The Revolution Part I

Revolutions are often driven by events, but they are always, at some level, driven by ideas about how society ought to be organized. Since the beginning, radical revolution is about a small group of intellectuals who flatter themselves by claiming to represent the interests of the people. Their holy mission is to reorganize society for the benefit of the people, even if it means killing many of those people. This week begins an exploration into the ideas that motivate our current radicals.

One of the problems the good guys have is a poverty of language to properly frame the events of the day. The bad guys have six million ways to frame events, so they are the white hats and normal people are the black hats. Despite what many claim, this is not about convincing the public. It is about justifying to themselves their actions against the people resisting the revolution. For the people who see themselves as the vanguard of the people, this is important fuel to the revolutionary fire.

The poverty of language stems from a poverty of understanding. The typical conservative pundit has never read any of the radical thinkers who have shaped the minds of the present day radicals. They are happy to chant catch phrases like “socialist” and “communist” but those words just mean “bad guys”. Then you have people who reduce everything to a money grab, which is nothing but a passive way of endorsing the transactional nature of modern existence.

With that in mind, this week’s show is a look at three of the big topics that come up with the radicals in the current crisis. The idea here is not to give a lecture on the writers and texts behind these issues, but to provide a general framework for understand what the radicals mean when they say certain things. There is a lot here, so next week will be another show on the same general topic, but on other subtopics. Who knows, maybe it will turn out to be three shows of material.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Disrupt And Subvert
  • 22:00: The Social Construct
  • 42:00: They Might Be Fascists
  • 57:00: Closing (Be Like Me)

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213 thoughts on “The Revolution Part I

  1. Absolutely excellent work this week, Z. Your closing bit on how the Left blames Hitler for interrupting their glorious victory is a thought that never occurred to me but when I heard your analysis it immediately struck me as true. There aren’t many times I’ve heard or read something that instantly made me change my thought process and that did.

    Something you addressed earlier in the podcast is something we need to pound: the Left honestly believes this insanity. Even now I catch myself as well as others thinking there is a financial/power motive. There obviously is one with the corporate sponsors but to their average foot soldier this is the one true faith. “This” changes constantly but remains true.

    Religious fanatics have a tendency toward mass suicide and we are witnessing one of those hyphenated by “murder-“. I remain convinced they will once again fail but it will be painful in the meantime. Many of our people remain irreparably lost and that number will continue to rise for the foreseeable future, but in any war with nature, nature wins.

  2. OT: this guy is detecting a huge number of deaths (in under 65’s) from an unknown cause. it is partially being hidden by pull forward deaths in the 65+ age group. hundreds of thousands of such deaths. karl denniger picked up on this from the employment stats.

    • Archie, I appreciate your link because it draws into sharp relief the civic nationalist question. There is no question that some blacks and hispanics have succeeded in our country, to say nothing of asians and j3w$. And in your link we have a black college professor calling attention to this fact.

      The civic nationalist question is: is she really an ally? My experience says that the likelihood that she is an ally is almost zero, Thomas Sowell and Clarence Thomas withstanding.

      Blacks and hispanics have a much deeper commitment to their racial kin, especially the ones that don’t succeed in our society, than they do to a color blind society or a meritocracy.

      I would bet quite a bit that this black professor wants reparations or affirmative action for her people, regardless of anything else that she says.

  3. These divings into strategy, the enemy’s ideology and such, are extremely useful. For the longest time I was unsure if the ppl who support Cultural Marxism knew the purpose, to make society unworkable and unbearable. I still sometimes do wonder. But, as w the nazis, increasingly pleading ignorance will not work as a defense. Ppl like Soros and Bill Gates, these aren’t exactly idiots. They are probably both well into the 99% IQ percentile. Do they not understand the effects of the myriad crimes (no need to list them to the readers of this blog) of PC? With significantly above average intelligence, access to all the information we have and, presumably, much that we do not, they cannot claim ignorance of consequences or, ultimately, intentions of said crimes.

    If the people who perpetuate the current garbage are under the influence of religious feelings, they are provoking the same in me and that is rather unusual. For when I think about these crimes, this agnostic, partial no less to Norse Mythology and related traditions for heritage reasons, I feel like beseeching some higher unknown powers to bless and sustain this righteous quest to defeat and destroy this aggregate defilement of all things that make sense and beauty, known as ‘Cultural Marxism’, PC, wokeism or whatever name the hydra will next assume. If ever people had a just cause, we do.

    We have a journey to go through, through hell no less. And when we get through, it will be hell for the PC criminals. We can indeed charge ‘crimes against humanity.’ But first we must win. And win we will.

    • Do you think that it is more effective to say that we are fighting “Cultural Marxism” or those who hate traditional whites?

      Decrying “Cultural Marxism” is like decrying multi-variant calculus. “Cultural Marxism” is so obscure that it is meaningless to most people. It also conceals those who most deserve blame.

      I suggest that we use direct language. Why not just say it?

      • I think it is very important to say that CM is anti-white. They find it very hard to fight against this accurate accusation. But CM is a thing, it does exist, it has a history, a lineage and an ideological content. Therefore I don’t think we should not use it. Same w PC, everyone knows that PC exists but most ppl don’t understand what its intended purpose is. W/o CM’s history it is hard to explain WHY PC and wokeism and whatever new name they mutate to, are all genocidally anti-white.

        Some, new to dissident views, will be satisfied to know that leftists are their genocidal enemies. Others will want to try to understand how this escalating hatred and insanity developed. Therefore I don’t think we should throw out the term CM. But we should certainly say that it is hatefully anti-white.

      • How about a little analogy, Sandy?

        You have a pain in your side. You’re running a high fever. Your doc gives you some pain killers and fever reducers. Your appendix bursts.

        That pain in your side is anti-white racism and wokeism. The fever is corporate money and corrupt politicians. The appendix is Marxism.

      • Say what you see.

        If you know the intellectual lineage of an idea that’s being used to hurt you, describe it.

        If people just hate you and want to hurt you, and they say so, quote them.

        Whatever you *know for sure* is happening, that’s what you should say is happening.

  4. I’ve listened to the podcast twice, not often do I do that. This one is impressive, Z.

    • Or just stop watching the trash. I did and I don’t miss it.

      Once you break the zombie habit, you won’t miss it. Go read a book, visit a dissident site, paint do anything but watch media and after a while none of that will interest you and you will want to sue to get your time back.

      • Seriously. I looked at that for about 10 seconds. His goal is to save pop culture? No thanks let it burn

        • Doomcock (yes that’s his handle) means well and he’s as based as anyone on YouTube is likely to be.

          I can see the appeal in trying to keep some of the material comforts and distractions many have come to enjoy.

          Personally though I agree with you.

        • 10 second attention span, hmmm, that’s goldfish territory. how proud you are of your ignorance, flying it like a pretty flag.

  5. The ZBlogMan HourPower is the one podcast I look forward to and wait to listen to until I can be undistracted. It’s also one of two I don’t listen to at 1.25x (the other is No Agenda).

    Anyway what a great episode. The best kind of content. Really a lot to think about. This kind of content is empowering.

    • The Z Man has been honing his craft for coming up on a decade now. It’s not surprising it’s high quality.

      What IS surprising is not a single media outlet will higher someone like Z Man, Heartiste, PA, or the shining lights of the rest of the blogosphere. I have a blog myself (click on my name to go) but I never expect to get contacted by the Big Boys about working in media’s firm arms. What I expect to get is de-platformed if I go too far.

      Freedom of speech? It is to laugh. If these luminaries, who have worked their way up slowly but steadily from the grassroots, cannot make it, who can? No wonder the legacy media is dying: it hires bloviating fatsos with liberal leanings to do EVERYTHING for them and has no alternative viewpoints no matter which horizon you look to.

  6. Reformer and revolutionary have a common fatal flaw: failing to consider the limitations imposed by the real world. In other words, they have a Fixed Idea, some Glorious Vision for the future. It must be imposed upon the world, by any means necessary, at all costs, never mind the damage. If property is confiscated or destroyed, or people’s lives are disrupted, harmed or even ended, what of it? All this is but a small price to pay for the Glorious Vision!
    OK, the above is an extreme example, but plenty of historical cases are to be found: the French Revolution, the Communist revolution(s) of the 20th century. It’s not only left-wing radicals either; plenty of religious movements across history easily qualify.
    Fundamentally, what is the problem? The age-old problem of trying to impose one’s wishes (Plato’s “reality” or “Ideal” world) upon the greater physical world (Plato’s The “Apparent”). Materialists like myself, apologists for the physical universe if you will, may sometimes try to engage the Enthusiast with what should be reasonable argument: “Your ideals are laudable, but they won’t work in the real world because X.” Let X = a chain of logical arguments. Of course, such attempts to persuade usually fail. A common trait of the Idealist is immunity to contrary argument or evidence. This, in fact, is part of the definiiton of “Fixed Idea” if you look up the term.

    A variation of the above problem(s) is if a conservative asks for proof. “Your idea sounds great. But can you provide any example of where it has worked? Surely it has been tried before, or perhaps we should try it on a small scale, to see how it really works, perhaps get the bugs out and perfect your system.” Naturally, it is nearly always the case that either there is no evidence the scheme was ever tried, or worse, that it was and it failed. But the Revolutionary has a can’t-fail answer: to blindly push ahead with his dream! Brook no opposition. Anyone who opposes is a wrecker, an opponent to crush.

    Is man’s pollution causing climate change? Then, we must abandon carbon based fuels as quickly as possible! We must build wind, solar and other renewables! We must convert smoggy gas and diesel transport to battery powered! The need is presented as an emergency, thus no need for critical inquiry. Demands for proof of concept, of the proposed replacements being cheaper than, or even as functional as, what they demand to replace, are rarely forthcoming. As some call it, this is a Religion of Gaia, not a sound proposal for moving energy needs and usage forward.

    Were not Blacks the equal of Whites? Well, let’s let them live with and attend school with Whites. Apparently that hasn’t worked out too well, but at least the Blacks got to keep, indeed, often take over, the real estate that the Whites abandoned. Left unanswered, at least by the Reformers, is why standards dropped precipitously after the Blacks took over. To admit a flaw in the Grand Plan would be in their eyes, to admit defeat or at the least, that something was wrong with their visions. Zman in today’s audio as much supports the above claim (Time 51:20) when he notes in so many words: the Left has no memory. Many of their demands (e.g. Civil Rights) were granted since the 1960s and yet the places where they’ve been most implemented, have deteriorated the worst.

    Perchance the biggest danger is that yesterday’s revolutionaries are now those in power. And at bottom, the problem is that overall, the policies and actions they promote are substantially at odds with human nature, with traditional social and legal standards and sometimes, even physical or biological reality. Reality can take a lot of abuse, but when you bend it too far, it’s not going to break, but more likely it’ll snap back like a huge rubber band pulled too far. 🙁

    • I’m from Philly. Every area in Philly currently a ghetto was once a beautiful, well kept, virtually crime free White neighborhood. Some Italian, some Irish, Polish, Jewish, German Greek, Russian etc.

      The blacks moved in and turned them into a pile of bricks.*

      My dad used to say “Give Whites a pile of bricks and they’ll build a city. Give blacks a city and they’ll turn it into a pile of bricks.

      Gentlemen, I give you North Philadelphia.

      * Plus, you get all the beauty of rampant drug use, out of control crime, generational welfare, and that now all too pervasive “You owe Me” attitude so well ingrained into the inner city black psyche by Democrat/commies over the last 70 years. Now THAT’S an attitude that just screams success.

    • I think the operative phrase to describe Lord Shang is,”A piece of work”.

      If we only submit to the jab, normie will take us seriously?


      Gay marriage
      Open borders

      Like Z has said ad nauseam, Conservatives don’t conserve anything.

    • Also some good commenters in there. I always avoided Counter Currents because Johnson always struck me as a cringe faggot, and his Covidian hysteria didn’t help. Additionally everyone I’ve heard from his sphere as guests on podcasts has made me wince. Otoh Gary’s feud with that that other cringe faggot Spencer speaks well for him. Is the site worth reading?

      • Astralturf: I share others’ concerns re Greg Johnson, but I read more at CC now than I ever did before – Jim Goad is always worth reading even if I disagree. Nicholas Jeelvy is, imho, an excellent writer and thinker. Travis LeBlanc, etc. – just scan the essays. Comments are slowly increasing and, if one chooses one’s words with a bit of care, moderating is decreasing (last comment of mine that was moderated was on Covid, regarding which Greg is nuts). It’s not the same as Zman, but it doesn’t have to be. I like a diverse dissident right.

    • Johnson resorting to calling people making well reasoned arguments against the untested gene therapy shot “cranks” makes me question everything about this guy. Just like the TRS crowd who mocked those who dared question the Coof hype, he’s now in my rear view mirror.

      Cripes. Is anyone out there in the DR the real deal?

      • Is anyone out there in the DR the real deal?

        You do get the sense of Leo Strauss & Harry Jaffa & Irving Kristol & a very young Norman Podhoretz, in a circa 1955 brainstorming session, wherein one of them exclaims, “You know, the way to control the opposition is precisely to CREATE the opposition. Eureka!!!”

        I dunno, maybe Freud & Berkman & Bronstein had the same idea fifty years earlier, but the “DR” certainly does have a very sleazy smarmy tinsel-town inauthenticity about it.

      • Bronze Age Pervert is good. He put this up on telegram recently:

        “I believe the only path forward for America’s salvation in the near term is a political mass movement, nonviolent, of civil disobedience, but leading unambiguously for regime change (even if under the pretext of “restoration of the Republic”).”

    • Hip hop is the music of our enemy. Trying to repurpose it for our purposes reinforces our enemy’s dominance.

      Or maybe it just really irritates me.

      • I understand your sentiment, I just don’t think it’s relevant. Your word ‘repurpose’ implies that this guy chose hip hop to put out propaganda rather than art. Propaganda here is meant as a message preordained rather than an artist trying to express something new or more clearly. Lee Greenwald’s Proud to Be an American is cringe propaganda. I wish it wasn’t, but it’s really bad.

        You may not like hip hop, I certainly don’t. But Tom MacDonald is sincere as an artist. That itself is extremely rare since Curt Cobain drank a 12 gauge fizzy pop.

        This track does indict a central idea spoken here, so I’m not surprised it isn’t embraced. But I expect this track to be influential in a good way for “our” side, whatever that might mean.

        • “But Tom MacDonald is sincere as an artist.” And he is also a w1gger and his very sincerity with hip hop depresses me.

          Ultimately, I agree with many of your points. I’m a rock and classical guy but I imagine that my grandparents said the same thing about early rock that I say about hip hop. Rock is in my soul although it was clearly degenerate when it was created.

        • Curt Cobain drank a 12 gauge fizzy pop

          O/T, but just today I was at Wikipedia clicking through the various people in Ernest Hemingway’s life, and it’s shocking how many of them committed suicide.

          The Left really is insane.

          Frankly, with all of their unb0rn chi1dren which they’ve dutifully murd3red in the ab0rtuaries since Roe-v-Wade, I don’t see how the White Left will be able to keep propagating itself much longer.

          At some point, worshipping in a death cult has got to have some serious demographic consequences.

      • I think the ’80s – early ’90s attitude that rap was dumb novelty music with funny lyrics, the young black equivalent of Spike Jones / Dr. Demento type stuff, was a healthy understanding.

        There are hiphop records that are musically sophisticated, but it’s not even 1% of them, and only musicians like those. It’s almost all crap, like almost everything.

        Is crap our enemy? We can’t win.

        • Aw c’mon, it’s more than just generic crap. It’s the music of the peoples who hate traditional whites. It inspires them to fight us. It’s not equivalent to bland elevator music crap.

  7. What is the goal of the revolutionaries, of these wars?

    The Revolution of 1848
    French Revolution
    The Civil War
    WW2- strips of Prussian land, this by Americans whose Indian Wars ended in 1907? Really? The Italian Co-Prosperity Sphere? To keep China from going Communist?

    The wars needed war loans. They had no goal but chaos, to endebt the nations to the money power making those loans.

    The current cultural war? Western governments seem to have and endless fountain of money for migrants. Not from us, or from the migrants either, we’re both broke. Where are they getting the money from?

    • A equally provocative question: “What are they expecting to purchase for all their spending?”

    • The Revolutionaries want to be the new elite in charge. It’s that simple. They chafe under the rule of other men, thinking they would do a more powerful and better job.

      Independence Day represents the victory of a new elite over an old one. When the American elite wanted to displace its British cousins, they stirred up a bunch of bullshit about “atrocities” and “horrible rights-of-man violations” and presto! George Washington was rowing across the Delaware, serving the South, serving America!

      America’s elite simply wanted to rule for themselves. They fabricated “atrocities” so that they could achieve this goal. They were tired of laboring under England’s suzeraignty and wanted free rein to do as they pleased. They had plans for the new colonies: new canals to build, new lands to settle, new ideas to circulate freely. As long as the English lords sat in parliament in London, those lords could block any native American plans at any time they chose. That was intolerable. So the American elite revolted.

      End of story.

  8. The Taliban: Destroying old monuments and eradicating learning and common decency in their country. The Woke: Destroying old monuments and eradicating learning and common decency in our country.

    The Taliban won militarily, and morally. Afghanistan is now 3-0 against major imperial powers, with the added bonus that they have taught the West how a country is ruled.

    I rooted against the USA in the Olympics.. Now, I kind of root for the Taliban. Anything that weakens and insults the Empire works for me. Plus it is their country.

  9. As my other comment lingers in moderation purgatory, it is no surprise to anyone that Red State Americans love a Certain State in the ME. Whites besieged by non-Whites, vastly outnumbered, being victorious in their own ethno state? Yeah that’s not hard to figure. Its why both Britain and France supported that nation in the 1950s, and France into the early 1960s, until the wave of Muslim immigrants made that impossible.

    Just as blacks prefer other blacks, even in foreign countries, see Lewis Hamilton all outraged over the criminal from Minneapolis, as opposed to anything in his country, so too do Whites for other Whites. Various Muslim acts of terror and jihad against Americans over the years re-inforced this emotional tendency. Those of a particular religion know this too and hate it. It really is not about that nation, as about the people here. Its a bad example of a bunch of high IQ Whites fending off generational attacks successfully.

  10. To take up the analogy of the series “the Prisoner” the problem the Lefty Village has is that Number Two is incompetent, and various groups of people without numbers keep showing up.

    There are a lot of Hispanics in the US, and they did not move here to live in the Village. They wanted American stuff, including cold beer and grilling and sports. They don’t much like blacks. They are not Latinx. And they have their own ideas of how things should run, basically like back in the old country. Add in the various Cartels from various countries with unlimited manpower and money, and there is no reason an ambitious one could not create his own country from parts of Mexico, the US, and Central America. AND: make it stick.

    Then there is China with ambitions to turn the US into a giant Chinese owned factory farm. And Russia wanting Alaska and the Pacific Northwest back. A Woke Military with trannies and diverse female soldiers is going to be easy. Why would a White man fight for a country that its rulers want him dead and say so every day? No nation has existed with a despised warrior class.

    Then of course Number 6 could just set fire to the village. Watch it and Rover burn down from the sea.

  11. One thing that the Critical Drinker noted in his youtube series on how Hollywood screws up franchises is that people have time, energy, emotions invested in these stories, characters, etc. Its what National Lampoon’s “Christmas Vacation” touched on in the scene with the old family movies in the attic. To the average joe, Picard, Star Trek, Superman, Batman, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Indiana Jones are inextricably linked to emotions, childhood memories, emotions about family members long since dead, etc.

    Now take Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years, Easter, and Fourth of July and dial those emotions, feelings, attachments on a massive scale.

    People will fight, and fight likely to the last breath, because their emotions and memories are who they are. If Muslims will fight for 20 years over their attachments and emotions to stoning women to death and other such things, what will Whites do for Christmas and that time when you had the best Christmas ever with your family?

    What I think you are getting at is that while Lefties can wear the form of the institutions they captured as a skin suit, they cannot get the obedience and adoption they crave. There will instead be a widespread leaving of allegiance to political, social, and legal norms to PRESERVE the cultural ones. Few Whites believe Biden legitimate, or even competent. Everyone knows all institutions habitually lie, and lie where the truth would serve better. Just to lie. And that the entire purpose of government, Fed/State/Local is to wipe out White people. And once known it cannot be forgotten.

    In one way it happened before. In 1921, Prohibition was widely enforced voluntarily. By 1923 it was widely flouted and even those with little appetite for drinking did so just to flout the law that was first loved then widely hated.

  12. I knew commies don’t like fascists, but I never knew that the fascists wrecked their view of history. You learn something new every day!

  13. A small tidbit, OT, on yesterday’s ‘Panpsychism’

    That sounds like the Amerindian understanding of religion. They have no entities, or gods, or faces. They don’t anthropomorphise as we do.

    They “listen to the land”, and it tells them how to survive. Rather paleolithic, as befits hunter-gatherers.

    (None of that silly Earth Mother, Sky Father tripe, either, an absurd Meadist fantasy like “seven generations of Iroquois grandmothers.”)

    • Music suggestion: Ted Nugent’s “Great White Buffalo.” Preferably the cut from 1976’s “Double Live Gonzo.” For my money, this is one of the outstanding arena rock songs of all time. Relevant to this post, the lyrics pertain. Even if you detest rock or hippie-looking musicians, it’s worth noting that Nugent is a long-standing supporter of hunting and 2nd amendment rights. As such, he’s not your typical Hollywood weenie. I don’t know his political views, but clearly he has at least a few traits in common with the DR.

      Pessimist’s P.S.: There isn’t really any Great White Buffalo, and nobody is going to come and save our collective ass, whether we are Native Americans or the “White Dogs.” 🙁

    • The Afghans are not very bright but they are as tough as nails and just don’t quit. It’s called the graveyard of empires for good reason. the average deplorable is built like the Pillsbury dough boy and whose idea of hardship is no cell service.
      Not to mention we don’t have military hardware (RPGs, mortars, RPKs etc.) readily available as they do. Apples to oranges.

      • What good did two decades’ worth of military hardware (RPGs, mortars, RPKs etc. do in Afghanistan?

        Other than [obviously] to attempt to push the boundaries of Neo-Khazaria as far at east as possible?

        • What good did two decades’ worth of military hardware (RPGs, mortars, RPKs etc. do in Afghanistan?

          They allowed the Taliban to outlast “the greatest military” in the world. Now they are rapidly taking over the country which anyone with a brain could have predicted when we went in there.

          • Okay, I think I might understand now.

            When you said:

            “Not to mention we don’t have military hardware (RPGs, mortars, RPKs etc.) readily available as they do”

            I had interpreted it as:

            “Not to mention we don’t have military hardware (RPGs, mortars, RPKs etc.) readily available like Globohomo does.”

            Meaning that I had interpreted it in the same vein as Creepy Joe the Nipple-Tweaking Paedophile having mocked us for not possessing F15s & nukular weapons.

            But now I’m understanding your original poast to mean that we need to start fasting & losing the pillsbury dough & investing in even moar expensive 2nd @mendm3nt accoutrements.

            I can wholeheartedly get on board with that agenda.

        • But now I’m understanding your original poast to mean that we need to start fasting & losing the pillsbury dough & investing in even moar expensive 2nd @mendm3nt accoutrements.

          Yes! That’s exactly what I meant. I will not comply so I am ready for the consequences of that decision.

    • This might lend further credence to the “looter” concept of our clown-ocrats. It may be that they don’t think they can beat down the Deplorables anymore than they could the Taliban but that they are just hoping to hold us off until they can steal a few more things and get in their helicopter. The problem with viewing the American heartland as just another sandy clusterfuck in Middle Asia is that this is where they project power from. The US still has lots of dangerous weapons that would have to be neutralized before they could feel safe running off somewhere abroad.

      • they are just hoping to hold us off until they can steal a few more things and get in their helicopter

        You Knew It Was Coming! Jill Biden Displays Hunter Biden’s Art in Taxpayer Funded White House

        First Lady Jill Biden is displaying Hunter Biden’s “art” in her taxpayer funded White House office amid a scheme to sell the works to “anonymous” investors for up to $500,000, the New York Times revealed Friday.

        Is anybody here old enough to remember Warren Beatty’s wife, Annette Bening, showing full frontal nudity in a movie called “The Grifters”?

        That was the first time a po’ stoopid Southron boy like moi had ever heard of the term, “Grifter”, although, in retrospect, I imagine muh ancestors would have called them “Carpetbaggers”.

        Random House’s Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary says the word dates to 1910-1915:

        Now circa that time frame, which ethnic group would have been flooding the Anglosphere and injecting all sorts of new verbiage into the lexicon?


        PS: Glanced at her Wiki, and Annette Bening now looks just like Elizabeth Warren.


  14. I can hardly wait to hear today’s podcast. Definitely make this a series, Zman, please.

    I want to hear the fun in your voice like the last one on Strauss. Your encyclopedic mastery of political philosophy is remarkable. Your ‘thing’ is a unique talent.

  15. The pending passage of the mega-trillion pork & amnesty bill will likely be the last straw for the bury-your-head-in-the-sand Normie cohort, and they will soon begin to move en masse to the political fringe. Even Dan Bongino (grifter cuck extraordinaire) is now campaigning for a national divorce. And I would argue that this is an especially precarious time for the few remaining sane citizens among us. There will be strong currents tending to pull people into rash actions (such as joining a militia) or otherwise paint a target on their back. Do exactly the opposite. Disappear & become nobody. Get fit, improve your robustness, have a plan. Only take tangible action on terms & timing that are favorable. The bolt from the blue beats a Jan 6th rally every day and twice on Sunday. And the Jackboots absolutely love it when the marks stand out and on line ready for easy collection & disposal. Don’t be an easy mark.

    • Jeez, TomA. Internment camps ARE infrastructure, and would make Racist America a better place, too!

      It’s all about investment to secure America’s future.

    • Disappear & become nobody.

      In particular, be the nobody who understands [at a strongly innate & visceral level] that it is mathematically impossible to st0ckpile too much @mmun!tion [to be stored in a cool, dry place, safe from the elements].

      And develop a strong affinity for old-timey meatspace ANALOG communications with your friends [else become a wizard of elliptic curve theory, and invent your own encryption which even the Deep State can’t decipher].

  16. They absolutely hate the working class. They utterly despise the working class. They hate the working class because they are the working class. Andy Ngo put out videos last weekend of antifa attacking a bunch of people trying to have Christian meeting of some sort. They literally threw flash-bangs at the children. It wasn’t Patriot Prayer or other political Christians. It was just random Christian families trying to have a picnic.
    Everything they do, even from their own point of view makes things worse.
    Their view of “fascism” is rather strange too. They would enthusiastically support many of the things the fascist did, even mister mustache. They would happily support death camps as long as the right people were thrown into them. If the Jan 6th protestors were marched out to a wall and shot en mass, they would cheer it endlessly.

    • Just out of curiousity, when watching the Frankfurt School’s shabbos-goyische footsoldiers attacking perfectly innocent Christians, why does your mind re-frame it as an attack on “working class” people, rather than as an attack on Christianity?

      I’d like to think that you’re toying with the idea of Christian if and only if Working Class, but then the assertion “[t]hey hate the working class because they are the working class” puts the kibosh on muh hopes.

      OTOH, if you’re correct about the source of their hatred, and if there’s any truth to “Christian if and only if Working Class”, then Antifa might be ripe for some proper Evangelization.

      It’s food for thought…

  17. The position of whites in America is quite similar to that of Jews in Hitler’s Germany, save that the former are thankfully more numerous. The ruling power hates them and wants them dead. Genocide is looming on the horizon, and there’s no room for mediation. They will even chase you if you run. So the left’s constant refrain of’Nazi!’ has always struck me as more projection than anything else. I think you’re on target about the historical consciousness at the top, but at least among the rank and file it’s another case of them telegraphing their own blows

    • Devon Stack’s used the term “satanic inversion” to describe the attribution, by (((the entertainment industry))) of black characteristics to normal whites. It applies here too.

      • “Inversion”, as a concept, makes all their thinking perfectly understandable and predictable.

        Everything gets flipped upside down and turned inside out. Very hard to counter when accepted on the surface, instead of as a means to destroy anything in their way.

        The goal, as well, allows for enduring focus, because it’s so simple. It’s not to clear the way, to build a this or a that or anything better, despite the turgid rationalizations.

        The goal of inverters, really, is to “destroy anything in their way”, and that’s it. That’s all. Simple as.

        • “Inversion”, as a concept, makes all their thinking perfectly understandable and predictable.

          Also, never forget “Projection” in your analyses.

        • Time for today’s obligatory Nietzsche comment 🙂
          He often used the terms inversion or “transvaluation” (= revaluation). Much of his argument was looking at cases where this had happened (he claimed). He probably was guilty of a bit of transvaluation himself.

          “See to it, that in fighting monsters, you do not become one yourself.”

          • And in not becoming a monster, you cede the advantage to those that do? Leave your virtues at the door…win at any cost. Sort it out later among your own kind.

    • We’re far more numerous than the Finkels and we’re also far better armed. If and when they come for us they’ll find their premium far more than they are willing to pay.

    • One small correction, ril, the Germans didn’t want them dead, just gone.

      (I see from the all rest of your comment that you understand that, too. Offered in like spirit because the CDC and DHS are floating trial balloons about ‘quarantine camps’.)

      • (I see from the all rest of your comment that you understand that, too. Offered in like spirit because the CDC and DHS are floating trial balloons about ‘quarantine camps’.)

        Meanwhile, down here in Gawd’s Country, the Scots-Irish st0ckpile even moar @mmun!tion…

    • We’re being treated like jews by jews go figure, Motherfuckers are crazy They hate us, hate themselves hate animals, hate ,naturemhate the fucking world and they want to destroy it The next few years will show you the result of their pathology, This is a genocide and people better wake the fuck up.

  18. The supposed “Left” idea of history sounds an awful lot like the Right’s idea of history, especially in its PaleoCon and Neo-Confederate modes.

    [Insert obligatory quote from that old charlatan Faulkner : “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”]

  19. Zman (paraphrased): “This obsession with fascism isn’t part of an intergenerational Jewish conspiracy. It simply comes from the writing of a 19th century Jew. that Jews still promote.”

    Um…OK. Whatever floats your boat.

    • O’meara, his wearied realism accepts that that tribe has been with us since the beginning of written history.

      • Addendum: While I saw the Civil War as a fight for control of King Cotton, I saw yesterday a claim that the CW bankrupted the United States, and that we were ‘sold’- bailed out, indebted- to the money power in 1871.

        The same thing maybe happening to Australia today. A bust-out, with them being bought out by China,

        China, the latest golem of the money power- as the USSR was, and as we became.

        • I saw yesterday a claim that the CW bankrupted the United States, and that we were ‘sold’- bailed out, indebted- to the money power in 1871.

          How would the Son-of-Usury, John Wilkes Booth, fit into that theory?

          John Wilkes Booth is the key to everything, but I still haven’t figured out precisely how he fit into the puzzle.

    • Z is *kind of* wrong there, I think, but not in that way. The idea that all non-leftism—now mutated into “all non-establishment things, people, and thoughts”—is fascism is the one great, uh, affliction? of the Frankfurt School on America. It’s a great damn big one, too. “The Authoritarian Personality” has taken a giant reeking dump in hundreds of millions of minds who’ve never even heard of it.

      American conservatism/libertarianism used to be understood as weirdly American, descended from English common law and the Scottish Enlightenment and etc., with no solid analogy in continental politics. Adorno et al obliterated that idea by imposing a German frame—fascism as the only anti-communism—on us.

      I don’t think describing that CIA (OSS back then?) op against the American people as a Jewish thing explains it very well. Was Adorno even a Jew? I’ve only read a handful of his books. They aren’t about that and his name doesn’t tell. Wouldn’t be surprised, of course, but…[sounds of “early life” check]. Slightly a Jew!

      Same kind I am. Get suspicious.

    • As Zman points out, you’d be hard pressed to find a billionaire who doesn’t stand with the Revolution.

      A minority of billionaires are Jewish, even if the latter are overly represented. It’s a mistake to make this solely about Jews.

  20. Ornamental codpieces?

    “I must confess, you have an astonishingly good idea there, Doctor. ” — Ambassador Alexi de Sadesky, “Dr. Strangelove”

    • Obligatory “I saw Jockstrap Contraption open for Pansy Division at Gilman in 1993” comment fits here.

    • I don’t think it’s technically an overrule b/c stupid kavanaugh dismissed the case because the moratorium was about to expire, so why get myself involved in it was how kavanaugh approached it

      Now they have to run it up the flag pole again and have kavanaugh commit to his position.

      Will he stick to his guns?

  21. Zman is brilliant, but he’s missing one significant piece here: the tech lords who are sponsoring all this cultural madness/upheaval are EVIL. And EVIL is an end to itself. Look into Transhumanism and what these billionaire technocrats are telling us they want to achieve. It is breathtakingly dystopian and sinister. As has been the case with previous demonic utopians, their schemes will ultimately fail — but not before taking billions of this planet’s inhabitants down with them.

    Given how pervasively EVIL appears to have conquered The West and possibly the rest of the globe, I can’t help but wonder if we’ve entered the End Times. As a long-time skeptic/heathen, I never expected to be pondering something like that.

    • Long-time agnostic here.

      The guys who wrote the Book of Revelation may have been onto something…

      • Exactly! It seems that one idea that these tech psychos have is uploading their consciousnesses to an ICloud or some equivalent and attaining an immortal digital existence. It is so bizarre that one can barely believe that they entertain such a ghastly notion. I suspect that they are greatly overestimate their own capabilities (as demonic utopians always do). Nevertheless, their desire to coax the rest of us into this psychotic fantasy of theirs — through overwhelming campaigns of media-driven fear, lockdowns, alternating periods of calm and upheaval, mass confusion, and totalitarianism — speaks to something monstrous that I do not believe I am capable of comprehending.

        • It would be an elegant way of eliminating these people. Write some stupid AI similar to the Bayesian algorithm that can imitate specific authors, set it to scrape some tech CEO’s facebook profile, then put a metal colander on his head and tell him you uploaded his consciousness but he needs to kill himself to complete the transfer.

      • It’s shocking to me that that twitter thread hasn’t yet been sh0@h’ed.

        And it’s very encouraging to see so many kkk0mmentators at Twitter understanding precisely the same vocabulary of concepts.

        [Obligatory I don’t know whether the tech yet exists to remotely manipulate graphene in a human body towards any particular purpose, other than possibly murd3ring the human form a distance, but it’s certainly tech we need to keep an eye on. OTOH, we failed to keep an eye on CAS-9 & CRISPR, so our track record regarding diligence is rather dismal.]

    • (Link caught by spam filter! Full comment may not survive the Zmoderator’s rolling eyes)


      It’s an ecology at work. Host vessels are being prepared for inhabitation, as termites would scavenge an old house to build a nest.

      A web quote, as example, that makes sense in this light:

      “Antiwhiteism is a tool of communism, which is a tool of globalism, which is a tool of satanism.”

    • Wkathman –

      Yes – based on having read The Bible myself & studying learned Biblical Scholars on an ongoing basis- IMHO we are in The End Times. The clock started ticking in 1948 when Israel was reformed as a nation after having spent the previous 2,000 yrs scattered to the four corners of the globe. That’s not the only reason, but that’s what got the coaster rolling.

      I can give you some references of Biblical Scholars if you like. They are all pretty much “dispensationalist Christians”, which means they follow The Gospel of Jesus Christ exclusively & don’t let religion get in the way.

      @ your service, just let me know ;<)

  22. I agree with the truism that “fascist” has lost any meaning other than “bad things.”

    By a purely technical, non-derogatory definition, a lot of what the US government does *is* fascist. Fascism is simply an organizing principle. It doesn’t have any moral value of its own.

    Obamacare is explicitly fascist: It establishes firm government control over all facets of health insurance, yet maintains the “private” ownership of the corporations involved.

    Social security, Medicare, OSHA, most of the regulations promulgated by the Dept. of Labor, are a variation on the state adoption of authority for the protection of worker’s rights and social welfare. These are all characteristic of Fascist Italy and Germany in the ’30s. That doesn’t mean those policies are bad — that’s a discussion for another time, of specific policies.

    But they are fascist.

    Most modern governments — the US, China, the European “social democracies,” New Zealand and Australia — all are closer in fundamental organization to fascism, in a strictly technical description, than any other political theory. Obviously the US and China have very different governments (those differences seem to be decreasing), but there’s a lot of latitude within the realm of fascism to go in different policy directions.

    Fascism doesn’t actually mean “bad things” and it’s not inherently evil. It’s just a way of organizing a country. It establishes a particular heirarchy of the individual, the corporation, religion and the state in which all is subservient to the state. It still allows for elections, legislatures, “human rights,” etc. — if that’s what the state decides.

    “Everything within the state. Nothing against the state. Nothing outside the state.” What, in the US is allowed to be against or outside the state, anymore? Any dissident organizations or people that are deemed sufficiently troublesome: Trump, Nick Fuentes, Parler, etc., are destroyed by the power both the state and “private” entities in service to the state.

    The only countries I can think of, off the top of my head that aren’t effectively fascist are the few remaining theocracies.

    Many Western countries give lip service to the idea that they have governments of the people, that the citizens run the country, but I think Zman has spent sufficient time over many posts explaining how that is not at all true. It’s a convenient lie to placate the masses.

    • An addendum just occurred to me. “Fascism” serves as an “Emmanuel Goldstein” term for the modern world. Both right and left claim to hate fascism and whatever they are trying to impose on the people at the time is always opposed by a fascist enemy.

      This to the left, the right is full of Nazis and led by the latest Hitler, while on the right, there are endless memes about how Antifa are the real fascists.

      It’s much more useful if “fascism” doesn’t have an actual definition, and is just the shadowy specter of “bad things.”

    • But fascism has one key ingredient that many forget about

      Yes, in structure and in effect our government operates in a way that could said to be fascist or fascistic

      But fascism to be complete needs a charismatic big man on top keeping all leaders of society who sit at the big table, keeping them in line.

      Why trump made them lose it. He was going to be that big man. The final piece of their worst fears.

      • I don’t think that’s an essential characteristic of fascism. It’s one of those traits that’s assigned to fascism by people demonizing fascism, just like “genocide” or “anti-semitism” are assigned attributes despite not being essential to fascism.

        The UK has no charismatic strongman, but the UK is extraordinarily fascist — the state intrudes into all aspects of private, corporate and public life. It maintains private ownership of corporation and a veneer of individual personal and property rights, but insists in punitive regulatory control over all those things down to minute levels. it manages the media. It allows no discourse, economic or religious activity outside the bounds the state defines.

        The “fascist strongman” trope is a dodge to make it easy to deny that you are living under fascism.

        • Well, it was for Italian Fascism and it was for mustache man

          Otherwise you just have a plain old oligarchy and rule by committee

          You need the big guy to make it complete

          Does anyone really believe that Mussolini or Adolf would allow others to dominate or steal their thunder?

          Of course not.

          • I’m sure that’s a comfort to the average UK citizen. “Hey, it’s not real fascism! It just affects you like fascism in every aspect of your life that matters.” (Actually, it probably *is* a real comfort. People like lies.)

          • @ Vizzini

            Yeah, but I’m just trying to keep the word “fascism” in context for what it really meant back in the day.

            But, yes, it won’t matter to he people on the ground what it’s called. But I am pretty sure that once the fascist system is set up, once the framework is complete, that someone is going to look at it and say “Yes, but it needs me, it needs a strong man.” The system itself invites such people because of the immense power it promises. It’s like leaving a tank outside in the neighborhood, all ready to go and just sitting there with the keys inside, and someone is going to take it.

    • One of the few highlights I remember from Mustache Man’s “Mein Kampf” was more or less this: He criticized the iinefficiency of a democratic parliament. Virtually every motion or bill had to be voted upon by the entire assembly. Instead, he proposed a system where there was more compartmentalziation, with each section headed by a head answerable only to the Leader. The advantage would be the hierarchy was run by experts, and not subject to control by those who had no knowledge of that domain. I’m sure there are disadvantages too. In a curious sense, Hitler’s proposal was close to the Federal/State separation of powers at the start of our (once) Republic, but greatly diluted by the increases of Federal power overruling State autonomy.

  23. One thing to consider about this revolution is how it is self sustaining via indifference of the power class. The Bill Gates of the world, congress, the federal reserve, woke capital, Laurene Jobs… they all give money to the racket so it does not need any popular support to survive. They even can run Disney to the ground financially (for example) with all the woke Marvel movies but they do not care as their paycheck does not depend on Disney being profitable.

    Another example, planned parenthood. They are sustained by a Democratic congress that will always pass laws that includes a sweet deal for them in the guise of being a non-profit health care org that the government cannot not help. They don’t even need the avg brain washed democrat to donate for them to be profitable. They only need to cover a lavish salary for the people on top and if some women are maimed as part of the process so be it.

    That’s why elections really matter, no matter how the pessimists think it does not matter who votes in congress. It is a fight against the power of money in politics that can just be printed so it is not easy, but the death star has fragile points always.

    • There is no economy.

      There is only BRRRRRRRR

      Dollar Vigilante has been arguing that one of the best things we can do is leave their slave system.

      However, he sees crypto as one of the best tools for doing that, which I don’t agree with.

    • Related:
      “Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Michael Bloomberg team up to form a joint venture to drill for about $1.4 trillion worth of rare natural resources for electric car batteries on Greenland’s pristine land.”

      “Green” means “stripmining a pit the size of Ohio”

      • Well, why shouldn’t they? Greenland is basically a giant sheet of ice covering what in the distant past was habitable land (and will be again, with major global warming). If there are minerals to be exploited there, why not mine them? Very few people live there and if you imagine a drunken Eskimo, you are not far from the mark 🙂

    • Planned parenthood’s budget wasn’t even reduced when the republicans had the house, senate and presidency.

      Not that it would have mattered anyway, beyond a symbolic act.

      They couldn’t even bring themselves to do the symbolic act.

      But sure, keep voting harder, it’s bound to work eventually.

  24. Almost done with comrade kommissar Billy Ayers’ Prairie Fire Weather Underground manifesto from 1974.
    Woke, unity, Black Liberation Movement, white in lower case, are common themes.
    Beware the faculty lounge for they are the government.
    Rich spoiled pampered revolutionaries are always railing against the current system on the road to utopia while they enjoy a capitalist pig lifestyle.

  25. Unfortunately haven’t had a chance to listen to the podcast but my what is wrong with conservatives thought du jour is that conservatives are too much in love with individual solutions. Strong individualism has been one of the unique aspects of American culture but it is now a weakness. Conservatives haven’t cared if the left wins as long as they are doing OK

    Case in point: schools. Conservatives have let the left take control of the educational system as we know. Conservatives think they have won the game when they homeschool yet they are allowing their tax money to be used to teach kids to hate their own children and culture.

    That is why it was refreshing to see Matt Walsh, of all people, very involved over mask requirements in the Nashville schools even though he homeschools his kids. When criticized about that, he said that his money goes to the school even if his kids don’t.

    Schools are just one example. Almost every action conservatives have celebrated since the 70s had been an individual one that never impedes the progress of globohomo: guns, tax cuts, moving away from vibrancy, etc.

    In some ways that is the same as with the media. As long as conservatives had Rush or Fox it didn’t bother them that 5 companies controlled over 90 percent of the media and those 5 were run by a member of a hostile tribe who hated them.

    • Agreed. Homeschooling is barricading your loved ones against your enemies who want them to become janissaries. It’s fundamentally a defensive fortification unless you can hit critical mass of 25+% where homeschoolers can band together, gain power, and dictate terms of public schools.

      Overall, they have been extremely effective at activism for their little niche, but a large part of that is because it’s a losing proposition to rally against something that has a fanatical following among a minority but the majority has no care about either way.

      • it’s a losing proposition to rally against something that has a fanatical following among a minority but the majority has no care about either way

        Up above here, TomA is arguing that one should “Disappear & become nobody.”

        There’s a lot of commonality in the two ideas [Home-Schooling & Disappearing], and in a world of omnipotent & omnipresent digital monitoring of the Normies [you can’t drive through a Levittown now without 50 or 100 Amazon Rings photographing your vehicle & your license plate & your face and uploading it all to the Mossad], the idea of moving out of the Surveillance State and back into MeatSpace has a great deal to be said for it.


        it’s a losing proposition to rally against something that has a fanatical following among a minority but the majority has no care about either way

        Up above here, TomA is arguing that one should “Disappear & become nobody.”

        There’s a lot of commonality in the two ideas [Home-Schooling & Disappearing], and in a world of omnipotent & omnipresent digital monitoring of the Normies [you can’t drive through a Levittown now without 50 or 100 Amazon Rings photographing your vehicle & your license plate & your face and uploading it all to the Mossad], the idea of moving out of the Surveillance State and back into MeatSpace has a great deal to be said for it.

    • Interesting little anecdote from NE Ohio; the Cleveland Municipal School District is in the midst of pretty extensive radio and TV advertising for students. That’s never happened in the past.

      • I haven’t looked up the demographics, but I’m wondering if it’s a case like Anniston, AL (?) Some Deep South city that is roughly 50/50 Black/White and 99% of the public school students be Black :D.

        • We have this situation in my city with Hispanic students. The largest school district was brought under court control desegregation order almost 50 years ago! Now the continuance of the order is being fought because their simply are no Whites left in the district to distribute among the Hispanic populated school system. However, the residents are still 40+% White and 40+% Hispanic. The district fights this tooth and nail because the desegregation order allows the district to escape budget boundaries set by the State and pass the cost on directly to the residents.

  26. Yet another fascinating podcast, thanks.

    That video released by a choir full of homos in San Francisco just a bit ago comes to mind. They gleefully sang about the fact that they are “coming for your children”. It was immediately discovered that many of the members are convicted child molesters (shocking). Fortunately, it was removed after some backlash.
    Kind of reminded me of that scene when Marty McFly plays the electric guitar riff at a 1950’s school dance and then says “guess you guys aren’t ready for that yet. But your kids are gonna love it”. They are just hoping and waiting for the brainwashing to take place on a more massive scale and deliver their evil insanity to a more accepting society.
    As more is revealed about the left, the fact that they are sinister monsters becomes more evident.

    • The video (who knows how genuine? But it gets me fired up) was vulgar in the extreme. I thought how pleasant an evening one could have by hanging them all from Hammersmith Bridge. Actually, maybe Waterloo Bridge as Hammersmith Bridge is rather beautiful; it need not be sullied.

      As if anybody here needs further warning, it is a good reminded that most public school teachers are women, and that of the men a considerable proportion are gay. Coming for the children indeed.

      Get your boys and girls out of those schools now!

      • Seems everyone mentioning the “coming for your children” video are repulsed, but fail to mention/discern the salient point (IMO) of the video–which is not gay predation.

        The point is that they are “spiking the football”. They celebrate their perversion in the public square without fear of reprisal. They no longer fear to reveal themselves and their innate hate for the normal population they dwell among, nor their desire to spread their perversion to our most vulnerable–our young children.

        Time the start “killing a few chickens, to scare the monkeys”!

      • The video was completely genuine. They just lacked all self-awareness, so were blind-sided by the response.

    • That’s a dad’s job, protecting the kids from the homos

      I’m glad I had a natural fight instinct in me when I was growing up and a few times a guy hit on me I wailed on them. And strangely enough they knew I had the moral high ground and dutifully accepted their punishment. It was also accepted that this could end up happening, so homos were willfully playing the odds.

      Not all boys are so fortunate. But still, a dad has to teach his kids the rules of the world and make the kids aware of what’s out there lurking.

      So do dads still do this? I don’t have an answer, but for me that’s their main job in being a dad.

    • And the principle or philosphy of “youre kids will love it” is one of permanent change. THat nothing is real. THat what we hate now we will love only after time.

      This is not a logically stable philosophy. But its good at making slaves.

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  28. Ditto on the religious thing. A lib that appears on my FB feed put up some meme accusing the Supreme Court of being a bed of religious fanaticism, but of course it being a lefty meme it was phrased so poorly that it could be taken to mean the opposite of what they intended (sorry, I didn’t keep it). When I and someone else started chiding him and his court for religious fanaticism he was turned into a stuttering mess.

    Now of course it didn’t change his mind on anything, but it did get him to hide under his bed for a bit.

    [This might be bad form, but my only other success was that this same character would post videos of some left-wing hillbilly who was clearly not white. When he’d post them I’d say something like “Why would I want to watch a Jewish guy LARPing as a hillbilly?”. He never responded, but he also stopped posting the links. My theory being that injecting race into a conversation at an unexpected angle leaves the lefty mid-wit defenseless.]

    • Does the “fought & died” count the 3 Capitol Police officers who have mysteriously offed themselves in the months since the incident occurred? Clearly getting attacked by Chewbacca and Granny was too much for them to handle. They were very troubled men who decided to put 2 neat holes into their -back- of their head, Seth Rich style…

      Also, WTF is this even about? Literally NOTHING happened at least in comparison to the absolute sh-tshow that was the BLM riots of the prior summer. You’d think they just rushed into WTC Tower 2 the way they are trying to spin this. Is this a slush fund for the 4 ‘brave’ Capitol police appartchiks who testified in front of Congress in their weepy political activist way? Kabuki theater begets even more Kabuki theater. “It’s all so tiresome…”

      • Heh. Didn’t only a single strong, brave and stunning Capitol Copper cop it in this ‘insurrection’ proper? For some reason, I thought xzhey were run down by a black guy…

      • Either they are running another psyops or just the usual gaslighting, just more of the same. Only citizens of retardo-nation buy into this to the extent that they think at all.

    • Unreal

      Even “I call them the DC cabal” Cruz voted for it

      And hawley

      Something happened to Cruz. Not enough interest it seems in how he’s totally gone over to the other side. Not seeing any reporting on it, but hope some journalist takes up the story. I’d like to see behind the scenes what made him sell out and give in.

    • I imagine this is the contemporary equivalent of a Roman Emperor buying off the Praetorian Guard, though from what I’ve seen of the Capitol Police I’m not sure it’ll prove to have been a profitable investment when things finally get interesting……

  29. Holy chit. I’m going to have to listen to that one again.

    Yannow I lived most of my life in the Leftie Hive, and thought I knew it all when I finally got red pilled enough to walk away. I just wrote them off as nuts and left it at that. To hear their motivations laid out like that was a rather profound experience.

    Their mindset is cancer, not voodoo. Some cancers can be beaten and for those that can’t, often their symptoms can be managed. There’s a lot going on over on their side of the great divide. To head them off… we are going to have to get inside their decision loops and start forcing them to react. Perhaps that is our failing? We always react to lefties?

    Maybe the way forward is… Xirl Science? To get ahead of Leftie, we will need to contradict their narratives. We must disrupt their social constructs, and question their authority.

    Or, maybe we should just start shooting them in the face and skip the formalities…?

    • My mother in law is a total lefty and much of her anger and condemnation of society is that it’s failed to live up to perfection, for her that being a Catholic perfection. My wife gets a little bit of that in her too, “you think you’re perfect?”

      Because things aren’t perfect, they have reason to condemn all of it

        • It’s like a child crying out that life didn’t turn out perfect and meet God’s expectations. It’s all just one big failure.

          So what’s the point of any of it.

          Burn it down for all I care

          *** that seems to me what’s at the heart of progressivism

        • “Perfectionism, in a sense, begets nihilism. Strange that.”

          The way I’ve heard it phrased is “perfect is the enemy of good enough”.

          • Perfection is the enemy of contentment.

            Perfection is only a realistic concept in the minds of small childrem.

      • As a recent adopter of the wisdom “The good is the enemy of the best,” I recently ran into an incorrect (in my opinion) variant. I think it was a Shellenberger essay said: “The good is the enemy of the perfect.” Had I been allowed to reply, I would have corrected him along these lines:

        “You should have said ‘The good is the enemy of the best.’ The ‘perfect’ rarely, if ever, exists in this world.”

        Your comments are spot-on. As I laboriously relate in a longer post here today, that is a prime failing of humans: We carry around this concept of Perfection. Perhaps there are even valid reasons for such mental constructs; Plato and lesser philosophers discuss them at length. But to criticize something because it doesn’t match a dreamed-up, perhaps impossible to achieve standard? That’s madness.

        Too many revolutions are change for change’s sake, often to the worse. You could almost say “The ‘perfect’ is the enemy of the best, and it brings the worst.”

        In blatant contrast, all substantive progress this world has ever seen was using, formally or not, the scientific method. Got a new idea? Great! Give it a trial. Does it work? Can it be improved? If it doesn’t work, go back to your drawing board and try again. We’ll keep our current “best” until your “new” proves itself superior.

    • Fear is the mind killer. It drives people crazy. Fear is at the heart of leftist thought. It’s also at the heart of religious thought (maybe that’s why some people will describe Buddhism as more of a philosophy— the lack of fear in it). That’s why the left has religious fervor. They’re scared.

      You worship what you fear, you become like what you worship. That’s why it’s important to fear God only. God is good. He has orderly rules, and His burden is light. He is masculine and reasonable, not feminine and emotional. The Christian God, that is.

      Not meaning to proselytize here but simply explaining the rationale.

      • Amen.

        “Not meaning to proselytize here but simply explaining the rationale.”

        I always like a good sermon; you’ll get no complaint from me.

    • My children are lined up for another year of mask abuse. The degenerates in the archdiocese leadership are 100% on board.
      The state is for mandatory child abuse, organized religion is for child abuse (no snarky comment needed) and the denizens of my leafy suburban paradise could not be more on board.

      Yet, if I were to have these people killed, I would be the one sent to prison.

      Guess I’ll listen to the “Ode to Joy”, put on my codpiece and wait for the underpants gnomes to dig up some profits.

      ..oh, and buy more ammo. Lots more ammo…

      • They may not actually be real bishops. Paul VI changed the form for making bishops which is doubtfully valid.

        You have to say the right words!

    • I think we need to simply study Alisnki. And plow forward the way they did. Undermine their morality like he did ours. They have a morality, turn it against them.

      AntiWhite is the best place to start

      • I haven’t read Alinsky, but any attempt to undermine the right of old relied very heavily on the fact that the right of old were, at least by the day’s standards, fair. They just wanted to give people a fair crack of the whip.

        How would Alinsky’s measures work against evil that has no problem shape-shifting form, double down and that holds itself to no standards?

        But yes to the use of anti-white. It is the best verbal device we have. But the best device we have remains local community, breeding like there’s no tomorrow, and managing your own kids education.

        • I think there are still some nuggets in there. Making them live up to their own morality.

          The other term is separation. Allow people to separate. Frame the argument to make them say, No you can’t… although I guess Jefferson Davis tried that one….

        • There are two inconsistencies in their faith that I’ve generally seen cause issues. Higher-end leftists probably have some intellectual word salad to muddy the waters, but for anyone below them (until reaching brown people that don’t care) it gets uncomfortable. The first is the fact that East Asians, Continental Asians, and Jews are the biggest exploiters of the current system. They really don’t like being forced to run defense for those groups, especially with the latter. Similarly is their alignment with BigCorp. Forcing them to spin their wheels defending Buffet, Soros, Gates, etc. makes them look like fools.

          Most of this works on normies too since normies are also invested into the current morality. Saying (in the case of the governor of Colorado) something like “I don’t know, he’s a rich, gay Jew who hates white people” forces the leftist to defend rich, gay Jews and also forces normie to momentarily question the nature of the universe.

          (Another bit of fun is saying that I don’t watch/pay attention to pro-sports because they’re anti-white. Again this causes a momentary break in The Matrix for normie, but for leftists, who generally never cared all that much for pro-sports anyway, this puts them on the spot to defend millionaires and billionaires who put on a circus they don’t even like).

    • Right. We can’t change their twisted thinking but I know from experience we can at least get them out of our face and push them into their own “safe space” enclaves. One of my finer moments dealing with leftards was when I shamed the one I spoke about the other day (who called personal sovereignty a “red herring”) clean out of the neighborhood. I was at another wine aunt gathering when she started agitating to boycott a local business because one of the owners spoke of his Christian conservatism in a shitlib rag hit piece. What she did not know, but the others sitting around the table did, was my husband was also a partner in that business. I just let her prattle on while taking much enjoyment watching the rest of the women squirm until I lowered the boom. It was glorious watching her attempt to rationalize taking food out of the mouth of someone looking straight in to her eyes for the crime of disagreeing with her politics. She and her malignant idiocy were gone within a couple months.

      We have to have the courage to reconquer the high moral ground, especially in meat space, when faced with evil shitlibs. Otherwise it’s tyranny all the down.

  30. Another problem conservatives have is their conservative nature. They are reactionaries, not revolutionaries, so they are always one step behind. When faced with an aggressive opponent that shows not limit on their behavior, they are outmatched because they are always on the defensive.

    A bit off topic, but I found a video the other day (an essay essential) that explains much of the problem with conservatives. IIRC, it goes on to ponder what comes next after the fall of the United States. Unlike many normies, this person — perhaps because he lives in a blue state — has given the issue some thought. He recommends abandoning American symbols to the bygone era to which they belong. That’s one way conservatives can free themselves. Stop being a reactionary. Go your own way and stop defending what has already been lost.

    How It Finally Ends
    The Distributionist

    *They are making it hard for me to link the video, so you’ll have to search for it.

    • There was a brief discussion on this subject a bit ago on Gab and the consensus seemed to be that we should repurpose the symbols for our own cause (“Betsy Ross” flag instead of the later, imperial flags, etc.). The reason being is that our enemies generally dislike them (and our adoption of them wouldn’t improve that) and that, at least with right-thinking whites in North America, that there’s a generalized love, familiarity, and appreciation of those symbols, something which would be very hard to accomplish with any new symbolism.

        • Dunno. While I’ve not the balls to do so, I admire the chutzpah of those who display “Fuck Biden” flags or the (slightly) less offensive ones that substitute stars or graphics for the “U” and “C” 😀

      • Any continued attachment to AINO is a problem…a hurdle. The country turned against us and betrayed us. What good can any further association with it, even on the symbolic level, be for us? The utter rejection of all American emblems, on the other hand, will harden our hearts and strengthen the force of our separation. I know the ci-devant Grillers will find it hard to make a clean break of it, but it must be done.

        • Sorry, my friend, too much familial blood and guts invested. As long as I’m alive, I’ll never forget or disparage what they went through. My country didn’t turn on me, the jews who run it now did. As long as I’m breathing, that flag ‘s gonna fly motherfucker. ‘

          • I seriously doubt your ancestors would want you flying the flag for this abomination that continues calling itself America, motherfucker.

    • So true.

      When I read conservative writing, the impression it makes is of a boy whining and complaining to the ref that the other team isn’t playing fair

      Then the left plays the role of the street fighter who will win at any cost, they fight dirty. They’re street.

      It’s like prep schoolers vs public schoolers, blazers vs leather jackets.

      • perfect analogy for the past 75 years. We think they are playing the same game we are. They aren’t.

    • That is advice I adopted some time ago. I no longer fly the American flag, for instance, and I wouldn’t even fly the Gadsden Flag because I want no association whatsoever with AINO. The divorce must be complete. We must demonstrate our utter contempt for this country and its Power Structure by jettisoning every bit of its symbology. A new nation requires a totally fresh start. When the ethnostate arrives, its flag cannot contain red, white or blue.

      • Hummm. Well, if we jettison the red, white, and blue—then consider the “gay pride” flag colors off limit as well—we run out of colors pretty fast. 😉

      • What about the Americans who put it all on the line, to get you right here, right now, to sit on your fat ass and type on your computer? If you don’t understand the sacrifices of the past, the people who got you here, you have no future. Nothing to honor, nothing to create, nothing to build from. No faith, trust or commitment leads nowhere, it leads to Hell.

    • Our nation has been conquered. The new nation that is called ‘USA’ has one of the worst governments on earth. The old nation’s symbols and laws have no meaning. A new flag and name are appropriate. Washington DC should be renamed New Sodom. Let the fire and brimstone rain down.

      • The recommended name I have seen for the capital is ‘Tubman DF’. Courtesy of ‘Rotten Chestnuts’.

  31. I was watching a review of A Canticle for Leibowitz by a Lefty. He got to the part where, after the nuclear holocaust, a monk is overlooking his field of peasants and sees a black child and a white child playing.

    The reviewer took a moment to emphasize this and even spoke reverently about the moment and how “the world would build back better”.

    If you had to reduce the modern Lefty to one moment its that. The nuclear holocaust and complete destruction of the world would be worth it if only for equality.

    They are a death cult. There can be no compromise.

    • Why even consider compromising?

      That implies that we must engage and get tangled up with them

      Ignoring them, distancing ourselves, is also an option

      • Running away or “distancing” yourself is in the DNA of every single American (except black slave descendants).

        It’s a pity Australia has been lost. The southern part of that continent is very amenable to northern Europeans.

          • It’s OK, though. “Everything is relative,” said Einstein. One could also make the argument that living in the Southern Hemisphere is a practical application of the “inversion of values” spoken of earlier in today’s thread. 😀

        • It’s not running away, it’s doing your own thing. Just because they invited you to the party doesn’t mean you have you have to get dressed up and go.

          The way you beat these fucks is being your own man. You just outlast them. It’s a game of stamina. They’ve already revealed they’re not in it for the long haul by the fact they aren’t making babies, They are not going to make it. And when the boomers in the government and in power start dying it’s a whole new ball game. Let’s get there first and then see where we’re at.

          • I agree with this. I make it a point to be happy and whole every morning. I am almost 61, but I’m healthy, have some dough, and – best of all – met a lovely and spirited woman ten years my junior, after 33 years with the woman who gave me children and grandchildren before she died of f*cking cancer.

            I refuse to be made unhappy by the people in charge. If all political and cultural thought has been appropriated, then I’ll do bird-watching, studying language, and raising vegetables. That sort of thing confuses lefties because they think that is ‘their thing.’

    • I wish I was rolling down the BR Parkway this morning instead of rolling into a bunch of meetings.

      • Taking a day and a half off. My fear is that I will see defaced statues…I wont even go into C’ville, its so heart breaking. RVA either. They are dead to me.

        • Imagine driving up Boulevard, now renamed after the black guy from Richmond who accomplished something, because simply giving that dude a statue on the same Avenue as men like Maury, Lee, and Jackson wasn’t enough. How could it ever be enough?

          Anyway, if drive up that street to go the the barber shop or whatever, you see the plinth that used to host Stonewall Jackson. And then you hate this goddamned town.

          • Never lived there. I did go on a sightseeing trip there about six years ago and got to see a bit of its history. Richmond is well on the way to becoming another Baltimore 🙁 As an almost native Virginian, it saddens me to see what a mess the Commonwealth has become. They just legalized marijuana, for Pete’s sake! The libs have indeed taken over. The South has fallen. Again.

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