June 7 of this year.

        Higher vulnerability to the pandemic
        African Manitobans had infection rates 8.7 times the rate of white Manitobans during the same time span, while south Asians — people originally from India and Pakistan — had eight times the infection rate”

        • Now cnn’s ((( medical expert))) is advocating for mandatory jabs. Not that it’s any surprise to us. But with door to door pressure being discussed as well, it’ll be interesting to see how far they’ll go.

          • I’ve done more reading about the “experimental” nature of the jabs. Yesterday, I was interested in the possibility of looming liability issues if patients didn’t receive special warnings of the experimental nature. Upon reading a bit more, including sample consent forms for the jabs, it seems this is covered at least in part. The patient is supposed to be aware of the “emergency use approval” nature and that normal testing and validation processes are absent. That seems “reasonable” enough to me. You are basically acknowledging you’re a guinea pig. I’ve not seen a “real” investigational/experimental release, but it’s not clear how much more you could sign away than is already in the “stock” release you sign for Moderna, Pfizer, etc.

            New item I learnt today (if true): Short of Full FDA approval, it may be unlawful for any entity (job, school, etc.) to mandate the jab. I wonder if that will extend to the military? Be interesting to watch. Another tantalizing tidbit: the liability shield is for the vaccine makers ONLY. Everybody else is at first of litigation.

            Many unanswered questions: If taking the jab is “voluntary,” is the institution still allowed to fire, refuse enrollment, service, etc?

            Private insurance traditionally refuses to pay for experimental treatments, or the consequences thereof. Covid jabs are technically unapproved treatments. How long before the recissions start?

            For me, this is still academic, as I have no plans to take the jab before full FDA approval, even if then.

            But I think this is going to continue being a hot button issue.

          • No different than Somalian Minnesotans, or increasingly, Somalian North Dakotans.

            There is no escape.

        • Keep reading the literature as it comes out. Most all of this Covid nonsense is overblown.

          If you are co-morbid, and you know who you are, get the shot. If you are healthy and not in risk groups, forget it. As far as who needs the shot, last I read, it’s estimated that 80% of the oldsters had at least one shot. That’s more than enough.

          Bottom line is that data is emerging weekly as to the possible side effects of the vaccine as well as knowledge of real risk of catching Covid with bad outcome.

          Disclaimer: I had Covid. It was for me, the mildest of colds. I was over it before the lab results came in. Since then, my doctor said to get the “jab” with the justification…”you don’t have immunity from re-infection…it can’t hurt”. My doctor is a nice guy, but he’s a lazy loon—recently published peer reviewed articles can find no difference between “natural” immunity from prior infection and the jazzed up one from the mRNA experimental “vaccine”.

      • We’re going to need a longer alphabet as the new “variants” keep popping up.

        Maybe we should just code-name them to self-identified genders? I’m told there’s an infinite amount of said genders.

        • The good thing about virus is that it never stops mutating. That’s why flu vaccines only last a season.

          This means that this big vaccine rip-off/scare mongering/compliance training, is now a perennial feature of living in the free world.

          Thank god the vaccines are free or we’d be mortgaging our grandchildren into slavery.

          • I thought that mission had already been accomplished via a cornucopia of other…programs.

    • Now they are starting to blood libel Hispanics as well to divert blame from their protected WMDs.

  38. The odd thing is, that people will adopt a religion. S o the idea that the State can be neutral is a lie. Liberalism leads to what we have now, tyranny!

    • Exactly. “By their fruits you shall know them.”

      Personally think the Mormons are a bit nutty, but you can’t really argue with their (current) cultural success and social capital. If local mores required it, I’d probably join up. What’s to be lost?

      Same with the Amish. Even the small hat ethos can have some appeal (though you’d always be an untrusted outsider).

      But the “woke” religion of CRT is cultural suicide. Pure nihilism.

      • Report from the ground – the California and East Coast libs are rapidly consuming that Mormon social capital in Utah and Idaho. In the past couple of decades they decimated Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. Utah, Idaho, and Montana will soon fall. The Southern states are are also under assault from the wave of internal and external immigration. All the remaining regional differences in the USA are being erased overnight.

        • Judge Smails: Presumably these scum are gravitating toward the cities in these states first? Or have they began permeating into other, more rural, settlements?

          • I live in rural Western NC. Went to the local river park over the 4th and what did we see? A White Southerner built-and-paid for public park filled with Squatemalans, Mexicans, and other Central American Indians and their cra p music turned up to 11, their stinking grills, and their garbage strewn everywhere.
            Few Whites and no blacks to be seen anywhere. White America is dead. Over. Kaput.

          • What passes for a big city in Idaho (outside of Boise Metro Area – 500,000 people) is a population of 50,000. All regions of the state in towns large and small are experiencing noticable growth in the last 18 months. The assesed value of my house has nearly tripled in the last couple of years which means increased property taxes for a lower quality of life – more traffic, higher crime rate, crowded schools, etc.

        • I’ve decided not to read any comments if I can quickly tell the comment is just another way of saying “it’s all going to hell in a handbasket”.

          At least that’s how I feel at this moment.

  39. Heh. Interesting that your essay talks about the religion of Christ. That your show talks about the religion of the Managers. And that it’s intro also mentioned Object Oriented Programming (OOP) which has some of the most die hard adherents of any field I’ve ever known. For many, it is the silver bullet that solves all.

    I don’t mind some OOP, but I have committed the heresy of programming C for too long now. I guess that’s a religion of it’s own too.

    • Objects (classes, glorified structs with functions in them) are great but inheritence and all that is trash. The backbone should be functional and merely use as many glorified structs as needed.

    • Hey now, C is a fine fine language to torture yourself with; as is Malbolge and Whitespace.

      • During my working years, I took courses and even got a BS in Comp Sci. I never had to do any “real” programming* but dabbled in C. I took exactly one non-degree course in C++. One of my favorite sayings is (if I remember it correctly):

        C gives you enough rope to hang yourself.

        C++ gives you enough rope to bind hand and foot everyone in your neighborhood, rig a three-masted sailing ship and still hang yourself from the yardarm. 🙂

        *If it was too complex to do with a shell script, it was a job for the consultant.

    • Oh, I’ve long noticed that many of the debates over technical topics like Windows vs. Linux or C++ vs. Java only differ from theological debates in the details.

  40. That breathing between the second and third segments really creeped me out Z!

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