Lessons From Afghanistan

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Over the last week, the world has watched the great project of the American empire fall to pieces as if it was a controlled demolition. The Taliban has swept across Afghanistan, facing little more than token resistance from the official government. In fact, the official government fled the country without even pretending to care. As of Sunday evening, the U.S. government was scrambling to figure out how to evacuate the people with American citizenship while begging the Taliban for relief.

This week, regime elements will be playing the blame game, no doubt settling on the previous administration as the real culprit. Faced with disconfirmation of their beliefs, the new religion of our rulers triggers a process whereby they are convinced that the latest setback is actually part of the great plan. It is a sort of test of faith and the only way to get past it and continue the flow of history is to believe harder. In time, this will become a bloody shirt in the way Vietnam was for a generation.

Putting that aside, the collapse of the Afghan model reveals some things about the ruling regime that are useful to dissidents. The big lesson is that the Washington regime never felt it necessary to subvert the culture of Afghanistan. Instead, they spent twenty years celebrating it. Sure, they did the superficial stuff like flying the flags of various sexual deviants over the embassy, but they never tried to impose it on the Afghans in the same was we see them do it to white Americans.

If the Afghans were white, the empire would have accused them of Afghan privilege or maybe Afghan supremacy then set about destroying their culture. There would have been gay imams in rainbow colored tunics preaching about how Muhamad was really into sodomy. Of course, there would have been a heavy emphasis on women’s sports, perhaps fielding an all lesbian soccer team. None of that happened because that would have been insulting to the Afghans and their ways.

The big thing that the empire did not do that they are doing in their alleged home base of America is replace the people. A big part of the war on whiteness is the importation of millions of nonwhites into white countries. It is part of the dialectic made real, where mass immigration is the negation of white culture. The empire could have done this in Afghanistan with no trouble. There are a billion Africans looking for a better deal, so they could have imported some of them to celebrate diversity.

That really is the telling feature of the twenty year occupation. The rules in place over there were the exact opposite of the rules in place over here. There was no systematic statue toppling, no mass media campaigns against Afghan culture and no chanting about diversity being a strength. One could be forgiven for thinking that the people in charge of the American empire have more respect for Afghan culture and Afghan people than they have for the American people and their culture.

These are things most people probably knew, if they took the time to think about it, but the events of last weekend provide a good reminder. In the weeks to come, the ruling class will care more about the fortunes of people in Afghanistan than the victims of their opioid crisis they inflicted on rural America. They will work harder to preserve the “rights” of collaborators left behind in Kabul than the rights of American being held in dungeons around Washington. They hate us that much.

The useful lesson in all of this is these people have once again revealed that they really do believe their own nonsense. The old paleos remain convinced that the elites know their preaching is all nonsense, but the Afghan debacle is proof that they do get high from their own supply. The plan was to celebrate the exit on 9/11 as “mission accomplished” and then forget about the whole thing. Biden would get credit for finishing Obama’s project and ending the Bush war.

Over the weekend, their lack of preparation was on display, as the regime media was not provided with a script to follow. Instead, they were allowed to think for themselves, a dangerous prospect under ideal conditions. They sent Biden out to take questions not vetted in advance and it was another humiliation. The sight of an eighty year old man struggling to do the basics is symbolic of the empire. Like Biden, it is old, senile, and operating on the fumes of past glories that never really happened.

This is not the first time the ruling elite have fallen for their own rhetoric. Back in the Obama years, they were sure the summer of 2010 was going to be “recovery summer” for the economy. They even had a campaign all ready to go. That ended the same way the Afghan withdraw ended. Recall that Biden promised this summer would be the end of the Covid panic. Everyone would get to party again. The prophesies of the new religion have a bad habit of never coming true.

Of course, the big lesson in all of this is that a small, dedicated minority can win against all odds if they refuse to surrender. The irony of the American foreign policy establishment not remembering the story of David and Goliath is one of those things that tells us something about the people in charge. They are just so sure they are on the right side of history, that they never take a moment to consider their role in it. They were the Goliath this time and the Afghans were the David.

Granted, the American military would happily abandon the rules of engagement they labored under in Afghanistan when it comes to whiteness. You can be sure General Milley has a speech ready about how white rage is really a part of some secret connected between white people and the Taliban. That said, men living as they did when Alexander the Great was in Afghanistan fought the mighty U.S. Military to a draw and then drove them from their lands. An inspiration to us all.

In the end, this is how dying empires look from the inside. The people at the top fear self-examination, so they commit to a zealous form of the mentality that made the empire possible in the first place. The empire and their place atop it are the center of their belief system and no disconfirmation will shake that belief. They will die with the empire that makes them possible. What comes next is up to the people who survive the inevitable collapse in order to fill the void of empire.

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332 thoughts on “Lessons From Afghanistan

  1. if there isn’t a nuclear exchange to prevent it, the prc will move right into afghan…and turn it into a giant slave labor camp. won’t be hard to do, just round up who you can, and put them in a camp. destroy all ag in the country with liberal soakings of defoliants. let the taliban live like rats in the mountains, and kill them easily as soon as they approach a camp. cause the chins will force the afghans to knock down every fukkin building in the country. not needed any more. and the rare earth elements, AKA “spice”, will flow…

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  3. The regime and media are lazy, flaccid. There is little to no accountability for either, and now they don’t even have to worry about a voter revolt, they have the mechanisms fully in place to prevent undesirable consequences. Sort of like the immune system. Given no challenges, it weakens to the point where the host dies.

    • Imagine in 2001 you knew the game plan after 911 was to import millions of muslims to America. That way, Muslims could launch terror strikes without so much planning.

  4. Ah shoot. The airport. Ransom City.

    I predict a Taliban Boom! Hey, we’re well versed in spreading the money around there, it’s a twenty-year tradition.

  5. zman, are you going to have vaxxed and unvaxxed comment sections?

    what would be the effect if biden gang blocks inter-state travel? a couple of things; one, those roads will be blown out, over and over again. secondly, irrespective of #1 happening, local production of many things will become economically viable again. good bye amazon and walmart. and just about every international brand. oh you plan to fly shit in? airports gone too, because of flight bans.

    i can’t wait until a loose stinger missile brings down bill gates private jet, and the filthy pervert soils himself in fear.

  6. Oh boy! Do I listen to Chris Cuomo on CNN (yep, they brought him back) or Rachel Maddow on MSNBC?

    This is gonna be sooo good

  7. Wait, wait. The current sh*tshow started in 1979. That’s not $6 Trillion, that’s Forty Years of investment.

    Where is our India? Where are our territorial possessions? We don’t even have a trans-continental railroad over there.

  8. To be fair, it Trump pulled us out, it would have been a clusterfuck too. There was no easy way out of this. We should have never gone in the first place is the lesson. Amongst others. America really needs to adopt the Foreign Policy of “Fuck Around, and Find Out!” going forward.

    • No. No. No.

      Biden owns this.

      Jebus. Trump the “Commander of the Armed Forces” tried to lots of things military, and they undercut him at every opportunity. Syria, anyone?

      Military followed Biden on this one. They saw the weak horse, took their chance to get out of Dodge, lick their wounds, and re-tool and re-task for US domestic operations.

      This is all on Biden. Not that I much care.

      • No its not. As commander in chief Trump could have just ordered the troops home. What are the generals going to do, ignore the order? Fire them if they do, until you find someone to follow the orders. Put a Private in charge if you have too. That’s the power the Presidency has. Stop it with the second set of books nonsense.

      • And now the military can turn around and shriek all their high-tech war toys are compromised because they fell into Taliban hands and they need new, more expensive ones across the board.

        Great, except they’d know that’s impossible if they’d read the report Trump commissioned three years ago that describes how effed our defense supply chains are.

  9. My guess is the Regency is wounded, in that they promised the GAE and they got the Taliban. It really is stunning and stinging rebuke of the Poz and all the GAE had to offer. Or the Davos man WEF if you prefer.

    I would not underestimate the danger to ordinary people from this. Harris and maybe the Generals who are blaming Biden could conspire to remove him and install the Diversity Heir. The Intel Agencies are also blaming Biden. It was a fool’s belief to think that once unleashed against Trump they would be obedient to their new masters. Perhaps Milley himself wants to be ruler, it could happen. He’s woke enough to appeal to the Davos set. Or Biden’s Regency could have him totter out there and institute Martial Law, total lockdown, mask mandate for everyone, vaccines galore, with their proposed use of the Military to block travel over state borders (Canada already does this).

    Clearly leaving Americans behind to take Afghans is reason to believe that the Regency at least figures elections will not matter in the slightest. Either a lockdown/vote fraud or Martial Law is planned. I lean towards the latter but it might end up being Harris as the President for Life, with the Military and Agencies behind her. [Or perhaps Buttgig, they like that kind of dude see Macron of France]

    • The Regime is a bloodied mess and in no position to do what you suggest. Harris, it seems, is more loathed than Biden. There has been an ongoing whisper campaign against her for months. Obviously she and Biden are puppets, but the loss of face due to the Regime’s incompetence is making these lame figures even a bigger embarassment.

      I will agree a military coup is possible, but only ever-so slightly. If the military is about to face consequences (it won’t) for leaving behind weaponry for the Taliban, maybe.

      The Empire is done, and I do agree it is especially dangerous now that it is fatally wounded.

      • Read Harris is not doing pressers because she’s “Focusing on Haiti.”

        What the heck did Haiti ever do to deserve that kind of treatment?

    • this is a huge black swan event for the global masters, not just biden. it has created a huge temptation for china to go rushing in somewhere, and trigger a nuclear response. because people like our leadership are going to go as big as possible to regain prestige and legitimacy. i have to imagine their are very loud and scary alarm bells going off all over the world. but the iceberg has been hit, and the grand ship is mortally wounded – beyond repair.

      poor military, they chose poorly. good bye volunteer military, hello 85 IQ military.

      • China moves in slow increments, not giant leaps. It allowed Britain to hold onto Hong Kong until 1997 and then it moved in and swallowed it with one giant gulp. (That sucking sound you heard was all its British-based freedoms going down the gullet.)

        Taiwan is still nominally independent today and the Chinese are patiently awaiting their turn to keep the economy and spit out the freedoms like a sunflower seed.

        • I sincerely hope that the Kuomintang are busy moving all of their machinery for chip fabs over to Arizona.

          Else we – the Anglosphere & the Kuomintang – might not be long for this earth.

          Who The Phuck Ever thought it would be a jolly good idea to export all of the Anglosphere’s intellectual property to the Orient for manufacture is a Somebody The Phuck Ever who needs to h@ng from the nearest tree.

          • I agree with that 100%. Shipping 50% of our industrial capacity to communist China (1), jumpstarting their economic development turning them into a planetary threat, and sabotaging cordial relations with a white Christian-heritage Russia and pushing them into an unwanted alliance with China was one of the greatest acts of treason in human history. Consistent with Robert Conquest’s Laws, it appears that our country has been run for decades by people who hate it and want to destroy it.

            (1) Much has since moved on to rest of 3rd world.

    • It’s remarkable how everybody is either cheering on the defeat, or laughing about it.

      The rulers pretend to be serious while the audience is heckling and throwing tomatoes.

      This doesn’t seem to be a nation that has the backing of most of its citizens.

      • Nation?

        The geographic area between the Canadian and Mexican borders is now just one big open air lunatic asylum.

    • Agree on “do not underestimate the danger.” This is the chaos phase, appearing weak, while gearing up to lock us down with vengeance. Good call, Whiskey.

      (My conservative friend: “yoo-hoo, can’t you hardly wait for the mid-terms!”

  10. occasionally zman mails one in, and this is one of those times.

    there was no point in degrading the afghan culture, because it is already in such a degraded state. and the way they survive repeated invasions, is that they don’t really have a choice. like scattering cockroaches, they disperse until the coast is clear. admire them all you want, but the most sincere admiration would entail your moving there. so what is stopping you?

    mongols went in and settled them down good. not sure why the CCCP didn’t use that campaign as a blueprint; it’s not like it’s out of date.

    • “mongols went in and settled them down good.”

      Mongols themselves converted to Islam and gradually became culturally Persianized.

      The soil of Khorasan has humbled many a stiff neck.

      Macedonians, Greeks, Arabs, Mongols, English, Russians, and now the Zionist-occupied America.

      • why did you decide it was better to avoid my claim? because it is true. only a degenerate inbred pseudo intellectual would take pride in islam.

      • That’s weird given how the Greco-Bactrian kingdom lasted 300 years, and Ai-Khanoum was a large hellinic city until the Chinese Yuezhi overran it in 1st century AD.

  11. Jacqui Heinrich (Fox) is reporting American Citizens are not being given priority in evacuations from Kabul.

      • They can’t do anything about it that wouldn’t result in annihilation of the United States in one of the bloodiest civil wars in human history and for no clear gains.

        Restoring marriage for example while a fine and good thing doesn’t seem worth half the population

        On top of that Gen X who would normally be leaders often as not aren’t interested or are outright unwilling.

        The latchkey generation was left alone so they just want to be left alone.

  12. Good analysis, but let’s be honest here: the reason GAE didn’t flood Afghanistan with Negroes was not out of respect for Afghan culture, but because GAE would have been kicked out even quicker than they actually were.

    As for the Africans, the Afghans would have:
    1) enslaved them
    2) castrated them
    3) eaten them or,
    4) simply killed them

    GAE may be incompetent (OK, are incompetent, as demonstrated this weekend) but they aren’t entirely stupid.

    • You’ve got a point there. The Afghan Muzz aren’t exactly Minnesota Lutherans. The Hutus would have swiftly wished they’d never left the Dark Continent.

    • Correct. The grift had to be run as long as possible, and such antagonism would have shortened the gravy train.

      Invest in bolt holes.

  13. Zman, does the rampant inflation world wide, help or hurt RPC? If the latter, then setting it off intentionally might make a certain amount of sense.

  14. The collapse was predictable. This is a replay of Northern Iraq when ISIS rolled in. First off Arabs are worthless fighters, secondly with a average IQ of 85 and illiterate they are un trainable. Worse they come from a culture where theft and grift are normal.

    We saw it in Iraq when we turned over brand new bases for them. The first thing the Arab commanders did was invite in thieves and scavengers to loot the base and leave it a empty shell within hours. This happen in Afghanistan where we started turning our FOBs and other sites. The Muzzies let in scum to loot it. There was no way this law IQ scum was going to fight for anything except maybe a one way ticket out of the rotting homeland.

    our trainers knew back in the early 2000’s that ut was impossible to train Arabs in modern military tactics and weapons, etc. The are just too stupid and corrupt. We give their police new SUVs and the next thing you know they are on blocks with all the wheels stoeln and interiors gutted.

    Of General “Uta” Miley will never admit squat. He’s all about blaming Whitey.

  15. Unleash the mockery! 3 favorites:

    “The White House has ordered rainbow flags be lowered to half staff.”

    “We’ll know the U.S. has fallen when we see online ads of American brides trolling for Russian husbands.”

    “Globalist American Empire: GAE”

  16. Do US Military senior officers have any honor? Do they feel any shame? Aren’t they ashamed?

    If they had Japanese-style honor many would be slicing their bellies right now.

    I would love, just once, to see some media member or some member of Congress, when asking questions of one of these highly-decorated Generals/Admirals, to ask them about all the wars they have won. Refer to all those patches and medals on their breast and shoulders and ask them for which victories were they awarded.

    What a bunch of incompetent losers.

    • If they had that much honor elite heads would be on pikes and the US having new elections January 1 or so.

      In any case Its pretty obvious Woke Force One and its elite Fail Team Six aren’t as good as they want people to think.

      The optics of this are not good, no doubt the Chinese and to a lesser degree degree Russia are licking their chops. This also explains the blather about internal militias or whatever was coming out of DHS a few days ago.

      70K Afghan insurgents beat the US.700 IRA made the Brits like hell.

      The US could manage a lot more than this, Hell some Crips sets could field a few hundred fighters. Its not a good situiation to be when people are so furious they want to rebel in a great my parts of the country.

      • There is one huge problem there: While it is true that we outnumber the elites by a large number, according to a female on FB who worked in DHS while Barry was prez (Sorry, her name escapes me) stated that after the ’20 election when the subject of Trump voters came up (This example of the Afghan fighters was raised as an example being able to bring the US military to it’s knees), she said, “The big difference between dealing with the Trump voters vs the Talban – in terms of rules of engagement – is that there will be NO rules of engagement with the Trump voters. They will be dealt with quickly and in the most brutal fashion possible. We won’t have to worry about international condemnation because anyone who matters will be happy to see them gone from the earth.”
        If it were only going to be us and them, this wouldn’t be an issue, but everyone here knows that the ChiComs would never sit that fight out. They would begin landing troops here within hours of the first skirmish.
        One silver lining here is that the oldest son of a lifelong friend – after witnessing the events of the last year and a half – has decided not to join the army and instead will be going to a local technical school.

        • No rules of engagement cuts both ways.

          I think Lenin once said, “Where you find velvet, push. Where you find steel, retreat.”

          Now, think about where the velvet might be…

        • Sure but as The Wild Geese Howard noted this goes both directions.

          There have been plenty of brutal atrocity laden insurgencies where one or both sides decided that there are no rules.

          Its expected and the insurgents unlike those in Afghanistan can find ways to take the fight to the literal homes of the enemy.

          The expectation that up to 2/3rds of the population will die of privation and violence is one of the reasons people are avoiding it. Nothing seems bad enough nor doe any outcome seem worth that price. Yet.

    • As a guy who SAT IN THE ROOM over several decades with this sort, I’d point out a fundamental mistake most Americans make when thinking about flag and general officer leadership. They do not talk about or train toward “winning.” Silly citizen. Their mandate is MANAGING CONFLICT. Or at times managing THE ETHICAL APPLICATION OF LETHAL FORCE (whatever that might mean). Winning DOES NOT figure into the GO mindset, except is it applies to “… hearts and minds.”

      I kid you not …

      • Their mandate is MANAGING CONFLICT.

        I.e. create a controlled party and a controlled opposition party, and then let each one win just enough elections so that the NYSE & the NASDAQ continue rising, and the boomers remain fat & content.

  17. I’m astonished by the apparent effort to bring the Afghans who worked as translators etc to “safety” in the US.

    Does anybody really believe that the US has a shortage of people who will sell out their country for a couple of bucks?

    • Why are you astonished? It is page 1 in the globohomo playbook.

      Invade the world, invite the world.

  18. Does the big bad indispensable world conquering empire have enough Praetorian Guards to rebuild Haiti, protect Taiwan’s borders, hunt down domestic extremists, get the central bank in those last few nations that don’t have one, and get the rainbow flag flying everywhere?
    The replacements only want the free milk and honey and the National Guard isn’t shall we say an elite unit.
    Meanwhile the alphabet soup agencies clutch the triple paren manual while reading about the danger of right wing memes.

  19. I really hope that right about now, Biden, with whatever mental faculties he has left, feels like that guy in the Twilight Zone episode who wished to be the ruler of a great and powerful country, only to find himself transformed into Hitler in the bunker.

      • yep, he was the patsie all along. if i were joe, i would avoid underground parking garages.

  20. Just when you think it can’t get more insane – From The Hill (sorry if this was already posted – just catching up)

    “Fully vaccinated man dies of COVID-19, daughter says he was cautious”

    “According to Jan Patterson, an infectious disease specialist at UT Health, Rodriguez was right in her assessment, that her father would have suffered more if he had not been vaccinated.”

    How much worse … he died.


    • Hush, hush now. I’m just going to press the pillow down. Don’t struggle. It will be easier this way. We don’t want your death to be unpleasant, do we?

    • her father would have suffered more if he had not been vaccinated

      Once again, globo-homo-pedo is being remarkably honest here: If he had died of pneumonia, it would have been an excruciating several weeks of suffering [maybe upwards of a month], whereas the vaccine killed him much moar quickly and painlessly [pretty much immediately].

      You just gotta think like a proper Hemlock Society euthanasia-ist, and then all the verbiage makes complete sense.

      Remember, the Passive-Aggressives are yuge on following the letter of the law to a “T”.

      In fact, I’ve arrived at the conclusion that “Law Enforcement” [in a moderin society] is nothing moar than the Praetorian Guard of the Passive Aggressive Industrial Complex.

  21. “The big lesson is that the Washington regime never felt it necessary to subvert the culture of Afghanistan.”

    The USA is not even 300 years old.

    Afghanistan/Khorasan as an ethnocultural entity is at least 1500 years old.

    I don’t think the geopolitical hacks associated with the Washington regime were ever competent enough to undertake any such assignment.

  22. I just don’t buy the whole we were defeated narrative.
    The reality has always been that we couldn’t stay forever and that once we left, they were going to go back to living the way they want to live. The real failure was the Afghan puppet regime could not maintain the country without the empire’s support. Once the empire decided to leave, the die was cast.
    But whether it happened now, 5 years ago or 5 or 50 years from now, we couldn’t occupy them forever. Ain’t my people, ain’t my country, ain’t my problem.

    • Saying that our withdrawal doesn’t equate to defeat because we were always going to have to leave really misses the point. It was a stated goal of our government that we would being Democracy to Afghanistan. It was a stated goal of the Taliban that it would be a theocracy administered by the Taliban. The winner is the side that got it’s way and the loser is the side that didn’t get it’s way. Now, the question for you to answer is, will Afghanistan be a democracy like America wanted a r a theocracy like the Taliban wanted? The answer to that question tells you who won the war.

      • Yesterday, some one here observed that there are some men, of a certain vintage, in Afghanistan, who are going to bed knowing that they have ejected two evil, mass-murdering empires from their homeland in the last 30 years.

        And they did so without the benefit of either the 2nd amendment of the NRA.

      • I don’t deny your point, but it also assumes Afghans wanted a liberal democracy and rule by lgbt, cat women and foreigners.

        All that really happened is they waited long enough till we got tired of footing the bill. They couldn’t defeat the empire and they didn’t defeat the empire. Our stated objectives were unreasonable. We imposed it on them and they would not defend it once we left.

        I hope the Taliban goes after the collaborators. I only hope one day we can do the same.

        • Well by that logic I guess the British won the revolutionary war and we’re all British subjects.

          • The Americans pretty much followed the Brits in that respect. It became too costly to hold, though for us, it was largely because we have become too poor to maintain the empire.
            The US was in MUCH better shape in 2001 than it is in 2021. Not in good shape, but in much better shape than we are in now.

            Fighting an occupying power is not the same as fighting your own government.

            Either way, I am just glad we have finally pulled out. Our infrastructure is falling apart and we’re spending god knows how much money in Afghanistan.

        • Winning the war is meaningless if you can’t win the peace. AINO lost the peace. Badly.

    • That’s the boomercon equivalent of the guy sitting in the city jail going “she didn’t look like no cop.”
      Yet again, we lost. “We” may not mean “us” here, Kemosabe, but the Empire formerly known as America lost in every way that counts.

    • Problem is we assumed something that we should not have assumed, that within ever Afghan is an American waiting to come out—culture and all. Total bs.

      Now if we were serious, we’d have told the American people that to change the culture and society of Afghanistan into something resembling a Western culture we’d need to be there at *least* 3 generations, or 75 years. Further, we’d have to basically run the country, i.e., colonize it. That’s how the British tamed India and left a lasting impression on the country.

    • The reality has always been that we couldn’t stay forever and that once we left, they were going to go back to living the way they want to live.

      The reality is that we lacked the gonads necessary to do what was necessary to “conquer” Afghanistan: K!LL ALL OF THEM.

      That’s the only thing armies [and navies and air forces & space forces & biological warfare facilities] are good at: K!LLING.

      So long as a handful of fertile Afghan females and fertile Afghan males were still to exist, Afghanistan could always be re-created from scratch.

      Sadly, I’m old enough to remember a circa-2001 essay which got some play in the mainstream media, from [as I recall] an Afghan graduate student somewhere in the West [either in the USA or in Europe], who was pleading with the USA not to “bomb my people back to the stone age” because “my people already live in the stone age”.

      And of course the bleeding hearts here in the USA were all too happy to comply.

      The really weird thing about 9-11 is that we now know that the idea for it was conceived & hatched & incubated & propagated in the Mossad, as part of the greater {Mossad} x {House of Saud} rapprochement of that era, which means that the Mossad felt that no matter who won the 2000 election – Al Gore* or George Bush – the winner would be like silly putty in the hands of the Mossad.

      That’s what happens when a foreign ethnicity controls your elections – you get only controlled candidates running against controlled opposition candidates – with neither candidate ever posing any possible threat to the controllers.

      *PS: I’m also old enough to remember Martin Peretz bragging about how Al Gore was his bestest evah student at Hahvahd.

      Just like how Alan Dershowitz now brags that Ted Cruz was his bestest evah student at Hahvahd.

      With a foreign ethnicity controlling your elections, it’s nothing but carefully selected & chosen controlled candidate A running against carefully selected & chosen controlled candidate B.

      And that, in turn, was why Donald Trump had to be destroyed, at any and all costs necessary.

  23. I was in the 5th grade when Vietnam fell. I remember the TV reports of Vietnamese found crushed and frozen in the aircraft wheel wells on landing. Now we’re doing it all over again.

    • Same here, except I was in the dorm at the university. Quite an eclectic bunch gathered in the tv room watching the news reports. Quite a few vets in my dorm, coupled with native Vietnamese who were adopted by soldiers and returned to the USA with them. All were stunned, a few in tears. I was probably drunk as that was my level of maturity in those days. It was a national shame, but I wasn’t there yet in my understanding.

  24. I truly feel sorry for those Americans who lost family members in that pointless conflict. Thankfully the American people, even liberals, haven’t turned on returning soldiers by cursing and spitting at them as they did with Vietnam veterans.

    Europe hated Trump for any number of reasons. One being because he publicly rubbed our collective noses in our own BS when it came to contributing to NATO. It was a fair call on Trumps part. He was absolutely right and there was nothing Germany or anyone else could say to defend our actions.

    But while Biden’s mindless ramblings have been an amusement to most of us, his obvious lack of coherent leadership is no laughing matter. What’s even worse is the EU now distrusts Biden and his administration because he’s proven that America isn’t a reliable ally.

    My point being – it’s one thing not to like someone. It’s another not to trust them.

    If there’s any sense in the Taiwanese people and their government, hopefully they’ve started packing and are looking to relocate off their island sooner than later. Despite all the rhetoric and military posturing by the US military, Biden just tipped his hand to both China and Taiwan exactly how the US will react when China decides to roll in. And it’s not a matter of “if”, but “when” as the CCP has clearly stated.

    • Why would “Leftists” spit on returning soldiers, when they can insult their sacrifice/efforts in even greater ways—such as cutting and running (thereby negating their sacrifice/efforts in the ME), creating a woke military full of trannies, gays, and minority female recruits—and in general destroying world’s respect/fear for the very organization that they (once) felt proud to serve in. Seems to me, making the military the laughing stock of the world is much better than spitting upon soldiers one by one as the arrive home.

      • On the bright side it might make the military hesitant to take on more missions from this administration, if you know what I mean.

        • or, the military convince president puddin’ head that the only way to recover from this (for joe) is to get a big win, quickly. in a way, biden is now owned by the military because biden is personally being blamed by *everyone* for this loss. and it is going to stick because some is going to pay, and might as well be joe. i say biden is dead within 30 days.

          • The Period of 5 Emperors

            Bedeviled Biden

            Sacrificed Harris

            Queen Pelosi the Short Lived

            Milley Maximus

            Lord “Camacho” Austen

          • Last night I tried to think of which institutions still have the perceived legitimacy to tamp down on this pressure cooker, and the military was the only one I could think of. That’s pretty unsettling.

            I agree Joe is toast. Is he kept on as a puppet with visible strings, is he replaced with Kamala, or does the military stage a coup? Those are the options as I see them. The coup seems most workable, which is even more unsettling.

            Supposing it’s a coup, do we live under a junta, or do they administer the state until we have an election? Could the military stage an election people would have confidence in?

            Speculating wildly here, certainly hoping politics can pull a rabbit out of the hat, but I’m not sure.

            Had a crazy thought while I was falling asleep of Trump playing Yeltsin to the Q crowd, overseeing the looting of America while we wait for our Putin to emerge.

            I hope whoever’s writing the script has a better idea!

      • The only soldiers I want to curse and spit on are the fucking lapdogs like Mattis and Milley and the entire Pentagon, and the ones guarding the regime in the Occupied Capital.

    • I’m glad we “cut and run” It was an unending occupation forcing their people to live under a foreign government they didn’t want to live under. But more importantly, it was bleeding us dry. Next time you are in the supermarket looking at those higher prices, remember, this your contribution to the war effort.

    • You make a sobering point about the seriousness of the Biden Administration’s weakness and potential consequences therefrom, such as backing into a nuclear war through cowardly retreat and an incompetent accident of command failure. Everyone wants to vent about the Afghan debacle and thinks that the worst of it is national humiliation or wasted lives & money. But, if nukes start flying because China seizes an opportunity to retake Taiwan and Biden’s juice handlers decide to go macho, then pissing & moaning will be the least of our problems.

      • Aye. I can see neo-con types thinking, “well if you aren’t happy with our war mongering in the Middle East, just wait till we push the button down in Asia!”

      • Nukes flying would be one of those events that could change the very nature of the government we so deplore, Probably won’t go our way however. Just a collapse into totalitarianism.

        • the best thing that could happen to America, is to have every big city nuked. tell me how i am wrong.

          there are these japanese honey bees that are preyed on by this species of giant hornet. each such hornet is at lease 5x as big as a bee (going by memory; its on YT)? anyways, when a hornet scout is detected in the nest, the bees swarm it and start beating their wings. this raises the temperature of the ball of bees around the hornet. they literally cook the big hornet to death, because they have a slightly higher heat tolerance.

          any event (or series of events) that stresses everyone in America, is going to have the effect of burning out the parasites. they will die off first. not saying it will be easy for anyone, no matter how skillful or prepared. but it will produce a renewed human stock. this is btw, a feature in the design of our universe. god wants competition, and is not too sentimental about the losers.

          • Not necessarily. Nukes can kill a lot of folk. But there will be survivors. Won’t be the first time that a government went full totalitarian and began to direct resettlement and redistribution in such a time of chaos. That means you and me get to shoulder the burden of the remaining parasites under threat of force from the government.

          • have every big city nuked

            We would need to remove the contents of the Smithsonian & the NGoA & the Lieberry of Congress & similar in each big city.

            We would also need to get out the big rigs & the cranes & and put the major architectural treasures [such as Constitution Hall in Filthydelphia] on some giant steel beams, and haul them down the road, until well out beyond the blast radii.

            Also any Stradivarius or Guarneri violins owned by the symphony orchestras or their musicians.

            But once we had secured the major cultural treasures, then yeah, bombs away.

    • I asked a chinese customer the other day where he lived. “The second biggest island in China”. Guess which island he meant is China’s largest island?

      • ask him if chinese ICBMs are any better built than their apartment buildings (or that big dam that is just a little more bad rain away from catastrophic failure)?

          • i would answer “because they were designed and built by white people in the 50’s and 60’s”. oops, hmmm, only one way to find out 😛

    • Before you dismiss cursing and spitting on soldiers, remember that these are the same soldiers who will eventually be dragging you away at night if you don’t get vaccinated or are overheard making disparaging remarks about transsexuals.

      • no, that is the job for the police and secret police). you will get dragged away, but not by soldiers.

    • A good friend of mine is somewhat keyed into what is going on in Taiwan and says would only be an invasion if America forces the issue. As we speak, China and Taiwan are in negotiations for a peaceful transition to unification.

      In as much as Taiwan’s people are Chinese, Taiwan is China.

  25. “The empire and their place atop it are the center of their belief system and no disconfirmation will shake that belief. They will die with the empire that makes them possible.”

    my fear is they’ll jump ship & move to a different rising country to continue their bullshit plans.

  26. “That said, men living as they did when Alexander the Great was in Afghanistan fought the mighty U.S. Military to a draw and then drove them from their lands. An inspiration to us all.”

    Ha. Wonderschon! How odd it is to be cheering for the Taliban over “America,” but there you have it.

    Another key lesson from the Humiliation in the Hindu Kush is how resistant many non-white cultures are to democracy. This quintessentially white form of government just never took root in Afghanistan’s stony soil, and that is because it is incompatible with Afghan history and culture. Those people don’t want absentee ballots, constitutions and town hall meetings with their elected con man; they want the strong man, the imam and the Q’uran. That being the case, it makes no sense whatsoever to import people for whom democracy is alien to a democratic state. But, as we all know, sustaining democracy is hardly the objective of importing Neolithic Sand Hutus.

    As an aside, I was taken aback by Z’s hypothesis that, theoretically, AINO could have destroyed Afghanistan’s culture through propaganda and diversity as they are doing to white America. The idea is so bizarre that it never remotely occurred to me. The white/non-white double standard is that strong.

    • Wait a minute – you mean to say because diversity is so clearly our strength that they would not diversify and make it their strength too?
      Someone needs to inform Joey, Chucky, Nancy, et al.

    • democracy can only function in a high IQ country; it’s a complicated system, and runs counter to the base nature of many human beings. i.e. democracy is a cognitive mismatch for most of humanity. slavery is the fix for that, traditionally.

    • The middle east’s culture has been massively affected through propaganda and fake movements since WW2.

      It just wasn’t the diversity kind.

      The US,UK, Israeli and french intelligence essentially funded, created and ran the large scale islamic fundamentalist revival in the middle east with the Saudi regime.

      From the 50s the strategy via Iran (installing Khomeini,) Israel’s creation of the Lebanese Islamic movements, North African Islamic radicals mainly via France and the current Syria/Libya Isis/arab spring movements.

      • well the arabs were radicalized; you can tell by looking at newspaper clippings and tv snippets from the 60’s. but why was it done? and by whom? possibly their were multiple actors with similar designs, possibly a single massive actor.

  27. All in all, I’m glad we’re out. My main worry is the subsequent flood of refugees. I don’t want a single damn one of them in the US.

    • Vizzini: Subheadline from Daily Mail Online today:

      The US is preparing to take 30,000 refugees who will first be housed at airbases in Texas and Wisconsin

      • That is what something like 1% of the total population.

        Lets say they are all male initially.

        Followed by wives/children/relatives.

        It could easily total 10% of the country.

    • Fox is reporting refugees will initially be housed at Fort Bliss and Fort McCoy, with more bases to be added. The Telegraph (UK) is reporting Britain is suspending border controls and Afghanis will be allowed in w/o a passport. Oh, and you remember the epidemic of rapefugee sex crimes that plagued Europe? “Europes Afghan Crime Wave is Mind-Boggling. ” https://bit.ly/3m8UsVu

  28. Driving in to work this AM I tuned in to an radio interview already in progress with an unnamed American foreign correspondent, diplomat, or Afghanistan ‘hand’ [take you pick, doesn’t matter] , bemoaning the valuable Afghan assets left behind in this epically spectacular collapse. “We owe it to these thousands, maybe tens of thousands,” to get them out he preached in fustian cant. The high dudgeon was strong in this one, but all I could think was, Excellent! I hope this latest disaster serves as yet another wake up call to the masses. It’s not going to take too much more to hollow out Empire America to the point of implosion. Pray it comes soon!

  29. “If the Afghans were white….”

    Fifty years ago, or so, Middle Easterners were generally considered White, just on the browner end of the scale, like Turks and Lebanese (I suppose they’re not White anymore, either, but check out some Turkish TV shows — those be White people. Did anyone think the Lebanese Corporal Klinger on M*A*S*H wasn’t White back in the day? No.).

    It’s part of the term I think Steve Sailer coined, “the flight from White.” Nobody claims to be White anymore if they can plausibly claim to be something else.

    • Arabs have also suffered severe decline in the past 50 years. Older Arab men, particularly Christians, are basically white. In their dress, in their actions, in their mindsets. They also have a very high out-marriage rate, particularly with whites.

      Radical islam has badly changed Arab countries, as have invasions from Israel and the West. Western culture is now degenerate too, and their kids are bombarded with Africanized rap music and thug culture. Arab kids in the West are now functionally no different than Africans – ugly (emphasis on the ugly – why do they all have ugly beards?) thuggish, dumb, and useless. Younger generations in the UK are much more radical than older generations.

      Finally white European people are now also, to be honest, pussies. Back in the 70s and 80s when we were getting Lebanese immigrants, the “Lebs” and the Canadian kids would have fistfights during lunch at school. Of course the fights were also fair, no knifes or jumping. There is not the same respect for the weak, noodle arm, homosexual, tolerant white people of today.

      The Middle East really isn’t/wasn’t that bad of a place to live, but they aren’t democratic or really secular. And good for them, I don’t care if women have the right to vote for a feminist African socialist in Syria. But them being here is the big problem that we will be dealing with for a long time. One day I’m sure the area will be fine again…

      • “The Middle East is actually not a bad place to live”

        It is the high profile religious violence and the fact that it offends the tiny hats, that the Middle East has so much bad PR

        A much worse and violent place to live is any Latin American country. The shear level violence is so much higher, but it of the more mundane drug and gang banger variety that doesn’t grab the headlines.

        That is what we are primarily importing into this country

        • Colombia is not the test. But yes, latin america and africa are in a class of their own for unending senseless <80 IQ violence. But there is not an arab country that is not an absolute shit hole. they are a profoundly broken and unfit group, no small part due to all the in-breeding they engage in. this is a classic, even for B125. pretty sure this is a new PR in stupidity for the guy.

          • Iraq was a perfectly stable and functional country under Saddam. You would have been safer in Iraq under Saddam than you are in Detroit, Philly, Baltimore, Camden, Miami… Etc, etc, etc. today.

            Nobody expects Turks to put an Arab on the moon but it’s still a decent country. Would modern Greece be that much wealthier than turkey without Eu membership?

            And yes, older generation middle Easterners in the west do act pretty white. I don’t support any immigration from that region, but it is true nonetheless. I stand by every word.

    • provide some proof of that. i don’t think anyone with working eyes, and even the tiniest acquaintance with an actual arab, would mistake them for white. there is a much stronger argument that italians are not white, than there is for arabs being white.

      • Arabs were classified as White in the US through the 2010 census. The MENA category was proposed in 2015 when Arabs started realizing there’s better gibsmes in not being White.

        I don’t know how old you are, but I was *there* in the sixties and seventies. Arab was an ethnicity like Greek, Italian or German, but there was no racial classification — a guy like Jamie Farr or Omar Sharif was a White guy of Arab ethnicity. Same with Hispanics at the time — Cubans like Desi Arnaz or Gloria Estefan were White. Every ethnic difference wasn’t a racial difference. Just because you can identify someone’s ethnicity doesn’t mean they’re a distinct race. You can tell an Irish guy from a Russian.

        It was only in the 2000s that it became extremely profitable for ethnicities to distance themselves from Whiteness in the US.

        • Here’s a fascinating bit dredged up from about a decade ago:


          It’s a 2009 piece, but there was a spate of comments in 2012 from people really angry at “racist” Debbie Schlussel for pointing out that the reason for not identifying as White is to get more racial preferences. (Man, haven’t heard her name in years. Does she still write?)

          It’s pretty funny that for the past 20 years the left has been simultaneously pounding on the “race is a social construct” drum just as hard as they pound on the “Arabs/Hispanics/North Africans etc. aren’t White” drum.

          There are four major races: White, Black, Asian and Australian Aborigines.

          The fervor for racking up lots of additional non-White races is simply because of the biological fact that there are gradations of the races and the political fact that it’s not cool to be White. You’ll notice you don’t see African Bushmen making a big deal about how they’re not really the same race as other Africans or Malaysians saying they’re not Asian. Probably only the Indians have a case as there’s a world of difference between them and Oriental Asians, so the modern trend to lump Indians and Orientals together as Asians is kind of silly, and everyone knows it, so we have lots of awkward terms like “South Asian”, “Southeast Asian” and “East Asian” to try to make up for the fact that a bunch of idiots decided there was something wrong with the term “Oriental.”

          Back when it was cool to be White, light skinned blacks tried to pass as White. Now Whites try to pass as black. One Indian guy found that his college admissions went way up when he passed himself off as African American.

          • we are closer genetically to indians than to asians. it’s that indo-european thing. saw pictures of albino indians (in india) that looked irish; their features were easier for me to ‘read’ than on their dark skinned brethren. no epicanthic folds, either.

            the genetic history of europe is a lot more complex than you may realize. if you haven’t heard of the Yamnaya, that’s a good place to start.

          • Yes, I’m aware of the genetic history of Indians, which is why I bothered to mention at length that it doesn’t make sense to classify them with “Asians.”

  30. Losing a war sucks but the sting is the old blue-pill civnat. The worst part is that this will be an excuse to send MORE refugees our way. Now ‘Afghanistan is not safe anymore’ so your neighborhood needs to be crammed with Afghans.

    If our side ever has to fight someone like the Taliban and we are the Goliath, Genghis Khan is the way to do it. If we are not the Goliath, we should also fight like Genghis Khan, hit and run mobility.

    • Hit and run—indeed, but no mercy. Genghis Khan destroyed entire cities that pissed him off. In the end it lead to easier future victories through surrender and less worry about enemies regrouping to his rear. You can’t go Genghis Khan with White virtues.

      • Compsci: Advice to be heeded when the mythical day comes that Whites in America truly realize the war that’s being waged against them. Hit and run and no mercy. The enemy needs to be annihilated.

        • I can’t really see that happening.

          A large proportion will never accept it, even as they get exterminated.

          The accounts for the soviet gulag had plenty of people convinced that Comrade Stalin had made a mistake in their case and if only they could get a letter to him, they would be released.

          Then they got shot in the head.

    • The propaganda machine is already busy spewing out that old saw about the refugee…
      Thank God the collapse is so precipitous it’s unlikely most of these so-called Afghan friendlies can be gotten out.

      • I hope the collaboraters get what they deserve, good and hard. A people’s traitors deserve whatever fate dishes our.
        On the upswing, to hear it, the Taliban victory was so swift and complete (like a storm of war, you might say) that all avenues of foreign escape, namely by air, have been cut off. If so, there will be no saigon airlift part 2, no boat people this time around.

  31. When Z Man talks about the general incompetence of our ruling elite, I generally agree but usually think that he’s overstating things. No more.

    They managed to let the Taliban absolutely route the forces of the collaborator government with Kabul falling JUST BEFORE THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY OF 9/11. A novelist wanting to portray the US as totally incompetent couldn’t have scripted this any better.

    The timing of all of this is amazing. Until fairly recently, the US military was still widely perceived (perhaps incorrectly – but still) as a traditional, conservative institution worthy of respect. Just as the military goes fully woke and aggressively anti-White, it suffers not just defeat, but utter humiliation.

    As Z Man posted on his Gab page, the US Embassy in Kabul was tweeting out the gay rainbow flag in June. (Yes, it’s real. I checked.) Just two months later, there is a mad dash to evacuate the embassy just before it is overrun by the Taliban.

    • “the US Embassy in Kabul was tweeting out the gay rainbow flag in June.”

      Insensitive. That’s not who the Taliban is.

    • If I have to choose between forces flying the rainbow flag, and forces arrayed against it, I choose the latter.

    • Hey wait a minute…Totally Legit Joe said like a month ago Afghanistan was in no danger of falling. Since words are reality, there’s no way Kabul could be captured by the Taliban. We all just need to magically think harder.

      • Not to worry, Dan Rather, Brian Williams, and Hillary Clinton are all just waiting to get their ‘combat bush jackets’ out of storage to go over and report the ‘true’ story of Afghanistan’s peaceful protests.

        • An Afghan Spring is in the air, replete with tranny pride parades, St. George Floyd statues, and a guest appearance by the US. Wymyn’s Soccer Team…

    • I hope someday soon to be seeing the Taliban burning the Fag Flag and dynamiting the U.S. embassy.

      • I hate to think it, but I have the distinct impression that what the world learns about the interior facilities at our embassy and ancillary buildings may lead to some ‘splody types seeking vengeance.
        That, or they turn it into their own Auschwitz memorial museum, complete with screaming sound tracks for the “enhanced interrogation” rooms in the basement, to show the world how ‘Murica tortured and murdered 6 million of their people in the greatest crime of humanity evahh.

        • It would certainly be interesting, would it not, if the Afghans got their hands on some classified data proving US atrocities and then posted it on Youtube and other global forums? It would be a terrible-publicity ICBM straight down the White House’s chimney. And an uptick in revanchist terrorism could certainly follow in train. If AINO’s military can’t like the Afghans, how would they and affiliated services protect the homeland from a flood of terrorist attacks?

  32. Afghans didn’t get the white treatment because they aren’t submissive like whites. Nobody respects a pussy. Doesn’t matter how smart or capable or how full of good will he is— he’s a pussy. Stop being submissive. No need to go psycho and get offensive, just don’t be pushed around.

    Also, hey Falcone, how ‘bout it? The pace is really picking up. The denouement might not be far off.

    • Yep, they are going to come after us with a vengeance now that they’re been humiliated

      They are going to take out their frustrations on us

      • If the military wants to take orders from these clowns. Going after your own people, who happen to be the most heavily armed on earth, is probably not the best way to boost morale.

        Can’t help it, I’m seeing a lot of potential silver linings. The sooner this nightmare is over, the sooner we get to the next thing. In our lifetimes?

        • In our lifetimes?

          Don’t see why not at this stage.

          The swelling numbers on the DR are a portent that lots of people have a sense this government isn’t going to last much longer. People can feel it in their bones and are looking for safety in numbers.

          That’s not proof that the government will soon collapse, but intuition is usually a good indicator as to where things are heading. At minimum, it means people are abandoning the government and the institutions, and that in itself has to mean the government is losing its hold over the people. Things could unravel fast at this point.

          • God willing.

            …I’ve said it before, I LIKED our civilization: warts, joggers, gay pedos and all. I will sincerely miss it when it is gone (assuming I am not killed or don’t starve to death).

            But despite the exemplary logic and writing skills of our host, this site is not mainstream and is not in line with what the mushy middle is thinking (or not thinking).

    • Sorry, that was a response to a comment below about what’s the next grift.

  33. I spent some time in that beautiful hospital we (mostly Brits) built for them at the Kandahar Airfield. It can be argued that it was the most sophisticated building in the entire country. Hardened, wonderful, advanced power-generation, high-end CT CT scanners, etc. I would bet that it is now a great source of copper wire for the rest of the country, and completely useless as a hospital.

    • It was always a Potemkin village project.

      Afghanistan would never be able to fund and support a hospital like you describe, even if there was peace in the land.

      • Poppy field slush fund notwithstanding, it might be that the Hindu Kush was a larger version of Solyndra and California’s Train to Nowhere. Plus a good way to slow bleed/kill off and maim white males, as they were 85% of American casualties. So many agendas, so many opportunities!

        Of course this was sold to the megalomaniacs as “blocking China”, since we couldn’t possibly do business with them. /s

    • An advanced western hospital in Afghanistan is about as useful as a negro in a physics class. And neither belong.

  34. The ruling class and their thugs’ weakness is clear – the pandemic exposed it. The fear is death.

    At best (for them), they’re going to be snuffed out for all of eternity. At worst, and more probable, they’re going to burn in the lake of fire, forever. I wonder how Nancy feels, approaching the void. Or Joe Biden. Or any number of thug state enforcers, like antifa.

    The message from the COVID pandemic is clear. No measure is too drastic to increase their chances to continue living. Why did they freak out about Rittenhouse so much? Because he sent 3 of their demons back to hell, which terrified them.

    What does that mean for us, and how does it relate to Afghanistan? Basically, the Taliban fought back. The American right plays right into their trap, engaging in pointless debates about hypocrisy and semantics. This always allows the bad faith leftists
    (they never actually care about principles or the debate) to reframe *you* as a morally bad person. Whereas the Taliban, simply say “no” and keep doing as they please.

    The consequences for crossing them are severe, hence the fear of the ruling class. Ditto for the Muslim no go zones. They don’t blather on about how the “left are the real transphobes”. They just ignore them and keep living as they please. If the rulers were to poke them too much, they would find that the cost of enforcement is far too high – up to and including their worst fear.

    Our side needs to take note. Don’t engage with them, except to learn about what the enemy is doing/thinking. And when the keep pressing, the cost of enforcement needs to be high, and brutal. Ultimately the threat of and express trip to eternal hell is too scary for them. Not encouraging anything. This is a psychological observation only.

    • The following statement is purely hypothetical, a fictional thought experiment:

      That’s exactly my take on the big lesson of Afghanistan.

      Naturally, I in no way, shape or form advocate for violence. Actually, at the moment, it probably is pretty stupid. But pushing back in small ways, noncompliance, etc., is a good start.

      But the big lesson of Afghanistan and Muslims in Europe is that our rulers can give a punch but can’t take one. No one wants to die for Goldman Sach or trannies. Those nice salaries and pensions of our ruler’s enforcers aren’t worth much if you’re not around to enjoy them.

      Make the cost of occupation too high.

      On a completely unrelated note, I need to find a few good books on Ireland’s Troubles.

      • Some basic primers would be Tim Coogan’s The Man Who Made Ireland: The Life and Death of Michael Collins, [bio of Michael Collins] and Eamon De Valera: The Man Who Was Ireland [bio of Eamon deValera]. Both get into the events leading up tp the Troubles and provide some basic groundwork. If you are really serious, I recommend either a guest membership or a private subscription to JSTOR, giving you access to thousands of scholarly journal pieces on the key players and the Troubles.
        NB: I think the free membership allows one 4 free downloads/month

      • “The Squad”, it’s an account of Collins’ methods of dealing with locals who sided with the Brits.

      • The problem is infiltration.
        The brits essentially ran the IRA for the last few decades as part of a strategy of tension internally in the UK, which magically pretty much went away (as did all the supposed left wing terrorists in mainland europe), once they had enough muslims imported to start the islam terror groups internally.

        • The brits essentially ran the IRA for the last few decades as part of a strategy of tension internally in the UK

          Now that’s fascinating – very similar to muh idea of creating the opposition before it has a chance to create itself.

          Sometime within the last few years, I was at some website [likely long since banned at this point] wherein the dudes were claiming that the reason the IRA went after Mountbatten so furiously [and ultimately so successfully] was because he was well-known paedophile molester of little Irish boys in the orphanages.

        • that’s what i always thought: they could shut this down if they wanted to, in one second. ireland is a chew toy for the brits, nothing more.

          i wonder if the ira assassination attempt on thatcher, in brighton, wasn’t planned and financed by someone within the british government.

          my favorite example of IRA martial prowess is when a SAS team went into Gibraltar and capped a handful of the potato heads, all at the same time. someone must of needed a lesson that day.

          but my all time favorite is when the british govt let bobby sands and his band of shit heads starve themselves to death.

          i mean really, how much of an incremental difference is there between irish and nigs? both groups. are appetite driven, prone to violence, lazy, stupid, complain and blame incessantly, and never ever learn a damn thing.

          take those two groups out of American history and you get a completely different result.

    • Their best hope is to live long enough that Musk or Kurzweil figure out how to upload consciousness onto a PlayStation. They really believe this while calling religious people delusional.

      I think some of the more esoteric elites, such as the Rothchilds, believe they reincarnate back into their dynasty. Who knows, maybe they are able to pull this off.

    • Funny, I was thinking about this very issue last night, almost exactly. I started out by thinking of my most COVID panicked old boomer relatives. The kind who cancelled Thanksgiving. What did they have in common? This is their heaven. The kitchens with marble countertops, etc. They worked hard in the 80’s and 90’s to get to this material Nirvana and really don’t care to think that this is all very temporary. The covidian people my age and younger are even more pathetic. They still have great health. But even the thought of being crippled or erased from existence by a virus is so horrifying that they take the same precautions. Compare this to the Taliban, where life is cheap. Very cheap. Hell, you don’t even need top pay a half a million in tuition. You just, exist. And look at the latitude and freedom of action they have. Being able to just strap on an AR and meander down the street. Not too many complex head cases there. Likely not much navel gazing. Not too much staring at their genitals in the mirror and wondering what gender or obscure sub-gender they are. Our culture is sort of a paralysis of the living dead.

      • Yup. Some boomer relatives have informed everyone that no unvaxxed person is allowed in their house, even close family.

        Nevermind that they are ill, their quality of life is dogshit, and they’re probably going to die in the next 5 years anyways. Extending their existence by X months takes precedence over family. Problem is that the void is still there and they’re going over the cliff alone, without God.

        • And all of this over a bug that really ain’t jackshit unless you truly do already have one gunboat in the sepulcher.

      • Compare this to the Taliban, where life is cheap. Very cheap. Hell, you don’t even need to pay a half a million in tuition… Being able to just strap on an AR and meander down the street…

        We Dirt People gonna dirt.

  35. This should be an inspiration to all people opposed to Globohomo but the situation here is very different than over there. They didn’t have half their population replaced with foreigners and our remaining half might as well be foreign because they act like they’re from outer space.

    • That’s the thing.

      Afghanistan was still full of Afghanis 20 years later. Governments came and went, but the people, and therefore the nation, were still there.

      Japan will still be full of Japanese in 20 years. The population might be declining, but realistically, at some point, global events will cause an increase in birth rates again. Breakdown in global supply chains as high IQ populations become dwarfed by low IQ, ones causing poverty and isolationism, for instance. Yet Japan will still exist, with a lower population.

      Our nations won’t exist anymore. Our people might, in diluted numbers. But nobody really knows how it will play out.

  36. They will probably retreat further into the COVID panic as the current outlet for their mania. These are people who, at their core, have unsettled minds. There’s no calmness. It’s all very Jacobin. Who knows, another panic could sweep the land soon as the broken mental cases project their pettiness and dysfunction.

    In the meantime the Republicans will wring their hands over the lost eduction opportunities for Afghani girls and blame Biden. Those Afghani girls were all Marjorie Taylor Greenes in training. Afghanistan was about to get its first CrossFit, were these young girls could adopt every aspect of “I am woman, hear me roar” feminism, but only on the right. They would have been able to cheat on their cuck husbands between chin-up sets, learn to shoot, and then run for political office. All those dreams are up in smoke as the Afghani girls are now condemned to be respectful and obedient housewives.

    • It’s a tragedy. These young women will never get the chance to twerk, get blackout drunk and wake up next to an African from the club, or make an onlyfans account.

    • Read “Women who joined the Afghan National Army amid a western backed campaign now fear the Taliban will kill or rape them for being soldiers” – By Lalage Snow in The Telegraph

      Tells the story of a female officer cadet in the (now former) Afghan National Army in 2011.

      Her quotes read like US WIERD Karen SJW.

      That the US would do this is beyond foolish…it’s PURE EVIL.

      (she should look on the bright side: the Taliban will probably do both! Only question is which comes first)

  37. “That really is the telling feature of the twenty year occupation. The rules in place over there were the exact opposite of the rules in place over here. There was no systematic statue toppling, no mass media campaigns against Afghan culture and no chanting about diversity being a strength. One could be forgiven for thinking that the people in charge of the American empire have more respect for Afghan culture and Afghan people than they have for the American people and their culture.”

    Well when the culture you capture has no problem killing you, you tend to give them their props.

    • Yes. Yes. Yes.

      It is indeed funny the leeway Smith will extend to Jones when Smith realizes that Jones would shoot him dead in an instant if crossed…

      I wonder what the devil the lesson could be. It is certainly not that violence is an answer to many things… no sir, certainly not that. An horrific thought.

  38. “One could be forgiven for thinking that the people in charge of the American empire have more respect for Afghan culture and Afghan people than they have for the American people and their culture”.

    I grant you one could be forgiven for thinking that, but, I have zero forgiveness for the morons actually in charge of the entirely of this epic debacle.

  39. The Biden Covid promises were slightly different, he said if we would good all spring and followed all their rules, they would let us have small gatherings outdoors in our own yards for the 4th of July. Eventually someone told him that most people did that and more last 4th of July and that the overwhelming majority of Americans were going back to normal regardless of what he said. This talking point just vanished one day without explanation and none of the approved media members ever asked about it.

    They now are insanely floating ideas like a ban on interstate travel for the unvaccinated, which would have to mean a ban on flying commercially as there is no way they could stop you from driving to another state. The only reason I sense them holding back is that understand the lack of enforcement will cause further embarrassment to the regime.

    • Barnard: Do you truly believe they would forego roadblocks? The badge gang will love them, although I don’t think they’ll have sufficient forces to block all minor roads when they get started. I initially doubted a friend who’s been predicting for some time that they would restrict interstate travel, and have apologized to her.

      I gave up flying long ago (9/11 panics and TSA goons) and masks, aggressive non-White pilot and air traffic hiring, and the cattle-call passengers have merely confirmed my wisdom in so doing. Once we leave Texas for good, I would welcome a ban on interstate travel – keep out the riff raff. But we’re not yet ready to get out of here, although I’m prepared to live in a tent (walltentshop.com) on our land if necessary.

      Point being, nothing – not your craziest conspiracy theory or loony idea – is off the table. Because they hate you and want you dead, and intend to immiserate your life, much as a cat plays with its prey, until they exterminate you. Your children they will enslave (sexually and otherwise) until they’re granted death. Think I exaggerate? Think I’m a nut? An earlier me would have agreed with you, but I have no illusions left.

      • The “border checkpoints” that dot our southern states, many miles inland from the actual border, are proof that they have no problem stopping you and asking for your papers. And SCOTUS has already ruled that they’re perfectly legal. Yes, there will be innumerable back roads with which to avoid such checkpoints, but the precedent will have been set. The cloud people will have once again flexed their muscles, and to their great satisfaction you and your friends will be inconvenienced.

        • Since Buttplug is head of the DOT, and I’m in a DOT regulated industry, I see a bright future as an interstate coyote.

          Walltents? The CDC website is planning them even now. Sanitary facilities, oddly, will be lacking, so I might go for latrine concierge.

      • They would gladly do it, but they don’t have enough manpower to keep border checkpoints in operation at every state border across the country. Most Republican Governors would not assist or comply with them either. The disruption to traffic flow and movement of goods would also make it unworkable. Even in small states like Delaware, there are way to many state and county roads crossing the border to make this a feasible policy.

        • Cameras everywhere

          License plate is checked against your vaccination status

          Letter in the mail fining you $500 for first offense

          etc etc

          • That still isn’t possible with a camera system, even in small states they have a couple of dozen roads going in and out of the state. If they have your vaccine status on file they could try to cut off credit cards for out of state transactions, that would be easier, but would require coordination with incompetent big banks. There would be all kinds of errors for remote orders set for delivery, people ordering flowers for family in another state, etc. These are the kinds of things that would quickly turn into annoyances for the ruling class. They won’t be implemented.

          • Don’t be so 20th C. They don’t need the license plate. If you take your phone they can track you real time. It’s simple to generate a flag every time you go further than the prescribed distance from your house.

          • Federal Interstate System.

            We had an economic freeze in 2009, remember?

            In 1992, they had a trial run on checkpoints- dogs, sheriffs with shotguns, soldiers with AKs, searches, all of it- they would pick you out of line, hand you a cup, and say, “go to that van over there and give us a sample.” I participated routinely.

            Conservatives cheered the freedom, of course.

        • Why do you think they are mandating all the vehicle changes, which all have monitoring built in?

          They plan a lot longer term. In 10 years (if the country is still around) the majority will be tracked 24/7 by their own cars and will happy to conform.
          The odd ones out will be picked up with spot checks, insurance mandates etc.

      • Why I am getting an off-road vehicle

        I will just scoot around the roads in the desert or fields and make my way where I need to go

        • Way back when, [at least 30 years ago] there was a company making screens for license plates rendering them illegible to the radar speed cams. Betting they still exist, and one helluva lot cheaper than a new off-road vehicle, lol

          • But then I don’t get to have an off-road vehicle

            If you ever tell my wife about these license plate screener things, I will consider you a traitor !

          • My suspicion is that these obscuring devices are now illegal in all States. I know they did that here shortly after red light cameras became common.

    • on a lighter note, an article on zh was full of vitriolic comments from flyers who couldn’t make their connections or who got their flights on American Air cancelled because of lack of staff, but apparently the “missed connections” anger was totally lost on them—

  40. Consider the following possibility: Globalism now supersedes Americanism. In other words, while America’s humiliating defeat in Afghanistan was likely not the original intention at the outset of the war, it has become the current aim of the New Planetary Technocratic Order. The purpose is to expose America’s empire as being on fumes and thereby fuse it into that New Order. Recall Point 3 of Agenda 2030: “US dominance is over. We have a handful of global powers.” And those global powers will assume the authority to dictate circumstances and outcomes for every inhabitant on this planet from this time forward.

    Our actual battle is not with an American empire that has very apparently died; it is with those emergent global powers.

    • You bring up an interesting point. By the end of WW2 the West still operated under the old British “Balance of Power” foreign policy– the USA became the major Hegemon with England as its right hand. The creation of the UN may have progressed us a bit toward a “globalized” order, but really, America was carrying the biggest stick by far, and the UN was its lapdog.

      Now it seems like we may be witnessing the true end of US hegemonic power, and with it single hegemons in general. The world is really becoming organized via blocs or unions, not single powerful nations. There has been talk of a new “Anglosphere” alliance of England, USA and Australia. I think this should be pursued with urgency.

      • You don’t really trust the elites of England, USA and Australia to look out for the interests of regular people, do you? England and Australia are rapidly devolving into police states — and USA is much closer behind their lead than so many realize. The “Anglosphere” will be yet another global front for oppressing us in truly draconian fashion.

        • Wkathman, you are right of course. I slipped up in my head, approaching this with an archaic perspective of an “us” and a “we.” But whites aren’t part of the “us/we” in the Anglosphere. Whites are the outsiders of their own nations. It would be same ole same ole under current conditions.

          • Whites are definitely outsiders of their own nations. No doubt of that. Here’s a dirty secret: Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians will be crushed as well. They’re simply being manipulated right now to sabotage the one group most likely to fight back against the insidious totalitarian takeover: White men. Once those demographics have served their purpose, they’ll be sacrificed/subdued just as ferociously as Whites.

      • Reynard, you say:

        “There has been talk of a new “Anglosphere” alliance of England, USA and Australia.”

        Who has said this? Existing politicos? Or is this a call for dissidents across those once spectacular nations to set to work?

        If it be something suggested by existing elites, then this will be even worse for us, I’d say. I echo commenter Wkathman’s concerns below.

      • Reynard: Why on earth would you consider some further alliance of the woke West to be a good thing? England and Australia appear even farther gone than America, at least ideologically, although racially they’re not yet past the point of no return. And New Zealand is run by a literal madwoman.

        America is beyond the point of no return, with Whites at perhaps 55% (I’ve been trying to hammer this home for years, and far too many even on various parts of the ‘right’ complacently accepted the official numbers and included Jews, Arabs, Persians, etc. when counted as White). There is no alliance that will prevent what’s coming. And all the fiction books which like to imagine China landing forces in a disintegrating US make me laugh – they already own millions of acres of American farmland and have colonized half the US and Canada – why would they need to bring in their army?

        • Correct. The PRC simply wants to wait out the Evil Empire 2. The problem is the psychopaths in D.C. want to go to war with them even in light of this colossal humiliation, which is the Suez Crisis times 1,000.

          Hunker down among your own in your own enclaves. That has to be the long-term strategy. I am listening to CivNats today, and they are more confused than ever. Some are even waking up. If they pop into your community, never trust them but realize they are your own people.

          The Empire is collapsing. China may want to do a mop-up on us, but even that is unlikely. As for the farmland, yes. It is why people need to start growing their own food, and many have.

    • Europe was equally humiliated too

      And we know that the NWO has big plans for the EU

      And that the NWO has Russia in its crosshairs, but now Russia is strengthened

      I am not convinced that this was a big win for globohomo, especially now with an inspired Muslim world where the lesson learned is that hardcore Islam is a winner. Israel can’t be happy with that idea spreading like wildfire

      • You raise good points that must be considered. However, given the vaccine tyranny taking place in Israel, is it not possible that they too will be fused into the New Order? Perhaps the global powers are not terribly interested in conquering the Muslim world — not yet anyway. Maybe they’ll eventually nuke the Muslim world. Who knows? I’m just brainstorming here. Whatever the case may be, it seems clears that the American empire is being subverted on behalf of a New Global Agenda.

        • Israel was just humiliated on two fronts

          One, their reputation for technical and scientific prowess is failing in spectacular fashion with the vaccine

          Two, their big brother just got its ass handed to it by the Taliban.

          Only a matter of time before the Muslims go in for the killing on a weakened enemy

          Three, Israel has both lots of gays and lots of tall-enough buildings. The temptation is simply to great.

          • Aren’t the jabs causing them to drop like flies in Our Greatest Ally?

            This is the only thing I can’t figure out right now.

            It doesn’t make any sense – why would Israel be forcing the Vaccine of Death upon its entire citizenry?

            Muh two hypotheses are that either the Israelis know about something which is coming [something we goyim don’t yet know about], or else the Ashkenazim are trying to eradicate the Sephardim & the Mizrahim & the Ethiopians once and for all [with the Ashkenazim either refusing the shot, or else being jabbed with fake shots containing only saline].

            It’s very, very strange stuff.

            The only other thing I wonder about almost as much is who the hell sent John Wilkes Booth into Ford’s Theater, and what were they trying to achieve?

      • Make no mistake. Globohomo lost bigly. It is in permanent retreat now. The problem is dying empires lash out, as the Orthodox Christians learned in the last days of the Ottomans.

      • Israel runs part of this. They created Hamas

        “Hamas, to my great regret, is Israel’s creation,” Avner Cohen”

        They fund many of the so-called Syrian rebel groups. Not a single attack from Isis or Al-quieda despite the fact they are present in almost every surrounding arab nation. Seems weitrd no?

        As Nabil Na’eem, the former al-Qaeda commander said in an interview “For instance, Issam Hattito, head of Muslim Brotherhood responsible for leading the battles against Bashar Assad, where does he reside? Is he in Beirut? Riyadh or Cairo? He’s residing in Tel Aviv.”

    • The problems we have now are really magnified – and in some cases propelled by – a global selection of elites. Elites that have one anothers ear and wish to foist their grand designs on the plebes.

      Surely, the army of nations will be used to do the whims of this global faction; but I suspect that, as you mention so succinctly “Globalism now supersedes Americanism”.

      It is no wonder such elites pore scorn on village hicks. So what? The local blacksmith is now out of business, what do I care? No, old son, they don’t care. They never had a locality to begin with. They are rootless, as is their cancer. And they think we ought to share in that.

      We face a large, powerful, well funded and most importantly highly distributed enemy. Terrifying times. Times to make or break a gentleman.

      • Now who could a highly mobile, well funded group that is rootless and cosmopolitan, dominant in banking and embedded in each western country, yet antagonistic to each one be?

    • kathman wrote:
      “US dominance is over. We [will] have a handful of global powers.”
      those new power centers won’t be nation-states,
      those global powers will be Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and various other global NGOs.

      • Yes, yes, a virtual Hydra.
        No HQ. No head of the snake, central stronghold, or separate nation. No single entity, or Entity.

        • Goshdam kiddie version has Christians fantasizing about going back in time and offing the baby Antichrist.

          The culture, the collective, the tribe is the immortal entity, not some doofus with good hair and a weird name.
          The Hive. “Shh! That one over there is Charley.”

      • NGOs and companies are not powers.
        They are vehicles.

        People have agency, people decide things. The people who have names running these things decide things.

        This is really annoying, its like people saying, Germany is letting in a million migrants. Germany is doing F all. Its a policy of a few real people that have seized the mechanisms of govt and act against their own nation’s inhabitants.

  41. Helicopters came to the rescue in Saigon and again in Kabul. Who will send in helicopters to Washington DC?

    • I enjoy envisioning their protective fence ringed around with their feral pets, hungry and waiting. Helicopters? Rescue? Perhaps by Mossad . . . and good riddance. Easier when they’re all in one place.

      • Blocking the road into the airport means no fuel for the planes…or food deliveries by air getting out.

  42. Will this give muslims the inspiration to go after Israel ? Hot and hard?

    That’s the only thing that matters now in American foreign policy. You know the men in small hats have got to be furious with uncle Joe. Last thing they need is an inspired , motivated jihad. If I am correct in this assessment, expect the media criticism of Joe to intensify.

    From the perspective of the Taliban, looking like being in the right side of history means being a hardcore Muslim because it wins while the watered down version loses

    • I look for Iran to do what it needs to do now. A mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv is quite possible. This really became apparent during the height of Covid. The Ruling Class wants no skin in the game and even the credible threat of death will cause them to sit on their hands.

  43. Speaking of replacement. I just returned from Panama City Beach, Florida. I lived and worked in the area from 1980 to 1995 , including three summers at a beach front motel, when it was affectionately known as the Redneck Riviera. The only blacks you saw were a few locals that crossed the bridge from Panama City to work as hotel maids. The majority of the workforce and 100% of the tourists were white. The staff of the Ramada I stayed in and the adjoining restaurant was 100% foreign born black, African and maybe Caribbean. It was hard to tell with accents. In fact, Africans were everywhere, in the restaurants, souvenir shops, and hotels. I had been in PCB in 2013 and it had looked pretty much how I remembered it. Northwest Florida is hardcore MAGA country. You see still see Trump signs everywhere. This African refugee resettlement operation is definitely meant to undermine the region.

    • That’s how they do it in Canada too. It starts off with a fast food joint, and suddenly there’s 50 Indians in the town. Usually the owner imports his whole village from India/Philippines and also sends the profits back.

      We also have an eastern / northern immigration pilot program. Basically they send non whites to whiter, more remote areas in the Maritimes and up north. Supposedly for economic revitalization, but it’s pretty clear the actual goal is removing white people.

      The demoralizing part is that the locals don’t take any action against it. I’ll see white guy lined up at the Drive Thru in their trucks for a cheap McBurger, literally supporting their own displacement in the town. The least one can do is not support places staffed by foreigners.

      • Yup. Hajji explained it to me, they move 3 families into a house or restaurant, then use the profits to buy another house or restaurant or motel or truck, and move in more as they get through immigration. As he said, “we don’t worry about banks or babysitters.”

        Those 0% US government business development loans sure help, too. I knew 2 lesbian bureaucrats who’s job it was to pass them out as fast as they could get them in the pipeline, the biz version of the Section 8.

        Oh, and how ’bout all those Patel hotels housing ‘economic asylum refugees’ for the government, as well?

        The African in DC and Charlotte said the same thing. The neat thing about the Hasidic pasta plant in Jersey was the little schoolroom with English lesson books, next door to the apartment complex housing their illegals (that’s why I had to deliver at midnight.) The Cartel mexicans just buy up old motels to their farm labor contractor vans.

        • Dang. And I forgot the American/ Chinese corporate meat processors helping Cartel buy up whole towns for their Cartel-supplied workforce.

  44. For your Book of Aphorisms (from Taki post): “The point of democracy is to have someone to blame when the people in charge need a scapegoat.”

  45. ” That said, men living as they did when Alexander the Great was in Afghanistan fought the mighty U.S. Military to a draw and then drove them from their lands. An inspiration to us all.”

    Agreed. This is a positive development in that the Empire’s rot is now obvious even to the most clueless CivNat. And TPTB didn’t try to change the culture because they always knew the war would end badly and didn’t want to do anything to interrupt the grift. Twenty years was a good revenue stream. That money may be able to be clawed back from the imperial monsters. One can hope.

    Historical analogies always fall short, as will this one, but the closest one to my mind is the Russian loss to the Japanese in 1905. That marked the beginning of the end of the Tsarist Empire. The United States is closer to February 1917 than 1905, though, and our people are the invisible folks who made the Bolsheviks possible. The Joe Kerensky regime will be much nastier but the death spiral is unstoppable now.

    Finally, this conceivably could lead to a military coup. Given the current state of the Empire’s janissaries, that might not be a good thing. It would depend on who led it.

    • @Jack Dobson: “Finally, this conceivably could lead to a military coup. Given the current state of the Empire’s janissaries, that might not be a good thing. It would depend on who led it.”

      Heaven forfend.

    • In the early 2000s, I really believed that we were going to go to Afghanistan and Iraq, kill their leaders and break their stuff, tell them, “If you do this again, we’ll return and our wrath will be twice as bad,” and then leave.

      I was wrong because I didn’t see all the reasons that the uniparty wanted to occupy those lands. I learned.

      • There was no “again” for Iraq. They had nothing to do with 9/11. Cheney put out some fabrication about Atta meeting some Iraqi in Prague but that was a total hoax. The Iraq attack was the equivalent of post post Pearl Harbor , the USA choosing to attack Argentina.

        • That’s not entirely fair. To keep this post from being 50 pages long I’ll skip Gulf War I and compress this mightily, but the bone of contention was that U.S. forces were arrayed against Iraq as an enforcement mechanism for international sanctions (sanctions that, as it turned out, Saddam was bribing the planet to get around). Anyway, the big vote to renew, or dispense with, the sanctions was coming up and the U.S./neo-con crowd made hay over the fact that Saddam had failed to comply with verifying the elimination of his WMDs and their development programs (and as this turned out, Saddam did his best to obfuscate this fact to keep the Iranians off balance in the thought that the French had his back*). So here was the thing at that late date: either the U.S. forces would have to attack Iraq to enforce the sanctions that were on the verge of being rejected by the planet, or they’d have to accept defeat in being unable to enforce the sanctions and go home.

          Now as was obvious to a lot of people beforehand and everyone in hindsight, the latter option was the correct choice. However, framed that way, we can kinda see that this cake was pretty well baked in to place with Gulf War I as the empire was only ever going to go in one direction. The fact that they were going to do it as badly as they did is what threw the wrench into the works.

          *Yes, the French were absolutely correct in this, but unfortunately for Saddam, huge French diplomacy and zero French arms means zero French diplomacy.

        • The “meeting in Prague” that never happened was “witnessed” by Israeli intelligence, planted with Wolfowitz and Feith in the Office of Special Plans and then disseminated to eager media operatives like Scooter Libby’s gf Judith Miller. LOL. Of course nothing beats Colin Powell testifying before Congress with the cartoons of the non-existent “high-tech caves of Tora Bora.)

          • Agree. Even the dipshits who believe Bin Laden did 9/11 should admit that according to their fairy tale they should have bombed Jeb Bush’s Florida. That’s where the “hijackers” did all their plotting and planning and training (and drugging and whoring).
            It beggars belief that people still buy this shit.

    • Z mentioned on Sunday what was kinda sorta surprising was that they had no clue it was going to happen like this. They probably figured the puppet government forces would keep the Taliban occupied until the winter at which time everything would pause. So they probably figured, without reason it turns out, that they wouldn’t be facing the current situation until this time next year. Oops.

  46. listening to this song on saturday called “everybody knows this is nowhere” by Neil Young. The title itself I feel is indicative of the state of things. Everybody (conservative and liberal alike) know that this is nowhere.

    • I am leaning more towards “Sugar Mountain.” Just listen and let your mind grasp why.

      We no longer live there.

        • “reading the lyrics – it sort of sounds like he’s describing a cult.”

          You are not off the mark – and while WE no longer live on Sugar Mountain, that does not mean others do not. Powerful others.

  47. Waiting for the Monday press conferences to blame everything on Trump in three, two, one…….

    • I was reading that Psaki is taking a week off

      Too stressful I suppose

      Or maybe it’s that time of the month

      And they wonder why men make more money

      • My .02:

        She has further high-office aspirations. But even a high paying after-Biden corporate gig would be out of reach if a press corps grilled her Monday morning.

        (But they won’t, and in a week, everyone will move onto the next thing.

    • Here’s my Hot Take (Which I know everyone was waiting for) on how this will be spun by the talking heads:

      – Evil George W. Bush let American 🇺🇸 get attacked. (Boo! Bad Republicans!)

      – Dumb George W. Bush invaded Afghanistan and got us stuck there. (Boo! Bad Republicans!)

      – Cool Barack Obama completely saved the day and stabilized Afghanistan for the Afghani people. (Yay! Cool Democrats!)

      – And if you stupid deplorables had just voted for Hillary in 2016 she totally had a plan to get us out of Afghanistan. (Boo! Stupid Deplorables!)

      – But no, that evil Donald Trump got elected and just blundered in and made mean tweets and said we had to leave Afghanistan. And began pulling troops out. (Boo! Evil Republican! Boo! Orange Man Bad!)

      – Joe Biden had a plan (which we’ll never hear about) but since Evil Donald Trump ruined things well, we had to run away as fast as possible. (Stupid Trump!)

      I would keep an eye on the MSM and see if their spin matches up to my prediction.

      • mmack: Here’s my take: The uniparty is both stupid and malevolent. The blame can be cast on whomever – none of them are my people and so I don’t give a damn.

  48. “The big lesson is that the Washington regime never felt it necessary to subvert the culture of Afghanistan….If the Afghans were white, the empire would have accused them of Afghan privilege or maybe Afghan supremacy then set about destroying their culture…Of course, there would have been a heavy emphasis on women’s sports, perhaps fielding an all lesbian soccer team. None of that happened because that would have been insulting to the Afghans and their ways.”

    Why did we do all of this in Iraq, and not Afghanistan? In Iraq we toppled statues, and we pushed women’s rights hard as a way to subvert the social order. A difference in motivation? Did we not really see enough “upside” or resources to exploit in the latter?

    On a side note, when India became more democratic and “capitalist” we did the same thing as in Iraq– bolstered women’s rights for a softer subversion of the ancient social system. In with the bankers, out with the traditions.

    • We did those thing in Iraq for the American TV cameras. In reality, the cultural efforts were superficial. It is why Iraq is now a client state of Iran.

      • Everything is illusory in this culture, even our own empire it seems. Biden really is an apt symbol of American power. We are losing our grasp on things quite fast aren’t we…

      • Yes. But we cannot also discount the fact that Saddam looked like a duskier, pudgier moustache guy. No doubt the do-gooders imagined his take down to be of Hitlerian proportions…

  49. The Taki piece & this post are two of the most important commentaries on current affairs that have been written in the past century (at least). There are hundreds of paid mercenary pundits in both Prog Inc. & Con Inc., and not one of them would touch on these truths with a 10-foot pole. And since we’re being brutally honest & blunt, my 2 cents.

    Yes, the humiliating collapse in Afghanistan is seminal bellweather event that foreshadows the beginning of the rapid change cycle here in the Good Ol’ USA. So let’s connects some dots. It’s easy to blame the epic & massive fuck-up in Afghanistan on the stupidity and corruption of the Bush, Obama, & Biden Administrations; but that is not where the real blame resides. Voters right here elected those morons & put them in charge. Why did they do this? Because most of our voting population (which now includes tens of millions of dead & illegal participants) is perfectly willing to sell its vote for another dollop of government gravy. More than half our population is now on the government dole, and since the Fed can print money FOREVER without consequence (really?), the vote bribing will never end. IOW, we are now politically captive to the cohort of parasites that have the “privilege” of selling their votes and selecting our leaders. And it only gets worse from here with the next amnesty on the way.

    Collapse is inevitable and the Taliban success story is now our inspiration & hope for the future. They disappeared into the hills, bided their time, made life miserable & expensive for the invaders, and ultimately prevailed. If it can work there, it can work here. Take heart. The fight is just now beginning.

    • Some times the end is just the end.

      The western Roman empire has been dead since the 5th century.
      Constantiniople is not coming back. The sun set on the demi paradise of Britannia long, long ago.

      That being said, our American forefathers planted the seeds of a new order that provided wealth and freedom on a scale hitherto unimaginable.

      It happened once. It can happen again.

      • Delusional.
        The sun set on the US in the ’90s.The people who will be running the country do not share our forefathers.

        • Are you saying that a bare-foot & impoverished Afghani tribesman with an AK-47 is a better man than you?

    • 1. Taiwan is screwed. Japan is mighty nervous. Wouldn’t put it past Russia to continue mending fences with W. Europe and pushing back into their traditionally Eastern border-client states.

      2. Remember the fall of the Shah in Iran? It was “open season” on US soldiers and civilians for decades abroad. Bombings, kidnappings, aircraft hijackings/bombings, etc.

      3. The graduates of the the same 3 uniparty thought tanks from Harvard, Yale, Stanford also run the US financial system. The military just got caught blowing smoke up our XXX for 20 years…you think the financial guys are any better?!? — RE: massive inflation is coming.

      • ProZNoV: From Zero Hedge (I know, so caveat etc.):

        The US now looks like it is flailing around like a social-media influencer discovering not just a micro-aggression, or that life contains people who don’t agree with you, but that there are people who aren’t even on Twitter that can punch you in the face and break your nose and teeth (and far, far worse) . . .
        So by all means, ignore Kabul and focus on just ‘bull’ – for now. After all, the ludicrous liquidity being thrown at markets by the Fed is enough to pay for a fake Afghan army with real weapons every month with money to spare. (Question: Why did the US not just do that to begin with – QE bribes of billions to key leaders as the solution to all foreign policy problems? Answer: It did – just to the wrong people/contractors!) However, be aware that when/if the penny drops, it will be you, your portfolio, and/or your supply chain on that Kabul airport tarmac, metaphorically. And a year from now can become six weeks can become 72 hours can become Sunday afternoon. When markets are closed.

  50. I agree with Z’s assessment except that there will be a negative repercussion on our rulers. Americans really don’t care about Afghanistan any more than they care about Yemen or any of our other senseless war zones. Democrats will blame Trump. Republicans will blame Biden.

    Neither side is a threat to the empire. It will be a debate over who lost Afghanistan not who do we prosecute for getting us into it and keeping us there. A huge amount of money was made in the fiasco and the tribe will be able to import many refugees from Afghanistan. So anyone who is anyone will be fine and will have profited from the 20 year debacle.

    Russia and China both know that our military is dangerous but less so by the day as it gets woker and woker. The history books will likely record the mess as an after effect of the great enemy of American democracy: Donald Trump. Students will be as bored by studying it as they are anything in history outside of the Holocaust and slavery.

    • Russia and China know two things:

      1. Our ground forces are useless and

      2. We have nukes and are insane enough to use them.

  51. If you take nothing else away from this it is our rulers and the NPCs that follow them are no match for any willing and able dissident.

    I hear that mayonnaise brains Jimmy Fallon noted in his monologue, the white people are in demographic decline factoid that’s in the news recently. The idiots applauded their own demise. How hard will it eventually be for us?

  52. David and Goliath works as a metaphor, but so does a game of tug-of-war. Our rulers have grown so used to our desire to wrest power from them (and always by voting or protesting or some other nonstarter) that they were counting on our countering energy to sustain them in their fight against us. They feed on our outrage and fear our indifference. Instead, by disengaging from them— their media, their rituals, their Olympics, their schools, their wars, their police problem, their race problem, their vaccinations— we’ve stopped yanking the rope, let go, and are watching them fall into their own filth.

    Only the craziest of progs will believe police are quitting the force or the Taliban is winning because of Trump. Even MSNBC videos are starting to have a lot of downvotes/negative comments, and official comedians like Colbert are getting pushback from even their microcephalic audience, on stories like the NSA spying on Tucker.

    • Joey Junger: Marvelous parallel. And yes to all of it – let go of the rope, the outrage and DISENGAGE. From everything possible. Not merely the idiot box and social media, but from using any public institution. Don’t do Christmas shopping (make home made gifts and return some actual meaning to holidays) and don’t make the standard holiday trips. Don’t follow their calendar cycle or their life patterns. Truly be a dissident in every way.

      • This is an excellent strategy. I have largely been doing this already but the homemade gifts is something I had not thought of. Good stuff!

  53. Had to stop by the old Z Blog to see what the Z Man would say. Good post. I imagine there will be more.

    One thing I noticed over the weekend was that unlike in the original invasion and the Iraq invasion (parts 1 and 2), there were absolutely no reports from embedded journalists coming out of Kabul for broadcast on any of the mainstream channels. Zero on the ground reporting or people driving around in helmets talking about the action. All we got was fairly minor figures well ensconced in the Metropole or Imperial Capital giving opinions as we watched twitter videos or telegram videos.

    And say what you will about America being a racist, islamophobic nation, there sure were a heck of a lot of folks storming the tarmac to get a ride on one of those cargo planes.

    Let’s hope the Woke-Rainbow Deep State narrative finally starts to crack.

    • Yeah, this isn’t the old days with Saigon. Nobody doing any real reporting. Why would they, they are all one team now.

    • Don’t overthink it. The propaganda whores are scared shitless and don’t want to be on the ground there. This isn’t the usual orchestrated theatre. It is an actual defeat and those Afghans who were bombed relentlessly really would enjoy flaying and burning alive the blow-dried buffoons.

    • Thought much the same.

      There would be Pulitzers for anyone brave enough to take the iconic photos of the mass beheadings, stonings, and rapes that are taking place right now.

      OTOH, the US military and State Department excel at one thing beyond all: Image management.

      (there’s a reason they have a raging hard-on for Assange and Snowden. You may criticize the Powers that Be, but you may not embarrass them)

    • I love how the reporting for dangerous ME spots is usually broadcast from a reporter on a rooftop in Jerusalem. He might as well be in a studio in NY.

      • Half the mainstream media pretends to have been war reporters… well, not real wars. Not actual insurgencies. LOL.

        The whole situation is just a whole other level of ridiculous in a year of Peak Ridiculousness.

        Luckily, they already declared us all to be domestic terrorists so I am not particularly bothered to see them get a comeuppance.

  54. Anybody remembers why the US ostensibly went there in the first place? (Without looking it up).

    Anybody cares to speculate what the real reason was?

    • We went there to liberate the people of Afghanistan and spread democracy, which would turn a terrorist haven into a responsible member of the international community.

      That was what Obama always called the smart war. Selflessly advancing the arc of history to a benighted POC, suffering from the legacy of colonialism.

    • Supply opium to (((Sacklers))) so that they can kill hundreds of thousands of white Americans?

      China is now doing it via synthetic fentanyl for 1/10000 of the price, no need to stay in Afghanistan anymore.

      Plus, all the more money to give to blacks, and more military capability to attack white America.

    • because some guys decided to fly a 767 full of fuel at full speed into a skyscraper.

        • that’s the thing, the conspiracy theories would start to exist immediately. From what I remember, 9/11 conspiracies weren’t a thing until the end of the bush years. Also, if this happened now, there would be no unity and things would devolve into fingerpointing immediately.

          • WTC7, a perfectly healthy 40+ story building that had a few small controlled office fires collapsed at the speed of free fall neatly into it’s own footprint many hours later in the day.

            That always happens BTW, buildings spontaneously collapsing at free fall speed, nothing to see here… move along. 🙄🙄

          • That’s why all flights were grounded to fly out bin Laden’s family, right?

            Bin Laden Sr. was a partner with founders HWBush and G. Soros in Carlyle Group, the largest equity group at the time.

            (with a major stake in Q8, the Kuwaiti state oil company- that’s for our Desert Storm lads)

        • One more time.

          The Official Version of 9/11 goes something like this…
          (All this reported by “respectable” mainstream media or reported in the 9/11 commission report )

          Directed by a beardy-guy from a cave in Afghanistan, nineteen hard-drinking, coke-snorting, devout Muslims enjoy lap dances before their mission to meet Allah…

          Using nothing more than craft knifes, they overpower cabin crew, passengers and pilots on four planes…

          And hangover or not, they manage to give the world’s most sophisticated air defense system the slip…

          Unphased by leaving their “How to Fly a Passenger Jet” guide in the car at the airport, they master the controls in no-time and score direct hits on two towers, causing THREE to collapse completely…

          Our masterminds even manage to overpower the odd law of physics or two… and the world watches in awe as steel-framed buildings fall symmetrically – through their own mass – at free-fall speed, for the first time in history.

          Despite all their dastardly cunning, they stupidly give their identity away by using explosion-proof passports, which survive the fireball undamaged and fall to the ground… only to be discovered by the incredible crime-fighting sleuths at the FBI…

          …Meanwhile down in Washington…

          Hani Hanjour, having previously flunked 2-man Cessna flying school, gets carried away with all the success of the day and suddenly finds incredible abilities behind the controls of a Boeing…
          Instead of flying straight down into the large roof area of the Pentagon, he decides to show off a little…
          Executing an incredible 270 degree downward spiral, he levels off to hit the low facade of the world’s most heavily defended building…
          …all without a single shot being fired…. or ruining the nicely mowed lawn… and all at a speed just too fast to capture on video…

          …Later, in the skies above Pennsylvania…

          So desperate to talk to loved ones before their death, some passengers use sheer willpower to connect mobile calls that otherwise would not be possible until several years later…

          And following a heroic attempt by some to retake control of Flight 93, it crashes into a Shankesville field leaving no trace of engines, fuselage or occupants… except for the standard issue Muslim terrorists bandana…

          …Further south in Florida…

          President Bush, our brave Commander-in-Chief continues to read “My Pet Goat” to a class full of primary school children… shrugging off the obvious possibility that his life could be in imminent danger…

          …In New York…

          World Trade Center leaseholder Larry Silverstein blesses his own foresight in insuring the buildings against terrorist attack only six weeks previously…

          While back in Washington, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz shake their heads in disbelief at their own luck in getting the ‘New Pearl Harbor’ catalyzing event they so desired to pursue their agenda of world domination…

          And finally, not to be disturbed too much by reports of their own deaths, at least seven of our nineteen suicide hijackers turn up alive and kicking in mainstream media reports…

          And if you don’t believe that, you’re a “conspiracy theorist

          • The coolest thing was an article the year before in Popular Mechanics.

            Two Israeli companies had contracted with the Pentagon to produce anti-kidnapping software.

            Said software would lock out the pilots from the controls, and cut off radio communications to prevent a false mayday.

            The planes could then be remotely piloted to a safe location.

          • Did you forget the dancing Israelis driving around a truck with a painting of a plane hitting the WTC who were there to “document the event”.

            But totally had nothing to do with it.

      • Damn those dancing Pashtun pilots. I hear there are excellent airline schools in the Northwest Frontier.

    • Just yesterday I started giving this some thought, and i was actually a little ticked off when it dawned on me that Afghanistan is on the east side of Iran and Iraq on the west side. Then it became obvious. It was all always about encircling Iran

      Why else get into a war with two countries so far apart? Oh that’s right, wmds. So now explains why they needed to lie about that

      And it’s not like I never looked at the map previously. I have on a number of times. But this was the first time it made the lightbulb go off.

      • I have no love for the Iranians, but if they invaded Canada and Mexico, you would think the US would react in a less than friendly way.
        Kennedy almost started a nuclear war because Russia was supporting their client state in Cuba.

    • Trillions and trillions of dollars of magic dirt, right?

      We should’ve just recruited their fighters and incorporated them into the US military the way the British Empire did with the Nepal Gurkhas.

      (they’d never pass the woke training though)

  55. I, for one, am looking forward to an imminent collapse of confidence among the Ruling Classes if only so I can enjoy that look on their faces. These people may hate us, but they have no idea how much we hate them back. I just saw where Trump is demanding that Biden resign. Excellent timing. Let’s hope this signals the beginning of a long awaited counterrevolution.

  56. This whole episode was only a failure if you think the original purpose was to transform Afghanistan and enjoy a military victory. Judged as a business proposition, it was a resounding success. $2 Trillion of our tax dollars (or bond issuance to be more accurate) got spent and I suspect the MIC raked a considerable amount of this. I’d be shocked if there aren’t 100 warlords, generals and politicos in Afg. who stole at least $100million each. This theft sits on top of our grasping “allies” in Pakistan “providing logistical” support and the drug profits from all the poppy fields.

    If this grift is ending, it can only mean one thing: A new grift is in the advanced planning stages elsewhere.

    • I was thinking about just this point today. Was this ‘war’ ever actually meant to end? Was the grift brought to heel early-doors? You’re right that there most certainly were winners; swine most all of them. As usual, the real losers will probably be the (mainly) white lads who buggered off over there to fight for, well, whatever they believed they were fighting for.

      Can’t remember who said it on this board, but someone mentioned that every ‘make-work’ initiative started by the US government in recent times had yet to end. Don’t see why the wars would be different. Sad and stupid and evil as it is.

      It is evil. And it is all so tiresome.

    • No doubt the 20-year MIC revenue stream was the goal, but in the long haul (and maybe not all that long) this is the beginning of the end of the Evil Empire 2. The collapse is inevitable now and those ill-gotten gains will be clawed back.

      • People profit from catastrophe. More than a few fortunes were made in the Great Depression. That does not mean the hand of some great designed is behind it. The Blob went into Afghanistan because it would be their launching pad for the greater war against Islam. They saw it as a key piece on the global chessboard.

        • The odds are quite low that anyone other than Neocons and other delusional ideologues really thought this would end in anything other than defeat. The grift was the primary motivator for the Ruling Class. Those ill-gotten gains will prove to be very expensive for them, though.

          My primary concern now is a military coup led by the same psychotics clowns who also want the Tranny Corps to liquidate Heritage America.

        • That reminds me of the name Rothschild. They’d be the poster child for how to profit from war and other catastrophes.

        • The Blob was offered a treat, like that megalomaniac running Moderna.

          Treats. That’s how you fight a culture war- nobody’s trying to shoot the hand holding the treats.

          The Mafia offers you a loan first, sometimes.

    • A new grift? Like subscription booster shots?

      They’ll need to enforce that in places, you know- we’re gonna need a LOT more troops.

  57. “little more than token resistance.”

    More like that scene in Braveheart where the Irish levies betray the Brits mid-battle.

  58. “If the Afghans were white, the empire would have accused them of Afghan privilege or maybe Afghan supremacy then set about destroying their culture.”

    Indeed. Nothing says “Democracy 4 U” like the overhead roar of a B-52 opening it’s bomb bay doors…

    Mohammed the goat herd must ever be pleased for such intervention.

    • Islam is weird. Guys with harems of little boys throwing gays off the roof (looking at you, Khameini and Arafat.)

  59. The big take away from Afghanistan should be the ineffectiveness of US government spending.

    They spent a couple trillion dollars over twenty years building a nation that crumbled in a matter of weeks.

    • The big takeaway is that Afghans aren’t like white people and don’t want the kind of goverment and culture that our elites think they should.

      Blank slate egalitarianism and the entire Enlightenment refuted.

      The desire for “freedom” is not written into every human heart. Don’t assume that non-whites have an internal world like yours.

    • The big take-away is that it was never about nation building, muh human rights or stopping girls from being sold like slaves and boys from being assraped by their uncles.

      Nobody cares about a bunch of goat herders.

    • A multi-trillion dollar war machine that gets beaten by goat hearders w AKs and road-side bombs, that’s like a Lamborghini that won’t start, i.e. A LOT of luxury money thrown away.

      • It’s a surprising result. Maybe the big crash is just around the corner, as has been said since FDR, or maybe the mental model of economics that comes naturally to most of us does not match the reality of the world.

        Maybe inflation in an environment of infinite money for the hegemonic power can be managed. Or maybe not.

      • I was wishing I knew how to read forex pairs. What is the currency of Afghanistan, anyways?

        • Eh, I’m not a big fan of trading forex.

          They tell you to set stop loss orders to be responsible and keep your losses small.

          Great, except the big players csn see the retail order flows.

          They see yoir stops and go hunting for them to force you out of your position at a loss.

          Nice work if you can get it.

  60. No surprise the our military lost to the Taliban. They managed to even lose to Tucker in a Twitter war.

  61. What a complete and total debacle. Unprecedented. Worse than Saigon 75′ There are no words…

    • Much worse than Vietnam. Half the country wanted an excuse to dismantle it, and they now have a big one. Vietnam protests for the most part were kabuki.

      • More the Russians than the Chinese. China and Vietnam don’t get along, from ancient times to the cold war where they were on different sides inside the Red World, to today where they still don’t get along.

        • I appreciate Mr. Krulls’ comments, but, “Better to smell Russian $#@! for a while than to eat Chinese $#@! for all time.” Ho Chi Mihn

          Added bonus, the Russians had a navy, supply and a civilization capable of manufacturing stuff. The Chinese of the 60’s/70’s were eating tree bark and burning down their own houses to get nails to make crappy iron.

        • True. I am old enough to remember that in ’78 – I believe it was – that China decided to take part of North Vietnam and got it’s ass handed to it by the NVA.

    • I like the sharpening tone at the very end, like: “Very funny, whore, now shut up before we kill you.”

      • I can never decide whether the “reporters” in these interviews are that stupid, or they are playing to a script in their questioning. Also, she must have found the only three semi-violent, reasonable Taliban in the country. I’d be shaking if I were a women asking such questions. Perhaps I’ve answered my own question here?

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