Conservative Whores

Note: The weekly Taki post is up. This week I respond to a critic who took me to task for saying mean things about libertarianism. Behind the green door there is the Sunday podcast on some news items of the past week.

Turning Point USA is one of the many grifts from Conservative Inc. aimed at corralling young people into the pointless enterprise of modern conservatism. It is the creation of the late William T. Montgomery, a former marketing guru. He decided to turn Charlie Kirk into the modern day Billy Ray Valentine of conservatism. The result was Turning Point USA, a campus group that holds events around the country. They host 6 National Summits and 8 Regional Conferences each year.

The most recent event, which was staged in Florida this past weekend, ended in a bit of controversy when TP-USA decided to ban someone named Brandi Love. She was scheduled to address a group of teenagers as a VIP. Brandi Love, in addition to being a distinguished contributor to conservative publications, is also a retired porn actress who advertises herself as such on-line. She now uses the skills that made her a star in the oldest profession to be a star in the second oldest one.

TP-USA knew who she was before they extended the invitation and they provided her with VIP access as an honored guest. Clearly, they saw nothing wrong with having an over-the-hill porn star promoting her work to teenagers. The reason they shifted gears is they were getting mocked for it by their critics on the Right. Their critics had a field day with it as another example of how TP-USA is just another grift peddling degeneracy in the name of conservative values.

In fairness to the organizers of TP-USA, they probably assumed there was nothing wrong with having an aging porn actress at their event. After all, the Federalist website has her as a featured contributor. Sean Davis, one of the founders of the site, must think she is acceptable for young people. His partner, Ben Domenech, made this clear on Twitter over the weekend. Later he blamed anti-Semites for getting her booted, which sets up an interesting moral dynamic.

It is these sorts of things that suggest the universe has a sense of humor. Brandi Love is the prefect representative of conservatism. She is an old whore well past her prime, desperate to keep what little audience she can. Of course, conservatism is also an old whore well past its prime willing to degrade itself for attention. When you look at it objectively, Brandi Love should have been the keynote speaker. She is the near perfect representative of the conservative movement.

It would take a heart of stone not to laugh at this, but it points to the primary reason that conservatism was a complete failure. It was always hollow. Despite all their pretensions, they never really stood for anything. Conservatism was nothing more than a way for the unpopular kids to get a chance to sit at the cool kids’ table. The reason they welcomed an old porn actress to their ranks was to show the cool kids they were not a bunch of stuck up prudes. They liked degeneracy too!

Beyond that, it shows that the people running TP-USA know they have nothing to offer, so they have to rely on gimmicks. Last year they got grief for having scantily clad bimbos with t-shirt guns on stage like it was spring break. They are not offering young people a chance to be a part of something important. They are offering them a chance to get drunk and have easy access to whores. Clubs in Ft. Lauderdale have more dignity than to use these tactics to get attention.

Of course, we live in an age in which conspiracy theories turn out to be previews of tomorrow’s news, so you have to wonder if this was really an error. TP-USA has been pushing degeneracy to young people since its inception. They used to have promiscuous homosexuals speak to college audiences to promote sodomy. That is how Nick Fuentes got famous. He got his fans to show up at events and ask people like Charlie Kirk why he thought anal sex was a conservative principle.

Given the times, one can be forgiven for wondering if the whole point of this operation is to be the other side of the sandwich for young people. One side is left-wing antiwhite politics, while the alternative is libertine degeneracy. It is not as if this old porn actress tried to crash the party. People at the very top of the organization reached out and invited her as a VIP. It is impossible for them to claim they did not know who she was, as that is the only reason anyone knows who she is.

It is a good example of how the market corrupts. The people running this group are sure that the marketplace must always decide. That means they measure their own efforts in terms of box office. The more tickets they sell, the better they think they are doing, even if they are peddling smut to teenagers in order to do it. They probably think this was a good result, as it got them some unearned media. Conservatism submitted to the marketplace and became just another carny act in the process.

The good news in all of this is TP-USA seems to be collapsing. Their event was lightly attended, and their on-line shows had crickets as a soundtrack. Despite the fact that young people today are terribly naïve, they still retain the ability to see through these efforts to exploit them. Yesterday men peddling nostalgia for an age that will never return are not going to get far with young people worried about being hated minorities, even if the sales pitch is festooned with smut.

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193 thoughts on “Conservative Whores

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  2. Grand Old Politburo=Long March Fellow Travelers.
    Chamber of Commerce concubines who will be the last to figure it out as the boot comes down hard.
    Judas goats clutching their pieces of silver and looking for the fresh water table bolt hole.

  3. Back in the early 2010s the most popular strategy for getting the youth into the GOP was to go left on social issues (including immigration and guns, not just bedroom issues) and focus on free-market economics. This was failed because the younger generations are more sympathetic to government intervention in the economy due to consistently lower living standards. Economic “freedom” was not attractive. Plus the more moderate libertarians are almost indistinguishable from neoliberal Democrats, so why not just be a Democrat?

    People vote based on culture and group identification. However, the GOPe hacks are wary about pushing real social conservativism due to how liberal the younger generations are. So the strategy is to focus on culture war issues from the center-left, rather than the right. The target demo are non-church-going white males who live with their gfs and support gay marriage (but not trans stuff) (Matt Walther has called these the “barstool conservatives”). They will continue to vote Republican because they aren’t as nuts as the cutting edge of social liberalism, and they identify with the group that is being targeted by the left. This is an extremely weak basis for a political movement.

    • This is not even a constituency anymore. Maybe 15-20-30 years ago it was. Today’s jocks are highly likely to be woke, given the woke-ization of sports. Or, they suck up to noggers and love to prove how down they are with BLM and listen to rap music and do all the cool jogger handshakes.

      It’s just 50-60 year old GOP guys remembering what it was like for them back in the 80s and 90s… Pretty secular, somewhat racist (but still cool around blacks), but not totally crazy. Yeah, it seemed like it would be “fun” but in 2020 that demographic of white man is rare. Young people are drinking, smoking cigarettes, and having less sex than ever before. Young white guys today are video game addicts, drug addicts, or conservative Christians. And of course the majority are just leftist morons.

      You really can’t afford to bum around given rent prices in metro areas. You do high school, grind for a degree, then get a job. Or you live off your rich parents. Blue collar white guys are also greatly reduced in younger generations. Many who were that way in the 80s are now hooked on drugs instead. Or obese.

      I know that this breed is dying because I’m one of them. There are so few like me. But, my uncle/dad and everybody was like me in the 80s and 90s. Just more proof that conservatives are a joke.

      • Most white athletes now avoid the near all black sports of football and BB. There is no upside unless you’re a very promising future Brett Farve.

        The same thing happened to boxing. It got joggerfied because the big managers were black and crooked as can be. Now no one watches it.

        Young white males with a bit of martial prowess have moved onto MMA and like minded avoid the black infestation Some have started their own private clubs to keep out the thugs.

  4. I can just see it now, the MC up at the podium “ there are hundreds of people outside waiting in line without tickets. Who wants to give up there seat?” What a joke. Surely she never laid any jogger pipe. Get her out of here, send her home to mommy. In Mar-a- lago that is. We have one on the ticket in California- cation running on the governor recall election ballot. Next thing you know, there’s going to be a reality TV show about midgets.

    • true midgets are very rare. i have only seen a couple in my life. they are genuinely magical. and they don’t seem to like being picked up (off the ground). now dwarves are another thing entirely…

  5. The trinity of hard dissent, in increasing order of sovereignty.

    #1. Abandon schooling. Even private schools reflect on local real estate values with the approval of bankers, based on their curriculum, and let’s just say theology and the classics aren’t well regarded. This is an indirect form of child labor and in fact child slave labor, as they are working for their parents housing value rather than earning any kind of serious career benefits.

    #2. Move to the capital city. DC only has 700k people. Detroit lost 1.3 million people because of black nationalism. Things would look very different if dispossessed dissidents physically and permanently relocated to the capital instead of yet another “nice local community” before the next fleecing. White/Asian flight suddenly wouldn’t happen if enough of them took their anger to the capital instead of bouncing around endless subdivisions, again chasing the real estate dream instead of seizing real power.

    #3. Dual citizenship. When you’re Israeli or Chinese or Russian or Saudi, etc, as well as American, suddenly you are taken more seriously than if you’re just part of some freedom patriot militia cult. Or if you’re loaded up with some official credential (and debt!) from a Cathedral approved school. Plain old Americans who are nothing but American and proud of it are despised by the elites, even from the beginning of the country. Elite patriots worked with the French (and stabbed them in the back too!) while the common patriots were ruthlessly stomped in the Whiskey Rebellion. The credential that shows you’re meant to be respected is as many national ID’s from real nations as you can get, and businesses and contacts and loyalties spread out between them all.

    Violence and monarchy and patriarchal stem families and a legitimate state religion can all happen when enough critical mass of serious dissent happens. We aren’t even close to it, frankly.

  6. Freedom phone? Looked at that and its garbage. And thing is, the Linux guys have been working on truly free linux phones since 2013. Ubuntu Touch was abandoned, but there is a fork. Same with the linux that Samsung was trying, the Librem project.

    The one I’d like to get is the Pine Phone. This one has physical switches to turn off: wifi, camera, modem, etc. individually. And it runs a lot linux distros, some better than others. This is not “our thing” but a Linux thing. The linux guys have been talking about freedom in software and hardware for decades. Their perspective is different however: “its my phone, my computer, I can hack it if I want to, put what I want on it, control it however I want as its mine not a company’s phone/computer.”

    FWIW, another Linux podcast tore into Parler, it was technically awful and put together by contract labor in India. They had terms of service in three different places with three different versions, one had a Word header they could not get rid of so they just shrunk it down to 1 point. Meaning you could copy/paste into a text editor and see it.

    I don’t think as a general principal we should build infrastructure. Too easy to be destroyed by the Elite, too hard to defend. Most of it a grift. We should be like Bruce Lee argued, like water. Distributed. Non centralized. Not following or caring about leaders. But able to come together like a flock of birds for an objective.

    • Replying to my own comment, the question “Why would I want to run linux on my phone?” will come up.

      The answer is liberation, freedom from closed app stores. Many Linux apps will work fairly well on a decently sized phone, they are free and open source, and can often do things commercial software can’t because the developer wrote it to solve some specific use case. And you can still run a lot of stuff via the web. Not everything needs to be a phone app.

      Its also just a cool thing to do. Not everyone will respond to this emotionally but those who do will know what I mean.

  7. I guess it has yet to dawn on Charlie Kirk and Co. that pornstars stopped being “cool” maybe 15 years ago.

    They used to be edgy. Yes, we all know a guy who dated a stripper, but that was cool 20 years ago. Today it’s ridiculous

    • With today’s internet, being a porn star is about on level of being an Amway salesgirl.

    • Charlie Kirk is a 60 year old man’s idea of what a 20 year old man is like today. He’s literally a robot running a script.

      Most people instinctively recoil from a phony, and find Kirk repulsive.

      • Indeed. Kirk is a kept man like Limbaugh was and most of conservative talk radio. All of them serve one purpose to keep whites on the reservation until the time of the slaughter.,.

        Hence the reason why they have done everything to shut down Fuentes who offers a different view of things which Cinc. Fears.

  8. At least we in the libertarian movement don’t claim to be non degenerate, LOL

  9. “It is not as if this old porn actress tried to crash the party. People at the very top of the organization reached out and invited her as a VIP.” Great post, z.

    To me this feels more like: “see, we are the party of ideas, nothing else matters but our ideas, not your gender, job, race etc…we appeal to anyone!”

    • They don’t care about any of that. She might have been famous for naked stuff twenty or thirty years ago, but this whore’s name recognition now is only for writing an editorial about how she regrets voting for Biden because Democrats have a history of financially destroying “adult” businesses—but she just *had* to do it, though she’d supported Trump last time, etc. You know the story.

      All conservatives are fake (except Jared Taylor).

    • To me this feels more like…

      To me this feels more like you ought to be axing yourself who-the-he11 ackshually funds Toilet Paper USA and how many degrees of Kevin Bacon separate the funders from their bagel-eating cousins which run the San Fernando Valley pr0nography subsidiaries of Meyer Lansky Inc.

      I just glanced at Toilet Paper’s front page, and, sure enough, it’s promoting filthy-White-shiksa/obsolete-agricultural-implement miscegenation:

      So we know at least the ethnicititty of the funders.

      Unless maybe the Lincoln Log Repukeblicanz themselves harbor a secret obsolete-agricultural-implement obsession:

      Now that would be some profoundly bizarre genetics: a Passive-Aggressive racial suicide gene in the descendants of the unitardians & quakers & wesleyans & whatnot???


      • Does anybody take the time to extract the meaning, if any, of this childish gibberish?

  10. To me, the best way to tell that the “right” and the “left” are the same thing is that the “right” uses the same explanation as the “left” for all their failures: It’s not the product, it’s the marketing. Just as the GOP concluded after 2012 that the real reason Romney lost was that gosh darn it, he just didn’t pander hard enough to Hispanics, so the “left” blames invisible Russians, the people throwing a temper tantrum, or whatever they used to explain Bush I over Dukakis, I forget.

    Point is, it’s always something other than “we put up a ridiculous candidate who ran a predictably horrible campaign.” Mike Dukakis really thought that tank ride was a good idea, and he was a dynamic, charismatic firebrand compared to John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, who might literally be lizard people. In the same way, the “right” keeps trotting out these freakin’ goofballs like Charlie Kirk — good lord, where do they find these guys? If the choice is between “joining Charlie Kirk’s unit” and “joining up with the kamikazes,” it’s a no brainer — banzai, baby! Those guys must know something I don’t, because they’ve got the good sense to stay away from guys like Charlie Kirk.

  11. “…for having scantily clad bimbos with t-shirt guns on stage like it was spring break.”

    Well, they did some focus groups with The Tactical Hermit in full battle rattle, with the same t-shirt gun, and all the Conservative, ahem, boys, starting crying, wailing and gnashing teeth. His “Basic Dude Stuff” was poorly received. So. Bikini Bimbos.

    • Just taking a page from the 2A black rifle coffee matters crowd: gunsluts sell guns. The progress is free.

      But a movement can’t be truly conservative if the bimbos are white.

      While waiting for the natural conservative paperwork american conservatives to vote more better, the real measure of conservative brand strength will have to be the length of the sleeve tats on promo girls.

      • on gab, many of the high profile congressional canidettes are pictured with big rifles in their profile pic.


      • You’ll know we’ve won when we finally get to neck tattoos. Because nothing says “commitment to Western Civ’s core values” like neck tattoos on otherwise pretty girls.

        • No, it will be when “Caitlyn Jenner” gets a portrait of Ronald Reagan on “her” balls…

          • In my day (I am 68 years old) nose rings and such were for barnyard animals. They still are.

        • I spent today at a water park in a very white neck of the woods, and while it was nice to avoid The Tax, the ubiquity of white women with tattoos made the day less than it should have been. It’s a foul, disgusting habit.

          • most of the tats i see are so formulaic, cliched in their ugliness. kind of looks like silly putty that’s been pressed over a comic book page…

  12. Z-man’s missive reminds me a lot of many of our present Christian “churches”. They believe they need to get “butts in pews” rather than preach Biblical truths. Hence we had for a number of years down the road, “The Cool Church”. Modern music, good times, no judgmental bs, etc.—and lots of radio commercials on the pop stations. Drive by on a Sunday (or Saturday afternoon) and you’d think you were at a football tailgate. No wonder regular, formal church attendance has fallen to single digits.

    It’s hard to reign in human, animalistic instincts—even harder when they are promoted as just another lifestyle choice. No better or worse than another.

    • In ancient times, religion was the primary vehicle for passing hard-earned wisdom down to each succeeding generation, and it helped our young to survive & thrive in the locale of their birth. Fealty to the church and it’s teaching persisted because it “worked.”

      Nowadays, due to the affluence driven extinction of real hardship & existential threat, that old wisdom has no impact on our ability to survive & thrive in our current society. Why be moral, honest, hard-working, thrifty, and loyal to your clan when you can get rich quicker with an Only Fans webpage?

      In the original War of Worlds, people returned to their religion when faced with extinction. I don’t think religion will come back until our environment changes and real hardship & existential threat are once again upon us.

    • I remember getting dragged to one of those New New South mega-churches by an acquaintance back in my college days. Afterwards he asked me what I thought of it. I said “as a church service, it was a pretty good rock concert. But at a real rock concert, you’ve also got a much better chance of getting drunk, stoned, and laid, so why would I bother with this when there’s Lollapalooza?”

      Alas, another potentially beautiful friendship ruined by my stupid mouth. You’d think I’d learn….

      • Don’t worry, Mr. Severian: you still have yours truly and many other invisible friends on Mr. Z’s comment board.

    • Isn’t it funny how so few people would consider “throw somebody out of church” in a WWJD scenario?

  13. Conservatism did have one victory: taking down the Soviet Union. Others played a part, to be sure. But NR was the only place you could get a regular critique of the SU. Of the three opinion magazines carried by most libraries, The Nation ran ads for trips to the Soviet paradise. The New Republic for a while was run by an actual KGB agent, Michael Straight.

    That changed when Reagan, a big NR reader, was elected in 1980 and the billionaires of the day started pouring money into Conservative Inc. After the SU dissolved in 1991, NR, and the rest of Conservative Inc, had no reason to exist, having accommplished nothing else. But by then, as Z says, it had become a racket.

    • It increasingly appears as though victory in WWII and the Cold War was pyrrhic. But I’m not sure there were viable alternatives.

        • The Cold War most certainly was. And if you buy into the notion that FDR provoked Pearl Harbor, neither was WWII.

      • But I’m not sure there were viable alternatives.

        Alternate Reality:

        1) The Gipper NOT signing Simpson-Mazzoli.

        2) W-41 NOT immediately rescinding his “Read Muh Lips” sacred pledge to the Amurrikkkan people.

        3) Billy Boy Barr NOT white-washing Lon Horiuchi’s assassination of Vicki Weaver, and Billy Boy Barr NOT bringing federal Double-Jeopardy charges against the LAPD officers for the “Cain’t We All Jes Get Along?” car chase.

        4) Somebody in the DOJ ackshually stepping forward and proving to Algore that there was indeed a controlling legal authorititty.

        5) Adrenochrome-drinker Kennett Starr ackshually bringing federal felony charges against Bubba. [Big fat chance of that; compare Starr sweeping under the rug all the miscegenation r@pes of the White coeds at Baylor U.]

        6) The Federal Supreme Court rescinding Bubba’s law license not for five years but FOREVER.

        7) W-43 using his constitutional powers as CiC to nuke the semitic perpetrators of 9-11, especially the semites whose intelligence agents were dancing on the rooftops as the towers fell.

        8) John Ashcroft bringing treason charges against Bubba for the last minute pardons [of e.g. bagel-eater Marc Rich, whose wife Denise apparently gave especially good head], and sending Bubba to Gitmo to be h@nged.

        9) John Ashcroft ackshually resuscitating the work of Ed Meese and the Meese commission, so as to put an immediate & final end to the ubiquitous proliferation throughout the entire internet of Meyer Lansky’s San Fernando Valley pr0n syndicate.

        10) W-43 building a wall on the southron border to protect us from the armadi11o invasion.

        11) Mike Ditka getting up off his lazy po1ack posterior and sending Bary Soebarkah Dunham back home to Kenya so that Ditka could become the true senator from Illinois.

        Etc etc etc & cetera…

        [I’m assuming there’s not much which could have been done about W@co in 1993, seeing as how Ma Richards was in charge of the Texas National Guard & the Texas Rangers at the time. Thankfully, Saint T!m0thy McVe!gh made at least a partial penance to the victims, even if Saint T!m0thy was not able to reach quite all of the perpetrators.]

      • Who/whom acquired the Soviet Unions’ wealth? How?

        I hate to link to Sellout, but here are two old articles from back before he Sold Out [the anti-spam filter here chez Z only allows two links per poast]:

        Marc Rich and the Rape of Russia

        The Rape of Russia explained by Anne Williamson

        In particular, note the very last couple of sentences in the Marc Rich article – Sellout explicitly mentions one Robert Maxwell, whom we now know as the father of Ghislaine.

        I am firmly convinced that Robert Maxwell [1923-1991] was BFFs with Donald Barr [1921-2004], mentor to Jeffrey Epstein & father of our arch-nemesis, Billy Boy Barr.

  14. The smart and cool kids want nothing to do with the sold out fifth column of traitors known as the Uniparty.
    Only Marxist U. dullards fall for that horseshit of sticking it to the man or building some rainbow stew bubble up utopia. Utopia is not on the menu, comrades.
    Let the Uni fellow travelers wallow in their irrelevance as their crack pipe fever dreams of today Georgia and tomorrow the world go up in smoke.
    Americans fear Wokegov but the rest of the world is laughing and milking Uncle Sucker while the getting is good.
    They pwn the Baizuo and now it is all about the humiliation of Traditional Americans all with the blessing of Beijing Biden and his never can be happy band of Hussein Hopenchange retreads.

  15. I see worthwhile comments that say, “We’ve got to convince the kids of of our message” or “We’ve got to become the cool kids.”

    All this entails taking the mass media away from those who currently control it. Free speech only works on some smart people and they are in the minority. The only way to solve this problem is to commandeer the mass media. Some call this fascism. Am I missing another solution?

      • Yeah the high castle of nonprofit newspeak doesn’t have “advertising”, only “corporate underwriting” lol.

        Take it over, destroy it, or completely sequester from it. The number of saved drops precipitously in that order.

  16. The really sad thing is I went to a porn website and typed in her name. If she is, indeed, “retired,” she retired like last year or the year before. She was very obviously well into her 40s going by the thumbnails of what came up.

    • I confess that I did some cursory research as well but stopped myself from doing any in depth research. Thank God. I don’t want to be a porn watcher, which I was as a young man. The primal desires that porn unleashes must be respected and tamed.

        • It perverts and distorts them by rewiring the young brain’s dopamine pathways.

        • Does it unleash those desires or sublimate them?

          The collapse in birth rates & total fertility rates would be a strong argument in favor of sublimation.

          On the other hand, scr0tial-media-fueled narcissism & solipsism & hyper-histrionics on the part of the THOTs & their all-consuming desire to be on the 20% side of Saint Vilfredo Pareto’s 20/80 distributions certainly doesn’t help matters.

          Translation: Every HB5 THOT [invariably sporting at least 1/4″ of pr0n-star pancake makeup slathered all over her face] thinks she deserves an HB9 Chad.

          BTW, if you wanna see what the pancake makeup can do, then check out the following two links:

          Animal Rights Lawyer Pleads Guilty to Hiring Hitman to Kill Estranged Husband’s Girlfriend

          Jennifer Reba Emmi

          You can see why the THOTs devote so much time and energy and precious fiat shekels to it.

          For a THOT, pancake makeup is manna from heaven.

      • Now if only we had the same level of concern and respect for the perverting – and literally mind-altering female porn corollaries.

        At least there is still a bit of residual shame for the basement wanker boys. Yet we give 10y/o girls phones and access to socials and cheer them on.

        We know for a fact the demonic progs know full well men and women are different because they utilize different vectors and delivery mechanisms for their poison.

        Cue the uniparty hand-rubbing: “polls show women are using porn almost as much as men!” Now thats progress.

  17. “Those who can, do. Those who cannot, teach” is an old aphorism. Allow me to update this slightly in the context of the political war currently raging in our culture. “Those who can, fight. Those who cannot, present.”

    Conservative Inc. is social club of highly paid poseurs & presenters whose only skill set is clever & outrageous yakking and telling a disgruntled cohort of the population what they want to hear. That is how they build a following. And in a sense, it’s really no different than the business model that Oprah used to get rich & famous. Now, is that an indictment of the grifter or the griftee?

    In another era, this cohort of the species would have gone the way of the Neanderthals, but in our age of affluence, we carry this deadweight with ease and it eventually becomes a disease. And a disease that festers eventually becomes gangrene.

    • What I’m seeing is the same kind of disdain for dirt people coming from Conservatism Inc as I see coming from the “elites”

      They really have to hold their audience in contempt and not really have a grasp of what motivates them if they are pushing a porn star on them.

      I have to guess Meghan McCain was advising them. They probably see her as a person who gets the dirt people.

      And this Freedom Phone thing is another example of holding your audience in contempt. That is the mother of all grifts.

      • You’re bang on there. They do indeed disdain the Dirt Peoples. I guess there whole grift is to ‘hand out with the cool kids’, so it is to be expected.

        Just take a dump on the plebs, and everything will work out. I have seen a lot of disdain from ‘conservatives’ over here for the standard working man. Particularly the working man who flies his flag proudly.

        I guess over here, the St George with a Patriotic Alternative logo in it’s centre is hated by our ‘conservatives’ just as much as the Confederate flag (apologies if I got the name wrong, there may be many flags that have this name – but you know the one!) is hated by your ‘conservatives’.

        • It’s all just so cynical

          You can just see the focus groups and market testing behind so much of it

          And that kid behind the Freedom Phone, the advertisement is not very coherent and is little more than a word salad of buzzwords the marketers told hm would produce the desired pavlovian responses in the mouth breathers

          • Yeah. Best to stay away. There are so many services and goods that we just don’t need.

            A relative got us a gift for my son. One of those bouncey things they sort of stand up in. The box is littered with silly slogans, and pointing out features that make you think that this is anything other than just a seat with some rope attached to it. Made in China of course.

            I appreciate the gift, but it costs a fair bit too. Just not needed, really. All gimmick. Oh, and then you’ve got the stupid warnings that are plastered all over every part of it.

            Just looked up the ‘Freedom Phone’. If you want secret, fully authenticated correspondence; you’ll need to meet a trusted friend in a forest. That’s it. Sending your sensitive stuff over someone else’s infrastructure (usually an anti-white phone company), well, that stuff may not be all to secure.

          • My first thought was how great it would be to have a competitive product that honored privacy. My second thought was this is probably an FBI Op to surveil conservative communications without having to sift through the entire population of texts and calls.

          • I’m hearing it’s a skinned low-security $129 Chinaphone that they are selling for $500. All the worst grifters are pushing it. Magic Candice was pushing it this weekend.

            Will the retards buy it though? I have no idea.

          • an anti-white phone company

            What the Frankfurt School is doing right now, with its Time-Warner/HBO subsidiary’s reverse-subsumption of AT&T, is probably the single moast fascinating exercise in parasitic engorgement which I have ever witnessed in muh entire life.

            It’s as though all the descendants of the goyim who had spent a century & a half creating AT&T are now completely oblivious as to what’s happening to the culture & society which those very ancestors had bequeathed them.

            Just scrolling through the Wikipedia for Bell Labs will make your jaw drop:


            And they’re gonna throw away all that heritage so that we can be treated to the Adventures of Underaged Tony Soprano r@ping & murd3ring his way through 1960s Newark?


            Presumably with Tony receiving hand j0bs & blow j0bs & f0rnications from equally underaged eggplant chicks?

      • I saw a story yesterday about the executives at the Black Rifle Coffee Company who apparently despise their right leaning customer base and were happy to tell the New York Times all about it. It looks like they are just opportunistic frauds, waving the flag and relieving patriots of their hard earned money. The DR truly has no friends anywhere in positions of influence anywhere in the Western World.

        • Boob Bait for Bubba, they used to call it. But back then, it was only Leftists who were dangling it. Now, those supposedly on the right are doing the same. Just call your coffee Black Rifle and watch the stupid, clinging rubes line up to buy your swill. Then, once you’ve divested them of enough money, you tell them what you really think of them and become a darling of the NY Times and its AW habituees. Pretty clever, actually. But once The Deluge comes, they will be facing the business end of actual black rifles.

        • I thought of that story while reading Z’s post today. To quote Reel Big Fish:

          “Sell out, with me, oh yea
          Sell out, with me tonight
          The record company’s (venture capitalists) gonna give me lots of money and
          Everything’s gonna be alright”

      • The “Freedom Phone” glows so fucking bright I had to wear 3 pairs of shades just to look at the image.

        It is another Boomer / low-IQ honeypot like Jan 6th. and you almost have to wonder if the people running the grift are not in direct contact with the alphabet agencies. It is geared towards tech retards that have no earthly knowledge of how all this works.

        Every mobile device on the planet has an IMEI which is a -unique- identifier unlike an IP address that can change. IMEI blocks are registered by vendor with the FCC clearly stating that your device is a “Freedom Phone”. FCC then gets a call from the people that actually run them (NSA/DIA) and they say can you let us know all the IMEIs for the ‘Freedom Phones’ you have on file. NSA loads up XKeyScore and cuts and pastes those IMEIs into their little Eye of Sauron Tool. They have other tools likely some we simply do not even know about to accomplish this, it is trivially easy on unsecured devices.

        Presto, you’ve just midwit boomer conned yourself into an ubiquitous real time data mining operation. This is independent of what telecom carrier’s back your device rides on (though you can be gotten at that way, NSA has co-lo’d equipment -inside- many telecom data centers), so you have now made their job that much easier since you clearly announced you are a ‘Patriot’.
        Pro-Tip to the would be dissident: If it has the word Freedom, Patriot, or Liberty in it there is a good chance there is an alphabet agency glown-gger somewhere in the woodpile. They are simply picking low hanging fruit and there are millions out there (e.g. Breitbart comments section).

      • Say something un-politically correct, like homosexuals should not get married, and the NormieCon quickly becomes a raving SJW lunatic. In fact they might even be nastier and crazier.

  18. The “marketplace of ideas” – Much like the marketplace of Wall Street. Everything costs two or three times its value and is leveraged with debt.

  19. “It is these sorts of things that suggest the universe has a sense of humor. Brandi Love is the prefect representative of conservatism. She is an old whore well past her prime, desperate to keep what little audience she can.” – Perfect.

    Her background is more honest than most of the Republican politicians. At least she doesn’t wear a patch on her eye like Pirate Dan, and pretend to be some phony baloney war hero who was “securin’ the homeland.”

  20. I have acquired a level of contempt for Conservatism, Inc. which I never previously thought possible.

    • David French and fluffy head Jonah Goldberg make hating on Conservatism, Inc very easy

      Incidentally, where is Normie con hero Ted Cruz speaking out against the 1/6 protestors sitting in jail and the anti-white jihad coming from “his good friends on the other side of the aisle,” among other things. Also have noticed Rubio gets far more exercised over events in Cuba than over here, along with Tom Cotton.

      • The Kuban Kerfuffle is the rawest idiocy on stilts. As if it’s actually 1961 rather than 2021 and the “conservatives” can beat the Leftists about the head with “kommunism.” This is proof of Z’s assertion that the vast majority of the members of the Power Structure are anachronisms. Their views and positions are so far behind the curve as to be laughable.

    • One hallmark of this age is that we are at the extremities of our opinions on a vast array of subjects. These extremities are in direct proportion to the stupidity and lunacy of the times. In other words, we have an accurate grasp of reality.

      • I have to fight becoming overly cynical, I don’t want to become an embittered cynic, but the current day is preposterous from top to bottom, and supposedly we are living under the direction of the smartest people on the planet

        Always reminds me of that Guns N Roses album, simply titled “Lies”

        • It was a good album. I’m surprised Axl hasn’t groveled and apologized for ‘One in a Million’. Perhaps he has, but I missed it. Anyway, that was a great song.

          • The acoustic version of “You’re Crazy” is ferocious!

            I know that Slash tried to calm the outrage over “One in a Million” by saying that there are white n1gg3rs too. I don’t think anyone was calmed by that.

          • Line:

            “there are white n1gg3rs too”

            Michael Rappaport.

            Agree. That version of “You’re crazy” was pretty savage. I was really too young to remember GNR in their heyday, but it just seemed like they really did try to get away with whatever they could. Can’t say I’ve seen any band in the last 20 years that has done that.

          • I saw a piece about One In a Million where he basically said he is portraying a character in that song with a warped worldview and it is not literally himself. I.E. An artistic dodge to get your head out of the noose.

          • Sadly, Axl bashed Trump repeatedly on the, “Not in this Lifetime,” tour.

            Trump isn’t perfect, but c’mon man!

          • great song, great band, we use to play it getting ready to play lax games in the 80s.
            Yes, I was a preppy. Good white boy game, however,!

            Improved on the injun version

          • They had a big hair weekend on some radio station years ago while I was driving somewhere with the missus when the opening chords of “Used to Love Her” came on; “this is going to be good”, I thought to myself 😉

    • We brought democracy to Afghanistan but never to Cuba.
      Something a little odd about that.

      What’s even odder is that the State Department poured $200 million dollars into Castro’s revolution from 1952 to 1959.

      Somebody pulled an Argentina on any number of Bolivarian states, like they’re doing to the Anglo Commonwealth states now.

      • Even as a kid back in the 60’s – 70’s I thought that it was insane that we were fighting communism in Vietnam, thousands of miles away when Cuba was 90 miles south of Miami. I mean, the Bay of Pigs? That was the best we could do? Still not sure I understand this…

  21. Listening to the podcast yesterday the most prominent concept for me under discussion was the bolshevik’s consistent focus on how to exploit any given situation to the benefit of the political movement. You have to admit they really meant it when they said ‘nothing is apolitical.’ One of the things that inspires instinctive horror and disgust about the current regime is that it exhibits the same monomania, I believe this is why I still call them commies even though I acknowledge all the good reasons not to stated here. In the past I have brought up looking into the anti-abortion movement and its successes in exerting their will in certain regions as an organizational model and also as ideological allies. There’s another criticism of ”this thing of ours’ up on Unz that is worth reading because it raises a lot of good points to consider. I’ve only read it once so far but I believe it offers no solutions, as would be expected on this topic on that platform, but it does mention the religious aspect. All of this is a somewhat rambling way to come around to the point that ‘our thing’ would do well to figure out how to make some kind of religious conviction part of the ideology. To this day it is one of the greatest fears of the chi-coms. It was also one of the first things the new Czar turned to cultivate in the de-commification of Mother Russia. If Solzhenitsyn may be taken as a reliable source the Khazars adopted Judaism with utilitarian purposes, positioning themselves to be neither Christian Slavs nor Moslem Turks or Caucasians in the interest of silk-road related politics and trade interests. It’s unfortunate for the world that such a people were coupled with such a religion. I don’t know if Christianity is too domesticated to serve our ends but I’m sure some kind of religious identity lead by people with explicit intentions to serve the interests of our people will be a necessary ingredient.

      • There are a lot of states where there’s only one place to go to kill babies and it has to be fortress

    • That Unz piece was interesting. Needs an editor. Tldr is that the ethno thing is self contradictory in current form. WN 1.0 claims love of (very extended) kinship qua race as the prime motivation, but to participate in WN 1.0 stuff requires you to be ostracized and lose your actual family ties – its very nature asks the sacrifice of its followers’ own highest value for a lower value. WN 1.0 will always lose bc it asks you to sacrifice (even the chance of having) your own children for the sake of the children of your 5th cousin.
      Concludes that the only way forward is the “feminine” option to make our own communities, and be pronatal. When a bowl cut’s mom gives him an “its ok to be white” T shirt instead of disowning him, then we will be able to publicly organize without imploding.

  22. And more and more, it shows, realistically, that there truly is no sense in voting. As Z has explained, it’s one giant carny show and voting for the right, expecting someone to put the brakes on it is basically wishing on a star. Until the audience finally gets fed up, the slide will continue, and it may be too late anyway. Judging by large swaths of the population buying into the covidian scam, things don’t look promising.

    • Noticing how Kristi Noem is going super bitch on her contenders for 2024. She expects regular guys to vote for a woman who uses the same tactics as Kamala

      But that all said, I’m hoping that the 2022 mid term votes are a fraction of what they normally are, as people say no to the system and boycott it

      But probably misplaced hope. I haven’t looked deeply into it, but apparently the special elections in Georgia had a boatload of Republicans go out to vote.

      • The challenge is that there will be local election issues as well. Don’t know if voting stats are broken down by individual races (should not be hard). Would be great if locals draw twice as much as national

    • This is the most apt & concise take-down of Con Inc. that I have ever read. This would make a great bumper sticker for the 2022 election cycle.

    • Or, up next: The Conservative Case for Kiddie Porn.

      Why not get out in front of the AWs on the destruction of civilization for a change?

      • An analogous version of this happened during the riots last summer. An Indiana Republican senator said it was time for his party “to get ahead of this” and surrender to the rioters and looters and side against the police. A Republican Wisconsin senator took the same line and offered to substitute Juneteenth for Columbus Day.

        Conservatism, folks. You cannot make this shit up.

  23. I just don’t know how many of the people suckered by this kind of thing will ever make it to the dissident side. Most of them are people who never got over being passed up for the varsity team, class president, valedictorian, etc. in high school. They are living in the past. This is another cut at something they should have grown up and moved on from. In essence, they are wanna-be politicians and I don’t know that the dissident world should want them. It certainly doesn’t need them.

  24. Options for white women:
    1. Married, traditional, mother of many
    2. Over credentialed, Corporate, day-care child or two, emasculated husband.
    3. Carousel riding, tattooed, pierced, medicated and smelling of kitty litter.

  25. I just referred to white people as “non-semitic white people” to someone. I got no comment or push back but I have no doubt it registered. Interesting.

    Also, I watched Lethal Weapon a couple days ago. There’s a scene when Murtagh and Riggs are at the range talking about who was in bed with the girl that got killed when they realized she could have been in bed with a woman and Riggs says “Gross. But that could be it” . So in the 80s it was considered gross two women together. Think about that.

      • Always liked the Derb’s take on homosexuality.

        Basically women’s homosexuality was mildly amusing, and male homosexuality was mildly disgusting.

        That seems fair. Humans have a much wider range of emotions that “HATE!” and “LOVE!” Not that you’d know it on the binary internet.

    • Heh. Good old Mel. Mind you, he used to always be getting in trouble for saying the naughties about the semitic whites. What happened?

      Also, thanks for reminding me of Lethal Weapon. I planning on purchasing some DVDs of old action films I used to enjoy but didn’t have (The Rock, Con Air, First Blood,…) and this’ll be a great addition.

    • I remember the change distinctly

      I grew up in Tampa, and the first Hooters opened across the bay in Clearwater. Their first big star was a girl, I think Cheryl Austin. I think she went on to playboy and married a baseball player.

      But anyway. Tampa was not a big city, and there was a club called Ocean Club and various local stars would go there, such as the Bucs players. Ms Austin was also a regular, and her big thing was she the was the first hot chick to dance with another hot chick and basically have mock sex on the dance floor. Everyone was Oooh and Aaah. Lesbians. Wow.

      Then girl on girl became mainstream. But I remember where it started, at least in my life. Incidentally it was around this time, actually several years before, where it became edgy cool for guys to admit they masturbated. The punk rockers were big into that. Life was never the same. These little things that change it.

        • One of the earliest (that I can recall ) film manifestations of the masturbatory meme was in Fast Times at Ridgemont High when Judd Reinhold was caught in the act by Phoebe Cates.

          • That movie ridiculously subversive. The virgin female star of the movie has a couple one night stands with 2 different guys, ends up pregnant and has an abortion and then ends up with the good guy at the end. Any college feminist will tell you that all movies kill off the sluts. Fast times was a sea change. Female director

  26. Haha to the Billy Ray Valentine reference. Trading Places used to be one of my favorite movies until I realized it pushes many of the ideas that have taken down the US: nurture over nature, smart hookers, it’s the evil greedy WASP bankers who are the problem. So entertaining yet, like Animal House, presents a hateful clownish version of UPC/WASP America. Devon Stack should have a look at both those films.

    • Caddyshack is another example of movies my generation loved. I never saw the attack on WASP culture back then, but that was a common theme they hammered home in many movies and TV shows. It’s almost like there was a plan or something…..

      • Yes, mass culture back in the ’70’s and 80’s was a lot healthier than it is today, and a lot better, but the poison was there, no doubt. When you watch old shows that era with awareness, it’s everywhere.

      • Heh. Watched it again a couple of years back. Judge Smails, the uptight WASP. Then Dangerfield as the funny and crude, new moneyed Jew. I got the message.

        • All of Dangerfield’s work is anti-WASP. Back then it just felt like anti-elite/working-class-slob humor. Now, it has a different vibe.

          • See also “Columbo”, a show that I still enjoy on the oldies TV channel, but it had the same vibe – sloppy but brilliant ethnic cop catches wealthy WASP murderers. Of course, most of the murderers were what we would have once called “Limo Liberals”, but the anti-WASP angle was most certainly there.

          • There’s a universal appeal to Columbo – whatever sociopolitical subtext the show might have had, everyone still likes to watch rich assholes get what’s coming to them.

        • Some humor is universal; some translates; some is absolutely offensive. Yet we find ourselves in the age where only the founding population must debase themselves before people who literally chose to come here. ‘Splain that to me.

  27. This episode is the epitome of Cuckservative Inc.’s problem: it confuses marketing with leadership.

    The path ahead for young White kids is difficult. It’s not strewn with whores and free tee shirts. Indeed, half the problem is the despoiling and mind-poisoning of young White women. Leadership would first and foremost involve straight talk.

    Self reliance, hard work, respect for women and demanding that they respect themselves, and determination should be the message. The solution to our problem won’t come out of a tee shirt gun. The slicker the marketing, the more likely the product is rotten.

    • “Self reliance, hard work, respect for women and demanding that they respect themselves, and determination” This is kind of underwhelming and would fit on a t shirt shot out of a cannon. No offense.

      • Hey man, I for one would buy that t-shirt. Or at least I’d elbow my drunk neighbor aside and face palm a couple other dudes to jump up and catch that shirt after its shot out of a cannon.

        • I dunno, I think God’s gonna have to be involved in a fight against Satan. But hey what do I know.

          • As long as God and Satan will be wearing complimentary “I’m with stupid” t-shirts…

    • 100 thumbs up, Captain.

      The problem is it is a hard sell. My daughter is a great example: back in the days when the education scam was going full tilt, she was enrolled in the sciences at a reputable university. She – like all the kids I suppose – hated it. She was always swamped, she never got a break and was always under pressure. One day she stole some time to go to a no-name college for their open house, and came across some beardo at one of the exhibits for a fine art course. The guy had a man-bun, but knew the ins and outs of sales, university life and hardships – and made the pitch. “Why work 50 hours a week when you can party your way to a degree? Student loan forms are right here! Take a brochure! Show it to your friends! Do you want a future paying bills, or one doing something you love? Follow your dreams, and the money will follow that!”

      Contrast that with the message from her grumpy old father, telling her that there is no money in fine arts, that the good life costs, and is something you have to plan and work and sacrifice for, blah blah blah. I couldn’t dissuade her, and that one went exactly as you would expect.

      How do dissidents market against that? These poor kids get suckered, and then get out into the real world and go insane when it turns out to be far different than the one they were educated and trained to meet.

      • The problem is that some small percentage of the kids that go the easy route will succeed and go on to flaunt their lifestyle on social media. This ensures that the pipeline of suckers going in never really stops. It’s no different than inner-city blacks and their NBA aspirations.

        • I suspect we could demonstrate that for every “social influencer” promoting their super cool lifestyle as a fine arts major or professional athlete we could provide 100 examples of the losers that choose that path that work at burger king in their early 30s living with their parents and driving a used piece of shit.

          Its almost like we need an anti-social media platform, to exploit the losers as examples of the lies.

          • Hey, it’s not that bad being a BFA! It’s actually a pretty good major for self-starters who want a degree for whatever reason. The hustle of it, the lack of structure, etc., actually suits some quite well. Admittedly few, though.

          • Its called real life and that is exactly what we are competing against.

            American Kids
            1984 what do you want to be when you grow up?: “Astronaut!”

            2021 what do you want to be when you grow up?: “You tube star!”

            Those 100:1 failed cases are nothing in a culture of individual exceptionalism steeped in performative narcissism. All those camera phones are not pointed at the stars or the homeless camps; they are in perpetual selfie mode.

          • Kind of outside looking in as although I like checking in with the “artist field”, I never had a desire (or, alas, ability) to work in it, but what scares me more than the failures is what it takes to earn a paycheck in that field. It’s a field where frequently “good enough” is okay and there are people (like me) with no training whatsoever who can crank out “good enough” on a part time basis. To aspiring arteests I say, go to someplace like Behance (Adobe’s pro-artist version of LinkedIn), do you think you can do stuff like that? Not just once, but every day, with a public face while tirelessly self-promoting (thus why they all use Behance)? There is not a second that I envy the people in that field who have to rely on their work to make a house payment.

        • Yet somehow the Left took all the losers and made victimization the reigning religion.

          I’d say the elites are promoting a shield wall, a human buffer that is no threat to them. Paying idjits to chase the bunny.

      • “How do dissidents market against that?”

        By using our own propaganda. I notice that the girl’s father did indeed attempt to tell her, so evidently this won’t always work. Which leads to the next thing that her father (sadly), at that time, could not possibly have known:

        Don’t send your child to be educated by people who hate you and what you value.

        If you’re in doubt, do a bit of research. One of my favourites was picking the name of a school, and finding a list of people who worked there. Usually they are young women, old trollops or soy males. Then look at what they say on Twitter. Revealing.

        To be fair to the girl’s father, and fathers of yester-decade, this sort of research was probably not possible to do. We have paid a huge price for our trusting nature.

        • No, M.

          My daughter is now a militant gay artiste. I had heard she eventually married her lesbian love partner, but we no longer speak. The father in me mourns, but the dissident takes it as a blessing.

          Most of this went down years ago, before we even had words like ‘social justice warrior’ or 72 genders, or the culture war. It was all new stuff back then.

          It amazes me. Who sits around inventing this crap? And why?

          • Who sits around inventing this crap? And why?

            Not pretending to have the answer, just a few puzzle pieces that sort of fit together. Resentment Theology to me summarizes the theme. The endless parade of obviously idiotic ideas (57 genders, etc.) are nothing but a slobbery tennis ball that the enemy keeps throwing and we keep chasing it down and bringing it back.

            I’ve been trying to find the core of their thinking, and one of waypoints is Nihilism, as a result of the dead-end philosophy of Rationalism. “My thoughts are Right therefore the world and all of history is Wrong!!!” The Nihilism part was conscious in the 1950’s when the intellectual leaders watched their beloved communism fail and become a laughingstock. They intentionally invented a belief system where words mean nothing and anything, to they could make up any BS and push it on the gullible, for the fun of watching them destroy themselves. They were, and their heirs are, Satanic.

            Nihilism was extremely difficult for me to understand, I just couldn’t grasp the motivation. Stephen Hicks’ book Explaining Postmodernism laid out the historical lead-up and reasoning, but it still took a few months to grasp. The reason is that for anyone who intuitively understands that meaning itself comes from working toward a worthy goal, you can’t even see Nihilism. It’s invisible.

            A Nihilist is literally hopeless. So they lash out at anything and everything that is Good for other people. They want to destroy what they are jealous of. They want to hurt the people that are happy. A Nihilist is trapped in a Chinese finger puzzle of broken logic. And just like myself, who could not see the point of Nihilism, they can’t see a way out of the mental dead end they are stuck in.

            They resent anyone who is happy. They created a religion that keeps them from killing themselves by amusing themselves with evildoing. Resentment Theology.

      • Why would a young woman be in college in the first place, except to find a husband or prepare herself to run his household?

      • I watched a friend flush every penny of her post-Air Force tuition money right down the toilet on a similar path.

        First she was going to get a degree in chemistry. But that, apparently,w as hard.

        Then it was a degree in history, and I don’t know exactly what fell through with that.

        Then she switched from the four-year university to a local community college and tried to salvage things by getting some accreditation for medical billing, but managed to dump on that literally one class before she was finished.

        Then she quit her job and she and her hubby ran off to Texas on some ginned up family emergency — they love to play the savior, pretending running away from their current life is actually sacrificing to help out the family. They’ve done this before. Her stint in the Air Force was one of those that actually made sense if she hadn’t squandered it.

        After hardly hearing from them for two years I got a mass email begging to donate to their Patreon so they could afford to flee the red state of Texas (their words) for Oregon, where she was planning on becoming an Aesthetician (apparently someone who gives manicures, pedicures, facials, skin treatments and such. In other words, a scut service job requiring minimal on the job training and known for being dominated by immigrant Asian girls who speak little English (Ironically, she’s half-Korean herself, an Air Force brat whose Dad made a really bad decision. Her mom is legendarily psycho).

        Some people are determined to make bad choices.

      • Daughters need to be taught that motherhood takes priority and college can wait until she’s 40, if she’s still interested. Teach them to recognize and value men who’ll make good fathers for their children. By the time a working mother pays for childcare, taxes, take-out food, student loans and what not she might as well have opted out of the corporate world. Teach her to let men do our jobs. Teach her the value of real food.

        Teach sons to look for women who were taught these things and to do everything they can to be worthy of her. Becoming a tradesman may be the best way to support his family. Or self-taught IT. Universities only if the desired field requires it and said field can justify the expense.

        Things I wish I’d known when I was young.

        • Well said, Technojunkie. To paraphrase the Usual Suspects line (the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist), the greatest trick feminists ever pulled was convincing women that spending 50 hours a week in a cubicle was more fulfilling than having/raising their own kids.

          • Very true.

            It never occurs to most men that their 9-to-5 office job ought to be empowering and fulfilling.

            Running off to join the Peace Corp or Doctors Without Borders and “Change the World”™ is for hippies and trust fund brats.

            For everyone else it’s, “Well, bills gotta be paid.”

            For the average guy, it’s what he does the other 128 hours a week that gives his life meaning. How many guys wouldn’t love to be around for more time with their kids?

            For 32 years, my pride in my job was much more, “Yeah, I’m making sure my family is taken care of than” “Man, I’m changing the world with this network security software and hardware!”

    • “The path ahead for young White kids is difficult.”

      You’re right, but some will have a far better time of it than others. I’m thinking of white kids in fractured families, sent to state schools. Or white kids whose parents are together, but they just don’t care all that much, and so push their kids into state schools. White kids with no parents? That’s a tough one right there. And very sad to realise.

      But there is one group of children who I hope will be able to weather the storm of terror: white kids born to like-minded traditional (perhaps ‘dissident’) parents. The biggest obstacle that this sort will face will be The System preventing home schooling. How likely that is near term, I am not sure. Also, the fewer that do it, the less attention it attracts… but that’s a dilemma too, seeing as it needs to attract attention. It needs to get bigger. The mass ought to swell.

      For me personally, I could not take being forced by The System to send my kids to their propaganda pens. I have had serious thoughts about what to do in such an event – and I don’t want to leave England. I don’t think I could. I want to fly my St George in the face of every abominable Woke-tard that can see it. The swine. I want them to know that I hate them. I want my sons to do the same. Anyway, these make for terrifying thoughts, but the key at the moment is education – i.e. making sure your kids have a good one, that is not anti-white.

      On a positive note, I don’t mention home schooling too much to many people, but when I have, I have had far more favourable reactions than in previous times. A lot of whites, normals, are picking up on the anti-white stuff, and that is good. Also, many are dissatisfied with state schools. A lady I know is struggling with her twenty year old daughter, whose boyfriend is heavily into the BLM crap. This kid pretty much dumps on her mother with the ‘white privilege’, ‘white supremacist’ stuff that so many here have seen loved ones go through. I told her: school did this. The media did this.

      Covid jab reaction update: A chap of my acquaintance dragged his wife to the football. The wife caught The China Flu. The wife thought she was protected as she was ‘twice vaccinated’. The wife has been in bed since Thursday last.

    • I got in trouble at my old job when it was apparent that the marketing department was overtaking the communications department that I worked in. I was overheard at lunch stating: “you only need a marketing department when your product or service can no longer sell itself”. Needless to say I hurt some career bitches feelings and had to make penance for my sins, overseen by HR, of course.

      I do truly detest marketing and marketers.

    • Get control of what they consume via their phones or give them reasons to exist without their phones. Generations of addicts. Something must be removed from the equation. How does responsibility, grace, and modesty compete with envy, vanity, and dopamine?

    • “Self reliance, hard work, respect for women and demanding that they respect themselves, and determination should be the message.”

      FTW, in other words. Amateur branding 🙂

    • A central problem is cause-effect delinkage. Certain people with connections can scam millions. Young white persons can apply themselves diligently in college and then be excluded via affirmative action. Etc.

      Conservative can mean saving / rationing / investing for a greater result via compounding. But, if one works and saves and invests, will it pay off, or will an interloper simply wolf it down?

      The highly evolved can do the right thing just because it’s right. An expectation of consistency in rules is a key piece to helping motivate people to do the right thing.

  28. I’m laughing at the inference

    In other words, Conservatism is a cooties that turns girls into whores

      • That’s why we need a viable third party. So our girls don’t have to choose; they can be both whores and lesbians. Limiting the sexual options of women is how we ushered in the dark era of Western Civilization. We must not regress. Always progress.

  29. Spectacular, Z. As always.

    The dissidents really have to start jumping on this and actively targeting the youth demographic. We have nobody there except Vox Day and his comic book empire (and regular emotional hissy fits) – and Nick Fuentes. Nick is great, but he’s a kid and he is vulnerable to the gaffs and blunders that young people make.

    Most of all, we must target young women. They are the most vulnerable to modern neoliberalism and libshitism, and they take their young men with them. The message to them should be: do you want to be an old whore like Brandi, or Kamala or the other strutting vaginal laughinstalks? Because as it stands right now, this is where an alarming number of our daughters are headed.

    We really need some cool kids on this side of the divide.

    • I’ve mentioned before that we need to redefine what is “cool”. Being cool was always about counter-culture. The kids at 4chan are experts at knocking down liberal ideas with simple memes that cut to the bone. These memes send ripples through the internet zietgiest.

      Making it cool to mock celebrities is the first front of the battle. It is celebrities that funnel the rot to the impressionable youth. When the youth are reeducated to consider celebrities as nothing more than a jester you can throw rotten tomatoes at for amusement then we hamstring their influence on our youth.

    • I have zero hope for White women. I think, like the garden of Eden, the main attack over the last hundred years, has been on her.

    • The Supreme Dark Q-Tard isnt outreaching to youth with his comic books, that has been an obsolete form of entertainment for almost 3 generations.

      I’m only a few years younger then Mr. Beale. When I was a kid video games had already replaced comic books as the chief form of youth entertainment.

      When I was a boy, it was mostly guys in their 20s and 30s going to the comic stores and buying those books.

      • When I was a kid I knew one guy who read comic books. He was an outcast. The heyday of comics was probably the 50’s and early 60’s. My father used to talk about reading them when he was young. The whole nerds read comic books thing was manufactured by Hollywood to sell comic related content to people who think they are smart.

  30. One would imagine that the TP-USA organizers thought that featuring an actual heterosexual woman represented a hard (heh) swing to the Right. And by their standards, it may have been…

  31. Wasn’t Ashley Goldenberg the one bringing all the attention to this on Gab? The people who run this racket must think if they have got suckers to choke down everything else they have fed them, they can get them to believe a Jewish woman opposes having a porn star speak to teens because of anti-Semitism. I guess John McCain’s son in law had some opportunities to learn a few things before McCain died. I’m sure he is looking up from below cheering on Domenech.

    • Pressure reveals character. Under the slightest bit of pressure, Domenech pulls the antisemitism card. Given his checkered past, it is no surprise.

    • > Hey, guys, having an old porn actress speak to young people is wrong

      > Dude! Cool it with the antisemitism.

      It’s not even funny any more.

      • Maybe there needs to be a YouTube video like the gay choir one for people to get it.

  32. In fairness to the organizers of TP-USA, they probably assumed there was nothing wrong with having an aging porn actress at their event.

    Can’t say I blame them. The God Emperor fucked porn stars, so they probably thought it was cool with peasants. Also, he’s married to a retired sex worker, and Breitbart was selling her like Jackie Kennedy come back to earth.

    • I dunno why this one got so many downvotes. I hate it too, but Felix is 100 percent correct…

      • There’s some Vox-ards here that really hate to be reminded just how stupid the whole “God Emperor”/”Qanon” thing was being pushed by a certain internet super genius.

      • Is Melania openly promoting her past as wholesome or something? Was a central point of Trump’s candidacy ever an open appeal to his playboy past?

        It’s incredible the amount of people who don’t get the distinction between a former life of sin and an ongoing one.

        • Agreed. It was a cheap shot at someone (Melania) who did nothing to warrant being picked on. We ought to have higher standards than that or we’re no different than the Libs.

        • Yeah, but what about that cat Jesus cavorting around town with that skank Mary Magdalene. Repentance and contrition you say? Cmon, spergy boys lurking on the internet don’t believe in that crap anymore. Everyone knows Mary used her string bikini photos to market the Sermon On the Mount. Now, where did Glenn and Felix stack that pile of rocks? (Might want to work on your contextualization skills fellas).

        • Well, it’s decidedly hypocritical for evangelicals to back Trump while bashing Hillary for her husband’s sexual deviancy. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, after all. It’s just wrong to dismiss the Clintons because of their sexual deviancy while ignoring or forgiving the Trumps’ sins. It’s also hypocritical to claim family values are important and support Trump when it’s pretty obvious he’s not a family man, nor even cares about family values, aside from a few minor economic issues.

          • Trump is a family man in the sense that his ex-wives speak well of him and his various kids do as well. Give the next 100 random young men !00 million and we shall likely see their behavior change more dramatically than his.

        • Pro Melania: After the fall of the Soviet Union and the pillage of state assets by the “oligarchs,” there were few options for young people born behind the Iron Curtain. The Epstein/Nygard/Brunel network took advantage of this and began offering jobs as models, nannies and maids to young girls. They’d be lucky if they ended up in the US. Many didn’t. I don’t blame her a bit.

        • Nothing to do with Melania and everything to do with the Breitards who were slobbering all over her, raving about her “style”.

          It’s incredible the amount of people who don’t get the distinction between a former life of sin and an ongoing one.

          I don’t believe in redemption the way you do. I take the same attitude to reformed sex workers as to reformed mudsharks: damaged goods.

          I sort of admire her because she clawed her way from an impoverished post-Soviet Czechoslovakia to Pennsylvania Avenue 1600, but she’ll not eat dinner with my family.

          And yes, I know she (probably) wasn’t a literal whore, but all over the world Arabs, pajeets and Congolese are fapping to pictures of FLOTUS making out with another girl. So much for the dignity of the office.

          • So how many women( I assume you prefer women) have you slept with prior to your current arrangement? They’re all “damaged goods” per your perspective. Or maybe you bequeathed “redemption” when it was you being serviced?

            Nothing to do with Melania? You conflated a porn actress making the conservative case for Prostitution at a Conservative Inc.Grifters symposium with a lady who has renounced the indiscretions of her youth, joined a faith community and bore a son who, if red-pilled, might be a future leader of the DR.

            When you get the sex-workers paradise of Holland straightened out let us know.

          • They’re all “damaged goods” per your perspective.

            No, because I don’t sleep with mudsharks or sex workers.

            Your adulation of Melania is embarrassing. Imagine she were your daughter and tell me you’d be cool with her shooting fap pics.

          • Interesting question Thane posits. How many women have you slept with before current spouse. I thought of this myself—virgins getting together more and more rare these days.

            Somewhere there is a happy medium of sorts. What I will admit to is how many sex proposals I’ve turned down on first dates…all of them. And there were never any second dates from me. Basically, to me the question is of how one perceives/uses sex in the relationship.

            If it means little more than a handshake/kiss, run. If it signifies/initiates an unbreakable bonding, then go for it. That’s what I did, and have remained married to one person (women) for the duration.

        • I agree. There was no hint of that sort of degeneracy in Trump He had faults but that was not one of them, as president

          • Jesus you’re obtuse. How many fathers will brag about their little darlings humping your self righteous ass. I get it. You didn’t actually write them a check. Paragon of virtue.

            What I’m “cool” with is the human ability to turn away from a destructive past and construct a new positive identity for oneself. People who can sincerely pull that off are more than welcome at my table. Anyone who tries to impede that growth is himself a degenerate

            Never met an Atheist Pharisee before.

    • I suspect they might be trying to distance themselves from the genophobic Puritanical wing. Unnecessary; the Religious Right has been in the tar pit for a while now.

      • Yeah a bit to chew on with that. It does seem like a take from the late ’80s: “we’re not with the crowd-prude, we’re the awesome politicos all about liberty and porn, but mostly porn, cuz only prudes hate porn!” But then they had to pull it because the ridicule is now not coming from some nebulous (though it turns out true) religious belief but from a hatred of porn and it’s peddlers because it’s bad for our people.

        That left them in a quandary I’d imagine (and explains the weird defense from some quarters). To not pull the porn star would leave them completely open to ridicule from the ascendent thinking on the right and leave them as a bit player in a field where they sell themselves as leaders, but then to pull her is to give in to the very people that they’re supposed to be co-opting. Perhaps a little bit of a white pill as those who are supposed to be using distractions to drive people away from the, hmm, “new right” are instead getting led around by it (we saw this too when Trump was forced to admit the existence of Ashli Babbitt) .

  33. As Conservative Inc continues to crash and burn, it is truly moments like this that convince me that the Universe has a sense of humor.


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