Lessons From The Bolsheviks

It is fascinating in a way how so much of the current crisis parallels events in Europe a century ago, despite the many differences. This is supposed to be the peak of liberal democracy, but it feels more like the dying embers of the old aristocratic order that evolved out of the 19th century in response to the French Revolution and the changes wrought by the Industrial Revolution. Then as now, the one thing agreed upon is the current order is not satisfactory. The old order has failed.

The past is never a perfect parallel to the present, but the many points of comparison between then and now is what matters. The rise of industry forcing people into cities, altering the power arrangements in European societies set off massive cultural changes that resulted in two great industrial wars and the rise of communism. The technological revolution is having the same impact on the West today. The world after the internet is a very different place from the world before it.

The interesting thing about the Bolsheviks and the communists in general is they were the only people trying to come to terms with what in the world was happening and why it was happening. The parallel to today is that it is the dissident subculture in which there is any serious thought about what is driving the ongoing crisis. Establishment efforts like Caldwell’s The Age of Entitlement, want to keep the analysis within the liberal democratic order. The fault lies with people, not the system.

Like the old commies in the industrial age, it is dissidents in the technological age who look further upstream. Like those old commies, there is a theoretical side to the analysis and a practical side, even a sense of urgency. Industry brought both new economic relationships, but also mass movements of people. Millions of Jews, for example, left the Russian empire for America. Similarly, technology has created new power relationships and set up a massive movement of people.

What studying the events of a century ago shows is that the great chain of causality is true in the long view. Russia, for example, has kept reverting back to being Russia, despite the changes in political economy. We see this quite clearly with China today, which is a high tech version of the Tang Dynasty. In the short run, massive changes to political economy can ripple back all the way to the nature of the people. The short run in the context of history can be a few lifetimes.

This is another parallel between then and now. The communists saw the great hand of fate in their history books. Their claims about political-economy were based in a historical understanding that said the arc of history bent toward socialism. The dissident knows that today is the result of the millions of decisions that have happened up to this moment on the timeline. A man is the sum of the mating choices of his ancestors and a people is the sum of all the choices that made the people.

That does not mean that the future is fixed. Nothing is inevitable other than the fact that people have always been wrong about the future. That is another great lesson for us from the communists. They were so sure about how things must end that they did not think much about being wrong about it. You see that with what passes for left-wing radicalism today. They just know that without white people utopia will descend on the land, but how that is supposed to work is never considered.

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  • 32:00: Rules & Standards (Link)
  • 42:00: Tomorrow Belongs To No One
  • 57:00: Closing (Link) (Be Like Me)

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228 thoughts on “Lessons From The Bolsheviks

  1. Counter revolutionary is the way forward during the stale reheated third rate half baked faculty lounge woketard Bolshevik Revolution 2.0 that is a useful idiots controlled by the globalists for their prison planet plan.
    All governments are enemy occupied zones that hate you to the point of intoxication and they want a Final Solution to the White European question.

  2. A tactical point that I also believe is true:
    The Left doesn’t believe anything they say. They know it’s all bullshidt. I think I’ve heard Z-Man talk about the “Make Normie Say it” game of finding something stupid, and then scream that it’s moral and you should believe it, like a fag can marry a fag.

    Last week Z talked about the collective inbred mentality and that they actually do believe their own bull. I don’t care if that is true. Tactically, we can destroy their “moral” stance by saying they don’t believe it, they just want to hurt people. And the harm is intentional. Because if you do something for 70 years and it never works, the harm is intentional!

    This way we stop arguing policy, which has never once worked. We accuse them of doing harm intentionally, and then pointing out the harm they actually do.

    It always wins. We all know this because they have been doing it to us for 70 years and we’ve been too stupid to figure it out. We want to be “right” and argue policy and morality without ever one slitting their throat with a real attack.

    They just want to hurt people. No other argument need be used.

    • An interesting point from today’s podcast is the racial thing exists partly or in toto to keep us from organizing against the cloud people.

  3. I’ve probably said this before on previous occasions here but this is one of the best and most important posts. I’ve also arrived at the idea that we need to study previous revolutionaries. It follows directly from not just saying but actually realizing that a) there is NO solution within the system and b) we are on the road to extinction of something hard to distinguish from extinction. Off the top of my head the ‘cannon’ of successful revolutionaries would be (without moral preferences, only looking at whether they were successful or not); the American revolution (1776 in case some find that ambiguous), the French revolution, the Russian (Bolschevik) revolution, Hitler (disasterous military strategist, evil genius level tactical politician), Gandhi in India (kicking the Brits out in a peaceful way, he was screwd in politics, propaganda and image management) and Mao in China. These are the six big, successful revolutions (Hitler’s revolution succeeded, it was his war that failed). There are elements to learn from all of them. Great job on this podcast.

    • Odd that you would leave David Ben Gurion out of your analysis.

      After all, he was The Ultimate Winner of WWII.

      • The founding of Israel is important sure but not subscribing to either the ‘It iz ze Joos!’ school or the ‘we must all love and cherish Israel unconditionally’ school, it is not a world-defining event the way the six other revolutions are. They happened in large countries, France being the smallest in terms of population. Israel is still a small country even if it punches above its weight.

        • Gandhi’s methods required the Brits to be humane and also relied on a large percentage of the Brit elite to be actively rooting for him. Palestinians were prompted to use his methods but they said it wouldn’t work with the Israelis.

          • Absolutely. You choose your strategy based on the situation and the nature of the opposition is very much part of the situation. You do not choose Gandhi’s approach if the current wielders of state power are like Pol Pot or Stalin. But, for all their insanity, the current wielders of power in the West share with the late stage British Empire a distinct reluctance to shed blood. Which means the Gandhi approach may contain valuable tools.

            It is also, of course, the strategy that inspired MLK and b/c southern US states in the 1950s may have been ‘racist’ but they had the same extreme reluctance to mow down people that the British in India had after 1920. Therefore I think it is important to include Gandhi as a source of ideas. With the right opponent, inhibited by civilized virtues, his approach can be very powerful. With the wrong opponent – ISIS, Hitler etc – his strategy would be pure suicide. But I think everyone here understands that.

  4. The only good commie is an erased from existence commie.
    They aren’t human so don’t feel any remorse when you make them good.

  5. The Bolsheviks were similar to Antifa. Not very intelligent, never worked a day in their lives, some were professional college students, but they miraculously had backing and funding.

    Probably the most successful one, Stalin, actually worked in his life. It was thieving and banditry, but at least it was some kind of work.

    • Not sure where you guys come up with this “never worked a day in their lives” thing. Who the frik hasn’t worked a day in their life? Or at least a summer.

        • never worked a day in their lives

          Slick Willy
          John “Jhingis Khan” Kerry
          Bill Ayers
          Barry Soebarkah Dunham
          Michael LaVaughn Robinson
          Susan Rice
          Eric Holder
          B!tch McConnell
          Miss Lindsey Grahamnesty
          Fay Gowdy
          Kevin McCuntthy
          Dyke Pence
          Anthony Fraudci
          etc etc etc

          And [with the exception of Susan Rice] that’s just the shkotzim.

          None of these people are real.

          All of them were screened & filtered & selected with the utmost care, and placed into picture perfect fake careers by the Frankfurt School & the Creep State.

          PS: I suppose I oughtta give a special shout out to good ol’ boy Denny Hastert, who was secretly plunging his vampire fangs into the Adrenochrome of the poor little boys on his high skrewl wrasslin’ team.

          God only knows how many boys he & B!tch McConnell & Miss Lindsey must have drained once they had access to Sheldon Adelson’s supply.

  6. Can someone suggest a book on the Bolshevik revolution? Or say Russia/Soviet from 1915 through WWII. One that’s not 600 pages? And one that’s doesn’t blame it all on bagels. Thanks.

    • Since last year I’ve been watching Stephen Kotkin interviews and speeches on Stalin. Apparently he’s the expert of experts on Stalin.

      I guess I could take in the revolution years to WWII via his two-volume Stalin bios. But they’re like 900 pages each. Would I really read them? I haven’t even finished the abridged Gulag Archipeligo.

      Stalin: Paradoxes of Power, 1878-1928 (2015)
      Stalin: Waiting for Hitler, 1929-1941 (2017)

      Little beeenie boy in action:


    • ” And one that’s doesn’t blame it all on bagels. Thanks.”

      So you want to read revisionist history and half-truths? Got it. There should be no trouble finding a book like that since much like that regime itself airbrushing certain inconvenient elements out of photos & history is what has been going on since 1945. I would guess you’d have FAR more difficulty finding a book that actually included bagels as even mentioning them in any objectively truthful way it touching the 3rd rail and financial suicide.

      • Agree. No mainstream publishing house could release a book that blamed a bagel for anything. I guess what I mean, is the author has to be a legit historian. I don’t know Russian history well. So I don’t want to read a book on it by some wackjob bagel-hater who specializes in sounding convincing. Because it’s just gonna convince me of a bunch of bullshit.

      • one that’s doesn’t blame it all on bagels

        Then you’re looking for the work of sephardic sanheder Simon Sebag Montefiore.

        Montefiore must have destroyed tens of thousands of documents in the archives [and replaced many of them with counterfeits] before Vlad the Bad was able to seize control of matters [and hopefully VtB has attempted to insure & re-insure the integrity of what remains].

        Montefiore is the Ur-archtype of the House of Rothschild’s MI6 subsidiary.

    • Robert Conquest wrote a short bio of Lenin, which naturally is OOP. If you haven’t got time for reading poorly-scanned stuff in Goggle Books from a century ago, it is not a bad sketch history of a classic S.O.B.

      In my student days I’d get irritated when elders would recommend Orlando Figes’s “A People’s Strategy” bc there’s no way any of them had read more than 5% of it. I am aware of one person, in my immediate family, who read an entire 800-page Stalin biography (I dunno which author). But others are equally doorstop-worthy. This seems like a job for Louis Menand to take up in a New Yorker article, surveying the various gigabytes of Russian dictator profiles

      • There exist long books which are also easily read, if you care about the subject matter (but not too much). Bertram Wolfe’s ‘Three Men Who Made a Revolution’ is an oldie but goodie; it deals with Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin (I read it a long time ago; I recall it treated Leninn with kid gloves but was pretty rough on Stalin). Two Russians put out around 1985 ‘Utopia in Power’, a fun read if collectivization, mass arrests and gulags are your thing. Alan Bullock’s ‘Hitler and Stalin’ is a good read; you can skip the Hitler stuff if you want, the book is organized like that. As for Figes, long as it is I think ‘The Whisperers’ is one hell of a book, describing life under Stalin from literally dozens of perspectives.

      • I don’t know whether y’all are disinformationists or simply goyische cattle dutifully regurgitating the Sunday NY Times talking points, but there is no such thing as a boring biography of Saint Joseph Djugashvili.

        Once you step back from the trees, and see the forest for what it is, the zoology of even the tiniest little saplings, struggling to survive beneath the giant maples & beeches & poplars, starts to make sense, and you realize that the most minute detail fits perfectly into the larger panorama.

        Each & every time I encounter a new [to me] historical account of Saint Joseph’s life, I stumble upon at least one virgin data point which is completely harmonious with all the other known virgin data points in the great harem of The Pattern.

    • The red wheel series by Alex Solzenitzen. It doesn’t exclusively place blame on the bagels but it doesn’t pretend like they don’t exist either.

      It’s not 600 pages, it’s 4 volumes of ~1000 pages 😀

  7. Excellent podcast, and I especially enjoyed how at the end you joined those events to the present. Hence, a mild criticism about an omission.

    Marxian utopianism claimed a withering of the state at some point. This is what drew in anarchists and nihilist in 1917.

    Of course, anyone who has watched their Hone Owners Association in action knows those folks are not about to relinquish power. Now imagine being stupid enough to think a stateless world would arise after freaking Lenin seized power.

    This explains how even today moronic libertarians think totalitarianism will lead not just to weed but additional utopia.

    A few other random thoughts:

    Kerensky was a fool, basically a marginally smarter John Kerry. His family couldn’t find an Orthodox Chirch in America to bury the idiot. Play stupid games…

    You are absolutely right about the shiftless nature of the Bolshies. Imagine the garbage droning on in Philosophy class as the professor tries to call on another student. Now imagine that garbage as a ruthless dictator….

    Everything about the October Revolution was an accident. So much so, in fact, that hostile elements of the Okharana and the military were kept in place because the Bolshies didn’t have their own people lined up…

    The only reason the Bolshies won the Civil War was the internal divisions among the Whites. In those few cases where the Whites were unified they won, primarily in tge Ukraine and the Black Sea…

    If the peasants did not have a history of being cowed and had pushed back, the whole enterprise would have collapsed. This is sort of happening in the United States today but there is far greater likelihood here the totalitarians lose at the end of the day. Not a given by any means but that difference is stark.

    • Absolutely. If America survives it’ll be because we don’t have a history of autocracy. Like that video Z linked the other day, our tradition is ‘elbow room’ and self rule. So far used against us to open the gates of hell, but when it comes to imposing hell, we’ll, that’s just Un-American! Hopefully.

        • Yes, Russians never became a minority in Russia. Even though the resentful minorities and (((minorities))) played an oversized role in Bolshevism, when the USSR stabilized it more or less became Russian again. After it collapsed, and under Putin, Russian identity and religion bloomed again. Soviet Union is still seen as quintessentially Russian.

          There’s no reason to think the current insanity will ever subside because the people benefitting from it are not the same people who originally founded America or made it great. And this goes for the whole west. Why would any non white want wokeness to go away? Their whole tribe can move to a formerly white country and live comfortably off welfare for at least a few generations.

          That leaves us with 2 options. 1) civil war and balkanization. Kind of like Yugoslavia. They will never let us go, though. The only thing worse than death for a non white is to have to live in their own homeland with their own people as a majority. Option 2) is Brazil, where it’s unofficial segregation, lots of race mixing over time, and the whites keep a thin layer of civilization over third world browns and blacks.

          Neither scenario takes into account asians though. I’m not sure what will happen with so many Chinese and indians thrown into the mix. They hate whitey but are also capable of running some degree of civilization. They also are obsessed with white women. Maybe indians just slowly take over and mandate race mixing for white women. Unlikely, though.

          Anyways I’m not too worried about the future. I’m just doing what I can to shape what I’d like to see.

          • That’s why I more or less root for collapse. No gibs, a lot of people will move on, the latent crazy frontier mofo will re-emerge. At least I hope. As for Asians taking over, I don’t know. Not sure China is as aggressive without American capital and consumers fueling it. Indians can keep a civilization but their statecraft is suspect.

          • That is actually not true that Russians were a majority in the empire circa 1900.

            Russian or Ukrainian were listed the native languages of about 62% of the 1897 census serfs.

  8. Good show Z, as usual. I’m somewhat interested in the Russian Revolution myself. I won’t talk about that since it already seems well debated in the comments.

    But your closing section is very important. We need to remember that we have our own lives to live, and should enjoy it. There’s no point being depressed and miserable. In fact, it’s what the enemy wants – they hate seeing healthy, happy, and normal white men and women. So yes, do cut out the media if that’s making you miserable. I only learn about the news through blogs or real life conversations with other people. I don’t listen to the COVID stories on the news. It’s all demoralization propaganda.

    I no longer fight against the left with normie cons. It usually makes me laugh at how irrelevant they are; not just the right but also the left. Idiots bickering over useless stuff. I don’t speak with leftists arguing in bad faith anymore. I speak to my own people about our ideas. I’m happier than ever – doing activities I like, seeing friends and family, working out. And of course, building networks with like minded people, and even regular white people who are fed up with woke nonsense.

    The COVID pandemic seems to have been a sorting event among whites. I’m actually seeing more white guys who have an “edge” to them now. Not as in tattoos and earrings, but internally. They look fit. They look a little angry and hungry, but also happier. Their internal radar seems to have been awakened. It’s great to see. Then there are the leftist whites, the goodwhites, who have actually fared quite badly in the pandemic. Weak or obese, increasingly neurotic, isolated and depressed. Scared about the flu.

    Anyways, keep it up to everybody here, “live your best life” as the feminists say, and remember that nobody respects or wants to listen to a fat fuck or a slob. Ignore the anti white demoralization agenda and forge your own path while connecting with others.

    • 100 percent.

      If I had to give the primary reason the mushy Trump drove the Left insane was that he gave Whites hope, however misplaced. Stay happy, fit and upbeat. You are so spot on about Covid. It broke GoodWhites and even sent some our way. Odd, that, but accidents of history are the point here.

      Great comment.

      • he gave Whites hope


        Even Sun Tzu, two & a half millennia ago, recognized the paramount importance of psychological warfare [and the chinese ain’t exactly known for being attuned to human psychology – at least not the ones we interact with in the 21st Century – but maybe things were different back in the day].

        And of course everything the Frankfurt School throws at Western Civilization & Christianity is simply one form or another of demoralization pr0n.

        It’s all designed to break your soul, so that you can never again summon your Ancestors’ fighting spirit.

        Anyone here old enough to remember the heady days of 2016, with the utter routing of the sh!tlibs in the Great Meme Wars?

        And do you remember the very first agenda item the Frankfurt School tackled in 2017?

        It was a totalitarian scorched-earth de-platforming of the DR from every possible access point in Normie life – banned from scr0tial media, banned from receiving non-profit donations, doxxed & fired from their jobs, all advertisements yanked, denied access to the fiat shekel system of the federal reserve, etc etc etc.

        [Just the other day, the formally ultra-Christian “Branch Banking & Trust”, now the satanic “Truist” bank, completely raped and slit the metaphorical throat of Andrew Torba & Gab. Of course, the Frankfurt School’s test run of this new strategy was executed way back in 2010, when they ordered the sanhederette Lois Lerner, at the IRS, to cut off the Tea Party at its financial knees.]

        But those were heady days circa 2016 – Pepe memes everywhere, mass shaming & ridicule of shitlibs on scr0tial media, the comet ping pong pizza gate Adrenochrome operation being unmasked with sanheder Herbert Sandler and sanhederette Marion Sandler at its helm, /pol/ chasing would-be sanheder Sean Penn halfway across the globe and back…

        The Frankfurt School can never never never allow the White Christian male to become that confident again.

        So get back to watching all that demoralization pr0n on mass media & scr0tial media, shabbos goy.

        You know you want it.

        You know you need it.

        You know you can’t resist it.

    • There it is. The Kung Flu really did break a lot of White brains, but on the upside, it’s really easy to cut those people out of your life. I use one sentence: “if not catching the Coof means I have to live like you do, I’ll take my chances with the germs.” Be happy. Live your life. It’s salt in their wounds, and they deserve it.

      • To reply to you and Jack:

        A good example of this is an obese leftist woman I know. She’s about 5″3 and must have been 250lb pre-pandemic. Since the lockdowns started her weight must have ballooned to 350lb. She was recently telling me how “angry” she was at her “stupid” teenage daughter for attending a house party where a few people caught COVID. This is not a sane person, this is a crazy person; a lunatic. I feel bad for her daughter too.

        If she was really scared of COVID, or cared about her health in general she should be losing weight. Swap Twinkies for some carrots. But no, it’s up to her daughter to give up her social life to accommodate her inability to control her eating habits.

        Of course on the Badwhite side, my quite elderly great uncle told me that visiting with family is more important than living an extra 6 months. He could expire anytime. Come on over and if I die from COVID then it’s God’s will. I think the lockdown has the silver lining of being a wake-up call to Badwhites to re-prioritize what’s important in life.

    • Yes to all of this. Kill your TV. Acquire new skills & do meaningful work. Be pleasant to others & cultivate a benign persona. Keep your wits about you & be alert for opportunities to make a difference. Practice scenarios in your head (and only in your head), mull them over & refine them. Think outside the box. Stay in the shadows. Don’t let them lure into the open. Survive first.

      When stress arises, chop some cord work in your backyard with a long-handle axe. The practice may come in handy someday.

  9. You said Lenin wasn’t jewish but there is evidence that his maternal great-great-grandfather was a jew. He wasn’t a religious jew but it does seem likely he had jewish blood. Not to criticize you, just to mention it.

    • Lenin’s maternal great grandfather was a Jew and he was an anti-Semite. Great granpa Blank was a bit strange. He moved to the city and converted to the church and married a Christian woman. Contrary to what the anti-Semites claim, there is no magic Jewish corpuscle that travels down the family tree. Lenin had no knowledge of the Jewish ancestor. There is no evidence his parents knew of him. Lenin was raised Orthodox and by most accounts, he was not well disposed toward Jews.

      The bottom line here is that claiming Lenin was a Jew requires an embrace of Magic Jew Theory™, which is a special form of madness sometimes referred to as “the Jew Thing.”

      • I believe that it is plausible that j3w$ have a gene complex to subvert host societies. Like some beavers are programmed to build dams, we can imagine other beavers that are programmed to dismantle the dams of other beavers.

        If my conjecture is correct, that subvert gene complex appears to be highly dominant over other genes. It doesn’t take much for it to assert itself. I present this idea only as conjecture.

        If this is “the j3w thing,” I don’t mind.

        • other beavers that are programmed to dismantle the dams of other beavers

          Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder in the lesser species.

          Now that would be fascinating.

          Noble-Prize worthy, especially if you could identify the clusters of genes involved.

      • Lenin’s maternal great grandfather was a Jew

        Ironically enough, that’s precisely the same genealogy as Boris Johnson.

        And Johnson is an even moar powerful sanheder than John Bercow.

  10. It’s amazing how consistently czarist Russia is vilified in historical fiction. At some point I’ll write a steampunk where the Czarists are heroes.

    • At some point I’ll write a steampunk where the Czarists are heroes.

      Unfortunately, the s0d0mite Prince Felix Yusupov tag-teamed with his BFF from Oxford, the s0d0mite MI6 agent, Oswald Rayner, to assassinate Saint Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin.

      And then all of Saint Grigori’s prophecies came true.

      To include no moar czardom for the Romanov clan.

      So in your steampunk, you’re gonna hafta do something about Yusupov & Rayner.

      Hopefully something at least as juicy as what Dante did for Judas & Brutus.

  11. I’m reading Hoffers The True Believer again, recommend doing so for everyone here. It’s amazingly relevant today. The anti white racist woke movement has all the hallmarks that he discusses.

    One that all the mass movements from Christianity through communism share is a belief in a fantastical arc of history With today being a midway point between some hazy imagined past and an equally hazy utopian future. With that perfect future being inevitable. The inevitability and nebulousness of the future are features of the belief structure of the movement that draws in true believers. We see those irrationalities as flaws and points of weakness – put they are actually part of the strength of the movement – a key element of their emergent order.

    In fact, Hoffer connects the rationalization and intellectualization of a mass movements’ beliefs, which always happens at some point with successful movements, with their loss of mass appeal.

  12. Mark Levin, like Zman, quotes Eric Hoffer frequently. Mark has a important new book out, American Marxism. I know i know he wears a much smaller hat than my 10 gallon hat, yet still, his book is worth reading.

    • John, while I haven’t read Levin’s book, I am sure that it is worthwhile. He’s a very smart guy (although we can all regret the sound of his voice 🙂

      I assume that his ultimate prescription is a colorblind meritocracy.

      I feel like I can contradict all the arguments in his book by arguing colorblindness is literally impossible for most non-whites. Therefore, his like assuming that we can power our societies with a perpetual motion machine, which physics says is impossible.

      I look forward to your thoughts.

      • Line…er..Sand…how about Sandy?

        “I assume that his ultimate prescription is a colorblind meritocracy.”

        Noooo, Sandy, i’d say his ultimate prescription is to stop the Marxist takeover of our government.

        I admire the guys sincerity, passion and love of country, and that he still holds out hope that we can be saved, although to be honest, i think it’s too late. This is not your typical partisan polemic. This is a thoughtful well researched book that references Rousseau, Hagle, Engles, Marx, Dewey, Hannah Arendt, and Zman’s Eric Hoffer.

        He condemns our immigration policies, diversity, CRT, BLM, the media and supports gun rights. He is hated by all the right people.

        Social movements thrive on conflict. Electoral politics demands consensus and building coalitions. This Marxist movement demands dissensus, chaos, class conflict, racial conflict, gender(s?) conflict, economic failure, censorship, all to support an overthrow of the government and its replacement by a Marxist “utopia”.

        Next time you’re in a bookstore, pick up his book, and just read chapter two. I think it will be worth your time.

        • I can see how a Mark Levin book might be good to clue-in normies. But what’s he going to tell *us* that we don’t already know. Is there anything in the book that’s gonna get him fired from Fox? No? Then why bother.

          I remember watching his Fox show for the first time a few months ago on YouTube.
          He was interviewing the guy from that popular pawnshop tv show. Levin was pushing the old libertarian, “Up by your bootstraps. No one can keep you poor but yourself” bs. Never watched him again. Now he wants to tell the world about the elites?

          • Frip:

            “I can see how a Mark Levin book might be good to clue-in normies. But what’s he going to tell *us* that we don’t already know. Is there anything in the book that’s gonna get him fired from Fox? No? Then why bother.”

            Cuz knowledge is good. Tucker ain’t gonna get fired either, but he’s useful, no?

          • PS

            With regards to normies…

            Before you can get them to come hither, to our side of the river, you must first bring them to the riverside.

          • Agree. But I wouldn’t read a Tucker book either. Are you familiar with Counter Currents publishing?

        • JohnWayne: But this is not a fundamentally “Marxist” versus capitalist conflict. You live in the demographic age, and this is a fundamentally tribal conflict for land and resources, with the top cloud people wanting ever more money, power, and control. Their theoretical political ideology is utterly irrelevant.

          Electoral politics is overrated and utterly useless for any future ethnostate. Class conflict can be mitigated by leashing the corporatists. Racial conflict can be eliminated by creating an ethnostate. While those at the top can, will, and are nurturing and using various conflicts to suit their purposes, those conflicts are genetically innate. There is no ‘us’ to divide any longer.

          As far as overthrowing the government, I’m all for it (rhetorically, of course, dear leaders).

          • 3g4me:

            “As far as ocerthrowing the govt. i’m all for it (rhetorically, or course, dear leaders)”

            🙄 me too.

            Let’s distinguish between a tactic & a strategy.

            The Marxist use class, gender, race, LMNOP, whatever, in order to gin up conflict. Crime, murder, riots, looting, burning – all good. This is a tactic to sow anarchy so that the Marxist can take over, which is the strategic objective. Censorship, electioneering, cancel culture, all of it, more of our freedoms are being taken away every day.

            Consider the Martian looking down on us with his telescope. Why does everone hate white ppl so much? They created the most advanced civilization on the planet. They fought a war to give black ppl their freedom, then took away their own freedom of association, then gave special bennies n preferences to blacks. They made some black criminal a saint. So why do they propagandize to make whites hated so much? Because they stand in the way of one totalitarian world government.

  13. Bolsheviks were being massively bankrolled from the outside.

    Mysteriously, they were NEVER short of resources.

    Also, Tsarist Russia was NOT on the brink of collapse. It had to be massively subverted from within and hollowed out to pave the way for the (((Bolshevik))) gangster takeover.

    • Bolsheviks were being massively bankrolled from the outside.

      Guess what you never knew until this afternoon?

      All this time, the Bolsheviks secretly had a competitor to the Keystone XL pipeline, which was called the “Line 3” pipeline:

      Susan Rice ordered to sell $2.7M stake in oil pipeline company after project moves forward


      [For those of you who don’t know, Susan Rice is descended from bolshevik chattel s1ave traders in South Carolina, named “Suber”, and that’s why both she and her equally midwit father had such exemplary & distinguished careers created for them out of thin air.]

      Anyway, the tl;dr is that all the hubbub about Keystone in the bolshevik owned mainstream & scr0tial media – wah wah wah Keystone is an environmental disaster, wah wah wah Keystone is desecrating sacred injun burial grounds, wah wah wah Keystone will cause cancer in snail darters & bald eagles & sagebrush & cactus plants, wah wah wah wah wah – all of the hubbub was created as a smokescreen to cover up the fact that the Frankfurt School secretly had its own competitor to Keystone.


    • Also, Tsarist Russia was NOT on the brink of collapse.

      It’s record in WWI says otherwise,

      • This is why I get so tired of the (((extra parentheses))) crowd. Basic history is not a secret. The tsarist regime had been on the brink of collapse since the late 19th century. And then there was this thing called “the Russo-Japanese War,” and as for the Bolsheviks never being short of resources, the New Economic Plan…

        …I hate to break it to you, but people are generally eager to do obviously dumb, counterproductive things with no outside encouragement whatsoever. Ask anyone with an ex-wife.

        • @Severian
          That particular view necessarily assumes that the Bolshevik takeover was inevitable. It would then make every occurrence that preceded the Leninist takeover be read within an official Bolshevik context.

          “Basic history is not a secret.”

          Who decides what’s ‘basic history’ and what’s not?

          • That particular view necessarily assumes that the Bolshevik takeover was inevitable.

            It assumes or implies no such thing.

        • Hanlon’s Razor: “Never blame anything on malice when it can be blamed on stupidity (accident, chance, etc.)”

          We all love to blame the Global Zionist Conspiracy® for civilization’s failings, real or perceived. Perhaps this has been true in certain times and places, but everywhere? Yes, they control the media, the universities, the banks, the governments, but they don’t control EVERYTHING 😀

      • The Tsarist military began disintegrating when Tsar Nicholas II was cornered and forced to abdicate in 1917.

        For most of the war, the Russian military had kept the German High Command fiercely engaged on the Eastern front.

        It was only when the home front was knocked out by the revolutionary gangsters aided by elements within the German State that the Tsarist Armed forces went into absolute meltdown.

        Within a year, however, the German State itself faced massive internal (((subversion))) which ended the Second Reich and laid the foundation for Weimar Satanism.

        • For most of the war, the Russian military had kept the German High Command fiercely engaged on the Eastern front.

          This is just hysterically wrong.

          Like claiming that Japan was on the verge of winning WWII when the Americans threw a Hail Mary with the A Bomb and pulled victory from the jaws of defeat.

          • I’ll say it again: basic history is NOT a secret. And as for who decides what’s “basic,” well, I guess I’ll have to go with “anyone willing to take about 10 seconds to look up easily verified facts.” A rule of thumb I use is: if it takes less time to look it up than it does to type a bunch of (((extra parentheses))), it’s pretty basic.

          • In fairness, didn’t Ludendorff send in Lenin in a desperate attempt to knock Russia out of the war so Germany could concentrate all resources on the western front?

            It’s my understanding that everybody was either collapsed or barely hanging on at that point in the war, so sure Russia’s strength is overstated.

            However, Germany’s gambit ended up blowing back on her. She got revolution, abdication, and a taste of commie degeneracy, at least for a while.

            There’s a kernel of truth to it, I’d say.

  14. Off topic, but Ace of Spades denounced Trump today. I bring that up only to suggest that Zman’s preferred (and in my opinion, it’s a good preference) “Just stop voting” seems to be getting more popular. (Protesting on election day is such a great idea I don’t understand why it doesn’t have tons of traction)

    Either the GOP will run actual traditionalists (I hate the word ‘conservative’ at this point, I use it now to as a way to call people queers), or fuck them.

    • Rejecting electoralism is good, but I don’t think rejecting Trump for doing doofus stuff is the kind of rejection that sticks. His opportunities to do non-doofus stuff were severely limited, all other possible candidates are malicious rather than bumbling, etc. There are holes there to climb back through.

      Trump needs to be asked if he *really* called in the Guard to slaughter the crowd at his 1/6 speech. He wasn’t the real CIC and the true regime had other plans, so the NG didn’t do it, but lately he’s been saying that even before the speech he wanted the Guard brought in…to do what? What else could it possibly be? Our military has *no competence*, only weapons. He demanded they be turned on his voters.

      So he says, maybe just bullshittin’, maybe not thinking through the implications. Or…

      • So he says, maybe just bullshittin’, maybe not thinking through the implications. Or…

        It’s a psychological defense mechanism; the Alpha can’t allow it to be admitted that a passive-aggressive turd* like Mike Pence actually et-tu-brute’ed him.

        Note that the Alpha is defending both his own personal ego and also the arduously established group psychology of the Alpha’s followers – the Alpha has invested an entire lifetime of work in establishing that group psychology, and the Alpha ain’t gonna relinquish His lifetime investment without a fight.

        *PS: In VD’s terminology, Pence would be called a “gamma”, but VD’s terminology is definitely not mainstream. On the other hand, I do have to admit that there is a great deal of truth to a recent discussion over at VD’s, concerning the flaws in the standard understanding of the “Alpha” personality type:


        *PPS: I’m also inclined to believe every single word of the sworn testimony of [pseudonymous?] “Ryan Dark White” as to the Adrenochrome-swallowing predilections of the accursed Pence family –

        Confidential Interviews
        Introduction on 01/09/2021

    • Ace of Cucks

      The big story cumming out of Ace of Cucks today was that sanheder Billy Barr had hired fellow sanheder David Weiss to deep six the Hunter Biden investigation until after the election.


      Recall that Billy Barr’s father, the sanheder Donald Barr, had hired young would-be sanheder Jeffrey Epstein as a teacher at the exceptionally upscale & tony Dalton School for Filthy Shiksa Slutz-n-Hoz, on 89th St, during the 1973 through 1975 academic skrewl years.

      At the very same time, from 1973 to 1977, Donald Barr also managed to get li’l Billy into a student internship with the Central Intelligence Agency, whilst Billy Boy studied goyische legalism at the George Washington School of Law [JD 1977].

      Got around a lot, that Donald Barr did.

      It really is so very tediously boring and predictable at this point.

      Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.

      [Personally I’d bet every single fiat shekel in muh bank account that there are extant photographs of Donald Barr partying with Robert Maxwell, father of Ghislaine.]

  15. The Bolsheviks (and other radicals of the time) succeeding in convincing the army to desert and abandon the Czarist government. That is why they succeeded. Our army is a constitutional institution. Soldiers signed up to protect our constitutional nation. They did not sign up to protect the participants in the globalist conspiracy (fedgov). Serving soldiers should desert/resign and reform as local militia. When their power base melts away, our panoply of traitors will hop on their private jets and bug out.

    • The models suggest that as few as a dozen example cases will trigger a stampede-type exodus; provided they are high enough in the hierarchy. But the first few must be in quick order, then persistently thereafter.

    • I suspect there might be such a parting of the ways in a future crisis. It wouldn’t be first time (Civil War). Indeed, it would likely be early in Civil War II. At last two factions, maybe more this time. I’d sure hate to have to choose the country that no longer exists, or the country you no longer want to exist. I’m afraid that we may not get to choose such matters 🙁

      My pessimism is often overdone (fortunately). A partial (but still early) retraction of my dire South Africa commentary yesterday: Perhaps things will cool down and return to normal (their “normal”). I read a few more news items and it sounds like the overall death toll wasn’t much worse than a typical Chicago weekend.

  16. Whiskey, do you think that inflicting misery on the Dirt People is the motivation of the Cloud People?

    We’re all just speculating, but I guess that their motivation is to control us and have us like it. Their control makes us miserable because their rules are contrary to human nature but control is more important than misery.

    The most obvious examples are that the Cloud People are far more comfortable with sexual perversity, homosexuality, transsexuality, and pedophilia, than the Dirt People. The Cloud People will force their preferences on the Dirt People. They would prefer that the Dirt People like these preferences, but if misery ensues instead, they don’t care. It’s about control.

    • Yeah, well you’re going to need an uninterrupted bloodbath in a bungled war to create the conditions for Czar Joe’s white soldiers to desert en masse a la 1917. The peasant soldiers didn’t give up until about 6 million of them had been killed. The Bolsheviks didn’t have to convince Ivan about jack shit, since he was convinced enough by seeing his leaders feed him into a meat grinder for four years. So unless Dementia Joe cooks up about 20 Tannenberg disasters with the Russians by next year or so, the fabulous Globohomo military will go all Bloody Sunday Winter Palace 1905 and open fire.

      • Maybe yes, maybe no. We’ve had a steady defeat for the last 20 years. Iraq and now Afghanistan. The guys who fought in both are very bitter. Moreover, the Czar’s army did not foist women and sacred blacks upon their soldiers while telling their soldiers they and their country were garbage, and their parents and grandparents evil should all be erased.

        Who respects and admires Biden? Dr. Jill? Kamala? Gen Woke Milley? That guy never served a minute in combat. When the images of our embassy and other areas being overrun come on the internet, and we have hostage crisis day 233, things will not be looking so swift. The Czar had roughly 600 years of legitimacy he flushed down the toilet. Biden has … ?? Add in inflation basically lowering their pay dramatically while unqualified women are forced through as Navy SEALS (happened today) and you have the preconditions for revolt. I think something like 66% of Republicans in the South want to secede and something like 40% in the Mountain West. That’s a remarkable flushing down the toilet of legitimacy and consent.

        Its down to force now. Which does not always work.

    • They are punishing the deplorables These faggots hide behind their goons, eventually the goons will remember where they came from. Desperation, to jab you with their juice. They know its unraveling and they’re scared shitless. “They got the guns, but we got the numbers”,

    • Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy bitterly remarked upon learning the cars at her private chapel belonged to her servants, “What’s the point of being rich if ordinary people have nice things too?”

      This is the motivation for the Greens (eat bugs peasants! die in the cold dirt people!). The motivation for destroying things that made straight White dirt people happy: comic books, video games, science fiction, Star Trek, Star Wars, the initial Marvel Movies.

      I suppose if they all had exclusive badges and we were forced to grovel before them some of this would go away. Old line aristocrats were the only ones allowed weapons, and were the warrior class. This group is the deviant class. Yes there is a lot of degeneracy but that does not explain the desire to ruin every thing that ordinary people like. Like replacing the flag with a Rainbow one no one likes.

      Forcing people to live far more miserable lives just creates fights where before there was acceptance. But it fills their need to dominate and control.

  17. This was a welcome break from all the blackpilling stuff going around.

    We need our march through the institutions, even though it is basically too late for that.

    • At the rate things are going, perhaps, we won’t need to march through them. The old ones will collapse (or burn) due to their rot these many decades. Then, if there will be new institutions, we will have to build new ones.

  18. Z-man, your observation that none of the Bolsheviks ever worked a job was telling. In more than one way. In the old pulp novel “the Diamond Bikini” by Charles Williams the sheriff complains that the protaganists uncle one Sagamore Noonan (the prototype for all the sly “good ole boy” outlaws ever since, copied a zillion times) never works, and spends all his time coming up with plots and plans.

    [The novel is hilarious and a very good read.]

    Not working allows people lots and lots of free time to organize, organize, and organize. All of our people have to work. They have to in order to earn their keep. Theirs, don’t have to work. So they have far more time to organize. Organization even if in service of a dysfunctional institution beats none at all. The Youtube Channel Military History Visualized has an account of the Soviet performance in the Winter War. His view was that while pretty much everything: logistics, leadership, equipment was bad, morale was high as was unit cohesion as they were well organized and believed in what they were fighting for. Units surrounded fought on, they did not retreat, and carried out dangerous attacks.

    Contra, I think we will not succeed until we have full time organizers who have no other life and no other demands on their time.

    • Lots of upvotes. This is how the Left won. Reminds me of Pierre Bolkonsky in War and peace. Supremely rich and very bored, dabbles in everything, including subversive freemasonry, and from 5he beginning he was talking about the social contract and at the end of the novel was organizing some sort of counter government group.

      Compared to Nicholi Rostov who just constantly worked

    • The Left also learned how to apply any work they did to their cause by monopolizing government, media and education. It is easier to subvert a country when you are paid to do its dirty work. As the ranks of government swelled and grew thoroughly disproportionate to the private sector, the petty tyranny of low-level mid wits could be fully realized.

    • We also need people who not “work” in the conventional sense but can just be full time troublemakers. It would be nice if our old, wealthy people could take a hint from the Left. Set up think tanks and National Council of… type organizations and hire your more worthy kids and grandkids to run them. Make your pothead son or whore daughter earn their own money.

    • The left is helped enormously by controlling the manufacture of fiat currency and the financial system by which it is injected into the real economy. It is THE central control node of civilization, not Congress, not the judiciary, and not the Presidency.

      The compliant employees in these secondary nodes (also including media and education) mostly do what they are told in exchange for a little slice of the fiat pie, proportional to how useful their service is to those who control the money supply. The totalitarian corporate left will never run out of money to fund their people as long as they can just print more. This will go on until either currency manufacture is wrested from them or until the currency is worthless and they can no longer use it as a tool of control.

  19. Great podcast, but isn’t the lesson of the Bolsheviks that the only things that matter are will to power, ferocity, organization, and ruthlessness? That expertise and even understanding of how the world works does not matter in the least? They won. Their enemies who had better understanding of how the world works lost.

    Also, I’d take issue with the idea that in politics or ruling that ordinary people matter. All evidence suggests they don’t. That all over the West, in political, social, cultural, and business spheres what matters the most is the opinion of the Managerial Elite. The Brandon Tartikoff strategy writ large.

    Tartikoff was the head of NBC in the 1980s who championed lower ratings but more valuable demographics. Hence shows like Cheers, St. Elsewhere, Hill Street Blues, and early Seinfeld all of which got poor ratings but appealed to wealthy upscale urbanites, the Managerial Class. You see this in the NFL now going all woke with the Black National Anthem before every game and hate Whitey on helmets. Or MLB, NASCAR, Star Trek, Star Wars. No one wants/needs/cares about ordinary people or making money off them — they want to virtue signal to the people who DO matter: the Managerial Elite. Who will shovel money their way in a reversion to the Bronze Age Palace Economies.

    The two parties collapsed into one, because the Managerial Elite have total dominance and are asserting their power now. The EU just released its Carbon Mandate, basically no shipping, no freight trucks, no airlines, no manufacturing, no agriculture, massive increase in utilities which mostly won’t work under the new rules. And they will ram it through because what matters is the Managerial Elite not ordinary people. Since they control everything they can copy China with camps for those who don’t like eating bugs instead of hamburger and living in shipping containers.

    • They won.

      For about 20 years, circa 1917 to 1937, until Saint Joseph Djugashvili had sufficiently solidified his power base to the point that he felt safe to begin emptying The House on the Embankment.


      It was designed by Boris Iofan…

      The building is considered to be constructivist in style. The apartments were luxurious for their time: telephones, central heating and high ceilings were standard. At the time, most Muskovites had to make do with communal apartments.

      The building also featured a sports hall, tennis court, kindergarten, library, laundrette and a kitchen from which meals could be ordered for collection.


      Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

  20. I finally got to listen to the show and that was just great work, Z. And that was a great observation about shitlibs and destiny.

    You ponder about who tomorrow belongs to. I am a Yesterday Man, and I wonder who history belongs to? I grew up learning that the tragedy of modern history was the murder of 6 million jews by Nazi Germany. I am in my late 50’s, and I am beginning to see strong evidence that the real tragedy may have been over a hundred million Christians getting murdered by bolshevik jews…?

    Z, I insist on singing the intro for next week’s show. I will dress up in lederhosen and swastikas and sing “Yesterday Belongs To Me”. Maybe I will have Bill Mitchell and David French do the back up vocals. Our friends at the FBI will love it.

    Have a good weekend, guys.

    • That song only gets higher and higher! Whoever sang it was a hell of a tenor, with an intense vibrato

  21. “ They just know that without white people utopia will descend on the land, but how that is supposed to work is never considered.”

    It’ll work out like Africa, er, Wakanda.

      • First starting out on my own, I lived in a very sketchy neighborhood. I was worried about keeping stuff in my home, and especially boxes when I moved (the homies are quite open about taking a good look at your stuff when you move). A friend suggested worth storing stuff like my checkbook on my big, full bookshelves, and labeling boxes of valuables “math books.” I did, and never had anything of value jacked

      • Age-old saying: “If you want to hide something from a [rhymes with “chigger”] put in a book.” 😀

    • Gerard at American Digest has some treats up on his blog about South Africa right now. I liked the vid where the jogger got shot up trying to blow up a fuel truck, and is slowly bleeding to death while a fella records it all on the cell and keeps encouraging the jogger to do everyone a favour and die quickly. In another vid, a couple of nigs are down at the mall on the third wall – trying to smash out the glass fronting. The hardened glass gives out – and one of the monkeys goes tumbling out with the shards of glass.

      The dissidents must understand that Darwin and racial realities will not be denied. If the lesser races were capable of cancelling out whitey, they would have already done so long ago and we wouldn’t be here.

      • Never underestimate the potential of a critical mass of race traitors which we are currently shot through with in the West. And (((fellow whites))) who have –very– deep pockets to finance these people and the pets.

        By themselves they are no threat, correct. But they have learned from the past hence the full court press on all fronts including turning a large percentage of us self hating and suicidal. The playing field is extremely unlevel so this type of post concerns me re: letting your guard down to the tactical reality of the situation.

        • It is for now, AP.

          But you have to remember that Whitey is only starting to clue in right now as we speak. Nobody’s hungry yet, and the nigs have kept most of their violent attacks small and sporadic. Even the riots have not generated any real mass atrocities. When the crisis deepens and the food shortages start? When they start committing larger crimes? Whitey is going to come off that couch loaded for bear and it will be Mutiny On The Bounty. I see our cops and politicos potentially getting shot too. They will deserve it and no bones about it.

          Our leaders are so dumb that the only way they can keep the lid on America’s cultural melting pot is to turn up the heat and press down harder on the lid. Right now the pressure is slowly starting to build. The real fireworks are going to start soon.

          • But you have to remember that Whitey is only starting to clue in right now as we speak.

            It was not part of their b100d, it came to them very late, with long arrears to make good, when the Sax0n began to h@te…

            I watched an H!ckok45 video recently, wherein The Great One was trying to sing the praises [for a sponsor] of a bo1t-action rif1e which he had been lent to test, but you could tell his heart wasn’t in it; he was effectively ridiculing the weekend warriors who show up at the range every Sunday for their bench-rest glass-optics long-distance fakery, and you could tell from H!ckok’s tone of voice that [cum the day of reckoning] the only rif1e he wants in his hands is a batt1e rif1e.

            For well over a year now, I’ve been watching the various sec0nd @mendment shopping sites like a frigging spergtarded idiot, and I can assure you that the great purchasing spree of 2020 is still barging ahead full steam.

            The manufacturers must be offering overtime on 3 shifts per day, 7 days per week, because e.g. recently Horn@dy has managed to ease the spot price of double-aught bucksh0t from $5 per r0und down to a mere $3 per r0und.

            [Still too dear for muh ancient presbyterian poundfoolishness, but I’m just waiting to pounce on the right deal.]

            tl;dr == There are easily 75 to 125 million Heritage Amerikkkanz who are doing nothing but prep & prep & prep some moar.

            If I were the Frankfurt School, I would think long and hard about picking a fight with that vo1unteer @rmy.

        • The playing field is extremely unlevel so this type of post concerns me re: letting your guard down to the tactical reality of the situation.

          J, you gotta remember that what you see in Dee Cee is not what we’re seeing out here in flyover country.

          There are well over 100 million of us Dirt People who have your back, muh bro.

          With some fine, fine, fine-@ssed redneck p00ntang just waiting to push out them icy-blue-eyed nordic babies.

          And ain’t nothing gonna make ’em quite as wet in anticipation as first having witnessed some seriously existential darwinian vio1ence…

        • This evening, the Obama Voters were wreaking just a little too much carnage near where “O” St SW dead ends in S Capitol St [at the 3rd base entrance to Nationals Park], so the game was suspended, and they’ll try to reschedule its resumption as part of a double header tomorrow.

          Nationals Park in DC has been evacuated; alleged active shooter


          It looks like the Nationals are owned by a sanheder named Mark Lerner.

          Personally, I don’t know why any White person would pay money to see any property whatsoever owned by the Frankfurt School.

          But then I see the movie threads at ostensible “DR” bulletin boards, and I just SMDH.

      • The ultimate red pill is realizing aristotle was right about slavery. Some people were born for it. These people would live safer, longer, healthier lives under the custody of any other ethnic group than as free individuals.

        • I propose a modification of Kipling’s (?) saying: “White man, lay down your burden!”

          Yes, there always were and will be superior and inferior people. But there’s no requirement a free nation have any slaves, no brook any inferiors in its midst. I hope we’d have learnt that lesson by now.

          Memo to future empire: When someone suggests the need for cheap, imported labor, show them to the door.

        • David: It’s the Han’s turn to take over their custody. Any sane White is done with ‘the burden.’ And frankly, no sane White should give a damn whether or not they live safe or healthy lives, or any lives at all. Not our people, not our problem.

  22. I was just in a ridiculous mansion in Beverly Hills 20,000 square feet type. The house manager met me at the gate and started to complain about the mask coming back at midnight Friday. He went right into the border situation. All these illegals are ruining everything! Now as were talking we were surrounded by little brown men with leaf blowers. What about these guys? Oh there ok. They’re here illegally right ? Yes. So? We just can’t let anymore in. You ever heard of Zman? No. I’m a Tucker, hannnity guy. I have no more time for any other sources of information. This guy is a …… can’t write what I’m thinking. He thinks he’s fighting the good fight. He’s not. He’s a scared little man with no future. He’s walking the earth dead.

    • Yes for now, but now is not forever. Give that man someone to follow that speaks plainly and he will follow. There’s a 25% slice that will go along with a 5% that leads (both their side and ours has that).

      • Yes for now, but now is not forever.

        That was a point I was trying to make in these here parts a few days ago, much to the chagrin of a certain segment of the kkk0mmentariat on this board.

        The latin translation of the logical fallacy might look something like “Nihil pre hoc ergo nihil post hoc”, meaning: Just because nothing has happened before now necessarily implies that nothing will ever happen in the future.

        And if that’s what our enemies are telling themselves, then let them keep singing that tune.

        • I don’t know about that, he looked pretty happy opening up his my pillow / geezer sheet set. Sleeping like a baby. Up every two hours, crying. Let’s hope. I’ve turned a few people onto Zman. Guys I’ve known for 40 years, motorcycle 1% types. Same response every time. Wait what ? ….. thanks for playing, we have some nice prizes for you backstage.

  23. The driving force of the Bolsheviks is the same force of the left today. Envy. The green monster. Class envy. Racial envy. Ethnic envy. The pobres who watch the Mercedes drive by, thinking “that guy has an angle in life…or knows someone.” The angle in life would be hitting an alarm at 6am and working for the next 12 hours, and not spending it on lottery tickets and drugs. The racial envy of the Shanequa, who not only possesses the material envy as described above, but looks in the mirror and says “I love my lips, I love my hair, I love my booty…when in fact, looking at the willowy white woman jogging past her, knows she’s a freakish jungle person. Or the ethnic envy. The Ashkenazi doctor or physicist, who uses the same health club as the WASP, the same towel service, and has an even bigger bank account than anyone in the building, looking in the mirror, seeing his ghoulish Woody Allen like features, then looks at the unaware WASP in envy as he does his bicep curls. He would give half his intelligence to look like that. The left is a satanic circus show of green monsters. Democracy unchains them, and lets them loose on their betters. Communism is the ultimate manifestation of liberal democracy.

    • If one doesn’t want to appear “freakish”, the best thing to do is go and live where your own kind are. Those who don’t mind as much can seek employment as “go betweens”. Separation is the peaceful answer.

      • You would think, wouldn’t you. But they know damn well what their standard of living would be if they did that. It makes them even more envious. Knowing that they white man is necessary…and they’re not.

    • Sometimes Jordan Peterson has good insights. He remarked that many years ago he figured out for sure that socialists don’t so much care for the working man as much as they envy the rich.

      I knew as many did the working man ruse was BS but figured it was a ploy for access to status and power. More-so just for wealth although the other things are nice too.

  24. Great podcast. It’s refreshing to take a break from the news of the day, or even from the news and events of the last several years.

    I’d imagine one major difference between the Bolsheviks of yesteryear and the Bolsheviks of today is that Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, etc. were actual men in every sense of the word. The Bolsheviks of today are mostly gays, women, trannies, cat moms, and deeply emasculated men who are raising their own sons on soy milk and veggie burgers.
    They could all stand to learn about manhood from Putin.
    The tragic loss of masculinity makes the upcoming crises all the more disconcerting.

    • Yep, malcontents, who create their sense of self worth from tearing down the creations of a much better people than they can ever hope to aspire to be.

    • Right or wrong, the old bolshies actually expected people to show up for a job; todays bolshies pride themselves on getting as many people as possible to sit around high on drugs (thus the retread joke that the opiate of the masses is…opium).

    • All true, which is why they will flee in a stampede of hysteria when they loose control of their mercenary guard force and must face the cold hard reality of real men on a mission.

  25. The teleological aspect of the various ideologies is very interesting. Obviously, the communists had a clear vision of mankind’s inevitable utopia. The neocons too, led by Fukuyama, saw liberal democracy as the terminal point of history.

    But then there’s the other side. The DR is anti-utopian and has no illusions about history “ending.” We understand that man’s fallen nature precludes utopia and any resting point. History is a perpetual churn.

    But what about the modern AWs? We tend to think that, because they are Leftists, they must be utopians. I’m not at all sure that is the case, though. Increasingly, they appear as deranged and evil nihilists whose only appetite is for destruction. These people are not trying to immanentize the eschaton. Quite the contrary. They are attempting to create hell on earth and are doing so with fantastic efficiency. Dystopia is their telos.

    • We broke up with them, they’re mad about it, they want to bring us down with them 🙂

      Certainly there have to be factions playing a long game, but my sense is it’s mostly driven by fear or reality of loss of control, attention, gibs, etc.

    • I think the appeal of the modern anti-White Left is actually to both sides of that coin and the seam along the rim is the division of the sexes. Women will be lured in by the sappy talk of equity and nurturing and also by their own desire to be with the tribes that seem to have the most dominant men (certainly not today’s soyboy White guy). The men will tend more toward nihilism. The cause matters less than the chance to wreck everything.

    • These people are not trying to immanentize the eschaton. Quite the contrary. They are attempting to create hell on earth and are doing so with fantastic efficiency. Dystopia is their telos.

      Hell On Earth is precisely their Eschaton.

      [Frankly it’s all eerily similar to the prophesies of Revelations.]

  26. The ZMan is correct to keep hammering on local meetups and learning to trust real people over time.

    For any kind of “dissident”, the internet is a uniquely bad place to do it. We are all anonymous to each other, yet every post and every author is easily discoverable the authorities dissenters are rallying to change.

    Meeting IRL seems fraught with risk; perhaps. But surely it carries far, far less potential risk than posting online.

    • Meeting in real life has been the only shining light in the shit pit of progress that has been the last two years.

      I honestly don’t know what my life would be like now if not for a handful of men who took the time and effort and yes, risk, to cross the virtual divide with me.

      I lived a modest, frugal, low-key dissident life on my own for a long time. The Orangemanbad era was tough to hold the line. Then china virus broke me economically, then what was left socially began to unravel for reasons we all know too well.

      There is a massive gaslight effect that can settle upon a ronin dissident. Zman is spot on when he says that ALL of these efforts matter; online, IRL, clubs/groups/vid chats/discussions, etc. But IMO, IRL was the one thing that brought me closer to my faith in God and fellow man. It also just simply made me smile and laugh and enjoy some moments of real life with real men.

      We are long overdue for a restoration among men of right mind and fortitude of heart. Iron sharpens iron. Personally, I have avoided all kinds of risk over the past ten years and have still lost most of what took me 20 years of busted-ass hard work to build regardless.

      Well the risk/reward proposition has shifted significantly for me. They are coming for all of us, all we have built. Yeah it used to feel like hyperbole for me too. And maybe it is. Maybe it itsn’t. What’s that saying about the future?

      • Yeah ive been reunited with some buddies i havent seen in almost 20 years thanks to a trip back to the old neighborhood. They had no social media all this time and i only found 5hem by chance encounter in a parking lot. Its been great picking up on the old times.

      • Screwtape: I’m so sorry to hear how rough the last few years have been on you. It’s hard to stay sane in clownworld, and I depend heavily on my husband and a few dear friends (as well as Zman and commentariat). God bless you, and may He ease your burdens.

    • Yes it is safer meeting like minded locals in real life. Say to form a club(woodworking, wargaming, culinary, etc) as a excuse to get together and share intel and set up a support network.

      It’s clear our side needs this local groups/clubs for what is coming. When things go sideways its always better to have others you can rely on and watch your back. Going lone wolf will get a lot of whites a early grave

      Just make sure the people you let in are vetted. Long time locals not some aggro guy who shows up without notice or invite.

  27. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » Lessons From The Bolsheviks

  28. A bit off topic, but Z-man’s mention of the “one-eyed man being king of the blind” reminded me of George Carlin’s politically correct version of “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”: “In the land of the visually impaired, the partially sighted is fully empowered.”

    • In one of those old radio shows (Mystery Theater or some such), an explorer in arctic falls into a hole and lands in a subterranean kingdom of blind people. They nurse him back to health. He still has his vision of course, and this creates many troubles with his hosts. They want to remove his eyes. Somehow he avoids that. Of course, he falls in love with a beautiful but blind woman. Eventually he escapes and is found by rescuers. After recounting his story he says something dramatic like “Now all I can see is her face.” He had gone blind from the shock of returning to the light.

  29. Connecting dots.

    What should be apparent to most people is that the politicians that we are electing to high office are worse than just incompetent & corrupt; their mere existence creates an illusion that the system is still working, if imperfectly, and all will be well when we magically elect the “right” savior president “next time.” No need to roll up your sleeves just yet and do the icky “work” necessary to solve the root problem. There’s still time for another mid-morning latte.

    But why are we electing & selecting the worse of us to serve in our federal government? Because affluence is an addiction and a majority of our electorate will now eagerly sell it’s vote for another dollop of government gravy. And every grifter politician knows this, exploits it, and hence we have 95+% incumbency no matter how bad they perform.

    So Normie is locked into a delusion that voting will save the day and the dregs of society perpetually dictate the quality of our political “leaders.” A deadly vicious cycle that inevitably leads to collapse; it’s just a question of when. Waiting for a miracle gets you South Africa and endless yakking is the Soma that makes waiting palatable.

    • TomA: It’s not just normie who’s locked into a delusion. Plenty of people here still believe that voting (for the local school board, for example) is sure to rid ‘their’ government schools of CRT and make them safe and wholesome once again (??!!!). They really think they will make a difference, and that the really decent and capable people will be willing to play the dominance and pil-pul type games the people who rule by committee play. Beneath it all is still a belief that there is something they can repair, or salvage, by voting. Allegiance to a dead nation seems deeply rooted, and – to me – deeply paradoxical and ultimately suicidal.

      • Rare indeed is the Z-Man reader who any longer believes in voting. Indeed, the very rejection of electoral politics is one of the founding principles of the DR.

        • I reject voting because it is the last vestige of “power” that I—as an individual—have. To not vote is to withdraw my consent from this shitshow. It’s not much, nor do I fool myself in honking it will make a change. But somehow I feel a bit better having accepted my disenfranchisement and not “playing the game” which I have done for my entire adult life. It also frees up the mind to truly consider what alternatives mat lie ahead for me.

          • Compsci: Well said. There is very little any of us can do individually, but as you say we can withdraw our consent. Not voting, not watching tv, not buying certain products, not getting the vaxx, deliberately remaining utterly unaware about most popular, blackened culture. I will not submit.

      • The real delusion is thinking that you can get what you dream for by commissioning someone else to bring it to life for you. If you want your child educated a certain way, you must ultimately be willing to educate your child yourself.

        • Some people are not good at home schooling, but there are still alternatives to public education. Of course, that takes time and sacrifice. In a society here children are considered burdensome and not necessarily (also known as Godless), this is not a high priority for many.

      • When stupid is grounded in DNA, there are no magic words that will fix that. And the cavalry is not coming over the hill to save us. The optimum course now is to use your will power & resources to make yourself robust & survive the coming collapse. A day will come when the battlefield favors direct action by those of us who live to be productive rather than parasitic. And as was demonstrated on Jan 6th, dying needlessly on the barricade today is not a victory. They want the alphas to kill each off so none will be available when the Jackboots begin their march. They fear the bolt from the blue.

    • The City Council in my town capitulated to the housing developers, to build far more housing than we have infrastructure to support, although the new developments were universally opposed.

      I don’t think the City Council capitulated for “another dollop of government gravy.” Rather, it was for the financing of the campaigns of the City Council members by the developers.

      Unchecked big business is as bad as “big government.”

      • The people that voted in those corrupt City Council members were the ones that got bribed with a “dollop of government gravy.” And yes, developers bribe city officials for the simple reason that it works. The cycle of bribery is systemic. And if you think “law & order” is going to fix that, you only need to look to South Africa for a Black Pill. It was literally the act of arresting a former president for corruption that ignited the current rioting & destruction.

        • Tom replies, and I agree, that “The people that voted in those corrupt City Council members” are ultimately to blame.

          I’m sure that the Council members assumed that most of the people would forget this great betrayal before the next election. And anyway, the private money will determine who is on the ballot and advertised to the voting public.

          I take this as an indictment of extending the franchise to everyone. While I still see great value in representative government, it is ironic that there must be an elitist and authoritarian element that tells many people, “No, you’re not entitled to vote because you’re to unintelligent or too short sighted.”

          We return to the old question of, “Who is watching the watchers?” There will always be a highest authority and we must decide if that authority is every person voting or something more selective.

          My faith is that a homogeneous society is the best protection from a sellout at the top, but no solution is failsafe.

          • The Founders had it right originally. Only men of substance with skin in the game got the right to choose their leaders. And even that is not infallible, so dueling is a nice check & balance on the outlier that occasionally makes it to the top. And never forget that Brutus is a name that still echoes down through history for a reason.

          • “… homogeneous society is the best protection from a sellout at the top, …”

            I told a relative (who didn’t want to hear it) “having a ruling class of your own ethnicity doesn’t guarantee that they won’t rape you to death, but having a ruling class of foreign ethnicity guarantees that they will.”

    • Speaking as someone with no military background and I don’t even know anyone who’s been in it: this recent behavior by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has been instructive.

      Perhaps they have always been this way– I didn’t know.

      Also, no offense to any FBI/NSA subroutine script working overtime to read this, but… The vaunted 11-aircraft-carrier world’s greatest fighting machine seems almost ready to tip over on its side like ED-209 taking the stairs. The NY Post Persian trad-Catholic guy wrote a sci-fi article about President Harris circa 2025 getting the “3am phone call” to surrender to demands from Russian earth-hugging terrorists. It was only funny for the first few sentences because, OK, she is not ready to be prez but what’s that got to do with the price of tea in China? Nothing can be done, it’ll just keep going till it stops

      • The top brass have always known who buttered their bread & acted accordingly. Obama ruthlessly purged the officer corps leaving only servile yes men or vetted commited leftists. Trump was a fool to not understand that.
        Milli what’s his name is one of many who dream of six million Wacos.

    • Democracy attracts the worst people who cater to the worst features of the masses.

  30. Utopia, of course, means “nowhere.” That’s something none of the heaven-on-earth crowd seems to know…

  31. Practical knowledge, ability to read a manual and passion has got many of us with IQ in the high 120’s a pretty good life. This is still possible today. It’s almost easier now due to the fact that most of these young lads have no passion and can’t put down the the smart phone. It should be like shooting fish in the proverbial barrel. That’s good news for anyone who is serious about having a family and willing to put the work in. I often think about this when we talk about race realism. Jews, East Asians, us, little brown men , and Magic mongols. Not much practical knowledge surrounding us in my opinion. I can fix almost anything ( except electric car)…. if I put my mind to it and want to save a bunch of money. I live with a Stanford graduate, you want to boil an egg in my house, you gatta come see me. This is good news. Have a good weekend folks.

    • An IQ in the “high 120’s” puts you in the upper 5% of the population—really the White population. Minorities, Black and Brown, much rarer. So that leaves at least 95% of people out of the running. Those folk could have a fertility rate of 5, and Whites will still be a minority in a generation or so.

  32. If Edward Dutton is right, and Western IQs are 15 points lower than around 1900, then we’re coping with these massive changes with a reduced capacity to find solutions.

    • I think he’s hiding the decline somehow. Judging by our culture (including politics), we’re fifteen points lower than we were in the 1990s, and the ’90s already felt dumb.

      Going from Lolita and Gravity’s Rainbow to Infinite Jest and The Corrections was falling off a cliff, and now there’s nothing like any of them. The top ten movies *by popularity* in 1960 are more artistically sophisticated than the top ten critics’ picks of 1990, and almost nothing released now is better than drive-in monster movie trash. If you write mildly middlebrow songs like Burt Bacharach’s #1 ’60s hits today, you’re an art-ghetto snob with no audience but other musicians.

      See also: the stunning downward trajectory of internet “discourse.” Normal magazine-length articles are “long reads” now—and they’re tagged with how many minutes it takes an idiot to read them. It’s a warning label!

      The IQ drop *is* the massive change we can’t deal with.

      • In fairness, perhaps the native IQ is still there, but people on average are just lazier. Let’s face it, for most it’s more fun to take another bong hit and play another game or watch the next episode, rather than spend time exercising one’s brain to learn a new skill, read a book, research an interest. Much less to mow the lawn or change your car’s oil.

      • The drop in IQ is not entirely or even mostly genetic.

        Instead our reliance on technology is making us lazier, with shorter time horizons and ultimately dumber on our own.

        A couple of examples from my own life.

        When I was mid twenties I had dozens of telephone numbers memorized and could recall them without a second thought. And so could everyone I knew. Meeting a new girl and you’d memorize the number on hearing it once. Now, no one remembers any phone numbers – they don’t have to – most can barely remember their own number.

        At the same age, knowing and being able to navigate the local roads was a skill that included a level of spatial intuition based on experience. Such that you could get to a location miles away with the vaguest of directions. Now you plug the address into a map ap and zone out. Without the ap, most people couldn’t even find their way home.

    • Collapse is everywhere: condominiums in Florida, neural pathways in Joe Biden’s head; Biden’s kind of a wonderful symbol for the decay of an old order delusional enough to think it can keep staggering on when all of its helpmates are the political equivalent of surly Haitian nurses. One time Dementia Joe’s gonna ask AOC to change his diaper a little too rudely and she’s going to smother him with a pillow.

    • Alternatively, it would appear that many DR types, at least those that visit this site, lie on the right side of the bell curve. If average IQ has diminished, it means there will be less competition to lead and shape during the aftermath of the coming reckoning.

        • The marching morons already make up the bulk of our existence. And today they’re easily led into becoming quivering Covidians and anti-white foot soldiers.

          I’d still rather have the whip hand than not.

  33. “Who needs whitey when you’ve got tech?” lol.

    I hope I’m right that this thing intends to implode. It would be a real bummer to miss that mark. An unproductive future full stupid, dying, useless eaters doesn’t seem like something that could last.

    If people revert to what they are, what the hell is America?

    OT, do boomers get bashed so we don’t have to talk about Jews? Do Jews get bashed so we don’t have to talk about women? Do women get bashed so we don’t have to talk about Satan? Just throwing that out there. Maybe my own proclivity, maybe not idk.

    • A group gets bashed because it’s easier to do that than deal with complexity. The truth is that everyone that operates within the current system perpetuates it, although to degrees varying by participant. All systems will eventually crash on themselves, and reforms only delay the inevitable, not prevent it. Political systems are like trees in a forest. They grow huge, die, decay, break and decompose. They start by killing off competition and end by feeding their competition as they decay. It is the cycle of life, it is inevitable, and blame games are thus a waste of time.

      • I’ve been watching a few Mt. St. Helens docs this week. The destruction of 1980 was massive, but the regeneration since then is amazing. The Imperial Capital is just begging for a pyroclastic flow right about now. Then we let the lillies of the field do their thing.

        • Somewhere in my mom’s garage there are jars of St. Helen’s ash we collected as kids.

          As a kid I was fascinated by Harry Truman, the 84 year old man who refused to evacuate, instead favoring the glorious front row seat at Spirit Lake Lodge where he was caretaker.

          Here was a man that had ¡science! Giving him a golden ticket out of certain death.

          Nah, “This is my home, my mountain; there is nowhere else I want to be.”

          His character became as large as the lava dome measured by the nightly news, every day too big not to blow.

          So big that on may 19th I was still convinced that he had beaten the blast and was hiking his way out.

          2021 finds that ash and the likes of Harry Truman locked in history that already seems geologic though it passed on my short watch.

          They just don’t make men like volcanoes anymore.

          For 16 months now, old and young alike, have been clutching their iphones as they shame me into hiding, giving up my livelihood, and submitting to bureaucrat trannies mewling anti-science taglines, so that they can feel safer from a cold virus.

          A DC volcano would be awesome but what we really need are more Harry Trumans.

          • My parents tried to convince my grandpa to evacuate when TMI looked ready to melt down. He said, “I was born here, and I’ll die here.”

            The next year he ran for township supervisor and helped get farmland preservation going. Don’t think he was a particularly exceptional specimen of his generation.

            He’s been the model I’ve tried to live up to, successfully or not. It’s amazing how venal and cowardly Americans have become in such a short time.

          • Harry was amazing and we need more like him. It’s interesting to watch how later documentaries try to paint him as a typical modern day science-denier for refusing to leave, when, as you said, he understood what might happen and simply preferred to die where he’d lived.

      • Complexity is just a lot of simultaneous simplicity imo. If that’s true, it should be possible to parse the chain of causality and get to the bottom of it. Point being to understand the problem, laying blame to make a lesson of it so it’s not repeated.

        At any rate, it doesn’t matter whose fault whatever mess is. What matters is what you do about it. Simply pointing fingers is indeed a waste of time. Hence concluding at Satan, that very intimate enemy.

        Daydream logic is fun, though 🙂

  34. Here’s a perspective on the arc of history thing:
    “Smart folk at MIT predicted in 1972 that society would collapse by 2040. Called the ‘Limits to Growth’ study, they used computer simulations from a program called World1 that looked at various data points from 1900 through to 2060. Fast-forward 49 years and a new research paper suggests the smart folk at MIT were on point.
    Gaya Herrington, Sustainability and Dynamic System Analysis Lead at KPMG, undertook the task of proving or disproving MIT’s claims and used the same world simulation program (hers is called World3) to see how things have progressed from 1972”.
    Lo and behold – she found that the current business-as-usual mentality will spark a decline of economic growth within the next decade and society could collapse completely by 2040.

    • “Nothing is inevitable other than the fact that people have always been wrong about the future” Z

    • If we’ve learned one thing from COVID-19 and Climate Change modeling it is that models predict what you “tell” them to predict. In other words, certain assumptions of what variable are important, how much they are important, and how they interact is programmed into the model. Then to top it off, the variables are often measured by the same folk, then fed into the model.

      Predicting the future via such is akin in many cases to practicing voodoo.

      • There is a certain stupidity in consulting the past to predict the future. There is vastly more stupidity in ignoring the past when predicting the future. There is yet more folly in lying about the past in order to predict the future.

        Prediction is hard. Merely observing that, absent an act of God or man, past decisions will have future consequences isn’t so much a prediction as a it is a truth. Moreover, plenty of past observations have been used to correctly predict or control the future. Indeed, this is the essence of practical science.

        • Drew. As the complexity of the model increases, the difficulty of doing what you say you want to do increases. If nothing else, simply due to error injected.

          That’s were most models break down, you ask more than they are capable of. Complexity is the key and computers are not the answer.

          • I have some experience with building computer models. The problem with all but the simplest ones is over-parameterization. There will be numerous parameters that are known to affect the outcome. When you ask “what data do we have for pa5?” (pulled-from-ass #5) You will find that “none” is the most common answer. Then it’s all “just use the average of all the other ones” or “take it from that (single, never replicated) study that Akerson, et. al. did in ’79” The methods are surprisingly ad hoc and half-assed.

            Other models, like the ones they used to justify the Covid lockdowns, are too simple. I actually watched a video summary of one where ‘people’ were represented by little ping pong balls that floated randomly through a ‘city’ visualized as a uniform 2d box.

            This is not to say that models are worthless but the devil is always in the details of how they were built and who is pushing some radical policy change based on them. In the worst abuses of modeling the models are simply run with random initial parameters until they produce the desired outcome. You can even refine the technique with genetic algorithms. Other times, the models chosen are stupidly simple ones because they produce the most alarming outcomes, thus justifying the most extreme infringements of civil rights.

            The most trustworthy are those based on well established hard science (e.g. metal deformation) and well confirmed by real world experiments like crash tests. Then again, it’s hard to get the masses supporting your insane new law based on the way a BMW folds up in a 50mph head-on.

  35. They just know that without white people utopia will descend on the land, but how that is supposed to work is never considered.

    Big disagree. They know exactly what they expect. When White people, and thus Christendom, are gone from the planet they will have complete freedom to practice Tikun Olam (or whatever). There will be the race of people with human souls and then the literal mud people that they rule over absolutely. The mud “people” are not spiritually more than animals and can do no better than follow the Noahide laws. Own nothing and be happy! Idolatry will be a timing of the past and the Messiach will rule from Jerusalem and the world will be happy as each Jew will have a thousand goyish slaves.

    I’m not making this up, this is standard Jewish belief and they all share it with maybe some variation, even the atheists believe it’s the Jew’s special prerogative to heal the world. Which means get rid of white people and Christianity and then rule over utopia.

    I wish I were as smart as Mr. Zblogman because then I could tear apart JQ-denialism the way he does the controlled opposition right. You have to willfully ignore the enemy’s Judaism and what Jews believe to make the above statement.

    • That all may be true, but without whites as a host, the Juice will be rudderless and crash into the rocks

      They made believe they know what’s going to happen, but they’re deluding themselves. Self delusion is a big part of who they are and their eternal Achilles heel.

      In keeping with the theme of today, we should seek ways to exploit that weakness. Maybe start egging them on. In fact, if white people start egging them on we’d probably hasten their imminent demise

      Tell them how great they are, how brilliant and special, the chosen few, how the world needs their leadership, can’t live without them, and then it only highlights how ridiculous that all is when it gets juxtaposed to the likes of Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, schiff, schumer, Shapiro.

    • “When White people, and thus Christendom, are gone from the planet they will have complete freedom to practice Tikun Olam (or whatever). There will be the race of people with human souls and then the literal mud people that they rule over absolutely.”

      Everything’s so fucking insane, as a group they’re just as as imbecilic as the yazidi & the bedouin, no one takes their beliefs seriously, yet this particular death cult of hand rubbing sand people gets all the support it needs from western civilization to achieve its goals(they call them prophecies). It’s amazing how twisted the world we live in is.

    • Look up Brother Augustine on youtube. His real name is Michael Witcoff, a Jewish convert to Eastern Orthodoxy. He makes the same claims.

  36. Excellent point on the arc of history. Nothing is certain. I got so tired of the Obama people saying this stuff. The left is full of crap.
    We hopefully can be wiser.

  37. To paraphrase the great thinker Walter from “The Big Lebowski”, at least communism was an ethos. Dialectical materialism and labor theory of value (hell, even Adam Smith believed in LTV) were at least rooted in Western thinking and logic, despite their errors. Of course, as Camus pointed out (and Zman echoed) in his great critique of communism, it’s dependent on some magical transformation from socialism that’s similar to a religious event like the Second Coming.

    In contrast, this CRT crap is just witchcraft that explicitly rejects Western logic as a tool of white supremacy. There are no falsifiable premises. There’s no ethos. There’s no attempt at explaining anything about today’s situation. It’s “kill Whitey” from beginning to end.

    • The feature of this that normie and his principles have no purchase either. The distillation of the faux intellectual principles of leftism into “kill whitey”, be it from entropy or idiocracy of its carriers – or something else entirely, means that whites will also no longer have cover for participating in their own demise. The slow dance in the burning barn will have to come to an end.

      Accelerating the logical conclusions of Bolshie utopian constructs into simply overly decorated edicts of white genocide should create a cascade of separation within whites. The suicidal, true believers, and status clinging useful idiots will be revealed. Whites may be soft and deracinated but most will still stop short of agreeing to explicit annihilation.

      Jury still out whether this is part of the CRT pushback or that CRT is more distraction and corralling around the “anti-racism” conditioning.

    • even Adam Smith believed in LTV

      Not really, that’s a complete distortion of his concept, which was that people valued money base on their own labor that could be replaced with it. That’s pretty close to subjective valuation. And completely different than Marx’s idea that value came from human labor.

  38. The IRA had a pretty good system for ensuring they didn’t get set up by the cops or the British during any deals they conducted. Say Billy O’Callaghan says he wants to sell 1,000 widgets to Michael Connolly for five million pounds. “Okay,” Michael says. “I’m going to give you my cousin to go ‘hang out’ with your friends in an undisclosed location, and you’re going to give me one of your cousins to come ‘drink beers’ with my friends in an undisclosed pub. Then you and I are going to make a deal. And if I end up in a cell, your cousin ends up in a ditch.” Not perfect, as the agents can sometimes find the undisclosed location, but the weasel who enjoys making money for betraying people is less likely to play along with his neck in the noose, a la Eli Wallach in “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” Asking someone who wants to be involved in your thing to maybe bring their family along for an outing might also be a good idea, just so you can compliment them on their lovely spouses and wonderful children they’ve raised.

    • I think it was last Friday when people were speaking on here of a meetup. I’m in the UK, so it’d be hard for me anyhow, but many were concerned of infiltration. I had thought along the same lines as you, if the event is large enough, just encourage families to turn up too. Of course, it’s not perfect, but I reckon you’d know the chaps with the family were pretty solid.

      Seemed to work for the Patriotic Alternative at their events in the UK. I think the BNP also did it, although these things tend to go unreported because no decent person would ever take their kids to a BNP event. There are bigots there.

  39. “Russia, for example, has kept reverting back to being Russia…We see this quite clearly with China today, which is a high tech version of the Tang Dynasty.”

    Same with South Africa, which reverted back into…3rd world garbage Africa

    • Sort of, except what is now South Africa was devoid of people when the paleface arrived. South Africa is the late Roman Empire writ small.

      • Yes. The white people carved a thriving prosperous country out of empty land but because some black people exist somewhere on that continent it’s claimed as racist. It’s ridiculous. And we all need to pray for the Afrikaners

        • During the apartheid years blacks from the rest of Africa poured into SA. The black SA population increased healthily over the years. Those genocidal Boers!

        • When the French colonized their version of California (but six times the size) it held two million locals.
          Alas, pluming, sewers, agriculture and other whitey stuff multiplied that population exponentially until the Frogs had to go. 43 million and countiing now.

          The lesson of South Africa–build it and they will come. The lesson not yet learned–don’t let them come.

  40. Give the Bolshies this: They at least had a vision, and that vision was tied to real, tangible things. Bolshies loved steel, concrete, pollution — their aesthetic was instantly recognizable, and although it’s ugly, in context it said “Progress!” The “products” made in Soviet factories were all crap, but… they were real products. Under the Reds you had shoes, whereas under the Tsar you didn’t. Moreover, the Bolshies cared whether you had shoes or not; the Tsar didn’t. In other words, the problem is one of “kinks in the system,” comrade, not with the system itself, at least as the serfs saw it, almost to the end.

    I’m no fan of huge, smoke-belching factories, but I can look at them and think “there’s work for my countrymen.” I think “that’s where the stuff on the store shelves comes from.” It’s ugly, but at least it’s productively ugly. The New Economy is pointlessly ugly. The Left’s vision of the good life seems to be a kid who’s about a decade too old to still be in college, sitting around a campus coffee shop with a ring in her nose and blue hair, spending xzher days fretting on Twitter over which bathroom to use.

    Second time as farce, right? If we somehow cloned Comrade Lenin, and he promised that a vote for him would send that demisexual genderfluid organism out to the Wyoming wilds, to build People’s Heavy Tractor Factory #305 with hand tools, I’d seriously have to think it over.

    • Second time as farce, right? If we somehow cloned Comrade Lenin, and he promised that a vote for him would send that demisexual genderfluid organism out to the Wyoming wilds, to build People’s Heavy Tractor Factory #305 with hand tools, I’d seriously have to think it over.

      You make a good point.

    • Not a fan of big industry either and have a distrust of them without supervision. However, big industry/business in the USA is not the same as in the 50’s and 60’s. I remember pollution. Folks here probably don’t.

    • Under the Reds you had shoes, whereas under the Tsar you didn’t. Moreover, the Bolshies cared whether you had shoes or not; the Tsar didn’t.

      Comparing how Russia did in WWII vs WWI it’s hard to see the Soviets as complete incompetent buffoons.

      Russia has been a shit assed backward cluster fudge since the Mongol conquest. The soviets bringing it to near parity with Germany in twenty years really is a kind of miracle.

  41. “ Then as now, the one thing agreed upon is the current order is not satisfactory. The old order has failed.”

    I wonder if we aren’t the victims of our own success. “Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, weak men create bad times…” I don’t particularly like my place in this cycle…

      • No, we’re the weak men creating bad times. The strong men who created good times died many decades ago.

        • Right, so the strong men have to come back

          They may even be here already. Now. Today. Warming up.

          May have to squint though to see them

    • Some famous writer I can’t recall said something along the lines of “the measure of a writer is not in the quality of his finished work but in the quality of what ends up on the cutting room floor”.

      Maybe it was old Remington “whiskey” Hemingway. Anyhow, the good times seem to have eliminated the entire editorial staff. We are all Hemmingway’s now apparently. Only the algorithms in the clouds know better.

      Its easy to overlook how the harsh reality of these shifts in the ‘order’ is in the contrast, what is left behind; the quality of the culled.

      In any epoch there is a great deal of ballast. Not long ago a man was just trying to feed himself and his family. Now we have grill and chill. In both cases good men went out with a ‘song still in their hearts’ as it goes.

      While the station of any individual man is quickly lost in some grand narrative of ‘times’, of course as you point out we will all have to answer for the cycle as we are swept up in our time.

      Perhaps we will be visited by our own “success”. Or perhaps it will be the “success” of a stronger man. A few of us may even emerge as pillars of the future. I’ve got 20:2,000 vision, a busted back, and a time bomb in my head. Not enough whiskey in the county to pickle my frailties into savagery. But providence persists.

      What the last year in particular has illuminated for me is that the false virtue of weakness and fear are so prevalent that it is hard to imagine righting that inversion without Genghis riding in from the east to bring some “good times.”

  42. Yeah the practical angle is a big one. The idea of having a policy of stopping or tackling robocalls would be a great one. So would one that revised parking restrictions or made sure roadworks were completed on time. So would one that actually put a half decent police force on the street to tackle actual crimes – or, better yet, charged the public with far more responsibility when dealing with crooks. Imagine, trusting a shop keeper to drag a trouble maker or thief out off his premises and give him a cosh to shins. Brilliant. One Turkish kebab shop owner we frequented many moons ago had a Samurai sword on display… dealing with drunks had him brandish it a few times. It seemed effective. Who knows, nowadays that’s a visit from Plod.

    I really don’t get why so many politicos don’t care about this stuff, and my own ‘theory’ is that it is either too boring or, in fact, too much work. But at some point, local politicians did seem to be far more in tune with what the average constituent actually cared for… and hint, it wasn’t climate change or white supremacy. Perhaps these people also enjoy looking like they’re smart, by being seen to care about these mickey mouse issues.

    Having said that, so many have been primed to consider non-issues real issues, that they probably think they’re voting for the most pressing thing ever. You know, that little eco-twunt Thunberg is telling us the World has had it and in eight years we’re doomed. I guess that is the propaganda at work. I have actually had small success diverting Norm Normison away from these issues by actually asking them “What directly affects you? What would you change?” – crime is usually an issue. And of course anti-white sentiment when you get into it, although they’d call it ‘racism’, but they recognise the general unfairness.

    Covid jab update: Yet another colleague had his shot. He is now off sick today. One more to the list, and this chap is a healthy 40-something. Crikey.

    • The largest part of it, I think, is that “our democracy” is “representative,” all right… except that “our” representatives represent an entirely different constituency.

      For instance, I knew a guy who ran for, and won, some dinky mickey-mouse office in town. It was one of those ones that never even have a candidate on most ballots, water commissioner or something — you know, it might’ve been important back when our town was a real town, and not just an outlying annex of an outlying burb of a gimongous metropolis, where all the political decisions that matter are made. Anyway, this dude was a one-issue guy, and he organized what amounted to a write-in campaign for himself, and since he was running unopposed he got in.

      What happened next was, the Party apparatus descended upon him. Now that he’d “won” an “election” — and I’m not kidding when I say he ran unopposed, and probably “won” with about two dozen votes — he was a winner, a commodity. Maybe he’d like to run for the next higher office one town over? It just so happens that we have sixteen image consultants, twelve pollsters, and nine campaign managers all lined up for you, ready to start fundraising the million bucks or so — yes, they were dead serious — it would take to get this guy elected to the sanitation commission of a slightly larger town….

      In other words, it’s not that “our” “representatives” actually represent the many tentacles of GloboHomoCorp. I mean, yeah, that’s the goal, and that’s who the big boys represent, but down at the local level, “our” “representatives” actually represent The Party. Their function is to simply stand there, such that “we” can have an “election,” such that The Party can swing its whole huge bloated apparatus into motion, so everyone gets paid.

        • If every 18 year old, upon graduation from school, would watch and internalize the message of this video, there could possibly be some meaningful change in how human societies are ordered.

          But perhaps humans are just herd animals. The controllers understand this and use that knowledge to manipulate the masses for their benefit. The world we are currently experiencing is likely the normal state of things. The Heritage America that we knew was an anomaly in human history.

        • The newspaper. The comics, crossword puzzle, swatting flies, and making paper airplanes with my grandson.

          Read books. Good books. It takes a lot of thought, research and effort to write a book.

          Books come in two varieties, fiction and nonfiction. Newspapers are all mostly fiction.

          Want to know the measure of a man? What books has he read?

          • JohnWayne: I vehemently disagree. I’ve read plenty of books (although I’m not a man). Not to knock historical understanding, but we have far too many theorizers. To paraphrase Severian’s earlier comment, I want to see something tangible, something that works. Thinkers are fine, but doers are essential, and we have fewer all the time. And nostalgia over newspaper comics is fine, in your own mind. But the past is a different country. A dead one. And it’s not coming back. And I’m more concerned about the future . . . for my posterity.

          • 3g4me:

            You miss understand my comment about comic strips & swatting flies. I was just trying to make a point about how useless newspapers are in informing ppl, and how they are mostly propaganda peddlers.

            Our fearless leader here, Zman, is a thinker, no?

            Of course we need men of action too, but we have to act smart. What’s the difference between Marxism & Capitalism? What is a standard deviation? Do I need a 10 kv generator or a 14kv? Who was Charles Darwin? Should I get vaccinated? Why did we fight the civil war? Why did the confederate states lose in their attempt to succeed? On average, smarter people live longer. The best way to get smart is to read books.

            Doing something dumb can be worse than doing nothing.

    • Coworker of mine got the jab(s) and wore his mask faithfully. He went home sick Monday afternoon and is expected to be out for a while. They sanitized his work area shortly after he left.

      Hooray for masks and jabs.

      • I’ve said many times that COVID might end up being the most massive own goal of all times. I still don’t know anyone who has come down with the Dread Coof. I know a few people who say they have, or, at least, that they tested positive, but even the people I “know” online who say they’ve had it say that, at worst, it’s a bad flu. But it seems like everyone has seen, with his own eyes, someone who got the jab and was laid out by it. I’ve started using that tactic in my social life: “Man, if that’s what the vaccine does to you, I’ll take my chances with the germs.”

        • It’s really been the same with me. At this point, I know many who have ‘had’ Covid, but I have not actually seen any sick people. Not one. No dead bodies in the street either.

          The most recent to have caught it had two tests that came back negative, then one that came back positive. And then she was ill. That’s all we can really say, she felt a bit under the weather… but was it The Chinese Flu? Who knows.

          My second son was born during the peak of the ‘Covid stupids’ and even at the hospital, nothing. Nothing. You could tell the whole thing was just a theater with many eager to go along and a fair few staff members who clearly thought it was ‘tarded, but hey, them’s the rules. It’s a weird one alright.

          All I know is the ‘cure’ has been far, far, far worse than the illness.

        • It’s the magic amulet that makes you invisible to white man’s bullets.

          Your fellow barbarians might be dropping all around you to cannonfire and musketballs, but you survived the battle, so your amulet’s strong magic protected you.

        • Some posts over at Gab got me thinking of my own anecdotes. I’ve had one acquaintance almost killed by the WuFlu, and is crippled for life in some ways (and yes, feel free to make generalized assumptions about his health on a good day) and I’ve had one acquaintance almost killed by the Vax (ditto). Likewise I’d say that across the company I work for the people out sick from Vax versus WuFlu is evenly split, at least as far as days off go.

          To talk to my health professional relations the WuFlu is/was pretty bad, though they have what I’d call “industry bias”, kind of like how a lot of cops are civnat race deniers since they meet so many idiotic whites in their rounds. But I’m guessing they’re at least partially aware of that fact since I’ve never had any of them voice an opinion at all in regards to the overwrought “preventative measures”.

          • I have an interesting parallel with health practicioners. I see a pulmonist. As would be expected, his practice would routinely see patients with serious ailments. His office is perhaps one of the few places where, yes, you really do need to be masked. Fortunately my health issue is currently minor. On two separate occasions, he has asked me if I got the jab. Not that I should, or that I shouldn’t. Only did I?

            I think he’s a keeper 🙂

        • Severian, the Yankees-Red Sox game was cancelled due to positive Yankee Covid tests. The spinners are, after a day, forced to admit that a “majority” of those six players were vaccinated. They couldn’t simply say five of the six players testing positive are “vaccinated”. The spin on this is intense as always but increasingly stupid and clumsy. Then they went on to say it the “probablility” is that the infection came from an unvaccinated player. Sure it is. Bad bad unvaccinated player!

          The comments on the Boston Glob online are generally obedient ass kissers and paid trolls. Those that are disobedient are “disliked” in massive numbers, the ass kissers are “liked” in massive numbers, all out of propotion to any reality. So we now have stooges paid to hit like and dislike buttons.

          It’s one thing to be devoted to your new religion but I think there must also be a genuine fear operating here to keep the lid on this thing.

          • The idiocy is just amazing. I always refused to wear a mask. At first my excuse was “I have a disability.” That worked great for not wearing it, but it did little to raise awareness of how stupid the whole mask thing was and is. When the “vax” started rolling out, though… A great success. I’d say “I don’t need a mask, I’m vaccinated” (n.b. to careless readers: this is a lie). Then Karen would yell “but you still can catch or transmit it”” And I’d say “Really? So the two things that literally *define* the word ‘vaccine,’ it doesn’t do those? So what’s the point of getting one?”

            Much hilarity ensued. Try it sometime!

    • I’ll answer that. Who has power? Who matters? Who is important?

      Its not voters. Z-man did the Parable of Bob, and it was instructive. What matters is the views and power of the Managerial Class. Who LIKE dysfunction. What drives the Managerial Class to fury is ordinary people having a good life. They can only be happy when ordinary people are miserable. And grovel before them. This is likely the product of them never working and finding satisfaction therein. Thus they can only be happy making the lower class suffer, and grovel.

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