The Time Warp

One of the weird things about this age is how certain groups of people remain locked in a form of psychological stasis. Their views of the world remain the same as they were at some point in the past. For some it is always 1985 and the biggest fear is the commies will get control. Some are locked in 1968 where they are trying to keep corporate interests from crushing the working man. These people live like modern people, but their worldview remains in the world of the past.

From the perspective of dissidents, the most obvious of these groups are the civic nationalist types. Long time users of Gab have suddenly been made aware of these folks after Trump and Trump fans were dumped from Twitter. The J21’er is a person who signed up for Gab in January of 2021. They decorate their profile with patriotic symbols and far too much information about themselves. Politics for them is right out of a civics textbook from the late 1980’s.

These people are not just lost in the past. They have plenty of examples in the media who are right there with them. This post in the American Conservative is a good example of the type. It is a long piece about the future of conservatism that reads like it was written in 1992. No mention of immigration, the  most important issue facing the world at this time. No mention of race and racial politics, which has convulsed the country since the end of the Obama administration.

The writer is a regular at the site so it is safe to assume his views reflect those of the editorial staff. It links to many other sites that wave the conservative flag, so it is in tune with the sensibilities of that old tribe. This is the right world to use as they exist like an isolated tribe in the Amazon, unaware of the world that exists outside their remote villages. This is one of the links in the post. It is a debate about conservatism by people who should be in a museum exhibit about the 1990’s.

It is not just a phenomenon of the legacy Right. The BreadTube phenomenon is an example from the Left that parallels the one on the Right. These are people promoting things like socialism, communism and anarchism, but from the perspective of the 1970’s when such topics were actually discussed by adults. They want to steer young people away from identity politics, but they also want to combat what they call “far-right extremism” that appears on YouTube and other places.

This is where you see the time warp. The people they consider to be far-right are people like Ben Shapiro or Jordan Peterson. Not only that, they stick to an old 1970’s liberal view of politics when the Left was sure their ideas were so convincing, they could engage with their opponents and win every time. Like their analogs on the other side, they seem to have missed the last couple of decades. They are unaware of the fact that people get fired from their job for holding the wrong opinions.

Of course, the establishment Left itself is trapped in a time warp. The people banging on about structural racism and white supremacy also bang on about the dangers of corporate media and corporate power. They do so on global corporate platforms, often from the corporate offices. If people actually wore the labels of their supporters, the street protestors would look like NASCAR drivers. Their little outfits would be festooned with corporate sponsors. “This riot brought to you by Amazon!”

Listen to the people behind the Critical Race Theory stuff and they carry on as if it is 1955 and the imaginary Jim Crow stuff is real. They claim to be fighting the racism of whites and the oppression of the white power structure. They are weirdly unaware of the fact that none of this ever existed or exists today. Everyone with the least bit of power is on their side. Their people they are attacking are without any representation in the halls of power. For the antiwhites, time stopped in 1968.

Some of this is just human nature. People stubbornly cling to old ways of thinking about things out of habit. There were still supporters of the Whigs long after they had disappeared into the past. Ideology provides structure and a way to understand the world, so abandoning it is difficult for some. Until they find a suitable replacement, they stick with the old views. We see this with the Trump phenomenon. Many jumped on it simply as a way out of conservatism.

Then we have demographics. White people are the oldest tribe in tribal America now, so whites are going to be slower to adapt to the new reality. The fans of Ben Shapiro are old people mostly. He is what they hoped the future would be like and what they imagine it was like in their past. For someone who is 70 years old, it is tough to accept that all they fought to preserve will be washed away. The dream of returning to the civic nationalist paradise is better than facing present reality.

Reality is the thing that does not go away when you stop believing it. The people locked in these time warps will eventually return to this part of the timeline. Again, you can see this on Gab. Many of those J21’er have quickly adapted to their new home. Every time a bell rings a new dissident is born and every day the bells are ringing, thanks mostly to the behavior of the ruling class. The behavior of the government the last year has collapsed many of these time bubbles.

Something similar is happening on the Left. Jimmy Dore, for example, is a man who considers himself on the Left. Yet, he is every bit as skeptical about the radicals as the typical dissident. Glenn Greenwald is another good example. Matt Taibbi is another guy who is having an awakening. These are people looking around and coming to the realization that their old views on things no longer track with reality. The old Left is starting to have their own red pill moment.

Political transformation is like the old line about bankruptcy. It is slow at first, often glacial, then it happens all of a sudden. The individual begins to break free from their time bubble and then all off a sudden they have their awakening. As is always true about the behavior of people, some are too timid to look up. They fiercely cling to their ole ideas like a dog with a bone. Their fight to remain trapped in the past is a weird sort of conformation. Some people will just be lost to time.

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247 thoughts on “The Time Warp

  1. “Some of this is just human nature. People stubbornly cling to old ways of thinking about things out of habit.”

    Charitable view.

    More that the ideology of ’68 is a convenient heuristic frame for their will to power, tapping directly into whiteskin psychology of all age groups.

    Though, at this point, a majority of whiteskins would happily accept even a Mr Blonde-style declaration along the lines of “we’re just going to kill, torture, and enslave you white folk because we enjoy it.”

    As for whiteskins themselves, it is both a matter of survival and religion — the relief of not being beaten for another day, and the rapture of autoflagellation.

  2. “”Listen to the people behind the Critical Race Theory stuff and they carry on as if it is 1955 and the imaginary Jim Crow stuff is real.”

    The most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen — and I’m an old Leftie — was the sight, on the news, of the cowardly Texas Democrats singing “We Shall Overcome” as they stood with their allies at the center of power. I’m glad that most of those who trekked for miles on Freedom’s Highway back in the fifties aren’t alive to have seen it. We are a depraved nation.

  3. Re: people living in the past:
    it’s helpful to distinguish between beliefs which a person holds because (and as long as) those beliefs accord with reality as that person perceives it; and beliefs which have become part of that person’s identity. The latter are for obvious reasons much harder to give up, and much more likely to be held on to in the face of a changing world.

  4. Darn tootin’ they’re worried.
    Their chickens- Kamala and AOC- are indeed the end of Pax Americana.
    Goldman Sachs and Genie Energy are about to lose their muscle.

    No wonder globalists are rushing the vaxx- to counter the coming preference cascade to populism.

  5. Nick Fuentes speech from this weekend. Delivered after getting kicked out of CPAC and banned on twitter:

    Interesting speech. More comprehensive and yet condensed compared to his normal shows. With the flight bans, asset seizures and platform bans he is now really feeling the full force of private/government power. Despite bad news, at times show had the vibe of an improv comedy set: loose and funny. Particularly amusing calling out his con inc critics on the right (e.g., Robert Barnes, a guy who I quite liked last fall). Silver lining is that despite opprobrium con inc consensus is that he shouldn’t be censored. Talks about limits of con inc to fight back, roots of inequality in HBD and lack of policy solutions here, gender differences, pushes back on white nationalist label, openly talks about the role of jewish power to censor him and direct discourse in the country.

    • My first exposure to this brash young man. I hope he will go far. I think I’m going to buy a few postal money orders and mail them to various persons 😀

    • Seems to illustrate (in a good way) the criticisms we levy against many in the movement we discuss. He takes the conversation *all the way*. Most everything he said, I believe we’d (those in this forum) would second in a heartbeat, yet our purported champions approach these topics in a round about manner—if at all—and fail to fully express our concerns.

      I could listen to him some more, but am left wondering if he can survive and thrive at this time in the struggle. He might be the young, “brash” man to do so. Can this be a young “Trump”?

      • The Zman was watching Nick back in the Subversive Spencer Alt-Right days, and trusted his instincts, felt he’d be one to watch.

        I’m not a Christian, but I love Fuentes’ rampant Catholic appeal to God, and his rank patriotism to his people and his country..
        For King and Country!
        Deus Vult!

    • Thanks Ace
      First time I heard him. Impressed.
      Better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick.
      We’ll turn this around boys.

      • Thank you. A little more positivity wouldn’t go amiss among the DR.

        “It’s impossible, but because it’s you, we’ve got a chance.”
        Jurgen Klopp (yeah, I know he’s a globalist at heart)

    • I support Nick but can’t forget that when the alt right (Spencer, TRS, Counter-Currents) were getting banned, Nick made his bones by denouncing them for bad presentation. He was going to show them how to spread the message without getting banned.

      A few years later and he is in the same situation as the alt right was in. Again, I support him but I won’t let him forget his failure in thinking he could outsmart our enemies with good optics.

      This is why I support the term “White Nationalism.” People like Z think we can rebrand our ideas and outsmart our censors by coming up with a new name like “Dissident Right.” Learn from Nick’s failures.

  6. I used to read the magazine every month and its webzone about every day in 2002-2003 but didn’t realize Reason had a new editor (scary-looking chick from The Weekly Kristol). I’m occasionally surprised at how ho-hum and generally lame the libertarians have become. Looking back it must be something jaded about me, not any way they might have changed. Liberteers were culturally pretty awkward in the ’90s and ’00s — in the same social status as Trekkies, cosplay con attendees, competitive video game players, etc. — but far less cowardly about racial issues and also reliably anti-war (I’m not sure if they have kept that latter one up).

    For example, ’90s libertarians would openly pontificate, in a strange interpretation of Herbert Spencer, that lazy poor people ought to starve in the street for the greater good; which I can’t stress how much more outre it was, back then vs. today where that is routine Internet trollen. They effectively declared, “WE ARE PROUD DWEEB/LOSERS WHO SPIT ON BUMS” and this rejectionist posture kind of required some nerve. The respectable Wall Street Republicans would tsk-tsk it even if they secretly agreed.

    Admittedly they were well, well ahead of the curve on united sexworkers and Transmanian Devils, way before it was cool

    • Reason magazine parted company with most Libertarians, who tend to be socially but not coercively conservative, at about the turn of the century.The parade of freaks they champion belong on the fringes of the left.

      • At last, an answer to what went off the rails.
        “…in 2002-2003, but didn’t realize Reason had a new editor (scary-looking chick from The Weekly Kristol).”

        Reason was a bit too saccharine for my taste, but they’ve certainly destroyed the Harry Brown paleo-libertarian “small is beautiful” movement.

        That snake, Grover Norquist and his radical Palestinian wife, did the same to the “small enough to drown it in a bathtub” Reaganites.

    • Reminds me of the classic Saturday Night Live skit, back when they were still occasionally funny, about Bad Idea Jeans: “I was going to wear a condom, but then I thought hey, when am I ever going to be in Haiti again?”

      Good times.

  7. Z: “Something similar is happening on the Left. Jimmy Dore, for example, is a man who considers himself on the Left. Yet, he is every bit as skeptical about the radicals as the typical dissident. Glenn Greenwald is another good example. Matt Taibbi.”

    Those three guys are good, as far as Lefties go. As far as Lefties CAN go. I watch Jimmy Dore a lot. He’s entertaining. He’s what John Stewart and Steve Colbert’s old Comedy Central shows (greatly entertaining and funny) should have been, if they weren’t the lying fake establishment jesters they were.

    (John Stewart is coming around, because he’s smart and wants to get on the Dore, Tiabbi, Greenwald smart train. Thanks dickhead. Where were you when you mattered? Colbert still gets a paycheck from Big Prog. So he has to pretend to be clueless a while longer.)

    Jimmy “The Real Deal” Dore. For all his wiseguy, tough, outsider-Socialist talk…is still meek or fake as hell about racial differences, immigration, so-called racist America, racist judicial system, victimized blacks, trans-freaks, etc.

    Z: “Dore is every bit as skeptical about the radicals as the typical dissident.” You probably simply miswrote that. He’s actually skeptical about the establishment Left. As us Right dissidents are Con.Inc. Dore is for all the radical POC-Globohomo stuff. All of them parrot the White Man is the Problem meme to varying degrees. Tiabbi works for Rolling Stone…

    Where those principled younger Lefties are in alignment with us, are:

    Distrust of the state. Growing power of state.
    Freedom of the press
    Kinda freedom of speech / kinda anti-cancel culture
    Anti-war / military industrial complex
    Anti spying on own citizens
    Basic old school honesty
    Anti Left establishment M.O. of lying, cheating, smearing

    Aside from that, they and us will never see eye-to-eye.

    The great lightning rod of Left infighting now is over Julian Assange. It’s getting viscious. It’s really separating and exposing who on the Left are honest classic Liberals, and who on the Left are strictly about power and lies.

    • There’s lots of guys like Jon Stewart. John Cleese, Ricky Gervais, (probably George Carlin), etc.

      They wanted to destroy traditional western society enough so that they could do drugs, sleep around, and not be bothered by what they saw as “backwards” religion. People like (((Stewart))) were still angry that their parents couldn’t get into the country club. They didn’t necessarily want to live in a 3rd world, anti white shit hole. And all the holocaust guilt in the world couldn’t even make one Indian or Mexican import care about it at all.

      Anyways, you reap what you sow. They got their wish – and this was always their wish; they were just too short sighted and arrogant to see the end goal of the cultural destruction they were causing.

    • The real alliance with those people would be on the anti-war, ant intel-complex front. But Tulsi Gabbard got 1% of the primary vote. Democrat voters, like Republican voters, get their marching orders and do what they’re told, only by a MSNBC lesbian with bobbed hair, not a Fox News loudmouth who pretends to be country but lives on Long Island. Which is why liberal democracy will march us into oblivion, and currently is doing so. And all the Dems had to say was, “Look! Tulsi is a Russian spy! She’s probably Putin’s concubine.” The electorate is so dumb and feckless. Look at what the left wingers care about the most. Socialized medicine, as usual. You think that’s on the menu? With healthcare being 20% of our economy and bribing every politician left and right? The purist left is just as disillusioned but on their own issues, not ours. No high minded leftist in the mold of the 1970’s would be that happy right now. But it’s a distinct (and white by the way) minority of Dems.

      • JR Wirth: “The real alliance with [the sane Left] would be on the anti-war, anti intel-complex front.” Yes. And not much else. There’s so many fundamental third-rail issues on the Left that not even their Lefty “renegades” can touch.

        Good example is “dissident” Lefty, evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein. Guest on Lex Fridman the other day.

        The conversation turned to natural selection vs. values. Here the conversation could have gotten interesting. And Lex tried to nudge it there, when he interrupted Weinstein with, “Can we dig deeper into that gap.” But the fearless biologist quickly straw-manned it into the dustbin, by shooting straight to the most extreme scenarios of “war against the defenseless, or genocide.”

        There you go. “Genocide.” The ultimate conversation stopper. This is why anything but Dissident Right interviews, public intellectuals, YouTube channels, etc. are faux-interesting and pathetic. Because, to use a phrase I first heard from Zman, “They go right up to the water’s edge, and no further.”

        At 2:56:45

      • ” With healthcare being 20% of our economy”

        Healthcare is about half of that. The “healthcare lasagne has more layers of bureaucracy and financialization as it does medicine.

        • A US gov site gives 18% (rounded up slightly). It’s quite possible that (18-10)/18 ~= 44% of total costs is overhead. Bloated perhaps, but realistically, how much could it be cut?

    • What’s great about all this, and you know it’s eating away at them, but they are suddenly the status quo, not the intellectual daredevils but the stodgy old farts putting forth acceptable, state-approved stale ideas.

      This has to be alarming to them, because I am sure when they first started getting into these intellectual pursuits they believed they were at the cutting edge, challenging the system.

      Now they are boxed into a corner.

      So it’s either keep getting paid and not getting cancelled and keep being a total tool for the establishment, or grow a pair and be the rebel you always fancied yourself

      Tick tock

      Not getting any younger, gents

      • Yeah this is a brilliant take on their situation. It’s just very hard to “burn the ships” a la Cortez. My guess is that Libs who defect will be treated as badly as Assange just as a warning to others.

        • Hoo boy. The Assange treatment is definitely a bridge between the Dis Left and Dis Right.

          I like bridges. We’re not going back.

          An unrelated example would be that Abigail Shrier gal yesterday.

          She, not American Thinker, has an article on how Planned Parenthood is a big player in the gender transition racket.

    • You’ll like Dore a bit less knowing he signed onto this left-populist movement:

      Just read beyond the Sandersian platform and look into the finer points of its organizational structure. They are as feminized as you’d expect. And not a whiff of 13 does 50. Better than your average Democrat meetup, but hard pass.

      • To be fair, I don’t think Z or anyone here mistakes Dore and his type for anything close to the Right. It’s just cool to see the smarter and more honest Progs expose and humiliate the official Left.

        As Falcone alluded to. It’s especially gratifying to see former cutting-edge lefty darling Steven Colbert, suddenly finding himself in the corrupted musty company of Hillary-Biden Left Inc. While the cool kids, Dore, Taibbii etc are slowly turning them into objects of ridicule.

        (For some reason I’ve never been able to hate John Stewart as much as he deserves. Personality-wise he’s very likable. Unlike Colbert and John Oliver, who, while likable, have a definite gleaming dickishness about them.)

        Colbert is a high verbal, high IQ, wily little actor. Going forward it’ll be interesting to see how he subtly tries to pull a Peter and make out like he never knew the Clintons.

  8. People will wake up when reality forces them to deal with actual hardship, deprivation, and threat; not before. It is a conceit to believe that talking & persuasion will have much impact on others prior to the collapse. This blog is an echo chamber of like-minded realists, but most of the rest of the population is too comfortable in their daily lives to bother with anxiety about a foreboding future. The best we can do in the present is to move out of the city into safe havens, get fit & strong, and be ready when the time for action is upon us. The sheeple will panic, stampede, riot, & whine. Many will die. Into this cauldron of chaos the antibodies will arise, and then real hope will be earned the old way, the hard way, the only way.

    • I get the impression more than a handful of influential people lurk here, or people close to them. Every so often you hear phrases or ideas that make you wonder.

      I’d call Z blog a think tank, not an echo chamber.

        • Mom my emails me once in a while….Thats not true, I haven’t heard from her for months!

      • The ideas from the Z blog go down *very* easily with normies these days. As long as it’s presented in a calm, rational, but firm way, and comes from a respectable person. Kind of like Jared Taylor.

        Some people almost go “duh” when you say something to them. “Of course!” I had great success recently redpilling this guy who was making endless posts complaining about the hypocrisy of the left. I told him very directly, the hypocrisy is a flex on the powerless peons, and they hate you. He basically completely agreed when I told him this. He just never saw it from that perspective before. Keep putting these ideas out into the open, because they’re true.

        I’ve always hoped that some influential people have read my comments. As long as our side is moving forward, I’m happy, don’t need any credit.

        • The idea that I find that does not go down easily is pathological egalitarianism. The idea that we are not “all the same” (under the skin) and the corollary that most of our ills today are caused by a refusal to see this and make appropriate *group* decisions to move the country forward.

          We (Whites) seem to abound with budding Abrahams who would bargain with God for Sodom and Gomorrah. The IKAGO runs strong within us. It is simultaneously a strength and a deadly weakness.

          • I’ve started just to say that even if there is no one better, for some reason, as evinced by summer 2020, and the misery that the black community and the whites are in, we jsut can’t be around each other and we need a divorce. No biggie

      • Even those shadowy government and corporate operatives that monitor us (of course they do!) should not be cursed or dismissed out of hand. Consider that any human reading a lot of what is posted here is susceptible to the Dangerous Forbidden Knowledge that often is discussed. Right now it’s just monitoring and maintaining dossiers on the participants, of course. The actual censorship is mostly on the social media. Any idea potentially has consequences. Especially if it’s true. It has the power to persuade. And, we can say with pretty high certainty, that any humans monitoring (to include plants) is a woolly headed Leftist. In some ways, indeed, the very audience most in need of hearing our messages. 😀 While the audience of Zappa-esque Central Scrutinizers is tiny, ” they still must read some of this. They cannot insulate themselves from possible persuasion.

        In Spanish Lit class, we watched a film adaptation of a story whose name escapes me. But the scene is more or less like this: It’s set in the Colonial New World. A monk is tasked with sorting out prohibited books for burning. He tries to salvage one book that discusses Protestantism. His superior gently intervenes, saying “To describe Protestantism is to spread it.”

        • “To describe Protestantism is to spread it.”

          That’s the second or third time today I’ve read your poast, and I have to note that it’s a remarkably honest & forthright & Truthful thing for a roman legalist to have said.

          It’s so True that it damned near sends a chill down my spine.

          “To describe it is to spread it.”

          What a profound observation.

    • What stands out is that it was not that long ago where millions of whites had had enough and were pushing for propositions in CA to deal with the illegal invasion. These people never were silent on their opinions on how these people were destroying the American way of life and the culture. But they’d end up moving to Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona.

      So there are definitely some white people out there who aren’t shy at all about what’s happening. They are sitting back and saying “See we told you so.”

      But now the same problems have moved into the heartland and the south and they are getting their taste of this same garbage. And from what I can see, they are taking it lying down and not putting up any kind of fight. I am honestly a tad surprised, especially with the southerners who have basically rolled over.

      • Affluence is a debilitating narcotic and just as addictive as alcohol or any of the other hardcore illicit drugs. Most normies live in nice houses in nice neighborhoods and drive multiple nice cars, eat well & dine out often, have medical & dental coverage, and enjoy nice vacations a couple of times a year. As long as that status quo exists, why rock the boat? And if you do happen to rile up Normie, you get a Jan 6th psyop and someone shot in the neck by a Jackboot.

        It’s better to stay out of harms way and remain in the shadows for the time being. If you need stress relief from the current crazy, buy more ammo. Works every time.

        • The tales—and even videos—of folks peacefully complying in their own murders are without end. Whereas if they simply resisted, they might have taken one or two of the bastards with them. The questions are as always: When is the time? What is the manner? Are we fooling ourselves?

          • Think. After the collapse there will be chaos and much rioting, looting, and gang violence in the cities. LEOs will be undermanned, overworked, dispirited, and fully occupied trying to restore order. National Guard will enter the fray, but they have limited ability to do anything other than stand guard and distribute food and medical care. Chaos is fog.

            The onus is on the Deep State to prevent a collapse if at all possible, but methinks they will manufacture a war (either foreign or domestic) as a distraction first.

          • Western society has spent centuries conditioning people to avoid interpersonal violence other than as directed by the State.

            It allows for a higher more complex social order but sometimes it comes at the cost of passivity in the face of crime when times are good.

            If we except a much higher level of interpersonal violence, we can’t sustain the social order.

            To your question, the utter hell is that its on you to decide for yourself .

            To be clear I am not telling you to act or to do anything illegal. Right now is the last ditch fix the Republican leadership Hail Mary pass
            phase. So don’t.

            The thing is there are no leaders and will not be leaders for a long time Gen X will not and probably cannot do to being the “Left Alone” generation and Gen Y when not Leftist isn’t able to either. Gen Z is too young and the Boomers a few younger ones exempted too old and comfy.

            If efforts fail? You lead you, you act when you see fit, how you see fit and you don’t wait on others . Its 100% on you and only you.

          • The coming chaos is threatening from so many different directions at once. How did things go wrong so fast?

            The military is focused more on diversity than combat readiness, while our enemies focus on how to defeat us.

            The western states are running out of energy & water.

            Our media/govt is trying to start a race war.

            Our economy’s mismanagement

            Our elections are crooked

            Crime is out of control in our cities

            The head of our govt is a dementia patient

            Our schools indoctrinate. White kids are taught to hate themselves & their country

            The first amendment has been nullified

            Our smart fraction is shrinking

            We don’t make anything.

            NBA/MLB/NFL run by BLM

            If we weren’t once so strong, we’d have collapsed by now.

      • What stands out is that it was not that long ago where millions of whites had had enough and were pushing for propositions in CA to deal with the illegal invasion.

        In 1994, Proposition 187 passed OVERWHELMINGLY in California; except for a handful of counties around San Fran Sicko, it passed everywhere else in the state [to include even the various counties which make up greater suburban Los Angeles].

        Of course the Frankfurt School assigned a Carter appointee on the federal bench, Mariana Pfaelzer, to the case, and just three or four weeks after Prop 187 had passed, Yenta Pfaelzer issued a permanent injunction; then three years later, in 1997, the Yenta declared Prop 187 to be entirely unconstitutional.

        Pete Wilson continued to appeal the case until his term in office expired, but the Frankfurt School stalled for time, and eventually they got rid of Wilson and replaced him with the existential meta-traitor, Gray Davis, who dropped the case.

        Then I guess the Frankfurt School must have had so many videos of Ahnold drinking the Andrenochrome at the Hollywood pool parties that Ahnold didn’t dare renew the case after Gray Davis was removed from office.

        [Plus all those anabolic steroids seem to turn “men” like Ahnold & Bruce Jenner into hopelessly wrecked & broken old trannies, which is to say LOLbertardians.]

        Nevertheless, check out the uniform distribution of Prop 187’s victory in 1994:

        The Frankfurt School broke the will of the populace of Calfornia via pure brute force, in order to imprison the Golden State in sanheder Israel Zangwill’s “Melting Pot” prophecy.

        Fast forward two decades, and now it’s Santa Muerte or bust.

        • I know prop 187 very well. I lived through that whole era. When I first got here in around 1992 I was living with my uncle in an apartment. He was always a little down on his luck. But he had bill collectors coming to knock on his door regular, so he’d have me answer the door and shoo the people away. I was new in town and had never known Mexicans but when a few Mexican young an collectors came up to the door I just gave them so much shit and mocked them for barely speaking English and almost had them in tears or stammering. I was a ruthless young man. But they pissed me off to no end, And I’d find that my attitude was prevalent. Whites were real nasty to them.

          And I guess here’s the happy ending. Putting them through that kind of wringer ultimately made them want to fit it and assimilate. So you will notice the Mexicans from that time are the ones who are pretty pro America and trying to act like Americans. We made them want to earn their stripes. We embarrassed them into conformity.

          Now the new ones are coddled. And they’ll never even try to assimilate. They’ve got it too easy with all the stupid women and dumb young guys treating them like children.

    • TomA;

      The collapse (TM) will happen when the elites need it to, not a moment before. They”ll probably seize on a crisis and make it a catastrophe. Ireland 1847 has the same smell…we do, its just not 1847 yet.
      In Ireland- no rising.
      Just mass depopulation, as desired, as desired here.

      TomA- without organization nothing can happen.
      However that means I’M A FED!!! 😱 so CHECKMATE.

      Check, and mate. With nothing you can do nothing.
      Getting something requires risk, so nothing.

      In the Collapse there will be a mass Kill Off of Americans, mostly Whites, and thats it.

      The alternative of collapse = Revolution is fantasy.

      • There was ample & serious warning of structural failure in the Surfside condo complex going back at least 3 years and likely more than that. Yet no one predicted the actual date it would occur. Similarly, the Soviet Union collapsed quite unexpectedly; not even the CIA got that right. DC can delay a collapse by borrowing money from the future, but even that has limits. Yes, we truly live in insane times, but the only thing you can count on for sure is that they will manufacture despair & defeatism as a means of keeping you back on your heels. Don’t give them that victory.

  9. So, this past weekend I moved into a new condo to save costs on the program I work for.

    This place is located on the line between the city proper and one of the wealthier inner suburbs.

    Not wanting to cook dinner Sunday night, I headed to the pub around the corner for a burger and a few pints around 7:30 PM.

    Fairly normal crowd of cougars, hipsters, etc when I rolled in.

    Of course, I make the mistake of ordering a burger in a pizza joint. It takes forever for it to come up.

    The nice young blonde (not really, she wore tights, half-shirt, navel piercing, and midriff tattoos, thankfully she had the figure to pull it off) behind the bar got really apologetic and offered me free booze.

    I wasn’t in a hurry, but I’m not going to turn down free a Jameson shot.

    So, against my better judgment I hung around until 9:30 or so, whereupon I realized the blonde and I were the only wypipo in the place versus the 5 or 6 joggers of various shades in to watch the BLMNBA Finals.

    Somehow, I wound up sitting next to a dark, bug-eyed jogger with Malcolm X glasses and a Muslim beard.

    At this time, I was four or five generous free shots in, and I made some remark like, “Yeah, I don’t have much ise for sports anymore.”

    My esteemed neighbor began screeching, “WAT? U DON’T SEE! YOU WHITE!! SPORTZ IZ ALL WE GOT!”

    I tried to flip the script and say, “Nah, there are plenty of black engineers around.” Didn’t really work.

    Thankfully, one of his boyz convinced him this was just an acceptable difference of opinion and pulled his attention elsewhere.

    I left soon thereafter because this goose was proper cooked after 7 shots and 4 pints. Probably shouldn’t have stayed that long, but it’s been a while since a twenty-something blonde has thrown free booze at me.

    Somehow, I arose at a reasonable hour Monday morning and found I’d even lost a few pounds from all the storage unit mining.

    Still haven’t applied to the job that will likely require the genocide jab at some point.

    Supply chains in the MIC are such a mess that I wonder if that job is even viable for 12 months. Apparently, MIC electronics are too low volume to get over on the auto industry.

    Looking at possible jab detox options based on the info coming out.

    Maybe the jab will be as big a dud as Beer Flu. Maybe the profits and control, rather than mass death, are the point.

    Not sure I care because I’m still making good money juicing Wall Street. Pretty sure it won’t matter if I have a corporate job or not when they pull the plug.

    Anyway, my corporate login is busted indefinitely, so I’m off for more storage mining and possibly some paddling later.

    • I take your point, and thanks for sharing… but holy jeebus, mate, I got a hangover just reading that. As one of the original Numinous Negroes, Danny Glover, once said, I am too old for this shit.

      • “…whereupon I realized the blonde and I were the only wypipo in the place…
        Probably shouldn’t have stayed that long, but it’s been a while since a twenty-something blonde has thrown free booze at me.”

        The perfect encapsulation of the Time Warp.

        So glad the Goose ain’t yet cooked. It’s like we’re all suspended in air, waiting to exhale.

        Thanks, WG, I needed that.

        (And thank gosh for those twenty-somethings. You ain’t that old. Ask Taki.

        She was as glad to see the Goose as he was to see her.)

      • As a proponent of HBD that is 50% Polish, 25% German, and 25% British the only ethnicities that I have trouble keeping up with are the Czechs and the Welsh.

        • And the lesson is: check out the local bars at various times before deciding where to live.

          • Yes, that important, but specially if you got kids, school bus stop be most important. 🙂

    • Thanks for the slice-of-life report. It’s nice to take a break from all the high-minded folderol once in a while.

    • Sounds like a Linh Dinh story lol

      Anyways, I’m in my 20s and couldn’t handle that much alcohol. Your liver must be made of steel.

      I try and stay sober most of the time though. Younger generations don’t have the luxury of messing around quite as much as Xers or Millenials did.

    • Nothing worse than being drunk and looking up and seeing you’re the only white guy and have been oblivious to it as they came crawling in and taking their seats to watch da game.

      Keanu Reeves ass, what do you do?

      Do you get up fast and and make a beeline, bringing attention to yourself? Or smile and stretch the back like you have to take a dump or a piss and act like you’re heading to the men’s room but then make a quick turn out the front door past the big negro bouncer? Or do you strike up a conversation about voting rights and confederate statues being torn down unjustly?

      What do you do!? I prefer the fake bathroom play.

  10. Both the “left” and the “right” are whistling past the demographic graveyard into obsoleteness. One thing we seem to have forgotten is that our ideological debates are all ongoing from Europe, based on Christianity, and in some cases Judaism (Marx, etc). Now that there are millions of non-European, non-Christian people in our countries the debates are basically meaningless.

    Asians & Indians do not care about ideology at all. All they care about is gaining more status, stuff, and money, and shitting on everybody else – including other Asians but especially on whites. These people are not Europeans, nor are most from a Christian background so of course they don’t have the same ideas as we do.

    It’s funny to see the homo pride marches in Toronto – full of white leftists yelling at the sky in a metro area now populated largely by brown aliens, who don’t give a rat’s ass about pride. The edgy communist types who were living downtown, hanging out at grunge bars and smoking weed are getting run out of town, making way for endless skyscraper projects to house more well-off aliens. It goes the other way too – non-whites don’t care about owning guns, or personal liberty, or abortions. They don’t want to be babied by Goodwhite Karen’s either, except to extract money from them (or move their whole clan into the West).

    The world is passing us – all whites – by. The future and present are very different from the past. Being a “racist” with an in-group preference is the first step towards navigating the new world we live in.

    • Bugmen don’t do philosophy. All they seek are resources, ever more material to metabolize and grow their hive. Cities like Toronto have become nothing more than human-accommodating termite colonies. When an infestation has reached that point, there are only two options: destroy and rebuild or move away to an un-infested area. The wise man will discern swiftly which option has the greatest probability of success with the fewest negative consequences, then act.

    • We seem to forget that this all be the last hurrah for blackness and globohomo too

      What with brown people and Asians not into it at all but increasing in numbers by the day. They eventually will remake the society in their image, as Mexicans have already been doing in their parts of town. And Koreans in theirs. Etc.

      Why I think many of us see so much of this antifa and pride and BLM stuff as merely larping by the yesterday men. Deep down these people have to realize they will soon be yesterday’s news too and and acting out angrily knowing that soon enough no one will give a crap about them or anything they have to say. They will be replaced too. I know blacks are feeling it. My suspicion is that white boy antifa is too.

  11. Yes. People don’t abandon their beliefs until their world falls apart.

    But I think the biggest failure is the religious faith that you can redeem the world with politics.

  12. At least Americans are stuck in the recent past. We still have people like Peter Heinz who would have fit right into the old Germany party of the 1930’s and ’40’s. I suspect he plagiarized an old 1938 speech and just swapped the words jew for unvaccinated, German for vaccinated and yellow star for mask.

    “The unvaccinated,” he said, “are a danger to society and therefore should not be given the same freedoms as the vaccinated.”

    The chairman of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Rhineland-Palatinate, Peter Heinz, is calling for massive restrictions on the freedom of the unvaccinated: “The unvaccinated do not have the freedom to take off their masks. They are not allowed into the stadium, not allowed into the swimming pool, and not allowed to shop in the supermarket without a mask. And the unvaccinated and those with only a single vaccination may no longer be allowed to go on vacation,” he told the “Rhein-Zeitung”.

    Even with a negative test, unvaccinated people should not be allowed to go on vacation, in his opinion: “Free testing does not protect. Who drives for example on an island with a negative PCR test, can infect itself there very well, drives again home and is virus carrier.”

    “If you give freedoms back to the unvaccinated, you lose the opportunity to reach everyone with vaccination,” Heinz said. “People need to be told, ‘Without vaccination, there are no freedoms.’ Without that pressure, we’re not going to convince people. The unvaccinated,” he said, “are a danger to society and therefore should not be given the same freedoms as the vaccinated.”

    Heinz considers vaccination premiums “absurd.” However, he rejects compulsory vaccination as “paternalism”. Giving freedoms only to vaccinated people is not a hidden vaccination obligation, “but an inevitable conclusion from a pandemic situation.”


    • What a lying cunt! Unfortunately, he’s not the only crazy asshole out there.

      I hope this is just “motivational” scaremongering.

    • The optimum time to prevent the rise of Hitler & Nazism was in the 1920s when the incipient tyrants first exposed themselves. Think of all the lives that could have been saved and destruction avoided. Lessons of history should be learned if we are to survive as a species.

      • Hitler rose for a reason. He was the pendulum swinging back from one extreme.

        Today’s totalitarians are just power hungry. The pendulum has yet to swing back from their side.

        • Exactly. The insanity of today’s Western rulers can’t possibly be ascribed as a reaction to rightist overreach. The left has been winning for over a century, with only the slightest pauses and no reversals.

        • I’m well aware that the Treaty of Versailles was the genesis of WWII because of the punitive hardships it placed on the German people. But that didn’t make Nazism the correct solution to the problem (and it’s attendant slaughter). One could argue that Germany has reconquered Europe during the post WWII era via hard work and technical/economic superiority, and not a single bullet fired. Tyranny is never the best option.

      • Tom, I guess that you agree with much of moustache man’s world view. Certainly, you agree with him more than any politician alive today.

        You may charge him with authoritarianism but do you think we can get out of our current troubles without that?

        Ethnic Germans felt no tyranny under moustache man, except for the religious or subversive ones who advocated for universalism or tolerance of filth.

        • Authoritarianism is parasitism at the extremis, and under this model of human affairs, someone’s ox must always be gored in order to feed the beast, whose appetite never wanes.

          • You reject the only tool that can save us.

            Your individualist commitment is a weight around our necks.

          • Human being are communal, tribal animals and require authority to function above a hundred and fifty or so.

            Individualism and replacing every beneficial human relationship with markets is societal death.

            Without group pressure fertility goes into free fall because apparently the natural number of kids in such a situation approaches one per family.

            Every single urban society that has moved away from groups and tradition based authority is dying , all of them.

            Ones that stick to prorogation of the culture , are not too urban and are highly coercive like the Amish and Afghans go on. All other die off.

            If you want the West to make it, to reign in female nature, clown world and so on, you must have an authoritarian society to check urban life.

            You must be able to force women to behave (men as well) to stop drugs and subversion as well make sure wages enable family formation.

            The alternative is collapse and an end to society as we know it.

            And note its so bad that the USSR as bad as it was had much higher fertility under Khrushchev than we have had in 50+ years.

      • The time to prevent Adolf’s adventures was 1919, and only 1919. Clemenseau and a band of British politicians extended the Great War to 1945. At that point the lesson was learned. Now we have other lessons that are equally and stubbornly not learned. But as the man said it takes bankruptcy or its equivalent to clear the rubbish out of one’s head.

          • When people think for themselves and don’t want to take a drug that hasn’t been fully approved and is basically still experimental, governments attempt to bribe people. Because coercion and bribery is something they really understand.

            Forcing people to do something against their will might not go over very well. But bribery, well, they know all about it.

            Evidently “My body. My choice” only works when it’s used for murdering babies.

    • May your God bless you and keep you, Herr Horst. From Muslims dancing in the street to this.

      Proof yet again that 1938 was right, despite that Black Mirror inversion of the story, since the communists throughout Europe arose to power after the War.

      A local show put it like this: “You don’t understand the communist viewpoint. He doesn’t ask whether something is right, or fair, or good. The communist asks only one question: how can he turn this to serve his God?”

      Our God has been replaced with Another.

      • ” From Muslims dancing in the street to this. ”

        The sodomites dancing in the street are doing far more damage across the west than the camel jockeys.

  13. The gold standard of a true dissident leftist is who will go on Tucker, and for this Greenwald and Dore takes the prize. I don’t think Taibbi has done it.

    • He hosts Angela Nagle sometimes, too. She’s a baffling case. Her famous book Kill All Normies—which popularized “incel” as a womanly shitlib hate-meme, and wink-nudged internet censorship into a leftist necessity—is the most uninformed, not-even-wrong streak of typographical diarrhea ever produced by a non-schizophrenic. But everything else she’s done is good, and she sounds totally sane (though Irish) when she talks. There’s a conversion story in there somewhere, and she never tells it.

      • I appreciate Jack Dobson bringing us Mugged Lefty Abigail Shrier yesterday.

        Some purity spiraling followed, but that’s okay, you can’t trust anyone under 50.

        Le Tuck and Laura are moderates. Chris Rufo and VD Hanson are moderates.

        Moderates take things as they are. No going back. Save yer ammo. I’ll take something over nothing.

        Shrier is becoming a moderate. The Dissident Lefties, like the Dissident Right, are becoming moderates by necessity.

        Karen is getting worried as the chickens come home to roost. The old issues just don’t seem as compelling as the tidal wave rolls in.

        Once we get the “No weed!!!” Big Staters to pay attention, we might stand a chance at organizing a grange.

    • Taibbi seems more cautious to give up some of his older programming/beliefs in spades, perhaps because he doesn’t have the full first hand direct experience with the managerial/deep state/cabal Greenwald does. Not to mention Taibbi’s own personal background. He’s good on the pure corporate grift stuff, but I always felt he still sorta hand that “get away from me” vibe about those he was writing about being hurt in the heartland, similar to Thomas Frank, which limits the reach of some of his messaging. Never got as much of that vibe from Greenwald, who while definitely aggressive and acerbic just seems more your run of the mill occasionally bitchy gay dude.

      • I really miss the edit button: In fairness Taibbi was good on Russia as well, so maybe I’m selling him short, but he still seems to hold back more to me.

      • Taibbi lived in Russia in the 90s so he’s seen some sh*t, and that has at least given him some insight into human nature and corruption that most lefties lack, and he has no love for the MSM either. Though I’ve gotten tired of his “both sides are at fault” shtick. As if a dose of common sense and appeal to reason (i.e. the Mind of Taibbi) will save us from the evildoers. That’s the best the dissident left can do. The dissident right, on the other hand, rejects the system more completely, and knows that 1 Taibbi or 100 won’t change a thing. La Revolucion, it isn’t a leftist thing anymore.

        • Taibbi has been writing interesting stuff castigating Wall Street, bankers, and Obama for years.

          It’s a miracle he’s still allowed in public after his first real effort “The Exile: Sex, Drugs, and Libel in the New Russia” regaled readers with equally shocking and hilarious escapades in Russia was published. Very difficult to get a copy now…if I were a suspicious man, I’d say someone with deep pockets made this gonzo-style semi-autobiographical book disappear.

          Like TheZman, he can turn a pithy phrase and can be very funny.

          The greats make it look easy.

  14. If America somehow doesn’t break apart, I’ll have a chuckle when the debate isn’t over whether or not America is a white thing, but over how white it should be.

  15. I have an 85 year old neighbor who of course bought her house when it had a few less zeros on the price tag. She’s straight out of the early 70’s down to the hair. She literally said, “I don’t know why everyone is leaving this state (CA) there’s more opportunity here than anywhere else.” This is a woman who thought Biden would be a good President by the way. A woman who retired in 1990. There’s a lot of people like this out there.

      • Big Sista be watchin’ yo ass.
        With a halo behind.

        (hat tip to Layabout and Anonymous White Male)

    • I remember a 60 year old woman told me to “just be nice to everybody” when I told her how my area is full of hostile, foreign blacks and browns.

      Or the 50 year old woman who told me “I don’t care, I’ll be dead” when I told her about the demographic projections for our people.

      I hate to say it but whites are the dumbest group out there, by a mile. Us trying to help normie whites understand race and in-group dynamics feels as hopeless as a smarter black trying to stop his kin from shooting each other.

      • I’ll bring up the black guy I follow on FB again: he’s not “talented tenth” but he’s definitely a right-side bell-curver for his group. Anyway, he’s all about not abandoning his people, holding events for kids in his community to show them alternate to violence, community outreach and cleanup, and…it’s f’n pointless. It’s inevitable that someday I’ll read a news article about how some fellow homie shot him to get his half eaten hamburger.

        I’d hate to think it’s the same way for us in that way, but I’m afraid you might be right.

          • Bingo. It’s not all that talented, is it? Certainly not talented enough to bring about technical innovation and discovery, and probably not enough to maintain what we (Whites) have already established.

            Le Griffe du Lion estimated the “smart fraction” to start at 108.

      • Every time I start pitying myself for not being normie, I think of the based black guy. At least I had the teenage fantasy of Galt’s Gulch. Even his Wakanda gets dragged down.

        • The irony, now that I think about it, is that both Galt’s Gulch and Wakanda were created by Jews. The rabbit hole runs deep!

    • There are many people who cease to progress intellectually after a certain growth age. This has little to do with “being stuck in the past”—as in preferring such, as much as IQ—as in not being able to.

      Barring a physiological cause, folks with IQ’s average to lower scale with not learn or accept new ideas easily, or at all. Hell, it took them a lifetime to get where they are and they not/can’t leaving it behind because they can’t understand it’s replacement.

      I feel this myself in many ways as I enter old age. So Z-man’s admonishment (of sorts) stings. On the other hand, I console myself in that—whenever you can motivate me—in can still learn things once never known or thought of.

      • I have to agree

        I was talking with an acquaintance and telling him that my work involves a lot of hard thinking and it burns a lot of calories, that I can be working on something and soon feel myself very hungry because I have been burning lots of calories by pushing my brain to a certain limit. He seemed to get it. And not long after that I heard someone say, I think watching a video on line, and it was said somewhat in jest, but I had never heard this said before, and it was “thinking is hard work, and a lot of people can’t do it.”

        Just as a lot of people don’t want to do hard physical work.

        Thinking hard about things is in fact a lot of work, and most people are either not inclined to it or simply too lazy. And it’s telling — now that I think about it — but it’s usually the guys without college who work hard for a living in the physical sense who also seem to work their brains the hardest thinking about stuff like we talk about in here. Perhaps why a lot of blue collar guys are instinctively doing things we discuss, such as forming their own neighborhoods and communities — under the radar as it were. It’s hard work, and it requires people willing to put in the effort. The DR may in fact really find its footing among the working class.

        • “The DR may in fact really find its footing among the working class.”

          So good, and so true.
          The next step up towards getting an essential elite group on our side are the foremen, managers, and owners that hire these guys- the ones who keep things running. A Grange.

        • From your mouth to God’s ear. Yeah you’re right. Best description is that I’m getting lazy–mentally lazy. Somehow I was inculcated with the idea that retirement was a time to enjoy life and take it easy. Bullshit, but I had to find that out the hard way.

          It’s full time job living past 60. Your body turns to shit and your doctor is of little use. As TomA repeatedly now reminds us, we need to work even harder to stay fit and not grow titties, or be worthless to the cause.

          The society is awash in lies and falsehoods. The truth is out there as agent Mulder said in the X-files, but you have to find it. More work. Sigh.

      • So good, Compsci.

        The constant barrage of psych warfare, of deliberately not making sense or shifting the stories, by the Left leaves them overwhelmed, frozen in place.

        Stuck in the mud. That’s exactly where ‘you’ want an enemy army to be.

    • No one likes Gen Y and we gen X are ignore but frankly tits time to move on.

      The Boomers and Silents like her will all be gone soon so they are of no matter now other than being something that keeps the established system around a while longer.

      Maybe that is a good thing for the nonce. The newer folk are either thieves or have such radical differences of opinion that violent conflict is inevitable

  16. i know a few old people who still blame communists for what is currently happening in eastern europe, 30 years later after soviet block fell. People just get stuck in the same mode of thinking after a while, old people become more & more rigid with their ideas as time goes by.

    When it comes to young people spouting the same 60s-70s crap that’s just pure propaganda. The tribe is pushing the same ideas 50 years later, they didn’t change, that’s why kids act as though white nationalists hold sway over the institutions & that they are actively discriminating against non-whites.

    • And that’s why “communist” is useful Normiespeak. A bridge across the Shabbos Goy.

      Think of Normiespeak as a trade language, like the sign language used between Indian tribes. Let the commies squeak about dog whistles, that’s good advertising.

  17. “For someone who is 70 years old, it is tough to accept that all they fought to preserve will be washed away.” – This is how the WW2 generation felt in the late 60’s and 70’s. All the heavy lifting they did, especially after the war. All the giant university facilities, the new airports, the highway system, etc., all to be handed to their daughters who went braless in halter tops and went through dick left and right at music festivals. And their idiot sons who spent every last dime on blow and vacations to Cabo. If anything the current situation is one of very old chickens coming home to roost.

    • After 9/11, I was furious when Reverend Wright said, “America’s chickens have come home to roost. God damn America!”

      Now, I agree with the guy on that although we agree on nothing else.

      • I might agree with the Rev – but for none of the reasons he has for said damning.

        • Yeah, but he capitulated on mass immigration. That’s why I never supported him, even when I was a conservative.

          No matter how dumb I was about foreign policy, I was always opposed to amnesty and mass immigration.

          Hell, I would still cut a deal with the elites to give them endless wars in exchange for immigration control and borders. But effectively open borders is non-negotiable to all elites.

      • Before the (((Left))) wormed its way through the long march, we were loved. LOVED. Everyone wanted to be Us, the light of the world.

    • What heavy lifting? The economy was booming, Detroit had no competition, US steel and machinery dominated the world market, in 1970 one could still exchange 1 $ for 360Y or close to 4DM. The braless halter tops and saytiric music festivals are mostly fantasies of the 10 million who were at Woodstock. Vacations in the 60’s early 70’s ,for many or most of us now over 70, were a few days at the Jersey shore, perhaps a cabin on a lake or camping trip. Cabos my a…!

      • Generally agree with your rant. However, must fact-check you on Woodstock. You’ve inflated attendance by about 25 times. 😀 Now, if you include “fantasy” and total album sales…

    • From my end of things the so called Greatest did a lousy job on the kids and got us the mess we are in. Its their fault we are no longer 85% White as well so frankly I don’t care about them or their feelings as they and their Boomer spawn ruined a perfectly good country in an orgy of waste.

  18. In politics as in the arts as in entertainment as in everything else, it’s all reduxes and remakes.
    Devon Stack was right when he remarked that everyone these days is a larper.

    Politics today borrows its patterns from consumerism, it is branding-driven. Brands these days trafic in dreams and escapism, and dreams are nothing but a pleasant rearrangement of flashbacks and memories. They set up an aesthetic universe for you to play a role in by buying the right props.
    Politics has become a way to play pretend at reliving some past epoch because that’s the easiest way of sustaining a fantasy; the decors, the plot devices and the stock characters are all there pre-loaded in people’s imagination.
    Q people lost themselves inside a classic cloak-and-dagger spy story, woke whites make believe it’s the 1950s and they’re the Atticus Finch type hero, radical leftists have recreated a 1970s theme park in their own minds for them to throw bombs in, etc.

    It’s all very kitsch and unimaginative, but the most successful novels and movies are never the most novel nor the most innovative. They rely on proven tropes people recognize.

    • All culture is narrative, not all fabricated. Which is to say the instinct isn’t a bad one.

      BUT the psych warfare weirdos are doing a great job manipulating everybody. Notice how this crap got a hell of a lot more intense after Obama signed off on the amending of Smith-Mundt.

      • “Smith–Mundt Act
        The U.S. Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948….
        The Act was developed to regulate broadcasting of programs for foreign audiences produced under the guidance by the State Department, and it prohibited domestic dissemination of materials produced by such programs as one of its provisions.[1] The original version of the Act was amended by the Smith–Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 which allowed for materials produced by the State Department and the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) to be disseminated (widely spread) within the United States.”

        The State Department, wherein the CIA resides.

        The head of the hydra that cooperated with a plucky foreign power in a coup assassination of an Irish Catholic President, to ignite a Cultural Revolution at home and foreign wars abroad… the Takeover.

  19. Z, I recall you writing a lot about synchronic vs. diachronic time back in the days. It’s sad and frightening to see the so-called “right” falling into the synchronic camp.

    [For those who don’t recall, the original column is here. A brief recap: “Synchronic” means “without historical context;” “diachronic” includes the context. For those of us who can grok cause and effect, any event is diachronic. An example: Two guys are arguing. One says “civil rights.” The other responds “Detroit.” Guy #2 wins, because the latter is the natural outgrowth of the former.

    If those two guys are Leftists, though, one says “civil rights” and the other says “amen” and that’s the end of the discussion. A third guy comes up, saying “Detroit,” and the first two just stare blankly. They’re operating on synchronic time: “civil rights” is a certified Good Thing, which means it’s ever-present in the minds of the goodthinkful… the consequences not so much, because they have no emotional resonance.

    Note that this is true even for events Leftists haven’t personally experienced, e.g. the 19 year old street rioters who sound like the Weathermen. If somehow a puckish genie totally erased humanity’s memory of The Sixties, the Left would immediately start sounding like Wobbies from 1920, and if the genie wiped out that, they’d start prancing about sans culottes. The point is, they are the Good People in History’s vanguard, so they’ll retrofit their very consciousnesses to put themselves there].

    • Sev, doing what historians do with archival material, for the win. I would spend some considerable time and treasure to bring a podcast interview between you and Zman into existence. The synergy would be blindingly illuminating.

      • That’s flattering, but he’s way out of my league. Plus I sound funny and have a goofy accent; it’d be like nails on a chalkboard.

  20. It’s entertaining to see J21s have their ossified views shattered by some very persuasive (and correct) voices on Gab, including our own Zman and Citizen of a Silly Country, and of course, a gab treasure, King of all Nads (formerly Heartiste).

      • Torba’s turn has been interesting. When Gab started it seemed like he wouldn’t care if it turned into a giant holding tank for leftists who were unable to be spicy enough on Twitter (as if such a thing were possible), but years of reading John Rivers(etc) and deep state abuse have, almost, turned him into as much of ideologue as the rest of us.

  21. Off-topic, but last night French President Emmanuel Macron imposed a health passport requirement that will require “vaccination” to go to the theater, to a restaurant, to board a train, or to go to a hospital.

    Technically, you can also get a Covid test that’s good for only 48 or 72 hours, and he’s making no secret that he wants all French people to get the “vaccination.” It’s already being imposed on health care workers. Reaction on social media is very unfavorable but I think he’ll ram it through. France is now governed by a tyrant.

    Maybe it’s not off-topic; maybe Macron thinks it’s the 1950s and he’s fighting a battle to get people to take the diptheria or polio vaccine.

    • He doesn’t think any of that. He is a GS puppet, groomed by a perverted old lady and he does as he is told.

      Anybody who has access to the data and isn’t a liar or a moron knows that the vaccine does nothing for “covid” and that something strange is going on.

      • Related: The Guardian has released this pearl:

        Why most people who now die with Covid in England have had a vaccination

        Don’t think of this as a bad sign, it’s exactly what’s expected from an effective but imperfect jab

        See, more people are dying with the vaccine than without it. That means it’s working!

        • Which just goes to show that war is peace, evil is good, and 2 + 2 = 5

          • There are five lights,

            The deer is a horse,

            We have always been at war with Eurasia.

          • Yes it does, for sufficiently large values of 2. Old math joke, and one of the few I can understand. 😀

        • “This just in! COVID death rate has decreased from 200 per 100k to 500 per 100k as a result of our successful vaccination program!”

        • Actually, it is a sign of “working”, just not what the average person would call “success”. The virologists who have made it past the censorship screening of the Social and MSM warned about this effect. In short, even aside from the myriad potential side effects of the “vaccine”, juicing up the immune system and then getting Covid-19 has problems all its own.

          Today’s news from the MSM wrt COVID-19, GBS (Guillain-Barré syndrome). A hundred cases or so confirmed, one death. CDC requests that all “jabbed”persons feeling muscle fatigue see their doctor immediately for treatment/diagnosis.

          If your memory serves, you might remember this longer term side effect killed the Swine Flu vaccine program in the late 70’s. But of course, we still had responsible people in control of national health in those days.

      • Something extremely strange, indeed. I have a hard time believing that this isn’t coming to the US. We’re just on a slower timeline due to possible indigenous resistance, so to speak.

        Most of my models of reality and the ol’ philosophical problem of other minds have been obliterated over the past 16 months. I cannot understand the objective of all of this, nor why people are so supine in the face of it. It has unsettled me to the core.

        • I don’t know what the objective is either.

          I have seen a video somewhere (maybe here?), where an ‘ethicist’ from NYU was talking about genetically modifying people in various ways to save the world. For example, a jab to make you allergic to meat, so that global-warming-cow-farts are eliminated. This would be done with the mRNA technology.

          Another one was the claim by that M-Cam patent lawyer that this is all just a cynical scheme to get people addicted to regular vaccinations.

          Many other theories. Many of them could be correct at the same time.

          Strange times.

        • As a general turd in Optimism’s punch bowl, I betimes post about the potential of gene therapies, both angelic and apocalyptic. These have been well explored in science fiction in recent decades. An accidental — or deliberate — engineered virus (sometimes a bacterium) is released upon the world, usually (but not always) with the result of killing nearly all of the world’s population. I only recall one SF short story, can’t recall title, but the plot was evil geneticists (White of course), did such a stunt. I can’t remember the plot exactly, but part of the intent was to reduce overpopulation so the poorer nations were targeted.

          When I bring up these points, it’s not to tell stories, but to point out that such powers come closer to reality every day. Perhaps they’re already here. Existing tech gets cheaper and more widely available. Of course I don’t know the intricacies of genetics, but I suspect that engineering a virus or an mRNA shot that can do mischief from moderate to fatal, tailored to a specific person, a family, a clan, an ethny or an entire race, will not remain science fiction forever 🙁

    • The last year has emboldened the powers. Most people will submit to a lot for a slice of normal.

      The alternative to notvax of constant testing is a feature as well. With the fake pcr test they can dial up “cases” in a matter of weeks.

      “Dangerous Variants” will be taking the main stage at the county fair after a few openers to A/B test the proles.

      Yes, even with the blundering morons in charge there is enough momentum in this to bring a lot more ruin.

      The real show begins when covid culminates with “extremism domestic terror” mechanisms in extra-legal infrastructure already in place, the “cyber attack” plandemic they have been priming for a while, and the pockets of vax “resistance” that just happen to coincide with the insurrectionistas.

      • Yeah but the masks and all the trepidation about when the state will lock everything down again is the new normal. I don’t think most people want to leave it. And of course the government will oblige them. That leaves people like me out in the cold and wondering what to do, where to go, to find normal people. If such a place exists.

      • I opined elsewhere the observation, not exactly rocket science, that COVID-19 is likely to be as fickle a disease as the common cold (in fact, of the diverse collection of cold viruses, a few are betacoronaviruses, similar to SARS-CoV-2). There’s never been a successful vaccine against the common cold. It’s a huge number of viruses, for one problem. But even if you could make a vaccine against one (and I’m sure it could be easily done) the problem is frequent mutations. We’re already up to quite a few with COVID. In other words, expect a never-ending parade of “variants” all “requiring” continued or periodic lockdowns, controls, updated jabs and so on. Unfortunately for us proles, there is a lot of “crisis” left for Big Brother to milk for all it’s worth 🙁

    • Totally on topic.
      Time warp because the Playbook does not change:

      Death to us, by any means necessary. Hey hey, hey ho, Western Civ has got to go.

    • Talk about a “target of opportunity” for a JDAM. Would have been of far more benefit to the world than the removal of gathered funeral procession.

  22. My over-arching conspiracy theory is that the CIA is to blame for all our troubles. They have been screwing with since the fifties, at least. Remember the movie Night Of The Living Dead? Imagine a young child watching the gut eating scene. The CIA promoted it and arranged afternoon children’s matinee showings to warp the children’s minds in some way. Why were they determined to destroy our nation one child at a time? Your guess is as good as mine.

    • You shouldn’t assign one group over arching blame for what’s wrong with the world.

      Unless it’s Jews.

      Haha joking. Kind of. You can find systematic evil in a lot of places. It often seems to be working toward some goal and in tandem with other evil. You can devise grand conspiracies or networks to explain how the various agents of evil appear to be working in concert but for me organizing principle probably needs to be something more transcendent than regular organizational hierarchies. You can pick from a few possibilities but for me it’s simply Satan himself. Old Scratch is working with his “children” to corrupt as many souls as possible in order to have them commissioned to hell where he thinks he’ll be king forever. According to my own personal heresy the devil himself is tricked and they’ll all just be destroyed so we can have a cosmos without Jews, spooks, child abusers, and NPCs.

      • A good place to start looking where to place blame is in the article linked above about the cloud people tikkuning some olam in Sun Valley. Whoever survives the NWO should remember and never allow another NGO, non-profit, or think tank to exist.

        • I fully agree, but that may mean we’ll have to tax your churches too. Don’t get me wrong, I love the separation of church and state ideal. But this and similar ideals have resulted in de-facto and often de-jure exemptions from various laws. In my world, we shall all play by the same rules with no special treatment for ANYONE. Once you started granting favors, you get mission creep, and it probably looks a lot like what we’ve got now. I’m not sure what the logical extreme would be; I’d suspect clan or family alliances like you find in such advanced parts of the world as the tribal Mid-east or Africa.

      • I mean, saying it’s evil does make sense, but really all the government and the elites are doing is their job as they see it.

        Their job is to keep people divided and unstable so that governing them is achievable. I think the idea of “freedom” truly frightens the hell out of them and always has and they have been struggling to deal with it for many years, and now with TV and mass media and psychological techniques and the internet, a DoD invention lest we forget, it makes their jobs increasingly do-able.

        Yay !!! Now they only have to get rid of white people to make their jobs even easier!!

        Woo hoo !!!! Progress !!!!

      • YHWH is Old Scratch.
        The Christ is not his son, just as YHWH is not the Creator, or all powerful, or any of that. That was propaganda from a Book we were not meant to read.

        YHWH is the god of another people. The Christ is the Spirit in the Whites. Mercy is holy to us, as Vengeance is holy to them.

        The gods are resonant memory pools, ‘oversouls’, generated by the living nervous systems of physical genetic pools. We’re leaky radios shortcasting on a spectrum.

        They are dynamic; processing occurs “above” us just as it occurs between us, here now, but the gods are not intelligences or entities, any more than a corporation, agency, or nation is ‘intelligent’ or ‘conscious’.

        It’s a chicken or egg question. We literally create them, they in turn influence us.

        To put a face on such a thing, to think of them as family members, is fine, it helps us relate to a real phenomenon that is nebulous and immaterial.

        YHWH, Old Scratch, Prince of Darkness, the Deceiver, is the would-be Ruler of this kingdom. The kingdom of the physical, he can neither feed nor exist anywhere else.

        YHWH can only grow in a substrate appendant to the physical world, because he feeds on and is the Memory of pain. YHWH is the awakened Lord of Hell.

        • Simply put, Ol’ Scratch is the black mold inside the greenhouse. Or, a naturally arising Infection.

          Conscious intelligence- of which whites and their god are the most successful combination- is the antibody that arose to fight that black mold, that Infection.

          • Please know I’m never going to Heaven. Quite the opposite.

            Also, know this: they were right. The white Christ, Lord of Mercy, is what opened the gate of Heaven.

            We did that. None other. That’s what we’re for, to claw thru the chrysalis.

    • I can tell you this, I came to the conclusion a very long time ago that if this country truly cared about me and my welfare then McDonalds would be illegal

      Then GW pushed me over the edge into the total dissident mindset. “We are at war with Islam’ or whatever yet the border in CA was always wide open. So I’d think, if we were really at war, they’d seal up the border, but they never did, therefore he was full of s–t. And I hated him ever since. And when I used to watch TV and see the Wounded Warrior commercials I would get so upset that if he were within 10 feet of me I would strangle that bastard.

      GW, being a fixture of the establishment, made hating the establishment very easy after Trump came along and further exposed them.

      • “So I’d think, if we were really at war, they’d seal up the border, but they never did, therefore he was full of s–t. ”

        It’s solid reasoning. Now more than ever we cannot afford to forget our ability to think and reason accordingly. People will tend to make it more complex than it is; but your example effectively diagnoses the problem simply.

        • We were never at war with Islam. Our leaders, even Trump could not even utter the words Muslim terrorists. Instead we got ‘radical Islamic terrorism’.

          A war with Islam would mean at least NOT increasing Muslim immigration after 9/11.

        • Funny how Bruce Willis in “The Siege” ran before 9/11.

          Almost as if Hollywood and her New England allies were plotting a story arc for that series.

          The ol’ bait and switch, a thrilling surprise revelation!

      • Bush not only didn’t seal the border, but opened the gates wide open for more Muslim immigration than ever before. And meanwhile signed the Patriot Act, which only a few on the right opposed, such as the usual great men like Buchanan, Francis, Sobran et al, who argued that it could easily be used on our own citizens. Yet Bush was hailed by the stupid faction of the GOP as the tough-on-terror sheriff type.

  23. The red pills are being swallowed by many people and that should be a white pill for us.

    I’ll give two concrete examples from my own life:

    My sister was big into theater throughout her whole life and into her adulthood. Supported queers and trannies and all the Leftist nonsense they believe in. Until recently. She loves theater but will no longer go back because she says it’s “racist against white People.” She began with Ben Shapiro but now hates him and sends me anti-trans stuff regularly and complains about all the disgusting weirdos. She even read Trump’s book and now gets into arguments with her lib former friends.

    My mom, a nurse for 40 years in a low income community now talks about how blacks anger her with their pushiness, disfunction and entitlement. She’ll go into it about them. And now she is starting to see that the poor Hispanics threaten her pension and the government support that should have went to us (we grew up very poor). At the same time she’ll get into arguments with her sister (Rich, lib with a trans weirdo kid) about white privilege. She used to be very liberal and cried when I told her the IQ reality but now she is becoming very very based.

    We don’t have many white pills, so please take this one and have a good day for once.

    • A lot of these older whites will soon come to the inescapable conclusion that the country has fired all of its white people and time to find a new metaphorical job with a new metaphorical company

      And that would be start thinking about life in terms of white collective interests.

    • Well done, have an upvote. Right-wing sites are crawling with doomers. The globalists want you despondent, they want you to think they’re invincible.

      The reality is that here, on the internet, we’re winning. The fact that the globalists have to resort to nakedly totalitarian censorship is a sign of how bigly we’re winning.

      • Much of the doom is borne from twenty years of naked anti-white man, anti-Christian, anti-family, shit you know the drill, that somehow still failed to calve our own elders from the iceberg of progress.

        Its understandable that fatigued harbingers of the actual doom standing on piles of dead canaries would have long abandoned the kid gloves in favor of more dire imagery of the scorched earth that is very real.

        All these traditional parents and elders drunk on prog status full of sage advice of bootstraps and sepia postcards of yesteryears going through the (e)motions of conInc’s news cycles between 24 month democracy rituals whilst one of the largest invasions in human history was ignored over the sound of lawn mowers and leaf blowers just couldn’t be bothered with dirty details of a war on their sons.

        Luckily technology saved us from having to do the rest of the dirty jobs and one son even studied STEM, but those factories moved to china and now his cube smells like curry and nepotism. Angst was quicly assuaged by smart phoneys and social medias that shrank the dirty world into a sanitized dopamine mine full of donkeys pulling globohomo’s carts.

        Then these same guys sent their daughters off to war against their future son-in-laws because strong-independent womyn lawyers were super equal and where have all the good men gone man up and marry that slut.

        So now these corpulent civnat warriors are coming around to the idea that they can’t buy their way out and their grand-pets don’t even have their eyes guess its bout time to rage.

        These white pills are important. But a fat man that wakes up one day and accepts he is fat and that all his past trade-offs and comforts are why he is fat is still a long way from becoming thin.

        Forgive the blackpill army of doom for unbridled skepticism that is totally unwarranted given the manifold exemplars of Western Man taking his own side.

        The “demoralization” agents of blackpill is just as empty as another “racism”. Twenty years of actual demoralization and marginalization of white boys in the name of Progress and now some of these men go too “dark”? Sheeit.

        I get it, the youngins are nihlistic and apathetic as hell and our guys need to give them ample onramps to building a future for our people. But perhaps its not just the blackpills demoralizing them, but something else…

        • A big wake up call for me is that I used to think that if you have enough money then you have power

          But that’s no longer true. Money means nothing without having connections to the upper echelons, and they are making money increasingly worthless so it loses its power. Now it has to be money + connections = power. We used to be able to get away with money alone.

          See what they’re doing? They’ve changed the equation. I should have been ready for this, because as soon as they started doing everything they could via taxes to make it next to impossible for people to be upwardly mobile, forcing people to go through the elites’ sanctions and approval process to get anywhere in life. I felt it happening during Obama when I was getting increasingly depressed by the end of his term, feeling that the only way I could ever really get ahead would be to kiss their ass. Trump at least seemed to be restoring us to the old ways where money alone could buy you a seat at the table.

          And now it’s official.

      • In the recent past I might have disagreed with you, but I saw a video from Edward Dutton the other day that made a persuasive case that you might be right. In his video (~Why the West’s culture war is just getting started) he pointed out that hysterias like the current age are common before a culture change. In the 1940s, for example, homosexuality was largely ignored, even tolerated. It was only in the 1950s, when the conservative establishment could feel it beginning to slip away did they resort to extreme restrictions on gays and, to some degree, sexuality in general – hair on the backs of your hands. Sure enough, generational turnover ensured a new social order in the 1960s.

        It’s possible that the regime is sensing the same kind of coming change. Thus, their Orwellian crackdown and efforts to flood the country with foreign scabs to reinforce their waning power. They feel it slipping away.

        One example: younger conservatives tell pollsters they care practically nothing about racial harmony; unlike their boomer parents and grandparents, it’s not an issue that ranks very highly with them. Thus, the regime doubles down on anti-White propaganda to keep their serfs from leaving the plantation of White guilt and self-hate.

        You’ll also notice ADL has gone full 1984 in an effort to stop discussions on Israel and the JQ. Young conservatives, all younger Americans really, say they don’t care much for the issues of anti-Semitism and Israel. You saw some of that recently when the American masses didn’t reflexively buy the Israeli line about “we’re only defending ourselves” during the latest Palestinian conflict. It spooked them so badly they sacked their Prime Minister and put out photos of Biden bowing down before them.

        They’re scared. Don’t think otherwise. A new day is coming.

        • I don’t think Dutton makes the case for who “wins”, just that it’s all coming to a head and not yet lost. The example cited wrt homosexuality comes to mind. I remember the days of fag jokes and mass arrests in “queer” bars. Now they have marriage, adopt kids, and make videos about converting our children to their perversion.

          I’d say the bastards won and we (normals) lost.

          • Well, that begs the question of what’s coming to a head. The Regime certainly acts as though they’re on the verge of losing power. Consider that they’re now trying to get private companies to read your texts and correct your “misinformation” on Covid 19, which is really just a backdoor to letting them censor other topics. Now, that’s what I’d call desperation.

            Did you text your relative about NSA spying? “Hi there. We’ve noticed you’re talking about NSA spying. The NSA does not spy on Americans. Get the facts here: [link to their denial at]. Be aware that misinformation is harmful. We’re watching.”

            My guess: (1) the rising tide of diversity means the end of the White Left as rulers of the DPP, the Democrat Political Party. AOC, Cori Bush, Illhan Omar and the rest of that squad will be running the party soon, thus the country. That’s basically the end of Pax Americana. The world isn’t going to want to be led around by people who look like they belong running a third world country in Africa. The far left is trying to wrest back control of the Party by whipping up POC into a hate lather against “the other” (White Caucasians) so they can take charge of the project and continue leading the democrats (2) the rise of China presents an alternate model of government, one based — at least in a very small part — around the ethnic identity of the majority population, something Whites are seeing and potentially wanting to emulate, at least the Regime fears. White identity is (albeit slowly) rising.

        • I have some issues with some of the political views currently held by my son and his compatriots, but the one entertaining thing was when I brought Da Shoah and I just got eyerolls. It wasn’t even like they believed it or not, but that they didn’t even think it worth coming to a conclusion on. It reminded me of my youth when history teachers were trying to press the importance of the Teapot Dome scandal into the class.

        • One example: younger conservatives tell pollsters they care practically nothing about racial harmony;

          Another example: when pollsters ask Generation Zyklon what kind of television they watch, the reply is: “what is television?”

          You’ll also notice ADL has gone full 1984 in an effort to stop discussions on Israel and the JQ.

          Five years ago, Jewish trolls were busy affixing “Jewish” to any man of notice on Wikipedia, fx. “Niels Bohr, the Jewish-Danish physician…” in the first sentence of the wiki.

          These days they’re busy editing the “Early life”-sections, covering their tracks.

          They’re sweating bullets, all right.

  24. It may be one thing to talk of out of date mindsets and modes of thinking that are not helpful, but those are two of the worst examples one could cite.

    The Commies HAVE taken over, and corporate “America” HAS crushed the working class.

      • You could be right, but in context, the implication would be to direct your attention to some other fight elsewhere instead of trying to reclaim that ground. I’m not going to second-guess Z‘s intentions here, but rolling over and moving onto the next item is what David French would have us do.

        • We can’t bother fighting those lost battles on ground that’s already been ceded. There’s no point. I think the wrong side won WW2 but I can’t go man a turret at Normandy or whatever. We need to accept things as they are and engage our current struggle, which to me is simply surviving as a people and avoiding the deadly vaxx.

  25. Those on the left that are starting to question things realize that, to the BLM monster they released on America to do their political bidding, their good white credentials mean nothing. They are just another cracker who will be made to pay.

    • Look, if the affluent white women want to know what awaits when they are done playing a part in vanquishing their fathers and brothers, they can look to the behavior of Soviet solders as they entered German territory.

      • Thinking about the future is like totally boring. The only thing more boring than that is like reading about olden days and like war and stuff.

        The trite, banal and solipsism of the American war brides is only outmatched by the extreme thirst and poosy pedestal groveling of the modern American soymale.

        When they say ‘history repeats’ this is what they mean. Some lessons just have to be relearned.

    • That website has always been preposterous, run by a gay guy who hires boy toy reporters while fighting for muh conservatism

    • Good information. I was banned there also. I always thought it was because I was critical of the most special country in the world.

      • I was banned there because I made a completely innocuous comment about black naming practices.

  26. Z man,

    Great post on being one’s mindset being locked in the past. The Left thinks the Right is stuck in 1950. I’ve often felt the Leftist Boomers and their offspring are locked in 1965. We must march, March, MARCH to fight oppression!

    Fight The Man!
    Change The World!
    Punch a Nazi!

    “And the world looks just the same
    And history ain’t changed
    ‘Cause the banners, they are flown in the next war”

    Of course now, they ARE The Man. And their kids are bored, and want to be important, and don’t have the high paying jobs they believe they deserve, and they riot because it makes them feel important.

    Mildred : Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against?
    Johnny : Whadda you got?

    The Old Left is seeing the truth that “The revolution like Saturn devours its own children”.

    • Being “nostalgic” for some past time period, even idealized, is not the same as being stuck there. I wonder what lefties think of people critical of Enlightenment or people who study ancient Greek philosophy.

    • mmack – as for The Leftists of 50’s & 60’s or those of the current persuasion – I’ll see your Who reference and raise you this:
      If you think that I don’t know about the little tricks you’ve played
      And never see you when deliberately you put things in my way
      Well, here’s a poke at you, you’re gonna choke on it too
      You’re gonna lose that smile because all the while
      I can see for miles and miles..

  27. I remember it took years for normie republicans to both realize and admit GW was a piece of garbage. They were still championing that guy well into the Obama years.

    Then it just stopped.

    I’m wondering when the same realization will happen with trump. Not that trump is a piece of garbage but that he’s just a blowhard and couldn’t be bothered to speak up for his jailed supporters or Ashli Babbitt until a few days ago.

    • One very important difference between W and Trump is that Trump fought for and with (one the same side as) normiecons – and got bloodied up in the process. W was always above all that to the point that he wouldn’t even defend people that were defending him, or pardon an innocent that got entrapped by the left.

      • I agree. If you think having the entire intelligence apparatus, the IRS, and the NY DA scouring your life for anything to prosecute is not risky, you’re not paying attention.

    • I was so sick of the Clintons that I voted for GWB reflexively. I now regret voting for that clown. I actually regretted it in early 2002 when it was clear that he was going follow his neocon masters and go to war with Iraq. We would have been better off putting Gore in.

      • I was with him for the judges. We got one conservative and one liberal. Not much to show for 8 years of otherwise awful governing.

  28. I bet the DemoNrats paid you to write this racist diatribe! We are all one race, the human race! America is an immigrant country tolerant of everybody, from genderfluid socialists to trans positive conservatives. The market has spoken and it said that there is no place for bigots like you in a democratic country.

    Trump/Jenner 2024!


  29. Amren just had an article up with a graph showing they got more than a million visitors to their site last month, with the average visitor looking at four different pages. That is a very big deal. Trump didn’t do it. And Jared Taylor (God love him) didn’t do it. It was psychologically abusing the white children in schools and undermining basic safety so that every white person feels like the media put a thermal target site on their backs so BLM and Antifa would know where to strike. I’m really, really tired of the savagery and assaults on all our dignity. The other day on RT I saw a video (I shouldn’t have clicked) of some young black kid getting a bullet in his throat and choking to death in his own blood. A stern authoritarian white hand (Frank Rizzo types in city governments, rather than Soros-backed slimeballs) could stem the tide of blood pretty quick. Perot/Buchanan-style trade policies and repatriation could allow a non-college educated minorities to live comfortable working class lives and enjoy affordable family formation. Yeah, it’s probably too late, but the people who caused it should be held accountable, and the kinds of people who can end it empowered.

    • I love Jared Taylor. There is something about the way he talks that is very calming and reassuring, despite the topics being sad or infuriating. One of the best of the old generation.

    • Can’t overemphasize the impact of AmRen in giving that final push into race realism. While the tone can be jarring to someone used to The American Conservative, it’s more of a slap to the face to snap out of one’s delusions than full-on racial animus. That and everything they say is backed up with such savage consistency and biting intelligence that there’s no room to dismiss their core conclusions.

      Once the realities of race are internalized, it’s impossible to look at any American institution of historical event the same ever again.

      • It’s terrifying where the lack of acceptance of racial differences has led (and will lead), but it is quite amusing… all this fuss over accepting that there are indeed differences between the races.

        The worst of it of course is that had we continued to treat this as the common-sense knowledge it is, we’d be miles better off than we are now. But, you know, here we are.

        • My favourite was when he was being interviewed by a Japanese TV station (in Japanese). He was doing his whole spiel, how whites should be free to live around other whites, protect their own interest, support each other, etc.

          The Japanese people were just sitting there wondering when the controversial part was going to start. His ideas are literally common sense in Japan and basically everywhere in the world (except the West).

          • I was happy that he was talking to the Japanese. It (RR) my be common sense to the Japanese—but it was also common sense in American until the end of the Second World War. The time to reinforce that common sense idea was 80 years ago before we became infected with progressivism. I hope the Japanese watched and learned.

          • He did tell the hosts that he hopes Japan holds out and does not let in many immigrants. He also told the guy to imagine Japanese people becoming a minority in Japan. Great interview.

      • We might be seeing a return to the norm, in terms of white attitudes toward Africans-in-America. Looking back, the 70 odd years of the “civil rights movement” might be an aberration fueled by a uniquely narcissistic generation that had the luxury and the hubris to ignore the mechanisms prior generations of white Americans used to control Africans, not because of hatred, but because they clearly understood that giving Africans license to indulge, individually and collectively, their worst natures, would be a disaster.

        If we get to the other side of this irrepressible conflict, future generations might look on believers in the Blank Slate and CRT as just as weird as believers in Freudian psychology or phrenology…

        This mania for Africans may pass peacefully or not, but every hamfisted indoctrination session, every propaganda campaign, and every African riot will produce more contempt for that ideology, and a return to race realism.

    • The real inflation of todays “market” is the daily toll of indignities and humiliation rituals that the average heritage American must pay to access an increasingly scarce “normal” life.

      There has been a decades long run on the goods and services of his people and the community shelves are bare.

      What used to be a natural succession of one generation to the next where the economic trajectory may have been a bit wobbly but there was always a culture component to shore that up.

      No longer. Average joe asks “who are these people? Why am I a stranger in my own land? Why are my kids punished for the sins of the past? How can I provide a future for my children when our traditions and communities are under constant attack?”

      That crazy guy on the AM dial was right about this: “borders, language, and culture.” Its that simple. But not easy. Especially as the economic drift has turned everyman into a naked trader in the market, each year mote derivative of the last.

      There is no going back. My hometown is gone anyhow. Muh reason and evidence makes the best sense out of it like this: we are at war; we have been a long time; we are only recently realizing this and the hard truth that we lost those three simple things.

      And so normiecon has his red pill moment. But until He mentally anchors this truth he will be grasping for the cloud with one hand while waving the other, his clenched fist proof of his hardened conservatism.

      • “We are at war and have been for a long time”

        I came to that realization not long ago myself. And now i see these poor girls all tatted up and lost, men scared to marry for fear of divorce, all of the people on medication, I see them all as casualties of war. The constant psychological warfare has broken them, as always intended.

        • Every time is see an attractive thin white woman with fishing tackle or $hit on her skin, I’m reminded of the amateur Spanish art restorer on Ecce Homo, and I hear the poor thing subliminally whining “look daddy, I made it prettier!”

    • Rizzo supposedly said “I’m so tough that I make Attila the Hun look like a faggot”.

      • I used to joke at the university that I was to the “Right of Attila the Hun” in my politics or beliefs or actions,–whatever–depending on the situation. One day the Dean said offhandedly, “I’ve noticed”. I never joked that way again. 🙁

  30. As you would say it is a set of competing “clown world Cargo Cults”. If all the right incantations are said and the rituals followed, the ghosts of Reagan, Trotsky, Mao, Hitler and Bull Connor will all emerge and fight to the death.

  31. > For someone who is 70 years old, it is tough to accept that all they fought to preserve will be washed away.

    Got into a discussion with a typical 60-ish year old conservative. Forget what led to the discussion, but it culminated with me saying that “if whites are this hated when we are 60 percent of the population, can you imagine what your grandchildren are going to go through when they are a minority.”

    He immediately turned his head away from me and tried to change the subject. Refused to even engage it, though he knew deep down it was true.

    I honestly feel bad for the boomers waking up. It’s a massive black pill to realize your devotion to Rush Limbaugh, color-blindness, and the republican party was all a monstrous psyop.

    • My parents both had the idyllic baby boomer childhood. They live in an area that is over 90% white. They are the stereotypical boomer conservatives. If I try to engage them in reality they make progress very slowly. The George Floyd incident did help a little.

      • For me, George Floyd was quite a useful tool in attempting to prod others in the right direction. I would just make the following observation, if asked my opinion on it:

        If George Floyd was white that thing doesn’t even get on national news; never mind going to trial.

        Just leave it hanging their. No response. Ever. They all know it’s true. But I must say that I have seen people – perhaps not fully turning – but accept what I have to say. Previously, they would have called me a bigot. Which is also true.

      • I tore away the veil from two relatives by ennumerating the several majic negro criminals who became cause celebre. Trayvon the innocent burgler, Michael Brown–300 lb gentle giant, Freddy Gray–injured himself to death in paddy wagon looking to hit the lottery, Eric Garner, 400 pounder died of three fatal diseases while fighting with cops sent by NYC to protect their cigarette tax extortion racket, on and on.

        They were finally ready to be prepared for the next agitprop. These things take time.

        I told one excellent fellow that when you imported 100,000 Somali “refugees” you would have one million after one generation with IQ 67 and nothing for them to do, nothing they could do. He simply didn’t believe the IQ, said he would investigate for himself (to prove me wrong). He found the truth instead and, over time, accepted it. Normies can’t begin to imagine the shit we have stepped in. And they don’t want to.

    • I don’t feel bad for boomers at all. They let this happen. They were bought off with the best material conditions of any generation in history. They sold off OUR birthright, what took many many generations of their ancestors to build. Not all, not all, not all of course. But most!

      My hope for the boomers is they they live to see the real damage they’ve wrought and experience some of the pain. Spending their last decade or two in retirement homes staffed by Haitians would be cool.

      I love my parents though and I will see to it that they’re taken care of even if it means we move back in together. This despite my mom once saying she’s just glad she won’t live to see what’s coming and dissuaded me from getting married and having a family when I was young because she felt taxed enough by my brother’s children. I hope I can forgive her for that.

      • I think your Mom had a point. I’m never having kids. Ever. My adolescence left me with mental and emotional scars that I’m still dealing with, and bringing kids into the world as it is now is preposterous.

        • My parents didn’t damage me too bad which is why I want to take care of them. The worst they did was make me a special snowflake and let me watch Seinfeld. Which is pretty bad.

          According to your avatar and handle maybe you shouldn’t have kids. Sorry to hear it, man, and I hope you find healing somewhere. Do you have a moment to talk about Jesus Christ? Haha kidding not kidding.

          Ultimately we still have to have children just as we always have. Life is a struggle and the ethics of bringing innocent little ones into this world is a philosophical question we can’t afford to wrestle with if we want to have a race or leave the planet in competent, decent hands.

        • You never know

          You might meet the right girl and she will change you and your world. A life with a loving woman will hear those scars.

          There is a reason they get half in a divorce. Without a woman, a man is nothing. So keep an open mind.

          Wishing you all the best

          • Falcone: Must disagree with you re women ought to get half in a divorce. And I would slightly alter the next bit – without each other, men and women are incomplete. God made us different and complementary and together we can build a life, raise children, and accomplish great things.

            And yes, the future is scary. I am both excited to meet my soon-to-be first grandson, and absolutely terrified for his future. But I cannot regret his coming birth, or wish he would not exist. That is pure nihilism and, contrary old lady that I am, I am still a Christian and I will not advise abandoning this world. Most people suck, but those that don’t make the rest of it worthwhile.

          • I comfort myself through the knowledge that my downvoters won’t have any descendants to compete with my grandchildren.

        • That’s the Scrooge fallacy: I just need one more promotion, a bit more paid off on my mortgage (or to get a mortgage, amirite?), a more secure 401k, a better job, more this, less that, blah blah blah. If you wait until you are ready, you will no longer be able. And then we die off as a people. Despair is a sin, and they want you to indulge that sin until we no longer exist. Rebel against the enemy: have kids, do it right, make the world more White.

          • “Rebel against the enemy: have kids, do it right, make the world more White.”

            The whole “it’s not worth it” campaign is a demoralization campaign.

      • > This despite my mom once saying she’s just glad she won’t live to see what’s coming and dissuaded me from getting married and having a family when I was young because she felt taxed enough by my brother’s children. I hope I can forgive her for that.

        For the previous generation, the number of grandchildren a mother had was considered comfort and satisfaction at a life well-lived. All the clearer we now live in a culture straight from the pits of hell.

      • My parents were born before the boomers by a few years but have the same general worldview. I sometimes joke with my mom that her nagging and worrying chased away one son to California and the other one to Italy. My dad laughs about it, he knows it’s true enough and that he is also partly to blame because he raised my brother like it was boot camp and it really affected him whereas I took it in stride. Thankfully. And even though they aren’t boomers, they did have a lot of the same,hyper materialistic boomer qualities while I was growing up, but at least as they get older they have come back to the realization that it’s all about family and not making money. But this has come too late for my brother who wants nothing to do with either of them. I suppose there are things I don’t know about, being the second born. But who knows, maybe my brother will soften in his positions. But I get where you’re coming from. I think a lot of people do. That era really was incredibly self centered and selfish

        • I too am a second and my brother is weird and distant to the folks even though he lives a couple miles from them. I know he got the worst of my dad in terms of brutality and now he shares the same depressive characteristics. To his credit he has raised his own beautiful children gently. It’s a shame they now have an AWFL Jewish stepmother who controls the household and will VAXXMAX them. Which makes it a double shame I don’t have children because the line could really end from this.

          • I hear ya. I’m worried for own patrilineal line now that my son is with some 45 year old twice married woman who should be dating guys my age but has sunk her fangs into my boy. I feel he’s pretty much lost to me. In a fit of anger I told my wife I need to have more children so my line continues, I.e. I need to dump you and find a young woman, and that didn’t go over well, but she understands my feelings on this.

            At least my daughter will make me some grandkids. They won’t have my name but given the state of affairs today I shouldn’t complain too hard. And be thankful for what I have.

      • Are you a man? If your parents are boomers then you can’t be that old, 50s tops? Still time to find a 30something bride and have some Astralturf Jrs

    • One thing about republican boosterism from the likes of Limbaugh or hannity is that if every election is a matter of freedom vs tyranny then isn’t the system itself in such a precarious position and the population so deeply divided that instead of voting shouldn’t we be questioning why continue with it at all? But they would never go there even though I bet a lot of people were thinking it. I know I was.

      • Yes, that should have been more obvious sooner. Every election was pitched as the most important event of our lifetime, with irreversible consequences if the bad guys won. When the “good guys” did win, they couldn’t get much done for their voters and told us we had to accept an incremental approach to change society. Meanwhile, with a few exceptions, the Democrats would plow ahead for the most progressive agenda possible when they had power.

      • Rush and Hannity, et al. Are wrapped in basic “CivNat” ideology. Until one abandons that, there is no hope of division/separation. Every effort they make is to “win” a war they can not win—which is to bring out the inner conservative in those benighted Leftists.

        Once we become Race Realists with a grounding in HBD science, most of the obvious inconsistencies in their position become apparent. Rush was pretty fun to listen to, especially at the end. Hannity is the stupidest man on the radio in his status. One can imagine his audience.

        • Hannity will not shut up about Delaware having more voting restrictions than Georgia. We’re supposed to care that Biden is a hypocrite. Biden and the rest know they are hypocrites and couldn’t care less that we know it too. Somebody should tell Hannity.

          • Ah, that old conservative bugaboo, “hypocrisy”.

            I believe I can honestly say that not a conservative talker I’ve heard does not spend 50% of his talk time harping on Leftist hypocrisy. Somehow, dislike for hypocrisy is a conservative value/virtue that they confuse with Leftist values.

            Leftists have one value, and only one value– the assumption of power over their fellow man. But of course, if you have a three hour show, you can’t sum up your thesis in 15 seconds. Got to keep those audience numbers up and the paychecks rolling in.

    • Essentially the message Rush was selling and the same with Hannity and others currently is “vote Republican and all will be fine.”

      • One of the weird things about this age is how certain groups of people remain locked in a form of psychological stasis. Their views of the world remain the same as they were at some point in the past.

        For yet another example, check out Breitbart (from a distance). Its clock seems to have stopped in the 1980s. When not cheerleading for Israel, it carries stories assuming that the grand game on the domestic front is still Republicans versus Democrats.

        Even in keeping close watch on the wokesters and anti-whites there is the suggestion that if only the Repubs could retake Congress there wouldn’t be all this bother.

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