Note: This week’s Taki post is related to today’s post, but it is a more high brow look at the subject of ideological fanaticism. There is a podcast up behind the green door which delves into the same topics.

Arguably, the first casualty of the antiestablishment uprising that began toward the end of the Obama administration was David French. Unlike most of Conservative Inc., French was too dumb to avoid mixing it up on-line with the smart kids who create clever memes and troll establishment media figures. He became the poster boy for what came to be known as the cuckservatives. As Tucker Carlson noted, French is the sort of person who can only exist in the world of non-profit Conservatism.

What makes a dullard like David French stand out in the bland nothingness that is the conservative intelligentsia is his unbridled narcissism. Most of Conservative Inc. knows they are just overly paid time-servers lucky to have comfortable lives. That is why they make sure to never say a discouraging word. David French, on the other hand, imagines himself to be a world historical figure. He does not believe in much, but he firmly believes in the importance of David French.

That may seem like a bit much, given that he is a dumpy old bald man with the voice of Mickey Mouse and the IQ of Goofy. Remember, this is a man who serious thought about running for president in 2016. That’s right. He spent a month doing a Hamlet routine at NRO over whether he should run an independent campaign to block Trump in the general election. Only a narcissistic fanatic could imagine himself going from C-list pundit to national political figure.

This is what brought French to the attention of most people. Prior to his embrace of smarmy anti-Trump crankery, he was just the guy you skipped over when scanning a conservative website. He was the nobody’s nobody. Then he piled into the clown car known as the NeverTrump movement. His obnoxious blend of narcissistic fanaticism and comical mediocrity made him the face of conservatism. For many, David French became the prime example, of what went wrong with the Right.

This over-the-top zeal was not a new thing. Back in 2010 when he was promoting himself as the most Bible-believing Christian on earth, he and his wife flew to Africa and brought back an African child. You see, his version of Christianity told him he had to go and save the world. Sure, it meant stepping over any number of orphaned kids in his own backyard, but all the cool people were adopting Africans, so America’s greatest Christian could not settle for a local orphan.

Ever since he has been waving the kid around to remind us of his goodness. Here we have a piece in the far-left site The Atlantic, where America’s greatest Christian, a Chris-like figure himself when you consider it, tells us we are letting him down. Here he is on NPR, repeating the same slanders. You see, owning an African was not the boon to his career that he imagined, so it must mean America is full of bigots. America is just not good enough for a benevolent figure like David French.

Now, the CRT debate offers him a chance to wave around his trophy kid and lecture the rest of us about his goodness. Here he is arguing in The New York Times that the people who oppose Critical Race Theory are bigots. To prove he is America’s messiah, he partnered with a black guy who hates white people, a Jewish guy who claims Trump is actually Hitler and a mulatto who hates himself. You see, America’s leading Christian is uniting the races in the war against the bigots.

In that Times essay, they claim that banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory and its variants is wrong because we are supposed to have an open society. This demands an open debate of ideas. French writes, “These laws threaten the basic purpose of a historical education in a liberal democracy. But censorship is the wrong approach even to the concepts that are the intended targets of these laws.” Just a few days later he was cheering the removal of Nicholas Fuentes from Twitter.

David French regularly reminds us that in addition to being America’s leading Christian, he is also the William F. Buckley of this age. He is the voice of conservatism fighting against the dark forces of intolerance and populism. Say what you will about Bill Buckley though, he would have noticed if his biggest fans were on the Left, but the praise and applause is all that matters to French. To the narcissist, attention and praise are the narcotic of their existence. The source is unimportant.

It is tempting to dismiss David French as just another a public buffoon, but there is something darker at work here. French not only waves the African kid around like a bloody shirt, but he clearly worries more about her future than the future of his natural born white children. He has never been moved to write a long essay about his concerns for their future as minorities in nonwhite America. His position on CRT suggests he does not think about them at all. They don’t serve the cause.

It is difficult for normal people to understand the mind of someone who uses their children as props in their narcissistic fantasies. Similarly, it is hard for normal people to understand the mind of the those who enthusiastically commit atrocities in the name of their cause. These are people who thoroughly confuse their own identity with that of the cause they serve. Their narcissism tells them that everything they do is justified, because they are a world historical figures.

Critical Race Theory is by definition cultural genocide. This is the appeal to the sorts of people who think starting over from a clean slate is the best course. The people who look at every human tragedy as a chance to advance their cause and thus advance their own heroic story are the sorts of people who think the death of a million people is nothing more than a statistic. They are not just consumed by ideology, but driven by a narcissistic fanaticism that excuses all excesses.

C. S. Lewis famously wrote that “a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.” The sorts of people who torment us for our own good do so with the approval of their own conscience. That is what we see with the antiwhite fanatics pushing things like CRT. Guys like French have no trouble slamming the oven door shut because he never stops believing in his righteousness. History’s greatest monsters were all driven by this same certainty.

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271 thoughts on “Monsters

  1. I can’t believe that in 24 hours nobody posted the obvious. I take a day off and the whole places goes to pieces 🙂

    “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”
    ― Friedrich W. Nietzsche

  2. No one has mentioned the real problem – black and Hispanic failure is caused by their innate mental inabilities, not some mystical systemic racism miasma. CRT is a just a desperate attempt to keep the fairytale of racial equality going for a few more years or decades. French and Conservatism, Inc. are all in on promoting the lie, even though they probably don’t believe it themselves. They fully understand that it can only be sustained by victimizing whites, including the whites who make up the majority of their supporters, and they’re fine with forcing them to pay the price. For a price.

  3. Living around Chinese in the USA and in a variety of Asian countries, I regularly see examples of Chinese being far less philosophic than whites. Chinese, tend to focus on very practical issues (e.g., getting their kids into the best schools). At the end of the day Chinese will simply ask what is in it for me and mine. That is why I see China and Chinese coming to dominate the planet.

    Among Good whites, status is dependent on not only the traditional metrics of money, looks and type of job, but also your opinions on the causes du jour such as CRT and men in dresses. For the Chinese it is still the basics. If you traffic children for sex but have a Benz, big home in a good neighborhood and kids in a top school, you have status (as long as you aren’t getting bad publicity for that trafficking thing).

    You see this in religion. Christians pray for forgiveness as well as for things they want. Christians are told to be a better person for salvation. There is some of that is Daoism but most of the religion is built around the same system as their politics: bribery. You want something from a God, you burn God money that can conveniently be purchased at the temple.

    So good whites will support CRT even though it is destructive for their children. Chinese will champion CRT to hurt whites if they think it will get them white real estate, jobs and school slots but will never support it if used against Chinese.

    White countries will wage a worldwide campaign to promote anal rights while China scoops up resources and infrastructure.

    In many ways that difference is between a matriarchy and a patriarchy. USA politics are now mainly female and the tribe’s concerns. China’s are your traditional male concerns.

    • As I understand it, the burning of ghost money is intended to provide income to deceased ancestors on the other side.

      At any rate, all this pragmatism did nothing to prevent the West from carving up the Middle Kingdom in the 19th century. There’s nothing inevitable about a Chinese victory. They have their cultural weaknesses just as we do, not the least of which is a staggering hubris.

      • Chinese I know call it God money not ghost money and it is all done to please a God whom they want something from. I am sure there are some who burn money for ancestors. On Tomb Sweeping Day, Chinese will leave things at the tomb for their ancestors in the afterlife.

        There is nothing inevitable about Chinese victory but my money is on a patriarchy over a matriarchy that is obsessed with waging war on its heritage population. American intelligence agencies are also riddled with Chinese nationals. Not too long ago 5000 Chinese were arrested in the US for spying for China. They all had security clearances. And remember that the West that dominated China was traditional still. Few men wore dresses and no women had major roles in the military

        • As currently aligned, the Chinese absolutely hold an advantage. They have not succumbed to the matriarchal pozz; they’ve mostly kept their women in place. But from our perspective, going to a wartime footing can separate the wheat from the chaff. We still have the tools to prevail.

        • That’s one factor of the USA that has always amused me: any foreigner can raise his hand, say a few words, and – Presto – he’s a U.S. citizen, eligible for the keys to the kingdom, or at least a high level security clearance. In my younger days I worked with a few such folk, none of them spies so far as I know. But the risk is always there. Back when I watched TV, there was a special of just one such shake-and-bake import, an Egyptian I think, who was caught spying or being a terrorist while he worked in the U.S. government or military.

          I’m sure it’s hardly a new problem; when you need a native speaker of Urdu or a world-class scientist that alas has sketchy human-rights credentials, sometimes compromises must be made.

  4. In this post, Z writes, “it is hard for normal people to understand the mind of those who enthusiastically commit atrocities in the name of their cause.”

    I was concerned that Z may not be prepared for what is coming.

    But then in his TakiMag post, he writes, “If the antiwhite fanatics carry the day and erase white society from the book of life, they take themselves with it in what will be remembered as the great suicide of the West. If this is resisted and avoided, it will mostly likely require a degree of ugliness as yet unimagined.”

      • SomeGuy: in his TakiMag post

        Z-BLOG: “the sorts of people who think the death of a million people is nothing more than a statistic”

        TAKI-MAG: “David French… is a man who puts the interests of his adopted child ahead of his natural children, so he can be a part of the cultural revolution. What sympathy could he possibly have for your children?”

        I don’t know if I can quite force together an analogy here, so I’ll just throw out two little data points in defense of Saint Joseph Djugashvili:

        1) “Quantity has a quality all its own.”

        2) “What a little swine, denouncing his own father.”,_%22A_Little_Swine%22

  5. Some people have pointed to the “Chavez Model” to be used by our browner betters, but there are two issues with that. First is that Chavez was able to bleed off the hated whites to elsewhere in South America; but there is no such escape hatch for whites in the U.S., it is the “end of the line”. Similarly, Venezuela has been able to ride out their economic incompetence due to upstream support, but in the U.S. there is no upstream host for a failed parasite nation of this size to attach itself to; even the French Revolution model of invading neighbors to loot their stuff wouldn’t have enough payoff.

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  7. interesting that this is coming from nymag – no one’s idea of a conservative site. If schools are forcing kids to wear masks (some states thankfully have banned it) then the parents need to put their foot down and vote out the school board:

    • Vote out the school board?

      In a suburb of Chicago, where the school board is now hated, all the incumbents in league with the superintendent ran a mail-in ballot campaign to basically rig the election and keep their seats.

      Yeah, voting harder doesn’t even matter in local school board elections.

      • Lucius: I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t resist. To all those who insist voting locally still matters, I told you so. I told you so. I told you so.

        • Democracy died on November 8, 2020.

          That was the road map for fraud. Every election will now be mail-in. If the can rig the election by millions to remove the (supposedly) most powerful man on the planet, they can rig a suburban Chicago school board election.

          On the other hand, democracy is a placeholder for tribal violence. Instead of executing the king we don’t like, we just voted him out.

          • Yes, and the Dems can’t climb off the fraud perch if they want to.

            They don’t, but the system- all of it per TIME magazine has set their course, and ours.

          • Coming the realization that modernity and democracy are both stupid is the essence of the Dark Enlightenment.

            Fraud is logical and sensible once you realize that and come to understand that only power applied to and in line with your ideals matters.

  8. Larry Lindsey — would be shocked if anyone here remembers who that is — once wrote a long article (Weekly Standard, iirc?) about adopting kids from Kosovo. The thrust of his complaint was being prevented from adopting more; but since there’s little David French/Madonna/Angelina Jolie type of cachet in grabbing tots from the Balkans, he framed this as an ideological problem with the 20something, childless, liberal-arts-degree women from the U.N. who he says run the adoption agencies. There was a lot of resentment in the article but it did give me a glimpse of a closed-off industry I know nothing about. In retrospect it’s amusing these adoption girlbosses were unwittingly(?) performing the same conservative functions as the nuns used to.

    The correct turn-of-the-century “progressive” line would be exporting any and all urchins out of third-world hellholes. This became something of an Aussie-rules political football in the case of film director Philip Noyce, who did an award-winner decrying “Stolen Generations,” then turned around & shuttled his young starlet off to a private whitey school with the proceeds, etc. etc.

    • That is who was running animal rescue now. They are the worst insane control freaks I have ever encountered.

  9. If the Chinese are all united because they are all Han, then whatabout their civil war from 1921 to 1949? How was that possible?

    I’ll bet my nickel that once the forced unity of the one-party CCP state dissolves the Chinese will happily divide. Because once politics returns, so will division. As the philosopher said: “politics is division.” Or, for you classicists, Julius Caesar: “Divide et impera.”

    • The proof in Han unity is the fact that modern China is still just that, China.

      For a nation’s people to have a shared national history that spans thousands of years is a feat in itself. An abstract political theory or appreciation of the country’s topography is not enough.

      The Arabs have a belief that intra-wars between the countries equate to skirmishes between cousins. Blood and soil still count for many.

      • What’s going to be interesting is when America Inc decides to go to war against Hungary and the Visgrad group.

        I wonder how many white Americans will be willing to go kill a bunch of Hungarians and Poles with the likes of Boris Johnson cheering the way.

        • It’s the Germans and French who are pushing for attacks against the Poles and Hungarians.
          Merkel and Macron rather than the Germano-Turk running the UK.

        • It won’t take much since it will by airpower. We will destroy their power plants, water facilities, train yards, telco centers, bridges, hospitals and schools. – Yes the USAF does mass murder.

          As they make no distinction between military and civilian infrastructure.

          However this will bring Putin in since he knows he’s next. He cut off oil/NG to Germany and destroy Merkel economically and killing the EU in the process. Merkel will not live through it.

          • Not very likely. Too much risk of war with Russia and China which will end us. Our military is not in good condition right now and would end up fighting three wars one at home.

            Also Europeans aren’t going to risk open war or permit US actions like that. Aging population, broke nations and risk of savage retaliation from Russia or the Visgrad group rule it out.

            Lawfare and trade wars till kingdom come but open war is right out

      • From a few history books (Fukuyama, maybe): China, as one of the world’s major races and civilizations, historically distinguished itself by a strong central government (granted, with some interruptions, invasions, etc.) that values conformity, unquestioning authority, regimentation, hierarchy and tradition more highly than most others. Their learning, their language, even their written symbols, required vast memorization skills. On the downside, critical inquiry, challenging the orthodoxy and innovation were not valued. Consider that the Chinese invented gunpowder (fireworks), the printing press, paper money. Those are just the ones I know by memory. But they did squat with them. Genes inform culture and etc. downstream. These change but slowly. Just because they don’t wear Fu Manchus and those funny hats, doesn’t mean the Chinese societal structure has changed that drastically in many centuries.

        In a similar way, even the Ottomans had higher learning than the Europeans until perhaps 1500 or so. Then, due to a combination of perhaps unique factors, maybe even some luck, the West gave birth to several centuries of progress never equaled in world history, arguably benefiting the entire world (granted, with some flubs in the mix). Sadly, all that seems to be on the ebb.

        What the future holds, I don’t know.

    • The Chinese have a built in driver of sectional strife, the regional dialects. They can all write and read in common, and they’ve designated the Beijing dialect as their national tongue, but many of them speak something else at home. Those linguistic differences are easily identifiable tribal markers.

      • A valid point. But the same could be said for the regions of Europe today known as Germany, until the 16th century und the invention of High German, helped along by Herr Gutenberg and Martin Luther’s little uprising. Love them or hate them, it’s been said that Germany has come close to become a world power twice in the 20th century. Despite the grievous harm they’ve inflicted upon themselves, I would not yet write them off, either.

    • If the Chinese are all united because they are all Han, then whatabout their civil war from 1921 to 1949? How was that possible?

      Dude, you simply have got to read Chang & Halliday [ISBN-13: 9780679746324 ; ISBN-10: 0679746323].

      *** SPOILER ALERT ***

      *** SPOILER ALERT ***

      *** SPOILER ALERT ***

      It was Y.K.W.

      Names for you to search on include “Grigori Voitinsky”, “Mikhail Markovich ‘Borodin’ Gruzenberg” and “Sidney Rittenberg”.

    • They were not all Han. The last ruling dynasty was ethnically Manchu and the rulers only married Manchus and other steppe peoples. Han Chinese were used as bureaucrats, eunuchs and the like but they were not a part of the dynastic families.

      That’s something that Westerners don’t get. Part of the humiliation of the Han Chinese was that the Qing dynasty was a barbarian dynasty and not a Han Chinese country at the top. Lots of Chinese blame Manchu and Mongol barbarian rulers for the failure of China to keep up with the science and industrialization of the West and Japan.

      The communist party is very Han Chinese which is one reason why the Chinese are so fiercely nationalistic for it. Imagine if you had a socialist revolution but then it turned out that that the revolutionaries would kick all the ethnic minorities out of government and recreate WASP America under a socialist flag. Something like that happened in China.

      After the Qing dynasty fell much of the violence was simply Han Chinese pogroms against ethnic Manchus who were hated for their previous ruling position. They tried all sorts of laws and repression against “anti-Manchuism” to stop the massacres and it didn’t work at all.

      • Curious comment! Sadly, what we have is a de-facto socialist government in the USA (and other Western nations) that seems intent on the opposite: to bring in as diverse a motley collection of the world’s teeming refuse and marginalize the White soon-to-not-be majority. They’d kick us out if they could, and I suspect many of us would gladly leave if there were a place for us.

  10. Didn’t Trump cancel CRT in fedgov employment training and education?
    The populist movement has forced the global favela is best favela crowd to bare their fangs and clutch their playground earth closer but not out of love.
    Smelly Wal-Mart people, bitter clingers, kulaks, untermenschen, scum, useless eaters, they are visual pollution to the enlightened beings and there will be a final solution.

    • Thank God the Anti-federalist ancestors of the Dirt People bequeathed their Dirt People descendants with ever-so-slightly moar than just one single amendment to the federal Constitution in question.


      In the meantime, the Dirt People descendants are going about their business, living their lives, tending to their families, waiting patiently.


  11. French: “These measures would, by way of comparison, make Germany’s uncompromising and successful approach to teaching about the Holocaust illegal, as part of its goal is to infuse them with some sense of the weight of the past and (famously) lead many German students to feel anguish about their ancestry.”

    Imagine thinking the propaganda war to make German youth hate themselves is a good thing, as is shutting down open discussion of one of the pivotal events in 20th century history.

    • I wonder if French would have any problem with a curriculum that taught “The Culture of Critique” in schools because that’s what CRT is for White Caucasians. French’s freedom argument is completely off base and out of context. He’s trying to guilt you into letting the far left indoctrinate your kids into some ideology that resembles what he claims he opposes — nazism — by claiming you’re the nazi for opposing it. He wants to do to his so-called people what the Germans did to the Jews he defends: single them out and target them for abuse, blame them for all of society’s problems. What a despicable POS. Shame on anyone who was stupid enough not to see through this guy.

        • Of course. That’s what his fellow Anti-Whites in academia have been doing for decades. Indeed, there is a legal organization called FIRE whose sole purpose is to strike down academia’s regime of ham-fisted, anti-white censorship. The last time I checked, FIRE had yet to lose a court case they brought against a uni.

          • The purpose of elementary education is for the educated to teach the ignorant. All else is moral child abuse. And those should be put to the wall.

        • “Nonsense. We don’t oppose open discussion, but merely wish to limit the conversation to acceptable topics.” 😀

          I mean that in jest, but they often say things as illogical as this. Here’s a link to a Zero Hedge article. Assuming they’ve reported it straight, in a single interview, Fauci says: ” I do believe at the local level…there should be more mandates [for vaccinations.]”

          But then he says “We’ve got to put aside this ideological difference or differences thinking that somebody is forcing you to do something,”

          Ah, thank you for clearing that up for me, Dr. Fauci. I’m not being forced to do something, I’m just being mandated to do it. 😀

          As a side comment, I don’t think there’s even any legal authority to mandate the jabs, as long as they are EUA products.

  12. “Critical Race Theory is by definition cultural genocide. This is the appeal to the sorts of people who think starting over from a clean slate is the best course.”

    The amazing thing to me is how could anyone think that a society that has negroes at its helm would ever rise above a small tribal level of existence. And that existence would be a life that is “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short”. How is a race that has 10’s of thousands of years on this planet and nothing to show for it going to lead us into the glorious utopia that awaits us once we indoctrinate everyone with CRT? When you ask about why Africa is such a hellhole when blacks rule, you are told how it is the poverty of Africa that is responsible. But, aren’t the Chinese trying to buy/steal as much of this poverty stricken continent as possible? Just the land, mind you. The people are disposable. How does CRT explain South Africa? Prosperous first world country when apartheid was in place. Pathetic cesspool now that it isn’t. Oh, it is White Supremacy that has oppressed da black man. What about those thousands of years before black people in subsaharan Africa even knew what White people were? Why didn’t the Kangs of Kemet flourish, with a written history about their greatness? What was that? Oh, I see…..writing is racist. When I see teacher’s unions promote CRT, I know that education is certainly not their goal. Ideology and grift/graft are. Just like the covid scam, there is no science nor truth to their evil. Their only consideration is the end justifies the means. And they have given absolutely no thought to what the end will be.

    • they’re going to keep shuffling around the faces of the people in charge until they get it right, which will be never. But it gives the people in charge something to do and make them feel important

      They’re hands are not idle, but they’re doing the devil’s work all the same

      wasn’t long ago that the beach blond surfer dude was the idealized face of America. Now he’s the villain, and George Floyd is our national hero.


    • Oh, I’m sure that the teachers’ unions have been taken aside and had a little deal presented to them. “Nice little (hypothetical, and grotesquely underfunded) pensions you’ve got there, be a shame if anything were to happen to them. Now, many of you are already True Believers in the wisdom of CRT, but it is time to throw your shoulders to the wheel in unison for CRT (and the continued empowerment of us, your BFF), or who knows whether the pension well might run dry with no one to advocate for the money “printing” to assure that this doesn’t happen.”

      Bank on it. Why else would the union leaders be setting up Lawfare Departments to thwart the will of the white people to control the curriculum in their schools, and to specifically exclude this genocidal, anti-white crap?

    • You are over thinking this like most whites. CRT is about crushing white kids in school and making it so they don’t fight back and will rat out their parents.

      The blacks will eat up CRT because it already fits what they are taught about us. I know them well and you have no clue how much they hate Whites. I’m not being snarky or a turbo nerd like most DR types. This is based on experience.

      The end goal is to make the Orcs hate us so much they will commit mass murder on us.

      Prepare like TomA says while you still have the time. Or you may find yourself getting the Denny treatment.

  13. Self righteous “Christians” like French appall me. It’s one thing to want to do good works but boasting about them and how good you are is just crass.

    Ephesians 2:8-9:

    For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.

    • French is irrelevant now as is Conservative Inc. They are yesterday men.

      Problem is too many DR are stuck in 1985 like Sailer.

      The people running the show want us dead in the worst way possible. Hence the purging of the military, police forces, the creation of a new national police force (capitol hill cops with military gear).

      They are getting ready and so should we. Time is running out.

  14. I think Zman wrote this hilarious thing about David French back in 2016 when Trump was running.

    “Yesterday, professional conman David French posted this ridiculous sob story, where he nails himself to the cross, claiming he was sent to save mankind from Donald Trump. The result of his efforts has been a journey of suffering. It’s all nonsense, of course. Put yourself or your opinions out into the pubic and you will attract all sorts of nuts. I get on-line stalkers and weirdos all the time and I’m just running a blog. Go on TV and the pool of potential jerks and meanies goes up exponentially. It’s one of the trade-offs.

    I’ve been pointing out for along time that French is a nutter. He’s the sort of guy that lives by the credo, “whatever is worth doing is worth overdoing.” These sorts of people can never dabble in anything, They get into something and it becomes all consuming. They begin to organize their lives around the obsession. Then all of a sudden, they lose interest in it and find some new obsession. You see that with French, who lurches from one fanaticism to the next. In every case, he goes well beyond what is reasonable.”

  15. If anyone out there is still on twitter, respond to anything French tweets with “OK, but why do you hate white kids?”

  16. A white person adopting a black baby really is a really perverse act. A white person adopting a foreign black baby is demented. Not only are they skipping over the thousands of eligible black babies in the USA (and frankly many more would highly benefit from a change in parents), but they’re demonstrating loyalty to an out group for no reason other than feeling virtuous, and presenting themselves as the most non-racist. There’s also the ignorance of HBD. No amount of nurture is going to turn Tyrone into a sweet loving boy. It’s the opposite anyways – the threat of a beatdown from dad or the village chief is what keeps African males in line anyways, not white women or soy males being nice to them.

    It is a form of mental illness, and this includes Amy Coney-Barret who decided to adopt foreign black babies over the thousands of needy African-American blacks. Think of the strain it puts on the white children. Africans reach sexual maturity around age 14, while white males really keep developing until their mid-20s.

    I find it sickening. Every time I go to the McDonald’s drive thru, there is a homeless white guy begging for money. Every time I go for a walk, there’s white crackheads camping in the park. Panhandlers are at all the main intersections. Yet they ignore these people while saving one of God’s children from Uganda or Haiti or something. Drugs and economic/social/spiritual decay are at the root of all this. It’s hard to actually make a difference in the drug problem, but easy to fly a black baby over and post it on Facebook.

    • My experiences with spiritual decay and drugs is that the former precedes the latter. Drugs are symptom not a cause. It all stems from a spiritual weakness. If you have no hope for a better tomorrow being blasted out of your mind becomes perversely rational.

      • If spiritual decay and substance abuse largely emanate from the Insula, then they are likely part & parcel of the same underlying phenomenon.

    • the entire Puritanical project is absurd, always trying to save the world

      and unfortunately we are going to have to live through the inevitable bloody conclusion of the absurdity

      In fact the very essence of Christianity, the idea of redemption, never made a ton of sense, especially for the good-hearted, and the lengths and extent people go to to shoehorn the idea into everyday existence yields yet more absurdity. In a word, it’s not natural.

      The fact that these thoughts come to me is probably a sign that the days are numbered for Christianity, at least in its current form. Because everyone being told to effectively hate himself is not and can never be the central tenet and belief of a winner.

      • Yeah, while I am a Christian, and I see the spiritual fruit provided by the church, including for white people, I find myself disillusioned with the focus on the out group. I get there are poor people in Haiti; if they’re too dumb to dig their own wells then that’s just how God made them. Plenty of Christians in Haiti could do the job.

        The benefits of whites being churchgoers is spiritual, fewer drug addictions, less sexual degeneracy, and actually having families / children. Still better to be a churchgoing white than an atheist.

        But if I ever found a racially conscious alternative I would be quite happy to convert. It’s possible that Islam might provide this, but for now, it’s the sand person religion.

        • I was raised catholic, and I went to communion and all of that, and I NEVER remember the idea being pushed that I was some terrible sinner who needed to save himself. I think the Catholic church has been wise enough to not go that route and instead focus on doing good deeds and being a good all around person. I can live with that. That’s palatable.

          But when I got to venture out into the world and be around more heartland protestants, all a sudden I was being hit over the head with this idea of salvation. It was always a head scratcher for me. I was thinking “Where in the world did they come up with that? And who would ever want to focus on that? Depressing”

          Yes, I can see how it’s part of the Biblical record and so forth, but to organize an entire creed around THAT aspect of all things?

          Nah, not for me. For me Christianity is and will always be the Trinity. What bothers me with so much of Christianity today is the sole focus on Jesus and totally ignoring of God — the Creator of the whole thing. How can they ignore the entity that made the world and give him such short shrift? Why doesn’t he count? Okay, Jesus came to ave me, yeah but I was also made in the image of God, and I can bet you, preacher, that God NEVER intended for me to hate on myself for being a so-called sinner. That was NEVER in his plans. That’s some malarkey that YOU came up with, so you know where you can stuff it.

          Be fruitful and multiply. Be a good person, best you can. All anyone should take away from Christianity.

          • The Catholic Church teaches that you receive sanctifying grace that saves at baptism. Participation in the Church and its sacraments keeps/restores that sanctifying grace (when it is lost through willful sin). The Church has a place for saints and those sinners who will barley manage to avoid hellfire by the skin of their teeth.

          • I just had an argument on this very topic with a fellow Protestant. If you’re a reformed Protestant, you have to put your salvation in God’s hands, as he is the ultimate judge jury and executioner. It’s not a democracy up there. Only in this realm do we have something so stupid. The problem with reformed Christianity is that most of the congregants, after proclaiming the sovereignty of God, then retreat into the “but of course I’m saved mode because of some line from John about faith, etc.” In doing so they’re pre-judged themselves into heaven and thus undermined the very sovereignty of God that they proclaim. Catholicism (among other denominations) is a works righteousness based religion that says “as long as I go through this gymnastics class and get a good grade, I’m saved.” Once again, God is just a prop for MOI to get what I want, which is salvation. In reality, salvation is always God’s purview not ours. Maybe he just won’t like you, the way Z Man doesn’t like David French, or the way I don’t like Victor Davis Hanson, even if I mostly agree with him. Most people would become agnostics with this outlook on life because they see religion as a mechanism to get what they want, which is eternal life if they do or believe X, Y and Z. I’m perfectly fine going to church without measuring for drapes in heaven. But I’m an outlier on that.

          • The gymnastics class is being baptized which is pretty simple and in a Christian society is done when you’re a baby. Christianity teaches that salvation is in believing. Grave sin, committed willfully, is enacted unbelief which destroys the sanctifying grace granted by God at baptism. In an additional act of mercy, God allows men to have sanctifying grace restored through confession of your sins, a ministry Jesus instituted.

          • Also, old style Catholicism was focused on the big sins as in the ten commandments. The average Catholic took the Church’s teaching seriously. They were busy enough day to day, with avoiding grave sins and reconciliation through participation in the sacraments of the Church to be concerned with bullsh!t pseudo-sins like “racism”, “sexism”, “won’t adopt an African baby ‘cause you’re hard-hearted – ism” , etc.

          • Just curious JR. i like VDH, one of the wisest intellectuals out there. How many know the history of the West nearly as well.

            Now you say you mostly agree with him, but you don’t like him???

            How do you feel about people you disagree with?

      • I can rescue it for you. The Puritans obsessed with saving others, the more other the better, are, like the ones obsessed with hiding out from the Apocalypse, simply projecting concern for ones soul onto the outside world. IOW, evading what Gurdjieff would call “work on the soul” (“work our your salvation with fear and trembling”), which is hard, and substituting “look how good I am” philanthropy. So they are actually abandoning concern for saving their souls (which is too hard).

        • In all instances the wrong things are done for the wrong reasons. Catholics, Baptists, Methodists etc., will import the niglet from Africa to score points on heaven’s cosmic scoreboard of salvation. While Presbyterians and other reformed denominations import the niglet to show the world the beauty of their already attained salvation as an elect. At no time does anyone question that salvation may not be at hand and that God can do as he pleases at any given time and beyond time. Ph no! We can’t have that. Someone infinitely beyond us that has his own thoughts and rules.

          • Compassion should be bridled by real-world common sense. To use an example, I think from Spanish folklore, it was a woman (it’s ALWAYS a woman in these tales!) that, hearing a sob story on the other side of the gate, opened the gates of the walled city to the clever Moors in the middle of the night.

            Altruism can be a killer.

    • A future society will outright prohibit such conduct although adopting an American of a different ethnic group might be permitted, maybe but no foreign adoption period.

      Its a hard pill to swallow for Ex Libertarian types but a lot of political growing up is in essence saying No! to a lot of things

      No free trade, no cheap labor, no weed, no easy single moms , no deviance, no easy divorce , no drugs, no immigration and on and on.

  17. Z,

    Western man’s impulse to Universalism goes back to Alexander the Great, is continued through Rome and the very word Catholic means Universal (Church).

    But as George Ball said “The Past has Another Pattern.” He meant behind the scenes. This man Ball is the Chief Architect of our world, and his memoirs should be heeded.
    POWER. POWER is the real pattern.
    George Ball is the American Richelieu, had the French conquered the world.
    Indeed if Napoleon had Richelieu or Richelieu the Corsican we’d all be speaking French.

    You hit on something vital when discussing resource conflicts; they are short, sane and relatively bloodless.
    Then to me the soldier the sanest and most productive path is to reduce the conflict to resource conflict and proceed accordingly. As they are always resource conflicts what is the resource at issue to cause the conflict?

    In a war of religion/ideology- identical conflicts- that resource is POWER.

    Now, can we discuss a settlement on the resource of power? One could in Europe, one could between England and the new United States, one could with Metternich as Austria was in the middle, one could between the old unions and capital. Can one now?
    Well, probably not.
    They want it all, moreover the gun and Constitution wavers have threatened the Dems and Left innumerable times with death or prison- but not followed through. The Left can justly claim self defense, they can also be forgiven for just contempt of the idiot blowhards.

    So there has to be a reason to treat with us war or no, there is none.

    Now your preferred solution of think racially in terms of white is quite undermined by the accurate picture of European history you mentioned here, none slaughter themselves in the name of God and then ideology like Europeans. So that won’t work ultimately, indeed now our chief oppressors are White Anglo Saxon new Secular Protestants (the 👃 Hofjude are simply frontmen as always).

    So perhaps the best path is to reduce this conflict to resource conflict and the resource is Power and proceed accordingly, but one has to take power to be dealt with seriously.
    Of all the resources POWER is most dear and most jealously defended.
    We have no power nor the nerve to take it, until that changes our path is night, we are the Pueblo Indians at present. Passive and self concerned (all farmers and their heirs merchants have no time for others) we can like the Pueblo vanish. Indeed that’s what’s happening, we are fading from history.

    For the actual American power struggle is our conquest, for those like French genocide is fine, the victors take the richest lands on earth.

  18. I would love to see David French’s browser bookmarks. Probably 1/2 of them to BBC, just not the British Broadcasting Corporation. Just looking at him made me stop doubting the existing of cuckolds.

      • Remember Kurt Eichenwald (?) and his tentacle porn tabs? Whatever happened to him. Wasn’t he trying to have Spencer arrested for attacking him with a three-d meme?

    • Jack: Sorry, but I don’t share your admiration for Shrier here. First she rhapsodizes over Chris Rufo, a White who is married to a Thai. His anti-CRT stance is not based on some amorphous concern for White Americans demonized by the POX, but rather for his urgent desire for a civnat, color-blind society. Rufo is not on ‘our side.’

      Second, Shrier, like Rufo, decries CRT as essentially racist, when it’s actually essentially anti-White. She is upset not by the anti-Whiteness, but that it’s teaching ‘our kids’ to ‘hate each other.’ Uh, genetics are the basis for obvious differences already, and those innate differences are the basis for innate hostility. But now that it’s official policy she’s worried?

      Then Rufo bemoans the canceling of Lincoln and Dr. Zeus – the first an icon of Ellis Island neocons for his role in their narrative of America’s ‘second founding.’ And Zeus, besides being a small hat wearer, was also an anti-racist, with his preachy book about sneeches.

      Then she demands mothers be accorded their ‘sex-based rights.’ I’m fine with that – but what about men’s innate sex-based rights? I doubt Shrier thinks they have any. She’s more concerned with maintaining the legal ‘protections’ that feminism “took generations to establish.”

      Shrier sees the bedrock of America not as the genetic American people, but as magic principles – muh free speech, etc. She labels other ‘conservatives,’ (presumably those like Fuentes?) as ‘triumphalists’ chanting ‘mantras.’ She’s not in favor of Whites having an identity of their own. Besides, she insists, ‘Caitlyn Jenner’ poses no threat to children.

      Shrier is yet another neocon opposing ‘cultural Marxism’ because it’s gone beyond her self-established boundaries. She’s yet another in the mold of Brett Weinstein. Neither are White nor even White allies. They are classical liberals, former leftists, who merely see that their erstwhile pets have gained numbers and control and now threaten their former sponsors. Weinstein is now being feted by certain conservatives who aren’t quite yet cuckservative enough to cheer their own extinction. Shrier strikes me as more of the same. I’ll pass.

      • Reminds of J.D. Vance, the hillbilly married to a Brahmin Indian.

        Yeah, I’m sure him, his Brahmin wife and arrogant, mulatto kids are really losing sleep over the plight of poor white trash in West Virginia and Ohio, lol.

        White guys married to non-white women are in fact worse than white female coal burners. Men lead and set the example, and it’s our duty to be knocking up white women.

        The conservative race mixing guys always hope their kids turn out to be one of the magical “POC” Republicans that are going to turn out for team red next time if they just adopt a completely leftist platform.

        • God, his home must perpetually smell like shit.

          The worst olfactory moment I ever encountered was after one of my son’s hockey practices. Most can imagine the smell of sweaty hockey equipment and sweaty boys packed tightly into a locker room. One of the most unpleasant smells imaginable.

          Amazingly, the one Indian dad and his son’s body odor curry smell rose above all that. Impressive and horrid at the same time.

          • Yep – I hate curry – the smell of it makes my wife sick. WHile I was in college she cleaned apartments where we lived. The curry-ones about made her puke. Will never have her work a day again at least for another man or woman. Her job is to raise our children and grandchildren.

          • Truly the ethic of “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” is unique to the White race.

            [And largely just the deep Inner Hajnalian Whites at that.]

        • To get whites to act in their collective self interest, it is going to have to start with some kind of kernel deep in the pit of one’s being, a more personal and unwavering source of pride. Everyone needs to find out what that is in himself and build upon it. Be it ethnic, or regional, or whatever. I think then it will not be very difficult to brings these groups together under the larger banner of white collective interests.

          Makes me wonder if the entire American idea of mixing all immigrant ethnicities together, the Heinz 57 thing, wasn’t always some insidious plot to breed ethnic pride out of white people.

        • I married a working class, blond white woman and have knocked her up 8 times. Our children all look like either Brits or Vikings. If I could have 20 kids with her I would.

        • One more thing. His only ticket out of the trailer park was getting a government job as an attorney and suckling from the teet. So in a way, did he ever leave the trailer park or did he just figure out a better way to get government titty milk? At no time was any business built in which he enriched himself by providing some good or service in the real world. That makes him morally inferior to any hillbilly who decided to hang out a shingle to get out of his destitution.

        • Vance is a fraud. He sold out to get where he is. How else do you explain a no account white getting into Yale Law School? Someone had to pull strings for him. Wikipedia shows it too.

          And he marries a POS Brahmin which was to show his masters he on their side.

          Yet he puts on airs of being just a simple white guy. He’s not. A con artist and sell out through and through.

      • Do these people ever even imagine what a life organized around civnat principles would look like? I can’t for one second imagine it, it’s so preposterous. I try to imagine it and see a bunch if happy faces of all colors all working interchangeably in some massive project of good will.

        It’s a Small World was just a ride in an amusement park, not a governing ethos, but that’s where we’re at.

      • It’s Seuss, not Zeus, and he was not Jewish. But then you’re one of those who looks for Jews hiding in every closet.

    • Shrier is the equivalent of the Russian liberal who tried stopping the Bolsheviks pre-October Revolution with principled rhetoric. The liberals wrote endlessly about the dangers posed by the radials, countering much of their propaganda and compiling a huge book of their own writings dedicated to debunking their opponents. In the end, it didn’t work. They lost. It turns out that most people are emotionally driven and not receptive to arguments that damage acceptance of their faith. Feelings over facts every time.

      I think we’re seeing the same thing in the United States now: an apathetic security apparatus that doesn’t appreciate the growing threat, and won’t until it’s too late; a new religion that demonizes its enemies and works toward their destruction; the end of an open society in favor of a woke totalitarian nightmare devoid of passion, art, reason, or free expression; a group of principled liberals trying hopelessly to talk down the other side.

      I have a feeling, absent a miracle, the same fate of Soviet Russia awaits the West. Principled liberals like Jimmy Dore, Glenn Greenwald, Andrew Sullivan, and maybe even Bill Maher will be consumed by the monster they ignored, even nursed, and the Western world will be plunged into a racialist (racial communism) nightmare world. Things will continue apace until differential birthrates eventually collapse the Left’s hold on power, but probably not for a half century or so (or more). Your children, to the extent you have any, will never know freedom the way you had it in their lifetimes.

      Suicide of the Liberals

      “One sometimes hears that ‘the pendulum is bound to swing back.’ But how does one know there is a pendulum at all, rather than—let us say—a snowball accelerating downhill? It is unwise to comfort oneself with metaphors. When a party is willing to push its power as far as it can go, it will keep going until it meets sufficient opposition. In the French Revolution, terror was eventually stopped by “Thermidor,” and then by Napoleon. But in Russia, Stalin proclaimed ‘the intensification of the class struggle’ after the Revolution, entailing an unending series of arrests, executions, and sentences to the Gulag. What meets no resistance does not stop. ”

      • Solzheniten documents this in the novel “August 1914”.

        The Tsarist regime was old, bloated, and incompetent. The one smart reformer guy, Stolypin, was disliked by the Tsar and the out of touch conservative landowners. He was assassinated by a (((radical))) and that basically marked the beginning of the end for the regime.

        Pelosi / Schumer / racially blind billionaire fat cat class is basically the Tsarist apparatus. The few smart liberals like Maher, who could prolong the system, are being ignored. If you thought the damage inflicted by the (((Russian))), Russian, Latvian, and Belarussian revolutionaries was bad, wait until you see what happens when the new proletariat takes over – the oppressed POC class.

        • The only reason I cannot completely agree is the Left’s impulsiveness, which is much like the Jews’ frequent rash behavior that derails them more often than not. Right now I’m reading Doestevesky’s DEVILS. It is for the second time, so knowing how it ends allows some new insight. Granted, its black comedy was realized as tragedy 50 years later, so I would have to have odds to bet against you.
          One thing that us happening even now is the Left eating its own. Same as it ever was.

        • Some people have pointed to the “Chavez Model” to be used by our browner betters, but there are two issues with that. First is that Chavez was able to bleed off the hated whites to elsewhere in South America; but there is no such escape hatch for whites in the U.S., it is the “end of the line”. Similarly, Venezuela has been able to ride out their economic incompetence due to upstream support, but in the U.S. there is no upstream host for a failed parasite nation of this size to attach itself to; even the French Revolution model of invading neighbors to loot their stuff wouldn’t have enough payoff.

      • Maher is not worthy of mention with Greenwald. He says a few things as symbolic bone tosses but he is a shitlib through and through. In his Religulous movie he mercilessly mocked Christianity and Islam but left the small hat religion alone.

        • Actually, he didn’t.

          He showed off a speciality shop with Jewish religious paraphernalia. Among them was an air-pressure operated wheel-chair, because you can not light a fire on Sabath, which electricity seems to be…

    • I call bullshit. She’s just engaged in some 3D chess style of feminism directed at policing the language of dissidents and populists. Don’t offend transexuals? Fuck transexuals. They are mentally ill fools deserving of no regard in the same respect as crazy, drugged-out homeless beggars. They are an intractable nuisance that won’t go away if simply ignore. Ignore abortion? Fuck abortion. It’s murder, plain and simple, and utterly inexcusable. So, in conclusion, Abigail Shrier can go fuck herself and her unwelcome advice.

      • The disproportionate high rates of jogger abortion rocks. Just think if there were that many more of them with all of their costs to white society. Not to mention that the Dems would have had all those swing states securely locked up (with the exception of AZ), no cheating necessary. So in that way the Dems shot themselves in the foot by reducing the numbers of one of their prime demographics. So they’ve imported Latin Americans to make up for the aborted blacks but it’s not the same.

    • Eloquent post from Ms. Shrier. Dissidents must not play using the rules set by the Woke, accept Woke definitions, and argue technicalities. I deduct a couple of points for her using the term “Judeo-Christian.”

  19. Now that Fuentes has the stamp of disapproval from all the tech monopolies and Conservatard Inc., I went to his website to see if there was a P.O. Box to send anonymous cash. It’s all online donations. It should be the law that all dissidents get P.O. Boxes. The org isn’t tax deductible anyway. He could get some wild, not so good things from terrible people, but I would think it would be worth it. Cash is still legal in this country, for now, and its anonymity is a powerful weapon. Which is why they will eventually attempt to make it illegal.

    • I quit sending cash (and gift cards) in the USPS to nieces and nephews years ago.

      Less than half the gifts ever got through. Any cash donation via snail mail is just a gift to some postal worker along the chain you’ll never meet.

      Besides, any regular reader/poster on TheZman’s blog has a web browser history far more incriminating than a few random donations on a debit card.

        • There’s always the personal check (I think they still exist) with the usual lack of privacy, or the slightly more anonymous Money Order. These are more likely to get through. It’s probably harder for J’Teel, Enrique or Achmed to cash a check made out to White Nationalist Action Front, or whatever 🙂

      • This thought occurred to me: While it at first seems to “betray” our side, why not occasionally visit websites of the other side? At least read the headlines; it is routine intelligence-gathering to consider your enemy’s propaganda.

        If you want to, you could take subscriptions to their magazines, or even make nominal contributions (via credit card, of course). Yes, you are giving money — a little — to your enemies. But you are also really clouding the waters by those who would track your activities.

  20. It’s amusing Major French got a Bronze Star for being a government lawyer in Iraq. Too bad his paper cut didn’t qualify him for a Purple Heart.

    • There’s people who personally killed hundreds in multi hour real pitched battles who didn’t get Bronze Stars. No, they got ARCOM-V (Army Commendation with Valor).

      But they aren’t in HQ where awards written so…

    • During my enlistment, I was awarded a medal for the hazardous duty of helping to erect tents on the Washington D.C. Mall for President Reagan’s 2nd inauguration (1985), which turned out to be cancelled due to abnormally cold weather. 😀

  21. The way these things go, French’s African daughter will get into the drugs and start stealing from him, with the relationship ending in estrangement as she becomes just another Shanequa in Section 8. Ideally, she would be like one of those bad seed Ukrainian orphans who sets French’s bed on fire as he sleeps. You never know, she could possibly recognize that she was a cat’s paw status symbol all along and join Nation of Islam, calling herself Stolen Baby X, and giving rousing speeches about her upbringing by some shallow white man who used her.

    • I am seriously considering stealing your imaginative (yet, probably spot-on) post and tucking it away as a short screenplay or novel idea.
      I’m thinking it could be a musical. They made Les Miserables & Bonnie & Clyde into fairly decent musicals, didn’t they?.
      Why not one about a child purchase gone wrong, as well?
      (Who knows? Maybe Chief Justice Roberts’ “Nicaraguan” [Irish-purchased] Children will turn on him one day in similar fashion.)

      • Children, regardless of racial background, tend to key on on the fraud and hypocrisy of their parents, adopted or otherwise. If French was your “father” it would be perfectly natural, almost a given, to get into the cocaine and start stealing from him at young age. Hunter Biden is a great example of this. If Joe Biden was your father, and your mother was so miserable with his narcissism and cheating that she rolled her station wagon in front of a semi truck with the kids in the car, wouldn’t you attempt to destroy your life the way he has, while getting bailed out at every turn? Deep down Hunter is saying “this for mom you ass h ole.”

    • I seem to remember that Steven Spielberg adopted a “diverse” child many years ago and she’s since become famous as a bad porn actress. How’s that for fatherly influence? You would have thought that living under his tutelage she would’ve at least learned how to act.

    • Anyone who adopts foreign children are suspicious to me, especially African children. Even if an American black couple adopted one, I’d be suspicious of them (of course, it’s far worse that was French).

      Of course, he is such a narcissist that he will not understand why she hates him having taken her far away to another land totally isolated from her family and tribe. She’s supposed to adore him for rescuing her from her stupid people and family and the country they built.

      • I know a black career woman, one of the talented tenth. As usual, she couldn’t find a suitable husband and turned 40 without having any kids.

        She adopted a black kid from South Carolina. While I don’t like the importation of a black, I’m happy that she gets the chance to have a family, and that one of their own kind is looking after another. Nothing wrong with that. It’s natural.

        • Another groid growing up without a father? That’s not a “family” by any normal definition.

  22. Fascinating Taki’s article on ideological warfare, thank you.

    I attended at fairly large gathering to on the 4th of July. Most of the guests were middle aged conservative, civic nationalists with varying degrees of support for Trumpism. The one issue everyone at that event could wholeheartedly agree upon was the amount of disdain and disgust we all harbor for French. It was the highlight of the day. I almost wish he could have been there to hear the scathing comments but he would have walked away comparing any criticism of him to the Crucifixion of Christ.

    • Seems weird to me that any sizable group of people got together and anybody gave a single thought to David French, of all things.

      • The subject of the decline of national review came up which led to a brief discussion of David French.

      • This may be part of the journey toward wholehearted rejection of Conservative Inc. As such, salutary.

  23. this is off topic but is there a historical reason for the existence of cluster B disorders (Borderline, Narcissist, Histrionic etc)? Like if you go back a few centuries – I feel this type of stuff didn’t exist because we weren’t as advanced of a society. Is it possible that these disorders are creations of modernity itself?

    • Try following Edward Dutton, the Jolly Heretic on BitChute or YouTube. He postulates that at the start of the 19th century, humans short-circuited the normal process of natural selection. Basically child mortality has become so low and medical care so good that vast numbers of what he calls “spiteful mutants” are now surviving to breed.

      A large part of our genetic code is devoted to our brain, and the greater number of physical genetic disorders we see are the tip of the iceberg, the underwater part being the vast number of brain mutations causing disordered thought and behavior.

  24. Excellent skewering. A few more observations about French:

    1. He comes across as a closeted homosexual.
    2. He is a geriatric who plays video games and immerses himself in teen science fiction (probably related to the previous).
    3. He left one Christian denomination (Church of Christ) for another (Presbyterian) and the only discernible reason is the former is considered White Trash in some circles and the latter mainstream among the Establisment.
    4. He served as a JAG in Iraq and uses that to pretend he is some combat-tested veteran.
    5. The man is discernibly mentally ill.

    As to your larger point, yes. The reason even liberal do-gooders have started to pushback against CRT is they see it, and rightfully so, as a prelude to genocide. And, no, French doesn’t give a single damn his White children may be pushed into ovens.

    • My impression is the reason do gooder liberals, at least the celebrity Christian ones, have started pushing back against CRT is that the rank and file church members they depend on to support them financially aren’t buying it and are willing to walk away if they get it forced on them by their churches. Some are either so sanctimonious or hoping to continue the grift by crossing over to the left that they aren’t giving it up yet.

    • Good (and funny) points to highlight, Jack–especially #4. I would add two more:

      (1) French strikes me as the type of person whose M.O. is that his failures and “victimization” are the PROOF of his superior moral virtue. Jimmy Carter had (has!) the same routine after his failed presidency: the people rejected him, and he saw that as his “badge of honor”–which he brandished about to minimize the genuine virtue of less negative individuals: that is, people who could be morally upright without being scolds and whiners. It’s a kind of egotistical Christ-complex that we see all over the Left.

      (2) Never forget the 2016 “Presidential Ambition” moment. Zman notes it as another sign of French’s egotism (which it is). But it’s also a very instructive insight into the ruling class. Remember it was the neocon crowd that encouraged French to consider a presidential run. Why? Because they calculated (wrongly) that a guy like French would push all the right buttons with the GOP base: Evangelical Christian, “veteran,” big family, etc. In other words, the neocons thought they could count on robotic support for a guy like that. That calculation shows how truly out of touch they were (are) with the people who had previously voted them into power. And it confirmed how they gain power by manipulating symbolic values that are meaningful to their voters–but meaningLESS to the rulers themselves. Most of all, it showed the contempt they had for the GOP base, to try to saddle those voters with such an obvious nobody who would predictably go down to defeat in an election.

    • David French was never a true conservative. His entire life looks to be some kind of resume building opportunity so he can pass himself off as a conservative, one who can then shop his “principled opposition” to his own side into gigs at MSNBC and The Atlantic. What true conservative cooperates with such vile outfits, regardless of internal disagreements? Would a Frenchmen opposed to Charles de Gaulle have cooperated with the occupation Vichy French government?

      Consider David French’s CV:

      He served, but not in combat, in the military (gun ho conservatives like that, right?)

      He’s a Christian (but not too Christian because Leftist paymasters want the good, non-White trash kind.)

      He won an inconsequential legal case on behalf of religious Christians once (“See, I’m on your side conservatives. Now watch me tell everyone how bad you are on MSNBC because that’s what their leftist audience wants affirmed from tokenized opposition figures like myself”).

      He worked at The National Review (a controlled opposition outlet which serves as a resume builder & hobby for Con Inc. think tank grifters).

      Everything this man has done has been carefully crafted to first get him accepted by GOP rubes so that he can then grift his association with them into status and money with the other side. French has always been like this. It was planned from the beginning.

    • I’m not sure how successful a genocide attempt will be when it is directed against (up to) 2/3 of a nation’s population, the majority of whom are well armed and likely to so remain.

  25. The Schoolhouse Rock link at the Taki column is great. I saw those growing up, but I don’t have any memory of this particular one. It’s like it’s from a different world. The only hint of the decay to come is the brief obligatory mythologizing of Sacajawea, but overall it’s really something — imagine a pop culture product that doesn’t regard Manifest Destiny as a bad thing!

    45 years on and a redo of that thing would only include the bit about Sacajawea. All the rest would be the “brutal history of US slavery, oppression of minorities, environmental destruction and rapacious expansionism” or whatever some degenerate felt like ranting about.

  26. Contra Buckley if they have monsters we need monsters.

    The cost is bad optics.

    One may snark now but this equation is merciless and zero sum.
    And the side with the worst monster wins.

    Now there is another way… the Right simply disappears, all challenges to the system go silent. As these challenges are utterly hollow except for the wrath and retaliation of the Dems against the commons this is probably the best course. If you will do nothing (and you won’t) then say nothing, for the Dems burn, loot, murder, overthrow the Republic, destroy the economy, put hundreds in prison and stage coups until they win.

    If you will not meet those terms and indeed best them, then disappear.

    I’m tired of seeing my people suffer because they follow pied pipers of the Right. I don’t mean French.

    The best optics for the Right, especially the smack talking Right are no optics. Vanish, you speak if Liberty and Prosperity and deliver us to our enraged foes in rags and chains.

    This is flyover country calling asking for cease fire, for you have only harmed us.

    Your best optics are to disappear.

    • Yes to all of this. It’s going to collapse eventually and your duty now is to survive and be strong when the chaos begins. They would prefer to lure you into the open while they still own the LEOs, and then either make an example of your persecution or lock you up for decades on a trumped up charge. Failing that, a manufactured civil war is a good way to kill off alphas on both sides of the fence. Don’t play their game on their terms. 4S and focus when the fog provides good cover.

  27. Interesting that a Christian like CS Lewis can give us valid truths about evil in this world while a Christian like David French can give us lessons on how to achieve a collapsing civilization that cannot seem to protect itself.

    • G Gordon Liddy: The Church (all varieties) is as degenerate is every other societal institution. And its practitioners are steeped with anti-rayciss virtuousness. Spiteful mutants produce mutant thoughts and befoul and mutate formerly legitimate institutions. CS Lewis was a Christian. David French is a professional public christian.

    • That’s because one is a real Christian and the other is a narcissistic whore.

  28. About 1250 words attempting to explain a guy that 99.9% of the US population has never heard of and cares nothing about.

      • A refreshing bit of Alinsky wickedness to start my week freezing, polarizing, and personalizing.

        “America’s leading Christian”, you betcha. The Z slices and dices ’em like Wolverine

    • It’s very important to expose and discredit “conservative” grifters whenever they rear their ugly heads.

      They are good at fooling normiecons so we need to get ahead of the curve.

    • @nailheadtom

      As the old saying goes, You may not care about the Devil, but the Devil is interested in you.

      David French deserves a write-up so individuals who follow current sociopolitical currents remain awareness of charlatans who cloak false beliefs and true animosity with a speck of truth.

      Mr. French is another in the long line of Con Inc who provide the loyal opposition for the Left.

      • so individuals who follow current sociopolitical currents remain awareness of charlatans

        There aren’t enough hours in the week for any normal person to keep track of those many charlatans. Those who follow current sociopolitical currents and the involved charlatans would be better off fishing, whittling, putting model ships in bottles or training the dog to go get the paper.

        • Okay, that is a different topic entirely unrelated to the subject of Mr. French.

          Why should any of us be concerned with people trying to help in the deterioration of Western civilization?

          Should we petition ZMan to start a whittling blog, or a dog training guide?

          No. Most of us here that read and comment do so because we are invested in the outcome of the next several decades of our nation’s path.

          The easiest thing to do would be to simply ignore the people who push these twisted ideologies, until the day it personally affects you. By that time they will shoot the dog and take the wooden duck you whittled.

          • For some strange reason I just got a vision of sitting on the porch swing and watching Uncle Chuck Schumer in overalls play the mandolin and sing bluegrass songs while eating a piece of Aunt Nancy Pelosi’ s apple pie with $15 a pint ice cream.

  29. Now, hold on, Zman. David French is a mighty contender. He could give Paris Hilton a run for the money.

    You see, that guy…what was his name?
    Ol’ Whatsisname, everbody knows him.
    Oh yeah, Trump, I think it was…
    That Guy has all the right people talking about him in New York.

    He loves it. He’s Dillinger! He’s John Gotti!
    Public Enemy Number One!
    Everybody’s favorite bad guy.

  30. It is difficult for normal people to understand the mind of someone who uses their children as props in their narcissistic fantasies.

    Ontological Munchausen’s Syndrome.

    Beautiful hit piece, Z. Nice to see you take the gloves off.

    • Jnugu: Agree. My first thought upon finishing reading the post was “Brava! A masterful dissection!”

      One quibble – French does not use his natural-born White children as props because they don’t fit the narrative. And I’ll make a gander that perhaps they’re not fully onboard? I believe they are of an age, now, where they could prove useful in a photoshoot showing how loving and protective they are of their adopted African ‘sister.’ French is certainly not below using them thus, therefore the lack of such photos indicates to me that perhaps there is a scintilla of natural resentment. Who knows, perhaps one of them may come to our side, courtesy of his father’s obsession with himself.

  31. What value is there in recounting the story of David French?

    Yes, he is a detestable creature, but he’s not alone with that distinction. Yes, his narcissism is a serious psychological pathology, but again, mental health institutions are full of such people. Yes, he advocates for the slaughter of innocents as a brazen & hypocritical bigot, but he has no power to implement his bloodlust. Yes, he has some marginal influence over others via his public media platform, but even if he incites a few violent acts against his chosen enemies, he is unlikely to evolve into the next mass murderer.

    This story just makes you want to hate the crazies that dominate our culture at present and may cause a fit a rage within the sane. That is how Jan 6th happened. Good people got angry, pitched a fit, and one got shot in the neck by a Jackboot. That is not success in anything.

    A healthy response to someone like David French is that, if he should ever accost you in person, you would be wise to punch his fucking lights out and continue on your way. This would be a win-win.

    • French is getting published in the N.Y. Times and has the funding of deep pocketed donors. He has more access to political power than nearly anyone on the dissent right. I would guess several Republicans in the Senate would take a phone call from him if he wanted to talk to them about something. Without question Romney and Sasse would. It is a good reminder of the kind of people we are up against and what they are willing to do to us.

      • Agreed, but that just speaks to the depravity of our time. I strive to shun depravity as much as possible and live my life as positively as I’m able. I control myself and find happiness in my activities (which are indeed active). I do not let the insane ruin my day or lure my into a manufactured depression. I content myself knowing that someday I may encounter one of these disease cells IRL, and then I may actually be able to make a difference that matters. We can do better than just rub shit into our eyes & ears by exposing ourselves to filth such as David French.

        • He who does not know his enemy will win half his battles, but lose half as well. Ancient chinee wisdom, still true today.

          • If you’re worried about David French as a potential enemy in battle, you got a lot bigger problems than just losing half your battles.

    • Look, this French guy is no different than desperate women on OnlyFans. Cash and prizes may be yours, and all that comes with the payoff.
      In the end, you still make a living shoving a cucumber up your ass for money.

      • They are very different. This is clown world, the fact that Fwench is a laughing stock means he has power; attention is the coin of our realm. Do not diregard the enemy simply because they are mentally unhygenic. More importantly re camwhores, people who have the power to declare war and launch nuclear missles listen to French, and he clearly wants to see our people genocided. You should be very afraid of this, not dismissive.

        • Webkaren, I didn’t dismiss camwhores. Quite the contrary, Kim Kardash is one. She rose to ‘fame’ via a porn tape, with a member of another race not to put too fine a point on it.

          This camwhore Kardash was invited to the White House. Created policy – letting criminals out to ravage their old neighborhoods.

          French is like a cam whore, except his 30 pieces of silver won’t aggravate his Hemorrhoids. But like a cam whore he is an ‘influencer’, geeks (government ones) listen to him. And like a camwhore, he will escalate ‘what he is willing to do when it is asked’ … for money.

          A cam whole might pluck her own eye our for the right price. Whore French will help send your children to the gulag.

        • The e-girls aren’t that different from distinguished women leaders of the past a la Lola Montez, the difference is their ignorance of the phenomenon succinctly phrased as “Math is hard” by Barbie. There is a world market for maybe 5 Kardashians. There is no upper-mid-tier, safety-school professional segment for hookers.

          But anybody being well compensated by The Economy isn’t the point — elites encourage four-quadrant sex work because it “frictionlessly” instills a mentality helpful to the institutionalization of the 1960s Free Love Wall Street revolutionary class.

          • “There is no upper-mid-tier, safety-school professional segment for hookers.”

            Yet that is what is being sold to these adherents of feminism, whom the MSM touts daily as “making one bazillion dollars a day” doing ever more degrading things for money — as requested by geeks.

            The Kardash people really are pikers, they make their pin money but really drive the masses of vapid, hopeless womenfolk to “sex work” as a way of life.

            In other words, they promise the daughters of the nation nothing but degradation and humiliation for cash and prizes.

  32. National Review now claims print circulation of 75K! This is far less than Salt Water Sportsman magazine (claims 100K and is usually a good read in the dentist’s office). Zman justifiably and brilliantly destroys the execrable David French here, but it’s possible we really over-estimate the relevance of legacy Cuckservative institutions.

    Guys like French are quickly disappearing up their own buttholes. Obviously their main function is serving as controlled opposition for the Left. National Review is like one of those zombie brands on QVC, like Bell & Howell or Polaroid, that gets used to flog cheap sunglasses. It will have a marketing niche until the last bunch of CivNat boomers dies in their La-z-boys watching late-night cable TV.

    • The MSM use people like French to generate headlines like “Conservative pundit decries the hatred and bigotry of Trump supporters”.

      • He knows that, which is why he’s the worst sort of traitor. He knows what he’s doing is evil and he revels in it for personal gain. I can’t believe any God would let a guy like that into heaven. If the Divine exits, I should expect David French to get a rude awakening moments after he passes. Even if I don’t make it myself, I pray that God grants me the small mercy of letting me be there to witness French bawling his eyes out as he’s denied and cast away for his crimes. I hope an angel calls him a cuck as it happens, too.

    • Captain Willard: Last line is beautifully written. If my old age allows me to remember it when needed, I may steal it.

    • Cpt Willard: You seem to think popular will matters any more. Silly dirt person. There is quality and then quantity. Quantity would matter if we had a democratic vote. Nat Review probably has 75+ senators and 250+ representatives in their subscriber list, I doubt Salt Water Fisherman has that sort of audience.
      The ruling class is small. Therefore the internal organs for the ruling class will have tiny audiences.

      • If we were discussing Foreign Affairs magazine, I might agree with you. Nobody takes the NR seriously anymore. The interesting phenomenon is the market for “controlled opposition” that Zman describes. It’s truly a growth industry.

        We do agree that voting is sadly irrelevant.

  33. The most hilarious part of the French article is his bitching about getting audited:

    “My family was caught in the dragnet. So at the same time we were integrating a new child into our home, we were also combing through adoption receipts trying to prove to the IRS that we had indeed adopted, that we had indeed spent the incredible sum we reported, and that we hadn’t defrauded the government.”

    So you’re a lawyer, and you find it too difficult to produce receipts for expenses you deducted on your tax return? The lack of self-awareness is amazing. He should be grateful he gets to deduct the expenses in the first place.

  34. > But censorship is the wrong approach even to the concepts that are the intended targets of these laws.” Just a few days later he was cheering the removal of Nicholas Fuentes from Twitter.

    I unfortunately know a few people with French-like views who are decent human beings but utterly clueless as to what’s coming around the bend. What they don’t have, though, is French’s smug arrogance and nauseating hypocrisy.

    He seems to know now that his fans are all left-wingers who want to follow the enlightened right-winger who will agree with their views. Sort of like Greenwald now is to the right, the difference being though I find Greenwald’s lifestyle repulsive, I don’t doubt his intelligence.

    • to get a converstion going with the frenchesque folks you speak of, simply ask them how this all ends? where is this all eventually going to lead?

      • It always ends with the statement that we can not become monsters ourselves. If it ended with themselves and their children against a wall, they would be fine with it.

        They are useless to converse with in politics and a liability.

        • Chet: If, as you note, they would be ‘fine’ with their children up against the wall, then I have to argue with you that they are NOT “decent human beings.” Decent people do not gaze with equanimity upon the slaughter of their children for a fake and hateful ideology.

          • You make a very good point. They will help people move, volunteer for Church events, and help out with neighborhood events, but this is just window dressing if they are too cowardly in the face of a true existential threat.

            A real decent human being is willing to go to war to protect his children.

  35. People forget about the bizarre nature of David French considering running for President in 2016. He genuinely thought he would win and thought Mitt Romney could have jumped in the race as an independent in June of 2016 an won easily. National Review, still reeling from the fact that their Against Trump issue failed and that their efforts to push support for Ted Cruz in the Indiana primary did not result in Cruz making up a 15 point polling deficit in three days treated it just as seriously. I guess it is to their credit they have left French’s explanation of why he didn’t run still on their website, which in a better age than ours, would have been one of the exhibits entered into evidence when he was committed to an insane asylum.

    • David French running might have helped Trump by siphoning off some of Hildebeast’s never Trump support.

  36. What is French’s net worth? Has it increased or decreased? It might be interesting to note the direction of the wind of his opinion based on this.

    • The way the racket works is this. You get a perch at either a publication or a non-profit. That pays a minimum of six figures, with some paying much more. Rich Lowry, for example, was paid $400K by NR. French was making roughly $180 at NR. Then you have the side hustles, like speaking at conferences, writing for other outlets and the book racket. For some, a cable deal is another lucrative revenue stream.

      The reason both Left and Right want women in the workplace is this is how they increase their take from the racket. This is true throughout politics. Every male politician has a wife in the racket somewhere. In the case of French, his nutty old lady ghost writes books for low-level pols. All in, they probably pull in $500K a year, which is pretty good for a couple of mediocrities.

      The hack-a-rama takes care of its own.

      • I read French, Goldberg and Steve Hayes got $6 million in funding from a small group of big donors when they started the Dispatch, so I would guess they all took pay increases. Doing a quick check of Nancy French online, she is still somehow getting ghostwriting work, she claims she wrote Ben Sasse’s 2018 book and wrote another one that was released this year. They have probably pushed it up to the $700k or so level now. You have to keep up with the other parents with African accessory kids.

        • What is incredible is that the Bulwark and the Dispatch are just the same Weekly Standard hacks running new sites. The Weekly Standard, when it was shuttered, had fewer readers than this site, but had several million in staff. Now, some rich guys have underwrote the same crew to create two sites.

          • The Weekly Standard was never a viable magazine based on readership. Even when Murdoch owned it and would let anyone who wrote a paragraph in it on Fox News to plug their stuff it was still a money drain. Who are these suckers giving them money now and what do they think they are getting out of it? I would think if you had made enough money in your life to have excess to the point where you could throw around mid six figure at political websites, your reaction to meeting David French would be the same as Tucker’s.

          • Speaking of rich guys Zman I just heard Bill Regnery passed away. He was one of the few more towards our side, who used some cash for good instead of evil. Not sure where his estate will go, but usually these guys in the past have not protected it. Look at Cordelia May Scaiffe.

      • Whereas I just wish we could collectively get Zman to make 80,000 a year if we could for this activist work. Or for now baby steps Subscribe-star to be at 500 paying members, and Alaska Chaga, Havamal Soap works, and the ring company to all get Zman a couple hundred extra bucks each month.

      • $500k a year isn’t bad, but it’s not true wealth.

        There’s a line from the HBO “Succession” where a protagonist gets laughed at for settling for a one time five million dollar payout:

        “You’ll be the poorest “rich man” in North America”.

        Guys like French get a whiff of FU money and they’ll sell their souls to get in it. Which they never will. No one generates inter generational wealth by endlessly singing someone else’s tune.

        But they can be a poor rich man. At huge cost.

        • Don’t forget that it’s really all about the lifestyle, and 99% of the lifestyle isn’t material. I hate to keep banging this drum, but look at professional academics. They are “the 1%” by any measure that makes sense to normal humans. Tenured profs make, on average, over $100K — that’s a very comfortable life, even during the current inflation-a-rama, and since they’re all married to other profs, that’s $200K as a couple. They work 24/7 — that’s “24 hours a week, 7 months a year” — and that’s not counting “research” sabbaticals. They have guaranteed lifetime employment, and the entire ecosystem of college towns is designed to cater to their every whim. They live niiiiiiice….

          …and yet, they’re the most miserable critters in captivity. They’re congenitally incapable of enjoying what would be paradise for the rest of us. French is the same way. He’s not doing it for the money. He’s not even doing it, pace Lone Star in the Academy Award-nominated drama Spaceballs, doing it for a shitload of money. He already lives a life that’s the envy of 99.9% of all people who have ever existed. He’s doing it because he truly believes in “the revolution,” since revolution (in the physical sense of “constantly spinning”) is the only thing that drowns out the silence of his empty soul.

  37. Thinking of French in the context of the podcast Friday he’s such a minor figure in the herd of cloud-people lick-spittles it seems a shame to invest time thinking of him at all but it was a withering blast of spot-on criticism, “I am entertained.” Today’s Taki essay was a direct hit for me in that I’ve been thinking a lot about the trajectory we are on, forgetting the why for the moment and just focusing on predicting where this all likely leads. Do the masses of regular people ever come out on top when a society’s elite turn on them? This new race of cloud-people view the rest of us as an infestation, leadership of our people must view them as a cancer.
    I was not convinced about the Asians having a safety net due to homogeneity, the most spectacular cruelties and mass-murders / genocides in modern history have been perpetrated there for ideological reasons. Although I would qualify that assertion with the admission that my ‘bourgeois objectivism’ still considers ideology mostly a tool for the pursuit of land, wealth, power etc.
    The emergent behavior we observe in animals is useful for explaining why so many follow the lead bird in human affairs but we are different from the birds and bees and fish and I haven’t been able to abandon the idea that in human affairs there are lead birds making reasoned choices informed by perceived self-interest.

    • French is a minor character, but he has one — almost — unique selling point among conservative grifters: he’s (on paper) a religious Christian. The Ruling Class wants to cover all of its bases in controlled opposition. There are too many other types as it is (mostly Jews like Shapiro, Rubin, and Prager or secularists like the NR crowd), and French hopes to parlay the unique fake Christian thing into money-making gigs with the Left and Conservatism Inc.

  38. Conservative Inc. is the definition of cuckservatism, but a special loathing can be reserved for David French. He goes out of his way to appeal and please the Left.

    Of all the candidates in Con Inc, he will be the first to write “The Conservative case for Heritage Americans Genocide.”

    • French literally, actually wrote “The Conservative Case for Drag Queen Story Hour.” That’s a true fact. There’s nothing the left does or will do that he won’t excuse.

      His dragging that African kid around as a human shield/prop is beneath contempt. God what an awful man.

    • Arthur: good money says he has already written it, and is just waiting on the proper moment for publishing.

  39. The Taki article is a tour de force, bang on, top drawer (and other adjectives that mean really good).

  40. We have a whole bunch of do gooders trying to oppress us stemming from their inflated self righteousness. I still haven’t read anything from this idiot, too busy reading the years of archived essays from Sloppy Williamson, a major four star cuck in his own right.

  41. The left is truly monstrous. There just doesn’t seem to be anything that is off the table as far as advancing their ideology. No amount of lives ruined or, for that matter, lost will dissuade them or shake their fervor.
    The vaccine is another good example. No one knows (or maybe they do and that’s the plan) what the long term consequences of this thing are, but they don’t care – we have to stop the spread of this new “black death” – can’t you see all the bodies piled up in hospitals and the streets?? Take it to save granny, or at least mankind – or else…

    • “…this new “black death” – can’t you see all the bodies piled up in hospitals and the streets??”

      That’s the thing about Covid. If it hadn’t been given a name and all of the lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine crusades, etc. hadn’t been foisted upon us, we wouldn’t have noticed that Covid existed.

      The people in the Middle Ages didn’t need to be told that the Black Death was occurring.

      • Precisely. And we wouldn’t have killed hospital patients by jamming tubes down their throats and inflating their lungs in a panicked effort to appear like we’re doing something. We’d have also quietly realized that HCq and Ivermectin were effective and they would have become standard care. And at this point, 18 months into the spread, no one would be talking about it all.

        This is why the number one target of the revolution, whatever form it takes, has to be the channels of communication. Nearly all our woes stem from the complete control of media and entertainment that the left enjoys.

        • KGB: There’s a reason every ‘communist’ uprising first targets newspapers and radio stations. There’s also a reason that both locations are chock full of Juice. Communications are key in the modern world.

        • The left? Or the little hats with the big money. Control the medium to pound the message. Control the schools to indoctrinate. Control the politicians to make the laws. The nightmare you’re living was hundreds of years of planning now coming to fruition. Patience. The first termite does’nt see the building fall, but he set the process in motion.

      • I remember reading an article expressing that covid was worse than we realized because so many were asymptotic. That caused a quick double take.

        • Doesn’t asystematic also mean not sick, or at most a carrier. If the vast majority are just carriers is it a pandemic? I know I’m not the best commentor here, just asking a basic question I have not herd.

          • Based upon exhaustive research probably representing what passes for journalism standard investigation today (viz, 2-3 article hits from a google query), I would hazard that about 1/3 of COVID-19 infections are completely asymptomatic.

            The number of cases curve could be asymptotic, and with a pandemic would be a Very Bad Thing.

      • I used to think that the licensing system where you have to go through the board certification, the residency and what not would be able to weed out people who were either not good enough or had personality issues. Go to @dremilyportermd on twitter. Why wasn’t she weeded out at some point?

        • krusty: Because doctors today, by and large, are just not terribly bright. They always had to memorize a lot of information and absorb it quickly. Now they have the internet at their fingertips like everyone else, and the existing system deliberately keeps spots at US medical schools absurdly low. They actively select for the most compliant (and non-White) types of people.

          It has gotten to the point that I won’t go to the doctor unless at death’s door. I won’t go for ‘recommended’ test ‘x’ based on my age or sex. I don’t trust them, and I won’t pay a Han or Pajeet who oughtn’t be here.

          My friend, let’s call her a ‘licensed technician’ with a small business, has a number of doctors as customers/clients. They ask HER questions about what’s in the vaccines, because they know she explores everything online. Otherwise all they know is what the blonde, busty pharmaceutical reps tell them.

          • whatever happened to the old stereotype of a doctor who has a reputation as a sort of playboy and has one or two cool sports cars. Is that only among the surgeon types?

    • What’s always alarmed me about the “vaccine” is first, the hysteria over stopping ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, etc as treatment, and currently the demand for everyone, including young people, and those who have already had Covid to get the jab. They really, really are desperate to get a needle in every arm. Why? The discovery of graphene oxide by a Spanish research team in the vaccines recently certainly doesn’t allay my fears. If that’s true, what the hell is going on?

      • The “hysteria over stopping ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine” is really strange. Considering lockdowns, social distancing, quarantines, and mask mandates, it seemed that they would have jumped at the chance to push these drugs. Yet they were determined to oppose tooth and nail any drug but a vaccine.

        • My guess is the “virus” exists for the “vaccine” and not the other way around. There’s a quote Tim Kelly uses at the beginning of his podcast that goes something like: ‘They will run you ragged. They will pile falsehood upon falsehood until you won’t be able to tell the truth from a lie and you won’t even want to.’ By “they” I’m guessing whoever that character is means the cloud people and their minions spread across the influence network. That’s where we’re at now.

        • Not that strange. If you read the enabling laws, regulations, to grant EUA (Emergency Use), there is a stipulation that no existing treatment is available. Given the billions of dollars the vaccine makes already had invested and expected to earn i the future, that gives a perfectly rational reason to suppress any comments about HCQ, Ivermectin, or other already extant therapies. None of the above is to claim these treatments are or are not worthwhile; but it IS curious how vehement is the censorship, and that includes up to the present time, and sometimes of recognized authorities in the field, not just the common internet crackpot.

          • I wanted to add the further refinement: Suppression of non-vaccine is especially egregious, because they were simply not available until December, or roughly 9 months into the pandemic. But even earlier, they suppressed the (possible) existing treatments. Earlier experience with SARS and MERS would surely have provided some guidance, since these viruses are close relatives to the Covid virus. It sure looks like the powers that be put profits ahead of lives, doesn’t it? None of this has helped their reputation. I think this will get even worse…

      • The graphene oxide is a cytotoxin. It’s also the mysterious “nanoparticles”, that, when pinged, serve as an unpowered location marker- that’s the ID2020 part. Poison you or track you, either serves.

      • Follow the money. This is the biggest giveaway to Big Pharma in US history. Never let a crisis go to waste.

        Due to the panic, Big Pharma corporations now have carte blanche to produce 350 million+ vaccines per year, every year. And all of it billed to the US government.

        Now if they order 350 million doses per year, but 200 million end up getting thrown away, then eventually even the dipshit Republicans in Congress or some millenial “reporter” might start to ask tough questions. Like, why are we breaking the bank on this stuff nobody wants? So they need all of us to buy in and take the vaxx. It’s just to conceal the looting of the taxpayers.

        Same methods are used to justify shoveling bags of money at defense contractors. We have to start all these wars so no one asks why are we spending hundreds of billions on missiles.

    • I don’t see why the left can’t be removed from government on separation of church and state grounds

  42. All the world online wondering how Gareth Southgate made such a horrendous coaching error in England’s penalty kick line-up. The same guy they have been bleating about over and over again how he is a wonderfully “progressive” coach the last couple weeks. What does being progressive have to do with coaching or sport? In soccer coaches don’t do that much during a game, maybe tweak a formation once and a few substitutes in the 60th minute. And yet Southgate intentionally removed the guy who assisted a goal at 2 minutes (Trippier) to put in Saka, and made two other changes last minute just so they could take penalty kicks (PoC who both missed). If England put Englishmen on the field they would have won.

    • The same kind of thing happens in American football all the time. A decent but not great team figures hiring a negro is just the thing. The team immediately becomes much worse, because the coach keeps making elementary mistakes. But the fawning press coverage gets better in proportion to the decline of the team’s record, so you see the anointed black coaches going from job to job, for decades.

      In America, this is because the league is set up with in such a way that you don’t need to win, or even have fans in the stands, to make money, so it’s all about the ego stroke for the owners. Interesting to see what will happen in England, with national pride on the line.

        • Willingham was so bad Notre Dame fired him before the end of his contract, something they never do. Story was he played a lot of golf. Coaching, not so much.

          • Yep. What was not apparent to those who followed the program peripherally, was that in addition to on-field mediocrity, he was shitty and lazy in recruiting.

            It was funny, because many initially thought that “Wow, a black guy recruiting for Notre Dame! He’ll get all the best black players!” Not so much.

            The best was after all that crap, the University of Washington went ahead and hired him to show everybody how not rayciss they were. They went 0-12 in his final season there.

          • Agree totally with Mr. Sulla. College football is all about recruiting. That’s the reason all those ballyhooed college coaches fail as pros — a guy like Steve Spurrier could make a QB like Danny Wuerffel into a champion, because all Wuerffel had to do was chuck the ball in the general vicinity of one of his many five-star receivers, and let them beat the two-star cornerbacks that were the very best St. Mary’s Academy for Wayward Girls could manage to recruit.

            That Willingham couldn’t even be bothered to do that — ie walk into Jonquavious’s momma’s house and wave around the name of the most prestigious program in football — speaks volumes, all of them bad. Yeah, all I can think of is “how bad must those other guys be, who keep losing out on jobs because of Teh Rayciss? How do they manage to fall out of bed in the morning?”

      • I remember for a good five year span back when I followed more closely, there were several “anointed in waiting” black coaches who never wound up getting head coaching gigs. It clearly wasn’t “muh racisms” because there were plenty blacks still getting jobs. But the media always mentioned the same black guys not getting hired, and it was obviously implied it was RAAAYCIST! I always wondered how truly terrible they must have been when put on the spot in interviews and in simulated scenarios, especially when compared to those who wound up getting hired and were horrific.

      • Exhibit number one of American Feetsball worship of the Sacred Negro.

        Note that the Rooney family is also thick as thieves with the Clintons, Obamas and Bidens, all the while playing on their image as the team for Pittsburgh’s white working class.

    • I was watching an English stream, I couldn’t believe how bad the commercials were. They are the same as Canada, blacks, Muslims, everything and anything except white males (and when there is one it’s a total soy boy).

      Yet tens of thousands of full blooded englishmen swilling beer and yelling in the stands cheering as a Nigerian is kicking the ball up the field.

    • Immediately after the game, I pointed out to a friend that the three misses by England were by duskier “Englishmen”, while their two successful spot kicks were by actual English. And just like clockwork, this morning we find out that Rashford, Sancho, and Saka were allegedly subjected to “racial abuse”. In reading articles on this topic, I can’t find a single one that includes an example of this alleged “abuse”, which I assume amounted to nothing more than a couple Cockney yobs tossing virtual bananas at them on some back alley message board. But we all have to pay obeisance to the numinous negro, thus the royal family, the FA, and the PM all had to condemn this outrageous behavior.

      The point stands, however, that Southgate almost surely, unconsciously perhaps, chose his players based on DIE. Sancho and Rashford had hardly seen action the entire tournament but were dutifully trotted out at the end of extra time in order to be England’s heroes. What a story it would have made, these new, model Englishmen giving the nation the European championship that had eluded generations of white players.

      • The exact same thing happened here, some feather indian on the Edmonton Oilers called “Ethan Bear” was supposedly facing racist abuse on Twitter.

        Again the media never gave an example of this abuse but instead just complained about how hockey fans are racist. Basically another totally made up story that doesn’t exist. (Also, if you’re getting cyber bullied, just turn your computer off).

        • Did they change the football team’s name yet? Soon Oilers will be taboo due to the stress it causes the ecologicos.

          • Yeah they changed it to something else

            Don’t even know what it is, I don’t follow jogger ball much anymore.

    • According to my bourgeois objectivism: all sportsball is fixed because there is simply too much money to be made by corrupt insiders. It’s almost impossible to imagine a world where these sleazy people aren’t taking this opportunity to make money. Soccer might be extra bad because of its international character and the fact that you have so many countries where bribery is normal.

      I was convinced of this when I watched five minutes of a World Cup years ago. The athlete had a wide open shot mere yards from the goal and he kicked the ball right into the post and it bounced back and they lost the game. It looked to me like a way to lose but the player got to show off to those who knew what they were looking at.

      I didn’t watch the game but in the case of yesterday (or todays?) “English” perhaps he put those Africans on because it’s much cheaper and safer to make Ngbugu throw the game. Just tell him he’s going to be going back to Nigerlandia if he doesn’t miss the shot.

      Forgive me zman. I think sometimes making a buck > ideology.

      • No question some “encouragement” is given so the “right” teams make the finals, usually based on tv revenue/market share, popularity of the players, etc. Denmark in the final certainly would have drawn lower ratings. More often, the corruption is in the form of officiating using their judgment in favor of a particular result. Having played the game myself, hitting the post is not uncommon and much harder to do intentionally than just scoring.

    • Trying to get your pk takers in at the end is fine. Part of it was he put them in too late, rashford is not that bad, but basically came in cold. Giving a 19 yo that slot was simply idiotic. Unless Phoden was injured he should have been in there. Anyway I enjoyed watching the Africa Cup of Nations in Europe.

      • Sterling would have bottled it too. He’s terrible in front of goal when he has any time to think about what he’s doing. To the extent that he’s capable of thought, that is.

    • Jesco: You’ve answered your own question. The goal was not to win, but rather to be seen to win by virtue of the gift of diversity. They’re pushing ‘England’s diverse team’ as representative of the ‘new’ England, just as Canada has been pushing increasingly non-White hockey as now a legitimate national sport. It’s all about the POX, always. Whites are merely a cipher to the Juicemedia.

      • Have they been pushing “non-white hockey”? I haven’t seen that personally. The way they’re trying to poz hockey is promote it as a female / LGBTQ sport.

        They’re promoting basketball as the new Canadian sport for our mutt younger generations. Of course the bars were still full of cattle white boomers, who had never before watched a basketball game in their lives, in their silly Raptors jerseys during their finals run a few years ago. While the media was loudly saying WE ARE REPLACING YOU.

        Non-whites hate hockey. What they can’t co-opt they want to destroy. They hate seeing white people having fun without them.

        Either way NHL ratings are down badly and I’m done with it. Still fun to play and it’s almost all white guys.

        • B125: My error. I always think ‘hockey’ as the Canadian sport, and I was recalling your comments on how much they were hyping the diverse Canadian team, and I substituted hockey for basketball. I apologize to you and anyone else I accidentally misled.
          But, fwiw, I have read various comments at various blogs indicating they did first try (and are continuing) to blacken hockey. Blacks can blame denser bones and more muscle to fat ratio + economic raycism for not being able to swim. What’s their rationale for not being able to skate? What about all the pajeets – what’s their excuse for not being able to skate?

          • Short answer, they just don’t like it. Unless a critical mass of their own people does something first, most won’t venture out to try something new. They prefer basketball, cricket, whatever.

            There are also a decent number of racist parents, especially in the small towns. There used to always be stories about some indian crying because the parents on the other team were calling them “Paki” or something when the small town teams were playing the city teams at a tournament.

            They’ve also been taught to hate hockey in the media. The anti-white media is telling everyone that hockey is the mean whitey sport so don’t play it.

            Basically, they failed at co-opting it and are now trying to destroy it. Anything that is white or heritage needs to go. Even in cities that are minority-white, the hockey rink will always be 90% or more white.

          • Ah, but if you watch CBC they’re constantly pushing the Punjab angle. Crowd montages will always include carefully placed shots of street shitters “assimilating” among traditional Canucks. And they just love reminding you that the national network has a Punjabi-language announce crew to complement French and English.

          • Haha yeah I’ve noticed that. The Canadian broadcast will pick out the one POC in a sea of whites in the crowd. They do this every time they show the crowd.

            To be fair, from what I’ve heard the Canucks have alot of Punjabi fans. Not sure why. It’s not this way in Ontario for sure.

  43. I’ve always agreed with the people who claim cucked Christianity owes its nation-rotting nature to a misinterpretation of The Sermon on the Mount style Christianity. It’s where we get the flickering digital jumbotron banners outside mega-churches with the “Love thy Neighbor” images featuring women in black hijabs with only their eyes visible, or a Gay Pride banner. The guy I see over my fence looks like a white dude, not a muslim in a hijab or a gay guy in an S&M outfit on parade, but what do I know?

    Thinking of David French’s rage, though, shows that prog Christianity isn’t just society-rotting, but is ultimately about bloodshed. Seeing French as violent is laughable on the surface since he’s a p*ssy, but plenty of antifa p*ssies are quite violent. And it ties in with the religious idea of blood being shed as a blessed sacrament of renewal. They’re not explicitly saying a white guy being shot by a jogger on a golf course is a ritual, but I’d hazard in their hearts they feel that this (or Muslims cutting apart English people in the streets) is kind of their transubstantiation. I guess because the Biden admin stokes interracial bloodshed that technically makes him a progressive Catholic.

    • I live near that guy. I saw a picture of his wife and his two young sons. I pray that they grow up to be Warriors

    • The worst is truncating “blessed are the poor in spirit” to drop the “in spirit” part and making every poor person Holy just for being poor. The correct interpretation is more along the lines of antimaterialism

    • The “Love Thy Neighbor” signs reminded me of one I saw on a no-tell-motel just over the GW Bridge in Jersey nearly 30 years ago. It read: “Love Thy Neighbor: Here!”

  44. Speaking of “adopted” Africans, a few years ago I was in an uber-bobo coffee shop in Charleston SC. The smarmiest possible White guy was in line in front of me — the kind of SWPL that makes you think the Black Panthers might have a point. This guy tells the barista “I’ll take a tall Ethiopian, please.” I couldn’t help myself. I cracked up, and when the young lady I was with asked me why, I said “I bet that’s not the first time someone said that in this town.” Yes, we broke up soon after. Nowadays I’d probably get arrested; ain’t progress wonderful?

    • Reminds me of a dream I once had, right when the first MacBook Air was coming out,

      I was at a hip coffee shop located underground in DC. Could have been under the capital or something. There’s a long line and Obama comes walking in with a laptop under his arm. He comes up to me and says, “sup breed, check out my MacBook Air!” He opens the computer and displays it to me such that when I awoke I wondered if I had been subject to some kind of new mind control ad campaign by Apple.

      Then he cut everyone in line to get his coffee.

  45. Z, I have been waiting months for a blistering David French critique. Bravo good sir.

    • Me too French is such a smug asshole, or if it gets edited ill say A@##$hole that seeing French get his comeuppance is so justified and fantastic to see.

  46. The NRO was one of the things that started me on my journey over the great divide. I used to enjoy the NRO and then it slowly went weird. Eventually I was wondering who in hell these guys were – and wondering if I was a lone crank howling in the wilderness – because I had nothing in common with these “conservatives”. Alot of these guys were older too and I don’t get that. What is it that causes older conservatives to fink like that? I saw so many of my peers and elders applauding the antics of morons like french – it was really amazing. My dad and father in law are supposedly conservatives and they hated Trump with the heat of 1000 suns. They absolutely loathed my politics which run congruently with the dissidents for the most part.

    Perhaps the Conservative community will redeem itself when these old morons are dead and gone?

    • I was never a rapid though I so enjoyed him winning in 2016 but the Trump hatred among people I know is completely bizarre. I’ve never been able to suss out what the real reason is. Actually my problem is probably putting it in the realm of reason when it’s clearly just so visceral. But why is it so visceral? I think it was my first clue of the widespread psychological manipulation that’s been going on in the populace that encourages people to work against their own interest. And obviously with this covid nonsense it’s just ramping up even more. Speaking of monsters check this out

      • From my limited experience a lot of dislike of Trump in the “mid-wit” ranks was born of the fact that it spelled the end of the Reagan Dream. They wanted another president that would allow them to believe that the nation from the ’80s still existed and obviously Trump’s message ran counter to all of that. Even now, after all of these years, policy conversations with these people is awkward since they’re coming at it from the point of view of a country that no longer exists.

      • That Tweet is the David Frenches going from narcissism to genocide.

        My gods. First airplanes, next: medical care.

        • I think within six months, probably tops a year, if you are unvaccinated you won’t be able to get medical care.

      • IMO it all comes down to style.

        Normiecons see him as a crass buffoon and don’t want that to reflect negatively on themselves.

        Liberals and metrosexuals seem Trumps overt alpha male masculinity as a repudiation of their feminism.

        He’s a visceral threat to the internalized world view of both.

      • Same answer as for the “leftist”-branded edition of Trump-hating Resistance NPCs: they don’t genuinely “hate” him — they couldn’t, the man is too inherently preposterous. They do deeply and completely hate his supporters.

      • I think a lot of Goodwhite and other Liberal hatred to Trump or indeed anyone else who harbors conservative beliefs can be explained very simply by psychology. In the first place, conservative means one values the old over the new and untested. When Liberalism wins, as it has so often, it puts into practice those “new” things, which almost always fail spectacularly and often make matters worse. Of course, that requires yet another program, which is put into effect, and… (rinse and repeat).

        Second, it’s human nature to not readily admit one’s wrongs, and this seems a double portion for the Leftist. That explains why seldom, if ever, is there a return to the status quo ante. At bottom, that’d require that the Never-Trumpers admit they were wrong and Orange Man was right. To them, that would be a fate worse than death.

    • Yes, I wince when i think of what a naïve NRO-reading retard I was 10 years ago. If I had a time machine I would go back and kick my ass.

  47. Say what you will against William F. Buckley (and there’s plenty to be said against him) no one ever doubted that he was smart, and that he hated Communism. French is most certainly not smart, and he revels in the applause of Communists. He’s is a very good example, not just of the flaws of the general ConInc approach, but of its intellectual and moral decline over the last thirty years. As someone once said “Sad!”

    • We have to remember that the mass media is not about news and analysis of current events. It’s about generating copy and revenue. The mass media’s apex predators are howling lunatics as a result. Common sense is boring and won’t generate sales.

      As our blog host points out from time to time, these clowns write what the editors pay them to write. The more controversy and outrage and sensationalism – the better.

      French will reap the consequences of his foolishness. Outside the Conservative Inc circus tent, he will be met with contempt and derisive laughter. And – he will be struggling to raise a feral niglet which should provide him with years of suppository red pills.

      • It’s about generating copy and revenue.

        If only. The MSM systematically chooses political indoctrination over revenue, that’s why there’s only one Tucker Carlsson.

        Well, good riddance. One good thing Trump did was castrate those fuckers publicly.

        • Biden’s laptop and the Epstein suicide should have meant Pulitzers, political and judicial careers ended in disgrace, law enforcement agencies disbanded, TV mini-series and movies, and billions to be made by large media.

          Media passed on it. Everyone here knows why.

      • The purpose of the mass-media is to condition the masses by hypnotism and psychological spells. That is all. I would say that they have been quite successful.

    • When I was reading your comment, my brain auto-corrected “ConInc” to “colonic”. They both work.

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