The Final Boss

One of the underappreciated qualities of liberal democracy is its ability to grow and develop its own opposition. In the Cold War this was not obvious as communism in the form of the Soviet Empire filled the role. Domestically, the inner party had the outer party as a fixed partner. Democrats controlled domestic policy, with some mild opposition from the Republicans. On the other hand, the Republicans controlled foreign policy with some mild dissent from the Democrats.

This partnership collapsed when the Soviet Union collapsed. A year after the voters overwhelmingly approved the appointment of former C.I.A. man George H. W. Bush as the successor to Ronald Reagan, the logic of having spooks run the country no longer made much sense. The system quickly pivoted to Saddam Hussein as a temporary fill in for the evil empire, but he was a poor replacement. In the next election the Cold War generation was replaced with the Woodstock generation.

The Clinton years were really just an interregnum. The system needed to learn how to create new enemies. We got the beginnings of the great Islamic enemy and an effort to recreate the holocaust in the Balkans. It was not until the son of the former C.I.A. man that we got the threat of international Islam as the new enemy. Fear of men on flying carpets carried the system into the Obama years. Toward the end of his second term, the search for a new enemy had started.

In this respect, the Trump election can be seen as a natural development. The system needed a bogey man and Trump was prepared to play the role. His appeal to the masses of Dirt People properly frightened the Cloud People and his reckless use of language made him easy to isolate and demonize. The new enemy of the regime would be white supremacist insurrectionists. That is the reason the regime compares January 6th to September 11th. It is their new origin story.

That is one way to look at what has been happening over the last 30 years. It is the quest for authenticity. This vast sprawling managerial state needs a reason to exist, so these manufactured crises provide it. Through the Cold War, the Berlin Wall was both a physical and temporal starting point for the regime. It is why presidents would go to the Brandenburg Gate and give speeches. The great twilight struggle against communism was the reason the regime existed and why it persisted.

The crusade against the Mohammedans was the first full attempt to recreate that old magic and provide the regime with legitimacy and authority. It is why 9/11 became a solemn holiday celebrated by both sides of the regime. Even though the left-liberals opposed the right-liberals in the prosecution of the crusade, they completely accepted the origin of it and the centrality of it. Note that the last anniversary of 9/11 came and went without much ceremony. It no longer matters.

On the other hand, we will now have two new holidays for this new crusade being used to authenticate the regime. Juneteenth will now be the new Independence Day and January 6th will be the Passover. The former is in commemoration of when the good news reached the last of the magic people. The latter is when the tides of history protected the faithful from the raging mobs of systemic racism. Perhaps this will be published as the Gospel of Saint Jaffa, a new holy book.

This new enemy the system has created for itself is more natural and compelling for the regime, so it will be more durable that the crusade against Islam. That drama raised questions about certain subjects that no one is allowed to discuss. It also had religious overtones, which invited in Christians. The only thing that makes the regime more uncomfortable than Christians openly talking about their religion is a collection of white guys noticing they are the only ones without an identity group.

The other compelling aspect of the new war on white people is that it has a historical and anthropological appeal to the regime. One side has been defined by its opposition to bad whites since Charles I. The other side has been similarly defined since Emperor Titus sacked Jerusalem. The new enemy of the regime both inspires and unites the regime in a new end times struggle to make manifest the words of the Declaration of Independence and the Gettysburg Address.

What this suggests, of course, is that this jihad against white people we see raging everywhere is not going to go away quickly. All events will be warped to fit into the new world view of the struggle. Foreign adversaries will be cast as agents of white supremacy or enablers of white insurrectionists. Regime members who need to be purged will be painted as collaborators at their show trials. January 6th will be their Yom Kippur and every June 16th their Purim.

Whether or not this can work is a question no one dares ask. History has not been kind to regimes that are defined by their war with their own people. A multiracial regime at war with half the people on racial grounds is inherently unstable, as it creates both the means and the motivation to destroy the regime. If one half of the country is defined by its opposition to the regime and the other half is too dysfunctional and inept to defend the regime, the outcome is not hard to imagine.

History gives us a story arch for various forms of social organization. The old palace systems of the Bronze Age do not scale up. Empires all succumbed to internal contradictions and imbalance. Aristocratic systems eventually run out of able elites to maintain the system. Communism finally runs out of seed corn. It could be that the final phase of liberal democracy is a final war against itself. Born in sin and animated by a search for salvation, it sacrifices itself as its final act.

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230 thoughts on “The Final Boss

  1. I’m at work, behind a closed office door and a VPN server I selected located in Mexico. At the following passage I laughed so hard fellow office workers heard me and asked what the heck. Anyway, thanks for this:

    “On the other hand, we will now have two new holidays for this new crusade being used to authenticate the regime. Juneteenth will now be the new Independence Day and January 6th will be the Passover. The former is in commemoration of when the good news reached the last of the magic people. The latter is when the tides of history protected the faithful from the raging mobs of systemic racism. Perhaps this will be published as the Gospel of Saint Jaffa, a new holy book.”

  2. Someone pointed out in the past couple of days (Lauren Southern?) that South Africa is the world’s first CRT state. Z-man’s question about where the anti-white path leads has a few answers in the tatters of that country.

  3. I have no objection to Juneteenth being a national holiday. It’s my sincere hope that the people so liberated will make it their special day in their future homeland. Our two peoples are largely incompatible with one another and the sooner we part ways, the better for both of us.

  4. In slightly related news….
    Felix Ammunition has both 9mm and .223/5.56 available.
    The entrance to the site is a hoot.

    Tally ho

    • That one wins the Internet today. My entire office got a laugh out of that. The only question is if he will be missed from the Oval office….😂

  5. Stellar. Magnificent.
    This is one of the Classics, a prophecy to be found in the Book of Z.

    • The comment section. Incredible.
      What a feast. You folks make my heart strum with love for our People, I am near filled to bursting with pride.

  6. For me, the final boss is being locked down over and over and over and over — a sort of permanent, spiritual crucifixion. And I do indeed believe that they’ll do it again, only harder and with more contingencies.
    If lockdown returns, shouldn’t we treat it as a permanent situation?


      • these people stop when we make them stop

        And they win when they break you PSYCHOLOGICALLY.

        As long as there is still one White man [or even just one White boy] who walks down the street with a bounce in his step & a twinkle in his eye & a sh!t-eating grin on his face, they haven’t yet won.

        And they know it.

        WHITE: It ain’t just a color, it’s a state of mind.

        • Thats a great attitude to have, but what surpasses attitude? I often wonder what it is on a concrete level I should be doing to foster our collective identity. That’s what they spend the most resources on, right? So when we get that right, things can move in a more favorable direction.

          • I often wonder what it is on a concrete level I should be doing to foster our collective identity. That’s what they spend the most resources on, right?

            Assuming you’re not a Lincoln Log Republican [like B!tch McConnell & Miss Lindsey Grahamnesty & Fay Gowdy & all the rest of the Adrenochrome-drinking perverts of the Creep State], do everything you can to talk to the White boys & young White men of your acquaintance – even just strangers you meet in the grocery store or at the automechanics garage or at the barber shop or walking down the sidewalk or wherever – do everything you can to encourage them and to insure them that no, clownworld is NOT real – that it’s all an artificially created satanic hallucination which is clouding everyone’s ability to sense the Truth about reality.

            Which is to say, assuming that YOU YOURSELF ARE NOT A DANGER TO WHITE BOYS, do everything you can to reassure them that THEY ARE NOT ALONE, that this sh!tshow is not real, that it’s all fake, that everything is a lie, that they are not paranoid, that their instincts [and only their instincts] will save them from this insanity.

            That White girls WANT & NEED to be hit on by White boys, that White girls recoil from wimpishly perfect good manners & deference, that White girls desire playfulness & mischievousness & at least just a touch of Darkness in White boys [if not an outright sadistic streak].

            That every agenda item with which their bu11dyke teachers in the skrewls are indoctrinating them is a lie and one form or another of satanism.

            That COVID & the stolen election & trannies & miscegenation & “married” ph@gs with children & gun-grabbing & vaccine-stabbing is all intentionally designed to break them psychologically.

            That they must never let their single mothers put them on SSRIs [Prozac].

            That they must never let their single mothers put them on amphetamines [Adderall] or methamphetamines [Ritalin].

            That they must never let their single mothers send them down to the doctor’s orifice to get the GATES-FAUCI VACCINE OF DEATH.

            If they’re bookish, then introduce them to the Giants of 20th Century EvoPsych: Hervey Cleckley [“The Mask of Sanity”], John B Calhoun [“Death Squared”], Edward T Hall [“Proximics”], John Taylor Gatto [“The Psychopathic School”]. And show them the epic 2013 paper by Schreiber et al [“Red Brain, Blue Brain: Evaluative Processes Differ in Democrats and Republicans”].

            Teach them about the Georgia Guidestones & Bohemian Grove & the Bilderbergers & Donald-Barr/Jeffrey-Epstein/Robert-Maxwell/Ghislaine-Maxwell.

            Which is to say, teach them that Evil is real.

            That we prepare for our final encounter with Evil by learning our moast precious gift of all, which lies directly between the 1st and 3rd Am3ndments to the C0nstitution.

            Get them weightlifting & into cardio [at the swimming pool or walking steep hills or riding backwoods on a mountain bike].

            Give them challenges: When they can bench-press 75 lbs, you’ll let them sh00t the 9mm g10ck; when they can bench-press 100 lbs, you’ll let them sh00t the 10mm g10ck, when they can bench-press 125 lbs, you’ll let them shoot the 12 g@uge m0ssberg, etc etc etc…

            Stick your neck out and break the law on their behalf: Get them some a1coho1 and teach them how to throw a party with the White girls where everyone sips on a little booze and relaxes into just ever-so-slight giggliness [to the point that we might even be talking about our school-aged li’l White broz scoring themselves some second- or third-base naughtiness].

            Teach them that there are no gains [scoring p00ntang] without taking risks [getting a mark on your record for underaged possession, much less you yourself getting a “contributing to the delinquency of” conviction].

            Conversely, teach them that they must NEVER touch weed – that it will give them manboobs and rob them of their will to survive and turn them into frigging human mushrooms with SCHIZOPHRENIA [and, as above, if they’re of a bookish nature, then you can teach them about Cluster A as an introduction to the greater DSM].

            And oh by the way, if any of these boys are your actual flesh & blood kinfolk – your nearby cousins or nephews being raised by single mothers – then guess what?

            You just became their father.

            And you will insure that they grow up to be masculine men, who are physically-ripped & psychologically-based and who know every manner of Game-theoretic openers & push-pulls & compliment-negs & kino & just basic attitudinal confidence in scoring teh White p00nt@ng.

            In other words, you will raise them to be young men who will satisify their Ancestors’ highest expectations of them [which, among other things, means that these young men will never even dream of knocking up a chick and sending her off to Planned Murderh00d to butcher one of The Ancestors’ descendants].


    • Here in Ontario we only just opened up gyms again… Masks still mandatory… Outdoor dining only.

      Masks on at all times everywhere even though 80% are vaxxed.

      I don’t think this is over yet at all. The USA is just lucky that its government is still a little scared of its citizenry

    • For years I’ve watched Chris Rock disown that bit but never admit who wrote it. It was shitlib-who-got-what-he-deserves Louis CK. He instinctually was always /ourguy/—that’s why he was funny—but then he had a daughter and became psychotically evil. Many such cases. Every man I know who has a daughter is a genocidal monster.

      • let’s have a poll, if you think Hemid is an incel (yes) click on the up vote. if you think he is a normal sexually adjusted person (no), click on the down vote. as before, please make a reply to this comment to express your dislike of me, instead of downvoting.

    • Well of course, you never see Orcs in a book store.Orcs and literacy go together like oil and water – they don’t.

      These are stone age savages we are talking about. Who view reading as a “white man’s thing”. Seriously Blacks have a bunch of taboos regarding anything they perceive as being white.

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  8. ” A multiracial regime at war with half the people on racial grounds is inherently unstable, as it creates both the means and the motivation to destroy the regime.”

    The genius of the “Nazi” label is that it is something Whites can willingly take on, as it provides White people with its missing racial identity. A “Nazi” is someone who thinks it’s OK to be White. “Deplorable” or “Badhwite” is just an insult.

    The stupidity of it is that once accepted, Whites will have the tool they need to either play the game of racial identity politics, or put an end to it.

    As it is said, (((They))) always overplay their hand.

  9. One of the earlier comments stated China should use the systemic racism card and they already have in Alaska earlier this year when they punked Stinkin Blinken.
    Found out why all of the Taliban love from PRC, they are bringing them onboard to the BRI and will rebuild any infrastructure in the Graveyard of Empires.
    How about that pwnage of Chiquitastan faculty lounge genetic misfires!
    I have zero love or loyalty to the Wakanda on the Potomac and will laugh heartily at all of its FAILs.

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  11. Everything, from media to former institutions like Smithsonian and National Geographic are aligned against any semblance of positive White identity. Having kinship and connections to our past that uplifts or raises awareness to our history as a proud people is last thing they fear.

    From the article:

    Both American and English writers have rebranded “Anglo-Saxon” to include false narratives around white racial superiority. President Thomas Jefferson perpetuated the Anglo-Saxon myth as a kind of racial prophecy of white conquest, envisioning early settlers as the continuation of their Europeans forebears. The entire settler-colonial narrative has always centered on white people migrating to the Americas just as the German tribes migrated to the British Isle. Their immigration appears natural and necessary within the larger narrative of Europe standing at the apex of civilization.

    So which is it? Is Thomas Jefferson the icon for saying all men are equal? Or is he a pariah?

    • This stuff horrifies me. The drive to replace an entire people is bad enough, but the desire to rewrite their history and destroy their cultural legacy has a distinct ‘Carthage must die’ quality to it. That our culture’s own institutions – including museums and other repositories of knowledge, art and cultural transmission – are weaponized to destroy it is soul-crushing.

      • Here’s a real whopper from the Smithsonian article, and typical of rewriting history to justify current conquest: “Modern references to “Anglo-Saxon political traditions” would benefit from readings of actual Old English charters—early medieval documents predominantly preoccupied with land grants, writs and wills. From the eighth century onward, these charters increasingly favored granting land to laypeople, many of whom were migrants. Those Americans who seek a return to the roots of Anglo-Saxons should realize that this actually translates to more open, inclusive borders.”

        Goodness. Arguing to descendants of a people and culture that they should be more inclusive because their ancestors granted land to (and were granted land by) combatants in successive waves of invasion and conquest, is beyond the pale. The minimization of Anglo-Saxon realities – which more than lived up to Hobbes’ “brutish and short” formulation – and recasting that era as if people peacefully exchanged places in land ownership as if they were dancing a quadrille is preposterous. Furthermore, it’s like being told your ancestors stole cattle centuries ago and thus others are permitted to poach your Happy Meal. Good grief.

        • Another one: “One early medieval English king, Offa, minted a commemorative coin modeled on an Abbasid dinar, complete with a copy of the Islamic declaration of faith. Another king, the famed Alfred the Great, wrote in his law code that “You must not oppress foreigners and strangers, because you were once strangers in the land of Egypt.” Archaeological evidence shows that people of sub-Saharan African descent lived in early England, according to scholar Paul Edward Montgomery Ramírez.”

          I have china in my cabinet from… China. Does that make me Chinese? Either ethnically or culturally? No. Furthermore, isolated (and contested) examples of ethnically divergent remains do not a people make. Archaeologists have a hard enough time telling male and female skeletal remains apart. It’s a bit much to suggest Africans had any appreciable impact on England prior to the 20th century. Alfred the Great had no problem walloping the Danes, kindness to strangers be damned.

          • First author on the Smithsonian piece: Mary Rambaran-Olm. Post modern anti-white history interpreter. A troll extraordinaire. In the process of leveling up with shit degrees from a variety of shit schools to the anti-white bigtime. Sickly amusing that we have no counter for the likes of her at this time.

            Check her twitter to see what she really thinks:

          • As the EFF supporter in South Africa said about his white ‘ally’, “My machete won’t hesitate”

        • As if granting privileges to fellow Anglo-Germanic migrants so that they might work the land is the same as throwing open the borders to Somalis so that they might rape and murder. The stupidity of this “argument” is pellucid. Unfortunately, many readers will succumb to it.

      • They’re not our institutions anymore. They’re in the paws of implacably hostile aliens–white or otherwise–who are fixated on our destruction as a people. In an intellectual sense, they’re no different from the Martians in War of the Worlds.

      • Its really not worth attempting to sieve out the factual content from that article. All that’s worth taking out of it is that someone in the Smithsonian wants to destroy history (the facts of history, their understanding, and how they support the historical Anglo-Saxon people and culture) and that this person/institution was willing to publish these authors towards towards this end.

        Who made this decision in the Smithsonian? How can they be held to account? Can this institution be fixed? If so, how?

      • the desire to rewrite their history and destroy their cultural legacy has a distinct ‘Carthage must die’ quality to it

        Ever since I first started poasting here chez Z, I have been trying to sound the clarion call regarding the use of Our Language.

        Do not allow The Enemy to define the vocabulary.

        Do not allow The Enemy to define the grammar.

        Do not allow The Enemy to shame you into speaking in a demur or passive or hypothetical tone of voice.

        Speak in simple declarative sentences, deploying precisely the profane words and the forbidden concepts which send a chill down the spine of The Enemy.

        The Enemy didn’t win Round One by adhering to the Marquess of Queensberry Rules.

        PS: Carthage is a particularly bad analogy here, because the Carthaginians were biologically no moar distant than kissing cousins of The Enemy, and the Carthaginians literally worshipped at the altar of The Enemy’s Cult of Moloch.

        On the other hand, your instincts are simply outstanding: Not only does The Enemy intend to drive your Ancestors’ bloodlines into extinction, but after they’ve dispensed with you, they will re-write the history books so that neither you nor your Ancestors ever existed.

        And in case you haven’t noticed, The Enemy has been re-writing your history for several centuries now:“howard%20zinn”

        tl;dr == If a pathological loyalty to the Marquess of Queensberry Rules necessarily implies our extinction, then we need a new set of rules; in particular, no matter what the rules seem to be at any particular moment in time, ALWAYS TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!!!!!

        • cultural genocide

          as a prelude to actual physical biological genocide [which is to say, extinction]

    • whatever happened to the old 70s new-age mentality of “there ain’t no good guys, there ain’t no bad guys”?

        • Funny, that’s the only Dave Mason song I dislike! Not because of the song so much, but it’s the only song of his that has no balls. So many great albums!

    • The co-authors of that article are a PoC and a gay who specialize in “woke” historical revisionism.

      • That’s correct. Treat the magazine as any other woke, leftist publication or academic journal. The museum however, is something else. It will endure for now, albeit the objects of previous Americana will remain in the storeroom for now.

  12. As I await my comment to spring from moderation purgatory, I cannot understand the current factions in the Regency and what they are doing. I expected full throat defense of China, and yet the Regency or some faction is picking fights with them and Russia at the same time. Though the Regency has backed down on Russia recently.

    So the Regime after denying the COVID-19 came from a lab is now saying it likely did. So what happens when Republicans or others start suing China and Chinese firms? Does the Regency pick more fights for trial lawyer supremacy or does it defend China?

    And won’t nations like China and Russia simply take US territory if the Regime makes war on Whites? Wake, Midway, the Aleutians, possibly part of Alaska? Make war on White America, they won’t rally round the new Rainbow flag that replaced Old Glory.

    • A few competing theories:
      1. US political system can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. So our current political moment is incapable of dealing with an event that occurred 15 months ago when we are completely tied up with Jan 6th prosecutions, CRT and defending electoral democracy in AZ, GA and PA.
      2. US political apparatus is waiting for something. Perhaps findings from a blue-ribbon panel of experts. Perhaps declassification of intelligence findings, published in MSM to firm up public opinion against a hard move against China.
      3. Current group of politicians don’t want to move against China. The Biden bribes have had their effect and the deep state doesn’t want to drop the hammer on the Chinese as there will be a punitive response. They are waiting for a fall guy to come into power to make this move (maybe something in 2024 perhaps, when the Dems are once again out of office).
      4. US has no clean way to respond to China virus. After all, the Chinese merely copied our techniques and took our money to conduct gain of function research. How can we credibly point a finger at China when we have liars like Fauci leading our science institutes. Really, how can we move against China when we can’t even move against Fauci? Its like trying to run before walking. Doesn’t make sense. And also, how do you punish China for their misbehavior? I don’t think it will be so easy to convince them to fork over $4 trillion in reparations.

      • #6) The deep state, political system or whatever you want to call it is not some unified organization. It’s a collection of competing groups, gangs, whose primary interest is what benefits them individually. They came together to defeat the outsider Trump – who they viscerally hated (not feared, btw) – which led people to believe their was some kind of centralized organization when there isn’t. And absent some existential enemy they’ll begin attacking each other for some temporary advantage.

      • Another possibility: Keep the public preoccupied with the plandemic by creating a narrative that the virus was engineered and therefore has to be dangerous.

    • Over at Ron has a lengthy piece with an even lengthier comment section called “American Pravda: George Orwell Edition.” While I don’t agree with much of his (and others’) views, they are food for thought. I, too, am puzzled by the apparent about-face of the Deep State in “rehabilitating” the lab leak hypothesis. Unz opines that COVID-19 was a deliberate bio-warfare attack by the US upon China. I think the evidence he provides to support that is a bit weak, but who knows what’s true and what’s false, anymore? In any case, drumming up war fever against China is not out of the question. Our “leaders” are mad enough…

  13. Casting the Sand Hutus as the arch-enemy was always a rum deal at best for the Power Structure. You’ll remember that during the Balkan Wars ca. 1995, the Bosnian Moslems were cast as the saintly victims and the Christian Serbians as the malevolent monsters. Cadaver Joe, by the way, lead the charge on this front.

    But the overall point is that in an anti-white country–and America began trending that way in the second half of the sixties–casting an anti-European religion and its practitioners as the villains was always a problematic endeavor. The Muzz certainly made it plausible with their terrorism from 1972 onward, punctuated by 9/11, but ultimately anti-whiteness was more powerful than Islamic villainy, which could even be construed as an anti-white force itself. Indeed, I predict that increasingly, we will see the importation of Moslems as anti-white shock troops, the heightened likelihood of domestic terrorism stemming therefrom, be damned.

    • Ostei: You’re right – the casting of Mohammedans as the arch villains necessitated recalling the centuries of their predations on White Christians. Not the narrative they want. They wanted to engender a loyalty, a sorta kinda patriotism, but that wasn’t inclusive enough. So they seem to have settled on anti-White and pro-vaxx as being the bestest, most patriotic Numericans evah.

      • Bush the Lesser did giove it the old College try. He deliberately increased Islamic immigration after the 9/11 hoax in order to have the raw material for the terror to have a war on.

    • The importation of Islam means more people not on board with Globohomo, including drag queen story hour, tranny crap, Gay Pride events and all the rest of it. But what do the ruling elites care, it’s imported chaos, it’s not white, it’s non-Western, so they’re good with it.

    • I’m not sure about the shock troops.
      In fact, if I weren’t so busy with my family, I might be reaching out to non-insane Muslims right now. The benefit of Islam, at least at the moment, is it’s rigid, patriarchal approach to family, marriage, and sexuality.

      I understand apprehensions about the cardboard rape sloops bound for Spain and Italy. But aren’t most regular Muslims disgusted by the notion that gay sex is being taught to our kids by vapid women?
      Sure, they belong in their own countries, but they are a special type of minority. Remember “Islam is right about women”? How much hand-wringing and panting that garnered? They are protected and yet,, at least ideologically, they are cross-aligned with our betters.

      • Lanky: No no no, they have ridgid rules about family, sex, and marriage FOR THEIR PEOPLE. England learned this recently, Rotherham et al. You, infidel, and your “dancing boys” sons and all your women of any age, are nonhumans useful solely for their rapeutainment.

        • I understand what you’re saying. I know that reality well. But until we can have the nation we want, they can be useful.
          What I’m talking about is accentuating the left’s depravity in such a way that provokes Islamic scorn.
          Turn them on *their* nation — not ours. I know, easier said than done. But they’re not like other populations. They have principles beyond The Great Gibsme.

          • I strongly encourage every LGBTPQI+BIPOC to go tour, preferably on foot or without a guide/motorized transport, a deeply religious islamic country to better understand the plight of the truly downtrodden yet noble savages. Just like that Dutch couple that got gangr@ped to death bicycling across Bonkalankadonkistan. But bringing them here is the same as a crazy feminist who gives herself AIDS in the hopes that, if she’s ever sexually assaulted, she’ll infect her assailant. They’ll end up in a white community, r@ping and murdering whites, like that Gobani yogurt debacle. Keep the Islamic influence in american politics to handy slogans and pictures from Over There, in-person cameo performances unnecessary.

      • The buggerers are more gay than the Greeks. Remember the bacha bazi, the boy harems of Afghanistan that our officers aren’t allowed to talk about. 1/3 of Muslim boys are molested and it drives their society mad.

        The only ones given up for a brutal public caning are the ones who refuse their boss’s advances, or their teacher at the madrassa. Their whole society is like a prison gang, Bubba takes the best bunk.

        The biggest Pride parade is in Jerusalem for a reason, Semitics are like that. A friend from Jeddah told me the only thing an Arab thinks about is what he can put his dick in. My dad learned this in Arabia in 1947.

        Their overwrought hetero overlays a rampant homo rape culture, women are a mere vessel to breed more boy soldiers. The Semitic Way is NOT the White Way.

      • When you sup with the devil, bring a long spoon. Islam is no conservative “friend”. The religion is unreformed and will stand no unbelievers. If it is palatable in any form here, it is because they represent a distinct minority in numbers.

        Like with minorities in a White neighborhood, when the tipping point is reached you are in trouble. Schools decline, crime goes up, home prices tumble. Faustian bargain.

  14. Dual black and white pills. The pressure from the emerging Ascendancy, various mulatto and foreign people like the Obamas, Susan Rice, Dr. Khilaninani (the Yale Psychologist who wants to kill White people), etc. to force out Whites in leadership positions will be an irresistible tidal wave. Already we can see this with CRT hitting the elite (if it was confined to normie there would be no pushback). Family/Dynastic interests are hard-wired. They cannot in the main be stopped by screaming Karens, Anti-Fa riots, and media moral lectures.

    Meaning a head-on collision: the Ascendancy wants total power NOW for not only itself but its children: Jussie Smollett, the Obama kids, etc. The remaining White elites want the same for their kids. There is not enough power/places/patronage to go around to muddle through. Nor are there frontiers and new outlets: colonialism, Silicon Valley in the 1970s to 1980s.

    So while the conflict is likely to boil over very soon — the anti-White crusade is a fig leaf for the Ascendancy to push out their White rivals, we will by default have existing White Managerial Class people on our side sooner or later.

    • Whiskey: If it’s by default, they’re not really on our side. Temporal allies are temporary, at best. Perhaps their children will be fully red pilled, but that’s for the next generation to determine.

    • Whites on the left are GOODwhites. Whatever purges occur, they will not cross the divide.

      They might MOVE and colonize a white area, but their ideology/ religion will never change.

      They have proven, over and over and over again, that they will indoctrinate, muzzle, drug, castrate and murder their children. Would you even WANT these people as your allies?

      Until the Wuhan tyranny began last year, I never understood the hatred unleashed during the Civil War. Well, now I can see how they got there…

      • The natural tfr of the goodwhite helping our thing forward is a more likely outcome than “coming to their senses.” Four grandparents beget two children beget four “furbaby” grandcats. And that’s not accounting for miscegenation, abortion as a religious rite of passage, and a nontrivial impact from castrating their sons and neutering their daughters. All of these are mutually-reinforcing accelerating trends: women of childbearing age follow the group to a shocking degree. If one starts having white babies with their spouse, they all follow in a gaggle. But if they all murder their babies, or sterilize their kids, they also all follow.
        The goodwhites and normie whites are self-deselecting from sexual reproduction and huge rates in myriad ways.

  15. I understand why Z wrote this, but its not only not true, its a mistake;

    “ On the other hand, the Republicans controlled foreign policy with some mild dissent from the Democrats.”

    The Dems never ceded anything but execution to the Republicans. The Cold War was no more a Republican Operation than the World Wars. Kennan, Acheson, Truman were not Republicans. Reagan was simply allowed to finish, and Reagan was always a New Deal Democrat. The GOP was allowed to execute because they are the practical execution party.
    For example Nixon executed desegregation not Johnson. The Democrats start trouble the Republicans finish it, so shall it be with the final trouble of non elite whites. It shall be Republicans who hang us.

    Moreover Z you provide only the hint of a solution that they self destruct.
    Yes, in the same sense that the Seneca Indian nation down the road can observe that we whites are now “self destructing”, yes. That doesn’t help the Seneca, or us badwhites.

    And the end state does leave the elites alive and on top, us nearly extinct as the Seneca are, the solution of waiting for them to die FAILS. It fails us now, it failed the Seneca then.

      • I think Z is talking about McGovernism, which dominated the end game of the Cold War. The only presidential election the peacenik Dems won during that time was Carter in 1976, and he presented himself as a Navy officer veteran, a Born Again Christian and a moderate New South governor. Remember Dukakis riding in a tank? Carter was helped by Watergate and Ford’s bumbling. Also, the election was rigged.

  16. What I find most surprising is their abuse of the source of their power, which is the dollar. You would think they would be protecting and defending the dollar with everything they have, which might still be in the future. But it’s also possible the damage is already done and there is no saving it and so they decided to throw a party.

    • The money masters, funding both sides of the conflict, are preparing to overturn the post WWll order.

      The old monetary system of mere settlement will be replaced by a new system tied to tracking and social scoring, so the debt doesn’t matter.

      The bus has reached a new stop.
      The currency exchanges will simply be revalued by the bondsmen.
      The elites are forging a new temple money, digital shek… er, excuse me, shackles.

  17. The USA has been the greatest enemy of the White race.

    The Age of Enlightenment’s [whatever that means] greatest child [USA] has been a spiritual disaster for the West [The White Race].

  18. The entire system is working towards the destruction of white people. They hate anything that white people like. Or anything they see as symbolic of white people, or “whiteness”. Basically they want you dead.

    Christianity, founding fathers, America, NFL, meat, family, fitness, blue collar jobs, country music, hockey (in Canada), pickup trucks, guns, etc. etc. are all under attack. They don’t hate the thing itself. They hate the person they think it represents.

    Christians in particular are whistling past the graveyard as they invite more of God’s People, mostly Africans, Mexicans, and Brazilians into their churches. The left doesn’t care about Christianity. They hate that it represents a positive lifestyle for attractive white men. Leave your church, do some drugs instead, white man. Chastity and monogamy are for squares, Becky. You can show your independence, we have a lineup of Tyrone, Ja”Marquis and Latavius right here for you! Non white Christians end up just as resentful of white Germanics, Christian or not, as all the other ones. The church eventually splits or the whites move somewhere else. Race is more powerful than religion.

    There is no doubt that whites, in particular Germanics have a spirit in them. Everybody knows this except us, who have been lied to and beaten down. I believe we are God’s chosen people. Joe Sobran’s quote comes to mind. Keeping a clear spirit and a healthy body is most important for us. Being the closest to God, we also have the furthest to fall and we are seeing many whites today struggling with drug addiction, obesity, porn, etc. in the absence of religion, family, and the White spirit.

    • Don’t forget the African preacher who comes to the U.S. on a junket, going church to church, raising missionary funds. When he comes to the podium he’ll start preaching about how dead and quiet our (white) service looks. How vibrant and “joyful” and African service looks. How their church service can go on for four hours. Never silently accept this. Always drag the African aside, with your pastor, and say, “where you see silence, I see introspection, something your culture desperately needs, and by the way, maybe you should cut your service to two hours and spend the other two hours digging a sewer line through the village. Just a thought.” I’m absolutely serious about this. This has been allowed to happen because people who want to say this end up driving home silently. There’s no better way to offend people then at church. I’ve been in full shouting matches after the service, not often, but we have to set up guard rails. We naturally have this respect for clergy when in fact they’re providing a service for us. Would you yell at your mechanic for opening your hood and pissing all over the engine? Well, that’s what most preachers are doing in their trade.

      • Introspection is just not African and they are not capable of doing that anyways.

        I’m sure the 5 hour hollering/whooping service works for Africans and that’s fine. I don’t care if they are too lazy or dumb to build sewers or wells. We are different peoples with different needs. This goes for everything, not just religious preferences.

        I probably wouldn’t cross that line though so I’d say something like you said. A surprising number of people agree. They are just waiting for the first guy with balls to stand up and say it. They might not even know what they’re thinking but if somebody else says it, then they realize.

        • You’re right, they’re incapable of introspection as it involves conceiving of the past present and future in the same thought. Christians aren’t ready to hear that God didn’t conceive us as blank slates. Maybe in 30 years. That he endowed whites to be more forward looking, in the same way that he gave blacks a leg up on any sport involving a ball, except for quarterbacking, because once again that involves forward thinking.

          • You’d be hard pressed to find someone who believed in the blank slate here in the little Pentecostal church I attend in the Indian Territories. They’re all pretty much “God made man this way” kind of folks. I’m certain the members of the other small, independent, Bible-centric churches hereabouts are pretty much the same. Not sure how they are in the larger-but-numerically-fewer mainline denominations one sees in the towns and (few) cities.

        • Not sure why – but smiled to myself as I imagined how all verses of A Mighty Fortress Is Our God would go over in one of those 5 hr. services.

          • 3 And though this world, with devils filled,
            should threaten to undo us,
            we will not fear, for God has willed
            his truth to triumph through us.
            The prince of darkness grim,
            we tremble not for him;
            his rage we can endure,
            for lo! his doom is sure;
            one little word shall fell him.

      • Christianity in Africa is more like Voodoo than anything we would recognize as Christianity. It’s much more about miracles and witchcraft than how we view it. You even see this in American black churches. Many black churches are just grifts or political organizations set up to be like churches.

  19. Had we not externalized all those “threats” after the Soviet Union we would have been down this road much sooner. It’s one thing for a regime to pick on ethnic outsiders to that regime, the way China is dismantling the Uyghurs, it’s quite another for a regime to go after the most capable among them. In some ways it reminds me of the Khmer Rouge. Let’s put all the literate people in mass graves. The literate were an obstacle to the workers paradise, just as bad whites are an obstacle to our coming racial paradise. The kind of paradise South Africa is seeing. Getting back to China, if they read the tea leaves right they should start throwing rhetorical bones to whites in this country. It would really rattle the place. “You demonize our treatment of Uyghurs, but your treatment of whites is what concerns us.” Also, a lot of white engineers still work in tech. Chinese companies could do a “white outreach” and snag some of the brightest minds on the planet, who are sick of rainbow flags tacked up on office walls. And the U.S. tech companies cold rely more on those brilliant pajeets and their vision and creativity. They’ll see how far that gets.

    • If white women were available in China I would have no problem moving there, at least to a major urban area. If I were already married, I would have no problem moving there. Guarantee your kids would be much more proficient in math, and much less proficient in anti-white hatred. Jared Taylor was raised in Japan, and he turned out well. Religious and Western values could be taught at home in our spare time. Plenty of good Eastern ideas exist too.

      However, mass immigration is a Western thing. For most people, the GDP growth or tech sector growth is not a good reason to invite in thousands or millions of foreigners.

      Will it happen though? Wouldn’t surprise me, given their low birth rates. But they would probably copy the Gulf State model, where you basically don’t assimilate and are never a citizen. Anyways, I’d take second class citizen in the Gulf (or in China), over 4th class evil person in South Africa or Brazil (aka USA, 2040).

      • you remind me of the idiots that moved to the CCCP (from EU/USA) because they drank the kool aid and then went back for the whole pitcher. i regret every time i accidentally start reading one of your brain fart comments. the only job you would get in china is as organ donor…

        • “…the idiots that moved to the CCCP (from EU/USA) because they drank the kool aid and then went back for the whole pitcher.”

          If you’d only left it there, Private Dipshit.
          Sign me up for Sergeant B125’s unit anytime, I’d even go to chapel.

          • Chapel? No, I’d kneel, kiss the Cross, and lift my sword high, crying “Deus Vult!”

            I might be a lowly latrine digger, but all I want is a chance. For my King and Country!

    • JR Wirth: From what I recall (I think I read it in comments here?) China is already hiring a number of White technical managers from the West. Problem for us is too many of them go native and intermarry and produce Hapas. And then present them to us as authentically ‘murrican.

      • A bunch of Keanu Reeves might be just what’s on order. The mestizos, after all, were a serious upgrade.

        A union of the Ice Peoples to confront the exploding masses of the Sun People. Brains over breeding, this is pure r/K in action.

        An article in American Thinker pointed out our and the Soviets’ greatest mistake in Afghanistan: replacement rate. The Rape culture (Islam) produces excess male soldiers. Our precious first and second sons were wasted killing their very expendable third and fourth sons.

        The Ice People are not going to outbreed the Sun People. Asian ruthlessness and homogeniety would temper the White tendency of welcome and mercy.

    • Putin’s people have already raised the issue of anti-white racism in America. I suspect, however, that AINO’s Pravda blacked that story out, so to speak.

  20. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the United States has returned to its Cold Civil War. They tried to fill the void with others – Islam, in particular – but the true enemy for Puritan Yankees has always been their Southern (and now Midwestern) cousins.

    The English Civil War continues.

    Of course, what tipped the scales in favor of the Puritans was their teaming up with – and, eventually, giving control to – Jews and then brining in mercenaries (because in a democracy, voters are mercenaries) to overwhelm their ancient enemy. The Soviets put a damper on the Cold Civil War, but Goodwhites and Jews used those quiet decades to position themselves for when it started up again.

    Now, it’s the end game. The Jew/Puritan alliance is ready to finish off Badwhites. Their only problem is that they have to keep this cold war from getting hot. They lose if that happens. They’re also discovering that their mercenaries want a very big part of the booty and don’t much care about either side of the Cold Civil War. Finally, they’re figuring out that society doesn’t run well without those Badwhites, so destroying them causes new problems.

    In essence, Jews and Puritans are like the dog that finally caught the car.

    • Does that make us Cavaliers?

      I like it !!!!!

      Have to get me some new threads for the occasion

    • The more I deal with Goodwhites the more I realize their genes just aren’t capable of surviving in the diverse utopia they’ve created. Every time a white woman at work talks to a non-white it’s like a scared cornered human cornered by a wolf, talking and laughing nervously.

      I have no problem surviving in the diverse utopia as a racist. It is kind of shitty though, compared to what we could have had.

      They will bring all of us down, at worst. At best they will likely die off, be “childfree”, or race mix out of the gene pool over the next century. I see Chad looking serious white men with kids all the time. Just keep doing what we do.

    • The drunk sloot outside the bar at 2AM who just can’t stop with the “lets you and him fight!” will eventually get tyrones pimp hand. But people seem to think that the pimp hand comes (will come any day now!) because the pox suddenly realize they have been manipulated on the prog plantation for generations and are leveling their revenge.

      In reality its just r-selection room temp IQ low impulse control violence because dat bitch won shuddup.

      Another reason why the people who demand that the 10% of white men, who are even awake at all, put down the identity shiv first, because divide and conquer, can go get bent.

      The persistent notion that White identity and a unified front against globohomo eltits are mutually exclusive is just yet another end-run on White men taking back their People.

      • Screwtape: Case in point, the Lawrence essay at Unz the other day against White nationalism. He made some valid points, but I couldn’t figure out what his end game was other than to denigrate Whites uniting on the basis of race.

        • Will give it a read. The difference between the mainstream and most alt-media is that alt media appeals to reason and principles of yesterday men while mainstream appeals to the emotion and collectivism of tomorrows womyn.

          We are trapped in our own self-inflicted stasis of yesterday men holding a tenuous relationship with tomorrow women.

          Of course they want it that way. But its a testament to our mettle that we can hold that line, though obliviously the entropy noggers our people in due time.

          The ‘saxon began to hate’ is cliche but perhaps that is required – at least in the context of how they see us.

          But first we must allow ourselves to humanize our own existence as something other than an ancient schooner full of sin that simultaneously exists only as some quasi-intellectual abstraction.

          A Schrodinger’s Race, if you will.

          Their endgame is always unity of all, that happens to always require total submission of Whites because reasons.

          Like “diversity” itself, which requires the end of whites as its logical final solution but also the existence of whites as its entire premise for existing, their reasons are nonsense but their endgame is clear.

        • You did better than me. I never even got the point of the Lawrence essay. White identity is bad? Maybe that was the point, but it certainly wasn’t apparent. One of the few articles I’ve read where I thought afterwards, “what a waste of my time.” After it degenerated into word salad I should have stopped.

          • Jack: My understanding (granted, it was long word salad) was that Lawrence was saying race alone is insufficient. Fair enough – he argued if Whites were going to unite on that basis alone it already would have happened. But then he continued on to denigrate religion, politics, culture, etc. – with some legitimate examples in each case. Even the blogger everyone likes to hate proposes the 3 legged stool of race, Greco-Roman philosophy, and the Christian religion.
            So I’m like okay, if race alone is insufficient to rouse the White man from his road to extinction, then what are you proposing we do? Crickets.

  21. It’s funny that some of the comments mention a few of the management fads that made their way through our corporate world. My experience is that in each and every case, managers were applying the new fad as a magical incantation, expecting results just by mouthing the right words. Some of the fads had useful elements, such as the LEAN program to reduce unnecessary procedures, but most were no better than the ravings of a mushroom addled shaman, accurate only by accident. The current fad for diversity, inclusion and equity will eventually be replaced by an even more irrational purity ritual handed down to us by people with less common sense than the previous dispensation.

    • Indeed. Got this problem at my company. We need more doers, not more managers. Not more ‘Scale Ups!’ or ‘Lean Ins!’ or whatever you fancy.

    • Notice the hidden kernel in all of those management fads since the 1970’s. Nearly all of them, without exception, shit all over people with negative, glass is half empty opinions. They’re always encouraged to fire people like that. Some of them are highly explicit in firing nay sayers. The problem is, most new ideas are shitty and ill conceived. Businesses need people to stop bad ideas just as much as they need people who have good ideas. These management programs have their genesis in the long hair 60’s and 70’s, “don’t bogart that join man.” Every sentence is now a cliche.’ Some boomer talking about “secret sauce” of the organization. Corporate crackpot alchemy.

      • this is what makes me worried that there might not be another Edison or Ford coming to save us

    • It’s the buzzwords and phraseology in business and government that raise my hackles

      Reach out

      Basically every word out of Psaki’s mouth. Is she still using the word “problematic”? I guess she was embarrassed from ever using “circle back” again

      • If we could just reach out to form a robust alliance against the dirty Psaki, we could expedite her removal. Such an alliance would have to be most impactful.

      • You forgot STAKEHOLDERS. Everyone is a fu cking stakeholder! We’re all in this together. I will drive a stake though the next person who says the word stakeholder.

        • A white woman’s place is barefoot in the kitchen, with a baby inside her.

          Every time I hear some bitch blabbing on, covering up her complete lack of understanding of the underlying process with meaningless buzzwords, this thought goes through my head.

          A white guy could explain this in 2 seconds. The the white woman would have a real kid instead of a dog.

      • “Partnering with” or “partnered with” have both crept into churches, along with the odious term “missional”.

        “We at First Baptist Anytown have partnered with First Blackety-black Baptist in an exciting ministry outreach, and they have really led the way with their missional focus and openness.”


  22. This just in from the Taliban-come back any time.
    Only Americans fear the worldwide laughingstock wokegov and our external enemies don’t have to lift a finger when a traitorous fifth column does all of the heavy lifting.
    Don’t worry the Long Marchers will get outplayed and pwned as they already are.
    CCP just came out yesterday and said that the Taliban are good guys.
    How they laugh their asses off at the Baizuo.

  23. Just ordered the book.

    I had a brief (few years) relationship with a family that two generations at JPL, beginning from the first days. They had minor, support roles, that still required education and brains. So they were either involved or aware of many of the…oddities…of the place.

    The stories seem to be true.

  24. I wonder if this war would in a sense have the same blowback effect as the previous ones. Strengthening communism/Islam at home, importing refugees, etc. In other words, would a war on the American nation end up turning the tide?

    I also wonder where the War on Health fits into all of this.

    • What I find interesting is that the health kick stuff is mainly a white thing

      I am not exactly a liberal, but I am a health food person myself, or I aim to eat well and fresh ingredients, locally sourced the better. My body is so used to only eating well I get queasy if not ill if I eat food from 95% of restaurants out there.

      And incidentally it is my eating habits and preferences that ally me with lib whites. The one thing we agree on.

      And food is personal. I know, I see it, that the weak link between white libs and the POC is the foods each side eats. I hear the hushed tones of disgust when lib whites see or talk about how the POC eat. I’ve seen lib whites almost spit out in laughter when the black women start getting all misty eyed about chitlins.

      Moral of the story: feasts will bring the white people together. It’s something our brothers in Europe understand very well. They understand in the South too. Good food, good drinks and wine, a little music, and the craziest lib white will be asking for TomA’s hand in marriage.

      Ha ha. Sorry TomA. had to do it

      • Yet the libs and their soy. I have a friend who blames it all on the soy. He might be on to something.

  25. Yes to all of this, but the coming fracture doesn’t have to result in the bloody slaughter of millions of innocents. There is a better way. The root of the problem is relatively few in numbers, and as Z has pointed out, they possess the same emergent behavior pattern as schools of fish or flocks of birds. They will move in mass, and that movement can be engineered. All herd animals will stampede if properly stimulated because the survival instinct (flight) overrides cognitive decision-making. Give them a good reason to leave, and leave they will.

    • If the Mormons could attract people to Utah for the safe streets and all the old fashioned Americana, I think people like us could do the same. If we had a community, no matter how demonized by the usuals, and the kids were free to roam around like in the good ole days, men mowed their own yards shirtless, women inside cooking. If people saw that, they’d make a bee line for it.

      I say make it overtly whites-only and let the government fight it. By then the government will be so weak I wouldn’t even worry about it.

      • Falcone: People are already making a ‘bee line’ for any rural or White place. People from leftopias are driving up housing prices here in Texas, and people here in Texas are looking to move to more rural, Whiter states. Same with Californians and Idaho. And the settling of Africans, Arabs, and Guatemalans in the Dakotas. It’s an endless migration.

        And most of those moving imagine their new abode to be a perfected version of the old. They just have to change this law, and alter that habit, and add the right quantum of their own race and people.

        I don’t want to convert or attract anyone. Those who don’t already see what’s happening are willfully blind. And per Ezekiel 33:4, “Then whosoever heareth the sound of the trumpet, and taketh not warning; if the sword come, and take him away, his blood shall be upon his own head.”

        That trumpet has been ringing in my ears for quite a while, now. And I know I’m far from alone in feeling a growing sense of urgency. What purpose to recreating the past America with all the roots of the present madness? “Come out from them and be separate, says the Lord.”

        • As long as my kids are safe, and I think they are, I don’t really care about what’s coming toward me. I have lived through the worst of hurricanes and earthquakes, and this societal shit is child’s play tbh.

          I just have to keep focused and do my thing. I know I will outlast all of these morons and degenerates. They are already crumbling mentally and decaying spiritually. Their own poison is getting to them. Meanwhile, I’m doing quite well and of good mind and spirit.

        • Same in Ontario. Suburbs are popping up outside the most random towns. The ones near Toronto are unfortunately getting slammed with non-white foreigners.

          But large suburbs are being built outside more remote towns further north and further east. I investigated a few and they are almost entirely white. Pure white flight suburb in this nowhere town.

          While the people moving there are not likely to be leftists at first, more people = more McDonald’s… = more indians or filipinos. More schools = more leftist teachers. A nice white area means more liberals are going to be moving in and infiltrating. The locals often run out of cash as housing prices and property taxes go up. And of course, the indians who “don’t like other indians” move in to live with whites. In 20 years it’s a shit hole.

          This open borders is going to completely destroy everything. Access to white people is a human right. They will follow us to the North Pole if it means they can get some more gibs.

          • Exactly. Suburbs are glorified refugee camps. A Levittown for every concerned pearl-clutcher.

            The white diaspora, harried and harassed, no peace. Nothing to do but climb the economic ladder and dream of taking back the ancestral homeland.

            Worship what you fear, become like what you worship.

        • I am with you on the normie conversion and the plague that is prog-lite impulse to remake the new dirt into septic drain fields for the cloud.

          I do, however, think there is a lot of untapped potential in terms of facilitating migration and settlement of our guys, aka community building, that will sow important seeds for what is coming.

          The migration, from what I can tell in my own yearlong search to relocate, is dominated by blue and purple economic migrants who have newfound mobility (urban income arbitraging rural economics) or are reading the tea leaves of the massive bubble and cashing out while they can.

          All-cash, sight unseen versus a mortgage and moving costs on a credit card for our guys. What’s a market solution to that?

          I also know personally many wealthy prog-lite types of which you speak, business owners and “investor” types with capital tied up for now, who are building their exit strategy and funds for an exit in 12-24 months. The second wave could easily eclipse this wuhan wave. And they will absolutely bring their great ideas with them.

          Places like Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Orange county CA, Denver, Boston have A LOT more white with money eyeing the dusty horizon yet to come.

          Short of a collapse of RE, which is to say total depression, this does not bode will for our guys behind enemy lines as well as those who thought that Boise was a nice place five years ago and are now watching the locusts at their fence line.

          In either case the inflated RE cost and lagging local economy and employment prospects in more rural areas means that most of “our guys” are stuck waiting for the blue locusts to finish feeding or enter into the equivalent of a nomadic, off-grid economic life.

          If time is short we have a window in which we can, to a certain extent, pick our neighbors, and construct social, cultural, and economic systems to support that local community.

          We have to start envisioning what our communities will look like and how they will operate beyond the normalcy bias of the ‘market’ – and beyond our own inclination to extract livelihoods from a system that hates us and is doing everything it can to tighten the noose in real time.

          I don’t know what this looks like exactly, but everyone for themselves is not it.

          A friend recently bought a house in a super bubble market here only because the seller rejected all offers from flippers and investors. The seller left $20k on the table to sell to a “nice young family” for the sake of their neighbors.

          In all my searching rural redoubts for my move I have yet to have a realtor or “sell by owner” enter into any kind of discussion beyond price and terms.

          The local big boys are making hay chopping up farm fields into subdivisions and I am told are hiring all kinds of trades. Ok. So what happens when all that money is made and Custer county looks like Santa Ana? Or where do those tradesmen live since they can’t afford the houses they are building?

          These are the kind of paradoxical challenges we will have to confront if we are to do anything but just wait for the sucking sound of total collapse. I’ve made my peace with collapse and going out with boots on but I would like to believe there is something greater still possible. sorry, long.

          • I know somebody who sold to a white family for less than what indian investors were offering. There is really no need for anybody, particularly rich white boomers, to extract maximum value from their home.

            Whites are still to atomized and interested in money. I see fat white guys in pickup trucks in the small towns lining up at the McDonald’s drive through to eat some Punjab of Filipino Burgers, made by people who hate them and will eventually replace them in their own town. A serious people would expel these kind of beach heads for foreign aliens.

            My long term goal is to buy up some real estate and rent at affordable prices to white families. Won’t be renting for free but it will be mutually beneficial.

          • And yes, you’re right about the builders too. Every day I see streams of white blue collar guys trudging in to build condos and townhomes for endless waves of non-white immigrants. They get their 30 pieces of silver, or $30/hour.

            What can $30/hour buy here (or in any major metro area)? Well, just about nothing.

            But what are they gonna do? They would just be on welfare, drugs, or unable to raise a family if they weren’t working trades. We’re all caught up in this evil anti white system, working towards our own replacement.

          • Screwtape: Don’t apologize; excellent comment. Yes, I too know of people planning an exit strategy – even my husband’s customers (most of whom have plenty of money) are planning exit strategies – selling businesses, planning relocations, downsizing, lowering their profiles. They all volunteer this information to him (what can I say, he’s intrinsically likeable/trustworthy, and some of them seem to regard him the way women do their hairdressers).

            And I’ve seen the conundrum re RE firsthand. We could make a bundle if we sold our house in Texas now – but we just aren’t quite ready to move yet and need somewhere to live, while simultaneously looking to buy/build elsewhere. Still, we just stretched the budget and made an offer on some rural land (please God they’ll accept today) and the price increases are insane. We’ve been fortunate to deal with a local realtor who has been more than helpful. I wouldn’t necessarily call her red-pilled, but she’s not misty-eyed about non-Whites or some of the leftopia refugees buying in her home state.

            My dream is to buy as much property as available within a 50 mile radius there and sell it at bargain rates to all my older son’s White friends and their young families, or anyone else on our side who’s looking. Would God I had the funds. I agree with all your points – not looking to go it alone and crave living where dirt Whites are my neighbors. Every property we looked at I asked where the sellers were going to. Some older people were relocating closer to town, others didn’t say, but no one seemed to be moving out of the general area. I pray they are not priced out by the people coming in offering cash sight unseen (which we cannot match).

          • “The seller left $20k on the table to sell to a “nice young family” for the sake of their neighbors.”

            This is happening more and more. Eventually the feds will decide not taking the highest offer on real estate is prima facie evidence of housing discrimination.

      • My ex mother-in-law lives in Lehi, and I’m not exaggerating when I say her LDS neighbors are the most reliable, clean, and self-respecting white people (as a group) that I have ever seen.

        And no, I don’t sympathize even one little bit with their crazy prophet Joe Smith. But I gotta admit; those Mormons run a pretty tight ship when it comes to maintaining a neighborhood and its real estate value.

      • I’ve landed somewhere like what you describe. But after the Summer of Floyd, the admission ticket is now solidly 7 figures; prices outside the metro areas have/are doubling and headed nowhere but up. No one I want to be my neighbor can afford to be my neighbor anymore, but at least the people I REALLY don’t want to be my neighbor can’t afford it. M
        Of course, everyone who was here for raising families, who had been here 5+ years are fleeing (loose hundreds floating out the back window Baby Face Nelson style as they speed away), cashing out and moving further afield.

  26. To Paraphrase:

    In a democracy, if you’re standing around wondering who amongst your fellow voters is the enemy, the enemy is you.

  27. ” It also had religious overtones, which invited in Christians. The only thing that makes the regime more uncomfortable than Christians openly talking about their religion is a collection of white guys noticing they are the only ones without an identity group.”

    Two key points here. First, it is more than “religious undertones.” Wokeism is the most unhinged, fanatical religious movement since the National Socialists and the Marxist-Leninists duked it out in the nutty sweepstakes.

    The White guys will go beyond noticing and adopt a group identity soon enough. The Regime will overplay its hand and make a fool of itself (again). Now, that doesn’t mean the Regime won’t have a victory of sorts, however temporary, but in the long run it is doomed because, as you wrote, a nation at war with at least half its population is inherently unstable. While International Jewry will pull out all stops to prevent White identity, I had much rather be in our position that theirs. The Regime, once thoroughly in the hands of ignorant, angry Third Worlders, likely will try to pacify Whites and one route will be sustained assaults on Jews, whom they view as Super Whites, thus convenient sacrificial lambs.

    This is the end game now. Look for a controlled demolition of the economy next year to snap up overvalued assets sold to poor slubs who thought $500k shacks were a good idea and that the market would rise forever. D.C. is so removed from the people it doesn’t have a clue how destabilizing this will be, and over time will see its military occupation as the normal course of business. Prediction: the occupation forces will be the ones who put the torch to the town.

    • ” Prediction: the occupation forces will be the ones who put the torch to the town.”

      History predicts that the occupation forces will become the next Praetorian Guard. IIRC, they first became kingmakers by legitimately defending themselves from Emperor Caligula.

      I’m a bit surprised the National Guard didn’t already rise up against their maltreatments throughout the D.C. winter.

      • Give the sociopathic monsters credit: they do fear the National Guard inside the gate, and it spills out from time to time. The SHTF the moment those Praetorians either don’t get paid or feel slighted enough.

  28. Great column!

    The system needed a bogey man and Trump was prepared to play the role.

    Yes. It is the same role Nigel Farage played, and they made the same mistake with both of them. Both Trump and Farage were meant to attract the deplorables, corral them under kosher supervision to ensure their vote wouldn’t go to actual patriots.

    They had to be good enough to draw in the punters and not good enough to win. Only, the politically homeless nationalists swamped their platforms like survivors of the Titanic desperately clawing at any morsel of hope for survival.

    For full disclosure, I bought the Trump-shtick myself. I am on record for calling out Trump as a con man before the primaries, but my pro-Emperor posts outnumber my skeptical ones like 10-1.

    Fool me twice…

    • Trump reminds me of my dad, and his son Barron reminds me of my nephew, which is why I had a fondness for him and his family, but as far as I am concerned Trump threw all of it away when he didn’t speak up for his supporters and to a lesser extent for Ashli Babbitt.

      Not saying I hate him or that there is not still a vestige of love in my heart for him, but that only means I would turn my head away and refuse to watch his hanging — not that I would do anything to stop it. Or maybe I would watch it.

      Decisions. decisions.

      • Not speaking up for the Jan 6 people put me over the edge too. I was never a full-bore Trump supporter, but saw his utility. That utility fades in light of Jan 6.

    • I voted against Hillary because I had little doubt she would do what she said and for Trump on the off chance he might do some of what he said.

      • That’s the Flight 93-argument: we have no idea if our guy is even able to fly the plane, but if we don’t rush the cockpit, we ARE going to die.

        That’s how the establishment want you to think: you HAVE to vote or you lose your right to complain. Then, when your guy turns out to be just another terrorist, they turn around and say: “Hey, you voted for him yourself, so suck it up.”

        So it’s really the other way around: if you vote, you forfeit the right to complain, because by voting you sign a power-of-attorney that allows the winning party to give your money away to his friends. And that goes even if your guy didn’t win because when you voted, you also signed an affidavit where you agreed to the rules of the game, however crooked.

        Voting is a mug’s game, strictly for losers who cannot afford to buy their own politician. Don’t fall for it.

  29. Someone once said that when the ruling class says, “We must do X,” they mean You must do X. But when they say, “We benefit from X,” they really mean that they and not you benefit from X. Immigration’s the easiest thing to plug in for X to see how true this is. Benefits go to them, costs to you (and your neighborhood). Ditto, trade. The question then becomes whether this suicide is actually going to be just them trying to kill us as usual, or if our ruling class is not just cynical, but crazy and they’re actually trying to slit their own throats. This time certainly feels different than any other, much more unstable, and we know that even rich white kids at the toniest schools are being fed the same poison as everyone else, so who knows? It’s not much to hope for, that when the zombies breach the mall doors they devour Pelosi as well as the proles, but it’d be a silver lining. Of course the Schumer faction will be able to bug out to the Levant, scurrying away like the cockroach from outer space that lived inside Kim Jong Il in “Team America.”

  30. Speaking of “bosses” and “final”, the Nazi rocketman von Braun, without reference to the Final Solution, must be giving ole Bee-zoid a big thumbs up from beyond the realms of death.

    The oily-gauche, erm, oily-garch, goggle-eyed man of great wealth has reportedly succeeded in re-purposing 1950’s Mercury rocket technology. He managed to reach “space”, IIRC the same altitude where the Red Bull guy parachuted from, and floated to earth. The G.I. Jane transgender action figure with space capsule will be available from Amazin later today with Coupon Code DORKFLIGHT.

    • Now would probably be a good time to reread “Sex and Rockets,” about Jack Parsons of JPL. Most of the “Nazi” rocket scientists didn’t really pay attention to the occult nonsense under the Führer, but a lot of America’s best and brightest were deeply into it (I think Parsons was even a member of Aleister Crowley’s Golden Dawn). Maybe if Bezos is as corrupt and perverted as Bill Gates or Jeff Epstein he can establish a lunar temple to Moloch.

      • “Maybe if Bezos is as corrupt and perverted as…”

        The original super computer, the brain — has the ability to make accurate impressions based on appearances. What, say, does your brain say when you gaze upon the mighty space traveling bookseller??

        All the money in the world cannot erase that visage.

      • Guess who else was part of the Parson story? L ron Hubbard. He conned Parsons out of a large sum of money, and absconded with Parson’s wife to boot. My gut tells me it was Hubbard that was behind the at-home accident/explosion that killed Parsons.

        Yes, Parson was very much involved with Crowley and his Termolina (sp?) philosophy. CBS of all places did a pretty decent series on Parsons and his deep belief in the occult, called “Strange Angel”.

        I worked at JPL for a year and it was such a neat place, with a Tomorrowland vibe to it.

      • Factoid—which seems lost on most people:

        “NASA chief research pilot Joseph A. Walker flew X-15 Ship No. 3 (S/N 56-6672) to an altitude of 354,200 feet.”

        This makes Walker, the first man in “outer” space. And sets the mark for low altitude space fight, yet to be achieved by Bezo’s and his company and Branson’s Virgin Galactic. (To my current understanding of their passenger offerings)

        It also can be noted, that the civilian “astronauts” did not “achieve” weightlessness. Rather their craft descended faster than their bodies could accelerate, i.e., free fall. This stunt was used by NASA in the 60’s to train astronauts for “weightlessness” (free fall)—see “vomit comet”. Even most astronauts today, after the moon landings ended, have not escaped gravity in the true sense.

        Unless something changes, civilian passenger tips into space are nothing more than expensive carnival rides.

  31. God help us if this is what’s shaping up (as seems pretty accurate). It will be a horror, in implementation and in the reaction to it. Or at least one would hope there was the will to resist, and to preserve who we are / were. Peering thought the mist toward the future, though, one can see the outline of some-things maybe better .

  32. In spite of all the sturm und drang filling cyberspace now, the time is not ripe for the great upheaval. If a bioweapon attack against the empire wasn’t enough to stir people out of their first world cocoon nothing will until one of many possible black swan events comes down the road.

    I think the most likely cause of this all turning massively violent is a global economic depression the likes of which even God hasn’t foreseen. Once the goodies are turned off 90% of the population will find mere existence almost impossible. Enter every carnival barker, prophet, and strongman out there to promise salvation. Then it rapidly becomes natural selection, human style.

    • Yes, exactly, but now the White Pill. Collapse leads to chaos which creates the fog that enables an optimized solution to the problem. As was demonstrated by the Antifa riots in Portland & elsewhere, law and order quickly evaporates and LEOs are either overwhelmed or castrated by their masters. Rather than counter-protest Antifa, would it not be smarter to focus on the root of the problem? Wear the fog, be the bolt from the blue.

    • Leonard: Agree. They’re hard at work on the inflation/supply-chain crushing/economic implosion, but these things take time. Give it another 5 – 10 years or so, and at the same pace of current change. If you think the great toilet paper shortage of 2020 was nuts, just wait. Add in endemic fauxdemics, endless immigration, and endless brainwashing and gaslighting. Your average White is already overwhelmed and just wants to grill.

      And yet . . . and yet. They still sense there is a disturbance in the force. For most of them it’s enough to just demand a return to ‘normal.’ Others realize normal wasn’t very good and want improvements here and there (clueless moms against CRT – where were they 10 and 20 years ago?). Others are adopting the old Boy Scout motto, which is why generators and a number of ‘prepare for a crisis’ supplies are out of stock due to skyrocketing demand.

      And there’s still almost a carnival air to it all. A number of the vaxxed are happily returning to cruises on floating, crowded hotels. A lot of people who are buying and building more rural homes are attempting to recreate their prior suburb in a slightly Whiter location. Lots of fake arches and floor-to-ceiling windows and gas fireplaces. Or it’s like a long-term camping trip. Wearing North Face and proclaiming their resilience and independence.

      No, now is not the time to urge an upheaval or go ‘fight Antifa’ in the street or publicly protest anything. The other side is just looking for those to call out and make examples of. But a number of people are taking very concrete and life-changing steps.

    • That’s why, even though they’re mad, bad, and evil, I must agree with the Club of Rome sociopaths who set the Great Cull in motion, all those years ago.

      Simple math told us that the breeders, feeding on White surplus, would reach the point where our Spaceship Earth (a book, 1966) would be swamped, the lifeboats overflowing, the freshwater rivers choking on trash and debris.

      Woe is our lot, but them’s the rules under blind Creation. I’m ever grateful that we, at least, got to taste a Golden Age.

  33. > It could be that the final phase of liberal democracy is a final war against itself. Born in sin and animated by a search for salvation, it sacrifices itself as its final act.

    A pseudo-Christian denouement for a pseudo-Christian people.

  34. They have multiple hammers with which to beat us: if White Supremacy doesn’t suffice, they reach for Covid or Global Warming. Since we have an ADHD society, it’s useful to be able to rotate “emergency states”. (The Elite have no cognitive dissonance around anti-Science CRT and pro-“Science” emergencies.)

    Since “the Science” is never wrong, it must be the failure of the Plebes to comply which perpetuates the “emergency”. The State is never accountable. The prominent feature of the Western Neoliberal State is lack of accountability. When was the last time a prominent Western political figure took responsibility for a screw-up?

    As Kafka anticipated, the ordinary clerk can be jailed at any moment. If you’re White, you can wake up in the house where you were born as a “cockroach”, deserving of whatever punishment the State decides to mete out that day.

    • Or you can fight back. We are all descended from ancestors that fought back and lived to pass on their genes. Fighting back is more than just a duty, it is our heritage.

      • It’s a good point, Tom. Although terrifying for most people to comprehend. What we’ve all enjoyed in the West for, say, 60-70 years (maybe less) is not really natural. Seems like war is more natural and normal if history is anything to go by.

        That’s where mental preparedness comes in. For some, God also.

        • Goshdam that IS a good point.

          “We are all descended from ancestors that fought back and lived to pass on their genes. Fighting back is more than just a duty, it is our heritage.”

          The wheat separates from the chaff. I can hear the drone of a thousand shitlib liberal Hive chicks changing direction mid-flight. Incoming!

    • Indeed the state hammers are aplenty. But so are the anvils of hyper-individualism masked as ‘we the people’ and collectivist hivemind social status that passes for ‘community’ now.

      Between the two the great white cockroach scurries.

      As steve sailer cringe-posted in the past week with his sperg-stats “proof” that unvaxxed are idiots and so just get the damn vax you deplorable “anti-vaxxers”, even those who have already been rejected by cloud status for their deep-thinking hatefacts over things like race realism, HBD, anti-racism, white supremes, globohomo climate crises, etc. have a point at which they will invert all their reason and evidence and pick up that hammer.

      • Screwtape: Sailer will go on quantifying the qualitative and debating the finer points of this or that poll or study. He’s built his hamster wheel and he’s very, very comfortable there. And safe.

    • Captain Willard: My husband just finished reading G. Gordon Liddy’s “Will.” We were discussing it last night, and what struck both of us was Liddy’s holding strong to his own moral code. He felt he had made some mistakes in operation which caused the failure and arrests, and since he was in charge it was his duty to deal with the consequences. He wouldn’t talk. He wouldn’t deal. He held himself accountable and handled the consequences and prison time. He definitely had some extreme habits, but he was a man of both conscience and principles. The type you’d want to have your back, or fight a total war on behalf of your people. And yet to most, yesterday and today, he was utterly incomprehensible and dismissed as ‘nuts.’

      • I have noticed that many tough men are dismissed as ‘nuts’. And this is usually done by highly feminized men, perhaps they wish to elevated what they themselves are, and so demean actual masculinity.

        Two of my favourite historical toughs were Major-General Charles Gordon (he didn’t take the knee) and Brigadier John Nicholson (also not a knee taker). Their principle nowadays is ridiculed, but every man who has aspirations to better himself cannot be impressed by these two titans. Even though our civilization shields many of us from the most brutal violence, I suspect many men know we don’t really stack up to those who came before.

        I have always thought that ‘hardness’ and true courage are about as rare as true genius. And they’re just as impressive, if not more so.

        • I should have said:

          “but every man who has aspirations to better himself cannot help but be impressed by these two titans.”

  35. The law enforcement community is at least 90% White male and they will be gleefully busting DR heads and providing protection for ANTIFA/BLM for decades to come.

    • I would be very interested in some video or audio surreptitiously taken, wherein stand down orders are doled out by some police chief for the days left wing mobs or looters or what not There is really no dissenting culture of exposing such things by American police, who are surely not leftists privately. I mean unless I am mistaken, I don’t think I’ve ever come across something like that, which is strange if you think about it.

      • The reason is probably just that the majority of American police suck for lack of a better word.

        • That’s why I despair when I hang out in the local deplorable areas and see all the, “Back the Blue,” signs, stickers, and shirts.

          I want to tell these people, “Guys, you are first in line to be arrested and murdered by the tinmen!”

          • The primary loyalty of the overwhelming majority of cops is to each other and their pensions. The average member of the public who “backs the blue” really doesn’t understand that.

        • Zman is incorrect when he notes that the people running the show are inept. The figureheads who pretend to call the shots may be worthless, but there are many many underlings who are extremely capable.

          Just look at the rainbow coalition that propped up obama. High end honkies, Brahmins and rice men with a few sprinkles of octaroons and conquistador Americans. That worked. Well. These types of people are drawn into these roles because of the immense amount of power and wealth those roles attract. While it’s easy to call them weak, stupid, nancy boys, which many are, a meritocracy that doles out vast rewards still attracts high quality talent. McKinsey & Goldman still take in many of the best and brightest.

          But this monopoly on talent rests upon the system continuing in its current state. I don’t really see any other way for it to change other than a collapse of our current system. And I sincerely doubt that will occur in our lifetimes.

      • Most policemen I have been acquainted with are not known for their personal libraries. Fox news is about the limit of their understanding of the world.

  36. > The only thing that makes the regime more uncomfortable than Christians openly talking about their religion is a collection of white guys noticing they are the only ones without an identity group.

    This is true and too many of my fellow Christian trad types like to paint this as a persecution of the Church. The enemy hates the Church, most certainly, but the visceral and driving force is hatred of Europeans. Many of them have forgotten their religion and thus they don’t really care about spitting on Christ and most whites have forgotten theirs so the enemy isn’t so triggered by the claim that their special status as God’s All-Stars is nullified. However their ancient hatred of European man that goes back even to pagan times has not abated in the slightest.

    • Indeed. You’ll rarely hear criticism of black churches. They’re given a pass for any conservative views they possess and are painted as more “authentic” and “spiritual” than White churches.

      • Very few black churches have conservative views. Endorsement of Democrats from the pulpit is common, even though it should violate their non profit status. It would be very rare to hear a sermon on Biblical sexual guidelines in a black church or really any challenge to the congregation about personal sin. The majority of pastors are in it for the prestige and money. This may be changing as attendance drops, but certainly has been true historically.

        • You are correct. Also, didn’t Joe Biden get his special boost to run for President from a Black South Carolina church?

      • Case in point:

        “Dr.” Martin Luther King.

        (Plagiarized doctoral thesis, not revoked because “it would serve no purpose”)

        • You left out the “Junior.” Every MLK Blvd in the US usually has the entire title spelled out. Extra money for sign makers, but not for realtors;-)

        • Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton as well. I don’t believe Jackson or Sharpton were ever full time pastors working at churches, they just used the title to run the grift as MLK trained them to do. As the old black church ladies die off and younger blacks are less likely to attend church this will likely change, although Creflo Dollar has done incredibly well running the prosperity gospel grift. The next wave may switch and try to appeal to more mixed race or white congregations. They can sell indulgences for white guilt and make money that way. I doubt that will be as lucrative though.

    • Persecution is a major theme of the Book.

      In the Old, “those guys were mean to us so we killed them and took their stuff.” Or they might be mean, so we got revenge in advance.

      In the New, there are faith points for being persecuted and future rewards. Persecution is a proof item, a convincer strategy. You will be persecuted in my Name; thus the adherent seeks to be persecuted to prove the word of the writers.

      One might note that Babylon in the Revelation refers to Rome / The West. It’s author is quite happy about fall of the west.

      Claiming Persecution is the coin of today’s realm. The Book was it’s mint. But only the minters can utilize it.

  37. >>January 6th will be their Yom Kippur and every June 16th their Purim.>>

    This is an unfair innuendo. The war against whites now embraces the war against Jews. A growing number of Jews are coming to realize it while most whites now count American Jews as white whatever their feelings about Jews may be. American Jews are being “racially” absorbed into white America. anyway. White Jew bashing is a sign of white weakness to the delight of those who truly have it in for white America.

    • Not so sure about that

      Juice were front and center in the media in their attacks on Trump, who is a proxy for regular white people. Hasn’t gone unnoticed.

      In my daily life I find there is quite some depth to the anti Juice sentiment. And my guess is that it’s deepening and intensifying by the day.

      Boomers are the ones who kept the flame of love burning throughout the night for the Juice. But those allies are dying off soon enough.

      The Juice on their own. They made their bed and will have to sleep in it. They’ve managed to alienate pretty much everyone, which is quite an achievement.

    • White Jew bashing is a sign of white weakness to the delight of those who truly have it in for white America.

      Not sure where you’re going with that as you make it sound like any criticism is illegitimate. However I will note that some of what you mention comes from what Sailer calls “flight from White”. Some of these “Jews” online are about as Jewish as Elizabeth Warren is ‘Native American’, but because being White is unfashionable in the current age they point to some half-Jewish ancestor as proof of being not-White.

      • Evil Sandmich: Just because Sailer’s coined a catchy slogan doesn’t make this behavior new, or different, or palatable. For every wignat disdaining a particular individual because he possesses a specific quantum of Juice blood, I can find 100 Juice proclaiming their historic ‘peoplehood’ based on an equal or smaller quantum of Juice blood. As far as “flight from White” goes, the Juice have gone out of their way for centuries, in every country, to declare themselves most definitely separate and not merely equal, but better. They’ve made their choice and made it crystal clear, over and over again.

        • Don’t think that I’m letting anyone off the hook, I’m just saying that their clannish leadership of the empire helps them punch way above their weight class since they can loop in all manner of “fellow white people” who would in a moment flip to “fellow jewish people” if it was advantageous to them personally.

          • Their clannish xenophobia helped them only because they were infesting a high-trust, altruistic society. In the long run, everybody wants to be White Man’s neighbor and nobody wants to be Shlomo’s neighbor.

    • Bullshit.

      The vast, vast majority of American Jews do not view themselves as white. Yeah, they’re delusional because literally everyone else does, but, hey, Jews aren’t known for their self-awareness.

      We bash Jews because Jews bash us. It’s not a sign of weakness, you lying prick, it’s a sign of waking up and fighting back.

      And, yes, a few Jews are waking up to fact that they’re going to have a hard time joining team POC, but don’t mistake that for them wanting to join our side or help us.

      Ever since Jews internalized the Holocaust story (and, yeah, it’s mostly a story), it’s been a fight to the death in their minds. They’re not going to join with whites, whom they consider to be one economic downturn away from dawning fashionable uniforms and putting them in mythical death camps.

      • In yet another “conversation” with a Jew on Gab I had the thought that if the Jews are really serious about letting bygones be bygones in the demographic horror that they helped bring about, then the Big Slander against whites needs to be the first thing to go. I know people on our side who are way smarter than me (Z and Derb) think it’s best left alone, but it’s going to be hard for schleps like me to ignore if that Libel Cow is left to hang around, ready to be milked again at a moments notice.

      • Ever since the Palestine drama a few months ago, the J’s in Toronto are spooked. I guess 30,000 angry Muslims marching around made them notice.

        But it’s more of a “help us, whitey! please do something so we can survive!” rather than actually wanting to join us.

        I am not buying it

        • Exactly. Jews are just trying to find that nice balancing point of where whites are beaten down enough but still keep society functioning and Jews safe from their POC mercenaries.

          Jews aren’t realizing that maybe they made a mistake. They’re just trying to manipulate the various players to keep themselves on top and their ancient enemy on the bottom.

      • I look at it a bit differently. They shape shift based on what is best or most useful for them.

        When it is useful or advantageous to be/act/identify white, they do so.

        When it is useful or advantageous to not be/act/identify white, they take that tack.

  38. “Born in sin and animated by a search for salvation, it sacrifices itself as its final act.”
    That closing sentence is priceless and pithy. If brevity indeed be the soul of wit, Z has captured the essence of the American experiment.

  39. Just because our infrastructure and political system is collapsing doesn’t mean we are winning or assuming our rightful place at the control center. Still hearing this death knell ring in the distance gives me some comfort. Anything is better than what currently passes for a culture and government.

    Right now it is hysterics and tyranny all the way down. When that hits it’s nadir, looking up will start the process back to something better. A long time will have to pass, just look at the walking casualties in society, left and right, before we have a semblance of what we used to have. Tough times will create that.

    • > Anything is better than what currently passes for a culture and government.

      Nope. It can be a lot worse.

  40. The Gospel of Saint Jaffa. I like that, incredibly apropos. Semi-relatedly. it’s amusing to read the comments on neocon GOP sites like Instapundit. The principled conservatives are getting the “propositional nation” they demanded and completely deserve… and they’re running around like the proverbial headless chicken.

  41. There could be a great schism coming

    The POC are proving to be a hard nut to crack when it comes to getting them vaxxed

    • The regime can only function due to the competence of Anglos and Anglo assimilated Europeans.

      It’s kind of a paradox. The powers that be are importing non white aliens to oppress the white population. However, with every non white alien moving in, the regime loses more competence and legitimacy to oppress us.

      Think of how easy it would be to have a “white nationalist” meeting in Mexico, or Brazil. Or how easy it would be to procure some items. The law systems don’t have the competence to stop you, and the people don’t have the mental capacity to care. It’s one of the reasons I’m not so blackpilled.

      The Hasidim in NYC are a good example of “whites” thriving in a hostile non white area. They can do whatever they want, they just need to stay ultra conservative and stick together as a group.

      • There are a lot of lessons to be learned from the ultra orthodox, however one may feel about them.

      • “Think of how easy it would be to have a “white nationalist” meeting in Mexico, or Brazil. Or how easy it would be to procure some items. The law systems don’t have the competence to stop you, and the people don’t have the mental capacity to care.”

        Well said, corruption & incompetence at the state level is growing at too much of an exponential rate for whites to be unable to defend themselves.

        If whites, as a group, would recognize the propaganda & understand war is being waged on them(which ain’t hard to do considering critical race theory is public policy), then the rest comes relatively easy.

      • One consideration I haven’t read Zman address (forgive me if I’ve missed it) is the second versus first amalgam conflict. If the first amalgam is the population usually referred to as heritage Americans (predominantly North-West Europeans) and the second amalgam is the populations entering the United State post-Civil War but before the 1965 immigration act (composed predominantly of other European groups, most notably Irish Catholics and Italian Americans), then the political conflict between Good Whites and Bad Whites can be seen as having shifted from an internal dispute among first amalgam populations to a cross-amalgam dispute where Protestant radicals from first amalgam allied with alienated groups within the second amalgam and alienated Blacks. This alliance is now largely in control of the country and creating their own definition of country (a country of immigrants vs. settlers, new founding date, new anthem, etc.) But there is a tension between the radical egalitarians of the first amalgam and the rebels of the second amalgam, whose original cultures were more hierarchically organized. How will they resolve this tension, I wonder, especially when the third amalgam (post-1965) fully comes into their own?

        • Very well put

          My family came from Italy to Tampa, not the Ellis Island route but not really important, and I knew I was a rebel and confederate the day I saw the Stars and Bars. And my family had nothing to do with it, but that same shared feeling exists in Italy where there have been many such internal conflicts very analogous to the Civil War.

          That spirit lives in many of us

          • Falcone: My late mother-in-law’s Italian-American-born parents were Republicans back in the 1930s. My late father-in-law’s Irish relatives were all Democrats.

        • “How will they resolve this tension, I wonder, especially when the third amalgam (post-1965) fully comes into their own?”

          They will fight each other into permanent gridlock until a charismatic tyrant rises to power. That’s the usual ending to multiple factions vying for a throne… eventually, one of the sons murders all the others. Yay unity!

      • B125: Yes, the Hasidim stick together, but they have official protection. They are legally authorized to have their own ambulance, and their own schools, and their own police force. On the goyim’s dime. They stuck together back in Poland, too, but the Poles didn’t like paying for it. And the Hasidim are still demanding the Poles pay moar for what the Germans did to Poland. They’re ‘thriving’ because they’re grifters, not merely because they stick together.

    • Interesting to see that vaccine acceptance runs in the exact same order as the bell curve IQ-by-Race, which is to say:

      1. Asian
      2. White
      3. Hispanic
      4. The Bleks

      • Say what you will about blacks, they are remarkably stubborn and resilient. Likely because they are so stupid. They do whatever they want to.

        You can’t convince them that homo marriage is good. Nobody can convince them to eat healthy and stop eating fried chicken and grape juice. Nobody can convince them to take whitey’s vaccine. Nobody can convince black males to use a condom.

        I like that about them. The problem is that they don’t belong alongside whites. Diversity + proximity = resentment + war. Blacks in their natural habitat in the Congo, Uganda, etc. are happy as can be.

        • Resistance to modern woke ideology is also a trait I respect in the muzzies. You’ll never see a muzzie country having trannies read books to children.

          As a side note, using the muzzies as proof of the antiwhite, anti Christian agenda of our ruling class is incredibly effective. When they say they hate the dirt people because of sexism or homophobia, you reply, well that’s not why you hate them. The muzzies control their women’s clothing and who they marry, and they even mutilate their genitals. Meanwhile they outlaw and kill homosexuals, but you have no problem with them. You hate whites and Christians and those are just tools you use to bludgeon them. It’s made some normies really think.

      • Interesting. Does that mean that higher IQ are more susceptible to propaganda or credentialism?

        • Yes, higher IQ correlates with openness to new ideas and such. However, Dutton lectures us on the concept/phenomenon of “midwits”—folk with a high enough IQ to understand and accept what’s currently in vogue, but not quite enough to question and analysis it critically.

          Midwits on the Bell curve form a large percentage of the population as compared to those further on the right (brighter) side of the curve. Those folk are open—but more questioning—of new ideas and trends.

        • Yes they are. Intellectuals were are to forefront of embracing Communism and Fascism.

          Your average New Age cult is loaded to the gills with people who have masters and doctorates. Brainy people love complex and esoteric BS. It makes them feel smart.

          This is why I laugh at the HBD crowd. They think IQ is everything. If it was people would not have sucked up a toxic and suicidal brew of Marxism and PoMo which now forms the core of the Woke movement and holds TPTB in it’s thrall.

      • It’s probably much more a function of reliance on corporate news.
        That explains why the vaxx-truthers are so predominately White.

        In Scotland, the vaxxed are dropping like flies.

        If you read read the whole piece you’ll see that only 596 died of just covid in ten months.

        ““The answer to your question is 596 deaths involving COVID-19 has been registered where there was no pre-existing medical condition between March 2020 and January 2021”

        A burst of honsty from a Government Agency, who’da thunk it?

        • Some people (agencies) just want to get on the “right side of God” before it’s too late, I suspect.

    • Will the PTB simply declare that “we now have 98% vaccine compliance in the Black community, and the only people we have to work on now are the racist whites”?

      Totally untrue, of course, but I can still picture them doing this.

  42. > This vast sprawling managerial state needs a reason to exist, so these manufactured crises provide it.

    One can imagine the religious overtones and fanaticism of Washington D.C. by looking at your average corporate management schmuck who was indoctrinated into a new fad and imagining if he never got pushback in his life.

    For example, in a previous job we had a big push for Six Sigma, a sort of manufacturing efficiency methodology that worked okay for manufacturing, which the powers that be decided could work everywhere. We had Six Sigma “black belts” who would prowl the technicians floor looking for efficiencies. The problem was, they were clueless to the day-to-day lives of these people.

    One technician I talked to said one of these guys moved all the supply cabinets based on what the techs used. He then asked them how much time they felt was saved. The techs stated that while it was easier to get X, it was now more cumbersome to get Y and Z, so it was basically a wash. The guy hemmed and hawed, and put down an arbitrary number for improvement for upper management, and declared victory.

    Not imagine the same manager who just went to a week long session on fighting White Supremacy and it will look just like what the FBI does now. They can fill their numbers by entrapping some white doofuses, declare victory, and ask for more funding. The actual reality of their work is irrelevant, as it’s all the optics of the spreadsheet they give to the higher ups.

    The only way to stop the madness is having a no-nonsense man who has the balls to see through the bull and put down the hammer on these wasteful operations. There’s also a reason personalities like that are pushed out of the management track.

    • Just please heaven help the doofuses that do get caught up. Imagine being one of the six in the Gretchen Whitmer plot who were caught up with 12 FBI accomplices. When 2/3rds of your team is feds, well, that’s just embarrassing.

      • ” When 2/3rds of your team is feds, well, that’s just embarrassing.”

        It certainly explains why it didn’t work.

      • Its obvious the state actors and the “target” worked together to cook the whole thing up.

        Its the fake hate crime thing just done by an official dept. Only you make sure you leverage the dept’s usual entrapment machinery to have patsies to do it, rather than someone you know.

    • Six Sigma, yeah the latest managerial BS taken out of context and rammed into all the places where it shouldn’t be. There’s a long history of this. I remember when Total Quality Management was going to save us all, they even tried to apply it to the military, with sometimes hilarious results. And one could argue that the entire Soviet Union was based on an attempt to apply Taylorism to an entire society (with sometimes equally hilarious, but staggeringly bloody, results). Management gurus are almost as bad as the Woke when it comes to the One True Faith; and of course there days, there’s a lot of overlap.

    • Well, we can look forward to mass boomer retirements coming up

      The federal bureaucracies will be hollowed out of the most competent

      then all the magic negri and the Karens and the trannies can kill each other over who gets to command the sinking ship.

      • My firm just announced the, “Women of Color STEM Conference.”

        Yeah, no.

        • Yes, just had the latest round of “advanced management” programs came around. Two of three were “under-represented only”. One for all comers. Nominated a smart white guy running a large operation that could use it. Final “approved” list crossed the wire this morning. “Under represented” all the way down.

    • In the before times, the no-nonsense, smart, no-BS set would leave Globocorp and start their own, competing operation.

      Sears & Woolworth were once the largest retailers in the world.

      Now that the US has become a democratic dictatorship, all entrepreneurs and start ups will have to wear the mask, take the jab and comply, comply, comply.
      A Gab or Zman might slip through the regimes cordone sanitaire, but their reach will always be severely curtailed (sorry guys, but it is true).

    • One of the fundamental problems in Western business culture is the mass amnesia of the old saw, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

  43. It would be interesting to see the new bad guys (half the country) really just go gloves off with the regime. I mean totally morally justified in the way the left feels it is and fired up. I’ve never seen that before. Also lol at the flying carpet part, that was funny.


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