The Partisan State

It was Lenin who popularized the term partisan, as in someone who is party-minded or exclusively concerned with the interests of his political party. He coined the term to explain why socialists should abandon objective analysis of politics. In a society of antagonistic classes, the owners of property versus the laboring classes, class interests and material conditions of existence determine political outlook. Therefore, all claims to objectivity are delusional or self-serving.

We see this in the dynamics of American politics, but not in the way in which Marxists imagined the concept. The left side of the ruling elite imagines themselves as the vanguard of society. They are the ones leading social change in order to achieve their not always well-define ideals. As a practical matter, this means they are the champions and caretakers of the interests of minority groups or in the language of the moment, “the under-represented and historically excluded groups.”

The opponent is always cast as the face of established interests. After all, the power dynamic would not make a lot of sense if the opponents of the oppressed were powerless or inclusive. In partisan politics, it is always David versus Goliath, even when David is all powerful and Goliath is powerless. For most of the last half century, the American Left has had total control of the high ground in America, but they are sure they are the underdog and the Right controls everything.

What this means is that the power relationship is the keystone of the moral dynamic within partisan politics. The underdog, the oppressed, the excluded, must always be the moral superior. Otherwise, it is possible that the oppressed are being oppressed for good reasons or worse yet, the partisan is in fact the oppressor. We see this today where massive global corporations destroy the lives of ordinary citizens while simultaneously claiming this is being done in self-defense.

In Marxist theory, once the working class conquered the capital class, there would no longer be a need for politics. The workers would usher in a classless society. Without classes, there could be no class conflict and therefore no need for politics. In reality, the partisan needs an opponent to exist. The very definition of the partisan is rooted in the existence of the opponent. If one wanted to identify the inflection point of the Soviet Union, it would be when Brezhnev toasted Nixon.

In America, this problem has been solved by generating an organic opponent, custom made to play the role of oppressor, while never threatening the real power. In the middle of the last century, the American Left was in total control. The New Deal was confirmed by the fact that progressives conquered the economic depression at home and conquered fascism around the world. The best the Republican Party could do is promise to be just like the Democrats, which was pointless.

The birth of conservatism solved a massive problem. Buckley style conservatism began as a revolt against the war socialism that lingered on long after the war, but quickly became a usable opponent when debating the next great crusade, the long twilight struggle against the ancient opponent to the East. Conservatism was quickly packaged as the face of the oppressor, the tool of corporate interests. Soon, every Republican was pictured as the little guy from the Monopoly game.

Back then, the coalition of the oppressed championed by the Left reflected the demographics of the country. It was mostly white urban working class people and rural whites, with blacks as a silent partner. The silent partner grew less silent over time, but the demographics of the country grew darker as well. The original opponent was the white middle-class and has remained so. As the complexion of the coalition has grown darker, the nature of the opponent has grown whiter.

The trouble is the old Buckley conservatism discredited itself after the Cold War and no longer makes for a useful opponent. The system has been desperate to create a new enemy, but so far, they have only come up with cartoon villains. The persecution of the January 6th protestors is as much out of frustration as anything else. The Left is so angry that they cannot find real bad guys, they are taking it out on grandmothers who had the temerity to walk into the people’s house.

The ridiculousness of the new bogeymen does not mean the partisans have thrown in the towel on the project. There are efforts to create a new right-wing, which they have helpfully called the New Right. Members of the Old Right are looking for a reboot, so they are happy to join the project. The heirs of Trotsky are hard at work trying to sort this problem as well. They helped the Old Right avoid putting their ideas into practice for 70 years, so they are hoping to repeat this with the New Right.

Therein lies a critical part of the partisan society. It must always be partisans versus objectivist, with partisans having the power. The partisan puts his ideas into practice, while the objectivist is content to describe the world. The main reason for this is that as soon as the objectivist tries to act on his ideas, he is ruined. We see this in dissident politics, where you can analyze what is happening, but if you hint at any action, the C-suites of global capital are alive with ideas on how to crush you.

The thing is, the partisan state relies upon all parties believing that the struggle is real, not just theater. In America, this has meant that the upper-middle-class radicals must believe the enemy has real power and is willing to use it. On the other side, the perpetual losers must think they can win. Politics in the partisan state is a game of zebras versus lions. The zebras win most skirmishes, but in the end, the lions win the battle, and they only need to win once. The lions control every outcome.

The question is what happens when people stop believing this fantasy. Dissidents see the growing ranks of people who no longer see a point to conservatism or even conventional politics. In a world of rigged elections and grotesque levels of political corruption, voting is an insult. Something similar is happening on the Left, where the disaffected Bernie Bros are questioning the game. They already have a new party that is on the ballot in over twenty states.

The Soviet Union provides a little insight as to what happens when the struggle stops being real for the people. The 1920’s and 1930’s provided the Bolsheviks with enemies they could use to justify themselves. The war provided the ultimate enemy for the system, but then came the peace. The Khrushchev years were about making the dream of socialism real, but when that failed, the partisan state ceased to exist. Instead, it was a generation of oligarchic rule with the tattered trappings of socialism.

It can be argued that the détente with the West is the only thing that kept the Soviet Union from collapsing much earlier. The American empire needed the Soviet Empire, so it was happy to help the Soviets keep their system running. The American empire has no enemy to serve this role. The Chinese are too smart to be trapped into a new Cold War and the Russians are too weak. The instability we see is a partisan state that has run out of enemies and therefore, lost its moral authority.

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165 thoughts on “The Partisan State

  1. The artist formerly known as Judge Smails. Sorry. No down vote was intended., I fumble fingered it and it can’t be withdrawn.

    If such a thing happens, the PTB ‘s will be using the capital police for that. Problem is that the land they need to control is too vast and when things go hot, the outsiders will end up running away.

    It doesn’t matter if it urban or rural. If some street gang in California doesn’t want the Feds there, they will be gone toot sweet.Latino gangs under Obama literally ethnically cleansed Blacks out of whole neighborhoods and while a few did time, they were still gone. Its just a cost of doing business.

    If things are hot, I would not assume food, water, power or anything will be available
    in numbers enough to avoid making that post a nightmare and you can 100% forget an enjoyable life.

    Police aren’t soldiers and are more subject to local conditions even when they don’t live there It make take some years but they can be made to leave. BAMN

    That’s assuming as soon as we go hot domestically WW3 doesn’t happen next day or there isn’t a collapse first.

    The US is just too mindbogglingly big to rule without consent.

    As to why consent hasn’t been withdrawn, well may are like me seeing a a slim chance of a fix , in my case change the Republican leadership. Others simply don’t have an alternative worth fighting for.

    No one on the Right offers a way forward just back and none of them especially Gen X is interested in creating that way much less taking the risk of leading.

    Its understandable. Too many Grey Men , too much Ghost Nation and no one wants glory . Materially, we are already as comfy as we are going to get and vast amounts of work for incremental improvements especially as so much is stolen by the rich is not worth it.

    And yes we do know what we need to do in the broadest sense but it takes too long as is to fraught with failure points. Most of us just want to be left alone to let “society” auto destruct and be done with it, not build some fake ass society that won’t last a human lifespan.

  2. One thing I noticed with the Texas Democrats fleeing the state. They were nearly all ugly fat women, mostly White, a few black. No male would follow those hags. So there is that. Secondly, Biden’s Townhall he spouted gibberish and had freeze up moments. The drugs no longer work, and people know it. There were maybe 200 people there. Third, the destruction of our heroes, whether statues and iconic historical figures, or beloved pop culture icons from Star Wars and Star Trek and Dr. Who, cannot be stopped. But no man can love the Female Woke Doctor. Or the go-girrrrrrlllll power Star Wars or Star Trek stuff.

    They can’t force love. Or respect, admiration, loyalty, duty, and the rest. At best they can force compliance when they are watching. Lockdown 2.0 is coming, obviously, and just as obviously it will be like Prohibition in Year 3. Widely flouted and creating a whole new class of gangster. No one will fight and die for the Gay Pride Flag. Or the black national anthem. The NFL is going to play it during every game. They will end up with a 100% black audience like the NBA.

    Lets not forget the cultural aspects. It was an easy thing for Kathleen Kennedy to tear down Star Wars. But doing so created more of us than a thousand rallies. I mean, she did it. She created a character more hated than Jar-Jar Binks.

      • Well, the tickets are expensive. TV viewership demos may be a little different.

      • The crowds at NBA games ARE mostly young urban whites with tons of disposable income – venture capitalists, lawyers, etc.

        They can have fun there acting like joggers, which they can’t do at home or on the job.

  3. I remember pundits on the www during the run up to sand box war II and the Graveyard of Empires (Afghanistan) tour saying you won’t like it when this comes to America.
    The extra super bad azz $500 toilet seat MIC couldn’t beat some sand/mountain dwellers with WW1 rifles and improvised explosives so they had to bring it on home.
    They won’t win this one either.
    Note to those who just want to be left alone or go along to get along, that is not how Bolshevik Revolution 2.0 works.

  4. “The ridiculousness of the new bogeymen does not mean the partisans have thrown in the towel on the project. There are efforts to create a new right-wing”

    They are literally engaged in these efforts. That’s what the Gretchen Whitmer faux kidnapping scheme was about: providing an enemy for the new democrat president to rally his base around (you). It’s also what the Base and any other number of government generated groups are about: creating an enemy (anti-Regime, White Caucasian) the ruling class can unite the brown masses against in order to maintain control of them.

    Further example: Matt Heimbach is back. He’s the guy behind the old neonazi TWP. I believe he was also involved in Charlottesville and was then arrested in a trailer park after sleeping with some guy’s wife and assaulting him when he was confronted (real leadership material there). Well, he has a new, almost certainly Fed, group called “Nazbol”, or something to that effect. Convenient how the two groups the ruling regime fears most, White identitarians and socialists, now come in a nicely wrapped package to scare everyone at the same time. How efficient of them. And I mean that. The government is now targeting the “extreme” socialists threatening Jeff Bezos’s bank account. They’re combining the two, perhaps out of desperation.

    Note: Don’t be stupid. This guy is an obvious Fed. The whole “Nazbol” thing reads as if it came from some boomer MSNBC producer. It has zero real support. They invented it to slur one of the recently elected anti-American South American rulers. Now, they’re repackaging it with their paid shills here. Anyone who joins that group is a fool looking for trouble.

    • We have nothing to apologize for regarding Cville, even though Heimbach was there.

      • Apologies are nowhere near enough to forgive following an Obama/OWS stooge and Spencer into their antifa/fed op.

        • Maybe your powers of prescience are greater than mine, but I knew Spencer before Cville and Kessler shortly after, and whatever their flaws may be, they were not feds. (At least not then. Spencer now, who knows?)

          Very few people foresaw the breakdown of law and order that occurred at Cville. We had a permit and case law was on our side. Police had respected that before.

          Did you foresee all the well-meaning patriots of Jan 6 getting put in solitary confinement too? If so, tell me, have we already lost? Is all opposition futile?

          • Let me rephrase my questions: Under what conditions would you oppose our rulers?

          • oppose

            I don’t mean to be rude, but to my ear, that’s shabbos-goyische boomer-speak.

            And as far as the real world is concerned, it’s effectively gibberish.

            Purchase moar cases of @mmun!tion, and then be patient, muh brutha.

            In the meantime, keep a bounce in your step, a twinkle in your eye, and a great big sh!t-eating grin on your face.

            PRO-TIP: Teh fertile p00nt@ng can’t see you grin if the sterile Karenz have shamed you into wearing a sanitary napkin over your face.

          • Spencer is a suspicious type you should probably avoid. He has all the poor character traits that make him an easy mark for the FBI: emotional, attention-seeking, money troubles, narcissistic, plagued with legal troubles, has access to a wide number of people whom the FBI would wish to monitor, has a history of incendiary rhetoric and actions (Heilgate) that could be called upon at the right moment to tar a rising right-wing star or movement. This is the kind of guy whom the FBI would flip in exchange for money or legal leniency, and Richard Spencer strikes me as the kind of guy who’d accept.

            Is he some kind of fanatical ideologue like Vladimir Lenin or a religious nut like David Koresh? Because those are the only kinds of people whom the Bureau would have trouble flipping. I believe Spencer is an atheist who endorsed Joe Biden, so there you go.

            Don’t be stupid. Unless you know these people personally, don’t fall in with them. It’s not worth the risk. How many high ranking types like this turned out to be Feds? A trailer park guy who’d sleep with his friend’s wife and assault the husband would flip for cash. So would a champagne fake notsee. Don’t trust them. You don’t even need evidence of wrong doing. These guys are all flakes and you’d be better off assuming the worst and avoiding them.

  5. ***The DR seems to think that: (a) the time is dire and everything is going to shit and they are hunting us down no matter what we do and the nation is dead and politics is dead and the elites want us dead and there is no law and order or rule of law and you best have your preps in order and any day now we will be south africa or worse and voting is retarded and schools are a wasteland and we have no unifying culture or power within any of the prevailing systems or institutions; and (b) it is too “risky” to meet a guy for a cup of coffee.***

    A is clearly true. B is true for many operable definitions of “risky”

    The question really needs to be: what is the potential risk versus tbe potential reward. For the moment the reward is unclear at best. I suspect most of us already know people we can complain bitterly with IRL without bringing in potential informants to complain bitterly with.

    At the moment the only credible thing I’m hearing is work to erode regime legitimacy at whatever immediate scale is accessible to you… then engage in some combination of waiting and praying for internal collapse.

    We don’t need out of state meetings and recorded conversations to do that.

    • Often I find myself wondering if the DR believes its own rhetoric. Very few of us behave or even talk like we actually believe what we say. They act SHOCKED when globohomo does something evil to us. Like they don’t REALLY believe the enemy hates us and wants us dead. Or they act like there is all the time in the world and that we have the luxury of time. The “patriot” right does the same thing. One minute they are crying about how the “left” stole the election and the next minute how they are going to vote Trump back into office so they can be told the black UE number everyday.

      • I don’t think anyone here is surprised when new things happen. We’re just surprised at how brazen and in the open they’re being now.

        • He11uva lotta shabbos goysiche boomerz here chez Z.

          No wonder Z treats y’all so gently with the kid gloves & whatnot.

  6. There’s a very good book called “Gangs of America” written by Ted Nace that is worth reading. It describes the history of corporations up to how the US courts gave corporations legal status equal and in many cases, superior to those rights individual Americans are granted under the 14th Amendment.

    Communism and socialism have nothing on what global corporations have done to destroy and subvert democracy and ruin lives and livelihoods by using the US Constitution and over 125-years of back room political deals and legislation to subvert not only American’s Constitutional rights, but to destroy governments around the globe.

    • In fairness, the Corporations are simply the hired thugs [which is to say, the public face] of the Equity Class.

      Corporations are to Equity as Potato Kneegr0w & Eggp1ant gangstaz were to Meyer Lansky.

      The True Power is always hiding behind the curtain.

      Cloaked in Darkness.

  7. On the subject of partisanship I advocate adopting a disciplined consistency in describing the enemy and their statements as hate groups, extremists, hate speech etc. since these terms have no concrete definition aside from ‘the adl or splc says so’ yet there are actual consequences to being tarred by that brush, the enemy will have to spend energy denying the obvious and obscuring the blatantly partisan nature of their own definitions, eroding legitimacy. Its a simple sand-in-gears action that can be used every day.

    • Do you worry that by you are re-enforcing the idea that “hate,” which really means recognizing racial differences, is the worst thing ever?

      Maybe this is a short term tactical gain at the expense of long term strategic goals. Just curious.

      • Do you worry that by you are re-enforcing the idea that “hate,” which really means recognizing racial differences, is the worst thing ever?

        The biggest mistake here is in taking any of this shiznat seriously.

        You know what the sanhedrin of the Frankfurt School fear the moast?




        Being the butt of the joke.

        Instead of trying to out-hate the most hateful race of Adrenochrome-drinking hominids ever to walk the face of the earth, simply laugh at them.

        Although I have to confess that Kamalatoe Harris’s daughter-in-law is so freaking herpetologically hideous that I almost feel sorry for the poor thang.

        God bless her tiny little cold-blooded heart.

        PS: This also goes for the shabbos-goysiche Karens.

        Shitlord: Did you get the COVID vaxx?

        Karen: I’ve had three shots already & I’m scheduled for my fourth shot on Friday.

        Shitlord: Well that explains why your boobs are so small and your butt’s so fat.

        • In terms of taking things seriously, just keep purchasing case after case after case of the correct ca1ibers of @mmun!t!0n for your rif1es and sh0tg*ns, and then when the time comes, we’ll simple appeal to the ancient sociological recipe bequeathed to us by our Ancestors: C@ed!te e0s. N0v!t enim Dom!nus qu! sunt e!us.

  8. Re: ” The instability we see is a partisan state that has run out of enemies and therefore, lost its moral authority.”

    “When Alexander of Macedonia was 33 he cried salt tears because there were no more worlds to conquer.”

  9. Soviet fate was sealed when Russian Nationalism regained its lost strength, which was an inevitability in any case.

    In other words, when the Putin generation came of age, the grey-haired, seniles in the power structure found it increasingly difficult to run the affairs in a neat power vertical.

    The intervention in Afghanistan also made matters worse. Senior and aged officials feared that if they tried too hard, the young guns might slaughter them.

    • the grey-haired, seniles in the power structure found it increasingly difficult to run the affairs

      Another great myth.

      • It’s not a myth.The Soviet Union was run by aging geriatrics for years before Gorbachev came along. There is a startling similarity between their leadership and American leadership current day. Pelosi, Schumer, and McConnell are all over the age of 70 (McConnell is 78 and Pelosi is 81). The next generation is the much younger AOC generation. That’s the group that will destroy America just as Gorbachev foolishly destroyed his Soviet Union with fanciful ideas (USSR: Bolshevism will last if reformed with Western sensibilities. USSA: The Liberal World Order will last if the demographic that created it is replaced).

        • Kruschev was 59 when he took power, his successor, Breznev was 58. Putin first held national office at age 47.

  10. Afghanistan-20 years
    Iraq-18+ years

    Throughout my military career, it seemed farcical to line up 3rd world countries as our supposed foes, or possible threats to the world. Iraq’s Saddam as the next Hitler? Pfft. The mantra of warheads on foreheads and the justifications that we were fighting overseas so we didn’t have to fight them in the US became such a joke.

    The best example was a deployment to the Persian Gulf whereas we were tasked to defend oil platforms. Yes, the mighty US Navy was utilized for ExxonMobil and Chevron. Taxpayer funded security to ensure shareholders kept receiving dividends.

    Who will the next foe be for our empire? China and Russia are being considered, and our rulers may be idiotic enough to pick them.

    • What if the plan was to weaken the military in you break you buy it quagmires, have Hussein make it woke dot MIL and then use the UN small arms treaty to get the guns.
      Uncle Joe Joe Biden said he wants all guns at the Communist News Network townhall circle jerk.
      Occupied enemy territory, infiltrated, surrounded on all sides and soon to be invaded thanks to a Long Marching fifth column of fellow traveler traitors.

      • Picking up 400M weapons ain’t gonna happen. But of course they can try. Effective removal would start with repression of ownership and use, then a multigenerational wait while follow-on generations have little to no experience with use of such weapons and eventually abandon them to the government to avoid their liability. (Think of all those widows that turned in their dead husbands’ weapons at gun buybacks a couple of decade ago.)

        Problem is, our Lefty “friends” can’t wait and always overreach. The waiting game when they have the whip hand is not their forte.

        • The waiting game when they have the whip hand is not their forte.


          It’s why I’m telling you peeps to chill out & relax & stockpile moar @mm0.

          The Left always overplays its hand, and when that happens, it will be precisely our green light to come down on them with a fist of iron camouflaged in a velvet glove.

    • “. . . the justifications that we were fighting overseas so we didn’t have to fight them in the US became such a joke.”

      Yeah, we wouldn’t need to fight them ‘there’ (or here for that matter), if we didn’t bring them here.

      It wasn’t a very good idea to kill people in the Middle East while at the same time bringing their relatives and co-religionists to the United States.

      • As Steve Sailer says, “Invade the World, Invite the World.”

        What many of the locals would say, whether in Dubai, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, etc, was that they had no problem with Americans. They just didn’t like us having multiple bases and influence in their countries and affairs.

        Just as we would chafe over Chinese or Korean military bases in California or Texas…

    • We had to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq to bring the fight to our enemies.

      Otherwise, the Al Qaeda/Taliban/Iraqi Battlefleet would have launched its invasion of the United States.

      • @Federalist

        With the Dhow armada leading the charge across the oceans, begging for food and water all along the way.

        The most stressful experience was when these tiny fishing boats would pop up next to our ship through the fog. The VBSS (visit, board, search, seizure) team would assemble to confront the boats. Thankfully we never had a USS COLE moment. All they did was ask for food and water, which we of course gave them.

    • Back in the Regan years, there was a political cartoon that went something like this. Before I start, it’s worth noting that ALL the claims in the “joke” were true:

      The USA is funding a Chinese Maoist trained guerilla “freedom fighter” (Jonas Savimbi), to attack Cuban troops guarding U.S. oil company personnel (Gulf) pumping oil in a Marxist country (Angola). If any of this makes any sense, there is a good job waiting for you at the State Department. 😀

  11. Compromise is a very conservative value. It’s what saved Britain from the terrors of the French Revolutionary spirit…an evil spirit, from jumping the pond in the 1790s. Britain was a kingdom with a robust, centered government. Partisanship, even before the communists, was invented in the French fever swamp during the bloodbaths. A place where everyone had to call each other “citizen.” The problem with compromise, is that it has to be AMONG the same tribe or ethnicity. Once it crosses tribal boundaries, it works is opposition to good, as a ratchet against the host tribe. Compromise is a non-starter in the ethnic and racial jungle of the U.S. in 2021 and beyond. We must revert to the ancient techniques of brutish taking of power and wealth from our opponents. There is a tribe we can learn from in this respect. One that goes apeshit when Unilever stops selling Cherry Garcia in its country as a protest against its policies. Unilever will be mired in legal paperwork worldwide. Especially in states where politicians cater to the morbidly obese hicks that read the Left Behind book series while wearing insulin pumps.

    • “There is a tribe we can learn from in this respect.”

      That tribe is a parasite that feeds on the gentile body.

      It appears powerful because the host, who is now too frail to even move a muscle, refused to squash it a long time ago.

      • True. But I’m results oriented, and they get great results. I still don’t understand how they could ever attach themselves to the Han tribe once they’re done with us, but if it’s possible, they’ll be able to do it. We are the problem. It’s our culture that allows them to do to us what they do.

        • “I still don’t understand how they could ever attach themselves to the Han tribe…”

          They have been attached to the Han since the days of (((Kissinger))).

          Both Han and the tribe fiercely resist any reinterpretation of the official WWII narrative, which slanders the White race.

          • But they still have to be on the ground, in Han territory, looting the place, and that tribe is known for having the same traits that they have. It would have to be a transactional relationship. They would have to bring something to the table that the Hans need. I don’t see that. The Hans need petroleum security above all right now. But they can go straight to Riyadh and Dubai for to secure that.

          • “They would have to bring something to the table that the Hans need.”

            Israel has been transferring a lot of cutting-edge gentile defense technology to the Han for years now.

          • Not one of Mao’s inner circle were Chinese from the Long March. (Mao was their puppet, he was a nobody on the March itself, until he proved his worth negotiating a deal with a warlord who had 4 times the troops and territory.)

            But Wirth, they have brought something, I’d say the table itself. Islamic “usury free” banks and creaky Han banks both have a hidden foundation- the BIS banks that underwrite their investment.

          • Forgive me, but the flaw in that ointment is enforcement. How the tribe has been able to enforce payment of their compound interest, I don’t know, but they’ve enforced it for centuries. Where in hades did they get the seed money for the origination loans, I don’t know that either.

  12. If everything shall be partisan, perhaps provide us a list of companies to support who do t openly hate us. The default assumption, of course, is that those not on the list are enemies.

    • Here is the list of global companies that do not hate us: . In reality, they don’t actually hate us. They are just larping leftism because they see the left has won, and now must pay it protection money. The right is too weak to push back because it still has too many remnants of Con Inc. who are either bought off as well, or are circle-jerking libertarians. The only strategy I can see is to shop as local as you can.

      • COPE, as the kids say. They hate us more than we can imagine.

        Wokeness/antiwhiteness/etc. is the ideology of finance capital, and the Western left has adopted it *from them*, because they’re greedy, obedient, and sadistic. What we’re up against is far more serious than “leftism.”

        The average C-suiter hates you more than the most frothing Nazi hated the most stereotypical Jew.

  13. Skimmed that article about the new right. It mentioned an editor who bemoaned the revolution’s outsized place in American mythology. I agree. Once concluded, the project should’ve been nation building, and it was to some extent.

    Then the Gettysburg address happened, then making the world safe for democracy, now globohomo. The revolution never ended.

    I disagree with that editor that the Puritans should be the model. They were, of course, revolutionaries.

    We’ve been too little concerned with our nation, and the present situation is the natural consequence. None of it should be surprising, nor is the solution hard to figure out. Getting it through peoples’ heads is a different story.

    • “Once concluded, the project should’ve been nation building…”

      That was Washington’s view. He didn’t quite trust firebrands like Jefferson, though he recognized their brilliance. But George Washington would have fallen into the central banking trap had Jefferson not intervened. Money always gets its way, however. And eventually, the Money Power prevailed.

  14. If you haven’t seen it yet, Buzzfeed (and others) have new & lengthy expose´s of the FBI entrapment OP involving a plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer of Michigan. Key takeaways include: the FBI spends about $42 million/yr on confidential informants (one of which has earned nearly $5 million for services rendered), the seminal act which led to indictments & arrests was planned & directed by a deep-cover CI in the titular leadership role of the group, the FBI collected a mountain of evidence over several months (including 1,300 hours of audio/video recordings), at least 12 CIs & UC agents participated, and various persons were lured across state lines to face-to-face meeting sites & many were badgered into attendance by CIs. One of the lead FBI agents was recently arrested by local Michigan police for beating his wife half-to-death for refusing to join a swinger group & lifestyle. My guess is that we will eventually learn that Jan 6th was a similar FBI OP.

    Moral of this story. Every face-to-face meetup in the DR will likely include majority participation by Stasi CIs & UC agents, and likely will be led by same. The Stasi does not pay the big bucks unless a CI delivers something seriously incriminating, even if it has to be manufactured. They prey on the weakness that accompanies passionate anger, which is why the media is working overtime to piss everyone off with escalating rounds of crazy. Don’t by a victim of entrapment.

    • It was obviously done with the “victim” and the feds in cahoots.
      She originated it with a few higher ups, the feds just supplied the usual process.

      Its so transparently a fake political hate crime with the entire arc pre-planned – its just they were sloppy about their own exposure.

      Expect to see more of this in the future. Fake nooses equivalent for politicians will become very commonplace.

    • Two men from a DR forum realize they live in the same AO. They may not have a lot in common, but do share many ideas about the importance of male friendships as the foundation of building self-reliant communities.

      So they agree to have a cup of coffee. Maybe that conversation leads to sharing of some ideas about what community means to them, about how they might begin to share their expertise, time, and resources to build a foundation of those ideas.

      Or maybe one of them keeps talking about specific actions that orient toward *something or someone else* and not those innocuous things about daily life that aggregate toward this idea of community. So the other says “thanks for meeting with me, but I have to get going” and it ends there.

      Is that such a difficult thing for all of us super smart, savvy, motivated, and wide awake men of the DR?

      Lets say those men agree to meet for a beer next week. Maybe one or both know of one more man, personally, who also lives in the area and is interested in a deeper sense of community and are willing to invest time and resources to that end.

      So these small groups of men begin their project of fledgling community. These “communities” being small, loosely organized groups of families that are coming together around resources, security, infrastructure, communication, and mutual aid in everyday life. They have BBQ’s, after church events, work parties on each others properties, carpools, study halls and skills lessons for kids, etc.

      None of this is remotely illegal or conspiratorial or even that exciting. Its boring, long time horizon relationship building and boring, everyday labor that is pooled by some people who happen to agree on some things that needn’t be advertised.

      The DR seems to think that: (a) the time is dire and everything is going to shit and they are hunting us down no matter what we do and the nation is dead and politics is dead and the elites want us dead and there is no law and order or rule of law and you best have your preps in order and any day now we will be south africa or worse and voting is retarded and schools are a wasteland and we have no unifying culture or power within any of the prevailing systems or institutions; and (b) it is too “risky” to meet a guy for a cup of coffee.

      So assume we are in a time when it is too risky for two men to get a cup of coffee and talk about community building. So then what?

      So shit is so dire that two men meeting for coffee is such a threat to the System that you will get vanned. Doesn’t that beg the question? If shit is that pear-shaped and they are coming after all of us is a foregone conclusion is there not a duty then to have that cup of coffee? What’s the real risk? Your ability to get that slice of the pie before midnight vans show up anyhow, because we are that bad and they are that good?

      Its convenient that within the DR there is this notion that everything is too fucked to risk meeting IRL. That things are SO BAD and we are so dissident in our dissidence that real life meetups are just honeypots so we’d better just sit here and comment about how bad everything is until that badness finally comes true and we can avoid the vans but end up dead by any of the other things that are most definitely going to happen any day now. Which is it?

      Retards gonna retard. “Plots” to do stupid shit are stupid shit by stupid people. Two guys meeting for coffee is not a plot. I’m open to ideas. But I have yet to be converged into the singularity. I exist IRL.

      • Or maybe one of them keeps talking about specific actions that orient toward *something or someone else* and not those innocuous things about daily life that aggregate toward this idea of community. So the other says “thanks for meeting with me, but I have to get going” and it ends there.

        Or, maybe, shoots the guy and the world has one fewer FBI agents in it. It’s weird to think that one effective way to sap government strength would be to join a white nationalist group with the plan to kill all it’s members’, the majority of which are federal agents. What a clown show….

          • +infinity

            [in and of itself is too short for the sp@m-fi1ter so I have to add some extra verbiage]

        • While contemplating the murder of state agents might be a pleasant fantasy, it does carry significant real-world risks, including if you stray too far and incur criminal conspiracy charges which can get you decades of prison time without a single drop of blood being spilled, a shot fired or explosive detonated.

          May I point out we are not yet at the End Times, and you are not Rambo, Ben Raines or whatever mythical figure you may envision yourself to be.

          With those admonitions out of the way, however, allow me to share a “sand in the gears” option that just occurred to me. It’s well known that the Feds have been infiltrating groups since at least the 1960s, perhaps even earlier. Have you ever considered turning the tables? Now, I don’t mean getting a job in one of the alphabet agencies, although that option has been broached before.

          Why not join (or even better, start) a decoy radical group? In other words, you are setting up the honey pot, not the Feds. Your mission, if you like, is to entrap the Feds! You will set up a bogus group that will sap a certain amount of their manpower. Rather than plot killing them, at least before the time, the successful Operative will, instead, feed them all manner of dark conspiracy plots for them to report to their handlers in Washington. The only downside I can think of is how you would keep potential real DR recruits out of the sham organization. Think of it as LARPing to give the Feds something to write up reports about. 🙂

      • Screwtape. This is the comment that I wanted to write. But much better than I could have written it. Lovely, lad. Just lovely.

      • Perhaps due diligence into the other person’s employment history would help. As Zman mentioned in his podcast two weeks ago, he can spot fakers pretty easily by asking a few questions. IIRC, he gave an example of a guy claiming to be a plumber who had soft hands, and deflected on basic plumbing questions. Also, don’t do stupid shit. We are so far away from being able to organize a strong resistance that falling for a violent entrapment plot is beyond stupid.

        The thing that really hurts is that we can’t even do the MLK thing, and have massive peaceful rallies. They will still track you down and destroy your life just with an investigation, even though they cannot actually win a formal prosecution.

        • Codvilla wrote that he would get these buff, 30-something guys – who just moved to the area for work and had no family – approach him after a speech and begin asking questions. He would tell them to report that they had failed.

      • Screwtape, I’m not against meeting up IRL with others in the DR (for coffee or any other circumstance). I’m FOR being educated about the current modus operandi of the FBI and the risks of being lured into a trap. If you’re smart enough to avoid these pitfalls, by all means, go for it, do your thing. But don’t be fooled by a bygone image of FBI agents & CIs as clean cut Joe Friday types. The agent that put a serious beatdown on his wife looks like metalhead biker, and apparently acts like one too.

        • Agree. The mythos of the thin blue line and GI men of all other stripes being “our guys” or protecting us in any way needs to be drilled home.

          At the same time I tire of the paradox of inaction, the self-hobbling of our guys marinating in our own dissonance that time is short, the war is real, good vs evil, the nation/culture/past is gone yet we must meticulously craft anything that crosses the blood and soil barrier into real life according to the terms defined by those who want us dead.

          • In muh FBI timeline, I forgot to mention the Frankfurt School sanheder, Mark Felt.

            Felt had already infiltrated the FBI in 1947, and by circa 1970 had risen to the position of Associate Director [very roughly the same position which the Frankfurt School sanheder, Rod Rosenstein, would hold, half a century later].

            And if you look at the flow of the data points, it all starts and ends with Frankfurt School stage productions:

            Ephraim Zimbalist Jr in ABC’s FBI -> Mark Felt -> Carl Bernstein & Katherine Meyer “Graham” -> shabbos goyische stool pigeon, Bob Woodward -> Robert Redford & Dustin Hoffman in All the President’s Men.

            They even named the scam after a Meyer Lansky production, featuring a filthy shiksa wh0re named Linda Lovelace*.

            It’s such a perfect pattern.

            You gotta hand it to the Frankfurt School – they spend decades wargaming & then implementing these psyops.

            *Lovelace apparently started a family and became a born-again Christian before she died.

        • But don’t be fooled by a bygone image of FBI agents & CIs as clean cut Joe Friday types.

          One of the very strangest bagel-eaters of the mid-20th Century was one Ephraim Zimbalist Jr.

          His father, Ephraim Sr, was a renowned classical violin player, and was the director at Curtis for almost three decades.

          Ephraim Jr’s daughter, Stephanie, starred with a young Pierce Brosnan, in a television series called, “Remington Steele”. She never married, had no children, and is now long since post-menopausal.

          The Zimbalists were reputed to have been evangelical Christians, and Jr spent a great deal of time with the Scofield Heresy crowd, doing rah-rah go Israhe11 propaganda work.

          But Jr’s moast famous role was as the lead agent on ABC’s 1960s hit TV program, “The FBI”:

          We now know that the bagel-eaters had infiltrated the FBI very early on, with bagel-eater Roy Cohn having given kosher bl0w jobs to J Edgar Hoover throughout the 1950s & 1960s.

          And I can’t help but wonder whether the Zimbalist family [and especially Zimbalist Jr] was situated precisely dead center in two of the greatest Psychological Warfare Campaign victories which the Frankfurt School achieved in the 20th-Century:

          1) Trust the Federal Bureau of Investigation, shabbos goy.

          2) Bow before the almighty power of the Scofield Heresy, shabbos goy.

          PS: Stephanie Zimbalist and Ghislaine Maxwell are not all that far apart in age, and their lives’ stories are remarkably similar – very attractive young ladies [as bagel eating chicks go] who somehow never got around to having progeny of their own.

          I wonder whether the Zimbalists of the 1960s/1970s were partying with the Barrs & the Maxwells of that era?

      • Exactly! My last meetup, I introduced the other guy to snorkeling. Informants don’t want to be your friend, they want to make a buck by tricking you into self-incrimination as quickly as possible. Just don’t talk fringe in the early days and they’ll move on.

        With these anti-socializing lockdowns, it is victory enough to make a new friend.

      • Ok, Scewtape, name the coffee joint; you are in the north or north east of a certain city, I’m due south of it.
        (So, how do you actually do this without self-doxing?)

        • Ok click my screen name and you can register at the site with a burner email and PM me there.

          Ive face to faced with several on that site that. If thats not appealing perhaps another way to double-blind emails will come to mind.

          Also: John has a long mustache. The chair is against the wall.

    • It was obvious last summer that Antifa and BLM were well-organized, well-funded, Deep State sanctioned ops.

      • Once you saw pallets of bricks being dropped off in select areas, and no arrests or prosecutions, the game was fairly obvious.

        • Once you saw pallets of bricks being dropped off in select areas, and no arrests or prosecutions, the game was fairly obvious.

          And Donald Barr’s boy, Billy Barr, oversaw the whole d@mned thing.

          I’m telling you peeps, it was not an accident that Donald Barr gave Jeffrey Epstein a teaching gig at the Dalton School for filthy shiksa sluts & hoz.

          Donald Barr was one heap big sanheder in the Frankfurt School.

          That bagel-eater was seriously connected within TPTB.

    • TomA writes, “Every face-to-face meetup in the DR will likely include majority participation by Stasi CIs & UC agents, and likely will be led by same,” and he’s not wrong.

      However, his comment reveals my difference with him. While he does say wise things about individual natural selection, he avoids powerful forces like organized groups or ethnocentrism. Organized groups usually beat “go it alone” individuals.

      I am part of a number of groups. We do our best to maintain high standards of vetting and we don’t do anything illegal. That said, maybe my next message on this board will be from prison when I get framed, but…

      …my gamble is that trusted groups are going to beat rugged individuals when the future that we fear appears. Calculated risk.

      • I thought I had made this comment previously, but I’ll reiterate once again. I’m all for building a like-minded communities and interacting with others who share our values & aspirations. But as was true in all prior authoritarian countries (think Soviet Russia or Communist China), all conversation must be necessarily stilted & benign if you want to survive very long. Both the Nazis & Soviets even persuaded some children to rat out their parents, so you must be reflexively on-guard all the time when in the company of others. This can be quite tiring.

        And you clearly misunderstand my “philosophy” of resistance to tyranny. I don’t advocate “rugged individualism” per se. Rather, I merely propose that the most effective way to fight back is 4S and focus. Until technology allows our Overlords to penetrate our consciousness, if you keep your serious thinking solely within the confines of your cranium, you cannot be betrayed.

    • As I have said before, the highly effective enforcement machine that keeps YT down is primarily made up of White males. They seem derive a lot pleasure and fullfilment from their jobs. I am not sure how they can have such enthusiasm in serving a Government that publicly calls them and their children terrorists . Maybe they truly believe that Bezos, Gates, and Soros will save seats on the escape pods for their families.

      • Z has spoken to this before and my paraphrased gist is that to the spy the universe begins and ends at their skin

  15. This begs the question, “Well, what next?”
    I’ve never known a world without class struggle baked in.

    That must be why Hayek warned about letting war planners get ahold of the economy, because everything then becomes a war.

    War on getting the litter picked up, war on getting a functional sewer system, maybe?
    War on getting the harvest in or on keeping the car running is about all the angst-ridden existence one should need, really.

    • Hayek was great. I really like The Road to Serfdom, but it is just a shame that most of the world didn’t think like old Hayek. What are these ‘duty bound freedoms’ of which you speak? What is ‘responsibility’?

      It remains my favourite short book about the problems with large scale centralization, though.

      “War on getting the litter picked up, war on getting a functional sewer system, maybe?
      War on getting the harvest in or on keeping the car running is about all the angst-ridden existence one should need, really.”

      No, old son. War on whites, past, present and future.

  16. the long twilight struggle against the ancient opponent to the East.

    The US hasn’t been around long enough to have had a “long twilight struggle” with anybody. Except for a few square-rigger whalers in the 19th century most Americans had never seen a Russian and couldn’t have named the Tsar or his capital.

    Once a gang transforms into a government, the ideology it used to justify its actions no longer means anything, no matter if the gang is pseudo-socialist or pseudo-capitalist. The US vs USSR beef isn’t much different than the Crips vs. the Bloods.

    • “The US hasn’t been around long enough to have had a ‘long twilight struggle’ with anybody.”

      I think he means that the ‘ancient opponent to the East’ (Russia) was the ancient opponent of the little hat wearers.

  17. What a fascinatingly stupid time to be alive. There are really no good historical analogies. One is tempted to say that the US is becoming a banana republic, but the key feature of banana republics is the bipolar world of the Cold War — El Sleazo Caudillo del Momento always had to thread the needle, because there was never any shortage of potential rebels backed by one superpower or the other. In short, El Sleazo was always propped up by somebody, and despite his pretensions to grandeur, he knew he was always at the mercy of one or both of the superpowers — he was no military threat to either the USA or USSR.

    But our current banana republic is still, despite it all, a very serious military threat to the rest of the world. Can “we” actually win a war, any war? Highly doubtful… but even in screwing it up, “we” would do enough damage that nobody in their right mind would be willing to try. What would happen to, say, a continent-sized Nicaragua, left entirely to its own devices?

    • We’re the ghetto pit bull with Alzhiemer’s.

      Worse, now we think everybody’s trying to poke us with a stick. It’s just the mailman, for gosh sakes.

    • My guess is the primary adversaries, Russia, China, and Iran would like to wait us out but the MIC is pushing for some kinetic action to generate war bucks. Yes, the United States will suffer a crushing defeat but my bet is the war against the Deplorables amps up at that point to try to justify the MIC’s expense account.

      It is very dangerous time both for the world and especially for those who exist within the borders of the Regime and outside of its preferred classes.

      • Fortunately, the hypothesis “the MIC will try to stomp on ‘domestic insurrection’ in order to keep the money flowing” is a testable hypothesis. I’ve never been in the service, let alone been a general or a contractor for Blackwater, so I don’t know, but I bet some of y’all do: Where does most of the money go in our various overseas adventures?

        As I understand it — again, see the very big caveats above — our MO is to drop a bunch of “smart” munitions all over the place. Then we go in, build giant bases, and run patrols out of those giant bases. If we need any actual objectives taken, we send out the commandos (or the private security boys).

        If that’s true, it seems to me that most of the cash is going to the guys who build and service the giant bases, plus a big slice to the contractors who supply the smart bombs. In other words, for every dollar spent on an F-22 sortie or a patrol in force, something like 99 cents goes to overhead, supply chain type stuff.

        If that’s the case, then it leaves a pretty big footprint. It’ll be fairly easy to see if they’re gearing up to do that kind of thing domestically… and if they’re not, it’ll require a serious retooling, given that our land forces are all oriented towards patrols-in-force, and our air force to droning camel jockeys. I know it’ll be impossible to follow the money, but it’s really hard to disguise major activity at existing bases, let alone the construction of new ones. Not to mention “hey, did anyone else notice that there are a lot of helicopters and F-18s flying around all of a sudden?”-type stuff.

        • You don’t need the Military if you already have such a huge police sector that is heavily armed and pervasive.

          Look at how the Cheka or the Sarak, or the Stasi controlled the entire society.

          The military is only useful when you are alien to the country, or the enforcement arm is small or badly equiped.

          • Ok, but the hypothesis is specifically that the military is going to be used to do these things, because that’s how the money keeps flowing to the contractors, via channels in the military.

            I suppose those channels could be re-routed to seriously beef up the police, but it’s a question of scale. You can’t expect the police to expend 10,000 rounds spraying a random hillside because The Enemy might be somewhere in there (“reconnaissance by fire,” as the euphemism was in Vietnam), or burn of 10,000 lbs. of avgas flying around the city in a police helicopter. That kind of $$ requires big league, military-size forces.

          • Hence the “defund the police” effort, which should really be named the “replace the local police with federal police” effort.

          • The goal is FATPO, a hybrid of the FBI, SWAT, and a Marine Expeditionary Force, but with Federal badges.

          • They want Federal police force with zero ties to the local community.

        • The domestic bases are there already and ready for expansion and reconfiguration. Now, as far as forward troop deployments, those will be noticed. Perhaps special efforts will be taken to make them especially noticeable.

          Good ol’ Rebel has outlined what is intended: an integration of traditional military occupation forces with intelligence and federal police agencies. The average federal agency already has a SWAT team (EPA’s is especially nasty).

          All the pieces are there. Now where to grift? Probably in the development of munitions and assault vehicles aimed at civilian targets and in technologies that require constant replacement and upgrades. Visualize the Holmodor with cutting edge tech. The point of Afghanistan was the grift, and it was able to continue twenty years. It was analogous to Reconstruction, which only had an 11-year run.

  18. Old Right, New Right, Alt-Right… I’m just a white boy who wants to raise his kids not to imbibe state lies: A shameless Nazi, in other words.

  19. What the people currently in charge don’t understand, is that keeping a continental sized country socially and culturally cohesive is critical to keeping it intact geographically. by weakening the cultural practices that provided this cohesiveness in the past, the peeps driving the train today are providing all of us (i.e. true Americans) a real opportunity to reform the country — after a period of tumult.

    All the excitable types they have been letting in, are the societal equivalent of storing fireworks in your basement…next to the furnace. the mexicans are already ethnically cleansing blacks, and the chinese are stoking things too. this is providing the energy for meaningful change — freedom from parasitical whites — that could never occur in the absence of racial amplification. in other words, if the lefties had more faith in themselves, they could have just taken over without bringing in more mud people. but moderation isn’t their way, so they brought in the brown hordes. and now those brown hordes are going to burn down the cities, which are the power base for the progs. and the suburbs are going to get a good dose of race reality along the way; a kind of vaccination against “good thought” psychosis.

    my advice is to have a list of people in the media, academia, etc that you would like to get a crack at, for when the levee breaks.

    • The levee has already broken and what is flowing all over us now is the toxic sludge of the Left. I’ve said before that a few strategic hits on the names from that list you mention would have clearly imparted the message “we know what you are up to and we’re not going to let you get away with it.” But it should have been done long before November 2020. The MO of the opposition in our country right now is “I just want to be left alone to live my life” IOW, keep your head in the sand. The Left won’t tolerate that as they have demonstrated over and over again. Vaccine passports, anyone?

    • Your final paragraph is sage advice.

      Regarding the Left’s relentless drive and overkill, they couldn’t just have power; they want to rub BadWhite’s noses in it. Good, hard and long. Their hatred for us is just too intense.

      • Its a hatred for everything.
        As Shafarevich illustrates, the death wish in humans that is currently manifesting as the left has the goal of mankind’s annihilation as its core driver:

        Sound familiar?
        “Therefore, in accordance with strict necessity and justice we must devote ourselves wholly and completely to unrestrained and relentless destruction, which must grow in a crescendo until there is nothing left of the existing social forms. …We say: the most complete destruction is incompatible with creation, therefore destruction must be absolute and exclusive. The present generation must begin with real revolutions. It must begin with a complete change of all social living conditions; this means that the present generation must blindly raze everything to the ground with only one thought: As fast and as much as possible”

        Only this time these people for want of a better term) have captured the skin suit of the state and coporations in most western nations.

    • Thanks for the white pill today. If there is any saving grace to becoming el Norte de Mexico, it’s that the new arrivals have no white guilt or sympathy for the pets of the ruling class. If geographical separation fails, perhaps a rightwing strongman would be the next least worse alternative.

      • Years ago I speculated on the future of America and I said “an English-speaking version of the Third Reich.” Given the events of the past few years I might have modified that to “Revolutionary France.” But yeah, I think a lot of us would go for a retooled Pinochet or Franco. 🙂

  20. “The Chinese are too smart to be trapped into a new Cold War and the Russians are too weak.”

    Cold or hot, the US people, economy and military is in no position to challenge China.

    The 128th Wal-Mart Motorized Wheel Cart Battalion? The Fighting Frisco Fairies and the Super Saphist Soccer Brigade?

    Not that we would have a chance against a unified, industrial enemy, but there is no way my sons and I would fight for this shell of a nation.

    • I cannot imagine the United States as it presently exists, rallying young American men for a serious meat grinder war with China or anything like that. In the past sure, but I mean even the densest corn fed middle American is probably no longer falling for the patriotism of homosexual jacobins and hebraic kill whitey bureaucracy goblins. At least I hope not.

    • you are very ignorant on military matters. and china. probably everything. that’s how i would bet.

      • Even if this were true, perhaps he may still be more competent than many of the armchair generals that seem to dominate western top-brass.

        At this point in time, I am so skeptical, that I do actually think a person commenting on this site might actually do a better job than the currently ‘anointed’ in the next war.

        Mark you, the next war may well be fought against BadWhites by young soylets, fresh from training on Far Cry 5, COD &c, sitting behind the controls of a drone. Overseen by an approving Air Commodore SuperFawtressa screeching in delight because ‘dat why boi got lit UP!’

        I am only half joking.

      • Upvote for Mr. McHungus. I’m just a random guy on the Interwebz, I use my young son to clean & maintain my firearms and I pay people to change my oil.

        All readers are encouraged to consult trained military tacticians, strategists and logisticians before initiating any hostile or defensive actions.

        • McHungus’ brand of satire can be a bit…indelicate. Miss Manners threw him out of her class with curses and tears.

        • There are military manuals on the net wrt tactics. Videos of these made as well. Much field craft can be learned from them and former military in your community. You need not even larp in the field with firearms to learn/practice such. Good exercise as well.

          There was even a pretty good “game” developed years ago called “geocaching”, which with slight modification can be a great training exercise of military potential.

          None of this is illegal—especially if you keep your long guns at home. All increases your chances of being an effective fighting force should one be forced into that mode.

    • Saw a shocking infographic of European countries that polled citizens whether they would be willing to go to battle for their country. The vast majority had number far below 50%.

      Another infographic asked whether life even had meaning, with equally shocking statistics.

      Whatever the main causes of the spiritual destruction of modernity, or whether it’s just the natural cycle of a civilization in it’s dying stage, it’s hard to find a complement in world history.

      • That’s an interesting statistic in your first paragraph. If true, I wonder why? I wonder if it is either because of the immense feminization of most western males, or if it is because these people hate their own country?

        I am of the opinion that, even though most people seem to crave being protected in ever increasing increments by the state, they’d never fight for it. We’re talking about ‘triple maskers in the car’ here. They’re even more terrified of combat/violence than normal.

        Although it would also be lovely if 50% of these countries actually did hate their governments guts. Spicy times.

      • Our material abundance and spiritual decadence have, in the words of U2, put us in a cosmic holding pattern of “nothing to win and nothing left to lose.”

      • I think that the less than 50% number is encouraging. It shows they feel no loyalty to that which their countries have become and it’s the pool from which the future can be built.

    • I work with upper middle class and wealthy Chinese.

      They are like 30 years behind us socially. THey have 1 or 2 trophy children who they spoil and think education is the salvation of humanity.

      THey only care about work and money.

      • That’s interesting and I often thought it. That being the case, their children will then go through the independent/atomised/woke phase and perhaps reach the same level many whites are at today. Certainly, from the set of ‘browns and chinks that were born here’ I see, many appear to be woke.

        • Seed of optimism here. Where we lead, they’ll follow.

          It’s the Design. Salvation comes when we wrest back control of our path.

          Ours, not the arrogant, twisted imitators. Their vision is but a caricature. We were made by the Highest power.for this.

    • all china has to do to destroy us us close their ports to exports . we make nothing at all here , not our medicine, tools ,repair parts, auto parts , hospital supplies , ……nothing. we grow pears in Oregon that are shipped to china and processed into fruit cups and shipped back here . our nuke arsenal id half a century old, Who knows if any of it would work? Even if it would , the chain of command to pick the targets and light it off is probably like everything beauracratic , too convoluted and complex to to ever actually get the buttons pressed anyway. even the soviets had this issue in the cold war, thank heavens

        • But why? The last one did $7 trillion in damage to our economy, killed literally hundreds of people, and they avoided blame so well that our own leaders threaten to sic the federal secret political police on anyone who even points the finger at China. If it works, keep doing it, right? A couple more WuFlus and we’ll be living in caves, wearing loin cloths and wondering how we will avoid the cannibals to catch our next meal.

          • Because it’s like drugs or porn. You have to keep upping the dose to get the same effect. People are not as likely to fall for Covid-19.2 as they are for Covid-19^2.

  21. In every democratic state we look at, with the exception with maybe Hungary, we have seen the conservative coalitions gets utterly routed in the political party system. It’s not just an American phenomenon, but global, and across very disparate cultures. Even Asian countries are beginning to submit to the poz. While a lot of that has to do with the cultural poison our country exports around the world, a lot more has to do with the rules of the game these societies agreed to, which massively tilts the scales towards radical egalitarianism.

    So far, the best example of a people who successfully repelled the United States has been….. the Taliban. Not to say we need to do stupid acts like setting up roadside bombs, but there is something to be said about finding petty ways to become ungovernable, which can quickly escalate to more overt ways as out enemy becomes more and more fatigued in trying to keep order. The Afghans knew that they just had to make life miserable for the occupants until they got tired and left, and they were right.

    If you could imagine 80 million people who didn’t overtly rebel, but acted like a tight knit clan with no clear authority structure that the U.S. government could not subvert, and every victory was hollow as they rooted out the 10,000th obnoxious mask heretic, spending thousands of dollars in the process, the crusade quickly turns from a holy quest to a brutal and boring slog. Then they start to turn a blind eye, their revolutionary zeal completely extinguished.

    • “Irish Democracy”

      Quiet, anonymous, and often complicit, lawbreaking and disobedience may well be the historically preferred mode of political action for peasant and subaltern classes, for whom open defiance is too dangerous….One need not have an actual conspiracy to achieve the practical effects of a conspiracy. More regimes have been brought, piecemeal, to their knees by what was once called “Irish Democracy”—the silent, dogged resistance, withdrawal, and truculence of millions of ordinary people—than by revolutionary vanguards or rioting mobs.

      The premise behind “Irish Democracy” is that the State lacks the enforcement power to have its way with millions upon millions of rebels. It’s Mohandas Gandhi’s strategy, albeit without his overt confrontations with the institutions of government. “You can ignore the State and do as you please, as long as you keep your head down.”

      • “Quiet, anonymous, and often complicit, lawbreaking and disobedience may well be the historically preferred mode of political action for peasant and subaltern classes, for whom open defiance is too dangerous”

        Quiet and anonymous? In a omnipresent surveillance state? F6I even urging kids to snitch on their own family. Keep wearing that mask!

        Underground economy, lie a lot, be the gray man, keep your pockets full of nice gritty sand.

    • It’s a good thought, but you can’t go from First World Western culture to clan based muslim mountain people culture within a generation without centuries of living like muslim hillbillies, with all the past that made them that way. The reason they act as they do which made them able to outlast the British, Russians, and Globohomo in their turn to become the “Graveyard of Empires” can’t be transferred to an alien culture.

      In other words, you can’t go from Joe Normie CivNat to mujahedeen without skipping the steps to make him one. You can’t expect a man raised on a full belly to start manning the barricades at the call from the DR. You can’t Underpants Gnome revolutionary politics.

      • I’m not so sure. Yes, many wouldn’t adapt, but then again many would. There’s a lot of Appalachian (Scots-Irish) blood scattered across this land.

      • The question is whether enough of the passive resistors have the fortitude to withstand the predictable regime response of putting a few heads on pikes to scare everyone back into compliance.

      • Then there’s Ho Chi Minh and the IRA. You can sometimes take farmers and shop workers and turn then into revolutionary guerrila armies.

    • The ANC’s “become ungovernable” thing from the 1980’s worked. No SA black paid rent, utilities, fines, or taxes, no black cop ever set foot outside the donut shop, everything a black was sent to repair mysteriously broke beyond repair, etc. – an interesting historical situation.

      • Nonsense. What broke SA was the sanctions. If you read the then alternative press the running joke was that there was no functional difference between them “working” or not.

    • The problem with the Taliban model is that all the goat-fuckers are already in Congress.

  22. “voting is an insult”

    Excellent description of what we are asked to do to be citizens. Its a humiliation. Like being force to erase a racist twitter post.

    There is no faith in the vote.

    • Speaking of:

      Ms. Mayor of my town (Salt Lake) just announced to great fanfare that “Racism is a Public Health Crisis.”

      The proof? Well, the Mexicans won’t get the vaccine. The blacks (all 5 of them in Utah) won’t get normal preventative checkups or screening.

      This is, I quote, “bigotry”.

      It’s so tiresome. Our ruling class hates us.

      • Indeed. It’s all so tiresome. Most tedious. I was actually pretty worried about the whole ‘racism as a public health crisis’ on account of how loony things are now. This’ll gain some traction too, as GoodWhites make a desperate and sickening attempt to prove just how not racist they are.

        Why can’t they just say ‘nigger’ and be done with it.

      • Its madness. Its a mental defection, its an effeminate approach to reality, just do whats’ popular, and not whats true.

        TBH, I think this is a punishment from God for the idol of money going back to the British Empire.

        God punishes nation, not just individuals. This female driven and effeminate suicide we are experiencing as a more or less British people, is our punishment for abandoning religion for profits and liberalism (ie freedom and liberty)

        • “God punishes nation, not just individuals.”

          Now I get what people mean when they say “we lost God.”

          They mean we broke up the family. We ran off with some dark-haired stranger.

        • The old God vs. Mammon (Money) parable.

          It was, I believe, in the 19th century that a clergyman convinced the Gubmint* to put the motto “In God we trust” on most of our money. Surely the hope was to remind Americans of their Christian traditions.

          But, irony though it may be: isn’t another way of looking at it, that we were now actually labeling our money as “God,” which was (and is) in fact the way many people treat it, as an Idol?

          *I’m amused that this apparently is an acceptable word to the spell checker.

      • Why didn’t anyone within earshot feel comfortable laughing uproariously at such nonsense? Until they’re mocked for their beliefs – just as they’ve spent decades mocking ours, they’ll never even consider moderating their insanity.

  23. Elements in the West propped up the USSR from beginning to end. Without Western food aid during the famine of 1921, the USSR would have collapsed then and there. Without western contractors building much of Stalin’s industrial infrastructure, the USSR would never have become a great power. Without lavish Lend-Lease aid, the USSR would have lost the war to Hitler. Detante gave the Soviets an extra 20 years or so of life. And, had the Left had control of the White House in the 1980’s, I have no doubt that the US would have bailed Gorbachev out, and we would still have the USSR, in some form, around today. Many on the Right always suspected this, but Sean McMeekin’s new book, “Stalin’s War” dispels any doubt. It’s really stunning, when you think about it.

    • In retrospect, the death knell for the Soviets was the financialization of the American economy. The process started in the 1960’s, but it staggered along under the yoke of New Deal Era capital controls and monetary arrangements. By the 1980’s, the financial class just wanted to loot Russia, so they went along with defeating the Soviets. If Goldman was running Gasprom right now, Russia would be our second greatest ally.

      • By financalization, do you mean the focus on the economy as the defiining principle of the country, vs the poulation?p

        • I understand “financialization” to mean switching from an economy based on manufacturing and production to one based upon providing mainly financial services such as lending, stock trading, etc.

          • Basically the bullshit economy we have now. Running scams, screwing over the lower classes while a tiny group becomes super rich. privatizing everything, etc.

            It’s a tiny hat specialty

            Were it not for our military force projection, control of SWIFT and the massive global finance transaction centers (DTCC) We’d be viewrf as a 3rd world state given that we no longer can produce even basics like vitamins medicine, and clothes for our people.

    • 100% correct. Russian commentators who say that the USSR was a Western creation are right. After all, Lenin cruised into the Finland Station with a fair amount of German gold in his pocket courtesy of the Kaiser’s general staff. If Sutton is to be believed, Trotsky had Wall Street money paying his way back to Russia in order to make mischief. When you’re bankrolled like that, you’ve got a fighting chance.

      Every revolution for the past two hundred years has required some way of financing it.

      The problem for the DR is that nobody has our back. All we can do is influence and, in that side of it, I do think we’re winning, inch by bloody inch.

    • This is starting to rhyme with “offshoring to China”.

      We occupied Japan, Okinawa, the Philipines- the Pacific Shield- but we abandoned China. Had we walked in and brought some safe haven, along the colonial model, amongst the warlords, we could’ve had containment and that American Pax Imperium, with the UN being an administrative appendage.

      A NATO of the East, and Third World Communism would’ve died on the vine. We sought Naval control of the sea routes, but gave up the port.

      This, despite the fact that the Chinese elites were wearing spats, driving American cars, and dancing to jazz in the 1930s; America was all the rage in Shanghai.

      • Afterthought: Asia could’ve been our new frontier, the Manifest Destiny. Russia and the Warsaw Pact would’ve demanded the lights come back on in Belgrade, Prague, and St. Petersburg.

        • Truman and George Marshall have a lot to answer for. When you add up the toll of Maoism, the Korean and Vietnam wars, the Cambodian genocide, Tibet, plus whatever nightmare is coming with regards to Taiwan, it’s staggering. The decision to cut off arms shipments to the Nationalists may have ended up costing eighty million lives, and counting. McCarthy was right…

          • At least Marshall understood the dangers posed by creating a Jewish state in Palestine. When Truman recognized Israel behind his back, Marshall resigned. He was one of the few with personal dignity.

    • During WW2, the US shipped materials to the West Coast for eventual delivery to the USSR to avoid the German U-boat menace.

      A lot of this material passed through a rail depot somewhere in Montana, IIRC.

      There happened to be a US Army logistics officer who kept a detailed daily logbook of the materials that passed through.

      The amounts he recorded bordered on the absurd.

      One has to wonder if the Eastern Front would have gone the other way had those materials never been delivered.

      • There are records of such deliveries and a I’ve seen them noted in writings on the war. I saw (IIRC) we sent Russia, 800k+ trucks for example. I’ve always suspected that the allies were purposely propping up Russia in order to bleed her white of man power. No country lost more men.

        • Smart strategy. Let Russia eat it. we knew Stalin would never agree to a truce with the Germans and would n’t stop until he took Berlin.

          Were we to fight Germany on our own. We would have had sign a truce at some point. D-Day would have never had happened.

          • This was Marshall’s strategy. He was the architect of victory. Although it doesn’t feel too much like a victory today.

    • To be fair, it’s impossible to predict how history will unfold. Perhaps we should just time travel back to April 1917 and mind our own damn business.

      • It would have helped if we shot dead JP Morgan and shut down his banking empire and told the Limeys they were on their own. They had no business playing global empire when they were largely bankrupt at that point.

      • Might as well go all the way back to 1619 and burn down the New York Times building.

        But I would settle for going back to early ‘90’s to slap the blue pilled nice guy grin off my face.

        With enough time in the old country and beef jerky for the road, I would happily take my datsun pickup, before the joggers stole it, and hit the road to do some brothers here a favor too.

        Who knows what kind of butterfly effects we’d set loose in time.

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