Corona Warning

It is becoming increasingly clear that most of what the ruling class has been telling us about the corona virus is false. The virus is real, and people have died from it, but everything else we have been told has not been 100% true. The origin of the virus is the most obvious example. Trump called it the “China Virus”, so the managerial elite denied that was the case. They made claims about it possibly originating somewhere else and just showing up in force in China. That was a lie.

Of course, the big lie to this point is that the measures the government imposed were rooted in science. Mask wearing was about preventing the sick from spreading the virus to the rest of us. Alternatively, it was about keeping healthy people from inhaling the virus as it buzzed around in the air. The social distancing stuff was also supposed to be science! None of the measures turned out to be rooted in anything more than superstition and a desire to abuse the population.

The reason that most people went along with these measures initially was that the official word about the virus was that it was Black Death. It is easy to forget, but the regime circulated images of bodies in the streets over in Wuhan. They used similar images when the virus hit Italy. Then they used images from horror movies claiming they were from overrun hospitals. They sold the virus as a potential extinction event, so even the most cynical prepared for the worst.

Corona has become the very definition of the big lie. The warnings about the virus were “lies so colossal that no one would believe that someone could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.” One should take a minute to appreciate the amazing bit of irony in all of this. Hitler is credited with coining the term to describe the people he saw as his natural enemy. Today, the people relying on the big lie to sustain themselves are making themselves mad looking for Hitler.

Putting all of that aside, we may be arriving at a point where those previous big lies start to shrink down in size and look reasonable. The number of people testing positive for the corona virus, despite being fully vaccinated, is becoming an issue. In the UK, they are reporting that between 40% and 60% of patients hospitalized with corona have been fully vaccinated. There is some confusion about the number as they originally reported the higher figure, but then the media made them change it.

We are seeing something similar happening in Israel. They have been one of the most aggressive countries on the vaccination front. They started early and were the most effective at getting people into the program. As a result, they are one of the most vaccinated countries in the world. They are currently reporting that over 60% of their severe cases are people who have been fully vaccinated. Moderna executives may want to hire food testers and people to start their cars.

In the United States, it is unlikely that these sorts of numbers will be reported as the government and media are simply too dishonest. We do have other ways of seeing if the pattern is the same here. Sports teams, for example, are the most vaccinated populations and they are seeing people come down with corona, despite having been fully vaccinated. They are young and strong, so the cases are mild. Nancy Pelosi’s staff just reported corona infections, despite being fully vaxxed.

Largely ignored by the media thus far is the fact that the vaccine makers think booster shots in the fall may be required. It is hard to know if this is just another lie to keep the money flowing or it is an admission that the vaccine is not as advertised. It could also be a way to sell another panic in the fall, when the normal flu returns. We have reached the point where the only thing we can trust is that whatever we are being told is a lie, but the motivation for the lie is a mystery.

There are a few things going on here. One is that the fanatical testing that should never have been put into place is turning up many false positives. This sort of testing is supposed to err on the side of the false positive. It is not supposed to be used on the population as a whole. It is supposed to be used when there is a serious medical condition that requires treatment. A vaccinated ball player with a runny nose should not be tested for the corona virus or anything else.

The bigger issue, however, is that the vaccines are not as claimed. Past experience with vaccines for corona viruses has shown that these approaches were not highly effective, and they were short lived. Even natural immunity fades with time, but with these vaccines it seems to fade quickly. That is fine if you want to create artificial herd immunity to eliminate the virus from a herd of cattle, but it is not so useful for human population in large diverse societies not fully vaccinated.

What may be happening is the vaccines are highly effective in the short term, but the immunity fades during the first year. This may be the reason for the booster shot stuff that will arrive in the fall. It could also be that the vaccine is narrowly effective for the initial variant, but not for subsequent variants. Given the lack of testing before the roll out, we can only guess. There is also the possibility that the vaccine is a trillion dollar boondoggle that has very little utility at all.

When public trust collapses, the truth no longer has meaning. What carries the day is the most compelling narrative. This should have been the lesson of Hitler, who came to power because he provided the most compelling narrative. Repeated and unnecessary lying by the managerial class regarding Covid means that the facts are quickly losing their value. Instead, it will be the best narrative that carries the day. No amount of censoring will prevent that from happening.

It is fairly clear that we are well past the public health concern with Covid. The treatments for those with severe cases are now highly effective. Most of the population has natural immunity. The variants appear to be less severe than the first wave of the virus, which is not uncommon in pandemics. In other words, we are at the point where we can live with Covid, just as we live with the flu. The question now is whether we can live with the people who have spent two years lying about it.

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306 thoughts on “Corona Warning

  1. No one will see this, but it’s badass.
    This was on the back of a Robert Fripp album in 1980.
    Album jackets were 1000 times better than shitty little CD cases. Music used to mean something. I write music and Tom Macdonald has given me a nice slap.
    Fripp is/was a genius, and a loon. I loved his work. Saw him give a lecture in 1982. Saw him perform on actual real Frippertronics in the lecture. This is profound beyond words.


    i) One can work within any structure.
    ii) Once one can work within any structure, some structures are more efficient than others.
    iii) There is no one structure which is universally appropriate.
    iv) Commitment to an aim within an inappropriate structure will give rise to the creation of an appropriate structure.
    v) Apathy, ie passive commitment, within an appropriate structure will effect its collapse.
    vi) Dogmatic attachment to the supposed merits of a particular structure hinders the search for an appropriate structure.
    vii) There will be difficulty defining the appropriate structure because it will always be mobile, ie in process.


    i) There should be no difficulty in defining aim.
    ii) The appropriate structure will recognise structures outside itself.
    iii) The appropriate structure can work within any large structure.
    iv) Once the appropriate structure can work within any large structure, some larger structures are more efficient than others.
    v) There is no larger structure which is universally appropriate.
    vi) Commitment to an aim by an appropriate structure within a larger, inappropriate structure will give rise to a large, appropriate structure.
    vii) The quantitative structure is affected by qualitative action.


    i) Qualitative action is not bound by number.
    ii) Any small unit committed to qualitative action can effect radical change on a scale outside its quantitative measure.
    iii) Quantitative action works by violence and breeds reaction.
    iv) Qualitative action works by example and invites reciprocation.
    v) Reciprocation between independent structures is a framework of interacting units which is itself a structure.
    vi) Any appropriate structure of interacting units can work within any other structure of interacting units.
    vii) Once this is so, some structures of interacting units are more efficient than others.

  2. Who’s gonna bury all these stupid motherfuckers? The same guys that brought you 911 have a gene altering injection for you, no worries. The Deagel report got pulled for a reason. War used to be the tool, now its jabs.

  3. The issue isn’t whether we will tolerate the people who have been lying to us for 2 years. It is what the consequences will be for the non believers.

    When they termed the unnecessary emergency measures the New Normal they meant just that.

    Corporations are taking the lead in punishing non believers who are not taking the vaccine. The government will probably take over much of the enforcement.

    This reign of terror will continue until they are ready to use it for climate change

    • To me, the most significant part of Cole’s article is his admission that many j3w$ have an inveterate tendency towards revolution. Earlier this week, I wrote about a similar conjecture, although I said “subversion” instead of “revolution.”

      It is quite possible that many j3ws have a deep instinct towards overturning their host culture. Their history bears this out. This can’t be overlooked or wished away.

      There’s a core of the Jewish American community that will never stop being “revolutionary.”

      Blacks and Jews, working together, even if unknowingly, even with both groups driven not by calculated malevolence but by instinct and character.

      • I can’t recall the source and am not familiar with the literature myself, but I read many years ago that there was a bunch Yiddish-language history/politics books written by Zionist Jews in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Their objective was to convince their fellow Jews that the problems they faced living within European societies were due to permanent and unfixable incompatibilities and that they should emigrate to Palestine and become Zionists. These scholars’ efforts of course fell on deaf ears and it took the Holocaust to make Zionism popular.

        An example within one iirc was how Jews engineered a near monopoly on lawyers in Vienna, Austria by collectively undercutting rates. Given that being a lawyer is a prerequisite to being a judge, one can see why that would not sit well with the Austrians to lose possession over such an important control node of their civilization.

        It is a classic case of ‘just because you can do something, does not mean that you should.’ This falls into the realm of ‘mores’, which can be described as cultural conventions that regulate behavior in a society at a level below law. Different peoples have different mores and hence the set of laws that best governs any two peoples is never going to be the same.

  4. These comments are mostly bourgeois rationalism. They aren’t doing this because of the money, or the power. They’re doing it because they’re sadists. They get off on making us suffer.

    • they’re sadists

      There’s a strong & persistent refusal to broach the topic of Evil on this board.

      The overwhelming presence of the JIDF doesn’t help matters, but there’s also a strong reluctance on the part of bookish mainstream normie-cuck goyische types to cross that particular Rubicon.

      And I can sense that it’s something which Z wants to handle very very carefully.

    • I’m suspicious that the push for door-to-door vexxine hectoring is intended to provide cover for an even more violent anti-white pogrom. TPTB send credulous cannon fodder into hives of sceptics, and eventually a few of them get the business end of a firearm. Bingo. For everyone’s health and safety we now need to disarm and reeducate those nettlesome traditional Americans.

  5. Macron in France had to back off on his more draconian proposals for lockdowns and vaccine passports after huge protests in Paris with the Police joining in. He still has some requirements and predictably, clinics are passing fake passports (without the jab) for money. Payoffs are the kludge that keeps France barely functioning.

    There were protests in London over new lockdown proposals, and Boris Johnson seems to be aiming for herd immunity and just moving on. They probably won’t lockdown as the English won’t tolerate it much any longer. People forget, Prohibition worked for about 2.5 years, it was very popular. Then suddenly it was not and became very unpopular.

    Then there is the promise of lockdowns here, to enable more mail in balloting and massive fraud in the midterms. Its predictable. I’m sure the Biden Regency will trot out Fauci to order a nation wide lockdown “emergency” to crush also small business rivals to Amazon and Wal-Mart and Target that still remain. But already in LA, the Sheriff has said he will NOT enforce indoor mask requirements as he has too much real crime to deal with. Make of that what you will.

    • oh, that weasel ain’t gonna stop, they’ll tell him to push forward, then he’ll back down, then they’re gonna push forward again till they get the result they want.

      This ain’t ever gonna stop till heads roll over. The usual suspects aren’t just gonna change their perspective & decide that it’s better to give up, that’s not how their minds function. It’s not their compliance that got them kicked out of whichever place they’ve infested.

    • clinics are passing fake passports (without the jab) for money

      If the goal is to get people to use vaccine passports then this is not a win.

      English won’t tolerate it much any longer.

      That’s funny, because the English are among the most cucked in the whole world.

      • Maybe if this example does not fit within your conceptual model of the English your model is wrong or at least too simplistic.

        The English elite is broken but maybe lower down the socio-economic hierachy things are normal. Basing your view of an entire people from the propaganda of corporate media is kinda dumb.

        • The UK was in a lockdown until last Monday. Apparently, the English have tolerated the restrictions for much longer than most other nations (though Canadians or Australians seem even worse).

  6. The NY Times email newsletter leads off with corona-tainment literally every other day. Some weeks it is continuous.

    15th: “Hopeful news on Delta”
    16th: “Democrats, united (mostly)” [political infrastructure stuff]
    18th: hospitalization rates, 2nd item [1st item climate change]
    19th: “Vaccine converts”
    20th: “Extreme summer” [climate change]
    today: “Why aren’t vaccines approved”

    But then, the other flavors of their newsletters might carry a jolt of coronafever, when the mainline is taken off for the day.

  7. “It is fairly clear that we are well past the public health concern with Covid”.
    Clear to you, me, and most all the Zman commentariat. However, to big media, big school marm (aka – US government), and big Pharma, it’s far from clear – or at least admitting it’s clear.

    • Web comment:
      “The US will survive the Obama Presidency, but it won’t survive the people who elected him.”

  8. The question at the end – can we live with the people who spent 2 years lying about Coronavirus- is a false choice. We don’t have a choice.
    They choose and have probably chosen against us living with them.

    We forfeited our choices by choosing to be cowards except in surly backtalk. It really would be better to be silent. People here like to call blacks obsolete farm equipment, well not as obsolete as we whites are, nor openly targeted for liquidation.

    THEY CHOOSE. We exist at their pleasure, this is the price of submission, and fear of 😱FEDS😱.

    • Yeah I remember after 9/11 we used to joke “Why doesn’t Star Trek have any Arabs in it? Because it takes place in the future!”

      Yeah, we used to laugh and smile about that. We didn’t understand then, that it would be OUR people that didn’t exist in the future.

    • Sounds convincing. Please secretly email me your already prepared plan of illegal resistance so I can document my assent to it in an easily admissible fashion. I was sorry for missing out on that whole Whitmer thing but I want in on the ground floor of this one

      • That’s why the Left sweeps the field, cunt.

        But no worries, nothing else will happen.

        Frankly we should all just shut up and disappear. The complaining just summons their wrath.

  9. All you need to know about the fake plague jab is: licensed for emergency use only and the pushers have immunity to legal prosecution for any adverse effects.

    • Not only the vaccine makers, who get their liability shield from the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, which (I think) applies to virtually all vaccines.

      For EUA approved products, or during the declaration of emergency, virtually anyone connected in any way with the distribution of the EUA products is absolved of liability (save a few exceptions.) It’s all there in the PREP Act of 2005. That means you can’t sue anyone, from the truck driver who picked up the doses from the manufacturer, to the clerk at the drug store who gives you the jab. It may be that the PREP act indemnity evaporates when the emergency is lifted and/or a fully approved product is used.

      • National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986

        Also the year of Simpson-Mazzoli.

        And the Meese Commission report on Meyer Lansky’s pr0n syndicates.

        In retrospect, 1986 sure is starting to feel like a rather powerful cultural inflection point.

        Which of course no one realized at the time.

  10. Riffing off of something I said earlier. below

    Does anyone see the correlation between the mask-wearing obedience and the foreign born population? Be it here in the US or in Europe or Anglosphere. And I am only talking about Western-derived places.

    It definitely holds up when you look at CA and NY, two states with huge foreign populations. Holds up in England as well, and also in France. Seems to be holding up in Australia. And in Canada, but B125 can comment. Germany is proving an outlier for now, but could turn, and Karl could comment.

    I am spitballing some and thinking out loud, but I see definite signs that this mask push and vaxx push is a program designed to create conformity and obedience among foreigners and immigrants since they are, it’s been calculated, the future. We were never the target or primary audience.

    • and let me add, not only or so much the obedience, but the government’s willingness to push it to the max

      Seems that the willingness correlates quite strongly with the size of the foreign population

    • Asians are by far the worst mask offenders because they’re followers. To this day the old Chinese women are masking. I really don’t care for their follower cultures. Gay men have been some of the worst as well. A lot of them in my region. Even though they’ll take it off at home and literally eat ass. Some messed up priorities there. They like being passive aggressive and maskism is the ultimate in state sponsored passive aggression. There may be a big correlation between being a bottom and masking. I think there’s a big one. They were already comfortable with faces in pillows and ball gags. Not too many blacks around me, but the Mexicans were the last to adopt. When they did they went all-in. I’m sure Telemundo was scaring the hell out of them 24-7 to get them to do that. Not seeing too many masked Mexicans anymore.

    • Blacks, Arabs, and rural whites are masking half-assed at best. I don’t think being foreign born has much to do with it. Non whites are more likely to get the virus. East Asians mask all the time everywhere.

    • A very high percentage of East Asians still mask outdoors in my city, probably over 95%. As someone mentioned above, it seems that they really like to conform and don’t want to give that feeling up regardless of their actual thoughts about the severity of the virus.

      The next largest group of public maskers are blacks. I think this is a combination of them not being vaccinated, the media pushing the narrative that the virus treats them more severely, and just wanting to cover their faces (for the obvious reasons). Though well over half of them mask up outdoors, most don’t do so in the “correct” fashion (nose or mouth uncovered).

      • well, it’s not like the masks work anyway.

        I did a fun experiment yesterday; fired up the pipe, inhaled, put a mask on, exhaled through the mask. the smoke passed straight through the mask. if you know the difference in sizes between a smoke particle and a virus, then this simple test shows why masks are useless. also, if you don’t hold the mask tightly over your mouth, then exhalation goes right out the sides.

        • I recently watched a YouTube video of a doctor who put on not one but five face masks and then held his eyeglasses directly in front of his mouth. They fogged up in seconds.

          Masks don’t work.

    • I can offer anecdotal evidence that the whites and blacks at work don’t wear the mask anymore. Indians don’t either but took longer to ditch it. Puerto Ricans, some are done, some keep it at the ready. Koreans are the only ones still wearing the mask. Some take it down when they’re working by themselves, some still wear it constantly.

  11. Oh, and for decency’s sake, let me thank our host for:

    1. Mentioning the topic du jour

    2. Steadfastly NOT mentioning the topic du jour, lest the Z-blog become yet another echo chamber. Covid is the new Trump.

    (And, Happy Moonshot yesterday, evryone.)

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  13. UK border guards no longer checking Corona test status of arrivals from green and amber list countries:

    52% of UK youth delete or misuse NHS Beer Flu app:

    I guess humanity aren’t quite the meatbots Schwab, Soros, and Gates are looking for…

  14. You danced around the issue of motivation for lying, but that is the elephant in the room.

    One possible explanation is just rank incompetence and emergent behavior among the managerial class. Another is that it was an opportunity to advance the Progressive agenda that was seized upon and exploited (never let a crisis go to waste). As such, the motivation would be malicious at best and genocidal at worst.

    But the real danger from this form of covert tyranny is remote accountability. If Dr. Fauci came into your home and murdered your child, you would not hesitate to react. But by doing mortal harm at arm’s length, the murderers gain immunity from accountability.

    Now who is ultimately to blame? The murderers or the willing victims. As we have seen throughout history, there will always be murderers. If you’re inclined to stand on the sidelines whining for a remedy, look in the mirror.

    • Follow the money.

      It’s costing the world trillions, but big pharma makes billions.

      It’s governments job to curb the excesses of capitalists. Regulatory capture, academic capture, and the revolving door between all government agencies and the private sector made something like this inevitable.

      • This is the primary “business plan” that will be available going forward. Nevermind making anything useful or inventing something new. Just get your greedy little fingers into some new state-backed coercive scam that will impoverish everyone a little bit more while cutting yourself and your cronies in for a share of the vampire feast. Behold, wealth transfer capitalism.

  15. This is the cost of all the lying and censoring. The collapse of trust is a major cost to the system. Frankly, I don’t know what to believe about Covid. It seems to all come down on partisan lines. Now I am worried that the stick will be used to force me to get injected no matter what the actual evidence may be. They are going to make living a normal life impossible without being vaccinated. This is just in time for the real-id I am going to be forced to get.

    • Tars, I hear you. However, the myth of Covid is crumbling under its own weight of lies and half truths. Everything mentioned by Z-man is also mentioned by folks credentialed in the field of immunology and virology.

      My general feeling and hope is that if we can resist the jab, for the next year, it will all be over and the public will understand that the “vaccine” is not the answer and he unvaccinated are not the problem.

      • The medical science we’re hearing is the medical science the Power Structure wants us to hear. There’s a whole other and opposed side to that science that is stringently suppressed by the Power Structure’s media wing.

        • All too true. But word is getting out. Will suppression be more effective tomorrow, who knows. But the fact remains that even with everyone taking the jab, the disease still mutates and continues to infect and spread and cause hospitalizations. That can not be easily covered up. People will notice.

          Perhaps a new scapegoat can be conjured up to paper over the mediocrity of the public health system and political leadership. But the disease won’t go away—ever. People will not be herded like cattle and burdened with onerous restrictions in perpetuity.

          But even if such a “new norm” does occur, for the DR that may prove a blessing in disguise. Isn’t it a theme here that people are too fat, too rich, too comfortable in their chains to risk resistance? Well, what better than a view of such a situation as today presents itself going on in perpetuity to bring people over to this side?

          • You answered your own question, methinks. The virus already has mutated several times, and will continue to do so. This renders the vaccines and existing natural immunity less effective. It’s quite possible that COVID will become an endemic disease, perhaps seasonal, like the cold or flu. Hopefully it won’t be any worse, long term, than it already has been. But the important thing is that governments can milk this “emergency” for the indefinite future 🙁

      • You said, “My general feeling and hope is that if we can resist the jab, for the next year, it will all be over and the public will understand that the “vaccine” is not the answer and the unvaccinated are not the problem.”

        I don’t want to sound patronizing but I agree that yours is a good “feeling and hope” to have. However, I truly believe that the PTB are too heavily invested in this to give up. As the Scots say, “In for a penny, in for a pound.” I am convinced that the regime will double down, triple down, quadruple down, etc. until they get what they want–universal compliance. They made the mistake of not making the coof deadly enough, so now they have to resort to force.

        The way that presidents have been abusing the executive order over the past 70 years I can easily see Resident Biden signing a federally mandated all-USA vaccination program. Those are just my thoughts on the subject, but I am an old GenX guy who ALWAYS assumes I’m about to get hosed.

  16. The COV-LARP is the greatest psyop in human history until the alien invasion card gets played when the COV falls apart.
    It was just the right panic to get everyone to turn off their brain and sign it all over to unelected bureaucrats and so called experts who got their white coats in a bulk buy at Costco.
    The dumbing down and no longer teaching of key events in history was done for a reason even with history always repeating.

  17. How do you know the so called virus is real?. Obviously people are sick but they are always sick in higher numbers on a seasonal basis. A non-isolated so-called virus is not axiomatically the cause. And the PCR test itself is absolute 100% garbage.

    • Another issue with the PCR process is that they look for genetic fragments common to several viruses rather than the unique Cv19 sequence.

      This is yet another way they’re gaming the system.

      It may also be a tacit admission they do not have the entire sequence for Cv19, or that there is no unique, novel virus around at present.

      • If the virus is indeed “novel” then why the dash 2 designation. That’s like saying Mac OS X 10.5 is completely different from 10.6…

        • If the virus is indeed “novel”


          They are constantly mutating, pretty much every single dadgum time they replicate.

          Furthermore, we have on the order of 25 to 100 Trillion single-celled bacteria in our bodies [upwards of five to ten pounds’ worth], and each of those bacteria have on the order of ten viruses in them at any point in time.

          Meaning that each of us has on the order of a QUADRILLION viruses in our bodies.

          Furthermore, our symbiotic relationship with our bacteria & our viruses is entirely analogous to our symbiotic relationship with grass & shrubbery & trees: We exhale CO2 for the plants, and they exhale O2 for us animals.

          And without all those viruses & bacteria, it’s entirely likely that there wouldn’t be nearly enough of a mutational engine for anything remotely as complicated as Darwin’s hypothetical “Random Mutation” to have any hope for appearing in something as complicated as a mammal.

          tl;dr == Viruses gonna virus.

          Ain’t nothing you can do about it other than trying to negotiate a mutually-beneficial peace treaty with ’em.

          • we are floating in a sea of bacteria, viruses, and fecal particles. that’s just the way it is. works ok if you don’t dwell on it like medical obsessives…

      • When I saw the CDC 50 odd page instruction booklet on how to test for Covid, in my naivete I initially thought that the admission on page that isolated samples of the virus “are not currently available” was a weakness. Only after reading the rest did it occur to me that that was the point, The work-around in the absence of the virus ends up positive with anything vaguely like it.
        Job done.

        Z’s hope that this will soon go away seems to be naysayed by the fact that Gates and Soros were reported yesterday as having bought a covid testing company.

  18. Pretty sure Israel was all-in on Pfizer, not Moderna.

    My wife and I both tested positive for covid last week, and we’re both vaccinated (she/Moderna, me/Pfizer). She got moderately sick – like a bad head cold. I got something more like the flu, so a bit worse. So you could say that we got about as sick from covid with the vaccines as we would have expected to get without the vaccines…the vast vast majority get the equivalent of a bad cold or the flu.

    Mentioning any of this on Prog websites earns a deluge of “I hope you die” types of classy replies. I just like throwing rocks at the bee hive from time to time. However, the hive response does tell you that there are quite a lot of them All In on the idea that covid is the black death. When you point out that 90% of Americans have never tested positive for covid, and 99% of those who do survive it just fine, which is true, they call you all sorts of silly names. Again, not unexpected, but it does provide insight into the hive mind.

    But Z, credit where credit is due, you said many months ago that the vaccine probably isn’t 99% effective. That it could be 60% or 80% effective, and the response would be “oh the vaccine works fine, you’re just one of the the unlucky ones”. The Left and the Government is having a hard time covering up all those vaccinated baseball players and those 6 Texas Democrats and Pelosi’s staff, etc. etc.

    When we were at the clinic getting tested last week – my wife is an M.D. and was incredulous that she could get covid – the doctor who saw us said, “Yeah, we thought we might see breakthrough cases on rare occasions.”

    I replied, “I don’t think it’s going to be rare at all. You’ve got TWO in your office right now.”

    When I told the people I work with, one of them replied, “Yeah, my wife and I are vaccinated, and we both got covid in June.”

    It’s not a vaccine.

    • it was a doctor that mixed the original killer kool-aid. would your wife be surprised if she got a flu shot one year, and still caught the flu? same thing with covid; multiple strains going all the time.

      • I try not to dance around cheering “I told you so” with my wife. 22 years of marriage has thought me I can just grin, crinkle my eyebrows and say “huh, how about that?”

    • The manufacturers’ datasheets for the jabs all state they don’t prevent Covid infection or transmission, they merely reduce the possibility of severe symptoms that could lead to hospitalization.

      The phrase being used to weasel around this is that the jabs are, “non-sterilizing.”

      • The data included in the formal data sheets with the vaccine were all published in medical journals online. The public can read these. One thing to look for is the sampling population for the efficacy and safety study that produced the data. The sample populations were highly selected, such as less oldsters and more younger folk. No pregnant women in some and no one who had or was thought to have had Covid.

        Nothing wrong per se with this as these were intended to be initial safety studies, but to anyone who follows current reports of post vaccine adverse results, not a surprise.

      • You know what else reduces severe symptoms? Ibuprofen. I took some DayQuil the other night to help me sleep.

        Their “vaccine” is the theraputic equivalent of TheraFlu…which absolutely nobody would mistake for a vaccine.

        • I like to pair up Tylenol with Advil; a tip from my dentist. Gives pain a double tap!

    • You had Covid and yet you dare come on this board so soon putting the rest of us at risk. Good day sir!

        • i bet if you sold little finger masks, asians would buy and wear them.

          in my area, they put booties on their dog’s feet, which admittedly does look cute. but still…

          • karl: In Singapore the Asians all keep their infants’ hands covered with mitts all the time – and I am unfortunately seeing more of that here in the US among Whites. Babies learn about the world and other people via their senses. Not letting them use their hands for fear of their tiny fingernails is asinine. It’s anti-White.

    • I’ve done a little bit of reading. If you read around, you’ll find what appears to be a consensus opinion that a vaccine against a coronavirus is a fool’s errand. There have been studies of natural immunity to routine coronaviruses (several cause colds) and immunity usually fades after several months to a year:

      Given the (apparent) lack of proof that natural immunity lasts very long, why is there any reason to believe any vaccine, no matter how effective, would provide any better immunity? I’m not saying “impossible,” and I readily admit my lack of detailed medical expertise. But given the data, I see no reason to expect long-term immunity, whether from natural exposure or a vaccine.

      If you accept the above as plausible, then current events are precisely what one would expect if immunity is fairly short-term: those who’ve been vaccinated will have (for perhaps a year) highest protection against the original virus, less against variants. People who had a natural infection (and that’s likely a large portion of the unvaccinated population, but we can’t say for certain what percentage) are expected to have similar outcomes.

      Depressingly, the provisional conclusion must be that the jabs are only a band-aid. You can expect to be re-infected once or twice a year.

      On the upside (from Big Pharma’s point of view), several “emergency” products, huge money-makers all, are enjoying liability-free Phase IV testing on a scale never before attempted, hundreds of millions of subjects. Aren’t you glad that governments prioritize corporate profits ahead of the safety of human beings?

      • It’s a mutating virus. Best case, it would work like the flu vaccine…as in “it works sometimes, but sometimes it doesn’t, and only if they guess right on the mutation”.

        The booster they keep talking about is really just a talk-around. What they really mean is it’s like your annual flu shot, but you need it 8 months later not a year…

      • I’ve suspected that they planned on the vaccines not working all that well for a long time. After all, it’s not like the difficulty of making a vaccine for *any* coronavirus was unknown. This may indicate that this whole “Coofgate” episode was really just intended to be a typical smash and grab robbery of the global population by the pharma corps with help from their friends in government. Keep people panicked until the vaccines could be rolled out, then keep them believing that vaccines were the key to “going back to normal”. Gradually you let the truth leak out that immunity from these kind of viruses, natural or artificial, is fleeting and weak. By then, it doesn’t matter because you’ve stuffed the cash in the van, backed out, and driven off, leaving the chumps with sore shoulders and broken glass to clean up.

        One brilliant aspect of it was the use of millions of eager Goodwhites to show off their virtue again by doing something the Trumpian Dirt People rejected. It’s, um, viral marketing at it’s best!

  19. This may be a trillion dollar boondoggle, but it’s the trillion dollars that counts. A trillion dollars changing hands to big Pharma. There’s a reason that Fauci has been in his seat since 1984, despite his bungling on HIV, etc. He’s a wholly owned inside lobbyist for these people. We also seem to be having less blockbuster drugs that were coming out 30 years ago. Just as innovation is dying everywhere else, it’s dying in that industry as well. And our life expectancy is no longer increasing, much of it having to do with the opiate pill mill issues. Pharma needs this money more than every as their drug pipelines dry up and they end up paying more and more generic drugmakers to keep prices artificially high.

    Nick Gillespie will tell you that this is the free market in action, and if you don’t like it build YOUR OWN pharmaceutical company and take your own bribes to shelve generics.

    • Notice when Fauci is getting grilled, he keeps darting his eyes around looking for a sympathetic face, someone on his side, then you see him smile knowing he found that face

      Something of a separate note, but I saw another one of his congressional hearings from many years ago, he was beginning to gray it appeared, and he’s always scanning the room trying to make eye contact with everyone, totally practiced on communications within a physically wide and populated room. I would love to see someone like Project Veritas find the behind the scenes videos of him rehearsing and practicing

      • Fauci clearly knew that Rand Paul would go after him, and so went on the Clinton honed routine, stick to the lie, at any cost, and then accuse your opponent of lying. He did this even as he redefined, off the cuff, terminology for “gain of function.” And was there another Republican in the room to start grilling him on the definition of gain-of-fuction??? Of course not! Because they’re losers and all in on the sham. And then Paul let Fauci get the last word, which is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. You have someone lying in black and white and let him go off like that. Would the Democrats allow that? Would the Democrats be talking about Contempt of Congress right now? Of course they would.

    • I always wonder how Fauci and his ilk sleep at night but seeing his big connections to big pharma he probably does pretty. Try this pill Tony and by the way, here is your monthly stipend.

      • He sleeps like a baby because he’s a psychopath. A dime a dozen DC psycho in the J Edgar Hoover model.

  20. Look at VAERS, you’d expect the vaccine would be pulled for safety’s sake (4400 officially reported deaths to start with). Instead there’s a push to make it mandatory. You bet we live in a free country with a government that looks out for us. Absolutely.

    Can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, I suppose.

    • 4400 officially reported deaths

      Just looked. It says 12,313 deaths among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine.

      • Also of interest—Briggs talks of this extensively (thanks Z-man for the pointer)—are the national “all cause” death rates. As predicted, these are trending down monthly from prior running averages. Why. Well, those who die of Covid are old, morbid, and in their last months of life. Covid culls the herd so to speak—heck I’m in that group. Point is that culling the herd of the oldsters is not the national emergency we’ve made it to be. In short, the cure (which we’ve not obtained) is being shown to be worse than the disease.

          • re: killing off the old ones. one of the less talked about aspects of all the oldies croaking: fully 5% of all SSA benes recipients croaked! that is huge; takes a ton of pressure off the system. and that doesn’t even take into consideration the medicare savings.

            in summary, more for me.

        • There’s no cure for the common cold, but apparently we can cook up a vaccine for its cousin in a few months. Right.

          • Fair enough. Since you read this group, I’m certain Hannity and his ilk, will not win out. On the other hand, if you decide to get vax’d and have *reasoned* the decision through thoughtful analysis, rather than fear, emotion, or coercion. You will not hear a word of criticism from me.

          • Actually, nothing could be easier than to develop a vaccine (traditional or mRNA) that would make you immune to a cold virus. The problem is there are dozens, hundreds, of viruses that cause the common cold. Even if there were just one, as is the case with COVID-19, the problem is viruses mutate. In other words, that vaccine would be obsolete the day it was released, even if it could be developed in a month. To belabor my point, in other words, making a vaccine is easy, but the problem is that the virus is a fast-moving target and any given vaccine would be of limited, to no, effectiveness against the new viruses.

      • Supposedly the Covid “vaccine” deaths reported in VAERS are massively under-reported. Supposedly only 1% of the total numbers are being reported in that system. If true, that would put the true deaths in the 1,200,000 range.

        • I agree with the under-reporting, but since less than 3 million die in a normal year in the USA, a million or more excess deaths would probably not go unnoticed 😉

          I’m skeptical of VAERS (granted, haven’t investigated it much but…) as all reporting is voluntary. So there is, presumably, no quality control. How many cases go unreported? Lots. Even if all cases were accurately logged, remains the problem: How would you flag deaths due to the jabs? certain, likely, unlikely. People die every day, and even now, probably the vast majority from reasons other than mRNA injections. From my distant vantage point, VAERS information sounds to be a very low quality database.

          The quality of the data could certainly be improved. Even as someone with little medical knowledge, I can make some guesses: Verify the cause of illness or death. Verify the patient took Jab type X on Date D. Perhaps run a blood antibody test to verify prior infections or jabs (e.g. look for known or expected types of immune responses.)

          I suspect there might be parties that would rather NOT have such detailed data collection being done.

    • The same government that calls us racists and terrorists and the greatest threat to national security wants us to take their vaccine because they care about our health.

  21. Where I live there was a big drop-off in mask use several months ago, when the state gov relaxed its regulations. The gym and the grocery stores were suddenly filled with faces. But disturbingly, masks seem to be on the rise in the past few weeks. Blacks still find them desirable and many of the white wearers look like progs, but we’re not out of this yet by a long shot. The feds and the governors will pull some new twist in the fall.

      • I noticed in Middle TN over a year ago that blacks were quickly donning face masks — and they still wear them shopping for the most part. I think the churches instigated this, saying how whites wanted blacks dead etc. All the BLM nonsense and the George Floyd protests had them showing what “good citizens” they were. Somehow the vaccine phase at the beginning of this year escaped their notice.

  22. *stops reading at “Moderna executives may want to hire food testers and people to start their cars.”*

    Geese, Silly, what are the Pfizer and Moderna *options* doing? Can we Gamestop the living s**t outta these guys?

    A big Canadian government pension investment list popped up on another site, it was 85% into pharma and med tech. I remember the forward thinking big hitters a few years ago ranting about how biomed would be “the new Internet!”.
    Seven Seas Tulip Lending Co., here I come!

    *goes back to reading article*

    • Moderna option premiums have increased due to attention from the WallStreetBets gang on reddit.

      The shares themselves ran 130 pts from Friday to mid-day Tuesday.

      If I wanted to trade them for hypothetical entertainment purposes in Minecraft, I’d take a small, far out of the money call credit spread position.

    • PS- already they’re pushing monthly ‘subscription’ vaxxing, as if a vaccine were a medicine.

      And the nursing twitters? These poor ladies are frantic, the huge surge in serious adverse affects is walloping the caregivers, and it’s not being reported. VAERS and EUdraVigilence are months behind.

      One tweet says: “At this point, we might as well treat conspiracy theories as spoiler alerts”

      • Maybe it’s bitter of me, but I can only have so much sympathy for nurses.

        Education and health care, the two sectors of the economy which perhaps have done the most to ‘empower’ women, which society spends ruinously on, and which are today doing grievous damage to society.

        You’ve come a long way, baby!

    • I remember an old Sepultura song by the name of “Biotech is Godzilla”
      Now it’s stuck in my head…

  23. “We have reached the point where the only thing we can trust is that whatever we are being told is a lie, but the motivation for the lie is a mystery.”

    It’s really mind boggling that that the covid lie is still perpetuated. The only beneficiaries, maybe, are Moderna and Pfizer. Everyone else is losing or holding steady. It seems incredible that pharmaceutical companies have way more clout than the travel and entertainment industries. Even governments have to realize that blowing up the tax base is bad for them. It’s such a ham-handed tool of oppression, too, and deeply unpopular.

    It really just smacks of the Romanovs after the death of Rasputin. They were so rigid in their martyr narrative that they couldn’t be reasoned with, or broken of their myopic self delusion. If this analog is at all predictive, it would indicate that the current regime is a dead man walking, soon to be buried once and for all.

    • “Even governments have to realize that blowing up the tax base is bad for them.”

      You’re living in the old world. Our leaders are literally just printing Monopoly money to fund their utopia.

    • The big companies that just became woke are doing great, while the overreaction crushes their small company competition.

  24. The so-called ‘Developed World’ where State accretion is almost absolute now, and where human life is completely bureaucratized is now in its deadliest phase.

    The political has totally engulfed the social.

    Religion, Race, and Family have been systematically dismantled to remove the threat of metapolitical mobilizations thus making it easier for the bureaucracy to shepherd the herd whichever way it desires.

    Interestingly, ‘ungoverned spaces’ that are considered a blemish on a country’s image remain the only locales where men still possess a kind of autonomy that a globally connected political bureaucracy will find exceedingly difficult to crush.

    An Afghan villager may not have a luxurious automobile, a spacious villa, or high-speed internet connectivity but he is the Julius Caesar of his hearth.

    • Tell your people to stop flooding into the West then. You’re probably typing from London, Toronto, or Chicago.

      They are *all* willing to be stripped of their culture and feminized in exchange for some gibs and a cleaner place with no roaches.

      Most Muslim parents don’t even care that their daughter is a whore. They will live comfortably on whitey’s gibs until death and that’s what matters.

      • Unless you remember him mentioning it from a previous post, his username doesn’t necessarily indicate he’s a muzzie. Furthermore, he’s simply using them as an example of a people that has largely kept their culture in the face of prog degeneracy.

        I’d also reject your premise that they have to choose whitey’s gibs or keep their culture. Their daughters have FAR fewer whores than ours at this point. The ruling elite is very much allowing them to keep all aspects of their culture without harassment to change. Second generation European muzzies are especially prone to fanaticism, while polling data shows European muzzies still strongly believe in jail for homosexuals amongst other things. Not to mention genital mutilation, acid attacks, and honor killings on the rise in the west. Meanwhile they harass white Christians over not baking gays a cake.

  25. Let’s not forget the drug crisis. Over 90,000 Americans, disproportionately white men under 50, died of drug overdoses in 2020 alone. This is a shocking number. Far worse economically and demographically than COVID-19’s geriatric victims.

    Drugs sold by China and the Mexican cartels. Poor white guys get hooked by manipulative non whites in high school. (((Sacklers))) pushing drugs. Frankly the Oxy story should be enough to make everyone skeptical of the medical industry.

    A complete crisis of globalism and open borders – at best preventable, at worst, deliberate. The sign of a beaten and spiritually dead people.

  26. “Adjuvants” are things added to the viral component of the vaccine to cause a stronger localized inflammatory response. It makes the little white blood cells come into the site, gobble up the vaccine, and start the process of creating antibodies. Aluminum is a commonly used, maybe graphene too. Who knows, that tends to be the proprietary part. Part of the game is to use adjuvants that will cause enough inflammation to get the ball rolling without getting out of control.

    • Always blaming the Adjoovants. Give the anti-semitism a rest, we are talking Science!

  27. Speaking of big lies and ironies, how funny is it that Corona is the one case where Leftists have been completely consistent with their own “logic”? These are, after all, the people who claim “biology is just a social construction.” Doesn’t matter that testosterone doesn’t work like that — a few good lectures on intersectionality, and 5’2″, 110 lb. girls will be throwing NFL offensive tackles around. Given that, it’s only logical (again, for Leftist values of “logic”) that we can win the war on the common cold. If a man can really BE a woman just by putting on a dress, then defeating a virus should be child’s play. And if the war allows us to boss people around and torment them for their own good, well, that’s a bonus.

  28. Remarkably good essay. I summarize/comment as follows.

    1. The government lies. They’re not even very skillful at it. The lies aren’t even consistent, and they often contradict each other, never mind other sources of (possible) truth. This suggests there is not really any sinister overall plan, rather it suggests gross incompetence, short-term thinking, making up a good-sounding fib to respond to the latest perceived need to spin The Narrative. Or, perhaps, if we grant them cunning they seem to lack, gaslighting to keep the enemy (us) off balance. But maintaining their aura of credibility and authority clearly isn’t, which in itself is very odd, since typically a person or group seeks respectability.

    2. Your characterization of the virus seems pretty good overall. I just checked CDC. According to them, almost exactly half of the USA has been fully vaccinated. About 10% of entire population has had a case (positive test, with all the fallibility that implies.) I was curious about untested infections. I couldn’t find a good estimate, but it’s likely that many times 10% of the population was infected and recovered without medical care. About 1/3 of infections are completely asymptomatic.

    3. Limited value of the vaccines or (sadly) of prior natural infections, is probably to be expected. This is true of any endemic virus etc. You don’t just get flu or cold once in your life (unless it was fatal, of course!). The annual flu vaccine is a “best guess” of the next season’s strains. There’s never been a cold vaccine, at least not for general use. I’ve no medical background, but it’s intuitively easy for me to understand how a vaccine or infection can protect against one specific pathogen, but it would offer less protection against other, less identical ones.

    4. Follow the money. Especially based on the clumsy lies that spew daily from The Party, this perhaps remains the most compelling motivator. I’d add the lust for power to that, but money probably wins out. There was, is, and will be a lot of Federal cash to suck from the teat, if you’re Big Pharma, the medical profession, and various and sundry State and Local governments and NGOs. Applied just to the jabs, there’s billions of dollars. They think “We’ve still gotta vaccinate the remaining 50%! Then we’ll need booster shots in the fall.” From their point of view, that is correct reasoning. But the important thing is that the money will keep flowing. Perhaps eventually it may be determined that the jabs do in fact protect against “a” virus, but that the target is changing too rapidly, and this heroic vaccination campaign is of no more utility than trying to fight the current season’s cold viruses.

    • And that’s before you get into all the second-order stuff. Wait until the headshrinkers get into the act, for instance. I know folks in the ivory tower who have already had students try out the “worrying about Covid gave me PTSD!” excuse for not turning in the midterm. When’s the DSM-VI due out? Expect a whole new billing code…

  29. Thees “vaccines” are bullshit. They don’t do anything against the virus. Low vaccinated countries are not experiencing surges of the so-called delta variant. That should tell you that a short vaccine effectiveness is not the problem.

    The “vaccines” have a different purpose:

    1) Introduction of a vaccination passport, which has been planned years before Covid was a thing. You can find the plans in old documents right on the official website of European Commission

    2) Getting dubious mRNA shots into people. If you take one, don’t be surprised if you develop a mysterious new meat allergy or suddenly start feeling love for feral African migrants.
    The first batch of these “vaccines” may be relatively harmless (except for the blood clots, but that’s just collateral damage), but the booster shots will be different, “based on latest science” (that is what Justin Turdeau said).

    • Even if they worked well for a short period of time, say around a year, third world vaccination rates are in the single digits. No one in the regime is willing to restrict entry into the developed world from the third world, so the virus would just come back as it recirculates around the globe.

      California and Hawaii are both hedging on reopening schools in the fall now. I would expect without major threats of punitive action by the government interest in getting a booster shot will be less than 33%. Even with the threats they won’t get the same numbers they got for the first shots.

      • In my hive, pod people gleefully got their flu shot every year without fail.

        The Covidians will be falling over themselves to get a booster Wuflu jab every year.

        If they do it right, every fall, our rulers can have the guys who print out the “I voted!” stickers print a few million “I’m jabbed!” and hand them out to the faithful.

    • “…but the booster shots will be different,”

      What, pray tell, will prevent them from very selective targeting, say, of hesitant heretics?

      Kamala, you get the saline

      Stacey, you get the one we hold the antìdote to

      Omigod there’s an outbreak of Mu in a solid Trump district
      They get the *special*

  30. The tired old lesson is learned once again. If humanity is facing an existential threat and its only chance for survival is total government control of society… then you are being lied to.

  31. I know you don’t like the just-so stories and teleologies, but after the Epstein case blew and the lab leak hypothesis proved to be true, Alex Jones is starting to look like Walter Cronkite. I think that whoever’s in charge may have consciously decided that due to Global Warming that the Earth’s population needs to be drastically reduced in order to save humanity. It’s a Gaia-centric version of the Army major’s apocryphal statement in Vietnam: we have to destroy most of humanity in order to save it, and the Earth. Also, maybe it’s not a coincidence that the richest man on planet Earth has been obsessed since high school with Gerald O’Neil’s “space cylinder” colonies as a solution to scarcity and overpopulation on Earth, and that these little milk runs to low orbit are a trial for a bugout by the elect. If they were to destroy a ton of small businesses in the process, and Amazon were to make a killing during the pandemic, that would certainly help pay for gas money and a couple solar panels for the new colony.
    And do I think maybe the vaccines have some delayed sterilization or even built-in poison? I wouldn’t be surprised. Nor would I be surprised if some future variant in the alphabet sequence actually does kill millions, and that only a small number of people are given a genuine vaccine, in advance. Now roll your eyes and give me my tinfoil hat. I’ll go sit at the kids’ table with Alex Jones.

    • At this point, as ridiculous as Alex can be, it turns out Jones has been right far more often than he has been wrong.

      All of us have just lived through 18 months of what amounts to a textbook example of a media/government driven episode of mass hysteria/psychosis.

      Where this train stops nobody knows, but I don’t feel confident it will be a happy ending.

    • The isolated luxury orbital colony portrayed in the film, “Elysium,” with the Dirt People trapped on Earth is the Cloud People’s wet dream.

      Will never happen because the required supply chains would be far in excess of anything we have now.

      • See “Mining the Stars” (also influential on Bezos, but moreso on Musk). Most of what they need can actually be mined or even sublimated or volatilized in space, and at higher concentrations and higher quality than available on Earth. I don’t think the technology’s there, or ever will be there (we’ll kill ourselves off before that, probably), but I wouldn’t entirely rule it out.

        • Delta-V by Daniel Suarez was a good hard sci-fi novel about the advantages of mining and assembling structures in space (from asteroids).

          Probably the best, if not only, way to deal with the problem of prohibitively expensive material lifting from the Earth’s gravity well.

          Also convincingly argues that Mars is a HUGE waste of time.

          • NASA was a missile research program disguised as a space exploration program. Once they learned what they needed to learn, they didn’t have the sense or will to shut it down and so now it does ridiculous things like sending an RC helicopter to Mars. The whole thing is a scam and a welfare program.

    • Overpopulation can be defined in objective terms such as that number that can’t be supported by available resources or it can be defined more subjectively as that number that inconveniences me in some way. I am selfish enough to feel that the places I care about are overpopulated so I infer that the cloud people must be that much more irritated with sharing resources and space with dirt people. If that is true all the man-made climate change lies start to make sense. Artificially reducing resources and encouraging high density population centers leaves more space etc. for the cloud people in long run.
      My bet would be the space cylinders are meant to be hives for the dirt people so the cloud people can have the earth to themselves.

      • Dumbest theory I’ve read in years. Pretty sure if they wanted Earth for themselves they’d just kill us rather than going to the expense of flying us up to live in space cylinders.

        • I have pondered that as well

          But something holds them back. Probably having to deal with all the dead bodies. Plus it’s more fun to torture us from their feline perspective

    • The Georgia Guidestone say that TPTB want a maximum global population of 500 million. I see no reason not to take them at their word.

  32. I haven’t gotten the “vaccine” and don’t plan to. I haven’t been invited over to my brother’s house in a few months. I’m sure that was more his wife’s decision than it was his. Oddly enough, they’ve both been jabbed but haven’t gotten my two nieces jabbed yet. I guess they’re waiting to see what “happens.”

    The year-end holidays should be…interesting.

    • I’m not getting it but will be conducting a personal experiment

      Every day I am taking note of how effective the media effort is in weakening my resistance to getting the vaxx.

      I want to really see how effective the propaganda is on me. And how much it will take to break me. If at all.

      • I’m tracking toward being forced to choose because I may get golden handcuffs to work a job in Saudi, who have some of the most onerous vaxport requirements.

        • isn’t this about the 4th or 5th time you have mentioned this big payday? guess you didn’t get enough attention the first couple of times. try not to be a thot.

      • Falcone, I can’t see how that will work. Every day I get more confirmation of the inefficacy and adverse reaction to the vaccines, while the adverse result of Covid infection lessens.

        How can that break your resolve? The only way to force vaccination would be via employer mandate or outright ostracizing the unvaccinated from civil intercourse.

        • Oh for sure, there is competing info

          Yes, I am far more naturally inclined to believe the real stats and the data, and those things are what keep me steadfast

          But more from an emotional perspective. Like yesterday, I think Hannity is a tool, but I could feel my internal reasoning bending because there is some vestige of trust I have for him and others like him whom at some point in my life I liked. Not that I would break.

          I just want to see and feel how this all works, the propaganda effort. Like I say, more of an experiment with me as my own guinea pig.

        • There are lots of other ways.
          Take the UK – lots of supply chain problems – random food supply shortages for no reason, combined with the start of making some places mandate vaccine app (test no longer any use it seems?).

          Its a small step to ration cards to cope with the shortages (cyber attacks/isolation .. blah blah) and making the ration card r your vax app .

          It seems an obvious convergence of the different starnds currently being pushed.

          • “Excellent: “Its a small step to ration cards to cope with the shortages (cyber attacks/isolation .. blah blah) and making the ration card r your vax app .”

            Kudos, Tristan

      • Interesting gedanken experiment, Falcone. I’ve noticed the same effect, the cumulative drone of MSM, the harping of the Karens, like water on stone, slowly dissolving your resistance…drip, drip…

        • It reminds me of the experiments we used to do…the headphones taped to the ears, endless high-volume rocknroll, the goggles blinding the “subject,” the electricity, the IV lines infusing LSD, week after week, month after month…

          oh, sorry, was having MKUltra flashback.

  33. It’s not even the basic lack of understanding of biology and virology that I find mind boggling. It’s the innumeracy. They closed down the world because 1-2% of people over 70 might die a little earlier than the actuarial tables suggest.
    What. In. The. Actual. Fuck? I have elementary school aged kids, I pulled them out and started home schooling after I found out they were going to sit in plexiglass isolation cubicles and wear masks 100% of the time. Healthy kids are at ZERO risk. 0.0003 per million. If you crunch the numbers, the “Science” actually says that lockdowns and masks do nothing to prevent the spread of this virus. Yet governments are STILL going all-in on these useless strategies.

    • The key thing with the masks is that could do something. They might prevent some virus thingy from landing on someone else. Of course, the sane mind realises that the chance of them being even minutely effective is tiny (unless maybe you’re coughing and spluttering all over the place). But this was essentially the problem: they may help so do it, bigot!

      Good on you for home schooling. I’d be interested to hear how it proceeds as I’ll be doing the same for my lads. Also bang on about the utter lack of risk to the kids. It’s all so tiresome.

      • Here’s where I’d say “you know, motivated individuals in Our Thing could perform a valuable public service, not to mention make a killing, by setting up ‘Dissident Academies’ or whatever online for the homeschoolers. Regular home school stuff is fine for grade school — there’s no ‘dissident’ view on what 2+2 equals — but high school and past, a counter-poz program would make buku cash. I bet just this comment section has enough brainpower (and credentials if curious Normie subscribers need them) to cover every conceivable subject….”

        … but then I realize that’s exactly the kind of thing a FED!!!!!! would say, isn’t it?

        • Severian, you’re right. I have been giving serious thoughts to helping two very good friends out in this way. But I’d probably do it for free, at this point. And it’d be a word of mouth thing. But when established, I’d definitely open up to trusted commenters here, who were UK based, and were willing to consider some ground rules. Mind you, I suppose in this day and age one can do it remotely, but it’d be lovely to see a bunch of DR kids playing and learning together. I have hope. And I have faith.

          The whole fed thing is a justifiable worry, but stalls almost every attempt to do something in real life, although many here do in fact advocate meeting up in real life. Used to be a commenter here, ‘Lineman’, who always spoke about these sorts of things and was up in Montana I think. If I were in the USA, with a young family, and a traditional mind I would have definitely looked at moving to his neck of the woods.

        • Sorry to reply over two comments, but you hit on something that does need emphasis, and that is we do have motivated and practically skilled individuals in this group. We really do. It is a comforting thought – who knows what it could do if it came together?

        • “privately tutored” and apprenticeships unless a paper degree is required to work “for the man” even then you could pass the exams with “life experience”.

      • And so could an infinite number of monkeys with typewriters bang out a copy of Hamlet in an infinite time frame.

        That a mask might trap a large droplet or two of moisture with Covid viruses swimming around in it, says nothing of the aerosolized Covid particles which pass through the mask unimpeded. Here’s a visualization of what I’m talking about.

        When was the last time you went outside on a cold day and saw your breath in the air? That is the normal aerosol you spew out with every breath in particles too small to be effectively stopped by the currently mandated masks.

        • My favorite anti-mask line (I wish I could remember who first said it) was, “if the fart gets through the jeans, then the virus gets through the mask.”

          • I was on a flight this morning. The “man” sitting next to me, I’d guess in his 30s, maybe early 40s, was double-face diapered.

            I farted as often as I could, and they were rank. I had an Egg McMuffin for breakfast. Wonder how well the double-diapering worked for him.

        • If you can bear to be near one, a demonstration that works in all weather conditions (well, no wind) is to watch the exhaled smoke from a smoker. Those are particulates large enough to see (at least as a smoke). Bacteria and viruses are far smaller and ride around on the air currents just as well, if not better.

    • People lie Vox are making a blog-living in attributing all of this insanity to the Boomers

      • Perhaps, but hard to tell whether this fear is Boomer centered or just a function of old scared people. Boomers are by definition the old cohort passing on. Given the number of younger women—not just Karen’s—one sees wearing masks and making the rest of the family do so, I’d say it’s a phenomenon (irrational fear) not relegated to just Boomers.

  34. Not a great post from zman.

    1. Total mortality in 2020 was flat compared to 2019 according to John Hopkins (later retracted from political pressure):
    2. PCR tests are all dependent on cycle rate maximums, which are raises or lowered depending on if the government wants more or less infections. Want everyone to have it? Raise cycle maximums to 40. Want no one to have it? Lower cycle maximums to 15. They can also raise or lower it in certain areas only such as in Florida (raised) and for vaxxed vs unvaxxed groups (to “prove” vaccinations are good). The CDC lowered cycle rate maximums right after Biden won the election.
    3. There are no longterm studies on MRNA vaccines and every previous MRNA trial was cancelled due to excessive side effects. The VAERS system, before it was taken down by authorities, showed many thousands of serious side effects and deaths, and those are only a small percentage of total serious side effects.
    4. Please understand the concept of meta narratives. Under trump the deep state ran with the following meta narratives (there is only one meta narrative going on at any given time so they are very powerful):
    1. trump = russian stooge. into

    2. trump impeachment #1 for being a russian stooge. into

    3. kavanaugh = rapist. into

    4. trump impeachment #2 for exposing biden corruption. into

    5. ????

    The deep state had planned the next meta narrative, GLOBAL PANDEMIC, in order to fuck over Trump who was cruising to reelection against an unpopular late stage dementia patient. They needed to be able to ballot stuff to no end and the GLOBAL PANDEMIC gave them what they needed. It was all planned and everything surrounding this virus is fake.

    • No. No. No, bigot. Don’t you understand that step five is ‘Utopia’?

      Good point about the PCR tests. I’d forgotten about that.

      • Fake and gay, indeed. It’s a great phrase for this whole virus business. In my more exasperated moments, I say it frequently.

        Fake and gay. Yes, yes.

    • bingo. It seems like COVID started being a thing as soon as the first impeachment thing ended. Was this part of some grand “shock doctrine”?

    • I fail to see how your added info detracts from Z-mans post? Z-mans post stands well by itself.

  35. Lack of accountability is the central feature of the Western Neoliberal State. The Covid fiasco is a great example of this. No one will be held to account. Someone funded the Wuhan Lab and won’t admit it. The whole panic/lockdown was crazy from a cost-benefit perspective. Moderna stock has gone to the moon, enriching all kinds of insiders and the vax clearly doesn’t work as advertised. So it goes….

    I don’t expect truthfulness from TPTB, but I think we could reasonably expect some accountability. We’re going to get neither.

  36. I despair of using logic and reason to persuade others generally. This was true before the Covid panic but even more so now. The religious conviction of the branch covidians renders them immune to all counter arguments it seems which indicates covidianism is a deeply emotionally satisfying mythology. Perhaps a propaganda campaign emphasizing and even exaggerating the harm to children done by the practice of covidianism would affect an influential number of women.

    • That’s exactly the way I’d go with it. I’ve often said that any sane society would consider all this crap child abuse…

      …but then I realize that Karen doesn’t care. That’s where I blew it early on. I thought this whole thing would be over in a month, tops, because at that point Karen would realize that she’s stuck at home with the kids, and thus can’t spend her days self-actualizing at Target and Starbucks and the nail salon.

      What a fool I was! And damn it, I knew better. Kids have always been just lifestyle accessories for Karen, little self-propelled Prada bags and Jimmy Choo shoes. Keeping the kids home to keep them “safe” from the Dread Coof is just another status contest for Karen, another arena in which she can compete. “Oh, you only keep your kids wearing masks indoors? I make my little Kayden, Jayden, and Brayden wear three masks at all times, and we have a group hand sanitizer bath every half hour.”

      Try “Vaccines make your butt look big.” Get that one going, and Karen will drop Covidianism like last week’s iPhone.

      • Sad but true. The ritual abuse of children is a central feature of the prog death cult. Children of karens are first and foremost status chattel.

        I knew something very dark was coming years ago when I couldn’t stop noticing how many moms would rather stare into their phones than their baby’s eyes.

        It was jarring back then but now when I see the chattel being towed through the store by karen, masked up with terror and despair in their eyes, it is no longer jarring. Just sad.

      • You absolutely nailed why the child abuse angle will fail to affect the Karen gang.

        For that bunch, at best, children are merely a lifestyle accessory to be tolated.

      • Try both. I have to believe that the maternal instinct has not been eradicated. I recognize the truth you point out that many are consumed by selfishness but I bet many are also susceptible, both for true maternal adaptive reasons and for selfish virtue signaling reasons. Nothing to stop us from coming up with ways to say covidianisms make your butt look big and make your child a maladjusted suicidal retard or the like.

        • Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy is an ugly, real thing. Mommy can get a gold star by having her kids vaxxed, then her kids become sickly and need Mommy forever? That’s win-win for the feral welfare skank.

          One Bible lesson that you won’t hear in any church, is that women must be taught to care for their families. Titus 2:4.

          • Aktchually, my church does teach on Titus, and the Mathew passage about suffering women to teach men. Christianity isn’t all cucks sitting in the corner watching the bulls service their women (or bishops diddle their sons).

        • Unfortunately, tash, a ‘maladjusted’ child is high status. ADDHDTV kids and the “Spectrum” awards are fully embraced.

          We have some meta-munchausen thing going on.

          What cures most ADD is a father with an intact nutsack in the home. But instead we get amphetamines.

          When any truth collides with modern female status and threatens to indict her choices or attribute responsibility negatively to her the truth loses. That is the abuse.

          The culture will simultaneously use kids and “protect” them at all costs, but the plot has been lost, inverted. We regularly lie to kids about what matters and make mountains out of what doesnt.

          Protecting kids from a bad grade in algebra or a skinned knee while filling them with worry about covid and climate change.

          Until men have the stones to right the inversions and tell women “no”, that maternal instinct is feral and just as likely to cause harm.

      • Severian: Children as lifestyle accessories is endemic in the West. And the Karens didn’t rebel against lack of child care because they discovered they really felt ‘validated’ by being at home and religiously masking and social distancing as frontline warriors against this dreaded plague. The kids, though – they didn’t really miss any ‘education’ because public schools don’t provide any – but they missed seeing and socializing with other human beings terribly. So many of them suffered psychologically by essentially being held in isolation confinement. And when I think of the infants and toddlers almost never seeing another normal unmasked human face I want to weep.

        I adjudge the current narrative based on rough headline counts at the Daily Mail. For a few weeks there it was all about states and countries ‘reopening’ and Fauci being a liar and grilled in Congress. Now it’s back to Fauci as a prophet and the dreaded Delta variant is going to kill millions (did you know 258 people died in America yesterday?). Masks are starting to reappear in the stores, and everyone blithely goes along with the charade. Because we’re all in this together.

        No one will ‘pay’ for this orchestrated event or the physical and psychological consequences. It’s proven to be a smashing success and some variant or other of a ‘health’ crisis will never leave us. The other half of the opposition’s belief in individual ‘equality’ is a belief in communal guilt and salvation. While each and every human is deemed identical in all ability, we all become one tiny cell of a great organic society that needs us all striving heroically for the same goals of equity and safety.

        Two things that do not exist anywhere in nature or history. So we’ve come to the eternal and simultaneously impossible quest. Expect to be forced to do your share here, forever, world without end, amen.

      • which is worse – the catlady types who don’t have any children or the women who view kids as lifestyle accessories? I’d say maybe the latter

      • you didn’t take into account karen’s deep love of day drinking wine…while pretending to work.

      • Try “Vaccines make your butt look big.”

        I hate cigarettes so in my younger days I’d get my girlfriends to quit smoking by saying it made their vaginas smell unpleasant. It worked wonders btw so you’re onto something.

  37. There’s a lot of info flying around, and it’s hard to know what to believe, but here’s what we know, and where the red flags go up:

    1. They really, really attacked hydroxychloroquine/ivermectin as treatment. Two drugs that have been around and were uncontroversial, until now. A normal reaction would be optimism and welcoming the drugs as treatments. Studies have shown that they’re very effective. For the media and elites to go overboard in attacking the drugs and the doctors that supported them was alarming and showed that something is up with this.

    2. They really, really want a needle in every arm, including young kids, who are overwhelmingly not affected by the virus. Why are they so desperate to jab everybody? Again the red flags go up.

    Maybe it’s as simple as “follow the money,” or something more sinister?

    • Your comments perfectly mirror my thoughts. To answer your final question, greed explains a lot. The EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) for the jabs and other new treatments required the FDA to declare that no other existing treatments existed. I am not competent to opine on whether HCQ, Ivermectin, or other existing treatments were effective, but marginalizing these certainly is a motive if you want to promote expensive, profitable new treatments, isn’t it?

      Secondly, lust for political power can be a motive. The third, sinister option? Of course it’s possible, but perhaps we can be optimistic and say it’s just greedy bastards sopping up taxpayer’s money.

    • Follow the money is sinister enough it seems. There are so many veins of evil and greed and simple dereliction that can be mined that the competition among motivations tends to distract from the truth.

      The entwined narratives are further diluted because the absurdity of these truths in light of the over-arching anti-reality thrust upon us invites “fringe conspiracy theories” like magnets and 5G, which works to implode the rest of the more low-hanging skepticism.

      It is frustrating to see a solid case made by a dissenting scientist only to have him fall into his own rabbit hole or fallacy. An example being flogged presently is the adverse reactions in VAERS. For some reason it not enough to point to the adverse data on this experimental treatment on its own merit. No, they have to point to some other dubious “study” that only 1-10% of adverse reactions get reported to VAERS and then take a clumsy extrapolation, that would have cost me that “A” back in junior high science, to turn 5,000 deaths into 500,000. Why so many who otherwise present rational skepticism and well-reasoned objections fall pray to own-goal foail hattery is another area to be plumbed.

      As for money, it provides the straightest line for the time being. WRT the “vaccine”, I have read and not personally confirmed, that the emergency use authorization can only legally be utilized if there are no other reasonable treatment regimen readily available.

      The suppression and censorship was required if the EUA was to exist without a complete reform of the current law. Now when the “full FDA approval” comes this fall we will know that like the rest of “the law”, pharma regulatory law no longer exists.

      • It’s about Power. Money is merely a means to acquire power.
        Our Commie-Banker friends conjure forth trillions of dollars.

        What they want is for you to be powerless. That their children will dominate your children. That any threat to their perpetual dominance be eliminated.

      • You can look online and find the relevant FDA regulations about emergecy use authorizstion that say precisely that. And, being from a US Government website, is not likely to be a crackpot conspiracy. 😃

    • The door to door vaccination push in some communities is insane and infuriating. They just cannot leave people alone.
      Slightly similar to the Khmer Rouge making the rounds, inspecting hands for smoothness.
      Who dares to defy us by not getting the jab?

    • An additional red flag is the push to flood the country with illegals, carrying who know what diseases, and spread them out far and wide. Talk about super-spreaders.

    • A favorite meme of mine is :The action is in the reaction”.

      Just as the point of all of Bush the Lesser terrorism bullshit was the crushing of personal freedoms, so the point of the Covid bullshit is the vaccine.
      The bad news is that it’s likely a couple of years before we know what the point of the vaccine is; It sure as hell isn’t stopping you getting sick, is it?

  38. I chalk this shite up to women. They love the drama of it. The heroic tubby nurses dancing for their frightened fans on tik tok, the emoting mothers and daughters as victims… women eat this stuff up. It’s too much fun to give up. Politically it’s a powerful weapon that only Lefty can wield. Too many men will just shrug and roll their eyes in resignation and go along with it rather than facing yet another hissy fit from their women – 30% of whom are on psychotropic drugs for depression.

    Women are vulnerable to these types of attacks. They’re fascists and socialists by nature, and if the truth is told, Hitler and Stalin were massively more popular with women than men.

    They are in charge now… and it shows.

    • We need to get better at internalizing the fundamental truth of this and exploiting it ourselves.

    • It wasn’t just women, although they did predominate. Weak males (I hesitate to describe them as “men”) joined in the many self-congratulatory videos. Made me angry to see that nonsense. Real men don’t act like adolescent females.

    • It is true women are naturally more fearful and vulnerable than men. However there is one thing that will overrule women’s natural caution and that is a threat to their children. My sister was and remains a vaccination fan. However she is absolutely determined that her children won’t be vaccinated. Many other mothers feel the same. Forcing vaccination on children is guaranteed to make even the most placid mother go full mother bear!

      • Stephanie G: Must disagree. Too many women have psychologically manipulated and harmed their children to get back at fathers, to express their anger at their own failed lives, or to ‘self actualize’ for me to buy into the ‘mother bear’ narrative. Women harm their children in numerous ways daily and publicly. Breastfeeding (normal and natural and healthy and preferable) has become another way of publicly normalizing whoredom with daily mammary exposure yet another proudly proclaimed virtue. It has NOTHING to do with what’s good for the child anymore.

        Modern women are all about themselves. Their children are mere accessories. The ‘maternal instinct’ has been as twisted and deformed as every other natural instinct of western man. Women are utterly out of control in every sphere, with hormones smeared hither and yon. I fully expect fathers to be naturally more protective of their children now than mothers – yes, I’m quite serious and yes, modern women are that bad.

        • given how readily modern women commit infanticide, i would not count on them all of a sudden becoming protective. especially if it exposes them to criticism on social media.

        • 3g4me:

          Unfortunately, you are absolutely right. At one point, women were solely driven by the desire to protect and nurture for their children but that seems to have rapidly faded away.
          As we’ve been learning about mothers allowing their young children to “transition”, permitting the mutilation of their own and then celebrating it and cheering others in the process, it’s become more evident that the instinct of protection is lost. Women would rather post a photo of their “girl who wants to be a boy” on Facebook. They sold their souls to the devil for social media “likes”.

        • 3g: I think you’re talking past each other. There is definitely a cohort you describe, and there is definitely a cohort Stephanie is describing – the normiecon/center-left apolitical woman who, upon having her first White son, suddenly discovers anti-male anti-White bias, goes from all-natural cruelty-free granola and grrl-power magazines in her purse to diapers and a Glock. There’s those with the MindVirus, and those who just never used their mind and the natural instincts can, and do, turn them, around.
          Also, the breast feeding thing – sorry, those little buggers decide when they get hungry. You can listen to the infant scream in pain, or deal with a young mom with a nursing cover. Get over it, you anti-natalist (j/k; but just busting them out in public, I agree, come on, a nursing shawl is like $10).

          • Rebel: I nursed my own two and never needed to whip anything out in public. I planned ahead around general nap/feeding times, and used a department store dressing room or a cramped third-world toilet stall, but I managed my business in privacy. It’s really not rocket science.

    • Hemlines go up, hemlines go down. No woman wants be seen in last years colors, let alone in white after Labor Day.

      Notice how quickly and smoothly transitions occur: Covid, BLM, and back to Covid.

      The spotlight illuminates a new part of the stage, and lo, a new scene begins. I first noticed this as the spotlight went from Syria to Ukraine, back to Syria, back and forth. While the spotlight lit Ukraine, Al Cia Da took of their white jerseys, when the spotlight came back they had much scarier black jerseys.

      We need to provide the new shiny toy for the cat ladies. Shine the spotlight in a useful direction.

  39. Even the eye doctor I went to is full of it. Some Asian chick who gets you all worried about glaucoma. I wanted to say, just take my eye measurements or whatever and make it fast, no need for all the extra stuff. But she was programmed to make me worry and accept additional testing.

    Bottom line, she prescribed me some half ass glasses that barely work.

    I’m going to find a normal white guy with some years under his belt next time, I’ll travel far if need be. Can’t trust any of these non whites. They are only here to milk us like cows

    • My eye doctor is a blue-eyed Ukrainian Christian fellow. He staffs his site with family and friends.

      Everything is always top notch.

      • Lucky you

        I get a facsimile of Lucy lieu

        With her staff of pudgy slow moving latinas with blue contact lenses over their brown eyes which makes them look like space aliens

      • Mine is female, probably Cuban, but white as Wonder Bread 😀 I’ve had no problems with her for years. Just because you (or your ancestors) speak Spanish doesn’t make you any less a Caucasian, with all the advantages that confers.

        • I grew up around Cubans. My school was one third Italian, one third Cuban, and one third “white bread white” and some blacks and juice sprinkled in

          Man I miss those Cuban girls.

    • that happened to me, except that i actually did have glaucoma. go to an opthamologist and get a proper diagnosis (not an optometrist). unfortunately there isn’t much they can do if you do have glaucoma…

  40. Why not the most obvious case? Operation Lock Step. All the world’s powers acting in concert to deploy global totalitarian control grid. The shots were always meant to be something you get topped off over and over again. Line up to have your monthly dose of mRNA or we deactivate your green pass and dock you social points. I think this is pretty clear.

    • November 2020, Time magazine cover story: The Great Reset. Things like “you won’t eat much meat,” and “you’ll own nothing, and be happy,” among many others. Kind of amazing how open they are about what they want.

      • Some commentators have mentioned the controllers disclose their evil plans in this way because they truly believe doing so absolves them of the evil they plan to implement.

      • Well, they’re not all that open. Taking your two statements, what that should be saying: “You won’t eat much meat—but we will.” “You will own nothing, we will own everything, you will be happy.”

        • There’s an easy way to translate anything you hear from a ruling class mouthpiece. Substitute “you” for “we” in statements like “we must stop using fossil fuels.” Clearly, YOU must stop using them – so they can have them all. It also echoes through when they tell us “this is not who we are” when someone expresses a desire to limit immigration or labor competition from the 3rd world. The phrase that best sums up what I believe (or don’t believe if you like) – “there is no we”.

  41. Public Health authorities have always taken the position that lying to the public is justified if you can get a good outcome by doing so. For example, one of the things that we discovered during the Corona panic was that the CDC has been artificially reporting higher flu fatality numbers for decades, in order to get more people to get flu shots. They obviously figured, “Oh, well, who does it hurt?” They are now discovering that this is not always a rhetorical question. See also the diet/heart disease hypothesis, low fat, etc, etc,.

    • I might replace, “good,” with, “profitable,” or, “world-controller desired,” in the above.

    • I’m (re-)reading Plato’s “Republic.” They envision what the ideal city-state would be. Frankly, much of what is proposed is idealistic and unworkable. But there are tidbits that are highly practical, especially in the sense that it’s what governments do, as opposed to what they “should” do. Among other proposals, they would censor their own literature; a rich mythology that showed both heroes and gods to be capable of both good and evil, the gods themselves having human-like faults and deceptions, should be censored so that the gods, at least, are only capable of good and truth. (Book 2)

      Continuing in Book 3:

      “…truth should be highly valued; if, as we were saying, a lie is useless to the gods, and useful only as a medicine to men, then the use of such medicines should be restricted to physicians; private individuals have no business with them…

      Then if any one at all is to have the privilege of lying, the rulers of the State should be the persons; and they, in their dealings either with enemies or with their own citizens, may be allowed to lie for the public good. But nobody else should meddle with anything of the kind; and although the rules have this privilege, for a private man to lie to them in return is to be deemed a more heinous fault…”

      Finally, if the ruler catches a citizen in a lie, he will be punished “for introducing a practice which is equally subversive and destructive of ship or State.”

      There you have it: It’s bad for the private citizen to lie, but perfectly OK for the government to do so. This from no less an authority than the father of Western Philosophy, in his most important work.

      • The caveat, of course being in the service of the public good. The difficulty (and hence its only theoretical value) being the ability to discern the public good.

    • Why do you think they give Hep-B shots (all 1st world transmission of Hep B is intravenous drug usage and unprotected sex) to newborns? The shot itself is a pointless waste of money. It ain’t because that 4 week old is going to go shoot smack in a stripclub bathroom while getting serviced by a working girl. It’s because the makers of the Hep-B shot can’t sell it otherwise (it’s done that most horrible of things, cure its intended ailment among all but the most derelict), and the health care system found out that giving infants any kind of shot made the parents more likely to keep to the CDC-recommended vaccine program (now more than 40 shots per child, couple hundred bucks per shot, couple million kids per year… that’s Congressman money you’re talking about). Does it have harmful side effects from time to time, and do no good for the actual recipient? Absolutely! But it also furthers regime compliance, so stab away at those little tykes!

  42. I remember back in March or April 2020 Zman was talking about how the virus is a joke and the lockdowns/masking are not necessary.

    It seemed pretty bold at the time and I was more willing to err on the side of caution. Thought yeah, maybe… but… Let’s lockdown just to be safe. In 2 weeks we will re-assess and probably be over it 🙂

    Turned out he totally nailed it from the beginning.

    • The Diamond Princess numbers told us everything we needed to know in January 2020.

      We can be confident in those because the situation had not yet become a religio-political cult.

      That population also had attributes that should have led to much higher infection and death numbers than what we saw.

      The relentless shilling of the drop dead videos in the media during February 2020 is what pushed things over the edge.

      Scumbag YouTubers serpentza and laowhy86 have blood on their hands for pushing those vids all over YouTube and Twitter.

      • The Diamond Princess numbers told us everything we needed to know in January 2020.

        Bingo. Greg Cochran called me a moron for pointing out that the cruise ship data was our best model and it has turned out to be the best model. The conditions on that ship were ideal to create the worst case scenario.

        • Couldn’t agree more. No one had an answer for me when I asked them in March 2020, in the face of the Diamond Princess numbers, why any of this was necessary. As someone pointed out at that time, cruise ships are full of “newlyweds amd nearly deads”. And we know that illnesses spread like wildfire on cruise ships. If that was as bad a blow as Covid was capable of dealing, then we’d all be fine.

        • He who laughs last as they say. And how is Cochran dealing with the egg on his face? I stopped reading his blog when it became apparent that he was panic stricken and would brook no objection/commentary wrt his buying into the 2M death figure wrt Covid pandemic. I guess he retains is bubble of sycophants.

    • It wasn’t hard. If you have a college level understanding of stats, and high school biology – you knew within two weeks it was a pant load. This bug is still doing impossible things to justify the actions of our hucksters and leaders in gubbimint.

      I am old enough to have seen this before. Back in the 70s, Bible thumping holy rollers and televangelists used God to fleece their flocks and bring the money rolling in. Now they use science instead of god. Satan is replaced by chinkypox and warble gloaming or some other garbage. Suckers are no longer born every minute, they are hatched by the thousands every day.

    • B125: With all due modesty, I’ve been declaring the pandemic a scam since the whole thing started – before I read Zman’s take (although full kudos to him for standing firm in the face of so much panic and opposition in so much of the ‘dissident right’ sphere). I still specifically recall not buying a multipack of Clorox wipes at the store in February because I had forgotten to download the generous discount coupon. When I went back later in the week all the shelves were bare as the great panic began. I disdained the whole ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’ from the start. I may not be particularly scientifically apt, but I know the difference between a biological and a viral infection, and how they’re transmitted, and I know how to wash my hands and when.

  43. “When public trust collapses, the truth no longer has meaning.”

    I reckon that for many people, the public trust hasn’t collapsed at all. One of the reasons that the Covid sham could maintain so much steam has simply been because of trusting GoodWhites. In the UK (as most probably in the US), GoodWhites dominate in education, healthcare and government office. Thus, official policy becomes middle class GoodWhite in nature.

    Gordon GoodWhite on the street sees who runs the government and thinks “Them’s my people!” and trusts them without fail.

    For cynics like me, I had the overreaction pegged from the start. I mean, imagine being so lucky/unlucky to live through an actually devastating pandemic, I mean one that kills hundreds of millions and perhaps billions world wide. The chances are just too small. Plus, the MSM have been trying to ramp up terror over a China virus for at least fifteen years – probably longer. Just more and more of Mencken’s hobgoblins.

    Oh. And I forgot my personal favourite episode of fuck-tard-ary during the shamdemic: one way systems. In the office, in the supermarket, in the grocery store. It’s all so tiresome.

    • Goodwhite trust has *increased* in the system. They don’t usually follow the rules for distancing or gathering size themselves, but they expect you to. You’re an extremist because you don’t follow the rules.

      Was at the gym last night and this moron was grunting and huffing and puffing, lifting while wearing a mask. I haven’t seen anybody follow the “must be masked at the gym” rule yet. Finally found one, I guess.

      • ” I haven’t seen anybody follow the “must be masked at the gym” rule yet.”

        It was for real in Commiefornia. I tried to wear a mask while doing weights, kept gagging on it because I have real lungs and do real exercise, took it off and had my first encounters with roving Mask Nazis.

        Move over, Saint Floyd, I was the original “I can’t breathe!”

    • Britain is a mind boggler to me. Here in America, most people think this was overdone. People put up with it because there was no way to organize a resistance. Once the rules lifted though, 70% of the people went back to normal. I doubt they will fall for the next panic. In the UK, it seems to be the exact opposite. I wonder if the Brits have a strong trust in their rulers than here in the US.

      • We most certainly don’t have the drama you boys do (stolen election, Jan 6th &c). So yes, there’s that. We still seem to believe in the good and competence of our rulers. Of course, many dusky new arrivals also believe this, coming from really corrupt countries as they do, so they magnify the trust. This is England after all!

        To echo what B125 mentioned above, many have actually doubled down on the trust in government. But many have not. Weird times. Dangerous times.

      • Britain is introducing vaccine passports. They made vaccination mandatory for those working with the elderly and vulnerable. Soon people here will need to prove they have been doubled jabbed to go to nightclubs.
        This is the thin end of the wedge. Soon they will roll it out to shops,pubs,public transport and then ‘no 💉 no job’ will be the cry.
        Because Britain is a country made up of other countries we have here in Scotland Nicola Sturgeon and the Welsh have their ‘leader’ . These two are competing with each other and Johnson to see who can be the most Stalinist. Sturgeon has been using this whole pandemic to try and appear Prime minister like. The SNP are mad keen on Scootish independence. They are drunk on the idea that a ‘free’ Scotland will be a tartan utopia. While intelligent Scots know that Scotland would become a western Albania within 10 years of Independence.
        Compliance here in Britain has been very high. With perhaps Scotland being the most compliant part. We Scots have been shameless bedwetters. We’re NOT Bravehearts. We are fearties cowering behind mammy Sturgeon’s legs!

        • I’ve not seen any scenarios for how/whether a universal vaccine pass system is imposed here in the States. It’s certainly possible, but faces a few obstacles.

          Based on my (quite possibly incorrect) understanding, in the USA, short of a fully FDA approved product, mandatory vaccination can’t be imposed. With a normal vaccine, it CAN be forced by a State, there is case precedent (from 1905, Smallpox vaccinations.)

          There are of course logistical problems, such as people paying for forged papers, already a problem in the USA and Europe.

          Many DRs might envision some heroic struggle. I don’t know if I’m prepared to go down in a fire fight just because the government wants to jab me. It is true that I would not voluntarily accept it unless…

          The most realistic scenario, I think, will be increasing marginalization and ostracism of the unvaxxed. If it withstood legal challenges (which are certain), then most people would capitulate because they’d be denied so many things needed in daily life: travel, shopping in stores, attending events, etc.

          One bright side even if that scenario proves true: with every day that passes, we get more knowledge of the (lack of) safety and efficacy of these Brave New World medications. For that reason, I think I’ll wait one more day!

          • Ben, Methinks you place far too much reliance upon ‘the law.’ Rule of Law no longer exists and hasn’t for some time now. Words on paper don’t mean ‘can’t’ and never mean ‘won’t.’

          • Ben, I too will wait one more day, with the additional reason that everyday more people either get the illness or the vaccine. It shouldn’t be too much longer that we either have herd immunity, or realize we have to deal with all the variants and get on with our lives.

          • Ohio just passed a law prohibiting K-12 schools and universities from mandating the vaccine. Hopefully that will spread.

            Out where I live, hardly anyone behaves as if COVID ever existed. I don’t see mandates catching on here.

        • The most appalling thing I observed in Scottish politics was the harangue by the Scottish National Party minister Humza Yousaf that Scotland’s top positions were filled – surprise! – with Scottish people. If an Englishman had made such a statement he’d be laughed out of the country.

        • Stephanie G: To B125’s point, sad to say many of the independent thinking Scots & Irish hoofed it for the USA in the 19th Century. Some of that mindset can be taught, but a lot is DNA based. Unless they incentivized the right people to emigrate, your forecast for an independent Scotland is accurate.

        • All the Scots with something worth having a kilt to cover moved to Dixie and Appalachia 300 years ago. Sorry not sorry.

          Also, I’d rather be Albania and isolated than Ireland and their 50% African by 2030 diversity agenda. Sometimes the backwardness that comes with isolation is a feature, not a bug.

      • The USA has the highest concentration of Bad whites. Mostly the aristocrat side of the English civil war and the Scots-irish. Some Germans too.

        The rest of Anglo countries are more tilted towards Good whites. Canada has more Bad whites than Britain, and we are still more free, but not by much. Demographic change kind of makes this meaningless anyways.

    • Living in the big city, it is obvious that so much of this is to condition foreigners to have trust and faith in government. They are grooming the new arrivals and instilling in them the new forms of “patriotism” which is obedience to the state. Hoping they will pass it down to their kids, etc. and it’s working. These foreigners love their masks. Even while driving.

      The government is done with us. Totally. Hence the strong arm tactics and lack of bedside manner. They don’t think they have to be bothered with persuading us or convincing us. Just hit us over the head. We are just in the way and a lingering problem that has to be dealt with, harshly if need be.

      Just as finding an African baby to adopt was the sexy way to show your virtue, rather than finding a local.

      We’re not sexy anymore. It’s all about finding foreigners to seduce and groom.

    • Baizuo refuse to accept any truths other than the official proclamations on CNN and BBC.

      It’s truly mind-boggling how dumb these allegedly intelligent people are.

      • Like someone mentioned on yesterday’s thread, IQ and intelligence, or whatever it’s called is really only half of it. Having a too trusting nature and not enough skepticism makes such people easy targets for any con.

        I’ve mentioned here before (and perhaps they are still doing it) that the BBC used to report ‘deaths within 28 days of testing positive for Covid’. Now think about how easy that figure can be manipulated.

        • My initial reaction, always, to any event of this sort is Cicero’s : “Cui Bono”
          I can count on the fingers of one foot how many times it’s steered me wrong.

    • These are the same goodwhites that hopscotch through the dissonance on command from the cloud.

      The fact that these ritualistic tests of faith in the experts can be diametric within a matter of a few weeks supports your point that the policy-cum-morality that drives the goodwhites desire to fold into the status structure has a lot of merit.

      The hard fact is there is something about comfortable white people, who have been stripped of their identity, that makes them extremely vulnerable for co-opting into these fits of quasi-religious fervor that if taken out of the current-year context would require only middling IQ and reason to expose the multitude of lies.

      Instead we have legions of “smart”, urban whites who are for all intents NPCs in some simulation of reality, the most fundamental rules of which can be inverted in overnight OS updates without a hitch. No history, no future, just the “now”.

      Many of these are the same ones whos faith in the State is almost as rigid as their faith in the corporate matrix. The Tesla in the driveway is the apex but these are the same consumer drones who would get up at 2AM to wait in line to but a $1000 apple phone. “We are all in this together”, mask, distance, jab, are all just social product to be consumed as signals of their goodness.

      This is a people without a purpose or a faith. The free radicals of the prog suicide cult are ravaging whats left of their drive to be a people and to have a community. Much like how the vax cure seems to turn one’s own immune system into a cannibalizing vandal looking for a virus by tearing apart the hood home by home. See also, Systemic Racism. The more invisible the actual threat, the more the goodwhite seethes of its dangers and submits to the cause.

    • OrangeFrog: I was utterly bewildered when I first saw arrows marked on the grocery store floor. “Are you serious?” I asked the clerk. And the ridiculous plexiglass shields hung from the ceiling, because viral particles (which are waiting to attack anyone without a paper mask and linger in the poisoned air for days) can’t float over or under or around them.
      It’s all so tiresome.

      • I saw those arrows at my local Aldi and thought, What a pain in the ass. They actually had them pointing in my usual direction and it was inconvenient to go the other way. I did of course.

    • Actually, if there is a real pandemic of high mortality, the real death count will come not from the disease, but the reaction when the chain of support breaks within the system. A widespread disease probably need not be anywhere near as deadly say as the Black Death. Just disrupt the the food and utility supply, and I bet 50% of the population goes within 60 to 90 days.

  44. Z Dude didn’t mention the mounting evidence of adverse effects from the jab itself, especially deaths, which may be the critical “feature” of the lie.

    • There’s reason to believe that every mRNA jab will create stronger adverse reactions, as can be seen with the second jab being far more painful on the recipient than the first. A booster shot could very well put the body’s immune system in a horribly volatile state far worse than the virus variants.

      The silver lining is the true believers will go for the booster first.

      • Of course I’m not wishing for the jabs to be a death shot, intentionally or not. Still, if the worst happens, consider this for a white pill: GoodWhites will be disproportionately selected for Darwinian culling from the herd, since it was they who had the greater faith in the jabs than the evil BadWhites. I’d prefer for our population to not suddenly drop back to 160,000 million or so, but in that dire event, the Republicans would be more likely to win elections. Restoring the America of sixty years ago might not be impossible after all! 😀

      • The other option is that the vaccine is going to mirror the effects of the vaccine for Marek’s disease in chickens.

        The vaccine has artificially forced a manageable disease to be hyper-fatal to unvaccinated chickens, to the point that all chickens have to get vaccinated in order to survive in commercial flocks.

        The only alternative is to kill off all the vaccinated ones, have a massive die off in the remainder and then let the disease blow itself out back to a normal behavior.

        It maybe the jab is actually intended for this, and the side effects are just unforeseen. As in chickens, the vaccinated will act as perpetually shedding and incubating disease mutators while suffering manageable long term effects, while for the unvaxxed every vaxxed person will become a real threat (unlike now).

        And with all the propaganda who will care if the refusers die out, solves lots of problems all at once.

        • According to the propaganda, somewhere north of 100 million have had the plague and survived.
          They have far more immunity than that conferred by a vaccine.

          • That number is probably based on official test positives. Given that the virus(es) that cause COVID-19 are extremely infectious (Many of us think it was in fact designed to be) and that the disease has officially been at large for 20 months, it seems likely to me that basically everyone, everywhere in the world who could possibly be exposed to it, has been exposed to it. Since current population is just under 8 billion, we’d have to guess a number of undocumented infections. I’d put my guess well into the billiions. Using the old “one-third” rule, that would be about 2.5 billion infected and (most) recovered.

    • Even reddit appears now to be something of a repository for peoples side effect stories. An unpleasant read.

    • Even if the high numbers are correct, which I doubt, the side effects are pretty small. I’m not sure that will be a critical issue that undermines public trust. I’m not ruling it out, but my read all along is that the adverse effects of the mRNA approach will be higher than with traditional vaccines, but it will not be a 1976 Swine flu debacle. Then again, the similarities are a interesting

      • It has to be the worst marketing campaign ever. The lasting impression in my mind is that the vaccine is like mercury and they are injecting me with little silvery globules of it. It has a metallic taste like lead cavity fillings in my mouth

        And then they are illustrating the covid vaccine as blood colored balls with spiky tusk like shark teeth

        Why you never let lab rats like fauci in on the marketing and promotional decisions. Had the campaign been more soothing and less threatening I may have been more willing.

      • At this time, it’s pretty clear that the Cv-19 virus is pretty much a dud in terms of being a bioweapon.

        I’ve had thoughts that their nifty new jabs may prove equally disappointing in their ability to function as bioweapons.

        Just big nothing burgers, all around.

    • I’m making my way through Michael Crichton’s oeuvre and currently reading one of his lesser known books called “Next”. There are several storylines about genetic engineering (most of them rather silly) but I came across an interesting passage last night where one of the characters was freaking out about “gene therapy” that would produce spike proteins resulting in the type of adverse reactions currently being reported through the VEARS system about the jab. Crichton died at a relatively young age not too long after the book’s publication in 2007. Being a suspicious type, I’m starting to wonder who he actually was.

      • Not to be overlooked is Crichton was trained as a doctor of medicine whose medical career was derailed by becoming a profoundly successful author.

      • This may or may not mean a thing, but Crichton wrote at least one article for Chronicles magazine (where Sam Francis was a regular feature) in the 90’s. I can’t remember what it was about, but he may have been a paleoconservative.

        • The last book I read of his was “Disclosure”. I think a lot of posters here would give a hearty “like” to some of the things said in it about the predatory nature of women. Not surprisingly left out of the movie version.

          • My biggest beef between the book and the movie was that in the book his wife never saw the psycho which allowed a great line to take place between the couple at the end of the book.

      • Chricton had to be one of the greatest masters of time management ever, publishing 8 full length books while at the same time completing Harvard Medical School.

      • Crichton also coined the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect, named after his friend Murray Gell-Mann. “Briefly stated, the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect is as follows. You open the newspaper to an article on some subject you know well. In Murray’s case, physics. In mine, show business. You read the article and see the journalist has absolutely no understanding of either the facts or the issues. Often, the article is so wrong it actually presents the story backward—reversing cause and effect. I call these the “wet streets cause rain” stories. Paper’s full of them.
        In any case, you read with exasperation or amusement the multiple errors in a story, and then turn the page to national or international affairs, and read as if the rest of the newspaper was somehow more accurate about Palestine than the baloney you just read. You turn the page, and forget what you know.”

        • Agree. I introduce people to this Idea, they agree, nod sagely and continue to believe the bullshit.

  45. The corona big lie has had one excellent effect: The oligarchic managerial class has shredded its credibility. The people that are willing to see, have looked behind the curtain and seen the neurotic little goblins, panicked at the thought of losing power, madly pulling every lever that comes to hand.

    • It has exposed them to a lot of people. My worry is that those now boiling return to the simmer. Quite frankly, for the innumerable list of blunders the state has put people through, most of our politicians need stern corrective measures.

      • OrangeFrog: Normalcy bias is a very powerful thing. As you put it, most crave returning to ‘the simmer’ because facing the reality of today’s madness makes them rather uncomfortable. Too much introspection is like too much reality and exposes too many unpalatable truths (like cowardice, gullibility, moralistic scold, herd mentality, i.e. the human condition).

    • You would think so, but Con Inc. is more or less capitulating, with Scalise and Hannity being the prime examples. We’ll see if the sheep follow.

      • People are getting threatened with deplatforming if they don’t push the vaccine. It is a safe bet FOX put pressure on Hannity to push it on his show. The Newsmax CEO also put out a statement in support of it. They are still afraid of Big Tech.

        • Barnard: My son has a very long standing and unaddressed claim with the Veterans Administration. They provide zero information on that even when he’s able to reach them. But the other day, mail addressed to him from the VA arrived at my home, complete with letter urging him to do his patriotic duty and get the vaxx, along with a glowing personal testimonial from a Han Numerica physician.

    • Yeah, we say that, but we were never the intended audience I’m afraid

      It has worked great on foreigners and immigrants. Their faith in the state and its competence and trustworthiness is probably at all time highs

    • Especially as regards public health policy, international health organizations, scientific research (e.g. viruses), big pharma and perhaps the entire health care industry. They have really dug themselves a hole with the whole COVID-19 caper.

      While it’s not clear that there really is a diabolical plot to kill off or sterilize the world population, or some equally nefarious plan, it’s evident that they did (and continue to) lie about the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic. The official narrative continues to unravel, like a kitten playing with a ball of yarn. 🙂

      If the mRNA and other therapies that were rushed into worldwide use prove to have severe side effects, it will deal a further blow to what few scraps of credibility they still retain. This will be all the more a pity, since mRNA is a very powerful technology. People have long had reasons to doubt the establishment (e.g. Tuskegee and lesser disasters) and this would be one more flop to discredit them.

      • Short of a 100% death rate, side effects of any vaccine can not be discussed separate from efficacy of the vaccine against its intended disease. We seem to be forgetting that and therefore come to no agreement.

        As Z-man noted above, the current vaccines are pretty good overall—even if worse than what we are used to. So why am I unvaccinated? Simple cost/benefit calculation. I believe I will suffer no morbidity if I catch the disease (a second time).

        Given the nature of the disease effects as we now understand them, a rational/thinking health service would only be promoting vaccination/social distancing/quarantine for a small proportion of the populace.

        I suspect that the push for “jabs” for all is other than for health purposes.

    • Double edge sword. Once they were exposed, they had nothing to lose by turning tyranny up to 11.

  46. i’m surprised you didn’t file this under “badder thoughts”. Does anyone here see the handling of COVID as comparable to communism? Like it had a sort of Five Year Plan and/or lysenko vibe to the whole thing.

    • I’m amazed by how little people know about basic medicine and biology. At least when I was a school boy, you learned about vaccines and viruses in grammar school. We learned about crude smallpox inoculations at Valley Forge in the Revolutionary War. Today, no one seems to understand any of this.

      • Kids are too busy learning that males and females don’t exist and Anglo-Saxon England was an open-border, diverse society.

        • By 2025 the kids will be learning about how OrangeManBad had extreme far right whyte supremes handing out covid blankets to brown children at the border. And then the Saxon began to love. Because love is love.

          I wonder what history says about a people who are outrunning their ability to create parody.

          • Heh. No doubt. Your Jan 6th ‘insurrection’ will be their Normandy, Okinawa, Pearl Harbor, War of Independence and Cold War triumph all rolled into one.

      • Early on in the fever, I had a nurse tell me “a virus is a virus” when I was discussing what makes the corona, a corona, and why the traditional vaccine methodology has yet to be applied to this class.

        She, of course, got the vax straight away. And then had her 15 y/o daughter get it soon after. For every person lacking rudimentary knowledge of life on Earth, there are three more who are just certain they know because they work in that field.

        Given that the medical error just happens to be one one of the top 3 causes of ALL deaths, I was not surprised by the nurses ignorance of biology 101.

        Having been nearly vacated from my meatsack by an anesthesiologist myself, perhaps I am gifted with a level of skepticism that evades the institutional clout of the credentialed pill mill.

        • medical error just happens to be one one of the top 3 causes of ALL deaths

          The #1 cause of death is intentional murder on the part of the hemlock-society georgia-guidestones monsters in white lab coats pretending to be kindly old doctors & pharmacists & nurses & whatnot.


      • Try explaining the difference between a prophylaxis and a cure.

        Ivermectin is very likely a prophylaxis and MAYBE a cure (definitely a palliative, however).

        A cheap, readily available, off patent, and very few side effects drug handed out like candy a year ago would’ve ended this in a couple of weeks. Still would.

        Don’t know if the media is stupid, lying or both when they confuse “prophylaxis” with “cure.”

    • “Does anyone here see the handling of COVID as comparable to communism?”

      Well, I’m no scholar of ‘the communisms’; but yes, I do see a comparison one could draw. Both are Micky Mouse fads, dreamed up by tedious intellectuals, who have just enough good sense to stick ‘Utopia’ at the end of the road map.

      Just keep workin’ toward that Utopia. Ignore the bodies.

  47. given the numbers of people dying and being damaged permanently by the non-vaxx, just so far, it will be hard to hide all the bodies when the big die off starts. interesting that the hebes went all in on this thing, for their own people. that seems more than play acting. this genuinely seems like the kind of egregious behavior (by the peeps in charge) that can cause the herd to start smashing things and stringing up “elites” (and their families).

    Zman, do you think there is an audience for a book “White Like Me”?

  48. What about the talk of graphene in the shots and the people with magnetized injections?

      • I’ve seen where a Spanish research team recently discovered graphene oxide in the “vaccine.” (it’s not a vaccine in a traditional sense, but something completely new). I haven’t seen another study besides that one, so maybe it’s untrue. I’ve also seen where some believe graphene is in the masks, also in the testing swabs. Maybe that’s untrue as well.

        • I was joking about the graphene stuff. I would not be surprised if batches of vaccine are contaminated with all sorts of things.

          • There is an odd bit of behavior, where Malta for instance will refuse entry to people who had certain batch numbers.

            “”Entry will not be allowed if the vaccine batch on your certificate is from one of the following: 4120Z001, 4120Z002, 4120Z003”

            Malta seems to know why – but strangely no one in the press seems curious.

        • Yes, I saw it was tested in Spain and they say they found graphene, well that is the story anyways. I still think it’s worth at least trying to explain the hundreds (if not thousands) of magnetized injection site videos made by total normies over the past few months. I mean go on bitchute and there’s loads of them. Are they all under some sort of mass delusion?

      • For a substance that won people a Nobel in Physics (2010), I would hazard that it does, in fact, exist. While I lack understanding, it apparently does in fact have magnetic properties. I find that interesting, since normal carbon, to my knowledge, is non-magnetic. What, if any, uses it has in a vaccine is open to question.

        Even if it is magnetic, common sense dictates that the amount in a dose would be tiny and is most unlikely to be detectable by a tinfoil-hat using a common magnet. 😎

          • I draw heavily on Wikipedia, with all the weaknesses that entails. Perhaps I err but I would hope that an entry on a chemical substance would be relatively bias free. 😉

            Nobel: Admit I haven’t checked, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt that their selection and awarding process may still have some merit, for the hard sciences. We can pretty well discount the Peace Prize, Literature and maybe Economics at least in recent years. Those are clearly virtue signalling. I mean, Obama gets the Peace Prize for what?

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